The Status Quo Never Changes

th6ZQEK0IGThe title says it all.  The Federal level politicians are nothing more than Professional Wrestlers without the physical part.  They have the masses completely fooled that they are important to our lives and survival.  What utter and complete nonsense.  Now, their mouthpiece MSM people are gonna be crying about a possible government shutdown.  They will make it sound as if the world will end.  More propaganda to keep the masses brainwashed.  The Federal government should be reduced by 2/3rds, as a starting point.  The whole mess we all know in DC has lived their lifespan.  A new life is needed.  It can be done peacefully, but it won’t happen in my lifetime unless something really bad happens.  The sheople are brainwashed.  Vote, because it’s your Patriotic duty.  Nonsense.  Vote or the other person will win.  Nonsense.

VotingIn reality, voting in Federal elections, if all of your choices win, your votes still only count less than 1% of the 537 who are elected.  That small percentage only matters when the politicians keep their campaign promises. When they don’t, your less than 1% don’t mean squat.  Most politicians don’t keep their campaign promises.  That has been true and something I have been aware of since childhood. Over the last few decades, the people have been sold out by the people they voted for through very poor trade agreements, like NAFTA.  This past 10 months, the people most of you who read this voted for, have given a Liberal/Progressive President immense power by passing Fast Track legislation.  This legislation turns the Constitutional authority for ratifying treaties upside down.  While I may see this as unconstitutional, it is now law.

vetersIt was the newly elected Republican Congress that passed the Fast Track legislation, NOT the Democrats.  The Super Secret Trans Pacific Partnership Trade agreement is what is on the line.  I will go on the record and state simply that this secret agreement will make NAFTA look like a good treaty.  Why isn’t anyone screaming the heads off over this?  Any and all multinational agreements should be open to public scrutiny.  So whats the deal?  Those of you who voted these bums in are responsible for this.  Those of us who stopped legitimizing the corruption and theft and not voted, stand on the moral high ground.  Why?  Because YOUR representatives are nothing more than uncontrolled pets who will not listen to your less than 1% voice.  When you can control your pets, then you can stand on the moral high ground and talk smack about voting.  Until then, your accessories to theft and corruption.  Think about that for awhile  😀

Before you decide to go off on a tangent, I wrote the article to bring forth controversy about our current state of political affairs.  If you find it offensive personally, it’s likely that you needed offended anyway, but that is NOT the intent.  It is strictly to debate a controversial subject, further.  PEACE!



  1. This is a fun and controversial subject, let’s play with it for awhile. 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Nice reading. There has got to be some federal statute somewhere that willful conduct to obscure and hide information from Congress is a criminal offense. By conducting her business in an “unknown” and wholly unilateral decision on a private server is 100% an attempt to obstruct any congressional oversight….but she just keeps marching on. Obama has been a terrible president, but Hillary will be infinitely worse. To prove how tough she is, she’ll be goaded into a no win situation. She and Bill are great at shuffling money, but are not grand masters at chess, which can be a very long game, or over in a flash due to the stupidity of one of the players

  2. Dale A Albrecht says:

    So when will Taiwan fall, without a whimper by the rest of the world, to China?

    The corruption so fully documented in our history books about Tammany Hall and Platt are used to show how advanced we have become over the past 100 years under progressive leadership. Those guys were amateurs compared to today’s politicians. I read a comment in a book the other day, about government corruption and how it is only briefly ever interrupted by reformers.Today they have much more practice and have even more history to look at and refine their skills. Just look at the financial wheeling and dealing. They’re always trimming and looking for the way around. Get burned, bailed out at no risk and they’ve regrouped and are right back at it.

    • So, if Taiwan is about to fall… we still mind our own business?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        We do not mind our own business so to speak. But we do not POLICE or RETALIATE with military force.

        To me the concept of using force only in retaliation does not mean we do not engage the world at other levels. Perhaps by becoming an HONEST broker for peace and respect for all nations, we could get more cooperation in the UN and other places.

        If the rest of the world does not care then we should not either. Unless there is a direct and measurable threat to the USA.

        So I guess the rest of the world will have to decide whether they want a “militarized” JAPAN. Because that will be the result of Taiwan falling.

        • Since, the US has been a hegemonic power in most of the world and the US has strong economic ties to a lot of these places….Taiwan being one of them……and Taiwan falls…..take a hard look at your 401(k)……if you think that a destroyed Taiwan will have no effect on the economic status of the US and its people….think again.

          Hell, even China was smart enough to not dismantle Hong Kong, when it they got it back…….they left, intact, the economics of British rule…and the politicos of China simply stepped in and took over and now they own everything and the people of China…still have nothing.

          Look, the US has economic instersts everywhere…and all the globalists just fawned over the idea of a “one world”………….but the one world concept is a pipe dream in today’s time.

          One basic law of survival is thus………………………if China goes to Taiwan and China knows that the US lacks the fortitude to enforce its defense treaty….and China, being the big kid on the block in that region says to Taiwan….you will die if you do not back us in the future and you know the US will not….what do you think Taiwan will do? And, in the Asian market, of which China is NOT A PART……if Taiwan goes kaput… does the Asian Market. If the Asian MArket goes kaput, so do the links with the US market…and I am talking stock marketing and banking……not trade markets.

          Military prowess is tied to economic survival…..and, do not try to say, look at Germany or Switzerland, or the other countries that are not in other places militarily…….they are surviving……They do not even compare to the US in our way of life, our comforts, our freedoms, and economically. they are just like a state in the United States…no less….

          For example, if Germany were to suddenly decide to just turn isolationist….it only affects the Euro….not so in the South Pacific and not so in the ME….eastern Europe can go back to the Russians, as is likely to happen….but no effect on the economic front. You must look at the economics of decisions…if you do not care about that, then ok. IF you wish to become the third rate power, then continue on this course.

          And to Gman… speaketh out of both sides of your mouth, my friend…, on one hand say, stay out of other’s business….then you say….do not park the Navy..continue to project power on the seas……are you going to limit the Navy to our three mile limit or are you going to project military power in other’s back door? If so, then draw a distinction for me, the difference in flying a drone where you are not invited and sailing in seas where you are not invited……you are projecting power either way…..

          Oh, try to sail a Navy warship within 200 miles of a Chinese territory and watch what happens… know that the Russians and the Chinese could care less about the UN treaties and agreemens on territorial airspace and waters. That would be tantamount to Asian Countries ( Russia is Asia, by the way )abiding by something archaic called the Geneva Convention.

          • I hope that everyone understands the building and manufacturing of islands in the South China sea….the consequences…..

            What will you do when these dredged fabricated Islands become claimed terrotories of China ( as they are now claiming ) and China produces its first Carrier Group, which will be online in June of 2016…and says that they claim ( and enforce a 200 mile territorial limit )….what will you do?

            The world will do nothing….so what do you do. Leave it unchecked for the next fabricated Island 200 miles away? This is not a theory, folks, it is happening now.

            What will you do when Russia suddenly steps in the Aluetian chain and claimes currently unclaimed islandsbarely big enough to support a Polar Bear….but then becomes Russian territory? Do you think that the UN cares? Do you think that this is not happening? YOu can print volumes of what you arenot reading in the news…..

            By the way, on one of the new islands that have been fabricated out of nothing…..there is a sub base being constructed…while we pull back, others are not….but, hey, since we are not invited… is none of our business.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Good morning Sir. I think you are over playing the gloom and doom scenario. Granted there are some real threats but the more likely outcome is much like the one you described for Hong Kong.

            Taiwan will not be destroyed. China cannot get the benefits of Taiwan if it destroys it physically or financially. The US would benefit from any “mass migration” of Chinese to the USA to escape China. Although I am guessing most would stay. The politicians would be looking for US Asylum, unfortunately.

            If our house is in order why can we not compete globally on economic terms to maintain our number one position? It is as if you are admitting our economic power has been gained at the end of a gun. If so then history shows that is not sustainable.

            As for collapse of banks and stock markets, the same was claimed about Hong Kong going back to China. Yet it did not happen in the long term.

            The Islands are a different matter. The Civilized world has established rules for conduct to prevent such conflicts. They would already be BLOCKADED and waiting for China to come to the UN table to resolve this stunt. I also see some potential explosive “accidents” on these islands. The Communists are not very good at quality control, after all. 😉

            Same goes for Russia staking claim to Aleutian islands. A million soldiers and associated armor divisions in western Ukraine should get their attention. Missile defense systems posted across the Balkans, Poland and east European nations might also be on the table.

      • If we have a defense of Taiwan treaty/agreement, we honor it. With that said, if this did occur and we did honor it, there wouldn’t be much left of Taiwan left afterwards. I think the Chinese already understand that.

        And Colonel, I have reasons for pulling our forces back home. Today, the politicians given to the people to vote for are psychopath puppets who can’t seem to allow the US to mind it’s own business. The pullback wouldn’t include countries we have treaties with and our Navy would still be floating the oceans (I would never want the Navy parked). But until the culture in DC is changed, it would behoove us to reign in their available power, of which the politicians will inevitably abuse.

        • Look….gman…I have no problem with pulling back home….that has consequences economically down the road….are you ready for that? ( And, no, the dollars saved with the ending of clandestine operations is not a drop in the bucket of what you would be giving up as numero uno…..

          • Colonel, we are on the verge of some significant economic issues anyway. The US isn’t as strong economically as we were in the 80’s and 90’s. The elected losers pissed it away with bad trade agreements. Even if one doesn’t like Trump, he has made this clear and he would know better than most. We will soon be on the same economic footing as Europe and maybe worse. Things change, times change and we should be ready for those changes. You are good at it. The elected ones are not.

  3. d13thecolonel says:

    October 9, 2015 at 1:28 am (Edit)

    Gman….it has absolutely nothing to do with Syria…it just happens to be a country…but take it somewhere else…..if Russia intercepted a drone in a country THAT DID INVITE US…..what woud you do

    That changes the goal posts Colonel. IF, we are asked to defend the country militarily of have a mutual agreement of sorts that allow for the flights of US military aircraft, then I would retaliate accordingly. However, I don’t think blowing up aircraft carriers would be the appropriate response. Warn them, make it clear what would happen if anything else threatening happened and see what happens. If it happens again, sink the aircraft carrier and remove the airbase from the planet.

    However, that is NOT the case in Syria, where we are likely seen as unwanted enemies and possibly invaders. Why do I have the odd feeling that this has occurred? Just wondering, LOL 🙂

    • We did warn them…those red lines Obama drew. Then we didn’t do jack but arm the rebels to take out Assad. Armed them with the weapons that Chris Stevens was left out to dry about. Putin knows Obama is weak so he stepped in to take care of business. I wonder if Putin was invited or if he just stomped in. Syria is backed by Iran too. Iran backs the terrorist groups. Now what? Warn them some more?

      • Do you remember when Obama got caught telling a high ranking Russian “I will have more flexibility after the election” and the Russian replied “I will pass that on to Vladimir” ? Maybe they are in this together and the plan hasn’t been completed yet. Think what could possibly happen that they would do in collusion.

      • Fox News just reported that Obama is ending his $450 mil program of training Syrian rebels

    • However, I don’t think blowing up aircraft carriers would be the appropriate response……ok…what would you do?

      • I told you what I would do…I would make it hurt and hurt big…..I subscribe to the “Untouchables” theory…if they pull a knife, you pull a gun…if they send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the morgue.

        Blow up a million dollar drone….I blow up a 40 billion dollar aircraft….

        On a side note….did you see where the Russians tweaked their cruise missile program….fired about 30 more at Syria…and most fell in Iran……

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          That’s where I’d send them…bigger and more dangerous target than Syria…was it really accidental?

  4. They think they can get the guns. This is where the pin hits the primer, kids. The ultimate dream of every anti-Bill of Rights “activist” is confiscation. The number of privately owned firearms in the United States is somewhere between 270 million and 330 million. For all intents and purposes, there is a firearm for nearly every person in the country. The American civilian population is one of the most heavily armed forces on Earth. Many of those private owners are the same police officers, federal agents and service personnel who would be deployed against the civilian population in the Democrats’ gun-grab fantasy.

    The Democrats are willing to risk the most destructive civil conflict in human history, one that would likely cost tens of millions of lives, just to save people from a danger that doesn’t actually exist. OK, kids. You want them? Come and take them.

    • If elected, Clinton is vowing to implement rules that would require background checks for virtually all gun sales or transfers via executive order.

      It seems that all the years of public service, Hitlary still fails to understand that a President doesn’t have the power to do such things. I really wish the MSM would step up to the plate and remind these nuts running for office that we have a Constitution and a lot of people are getting pissed off because these idiots that get selected to run for office and then get voted in don’t follow what is written. Holy crap, that’s a lot of problems in a short paragraph 🙂

      • The president has the power to do whatever the president wants unless someone steps up and says a resounding NO.

        I am not up enough on the Constitution to know what, short of Impeachment can be done about this. I also do not know what action can be brought before the Supreme Court or by whom to stop the president. In real life we can bring actions to stop rules from being enforced with penalties but can such things be done to the Grand Poobah?

        • SK, The President has NO power to make or change laws. Executive orders don’t mean squat to the average citizen. His directives are not legally enforceable, although he might fire Federal employees for failing to obey him. At the same time, they are not required to follow illegal orders, nor is the military. A EO claiming all guns are illegal is as useless as the piece of paper it is written on.

    • They cannot get the guns….you and I know this…..and 220 to 300 million?? I think that you and I both know that the amount of firearms exceeds 300 million……by far.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        There are supposedly only about 50 million gun owners who posses all those guns. I am guessing this number does not include the “criminals”.

        So let us presume they start in the cities. Do you really think the city folks won’t just get in line to turn in their weapons?? They have done it in the past.

        • Legal gun ownership is estimated at above 100 million (I’ve read as many as 108 million). I giggle at the “if they start” mantra. They would never make it past the first two days without mass casualties. Who, exactly, is “they” anyway? The military and National Guard units won’t be doing it. Most cops won’t be doing it, so who is “they”. Just curious 🙂

  5. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I just love the Nobel Prize committee. Years ago they gave a knee jerk reaction prize to a jerk called Al. Ditto for the big O for his glowing worlds of a new chapter and a change from the Bush years. I really do not remember a mass of refugees trying to escape from Afghanistan and Iraq when Bush invaded. (not debating right or wrong here) People know the US forces are fairly discriminate in their execution of power and then spend trillions rebuilding and at least good bad or otherwise try and build a better nation. People knew that. However the O policy has seen the exact opposite. Where we have meddled and used force the past 7 years have seen totally 100% broken countries in chaos. Countries that were on the road to mend and stability are now also in chaos… the Nobel committee is all agog at who to give the prizes to. Angela Merkel for her stand on taking in refugees. Hell she helped break some of the countries, plus they forget that just last year the German government with here as the spokesperson said NO MORE muslims. They’re just refusniks and will not join. “The experiment is over” to quote her. Pope Francis, says a lot of nice words that parrot the socialist world. A UN person for his activities on the refugee crisis around the world. They said that they regret giving O the prize the other year. I now believe it’s because they’d like to give him another for the promise of “Peace in our time” for the deal with Iran…who is also out breaking things around the M/E……this is to early in the morning.

  6. Dale A Albrecht says:

    If the weather stays nice for the weekend we may have an influx of 100,000 people in our nice little city of 25K. Bad weather and we’ll have at least an additional 40,000. The city is having their annual fall festival. It’s usually nice. Lay in a good stock of wine and enjoy the tourists from my front porch

  7. Colonel asked me in the last topic, how I would do a “reset” .

    New President first. New President sits down with Putin and points out he is not O’Bama. New President admits, privately, that west meddled in Ukraine and will not do so again. New President says if Russia will honor it, we will honor a de facto neutralization (think Post WW 2 Austria) of the former bloc countries. The minute the Russians make a move breaking the promise not to intervene we make a move but not before. If the Krauts want to do their economic BS to places like the Ukraine, they are on their own, we will not back them.

    Acknowledge to ourselves that we have no more need for mid-east oil. Therefore, our reasons for meddling will be substantially reduced. Acknowledge to Putin that Assad and his ilk are no concern of ours. Tell him to have fun. Stay in Afghanistan and keep the Chinese out.

    There is a lot more. If you are honest, no matter how much it hurts, you know that this Administration will do absolutely nothing to protect Israel or Taiwan. Even a move in Korea might be met by half hearted US response. Under O’Bama, the country is gelded. There is always the chance that if things got really bad he would flip out and push the world into Armageddon. Megalomaniacs like him are of that nature.

    It is going to take a President with a set of unique skills to help us recover from this. Perhaps part of what must happen is similar to what happened to France in Algeria. Admit that it is just too far gone, take the hit acknowledge the mistakes publicly and establish and post new parameters as to “vital national interest” then be prepared to back them up. .

    What do you all want to bet that O’Bama will give back Gitmo by the end of his term?

    • No bets on Gitmo……two NAvy and one Marine faction already pulled out.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        no bet here either…..just make sure the base is thoroughly dismantled and unusable.

        • No actually we will give the whole place a new paint job and offer to change the locks.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            That is a bet….I’ll bet they even re-landscape….maybe turn the place into a new adventureland resort for the US tourists going there….live like the taliban and al-queda prisoners…experience the thrill

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Heck…when the US turned over a large Army base in Mainz, the housing was deemed substandard to the German housing standards. The US refurbished and upgraded to meet those standards….but couldn’t see themselves to make the housing tolerable for the US soldiers stationed there.

    • Ok, at least you gave me a scenario… set aside the military options…..leave them out. We do not back Germany, financially, very much anyway and not many of the 401(k) , for those crazy enough to still have them, have much of a tie to the Euro and if the owners of the 401’s are watching their portfolios, they have seen a sharp decline in the Euro and the returns…..that said…..

      Ok….you are the Pres…and you have just talked to Putin….what do you back your words with? Military?

      • YOu did say New President…you do mean one with cast iron balls…….

        • Or perhaps titanium.

          • Yeah! After this Pussy you are going to have to have a pres who plays hockey at least as well as Putin. Before we FUBARed everything I think Tom Clancy had it right. The real place we had to worry about was China. Even if Russia and China manage to castrate us, Russia will eventually have to deal with China as they will Iran. The Russkies, in the long range, long term scenario are our natural allies. Reagan got that….. Everybody since then, for a variety of reasons didn’t.

            i think it instructive to ask why people don’t get the Russia thing. Many are old cold warriors who can’t let go. many think that Russia was defeated and should grovel. Better to look at Russia as Post WW 1 Germany who was beat but not defeated hence the 21 year time-out. What happened in Germany should have been instructive. Since the allies had no stomach for “On to Berlin!” they should have basically just accepted they were all beat and not squeeze Germany in defeat the way they did. After all, Kaiser Bill, the damned instigator was out. Germany was at least as honorable in WW 1 as anybody else. See that USSR/Russia parallel? There is also the Military Industrial complex who for some reason cannot get Russia out of their heads but won’t let China in. They would do as well either way.

            I find it interesting that last week on the John Gambling Radio show in NYC, Gambling who is maybe 63 or 64 had guest after guest on talking about Russia. Each and every time Gambling spoke or asked a question he referred to the “Soviet Union” not Russia. A really big part of the problem if you ask me. If you have not had a chance I suggest you check out Mikhail Gorbachev’s current thinking. The very guy who brought down the Wall and the USSR and gave the USA every benefit of the doubt is not so friendly anymore.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              “Russia” has to be a very skilled player, with a truly hostile “muslim” presence all along their southern border. China and Russia never were buddies even when they were both “communist” They share one heck of a long border. And between the EU and the former bloc the west isn’t to friendly.

              The analogy is very good Stephen. Even through thick and thin the Russians never gave up their manned space program. We just plain forfeited.

            • Back a few years ago I thought we had a chance to forge a strong alliance with Russia. It just makes sense to me. We have a lot of common ground to work with. With U.S. and Russia working together there wouldn’t be much of a threat from ISIS or other jihadists.

              However, our president does not have the best interest of the U.S. in mind. Why is he still here?

              • Why is he still here?

                That would be because “elections” work. BWAHAHAHA 😀

              • Gman, What do you get out of beating that dead horse so much? We get it, Let me help so you can feel validated:


                Are we good now? 🙄

              • LMAO! That was for Rick, but since your on the subject, are you ready to vote for Jeb Bush in 2016? I’m just curious because when all the newness of the current group begins to go away and the “polls” begin to change, WE are going to watch how the establishment will provide you with your Republican Presidential candidate for 2016.

                While I like Trump, at least he talks a good game, he has too many Liberal ideologies. Carson is OK too, Carly is so, so. Cruz may end up on the ticket but wouldn’t be surprised if Carly gets the nod. The establishment needs a woman to make things look real against Hitlary, who I still think will come out of this email issue unscathed and will look like the victim (with a little help from McCarthy greasing that wheel). I’ll try and bee nicer about the election issue. I’ll just sit back and watch the machine turn 🙂

              • I hear ya G. 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Where is the Navy planning on doing their live missle fire testing when a ship is being brought up to combat readiness. We certainly couldn’t do it in the Gulf of Maine. To much traffic.

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    Good grief. Paul Ryan for Speaker????

    Had to laugh last night as MSNBC and CNN talking heads were heaping praise on Ryan as a “respected” member of Congress who could work across factions and party lines.

    These were the same talking heads who were TRASHING Ryan only a couple years ago when he was running for VEEP. Actually I wasn’t laughing. The rhetoric and hypocrisy made me angry. 👿

  9. I can think of one person who could use a good dose of reality, which seems lacking as of late on certain subjects:

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Umpqua CC was NOT A GUN FREE ZONE.

      Students could carry on campus with a legal permit, and a few were on that day. They were to far away to do any good.

      So in reality, it was the students themselves who decided to not carry guns on campus. Whatever their reason doesn’t matter. The fact is that the campus was NOT a gun free zone. No matter how people try to spin the “Student Code”, the school could not prohibit carrying guns on campus per OREGON LAW.

      Now the issue of not arming Security guards is another matter altogether. Although only ONE Security Guard exists on the campus. So not sure what good that would do either.

      • I do believe Oregon law allows that guns can be banned inside of buildings at colleges. UCC requires special written permission, which is obviously subject to Liberal scrutiny, based on their decision on their paid faux security. However, the article wasn’t just about UCC, far from it. The incident just brings up the subject again and UCC was the latest. I have read of ONE CC person on the campus during the event. Not sure of the specifics (he may have been ignoring the UCC policy/decisions). Regardless, the facts are the facts. Nuts go to easy targets, which are Liberal made Gun Free Zones.

  10. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Several years ago NC passed all sorts of laws banning wind energy farms lining the Great Smokies and Blue Ridge mountain ranges. The Republicans fought with people who liked the beautiful vistas and peace and serenity of the wildeness.

    NC is known for it’s very fluky and light winds except during tornados and huricanes. Now the Republicans control all aspects of the government except some local. Gov, Senate and House. It seems business is open for the wind energy companies now. A massive windfarm is going in up by the largest Coast Guard Station in the world. Home of the radar defenses along this stretch of the coastline. Just south of on of if not the largest Navy base in the world. All was approved for a wind farm without any sign off by anybody including the State regulatory agencies, local. military NOBODY. Just one obscure ruling years ago if the FAA says OK everything else is MOOT and has no standing….That said off one of the nicest beach area in the state hundreds of wind turbines are planned to go up. Leases are done. Now understand that this entire area is serviced by 1…just one nuclear power plant that you DO NOT see. maybe you might see at times if you are near a plume of steam. The growth in the area as far as people goes has slowed immensly. Once the FEDS stopped underwriting the insurance on houses in a huricane zone forget it. Plus the work is mostly seasonal….enjoy the view of industrialization of our conserved natural areas……also as a by product right smack dab in the middle of the atlantic flyway…….The enviromentalist are so hypocritical….Their retort in the Chesapeake about killing off the eagles and osprey protected species all…we need to kill off a few. The birds do move to better hunting, if over populated. Taking note of the Sierra Club testimony to Cruz. Just a parrot of an old 15 year old phase, based on nothing.

    The locals in Elizabeth City area are pissed. The State just shrugs saying we can’t do anything it’s the law. The Feds don’t do anything because it’s in their agenda. The subsidies still rule.

  11. And another carrier battle group has been withdrawn from the ME to avoid conflict….game, set, match to Putin…

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Understand a Chinese task force has moved into the Med….game set match…forfeit anyone

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Here is what a US Navy article on Obama’s strategic rebalancing

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The US invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, though they created problems had become in the long run considerable successes. They did not cause massive exoduses of refugees trying to escape the US occupation and rebuilding. That said…Obamas policy was to forfeit all those gains and destroy any resemblance of order in the region. Even though he talked a good talk about Afganistan and how that was the rightous war he was lying. Virually every commander that challenged was destroyed. Petreus had a reputation of success. He embarassed Obama and Biden and Clinton and forced them to take an action they DID NOT WANT TO DO and ultimately he had to be destroyed. Left some papers in his desk….come on and Hillary. I’d think that the asian countries had better be worried about us rebalancing our effort to the asian theater as the most critical…..there has been none…nada…zip physical threat from asian countries except N Korea, but then I’ve heard that my entire life…

    • Wow! That big yellow ball in the sky might have something to do with the Earth’s temperature? Who woulda thunk that? 😀

  12. For Gman and JAC….since the two of you questioned and answered the use of military power….

    Would both of you please honor this “old retired Colonel who knows nothing” with why you favor a measured response or equal response to what is dealt against you? ( Please, this is really a simple question )……

    I can see only one reason why you feel that we should use measured responses ( political considerations set aside…and by political, I mean, if we are in Syria when we should not be, ……that is not a reason.

    So, I will take the mideast out of this…..let us say that we are sailing or flying in or over a territory that, against what the world recognizes as a normal territorial waters or airspace, a cruise missile shoots down an airliner or military aircraft or sinks a boat in disputed waters….why do you feel that taking out a carrier group or several airbases.

    So…the UN recognized territorial waters ( United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) is 12 nautical miles…..and China says we recognize 200 miles and we do not agree with the UN agreement even though we were part of it… sail in the recognized territorial waters and China gets pissed and sinks your patrol boat or shoots down your recon plane…..or sinks one of your destroyers…….why do you think that a measured response is required and not a decisive knock down and gouge out your eyes response is wrong. As I have said….a destroyer being sunk carries the same weight as a cruise missile…I would take out their entire carrier force and a few strategic airbases in response.

    I do not and would not fear a retaliation in kind…..because, if I were in charge, we would be ready and their retaliation would not last long even if one came. In addition, I would also say to China……any response to this and you are gone.,,,and you do not need nukes to do it.

    • Good Day Colonel, Hope all is well in the Old Colonels world.

      You new scenario makes things more clear, as it is an act of war at that point. Once an act of war, as you described, occurs, I would agree that a full attack removing some significant military stuff from existence would be warranted. So, blowing up a base or three, sinking some big ships, knocking down some communication towers and taking out ground to air defense would be a great idea. Make it hurt and hurt hard.

      The issue with Syria is different.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good morning Sir. Hope things are as fine in Texas as they are here in North Idaho this morning. Partly cloudy, 60-70 degrees and trees filling out their color.

      My response is MORAL PRINCIPLE. Namely, one does not kill other humans except in defense of one’s own life or in retaliation for an attack upon my country. An attack that causes or threatens loss of life. Special note: This is where I differ from the Anarchist/Purist view on retaliation.

      So my “measured” response is not due to the eye for an eye or “equivalent response” doctrine. It comes down to the threat to human life and of course the intelligence and courage to not allow something to become a bigger problem than necessary. The courage I speak of here is political, as in being willing to take heat for not responding as you describe when others are screaming for it.

      In your example of a drone there is no life lost. So sinking a carrier would certainly result in loss of life for loss of a machine. One slight caveat is needed here. Your example was Russia. I do not think sinking a carrier is needed to send Russia a clear message that they need to return to a more diplomatic approach. North Korea would be another matter. So would certain players in the Middle East. One has to understand the players at the table and the same response may not be needed.

      Hegemony in this case requires some degree of “measured response” in order to maintain that Hegemony. All the power in the world will not protect our “No. 1” position if the world opinion truly turns against us. And I do not think it has, for the record.

      You have changed the game in your last example. If China were to sink a ship or take down a plane then the LIVES of Americans will have been lost or directly threatened. At a minimum the launch sites would be destroyed along with support air bases and/or the carriers involved, if the attack was from there. Or perhaps a cruise missile barrage on the house of the Defense Minister who is in charge of said attacks.

      While we may not need nukes to level a place can we really be assured that the crazies on the other side won’t use them in retaliation to our retaliation?? One reason I have supported anti-missile tech. development. I see no evidence that the “threat of mutual destruction” has saved millions of lives from war in the last 70 years. It seems to me it just moved the killing to surrogates.

      I am not opposed to the concept of a head for an eye. I just do not think it is always required, especially when loss of life is not involved. While my response might be “measured” I assure you it would send a CLEAR message that any further action would not be a good thing for the bad actor.

      The Chinese computer hacking was another example we discussed. In that case I supported a “larger” response by taking out their computer systems or at least isolating them from the world. And imposing economic sanctions.

      • I suppose I need you on my staff as a voice…..I do not share the moral compass that you do..but that does not mean I do not need to hear it. I apply no morality to war or the preventing of war. I do not share your sentiment that the world can negotiate and live in peace….it is not culturally possible….but…..voices of reason still need to be heard and considered.

        I guess my attitude stems from two different conflicts…..Vietnam, which was the most horrible war in my lifetime ( and I was in four )….I still live with the carnage in my mind and the brutality of it from BOTH sides. But, the British found out that war is not a moral issue…and it is not fought by “gentlemen”. There is no honorable way to kill and it reduces a human to a basic fundamental denominator of survival.

        The second conflict was a “peace keeping” mission into the land of Bosnia. This was run by “the world” as you put it. US soldiers under the command of the United Nations…..and we were ordered to stand down 1 mile away while we watched the systematic slaughter of a town of 20,000 lined up and gunned down, women raped, children dismembered, then bull dozed into ditches. No air strikes….nothing. The perpetrators were laughing, drinking, baring their butts at us…all while killing and smearing blood on their faces in a most hideous fashion.

        My mission to Kuwait and my limited mission to Afghanistan ( I did not make the Iraq one ) was a pretty simple operation. But the two Imentioned, reminds me constantly, that the world will not livein peace….it cannot….Culture will not allow it. Take away every modernized weapon and no nukes and the world will pick up stone axes again.

        I do not share your moral issue, my Western Friend….and I guess I will go to my grave believing so…The Russians and no different, the Chinese…..and the Islam faction still on their 600 year mission.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Good morning again my Texican friend. Another blue bird fall day here. Temps finally cool enough I can work outside all day.

          I agree that human kind can be very evil and war of any kind has never been moral in its execution. Which makes it all more important that we have and live by a moral code of not initiating force. It is also why our response to such brutality should be swift and overwhelming. It will prevent greater loss of life in the long run.

          It is simply the trigger point to which we disagree.

          It will not happen in our life time nor maybe the next, but if the modern tech keeps progressing the “cultural” differences in the world will gradually disappear. This will happen faster if there are examples of a moral people who can show the world a better way. That has been the role of western civilization in recent times. I see the potential for the loss of STATES as we know them today, which will in itself reduce the tendency of humans to wage war.

          It is my Moral Principle that keeps me from becoming the barbarian I wish to defeat. However, as I have said before, the Berserker blood runs strong in my veins. My foes would be wise not to push me to far as I would be more than happy to unleash hell upon them.

          Congrats on a great game played by the Horns yesterday. They proved to be as good as I thought they were. Maybe the chatter class can find someone else to pick on this week. Maybe USC Trojans.

          • LOL…The Horns…let me say that a 10-1 season to us is unacceptable…..especially if the loss is to OKLAHOMA. However, we are willing to forgive, somewhat ( at least for a week ) if you have a 1-10 season as long as the win was against Oklahoma.

            As to your moral principles……they are yours and I would be well to have you on my staff…I might not hear you but I would listen to you. And I understand your position. As to your Berserker position…..not me. I am a peace loving, brocolli eating, vegan who hates steak and Dr. Pepper and would rather watch curling than football and Ice hockey….have no guns and even got rid of my super soaker for fear that I would be labeled…….**cough**

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Don’t countries and the UN recognize a 12 mile zone for transit. However, a nation can claim a 200 mile economic zone from it’s outer most island. That is unless another nation is closer and they just divide in half the waterway. But transit is not impeded. We do it. Libya back in Reagans time drew a line across the Gulf of Sida????pretty much taking a huge chunk of the med with it. That prompted a carrier fleet action, with several Migs being turned into flotsam and Qaddafi learning how to duck.

  13. Oops……did not finish something above…..question…..why do you feel taking out a carrier group or a few airbases is not an appropriate response to the shooting down of a drone? (regardless of being invited or not)……

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Time for me to raise a point and possible question to you.

      Should the USA be the “police” of the world??? Assuming here the world PAYS us for this service.

      It seems to me the world has gotten off pretty easy for some time. WE take the brunt of the defensive actions to protect things like sea lanes. The Chinese stunt is forefront in my mind here. It is obviously an attempt to TAKE control of economics in SE Asia and surrounding areas. So why is the world not responding to this with outrage???

      Are they expecting us to take China on militarily later if needed to protect the shipping lanes and eliminate the Chinese stranglehold on the region??

      Which brings up another question. WHY do you think China is making these “military” moves?? They have been quite successful and expanding their reach and influence without spending/wasting money on military growth. Is this just the usual STATE response to increased wealth? You know, now that we can afford it lets build a massive military so our people will feel PRIDE……… that kind of crapolla.

      Interested in your read on the Chinese situation. The Russian’s moves I think I understand better. It is about RESPECT and REGIONAL ECONOMIC protection/power. Russia needs access to resources which it can “manipulate” because they simply do not believe in free market concepts.

      • Police the world…no.

        The world will NOT respond with outrage. They have nothing to respond with….The world has gotten off easy because we were stupid enough to be a policeman….China wants economic control but their banking system will not allow it…

        Yes, the world is expecting us to keep shipping lanes open because our economy depends on it….and the world knows it.

        China has increased their military spending in huge numbers. It wants control of the South East Asian area….it cannot right now because of the US…..China will not allow Japan to militarize and can squash Japan pretty easily….China is not dependent upon Japan for very much at all. It wants full military control and China’s future is a military future.

        China is a very funny cultural country…..While there is pride there…China does not “lose face” any longer as a result of bad decisions. The young Chinese have not been taught the ways of Khan…..much like Japan is not keeping the code of Sumari………….

        The Chinese people….they are just wondering where their next meal is coming from…..if you have a chance to travel China, do so….your routes will be pre-determined. In Beijing, for example, tourists have specific places to go….but if you want to go jogging or walking….you will be stopped from entering neighborhoods a mere two blocks from themain thoroughfare.

  14. Just announced on CNN……..Obama considering an executive order bypassing the bidding process on government jobs…….no bids to be accepted unless submitted by union companies. So much for the cheapest bid….

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Much less a long standing violation of Federal Law.

      Granted exceptions have been made like in the case of Halliburton as an example and others in the time of war. Sort of a 1 year contract to supply and provide services expeditiously.

      If Obama plans all federal contracts this might get interesting.

      But then he can not be bothered by the law, because it’s such an impediment to his plans.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The “no bid” contract is a misnomer. The bidding occurs on a general “service contract” with specific tasks to be determined at a later date. When the “task” is finally executed it gives the appearance of “no bid” but that is not true.

        Depending on the general service contract it is possible that only one or two bidders could qualify. But this is where the “Govt. benefits” are decided, not at the “task” level.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          used the incorrect terms….services determined like deliver water here, now…I just remember the Dems howling about the contracts during the gulf war, claiming favoritism the Cheneys old company blah blah blah

  15. htpps://

  16. So, the Obama Administration banned ALL pork products from Federal Prisons…saying that the inmates do not want pork chops, bacon, or sausage……

    uh, huh…..riiiiight.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I assume it’s bread and water then…oh that’s right bread is racist…..tortillas and pita and other non leavened breads.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Or does it say that the majority of the Federal prison population are followers of Islam?….Or that the pork producing states have a tendency of being republican

  17. Just A Citizen says:


    This headline has been spread in various forms across the “leftwing” media sites all day. It is an example of obnoxious and outright LYING media coverage. This includes CNN who posted a similar headline this evening, while many were watching the late games.

    I urge everyone to read the actual story behind this. It is about an Air Force person who worked for the Benghazi Committee who was recently released. The Committee has refuted all the claims made in the employee grievance suit. But the key part is that this employee does not say the committee was out to “get Hillary”. He in fact admits that until after the emails became available he was harder on Hillary than others in the investigation.

    What happens is that the committee becomes focused on Hillary once they discover the emails she had withheld. But part of that focus was on State because the agency was helping cover up the email scandal at the time.

    This combined with how the media repeated the DNC constructed attacks on McCarthy and the orchestrated attempted take down of Dr. Carson last week is evidence of what has become a BRAZEN media that is nothing but a propaganda machine for the political elite.

    The situation is the worst I can remember in my life time. The media wanted Nixon’s hide, but at least he did something to deserve their ire. The R’s should open a Congressional investigation into the outright manipulation of the current elections by the media. Bring some reporters and editors up on RICO charges along with violation of the election laws and FCC regulations.

    • Bring some reporters and editors up on RICO charges along with violation of the election laws and FCC regulations.

      Interesting subject. Some research on the law and if it’s applicable.

  18. I’ve been following along, trying to figure out how your individual stances on the Middle East would work out in actual actions based on the current situation in Syria and China etc.-

    • Pretty simple actually… JAC, Gman, and myself…..technically it is none of our business and, some take the stance, that we should not be there uninvited and that Syria, in no way, poses a threat to the United States. That is not my position, however. So, I will explain my position to you.

      1. We were not that I agree…unless you want to accept the invitation of guerilla factions against the Assad regime as a legitimate invitation.

      2. Does Syria pose a threat to the United States Militarily? No, it poses no such threat.

      3. Does it pose a threat to the National Security of the United States? When you define National Security, you will find a variety of definitions….just pick the one that fits you. The one that fits me is the one that the DOD goes by: “A collective term encompassing both national defense and foreign relations of the United States. Specifically, the condition provided by: a) a military or defense advantage over any foreign nation or group of nations; b) a favorable foreign relations position; or c) a defense posture capable of successfully resisting hostile or destructive action from within or without, overt or covert.” I do, however, have objection to covert activity. I always have. The reason being that covert activity is a slippery slope to “classified operations” amd anything can be classified at whim…just like all the redacted emails of Hillary Clinton to the erased tapes of Richard Nixon.

      4. Does the fall of Syria to Russian or Chinese infuence constitute a threat to the United States? By itself….no. But in conjunction with several states…yes.

      You need to ask yourself the question of whether or not the ME is necessary to the economic survival of the United States…some say yes….others say no. The ME is, in my opinion, necessary to the survival of the United States and to the world economy. Keeping the shipping lanes open is vital….

      If you ask me the question if the straits and the gulf ( Persian ) were to fall completely i the hands of the Russians or the Chinese, woud the United States suffer…..I would answer yes.

      So, this falls under the rule of hegemony. Should the US be the dominate force and the dominate state in the area…unfortunately, I would say yes. Until someone can convince me that Russian or Chinese control of the region wold not affect the United States, I remain convinced that we need to do what is necessary to control the region. We, the United States, has been solely responsible in the past…of guaranteeing freedom of open seas. We have not restricted any, including our enemies, from using the straits or using the sea and shipping lanes. I personally feel that Russian control and/or Chinese control of that region…..would close the lanes to our use and no one…….NO ONE else has the muscle to undo it.

      So, Syria is a chess piece in the big game…..a pawn. By itself….not worth the effort….in the big picture…you think about it. Ilived during the cold war era….the “old domino theory” that people chastise and laugh about….well….take a hard look at it again. About three years ago, posted a map and a direction that I thought the ME would go as well as Africa….so far, I am 100%.

      • Think about this….what if the Panama Canal was closed by the United States…..and that is just a passage way…..

      • Points all well taken but is it not amazing that all of this could simply have been prevented if we had just left things alone? Even the Iraq thing with our continued involvement did not led to what we face now.

        Missteps by the O’Bama Administration on Ukraine, The “shift” to the Pacific, The “islands” in the So. China Sea, Egypt, Libya, withdrawal from Iraq, downsizing the military and Syria all led to where we are today. Makes Jimmy Carter look positively “Presidential”.

        • That sound you heard was the smacking of my head…….yes….Obama makes Jimmy Carter look absolutely Presidential……and that hurt me to say that, you understand.

          But yes and no to some of your points….Allowing the Crimea and Ukraine…was a mistake. More by Europe than the US…they have the most to lose and they will lose it. But the shift of the South Pacific was going to happen anyway regardless of stepping in horseshit in the ME. China is not dumb at all….they knew from the beginning that Obama was weak….very weak and would not be an interventionist President and certainly would not be a President that has the interest of the US at heart. Both Russian and China fully understand that Obama is playing “go fish” when he shohuld be playing “Texas Hold Em”. And now that it has been proven that the Chinese pushed 10 million in thevObama coffers and it was not turned away…you can fill in some blanks.

          I wish that the spending to GNP was available on China and Russia, compared to the US in the last 5 years. We know that the numbers published by the government are false. I even know that and that is not speculation. The reason that the numbers are incorrect is because the Administration knows that our defense spending and weapons spending has been out paced and by a significant amount. Relying on technology alone….is a false sunset.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I assume into chaos…If that was your prediction then Asia better duck.

  19. Yesterday had the whole crew here, all 6 grandkids 10 Months to 5 years and all the parents too. Grandma’s 68th birthday celebration! Ever hear the expression “Chinese Fire drill?”

    Anyways, after they all left, was hyped on various endorphins making it absolutely impossible to sleep. Middle of the night came up with this……

    “talking with someone about current events or politics who has no knowledge of history is a lot like talking to a deaf person who cannot read lips in Urdu about Somalian botany.”

    • Ahhhh…….Chinese Fire Drill……days of old pulling up to a stop light….everybody exiting the car and running around it helter skelter…and jumping back in and taking off again…hence the name Chinese Fire Drill which indicated that everyone would run around and then jump back in the fire….today, is considered politically incorrect and abusive to the Chinese. But fun times…..and in the 60’s, it was the ban the bra campaign and the girls…well, most of them, would run around the car topless and then we take off again. The 60’s were fun…….

      • Oh, so you wanna reminisce? Spent the last two weeks of August ’67, the “summer of love” at the National Student Association Convention at U Maryland subverting the NSA. That was the year it came out that despite their far left bent, they were funded by the dopes in the CIA as a counter to various Soviet sponsored “student” groups. Walking down some of the dorm halls could get you high by simply breathing. I stuck to Schlitz except when we ran low when I substituted with cheap red wine. Learned never to mix them though. There were all these incredibly dedicated to causes hot chicks all over the place. The Black guys made out like bandits with the “guilt ridden upper middle class girls”.

        Saw the beginnings of the neo-con movement in the Jewish kids who were very liberal on social issues yet shocked and amazed by the condemnation of the ’67 Arab-Israeli war by the rest of the left who saw Israel as imperialist. They were all Anti-Soviet but socialists at heart. We allied with them on votes when it was to our benefit. Surprised that in our drinking bouts with the SDS kids, we had so much in common. Discovered exactly what the difference was then between a “traditional” conservative and a “libertarian” conservative. Also that is when I stopped looking at left-right politics as linear and realized it was, like a clockface, a circle. The SDS guys were at 10: 50 and we were at 11:10. The moderates were all at half past.

        Also came home and predicted just what a mess the democratic convention was going to be in ’68. Remember Gene McCarthy?

        Finally thanks to Chick Svlick from So. Ill. University at Carbondale, came back with an enhanced appreciation for “The Loving Spoonful” or has he referred to it, “The last of the good times music”.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Or if they wouldn’t go topless…pray for a cold day.

  20. Col., I will try to give you my thoughts on the ME situation. I certainly am no expert. Prior to the Iraq invasion, I did not agree with starting that war. I stated clearly that we would be there for at least a generation because it would take that long to educate them on the democratic process and the process of minority rights. Once the war was a certainty, then my opinion was get in get it over and then start the education process. Unfortunately we left too soon so now we have a mess.

    I would get totally out of Syria. We should never have interfered there in the first place. Let the Russians spend their treasure on securing the peace there. However, I would inform the Russians that we created the mess in Iraq and will clean it up while they are handling Syria. I would then send troops back into Iraq with the intent of eliminating ISIS. At the same time I would arm the Kurds and make them an autonomous region. I would tell Iran to stay the he// out Iraq. I would create two more autonomous regions, one Shia and one Sunni. Basically this is Biden’s plan. In each of these regions, I would institute democratic government with a strong education program for the youth on the benefits of democracy and minority rights. I would not tolerate any backlash against minority groups.

    The oil revenues will need to be divided equitably between the three autonomous groups. I would encourage but not force them to create a national government once they have proven they can govern their own regions in a peaceful and tolerant manner.

    This plan will require troops and personnel in country for a minimum of 25 years.

    Most of our problems in the ME center around oil. We have enough coal, gas and oil in this country to serve our own needs. I would institute a tariff on imported oil that would escalate upwards for the next 5 years, remain steady for 5 years and then taper back to zero over the next five. By that time we should be totally energy independent. Energy is a strategic commodity. If we are to retain superpower status, we must be energy independent. Getting caught up in regional brush wars over oil is stupid.

    If Europe has a problem with us no longer defending the ME oil fields, then they need to step up, arm up and defend them themselves. Same goes for Japan.

    Yes we need to continue maintaining freedom of the seas. We should not let China dictated a 200 mile limit in the South China Sea nor should we allow Iran to control the strait.

    Russia is trying to reclaim superpower status. China is also moving in that direction but is still only a formidable regional power. As they build up their navy and air power, that will change. Russia is now demonstrating to the world that they have high tech weaponry. It may not be as effective as ours but to peasants on the ground that does not matter. We will soon be sharing superpower status with them again.

    I do not like red lines unless you are willing to back them up with serious muscle. Obama’s red line in Syria was stupid. For Russia, I would let them know that we will be happy to have their assistance on policing the world. However, we will not tolerate them threatening any NATO countries including the Baltic’s, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, or Bulgaria. We expect them to live up to their UN agreements to not to have territorial claims on their neighbors.

    The Cold War not only involved Russian imperialism but was also ideological, i.e. socialism vs. capitalism. The latter conflict is no longer a big issue but Russia still has imperialistic goals.

    In the short term, I fear the Russians, Chinese and Iranians may take a coordinated advantage of Obama’ weakness over the next few months. So I expect more surprises ahead. With a narcissist like Obama, that could backfire and he could escalate it into a serious hot war if they push him too far. If I were really paranoid, I might suspect they would cause enough trouble to force a delay or cancellation of our election thus handing Obama the crown and dooming the US to becoming a banana republic.

    As for retaliation, we are a large and powerful country. I expect others to take pokes at us now and then. I would ignore the minor ones or at least warn them that such continued activity could have devastating results. It is not smart to poke a bear. Once the tolerance level is exceeded, the retribution should be swift and devastating. No tit for tat.

    Just my thoughts, now it time for bed and another busy work week.

    • Before Iraq we had military that was designed to fight two wars and win simultaneously. Now I always thought that was a little pie-in-the-sky but there was the design capability. Then we went to a strategy of win one and hold the other till we could bring over the bulk of our forces. then we went to not even thinking about # 2. Now we are at hold on one until……..What?

      We can blow the world up and that is about it. We have an F-35 that cannot dogfight which was designed to be “stealthy” with interior storage for missiles which we are now hanging pylons on (not stealthy) so we can claim the fast mover can do a CAS role at what, 45 million a copy? We fly C-135’s and B-52’s that rolled off the assembly line in ’63 and ’64. The all new littoral combat ships cannot handle rough seas and require constant refueling. The Army these days is spending more time deciding whether we should wear black socks with the new PT uniform and where Trans-gendered soldiers will fit in rather than war gaming a return to the old ways of war that were supposedly long gone with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Chinese being our new best buddies.

      The military has become a “hollow force” again. We are in no position to take on anybody for some time. It is sad to sit around the table with my Army and AF reserve sons and hear their tales of woe. They are sticking with it but spare nothing when being frank. When the big guy was at Ft. Leavenworth last year I got to sit down with his O-4 friends and with some foreign officers taking the course. All that comes out of DC these days and I do mean ALL is lies.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        you forgot the 100M-300M additional cost to EACH F-35 depending on the model in FY-15

        Heck the F-15 was also designed in the 60’s and still keeps doing it’s mission.

        There are lots of young military folks around here. They are so frustrated, especially the army personnel. Being pushed into the reserves, but then can be deployed anytime anywhere. So are unhireable, because no company can bear the costs of here today gone tomorrow worker.

      • Yes, and I remember the days of post cold war…..the Peace Dividend they called it. Theofficers would go to the field in a “TEWT”…..(Tactical Exercise Without Troops)…I guess you could figure how that worked. THen, when there was no fue to run our tanks, and we had no simulators….we would put four people in a Willis Jeep ( we have no Humvee’s ) and drive around as if we were a tank and do tank movements in a jeep. We had a driver, gunner, loader, and a tank commander. We would go through the verbal drills and drive a jeep…( Jeeps just do not go where tanks can go )….when we ran out of fuel for jeeps, we would march around the motor pool in groups of four doing tank tactics……saying “clankity clank, I am a tank”….

        Then, we used to to PT in combat boots, fatigues pants and a T shirt….we would get up a 4 in the morning, for 1.5 hour of PT….now, they get up at 6, dress in pt shorts and tennis shoes and t shirt and trot for a couple of miles……and get off a 5pm….geez…..

        Back in the 60’s, boot camp was actually pretty tough where a drill sgt could deck you if he wanted….now they cant even curse….we are raising generations of wimps.

        Purple Hearts were awarded for combat wounds….now, if in a combat zone, you get a splinter in your finger….they want a PH.

        Holy crapoly….

        • Howdja like the recommendation on “””Sgt.”””” Berghdahl?

          • You really had to ask me?

            • I just want to know what idiot decided to promote people while in captivity, especially when the “captivity” is in question. I can understand post release after vetting and even back pay but this was nuts and an incredible insult to every NCO in the service. PFC or Pvt. Berghdahl has a much nicer sound.

              • Well, you have to understand that up to E-5…promotions are solely based on time in service….not on any technical ability.

                Unfortunately, the promotion from 2nd LT to 1st LT… automatic as well.

              • Just went to an exhibit up at the Wright Museum in Wolfesboro NH last week. Interesting museum that deals with the home front and war front of WW 2. They have one of the best collections of military vehicles in the US including an M-26 they rescued off a firing range that was one of the four Pershings that made it to the Bridge at Remagen.

                Anyways, this month was an exhibit of 80 some watercolors done by a artilleryman in the So, Pacific in WW 2. Neat stuff with written comments on the face of the paintings. This guy was prior service. late ’20’s into ’30’s went back for WW2 and left in ’45 as a PFC. As you walk through cemeteries I make it a point to look at the military headstones. Awful lot of guys with a lot of service never made it above PFC or Tech 5 (same as our spec 4). I remember if you went to Viet-nam as an engineer you came back as an E-4 with little chance in your remaining 6 months or so in service to bump it to Spec 5 or Sgt. but very few infantry guys did not come back as E-5’s. I assume it was the attrition. So again, maybe I have forgotten but do you know when the automatic promotions began?


              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                The only automatic promotion I knew of was up to E-3. There were some “push button” promotions to E-4 (PO3) if you passed certain schools and signed for an extra 2 years to make a 6 year active duty hitch. Most lost that stripe as soon as they hit the fleet, but the two extra years remained…..that was at least in ’75, Navy. The best way was to get the tech schools, pass, refuse the advancement, which you could do, < one year later you'd be eligible to take the exams in fleetwide competition. Get that stripe that way. Everyone knows then your standing against all, plus your shipmates know you…hard to lose those promotions. E-5 electronics is even tougher plus now you have some more C schools behind you. If you worked hard, studied your craft you could make E-6 within 6 years. That rank would make you eligible to go to OCS, also assuming you had the college credits piled up to get a BS. I was one month away from that goal when the Carter pentagon changed the time in service requirements E-6. Even had the recommendation letter from the Captn and Adm… Carter played the worst ME stunt in '79

  21. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just got done with a new morning exercise routine. The last couple nights the cat was very interested in an antique book case I have. This morning what was behind there decided to come out. The crashing and banging and up and down the wood hallways, up and down the stairs and by the time I got the cobwebs cleared the cat was back staring at the book case. A gray squirrel had gotten in through a screen. That is fun trying to catch one of those things, while keeping the cat away and not knock over anything. Mission accomplished and the squirrel is back outside. Cats pissed. In my last house I found that flying squirrels are a lot easier to catch, they are much more timid come to you for protection against the mean old cat and are encumbered by the folds of skin under their belly’s, so they are not agile when on their feet. A gray squirrel is a whole different ball game.

    • Funny you should mention squirrels…….had some get into the crawlspace… attic access….there is no squirrel poison that wont poison everything…so, the internet said to try moth balls..well, the moth balls got rid of the squirrels and almost got rid of us. I was thinking that mothballs in a crawlspace should not be too bad, so I found the entrace, dropped some of those little nukes in there and …………voila…….no squirrels…..however, after the spousal unit and I returned……there was about to be no other inhabitants….took three days to clear that smell…..but..still no squirrels.

      • In limited amounts they work fine but you can kill yourself with them.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        In my last house I spent tons of money sealing up all areas that squirrels and other varmits could gain access. The last thing you want is to seal the portals with them in there. The gray’s were easy, but you had to put metal so they wouldn’t just chew more holes. Bats were also out of the eaves which is generally OK but the colony was 115 years old. Had to completely redesign the gable end (correctly) Bats do not just live anywhere.FYI…old craftmen from way back sometimes would get cases of stupid just like now…..but could never find the tiny hole the flying squirrels used. But they are totally non destructive, so I never minded them. Only when one would get lost and the cat could harass it. Generally they’d just huddle in a corner and cover their heads and wish the bad dream would end. If they’d not run the cat would just sit there and stare at them. I’d just snag them and put them outside.

        A neighbor at the other house used to say…what squirrels, I have no problems. He was a retired Marine sniper.

  22. Well, you can certainly expect more from the Russians and Chinese…..Obama went on national news pretty much saying….the US will not change its course. ( Translation: Do waht you want Russian/China…..I am too busy destroying the United States.)

    • Nodoubt but I think that is cool…..perhaps all the ones in Texas will leave for California….

    • It will be challenged, as all mention of voting in the Amendments state “The Right of Citizens of the United States….”. I think it is pretty clear that non-citizens were never granted or intended to have the right to vote.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I assume that “moonbeam” is still doing some substance that alters ones thinking processes. Or he got some really bad shit when he was with Linda and he’s still hallucinating..

      • If this stands and spreads, Anita and JAC will be repeating what many of us have said about elections for some time, useless. I have heard estimates of around 40 million illegals in the US. That may be high, but the 11 million is certainly low.

  23. California bans “Redskins” as team names for schools. Political correctness on steroids.

    Had a neat experience in the tree stand this morning as it was getting light. A bobcat came out and onto the power line I was overlooking. Managed to get a video that lasted a couple minutes. I estimate that it was around 5 feet long and weighed about 60-70 lbs. Big enough to take a deer down.

  24. I Love History!

    H.Rap Brown once said that “Violence is as American as Cherry Pie” . Picked this tidbit up the other day out of McCullough’s book on the Brooklyn Bridge. 50 dead, amazing!

    • Even better, read the comments section. Nothing, absolutelynothing changes! As our friends in the South still fight the “War of Northern Aggression”, our Irish friends still fight the Battle of the Boyne.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Violence is not exclusive to americans, as americans are not a race. It emigrated to the americas along with everyone in their baggage and from were they came from. Including the native indians.

      We have a long way to go to match what the Russians did to their own people, post czar. Or the Germans, Or Iranians, Or Chinese Maoists or the tribal chaos in Africa…or the serbs and croats…..we’re downright peaceful by comparison.

      • But, we have “potential”.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          You read the history of the czars and they’d never dream of massacring (sp) their own like the communist did. The shah never in his reign did what the ayatollahs did yet we protested against the “cruel” and despotic shah….he never would even have considered it.

          • You forget our friend Charlie, we killed off some 160 million Native Americans. By the way this is “Native Peoples Day” out West isn’t it?

            Then there were the 6 Million African slaves we threw overboard crossing from Africa. If I remember screwy Louie said that to this day the sharks follow that same route!

  25. Dale A Albrecht says:

    So Obama makes a “bold” prediction that Trump will never be president. Obviously someone has to have less qualifications than Trump to do the job that Obama currently holds. Apparently lying and illegal activity also is a pre-requisite. The big difference is that Trump has the MSM crawling all through his underwear looking for anything. Whereas Obama has been given a pass before, during and now and even after on anything and everything…and there has been ample reasons for them to have gone after him like a lion after raw meat or a bull after the matadors cape.. Nixon was a poor amateur compared to the current breed of politicians

  26. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I see that the CEO of the Chicago school system has been indicted for corruption and a kickback scheme on a NO-BID contract with her former employer. She’s planning on pleading guilty. The report went on to loudly proclaim that she was not arrested.. Now she was appointed by Rahm Emmanuel to head a school system that is showing itself over the past years as a totally screwed up system……No wonder, our glorious Secretary of Education Arne Duncan used to head it before Obama snagged him. This goes on as the NEA voted earlier this year for a NO confidence vote on Mr Duncan. Part of this is holding the teachers accountable…but could it be that even that association sees that Duncan has come close to destroying the public school system in the US….he’s out at the end of the year.

  27. The Democratic party is rigging tonight’s debate — and the entire debate schedule — to ensure the “inevitable” victory of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to candidate and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley.

    O’Malley is so fed up with the Democratic debate plans to “circle the wagons” to protect the Clinton campaign that he’s encouraging protests in front of the Democratic Party headquarters.

    The fiery O’Malley has long been critical of the limited number of debates being held by the Democratic Party, something that’s widely seen as an attempt to protect Clinton’s lead in the polls and help her run out the clock.

    “This will really be the first time that nationally voters see that there’s more than one alternative to this year’s inevitable front-runner, Secretary Clinton,” O’Malley said.

    While this is not a surprise, one must wonder when 5 socialist’s begin to debate, just what real differences will some to light. Hint, probably none.

    • Which is why Bernie running makes the party nervous-every dem. I’ve talked too except Charlie, claim to be capitalist who just want some socialist programs. But old Bernie besides saying he’s a socialist, a democratic socialist, which I suppose one could claim is different than just a socialist socialist-But Bernie has been very clear and come right out and said he is not a Capitalist.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Democratic Socialist is the left’s new fuzzy term for FASCISM. Confiscation and control of the Capitalist portion of society to support those things the majority (this is the “democratic” part) wants provided.

        The only real difference between that and what we have now is greater Govt. control of health care, like single payer, and other outright handouts. These would include free education, affordable housing, etc., etc..

        I expect the “debate” tonight to be all about two major things. The biggest will be who can promise the most free stuff. The other will be about Hillary’s constant morphing and Bernie’s long history of consistency. O’Malley will be on Bernie’s side in consistency and giving away free cookies.

        And of course, I expect the usual cacophony of accusations against the right, you know the war on women, anti women’s health care, immigrant hating, Hispanicphobe, Islamaphobe, on and on. There will also be considerable howling about more gun control, excuse me…”common sense gun safety measures”.

        The Democratic Party plan is to install Hillary in the White House. Nothing has happened yet to derail that plan. If it is derailed it will not be due to Bernie’s popularity. It will be revelations about Clinton while SOS that cause serious concerns about her judgment and ability to act rationally.

        I see little that can undo her getting the Democratic nomination, beyond being indicted for a national security breach.

        • Let’s see if Jim Webb can get any traction tonight as a “sane” democrat. I doubt it don’t think there are too many of them left.

        • While I agree with you, are you admitting that the DNC is doing exactly as I have claimed all for some time now, engaging in activity that will present the Liberal left an “Illusion” of choice? Just wondering, cuz that’s what I’m reading here, maybe you can clarify if I’m misreading you. Beyond that, your post is spot on. I never thought of Sanders as a Fascist, but that seems to be the case 🙂

          • Our experience with Fascism is that a political movement takes over government with a strong nationalist sentiment, think Germany, Italy, Spain, Chile. Once in power they seem to make a deal with big business and the two cooperate. Communists make the uneven distribution of wealth argument and posit themselves as not being nationalists but internationalists. Obie and Bernie fall more into the latter category but it blurs badly these days.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I did not say DNC. I said Democratic Party. They are not one in the same. The Dem party as I used it is the totality of those Dems who are the opinion leaders, organizers and ACTIVISTS among their party. Some are members of the DNC but not all of them.

            Even if you use DNC vs RNC, the DNC is far more unified than their republican counterpart. The big difference, which is why I challenged you on the R’s, is that the Dems have ONE candidate. And that candidate is favored because she got upset by Obama. “It is OUR time” is HER only strong selling point. But the women in that party felt betrayed last time and set their sites on Hillary 7 years ago. The others were not created for purpose of an illusionary choice. They ran due to their own convictions. Although the Dem establishment would be happy with some competition to avoid the appearance of a coronation.

            There is no doubt the R establishment wanted Jeb Bush. However, he was not their preference 7 years ago. Big difference in his support and that of Hillary among Dems. The RNC and Establishment have both lost some control of the primary. Bush has a firewall built for the long run, but he is NOT a slam dunk given the mood of the Republican party. His firewall will not stand against a populist tide.

            In summary, while both would like to control the outcome it is only the Dems at this point that have the ability. That is why my comments are consistent. They reflect the reality of the existing situation, not what I want or wish or think is happening because of my frustration.

            Jeb Bush will become a threat if and when the current leaders start to flounder. But when that happens I would put my money on Rubio and not Bush. Marco will be the cross over nominee with the establishment and conservatives being able to tolerate him compared to Cruz or Paul or Bush

            Those candidates who do not have a ground game in the Caucus states are going to have a hard time breaking the establishment. Here it is good to point out that 7 years ago the attempt to use Caucus to secure the establishments pick among Republicans backfired. Ron Paul’s people used this method to make Mr. Paul a contender. The point here is that one must understand how the Caucus system works in each state before you can claim the “fix is in”.

            • I can mostly agree with you thoughts on Hillary. BUT, I think the fix was in a long time ago. My issue is that it is a relatively small group of Democrats who have managed this, where the electorate has been consistently brainwashed to tow the line. All that needs done is to go back and see every weekly poll since last election. Every MSM organization talks about them and puts up the picture, every week and often. The LOW info voters do as the propaganda tells them.

              Bush will be back. The early returns of Trump are similar to the TEA party candidates, sounded great, played the game and most lost. The Trump/Carson phenomena is very similar. The establishment will get their man. I saw Ron Paul get beat by the establishment choice, ole Romney. Wasn’t a surprise looking back. Rubio isn’t on that team either, he’s taking money from the same guy as Gingrich. Can’t recall his name it this moment, but he was a rich Jew and the establishment don’t want that kind of control given to an outsider.

              Basically, the Democrats are screwed, they have no real choices. It won’t be long for the Repug’s either. Bush v Clinton 2016.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Here is a companion piece for my point about the Democratic party supporting Hillary.

            Compare that to the movement we saw in the Republican polling prior to and after the two debates.


            • I read it. My opinion is that it is a partisan left wing rag, who uses a Huffpo poll to author some nonsense propaganda that people will believe. Basically more brainwashing of the idiot voters. In the end, less people will watch because they have been told it won’t matter. This is called brainwashing.

            • Just flipped on CNN after finding it, some Democrat Senator was being interviewed, said she supports Hillary, she’s the most qualified and then said…..she can turn this country around 🙂 People will believe this nonsense.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                But I thought everything was all hunky dory under the dems and compliant republicans….her campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”

  28. Their doing this for the same reason they aren’t actually suing CMP-Hard to just claim edited video’s in a court of law-whats funny about all this is everyone’s agreement that what these video’s show is so awful-hence if they are proven to be real and not edited-they will have already admitted that what Planned Parenthood does everyday is evil. That abortion is evil, not just harvesting organs from murdered people.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just saw that headline….they knew that they were wrong and the films depicted that organization for what it is no matter what their apologists kept saying. Smart of them to admit a change of policy before a real ton of bricks comes down on them….like in court the videos are truthful and the government due to political embarassment cuts off 1/2 of their funds. Even if you are pro abortion this activity and callusness has no place in our society…more at home in Nazi Germany.

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    And these “questions” are described as thought provoking and intellectual in nature. Notice a difference in the type of question and the type of person asking it???

    And Ashton Kutcher once again shows he is above and beyond his peers. Except of course the whole thing of “what are you going to do”.

  30. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The Chicago Schools are in violation of a Federal court order to provide “separate” locker facilities, and I’d assume toilet facilities also for transgender people. Now I’m getting really confused. The way I see this is the courts and government are really confused. I’ve never heard to date a “female” person who claims to be a male wanting to use the mens facilities. There “she” if she ran around in her all together, just might get some men coming to attention the room. However, it seem that all the news is about men, who claim to be women, alla Jenner who want to use the women facilities. Seems to me in that case only one person will be at attention. Crude.

    All in all I see that the overall population is not in the least wanting a transgender person, male or female in their respective bathrooms and locker room. ergo the suit to create separate facilities again. Regardless of Buck’s feeling that he has no problem of having his young daugher in a bathroom and a guy has his member out. I don’t think so.

    What was that old Marine motto…”Be all that you can be”?

    Back when I was working for IBM, a guy was going through a sex change to be a female wannabee. Did all the required modifications. The women of the facility absolutely went up in protest. “He” wound up having to use the medical facilities bathroom. Eventually he was just plain gone.

  31. This adds some funny stuff CNN does to pretend to be a news organization. It seems a young lady that asked Trump stuff, pretending to be a Feminazi is a fake. Some funny stuff here:

  32. Reports that the US dropped 50 tons of ammo to the Syrian rebels, who promptly shelled the Russian embassy in Syria. From the CT crowd, this is how Obama is going to get us nuked, so Obama can cancel elections and stay in power. For the record, Obama was laughing and stated “some people think I’m going to do something to stay in power”. Now for the big question. If Russia does indeed send a nuke or ten, will Obama retaliate?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The courts do not seem to care about the literal words in the constitution, but what they may mean, or what they mean now, or just plain make their own up. The ammendment limiting the terms that a president can serve, passed after FDR, has never been tested. Any president since passage, has either messed things up so bad there was not even a chance of two term much less three. Or health intervened or impeachment and conviction on felony charges. Obama is the only one who fits all the criteria to test the ammendment. He’s young, and has not been convicted or impeached yet. Has 100% of the dems behind him and apparently many rhinos. Hillary will somehow fall between now and Nov ’16, based on just how far the DOJ will pursue the email server. Today it’s reported that the server was NOT secure.

    • Anybody out there delusional enough to think we could survive a nuclear war?

  33. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Update the guilty plea of the CEO of the Chicago City school system The deal is in exchange for a guilty plea, all but one charge was dropped. She’ll only get 7.5 years maybe for racketeering, bribery, extortion you name it, get a kickback of 2.3 M to her for the no-bid contracts….must make the common criminal feel real proud for receiving harsher sentences for far less a crime…much less a victimless crime such as drug use. Connections connections connections.

  34. There’s a report of the Pope having a stroke.

  35. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Here’s a fun bit of numbers. You’ll know how Pelosi keeps howling about the Republicans being a culture of corruption….These numbers are just State and Local. Convictions for any crime, from money laundering, bribery exposure etc.
    Democrats Republican Ind
    2010 – 2015 (so far) 82 32 1
    2000 – 2009 71 35 1
    1990 – 1999 45 16
    1980 – 1989 18 2
    1970 – 1979 13 5
    1960 – 1969 1 1

    Decade in and decade out the Dems have outscored the Republican officials on criminal behavior like 70% – 75% to 30% – 25%

    Could it just be that the locals have found a gold mine in them there hills, and especially with all that Federal money to be distributed????

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    Reading the commentary on the debate. As expected, they declare Hillary the winner.

    AND as I predicted, it is all about Free Cookies and DOING STUFF FOR YOU.

    The Dems are talking about fixing problems for people and the Reps are talking about self reliance and Constitutional restrictions on Federal Govt. Guess which one of those is going to sell well with the Sheople??

    • SNL would have a blast with them 🙂

    • Sure didn’t like the applause Sanders got for saying ‘enough with the email stories’. That’s a big deal for our side.

      The D nominee is a given…Hillary…not much debate there. The R nominee is a different story. I gave up trying to figure them out 4 yrs ago. I don’t think it will be Bush, tho.

      Haven’t seen mention of the sisters here. Diamond and Silk. They mean business and I think they alone will bring a lot of black votes for Trump. I think this is their latest video:

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The email thing is a big deal for the country. Its outcome will show just how far down the immoral and unethical slope the nation has slipped.

        Interestingly, Spousal Unit Leader was a moderate Hillary supporter up until the email thing. She was not real enamored with Hillary, but the “woman” thing was obviously pulling at her. So why did the email thing make such a difference?

        Because she was a Federal employee for over 30 years and knows EXACTLY what the email and personal computer use requirements are for ALL Federal employees. As she said, she would have been fired and possible lost her retirement for doing LESS than what Clinton got away with.

        Notice that the “fact checkers” even missed the key point. A policy that allows “private emails” is NOT the same as conducting ALL business on a PRIVATE SERVER. And the Federal Law did not require “turning over” emails, it requires that they be stored on Govt. Servers. In other words, they were to be immediately transferred. Not a year later, not when she quit and not two years after she quite.

        Of course the Democratic Socialist and all the Dem minions are tired of hearing about the emails. What difference does it make now? Violations of policy and law do not matter in the pursuit of their agenda.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Forgot the punch line. I asked my wife last night who she will vote for if it comes down to Trump and Hillary.

          She said it was an EASY choice, even if it left a foul taste in her mouth. TRUMP.

          This is saying something given her dislike for Trump.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          you always write things so clearly and objectively. The rules that you clearly stated are the rules. The very fact the oversight committees and the State Dept found nothing was that there was nothing in the “official” repositories. I’m just waiting for the DOJ at Obama’s timing to indict her. Honestly, I do not think that the SOS screwed up as badly on her own as people think. She as Obama’s cabinet minister followed his agenda. That does not take away in the least her corrupt mindset….even in every private company I worked for had rules like that. ANY and ALL company business was to be done on company systems. It could be supoened at any time by a client. I’d better have been able to provide any proof as to the chain of events at any time with any contract….condition of employement at all times….private use was frowned upon but allowed if infrequent. Google for anything except for work related research….hah….security did track it.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    Want to see what classic Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias look like?

    Read the comments to this article.

    Now this cuts both ways. Think of some of the “defenses” presented by Republicans for the “mistaken” comments of their party.

    BUCK……….. Call Mathius and tell him to get back over here. I need some help.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      One of the saddest points is that virtually every person associating themselves with a University provided a “rationalization” of lying as not really lying but just a difference of opinion on the facts.

    • I agree with you on this. Both sides want to defend their own, by any means necessary. Tie this in with your dismantling of the parties idea and we might get somewhere. I was surprised that the comments were tolerable on HuffPo. Lots of R comments which didn’t end up in a name calling fest.

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    Remember when our Govt’s justification for bringing Ebola patients into the USA was that it was IMPOSSIBLE for this to happen????

    Guess what CDC! Microbes MUTATE as needed to perpetuate their existence. So how many people have been exposed to this germ that now apparently was not gone and dead???

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the morning.

    To what extent is the growing American desire for free stuff from the Govt, influenced by their view that the Rich are somehow responsible for their plight in life?

    If these are connected, and I believe there is one, then it shows how decades of playing the Class Warfare card (both black and white) has burned itself into the American psyche.

    This shows why Core principles are so important. Without them, and without sticking to them, society devolved into an us vs. them mentality. If you see the rich and powerful “cheating” then why not fight for your share of “free stuff”. Why not “cheat”??

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I remember when growing up in CA. Congressional candidates would campaign on how he or she would “BRING HOME our fair share” This was way back in the 60’s. To put a reference point, our high school had a parent income that was the 2nd highest in the LA area. beverly Hills High was numero uno.

  40. Just A Citizen says:

    Another thought for this morning, or afternoon for you easterners.

    We need to amend the US Constitution to make “political parties” ILLEGAL.

    I do not mean private groups organized around political viewpoints. I am talking about formal organizations which are sanctified by State and Federal law. From their organization status, they are corporations, to their control over any primary or general election and over any debates.

    At a minimum, State’s should BAN the practice of Caucus to nominate a party candidate. If they do this then they should also BAN cross party voting in primaries. Couple this with allowing “independents” to run in the primary elections with a run off provision for the top 5 candidates.

    One other thing, NO MEDIA OUTLET should be allowed to sponsor and/or conduct a political debate. Perhaps Congress should give the Federal Election Commission the authority to regulate the debates with a caveat that the moderators be “independent” of any media outlet, University, and/or Political group.

    Or as an option, let the States conduct the debates when it comes to the primary elections and let the FEC regulate the Presidential debates. BUT, the rules must allow for minority parties and independents to participate.

    These are just some general ideas. I think you see where I am going with this. Gman and others are always complaining about how they are handed the choices. Yet they never identify exactly how this happens. It is not the party “leaders” that are the problem. It is the very existence of Sanctioned PARTIES combined with the fact that half or more of the country now self identifies with one of the two major parties.

    Another needed change. The elimination of Party affiliation as a criteria for conducting any business within the Senate or House. Perhaps the leadership of each house and the committee seats should be assigned by “popular vote” of the elected body. AND this should be done FOLLOWING a general election by the NEWLY elected Congress.

    • WOW, did the Spousal Unit Leader hit you in the head with a cast iron skillet and knock some sense in you? I’m glad you see the problem, one that will likely take a revolution and reset to change it. It is a major issue with elections and campaign financing, one that removes the legitimacy because those who receive the money (or plan on it in the future) will have to tow the party line to do so. It is even a problem at the local level in many places like Youngstown, Ohio, where the Democrats have had a monopoly on political power for half a century or more.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Did you see the chart….it compressed…about the Democrat vs republican convictions at the State and local level. The dems had the repubs by a margin of 3-1…mostly bribery and corruption….the CEO of Chicago schools is sorry, the children deserved better. Let’s see what the judge gives her. See the plea bargin scrubbed 19/20 charges and left one that is only worth 7.5 years. Bet she gets home confinement and public service.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Here is another example of why I challenge your claims about parties and elections:

        ” because those who receive the money (or plan on it in the future) will have to tow the party line to do so.”

        Given there is a Party and that the members of said Party construct a “platform” of policy positions then why shouldn’t a candidate of that Party be expected to “tow the line”??

        You once again miss the cause/effect relationship. It is not that the Party causes a candidate to follow a certain policy, the candidate most often follows that policy because they BELIEVE in the party’s policy view point. That is why they are in the Party.

        The problem is that those NOT conforming to one of the TWO Party viewpoints cannot get elected under the current system. WHY??

        Only part of the problem is the protection and preference given to the two parties. The rest is on the PEOPLE who support the “two party” system. Many of these are Academics who have made the argument that our Two Party system allows for more effective governance.

        Of course for many of us we do not want or need more “governance”. The problem is that most people think they do need it. Just look at how many cry about Congress being in gridlock. Personally, I love them being in Gridlock. If only the Administration were gridlocked as well.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I think it is noted that the last true presidential debate was conducted in the 50’s. Since then it’s been a beauty contest.

    • Not bad except cross party voting…I will continue to vote in the Democratic Primary to vote for the best candidate that I can…I will vote for Hillary against Sanders.for example.and then vote Republican……why are you against cross aprty voting? that would require you to register as a party….I would think you would be against that.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Because I am opposed to messing in other people’s business.

        If I am not a Dem then why should I mess with the Dems selection of THEIR candidate.

        And then there is the impact of the game playing………ala ………….Harry Reid.

        If we eliminate the monopoly of the two parties then the only way to get the best people who represent US is to vote for the right person.

        So if we allow cross party voting perhaps each person should have as many votes as there are parties on the ballot. Why should I be limited to a single vote and not be able to vote for the BEST in each party??

        • That is fine with me if you want to vote in both parties…..but do not require me to vote one party or the other….To me, if I feel that the Republican candidate of my choice is going to sweep Texas anyway…..why should I not vote for the best Democrat…..the Democrat representative will end up representing me…so why should I not vote in the Democratic primary….it IS my business.

          You once told me years ago, when I asked a question about why you would be concerned what the elections in Texas were going to do and you openly backed a specific candidate in Texas…I asked you the same question…….you responded that if any candidate from Texas was going to end up in Congress and his vote was going to affect you…..thenit was your business……have you changed your mind?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I have not changed my mind. But that is regarding the system we have.

            I am trying to come up with a BETTER system.

            So if we have political parties why should anyone other than members of that party select their own candidate??

            I do see your point, which is a good one, that if you live in an area where you can predict “a party” will win then it makes sense to vote for the best in that group during the primary.

            But if that is the case why wouldn’t you simply JOIN that party? If you are willing to vote for the best in that group you must be willing to accept the platform of that group as well.

            And remember, cross over voting has not been used to get the “best” of a party elected. It has been used primarily to “screw up” the opposition’s nomination by getting the “worst” on the general ballot. My multiple ballot idea would not prevent this but would allow party loyalists to retaliate immediately, thus reducing the chances of manipulation. Mutual agreed destruction if you will. 🙂

            Under my “new” system your favorite could run as a “non party” person on the primary ballots rather than try to seek a “party” position.

            The goal here is to dilute the power and control of “two” parties over the entire system.

            We could return to my idea of DRAFTING representatives from the “taxpayer” roles.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought number three. In memory of our Founder who about 7 years ago decided to share his frustrations with both political parties and his search for truth. He at the time was looking hard at the Libertarian agenda. I was the one who challenged him on the idea that Libertarianism was feasible, let alone based on solid principles.

    I still hold that view of “L” libertarianism. But why am I skeptical when it seems on the surface to be so rational? Because it ignores the current status of our moral and ethical standards.

    Some of you seem surprised at times that I do not support an absolute UN REGULATED market. This is because there has been an erosion of ethics in this country. The bad players no longer number in the handful but by the truck load.

    As long as men of wealth and power, or any men for that matter, are willing to injure others for the sake of making money the Libertarians will have no chance of becoming a major player in US Politics. Free market Capitalism will be resisted if for no other reason than the perception of needing to be protected from scoundrels. The belief that the rich and powerful control the “justice system”. If we cannot get justice in the courts, when harmed by a powerful corporation, then we will naturally gravitate to passing Laws to defend ourselves. Thus the “regulatory agencies” and framework develops to replace Civil litigation.

    This very thing is also keeping the Tea Party or “True” Conservatives in the Republican party from gaining majority status. Their problem is not just over gay marriage and abortion. It is also their support of “free markets” and the constant call for “de-regulation” without explaining what that means………….SPECIFICALLY.

    Maybe they hide the specifics because we won’t like them. Or maybe they are just empty suits with no real answers, just political sophistry.

    • Regulated vs. unregulated vs. some regulation is a good subject, because different industries will likely require a different set of challenges to deal with. OVER regulated is today’s biggest issue in some industries, while not regulated enough is alive in others. I think the problem/solution can be far easier than the governments make them. Make it simple, e.g. if you dump your pollution in the river, management goes to jail, the company can stay in business ONLY if the employees are willing to own/operate.

  42. Just A Citizen says:

    Who are the candidates running for President who have openly stated that we do not need to be involved in the Middle East mess?

  43. Just A Citizen says:

    An example of what seemed like a good idea has eventually turned bad.

    Note: This Wilson-Fish law was one of many attempts in the 80’s to create public/private partnerships to improve efficiency and reduce costs of govt. programs. The goal was clear in this case. To reduce immigrant dependency and to improve coordination between agencies serving this population.

    Similar programs were passed regarding people with physical and mental handicaps. The Katy Becket program pushed by Reagan, for example.

    A good LESSON along with information you are going to find you need in the coming months and years.

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