It’s Canning Season

FM22For those of you who prefer good quality organic food, it’s that time of year when farm markets and local produce stands are running in full gear (at least here in the North).  My beans have been done for a couple weeks, now it’s time to make our pasta sauce, as tomatoes are now ripe on the vine.  Soon after, it’s cabbage time.  So far, beans, beats, a couple dozen quarts of pasta sauce (the big batch will be done today and this weekend), hot and sweet peppers and onions have all been put up and ready for the next year.  If you haven’t notice, I like healthy, organic food  🙂

Now for the question of the day.  If you really think that voting can fix this country’s woes, raise your hand……, if you actually raised your hand, even a little, with no one around (and many of you did), you have just proven how nuts the idea is.  And YES, even raising a finger qualifies.  Ya’ll have a great day and continue on with any conversations you desire, I will be scouting a new area again today to whack a deer  😀



  1. gmanfortruth says:

    Feel free to bring previous conversations forward. 🙂

  2. gmanfortruth says:

    @Anita, Quote “But then , like G mentioned, he likely wouldn’t have paid child support absent the barrel of a gun. That kind of attitude adds fuel to my fire.”

    Circumstances mean everything. Had I left my wife and kids, then I would have a moral reason to help pay for the kids upbringing. When the wife makes the decision, then chooses to go 500 miles away, that is a totally different circumstance. I did pay child support for 15 years, despite my feelings about the circumstances. In the end, karma came calling. Without mentioning details, I got vindicated and she got screwed, by the same legal system she had always claimed (and always said so) was on her side. Circumstances matter. The law don’t see circumstances, it just is what it is.

    • No they don’t. Any family court judge will tell you that child support and visitation are 2 very different things. I would never, and have never, absent evidence of child abuse, used my kids as a pawn between me and their dads. They are not my kids, they’re our kids. Therefore WE both pay to support them.

      • ….and guess what? I’ve been vindicated over the years too. My kids both understand the big picture, without me saying a word.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        You just agreed with me, without knowing it. The courts DO NOT see circumstances. Such as, the women had the affair, not the man. The woman LEFT for another man, not the other way around. These are the things that BF is trying to explain. The law favors the woman, pretty much no matter the circumstances. That is what is leading men away from marriage and simply having a live in, or friends with benefits that live elsewhere (my preferred situation). Flag’s diatribe is spot on. Things won’t change fast, but will change. If something serious goes on (like WW3 on our soil),and things get out of control, women will get dragged into a cave by their hair. It’s already happening in this world.

        • Keep looking for that escape hatch Gman, it isn’t there. Your children are yours for life. Start to finish. You picked her, not the judge. Live with it. You also said that you think a father SHOULD pay child support. Why is it different when it involves you? Don’t want to pay, don’t play. You don’t get to bang and run, that’s called deadbeat….and kids pick up on that.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            You are blinded by your own prejudice. If the laws were different, you would be crying the blues.

            • Bull. Shit. Like I said, my ex gained custody of his son and receives child support….as he should. You act like you are supporting the child and the ex’s lifestyle too. Put it this way. For both my kids I have banked every single dime received in child support for a college education. I still paid for some of my daughter’s college along with 100% of her needs as she grew up. For my son I will come no where near paying for his education with my savings from child support. So, I’ve raised him on my own money and will still have much to pay for his college. Cry me a river.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                I see your bullshit and raise you elephant shit 😀 I’m looking at the big picture that BF brought up, not just my past or yours. I ended up with custody of my youngest when she was 16. It really didn’t change a single thing, because I didn’t want any money from my Ex, she already screwed herself (that karma thing). In some states, children have a choice at a certain age, not sure about all of them. I’m guessing that’s how custody of your son changed. Regardless, the laws, as BF stated, are mostly in the benefit of women, even without children involved.

              • He was 5, a neglect issue…both her children were taken, before she ever knew what hit her. Literally.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Without the potential/actual harm to the children, she would have kept them.. An unfit mother is the only reason to give the man custody. It’s also difficult to prove many times. That’s a different issue though than the subject matter.

  3. 67 yr old from the streets of Deeetroit, Alice Cooper is rockin it on stage on Fox right now! Very cool that all these old guys are still playing music and entertaining audiences.

  4. @ JAC…I never go off half cocked, sir… do so means you run out of ammo.

    Look….I will admit that I am rather old fashioned when it comes to doing and saying what I believe. To me, If you are going to say it……………….then do it or shut up. Don’t say it and then say “well, I can say it but out of “survival” I cannot do it.” That,TO ME… hypocrisy. I read all the time where you and others say or implicate….words have meanings. Ok…words do have meanings but so do actions or the lack thereof….

    If I am going to say that taxes are theft and preach that…..then I am not going to pay taxes. That, to me, is integrity. When I see someone take the lead and say this is what we should do….and then not lead and not doing it….I would rather they just put a lid on it because it is easy to say what should or should not be done….but to lead…well, it is very difficult because it demands action. People are long on words and short on action. This is how I see things.

    I do my best to lead in what I feel should be done. I remember a discussion on here some time ago….it was about society and the ills of society. I wish I could remember who it was but the subject was about what would you do if someone was being beaten or raped or in the process of being robbed…..I am ashamed to say that the basic answer was…” it is not my business and if I interfer, I might die and be taken away from my family.” That just floored me. And it still does.

    So, if you (categorically speaking) are going to preach one way and do another…that is hypocrisy to me. It is also a lack of integrity. To play in the shadows…..well, that is just plain cowardice. I don’t know, JAC…I have a family and I love them very much but I am the guy that would try to stop a beating or a rape or a robbery. To hide behind my family and not do anything….that is not who I am. So, perhaps I am too old fashioned in my thinking.

    • No. You. Are. Not, Colonel. Guys like you keep my hope alive for a better future. But I tend to think JAC was agreeing with you with the Duke meme.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        EXACTLY. For the most part the Colonel and I are on the same page. Just a little dispute over definitions and their practical application.

        I have in fact interfered with both a robbery and an abuse situation. I also got in the middle of a bad altercation once to save a friend. I lost than one big time. The only upside was I got to discuss my injuries with Elliot Gould while riding the elevator for 7 floors in the old Mapes Hotel in Reno. He was pretty funny and seemed like a decent guy.

        I guess 2 for 3 aint’ bad, and surgery repaired me from the one loss. 😉

        I do disagree on calling hypocrisy on identifying taxes as theft but still paying them. Just as I would turn over my wallet to an armed thief, if he got the drop on me. To me hypocrisy is telling others to not pay and then paying mine to keep out of trouble. I see it as a two part “activism” if you will. One short and one long term. Long term is to get folks to wake up so a full scale tax revolt might be possible.

        Meanwhile, my short term response is to NOT TAKE the various kinds of Federal or State money I could access on my behalf. Because this is aiding in the rationalization of these programs and it is PARTICPATING in the theft of “others” income. I also make sure I do not pay a dollar more than I absolutely have to, under the current law. Over the years this has amounted to about 10% of my gross income. Which is a level I consider “fair” and “equitable”, based on the Govt. services I get in return. YES, that is a contradiction in the argument and I recognize it.

        Kind of like letting the petty thief go unchallenged but refusing the serious burglar or car thief.

        • LOL….that is funny…..but what is more so….the Mapes Hotel…..Really? That was actually a pretty cool hotel…..but you just seriously aged yourself…..

          • The last time that I actually saw the old Mapes was in 1998……and it was full of druggies and homeless then….

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Yes Sir, I did age myself as I was a Sr. in College at the time and the hotel was running on all cylinders. All the “new” casinos had not been built yet and the Red Line was holding, except for the MGM next to the airport.

            Now for the real funny part. My chance of being in the elevator was due to my role as an extra in the movie California Split. George Segal was the other primary actor. Mr. Gould and Mr. Segal would rush to the first floor on every “CUT” to gamble while the next scene was set.

            Mr. Gould was supposed to have taken a serious beating due to his gambling habit. I had several scenes with him in the casino. They were all cut out of the final but many of my friends are in the movie to this day. I was cut because as Mr. Gould said,” you look way worse than I do and I’ll bet you don’t feel much better”. The director and asst. directors put me in those shots but I am guessing my injuries simply detracted from the main character.

            So I got left on the cutting room floor. I was “that close” to fame and fortune.

            The next year I was healed up and got an invite to be in “The Shootist”. I had to work so I could not go. If I had known how sick the Duke was I probably would have skipped out on work.

            The Mapes was a great place to just walk around and feel the “history” of the gambling and heydays of years gone by in Reno. When celebrities would come to get their “quickie” divorce and be photographed tossing their wedding rings into the Truckee River. Which was the bridge just around the corner from the Mapes Hotel. And yes, intrepid locals would go diving for the gold and diamonds every few weeks in the summer. Rumor was that some celebrities would buy the rings back if found. They wanted the photos for publicity but did not really want to part with the gold/diamonds etc.

            By the way, the Mapes Mansion was another awesome historical site in Reno. In the old “upper crust” district of Reno off of Mt. Carol. Eventually was surrounded by “urban” expansion. But when built was a grand house on a ranch/farm. Bill Harrah also had a large ranch on the edge of town. One of my uncles died there loading hay on his truck. He was over 85 at the time. They found him sitting up against the rear wheel of the truck, facing east over the pastures and valley south of Reno, towards his farm.

  5. gmanfortruth says:
  6. I am not understanding this Man-Woman thing. Sounds to me like something from “the Little Rascals”, the womin haters club!

    I am a great believer in marriage of the man-woman variety and in an equal marriage. I’ve been left cold all my life by guys who spend their time parked in front of a TV showing all sports all the time. I am not a believer in stepping outside of marriage for a cheap thrill. I do accept that some folks stray for a variety of reasons. My wife is lucky in that I am too damn dumb to realize that someone is trying to seduce me. Or perhaps it was the warning issued by an excellent mentor 42 years ago that “It ain’t worth it!”

    Some folks can get around the marriage thing and still have a good fulfilling life.That is, the exception to the rule and I freely admit that it is not just possible but probable in cases where the individual(s) have a strong center.

    Just yesterday, I mentally was prepared for the 7,893rd time to walk out, change my name to the Big Kahuna, move to Malibu and take up surfing but as usual I calmed down. My wife and I think most women will never understand that men cannot read minds. I never expect her to read mine but I wish that she would stop expecting me to read hers. Nonetheless, we have done well with three out of four kids. The fourth has not done anything illegal nor I think would she but has taken the “freedom” thing I taught her to extremes and my failure to accept where that was going led to a breech on her part. Anybody is free to go blow themselves up but I don’t have to stand there applauding.

    A successful marriage is a series of compromises. Anyone who is not willing to accept that should not get married. Most people believe in evolution to some extent be it biological or social. It seems funny that they would reject what society has given us after 20,000 years of trial and error.

    • Applause! Applause! womin haters club… Perfect!

    • I am not a believer in stepping outside of marriage for a cheap thrill………how about a non cheap thrill?

    • JAC,
      …as only he can, reduce a book of analysis into a few paragraphs while maintaining completely the content of the previous tome.

      The only reason a man steps out of a marriage for a thrill is because in the marriage there is a failure. All failures of relationships rest on the woman, not the man.

      He has entered a marriage so to obtain the abundance of emotional food that he cannot, himself, create. He naturally lives in an emotional waste land, and when a women provides her superpower of emotion, his waste land turns into a garden of Eden. When she reduces this, he is back into a waste land, starved of the very essential thing that he needs most in the world.

      It is her who has reduced the emotional food, not him.

      In all healthy and vibrant relationships, it is the woman who supplies the emotional food, and under such powerful nutriment, the man makes his war against the world, and will do anything,… and I mean anything…. for her.

      If you see a wayward man in a relationship, you can know for certainty it is the woman’s fault.

      No man, full of emotional nutriment, wanders into a waste land searching for it.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Now when the women wanders? I believe it is because she now perceives that the male spouse is no longer able to or willing to continue doing battle and piss money or effort down a rat hole, all for that all to important emotional reward. because if it is a total waste of effort, to continue the same course of action is suicidal for the male. So in support of your premise…It was only a matter of time before I was going to wander off. But I refused to give her and her son the satisfaction of me quiting. They were counting on it and get the house the cars etal. It didn’t work out that way, but the exact opposite occured. Later friends said they were surprised that I had lasted so long…..unfortunately that is one reason my hair turned prematurely gray and now mostly white.

        • “Now when the women wanders?”
          Again, it is her choice, not the mans.

          A woman picks the man. If she was incompetent and picked a weak man, it is her fault.

          Many women, playing the biological imperative, will pick one man for the short term, while looking to “marry up” the resource ladder. Movie stars are best for seeing this progression.

          Indeed, it is a truth that men rarely give up. 83% of divorces are initiated by women. Most men are noble, and even in the face of overwhelming odds and futility, will continue to fight.

          But one day, Dale, en mass, the army of men will mutiny.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            The unfortunate thing in my case it all could have been prevented. One of my co-workers who was also a friend took me aside one day and said he had heard i was seeing this women. he said as a friend drop it, she was only after your statement in sentence #3. She though my Father would help her up the business ladder. Wrong. Once that became abundantly clear, by him retiring the slippery slope was gaining in clarity. It is interesting though after the 1st time my Mother met her, she came to me and said that she thinks dad will help her by intervening in career moves. He never did it with his sons so why her. he gave support and advise but not direct intervention.

            After we separated which was even before the “official” State forms she stepped out with her boss. Her department actually turned them both in to HR. HR called me and said they were going to fire them both. I pleaded with them to wait and do so after a certain date. My final divorce decree date. After that I didn’t care. Before that I would have been on the hook to support her. Bullshit on that. HR did hold off but instead of termination, they separated them by 500 miles and business units.

            One of her criticisms of me was that I was a perfectionist. If I could do it correctly I do it so. I’d not do restoration work 1/2 assed. That said, she hooked up with a guy that changes the color of his shoelaces on his running shoes to match his shorts.

            • Dale,
              It is very hard for a man to protect himself from the “resource hunter” type of a woman. They use their superpower for nefarious villainy, and men are vulnerable to it. One merely has to review Marilyn Monroe’s string of “successes” until she “got” a President; one can imagine what James Dougherty had to put up with…..

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                I have a friend that is unfortunately a “resource hunter” I’ve known her for 37 years. I actually denied the chit when her 1st husband submitted it to me for approval. I always counciled the American guys that you do not just marry the women. You get the whole family. The 1st marriage lasted < 1 year. The 2nd husband is a successful businessman. She actually had careers that also paid very well. Many years ago they told me that he made MORE than enough for the two of them. That enabled her to send home her entire income to support brothers, nieces, nephews cousins you name it. Now seeing that there were never any children he saw no real reason after him working 18+hours a day and totally supported her so she could send money home, the house chores were hers. ie cooking. That may sound chauvenistic, but a few years ago he almost died from a massive heart malfunction. He was still in his 50's. She hit 60 and was retired from the Maryland University system, Good salary now gone, and to early to draw benefits. So the near 60K a year came now out of his/their pocket. Not just hers by agreement. Money's still needed to be sent to Italy and the situation is now worse with the EU crap and the "migrants" flooding into Sicily and everyone getting older and harder to find work in an already terrible country. I've been listening to this for about 10 years now steadily. If I head north for a trip I stop and visit. He deliberately says for US to go and have fun. Uh Huh. He's hoping something would happen so he could be free. two years ago she said that she got a job with the State dept. Turns out she didn't take it and now at 62 is drawing SS. A pittence. So again all money going to support relatives is forcing him to keep working. The other week she had a medical crisis. I asked if she got a break and could put her feet up. She said, you're kidding aren't you…nope no break…back to the kitchen. She doesn't understand why he's so pissed off at her. He's beyond communicating. It was her choice to not take the State job teaching diplomats. I challenged her the other day. If he's so intolerable why not come here for awhile. She said can't because she's not free. She knew here my retirement income and hers together would be a comfortable life….but there would BE zero $'s heading to Italy. Not unless people wanted to un-retire and go back to the grind. They've been at her and now his tit for to long. Heck her brother used to be a communist in good standing….hint

  7. gmanfortruth says:

    No hating at all SK. This is about how the system has been skewed with favouritism towards woman. I would love to find that special one, minus the mind reading and know all attitudes. One day maybe, but nIt really looking. Guess if it comes along, I’ll figure it out. Just one caveat, there will be a pre-nup. There will NEVER be alimony payments in my life, EVER.

  8. Are we back on this? I thought I solved that whole man/woman thing? You mean not everyone bought in? Do I need to go to the last article (or two) and catch up?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      You did a perfect job of proving BF’s point. 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:


      You didn’t finish it, you caused it being revisited.

      Anita: You are just as stuck in your personal view as several men who commented from their “broken marriage” experience. Both arguments miss the broader point.

      Lets look at you late comment of yesterday:


      Basically, all they want is some dinner on the table and some action in the bedroom. It’s a shame because there is so much more to a relationship than that. I’ve been rounds with these guys for years over this. At the same time they will admit that I’m one of the more moral people they know. YET YOU CLAIM BF’S ARGUMENT IS GARBAGE AND HERE YOU DOCUMENT HIS ASSERTION BASED ON YOUR EXPERIENCE. YOU TRY TO EXPLAIN TO THESE GUYS WHAT THEY ARE MISSING. THAT IS THE VERY ACULTURATION BF WAS DISCUSSING. THE MOVEMENT OF MEN FROM ALPHA MALE APES TO FAMILY MEN BASED ON THE “SO MUCH MORE THAT IS POSSIBLE”.






  9. Just A Citizen says:


    For the record, while I believe there is much truth in BF’s theory, I disagree on some of the argument. It is not clear that modern men would necessarily revert back to a violent state of absolute domination. It is possible but I am not convinced as likely as some other scenario.

    Acculturation can be imprinted to cause long term changes in behavior. Many men may have gone down the “civilization” path long enough they would not fall back to being APES.

    However, I could see a situation where men tear down the society and rebuild one where women are treated with respect and kindness but do not have the same “civil” rights or privileges as men. Where few women get to “run” things as they do now. Kind of like the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

    There is also the conflict in the argument where in men leaving the family and moving back to multiple women and no marriage commitments is not far off from what some “feminists” view as a Utopian world. Men acting as sperm donors then getting out of their lives.

    Odd how the two seem consistent. So from the “feminist” view point this change is all great, IF and I repeat IF the violence response BF proposed does not occur.

    There is one other thing I want to raise. You and the other ladies here should google up some modern research on human behavior and “thinking” processes. New findings are revealing some hidden instinctual affects on how we conduct ourselves. Thinking, decision making, etc. etc. We are more of an instinctual animal than we like to believe. The use of “free will”, reason and logic are harder and require special effort.

    The point is that this “biological imperative” BF is referencing probably does have a greater role than you are willing to recognize. We all think we as humans have moved past the animalistic behavior. But it may be that such behavior is more prevalent than we thought. The beast is lurking just beneath the surface.

    Which explains quite will why we see such acts of brutality and violence, as well as acts of compassion, when society breaks down somewhere in the world.

    One more point, related but more current politics and culture. The “civilized” response of men to society deteriorating that you, Kathy and V.H. discussed is a “Western Civilization” construct, primarily. Not entirely but pretty much ingrained in the WEST. So what happens if those who seem to want to destroy this “culture” succeed? What is “western civilization” replaced with? Middle Eastern civilization, Eastern civilization, or the tribal civilization of Africa? How do women do in these other cultures? That is how would YOU like to live in those cultures?

    • This of course is why I am a big supporter of Western Culture. I think that a certain rationality took hold in the West. Perhaps it was because of Christianity. In any event we developed a concept of the worth of an individual human being. Now, I would be the first to admit that it took way too long for it to be applied to women and way too long in abolishing slavery. But, we did it! Guys like Charlie will never let us forget how long it took while completely ignoring other cultures and their faults. I suspect that this is again because we have it too damn easy. Decisions made have to be judged by the circumstances existing at the time. Circumstances used to be tougher. Regarding the issue of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, today something over 50% of Americans think it wrong. Want to guess what that number would have been in August of 1945? Like today, Americans who in 1979 had zero, none, nada faith in what Iran said about anything, maybe 95%, today because of the passage of time, forgetfulness and the desire for the “easy way” buy their BS lock, stock and barrel in proportions large enough to make the “deal” possible. .

      There have been spurts and starts in other cultures but they never lasted nor came to fruition. It comes back to people are NOT the same all over. When the West collapses, all on its own because it has become too introspective to defend itself we will revert to the preferred human way, barbarism.

    • JAC , I think you have micro analized this way too far. I told BF right from the start that we agreed on much . So you saying that my comments verify what BF is saying is correct. I’m not sure why you threw the progressive shill label on me. You guys seem to think that women will have a tough time when men decide to turn away from marriage, to the point of violence. I’m saying no we won’t and oh no you don’t! It’s happening already and society has not collapsed. The violence part to me is you guys puffing your chests, with nothing to back it up or we’d all be your slaves already. I assume that is because you don’t want violence either…. you have self control. Hence, Kathy’s comment. What suffers is the traditional family, if I can even say that anymore, but not necessarily women. It’s pretty clear that we’re going to disagree about it, but I am vindicated in that the other ladies agree.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I wouldn’t worry about all this stuff 🙂 Flag wanted to start a “controversial” discussion, and he certainly did. While his premise is correct, there will not likely be much of any fast changes to whats going on, but slow changes, over generations. I thought it was an eye opening discussion, one I have never perceived before. Good stuff….wait till the next “controversial” subject 😀

        • JAC,
          I, like everyone, cannot predict the actual truth of the future. Certainly, it is possible that a state of domination may be avoided; there are always other, unknown, forces that may come into play.

          However, as noted, history shows this particular set of outcomes more likely:
          When a social order has been perverted slowly, over a long period of time, to a tipping point, it is not rolled back slowly, over a long period time, into stability. It is a tipping point into Revolution, not evolution. It evolves then revolts.

          Revolutions are unconstrained. They often start with a lofty goal of realignment but they almost always go much, much further past the point into severe deprivations, then eventually quell, but taking a slow evolution, once again to correct the deprivations.

          I see nothing that will change this course in regards to this topic. Thus, I see a sudden, complete evisceration of women’s rights back into the dirt, and a long painful re-establishment measured, again, by centuries.

          It is nice to hope that the deconstruction of the social order “stops” at a point of, say 1890, but I see no social, external force that exists to do that. Once the ball of deconstruction starts to roll, where is the force to stop it?

          Such a force exists to prevent such deconstruction now, and for the social order to be undone, such a force has equally been overcome. For it to sudden reassert itself at another point, when it has been utterly dismissed at the height of its power, I simply do not see that happening – and, in history, has not happened.

          The Western culture is a mish-mash of all the other cultures too. You forget the first rights women got in law came out of the Judah culture and reaffirmed and strengthen in the Islam culture. Your “Christianity” was horrifically far behind and took even more centuries to equal.


          You fail to analyze at all. You have this terribly misbegotten belief that women are “fine” without men. But such belief utterly denies your own biology. Either you have no clue to who you are as a woman, or hate that you are a woman.

          It is happening, but like eroding the foundation of a building, the building does not fall after the first grain of sand is removed under it.

          Indeed, you see nothing amiss with the building at all up to the point it actually falls. Then you will see the decades long erosion. Because you think otherwise is why you and your sisters are in so much serious trouble. You cannot analyze the situation, thus will do nothing to repair it

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Is that why “revolutionary” historians really do not believe the the American revolution was a TRUE revolution. They look at revolutions such as the French or Russian revolutions much more defining. Ours was a relatively peaceful separation, by comparison, and a refining of the political structure that came out of England. What occured in France and Russia was bloody retribution against the previous powers and a total change in political structure than what had existed.

            • Dale,
              It is very true the American Revolution was so unique in the history, which is why it is so revered. It also nearly became a bloody revolution too, with many demanding the lynching of “Loyalists”.

              It is a rarity of revolution that does require more study then it has been given on this particular matter; why didn’t it be so bloody afterwards?

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                It was more an evolution than a revolution of the political structure of England. Even the Senate was set up like House of Lords. The senate was much more deliberative. That all went to hell when during Wilson’s tenure Senators were now populary elected instead of appointed by the States. We might as well eliminate the senate, they are redundant.

          • Lol. You guys just keep the violence to yourselves and we’ll be fine.

            • The ignorance of women sometimes is astonishing

              You will not be fine. You are subject to your biology.
              Men do not need you at all in this world to survive.
              You absolutely need men to survive.

              Sorry, woman, your fantasy of independence is false.

            • This is funny stuff! Highly entertaining!

  10. Unbelievable…..and I will have to admit, this next tidbit supports BF’s and G Man’s attempts at anarchy…..

    Just saw a news bit where so called ” millenials” were being interviewed.and a clear majority of them said that they make up their minds on voting from…….meme’s they see on TV and face book……

    MAkes you want to scream…..and throw a brick at the TV.

  11. gmanfortruth says:

    Testing your memory. Here’s my results “Impressive! You remembered all of the photos! You most likely have what’s called an “eidetic” memory. This means that you have a remarkable ability to recall images. You pay attention to detail, you notice the small things, and you have a gut intuition that kicks in when you’ve seen something more than once. You have a great analytic abilities and you’re a natural born problem solver.”

    Give it a try:

  12. Sat down tonight with the Grand daughters to watch Snow White. The incredible insensitivity of having dwarfs coupled with one called Dopey just floored me! We should start a movement. I’ll bring the pitchforks if you bring the torches.

  13. gmanfortruth says:

    Well, looks like I will be around a lot for the next six weeks or so, I have managed to shatter my right heel. No walking for at least 4 weeks, if not 6. Same foot as I had two surgeries on since 2008. This is what happens when one favors a part of their body for a long period of time, one day, for no real reason, poof! I’m not exactly unaccustomed to fractured bones, this makes #13. I will overcome and be hunting on opening day of archery season, that you can take to the bank 🙂

    • Ouch! Take it easy and get better soon.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Kind of a bummer, but all the needed projects are done. Wasn’t planning on much. Canning will continue, that don’t require a lot of walking.

    • This calls for some sort of wise ass comment……..I know if I had done that… would be unmerciful…especially from my own family…, sorry to hear that you have hurt yourself….and I do not wish you harm….but I do have to come up with some sort of wise ass comment……I just would not be me.

    • Not good. The wife would recommend increasing your calcium intake. Do a little research on what you absorb best.

      Always been lucky with that one. Done some damn dumb things, bruised, sprained, ripped but never broken.

      Heal fast! (no pun)

    • Damn, I remember when I broke my heel…. then my elbow. At least the heel works normally….. rest up old friend.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Thanks Flag! We will overcome, as you did. Poor right foot, 2 surgery’s and a shattered (the doctors words) heel. All in the last 7 years. Hope your elbow is improving.

  14. gmanfortruth says:

  15. OK folks….inquiring minds have to know…….I just saw on the news where (cant remember his name) a Steelers player came home to discover that his two boys received participation trophies. He takes them away and gives them back because they were not earned. He is raising his boys that nothing should be given but earned. To give out participation trophies so as to not hurt some lesser athletes feelings cheapens the award.

    So, here is my answer that I am sure all of you would predict from me… must earn your award. Not everyone is equal on the playing field or in life……you must earn what you get.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Agreed! That would be James Harrison of the Steelers. If you don’t win, place or show, you shake the hands of those who did and try to get better. Participation trophies are more Left Wing BS.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I came home to find out that my boys received two trophies for nothing, participation trophies! While I am very proud of my boys for everything they do and will encourage them till the day I die, these trophies will be given back until they EARN a real trophy. I’m sorry I’m not sorry for believing that everything in life should be earned and I’m not about to raise to boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best…cause sometimes your best is not enough, and that should drive you to want to do better…not cry and whine until somebody gives you something to shut u up and keep you happy. #harrisonfamilyvalues

    • In the immortal words of Donald Trump, As long as it was fair!

      Having never been outstanding at anything and having poor depth perception, it came as somewhat of a surprise to me that I was top in my basic company with the M-14 at the BRMC.

      Actually received some positive feedback from the country boys that a city boy out shot them. Didn’t get the trophy though. Somehow the third string NY Giants Back in my Company doing his national Guard thing magically picked up two extra points after everybody went home.

      Some interesting lessons there.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Wearing medals and ribbons unearned was a concept my ex and her son never understood. The kid went out for track and tried to participate in events like discus and shotput. Now there was a guy at the school that was obsessed with winning those events and had a dream of going to the Olympics. He trained, trained, trained and then trained some more. He even had Al Oerter as a private coach. Needless to say, he won any track event he attempted. Now conversely my ex’s son never trained except during the schools time set aside for sports. Once home, it was TV…PC’s not around yet. He constantly complained about never winning, or placing or even show. I said that if he’d just train some more he could do it. retort…”what the fuck do you know” That said one weekend the “good” athlete came up to the house. He had his letterman’s jacket. Totally loaded with hard earned medals. They decided that they wanted to go to a party and pick up some “babes” Now every girl would have known the athlete, he was 6’4″ and blond and built like a greek god. Again lots of work. Shane whined about not having any medals on his school jacket. I don’t know why but the athlete took his jacket off and handed it to the loser. I went through the roof. Told him to take the jacket off and put his own “blank” one on. He didn’t earn the right to wear the awards. You talk about causing a problem….never was forgiven by my ex. Kid became an arsonist and she excused it. Burned our barn down. Got involved with drugs. He had a choice of residence and he abused mine so I banned him unless we were there. He screwed up his Army enlistment and both he and his Mom said…”what the fuck do you know” you were Navy. He fell asleep on duty during the 1st gulf war while on perimeter duty. She excused it thought the sgt was a racist because he was black and hated white guys. he garnered a “not recommended for re-enlistment” award for his behavior…..I could write a book. I spotted his behavior and his mother out of guilt covered for him, within 6 months of his Mother’s and my marriage. Was headed towards a divorce when we had an accident, and in VT you can not divorce until the parties injured can take care of themselves again. Took 10 years.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Sadly, a fairly common theme. My guess is everything bad was your fault somehow, that’s how they think. I do feel bad for future generations, life for them will be much different than it was in the 50’s and 60’s. AS I have said before, I love woman, but don’t have any desire to live with one.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          You said it. “You never liked him” That’s true but I gave all the opportunity to guide, lead by example, teach if asked. Once it became evident his Mother protected him no matter what he did, out of guilt of abandoning him when he was young. There was no recovery. His Father who had legal custody put a requirement on him that if he wanted his drivers license at 16, get a B average once in one semester. I totally agreed and back the Father. His Father even went back to college to get a degree he didn’t need just to study and lead by example. Needless to say the kid NEVER got a B average at any time. he used to dare us to cave by saying aren’t you guys sick and tired of taking me and dates out and then picking us up? I said, aren’t you just a wee bit embarrassed to be almost 18 and Mommy and Daddy have to chaufeur you around. At 18 as an adult now, he was able to get his license without parental approval. He got it, then came home and asked for the keys to the Jaguar and if not that the BMW. He wanted to go pick up classmates and party. I refused. I said what if you wrecked either car? he said so…that’s what you have insurance for. I said but the insurance never pays for it all especially if totaled and then if in an accident the value goes to shit. You sir will replace the car if you borrow it and trash it and make up any differences. With never helping on chores, never mowing a lawn, never doing well in school, (deliberately) you have no money, ergo no car. You now want to drive, get a job, earn some money and buy a starter car….it was a war of attrition. Unfortunately.

          The straw that broke the camels back was when his wife got pregnant. She had some medical complications and wanted to be with her Mom during that period. They all had been in Germany, but the Father retired after 30+ years in the army. She was in the hospital and we get a phone call from Germany…it’s the kid. he says the Army is offering him an early out, about 6 months early. I said, why do you think that is. If you leave active duty, Champus stops, who is going to pay for the rest of the pregnancy etc. I said that he had some reserve time coming and we knew the local commander. he had said, that he’d make sure that the kid would remain active by going to school, so medical would be covered. two days later we get a call from NJ saying that he took the out and how do I get to VT. Now his wife is in Spokane WA. I said ask travel assistance and catch a bus. He hung around a few months until I bought him a ticket to Spokane. Go help your wife. OK…baby born. We start getting calls saying how they want to come and show the baby off in VT. I said no we’ll come there and bring Grandma. Then I start getting crap about how we could give up our master suite for them when they visit. I said, NO there are 3 more spare bedrooms, they can use them all if needed. This was a restored Victorian. Then I get a call from her Father, a retired Cmd Sgt Major. Tough as nails. he said if that kid tell him one more time what he will do or not do when they are getting a place to live for free…just get a job and save your money…I said you’re preaching to the choir. Obviously they were getting chucked out because in two weeks they showed up bag and baggage. He showed up in a brand new $15K SUV. ????no job….tracked our records and the soon to be EX took 3 $5K credit cards maxed them just to send him the money. I didn’t say that she did them in MY name, forged my signature. Again he refused to work. One day I came home and found a State Welfare package on the front porch for the care of the baby. Now here is a big restored home, a jag, a BMW and his new SUV and a welfare package shows up. I went ballistic. I gave him 3 choices. Get a job. save the money and we’ll take care of the needs, just save. next choice was to go to college and I’d treat it as a job and we’ll take care of expenses. Not school, usethe GI Bill. Option 3 was get the hell out and try his luck up at his dads. He chose option 3. That night his Mother said if I don’t let him back in she’d leave me. I said he chose to leave and if that is your threat….don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out….Next day I was free and called a van to relocate her stuff and filed for divorce. he lasted exactly 2 months at his Fathers. His Dad wouldn’t put up with the shit either. neither would his new wife. I’ve seen every way that kids have twisted their divorced parents. I’ve also seen every way that divorced parents have manipulated the kids against the former spouse….I’ll have none of it anymore. Life is to short. The peace is sublime. Fish when you want, read as late as you want, go out for a walk of a drive. hang out and do nothing, sleep in. Eat what you want…I always cooked it anyway. Always did the laundry out of self preservation and also to save money and not keep buying new clothes.

    • Replacing merit with merely being there….. dooms merit.

  16. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Thought I’d throw this article in. One of the reasons I like to stay single is this..22 years and counting…The last three ladies I’ve stepped out with wound up having serious alcohol abuse issues which then cause other issues from economic, domestic or legal. I do not need the grief much less be a caretaker, again. Ages ranged. I got curious because at the local pubs, here in Eastern NC the number of single ladies or groups of ladies just pounding down the drinks just as hard as the flyboys from Cherry Point, One of the things I learned over the past 35 years is that it doesn’t matter how much time you spend aiding your partner through illness or injury or other crisis sometimes years in duration, the moment the GUY lets a problem of his own get out its been “see you later” I’ve actually found men due to their problem solving mindset hang in through thick and thin much more likely than women in this enlightened day. This is just my experience. My attitude is now, if you are so independent, solve your own problem. I’m not talking about parent/child issues.

    • If I may pontificate. The reversals of the norm in this country over the past fifty years have caused more problems I think for women then men. If you look at studies, you see that the average woman is still looking for a man in the traditional sense. That includes being decisive and making a good living. Cannot tell you how many polls I have seen that show women want men better educated (or at least educated the same) as well as better salaries than they have.

      Men are afraid to be decisive, at least the sane ones and men educationally and financially are on the downswing while women are on the upswing. This creates somewhat of a problem. In addition to confused women who drink, we have confused women who take drugs, who bury themselves in careers who go the “same sex” route or who just go nuts.

      My alma Mater, a tradition Catholic all male school went co-ed in ’73. Today over 55% of the students are women. Where are the men? Males have dropped out. Anybody you are dating came of age after the “revolution” and has been affected by it.

      The old man, the class bartender out of The Hotel Astor and Harry’s NY Bar would also advise you that you are unlikely to meet the kind of woman you want at a bar. Different when you are young and go out in groups. There used to be this word “barfly” which applied to the tradition denizens of bars male and female. You would probably do better at a church social or an exercise class. Just stay away from the ones that fly the rainbow flag. .

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I go out to socialize. I also do a lot of observing. Talk to the people aroung you, mingle but leave it at that. I usually sit on my front porch in the evening to watch the pedestrians heading up to the bars and restaurants. I’ve noticed the guys in a group are usually talking to each other. The ladies as a group are not talking to each other and are either texting or talking on their Iphone to some one else. Not the people they’re with. Fun and I will start doing an official front porch study. The other month I was in my spot at the bar and a group of ladies came in. Sort of mixed ages. Could have been co-workers. One of the ladies decided to leave the group and came over and sat by me. It turned out that she grew up in the same town I spent years in, Woodstock, NY. Granted my time was close to 60 years ago. The conversation was interesting, but the fact I could have been her grandfather kept thing at the conversation level.

        SK….I’ve gotten so I do not like organized anything as far as groups go. I have never really been a church goer, but if I ever feel inclined to go, I’ll head to Mass.

        I spent a 40 year career fixing very detailed problems. One experiment might cost $6M back in the 80’s. Analysis was expected to be error free. My ex- always was asking, how, do I do this, that and other things. What should I do? etc. I give an honest appraisal, she asked and it’s the right spousal thing to do. That became an issue because eventually she’d blow up and say why do I have to be correct all the time? My answer….. you asked, I answered. If you don’t really want to know then don’t ask. I eventually found respite up working on the roof replacing slates. She hated heights and would not follow me up there. She found a rich guy and quit work shortly after we divorced. And her so is a white supremist out in Idaho somewhere….watch out JAC

        • gmanfortruth says:

          What is it with Idaho and white supremists. JAC, do you know any?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Yes I do know. It is called MEDIA.

            There are far more “white supremacists” in California, Michigan and even parts of Montana.

            We had one small group here that caused a bunch of trouble back in the 70’s. The media blew them all out of proportion. They are now GONE.

            Nothing but stragglers left.

            Now racists is a different matter. Those have been increasing due to migration of Californians.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Let’s see….broken foot or marriage? As a typical male, I love to look at women and enjoy all of their beauty. Then they talk…and talk…and talk. So, the broken foot wins today 😀 (ROFLMAO)

  17. gmanfortruth says:

    I’m hoping, that when all is said and done with Clinton and nothing happens to her, many of you will FINALLY see that the Feds are beyond fixing.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I always found it interesting how everyone involved with the “Whitewater” scam conducted by the Rose Law firm went to to prison including the Lieutenant Governor under Clinton until Kenneth Starr hit Hillary a key player. The documents were “ALWAY’s” missing or allegedly didn’t exist. Again, know nothing, saw nothing, heard nothing. Foster’s records were always the key, and never could be found……until the statute of limitations expired and the documents were turned over to AG Janet Reno, but could not be acted upon because now the crime did not occur. To me the now crime was obstruction of justice…much like today’s headlines.

  18. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I know that being retired is a real drag and you really have to stay focused on thing to do and the calendar. The iphone reminders are important……Did I miss the last part of summer and skip right to Christmas? I just realized that NPR had been playing Christmas carols for the past hour.

  19. Are you guys done-I really want to allow you time to get it all out of your system. I’m thinking I need to come up with a new word Masculinist maybe, because a few of you sound as hateful, one-sided and extreme as the present day feminist. I’d like for you to take a step back, reread your comments and tell me why as a woman I shouldn’t walk away from this discussion believing that the present day feminist Must be right-most of the men on here agree with them.

    • No, V.H.
      The problem rests on you and your sisters, not men.
      If you fail to realize this, you will be the biggest losers in human history.

      Again, you have no argument. You merely do not like the consequences of the actions of the modern women will create. But, you in your ignorance will not change your path, and will stumble into the disaster.

      Understand this, woman. Your failure, and it will be your failure, will be suffered by you and your sisters and your daughters. Men will be just fine.

      You can walk away, learn nothing and suffer the consequences of your own ignorance.

      All social order rises to protect the needs of women, and when women actively work to disrupt such a social order, the undoing of it IS YOUR FAULT.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Not hateful in the least…just discouraging…Just this past winter a friend who I helped numerous times in the past. The major time saved her life and solved all her financial hardships…not by me giving but reorganization of what SHE had. After all was clicking again out of the blue she said she wanted to be alone bye-bye. Occassionally I would head north to see if the situation modified at all. Mostly it got worse, not better. This winter she called and wanted me to come back to Maine and help her that she was going under financially. She has plenty…it’s where she lives that is sucking her dry with taxes. I thought about it but I said there would be conditions because I will not uproot my life here on a pig and a poke. I said that she needed to get rid of her condo,,,which is the last of a series that started with very high end homes bought and paid for, to a small condo. The taxes and fees were exorbadant.(sp) and each day was a step back and closer to the point of no return. The friends that knew us both thought it was a great idea, But her daughter thought i’d be insane to subject myself to her Mom again. The only upside from her point of view was it gave her time to spend with her new husband. I found long term rentals just 4.5 miles up the road that were large homes allowing both of us to retain our cherished things. A fraction of the cost she currently was paying for her condo. So much so we could actually be snowbirds. Winter here summer there. and still save. She didn’t want to move. Even 4.5 miles. So all my stuff would have to go. I know the past. She said that she really did something stupid and got one of those small 2 seater BMW’s. In Maine and the snow that’s stupid. She was complaining that she’ll get nothing for it. Which begged the question why…4 crashes in 2 years. With Carfax forget it….So here again…I do not need you I’m independent…but when there’s trouble who did she call???? Had to say NO….come here for once and we’ll see. Her daughter works for Delta and gets tickets. She could fly from here to DC and then to Maine monthly….It’s warm here and comparatively cheap living on retired incomes.

        • Once one understands the strategies that men and women utilize for biological success, one can clearly see why, within these circumstances, they make choices as they do.

          It isn’t “right” or “wrong”, it is just “is”.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            so true….Went sort ouf out with a neighbor the other night. Not a date by any means. We had been having margaritas on the front porch and realized food might be nice and it was getting late. Went up to a nice Indian restaurant and had some appetizers. The check came and I know she expected me to pick up the tab….I looked at her and after a long pause she whipped out her card and we split the bill…..OK…as we were leaving and walking home, I said that she was the 1st lady ever,even when I was the invited person to offer to split the check….as I said that was not her original intent. The 1st in 50 years of dating and relationships and marriage, so it was at least a step in the right direction.

            As BF has said…men and women approach problems differently…neither right or wrong. In this day and age with the equal rights etc when NO children are involved utilizing the one thing that only women can do…a true partnership is obtainable. Except what I’ve found NO is not a word women understand…it’s bye until she finds someone who will say yes. Once the guy say NO it’s bye and onto the next. Guys are slow learners. I’d rather be an observer.

            • Dale,
              Much agreement.

              As an observer, I definitely see the shift in the genre of women.

              My wives (yes, I’ve had two – first one was Arabic, born in Morocco, killed in a car accident; then Mrs. Flag, with me for 20 years) understood their roles as women, wives and mothers. I was overflowing in their giving of their superpower. They knew what they needed to do to maintain me, so that I maintained them unfailingly.

              But today….

              Women have this sense of empowerment, which itself is not good or bad, except it is an empowerment far over their ability to achieve. But they believe they have it.

              In this myth, they are undermining their own power. They are attacking men wholesale. Old guys like us, its water off a ducks back, since we are immune to this nonsense. But it is a serious consequence on our sons. They are not immune to this nonsense.

              They are being taught very harsh lessons about women, and are structuring their responses in return. Our sons have their superpower, and they will absolutely reach for it in time of crisis.

              Women do not, as exampled by the SUFA women, understand what they are doing here.

              They are playing with a nuclear fire.

              They are mucking with the control rods that contain that fire. They think its fun to play the males this way, utterly ignorant at what they are doing.

              Women have won the battle against us in our generation. Most of men are trapped by the decisions we made under the conditions that existed. Most of us are happy regardless.

              But it is the next generation, and the one after that, that will not accept this. Initially, as the facts show, it is a withdrawal. I will assert it will accelerate. If this does not shock women into fear of what is happening, and they fail to wake up, the next generation will be brutal.

              Men do not exist in confusion. They WILL work to resolve it. If it cannot be resolved by reason, it will be resolved by violence. Men will rip to shreds the social order in a blink of an eye. That is their superpower.

              If women fail to understand this, and continue to yank on the tiger’s tail, they will most certainly be ripped apart.

              • I would challenge Kathy et al to actually have an honest conversation with their mates about this. I believe they will be shocked by the responses. They have their men, their violence tamed and controlled, so they think.

                If it is honest, they will learn the seething fury of their hearts at what is happening. They will realize they are so lucky to have been born when they did, to have a man as they have.

                They better realize their daughters probably will not be so lucky.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                So where did the Bengal Tiger go in the “Life of Pi” when finally rescued? My opinion the guy was the tiger and he survived by disposing all the other wild animals on the lifeboat. That wild beast that was supressed came out only to be bottled back up until the next rainy day.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Back in the 80’s when a stand against sexual harassment was really taking hold in the workplace. In IBM the women used it like a weapon. No harassment involved or intended. All they had to do was call HR and the guys were gone. The workplace was a location where you could meet people. If someone is single and you’re single and it is logical to ask that person out, maybe. The lady did not have to even say no thank you, I’m not interested or I’m seeing someone. They’d just call HR and poof. I swear they had it speed dialed. That was terrifying. You talk about stifling normal human interaction. Now after a definitive NO and if you keep coming back that is worthy of a call. When I started with AT&T it was still pretty bluecollar in a way. But once we started partnering with IBM and senior management began interchanging the shift in behavior was defining by it’s silence. There was no more get together gatherings and get to know each other. No more after hours decompressions…you’d let the steam off before going home and abusing the spouse with work problems which they didn’t want to hear so why bring it up. So silence once more reigned and nothing would get resolved..

                We are in a major way seeing this in race relations. Blacks are killing themselves big time. But if a white officer or anyone not of color offends of kills someone of color the city goes up in flames. The reaction will be to withdraw and observe. Look at the deaths in Baltimore this year so far. It’s like reading the daily body count during Viet Nam in the LA Times. The sad thing is this isn’t black on white or white on black it’s black on black.

                Men will just withdraw…go to the mens hut so to speak. Did anyone notice the antelope deaths in Kazastan, i think. 1/3 of the population of this endangered species was wiped out. Almost all does and fawns. No males….they were elsewhere doing their thing until mating season.

              • Dale,
                Indeed, the withdrawal is the first step. It is noticed but the societal forces merely notice and do not assign a cause. Thus, it will get worse.

                Men always get what they want. They have that power. Men will withdraw from the social construct, but will enforce their desires. There will continue to be a vast increase in single parent families, 85% of them lead by women. The consequences will be staggering in the upcoming generations.

                It will be a systemic, outside, event. Government collapse and economic withdrawal. The game will change, but the social dynamics will not.

                As profoundly expressed here on SUFA, your rights are what you can enforce. Women will lose the ability to enforce their rights, and will lose them wholesale.

                The disturbing thing to me is the ignorance of women on this subject. They act as if they are immune to this. They have confused themselves about who they are, who has what power, and who welds it. They have gutted their own superpower.

                They will be in shock when they realize the disaster they created upon themselves, and their men will have no mercy.

              • From BF’s post:

                “Men do not exist in confusion.”

                LOLOLOLOLOL! If by having more than one thing to accomplish at a time is considered confusion, I would have to agree!

              • Men absolutely can do more then 1 thing at a time, in a row, unlike women who leave every job 75% done….

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Besides I can make anything I wish to eat without somebody going ooooo! Like Pla Mueg Pad Prik “Squid in Hot Sauce” I can make it as hot or mild depending on my mood. I can go really weird or boring. Never a store prepared dish. My travel now is via cuisines from around the world.

    • …and who is guarding these women? Certainly not the women themselves….

      Yes, V.H. … that is your sister’s and daughter’s reality. Huddling together, in fear of roving bands, begging for protection of men.

      These women are lucky. There are still men willing to guard them. But the society around them has collapsed, and so has the general social order willing to protect them.

      I lived there, not in Kenya, but Congo. These women are lucky in comparison.

      This is an absolute demonstration of what I am saying – not a point against it.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I’m confused on the timeline. I thought he British and Ghurkas left Kenya in the mid 60’s when Obamas’s father returned after impregnating and leaving our current agony in swaddling clothes, to help run the newly de-colonized country. Paybacks are hell arn’t they.

        I still believe that much of Africas problems are the International agreements to keep the colonial boundries instead of letting them revert back to the tribal areas.

        • Yep, that is true. The world should leave Africa alone and blind our eyes. In a generation, it will be reformed, at a terrible cost.

          Instead, we will muck around, making the suffering worse and longer. Sigh.

          There are some things once done, that undoing cannot avoid severe suffering.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Like how long has this conflict been going on in Sudan. The UN is just spinning its wheels. The conflict started long before “Pasha” Gordan.

            Question to the global experts here….how long does Turkey now have before it totally goes into revolt and has it’s “Arab” spring? Knowing full well the Turks are not Arabs. It’s cracking.

      • I didn’t say it wasn’t a demonstration of what you were saying-it is a very good demonstration of what you are saying. Although I don’t see a bunch of woman begging for protection-I see a bunch of women trying to survive, doing a pretty good job of it and asking for justice for the injustice done to them. But you are right if the men decided they wanted to force them to leave this village, take their children, steal their belongings or whatever else- they certainly could.

        What i find disgusting is your claim that this is the way men are wired and there is NOTHING wrong with it-if men are wired to control and rape women or just impregnate all they can and then walk away from their children-There is something wrong with the way they are wired. Then through your video you point out that men actually helped to get laws passed through the decades to protect women from men who believed that their superior strength and the ability not to get pregnant meant they had the right to use that strength to treat women like their slaves and children like less than nothing. So Men’s actual actions through the process of becoming civilized seem to disprove that men are just wired this way.

        I also still object to your insistance that I must somehow factor in these facts into how I act and what I support-out of fear. I make those judgements based on what I think is right or wrong, not out of fear that I might get another segment of society angry.

        As far as it being all woman’s fault-well they will certainly deserve a real big helping of the blame. But men can fight without becoming less than they are or should be-so if they turn to being out of control animals in their fight for fairness they are no better than the women feminist of today that are harming the family structure, society in general and especially our sons-mine and yours.

        • “Although I don’t see a bunch of woman begging for protection-I see a bunch of women trying to survive, doing a pretty good job of it and asking for justice for the injustice done to them.”

          Of course you don’t see that. You aren’t looking. You think a bunch of women in such a place defend themselves???? They are “begging” from other men who will do that for them.

          You pretend you can do that without the men, and this is a clear demonstration of such folly.

          Men are wired this way. To pretend otherwise is denying the basic biological imperative. It is utterly ignorant to deny this. It isn’t a matter of “right” or “wrong” no more than a tree pushes its roots toward water is right or wrong. That is your failure of understanding

          There are strategies at work here.

          Men have this superpower and women have another superpower. Men are deficient in the very thing women have, and women are deficient in the very thing men have. Both seek what the other has in abundance, for the benefit of themselves.

          But the world is violent. A simple observance sees this. Men excel in the physical world of violence. Women are terribly vulnerable in such a world. To deny this is stupid.

          But women have in abundance that men are starving for. This is nature’s balance.

          Society of humanity “works” because of this balance. Without question, it is UNEVEN.

          Men have force, women do not. Women are subtle, men are not.

          All men seek the approval of women, because that approval feeds men the emotional food that is non-existent in the lives of men. When a man kisses a woman, the woman is interested but unmoved, often she can’t even remember. A man kissed by a woman is moved to a point beyond comprehension. It is affirming, it is love, the second after that, he would die for her. That taste of emotional food is so powerful, because he is so lacking.

          You are confused between social construct and biological imperatives.
          Men do fight for fairness, how the hell do you think you have any rights at all?

          I know you hate Muslims, but Mohammad condemned the elders discourse over the rights of women by the statement “Who of you was not born from a woman??” and dictated a wholesale change of women’s rights away from mere chattel.

          Men have daughters, mothers and wives that because these women have loved them, the men fight for them.

          But destroying the aspects of men, under the guise of “fairness” will result in a return of women being chattel.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            What was the scene in the old Bogart film “Sahara” where the tankers asked the Sudanese soldier about having multiple wifes. The soldier said Mohammed said If you have only one the 1st wife will only have you to be company with and you will have no peace. two wives and they can bicker and fight and come to you to solve the crisis. Three and two will side against the third and again no peace for the man. He said that Mohammed said four is perfect. Two pairs have each other for company and peace is achieved. The tankers asked the Sudanese how many wives he had. He answered only one, the 1st won’t allow and tolerate a 2ns wife in the house..

            • LoL!
              Too true.
              My first wife was the oldest of her father’s 2nd wife of 4. He was rich and powerful, since the law stated that what he gave one, he had to give to all equally. So having 4 wives was a statement of wealth and power. Give his favorite (wife 4) a new car, he had to buy a new car (or give the cash) to the other three. Kinda limits the extent of a man and his harem.

              Her mother was very happy. She didn’t have to “deal with him” on a daily basis, yet got all the benefits. He’d show up a couple of times a year….. and then leave. It seemed to work for everyone.

          • Sitting here not paying attention to SUFA for the night but something just popped in my head from left field and I had to sign on.

            My sons will protect me. And they will protect any woman in need. Because I have taught them to respect women, not treat them as slaves. Welcome to the 2000s BF.

            • That may be true, and you are lucky.

              You have, however, taught them poorly to believe “women” deserve respect merely because they are women.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              Boys are no match for men. But, it’s nice to have boys that care about you 🙂

              • The ways you guys talk, you”re our slaves at the moment. By the time it shifts my boys will be men.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                LOL, Short of absolute collapse, your boys will be Great Grandfathers by the time anything changes 🙂

              • Gman,
                No, it will happen faster than that.

                Most people review progression in a Linear fashion, 1,2,3,4,5,…..
                But most things progress in a Geometric fashion, 1,2,4,8,16….

                At the beginning of these two curves, the separation of the effect is small. The Geometric curve has a long tale, then suddenly turns upward (called the “neck”) and starts to approach straight up.

                This is what catches people unaware of future events, this sudden acceleration.
                Fall of Soviet Union is one example; a week before, you wouldn’t know a week later the USSR would not have existed.

              • Another example:
                The largest football stadium in the US, and you are standing at center field with an eye dropper. You let one drop go every second, and every second double the number of drops.
                1,2,4,8… so on.

                In 49 minutes, the water is overflowing the top of the stadium.
                But at 47 minutes, you do not even notice the water under your feet.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Of course, the same could be said for our government 😀

  20. My stupid refrigerator isn’t freezing or cooling-anyone know anything about refrigerators. Should I unplug it until I can get it fixed or is it better to turn it off?

    • Hmmm,or is it better to let it run?

    • Check the coils to see if they are plugged with dust. The coils should be slightly warm. Can you here the compressor running? Are the door seals in good shape? Stuff it for now with ice from the store to keep things cool. Eat the ice cream and start cooking the meat.

      • Already cleaned the coils-everything seems to be fine and running correctly -it just isn’t cold enough.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          If it’s past 10 years old, might as well go shopping. It sounds like the compressor (even if it sounds like it’s running, could still be shot). If it’s the compressor, it may cost more to fix it than just buy a new fridge.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          With the new designs and energy saving it just might be worth a new one. You can put more stuff in them. Could have a possible problem like your cars AC system. Might have lost its coolant.

          One of my parents wedding presents in 1949 was a refrigerator. It is still working and in my aunts basement continuing to do its job but its limited duty assignment is just to keep the beer cold.

    • Go ask a man for directions……..

      And then go out and buy a new one.

  21. Personally, I’m just waiting for the feminist movement to destroy it’s self-White women are fixing to find out that they aren’t considered a victim minority anymore. Gonna be interesting to watch all these groups who pretend they agree with each other implode when their differences can no longer be hidden and they start eating each other. And it has already started and is more noticeable everyday.

    • V.H.
      The feminist movement will not only destroy themselves, they will destroy women. That is the issue.

      All women will suffer. Women have benefited from the feminist dogma, and all women will suffer its failure. There are no badges on the foreheads of women that will differentiate feminist from other women. It will be a wholesale class destruction, and it will be your fault for not taking a stand against them.

      Women control the dialogue. You have surrendered the dialogue to your errant sisters. You will be held accountable for your failure.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I agree. You above posts make perfect sense as well. The current feminist movement will cause much pain when it is squashed, which will drag in those innocents as well. The Left are a destructive twisted group of people.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      My Mother was very manipulative and sometimes was not very subtle. Even her Mother said that if Mom didn’t get her way she’d start crying. I’m sure it didn’t work with her Mom seeing she recognized it but to others it was effective. I came across a series of cartoons that were done by a great-uncle way back when Mom was a young girl. I thought they were hilarious…but also very serious for their characterizations and captions. I showed them to my Mom and she got really pissed off and told me to put them back in the chest. This was not as a nosey kid but just as we were sorting my Fathers affects after he passed away. I gave my Mom a gift certificate to have them framed. Now she really got angry. They blew the illusion of this sweet innocent girl that she nurtured for so long. I said it didn’t matter because hardly anybody is alive that remembers and I won’t bring it up….I knew and fought the manipulations my whole life. Sometimes successfuly and sometimes not….the not times was when I didn’t have the stamina to continue resisting and just to keep the peace gave in…and may I say I didn’t live at home since I was 17

  22. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The city of Frederick MD is removing Chief Justice Taney’s Statue from their government offices. “History” tells us that he as a terrible chief justice. Undid the Missouri Compromise and the Dred Scott decision and helped push the country into a civil war and upheld slavery. I never really looked beyond those two decisions. However in this cycle of purges going on I decided to look deeper. It turns out that he freed his families slaves, in 1819. I’m sure when he inherited the estate. He was a strict Constitutionalist and believer in “States” rights, property rights and limiting the Federal Government per the Constitution. In a nut shell he didn’t create law as they do today in the court but ruled on the law and the constitution….So in a way he did help usher in the war, by disallowing congress from continuing to kick an un-holy practice of slavery down the road. If the law and the Constitution was different then like as it became after further amendments I’m sure his rulings would have been different. What also goes unsaid in most history books is that his rulings in these two specific cases were overwhelming majority votes in the court. NOT just him swinging the decision like our current Justice Roberts and legalizing the ACA by revising the law.

  23. LOL……there is a movement by the NAACP in Texas to rid all public areas as well as all cemeteries of all statues, head stones, monuments, street names……of anything pertaining to the old South….. Statues of Jefferson Davis, Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, Bedford Forrest, Robert E Lee, John Hood……….they went into the liberal
    area of Austin, Texas………and were promptly told……We agree, if you will agree to the removal of Martin King, Frederick Douglas, Malcom X, Booker T Washington, Abraham Lincoln and the renaming of streets etc…..

    Of course, the answer was no…..History is history….no matter the pain.

  24. gmanfortruth says:

    Love the propaganda on Fox, a pundit calling Trump supporters low info voters. Just more “establishment” brainwashing to get Bush the nomination.

    • I guess “Doc” Savage has been right about them all along. When push comes to shove, they cave.

      My introduction to that was in ’64. The NY Daily News considered a rock solid conservative paper at the time failed to endorse Goldwater. No explanation but you got the real sense that the “conservative” part was nothing more than window dressing to keep the blue collar folks in line. A year later, in the mayoral election, with Liberal Dem, Abe Beame, Uber Lib. Republican John Lindsay and Bill Buckley, they sat it out again.

  25. gmanfortruth says:

    I’m sure everyone remembers how the Left blamed Sarah Palin for the Gabby Giffords shooting. Well, here’s an example of what pathetic hypocrits they truly are:

  26. gmanfortruth says:

    Just think back for a moment and consider how long it has been since electing a president has changed the direction of the country from empire building, foreign wars, debt, money printing, and growing government to smaller government and individual liberty. How long has it been since a Congress controlled by one party or the other shut down unconstitutional alphabet soup agencies, shrank government or passed a law that did not benefit the elites and Wall Street and the establishment to the detriment of the people? Is there a time?

  27. Just saw a huge argument and raised voices on tv concerning this issue of participation trophies……and academia….a really over weight academia…saying that children should never feel left out…that giving participation trophies make them part of a collective, part of the team…..

    obviously, the other side says… no individualism, nothing to try for…no top dog……no incentive to be the best…..

    Anyway, it ended in an argument that the over weight academia, who obviously has never set foot outdoors, says it is more importatnt to feel part of the collective…………..

    EXCUSE ME……………………..COLLECTIVE????? Are you serious? COLLECTIVE????? He actually used the term COLLECTIVE????????

    • gmanfortruth says:

      The ENEMY of freedom is easily seen. Why is this a surprise? The Prog’s are going the way of women (as Flag puts it), except there will be no dragging of the lifeless bodies.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I never really liked team sports. I liked winning to much. Individually I’d win or lose on my own and if beaten it WAS by a better athlete. Not by a judgement call or a weak link exploited by the opposition. The weakness would be mine alone.

      Like sailboat racing. To include more boats and “participation” the handicap system was derived to include lesser boats. I’ve been in races where we won so far ahead, but still lost by the handicap of a SLOW boat that finished 6 hours after us. They caught a completely different weather system and made up time. Without that front it would have been 8 hours…..I got into match racing one design boats. Boats are identical. The only variation is the skill at the tiller and sail handling and tactics.

      Within a fleet up in Maine, there was a class of one design boats. We consistantly won our class, but usually the larger group involving the handicaps. There was one time we broke a stay, jury rigged on the fly and stayed in a race. Still did well. However, the time between the next series we didn’t have the time to really test the “fuller” repairs under stress. In the next race which was a 48 hour race, a competitor who was seriously upset that he always lost to us. He was a lifelong racer so was good. The only differences was in the sails. Made by a different sailmaker. He was blaming that guy. So the sailmaker sailed with him to see what the problem was. He spotted that we were just a bit slower on a starboard tack. (bent mast) He advised the other guy to keep us pinned on that tack. Being a one design he could do that…just stay in a position and he’d maybe win the next evening. So all the first day we were trapped. Made the turn to head back “down” east and it was getting dark. Again still trapped. Time for the spinnaker. Our owner said to pull out a particular one. He had sewed a black stripe down the sides of the sail. I could see the sail with no requirement for additional lights that would give away our position to other boats. As soon as it was dark dark…we took off into the blackness and turned off all identifying lights. In the AM at dawn we were miles ahead of everyone. Won all cups. 1st to finish. 1st in class and 1st by fleet handicap….we even still hold a record after 35 years in another allegedly 48 hour race. Finished that one in 12 hours.

  28. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I was just reading McConnel’s comments of the deal with Iran, saying it will be real difficult to stop. Read between the lines….it’s a done deal again and the Republicans cave to Obama. It was my understanding that the SENATE has the power to either defeat or approve the treaty. WHY is the house involved? Then the article goes on to say that the difficulty is that Obama will over-ride the rejection of the treaty and they do not have the votes to over-ride his veto…huh?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      You are seeing what many of us have been saying for a long time, there is NO difference between the two parties in Congress. I’m laughing MY ASS OFF at those who have been forever denying this fact, only to now have this fact being crammed up their collective asses.

    • The president has said it was a “non-binding” agreement rather than a “binding” treaty. The latter would require a 2/3 Senate vote. He is “playing” nice by letting Congress vote on it but reserves the right to veto the vote if it goes against him. He does need Congress to vote positively to remove the current sanctions. That is the only leverage Congress really has. If it is just an executive an agreement, any future president can rescind it at any time. However, once the money has been returned to Iran and once the sanctions have been lifted it will take an act of war, probably nuclear, to reimpose them.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        That is why I’ve contended this is all drama and BS. Companies are lining up all over the world to “openly” do business with Iran. The world did business with Cuba although with Castro’s oversight and it did not amount to a hill of beans in changing the regime. With the “HOPE” that Cuba will change with our business is a dream….Iran will not change in it’s stated goals, they only masked them temporarily. Cuba on one hand could only be a minor nuisance and that was with the USSR’s aid. Sans that and it’s just an island. Iran is a different scenerio completely. They have the stated goal, the will and the means to accomplish their objectives. It will just remain to be seen the ultimate outcome. This clash of culture between “East” and “West” has been going on for 3 millenia. “Religion” is just an additional layer to the complexity of the conflict.

    • Then, make him veto it.

  29. Has everyone seen Cruz demonstrate how we cook bacon in Texas?

  30. gmanfortruth says:

  31. gmanfortruth says:

    Here are the Five Rules for Men to Follow for a happy life that Russell J. Larsen had inscribed on his headstone in Logan, Utah. He died not knowing that he would win the “Coolest Headstone” contest.

    1. It’s important to have a woman who helps at home, cooks from time to time, cleans up, and has a job.
    2. It’s important to have a woman who can make you laugh.
    3. It’s important to have a woman who you can trust and doesn’t lie to you.
    4. It’s important to have a woman who is good in bed and likes to be with you.
    5. It’s very, very important that these four women do not know each other or you could end up dead like me.

  33. gmanfortruth says:
  34. gmanfortruth says:

  35. gmanfortruth says:

    Interesting stuff from the past 🙂

  36. We are getting ready to see if the Veterans Groups in Texas has any clout at all. The NAACP is going after 6 Flags over Texas and Georgia on the removal of the Confederate Flag……I have organized 8 Veterans groups into a protest, boycott, and letter writing campaign….. we will not show up ever again if 6 Flags caves…..that is 2,700 veterans and counting.

  37. gmanfortruth says:

    So a group of attractive women make a video to promote their Alabama sorority and of course, some Liberal PC freak (who will likely never ever get a hot blond in the sack) has a hissy fit (because it’s simply too WHITE).

    The only war on women is from the Left, they double up if they are gorgeous and white. What is wrong with these people on the left? I’m thinking mentally ill, and a bad case of it.

    • It is a realization I have come to -the only war going on out there is a War on White People-it doesn’t matter if you’re a woman, gay, or transgender-the only Real Point is whether or not you are white.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I do agree, with one little thought about women. It just seems that the Left has issues with attractive white women. Little things like “thigh gap shaming” for example. I never hear nor read any such nonsense from the Right. Just an observation.

        • They have a problem with everything and I don’t think the white liberals realize what’s going on just yet-but they will.

  38. Just A Citizen says:


    Explanation: You asked why I threw the “Progressive Tactic” accusation at you the other day.

    It was my sarcastic response to you using that same tactic as the left in your post. You dismissed the arguments and discussion with an accusation that the men were “threatening” you. You are more than able to form a more logical or reasoned response so I took the shot to jar you awake. Unfortunately it looks like you simply took that as a personal insult as well. It was not intended that way, but as a red flag warning about your argument.

    I still find it kind of surprising how the women of SUFA seemed to jump so quickly to the stereotypical response to the entire discussion.

    Now in fairness to you and the other ladies here, it did seem that many of the men of SUFA who had “bad experiences” were also using their “personal” experience to simply accept the arguments. Almost like they were looking for validation of their “bad feelings”.

    When discussing things like Human “nature” or cultural/societal norms we need to look at the bigger picture. Boring down to individual experience cannot justify nor deny a premise. Because we as individuals may or may not fit the “average” or “norm” of broader human behavior.

    Sorry if I bent your feelers. It was not my intent.

    • Okay, JAC-the reason we jumped to it being a treat is because that is the way BF presented it-over and over again. He actually presented it and argued using the same arguments of the present day feminist-you women better listen to us and realize that men and their masculinity is a treat to you’re safety-That men are using the fact that they are stronger and can’t have babies to keep us from reaching equality.

      Now I’m not saying BF is personally threatening us- but I really don’t understand how you don’t see the problem with his presentation using terms like snapping their fingers and pulling us my out hair into their caves.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You question about me recognizing “the problem” with his presentation is a Qualitative matter. Not one of facts but of how we view values.

        He tried repeatedly to explain it was not a matter of being OK or not OK or of right vs. wrong. He was stating what he views the BASE human nature to be, in terms of “strategies” to reach the “biological imperative”.

        So no matter how harsh he describes the premise the issue is whether the premise is true or if another outcome is possible. You tried to address that yourself. Yours was not totally the “stereotypical” response as much as some others. But you still did react to the harsh picture as some kind of a threat.

        If you recall I mentioned that the irony of it all was that the Feminists explanation of man’s “nature”, which they use to justify their actions, was supported by the “theory”. So if the theory is true, then they are correct in assuming a violent “base nature” but do not recognize their solution will bring that “violent base nature” to the surface.

        The other irony is that their denigration and marginalizing of men is driving men to become what he feminists said was also bad about men. The claim that they are just looking to hook up with women and then run. If the feminists create an atmosphere that destroys what men get from “relationships” they will in fact become what the feminists are trying to eliminate.

        And BF did not argue that man’s “masculinity” was a threat and therefore women must tow the line. What he stated was that man’s masculinity includes certain needs which have been met by women, thus creating a symbiotic relationship that created “civilized society”. The argument is what happens when the women in this equation go to far and start attacking or destroying that “symbiosis”.

        When they start marginalizing men in so many ways how will the men react. Will men revert to the brutal or at least oppressive behavior towards women? Or will it be something less than that but which restores men’s role in society per their “nature” and not what the feminists want them to be. Or will men simply withdraw from the “deep relationships” game and participate as sperm donors and tax payers supporting the “villages of women” raising kids? In other words will they just give up and accept the new paradigm created by the “feminists”?

        I can easily see a situation where more “traditional” roles of men and women are restored, that is the traditional per the turn of the 20th century, but women have more “political” rights. Like the right to vote.

        I do think BF is correct in who must take the action to prevent disaster. And I know the women of SUFA have commented on this before. Not all women buy into this “feminazi” version of “feminism”. As long as they can prevent these radicals from isolating men we will continue our march towards ever more civilized society.

        • “is a Qualitative matter. Not one of facts but of how we view values.” Not sure I fully understand your point here. But I think that whittling men down to their lowest common denominators may well leave you with a fact but it is just one of many and it does not give you a clear and whole picture of a man’s nature.

          But no, I am not looking at men’s nature in a purely instinctual, animalistic way because men are not animals-they are humans with the ability to reason. If I am wrong in my assessment then the present day feminist are right. And as you said this doesn’t have to be the outcome -so where is it that you and I disagree?

          And I will remind you that the harsh reality of which you speak is a Threat to women.

          Now as to the rest, I don’t really disagree with you except it is you who are simply talking about the possibilities, BF was using scare tactics just like the feminist do-you don’t have to agree with me but the absolute negative reactions should give you some idea of how his presentation effects the females who hear it. I assume his point isn’t to make feminist out of all of us who agree that the feminist have gone nuts.

        • JAC,
          Another core point here.

          The data shows a huge withdrawal of men away from family and relationships. Something like 65%.

          But wait. This demographic includes all men of marrying age – 20ish to 70ish.
          The fact is, men in our generation are already trapped. This withdrawal simply is not occurring in huge numbers here.

          Indeed, if one shreds the data, it is vastly dominated in the under 30 years old crowd.

          Think about it. The numbers are so huge in this single age group, it distorts the massive numbers of all the other age groups older.

          THIS IS STAGGERING, and hence, the coming collapse of the social order, it is one or two generations away.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I am going to try a shorter response to narrow discussion.

        You say BF’s presentation is “threatening”, or “a” threat of sorts.

        Is it a threat to tell you that if you do not stop walking you will fall off a cliff? Does it become more threatening if I describe in detail what will happen when you hit bottom? Do you claim that the more graphic description is a threat so you will ignore it?

        How about if someone tells you to stop at the gate or they will shoot you. Obviously that is a threat, but it is a threat based on the REALITY of what will happen. Do you ignore it and just keep walking? Do you claim the message as unacceptable because it is a threat? Or do you recognize the risk and comply?

        If you comply are you prostrating yourself to the property owner or simply recognizing the reality that you might get shot if you continue walking.

        Apparently you do not think men will revert to such a brutal nature as BF described. Per your comments it seems you think LOVE will somehow overcome this “possible outcome”. I am curious how you think this is possible. If the symbiotic relationship is damaged or destroyed, then what is the basis for “love”? The kind that lasts and keeps couples as couples.

        What do the ladies of SUFA think will be the outcome if this “modern feminism” takes hold of our culture?

        • What is it people always say apples to oranges-there is a big difference between someone telling me-hey stop walking or you are going to fall off a cliff and someone saying hey stop what you are doing or I’m gonna throw you off that cliff. Just pretend for a minute you are a woman and then read BF’s threatening, button pushing remarks and get back to me.

          As far as love solving this problem-it might be what stops the madness in the end. Man and woman’s true natures might actually band together out of love for each other and their children and tell the nuts to shut up and go away. If things keep going the way they are-I think or at least hope that people will start to realize what they are losing and individuals, men and women will stand up and say enough.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            VH, Just a word of remembrance. Black Flag is generally straight forward and doesn’t sugar coat things. He always has been. While he may come across as threatening, it’s just the way he say’s things. Flag makes his points so that they are remembered, which, in this case, has been very effective. This world has many problems, Feminazis are but one that the Left is throwing at everyone. Let’s hope that the issue Flag brought up will fix itself, peacefully. But without knowledge of the problem and the potential consequences, it will continue down the same path.

          • Cheering from the peanut gallery…..

            • Another thing you SUFA Women fail to grasp.

              You know me by now. I do not start with a favorite conclusion, then scurry around finding convenient facts to confirm it.

              I start with the observations of society, find its root cause, and come to a conclusion.

              You women think I started with the conclusion.

              But none of you can dispute my findings, nor claims. You can’t. They are either facts or confirmed sociological, biological, physiological, or historical theory. You can’t hunt here.

              Thus, you cackle like hens about the conclusions that you do not like.

              You can’t dismiss the conclusion with any reasoning or contrary facts, since they don’t exist, so you’d rather do what the FEMINISTS DO, kick a lot of sand in the air to hide your incompetence.

          • No, V.H., you are pretending a fantasy again.

            You say “love” will solve this problem. But that is the problem. Women today do not understand that they are destroying “love” as defined by a man. Women think their emotional kidnapping of a man, who in his hunger for such love, can be manipulated at will in a “feast or famine” diet is successful tactic. It is not, hence rising divorces rates and male withdrawal from families.

            Add on top of that a vocal majority of women are these feminists.
            VOCAL MAJORITY, not real majority.
            hat is the next problem.

            Women like are wimps and shrinking violets on this matter. You leave it up to the men to defend themselves in dialogue where women control the dialogue, hence a losing strategy for men from the get-go.

            The only resistance to this nonsense has to come from other women, the REAL majority and get their voices to be THE MAJORITY VOICE, otherwise, social order will be ripped apart.

            But instead, you wail around in thinking this is all men threatening women. Time to wake up Men are NOT any threat to women today.

            But keep this nonsense up, V.H., and you WILL invert that to your doom

            • His hunger for such love?? How many routes are you taking on this. It’s no wonder we can’ t get anywhere because you’re all over the place. I thought your biological imperative involved creating millions of babies to continue your gene pool. You don’t need us remember? Now we don’t live you the way YOU define love? And that’s our fault. When do we get to define how the love thing works? SMDH

              • Obviously your brain farts interfere with your reading comprehension, the part where a women’s emotional in more important then anything, including his biological imperative?

                Why the f***K do you think he subjugates his biological imperative to her vastly inferior one

                Yes, All relationship failures are the failure of the woman, I laid that out already.

                You are trying to go over already taken ground. Get a brain.

              • We have the emotional superpower that you crave, to a point short of killing to defend it. You would defend your mother. You would defend your daughter. But you will drag your wench to the cave.

              • Too stupid to contemplate.
                If you distort love, demean men and pretend its love, undermine them and call it love, then guess what, you get what you create.

  39. Discussed this with the same young woman-she agreed this was bad-that the government was too big and per her should be gotten rid of and we should start over. Then she said our government should be smaller and work like the EU-because the EU worked much better because it was smaller.

    I stood there dumbfounded, had to go think about her words before it finally hit me-we aren’t talking the same language-by smaller I mean less powerful-she means something entirely different.

  40. Just A Citizen says:

    If those Republicans or “Conservatives” who get air time remain TONE DEAF about the Black Community’s issues with policing the elephants will in fact become extinct soon.

    I expect this is really just a hit piece on Rubio in hopes of narrowing the field towards whomever the author wants elected. But the comments from the peanut gallery sound like “parrot monkeys” chattering to me (credit to Gman for that phrase).

    • How exactly would you address these concerns? I find the black lives matter group to be unreasonable-they want the police department to just go away and let them police themselves-I saw a poll the other day which showed that the majority of black people want more police presence in their neighborhoods not less-sorry I don’t remember where I saw it so I can’t post it right now-and from what I’ve read they seem to be made up of the black panther’s, Farrakhon’s group and the other crazies that camped out at the park, screamed 99% and created havoc-can’t remember what they are called right now.

      • Fort Worth was actually going to try something. At a City council meeting last week, it was discussed that black police patrol black areas, Hispanics the same in Hispanic areas and Caucasian in white areas and that the racial make up of the police actually represent the racial make up of Fort Worth. The only ones that were opposed to this idea were the black police officers who said they did not want to have to face their own. I thought that interesting.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          From all accounts even back in the review of the LA “Watts” riots back in ’64 it was found that the Black officers had far less tolerance of the crap shoved at them in the “Hood”. And had a tendancy of stopping harder than the white racist officers.

          • BY the way…….wx not looking too good for flying……will make flying decision Friday…..if not,,,it will be driving.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              T-Storms scheduled into next week and heard about some tropical disturbance is heading our way. Not telling you anything about being safe. But storms rarely settle in for any duration here. They “blast” in usually quite violently and dump 4 inches of rain and leave the area. Then tomorrow there is a repeat performance. There are bands of areas that are very prone to tornado’s. They are between Charlotte and Raleigh and another just to the west of where I live. But like Texas the bands shift back and forth. Also until one reaches the Raleigh area east to west it is barely above sea level. The roads are raised for a reason. Ditches will eat you and your car never to be seen again.

  41. OK, figured it out. Brain has been running on overtime over Trump. TRUMP. TRUMP. TRUMP.

    I see some parallels with Reagan, even more with JFK but this afternoon when one of the Fox hosts scoffed at the wall, It came to me in blazing CinemaScope and Technicolor …..Teddy Damn it all to hell, 100 years later and somebody with a larger than life life and ego (not to mention a big mouth) is running again. Teddy is back! Smarter and wiser.

    Shit, we can’t build a wall? Hell, he built a canal and started a revolution to do it!

    • Yes…often the impossible can be done when someone gets pissed.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Colombia is still pissed.

        Just read an article ranking the top 27 presidents by their intellect. Many of the LEAST effective ones were the smarter ones. There was one missing and didn’t make the list…..Obama. The researcher was from a very liberal CA university. But a few intellectual ones actually were deemed successful. TR was one.

    • TR analogy just keeps getting better. A lot of what Trump is proposing goes strongly against rich Republican interests. A lot of what TR did had the same effect. Soon and quietly, you will hear them say Trump is a traitor to his class.

      On the Democratic side, we have this resurgence of progressivism except it is Bernie the Socialist carrying the banner. So, there is our William Jennings Bryant or Woodrow Wilson.

      Teddy was a populist and a progressive but I see him as quite different from Wilson and his policies. If this runs the full course it is going to come down to trust. Can you trust Donald Trump to do the right thing by the country? Absolutist Free market capitalists are already nuts over his immigration and possible protectionist policies. I may still naive enough to believe what That Crockett guy said, “Be sure you are right, then go ahead.”

      Final thought for the evening. Pundits keep asking, “Can he get it done?” He has already demonstrated he knows how to effectively use the bully pulpit. This guy ought to be scaring the crap out of a whole lot of people.

  42. Dale A Albrecht says:

    My congratulations go out to the 1st two women who passed the army ranger traing program. That can not be taken away the dedication and stamina to accomplish such a feat, either man or women. Now that the politicals and activist are saying….see we told you so, in this day and age of reduced budgets and more deployments putting more pressure on the forces remaining. How many women are going to have to be pumped through the system to achieve gender parity when even the men have an attrition rate of up to 65%….only obvious way will be to lower standards eventually.

    • NOw, aside from the pundits, would you like the “REst of the Story”?

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Fire away 🙂

      • YOu do realize, that the only thing these two ladies can do is wear the Rangers Tab….they will never fight nor lead units in combat…….that was the agreement to letting them go through the training until the passed. You do realize that they had to redo two of the phases twice before passing ( Men get the same option once )… do realize that they did not have to make the “dead man’s run”….? Now, those of us that wear the Rangers Tab find it cheapened a little..but I think that their Tab will be a different color to differentiate their training. …..but that is the way of the world now.

        Not taking anything away from them for making it through some pretty tough training…especially sleep deprivation and very little food……but the outcome was inevitable. Much like the women that go through jump school…..none having weight enough to jump in anything except the first “stick” or ‘chalk”…and even then most of them missed the drop zone because they floated too far…..especially in a wind.

        I think that these two women will be ostracized and not properly recognized for their achievement ( which was pretty tough ) and it will be interesting to see where they end up and what job they will be doing. Other military women will most likely have nothing to do with them….and they will have a hard time fitting in with regular troops or “legs” as we call them.

        Time will tell.

        • Female soldiers who graduate get a certificate and Ranger tab, but they will not be allowed to join the 75th Ranger Regiment.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Solution….lesser body weight causing a parachute problem….add more gear to compensate. You can divide it up after hitting the ground and securing the drop zone..

          • Yes sir…that is the most logical solution. However, the purpose of Ranger training is small unit tactics. Each person in the chalk has a specific job upon hitting the ground…there is no time to adjust logistics in the drop zone.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Yes Sir….I’ve read stories about the specialities each trooper has going into the mission. each can cover with losses to a degree. But not as good as the one lost. Tailor the troops to the missions profile. My companies were only as good as it’s weakest links. The planning around them regardless of sex was a very time consuming and arduous task. 6/7 of the women I had in my last group…all were “trained” and filled a billet to satisfy the planners…but I could only count on one to do her job at all times under any circumstance. Even what I did we all were not equally trained in all things. We each had our specialties. We might have someone able to cover but it was not the same.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Absolutely….deep down there has to be some political pressure…like pass them out, make it look good or you as commander will be looking for a new vocation….definitely happened in the 70’s..regardless I wouldn’t want to get on any one of their bad sides, they do have to be tough as nails.

        • So, going back to what the discussion was with BF and the ladies…….The ladies know they will never join the Regiment but they get to go through the training just to say they got the TAB and the Certificate…..but, every soldier knows, they did not have to pass the dead man’s run…..which is the crowning achievement.

          • And because of that….they will never be considered reliable in actual combat. Perhaps I need to explain the Dead Man’s Run……… is when the candidate must pick up a wounded comrade, his weapon, his pack,…their own weapon and pack and run…not walk…100 meters in 60 seconds. Understand that the average soldier in Ranger training weighs anywhere from 190-240 pounds, the combat pack is a minimum of 45 pounds but usually around 60 pounds……so do the math. Therefore, since the ladies are NOT going to be in the Regiment…..there is no need for them to do the Dead Man’s Carry and was exempted.

            • Now to support them…..they did accomplish a remarkable achievement. Ranger School lasts 62 days and is not for the faint of heart: Only about half those who attempt the training pass. Candidates will also do a 12-mile march carrying 45 pounds, conduct a navigation exercise without GPS, complete a water survival test, and scale a 35-foot tower. And they’ll have to do it on a max of four hours of sleep a night. Candidates have to complete 49 push-ups in two minutes, 59 sit-ups in two minutes, a 5-mile run in less than 40 minutes, and six chin-ups.

              This is not easy….and they did have to pass that.

              • I am 56 and I can do that…… big deal.

              • Yes sir…most can….but you are not female………are you? Naaah……………….I also had no trouble…..but I did have some trouble with the “carry” because it is at the end of training….averaging four hours of sleep and barely enough food to keep the stomach from gnawing on your back bone……I made it with 6 seconds to spare and my Ranger Buddy only weighed 190 pounds…so I only had to pack 240 pounds and my stuff….it was not easy…but I did make it.

              • I’d admit, I would be wheezing, though… 😉

              • THey would not let us “sling carry” either….could have made it faster…..and no one was being shot at…..I remember being shot at and that usually increased my speed some….I remember hearing the bullet twice…..once when it passed me and again when I passed it.

              • Yeah, I know….Everyone was wheezing at that time….and we were YOUNG….now days….I don’t even want to think about it at age 67.

              • It would probably take me 60 seconds to load the guy in the trunk of a car and drive the 100 meters….

              • LOL! Indeed, sir, indeed!

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                An ex-girlfriend’s (not at the time) daughter married a US Navy Seal instructor. When we were introduced the daughter said…you should have seen Dale 20 years ago. Obvious reference to my being out of shape. He looked me up and down and said “what the hell happened to you”? He was actually quite small in height and very sinewy. The only fat on him or should I say in him was from the piece of steak he just ate. You just looked at him and knew that he’d seen and done things rather left unsaid. He was tough and didn’t need to bluster, brag or show off. He knew his capabilities and let it go at that. FYI a broken back and neck and two dislocated knees started the deteriorization on my end.

  43. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Off to watch one of my all time favorite films. “To Sir With Love” Not only dealing with race and social issues that are still relevant today but at the same time breaking the color barrier himself like Jackie Robinson. He didn’t just lead the way for black actors but all actors regardless of color. The interesting thing about the movie was the kids. They obviously felt why bother I got nowhere to go. Now with the globalization more gaining and the real ability to have goods made anywhere and delivered next day…our kids are saying, geez I get all this education, spend tons and build a huge liability, but then have nowhere to go. Can’t really go to India or China, much less the EU due to work restrictions.
    I had been scheduled to go back to the EU for 2 more years, return to the States briefly, then off to Singapore, Shanghai, Japan, and India…but 9/11 intervened and all doors shut.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I forgot to add that it is sad to listen to the current crop of black critics that blast Mr Poitier saying that he did not do enough and should be discounted. He always acted with enlightened professionalism that should be emulated by anybody. With films like “in the heat of the night”, “The Defiant Ones” “guess whose coming to dinner” “No Way Out” “All the Young Men” “The Slender Thread” up until one of his last films “The Last Brickmaker in America” did not shy away from controversy.

      And then an interesting cold war film with Richard Widmark “The Bedford Incident’

  44. This seems to be a hot topic right now-birthright citizenship-it all seems to center around the 14 amendment (it always seems to be centered around the 14 amendment lately) and the word jurisdiction-but what I want to know is when did birthright citizenship come into being-was it always attached to the 14th amendment.

    • Interesting article in the NY Daily News,

      Couple of problems with it. The author does not distinguish (I believe deliberately) between being the child of legal vs. illegal immigrants. There is no question that Wong Kim Ark’s parents had legally immigrated. That was then, this is now, times have indeed changed. There were no handouts, no “safety net” back then. You made it or you didn’t.

      Unfortunately the 14th Amendment seems poorly written and open to a lot of mischief. There is no question that it was intended only to cover freed slaves and thwart attempts to prevent them from exercising their rights as citizens.

      Back in the dark ages, when they actually taught history (even in law schools!) people would argue that you not only have to look at the words but the intent. This could be determined by arguments before the court, the court opinion on related cases and the opposition not to mention public debate in the State legislatures. Alas! (old word) not done anymore.

      Had read somewhere, not too long ago, that the purpose of the 14th was basically to bury, lock, stock and barrel the “Dred Scott Decision” for once and all.

  45. Then we have this and one can have a field day with her statements-but before I did someone would need to explain to me just what the heck this means:

    “If you don’t tell black people what we need to do, then we won’t tell you all what we need to do,” Jones said. “This is, and has always been, a white problem of violence. There’s not much that we can do to stop the violence against us.

  46. Well, billionaires did not get to be that way by being nice and following any guidelines except to get rich……George Soros for over 20 years has been the most vile detractor of fossil fuels…..he backed every single Presidential candidate or lower echelon player that was against fossil fuels….he did everything he could to destroy fossil fuels……

    THen along comes Obama…..issues the rules against coal companies and stifling the coal industry as much as possible…..and now,….George Soros is the champion of fossil fuels…all for the coal industry all of a sudden…….oh, did I forget to mention that he just invested in the coal industry by buying all the stock he could get his hands on when the prices fell after Obama did his thing?

    Now, he is having others file for an exemption not for all coal but just the ones he bought into and the Obama administration is set to grant that exemption today.

    Now, Soros is irritated that Texas coal companies did not follow suit and, yesterday, tried to block the sale of Texas coal……it failed and now he has approached the Obama Administration to prevent the sale of Texas coal through the EPA……That will not work either……he forgot that Railroad right of ways are…………leased. in Texas….and that the RRC ( Railroad Commission of Texas ) has jurisdiction over the coal plants and the transportation intrastate……..and that Texas has its own xoal fired utility plants……

    Good try Mr. Soros…..

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      From what I understand is also a major investor in Brazilian off-shore oil, especially since Obama blocked ours after the BP explosion….same thing with Steyer. To listen to him in CA and all the “green” energy initiatives but is heavily invested in the Dakotas and helping to block the Keystone pipeline.

      • Yes…..he has a representtive in Austin as we speak trying to stop the coal issue. It is not going to work…our coal trains are running fully loaded.

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