Fear Mongering

The lead up to the July 4th holiday was one that the Main Stream Media and the Fed’s joined forces to repeat over and over about a possible terror attack during the holiday weekend.  It had gotten to such a point that I could start to see that it was nothing but fear mongering and propaganda.  Reading comments on other websites, people were saying to stay away from crowds and shopping malls.  In other words, change your plans, stop living life and stay home cowered in the corner of your bedroom.  I got to a point that they had to be reminded that the terrorist’s have beaten them, easily.  The problem is, the actual terrorist’s were the Fed’s and the MSM.

This is how propaganda works.  Theorists of propaganda have identified five basic rules:

1. The rule of simplification: reducing all data to a simple confrontation between ‘Good and Bad’, ‘Friend and Foe’.
2. The rule of disfiguration: discrediting the opposition by crude smears and parodies.
3. The rule of transfusion: manipulating the consensus values of the target audience for one’s own ends.
4. The rule of unanimity: presenting one’s viewpoint as if it is the unanimous opinion of all right-thinking people; including drawing doubting individuals into agreement by the appeal of star-performers, social pressure and by ‘psychological contagion, aka psy-ops.
5. The rule of orchestration: endlessly repeating the same message; in different variations and combinations.”

This activity is used frequently for all sorts of political subjects, like Climate Change. Keeping these five rules in the back of your mind will help differentiate what is real and what is just political bulldookie.




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  2. Speaking of ESPN….http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/olbermann-out-espn-again

    They need to stay away from politics.

  3. It would be so easy to take rights from people, when they don’t know they have them to begin with: http://personalliberty.com/1-american-in-5-grasps-that-the-constitution-actually-protects-religious-freedom/

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Didn’t Obama say during the “debate” on the ACA, that your religious freedom stops at the church door. Outside of that, your ours, in other words.

      To be honest the other part of that speech was concerning church employees and their reproductive health care. He said, that then those parts of the religious organization (the business side) should not incorporate like many of them do.

      • Obama’s idea of freedom is when the government gives what it choses to give. This clown is pure evil. I’m not so sure all that early talk of the Anti-Christ is all that far off.

  4. This was brought up in previous thread, but worth some more discussion: http://therightscoop.com/post-racial-obama-announces-new-push-to-socially-engineer-every-neighborhood-by-race/

    My take, so called smart people aren’t so smart. This will never work. It is not in human nature to do such a thing, politically correctness will just cause more problems. This goes along with the fact that income also has much to do with neighborhoods.

    • No, this is not a joke. The documentary is hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT (Emphasis mine) and amnesty activist who has worked for the Washington Post and the Huffington Post.


      This kinda goes along with your theme, G. Them EVIL white people!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        People like gases, if left alone, will find their own level in nature. It takes an external force like stirring to create the volatile mixture that is explosive.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I said this last night that it was so ironic that the “flagship” community is being unveiled in Chicago. Chicago has been ruled lock stock and barrel by the democrats since 1923. Chicago is one city cited as one that used its political power to enforce rules that kept certain folks in their place in total disregard to the Fair Housing Act of 1968.

      But then also with this administration they will open up the courts to force you to sell to achieve a racial balance whether that group is in the area or not……just like busing. It never accomplished the goal it had attempted to achieve. The current work-around for that has been home schooling and charter schools.

      “Freedom of association” is apparently out the door and no longer an option.

      New Bern, is not a bad city. It actually is quite peaceful and racial issues are virtually non existent. Years ago when the City and private funds decided to rebuild the downtown, similar to Williamburg in VA. but on a smaller scale. That was great. But afterwards the Feds put a subsidized housing block right next to the “Palace” The only buffer is the parking lot. Tourist and especially seniors are very scared to go to their cars. There is escort services and the area is very heavily patrolled and the perimeter guards are fully armed. It is safe during daylight hours. After dark…forget about it. The business downtown is safe at any hour due to the heavy traffic of active military service people and all the police are ex-military and they do come in after their duty in civies and hang out in the late night spots.

      The feds did the same thing in Annapolis Md. After dark the streets are very dangerous right smack dab in the middle of a seriously restored historical area with multi-million $ homes, they built a low income subsidized housing. You’re warned to not walk araound after dark. The safe spots after dark are the watering holes where the cadets and squids hang out.

      • I hate to say this to the Progressive’s, but black and white just don’t mix well.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The House of Representatives did a revote and decided to scrap removing all vestiges of the confederate battle flag from NPS cemetery’s at CW battlefields, shops. The Dems are screaming that by having those symbols remain, it still shows the painful reminders of our history. They neglect to say:

          1) The Democrats are the party that was just about totally for the continuation and expansion of slavery in this country.
          2) After the war Democrat controlled states instituted the “Jim Crow” laws of legally enforced segragation.
          3) It was their progressive hero Wilson who segregated the US armed forces again.
          4) It took the Republicans to pass the Civil Rights Act in ’64 even though the Dems had veto proof control of both chambers of congress and the presidency.
          5) The cities that have had the most racial issues have been controlled by the Democrats for generations.

          The fact that the Republicans are getting 100% of the blame for all the racial bias in this country speaks tons as to the effectiveness of Gman’s leading commentary on PROPAGANDA.

          • I’m tired of it, personally, and frequently go to Lefty sites and state facts. I don’t get much of a reply these days. But I do like pissing them off!

  5. Obama explained, “This is not simply a military effort. Ideologies are not defeated by guns. They’re defeated with better ideas.” To cap off this airsickness bag of gobbledygook, Obama then concluded, “We will never be at war with Islam.”

    The victims of the Holocaust didn’t sit around thinking to themselves, “Golly, if only we’d been able to come up with a better idea than Nazism, that Hitler sure would have stopped all this nonsense.”

    Good Grief, we truly have an idiot in the Oval office. Shame on those who voted for this jerk.

    • 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The cartoonist forgot the tongue piercings.

    • Did anyone catch the NBC interview? I caught the last 5 minutes and he ripped that girl up when she tried to play the left wing gotcha game. She couldn’t even get it out of her mouth. I like what he is doing. I like that he is saying what needs to be said. Won’t matter in the end.

  6. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Hitler and all the historical socialist demi-gods and genocidal maniacs always said exactly what they were about and in great detail would explain how they would go about achieving their social nirvana. It’s just that “sane” people never would believe anyone would go to those lengths of barbarity.

    Obama said that he was going to fundamentally change America. I believe most people shrugged and questioned and said “what’s so bad that we need to be fundamentally changed” and went on about their business. This country is more divided now than it was during the 60’s with the civil rights riots and Vietnam. The civil rights riots predominantly in Dem controlled cities and Johnson was the war leader until ’69. But Congress was still controlled by the Dems. Now you ask most kids today and also some very “allegedly” adults ardent democrats as to who really stuck us into vietnam big time….almost to a person they’d say NIXON, That is what is taught today.

    The Dems say as excuses that Kennedy if he had lived was about to pull out the advisors. That is a lie made out of whole cloth and does not explain Johnson’s actions once he was elected to his own term. And then the excuse was the Tonkin Incident.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I wonder if Chris Matthew’s is still feeling that tingling feeling in his leg or is it in another part of his anatomy. His problem is, is that if he leaves MSNBC for any reason I doubt if he’d ever get another job in journalism, such as it is. No network is going to want to lose their ratings as those he or Keith Obermann (sp) have been associated with.

  7. Anti government activist’s demonstrating in Athens Greece. I have heard that our own Victoria Nuland is also in Greece.

  8. Now we have some idiot progressive self identifying as a dumpling (that fits). Some idiot gun grabber saw a JC Penny ad, that had a tank top with the words “suns out guns out” (referring to ones muscular arms). She complained it promoted real guns and actually called the media to complain.

    Buck, your clan is getting a little out of control, LMAO!

    • How the hell has white bed sheets flown under the Progressive’s radar? OH, some must still be wearing them 😀

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      No No Gman…Guns were not in reference to muscular arms. It was about another part of the female anatomy. A sexist commentary that this PC person missed.

  9. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Oh the drama…3 sisters missing in the Bridger-Tetons Wilderness area found safe. In reading the articles their Father said that all 3 were experiences trekkers and were well prepared for their journey. Obviously they weren’t. Granted you can get lost by the myriad of trails that people cut through meadows and all, but that is usually a temporary confusion because you want to exit out the other side. It’s obvious that they did not even have a clue about basic orienteering and map reading, much less I’m sure a GPS with the maps and trails embedded. With this dry weather out west a simple signal fire would have brought the rangers like moths to a flame. I hate to say this but it is easy to survive out there with a fairly minimal survival kit and basic training. I still keep mine just as a souvenir.

    In scouts to pass the orienteering tests we’d go to a place called “Devils Punchbowl” It is a maze of blind canyons that rarely can you see any high point to get your bearings. It was critical to get it right, because water was a diminishing resource. Only what you carried. In the summer after there was no risk of flash floods was when we’d test. Honestly if you kept your nose in the minutia you’d go in circles. If you took a larger view of the area and only used map details to avoid obstacles in your path it was easy. Those of us that really knew the area were alway instructed to keep our mouth shut. We were the safety back up system. Only when the trainees were so lost and lives could be endanger were we allowed to step in.

  10. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I love this….shouldn’t the legacy be the “resistance” to all invaders and peoples who tried to make them change their ways by force and any other means….as is the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia….The BIA still treats the Indians as second class infantile children that need to be taken care of by the largess of the government. Manage their resources, handle investigations and 100% of the healthcare. Where has that gotten the Indian nations?

    Coincidental that the court also rules today to strike the registered trademark of the “Redskins” because it MAY demean Indians. The government itself demeans Indians everyday of it’s existence.


    “She urged the young people to “draw strength” from knowing that their customs, values and discoveries are “at the heart of the American story” and have shaped U.S. history for centuries.”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I was curious and looked up to see how many African-American’s were in the US Calvary during the Indian Wars post the Civil War. The answer was approximately 20%

  11. Just A Citizen says:
  12. http://girlsjustwannahaveguns.com/digging-up-the-dead-memphis-council-votes-to-dig-up-confederate-general-and-wifes-grave/

    This has MAO written all over it. Will the Southern people show some courage or capitulate to the new Nazi/Communist ideology?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Not just the southern folks…..what was the song that soldiers sung during the Civil War about hanging and a “sour apple tree” These ideologs believe it will stop with with these incidents. Lots old saying to cover this. wait until the shoe is on the other foot. Ying and yang, The pendulum will swing back. etc etc, as the screw turns.

      What do these people think that by erasing all events from ones vision will make all things better in the blacks plight. It would be better to turn on their new masters the democrats and the rhinos who are now trying to emulate the dems. They are the real villans in this comic opera today.

      One of the reasons that the educators are despirately trying to get learning on the computer and get rid of books and or limit the number of books use by school districts is that history can be erased by one keystroke. No need to burn books, that’s just symbolic.

      Past history shows that once a revolution is over many of the enablers were the first to be eliminated because of the risk of the com-patriots desire to rule the roost in their stead. Historians are seriously arguing that the American Revolution was really not a revolution. There really was NO retribution against the losers. Come go, stay didn’t matter. They deem the French revolution as the 1st great revolution due to the retribution and wholesale bloodbath that occured. All the socialist revolutions have followed that pattern. Our civil war was a revolution. Even though US 500K dead there was a huge effort to have as little or no retribution after the victory. And we as a nation moved on. Not smoothly but moved on nontheless. Just think of how the “peace” would have turned out if the confederate leaders and generals were hung? The right of States secession was a very active topic and really not defined and still not. It was by force of arms. Now the PC crowd want to undo the rejoining with retribution and dishonoring and humiliating the valiant soldiers and people that truly believed in their cause. Good or bad…..It was a very near thing that the confederacy lost. Militarily and materialy of course they didn’t stand a chance. But time was on their side until last campaigns and the ’64 election defeating McClellan. He was going to let the nation dissolve. He was a democrat. Be thankful that Washington’s and Jeffersons homes are in private foundations hands.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    One of the better pieces I have read which tries to explain how the R’s and D’s are different but the same. And why the R’s are cutting their own throat by attacking those they need to battle the D’s. The key points about why the establishment exists are excellent.


    • Good post! How’s the JAC clan doing these days? It’s quite wet here, looks to be a nice dry day tomorrow.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Working mostly and suffering a long hot dry summer so far. Record temps and low moisture for June.

        • We are a bit above on rain, but it all comes in downpours, which don’t help much. Causes some road problems, but overall not a big issue. Normal temps, back to mid 80’s on Sunday. Overall, we could do without the heavy rain, but all will be OK. Garden holding it’s own, good bean harvest earlier this week. My big project is complete, so now the little stuff, should be a good July/August.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      They are letting the Dems and the PC crowd control the debate. If the Republicans are allowing themselves to be on the defensive about events 150 years past…why not throw it back. But NO they’ve bought into the idea that to get elected they have to be more like a liberal democrat. What that is causing is an attitude of…why vote, it doesn’t matter who gets in. Totally reenforced this past year…..Look at the way the house leader and McConnell went after the conservative side of their party. The past two presidential elections were forfeits due to them destroying each other and ultimately selecting McCain and Romney as the candidates. Sarah Palin would have been a better choice than McCain. She certainly has made less faux paux’s than Obama and Biden for sure.

  14. Dale A Albrecht says:


    Just on the fun side…no controvery….Back in the 60’s my parents went to Yosemite for a vacation. They took my Father’s parents and other relatives along. One day when they were hiking up one of the side valleys, the entire rock face on the opposite side peeled away and proceeded to fill the valley below and partially coming up the side they were on due to the momentum. My Dad says that he never saw his Mother move so fast.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      God builds the Mtns high, Father Time wears them flat again.

      It is the natural law that all things which go up must come down.

  15. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Paging the Colonel….the FAA has announced that it will be dropping air nav points that have been named after Donald for his controversial statements. Did he forget to say…Illegal” immigrants or has that word been edited out. Your statistics in Texas sure bear out his statements. But the operative words from you has been ILLEGALS. Those that do immigrate by the rules are not very prone to the life of crime. Those that come here illegally know they will be just deported, maybe, only to do it all over again.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      He did not use the word Illegal in the phrase which has been used against him. But that was the obvious context.

      However, it does not matter whether he had said it again or not. The RAGE would all be the same because it is not driven by actually hurt but by political hysteria.

    • Of course, the FAA, as well as any Federal Agency, will more than likely change things….but they are just points..they may be renamed but the coordinates cannot/.

      • The FAA and Obama are pretty upset because they were shot down by the courts on instituting mandatory landing and takeoff fees for General Aviation with the proceeds supposedly going to Obamacare.

        California is trying that. They have instituted landing and mileage fees and increased fuel taxes for general aviation. So now, if we want to go to LA or Palm Springs or San Diego….we land in Las Vegas and rent a car…..it is cheaper to rent a car and drive than it is to land and takeoff in CAlifornia…..

        Same thing in Lake Tahoe…..land in Reno and drive up. California, in three months, has has lost over 400 general aviation landings. The FBO’s (fixed base operators) have reported losses in fuel sales of over 13 million dollars statewide….and that is just three months. Even the movie stars that are flying their fancy jets are not landing in LA any longer….however, it is reported that they are about to be exempt.

        • This is a great example of how progressive ideology is a failure. Not only a failure, but will lead to more black market business.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The one thing that progressive politicians never seem to learn is that you DO NOT kill the goose that lays those golden eggs. And second, the wealthy people have options and can GO anywhere else they choose. Palm Springs and the mountain behind it was a great hang out. Have you ever golfed at Salishan and Black Butte in Oregon?

          • No…never have played anything in Oregon….

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              It is almost impossible to hit a drive with being distracted by the views. Salishan is on the coast and has all the typical Oregon coastal features. Black Butte is in the Cascades with every tee having a vista associated with it. Trying to keeping your head down takes some serious concentration.

  16. Oh My God-I would be in jail for the rest of my life ! See Buck -The word child doesn’t work anymore. So that how about 17-is 15 in Oregon


    • I saw this article. I can’t believe that parents are not dragging these people out in the streets for well, public display. Yeah, I would be in prison also. Our country is lost. Maybe someday in the distant future another free society will rise up in the image of the USA. But, I doubt it… 😦

  17. RIP, Oakland Raider QB Ken Stabler.

  18. Dale A Albrecht says:
    • If Europe is stupid enough to bail out Greece…..they have lost. None of the countries will repay and just do what Greece does and then will expect the US to raise its contributions to the IMF….and that would be disasterous….

      Greece needs to go bankrupt and the IMF needs to suffer.

      • I think Greece needs to get this over with as well. No matter how it’s done, the people will suffer. Might as well get it over with. Now, the question is, will the people who have money in the bank take a “hair cut”? I’ll guess yes, but that only a guess.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          They did it in Cyprus just recently. We got paid in small bills while in Sicily. Italians trying to get their currency converted to $ and then getting those $’s out of the country to secure banks was a big black market business. Small bills required to much space and those bundles were harder to smuggle. That is why Sophia Loren went to jail years ago. Trying to get assets out of Italy.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Yeah, Italy, Spain and Portugal are following very closely these negotiations. I truly believe these countries have been seriously hurt by being linked in with the stronger nations further north.

        Granted a default by Greece itself on their loans really amounts to a hill of beans in the grand scheme of things. Couple that with the other 3 above and it will be a major problem for the continued existence of the EU and Euro. Loaning more money to pay the loans outstanding and the people definitely saying they will not change their lifestyle like not working. The IMF and ECB and most definitely Germany should say NO WAY. BYE-BYE

  19. So now it seems that taking down the Confederate Battle flag from the SC statehouse property is going to be turned into a dog and pony show. Good Grief! Talk about brainwashing the ignorant masses.

  20. Interesting little tidbit few have noticed. In the newest PC Matic commercial, the guy speaking is seen in several camera shots. IN the last camera shot, where he folds his arms, you can see a handgun holstered on his right side.

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    Going to be interesting to watch the media BS as the truth starts to leak out. Watched Geraldo last night try to use sophistry to deny the problem. So flipping typical.


  22. You all know my Crusade (sorry Muslims) about language.

    Please pay attention to any speech about “illegal immigration”. When it makes it back to the talking heads on the radio or in the TV studio, it becomes only “immigration”.

    Therefore if I were a public official bemoaning the murders, and crimes caused by illegal immigrants in my city, CBSNBCABC and maybe even Fox would report that I bemoaned what “immigrants” are doing.

    In NYC, sanctuary City policy basically precludes any public employee, cops included, from asking or revealing immigration status of anyone they deal with. I am sure that this holds true everywhere. Therefore, our “statistics” on crimes by illegals are bullshit.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      We certainly do not want to traumatize anybody by determining if they were here illegally. Stephen, you are alway up to date on historical facts. Wasn’t most of the immigration pretty much controlled before. If the nation had needs of particular skills the overseas consulates knew and would grant visas. Like populating and paying for along Hill’s Northwest Railroad they needed farmers. Needs for mill workers in New Bedford MA. Temp farm hands in the southwest. It rarely was free to come at any time….No?

      • Think you needed a sponsor. How my folks arrived here 1900-1905 is shrouded in mystery or, if you prefer lost in the fog of history. I do know, without a doubt the Slavic part was brought in, in droves to do the scut work and break unions in the coal fields.

        One day, I swear I will do the DNA thing and join Ancestry and start working backwards through census records for The wife’s O’Donnell past (I think potato famine Irish) and my own mixed Galacia, Slovakia, Hapsburg Empire past.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Plus Genghis Khan, don’t forget…..I’m not going to do the DNA test but pay to have my great nephew and niece tested. If the test is not bogus, native american genes should be evident….if that test hold true then I’ll do it. What in any case is that we as americans are all mutts.

          • That is one of the many things that makes us great. My old man was a great believer in the mixing of the genes.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              As long as it’s a not 1st cousin…right. Just look at the imbecilic rate of the inbred royalty in Europe and other countries. Pure bred anything like dogs are weak. Cross breeds not only are tougher but usually nicer and smarter.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Repeating myself again….my great grandparents never talked about their lives prior to coming to America. The answer was “We are American now”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      A while ago I was talking to a cousin that I never knew I had. She gave me a bit on the family ties. My Great Grandfather on my Mothers side was the best man at her great grand Mothers wedding way back at the turn of the 19th-20th century. As it turns out the great grand mother’s immigration sponsor was the brother of my great grandfather. he lived in Westchester co. NY. He did not show up to the immigration facities in NY to fullfill his duty as a sponsor. The lady contacted my great grandfather in PA and that is history. Even back then you had to have a sponsor.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The manipulation can easily be handled by using the PROPER terminology. That being an Alien and/or Illegal Alien. Then when the stupid people start with the cracks about them being earthlings just ask the attacker to read the dictionary.



      Alternative forms[edit]
      alyaunte (15th-16th centuries)


      Old French alien, aliene, from Latin aliēnus (“belonging to someone else, later exotic, foreign”), from alius (“other”), from Proto-Indo-European *h₂élyos.

      IPA(key): /ˈeɪ.li.ən/


      alien (plural aliens)
      1.A person, animal, plant, or other thing which is from outside the family, group, organization, or territory under consideration.
      2.A foreigner residing in a country.  
      3.Any life form of extraterrestrial origin.
      4.One excluded from certain privileges; one alienated or estranged.

  23. How lying liars lie. Two reports on the same incident. The Pope in Bolivia.



    The Pope may be a very holy man, but as a politician, he is an absolute dunce. He allows himself to be pulled into traps where what he says is immediately edited, reworded, and twisted to suit the media.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh how funny. Predicted this.

    Just dropped truck at the garage for service. Two pickup trucks, owned by service mechanics, flying TWO flags on the back of each truck. Poles anchored to the stake holes in the bed, for those that don’t know.

    One American and One Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. But the Battle Flags had been modified with another image superimposed.

    One had a Skull and Crossbones in the center.

    The other had the Rattlesnake in the center and “Don’t Tread on Me” along the bottom.

    Seems that some freedom lovers are reacting to the self righteous Jack Holes by showing their “rebellious” nature.

    My shuttle driver was a self proclaimed “Reb” and immediately launched into a frustrated and angry speech on the whole thing. Pointing out that most men who fought for the Confederacy did so not to protect slavery but to fight against what they viewed as an over reaching and oppressive Republic. In short, State’s Rights. The real interesting part was that he had worked for Homeland Security. They recruited him for his various skills after 9/11, which I will not post. But the list was impressive.

    He QUIT after a few years when he realized the Govt. was NOT OUR FRIEND.

    Oh, the mechanics are Yankees. That is right, Yankees flying the Confederate Battle Flag along side the American Flag. Not to support racism or hatred, but the right of individuals to be FREE. The IRONY created by the Force of the left is quite funny at times.

    • I can fully understand whats happening, because it’s happening here as well. Suddenly, the “Stars and Bars” is showing up everywhere. It isn’t just the young either. Most products have long sold out and awaiting restock to arrive. Newly designed t-shirts are out (I like T-shirts that have messages on the issues, like my several dozen 2nd Amendment ones). Sometimes the PC Lefty crowd don’t think very well.

      Take gun sales. June was one of the busiest Junes for background checks in history. Anytime some nut kills a bunch of people, it’s automatically going to increase gun sales now because of the gun grabbing crowd on the Left. Now, the Confederate Battle Flag will be everywhere and “IN Their Faces”. People are getting quite tired of the PC crowd.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the day.

    The parents of that poor young lady killed in SF, along with all other survivors, should SUE the crap out of San Francisco and any agency that failed to fully enforce the immigration laws that were linked to these killings.

    SF is guilty of arbitrarily and WITHOUT AUTHORITY, undermining FEDERAL LAW. And thanks to POTUS throwing a hissy fit over Arizona’s attempt to enforce the law, we know that the FEDS have sole authority.

    SF sherriff is PERSONALLY LIABLE in my view for refusing to honor the Fed request to be notified of the prisoners release. That is a “dereliction of duty” .

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I just love the hypocracy of the government and its selective enforcement. On one hand we have Arizona who says ok FEDS you don’t have the time we’ll help. We’ve got a serious problem here. They enact laws that mirror federal law and get sued to heck and beyond by the Feds. Somewhere in that mess is McCain who really is wanting liberal immigration policies by bonding with Kennedy years ago. And then we have San Fransico that releases a guy who the Feds in fact want…It makes your head hurt.

  26. Dale A Albrecht says:

    So the FBI was part of the fiasco that allowed the shooter in Charleston to obtain the weapons he used. Here we have a drug arrest just weeks prior. The FBI’s excuse is that the wrong arresting agency was listed. Wouldn’t the charges have been notes? Regardless of the agency making the arrest originally. It sounds like a lazy bureaucrat who couldn’t be bothered to really investigate an inconsistancy. Now the FBI director says that charge alone would have been sufficient to deny the permit. Sound like a total FED screw-up. Besides the sheriffs dept where he filed the permit to begin with…..so the activist go after the only thing that can not defend itself, the flag instead of the agencies entrusted with the task of public safety who are most likely protected under the law.

    I’d get serious and the Charleston DA should file charges against the sheriff dept and FBI for dereliction of their sworn duty and contributing to the wrongful death of the murdered victims. No new laws are required, just do your job.

    • Blew the background check. Brought to you by the good old US Government, same people giving you the F-35!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Isn’t that a joke. I’ve been folowing that program. Multi-role plane and can’t do any of them worth a lick. Couldn’t even fly the atlantic to an air show and they had to show a mock-up. The test pilots say that its only advantage is the electronic warfare suite. I’m sure the government bought it as an open architecture to save money. (joke) So figure out how to rearrange the package and fit it into the previous generation planes. And the Pentagon and the administrations said the F-22 was to expensive…wait until this wonder plane called the F-35 whose ideal roots lay with the F-111 that we all know how that program turned out.

        • Ahh yes, my favorite whipping boy the Aardvaark. That and the M-16 ware McNamara and the brain trust’s legacy to the US military. Was ion one of the military sites the other day regarding teh F-35 and dogfighting. They claim it can take on 11 adversaries at once. US tank battle doctrine in WW 2 (acknowledged or not) was it took five Shermans to take out a Tiger. So, while the Tiger was lighting up the four Shermans, the fifth snuck around behind him and shot him in the ass. So, with the F-35, put 11 2nd generation Mig 21’s in a rumble with him and even if he gets ten cheapies, they shoot him in the ass!

          Don’t claim to be the brightest lightbulb in the box but from the beginning, with very limited experience with semi-autos or autos, I thought that any rifle where you could not clear a jam from the top with a pocketknife was going to be trouble. Always thought Ruger was onto something with the Mini-14. Like to have seen that little guy with a heavy barrel and better sights. M-1 carbine sights would have been nice on it.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Do not get me going on McNamara….his brilliant suggestion to the engineers at Ford when they needed new paint hoods to apply the new enamel paints and larger cars was to cut the car in 1/2 and paint it and then weld the pieces together again….needless to say the engineers and factories got new hoods inspite of McNamara.

            I saw the F-111 out at Edwards AFB before it went into production and then introduced to combat in Vietnam. What a beast.

            That combat loss ratio of Shemans to Tigers was accurate. But from what I understand the Tigers were mechanical nightmares and real fuel hogs….you’re right throw a bunch of cheap planes or drones to have them expend weapons on board and it doesn’t take many $135M losses to withdraw them from use (masktroika, sp) anyone….but but just wait for the next generation it’ll be great. But sir…”we haven’t gotten the last 2″.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      This story is creating the usual collection of garbage on lefty sites. Particularly the BS claim that the second amendment conveys a “collective right” tied to the Militia.

      So if any of you run into this argument just give them this link. Tell them to then google other writings by Mr. Natelson on the subject.


      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I was just listening to the BS on NPR. Also the dialog was…even though it is now shown that the back ground check process broke down, in my opinion due to negligence and dereliction of duty and incompleted staff work, or just plain laziness. They still called for new laws and dared the NRA to challenge “this little ajustment” and then deflected the delection of the battle flag being targeted as the culprit instead of the “current” established government from top to bottom.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        BTW….I recognize the battle flag as a symbol of the attempt to re-assert states right. As wrong as slavery was, it was the law and protected, I am not condoning the practice. But neither it nor any law against secession appears to have been in place either. The south just lost the bloody argument. Obviously there isn’t any in place now either. Obama wishes that Texas would leave and you know how up on the Constitution he is.

        The news broadcast just said that the battle flag was removed from the TOP of the SC State Capitol building….do the news readers even read the news or truly follow the events.
        Flag pole in front of the capitol building. Now their removing the flag pole. I guess it’s contaminated.

  27. Just A Citizen says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Any hint to which article…my first issue is a 3.7 foot rise in sea level. I thought it was a bunch of centimeters. But also at no time are any analyists taking into account evaporation and water vapor in the atmosphere. Plus the line is the 100 year flood on top of what is a 3.7 foot rise which in itself is NO PROBLEM in Annapolis. So something that may happen in 200 years…uh huh

      • Just A Citizen says:


        What? You must have chased an attached link. The primary story is the one I am asking about. “Tragedy of the Commons”…. Baltimore Sun.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Didn’t show up. But that’s OK, I’d be incorrect anyway by reading to fast and “assuming”

  28. Just A Citizen says:
    • Funny thing about Trump, he seems to be able to hold hid ground well when questioned. I watched the NBC interview again yesterday, he wouldn’t let the interviewer run the show. He held his own and wouldn’t let the “gotcha” moment happen. His upcoming visit to Arizona was moved to the Civic center, because the smaller place doesn’t have enough room, Anita will like that 🙂

      I still don’t think he wins the Primary, but it’s fun to watch the establishment politicians squirm for awhile.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I remain as always a NO to TRUMP person. If we think that our current POTUS has serious issues Trump beats him especially in the narcistic category. If it wasn’t for the corporate laws in this country and elsewhere, Trump would have been long gone out of our lives and relagated to the dust bin of failed ventures.

      • This is true but the fact remains that there are those laws and those same laws benefitted Obama…..because his money came from those corporations that used the same laws as Trump.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          This is TRUE.

          The question is whether that is in his nature or if he would fight to reduce the cronyism.

          I belief it is his nature. That is why he uses the phrase “I will get us a better deal” when it comes to almost any issue. Our problems are not really subject to deal making, they required a firm stand on principle. A line in the sand that POTUS will not cross and that he/she will not allow Congress to cross.

          Meanwhile I am enjoying watching Mr. Trump suck the Oxygen out of the POTUS race.

          • One thing JAC……not only is he sucking the life out of the POTUS race…on both sides…but he is now guaranteed a seat at every single debate…..

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Not arguing that in the least. Trump leverages the finance laws, which is his legal right, and never risks his core wealth. Still I’d like to see something that he has done of some socially redeeming thing that was not all about him.

          Regardless, he should not back down on his stand about immigration. However he should just say he mis-spoke in his haste and omitted, “ILLEGAL” or undocumented alien from the speech. The dems do it all the time to explain Obama and Bidens errors. Neither of those two can speak a lick extemporaneously without a teleprompter spoon feeding them their lines.

          Iws just looking up his property listings. I came across an article in “wikipedia” egads. It definitely had the immigration controversy front page, but, it also included the word “Illegal” in the text…..I think MSM did some editing to put him in a defensive position and create controvery…but what’s new with that.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            I heard Trumps speech, the pundits are just making stuff up, omitting words, etc. Not a surprise coming from the Left. Word is that the RNC is getting lots of money to keep Trump out of debates. He’s high enough in the polls and should be heard. If they keep him out, it serves as proof that elections are a joke.

          • Type A personalities…..you have to have one and exercise it fully to be successful…and you have to be able to separate emotion.

  29. http://www.tpnn.com/2015/07/09/u-s-air-force-allows-rainbow-striped-u-s-flag-at-arizona-base/

    The flag business is going to be booming for awhile 🙂 Prices should go down after that as well 🙂

  30. Dale A Albrecht says:

    So the GOP has backed down again. They quietly scrapped the revote on the amendment that would remove the battle flag from National Cemetaries.

    Now the pressure is on to remove all vestiges of leaders in government who ultimately were on the confederate side.

    The democrats have done a pretty damn good job of erasing their role throughout the debate in the antebellum times, post civl war and post civil rights movement by creating a more cancerous form of slavery.

    What about the late Senator Byrd from Wva. A former grand wizard of the KKK. When that is brought up the Dems say…that was in the past so why bring up history. Besides he did many good things as a Senator.

    Sorry…a leopard can not change it spots.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I ask why are the GOP so concerned about the Black vote anyway? They haven’t gotten it since the mid-60’s when the blacks signed up for the most degrading and demeaning form of continued bondage that exists today in this country. Aided and abetted by their own leaders…..I will exclude MLK from that generality because I think he would be completely distraught to see where his people have gone on their path of life.

      • Yes…MLK has been the only black leader that I have respected…except for Dr. Carson.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Other Black leaders that have tried to break out have been sent through the meat grinder by their own kind because they don’t pander to the “You Owe Me” crowd.

        • That is because you have never really listened to Malcolm. That was a message, especially after he broke with the Nation of Islam. It is fairly certain according to NY Cops that Screwy Louie Farrakan, orchestrated the killing on Elijah Muhammad’s orders. None of the assassins ever talked, all are out of prison. When Malcolm realized that The nation of Islam was a fraud and a con job, he broke and went his own way. His message to his community was pride, pride, pride. He saw through the charade of the white man “helping” the negro. He saw the liberals for what they were, the new massah’s.

          Take the time and watch his speeches.

  31. I was watching CNN this morning….as I was channel flipping trying to find something worthwhile…and I saw a very interesting interview of one of the black chicks that appears on the VIew with Whoopi Goldberg……she was adamant and screaming that he shooting of the innocent girl in San Francisco was staged and that it was Trump that set it up so he could grab the spotlight from Hillary Clinton.

    So, Trump arranged the shooting and Geroge BUsh did not.

    My question from all of this……………Why is everybody afraid of Trump all of a sudden when everybody does not think he stands a chance? And, everybody is afraid of him…..Repubs…Dems….WHY?

    Is it because he says the truth?

    • Down deep people know. They are responding. Remember Perot. Had he gone, full bore, and not just been a will-o-wisp, lord knows how it would have shook out in a three way race.

      It seems from things I have read and heard that Perot blamed Bush for the POW’s left behind and was willing to give us Clinton just to destroy Bush.

      Regarding three way races. 1970, Jim Buckley from NY. Ottinger, liberal Dem runs against Godell liberal Rep., split the Liberal vote, Jim Buckley (Bill’s brother gets 41% and wins on the Conservative line). Would probably have won re-election too except ’76 was a bitch because of the Nixon Pardon and the Dems went with Moynihan (too far to the right for them under all but EXTRAORDINARY circumstances). Bella Abzug was in line for the nomination but the party was not that insane.

      • Yes, Perot was promised some things to derail the Repubs…and he got them. However, I do not think that Trump will go third party..that is a for sure loser. The thing is….he is ahead of all the Repubs and is even polling the same as Clinton. So…if he is such a loser….why is everyone on his case and why are they afraid?

        They are blistering him for his response on immigration…..someone tell me where he is wrong.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Because he did not prepare himself to speak clearly he opened himself up to the GRINDER.

          In this case it is not the what he said but how he said it.

          Now in all fairness, they would have gone after him for speaking the truth no matter how eloquent. But at least they would not have had the sound bites that looked like they fit their narrative.

          The most surprising thing to me in that was how fast the corporate responses of pulling contracts and joint sponsorships. That I believe, was a shot directed at ALL Republicans or potential public figures. “Get out of line and we will destroy you”.

          I heard some guy on the news the other day say that thousands have returned their Macy’s credit cards with TRUMP written across them.

          Trump has stepped into an arena I am not sure he is prepared for. His life is about to get very ugly. Somewhere there is an opposition consultant pointing out that he always looks “mad” and that if they poke him to get him really angry on TV it will end his chances.

          Just my guess but I would bet that if Trump were more polished the “establishment” Republicans would support him, even over Jeb.

          By the way, the other day Trump said Rick Perry did a “terrible job” on the border. Based on your postings and other sources it seems to me that Rick Perry did pretty darn good at securing the border while dealing with an obnoxious Federal Govt. What say you?

          • Trump would say that the end of WWII was not handled correctly because he did not do it. Perry has allowed the State to do what was necessary without visible walls. Trump would have a demilitarized zone if he could. We did it without much fanfare. We actually have created a wall, to speak, without brick and mortar…..we were already paying the Texas Guard…..might as well use them. Perry got with the business’…the illegal comes across and then goes to another state because they cannot get work in Texas…..a Texas business can lose its franchise to operate if it is violating a law to stay or be in business…and using illegals is violating law.

            There are things to do without being melodramatic.

        • They introduced a bill in the CA legislature to divorce the state from all business connections with Trump. It appears they fear him more than they did Palin.

          • Yes….if he is such a problem…why are they worried?…….it is because he is standing up and telling the truth about things….and people are getting behind him and powerful people are getting behind him…he is threatening the establishment.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I do not think they are actually worried. They are in a feeding frenzy. They think themselves righteous and with momentum that cannot be stopped.

              They must DESTROY anyone who does not cow tow to their demands or adhere to their “group think” mentality.

              New theory. The internet has helped create this mess. The “blogosphere” is an echo chamber of stupid as well as anger and disdain. It feeds itself creating the appearance of a “grand majority” of thinking. Corporations are now reacting to the “appearance” of massive opposition/complaint which is in reality a farce. An illusion created by manipulators on the web.

              We are witnessing the affect of propaganda being placed in the hands of ideologues rather than just a corrupt Govt. And when the two become the same, look out.

              • These folks are on a roll, Obamacare, Gay Marriage, ISIS success, so Trump dares to question the new orthodoxy.

                All week long Rush was on the difference between Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism. Again kudos to Br. Patrick in high school who woke me up to that one at 17. To presume to meld both their thoughts on the issue. Authoritarianism tends to let you do pretty much anything you want to do so long as it does not involve politics. Totalitarianism (total, get it) means they demand control of every aspect of your life.

                Rush went on to Mention Orwell’s “1984” in that they tortured the lovers to the point where they not only betrayed each other but thought that Big Brother had done the right thing.

                We are dealing with leftist Totalitarians out there who not only demand we let them do whatever they want to do but accept, like and enjoy it ourselves.

                When the facade slips, you get George Takai, Mr Sulu from Star Trek letting us know what he really thinks, “Clarence Thomas is a Clown in Blackface”. Simply because he wrote the dissent. 100% no compromise, no nothing except what we say and do it with a smile. Sound like North Korea or the Khmer Rouge to anybody?

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Voting won’t solve this. The only real option is……..?

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                In many ways that describes Hussein was in Iraq. You’re left alone as as long as you stay out of his domain. Cross that line and katie bar the doors. Abu Grahib has a new occupant.
                As opposed to Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. They demanded ALL, what you ate, work, exercise who you had sex with….make more perfect little nazi’s.

  32. Just A Citizen says:

    Yeehaw…………… it finally rained last night and this morning. Enough to actually wet the ground. Hopefully it will clear the smoke from the sky for a few days.

  33. Has everyone been watching what I was saying about China? It is happening….they are now short selling their stocks…..and their currency is about to be devalued as high as 30%. They have very quietly raised their tariffs and imposed restrictions on its largest customer….the USA. Now, Obama……you can have a great legacy right now….today. Flip it back….you have the power to raise the tariffs right back and destroy China’s ability to continue to fund their military on our money…..American investors are already dropping China;s stock like a bad habit….they have sold off their gold and now selling off their silver….and they were selling their gold at less than premium.

    Instead of decommissioning our last remaining carrier group……you could immediately, within 10 days, have the greatest power since th Reagan days….and not with the military…..the USD can flip in 10 days. For example, China is selling its silver at $12.50 per ounce…..the spot market is $15.56 per ounce. China Gold is selling for $950 per ounce and the spot market is $1163.

    Obama can do it…..MOnday when everything opens up. And you can do the same thing to China as they are to us…..close off our stock markets in the defense and energy fields to their investors.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      LOL, Obama won’t do squat. China is proving Trump correct again. The killing in SF and now this. I have no doubt he will exploit this and basically say, “see, told ya so”. How come not one politician can claim that?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Been watching the China stuff. Been interesting.

      I thought the only carrier battle groups and navair wing being decommission are those that are PRE-Nimitz class carriers. They’re constantly retiring older inefficient carriers. That leaves 10 battle groups. The last one has been the decommissioned was Enterprise that I know of. With the new Ford Class being fitted out now we’ll be back to 12 in a couple years.

  34. Also, is there anybody in here on Medicare? Better look at your new rules……”end of life”” panels are being re-instituted through the medical field being tied to reimbursement.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      No worries, it is only for counseling “don’t ya know”!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Next year I’ll be forced to go on Medicare. As long as they don’t take away my Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top or Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash…. I don’t care.

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    More on the Rebel flags at the garage. Had to go back this morning. As I was leaving I met one of the owner/drivers. The one flying the “Don’t tread on me” overlaid on the Battle Flag.

    A very nice, attractive young LADY.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      You’ve seen me post this bumper sticker “SWAT” Southern Women Armed & Trained I see this often here usually on the back of a really nice off road and they’re usually Marines. All put together and squared away and nice to boot.

      I’m encouraging my new neighbor to join the club. Young lady, Ex-Army, did all the gulf and Afghanistan stuff, doing college right now to be a aeronautical engineer, pick a subject the discussion is knowledgable and well argued…..she’d disarm Buck in a second. One look at her and he’d be tongue tied.

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    Another logical fallacy on a grand scale. But one that is dangerous as it will be used to try and bully an entire nation into submitting to this Jack Holes theories.

    And the left proclaim themselves the keepers of all things intellectual. Good grief!


    For those that do not understand the fallacy it is the fact that Germany’s position today is the direct result of Europe NOT FORGIVING their debt after WW1, which then led to WW2 where in we destroyed the entire nation’s ability to generate an economy of any kind. And Germany “submitted” to Europe and American demands.

    German pulled itself up, with our help, but they turned their back on the ignorant Keynesian theories of economics. The Greeks on the other hand have taken bail out after bail out and done NOTHING to curb their deficit spending.

    This is a classic example of Sophistry. Creating what appears to be sound arguments but which contains errors in logic. It takes one singular event, “forgiving debt” and then draws a comparison of equivalency despite the massive differences between the examples.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Now along the lines of fallacies and Sophistry, it has been awhile since I gave equal air time to the “right” or “conservatives”.

      So here is a prime example of the exact same flaws in thinking that I outlined on the Greece article. The comparison of the invasion of Europe and England by a NATION STATE to the situation in the middle east is frankly, IGNORANT or STUPID. I don’t know which because I do not know the author. I am guessing STUPID, however.

      Criticizing Mr. Obama for his lack of clear vision is certainly appropriate. However, there is no comparison of the “moral clarity” being claimed by the author and all the “parrot monkeys” who chimed in. Let us not forget that ISIS did not kill and American until we took action against ISIS. Not saying we should not have done so, but lets not confuse ISIS attacking its neighbors with ISIS attacking the USA.

      Oh, and one major difference between WW2 and the current middle east. While the supposed “evil” is evident in both, the “good” is not. The allies of Europe who opposed Hitler were of the general same cloth as well as relative friends before the war. In the middle east the “allies” of the USA and the rest of the world are duplicitous, lying, snakes. They are all trying to use “outsiders” to their own advantage, including allowing us to wage their own war for them.


      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Good statements….one of the 1st to rush into Iran “when” not if the nuclear deal is signed and ALL embargos and money returned to the Mullah’s will be FRANCE.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    Wow, just freaking WOW. I DID NOT see this coming.

    So now free market thinking, Austrian economics, and Libertariansism is all rooted in “SOUTHERN” ideology of exploitation, slavery and bigotry.


    This will give the hacks license to go after every free market thinker as inherently RACIST.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      JAC…you must not get the news up in “them thar hills” This is just gaining volume. The MSM is just parroting the party line in the hopes they will have a job later. None are really into history anyway so why not fabricate it. Just ask one of the mill workers in one of the Northern states, be it steel, textile, garment workers, or miners. Just ask any “worker” in the old USSR. They took everything and redistributed based on the formula of what that job is worth in society. At least if I’m not mistaken a slave might be able to buy their freedom. While destroying any incentive where it really mattered. The incentive was to kiss the collective commissars asses and get the goodies, better school or to shop at that special store where WESTERN goods could be bought, drive in the special lane, get a car within several years. Any member of the family being disloyal cost the whole family.

      Thanks but no thanks

  38. Just A Citizen says:


    Another huckster and fraud is caught. Of course there will be NOTHING in the MSM or the other drive by variety.

    I loved the part where she claimed she was “spontaneously” moved to do something but it turns out she and her friends practiced the stunt for several days. The fawning over this dip stick on the leftwing sites was sickening for days after.

  39. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I don’t remember if this article was one copied here on SUFA or I saw it as a headline on my internet provider. Now that LGBT folks can be married they are now turning the next page in the play book. They are demanding that all gender terminology be deleted off of a marriage license. Their example used was to delete “Husband” and “Wife” OK in this age of self defining just leave the field blank on a paper form….fill in what you wish. Online form have a drop down menu.

    The next page that flashed by was entertainment and there was an article about John Rees dying. He was Robin Colcort on Cheers…..anyway quote “he is survived by his husband”, unquote. Not into defining terms, give me a break.

  40. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Some text from a headline article on the progress of the nuclear talks with Iran.

    “The negotiations entered their 15th day Saturday with no indications of major progress after three extensions and four target dates for a deal”

    What pray tell have they been doing for the past three years when the original deadline was crossed 2.5 years ago. Coissants and latte’s

    My belief is the talks drag until it is a “fait accomplait” that Iran has nuclear weapons if they don’t already….BTW..where has N Korea been during all this? Chuckling on the impotence of the administrations negotiators and resolve and principles all discarded to “MAKE THE DEAL”

  41. The new push from the left. Taking any movies off the shelves that depict anything of the War Between the States…..231 movies, TV series, and documentaries…..

    Among those selected: Gone With the Wind, Dark Command ( Roy Rogers Debut ), Santa Fe Trail, They Died With Their Boots On, Escape from Fort Bravo, The Horse Soldiers, How the West Was Won, Shenandoah, The Undefeated, Alvarez Kelly, The Outlaw Josie Wales, Gangs of New York, Gettysburg, Gods and Generals….ALL Time LIfe and National Geographic documentaries……and a recall of any and all Awards given the actors, directors, and producers of such…..including academy awards, emmies, etc.

    Someone on here was wondering where it is all going to stop?

    • Oh, I forgot….added to the list were all movies depicting any black that was acting as house maids, butlers, etc…..including Driving Miss Daisy, Bojangles Dancing with Shirley Temple…it being said that any movie that depicts any subserviant role of the black. Jack Benny and Rochester was mentioned…..

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Who decided that they have this authority, them? I asked, but I also think I know the answer.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      This is such BS. Most of the films noted were films that depicted a victory over the “evil” south. Even Dark Passage. was not a heroic movie. It showed the pure evil of the Missouri border raiders. As 30’ish as “They died with their boots on” shows what I had thought was pure crap because it was never taught in school was Custer charging pretty much suicidally into Jeb Stuarts 5000 calvary making an end run behind Meade at Gettysburg timed to meet Picket coming up the center front. Those charges saved the Union Army in that battle. Then Custer gets his just rewards for Sand Creek and other calvary indian massacres, finally at little big horn. What more do the lefties want?.

  42. So with a little research…here is the excerpt of one of the films they want banned or the scene cut out…

    • I sense Col. that you are skeptical of these societal changes. Your friends and neighbors at local re-education camp #17 would like to you to take an extended vacation for your health and well being.

  43. Oh, I forgot to mention, that as of yesterday…..there are now 130,000 Russian Troops now on the Ukraine border…..Interesting that it coincided with Soros talking to Putin after buying controlling interests in 6 Greek shipping lines, offering to invest 1,5 BILLION in Ukraine…..and tied to the negotiations of the Greeks and the Euro……..I am sure that it is all just coincidence.

    But I am just sure that it is all overblown hyperbole….

  44. If the Democrat Party wants to eliminate any and all references that remind us of slavery, Gohmert suggests that in addition to taking down flags, the Democrat Party should also change their name. Not only was the Democrat Party responsible for slavery to begin with, they also created the KKK and later blocked the Civil Rights movement. Rep. Gohmert read from the 1856 Democrat Party Platform which, as he says, “Reads like a manual from the KKK.” The Democrat Party’s origins represents everything they claim to hate–so if the flag comes down, so should the name, “Democrat Party.”
    Read more at http://politichicks.com/2015/07/epic-rep-gohmert-the-democrats-should-change-their-name-for-supporting-slavery/

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Exactly…The Republicans and conservatives are coming into a bare knuckle, no round. fist fight, with their hands tied behind their backs for some reason. This is hard ball and the conservative leaders should get just as nasty but use the FACTs.

      I keep bringing up the lauding the DEms did over the death of senior senator Byrd WVa last year. People brought up that he had been quite a racist and Klan leader. They just blew it off and said thats OK because he did good things in Congress.

      So by logical extention those political and military leaders prior to joining confederate forces and states should be recognized for their goodness from previous times.

      I was surprised even on NPR news this AM, the news reader said the Trumps speech used “Undocumented” immigrant.

  45. Just A Citizen says:

    These darn white women, flaunting their White Privilege around in front of everyone.


  46. gmanfortruth says:

    They will take until stopped. They are cowards when confronted. None around where I live, all I can do is protest online.

  47. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I just love all these big negotiations going on. Iran and the nuclear arms talks, Greece and the bailouts, Ukraine. It’s just like the old silent one reeler’s “The Perils of Pauline” All the drama, pending doom, the reel end and stay tuned for next week. You find there was a harrowing rescue and all is well and then launches into another drama.

    • Most of that is POOP! We are in a huge attack on Christianity. This is what the attack on Southern Heritage is. This isn’t about slavery or because that stuff feelings, it’s an attack on the past! Mao did the same damn thing.

  48. The anti rebel forces are here….in a school district called Richardson…they want to rename the school, the stadium, redo the flag, drop the name of the women’s drill team named Dixie Belles..change the name of the mascot from Rebel.

    The parents have something to say about that..and the perp that is causing the problem is not even from Texas nor lives here.This same guy is wanting to go to cemeteries and pull the grave markers that have any inscription on them referencing anything Southern, tear down monuments and mausolims that have inscriptions on them referencing the Civil War, including the names on headstones that has a rank and CSA following it.

    He said if we start with Texas, the other states will follow suit…..Well, he bit off a little more than he can chew…he pissed off the parents and in a face to face confrontation, the parents said that we will match you item for item….you tear down a street sign with Robert E Lee on it and we will tear down a street sign that has MLK on it.

    This is the same guy that wants Texas to drop the Six Flags Over TExas……

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The idiot didn’t even know that “Dixie” was tune played by both sides.

  49. This is for us old dinosaurs……..

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Oh does that bring back memories. And furthermore “Mom, always liked you best”
      Hadn’t thought about them in years, but Dick Smothers lived up the road in CA. To get booted off the air for being to controversial. The whole roots of folk singers generally from the 30’s-70’s was protest some issue or another…..strange that their on air protesting about the vietnam war was during Johnsons presidency and 68 democratic convention in Chicago and they were fired just after nixon took office.

  50. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I was just reading in our news this AM that the 1st industrial size wind farm is starting ground breaking in NC. Plan of 102 at first then more to be added. The location will be near Elizabeth City up on the Ablemarle sound in the northeast corner of NC. The only way that the Feds claim it will be any where feasible because of the lack of wind here during the summer is to build them bigger and have even bigger blades. Now in their combined wisdom. The farm will be right near the largest Coast Guard Station in the country. Next it is right in the Atlantic flyway for migratory birds. Approx 65-75K Tundra Swan winter over in that area. Much less all the migrating storks, pelicans, geese etc….And to add insult to injury it’s a Spanish company building it. Irony is that when our previous Democrat governor was trying to ram through a wind farm near Washington NC also right in the flyway it was shot down. Now the republicans have been in a few years and this crap just breezed through….I guess it’s whose side of the bread is being buttered on.

  51. Just checking to see if everyone is scared today….now that Jade Helm has been going on for several weeks now. Welcome to the 82nd Airborne Division doing jumps at Fort Hood, Camp Swift, and Ft. Bliss. Welcome to the conspiracy theorists that insisted that martial law would have been enacted by now. Anybody been arrested?

    • Now, since some of you like and believe in SNOPES…..I went there…about Jade Helm…they have no idea what is going on….However, I can help people out….

      NO…NONE….NOT ONE military vehicle is being hidden inside Walmart.
      THere are NO secret tunnels linking hundreds of miles from Walmart or across the US Boundary into Mexico.

      I have seen the PHOTO SHOPPED pictures of all this military equipment being moved with Walmarts in the back ground. Check the shadows.

      I personally know what happened to the Walmart in Livingston, Texas…..it is indeed closed….it is closed because it lost money. They built a new one in another city just a short 20 miles away.

      One of the best ways to discourage unions…..close stores that are marginal and close stores in union enclaves….which is what they did in California. YOu can effectively send a message country wide if you close some stores that have had demonstrations…..the message…vote the union in..expect the store to close.

      • Do not ever defend Wal-Mart! I watched them carefully plan and destroy the downtown’s of two small towns in Pennsylvania. Now, maybe I am nuts but they built right outside city limits and pay county, not city tax.

        St. Mary’s is a great example. Had friends there for years. The downtown used to be something out of “It’s a Wonderful Life”, now it is mostly $ 1 stores and boarded up storefronts. Lehighton is another one. Local merchants built and proved a mini mall could work with two local Department Stores participating as anchors. . After it was up and running successively for few years, Wal-Mart built a super store across the street. The competition was gone in a year. Let somebody else do the real work seems to be their model.

        And they absolutely will abandon a store and move a mile or two down the road to get a tax break. Makes no sense to me but there must be some interesting tax write off involved.

        Oh, and after they destroy the competition, those of us raised by depression era parents note that their prices are actually higher than most of their former competitors. Mom taught this boy to be a comparison shopper and Mom-In-Law did the same with the wife.

        Worst case scenario was if they destroyed your downtown and then decided it was not getting the income they wanted and shut down the super center. Now, you are driving thirty miles for a pair of Levi’s.

        Question? Is Wal-Mart a wholly owned subsidiary of the Peoples Republic of China or vice- versa?

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I for one dislike the big box store’s in general….that said

          In Eastern NC we have a route that runs east to west in the state. We’ll focus on the Raleigh East portion. Years ago the State built by-passes around all the cities and towns that it could. This was to start a grand plan to seriously develop the State owned port in Morehead City at Beaufort inlet. The downtowns of the by-passed cities died. Slowly little boutique business and gallery are coming but they cities are basically dead. The stores etal moved out to the by-pass. Over the years I’ve seen them develop and enlarge and more go up. OK. When TARP was funded back in the beginning of Obama’s administration the overall highway plans to Morehead were dusted off and because the Feds are throwing the money at us, we have to spend it. Now they are building by-passes around the by-passes. Killing the businesses again. Now this is to a port that by no means can be enlarged to handle anything larger than what it currently does. And oh by the way it is supported by an existing railroad line. Why build bigger and wider roads. To partially justify the port the State approved plans to seriously enlarge a chemical and phosphate and sulfur plant. Right smack dab in the middle of a very nice resort community. The State hid the approvals from the community. It was leaked and all hell broke out. The State responded that it is none of their business so butt out. Luckily the State lost mostly due to the fact a phosphate plant about 50 miles away just wanted to shorten their sulfur supply line. To Manufacturer it where it didn’t matter to them that they destroy a town with the smell. Tourists will go elsewhere. Then ship the molten sulfur by barge instead of Rail cars which the currently do. They couldn’t use any threat that they could move their operation in Aurora, because that location is the main source of their raw material.

          With TARP the State built a divider right down between the main business road in one of the cities, claiming safety. 20 years I’ve never seen an accident in the turning lanes. Havelock lost their battle and busineses have suffered a 45% loss depending on the side of the road you were trapped on. Morehead had their data and threw it right back at the state. The only rear enders or accidents were where this divider was of no use what so ever. Havelock was then informed by the State that upon completion of the barrier they then were going to start the by-pass eliminating the city altogether. They were going to cut a swath of land 500 feet wide right through the National forest that has been protected from development for years. So now in Havelock you have to drive sometimes over a mile only to then do a U-turn. If towing a boat that is impossible.

        • I do not defend Walmart by any stretch…however, business is business…The way taxes work on this,,,,if there is a jurisdiction down the road and the demographics do not change,,,it is not uncommon for a jurisdiction to offer NO TAX for a 10 year period of time. You open and close stores depending solely upon profit or structure…Corporations are in busines to make profit….not to take care of anyone.

          • Gentlemen, I appreciate your “takes”.

            Dale, I am not surprised by anything the state does regarding highways. In Fair Lawn, we have a nice Commercial Street, Broadway which is unfortunately also State Route 4. The Barrier went in before I got here. It is pedestrian un-friendly and despite being in an old town, it is a driving in rather than walking in area.

            Colonel, As I get older, I am thinking more and more of the difference between capitalism and corporatism. The latter, I believe, smacks of Fascism. The latter is also where we are headed though capitalism gets the blame. certainly you are correct abut that 10 year no tax thing, I remembered it the minute you mentioned it. NYC also gave out bonuses like that and beloved NY Gov. Cuomo highlights no corp. taxes for 10 years if you move your business to NY.

            In the olden days you would get a football team, a baseball team or a big industry move for those reasons and they would stay. Today, it is the bottom line. Last smmer, while out at Ft. Leavenworth, the papers were all carrying the St. Louis/LA Rams stories about the blackmail going on over free stadiums at the taxpayers expense. Are we really all that dumb?

            I guess I break with conservatives and Libertarians over the words “long term”. Bottom line be damned. There is no long term benefit for me, my kids, my grandkids, my relatives, friends or acquaintances kowtowing to the greedy, despicable desires of either the St. Louis/LA Rams or Wal-mart or their shareholders.

            I have heard the argument time and time again that Wal-mart does a service providing us with all these “luxuries” we can afford despite the falling median income. Cheap Chinese Trinkets. Maybe if we had only two TV’s per household and one computer, families might start recognizing each other (let alone talking to each other) again. As my eldest used to say it is like trading the cow for the three magic beans.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Through my family and my own work I had a long relationship with IBM. Yes IBM was a big corporation and yes it was interested in the bottom line through profits. I understand all of that. They also viewed the employee as one of the key strength that made the company what it was. However I also saw significant changes that were in my view disasterous and bring a mood of “if you don’t care, why should I” The company was very proud of it policy to NOT lay off people. That seriously put pressure on management to MAKE good sound business decisions. IBM used to stand for “I’ve Been Moved” Jobs constantly shift and instead of just dumping a good employee they’d get moved. Now, you’re gone. A contract ends, you’re gone. They just hire more mercenaries. They get the check,regardless maybe win, maybe lose. In the 70’s IBM had a big manufacturing factility in Kingston NY. Kingston was a small city as cities go. IBM and its suppliers were crucial because they had made it so. When the business decided to move its operations to RTP in NC, it was a good business decision because NY is NY. However the company very gradually moved and allowed the city to entice replacement businesses. The workers were moved that were still of working age and wished to move. The city survived with little disruption. Now, Like they did in the early 90’s were making bad decisions, by blind stupidity, and one day at Fishkill, diverted the people to the cafeteria and handed out severence checks. 15,000 people gone in 1 hour, no notice, nothing. Fishkill still has not recovered and most of the buildings are now owned or leased to the CHINESE. You want to get into a hot discussion with the people in Fishkill 20 years later bring up IBM. The GTD devision in ’92 grossed 12B from semi-conductor sales. That was 2X larger than the next largest which was NEC in Japan at 6B. Intel was significantly less than that. IB did make decisions years ago that they were getting out of manufacturing. To capital expensive. But they should have sold the most profitable division at that time. The revenue last year was around $800M. The division eventually was sold for almost nothing because the company years ago had ceased investing in the technical generational improvements required. The only thing the new owners were looking for were the land use permits and the physical sites and what skilled labor they had left. We had been the world leader in the technologies but also in cost and could go toe to toe with any competitor in the world. The IBM board just pissed it away.
              IBM in Vermont was the largest employer besides the State. In ’94 the corporate board said that the business in Vermont had to take 100% of the layoffs that year. Our management said that we always stayed lean and by the way were making a Gross profit of over 50%. We were keeping the division alive by making the right products at the right price. Our president said he wouldn’t do it. The board fired him first. 1/3 of the employees were let go, causing a collapse of the entire regions real estate market. The people had to be back filled but those people could not buy houses because they were coming from areas that suffered a collapse themselves and couldn’t sell or lose 50%. These were pre bubble days.

              I went to work for AT&T for the last 15 years of my work career. When I was retired due to a formula of age and years of service, I really didn’t mind due to the average of 80 hour work weeks as a manager. A few years earlier I had been give some relief by being able to build a team of “former” IBM’ers in Slovakia of close to 60 people. I was able to get 9 people for the price of one of me. Young folks,they started families bought apartments doing excellant work. 6 months after the US team was retired they were called in and given their notice. The work was all outsourced to Tech Mahindra in India. I contacted one of the senior people I worked with in NJ and questioned the soundness of that decision. He said it was not their’s it was all finance and the claim was all for the costs. I tossed back that I had dealings with that business over the years and never had they ever produced the required results without major rework sometimes 3-4 times. Obviously cheap took precedence over quality and they’d keep reducing the quality until the customers stopped buying. Many of the kids in Slovakia got jobs with German companies. However, I just got word that even the Germans are moving more offshore like to Vietnam. So these kids are on their 3rd job since 3-4 years ago. And not in the same country.

              If the Colonel reads this…..how did the State of Texas contract with IBM turn out several years ago. How much disruption to your state services did their sloppy coding cost the state? After several failures, the last I heard was Texas was pulling the contract and suing IBM for breach of contract.

              The bottom line is that most corporations treat their employees now as no more than a brass tag item like a desk. The message gets across real fast. Most people just go through the minimum effort and ride it out as long as it lasts. The goal for IBM for years has been to reduce employees to a bare minimum. Contract labor only. How can anybody reasonably expect to buy any large ticket item like a house without a firesale at some time, or a husband in one place and the wife in another as an example…..NOW many of these decisions are driven by government rules.

              Built in obsolecence in two years as opposed to seven. Reliability is getting worse on products. But Bernanke said it our economy relies consumption and credit. Build in obsolecense and you have to buy another instead of keeping the product. Look how good the new Microsoft operating system worked. It’s a piece of shit. But requires you to buy a new laptop to work. Their solution due to the bad software, is rushing out the next version and saying….just wait for that one. Any bets of it’s quality?

              • Yep, and I happily cash all the dividend checks I receive from ATT and Verizon. If Sanders, Paul and the others in the race who claim they are for the middle class really want to do something, they would start a movement to organize the shareholders.

                If you can Boycott South Africa by putting pressure on institutions who hold big blocks of stock, you certainly could do the same with Corporations and their institutional investors.

                Sounds a lot like populism, doesn’t it? Like taking back the country. In addition to preventing the companies from going overseas, I’d like to cap executive salaries and golden parachutes.

              • If the Colonel reads this…..how did the State of Texas contract with IBM turn out several years ago. How much disruption to your state services did their sloppy coding cost the state? After several failures, the last I heard was Texas was pulling the contract and suing IBM for breach of contract.

                I read it….and Texas kicked IBM out. They are gone. AS to the law suits…..I do not know. Does not really matter….they did not do the work..we kicked them out.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                The last CEO before SBC bought AT&T wanted to continue as the president. He literally destroyed the company more that it had been prior to Mike Armstrong coming and trying to bring AT&T into the new generation. They’d start a great new business and then quit and sell it off. Eventually Armstrong said “I’m out of here” His replacement was drove the company into near bankruptcy. SBC got it all. It helped to get the law changed also so the baby bells could do long distance and the long distance could do local and also get rid of the criminal organization called “Worldcom”. Anyway that last CEO before the take over was given such a huge golden parachute and cashed in stock options the guy made a fortune for being and absolute incompetent idiot. I really am surprised the board voted him such a package. But then they take care of their own.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              You complain about Fascism and “Crony Capitalism” yet you want somebody to prevent Wal Mart from running the “mom and pop” shops out of an area.

              You constantly reveal yourself as just another “fascist” unless of course your really a socialist at heart.

              I am not sure you could handle Freedom, at least when it comes to our economic decisions.

              • Not a doctrinaire anything. I want the “people” to stop and prevent them. I want the people to rise and boycott. Those very same people the Declaration talks about. It will never happen and I will oppose the government trying it but I will also oppose the cronyism and corporatism that seems to want to screw the worker with the help of the government. The boycott of South Africa was affected by people. Right or wrong, they proved it could be done without big brother. Shit, the gays proved what could be done with keeping your eye on the ball and controlling the language in the debate. .

                Back in the days, the government sent troops into the Coal Fields. Think that was appropriate? Government should be neutral. If you have a union and they win closed shop, that’s the end of it till they vote otherwise or the company packs up and moves elsewhere. Always found it a bit humorous that conservatives who would say the employer has the right to demand X as a condition of employment can conveniently come up with all sorts of justifications why a closed shop, won through collective bargaining, should not be considered a condition of employment.

                How are you on child labor anyway? Unlimited immigration? Mandatory sick leave? 40 hour work week?

                Look, we are in a very bad place when the AFL-CIO wants to legalize unskilled illegals. The Unions act as if they want to actually bring about lower wages. The short sightedness and lack of attention span in this country is astounding. I have little or no hope about anything these days.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Look at the effort the government went to to stop Boeing from moving a new manufacturing facility to SC a right to work state. In light of recent events in SC does anyone think the NAACP boycott had some role in this with the Obama administration? Besides being owned by the unions.

            • see below….

      • Snopes is a joke. They are no more the “experts” they claim than Obama is on economics. I can see the Walmarts closing due to Union issues, of which they could never admit. The tunnels, well, that’s imaginations gone a little off the cliff. Although having a train rail underground that can go to most states would be a good idea (it would eliminate weather related delays that trucking deals with), it would be hard to hide building it.

      • Spent the weekend on the shores of Lake Michigan, a three hour drive from metro Detroit. As usual on summer weekends, the weekend warriors were out and about. I did notice something different this year, though. The convoys included flatbed semi trucks. May have seen 6 or 8 total, all were empty. Maybe the bases on the west side of the state train with different equipment than those in northern lower Michigan? Don’t know the answer but it strange to see the flatbeds.

        • This is the time of year that “summer camps” are employed. Most reserve or guard units train in the summer time….usually in 15 day intervals….all units train, including HET.
          ( Heavy Equipment Transport.) Most units train for the field and very little attention is placed on the logistics which are required for training also. Empty flat beds is nothing to be concerned about.

    • Nope, never was. However, the original dates were July 15 to Sept 15, although many have claimed it began early. But in all reality, I have told those that are fearful and what not, that the military don’t have the personnel numbers to enforce martial law in the whole country. If arrests are made, they won’t last past the first day. There will not be any gun confiscation, that is a suicide mission. I have also tried many times to remind people that the military won’t follow illegal orders, such as gun confiscation. Of course, most of the CT folks aren’t claiming anything will happen until the end. The only thing that might happen….some civil unrest should a white cop kill another thug black man. That will be a local issue, not a military issue.

      On a lighter note, let’s see if a coup gets going in Greece now. Depending on how the parliament votes in the coming days will make for some interesting events.

      Trump is making all the news. I’m laughing at the squirming politicians and his “inappropriate” comments, which happen to be correct. I’ll bet they are quite concerned about any debates coming up. Funny stuff.

  52. The daughter in laws (two out of three) surprised us by taking the crew to the mall on Saturday and having all six photographed together. A proud Grandpa has to have his moment! Against my better judgement I accompanied them. Talk about a three rig circus.

    Madeline, Jacqueline,Nicholas, Catharine, Stephen and Robert

  53. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This just in…..


    So how are the service personnel going to handle this when alien species are incorporated into the armed forces?

    Maybe on board ship they can go back to one head type instead of two. Because it won’t matter because they go both ways.

    We are fast becoming a lawless and immoral country due to PC politics. Oh and one with no guiding principles anymore by the continued revision of the Constitution without benefit of an officially ratified amendment .

    • It absolutely amazes me. I guess the members of the Joint Chiefs are already transitioning because none has the balls to quit!

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Shouldn’t be a problem when they find out they on point, permanently. The won’t do well on a navy ship out to sea, forget the Marines. The AF could put them in a back office job, they wouldn’t make it on the flight line. Looks like it’ll be up to the Army on this one. They should fit right in 🙂

    • No worries…it will be handled the same way as the gay issue. It will be handled internally by the soldiers them selves…..despite the rules, despite the law, despite the left position….I encourage any one of you to ask any gay member of the armed services if anything has changed….it has not and they, the RAINBOW crowd, still keeps it to themselves. It is not an will not be accepted but it wont make the news….just handled by the soldiers themselves.

  54. This child was born pre-mature but watching it-I simply cannot understand how anyone believes they should have the right to kill him at 25 weeks or just 1 day.


  55. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has issued a no-nonsense message to fugitive Mexican drug lord “El Chapo” and his cocaine-pushing cohorts: cross the border into the Lone Star State and we’ll nail you.”


    Heh Heh…bring it on….

  56. Now the Progressive’s are pissing me off……they want to eliminae the showing of “To Kill A Mockingbird”……because it shows a white lawyer helping a black man.

    • Woah! The new book, the first one she wrote is about Atticus twenty years later, in his 70’s and in the midst of the 1950’s Civil Rights rebellion. His daughter, Scout, has been living and working in NY and returns home to find him railing about the Negro’s wanting this equality stuff. I have a hunch they should have let the new book stay lost. Read a front page article on it yesterday in the NY Times and the words they quoted Atticus saying, immediately, in my mind, came out of Gregory Peck’s mouth. Bad Ju-Ju. Totally bad, probably screwed up my watching the movie ever again.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Buy all the DVD’s you can. if your broadcasting station is publically owned they will buckle under the threat. de Tocqueville warned of this in his book “Democracy in America” The government sits back and doesn’t restrict free speech but lets the “Commercial” pressure do it for them. I just got done watching the “Apartment” what you saw was the shoe shine boys, maids, janitors….and a brief scene of a white guy kissing a black lady at a party. But that was history, why deny it. Keep showing it as a reminder of is this what you want out of life. Maybe all will not be successful but I do not know anyone who will not give a fair shake to anyone. But bite back and you will get dropped.

      A few years ago up in Raleigh the Black’s were really getting hostile towards the new immigrant group “hispanics”. They were screaming that the hispanics were taking all their “TRADITIONAL” jobs. That is working in fast food places, cleaning toilets and making beds in hotels and general shit service jobs. I used to say if that is your aspiration I really feel sorry for you. There was no limit to the educational opportunities available, especially to the needy. Had a friend who was an immigrant from Colombia. Started out with the crap jobs. Got an education and is now a paralegal in Raleigh. One thing that helped was her daugther telling her mom….learn ENGLISH and shut off that god damn telemondo and univision. The daughter also from Colombia, got educated, got a job with a high tech aeronautical company, had to give up her dual citizenship (British and Colombian) and get her US citizenship for security clearance. She did. Where there is a will there is a way.

  57. Just A Citizen says:


    My response to your comments and questions.

    Always found it a bit humorous that conservatives who would say the employer has the right to demand X as a condition of employment can conveniently come up with all sorts of justifications why a closed shop, won through collective bargaining, should not be considered a condition of employment. NOT SURE WHAT YOU FIND HUMOROUS. THE EMPLOYER IS THE ONE OFFERING THE JOB ALONG WITH CONDITIONS. IT IS THEIR’S TO OFFER. THE EMPLOYEE TAKES THE JOB AND THE CONDITIONS OR GOES ELSEWHERE.










  58. Open and closed or agency shop states are not conditions of employement as defined by the NLRB…they are state passed laws. However, in an open shop state…and there is a union, then negotiations can make that a closed shop within that unionized company by contract. A company would be stupid to do that because closed or open shop are not conditions of employment and they are not economic in nature. Therefore, any strike that is held after everything else is negotiated, especially monetary items….a strike would then be classed as an economic strike and, therefore, permanent replacements can be hired.

    Sometime back, in Jacksonville, Illinois, we had an operation there that was union. Ilinois was a closed shop state at that time..( and may still be )….so unions had a pretty good foothold….however, to beat a union was pretty easy. But you have to identify what is considered a condition of employment. So, once you negotiated all wages, hours, and working conditions…all monetary items….that throws the contract negotiations into a different category.

    So, as a company, what is called the “checkoff” is not a mandatory subject of bargaining. We simply did not agree to it. ( The checkoff is a clause in the contract where the company would deduct the union dues from the employee and send it to the union ). We adopted the attitude that the checkoff was none of our business and that the union needs to collect their own union dues. The theory behind that, and it was a fact and not theory, when an employee sees a deduction on his check stub, it is looked at as an automatic deduct..like taxes. But when an employee or his significant other had to write that monthly check straight out of their own checkbook, it became a sore spot for the employee. It does not take long and employees drop out of the union to save that money.

    • Mostly agreed. It is all about NEGOTIATING. As a retired guy, I receive benefits that were negotiated on my behalf by my union. Believe me, I was never overly fond of the political donations my union made. they usually sent chills up my spine but from a personal perspective, the benefits negotiated are today my pension, my back up to medicare, my drug plan and dental plan. I would have been not only a fool but one ungrateful SOB not to be willing to belong to the union.

      Half my life was in a union job, the other half was not. I could not survive on my pension alone, roughly 1/3 my last year pay, payable 13 years after I left the job but when I went private I started saving and investing. That in the end took me up where I needed to be. So, I see it from both sides.

      Now JAC, do I really have to show you pictures of “breaker boys” in 1913 or little girls rolling cigars in some feted swamp of a tenement on the lower east side? Hell, I worked too as a kid. Had to if I wanted spending money. That was the law at home. All four of my kids did too. Back in the wonderful 80 hour a week work weeks people often walked into machinery in their sixteenth hour. Did you say something about workplace safety? Then there was that Triangle Shirtwaist fire thingee.

      We sit here in the 21st century divorced from what it meant not to have any options 100 years ago. While I might even agree with you that the government protects unions today, that was not always the case. What was my first question? Something about the government sending in troops to break coal strikes wasn’t it?

      If an owner has the right to set conditions of employment and the union has a collective bargaining agreement with that employer then that too is part of the condition of employment.

      Here’s a nice little piece from that notorious Left Wing rag, “the American Rifleman” about a little known piece of American History would be interested in your comments.


      • Just A Citizen says:


        Mine owners demand terrible working conditions, so the miners wage a war and kill people. And this is portrayed as some HEROIC act by the “labor”.

        Ever notice how folks like you always resort to using the working conditions of over 100 years ago as your proof of how evil businessmen are? Has it occurred to you that times have changed?

        As for the troops breaking up the strikes, the workers were TRESPASSING and interfering with Interstate Commerce. Where is there a Right for you to actively force closure of your employers business, to harm people who want to work when you don’t, to damage property, etc, etc..

        If you want to revisit the labor strife of the industrial revolution in the USA then you had better discuss ALL the bad players.

        If you want to strike then strike, you have that right. And I have the right to replace you immediately. You have NO RIGHT to coerce or use force against anyone who has not attacked you directly. And eliminating your employment is not an attack on you.

      • It is true….it is all about negotiating….everyone on an even keel. I will be the first to acknowledge that companies brought on the unions to begin….company stores, company housing (slums)…..child labor and horrible working conditions and safety issues. All good reasons up until 1940. Once the NLRB was established, union organizing changed to it being one sided today.

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