Labor Day Weekend Open Mic

LD2I hope everyone enjoys the last holiday weekend of summer.  While there is much to look forward too, Winter isn’t one of them, but right around the corner.  Enjoy!  🙂



  1. gmanfortruth says:

    Is this Bye Bye Carly? Many people thought that her time at HP as CEO would come back to haunt her, maybe that time has come.

    • And, I read this… what did HP do that nobody else did through straw purchases? Dubai being the center of straw purchase companies.

      • The Federal Government does it all the time….

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          absolutely….no need to say that she is now a political opponent to the administration. The laws about dealing with Iran were and are ignored until politcally expediant to destroy the oppo.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Yes, the Feds do it all the time and the people are tired of the way the Feds do business. The left will use this against her, but those on the right side of the faux left/right paradigm will just leave her behind as being nothing better that what is already there. Just my opinion anyways.

  2. Just A Citizen says:

    Buried within this nice story is the reason Cops have become less forgiving and more by the book. Had they just arrested the guy for a DUI the complaint would never have passed first base.

  3. Just A Citizen says:


    Good editorial on the topic we were discussing.

    A great quotable quote within this editorial. Re., the “agreement” made between the people and govt.

  4. Just A Citizen says:

    Wow, the “intellectualism” of the leftwing on full display. I am sure BF will fully enjoy this…not.

    • “Wow, the “intellectualism” of the leftwing on full display. ” Would you like to explain your meaning here? 🙂 I personally found this very interesting-there are always good and bad in just about everything and I actually thought there was more regulation when one home schooled-as far as testing to see if the children who are being home schooled met basic educational requirements.

      I couldn’t help but think about abortion when I read this article-the lefts idea that any regulation on abortion is bad-no matter the reasoning. But then I also found the arguments about why social workers should be allowed to invade families pretty much BS-if the families have a record of doing bad things than the social workers have a right to visit them based on that record-the fact that they are home schooling has nothing to do with it.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        There is ZERO requirement or “inspection” required to be Parents. Yet these clowns think that schooling by the same parents needs inspection and inspection will prevent abuse.

        So an abusive parent will not abuse their child if they are not home schooled. Did it occur to them that such an abusive person would simple keep the kid out of school.

        Oh, and how about the theory that by sending kids to school it gives the State a chance to discover abuse, or “perceived abuse”. So school is really not about educating the kids, it is about MONITORING the parents.

  5. Just A Citizen says:

    Stumbled upon another name from my past today. His article is also timely given our discussions of Federal lawlessness. Caution; Often times everything is not as simple as some portray it to be. Much like the Cliven Bundy case. In this case however, there is a key lesson.

    The Feds are claiming “prescriptive right” to the land. Yet the same Feds have denied States, counties and private citizens the same rights for their historic use of federal lands, with no federal objection.

    • Wow, I mean wow-they are admitting that they encroached on the property-but claiming “prescriptive rights”-based on what ?and wouldn’t they have to get some kind of prior court approved approval for this “excuse” to carry any weight?

  6. Just A Citizen says:

    For those who think Federal Courts have no way to ENFORCE their edicts I suggest you ask the County Clerk in Kentucky how that is working out for her.

    So now we have an appointed judge arresting an ELECTED official who is not being recalled due to her actions.

    Also notice the hypocrisy of a system which allows APPOINTED judges to hold citizens in contempt but give the people no such recourse against judges or other Govt. officials.

  7. Just A Citizen says:

    A look into the thinking of those creeps who live the world of politics. This is repulsive on so many levels, including the “opinions” of the author. Note how quotes are used to support the authors claims but could easily mean something else altogether. Like maybe some players support multiple candidates to “hedge their bets”.

    The implication here is that Republican power brokers are smart enough to create an illusion of a balanced field, only to get “their guy” elected in the end. This would be the same “geniuses” who have given us an INEFFECTIVE Republican Congress and Two POTUS elections LOST.

    Suddenly they have become master strategists.

    Or could this just be yet another Democrat exposing his Misogyny in an attempt to feed the myth of a Republican war on women.

    This raises an important question. When someone sees racism or misogyny in everything does that not reveal more about them than those they condemn??

    • I agree that some of these people support more than one person because they feel there is more than one person running who would fill their requirements for President. Or that they would support them as VP.

      But I do not dismiss the idea that the more people that run will dilute the voting block for similar candidates thus allowing a less popular candidate to win. This I think the media and the republican powerbrokers have the ability to influence.

      Although when it comes to republican candidates-I think what we should be more worried about is the media’s ability to control our candidates abilities to reach the voting public by who they cover and who they ignore.

      Maybe it’s just late or maybe I missed it-but what quotes are you talking about?

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    More on how Govt power is hypocritical.

    If you do not send a bill to a Govt. agency they are not compelled to pay you for services rendered.

    I recently had to pay a late property tax bill WITH penalties and interest, because the State/County failed to send me a tax bill. Seems the Dept,. issuing bills, which I notified of my address change, does not communicate with the Dept. that handles the collections.

    In the process of cleaning up this mess I discovered that “The Courts” have ruled that property owners are “responsible for knowing their bills should be due, and thus have the responsibility to make sure payments are made even if the bill itself is not received”.

    So why should they send bills out at all? Just sit back and collect the late fees and interest.

  9. Putin is doing it right… is the time for the move and he is moving. Little is being siad about Russia’s encroachment,,,,,,interesting developments in the Aluetian Chain of islands..and it is not being reported. Interesting aspect of the Russian military buildup in that area of uninhabited Islands of the Aleutians.

    Interesting development in Syria….Russian fighter jets, and support assets, propping up Assad….Russian troop intervention on the horizon for Syria…

    Russia is moving their vaunted Spetz into the Ukraine.

    Three new Russian Nuke subs now on constant patrol in the arctic….140 miles closer to the US….Russia is planning on extending territorial waters to 200 NM from claimed territories…Putin will lay claim to the waters up to the International Dateline in the Bearing Strait.

    But who cares……….

    • Do you really not care or are you being sarcastic?

      I’d also like to ask-you made it clear that a vacuum would exist if we withdrew from the world and we needed to decide if we were okay with that or not-but now that the vacuum is obvious-I would like to ask you and others how long the world can ignore the problem of people trying to escape the craziness in the Middle east-is it better to keep taking in all these people who are being tortured and killed by ISIS or to go over there and take ISIS out?

  10. gmanfortruth says:

    After a day of travel to SE Virginia, I was rather surprised by the Clerk in Kentucky being jailed. I haven’t read the details, but I’m guessing it was contempt of court. There is a lot more to this issue than someone holding to her moral convictions, but what I find appalling is that because of those convictions she is now housed in the same cage as a rapist and a murderer. This is not how people in a free nation are treated, these are the actions of a rogue government and a police state.

    While the Wizards in Black Robes decided to invent a new Right, they are not authorized to make law, therefore I would contend that there is NO law for which this woman has actually been in violation of. Her crime is not blindly following the orders of a judge, who appears to also believe he can make a new law as well, despite the fact he/she has no authority to do so.

    The Clerk may have a Civil Rights case AGAINST the Judge. Since laws (which there still is not a law that she has violated that I have read) would normally GRANDFATHER citizens from an legal action. If she was elected prior to the Wizards waving their magic wand, I would contend that she is immune until after the next election. So, the question must be asked. What law is she breaking that the judge has ruled she must follow or be found in contempt?

    Let me also add that many ststes still have laws on the books that outlaw abortion, but are not enforced due to Roe v. Wade. The laws still exist on the books however. IF Kentucky has a law or an Amendment to their Constitution that disallows gay marriage, then until those laws are changed (which is what should happen when the SCOTUS rules that they are unconstitutional) then she is within the laws of the State, until those laws are officially changed.

    In conclusion. putting this woman behind bars is bullshit. A fine is more acceptable, but jail is bullshit. The gay marriage crowd just made a lot of enemies that may cost them in the long run. They will likely pay a heavy price for forcing their lifestyles on others. Opinions?

  11. St. Louis……..11 year old shoots and kills a 16 year old intruder…..a clean head shot. And the police are wondering why an 11 year old is home baby sitting his 4 year old sister and had access to a weapon. They are not wondering why two 16 year olds were breaking into a home…..

    A single mom, at work, had bought a handgun because of the numerous home invasions….the 11 year old obviously has had some training. most likely from video games….but he protects the home and his sister.

    Now, in the farming community, 11 year olds are driving cars and trucks and tractors on their own property. They have weapons and know how to shoot coyotes and other predators…

    In Alaska and other wilderness areas where the only transportation is bush planes and dog sleds…it is not uncommon to see 11, 12, 13 year olds flying bush planes, carrying weapons…..

    Seems to me, a single mom is at work…an 11 year old is home with his sister…protects the family dwelling as well as his sister……they are not wards of the state, the mom is not on welfare…..and the police are wondering why he had access to a weapon and is at home.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Both my brother and I had rifles as young teenagers. We had them in our rooms and had the keys to the trigger locks. Not controlled by the parents. This was in LA city limits. Age is fogging the memory but I believe he had a sharpshooter rating and I was a bit less serious until the military and got my ratings with the M-14 and .45.

      Put an indoor pistol range in the basement of my house in VT. Got the step-kid a pistol one Xmas. He practiced and practiced. Asked me to shoot one day. Cold I beat him. He then asked his mother to shoot. She kicked his ass seriously. He had forgotten that her Father was a New England NRA champ and gunsmith. Both her and her Father could not compete together. Only one or the other. Elsewise, they’d take all the prizes and all the turkeys. Next he asked my Mom to shoot. She beat him. He got so pissed he put the pistol up and never shot again until he was in the Army.

  12. And Texas is in real trouble now…..Geraldo Riviera is really pissed because Texas is beginning to drop bilingual requirements in some areas… schools, that will teach in English….voting ballots in English….other areas…….like driving tests and licensing in English…

    I do not know if I can handle Geraldo being pissed at me….have to think about that……give me a minute….10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-…….nope….dont give a shit what Geraldo says…

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I’m no fan of Geraldo either. He’s just another whiney Liberal.

      • I personally think Geraldo will do or say anything to get attention-He seems to have lost notoriety the last few years, so now he has become a shock jock.

  13. gmanfortruth says:

    Why does this look like something Obama would do?

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    My thoughts on the KY County Clerk.

    Assuming the following stated facts are in fact true:

    1. She is an ELECTED official of the COUNTY.
    2. She stopped issuing ALL marriage licenses.
    3. The LAW in question is the SCOTUS ruling that Marriage Licenses are a “privilege” and thus discrimination in their issuance due to “homosexuality” is prohibited.

    The existing law banning Homosexual marriage in KY is moot, as SCOTUS has ruled such UN Constitutional. No matter anyone’s opinion or right or wrong, that is now the law of the land.

    The Clerk has not violated any State law, unless of course she is compelled to issue a license per State Law. Since most State laws do not work that way I expect she is not breaking the State Law. But this is one piece of the puzzle which is missing.

    The Clerk has not violated any Federal law or SCOTUS ruling since she has stopped issuing ALL marriage licenses. She is not guilty of “selectively” withholding a State privilege to homosexuals.

    The Clerk is guilty of “not performing the duties of Clerk” for which she ran and was elected. Thus this is a matter for the County electorate and/or State. NOT THE FEDERAL JUDGES.

    The Federal Judge by his actions, given she has not discriminated against a class, has Federalized MARRIAGE and SCOTUS has condoned this by not taking up her appeal.

    As for her “right to practice her religion” she should be free to “not participate” as in not personally issue such a license. But she should not have issued orders to others in her office to comply with HER RELIGIOUS VIEWS.

    There is one remaining point relative to her role. It may be that because she is THE clerk that HER NAME would be stamped on any marriage license issued by another person in the office. So is this PARTICIPATING or CONDONING the Sin?? In my view the answer is NO. To claim indirect participation, despite verbal opposition and personal refusal, seems a stretch beyond what the majority of us would feel as “complicity” in a crime, let alone a Sin per God’s Law. But I will leave that determination up to the Religious scholars among us.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      We agree on a few things. I don’t believe this is anything that should put a person in jail. I could see a fine or even suspended from her duties, but not jail.

      Here’s is where we may disagree. Gay marriage isn’t the law as Scotus has no power to make laws. I think that Scotus overstepped their authority, which can be overturned via Amendment. This is a very interesting subject to sure.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        To add, I thought that the ruling declared marriage a Right, versus a privilege. If that is true, by what authority do they have in making such a declaration? Keep in mind, after this ruling I said the 10th Amendment was no longer.

    • Pretty simple, in my view. She is in an elected position. She does not have the protection nor expectation of personal views in the compliance of her duties. She should be fired simply for not performing the duties of the County Clerk…..all the rest of this is just claptrap.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I think she should have resigned. But, the ruling should not have any affect on the matter until after an election occurs. Basically, those in her position were trapped between a rock and a hard place. While I don’t think the clerk was correct in her actions, jail was not the correct resolution.

        • Is contempt of court a jailed offense?

          • gmanfortruth says:

            I would guess so, but that’s not the point. She didn’t do her job, remove her from her job and put someone else in. If a Federal Judge can order someone to do something against their will, with the threat of incarceration, why couldn’t the same Judge order the County to suspend her and put in someone else?

            But wait just a minute Colonel. If she can be jailed for not Administering marriage licenses, which is law and is what she was found in contempt by not following the Judges orders to adhere to the law, why the hell isn’t Obama in jail for failing to uphold immigration laws? Why isn’t the Mayors in sanctuary cities in jail for not abiding by immigration laws? I’m sure you can see the hypocrisy of the whole issue. This is nothing more than an attack of Christianity. All the talk about being an elected official etc is pure bullshit.

            Can you or anyone else say that the Mayor and Police Chief in San Francisco shouldn’t also be in jail for failing to uphold laws ? I don’t see any gay people getting buried because of this woman’s actions. Can’t say the same about the others, including Obama and the DOJ.

            • You are correct…..I was merely stating…..if she is elected to do a job and part of the job is issuing marriage licenses…..and she does not do it….she needs to be removed.

              • If Kentucky had recall (they do not), problem would be solved. Otherwise they have to wait till the next election. Since she has stopped issuing ALL marriage licenses, she is NOT discriminating. I back the lady because she is doing, in the fine tradition of Martin Luther King, civil disobedience and I think everyone ought to. Time to stand up against the insanity. Now, what is going to happen if she wins reelection?

                Employees in sanctuary cities, under penalty of being fired are PROHIBITED from asking or acting upon a persons residency status. Need some folks to challenge this nonsense too.

    • I find I have to agree with your assessment-but I find the fact that she is sitting in prison when all these other people break the law with impunity enraging-the fact that she is a democrat is just plain exasperating -what the heck did she expect to happen.

  15. JAC… are invited down for some interesting entertainment this Sep 11…..Black lives matter claim they are going to march in Dallas……the Black Panthers have claimed they will march as well to offer security…….it will be met with a white march at the same time in the same place…..and several veterans groups are going to offer security…..If it erupts into violence… lives matter will lose. I will be there.

    • Hadn’t you heard their a Love enterprise-of course there are other groups that say Whites and cops are going to be picked off and there is nothing they can do about it. F your flag being the guilty party. They say it, in a way, where it is hard to say whether or not they are promoting it or just reporting on the probability. But the idea that there is nothing that can be done about it is dangerous and opens the door for some really bad consequences. Been reading story after story of cops being attacked-this will be stopped one way or another-it has to be or our whole idea of law and order dies.

  16. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I like the little bit in the headlines today….Hillary says she was so overwhelmed in her job as Secretary of State and all the crisis that were hitting globally, she didn’t stop to think about the use of her “private” e-mail server. That is really bad news especially for anyone planning on voting for her. If she couldn’t handle the pressure in a job where you really are not making the final decision and also I can not think of one crisis at hand that either wasn’t enflamed while she was on the job, or made worse or concluded. Why in gods name does she think that she’s qualified to be president.

    The article goes on to say the committee is upset that she will not apologize for the use of an illegal, unauthorized, unsecure, private system with NO government oversight (for a deliberate) reason. Where are the federal law violation charges. She admits again she did it.

    • Oy vey -I really don’t understand why she or her supporters believe this is a good defense-unless she’s going with the poor mistreated woman appeal. As a woman who supported feminism before it became pitiful -I am mystified.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Talk about giving the whole GOP group some serious ammo against her. How can she handle being President if SoS overwhelmed her (even though she accomplished zero)?

  17. gmanfortruth says:
  18. Just A Citizen says:

    Good article. I think S.K. will appreciate it.

    Debunking White Privilege.

    • As indeed I did.

      But, that was then this is now. We are now one solid amorphous mass. Forget the black lung that grandpa and the other grandpa too died of. Forget the hostility directed at you for having the “ski” ending name, forget the “Polish” jokes that were directed at you and not in jest, forget the Uncle selected for court martial to save the ring knockers career (didn’t work thanks to a smart Jewish Captain defense counsel from Brooklyn) . Forget arriving at the beloved’s Uncle’s home for thanksgiving dinner and being greeted at the door with, “Joanie, the Polack is here!” Yeah, all us white honky Mo Fo’s had it real easy.

      Matter of fact, forget the crap they put son # 2 through three years ago when he scored top 1% in the FDNY test and even as a veteran was not appointed.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    Good weekend for MY college football teams.

    Montana beats #1 North Dakota State.

    Boise State beats Washington……….although they did try to give the game away. Giving new meaning to “winning ugly”.

  20. gmanfortruth says:
    • Just A Citizen says:

      There is a very interesting hypothesis included in the comments of this article.

      It involves the thermodynamics of the “water cycle”. It is one of the few theories I have read that would explain the ice age cycles without having to add some “outside” influence, like solar flares, etc.

      It would not explain the global ice age, but it might explain the continental glacial periods. The author’s claim of 20,000 year cycles is the first I have heard that number. In my reading it has always been “between” 10 and 15 thousand years. Meaning we are getting close to the next cycle. Kind of like aging………. can’t tell you when but I can absolutely affirm we are closer to the end than the beginning.

  21. Ok……SUFAites…….I demand that you give traitor Snowden sympathy…..

    He is very surprised and upset that his adopted country of Russia is guilty of human rights violations and they have severely limited internet access in Russia and every one has to register and use the Russian server run by the Putin government.

    He is astounded and upset……give it your all….He did not understand that is the way of Russia. This, being the guy, that is lecturing us on things?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I doubt anyone really cares about Snowden. His actions didn’t change a thing, although it should have. The vast majority of people don’t care if their government spies on them, despite the history of how things usually end when such actions occur. As far as Snowden, he made his own bed, now he can sleep in it.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      OK, I’ll give him a little. Besides it wasn’t his fault that the NSA records he took did not include good intel on Russia. He is not the one who decided it was more important to spy on our on Congress or the Chancellor of Germany than Senior PUTIN.

      I still think the NSA’s defense should have been “We suspected him so we planted false intell in the records to see what happened. He proved us right and the tapes he is releasing were fabricated for this purpose.” Bwahahahahaa

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    These “people” always have to think of new ways to TAKE what is not theirs.

    • For the first time I actually find something in what Reich writes to agree with. Exactly who will be able to AFFORD the wonderful new products produced when all jobs have either been eliminated through automation or exported to the third world? Most of the population will be on the dole which will be eaten up eventually by inflation.

      I know the purists among you will scoff and go out and tell everyone to be entrepreneurs but everybody can’t especially when there is no money to do anything other than provide food and possibly shared shelter.

      There are those who will survive and prosper due to unique talents they have but the size of that group will shrink and continue to do so. When the left constantly complains about the 1% the more interesting, telling thing is the 99% whose wages have been flat and whose debts have grown. Some will join the 1% but the bulk will continue to amass more debt.

      Saw this coming when my four kids were growing up. Drummed into their heads the curse of college debt. All managed to pull off a four year education without owing anything (between ’94 and ’04). Two used the GI Bill to get their Masters, one had it paid off by his employer and the fourth, worked, borrowed from us and completed a degree in a lucrative medical field which allowed the debt to be retired quickly. Anyone who sends anyone to college these days without such a plan is just itching for failure.

      The cynic in me sees the effort to legalize all drugs as a government plot. To forestall the revolution, let them get doped up on the cheap. Same with hedonism leading to abortion. Kill off the babies before they are born, keeps down the number of people who will never find a job. That last one has always been in my mind. Based on the situation in the black community these days, had there been no abortion, no Roe vs. Wade imagine the mess they would be in today if everything else was a constant. Nothing but a pressure relief valve.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        This weekend the news was decrying the fact that “Automation” was eliminating blueberry picking jobs that “migrants” did in Maine. The only reason you would buy Maine blueberries was to support home pride. But that only went so far. The price even in Maine was obscene. You ultimately would buy berries from PA or elsewhere.

        Global trade has been with us forever. Usually though it was in search of goods that could not be produced or found in the home country. This is a simplistic overview. Rarely was trade due to “finding” the lowest cost manufacture. That is a much more recent economic force, felt mostly since economists stated in the 80’s that we are no longer going to be a “manufacturing” economy but a “Service” economy. Much like in the 60’s and 70’s women being told by the feminists that being a Mom and homemaker was a waste of your talents. People were now being told that working with your hands and making or growing something was a waste…let the dummies line workers elsewhere do it. A great book on this subject is the “Reckoning” by David Halberstam. It took the dummies in the foreign countries about two years to train and take the business from the US. While in IBM manufacturing, we worked very closely with two invaluable sources of innovation. 1) the people on the line and 2) the field service personnel. Once you cut those links your finished as a producing entity.

        The big thrust of a service economy will be the innovator, designer and the agent handling the product once produced. I always said that everyone is not geared or wired to be that entrepenuer or programmer or designer. That usually takes experience, not just an epiphany/flash of brilliance. That’s Einstein. In my last job I found that network managers of a major international airline….did not even know it was an airline, much less its schedules of the major US hubs to service the European hubs. In other words what the customers hot buttons were. They absolutely didn’t understand the relationship between the customer, the airport management and the FAA just to name a few interactions.

        I attended a course on global economics at UC Berkeley and USC in the 80’s. They were talking about such a service economy where you produced nothing and just were the middlemen. Just charging a fee and creating no value add. This was a discription of the middle east. (Until Oil was discovered) The age of exploration was a direct effect of the ME potentates standing in the middle of the trade routes and taking a toll and adding nothing to the trade with asia. Once routes were discovered to by-pass the ME it went into a decline until oil mad it more relevant to the european empires.

        Benanke said that the economy runs on credit and consumption. So instead of products being made better for the most part, they are built to fail and or be obsolete within 2-3 years. Ergo creating more consumption and probably more debt, if you even finished paying off that last newest and greatest iphone. Look how good the latest couple of Windows releases were. They were trash, but caused you to buy a new computer even though the original one was still good.

        From a global climate position I personally have cut my consumption of energy in any form by 2/3’s – 3/4.

        • I think you and Ia re on the same wavelength here. So, Dale, if we are a “Service Economy” and people can no longer afford the service we are where?

          I am thinking, up the creek without being able to afford a paddle, even one made in China.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Correct…..besides it will break when you need it most. Because the contracting company never oversaw the QC in the manufacturing. Their only goal was return to the shareholder.
            Look at this newest outbreak on Salmonella. The produce handler in California was getting the cucumbers from Mexico. Did they stringently check the fertilizers used on the fields…I doubt it…..while traveling in Mexico years ago, you were at great risk to your intestinal tract if you ate anything raw, like vegetables. Has that changed…I doubt it. But then on the other hand would I eat at “Red Lobster” never in a world of sundays.

            The community colleges have admitted that they have done a great dis-service to the population at large by dropping trade schools, such as brick laying, plumbing, electrical etc. Those are trades that can not be outsourced and also you are providing a service, but also creating something.

            Programming can be outsourced to the lowest costing producers and the company can get by. Most companies change software so fast all the errors are overlooked and not fixed because….we’re getting ready for the next release or the next big thing.

            • Agreed on Trade Schools but the US Chamber of Commerce and the National Homebuilder Assn’s doesn’t want that either. They prefer the unlimited supply of cheap labor from South of the Border.

              Then of course, who says you can’t outsource a bridge?


              • Just A Citizen says:

                So the Govt. saved “hundreds of millions of dollars” and you find that a bad thing?????

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                I remember way back in ’71 we were buying a lot of plywood in the business I worked in. We would have loved to “BUY” American but we bought the wood from Japan. The wood to make the plywood actually came from California and Oregon. Shipped to Japan in log form Manufactured into plywood. Shipped back to the US and was significantly less expensive than the plywood directly from the “COOS BAY” mills.

              • Losing sight of the point folks. Nobody saved nothing on a bridge that was guesstimated at 1.5 Bil and wound up costing 6.5. On the plywood front, were the Japanese dumping? ’71 was still well within the height of dumping motorcycles and cars on the US market.

                Today, thanks to EPA federal and state, probably couldn’t log and certainly not process the wood.

                The engineer son talks all the time about the sub-continent engineers who are in under the H-1 visa’s. They work at about half pay to a US engineer, are here only at the “pleasure” of their employers and lack “nuance” meaning everything has to be done three times before they have a clue what field inspectors and supervisors want.

                Back to the basic question of, what happens when the plebs cannot afford your stuff no matter how cheap it is?

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Yes, because the first thing that happens is producers keep producing goods that nobody can afford to buy.

            Same FALLACY Reich uses.

            • No, of course they don’t, they stop production. After the “roaring Twenties”, think back to manufacturing in the US during the great depression. No jobs, no money, no manufacturing, even fewer jobs, less money and less manufacturing. Part of the downward spiral.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                There was no downward spiral. There was a correction. Then Govt intervened and mucked up any chance of recovery. Then war came along and further interrupted the cycle.

                You are stuck in your Keynesian paradigm.

                You, like Reich, are making assumptions about an economy you can’t even fathom by using analogies from economies that do not exist any longer.

                Not once does it seem to occur to you that Reich’s strawman is impossible to achieve. But if it were there would be little need for the money economy he uses to predict “division” into classes of haves and have nots.

                Not once does it occur to either of you that if machines are doing all the work then everyone will have machines. They will be essentially FREE.

                Now lets assume you two are correct. SO WHAT?? What in the laws of the Universe requires humans to maintain the same economic structure forever?? Why do you assume the one we have now is better than any that is different???

                There is absolutely no valid argument that a “MIDDLE CLASS” is required for individual prosperity or National prosperity. The theory of middle class is one of economic/political theories and based on economies existing in the 20th century.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                One of the major goals of the NRA under the Roosevelt fix it all economy was they felt that the problem was there was “TO” much competition.

                JAC is right, the 29 crash was a correction, and several things needed to be corrected. Like extending credit to those that couldn’t possibly afford the over production of manufactured goods. Like cars. Hoover had a problem in that he felt that the government should generally stay out and the business will take care of itself. He did muck about but not much. The economy was sorting itself out by the 32 elections. After that Roosevelt really dug the depression hole and those with capital couldn’t possibly know where or what the government was going to intervene next. Simplistic but for the whole correct.

                Watching old movies from the 30’s if you listen, there are jabs all over the place about government rules and regulations, government intervention was even into renting hotel rooms.

              • In Asimov’s “Foundation” trilogy there is a field called psycho-history which explains history through the lens of the minds of human beings. How we think effects how we act and react. Best choices are not always made nor does rationality come to the forefront in many cases.

                I always remember being told that the “unofficial” motto of the Infantry School at Benning school for boys went along the lines of, “Do something, even if it is wrong do something. Don’t just stand there”.

                When in crisis mode, a leader will act. Sitting around the kitchen table in Coaldale PA back in the very early ’60’s listening to my Dad who was 12 in ’29, my uncle Mike who was 15 and my uncle Andy who was 17 and listening to how their boyhoods ended always gave me pause when thinking about the great depression. You guys are talking about he mechanics of the depression itself but are missing something, the PERCEPTION of the Depression by the folks going through it.

                Like Germany in the ’20’s and ’30’s, Russia, Italy and Spain, the country had lost faith in itself. This was no longer the little engine that could. We missed that but we have seen it addressed in our lifetimes. Carter’s “malaise” was dealt with by Reagan’s rhetoric as well as Obama’s “America’s not exceptional” by Trump.

                In alternative history, I really wonder what would have happened without FDR? Would the economy have sprung back or had the energy to do so with the psychological depression of the American people. Remember there was NO confidence. Again, you folks seem to think all this is mechanical and leave out the wild card, human reaction/experience. Growing up I watched family and friends make decisions rightly or wrongly based in part on the hard economic lessons of the ’29 collapse. Charlie faults me for my “anecdotes” yet he misses the point that “stories” about a broad sector of people are what history is made of.

                JAC, you are a purist, I admire that. we need people who think like you if for no other reason than to make people like me think. I, on the other hand, am a realist, a fair to middling amateur historian and a psychologist without degree. Your comment above “that there is absolutely no valid argument that a Middle Class is required for individual or national prosperity” is, in a vacuum, quite probably true. We are not in a vacuum, that statement in its execution will lead to a total destruction of the America we know and probably a bloodbath along the way. The “Statist” leaves people out of the equation when doing his calculations, something we all complain about. I fear you are doing the same. If the shit hits the fan, I feel I am well prepared to ride it out while many of my friends, neighbors and acquaintances are not. There is however, another little lesson taught to me in the Army, I could have been the best cadet at West Point, the honor ROTC graduate, the # 1 candidate in OCS school with a Ranger and Special Forces tab, yet jumping off the helicopter in Viet-nam, onto a land mine or having a 60MM mortar round drop on my head would have made it all moot. There are A LOT of variables out there that you just cannot prepare for. That in a nutshell is the difference to me between a purist and a realist.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                The stories of those who went through the depression was important. The one thing that came through was that nobody felt special, they were all in the same boat….cash poor, sort of. Only one relative talked about losing their job. That was one of my Grandfather’s who was in banking. He then landed a job with the railroad and that is what he retired from in the 60’s. There may have been some blanks, because I have old photos of him as a workman laying bricks with a bunch of other guys. Nobody ever lost their homes. They had NO debt. My Father always said that they were never hungry. They grew most of our food, what we didn’t grow or raise we’d work up at a farm that did. I have photos of the homes in Scranton, for those that still lived in the city….every square inch of plantable space had food stuff growing. Until about ’32 the last moved out of the city and got land. Grew even more and raised chickens, turkeys and swapped with other family members who had milk, beef etc. My Mom’s dad always worked, he was a printer. May not have brought home much cash but at a minimum a dime was always saved. The key again was NO debt and the ability to raise food……the sears catalogs were important for obvious reasons….the families were considered rich…they had 4 holers.

              • Yep, the coal region crew was very self sufficient! Same with my family, they did chickens, planted gardens and uncle Mike used that .22 pump to take down deer. Seemed that deer season during the depression was 365 days a year! When my grandfather died in ’32 my Dad at 15 had four jobs that my aunt can remember, drove truck, delivered, worked a grocery and probably dealt with illegal hooch, I know he knew how to make it.

  23. Illegal immigrants (aka aliens ) hit car and kill 4 persons….all jumped out of their car and took off running….witnesses ran them all down except for the driver…..all are in the country illegally..none had driver’s license..none could read english…….all of them have criminal records.

    And they ( the illegal shit heads ) are upset because civilian witnesses chased them down, tackled them…and held them for police. A lawsuit is being discussed because in running down the illegal shit head felons for “murder” , they were “roughed up some” until police got there. They are lucky they were not gunned down…and I am equally surprised that the witnesses were not armed.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Getting a little tired of the Self Righteous lunatics I see.

      Hope all is well with you and family this fine day.

      • Hya JAC….yes, I am getting real tired of it……..everything is well with spousal units…yours?

        The labor day parade offered nothing…for the Black Lives Matters Crowd….about 20 people showed up…the New Black Panthers were nowhere to be found…….and the Veterans groups…..were out in full force.

        The turn out for the gunned down policeman was greater than any turn out for any politico….and we have adopted the Fort Worth Police…..we have their back at the fuel pumps and when they stop somebody….the Fort Worth Police only fuel up at specific sites, we have them covered…on traffic stops, if we see it….we slow down and pull over….when they eat at restaurants and our veterans groups are present, we stop what we are doing and take guard positions….the Police claim that it is not necessary……but, we still do it.

        And the Fort Worth Police are not sending single units into known trouble areas any longer…everyone is partnered up for specific areas… and those areas are identified publicly, now. The banks are back to “red lining” areas for loan quality assessments…retailers are no longer building in blighted areas…..

        Everyone has had enough.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          We are doing fine here, the smoke finally left and I can get back to finishing outside construction work on the place. Lost about a month to the smoke.

          Glad to hear others are getting fed up as well. Perhaps this is the cycle the “silent majority” show their heads once again. One can only hope.

    • Just like in fishing, catch and release. Is there anyway to charge them with felony murder?

      • Yes, they can be charged….but the executive order that Obama issued…..they will not be tried. They are all “exempted” for the time being because the deportation order has been stayed and the incarceration orders have been stayed……

        Yet, an American citizen runs a red light, causes no injury, has an outstanding speeding ticket…..goes to jail for 24 months.

  24. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Europe sure is going to have an interesting time absorbing the “refugees” from the ME and Africa. I use the term refugee instead of migrant, because the people are fleeing an intolerable situation such as the wars. Migrants just are moving to try and find a better life…voluntarily……maybe just maybe they will finally solve the crisis that in most ways they created….ie the post colonial Africa ’64 and the arbitrary country boundries in the ME after breaking up the Ottoman empre post WWI. EMEA should deal with their problems, The Americas, North, south central, our hemispheres problems and Whomever in Asia.

    We just kept getting sucked into the ME problems by the British and French after they no longer could handle their own mess.

    • Yeah, it is funny how everybody wants to be like Europe… let’s compare it.

      Hmmm……. Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy just recently set immigration quotas…Germany leading the way with 800,000…….however, there is a caveat….citizenship will not be available and welfare programs are not available……France is outlawing all none France paraphenalia…..Burkas cannot be worn, no faces covered…….

      Belgium and Germany have said that cultural divisions will not be tolerated. . New rules are being issued on housing and immigrants are to be tracked. If none are working within 12 months, they will be deported.

      Italy is issuing temporary “special visas” that must be carried and submitted upon request. These Visas will depict race and religious affiliation.

      In the ECM, the Syrian money……..will most likely not be accepted. The Syrian Pound is not a hard currency, and there are restrictions on its export. The Black Market is the only source of foreign currencies to Syrian nationals who want to travel abroad or immigrate.

      I do not need to go further…….Europe does not want them but for appearance sake will take a few while calling upon the US to fund them.

      • I love it that you KNOW this because you have looked for it. I watched the TV all weekend and listened to the blather about Europe taking these folks, what you reported was NEVER reported. The wonderful Europeans are doing SOOOO much and the nasty old US is doing nothing!

        I’m sure we will catch up. Remind me, don’t folks coming here as refugees qualify immediately for US bennies including SSI, Section 8 Housing, and Medicaid? Seems that the Somali’s got all that.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought for the day.

    Was just remembering some academic’s writings on how BAD our Judeo Christian ethic of work, work, work, is supposed to be. Don’t remember the details, only that he was claiming this ethic does not lead to a rounded and happy life.

    So lets think back to a time before all this industrial rat race. Back when we worked ourselves to the bone just foraging enough food to keep us alive and materials for shelter an warmth.

    Was this the more rounded and happy life he was thinking about? Was it happier than the existence we poor overworked Americans have today??

    Did not our ancestors basically built their religion and free time activities around their “culture” of “working to survive”?? How could that be considered “happiness” or living a “balanced life”???

    There is no greater potential for happiness than learning to love the work you do each day. Avoiding that work in hopes of finding happiness will get you just the opposite. Because you will always be abandoning the work that can help you secure those other things in life.

    If you are going to dig a ditch, then dig the best ditch possible and be PROUD of your ditch.

    • The old man, during the heydays of the ’60’s when people said they would rather collect welfare than clean someone’s bathroom said “there is no work that is not noble”. That came from his immigrant parents.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Having a job that you really love is a great reward in itself….having a job you love and getting good pay is ideal. However, getting paid well to do a job you loath is is a path to a very unhappy life…..generally you will stick to the work due to the pay instead of seeking out that job you’d love…usually until its to late. Having a crappy job and poor pay will drive most people to overcome that situation….at least until welfare came into being…..generalities of course.

  26. gmanfortruth says:

    “We’re going to go back to enforcing labor laws,” Clinton said during a 15-minute speech. “I’m going to make sure that some employers go to jail for wage theft and all the other abuses that they engage in.”

    The government, especially the Left, love to put people in jail. But coming from a woman who SHOULD be sitting in jail just takes the cake. Yet, people will still vote for this fraud. Amazing times we live in.

  27. And to top everything off………………My Longhorns had their stetsons taken and painted green…….as well as getting their ass kicked all over a football field…….BY NOTRE DAME, no less…how embarassing.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The R’s are creating the potential for a very odd situation. The Speaker of the House could very well become Nancy Pelosi or some other Dem thought the R’s hold a majority.

      Gomert stated yesterday he would NOT RUN for re-election if Boehner does the right thing and uses the Corker bill the kill the vote on the Iran deal. His argument is that Obama lied and the deal is in fact a Treaty and thus the Corker bill NO LONGER applies.

      If not he said he would run again and would make it his primary objective to unseat ever last Republican who supported the Corker bill and the games being played by Boehner.

      Interesting rhetoric and quite revealing of the mood in the House of Representatives.

      • “The R’s are creating the potential for a very odd situation. The Speaker of the House could very well become Nancy Pelosi or some other Dem thought the R’s hold a majority.”

        I didn’t know that was even possible-I thought it was a rule

  28. Just A Citizen says:


    I find it funny you consider me a “purist”. Can’t wait to see what BF says about that notion. Although you forgot to explain what exactly I was being a purist about.

    More troubling is your insinuation that I defer to purism at the cost of reality. Apparently you do not read my postings as closely as I thought. My entire ideology is based on the pursuit and understanding of reality.

    So lets address some of your key points.

    In Asimov’s “Foundation” trilogy there is a field called psycho-history which explains history through the lens of the minds of human beings. How we think effects how we act and react. Best choices are not always made nor does rationality come to the forefront in many cases. NO DISAGREEMENT HERE. THOSE WHO HAVE NOT PREPARED THEIR MIND WILL OFTEN MAKE IRRATIONAL DECISONS.

    I always remember being told that the “unofficial” motto of the Infantry School at Benning school for boys went along the lines of, “Do something, even if it is wrong do something. Don’t just stand there”. YES AGAIN. IT WAS THE MOTTO OF THE COMMANDERS IN THE TRENCHES DURING WW I. WORKED OUT REAL WELL FOR ALL THOSE YOUNG SOLDIERS.


    Sitting around the kitchen table in Coaldale PA back in the very early ’60’s listening to my Dad who was 12 in ’29, my uncle Mike who was 15 and my uncle Andy who was 17 and listening to how their boyhoods ended always gave me pause when thinking about the great depression. You guys are talking about he mechanics of the depression itself but are missing something, the PERCEPTION of the Depression by the folks going through it. I AM THE LAST PERSON HERE TO DISMISS PERCEPTION. MOST OF US HAVE PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS FROM THE DEPRESSION. THEIR “PERCEPTIONS” ARE JUST THAT. AND WE ALL KNOW THAT PERCEPTION AND REALITY ARE NOT ALWAYS THE SAME. WHICH OF COURSE MEANS YOU HAVE BUILT A CATCH 22 LOOP FOR YOURSELF. CLAIMIING PERCEPTION IS PART OF REALITY YET PERCEPTION OFTEN BETRAYS REALITY.




    This was no longer the little engine that could. We missed that but we have seen it addressed in our lifetimes. Carter’s “malaise” was dealt with by Reagan’s rhetoric as well as Obama’s “America’s not exceptional” by Trump.

    In alternative history, I really wonder what would have happened without FDR? Would the economy have sprung back or had the energy to do so with the psychological depression of the American people. Remember there was NO confidence. Again, you folks seem to think all this is mechanical and leave out the wild card, human reaction/experience. Growing up I watched family and friends make decisions rightly or wrongly based in part on the hard economic lessons of the ’29 collapse. Charlie faults me for my “anecdotes” yet he misses the point that “stories” about a broad sector of people are what history is made of. ONCE AGAIN, ECONOMICS IS NOT SOME STUDY OF MECHANICAL FORMULAS. IT IS A SCIENCE OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR. WHICH ALL THROUGH HISTORY HAS SHOWN THAT ECONOMIC DOWNTURNS DO NOT GO ON FOR YEARS AND YEARS UNLESS GOVT. INTERVENES. PEOPLE, NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEIR CONFIDENCE IS IMPARIED WILL EVENTUALLY START MOVING FORWARD AGAIN. IF THEY SEE POTENTIAL FOR A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. FDR MADE PEOPLE FEEL GOOD BUT HIS POLICIES KEPT THEM IN THE MUD. SO THE ANSWER TO THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION IS THAT THE ECONOMY WOULD HAVE RECOVERED.


    JAC, you are a purist, I admire that. we need people who think like you if for no other reason than to make people like me think. I, on the other hand, am a realist, a fair to middling amateur historian and a psychologist without degree. I WOLD CALL MYSELF A PRINCIPLED REALIST.

    Your comment above “that there is absolutely no valid argument that a Middle Class is required for individual or national prosperity” is, in a vacuum, quite probably true. We are not in a vacuum, that statement in its execution will lead to a total destruction of the America we know and probably a bloodbath along the way. MY CLAIM ABOUT THE MIDDLE CLASS IS REALITY. SO HOW DO YOU RECONCILE YOUR ARGUMENT? THE PROBLEM IS NOT PURITY OVER REALITY, IT IS PERCEPTIONS AND ACCEPTANCE OF FALSE PARADIGMS INSTEAD OF REALITY. THE NOTION THAT A MIDDLE CLASS IS ESSENTIAL IS BASED ON STUDIES OF WHAT HAPPENED AND THEN “ASSUMING” THAT OUR NATIONAL WEALTH WAS CREATED BY THE MIDDLE CLASS AND THAT THEREFORE IT MUST BE CONTINUED. THIS THEORY WAS CREATED BY ACADEMICS. IT WAS IN FACT A “PURIST” NOTION IN THE CONTEXT YOU ARE USING THE TERM HERE.



    If the shit hits the fan, I feel I am well prepared to ride it out while many of my friends, neighbors and acquaintances are not. There is however, another little lesson taught to me in the Army, I could have been the best cadet at West Point, the honor ROTC graduate, the # 1 candidate in OCS school with a Ranger and Special Forces tab, yet jumping off the helicopter in Viet-nam, onto a land mine or having a 60MM mortar round drop on my head would have made it all moot. There are A LOT of variables out there that you just cannot prepare for. That in a nutshell is the difference to me between a purist and a realist. WHAT YOU DESCIBE IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A REALIST AND A CYNIC. OF COURSE THERE ARE VARIABLES AND ONE DOES NOT NEED TO KNOW THEM ALL IN ADVANCE. HOW DOES THE POSSIBILITY OF JUMPING ONTO A LAND MINE CHANGE THE REALITY OF THE CHOICES OR POTENTIAL OUTCOMES? IT DOES NOT. IT IS SIMPLY ONE OF THEM. WHAT YOU DESCRIBE IS NOT A PROBLEM INVOLVING DECISION ANALYSIS AT ALL, NOR IS IT A PROBLEM OF RATIONALITY VS. PURISM.. IT IS THE SKEPTIC AND CYNICS VIEW OF THE WORLD.


    • Wow! Good response, but this could go on forever. The land mine/mortar analogy was done just to demonstrate that no matter how well prepared you may be, them, old variables can come up and bite you in the ass.

      Just looking around at the world today you can see that perception is more important than reality. Probably always has been. If people perceive the situation to be hopeless, they act accordingly. The question then becomes how do you change perception? As my dem. friends keep hammering away at Voodoo, trickle down economics and telling me about the 1% and income inequality, perhaps I am smart enough to know that it is bullshit but that old line about telling a lie often enough until it becomes the truth still seems to win the day with the masses. Sorta like, “the Jews are responsible.”

      Total agreement on people being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel unless they don’t see it. We can go on about the why they didn’t see it. Carter’s national malaise and Obama’s no exceptionalism, make it harder and harder to see that light. Actually, they are telling you it is not there and never was. For all the BS that happened in the 1930’s the perception that there was a steady hand at the helm and that “we had nothing to fear but fear itself” held this place together until we got through the mess. Were there other possibilities, of course there were. Some would have been good and Huey Long would have been bad.

      Leadership is an interesting case study. In a crisis a leader cannot just sit still and let circumstances overwhelm him. Not terribly sure that Haig and Joffre were ever “unsure” of what they were doing. I’m thinking more along the line of TR Jr. at Utah beach, landed in the wrong place, rather than re-embark, just decide “the war starts here.” Any decision you make will be a 50-50, the better you are at your job the odds will improve. What you cannot do, in war or business or government is be indecisive, you lose your credibility and people will hesitate to follow you even when you are 100% right.

      Well, may continue this later. Off to babysitting chores now.

      Oh, yeah, Carter was right, I listened to him then and also to my Dad. Own ONE (1) credit card and pay the balance off at the end of the month. Only thing I ever bought on “time” was my house and as soon as I could, I doubled up on payments to get that done with.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        We agree on several points. Differences are in how things are used to keep perceptions separated from reality.

        Yes, Shit Happens. Our response to it is important.

        Yes, humans make decisions every day based on “perception”. However, perception can be consistent with reality or based on delusion. To claim perception king is often used to rationalize the irrational.

        The Depression makes a good example of this.. Because the perceptions created by lack of understanding and out right distortion of history perpetuates this “belief” that the Govt NEEDS to create jobs and manage the economy. Continuing to claim that the country “could not pull itself out” shows the power of this myth.

        And I fully recognize that these “perceptions” act as major barriers to getting this country back on the RIGHT track. Another reason I challenge them constantly. Like advertising. One must make the point hundreds of time before the customer begins to internalize the message.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      A good run down of why I challenge arguments like that of Reich and yourself. You call in purist, I call it attacking the fallacies used to perpetuate ignorance. You will find some of your own included in the list.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Good article on issue “debate” Obama has never discussed or debated an issue or compromised ever. He as the article states used every one of the tactics noted. I always like while listening to the ACA “debate” and that under the tent pow wow with the GOP. Obama loudly proclaimed that he would accept any “GOOD” idea that the GOP comes to the table with. he failed to state that the GOP would never have a good idea, in his eyes, and he’d never accept anything but his way. All lies and deception and the courts went along and now with the force of the law, ie “Violence” of the government to totally destroy your life if you fail to comply.

      • You made me laugh yesterday when you pointed out that compared to BF, as a purist you would not do well. Must re-assess my position and grade you guys. If BF is 100 then you get 85. I get 50.

        Nothing in the article I disagree with. What I do point out though is that circumstances are not always what they seem to be and that human perception, tainted though it probably is has more to do with how things will be handled than how a cold logical analysis would determine.

        If we are going to back up to the Great Depression the old FUBAR comes in handy. Things got so out of control in terms of response, confusion and failure to respond that there just was no way to pull it back and they bumbled through the next 11 years.

  29. Good question-these women who were either not viable or exceptions to the rule-turned out to be people after all. People who were tortured and harmed.

  30. Pops overheard a comment at Lung Clinic today. Nurse to patient ” Sorry, the meds aren’t covered. Obamacare stops paying when you reach the age of 76.” Welcome to Socialized medicine folks. It’s here and isn’t going away, EVEN with a complete supermajority of Republicans controlling DC. Many of you have been seriously DUPED. You know who you are too 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In other words do not plan on beating the “life-expectancy” charts. You’ve lived your allocated time…bye

      They obviously feel living that long has been at the largess of the government and anything beyond that is on you.

      • Yep, but it was in the law. The left refuse to accept it, but it is what it is. Not sure what any options could be, short of removing the entire Federal government and getting one that actually follows the Constitution. That is not very likely, as people will continue to vote for their own demise. Sad, very sad.

  31. Dale A Albrecht says:

    We’re just about ready to crack < $2.00/gal on regular gas here in New Bern. Maybe by the weekend.

    • I was in Hampton Va, visiting family over the holiday weekend. Gas was 1.99 all weekend. Still 2.59 here in Pa. WTF? We have less need that that clusterfu….of a traffic mess. I hate driving down there, totally horrible drivers and always stuck in traffic jams because of it. Crazy how bad folks on the coast drive.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Well I can say some things about you country hicks. That’s not bad driving up in Hampton until you get involved with the tunnels. Did you hit many GPS dead zones? Assuming you needed one there. Some of my old stomping grounds down on the Peninsula. Favorite sign staked in peoples from yards was “Dogs and Sailors KEEP OFF THE GRASS!!!”

        VA has some cheap prices for gas. Drive into MD and it’s like driving into CT or MA. Heading up to Fredricksburg for a few days over my birthday and tour the battlefields around there. Fredricksburg Chancellersville, The Wilderness and Spotsylvania,

      • Just broke $3 here.

        • Below $ 2 in Jersey, all praise and glory to the mighty OBama!

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            If he had his way, the new oil and gas riches would be shut down tomorrow. Having lower fuel prices is not on his agenda. Driving (pun intended) them through the roof was his plan to get the publics demand for all his green energy programs and high speed rail. And if the worlds rail system records are still accurate, there are only two profitable high speed rails in the world and the rest are tax payer sinkholes.

            There’s a town just west of New Bern and I’ll bet they’re < 2. We now may be, I 'm heading to hazardous duty shortly. Seniors day at the grocery store.

  32. Live video stream of an area frequented by Pennsylvania elk. Best time to watch is in late afternoon, but cool to watch:


    I’m on board with this move. The Judge is the one who should be in jail, not the Clerk. This was a “police state” action that should never be tolerated.

  34. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Referencing one of JAC’s posts about the different methods of argument. The DEMs and DOJ beating States that are requiring PROOF of who you are when voting. ie a government issued photo ID. Their claim it’s discriminatory because it put such a hardship of the poor who have no ID…..that is such a BS argument.

    Yesterday, I went to a National Forest office to get my lifetime “SENIORS” NPS pass. I had to produce a government issued photo id. Had enough gray hair so the lady did not ask for my birth certificate.

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh my, the wheels are starting to crack and crumble. Now think back to comments made about how the bureaucracies act as a counter weight to any administration. These “50” represent the bureaucracy, not their spineless bosses kissing up to the administration.

    • Interesting story. I guess we can’t blame Obama on this one. My guess is that someone high in the chain is demanding these changes, for the very reason stated, to lie to the people. Now the conspiracy theorist in me is thinking that its time to change the memo and start getting the people brainwashed for more war. The CT in me just don’t see ISIS as a major threat yet. There are lots of stories floating around concerning all of the Syrian refugees. Namely, many pictures of ISIS fighters are being shown next to pictures of a refugee. But, you know the CT world. One would think Russia would be a more discussed problem than ISIS.

    • I’ve been hearing about this interview but this is the first I’ve seen it. But…but, they have him pegged as a flip flopper! I’m still enjoying the show but he needs some new lines now. The Iran deal event at the WH was a bore to me. People either love him or hate him though. Also tiring of conservatives bashing the Trump supporters as ‘bots’ while comparing them to Obama supporters from previous elections.

      • I have noticed all the name calling crap as well. But, this is what the politicians want, the people must be in constant disagreement for them to keep screwing us (without lubrication). As long as the people are in disagreement, they won’t pay attention to the screwing, they will just go play the very game that is there to screw them. I’m tired of being screwed, so I quit playing there game. Few get it, so it won’t end. At least I can say I’m not fooled anymore. Still gonna get screwed until I’m fully out of the system, which I’m close to being.

  36. I can’t help but be excited about the start of the NFL tonight. It is my entertainment each year. It is also fun and profitable. On the profitability side, I did many things different in preparation to try and do even better than last year. We shall see what happens after Monday nights last game. In the meantime, it’s the Steelers at the Patriots. So let’s pick tonights contest and have some fun.

    I’m going with an upset, straight up, no points, Steelers outscore the Patriots and win a barn burner 37 to 34, with both teams scoring in last two minutes. Please note I’m not a Steelers fan at all (can’t stand them). I equally dislike the Patriots (don’t like cheaters, plus their in same division as Dolphins). Let the points FLY tonight!

    • Well, blew that prediction, LOL. Pittsburgh’s defense is atrocious. Any thoughts of them winning the division is probably out the door. Likely a 6-10 team.

  37. Homecoming parade here in Sacramento tomorrow for the French train trio.

  38. I thought about doing a separate article remembering the 9-11 terrorist attacks. But, I’m not sure who the real terrorists actually are.

  39. Speaking of the 9-11 anniversary, it wouldn’t be unexpected to have some sort of happening today. Has anyone noticed there have been few Federally issued warnings this year? I think this is the first year that I didn’t hear anything about a potential attack on the anniversary. That, so far, is the first odd thing about today.

    • Looks like copper sulfate. My guess it is organic-metallic compound that is stored in the fat. If it was in Colorado, I would think he was drinking from the EPA river. I certainly would not eat it. Some additional hunting and observations are called for to find the source of the problem. Or is it a relic from the movie Avitar?

  40. Looking at the Muslim migrant issue in Europe, I have some interesting questions. Why aren’t the very wealthy Middle East Muslim countries like Saudi and the UAE taking in their fellow Muslim’s? Why are these migrants demanding to go to non-Muslim countries versus Muslim countries in their region (maybe because of the answer to question 1)? Could this be a deliberate action by Muslim leaders to infuse non-Muslim countries with tens of thousands of Muslim’s? It has been proven that known terrorist’s are part of the migrants, did they quit fighting their Jihad or are they being purposely sent with the migrants to lead them in their new countries? Why isn’t the negative actions of these migrants being covered by the MSM?

    So many questions, so few answers. But since I have zero trust in Obama and he has recently “ordered” that 70K be allowed into the US, it’s time to ask these questions.

    • They don’t want chaos. Also, these people are TRIBAL there is no way, no how, they will accept another tribe. Still firmly planted in the 7th Century despite solid Gold Rolls Royces.

    • Europe and NA are only about 15% of the world. Where are the rest? Russia? China? Brazil? Argentina? South Africa? ….

      • The Saudi government will not accept any migrants from Syria, but it will build 200 Saudi-run mosques in Germany to hinder any social integration of the Muslims into Germany’s liberal and low-conflict society.

        “The Lebanese newspaper Ad-Diyar first reported the offer last week, citing a request by a committee of sheikhs,” reports International Business Times. “Saudi Arabia also vowed to donate at least $200 million, according to the Lebanese paper, although whether that was to support the refugees or to build the suggested mosques was unclear.”

        In Islamic traditions, which Saudi Arabia claims to uphold and enforce, Islam should be spread by jihad wars and by migrations, dubbed a hijra. By building mosques run by supervision of Saudi-selected clerics, Muslims in Europe can be kept under Saudi influence, and expand the faith though births and a continuing hijra. Turkey has followed a similar course by pushing for Turkish-run mosques and schools in Germany that would segregate the many Turks who have migrated to Germany, which is the birthplace of protestant Christianity

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Gov. Cuomo states that we are “LESS” safe today than before 9/11….If that is so, then we have spent trillions for no additional safety as the government says it was for. Possibly we are making enemies faster than we can keep up with due to our reactions, again making the expenditures moot.

          Obama was one of fourteen senators that voted against any sanctions against Iran years ago……The SOS does not make foreign policy, he or she implements the POTUS policy. So the claim that the lifting of all sanctions immediately presented by Russia at the last minute in the negotiations, and is one of the side deals we know nothing about…is pure BS.

          Europe is accepting hundreds of thousands of muslim refugees. Greeted positively upon entering. More BS. Wasn’t it just 20 short years ago in the Balkans that a bloody war of genocide was waged against the muslims residing there. Europe on whole has been shutting the doors on muslim migration especially Germany due to the NON assimilation of the muslims into the European culture. The arab nations did not accept the palestinian refugees and in some countries used the army to drive them out. With Saudi Arabia funding mosques where people were resisting more being built is going to turn out to be nothing more than an injection of the pathogen that will destroy europe. Time will tell.

          Europeans generally are very appathetic about religion. When the Kings basically replaced the church as the font of power and social good. Now the Kings are just replaced by parliments and PM’s but the social demands are no different. Europeans, mostly, just do not grasp that with Muslims religion is the prime focus of their lives and everything else is secondary.

          If the argument above posted by G and others is that the culture is tribal and will not assimilate in arab nations…how in the H!!! are they going to be a part of a truly foreign culture…..I think NOT….there will be wars like the 30 year and 100 year wars but infinitely worse.

          • I agree Dale. They do not assimilate. This will at some point be their undoing here, if they decide to start to force their religion upon the rest of us. Why the Left seems to be OK with this I do not understand, but it won’t stand.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              The fact that the mullahs and saudi finance and now Iranian finance with funds releasing and embargos lifted, hav been repeatedly saying ad nauseum the goal is to have a cresent on top of St Peter’s and St Pauls and the infidel will bow to Mecca. They didn’t believe Hitler, why not this?

  41. Hooray! for my Congressman who seems to have financially got religion! I’m not Wall Street but I might just throw him a few bucks.


    Ok, I got an A+, Lets see what ya’ll can do.


    Question of the day. Who’s the bigger threat to the American people, blacks or Muslims?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Why is this person linked to Black Lives Matter?

      How is he any different than those claiming to be Christian that burn churches or shoot abortion doctors? Do we not claim them to be crazy exceptions??

      So why is each lunatic Black guy used to condemn the entire Black Lives Matter movement?

      To answer your question: Black Muslims!!

      • It seems that it was the doing of the cops. Possibly associated with the hashtags on twitter and such. But does it really matter? The whole black lives matter movement is originally based on a lie. Granted, I can see how they feel that they are picked on by the cops, but at the same time, who occupies the most crime ridden neighborhoods? That would be blacks. They commit 50% of all murders yet make up only 12% of the population. But you already know that, so no need to preach to the choir. 🙂

  44. Lack of ethics seem to run in the Hillary camp. Is there anything that Liberals do that are ethical?

    • Here’s a good question that maybe Buck will bless us with a comment. Why is it that all these undercover videos are showing illegal activity by the Left are popping up all over and there are NONE that show the same from anyone on the Right? Granted, there are some idiot politicians, but when numerous people keep getting busted on the Left that shows a pattern. The pattern shows that the Left don’t seem to feel they need to obey written laws, except the ones that fits their agenda.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Those making these videos must address the accusations of “selective editing”.

      The latest planned parenthood video which was supposedly posted “unedited” has been reviewed by “experts” who claim it is in fact edited.

      This issue of “editing” is used by the left to DISMISS the attacks as phony. It gives cover to Democrat congressmen during hearings. Just look at the hearing of the other day. The Dems were using “editing” to dismiss the hearings as nothing but a witch hunt and grandstanding.

      • It isn’t really going to matter anyway. Republicans will pretend they want action, the Dems will claim it’s a Right Wing conspiracy and both sides will get off work, go have a drink and laugh at how they have the sheople fooled.

  45. More on the migrant issue:

    Typically, the people most in need, and most vulnerable in these situations are emphatically NOT men. Children? Yes. Women? Certainly. Even allowing for some portion of elderly, how can we possibly have 72% men? Sorry, but this number trips my BS meter. And it should trip yours, too.

  46. The conspiracy theories continue:

    An article published on the Steelers’ website alleges that the Pittsburgh coaches’ headsets, which malfunctioned during the first quarter of their 28–21 loss to the Patriots on Thursday, worked only when an NFL official was nearby.

    So, lets take a poll.

    Do you think the Patriots are cheaters?

    • I didn’t get to see the game. Not that I would have watched it anyway, these two teams are the two teams that I absolutely despise!

      The judge ruling in favor of Brady just reinforced the growing attitude that it is ok to lie, cheat, and steal to get what you want. And if you get caught……deny, deny, deny……and blame someone else. That IS the new American way.

      • AH, but the fallacy that the suspension is gone is wrong. What was thrown out was the method reached and the language in the CBA. The suspension can still occur, when, who knows, but it’s still out there. This likely won’t get resolved till after the NFL’s appeal is heard, probably next year at the earliest. The Patriots will always be viewed as cheaters by a large number of fans, myself included. Spygate, which hit the news again, only makes them look worse. Then the NFL network show “Do Your Job” and the explanation of the last interception has LOTS of people wondering. Not a big deal, after watching them, I don’t see them being all that good this year.

  47. I’ve been scanning this blog for a couple days now. It’s the Dilbert cartoonist’s blog. I’m finding it very interesting. It’s simple enough for me to understand and YO JAC! there is much deep thinking in the comment section(s), I think you would fit right in. This particular post is one in a series he’s doing about how Trump is a master of language and how it’s used to persuade. I have found a label for myself here…cognitive dissonance.

  48. Talk of a military coup in the U.S. recently prompted renewed discussion after a professor at West Point was recently forced to resign following revelations that he authored several controversial articles. In one of those articles, titled “Alea Iacta Est: The U.S. Coup of 2017,” he argued that military officers, far from simply having the right to overthrow the government, may have a duty to do so if the federal government acts against the best interests of the country.

    While I personally never this this happening, if one would happen, considering the corruption of the current 535 criminals in DC and the alphabet agencies who have gone rogue right along with them, I think I would support the movement. I do so, however, with the belief that the military commanders will work to make the needed changes to keep the corruption from reoccurring (as in changing the current wording of the Constitution and let the people vote on those changes). Then, when the agreed upon changes are made, new elections are held and a civilian government reinstated. If the military commanders ever showed any part of being power hungry, then my support would not be there. We need some big changes and the current path is a straight line with no u-turns in sight.

    • G, if you have never read the book or seen the movie, please do so, thought provoking to say the least.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      “I think I would support the movement”

      A FOOL revealed.

      • Each time I hear or read about the “Republican Led Congress” I feel the same way. BWAHAHAHA!

        • Problem with a military coup is they tend not to just “go away:”. There are exceptions that usually take decades but I can easily imagine that the sweet taste of power is not something most would give up and walk away from. Cincinatus and Washington did. Caesar and Augustus did not..

          • A gamble for sure. But what is worse, a military on the side of a tyrannical government, which ours is becoming more and more each day, or a military who see’s the tyranny and fights back to remove those who chose to rule rather than serve? In retrospect, I would not support a military coup run by a tyrant who only wants to rule. But there are vast differences between the two. I think our current military would end the tyranny and restore civilian rule, and would likely make that very clear before or during their actions. It would take a year or more, that I can live with as long as the changes that are made to support the peoples freedom and rights are being made and made openly. I also don’t think the people would not tolerate a military coup that I mentioned above, just done by another tyrant who wants to rule (which I don’t think our military would fight for anyway).

            History shows that good changes can come from such actions. But with any actions of this nature, there is risk. Only fools are afraid to take risks when they become necessary. The same fools are doomed to be ruled over, and lick the boots of their slave masters 😀

      • Is it not foolish to remain on the path to serfdom?

  49. One of the things I like about SUFA is that I can check things through our “Borg” memory.

    Was listening again today to Larry Kudlow for want of anything better except bad music and worse news about the Republican Traitors in the Senate and House. I may be wrong but couldn’t McConnell force a vote by basically shutting down the Senate until an up or down vote was taken?

    Anyway that is not the issue. Issue for me today is how Syria played out in real life rather than Kudlow’s fantasy.

    Now I remember a relatively minor uprising in Syria then…..

    The US jumped on the bandwagon denouncing Assad
    Europe jumped on the bandwagon denouncing Assad
    We threw in with the “moderates” in Syria fighting Assad
    We convinced the Europeans to throw in with the “moderates”
    The Russians threw in with Assad
    Somebody(s) used poison gas
    We drew a line in the sand
    Russia pulled the gas issue off the table
    We backed down
    ISIS sensing a vacuum, rose.
    Assad went to Russia and Iran for help fighting ISIS
    We continued supporting the “moderates” fighting Assad, not ISIS, and trained 57 who later disappeared after us spending 2.5 mil per troop.
    We supported the Kurds though we didn’t supply them
    We encouraged NATO member Turkey to jump in
    Turkey jumped in to attack the Kurds
    Everybody is fighting everybody except ISIS
    Europe is being buried in “refugees” who are “moderates” I guess

    Larry Kudlow seems to want to go to war with Russia because they “started it”. Anybody remember it that way?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Not I…..the one thing that comes out loud and clear in this M/E mess is that if a group rises up against it’s government that same government is NOT in any way supposed to defend itself against that uprising or face the wrath of the US and Europe and Nato….what if the shoe is on the other foot someday?

      I guess in a weird sense of logic it is Russia’s fault. We have systematically knocked off, or knocking off and destablizing allies past and present of Russia in the M/E. Even getting the US involved in Iran way back in the 50’s was a play the Brits used to get us involved claiming imminant threat of a soviet takeover in Iran.

  50. A perfect example of how the last election proves that they are all on the same team:

    The RINO won’t even make Obama veto it, what a coward. Voting is useless until the corruption and both political parties are disbanded and destroyed.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      old news…he said that the other week. This as I said before is totally contrary to what they ran on. They’d make Obama veto bills and then make the dems take stands….right now as it stands…they’ve caved on everything. Spineless chickens. Sorry…don’t mean to defame chickens. Weasels is more like it.

  51. A new thread has been posted, enjoy! 🙂

  52. Caught this on C-Span last night. This guy is really good. Calls these people who would shut down free speech out for what they really are neo-Puritans.

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