indianI have been some what part of a movement.  One that distrusts the Federal government and believe they are corrupt and simply need removed and replaced.  When I think of “remove and replace”, I sometimes laugh knowing how incredibly difficult it will be to accomplish that.  Instead of pushing for an armed insurrection, it’s far less violent to handle this difficult task through constant education.  Spreading the word, if you will.  Over the years, this “movement” has grown immensely, as many as ten to twenty million now.  Many are known as preppers, but far more are regular Joe’s and Joanne’s who work full-time jobs to feed their family. It’s a peaceful movement that is using our Right of Free Speech to make a difference.  Finally, there is an admission, we’re winning.

Spawned by alternative media, but more importantly, comment sections that give people a voice they never had.  From blogs to Main stream news sites, the voices are getting louder.  These voices are laying a foundation and just maybe, working.  They are telling the Fed’s, we don’t trust you, we are prepared, so be careful what you do.  Thinking back to Spring, Operation Jade Helm, a simple military exercise in the Southwest, one that caused quite an uproar, especially in Texas.  The release of a map showing Texas and other areas as hostile put the alternative media and conspiracy theorists into a frenzy.  That frenzy hit Town Hall meetings and even reached the news reports of the MSM.  But it wasn’t the hysteria or all the hoopla that stood out in the end, it was the distrust of our Federal government that took center stage and made people notice.  The movement is growing.  We are watching.  We are Oathkeepers, preppers, doom and gloomer’s, cops, firefighters, military members, veterans and folks from all walks of life.  We are Americans.

Obama acknowledged this point recently in an interview for The New York Review of Books, an under the radar interview with little notice being given, but this is what he said:

“Whenever I hear people saying that our problems would be solved without government, I always want to tell them you need to go to some other countries where there really is no government.”

“Where the roads are never repaired, where nobody has facilitated electricity going everywhere even where it’s not economical.” Obama added.

“If, in fact, you think that government is the enemy. And that, too, is a running strain in our democracy. That’s sort of in our DNA. We’re suspicious of government as a tool of oppression. And that skepticism is healthy, but it can also be paralyzing when we’re trying to do big things together.” Obama stated.

thVO4U4MTXSo there it is.  A peaceful movement that holds the course, and the moral high ground, is getting its message out, loud and clear.  Obama, Congress, we are watching and we don’t trust you.  Be careful where you tread, because it won’t be on us!



  1. This is mostly an Open Mic, but I did a short article before I head to the woods. PEACE!

  2. d13thecolonel says:

    October 14, 2015 at 3:13 pm (Edit)

    Not bad except cross party voting…I will continue to vote in the Democratic Primary to vote for the best candidate that I can…I will vote for Hillary against Sanders.for example.and then vote Republican……why are you against cross aprty voting? that would require you to register as a party….I would think you would be against that.


    Just A Citizen says:

    October 14, 2015 at 3:27 pm (Edit)


    Because I am opposed to messing in other people’s business.

    If I am not a Dem then why should I mess with the Dems selection of THEIR candidate.

    And then there is the impact of the game playing………ala ………….Harry Reid.

    If we eliminate the monopoly of the two parties then the only way to get the best people who represent US is to vote for the right person.

    So if we allow cross party voting perhaps each person should have as many votes as there are parties on the ballot. Why should I be limited to a single vote and not be able to vote for the BEST in each party??


    d13thecolonel says:

    October 15, 2015 at 9:37 am (Edit)

    That is fine with me if you want to vote in both parties…..but do not require me to vote one party or the other….To me, if I feel that the Republican candidate of my choice is going to sweep Texas anyway…..why should I not vote for the best Democrat…..the Democrat representative will end up representing me…so why should I not vote in the Democratic primary….it IS my business.

    You once told me years ago, when I asked a question about why you would be concerned what the elections in Texas were going to do and you openly backed a specific candidate in Texas…I asked you the same question…….you responded that if any candidate from Texas was going to end up in Congress and his vote was going to affect you…..thenit was your business……have you changed your mind?


    Just A Citizen says:

    October 15, 2015 at 12:11 pm (Edit)


    I have not changed my mind. But that is regarding the system we have.

    I am trying to come up with a BETTER system.

    So if we have political parties why should anyone other than members of that party select their own candidate??

    I do see your point, which is a good one, that if you live in an area where you can predict “a party” will win then it makes sense to vote for the best in that group during the primary.

    But if that is the case why wouldn’t you simply JOIN that party? If you are willing to vote for the best in that group you must be willing to accept the platform of that group as well.

    And remember, cross over voting has not been used to get the “best” of a party elected. It has been used primarily to “screw up” the opposition’s nomination by getting the “worst” on the general ballot. My multiple ballot idea would not prevent this but would allow party loyalists to retaliate immediately, thus reducing the chances of manipulation. Mutual agreed destruction if you will. 🙂

    Under my “new” system your favorite could run as a “non party” person on the primary ballots rather than try to seek a “party” position.

    The goal here is to dilute the power and control of “two” parties over the entire system.

    We could return to my idea of DRAFTING representatives from the “taxpayer” roles

    • @JAC, I love the ideas your coming up with. One of the things that may make either come true would be to force Congress to go back to their intended form of governance, which was PART TIME and on an as needed basis. I just don’t see why we really need a full time legislation when we have State and Local level governments. Let’s turn on the lights and make the cockroaches go away 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:


        With the Federal Govt as large as it is we need them full time. Remember, HEARINGS are part of the much needed work of Congress.

        We just need MEANINGFUL hearings instead of the PARTISAN CIRCUS most turn into. If Congress was doing its job of oversight they would spend most of their time on actual hearing and investigation of Govt. operations.

        Now if we can pare back the size of Federal Govt, I would have no problem going to SEASONAL Congress. But frankly, the time they spend “on the job” is not as big a problem as WHO gets elected and HOW they are controlled by those who did not elect them.

        • The pairing down of the feds would go very far in helping everyone in various ways. Your idea of drafting could work, but it would require a part time, limited government. The circus we have now is mostly due to it’s own failures, not that of the people. Most hearings solve nothing and take far too long. Take the Benghazi hearings, now years later, have solved nothing. Just theater. They have no power, legally, or this would not be continuing. If they had the power to jail people for failing to produce what is demanded, then I could support it. They don’t so let’s not waste more money that is added to the unpayable debt.

        • Well take the Hillary hearings by Gowdy as an example. They were going to be serious until that guy McCarthy called them partisan. That, with the follow up by the ex-military “plant” on the committee pretty much has doomed the hearings no matter what they uncover. Wanna tell me any of that was an “accident?”

          Wife and I were talking today on the way to drop off a grandkid. I really fear for the “Donald’s” life. Most of you know I am not much of a conspiracy guy but if I am correct and he is the Populist outsider I think him to be, and all evidence points that way, he must be removed. Thought Bernie was real till he took the E-mails off the table. He was distraction and a cover but I think they missed if they think those kids supporting him will vote for H. .

        • JAC

          The Federal Government should not be as large as it is. It needs to be much smaller. However, your idea of drafting is an interesting concept.

  3. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh good grief. SNORT……….coffee shot from my nose, tears of laughter running down my cheeks, my sides hurt……. Oh the IRONY on Thee.

    From CNN this morning, reporting on Mr. Obama’s announcement that troop levels will remain UNCHANGED in Afghanistan THROUGH 2006.

    ” Washington (CNN)—President Barack Obama announced Thursday that U.S. forces will remain in Afghanistan at their current levels throughout much of 2016, yet another delay in their scheduled withdrawal and an acknowledgment that America’s longest war won’t be concluded on his watch.

    Obama campaigned as the president who would end two wars, and Thursday’s decision was a major political reversal that jeopardizes a cornerstone of his legacy. Taliban gains in Afghanistan and appeals from Kabul for ongoing U.S. assistance contributed to postponing the troop withdrawal and underscored Obama’s continuing difficulty in fulfilling his intention to remove all American forces by the time he leaves office.

    On Thursday, however, he told reporters at the White House that he wasn’t disappointed at having to make the announcement that plans for the withdrawal had been put on hold. Instead, he said, his job was to make necessary adjustments given events on the ground. SHALL WE GO BACK AND POST ALL THE HATEFUL DEM COMMENTARY WHEN BUSH MADE A SIMILAR STATEMENT??

    He also stressed that the formal combat mission there has ended, and that he is a president who does “not support the idea of endless war.” He ended the Iraq war and removed American troops there in 2011. STRAWMAN ONCE AGAIN. NAME A PRESIDENT WHO SUPPORTED “ENDLESS WAR”. AND OF COURSE THE FIRST SENTENCE WHICH CAUSED BY COFFEE SPEWING PROBLEM………… “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” ANYONE??

    • LOLOL………………………there are no words……..Let me think this through..the formal combat mission has ended….Now, I have been in the military 42 years and never have I heard of a “formal combat mission”. I am trying to figure ut how you leave 2500 combat troops and claim…..the combat role is ended. I’m sorry…..the FORMAL combat mission is over.

      I can just see my self……giving a five paragraph operations order…..and using the terms “Formal Combat Mission”……I guess that means black tie?

    • Interesting side note of this issue. Afghanistan is the #1 producer of Poppies, which is the key ingredient in heroine. I just watched a local (Pittsburgh, not really local) news report about the NEW heroine epidemic. Am I the only one that sees the correlation of this heroine issue and our military controlling Afghanistan for the last ten plus years?

      • Nope. The Russkies NEVER had a Heroin problem until they invaded the ‘stan. This is very much like our situation in Viet-nam with the Golden Triangle. Wouldn’t necessarily blame the military. Too many private contractors out there in it for the bucks. Same in SE Asia, CIA and CIA funded contractors all over Viet-nam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Let’s see…he politically said he ended the Iraq war. But then the country went into civil war, and a new conflict in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Eastern Turkey, Ukraine, marginally Egypt and soon a really open conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Now that Abbas says all agreements are void, Iran has free rein. From my view Obama is seriously on the debit side of the ledger, not on the credit side. Now his focus is on Asia….they should duck.

  4. Anyone else notice that the Obama administration is justifying Palestinians attacking Israeli Citizens, the same way they justify American blacks attacking business’s and cops in this country?

    Have you also noticed that with all the support of multiculturalism by the leftist, the situation in Germany and the housing of all the immigrants together with all the fighting and raping that is happening is proving that some cultures simply can not live together in peace?

  5. I am frustrated and confused-so many words , the same stances, but no clarification-people with the same stance but such different idea’s of when our national interest come into play.

    All I can say is I’ve seen the consequences of the vacuum created by our backing off and I don’t like them. I’ve heard over and over that we would never be overthrown by war, we would be destroyed internally-and I am seeing the truth of that statement-hell we’re gonna be overthrown by multiculturalism in the end.

    • Mexifornia is the perfect example. Who is to say that a state deciding to secede in 2020 would be opposed by anyone? The UN would back it claiming it was simply “Self Determination”. I see the courts siding with any native American tribe in their attempt to recover lost lands.

      Perhaps it is time to re-read “1984” since the daily utterances coming out of the mouth of big brother are often in total opposition to what he said the day before yet the inconsistency (lie) is never pointed out by the MSM. That is not to even mention crap like “Putin is weak and losing” because he is in Syria!

      • I have been saying for the last 10 years that sometime in the foreseeable future, the immigrants would demand a vote monitored by the UN to split the SW off and take it back to Mexico. Diverse multicultural countries are doomed to eternal strife and/or eventual failure. We should demand that the Arab nations take the refuges. Barring that, we should segregate the young males, train them and send them home.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Do you really believe the majority of the people that came from south of the border, really desire the SW to be ruled by Mexico? I don’t know any, but only hear the MSN covering La Raza.

      • Multiculturalism is a failed experiement. It has splintered and divided Europe greater than we are divided. Use that as a guideline. Multiculturalism does not work in the mideast and never has…use that as a guideline. Multiculturalism has not worked in China….use that as a guideline.

        The only place multiculturalism works……is in slavery.

        • Illegals voting is getting closer to being common here. Moonbeam just signed the law that automatically registers anyone who gets a drivers license. Illegals can now get a license in CA. I doubt DMV will look to closely at citizenship so it is just a matter of time before it is a fact here.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I saw a post the other day by someone from Cali. claiming that the drivers licenses issued to “aliens” will have “Non-Citizen” printed on it.

            True or False?

            If true then the license does not mean they can just start voting. And would they really be registered?

            • It has the words “Federal Limits Apply” meaning it can not be used to board a plane, etc. Since the state is heavily democratic and union run, I suspect the DMV personnel will not be diligent in seeking immigrant status prior to issuing the licenses and filing the voter registration papers. Up until now, a voter registration form came with your license. You could fill it out and send it in. I do not know if it was stuffed into all drivers licenses issued or just those identified as citizens. I do not believe they make any distinction between a legal resident and a citizen. I just got such a form as I had to renew my license. I do not recall them asking if I was a citizen when I moved to the state 23 years ago. It all just makes it easier to commit fraud.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I’d bet they’re forbidden to ask.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Old saying…”Birds of a feather flock together” I never saw real co-mingling of cultures in Europe, ever. Comparing the US States and what the EU is trying to say are are an equivalancy of the countries in Europe is so far from the truth. It’s a fantasy. The cultures of Islam and Europe will mix just like oil and water, with someone holding a match waiting to drop it into the volatile mixture.

  6. Highly recommended great read. Brings back a lot of memories, almost flunked out of college that year because of the time I put in on the campaign.

  7. Just A Citizen says:


    Remember when I said the DNC was under greater control than the RNC. Well some cracks are starting to show. And the witch from Florida may finally have a house fall on her.

    • Wouldn’t it be peachy if both parties just simply imploded and disbanded? I did read about this before the debate, didn’t think much of it because Wasserman Shultz is a pig. I fully expect her idiocy and find it amusing.

      • I hate to say this….but no. You think we have chaos now……just explode the current system and see what happens….you will have chaos greater than you could possibly imagine. Your support infrastructure would fragment and stop….infrastructure meaning: Banking, food production, construction, refineries….

        BF and I disagree a lot….but, where we do agree, is economics and that political change must take place at the lower levels and remain with the states. Even in managed societies of the past…. Rome, Zululand, Mongolia, the Persian Empire all had politics….you cannot survive without it. The native Americans had poiticians and councils before Europeans came.

        Remember that the woes of the United States are an extension of European politics….and we want to use Europe as an example?

        • Don’t worry Colonel, the political parties are like cockroaches, it’s gonna be near impossible to get rid of them. As long as the Elite are running the show (and paying to run it), the left/right paradigm, or our two political parties are firmly entrenched to continue to monopolize elections for the foreseeable future and beyond. I’m not even sure nuclear destruction would get rid of them.

  8. A teacher at Columbia Middle School in Evans, Ga. allegedly told his students that outspoken 13-year-old black conservative CJ Pearson was “not worth saving in a fire,” another example of how liberals seem to believe that hate speech is acceptable so long as it’s directed at those on the right.

    Pearson previously made headlines after his Twitter account was blocked by President Obama’s official Twitter account following a video in which Pearson criticized Obama over his response to the ‘Clock Kid’ controversy. White House officials also made fun of the teenager.

    Pearson was told by several other students in his class that teacher Michael Garrison said CJ is “not worth saving in a fire” and that he “hates him.”

    The teacher also accused Pearson of cheating on a vocabulary test when he was in sixth grade, a claim that Pearson denies.

    “It’s always great having a teacher that’s not only a liberal bully, but someone who engages in slander,” Pearson told BizPac Review. “My words are bold and I don’t expect everyone to agree. But to have a teacher say this about me? Completely inexcusable.”

    School principal Eli Putnam has promised a full investigation into the matter. Pearson accuses the teacher of violating the school’s bullying policy.

    “This was brought to our attention after it was posted on social media. We have been on an extended holiday weekend and will conduct a full review of the allegations once school resumes tomorrow,” Putnam wrote. “Columbia Middle School believes all students should be taught in a safe and positive environment. Accordingly, if the claims are substantiated we will handle the issue as a personnel matter.”

    The fact that a well spoken black teenager is attracting national media attention for his critique of political correctness is obviously infuriating for liberals. Targeting Pearson with such vitriolic language again illustrates how many on the left immediately dispense with language sensitivity when it comes to attacking conservatives.

  9. Just a thought. With Joe Biden expected to announce his candidacy in the next few days, what are the chances that Hillary gets indicted? Could Obama hand Biden the nomination because he really don’t like Hillary?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      better than even odds. I’d also bet on them pulling a Putin. All Obama has to do is give the word to the DOJ and Hillary is finished. Consider the job they did on Petreaus, for leaving some papers around. When Hillary did 100% of her State business on an “unsecure” personal server…but the the counter threat is, that Obama knew full well she was doing this, if he is as computer savy as he says he is he could see and correspondence was from a NON gov system.

      • ROFLMAO! 🙂 Obama will just say he first knew of her email situation from the news. He holds her nomination in the palm of his hand though, unless someone in the Federal government grows some cajones and breaks from the corrupt system and comes full out that she violated law. But, that person would have to go hang out with Snowden first, cuz he would likely have a bad car crash or fall from a 50 story building or some other “suicide” nonsense.

    • Just watched an interview with form Def Sec Gates. It was not very flattering of Biden or Obama.

  10. Just A Citizen says:

    Fiorina got a little “thinned skinned” last night with Megyn Kelly of Fox News. It was a little fun to watch, I must admit.

    Kelly has been pumping Fiorina so figured she could ask a tough question about WHY Fiorina has slipped in the polls since the second debate, despite everyone saying she won. Kelly pulled the personal character card again by making an issue of Fiorina’s “warmth” and ability to “connect with people”.

    Fiorina was having none of it and was obviously ticked off by the approach. Kelly was taken back by the response and tried to regroup. Maybe Ms. Megyn will start to realize that her approach to political questions is simply not what she thinks it is. And maybe the candidates are getting a little tired of the media’s old habit of propping up candidates only to take them down…………just to get ratings.

    Oh, Fiorina schooled the Fox “wonder journalist” on political elections by pointing out that “National” polls are meaningless as the election is won ONE STATE AT A TIME. And Fiorina is in the top three or four in all the early primary states.


    I am a realist, what are you?

  12. I cannot post

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    I read a couple articles yesterday by right leaning folks talking about how we are on the verge of taking back our country. You know, the “conservative Republican” country. At least that is what they call themselves.

    Generally a return to more traditional Constitutional governance, smaller Fed, balanced budgets, all the things the Republicans love to jabber about.

    Well I have ONE criteria by which I gauge the Republican party’s SINCERITY about its supposed conservatism.

    I will begin to believe the transformation when IOWA elects a Republican who promises to kill all subsidies for Corn, including ethanol.

    People wonder why Rand Paul did not get early traction. He went to Iowa and talked about how ethanol subsidies amounted to crony capitalism and should be abolished.

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the day.

    Welfares real corrosive, and thus immoral, impact on society is not that it traps a generation in poverty. It is that it creates a permanent class system. One that is based on jealousy, envy and then hatred because one group is seen as keeping the other down and the other is seen as the freeloader stealing property.

    It is divisive of a free people seeking justice. It in the ends destroys the justice it claims to create.

  15. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Question for the Colonel…..During the evil Bush I/II years and wars with Iraq and Afghanistan, or even the Balkans and the US under Clinton finally putting an end to the Serbs genocidal activity, was there triggered any mass waves of “Refugees” and total disruption of the civilian populations causing a complete breakdown of that nation. Or did the people truly know, just get out of the direct line of fire, and maybe move aside if your neighbor was a high ranking taliban or bathist leader. I’d say what has transpired over the past 7 years has undone Iraq and Afhganistan, but extended to all the surrounding countries in the M/E but is absolutely undoing the stability that was finally coming to Eastern Europe.

    Russia is filling the void left by the US administrations inaction and incompetance, but I believe also threatens the western border of Russia far more that the expansion of NATO into those countries. Cold War alla late 40’s, which the total entrenchment of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe was made possible by our rapid withdrawal post WWII.

    What do you think?

    • ” Clinton finally putting an end to the Serbs genocidal activity “…..I know that you did not mean this in the way it sounds……Clinton had nothing to do with ending the genocide. Nothing at all. However, even in the Serbian genocide, it did move a lot of refugees to neighboring areas but they came to UN sponsored safe zones….And they returned after.

      By stability in Eastern Europe, you are, of course, referring to the balkans and their immediate freedom……there was hardly very much stability but it was trying to get better.

      Russia nneded to do what the US banks did after the bailouts…..they got rid of their problem loans. Russia got rid of their problem step children. Russia has never lost sight of the Ukraine…..never. They want it back and they will get it.

      Anytime you leave a vacuum. there will be someone to fill the void and voids are filled not by well meaning countries…voids are filled by hegemonic rule. We give up our hegemonic desires…the next will step in……simply a replacement for the US.

      • I cannot believe how many people think the United Nations is a good thing. It is not. NATO will disolve and is doing so rapidly…..the UN is a toohless, declawed, and pointless entity. We could fund half of Obamacare by dropping the UN…and kicking the entire thing out of the United States. Global Law is a joke, International Waters is a joke, treaties are a joke, and trade agreements brokered by the UN are a joke.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Well what ever was done during the Balkan wars. The genocide was certainly not stopped by the UN as you so clearly stated on your experience. Once Malosovich (sp) was encouraged by having his country, Serbia, destroyed to quit. Then what happened he went to La Hague and the world court and trial and talked and talked and talked until he died….my whole point was through the “evil” wars of the Bush’s (sarc) there was not a large refugee problem. People moved out of a danger zone and then went back….Quite unlike the self determination policy of Obama and his encourgement through words or direct action. They all caused far worse problems than if one let well enough alone. Was the world more secure when Bush left office….I’d say emphatically YES. Is the world in better shape now going into the 8th year of Obama’s foreign policy….I’d say absolutely NOT and is rapidly pissing away any positive action from previous presidents and becoming worse…..when all Kerry and Obama can say is that the most critical thing to world stability is Climate Change….pretty f!!!k’in stupid in my opinion. Never once stopping and thinking that they had met the enemy and found out it was themselves.

        • Ok….I understand where you are coming from……oh, the world is clearly closer to total war. It was not Bush’s Cowboy Diplomacy that did it….it is the cowardice of the Obama Administration thinking that Kumbayah would work and all the annointed one had to do was wave his hand and the world would cower……the world can cower with a peace hand holding out a handshake while holding the stick behind your back.

          All this trust and verify shit is just that…….24K BS.

  16. UN BE LIEVABLE ! SPARTY ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Agreed! Can’t stand Harbaugh, but he has the Wolverines playing much better. They will be a tough out in years to come. Great win by the Spartans 🙂 GO OHIO ST!

  17. Cabella’s had a great sale today for Veterans…….could not pass up buying 2 Bushmaster AR-15’s and a few thousand rounds of 5.56 ammo…..full auto with silencers. Bought a .22 Walther boot gun….shoots .22 LR with hollow points. Great for close in work….

    • Forgot to mention the 25% off….

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I’m sure you have ample “NO SMOKING” signs all around your house…’re home does not have a sign out front saying “ADT” but one that reads “THIS HOUSE IS PROTECTED BY SMITH & WESSON”

      • Well, let’s put it this way….if you feel that 15,000 rounds of ammo for various weapons and 150 pounds of black powder a reason to have a no smoking sign……ok….but no one smokes here and it is not allowed in the home.

        I do have a simple sign on a couple of likely places of entry saying…Don’t do it !

        I have a door mat that says ” The lady of the house has a shotgun.”

  18. Thought for the day (or at least one of many). Doesn’t it seem as though each year NASA, NOAA or both will claim that last year was the warmest year on record for the planet? Well, it’s October and there is an inch plus of snow on the ground. This however isn’t unusual, which means someone if full of crap and me thinks it’s NASA and NOAA.

  19. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Yes and it was 45 here. Gman…you can keep the cold up your way, we do not mind if you refuse to share. Though the snow up your way is good for hunting isn’t it? I always remember the hunters were alway hoping for snow during deer season, but that’s out a ways in Nov.

    One of the reasons I live in NC now instead of Maine is that one year I was working on a boat restoration up there and it snowed 8 inches one evening on Labor Day.

    The MSM and science groups keep talking about “Historic” heat and drought in the southwest and CA….of course it’s historic because it is not a common even but, if you listen carefully and there is a caviate that is usually tagged on the end of the story…..”since the late 60’s”. The flooding and rain during the 30’s in the east and NE made any floods including the ones in the late 60’s in PA make any “disaster” of today look like an afternoon shower. Or the cold, they’re usually careful about setting a “since” date. The climate scientists back in the late 70’s and most are still here today advising predicted a new ice age and massive famines. Within 12 years they were saying the exact opposite for the same causes….PS if CA had expanded their water reservoir capacity to keep pace with doubling of their population…..the drought would be a concern, but not a disaster.

    Actually I will blame more the 24 hour news cycle including FOX for having to fill air time with something. The big story today is that some idiot was killed by falling down a smokestack….so what and what does that have to do with eastern NC news and also what bearing on the nation…..NONE what so ever.

    The MSM in America has always been a disreputable business. Even it’s most noteworthy icons like Greeley, were prone to hysteria and weathervaned all over the place. Besides Lee during the Civil War, Lincoln’s biggest headache was the hysterical press. hearst is another news great. he had no problem with whipping up any falshood, half true as long as it sold papers. The press is actually much more benign today on it’s viciousness than in the 1800’s. Not any more truthful, just more cautious because of advertisers. I’m still waiting for some news source to grow some and emulate Woodward and Bernstein. Woodward is doing some talking, but he’s getting old and I think lacks the energy and the backing of his main outlet of the Washington Post. Unlike in the 70’s where Ben Bradley hated Nixon so was very energetic to push the story. So incredible minor compared to today’s administrations. It shows how partial the press is. Just think if Obama’s name was Nixon how the pack of wolves would be tearing at him for every lie, coverup, war, scandal, much less having Biden as VP who was driven out of a race because of lying and plagerism….It shows how far we have fallen.

    Obama makes more anti-religious/christian comments. The one thing about religion, no matter whose, sets ethical standards on living in a society. Socialism is hell bent on destroying religion because it stands in the way of their agenda, which has NO ethical standards. The cause is the goal and any means to attain that goal are fair game.

    • Many of today’s issue and reality’s can be traced to the 45 things Communist’s wanted back in the 60’s. It’s all part of the Congressional record.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Religion did not GIVE morality or ethical standards to society.

      Society transferred those to the Religion it created over time. They already existed thousands of years before the modern religions were invented, I should say evolved.

      • Boy, is that ever a topic for discussion. I think a lot depends on your perspective. Had a friend who was an atheist and a member of the Ethical Cultural Society. He was and I guess still is absolutely convinced that man, on his own, developed morality. A very moral guy himself, I kept trying to convince him that without religion paving the way, he could never have enjoyed the relatively peaceful, calm, organized, moral society he lived in.

        It is, in many ways, a chicken – egg, cart before the horse controversy.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Societal rules were formed regardless. Rules handed down by God sort absolved the leaders who put them in place. “Don’t blame me, it’s Gods word” Peace within a society is usually desired. However, when society sets NO ethical boundries, no guilt no shame, there is no self restraint. It all relies on the State to protect, which they can not do in most cases. Then society becomes viewed as lawless. A demand for more protection without any demand on personal behavior limits and the circle jerk goes on endlessly.

        Religion can give peace of mind for the short comings of life. Not everything is fair or equal. However, in the socialist and progressive world the State says we can give you everything and have heaven on earth. Well, we’re seeing that, that is unobtainable and bankrupting society. people accepted the shit that life dealt them a bit more. Like when the life clock says it’s time to go, they went. Now, it’s spend spend spend, others assets to gain a little more time. Live a full life and that is un-nessessary. I do not look at trying to gain assets, as long as they fall within societies rules a greedy. I look at trying to live and do anything and spend anything even in view of a terminal condition as the most greedy expression man can do.

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    I noticed some of that Bush vs. Obama/Clinton/Bush I/Reagan/Carter/Nixon……bla bla blah argumentation here the other day. It is currently more rampant than ever on the Internet.

    It is usually FALSE to try and compare the actions and results of any single “Presidency” on either domestic or international events. Furthermore, none of this sophistry or analysis ever considers the null hypothesis. As it how do you/we know what would have transpired absent the action we are supporting or criticizing.

    We think that Bush toppling Saddam somehow caused a lot of the current crappola. With a short sighted view one can make an argument. But when one looks at History and makes a reasoned projection of the future based on that reality, you can get a different answer.

    What makes us think Saddam would have outlasted the Iranian attempts to undermine him? Iraq had become a very divided country with Saddam’s faction holding power over only a small part. With Syria and Iran how could he have survived? His attempt to out Muslim the Iranian leadership was doomed to failure. And then we ignore how the Russian’s would have been mixed up in the whole thing.

    Because we did not see massive migration during the Clinton and then Bush years does not mean that such migration would not still be happening no matter who was president. Because the growth of the FUNDAMENTALIST MILITANT arm of Islam would have still been growing. Why do we think it would not have suddenly been able to take out Saddam given he was defended by the same “quality” of army that ISIS just routed. His “guard” was used to protect his stronghold, not the country at large.

    This is not to say there have not been blunders or that pulling our influence will cause others to move in. It does raise the question as to what the real affect is given the benefit of time. Frankly, I think the middle east was destined to end up where it is unless the USA and other western nations were going to OCCUPY that part of the world. Without serious “nation building” efforts how could it have turned out any other way???

    I also don’t think the “changes” are done. The Sunni vs. Shia Civil War is not over until one of the two has been destroyed and “converted”. Russia has a much longer history in this part of the world than the USA. So does China. How could this historical influence be expected to remain ignored in the long run? I do not think that was a reasonable expectation.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Geopolitical activity is a long term event. Neither created by one single action nor solved. Geopolitical reprecussions and like earthquakes…pre and after shocks, only much longer. Multi millenia, century decade and generational. even yesterday and tomorrow. The trick is to figure out what our long term strategy and plan is. Is there one? If you look at Russia as an over riding antagonist it may make sense. Just the past 40 years by creating threat and potential chaos and rebellion of the soviet southern region by chucking the shah and clandestinely supporting Iran created just that. Russia had no choice but to retract. Now with little need for ME resources, create a vacuum by leaving and allowing mayhem to reign has sucked Russia into actions that they can well NOT afford, other than influence. Think Chechnya on a much larger scale. Russia will become ground zero and a superconductor of the moderate and radical muslim wrath. Takes us out of the immediate target zone…maybe that’s the plan….unfortunately I do not believe our government and state department actions have that deep of thought and are to variable due to internal political combat. But a nudge now and again keep that off balance going of our main antagonist if you think Russia….We also have to get Europe to start thinking about defending themselves with a bit more gusto in the future…they’ve been given a pass for 70 years.

  21. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just an out take from a Stevens email. It appears that all Hillary’s state department was interested in was how to “message” the increasing violence in Libya. Whereas Stevens was telling them he needed more security…period.

    Stevens joked in an email: “Maybe we should ask another government to pay for our security upgrades because our government isn’t willing to do it.”

    This next week of testimony by Hillary ought to be interesting

  22. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Climate change…for sure, suppose to be in the mid 30’s tonight…brrrrrrrr

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I see that the central NY around Syracuse and Oswego areas got 9 inches of snow. This all brings to mind an argument I had with some old friends who are global warming Obama-ites. All good things come from Democrats and all bad things from Republicans, a direct quote. In one of our discussions they railed on about don’t I remember the big snows we used to have back in our younger years and now there is less. I remember some years we had more, some less. But what I do remember is that when you’re small that snow drift seems so much deeper.

  23. Just got back from DC. Lotsa time to think about stupid stuff.

    They are arguing again about raising the gasoline tax since there is no money in the kitty
    to pay for “infrastructure” improvements. Always wondered why. Gas Tax is a constant, tolls go up. Sure, cars get better mileage but then there are so many more of them each year, should be a wash.

    Anyway on my trip through Maryland I noted even more “noise barriers” going up. Getting so you are almost driving in a tunnel most of the time here in the East. Now, I have always liked to use noise barriers, especially the serious concrete ones as an argument in favor of the feasibility of building that border wall but yesterday, it struck me. Of course we have no money for bridges and tunnels, we are spending a freaking fortune on these dumb walls!

    Saw an area where the homes had a pretty nice view beyond the eight lane highway of a valley and some rugged hill country. In about a weeks time, they will have a view of a handball court.

    • John Wayne once said…” Ya can’t fix stupid”…….be careful as you travel those areas…I hope you were innoculated against stupid.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And just think…the highway, not as big, was probably there long before the housing developement. Like when LAX was built, it was in the middle of no where. People moved around it and then demanded it be relocated out in the mojave desert.

  24. HEY!!!!!!!….DO you YANKEES understand that you let it get to 52 degrees this morning down here? What’s with the blizzard? Come in……clear skies and 52 degrees?????? Fortunately, it is going to be 85 today……but sheeesh….keep your cold weather up there. NO more cold snaps until deer season…and then only one……ok?

  25. JAC….JAC….JAC…….don’t you know, by now, that according to Obama, ISIS and such is just junior varsity?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good morning my Texican friend. Glad to see you getting some of our balmy 50 degree weather. Love those blue bird fall days. Actually we have been 10 to 15 degrees above our historical averages in the inland NW the past two months. Light rain yesterday and cloudy this morning. Supposed to finally get down to the 50’s this week.

      PROGRESSIVES…………….. if there is one common thing I have learned over the years is that they are exactly what they accuse others of being. It is some sort of dyslexic projection syndrome.

      That should address Mr. O calling others the “JV Team”. 😉

      Had a good laugh with him “predicting” that Russia would get “bogged down” in the middle east and his economy would suffer even more as a result. Apparently the Varsity Captain doesn’t realize the other team has a different play book AND a different rule book.

      But back to this syndrome of theirs. Notice how his immediate response about Putin went to their economy is in the tank and they will get bogged down. I think this reflects HIS WORLD view of US international policies.

  26. For Buck…..

    Honors NY Conceal Carry Permit:
    Alaska, Arizona, Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin

    NY Does Not Honor Permit:
    Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Washington DC

    *******In a private memorandum……..between Governor Andrew Cuomo and Governor Greg Abbott…New York now honors Texas permits even though it will publish it does not. Mayor de Blasio reportedy extremely upset about it but told to stand down by the DNC. Some Texas delegation headed to Buffalo for a convention and trip to Niagra and surrounding areas and Rochester. This delegation, non political numbering about 1200 persons, was wanting to visit somewhere up there in the North East and one of the conditions was that since 70% of the delegation or visitors have conceal carry permits…they wanted to carry while there. New YOrk State won out onthe bidding…..

    Proves that, in a Democratic area, money talks….bullshit walks.

    HOw are the kids?

    • Be careful! NYC does not honor anything. They do not even honor upstate carry permits.

      • Yeah……no one going to NYC……..they know it for what it is…that is why they moved everything to upstate……NYC is not even in the travel brochures very much any longer.

        • I went to the boardwalk in New Jersey about 15 years ago….that was not a good place to go either…..was warned by hotel security to stay on boardwalk and do not venture out or under it at night. The hotel security said that they do not respond to calls for help or screams other than call the police.

  27. Was talking to a friend of mine last week….from Connect-Tea-CUP…….I used a phrase ” puting the cart before the horse again, ain’t ya!”……there was a pause…..he said, “what does that mean, I was not talking about horses!”….thus endeth the conversation.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I hope this friend is either suffering some memory loss or substantially younger than you. Good grief.

      • Well, sir, he was in Vietnam with me and he was in Desert Storm with me…and he did suffer a rather nasty rap on the noggin inside a tank…but other than that…nothing else. So, age is the same……just living up North had to do this to him.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Well then, maybe he was just tired of your talking and wanted to shat ya up!! LOL.

          By the way, what is a Connect-Tea-CUP???

    • Let them do this,………it is the mentality of anti-gun. Who the hell is going to take an anti-gun lobby seriously……and this is Austin…our liberal experiment.

  28. Been thinking about that McCarthy guy and his comment on the Benghazi committee. Maybe my paranoia is in the ascendant but I’m leaning towards it was deliberate. Note how they were ready to trot out the Hillary military guy on a moment’s notice to second McCarthy. The greatest enemy of the Republican party seems to be its leadership who are whores at best.

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    For those of us espousing multiple political parties, as opposed to none, please take note of what has happened in Canada.

    While the left wing blogs will be touting the return of Liberalism and how it will spill over to the USA, lets look at what this means at a deeper level.

    Canada had THREE competitive parties yesterday. Today it has two. Two of these three were left wing, one just being farther out there on the end of the wing.

    So the left voted in more of a block this time around and VOILA………….. another Socialist is elected. Another YOUNG, INEXPERIENCED Socialist who’s resume seems to be his “looks” his “hipness”, his “smile and tenderness”, his “speaking and debating skills”, etc. etc. And of course he is a Trudeau.

  30. Perhaps the Feds can lear a lesson?

    What Texas Did…..

    Texas legislators first began excluding Planned Parenthood and other clinics with ties to abortion providers from taxpayer funding in 2011, banning them from the Medicaid Women’s Health Program, a mostly federally-funded state program that provides women with family planning and related screening services.

    Once the ban was in place, Texas recruited other providers like physician groups and community clinics that did not have ties to abortion providers to make up for other women’s health services that Planned Parenthood and those other clinics provided.

    Texas now provides 100% of women’s health funding but it regulates who gets the funds and whether or not they follow the aw.

    • Planned Parenthood, known for providing life-saving reproductive and maternity healthcare, is not taking the attacks lying down and vowed to fight the new moves.

      “It is completely outrageous that Texas officials are using these thoroughly discredited, fraudulent videos to cut women off from preventive health care, including cancer screenings, HIV testing, and birth control,” Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in a statement to the Associated Press.

      *****Planned Parenthood readily admitted that fighting Texas on this would probably be futile because they cannot say that the other health services have been eliminated. One court judge has already said that Planned Arenthood is going to have to prove that Texas did not step up and provide, at their own espense, the good parts of the health program. Planned Parenthood cannot claim this as Texas did get physician groups together are are providing women’s health care and in better faciities.*****

      “Texas has stepped forward and shown its unyielding commitment to both protecting life and providing women’s health services,” Abbott said. “The gruesome harvesting of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood will not be allowed in Texas and the barbaric practice must be brought to an end. As such, ending the Medicaid participation of Planned Parenthood affiliates in the State of Texas is another step in providing greater access to safe healthcare for women while protecting our most vulnerable — the unborn.”

      *****IT can be done.

  31. Another issue for Texas…..Independent School Districts are responsible for their own securities. Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, has said that the Independent School Districts are responsible for raising their own taxes…so why should security not be a responsibility of the same school districts. If a District, through their own school boards and parent affilitations, wish to arm teachers…Texas will not stop them. In fact, Texas will match the training programs for the teachers dollar fo dollar.

    Again, a State that is beginning to, once again, assert its independence and is going down the road…..not waiting on Washington.

    To date, Texas has 1,247 ISD’s……….814 now have armed teachers and the list is growing.

  32. Just A Citizen says:

    Political commentary this AM.

    1. Am I the only one who thinks Trumps criticism of Bush’s record on 9/11 will NOT really harm him in the polls?

    2. Carly Fiorina is done. The media will not be able to resurrect her to make this what they want. The winner might do well to pick her up as a VEEP candidate. That is if the OUTSIDERS prevail.

    • You are actually looking at a BRILLIANT move!!!!

      He allowed himself wiggle room enough to “not” blame Bush while pointing out their differences on immigration and border security. He has also allowed himself (already doing it) to bring Clinton back in on his failure to take out Osama when he had the chance.

      Now, the coup de grace and this is where the old “know thine enemy” comes into play is that he predicted 9/11 and named the names! If the Bush dummies had done their job they would have read Trump’s books and seen the prediction and thereby not walked into the trap. Masterful, yes, this guy does know how to negotiate. Boy, does he ever.

      For those upset about his lack of being a “true” conservative (whatever that may be today) I should like to point out the success of the very dull, Dwight David Eisenhower. He too was not a conservative but is constantly moving up in the pantheon of great presidents. The right man for the time and place. To continue on the “true” conservative thing and as a talking point with folks worried about it. They should all be reminded that there was a time when Bohner, McConnell and Ryan were considered “true” conservatives. If that’s what they are, I don’t want any part of it.

  33. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I was just comparing the ages of the respective parties candidates for president. There are 6 apparent potential candidates on the dems side and that includes Biden. Their average age is 67.5. The median is 70. Drop the two unknowns of Omalley and Chafee and that leaves a 72 year old average.

    The GOP’s average is 57. Start tossing contenders who will drop in time and the age average drops, not increases like the dems.

    The Dems seem positively geriatric, could it also means that there represent old and worn out ideas and policies? With the exception of Paul, I believe the remaining GOP contenders should draw the “DIVERSE” and younger people of the US, far more than the Dems would.

    It is the GOP’s election to lose.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Not at all.

      Youth are only enamored by youth if it fits their view of the world. Rubio is the ONLY Republican that comes close to fitting that bill, but even he is short. Because he acts like an adult.

      Obama is still the COOLEST president to ever live. Get it now??

      One other thing, the Republicans lost their chance to dominate National politics when right after the Tea Party started turning State houses and Congress the R’s started immediately harping on Abortion and Gay Marriage. They could have just let those two issues lie dormant for awhile and tackled the “fiscal responsibility” stuff, along with health care.

      • JAC, I think you’re off on this one. Trump has the youngins this time BECAUSE of his brashness. He talks exactly how they communicate with each other…so he’s the cool one.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          actually he’s one of the old guys I dropped. He is brash and is not pulling punches, but to win you can not alienate over 50% of the voting population. Plus in a different way he is just a narssistic (sp) and egocentric and polarizing as Obama is.

          Sorry to see Webb dropping out of the dem side, but is planning on pursuing an independent campaign. Good, he’s seeing that he will get NO time that could in any way take away from Sanders or Clinton, and Biden when he jumps in to save the day when Hillary gets indicted.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I am not off at all. You just fail to acknowledge that Trump is just another Progressive. So my statement still holds true.

          I am not sure he is getting that much support for the young ones either. They have to be able to get past the left wing “alternative media” to find out what he actually says. That takes more work than most of them are willing to expend.

          • Why do you think he’s progressive? Anti illegal immigration. Anti anchor babies. Pro closed boarders. Anti sanctuary cities. Pro life, Pro 2A. Pro military/vets. Basic tax plan. None of that is progressive talk. As to the young voters, they follow the crowd. Trump has had yuuuge rallies. He gets the airtime. He takes advantage of social media. THAT is where the kids are, they don’t need any other media. He can talk directly to them without being edited.. As the outsider, he collects them in. He gets his digs in with 140 characters. I hate buzz words but those characters resonate… the power of persuasion. I doubt Buck, a true progressive, would give Trump his vote.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              1. He is NOT pro-life. Never has been. He openly supported Planned Parenthood until a month ago. His opposition to abortion has “evolved” over time, like in the past three months.

              2. Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and LBJ were all PROGRESSIVES. All supported a strong military, were anti open immigration, pro tariffs along with a multitude of other price controls, and “Nationalistic” in their rhetoric.

              3. Trump has openly supported use of Eminent Domain to take property for PRIVATE economic gain. He has yet to refute this practice as unconstitutional, let alone immoral.

              4. Trump has openly stated he supports a SINGLE PAYER health care system.

              5. Trump believes in man caused global warming. Mark my words, he will have no problem spending your tax money on more Solar, Wind or whatever HE THINKS is best.

              As for the youth, they will not follow crowds of OLD people. Trump gathers huge crowds of OLD people and those who seem to hate “others”. I just do not see millennials or other young ones supporting Trump in any major way. If given a choice between Trump and Hillary I expect “youth” turnout to drop substantially.

              Buck does not understand what the term Progressive really means. He confuses it with what he deems a “friendly” form of “socialism”………… aka Socialist Democracy. He wants robust Welfare programs but a balanced budget and strong military for DEFENSE. He believes in a centralized Federal Power system. He would vote for Trump if not for The Donald’s obnoxious and arrogant behavior and if he had a “D” after his name.

              • I know you don’t care for Trump but that doesn’t change his stance on things like abortion, PP, or global warming. He’s been pro life since at least the 2000 election where a personal acquaintance’s story affected him. He supported PP for their women’s health care and has advocated for defunding their abortion agenda. Global warming…his tweet today, or recently within days, is staunch that GW is BS, unquote. Do you really think he would beat that horse some more, solar and wind, knowing how it all failed for Obama? I don’t think he’d try it at this point. Single payer…not sure how to take him on that. He’s advocated for buying insurance across state lines, not sure how that lines up with single payer. My take is that he’s not running to please anybody. Meaning he’s not an idealogue.


    More facts the left will ignore. Now for the question of the day:

    Would you support and abide by a gun registration law (either State or national)?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Excuse me but “registration” of guns has been going on for some time. So what exactly is it you are asking about?

      As I understand the current rules it is only the collection and retention of “personal information” for legal gun purchases which is not supposed to be retained by the Govt. entities.

      Now as to gun registration, it serves no useful purpose in my opinion. It is the gun owner and gun user who is the weak link. Guns don’t walk around loading themselves and shooting people for the hell of it.

      • On your first statement, It may be possible but is not happening (registration). Remember, paperwork is only done when buying from a dealer, of which the dealer maintains. I have asked my local gun dealer and was told the feds have never visited them for any records. What I mean by registration is a law that requires a report of ALL guns owned to be given to the government. This seems to be an issue in Nevada now. It was/is an issue in New York that required registration of assault weapons (the SAFE Act). 95% refused, as far as I have heard.

        Your second statement is correct and I agree with your third. However, gun registration DOES serve a purpose, at least for government. They couldn’t have confiscation without it.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Of course they could. Look at New Orleans, during Katrina. They did not use the “registration” roles, they just went door to door.

          All they need to do is pass a law banning ownership and levy harsh fines and jail time to anyone found with a gun. Cops come to your house for a burglary……… they find your guns and you go to jail.

          MOST people will give up their guns.

          • MOST people will give up their guns.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Why do you feel this woud be the case? Don’t you think that it would depend upon the area? I do not see most people giving up their guns….what would make them? Fear of nightly police raids? I do not think so…..but…that is me.

            I sure hope they do not try it here……I think it would be catastrohic for the gendarme….

            • I’m not sure where this “most people will give up their guns” nonsense comes from, I think it’s just propaganda, but I don’t know one single person who would willingly give up their guns. And I know a lot of people who own guns. Remember, say the same lie enough, people will believe it, a good way to brainwash the sheople into NOT fighting for their natural rights.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                It is not propaganda nor “conditioning”. It is my perception of the people around me. It is based on what I see their ACTUAL behavior is compared to their Rhetoric.

                That and the ability to see how the Govt. could pull this off without causing a mass reaction.

                Are you going to march on Phili and be prepared to shoot at cops if the City decides to outlaw guns?? I thought you supported the ORIGINAL intent of the Constitution? If so then States and Cities are free to ban guns if they wish. Are you going to take up arms against your State National Guard or State Troopers??

                But more importantly, how many of your fellow Penn. citizens will stand with you?

                Here is something to consider, something you think was a success. Imagine what the pubic reaction would have been of Law Enforcement had simply TAKEN that rancher Bundy into custody and arrested all those people who were pointing guns at LE officers. What if one of them had fired and the LE snipers taken them out.

                Do you really think a majority of the citizens of this country would have sided with Bundy? If you do you are delusional.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              My assertion is based on evidence of past behavior and knowing that MOST people are not going to be willing to sacrifice their life and potentially that of their families over having a gun in their possession.

              Yes, area matters but not for “most”. It only means that the minority in some places will be much larger than others.

              Remember that “scenario” for controlling National Insurrection? If push came to shove, no food and no water……….. OK I will give up my guns.

              But it would never come to that. As I said, people would be arrested one at a time as they come in contact with the police, or if seen carrying in public. The true believers will cry fowl but nothing will be done by the masses. The minority will be isolated on Ruby Ridge and places like it. With media coverage of arrests “most” people will start giving up their weapons.

              We all know the Govt. will grant some special exception for “hunters” and their “hunting weapons”. This will keep the minority smaller than if all guns were banned. See Australia and Canada to see how you divide the gun owning population.

              Let me give you an example from an experience in August. We had Health and Welfare inspect our house because of our Son’s Medicaid and Medicare programs for his Autism. One question was “Do you own guns?” . Next questions were “How many and of what type?”, “Where do you have them stored?”, and “How do you get access?”. Now fortunate for me the lady doing the inspection was “right of center” on such matters. All she wanted to know was that our son did not have access to loaded guns. My word was enough for her.

              But imagine a more aggressive inspector or “State” attitude. The next “home inspection” to approve that “remodel” project leads to a questionnaire about your guns and your refusal to answer is followed by a police search.

              Sorry my Texican friend but I find MOST people who spout off about armed revolt and “will have to pry it from my cold dead fingers” as full of bull dookey. Most have never had to deal with the actual idea of shooting at someone, let alone killing them. Especially when that someone is not a thief or murderer/rapist but a member of the local law enforcement.

              P.S. This is why I believe the left demonizes the NRA so much. They are afraid that someone might motivate ALL GUN OWNERS and those who understand the Second Amendments importance to become unified and organized.

              I apologize once again for not having as much faith in my fellow citizens as you and Gman seem to have. I think MOST are pretty much spineless.

              • I apologize once again for not having as much faith in my fellow citizens as you and Gman seem to have. I think MOST are pretty much spineless.

                Although in some ways I feel the same, I’m not quite onboard with the MOST part. I also don’t think it would take MOST. As an observation only, I have noticed that folks in the Northwest/West part of the country are not “Revolutionary” types who would stand up to a tyrannical government. The Texas mindset is similar to those of us who are just West of the Northeast/Coastal Liberal mindset. Once you get East of the Appalachian’s, the mindset you have out there is prevalent. The Midwest, minus the Liberal cities, is closer to the “Revolutionary” types versus the coastal parts of the country. California, New Jersey etc are lost causes.

              • JAC, let me also say, as I have earlier, I have not met anyone who would give up their guns because of government directives. Usually when that subject comes up, it never fails, the history of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc comes up. History is against the gun grabbers.

              • I will agree that a lot of people and their rhetoric is false….it is one thing to say they will do it…but faced with reality….I will agree that some will not. I am not sure I agree with most will not but….that said! !

                I think that you are making an assumption that L/E and the National guard troops would be blind followers. You are also making an assumption that the 2nd Amendment is gone, I think. I know of NO National Guard Officers that would violate the constitution on orders from Washington………….unless two things happen: Habeas Corpus is suspended and the Constitution is suspended.

                I do not think the police will blindly confiscate nor arrest unless those two are suspended. No executive order will be obeyed….I can tell you this with certainty. The examples of Australia and Canada are not good examples for the United States…neither of those countries were protected by the same thing as the 2nd amendment. I also suggest that the motivations of the Australia and Canada populace are not the same as the United States.

                In order for this to happen, under your scenario, the judges would have to be in concert with the White House…..and the legislative branch would have to be dis-solved.

              • I might also add, that the SCOTUS would be completely destitute in this. No one will listen to the SCOTUS despite their rulings… one has much respect for the rule of law anymore and you can thank this administration for that and the selective enforcement. Selective enforcement has destroyed the rule of law…..there is no enforcement. Case in point…there are states that are not following SCOTUS rulings now….thanks to the lead of some more independent thinking States….and nothing is happening. There is no NATIONAL police to take over a State……

                Texas will still have a picture ID for voting…..Texas will continue to deny Medicare and Medicaid to illegal immigrants….Texas will still deny rentals and such to illegal immigrants despite rulings from the SCOTUS….Texas will not give driver’s licenses and will not honor California Driver’s licenses that say ‘not a resident’….we will still profile and stop a pickup full of Mexicans and check it out……business’ will continue to be checked for illegal immigrant employees without proper green card or work permits and those business’ will have their charters revoked….Texas has denied State funding and refuses to add Planned Parenthood to its Medicare and Medicaid tax roles despite SCOTUS rulings….and other State’s are beginning to follow………it takes a lead. Anyway…..point made. I really think there is an underground swell starting and it is still quiet and I do not expect people that live in large metropolitan areas to understand free thinking.

              • Colonel, If the Constitution is suspended, then the Federal government effectively does not exist. There is no provision written for such an action, and quite frankly, would be an act of war against the people. I believe the Habeas Corpus suspension requires an insurrection, there is no other provision stated. I’m mostly with you on this issue, as I don’t believe the Feds have the power to take the guns, period.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      P.S. Licensing of individuals would help reduce some gun deaths. It is the most logical approach.

      However, I do not support it right now for the same reasons most 2nd Amendment supporters won’t. I DO NOT TRUST the Govt. to keep the records private and to not use them for political purposes.

      • We have hashed out the licensing issue. I agree with your distrust as well. But licensing would be to close to registration for my liking. Plus it makes it feel too much like a privilege than a Right.

  35. Just A Citizen says:
    • Not sure why this is important. Maybe because many of us think “work smart, not hard” 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Because is does a good job of showing the fallacy of the labor theory of value. Which is the basis for the Democratic Party’s economic policies, especially their stupid tax policy and constantly pushing for STIMULUS and CAPITAL INVESTMENT.

        In order to combat idiocy you have to have the information required to expose it to the light.

        • “fallacy of the labor theory of value” I don’t understand. If anything I see the promotion of this theory to encourage people not to work and live off the government. As so many do now days.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            The “theory” claims that the value of things is determined by the amount of work needed to make the thing. This is Karl Marx’s theory, among others. I call it a fallacy because it is false in its logic.

            If the theory were true then you could in fact just raise the cost of labor and the demand for products would not suffer, even if the price continues to rise. This is a false statement.

            I do not see how the labor theory of value is used to discourage people from working. It is used by the left to rationalize their stupid economic policies, however.

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    Question for you Trump supporters.

    If The Donald is so brilliant, such as how he gets free media coverage with his attacks and inflammatory rhetoric, then why is he spending so much time go after Jeb Bush.

    Mr. Bush is way back in the polls, a distant fourth, fifth or sixth depending on the poll.

    So why give Mr. Bush FREE AIR TIME??? Why respond to Bush’s attacks when you know it will give him FREE AIR TIME???? Why make it appear that Mr. Bush is relevant in this race when he appears not to be???

    Possible answers:

    1. Trump is not as smart or at least deliberate in his actions as many think. His rhetoric is more ego driven than strategic.

    2. Bush has outfoxed him using his own methods.

    3. Bush actually poses a threat and Trump is aware of a reality the rest of us are not.

    4. Trump is deliberately pumping Bush to get him to the number two spot. I call this the Gman alternative. 🙂

    Any others I have missed?

    • Because he understands that the establishment wants Bush. Two birds with one stone.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Then why draw attention to Bush?? The more he gives Bush the limelight the more the OTHERS fall in the polls and the higher Bush gets.

        • There are probably several reasons. Bush isn’t the only guy he’s picked on. Notice that he is attaching labels to particular candidates. ‘low energy’, ‘nice guy (‘s finish last), rube. Gives the people a connection in their mind to a candidate. Mind games.

    • Think you are right on # 3. Now that Bidfen is out, look at the Hillary fiasco. Nobody in their right mind would support her but the old line regulars do and she will get the nomination. I, as a teen, watched the ’64 convention and saw the establishment go after Goldwater. Now as he himself said he really did not have ,much of a chance to win, I believe his quote was, “the country is not ready for a third president in 18 months” but Nelson Rockefeller, Bill Scranton and George Romney did all they could to take him down. Still remember the look on Rockefeller’s face as he exited the Cow Palace. Thought he woudl have the stroke right there.

      So, the big wigs in the Republican Party will do what they have to to try and get Trump. I expect all sorts of back deals including throwing interim support to Carson, Fiorina or Rubio then pulling it back after they take out Trump and switching to Bush. Maybe VP as a consolation prize.

      I think Trump sees him as the biggest threat since he represents all the non-conservatives in the Party. I think the supporters of almost everybody else will grudgingly or otherwise come over to Trump should he win the nomination. Trump must not only beat Bush but crush him into the ground while driving a stake through his heart. The “moderates” or Rockefeller Republicans must KNOW they have been beaten and beaten badly. Personally I hope that they get PO enough to start a Centrist Republicans for Hillary movement. Good riddance!

    • #4 definitely. I still say he’s a shill.

      • I think we have to adopt a wait and see. Trump has damaged Bush so badly (low Energy Candidate is as good as Voodoo economics) that he would be cannon fodder for Hillary. After the last Dem debate and on the heels of Trump-Bush 2 -World trade Center, Bush was so incoherent that even Rush pointed out rhetorically that Hillary would eat him for lunch in a debate.

  37. Just A Citizen says:




    He’s been pro life since at least the 2000 election where a personal acquaintance’s story affected him. He supported PP for their women’s health care and has advocated for defunding their abortion agenda. FALSE. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW YOUR OWN GUY. HE HAD NOTIHING BAD TO SAY ABOUT PP UNTIL THE VIDEOS CAME OUT AND WAS NOT PROPOSING TO DEFUND THE ABORTION SIDE. HE WAS WILLING TO ACCEPT THE WHOLE THING FOR ITS BENEFITS TO WOMEN’S HEALTH. AS FOR OPPOSSING ABORTION, WHEN HAS HE EVER SAID HE WOULD SUPPORT OR SIGN A LAW BANNING ABORTION OF ANY KIND???

    Global warming…his tweet today, or recently within days, is staunch that GW is BS, unquote. Do you really think he would beat that horse some more, solar and wind, knowing how it all failed for Obama? I don’t think he’d try it at this point. YES I DO. ONCE HE GETS ALL HIS BRIEFINGS HE WILL CONTINUE THE WIND/SOLAR EFFORTS.

    Single payer…not sure how to take him on that. He’s advocated for buying insurance across state lines, not sure how that lines up with single payer. IT FITS THE PROGRESSIVE MIND SET. DO SOMETHING, FIX SOMETHING, BECAUSE SOMETHING ALWAYS NEEDS FIXING.



    • As previously stated, Trump does not have very many fooled. I would really like to see the where these polls come from….I have never been asked. I can guarantee you….no matter what you see….Texas is NOT Trump country….not now and will not be. I am not a TRUMP person….I can see right through him. But his arrogance against the establishment has accomplished one thing…..brought a lot of things to light and created controversy.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        So my Texican friend, who are your favorites at this point?? Give me your top 4 picks as YOU would vote.

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    For those who do not know about this effort, the following reveals THE major effort of the “left” and Democrats to reestablish their dominance in Congress and the State legislatures. Law suits and other efforts to create “objective” districting procedures are not truly objective or non partisan. The left assumes that if a computer generates the boundaries they will control the outcome of a majority of the “districts”. This is done by including just enough of the metro areas in Districts to wash out the “red” in the country side.

    I figured I would remind you all of this effort so that you can decide whether you want to get involved in preventing it…………….. or not.

    • This is really a problem area where State’s have to stand up to the Feds.

      • For now, Carson gets my vote. The main reason is that he is an outsider. I am tired of the established politicians and I do not subscribe to the theory that the best POTUS must have Washington insider experience. I am not convinced that the best POTUS is or should be a governor..although a governor is much better than any senator or house member. So, Carson gets my vote. I would like to see how he would organize a cabinet. I am betting that he has great organization skills….but I would be willing to give him a chance. That said, I think that the Washington buzz saw will dissect him because Washington and the media would prefer an establishment candidate. They are easy to read. Trump and Carson are not main stream and that bugs the hell out of the msm. The other thing that bugs them, the msm, is that they cannot seem to ruffle their feathers…..they are not trying to hang onto a public job.

        The mainstream politicians hate outsiders because they could just possibly represent change and cannot be blackmailed. People blindly followed Obama and a liberal congress and got 18 trillion in debt as a result….nothing changed and Obama is just as corrupt as any of them……there appears to be some young turks up and coming…..but will shall see if Potomac Fever catches them. So….Trump still fills a top four spot….

        I am not a supporter of a soft diplomatic approach. I feel we should negotiate out of strength and do not compromise a dominant position away. I think that Trump, or any successful businessman, would be the best. I think that Carson would surround himself with the proper cabinet.

        Next would be Rubio if I had to………I think a Carson/Rubio ticket would be tough to beat. Rubio would give that political overlook……Cruz would probably round out the top four.

        Fiorina would be a good VP……but Trump having the finger on the button…bothers me but then he loses everything when he pushes it……

  39. The one truly great success of Obama has been Obamacare. Yes it is a disaster but we are either stuck with it or with a variation of it forever. I don’t like that either but I am a realist.

    The Republicans and Conservatives have been gumming about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Student Loans, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Food Stamps, since their inception and have not even been able to reform them! That is not to mention the EPA and DOEducation.

    So, it is probably not worth the effort to support anybody who claims they will do away with these cause they won’t. Even with a majority in House and Senate we see that the R leadership WANTS to keep the programs. The best we will ever be able to hope for is a wild eyed reformer who will make some sense out of them.

    • Reform them? Maybe they are just showing their true colors.

      • I agree with that. They all make the right noises but that is it. Since 2001 it is worse than ever. Total abdication on the part of the legislature. If they “let” the President do it they have no guilt and things like health insurance are off the table.

        Not being a Constitutional scholar like the CIC, I cannot understand why the Democrats only need a simple majority to pass things and the Republicans need 60 votes. I assume the Republicans like it this way.

  40. The world truly started going to hell when the first “reporter” referred to the guy standing over the dead body with 6 holes in it, holding a smoking gun, as the “alleged” perpetrator.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    Lesson in successful obfuscation.

    The Democrats have managed to destroy any chance of the Select Committee on Benghazi accomplishing its task. They have managed to damage the reputation of one of the most reputable and respected members of the House. One that even the Dems spoke well of when the committee was formed.

    They have proven that if you can simply drag your feet long enough while building a media campaign to denigrate the “others” you can kill any chance of finding the truth. The Bush administration and Republican efforts to stymie the 9/11 Commission investigation had nothing on these asshats.

    Today the media releases a poll showing 70% of the “PUBLIC” think Gowdy’s committee is nothing but a partisan effort to discredit Clinton.

    I would like to offer here the hypothesis that the right wing talking heads are partly to blame. While the Select Committee has been doing its work the hacks have been completely focused on how its findings relate to Clinton. This I believe has led to the notion the Committee itself is focused only on Clinton.

    The key point to this was made by Mr. Gowdy in his opening remarks. I guarantee the MSM and massive left wing internet presence will not cover this nor admit it. This is that it was Mrs. Clinton herself, the State Dept. and the White House that did not respond honestly to the requests for all related information. Hell, State just dumped more documents yesterday.

    We are watching a travesty in the making. Not a single Dem on the committee has asked any questions of the witness. They have instead put the Committee and its chairman on trial. Absolutely orchestrated and choreographed.

    • It is easily the fault of a Republican, one McCarthy, who made a statement which in effect, destroyed the committee and saved Clinton’s Presidential run. I stated a long time ago she would come out looking like a victim.

      • And, did he do it on purpose?

        • Either on purpose or really damn stupid (maybe both). In one short statement, he destroyed the committee and it’s future. I would guess he took the fall to protect her for future considerations 😉

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Yes he did it on purpose, but his statement was NOT what has been reported nor what has been spread by the media.

          He was commenting on the vulnerability of Clinton that was revealed by the findings of the investigation. It was on purpose in that I think he was bragging about it in the interview. His muddled wording allowed the left to twist it into a narrative of witch hunt.

          Then the R from NY comes along and adds his opinion that the committee has become focused on Clinton. Again, this is not saying the purpose was to go after Clinton but that is where the committee has become focused. As it should be given her email fiasco and several unanswered questions.

          The point I am trying to make is that by dragging this out the Dems have been able to eventually turn Clinton into the victim Gman suggested.

          The one person whose motivation I do wonder about was the NY Republican. He has a pretty “liberal” voting record and had ZERO to do with the committee. So why did he start offering up opinions??? That was in my view a deliberate “sabotage”. The question remaining is who was behind it and why did he do it.

          • Ah-ha, that is the question.

            This election really is going to test my faith. Up until 9/11 I would have said that there was a difference between the elites of either party. Now I am absolutely in doubt of that.

            It looks like they all got together one day and laid out some damned plan to “share” power. Principles be damned, they knew what was good for America or should I go back to the SDS ’60’s spelling Amerika?

            • I think you are seeing what some of us have been saying a long time, there ISN’T two sides of the aisle. It’s a ruse to jerk the sheople around to maintain the legitimacy of the corrupt government.

  42. Colonel, one for you!

    Found the 1953 US Army Leadership Pamphlet. There was an older one (even shorter) but it is impossible to locate. I use this with my Boy Scouts. Amazing, the new one is no longer pocket sized but 8 X 10 and probably 200 pages. You can run the Army, the Country or any major corporation following this thing. What a book!

  43. Hey, all you crazies on the right, do me (the socialist) a big favor … if the DNC manages to sabotage Bernie and yous guys can’t figure out a way to take Hillary down before the election, make sure whichever psychotic is running on the right beats her … I pledge my vote now (and have been) to Jill Stein (because she’d actually be my choice before Bernie but Bernie stands an outside shot (far outside shot) of beating Hillary … she’ll never get my vote … not with the Colonel holding a raptor in one hand and one of his many guns to my head in the other … GO BERNIE, GO!

    And, hey, how the hell are yous?

    • I tried holding a raptor once…..that is why I am bionic. How are you my friend?

    • Heyyyy Charlie! I see your girl Jill lives in the land of the free. Free this, free that. I might have to vote for her. Since whites are going to be bred out of existence soon, I can jump in the free line and have the majority support me. I miss your plain english around here though. 😉

    • Hey Old Man, How is life treating you these days? Glad your still kickin!

    • Hi Charlie 🙂

      • Hello all! Well, I’m doing okay, I suppose. I lost 91 pounds, then found 47 before I knew what happened. What can I say, I’m a T-Rex … love my meat (and pasta) … one of my dopey crime books is being published in Mexico, Poland and next year German, so we’re headed there for the book launch next spring. Of course, I’ll be asking for a job there so I don’t have to come back to the land of the Trump/Clinton/Carson, etc. … everybody but Bernie or Jill. What can I say, I love free stuff! Now, did any of yous notice how Iceland put 26 bankers away for a combined total of 74 years the other day? Those tyrannical socialists sure now how to handle the real bad guys. What else … nothing else … I think you all know I’m a grandpa … that’s great … my 4th wife hasn’t left me yet … that’s also pretty great … Stephen was very angry with me for a while, but I know he still loves me … yesterday the GOP handed Hillary the keys to the car (very unfortunately) … one can only hope they come up somebody (like Rubio — who, make no mistake, I hate) can win it for them. Carson never will .. Trump never will … nor will Bush or any of the others … Kasich (maybe) … Christie (maybe) … Rubio (maybe+1) … the rest? forgetaboutit … too many crazies in the bench … of course I’ll vote for Jill if it ain’t Bernie and it won’t be Bernie … he’s pissing me off by not going after Hillary so I’m taking a page from G-Man’s book and starting to think his entire campaign is a fiasco/conspiracy to draw in young people behind the Democraps. I still listen to Mark Levin night while driving home (for 3-5 minutes) … I enjoy is rants, but he’s NUTS too … I suspect he goes home, counts his money and then votes communist. Anyway, all best to all a’yous and yours. And Go Bolts! (I’ve had it with the NFL) … 🙂

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Yep, pushing workers to labor MORE in less time. Did you also notice this is being implemented “voluntarily” in an effort to increase “productivity”???

            Of course the left wing mind will think this must be IMPOSED upon everyone. No matter what the job or desire of the workers.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              France went to a 35 hour work week years ago. The idea was that it would help the un-employment problem. The downside was that the companies did not hire to fill the hour gaps because the law is that once hired it is virtually impossible to get removed. That is unless you go postal. They’d rather a company collapse entirely than to allow them to downsize. It was impossible to get service done after “hours” no matter the impact to the client and how much they were willing to pay EXTRA. Je suis désolé, Une autre cafe s’il vous plaît……do not know if it changed after I retired 5 years ago.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          So my leftist friend, what do you think of this finding by DOJ???

          “We found no evidence that any IRS official acted based on political, discriminatory, corrupt, or other inappropriate motives that would support a criminal prosecution,” Kadzik said. “We also found no evidence that any official involved in the handling of tax-exempt applications or IRS leadership attempted to obstruct justice. Based on the evidence developed in this investigation and the recommendation of experienced career prosecutors and supervising attorneys at the department, we are closing our investigation and will not seek any criminal charges.”

          And YES, I did notice the bankers sent to jail. Did you notice that the Obama DOJ just cut a deal with more Corporate criminals??

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Just write a big check and all is forgiven and no charges. Like where did all those “Tax-evaders” go from the banks in switzerland, who advised them illegally on evading taxes, They went to jail, but I’ve yet to hear of any of the people who evaded get charged by the Obama DOJ. It’s a variation of the pay to play schemes that sent the Ill gov to prison. Quietly pay and you get a get out of jail card.

          • Would you have expected more from an “internal investigation” ?

  44. Gman says: “Colonel, If the Constitution is suspended, then the Federal government effectively does not exist. There is no provision written for such an action, and quite frankly, would be an act of war against the people. I believe the Habeas Corpus suspension requires an insurrection, there is no other provision stated. I’m mostly with you on this issue, as I don’t believe the Feds have the power to take the guns, period.”

    You are forgetting about martial law…..Habeas Corpus and Constitution is no longer valid.

    • This poses several questions. Martial Law? Where is the authority for the Feds to claim such a thing? Answer, they do not have that authority (that is why we have a Tenth Amendment). Secondly, a study was done on the subject and what it would take to enforce Martial law in just Portland Oregon. The study estimated that is would take 25K people to enforce a full blown martial law in that city alone. Looking at the riots in Ferguson Mo, they wanted 5000 cops to deal with that small situation. My conclusion from all of this…..martial law is an impossibility on a National scale.

  45. Just A Citizen says:

    My current ranking of top five Republican POTUS candidates. Based on principle first and strategy second.

    1. Rand Paul
    2. Ted Cruz
    3. Marco Rubio
    4. Carly Fiorina
    5. Bobby Jindhal

    The rest are nothing to me.

  46. Lots to watch on here-guess they released it all together to make sure they were released. We have a new word-not reproductive rights but reproductive justice. Justice are they serious. I haven’t watched it all yet-had to turn it off several times-especially during their little classes. LIstening to such BS in big portions is hard. Just an example-“we aren’t saying that abortion is immoral we are really saying woman don’t make moral decisions”-give me a break!

    • That, is Exactly the way I felt about the democratic debate. Felt I had a duty to watch it. Could only take 5 minutes at a time. Finally got disgusted and couldn’t go back.

      It is becoming clearer and clearer to me that it is the deliberate confusion of language and meaning leading to our current predicament and ultimate downfall.

      Yesterday I posted this…

      The world truly started going to hell when the first “reporter” referred to the guy standing over the dead body with 6 holes in it, holding a smoking gun, as the “alleged” perpetrator.

      Posted both here and on Facebook. Within five minutes a good friend replied with a smarmy answer. “It is all part of being innocent until proven guilty”.

      When the guy is standing over the dead guy with a smoking gun in his hand there is no alleged, there can be, in a REAL world no alleged. However, my good friend, my age, same HS, same college, same teachers would not back down. There was a time when “alleged” was not used. Look up old news stories. Another word which picked up not only relevance but reverence and sacredness in the “60’s.

      If you ever watch “Cops” or those other Cop shows it is hilarious to actually see the crime being committed and then listen to the miscreant deny it most of the time quite believably. We apparently no longer believe what we see or hear but have given that up in the name of “fairness”.

  47. Just A Citizen says:

    Thinking this morning about the history of politics in D.C., and between R’s & D’s, since Reagan. Since the Bork fiasco in particular.

    Since that time the traditions and decorum of Congress have been eroding, with each new session amounting to a revenge session against the previous session.

    Last night I watched some highlights of yesterdays hearing. The Dems may have taken the last step in making Congress completely irrelevant. The orchestrated and choreographed take down of the committee will result in further escalation next time the D’s start their own witch hunt.

    Clinton has testified twice and both times shown outright and obvious disdain for the members. Breaking all rules of conduct in such hearings by a Govt. Official. It will set the tone for future testimonial. Perhaps the next time a general can tell Ms. Boxer to just stick a sock in it sister.

    At first I couldn’t understand why so many of the R’s seem to be struggling to keep their emotions in check while asking questions. Then I watched enough to see some of the Dem speeches and Clinton’s deliberate “filibuster” of their questions, while not answering the questions.

    The R’s simply got played and were not prepared to deal with the PERSONAL attacks and insults. Now that the D’s have shown them how it is done you can expect the same from the R’s when they are the minority or when trying to protect one of their own.

    I have long lost faith in “hearings” but yesterday was the nail in the coffin. From now on serious congressmen will simply call for a “special prosecutor”.

  48. Why is it that you must call people “Asians” who come from the Orient but are not allowed to call people from Asia “Orientals”?

    If it is ok in this country to call people white or black based on skin tone, why not yellow or red?

    I believe firmly that when you receive a questionnaire which inquires of your race and you are of the light skinned persuasion you should check off “other”. When a blank is offered to be filled in after “other” depending on where your antecedents came from you should fill in….

    Northern European ie. Norway, Sweden, Finland

    Western European ie. Irish, English, French, Belguian, Danish

    Central European ie. German, Austrian, Dutch, Swiss

    Southern European ie. Italian, Spanish, Greek

    Eastern European ie. Slavs

    If Moms was Irish and Pops Italian you are “Mixed Race”

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Reading an old scholarly work on the history of human culture and development.

      This book identified THREE races in the European/Asian continent.

      1. Long headed.

      2. Round headed

      3. Occidental

      Eastern, Asian and Oriental are used frequently to describe what we now call the “Middle East” and Balkan States, including Greece.

      The work was published in three volumes and predates WWII. Very interesting seeing the world through the eyes of people in that era. The progression of scientific knowledge about human evolution was accelerating at a geometric pace. Quite fascinating.

      • Shame on you, how dare you bring up a “scholarly” work. The only acceptable science these days is climate science.

        The International left is busy Balkenizing the world. set the groups against each other and the bosses can run it with their side deals intact. Would have doubted this myself a few years back but Victor Davis Hansen and “Mexifornia” changed my mind. There can be no doubt by a sane person of what is taking place in California. I will probably live to see the first Mexican-American (I am using the hyphenated version for a purpose as TR did) Governor elected, perhaps of Mexican birth. What will come out of the capitol then may be unimaginable.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          So why are all the “migrants” (sarc) from the carnage in the M/E running the Europe? Passing right through Turkey and any other Muslim country, like Iran, Saudi Arabia etc.? They can not possibly feel more comfortable in what is a really hostile bigoted environment. Palestinian refugee problem part deux. My bet is that they’d have been met with tanks and bayonets just like the Palestinians received by Jordan and the great and benevolent and enlightened King Hussein.

    • Along these lines….tell me why it is pertinent information on the following issue: This past week, I purchased a new Lincoln Navigator. I was using cash…no financing. I have not had a credit card since 1996…hence I am a “ghost” on the credit scene ( meaning my credit score is “0”.) Because I had cash and no credit score, I was treated like a criminal in the following manner: The cashiers check, properly drawn on a local bank, was held by the Ford MOtor Credit Company until they could check out the “authenticity”. I did say Ford Motor Credit Company because they still run a credit check even if you are paying cash. They did run a social security number check to make sure that I was who I said I was……despite the cashiers check and two forms of required picture ID. ( YES…two forms of picture ID and the Dems bitch about voting picture ID. ) They found nothing on my background check,,,,,that is because I am “sanitized” due to my security clearance.

      But that is not the rub….in filling out the questionnaire for the Ford Motor Credit Company, I was asked the following questions. (1) Are you Hispanic? If not, what race are you? (2) Are you married? (3) What is your gender? (4) Do you own any weapons? If so, please list type. (5) Do you have a concealed Carry Permit authorized by any State? If so, which State(s)? (6) What is your religion?

      These questions were not asked in that order but interspersed…..BUT…………….the next questions: Do you have children? If yes, please list full name, address, age, and marital status of each child. Do any of your children possess a Concealed Handgun License?

      Now….what I find most interesting, is that I went on the Ford Motor Credit online application. These questions were not there. THey are an “addendum” the original application given out at the dealership.

      The saga continues….I go in on a Tuesday after noon at 3pm….with a cashiers check, a signed title to the car that I was trading ( free and clear ). I had talked to the salesman the day before and gave him VIN numbers and everything to the trade car, all the pertinent information, including my bankers name and phone number, and asked them to please have the paperwork ready as I had only a small window of time. It took them until 1000 Am the next day to “clear” a cash transaction. Finally, at the end of the ordeal, I was told that because I was military and because I was dealing in a cash transaction over $10,000, and along with the fact that I had no credit rating, and the fact that the only information that I gave them was Name, address, and Social Security number….I was deemed “suspicious” ( no comments, JAC).

      So….a person who pays cash, has no ourstanding debts, owes no money other than monthly utility bills, files income taxes and pays them in a timely manner, has no arrest record, two lifetime speeding tickets, one parking ticket, no mortgage, whose last credit score was 804 in 1996………I am “suspicious”.

      Oh, I was also told that what made me suspicious was the fact that they have never had a cash transaction before with no credit history.


      • Congratulations, you are now a suspected drug dealer!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I couldn’t get my security clearance in ’75 until I got a “credit” report and owed money on at least 6 accounts. The investigating officer looked out at my car which was a nice Volvo station wagon and demanded how did i purchase that without borrowing money. i told him, I did work at some very high paying jobs like “off-shore” oil before enlisting and I’d always used cash, like my great grand parents did and grand-parents and parents do.

      • When my son and his wife bought their house last year they put up $ 18,000 he had saved while in the sandbox years before. In addition, he also cashed in 12 Grand worth of US Savings bonds given him by his late grandparents. Chase notwithstanding the GI loan dawdled so long over “how” he got this money he came very close to losing his mortgage commitment and his good faith deposit.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Years ago when my brother and I were settling our parents estate, their law firm wrote me a check out of the firms trust fund account. The bank held that money for weeks before freeing up the funds. The law firm was furious. So was I for that matter. Granted if I was keeping the money in their institution it may have been quicker.

          There must be such a flood of underground money flowing. Much less it’s the preparation for when the government “takes” a surcharge like they did in Cyprus and Greece. Ours will be just a bit further down the road.

      • Going to put this on new thread and comment there!

  49. Just A Citizen says:

    Just had a thought. Those old “barons” of two centuries ago would not be the Kings of the Heap in todays economic/Govt environment.

    Carnegie, Morgan, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, etc, existed in a time when money was strong and SAVINGS was rewarded. They were willing to risk their own money and built reputations for getting REAL returns for other investors.

    I am sure they could adapt but if they were plopped down in the middle of Today they would probably be completely baffled when trying to draw up business plans. Competing international monetary polices racing to “devalue” the National medium?? I can see J.P. Morgan…………” You have got to be kidding me, right?”.

  50. When Susan Rice went on TV and contradicted the President of Libya, I immediately stated that it was very undiplomatic of a diplomat to imply publicly that a foreign leader was lying. But of course it was not the Libyan leader who was lying but our ambassador, SOS, and President. Now every government around the world has an intelligence arm. Hence most know the truth. They also listen to US news and read US newspapers. So virtually every government immediately calibrated our leaders as liars. When have you ever heard the press or an opposition candidate explicitly make this point? How can any government trust what the US is saying when they know for a fact that our government is lying to us?

    • How can any government trust what the US is saying when they know for a fact that our government is lying to us?

      The more important question is why do WE THE PEOPLE continue to tolerate this kind of nonsense?

      • Agreed, we do have a complacent electorate that does not think things through. They rely on the press and editorialists to bring up the issues. But they are never brought up using the logic I applied above. Even in the committees, they pointed out how she told the truth to her daughter and to the Egyptian president but then lied to the American people and lied to the committee when asked. The follow on question should have been, “If foreign governments know you are lying to your own people, how can the be sure you are not lying to them?” But the question is never asked by reporters or politicians. Are they truly that dumb? Or is there an implicit agreement not to ask each other the truly tough questions? When O has been interviewed by the national press, they are mostly softball questions. Only on rare occasions when some local, out of the know, reporter has the opportunity, is he really put on the spot with a tough question or two.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Told the truth to her daughter?…since when did her daughter have the clearance to hear about our government activities to overthrow foreign governments. Since when did Blumenthal have any basis to be anywhere near the crisis much less her main go to guy for advice. This all reminds me of Marcia Clark as the LA prosecutor in the OJ criminal trial. Never had any intent of getting a conviction and had no 3-4 layers of direct or cross and re-cross any depth. Just put it out there and didn’t pursue the obvious holes. All for the show. Talked about the trial with a serious “criminal” defense attorney in Berkeley. he said it would have cost him his license to practice law and be prosecuted if he had not driven a truck through the prosecutions case……Lerner and Hillary puts an exclamation point on all that. Much less the “free” press is allegedly free to dig, publish facts with impunity when justice is not being served……This whole administration has been a gold mine for “Pulitzers” for investigative reporting….but nada, zip, niente….

          • I was hoping I was not the only one picking upon this…..the daughter has no security clearance to hear “dinner table” discussions and the SOS should know this. Do you have any idea how much trouble I would be in with “pillow talk” or “dinner table” discussions with the spousal unit? MUCH LESS PUTTING THIS ON THE INTERNET?

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Certainly the media and administration is not. But no offense sir, but you are not Hillary. For probably 30 years I never knew in any detail what my Father did. Did some stuff with space. In the late 90’s some of the CIA space survellience projects were being retired and declassified. NOVA had some good programs. We were watching one and he said, “well if it’s on TV, I guess I can fill in some details” Then I knew that he was involved in some real “spooky” stuff. He’d go to work and come home. Sometimes he’d be gone months.

              It will be a really sad day for this country if that lady ever sets foot into the WH as a tenent, along with her felony convicted lying SOB husband. I’d have voted for Geraldine Ferraro long before her. Even Sarah Palin would have been light years better than Biden.

              • No offense taken….sir!! Everytime I look in the mirror and see some of the scars and the reflection back ( which causes a grimace )…I always think…at least I am not Hillary….uh oh,,,,,perhaps I hear the black helicopters coming after me….ok, so be it.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Because to many people are in a comfort zone and are to damn complacent. “Well it really doesn’t affect me, so why should I care and if it did, what could I do about it” I hear that until I want to puke……sorry for the grossness…but that just says how powerless the people feel no matter what they do, say or vote for….other than more goodies.

        The other night I had an interesting conversation with a young Army NCO. I asked about some political things just as a conversation starter. She said it was “FORBIDDEN” to say anything against Obama. geez, if she had heard what we said about Carter. I’ll leave Johnson out because I wasn’t active duty yet. She saw what happened to her Uncle for political reasons so I guess she’d keep her mouth shut. We went onto other topics like radical skiing and free travel as young folks and what our parents allowed us to do un-supervised. Much more exciting.

        • LOL….we used to make up songs with Richard Nixon in them all the time in Vietnam….and Carter……I will still say that he is a bumbling idiot, with a NApoleon Complex that got people killed……and he is a Saint compared to Obama. ( May my tongue snap off )……..

        • But, yes, there is a memorandum that was put out long ago concerning remarks about the POTUS…….in an officer’s call, one time, it was also stated by a State Department employee.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Clearly politics is an off limits subject. Once she said, I’m conservative and let it go at that. The cartoons we used to put up in our work spaces clearly were critical of our political leaders. Our Captain (4 gold bars) once walked through the space. Which was rare because we ran it efficiently and caused him no problems with the host country and our allies. Looked at them, started chuckling and his only comment was for us to be a little more discreit and moved on.

  51. Just sick, misguided people. I know we’ve talked about this a lot and I shouldn’t be surprised, but every once in awhile you just have to shake your head. How do we “co-exist” with these warped minds?

  52. Way to go Rosies!

    Michigan took back a world record. 2096 women gathered at the bomber plant at Willow Run Airport where it all began, to represent Rosie the Riveter. All had to be dressed exactly as the Rockwell painting showed. There were several gatherings around the country today. Michigan also gets the record for most original Rosies in attendance with 43.

    side note: Willow Run is the little brother airport in the area. It houses the Yankee Air Museum. Pretty cool to see if you’re into vintage planes.

    • I knew a Rosie the Riveter. Didn’t call her Rosie though just Mom.

      • Nice. My mom was too young. She worked in the office at Kaiser Frazer, in the same building at Willow Run where the bombers were built. The building itself has quite a history. Built by the US government for Henry Ford to build the bombers. The largest building in the world at the time. Ford had no interest in the building after the war so the government leased it to Kaiser Frazer until they split. GM took it over and ran their Hydramatic division there after a fire destroyed another local plant. I know many people who worked and retired from there.

        • Which brings us back to Rosie. The whole idea for the world record is to gain support to restore the bomber plant.

  53. Just A Citizen says:

    The world is becoming less familiar to me each day. Good bye my dear Irish LADY.

  54. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This Federal Court ruling goes to show how in the bag the courts are to the Obama agenda. My bet is that the courts will still strictly enforce the law when it comes to any “carbon” oil, coal industry incidental migratory birds deaths due to any spill, even though there was no “INTENT”.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I don’t think the 5th Circuit is in the bag for Obama. This is actually a more “conservative” ruling that reduces the teeth of the migratory bird laws.

      It will be interesting to see if Justice Dept appeals to SCOTUS. I was not aware that enforcement varied under prior lower court rulings. So an appeal would be the proper thing to do in order to get a Single interpretation.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The subsidies have continued to march on un-touched by the Republicans even though they swore to end them. Even our “republican” administration in NC is rolling over at all levels. Where they fought and won with environmental groups to block the industry in NC, but now in an undisputed position of power, the projects begin to break ground.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I’d think that the wind energy companies could be easily proven to have intent and knowledge of deaths caused by their machines. Given that intensive studies are done to find the most optimum location for the turbines. This is usually right in the middle of the airways and migratory routes for birds. Ridges are the natural hunting areas of most raptors. The hypocracy of the environmental movement is monumental. Fight a hundred years to protect and rejuvenate the depleted species, but here is an industry that they give a pass to and just say ho hum, its for the greater good. US Wildlife said, that we could do with a few less eagles and osprey. Try shooting one and see where that lands you.

  55. Just A Citizen says:


    See yal’ll in November.


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