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  1. Dale ill have to narrate the reasons behind his pictures. TGIF! 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The point of the Jack Anderson piece was to show after 35 years of intervention in these named countries and “Iranian” conventional activity…nothing has changed. They’re are in the news daily with the same protagonists. Iran will not need nuclear weapons. They just got a shot in the arm of the embargos lifted in all areas. The German Finance minister was answering criticism of the lifting of the embargos and their industries flocking to do (open) business. He said yeah, they are all of the above by formenting rebellion but business is business and should be kept separate from politics.

      Now I translated the 1st speech by Khomenii to a foreign journalist after he consolidated power in the early summer of ’79. The script from day 1 is being followed, to this day. No time table, but if the opportunity presents itself, need I say more. We as a nation were doing embassy business through another nations embassy so “technically” our embassy/consulate was not closed. In August, a request for volunteers went out to the Marine detachments. This was to reestablish the FULL US Embassy in it normal location. The caviate was that in the request was a direct order for the Marines to NOT, I repeat to NOT defend the embassy if attacked. Khomenii said he’d do it if any country let the shah in for medical treatment. Carter let the Shah in, reestablished the embassy and within a month we had the hostage situation. All of Irans actions have never wavered and repeatedly from day one have been directed to the stated goal of the destruction of Israel.

  2. https://www.lewrockwell.com/2015/07/william-norman-grigg/first-they-came-for-the-bar-owners/

    So the question I’m posing is simple. What does one do with a rogue government?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Not a thing, when the majority of voters helped create the rogue and support its actions.

      Until the Jackass is dead the sheep will stay in a herd.

      What else would anyone expect when you put aggrieved people in charge of the cash register.

      • JAC,

        You keep blaming the voters. I disagree. The elections are fixed therefore voting is futile.
        It is not the voters’ fault that the government has gone rogue.
        It is the voters’ responsibility to replace the rogue government and make an example out of them.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The elections are not fixed. The game goes to those who play.

          Look at all the R’s running for POTUS. The reality is that a majority support the same mush they complain about. Otherwise Jeb Bush would be last in the polls along with Perry.

          The voters re-elected Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell. The VOTERS are entirely to blame. Well at least mostly to blame.

  3. Well Dale, the yellowing of the newsclippings is showing your age! haven’t you heard? A new day is dawning out there John Kerry is singing Kumbaya with the new Ayatollah. The bad old days are gone, word has gone out from Tehran to the rest of the world that they are giving peace a chance!

    Actually is the dumb assed American people had only re-elected Jimmy Carter, this could have been accomplished thirty some years ago.

  4. Watching the reports on the newest theater shooter, I was wondering/expecting it to be gun free. Looks like it was/is…..

    But from several reports, the shooter was sitting in the back and simply started shooting people in front of him. He continued shooting until police arrived then shot himself. As described so far, I’m amazed and impressed with the quick response from the police. I am also thinking it’s a mistake to focus too much on the gun free zone at this time. The reality is it’s difficult to protect against ambush attacks in our society. We live in a peaceful country, not a war zone (except for some inner city neighborhoods).

    • There is no other option any longer……you are going to have to go to malls, movies, ball games,etc…..armed. To not go armed these days is not advisable and, in my opinion, you would not be taking care of your family very well….becoming armed is thesame as putting gas in your car or food on the table…….this Progressive movement has created chaos. And, like to day, the White House has eliminated the oath of allegiance to becoming an American Citizen. There is no longer any need to take pride in individualism that has made America great…White House press secretary, Josh Earnest said that it is time for everyone to be equal in this world and that being American should not set us apart. Requiring an oath of allegiance is no different than beng a Nazi……unbelievable.

      • The question I have on the oath, which is being obscured perhaps on purpose is whether it is OPTIONAL. Apparently for some time you have been able to dodge the issue of military or alternative service by claiming religious exemption. Now the news reports I have seen all seem to indicate that that policy has just been re-affirmed. If in fact the section has been REMOVED/DELETED for all, I’d like to know.

        Cannot understand the failure to do “alternative” service . Be it a medic either in combat or a hospital or some other government approved venue, it seems not only logical but reasonable, unless you are just selfish or a coward.

        Perhaps the most famous man who refused to bear arms.


        Perhaps the most famous and surprising conchie (he did the best Rommel)


        And the man who played “Paul” in “All Quiet on the Western Front” whose career was pretty much destroyed for practicing his beliefs even though he became a medic.


        Guess I am channeling Paul Harvey, the rest of the story, this morning.

        • I have no problem with the objectors….they still performed military duties…..put themselves in the line of fire……saved countless lives…..etc. AND they still proudly wore the uniform and I notice that Doss never refused nor turned in his CMH.

          In VIetnam and Desert Storm, talked to several Objectors…..but they were still there and some flew reconnaisance planes and marked targets…..to medics…to support duty. They were still there and just did not want to pick up a rifle. In Vietnam, one of the guys I talked t was Mormon….he could not kill……………………directly. He flew Cessna 0-2’s…..better known as the Oscar Duece….armed with smoke rockets that marked targets for the jets and artillery to hit……in my own Battalion that I commanded in Desert Storm, I had two objectors…one of them was an artillery officer and the other a forward observer…but they were still there.

          Their personal beliefs and religion kept them from picking up a rifle…..but did not keep them from marking targets or giving an order to fire which is apparently ok…..so that was a non issue with me.

          What is a MAJOR issue with me is the intention destruction of our way of life….that is what the Progressives are doing and it does not bother them who dies in the process.

        • Just reminded myself, greatest on screen swordfight ever! Prince Valiant 1953, A true spectacle. Worth watching for the spectacle, for Stirling Hayden’s God Awful Sir Gawain, Robert Wagner’s naive youth, Janet Leigh’s chest and…….James Mason as the totally evil Black Knight. Fight starts at about 3:00 in.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            The best sword fighters on the silver screen were Basil Rathbone, Cornel Wilde (world competition class) & Tyrone Power and Errol Flynn.

            Restored the pilot house’s 42 years ago, that Sterling Hayden rented, while writing “Wanderer” on the “Berkeley” Old SF ferry now at the San Diego Maritime Museum.

            • Robin Hood was excellent but, there is something special about that fight in Prince Valiant. Probably because they basically fence in the other movies. This is broadswords where the whack the crap out of each other. I assume the swords were relatively light for the movie but nonetheless it must have bee exhausting. Take a look at the shields.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                True…..Basil Rathbone was asked shortly before he died about the scenes with sword play. They were using untipped swords. Real…one mixup and real wounds. The one movie he admitted he was frightened was with Danny Kaye. he said that Kaye was just slashing willy nilly and he had to use all his skills to keep from getting slashed and possibly killed.

                Wasn’t Sir Gawain superb acting, Oscar should have been proud. Hah….Sterling always said that he was a terrible actor and always hated the business, sort of equated it to prostitution. But then if they wanted to pay him to be one of the top money actors in Hollywood, regardless of his acting ability who was he to say no…..he did many times.

    • You can’t protect against an ambush attack. While that is true, It wouldn’t be as likely for someone wanting to ambush at a conceal carry convention in Texas (actually, it would be highly UNLIKELY). No Gun Zones are an invitation for the mentally ill to attack innocent people, with little or no chance of retaliation. Now, because the private property owner has legally denied people the Right to self defense by carrying a handgun (which they are licensed to do so), there should be a reasonable expectation for the property owner to provide adequate security. I do not believe that is the case, in either malls or movie theaters, as both have been targeted in the past, BECAUSE, they are soft targets with little or no armed security. THE ONLY way this will be resolved is for a major lawsuit that claims as much as I have and winning a huge monetary reward and possibly criminal charges of negligence. This only needs to happen once, and the signs will come down or the armed guards will come out, which do you think will be most cost prohibitive?

      Here’s another dig on the Left and their ideology. If we take guns out of the equation, then this sick f#*k could have strapped on an explosive vest and sat in the middle, because the simple ambush would not be available. There are several lessons learned each time this happens. All of them will be ignored by the Left and their media whores.

      • “Now, because the private property owner has legally denied people the Right to self defense by carrying a handgun (which they are licensed to do so), there should be a reasonable expectation for the property owner to provide adequate security.”

        G, if you deem it too dangerous to go to a movie, then simply do not go. No one is forcing you to place yourself in what you seem to believe is such a fearful, vulnerable position….

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Buck…..then the bad guy has won totally and completely. The owner of the property “should” provide adequate secuity, yes but they do not. They’re afraid of liability suits. When the government takes the bullets away from the guards of the barracks in a combat zone, so nobody will get hurt…..160+ marines dead. The OIC was not even court martialed because he did follow orders, to the letter.

          This morning on the news Obama, while traveling was lamenting about how frustrated he is about getting “reasonable” gun control enacted in this country That we are the only “civilized” country without such laws. We have reasonable laws and a ton of them. The problem is the breakdown of those laws for waht I will call “incomplete” staff work and lazy incompetant analysis. Europes laws are simple….NO citizen may have a gun. Only the police and criminals are armed. In Holland they will even put you in jail if you defend yourself. I learned to be totally aware of my situation in the good old “gun free” Europe. Last time in Amsterdam (4) times in broad daylight attempted mugging. Once with a gun in a crowded train station. ALL attempts were by “illegal” North African Muslim Migrants. At all incidents there was never a police officer not even at the train station…all was caught on tape with at least 100 “bystanders” all with their fingers up their A!!es. Only later I was told that I was lucky. If I had actually hurt the assailant I WOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED. not him, because I was rich white and he was a minority and poor and with a drug problem.

          While you were out, I had said that while in Italy, I never was entitled to have weapons on base. However, due to the “political” climate off base I rarely was without arms. Given to me by my landlord who was a Carbinieri officer. All police stops had at least two officers. One out stopping you “politely” the second was behind their car with his machine gun pointed right at your windshield. You never chose to go by without stopping if you valued your life. They did not shoot to wound or disable the car. It was to put an exclamation point and period to the end of your life….That is the ultimate outcome of a “Gun Free” society. Bombs, knives, mortars, guns, and (4) sidewinders into unidentified planes. Round a corner and you might run into a tank with its gun aimed right at you.

          • Completely disagree — if you feel the need to carry a gun with you where ever you go, then the bad guy has won totally and completely.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              The people had signed up to be PROTECTED. Which the police totally disagree with by the way. They say up front that they can not protect you. They only can reasonably come in AFTER the fact. While in the UK…the police actively said, do not bother taking precautions and spend money on alarm and security systems….THEY CAN NOT RESPOND. That is total bullshit. Crime was not an occasional thing, it was rampant and the police would arrest and convict a person for defending their property…..NOT THE PERP!!!!

              Frankly sir with all due respect….the countries there have not become lawless because of the people bearing arms….but due to them NOT and are fair game to any criminal at any time with all means and then the government failure to follow up their implied promise….because they’re to busy with the amount of fuck’in crime.

              Part of the reason the Mafia continues to be strong in Sicily is the failure of government. The local mafia guy (for a fee) will protect guaranteed your assets and property, no matter where it was. They didn’t offer money if by some chance a bandit got through the cordon and physical guys with guns….they promised your assets back period….fyi it cost $4.80 per month for that protection, including my car anywhere it was parked, open or locked. Nothing ever was touched….did I like living like that NO, but it was required. The economy sucked and continues to be so and made worse by the EU’s come one come all immigration policy. Anyone spotted with what appeared to be assets was a target…..partially the police are very busy protecting themselves and their families. We were open season in the 70’s.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I find that argument absurd. Another one of those sayings that is sophistry. So the bad guy wins if you carry a gun but the bad guy kills you if you don’t. Like I said, absurd.

              Now, if you want to point out that the odds of getting killed by some random wingnut is lower than being hit by lightning, then I am with you.

              On the other hand, when treading in Grizz country one should carry a big gun or powerful bear spray. Seems there are parts of the USA that meet this criteria, and not in the Mountains.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Or have good tree shoes with spikes. And make sure the grizz can’t knock down the tree. Remember the scene in Jeremiah Johnson. When the old trapper got a bear chasing him and ran into the hut, and bailed out the back…..saying I caught it you skin it!!!

            • They have already won, Buck.

        • Utter nonsense. I’ve been carrying my whole adult life, and they have not won shit. Where I live, we have a high rate of CC and a LOW rate of crime. Equate that to Trenton NJ and then make a real educated response. Your not stupid, we all know that. Let’s debate the issue! 😀

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Were you saying utter nonsense to me or Buck?. The street I used to live on here in New Bern abutted a really poor black neighborhood. There were shooting and robbery all the time. Over there. On our side there were NONE for over a decade pushing 15 years. This is with all the nice houses etc. Why?????everyone flew an ex-service flag as a warning, but then we all were armed and protected. Nobody dared to do a B/E. Two houses over was a retired Marine sniper. Lots of retired Marines. We had NO shooting of any kind in our area. I believe ones duty is first to yourself. Do not rely on someone else. Then you will not be disappointed.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Used to take the payroll of the base personnel to the bank in Franklin WVa. I’d actually do everyones deposits. All cash. I’d draw an M-14 and a 45 from the armory and go solo. Walk into the bank fully armed and nobody blinked an eye. Wouldn’t have gotten far if I was a robber. Most everyone had a pickup truck with CB’s and several rifles in the rear window. Even out of hunting seasons. Wouldn’t have cleared a block.

  5. Ya gotta love Gahan Wilson…..

  6. Just A Citizen says:

    I am remembering this morning when our Secretary of State was running for POTUS he stated that the Iraq war was doomed because Iraq needed to be divided into at least three and possibly five different countries.

    I am wondering to what extent a person’s “beliefs” will affect his actions in areas related to those beliefs.

    He never expressed a similar view on Iran.

    For the record, I found Kerry’s testimony to Congress OBNOXIOUS and deserving of CONTEMPT and RIDICULE.,

    The Senate should immediately file charges of IMPEACHMENT for the Secretary’s admitted attitude and action to subvert our Constitution. The same one he SWORE TO UPHOLD AND DEFEND.

  7. Just A Citizen says:

    The inevitable outcome of connecting Govt. law enforcement with confiscation of property without Due Process.


  8. Corporations start making a point that they don’t contribute to PP -Hmmm, maybe these video’s are actually having an impact.


  9. http://www.cnbc.com/2015/07/23/criminal-inquiry-sought-in-hillary-clintons-use-of-email.html?AID=7236

    Yea, Right! Like the Obama administration would do this. More Left Wing UTTER NONSENSE. There is no way Clinton gets investigated.

  10. New subject: Kates Law, started by Fox News. What stupid shit will they do to deflect guilt from those who deserve it? We have law about illegal immigration and when they are not upheld, then there must be repercussions when things go wrong. Those in Frisco should be charged with negligent homicide for their role in this. Sorry, but when dickheads like Obama chose to ignore laws that cost even ONE LIFE, they are negligent and should face legal charges. That means OBAMA TOO! He is now a murderer.

    • The feds will not come down on this sanctuary crap which has been around fro 30 years. The theory is that the Feds will have to arrest and prosecute those who have been deported with aggravated felony convictions. Should they return and get caught, no mope quick bus ride back to the border, five mandatory years in the can.

      Of course if the Feds would just do what they do when they want the speed limit changed or motorcycle helmets or drinking/smoking age raised, they could just cut off highway funds to the munis and states. That works quick

  11. BUCK:

    In the wake of Thursday night’s Louisiana shooting, the media has made much ado about the President’s “prediction” that law gun control laws would lead to more shootings.

    But the reality is that strict gun control laws made Thursday night’s shooting at the Lafayette Grand Theater possible.

    While facts are still pouring in, here’s what we already know:

    1) The perpetrator chose to commit his crime in a gun free zone. The Grand Theater chain does NOT allow concealed firearms on its premises — even by lawfully permitted concealed carry holders. This discourages law-abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves and others.

    2) The shooter was a prohibited purchaser because of mental health issues, yet that did not physically prevent him from acquiring firearms.

    3) The gunman had been denied a concealed carry permit years ago, yet he still managed to illegally carry a gun.

    Bottom line: Gun control failed to protect honest civilians in Lafayette, Louisiana.

    Contrast Thursday night’s shooting to one that occurred one year ago today.

    On July 24, 2014, a nutcase walked into a Darby, Pennsylvania hospital, intent on killing as many people as possible.

    But the gunman hadn’t counted on the fact that his #1 intended target — his doctor — had defied the hospital’s “no guns allowed” policy and was carrying a gun of his own.

    Dr. Lee Silverman is a lawful permit holder who regularly carries a handgun. Having come under fire, he crouched behind a desk and shot back, hitting the perp three times in the mid-section.

    Even though the bad guy was able to murder one person, authorities have credited Dr. Silverman with halting a mass shooting in progress.

    Guns in good people’s hands are saving lives. But the President’s approach — which denies guns to law-abiding citizens — prevents potential victims from bringing mass shootings to an abrupt end.
    Read more at http://sonsoflibertymedia.com/2015/07/a-tale-of-two-shootings-louisiana-pennsylvania-why-gun-control-is-killing-us/

    BOOM, BOOM and BOOM!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      look at it this way….bully’s pick on those least likely able to defend themselves. had a guy in high school that that up front he was a NICE guy but in reality he was a pychologists wet dream. Somewhere this guy got some wires seriously crossed. During buget cuts in the schools they started mixing regular gym classes with us jocks. The sports we played were the serious jock games usually not done in gym class. Regardless there was a “marvin milk toast” guy on the team. knew him since elementry school. Pocket liner, slide rule type guy. Now the bully knew he could just un with impunity over Mark. he did and would go our of his way to hurt him even though he could just push and run by. Mark came to me crying wanting protection. I told him that Lee was not wearing his nut protector today. Next time he comes at you just lower your shoulder and let him have it. His balls will be the size of grapefruit in the morning. mrk protested that Lee would come after him and really beat him to pulp. I said, don’t worry about it. You’ll take a hit but Lee will be out. When lee was on the ground screaming in pain and seeingt Mark jumping up and down. because he stood up to the bully. Lee threatened to kill Mark, but I said to him quietly…If I ever hear of you even getting near Mark you know what I can do to you. There is always someone tougher. But bullies in general are cowards and never go against anyone who can defend themselves…..that is what terror is all about.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Without reading the the url…I’ll bet the hospital did or tried to fire the doctor for violating protocol.

      The old west is an image of the mayhem created by everyone carrying a six shooter. An image created by hollywood. I’ll make a bet that it was a bad bet to actually draw down or do a holdup and survive. Most western migrants were civil war veterans and had no fear. You said stand and deliver like in “The man who shot Liberty Valance” and I’d bet you’d be dead and the stage would drive on.

      • The story didn’t mention a firing. I haven’t heard of one either, as something like this would make the news in some fashion. Of course, if they fire him he could sue for not providing adequate security, which could have led to his untimely death.

        But in reality, PA law states that carrying concealed (with a license) in a no gun zone is only a trespassing citation, not a criminal offense. A carrier can be asked to leave. If he/she refuses, he/she can be escorted off the property by police and given a trespassing ticket. That’s it! Firing the doctor, who was supposed to be at the hospital, for trespassing, would be easily fought in court.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Actually, most robberies were successful because nobody wanted to get killed. The Hollywood stereotypes are the result of a few bad guys who were very violent.

        Now, following said robberies the criminals were usually tracked down or later caught in a town where someone knew them and the local law would arrest them. In this part of the world, wild mining and timber camps, they were still sent off to prison and not hung.

        Interesting note though. Many of these bad guys were later found dead along a trail after they got out of jail or were run out of a town. No honor among the thieves.

  12. http://www.prisonplanet.com/florida-man-ordered-by-city-to-keep-bbq-smell-from-leaving-his-property.html

    With video of the visiting official. You can’t make this stuff up.

  13. Hey….want to have fun this weekend? Come on down to Texas. All the veterans that are volunteering in guarding Federal recruitment centers are being told by DOD ( Department of Defense ) to leave the security of these centers up to the government and to go home. It is obvious that they do not like the publicity…..The answer from the Veterans that are volunteering…..go to hell, do not pass go, and do not collect $200. We will NOT stand down….our pledge that we gave when we went into the military does not stop after we are done…it continues until we die…and die we are prepared to do. The local police have already told us that as long as we are not disrupting the flow of the public,they have no problem with the Veterans. The cities are powerless in stopping it and have no standing to stop it unless the public is affected…it is not against the law…and, quite frankly, if it was,against the law, I doubt if anyone would pay attention to it since selective enforcement of law has been the mainstay of the Obama administration and they are the ones that have set the bar.

    I don’t think anyone is understanding what is actually happening in the public….I do not think that anyone understands why Cabellas and Outdoor World and those places are constantly running out of guns and ammunition. I know people who have never owned a weapon in their entire lives that are buying weapons and ammunition and the ranges are open with waiting lines. I have never seen this before. I have never had a problem with going to a range before but now, there are lines. It is really cool to see whole families out there learning how to shoot and handle weapons from age 5 to age 75….and the other interesting aspect…..the news media is not wanting to cover it.

    There are two outdoor ranges on the western outskirts of Fort Worth that I just happened to drive by a couple days ago on other business and it looked like a tailgate party. Sun shades set up…..everything. I did not pay much attention to it as I thought it was a competition of some sort that are always happening at the various ranges….mainly skeet and trap shooters. I found out a couple of days later that most of those people out there were first timers and they were learning how to handle weaponry. The ranges are actually asking any Veterans to volunteer their services to help teach the public how to handle weapons and shoot. In exchange for their services, they are being fed lunch and dinner and given ammunition. Most of the weaponry is shotguns and pistols. You can carry a shotgun anywhere at anytime…..banks, movies…it does not matter and no permits are required. Shotguns are also the best home defense weapon as it is primarily a point and shoot weapon with a very wide pattern that does not miss. In addition, it is a preferable home defense weapon because there is no high velocity shell that would penetrate walls and hit children in other rooms…..it will make a mess of an intruder though. The most popular shotgun is the shorter Mossburg 20 guage pump action. Load it with 4 shot, it is a very effective weapon at 15 feet….very effective. Take the plug out and it holds five rounds. It is lightweight and a female or child can shoot it and not be knocked down from the recoil.

    Anyway, the whole point of this diatribe is to say…there is a ground swell brewing…it has been very quiet for the most part but I am seeing people…even liberal friends….that are changing their minds and arming themselves. The Federal Government is ineffective and is not protecting the public and is creating vigilantes. Even people that voted for Obama twice are now seeing the Progressive movement for what it really is…..a very dangerous movement designed to take liberties away.

    Anyway…..come on down….

  14. See ya’ll later…..my turn standing guard for four hours.

  15. http://eaglerising.com/21442/these-companies-give-big-dollars-to-planned-parenthood-tell-them-how-you-feel/

    This was recently posted by Kathy, but wanted to add a point. March of Dimes and United Way in particular. Why would these two agencies, who’s survival is donations, donate to PP? Talk about losing some serious donators, what a stupid move. Not to mention that when one donates to March of Dimes, whose mission is:

    We help moms have full-term pregnancies and research the problems that threaten the health of babies.

    Anybody else see a problem with this?

    • United Way was one of the first to say Adios to the Boy Scouts. Tells you what they are about. March of Dimes has been, maybe from the beginning of the abortion controversy an abortion advocate. I wonder if there were a way to determine who got polio before they were born if MOD would have advocated for abortion?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      United Way is a COLLECTION SERVICE for all other non profits.

      Grants are issued largely on the basis of where the “contributors” want it to go. Every year or so they do polling to find out which groups the donors want included on the funding list.

      I am guessing it is very political because a large number of donors and participants are govt. employees. Thus the need to not draw adversarial reaction from the whining lobby.

      So it will be interesting to see how they react to the latest PP scandal. Will the left wing media give them enough coverage or will this have a real impact. If it looks like the latter I would expect them to drop PP. Unless the leadership has been taken over by the Progressive pool of Non Governmental Agency staff.

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    Well, it is road trip time. So everyone have fun till I get back. See ya in a couple weeks.

  17. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The NAACP wants all images statues memorials commemorating southern civil war people removed, especially from public land. Stone mtn in GA is under fire and being debated in their congress about what to do. Obviously next will be Mt Rushmore, with 2 slave owning presidents, the one who freed them but in reality wanted them sent elsewhere. And TR whose mothers family was southern and fought on the confederate side. And whose father paid a surregate to go fight for him. Luckily most of our presidents homes are in the hands of private groups. Does this mean anybody who is offended by an image or road sign or chains on license plates gets to demand their removal and if one side gets it the other side should get fair play.

    The liberals demand diversity OK but at the same time demand that anybody who does not think exactly like they do is intolerable and therefore must be eradicated….diversity??? Pure BS.

    This country and others are being completely blown apart by the liberal thought. I question, if this nation really starts disinegrating and according to Gman, federal troops will not fire on the people, who is to stop the secession.

    Obama on his tour of Africa say that Africa is rising. Maybe two to three countries are stable. The rest are completely disfunctional and in civil wars. Not against whites but against themselves. He doesn’t see any hot bed of terrorism in Kenya…I guess he doesn’t read his own reports and national news. Says that they have to be more tolerant to gays. Uh huh…when the countries are rapidily going islamic which in no way tolerates homosexuality. POTUS is dillusional.

    While in Raleigh for 15 years there was a lot of road construction. Along my road it got widened, sidewalks put in and nice planters. For a while the project was taking forever and when you’d go by the road crews 80%-90% were leaning on their shovels. Make up of the crews mostly black. Within a two years the crws were entirely changed from mostly black to mostly hispanic. The project was completed in no time flat. The crews worked steady, even in the heat and humidity. The blacks complained that the hispanics were taking their jobs…yes but they did not give a fair days labor for a fair days wage and lost their jobs to some one who was ready and able and made NO excuses.

    All this activism against the symbols for the south is nothing but misdirection….My bet is that even if all such symbols were burned on pyres and purged from history the outcome would still be the same and worse in 10-20-30 years. My bet is the EU will explode before the US does because the people tolerance has reached a limit expecially because the rules are being put in place by unelected EU officials. At least here our reps are elected or chosen whatever.

  18. I’d say this would be equivalent to Really taking a tour of an abortion clinic.


  19. “That’s absolutely not done”, really, well your doctor said She absolutely did it. Woman is sounding a mite desperate.


  20. I have always though of Glen Beck as a paid propagandist for the establishment and now this leaves no doubt in my mind: http://cowgernation.com/2015/07/26/glenn-beck-bans-donald-trump-from-his-show-because-arianna-huffington-did/

  21. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Did anyone see the KLM landing at Amsterdam’s airport. That was incredible, congatulations to the flight crew.

    Not quite as un-nerving as flying into Denver’s Stapleton airport in a blizzard. The pilot started braking and the plane skidded sidways and we went down the length of the runway, with those of us on to starboard side looking out the windows down the runway. Came to a stop before the end. The pilot just had to go forward to get off the runway.

    Or a nose gear collapse while landing. Plane came to halt eventually. Emergency crews brought a ladder, we climbed down and walked to the terminal.

    Everyone in both cases just went on our way without any commotion. How times have changed in 45 years.

    • WEll, sir…….my maximum crosswind component is 30 kts……that means that no matter how much rudder and low wing aileron that I use, the airplane will not hold a center line….always abort and try again….If you still cannot land safely…..go to an alternate airport with a more favorable landing strip.

      Watching some of those landings is amazing and the skill of the pilots are amazing…and they are commercial airlines…..this is why I am not a commercial pilot….Money is the name of the game with those guys and a “go around” is a very expensive proposition. …crosswinds of that nature…should have closed the airport.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I used to use an example, as a training exercise, a computer system failure at one of the Luthansa hubs here in the US. Not affecting any planes flight controls, but just the ability for the crew to get their hands on the manifest. Cargo, passengers etc. The managers couldn’t ubderstand why Lufthansa was so irate. I asked how many of the class had flown to Germany from the eastern hubs. None had. I said that the planes leave the US in such a way that they arrive at the beginning of the day in Germany. No manifest, the plane does not back away from the gate. starting a chain reaction. No departure, food services and cleaning crews , just in time dervice, the plane wanting to pull into the gate has to wait out on the apron. Space gets limited real fast. No space, the tower starts stacking planes and juggling arrivals and departures. Planes start circling cost huge buck for not just the one plane. And then the safety element, fuel state, maybe reroutes, different airports more levied costs, of unplanned arrivals….these managers of the account had NO idea the penalty costs of contract all by the delay. The all the companies calculate the costs and send a bill.

        • Yes, as a private general aviation pilot…when flying into Class B air space, I will always file IFR or at the very least be on “flight following”…The reason is that we are then controlled in major airport airspace. It is the kiss of death for a general aviation pilot to cause a deviation or go around with one of the commercial boys…You will be grounded, you will be suspended, and, more than likely, lose your aviation privileges (license).

          It is no surprise that in order to maximize profit…many time the airlines will put just enough fuel on board so they can carry more revenue weight. I was told once that a go around without inclement weather, can mean revenue lost on that trip. Not to mention that you have an aircraft with 200 + souls on board (SOB’s)…the arrivals and departures are so timed that the slightest hesitations throws everything off.

          So, I stay on IFR or FF. That puts the responsibility on the ATC.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Left Rome one time. The plane kept being delayed due to empty seats. The flight attendents every so many minutes would count. They kept selling seats until the plane was full and overloaded. Instead of being non-stop to JFK we had now had to stop at Heathrow. We sat for hours and hours and hours waiting for fuel. They never pulled to a gate. Arrival to JFK was 11 hours late, with the initial delay and circling at Heathrow because we had to get fit in somehow and then on the ground. Alitalia let people bring so much stuff on board you couldn’t move. Plus the weight. Under the seats and overhead storage hah. To the max and then laps.

            You I’m sure flew World Airways carrying service people at some point in your career. The plane kept trying to lift off and then’d settle back, all the time accelerating and we’re watching the runway markers getting smaller as how much was left. Really never felt the plane lift off it was so gradual. Gear up, then helped….just as the antennas of the ships at the Philadelphia Navy Yard passed underneath….barely. Talk about tightening up the cheeks.

  22. Dale, you will love this……Texas schools now have the freedom to serve whatever they want in their cafeterias and can bring anything from home for their lunches. Donuts, burgers, choc milk, hot dogs….back on the menu.

    Michelle Obama is pretty pissed because she was just recently un-invited to speak at a school…( in HOuston, I think)……anyway….I will probably have sleepless nights now that MIchelle O is pissed.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Is that a sleepless night due to your chuckling?

      Send her a tray of steamed chitlins and a bottle of vineger. But that’s racist I suppose. Like serving PBJ on bread to kids in Portland. What does that school boad thing Pita Bread is.

  23. It’s too QUIET on here!

    This political season is starting to be good theater. It’s fun watching the candidates but even more fun watching the pundits. Cruz calls McConnell a liar on the floor of the Senate and Fox pundits call Cruz a hypocrite. I thought if a politician’s lips were moving it was sufficient evidence that he was lying. Cruz dissed McConnelll who is not running for president hence is not protected by the 11th commandment.

    Hillary is under investigation but it’s not a criminal investigation. 10% of a sample of 40 emails were classified and should not have been sent on a private server. But she is still not a criminal.

    Huckabee says the Iranian deal is like marching the Israelis to the oven doors. Mika on Morning Joe says this is an atrocious statement and should disqualify him. What does she think a atom bomb does, light candles?

    Carly continues to make sense but is not covered much by the MSM. The Rinos are dumping on Trump in hopes he will be forced out but if they go to far will only force him third party. They would be smarter to just ignore him and let him burn out on his own. Then pick of the best parts of what he is saying and adopt them.

    The MSM is just now figuring out that a large percentage of us are unhappy with DC. It’s hilarious. Where have they been for the last five years?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      uh…25 years for me absolutely and gray with some high points back to ’64…..Iran will not need the bomb at all. Free up $100’s of Billions and remove import and export embargos on conventional weapons. It’ll be a death of a 1000 cuts…the opposition will just bleed to death. Now Kerry says that he’s shocked to hear the Supreme leaders rhetoric….tone deaf and selective hearing since ’79. The Iranian goal has not changed one iota. And we, the US has been the enabler.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Anyone give pause and think of the affect that HMO’s had on the healthcare of this nation. They were suppose to lower costs and allow people to shop around. They only accomplished the exact opposite and resulted in denial of services for pre-existing conditions.

      • You will not find a single leftist on this site or any other that will acknowledge that there is denial of pre-existing conditions…..they are out there by the thousands. Hospitals are not supposed to deny care but they are….and they are sending patients to county hospitals even if they have Obamacare.

        Doctors are dropping Medicaid by the thousands. More and more doctors are not taking Medicare either….Obama is killing Tri-Care for Life ( military insurance ) and in doing so, he is creating a class of people being denied pre-existing injury and illness. Once out of TriCare, soldiers are going to obamacare to secure health insurance and they are being denied because regular hospitals and insurance will not take soldiers infected with Agent Orange poisoning, they are being denied diabetes treatment that is a medical fact tied to Agent Orange Poisoning, soldiers are being denied treatment for war injuries ( which is a pre-existing condition ) because the civilian doctors and hospitals are not prepared to handle those cases…..Obama has closed 6 military hospitals citing extensive costs….( all of them located in overseas areas ) and, in Europe, they are being denied care by the locals because the United States government will not pay the bills.

        A soldier, that is forced onto civilian insurance, does not qualify for Obama care subsidies because they fall into the trap of making too much money to secure subsidies but also cannot afford the higher deductibles. Those soldiers that are disabled and not eligible for Tri Care ( not in service long enough ), are also disqualified for Social Security disability benefits.

        Now, tell me how fair this is to the soldier who is promised lifetime healthcare? And, while you are at it, tell mehow fair it is to the soldier wearing prosthetics that he now has to pay the tax as well as the maintenance of the prosthetic…..tell me how fair it is to the soldier being denied social security after he is out of the military with a prosthetic limb and lives hundreds of miles from the nearest VA facility but is denied civilian care.


        Oh…and please tell me why a veteran, that is forced onto Medicare when they reach 65 is eligible for Part A and Part B, but is NOT eligible for Part D ( prescriptions )…..and is forced to go to the VA pharmacies which do not carry some of the medicines that they need because the government says they are too expensive but has to pay full price on the civilian market for life saving medicines.

        Explain this to me and other veterans…..and then explain to me why illegal immigrants get full medical coverage ?

        This is the result of Progressive thinking and the Progressive party.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Caught between a rock and a hard place myself. The only good thing about it all is that my joints are better weather predictors than the National Weather Service.

          To your second to last bullet. Because Obama says so and neither party in Congress has the stones to do what is the right thing to do. The nation owes any and all medical costs and such to military veterans injured in the course of their duty, having been sent by their civilian masters. Only to find they are then punished for then being on the politically incorrect side of the political argument.

          The victims of agent orange, I believe that congress believes that there are not that many survivors anymore, so unfortunately it doesn’t warrant special attention.

          • A/O…you are correct. I have already been told that A/O gets no more funding…and it is considered a pre-existing injury that is strictly a military care item…except that the military does not have the funds for the care…..so….here is a pre-existing illness that is not covered by the military and is not covered under medicare and is not covered under Obamacare. Hell of a deal.

            Fortunately, I do not have the cancer from it but I am very close to diabetic as a result of it….and it is not covered under my Medicare…..nor is it convered under the VA any longer..there is no funding for it….

            However, I will march on…….

            • gmanfortruth says:

              Why isn’t any of the AO stuff being reported? Where is the VFW and why ain’t they raising hell?. Where are the law suits?

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                It is, but congress ruled the surviving victims are a negligible number ergo not WORTH the continued funding.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Sir….seeing that you have a lot of knowledge on military issues. With the shift from a large active duty armed force to a force fueled by “reservists” What is the “unemployment” rate for said reservists. I’d believe it’s quite high seeing that NO company in their right mind will hire them knowing full well they probably will be pulled back to active duty status at any time for a longer time that any job could be held open…..much less Janet Napolitano’s comment years ago about returning veterans being potential domestic terrorists.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                The Left Wing Progressive Democrats are destroying this nation and many lives in it. STD will it take to put a drastic end to this treason?

  24. The truth is that government is not used to people standing up to it over its unjust laws. It counts on people mindlessly accepting whatever outrage it foists upon them.

    But remember, there are more of us than there are of them. They don’t forget that. They just count on you forgetting.

    And the laws passed by government bureaucrats and the elected class are worthless and meaningless without their armed-enforcer class looking their fellow citizens in the eyes while they abuse them enforcing those unjust laws. That is why I hold the enforcer class in such contempt.

    This brings me to the NEW Obama issue with SS recipients and those who don’t do their own money handling being denied their 2nd Amendment Rights. I see there being a big pushback on this issue.

  25. For the unaware, a lawsuit has been filed in Federal Court in Florida over the Fast Track law Congress passed. I see this becoming a thorn in Obama’s ass. Then again, with all the Judicial activism going on, it maybe just a skeeter bite.

  26. A mild winter? That would be great after last one’s super cold mess. Not so good for other places, California included: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3176632/A-massive-El-Nino-growing-Ten-year-high-cause-prices-chocolate-coffee-rocket-WON-T-bring-relief-California-forecasters-say.html

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I’ll still follow the good “old farmers almanac” from a general prediction before I believe the current batch of “scientific” predictions.

      • Always a good place to start, then just look up 🙂 We do get fairly good local stuff, but long term is still cloudy (pun intended) 🙂

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Around here, and just about everywhere the weather is variable. Don’t like it just wait around it will change, usually. Due to the shape of the coast there usually is a line one side or the other at the head of the sounds. To the west, could be clear as a bell and to the east hairy storms, or visa versa. I never didn’t drive down towing a boat from Raleigh based on the weather or predictions in Raleigh. Rarely is is socked in on both sides. If so, just pull into your favorite restaurant and have a nice day with your feet up and a nice cold one with some dynamite seafood. You’d usually drive out of it by New Bern. If offshore you clearly could see any storm coming up from the south. There are no hills to obscure the big cumulus clouds. Plenty of time to go 45 knots and get inside the capes and protected waters.

  27. http://politicaloutcast.com/2015/07/boy-scouts-will-now-hire-homosexual-males/

    If I had a Scout aged boy, he would not be in the Scouts. And if anyone wants to know why, it’s because I’m his father and I said so. That is all that needs said on the matter.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Talk about putting the fox in the chicken coop. The whole agenda is to destroy the Boy Scouts anyway. Unfortunately the people affected can not sue the courts that are ruling the “integration”. They only sue the troop and the council that is being coerced by the court.
      The issue is that the scouts live on donations which can be handled but in CA the courts are ruling that they can not use “public” campgrounds if the discriminate. The summer camp for our council in the sierras was in the national forest but it is now big expensive condo’s and the scouts are out.

      So does the court not see that they are in fact discriminating in a worse fashion by backing it up with “Law” Same as the old Jim Crow laws. Private discrimination is one thing, but banning an organization from public space and free association has got to be unconstitutional.

      We had some homosexual teachers in school. They were very obvious and blatant to everyone. There you had to deal with their antics for only 45 minutes, then onto the next class.

    • Ya gotta find yourself a troop attached to a church that will not tolerate the insanity. Then you are ok. I am a big fan of scouts but the corner they were pushed into was incredible. People like Stephen Spielberg, proud Eagle Scouts, actually returned their badges because of the “discrimination”. It was not just camp sites, it was public buildings including whee Packs and Troops have met for 50 plus years. In Philly, they were thrown out of a HQ building actually built for them but given by a donor to the City for partial City use so that they would not have to pay for upkeep. Scouts paid a $ 1.00 per year rent which the City Comptroller raised to $ 325,000 which, of course was far beyond them.

      I cannot see the Gay folks knocking down the doors to get in. There has not been any “surge” of gays to join the military.

      In a sane universe, the Scouts should now be indemnified against any “molestation” lawsuits. Of course child molesters, especially those of teens and others at that point in development, are not gays. We are told so. That despite the known homosexual attraction to youth and physical beauty.


  28. I watched the first two video’s and I thought they pretty much proved that they changed the abortion procedure-but I didn’t think they had enough to prove, IN a Court of Law, that they were selling for profit-but this one-Just might.


    • This type of investigative journalism is awesome! It will also be outlawed soon. PP is busted, period. There should be a Class Action Lawsuit from all the would be mothers for the money they are due. One aborted baby could have funded the abortion, at least in part. The moral bankruptcy of so many in this country is really a bummer.

    • I think the way this group has released these videos is brilliant. They knew that PP would protest the first one exactly the way they did, and then the second…and after all PP’s indignant responses, as though the videos have been twisting the truth, they release this one. I can’t imagine that PP could do anything now but slink away, tail between their legs. Of course, that’s my opinion…I have a conscience.

      I am sure PP won’t do that, though. They won’t ever admit any wrongdoing since they so desperately want the gravy train of money for baby body parts to continue. Abortion has never been about women’s health or rights with them, only money, and these videos graphically illustrate that.


      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Money and and their founding Mother’s vision of eradication of the poor and undesirables ala eugenics. They will never go away even though it is against the law for tax payers money to directly support “Abortion” the very fact they co-mingle the 1/2 of the government funds with “donation” and are never held accountable, says it all.

        I always think very hard about the statements made in the “Nurenberg Trials” when the prosecutors were condeming the eugenics practices in Germany, and the retort was we patterned it after you in the United Staes…..this is separate from the “Final Solution” of the Jewish peoples

  29. “Money and their founding Mother’s vision of eradication of the poor and undesirables ala eugenics.”

    Agreed, and well said.

    Interesting that you bring up the Nuremburg Trials….the shock over the first video, the outrage that baby body parts were being sold by abortion clinics, reminded me of “Judgment at Nuremburg” at the end when one of the convicted Nazis said (referring to all the atrocities) “Those people, those millions of people…I never knew it would come to that. You must believe it, you must believe it!”. And the judge Dan Haywood (Spencer Tracy) said to him….”it came to that the first time you sentenced a man to death you knew to be innocent.”

    Likewise, to those who support legal abortion but never thought it would come to the selling of baby parts….it came to that the moment abortion was legalized.


    P.S. I wonder if there are yet more videos to be released….

  30. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Colonel…just ran into a couple tonight that are “emigrating” from Texas.

  31. Some random morning thoughts:

    Tom Brady and the patriots cheat. Nuff said.

    Planned Parenthood are in for some troubles, since only 3 of 12 video’s have been released. It’s nice to see investigative journalism back in the limelight. How come conservative organizations don’t have these kinds of video’s coming out? Is there a different level of morality on the political right? (me thinks there is NO DOUBT as to the answer).

    How much more BS will Hitlary get away with and why would anyone with a 10th of a brain vote for such a corrupt vile woman?

    I still stand by my belief that Bush will get the GOP nomination. Hitlary likely on the evil side.

    As D13 has noted, Vet’s healthcare has been seriously corrupted. Quite shameful. Obama has now made well over 24 million die hard enemies. The Dem’s can forget about the Vets and military votes. They would vote for Al Bundy before voting for another Democrat, can’t say I blame them one bit.

    Facebook is also fixing to piss off the wrong people. Too much more PC BS and people will leave them in droves. I rarely go on there, mostly use it as a birthday reminder.

    I can’t stand Hitlary’s monotone slow voice any longer. Anyone can tell she is a poor public speaker. Maybe when she loses the next election will she go the way of the dinosaur.

    Did I mention that I really don’t like Hitlary?

    I haven’t mentioned yet, my dislike of the Progressive’s, who are not progressive at all. They are completely destructive and needs to be called out at every turn. THEY are more of an enemy to the people than ISIS.

    Have a great day! 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Obama, the great orator (sarcasm) can’t put a sentence together without a tele-prompter. Hillary is worse and I can not even imagine her as a SOS much less POTUS. Look at it this way, even Bill had to pull her “healthcare” act. Regardless he knew bad deals when he saw one and also good deals when he saw one, regardless of what side of the aisle they came from. Both Obama and Hillary SAY, they’ll use any good idea that the Republicans come up with, except they deep in their souls they believe the Reps have NO good ideas and are rejected out of hand. Like Biden has the foulest mouth (in public) and the MSN criticizes Palin for gaffs.

      When a college thesis cheat can be driven out of a presidential race in the 80’s and then be elected VP later goes to show the shift of morality in the country. And we stress over under inflated footballs when the courts (the refs) handled the balls each and every play. The NFL is just as culpable. Watch baseball, the umps handle and check the balls continually.

      I’m waiting for the next scenes with Obama. I believe in Africa, we heard the opening shots of an attempt at a 3rd term. “I’d be elected if I could run” The guy is in his own twilight zone.
      We have to scrutinize the amendment, or maybe the courts will rule equal rights under the 14th.

      • This is correct. I could make the argument that since FDR was a white guy, changing the rules to prevent a non-white guy from doing it is racist. I am sure that Justice Roberts might go along.

        Precedent wise, the NY City council adopted term limits specifically to get rid of Guilliani. When Bloomberg was elected with an endless war chest he “bought” his exemption from the rules from the council. Part of that was supporting the first openly gay Mayoral candidate, then Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

      • Do not be surprised if he finds a way to run, or to not have someone newly elected to take his place at the end of his term. I simply do not trust the man. Add this to the way the GOP leadership has been kissing his ass in DC, nothing would surprise me. If Hitlery gets taken down by her email scandal, he may pull some stunt.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Similar to Putin’s end run. There is always a way around the intent of the law.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Text of the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution….

            Section 1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President when this article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term.

            Section 2. This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several states within seven years from the date of its submission to the states by the Congress.

            I’ll keep digging, but please note section 2. Congress passed the amendment in 1947. The amendment was adapted by the requisite number of states in 1951. That is more than 7 years. Was the time limit extended? I haven’t found that yet.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              I’m a victim of new math….sorry. 4 years mea culpa

            • There is something I said some time ago, that whoever wins the Dem nomination can pick Obama as Vice. If the Dem wins, shortly after can resign from illness or just be killed. Obama gets 3rd term and this could go on and on. And quite more likely with computerized voting. Don’t put this past the Prog’s.

              • Obama can’t “BE ELECTED to the Office of President”. But he can become the Pres under terms of the Constitution again.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                The pundits on NPR were all over the prospect of Obama and a 3rd term. There are several work-arounds that could be used and they have never been tested by the courts. It is on his mind.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Hillary will be destroyed by the e-mail server. Obama will see to that, but the drama will be drawn out. Elizabeth Warren set up for VP, Sanders the young will be all over him. Webb???? Where did he go after announcing??/ I guess he has a strategy of letting all others chew each other up and quietly be the last man standing.

              • Stop it Already-I don’t think my heart can take it!!!!

  32. Mullah Omar reported dead, claiming he died in a Pakistan hospital in April 2013. Yes, that’s two years ago. BFD!

  33. Planned Parenthood really believes as long as you say the correct words, your actual actions don’t matter. They are probably right when it comes to the law-remember that first doctor Nat-whatever made a point that law was open to interpretation and something about intent being necessary, so if you say in the morning that you won’t do it-it doesn’t matter if you do it in the afternoon.

    Wonder if in a court of law her actual words would convict her -she is obviously stating that she has every intention of using a loop hole to break the law.


    • She also said there was no standard of care for abortions even within Planned Parenthood itself-how is that possible after 40+ years-perhaps that is by design-hard to prove a doctor changed the procedure or even make a bad mistake if there aren’t general standards of care.

      • Then we have this-not a standard of care-but it obviously becomes a standard not to use it when they are harvesting the organs of living babies- so far besides all the stuff the “doctor” admitted too-we have these additional differences in the abortion procedure-they can’t use this drug when harvesting organs and they do not use trainees to do the abortions.So it appears the only standards of care occur when they are going to harvest organs.

        As far as the argument that they can’t feel it-I ask, Are You Sure? because if you are not 100% sure and you do these procedures you aren’t just a monster killing babies you are a sadistic monster. And you sure as hell don’t deserve the title of Doctor.


    • gmanfortruth says:

      I wouldn’t count on any charges or even an investigation from the Feds. But with 9 more videos to be released, there standing is likely destroyed and people will scream for charges. I can see each video getting worse in intensity and getting these dopes to admit on film that they break the law. Be patient, Obama is going to ignore this, as is the DOJ.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        The Left is more passed about Cecil the lion than millions of dead babies. This does destroy the notion that they are just a collecrcollection of cells with no form.

        • Cecil the lion-this man’s life is probably fixing to be destroyed because he killed the Wrong lion-get that, the wrong lion, if he’d killed some other lion we probably would never of heard of him. Now I will admit I do not really like the idea that people go to Africa for the thrill of killing a lion-not an ambition or desire that I can understand-but they obviously allow people to kill lions, Why? is there a good reason-is it necessary because of over population, is it just for money? I don’t know, but I suspect it is necessary, of course some people would rather the lions take over and kill the people or starve to death or wipe out all the other animals that the lions kills to survive.

          But they support abortion based on economic problems or a woman’s ambitions, or a woman’s fear. Same reasons, different species. Then they claim after they kill the babies for all these “reason’s”, not to sell the organs would be such a waste. They just don’t get it-they justify killing the babies based on reasons that are just another word for profit-if one aborts their baby so they can go to school or get a promotion-she’s profiting from killing her baby.If you’re killing your baby because you can’t afford a baby-profit-no baby-no bills-fear removed. It sounds harsh but it’s the truth, or at least they are made to believe there’s a profit in aborting their child, until one weighs the cost-but by then the baby is dead.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            Yes, dumb idea to kill that lion. He was nearing his expected lifetime, but, like you, i do not agree with killing some of those animals in Africa. Some are proper conservation, which helps all animals. Others are BS and have no place in my house. I love to hunt, but very conscience of proper conservation.

            The aborted baby issue has taken a whole new turn. It will get worse for PP. Maybe this will get more people to use birth control and put abortion clinics out of business. The free market could do that, keep showing those videos!

            • Actually, I’m surprised by the reaction, even though the media is trying to ignore the situation-I’m beginning to believe they may find that really hard to do-but then they ignored other situations like Gosnell, with a lot of success. Guess we will have to wait and see. Saw an article on Mother Jones where they were afraid that PP might end up like another Acorn. And the stuff they’re doing in Texas, yea for Texas-if my kids would move I would move there tomorrow.


              • Even the Texas Liberals do not like this….and, as before, even though a Federal Judge issued a stay against the release and viewing of the stings…..Texas tells the judge where to get off the train and is showing and viewing the recordings…with the AG saying….the Feds are snake poop down here…..

                Texas will run PP out of here..especially with these body parts and things….I can see this being the new cross border issue,

          • Gotta remember the Roman Citizens in the stands used to root for the lions over the Christians. So, what’s changed?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Just think of where the US would be today if Wade vs Roe was in place when he was a collection of cells with no form.

  34. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Another country/city on the verge of collapse in the EU….The workers are paid extravagant bonuses to show up to work at least 110 days out of the year.

    “With ATAC running out of cash, Marino announced he is seeking a private partner to pump in funds. About 300 bus, tram and subway car drivers protested those plans Wednesday outside City Hall, worried that private investors might demand private sector levels of productivity.”

    The city of Rome has 1B euros in red ink. The new mayor has been trying to battle corruption and figure out a way to get new buses, railcars and pave roads and put more trash containers out, much less pick it up.

    The workers today, piss the people off by not doing their job. In the past the object was to piss off the government. The striking workers would let you ride for free, screwing the State, not the people.

    Just thought of an efficiency issue near where I used to live. A road between Belpasso and Nicolosi was to be widened. The crews showed up to move the stone walls. Moved. The road graders and pavers and line painters showed up. Dutifully doing their job. The fly in the ointment was that the power company “ENEL” had not moved the power poles yet. The poles wound up being smack dab right in the middle of the right lane of the newly widened road. The center line to the left of a pole and the line at the edge of the road to the right. You couldn’t drive at all in the right lane. You needed to drive in the left lane and duck inbetween the poles if a car came at you….only in Italy.

  35. Off on another tangent.

    Anyone beside me notice that there was a major sea change in the Dem. party when Obama opened relations with Cuber again?

    The blockade and embargo were major legacies of JFK. I guess he must now belong to the ages.

    Of course Obama flipping the bird to JFK and the entire Kennedy legacy does say something about who that party belongs to these days.

  36. Kentucky man jailed for shooting a “Peeping Tom” drone out of the sky that was hovering over his backyard and pool while his 16 year old girl was swimming…..

    Do you have an expectation to privacy in your own backyard?
    Is a drone that takes pictures of you on your own property a stalker?
    If a drone is hovering over your property, is that trespassing?

    In Kentucky…apparently not.

    In Texas…….don’t do it.

    • In doing some research..in some states it can be harrassment.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In LA they used to do it with full sized crewed helicopters. Hovering over pools with nice ass-ets swimming in it. People used to complain a lot but to no avail. Also the mega candlewatt spotlights scanning your yards at night.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I assume the charge is discharging a gun within city limits and destruction of State/City/Police property?

      • Drones have interfered with fire fighting aircraft here in CA. When one is spotted, they have to ground the tanker fleet. The CA legislature is working on a law but it won’t help the lack of common sense. 108°F here today. Fires all around. Luckily most are small.

      • No, actually it was more than that…. Charged with criminal mischief and wanton endangerment.


        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Shouldn’t the drones/owners, obviously news services.. that T-Ray cited also be charged with wanton endangerment (to the firefighters) obstructing the firefighting etc. Make it painful.

          If the owners of the drone in Kentucky were just photographing the neighbors property, they should notify the neighbors next door of the aerial intrusion…..heck robbers are hacking into the street cams and getting records of peoples exiting and entering their homes patterns.

          • Last week at Teterboro, our little airport where all those rich guys land in their business jets we had multiple incidents of laser pointers lighting up the cockpits on approach. People have been caught, sentenced to jail time, given big fines and it still goes on. Chuck Schumer has actually introduced a bill to ban them.

            • Pointing lasers at planes is already a violation of FAA rules. I am not sure if there is a law but most likely there is. Most laser pointers are diode lasers that emit less than 0.5 mW. This is per regulations on eye safety. The eye has a natural blink response that will automatically close the eye when flashed with a bright light. Only if one overcomes this blink response by purposefully keeping the eye open can any permanent damage be done with a 0.5 mW laser. However, even with the blink response active, the victim may be temporarily blinded with a bleached retina similar to an old flash bulb after imaging. That is with your eyes closed, you can still see the bright light. After a minute to several hours, depending on the brightness, the problem will correct itself.

              If anyone has tried to hold a laser pointer on a target at great distance, you will know how difficult it is. If the target is moving, it is even tougher. The pupil of the eye is only about 1 cm in diameter, so hitting a 1 cm target at half a mile is very unlikely. The laser beam does diverge with distance which means the spot grows in size the further the beam travels. So this increases the probability of hitting the pupil but as the beam diverges, the energy per unit area decreases making the power that enters the eye smaller. As with all divergent radiation sources, the energy density falls at 1 over r squared where r is the distance. I should also note that the small diameter of the pupil limits the size of the beam hence the amount of light that can enter the eye. Even so, the eye is a incredible light detector and rivals some of the best detectors on the market.

              I suspect that most of these incidents are kids playing around. However, it could also be terrorists practicing. The real fear should be if the acquire a much stronger laser, one that with a diverged beam or large spot size can illuminate the entire cockpit and temporarily blind both pilots. Lasers used for light shows would be in this power range.

              • I have had only one laser pointed at me on landing at night….when I saw it bounce off the nose, I simply averted my gaze downward…….But, allow me to give you a little info that you do not have……the technology that is in the newer model aircraft have the capacity to trace immediately any light source pointed at the plane and the coordinates are GPS……So, we actually caught the kids doing it…It is an FAA violation….and it could be distracting.

  37. Wow this is just unbelievable-I read this before but I didn’t post it because I was afraid it wasn’t true. They took an agreement they hadn’t read to the UN and supported it’s passage-this is just beyond comprehension-I’m beginning to wonder if Kerry is trying to warn us not to pass this thing. These people should be kicked out of office-the stupidity and betrayal of the people of this country by these actions is …treasonous-that’s the only word that fits.


    • Yes….this is true. I am also a victim of this….they sat on applications long enough that they expired…and then are not eligible the next year either and it forces the Vets to have to go to Obamacare. To date, there is evidence that in Texas alone….1277+ vets have been denied medical treatment…..do you understand…..DENIED!!! and that is a direct order from the White House.

      • Obama should be impeached, charged with treason, convicted and hanged.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        You know what is really sad about all of this…Forget Obama he is what he is. Congress is more pathetic. They are so intent on passing more laws to show they are doing something that they are not overseeing the correct implementation of those that they do pass. And the hits just keep coming. How long has this Benghazi thing been going on and the “known” bypassing of the law on mail servers. At least 3 years and she “agreed” to come to testify to congress on Oct 22. I think a supeona would do nicely. Immediate attendance or a contempt of congress ruling. Oh but those don’t carry any teeth either if its a politician involved. Private citizen and you’re in jail asap. Or any of the IRS crap. Lots of hand wringing but nothing. The Iran deal is worse that nothing and means nothing if the Senate endorses or blocks it. The UN has already signed off on it and the EU is charging into the business vacuum.

        Obama has done one thing to this country and makes our constitution moot in light of the UN and world government proponants. The president and congress swore to defend the united states. The president is willfully opening the borders and not deporting illegals etc endangering the nation in many ways. One is needlessly burdening the state services. But congress passed the laws and they’re explicit. Obama is thumbing his nose. Congress has no balls in challenging his administration and has rolled over on every issue.

    • This is as disgusting as Planned Parenthood!

  38. Dale A Albrecht says:

    SK…..seeing that the Jimmy Hoffa disappearance has cropped up again on CNN…have you checked your backyard yet for any buried oil drums? Maybe this story could be put out of our collective miseries afer all these years.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      It is very telling isn’t it. It is my belief that the world in general absolutely does not care about the continual depredations, economic breakdowns and all in all genocidal massacres that occur in Africa.

      There was a book written years ago called “Saba” it was a voyage done by a group of do gooders from DC on their 60 foot yacht. They were animal activists and were voyaging to see the effectiveness of the “International” laws prohibiting the killing of animals, passed by people who didn’t have to worry one bit about their next meal, clean drinking water and where their shit went. Their first port of call was in Port au Prince Haiti. They were stunned that these poor folks with a disfunctional society were flaunting the law by selling stuffed “Green Turtles” to the tourist coming off the cruise ships. Never once thinking about what these people were doing is just plain survival from one day to the next.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Those who think they can change other cultures by passing laws that those in other countries won’t observe anyway are ignorant. I have concluded that those who can’t mind their own business should be deported, even if they were born here. Let some of these Lefties go push their bullshit in China.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          You wind up under the tank treads, or just plain disappear….I feel that people who feel compelled to keep interfering with other people lives are just plain bored and feel they have to do something important. Unfortunately it is what they feel is important.

          • I see the nosey Rosie’s as people who think they know better. Many on the left have this trait. Politician’s are like this as well in many ways.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              The politicians get “rich” besides gaining power pandering to those nosey and intrusive people

  39. Oh..wow…………………just saw this on the news. In New York,,,,an Indian restaurant has been closed down by the New York Human Rights Commission……

    The restaurant owner, from India, wants his staff to be Indian and advertises for a waiter that is Indian and speaks the language and knows about India cuisine. New York says…………sorry you are guilty of race discrimination. The restaurant is now closed.

    • This was a state issue.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Go to an ethnic restaurant, I want the full service, including the accent. Go to a french restaurant and I expect to get treated like I’m a barbarian, and not expected to know what fork to use. Went to a chinese place in China Town in Chicago. One of our co-workers was from China and she wanted to show us her foods. We went up and down the streets looking at the posted menus. Finely she said here. The waiter and her conversed quite a while before any orders were taken. We asked what she was talking about. She said we were negotiating what dialect we’d use so we’d not have any problems with our orders. She went on to say that she did not understand anything else that anyone was speaking in the restaurant. We ordered all different plates and steamers of Dim Sum. The waiter assumed the because most of us were WHITE and American we had no use for chopsticks. Brought knives and forks. We grabbed chopsticks and started into the food. he shook his head in approval and collected the european culinary utensiles.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      So I guess Hooters is going to start having to hire transgender and transvestites now or be shut down.

  40. This is past the point of ridiculous. Hey Obama, why don’t you care about actual humans like aborted babies and Kathy Steinle, and all the people being executed by ISIS. Hell they didn’t rate an appearance at a funeral, attending the gathering of state heads against the mass killing of people at Charlie Hebdo, or getting our people out of Iranian prisons. But yeah, lets waste time and money on this. If there is any fault in this event -the legal responsibility belongs to the guides -not this man.


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And this same adminstration, US Fish and Wildlife dept, Energy, EPA signed off on “green” energy windfarms on the Chesapeake inspite of the evidence it will decimate the Bald Eagle, Osprey populations, citing that thinning them will be good. After all the years of work recovering these avian populations…Green energy trumps all…..Oh that’s right the National symbol…boo hiss it’s expendable. (sarc)

      • They have already proven that…..West Texas is full of those wind generators and the migrations of starlings have been almost wiped out….The green energy people say that it is a sacrifice for energy….meanwhile,,,,,,ZAP.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Just look at the migration maps. The wind farms are put right in the optimum zones. Exactly the ones the birds use. I love the hypocrisy of the audabon (sp) society and their general silence on this issue. But they and the government will go after anybody else killing wildlife, protected or out of season.

          They just started ground breaking in eastern NC on a huge windfarm. They at least are banned from the mountains. The coast so far had been a bust because the wind on average is to light. Not efficient enough even to make the 25% rate they usually make. The solution is one the Feds came up with. Build the towers taller and make the blades bigger. The towers will be just under 600 feet tall. That will push the blades to just under a 1000 feet. Not to mention it is smack right in the middle of the Atlantic migration route. The Tundra Swan winters near there, storks, cranes, pelicans, eagles, osprey geese every duck in the world. Just over my house I counted 50+ different species passing overhead. Northern Harriers, not including the USMC kind. Also right near the largest coast guard station in the world, protecting Cape Hatteras…..Green lighted by the Republican administration and gave the business to a spanish company who can’t do more in Spain due to the economic impact caused by the “green” movement

          A few years ago T. Boone Picket was all hot on wind. He wanted it to bloom everywhere except on his big ranch. “Can’t stand the sight of them” have to have serious subsidies because then I can’t make a dime for my investors. I think it turned out that his wife had something to do with the water systems in Dallas and the gamit was to get the right of ways of the transmission lines and water…..Did I read that wrong Colonel? When the gane was discovered he sold off all the generators they had bought. More money n the water.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I just thought after reading the comments below the article that was posted. The guides probably did lure “Cecil” off the preserve. They had the dentist walk ahead with a “free lunch” sign around his neck.

      • Actually, the guides killed a zebra and drug it behind a jeep before they went out…it was baited to lure the lion off the game preserve.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          You’re to serious today. I thought “free lunch” was pretty good. Or “Eat at Joe’s”

    • This is ridiculous. No US agency has any jurisdiction of matters in another country. Since Obama and his jerks don’t want to follow the Constitution or the law, so be it. Nobody should listen to a damn thing the Feds say from no on. Tell them to pound sand, then lock and load and prepare for war.

    • By Shaun Keeny, Professional Hunter

      Ladies and gents, this story has blown up pretty bad. But let me throw in my 2 cents. I know Theo Bronkhorst personally, he has been a Safari operator in Zimbabwe for a long time. I hunted next to his concessions for 5 years, and in that time I got to know the man pretty well.

      In Zimbabwe, on private land and on government concessions, baiting is a legal method to hunt lions and leopards. Hunting at night is only legal on private land — and they had hunted private land. Antoinette, the concession where they hunted the lion, borders Hwange National Park, which shows that the boundary was a railway track.

      When baiting cats, guts are used to make a drag scent that can get the lion to find your bait. Legally, the hunters could start their drag right on the border of the 2 areas. They didn’t have a permit to hunt a lion on Antoinette, but what I do know can happen is that a Safari Operator can get a quota swop, which then entitles him to hunt on another area with his existing permit. If this was done, I do not know.

      Now, for Cecil to be “lured” out of the park is a bit far fetched. He had his territory that he commanded with his pride, he never left the park, and now all of a sudden he has. Isn’t it a possibility that a younger male kicked him out of his area? He was 13 years old – which for a wild lion is old! He was wounded and was followed for 40 hours? If he still had his territory he would have gone back to the park? He didn’t, and in the live pics I’ve seen from Cecil, his collar was not visible. There are always many other factors to look at.

      I’m not saying the guys are squeaky clean, there is definitely a grey area in this story. But, no one has heard from the operator. I wouldn’t fault the hunter as he is guided by his PH and SO and he trusted them to make sure everything was legal. The media used words like ‘lured’, saying he was ‘beheaded’, and was murdered! These few words show that they manipulate the story. Cecil was baited like any other lion would have been, he was wounded, which is unfortunate, and the he was field dressed by trained skinners. Those are the correct terms.

  41. Just announced…….Military personnel rifted out of the military before 20 year retirement…NOT ELIGIBLE FOR UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE….NOT ELIGIBLE FOR SOCIAL SECURITY….IF DISABLED, NOT ELIGIBLE FOR DISABILITY NOR MEDICAID.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      What was our old saying in the military…”I don’t mind getting F***ed, but I’ll be damned if I’ll supply the vasoline.”

      • It was an executive order…and it came out on my local news…I am also trying to run down the source also…….I do know for a fact that unemployment insurace is not available to military who lose their jobs.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Where’s congress…they can override executive orders. They can override administrative regulations. let the visible record show the dems and Obama vetoing the veto. But Congress has folded on every threat of a veto by Obama. The republican leaderships stated goal was to get him to veto veto veto and get him to really show his colors.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Question is….does the government pay into unemployment insurance for military people? Even though they can get involuntarily downsized just like every other business.

    • Who is announcing this stuff?

    • Bummer times 5

  42. WordPress is having issues. A new thread will be available when WordPress gets it’s act together. Probably later today, just in time for the weekend.

    • The difference is in who owns the means of production and the transport of goods. Then there is the difference in the attitude towards nationalism vs. globalism.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Nonsense. The only thing that matters is who has the monopoly on violence. That would be your gang you seem to think you can change o. Election day ( laughing my aas off at that idiocy).

        • You asked the difference in the cited forms of Govt. Not the definition of Govt. itself.

          Once again you reject accuracy of definitions for nothing but rhetoric. Another reason it is hard to gain traction with the average person.

  43. An ugly conspiracy theory that is coming out to be true. Despite people insistence that MMR and Autism has no connection, the evidence is against them: https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2015/07/31/bombshell-cdc-destroyed-vaccine-documents-congressman-reveals/

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Gman….I am not in anyway disputing the report shown above. I just did a very crude math problem based on the probability of having some issue combinational reaction to the MMR vaccine and I came up with 1/81. I then looked up the studies from “official” web sites and in 2000 the rate of some degree of autism was 1/150. In 2010 the rate had increased to 1/68. I have no idea when the multiple vaccines became more mainstream, but I suspect more use in the past 10-15 years.

      Back in the olden days, we had the vaccines one at a time spread out over quite a period. Then boosters as required.

      Now the one huge factor that has been studied for long time has been the age of the parents at the time of birth and a child having some sort of mental disability, including what is called autism. When I was taking psychology way back 46 years ago there was a direct correlation to the age of the father past 40. The older the father the higher the probability. Not only going back in time and studing records of children with mental problems but also with new studies taking place around the world. Older fathers held true. Having a child with a young wife did not eliminate problems but they were more prevalant due to the age of the male. However……once a child was born with an older father and a mother after the age of 30 the rate jumped 42% and increased as the age of the mother did.

      Think back to our parents…my Mom was done by 22.5, Dad was 25. Not to say we’re perfect but our issues related more to Dr Spock crap than anything. (joke) You rarely heard of anyone having a child past a certain age. Today, that is turned on its head with society. Now young ladies absolutely go to college (4-6) years. Why have kids and waste my college, I want a career. They hit 30 and the biological clock is ticking. “I want a baby” Hits right in that age when the stats go ballistic on autism and other mental disabilities and get worse from there. An ex-girlfriend had her 1st at 40. It had severe problems. I knew her quite well and she was a genius. Graduated college at 17. I know her husband and he’s no slouch either. Guess what…he was 50. I like reading my high school write-ups. The number of the girls who had children quick was low. Many had their 1st family after college and some work. Still not bad, but then the number who had gotten divorced and remarried and had a 2nd family like at 50-55..that’s begging for problems.

      Vaccines should follow the KISS principle…Keep It Simple Stupid…, however I believe the bigger issue is age of the parents. You used to see just a simple maternity ward. Today you see massive birthing centers when the birth rates are not growing. But the probelm is the critical care required to make sure the baby is OK due to the ages and the stresses involved with working Mom’s

  44. Dale….as to the government paying in to unemployment on the military…..I doubt that it is….

    HOWEVER……the government is not paying in on the illegals either…yet they get Medicare, Medicaid, and unemployment.

  45. And then you have a murdering illegal in country…the government knew it…the government ordered the release…..he kills again…..the government should be held liable and the guilty parties put into jail.


    Unfortunately, this is becoming the norm,

    WE SEE EVERY SINGLE WEEK….the Mexican police vans drive up to the known border crossings and open the doors and drive away after everyone gets out. We have seen handcuffed prisoners being turned loose, cuffs taken off, and police driving away. The criminals sit down and wave at us….they are just waiting for darkness.

    We have followed police vans in Mexico only to find out they return to certain prisons…load up again and dump them at the border again.

    I doubt that I will get any left leaning to comment on this…..but….Trump is correct. Mexico is dumping its criminals….our government knows it….and our government says do not pick them up…let them kill again….this means our government is sanctioning murder and rape for votes…..this is the Progressive way.

    Gov. Abbott is meeting with State law enforcement as we speak and discussing weapons free. Our state legislature just authorized $ 800,000,000 for border security..with this money, Texas is putting more Guard units on the border, more DPS troopers on the border, buying four more aircraft equipped with infra red, gps, and armed with smoke rockets. buying 4 more armed river boats…..and updating radios and satellite communications for the ranchers. This is at Texas’ expense and not one single dime of Federal Taxpayer dollars. Now, I understand that States routinely collect Federal Taxes for the US Treasury……Gov. Abbott is seriously considering not sending any Federal money to the Feds…..keeping it to help pay for the border that the Feds will not do.

    Governor Abbott has just ordered that all Texas employers to be examined for hiring illegals….and yes, the innocent worker is going to get profiled…..but that is the price to pay for unrestricted criminal activity from your own government. Criminal activity defined as…….not enforcing immigration law, allowing known Mexican criminals to enter the country, ordering the release of known murderer’s and rapists…..I would say that makes our government complicit……We already have our gold from New York and I understand that Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Ohio, Oregon, and Colorado are considering taking their gold and depositing it in Texas as well.

    The Federal Treasury and the Fed Reserve are quickly trying to get Obama to order the immediate halting of States taking their gold reserve from New York, citing that the collective gold is paramount to Federal funding……they fear that Texas will compete with them….

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just like the Cuban refugees during Carters days. Castro emptied his jails and we took them all in on humanitarian grounds causing a huge increase in criminal activity, especially in S Florida.

      • What I wanted to see back then in the way of backbone was quietly shipping all teh questionable ones back to Gitmo then opening the gates and letting them back on Cuban soil. Would have been a neat trick!

  46. Oh….and I remember pointing this next thing out and receiving some “pooh, pooh’s” on it. Obama has ordered the last aircraft carrier group out of the Persian Gulf and the Med…

    Hmmmm…interesting…..Obama just finished his capituation to Iran, guaranteeing them unfettered access to nukes….and now, our military is being pulled from the Persian Gulf and the Med…….the very forces that would be there to enforce the agreement…..

    Pretty coincidental……..

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Pulling carrier battle groups out of the Persian Gulf is a good idea anyway. They rarely operate in those waters. To confining for the group. Pulling out the 7th fleet from the Med is a different matter though. Allies like Italy, such as they are, and Spain will suffer such a huge impact they likely will collapse further than they already have. With the ramping up of Turkish participation in the action against ISIS this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Unless you look at in addition to the capitulation to Iran on the Nuclear deal, they also invited Iran to get more heavily and openly involved in that conflict. Ceded hegomony of the ME to Iran totally and completely. Right on Khomeini’s script and the Dems under Carter opened the book.

      If the pooh poohing of the comment you made earlier about the carrier battle groups was directed at me. I discounted what you said about the last carrier battle group being decommissioned. Pulled out of an area different scenerio. The last carrier decommissioned is the Enterprise. There are 10 active, Nimitz class groups and their variants running around. The next new class of carriers will be active in a few years bringing the total back to 12.

      • Heard last week that the Turks were busy bombing the Kurds?

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Giving equal time to IS, sort of. But they are more going after the Kurds due to their success, the only ones, against ISIS. I believe weapons are still being withheld by the US to the Kurds. Just like we wrung our hands when Saddam used chemical weapons on them and we and the UN did nothing. Iran wants the Kurds gone, so does Syria and Turkey. Each got a portion of Kurdistan after WWI and the British and French remapping and country creation when dismantling the Ottoman Empire. ISIS was leaving Turkey alone as long as they stayed out of the conflict. But the Kurds success has bled over into Turkey with their separatist movement and nationalistic desires.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      There was a scene in the Clint Eastwood movie “Heartbreak Ridge” where that jerk of a CO said that the military record was one win, WWII, One loss, Vietnam, One tie, Korea…

      we can now add one forfeit the M/E.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I really would like to see the EU pull more of their own weight when it comes to their national defense. They have relied all together to long on our power. They would not be so belicose with Russia if we the US were not “leading from behind”.

  47. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just saw on the news that a 7-eleven in Washington just denied service to a military person, The guy wanted cigarettes. Can a service person still by cigarettes on base at the PX? I thought for their health sales were banned a long time ago….now to my point

    in 1975 while stationed in San Diego. The mayor and city council went after the military. They said that they wanted the Navy and Marine Corp out and that their presence was not desired. The commanding officers of the bases, got everyone together and asked that we DO NOT buy ant item or frequent any off base place, restaurants, bars etc. Come to the PX and if it is not available, wait and they will get it in. Within one week the city capitulated. The businesses were collapsing in San Diego. Like from housing, cars on down to a pair of jeans.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      How can a judge in San Diego block the showing of the PP videos? Violation of free speech and the 4th estate. What has been said in these videos that are being proven incorrect. Nothing. It’s just proving the immoralility that our nation and the world has become so numb to.

      • It is interesting but in case you have not noticed, a Judge can pretty much do what he/she wants these days. Ostensibly, this is because under CA law, both parties must consent for a conversation, a telephone conversation, to be recorded. Obviously this judge knows that the legislature meant ALL conversations of any type. Just like Obamacare!

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          You’re trying to get the goods on someone suspected of wrong doing and you say”can you speak louder you’re being recorded. Uh Huh…does the Government follow those laws…no they’re exempt. Especially when the government refuses to investigate, it’s up to the people.

  48. A catch 22-an apt description-one I have wondered about for awhile but have not come up with a suitable answer. When these video’s started coming out, I loved the idea of investigations but am concerned that the rush to defund is pre-mature. Why not wait until they all come out-till the evidence is solid and much harder to ignore or deny. As the author brought up-how could people just let slavery go on-something so wrong and horrible. I ask the same of abortion-how can we just let it go on while we fight to change minds-which course is best. Do we really have any choose, short of some type of war-I don’t think our ancestors did.


  49. Good Grief! Why doesn’t Jeb Bush just run as a democrat? Is there any issue that he actually stands with real republicans?

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