Mid June Talker

thZMVGVN7DIt’s mid June and so far, we are actually having a summer, unlike last year.  The garden is booming and the deer have dropped their fawns.  The only thing that would make things better is Washington DC falling into a black hole.  Can’t have everything I guess!  If anyone wants to volunteer to keep this blog running for a while, feel free to do so.  It’s not that hard, few people pay attention to the articles and it can be both rewarding and frustrating.  Despite all that, it’s for the SUFA family, which sometimes acts like a real family when some disagree 🙂 .  This is an open offer, it is not because I’m quitting or can’t do it going forward.  If you want to talk privately, I will provide my email.



  1. 😎

  2. He who possesses the currency of the realm is suspect. Having cash or asking for cash money (currency) at your local bank can get you investigated or arrested. Just ask Dennis Hastert.

    The authorities can seize your bank account and your assets. They can seize your real and personal property. And they don’t even need to charge you with a crime, much less gain a conviction first.

    Of course the excuse for the ongoing restriction of personal privacy and personal liberty is always crime. The government promotes crime and then uses crime to restrict your liberty. Government oppression under the color of law is to reduce the freedom of honest citizens. Criminals and crooks pay no attention to laws. Any child knows this.

    I am totally against a cashless society, totally! Anyone that would be OK with it needs to think very deeply about being a slave.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Apparently this educated idiot does not understand that “oral stories/history” is NOT literature.

      Shakespeare was one thing I HATED in school. Couldn’t read it, understand it or enjoy it. Still don’t. But it was part of studying “English” literature, which is part of studying “English”.

      Even in my day the literature studies were not restricted to Shakespeare. So if they want to expand the foundation I see no issue. I do not understand the feeling that one needs to “stop” teaching the classic stuff which is such a part of our History. Not just the USA but the world.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Not fond of literature in school myself, I found it really boring. I liked history myself, thought it was interesting. Looking back, I recall a lot of it being about wars and the Political stuff.

        It isn’t just Christians and Conservatives under attack, it’s us crackers too. 🙂

  3. The liberal progressives “trans” language might be the most delusional of all. If you feel it, you can be it.


  4. a wee bit of a clue to the future. I got, on average, 5 emails about Republicans announcing their run for President, today, I got 53 announcing Bush’s bid. Guess who your new GOP Presidential candidate is for 2016? What a f-ing joke.

  5. Hmmm-Sounds like their bringing in the Federal to do what they will no longer allow the NYPD to do-stop and frisk-then I guess they will promote any success to the wonderful Federal government.


  6. http://runningfrombabylon.blogspot.nl/

    great Bill Whittle “Afterburner” video. Helps to save time not watching a stupid movie called Tommorowland.

  7. Heads UP Texas, HAARP has your number! http://www.haarpstatusnetwork.com/

  8. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/06/14/despite-attempts-to-erase-it-globally-the-pause-still-exists-in-pristine-us-surface-temperature-data/

    This can be used against the warmers in debate, because they will also use NOAA. Their claims will have human adjustments. That’s cheating in science 🙂

  9. http://patriotoutdoornews.com/14241/federal-bill-seeks-to-use-your-taxes-to-bribe-states-to-require-gun-licenses

    Another going nowhere Liberal nonsense law attempt to suppress the rights of the people and disenfranchise the poor minorities who need the protection the most (I threw that last part in for Buck). I don’t mind buying a hunting license, not because the licensing requirement violates basic human rights, but because of the conservation side. Unfortunately, not all people grasp that part of our wildlife (like the Amish). I do mind buying a license for a right that THEY cannot infringe upon, yet they constantly try.

  10. How to make liberal heads explode the Texas way:

    The Texas House and Senate approved components of a $3.8 billion compromise tax cut package Sunday night that includes a mix of business and property tax reductions.

    In a 24-6 vote, the Senate approved a House bill that would cut the business franchise tax by 25 percent across-the-board. Earlier, the House unanimously approved Senate bill that would increase the state homestead exemption on school property taxes from $15,000 to $25,000.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good morning Sir. Is this the only property tax exemption or is their also a “homeowner” exemption on all property tax.

      In Idaho the exemption is to the home owner and it decreases the taxable value of your home up to $63,000.

      I assume your exemption is also a reduction in assessed value and not a direct reduction of tax. Or am I wrong?

  11. TRUMP!!!

    Relax JAC 🙂

    • Best thing that’s happened to the whole election ruse! At least he will be entertaining. 🙂
      He might even convince to vote in the Pa primary. 😀

    • LMAO, The pundit’s say his speech wasn’t very good and he needs a speech writer. Like, how well did that great orator work out for the country? Not very well, once you get past the lies.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Took me a second to figure it out. I thought you were playing a digital game of SPADES.


      Thinking of working on Fiorina’s campaign…………. 😉

  12. Ok, wait now……….the new term being coined by the progressives…..you have transvestite, transgender,,,,,,now you have transracial…..the girl that stepped down is claiming transracial because at times she identifies with another race….She sued a college for discrimination because she was white…..but she identifies with blacks and ran a chapter for the NAACP. In an interview with CNN, she now says she is transracial. So, we have trans-sexual, trans-gender, trans-vestite, and now trans-racial.

    So sorry and the flag gets thrown…..If your DNA is male…..you are male. I don’t care how many body parts that you cut off or add. If your DNA is female, you are female. If your DNA is caucasian….you are caucasian, or Indian, or Black or Martian.

    Sorry Mr Jenner, but your name is Bruce and you are a male. End of sentence.

    How, exactly is what Dolezal did any different than what Jenner is currently doing? Rachel Dolezal is not black, and Caitlyn Jenner is not a woman. And yet, the Left and the media would have us believe that Bruce Jenner can become a woman by … changing his name, his wardrobe, his makeup, and his hair. How can you logically square the belief that Jenner is a hero while Dolezal is a mental case? Well, you can’t.

    Charles C.W. Cooke wrote in the National Review, comparing Dolezal to Jenner. “Why? Well, because our present calls for acquiescence are not predicated principally on the integrity of objective truth but on the perceived need to propitiate the person who is making the claim. On the front line of these battles, science is frankly an afterthought.”

    Translation: YOu can lie about it all and put the term trans in front of it and voila…..

    Some people are genetically and biologically male while others are genetically and biologically female, and to alter their physical appearance through cosmetic surgery no more changes their real identity than wearing leopard skins transforms a human being into a big cat.

    The same is true when it comes to hormonal treatments: You can pump up Bruce Jenner with all the female hormones in the world but that does not make him into a woman. (To date, we have not been presented with any evidence that he is a genetic female in any form.)

    In the words of Dr. Paul McHugh, one of the nation’s most respected psychiatrists yet a man despised by many in the transgender community as out of date and out of touch, “Transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men. All (including Bruce Jenner) become feminized men or masculinized women, counterfeits or impersonators of the sex with which they ‘identify.'”

    So, someone explain to me why the LGBT community says this man is out of touch.

    But why stop here, with combining or defying sexual categories? Why not go one step further (if, in fact, it is actually further) and create self-identified categories of race or color or nationality? How about, ‘Even though I was assigned the ethnic identity of a white male at birth, I identify myself as a black female.’ Why not? Or what if I sense that, despite my American pedigree, I am actually a Viking? What if I was sure I was actually a black Viking and wanted to identify as such? Are ridiculous concepts such as these all that different from ‘the transgressing of gender norms’ and ‘def[ying] the binary in our society’?”

    • So, let’s all identify ourselves with being anything other than American….let’s say Inca…..and we are not citizens of the UNited States but we are visiting….therefore, we owe no taxes.

    • OK, OK….wait…I think I am trans…uh…let’s see, what do I want to be? I can see so many ways this can go….it can create a whole new class of oppressed people, all crying about discrimination, and getting away with criminal behavior. And we will have to be sensitive to their feelings, and call them Caitlyn, or black, or…or….

      I know! I’ve always identified with lottery winners, you know, the ones who get, say, 150M after taxes! That’s it….I’m trans-lottowinner! I can go to the nearest lottery office, demand millions at gunpoint, receive it, and you can’t prosecute me! I did nothing wrong….I only did it because I so strongly identify with lottery winners that I went to the lottery commission to get my money! In fact, I am one of the bravest people you have ever seen! Everyone should declare the money is really mine, because anything else would be insensitive.

      Anita, come on over to my house….the popcorn is almost ready.


    • gmanfortruth says:

      Couldn’t this equate to multiple personality syndrome? Frankly, it’s people who are living outside of reality and could be dangerous to society. I say reopen the old insane asylums and lock em up. 😀

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Now wait a minute…..isn’t all this “self” discovery just further evidence of reincarnation?

        • LMAO…. reincarnation, They can’t even deal with reality as it is, much less that subject. 🙂

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I was being sarcastic

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I just saw in my National Parks news letter that during the month of June the National Park system is celebrating LGBT month with exhibits and talks about the accomplishments of this now protected minority group….including setting up a blog to post and share their experiences….this BS is getting so out of hand.

    • Are illegal aliens transmexicans, transmexams, transammex? Can I be a Transam?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      #1 remove the tax exempt status from the catholic church for getting involved with political issues.
      #2 Jerry Brown is correct…..if 50 years ago California had just about the correct amount of water reserves, droughts included, with +-20 M people and now it has just shy of 40M counted people and no new water capacity….duh…that’s a no brainer….of course they are over populated.
      #3 The most ardent advocates for the overpopulation of the earth “WILL NOT” be the ones signing up first to go like lemmings. They advocate the other guy should go because they are of more value to the society. The same argument why the elites in Russia had the fancy dachas and special stores and driving lanes. We are much more valuable because of what we do for you…..stupid plebes.

  13. Other than an ego bigger than Texas and Alaska combined…….someone tell me what you do not like about Trump.

    • He’s talking to you JAC. Murf, we’re gonna need the popcorn for this one.

      I like him. Seems honest. Not afraid of the machine. Successful businessman. Gets straight to the point without a bunch of gibberish. Calls people out by name without fear.

      TRUMP/CARLY 2016 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      He is a TYPICAL Crony Capitalist now pretending to be self made. His ego does not bother me, it is his arrogance. Trading wives in for younger models, no moral principles except “Making a Better Deal”.

      His big deals have always involved shuffling his costs onto local tax payers, by getting local govt. subsidies or tax holidays. They guy’s fortunes have depended more on Govt. subsidy than the corn farmers in Iowa.

      When the chickens came home to roost on his “deferments” he went BANKRUPT. Atlantic City, the big Florida resort and his condo/resort project in Hawaii, just to name a few.

      The NY City version of someone who is all hat and no cattle. He would do very well at selling Obama Cars.

      I have never heard him mention the founding principles of freedom liberty or justice. It is always about being No. !, Making Deals, bitching about others with no spine, blah, blah, blah.

      Today was the closest I have ever heard him say anything about the Constitution even though it was “indirect”. When he pledged to overturn “Obama’s illegal executive order on immigration”. At the same time he commented on “saving Social Security”.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Trump is a fraud of the 1st order…..my opinion this late at night he would “trump” Hillary on that count…..Better presidents that have actually run something seriously like a state, or army have to make decisions. Senators and Congressmen are wheeler dealers….heaven forbid a commercial property finance guy gets control. They have zero ethics and morals and it’s all about the personal buck.

      • You must have missed the part about the 2nd Amendment. He also mentioned renegotiating trade agreements, bringing business’s back from Mexico.

        “I have never heard him mention the founding principles of freedom liberty or justice”
        Seriously? Obama did plenty of that in 08, what is your point?

        His big deals have always involved shuffling his costs onto local tax payers, by getting local govt. subsidies or tax holidays. They guy’s fortunes have depended more on Govt. subsidy than the corn farmers in Iowa.

        I’m sure he has taken advantage of what governments have offered, what businessman wouldn’t? He’s far from alone and to be honest, only an idiot would pass up offers of tax breaks for more local jobs, it happens quite often. But, to be fair, can you provide a link or two that supports your position that this is a bad thing?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          It is not a link you need to determine it is a bad thing. You need thinking, reason and the end result…………principles.

          Read his books, he brags about his ability to squeeze stuff out of City and State govt’s while ripping on them for being stupid and inefficient.

          If you like the behavior of the big investment banks then I suppose you will like Trump. They are all cut of the same cloth. Use other people’s money and leave them holding the bag when the piper needs paid.

          And I know many business men who have not resorted to wallowing in the trough with unethical pigs like Trump.

          Trump is a classical PROGRESSIVE Republican. He can claim he will negotiate all he wants, he has no real leverage if Congress does not cooperate.

        • Just A Citizen says:
    • Trump won’t get the nomination, he’s not a globalist puppet like Jeb Bush. Although he did bring up things that NO politician would dare talk about, none of it will matter in the long run.

      However, I’m sure most will want to vote for another politician, most of whom have done far less in life than the Donald. Yes, he went bankrupt, I remember that, yes, he took government tax breaks etc (like what business man wouldn’t) and he is still worth about 9 billion dollars. BUT, of all the potential candidates, he would be the most likely to get this countries economy on the right track, because none of the politicians have the cajones to make the tough decisions that Trump has already talked about on day one.

      He is arrogant. But so is Bush and so is Obama. He is also very confident about what he brings to the table. There is lots to dislike, but that can be said about all the candidates.

      What I like the most….He is NOT a politician.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Oh the irony, Gman accusing others of being Statists while he is searching for the right KING to set the world right.

        By the way G, I posted my dislike for Trump as a presidential candidate long ago here at SUFA. So claiming you knew I would oppose him based on his announcement is a little farcical.

        • Your terribly gullible, :). I like pulling your chain, it’s so easy. Trump has no chance in hell to win the nomination, none, zero, zip. I have said all along, Bush v Clinton. The MSM has been showing this since the last election, you just have to read between the lines. Trump will provide some needed entertainment and a welcome change from all the crap that the politicians lay on people. But, if I thought for one moment that we could get a businessman who is shrewd and will actually work on behalf of the people, unlike the rest of the who are running, I would possibly consider voting. But since that won’t happen, I guess I won’t be legitimizing the corruption that will simply continue down the same path as it’s going now.

          But, of course, you will continue to vote for your own subjugation, and vote for the same kind of loser hack holding office now. When the new puppet takes office, nothing will change. NOTHING. Just another Republicrat or Demopublican. Different face, same old sorry story.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I know the source is sketchy and the book was an obvious hit piece, but it contained factual information as well as the “unsubstantiated eye witness” stuff.


      ONE other thing. Has everyone forgot that Trump said he “voted for Obama” and that he thought he would be a “great leader”????

      If he lacked the ability to see through that clowns phony story how is he going to begin to understand someone like Putin?

  14. “Understand that the die for our fundamental transformation was cast long ago, in 1965, with the Immigration Reform and Nationality Act (gracias, Ted Kennedy). It radically changed our immigration model, creating a situation wherein for 50 years 85 percent of our immigrants have hailed from the Third World and Asia.”

    Why would we have such an Unbalanced policy like this to start with and especially why would we keep it for so long?


  15. Any woman worth her salt would have laughed at this joke-but it is truly amazing the hateful and nasty things women are just free to say with no consequences-they might better remember that life has a way of coming back and biting one on the @#@. Things are really out of hand and it is more the fault of these business’s and colleges giving people ranting on twitter so much power. Do these people have a back bone.


  16. Good for her-question her choice of attorneys- but one thing you can say about Allred-she gets a lot of TV coverage-which in this case might be a good thing-shine a light on this BS.


  17. Wow, this is really bad-silly me-I thought this type of thing since it was about charity was normally done for free.


    • 🙂

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        If housing does not have water doesn’t the State revoke the “certificate of occupancy” and you’d have to be evicted by law for violating healthy living standards?

        • There are plenty of stories of people living “off the grid” who have been threatened with arrest for not being hooked up to the water and electric systems. Having said that, many people in California may be forced to relocate because of the lack of water (and of course sewage). This could lead to some serious health issues.

          I just wonder if Obama won’t enact a State of Emergency on a county by county basis and through his EO’s, force these people to relocate. This is not a subject being spoken of in the CT world. Where would these people go, if not with family somewhere? Hillary’s Fun Camps! 😀

          • I haven’t heard anything here about real estate prices dropping, at least not here in the foothills. We have water but only if (a big IF) the powers that be to not start stealing it. There are more and more lawsuits in the news over water and water rights. Your first article was spot on. The coastal cities control the state. The are uber liberal and greenies. So the rest of us have to live with their concepts of reality. That is why the push for the state of Jefferson.

            These cities do not have to deal with 105°F days as they have natural air conditioning. But in their infinite wisdom, they mandate renewable technology for the power grid, subsidies for solar and electric cars. So the power companies have to buy over priced electricity and raise rates to cover it. This drives more people to install solar, which reduces the power company sales which causes rates to increase even more. They have now implemented a tier structure in power bills with the lowest rate for only 40 kWHrs. My reasonable power costs have started to climb despite all the conservation efforts I implement. With the 100° weather it only gets worse. Of course I fume even more because I am subsidizing the neighbors solar panels and his expensive electric car.

            The same is happening with water rates. People are conserving but because the costs are fixed, the suppliers are losing money so rates must go up. And yet we still need the train more than reservoirs.

            Our legislature does not comprehend the havoc they wreck on the citizens. They raised taxes but now have a surplus. Instead of rebating the surplus or lowering taxes to meet expenses, they spend more. We will now be providing free healthcare/Obamacare for illegals. Instead of using some of the excess, they are now planning to raise gasoline taxes plus raise license fees to pay for better roads. Of course the electric car people pay no road use fees plus get to drive in the elite diamond lanes.

            We are now going to give more tax breaks to the film industry to keep them in CA. More crony capitalism. They cry under the dome about the poor and the ever increasing cost of living in the state. So they increase welfare, the minimum wage, spend more… and never comprehend that it is their own stupid policies that are driving up the cost of living and driving business out of state. Who says gold doesn’t tarnish? The golden state is rusting.

            • The Golden State was just gold plating?

              • By the way….leave them there, please…we have enough transplanted Californians that think Texas is backwards….however, there are several ways to cope with Texas….We have Interstate ten that goes east and west….we have interstate 20 and interstate 30 that goes east and west…We have interstate 35 that goes NOrth…..take anyone of those and no worries about Texas. It is amazing to the transplants that we even live….but the are still here. Wonder why?

              • My youngest is in Houston. He has not yet adopted TX ways. I hope some of it rubs off.

  18. Members of P.E.T.A. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have successfully lobbied to outlaw outdoor barbeques within city limits and suburbs of Portland, Oregon. The ban was based on a P.E.T.A. claim that the smell of cooking flesh is highly offensive and no one should be forced to endure the fumes from what they call “a crime worse than the Holocaust.”

    Under the new law, individuals caught cooking meat outdoors can face a $2,000 fine or one day in jail.

    Shortly after the ruling was passed with a 6 to 1 vote, the animal rights activists marched through residential areas in a “victory parade,” shaming residents with the collective chanting of slogans, amplified by their megaphones: “You are all thoughtless supporters of the animal Holocaust” and “Stop burning the flesh of your murder victims over hot coals.”

    The group has spent the past few months patrolling neighborhoods and protesting outdoor grilling by raiding family picnics and outdoor gatherings, while screaming “murderers” and “animals deserve justice” at the families and individuals who have been caught cooking meat. In most cases the activists dumped water on lit barbeques and confiscated the meat with the purpose of giving it what they called a “proper burial.”

    Read more at http://visiontoamerica.com/22617/peta-successfully-outlaws-outdoor-bbqs-in-portland-or/#ojHxToEx20HxGFob.99

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    This will raise a few blisters.


    I do think the description of an “intellectualoid” is dead on and fits MANY I converse with on the left, who all think themselves “intellectually” superior to anyone claiming to be a “conservative” or participant in the “tea party”.

    Of course it equally applies to those on the Right who get stuck on stupid claims about our History. Like the Ten Commandments being the “foundational source” of our laws.

  20. Hiya JAC….you and Dale are the only ones that have your reasons….thanks for your response. The reason that I asked such a question was to see how the answers on here compare to the vitriol that I am hearing and seeing on the TV and it is quite comical.

    Trump is a classic business man. He uses the tools at his disposal to gain wealth. He uses the IRS codes to maximize profits and minimize taxes. He is a venture capitalist that will buy existing business’ and then liquidate it for profit. He will use the bankruptcy laws to his advantage when need be. He will go to the city and ask for tax concessions to build huge real estate ventures, sell stock, and then bail. He will start IPO’s and then run the stock up and sell. He is shrewed and he is successful at what he does. He will put his savings in off shore accounts….why?…..because he can. But, one interesting thing is that it is all legal. It is legal to be an ass hole. It is legal to run people out of business. He is the equivalent of the ambulance chasing lawyer and a con man. But what the hell, we have a con man for a President now.

    But…he has something that the other candidates do not…….he tells it like it is and does not avoid issues. He does not like China and says so. He does not like Mexico and says so. He does not like the Saudis or the Iranians and he says so and he will list his reasons. I am just about laughed out at his comment abour the Mexico wall….and how everyone has fallen for the fact that he means a real physical wall…..Men like him dont do these things physical….that is not his style. The wall he is talking about is economic and not brick. I even blew Dr Pepper out my ears watching the “Five” on Fox News where Dana Perino was about to have a stroke about Trump and the Mexico Wall and making Mexico pay for it….she literally thought he meant a physical wall. As usual, I channel surf around news time getting all the perspectives and I will be damned, almost everyone thinks he meant a physical wall.

    Now, I can see why certain people are afraid of him because on the stage at debate time…and he will be there……He is going to say things about immigration that will put the other debaters on the spot and make them answer instead of dodge the issue with “funky” speech. He will have answers for economics and trade deficits that will make all the others squirm because, like it or nit, he knows economics. He will directly attack Japan and trade deficits and China and trade deficits and currency devaluations….and you know he will get the questions. He has already set it up that he will make the debates and he will be asked the bulk of the questions because of his speech of late….and the pundits are peeing on themselves in ridicule but…that ridicule will get him air time. If I were CNN, I would immediately go to the Republican front runner and say something like….Trump said he would deal with immigration by…(fill in the blank)…..how would you deal with it?

    Now, in my opinion, the United States needs to be run as a business. You do not deal in deficits and you do not enter into agreements where you are not the victor. Diplomacy is a thing of the past. Of the candidates, the only one that truly understands business and leverage and how to use leverage…..is Trump. I think we need a President, no matter whom, that needs to be tough and understand the balance sheet and operating statement and understand that you DO NOT DEFICIT SPEND.

    That said……..do not think I am a Trump supporter….I simply just do not like the man…..but…in my opinion…(and opinions are like belly buttons, everybody has one)…the only candidate that has the macho and balls to run the country…..is Trump. We do not need a popular President nor a concilitator……we need a President that will reach down your throat and pull your toe nails out of the proverbial mouth. We need a President that knows how to get things done…..

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Trump has been a “high end” real estate developer his entire life. I have never met a real estate developer that “understands” the economy, or much outside their own realm. I suspect Fiorina has a better handle on the broader economy than Trump.

      I do not begrudge Trump working wthin the “legal” system/game created by the govt. shysters. I do hold him accountable for using it to his advantage, the disadvantage of others, all the while claiming he is being screwed by the game.

      I have not seen any evidence that he actually understands the economy or the complicated nature of trade. He relies on populist rhetoric about stealing jobs etc, etc. Much like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. And he constantly LIES about things to fan the populist flames. Like most PROGRESSIVES.

      Dale hit the nail squarely, in my own humble opinion. I believe he is a fraud. I’ll bet his own “personal” worth is not in the billions.

      Now, I do like him raising these issues and that he will not waiver in doing so. With him on one side and Bernie Sanders on the other, maybe this time the debates will get off the War on Women and focus on stuff that matters.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        JAC, You must know economics better that Trump, so tell us, how many billions are you worth? If your so smart, you should be worth at least 10 or 20 billion, which would certainly give your comment some ” reality” based legitimacy. Please tell us, we wait cat like curiosity. ‘

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Serious fallacy dude. What does intelligence or even knowledge have to do with making money?

          Are you living in the woods because you don’t know how to make money? Didn’t think so! Understand the flaw in your argument now?

          As for knowledge of economics and the US economy I will put my bona fides up against Trump any day. Especially since he spent so many of his years and “dollars” supporting the Democratic Party.

          • What does intelligence or even knowledge have to do with making money?

            HUH? I don’t know any stupid people who are rich, but I do know a lot of smart people who are. I think it’s a person’s skillset that makes a big difference in the money making process in today’s society. However, today’s society is much different than the society in the early 1970’s, things change. My economic prowess sucks, as I have said many times. That’s why I ask for opinions on the subject often, to get different opinions and learn.

            As for knowledge of economics and the US economy I will put my bona fides up against Trump any day.

            OK, do you have 8 billion plus in net worth to back you up? Let me guess and say your short about 8.8 billion short, which is kind. Here’s one reason I like what he has said, because he will be working for me for a change, instead of the lobbyist’s and bankers. But, I have no illusion that he will get to that point, so it’s kind of moot, LOL.

            I will give you credit where it is due, your mostly consistent, which I admire. I don’t have much love for the wishy washy types. I’ve been looking at a “Go Back In Time” article and have some fun with many past comments. It will also show who got a few things right and got a few things wrong (I’m guilty of both). Anita is in trouble, ROFLMAO! Still working on how to format such a thing, but I think it will be fun for all. I’ll get it together on a rainy day when I can’t get outdoors.

            Peace and God Bless to you and yours. We all need both!

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Here is information on Trump’s testimony in a law suit where he was claiming defamation because someone actually revealed his net worth at less than half what he claimed. PLEASE pay close attention to his LACK OF UNDERSTANDING regarding net present vale. Which is a KEY calculation in economic analysis. Clipped from the Atlantic:

              “Trump is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, but as parts of the two-day, December 2007 deposition he gave in the O’Brien lawsuit make clear, his preoccupation with his retail image sometimes crowds out conventional financial thinking when it comes to calculating his net worth. In the deposition, Trump showed little or no understanding of the concept of “net present value,” the idea that because of the time value of money, something that is expected to be worth $100 in the future is worth less than $100 today. The concept is essential to calculating what a business is worth. The subject came up in a discussion of how Trump valued his golf courses. After conceding that he was only “modestly” familiar with the idea of net present value, he said it had something to do with “the value of the land currently after debt,” which sounds more like a definition of the equity value of an asset, rather than its net present value. His methods of valuing assets are more creative than precise, although Trump has his own internal logic for them. For instance, in 2005, he was paid $400,000 for a speech at the Learning Annex, but bragged on Larry King Live that his pay was actually more than $1 million because, as he explained in his deposition, the speech was promoted in billboard, newspaper, radio, and TV ads around New York City, creating extra value for his brand.”

              I guess you might be right. He will balance the budget in two years because he will just claim the added value created by attaching his brand to the Treasury.

              I see from you response you still don’t grasp the fallacy of linking my understanding of economics to my wealth.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Many years ago I had read that at Wharton “ethics” is not a mandatory part of the curriculum.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Maybe he just reminds me of Ross Perot to much…..but you’d think with his funds he’d be able to afford a better hair piece.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Whoa there pardner! Trump ain’t no Ross Perot.

        The Trump card does raise a very relevant point. One mentioned by D13.

        The Colonel wants someone who can get things done. I agree. However, Mr. Obama is getting things done. So maybe, just maybe, “git er done” isn’t really the criteria.

        And as for “gitten er’ done”, business people have a distinct disadvantage when it comes to “running the Govt”. They have to get people to do what they want without being able to “fire them”.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Except for those pesky EO’s and regulations, you might be right.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Did you know Perot? The guy was one of the most unscrupulous guys in business. Especially when he was in sales with IBM. If anyone ever would cause my Father to literally blow a gasket it would be to bring up Perot.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Not personally. Yes scrupulous but far more knowledgeable and a much better “leader” than Trump.

            Perot created his own successful business without having the technical expertise in the field. That requires an ability to know your limits, recognize talent, and put your ego aside to allow your employees to succeed.

            Perot also had a much better handle on the overall economic situation in those days than Trump does today. Perot had facts and figures, Trump has “Trumpisms”.

            Now think of the character assassination that was leveled at Perot back when he ran compared to the vile that happens today. After that experience there hasn’t been a wild card candidate come close to the same “percentage” of the vote as Perot got.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just read in the news that the GOP lead congress will pass funding to continue the ACA subsidies even if the SCOTUS rules they’re unconstitutional as currently administered and distributed.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Fully expected. The Dems knew from day one all they had to do was get a bunch of poor folks with kids into the system and nobody would be able to get rid of it. Just like Social Security and CHIP.

        As long as the media is complacent in this trickery the R’s don’t stand a chance at true reform. If they dump the ACA they WILL HAVE TO REPLACE it with something.

        That is unless 70 to 80 of Americans scream for its destruction. What is the chance of that now?

        • gmanfortruth says:

          The Republicans have you fooled. They have always claimed “repeal AND replace. Once they get control, the government will never willingly give it up. You must be living on a different planet, because it’s not planet Reality.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Gman…who is that last comment directed at? None of the politicians in DC are there by any contribution from me. I’ll start voting in the national elections again when there is a “none of the above” check box. Or when some serious 3rd and 4th parties start gaining seats and can start derailing some of the legislation being passed without review by the DEMS and the GOP…..given the GOP has caved on all issues and just left the reversal of legislation to the courts, I place them left of center today. Maybe their stategy is to be left blameless for the reversal of Obama’s policies by letting the courts act in their stead.

            • Dale, Not you, sorry for the misunderstanding. I don’t think you have a reading comprehension problem either. I can see how that could be confusing.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Trouble with your reading comprehension again, I see.

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    Along the lines of having our language hijacked to the point that reality cannot be described, we have the FED telling reporters that “to low inflation” can cause a slow economy.


  22. Just A Citizen says:

    From The Hill:

    “Hillary Clinton’s close adviser Sidney Blumenthal did not personally author or verify any of the memos he sent her about Libya or the Benghazi siege, according to the head of a House panel investigating the 2012 attacks.

    “What we learned today is he’s not the author of a single one of those memos. He was passing on information authored by someone else and he has no idea about the credibility or reliability of any of the sources,” House Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) told reporters on Tuesday.

    “So, the information passed on to the secretary of State, he didn’t vet and we don’t know if anybody vetted it,” he added.

    Gowdy’s comments came after the panel finished a nearly nine-hour deposition of Blumenthal.
    The chairman said the closed-door interview revealed that the information came from a single source, who was also known to Clinton.”

    Begs the question: Why is someone acting as a go between when they do not read or verify the information? WHO placed him as a go between with either no authority or no responsibility, or both.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    Time for some brain expansion, or as I like to say building ammo for future fights with closed minded Leftists/Statists.


  24. Just A Citizen says:

    Buck…………paging Buck the Wala……………………..Buck

    I need some legal explanation please.

    I buy a CD of some Joe Schmoe’s music to play in my car, at my home, at the park and at my gathering of like minded political friends.

    WHY does Joe have the right to stop me from playing my CD at the political picnic but not in my car, in my house or while sitting on the beach watching fireworks??

    I bought this music why can’t I play it where and when I want??

    Furthermore, why is my playing the music at the political picnic different than some C rated garage band playing the same music at the local city festival in the same park?

    • Ask a copyright lawyer!! 😀

      But here’s a quick primer I came across – http://www.npr.org/sections/therecord/2012/02/29/147592568/music-in-political-campaigns-101

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Well Pffft…………… that didn’t help.

        Does look like some of these musicians are bluffing and the politicians just back down. I can understand not being able to use a song in a TV or radio ad without permission. You are changing the use of the song for an endorsement.

        But to play it at a rally is no different than playing it for your friends in your back yard or in the parking lot of the local COSTCO.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Some of it has to do with people “paying” to attend. You can also read the software license for one of the programs you use on your computer.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I have never seen a “license” agreement on a Music CD that I purchased. Or more often, the “cassettes” I have purchased.

            I get the “paying” to attend part. The music becomes part of a separate “commercial venture”. Although I think the copyright restrictions obnoxious in this example as well. At least it carries some logic.

            But threatening to sue someone for playing music at a “rally” seems beyond copyright infringement to me. Same goes for trademark infringement.

            Now for the important stuff. You do much of that big fish type fishing on the ocean? Seems a little boring to me at least until you hook onto one of them suckers. Might have to try it one of these days .

            • Not completely — it can be seen, right or wrong, as supporting the political cause, which can harm the artist’s ‘brand’.

              Also the difference in playing it in ones car or backyard BBQ vs a rally is the private vs public issue. Copyright law permits private use.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              No…..It’s to rich for my blood. I call that big game fishing on those 60-80 sport fishing boat “barking with the big dogs”. Just the reels on one of those big boys cost more than the boats I had…even a day charter could set you back 1K-2K.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              The fish you want to catch is one of the blue fin tuna’s. Especially one that has been tagged. The sushi dudes pay a small fortune for one.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Tagged?? Please explain.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Licenses are very pricey and usually limited on how many you can catch and bring in per season. If you catch one and before release you tag it. If you catch a tagged fish it’s a freebie. The government wants the tag and the information where you caught the fish. They compare then where it was tagged. Catching one does not go against your license and the government does not confiscate the fish. You very well might clear 30K from the Japanese. How it works on a charter boat I have no idea. In any case without the special licence you can not keep any unless it had been tagged before. Now….you do need a big boat and very heavy tackle. They’ll take a smaller boat and do what the shark did in Jaws to Quints boat. Drag it to heck and beyond…..If i could get instructions as how to post a jpg photo I could post a picture of a small tuna

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        That just about sums it up.

        Sort of like a charter boat captain usually has a blanket license for the party fishing on the boat for the day. Though sometimes they don’t and you can get in a lot of trouble with the wildlife agents. Tournaments like the “Big Rock” totally stipulate that ALL people on the boat MUST have their own license. A major lawsuit dragged on for years when the winning marlin was ultimately disqualified when one of the crew was found to not have a license. He assumed…It cost the “winning” team millions in prize money but also the side betting and then penalties and ultimately legal fees. Once the first three fish in any category are brought in, unless you catch one that beats any one of them you are required to catch and release. If you bring the fish in and it won’t knock off any one of the initial three the fines are prohibitive.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the day.

    The Republican Party is screwed. Without the “Conservatives” they cannot win a Presidential election.

    With a Conservative Candidate they cannot win the Presidential election.

    This leaves them with finding a Rhino or Conservative that will talk out of both sides of his/her mouth, making them appear to be something they are not. This in turn will destroy the Elephant brand as people realize they are just lying.

    Which is only important because “Conservatives” don’t cotton to “liars” and “cheats” and other such unethical/immoral goings on.

    Of course they could dump the Conservatives……….. and be happy as a “minority” party for the foreseeable future. This would last until the “moderate” Democrats get fed up with the Progressives and Radicals, and decide to join the New Republicans.

    In either case we wind up with ONE major party and one or two minor parties.

    My analysis is limited to those election years where POTUS is open, and thus has great influence on the Congressional races.

    And why will the Progressives not create the same problem for Dems. Well who is going to abandon a Party who wants to keep grandma from having to eat dog food and little kids from dying due to the common cold. If your choice is a PROGRESS oriented party who sees all people as equal or the CONservatives who are living in the olden times of RACISM and JIM CROW, and women not being allowed to vote, then who you going to vote for??

    This sums up why control of the MEDIA is paramount to the left. Without it they would die a quick and ugly death. Of course it certainly helps them when you have stupid R’s running around making moronic claims about things. Like rape, or some new supposed comment in California that making voting harder would get more people to vote.

    • I do not believe that a conservative cannot win. Unfortunately there is a dearth of intelligent conservatives out there who can mount an effective campaign, stick to the issues and not get sucked into questions about Bruce Jenner.

    • PSST….There all on the same team! Glad to see you might be finally seeing that.

      • Let me also say, you might have 10 or so actual conservatives in Congress, until they get corrupted by the system, and they have zero affect on the goings on. The TEA party grew quickly and then was eaten by the non-conservatives in the GOP. As ;long as there is a two party monopoly, nothing will change.

      • http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/constitution/item/21079-boehner-purges-conservatives-who-defy-on-obamatrade-votes#

        Here’s an example of what happens to those who want to represent. They get SHIT on by the Party bosses.

        • Yep….that is Washington…this has been going on for ages….One of the best lessons that I have learned from politicians…..The late House Speaker Jim Wright was a close personal friend of the family. I had the fortune one time to accompany my father and Congressman Wright on the Grand National Quail hunt in Enid, Oklahoma a long time ago. We got to sit down for hours one rainy day and he thoroughly explained how the heirarchy really works in Washington. The true Democratic party has been hijacked by this Progressive movement where emotion fuels the movement.

          Anyway, it was quite a learning experience listening to him. I got to ask and get answered many questions on how the power mill works. His comment…..As House Speaker, I actually have more power than the President. I can control the money and I can control what bills get to the house, what bills come out of committee, and what bills get or do not get attached. THe House and the Senate will never allow line item veto to the POTUS and this is a bipartisan issue. He said that to allow a line item veto to the President will work contrary to the power base in Congress.

          If you do not walk in lock step, you will get fired from chairmanships, committee rules making,…etc etc. So, as a young lad with a fresh business degree ready to conquer the world…..I was pretty disheartened with what I was hearing. But there is one thing that he did say that resonates with me today…….the true power out there is actually the people. There have been many instances that things were changesd when letter writing campaigns were conducted. The politicians really do relate to their constituents….the power is still with the people…IF>>IF>>IF…….they get out and vote. He went on to say that mid term elections are where the balance of power in the House and Senate resides because off year elections are easily manipulated and this is where majorities are elected. And it is a good thing that the public does not pay attention to the midterms because if they did, things would be certainly different.

          Wow…..but that is the way.

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    Re; this ongoing claim about Trump’s great economic understanding and performance.

    Here is an easy test. Given what you know about the following business “models” which would you select to RUN THE UNITED STATES economic polices?

    1. Donald Trump

    2. The D13 Family

    I know which one I would pick, how about ya’ll??

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      No argument there. If the Colonel was president we’d be able to get rid of the not so secret service, because he’d be packing.

    • Hmmmmm………I do not believe I said that Trump is an economic power house…..I meant to imply that of the candidates and the current Potus…..he IS an economic power house. I believe I also said that I did not like the man……but of the candidates that he is running against, he is the most ruthless of the bunch…on the economy, if he ran the economics of the country in the same ruthless manner….not caring what Putin thought or trying to be diplomatic…..it is that type of thinking that it is going to take….I believe that he would not be a trade deficit person. Just like Obama is using the US to his advantage….Trump would be no different…except Trump would not destroy the U.S. as Obama is doing, for a political whim. The U.S. would become his “business” and I would be in favor of that type of direction….for example, the trade deficits or the immigration issue…..leverage your position in free trade…..manipulate the currency as other countries do……to your own advantage.

      His ethics and integrity is no better than Obama’s….meaning they have none. But as bad as Trump is, his ethics are still better than what is in there now.

      However, compare Trump’ ethics and integrity to that of Clinton or Kennedy. Not much different.

      That said, we have no one up there for Pres…..and that is unfortunate.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I was not claiming you said anything. All the on and on about his “economic brilliance” was in response to Gman.

        As I said, between Trump and the D13 Family, I’m flyin a flag with one star.

        I think your comparisons are pretty good as well. Although when it comes to lack of ethics good ol’ Lydnon had em all but Clinton beat hands down.

        • Oh yeah……we do not speak well of old Lyndon down here……but, during that period of time…it was a chaotic country….

        • THank you for the fiscal confidence…..we are fortunate and I am one that will admit it…now, we are not on par with the Trump or Kennedy dynasty but we do ok. My grandfather was a backruptcy attorney during the depression era….My dad actually listened to his dad back then….Our family has been very lucky….probably more than most. Our great grandfather was one of the discoverers of the Spindle Top oil field and my other great grandfather owned and operated Helium factories in the panhandle of Texas….until WWII came along and there went the Helium. My dad, brother, and I have a plethora of formal training. Not East Coast or Ivy League….but we all have college degrees in business, geology, and International Economics from the University of Texas, Wharton School of Finance, and SMU School of Law…JD’s, and Master’s Degrees abound as well……but all that training is not worth a fart in the wind by itself. It is nice wall paper if you want to impress someone that is easily impressed about academia…but my dad always said….”Get the formal education. Learn the vernacular. Learn your way around balance sheets, P&L statements, and the like. Understand cash flow because nothing is worth the paper it is written on unless you have money in the bank. Take your education with a grain of salt because the academia that is teaching you is teaching only philosophy……dad said that ” there is not a god-damned professor, college instructor, or PHD out there that can survive in the real market place”…..with very few exceptions, not a single one of them can identify a phillips scewdriver from a hammer….but they sure will try to dazzle you with bullshit.”

          We have lived by this edict for sometime…..except the black sheep of the family that ended up in the military…..that was because of the lottery system….however, in my travels abroad on several fronts, I was able to continue to go to schools in other countries…and see what the REAL world is like and not from an Ivory Tower where the only life decision is which Latte to order.

          Anyway, I was able to see how the currency markets worked,,,I was able to see how the banking systems worked in other countries. I have been able to see how things are controlled economically and how the people are controlled by economics.

          Money…..that is name of the game. Soros, Trump, Koch and the variety of others do not care if they are considered sons of bitches……just as long as they are the biggest son of a bitch out there. AND none of them got to where they were without being harsh, brutal, and no compassion. Presidents like Obama…..play right into their hands.

  27. Just A Citizen says:


    P.S. I know several “millionaires” who are not very bright. Sometimes being bullheaded and seriously lucky can overcome lack of knowledge. Then there is the ability and willingness to screw others for your own gain. That helps tremendously. I will grant, however, that it does take some smarts to consistently screw others without getting yourself killed.

    I have also known many brilliant business people who have little understanding of broader economic principles. This is Trump. He is REAL ESTATE. He knows real estate.

    Now let me use a real life example of how broad thinking these real estate developers can be. When the timber industry in the USA was being squeezed by cheap Canadian imports the “Real Estate” developers lobbied to let the Canadian lumber flow freely. They could not see the connection of their buying to the people working in the US making their products. They helped destroy an entire industry for cheaper lumber to build massive subdivisions funded with “derivatives”.

    These are the same people howling about other jobs being shipped to China.

    I also know some pretty bright economists with great understanding of how the world works who are not even millionaires. How could this be possible??? Because they don’t care about wealth of money, they care about the wealth of knowledge and living a flourishing life as they deem it to be.

    One more thing. See if you can find anywhere where Mr. Trump was talking about the impending Real Estate Bubble bursting BEFORE it happened. Many people were issuing warnings. How could the brilliant Real Estate Mogul get caught flat footed?????

    • Seeing that G equates net worth with intelligence, economic understanding and an ability to lead and govern, I would only assume he would support a Warren Buffet or George Soros presidency!

      • Just A Citizen says:

        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Or PELOSI ???????????

        • I could think of many examples – Trump being high up on that list.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Wasn’t Pelosi weaned on Baltimore politics?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            To be weaned would she not have to first be a mammal and not a reptile???

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Got me there

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              I just caught the headline as to why you asked about the use of music at a political rally. Neil Young getting in a snit for Trump using “Rockin in the Free World” at his coming out party. Where Trump also announced he’d want Oprah as his running mate. Instead of political news we’d have “entertainment tonight” with those two.

              • Just A Citizen says:



                Trump team must have got that memo Buck dropped off. Trumps claims he did have permission and Mr. Young can pound sand…………….then his team immediately say “but in deference to the artist’s wishes we will not use it anymore”.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Stupid using the song anyway. Young being a Canadian citizen and also rooting for Bernie Sanders.

              • Yes….but they would busy entertaining…. Not spending.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Bunch of late night owls tonight….I assume Colonel that you have your waders handy.

      • Buck, I do NOT equate economic prowess with one’s net worth, although there are some good arguments that could lead in that direction. I simply replied to JAC’s post asking for an explanation on how Trump is not as smart as he (JAC) on economics. This was mostly done because of JAC’s inflated regard of his own intelligence, as he has so eloquently stated in the past.

        I also didn’t say he would be a good president, but an interesting candidate, that is NOT a politician. He has no chance in hell of winning the nomination. What I do like it he is saying things that no politician would dare utter, and he will force the politicians to address those issues, mostly on trade and immigration. It’s quite early, but he will make things more interesting, if nothing else. I’m in agreement with D13 on his views of the man. I don’t know all that much about him, other than he is rich and said some things that need to be addressed by the puppets.

    • See if you can find anywhere where Mr. Trump was talking about the impending Real Estate Bubble bursting BEFORE it happened. How do you know there is one “impending”? Real Estate is not overpriced where I live, it certainly is I California due to obvious reasons, but overall I haven’t read of anything similar to what happened around 08. That bubble was about residential real estate, not commercial real estate, Isn’t Trump on the Commercial side of that issue? Of course, maybe he wanted to talk about things that the average person could understand, like trade deficits, immigration etc. Maybe I’ll give him a call today and ask! 🙄

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Did Trump foresee the real estate meltdown in 2006? Others did. And it was predicted for all real estate because the “trigger” for the collapse was spread across all forms. Adjustable Rate Mortgages combined with the use of Derivatives to “dilute the risk globally” (Greenspan). At least it was predicted by some. And that is the question about Trump’s supposed superior skill. Did he see it coming or was he also living the delusion that “it won’t happen to me”.

        I was obviously not talking about today but the bubble of 2006. Which is when the drop started, not 2008.

        And Trump is largely in residential. Along with Golf Courses which are tied to residential. A condo or high end apartment complex is considered residential.

        Commercial would be his Casino ventures and any other space rented/leased or operated for “businesses”. Office spaces would be commercial, so some of his “towers” would include both.

        Those in real estate know that Commercial values FOLLOW residential. So if you expect a large downturn in residential there will be a downturn in commercial.

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    When economists starting repeating this stuff we are in deep trouble.

    “Mr. Buiter, for example, recently opined that the spot of bother in 2008-09 (the Global Financial Meltdown) could have been avoided if banks had only charged a 6% negative interest rate on cash: in effect, taking 6% of the depositor’s cash to force everyone to spend what cash they might have.”

    Without actual CASH in your pocket or dresser, this scenario becomes very, very possible. Because all your “cash” is FORCED to be sitting in that bank.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      How do you like the new Orwellian speak? Taxes and/or Fees charged by the Bank and/or the Govt are now called “negative interest rates”.

      • Very interesting perspective…..”negative interest rates”….not coming to a theater near you….however, there are some central banks, Denmark, for example, that carry negative rates on occasion. Negative rates are nothing new and are commonly used to create inflation. Trump has made a small fortune off the currency market on negative rates….so has Soros…..both have the money to manipulate foreign central banking. We, meaning myself, has played the negative market on the Euros and the Swiss Franc…..the Swiss hedge their currency against the Euro all the time. However, it is a big boy game……and talk about ruthless….you are playing with other people’s savings and cash position….but it can be profitable.

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    In response to D13’s comment about using the value of the dollar as a tool for our advantage.

    Food for thought on economics, and trade deficits in particular.

    If we are IMPORTING goods from somewhere then we are EXPORTING money in the exchange. There is NO TRADE DEFICIT in this exchange. Value for value. Unless some “agreement” dictates prices that do not reflect value.

    Now let us presume this “deficit” continues for years and years. How is it negatively affecting production of goods and/or services in the USA??

    Before you answer, address this question. Of what use are all those US DOLLARS to the countries that sold us those goods?? What are they going to do with those Dollars?.

    So let us apply a little macro economic thinking to our current National plight. It is the IMPORT of cheap goods that is maintaining an adequate lifestyle for most Americans.

    What happens if someone decides to END these trade deals and starts raising the price of imported goods via taxation? That is right, and IMMEDIATE rise in the cost of living.

    Now how long before the economy could respond and build the capacity to replace those imports? A year, two, maybe three or four.

    Meanwhile, what does the politics look like of a nation where the middle class just had their standard of living severely whacked?

    My point in this is that we cannot focus on a single Metric in the economy nor allow ourselves to be sucked into falling for one or two rhetorical tricks to get our vote.

    Would we not be better off in the long run if our dollar became TRULY stronger. If we could purchase even more less expensive stuff, which would drastically raise the standard of living for the lower 90%. If our money is stronger would we not be able to expand our businesses across the globe as well as at home?? Wouldn’t the incentive for SAVING be increased?

    INFLATION kills the middle and lower economic groups. It is the harbinger of violent revolution by the “masses”. I suggest we take the opposite path.

    • Oh wow, JAC…..this is going to take some time…….time that I am not willing to to do this evening….gonna drink some lemonade ( no DP )…take my fish oil and statin…..stretch out on the “man eater” ( get your mind out of the gutter )….it is a very comfy recliner…switch on a John Wayne movie and fall asleep……significant other is watching the ballgame.

      • Will discuss negative rates and trade deficits impact on dollar tomorrow…….good night all…the rain has passed.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        “maneater” would be an overstuffed reclining chair with foot rest long enough to hit your heels, not your calf, and arms that wrap around you when you lay back. Night, night.

        Got your address and sent a note back. Talk tomorrow.

        • I did not think there was one otherwise….and one other aspect to the man eater……it must layout…..nothing worse than a half way recliner….

  30. Just A Citizen says:

    Now to the middle east and the topic of giving credit when it is due. Even to Mr. Obama.

    So the million dollar question is whether such an agreement is due of credit at all. If so then Mr. Obama deserves whatever credit is due his efforts.

    If not then we can chalk it up to one more “compromise” for the sake of “fairness”. Note how Mr. O’s thinking is revealed in his initial proposal of “Equal” for both parties. This is consistent with the rhetoric about how much more we are loved because of how we treat other nations as “equals”.

    I find the story a little far fetched in that “adversaries” don’t usually just jump up and immediately agree with such an idea proposed by the USA. No matter who is making it. So I suspect that there was some groundwork done before the meeting, as is usually the case. At least in an Administration that is functioning properly.


    • Sure they would…if part of the deal was protection.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You made my point. The “announcement” of what transpired did not mention any cookies laid on the table. So if they were not, they would have been offered before the meeting. Thus allowing Mr. O to make a demand and the other players to be magnanimous and accept it immediately.

        But to the broader issue. Is this a DEAL worthy of praise???

        Or did we just orchestrate a timeout by dealing with two Devils? While both continue their efforts in Libya more “quietly”.

        • You by time….this is the equivalent of the fake football injury just before the two minute warning….gains an extra timeout with no production. Remember that Obama needs a legacy other than being the most inept President…including Ulysses S. Grant and Jimmy Carter.

  31. @ Dale….yep…we had 5 inches of rain in a three hour period……makes things pretty soggy.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Our rains this year so far have been what the Navaho’s call a male rain. Literally whiteouts. We have had a bit of odd weather these past few days. Heat in the 100+ range. Luckily clear skies and low humidity. This afternoon though the weekly storms blew through and cooled things off.

  32. Just A Citizen says:


    Did you get my email??

  33. Just A Citizen says:

    I think I know someone who will like this.

    If elected POTUS I will immediately order the EPA and the Dept. of health to stop targeting Americans and start focusing on the health and safety hazards of Chinese and other IMPORTS.

    I want new “environmental” regulations on my desk in 6 months that will set standards for all imports. If not met these imported goods will be “banned”. The USA will no longer export its environmental damage to poor nations nor suffer the poisons of those who do not hold our standards of life, liberty and property. If you want to trade with the USA then get your house in order.

    YES, this works in contradiction to my post on macro economic thinking. But it sure feels good to say it.

    • That should be your second step….Step 1 would be to even the imports and exports…dollar for dollar without using inflated dollars or devalued currency.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I can buy into that. Except I won’t have the control over the Fed I do over the EPA and Dept. of Health.

        I could propose legislation abolishing the Federal Reserve or establishing a FIXED amount of money to be maintained by Treasury. That might get their attention.

        I am not as concerned about a “trade deficit” as you seem to be. I am, however, concerned about the “devaluation” of our money due to inflation. We need to remain the preferred world currency, without doing it by staying just higher than the others as we all race to the bottom.

        Now that I read your comment again I am not sure I know what you mean “dollar for dollar” in balancing trade. How do you value goods against other currency without considering its “current value”? Are you suggesting we estimate/calculate the extent of devaluation, by say China, and then adjust the value of good per our calculations??

        • Yes sir…….that is exactly what I am saying….the only reason I have some insight into this is because we sometimes play the currency market. China may own a lot of us….but they own paper….we own a lot of China….but in hard metals.

          But you have to also drop the trade barriers like with Japan….you have tax the imports to the same extent as your trading partner. Trump is right about the trade barrier issues and the effect on the dollar…..I have been to Japan,,,,many times….I have never seen an American car over there. Why not? While Japanese companies have gained the most from the opening of the world’s markets over past decade, the Japanese market remains closed. Compare Japan to the rest of the industrial world: imports into the US market are over 30%, and that number reaches the 35%-59% range in the other G-7 countries. But vehicle imports into Japan from every country in the world last year totaled only 4.6%.

          This is just an example…

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Wasn’t one of the trade excuses from Japan about cars was that the US manufacturers did not make right hand steered cars? Home appliances built here are to big for most Japanese households. That said…I took a course years ago about the business trade practices offered by UC Berkeley and USC. Very insightful. Years ago I worked for the largest and best semi-conducter company in the world. It was IBM. We were 2X NEC in revenue and 4X Intel. We were kicking and beating them hands down. But IBM walked away from the business.

            Side story….I just got an e-mail from one of my former staff. He was located in Kosice, Slovakia. Due to the high salary of the US workers, I couldn’t hire here and desperately needed help as the division grew, we hired former IBMer’s in eastern Europe. We could get 9 employees for the price of one in the US. They were happy and well paid for their region. We here got retired, us oldsters that hit a formula, and their jobs were then also outsourced to India. He got a job with a German firm after quite some time. He just informed me that the work was outsourced to Vietnam. He says that he is with a school now, whether it’s in Germany I do not know, because Kosice is near the border of Ukraine and the people are nervous. He had considered becoming a handy man and move to the countryside villages up in Norway or Sweden. All the young are flocking to the cities and the old folks are stuck in the villages unable to get repair craftman, like plumbers and electricians. He started going through the EU tules and regulations to do such work and their rules are downright draconian compared to ours.

        • TCH TCH JAC…you would be in charge of the Fed.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      My sentiments exactly on exporting the environmental hazards elsewhere but yet importing the goods manufactured. Also the labor conditions and not slave pay. Like for example the process for the making of pickled herring is illegal here yet we import the herring from canada done with the same process.

  34. @ Buck…I know you didn’t….I wanted to say hello…..so………………………HI !!!

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    I’m with the Colonel. Off for some horizontal. See ya’ll in the morning, or late morning/mid day your time.

    • LOL…given today’s environment….we better make this plain…he is going with HIS significant other,,,,(female)…I am going with my significant other (female)……..How is THAT for PC…..good night all.

  36. White teen kills nine blacks in South Carolina. Good grief! First thought is the teen was on Psych meds. Waiting on more info.

  37. Could someone give an example of a “Right Wing extremist” as it pertains to today’s USA? And then explain how they are terrorizing/


    • Sure……………………………………………..ME !!!………………I am educated, Military, and economically successful. ( successful is in the eye of the beholder )…..I represent independence ( to the degree possible ) and from Texas. What more do you need?

      Even Obama said that he would be better off if Texas was not in the Union.

      • Oh, and as to terrorizing…..we do not pay much attention to the laws we do not like and we constantly flaunt the out of state Federal Courts…..and we certainly do not support Obamacare and we will not fund the state exchanges……we require pictureID’s for everything including voting….and we hate Common Core……and leave education up to the locals…..Does this qualify for terrorism?

  38. WHAT. THE. HELL? Who called the rooster all nighter and didn’t invite any hens? Paybacks fellas.

    The Colonel/2016

  39. JAC. Forgive my paraphrasing here, don’t have a clue how to c&p on this tablet, it’s a struggle to type this as it is. Don’t take this as my vote for Trump, but is your dislike for Trump clouding what , in all fairness, needs to be done?

    What happens if someone decides to end those trade deals……immediate cost of living increase….

    What’s the problem? It happens all the time, attacking poor and middle class budgets. Refinery goes down, fuel price goes up. $3/gallon in metro Detroit today. Huge storm sends thousands of cattle on a ride through a tornado, beef price goes up. Bird flu causes egg price to go up. Somehow the middle class always survives. Trump dares to address equal trade and you turn hater. The fix is gonna hurt no matter what, but the end result is fair trade…and possibly a return of jobs to the country. Supply and demand will be in turmoil for the short term, but long term we end up back in business. Or am I totally off my rocker?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      My dislike for Trump is not over specific issues. It is his lack of character and that he is just another Progressive. I do not see him as “helping” anything in the political arena that is not being done by people like Warren and Sanders. And which could be done by other “Republicans” who have a lot more character and “command presence”.

      Yes, we are going to hurt no matter what. But some hurts can build brighter futures. There are some huge inequities in our trade agreements. But they are also not all bad. And there are impacts associated with taking any action.

      The purpose of my post on import/export was to remind everyone that much of the rhetoric on trade comes from the long disproven theories of Mercantilism which were destroyed by Adam Smith. We forget that MONEY is a commodity. We trade money for goods. We make dollars.

      There is also a political consideration regarding the hurt. One that is far riskier than I think people realize. Listen to the populist class warfare going on. Look at the hatred building and the blaming of the rich etc, etc. Now think what happens if the standard of living suddenly crashes. That is what will happen of the rhetoric is turned to action. Not just some rise in prices in some areas. But a massive and sudden change. Especially if the action involves not just China but our other major trading partners.

      Consider this. The left has been pounding on the notion that the “middle” and “lower” class have not gained for 40 years when it comes to inflation adjusted income. While the rich get richer we get nothing. You know the story. So why has the middle class not risen up and sided with the left? What is stopping the revolution that Charlie Stella dreams about? It is because the import of less costly products has allowed the lower and middle income groups to improve their standard of living while their income remained flat. If that suddenly collapses, how long will they remain complacent? And which side will they turn to for the fix?

      So anyone who ONLY argues about the trade deficits or the need to even the score with China and thus is only talking about tariffs or restrictions is ignoring the bigger picture. I am simply urging everyone to look beyond the political rhetoric. The solutions are not as simple as is being portrayed by people like Trump or any other politician for that matter.

      I fall back to BF’s analogy some time back about the patient with many knives stuck in them. Pull all the knives out and the patient dies. Pull them out carefully while administering aid and the patient will live.

      We are living in a Fascist Progressive world and our Nation is a fiscal mess. If we wish to regain a Free Society, as we often claim, we will need to cause big changes. But the reality is these will have to be in small steps. Unless the masses wake up. I see little chance of this.

      Now to some specifics on our thinking. What is FAIR trade?? WHO gets to define it? WHY should be dictate the working conditions for other countries?? So what if Japan does not buy our cars or rice, as long as they are buying something else. And even then what does that matter if our Global trade is more balanced than that of any particular country?

      I would absolutely love to hear these questions and have the debate this political cycle. But not the narrow rhetoric about forcing China into a “better deal”.

      Are we going to be a Nation standing for Freedom, Liberty and Justice or are we going to continue down this Fascist Progressive, aka Mercantilist/Crony Capitalist, path. Remember, when we starting demanding things in our trade we are acting as a Mercantilist or Fascist nation, not as a Nation of free people. Are those “tariffs” for the benefit of all American or primarily the few companies who have friends in high places?

      To be clear, I did not turn hater because Trump addressed “fair trade”. My dislike of Trump has nothing to do with his position on certain issues. The discussion and the reaction of people over his trade rhetoric caused me to think it time to raise the issue for more detailed discussion. To think beyond the “easy” rhetoric of a political campaign. I am hoping BF gets the message and joins in the discussion. I am looking forward to the Colonel’s perspective. It is much broader than my own.

      Hope all is well with you my lady.

      • I’m a hater on this waiting game. Still a one time grandma. My luck, she’ll deliver Saturday when my priority shifts to my son. Ugh!

        Re: all knives at once. I’m not buying it in regards to trade. It wouldn’t happen overnight. It would take a few years to play out. What’s needed is a heart to heart with the people, by someone on the scale of The Gipper ( quiet Buck). Here’s the plan, HAVE PATIENCE, have an interim family budget ready, here’s the results. It needs to happen sooner or later. Maybe you could talk Carly into giving the speech. 😉

        • Just A Citizen says:


          LOL…………. I wish I could. Somebody needs to do it besides the Socialists who are running.

          Best wishes on the new grand baby. I have one and that looks like it, unfortunately.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Congrats on the upcoming grandbaby! I do see your point that something needs done, and only one person is talking about it. Trump will never see the nomination, he’s not in the camp with the elite ruling class, aka globalists.

          One thing JAC said, without Congress behind him, he could do very little. Based on the actions of the current GOP leadership, who are supporting a secret trade deal, Trump would be stuck in the mud. At least he is saying some things that need said.

          I still see Bush v Clinton in the battle of the very my h alike globalist’s. Basically, the only change on the horizon looks like a bad one. Par for the course.

  40. Just A Citizen says:


    You have made this accusation against me several times. Until now I have let it lie. But today I am getting tired of this childish crap so I will deal with it. But just this one time.

    “This was mostly done because of JAC’s inflated regard of his own intelligence, as he has so eloquently stated in the past.”

    This entire thread did not start with me declaring myself smarter that Trump on anything. I stated that he was a Real Estate developer and my experience with such people, which is fairly large but not of Billionaire scale, is that they have a narrow view of economics. They know Real Estate but not much beyond that.

    The same can be said for many successful business people. Their understanding of broader economics depends on whether they have to deal with the bigger picture.

    It was not until after you attacked my knowledge of economics that I made the statement I probably knew more about the big picture than Trump. Hell, the guy couldn’t even articulate the concept of Net Present Value in testimony on his on behalf when arguing about the “Present Value” of his assets.

    The only other time I recall claiming I knew more than anyone else here was with regard to the EPA, BLM and other issues relative to the Environment. And even then it was only on a specific issue, the latest being EPA’s attempt to regulate ALL WATER in the USA.

    I explained then that this was because MY PROFESSIONAL CAREER was in this field. Both as an employee of the Federal Government, then as a Trade Association Rep. (unofficial lobbyist) and finally as a Consultant. It was this career that exposed me to the workings of our political system and the people who were playing on the field at the time.

    NOT ONCE in all my time at SUFA have I ever discussed my “intelligence” or outright claimed I was “smarter” than others. In reality I have absolutely no idea what my IQ is but I do know my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to classic topics.

    ENGLISH is my greatest weakness, in case you wanted to know. Math and Science were my strengths, but I hated Math and took years to grasp the basic concepts of Statistical Analysis.

    What I have done is point out flaws in thinking and offered information based on my life experiences. Sometimes in hopes of changing minds and others just to provide everyone with a broader understanding from which they can make their own judgments.

    I have gone after you a few times regarding one of your usual habits. That is to make an attack that is not based on what is actually written. This is why I jab at you over your reading comprehension.

    The latest example was your accusation I was claiming to be smarter than Trump and launching into the fallacious argument about wealth and intelligence. Want proof?

    Here is the comment I posted to which you started this over:


    Trump has been a “high end” real estate developer his entire life. I have never met a real estate developer that “understands” the economy, or much outside their own realm. I suspect Fiorina has a better handle on the broader economy than Trump.

    I do not begrudge Trump working wthin the “legal” system/game created by the govt. shysters. I do hold him accountable for using it to his advantage, the disadvantage of others, all the while claiming he is being screwed by the game.

    I have not seen any evidence that he actually understands the economy or the complicated nature of trade. He relies on populist rhetoric about stealing jobs etc, etc. Much like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. And he constantly LIES about things to fan the populist flames. Like most PROGRESSIVES.

    Dale hit the nail squarely, in my own humble opinion. I believe he is a fraud. I’ll bet his own “personal” worth is not in the billions.

    Now, I do like him raising these issues and that he will not waiver in doing so. With him on one side and Bernie Sanders on the other, maybe this time the debates will get off the War on Women and focus on stuff that matters.”

    So it is up to you to highlight WHERE in that post I claimed to be smarter than Trump when it comes to economics or business or anything else.

    • As for knowledge of economics and the US economy I will put my bona fides up against Trump any day.

      • June 17th, 9:18 pm. Using the term “any day” is a show of superiority. You wrote it, Slick.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Yes I wrote it. AFTER you started this silly line of argument. And if you read above I admitted that already.

        So now, where in that original post did I posit that I had superior economic knowledge to Trump?

        And the term any day does not show superiority. My statement says I am at least his equal when it comes to larger economic issues.

        I know how to calculate and articulate the concept of Net Present Value. He apparently does not. And that is a very simple and basic concept. So why would I think his Marco Economic understanding is more complex? Why would you?

        When it comes to Trump you seem to be confusing Social skill with Economic understanding. Trump’s greatest skill is in dealing with PEOPLE. and working local building/zoning agencies to his advantage. He knows how to work the system, at the local level.

        His talent and need is in projecting himself as bigger than life and wealthier and smarter than he really is. Why? Because that is how snake oil salesmen make money. That is how the Bernie Madoffs of the world thrive and continue to find suckers. Trump is not a Madoff, but his skill set and business dealing have great similarity. And he depends on the same gullibility of others whose money he needs to continue building his empire.

        I had personal experience with his “style” via contact with some of his agents that work the real estate markets. They were trying to convince me of the GREAT TRUMP magic that was going to guarantee a fortune to be made with his Hawaii Condo project. This was just before the Bubble Burst, early 2006. My point is that the “Pitch” was not about the dollars and cents of the project, it was about TRUMP. Because his name was on the project it would be a success because we all know that he never fails.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          UNC Chapel Hill had a huge benefactor by the name of Keenan. The economics school and stadium are named afer him. He was one of the major developers early in Florida and built the railroad down through the Keys. Cutting to the chase…one of the noted major causes of the ’29 crash was the explosion of the real estate bubble in Florida. Driven by him. All the same issues of the 2008 explosion. Buying property for inflated prices, saying dump it in a few years and make a fortune add infinitum. Eventually it blew up. What he was doing was to pay for the railroad they had to create a demand for swamp land for developement to pull vacationers in….Of course he made a further fortune but got out and someone else was left holding the bag….the people and the banks holding worthless foreclosed property….Keenan was a forerunner of guys like Trump….besides on stretches of Miami Beach his towers block the sun after 1400-1500.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I need to post a correction…..Flagler was the rail and big developer. He also endowed hugely to UNC and its economics school. He married the daughter of Kenan who also were hugely involved and major benefactors of UNC also.

          • Now, on the Macro scale you are talking about Countrywide Mortgage and Angelo Mozilo (big donor to Fordham U)who almost brought the country down in ’06-’07 and was covered by the likes of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd who were beneficiaries of his largess. On a micro Scale, you are talking about the Houlihan Brothers out of my alma mater (big donors to Manhattan College) who brought the entire borough of the Bronx to its knees (and pretty much the whole city too) with their mortgage games back in the 1970’s.

            Trump is an interesting guy because he is a finagler. I may be wrong but I think the famous quote “If I owe you $ 5,000 I am in trouble, if I owe you $ 5,000,000, you are in trouble” is in reference to him. Great con man. Question is do you prefer a competent crook who knows what he is doing to an incompetent boob with no clue which end is up? I think back to Bill Buckley’s quote about John Lindsay after his first term, “One is almost tempted to say, let’s throw the rascals back in.”

            While I cannot trust the guy to stay the course. He threatened to run for Governor of NY several times and just messed things up like Perot did. He will serve to bring the issues, the real issues up in debates and hold the feet of the other candidates to the fire. This, is not a bad thing they want to dance around them. I thought it interesting that he managed to outrage the governments of Mexico and China with his announcement! That, made my day!

      • Just A Citizen says:


        One more thing. I said I would put my bona fides up against Trump’s any day……….with respect to the broader economy not real estate or one element of the economy.

        For reference:

        Full Definition of BONA FIDES

        1: good faith : sincerity

        2: the fact of being genuine —often plural in construction

        3: evidence of one’s good faith or genuineness —often plural in construction

        4: evidence of one’s qualifications or achievements —often plural in construction

        So I maintain that the evidence of my “qualifications or achievements” relative to macro economics is as good as Trump’s “evidence” of the same. Now if you can produce evidence to the contrary then I will withdraw my claim.

        Oh, and I don’t have to produce any evidence because you see Trump has never provide any either. Thus we are at least equal in this regard.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          JAC, I do not question your genuineness, hopefully I have not written something that should lead you to that impression. If I have, my apologies, it was unitended.

          I would bet you could out think Trump when it comes t economic language. So what? A professionly trained carpenter can do the same to me, but I can build anything that the trained person can. Trump applies what he knows and is very wealthy. That is where he beats you, he applies , you just talk about it. Big difference.


  41. I was sitting here thinking…and that is very dangerous…..Trump as POTUS…..let us not be too quick here….His “digs” are very oppulent….he does not need the White House….if he is the big commercial guy…..let him flip the white house and the capitol building….NOW…..that would help.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      There is a whole lot more he could “flip” as well. Stuff I would rather see sold off than the Capitol or White House. Those can be turned over to a private museum.

      Still waiting for your response to trade imbalances and how they affect us.

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