It Is What They Said It Would Be

th4DP3RIA4September 2015 turned out to be what the Conspiracy theory world said it would be…..well maybe. It seemed as all of the different elements of the CT world converged and made September the month when the US would fall from grace and chaos would reign. They weren’t that far off, the US has been in chaos and the fall from grace may have just occurred. What chaos you ask? Our police are still getting assassinated by black men, cars being shot on the interstate in Arizona, the announcement that the US will take tens of thousands of so called “refugee’s that are fleeing the Syrian civil war, the building of a category 3 (as of this writing) hurricane that could hit the East coast and Vladimir Putin has drawn his own line in the sand in Syria, bombing those rebels the US is helping to overthrow Assad and the government of Syria. While arrests have been made in the crimes mentioned above, the MSM is holding nothing back spreading fear over another hurricane.

All of these events are, by themselves, a kind of chaos that we have all simply become accustomed to. Most of us are numb to the MSM fear mongering, fed up with the Black Lies Matter and the FukYoFlag crowd and we all know that the “refugees” are far from refugees. When 70+% of the Muslim migrants are young men of war fighting age, I have to stand up and say NO. No to allowing more people who will no assimilate to the United States culture. NO to those who are here and want Sharia. NO, period. Liberal’s need to do some hard research on Islam and then bring a logical debate to the table. The old “Christian’s do it all the time” is both nonsense and far from the truth. There is no comparison between the two, NONE.thAITBXLCY

Just this morning, the Russian’s have been “reported” to have bombed Syrian rebels. I emphasized reported for a reason. Propaganda will be a huge player on what is happening over there. Obama and Putin have just recently spent a cool hour chit chatting at the UN during the recent events there. Think back before the last election, when Obama was caught saying “I will have more flexibility after the election” and the reply was “I will pass that on to Vladimir”. I have long said that the US has no business in the affairs of Syria, Obama didn’t listen to me, idiot. Now, according to “reports”, the US has been told, with no uncertain terms, to leave Syrian air space. Since the Russians are being welcomed by the Syrian leadership, this isn’t really a demand that wasn’t expected. Had the Syrian’s had the backing of the Russian’s long ago, the US would not be flying in Syrian airspace to begin with.

Screen-Shot-2015-09-29-at-7_21_16-PMBasically, Obama now finds his back to the wall. His own stupidity did this and what he does or doesn’t do will be wrong. He is in a no win situation, by his own doing. We had no business in Syria to begin with. If you remember, I have always claimed this was over a natural gas pipeline that Qatar wanted to run to Europe and challenge Russia’s monopoly over the natural gas industry. It was just a matter of time before Russia got involved, and closing this door for good. But that brings me to this big question…what will all of this lead too? Will the psychopath elite ruling class take us to another world war to cover up the economic destruction of just about every modern country? Will Obama poke the bear or will he cower like the little wimp he has always been? Regardless, I will not support any military action that puts our people in harms way. There is nothing that these idiots in DC do that is worth that.

The Conspiracy Theorist’s said September would bring some really bad things to this country. It is what they said it would be.

Sent by Dale today Oct 5th.

Sent by Dale today Oct 5th.



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  2. @ JAC….Have to respond to my waffling upon return…..leaving for Mexico today. We have sold all of our interests in Mexico and getting out….and just in the nick of time. Nationalization on the way,…..

  3. Rain 🙂

    • My mother just returned from Napa California, where she spent 2 weeks seeing friends and family. She hated it (and she is originally from Knightsen). The drought was noticeable as everything was dry and brown. Way too much traffic and way too many Mexican’s (I laughed when she said that). She said it’s not California anymore, it’s Mexifornia 😀 She said many business’s are moving East and out of the State, due to taxes and regulations (gotta love those Liberal policies).

      Glad to see your getting some rain 🙂

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The only problem is the people for the most part are incubating the virus. No sooner than they settle in to their new community with less than what they had in CA,they join the boards and go to town meetings and start trying to change the town. That blew the doors off states like Vermont and Maine. They were great states. Cold but great. Once the NY’ers and Mass folks bought vacation homes there the taxes due to demanded services exploded. Did not bother them because their income was still generated in NYC and Boston. A friends house that was entirely as big as my 1st floor here was taxed $12K. Mine $1200.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Wish we could share….have had plenty this year and years past, without taking a break from raining or drizzling for the past 2 weeks we’re due for “predicted” up to 10 inches. I almost feel I’ve gone to Oregon, back in the early 70’s. Webbed feet and all. Needless to say, MOST people are not stupid enough to drive through deep water, but there are a few, unless you have a serious vehicle and know the road. All the damage teams are staged and the only hazardous part is shopping on seniors day. BBQ is ready to party. Wine is stocked, what more can one ask for.

      The homemade bacon has been phenomenal. Have to keep my hands out of it.

      • LMAO at your seniors day shopping comment. I never shop on that day. I will wait up to 3 days if need be before I go to a grocery store when it’s payday for the elderly and/or the welfare folks. At least the elderly are polite and kind, can’t say the same about the latter. It’s strange to see so many minorities in the store when it’s welfare day, never see them otherwise. Sometimes I wonder just how far they actually travel to shop locally. One other thing, when I pass by the local Church on free food day I find it interesting that most have newer vehicles than I. Something is wrong with that picture.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Usually it is not bad, but today just as I got there 4 assisted living community busses arrived. Shopping, not bad, the lines were horrendous except for the self check out. The oldsters usually do not use them….heck I’m a senior and the deals are worth minor inconveniences. Even had a parking spot right by the door…”veterans” only

  4. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The thing I do not get on the government about Hillary’s unprecedented use entirely of a private server in her home, is that the gov says they are only investigating the server, NOT Hillary. So I guess a legal defense in a gun shooting is the gun did it, charge it, not the owner.

  5. Fifteen people are dead and dozens more are injured after a shooter went on a rampage at the Roseburg, Oregon campus of Umpqua Community College today, numerous media outlets have reported.

    Local law enforcement authorities have confirmed that the shooter is “down” and is no longer a threat. At press time, reports were emerging that the shooter was in custody and had not been killed.

    Umpqua Community College is a small community college of approximately 3,300 students, located in Western Oregon on the North Umpqua River.

    At this time I will withhold any comments other than “when will the Liberals learn that gun free zones are a target for whackballs?” One or more armed citizens could have saved lives. Sadly, people die because of Liberal idiocy.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Saving lives is not part of their agenda. Controlling peoples lives is. Look at how the government operates. Court Martialing the commander who took down the terrorist in Chattanooga. Prosecuting the soldiers who at least took out the rapist in Afghanistan. Over and over the government is prosecuting people for doing the right thing and protecting themselves an the police consistantly say, we are really not here to prevent crime, but come in afterwards after the crime

      The DA in LA decided not to charge “Kaitlyn” in anyway for rear ending a vehicle and pushing it into oncoming traffic thereby killing that driver. The investigation claims that “he” was going just under the speed limit, but applied the brakes 2 seconds before impact. Obviously Jenner was driving to fast and it had nothing to do with the speed limit, but the added braking distance with towing an off the road vehicle and NOT paying attention. Obviously “he” was distracted by the notoriety of just announcing his sex change. Here, you rear end anybody regardless and you are charged. Might be just a traffic violation, but if injury or death occurs, that is a least negligent or unintentional homicide.,,,but nothing claiming it was just an accident.

  6. Once again, Obama comes out and bloviates about gun control. With little info about the shooter (it does not appear he was white or that would have been reported right away) once again the gun grabber Obama couldn’t even wait till the dead stiffened up before shooting off his mouth. He could care less about the dead, period, and his mannerism’s showed it. He is a pathetic Liberal jerk who should have never been elected to ANY office, much less the office of the Presidency. He’s a liar and a disgrace to what America really stands for. His presence in the Oval office can’t end fast enough. GRRRR!

    • Reading reports that the shooter was asking what religion people were. Must be another example of the crazed Christian Terrorists the left is always talking about.

      • WHY hasn’t the killer been identified? If he was white, Christian and a 2nd Amendment supporter, it would be the story of this decade, yet….nothing. It will be reported after everyone is sleeping tonight, wouldn’t want any kneejerk reactions…..err, never mind, that’s the M.O. of the Left. Wanna bet he was Muslim?

        • Jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon this time.

          He wasn’t identified immediately because the WH minions were busy making a bogus MySpace for him. Conservative. Republican. Non Religious. IRA. It doesn’t add up. None of it.

          Obama had to change the subject from Netenyahu’s smackdown at the UN.

  7. •* A 13-year-old Muslim girl was raped by another asylum seeker at a refugee facility in Detmold, a city in west-central Germany. The girl and her mother reportedly fled their homeland to escape a culture of sexual violence.
    •* Approximately 80% of the refugees/migrants at the shelter in Munich are male… the price for sex with female asylum seekers is ten euros. — Bavarian Broadcasting (Bayerischer Rundfunk).
    •* Police in the Bavarian town of Mering, where a 16-year-old-girl was raped on September 11, have issued a warning to parents not to allow their children to go outside unaccompanied. In the Bavarian town of Pocking, administrators of the Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium have warned parents not to let their daughter’s wear revealing clothing in order to avoid “misunderstandings.”
    •* “When Muslim teenage boys go to open air swimming pools, they are overwhelmed when they see girls in bikinis. These boys, who come from a culture where for women it is frowned upon to show naked skin, will follow girls and bother them without their realizing it. Naturally, this generates fear.” — Bavarian politician, quoted in Die Welt.
    •* A police raid on the Munich refugee facility found that guards hired to provide security at the site were trafficking drugs and weapons and were turning a blind eye to the prostitution.
    •* Meanwhile, the raping of German women by asylum seekers is becoming commonplace.


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In the Netherlands where tolerance is supposed to be in everyones genes and understood. That is by everyone that is “Dutch” except for the government and the illegal immigrants. When gangs of muslim men harass the dutch women for being indecent, ie just riding their bikes and going around uncovered, the governments response was not to crack down on the muslims, but to tell the dutch to don’t offend and cover up and give up your “rights” In Italy it’s rampant. Women being prosecuted at world class resorts and convicted by the courts for OFFENDING the muslim visitors who demand their wives cover up head to toe. Bull Shit on that. Heck, even the French are prosecuting Brigitte Bardot nurmerous times for “speech” against muslims and how they are demanding changes to the French culture, much less down at the Riviera.

      When you are TOLD to not defend yourself in the event of an armed robbery or any crime against your person for that matter, If you defend yourself YOU will be prosecuted.

      So everything the Colonel says in response to the miltary questions is true. Christ, sorry< even in the UK the police say do not bother spending money on alarms we can NOT possibly respond…just let shit happen.

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    A thought on the Dems continual harping about more gun control. Or in other words, FAILURE to think beyond the end of their nose.

    The ONLY way to eliminate gun violence is to remove guns and/or ammunition. Australia is the example. So how does this blatantly “un-American” concept work?

    Well the police would have to enforce it. That is OBVIOUS.

    Now it seems I recall the left going all ape on the police for being thugs and imposing a police state mentality on certain “locations” in the USA. Apparently they do not realize that ADVERSARIAL Police interactions with citizens will INCREASE if they impose gun controls. This increase will not just be with us redneck white boys, but will certainly include that population they seem to think is already incarcerated “disproportionately”.

    I also love how folks like Mr. O throw around the phrase “common sense gun laws”. What the hell is their view of common sense? Because my version tells me there is nothing that can be done beyond banning guns and/or ammo. You cannot PREDICT who the next shooter will be if they have not been seeing a shrink or been in jail. You cannot keep guns away from crazy people when guns are owned by citizens willing to sell them to anyone. Like I said, what the heck does “Common Sense” mean to these people. I see nothing suggested that is going to have any real impact.

    Oh, for those that missed it, the father of a school shooter from a few months back was convicted of owning an “illegal gun”. The same gun his kid used to shoot up the school. So how did our registration and background check requirements allow this guy to have an “illegal gun”??????

    • 🙂 Whole heartedly agree!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      All the common sense laws are in place. The people that are supposed to do the review process are absolutely falling down on the job. When I went into get my gun permits at the sheriffs office, I got two within 5 minutes all signed sealed and fees paid and delivered and I did not even meet the sheriff or his designee. Now, he knew that if I lived where I did, was a corporate retiree, military background, I was odds on bet not just some weird psycho. Even though two blocks away from my previous residence was an area rampant with shootings, all drug related and black, and the our neighborhood had not had a B&E in 9 years, due to it being a bad bet of surviving the encounter with the owner. Most houses were “protected by Smith and Wesson” not ADT.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The one law that is missing is background checks for Gun Show sales and other “private” transactions.

        But I do not see how that will stop the mass shootings either. Only a few guns from these incidents have been acquired via gun shows. The rest come from legit sales or from relatives.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      If I remember correctly, Australia enacted strict gun laws to curb the suicide rate, which was high and the people usually used guns. The suicide rate is still high, they just use a different tool.

      When living in Sicily, the gun laws were very strict. Basically the people were disarmed unless you were going hunting and could then get your shotgun. However, the criminals, ie mafia, were fully loaded and opened carried fully automatic weapons. The terrorists which also included the mafia, muslim, communist etc used guns, bombs and rockets. The police and military had all they could handle and it was open season on them. As I said repeatedly, when I traveled anywhere with the owners family, to a beach, restaurant, theater I carried openly a machine gun. We never had a problem. Was I supposed to NO, did my landlord insist YES, was he a military police officer YES.

      • Australia had a particularly nasty set of killings in Tasmania with a semi-auto which followed up an office shooting with an M-1 carbine. That led to the ban on semi-autos. Only thing accomplished is a lower suicide rate (maybe).

        • Just A Citizen says:


          How do you reach that conclusion when the story states that there have been ZERO mass murders and the homicide rate declined and appears to be related. Their conclusion? That the PM of Australia may have been correct.

          What is not addressed, as a proposal for US policy, is the high compliance rate among Aussies. Like I said, how they going to get Americans to comply with a ban unless they start kicking down doors.

          • The same uninformed voters that you complain about will be standing in line to turn in their guns. Those that do not turn in their guns will be labeled ‘terrorists’ and the SWAT teams will be called out.

            • I wouldn’t be concerned about any change in the laws. Without an Amendment, which will take years and not likely to get the necessary States to vote for it anyway, the Left will just bloviate and continue to show their own ignorance. I’m not talking about those on the left who don’t follow the typical Liberal/Progressive mindset, just those who continue to believe that if they outlaw guns, violent crime will stop with it.

              To that extent, I don’t care what other countries have done. If they like what Australia did so well, they can move there. They can go to England where the violent crime per capita is seriously higher than here in the US, despite places like Chicago and Detroit. Remember, most on the Left believe in a Utopia, which is pure fantasy.

              • Just A Citizen says:



                Envision another left wing POTUS who gets to appoint 4 new left wing progressive Justices. Two of whom replace the “moderate/conservatives” currently on the court.

                We are not that far away from a SCOTUS ruling that links our right to bear arms to the existence of a Militia and since the latter does not exist per the court the former no longer applies.

                If popular opinion swings against gun ownership SCOTUS will follow with one of its “socially demanded” rulings.

                No Amendment required.

              • I’m not so sure WRONG is the correct answer Slick. You do bring up a good point though, which is how the SCOTUS is going to make themselves irrelevant because their decisions are based on political leanings versus what the law actually says. I’m sure that many folks like myself just simply don’t care about what SCOTUS says anymore. With that said, let’s add another little thing to the list, where does the Feds get their authority to make something illegal for all people? I don’t recall reading that part when it comes to their enumerated powers in the Constitution. I do recall that alcohol was once banned, which stopped nobody and was done in accordance with the Constitution, via Amendment. I find it interesting how pot is now legal in Colorado, yet the Feds, who have it outlawed, don’t do much about it (maybe they’re afraid that a court will rule they don’t have that authority). Regardless, they wouldn’t be stupid enough to simply outlaw guns, I would bet that would lead to all of them losing their jobs (if not their lives to go with it). Too many people are fed up with the Fed’s to really care what they say anymore. I’m one of them. If they want to ban guns, go ahead, then come get them.

              • My point was that IF there was a gun ban, there would be a surprisingly large amount of people turning in their weapons with no fight whatsoever.

            • Rick, I would agree when it comes to urban areas. Liberal’s and those with little or no convictions will swarm drop off points and get their names cleared. As far as rural areas, it isn’t happening, nor would it get enforced in most areas. It might in Idaho, but not in Pa, and not likely at all in Texas. Just think about one thing, if half of deer hunters would turn in their guns nationwide, that would leave over 6 million armed people who have made a choice. If those 6 million decided to remove the Fed’s from power, at least under Obama, I don’t see much of a fight. But because those of us who have our convictions realize how important it is to maintain the moral high ground, it would take a full gun ban/confiscation BY FORCE before a significant action would be taken.

              Don’t mind those who live in their fantasy land claiming the Fed’s as all powerful. It really wouldn’t take much and Federal employees would scurry into the sewers getting out of their own way to save their skin. The fight would be short lived, as the fed’s don’t have the manpower. The military….most would do nothing to protect Obama, under the right circumstances.

          • The issue was murders/suicides. So mass murders are down, suicides are down (maybe).

            I keep screaming, from the top of my lungs that we are not Europe, we are not Australia. We have no homogeneous ethnic population, we constantly refill our slums with new folks from around the world most from the lowest socioeconomic class of the society. Our forebears acclimated to the society and adapted because of time outs like the 1920’s through the 1940’s. My Dad, the immigrants son would be the first to acknowledge this and point out , as he did many times to me, that the old immigrants were not any better than the new immigrants. There was a process that they needed to go through and that has been off the table for over 50 years now.

            If you slammed the immigration door shut for a decade or two. made labor valuable in this country and brought the current underclass into that labor pool elevating them socially and economically, it goes without saying that the number of folks in prison would drop. Hell, the removal of aliens from the prisons alone would shut at east a quarter of the prisons down.

            My social work friends all overworked to the max might actually be able to accomplish something instead of being deluged with the new “waves” of poor and troubled every month.

            It has always amazed me that any argument over immigration DOES NOT start with the cost of that immigration. It seems that benefits are always “potential” as in potentially new social security taxes while the real, actual day to day costs in education, instability, social programs, crime etc. are ignored.

    • So, every gun law passed since JFK’s assassination has NOT been “common sense”?

      It is the crazies doing the mass shootings and the gangsta’s shooting up the hood for the individual hits and innocent bystanders. Nobody is proposing any “common sense” laws to deal with that. Quite the contrary. We work to strengthen the privacy protections for the nuts and are now talking about losing on society the overly incarcerated having totally forgotten how we drove down crime 20 years ago. Note also that the resurgence of incredibly cheap Afghan heroin (thank you Bush II) might just statistically coincide with recent crime spikes.

  9. Minnesota –-( Most of the facts are still coming in on today’s mass murder in Oregon, but we do know a few things:

    The anti-Second Amendment team is proud that it was a gun-free zone.*

    That didn’t stop the murderer, but it certainly stopped anyone from stopping the murders.

    We also know that the killer, who was 20 years old, was killed in an exchange of gunfire with the police. And, no, he didn’t have a carry permit. As in Minnesota, you have to be 21 in Oregon to legally carry.

    At the campus, the average student age is 38. Since more than one in 16 adults in Oregon has a carry permit, there’s little doubt that one or more of the 800+ permit-holding students were nearby, but disarmed.

    What this crime has in common with so many others is that people knew that this murderer intended to hurt and kill people (he wrote about it on social media)…but no one called the police.

    Read more:

    • Another site has the killers age at 26, not a student of the college (it made for a convenient killing field, again).

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Sorry G, but you aren’t getting the whole story:

      Your same source shows that the college policy provides for Conceal Carry because “the law” allows it, per the Oregon supreme court. The college had a “student conduct” policy that bans possession of guns, “except as provided by law”.

      There are also reports of conceal carry students nearby. Obviously there were not any present in the two classrooms attacked.

      I find the entire “gun free zone” argument childish from BOTH SIDES in this particular case. Neither side of the argument can seem to get the Truth told. The supporters of each side quickly grabbed onto whatever line their side put out in the immediate aftermath.

      As for this guy being visible before hand, I have seen nothing indicating his internet postings allowed him to be identified. But the responses he got on one site are quite SICK. People supporting and encouraging him to go forward with killing other innocent people. I am guessing the people who run that site will be getting some real heat pretty soon.

      • Still haven’t gotten the whole story. Probably not going to either. Lot’s of rumors though, like the shooter had converted to Islam, or the shooter had a thing for the IRA and hated Protestants. Dumb stuff like that.


    Maybe it’s time to demand safer vaccines that actually work.

  11. Just A Citizen says:

    Anyone who thinks the SCOTUS is going to become “irrelevant” any time soon is living in an echo chamber.

    Same holds for the Federal and State Governments.

    • Maybe it will be those who continue to legitimize the corruption who will go first, maybe not.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        While the actual number is in dispute, note that all answers are UNDER 50%.

        If the number continues to decline so does public support for gun ownership and license to carry in public.

        If the majority does not own guns it is silly to think an anti gun ruling by SCOTUS would make the court “irrelevant” to Americans.

        • In other words, like most Liberal’s, your simply saying that the Constitution is irrelevant (which I can’t say I disagree, because the sheople are letting it happen). But, since it seems you think that we live in a Democracy where the majority rules, I guess you could be right. But we don’t live in such a Democracy, so I wholly doubt the SCOTUS will make such a ruling. I also know that YOU don’t think that the wizards can or do such things. The good news is that they don’t make laws. You may believe so, but I don’t. We all have our opinions I reckon 🙂 It’s all good. The left will whine for a few days about needing more laws and nothing will happen. Kind of silly to be debating something that isn’t going to change in our lifetime. Peace! 🙂

          • Just A Citizen says:


            The point is this. What you think they can do or what I think they can do is irrelevant.

            They can do whatever it is they do and the PEOPLE do not rise up and burn their houses down.

            And by PEOPLE I do not mean some “minority” but a majority, in fact a large majority.

            Oh, yes the Constitution became irrelevant a long time ago. As I said at the time, Robert’s ruling on the ACA was the spike to the heart that killed it entirely. Anything from this point on is just a ruse. Just enough to keep the mob from storming SCOTUS’s gate.

            • While you may not mean to, it seems you say this as if it’s acceptable. Not only do I not accept it, but feel it’s reversible. Time will tell I guess. Until a majority of people realize that what is happening in DC is not in their best interest, it will continue.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Of course I don’t condone it nor accept is as the FINAL answer.

                I am, however, a realist when it comes to making statements about where we are TODAY.

                You seem to keep forgetting that most of us here are a MINORITY in this country.

            • Nope, don’t need a majority, never need a majority need 20% that is hardcore. I don’t care whose revolution you are talking about, it never needed more than 20% while the rest sat around and diddled or split themselves into smaller and smaller irrelevant groups.

              If I remember my Russian Revolutionary history correctly there were five or six competing groups shooting the place up from ’17 to ’22. In addition to the Whites and Reds there were the greens and yellows, seriously!

              • Just A Citizen says:


                I was not talking about violent revolution. I was using “burning their house down” as a metaphor for political action AGAINST the court. Which Congress does in fact have the power to do. It could neuter the court if it chose to.

                On the other hand, a minority of 20% which decided to wage an armed insurrection in this country would probably be put down like mad dogs and at least half the country would cheer. No matter which side the 20% were on. Our population has been conditioned to accept Govt. control and reject violence against the Govt.

              • I think you are right on the money on that. Congress lacks will to do its job. I do wonder though about a revolution. No doubt it would be a bloody, dragged out mess and certainly there would be no guarantee on how it came out but the majority would sit on their haunches, do nothing and wait to see how it came out. That too is what usually happens.

            • I have a lighter…


    Look at his connections on Harper’s profile and you will see a hardcore Islamic supporter that lives in America. He praises Allah and wishes death to Jews and has many pictures of the Mujahideen Army.

    The militant group is believed to have an ideology similar to that of fellow Iraqi insurgent group, the Islamic Army in Iraq.

    The Mujahideen Army is one of the founding members of the Jihad and Reform Front.

    And another connection. Alek Skarlatos, one of the 3 Americans that stopped a terrorist attack in Europe. His home town was Roseburg Oregon, the same town that the shooting just happened. His school also happened to be Umpqua Community College where the shooting took place. Is this a retaliation attack for those 3 stopping the attack in Europe? At the very least these are strange coincidences.

    Of course, President Obama mentioned little or none of this in his speech on the matter last night, blaming the entire incident on guns. The press, sadly, went along with him, refusing to report almost everything that contradicted that — especially the suspect’s link to a supporter of Islamic terrorism.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I checked the connection to Alek Skarlatos through MSM sources (NYTimes). If this was not an act of retribution for him breaking up the terrorist attack in France, I do not know what is. To much of a coincidence. I know everyone should feel proud of those young gentlemen, who did the right thing, but wouldn’t the media think it prudent to NOT give personal details. Heck, they blur out the face and identity of SUSPECTS in a crime.

      I was thinking back. Years ago during the Lebanon exercise, prior to the Marine barracks bombing. The MSM predominantly CNN were constantly interviewing soldiers at the road blocks and checkpoints. Full face, names etal. Over subsequent days many of these soldiers were killed off by snipers. Hell the terrorists watched CNN also. Then the interviewer would lament that remember the soldier we interviewed, he’s dead. It did not take long for the soldiers to decline being filmed and interviewed.

  13. I just wish that we could get some thorough and honest reportage from somewhere.

    1. I’m still not sure if they can figure out if the guy was 20 or 26.

    2. Did he come here from Britain as a youth?

    3. If so, was he a naturalized citizen?

    4. he went to an alternative high school, why?

    5. Lasted a month in the Army. Why?

    6. Is he mixed race? Heard that Mom was black?

    7. Ever under the care of a shrink?

    8. On meds?

    9. Weapons were legally owned? #’s 3, 5 and 7 might have precluded that.

    He has also been described as a supporter of the IRA who was anti-christian and a conservative-republican??????????


  14. I may just go out and kill myself in advance of O’Bama’s Armageddon, cause I don’t know if I can live in this F—– up world any more. And a psychologist helped her!!!!

    • I wonder if we could convince the left to get lobotomies to stave off brain cancer? Not that the procedure would be difficult, with the lack of mass and all.

  15. A breezy, wet cool morning here in NW Pa. Temp 41, winds ENE @12, on and off rain. Time to go huntin! 🙂

    • A tad bit warmer here in Indiana at 46. Don’t work tonight so it’s time for me to take a nap! 🙂

  16. A better look at the Oregon college issue of concealed carry:

    1. Oregon state law allows licensed concealed carry on campus; however, colleges are allowed to prohibit it in campus buildings (

    2. The UCC code of conduct ( bans the “Possession or use, without written authorization, of firearms.”

    3. The president of UCC told the ‘L.A. Times’ ( that even the school’s lone security guard and the few faculty members who are retired law enforcement officers are prohibited from carrying guns on campus.

    4. At least one student who holds an Oregon concealed handgun license was reportedly carrying a gun on campus (; however, he wasn’t in the building where the shooting occurred, and, in accordance with standard CHL/CCW training (, he wisely chose to stay put.

    5. When SWAT encountered the armed student, they calmly and professionally disarmed him, checked his concealed handgun license, and then released him, in accordance with their training.

    6. Debating whether UCC allows campus carry completely misses the point—campus carry allows licensed INDIVIDUALS an optional measure of PERSONAL protection; it doesn’t inoculate an entire campus against violence.

    Read more:

    That should square away any questions on the matter. Considering the amount of time the shooter had to do his deed’s, it only makes sense to make significant changes to college policies concerning legal conceal carry. This isn’t likely to happen at most colleges due to the Liberal leaning administration’s and faculties. While the Liberal Left think that more laws would work, they fail to realize that the laws we already have didn’t do a lick of good. That would leave a total ban. Unacceptable.

  17. Polka time:

    • Love it! Grew up on polka music!

      • Gets the blood circulating! The little guy, 18 mos. loves me to put the CD on then he bounces around. Since he is the namesake of my Dad, Polka lover extraordinaire, I hope there is some genetic transference going on!

        Hey Colonel, how’s the Polka scene in Texas? Understand you have some expats from Polkaland down there!

  18. “He admired that he could get the attention from killing alone. Hey, what can I do that’s outrageous, and where can I target where people are defenseless and wont’ stop me from killing as many people as I can get away with.”

    Naw! Gun free zones don’t mean squat! Bullshit!

  19. The Israeli intelligence source DEBKAfile claims China is preparing to join Russia in airstrikes against the CIA’s jihadist forces in Syria.

    “DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report that China sent word to Moscow Friday, Oct. 2, that J-15 fighter bombers would shortly join the Russian air campaign that was launched Wednesday, Sept. 30,” the website reported on October 2.

    The J-15 warplanes will take off from the Chinese Liaoning-CV-16 aircraft carrier, which reached Syrian shores on Sept. 26… This will be a landmark event for Beijing: its first military operation in the Middle East as well the carrier’s first taste of action in conditions of real combat.

    Thursday night, China’s foreign minister Wang Yi, made this comment on the Syrian crisis at a UN Security Council session in New York: “The world cannot afford to stand by and look on with folded arms, but must also not arbitrarily interfere (in the crisis).”

    “The Syrian crisis has been going on for five years now. The international community cannot look on without lifting a finger, but also ought not to interfere arbitrarily,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry Wang Yi told a U.N. Security Council meeting on Thursday.

    Additionally, according to DEBKAfile, the Iraqi government has offered the Russians an airbase to strike ISIS targets in the country.

    A no less significant development occurred at about the same time when Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, speaking to the US PBS NewsHour, said he would welcome a deployment of Russian troops to Iraq to fight ISIS forces in his country too. As an added incentive, he noted that this would also give Moscow the chance to deal with the 2,500 Chechen Muslims whom, he said, are fighting with ISIS in Iraq.

    On September 30, according to Reuters, a Russian official said his country has established a military coordination center in Baghdad.

    The Russian Defense Ministry, however, said the center would be used to coordinate airstrikes in Syria. He did not mention strikes against ISIS inside Iraq.

    On Thursday the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said his country has been coordinating with Kurdish forces battling the Islamic State in Iraq and has sent arms to them through the central government in Baghdad, according to Rudaw, a Kurdish media network.

    “Military representatives from Iraq, Iran, Syria and Russia and the Kurdish government are with this information center which we established in Baghdad,” Lavrov said.

  20. I am a terrible person and I am the first to admit it. Perhaps I was not so far off the mark when I said that O’Bama should have mentioned “If I had a son he would have looked like Christopher”.

    I am looking at the victims photos, one girl is Hispanic but the other eight are white,. I still have heard no mention of the shooters race which, like O’Bama is 50-50. Maybe the cynic in me says this is why he was so quick out of the starting gate on gun violence. Distraction?

    • Nah, perfect reply to Obama’s bloviated politicism of a tragedy. Obama was also dead wrong, as a MUSLIM was the killer in Australia. How did a teenager get a gun where guns are mostly outlawed? Does Obama and the Left need anymore proof that gun control don’t work? If this kid would have been older and planned things better, it could have been much worse. The idiot in Oregon did just that. He planned things out, understood he would have plenty of time because Liberal thinking ruled the day on that college, and he did extreme damage. Had the college had signs up that promoted conceal carry, the perp would likely have went elsewhere. Obama just don’t want to acknowledge that.

    • I’m waiting to see if all these victim’s families are going to be given millions of dollars, too.


    Here are some interesting things about this young “black man” who hated “racist whites” and was not a loner at all. The media is hiding the truth, which is that all of this is probably due to the Liberal’s and their pathetic race card throwing and hatred of Christians. It’s all adding up now. Add to it that he had some Muslim radical friends, or at least one, and the picture becomes clearer. While I didn’t need any more ammo to support the 2nd Amendment, I can now add “to protect myself against psychotic Liberals”.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      A couple of comments from your citation. Remember back when I said somebody was jerking the chain of Conservative groups with false stories?? Now the question is WHO and WHY.

      RP says:

      October 4, 2015 at 8:56 am

      Folks, the alleged image manipulation of Mercer by CNN is very likely a fake story. I have searched for this image or any reference to CNN doctoring this image a dozen ways to next Sunday and the only result is a link back to this post. I asked the originator 0Hour1 for source repeatedly but have only received a non-related response.

      The poster 0Hour1 tweeted this earth-shattering expose on CNN at 6:17 AM yesterday to an alleged 6166 followers in Twitter. As of this morning, more than 24 hours later it has been retweeted 5 times and liked 6 times. IMO that is highly, highly unlikely.

      If you read through the rest of 0Hour1 tweets, it is nothing but an anti-muslim screed with unfounded and unsourced allegations and accusations such as ‘#ISIS just claimed credit for Chris Mercer ‘ and ‘being an Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) adherent after he had attempted to gain passage to Syria via Turkey during the first week of September’

      I’m sad to also report this guy has Twitter banners and badges saying ‘I Am Christian’ in IMO an obvious ploy to garner trust from unsuspecting people.

      I am not sticking up for this Mercer kid nor defending ISIS – I am, however defending Truth and what sets most of us decent, civilized people apart from the vile, wicked people among us. Unless and until 0Hour1 can prove, back up or provide sources (even if they were wrong) for any of his/her claims consider all posts a psy-op / disinformation campaign and please do not look foolish by falling into this trap, spreading information 0Hour1 provides or participating in this smear/hate campaign.

      Deception is all around us – we need to be sheepdogs and not sheep.



      Swampfox says:

      October 4, 2015 at 9:57 am

      Very good post, RP. I agree there was disinformation spread by some posters on here. It seems the MO for causing conservatives to go off the rails is to throw out some radical Islam angle. I noticed the same tendency on Free Republic.

      It’s important for us to get back to rational discussion and let the evidence take us to the truth and leave the extreme emotionalism to the left.

      • The stuff about CNN is all over the place and I’m hearing CNN has apologized. Not only did they brighten skin color, but also removed 3 black moles and made his nose smaller. He was also a “Black Lives Matter” supporter, too bad the MSM won’t report the truth anymore.

  22. Wow…I go to Mexico and you guys let the world fall apart.

    I am back…Mexico nationalizing bank accounts…..anything with a deposit over $10,000 has to have the approvoval of the government and any expenditure over $5,000 must have government approval. Foreign savings acounts in Mexico have been confiscated. The Mexican Government has now banned the entrance of American owned commercial vehicles despite NAFTA ( which never worked ). The Mexican Government has now banned foreign ownership of land and homes UNLESS you become a defacto Mexican citizen….You must go to the Mexican consulate in the Untied States and put in a request for an FM3….then you must sign forms that you reside in Mexico for a “non specific period of time” ( translated means…the discretion of the governement official and how much “mordida” you pay him…mordida means bribe ).

    Mexican language required to file deeds and papers in Mexico. Bilingual is not required and all government forms are IN SPANISH. English is NO LONGER SPOKEN unless the person helping you just happens to know English…..You are REQUIRED to have a government appointed translator with you to conduct business in MExico….( cost is $300 per day for a translator….and a translator is REQUIRED DESPITE YOUR FLUENCY IN THE SPANISH LANGUAGE. If you do not wish a translator, you will still pay a $300 tax to the government to speak for yourself.

    Things have changed.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good morning Sir. Hope ya’ll got everything hauled out before the crack down.

      Now for the obvious question. WHY has everything suddenly changed? This can’t be just a pre-emptive shot across the bow to scare away Trump. Your read???

      • Not a Trump issue at all,,,,the political landscape has changed and Mexico is becoming more and more socialistic now. The Mexican populace is not allowed their savings accounts any longer…..They are being confiscated. The foreign investments are being attacked depending on which one….and it is all foreign,not just American.

        Water rights have been stripped from private ownership and all minerals have been nationalized. There is a move to nationalize outside investments to where there must be a Mexican National owning 51% of all assets. This includes factories, cars, planes….etc. This can go on for 6 years until they change the political parties again.

        We have decided that it is no longer wise to be in Mexico…to travel there, nor own property there. We have been lucky….we saw this happening. The only thing that I have locked a small checking account…nothing more.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Our government has been testing those waters the past several years. So have several countries in Europe.

          I’d think that a major example of the policy route Mexico is taking and how it will end up is Venezuela, had issues but was a strong country. How long did it take to drive out the movers and shakers and turn the place into a real shithole….but as soon as the government there felt confident the legal vote went by the wayside….anticipate more migration north. It’s a shame the drug cartels are such a, to put it politely, a fly in the soup.

        • As significant as this is, it’s not being mentioned anywhere. I find that odd. Has it been kept that secret?

  23. Very interesting….the Oregon shooter never made the news in Mexico…learned about it upon returned.

  24. Dale A Albrecht says:

    For those with a lack of water… New Bern, as of Sept 27, this year we are just under 50″ of rain. We are 3″ above normal. And we have NOT had any hurricanes for years. Even though Jocquim is way out to sea it will still dump an estimated 10″ + over the next few day.

  25. The father of the man who murdered a professor and eight Christian students at an Oregon community college on Thursday is blaming the guns rather than the gunman for his son’s shooting spree.

    And although Ian Mercer didn’t come right out and say it, he probably believes the ammunition was a co-conspirator in the Umpqua Community College bloodbath.

    “That’s what guns are. The killers. It’s as simple as that. It’s black and white,” Mercer said in a Saturday CNN interview.

    “They talk about gun laws, they talk about gun control. Every time something like this happens they talk about it and nothing is done,” he told CNN.'Gun%20Free%20Zone'%20Campus%20Wizards:%20Nine%20Kids%20Died%20Because%20Of%20Your%20Stupid%20Policy

    Yep, those guns asked if the dead were Christian’s and went off by themselves. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    A must read for those who think it possible to stand up new Govts in places like the Middle East. As I said long ago, WE are not prepared to do what is required to solve the ME problems. That is because we do not understand their culture nor do we desire to do what is needed to change it. This failure of resolve equally applies to many other places in the world, including that mess south of our border.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      So true….we are not prepared to do what is required. Like what is a major fuel of the issues south of the border..the drug demand north of the border. Being sarcastic…would it not be cheaper for the government to legalize the drugs. Dispense anything, drug of your choice free of charge….and get rid of ANY health insurance or coverage for any disability due to those drugs. Just step over the bodies in the train station in the morning like in Amsterdam. Clean them up before the tourists come through.

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    Last day of regular season: Going to be an exciting day in the American League West conference.

    It hurts dearly to see Kellen Moore in a “cowboy” uniform.

    Boise State may have found it’s next “legacy QB”.

    Will be thinking of you Anita on Monday night……… 😉

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    OK gun supporters. Lets talk about qualifications to carry a gun in public. I hear the constant cry that an armed citizenry would reduce murders from the right and would increase them from the left. You know, that old shoot out at the OK corral stuff!

    Well here in good ol’ Idaho, we are pretty OK with folks carrying guns. Even guns in the open. But lets look at the “requirements” to carry a concealed weapon. Which happen to coincide with carrying a weapon pretty much anywhere in any form.

    Anyone see any reason for concern??? do I obtain a concealed weapons license in Idaho

    • Anyone see any reason for concern???

      Yes, your elected people are idiots.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        So now an elected official who takes the words “shall not infringe” literally is an idiot??

        • I simply looked at the laws in Idaho in your link, kind of busy. But noticed that they are somewhat similar to Ohio laws (not Pa laws). What caught my eye was that Idaho, like Ohio and Pa, and many state, have little or no restrictions on open carry. Then when we get to the concealed carry part of law, apparently, politicians think people suddenly become stupid if they put a gun in a holster UNDER their clothing. If “shall not infringe” meant anything, it would apply to any method of carry. Do you not see the obvious in this small but relevant part of the idiot politicians and their nonsense?

          Too answer your question on Google, NO, I don’t even do Google search. Any reason?

  29. Just A Citizen says:


    Have you seen the Google header for today??

  30. Just A Citizen says:

    The race for Speaker of the House is finally getting interesting.

    Of course if more “insurgents” decide to run they will just hand it to the “establishment”.

    • What makes you think the new one will be any better than the last?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Yeah…like everything Boehner did. The “moderate” GOP and the Dems handed Obama a blank check and no feathers truly were ruffled. As Cruz says about the “show” votes…If an “extremist” get the job…..nothing will get done, IT MAY BE BETTER. The States that have only a part time legislature looks at that as a positive. The elected representatives can not do damage for 12 months.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Knowledge and experience.

  31. This pretty much sums things up:

    This article even touches on SSRI’s, which may or may not have played a role.

    • Still the same problem…..If they take the guns, the ammo…and everything…..and when it happens again….what do they take next?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      What the pro gun folks don’t seem to understand is that pointing out all these “other” factors has no affect on the argument.

      Because if guns are prohibited it will not matter how many crazy people there are, they won’t be able to get guns.

      Ban all guns and the number of gun killings will drop to X% of all “killings”. The value of X is unknown but will almost certainly not be Zero.

      The right side needs to refocus the debate on the issue of killing humans, not on “guns” killing humans. But there is little chance they can do this because the hard left and the media are vested in the “guns” killing people. Notice they refer to “mass murders by guns”, not just “mass murders”.

      The other problem the right has in this debate is the erosion of the key American value which supported the Second Amendment in the first place. Hint, it WAS NOT about self defense or hunting. It was about securing safety and freedom of the States against a Tyrannical FEDERAL GOVT. It is only a minority of Americans who understand the importance of maintaining an armed citizenry as a deterrent to Govt. overreach.

      • I mostly agree. Much like the abortion issue, nothing is likely to change anytime soon, if ever. As far as that minority of Americans who understand things, the true number would likely surprise you. I would guess the number is around 50 million+. Most are simply quiet and don’t say much online, but they talk away from the computer. I think you would be proud of how many will stand up of the need every arose. Peace!

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Probably more like 30 million. That is 20% of the voting age population of about 150 million total.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I had some bad data. More like 225 million adults, voting age, in USA. So the 20% would put you close to 50 million. But that is 20%………..not enough to carry a national agenda in a peaceful revolution. Because there are more self identified “Democrats” who would likely take to the streets as well to counter any “conservative” efforts.

          Here is one of the latest breakdowns of demographics for US voting population. Some pretty interesting trends.

          Pleas NOTE: The “Hispanic Catholic” percentage that identifies as Dem or who claim Independent but “lean” Dem. Which means they vote Dem but want people to think they are not owned. Any wonder the Dem party is working so hard to get this group INCREASED even further?

          I also do not understand the Dem. affiliation of Asians. Their work ethics seem so much more “conservative”. Only thing I can think is the heavy influence of coastal California, Oregon and Washington politics.

          • I never said that there would be a peaceful revolution, in the event of gun confiscation. I expect just the opposite. I’ll take my 50 million, with at least 15+ million being vets and put them up against anyone. Forget peaceful revolution JAC, it’s never going to happen. That’s a pipe dream at this point.

  32. I added a picture from Dale at the bottom of original article for all to enjoy. T-Ray will be jealous 🙂

    • Tough to keep yer powder dry in stuff like that!

      • Quite amazing how the weather patterns lined up to cause that, I don’t recall ever seeing such a thing. Although different, it reminds me of how Hurricane Sandy did it’s thing. Almost like it’s all being manipulated 😉

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Only one schools system to the NNE in Bertie County had delays. All others were open.

      However I was talking to the lawyer on the 1st floor. Apparently we got it light from s rain standpoint over the past serveral weeks. Coming up through Columbia SC continuing in the Charlotte are in the western parts, they had last week, something like 18+ inches in almost the same hours. Water up to the bulbs on the decorative street lamps, That is a boat load.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Hey, I bought a melon baller some 30 years ago, or so. Still have it somewhere, I think.

      It used to come out for kids parties. Now I have resorted to my old ways of just chopping into chunks.


      P.S. Real men do NOT buy their wives shoes or know their sizes, or much at all about women’s shoes. They will take their wife or girl friend shoe shopping and enjoy the lady trying on different makes and models.

      P.S.S. There is one EXCEPTION to the Real Man vs. Women’s shoes. Until she turns 13, or until she shuns him, he will shop with or for his daughter.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Your comment just reminded me of a shopping event in Taormina. A young lady who worked for me, before she was discharged, wanted to buy an original haute coiture outfit. She knew I was seeing a lady who worked in a seriously high end boutique. I took her up to shop. As the girl with my friend’s help were trying on outfit after outfit, shoes, jewelry, to come up with the perfect show. The owner of the boutique was standing next to me taking notes and writing prices. As total ensemble was coming together she’d show me a price. Not the girl. I’d shake my head, and she’d write a lower price…this went on and on. Finally in exaspiration the owner went and talked to the helper…they started laughing. The misunderstanding was that the owner thought that I was buying the gowns and everything for Elizabeth. Just like the movies. Guy’s sat back and watched, but wrote the check in the end.No way was I paying that bill. 37 years ago and it was close to 3K US for one outfit….damn she looked good in it. I did treat her to a fine dinner so she could show off to the hoi poloi in that resort.

  33. Just A Citizen says:


    I’m looking for you………………………….. the numbers 13 and 10 keep appearing in my mind. Can’t seem to shake them.

    • Yeah, yeah…yawn. Truth be told, I passed out. As I’m going over the highlights, I call bullshit! Megatron is probably kicking himself but it never shoulda come down to that play. Oh look…SQUIRELL. Finally got a new computer and spent the evening on ESPN catching up with my Spartan stats, wondering weather to start worrying 2 weeks early about Jim Harbaugh’s boys, and wondering WTH is going on with the Badgers. 😉

      • yeah, that’s SQUIRELL..just seeing who’s awake.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        It was a great “defensive” game by both sides. I loved how the ESPN experts were raising hell over a blown call and then at the end the referee expert admitted that the Refs try to make sure a call that changes a game is a no brainer, slam dunk call. So maybe they decided on the field the “tap” wasn’t obvious enough…….. at regular speed.

        Seems like a stupid rule anyway in that situation.

        Now today everyone is screaming about refs and instant replay instead of the great play to cause the fumble or Megatron’s great move to get the catch in the first place.

        Or, why is it that Stafford can play like that in the last two minutes but not the rest of the game.

        I think you have just cause to worry about your cross state rival.

      • That was a pathetic loss. We have a pretty easy schedule and I still don’t think we’ll be able to do much. But, new coach, so there’s hope for the future.

        Now the Pack are the real thing, again and oh by the way, if Back to the Future is correct, Cubs Win!

  34. By the way G,

    What ever will the Dolphins do now? All of the so called ‘experts’ said they would be pretty good this year. Now they don’t even have a coach to lead them into battle…..maybe Suh can step on a few people and get a couple of wins. 🙂

    • If they also fire their defensive coordinator, they could play their way out of it. The defensive players have been begging Croyle to make some changes, which he hasn’t. What we all saw was a player revolt on both sides of the ball. That’s why they played flat and with little emotion. It was a huge coaching failure. Now, they can start to fix things. It is what it is. As long as I keep doing as good as I did this weekend on DraftKings, I’ll make up for my irritation over the Phin’s 🙂

      • That’s ok, I feel your pain. The same ‘experts’ were saying this year would be the Colt’s year. Pfffftt, they barely beat Jacksonville. Ummm, let me rephrase that…Jacksonville beat themselves, Indianapolis didn’t beat anyone.

        • I agree. I’m a little shocked at Indy, thought they’d be a scoring machine. Team weaknesses are starting to show in a big way, even the Seahawks home field advantage has shown some kinks in the armor. The Lions played them tough and could have won. It still fun stuff!

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    Finally, what I consider a REASONED criticism of Fiorina. As well as a short look of how others in the race compare on certain issues.

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    A very interesting editorial by the same author I cited above but on the topic of Sex. Nice to see a “younger” person share some of my “old world” views on the topic, taking down the younger generations view of sex as just a physical exercise. I’m talking to you Mathius.

    Make sure to read through the comments.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    Good lord. They don’t even realize that this is NOT an example of Hypocrisy nor does the “star” grasp even the basics of creating a logical argument.

    Notice that they are using a method of scaling up the ladder of points to find a common thread to make the point. That is that “interference” in the lives of others is the commonality. Thus creating an ILLUSION that stopping the killing of innocent babies is the same as stopping the killing of innocent people by use of a gun.

    Of course the second point IGNORES the reality that it is in fact ILLEGAL to kill an innocent person with a gun. But it is not illegal to kill an innocent baby via an abortion.

  38. I keep hearing how the Left, Hilary included, wants to make gun manufacturers liable when their products are misused. This is clearly another example of a group of people who need not be in politics because they can’t see past the end of their noses. How is it this woman is STILL running for President? The Left are lost, ethically and morally.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Another example of irrational arguments by the left. They try to create an equivalency between Cigarette companies and Gun makers.

      Tobacco operated under license by the Fed Govt, but the Feds used Tobacco INCS studies to deny direct liability linkage. Their product caused ILLNESS by direct use. The intended use of the product resulted in the ILLNESS or damage thus the liability.

      Gun makers sell guns to people with the presumption the product will be used safely. The gun itself causes NO INJURY. The gun does NOT load itself.

      The one question I always had on Tobacco was what if the INCS had just admitted the health risks of smoking from day one. Along with a statement to the effect that it is up to you to decide whether to use our product because it could kill you. How could any liability be established under that scenario.

      Oh, the lefties are also using bars and bartender lawsuits as proof of equivalency. Again, the bar/tender had direct control over providing drinks to a person who was more than likely drunk. Personally I do not consider them liable and using this as an example amounts to using a Wrong to rationalize another Wrong. But at least there is a modicum of connection.

      So the proper comparison is a gun owner selling a gun to someone who is OBVIOUSLY off their rocker or who is OPENLY threatening to kill someone who is innocent.

      • Agree 100%. Good thing this isn’t likely to get voted in as law. The car companies will likely lobby against it, because they’d be on the hook soon after.

      • Ok…I did a lefty thing yesterday…..I wish to apologize to my conservative friends for doing this but I decided to test their theory of guns killing people. So, I took two of my weapons…loaded one and then took the other one and unloded it and put them both on a table……I watched them all day…even spoke derisevely to them…bumped the table…said racial things…said nice things….had my spousal unit walk around them……….and………


        • Also, no gun jumped up into anyone’s hand…..or ran around the table or floor….it inanimate…laying there doing nothing……like a hammer or a screw driver or a baseball bat…..

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    This is what a political attack from an organized and unified political party looks like. One where the leadership and its minions are not just on the same page but are hyper-political and have little to no moral scruples. Remember, this is the party that failed to condemn Harry Reid for LYING on the floor of the Senate about Mitt Romney’s tax returns.

    For the record, I do not think that the Republican speaker hopeful actually admitted the Benghazi Select Committee was constructed just as a political stunt to take down Clinton. And furthermore, that committee did nothing to damage Clinton’s reputation or poll numbers.

    That happened due to the email scandal which was created by operatives on the Dem side of the isle. Namely the White House.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      McCarthy said it. New speaker, same establishment, nothing will change.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Nothing can change until those who want to change are a majority. They currently are not.

        What irritates me is people like you, and Sean Hannity, bitching and moaning about “nothing changing” as if a minority is somehow going to affect any real change.

        So then you fall into the “voting doesn’t matter” while again not recognizing in any rational way what it takes, including how long, to create real change.

        • Holy nonsense Batman, I’m on the same plain as Sean Hannity! Whoop whoop 😀

          Good, now let’s look at one person, the Chaiviz (sp) guy running for Speaker. Ran and won as a TEA party candidate. Oh “jump for joy”, a “minority” won a spot. Well, maybe not. As a committee head, he, “just like Boner”, had a member or two removed from said committee (on the TPP) because they didn’t hold the party line (they opposed the TPP). So here we have someone who is supposed to be “different” and a non-establishment person, only to be the opposite. He is the perfect example of your silly belief that change can actually occur sometime within the next 25 generations (a little long for me, but you can wish).

          Here’s the sad part. I want it to change as bad as you. I’m sick and tired of snake oil salesmen, liars and criminals who lack ethics and morals “PRETENDING” to represent the people. The Republicans were handed change last election and simple pissed all over the heads of the people that thought they would get change for the better. They got changes alright, the new republican majority licked Obama’s boots and gave him everything he wanted. The melodrama is just theater. Money runs the show, not elections. Too bad Life of Illusion has that moniker taken, you would wear it well 🙂

          • Drip, Drip (Boner is still shaking his little willy on the heads of voters, because he’s not quite done yet)

          • Thas’ ok JAC…I will wear it as well…….Gman is a nice person I, I am sure. I agree with a lot he posts…………….. BUT…………not voting is not going to change anything either…..anarchy will not change anything……it will make him and others feel better…….but it will not change anything now or in the future.

            I brag about Texas a lot ( hell, I am Texan….bragging is Texas 101…and I am proud of my State ( except when they play shitty football ) BUT… is changing things here…because we are changing things at the lowest levels and it will take time. Not all Repubs are conservative,,not all Tea Party is conservative….and just like democrats, some Repubs and office seekers take a play out of the democratic play book and will take a road that looks good but then, like a chameleon, will change its colors. Texas has an issue with a “good old boy” attitude among local sheriff’s and deputies…and even Texas politics….but change is possible and we are doing it. Even Perry, as a governor, tried to use immenent domain issues to build a “trans Texas Highway”….used the good old boy system to ram things through the legislature………he forgot about the independent attitude of Texans….they met law enforcement at the gates with weapons and neighbors…..the highway did not happen. He then changed… did a lot of local leaders that were bribed into agreement……they got fired. The word got to Austin….he changed. He also tried to ram through some things on health care with some “good old boy” health industry firends….that did not work when thousands showed up at Austin….walked through the barricades and flooded the capitol hallways and chambers with people that would not move and even showed up at 330 in the morning during special sessions… stopped it. But it is going to take people…and those people have to stand up for what they believe. YOu have to become involved and becoming involved includes more than just talkng and blogging….you have to get out and get your neighbors out….you have to show up. When dissidents show up at town hall meetings, you must stand up to them…..with fists, if necessary.

            Nuff said….

            • gmanfortruth says:

              Good Sir, I have been very consistant in saying my disdain with elections is limited to the Federal level.

              Dispute having a twinkle of optimism after the last election, the twinkle was doused and the truth about the Federal elections was exposed in a way even I was surprised about. Sorry Sir, but their actions were clear as day, the elections were a farce.

        • Besides the fact that GMan is a firm believer in the Constitution, which is admission right there that the SYSTEM works. But then he goes full liberal by calling us sheople because the people voted in abuse the system. So he takes his ball home crying instead of getting in on the ground game to get Constitutionalists elected.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Firm believer in the Constitution, cries out for smaller and less intrusive Federal Govt and then supports Donald Trump.

            And we claim it is the PARTY that is the problem.

          • Are you still a Trump-ette Anita?

            • Yep. Trump/Cruz. I’d rather be all for Cruz, I just don’t think he can get the message out because of his delivery. The die hard conservatives can understand him but the LIVs don’t have the attention span for him. Also don’t think congress is afraid of him. Trump comes in with lights and sirens, isn’t afraid to call them out by name. surrounds himself with successful people. comes out smelling like a rose every time. I don’t think he’d run for a second term either. Cruz as VP could keep Trump grounded and also start planting seeds for his eight years. RNC made a rule change that a candidate must win 8 state primaries to be considered for nomination. My primary is late March. If Trump has his eight states by then, I’ll vote Cruz.

          • Is that the best you and JAC can come up with? ROFLMAO! 😀 I don’t have a ball in the game because the game is rigged. It’s run by the wealthy, for the wealthy, we ain’t in that group. Their ball, their rules, their game and come a year from November you and JAC will go vote for THEIR candidates they chose for you to pick from. Some game when the winner is never the people. If the shit worked as you guys claim, please explain why this Congress, led by Republicans in both houses, new majorities voted for under the campaigns of defunding this that and the other, only to have these newly elected majorities not even leave the dugout to swing the bat on ANY of the campaign issues they won on. Then they turn around, violate the Constitution and give Obama all kinds of treaty authority under Fast Track Legislation, PUSHED by the damn Republicans. What a joke 🙄

            • Do you believe in the Constitution or not?

            • Just A Citizen says:


              That is easy to explain. None or your claims about a “majority” are true.

              Yet you seem unable to understand that key point. You recognize at times that R’s are not all alike, yet you then lump everything into R to criticize the lack of action you would like to see. True “tea party” candidates comprise a “liberty caucus” of about 50 members in the House.

              Here is where you channel Sean Hannity. Without 2/3 of the House and Senate how the hell does Congress change anything when the POTUS is a died in the wool Progressive Democrat who is willing to shut down the Govt to embarrass the Republican Party????

              What purpose does it really serve to send legislation to the President when you KNOW it will be vetoed?? Really, what good purpose?? Do you think putting the Dems and POTUS on the record is going to change any voters minds about who they support???

              So Congress passes a bunch of legislation it knows will not be enacted and the MSM and DNC get to label them as crazies who are just WASTING YOUR TAX DOLLARS. Review the commentary on the web about the House’s efforts to defund the ACA and tell me how this benefits the cause of electing more “Tea Party” type folks.

              Your assessment of Chavetz is also wrong. You should check out his explanations of what he did about members of his committee and how he retreated and has made nice with the guy he tried to sack. Oh and how this was due to some personal issues and was not orchestrated by Boehner or anyone else in the “establishment”.

              • Without 2/3 of the House and Senate how the hell does Congress change anything when the POTUS is a died in the wool Progressive Democrat who is willing to shut down the Govt to embarrass the Republican Party????

                Simple answer. Turn Obama into a veto machine. At least there is EFFORT. Like stepping up to the plate and swinging, even if you strike out, at least you go down swinging. The Republicans never even got up from the dugout bench.

                It also saddens me greatly to see good people stoop to making lame excuses for failure. Maybe failure is a bad word because it’s hard to be a failure if one doesn’t bother to even try.

                TEA Party? Seriously? That is a failure of a movement as I’ve seen in the last 25 years. The establishment ate them for dinner and shit them out before bedtime. Good grief.

              • re: sending a target for veto. JAC are you waffling on your principles?

              • JAC et al,

                “Without 2/3 of the House and Senate how the hell does Congress change anything when the POTUS is a died in the wool Progressive Democrat who is willing to shut down the Govt to embarrass the Republican Party????”

                So??? Shut down the Govt! Why is everyone so scared of the Govt shutting down? Life will go on, the world will continue to turn, the sun will still rise tomorrow, and another day will come and go as NORMAL.

                “What purpose does it really serve to send legislation to the President when you KNOW it will be vetoed??”

                I’m really tired of hearing this argument from people. Have y’all never played poker? Call the bluff! Send it to his desk and MAKE him veto! This BS of not doing something because POTUS will veto is just that….BS! It’s an excuse for not doing their job! Do YOUR job, if POTUS vetoes, then it is on him. Right now the blame falls squarely on congress (because they didn’t do their job and send the legislation to the POTUS). Period.

                But, it’s all for naught. Why would ANYONE expect things to work as they are supposed to when we have a foreign born, muslim for a president? When you accept the FACT the he is hell bent on destroying this country, all his actions make PERFECT sense.

                I do agree with Gman on the Federal elections. Maybe the vast majority of Americans are blithering idiots, or the elections are rigged. Hmmm, maybe a little of both?

              • You had me, til you didn’t, then you did again.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Here is a good example of why many R’s backed away from defunding the ACA. And oh my, oh my, it had nothing to do with Corporate dictates. Instead we see elected officials responding to PRESSURE from their constituents. Because they know to piss off the majority of voters means losing their job.

              And yes, I know this is a lefty site but it makes the point perfectly. Only those living in the echo chamber created by “Right wing” talking heads would have believed defunding the ACA was possible. And heaven forbid a politician should tell the truth to these “talking heads”. They get hung out to dry as “traitors to the cause.”


              • Of course a Lefty site is going to say the people don’t want it defunded or repealed. They have been saying that since it was passed. I don’t know if it was possible to defund Obamacare or amnesty, to be frank. But when the campaigns of just about every Republican was talking that it could be done if they got a majority, then at least F-ing try (even if they know it will fail in the long run). They didn’t even bother to do that. Shame on all of them. Then, add on the Fast Track legislation and as far as I’m concerned, you have a Republican Congress full od sellouts and traitors to their electorate. You keep making ALL the excuses you can think of, your not likely to change my mind when the real evidence is clearly on my side.

              • As far as “the people don’t want it repealed” as the Left claims, I’m positive that families are saying that now because they LOVE paying more for their coverage :

  40. Oh my. Where are our Climate specialists? You need to head over to the Sierra Club and help this poor gent out.

  41. Now we fast forward to South Carolina……residents are pretty pissed off at the rain and their insurance companies…..they are taking down the barricades and driving around them and then watch their cars float away….then they file an insurance claim and want their claims paid…..want a new car and the insurance companies ( rightly so ) are denying claims based on negligence….and people are pissed.


  42. Just A Citizen says:


    Don’t forget to provide us with your mea culpa on “waffling” about US Hegemony and “sticking our nose in others business”.

  43. Here is a start JAC….as I see things from MY perspective….hegemony and sticking our nose in others business are not one and the same but yet they can, loosely defined, also be the same or similar.

    I am not actually waffling aboutmy stance but it pains me to see people complain about not stopping something while saying it is none of our business……

    If you do not wish to be the big kid on the block….and you keep your nose out of everyone’s business, it carries consequences. You are seeing the consequence of diminishing American hegemony as we speak and that is the rise of China and Russia as the new hegemonic powers of the world. When this happens, you MUST expect to see the power and the influence of America waning as well and then you will see that the edge does not go to us in trade, economics, political influence, and the like. You are already beginning to see the start of the new cold/hot war… is here and it is here to stay.

    Obama has relinquished the role of the United States to third place behind Russia and China… military influence, in expanding territory, in controlling, by force, natural resources…and, trying to do so in economics, although I don’t think even Obama can kill this because there is still no replacement for the USD…..for now. Obama has been out negotiated, out foxed, out played, and virtually beat into submission by Russia and China and I will be happy to list the areas but you already know them. NATO is on the verge of total destruction…it has been a wimp the last 6 years anyway…

    China’s influence in the South Pacific, notably the South China Sea has just about replaced all of the US spherical influence in that region. That carries NAtional Defense implications. China’s growing influence with Taiwan carries huge economic and National Defense implications…..

    Staying out of people’s business is universal….it does not mean that we are the world policeman….we leave the abductions of girls in Africa alone…..we leave all if Africa alone…..that carries with it implications, economically and militarily…..

    So…..we are either the big kid on the block with our influence and demands…..or we are not, There is no in between.Even humanitarian aid is protracting hegemony and influence.

    So, I am not really waffling….we either are or we are not…..there is no “little bit pregnant”…if we are not to stuck our nose into other’s political arenas, then we do not care who does what to whom.

    • I’m not so sure we have pulled back to any large extent. I can think of Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan (still) and I would bet we are in a few more places trying some stuff. Obama hasn’t been much different than Bush in many ways. I don’t think anyone would complain much if the US intervened for humanitarian reasons, IF we are invited by the government of that country. However, I’m currently against getting involved in political affairs of other countries. The Libya thing still pisses me off.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Looks to me like you have not changed your views, just frustrated to see all the whining over what happens when we pull back. Which was my point in the challenge about principles last week.

      I see folks saying Obama is the same as Bush. They must have missed what Bush was doing because it sure aint what Obama is doing. Just because Obama didn’t announce a policy of retreat doesn’t mean that is not what his goal is in the long run. As I said before, if not for political pressure at home and abroad he might have just announced a new “policy” of “isolationism” 5 years ago. Although I do not think him an isolationist.

      I see him as a Progressive and thus wanting to meddle in the world when it meets Progressive goals, which are not necessarily USA goals. Let me address a couple of your specifics.

      “Here is a start JAC….as I see things from MY perspective….hegemony and sticking our nose in others business are not one and the same but yet they can, loosely defined, also be the same or similar.” AGREED. I have no problem with hegemony if it is the result of projecting a powerful moral standard. Such as ONLY using force in retaliation to attack by others.

      The world does not need to fear us in order to respect us nor for us to lead the world or be the biggest player. Only those who would challenge us via force need to fear us.

      “I am not actually waffling about my stance but it pains me to see people complain about not stopping something while saying it is none of our business……” I SHARE YOUR PAINS.

      “If you do not wish to be the big kid on the block….and you keep your nose out of everyone’s business, it carries consequences. You are seeing the consequence of diminishing American hegemony as we speak and that is the rise of China and Russia as the new hegemonic powers of the world. When this happens, you MUST expect to see the power and the influence of America waning as well and then you will see that the edge does not go to us in trade, economics, political influence, and the like. You are already beginning to see the start of the new cold/hot war… is here and it is here to stay. ” YES, WE ARE SEEING THE AFFECT. Notice the change in the Republican party rhetoric in the last year. All of a sudden it has moved from no nation building to “we are losing our status as number one”.

      This goes to my challenge the people once again check their principles. Having your cake and eating it as well is a very “left wing” characteristic. Which raises the question once again as to whether many of these Republicans are really leftists at their core.

      Putin has made many comments about the USA treating other nations in a fair and full manner as we would expect to be treated by others. This is the crack we need to exploit. Simply live up to the hype about our MORAL standards and then use it to embarrass Putin and others on the International Stage.

      Now a different topic. I was watching video of the reported Russian air attacks. Looked to me like they were using cluster bombs of some kind. I am also thinking Russia is using the Syria event to SHOW OFF some of their new military weapons and power.

      I forgot to mention one of my principles in this “international affairs”. We should NOT do business with despots. We need to stop dealing with bad people just to maintain some status quo and “balance of power”. This is where I thought Bush was right to undo the Kissinger viewpoint. His execution stunk and he did not develop a strategy to deal with Russia and China once they figured how to use his “Bush Doctrine” to their advantage.

      • What is troubling….is the rhetoric on gun control……the same ones that are saying that dodge ball is a dangerous sport, the game of tag is racist and demeaning, the choosing of sides at school recess is demeaning if everyone is not chosen, beg for your life or just lay down and hope a crazed killer does not shoot you… not do anything about it….just lay there and hope they shoot someone else…do not care for your fellow man/woman or child. If you are a flag waving mom, you are over patriotic…if you believe in the 2nd Amendment, you are a war monger, if you are a Christian, you are a threat to society, if you are a Veteran, you are a domestic terrorist……

        The word queer was always used to mean odd or weird……it is the progressives that made it a bad word. Remember when Crayons were color coded and the black color was called “black” or “negro”….somehow the word Negro, which is Spanish for black is…..racist. The progressives say that everyone who is an individual is……racist. If you eat soda crakers or apple pie….you are racist. If you fly a “Rebel” flag you are….racist. If you do not hire an illegal alien…you are racist. If you choose to not associate with a “gay” person… are a homophobe. If you do not like the Islam or Muslim religion, you are an Islamophobe….but if you hate Christians… are a Progressive.

        If you send your child to private school or you home school, you are regressive…..the list goes on and on……

        But the crowning issue…..when someone stands up and says enough is enough and that he would rather die charging an individual who is intent on killing you anyway….is short sighted and evil………..well……hell…if you do not charge the individual and you are worried about your own self and willingly let others die in the hopes you live…… are a coward….a selfish, selfless insignificant coward that cares only for him/herself but will then say….if you do not take care of everyone…you are racist.


        • Just A Citizen says:


          I am sharing your anger and frustration this morning. I watched Anderson Cooper last night go on and on about how “we don’t know for sure what Mr. Carson would do because he has never been in that situation”. And of course, “doesn’t he realize how others might take this as an insult to the victims?”

          The answers were measured and right on. But mine would have been “Well Mr. Cooper, your the one stirring the pot and CREATING this illusion of criticizing the victims, so why don’t you tell us WHY you are doing this”.

          And why was it newsworthy that Mr. Carson didn’t know the name of the vet who did try to keep the guy out of the room? You also have to just love how Cooper and others have used that ONE guy as the example of why Carson is a fool. Missing the entire point that the GROUP needed to attack.

          Other irony on CNN. After listening to a segment ripping Carson for his comments the reporter had to admit that some Federal “expert” on response to such events AGREED with Mr. Carson.


    Asperger’s Syndrome? Isn’t that what Lanza (Sandy Hook) was said to also dealing with? @SK, should open up some more eyes, wonder if the MSM will report this.

  45. It is beginning…..Belgium rioting and demonstrating against the goverments austerity moves on saving money…by laying off and cutting costs and benefits…Belgioums tax rate is 40 to 50%…..and the government explaining that they will have to raise taxes to the 75-80% levels to pay for all the services..has met with fierce and violent resistance with the unions saying that the richer states need to step up and bolster Belgium.

  46. LOL….New York’s Police Commissioner William Bratton, just on the news…” I have never seen a gun kill anyone. I have seen people kill people using a variety of weapons….but without a person behind the motive to kill….a gun never killed anyone.”

    Wonder if he will have a job tomorrow.

  47. Just A Citizen says:


    In order to bluff in poker or politics you have to have a hand worthy of bluffing with. Otherwise you are just wasting money.

    It is stupid to just send a bunch of stuff to POTUS to make your constituents feel good. The problem is the ill mood among the conservatives and the ignorance of their talking heads who keep them worked up.

    Some of the Tea Party folks tried to explain the situation and propose some better strategies to do two things. One was to build public support for a bigger fight. The other was to pass bills addressing smaller parts of bigger issues that most folks would agree with. Such as removing the “insurance mandate” from the ACA.

    The problem from R leadership is not that they didn’t fight but they didn’t even make the case to the American people why a fight is needed. You can take Boehner’s comments today about “gun control” as a prime example. Instead of explaining the PRINCIPLES behind the second amendment and why R’s will not allow it to be undermined he offers up some stupid comment amounting to “well they didn’t do anything about it when they had the chance”. That is as stupid as it comes.

    Politics is not poker. Sometimes a bluff can work but politics is more like “negotiations”. If you want to win a negotiation you have to weaken the other persons position so that they come out better negotiating than blowing you off. The R leadership and party leaders have done nothing to weaken the Dems position, especially Mr. Obama’s. So they can simply stand by and do nothing, and not be hurt by it.

    All this whining from the “conservatives” and supposed “tea party” folks proves that my warning of 6 years ago was valid. I warned about getting everyone to excited about the chance of rapid change and how burnout would kill the movement if they did not recognize this would take a couple of decades to reverse. Well now we see posts almost daily on this and other sites claiming “voting doesn’t matter” and “they are all the same” and “nothing will change”.

    Like I said before, if your expectations are unreasonable they you are going to see failure and then stop trying.

    • I agree that change will take some time, whether peaceful or non peaceful. But the change has to START sometime. It has not yet started. The recent elections should have started the process….it did not. The R’s are the same as the D’s which means nothing will change, which leads back to ‘voting doesn’t matter’.

      Politics should not be poker, but it is. It has become a game in which the chips change hands among a few elite players.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        WHY should things have started to change just because of the last election??

        The people we need to make that change were not elected in any large number. So why would you have such expectations?

        Let me guess. Certain media types led you to believe the change was greater than it really was.

        • Oh, I don’t know JAC. Probably just wishful thinking. You yourself said it could take a few decades for some meaningful change. So I suppose we could wait around for a few decades before we start the process. No hurry, right?

          • Don’t you love all the excuses? I’m not sure which is most proven, both parties are the same team or elections don’t work. I guess it would depend on who’s view about elections one sees. I think I just read a whole lot of BULLSHIT above. Your right, might as well wait a couple more generations before anything changes for the better.

            • People have always not voted. The numbers are large. How’s that working out for you?

              • Quite well actually, thanks for asking. Instead of wasting time, gas and energy casting a vote for more of the same, I hunted deer all day. Whether you like it or not, what has occurred this year under a new Republican Congress isn’t anything new. Call it Status Quo if you like, make dozens of excuses if you like, agree with JAC if you like. The bottom line is it is the same ole, same ole. Nothing has changed, nothing is going to change after the 2016 election. Just new faces playing the same old game. Politicians do what they do well, lie out their ass to get elected, go to DC, enrich themselves, get a lifelong pension and pretend everything is OK and beg for campaign contributions to get reelected. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. It’s been the same all of my life. One day the people will wise up and realize they are just screwing themselves on election day. They gain nothing, but lose more every day. They lose more freedom, more money and in doing so are screwing their unborn great, great grandchildren in the process. Quite a neat little package of success at the polls 🙄

              • Gman……tch tch tch…..ranting? The Ostrich is almost extinct now…..wonder why?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Not at all. YOU need to ACT NOW. But the action needed is not passing legislation that has no chance of being enacted or posturing about shutting down the Govt. In other words be smart, and don’t make a lot of bluster just to keep the base engaged.

            We need a veto proof Congress OR a filibuster proof Congress and the White House. And by “we” I do not mean Republican or even “conservatives”. I mean people who understand the principle of a Constitution and smaller Federal power. And who will live by that principle.

            The ACTING needed is education, debate and electing these kinds of people to every level of office. Including the Federal level when they show up to run. It will take time to gain the numbers in Congress that are needed. Periodically we will have to flush some out and start over as Potomac fever sets in.

            Those in Congress do not need to sit on their hands until then. But they shouldn’t waste their time and potential future success by orchestrating unpopular and stupid moves now.

  48. Just A Citizen says:


    I assure you I am NOT WAFFLING on my principles.

    I am, however, recognizing reality and that the revolution is a LONG GAME. You cannot break down the wall with a hammer but you can start removing the bricks, one by one until the wall crumbles. But even it such an effort one must know which bricks to remove.

    And in case you missed my prior comments on the subject, Cynicism and empty populist rhetoric irritate the hell out of me.

    So lets address some of the key issues with specific examples.

    The ACA. Congress could and should pass a law abolishing the “mandates and penalties”. This includes the business and private mandates. This is easily sold as a violation of our American principles wherein we do not allow the Federal Govt. to DICTATE what private citizens must buy or not buy. Of course this principle can then be used for a few other issues.

    The executive order amnesty. This is one Congress could address with a spending bill and let Mr. O veto the bill. But the bill needs to be separated from any other spending that is important to most folks. Do not let the Dems link this funding to funding for Social Security or Medicaid/Medicare or CHIP, etc, etc…

    They should pass bills targeting the authorities of the various executive orders. Let Mr. O veto these if he likes but use them to CREATE debate and discussion about the PURPOSE of our Constitution and the kind of Govt we want in the long run.

    There are several younger Congress critters who can carry these debates to the public and win against the Dems. But some of these folks are taking crap from Conservatives because they dared to try and compromise to get some things done. Rubio is one that comes to mind, Chaffetz is another.

  49. Just A Citizen says:

    An alternative theory on Mr. Obama’s foreign policy. Interesting and very possibly insightful. This would explain some of what I see as contradictions in his policy. Because if his goal is to just break things then it starts to make more sense. The motivation here would also be consistent with what I see as his “domestic” motivations. Making the entire package more understandable.

    • I believe this is closest to the truth. Dinesh D’Souza was onto him early and of course the Media squashed him. Truly an evil man.

  50. Carson has it right… not lay down, beg for your life, or try to talk a crazed individual out of killing yourself….you attack and take him out. Pretty simple.

  51. Col., Could Russia’s action in Syria be partially motivated to show the world the Russia has smart bombs, cruise missiles and other high tech gadgets of war?

    • Perhaps…but we know they have smart weapons….or somewhat smart…..they did launch 60 cruise missiles and only 21 hit their intended target.

      Question for you…if Russian fighter jets intercept and shoot down our drones over Syria…..why is that not an act of war justifying a stronger response?

      • Also, another question for anyone who wants to answer…..if your opinion is that we should not be in Syria anyway, is the targeting of American Assets then acceptable?

        • Onme other question….to those who believe in measured responses…..if a Russian fighter intercepts and shoots down an American drone in a country where you believe we should not be….and President D13 says…really? You are going to shoot down my drone….and my response is to take out their fighter base and an aircraft carrier…..why would that be wrong?

          You cannot use “fear of retaliation” as an excuse….another answer please.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Well, if I don’t think we belong there then there should not be a drone there.

            But playing your scenario, I would not escalate it that far. Look for something a little more “equivalent” but would make the point that you are willing to match them, eye for eye or even escalate if needed.

            That would be my first response.

          • I like to see things as if they were happening here. If we had Chinese drones in US airspace, uninvited, and Russia was here at our request, would we want Russia to shoot down the Chinese drone? Of course we would. We are not invited in Syria and have no business even being in their affairs from the beginning. Ultimately, the US caused this mess by involving itself in the overthrow of a foreign government. Syria is not a threat to the US, get our country and we should not put one American life in harms way.

            As far as why would your reaction be wrong, that’s simple, we were not invited to fly military aircraft in Syrian airspace. What right do you have to take the lives of the people who were invited to that country by the legal government?

          • President Rick says we shouldn’t be there to begin with. We should withdraw everyone and everything immediately. We should announce to all that we are withdrawing and during this time, any act of aggression will be dealt with swiftly. Then, Colonel, if a drone were to be shot down…your response would be adequate. 🙂

          • I like Colonel Peters when he appears on Fox, but he, like you has this weird notion that we should be doing something about the Russians and Assad.

            I’m a fair student of history and see that the post cold war, cold war mentality was a recipe for disaster. There never was any question in my mind that the quid pro quo of Gorbachev’s collapsing the USSR was us staying out of eastern Europe. When Russia let its republics like Ukraine and Belorussia go I thought it way too hasty in their part. That Ukrainian deal that allowed the Ukes to keep the Crimea was disaster waiting to happen.

            There is an old term, I will use it here. Gorbachev was hornswaggled by the West. We had every mercenary intention in the world to meddle from day one. Certainly Reagan would not have but Bush I either intended to or was willing to let his lackeys do it for him. Clinton and Bush II were no better. Regardless of your or my past feelings about the Russkies, they came out offering a hand and we chopped the Frigging thing off.

            Still got to tell me, based on Libya, Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan, exactly what would be an iota better for Syria than what they are stuck with. Last I looked, Tommy Jefferson, Washington, Adams and Ben Franklin were still dead. Democracy (and reason) will continue to elude the area.

            We blew this thing and there is no going back. It came as a great surprise to me that we got out of the Cold War without accidentally incinerating the world. Now with Russia pissed, Europe completely feckless and impotent the Chinese dragon being more inscrutable by the day and the Iranians longing for Armageddon, what the hell chance does this poor old planet have to evade catastrophe? Brinksmanship is NOT repeat NOT the answer. A reset is in order.

            • Ok…reset it……show me how.

              • New President first. New President sits down with Putin and points out he is not O’Bama. New President admits, privately, that west meddled in Ukraine and will not do so again. New President says if Russia will honor it, we will honor a de facto neutralization (think Post WW 2 Austria) of the former bloc countries. The minute the Russians make a move breaking the promise not to intervene we make a move but not before. If the Krauts want to their economic BS to places like the Ukraine, they are on their own, we will not back them.

                Acknowledge to ourselves that we have no more need for mid-east oil. Therefore, our reasons for meddling will be substantially reduced. Acknowledge to Putin that Assad and his ilk are no concern of ours. Tell him to have fun. Stay in Afghanistan and keep the Chinese out.

                There is a lot more. If you are honest, no matter how much it hurts, you know that this Administration will do absolutely nothing to protect Israel or Taiwan. Even a move in Korea might be met by half hearted US response. Under O’Bama, the country is gelded. There is always the chance that if things got really bad he would flip out and push the world into Armageddon. Megalomaniacs like him are of that nature.

                It is going to take a President with a set of unique skills to help us recover from this. Perhaps part of what must happen is similar to what happened to France in Algeria. Admit that it is just too far gone, take the hit acknowledge the mistakes publicly and establish and post new parameters as to “vital national interest”.

                What do you all want to bet that O’Bama will give back Gitmo by the end of his term?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Question for you first. By what or whose authority are we flying drones or planes over Syrian air space? By what authority do we have assets in country?

        This goes to my point last night. We helped establish the rules of engagement. We need to follow those rules and then make Russia do so as well. I am betting they are playing by those rules and we are the ones pushing the envelope here.

        For example, Russia has been invited by the “legitimate” State of Syria to help them in their civil war against “terrorists”. We have not been invited by the Syrian Govt. to prop up the insurgency or fly in their air space.

        We have to play by the rules or change the rules. Eliminating the half pregnant option and confusion.

        • I am not claiming authority,,,,,not at all. I got your answer, as I expected your answer to be….you are saying…if we are not invited and it is not a threat…( I agree with you Syria is not a threat but the impending liasons are a threat )……then your answer is….get out. Ok, we get out…..we pull completely out of the ME…are you ready and will you support the consequence of doing so….I am talking, like you and Gman….pulling completely out and let Russia and China fill the void… that what you want…and if so…are you prepared for the consequence. There will be several and they will not be good for the US….

          Do not get me wrong….I have not state dmy position any differently…..if we are to “mind our business….withdraw to defense only… carrier groups…no foreign bases….nothing….are you ready for the consequence.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I never said NO carrier groups, foreign bases, etc. I have been quite clear about remaining the STRONGEST on the planet by a factor of TEN or more.

            Maybe I am blind to the eventual ramifications. So first you tell me what you think the “negative” is for the USA.

            Oh, and remember that I have no problem with the US being a Hegemonic power. Only in the manner which we have so far reached that point. I believe it possible to be THE go to power by playing the game in line with our supposed principles.

  52. Just A Citizen says:


    If you and your friends let this “person” get elected you have no room for whining about what happens.

    She is the ALGORIAN I used to tangle with frequently. Dyed in the wool subversive Fascist and will lie, lie, lie to get what she wants. Her blood runs GREEN.

    Leading Off:
    • PA-Sen: As far as fundraising goes, Katie McGinty’s gotten off to a good start: The former state cabinet official just announced that she raised $1 million in the two months since she entered the Democratic primary for Pennsylvania’s 2016 Senate contest and has $900,000 left in the bank. Given her broad establishment backing and relatively late entry, McGinty definitely had financial expectations to meet, and this haul probably satisfies them.

    McGinty’s take is also better than the best quarter her chief rival, ex-Rep. Joe Sestak, has put together ($728,000 in the April-to-June timeframe). Sestak hasn’t yet revealed his third quarter totals; instead, he launched another leg of his march across Pennsylvania, walking 18 miles from Wilkes-Barre to Scranton. The problem with activities like this is that few voters will even notice whatever positive press you might earn, and most of it will be forgotten by Election Day. That’s if you earn any press at all: Right now, a Google News search for “sestak AND (scranton OR wilkes-barre)” yields nothing.

    • Thanks for the info! This is perfect, because it seems that it’s gonna take the people getting really screwed before they wake up to the bullshit and corruption. Since the dick’s that have recently been elected have done nothing, maybe the best course is to let the “worse of two evils” get in office and screw people enough that the people will make the changes that the current limp dick Congress have completely failed to do. Simply put, voting didn’t change crap, the evidence is quite clear and is UNDENIABLE. When the sheople get screwed enough, maybe they’ll wake up and fix the problem. Beyond that, my area votes Republican and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. As far as my friends, their smart like me and know when they have been taken for a ride. That ride is over because we ain’t playing their game anymore.

  53. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Question to the ME experts in the group…..where has all the activity of piracy gone. Somolia, Yemen and other nests of the raiders have not gotten any better. Is it just old news not covered anymore, or did international special forces clean out the dens, or did the world just give in and just pay off ransoms and insurance claims because its easier and not so messy?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The last information I saw Piracy was continuing with the same responses. Combinations of more forceful response and ransoms being paid.

      It looks like the media has just moved to other topics.

  54. McCarthy McDone LOL 😀

    • Allegedly due to an affair with Ellmers……Good riddance. But now Boehner sticking around? Looking for another puppet to run, apparently. I love it.

  55. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Headline….one of the hero’s in thwarting the terrorist attack on a french train has been knifed in Sacremento outside of a bar and is likely to survive.

    the police were very quick to announce that it is not a terrorist act. my guess is, the police figure if he had NOT interfered in France, he would not have drawn attention of someone trying to see how tough he was. There was no mention in anyway about the assailant. DId he escape, or was subdued and arrested?

  56. There is a new article published! Let’s have fun folks!

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