Invasion! The Selling Out Of America

thYW9P44E9Simple word for a simple matter.  Invasion, which is happening in Europe and will most likely happen here.  Millions of Muslim’s from numerous foreign countries are claiming refugee status and pretending to be from Syria.  Many insurgents are, in fact, fleeing Syria. However, they traverse through Macedonia, Greece, or Hungary and proceed to Germany, Sweden, and Britain where they are endowed with generous welfare benefits.  Notice the last part of that sentence and ask yourself, will the liberal Left open the gates and let them in?  They’re not fleeing starvation.  News images reveal well-fed and well-dressed insurgents toting smart phones and trendy backpacks. They hardly resemble the rag-tag refugees who fled Ireland’s 19th-century potato famine.  Unfortunately, our MSM will not likely report this, but the alternative media will.  Some media report insurgents using GPS enabled smart phones to navigate from Turkey to Western Europe.  Many claim to have paid smugglers well over $1,200 to get them into Europe. Where do thousands of starving Syrians each get $1,200 expendable cash?


Largely uneducated, unemployable, and government dependent, the insurgents will bond with leftist politicians eager to exchange the tax dollars of ethnic Europeans for the votes of insurgent Muslims.  As Democrats in the United States welcome illegal aliens from Latin America, leftist politicians understand the hordes of insurgents from the Middle East will support politicians who dole out government programs.  This is not an accident.   The Obama led administration went as far as advertising in Mexico and other Central American countries.  Are Arab nations shunning refugees? Or are refugees shunning Arab nations? While some Islamic nations have accepted legitimate Syrian refugees, many have received none.  There is no need for Islamic insurgents to invade Islamic nations.   Among those Arab nations with no Syrian refugees crossing their borders are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain.  Europe is the primary destination. Germany, alone, is accepting 800,000 insurgents this year alone.

But let me simply cut to the main point.  Clearly, the displacement of Western culture in Europe and the United States is neither accident or coincidence. Rather, it is a calculated effort to remove the economic disparity that exist between Western civilization and Third-world nations.  The influx of immigrants from poor nations is a Left Wing attempt at wealth redistribution on a global scale.  Here in the United States, they want immunity for what is claimed to be 11 million illegal immigrants.  That number is what is reported over and over (this a is clear use of telling the same lie enough, people will believe it).  I believe the number is in excess of 35 million and could reach as much as 45 million.  Now, Obama is claimed to want as many as 100,000 of the current migrants that are travelling in Europe.  Muslim’s do not assimilate.

thD0NPDC5FIt is clear that Liberal’s are selling out this country in the name of their socialist mantra of fairness and wealth redistribution.  There is nothing fair about theft.  If the people of this country don’t wake up and seriously curb welfare and get the immigration issue under control, the future lifestyles of our grandchildren will probably resemble that of the citizens during the Great Depression.  Let’s not just blame the Democrats because the Republicans in Congress are walking lockstep right behind Obama and his minions.  They all need to be stopped or this country will turn to a third world shithole.



  1. Before anyone jumps up and down and think I’m anti-immigration, let me be clear that it is the farthest thing from the truth. We are a country of immigrants. We have many good hard working people who come here just to work and make a better life for themselves. That’s a great thing. WE need to end the anchor baby fallacy and stop all government freebies for those who are not here legally. If we are to be a country of laws, then they need to be followed by everyone, not just those who fall into a political agenda.

    They jail a Court clerk because she wouldn’t obey a criminal judge and give out gay marriage licenses, but the mayor and police chief of San Francisco are walking free after a woman was murdered because THEY would not follow Federal immigration laws. This is absolutely wrong and this shit also needs to stop. Too bad few are speaking out, the sheople are just asking for incarceration based on political views, because that’s next. Obama has already signed the Executive Order.

  2. Caught this on C-Span last night. This guy is really good. Calls these people who would shut down free speech out for what they really are neo-Puritans.

  3. Interesting tidbit on financial news this morning. The subject matter was Bank of America and Merril Lynch ( owned by Bank of America )…..first of all, I will say anyone who is tied to or is allowing their assets being tied to Merrill Lynch ( Bank of America )…..better examne very closely their assets. It has long been known in the circles of investments, that Merrill Lynch and BoA….are the most unscrupulous and worse at personal asset management ever…..but don’t believe me….check it out. Check out the Wealth and Management Division

    Now, on with the story……it was centered around black athletes and the millions of dollars they receive and how most of them are losing their money….today’s piece was on Dwight Freeney and how he was bilked of 20 million in a fraud scheme. But the story included a great number of millionaire athelets that are broke because they entrusted their money to investment counselors and management firms.

    First of all, was the amazing trust that peope put into investment companies and investment brokers. The over riding issue was that people feel that they have an expectation of return and safe money management……however, nothing could be further from the truth. THere is nothing but truth to the axiom…”a fool and his money are soon departed”. Anyone who puts their blind faith into investment firms and money managers…..deserve to be bilked. They went on to say, and listed the HUNDREDS of player millionaires that are out of money or lost their money and Merrill Lynch and BoA have the highest amount of millionaire players losing their money.

    The excuse of, ” I put my money into investment counselors because I do not understand it and I want to make it grow”. I do not get how anyone would blindly put their money into anything without understanding the risks. If you do not understand it….DO NOT DO IT !!!! This decision does not take a Masters Degree in business. If you blindly trust…..YOU WILL GET HAMMERED…….Period. DO NOT INVEST on someones word. It is your money……if you give it to someone….expect to lose it unless you are tuned in…Remember, if an investment counselor or broker loses your money because of bad investments, you are responsible….they get their commission on selling and buying…they do not lose.

    However, it was also pointed out, that many of the millionaire atheletes, lose their money when they buy houses and cars for their mom or dad and brothers and sisters…live lavish life styles…..what they do not do is plan for the future when the taxes come due on the properties and the maintenance costs just consumed what they have left….then the athelete gets injured……voila.

    BUT….the really important issue brough up… the new race discrimination and how they are blaming the educational institutions and NFL for their losses. THey are now claiming that most blacks do not pursue educational quality when going to college….they major in things like “basket weaving” or study “ebonics”..and very rarely attend classes anyway because as long as they can play well enough to plant butts in the stands….they will make “A’s”. So, instead of blaming themselves for stupid money management, they are now saying that race discrimination is causing the issue…and that the black athlete is at a disadvantage.

    Caucasian and Asian athletes tend to go into sciences and business related studies for after market……and there is a greater proportion of non black athletes that are successful after injury or after sports. Based on this,……the new race discrimination is now going to be that the “black” athlete is not responsible for bad decisions because they were forced into it. It has already been stated.

    • One other issue that was brought up……non of these athletes read the contracts they sign with the investment houses and brokerage firms……it is small print and page after page…..well……whose fault is that?

    • The mental illness of liberalism doesn’t allow for liberal’s to understand personal responsibility. To them, it’s always someone else’s fault. They are sick and need help, lots of help 😀

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Victimization along with righting every wrong with a “law” really took root during the ’70’s. Nothing is your responsibility especially if you are a designated “special” group needing government protection.

  4. Dale A Albrecht says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Easy solution…..the family of the founder should withdraw the endowment lest they be in violation of the will….unfortunately this will go the way of the GM bankruptsy, the law will mean nothing. Only the money counts.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Or why would the wife of the Citicorp CEO because she wants to donate $20M get to place her name in front of the founders name. If anything her name should be posted last due to alphabetic listing.

        The school board should just drop any pretext of being Smith anymore and just say we’re open for business to anyone with a check large enough. Like the lawsuit says, it’s not just naming a new stadium or library…but the courts dismissed the suit due to lack of standing.

        This school will cease to exist in time, because they have no ethics and will do whatever is expediant.

  5. I just noticed that the extra point attempt is no longer a gimme…..

  6. Center for Immigration Studies says in a recent “analysis of Medicaid, cash, food and housing programs” that more than 60 percent of U.S. households headed by illegal immigrants are reliant on government assistance.

    Notice also the statistics on legal immigrants. It clearly shows that the government has pissed away the American dream. Keep voting folks, you might fix it (NOT).


    Enforcement cameras= fleecing the people. Not to mention that they can’t prove who the driver is. Now if only voters could get together and fix the criminal cartel in the District of Clowns.

    While I may seem against voting as a whole, I have no problem with local elections. Local elections can make change occur.

  8. A thought for a possible discussion. What would be the repercussions of Counties/States refusing ALL Federal government money and removing all government interference from said Counties/States?

    • Well, I can tell you this…..the Feds really get pissed. We, (Texas) dropped Federal Education funding…..common core is no longer much of an item here…although there are still some holdouts…and the school lunch programs are now locally and state funded and we did away with Michelle Obama’s lunch program…..we serve hot dogs and corn dogs and french fries….cokes……..

      But the big issue is border enforcement…we patrol our own borders OUTSIDE of what is now called the exclusionary zone….we just assigned 1.5 billion in new money to the border areas for our State Guard….

      and last but not least, any Federal program that we do not accept money for any longer….we have rescinded all applicable Federal rules and regulations and are replacing them with State regulations…..if needed. Greg Abbott, the new governor, said that the ranchers of our state know more about water conservation and treating than any 100 people of the Federal Government…. by not taking Federal EPA money that, in the past, governed the waters on private land, we returned the water conservation back to the ranchers….and we returned the navagable waters intra-state back to our local folks.

      You have to be prepared though….because the Feds are threatening to take away funding for welfare and other items… which Abbott said…..”OK”…but the Feds won’t do that because, Abbott says, Texas will not pick up any funding for unauthorized non citizens. Abbott went on to say, that any closure of a Federal Office just means more office space available for locals or transfers.

      Then Abbot says…..if Trump builds a wallon the southern border, he will be asked to build a wall around the rest of Texas and put a roof on it and air condition it…….but Abbot thinks that might be a stretch. Perhaps we can get Jerry jones to do it….and keep his damned hands out of trying to run a football team.

      • One of my bigger concerns was the welfare issue. I don’t think just cutting it off is the right thing to do, unless the State can make up for it, then put time limits on it. Another problem is trying to get business’s back who left the country, so we have jobs for people to work and get off the dole. I would say, there’s no one real answer, but many.

        Agree on Jones, but the Boy’s pulled one out last night, in exciting fashion no less. That’s the way games should end, in the last seconds 🙂

        • You, sometimes, really make me think. Why would you have any trouble wth the welfare system for un-authorized non citizens, (aka: illegal immigrants)

          • gmanfortruth says:

            This was mostly about all people. But even illegals should have a short warning period. Like, all illegals have one more month of benefits, then all gone. Got to end this anchor baby fallacy too.

    • I would not be so hasty here…I will be the first to admit that the “good old boy” system is alive and well….but, it does have its advantages. One of its advantages is reputation….we have a small town, well large now, between Fort Worth and Dallas..Arlington, Texas…….do not speed, do not spit on the sidewalk, do not pee on cop cars, do not panhandle….follow the ordinances…… is well known that if you are going to Arlington for anything…..obey the law….period. There is no resisting arrest there…Waco is the same way as are most of the small towns, run by Sheriffs.

  9. My….how interesting……Hungary putting up fences to stop immigration…Spain has said they will not take anymore…..Italy has said no and the military is gathering its barbed wire concertina and getting ready to close borders…..France has said not welcome….Germany is putting up border control to stem the tide…Austria the same….the Netherlands have said NO….as has Denmark…..

    See, Mr. President, how easy it is to say no? Your beloved Europe is beginning to examine passports and deny entry all across the continent…..perhaps you could learn a lesson?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good afternoon Sir.

      How did your little Black Lives Matter and Stomp the Flag parade go?

      In Spokane, next door to us, the same goons made the same threats and promises of violence. All the county cops were on mandatory overtime this weekend. The veterans group in Spokane was also out and visible.

      End result was NOTHING happened. Well except for some gang bangers who got arrested and immediately phoned their friends and tried to start a riot. The punks came out of the wood work to harass the cops. “No boundaries” was used to explain these thugs. The troops were rallied and the threat quickly put down. To bad they didn’t put some of the bangers down at the same time.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Well here in New Bern this weekend the cannon were firing out at the Point. Not to quell a rebellion or repel the troops of northern aggression but to start charity bike races around the city. Late in the evening the cannon started again. This time I believe it was to shoot the stragglers that kept the race committees at their post after the cocktail hour started.

        Beautiful fall days are starting. Fields and trees are lush and just starting to color.

        We have so many military personnel here, active, reserve and retired with almost all the police former military people know just to plain don’t start anything and just be brotherly, get along and have a good time.

      • It did not……we had a copy of the parade route and we had four veterans on each corner armed. About 20 people showed up for their parade….and all they did was yell a little on a bull horn…..and it broke up within about one hour…..and they left. They threw some taunts our way but no one took the bait.

        Even the news would not report it….Fox news was there and they did a piece but none of the other news media would report on it…there was no violence and the most interesting part about it….there were no police to be found…….and that was by design…so there was no targets for them to focus. It was really funny. No gang bangers were there and no cell phone mob action.

        Hope that you and yours are doing fine…..

  10. Just A Citizen says:

    Morning observation

    Megyn Kelly is doing everything she can to undermine Trump. She is subtle but it is obvious to me.

    O’Reilly, despite his claims of impartiality, seems to be pumping the Trump balloon.

    The media is on its usual “Built them up so we can destroy them” bandwagon. They are scrambling to create “contenders” in both party races.

    A solid Libertarian Party candidate could blow the National polls to pieces. Someone with reputation as a straight talker but in the “little L” camp. Someone who recognizes changes need to be made in increments, given where we are today.

    Dem women are starting to move away from Hillary, but towards Sanders and Biden. I told you SUFA ladies that women are the support system for Socialism in the USA. 😉

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Let us not forget about Kerry.

    • Fox in general is after him. They are pushing Carson. I figure they will back “Gentle” Ben to take down Trump then try to use the fact that Carson is inexperienced to take him out in favor of Jebbie boy. Might offer Carson VP along the way. Unless somebody pops up with someone Trump raped in seventh grade or something they are in for a surprise. Those phony turkeys have absolutely no clue what is going on out there.

      Got a kick today from my favorite neo-con, Bil Kristol, now mind you, I never believed in neo-cons until a few years ago. When he announced he could not support Trump and would go third party, I started laughing hysterically. That @#$%^&*(*&^%$#@ no good G—damned Sonofabitch!

      Damn liberals either the out in the open ones or the Rino type are like the vampires in those ’30s and ’40’s Universal International films. No matter how many times you pound the stake through their heart, some asswipe will pull out the damned stake and they come back to life to suck you dry again!

    • Oh, you wanna go there huh? Don’t make me round the ladies up…..

      Have’t heard any quacks outta you this week. I KNOW you watched that game. LOL

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Yes I did. Sorry I forgot to congratulate you. I was still hurting after Boise State lost to BYU.

  11. Just A Citizen says:


    Well Sir, I just thought it was time you had a good laugh. So please take the time to read the whole thing. Wouldn’t want ya to miss any chuckles.

    • OK…there are some chuckles along the way….especially, the parts about Carter….however, what does distress me, are the comments from the readers. That is more distressing than the clap trap printed by Huffpo…..( by the way,, I am still banned )….it is amazing how far the left has indocrinated the young into thinking that socialism is the way to go….it is scary.

      No one undestands debt…..much less debt to equity ratios. You keep hearing how government cannot be bound by ordinary accounting rules…and that debt and deficit are “allies”……to those, I can only say, they have never had to take care of themselves. One thing that BF and I are in agreement on….is that no one, can point to a successful socialist country. Take a good look at Venezuela…..nationalization of industry, confiscation of savings accounts and bank accounts, price indexing and price fixing…..a once thriving nation is about to lie in ruin. In Caracas…once fully rented high rise offices now sit vacant and the infrastructure is crumbling around them. A once rich nation in oil production. can now barely produce a tea cup of oil and that tea cup of oil is not refined. Since the government took over the refining, all but one of the refineries are producing at levels less that 30%. It is pretty bad when China and Russia investment pulls out.

      I will point to Chinam where if they do what they say they are going to do to Hong Kong, it will ruin the Chinese economy, no matter how much cheap and child labor they pour into the market. ( By the way, last years deaths among children under the age of 15 in labor camps ( yes, I said camps) topped 175,400. Why is this not reported in the US commerce records and the US Chamber of Commerce? Because we are benefitting from China’s NON environmental agenda, child labor in labor camps, and trade imbalances.

      Obama, according to this article, may be a chess player……but any Romper Room Reject in the US can beat this guy in three moves. He has lost before he sits down…..

      And if Kerry is the Queen…….I think I will subtract the Chess reference and just say he performs as a “New York” or “San Francisco” Queen….and, yes, I know that is non PC…….so sue me.


    Up to 250K Muslim migrants being allowed to become temporary citizens. Didn’t a Federal judge say “NO”, which still stands today.


    Good article on the subject that may not be what the propaganda dictates. This may make for a good discussion, considering the statistics within the article.

  14. “A weakened rule of law, the so-called wars on terrorism and drugs, and a confused regulatory environment have helped erode economic freedom in the United States, which remains behind Canada and other more economically free countries such as Qatar, Jordan and the U.A.E,” explained Fred McMahon, a leading researcher at the institute.

    “Economic freedom breeds prosperity and economically free countries like Canada offer the highest quality of life while the lowest-ranked countries are usually burdened by oppressive regimes that limit the freedom and opportunity of their citizens,” he added.

    The perfect rebuke of Democrat policies and leadership. The Republicans aren’t much better, just traveling the same path slower. Don’t forget to vote next year 🙄

  15. A little local favor….in Louisville, Tx ( a suburb of Dallas), a Whataburger restaurant declined service to two off duty policemen in uniform…..within 24 hours, the word was out and in 24 hours, sales plummeted by 85% as the call for boycott went out….and it was not just the local Whattaburger……all of a sudden, there are apologies….but too late….there is a movement to boycott all Whattaburgers in the DFW area for 72 hours….to prove a point. We shall see if it happens….I already know that the Whattaburger that sits outside the gate at the Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth……has already lost 90% f its breakfast trade from the military and we all went to Chick Fil A.

    • I gotta go get a pic and try to put it on here…I was just told that the line of cars outside Chick Fil A counted 64,,,,,,,,,,the line at Whattaburger….3.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      You wonder what goes through peoples minds sometimes.

      In ’75 the San Diego government decided they did not want the Navy and Marine Corp business anymore. Basically saying we don’t need you or want your presence in our city. The military withheld all inter action, including restaurants, bars, gas everything. Within 48 hours the mayor was begging for forgiveness saying they really weren’t serious. The city’s economy was close to collapse.

    • It’s nice NOT to have these issues here. Elsewhere, Liberals are always finding out the hard way that they are stuck on stupid 😀

  16. American Immigration Reform PAC…….funded by Soros……..wonder what his agenda is………..

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just wondering if massive uncontrolled “migrant” waves, and high finance manipulation are considered weapons of war?

    • Well, it is not BS…..but let’s break it down……first of all, I am unaware of non muslims building IED’s…..secondly, as I have posted on here several times, Texas is and will racially profile. As has been stated on this blog many times from the liberals and progressives….it is better to be wrong and safe than to be accomodating and dead. A muslim kid brings a homemade clock or electronic gadget to school….profile him or her. I want someone to tell me where that is wrong and why.

      The two “white kids” as it is pointed out……were NOT at school…they were at the Main Street Arts Festival in downtown Fort Worth and I wish that they showed the whole arts festival. You would have seen hundreds of armed people….from kids to adults. It is not against the law and long guns can be carried by anyone…….anywhere.

      I will even go further to say this…..and you can accuse me of Islamophobia if you wish……any time that I see a person that even looks Muslim or from that region and they are carrying backpacks or anything large enough to hold a weapon or bomb……they are immediately profiled and I give them my full attention looking for mannerisms or strange behaviour. I want someone to tell me I am wrong and why?

      I do the same thing when I see skin heads or nazi tatooed white extremists….I give them scrutiny the same way. I also do the same thing with blacks and hoodies in the middle of summer.

      The reason that I look extra hard at the Muslim or eastern race…..I know what is crossing the border. It ain’t all Mexican or Hispanic and in Mexico, just South of Ojinaga….on the Texas border, there is a training camp and it flies the ISIS flag. South of Chihuahua, Mexico, there are two Hezbollah training camps and they fly their flags……so, tell me why I would not be on guard?

      • Oh, wait…..I am paranoid….that’s it. I was called that once…when we arrested a young kid simply because he fit a particular profile…….and lo and behold….the little bastard was armed.

        • And I might also add…..we would not have to be paranoid or concerned if the law was simply enforced…..all thise selective law enforcement….has made us unsafe.

          • My own view is this. Today in schools up north if you were to wear a shirt with an AR or M-4 on it, you would be sent home. We have ZERO TOLERANCE policies. Here is a kid, warned by his science teacher not to show it around, setting the alarm! Goes off in class, teacher takes a look, calls security. In these times, I don’t know if I would expect anything else no matter what color the kid was. Note in the story they say the cops released pics. Didn’t see any. maybe it looked like a bomb!

            • We built parts for rockets in shop class. I machined the nozzle. Others cast and machined a nose cone. A local welder helped use weld on the fins. The local drug stored ordered the chemicals we needed for fuel. The rocket was 5′ long and when launched went up about 5000′ to 6000′. Then it arced over an came straight down and buried all but 2″ of the nozzle in Illinois loam. Prior to launch we had sent a letter to the FAA asking for air clearance. We got it along with instructions for visibility and alerts for small aircraft. That was 51 years and 17 days ago. Half the town new what we were doing and encouraged it. That includes the science teacher, shop teacher, fathers, druggist and many others. We had a small crowd for the launch. I am sure we now would be considered terrorists.

              • So, T Ray….I remember the days of being able to do those things…..but not today… will not see it…..hell, even shop teachers are afraid of building certain things now.

          • President Obama
            ✔ ‎@POTUS
            Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.

            12:58 PM – 16 Sep 2015

            435,387 435,387 Retweets

            434,711 434,711 favorites

            ROFLMAO! Obama has egg on his face now. This is what happens when ones agenda leads the mouth.

  17. picture of the clock sure as hell doesn’t resemble any I’ve seen recently.

  18. Let’s see…..a briefcase brought to school, with a mother board and wires into a digital read out….being carried by a Muslim who also had a cell phone. His science teacher tells him not to carry it around to other classes but the little ass did so anyway….A teacher, who is not a sicence teacher sees it….it looks like other home made briefcase bombs…..and the kid fits the perfect profile… she does what her training has told her to do….it alarms others and the police were called.

    And kudos t the pricipal of the school and the police… apologies are necessary. They said that they would do the same thing again. Nothing is to chance……

    Want to know the real reason the kids is transferring schools???? Follow up in a week and let’s see where he is……

    And…a big BULL SHIT to Fox News……for showing a picture of a store bought alarm clock on TV under the headlines that Muslim child handcuffed for bringing a simple clock to school that he built. Another big BULL SHIT to Fox News for not showing the interviews with other students and parents and the out pouring of support for the police, teacher, and principal. It is the way of the world…..and the profiling will continue.

    Kudos to the police for following up, looking at the device, not filing charges, recognizing that it is a science project, and letting the kid go…..another BIG BULLSHIT to the Muslim community for claiming racism and Islamophobia…..they want us to understand ther plight…cool….they need to understand ours.

    The Dallas Chapter of Veterans is going by the school today to present them with a personal new storm flag to fly over their school.

  19. Keep an eye on Africa…..and what happens by March 1, 2016. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

    • It’s been ugly in Africa for quite some time, including when Obama illegally bombed them back to the 7th century. Obama and Clinton should both be behind bars, NOT where they are. I don’t know how much more proof people need to understand how phuked up and corrupt the whole Federal government truly is.

      Good day to you and yours Colonel. Hope all is well with everything.

  20. Happy Constitution Day SUFA!

    On Sept. 17, 1787, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the Constitution it had created in Philadelphia. It would be 10 more months before the first nine states (the necessary number for adoption) approved it. The country began to operate under on it March 4, 1789. It would only survive in force for about 73 years. Today, it survives in name only.

    In 2004, Congress passed an amendment to a spending bill (what a surprise) that created Constitution Day that mandated (what a surprise) that all publicly funded educational institutions provide educational programming on the history of the American Constitution on that day.

    That’s pretty ironic when you think about it, given that I can’t find anything in the Constitution that gives Congress that authority. And given what most Americans know about the Constitution today, I’m sure that irony is lost on them, and it’s obvious that the public (non)education system has been has adept at teaching constitutional history as it has in teaching most everything else that is good and right and true.

  21. I didn’t watch the debate, mainly because CNN was hosting it and I expecting a circus, which is what basically happened. The parts I have seen saw Carly wrongly claim that Trump filed bankruptcy 4 times (he didn’t do it individually, it was a company thing). Considering HER record, I found that hypocritical. I couldn’t vote for her, I think we have had enough of firsts sitting in the Whitehouse. CNN of course, loaded with Liberal’s, are likely afraid of Trump because he could easily beat Clinton in the national election. What do they do, a “Gotcha” question about vaccines and Trump crushed them. Read about it here:

    The Left also knows that if Bush is the nominee, the election will be close and they may win and finish destroying the economy. Watch closely as the MSM as a whole work to kill Trump’s bid to be President. The establishment will get that job done, one way or another.

  22. Hey BF………I would like to know your perspective on why the FED did not raise the rate today. I will share mine also….

    • My take, the up-down action a few weeks back scared the bejesus out of the “everything is all right crowd”. Gotta hold this mess together until O’Bama is out of office and a Republican takes over.

      Straight, simple and to the point?

  23. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’m still here scratching my head as to how well the EU will handle the PC thing of the “Muslim” migrants. Most of the western EU countries have been saying “NO MAS” the last couple years especially France and Germany. They are the powers in the EU. They’ve until just recently let Greece, Spain and Italy eat the burden and then close their borders so the “migrants” will not come north. In view of the the really hot buttons of the recent, 15-20 years of genocidal strife in the Balkans, Serbia, Croatia etal…..this can not be viewed as anything but a hostile invasion of territory and the “Powers” even now refuse to protect the overall borders of the EU.

    I still do not look at the migrants, from south of our border” as long as they follow the “legal” steps, as a problem. The immigrants I have worked with and hired, at the local going wage for craftsman, in which they were skilled at the high end. Legal immigration which technically would screen out the criminal element or at least most of it.

    The south of the border cultures are NOT an an antithesis of our culture unlike the Islamic culture.

  24. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Been watching the video of the idiots in the “headlines” showing a humpback whale breeching. Are the managers of the whale watching tours idiots. Or for that matter the “enviros” paddling out in a pod of feeding whales. I do not know who is more idiotic. I’ve sailed off of CA at the same time the gray whales have migrated. Have had pods of killer whales all around you. Even porpoise out or curiousity jumping between the mast and forestay…no jib up. They thought it was a game and playing. Dolphins are NOT small. To be in a big boat and have a 45-60 ft whale breech right next to you or just be head down and have them flap their tail flukes at you. Would any sane person paddle out in an 18 ft kayak….humans are so smart they’re STUPID….Been in work boats 150 ft + and have this activity all around the ship….yeah right. I wish the kayakers were squished and humans might learn to keep their distance from wild animals. ie the selfies in Yellowstone and the pissed off Bison. I’ll bet the Bison became steaks at the ranger headquarters.

  25. Speaking of Europe, How’s ’bout Albania? I believe it is the only Moslem majority country in Europe. Then there is the issue of Bosnia. I also believe that most Non-Moslems were evicted after we “won” the peace. Plenty of land there.

    The lies coming out of all the “Big Brothers” are amazing. Just last week we were told Germany would welcome 800,000. Two days later with 12,000 in Munich the door slammed shut. I guess we will get them all. I’m wondering is Serbia is allowing free transit to Europe to get back at it. That would be a big win for the Clinton Administration.

    The Vatican says they will take two families in, which is so very generous. What I’d like to see is the Pope pick up the Phone, talk to Buenos Aires and have those fine upstanding folks take 100,000 or so. The he could call Brazil, Peru, Chile and the rest of those stand up Catholic majority countries. Instead, next week he will lecture the US. Mexico could use some hard working immigrants and let’s not forget the largest Moslem country in the world, Indonesia. Pres Barry Soleto or whatever name is on his other passport could ring them up.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Insert a BIG smiley face here!!!! oh the hypocrisy of it all. That whole Balkan area just must be tingling with joy…..With the joy diversity brings and the insensitivity of the Italians…girls being arrested on the beach in some of the hottest resorts in the world because the vacationing muslim men are offended. Go home to Qatar….The judges after fining them 1000’s of euro’s warned that will teach you to not take cover up and modest clothes to the beach. Verified the story with friends in Sicily. Actually the most offensive thing on the beach are guys wearing speedo’s that should be wearing a full men’s burka.

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    Morning thought, or I should say observation.

    From an audience member on Megyn Kelly last night. A “black” man no less. On the Republican desire for an “outsider”.

    He accurately pointed out that Mr. Obama was an outsider and his lack of experience in politics was a “disaster”.

    So why are Republicans trying to duplicate this disaster with their own “outsider”???

    My own comment is that business people like Trump and Fiorina do have some understanding of the political world because they had to negotiate their way within it. This includes some International experiences.

    The real question should go to “leadership” and the ability to “manage” key staff to get things done. The POTUS does not run the govt.. POTUS sets direction and tone of an administration. But it the person in the big chair does not know how to negotiate with Congress or supervise their own staff things will go badly.

    It is also ridiculous to ask candidates to stake out specific policy details. It is a catch 22 set up by the media and ignorant voters. There is no chance in hell of any candidate getting such detailed policies implemented Which just feeds the story line of “failure” once elected.

    We should focus on integrity, principles and leadership abilities. I am more concerned with their defense of Constitutional integrity and a firm stance to stop its erosion. Even to reverse some damage if possible.

    P.S. I told ya that Carly would kick Trumps butt in a debate. Still infatuated with Squirrel Head there Anita?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      That is why senators and congressmen historically do poorly in the big seat. They have to manage nothing. Those that did perform reasonably well had previous experience. Successful governors generally did much better in the long run.

    • Dwight David Eisenhower was an “outsider”.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Yes…and extremely political…not in a negative way. And he commanded millions of troops from many different countries. His decisions were not just some nebulus sort of maybe decision. His were deciding the lives of thousands maybe tens of thousands of peoples and the “freeing” of millions and then managing the futures hopefully for the better. Ultimately turned out pretty good in the grand scheme of things. Can anyone imagine what it must have been like managing Patton, Montgomery, and others. I can not see any of our current leaders make any the serious decisions that our parents generation made. Our current leader was a community organizer….big F!!!!!! deal. What he took away from his Constitutional Law classes was how to twist and obfuscate the intent and meaning of the Law. One thing I always heard in Europe while there was the Muslims basically saying they will defeat the infidel, by their very own laws.

    • Trump keeps annoying me with his dancing around solutions, bigger, better, fantastic are all well and good but there is not a lot to go on.

      Now, on the other hand, what if the strategy is to say little except about general goals to avoid painting oneself in a corner with a constantly changing, fluid situation? The other day he spoke caringly about the refugees. Then the true scope of the problem emerged and he hastily beat a retreat. Not much different really than Angela Merkel but why put yourself in that position. I guess if I were him, I would slowly open up about my plans. More and more as he gets closer to the primaries then the election.

      Two other things today. 1. The wife thinks the Obama-Muslim question was a set up. Anyone out there in the media tracking down the questioner? 2. I keep hearing the Dems justify totally illegal behavior by planned parenthood. I suspect that it is because they are all suckers (like the Nazi’s) for “The Greater Good”. Now, just a week or so ago, these very same folks were all going nuts over a County Clerk who was not obeying the law. Is there anyone out there talking about this?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The PP issue with the Dems is an interesting study in the psychology of viewpoints. The very same mental situation they accuse the “right wing” of suffering all the time.

        If you look at their commentary across the blogs and on TV you will see they have CONVINCED themselves that there is NO violation of law and that the videos are ALL FAKED.

        And of course, the whistle blower is a PLANT who is LYING.

        Now they are trying to scorch Fiorina because she linked the video and the whistleblower’s testimony as if the latter were part of the former. The truth of the situation does not matter. That fact that the “live fetus kicking on the table” was not in the video has become the RATIONALIZATION for dismissing Fiorina and the point she was making.

    • Yes. Yes sir, I am.

      I did post that I was experiencing cognitive dissonance, though.

      I ALMOST followed your lead a couple years back and kicked the R party to the curb. Procrastination TRUMPS. From everything I’ve been reading, the RNC has devised a roadmap for Jeb. Considering the primaries and delegates along the way, all roads LED to Jeb. Trump has thrown a wrench. Jeb wins UNLESS Trump wins at least 8 states in the primaries. I DO NOT WANT JEB, therefore I MUST vote Trump in the (closed) primary.

      Short term we need to break the back of Congress. I believe Trump is the only candidate who is capable of that. Long term we need a person who absolutely defends the Constitution and will lead accordingly. Enter~ Cruz! I really think Cruz understands the cards are stacked against him this time and that he and Trump already have something in the works. Cruz is cruising through the campaign for name recognition and to help derail the Jeb train.

      TRUMP/CRUZ 2016
      CRUZ/ ???? 2020

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I do not think your assessment of Cruz is necessarily wrong. I have been wondering why those two are making nice since a month ago.

        You might be onto something.

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    Judicial Supremacy taken down a notch.

    Oh, the answer to the author’s question is Congress’ authority to create rules for the Federal judiciary, including its funding. I guarantee you that if the SCOTUS started ruling consistently in the “conservative” mode the Dems would be using Congress to “squeeze” the court.

    Now here is a truth to consider. Our system relies on “cultural” acceptance of the rules of engagement. We have come to believe the court has final say, and that Congress has certain powers as well as the President. Why do we accept these arguments in the face of contradictory evidence?

    Because if we did not, if the various branches did not, the system would seize up, chaos could win the day. All Govt, and especially the Republican form, depend on Citizen’s agreeing to the rules of how that Govt. functions. That includes its “authority”. When that authority is challenged in a large way, the potential for that Govt. to fail increases.

    • SCOTUS ruled that gay marriage was a Right. First, SCOTUS has no authority to make such a presumption, according to the Constitution. Judges are claiming that it is now the “law of the land”, but ONLY Congress can make the “law of the land” which is clearly written in the Constitution.

      Therefore, I will just say that the whole Federal system needs removed and a few minor changes to the Constitution need to be made, then the PEOPLE need to hold them accountable, which is the biggest FAILURE of our population. It is no wonder we are becoming the next version of Nazi Germany.

      • Agreed, the court cannot make a law.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          But they determine how a law applies to a certain situation.

          Once they rule that determination or interpretation becomes part of the law. It remains the law until another court changes the interpretation.

          • As expected, I will respectfully disagree. I do so, because the constitution gives the SCOTUS no power to make law. Yes, they can make a decision and provide and opinion, it is not law. WE probably could agree that a SCOTUS decision could FORCE the State or Feds to change a law, that certainly would be within their enumerated powers. This would be simple to prove by using the gay marriage ruling. The Judge in the Kentucky Clerk case has not claimed that the clerk is breaking the law, when it comes to the SCOTUS decision. The claim is that she is required to issue marriage licenses as part of her formal duties as an elected official. The Judge will end up losing in the long run when the civil lawsuits fly, Because of other laws within Kentucky law, including one that requires the Kentucky legislature to accommodate for religious convictions in cases like this. Off point, oops

            Back to the SCOTUS law thing. The whole SCOTUS decisions are law thing can be easily shot down. When States stop issuing ALL marriage licenses, then they are no longer bound by the ruling in that aspect. It should be a civilian matter anyway (see Black Flag’s take on women and why it is what it is today). The rest of the matter, such as benefits etc is piddly BS anyway and had only a small part of the Sodomite fight for the marriage license.

            Now, back to the SCOTUS issue. When they make a ruling, then the States/Feds are expected to change their laws to be in accordance. They haven’t, as many states still have anti-abortion laws on the books. But I must bring up one big question. Where in the Constitution that provides for the SCOTUS does it declare they have (1) the authority to make law, (2) the authority to claim something as a “Right”?

            • Also, the Congress and the States can change a SCOTUS decision and make it moot. There is a way, which proves that the Judicial branch is not that Supreme and was never intended to be.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                So impractical that it is essentially impossible.

                But to declare that because there is a means of revising a SCOTUS decision somehow negates the SCOTUS’s role in defining laws is ridiculous argumentation.

              • Interesting. But let’s look at what should, legally and Constitutionally, happen when the SCOTUS rules a law unconstitutional. Let’s use Gay marriage as an example for this discussion. First, the Federal Government has zero power to define marriage, something that SCOTUS has already ruled on. Yet, somehow, the same SCOTUS somehow grants themselves the very power they struck down. I hope you see this. But, going forward, let’s look at what should be happening by the State Legislations. Those States that have an unconstitutional law, based on a SCOTUS decision, should then change their laws to fall within the Constitution.

                But, even as you state, SCOTUS “defines” law, they do not and are not authorized to do so. That, as far as the federal Government goes, is only granted to the Congress. In the case of Gay marriage, Congress has already been deemed to NOT have that authority. So, that means that the States much get their laws changed to ensure that it is within the Constitution, as the SCOTUS has “defined”. I would have to agree that there should have been a time limit set to get this done, which shouldn’t take that long. In the meantime, elected officials MUST continue to abide by “existing” law, until that law is changed.

                What my contention is, first, the gay marriage ruling is unconstitutional, based on SCOTUS’s own previous ruling, despite that, the ruling requires certain states to change their law(s) on the matter of gay marriage (this I would believe is the only constitutional remedy).

                Now, if you claim that a SCOTUS decision is the Law of the land, show me where the Constitution grants such authority. This is fun, and maybe a good chance at learning something new. Let’s try and see who learns the most! 🙂

              • Just A Citizen says:


                The Supreme Court ruled that Marriage is an essential Right long ago.

                This ruling was based on tradition and normative behavior of The People.

                The SCOTUS did not convey a NEW RIGHT upon homosexuals. It ruled that the 14th amendment denies States the authority to deny marriage licenses to homosexuals when they issue such licenses to heterosexuals. Because heterosexuals have a Personal Right to Marry this right must also apply to homosexuals. Because Rights are INDIVIDUAL and deal with INDIVIDUAL liberty.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                You also display a lack of legal understanding. The States do not have to change their laws.

                The SCOTUS ruling makes all State laws banning homosexual marriage as MOOT. Because such laws violate the Constitutional protections of personal Rights under the 14th Amendment.

                You argument has to focus on the 14th amendment and not your theory of whether marriage is specifically mentioned.

                Once the 14th was “interpreted” as it was, it was obvious that homosexual marriage would eventually be upheld. As will Polygamy when that test finally makes it to the SCOTUS.

              • “You also display a lack of legal understanding”. Not really, because The whole gay marriage issue was first reversed because of the 5th Amendment, which wiped out clause 3 of DOMA. Then later SCOTUS wiped out part 2 of DOMA (the last case) and also wiped out the 10th Amendment. There is no authority granted to the Feds concerning marriage of any kind. That SHOULD mean it’s a State issue. I actually agree with SCOTUS on the civil side of marriage. Because well over a thousand Federal laws were discriminatory against gay spouses when it came to taxes and such, those laws SHOULD have been struck down.

                As far as your moot point. While I agree with SCOTUS at the Federal level as far as taking all Federal laws that discriminate over those who were legally married in, say, California. That is upholding the Constitution, because the Feds have NO authority on the subject. I’ve read the Constitution enough to know that. Secondly (you can bring forth your contention on this), if the Federal government has NO authority on the subject, then the SCOTUS, being a part of said government also has NO authority to make such a ruling.

                However, the ruling based on the 14th Amendment could be a wonderful thing down the road, although I think it destroyed the 10th Amendment completely, which was not the intent of the original Constitution (a powerful central government). While I do agree with the SCOTUS decision, I don’t agree they have that authority as part of the Federal government. They do have the authority to strike down laws that are deemed unconstitutional, that I agree with. They do NOT have the power to grant RIGHTS to anyone, that is not within their authority. For example, a State may have said gay marriage is illegal, and having that struck down, could simply remove themselves from issuing licenses completely (making it a civil matter, which it should have been all along).

                I guess my position is that the SCOTUS didn’t have the authority to force the States to recognize same sex marriage. I could care less if gays marry. I think they should have the same economic benefits as heterosexual married people. So it’s not that I’m against the decision, but I’m against the reasoning (14th Amendment), vs the earlier ruling of the 5th Amendment (which struck down section 3 of DOMA). They should have just stayed with the 5th Amendment as the reason. Just my opinion, but using the 14th will come back to haunt this country as a whole. PEACE!

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.”

    Thomas Jefferson

  29. Just A Citizen says:

  30. Just A Citizen says:

    Was reading an article about how we need to return to our Federalist roots. The author claims that “Federalism” means limited Federal power with the balance given to the States.

    The term “Federalist” was given to those who supported the Constitution which created for the FIRST TIME a supremacy of Federal Power over the states. Those who wanted very limited federal power were called the “Anti_Federalists”. Many of these folks became part of the “Republican” party also called the “Democratic Republican” party. Mr. Jefferson was its mentor.

    This brings me back to a common topic here at SUFA. How our language, especially definitions, have modified with time. This makes communication very difficult when dealing with these types of topics. Following is a good example relative to “Federalism”. From Wiki:

    “In the United States, federalism originally referred to belief in a stronger central government. When the U.S. Constitution was being drafted, the Federalist Party supported a stronger central government, while “Anti-Federalists” wanted a weaker central government. This is very different from the modern usage of “federalism” in Europe and the United States. The distinction stems from the fact that “federalism” is situated in the middle of the political spectrum between a confederacy and a unitary state. The U.S. Constitution was written as a reaction to the Articles of Confederation, under which the United States was a loose confederation with a weak central government.

    In contrast, Europe has a greater history of unitary states than North America, thus European “federalism” argues for a weaker central government, relative to a unitary state. The modern American usage of the word is much closer to the European sense. As the power of the Federal government has increased, some people have perceived a much more unitary state than they believe the Founding Fathers intended. Most people politically advocating “federalism” in the United States argue in favor of limiting the powers of the federal government, especially the judiciary (see Federalist Society, New Federalism).

  31. Just A Citizen says:

    A little more “history lesson” for the day. Seems fitting given the Presidential Politics season is gearing up.

    From Wikipedia:

    During the American Revolution and its immediate aftermath, the term federal was applied to any person who supported the colonial union and the government formed under the Articles of Confederation. After the war, the group who felt that the national government under the Articles was too weak appropriated the name Federalist for themselves. Historian Jackson Turner Main wrote that, “to them, the man of ‘federal principles’ approved of ‘federal measures,’ which meant those that increased the weight and authority or extended the influence of the Confederation Congress.”[1]

    As the Federalists moved to amend the Articles, eventually leading to the Constitutional Convention, they applied the term anti-federalist to their opposition. The term implied, correctly or not, both opposition to Congress and unpatriotic motives. The Anti-Federalists rejected the term, arguing that they were the true Federalists. In both their correspondence and their local groups they tried to capture the term. For example, an unknown anti-federalist signed his public correspondence as “A Federal Farmer” and the New York committee opposing the Constitution was called the “Federal Republican Committee.” However the Federalists carried the day and the name Anti-Federalist forever stuck.[2]

    The Anti-Federalists were composed of diverse elements, including those opposed to the Constitution because they thought that a stronger government threatened the sovereignty and prestige of the states, localities, or individuals; those that claimed a new centralized, disguised “monarchic” power that would only replace the cast-off despotism of Great Britain with the proposed government; and those who simply feared that the new government threatened their personal liberties. Some of the opposition believed that the central government under the Articles of Confederation was sufficient. Still others believed that while the national government under the Articles was too weak, the national government under the Constitution would be too strong. Another complaint of the Anti-Federalists was that the Constitution provided for a centralized rather than Federal Government (and in the Federalist papers James Madison admits that the new Constitution has the characteristics of both a centralized and federal form of the government) and that a truly federal form of government was a leaguing of states as under the Articles of Confederation.

    During the period of debate over the ratification of the Constitution, numerous independent local speeches and articles were published all across the country. Initially, many of the articles in opposition were written under pseudonyms, such as “Brutus,” “Centinel,” and “Federal Farmer.” Eventually, famous revolutionary figures such as Patrick Henry came out publicly against the Constitution. They argued that the strong national government proposed by the Federalists was a threat to the rights of individuals and that the President would become a king. They objected to the federal court system created by the proposed constitution. This produced a phenomenal body of political writing; the best and most influential of these articles and speeches were gathered by historians into a collection known as the Anti-Federalist Papers in allusion to the Federalist Papers.

    In many states the opposition to the Constitution was strong (although Delaware, Georgia, and New Jersey ratified quickly with little controversy), and in two states — North Carolina and Rhode Island — it prevented ratification until the definite establishment of the new government practically forced their adherence. Individualism was the strongest element of opposition; the necessity, or at least the desirability, of a bill of rights was almost universally felt. In Rhode Island resistance against the Constitution was so strong that civil war almost broke out on July 4, 1788, when anti-federalist members of the Country Party led by Judge William West marched into Providence with over 1,000 armed protesters.[3]

    The Anti-Federalists played upon these feelings in the ratification convention in Massachusetts. By this point, five of the states had ratified the Constitution with relative ease, but the Massachusetts convention was far more bitter and contentious. Finally, after long debate, a compromise (known as the “Massachusetts compromise”) was reached. Massachusetts would ratify the Constitution with recommended provisions in the ratifying instrument that the Constitution be amended with a bill of rights. (The Federalists contended that a conditional ratification would be void, so the recommendation was the strongest support that the ratifying convention could give to a bill of rights short of rejecting the Constitution.)

    Four of the next five states to ratify, including New Hampshire, Virginia, and New York, included similar language in their ratification instruments. As a result, once the Constitution became operative in 1789, Congress sent a set of twelve amendments to the states. Ten of these amendments were immediately ratified and became known as the Bill of Rights, with one of the other two becoming the 27th Amendment—almost 200 years later. Thus, while the Anti-Federalists were unsuccessful in their quest to prevent the adoption of the Constitution, their efforts were not totally in vain. Anti-Federalists thus became recognized as an influential group among the founding fathers of the United States.

    With the passage of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the Anti-Federalist movement was exhausted. Some activists joined the Anti-Administration Party that James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were forming about 1790-91 to oppose policies of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton they opposed; it soon became the Democratic-Republican party.[4]

  32. Here is a Trump position paper on Amendment 2. He discovered Operation Exile! Hooray!

    • These talking points make good sense. I have always felt that there should be NO NEED for a CCL (it’s a Right), something that can also be applied to marriage licenses. If one is required to have a CCL, then it should be good in every State, as Trump states, like a drivers license. The only thing stopping this are Liberal’s and people with unfounded fears.

    • On the subject of a CCL. Ohio requires training hours and shooting to “qualify” for a CCL. Laughably, they didn’t write any enforcement avenues to ensure that the “training” takes place. many people now are bypassing the training requirement and getting their CCL’s. This has been ongoing for a few years. Amazingly, there has been no rise in accidents or in “the Wild West” syndrome that the left whined would happen. I don’t know anyone who actually went to the training required by Ohio law.

      Pennsylvania requires a background check and two non family character references. The references are not required for a renewal, which is every five years. There is no legal requirement for formal training. We have GREAT laws that protect CCL holders.

  33. Seriously, it is amazing how little “conservatives” actually vet their own idols. After Wednesday’s debate, people are singing Carly Fiorina‘s praises, but they have very short memories. Fiorina, while a supporter of John McCain in 2008 (not really much better than Obama or Clinton), said the she had such “great admiration and empathy for Hillary Clinton.”

    Audio and video surfaced on the GOP candidate at Buzz Feed. Not only did she say she admired and had empathy for Clinton, but she went on to state:

    “She was a great candidate. She has helped millions of women all over this country. Women of any political party owe a debt of gratitude to Hillary Clinton and I will bet that every woman up here agrees with me.”

    • Just A Citizen says:

      So is your argument that people of one political persuasion cannot, or are not allowed, to admire people of the other party?

      You howl about how the system tries to divide us and now you post critical commentary about someone who violates the “divide us” mentality.

      • ROFLMAO! Just showing how these pukes are all on the same side. It zoomed over your head I see.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Her statements do not mean she is on the “same side”. Apparently the distinction zoomed over your head.

      • The curse of NOT BEING A WOMAN these days is being unable to criticize a woman for anything, not for abortion, not for being a fake Indian, not for any position which women seem to have an “exclusive” on. . Admiration and empathy are not words I would use to describe Hillary. Sure, there may be extenuating circumstances but back in the day it was this horror show who covered up her husband’s shenanigans and led the effort to discredit Bill’s victims.

        Standing by your man when your man is a serial rapist is probably not something to admire or empathize with.

        • While the theater and drama presented all the time by the DC politicians is admirable, it fails to show how they are all basically on the same team. Obama SHOULD have been impeached, but he’s the first black Prez (although he is half white). Hillary’s greatest accomplishment so far is not being in prison for life, but that is what the politicians do, they protect their own. The fact that she is still running for president attests to that. Shameful.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          One of the things, among many that I dislike about Hillary is that fact she stood by “her” man while he violated every workplace sexist law in place today. Using his power. I’m sure she would have roasted any other person, business or political for the same actions. Same thing like T Kennedy and M J Kopeckne.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            But I’m sure she and Bill have an understanding….I’ll not throw you under the bus as long as we stay quiet. They probably have enough dirt on each other that is DOJ actionable to sink eithers career..


    They showed me 5 years older (and wiser) 🙂

  35. Watched a 1941 Abbott and Costello movie last night. They were a funny tandem.

    • Yes, they were. After Lou died, Bud an inveterate gambler in hock to the IRS was constantly broke. My Dad a bartender at The Astor Bar ( 44th and B’Way) in NYC used to stand him drinks. Every now and then he got paid back. Have a one dollar silver certificate still on my wall signed by him to me! Still feel a chuckle rise when I look that way. Say, whose on first?

      The death of Costello in ’59 followed three years later by the death of Ernie Kovacs with his off the wall surreal style of comedy were probably, even after losing relatives, the thing that really brought death home to me.

      Often wonder if anyone would “get” Kovacs today.

      • I would bet I watched every Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, and the Three Stooges made. Grew up and Pops was a fan, so they were on TV when available. With 3 channels growing up, Saturdays in the winter months were great times to watch them. Always remember those fond memories. I’m actually watching “Earth vs. the Flying Saucers” 1956. Always did like the old Sci Fi flicks. 🙂

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Bud Abbott used to live a few blocks away in CA. he was one miserable and mean person and not nice to be around.

        Back in the 50’s we watched a sci-fi movie on TV at a neighbors house. It was “Invaders from Mars” the scene was the aliens were under the sand and moving around in tunnels. If an unsuspecting person walked by they were sucked down exactly like an ant lion operates. After the movie there was no way we were going to walk home. We lived near one of the big sand excavations used while NY was building the Thruway. I do not remember how long it was that we actually stayed away from the sand pit.

        Or when the “Birds” was released. Saw it at a theater in Santa Monica. We came out of the theater and the buildings were covered with sea gulls…..uh huh.

    • Thank you so much for that. Am busy sending it out to my friends who think the poor little bastard has been picked on for his Mohammadan faith. .

      Watch them award this little prick a free ride through MIT.

  36. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This morning on NPR a headline was that the head of the Nobel prize committee says that they or he regrets giving Obama the prize. They did not give the reasoning. I can think of two….the Iran deal and with him getting one for nothing a few years ago, would be awkward giving another so soon. Much less for unleashing and restrains on Iran, from a non-nuclear view. Mayhem will reign more later than now. or 2) by the whipping up forment throughout the M/E and then failing to really keep a viable force in Iraq has pushed this flood of “Migrants/Refugees” into Europe that will strain their resources I believe beyond the breaking point.

    I see that the State Dept is upset with Russian jets in Syria. I’m sure they are going after the most viable enemy of Assad which is ISIS, or should I say the US. If we have aircraft flying all over the region conducting bombing raids….what’s the diff?

  37. Back to the “refugee” crisis that isn’t:

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Yesterday on the news they were talking about the “refugee” problem in the EU. The interviewer was going out of their way to show how glorious and how these migrants will not be bad, but a benefit to Europe. The one “migrant” they were interviewing was talking about how he planned on finishing his masters degree and whipped out his iphone and was showing photos etal. He was not just some poor shlub. This is just a plain invasion. Obviously the hype that Assad was such an oppressive dictator and abusive to his people is maybe just BS. Follow the rules and you are able to have a full and productive life. Heaven’s just like here. Follow the government edicts and you’re generally left alone…NOT follow and you are crushed or enough are so the message sinks in. If these refugees are so tech savy and educated and such a large number of them that is quite a large % of the Syrian population is decently well off……

      • That is before we destabilized the place with our desire for this Orwellian “Arab Spring”. I cannot believe the Charlie Foxtrot we created. Man, Viet-nam was less than nothing compared to this.

        At a cost of roughly a million each we trained 50 heroic freedom fighters. We apparently can account for 9 who apparently are fighting Assad not ISIS. . Who the hell knows who the other 41 are fighting for?

        Our friends the Turks are taking this opportunity to cripple the Kurds. Big brothers gang lauds them for joining the fight! Holy effin shit!

  38. Trump responds to the idiots…..err….I mean the Left, including those who pretend otherwise:

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    Here is why people who don’t look beyond the MEDIA HYPE come to think elections are rigged or some other such nonsense. Elections are a long game and those that understand it is about DELEGATES can overcome long odds and even collapsing campaigns.

    Hillary is not running against anyone close to Obama’s charisma among the Dems. She only has to keep her campaign together long enough to win those key states in March.

    Now as Anita mentioned, there is a similar plan being laid out by the Bush team. And he has massive funds stashed from his early polling lead. He could still collapse but he is playing the delegate game as well. And his people know how the game is won.

    • Cognitive dissonance is psychological in nature and it occurs when an individual or group is intellectually and emotionally paralyzed because of dramatically changing circumstances. In cognitive dissonance, the individual and group psyche of a civilization seeks out a state of homeostasis (i.e. the status quo). And when the status quo is significantly altered, the defense mechanism ,denial, rears its ugly head and a population will deny what is happened.

      The shit is rigged. Deny all you want, when Bush is the republican candidate, like I have said he will be (because they have only been announcing it since the last election), maybe you will figure it out. Doubt it, but I must try to free the minds of the lost souls who think the Feds work for them. 😀

    • Rigged-I wouldn’t use the word rigged-I would say it is worked-they know the system and they work it-and I don’t like it. It’s unethical and it undermines the peoples voices.

      • It has taken me a few years to reach my conclusions. What I saw with Ron Paul in the last primary was the kicker, then I just added to it. The BS hanging chad issue in Florida (that was never an issue before) that magically led to computer voting (using programmable computers to vote might be the biggest ruse ever pulled on a population, which goes to show how dumbed down this nation has become). But, based on JAC’s opinion on the matter, the voters don’t matter anyway, it’s all about the “delegates”, who ever the hell they are. Basically, voters don’t get to really decide anything in Federal elections, from the nominees to the overall winner. Just watch how Jeb Bush pulls a victory from seemingly nowhere and the lapdog media will point to the weekly polls showing him ahead for years after the last election. Their game plan is sloppy and easily figured out, at least for those who aren’t brainwashed by their propaganda.

        Hope today finds you and yours healthy and happy VH! 🙂

        • What you call rigged is what I call strategy, or game plan. That’s a wise thing to have, right? I’m not saying I agree with the game plan in this sense but when you look at the big picture, the RNC is in business to win. They have put the pieces in place to make a win happen. As I would do if I was in charge of such a huge project. Here’s an excellent description of the strategy with many other good links at the end.

          Here is how the strategy works in real time

          See why I must vote Trump. We could use your help too.

          • I thought you were for Carly? I will be watching to see how things play out over time, it’s still quite early. I will admit I like what Trump is saying and I think this country could use a businessman and a nonpolitician. I don’t think it will change a single thing, because Congress is still a 535 person clusterfuk. AS I have said many times, the establishment has already chosen Bush. They have been making that obvious since the last election. I’m still seeing Bush v. Clinton. That witch will be protected by the corrupt system that is the Obama administration. Obama could ruin her, but, he won’t. Just watch my dear, you will see the illusion of choice for what it is, an illusion!

            • Look up Theodore Roosevelt. The President can go over the head of Congress and directly to the people. That is the “bully pulpit”. I have no doubt Trump would do the same thing.

              Obama used to go to the people but his screw ups have cost him the ability to do that, now he just does any damned thing he pleases. I don’t think Trump woudl do that.

        • Thanks G-I’m doing fine just been really busy lately. A little worried about my husband though, he’s having some health problems-waiting on test results! Hope you and yours are well too!

      • Just A Citizen says:


        We seem to forget that in the end the voice of the people is expressed in that they elect the candidates.

        If the PEOPLE cannot bring themselves to vote for Right vs. “acceptable” or “least worst” then nothing changes.

        But it is still people who elect the candidates and people who elect the winners. They are not placed on the seat by some hidden force or cabal.

  40. If a white Baptist kid named Wedge Figgus rocked up to his High School’s Show-N-Tell last week with a briefcase full of circuit boards, wires and timers that looked nada like a frickin’ clock, the following chain-reaction, more than likely, would’ve been set into irrevocable motion:

    1. Wedge would’ve been night-sticked into next week by the #BlackLivesMatter school cop at the behest of the lesbian/communist principal. If not that, Wedge definitely would’ve been bounced out of that school until the media had finished totally ruining his and his family’s life. Speaking of the media …

    2. The presumption of Wedge’s guilt, especially on The Today Show, would be more prevalent than the presence of the new “Gay Doritos” at Rosie O’Donnell’s annual “Big Gut Girl” Pool Party.

    3. CNN would be running non-stop loops about how “white devils suck” and how “Christianity, by it’s very nature, spawns terrorism.” In addition, FOX NEWS’ Shepard Smith would say “Crusades” 53,789 times in just one week.

    4. An overexcited Al Sharpton, being stimulated by the massive opportunity of picking an abundance of white, low-hanging, money-making fruit for his fake-ass non-profit, would drop his Dippity-Do in his bathroom and then slip on it, breaking his skinny, old arm on the gold toilet that his “non-profit” bought him, “forcing” him to file a civil suit against Figuss’s family for causing him emotional and physical harm.

    5. Hillary would blame Wedge’s actions on an obscure Christian YouTube movie produced by Kirk Cameron.

    6. And lastly, you can bet your last buck with great confidence that Obama definitely would not have invited this little Mr. Gadget to hang out with him in the same Oval Office where Bill boinked Monica.

    Yep, if some “creepy-ass, teen-aged, Baptist cracka” would’ve done what the young Muslim, Ahmed Mohamed, did last week by bringing a very bomb-looking “clock” to class there would have been anti-Christian hell to pay. Wedge certainly would not have been hailed by Obama in a tweet and lauded by celebrities as this Muslim teen has been.

    If you think I’m full of crap, hearken way back to March 2013 when white little John Welch, a 2nd-grader at Park Elementary in Baltimore, got expelled for two days because his teacher thought he shaped a strawberry, pre-baked, toasted pastry into a gun.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if this becomes similar to the “hands up don’t shoot” idiocy…left wingers and otherwise faces-glued-to-their-twitter-account sheeple are jumping on this latest bandwagon like flies rushing to the freshest pile of dog poo.

      More info is coming out this morning on what really happened the day Ahmed brought his device to school….his science teacher saw it first and told him to put it away immediately, because it was a briefcase full of wires and looked extremely suspicious. Sweet innocent little Ahmed defied those instructions and proudly carried it with him to more classes until it started beeping, at which time his teacher rightly alerted the authorities. Ahmed then resisted the authorities, had a “passive-aggressive” attitude when questioned according to the police, and he was arrested and handcuffed. Poor baby! Such brutality! But because he is a minor, his parents have opted to forbid the mayor, principal of the school, etc, to speak about what transpired….meanwhile his family has lawyered up and is ecstatic about all their newfound we-are-victims celebrity. There are reports (I just heard this on Mark Davis’ radio show a few minutes ago) that his parents were heard saying, (this may not be a direct quote but it is very close to what I just heard him say)…leave the handcuffs on so more pictures can be taken. They have hit the jackpot with the MSM, and probably will get their own reality show and become rich off of our evil capitalist society right before they help destroy it.

      For what it’s worth…MacArthur High School is where all four of my children attended and graduated. It was an excellent school district for many years….I can’t say that I have first hand knowledge anymore, since my kids graduated in the 90’s and I also left the district as an employee in ’99.

      And I stand not with Ahmed, but with the teacher who alerted the authorities when his “homemade clock” went off. Any other reaction would have been to ignore the “see something, say something” policy that has helped foil terrorist plots. Thank God the Irving ISD has teachers who are willing to do just that.


      • Just A Citizen says:


        Well said. It is interesting watching the “left” jump on this bandwagon. They don’t care what the facts are, only that the boy is Muslim and brown skinned. Therefore this is evidence of the hate mongering of the “right”. Good grief.

        Nice to see your still hanging around. Hope all is well with you and yours.

        • Thanks, JAC….we are well, and hoping that sometime soon we’ll have a breath of cool air here in north Texas that lasts more than 24 hours…just like we do every September.


  41. NFL questions for the weekend 🙂

    Can the Packers finally beat the Seahawks (yes)
    Can the Lions get a lead and hold it till the end? (No)
    All the talk this morning has been about the Buffalo Bills, so I’ll just go with what usually happens when such chatter happens, they will get beat, probably handily. The Patriots had to much time (and rest) to prepare for a QB only in his second start. Way to much hoopla about the Bills.
    Dolphins should beat the Jaguars, by double digits.
    Eagles v Cowboys Maybe the game of the day. I like the Eagles
    Giants V Falcons, High scoring till the end, I’ll take the home team (Giants)
    I also like, Bengals, Saints, Arizona, Titans, Steelers, Rams, Panthers, Ravens and the Colts.

    Enjoy the games 🙂

  42. Just A Citizen says:

    Anita, V.H.

    Re: This theory of a road map for Bush and that the GOP establishment is behind it.

    After reading the articles Anita posted we should recognize a very legitimate question. One which flies in the face of the theory.

    The “establishment” is about winning but winning with someone they want. Notice how all these theories and how many other sites try to couch Rubio as ONE OF THE ESTABLISHMENT.

    So why would the GOPe want Bush when Rubio has been preparing to run since he got elected to the Senate? Why deal with the problems of ANOTHER Bush when you could have the young, vibrant, Hispanic dude who is actually more of a threat to Hillary than Jeb Bush.

    Of all the R’s running, Rubio is the one the DNC has been doing the most homework on because he is the one they have feared the most.

    Perhaps the authors of these theories and “trip wires” are themselves part of some devious plot.

    Unless Hillary is indicted she will win the presidency if her opponent is Jeb Bush. If Rubio is truly an establishment guy and they supposedly control him, then why not back Rubio instead? The only reason not to is if the GOPe actually want Hillary to win.

    One other thing. Did you notice the author never actually stated what the “trip wires” were. Only referred to them in vague terms, which would allow you to claim one after the fact. Kind of like most conspiracy theory types.

    There is nothing secret about the efforts to divide the “conservative” and/or “tea party” voters in order for the moderate to win. Romney was not the first. McCain was as well. Let us not forget how Huckabee swapped delegates to end Romney’s strong run against McCain.

    Which brings me to part of the real problem with the GOP establishment. It has become a good ol’ politicians club. There is a pecking order and those aspiring to high office are expected to adhere to the order. Thus Romney had to allow McCain to go first. Then he got his chance. Jeb was the darling of the R’s but was not ready when they chose his brother. So now it is his turn. If Rubio is part of the game then next time might be his turn.

    This hierarchy dilutes the talent pool and eventually leads to loss after loss. My own State of Idaho is run by those who were at the bottom of the list years ago. They finally got their turn and there is a reason they were at the bottom of the list.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      P.S. One of the key reasons the RNC changed many of the rules for the primaries was to avoid the drawn out primary like last time. The front loaded it not so much for Bush but to force an early winner to emerge.

      They did not want the R candidates to spend all next summer at each other while Hillary got to sit back and take pot shots at them. This was openly discussed following the last election. Back when JEB wasn’t even in the picture.

      Now don’t take all my comments the wrong way. There is definitely a large number of “establishment” types who want Jeb to run. They almost certainly convinced him to run, just as they did with his brother. George had no ambitions to be president, or at least didn’t reveal any. The King Makers sometimes select people they think have the best chance and then go into a “courting” period to convince them to run. Yes, showing them how much money you can raise for them is part of the mating dance. So is the ability to create a winning management team and campaign staff. Which is where the thirst for power also resides.

      You see it is not just the Chamber of Commerce but all those political science majors and young lawyers who hope to have jobs in the White House that help build these candidates.

      The whole story is simply far more complicated than all these conspiracy theories make it out to be. But there is one thing for sure. The game goes to those who play.

      • Interesting take. Looking back, prior to all these folks announcing their run, Bush led the polls for over two year. This is not an accident (I even doubt there were even any REAL polls). He is way too Left for me (probably you too). His positions on common core and immigration are not really different than those of the Left, that’s why Bush CAN beat Hillary. While I still see a push by Hillary, she has way too much baggage. Bush in a landslide.

        Just one other minor comment, “game” is one reason why many have stopped engaging. Our lives are not game pieces to be moved a game board by a bunch of elites. But since you seem to like being a game piece, enjoy, because their playing you like dice 🙂

        • Common core alone is enough to turn me against whomever… about the dumbing down of America…..

          Hand a child of common core a math problem of 2 x 2…..see how long it takes them for the answer…….

          Next…go to almost any fast food place, hand them a $5 bill for a $4.77 purchase…then ask them to count out the change…..

          Then go into a Target and if you can find any floor employee that speaks English….ask them to apply the posted ten percent discount to the item and tell you the price….

      • Then explain this for me-because it’s pretty convincing the party big wigs are intentionally disadvantaging the more conservative politicians.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Notice that your article identifies benefits to Conservatives in some states as well.

          I did not say the leadership does not have some other motives. Only that one of the big reasons for the changes was to end the primary season long before the convention.

  43. Would someone on here explain to me……the term….”white privilege”…then show me an example as it exists today. ( I do not want to see examples of 1900 or 1860…….I want to know about TODAY. ) Can anyone give me an example?


    would someone explain to me the term “privilege” and how it currently applies to economic position…..For example, if someone goes to a private school…why is that “privilege” ? If someone goes to Harvard Law School….why is that privilege over someone who goes to the Brooklyn Academy of Law?

    • I’ll try…LOL. It is a Left Wing term for being born white and having more economic opportunities than minorities, mainly blacks. I think that most of us here would throw the BS flag on it, as I certainly don’t feel as I got anything any one of color could not have achieved. Be in reality, I moved up the work chain of command because I worked hard, showed up everyday and WANTED to move up. My experience at working at a hospital for 9 years, with a large black workforce, made things clear to me as far as why the black population seems to have had less opportunities. It’s not because they are black, it’s because they didn’t pursue climbing the ladder, some even denying a move up when offered.

      I went to public schools, before they went full blown Liberal and stopped teaching what kids really need. I do not feel that kids who went to private schools as privileged. We had a private Catholic school right next to a my public K thru 8. I actually felt sorry for them, they had to wear uniforms.

      As far as college, I don’t even see things that way. Just because you went to some big name fancy college doesn’t make you smart, just means you passed a lot of college classes. I have found that most college grads fail in the common sense arena.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good morning Sir.

      It is quite easy to define.

      Everything YOU have and YOUR status in society IS WHITE PRIVILEGE.

      The same holds true for all people who are WHITE.

      This only gets confusing when Hispanics are included in the discussion. One minute they are white the next they are not. In their case it depends on who is doing the complaining.

      But for the rest of us the complainants do not matter. Hell, we even have WHITE people complaining about their own success.

      I think we should buy stock in the company that makes those Girly Jeans because there seems to be a GROWING demand in the USA.

  44. White privilege is BS unless it is connected to something else like familial status. Now son # 1 who had no interest at all in Wall Street Lawyering after the Army and the GI Bill did inform me about his classmates who were interested in such jobs. A Strong 2nd tier law school like U Buffalo graduates have an almost zero chance of having their resume even read over a Harvard or Columbia Grad. Worse if they are male and white and I guess straight and not FAR superior to non-male, non-white and non-straight.

    I think that thee is no question that if you are the kid of a big shot or old money you are going to get preferential treatment. Since historically most of these folks are white, they do have an advantage. BUT! If you are a middle income straight, male white kid, Forget it.

    • Agreed, I forgot about the Wall Street types. Not exactly big majority of white people (quite small actually), which is why the whole Left Wing mantra is nonsense.

    • Interesting synopsis…….so…..that makes affirmative action a process of privilege?

      • Meaning anyone that gets an advantage because of who they are or the color of their skin becomes “privilege”.

        • To the left, it seems that way. As a white, Christian male, I am the enemy of modern day Liberal’s….and I consider that a badge of honor 😀

        • That, has always been the argument against. Someone once said something to the effect that…….

          “A man should be judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin”.

          Making up for past discrimination will never work. It is like reparations for slavery. How far back do you have to go? What about people who were enslaved in the West Indies and whose descendants immigrated to the US. What about Haitians who threw off France in 1803. What about Slavs, Italians, various Yugoslavs, various Turks, various Africans, various Arabs all of whom have relatively recent slavery in their backgrounds?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      You are correct. The mechanism goes by several names, Cronyism, Patronage and “Good ol’ Boys Club” to name a few. Years ago studies showed how the Ivy League schools maintained the pipeline to the seats of power, financial and political. This is also why these schools are able to build massive endowments.

      In hopes of posting a definition I checked out Wiki and found something very interesting.

      First the part I was looking for:

      “In the private sector, cronyism exists in organizations, often termed “the old boys club” or “the golden circle”, again the boundary between cronyism and “networking” is difficult to delineate.[5]” This is the phenomena you mentioned.

      But here is the thing that I found interesting and a little disturbing:

      “Moreover, cronyism describes relationships existing among mutual acquaintances in private organizations where business, business information, and social interaction are exchanged among influential personnel. This is termed crony capitalism, and is an ethical breach of the principles of the market economy; in advanced economies, crony capitalism is a breach of market regulations, e.g., the Enron fraud is an extreme example of crony capitalism.

      Given crony capitalism’s nature, these dishonest business practices are frequently (yet not exclusively) found in societies with ineffective legal systems. Consequently, there is an impetus upon the legislative branch of a government to ensure enforcement of the legal code capable of addressing and redressing private party manipulation of the economy by the involved businessmen and their government cronies.

      The economic and social costs of cronyism are paid by society. Those costs are in the form of reduced business opportunity for the majority of the population, reduced competition in the market place, inflated consumer goods prices, decreased economic performance, inefficient business investment cycles, reduced motivation in affected organizations, and the diminution of economically productive activity.[5] A practical cost of cronyism manifests in the poor workmanship of public and private community projects. Cronyism is self-perpetuating; cronyism then begets a culture of cronyism. This can only be apprehended by a comprehensive, effective, and enforced legal code, with empowered government agencies which can effect prosecutions in the courts.”

      Notice how the term Crony Capitalism, as presented by the contributor(s), leaves out the connection between Government and Business. It is made out to be nothing more than “collusion” and then projects a bunch of phony assumptions about how this affects the market place. Much like the old ACADEMIC accusations against monopolies, which have never been proven.

  45. As in the USA, violent crime is way up in virtually all metro areas. Because that inconvenient fact does not fit the liberal agenda, it being under-reported by the liberal media, but people who live in those areas will tell you violent crime is currently out of control, and getting worse, and police are increasingly unable, and unwilling, to do anything about it!

    The liberal “solution” is, as always, to forcibly disarm everyone who is not committing crimes.

    Cynical politicians, here and there, look upon “refugees,” legal or otherwise, as little more than an easy source of political support and votes. The rest of us they look upon as utterly expendable, since they will never earn our increasingly-irrelevant votes anyway.

    When the truth doesn’t fit their agenda, liberals don’t change their agenda. They attempt to “modify” (read that: suppress) the truth, and the liberal media is only too happy to perpetuate the fraud.

    Read more:
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
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  46. If anyone has any questions as to whether Muslims will assimilate in our country, this Muslim makes it quite clear it will NEVER happen:

    Islamist group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) said today that liberalism can only co-exist with Islam if it is willing to submit to an Islamic system, as the ideology is a malleable man-made system compared to a religion that is bestowed by God.

    Speaking in a forum on liberalism and faith, Isma president Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman said Islam cannot be reformed or amended by any parties, chiding so-called “liberal Muslim” for using Western philosophies born of “dark ages” in doing so.

    “Liberalism can live hand-in-hand with faith, only if it’s willing to live under an Islamic system,” Abdullah said in the Liberalism Conference held by think-tank Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS).

    “If liberalism tries to redefine or reform Islam following the demands of liberal basis, that maybe can never be accepted by Islam.”

    Abdullah had equated liberalism to religious pluralism, saying the ideology was borne out of the ancient “dark ages” in the Western world, in response to the domination of the Church.

    Read more:

    While I really don’t care about what religion (or no religion) people practice, Islam is not compatible with freedom. To claim that they will not attempt to transform our culture is utter nonsense.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      As I read the MSM coverage of Mr. Carson’ s comment on supporting a Muslim for POTUS I could not help but think a couple of things.

      1. The Muslim Group calling for him to drop out of the race, and their arguments to support their case, simply CONFIRMED what Mr. Carson was saying.

      2. The MSM has revealed itself much more this year than in the past. That is their TRUE left leaning BIASED self. Nothing is covered in context anymore. Reporters now think they are pundits and visa versa, and they think it is their job to debate and challenge people they ask to interview.

      The Political class will soon figure this out and once again how to not fall into the media traps.

  47. Speaking of religion. The US government is undertaking what is being called the most expensive security job in our history, for the Pope. Where are all the Liberal’s and Atheist”s crying about the separation of Church and State? He’s not the leader of a foreign nation, he is the leader of a religion. If they do not speak up, then we can all understand how full of shit they really are on the subject.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I am curious as to WHO has claimed she is a “TRUE CONSERVATIVE”??

      If she is not at least “c” conservative then neither was Ronald Reagan. Although I don’t think she has internalized the “philosophy” behind Reagan’s viewpoints as he had.

      I am also curious as to WHO was put in charge of running the CONSERVATIVE PURITY TESTS. When was this selection made and who made it??

      • Your question is simple, SHE did. She knows she can’t beat Hillary UNLESS she is on the other side. A true example of how these politicians, including her, who is a wannabe, are really not all that different when it comes to their political views. Carly jumped on the anti-planned parenthood bandwagon for a reason, to show that she is a real conservative. Here’s the problem (sorry VH), most people really don’t give a crap about abortion or Planned Parenthood. The issue is a dead political issue, UNTIL, there is an Amendment to the Constitution, which the Lefts hates and don’t think it applies, except when it fits in their agenda.. Carly is a fake, like most who get on the faux debate stage.

        • Well if she jumped on the anti-abortion bandwagon-she did it a long time ago-she was talking against them as long ago as 2008, that I know of -it isn’t something new she just started being against because she’s running for president.

          • That’s wonderful, but changes nothing. A whole slew of things have changed since Obama took office. I doubt she will be a player of the game come next May, unless she is on the ticket as VP. That wouldn’t be a bad thing, but I just don’t see it. The next article will be up soon and all the politics will be the subject, which should be fun. I noticed that the HoR voted to defund PP for a whole year. WOW, talk about theater BS.

  48. Just A Citizen says:

    So what is the lesson that will be learned from the Syrian fiasco and the mass migration to Europe that resulted??

    Well, if your going to topple a Govt you had better get on with it and not let the Govt. fight back. Because if you don’t get the Roach immediately the Roach will demolish his house before turning it over to the ants and termites.

    I am betting this is not the lesson most of us HOPE would have been learned. But watch and see which “lesson” manifest itself in the coming years.

    • The lesson is our idiots in the Federal government caused this. WHY? What real purpose did they violate our laws and intervene in another counties affairs (JUST LIKE UKRAINE) ? JAC, our Federal government is OUT OF CONTROL and have been for decades. Maybe you get this, maybe you don’t.

  49. Just A Citizen says:

    As I said, the media is increasingly exposing its true nature. What a worthless study with even more worthless headlines and reporting.


    I scored a perfect score, give it a try 🙂

  51. Russia is reporting that THEIR Marines have been fighting ISIS, killing some and capturing others. Well now, this could be an issue for Obama to completely screw up again.

    • Not really…Obama has lost Syria…..He has also lost Africa….it just is not announced yet. He has lost the arctic…and he has lost the South China Sea. Everyone on here thinks that there are 15 carrier groups…..I am telling you that they are not there….11 carriers are the minimum it takes for the US…..we are down to 8 now….with further reductions in 2016 to 5 carrier groups. China has claimed…with its new islands….a 200 mile limit of those manufactured islands….which now control trade routes over Malaysia and the straits fo Malaysia…China’s envoy sent to Vietnam to warn them that any infringement in the SOuth China Seas….will result in the sinking of their fishing fleet. The world is watching. The new Hegemony is the South and East Asia…China has it.

  52. A little news on the Muslim kid that brought a fake clock to school……yes….fake. Now, the new facts are that the kid was warned by his shop teacher to not carry that around. The kid did it any way. This whole thing is a set up for the publicity. His father is a political adversary in his home country. He goes back to it to run for its Presidency each year. The kid did not follow the rules at the school, resisted arrest enough to get him arrested…he fought the police enough to get him handcuffed….and it is amazing that there were media already there.

    His lawyer has successfully, so far, quashed the arrest report and the things that were said while he was at the police station. The mayor, the police, and the principal of the school have been silenced so far. It is not going to last…every one wants the record made public. That is,,,,every one except his lawyer and the family. But the record, according the District Attorney will become public record and it seems imminent that the kid will be arrested.

    The school has refused to take him back……not the other way around. This kid will probably not find a pace to go in Irving.

    • I’ve said it before, the Russians play chess, the Chinese their inscrutable games, our guy plays spades, He’s out of his league, not even JV but grammar school,

      • Yes, he plays spades (was there a pun in there?)……naaaaah…..TRay would never do that….even in spades he would bid nil while holding the ace of spades.

        • Is it spooky when you play a black spade?

          • Well…lets us examine this…..there are 13 spades in the deck…13 is usually considered an unlucky number and associated with black cats, spooks, ghosts, devils…..etc. In Fort Worth, we still have office buildings that do not have a floor 13….

            In Hearts, the queen of spades is not a good thing to have unless you have the minions, the other 13 hearts to go with it…, I guess you coud say it is spooky to play any black spade but especially the Queen……( yes there is a vague reference in this )……

  53. Sheesh……where does it stop……the NAACP is now upset at Halloween and the use of the word spook…..spooky……or any derivation of that word in advertising or costuming because it indicates bias…..and incites racism…..

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