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war10Good Day SUFA  🙂  While we have been talking about the relationship between men and women (a great thought provoking conversation), a dead lion and the selling of aborted fetus’s (now including whole ones, not just the parts), we failed to discuss what I’m going to call, a declaration of war on Syria by our Dick-N-Chief…err..I mean the Muslim sympathizer …..err…President Obama.  Well, he didn’t exactly say we declare war, because he can’t do that quite yet (give the Republican Congress time, this may change any day).  What he did say was that our military now has authority to bomb the Syrian forces, should they fire upon US backed Syrian rebels.  So, with that all put out there, if the US backed rebels attack the Presidential palace in Damascus and they are fired upon in self defense by the Syrian army, the US Military can bomb them into oblivion.  This means, that the Assad regime is doomed and will soon be in exile, if not captured and killed.

The idiocy of our government is beyond imagination.  They failed in their first attempt, after a false flag chemical attack that was proven to come from the rebels, not the Syrian military.  Now, with the massive distractions of a dead lion, aborted babies being sold, the election issues, Hitlary’s constant scandals and more dead black people at the hands of police, this must be a good time to once again violate the US constitution.  Is Syria a threat to the US?  NO.  In short, the US has no legal or morally authority to bomb anyone, especially a sovereign government.  The question that really bears discussion, what is Russia going to do?  I ask, because as I have stated in the past, this issue is about a natural gas pipeline that would end Russia’s monopoly on the NG industry in Europe.  The links on all of this have been posted in the past, and in an effort to keep these articles short, they can be put in the comments section (or you can simply remember what they said, as I do).  Are we looking at the beginning of WW3?  Why are SO many people looking at September as the “end of our country as we know it”?  So much to do, so little time  😀


  1. Feel free to continue all chats as ya’ll wish 🙂

  2. And now for some CT: http://freedomoutpost.com/2015/08/an-obama-executive-order-legalizes-slave-labor-in-america/

    Even though it’s technically not conspiracy theory, since the EO actually exists, this is an old EO, just being reauthorized. Not quite sure where in the Constitution allows for this……oh wait, IT DON”T!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      This should go nowhere…hopefully. He appears to have NOT told people on specific cases anything about how to vote, or bribed or threatened. He just got them thinking like jurors are suppose to think.

      • This should go nowhere? Seems it already went somewhere. This man was targeted, harassed, thrown in jail, had to turn over money in exchange for freedom, and will be tied up in a legal mess for who knows how long! And when or if the charges are dismissed what then? Will the people responsible for this be stripped of their power and removed from their positions and thrown in jail for abusing said power and position? I’ll answer that question…..nope!

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          You are correct. I quess what the courts do not want the jurors to find out about is the nullification against BS charges. Two big cases in point Scooter Libby. Totally innocent against the charges about leaking a classified CIA name. Sure in confusion probalable made some contradictory statement. But agents try to slip you up by twisting and “legally” lying to you. The real culprit confessed and the court continued against Libby and never charged the real leaker. The other is Martha Stewart. Charged with insider trading. Totally innocent and exconerated but still went to prison on making contradictory statements thereby obstructing justice. Oh I guess the obstruction was that they both didn’t up front confess to commiting a crime they didn’t do, causing the government a lot of trouble by going after the wrong person.

  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/11781249/Puerto-Rico-triggers-historic-default-as-austerity-spiral-deepens.html

    If PR just tells the creditors to F off, what could possibly happen? A judge makes a ruling and they tell him/her to F off, then what. Interesting situation PR finds themselves in, which also shows how socialist policies may have had an adverse effect.

    • There is nothing anybody can do…..if any country wants to restructure debt….just say your are going to do so…..nobody will stop trade, nobody will invade to get the money that is not there…….

      It is a lot like Texas…we are openly defying Federal Judges in several instances,,,,the latest being that Texas will NOT cut emissions and will not close its coal plants….as a matter of record, we are prepared for any move that Obama wants to do….up to and including not selling our coal outside State boundaries,,,we can do the same thing with our oil…we have our own refineries..If we do not cross state lines, the Feds cannot regulate the sale nor taxes on intrastate business.

      Take a look around and you will find that the States that can become independent are beginning to do so………Again what can the Fed do? There is nothing that the Fed can do to a state…..any state. The only thing that they can do is deny Federal Funds…but the POTUS cannot do that…..

      So, on the international scene when countries start failing…..what can anyone do? There is no enforcement for the world court….sanctions are about the only thing that can happen….but who is going to sanction the USA or China or Russia? No one. The only way to hurt someone is to stop trade….and even then it is doubtful if there would be any consequence. What has happened with pension systems and 401 (k)’s…they invested in blue chip business’ that do things abroad….that is the fallacy.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Look how many time Mexico and Argentina have defaulted and restructured their loans. The issue of PR is to me notable because it is like our 51st state and very little is said in the media. Unlike Greece. They both rely on tourism to survive. When the tourist do not come, you’re screwed. Question is why are the tourist not coming. Bad economies back home and people are staying closer to home maybe?

    • I have no idea. But I read that a whole lot of residents of PR are moving to Florida and will probably turn it Blue.

  4. Just watched a piece on ONE News about human trafficking. Apparently Cuba, Malaysia and China all did better last year. Then it comes out that certain high US officials pressured the folks doing the research to fudge the facts.

    Malaysia was the same not better but it had to look better for TPP

    Cuba was the same not better but we had to have it look better for resumption of relations.

    China is worse….Period!

  5. I can’t help but think about where the next 7 Planned Parenthood videos will take this scandal and who or what will be exposed in the future. That said, I have come up with some possibilities to consider. Maybe some of you have some ideas on the subject of the future as well.

    1.. PP will admit that abortion is far more than the 3% claimed, maybe upwards of 75%.

    2. PP will admit to being paid by the government to keep the black population at manageable levels, or about the same year after year. (this would be a big one)

    3. A lesser admission would be to admit it’s for population control, overall, not just aimed at blacks.

    So , what ideas do ya’ll have going forward, considering the continued depravity of each new video?

    • I have no idea but I suspect the really, really bad stuff is in the video’s at the NAF Convention. They are fighting really hard to keep them from releasing them. But they will come out one way or the other.

      • The judge issuing the temp restraining order is an Obama appointee and donor. His wife is a pro abortion nut case. Some judge will likely overthrow it soon.

        • It is easy for me to say this because nobody would send me to jail. I do think the groups that took the video should either ignore the order and take the consequemnces or offer to turn them over to a group willing to show them and go to jail if necessary.

          Know it probably was not exactly what Edmund Burke said but it is worth repeating.

          “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing”

          Time for some of that “Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor stuff!”

  6. http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2015/08/04/quit-bashing-obama-he-continues-to-set-presidential-records/

    This is worth a read. The site is a CT site, but this is mostly a true historical look at the Presidency of Obama.

  7. http://www.rt.com/usa/311601-us-defensive-airstrikes-syria/

    “I frankly don’t know what the legal authority is,” Toner said, adding that the situation in Syria remains “complex and fluid.”


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      It is insanity at best and a rogue government. The law is the law and needs to be applicable to all parties, top to bottom. When one party is granted exclusive immunity to break the law….we have no longer a nation of laws. They are used to suppress the people and are no better that the old “Jim Crow” laws used to oppress blacks.

  8. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I love in todays headlines was a comment by Obama comparing the Iran deal with the diplomacy that ended the cold war. ? We spent them into collapse and the advent of stealth made their radar obsolete. No diplomacy required.

  9. I still cannot believe this-it is even worse than I thought-no one from the United States knows what is in the Iran deal-NO ONE-it isn’t that it’s just classified-it went further in denying Congress access-Now they admit that not even the executive branch knows what they are agreeing too. What they supported at the UN and are claiming we would be horrible people if we don’t accept.. Are these people just completely nuts-but hell I guess it makes sense to them they want the world to be controlled by the UN.


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The key to the story is that the UN is supreme now. No member nations government even those in the negotiations are not privy to the deals. The progressives have alway been pushing for a world order higher than any national interests. The progressives have looked at the constitution as a pesky old document that gets in their way of doing really great things, regardless of what the people thing. The elites and genius’s at the top do all the thinking for us.

      I’ve always maintained that it makes no difference whether or not the deal is signed off by the Senate. The fact that the administration says that members there do not have the clearance to view such secret documents. Maybe not all but key memebers certainly do so this is a patent lie. All this now is political drama.

      My long view is let it play out, slowly withdraw out of the M/E do to what could be our 100% energy independence if Obama would stop with his obstruction and destroying the very means to meet that objective. The admin is still sitting on any new nuclear permits…but just allowed Iran peaceful energy? They’re trying very hard to shut down our coal industry which provides the majority of our electrical energy.

      The next big UN secret deal will be their climate change plan tying countries to it dictates. That is Obama using regulations and bypassing congressional approval. The plan is over a month overdue that was being negotiated in Paris….where did the earlier attempts go to control everything. ie ozone holes used as an excuse for Kyoto and acid rain? Unfortunately volcanologists said the holes just happened to be convieniently over active volcanos. They blow tons of chlorinated gases into the atmosphere.

  10. The 5th Circuit ruled today that Texas picture ID for voting has at least one discriminatory element in it but did not define it….

    Governor Abbott has already responded…He says that is really too bad that the usually conservative 5th Circuit ruled without describing where the discrimination was…..and it is really sad that the conservative court buckled to the pressure of the Justice Department…

    However, Abbott said until any court can prove discriminatory practices with out supposition….Texas will continue with the voter ID in all phases of Texas politics and that includes the 2016 election.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The discrimination is that the person either is NOT in this country yet, either legally or illegally….but also must be DEAD.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Apparently they objected to the photo ID because it is like a “poll tax” because of the possible expense to the potential voter. But then they said it’s not a poll tax. Every State that has instituted a photo ID requirement to vote, has always said….”We will provide one for free” just come in to such and such places that do id’s like the State Police drivers license office. So I quess getting off your ass and going to an office is to expensive, but getting up and going to vote is not…..I’m confused. Much less there are all sorts of volunteers running around, most communities have a community bus that will pick up and deliver and they waive fees at times….The courts have gone crazier than normal.

      I wonder if we would have gotten so involved in Vietnam if Nixon had been elected instead of Kennedy the Johnson? Kennedy did get elected by voter fraud from Illinois engineered by the great Mayor Daley.

      • Please do not give LBJ’s Texas a pass on that one Dale.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Oh but I’m not….I just was suppose’n what would have happened if Nixon had beaten Kennedy and Johnson never happened? I’m talking voter fraud with Mayor Daly “digging” up literally enough votes to push Kennedy over the top. Johnson was a thug if there ever was one that sat in the White House.

          • One of the reasons I hammer away at “the Roman Way” is because it makes sense. I had a terrific Latin teacher and a fantastic history teacher. Good old Manhattan Prep, a prep school only in the sense that it did really prepare you for college (we were mostly the sons of lower middle class blue and white collar workers). Anyway, the Roman Empire fascinated me. The sense of Roman Citizenship conferred on conquered peoples, (remember that St. Paul was a Roman citizen) showed an interesting willingness two plus thousand years ago to incorporate all parts of the empire into one unified if diverse people.

            But, I digress. What I really liked was the Pax Romana. Do as you will, abuse your own people, levy your own taxes but don’t make war or challenge over all Roman control. If you did, they just wiped you off the face of the earth! The message got out, ask the Jews.

            OK so the US is not an empire in the traditional sense but we are still, post ’45, the biggest kid on the block. In the few times we have made it clear that we will go to the wall, we are not challenged. When we have not done that we have been made to look foolish at best.

            Viet-nam was an example of that. I think that JFK was playing the tough guy role. Had he lived I wonder just what would have happened. Personally I think he was quite capable of selling snow to Eskimo’s. Even with a much tougher audience at home than we have today. Remember, our parents who went through the Depression and WW 2 were NOT the pampered pets who elected Obama. JFK could have pulled it off and I think that Uncle Ho and the gang may just have postponed their little war for another day. Had the miracle that happened in So. Korea happened to Viet-nam there is a very good question as to successful the North might have ultimately been.

            Nixon opened the door to China and began Glasnost. I don’t think a Democrat, other than JFK could have pulled that off. Remember the Dem. party “lost China” (still a very big deal in the sixties). Nixon as a solid anti-communist who got Alger Hiss could and did do it much easier. Perhaps he could have negotiated a way out of Viet-nam had he been in from ’61. Certainly, by ’69 when he took office, it was way too late.

            The real problem is that Obama, if anything reminds one of the last days of Rome right before it was sacked. Coming back from that one, world reputation wise, is gonna take at least three consecutive conservative presidents. Since my worst fear is that we will elect any Republican and three days later the economy will “officially” collapse resulting in the loss of the House, Senate, and White House for 50 years, game is up! So, for 50 plus years according to my relatives in PA it was “Mr. Hoovers depression”, the next seventy-five will be “Mr. Trumps/Bushes/Rubio’s/ Cruz’s or whomever’s depression.

  11. Dale A Albrecht says:

    It is unfortunate that even against my earlier wager of this emil thing finishing her…Hillary will be exconerated of any wrongdoing by using a personal server in her home to conduct both Classified State and personal business. I guess that will make sense. Kerry has not seen nor ever will see the classified documents detailing the deal with Iran and he was a party to the negotiations. Why would we then assume Hillary did anything that was classified (sarcasm), The very fact that the LAW was violated by her use of a private server of government business is being winked at and the investigators are checking to see how secure it was. That to me is not relevent. She did it and that is a violation of law…..Nobody seems to remember her accounts got hacked a few years ago and embarrassing e-mails got released.

    Or the possibility is that Bill has been able to put together a MORE secure network that the State Department. Her official emails had to also go to the POTUS. If he’s so computer savy how did he not notice. Ah…aiding and abetting and complicite in the violation. “unhold all laws and defend the constitution” hah.

    • I have been wondering lately if Hitlary will be a sacrificial lamb. They could give her some probation or require her to do some speeches for free or something. (Actually, doing something for free, she might drop dead! HA!) The people get to claim that at least SOMEBODY was held accountable for SOMETHING. And the rest of them continue along their corrupt path. These are just random thoughts, though. I still believe that nothing will come of it.

      I will have confidence in our government again when Holder, Learner, Obama, Bill, and Hillary are all in PRISON! And that’s just to name a few.

      If it were a violation of law for you or I to have a personal server…..where do you think we would be? Not running for POTUS, thats for sure.

      • Seems the last articles subject matter will be a subject of discussion for some time. I also agree that a full investigation on Hillary be completed and if enough evidence exists to try her for crimes, it should happen. Her Presidential bid should be suspended until all of this is completed. But, it won’t happen.

  12. When the 3 Houses of the Federal government have become corrupt, to the point of openly violating the law, not enforcing the law and changing law without authority, what steps do the people have to remove the government for the treasons committed against the people? Please don’t say VOTE, because that is not working and will never work. Let me also include the TWO political parties and their leadership as part of the corruption problem. We can deal with the civilian side later. This is not a quiz, but just a subject for discussion.

    • I believe Thomas Jefferson answered that question long ago.

      Hope you are doing well today, Gman. We are supposed to get a little rain today. That should help the mosquito problem. I swear they were flying in formation this morning when they attacked me. 😀

      • All is good around here. Lots of skeeters here as well, it’s our State Air Force 🙂 I wear lots of bug repellant, but they always find that one spot, I swear! No rain here till next week, been mostly dry since the monsoons of June 🙂

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Mosquito’s have not been bad, a rarity. What is torture are the no-see-um’s. Plenty of rain and everything is still green and lush.

          • The only thing wrong with no seeums……..more of them. Biting bastards.

          • I’ve never heard of no-see-um’s. I did google um and y’all can keep um down there. The mosquito’s this year must be on steroids. I use bug spray and still get bit. And they have been leaving large welts that are itch like crazy.

            • The NJ state bird (mosquito) used to leave big welts on me until I got shots for the NJ state vine (poison ivy). After that they were no problem.

              • You guys don’t have mosquitoes like we have up here in the muskeg. Swarms of tens of thousands, with black flies, horse flies added just to make even more miserable.

                Can’t go outside without thick long sleeve shirts and pants, while still battling +80F heat.

                Man up people, you get it easy!

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Oh I remember Maine. Just like Canada with the black fly, mosquito and horse fly at the beach areas. They take hunks out of you. The only salvation is to get near lots of people and the odds are reduced. Mosquitos and Black Fly’s doesn’t matter. The south is NP in reality. Up north that is why sailing is such a huge passtime. Get offshore.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Doesn’t all that avian wildlife eventually drive you folks up above the border slightly bat sh!! crazy? I do say avian because the flying insects are as big as birds.

              • The largest mosquitos that I have seen…..were in Vancouver up along the Queen Island Strait…..and in Illiamna, Alaska…….

                The ones in Vancouver would argue over who was going to carry you off….the ones in Alaska just skewered you without fanfare….

                The most I have seen, along with the black flies, was along the Caribona River in Colombia, SA. and when they swarmed, you just had to cover up and get away or smear your self with river mud.

                We do not have too many in Texas…..too hot for them and we import dragon flies and mosquito hawks….( The real ones and not the crane fly )….the Mosquitos here are mostly in the piney woods in East Texas….and along the coastal areas. The dragon flies actually do a real good job..

  13. This is an idea I can probably agree with. My only issue is how “mentally defective” will be defined. My question is in response to Obama’s Social Security recipient proposed actions against seniors who don’t manage their own financial affairs: http://www.newsmax.com/US/cornyn-nra-gun-background/2015/08/05/id/665507/?utm_source=Liberty_Headlines_Is_Giving_Your_Site_Free_Traffic_for_Now&AID=7236

    • The mental health community will violently refuse to do this. Talk about nullification, these clowns already have failed to send along required info on everybody from VA tech to the shooter in TN..

      To them privacy and “Dr. patient confidentiality” is everything. It takes precedence over the Ten Commandments as far as they are concerned.

      Occasionally life does imitate art. Never a fan of “law and Order” in prime time, have gotten into the weekday re-runs and “marathons”. Everytime there is a question of “confidentiality” the Psychologist or Psychiatrist clams up and spews, “confidentiality”.

      It is so funny how as religion and God disappear from the public square, their replacements,Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Work, all take on the trappings and demand the rights and privileges of religion. Whoops! Must also include the environmentalists and the worship of “Earth Mother”. You know that if you disagree with THEM and they had the power, you would just as surely be tied to a stake and burnt as Joan of Arc was.

  14. http://politicaloutcast.com/2015/08/fox-sports-sued-for-religious-discrimination-over-gay-marriage/

    Finally, someone suing over their religious beliefs and being discriminated against. Long overdue.

  15. I wonder if I am the only one not watching the debates.

    • Nope. I was sleeping. Now time for work, I’ll catch the highlights later. Have a good night.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      These are not real debates. The last ones were in the 50’s

    • I watched. Thought it was a hit job on Trump by Megyn Kelly. Yeah, I’ve been in Trumps corner, more from an entertainment angle than political, but Fox is out for him. From the very first question, about who would support the eventual nominee or who would go third party, it was clear how the event would unfold.

      I normally like the Luntz group discussions. But Trump’s faux paux about the fill in the blank Mexicans coming in had Luntz all pissed off a few weeks ago. I noticed big time during his show last night that his audience was very anti Trump, all but a couple saying Trump lost their support last night. It just smells of being specially chosen for last night’s show.

      But at the same time, Fox admits, and the other candidates admit, that Trump has struck a nerve in a positive way with the people, which shows in his poll numbers. It doesn’t make sense for Fox to bash him like they do. I hope he stays in there and continues to raise hell. I thought they all did pretty well . The JV team at 5pm was only a yawn for me, aside from Carly.

      Save the nominees are picked already speech G. There is a different attitude floating thru the country today. I don’t think the old way is going to stick this time. I think the people have the edge now.

      • You and I saw Megyn doing the same thing. The first question was a set up and set the whole tenor. On the other hand Trump should probably spend a little time preparing Since they will hammer him over and over on the same issues, develop a set speech.

        He has handled that question better in the past. “If they treat me fairly I will not run, if not then we will see”. Says it all. Could have also said something like, “under no circumstances will I play the game Ross Perot played, if I run, I run to win!” Or, “We are 12 months out from the convention, it is much too early to make that call”. His answer was lame and very unprepared. “I’ve gottamumble, mumble, respect…….”

        He should also learn how to smile. Walking around looking like he sucks lemons all the time is not terribly photogenic.

        Fox wants Bush! Notice who the first candidate was to come up and say hello to Megyn? It is so freaking evident. I felt the same way about the Luntz group and walked out after a few minutes. “Changed my opinion tonight” my ass.

      • In general the questions at this joint press conference were much better than at previous debates. Yes the knives were out for The Donald. He did well but could have done much better. Carly did well in the earlier debate. She should have been on the later one. I think the three lesser governors, (NJ, VA, & NY) should have been moved down and Perry and Jindal along with Carly moved up. Carly still impresses me the most. Trump is a show but as long as he brings up tough issues and challenges the others, I would encourage him to keep going. Cruz bears watching. Walker was not impressive. Jeb, no way in he//. Rubio no. Paul is good for a debate contrast. One good line was that the Repubs have all these great candidates and the Dems have none. Carly called Hiiiary a liar and then backed it up with examples on Chris Matthews. He did not like that. I like Trump’s honesty about money for candidates in the past, using the law and his disdain for bankers.

        • One thing that did Piss me off big time was post debate when Brit Hume, whom I usually respect, commented to Kelly that Trump acted “ungentlemanly” to her. She actually should have corrected Brit but didn’t.

          I’ve always had the feeling that she was nothing but an overly bright bimbo and that sealed it! You can flash $ 30,000 smile, cross those gams as much as you want but pretending to be one of the “big boy journalists” and not correcting Hume but rather doing the Scarlett O’Hara “Little old me?” routine tells me who she really is. As the late Bob Grant would have said, “Fake, Phony, Fraud!”

          I remember the first time I saw this thing that Fox News does, done for real. I was probably about 28. We were conducting negotiations with one of the worst slum lords I have ever met. A real bastard. He, a guy in his late 50’s brought his “secretary” with him, a short skirted, long legged blonde who just kept crossing and uncrossing those legs. Very, very hard to keep ones mind on the topic. .

        • Thanks for reminding me about the money. Trump could have said, “money buys access”. I have a problem, I pick up the phone, make a call, get a response. If I know I was right to begin with, I just saved months and months of lawyers work and millions of dollars”.

          See, gotta prepare better. He is actually lucky because they will hammer him on the same five or six things he has said. Just flesh them out!

          • Trump should have data in his back pocket on questions like Mexico dumping trouble makers on the border. Let the press go with their gotcha questions and then turn the table on them with facts like Carly did to Chris Matthews about Hillary’s lying.

          • When that came out about the money, I was thinking every single person up there had an “Uh oh! I’m busted” moment. I hope Trump keeps getting asked about it.

            Still wondering why there are so many candidates. Something’s up. Field 20 at once to share less airtime, so we don’t hear or see too much where we can really make an informed choice….kinda like the Limbaugh theorem.

            • I think the number of candidates is because of the activity of the Tea Party for the last 6-7 years. Repubs have been successful in both Congress and at the state level because of the rising anger of the conservatives and libertarian types. Once at high level, there is only on more promotion available so the all are after it at once. Plus, I think everyone believes this will be a Republican election especially if the economy stays stagnant and O continues to thumb his nose at the Constitution and fail on the world stage. Look at the chaos on the Dem side. Hillary should be in jail, Sanders has no chance. Biden is a joke. O’M is the only viable candidate. The Indian princess is not running and is not qualified but neither was O.

              My fear is that the conservatives will argue and battle over splitting the 60% and Jeb will walk away with 40% and win.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Trump did as expected for me, and I agree it was a hit job. They don’t want a nonestablishment President. Rand Paul blew it, Bush was mumbling almost. I’ll stice with original, it’s all fake anyway, Bush v Clinton

        • Hit job smit job. What nonsense. I loved the format and loved how they formatted the questions using each candidate’s own words and inconsistencies. LLLLOVED! the first question. Lay it all out there. Trump is a liberal. While I like how he’s opened up conversations about, say illegal immigration, he isn’t a serious conservative candidate. He’s a thin-skinned blowhard who immaturely belittles anyone that disagrees with him (sound familiar?). His tweets today further confirm that his time is done. Very, very, very disappointed with so many on the right today that have been frustrated with a pandering, softballing, lame media and finally get tough questions and they whine….about the moderators.

          Tough candidates appreciate tough questions; weak candidates want softballs and whine and belittle when they don’t get them.

          • Carly will end up on the main stage atthe next debate…you watch…it is not giong to matter what her numbers are…..I saw the highlights….I really do like her….

          • I haven’t said anything because I was unable to watch the debates. But what I find amusing about all this is any democrat who doesn’t like Trump needs to have it pointed out to them that Trump sounds and acts just like the democrat’s that they love and support. If he was running as a democrat they would love and support every flippant, rude, nasty thing he says.

          • Kathy……I saw the highlights….Megyn Kelly had a sniper rifle on Trump……that first question had absolutley nothing to do with politics or even the women’s vote,,,,,she hates Trump and it showed…..she lost some prestige in my eyes.That said…Trump is not a Presidential candidate….even though he is probably the most qualified to be President.

            If you can set your bias aside, why do you feel he would NOT make a good President. Mind you, he is not my vote anyway…..but he is the most qualified. But, I will outline, albeit very briefly, why I think he is the most qualified, then you tell me why he is not.

            First, he is not political by nature. The least qualified of those running for President are political hacks. Being a governor or a Senator does NOT necessarily qualify anyone for President. YOu do NOT need political experience to be effective.

            Secondly, he does not appear to be bitten by the Potomac Two Step.

            Third, both men and women, who are A type personalities are usually very brash and not politically correct. I have not seen an A personality of the Republican Candidates yet, except for Trump and Carly F. ( Carly’s stock just went up with me 100% ) YOu may call him arrogant but is he? Is his self confidence….. arrogance? Sure, he is an egoist…but show me one politician that is not.

            Fourth, Trump knows his way around a balance sheet. This is his strongest suit. People will bash him because before he became successful, he filed bankruptcy a couple of times. was perhaps a corporate raider at times…a venture capitalist for awhile ( may still be )…but those are not disqualifiers….they are strengths in the world market. And, knowing his way around a balance sheet is what this country needs….NO DEFICIT SPENDING and NO DEFICIT BUDGETS.

            Fifth…..men and/or women in his position operate with a simple rule…The most successful person is one who surrounds them selves with smart people. THey are smart enough to know that they cannot be quarterback, running back, full back and line…at the same time. He would surround himself with qualified personnel that are “bloodied” and not academia and theorists.

            Sixth, I think I can say with certainty, that the foreign countries are afraid of Trump and for good reason….he plays to win. To play to tie…is a loser….to play to compromise is, likewise, a loser. He plays to win. We have enonugh cowards out there now….Take his comments about Mexico….and how everybody jumped on him, including Fox, about making Mexico pay for a fence….Everybody is thinking about a Berlin Wall type fence…he is talking economic fence. He is talking of using trade and nobody is picking up on that…..except Mexico. He was right about Mexico and he is right about China and he is right about Europe.

            I will stop ay numner 6 because I promised brief.

            • Check times six.

              7) who ever said you need to swear allegiance to a party, especially the RINO party? It’s a new game out there.

              • Didn’t say he had to swear allegiance, but since he’s running as an R on the stage at a RNC sponsored debate it was a fair question to ask. And now everyone knows. That’s the point of forums like this.

            • D13,

              “Trump knows his way around a balance sheet.”

              I don’t like Trump as a President. I think he’s too brash. I think part of the reason Russia invaded Georgia was because of some statements Bush made. The president of Georgia made some other statements. It didn’t work out well for him.

              Trump has said in Iraq he would have stayed and took their oil to pay for the war. I wasn’t aware Iraq asked us to invade and conquer them as a service. He said if elected he will build a wall or fence between us and Mexico. (YES, YES I cheer) “AND I’LL MAKE THEM PAY FOR IT” And the latest thing, John McCain is no war hero. Yes he is. He earned that. There are a lot of things I don’t like about McCain, I will never disrespect his service. Trump also said McCain hasn’t done anything to help vet’s. If he had only said that and other truthful criticisms, I would be more accepting. As I see it, we are headed toward confrontations with China and Russia. I’ve always favored the walk softly, big stick approach. Trump looks to be the big mouth buddy you go to a bar with that starts a fight, but somehow never even messes up his hair….or pays the tab….and he hits on your girlfriend. (but your dog doesn’t like him)

              • I also agree with you that he is not Presidential material…..but he still is the most qualified of the candidates……qualified. I have no problem with bankruptcies….they are the law, they are a useful tool….look around at all the successful businessmen…..most had bankruptcies in their day….even a turtle gets nowhere until it sticks its neck out. While I understand his ego…look at whom is in there now….cant tell which has the biggest ego….but I would be willing to bet on one main difference…..Obama has surrounded himself with yes men and yes women….he fired 9 generals until he got one that did not go against him…..Trump, I am betting, would surround himself with outstanding talent because he knows that is what it takes to be a success.

                I did not like his reference to McCain either and I am not a Mc CAin fan even though he is of the brotherhood, so to speak…but McCain was there and walked the walk….just like the rest of the vets and that, alone, deserves respect…..POW or not.

                I also believe that Trump does not have the emperor complex…..He knows that the right circle of the cabinet……will mean success. His ego won’t let him fail so he will have the proper tools.

                He will not get the nomination, we all know that……and some people think he will run as a 3rd party, to which he knows that will not work….But he played the “TRUMP” card perfectly. He left it up in the air…….he commands that type of respect and the liberal media will not hit him too hard because they also understand his role.

                He will not attack Russia and he will not attack China…..no need to….they are failing economically….he, like Reagan, will play the economic card……play the economic card hard and do not be fair…..do not trade with deficits and do not compromise on anything. But, we will never see that…..unfortunately, the US us raising a littany of weasels……and I can say this….I have two children and three grandchildren…..

                So…my comments are….he is the most qualified…. but he does not get my vote. Who else is more qualified and why?

      • Anita,

        I didn’t see a hit job. Maybe close to that, but that is what true journalism should look like. If someone has made objectionable comments, they should be asked to explain them. Pretty simple, what did he mean by those comments. I think Kelly might have an agenda of see feminism as an issue. Better for Trump to answer her and the Fox bunch than Hillary with her mainstream shrills…. I wondered about one comment. “You were on you knee’s?”
        ” I bet that was a pretty picture”. Some will be offended. Most were entertained.

        I recorded and have only watched the first round. I liked Rand Paul’s position on arming different factions only ends with better armed terrorist such as ISIS driving around in a billion dollars worth of Humvee’s. But that doesn’t tell us if or how he will fight ISIS. Hope Scott Walker answers on amnesty/immigration.

        • I see you were watching with Kathy. I guess we all see it differently. I like the honesty and not backtracking to soften it up. Like he said, too much PC going around. He looked….not like a politician, very rough around the edges, I like that! This started out a citizen’s government, ended up far from that. Also like that he’s funding himself, gives him the advantage of being able to speak freely and to put other guys on the spot, which could very well get them in hot water with their donors. Good. My crystal ball says he’s playing the game with all intentions of backing out near the end, shaking up as much as possible while the gettin’s good.

  16. Dale A Albrecht says:

    White House says… Obama had a “temporary” set back with the Iran nuclear deal, when Schumer comes out against it. So what “secret” deal will they do with Schumer so he switches if the administration is so sure the setback is temporary?

    Why isn’t Obama openly selling his signature international legacy deal. Nope…the Vineyard beckons, one of the most elitist locations in America including Oak Bluffs where he hangs out.

    • Lol!
      No. My daughter has just above an average IQ, but waaaaaaaay more drive, ambition and a level of work ethic that makes any undertaking by her a success. I’d say the latter is far more important than an IQ by an order of magnitude.

      Lots of intellectual giants who are taxi cab drivers, but I’ve every successful person I’ve met didn’t need to be an intellectual giant (though it helps sometimes).

      • Our daughter is very book smart. Our sons are very street smart. I worry about my daughter sometimes…….

        • Her first outing…she will gain street smarts….I bet you have raised her correctly.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Having some street smarts is advisable before going out into the big cruel world. A friend in VT Had a very smart son. I stressed HAD. He applied and was accepted at Colombia in NYC. Never made it to orientation.

  17. G!

    I thought the Nation of Lawlessness was great. Sorry I was too busy to play.

  18. He’s digging his hole…….I’ll be glad when his 15 minutes are up. Anita, you wouldn’t tolerate this language and/or behavior from anyone. You can’t be serious about him!?!


    • I don’t know, Kathy…….It is not showing in the polls as of yet…..I think that he is still hitting the right nerves on people who are tired of the same politics over and over. As I said, I do not think he will be a candidate….but he is not politically correct and that is resonating all over.

    • I dunno Kathy. Childish, yeah. But we’ve tried being nice for too long. Doesn’t get us anywhere. Like with Rosie O, she started it, he finished it. He’s quick enough on his feet to understand he was being set up. He fired back, during the debate, and like a child after. The point is, he’s at least firing. Carly is still my pick.

      Colonel, what’s your take on Cruz.

  19. And now in New York, you have the police having to give a receipt to every person that they stop…..as I understand it, the receipt has to give specific information. Wow….ok, if that what New York wants to do…..then you have NO RIGHT or EXPECTATION….of the police stopping anyone. If you suspect problems….just sit back and let it happen then give a receipt as to what happened and walk away…..I do not know how New York is going to keep an adequate police force…..perhaps it is time for New York to become a Shia State…..

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Hate to be cynical…..but isn’t a ticket a receipt? I’m sure that there is some law on the books that everyone violates at any given time. Even suspicion of something.

  20. Interesting factoid…..gold expected to drop to $750 per ounce by June 2016. Wonder if it is true…it is certainly headed that way…..and now, the gold futures are hedging their bets….interesting….very interesting.

    • Who is saying this? Goldman Sachs…. yeah, the same guys who said there wasn’t a real estate bubble…. okie dokie.

      Like any commodity in a recession, it will experience a price decline. Sachs says the dollar is getting stronger…. without explaining why. It is inconceivable to me to think the dollar is getting stronger – perhaps in comparison to other currencies, but not in comparison to the economic conditions in the US.

      But hey! If it does go that low, it’s time to buy more!

      • You know me well enough on economics…..Goldman is….well……let’s say……not always correct. ( Was that political enough?) Their track record is minimal…they have way too many speculators.

        We watch other factors very closely and do not rely on the pundits…..just throwing what I heard on the nes out there. It is very true that commodities follow a recession pretty closely…but we watch currency valuations. The strength of the USD is only abroad and only in comparisons to foreign countries because as the dollar gains strength, the more tariffs that the foreign entities will do ….not only do you have to watch inflation but you have to watch devaluation at the same time….because….they are both occurring at the same time. ( which is unusual ) but this is because of staggering debts world wide and switching from the dependency of metals to monopoly money.

        Now, you and I both understand that metals trading is not the same as food commodities nor energy nor anything else…metals stand on their own….and it is a long term investment.

        But, as a family, here is what we have seen. We have been watching closely the trading of metals..well, mainly gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. We are totally numismatic…no paper, no bullion….it has been our observation that bullion, while pretty to look at, does not do well in emergency basis. In addition, with the variety of private mints out there…..you do have to pay very close attention because of the additives that some are putting in their gold. There is a veritable plethora of .900 gold and silver on the market and the inexperienced buyer, thinking that a .900 rating is the same as a .999 or .9999. Most metal buyers do not even see the difference between .999 vs .9999. What’s another .9? Nothing until you trade it….then it is very important. And, in a numismatic value..ratings are important…MS 70, for example.

        So, what we are seeing and watching closely are the private mints….not state mints, such as China or Australia or Russia….but when the currencies stagnate, then precious metals become in abundance. The private mints are flush with silver and gold right now and the demand is dropping because of the currency problems abroad and the fact that NONE are backed by precious metals….you have a volatile market right now. Technically speaking…as the stock market falls….precious metals are going with it and that is surprising…..but that is also an indicator that gold is not a monetary issue.

        Right now, China is having a problem with their inflation and they were trying to stifle it a little with their gold and silver reserves…Now, you can buy Chinese Panda’s in five kilo options at a reduced premium in gold and silver and platinum….

        When countries print their own money with no collateral value….and flood markets with paper…..it will affect the price of metals. It is going to take more paper today than yesterday to buy metals…with the distrust in paper…..mints are full of metals. I think you are about to see a rush by speculators…..bears watching…..but it will be false, in OUR opinion.

        • Interesting, the Canadian Mint has suspended silver sales due to a lack of blanks….
          The US mint has sold out of the Gold Eagles for the year….

          What private mints are you looking at?

        • PS: I bought some more oz. at the local dealer. He, himself, is in a “buy” mode himself. He said he is buying everything he can find….

          • YOu and I need to compare some lists sometimes….the US Mint is offering unlimited purchase of Gold Eagle proofs..MS 68-70…Every private mint that I deal with are offering deals as low as .50 cents over spot especially silver rounds and non legal tender.

  21. As I’ve done annually, I am expressing my outrage at the evil atomic-bombing 70 years ago of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I do so to make a new point and one point only. That point is the inconsistency of many conservatives’ approach to official history.

    Most conservatives are eager – and rightly so – to dispute the official histories offered for various government economic programs and of various periods of American economic history, ie: the lies protecting government action. The false history of the origin of the Great Depression (“It was caused by greed and laissez faire!”) and of the end of the Great Depression (“FDR heroically used his economic genius to save the country from that scourge!”) is correctly rejected by most conservatives as being juvenile and wrong, despite the existence of many government officials and academics who continue to repeat this potted history as though it is carved-in-stone fact.

    Ditto for much other history, such as the alleged need for, and the bountiful wonders of, programs including Medicare, the Federal Reserve, government-supplied schooling, the minimum wage, rent control, command-and-control environmental regulations, occupational-licensing regulations, and the Sherman Act and other antitrust statutes.

    Each of these (and many other) government domestic interventions enjoys a large body of popular history that proclaims its need and trumpets its wondrously good results. Yet each, when subjected to serious scholarly scrutiny, is found to be questionable at best: the popularly asserted need for the program is revealed to be less (or even non-existent) and the popularly asserted wondrously good results of the program are revealed to be, at best, questionable and, more frequently, illusory or even negative.

    The typical conservative rightly understands and appreciates the need for skepticism of popular, familiar, and official historical accounts of domestic government interventions.

    Yet much of what I’ve seen in opposition to my opposition to the atomic bombings – is largely uncritical of the official and popular history of those bombings (a history that began to take shape soon after the bombs were dropped).

    The burden of persuasion for me regarding any government action (as it seems to be for most conservatives regarding any government economic action) is (1) on those who support the government action, and (2) heavy. That burden, for me, becomes an even heavier one for the proponents of government action to bear when it involves the admitted killing by government officials of tens of thousands of innocent civilians.

    As I read the historical record, I cannot come remotely close to finding any credibly good reason for Uncle Sam to have dropped those bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    For the kind of sound and critical history that most conservatives find otherwise compelling when applied to domestic economic matters, read on those bombings the excellent analysis of Ralph Raico. Read Anthony Gregory. Read David Henderson.

    Pay attention to the fact that many respected conservatives 70 years ago – including many U.S. military brass – objected to the bombings on both practical and moral grounds.

    Pay attention to the fact that the people who chose to drop those terrible weapons on civilians in cities are the same people who you – dear conservatives – quite understandably do not trust with the power at home to set minimum wages, regulate carbon emissions, or conduct monetary policy.

    And yet you give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their killing of tens of thousands of innocent civilians. That, to me, is utterly inexplicable.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Ask the survivors of Nanking or Korea what they thought of the Japanese and what they deserved after their kind and gentle occupation. The Japanese got off lucky. Far more “civilians” would have died through food shortages and subsequent starvation before the hypothetical capitulation. And yes, an object lesson to the Soviets. Iwo Jima and Okinawa were not good indications of an enemy ready to quit. My Father would have been in the invasion fleet if the atomic bomb had not worked. He would never have been convinced of his odds of NOT being a casaulty of any invasion.

      The one thing rarely discussed is the possibility of the use of the bomb subsequently by either the US or Russia. If the “object” lesson of two small bombs had not been shown in all its devestating power. More Japanese would have died conventionally and also the genie stayed corked saving god knows how many people in future conflicts.

      • Dale, that is a bunch of crap.

        In your mind, you need to slaughter innocent people to avenge the slaughter of innocent people. Geez….

        Further, you are trapped by the repeated lies of “it would have been worse”, forgetting that the Japanese had been trying to surrender well before 1945. You have no basis for your claim except it came out of your ass.

        Again, read the authors presented in my post and learn something beyond repeating the lies.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I won’t respond the way I’d like to…because it will fall to your level of decorum. Who was innocent? I’d bet that most Japanese along with most of Germanic people supported the war whole heartedly until it didn’t quite turn out the way they planned. 100% urban renewal as promised. Was just talking to an old lady who was Austrian from Vienna. She flatly said we were all for the “National Socialist” until it didn’t quite turn out. Nobody is innocent. Have personal friends who escaped the horror of the nazi’s and their stories of family that didn’t get out because they believed nobody could be so evil. Got turned into soap.

      • Dale I am with you. The Japanese still have expressed no remorse for what they did. The Comfort women still linger on, damaged far beyond what any human being should be forced to endure.

        I have been inundated with E-mails and Facebook postings from friends who yammer on about the poor Japanese. Frankly, horseshit!

        Our generation was blessed in never having to deal with what the folks who were of age between ’39 and ’45 had to. Hell, in Asia between ’33 and 45!

        As usual, people pontificate, using modern sensibilities on problems and issues from a different time, in all senses of that word.

        My Dad and seven uncles were in service at the time. At least four of them were staging for the invasion of the home islands. I know what their opinion was of Truman’s decision and frankly, You, me, the Colonel, Flag, Buck, VH, Anita nor anyone else has the RIGHT to even hazard a second guess.

        I’ve mentioned before that when my son was dating a Chinese girl, born here, when he suggested Sushi, she suggested a Korean place and told him that under no circumstances would she ever eat in a Japanese restaurant. Some Jews still feel that way about Germany. You could not give them a Mercedes Benz.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I just love the contests the Japanese officers had. How many “civilians” in Nanking they could kill with their swords in a given time. Not many Japanese ever went to POW camps. They rarely gave up until death. Whereas few allies survived the Japanese camps. Had a friend who was attached to Patton’s army. Was involved in the Battle of the Bulge. After Malmady few SS survived if captured. He said the LT would say, take these prisoners back to the rear and I want you back in 5 minutes. Everyone knew what that meant. Like wise, not many Germans survived the Russians when captured. Paybacks are hell as the saying goes. What goes around comes around. Ying yang, it all balances out eventually.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Sorry but I and everyone else absolutely has the right to second guess our ancestors or anyone for that matter.

          If we shy away from the uncomfortable we rationalize the acceptance of propaganda and falsehood. We deny Truth and thus Reason itself.

          I have no problem recognizing how our Govt. tried to spin the decisions while also acknowledging the context of what was occurring in those times. A study of history can and should include both. Not accepting either the Victor’s version nor the Skeptic’s as the only truth.

          • Respectfully disagree. Decisions are often in the moment. in this case, it was a long moment. We know The reports from Iwo and then Okinawa shocked the administration. The civilian suicides on Okinawa and Saipan really shocked the folks in Washington. This is worth a watch.

            I have seen Ike quoted a lot in the past week. While I respect Eisenhower, he was not fighting these people. How much he knew about the Pacific War I have no clue. Since the fire bombings of Dresden and Hamburg took at least as many lives I do not remember his condemnation of them. The Germans were certainly “beaten” with or without them.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              This video changes nothing. My claim is valid and remains so.

              It does not matter who was “shocked” and who was not. What matters are the facts and the truth.

              Furthermore, that our fathers thought the bombed saved lives was largely due to their experience to that point combined with what they were told. So with all due respect to them, their feelings do not validate the bombs use. That is a matter of a full historical and objective evaluation. Something that seems lacking on both sides of this argument.

              One wants to claim absolutes based on a few comments made after the fact, and the other simply wants to accept the “official version”.

              Sorry old chap, but questioning history is a valid pursuit. No matter how painful or embarrassing the results might be.

              • Let us agree on that with one proviso. That we, today, acknowledge that the decision was made based on a set of circumstances that existed then.

                We can pick them apart, disagree, say coulda, woulda, shoulda but the circumstances existing at the time, at that immediate moment led to decisions that under the exact same circumstances would be made again. The Civilian Suicide films I have seen over the years were not made to show us the evil of the Japanese, the Chinese atrocity films made before we even entered the war were enough for that but rather to show what an alien culture we were dealing with. We had never run into anything like that before.

                The thing that is interesting about this country is that when the war is over, it is over. You have seen the pictures of American servicemen caring for Japanese and German civilians, old folks, babies, even adults. We seem to have the capability to be a ferocious enemy but unlike so many others, can immediately (the vast majority) lay down our arms and put it behind us.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I have tangled with you before on the issue of bombing itself. On the subject of double standard, however, I agree completely. And this makes a very good example.

      It reveals a weakness we all have when trying to be “objective” or “rationale”. It is very hard to overcome our own comfort levels. As the conflict gets closer to the more basic moral principles it becomes harder and harder to acknowledge those contradictions or falsehoods.

      • I guess it is all a perspective…..Academia results after the fact have an agenda…..I have my dad’s memoirs….he was on Iwo Jima, Saipan, and the occupation of Okinawa and Japan….his memoirs are quite sobering as to what he saw and how they solved some of the mass suicide problems he encountered. BF said this:.”Pay attention to the fact that many respected conservatives 70 years ago – including many U.S. military brass – objected to the bombings on both practical and moral grounds. ” and you seem to echo it some JAC.

        The problem is that you and BF seem to believe that a war can be fought on practical and moral grounds….sorry, and I do not intend to argue this because BF’s position will never acknowledge a change ( He and I know this through common respect just as you and I know this through common respect ), you cannot fight a war on moral grounds…it is impossible andthere is no way that anyone can claim otherwise other than hyperbole……..practical grounds maybe…….and that is a long stretch to practical.

        I will never believe anything that an academia puts out any longer until I can verify it myself. Do not misunderstand,,,,that statement does not mean the opposite either.

        As to dropping bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima….they were not necessary to end the war. I think everyone knows this or should….it was done politically and it was done for the Russians. Pretty simple really. The bigger mistake was in sharing the technology.

        • Indeed. War is evil, hence immoral.
          But war is fought by men who have the full capacity of moral behavior.

          Thus, war can (and have been) fought on moral grounds, and in moral manner.
          If it wasn’t, Col. then POW’s would not exist, nor care of the wounded enemy, nor truces, nor would peace result from dialogue instead of conquest.

          No, its the modern sickness of “total war” – the Socialist mentality of war – that has poisoned society. I find it perplexing that those that deny Socialist mentality in economic affairs so easily accept it in the prosecution of war.

          • You lost me-“total war”-“Socialist mentality of war”What does this mean?

            • Socialist mentality, in economics, is that everyone must provide economic goods evenly and broadly over the whole of society, forgoing the natural concentration of economic goods towards those of merit.

              War, prior to the 19th/20th century, was not broadly waged over all society. It was fought between armies, not armies upon the civilians. It was naturally concentrated upon those that fought, and avoided those that were not part of the actual fight.

              The Socialist mentality in war is that everyone in some manner or the other a participant, either in the army or a provider to the army, and as such, subject to the broad exercise of violence of opposing military actions, hence “total war doctrine”.

  22. We all know about optical illusions. But all our senses are capable of experiencing illusions – it’s how our brain interprets information from the physical world, and as it is merely an interpretation, it can be “fooled”.

    Because of how our brain works, this is a one-time effect; in other words, when you first hear it, you get the illusion, but once resolved, your brain fixes the illusion and you won’t hear it again. I expect you will have to wait quite awhile (weeks?) until your brain forgets (if it does at all….). So far, after a couple of hours, the illusion has been resolved in my brain…. I’ll test in a month…..

    But it is really cool nonetheless….

    Here is an example of an audio illusion:

    • That was cool-made me think about how parents are the only ones who can really understand what their children are saying when they are real young.

      • That’s a really good point, V.H.! I bet that is exactly the case, or people who have heavy accents that can’t be understood except by their friends or family!

        Nice insight!

  23. As the veterans of this blog know, I’ve been preaching about the coming “Collapse” of government and how it will manifest.

    Here is a nicely laid out version of that.


    • Yep…..it is coming…..we are ready. People will be upset with us on this but we will move in just like the 80’s and snap up great deals…..you better be flush with cash when this happens. Gold/Silver….metals…will have little impact….but that is OUR position and we are just as qualified…actually more qualified, than any academia out there preaching doom and gloom.

      • Carter was a shitty President….caused much angst…..but we quadrupled our cash position as well as physical holdings. Economics is like war…..there are winners and there are losers…but to win, you must be ruthless and final.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    Saw an interview last night between Greta and three Millenials. The topic was what will it take to get Millenials to vote R and which R is their favorite.

    All three, as well as some interviewed on another network, stated that the Economy, ie JOBS, and handling the College Debt are the two key issues.

    In short, they are looking for someone to unveil a plan to “handle” their massive college debt. They BLAMED both parties for THEIR PROBLEM.

    Suggesting that people with this kind of attitude will vote for anyone remotely looking like a Fiscal Conservative is ridiculous. No matter what they say, they will vote Democratic because that is the party that will promise to PAY OFF their debt for them and CREATE jobs in the areas they want.

    While expressing their concerns they also stated their generation was ready to step up and “take over”. It was their time to run the show. Heaven help us.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I more heavily utilized my High School education, because they taught you how to learn, not just rote memory. I rarely used anything taken in college. A huge waste of time and quit going into my senior year. Subsequent post college education like navy electronics jammed in as many months of theory and practical electronics as a 4 year EE. National Bureau of Standards schools taught me to be very detail attentive. Aviation electronics, screw up and someone dies. Every QC methogology including taking known methods to a higher plateau and prior to it being a buzz word with 6 sigma. Got those certifications and usually could see the problem due to experience long before the grind of the methodology which had to be followed. Most was people just plain not following procedure and were just sloppy. Or they just did the data recording and math incorrectly. Fixed the errors in math and usually the problem was gone because there was none. Or like try getting someone to fix a problem in Europe in August or after their 35 hours was up or after hours.

    • I talked about a conversation I had with a very nice young woman the other day-with all her talk about us losing our freedom, not liking the out right attack on the police,wanting closed borders and fiscal responsibility, etc-she still wants to vote for Bernie Sanders a confirmed socialist.

      Had another conversation with her about Cecil the lion and although she admitted that there was no way to prove his guilt before he killed the lion and iffy on his actions after the fact-he should be sent back to stand trial because he might have broken their laws.

      But then we talked about the PP videos-first she was just sure they were edited-made her see that if they had been edited unfairly it would have been very easy to prove-so she gave up that line of reasoning-then we went to the fact that if the video’s weren’t unfairly edited that PP had at the very least broke the law by changing the abortion procedure-that fact is undebatable-she argued but this and that-I countered every argument-but in the end– she says “WELL,the law should be changed”-so much for caring about the law-Palmer send him back to a foreign country to stand trial , PLanned Parenthood-well I like them-I use them-they don’t judge me-so they can break the law.

      • Well, of course that is her thinking – and it is the majority who think this way.

        Law is to be used only if it supports their agenda, and dismissed if it does not. The “Buck” Philosophy of law and social order. No principles, just whim.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    The left just loves to hate how “money influences politics”. We hear the ranting almost daily anymore.

    Maybe it is just about certain people’s money. Because they sure have no problem using their own to threaten and “bribe” politicians to do their bidding. Only in the left wing mind is this OK for them but wrong for everyone else.


  26. Just A Citizen says:


    Very interesting criteria you have applied with respect to who is the “most” qualified for POTUS job.

    Let me address one. That Trump can read a balance sheet. Let me add he probably understands it as well.

    I’ll bet Carly can as well and that several of the other candidates are equally capable. Including the Democrat Bush.

    But here is the thing. The ability to read and understand a Balance Sheet has absolutely no application in Governing, that is in running a Govt.

    Because the Govt. has its own “GATT” approved Accounting Methodology. And Balance Sheets used by Govt. have little resemblance to those used by the private sector.

    • Maybe so, JAC. But one of the Colonel’s other comments was Trump’s ability to surround himself with smart people, and since he doesn’t want to damage the brand, he has every reason in the world to make sure every person in his appointed circle is up to the task.

      My feeling is that Trump has already used his money to buy influence. He has everything he needs or can get it. I don’t see the need for an ulterior motive. He doesn’t need the aggravation. What do you see as a downside to him getting the job?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        All politicians, no matter their background, surround themselves with smart people. At least according to their pedigrees and IQ scores. Frankly I don’t think many of them that smart in “real world” applications or common sense.

        This attribute of Mr. Trump is also nothing to think of as special unless he surrounds himself with the “right” people. And that my dear is one of the Red Flags I shared with folks here long ago. Do not watch the candidate. Watch carefully who the people are working in their campaign and who they rely on for “briefing information”.

        The world of running a business is not the same as running a Govt. nor the same as negotiating with a “legislature”. There are skills that can be applied to both settings. And I do agree that our current Govt. is greatly lacking in basic Business Management skills and leadership. But it is false to assume that someone who is good at business will automatically be good at getting Govt. running better.

        Of the three business people who have run recently I would give Romney and Fiorina the best chances of success. Because they ran corporations where entrenched bureaucracy can affect performance. Mr. Trump has had the luxury of keeping control of his Brand and has not had to steer a company that is reluctant to follow his lead.

        My big point is that many of the Colonels “criteria” are not really evidence of him being the “ONLY” qualified candidate. He has certain skills others lack, and they have skills he lacks. Nobody has the full set as far as I can see.

        And for the record, Mr. Trump’s PROBLEMS which make him unelectable are not in his positions or his “experience” and “skills”. It is in his personality and arrogance which apparently makes him think that repeating “Lets make America Great Again” is an answer to any question posed by the public or media.

        If he were a better speaker, more polished like a Rubio and less abrasive like Fiorina he might be killing everyone in the polls. Including Hillary.

        • The right people: He’s surrounded himself with the right kind of people this far, same as Carly. Both are successful.

          Business management skills…I don’t think it’s fair to claim that his mgt skills don’t equate to running govt well. We just don’t know that. As Ben Carson put it, all it takes is a brain. You could run the govt JAC , I have no doubt .

          No, he’s not the only qualified candidate. There are several. He’s given more than ‘ make America great’. He’s given ideas about immigration, about more fair trade, about us actually gaining things in deals….we still have hostages in Iran for example. He has negotiation skills. How much higher of a standard is he supposed to meet. He has many of the same qualities as Carly, he’s just louder. Aside from Carly and Cruz, I don’t know what any of them stand for yet.

          Your last sentence has status quo written all over it. I love that he has everything shaken up.

          • Nope. sorry. No way JAC, D13, or I could run a government.

            Government is not the politicians. It is the bureaucracy. They run the government, and are essentially immune to the changes of politicians.

            Unless one is willing to fire the lot of them, and suffer the disruptions that would create, one is stuck with them.

            No less the Praetorian guard over Caesar. Disturb the guard and your time is short.

            Thus, why nothing changes when the ass that sits in the Big Chair changes.

            • I disagree 100%. Might take you some time to find the men’s room, but any of you three could do it. Just keep it simple.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Good Morning Anita 🙂 I think BF is saying that politicians who are elected President don’t really run the government, they are just puppets like everyone in Congress. Trump just outed all of them for who they are, beholden to their donors, Wall Street, The Federal Reserve and the Elite. They don’t win elections because they are “electable” or not. The win because the powers that be want them to win.

              • I get what he was saying, but I disagree with you too. A real man or woman is capable. Another plus for Trump. He doesn’t need the hassel.

              • Anita,
                I’ve posted before about your “Messiah complex”; the irrational belief that if “just the right man gets the job, all would be good”.

                But you are stuck in an irrationality; you do not see reality. You refuse it. You want your fantasy world to be real, and in your mind you believe it is real. You do not want to understand the roots of the system, how it works, why it works as it does. You’d rather pretend, and then pretend you are an actor in your pretend world.

    • This is true, my friend…..but in order to run a government properly….thinking has to be changed and that change should be the same as household thinking. You are quite right about the government’s look at things ( and that is academia’s look…all theory ). That needs to change. Trump has no chance…..we know this ( I have said this many times before )..but as far as qualifications….I still stand by it….I stand by it because you have to change the government to the “practical” ( I used that for you and BF ) use of………..cash.

      It is impossible to run anything on credit….it will come to an end. And it is going to require hard line thinking and a move away from moral and emotional consideration.

      • And, moral and emotional consideration includes in making hard line decisions where money is concerned……. say a robust defense vs welfare…. You must put emotion behind you….you take a piece of paper and you write down pros/cons and live by it….when the pros outweigh the cons……you go with the pros……no matter what your heart tells you.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Do not confuse my commentary for support of the status quo.

        The paradigm needs to be changed and old school govt. thinkers who understood they were “Stewards of the Taxpayer’s money” need to return to Govt.

        And the Govt needs to run on a Positive Cash Flow basis.

        I disagree in one sense on debt. It can be used from time to time. But it must have a means of repayment attached directly to it. Like the old War Bonds or a Surtax earmarked for the Debt ELIMINATION.

        Great comment last night by Gaspareno,(Fox business) to a DEMOCRAT pundit. “If you want open borders that is fine. But you cannot do that and keep the Welfare State in tact.”

        • Not confusing you at all, my friend….you and I see it the same…however, I take exception to the fact that debt and government can co-exist. Debt, in the business world, can be used as leverage…I do not see debt as having leverage in the application of government. It is a cost…to be offset only by an increased tax without the benefit of IRS laws to use as a leveraged issue. Debt cannot be turned to positive cash flow in government as it can in business.

          • Well, it sorta can if the Fed monetizes it, and never redeems it….

            • Thought about it…….thinking it through…..if the Fed Monetizes it…and then never redeems……….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Interesting,,,,,interesting….testing applications in feeble brain…..Are you saying that failure to redeem then makes it a treasury issue?

              • Indirectly, yes.

                Like giving a friend a loan, with the intention of letting it go under, is essentially is a round-about way of gifting him money.

    • I was starting to think the Lion’s full name was “beloved Cecil”.

      Michael Brown has morphed into “unarmed black teenager”.

      My Crusade about Language, Language, Language just keeps getting better!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Changing the subject…The case is being made again to replace the Hudson Train tunnels from NJ-NY. These tunnels have been in operation over 100 years. The electrical system since the 30’s. The tunnels back then took 3-4 years to build. They also at the same time built tunnels under the East River, taking just a bit longer.

        My issue is with all our improved technologies why will it take 10 years to replace the Hudson tunnels if they started breaking ground today. I think like our energy production we’re moving in the opposite direction of efficiency and productivity.

        Look how long the “Big Dig” in Boston took. I think it was started when Tip O’Neill was speaker. When it opened it already was collapsing and coming apart.

        Could it be that back then people had a greater pride in building great structures, showing the greatness of the nation, or city and State. As socialism increases not only do the building that showed off a nation became more sterile and create a yawn but cost more and take longer to build and last less time.

  27. I’m gonna post two articles that I found interesting-I will say to start I do not agree with all his conclusions-making a few too many assumptions about the individual politicians that aren’t really proven-but I find his idea that the parties are manipulating the elections by bringing in and financing additional people to run as a way to split the vote, something worth pondering. His basic idea is that we should all vote for Trump if we want to beat the establishment republicans and their billionaire supporters. If not we will end up with Bush.


    • People keep wondering why so many are running-Very interested in everyone’s opinion on this.


      • It just keeps getting deeper. Cruz super-PAC donating to Fiorinna? I wouldn’t doubt it. Trump looks better all the time, sorry to my buddy Kathy.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Do not fall for the Cynic’s tricks. The “Super PAC” has to be separate from Cruz’s campaign and Mr. Cruz can have no contact or control over the PAC.

          So if the PAC suddenly throws some money to Fiorina it means nothing without knowing the why. I say “knowing” because most Cynic’s rantings are not based on knowledge but on speculation created to rationalize their pre-conceived ideas.

          Let me create another possible “speculation”. What if those who created the PAC want Cruz to succeed and see Fiorina as a great VP candidate to boost Cruz’s position with women.

          The fact that business people are members of the Chamber of Commerce and contribute to different candidates does not prove a conspiracy. The head of the Chamber does not run the members. The members run the figure head of the Chamber. However, they probably have an “executive committee” of some form which has greater daily hands on affect on policy. So that is deserving of investigation.

  28. I read this on Ace-found it a compelling argument.

    “There was a philosopher, name escapes me, who made this point: The death penalty is not a denigration of our valuation of human life, but rather an assertion of it.

    If you can kill 12 people for literally no reason, and society is still unwilling to push you outside the sphere of empathy and therewith outside the sphere of the living: Then how much do we really believe innocent life is worth, in the end?”


    • The argument is not on the evil of killing, the argument is the certainty you claim to have to pass judgement.

      If you condemn a man to death for killing the innocent, if you condemn a man who is innocent to death, will you submit yourself to execution?. I doubt it.

      Thus, hypocrisy runs rampant through your argument.

      • Yes, it is an argument that can sway me, but I can’t seem to find any passion in the rightness of the argument-two things bother me about capital punishment-one of course is the possibility of killing an innocent man or woman-two the fact that someone must carry out the execution. But as much as I argue with myself about it-I have no passion or real feeling that my arguments are sound-I tend to think we should just demand that it is only allowed when guilt is proven absolutely-I’ve realized that I believe some actions are evil enough that people who commit them should be taken out, not just from society but from this world.

        Which is why I bring it up I suppose-I’m looking for the passion, the real belief that it is right or wrong, which I just don’t have.

        • The death of innocent is the only argument. Execution of evil is not evil.

          You can NEVER be proven absolutely, unless you were there. Even then, the circumstances behind it blind you. There is never “absolutely proven”.

          The only “capital punishment” is by you with your own hand in defense of your life or those around you at that time. Only then are you aware of all the pertinent circumstances.

          • Too tired to respond tonight-Going to bed-Good night-try to get some sleep BF 🙂

            • As a young man, I was vary back and forth on the death penalty. When this happened, I started, in a pre-computer age, to keep track of former felons convicted of murder or aggravated manslaughter who had done it again. In one year there were thirteen cases in my un-scientific study. Over the years there have been a number of cases where death penalty was changed to life without parole to eventual parole.

              I like to think that had the death penalty been actually used, lives would have been saved.


              • It may be completely true about what you have said, but that is not the argument.

                Do you believe that as long as you save more innocent lives then you slaughter, you are moral? That is, you kill 10 kids in the street randomly, claiming “well, one of them was going to shoot up a school, so what I did was the right thing to do!”. I hope that isn’t your argument, thought that is what it sounds like.

                The argument is not about what may or may not happen in the future.

                The argument is: if you kill a man because he killed an innocent, and YOU kill an innocent man thinking he is guilty, will you submit yourself to your own judgement and execute yourself? I doubt it. Thus, hypocrisy</b. is your ethical code, and you are certainly not moral

              • Admittedly a tough call. I know that.

                The quote always used is “It is better that 99 guilty go free than one innocent life be lost”.

                The reality is quite different than the fantasy. Here is an interesting NJ case. The actual events in the bar were much more horrendous. After ordering the cops to strip they were forced to do sexual acts. Nobody ever talks about that.

                If there really were a “life without parole” I might go for it. But, I don’t trust the system anymore than you do.

              • But again we spin back to the root of the argument.

                It is not merely saying “well, we made a mistake and hung an innocent man…. ok, what’s for supper?”

                It is the principle you invoked in the first place – that killing of innocents demands death.
                If you are unable to apply that to yourself, how can you morally apply it on others?

          • “The only “capital punishment” is by you with your own hand in defense of your life or those around you at that time. Only then are you aware of all the pertinent circumstances.”

            Perfectly said……

  29. The tale below is fictional, but every one of its elements and issues has been or will be experienced somewhere in the process of switching electrical power production from fossil fuels to renewable wind and solar. Hopefully this tale will illustrate in a non-technical way some of these complications and potential issues that can and often will arise. My reference to “city” and “government” and “city fathers” are generic and could apply to different entities and scales.

    Visualize a medium-size city with two very functional electrical power plants, each producing 500 Mega-watts of electricity, with one fueled by coal and one by natural gas. (About 2/3 of U.S. power is produced from these two sources.) The government decrees that this city must reduce its CO2 emissions. The city fathers decide to retire their coal-fired plant because it generates more CO2 and replace it with 350, General Electric (G.E.) 1.5 Mega-watt wind towers (total rated capacity 525 M-watt). The entire city celebrates over their good fortune in moving into a modern era of green energy. The mood is jovial.

    The city planning begins. Each of these G.E. wind towers consists of 116-ft blades atop a 212-ft tower for a total height of 328 feet, and the blades sweep an area just under an acre. Each tower weighs 164 tons and is mounted on 1,000 tons of concrete and steel rebar and must be outfitted with flashing red lights.

    City Problem #1. These 350 wind towers are expensive, about $2 million each. Luckily the government will subsidize most of the cost (paid by taxpayers elsewhere).

    City Problem #2. Whereas the coal plant occupies fewer than 20 acres, each GE 1.5-megawatt turbine requires a minimum of 32 acres and needs 82 unobstructed acres in order to optimally utilize wind from any direction. This is a total of 28,700 acres, or about 45 square miles of land. That much space is way too expensive to purchase, so the city fathers convince the county and state to fund subsidizes to surrounding farms to host such towers, or decree eminent domain to force their location on unwilling farmers.

    City problem #3. The coal plant was located close to town. To service these new wind towers new expensive access roads and power transmission lines must be funded and constructed.

    Some grumbling begins, mainly among those whose farms were forced to accept the towers, among coal plant workers who are soon to be fired, and among those long range planners of future city budgets.
    The wind towers are finally constructed and tied into the city power grid.

    City Problem #4. Before the coal plant is retired, which operated 24/7/365, the city planners realize that the wind does not always blow. Further, even when it does blow, it often does not blow enough, and at these times the wind towers generate less than their rated electrical output. Often some towers will be out for maintenance.
    The city fathers decide to keep the coal power plant in operation (after all, it was paid for) and only use it as back-up power for when the wind does not blow.

    City Problem #5. It is discovered that when the coal plant must be fired up to replace wind power that has suddenly diminished, it cannot come to power quickly enough to prevent brown-outs (voltage drops), even an occasional black-out (no power). Further, these times of rapid cooling and heating of the boilers are degrading them much faster than when they operated continuously.
    Citizen grumbling increases over the power issues they individually are experiencing.

    The city fathers decide to build another gas-fired plant to replace the coal plant.
    Grumbling increases among city dwellers over the increased taxes and electricity costs required to pay for the second gas plant. For the first time in many years, serious challengers arise in the upcoming city council election.

    The second gas plant is constructed. One gas plant operates continuously, and the second plant operates in a near idle mode (but still burning some gas and producing CO2) so that it can be rapidly fired up when the wind dies. Keeping both gas plants operating, even at lower level for one, is more expensive than expected, but now they offer adequate back-up for when the wind-towers generate too little power.
    Some city citizens forget that they are now paying sizably higher electricity bills and are happy that their CO2 production is now somewhat lower than originally. But many other citizens grumble and discuss recall elections.

    Time passes. The city grows and needs more power. Further, the government gives a new decree to lower CO2 emissions even more. The city fathers decide to construct more wind towers. The reasoning is threefold: a) adequate power would still be available when the wind blew only lightly; b) extra power generated by wind could be sold to the surrounding cities; and c) the city’s gas plants would not have to operate as often, thus lowering CO2 generation. The plan sounded reasonable to city council.

    City Problem #6. Large citizen protests erupt. The city mayor and two city council members are recalled. Yet under demands from the government, the new city government barely convinces the annoyed citizens to proceed. Active animosity develops between those who support this rapid move to renewable energy and those who do not.

    City Problem #7. With the prospect of large flows of energy among various cities, extra and expensive long-distance transmission lines must be constructed.

    The city goes even much more heavily into debt and several hundred extra wind towers are constructed. Counting total power capability from two gas plants and many hundreds of wind towers, the total potential power production is much more than twice what the original power capability was, although the city has only grown by 20%.

    City Problem #8. The city is now sharply divided over this issue. The “green” citizens emphasize the good that wind power is doing in reducing CO2 emission and think that good justifies the many extra costs. Financially practical citizens complain that city electricity costs are now much higher than before, that much more open land is being compromised, and that the wind towers are noisy and unsightly, whereas CO2 emissions have only modestly been reduced.
    The city fathers argue than the extra wind power produced by the new turbines can be sold to ally some of their costs.

    City Problem #9. However, when the wind blows hard and extra wind power is produced, the city fathers discover that surrounding cities, which by now also have converted heavily to wind power, often also have too much wind power and are not in the market for any more. The city cannot sell its unused power, and having no way to store the extra power, must simply “dump” it unused. City fathers also realize that sometimes the wind quits blowing not just over a local region, but over a very widespread one. In these cases most or all of the local cities produce too little total power, and regional brown-outs develop.

    The city fathers have a new idea — develop solar energy. Often the Sun shines when the wind does not blow and the wind often blows at night. But the city citizens would never permit a huge central solar power facility, and there is no suitable place to locate such a facility. But, the city fathers learn that the government heavily subsidizes PV-solar equipment for individual homes and businesses. The city fathers again decide to utilize government subsidizes paid for by others elsewhere. The city fathers appeal to the “green” citizens to use some of their funds along with the government subsidies to install PV-solar systems on their roofs. To give further enticements, the city fathers decree that the city electrical power company must purchase at full retail prices all excess solar power than these “green” citizens may produce. Many “green” citizens comply and a few hundred extra M-watts of solar power becomes available.

    City Problem #10. However, the city fathers soon discover that when the Sun is brightly shinning, these PV-solar panels feed so much solar power into the grid that sometimes either the gas-fired plants or some wind towers must be curtailed in their power production. This produces further complications in keeping power fed into the local grid precisely in balance with the local and total power demand, as it must be if equipment damages are to be avoided. The city power company strongly complains about the new problems it has been handed.

    City Problem #11. Further, the city power company discovers that on sunny days, it is buying so much solar power at retail prices, that it must raise power rates to those customers who do not have PV-solar grids.
    Citizen complaints about power costs increase. Some prospective new industries with sizeable power demands decide to locate elsewhere.

    Surrounding cities, which have also encouraged rooftop PV systems, find themselves with similar problems.
    The city finds itself in a catch-22 situation. Both producing too much power and too little power, both at significantly increased prices, have negative and unintended consequences.

    MORAL OF THE TALE. Conversion of electrical power generation from fossil fuels to renewable wind and solar is a process that can readily be both quite expensive and filled with unexpected negative consequences. For governments to rush into such a transfer too quickly or without a fully thought out a plan may be a recipe for higher electricity costs, customer dissatisfaction, social disruption, and ultimate political consequences.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Uh…England a couple winters ago. A low settled in and there was little to no wind. With the decommissioning of coal and nuclear power plants they had a serious decision to make. Provide power to industry or homes. There was not enough power to do both.

      Scotland has already saturated all optimum wind alleys, including serious tourist draws. They are now pushing into forest and lands that had been preserved allegedly for their unique beauty and safeguard for furure generations. Going going going at a stroke of a pen and wads of cash in subsidies and to hell with the desires of the people.

      Maine a small state after decommissioning Maine Yankee which from one small site provided all power requirements to the State and leftovers to sell to more populated areas like Boston etc, find itself with a lot higher electrical costs with little options for jobs. Job losses due to enviro’s shutting down industries and higher costs, environmental, non recoverable damage to the mountains. Destroyed visual landscape like out on Vinalhaven where a tower dominates what was once a small picturesque island community. Why go anymore.

      You do not power a modern industrialized nation with variable power such as wind and solar, that is unless you want to over price goods, cause more un-employment, destroy natural landscape etc. All previous power sources kept reducing their footprint in land use while providing and ever increasing amount of stable power…..why do the enviro’s feel that is a good thing to do the exact opposite. Much less the huge losses to migratory birds and raptors and bats. I think in Canada they finally figured out the bat kill around wind farms. Not from blade strikes but but burst blood vessels due to compression of air by the blades.

      • Progress is measured by things becoming more concentrated, compact, and dense.
        A great example, computing power.

        It is going backwards to make things more dispersed, expansive, and scattered.

        The “green” energy will eventually go nowhere. Buy cheap energy companies that do hydro, coal, gas, etc.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          generational leaps in micro-processors generally was 5X more powerful in the same size and cost. As productivity increased the price came down, It cost the same to produce a bad chip as well as a good one, only to scrap it later.
          My Father worked on the 1st tube electronic computer IBM made. Not an electro-mechanical machine as they had been. Comparing size from the early 50’s. 16M of memory didn’t exist. With the bank of tubes of 8 for a byte + 1 for additional reduntancy to make up 16M of memory it would have taken up 4800 sq ft of space and cost $28 million. A 16M chip when they 1st came out was the size of your thumbnail and cost to a customer was $57 and we were the only producer in the world at the time..

          The green energy rage is going in exactly opposite direction.

          –Burning wood for energy for large scale populations and industry denudes forest quickly and inefficient use of a resource.
          –Turning that wood into charcoal was a step in make that same wood more efficient for energy use.
          –Then inovations in coal mining allowed for even more efficient energy source starting to allow forest to recover.
          –oil came next, and each reduced the footprint of required space required for energy creation and cleaner.
          –Nuclear…a dangerous source of energy if not handled very carefully but created the least environmental impact and space required for pretty much an unlimited energy source.

  30. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Relating to last weeks discussion on male female relationships…I’ve started watching an old Jack Lemmon and Terry Thomas movie “How to MURDER your wife” hilarious and continually brings up our discussion points

  31. gmanfortruth says:
  32. gmanfortruth says:

    The BLS reported that 93,770,000 people (16 and older) were neither employed last month nor had made specific efforts to find work the prior four weeks. The number of people outside the workforce in July increased 144,000 over the previous record. That would beat June’s record of 93,626,000. June eclipsed the previous record. That would be May’s record when 93,194,000 were not in the workforce. Get the picture? Things are going in the wrong direction.

  33. BF rightly says: Government is not the politicians. It is the bureaucracy.Unless one is willing to fire the lot of them, and suffer the disruptions that would create, one is stuck with them.”

    D13 says: The change must be in the bureaucracy….one has to be prepared as Reagan did with the air traffic controllers. Picture the movie…”The Blob”…..the blob is the bureaucracy…..it absorbs everything in its path…including the politicians. But the blob was defeated by freezing……think about it.

    The only way to win…..is not to have a politician but a manager that has a cast iron fortitude and ready to take each department one at a time and completely revamp it and that means firing everyone in it if necessary…..it is possible to do that but one must have the constitution of an ox.

    As far as disruptions……I believe it to be very little if any…..It was said that the Air Traffic Controllers being discharged and selectively hired back…..would simply shut the system down…..that did not happen. It is record that the system actually became more responsive and practical. I was flying at that time…and I noticed no change at all. The same can happen with Washington. BUT…that means a non politician and one thath would surround him/her self with appropriate personnel and GIVE THEM THE AUTHORITY TO ACT WITHOUT MICRO-MANAGING. It can be done but you have to wear armor.

    • Thank you! Our resident pessimists are the ones stuck in time. We will move on from this, its just a matter of time.

      • It isn’t pessimism, Anita. It is a root understanding of the mechanics of government. You have your head full of Peter Pan stories which leads you to pretend such things as “Messiah” will save your poor little skin.

        You have no historical evidence, whereas I have. But that is immaterial to you.

        Keep praying, Anita, and believing…. and enjoy the suffering.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Colonel…you may remember this from each budget in your commands. Every year my officers used to run around towards the end of the fiscal year and BUY all sorts of “STUFF” whether it was needed or not in the running of the command. The reasoning behind it was that if you did not spend the money allocated the previous year the command would NOT get the automatic budget increase in the next fiscal cycle. It ranged anywhere between 7%-15%. If you diligently tried to save money through better management, figure out and improve the error rate of equipment therefore inproving productivity etc. It would still go for naught. I always argued that at NO time would we be denied any parts and equipment if somehow it risked the command to not able to perform its duty. But they’d spend the money, we’d get the increase and the annual pentagon budget would increase automatically. That would also be true in all likelihood throughout the government. It usually was true as I found in the private sector where a large bureaucratic budget structure existed, or where the client was the government. In one place I discovered a $26M customer accounting error. That is monies due back to IBM from a client. Accounting just shrugged and said that’s water over the dam, forget about it, we’re not going to try and reclaim it. What I did do was I had put back in place the billing and accounting practice that had been mysteriously deleted from the clients accounts payable dept..

  34. gmanfortruth says:
  35. gmanfortruth says:


    SO, exactly who gave the VA the authority to do this? Not even a President has this power, so the question should be asked, where does this authority the VA claims to have derive from?

    • Pretty simple….executive action. There is no authority for this and I doubt very seriously that you can even get it enforced….I am quite sure that no police department will…nor sheriff…..but what you are going to see is armed intervention from civilians if they actually try to enforce this.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I am afraid you are wrong. Even in Idaho there are police who would assist the Feds in such an action if the Feds showed them some letter indicating such authority. Not as many as would do it in say California or New York, but there are some.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      So the guy who wrote this is OK with mentally incompetent people having guns and killing innocent people.

      That will surely work well for protecting our rights to bear arms……….. shaking head.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Because people do not manage finances well, choose not to do it or hire someone to do it does not make anyone incompetant. The question on the VA form simply asks if they manage their own finances. If you were a vet, yoh would know this.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          If you could comprehend what people are saying you would know my comment is accurate.

          The guy claims there is NO Constitutional authority to restrict guns in anyway. That even if the incompetency was valid the authority to take or withhold gun ownership does not exist, according to him.

          Is that your view? That “shall not be infringed” is absolute in all cases????

          • gmanfortruth says:

            The article was quite specific and was discussing the Veteran’s Administration and Veteran’s who are having their financial matters dealt with by someone else. The Author was not speaking in a broad manner as you seem to misread. It is you who should get some comprehension help, or maybe your one of those who may fall into the category of incompetent. The VA has ZERO Constitutional authority (as the article stated) to deny the any Rights that the Constitution protects.

            Now, let me also add that “shall not infringe” means exactly what it says. If an individual is going to have ANY Rights denied, it should be by the hand of a Judge and a medical professional. I don’t think those who are mentally ill should have any Rights denied, UNLESS a medical professional can testify in a court of law and a judge agrees. That my friend who can’t read, is called Due Process, something your precious government is seriously lacking in.

            As far as the elderly (of which Obutthead is targeting), Mental incompetence is not proven simply because they don’t manage their finances. I could be providing such a service to my father, as part of my job, but he is totally capable of doing it himself. So the whole issue is bullshit, and people like you don’t get it, at all. Millions of people have their finances dealt with by others, including the wealthy, who pay for such a service. Whats next, if one uses a calculator they too are incompetent?

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Right Gman…………I am the one who cannot comprehend what I am reading:

              “”This does happen sometimes, where the VA sends out a letter,” said Bryan Hult, veteran services officer for Bonner County. “Especially if a veteran has dementia … and a fiduciary has to be appointed to manage finances like a pension and income. You wouldn’t want that person to be in possession of a gun.”

              But the problem is that the Constitution does not provide the federal government such authority. What does Mr. Hult not understand about “…shall not be infringed”? It isn’t rocket science.”

              Got that Gman? The VA officer clearly uses an example of someone with dementia with a court appointed/approved “fiduciary” and this guy asks where the federal govt. has such authority. The Fed Govt includes our Federal Court System.

              Also note that the author states early in the story that the Vet had checked a box showing he was unable to conduct his own finances due to the stroke. This is NOT an issue of voluntarily hiring someone to conduct your finances. These are the authors words yet he goes on and condemns such a classification as unconstitutional. Further, if someone needs to understand what the form actually says it appears to be the author.

              This means that to this author there is no authority to remove the right to bear arms by anyone under any condition. That is what he has claimed, pure and simple. If he meant otherwise maybe he should have followed the example by the VA officer with an explanation of how this Vet did not fit the example and therefore the limitations should not apply.

              But he did not do that. Instead he clearly stated “But the problem is that the Constitution does not provide the federal government such authority.”

              This is the same type of person who will claim that the “wording” is plain and should be adhered to, to the letter. Then turn around and say the 14th amendment doesn’t really mean what it says, because that can be used against his other beliefs.

              Oh, in case you missed it, these folks got all riled up for nothing. NOBODY was coming to this Vet’s house to confiscate his guns. I am guessing the letter did not actually say that either.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                But the problem is that the Constitution does not provide the federal government such authority. What does Mr. Hult not understand about “…shall not be infringed”? It isn’t rocket science.”

                Read this and try and remove yourself from your Statist mindset for a moment, because the statement is exactly correct. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS NO AUTHORITY to deny anyone the right to keep and bear arms, period, Do you get NO!? Do you understand what “SHALL NOT INFRINGE” means? Are you that Damn dense in your Statist mind? What happens when the Feds CAN’T do something? If the F-ing Constitution was followed, AS WRITTEN, then this authority goes where? Do you have a clue? Seriously, you know the answer, why don’t you just state what the real facts are?

                The VA person was partially correct, that the man in article didn’t apply, but there are hundreds of other examples of the same VA actions that didn’t involve any brain issues or incompetence. I have posted many a link in the past as examples. I brought it up and was accused of being a conspiracy theorist. Guess what Slick, I am a realist who knows how to read quite well. And the author of the article is 100% correct, the VA nor any other Federal agency has the Constitutional authority to deny anyone the 2nd Amendment Rights. That is reserved to the 50 States and territories, NOT the Federal Government. The words are quite clear, try reading them.

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    Told you this was coming. How is the Republican or Libertarian Party going to respond to an absolute give away of FREE STUFF??

    I guess we are going to soon see just how far down the Socialism Rat Hole the American public has gone!

    Got to love the crap weasel political speak. Will be paid for by reducing “tax expenditures for the wealthy”. Anyone want to bet this means actual expenditures rather than eliminating deductions for expenses?

    Hint to my question: “Mrs. Clinton, can you provide a detailed explanation of how this will reduce actual college costs for ALL Americans?”

    And of course, “Mrs. Clinton, since you have declared products and services a “right” I would like to know when my new F450 Crew Cab, King Ranch, pickup will be delivered. Oh, I need a dually in order to safely transport my Gypsy Wagon.”

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    The EPA fines for accidently discharging heavy metal pollution into a waterway can be oppressive when levied on a business.

    So I wonder what the FINE will be for EPA doing the same thing??? And of course, WHO will bear the cost?


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Seeing that they caused the release into the river, and they claim that the sludge was moving quickly, therefore not causing much damage at least for now on the wildlife that ingested it, and any human contact is unknown at this time….of course there will be NO fault pointed at the agency. If anything they may try and dig up the original mine owners or their heirs and fine them….I’ve been following this. When has a government agency ever fined itself for violating their own rules? Whether accidental or deliberate. Or now they are deciding to go down 50+ feet in the Hudson mud and dredge up the encapsulated PCB sludge. Especially after you can eat fish caught in the river. Lobsters are actually living in NY harbor again. Leave it alone, nature will break it down. But no, they have to spend the money and repollute the river and cause untold amounts of cancer related deaths again. Will the EPA be sued…NO…will they go after GE yes 40 years after the fact.

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