What’s Next?

thLK5PCG37So much is going on within our own borders that trying to get a complete understanding of any one thing is getting harder, mainly because it changes so often.  The popularity of Donald trump.  The Left Wing’s war on Southern Heritage.  The illegal immigration issue is front and center again (Trump started this, a murder made him correct).  Blacks are killing blacks at a higher rate in many cities these days, a continuation of the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, which has the cops STILL standing down. Political correctness needs smashed into the dustbins of history because it is both ridiculous and a waste of good energy.  Those who claim microaggression won’t have to for long, they can simply kiss my American ass (thus, it’s just plain aggression).  A whole new class of lawyers is gearing up, gay divorce lawyers who will “claim” they specialize in gay divorce.  The Feds keep lying about everything, nothing new there.  Republican leadership that gained the control of Congress have shown the whole country what a waste of time the last election was.  So, the question must be asked, what’s next?

SK's grandchildren

SK’s grandchildren



  1. Feel free to bring past conversations forward. Have a great week SUFA!

    • Now this guy needs to see a psychologist.

    • Well, there is a third option-we could just follow the law of the land and respect State Rights as laid out in the Constitution.

  2. Oh no, you never, never ask whats next? That is like asking ‘what can go wrong next?’ 😉

    • What steps are you taking to combat all the stuff I mentioned? I’m mostly limited to online activism as I live far from any real action.

      • Unfortunately I don’t see anything I can do about it. The corrupt politicians need to be thrown out on their ass, or more correct, thrown in prison — starting from the top. If I started throwing them out, I’d get thrown in prison myself. It’s obvious that voting doesn’t change anything, as you mentioned. I am not a politically correct person, never have been. I’m not rude or mean about it, I just state my views. So what if somebody doesn’t like me because of my views or moral values. I probably don’t like them either, so the feeling is mutual. I just purchased another ‘rebel flag’. I used to have one but have no idea where it is. I think the ex took it when we split.

        Speaking of the rebel flag, this is what it means to me: It means being a rebel, rebelling against authority. I’ve always had a problem with authority, though I’m not sure why. If I’m told to walk on the left side of the street, I’m going to walk on the right. If I’m told I have to be ‘clean cut’, I let my hair grow out. Tell me I can’t have a 32 oz soda, and I’m going to have a 32 oz soda. I don’t even drink that much soda, but it’s the principle.

        What I do do (not sure that is correct grammar): I try to stay informed of what is going on in the world. I try to educate and inform others through social media. I am working towards becoming self sufficient, i.e. growing my own food, I’d like to get a cow, a pig or two, and some chickens, etc. I only leave enough money in the credit union to pay bills. The rest (which isn’t much) I take out. I’ll trust my private safe above anyone else’s. There is ample protection at the house, and there is always somebody home. My property is NOT a gun free zone.

        I am fortunate that I live in a small community. Most people around here have the same beliefs and moral values. The city where I work is a little larger. There is maybe a 30% black population. Most of them are harmless. There are areas that you don’t want to go into after dark. There is some crime, mostly due to poverty and drugs. There is a real and growing problem with heroine — Another unintended consequence of good intentions. i.e cracking down on prescription pain medications.

        I will continue to read everyone’s thoughts here and continue doing what I mentioned above.
        I have learned much from all of you here at SUFA. And I enjoy following along with the variety of conversational topics here. 🙂

  3. The control of government by private corporate interests, with no democratic accountability, attests to the definition of fascism. As analyst Randy Martin comments: “What is taking shape in Europe and more so in the United States is the complete subjugation of government by finance capital. It is not an exaggeration or empty jargon to say that we in the West are succumbing to the rule of financial fascism.”

    Read more: http://sputniknews.com/columnists/20150713/1024554328.html#ixzz3fruIQ43R

    • Going back to the last thread. The excesses of corporatism match and exceed anything you saw in the late 19th or early 20th century.

      The unions bitching about moving the jobs overseas begs the question. Is it just for cheap labor? Or, is it also for no NLRB, no child labor laws, no workplace safety? All of which are just doing fine in the third world.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        What a laughable proposition. Worse than the late 19th century. ROTFLMAO.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Your definition of Fascism is backwards. It is the control of the private sector BY Govt., This is done by forming the partnerships which control favors, as well as punishment.

      But make no mistake, it is those who seek Govt. who are controlling business.

      The definition you provided is often put forth by left wing talking heads in their attempt to confuse people as to who is really in charge.

      If you think the big money is running Govt. just pay attention to what happens when the big boys try to avoid the game. Notice how “new regulations” are proposed, or new laws, or new “enforcement” initiatives. Then when they back off the “new policy” is withdrawn or watered down.

      My theory is that as long as people fall for one of these left wing ideologies they will always get one of the others. It is like a cycle. One feeds the ethical base for the other and so on. Mercantilism to Socialism to Fascism and back to Mercantilism.

      We have a Fascist system but it has progressed to where it is close to moving back to the Mercantilist model. That is where the business interests become the Govt interests. Govt. does not fight business at that point because they are no longer partners but one in the same.

      • It’s not mine, part of the article. Although I see fascism as more of a marriage between business and government, your’s is OK as well. It don’t matter, because we certainly DON’T have a Constitutional Republic anymore. At least until there is a movement to get it back.

      • I can agree with that as they move jobs overseas to get around annoying laws!

        • Moral of the story…..dont pass annoying laws…..and get rid of the excess taxes…many of the countries that are taking our jobs…have NO corporate tax.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In a way this article and you are correct. The fact the countries have zero currency of their own anymore and completely rely on outside monies. That is a set up for financial blackmail. “Do what we want or we stop purchasing your debt’.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I’ve never heard of five years of community service. This is utterly ridiculous and stinks of judicial activism. If this would have been a convicted rapist illegal alien, the judge would have given him a box of condoms and said ” use protection”.

    • I’m thinking these words DESCRIBE THE JUDGE PERFECTLY!

      “The psychological case notes indicate that while Mr. D’Souza is highly intelligent, he has remarkably little insight into his own motivations, that he is not introspective or insightful, but that he tends to see his own actions in an overly positive manner.”

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Right out of one of Orwell’s novels: ““I am requiring Mr. D’Souza to see a new psychological counselor and to continue the weekly psychological consultation not as part of his punishment or to be retributive.”

      Well let’s see, if it is NOT part of his punishment or retributive, then what authority does the judge have to impose the order???

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  5. Guess this is why they allow babies born alive to die-they come out just the way they want them! Gotta go throw up.


  6. Read an article the other day-it said Black lives matter-the question was why do they matter because they are black-or because of their humanity-because of the sanctity of life.

    • Black lives do not matter. People matter, period.

      Thou shall not kill.

      • YES! and if the Black Lives Matter movement wants legitimacy, they need to protest abortion clinics. If they won’t, they can pound sand as they are nothing but racists.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Did you happen to attend a wedding in Nashville around the 4th of July??

      • No I didn’t, but I’m sensing an interesting story 🙂

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Yes. My daughter was there for her best friends wedding. Was thinking how fun it would be if it turned out you knew the same family and were there.

          She sent back a video of a firefly for us to watch. Fireflies are on our bucket list. Daughter really liked the place and was offered a job teaching ballet at a studio owned by another friend of hers. She informed me she is now thinking about moving to Nashville.

          As with all parents, happy if she can do what she wants but sad if she moves even farther away.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Great city for anything relating to music. However, if she moves there get a place on the high ground. They can have an excess of water downtown. Have friends that have been in the music industry for many years and they seem to love it.

          • “Fireflies are on our bucket list”.

            ?? What does this mean?

  7. Just A Citizen says:

    I see Obama the Great has accomplished “the Greatest Political feat in over 60 years”. Per one of his many worshippers this morning.

    This being of course, THE DEAL with Iran.

    Unlike all the other idiots in the USA I think I will hold judgment until we see the actual agreement and have time to evaluate it objectively.

    One thing does strike me however. The sticking point of inspections of military facilities was resolved by allowing such inspections, subject to Iran agreeing to them at the time and creating a “panel” which would evaluate any refusals or delays imposed by Iran. And of course Iran is also part of the “panel”.

    Regardless of the actual content, this single point and the known erosion of support for sanctions shows that the USA, and the rest of the world, was not operating from a strong negotiating position.

    One other comment directed to all the lefties in Obama love this morning. I have seen comments patting both Clinton and Obama for their efforts that led to this “Historic” event.

    I suggest ya’ll ask yourself, how could this have happened if Bush II had not invaded the two countries surrounding Iran?? To ignore the combined affect of US policies from president to president is DISHONEST history.

    • I still fail to see why Iran having a nuke is such a big deal. Having one and using one is quite a step, that if taken, could have led to the complete destruction of Iran as a country. It reminds me of all the fear about North Korea. OHH, they got a nuke! OHHH, so what! If they use it they will cease to exist as a country. All hyperbole if you ask me.

      • It’s a big deal to me. JAC listen up too. Remember that axis of evil? Iran, Iraq, N. Korea? Wasn’t it you, JAC, saying something about you can’t expect rational actions to come from irrational regimes? If those leaders don’t care about their own people, they’re not gonna care about the rest of us either. Nuke on an ICBM is BOOM! for us, retaliation or not, we’re hit! Answer this…do you want the USA to be a superpower or just a pushover?. Should we have nukes? What if we didn’t have nukes? Is it still OK for Iran to have them?

        • We have nukes, so asking if we should or if we didn’t is moot. The “Axis of Evil” as Bush put it, got lots of kids killed in Iraq looking for MWD’s that didn’t exist there. North Korea has a nuke or three, so what. They won’t do squat with them. Iran might already have a nuke, via North Korea, for all we know. Obama is so weak on foreign policy the Aryan Nation may have gotten some from NK (LOL).

          What business is it of ours anyway? Let the countries in the ME deal with these clowns. Israel can protect itself against most anyone. If Saudi has an issue, let Saudi deal with it. The rest of the ME is a mess, a lot of which we can take the blame for. But, for the record, Obama is a fault for the Iraq mess. I don’t understand why we aren’t out of Afghanistan yet. Not stable enough? Or is the poppy fields worth too much money, now that we have another heroine epidemic going on in the US? Did you know that Afghanistan grows 95% of the world’s poppies used to make heroine? Yes, 95%. Yet this country has major problems with heroine AGAIN!

          Iran is not a problem, our corrupt Federal government is our problem.

          • No it’s not moot because we can just as easily not have them.

            Think you need to check with LOI and the colonel, as they have both proven that there were wmds

            It’s our business because as you see when we vacate a country, someone more unpleasant takes over.

            Poppy fields? So! Let the addicts shoot it all up. End of problem.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          At least it sounds like something I would say………. and therein lies the million dollar question.

          BF maintains that Iran’s leaders are in fact rational and are honest in their claims of only wanting peaceful use of nuclear programs.

          Frankly, it makes no sense to me that they are pursuing any kind of nuclear program involving enrichment. That is if their stated values are in fact what they claim. Which makes me think they are not.

          As for being completely irrational, based on our values, I guess it all comes down to how deep they are into their version of Islam. Does it include the 12 Imam? Do they believe that they are destined to “cause the 12 Imam to appear”?

          If the answer to those is yes, then Iran is nothing but a danger to the world. Because it will not give a hoot about the rest of us and being incinerated is no big deal. It is just the step before heaven.

          I am not convinced that is the Iranian view. However, I do believe that Iran wants to be the leader of the new caliphate. That Iran wants Israel eliminated and would not mind seeing the Sunni tribes destroyed or made irrelevant. Iran wants to be a major player in the world and is demanding RESPECT from the International Community.

          You are correct Anita, having a bomb is a big deal when your one of the smaller players in the world. It makes you less predictable and harder to push around. Especially if you display tendencies towards being a little unhinged. Which is what I would do if I were a small nation with the bomb. Make the world think I was just nuts enough to use it.

    • It will be interesting to see if it passes Congress….but one thing he did do……..he started a nuclear arms race.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        It is a done deal and Congress cannot do a thing about it. They gave up their authority under the Constitution. Bunch of dipsticks.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        What I find most interesting about the negotiations is the NO country involved in the deal (Russia excepting, and they were selling Iran the technology anyway) has any real threat by Iran. ie next door neighbors. Those countries with the most to lose due to their proximity were excluded and not apparently consulted at all based on the feedback on the airways.
        The nuclear threat is there but I see it as a watch this hand magic act. The real threat is and now very real has been the lifting of the embargos of all conventional and ballistic weapons technologies and also the freeing up of 100’sB of assets. That threat is real and here an now to all the M/E regions countries.
        France especially wanted the deal due to financial needs to boost their economy and increase their influence. Russia gains because after not only selling them nuclear technologies they now get to store it for them. China absolutely wants and needs the energy without constraints. So does the EU, which is interesting because why would Russia sign up when they will lose even more sales from their energy resources.
        With this deal, I predict we will see an ever increasing pressure on Russia by the US and EU increasing another geopolitical crisis.
        I truly believe that the EU would like to see Israel disappear. This is a generalization but I feel that they view Israel as being the cause of all their problems. The US is not quite so blatent but they also wish it to be gone. Why sell billions of dollars of weapons to the neighboring countries who really want Israel gone. Is this for fairness in combat?

  8. There’s a video floating around, claimed to be released by Russian hackers, of which they hacked from a phone of one of Senator McCain’s aids, which shows a movie studio, with ISIS making a movie of a beheading (but there was no beheading). There has been some chatter about the video’s being released by ISIS as being good Hollywood fakes. Now maybe it may have been proven. I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised to find out that the whole ISIS thing is more BS than reality.

  9. SK’s picture of grandchildren has been added to the bottom of article 🙂 For your viewing pleasure.

    • Thanks, that was picture # 2 so the names won’t match. We have Madeline, Stephen, Catharine, Nicholas (Nickles) Jacqueline and Robert. the girls are all sisters.

      • Nice family ya got there 🙂

      • That is so cool, SK! I want the lil guy with the dark shirt. He has eyes like my son!

        • That is Stephen. Kid is incredibly photogenic and a nice little guy too. Bit of a whiner thanks to things beyond his control (or ours) but if I had him for a week, that would be toast. Best part of the weekend was watching them all interact. Jackie is bossy but Stephen held his own. Catharine loves babies and Nickles is old enough to interact with so she chases him around to do things for him. Madeline as the youngest of three gets lost in the shuffle but accepts it. Robert eats a lot and smiles. Only thing wrong with the picture is Catharine is NOT smiling. That almost never happens. Look pensive? Her? Never?

          • Nice. I’m going to miss all that interaction part. My kids are 10 years apart. Yeah, I know, what was I thinking? Although the ex’s son is still very much a part of our life, and the two boys are only 10 months apart, so if I’m lucky I’ll see the interaction that way. Currently in withdrawal from my 9 day old granddaughter. I’ve been fighting a hella cold for a week now . 😦

            • We watch Nickles while Mom works, one out of two weeks, her parents do the other week. She has decided to take the rest of the summer off and go back to school in September. I will be climbing the walls by next week.

  10. Congress has 60 days to review the comprehensive agreement. If it rejects the deal, and President Obama vetoes the rejection, a two-thirds vote in Congress would be necessary to override his veto. http://girlsjustwannahaveguns.com/obama-i-will-veto-any-opposition-to-nuclear-deal-this-is-not-the-time-for-politics-or-posturing/

    Correct me if I am mistaken, but is the Fast Track legislation about the Trans Pacific Partnership? Or, is it all treaties that Congress have violated the Constitution on? Good grief, the Feds have turned the whole F-ing law upside down.

  11. Advise and consent. that’s what it is supposed to be except they have abdicated that responsibility a long time ago. Now, watch the fun as they try and get it back.

    • A long time ago? Please help me here, because the whole thing he stated has just become an issue with the Fast track legislation for the TPP. Regardless, it takes an Amendment to change that part of the Constitution, not legislation, I do believe. When did the 2/3rds consent change? Just curious.

    • No….that is the rub…read the rues again…..it does not just pertain to one treaty….that revised to encompass any treaty…..

  12. A little humor to brighten your day: http://www.trendingly.com/funny-texts

  13. *Blackflag Economic Alert

    If you haven’t notice this in awhile:

    As you guys know, I am a follower of the BDI index as it is a confident measure of future economic outlooks.

    Please look at this graph:

    In the past, the market moves behind the BDI, as you’d expect. BDI shows future goods in transit, so indicates future retail strength or weakness.

    But lately, the market has moved violently off that curve of the BDI.
    The BDI is hovering at record lows; the market hovering at record highs.

    If you are in the market in any way, GET OUT NOW

    The BDI rules the economy, not the market.

    • Question, have mostly communication stocks which I have gotten for a song. I have no intention of selling in my lifetime. I just take the dividend which last time I calculated gave me an 11% Return on original investment including inflation. Suggestions?

      • PS, how you guys holding up?

      • Remember, dividends are optional. They may suspended at any time.
        Me, I would sell if profitable.

        Doing “just” ok.
        Like an amputated arm, with ghost feeling, but emotional.

        I feel her “over there”, and turn to look, and there is no one. ;(

        • You will heal my friend. It’s a timely process. Glad you have returned to posting> Peace!

        • She’ll always be ‘over there’ BF. I remember when my dad died. Us kids grieved for a few months, then moved on. (Not as simple as its written) My mom grieved much longer before she could move on. ” This too, shall pass” comes to mind. 😉

        • Thanks much for eh advice. I will probably hold the bulk since they have paid for themselves many, many times over.

        • Think about you and your daughter often. Wish there was something we could do.

          As always, thanks for the financial info.

  14. It’s not over if the liberals have their way-course when it was actually occurring the south was overrun with democrats. So maybe it’s the democrat party that should be removed from the public view-First


  15. http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/2015/07/238000-us-veterans-died-waiting-for.html

    Wait till the Republicans “repeal and REPLACE” then the rest of the people will see how well socialism works.

    • Maybe we should have kept Mexico after we conquered it?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Hindsight is 20/20 but then again can you imagine California quintupled in size?

        • It is an interesting mental exercise. Look at the current problems in Puerto Rico. Now I happen to believe long before I started reading the Feherenbach books that the problem rests with the God-awful way Spain ran their colonies. They really did not prepare them for anything and most if not all of Latin and South America’s history for the past 150-200 years proves that.

          Now the reason Puerto Rico is a mess is that the US, after taking over, DID NOT STAMP OUT THE PREVIOUS CULTURE! So left being a former Spanish Colony still allowed to keep the customs and curses that came with it, the only thing that changed was the US got left holding the bag.

          Were we to grant independence, the next 200 years as they continued to fail would be nothing but more of the same, blamed on us. Just like all the other failures from Honduras to Terra del Fuego are a result of “US Imperialism”. Sure beats taking responsibility.

          Didn’t someone once say that the only way to fix a problem is acknowledging you have one?

    • Gman…..it will go nowhere. This happens all the time and the judge is completely jack batty…because we work the border so hard, we attend meetings all the time. The Constitution INDEED stops at the border and that had been ruled several times. This is a radical judge and is well known for his antics.

      The ACLU has tried this numerous times. And, if you have noticed on the news, the area that I am charged with (Del Rio)…..we have just instituted a ZERO tolerance that starts today….as a matter of fact I am in Del Rio as we speak. Zero tolerance is aptly defined….to mean no discretion..no leeway. Do not throw rocks at anyone….you will die and we will shoot across the border. We have had enough.

  16. Just A Citizen says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Oh how true how true. It is amazing to listen to the liberals “splainin” that that was in the past or they were a product of their time, thereby excused.

      Recent history is the continued liberal policy that our minority peoples are unable to care for themselves and make decisions on their own. That defines exactly much of the rationalization the slave owners had…besides the unsettled question of “Property”

      Even the North didn’t really want the freed slaves or contaband in their region due to the increase of cheap labor. The huge debate during the war as to what to do with them. Most wanted “them” repatriated back to where they came from. But I feel the economic forces won out after losing 500,000 US workers and farmers there was a huge need to retain that labor force in place, but under a different form. Sharecropping until even that lost out to mechanization.

    • I’m so sick of the Lefties and their idiotic bullshit. Someone tell me when the official Progressive hunting season begins. As far as I’m concerned, their ALL traitors.


  17. Just A Citizen says:


    Hate to stir up the emotions this morning but felt it only “fair and balanced” to post Planned Parenthood’s response to the damning video. Note the attempted dodge by redefining “sale” to mean “a donation followed by receipt of funds to defray costs”.

    Exchange of a “something” for “money” is apparently no longer selling something if you want it to be not selling. I guess that is consistent with the whole “I am what I feel I am” stick.


    Warning: reading the comments will cause blood pressure to rise significantly.

    • Emotions already stirred up, their lie of a response won’t make it any worse. I had, to be fair, already posted their response .

      Funny how she kept saying we are only reimbursed for expenses, our employees time-then noted that even if the people from the company buying the baby parts did all the work they would charge for the space they were using. Seems like such a caring institution would let them use a little space for free, since it costs them nothing. Then went on to claim they couldn’t change the procedure used, while explaining how they change the procedure. No doubt she said all the lawyerly things she was told to say but if you listen the truth leaks out.

      The responses-nothing new-people tend to believe and hear only what they want to. So I’ll just give them the same type of response-Have you guys always been so naive or are you just Stupid.

      • VH…I am curious as to what you believe…my significant other is very much in your camp…

        Ok so you have a doctor that explains a procedure. They go into graphic detail of some of those procedures. So, far the only thing that I have seen on the news is a cut and paste video….and that means nothing to me. It does not carry any wieght other than a person saying something. Then I watched a news thing with O Reily interviewing someone that claims that they had a sting operation for over two years. BUt so far, there is only a cut and paste video. After two years of a sting, there should be pictures, documents, costs, money trail, paper trails. However, there is nothing that has been proferred….so far.

        Now, let us assume that this is true….and this is late term abortions where this children are being mutilated…( Understanding that there are many ideas of when a child is a child ) but, you are saying, if I get you correctly, that Planned Parenthood is harvesting body parts ( by committing murder ) and it appears that they are being sold to research companies. So, for this to happen, you must have doctors that are complicit in this, research companies that are complicit in this…hospitals that are complicit in this (assuming transplants), nurses that are comlicit in this, hospital records will have to charge for this so there would have to be billing procedures to back this up…..paper trails should be all over the place.

        Now, I assume that you believe that this is that wide spread….So if a “harvester” kills a late term child…that would be murder, in your book. Correct? If this is correct, then by extension, all the others in this chain are guilty of aiding and abetting the commission of murder….all the way to the charge nurse who charts the items, assuming that they know.

        Do I have you correctly?

        • If you kill a pregnant woman in CA and the baby dies too, it is a double homicide. If you wound the mother and kill only the fetus, it is still a homicide. But if the mother votes to kill the baby, it is a legal abortion. How can you have it both ways?

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Interesting in the illogical logic…heh….only a lawyer can defend such hypocracy.

          • That is exactly the problem. There is no standard to follow. It is obviously a State issue….I get that. But it is a state issue on all matters regarding homicides. Ok…..cool. I would never support a Federal option.

            What I cannot get my hands around is this report and video. I also understand that this video was presented by a group that has targeted Planned Parenthood for some time and has ” manufactured ” evidence before…..that video appears to be pretty damning however, it is a 45 second splice of 120 minutes of raw (unedited) material. What I do not get is that if there is this smoking gun….why expose it on the news….why did they not go to law enforcement? Everything that I have heard over the years of planned parenthood is that it is a terrible organization…..but it still operates. The video appears to show a female doctor that describes a “harvesting” procedure and it is very graphic…..but I see and have seen greater news coverage and out rage over water boarding than I seen on ripping infants apart for body parts.

            If it takes a news expose’ to get attention, then it appears that you have an industry that is supported by law enforcement, doctors, nurses, hospitals, research facilities, etc. with ALL of them being complicit in murder…..and pre-meditated murder at that.

            • Col., I have seen links to a full 2 hr unedited version of the video. I did not watch it because I do not have that much time.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I know this is terribly out of place in this discussion. I have not been following this “expose” except here on SUFA. I will go on record to say that I believe Planned Parenthood shuld be shut down. The law says that US tax dollars are prohibited from being used for abortions. That’s the law. Planned parenthood says all the tax dollars just go into a huge pot and therefore untracable as to it use. All public moneys should cease as of this minute if we are a nation of laws until a legal and auditable system is put into place accounting to the public where the moneys are spent. Corporations do it….why not Planned Parenthood?

          —-Back well before our days including our beloved Colonel and SK and me the scandals of body snatching by the medical profession come to mind. Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”
          Parts from anywhere anyplace at any cost including your soul for the pursuit of everlasting life. People used to deliberately let a body putrify so it was unusable by the “medical” profession. Fear of being declared DEAD and only in a coma and the body be stolen before the earth even settled. All in the name of science. Today the arguement is the same “all in the name of science”
          —–I used to be an organ donar, but no more. The idea of giving somebody eyesight, or functioning kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs, blood and all the other life giving parts that are harvested from a donar is up front an unselfish thing and seemingly noble thing to do. But the fact that the hospital “just gets rembursed” and then charges ungodly cost to the ultimate recipient of those parts….with no compensation to the family left behind. It’s all business but the law says no compensation to the donors heirs. The doctors make a profit, surgeons and hospitals and the insurance companies all profit from this “free” gift. OK….let the heirs have a tax write off for the fair market VALUE of the parts donated….how’s that?
          —-pretty cold and morbid, but all is supposed to protect the people. I’ll sure as heck bet there is a pretty good business with no questions asked of parts being flown in from other regions of this world where people will not be missed.

        • What? Your making this sound like a real big conspiracy theory where I’m saying everyone from the police department to a duty nurse are complicit in murder.

          • No, you misunderstand…..just asking your opinion. You seem t o want to stop at the doctor and planned parenthood…..I am saying it is more than that. Anyone from the floor sweeper to the nurses that have knowledge should b guilty. No conspiracy theory here….but to stop this as you want to do and rightly so…..everybody has to be complicit…if they know it and condone it. Do you not agree?

            • I agree that anyone who is complicit are just as guilty. I’m just not ready to deem all these people guilty. At this point, on the legal front we are talking about them illegally selling body parts for profit and changing the abortion procedure to do so, which violates the consent form. All these illegal actions are wrong but they are not legally murder. And one simply knowing they are harvesting organs doesn’t mean they are aware that they are selling them for profit. It is certainly possible that they do know and it’s especially possible that nurses know the doctor is intentionally changing the abortion procedure to protect the organs.

              The partial birth abortion part makes me wonder how many babies are born alive and then killed or left to die-now this would I assume, although today who knows, would be deemed murder both legally and morally.

              • Your not going to want to read this, but, this issue has been around for decades in the “conspiracy theory” world. One of the big ones is that Pepsi’s flavoring has something to do with aborted fetus’s. It’s actually still being said today. Most of the people in this world have become morally and ethically bankrupt. Understanding this as a beginning point, will help you deal with all the crap we deal with. Abortion is Eugenics, to control the black population, period. That is what must be repeated over and over to end it.

    • I’m with you and VH on this one, it’s selling, period. I would have no problem if they were DONATED to science, but, that’s not how the Left do things. I’m glad they got caught. If only people could truly understand WHY they want abortion, it would be the end of the Democrat party. It is to control the black population and it is supported by the worst racist’s imaginable.

      • The numbers unfortunately prove you right! A population whose percentage is shrinking into irrelevancy.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Wasn’t one of Sanger’s philosophies about the poor was that there were to many of them. No economic plan, just eliminate them. Then, no poor,

          Heck,,,NC just got done paying out the lawsuits that came out of the forced sterilization policy. Unfortunately, the problem was the patient didn’t know it.

          • An interesting thing about Sanger, while she was the ultimate champion of birth control and sterilization (forced if necessary) she was against abortion. Worth the read. She kept spouting the Nazi drivel right up to 1957 to Mike Wallace of all people.


            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Never once have I had a problem with “birth control” Abortion is not birth control.

              How many of us here remember the movie “Summer of ’42” The guys at the drug store beating around the bush with the ice cream cones with sprinkles. Then blurting out they needed some rubbers. The pharmacist takes it all in stride and starts asking how many, and other technical questions that just floors the kids. Birth controls have been around a long time and today they’re so easy to get there are no excuses for unwanted pregnancies.

              Obvious exceptions are rape and violence.

              They are finding “condoms” made from stitched lamb skin and other membrane materials in the old castle moats, buried in the sediment. From way back in time. Outhouses, dumps and old wells are some of the most sought out places for archeologists to dig if they want to find out the true social life of the time.

  18. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This morning while I was stuck at the draw bridge, coming into town, it was fun watching the dolphins swimming around off the point where the Neuse and the Trent Rivers come together. It reminded me that there are a lot of good eating game fish swimming 1/2 block from the house. All the commercial crabbers have their pots out. Crabbing for personal use is free and there’s only a limit/day and size. Obviously the crabbing is good this year, because the docks and walkways were full with people crabbing. getting supper. What is also very interesting is that you will RARELY see a “white” person crabbing. They’d rather go to the market and pay $30/half bushel than get their hands dirty. Besides the fresh air and sunshine.

    FYI,,,NC Wildlife issues a license waivers for anyone on EBT….don’t know if that applies to all states.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      When stationed in Hampton Va, we would go about 200 yards from office to an oyster bed and have an oyster roast every Friday in summer. Did lots of fishing, crabbing assad hunting while down there. Great fun and food?

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Food!, lol, Damon phone

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        And you’re still with us??? But then again some think that is debateable with all the PCB’s you had to consume in Hampton. (JOKE) The crap chemicals and sewage that has been dumped into the Chesapeake by Baltimore, DC and Richmond etal is unbelievable. My new neighbor is from Baltimore and she says, Quiz question, where do the crab and oyster now come from at the crab shacks on the chesapeake…NC….I also had a lot of great meals in Hampton Roads back in the 70’s while doing work at NAS Norfolk. Egad…the Enviornmental Protection Act was just passed…i’m a goner

  19. How does this man live with his self-how can he even have the nerve to make such statements after the deals he has made in releasing prisoners-and now allowing families to pay ransoms. It just boggles the mind to listen to his BS.


  20. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The Latest: Biden to meet with Democratic senators on Iran
    The Associated Press – By By The Associated Press

    The White House says President Barack Obama has thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for his country’s “important role” in finalizing the Iran nuclear deal.
    Obama and Putin spoke Wednesday. The White House says the leaders agreed to closely coordinate as the deal is implemented and expressed a desire to work together on other issues, including the civil war in Syria.
    The White House readout of the leaders’ call made no mention of Russia’s alleged aggression in Ukraine. Even as the U.S. uses sanctions to punish Russia for its actions in Ukraine, Obama has said it was worthwhile to partner with Putin on areas of mutual interest, including the Iran talks.

    “Russia, which has close business ties with Iran, had been a key participant in the negotiations.”


    A draft U.N. resolution to implement the Iran nuclear deal says U.N. sanctions would “snap back” into place if Iran fails to meet its obligations. But it also says that stipulation would end in 10 years.


    The official was not authorized to speak publicly.

    President Barack Obama is downplaying the idea that Iran’s military and anti-Israel groups like Hezbollah will benefit significantly once international sanctions against Iran are lifted.


    Obama says Iran’s economy has struggled since the sanctions were imposed. And any suggestion that Iran will plow previously frozen assets into military forces “runs counter to all the intelligence we have seen.”


    __Obama said the U.S. did not include the status of the jailed Americans in the nuclear talks because it would have made it more difficult to walk away from a bad deal. He said he didn’t want to encourage Iran to use the prisoners for leverage.


    President Barack Obama says he’s hopeful that members of Congress will evaluate the Iran nuclear agreement “based on the facts, not on politics.”


    President Barack Obama says that he hopes the Iran nuclear deal will encourage the country to “behave differently” and stop sponsoring terrorist actors in the Middle East. He says the U.S. will try to gain greater cooperation from Iran on ending violent unrest in Syria and Yemen.


    The Iran-allied rebel group in Yemen has made a forceful bid for power in Yemen, forcing the country’s internationally-backed president to flee to neighboring Saudi Arabia. Yemen’s exiled government, accuse Iran of arming the rebels.


    Dermer says the deal is that the agreement “does not block Iran’s path to the bomb” but “paves it.”


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sorry several TYPO’s
      Control the bulk of IRAQ not IRAN.



  21. Pamela Downs, arrested July 12 in Kingsport, Tennessee, allegedly had attempted to pass off a fake $5 bill at a local grocery. The funny money evidently wasn’t very convincing: It was printed on plain paper and had been glued together to make a two-sided “bill” — one side of which was upside-down.

    There are just some things that make one shake his/her head, this is one of them.

  22. About time this got shut down-I personally hope all these victims of this man’s personal/political, illegal crusade get some justice. Chisholm should lose his license to practice law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • No kidding! EVERYONE should be aghast at how this went down. And yet the headline in our local paper was to the effect, “win for Walker” blah, blah, blah.

      A side article said it might not be over yet as a group may sue to say some of the SC judges should have recused themselves.

  23. The left has managed to release Donald Trump’s draft record. Been to a number of sites and none of them seem to bother to interpret it.


    Turns out Trump is my age group (as was Bill Clinton) Class of ’68 (never saw his record!). I had always thought him (trump) a draft dodger but the record is interesting and shows otherwise. Turns out he was 1A for a short time in ’66 so was I! Something went wrong that summer/fall and I was summoned late September to the Administration office to refile for my 2S deferment. He became 1A again after graduating in ’68. Something apparently popped on his physical cause he was classified 1Y. Now, 1Y means you are at the bottom rung of eligible. You will only be called if the Soviets pour through the Fulda Gap and N. Korea charges down the DMZ at the same time (got that from a recruiting Sgt. back in the sixties) you are also disqualified from being an Officer (higher physical standards) . Surprise of surprises, he was again called back for another physical several years later and re-classified 4F.

    When he was interviewed he talked about a high lottery number but with the 1Y and 4F it wouldn’t have mattered. My experiences with my draft dodging friends was that they got the 4F first time out.

    So, I may owe the Donald an apology. He pretty much paid for the entire NYC Viet-nam Veterans memorial himself. I was in the first few rows at the dedication in ’85. When Trump got up to speak, a chant arose, “Where were you?”. I did not participate having not gone there myself but I did think that it might be appropriate. Now, I’m rather ashamed I even thought it at the time.

    Surprisingly enough, doing a little back up research seems that 30% of eligible males in WW 2 were disqualified during what was, in effect, an “all hands war” and they were not thought of highly. Interesting!


    • Just to show you how crazy things were back then, a friend from High School whose father was well off surprised Jr. by buying an optical firm and appointing him president. Tony K. then became “essential to the war effort” and was deferred as such.

  24. It’s a damn shame those marines were sitting ducks.

    G, Plainly, and BF, just wondering if I can start worrying about these jihadis ( boogeymen) among us. VH, I think it’s safe for you to worry.

    • You can worry about psychopath’s anytime you want Anita. Whether it’s religion or racism or any other reason, these people exist in our society (and every other society). If you haven’t taken the step’s to protect yourself by now, all you have is worry. If you rely on government to protect you, you are already doomed 🙂

      • Did you notice how well that “no gun zone” sign worked out? When you advertise that you are an easy target, then you will be targeted by the psychopath. (not you, but in general). If it was possible to return fire at the first marine location, the second place the shooting took place may not have occurred, saving lives. Those who died at the second location, did so at the hands of government.

      • Now, now! Don’t go all progressive on me. I didn’t say psychopath. I said jihadi.

  25. http://cnsnews.com/news/article/barbara-hollingsworth/gov-pence-indiana-will-not-comply-epas-co2-power-plant-regs

    What could the EPA do? Take the State to court and then what? It seems to me that the States have many options, including the withholding of Federal taxes by requiring all taxes go to the State Treasurer before being forwarded.

    • Saw a video last week of a Senate hearing. The senator asked the EPA woman something like what ℅ of CO2 makes up the atmosphere. The woman had no clue. Senator said something to the effect of ‘then how can you make harmful regulations based on something which you know nothing about’ ! The answer was some miniscule amount…less than 1℅

      • No doubt. The EPA is simply acting on a political agenda. The alphabet agencies need to be shut down, let their jobs become State level jobs in accordance with the Constitution.

      • Drum roll please, the answer is about 400 ppm or 0.04% or 0.0004 or 1 part in 2500. So if all the senators and reps were in one room and represent a single air molecule, CO2 would not be present.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The spokesperson for the Presidential Science advisors after a major conference in DC about how to combat climate change and CO2, They were coming up with all sorts of extremely expensive and social changes required. All really benefiting government control and major corportations like GE and those funded by the government actions. A question was asked about would it not be very effective to plant trees and plants that absorb CO2 and release O2. The plan in Maine is to put 1200 huge wind machines on the mountain tops by blowing the tops of the granite off. Putting huge roads up the mountains to get the pieces of the towers up there. Maine used to have 1 major source of power besides little hydro dams on many rivers. That major source was Maine Yankee Nuclear in Wiscasset. They used all the power required in the state and then sold the remainder to areas such as Boston. Maine Yankee was shut down causing a huge gap in energy. Caused a huge unemployment problem as a side benefit. The city tried to put in a “biofuel” plant to then generate gas to use for power and the Greenies shut that plan down deader than a mackeral on the beach.

        The “SCIENCE” spokesperson said planting trees and retaining natural areas was “TOO EXPENSIVE” and therefor unfeasible. That plan is the cheapest, but it doesn’t aid the economic recovery plan Obama has put in place. (sarcasm)

        Take millions of acres of wildlife preserved areas creating a huge loss of wildlife habitat. that were deemed poor to very bad for agriculture unless you pour tons of chemical fertilizers on them and reduce the aquafier even further by having to also water these areas just to grow corn for ethanol which is neutral for energy gains. Also the cities in these areas are now having huge water pollution problems due to the runoff. Try suing the Feds for the policy that is causing them the problem to begin with.

  26. THank you governor Abbott……all State guardsmen…whether National Guard or State Guard will be allowed to be armed, in or out of uniform, as long as they are in the Guard….no ccl required. Gov. Abbott, this morning, says he has had enough. These shootings are not random and they are “not lone wolf” nor are they “lone shooters”…in his opinion. He said this morning that it does not take a rocket scientist or even a first grader to understand that these shootings are connected and they are connected through ideology.

    Going to a meeting right now…..will keep you advised.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      So in the news this AM about the shooting in Chattanoga. They can’t seem to find a reason that this seemingly quiet successful college graduate could do such a thing as shoot military personnel. There were no incriminating links or emails on his computer or any involvement by any other people in this act of terrorism.

      Hasn’t it been said that the “best place to hide is in plain sight”

      There was not one word in the article that said this was an act of terrorism. Just like the Ft Hood shooter. Don’t the investigators think these folks adapt and cease putting information on hard drives and minimize use of those services that are collected and but “not” analysed until an act such as this is commited and the investigators then back through the archived data.

    • Use common sense? HHmmm……I never made the connection.

  27. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The FDA issues a recall for 2 million lbs of “raw” chicken products and the other week 1.7 million lbs from another company selling another “Raw” chicken product. All because a few people got ill from the affects of salmonella contamination. On each of those products are large warning labels (i’ve seen them) warning the consumer that these are RAW chicken products and require cooking to be safe to an internal temp of “X” degrees. How do companies protect everything to the enth degrees against stupid people. Oh, and are NOT to be cooked in the microwave.

    At the courthouse in colonial Williamsburg they hold trials with cases that are in the archives. Actual cases from the 1700’s They select people from the audience to play roles and read actual transcriptions of the case. A lady tried to sue a meat seller for seling her “claimed” tainted meat and they got the trots. As the case goes she bought the meat towards the end of a hot summer day, after it was out all day. Still fresh but could be starting to go off, not proven. She did not prepare it immediately. She also did not recall how well or what method she used in the preparation of the meal. Back in those days they had lots of methods to take care of foods that were potentially going off….cook it thoroughly. Pot roasts, frying, pickling with vinegars. All those methods kill sources of illness and cover the potential off taste.

    The court ruled against her due to LACK OF COMMON SENSE….true case.

  28. You couldn’t make this up if you tried. First, catch the irony of the headline. Then read the whole article and especially the comments. How in the world are we expected to co-exist with such depravity?


    • Anything that the Left don’t like is always a hoax or a vast right wing conspiracy. They have more bullshit than common sense.

    • Yes, their plan is to just keep repeating that pro-life groups are liars-don’t even bother to watch the video to find out for your self. I have noticed that some democrat sites are showing concern over the ethics of changing the abortion procedure-they seem to have a problem with saying the unethical,ILLEGAL problems of changing the abortion procedure.

  29. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I love writers who can clearly put down on paper their thoughts…..Mr Krauthammers article puts all I was trying to say in a much tighter thought process.


  30. Note when you watch this that they aren’t interested in having a conversation based on facts-anytime facts are brought into the conversation they don’t dispute the facts they scream you are being rude-you aren’t being tolerant-which puts a spotlight on the problem-I am more than willing to be tolerant and respectful of ones feelings-what I am not willing to do is accept a lie as truth and turn that lie into a law. Makes it impossible to show your compassion which is warranted when it comes to transgenders hard to show when you have to fight against their agenda based on lies. If a man wants to reject the accepted norms for men and dress like a woman-fine-just don’t tell me you are actually a woman because you are not-but you have the right to act more like a woman if you please and to ask society to accept your choices based on your rights as a free person.

    I do have to say that Tur even dressed like a woman acted more like a man than a woman in this interview. Wonder how quick she would have grabbed a mans neck and threatened him if HE didn’t have a man’s strength.


    • This is becoming common-time to change the rules-and allow our service men and woman to protect themselves-it is just beyond belief that men and woman who are trained to defend themselves and others, are forced to just stand there and be mowed down.

      • It’s all Bill Clinton and the Democrats you can blame for that!

      • the rules are……no military personnel can carry weapons, even on their own, posts except security personnel. However,there are no rules for weapons on the premises. So, ad of last night. Military personnel assigned to off post duty may have weapons on premises but not on person. I can live with that…..because that means they can have some serious firepower close by……

        Remember, it was Clinton that disarmed the CONUS military to begin with…..and no one has changed it. But at least, now, they can store weapons on site.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Uh…just like the Marines in Beirut Airport in ’83. Security details had to have unloaded weapons with the magazines elsewhere. Not in easy reach. Plus NO barrackades up the ramp….straight shot into the lobby. The politicians didn’t want to have any accidental shootings. Lost some buddies there. Reagan time, so we can not just blame Clinton and Obama….FYI direct ties to Syria to Iran for the bombing.

          We had better “lethal” security in Italy, including 9 marines shot trying to jump a fence at the airfield. Plus an airliner shootdown plus 2 Libyan MIG’s.

    • I saw a video clip interview with Trump about the shooting. He stated that we needed more intelligence and better intelligence. I have to disagree on this. We have the best intelligence. We need to use it properly.

      • Rick……you are being logical. Do you not understand that logic explodes liberals into tiny pieces?

      • There is a difference between intelligence a la the CIA and intelligence as in smart enough to chew gum and walk at the same time. We are weak on the former and the latter does not exist at all in DC!

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Been reading about the “intelligence” service Pinkerton set up for McClellan during the Civil War. That was in hindsight the worst intelligence gathered and it was 100% humint. The analytical part, they told McClellan exactly what he wanted to hear. That Lee had “overwhelming” forces. But then the Confederate forces used “maskitrovka” to great effectiveness with their forces during the Peninsula campaign

  31. Been watching the almost three hour long unedited video on planned parenthood-noted something I haven’t heard anyone else comment on:

    In the video the abortion doctor notes that when they have a Research Case they do not use Trainees because if they do-you will not get any good specimens.

    So #1 they have a special name which they use to differentiate between patients who donate and those who don’t.
    And #2 Patients who donate get more experienced doctors to do their procedures. And those who don’t can get inexperienced trainees.

    • This is not a hoax, as SOLON claims. It’s been an ongoing issue for quite some time. It is a well known conspiracy theory that Pepsi is flavored with dead baby parts. That’s been going around for years.

      If, I mean if, they simply donated the mass od mush (as they claim) to science, it may be a good thing, MAY being the key word. PP got caught, plain and simple. Sickening.

      • Now the woman is saying that the Arizona clinic has a new CEO who is very business savvy and she can’t imagine that he wouldn’t be interesting in working with this fake company. Now someone tell me, what being business savvy has to do with “donating tissue” if you aren’t making money doing it.

        • Well lookie there, it’s two fold-they “donate” the organs, charge for expenses that don’t really cost them anything-like space-and they also offset the cost of getting rid of the ’tissue’, because legally disposing of the “tissue” cost them money. Guess that’s where the being business savvy comes in. Wonder if they also get a tax break for charitable contributions?

  32. “I think we have to be careful about over-arming ourselves, and I’m not talking about where you end up attacking each other,” Odierno said during a morning breakfast. Instead, he said, it’s more about “accidental discharges and everything else that goes along with having weapons that are loaded that causes injuries.”

    Really? Over-arming ourselves? Accidental discharges?

    The ban on troops inside carrying weapons is largely due to legal issues, such as laws that prohibit the federal government from using the military for domestic law enforcement, so troops don’t routinely carry guns when they are not in combat or on military bases.

    And how does this have anything to do with carrying a sidearm? Carrying a weapon and law enforcement are not the same thing.

    I just wonder if this guy actually believes the nonsense he speaks.


    • Let’s see…over arming people that are trained to use arms…….😆

      • Ya see, it all falls in with that deranged vets thing. “Charlie’s in the wire!” “Charlie’s in the wire!”

        • Nothing that a few well placed claymores could even things ip a bit…..and a few well paced containers with “foo gas”………,first, you blow them up and make them hang in the wire….then you set off the Foo Gas and cook ’em down a bit.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I hope you always have a cold 6 pack of Dr Pepper when you read stuff like this. Chill man chill.

        • Wait…..you give a combat vet a set up like that ……? And then tell him to chill? Sigh……I suppose so……although, you have to admit, it is an effective technique.

          • Heard about a guy in desert storm, “Nam vet. Wanted the kids in the tent to shut up and let him sleep. Started sleeping with a pistol under the pillow and would pretend to have “bad” dreams, screaming, “Charlie’s in the wire”, Charlie’s in the wire”. Cleared the tent every time!

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I was trying to make a comment while visualizing you shaking your head in astonishment about comments about “overarming” people who are trained to use those weapons. In Sigonella, I never was armed on base, but at times had Italian Marines standing outside my office and or following me in full combay gear…..Off base I was armed more often than not. Restaurants, beach, theater. Odd isn’t it.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              The mafia fully subscribed to open carry, uzi’s usually. You always knew when the local Don was at Mass.

              Now when I was at my home I had a hired guard patrol the approaches to the house and perimeter. I slept just fine.

            • It was interesting in Vietnam….A couple of times, we would get some time off and go to the Air Force Base of Cam Rahn……we liked to go there when we could because the AF had the best of everything and there was also a navy CB detachment….they seem to be able to have everything as well. But one thing that alarmed all of us…when we cleared the gates, we were directed to an armorer where we actually had to turn our weapons in..in a war zone, we had to turn our weapons in…..we figured ok,…so we turned ourrifles in but kept our sidearms hidden underneath. Anyway…here was this huge AF base and a naval detachment there…there were fighters and bombers…the whole bit….so we go to the base club….in Vietnam…a combat zone …..and they checked ID’s because the drinking age was 21. They waived the drinking age for beer….but hard liquor was required age 21.

              YOu can visualize the same shaking of the head………

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Sort of makes you wonder, doesn’t it.

                Best NCO club was at Keesler AFB. I’ve been for almost 40 years been trying to duplicate the chefs signature dish. A whole flounder (large) sort of butterflied and stuffed with a crab meat mixed with some combination of seasonings. I’ve come close. What also put it on top was they gave dispensation to “quest” servicemen. Three of the guys I was in class with were Canadian. They got their liquor allotment from the consulate in New Orleans. We could bring what we wanted into the club. I do not remember much about the class on air control equipment but I passed by fixing the busted equipment in just under 30 seconds.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                At Sigonella there was a real bust’em up rivalry between the CB and Marine Battalions. You did not ever want to get caught between one of their disagreements as to who was tougher. One night the CB’s lost in a way the club fight, but proceeded to check out one of their D9 cats. They leveled the Marines barracks. Subsequently the Marines then had luxurious housing by living in the CB barracks. The offending CB Battalion was transfered to a real garden spot called Diego Garcia and the “new” CB battalion lived in tents and field rations until they built new housing for the Marines.

            • Ahhhhh…Keesler AFB 1969…..sent there to go through some communications training with the AF since we were going to be calling in airstrikes. Interesting stay….as SF we got to stay in BOQ, which were not bad……but they could not stand up against that little blow called Camille that came through there…..being out into some revetments there watching dipsy dumpsters flying by at mach one…..then the snakes. That storm surge that went way up the swamp……them thar’ mocassins…..did not like that sat water and neither did the gators…..as the next day we were wading through waist deep water in the town of Biloxi…It is amazing how many people tried to ride that one out……down the beach in Pass Christian…big ass boats pushed 2 miles inland….

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                People never change…leap ahead to Katrina. I guess it’s generational myopia.

                They had to give you guys the best. If not you’d just put your training into use and just take the BOQ. Yes…good quarters. maid services, just like a hotel. The Sgt Major I shared the room with was right out of the British movies. Tall, Shoulders a yard wide. Waist like a wasp, a flame red handlebar mustache that if he turned quickly might poke someones eye. Could get hammered and get up a 3 AM run god knows how many miles come back like the previous nights never existed, roust everyone calling us every name in the book while our heads were ready to explode. And then be in class before dawn and our driver hopefully not running “through” any STOP signs held up by the recruit trainees marching on the tarmac.

                The Sgt Major left a bottle out for the maid. He’d put a tick on the label. We always plenty of coffee, towels, laundry done and returned properly. She’d take a sipper. We’d come in and he’d make a another mark. Next day down a sip. More stacks of towels etc.

  33. And we just keep bringing them in. And why are we not offering these same programs to our own citizens?! WTF? The country is lost…..we have lost.


    • Just A Citizen says:

      Trump is right. McCain’s HERO status has always been linked to his POW years. Not him serving nor that he flew combat missions. It has always been about those 6 years and the physical damage he endured.

      It has always bothered me because there were others who suffered as much or more, but they are not put out as HEROES for the public’s consumption.

      But this is another example of Trump being baited, then reacting without thinking first. What else would you expect from a New Yawker?

      • But that’s exactly why he has the country fired up. Talks from his heart, not some pre planned out script. From the comments below V’s Fb post, vets still have his back.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Anyone who survived that “green” hell as our colonel put can be put in a special category.

        I never liked McCain as a politician. He doesn’t seem to have principles. Should have been gone with the Savings & Loan financial meltdown in the 80’s.

        One of the sections in our ship board fire fighting training was watching the USS Oriskany fire, USS Forrestal and USS Enterprise fires. Then get some training and then an engineroom oil fire was set under pressure. Go through a hatch down ladders until reaching the engineroom and extinguish the fire, then shut down the oil flow. One mistake and my entire team would have been TOAST. The fires I hated were the aviation fuel fires.

        On the internet is an article that McCain cause the death of 167 sailors on the Forrestal. It was a series of events leading to the accident. 1) very old ordinance some 1935 brought on board. Weapons crew would not handle it. They feared it would explode with a catapault launch. 2) compromise was met by storing that ordinance on deck and not in the armory. 3) the bombs were being delivered the next day. 4) the deck crews were having issues with the “arming” of weapons etc before launch endangering the ship but it also caused an efficiency loss on plane handling on deck. 4) safety measure by-passed. 5) plane loaded with Zuni missiles facing aft came up from a forward elevator. 6) missiles ignited shooting aft towards planes parked including McCain’s A-4 loaded with those ancient bombs. 7) missile hit in between McCain’s plane and the one next to it and all hell broke out. As his plane was going up, he escaped off the nose. Stayed on deck getting all ordinance that could be gotten off the ship. He and all the fire fighting crew and deck crews and surviving pilots were hero’s….but with one caveot….it was required as part of saving the ship because 167 killed is a small loss compared to the potential of 1000’s if that ship exploded. Which it very well could have done if the ordinance crew had just stored the bombs as they were supposed to do…in the armory….McCain was just one of several hundred crew who DID THEIR JOB.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      As a vet, i have a very subjective view of what equates to “hero” status. McCain doesn’t qualify. I respect his service and it sucks the he was captured and went thru hell. The term hero has been diminished by the media, much like the term racist. Both are overused and wrongly applied far to often.

      • Not a bad comeback-but his original statement was still a big mistake. Although McCain’s statement was just as bad, IMO.

        “I am not a fan of John McCain because he has done so little for our Veterans and he should know better than anybody what the Veterans need, especially in regards to the VA. He is yet another all talk, no action politician who spends too much time on television and not enough time doing his job and helping the Vets. He is also allowing our military to decrease substantially in size and strength, something which should never be allowed to happen.

        Furthermore, he was extremely disrespectful to the thousands upon thousands of people, many of whom happen to be his constituents, that came to listen to me speak about illegal immigration in Phoenix last week by calling them “crazies”.

        These were not “crazies”—these were great American citizens.

        I have great respect for all those who serve in our military including those that weren’t captured and are also heroes.

        I want to strengthen our military and take care of our Veterans. I want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN especially for those that serve to protect our freedom. I am fighting for our Veterans!”

  34. How free do you feel-Do you feel that you have any privacy left?
    This has got to be stopped -no one has the right to manage our lives like this.

    Wow, I figured it would take a lot to get the American people to stand up and actually go to war-but Obama may have figured out how to push us to that point.


  35. Hoo BOy……some more from the left…….Now, they want to eliminate cartoons that depict fat characters….Porky Pig, Fred Flinstone, Fat Albert, Homer Simpson…..are among the characters that the Progressive left wish to eiminate.

    • Fat Albert has to go anyway. Cosby created character.

      • Was watching an interview last night….can’t remember the person….a female blaming obesity on fat cartoon characters…….and then, this same person wants to ban showings of Foghorn Leghorn because a southern accent is racist.

        • We are headed to a very grey and dour world.

          Always been a Don Rickles fan. Few years ago wife surprised me with concert tickets to his performance in Atlantic City. Never saw him in person before. Enjoyed every minute, an equal opportunity insulter if you will. Thing that got me was a number of young people walked out during the performance. Twenties types. I suspect they were upset/insulted by his ethnic and religious humor. The kids have been so brainwashed, they can’t handle it.

  36. There is a new thread posted 🙂

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