Diversity is a word thrown around by pundit’s and people so often, people have likely forgotten what it really is.  Recently, a new initiative was undertaken by Obama and his administration.

A new interactive database will help regulators, local housing officials and individuals take action on a newly proposed regulation that would require agencies to “affirmatively further” the inclusion of minority residents in white neighborhoods.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan announced the database and regulation at last week’s NAACP convention, saying the Obama administration was battling “a quieter form of discrimination” that was “just as harmful” as long-outlawed segregationist practices, like racially restrictive property covenants.

Wow, that sounds like such a great idea, but it’s quite creepy. This is not about racism against minorities, not even a little bit. We all know that people will join other people like them, e.g. blacks, Latino’s, Chinese, Muslim, and other groups of people have been doing this for all of mankind’s existence.  We don’t have a place called Chinatown because this is a conspiracy theory.  We all know what happens when white neighborhoods begin to get large numbers of another group of people moving in.  It’s called “white flight”.  It’s natural and it will continue to occur.  So why is Obama trying to change what we all know is human nature?  That answer is a bit complicated.  It is not just happening in the US, it is happening throughout Europe and Canada as well.

Read this sentence carefully:  Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;  

It has been my opinion and the opinion of many that white people are under constant attack.  Everything associated with whiteness is under attack or soon will be.  The Confederate battle flag and all things Confederate are a prime example. Check your white privilege, we are told.  You’re racist if you don’t like Obama.  The race card is worn out.  The next step is to demand diversity in white neighborhoods.  By demanding diversity in white neighborhoods, Obama is using the force of the Federal government to do this:  With forced immigration, forced integration (which has now been taken to another level) and promoting assimilation while denigrating everything white, Obama is Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

In case you are wondering, that statement in bold comes from Article II, line “c” of the United Nations Genocide Convention.  Here is Article II and III:

Article II: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Article III: The following acts shall be punishable:

(a) Genocide;
(b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;
(c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
(d) Attempt to commit genocide;
(e) Complicity in genocide.

To better understand the claim I’m making, here’s a short video on the subject:

I already know what many are going to claim, more conspiracy theory.  But if you are open minded enough to see what’s going on, there is a “cause and effect” method to Obama’s new “diversity” policy.  While I may not like Obama, I don’t think he is stupid enough to think he can change human nature.  There is another reason for his actions.  Obama is a UN puppet. And the UN is playing a game they themselves identified……..genocide.  If one looks to other predominate countries in Europe, with riots occurring in Italy over the matter.  I’m still in early study of this issue and my conclusions are not yet complete.  But this issue needs investigation and discussion, because Obama is attempting to do something that is against human nature.



  1. A brain tease to get folks going 🙂

  2. Before departing the stage, O’Malley told the convention: “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter,” prompting some heckles and boos in the crowd.

    O’Malley was immediately met with scrutiny and apologized for his comments.

    I guess saying white lives matters isn’t such a good idea when at a Lefty event.

  3. Trump actually said the opposite of what the Post lead sentence and video caption claim. The Post might have been able to get away stating that Trump “implied” McCain was not a war hero because McCain was captured, but even that would have been a subjective interpretation since Trump had actually stated the opposite.

    It’s true that Trump stated one time that McCain is not a war hero. But Trump stated four times that McCain is a war hero–and that was not accurately characterized in the article.

    The MSM can’t have a non establishment candidate screwing up the fixed election. Trump will be under constant attack.

    • I don’t think Trump said one thing wrong.

      • You can slice and dice his comments anyway you want too-He still said it and it was a stupid thing to say. It’s like I said Mary only won the beauty contest because she was friends with the judges and then said but I accept her as a beauty queen.

        I don’t think the comment justifies saying he should get out of the race or that he doesn’t respect our men and women in uniform. But it was a stupid comment said to be flippant and get laughs and there is no real way to completely walk it back.

      • I watched two tapes, one an interview and the other more like a news conference. In the interview which I believe (but may be wrong) where Trump made the initial statement, the interviewer was constantly interrupting to ask new or follow on provocative questions. Trump was getting irritated with the constant interruptions and barked back. It shows he has a short temper. In the business world, I am sure no one interrupts the Donald in a board meeting. I the second tape, the interviewer was being obnoxious and was badgering Trump to say things he had not said. He was totally rude and out of line. Once again, Trump responded.

        It is clear to me that some members of the media (probably a majority) are out to kneecap Trump as quickly as they can. They are using Trump to tar all the other R candidates as well. Mean time HRC gets a pass.

    • Watched the entire episode last night on C-Span. You are right G-man. It was a flippant answer said harshly in response to a nasty comment by McCain about the 15,000 (crazies) who attended the Trump Rally. My son had commented back when McCain ran that he could not vote for him because McCain was “damaged” by his experiences in Hanoi. Since then I have watched him and I think I agree.

      I still want to know where exactly this AP quote came from that Trump supposedly said.

      Trump said he avoided service in the Vietnam War through student deferments and a medical deferment, then said he didn’t serve because “I was not a big fan of the Vietnam war.” He added he wasn’t a protester. .

    • Just A Citizen says:


      While I do believe that true inflation is much higher than reported I am not confident that this article is accurate either. When an author injects so much “sarcastic and critic type opinion” in what looks like academic work it smells of “rationalization” of a pre-determined viewpoint.

      Let me give you one example from the article: “There are 254 million passenger vehicles registered in the United States. We have a record level of auto loan debt totaling $1 trillion and a record level of auto leases. According to Edmunds, the average monthly car payment is $479. That is $5,748 per year. That equals 11% of the median household income. Why would the BLS only give this category a 5.7% weighting?”

      Sophistry at its finest. You see the “weighting” for the CPI has to account for the total number of people, not just those paying for a car. Thus a car payment amounting to 11% of the median income does not represent the median “cost of car ownership”. It represents the cost to those paying for new cars.

      The CPI represents the average of all goods for all people, so the weighted value for the entire country will always be lower than the subgroup from which the data is applied.

      P.S. The BLS has been using pretty much the same method of calculating CPI for quite some time. Why is it only now that so many people claim the BLS is “deliberately” manipulating the data? What is the proof that this is being done and that it is being done for the reasons stated in the article???

      P.S.S. Any of you ever see those people in a grocery store who have a cart with no food but look like they are taking inventory of store items. The little computer pad and some clip boards or notepads. Not the people with store uniforms but the ones who look like regular folk. These are BLS data collectors. Yes, they actually go to stores all across the country and record the actual retail prices for the goods that are listed in their data base. So you see “hamburger” is not an accurate price. The hamburger has to be the same from month to month. Like 90% Lean (10% fat). They have to make sure the products are equal in type, quality and volume.

  4. http://tv.naturalnews.com/v.asp?v=e2bf95dc2cbe9a1ed0e3e5b347911d5e

    Gun Control is Genocide. Good documentary only 8 minutes long.

    • Couldn’t finish it V. What was the point?

      • “Just think: No unwanted baby; no burden to society; plus treatment for someone’s dementia — a perfect trifecta, made in hell.

        And tone isn’t the issue. The issue is that we’re commodifying human fetuses and harvesting parts for distribution in the marketplace, using rationalizations that can justify anything.”

        • ” Basically, the volume of older fetuses at some of Planned Parenthood’s locations is so great that they have a disposal problem. What do you do with all these bodies?

          Environmental laws prevent throwing fetuses in the trash, and even if they could, some garbage collection companies refuse to pick them up. The middleman who, through sanitized packaging and clinical language, can clean up such a mess and, for a price, contribute to science is God-sent. Or is it from the other fellow? ”

          I know I’m just posting what you didn’t read-but her words are much better than mine.

          • Vee should contact IG Farben und have zem build zee ovens, Yah?

            • They’ve already built the ovens-big profit venture I’m heard-sometimes though they just use ovens that are used to heat buildings.

          • Okay, my words-they can talk non persons all they want but when you are looking at the remains -you are looking at a human body. So this is just a way to sanitize their evil with words like “research material” and to try and give the appearance of doing something noble to deflect from what they are really doing. Telling all these woman that they can do good by killing one human to maybe save another. Let’s call it sanitizing their conscience-we have a conscience for a reason-to stop us from doing EVIL.

            • Oh yeah-and it saves them money on disposal of all those bodies plus pays them money for the parts.

              YOu know a win-win for everybody-per Planned Parenthood

            • Why is it that an unborn child is not a ‘person’, but the parts of the aborted child are good enough to help another ‘person’? Rhetorical…..off for groceries

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Because “personhood” has nothing to do with what happens to the biological entity once it is dead.

                No more than a dog or monkey used for human medical research becomes a person just because their body parts are used for human benefits.

                “Personhood” or being declared a “person” is a LEGAL issue. “Person(s)” are defined as a matter of law in order to describe and define other laws relating to the harm, injury or death of a living human that has been “born”.

                This is why some pro life groups have tried attacking abortion via “personhood” laws that would include “unborn”.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              Vh, i think we all agree that abortion is eugenics masquerading as freedom. It’s sole purpose is to control the black population. Sanger was a admitted racist. So, since the Left want to get rid of all things that are racist, call them out on their hypocrisy. They are today’s racists.

  5. I have actually thought about this before. It kind of fits in with my own conspiracy theory that Marxist, communists, socialists, etc have infiltrated our federal government with the purpose of taking over the health care system to control and subjugate the American people. And we let them do it.

    I’ve never liked this “diversity” bs. I am required to take continuing education courses online for my job in the healthcare industry. Part of the continuing education is about diversity. I don’t even read the crap anymore. I skip through to the test, carefully read the question, use common sense to get the answer……..then select the answer that is the exact OPPOSITE of the common sense answer. I get every question right.

    And I was reading this article yesterday:


  6. Friend took Jr. to freshman orientation last week at a prestigious university. 3/4 of the introduction was on gays. Most of that was on BS like how people should be addressed, the personal pronouns, He, she, his hers, are apparently taboo unless you have “permission” to use them from the person you are talking to or about. Transgender is really big, really, really big. Really, gigantically big.

    Screw college. Keep your kids locked up.

    • Nope…throw it back in their face. Sorry….Bruce Jenner is…….Bruce Jenner. A DNA male is a male. Period….I do not care what HIS brain thinks.

      • You know I’ve thought about this-are they really showing transgenders respect when they pretend to accept the lie that they are actually something they are not? I keep reading about transgenders accepting their true selves-well if you can not accept that you are biologically a man than how are you being true to yourself. What good is it if society pretends to accept them as women -wouldn’t it be better for them emotionally and mentally if they are accepted for who they truly are-a man who wants to live and act how he pleases. Or visa versa-but I believe most transgenders are men who want to live as a woman. Are we not just contributing to the obvious contradictions that they have to live with? Which seems to me is the basis of their unhappiness-that they cannot ever really become a woman-which is probably the reason there is such a high rate of suicide.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Vh, let’s just look at all those on the Left as dumplings. They act as they self identify as one, so let them have their wish. 🙂

  7. I actually would not worry too much about the new housing push….in the 60’s and 70’s HUD tried the same thing and all they did was create slums. I have not seen a HUD housing tenement yet that diviersified or created equality….yes “created” equality because the only way you are going to achieve it….is create it.

    So, now, you have my generation who has not forgotten Lyndon Johnson’s failed social experiment then and it will fail again now. One of the outcomes of the failed experiment was the birth of the Home Owner Association….and with the advent of HOA’s came strict regulations….type of homes, size of homes, specific regulations on landscaping designs, gated communities, specific building materials….and HOA dues. Back in the 80’s and again in the 90’s. HUD challenged HOA’s all over the country and as far as I know, they lost just about all of their challenges. So, what builders and developers have done now is form partnerships and have bought large tracts of land, founded developments under private names. and created HOA’s.

    And now, you have HOA’s that have to approve of you as a neighbor or part of the community. The Social experiments have done nothing but create the very problems that they were designed to stop. You cannot mesh cultures….I have never seen it work yet. People and races and cultures are different. This world IS NOT designed to fit all and to expect that…makes you naive.

    The same thing is happening to schools…the forced busing and the forced integration is a failed experiment….even in private schools. Walk into any school and go to the lunchroom…whites sit with whites, blacks sit with blacks, hispanics sit with hispanics. Nothing has changed….and nothing will.

    So, let them go try it again….the only place it has an even chance to work is in cities like New York where you build up and not out and create tenants. Look at your cities of Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Memphis….just to name a few. Look at what HUD has created……innercity slums and then they blame the whites. The cities were abandoned and now there are suburbs with all the fixin’s and no reason to go to town. Memphis is the one that sticks out to me because we had a business located on what is called President’s island…when we used to go there. Stay in the Peabody and walk Beale Street at night and eat BBQ and listen to all of the jazz music up and down Beale Street…..Used to watch the ducks ride the elevator up to the top of the Peabody…..and go into the swimming pool. Now the Peabody is locked up with security….you are warned not to walk Beale street unless in groups of five or ten…..you are warned not to walk the river walk at night……

    There are signs posted along the highways in Memphis..which say “DANGER: Enter at your own risk; This city does not support public safety”….these are billboards. Memphis went from 64% white in the 70’s to 68% black today….and the crime rate is 154.3% higher than all of Tennessee. 
Last year in New York… One in every 15,079 people were murdered. 
In Memphis this year… Its one in every 3,734. 
 AND…..it is 97% black on black crime. This is what diversity brings.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      “This is what diversity brings.” Should read “this is what FORCED diversity brings”.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      P.S. The concept of HOA’s can be stopped in its tracks by a “Zoning and Planning Board” or the appropriate commission which approves developments. So once again, it all depends on who is sitting on those boards and commissions.

    • I have no idea how far they can take these ideas-I do know they can do a lot of damage in the trying-and with the use of the discrimination laws and the courts-I dread finding out how much damage.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Annapolis MD…same thing. All within sight of the Capital building and the Naval Academy. And memorials to Thurgood Marshall.

      I was close to being offered a long term assignment in Amsterdam. Requiring relocation from NC. I “liked” the old city, regardless of the crime by migrants and muslims. However, I was told I’d never get housing there in the city. I was to well off and caucasian. A place comes open and a very strict formula was used to allow a person to buy or rent. The top crtiteria was RACE. If you couldn’t afford the place the government subsidized it for you….plus you’d be arrested for defending yourself and the “perp” was escused by usually being an unfortunate and somehow I had caused the assult, ergo deserved it…..That is the EU over the objections of the PEOPLE and that is where Obama is taking his model from.

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    Pipe dreams never cease.


    Note: No mention of how the Iranian Govt. will use its new found wealth to up the ante on funding of trouble in other places.

    Also, as a nation becomes better off the people tend to become more lazy with respect to fighting for rights and “democracy”. As long as the regime is not outright brutal and allows some upward mobility. So claiming that improving the economic condition of the average citizen will drive moves towards democracy is not supported by history. Were those who over threw Mubarak from the newly formed UPPER MIDDLE CLASS?

  9. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought for the morning. Re, this concern about the young folks not laughing at racial and ethnic jokes.

    What exactly would be wrong with living in a society where such jokes were not viewed as funny? Where people were “shunned” for telling such jokes or poking fun at people in such a manner?

    Now don’t get me wrong. This younger generation(s) are a bit hypocritical in their criticisms. And they have their own baggage, including the brainwashing, etc. etc… But what is so bad if their reasons are sound. That all people are created equally and deserve respect and/or tolerance from their fellow citizens.

    • Sure, JAC…I have no problem with it,…..as long as you see it my way.

    • Jokes are a good and healthy way of showing the irony and hypocrisy of certain situations. However, it can go too far and it must be balanced. There are a few black comedians that I are insulting and not funny. If a white comedian said the same thing in reverse, he would be hounded out of the business. Reversal is a good test for identifying true racism.

      • And they listen to music where if the second word is not F—, it’s N—–!

        Mel Brooks answered a critic who complained about “Springtime for Hitler” and his video, “the Hitler Rap” by saying that these things must be defeated through humor. Yesterday I was at a memorial service where a gent, 10 or so years younger than me told a joke about Moshe and “Jewish Lightning”. Since the venue was all Christian and predominantly Irish, he felt fine about it. I basically tore him a new one over it. He was very apologetic and told me that a great number of his friends were Jewish including a Rabbi! Jesus!

        Now if he led off with a self depreciating joke about his own Dutch ancestry, followed it up with one about an Irisher, then a Polack then the Jew, maybe I would not have gotten steamed up. But, there is humor and there is bigotry. I think I know the difference.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I wonder how diverse Hillary’s and Bill’s neighborhood in Chappaqua is. NOT very. One needs to much money to live there. Same goes for Nancy’s Pelosi’s home. NOT her district, but her home.

          I know Chappaqua very well.

  10. With regards to the original topic. Whites should use the databases to prove that minority enclaves are racist thus they can bulldoze large sections of them in the name of diversity to put up expensive condos and HOAs. Turn about is fair play.

    How is it that we let small minorities dictate policy in this country. Gays are 2-3% of the population. Trannies are fraction of the gay population. Yet we invert the normal order to accommodate them.

    Re: PP, soylent green anyone?

  11. I found the video very interesting-I’m never really took the thought process all the way to genocide before-but I do believe that the white culture is being intentionally killed off- Funny how they fight so hard to protect all other cultures-like the American Indian that is fighting to maintain their culture-any plan to diversify that culture would be condemned- but the white man, well, obviously we for some reason deserve to go the way of the dinosaur.

    • One more thing-somehow my having pride in my race, in our accomplishments, our traditions, our culture, even just wanting the white race to continue, is supposedly based on my hate for other races and cultures.

      Funny though when I think of my culture I think American not white. Noticed on the tape -they kept referring to the lack of British people not the lack of white people.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I believ that British is meaning white as well. Not @ sure how this article would be recieved. Glad to see that a few are now awake to what may well be going on. Since Obam wants all this diversity stuff, is he guilty of crimes against humanity by Attempting to commit genocide as the article points out?

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Excuse typos, using cell phone.

        • Frankly, the article is turnabout. For decades we have heard about the “old Boys network”, the “glass ceiling”, the color line, racial steering into or away from neighborhoods etc.

          We all condemned those things and rightly so. The other side now is playing the very same game. As usual it is couched in being good for you. They do not see the hypocrisy in it.

          I was thinking the other day of writing a short story.It begins in New York, Brooklyn Heights to be specific. On August 27th 1776. A British spy discovers Washington intends to slip across the East River and the British fleet moves out of the Narrows and blocks him. Washington is killed in the ensuing battle and his army captured.

          Franklin escaped to Paris and becomes an ex-pat. Jefferson tries for it but is caught. He and 80% of the signers are then rounded up and shipped to Britain for trial. Most are hanged, the rest sentenced to long prison terms.

          The colonies remain colonies. There is no expansion beyond the Mississippi. The British government prohibits expansion across the Appalachians because of the “Indian” problem. All immigration other than from British domains ceases. Louisiana remains French, France does not have a revolution and a Constitutional monarchy eventually rises. Mexico after independence finally moves into the Southwest fearing France will swallow it up otherwise but does not move fast enough in California. They only get half of California, the Russians having established a series of trading posts take the rest.

          Russians and Brits eventually go to war over what would have been the Oregon territory. Britain cedes the land to Russia since their main concern is blocking the French and they fear an alliance.

          Slavery is of course outlawed by the Crown and things go along swimmingly until 1914 when the Germans make their move. After a bloody four year war, the Germans defeat Britain and France in the Spring of 1918. The Russian monarchy collapses. Bolsheviks seize Novo Rossiya and spread their revolutionary gospel to both the sparsely settled Southwest and New France. As a condition of the peace, France and Britain will be occupied by the central Powers. Turkey and the Ottomans takes back Albania and Greece. They also seize all of Armenia and continue eradicating Armenians to the last woman and child. The English Monarchy flees to …..New York.

          The world, in the long run, does not turn out to be a better place because there was no United States.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Love it….nobody thinks about the turn of world events if the colonists in the americas had not succeeded.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        In the beginning, to be American meant to be White. Along with some other rather narrow criteria.

        I could not find them yet but I have seen written discussions by the founders over the “fear” of allowing NON ENGLISH immigrants into the country. Not just the Germans that Franklin disliked, but the French themselves. The very people we depended on to win the Revolution and who sent us the Statue of Liberty.

        While there was strong preference for White English there were many non English in the Colonies and first “States”. But the laws, customs and other factors which comprised the American Culture which the founders wanted protected was distinctly English as modified by the “Enlightenment” philosophers. Many of whom were also English.

        I don’t care for the author’s tone but he does provide a fair summary of our early ancestors views on immigration. They also wanted ENGLISH to be our national language, as evidenced by the requirements imposed on Louisiana as a condition of gaining Statehood.


        • I’m not saying that American culture doesn’t come from white culture-It did-it is one of the things that makes me proud of my race-I’m saying that being white isn’t a requirement of being what I deem culturally American.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I understood your comment. I was only clarifying that while that is true today, it was not true in the beginning of “America”.

            Frankly, I don’t think there is such a thing as “White Culture”. There was English culture which dominated America. Because it dominated others were absorbed by it. This evolved into American Culture thanks to the Enlightenment and then our Revolution.

            You should certainly feel pride in your White Race in that Race is synonymous with Western Civilization. Of course that means we have to accept the warts that come with it as well.

            Let me put it in my language. I am not proud of being “white”. I am proud of myself, I am proud of my community, my State, my country, and I am proud of all my American Ancestors which created the nation into which I was lucky enough to be born. These ancestors included those that won and those that lost, but they all contributed to the American story and culture which I inherited. It so happens that I am White. My skin color has absolutely nothing to do with the pride I feel for those things I listed.

            On the other hand, I am not ashamed that I am white or that most of my ancestors were white or that those who created this country were white. I am proud of what they accomplished and proud to be an American.

            Those who wish to condemn me for my skin color or want me to apologize for my ancestors creating this country can piss up a rope.

            Now what I do not understand is why certain people of other races whose ancestors also built this country feel it necessary to tear down my pride or worse yet, have no pride of their own. Why does a young Black man today not have pride in his ancestors who happened to be slaves? Why tear down ME because of what happened to his long gone relatives? Why can we not both be proud of our ancestors and this nation they built?

            Our combined stories make up the American Story. Why can’t they simply embrace it and focus on making the future story even better?

        • Well, there is one itty bitty problem or two. Numero uno, Those folks were encouraged to assimilate. These folks aren’t. So we are well into the second and third generations who have no stake in the history and traditions of this country not quite the same as 200 years ago. Numero dos, as usual, the author is conveniently and deliberately confusing the issue of illegal and legal immigration, which is the only way THEY can win this argument. Numero tres, Despite the differences in religious sects, NOTE sects, NOT religions they were all eventually able to work out their differences and if nothing else live and let live. Do not see this happening with the religion of Peace within the next millennia. . .

  12. Just A Citizen says:

    WHITE is the worlds most prosperous and successful MINORITY. Far more people of the world have dark complexions than white/pink/etc..

    Even many classified as Caucasians have dark complexions. So WHITE has been a minority since the time of certain English and European dynasties. Those that invaded the world and created what we call “Western Civilization”. Those that settled and created the United States of America and our cousins to the north, Canada, and our cousins to the south, Australia and New Zealand.

    Just as the Socialists could not stand having all the world EXCEPT America, neither can those who view Whites as needing a comeuppance. So what was once the bastion of Whiteness outside Europe is now the target of colorization, or as those on the left like to call it……… multiculturalism. America must be made NOT WHITE, like the rest of the world.

    Gman…………the effort to destroy the ORIGINAL American Culture has been in play for some time. And it is quite out in the open. It is an attack on many things, not just the White Race. It just happens that the White Race created the Culture which THEY think must be destroyed. In this case the THEY is a broad mix of people driven mostly by social/political philosophies that are contrary to ours. It so happens that most of these peoples are of a different skin tone than the Americans which built this nation.

    There are some, however, who are basing their hatred on skin color. It is obvious when you see comments bragging and celebrating the soon expected demise of the White majority in the USA. As has been suggested by others here, we need to call these people out for the overt RACISTS that they are.

    Race has long been the fall back to create fear of “others”. This goes for the THEY as well as for the US. So you see the radicals who wish to help bring the USA to its knees using race on their side, Mexico for example, to create animosity towards Whites or specifically White Americans. Because for these people, the goal is getting California, Arizona, New Mexico and part of Nevada and Colorado back. At least that is their stated goal. I believe they are just pawns or maybe even willing participants in a greater cause.

    The destruction of the USA.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I can see why my old leatherneck friend.

      • Who you calling a leatherneck? And what does that mean exactly?

        • JAC is confused, as D13 is not a Marine, but an Army retiree. Leatherneck is a military slang term for a member of the United States Marine Corps, or of the British Royal Marines. This all began in the late 1700’s, based on clothing apparel. The marines still have a stiff neck collar, continuing the tradition, except it is now cloth, not leather.

    • Wow, she’s not happy!

    • I like to see young people lay it out! That doesn’t mean I want to send an undermanned military there. Beat them here, let them know we don’t play their bullshit! That’s what the 2nd Amendment was written for!

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Would you consider the open recruitment of Americans by Russia to commit acts of terrorism against America as an Act of War? Would it be deserving of RETALIATION and action as necessary to STOP the Russian Aggression?

        • Yes to your first question. Your second question is to open ended to answer. Depends on the actions of those recruited. Although I don’t think we need to worry about that much, Russians are plentiful in the US. They don’t need to recruit, they are here.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Well suppose these Russian agents started killing military personnel, killing civilians randomly and killing civilians at large gatherings. Maybe with bombs.

            The point is very concise. You know Russia is recruiting these people to conduct violent acts against the US. Citizens, military and infrastructure.

            Is this an act of war? Should the US declare war on Russia in order to retaliate in kind or with superior force to make the attacks stop?

            How many Russians live here is irrelevant. Does it matter WHO Russia recruits to conduct the attacks on the US?

            • Change Russians for Islamic fanatics and we would have what many seem to think is modern terrorism. But, I’m not jumping into your rabbit hole, so how about you make whatever point you want to make 🙂

              • Just A Citizen says:

                You have a double standard. That is the point.

                Russia’s actions are an act of war. As such they deserve retaliation, they deserve WAR back at them.

                But ISIS is to be ignored because their recruitment is dismissed as “statistically insignificant”.

              • There is no double standard because Russia is a State with a government and borders. ISIS and/or terrorist’s are fanatics with no borders and no government per se. Equating the two is utter nonsense. Not to mention that I never said to ignore the terrorists. Maybe you should check your reading comprehension. Quote” Beat them here, let them know we don’t play their bullshit! ” How exactly does that equate to being ignored?

          • Actually..No….it does not depend on what their actions are. Degrees of retaliation are bullshit. If you are going to retaliate….do so with a vengeance otherwise leave it alone. Retaliation DOES NOT NEED TO BE IN PROPORTION…not at all. to be in proportion…is a weakness.

    • I’ve got to get this lady on my staff. Better yet, hand her a weapon and not a sissy one.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    On the topic of white genocide.

    The missing answers to the “conspiracy” theory is WHO and WHY. We know HOW, but WHO and WHY?

    Another observation. My younger relatives, all of whom are products of our modern Universities, seem to have accepted the notion that they are going to be a minority and more importantly, “there is nothing wrong with this change”.

    The new generations are more “Globalist” and far less “Nationalist”.

    Perhaps herein lies a clue as to WHO is involved. That is if we accept the premise of how much the “LEFT” controls the Universities. But we still do not know the details of WHO. And we still do not know WHY.

    I personally believe that many University Prof’s and others who push the “diversity” agenda do so without thinking or understanding. They are the “puppets”. I want to know who is the Puppet Master(s).

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I’m glad this article got some attention. Your questions are an important part of the equation. To be honest, this really isn’t part of the CT crowd, yet. I think it will be very soon. As the article and video claim, it’s not just America

    • They fall into the trap that all people are the same everywhere. All religions are the same (bad), all cultures are the same (except ours is worse). All political systems are the same (except ours is worse) all theories of economics are the same (except ours is worse). Everybody else wants to sing “I’d like to buy the world a coke” or “It is a small, small world” and we want to sing Wagner’s “Ride of the valkyries” as we blow up small children for breakfast.

      They are willing to forget 6,000 years of Western History which has allowed them to comfortably sit back and scoff at 6,000 years of Western history.

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    How do you get someone, or at least increase the chances of, to commit suicide?

    DESTROY their Self-Esteem. Get them to internalize feelings of GUILT, REMORSE, and SHAME in who they are.

    Now combine the latest left wing Education Agenda of White Guilt and White Privilege with the desire to see the White Race diminished or destroyed.

    Is it any wonder so many White people CHEER when someone says that White People will be a minority very soon? Why would anyone cheer their own extinction? It is SUICIDAL behavior.

    • It is part of the “parrot-monkey” mentality. These white people on the Left who espouse this garbage are “useful idiots” in the big scheme of things. I also think there is much more to this than is being discussed.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Other than the preaching that the white race is evil and the US is evil, by white elite, academics in an insular society…..I then can not fathom why then do so many people continue from all over the world, of all races and cultures keep coming here to such a disfunctional society?

  15. I’ve been wondering why the left hasn’t come out against Obama’s data base-talk about invading our privacy-and there is no way they can attempt to change the lay out of neighborhoods based on race, religion and whatever the other two were,without maintaining vast records that are tied to personal information-this isn’t just statistical information-I can just imagine the ability to harass and blackmail anyone they wanted with this type of information.I suspect a lot of that has been going on for awhile now. Haven’t forgotten the DOJ demanding information they had no right to under the guise of an investigation or the IRS sending zillions of tax records to the Fed that they had no right too either.

    So with the left’s strong dislike for the government spying on us-Why the silence?

    I wonder where the heck Buck is-I’d really like his opinion on this!

    • VH, it’s not just for changing neighborhoods. It’s also for lawsuits against employers who don’t hire a minority because of a failed background check, a bank not lending a home loan to a minority (which includes credit cards). The lawsuits could be endless. It’s quasi-reparations for blacks. It’s also some serious racism, by none other than the Messiah. Now we know what he really is.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I assume that you’ve noticed that lawsuits go towards where the money is. Hence no “reparation” for past actions of instituting “african” slavery into the americas by the Spaniards, Portugese, Belgiums, British, French. Particularly the Spanish and Portugese in Central and South America and what they did to the indiginous people was even worse than our poor behavior.

        • Are you sure Dale, absolutely certain? Why it seems to me that only Americans have ever held slaves or enslaved people. By gosh! I think I must have heard that on….ABCCBSNBCNYTIMES.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            SK’s making a funny!! Please include the LATIMESMSNBCCHICAGOTRIBUNEBOSTONGLOBETELEMUNDOUNIVISION let me catch my breath…..BBC

  16. And now we learn that the TN shooter was on antidepressants. What a surprise.

    • I’m sure the left will jump on that. It was depression that caused this, not islamic terrorism.

      • Yes they claim mental illness but will overlook the medication which seems to be a common denominator in many of these mass killings.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        This will go down as workplace violence, with one major problem, it wasn’t his place of work. I just wish these psychotic shooters would just go off into a secluded place and put themselves out of our misery.

        Had a guy at my last duty station go off his nut and had a minor breakdown. He calmly drove into the compound, got out of his car. Opened the trunk. Pulled out a pump shotgun. (at this juncture we scattered) He calmly walked into his work area. His co-workers had been quickly given a heads-up. The guy proceeded to empty the gun into his workstation in the comm center. He leaned the gun up against what was left of his desk. Sat down and waited for the guys in the white suits. Plus a few Marines. He calmly was lead to the ambulance and we never saw him again.

  17. Just A Citizen says:


    Good morning Sir. Zach Johnson…………WOW. What a start for a final day.

  18. Got it pulled up on the computer…..wow….100% fairways hit…….and his putting is dead on….wow. Go USA

  19. Here is one, if John McCain is a hero for having been tortured and held in the Hanoi Hilton for five years, what does that make the former residents of Aby Grahib and the current residents of Gitmo?

  20. If memory serves me-they hashed this out in Congress-now HHS an unelected agency just writes a rule to overrule Congress. I really, really hate this administration-no respect at all for our system of government and that folks means NO RESPECT FOR THE PEOPLE-WHEN ARE THE DEMOCRATS GONNA REALIZE THIS TRUTH.


    • gmanfortruth says:

      Democrats, namely the Progressives, will learn when they are properly dealt with. Unfortunately, the corrupt system that people keep legitimizing will never lat that happen. This nation needs a major political reset. One which denies wealth and power to those who represent.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Different topic, but we all saw how well this adminstrations “historic” reset with Russia went. Or stay tuned for coming attractions with Iran.

  21. Interesting 2000 profile of Trump’s Dad. I remember him being very well thought of by my Brooklyn Mother-In-Law. You can learn something about the son here. Like JFK, he was not supposed to be the heir but his brother self destructed.


  22. Off topic, another head shaker for me. Some idiot in the Pentagon wants to go to hollow point ammo. Lessen I forget my practical history, soldiers of ANY army captured with bullets that were filed, clipped or X’d to expose the lead core did not make it to POW cages. Dum-Dums and soft lead bullets were banned because of the horrific wounds they caused. Where the hell are we headed? What is wrong with those knuckleheads in the Pentagon?


    • If you do not want to use hollow points, revert back to the 45 cal…other than that, you will need hollow points for close in fighting. The new pistol coming out has an extremely high FPS….to fast for pistol. You need something like a .45 that is slow moving and will know the dog shit out of you…and not tickle you to death with a high velocity pistol round.

      I am in favor of hollow points….down here, we are armed with Ranger SXT Lubilox. It penetrates and splits into 6 parts…Rips a nice hole and wil stop a cocaine hyped up person at 25 feet.

      Obviously, there are some out there that have not faced the AK 47.. 7.62×39 Hollow Point 123 Grain WPA used in Vietnam that would penetrate a flak vest. The Russians do not exactly believe in The Hague Convention….even though they are a signatory…..which means nothing.

      • Sorry……know=knock

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I thought the bullets that split into multiple pieces were banned for being “to” effective in close and confined combat situations.

        • They are, according to the Hague…but no one pays attention to it except the USA…..

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          This all leads back to an earlier comment on “appropriate and proportional” responses. I’m with you as that concept is pure BS. The politicians can dither and talk all day long, but when the “Dogs of War” are unleashed due to the failure of the politicians, the one and only objective would be to win by the quickest means possible and overwhelming force. One can be magnamous after defeating the enemy.

          Rules….remember the Israeli olympic athlete hostages in Munich. One of the Palestinians demands was the release of members of the Bader Meinhof gang being held in prison. The Germans eliminated that demand by executing the prisoners and then came back to the negotiation and said, “you want who released”?

  23. This young man, a friend of a good friend just OD’d. That makes two in two months for me. Outside of the humongous mistake that Afghanistan turned out to be in terms of opening up direct drug routes can anyone else see that this kid was headed nowhere?

    • Would you like me to post pictures of US troops guarding poppy fields? They are out there and there are many. How is it that the US military can control a country that provides 95% of the materials to make heroine and it is an epidemic in our own country? What is wrong with this picture, that we as a people, know this, yet remain silent?

      • My good friend, they are all Fuckers. Sorry for the language but there is no other word and I do mean it the way we used to say it back in the ’60’s before every second word out of the mouth of every teenager started with an F. Remember the Golden Triangle? Bet the Colonel does. Along with inflation, that was another benefit of Viet-nam. Left dead bodies all over my neighborhood.

  24. Some additional information-Real goal-Federal government controlling local governments.


  25. Attention those who are in the military or are disabled because of military action…….Obama has cut the military pay raise…..and he is cutting the funding to the disabled military that are on permanent unemployment because of disability.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The hits just keep on coming. And where is Congress while all this is happening….ZZZZZZZ

      POTUS also is apparently proposing that party’s that are receiving SS benefits (not retirement benefits) be disallowed gun permits.

      I love the way Obama just alleviated Congress of having to pass judgment on the “legacy” deal with Iran. Whether congress approves or disapproves is a moot point given the UN security counsel just voted to endorse the treaty. Europe and Russia are so desperate for the business without limitations regardless of Iran’s subsequent actions NO sanctions will ever be put back in place.

      Trust us says SOD Carter to the Israeli government.

      • Perhaps the heroic John McCain will step up to the plate. Correct me if I am wrong here but did not the new GI Bill come from Jim Webb over the strenuous objections of John McCain?

    • Right on! Rick Perry is gonna have a stroke over it. Just keep your eye on the ball fellas.

  26. After reading this, ask yourself if McCain is a hero or not:


  27. http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/omalley-blames-isis-climate-change_994412.html

    Based on this logic (if it can be called logic at all), Californians will soon be lopping off heads and screaming Alluah Ackbar (or whatever they scream). Look out T-Ray, you may be under attack soon.

  28. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Obama is crediting his eccentric MIT professor and energy secretary to lead the push and convince the congress and the citizens that the Iran nuclear deal is good. He apparently came up with the idea that the here to for secret uranium enrichment plant could just change their process and create harmless medical isotopes….but get this then tell the Iranian hardcore leaders that they’re still processing enriched uranium. Uh Huh? And how long will that take that lie to be discovered…..one week….today…in the headline US news.

    Bottom line this has all been drama and BS from day one. The embargos and economic restrictions are gone …poof good bye to never be re-enstated regardless of what the Senate says….plus the Iranians have now hundreds of billions of dollars of cash to buy and sell convential means of warfare.

  29. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Gman….can you send me an email? I’ve lost your address from my directory. I’d like to send some cartoons from way back that you might be able to post…I can not get them posted because they do not have a internet URL.

  30. Well, a couple of things…..it is really not a good idea to move to Texas and think that it is going to be like Philadelphia or California…this past week.

    1) Two young lads from Philly walk into a convenience store at 0100..pulls a gun and demands money…the store keeper shot them both. 1 dead…1 dying.

    2) Two young lads from California…age 15 and age 16, climb a fence in a cemetery and deface a Confederate grave and monument…caught on camera…pursued…pull a gun….1 dead… the other wounded.

    3) Young lady, age 22, from California…goes into Walmart…shop lifts $300 worth of clothes..pushes her way past an unarmed security guard only to be stopped at gun point by another shopper with CCL.

    Sigh…..please….do not bring your habits to Texas….WE ARE ALL ARMED. Thus, endeth the lesson.

    ( By the way..please understand…we do not give a shit about your rights when you break the law…there are no warnings, no idle threats, no appeals.)

    And, for the first time in American history, according to a radio show I just listened to,….felony crime committed by illegals just surpassed felony crimes committed by US citizens nation wide. Supposedly an FBI source that says they have just been issued gag orders.

    And last, but not least….the ACLU is upset because Texas has armed its own military
    (National and State Guard) while Federal troops remain unarmed….and the ACLU has filed against the State of Texas because of its zero tolerance practice on border security now in effect.

    Note to Mr. Obama….you made a statement one time that perhaps the USA would be better off without Texas….hope you still feel that way….how abobut letting us go?

    • It is obvous, that given your last several negotiations…..we would be better off as a foreign country than as a State. HOW ABOUT IT ?

      • For weeks now, I have been trying to remember a word. I heard it tonight CONFLATION, the meaning is taking two different things and treating them as if they were the same. The BS about Illegal crime has been a perfect example. The left says “IMMIGRANTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR LESS CRIME PER CAPITA THAN NATIVE BORN”. Taken as a whole, this is true however when you break out illegal vs. legal, things change from bad to worse to awful.

        So Colonel, think about that. The relatively much smaller sample of illegal aliens commits enough crime to outdistance the entire native born population! Watched a clip of Dick Durban, a real low life POS at the Senate hearings on murders committed by illegals. That SOB deliberately CONFLATED legals with illegals. Language, language language. They have to be attacked constantly when they do that.

        Had a pleasant if very warm day at the range today. Very international, 7.62 Russian SVT-40, German Mod. 98AZ carbine, French Mas 36 in 7.5MM and finally a really nice Jap. Type 99 in 7.7MM. Thank God I’m reloading. Believ it or not that little French carbine shot best with the Jap. 99 a close second. Smart folks the Japanese, in WW 2 they chromed the bore. When I got it the bore looked like there had been a birds nest in it. One patch and it shined. Never had that happen before.

    • In CA now shoplifting less than $1000 is a misdemeanor. If caught you are issued a ticket similar to a traffic stop. So the shoplifters now first steal a calculator and then keep a total of what they have in the basket. When the basket reaches $950, they exit.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Enlightened justice. But then they are only getting what is rightfully theirs because that “evil” corporation stole it from them to begin with.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          That’s probably exactly what they think too.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I was not kidding. I have a Georgtown wealthy friend who is extremely liberal and that is with a capitial LIBERAL. Derives most of his income from the government specifically the Pentagon whom he hates. Be that it may he steals copyrighted software, instead of buying it. Then because he doesn’t have access codes to get HELP he used to call my Father for advise on what to do. When challenged he’d excuse his theft by saying it was from a BIG corporation so what. My Father would come back and say that the “person” and his business was incorporated and enjoyed all the benefits of incorporation. But that’s different, he”d say I’m smaller. Much less he’d go after anybody who copied any thing he had created. Guess what he’d say well they were stealing from me and my intellectual property. He could never see the hypocrisy of his actions.

  31. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Headlines: Obama, like it was some great decision, ORDERS all flags at government facilities, lowered to 1/2 mast in memorial to the Marines and Naval personnel killed by the “lone” wolf in Chattanooga. Hasn’t it been close to a week? And they are still not saying it’s an act of terrorism because they can’t seem to find a thread of conspiracy with more than one person involved.Totally pointless by this time and obviously something he did not want to do…..but then goes on to say, that the government stands by to protect it’s service personnel….that’s a joke.

  32. Justice in America is not all it’s cracked up to be. Just ask Jeffrey Deskovic, who spent 16 years in prison for a rape and murder he did not commit. Despite the fact that Deskovic’s DNA did not match what was found at the murder scene, he was singled out by police as a suspect because he wept at the victim’s funeral (he was 16 years old at the time), then badgered over the course of two months into confessing his guilt. He was eventually paid $6.5 million in reparation. James Bain spent 35 years in prison for the kidnapping and rape of a 9-year-old boy, but he too was innocent of the crime. Despite the fact that the prosecutor’s case was flimsy—it hinged on the similarity of Bain’s first name to the rapist’s, Bain’s ownership of a red motorcycle, and a misidentification of Bain in a lineup by a hysterical 9-year-old boy—Bain was sentenced to life in prison. He was finally freed after DNA testing proved his innocence, and was paid $1.7 million. Mark Weiner got off relatively easy when you compare his experience to the thousands of individuals who are spending lifetimes behind bars for crimes they did not commit. Weiner was wrongfully arrested, convicted, and jailed for more than two years for a crime he too did not commit. In his case, a young woman claimed Weiner had abducted her, knocked her out and then sent taunting text messages to her boyfriend about his plans to rape her. Despite the fact that cell phone signals, eyewitness accounts and expert testimony indicated the young woman had fabricated the entire incident, the prosecutor and judge repeatedly rejected any evidence contradicting the woman’s far-fetched account, sentencing Weiner to eight more years in jail. Weiner was only released after his accuser was caught selling cocaine to undercover cops. In the meantime, Weiner lost his job, his home, and his savings, and time with his wife and young son. As Slate reporter journalist Dahlia Lithwick warned, “If anyone suggests that the fact that Mark Weiner was released this week means ‘the system works,’ I fear that I will have to punch him in the neck. Because at every single turn, the system that should have worked to consider proof of Weiner’s innocence failed him.” The system that should have worked didn’t, because the system is broken, almost beyond repair. – See more at: http://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/the_american_nightmare_the_tyranny_of_the_criminal_justice_system#sthash.yQpiSWzh.dpuf

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I just think of the years that the Duke LaCross team would have spent in prison from the alleged rape charges brought by a DA seeking re-election. 100% of the DNA tests and evidence proved their innocence. The DA knew it and suppressed the evidence. The kids attorney’s spent millions in their defense. It took a lowly summer intern PA to say almost 2 years later….begging the question…where is the SID lab results. Case was over quickly. The DA just was disbarred, and only spent < 24 hours in jail. Interesting thing is that the city of Durham didn't cough up the money to the kids…but Duke University did. Al Sharpton who was leading the charge, didn't cough up money, nor jesse Jackson, Nor the Black Panthers. The girl was a drug addict and had a rap sheet a zllion miles long. Arrested later for drug dealing also filing false reports. But is was pure political rich vs poor, privileged vs life dealing drugs and being a prostitute.

      Not in any way am I condoning the steroid use in professional sports….but the DOJ decides to not appeal the overturned verdict of Barry Bonds to the supreme court of a lower appellete court. The conviction is that he gave a RAMBLING answer to a federal grand jury and therefore obstructed justice….but steroids was not illegal…just cheating, sort of. I guess the 5th amendment is a damned if you do and damned if you don't.

      Same with Roger Clemens. Convicted for not answering Congress in their investigation into steroid use in professional sports in a clear way incriminating himself. Jeffrey Holder comes to mind here. Hillary Clinton and an unending list of people who serve in the government lying under oath to the oversight commitees and they walk…they're protected.

  33. Warning!! Col., the Donald is heading your way. Make sure he sees the real thing.

    • LMAO! Graham calls Trump an idiot, Trump gives out his cell number. That’s classic 🙂

    • Let the Donster come on down…..if he sees the real threat and problem…..I encourage him to do so…..how fun is this? All the Republican Elite and the RINOS are having heart attacks because Trump is calling it like it is…..He will not win…we all know that…..it is doubtful whether or not he will pull any delegates at all……but I do love his bravado…..

  34. http://personalliberty.com/obama-orders-social-security-recipients-under-increased-scrutiny-for-gun-ownership/

    This kind of crap will continue to grow. Up next? People with bad credit ratings? People who bounced a check or two? This government needs castrated before they grow so big they can’t be stopped.

  35. The housing committee of citizen volunteers voted 19-3 to recommend replacing single-family zoning with a “lower density residential zone.” This means the single family home would be a thing of the past in Seattle, replaced by apartment buildings and housing projects — Because nothing says diversity like piling a bunch of people into low-income housing projects.

    These people HATE Freedom and Self-Reliance

    If you don’t realize what this is all about, let me spell it out for you. These people HATE Freedom, and they HATE the Self-Reliant lifestyle.

    The government, at every level in this country, has become corrupted by power hungry politicians who are desperate to control every little aspect of your life, including where and how you live your lives.

    White genocide in real time. Progressives need to be outlawed.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      This begs the obvious question, WHO is going to OWN the apartments and housing developments?

      If not the Govt, then does this not enhance the “class” divide rather than eliminate it?

      • Yes it does…..I do not know of any housing project under HUD that is NOT privately owned.

        JAC…..I dont know if you agree with me or not….but I am seeing a huge ground swell beginning to start and it is going to be nasty.

        This last crap about the shootings in Tennessee….and the government response is embarassing…and it is pissing people off…throw into the mix more forced housing and integration issues…special rules…..no immigration policy…..his fear of martial law…….may be getting closer….peope are going to fight back…we are down here.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Things are not as obviously “swelling” up here. Probably due to our demographics. But as I said the other day, there are a few Confederate Battle Flags flying around along with Don’t Tread on Me. But not as many as a few years ago.

          Here it is the Rhinos who are struggling to maintain political control. The “crazies” took over while I was away in purgatory, now the they are the two major opposing parties, within a party. Dems are simply a pesky minority. We may have more “black folks” here now than Democrats. 🙂

          At the broader scale I do see some blow back. A private citizen guarding a recruiting station on the news last night. Frankly I hope Obama and his ilk make the biggest and hardest push ever in shoving their immoral philosophy down American’s throats. It might finally wake a few people up and force them to act.

          On the Good News side, I see that Hillary is behind Bush, Rubio and Walker in three “battleground” states. The “she is untrustworthy” question gets above 50% every time it is asked. On the bad news side, all three of these R’s are not interested in restoring the Constitutional controls and limitations.

          Watched Kasich’s announcement speech last night. Per this “Republican” the HIGHEST MORAL OBLIGATION OF THE FEDERAL GOVT. is to ………………… ready for it……….
          “create jobs”.

          At least I can discard this one quickly from my dance card.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          PS. One of your Citizens has escaped. She damn near ran over me yesterday backing out of a parking spot at the grocery store. I was parked next to her and starting to get into my car.

          Situational awareness saved me. She just looked like the impatient type, a little pushy. She walked past me on the way to the car. So as I reached for the door I noticed she had hers started. I stopped and hugged up against the car as she quickly backed out. If I had opened my door she would have taken me and my door with her.

          Apparently this Texican had not been in your country long enough to learn “manners”. She never looked. If she had I would have waved her on and waited. She stole my chance at gentlemanly behavior. Last thing I saw was here very large bumper sticker pasted on her trunk: “Don’t Mess with Texas”.

          • Hmmmm……unusual, however, in this age of “equality” men are not allowed to be men. It could also be that she is not a “real” Texican…..we do have some transplants that did not take to manners.

            • I can dispatch a covert raptor for a snatch and grab up there…get rid of the offendng one.

              UH OH…..I just realized….can I say “snatch”? This might not be politically proper now days…..IT used to mean something quite different in the “olden days”.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Thanks, but no need, i have Godzilla on call. LMAO! He could snatch him and throw him your way for some good raptor delicacy. They probably love eating idiots.

              • It’s still snapper ’round here 🙂

      • I can field that question. “SPONSORS” own them. Sponsors are either for or not for profit. The prettied up ones find some community group like a local church to incorporate as a housing company. They hire a developer, (who probably sought them out first as cover) then the developer builds it at a zillion dollars a unit and walks away. The church either hires or creates a management company. The project then either works or doesn’t. The best ones come with forever housing subsidies (Section 8) so there is plenty of future money for all.

        There have been successful ones, there have been honest ones but then there are ones like this.


        Do the math, $ 291,666 per apartment, average apartment 4 rooms, for a rehab! This is a poor community, wrong side of the tracks, a block away from a huge 1950’s Public Housing Project, around the corner from an elevated train. It is not in midtown. Even with NYC screwy construction laws and codes it should not have been more than $ 100,000. Imagine the debt service? Imagine the subsidies on the debt service. Market rent in that area and it is pushing it is $ 1,200- $ 1,500 per month.

        Great business to get in Gentlemen, far easier than not growing crops.

        • Here’s one that worked, back then, 1987, $ 50,000 per unit new brick construction with basements on abandoned city owned land. Limited profit. The name still exists and the program sort of exists but the profiteers took over. Building a 50,000 house when your contemporaries were spending 87,000 to renovate a one bedroom apartment made the latter look bad. Had to be destroyed. Like the frigging “Fountainhead”.


          • Just A Citizen says:


            This was not the Fountainhead that killed this project. The project was in fact part of the Fountainhead problem.

            Good grief. Oh look, we can build homes cheaper than anyone else. Why?


            Moral of the story: If your goal is to keep men working then just dig holes and fill them in. You can then claim “success”.

            Irony: The ex-builder claiming that adding people to the wait list would be “immoral” why using Govt. subsidies to meet his “cost” goals.

            • Took that into account. The land was WORTHLESS! Even if you had to buy it it would have been a negligible increase in value.

              We used to auction these parcels and get maybe $ 200 per 20 X 100 lot.

              Concept was build in quantity holding down the price also build entirely new blocks of houses rather than some crazy quilt scatter site. Simultaneously a different program was going on in the Bronx . Again donated land but the house prices for pre-fab, no basement were $ 106,000.

              A plan to build in the real South Bronx was quashed when it ran into opposition from Fr. Louis Gigante, brother of THAT Gigante when it becalm painfully obvious that soft costs would exceed hard costs not to mention a very short list of “approved” contractors.

              Dunno know what you may know about rehab but that $ 291,000 per apartment rehab was a tad expensive and the property was also free. If I remember correctly, I once calculated a roughly 40% (true) profit to the developer based on total cost. Add to that the sub contractor profits and more than half the money, your money, goes into someone’s pocket.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                I know quite a bit about rehab, remodel and construction. Not an expert but do have knowledge and experience. But that experience is here in the West and in places where we don’t have the issues of New Yawk City. Especially the Progressive issues.

                Yes those costs seem high. But I don’t know they are wrong because we would have to compare apples to apples. Finished product, rehab barriers/problems, etc.

                Then there is the “structure” of the deals. You basically have an entity functioning like a Govt program, then wonder why the Contractor bids up the costs.

                As for the other, it matters not what the perceived cost of the land would have been. The fact remains there was no land cost. To claim that this development did what “no private developer” could accomplish is farcical. And this claim was made in the article.

                Level the field, same rules for everyone. That includes building codes and zoning ordinances. Then tell me that a private developer cannot do the same thing. But as long as Govt. and Govt subsidized “not for profit” entities are involved you cannot compare.

                As a private commercial landowner I have felt the financial cost of having “Govt. subsidized AFFORDABLE housing” constructed in my town. They created a bubble in the market which drove down prices for rent. It took three years for that market bubble to subside to where I could start actually making a profit. Now for the great irony. They couldn’t fill those apartment buildings with “low income” people. So today they are filled with the middle income Millennials. Rents are now higher there than in my two bedroom houses.

                Other great projects for “affordable housing” in these parts have suffered the same. They are now filled with the “upwardly mobile” and “middle to upper middle income” YOUNG people and RETIREES. The “City Leaders” are faced with FORCING by law, the composition of the residents who occupy these projects. Otherwise their goals will be nothing but a laughing stock. Meanwhile the poor people continue to move outside town where they can find old houses and house trailers to rent. Young folks double and triple up on rents to keep costs low. But this is not “right” to the “LEADERS”. We must provide affordable housing because our wages are to low for people to afford rent.

                Yet nobody is calling for higher wages……………Because they can subsidize housing but not wages.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Isn’t quite a bit of the “NEW” military base housing that is now empty due to “correct” sizing the military (sarcasm) starting to be used for retirees and other lower income people? By using budget legerdemain and converting active duty service personnel into reservists. Housing is on you. Another point with the way the government is using the reservists in and out of overseas deployments, aren’t these people having an ever increasingly difficulty finding “good” employment. No company will hire a person knowing full well they could be pulled out at any time for not a trivial amount of time.

              • JAC, you missed the point. Nehemiah was done by a private developer. The only government involvement was giving him the vacant land to build on. Private money built teh homes. The original proponent and developer was ID Robbins, a New Yorker who made his fortune, post WW 2 like LeFrack by building homes for returning GI’s. Robbins for years tried to explain just how corrupt the system was. He knew all about things like that rehab on Academy Street. It would take a small monograph to show how he did the end run around government but it was amazing.

                Government involvement was limited to two things, the land and in arguably the WORST NYC neighborhood Brownsville-East NY, mortgage guarantees for the banks granting mortgages. They were buyers, not renters, the buyers were pre-screened by the program for income eligibility and stability. Since it was a 100% minority neighborhood with 100% minority homeowners coming in, nobody raised a peep about pre-screening their income, in the 2007-08 meltdown the buyers were significantly less likely to default on their loans than the average homeowner. There was no limit on resale, I believe to discourage speculators, they put something in about re-selling in the first five years. After that you could sell at market.

                Under no circumstance will you find me defending any government financed housing program. They are all designed to make developers with connections rich. When I left my agency in NYC in ’89 they were shelling out $ 80,000 per unit for “substantial” rehab. The guy I went with did the same with private money for $ 30,000.

    • G-man it is not GENOCIDE, it is SUICIDE. It was white males who voted with the Kennedy’s in ’65 to 66 to open the doors to the third world. It was white males who decided we should be bi-lingual though there was neither a need nor a demand for it.

      Say it over and over again, White guilt, White guilt, White guilt.

  36. I just got the news from the military…that Obama has ordered all military personnel to not wear their uniform in public, to close the blinds of recruitment stations, veterans should not wear hats or have any other identifying marks on their person or cars. Veterans need to get rid of purple heart license plates, disabled tags, not fly the American Flag in front of their homes and pull all window stars. He will not overturn the order that mlitary personnel be armed and John McCain agrees with that…..what an ass hole.

    However, we are not going to take off hats or stickers, We will carry arms and more of them now. The National Guard units of several states are arming themselves and are deploying to recruitment stations. Off duty soldiers are going to carry arms to the recruiting stations and join guard troops. In Texas, Governor Abbott has ordered all State militia and National Guard troops to arm up and expect no problems from the police. Police chiefs all over Texas are telling their departments that any off duty officer that wishes to can volunteer their time to sit with the soldiers…..

    If you do not think this is getting bad….consider this. Along with arming up, profiling will become paramount and justified. Abbott made the comment that we are not going to adopt the tone any longer…”do not fire unless fired upon”. The rules of engagement have changed as far as Texas is concerned…..

    • Can you imagine….Marines being told to lower their blinds and not wear their uniform……A Marine being asked to run, give up, be a coward…because this is what it amounts to…..the true COWARDS are in the White House….and a coward is the lowest form of filth there is…..lower than amoeba shit.

      Veteran’s groups all over the country are rallying…and they will sit at Recruiting stations ad other unarmed off base military facilities. It is a brotherhood….we will be there….and we all hope that protesters will show up…..BOY…do we hope they will show up.

      • Not only Obama, but all his supporters are also cowards. They talk tough, till your in their face and they crawl under a rock. I have to deal with one locally occasionally. He comes up from Pittsburgh, is an asshole and I’m shutting him down. His days of scaring and threatening the neighbors is over. My neighbors have also become emboldened and won’t take his crap after I ripped him a new ass at a county meeting last fall. Now, back to hauling firewood 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      What BS. I guess Obama has delivered what he promised. To transform America. Yes, transformed it into a hostile foreign territory.

  37. @ GMan…you may be getting your wish…..this country is being pushed so far left and hard….it is beginning to really piss people off….and with 4 million vets….I would be careful.

    • I agree. Your number of vets should read 24 million- 27 million. That’s a lot of pissed off people. 100 million gun owners are pissed off as well. My neighbor, who never talks about politics, went off on a tirade and called Obama everything but a black man. I was laughing so hard I cried. However, I will stay with my stance that US military folks won’t fire on the people if ordered. Things are getting real interesting.

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    This was predictable, the hacking that is. I guess so is the typical “we need a new law” solution. Why wouldn’t the manufacturers just voluntarily respond by making the tech safe from hacking?

    from Huff Po:

    “Alexander Howard
    Senior Editor for Technology and Society, The Huffington Post

    The road to our connected future may be paved with good intentions, but it may not be secure enough to drive on.

    As reporter Andy Greenberg recently detailed in Wired, hackers were able to remotely disable a Jeep while he was driving it. In a country where car ownership and the freedom of the open road are closely tied to individual and national identity, losing control over any vehicle you’re driving is a nightmarish scenario. Connecting more devices and vehicles to the Internet has immense economic potential but carries both security and privacy risks. The number of ways cars and trucks can be hacked has grown quickly, as automakers roll out new vehicles more screens and navigation, entertainment and communications systems in response to consumer demand.

    Concern about the lack of security in vehicles led Sens. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) to introduce on Tuesday the Security and Privacy in Your Car Act, or the “SPY Act,” which would require automobile manufacturers to build IT security standards into connected cars.”

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    Another example of hypocrisy from the left wing.

    The background to identifying this one is remembering how the left ranted against Republicans who claim Social Security is underfunded. How they went on and on about how stupid “teabaggers” were because they did not recognize that Soc Sec funds were “loaned” and would be paid back “with interest”.

    So now see the argument when it is proposed to use Soc Sec funds to pay for highway constructions/reconstruction.

    From Daily Kos:

    “Senate Democrats, along with 11 Republicans, temporarily blocked a highway bill negotiated by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) from moving to the floor Tuesday. McConnell attempted to move the 1,030-page bill to the floor just hours after was released to members, a move that Democrats unanimously protested with their refusal to move it forward.

    According to the bill text released later Tuesday, the money that will be funneled into the fund if the bill passes would come from a variety of pots, ranging from current extensions to Transportation Security Administration security fees, which would contribute $3.5 billion, to requiring the Energy secretary to draw down and sell 101 million barrels of crude oil from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve through 2025, which would offset $9 billion.
    Another $2.3 billion offset, would revise the Social Security Act to limit benefits given to so-called “fugitives” who have outstanding warrants for their arrest. It would include a safeguard allowing the Social Security commissioner to dole out payments to individuals for “good cause.”

    Boxer, the ranking member on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, mentioned earlier Tuesday that some of the money would come from those Social Security cuts. She also noted another measure that would prevent Social Security Disability Insurance recipients from simultaneously collecting unemployment insurance.
    Those Social Security cuts could—and should—be a deal-breaker for Democrats.

    GET READY, HERE IT IS: Taking money from the Social Security trust fund for unrelated purposes needs to stop, particularly when Republicans keep using the fund’s eventual shortfall to argue for cutting benefits for everyone. GOT THA??

    What did get cut from this deal were proposed cuts to the federal retirement system. Other objections to the pay-fors in the bill come from the Republican side—Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) opposes reducing the dividends the Federal Reserve pays to member banks. And other members have serious problems with some of the provisions that loosen existing safety restrictions. ”

    Now for the finale’. The Dems are filibustering and stopping “infrastructure funding bills” and then trying to blame Republicans for “not funding infrastructure.”

    Yes, the Dems are filibustering several bills needed to continue Govt funding, including budget bills. Remember how they scolded the R’s for filibustering? But now it is not only OK but they get to stop legislation then blame the R’s for not passing the legislation, because the R’s dare to offer up something other than what the D’s want.

    That is the hypocrisy, the crime is the MEDIA is going along with this bull dookey.

  40. Just A Citizen says:

    This is a critical issue to me in the upcoming POTUS competition. My candidate MUST recognize the issues with Constitutional overreach and the need to restore the primacy of this Singular Legal Document.

    However, I must channel Buck here in responding to this author’s claims. It is FALSE to claim that none of the Founders, or Framers, agreed with the court having the authority to “interpret” the Constitution. The only way this can be true is for the author to define “interpretation” in a way that eliminates the truth from consideration.

    Many of the Founders and Framers expected the Court to review issues of Constitutional consistency in laws made by the legislature and rules made by the Executive. This was the accepted legal precedent of the English Law which the American founders used as their model. After all, it was that law which they were all knowledgeable.

    So if interpretation means divining what the founders meant and then changing it for convenience, the author is correct. But that is not what the traditional view of “interpretation” means. It means trying to determine whether a law dealing with previously unknown or unpredicted circumstances fits within the Constitutional constraints or authorities.

    Such as whether the commerce clause gave Congress the authority to REQUIRE people to purchase Health Insurance. Or even whether Congress has the authority to regulate Health Insurance. I still maintain that Health Insurance does NOT comprise “interstate commerce”.

    Granted this does require some “interpretation” of what was meant by the Framers and those who adopted the original Constitution. But not as much as now occurs with the court. Thus we have two meanings of interpretation just as we have two meanings of “living document”.

    So while I think much of the argument presented is flawed, the conclusion is dead on. I only wish he had made the more defensible argument. But that would have taken far to many words. And we know that some people can’t deal with “wordy commentary”.


  41. Geez….you would think that people could add 2+2……………Several cities have imposed a minimum wage. The employees were ecstatic……until it was time for them to get their gov’t goodies…..they suddenly learned that since their new wages pushed them above the minimum to get their freebies….they now want to reduce their hours of work so they can stay on the gov/t teat.

    The Progressive left at work…….unbelievable.

    • In the same report, and I think it was Seattle…..they lost about 30 mom and pop stores and the peope that now got laid off are saying that it is not fair.

  42. http://personalliberty.com/georgia-bureaucrats-require-resident-permits-for-parking-in-private-driveways/

    After the recent issue in Seattle concerning private property, is it safe to say that the issue of private property is under attack, along with white people, Christians and heterosexuals?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I think you are misreading this a bit. It is not just the Govt. oppressors.

      There are many HOA’s that have similar requirements. There are many cities that have passed similar ordinances in neighborhoods where THE PEOPLE have demanded it.

      Now this case is stupid, on that we agree. But the reason this exists is because of a “mind set” that exists among our fellow citizens.

      In this case the dopes at city hall should have immediately modified the ordinance to account for “family or other visitors” who are not taking up residence at the location. They could have simply issued the permits FREE of charge.

      This does provide another example of “misplaced justice”. If the reason for the restriction is truly “conservation” then why is a WAIVER possible at all? And why would such a waiver require spending money on surveys and a “permit” paid to the city? Are these extra cars costing the City some “conservation” cost?

      Who is incurring this “conservation cost” that requires compensation for violating the restriction?

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Probably some knee-jerk law made because a couple people whined, as you say. But, it’s now revenue for the city. The ” conservation” is just be language. More later

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Just like pet licenses and quantity restrictions…..If the cars start going up on blocks and tags revoked for any number of reasons, but if they are all legally registered and are entirely within the confines of dwelling, not parked on lawns etc. This is just a revenue grab by the city…..however, if its a private community not bound by city ordinances that’s a whole different deal. You signed the covenant voluntarily, your bound by the rules. The community where my parents lived had rules. You couldn’t park your boat in the yard for a period longer than what is a reasonable “guest” visit. Same with a motorhome. Nobody weirded out < 2 weeks. Push that and they'll start bugging you. There are so many available spaces to put extra vehicles you won't need to clog your drives.

          Maybe the community was getting concerned about a zillion people moving into a home where the reasonable occupancy might be 4. Like what was in the past history in the tenements and currently with illegals.

          Heck, Italy counted closets as a room and was taxed accordingly. subsequently NO closets, just bureaus and wardrobes. Reason, people would jam grandma or young ones into the "room" if it was available. "They're small and don't require much space" No joke…

  43. Obama’s Ten Commandments for Christians, Constitutionalists and Caucasians


    Thou shalt have no other false Gods before me, such as freedom, financial independence and the worship of Jesus Christ


    As it is written in the holy scriptures of Obamacare, honor thy “real” father and thy mother until they need to be sacrificed by my exalted death panels


    Thou shalt not possess unto thee any graven images and this shall include copies of my fake long-form birth certificate


    Remember to keep the tax day holy, April 15th, for it is written, that he that has enough to eat shall be taxed into oblivion.


    Thou shalt not kill, unless operating under the authority of the NDAA, seeking to abort a helpless baby, or unless the victims name is Chris Stevens and he runs guns for the CIA, to ISIS and al-Qaeda, into first Libya and then Syria.


    Thou shalt not commit adultery unless you are a senior member of my cabinet, then, anything that possesses breath is fair game for thy personal pleasure.


    Thou shalt not discriminate against thy fellow citizens unless they are Caucasian, Christian, or believes in the Constitution.


    Thou shalt not steal, unless you are a recipient of QE3, own a megabank or are a community organizer. Only then is it acceptable to take money from middle class Americans and give it to illegal immigrants and your campaign contributors at the Federal Reserve and on Wall Street.


    Thou Shalt not make unto thee any graven image unless it is the hammer and sickle.


    Thou shalt consume GMO’s, fluoride and partake in vaccines.

    Courtesy of Dave Hodges

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Other than this was over 1 year ago that the Judge lost his program, not new news. I pulled up some commentary by others which point out some reasons.

      1) This one I firmly believe that Newscorp is being blackmailed into submission to tone down or parrot the party line due to the actions in the UK by Murdock’s group and suspected same here. The DOJ and the FCC were going after Newscorp big time. That just vaporized and Fox started changing their tone.

      I truly believe that the Federal government believes that the constitution is an impediment to it’s perceived “good” of what’s it doing for the “PEOPLE” I say this neutrally because it’s all inclusive. Both party’s in congress, the executive branch regardless of whose in and the Judiciary. They are working in tandem to support each other not to be a watchdog over illegal actions by the other branches of government.

      2) success of the show???? doesn’t make sense.

      3) questioning the findings of the 9/11 commission.

  44. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I just can not fathom the GOP’s continued objection against Trump over his comments about “Illegal” immigrants and their related crimes. So far nothing has been proven incorrect on his statements. He also claims Mexico is dumping “criminals” on the border, probably with a map pointing north. Sort of reminds you of Cuba and them cleaning out their prisons and dumping them into boats pointed towards the US.

    Today the headlines are the GOP is pretty upset with Trump because they are trying to garner the Hispanic vote. How so. If I’ve read this correctly the LEGAL migrants are not particularly disposed to the illegals. The illegals are not voters anyway, but who knows anymore.

    The whole act of “illegal” immigration is a crime unto itself and if we are a nation of laws and our officers are sworn to uphold that law. The hypocracy of both party’s just blows me away. What we will see for political reasons a blanket amnesty and a “quick” path to citizenship shortened down to a period enabling voting blocks to manipulate elections to whichever party will be favored at that time….I have zero objection to “Legal” immigration and a rational pathway to citizenship. All “Legal” immigrants should feel the same way. They stood in line, they paid the fees, they studied the books to become citizens of good standing. Who tolerates someone cutting in front of them at the DMV or elsewhere. Why should it then be tolerated on something serious.

    • Misquote and misdirect.

      Thirty or forty years ago I read a book on Soviet Propaganda. I’m sure it is the same for all propaganda, except ours where most of the time we only talk about what problems we have, what mistakes we made and how we are trying to improve so, please don’t hate us too much.

      Anyways, it as loaded with examples of misquotes and misdirections. Hammering home the same lies until they become truth. When questioned or called on a statement deny, deny, deny but at the same time repeat the lie. Is everybody in the media, a KGB sleeper?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Yes and YES!. The propaganda machine and techniques are clearly visible for anyone to see. That is anyone who WANTS to and is WILLING to look.

        But when sheep are grazing they all have their heads down. That is why it is so easy for wolves and lions to pick them off one or two at a time.

        And of course, then they get hot they will pile up in the corner of the corral, fighting to get UNDER the pile for shade. The unlucky ones left on top are the only survivors as they smother the “lucky” ones who found the shade.

        Yes, I think SHEEP is a good metaphor for our fellow citizens.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The reason they are attacking Trump is easy to understand. The RNC and various major contributors are convinced they need a percentage of the Hispanic vote similar to George Bush to win.

      The HISSY Lobby has convinced them that any rhetoric against Illegal Aliens will cost them this vote, and thus any chance of election.

      What is not known with absolute truth is whether any of this is true. Obama took those Hispanic votes, twice. But he was a unique candidate. Man of color who talked sweet and was backed by a viscous smear campaign conducted by the HISSY lobby against the entire Republican party.

      The RNC has been trying to build this “friendlier tone” and “image” so the HISSY lobby will not have any ammo to enflame the ignorant. Trump is upsetting their plans.

      Here is another thing to consider, when trying to decide if the RNC is correct in its assumptions.

      While Trump is now leading in the Republican primary polls, he is behind several Republicans AND Hillary in the National polls.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Both party’s are not looking for the “legal” immigrant voters. Both are trying to set the stage to get the massive block of “newly” enfranchised voters by the amnesty of millions of those that came here “illegally”. Neither one has been able to get over the threshold yet because to many people still remember the huge amnesty programs from the 80’s and 90s when the government promised better immigration policies and subsequent enforcment of those updated laws. Now it is being just plain ignored by the Feds and only enforced by States that stand up to the Feds who don’t have their mouths glued to the feds tit or asses.

        Like the DOJ is going after NC for their updated voting laws. 1)ID required, I can not see how that is an issue because one will be provided free of charge at any State Police DMV center. 2) If you vote in the incorrect polling station the the vote will no longer be counted. 1st off how you get past the registrar at the desk checking off your name before handing you your ballot, confuses me. The person who is testifying on the feds behalf is limited in her mobility. She needs to be driven to the polling station anyway, so the nearest one is a moot point at best. 3) The State shortened the time for early voting. I disagree with early voting to begin with. The only thing that should be allwed is absentee ballots when you know that you will be out of town on voting day.

        I would bet that if it was so inconvienient to get to one versus the other the registrar could make a decision and get a change made to the location. Back where I used to live I had two stations that it was six or one half dozen which direction I took. They were equal distant. The registrar picked one if it was in the same district. Hey…just think you go to the WRONG station and it’s in a completely different congressional district, your candidate may not be on the ballot…..now I live 1 block away…we even have curbside voting.

        This bullshit where months after an election case in Minnesota a box of votes mysteriously turn up after the umpteenth recount and in the courts and they all 100% are for Franken. Fraud???

        • gmanfortruth says:

          The biggest election fraud perpetrated on the American people was the ” hanging chad” which led to computer voting. Why any society would allow computer voting is beyond me.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I only mentioned the one. Bush vs Gore was a big one. Two poked holes and someone trying to determine…well this one must be the right one because it’s deeper, or two marks same thing. That block in the ballot was usually declared null an void. Statistically the errors balance out. There are idiots on both sides. It’s a secret ballot so they can not go back to the originally voter, letting someone else decide what that indecisive voter meant….BS……fix, take the mismarked ballot back to the registrar…that one is shredded in your view and a new clean one is issued.

            Computer voting hasn’t even begun to be corrupted yet, even though there has been limited evidence of fraud. Consider it practice by the hackers. If the big Feds can not protect data that they said is safe (yeah right) or companies that spend millions to safeguard sensitive data…how can all the points of entry at polling stations ever be declared safe from fraud.

            With people voting in incorrect polling stations where even if they did have your name on a ledger which probably they do not. They let you vote and then run over to your correct polling place and vote again…..easy. Which ballot over at the incorrect place is invalid.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Without reading the article….wouldn’t donating to PP, be cost effective instead of paying all the medical and maternity benefits now mandated for an individuals “free choice”

      When I was working before retirement, my medical plan had choices. Plan on having kids, check box. Your premium when up. When further care like orthodonture was needed check box. Needed to care for elderly parents, check box. premiums or deductible were adjusted accordingly. My basic management medical benefit was zero monthly premium, and had a $1200 deductible and no copayments, period. If I as a manager added anything by choice beyond the single benefit I would have to cough up premiums etc. But they would end as soon one got past those stages, by choice……Under the ACA….all is required. no getting around it. Only choices are not the coverage but your deductibles and co-payments

      • Just A Citizen says:

        You are correct.

        Killing humans is much cheaper than keeping them alive for a life time. Except for those few who would have contributed more to society’s wealth than they cost. But how would we ever know who “they” are. So it is just better to cull the entire herd.

  45. Roll Call

    Where’s the Colonel? Trump just landed in Laredo. Hmmmm….

  46. http://freedomforce.com/5222/leftist-spin-doctors-would-make-nazi-goebbels-proud/

    Great example of Left Wing tactics. Lying bastards.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Someone needs to simply point out that any Not for Profit must report all SALES of goods and services and that such determination of SALE is the receipt of money in exchange for said good or service. IT IS NOT WHETHER A PROFIT is made.

      Donations, under IRS rules, cannot be linked to any good or service received and which is conditional for said “donation”.

      Their not for profit status should be removed. That would end any debate over Federal funding and would probably stop all private donations.

      OR……………. they could eliminate their abortion for profit model and simply provide the “women’s health services” they claim are so important.

  47. Some interesting statistics from Texas…….from 2008 to 2013….623,723 crimes committeed against TEXANS by illegal aliens…2,387 Texas killings by illegal aliens.

    2,345 rapes against Texans by illegal aiens.

    I am glad that there is no problem.

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