A New Right

As we all know, a new Right was invented, just before the countries 240th birthday.  I’m not so sure it is a Right or more of a mandate to the States, they MUST ISSUE a marriage license to same sex couples.  Personally, I could care less about the subject.  While I’m a Christian, I’m also not God and will not stand in judgment of others on an issue that is a religious one.  That is God’s position, I will not pretend that I somehow have that great authority.  This decision will bring up some other problems.  Will those States that lost in the SCOTUS decision take a different approach to solving the dilemma of being against gay marriage?  How many States will simply get out of the marriage license business, where they really don’t belong anyway.  Will the States simply set up Kiosks throughout the State and take the personal side of issuing these licenses out of the game, thus avoiding conflicts (my idea to best solve the problem)?  Will they simply change the language of the marriage license to a Civil Union contract for tax and other purposes?

But what about the civilian side of things.  Many of us were totally against forcing business’s to do business where they do not want to.  I could bring up hundreds of examples why this should never be forced upon any business, but all of you could do the same, so I’ll save some time.  But I can argue this one with examples all day long why some courts were dead wrong on the subject of gay marriage.  Lastly, SCOTUS made a decision that is a licensing issue, not really a ceremony issue.  States must issue a license and all states must accept that license, much like a driver’s license.  Using the 14th Amendment to magically make this new Right, I would like to once again ask why this same ruling cannot be applied to conceal carry license holders.  Currently there is 36 “will issue” States, much like Gay marriage was prior.  If the ruling applies to one license, making a new Right, then why not also another license (as applied to being accepted in all States, plus “will issue in the 14 States not on the list), that has been a Right since the inception of the Nation.  If gay’s, a none protected class, can receive this special ruling, why can’t those who want to exercise a guaranteed Right no matter what State they are in, receive the same?  Outside of the obvious part that it hasn’t reached SCOTUS for a decision  if love is love, in all 50 states, then rights are rights too!




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  2. http://personalliberty.com/the-obergefell-decision-addressed-full-faith-and-firearms/

    Some stuff from the decision to take into account :

    In ruling that same-sex marriage is now a civil right that cannot be denied anywhere in the United States, the Supreme Court said:

    The idea of the Constitution was to withdraw certain subjects from the vicissitudes of political controversy, to place them beyond the reach of majorities and officials and to establish them as legal principles to be applied by the courts.

    It’s a simple constitutional construct. In writing for the majority, Justice Anthony Kennedy noted:

    The freedom secured by the Constitution consists, in one of its essential dimensions, of the right of the individual not to be injured by the unlawful exercise of governmental power.

    Kennedy pointed out in his Obergefell opinion:

    The right to marry is a fundamental right inherent in the liberty of the person, and under the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment couples of the same-sex may not be deprived of that right and that liberty.

    During Obergefell’s oral arguments back in April, Scalia asked:

    What about Article IV? I’m so glad to be able to quote a portion of the Constitution that actually seems to be relevant. “Full faith and credit shall be given in each State to the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other State.” Now, why doesn’t that apply?

    That reciprocity, she’s a real mother. And this will grow into a huge issue!

  3. Today’s interesting moment in nature. Went outside to go take vehicle to shop for brake job. Rabbit runs from yard into woods by barn. Went in barn, retrieved .22 to go shoot rabbit (mortal enemy of gardeners). Was looking for it seem something white, put scope on it, it was a cat. Lowered rifle, cat attacked rabbit, lifted it up and ran off with it. Was seen enjoying his meal, while saving me a bullet shortly after. Good Kitty 🙂

  4. @Dale, RE: EPA ruling As you stated, they will bring it up again, but there MAY be a new President who will disallow any action from them. That is a big maybe though.

  5. Well, let’s see…..Occupy Wall Street Crowd….no permits, defecating in public, over turning police cars, wanton destruction.

    Gay Pride crowd…..running up and down streets in g string, spitting on clergy, defying the police, flying the middle finger ( otherwise known as :shooting the bird ) and no permit.

    Chicago…..Gay pride and Black lives matter…clashing heads, cursing, up staging each other….no permits..

    Progressives support the OWS crowd, support the Gay Pride Crowd, and support te black lives matter crowd. See no problem with defacating in streets and alley ways, destroying public areas…etc.

    Hmmmmm….Tea Party rallys……properly permitted, port-o-potties, trash cans around,no cursing, no violations of law.

    And we want who running the country….?

  6. Just A Citizen says:


    Good morning Sir.

    You have greater faith in the American people than I do at this very point in time. I had great hope but today it is weakened.

    I do not see the States rebelling in any significant way against Federal action, whether by POTUS, Congress or SCOTUS.

    We have been TRAINED via our education and other cultural means to ACCEPT these decisions. Marriage will fall away quickly. It differs from abortion because nobody is being killed. The only thing that can keep it alive is efforts to destroy individuals who dissent.

    I submit that even Texas is not as independent as you think, or wish. Far more than the rest of us but not enough in my book. When the Fed Govt. starts holding back funding we will see how tough the States are. Of course this is where it becomes important as to who occupies Congress and the White House.

    If the Dems get their super majority back in Congress and Hillary in the big house we will see how tough Texas really is on these issues. The progressives hate Texas and are looking to exact their ten gallons of flesh.

    And this is why most will not buck the system. They do not and never can have the economic clout of Texas. California could but has gone over to the dark side. It may actually rebel but in a different direction.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I completely agree with your argument that increased State liberty is the right solution. But until freedom loving States wake up and cut their ties to Federal funds their talk of liberty is just that, talk.

    • I do see a solution to some of this problem. States can pass a law that all Federal Tax revenues must go through the States Treasury and forwarded to the Feds. Let’s see how tough the Feds are when those revenues are withheld.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        It is an interesting idea but such a law is a violation of the Constitution. Congress has the authority to tax the people and the authority to create the agency to collect said taxes.

        Now if the States pulled together and created an Amendment it would be possible.

        • OK, it’s a violation of the Constitution. Seems that it’s OK when the Feds do it on a daily basis. What would the Feds do if my suggestion were to happen in 10 states or more at the same time? They all withhold the revenue. What actions will the Feds take? Do they start another Civil War over their booty?

    • Booooooo!!! Listen here JAC. You’re the one who kept me in check years ago saying ‘never fear’. That you see it in the young ones, how they have a better, though superficial, grasp of how government is on the wrong track. Or the one about eating the elephant all at once. Just yesterday the kids, three of their friends and I were talking about the gay marriage ruling, which rolled into the racial controversies, which lead to the comment from one kid who just turned 18 saying he isn’t going to vote because it doesn’t matter blah, blah. I totally convinced him TO vote since he is level headed and that if the five of us didn’t vote, then who’s left to vote? The crazies! The ones who vote in the majority now and look where they got us. I threw in the states rights concept to them. They understood. I could sense that my comment was settling into all the kids, and they knew I was right. Patience, my SUFA friend. We elders may have thrown a wrench into the youngins future America, but I think in time they will figure a way out.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Whoopin taken and attempting to correct my attitude.

        For the record, I was talking more about the current adults, as it related to States pushing back against the Progressive agenda.

        I let myself get hopeful I might see some real change In my lifetime instead of only hoping our efforts would allow the next generation to right the ship.

        What has caused me grief is the outpouring of cheering not just by the public but the media over what should have been seen as offensive legal rulings. No recognition of how damaging the court has been the past decade. No crying foul or even raising questions of appropriate behavior when the White House was lighted with rainbow colors. Talk about lack of DIGNIFIED behavior. But not a peep.

        Because the Ends justify the Means. Our fellow citizens seem to have lost all awareness that How you do something last longer and can be more destructive than the What that you get.

        The other thing is the MASS HYSTERIA and the CHEERING of this hysteria by the media and political leadership. The country has suddenly devolved into a massive Witch Hunt for anyone who does not comply.

        Which brings me to your question of last evening. Yes, still hating on Trump, but am cheering him on all the same. The more the lefties scream and froth at the mouth the more I want Trump to keep talking.

        The only down side is that the R’s don’t seem to have figured out how to combat the Democrat controlled media. They need to attack the media for constantly trying to link Trump to them personally. Every crazy comment by another person DOES NOT REQUIRE a response from ME. Go ask HIM.

        And everytime Daily Kos, Salon or MSNBC tries to link them to Trump or some other persons inflammatory language take them on, hard ball high and tight. File law suits for defamation and RICO violations for illegally supporting Hillary’s campaign or the DNC.

        Someobody had better figure out how to play hardball or you will see 2008 and 2012 repeated next year.

        Sorry for the long reply.

        I do feel better this afternoon. Spent all morning on the tractor, mowing an acre of knapweed, moving dirt, pulling old posts preparing for new irrigation. Nothing like sucking dust and sweating profusely to help in attitude adjustment. Oh, a new fawn was hiding in the field and bolted when I was pulling old brush piles. Could not get out for awhile and was running back and forth around me and Lil’ JAC while we worked. Finally tired enough and got used to us so it just walked past and out the front driveway. Lil’ JAC wanted to take it in the house to help it cool down. So kind and yet so misguided, but so REAL and CARING.

    • Yes, JAC…I do have some faith left but it is fast dying…..Texas is not as independent as I would like….But we are headed there and we have done it by supporting and winning the down ballot races. It is a process….but, believe it or not, we, meaning the conservative movement, has actually recruited and supported qualified people to put in the down ticket races…..we have sought out and supported the Hispanics as well, and what is a breath of fresh air….most of the Hispanics here do not like an open border either. Most of them have lost loved ones to the “coyotes” and drug cartels…..some have lost their daughters because of kidnapping and selling to foreign entities. The issue is, and I know I brag alot because I can,Texas IS moving back towards independence. We have Grannie Annie to thank for that…(former governor Ann Richards)….she tried the progressive approach to Texas and she did not last long. In the last governor’s race, Wendy Davis tried to emulate Ann Richards and now we hear no more from her and it is amazing how quickly the progressive left has dropped her.

      We are trying and hope to lead the way.

  7. @ Dale…..I used to dive but ears are preventing depths lower than 20 ft now….Good for snorkeling…Too many explosions close by has scarred permanently ear drums which is another reason that my aircraft is not pressurized……any pressurization is very painful at times. So, I stay under 14,000 ft.

    Went to Key West several years ago…..embarrassing…..

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Left eardrum ruptured for me, causes problems either in the water of flying…..My folks used to have a home out on Cape Cod and PTown was a historical town and also where you went to catch the whale watching boats. However, they stopped going and taking visitors there for the reasons you mentioned. I’ll just leave it at PDA to the most extreme level. But their rights must be preserved.

      Slightly different topic but I found this amusing as part of the schizophrenic nature of enviromentalist. While on one to the whale watching trips an enviromental activist who was the tour director was emploring people to sign a petition to stop Boston from running their “efluant” discharge pipes out further than what they were currently discharging. I happened to be looking over the rail and saw that the ship was discharging RAW sewage from their heads into the water. I called my Mom over to see this. She looked and went over to the activist and berated her for being a hypocrite. Now at the time Cape Cod had NO official pumpout stations except up at the head of the harbor at Hyannis where it was impossible to manuever into, but kennedy could say they had one…..A private boat had to pump into a jerry can from your holding tanks and then you’d take it home. A public tour boat could have called a “honey bucket” truck and pumped out. But that cost money. Even the Coasties in P-Town pumped directly into the harbor but would arrest anyone “private” for doing the same.

      The people of the UK and Scotland are getting real sick of their countryside being destroyed by the wind farms. The enviros seem to have no problem cutting forest in Scotland that had been presereved for wind farms. Right now there is a huge fight off of Dorset on the english channel…beautiful coast line….The wind companies are planning on building a huge windfarm right on the coast. It is the ONLY UNESCO nature site in the UK….but where is the UN…they are arguing in Paris about the emergency to conclude in the next ten days and agreement to save the world from climate change. One of the major sticking blocks is the demand that the RICH countries transfer $100B per year to the undeveloped countries.

      I don’t know about you but my parents always used to say…”don’t you know that MONEY doesn’t grow on trees” To bust on BF the rich countries are only so because of the size of their printing presses.

    • Key West….funny, I was just looking into a trip down there for an extended weekend…

      • YOu can go,Buck….just to see it….since transgender and LGBT does not bother you in anyway…go there….I would recommend the underwater hotel….but you would have to dive to get there….


        It is a sight…..

        • EVERYONE LOOK>>>>>>>>>I FINALLY DID IT…….

        • Colonel – I’ve been to Key West before. Always have a good time.

          Nothing better than sitting by the water enjoying some oysters and beer!

          • Yes…understand….been there also..just not going back even though the underwater hotel was really cool…….I simply do not like the crowd…..however, oysters and beer…..nah, dont eat oysters and dont drink beer…..fajitas and dr pepper….but probably not found in Key West.

            I was actually going to be a part of a fly in….there were 15 of us flying our own planes there and we have decided against it….we are going to the Bahamas instead….and all of us are in concert about the locals in Key West…..just do not like the atmosphere.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Great frajitas in a little cantina in the middle of old town in San Antonio

            • More oysters for me then!!! 🙂

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Me too…..my ex- used to say lips that touched a raw oyster would never touch hers….until she had truly fresh ones just out of the water from Wellsfleet MA….have to get some old chicken parts at the store. The blue crab are there for the taking at the waterfront 1/2 block away.

  8. Wanna keep this going to the next step. Here is what i wrote Buck, here is his answer.

    Stephen K. Trynosky says:
    June 29, 2015 at 9:42 pm

    The slippery slope argument here is interesting. I can think of an analogy if you will grant me that. I am a German trainman, I am employed by the government I do not wish to participate in shipping Jews to concentration camps but, I am a government employee. I have no freedom of conscience do I? Sound familiar?

    I’m a baker, I have a bakery, I employ three people, one of whom is my wife, two are cousins. To protect myself from slip and falls and other potential things that can destroy my financial life, cost me my savings, retirement and home, I have incorporated, limiting my financial liability. I refuse on moral grounds to bake the cake for Bill and Steve. I have no protection of conscience because protection is for individuals not corporations. I am personally sued, I lose my business, retirement money and home. Fair?

    This is just the beginning.

    Buck says:
    June 29, 2015 at 9:49 pm


    1) Don’t be ridiculous. This isn’t analogous in the least.

    2) As I said, I acknowledge there is a difference between private and public.

    1st, why is it not analogous because we are talking about the holocaust vs. gay marriage? In either case it is a deep personally held belief of conscience.

    2nd, I brought it up because it is the argument of the authorities. Corporations have no “rights” they are not people. The Constitution grants only people rights. A sole proprietorship could refuse service and after a few million dollars of legal fees win the case. Are you telling me that you would extend the protection to individual members of the corporation?

    • Citizens United SCOTUS case gave corporations the same free speech rights as an individual. The Hobby Lobby Case extended the same for religious freedom. So, now what does the Buckster say?

      • Was totally unaware that this became the norm. thank you for the info. However, if it is the case, how did the Pizzeria, bakery, photographer get sued and fined? Is it merely a matter of the SCOTUS decision being forced on the various local and state “Equal Rights Agencies”?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        If unions can give millions to the candidate of their choice, and not neccessarily the choice of the rank and file….so should a corporation logical by extention.

    • I remember being horrified when the unions in Wisconsin went around demanding every business put up a sign showing that they support Unions and if you didn’t they would boycott your business. Then we have gay activists hunting for business’s that don’t want to be involved with gay marriage and people actually started screaming that any business that didn’t want to do gay weddings should Have TO put up a sign on their shop saying so-brought to mind those horrible patches the Jews were made to wear.

    • Good discussion to keep alive, thanks SK.

      1) Do you really want to go down the path of what would have happened to that German trainman had he exercised this freedom of conscience? Also, yes, both may be borne out of sincerely held beliefs, but, applying to the US, genocide hasn’t been found to be constitutionally permissible…

      2) JAC and I have been back and forth on this general topic on and off for quite some time now. I personally lean towards allowing private individuals to discriminate – it is their right, however sad I find it. Where JAC and I disagree is the right of people to boycott due to this discrimination….but that is a whole different rabbit hole that I’m not going down again today. On this issue of corporations and the hobby lobby case – I fundamentally disagree with the concept of ‘corporate personhood’. A corporation is a legal entity distinct from its owners; it can have no religious beliefs.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Question….what if the religious beliefs are clearly stated in the “incorporation” documents?

        • No. A corporation is a fictional legal entity; it is not an individual person who can hold such beliefs.

          One exception — an actual religious institution, or entity owned/operated by a religious institution.

          • The SCOTUS seems to disagree, as I have mentioned. Although technically, I do agree that corporations should not have individual Rights. We are in strange times Judicially, strange times indeed.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              You are repeating left wing rhetoric that is not based on the actual ruling of SCOTUS.

              First of all, the notion that corporations have “human like” characteristics was established by the Progressive Courts after 1900. More of that accelerated changes Buck and I were discussing the other day.

              Until that time the argument went that corporations could not be sued because they were not people and the laws clearly intended for litigation between people. But there had not been a form of business like this before, where the individual officers and the owners were shielded from direct litigation.

              So in order to allow a lawsuit against the railroads, for price fixing and constraining trade, the Court had to recognize that Corporations have certain characteristics of humans thus allowing the law suits to go forward. These characteristics included separate identity from the owner and officers, unlike trusts, partnerships and sole proprietorships of the time. It was also perpetual. While individual people are not they become similar when accounting for heirs and the perpetual nature of “estates”.

              Now the latest case did not really go to this issue, that being “human like” character of Corporations. It went to the fact that Corporations are comprised of Officers and Owners who decide its course, and those are PEOPLE. So why should these people not have the same rights within their corporate charters as they do outside of it. The RIGHT goes to the people and is thus not diminished by their membership in any group, including Corporations.

              So the Court ruled that the freedom of speech applies to people in both cases. It DID NOT confer a RIGHT on the Corporations that is a Human Right. It upheld the human rights of the humans who decide how they want their business to function.

              The other key part of that case was the obvious unequal treatment of certain types of corporations vs. others. And certain groups of people vs. others. The Court ruled that the treatment had to be the same.

              The Democratically controlled Congress could have easily addressed the SCOTUS ruling by simply imposing the SAME BAN on everyone, or it could have banned the SUPER PACS they love using as a political football and forces all donations to be made by indidivuals.

              Oh, and the entire issue was not about donations, another LIE by the left. It was about running political advertisements. Thus the obvious Free Speech issue.

              • It was about running political advertisements. Thus the obvious Free Speech issue.

                That’s the point. The decision basically gave corporations the same rights as a person, when it came to political adds. Political adds are free speech, not sure why you seem to argue that. If you did an add as an individual, would it not be free speech?

                I don’t like the money involved in politics, at all, period.

              • Corporations enjoy a number of legal protections, especially those owners and officers, that privately held businesses do not. The reason corporations should have fewer rights in terms of speech and operation than any other business, is that they protect their officers from many of the consequences of the market. Furthermore, with publicly held corporations (an many private ones), the monies and even decisions of the business are made by vote, and do not represent the decisions or beliefs of all of the owners. To convey free speech on a corporation is to ignore this fact.

                Individuals are free to act as they wish and spend money as they wish, but a corporation should not have such flexibility. Corporations already allow massive fortunes derived from many to be controlled by a few. To act as is they are the same as other businesses is absurd. Even the free market itself cannot possibly operate in a corporate environment. Many regulations and such that are in place are easily justified by their supporters because of the consolidation of power the corporations are capable of and indeed engage in.

                You want full rights for your business decisions? Carry the full risk also. You should not have it both ways.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Using the word “basically” is the same error the DNC and radial lefties make. Theirs is the same argument. Do you think you really agree with them?

              The court did not basically or otherwise give the corporation the same free speech rights.

              They assured that people who own/run a corporation can use the corporations funds for Speech the same as “partners” in a partnership or an LLC or a Sole proprietorship, or individuals can.

              The protected the speech of the Corporation’s Owners and Executives and their right to use their business for such speech if they choose.

              Do you think they should NOT have this right?

              This is not the same legally as conveying those rights upon the Corporation itself.

              You seem to think this is just splitting hairs, but this splitting of hairs matters. It matters a lot. First of all it shows how the left is LYING and they should be challenged. Secondly, do you see how it might apply to other organizations and other issues where the left is trying to regulate the “business/group” made up of people??

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            A corporation is NOT a “fictional” legal entity. They exist as sure as the sun rises in the morning and goes down at night. Then I must be mistaken as to who I worked for, for close to 40 years, with the exception of the years in the military.

            • To be fair, “fictional” and “legal” are somewhat redundant in this sense.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Buck…that I can totally agree with you on that. Fiction is anything you want it to be and unfortunately much of the law is also….I dealt with contracts with my prior employment for 15 years. There were more loopholes written by the lawyers on both sides that they were as useless as the paper they were written on.

        • Dale, you can have rules in the corporation.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        You feel the same about the SCOTUS decisions on the above cases as many feel about the Gay marriage ruling. I stated my position on the latter beforr, but do not agree that the SCOTUS or the Fed’s hold that authority under the Constitution. But, as I posted in the article. There may be a silver lining. 🙂

        • I feel the same way in that I disagree with the holding and find no support for it.

          However, you don’t see me going around saying so-and-so justice is a traitor or that he was obviously bribed/blackmailed, or that I am going to direct my state officials to ignore the ruling.

          • No, you are a good Lefty! 🙂 That’s why I don’t have the same dislike for as many others on your team. And, I said the Roberts was being bribed after his first change of the Obamacare law. Nothing has changed. The SCOTUS has no authority to change the wording, period.

            • Roberts was not being bribed – there is absolutely no evidence of this claim.

              Frankly I was shocked SCOTUS delivered a 6-3 on that case. It should have been 8-1, if not 9-0.

              • It is only suspicion. Despite that, he changed the words and it’s meaning twice now. Dr. Gruber has verified the most recent case, admitting the purpose of the argued language was intended to do.

              • And every lawmaker involved have all stated that most certainly was not the intent.

              • LMAO, Liberals politicians will lie through their teeth to get what they want. If you believe what they say, I’m gonna have to call you a very gullible person 🙂

              • G – putting standing issues aside, there was no evidence that this was anything more than a drafting error and long-standing doctrines of judicial interpretation mandated SCOTUS upholding the law.

                As I said, shocking that there wasn’t an 8-1 or 9-0 decision. Judicial activism (by the conservatives) indeed… 🙂

              • It’s over with I reckon. While you see it as you posted, I see it as Gruber said it. He was a major player in writing the law, as recent emails have proven (I can find some links on this if you desire). But, the bottom line is that OCare is upheld, which I expected anyway 🙂

              • Drafting error-I’ve read numerous articles on this-and although the talking heads made it sound like this was 5 or 6 words out of the whole bill-My understanding is that these words were used dozens of times in the bill.

              • Proof that it is activist political court….

              • Just A Citizen says:


                I find your faith in the honesty of those testifying to be absolutely Amazing.

                These are the people who lied about it in the first place, and covered up the whole effort that was accidently revealed by Mr. Gruber.

                And I have first hand experience supporting Mr. Grubers statements relative to how the Congress critters and their staff think of THE PEOPLE.

                There is NO DOUBT that wording was NOT A MISTAKE. It was done to force certain States to participate.

                How can you be so naïve?

                This mysterious precedent you keep citing is quite telling. So no matter how UNCONSTITUTIONAL or how egregious the fault in the law, SCOTUS has the authority to FIX it according to their view of what Congress intended.

                Note in this case Roberts and already ruled with the majority that the ACA could not force people to buy insurance. Yet then found a way to legalize it via the taxation clause. An absolute FARCE and you know it.

                If that interpretation were valid then the rest of the Constitution was completely unnecessary. All Congress needed was authority to TAX, because that covers what ever they want. Like I said ………. a FARCE.

                I do not think Roberts was bribed or blackmailed. Not by Obama, his minions or the Dems, or the insurance industry. I do think he got pressure from somewhere. His ruling on the tax clause was out of left field for him. There has been several in the legal realm who think it came from his wife. Just repeating dirty gossip, so don’t take be to task to hard on that.

              • Sorry, but no. Virtually all evidence pointed otherwise, not to mention the well established principles of the Chevron case.

                The entire lawsuit was a farce – just look at the pervasive standing issues; amazing (and worrisome) it got as far as it did.

              • It’s a tax…errr, wait…it’s not a tax…umm maybe it is a tax…I can’t remember which lie was told last.

              • While I am not into the paranoia business and still think it was more likely that he wanted to be invited to the right “parties” and other social events, it is customary NOT to find out who bribes or blackmails who unless one or the other talks. Who would have known anything about Hastert had he not run afoul of the anti-drug, anti-terrorist money laundering laws?

      • We know what would have happened to him. Let’s change it to a US government employee refusing to participate in the forcible removal of Japanese Americans from California in WW 2.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I don’t know where to start here…but here goes…

      If a business does not want to cater a special event, that decision causes nothing more than a minor delay in the requestor finding someone to provide that service. It would be like the company of person’s schedule is full on that day…go on to the next one. Now the acts of retribution that the activists are taking are willfull acts of destruction of property ie the persons business and livelihood for them and their employees. Not the building persay but destroyed none the less. Income stops and all sorts of events occur downstream that are equal to physical vandalization and theft of property….I actually have never heard or seen of a business that checks status of gender in line waiting to be served a slice of pizza…..now on the other hand if you disrupt the business by overt and overboard PDA you should be tossed no matter who you are.

      My point on the Cape Cod thing was the PDA was designed to shock and stun people. No other purpose. To see right next to the sidewalk in the town square two guys going at it, NTB and no action was taken by the gendarme….out at Martha’s Vineyard there are some beaches were just about anything goes. The point here is that if you were in the least bit offended by such actions of public nudity or live sex shows in all forms, you did not go there. Nor did they extend down past a point on the beach. However, that beach was a public park and also one in full view of people and children included from above at the lighthouse which was a full tourist atraction…..part of the problem was that the nice beaches on either side were private and for residents with passes only. Go down a bit further and you had to deal with guys with machine guns at Jackie O’s place. They blocked all public access on public property, even below the high tide mark..

  9. Gman

    I hope this makes it to you This is Common Man. Been a while, so long in fact that I don’t even remember how to log into the site and say a word or two. I will let you post if you like

    This is one that burns me because once again people are involving the damn government in issues the government has NO right to be involved in. Who I marry or UNION with is my business, not the governments. I do not need their permission to exercise an inalienable right. Unfortunately we have now given that inalienable right to them. So since we now deem the Government more important than the Creator the Government can now determine to allow, dismiss or change all together.

    It does not matter if you favor Gay marriage or not, but that is now all irrelevant because the government now determines how things will play out.

    People are so ignorant


    • Good to hear from you! And you are right, people are so ignorant.

    • Glad to hear from you CM. Your point is a good one. I didn’t think they had the authority either. The 10th Amendment has just been eliminated.

      • GMAN;

        They don’t! Congress makes laws, not the POTUS or SCOTUS. They actually broke 2 rules in handing down their decision.

        We have lost the Republic our forefathers built, shamefully we are not even a Democracy.


        • gmanfortruth says:

          Your word resonate what seems to be the case. The only fix at this point will require an overthrow on the Federal government. That will come in time. Not enough people get it yet. But it’s coming, maybe in my lifetime, maybe not, time will tell.

  10. I think it was yesterday that G made a joke about pedophilia. I believe the response was Are you serious?

    I wonder if anyone has actually ever listened to the arguments made for pedophilia-I’m surprised that they are still using the word to advance their desires because their arguments center on having sex with teenagers-I guess they realize talking about having sex with 5 year olds wouldn’t go over too well-I watched a few minutes of a special that came on TV-they were using history -history of this Country to support their arguments-girls they say were married at much younger ages in the past and they married men who were older in a lot of cases-so why they argue is it taboo today.

    Now lets look at some of the arguments today-Children are going to have sex anyway.
    Under aged girls should be allowed abortions without parental consent. Sex education that’s a how too manual. And some people are even arguing that parents should allow their children to bring home their sexual partners and allow them to have sex in their bedrooms because it’s safer than them sneaking around to have sex. People argued that a 19 year old girl having sex with a 14 year old was okay.

    So what their arguing is that consent should be lowered to a younger age-without the word-I suspect their arguments won’t sound so horrible to some of the same people who support -all the above.

    So I warn people who are saying that will never happen-I’ve said that numerous times in my lifetime and I was wrong.

    • “Sex education that’s a how too manual.”

      Really? I think it’d be pretty natural…

      “what their arguing is that consent should be lowered to a younger age”

      What the age of consent should be (which already does differ from state to state and where courts already do sometimes take into consideration maturity levels of the minor in punishment) is a very different argument and discussion than “I should be able to have sex with and marry a child because that is who I am attracted to”.

      • Buck, careful, if religious ideology deems such a change, like Islam, which does condone sex and marriage with children quite young, this can happen, similar to having more than one wife or husband.

        • Talk to the Mormons and polygamy on that point G…

          Or, for that matter, the Native American Church and the use of peyote…

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            But didn’t the Federal government demand that the Morman’s in Utah for the territory to become a State had to give up polygamy?

          • This will be a Muslim issue, mark my words.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              There was a great WWII movie with Bogart called “Sahara” The tank crew picked up a British soldier from the Sudan who was Muslim. The crew was asking him about is it true about having multiple wives. The soldier said tha is true and that Mohammed said that 4 was the perfect number to have. One and they could get lonely when the husband is off doing something else. Two, they have company with each other. Three was not so good because 2 can side against the 3rd. 4 was perfect and there will be peace. The crew asked how many he had and his answer was 1 and that was because his wife would not allow a second.

              • I met worked with a high ranking NCO in Saudi Arabia who had just gotten married to his 5th wife. He was 53, new wife was 14. He also has 23 kids, some were older than his new wife. This is coming the our country and based on the recent decision, it will be ruled legal in both areas, I will venture to guess the low age limit will be 13.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                No doubt in my mind…

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Question is….how can all the wives be equally cared for in a humane manner here in the US. We can not seem to be able to adequately handle one, even together as a couple.

              • Great movie…..but we are dating ourselves.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                That’s for sure….but just for the record, I do like old movies. Most of the actors were so much more talented than today’s….NO BLUE SCREEN. There was a period of great films just as the studio system was breaking down. Actors like Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas put some truly great films on the screen. But they are all gone now.

                There was an interview long ago with Basil Rathbone. He was asked given that he was a world class fencer and great villan, was there any time that he was any time that he was scared during a sword fight? he said absolutely and it was with the sword fight scene with Danny Kaye in the “Court Jester” They were real swords and Kaye was just swinging like a mad man. He had all he could do to protect himself.

              • Guess at some point we will have to come up with our top 10 list! Lesee, the Professionals, The Searchers. 12 O’Clock High, The original “Producers”, Quigley Down Under, (gets better every time), Casablanca, Grosse Pointe Blank, (my kids were right) et cetera (as Yul Brenner would say)

              • Rathbone was one interesting dude. A Lt. in WW 1, after his brother was killed on the Western front, he volunteered for just about any suicide mission that came along to get “payback”. ,

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                I’ll make my top ten list as a homework assignment. It might take a couple days so the list will come from left field on some future posting.

      • Is it different? You just used the word Child like it has some some special power without defining the meaning, while supporting the idea that the term child is flexible in it’s meaning.

        • Are you suggesting a 5-yr old child is the same as a 17-yr old child?

          Do you believe all states should all be required to use the age of 18? But why not 17? or, for that matter 19 or even 21?

          • No, I was quite clear that no one is arguing on the basis of 5 year olds. These types of arguments always start out slow. So you tell me why not 13, 14, or 15? Saying child as an arguing point sounds so right doesn’t it-you shouldn’t have to argue about it anymore-yet, common sense arguments don’t work anymore. You must define what you mean by child-like your why not 17, or 19, or 21. Why does the court make exceptions, and if this 15 year old can get married why can’t all 15 year olds? I mean their all having sex, abortions-who are we to claim they aren’t mature enough to pick out their own sex partners or to get married. Hell girls used to get married at 12-why the taboo now.

            • -why the taboo now. Because the government said so. They can also change things to accommodate Muslim’s. They can also allow polygamy to accommodate Muslim’s. I’ll bet it happens, or at least it will become a judicial issue.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              When the government stops prosecuting parents for the behavior of their children under the age of 18. And then hypocritically saying a parent has NO right to stop or even be informed an abortion of said minor. Or sex education being taught to elementary school kids including gender bending self identification and parents have NO say….The gov makes a cut at 18 one being tried as an adult or a juvenal (sp) with some exceptions based on the severity of the crime….need parental permission prior to 18 for any number of things like joining the military.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And at the same time those that espouse to the arguments you so well layed out above have NO problem putting laws in place and arresting parents for allowing their children to walk to the park. Or be in a car without being in a child seat? etc…These are all reasons to allegedly protect CHILDREN….Over 18…do what the F*** you want as long as it’s consented….animals can not give consent so that is out.

  11. @Buck, Why doesn’t this part of the Constitution apply to the CCL holders: Quote from above: What about Article IV? I’m so glad to be able to quote a portion of the Constitution that actually seems to be relevant. “Full faith and credit shall be given in each State to the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other State.” Now, why doesn’t that apply to the Concealed Carry license holders? I could add the 14th, but that’s later, one step at a time 🙂

  12. Right before he publicly attacked the Confederate Flag as a “symbol of slavery,” President Obama quietly removed an “anti-slavery” provision from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement.

    “The provision, which bars countries that engage in slavery from being part of major trade deals with the U.S., was written by Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.),” The Huffington Post reported in May. “At the insistence of the White House, Menendez agreed to modify his language to say that as long as a country is taking ‘concrete’ steps toward reducing human trafficking and forced labor, it can be part of a trade deal.”

    “Under the original language, the country that would be excluded from the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership pact is Malaysia.”

    Malaysia is a major hub for human trafficking in Southeast Asia, with enslaved men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking, according to the State Dept.

    “Why, in the year 2015, is the White House teaming up with Republican leaders essentially to defend the practice of slavery?” The Huffington Post added.

    It was only a month later that President Obama attacked the Confederate flag as a “symbol of slavery.”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I find it so ironic that there is all this hysterical action over the confederate flag whis is all about “slavery” sarcasm…but according to gman’s comment above, isn’t the TPP being ramroded by Obama just re-enforcing China’s continued slavery of it’s people? All for the sake of business and low cost providers of goods…..question…does the TPP override and make null and void NAFTA?

      • Answer, no one knows the answer, the TPP is a big secret. China is not involved with TPP yet, that could change. Obama is a hypocrite beyond words. He should be arrested and charged with treason and war crimes.

  13. The Islamic State is destroying opium fields in Afghanistan as it routs the Taliban, according to witnesses.

    The reports may ultimately result in the US sending troops back into the country to protect these valuable and highly lucrative assets.

    CIA and Afghan Opium

    In 2009 it was reported that the CIA controlled the opium trade in Afghanistan through Ahmed Wali Karzai, the brother of the former president, Hamid Karzai, who began his career as a fundraiser for the CIA’s mujahideen during the 1980s.

    “CIA-supported Mujahideen rebels engaged heavily in drug trafficking while fighting against the Soviet-supported government and its plans to reform the very backward Afghan society,” William Blum writes in The Real Drug Lords.

    “The Golden Crescent drug trade, launched by the CIA in the early 1980s, continues to be protected by US intelligence, in liaison with NATO occupation forces and the British military. In recent developments, British occupation forces have promoted opium cultivation through paid radio advertisements,” Michel Chossudovsky wrote in 2007.

    The corporate media, however, has portrayed the Taliban as the source of opium cultivation in the country. Prior to the U.S. invasion of the country, the Taliban were instrumental in outlawing the opium trade, according to the United Nations.

    Several years after the invasion and during the occupation by the United States, the drug trade soared to a record $65 billion and Afghanistan produced 92 per cent of the world’s opium, with the equivalent of 3,500 tons leaving the country each year. Other figures put the number far higher, at around 6,100 tons a year.

  14. “Law enforcement agencies in the United States consider anti-government violent extremists, not radicalized Muslims, to be the most severe threat of political violence that they face,” the report authored by Charles Kurzman and David Schanzer explains.

    “They perceive violent extremism to be a much more severe threat nationally than the threat of violent extremism in their own jurisdictions.”

    So-called “anti-government violent extremism” linked to “right-wing ideologies “ heads up the list at nearly 74 percent, followed by al-Qaeda inspired violent extremism at 39 percent. Environmental, racist and “anti-capitalist” violent extremism rank low.

    House Democrats Call for Crackdown

    Following the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, House Democrats demanded the Obama administration issue an “updated assessment” on the dangers posed by “violent right-wing extremist groups” and provide the Department of Homeland Security with more resources to deal with the supposed threat.

    Reps. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.) circulated a letter addressed to Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson criticizing the DHS for allocating “a disproportionate amount of money and manpower” toward Islamic extremism while “failing to devote adequate resources to violent right-wing extremism.”

    A similar report issued last year by the Police Executive Research Forum reached identical results. It states that of 382 law enforcement agencies, 74 percent reported anti-government extremism as one of the top three terrorist threats in their jurisdiction while 39 percent listed al-Qaeda extremism as a threat. Only three percent identified the threat from Muslim extremists as severe, compared with 7 percent for anti-government and other forms of extremism, according to The New York Times.

    The Washington Post reported on June 25 that Democrats are frustrated that Johnson’s predecessor, Janet Napolitano, did not act on a 2009 report citing an alleged threat posed by so-called rightwing extremists.

    • While I find this thinking nothing more than propaganda brainwashing, it’s still good news in one way……When the people fear the government, it is tyranny, when the government fears the people, it is freedom. Too bad the Left Wingers are on the wrong side of freedom.

  15. http://www.naturalnews.com/050241_rainbow_party_gay_rights_activist_arrest.html

    I haven’t heard much about this from the MSM, which is odd as this is a major tragedy. Wonder why?

  16. Now it is getting closser….the European Stock Market…….has suspended all trading in Greece. The european Central Bank has openly said that if Greece does not institute its austerity program…..No one will invest. Tourism will die.

  17. A great job by the new majority of Republicans in Congress…to show people why voting in Federal elections is useless and a fraud: http://freedomoutpost.com/2015/06/obama-signs-unconstitutional-tpa-as-cfr-looks-to-bring-china-into-tpp/

    • I don’t understand this controversy. What’s the big deal if we’re involved in this partnership or not? What’s to be afraid of?

      • The TPA is an unconstitutional fast track authority that the Republicans pushed through Congress which gives Obama authority over the TPP treaty which he should never have. The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is the treaty, which is still forth coming. It is completely secret and there is very little information about it. Old school rule, if it’s a secret, it can’t be good. Rumors are that it destroys our sovereignty, allows big corps to sue the government for lost profits due to laws being passed (or regulations) and only a couple of the many chapters involve trade. Of course, those come from a few leaked documents from WikiLeaks. The worst is yet to come.

        • Still doesn’t make sense.

          Fast track authority…what does that phrase mean?
          Gives Obama authority over treaty…again, what does that mean? What authority. Over what? Countries or people or legislation, that’s not the right word since its not a law its a treaty, an agreement…..about what? Trade. But what about trade?
          What worst? What does this lead to?

          • It would require an article to explain all these answers. Let me try a really short version. The TPA allows the Senate to vote fro the TPP treaty and ratify it with a simple majority, versus the requirement of 2/3rs written into the Constitution. It also, get this, allows Obama to veto the Senates vote if it don’t pass.

            The Trans Pacific Partnership is a trade treaty, or so it has been called. It is a secret treaty that no one in Congress can speak of the details, or they face a jail term. Think of NAFTA on super steroids and that’s likely what TPP will be.

            The passage of the TPP will come at a time when the people are not paying attention. That will likely be the Civil war that is fixing to happen, thanks to Obama and his minions. During all the civil unrest, the TPP will be passed and info released, which will go unnoticed by most and by the time they figure it out it will be too late. Welcome to the 2nd Revolution.

      • Anita, how’s the garden doing this year? We are having so much rain, I have to treat the tomato plants weekly. A small rabbit issue is being resolved (put one in the freezer last night). The beans are doing great, should be an awesome harvest. The rain sure slows things down.

        • I got a very late start…June 17 to be exact…didn’t think I was even going to put one in this year. So I’m a little embarrassed at how tiny everything is still. I put all plants in as opposed to seed, all but one took. So I’m still waiting on the flowering to start. Several days of rain in the last week has seemed to help. Rain water is always better than tap. Hoping for the best.

  18. A network of clinics in Texas has issued new guidelines asserting their facilities will no longer take children as patients if they have not been vaccinated.

    Austin Regional Clinic, the largest healthcare provider network in the Central Texas region serving close to half a million residents, announced today they will begin prohibiting children who are not up to date on vaccine requirements from being seen by doctors starting tomorrow.

    Free State? Really?

    • Shouldn’t the clinic have the FREEDOM to do this?? I thought you were all for freedom…

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Isn’t the freedom of a company to set its own policies, without Govt. interference the very definition of FREEDOM????

      Are you going to now start using the Lefts definition? You know, the one where you are not free if you cannot force someone to provide you healthcare.

      The big question is whether the Texas legislature will step in to prohibit the Clinic from imposing this policy.

      By the way, anyone else see the stupidity in this policy. How do the doctors determine if the child is up to date on vaccines and to administer said vaccine if they are not allowed in the clinic.

      Me thinks this Chain of Clinics is tied to some left wing outfit trying to make a point.

      • What I just did was impose how the Left thinks and acts. Got two results, both from different sides of the political spectrum, saying the same thing. Interesting. Now if the clinic decided not to see gays with HIV, what would be the reaction?

        • Just A Citizen says:

          What would be YOUR reaction?

          Mine would be the same.

          • See below. But, in all honesty, as a business, they should be able to do this if they choose. As I explained below, I’m prejudiced due to my training and past in the healthcare providing industry. My guess is that this business will not last long. I do agree with you, it’s likely a Left Wing run business trying (or getting paid to) do this. Surprised that it’s in Texas, though, should be in California. Maybe because there may not be much of a California left to see soon 🙂

            Now, to answer your question, my reaction would be disdain and would tell them so. I would also not do business with them and encourage others to avoid them as well (Buck will like that).

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Be careful. Buck never said he agreed he simply challenged YOUR comment based on YOUR argument.

          You have to watch that sneaky lefty lawyer. He does that a lot. He will take you to task with your own arguments but will avoid engaging and revealing his fully.

          • Now why did you have to go and point that out to him!?

            To answer the question though G, I would be curious as to why but that’d be their decision to make. Also, are they not seeing gays with HIV or anyone with HIv

            • LMAO! I will say me feelings are prejudiced from working with healthcare providers at a very busy hospital. In a community with all sorts of folks that can be dreamed of, I never met a healthcare provider who would not do their best to provide for another human, regardless of anything one could bring up. Maybe that is why the Texas story struck me as more of a political load of crap than a legitimate healthcare decision. If I were a healthcare provider, I would treat all who came for help, period. Maybe because I don’t see that so much as a business, which it is, as much as a humanitarian profession. It would not surprise me at all if healthcare became political. Oh, it already is 🙂

    • The ironic part of this…….Austin is the liberal bastion in Texas..

  19. Top twenty in no particualr order (1) The Searchers, (2)12 O clock High (3) Dr. Strangelove, (4)Psycho ( the original ) (5)To Kill a Mockingbird (6) Sparticus (The original) (7) The Dirty Dozen (8) The Birds (9) The Great Escape (10) Cool Hand Luke (11) The Longest Day (12) Inherite the Wind (the original) (13)The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (14)The Rear Window (15) Ben Hur (16) The Bridge OVer the River Kwai (17) Twelve Angry Men (18) The Day the Earth Stood Still ( the original) (19) High Noon (20) The FOrbidden Planet.

    • Excellent!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        My self assigned homework got eaten by the dog…..All night long I kept getting up and making notes on all time great movies. The list is breaking into categories, like westerns, political, social, horror/sci-fi, war, romance and will probably be 10-20 per category.

        Interesting note was that a large amount of the movies had the same lead actors and many had the same directors……cream does rise to the top,

        Gman….I find your list interesting because almost my # 1 war movie was Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr Stangelove” Slim Pickens sure was a hoot.

        • That’s not my list Dale, LOL 🙂

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          My shorter list of war movies…Dr Strangelove or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, Sgt York, From Here to Eternity, Stalag 17, Seven Days of May, Fail safe, The Manchurian Candidate, Mr Roberts, Guns of Navarone, Where Eagles Dare, 12 O’Clock High, Paths of Glory , The Chase, The Great Escape, The Longest Day, The War Lover, They Were Expendable, The Sand Pebbles, Hell is For Heros.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      My movie list kept getting bigger, so I’ll just start with westerns. Not in any order….
      The Big Country, Yellow Sky, The Gunfighter, High Noon, The Westerner, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Professionals, The Ox Bow Incident, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Violent Men, The Outlaw Josie Wales, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Fort Apache, The Searchers, Stagecoach, Red River, Three Godfathers, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Blazing Saddles and Cat Ballou…..many James Stewart films

      The key seems to be for directors….John Ford, Henry Hathaway, Anthony Mann and William Wyler providing the best.

      The key actors…John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Gregory Peck, Lee Marvin, James Stewart, Glenn Ford

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        In this category I forgot Rio Grande that fills out the series of Ford/Wayne films of She wore a yellow ribbon, Fort Apache, and the Searchers.

        • YUP…..and I have everyone of them…..

          • As a matter of fact…..”They Died With Their Boots ON”…..is on tv right now. The Western Channel.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              I was just watching “The Cheyenne Social Club” with Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda. What a fun film. They keep jabbing at each other about being a respectable republican businessman and you you democrat.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Now I’m onto “The Naked Spur” with Jimmy Stewart and Robert Ryan and Janet Leigh. That is a like a western film noir….not quite a western but a great west movie is a “Bad Day at Black Rock” Spencer Tracy, Robert Ryan, Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine. Great social commentary on bigotry and racism, very pertainent to California at the time against the Japanese.

          • I have seen “the Searchers” at least 30 times starting in ’56 when the old man took me along to the local bijou. At 10 I knew it was something special. Before TCM, before CD, before VHS you had to wait and wait and wait till a local channel ran it at 1 in the morning but I never missed it! Each time got something new out of it. Who was Debbies father anyway?

            I have just finished “the Comanches, death of a People ” and am starting “the Lone Star” precisely because I want to find out just how accurate it was. Colonel, your fellow Texican, TR Ferhenbach was one hell of a writer. A Historian who wrote history like prose and prose that was lyrical. His Korean War history, “This Kind of War” which was written in ’60 but I read in 1970 had some brief predictions in the final chapter that presaged Viet Nam.

            Back to Movies, “Best Years of Our Lives”, “Arsenic and Old Lace”. Original “all Quiet on the Western Front”. Visual kudos, “the Blue Max” and “The Battle of Britain”.

            My one great bitch about Liberty Valance is that even as a teen, the Duke and Stewart were too old to be believable, Marvin could be any age. When they finally start producing John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart movies again (after feeding everything they ever did into a computer, adding a script and pushing GO) I want them to start with something really simple. Give us the 1939 faces of Duke in “Stagecoach” and Stewart in “Mr. Smith” in Liberty Valance. Keep it B & W it is actually better that way.

            How about “Hondo”? Service comedy’s , “Mr Roberts”? “No Time for Sgts”? “Stripes”? Warren Oates as Sgt. Hulka was spot on. Best DI ever in a movie? F— Lee Ermy as he would say, Jack Webb in the “DI”!! To this day I still feel that you are insane if you join the Corps and DON”T see that movie first.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              You do see Kubrick’s, “Full Metal Jacket” on movie stations, but I have not seen the “DI” since way back in the 60’s. That film was one reason I never joined the Corps….went to summer camp (by comparison) instead with the Navy.

              • B & W and Jack Webb, what do you expect?. Not enough movie stations out there anyway. Used to have AMC and Fox running old movies but AMC is swallowed up by the zombie BS and the vampires of Madison Ave and Fox Movie Channel is current stuff now with commercials.

                Not fond of FMJ. Everybody loves Kubrick but outside of the visually stunning 2001, the plot line still has me confused and I even read the book (twice). Clockwork orange? Fugetaboutit! I liked “Spartacus” though and Dr. Strangelove was interesting but I saw it at the time as a pretty strong attack on the military as is FMJ. Frankly, though not a comedy, I preferred “Fail Safe” and “Seven Days in May” which at least show the military as people capable of mistakes rather than maniacal, homicidal idiots. Interesting, underrated Viet Nam movie was “Boys in Company C”. .

                A lot of highly regarded movies leave me cold. They remind me of passing off children’s fingerpainting at gallery’s in SOHO as “great art”. Remember “the Deer Hunter”? Cimino was the next Kubrick or Cecil B. DeMille but I watched it and said Whaaaaat? Great visuals, fantastic wedding scene (reminded me of the first time I got drunk at 13 when the bartender at the local VFW, just kept handing me beers, nothing like a Russkie wedding) but storyline? Then they gave him all the money in the world and he gave us, “Heavens Gate” which I am still trying to interpret.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Only watched FMJ once….Never made it through the “Deer Hunter” and Heavens Gate ended at the 1st scenes…….But Dr Strangelove was funny. Yes serious commentary but fun none the less. Sterling Hayden and especially Slim Pickens, just a whooping and a hollering….still fun.

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    Confessions of a Progressive political activist. On why to vote for Hillary.

    “Jacqueline Woodmansee
    Its all about SCOTUS for me. Whoever the dems put up, ill vote because of the Scalias , Alitos and Clerence Thomas.. They gotta go soon, next eight yrs could bring us a liberal court. Thats all that matters. Repubs have congress but we need the court and that means the presidency.”

    Any questions???

    Gee Buck, I thought your left wingers on the court were supposed to be “objective jurists”. Apparently the activists understand that the lefty judges do a good job of marching to the tune.

    • Whoever said the Court isn’t political?

      Yes, the justices should be objective and not merely kowtow to a party line. But you are going to appoint justices who have a similar political view and approach to constitutional interpretation.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You admit it then you hide behind “well established legal precedence” that is created by it.

        I guess as long as you get the outcomes you want the legal shield is pretty convenient and easy.

        I mean come on Buck. Your a darn smart fella. Do you really think this is all just fine. Are you so enamored in “legal culture” that you accept this garbage from the Supreme Court.

        Do you really believe in a system which constrains two branches of the Govt but apparently gives the third unrestricted power and authority. I say this knowing that the only thing constraining SCOTUS is SCOTUS itself. The irony being it is the “legal shield” you throw up all the time. But what happens when they decide to ignore it.

        Which seems to be happening on a more regular basis.

        Ever notice how the “lefties” on the Court ALWAYS toe the political line while the supposedly “conservatives” are mostly switching sides back and forth. Thomas being the only truly consistent “conservative” jurist of the bunch.

        You claim to be “liberal” yet you seem to defend this system. WTF….over???

        • JAC – this doesn’t give SCOTUS unrestrained power; Congress can (and often does) pass a law in order to overrule a SCOTUS decision.

          “Ever notice how the “lefties” on the Court ALWAYS toe the political line.” This I take extreme exception to as it just isn’t true.

          I do concede that the Court in recent years has seemingly become more partisan than in the past, which is a problem. However, your point in posting to the progressive activist’s statement can be just as easily have been said by a conservative activist on the need to vote for whichever crazy republican gets the nod.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Actually I was talking about the court as a whole, regarding the past few decades. And it is not “activism” I am concerned about because that term has also been corrupted. To the point where returning to a precedent, undone by a Progressive court, is now called activism.

            That is the corrosive affect your “precedence” shield creates. Precedence becomes more important than correct or right.

            Funny, you claim my accusation of the leftist judges is off base then admit the court is more partisan. Tell me when the left wing branch of the court has voted against an important issue of the left. If there is an example you can probably count them on one finger.

            • Yes, your accusation of the leftist judges is off base, but yes you are also correct that the court has become more partisan in recent history.

              Why can’t both be true?

              • Just A Citizen says:


                They can but they are not.

              • THe issue today is…and I feel fairly qualified to make this statement as I have observed several SCOTUS courts…..it is no longer a respected court among many and that is me included,,,and my statement has nothing to do with the last two or three decisions. It is the court overall…..it is supposed to be beyond reproach and not biased….the appointments of the SCOTUS by Presidents of both parties ensures that the SCOTUS will remain biased….to the detriment of the Constitution, Bill of Rights….etc. When you can appoint someone for life…and there is no appeal…..you have created a power greater than that of the POTUS and CONGRESS and we, the people…….combined.

                So, as the SCOTUS loses more and more of its integrity and renders decidely political decisions and changing laws by their decisions……it is no longer a court to take seriously and that is why you are beginning to see states not even listen to them much anymore.

                Even if a Congress passes some law to correct a bad decision ( which is subjective on its surface )…you still have the highest court in the land being the most powerful.

                So, the only way to make them ineffective…..go about your business and pay no attention to them.

              • the appointments of the SCOTUS by Presidents of both parties ensures that the SCOTUS will remain biased….to the detriment of the Constitution, Bill of Rights….etc. When you can appoint someone for life…and there is no appeal….

                Colonel – you do realize you described how SCOTUS is appointed and served as laid out in the constitution correct?

              • Yes sir…..I do. It does not change the end result, though…..The SCOTUS mission is: “The Supreme Court is the highest tribunal in the nation for all cases and controversies arising under the Constitution or the laws of the United States. The Court stands as the final arbiter of the law and guardian of constitutional liberties.”

                Note….the very last part of the mission statement……GUARDIAN of Constitutional Liberties. Nowhere in the mission statement of the SCOTUS can they rewrite Constitutional Law.

                In reading both of the opinions of Roberts through several times…..even in my layman interpretation….he did not rule on Constitutional Liberties….he ruled on tax vs fee issues and he had to uphold his decision to retain his credibility. Especially the second ruling….he did not interpret law…he actually rewrote it…..

                But, alas………….it is what it is….now we march forward and disregard the decision. This is how I see fighting the SCOTUS…..The States need to do what is best for the States. What we do in Texas has no impact on New York.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              JAC….by you bringing up “precedence” is one of my peeves about the legal profession. I truly believe it is used a scapecoat to NOT make a decision based on the merits of the case before the court at the time. To many hours are spent seeking out a “precedence” no matter how obscure, as long ago or close to the current case at hand.

              I watched an interview with Lenny Bruce’s attorney recently. He said that what Lenny’s problem was that he was obsessed with JUSTICE. You listen to a routine today on film and his routines touched sore spots with groups, but are really tame compared to today. I’ll actually bet the laws are still on the books ready to be used if someone so chooses to use them to silence a critic.

  21. http://www.naturalnews.com/050262_abortion_extortion_blackmail_unborn_baby.html

    IN short, pay her 1 million or she gets an abortion. You just can’t make this stuff up.

    • 😀

      • gmanfortruth says:

        The .308 is a great all around cartridge. Really liked how it expended its energy once it hit target. Deer don’t like them, that’s for sure.

        • I want one of each….I particularly like what was printed on his hat….The .50 is a reach out and touch someone….wtching the trajectory of the .50….it was still high energy….

          The .308 was a much harder hitting round at that range……so….I will take the .308 for some shorter distancing……and the .50 for the longer range…..

          I want one of each.

  22. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’ll really start believing in the law again when the DOJ files charges against Hillary for her illegal use of a private server to conduct State Dept business. The same charges as those used against Petreus. Today’s headline is that the emails show that senior administration officials “KNEW” she was doing this, in total disregard for the law.

    I’m an person who really does not seek out all the intricacies of a computer application and get the fullest use of them, unless some item is of particular interest to me…..but the one thing I have alway done from the beginning is look at the “email” address of anything coming into my computer….so for Obama, the first computer savy and with it president, to deny he knew of her actions is ludicrous….Just like all the stuff with Holder.

    • You must have missed the memo….Obama and his administration are above the law. That is the only logical reason behind all of this.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Maybe I have to check my “trash” bucket on my email account. It may have been automatically deleted and a message sent to my provider alerting them of “Spam” or “Phishing”

    • “I’ll really start believing in the law again when the DOJ files charges against Hillary for her illegal use of a private server to conduct State Dept business.”

      You and me both, Dale.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    There is a symbol of repression in this country that offends me every time I see it. Because it reminds me of the bigotry and brutality against those who do not tow the line under the ideology that forces its display. It represents a view of one segment of our society that is completely contrary to TRUE American values.

    The Hijab should be banned from all public places in America. This includes the STATE run Universities.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      JAC….As we all know, when our nation was founded most everyone subscribed to the tenents of Judeo/Christian societal laws. For the most part they still do. Even though we have a problem with our southern border with immigrants crossing from the central and south american states, they still mostly adher to those societal and legal tenents……Europe on the other hand, their biggest problem besides economic is also an illegal immigrant problem with one major difference…..those people subscribe to a societal and legal belief that is a total antithesis to the european culture at large…..that is serious trouble that the EU administration is still in denial of.

      I seriously doubt with the exeption of Raza any migrant from Mexico or Latin America want the southwest to revert back to Mexican or Spanish authority.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Massive human migration has always been a game changer in the world. It will be interesting to see how the current human arrangement handles it.

        Take note of those “people” and “cultures” which shielded themselves from the last great migration. That being China and Japan.

        Can’t wait for the next ice age and watch the 300 million white people with guns suddenly move South of the Border.

        One other note on your comment. Not a criticism just a point on my part. The claim that we are a “Judeo/Christian” nation is not accurate enough, in my opinion.

        BF once said we are actually a “Puritan” nation. Certainly there were some remnants of that when the country was finally formed. But I think it more accurate to say we are a Renaissance/Protestant Nation.

        Remember, our first Catholic President did not happen until 1960. And it took a very special speech for him to put the Nation’s fear of the Church aside to vote for him. Even then he needed the Chicago Machine to win.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I did not say that we are a Judeo/Christian nation….I said that most people follow the societal rules/laws. Such as thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife etc….that winds up disturbing the society (maybe not anymore) but it could get you on the opposite end of the thou shalt not kill commandment. Generally these commandments suit just about any society regardless of your religious beliefs in keeping peace in the community/society. I’m just trying to say our brethran from the southern regions of this hemisphere are NOT an antithesis to our society. Whereas the muslim culture immigrating into Europe is and is openly advocating non-assimilation and they can not wait for the day that the cresent will fly over St Pauls….Immigration or migration has been a way of life for all species on this earth. Always looking for a better place to live and support your needs.

          There is a huge vacuum in Europe because of the prolonged existance of the socialistic/progressive agenda that the government can provide heaven on earth and you no longer need to believe in some higher being. Religion being based on faith and theoretical. However, what is being proven throught the world is that the progressive agenda is also a faith (in the system) mentality and also is based on theoretical foundations that are disappearing as we live and breath. They only exist as long as the investors keep writing the checks based on a promise.

          Me, I happen to believe do unto others as you would have others do unto you….as our knowledge of the universe keeps expanding it also keeps raising questions. I believe that we are sitting in a petri dish and as far as the the Hubble telescope can see we see more experiments, ie more galaxies. Genesis describes the perfect science project….even though the flood story which is in many cultures lore can now be pointed at the flooding after ice ages and other natural calamities. But the story is and God was displease so he decided to keep what he wanted and then flushed the rest down the toilet…what do we do with a failed experiment…discard it, keep what you want, and start over.

          • Such as thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife…………………

            Hmmm,….can’t do that anymore….who knows what you are going to get now days.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Also the “chains” on a license plate holder.

  24. http://visiontoamerica.com/22802/time-mag-nows-the-time-to-end-tax-exemptions-for-religious-institutions/


    Here we go! At some point, these activist’s are going to find themselves in deep shit. They should be happy with what they have been blessed with.

  25. Buck and JAC, This should get you two going : http://constitutionality.us/SupremeCourt.html

    The Supreme Court of the United States spends much, if not most, of its time on a task which is not delegated to the Supreme Court by the Constitution. That task is: Hearing cases wherein the constitutionality of a law or regulation is challenged. The Supreme Court’s nine Justices attempt to sort out what is, and what is not constitutional. This process is known as Judicial Review. But the states, in drafting the Constitution, did not delegate such a power to the Supreme Court, or to any branch of the government.

    Since the constitution does not give this power to the court, you might wonder how it came to be that the court assumed this responsibility. The answer is that the court just started doing it and no one has put a stop to it. This assumption of power took place first in 1794 when the Supreme Court declared an act of congress to be unconstitutional, but went largely unnoticed until the landmark case of Marbury v Madison in 1803. Marbury is significant less for the issue that it settled (between Marbury and Madison) than for the fact that Chief Justice John Marshall used Marbury to provide a rationale for judicial review. Since then, the idea that the Supreme Court should be the arbiter of constitutionality issues has become so ingrained that most people incorrectly believe that the Constitution granted this power to the federal judiciary.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      What is missing from this is the scholarly defense of Justice Marshals decision, and the reason NOTHING was done about it.

      That is because a majority of those who understood law also accepted the notion that the Courts would review the law for compliance with the Constitution. Jefferson was the major dissent on this view point.

      The basis for this review was our cultural heritage of English Law.

      Which in the long run was a mistake. The Founders and Framers should have worked harder to make sure it was a Clean Break and that ties to Old England were severed completely.

      I posted an article by Professor Natelson on this subject some time back. His work on the topic was quite comprehensive and supported Marshall.

      At the same time I have always found it interesting how people of the time expressed concern about the potential “tyranny of the court” yet provided very little guidance in the Constitution regarding how the court would function or be restricted. It seems that they were leaving that up to future Congresses to deal with.

      And if that is true, Congress should be able to UNDO the legal precedent the court has established without passing Amendments. They could start by passing laws outlining errors in the Court and then withholding funding. Ah crap, never mind.

      • 😀 I liked the end of the article, using the child analogy. That makes perfect sense. Way too late for any changes to occur. Life will go on, for a little while anyway.

  26. Just A Citizen says:


    Nice to know others share our ideas and arguments. Once again SUFA was ahead of the curve.

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    Critical thought lost on most Progressives. I can hear their reply now: “What about the fire department and the police? What about water pollution?”


    Note: Don’t overlook the comment about the absence of “Justice” being corrosive to harmony. While usually tied to Govt force, the lack of justice can be due to lack of Govt action as well. When one group feels it is not getting Just action because it gets no action compared to others.

    Because this relationship is real, the radicals are able to exploit it for their own devises.

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    British banker is saying now is the time to hold CASH.

    Fed is getting ready to ………….. do something………….maybe. Or maybe it has but everyone missed it.


    Note: Remember our discussions a year or two ago as to why Inflation had not increased proportional to the increase in money supply? Interest on excess reserves, borrowed at a lower rate than the Fed pays for holding the money. In short……….FREE MONEY with NO RISK.

    • The Feds need to raise the rate……when that happens……whatch what happens to Obamacare.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Sir….doesn’t with an interest rate increase, comes inflation, and the illusion that business is making more money because of higher prices?

        Not that an interest rate increase is not needed, It might take the edge off the free money big investors have access to and reduce the inflated stock market and blow the doors off the rate that governments are borrowing at which will never be repaid….yes or no?

        • The issue is really a red herring…….there is cheap money out there right now……M1 money supply. The Fed tries to control inflation by raising or lowering the interst rate…The theory that is happening today, is a socialist, left theory that is destroying this economy.

          What Obama did for his kickbacks….is bailed out the banks and the Fed lowered their rates…this flooded the banks with tons of dollars…..to which they, in turn, did not loan back out..they shoved it to their bottom line to reduce their debt to equity ratios to meet the Federal guidelines of reserves. It was very clear that Obama and the banks were bed partners. HOwever, since the banks have access to money for free….it screws the people.

          Look at the interest rates on CD’s…savings accounts etc. The banks can raise their own rates if they want to but are getting really fat off the free money…as long as they fill the coffers of Obama and his successors. They are NOT loaning money to the poor as it now stands. so, no one is benefitting excpet the big boys.

          Lower interest rates usually spur the economy by making corporate and consumer borrowing easier. Higher interest rates are intended to slow down the economy by making borrowing harder. But that is not happening now, It is the opposite.

          What has happened, is that the easy money is being loaned to the President’s hand picked green energy companies…..none of which have made it. This is a direct agreement with the big banks….you can say that this is not happening…but it is. Actually, this is the first time in history that this type of manipulation has happened. The irony of it is….hardly anyone understand economics of this type. This crap that Obama is doing transcends even Wilson.

          The more money you print, the more our dollar becomes worthless….however, in the absence of any other currency right now that can replace the USD…it is allowing the US to carry 18 trillion in debt. Obama has borrowed this country into ruin.

          This is one reason he wants to fast track a trade deal and the Repubs are in on it. THe big boys will borrow the cheap money and spend it on foreign shores.We need to raise the Fed rate to stop the trade deficits and make non profitable for China to buy our treasuries. This fast track trade deal,….is a bad bad deal. I would rather give Iran the nuke.

          So, raise the Fed rate, creates tighter money…nbut they are not loaining it now anyway to the people who need it. Supply and demand may be affected but I doubt it. Higher rates could mean less products but that used to be true in our economy a long time ago….but not now. With the global economy, and the US was stupid enough to join it, you are now competing against countries that use child labor, slave trades, and shoddy materials.

          And the irony of this is……every one protests over here about racism, slaves, etc….then these same people will go buy their products and we will trade with……countries that use child labor, slave labor, etc. What hypocrisy.

          Raise the feds, create a little inflation and slow this trade shit down…but the Walmarts and such that are now opening their doors in China with cheap us money and none of it will be coming back. The Fed is being manipulated in the worse possible way…..watch your metals. Gold Silver, etc…..If the Feds raise the Interst rates, metals will not be a hedge to inflation.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Your last 2/3 bullets are some that I really get hot about. I had a girl friend that was from Colombia a while back. The labor conditions were what we would say, not up to snuff. The way complaints would be handled once was with a 9mm slug. Then people were then asked, “any more complaints” The legacy of Marcos in PI, Indonesia ad infinitum. But we the freedom loving people continue to “buy” from these sources. B***S***.

            As I said in one of our previous posts about some of the economic pressures on the south by the mills in the north and england and france was to be the low cost producer now and meet all expanding demands. The threat was always we’ll find another source. We had the war, slavery was gone. The labor went up, cost went up materials still went off shore. Congress passes the anti-immigration bills in the 20’s and the mills closed and just about all of a once thriving industry is gone. Business still now and in the past sought out the cheapest producer, labor type be damned and still be damned.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            You said earlier that your great great grandpappy road with Jeb Stuart. What campaigns was he in? Was he involved in the not mentioned often skimish behind the union lines at gettysburg where Custer disrupted the end run Lee planned? To meet at the tree with Picket coming up the other side?. I’ve been walking the battlefields and have been standing in the spots where the commanders were making decisions. Very illuminating. A very dear old friend of mine’s relative was Joshua Chamberlain…she will not move out of Maine so we stay north and south of the mason dixon line.

            • Unfortunately, I do not have the campaigns by name. All we have are two letters and a mention in the old family bible…same with the relative that rode with Bedford Forrest. Just references in letters and writing in the back of the family bible. It appears that my relatives hit here in 1815. We also have a relative that was the last hanging judge in tarrant County. Early 1900’s…..

              • The CW is very well documented. You should be able to find which companies were in which battles. I had ancestors and relatives in the 55th & 58th ILL Inf and 4th IL Cav. These units were at Shiloh. The 55th held Grants’ left flank and prevented a rout on the first day. My wife’s family had several members at Gettysburg.

              • Oh, I am sure but it has not been of major importance….with both parents deceased, the family bible and letters now belong the estate. As soon as estate matters are settled, it might be fun to explore. We have never tried to dig into this. Might be fun to find out though.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                You’re not related to Judge Roy Bean are you?

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                When I visit the battlefields I hire a personal guide to take me around. Can spend quite a bit of time walking in the actual fields see what they were seeing. I try an focus on the spots where units fought from areas that I live in. It really puts into perpective the town monuments. The town in VT that I lived in had a monument that had 4 bronze panels on its sides. Listing the dead. The town was small and that list showed that very few men returned home seriously depleting the population. Generally the old folks in town at the time said it had still not recovered….It has now with all the flatlanders coming in who love a socialist government.

              • All I can claim is a distant unacknowledged ancestor probably raiding with Genghis Khan!

  29. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Today CA Gov. Brown signs a bill making it mandatory for children to attend school they must have their vaccinations up to date. No option other than home school and I suppose private schools not under the control of the State. With the debate still raging on the potential side affects of the current type of vaccines, children being injected with compounds containing mercury and aluminum, even I would shy away. The EPA says that we must get rid of mercury on one hand and the CDC says NP. Years ago aluminum was being suspected of being at least part of problems surrounding alzheimers and other brain deteriorating diseases. Mercury certainly does.

    Isn’t it against State law to NOT have your children in an approved school if they are under a certain age, or not graduated? Sort of a “Catch 22”.

    • The progressive control freak mentality in action! Not a shock in California. They just keep the moving business being a great job out there. Too bad the lack of drinking water for so many isn’t a priority for Moonbeam. I have a feeling the drought may be somewhat on purpose to destroy the home and land prices so the rich can buy cheap and sell high when the weather war ends. I only say this because I have not read much on those without water getting much help. No help means, LEAVE. Imagine that.

  30. Dale A Albrecht says:

    If the conspiracy theory hasn’t started yet i’d like to start one….could the NPS restoration of Alcatraz be starting to get the prison ready for longer term residents besides tourists?

    • No. Normal stuff by the park service. Although California running out of prison space due to the number of illegal immigrants being held would not be far fetched 🙂

  31. Here Ya go Buck, it took a week:

    Right Wing Watch reports on the extreme rhetoric and activities of key right-wing figures and organizations by showing their views in their own words. In this video, Tom DeLay claims to know of a secret Department of Justice memo to now legalize bestiality, pedophilia and several other “perversions” in the wake of the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling.

    Plus, going after the church’s and business’s that exercise their religious Rights. WOW. This is Revolt level stuff coming from DC.

  32. http://www.prisonplanet.com/video-veterans-chase-away-flag-burners-during-heated-confrontation.html

    Not surprised this didn’t hit the MSM. Although FOX certainly advertised it, they didn’t show any of this. Bikers and veteran’s chasing away these losers isn’t part of the Agenda, but rather, had nothing happened, it would be all over the MSM.

  33. http://rt.com/news/271138-wikileaks-tisa-leak-documents/

    D13, you seem to understand much of what this is saying, any comments? Anyone else, please chime in.

    • I do not know how much wiki leaks is correct….I never trust them. However, this trade deal that the POTUS is doing is a very dangerous deal…or it would be more open. It is about multinational companies being able to come and go into countries without supervision or trade controls on competition…it is designed as a ” bird dog ” operation. In other words, you have a lost leader come in designed solely to eliminate small business through foreign funded money….designed to low ball on purpose to force the local mom and pop organizations out of business. The favored few have no tax consequence and are NOT going to be required to follow our laws as far as hiring is concerned..they will be able to bypass minimum wage controls, trade deficit clauses, EPA controls, etc. In other words, they will be able to compete without the burdens of federal laws. Part of this treaty is allowing multi national companies that come in to bring special employees that do not have to apply for visas. So, the end result is bringing in outside labor.

      It is easy to find out who is going to be part of this by watching the stocks and splits. For example, Dupont just started a new company by splitting off a “renegade” from Dupont and those of us that hold Dupont stock had no say…..and this new company is created with “dollar stocks”…

      Now, this works both ways…..use Walmart for an example. Watch Walmart and such companies very carefully. THere is not supposed to be insider trading..it is supposed to be against the law…..however, insider information is still illegal but “allowed” under this trade agreement. (Selective enforcement)….I am following three companies so far that have split a non descript (renegade) company with one dollar par……these three companies appear to be part of the trade deal. Now, and you have to be saavy to this type of dealing…..Anytime that you are going to offer stock to the public, you must issue what is called a “red Herring”. A “red herring” is a preliminary prospectus filed by a company with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), usually in connection with the company’s initial public offering. A red herring prospectus contains most of the information pertaining to the company’s operations and prospects, but does not include key details of the issue such as its price and the number of shares offered.

      NOw read it again, very carefully…paying attention to the last sentence. All you have to do is follow the rules of releasing a Red Herring but it does not have to say anything. Allow me to try to explain it this way…

      “The red herring prospectus contains substantial information on the company, including use of proceeds from the offering, market potential for its product/service, financial statements, details of officers, directors and major shareholders, pending litigation, etc.

      The red herring prospectus is used to solicit expressions of interest in the issue. Once the registration statement becomes effective, a final prospectus that contains the final IPO price and issue size is disseminated. Expressions of interest are then converted to orders for the issue at the buyer’s option.

      The minimum period between the time a registration statement is filed and its effective date is 20 days. Note that the SEC does not approve the securities but simply ensures that all relevant information is disclosed in the registration statement.”

      Now, all of this looks and sounds great….to prevent insider trading….within the United States. It does not apply offshore and it does not apply to FOREIGN REGISTERED CORPORATIONS. So, you have to watch what we call dollar stocks…and the spinoffs are registered off shore. Insider trading is not against the law in most countries. And even if it was….a trade deal that is exclusive….can negate certain laws.

      What will probably happen if someone does not kill this deal, is after Obama’s Presidency is over, he and Michelle will end up on the board of directors of several forign owned corporations with directors fees around one or two million per year per company and sheltered by the very trade deal he is trying to get passed..and tax free in offshore accounts.

      Now forgive me for being so formal but when you are dealing in this type of business….and legalized corruption…..it is a game for the major leagues. It is highly lucrative but highly dangerous.

      • BY the way…….and this has been confirmed…..in the trade deal…the TPP….Obama personally stripped the anti slavery wording from the trade agreement.

        • He did this, then went on TV and chastised the Confederate Flag. I posted this a few day back. What an insane hypocrite.

          Thanks for the comment and the formality of it was great and easy to understand. One big question, would all of this be unconstitutional (I say the fast track stuff is) and if it passes, could this lead to succession? Additionally, can local governments head off the big corps and send them somewhere else? If they did, what could the Feds do, besides whine about it?

          I have been saying for along time that the TPP and all this other stuff was bad for “we the people”, but it may be much worse than just bad. It sure seem’s like we are just another day closer to a real revolt, I wonder what it will take to trigger that?

        • Probably had something to do with the old family business.

          • Nah, I didn’t say that, did I? Like hell I didn’t!

            • YOu did it…….you did it…….you did it……………you’re going to hell………you did it…….

              By the way, if you end up going to hell…I will have it organized when you get there….I am going there because my Aunt said I was…because I was not a member of her church and anyone not a member is destined for hell….so I told her…I was in hell twice…..once in Vietnam…and once in New York City. After visiting and surviving both those places….hell is easy. But, I will have the concession on ice water, ice cream, and air conditioners.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Sir….years ago I took a class offered by UC Berkeley and USC. It was a course on the economics of international trade. I’ll only hit the high spots of two of the sections…

        1) This was a period when the Japanese personal electronics business just about wiped out the US companies. There were specific cause and effect that brought this about.
        a: The vast majority of Japans business was in Asia and only a tiny percent in the US. They wanted more, but import laws restricted it.
        b: The vast majority of the US’s electronics business was here in the US and very little in Asia. The US electronics were very good and highly competitive.
        c: Japan started building more electronics and shipping them to the US, but only stockpiled them and did not sell them bypassing the LAW at the time.
        d: When the opportumity arose they had a firesale undercutting the US companies by a wide margin. It did not affect Japan’s real bottom line because they raised the prices in their major market place in Asia and japan itself.
        e: The US companies decimated their R&D investments so they started falling behind in quality and performance features. The Japanese equipment was good but the US made better up to that time.
        f: The Japanese kept their markets closed or very limited.
        g: The US companies continued to bleed by continuing to cut prices until they went out of business entirely….The Japanese then took over the market and out Federal Trade commissions did nothing, because the markets remained closed or limited in Asia and Japan to our products regardless of quality or price.

        2) The other portion of the course was concerning the Middle East.
        a: They went back in historical time. They showed that the M/E actually produced very little that anyone wanted. They were just the middlemen standing in the way of trade to asia and spices etc that Europe needed. The M/E did no value add to the produces. They just took a toll and passed it on.
        b: If you look at the string of Roman forts down through Judea down to the Gulf of Aqaba, that was solely in place to protect the trade from India and Asia.
        c; once those trade routes got cut due to the the fall of the Roman Empire out that way, not only was this trade reduced but very expensive….Again no value add.
        d: The age of exploration was primarily the nations trying to find a way around this blockade to trade….when the new routes were opened the M/E empires, though big, ceased to be of any consequence and started to wither away ultimately to be defeated in WWI.
        e: Then God’s little joke and oil became king…the professors warning was the M/E being now in a position to hold the world hostage and reap untold fortunes. At least this time the people there had the product, but the workers are hired for the most part. Again they do no value add…just pumped the crude.

        Maybe that can give some insight to the world policy concerning the M/E…If the oil was just passing through they’d just by-pass it and the M/E would sink into the dust bins of history like it had before. But this time they owne the resource so it required a different approach. Maybe we’re seeing that today. keep it in a turmoil, while keeping the implied threat to the major producers, and then invent new extraction methods that then undercut the product in the M/E.

        • It is called shale oil …the reserves in the US alone dwarf the ME three fold. We can do it. Europe also has shale deposits but their socialist green movement as that stymied….Europe has shale deposit large enough to be totally self sufficient from the Russians for 200 years.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            And the greenies are trying hard to shut down the extraction process here. Example Cuomo’s unilateral action in NY. They’re moving in on PA now.

            Some of my cousins have wells drilled on their now dormint farms…Making a fortune. On the old family farm, my uncle let the companies build a filtering plant. Fairly descreit off in the corner and the pipelines were buried and the land properly restored. That’ll go on forever. My Mom’s sister will not allow the drilling but has granted a right of way (for a fee) for pipelines. All the locals farms are now fallow and have a well or two. My cousin who will inherit his Mom’s farm just winked because as soon as their Mom passes you can bet a well or two will go in somewhere on their 800 acres. Money in the bank and a nice retirement fund

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I was planning on getting my CDL after my retirement and drive trucks either in the Texas fields or in PA. The Dakotas are to damn cold. That is one driving arena that the DOT allows fairly freely you to continue driving rigs past a certain age. This is because the driving is usually rural and NOT driving on I 95 as an example…..With the discovery of severe degenerative arthritis and getting worse I couldn’t get past the physical stage.

            In my early work career I worked for Western Geophysical out of Houston and Galveston in their off-shore exploration group…I should have taken their offer to go to Singapore. $60K/year in ’73 tax free and all expences paid.

        • Berkley, eh?

        • Remember those really cheap Japanese motorcycles? Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki. Funny how when they wiped out the competition, prices went up.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Remember the sound of the early Yamaha’s,, a wing a ding ding. The joke of honda cars was look under the wheel well and scrape the paint and read a budweiser label from the crushed aluminum cans….Unfortunately the US car manufacturer totally missed on the trend. When they started getting it the production was the ” Gremlin” a sawed off full sized car. US industry invented most of the QC methodology used today. However they usually failed to embrace it but the Japanese did. They used the cash they reaped into really making quality products….I spent 34 years of my work career in the QC business in several different industries. I will say though that even with the effort the Japanese took to make quality producets their efforts to NOT lose face was even more important. They very nearly destroyed our Asian manufacturing business because they could not face up to the errors they were making. It took almost within a phone call to shutting IBM’s manufacturing down entirely to get them to relent and resolve the serious reliability problems they built into the systems. The other weak point regardless of how well they do was single sourcing. One plant failure and they are out of business…It took them 17 months to rebuild the one photo resist plant required for making semiconductors that burned down…..what is our weak point now that unions exploit…..single source parts to any industry.

    • Interesting….I just posted a detailed answer to your question……where is it?

  34. Here we go again with the Navy Yard. And my sister still works there!

    Bright side of the day is that our new baby finally arrived @ 7:25 this morning! Thank God that’s over!

  35. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Does anyone remember anything at all racist about the “Dukes of Hazard” other than a family always sticking it to the corrupt mayor and sheriff. …reruns pulled in light of the controversy….if the flag on the “General” is so offensive, 1) don’t watch it and turn to a more PC station, you have the right to do so as I have the right to watch it.

    1) for Daisy Dukes, without saying, and 2) because the driver of the General was a classmate of mine by the name of Alan Wyatt. We played football and raced cars out in CA. Went to some great parties, and generally had a great time. The jumps he did with the General were world record jumps. He had followed in his Fathers footsteps as a stuntman. His Father founded the stuntmans association. Getting stuntmen and women the credit due them for making the stars look good in dangerous shoots.

    I say this because he passed away the other year due to the cummalative injuries received from his art form. His heirs will now be punished by loss of income from the reruns. Is that justice?

  36. No relation to judge Bean………to my knowledge. He was a hoot, from all historical records.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The “LAW” west of the Pecos. Walter Brennan played him best in “The Westerner”, opposite Gary Cooper.

      • Two of my favorites, The Siege of Firebase Gloria, From Dusk Till Dawn, and the Exorcist (the uncut version).

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I still have to finish my list of movies. I love “film noir” but also what go down as romantic comedies from the 30’s. Most of them all are under the covers very serious social commentries. Like “Meet John Doe”, “My Man Godfrey”, “Mr Dobbs comes to Town” and “Mr Smith goes to Washington” just to name a few.

          A later favorite is “The Fountainhead” with Gary Cooper, Raymond Massey and Patricia Neal…..The contempt the MSM showed for the people…sound familiar.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Two films that do not get shown enough that were made in the 50’s. They are as relevent today as when they were made..
            .1) “All The Kings Men” with Broderick Crawford about Huey Long from Louisiana
            2) “A Face in the Crowd” with Andy Griffith and Patricia Neal.

            • Kings men was on other night, Face in the crowd a month ago on TCM.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                I know talking about movies lightens up the discussion somewhat here on SUFA. I like movies that tend to be ground breaking and say something with beating you up with it, but each time you watch it you see and learn more. And sometimes can prompt more serious discussion..

                There is one actor that really hits that nail on the head and that is Sidney Poitier.

                1) “In the Heat of the Night” blew down walls in the racial discussion in the 60’s. He singlehandedly elevated the black actors to unheard of levels before that time and since. When the sheriff kept calling him boy, and then asked him and what do they call you in Philadelphia…”They call me Mr. Tibbs”!
                2) “to Sir with Love” is a must see for all educators, even today is even more important.
                3) “The Last Brickmaker in America” his last movie, I believe, is also a very strong statement about family life, work and education. No excuses.

                Not to long ago I saw a panel of black critics and writers really tearing into Sidney Poitier. They said he did not do enough ergo he was not not worthy. No…he set the standard and for the most part it was wasted by most people of any color especially blacks. He took on one of the most bigoted and biased industries and succeeded.,,when the blacked ridicule Colin Powell, Condeleeza Rice and Clarence Thomas, and hold up frauds like Sharpton, Jackson and others as models to emulate and they do nothing but make excuses for their failure…they race will never truly get ahead.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Miss typed…”Mr. Deeds comes to town”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Lest we older veterans forget that cast of characters on the “Group W” bench portrayed in “Alice’s Restaurant” from 1969….disqualified for an arrest for littering…..there was more behind the story but it was a catchy tune.

  37. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Anyone catch the headline that a former Dem State Senator form CA has pleaded guilty to corruption charges. Even though they seem to be minor, he was pretty much fronting for the criminal gangs form SF. He was a very strong ANTI-GUN advocate in the State legislature. He was nabbed in a FBI sting where he was caught plotting to import automatic weapons from PI.

  38. WOW….just saw the news run on FOX……and it seems that everybody is pissed at Texas because we have already picked up our gold in New York…

    New York is upset because it may lead to other states doing the same thing….when new Texas Governor Greg Abott was asked about it…he simpy said…Texas does not want the Fed to have it or any control over it. Our gold belongs to us….and no one else.The Fed cant get it.

    WOW….you should see the firestorm that was on there with left wingers…..

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Why would this be a political issue at all? If Texas, or any other State wants their Gold, or any other type of property, it’s a no brainer. Maybe with an entity beginning with ” central” that can’t control others it makes the little Nazis scream bloody murder.

      Buck, your clan needs mental help!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      You’re lucky it was still there. I’m sure the Fed Repository will run out long before the promissary notes are all redeemed. You’ve always preached…get the physical metals, in hand.

      I’m sure that there will be exposed in time another trading scandal that will rock the investment banks to the core….again. But they’ll be protected and try and figure out another way to separate gullible people from their money….sorry for being so cynical.

  39. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Webb announces that he is in the race. Sure as heck is a better choice than Clinton on that political side.

    Colonel….Is the DA in Austin still pursuing Perry for actually doing the job he was elected to do? Like getting rid of bad appointees

    • I think so….I do know that a move in January to throw the case out was refused….have not heard much since…..The DA in Austin that brought the case actually has a problem….his job is on the line….caught taking donations from……..Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg…the person heading up the group that Perry denied funding for….

      It is going to prove interesting but the case is still pending. However, it apparently does not pass muster even among some of the State’s Liberal Lawyers who have said….very weak case.

      One thing that this also showed…..is that the Governor of Texas has line item veto power. This woman was heading up the public corruption division when she was arrested and convicted of drunken driving and went to jail for a time. Perry told the division that she should step down because how in the world could a convicted felon head up a public corruption office. It doesn’t make sense…..and he backed up his word.

      So, I guess, this is the abuse of power…..using the line item veto to strip funding from a public corruption division…headed up by woman that is a felon.

      That is about it….Texas politics at its finest.

  40. Judy Sabatini says:

    Anita, I just saw the news, congrats to you & family on the new arrival.

    • Hey G,

      Have you been keeping up with the Jade Helm CT? They are saying now that Jade is some type of virtual reality program similar to Skynet from the Terminator movie. Makes for some good late night reading. 🙂

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    Words do matter. Which is why the left tries to control the language. Yes, the racial tensions are greater than anytime since the 1960s. That is as a nation, and not just one hotspot or another.

    I still maintain that the radicals and militants were energized by Mr. O’s election. I saw it in their actions and attitudes towards others. But Mr. O befuddled them with his words, even while Holder was giving them the wink and nod. Now that Mr. O has shown his true spots I fear a very nasty summer.


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Before a new thread comes up, I was just looking up the controlling make-up of the executive and legislative branches of our government from Kennedy until today.

      Dem Rep Neutral
      President: =
      Senate: 17 9 2
      House: 19 9

      The House was controlled by the Democrats until after the 1st mid-term election during Clintons era. The Senate was held by the Democrats until the last mid-term election during Reagan’s tenure.

      Prior to this time the people of color voted most of the time for the Republican party. Since then it has been lock step with the Democrats. If their condition has not improved and according to the Democrats gotten much worse, wouldn’t you think that voting block would re-think their position and try the other guy after more than a 1/2 century?

  42. There will be a new thread shortly.

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