Final Betrayal

thJW80NJUIAs most have heard, the Obama Department of No Justice (DOJ) has created a new domestic terrorism czar and whole department to battle the newest greatest threat — behind nonexistent global warming — to America: the white Christian male gun-owning liberty lover. Despite the fact that white Christian male gun-owning liberty lover’s are law abiding citizens (for the most part), the DOJ has decided that they (we) are a threat to the country.  However, liberty lover’s, of all races, male or female, gun owner or not, Christian or not, want a peaceful free existence, not an oppressive central government who has seemingly forgot who they are intended to serve.  This is where the problem exists, it’s not the country the DOJ is wanting to protect, it’s the corrupt Federal government who has overstepped their authority, engaged in illegal wars, and violated the trust of the very people they are hired to serve.

“Domestic terror groups pose a greater threat to America than ISIS or al Qaeda, a Justice Department official said Wednesday,” proclaimed on Oct. 15. “To help combat them, the department has created a new counsel that will coordinate the investigation and prosecution of anti-government and hate groups.”

thMO67JFBDWho are these groups?   The notoriously pro-Marxist anti-American Southern Preposterous Lie Center (known in some circles as the Southern Poverty Law Center), which deems anyone who doesn’t embrace cultural Marxism and the latest social justice warrior cause du jour perversion as a hate group that should be “disappeared” into the bowels of the NDAA’s dungeons.  In a 2013 report, the Preposterous Lie Center named a list of “haters” in a “(non)ntelligence report,” titled “The Year in Hate & Extremism.” The list consisted of the following “racists” and “extremists”: Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.); Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.), who has said Obama could be impeached for executive actions on gun control; Sheriff Richard Mack; The Oath Keepers (current and former military and law enforcement who have vowed to uphold the oath they swore to the Constitution); former Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin; Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel Action; Tony Adkins of; Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and FreedomWatch; the Family Research Council; Joseph Farah of; Donald Trump; and unnamed lawmakers (but you know who you are) in Arizona, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee who proposed laws that sought to prevent federal gun control from applying to their states.

I’m on the list and most of you are on the list.  Anyone who believes that freedom does NOT include government interference is on the list.  With only 15 months left in office (I hope), will Obama’s new Czar position be continued under a Republican President (should one be elected, it’s their turn, so highly likely)?  If your answer is YES, as mine is, this will be the governments final betrayal of it’s people.  The very reason behind the 2nd Amendment is coming true before our very eyes.  That should scare the hell out of everyone.



  1. Someone has some ‘splainin to do!

  2. d13thecolonel says:

    October 26, 2015 at 9:48 am (Edit)

    Along these lines….tell me why it is pertinent information on the following issue: This past week, I purchased a new Lincoln Navigator. I was using cash…no financing. I have not had a credit card since 1996…hence I am a “ghost” on the credit scene ( meaning my credit score is “0”.) Because I had cash and no credit score, I was treated like a criminal in the following manner: The cashiers check, properly drawn on a local bank, was held by the Ford MOtor Credit Company until they could check out the “authenticity”. I did say Ford Motor Credit Company because they still run a credit check even if you are paying cash. They did run a social security number check to make sure that I was who I said I was……despite the cashiers check and two forms of required picture ID. ( YES…two forms of picture ID and the Dems bitch about voting picture ID. ) They found nothing on my background check,,,,,that is because I am “sanitized” due to my security clearance.

    But that is not the rub….in filling out the questionnaire for the Ford Motor Credit Company, I was asked the following questions. (1) Are you Hispanic? If not, what race are you? (2) Are you married? (3) What is your gender? (4) Do you own any weapons? If so, please list type. (5) Do you have a concealed Carry Permit authorized by any State? If so, which State(s)? (6) What is your religion?

    These questions were not asked in that order but interspersed…..BUT…………….the next questions: Do you have children? If yes, please list full name, address, age, and marital status of each child. Do any of your children possess a Concealed Handgun License?

    Now….what I find most interesting, is that I went on the Ford Motor Credit online application. These questions were not there. THey are an “addendum” the original application given out at the dealership.

    The saga continues….I go in on a Tuesday after noon at 3pm….with a cashiers check, a signed title to the car that I was trading ( free and clear ). I had talked to the salesman the day before and gave him VIN numbers and everything to the trade car, all the pertinent information, including my bankers name and phone number, and asked them to please have the paperwork ready as I had only a small window of time. It took them until 1000 Am the next day to “clear” a cash transaction. Finally, at the end of the ordeal, I was told that because I was military and because I was dealing in a cash transaction over $10,000, and along with the fact that I had no credit rating, and the fact that the only information that I gave them was Name, address, and Social Security number….I was deemed “suspicious” ( no comments, JAC).

    So….a person who pays cash, has no ourstanding debts, owes no money other than monthly utility bills, files income taxes and pays them in a timely manner, has no arrest record, two lifetime speeding tickets, one parking ticket, no mortgage, whose last credit score was 804 in 1996………I am “suspicious”.

    Oh, I was also told that what made me suspicious was the fact that they have never had a cash transaction before with no credit history.


    • Good day Colonel 🙂

      Yes, we are ALL suspicious these days when using cash, especially in large amounts. Why? Because the government wants their share of it. If drugs were taxed and legally sold by a licensed dealer, there would be no war on drugs. If the government can’t track your every issue when it comes to money, it will be a problem, one that is getting much worse. They don’t work for us anymore, they DEMAND we support them monetarily or else.

    • I”m sitting here trying to think of the last time I had credit. Pretty sure I ruined it with a hospital bill to deliver my daughter…27yrs ago. Had collections after me for a while. Parents gave me a land contract for purchase of the business and buildings. Paid that off in 4 years, while purposely living below poverty level. But since then I’ve purchased 3 vehicles with cash, actually 5, but 2 from dealers. No problems or demands of handing over my first born. My current vehicle is an 02 purchased in 04, still running strong. Purchased my lake property and several lots surrounding my buildings..all cash…no questions. Wonder if things have changed around here since then. Could be that you’re on the terrorist list because of your military career.

  3. Dale A Albrecht says:

    “n his landmark encyclical “Praise Be,” Francis denounced what he called the “structurally perverse” fossil fuel-based world economy that he says exploits the poor and destroys the Earth”

    What condition would the earth be in if we had continued using “trees” as the primary source of energy? Like GONE.

    If the church or any church gets as actively involved in such a devisive political, NOT scientific, issue, it’s time for the tax exempt status to be reviewed. The out take above comes from an aticle about the worlds bishops are pushing the Climate Change negotiations in Paris to really put some teeth, legal and binding upon the world to stop the use of fossil fuels by mid century. If the industrial revolution fueled the living standards and generation of wealth that has pretty much eliminated contagions that wiped out vast percentages of the worlds population. Where would we be today.

    I for one, say forget climate change. Just have the WHO stop stopping the little bugs in the bud and let some of these plagues loose. That will solve the worlds population problem quickly. I may be one of the victims but I’ll risk it.

  4. Is there really anyone who believes thos global warming? oops…perhaps I should say…is there is sane, rational person that beieves in global warming…..I know that sane and rationalmay be anomolies now days…..but one can keep hoping.

    • Man,,,,I need a DR Pepper quick….should have said..”is there ANY sane……” and beieves=believes……need a new computer….it could not be me!!!!!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I will not put the political class in the SANE category, but they believe. As long as it represents more power and personal financial gain via PAC’s….Geologic artifacts show the coast of NC used to be about 100 miles further inland than what is today and at other times close to 200 miles further out. Somehow, scientists think that this is the optimum global setting and must be maintained at all costs. I can think of a lot of cities where the world would be better off it they were under water. Undersea research I did trying to prove the ocean levels during the last major ice age. Recovered terrestrial fossil remains off the coast of CA between the mainland and Catalina at depths of right around 350-400 feet down. They did not get salted there, nor washed with erosion, they walked there and died 10’s of thousands of years ago..One of my liberal friends who is a climate change alarmist with their 1st words say….”but what about all the real estate and investment along the coast like in Miami.” It’s money that is driving the crisis. Islands and coastlines come and go. Next I’m sure there will be a crisis that Hawaii’s most northern islands are submerging due to plate tectonics. “we have to do something” (sarc)

      Don’t worry about the typing. I’m experiencing a lag where the letters and spaces lag in such a way, and then maybe the last one typed shows up in a space and inserted many characters back. (especially when writing on SUFA). The words appear like a jumble. And NO I do not have my fingers on the wrong keys. This does not happen when I type a normal document in “Word”

  5. Damn keyboard……..thos=this

    • I firmly believe that the planet cools and that the planet heats up. Now the “why” is the question. Most here do not think that man has a serious effect. When the “man made” crowd came along I remembered the predictions about man made global cooling in the 1970’s. That and that alone made me stop in my tracks. I had, as a young man, read the “science” in the ’70’s and it looked pretty good to me. Well, the same “good looking science” did a 180. “Fool me once, my mistake, fool me twice, your mistake”.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Especially that the “scientists” used the same causes. Physics does not act that way. A great deal of the damage done to the coral reefs down in our “Keys” was done by the abnormal cold back in the 70’s. Back when the holes in the ozone layer was a big deal and it’s elemental make up, which lead to the Kyoto agreements was a big bust. Especially when geophyisists and vulcanologists pointed out the the “we don’t understand why the holes keep moving around” comments by the alarmist and the UN….the vulcanologists said look directly under the hole…..a volcano is erupting and blowing a hole in the atmosphere. Injecting the majority of the chemicals, ie chlorine and sulfur and the culprit chlorflorocarbons into the hole. The crisis went away. Just a minor change in hairspray and deoderant arosols did not fix the crisis like overnight. But they still exist and occur. Obamas science advisor, Jeff Holdren, back then suggested spreading “ash” like coal ash on the impending ice. Therefore absorbing heat and melting the ice. He now was suggesting putting heat blocking materials in the atmosphere to cool the earth. Crackpots.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          A great deal of the cities heat is from the solar furnaces created by all the reflective glass to reduce the utility costs for the building. It would make sense that the cities ambient temps were higher. But the EPA years ago were “caught” on film placing monitoring devices, near large asphalt areas, near the exhaust systems of building and removing monitoring from the countryside. Their claim was it was to costly to maintain those remote monitors. What it was doing was deliberately skewing their data. The Russians caught the International climate teams in that fraud. The Russians were providing data from all over Russia. When they asked where the datpoints fell withing the studies, a great deal was missing. The UN said it was excluded because it did not fit the “MODEL”

          When I lived up north I always lived in the countryside. As you’d drive into the “big” city like Burlington, a very succinct cloud of water vapor condensed just above the city in the winter. Blue sky all around except over the city.

      • Another thing. I believe in good stewardship. Always have. As a kid, hanging around in the Anthracite region of PA I wondered just how you could justify those mountains of tailings. Going back some 50 years later I watch nature slowly reclaim the land but it will take another 150 years to finish. Shouldn’t have screwed it up that bad to begin with.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Do you remember the big mounds of burning slag in the Scranton/Wilkes Barre area. The blue glow at night and the sulfur smell. Cars lasted just a few years due to the acid eating them up. The completely barren rubble of the mountain tops along the turnpike and what now is I-81. Today, the slag is gone, the sky is clear and the trees are reclaiming the mountain tops.

    • I have noticed that the cities are usually slightly warmer than the country, for obvious reasons. I also believe that the sun’s activity is the driving force behind cooling and warming. All this nonsense about it’s the warmest year on record stuff by .085 of a degree is scientifically impossible to determine, as thermometers are nowhere near that accurate. They keep saying the Arctic and Antarctic ice is melting, but it’s still there and none of the coastal cities are under water. Speaking of those cities, why weren’t there any plans made to deal with the population of those cities that should be flooded (according to Al Gore)?

  6. Obviously, we have a lot of problems in America which can hurt us-but most of those mistakes can be fixed with time-but this problem, one we couldn’t even speak of without being attacked and called horrible people-is the one that can’t be fixed if we allow it to happen.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The Europeans and us by extention are convinced by the political leaders that we are evil and therefore need to be expunged. Now if the Islamic Jihad would invade with swords and military might, they’d lose big time. Messy but still lose. By taking on “refugee” and “migrant” status they are welcomed with all the largess that can be bestowed upon their poor unfortunate souls. In the end the VOTE will be Europe’s undoing and the governments overturned just as surely as an armed victory.

      Unlike our south of the border migrant issues. I will not talk the illegal drug and prostitution cartels. I really can not in anyway see the “hispanic” peoples coming here and them turning to the vote to voluntarily rejoining Mexico.

      Those “refugees” in the photo do not look like any refugee in the past. They’re pretty neat and well dressed. How did they accumulate so much wealth in war torn terrible areas like their homelands and still have cash to surivive the trek. Stealing? the nearest ATM? their credit cards? Is the Saudi’s keeping the bank account flush. You do not look like you’re just waiting in line to a soccer game after battling the elements for a thousand plus miles.

    • In the 1950’s under Dwight Eisenhower, the US conducted “Operation Wetback”

      Not only was there no offense at the name but apparently the rounded up folks lacked Constitutional Rights in those days. We have lost our minds, lost our minds since then.

      Perhaps it is generational, people who grew up in the ’20’, and ’30’s during hard times who had to make hard personal choices were not afraid to openly come out say what they thought and act on their beliefs. History has proved them right just as surely as it will prove us wrong.

  7. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just read a news article about a study that shows over 100 mandatory tests are given to “assess” students K-12. Predominantly since “Common Core” I just do not know how we used to survive. Maybe, just maybe the school systems and teachers had confidence that they all in all were succeeding and preparing the majority of students for the world beyong the classroom.

    I believe this constant changing of standards and assessing is not directed at the student but at the teachers and the system. It is they who have failed the students. There are those among us that remember “New Math” all designed to prepare us for Algebra. It had the opposite affect of causing students to HATE math only the next year get algebra. We could have been started with Algebra a year earlier and been better off. New Math was very akin to the logic common core is taking.

    I always hated the saying “he who can’t do, teaches” Teaching is a serious calling not to be trivialized. Only the best should teach.

  8. Dale A Albrecht says:

    New WHO study directly links cancer to hams, sausages and probably beef. I’ve got to be on their enemy watch list. I make my own bacon now and this weekend I made my own pastrami and next month the sausage will be made. Damn it tastes so much better than store bought.

    I’m sure that someone in the scientific community will dig out the old studies that proved that grilling and the smoke from charcoal cause cancer, Common link to the new study is the “smoking” involved…see carbon is evil amd must be eliminated in all forms…even tilling the fields to grow the vegetables causes CO2 released.

    • See, it is the frigging variables.

      Back in high school, when the first cigarette warnings appeared on packaging I wondered the following and still do.

      —Has anyone ever thought to co-relate lung cancer and smokers by the method they use to light cigarettes? Match users inhale sulfur compounds, lighter users inhale hydrocarbons. Seemed then and now worthy to study to me.

      These are the same scientists who told you not to eat eggs, drink whole milk, or eat fatty meats. Now of course you can do all three.

      I remember Marcus Aurelius who said along with a few dozen other ancient wise men, “All things in moderation”. Pretty smart guy, worth a re-visit. Son, Comodius was a real SOB though.

    • Yet you can eat activated charcoal with no harmful effects. I heard the study too that processed meats are bad. The implication was that all meats were bad but the specific language was just processed meats. I do genealogy. I can tell you that there were a lot of old folks in the old day. Many people lived into their 80’s and 90’s. I am sure that ate a lot of meat back then. Read about the Lewis and Clark expedition. They ate 10 lbs of meat per person daily. Give me carnivore pizza over fufu pizza any time.

  9. Another “save” for VH. This little one was only 5 months along apparently.

  10. This is Zionist/Jesuit, and Islamic multicultural Terrorism, Treason, Subversion, and Genocide in white christian America: “The white Christian male gun-owning liberty lover. Despite the fact that white Christian male gun-owning liberty lover’s are law abiding citizens (for the most part), the DOJ has decided that they (we) are a threat to the country”.

    • I don’t follow the anti-Jew mantra, as I find it way overblown and outdated. Multiculturalism will fail, it has always done so and will so in the future. Fortunately, as far as the Muslim’s go, as long as we have a Federal and State Constitutions, Sharia will never happen in the majority of the country and not applicable to nonmuslims where they have small fake courts. That’s a subject of it’s own. I think the last three you mentioned could be argued as being true.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        This is from MIT

        I doubt very seriously if any house in California today is NOT built with a full AC cooling system. Of the three houses we lived in, in the LA area, I know 2 did not have AC as a central built in fixture. We had plenty of shade trees though. One house had a wall unit to cool one room. Heating was from gas. How times have changed and what people demand as a requirement to comfort. With the DRY heat in SoCAL you really didn’t sweat like humid areas. Hot outside, but step inside or out of the sun and you got chilled real fast. Houses long ago in the south were built to move the heat of the summer and cool the house. Yet today those very features are deemed to expensive to build. Consider the additional monthly utility costs compared to no additional expense beyond the 1st build… 1898 house during the summer had a total utilty bill (including water) of around $124-$150. During the winter the heating by gas, instead of coal, jumped the bill another $100 usually. Heat was available usually sometime in Nov and I’d shut it down in Mar. The fluctuation in the normal costs was due to whether I used 1 or 2 units of water in a month.

        The trick in the summer was to keep the house at a slightly lower temp than the outside temp and the AC would generally just act like a dehumidifier. Go outside and wilt…come in and just the low humidity made the house feel cold. Most folks keep their AC set at 70-75. With the heat outside at 95+ its like walking into a deep freeze.

        My house in Sicily had NO cooling of any kind, except the materials it was built with. I never felt hot indoors even when the temps outside hit #’s around 120.

  11. Remember my warning about China and the Islandsit is building and then claiming…..better known as the Spratley Islands? Well, today, China has said that it does not recognize the United Nations…renounces the treaty of open seas….claims that 3/4 of the South China Sea belongs to China.

    BOth the Phillipines and Vietnam claim the Spratley Islands but China has built the reefs and islands up and now has stationed military forces on approximately 14 of the 26 Islands it claims. China also informed the United States that a 12 mile territorial limit is not acceptable and has said that it will extend and patrol a 200 mile limit…..which takes in parts of Vietnam.

    China further stated that it does not recognize the definition of International Waters and has the right to interdict and/or seize any ship that it deems appropriate and that the shipping lanes through that area belong to China.

    So, now…….what do those of you think about keeping our distance and not intervening in any manner….

    You might remember I warned about the Crimea area…..take a look at what Russia is doing in territorial waters previously claimed by the US.

    • Kinda broadens that definition of our National Interests -does it not?

    • Good day, Colonel.

      Yes, I would love to throw my two cents worth in…with all due respect. I remember your warnings and I have watched everything with Russia and now China. We didn’t do anything about Crimea. We really haven’t done anything in the M.E. We really will not do anything pertaining to China either. Just my observations and one prediction. My problem is this:

      We still have a corrupt federal government. Eric Holder can run weapons and nothing is done to him. Lois Lerner can target conservative groups and nothing is done to her. The Clinton’s back door deals are just pushed aside as nothing is done to them. Hillary can do ANYTHING she wants and nothing is done to her.

      We have an open border in which an invasion is taking place. Anyone from anywhere in the world can just waltz in to the U.S.A. There is an amazing amount of drugs and weapons flooding across the border. And the human trafficking that occurs via the ‘border’ we have. I know you are well aware of the problems down there.

      There is also the war on whites. The war on Christians. The political divide of D’s vs R’s. The blacks vs whites. The rich vs the poor. The ‘every religion’, including no religion, against the Christians. The people vs the police. The rainbow glbt people vs everyone else. The unfathomable debt of this country. etc, etc… I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get my point.

      With nobody, not even ONE person, taking any action to fix any of our problems how can we justify doing anything ‘over there’? Our own house is in disarray, the building is in disrepair, the weeds in the yard are six feet tall, there are junk cars cluttered around the yard. And we are going to tell the neighbors what their property should look like?

      I am still of the opinion that our problems need fixed before we even think about fixing the world. We need to clean up our own property and get our own house in order. Then we can deal with the neighbors. Good day. 🙂

      • Hi Rick….all good points that you raised and all very real…and I disagree with none. I just do not want to hear people start complaining when the trade deals go “boom”….when China quits flooding the market with cheap goods, when trade routes in supposedly international waters get closed and held for tolls, when Chinese and Russian expansionism becomes an everyday thing…..

        When and where does national security become real? Everybody, even on here, is blaming the United States for the worlds woes….ok…if you believe that as G man does..that is your privilege. But do not become one of those to complain when we fall from the number one spot and settle for……it is none of our business. ( Yes, Gman, I know you think we have fallen from the number one spot, so you do not need to correct me )….but….isolationism is going to be the downfall of the US….it will create untold economic disaster. If you want Russia and China and Iran to fill al the vacuums… beans…..but be prepared for what will follow by not being number one militarily, number one economically, number one in hegemony, and number one in political influence. Be prepared..that is all I am saying.

        China will expand into the South China Sea….I can promise you that. They will continue to claim natural resources that belong to others….they will end up controlling, without occupation, Taiwan, the Phillipines, and Vietnam. They have their eye on the other golden ring further south towards Indonesia and New Zealand. Call me an alarmist…..but I have been correct so far. Control of trade waterways is what China is aiming for….and they will get it. Russia will not stop them because it does not affect them in the South China other navy is strong enough except ours and it is being mothballed. Just watch……but, please, do not complain.

        Russia will continue expansion into the Arctic….we already do not scramble any longer to intercept Russian probes of our defense zone… a matter of record, Obama has moved, very quietly, the defense zone of the Alluetians back by 200 miles. The Russians moved in, established military bases on uninhabitable islands, claimed vast resources “under the ice” now in position to strike the Alaskan Pipeline without ballistic missiles…..

        So, my friends, if you are content on being another Europe….good luck. I am glad that I will not be around to see it…but my grandchildren willl and, for that, I am truly sorry.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Bush’s intervention or as some say adventures in the ME did not create chaos. Of course there was a transistion period to regain stability and move beyond. Call it nation building if you will. What I have disagreed with is the pissing away any and all gains and creating a chaotic mess in the M/E that this administration has done and is continuing to do so. That is making the lives lost a total waste. While hamstringing our forces to such a point that we can not adequately respond to what are national security threats. Th UN is useless and a nation has got to act in its own self interest. But our administration ran to the UN on a “Treaty” 1st rendering any vote in Congress meaningless. The EU has got to step up. They will be blackmailed even more than they have been over natural gas and other resources. Their green parties are still continuing to block any fracking which would give them energy independence from outside influences…..where did all the communists go after the fall of the USSR and the Eastern Bloc…”Into the Green Parties”

          I have contended that Iran has continued to be a “secret” ally of the US, as long as it acted as a hedge against the “Russian” bear. But now the actions of our government seriously confuse me. The Iran nuclear deal, a lie from beginning to end, gave Iran hegonomy in the M/E and we are seeing a serious push of one of Khomenii’s stated goals and that id to wipe Israel off the map. Abbas has repudiated all agreements with Israel. Iran’s goal of controlling Iraq is a defacto accomplishment. They did it by our “leaving” the room. We also gave Russia the opening to actively support their ally, Syria. By doing what Obama and McCain and Graham wanted to do and that is “Take” out Assad, would have only quickened the maelstrom. The EU’s continued blocking of Turkey only pushes that country into the more Islamic stance. Like Mexico and the passes through the country to the EU of the “refugees/invaders”

          Heaven help us if Hillary gets in. But can the current batch of GOP be much better. Webb on the Dems side has or had a very proven record, but he’s quit. Trump is the “Master of the Deal” So was Chamberlain. We’re beyond deals. It doesn’t mean active aggression, but stand in the way, put a chip on your shoulder and dare them to knock it off. And back it up. The US is the largest consuming nation in the world. Use that power.

          One thing I believe in is that if any company does business overseas and contracts a company or builds a factory there to avoid safety and environmental regulations NONE of those goods and products can be sold in the US. Cheaper labor is always a goal and must continue. If the laborors build an equal or better product at less costs due to labor that is fair. Just no slave labor like our companies did in PI and Indonesia, Colombia just to name 3.

    • None of this is a surprise. IMHO, this is exactly what Obama meant when he said he wanted to transform this country. He has taken us off our military power hold that made us the world’s police force. I am still of those who believe the Ukraine issue was helped along by our people, so Crimea is our own doing. Is this the message Obama sent to Putin before last election? Could the whole Crimea thing been collusion between the two? Could the whole Syria thing also be a collusion of the two? “Flexibility after the election” could have lots of meanings and all of this could be part of it. Now this Bozo is talking boots on the ground in the ME over ISIS, AFTER Russia pounded them into fleeing in short time (making our administration proven LIARS again). Rick is right, our yard is a mess and when it’s cleaned up (more like IF, as long as the same old worn out corrupt methods are used), then we can rebuild our military to it’s pre-Obama days plus a little extra and fix those things abroad that truly needs fixed.

      About China and these islands. Is this more about natural resources than military expansion? I just don’t see China messing with trade, as it is very important to their economy. Why would they shot themselves in the foot by causing trade problems?

      Crimea. Wasn’t it the people of Crimea who voted to return to Russia? Many think voting works, well there Ya go. I’m not so sure Russia was gaining anything they didn’t already have, but became concerned because of US interference in the Ukraine. A new US led government (which I have seen and heard the leaked videos and recordings) would have been a threat to those changes (unless you believe in the collusion theory).

      In short. YES, many of us are watching and with your great posts gain more knowledge all the time. But with anything, always question the official narrative, it isn’t always as it seems 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Normally I follow issues such as this brewing crisis. Now reaching the point that if nothing is done then it will be a defacto deed. I can think of any number of groups that should be screaming and harrassing the Chinese. But then they only pick on targets that do not shoot back. If we, the US, had dredged and created NEW above water islands from reef habitats any environmental group would be going ballistic. The UN is proving once more to be a meaningless organization. NYC should evict the UN and let Trump build some new revenue producing highrise residential buildings on the East River.

      I just looked last night at the location of this reef system. No where near China and smack dab between PI and Vietnam. Then if the Chinese are allowed to claim a 200 mile zone on either side that will impinge on the territorial waters of both those countries. Usually the zones if legally agreed and the nations are in close proximity, Like Iran and the Arabian peninsula through the Staits of Hormuz. It’s 50/50 with a free passage down the middle. Or our Great Lakes with Canada. But then the Chinese sit on the security council and will block any action. The fact that the Chinese have repudiated all navigation laws passed and agreed upon over the centuries, our country and companies have to seriously take action. Business action. Stop blindly allowing Chinese companies to build solar and wind farms here, while giving them a pass until 2030 on any environmental laws. Move the companies to Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Mexico…ideally here but the costs are still to high. When even dog food is made in China, that beats all.

      But then other than a few feints our government will do NOTHING as long as this adminstration is in power.

      • More importantly…….look at the trade passages between those reefs and the East…..There is no enforcement arm of the United Nations…..who will enforce the “open seas”?

        All this ME controversy is time consuming and the media is eating it up like lap dogs……no one is watching…..everyone is focused on the grass fire and not watching the forest fire on the other side…

        • D13, what is your logic in thinking the Chinese will mess with shipping lanes? I don’t see it being in there best interest and doing so isn’t very logical.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          All we have to do is look at Britain. Their navy for generations kept the waterways open, especially for their national interests and trade to their far flung empire. As those portions of the empire went by the wayside, either becoming totally independent countries or becoming a part of the commonwealth, they still retained little pieces of territory that controlled very important straits. A nasty little war was recently fought over one, the Falklands. There’s constant pressure to give up Gibraltar. They had never taken their eye off the ball of global trade and geopolitical power. We have become their replacement, but our recent administration is sending a message of “forfeit” Question is why? Of course the US is tired of toting or being called upon for much of the worlds security issues, while the UN talks and then stands around and steps aside.

          Trade has always been a major interest with people and nations since the dawn of time. Time was that trading partners were those that could provide goods that could not be had locally. Now its who’s the cheapest labor, not the unique product. Britain went to war back into the 1800’s over trade, with China. The drain on the “species” of the empire and the chinese ban on Opium. Lower costs are desirable, but the constant drain on the currency and loss of skilled labor should be treated as a “national crisis”

          When I was with IBM and making semi-conductors. We were better than the Japanese. Far better. However, some of the tools were especially photo lithography tools were best from Japan. We always always always never single sourced from them. We would invent and build a new company just to avoid that. They would at the drop of a hat if their margin fell they’d cut the supply off for “National” interests. So when their single source of photo-resist factory burned to the ground, their entire semi-conductor industry was going hat in hand around the world looking for supplies. The world suppliers knowing the Japanese, pretty much put them out of business for close to a year. I really do not think that this economic lesson is lost on the Chinese…..I’ve got many stories like this with the Japanese, but for the bottom line and return to the shareholder these are all lost on our current government and business entities. Totally short sighted.

      • One other thing…..there are unclaimed reefs all over the oceans….they are noted on the nautical charts…..what is to stop the Chinese from claiming those and building more and more military bases. Who enforces maritime Laws? That is…who enforces them in reality.

        • Nothing is now or has stopped them in the past, except for the lack of natural recourses or the lack of the discovery of same.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Just like the Japanese did. Take lots of little “worthless” islands and militarize them. Fortunately within 6 months of hostilities with the US they lost most of their carrier/movable airfields at Midway. The immobile bases eventually just became liabilities.

          Asian trade deal?

          Major proclaimed objectives….The agreement’s goal had been to “promote economic growth; support the creation and retention of jobs; enhance innovation, productivity and competitiveness; raise living standards; reduce poverty in our countries; and promote transparency, good governance, and enhanced labor and environmental protections…..How is this beneficial to us when we are shipping jobs as fast as they can be to these signing countries. Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, and Singapore, Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, the United States, and Vietnam,…or is it to build these countries up more so they may counter our very own economic policies of business to China……learn from NAFTA’s mistakes. so is the real policy seeing that the deal was secret, Mexico’s recent actions an indication of things to come?

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            If a trade deal is secret how can our business entities capitalize on it’s alleged benefits. Unless, it’s go to our government and get a hall pass. And then they will become more enslaved to the government and will probably be held to secrecy as to the government deal, under threat of prosecution…..I’m just using the chicago and Illinois way of doing business. Pay to play. Much less the glaring lack of criminal prosecution of the major financial entities. If they did nothing wrong….why pay the money. Just a back handed financial scheme.

    • Passed by the REPUBLICAN led Senate.

    • You need to look at it closer……this was pased by the Senate and will go to committee… will die there.

      There was a previous house version but it will also die in committee.

      • This is one moment I can say that I am looking closely good Sir:

        Passed Senate on Oct 27, 2015

        This bill passed in the Senate on October 27, 2015 and goes to the House next for consideration.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          If it passed the Senate and now under consideration by the House, any bets that it DOES sail through with little interference. It’ll go through. They are doing nothing but codifying the activity that the government has been doing through vague areas or areas where the government went way beyond the Patriot Act and other appropriations bills. The fact that there was little or no fallout from all the Snowden revelations and a long list of other incidents, and the governments only bristled when they found out that the NSA was gathering their communications also. All those breeches of privacy without any warrant of any sort, was just a 20 minute blip on the news, then it’s yesterdays news. All unconstitutional activity has been excused with “But it is for your safety” The SCOTUS has already given the government a carte blanc by ruling that any communication outside of your home is fair game. E-mail, text, phone, billing records, you name it. If the Framers of the Constitution had known that phones, internet and other forms of communication besides the POSTAL system they would have included those limitations in the warrantless search restrictions also.

          • The HOuse and Senate passed different versions….it will now go to committee to hammer out any details and make one bill…….I predict it will die there.

          • “E-mail, text, phone, billing records, you name it.”…….when you use the internet, which is public, why do you feel that there is the expectation of privacy? Everytime you use the internet and enter your credit are sending information through at least two servers that you cannot control.

            Are you of the position, that with the advent of greater technology, that emails and such are considered the same as postal? If you are, then do you support more laws to protect same? Curious minds are inquiring.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              I do not control the USPS either, but they are bound by the constitution to not invade a persons privacy, ie open the mail, unless a legal warrant is in place. Communication was in the form of a piece of paper. Today, that communication is in the form of “bits and bytes” I believe the SCOTUS “interpreted” in error. The right of privacy should have been extended to the electronic forms of communication. Look at the laws they’ve interpreted as the intent of the Framers based on today’s world. A constitutional amendment would fix the issue, but it would never get through the congresses and passed to the States for ratification.

              Isn’t there a stamping on a mailbox about tampering with the mail is a Federal offense?

              Maybe, why the government is not really taking seriously “hacking” is that those people are doing nothing different that what the government is doing. Look how secure the government made the ACA and IRS sites (sarc)

              • So, by extension, you are of the opinion that emails, computers, etc, should be protected by privacy…..even though, they are not owned by the government. You feel that interactions with a public company over public air waves should be protected? Interesting concept.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                My reasoning is that most of that traffic is “regulated” by license from the government and FCC. All the net neutrality crap with the FCC board and the government. It is even though “public” is highly regulated and permitted only with permission by the government. To me that makes it by extension an arm government. Look at the threat that the FCC use against “private” stations that were broadcasting subjects critical to the government. They were threatened with license renewal difficulties if not outright denial if they did not give equal time. The same threat was NOT leveled at MSNBC and others.

                We had all sorts of ethics rules punishable by termination if we as an employee divulged ANY personal or client information to anyone, but the party themselves. However, the government can get that information at will, either by asking without warrant or taking. Then when people object to the company via a lawsuit the government will not prosecute, and defends itself and the company for that breach of privacy.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Even if I walk in and pay a bill by check. The company does not walk in to the bank to get the funds. They run it through a machine on the internet to the bank and viola all that info is now “public” per the ruling by the courts and they no longer need a warrant. Just look at all the BS you went through to buy a new escalade cash. 1st off the car company didn’t like that, you cost them a ton of interest. And what is it to them about all the information they wanted even though you were not applying for a loan. That is of no interest to GM, but is the governments way of getting around privacy laws. They own GM, regardless of what the records say. They own the banks regardless of what the records say…..sort of like if your parents keep bailing you out, they own you forever until you stop getting into situations that require intervention.

              • Points well taken…

            • But But But.. Hillary thought her server was secure.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                It is amazing how soon people forget that her “private” server was hacked and embarrassing confidential emails were posted into the public domain. Most people erroneously thought that it was her “.gov” accounts were hacked. Not so and this has been an issue long before Benghazi. But Congress still sit on their thumbs and spin in circles.


    It seems the MSM didn’t dig to deep into this story to get ALL the details before basically calling for this cops head. NEW news comes out that this little smartass bitch probably got exactly what she deserved, trying to prove “she was bad”.

    Kids these days can’t be treated like children anymore once they hit the teens. They are immature for sure, but are more than capable of injuring and killing others, including adults.

    Just saw another school video of a Principal getting slammed to the ground by a student. This recent video and the one above have a common denominator. Bet all of you can figure it out.

  13. THank you Governor Abbott………the Texas Attorney General has said that drone invasion of private property is the same as someone walking on your land. Drones filming your backyard is the same as window peeping…..shoot them down. There is no difference in a person peeping in your windows and a drone doing it from 20 feet. YOu do have an expectation of privacy.

    THe State Attorney General is drawing up guidelines for the improper use of drones…in the meantime, “Blw ’em out of the sky”…….his words, not mine.

  14. Oh…and to the Obama supporters………ground troops being re-introduced into to Iraq and Syria……what next?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I’m being cynical here….are they tasked to take back the equipment that “ISIS” got from the Iraqi’s by force, or by that country’s troops walking off with the equipment we left behind.

      By the way, I am one who like you believed the WMD intelligence. Unfortunately, those assets had time to be relocated to Hussein’s bathist ally, Syria. You saw the convoys, I’d guess based on common sense.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sort of an off topic note. Back 40 years ago I had the pleasure, JOKE, of being part of security as the host country of Saudi and Iranian battalions. We requested breathing apparatuses to keep from gagging when entering their living areas. When you came off duty, you did not go back to your quarters 1st. You went to the laundry, stripped to the buff and loaded the washers. Went and took a long hot shower. Then you went to get your now sanitized uniform. You never, ever took those uniforms before cleaning back to your quarters. The stench that would embedded was worse than any smell I’ve ever experienced. Luckily contractors did the cleaning of the head facilities in their areas. I’m sure NO TP was ever replentished.

  15. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I sure hope the Captain of that whale watching boat went down with his ship. I was looking at the photo’s of the boat and could see only 1, but I’m sure there was another life raft canister on the port side. In either case those rafts DO not have the capacity to hold 65 pssengers. Why and the hell didn’t he pick a spot between some of those rocks and brace everyone and jam it between the rocks. Would have lost the boat from hull damage but not lives.

  16. Dale A Albrecht says:

    US Dept of education “F” Of course Arne Duncan is spinning the failure as implentation, but all in all when the proficiency scores are in the mid 30’s for reading and math. next step is to blame that the tests were in English and to many of the students, english is not their primary language. Pick, chinese, pick spanish, pick eubonics, that black patwa. Create more division and ghettos for the sake of diversity.

    I’m going to dig and see if the charts are broken down by demographics. My bet, the asians come out on top big time. Whites second with hispanics close behind and then dragging down the overall statistic are the blacks. Racist I’m sure

  17. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Now that the former speaker of the house has pleaded guilty for violating the new financial laws, I wonder if part of the deal is that he will NOT be prosecuted for the crime of child abuse and pedophilia which was the reason he was paying the money to keep under wraps. To me the crime that seems to being kept quiet is the one that he should be prosecuted for being the more serious and reprehensible…..Another Illinois politician.

    • I suspect we are dealing with the statute of limitations here. What I am shocked about is that the blackmailer gets away with it. It is apparently more important to hang Hastert out than to uphold the law. I have no problem going after both.

  18. I must say that I am “shocked” with the new Rush Limbaugh. Spent all today ripping apart GOP leadership on everything from the Budget debt to H 1 visa’s. Don’t have any real idea what got into the guy who used to salivate whenever George Bush’s name was mentioned. Today he even mocked Jeb.

    I got a theory. I’m pretty sure McConnell and Bohner and their people thought that Rush was a tame pussycat based on the past. Methinks that he was let in on the little secret a while back, that it was all show and there never a any serious attention to attack the administration. Lip service only to conservatism. These past few months have seen a Limbaugh attacking republican Leadership more than the Democrats! Though he claims not to have picked a candidate yet, the time he has spent on Trump and more importantly Trump’s policies leaves no doubt that he would support anyone opposing those positions.

    Particularly enjoyed his talk on Disney today. Forcing people who will be fired to train their replacements. H-1 visa holders who will be paid 55% of the current wage and who, for three years do not have to have payroll taxes paid for them! Of course at the end of three years they will be returned from whence they came and replacements brought in. Slavery is making a comeback!

    • I don’t listen to Rush and have no desire to do so. But this should come as no surprise, considering how the voters have been betrayed by the Republicans in Congress since January. He’s pissed because all of us folks who continually harp on the uselessness of elections and how the two party system is a ruse, is on display for all to see. Now that the Republicans have chosen Ryan to be Speaker, I’m betting it will continue without interruption. I reckon we will all see 🙂

    • Yep…this is exactly what it is…..or….is it the free market?

  19. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I pulled up the NYC and California common core test results. As I suspected the asians kicked ass in all categories, Math, and ELA. The Whites second in math and statistically even in ELA. The Blacks were at the bottom at 3X+ less than the asians. Hispanics were better. ELA the same.

    Now if the asians are also dealing with the 2nd language liability as are the hispanics why are they equal to or better than whites in all categories. Don’t answer that because I know the answer. Hard work. With knowledge and wisdom held in great value by their cultures. We used to joke about the asians we worked with. We believed they had mattresses under their desks. No matter how late we left or how early you’d come in, they’d be working already.

    I do not know…but what determines a student with disbilities (SWD) In scholl we had some disabled students, but they had minds like Stephen Hawking. They also could get around via tools, etc and not special ed teachers. But if schools have to mainstream (SWD) is that not a serious limiting factor on the rest of the students. Teachers usually deal with the lowest common denominator. The test scores for SWD were generally < 10%

  20. Obamacare premiums rising yet again…..Josh Ernest, WH spokesman, said today that fewer and fewer premium paying customers is what is making the expense go up. He said that the WH is not ruling out adding another 3.5% medicare tax on business’ and tax payers.

    Wonder why they don’t charge everybody and quit giving this away….

    • He said that the WH is not ruling out adding another 3.5% medicare tax on business’ and tax payers. ROFLMAO 😀

      Sorry, but Obama don’t have the authority to tax. Why do people fall for this nonsense.

      • He did not have the authority last time……congress will do it.

        • If the “last time” was the original law, it was passed by a Democrat super majority. If you think a Republican led Congress will do the same, then I reckon I rest my case on whether voting matters. 😉

          • Yes…but the original law, if you will read it..did not contain the tax penalties….they were added later.

            • HUH? The original law had all kinds of taxes. It also had a fine, which the SCOTUS changed to a tax (how this flies, I have no idea). Regardless, Obama has no authority to tax and Congress would have to change that. I think they would too! Any other changes would be shot down in court. Hell, I would have to sue if I’m made to pay more without Congressional action. Just got done emailing my local State level Senator and Representative on an issue being discussed at the Capital. You would be proud, I was quite nice and expressed my opposition to any action on the subject (it’s about Fantasy Football and paying to play, which I do and am successful). Now I will wait for a response.

            • Happy to say that my Pa State Senator’s office called me, on the same day I emailed them. I was shocked. I offered to speak before the State senate on the issue at hand. Time will tell. Good thing I can speak in public without fear (and prepare a speech). That’s a tough thing for many people.

    • Wonder why they don’t charge everybody and quit giving this away

      Maybe because Congress would have to vote on that and prove that they are really the same team? Maybe? Likely? LMAO 🙂

  21. Wow, the debate was unbelievable-the moderators didn’t ask questions-they made statements and then became attack dogs acting like they were the ones debating.

    • Yup and they are laughing all the way to the bank.

      • That is unfortunately true-but they didn’t wait until they went to the bank to laugh-they laughed on stage and made up and down gestures with their heads like they were congratulating themselves and each other when they were particularly nasty. Not sure what they were so proud of -they looked like unprofessional asses-which made all the candidates look like winners in comparison. If their point was to hurt the candidates they failed, except for Bush and Kasich. Bush agreeing with these asses and attacking Rubio was pathetic. Kasich was just pathetic, period. I have to say Rand Paul came off looking like an intelligent adult who was tolerating the children-which is a compliment . I thought Cruz, Fiorini, and Rubio did a good job. I just don’t believe Trump or Carson will do well in a general election debate. And the others for whatever reason just don’t have a chance based on polling.

    • I managed to catch the last half. First thought….this is not how a debate should be conducted. I tried to look at it as the establishment would look at it. Cruz and Paul are gone, their attack on the Federal reserve killed them. Fiorina is gone, for no other reason than perfectly explaining crony capitalism and being honest (can’t be honest and a politician). Carson and Christy followed that mantra (in both ways). I did like Christy’s comment on the Fantasy Football question, that was PERFECT! I agree with your assessment (VH) of Kasich, he is out. That leaves Bush, who I still think is the establishment choice, Huckabee and Trump. I think that’s all of them. I can see Huckabee as President for one reason. He talks and looks Presidential. No other reason, so he is gone. Comes down to Trump and Bush. Trump has one BIG thing going for him, that’s peoples wallets. Let me assume that the Primaries are legit for this explanation. Trump is talking JOBS and talking them big time. The National Labor Rate is 1970’s levels, with around 100 million not getting to work everyday. Wages are down, medical expenses are up. Those are the main drivers for Trump. Bush is the establishments choice, all he ahs to do is not screw up and get a better campaign core group around him, he will.

      I like Carson and can vision him in the WH and being Presidential. Same for Huckabee. Fiorina’s hairdo was horrible. She moves her head to much when speaking, which takes away from her message and her Presidential appearance. She is at least smart and would probably do a good job. Now, we will watch Bush’s poll numbers begin to slowly rise. At least now I know why I never watched CNBC, they were terrible.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      They view themselves as the king makers of today. They made Obama, so why destroy him by investigating the obvious criminality of the adminstration. As they would any other administration, like any Republican. They’ll do anything to get Hillary elected regardless of her egregious behavior. Nixon was a rank amateur compared to today’s batch of washington denizens. It just goes to show the level we have sunk as a nation when ethical behavior has no limits.

      I do not watch nor have watched any debate as long as I can remember. They’re BS and especially the way the “press” or moderators act. Totally bogus, even Fox. Which leads me to how complacent Fox has been for a few years. I believe another back room deal to avoid prosecution, or loss of their FCC license, with Rupert Murdock was done.

  22. You should read the 2008 paper this woman wrote-she admits that much of what the pro-life says about abortion is right-she also admits that doing abortions and working with providers of abortion is damaging to the providers and their helpers, that it’s not the same as other medical procedures-she then, of course goes on to talk about what they need to do to convince these people that these adverse reactions shouldn’t lead them to believe that abortion is wrong.

    Nothing like ignoring your innate sense of what’s right or wrong-when everything in you is telling you what you are doing-is wrong.

  23. I actually watched the entire thing and loved every minute. Those three “moderators” looked like total assholes. Not to themselves of course but to all but the most hardened Democrat apologist. The “independents” got an earful last night.

    Got into an argument with one of my sons who watched the Mets last night instead. A conservative, he listened and read conservative comments today. His take was so what! But my take after 55 years of watching this stuff was “ya hadda be there”. The nuance as Trump, Cruz, Fiorina, Christie, Rubio, Huckabee, Carson and Paul blew up the inquisitors was nothing short of magnificent! One would have thought that they plotted it out beforehand.

    Kaisaich looked like the shill he has become and Bush III looked like a deer in the headlights for the first half of the debate.

    The wife watched most of it with me and when I saw the candidates destroy the panel. I said this was the best damn debate I ever saw. Think she agreed.

    • Those three “moderators” looked like total assholes.

      Agree totally. The Leftiist’s are enjoying it. One question. Why the hell would the RNC agree to them moderating this debate? NBC is so in the tank for the Liberals, maybe the goal was to show this on the big stage (and have the players blast it). It was theater. Sucking in the people to believe the fairy tale that they have a choice. Bush will still win the nomination and the MSM proved it. He was there puppet last night.

    • I missed it. Started back in the workforce this week and I’ve been exhausted in the evening. Sat down to watch around 8:30, next thing I know it’s 12:45am and the TV was watching me. I’ll catch up online and will probably see the highlights on TV.

  24. When they don’t pony up, they are hiding something:

  25. In 2008 and in the years since, the Fed and the government men have done the same thing again; and once again, they’re surprised by the results.

    These results are yet unknown in totality, but the causes of the Great Depression are well known:


    Perfect suit about voter ID laws. Wonder how those on the Left will react….BUCK!

  27. I watched the leaked Planned Parenthood videos so you don’t have to

    abortion , center for medical progress cmp , center for medical progress videos of planned parenthood , david daleiden , planned parenthood

    October 27, 2015 (TheBridgehead) — After almost a dozen Planned Parenthood videos, it seemed like some of the legal debris the National Abortion Federation and Planned Parenthood were frantically flinging at the spokes of the Center for Medical Progress had finally succeeded in slowing down the torrential outpouring of revelations that was leaving the abortion crowd gasping. A court order blocked much of the CMP’s footage, but the judge ordered the video turned over to Congress to be reviewed in their investigations of Planned Parenthood. Somehow, somewhere, some Congressional staffer, or perhaps even Congressman, got so infuriated by what he saw he leaked hours of undercover video coverage online, where it can be downloaded in a giant torrent or viewed on YouTube.

    There’s a lot of footage to review, and I realize that most people aren’t going to wade through it all, so I’ve decided to watch all of the video and publish my summaries here. If you’re a journalist type, you’ll enjoy watching the full videos—even the angled footage of Robert Daoud Sarkis of BioMax, aka David Daleidan of the Center for Medical Progress, getting outfitted with cameras in the hotel room where the National Abortion Federation conference was being held is fascinating—and for a pro-life activist, more than a little satisfying. The videos are packed with fascinating insights and information, but I’ve tried to narrow the first few hours of footage, from the four videos “2nd Trimester Provider Self Care,” down to the most compelling information.

    This is what passes for a joke at an abortionist conference. The unseeing eyeball of a baby falling into the lap of the woman who just crushed her skull.

    The first video, a half hour long, begins with Daleidan getting ready and then heading off through the hotel. Every few feet, it seems, he runs into another abortion provider—and the depth of his research is revealed by how he greets them. He knows the woman on the elevator, and on the stairs—“Are you Dr. Dry?”—and in the hall. One abortion provider comments that she’s very interested in talking to Daleidan about fetal tissue procurement, but that they do “have researchers tripping over each other” to harvest baby parts at her clinic. Daleidan then heads down a glittering hotel hallway towards his BioMax booth, a pro-life warrior in what looks like a high-end video game. For some reason, the shimmery, high-end hotel room was jarring in contrast with the casual, lighthearted conversations about fetal meat markets.

    At the BioMax booth, Daleidan ran into Dr. Cheryl Chastine, a young, pretty abortionist who now performs the abortions in Wichita. Here, Daleidan’s ability to connect with those he is observing and recording is on full display: He chatted with Chastine, the empathy in his voice for the “harassment” she has to deal was clear. When he mentions that he recently watched After Tiller and thanked her for her perseverance, her facial expressions open up visibly. It’s not hard to see how Daleidan managed to get so many intimate conversations on camera. They do abortions up to 24 weeks in Wichita now, Chastine tells Daleidan, since the 22-week abortion ban came into effect. Forty to fifty patients a week. The cacophony of laughter in the background of this conversation is eerie. With a pleasant abortionist and a pristine hotel hall, it’s almost easy to forget that we’re talking about dead children.

    The conversation wraps up, and Daleidan and his female colleague head off to an NAF panel talk on “Second Trimester Provider Self Care”—basically, a workshop on how to help abortionists who abort bigger babies avoid burnout. Only for a minute does Daleidan reference the cameras—“Sit in different places for different coverage?” he mutters to his colleague, and then changes his mind immediately. That would probably look too suspicious.

    Dr. Lisa Harris, an abortionist who has operated in Michigan for almost twenty years, starts off the panel discussion on “provider care”—she studies abortion provider stigma and researches rather grotesque questions such as, “What’s it like to be pregnant and providing abortions?” In other words, what’s it like to tear the children of other women apart while your son or daughter is obliviously safe in your own womb? Harris, predictably, doesn’t see it that way. “The work that we do,” she says reverently to affirming mhmmms and nods, “its sacredness, its great rewards.”

    Dr. Harris’s mewling insights continue in the second half-hour video, where she reveals, contrary to research emphasized by abortionist Warren Hern, that abortion workers have “higher compassion satisfaction than other healthcare workers” and experience lower rates of burnout. This is in spite of the fact that abortionists feel “stigmatized, marked, marginalized.” Why? Well, “When I park at the hospital, I have to walk past bumper stickers that say Choose Life or Abortion Stops A Beating Heart,” for example. Harris’s talk ends with much applause from the stigmatized abortionists in the crowd.

    The next panelist is Dr. Glenna Halverson-Boyd, the wife of the infamous late-term abortionist and NAF founder Curtis Boyd, who once casually admitted, “Am I killing? Yes, I am. I know that.” Halverson-Boyd launches right into a condemnation of anti-abortion harassment—the gall of those people, disrupting all the killing—and specifically mentions the dogged work of Operation Rescue. I wondered at this point how David Daleidan, who plotted out his undercover work with Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman, felt sitting in the audience. The Center for Medical Progress was in deep. Daleidan applauded with the rest.

    How successful are anti-abortion forces? Halverson-Boyd’s voice actually actually broke as she said, “Texas: Women’s rights successfully aborted.” Her speech carried on into the third video, where she advised coping through snuggling with pets, spouses, or lapsing “into denial if necessary.”

    After the snuggle-therapy advice, abortion clinic owner Mona Reiss of the Presidential Women’s Centre in Florida took the mic to decry the “inherent injustices we have to deal with to do what we do.” As it turns out, she wasn’t talking about chopped-up kids. She was referring to anti-abortion protestors who didn’t approve, and were vociferous about it—“no good deed goes unpunished” she noted glumly to the self-pitying nods of the abortionists in the crowd. Then, hilariously, she announced to a somewhat awkward silence that she wanted to deal with “the Planned Parenthood issue.” And what was that? Well, as it turns out, Planned Parenthood’s huge abortion centres are becoming huge competition to the smaller, independent feticide centres. Reiss, and others, feel “betrayed” by this.

    After all, Reiss points out, if Planned Parenthood’s mission is to help low-income women who don’t have access to abortion services, why are they starting abortion centres in places with already well-established clinics? The answer is insinuated, although unspoken: Planned Parenthood is trying to corner the abortion market, driving independent abortionists out of business in the process. A culture without morals meets capitalism without ethics, and the mass production of tiny corpses is fierce competition. Based on the length and enthusiasm of the applause for Reiss, many of the abortionists in the room agreed with her.

    The fourth video began with the insights of Dr. Uta Landy of the Family Planning Fellowship, who is actually married to notorious abortionist Philip Darney. Landy wanted to highlight the fact that abortionists need safe spaces, and have to be able to vent honestly about their work. One woman she was chatting with, she told the crowd, seemed to find abortion controversial, making Landy hesitant to mention her own work. And then, whaddaya know, that very same woman had had an abortion herself! This brought a roar of laughter for some reason. I suppose comic relief is hard to come by at a feticide conference.

    Landy then began to read off a number of complaints that she had heard from various Second Trimester abortionists—“I don’t like saying I’m dismembering a fetus.” Landy’s follow-up comment: “Mind you, that is how she has to talk to the resident, the learner. She’s discussing the procedure—she’s dismembering the fetus. It’s very normal.” And appallingly, so it is. But that said: “I don’t like saying it. It makes me feel bad.” Why? “I find second trimester abortions grotesque.” And: “My coping mechanism is to focus on the baby fetus—reverence for something that was once alive, and now, it’s not.”

    Click “like” if you are PRO-LIFE!

    The video was hard to watch at this point. The self-pity was nauseating. Dr. Landy decided it was time for a bit of humor. I remember one time, she revealed with laughter in her voice, “an eyeball just fell down into my lap—and that is gross!” A roar of laughter.

    This is what passes for a joke at an abortionist conference. The unseeing eyeball of a baby falling into the lap of the woman who just crushed her skull.

    The final panelist is a male abortionist, Dr. Cassig Hammond of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. He wanted to talk about the traitors in the medical field—those who thought abortion workers were somehow less important than healthcare workers that practice actual health care that saves the lives. He talked about one particularly late-term abortion, and then said incredulously to the groans of the sympathetic crowd that he “got a call from the hospital [saying] there’s been a complaint against you—a nurse is saying you killed a baby!”

    Hammond knew this wasn’t true. “[The nurse] said the fetus had been born alive. Well, we crushed its skull, so that’s simply not true.”

    Let that sink in for a moment. All this talk of dismembering, and skull-crushing, and eyeballs without heads, is not anti-abortion propaganda. It is pro-choice practicality.

    Do the abortionists care if they are killing babies that could survive outside the womb? According to Hammond, medical professionals asking him why they do abortions at 24 weeks when the hospital is doing C-sections at 22 weeks is simply “fallacious.” He felt no need to elaborate. It’s simple: The point of an abortion is to kill the baby. The survival of the child would be directly contradictory to the desired end.

    A moment later, Hammond confirms this in the bluntest terms. “We do recommend feticidal injections be avoided after a certain gestational age, but interestingly, only because we don’t believe we can guarantee, at the extremes of gestational age, that they won’t be subject to resuscitation against the patient’s wishes.”

    In other words, if you poison the baby too late, medical professionals dedicated to the preserving of human life might be able to reverse the work of the professionals dedicated to the ending of human life.

    As I said to one of my colleagues last night, the most chilling thing about these first few hours of video by far is the fact that nothing in these videos was considered to be a shocking or newsworthy revelation. This is par for the course. Eyeless babies. Severed arms and legs. Bashed-in skulls. Poisoned infants. Nothing to see here, folks. The news won’t report the baby that lost its limbs or the society that lost its soul. Such things don’t end up on the front pages anymore. They’re only fodder for discussion at a panel discussion on how the killers can avoid high stress and burnout.

    …more to come…

    Reprinted with permission from The Bridgehead.

  28. In case anybody missed it-they lie about what they do-they lie when Pro-life people point out the truth of abortion because they don’t want people to realize the evil they do-because if they did they would be stopped—-you hear that Buck-They lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wed Oct 28, 2015 – 7:40 pm EST
    Abortionist: We don’t describe what we actually do ‘to protect the pro-choice movement’ (video)

    abortion , center for medical progress cmp , lisa harris , national abortion federation naf , university of michigan , video

    SAN FRANCISCO, October 28, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Abortionists do not share true stories of their work, because it might harm the public’s perception of the “pro-choice movement,” a prominent abortionist admits in a new undercover video.

    Dr. Lisa Hope Harris, a second trimester abortionist and assistant professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Michigan, said self-censorship is necessary “to protect the pro-choice movement” during the National Abortion Federation’s 38th annual meeting last year.

    Dr. Harris spoke at a panel on “second-trimester abortion self-care,” dealing with how doctors who perform abortions from the third month of pregnancy onward maintain their mental well-being.

    One of their strategies is not to speak about their work, she said in the video, which is one of 11 undercover abortion industry videos leaked to an online news site and posted on YouTube by a hacker.

    Dr. Harris said abortionists may worry others will reject them because of the nature of their work.

    “Another reason we choose silence – besides protecting ourselves and our kids – is to protect the pro-choice movement,” she told her colleagues. “Our stories don’t really have a place in pro-choice rhetoric.”

    The crowd responded with knowing rapport as she mentioned “the heads that get stuck that we can’t get out, the hemorrhages that we…manage, the patients having their eighth abortion.”

    “Those are all parts of our experience,” she said, “but there’s no real good place for us to share those.”

    “We also have this burden of censorship, because we care about this movement. We don’t want to be a danger to it,” she concluded.

    Other abortionists at the NAF annual meeting agreed that deception is an inherent part of the abortion industry.

    A Canadian abortionist said she tried to stop the media from reporting that aborted babies’ remains were being burned by an energy plant in Oregon by muddying the waters.

    “I’ve basically got the reporter spinning in so many details that she probably thinks, ‘It’s too complicated. Never mind!'” she said.

    The Canadian abortionist, and a roomful of her colleagues, then burst out into laughter.

    “We’re afraid to tell the truth,” said Renee Chelian, whose Northland Family Planning abortion chain has offices in the Detroit suburbs of Southfield, Sterling Heights, and Westland.

    Chelian said she thought burning aborted babies’ bodies to generate energy was “a great idea.”

    The NAF received, a temporary restraining order blocking CMP from releasing video footage of its annual convention, held in San Francisco. However, the footage was leaked to the website

    Its proprietor, Charles C. Johnson, says he is not subject to the court order and will continue to disseminate the videos.

    The discussion begins at approximately eight minutes into the video.

  29. Donald Trump gets hell over a negative comment about Fiorina’s looks. Some unattractive pig on the “View” does exactly the same and…….. I guess we will wait and see how this play out. I made a comment that I didn’t like Carly’s “do”. After seeing this pig on the View, I have since changed my mind. 🙂

  30. 1. In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves against their ethnic-cleansing government, were arrested and exterminated.

    2. In 1929, the former Soviet Union established gun control as a means of controlling the “more difficult” of their citizens. From 1929 to the death of Stalin, 40 million Soviets met an untimely end at the hand of various governmental agencies as they were arrested and exterminated.

    3. After the rise of the Nazi’s, Germany established their version of gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and others, who were unable to defend themselves against the “Brown Shirts”, were arrested and exterminated. Interestingly, the Brown Shirts were eventually targeted for extermination themselves following their blind acts of allegiance to Hitler. Any American military and police would be wise to grasp the historical significance of the Brown Shirts’ fate.

    4. After Communist China established gun control in 1935, an estimated 50 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves against their fascist leaders, were arrested and exterminated.

    5. Closer to home, Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayans, unable to defend themselves against their ruthless dictatorship, were arrested and exterminated.

    6. Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves from their dictatorial government, were arrested and exterminated.

    genocide 57. Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million of the “educated” people, unable to defend themselves against their fascist government, were arrested and exterminated.

    8. In 1994, Rwanda disarmed the Tutsi people and being unable to defend themselves from their totalitarian government, nearly one million were summarily executed.

    The total numbers of victims who lost their lives because of gun control is approximately 70 million people in the 20th century. The historical voices from 70 million corpses speak loudly and clearly to those Americans who are advocating for a de facto gun ban. Governments murdered four times as many civilians as were killed in all the international and domestic wars combined. Governments murdered millions more people than were killed by common criminals and it all followed gun control.

    This was accomplished by central governments who became too powerful. Sound familiar?

  31. No boots on the ground in Syria…. why do I get this feeling that this will not end well?

    • We are gonna find out who kicks ass better, Spetznatz or Seals! Just wait till they run into each other on the ground. Gonna find out whether the A-10 or SU-25 are better CAS platforms too.

      By the way, the clock you hear ticking is the nuclear one.

  32. Dale A Albrecht says:

    With the (2) year , clean, budget deal sailing through Congress and Obama notes he will with great pleasure sign the bill…..I guess everyone got what they wanted. Except, all the things the people wanted when they elected the republicans to stop, or put some reigns on the programs people are against, like the ACA etc.

    What still blows me away is that the scoring the government used was totally predicated on a lie. But that office said up front, they can only score what the congress gives them. Once they saw the whole deal AFTER the passage of the bill, they said it would blow up the budget and costs of medical care, not reverse the trend…..but it still marches on….A lie from start to finish.

  33. A great example of why Johnny can’t learn. From January, across the Passaic River from me.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      When my step kid was in High School I found out that it was a totally no win position the teachers and school have gotten into. I used to get on him for taking things to school that were “NON” school related. Not only being a distraction from the reason for being there, but the items were going to be stolen. The items were in fact then stolen. When I talked to the VP’s they said their hands are tied by parents suing. Girls would walk around with so much jewelry on…of course it’d be stolen. The school can do nothing unless the parents backed the school…..One day he came home from school with a switchblade….got it from a buddy in class. I’d literally have to search him when I dropped him off. The Boy’s VP when I went in again, just opened up his drawer and it was full of confiscated weapons.

      Again times are so different. NON school related things were forbidden. There was no B&E in lockers even during gym. Nothing to steal. If any weapon was found, that would be the last you’d ever see of the kid in school. Usually the parents dealt with it. We were terrified of any negative letter or a call saying come and pick up you kid. Not from school, they did have rules about beatings…parents backed the schools, 45-50 years ago.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Going to head back to testing. I honestly do not remember taking very many major “mandated” exams like the kids have to take today. We took subject tests and quiz’s, but major Math and ELA type exams. were rare.

      The one correlation I’d like to make with the schools and manufacturing and testing. The MORE process tests we did or were forced to do was directly driven by our doubt that the process was being followed. The more confidence we had that the people did their job the fewer tests we had to perform. I will include the process engineers, managers and the workers themselves. For schools, its the program developers, teachers and the students.

      • As a Catholic School Kid in NY City we had Arch Diocesan tests January and June. Everybody took them and they determined whether you would advance or not. About 50% was multiple guess or fill in the blank so you could not fudge that half. In Catholic High School, we took NY State Regents exams which were mandated for us. You could fail and still pass on class credit but if you did fail, the school preferred you do summer school (been there, done that) A High point of graduation was getting the regents Diploma with “Scientific Endorsement” meaning four years of science with a passing grade.

        In High School, in ninth and tenth we took the PSAT which gave you a pretty good idea of where you stood.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          And that totals < 25 tests. Now it's 100+…question is why? Mainstreaming? No hope anymore because so many jobs are heading overseas that a "normal" achieving student would do. Not a chance of firing a bad teacher, even if they do some really seriously wrong activity. No ethical boundries. Parents hamstrung by the State. No responsibility "it's not my fault"…everybody must get a gold star. That gold star set the achievers apart. When a poor student gets one for just showing up, to what value will an achiever place then on his or her hard work….In time they'll say "f!!!it.

          Just think in business when someone gets a big award and there was no way in heck that they could ever have done it on their own, much less actually had the idea that got them the award. They just were the political lead. Did they share NOPE, did they get help next time…NOPE. I was a manufacturing engineer with IBM. Solve problems. Problems appear out of nowhere. Discovered manufacturing changed the process without approval. They had to put the tested engineered process back as it was. The manufacturing team that caused the problem in the 1st place, got $30,000 each for two years and there were 9 of them. They should have been fired, not rewarded. All throughout my career with IBM and AT&T this was a constant….the cheating, trimming and lying is so pervasive and common now, one can not know the truth from a hole in the ground.

          • It is all part of becoming “more like Europe”. You know, those guys who killed off about 100,000,000 people in the 20th Century.

            Actually had a chance to use that on an old friend with opposite views last week. First he was stunned then he said, “Well that was then, this is now.” He teaches grtaduate level communications at Fordham U.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Did you ask him to explain his reasoning? Why is just a few scant years ago, based on historical time be so cavalierly dismissed. How can just 20 years ago in the Balkans, Europe didn’t give a fig about the genocide occuring there. Nor do they care about the ongoing issues in Africa, directly linked to the artificial colonoal borders that they and the UN demanded be retained after they vacated the continent as overlords.

              • You nailed it. The argument started over “gun control” and how we are the blah, blah, blah only civilized country, blah, blah, blah not like Europe.

                My comment usually starts out if Europe in the 20th century is an example of civilization I am perfectly happy being a barbarian.

                These folks have ZERO historical reference. As a self taught WW 1 person, I often read about what Europe was like and what it was expecting the World to be like up until 1914 disillusioned them (and us). The Fin de Siecle was a great time. All man’s problems would be solved in the 20th century!

                Going off to start Helloweening with the Grandkids!

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                But yesterday is not relevent, we’ve moved on. Thinking just like a journalist. The immediate news cycle is over. You’d almost think with 24 hour news programs offered by “ALL” networks, they actually could dig, research and truly develop a story. But no, they repeat the same stories hour after hour. If you’d catch one you’d be set. I think as it is today, we should just go back to one hour of local and state news, then one hour of national and international news. Done, fini and I’d be just as informed as if I’d sit 7/24.

                Europe uses the US to deflect their own cultural, religious bigotry and racism. We may considered failures because we refuse to curtail gun violence according to European standards. Their pychopaths and criminals and terrorist still have guns and use a far more indiscriminate tool…..explosive devices.

              • The fun part is, we are Americans. Our ancestors LEFT! To be an American you agree to put up with shit other people won’t. The payback is you get to do a whole lot more shit than other people do. That is just the way it is. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

                What I abhor is the total dishonesty of people on the other side of the argument. Facts are gun crime per 100,000 is down, mass killings are down. If you really want to see how good Americans are, remove the illegal and legal aliens from the crime and prison equation. Then look at the stats! Place looks like Little House on the Prairie.

                I feel the left wants high crime to prove their point. They know they could shut down repeat offenders tomorrow but won’t. O’Reilly’s crusade on Kate’s Law is very relevant. These bastards would allow felons back in, time after time after time rather than send them to jail. They need crime for their social programs and agenda including gun control. I feel like throwing in a whole lot of bad words here but won’t. Most begin with F.

  34. Dale A Albrecht says:

    With Kerry’s pronouncement about Syria, with no input from Syria……and one of the statements was providing more aid to help the “HOST” countries being innundated by “refugees” from poverty and war etc etc etc. I wonder if anything at all was said about “repatriating” these refugees back to where they came from when peace decends once again.

  35. Dale A Albrecht says:

    With China’s “complaining” that our confrontation is going to cause a problem. Of course if we do not confront violence, ie taking, immediately the bully will take and do so again and again. Of course it will be our fault if a confrontaion takes place…(sarcasm) just like the Japanese blamed us for them attacking us at Pearl Harbor, because we cut off their supplies of oil and steel, the very things they were making war materials with and conquering China, Korea , S/E Asia Manchuria etal with. The ultimate cost of WWII because people who could of stopped Hitler in his tracks avoided confrontation. Then the immediate vacuum afterwards set up the 50 year cold/hot war.

    • As for these neat little islands China has built. They can be destroyed quite easily if it was necessary. This is why I’m not really concerned about them. If they screw with trade routes, poof, all gone. They know this as well, but also know Obama is a sissy and won’t do anything. IMHO, China just wants the natural gas and what other natural resources they can mine. Plus, back in the 30’s and 40’s, building islands wasn’t even thought of.

      • Perhaps I am just a worry wart but to exchange taking out one of those atolls for, let’s say, San Francisco might not be the greatest idea. On the other hand, except for some neat architecture how great a loss would SF be anyway?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Building up atolls is not new, much less creating land where there wasn’t any before. original shore for Boston, Manhattan, San Fransisco….but then climate change if it’s to be believed should take care of the crisis.

      • ” If they screw with trade routes, poof, all gone.” And just who, will make them disappear? The world will not….the UN will not….Russia will not…..then whom?

        • Obama won’t either, but unless he somehow manages to become King, someone, most likely a Republican will take over. We all know how much they like bombing shit into the Stone Ages, I’m sure a few B-2 sorties would be called for and POOF! Manmade islands in ruins. Then what? Will China have the balls to sling a nuke and chance getting ten slung at them? Doubt it. They put their tail between their legs and go back to the mainland. However, this is all dependent on them messing with trade routes, which I don’t see it happening. They are there for natural resources, not trade issues. It wouldn’t be in their best interest to have their ships turned around and all of their trinkets sent back.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Only the US can thwart the threat at this time. Britain and it’s commonwealth partners understand the problem but can not do anything about it. Japan, certainly has a great deal to lose. They’ll rearm, if they haven’t started already. Taiwan has to rely on the US for security. Funny how the screw turns. Vietnam will be requiring our naval forces. Economic war can be just as victorious as a military one.

          The UN will bluster but will do nothing. They are impotent. Which scares me on how our administration ran to the UN 1st and basically made any objection to the Iran treaty moot. He’s tearing up our constitution as fast as he can along with the courts. The UN has been complicite in all acts of genocide since WWII.

        • There is also this little theory. Obama is going to allow China to do as it wishes, provided they stay out of the upcoming business between Russia and the US (as described below). OR, they know Obama is a sissy and built this knowing he would do nothing. Un surprisingly, the Republican led Congress isn’t saying much about it. Maybe most don’t want jailed down the road 😀

  36. About 9 months or so ago, I also issuead a little tidbit of onformation as it concerns Iran and Cuba……I told everyone that Putin would ally once again with Cuba and Iran and form a trifecta…….do my eyes and ears deceive me? Iranian troops, Russian troops and Cuban troops in Syria,led by a Russian coalition…….to now fight against the proxy’s of the United States under Obama…..the Syrian free Army…..being supplied by the US and now boots on the ground as “advisors”…..hmmmmmmmmm I was with the B50 TAG (Training Advisory Group in Vietnam)…if I recall correctly…..I carried weapons, fired upon the enemy, organized and led raids….etc..etc….but then, again, I could have been wrong…perhaps I was not in a combat zone doing combat things………

    • Perhaps I could throw this tidbit out since it is ignored in the media……In our hemisphere (Venezuela)…..Please ignore the Russian and Cuban Flags…and please ignore the Iranian delegation there to establish a nuclear weapons manufacturing facility. They really do not exist.

      • Exactly, Tovarich, they DO NOT exist. If you persist in your fantasy life, they will come to take you away.

      • Exactly why I think our military should not be ‘over there’. There are more concerning issues here at home and along our southern border. Speaking of our southern border……I’m also thinking it should be moved to encompass everything up to, and including, but not limited to, the Panama canal. (evil laugh) 🙂

    • Here’s my conspiracy theory on the Syrian matter, just for fun of course. 🙂 Putin and Obama are colluding on this. There will be an incident over there, Russian and American troops will get killed. Russia will lose it, as will Obama and both will fire a few nukes. Obama will take out places that Putin is having trouble with, maybe miss and have one land in Chechnya. One will hit in Texas, maybe two (we all know how Obama loves Texas). A couple more cities, maybe Detroit and Savannah will get hit.

      This will result in the stuff you mentioned Colonel, suspension of the Constitution and Martial law. But most importantly, suspension of the election. Poof, Obama is King, after which Obama and Putin kiss and makeup. 🙂

      • Why do I have a feeling this could be conspiracy fact in a few months?

        • Gentlemen, let this old timer remind you, “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A LIMITED NUCLEAR WAR”. When they finally realized this circa Cuban Missile Crisis we really got into Mutually Assured Destruction. The first asshat who starts sling around nukes is going to end it all.

          I believe the scenario in the novel, “On The Beach” was a bomb from the mid-east dropped on London after a failed Suez crisis type thing which was misinterpreted and led to retaliation against the Soviet Union. In other words, an accident caused by a minor player.

          • You are assuming that an agreement has not been made and it’s an actual war action versus a political action. The whole theory relies on the fact that there is an agreement in place, that would help both Putin and Obama politically. Under my theory, it would be likely that if Obama would suspend the Constitution, the Republicans in Congress would be necessarily behind bars, a new Constitution written, by the Democrats and passed by the Democrats, possibly ending elections all together. This of course would lead to a Revolution, which is overdue anyway.

            Geez, can’t a guy dream 🙂 Obama wouldn’t dare nuke NYC. He needs that money for his future palaces. 🙂

          • So, an ‘accident’ happens in Syria involving Russia and USA? Both sides lob a few nukes? Putin gets a few problem areas taken care of in Russia via Obama? Obama gets a few problem areas taken care of in USA? They both call for a cease fire claiming it was all a terrible ‘accident’ that got out of control. Iran gets the M.E., Russia gets most of the USSR back, China and N. Korea get to do whatever they want, while Europe and the US are in chaos? Nawwww, that sounds just crazy enough to work for these psychopaths!

          • On the Beach…..great movie, although I did get really tired of the song “Waltzing Matilda” being played over and over again.

      • Hmmmm…….let’s see….a nuke on Austin….ok…..a nuke on Houston….ok….a nuke on San Antonio….ok…nooooo…San Antonio would not work…even Putin knows that attacking the Alamo would be disaterous…..a nuke on Dallas……PLEASE!!!……..nothing else worth throwing a nuke at, except the Dallas Cowboys…..we already know how to live in the drought wastelands of West Texas…..nuke the southern border…..ok………where is the down side?

  37. Mets not doing well, NG.

  38. Dale A Albrecht says:

    “60 Minutes” asked Obama: Are you concerned about yielding leadership to Russia? Obama responded dismissively: Propping up a weak ally is not leadership. I’m leading the world on climate change.
    “Upon hearing that, anyone in any conflict anywhere who has put his trust in the United States should start packing his bags for Germany.”

    I wonder how Obama is going to tie us irrevokebly (sp) the the new UN climate change agreements being hammered out in Paris and how our congress will just roll over.

  39. Grants to pay for her time. Grants are money-so just how is this not selling organs for profit-although on the books it would show up as a GRANT, not her being paid for her time. Also seems like a lot of motivation to care more about getting those grants than putting the patient first.

  40. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Maybe a possible misuse of government money? asks the investigator and is getting blocked in all ways.

    In Italy when I was there in the 70’s gasoline was very expensive. The owner of my house at sometime during the month would switch to using bottled gas in his car. Less performance, but he’d have the same tank they used in their stove or movable heaters in the house. Go to the gas station and fill up. They all had a tank with “gas” He’d switch a valve that took fuel from the bottled gas vs the gasoline tank. I’d bet most people in Afghanistan cook using bottled gas, or sheep dung in the countryside. Either exchange the tank of fill it as needed. I can’t see that many “cars” in that country where putting that valve system in all the cars could not have been more expensive than (1) service station.

    I’m sure this was vetted by the same DOE team that spent money without oversight on the failed energy projects here. Made the owners rich but screwed the people.

  41. Dale A Albrecht says:

  42. Who ever would have thunk the US Marine corps woudl have re-fought the Battle of Gettysburg in 1921?

  43. Putin is ti Obama what Obama is to Congress

  44. Uh..oh…..what is the global warming crowd going to say now…..NASA said today…..the Arctic and Antarctic ice packs….are growing.

    Climatologists say no…..NASA is wrong and that they would not know anyway.

    • Lol…..just finished watching the rest….climatologist say NASA is wrong because they discount the theoretical viewpoint and rely entirely upon facts……..

      I know…YOU try to figure that one out.

      • But NASA must be wrong. GW (not George W.) is the cause of the unrest in the Mideast, the ever rising and devastating oceans, forest fires, killer hurricanes and tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions… How else can Obama save the world there is no GW?

      • He He He-Sounds like basic Progressive logic 101-We think it-So it must be true.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Like the NOAA chart of the lower 48. Sure the southwest is in the midst of a drought. The MSM always follows up their doomsday senerio with “since” the late 60’s. I remember those days. I also figure that you can not double the population and increase the single source food basket in California and not increase the reservoir capacity and expect all to stay the same. However, during the 30’s drought, the east was getting flooded. Today, during the regional drought in the southwest, we here are way over our norm on rainfall. An that has been without any hurricanes doing nothing but being in the vicinity if any at all. Last 3 weeks. Had several inches of rain each week. Yesterday probably was near 3 inches and the storm will clear out over the next couple days…..Just like the famine crisis during the later part of GB I and the beginning of Clintons reign in Somolia. There was ample food in some areas of that country and not enough in others due to bad growing conditions. The thing was that due to the warlords, food could not move from one place to another.

        I’m just waiting for the forced relocation of Californians to other parts of the country, if they do not get the water needed to replentish the supplies from the “evil” el nino. The government did it in the 30’s and during the cold in the 70’s when they closed government housing on base they relocated families into my house……without any re-embursment.

  45. Since the Cuban missile crisis, we have avoided direct confrontation with Russia other than play chicken on the high seas or in the air. Why then is Obama putting US troops on the ground near were Russian troops and planes are operating in a shooting war? We should pull completely out of Syria and stop funding and supplying any groups there. Fund and arm the Kurds to fight ISIS in Iraq and step up the efforts there to wipe these barbarians out.

    Frankly if I were the Russians, Iranians, and Chinese, I would grab whatever I could in the next 12 months and then hold on to it. Our Joker will do nothing. The only reason not to do it would be to ensure Hillary gets elected so they have another 4 years of freedom after which the US will have no credibility in the world and they can do whatever they like.

  46. Personally I think he is nuts enough to provoke something. Hope the folks on the ground are smart enough to dodge that.

    and another:

  47. Just A Citizen says:

    On Baseball.

    The Kansas City Royals put on an exceptional display of hitting in the playoffs, and especially the World Series.

    I am a baseball person. In all my years I have never seen a team so good at putting the ball in play with two strikes. At putting pressure on teams with “singles” instead of homeruns. The clutch hitting up and down the lineup was simply amazing.

  48. Just A Citizen says:

    On the Republican Debate.

    Watched the world series instead…………. much more happy, happy, happy!!!

    • Certainly….never waste a good fishing trip with politics….I am not a HUGE fan of baseball…..but the spousal unit is a dedicated baseball fan…..she watched the world series in depth.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Might as well be, given the Cowboy’s aren’t worth wasting one minute of time on.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You will like this one.

        Re; politics and fishing.

        My buddies instituted a new fishing rule this past year when fishing in Alaska. The NEW rule applies to all locations at all times.

        Rule: Each person has 20 minutes to spout off on anything political that they wish. Including arguing with another fisherman who is spouting off on politics. 20 minutes per person per day. NO MORE.

        When you have reached your limit someone lets you know you are DONE.

        • Good rule. 🙂

        • Not a bad rule. Generally, deer hunters (fall) and Trout fisherman (Spring) usually avoid the subject, outside of a noted dislike for someone, which is usually where it starts and ends. No sense ruining good fun over an illusion 😀

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            It also works if you commute to work with your spouse. 50% of the drive home she gets to talk about the business day and I got the other 50%. So when we got home work issues were all vented out.

        • Probably while fishing..a good rule….

          But politics and hunting are not good bed fellows…..

          However, we did have an enterprising young man in South Texas manufacturing rear beds for “mule ATV’s”…( real hunters know what a “mule ATV” is )….anyway, the rear beds had decals on them that said Obama Killer which featured sillouhettes of deer, duck, and feral hogs… Along with the decals came a set of instructions that said to “just think of Obama while hunting…you will never miss”.

          The Secret Service was not amused, however, and arrested the lad saying that making such things violates Federal Law and constitute a threat aginst the POTUS. The judge, upon reading the charges, dropped them while laughing…saying….if we locked up everyone in Texas that constituted a “Secret Service perceived threat” against the POTUS..there would be no one left. HOwever, he went on to say that the Federal Law did cover this type of depiction as “illegal”…..oredered the lad not to put the decals on the Mule ATV…..the same judge did say, it was perfectly legal to enclose the decals with the owners manual and the purchaser could put them on if he/she so desired and that was considered protected speech.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Real hunters do in fact know what a “mule ATV” looks like. For those that don’t here is a photo.

  49. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I just love the lying or government does. I think that the qualifications to be a politician today is to technically “fail” every question. Even though our expert military advisor has said there are boots on the ground in the M/E region being contested with assad and isis. The government has steadfastly said….no troops…just trainers. We’re just doing a limited bombing campaign. So over the past few days, our leader announces special forces on the ground in Syria. When asked over the weekend about the policy change by the complient MSM, Obama cavalierly says there has been no change, they’ve been there all along and it just slides by uncontested….This continual lying is pissing the people off and has become so common people are numb and just shrug it off. If this was Bush, all hell would be breaking loose, just like with Nixon and Cambodia.

    • Dale, do not know if you have friends on the :”other side” as I do. They can be frightening. When you merely bring up the relationship between the lying done in the Watergate cover-up and Benghazi they either ignore it, distort it or say well Nixon was much worse, blah, blah, blah. I went to school with these guys, I used to respect their intelligence cause we went to the same schools and were not dummies at the time.

      It frankly has a lot to do with this PC thing. You cannot criticize the “black” president or his actions or his people. It is so damn “1984” as to boggle the mind. I cannot believe the convoluted logic which is presented as “fact” and frankly am pretty damn close to telling these buddies from the ’60’s to F off.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Actually, I do not have many aquaintances from the dark side. Usually, if any discussion ever comes around to anything political, they instantly resort to name calling, like pardon my language but….”are you a fuckin idiot”. No discussion of facts, just denigration. Now they escaped Hitler, Mussolini, had a brother fight with the communistists, another only leave Russia after the dissolution of the USSR. Scientist forced after WWII to be in Russia. Think Sarejavo was such a symbol of peace and social love. Lost many relatives to the final solution. Worry about climate change and the property loss in Miami. Were Jewish, but blame all the worlds problems on the Jews. Now ardent Catholics but believe any abortion at any time, drugs socialized medical. All good wars were with Democrats and all bad wars are with Republicans. Receive 100% of their income from the arts grants from the US government. Nixon started Vietnam. Loved Johnson and his ad campaign with the daisy ad. Have a big house in DC and out at Marthas Vineyard next to what was Jackie O’s house…loved MacNamara…oohed and awed over Sputnik….is that socialist enough….now on the other side…lots of military veterans and active personnel. Even young college students. Relatives who were able to leave Romania and Croatia with the fall of the iron curtain. Have bullet holes in their gates from the Balkan wars. Another link is Turkish real near Syria. Mostly they all say…are we stupid here in the US, can’t you see the example of 70 years of communism and socialism…but then they shrug and say…what can we do to stop the government? Nothing.

        • Till the day I die I will use that WW 1 French General analogy for the leftists. They never accepted that the machine gun did away with the “old ways”. It was the troops lack of elan! So, communism never failed it was the lack of elan in its execution (ie. Stalin did not kill enough).

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            so true, I’ve read that somewhere before. It brought to mind that movie Kirk Douglas did about the execution of french soldiers for lack of elan when attacking fixed machine gun nests and certain death. The General was played by Adolphe Menjou in “Paths of Glory”

            How many lives were lost in the battle of Verdun….1M?

            • Roughly 600,000 about a 50-50 split. Been there, very sobering. Europeans often put a photo on the cross/tombstone. So you see Cpl. Claude Valjean with his wife and two babies. THAT brings it home.

  50. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Trump is cheating….he dares to go after the Feds and White House policies instead of tearing apart his GOP opposition. How can a press secretary honestly sleep at night? The Fed and WH stay scrupliously apart, since when in its history? Created politically and its head appointed politically by the WH….I’d rather believe Rip van Winkle really slept for 20 years in the Catskills. At least it was a great story tying the history of the Hudson Valley and the storms that roll up the river in the summer.

  51. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I was just thinking through what I believe is Hillary’s logic about not emailing any classified communications. Nothing she sent went through the classification process, by-passing it all together on her server…ergo not classified, regardless of the content. Emailing her daughter about the security issues the ambassador in Libya is begging for. The DOJ is criminal, assessory after the fact, in not instantly serving her with an arrest warrant.

    Bridgeport CT re-elects and former mayor who spent 7 years in prison from racketeering and corruption. Apparently they missed the good old days.

    • Bridgeport CT re-elects and former mayor who spent 7 years in prison from racketeering and corruption. Apparently they missed the good old days.

      First, must be a Democrat. Secondly, if a person can’t legally own a gun (felon), he/she should never be able to hold any public office.

  52. Obama, on the news awhile ago…..visibly upset at the “World Rankings” of most infuential leaders….he has slipped to number 5…..Putin is first and Germany;s Merkel is second…..

    His comment was: ” He does not understand why everyone does not see his direction and leadership”….everyone sees it, of course….

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Why wouldn’t he be? all presidents have to have monumental drive and ego’s, but he is seriously narcissistic to boot. Hitler promised to remake the german nation. He sure did. massive urban renewal. The last president that had a combination of behavioral traits such as Obama was Wilson. These two so overshadow even two other’s the Roosevelt’s. The big difference is that the Roosevelt’s helped build this country and wholeheartedly believed in it. Not deminish it.

      • Just think about it for a minute. The last Dem president was Bill the rapist pervert, so beloved by women. The current one is the narcissistic, I can do no wrong, love me because I am black, I hate America guy Cops suck guy. The next possible Democrat is The liar who covered up Bill’s dalliances while demeaning the women who had the courage to speak out. These people make Bernie Sanders look normal!

  53. An interesting article on state education. You will note mention is made of Father Ivan Illich in the article. Click on him you will all love his educational views!. He was, in the early 1950’s a parish priest in my church, gave me my first Communion as well as my first Penance. An interesting non-conforming leftist.

  54. Texas says no to transgender………….Houston, Texas (dit-dit-dit-da-dit)……..Houstons says, in a monumental large percentage……ummmm, if you have a hangy downy thang… are a guy…therefore, you will use the men’s rooms. There is no such thing as a little bit pregnant…you are either male or female and if you have a problem identifying, go to your local doctor for a physical.

    Pretty simple…transgender go away. No special treatment.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I never really thought Houston as a “liberal” city with so much oil industry around. Pretty tough characters, at least when I was there. How in the heck did that mayor get elected? Austin I can see, but Houston. Must of hid her agenda well.

      • This article, written two years ago right after she won the mayoral election for the 3rd time, might help answer your question. Apparently lots of other people were asking the same thing, as well as why voter numbers have fallen so much in the last 40 years.

        City Elections in Houston: The Disappearing Urban Voters
        May 25, 2013 6:28:11 AM PDT
        Commentary by Dr. Richard Murray
        HOUSTON —
        Houston elects its city officials in odd-numbered years, which means we’ll go to the polls to elect our mayor, controller, and city council members this November. With a competitive mayoral race looming between incumbent Annise Parker and challenger Ben Hall, we can expect to see millions of dollars spent on TV ads, mailers, yard signs, and all the other accoutrements of modern campaigns for big political jobs. What we will not see are voters flocking to the polls.

        In Houston and other large American cities, voter turnout in mayoral elections has dropped sharply in recent years. The Los Angeles mayoral election on Tuesday of this week, for example, drew a puny 19% of the registered voters to the polls despite the two finalists spending 35 million dollars promoting themselves.

        To document the decline in voter participation in Houston, I went to the Office of City Secretary Anna Russell’s website and clicked on past elections. The data base goes back to 1971, so I looked at the results in the December 7th mayoral runoff that year. The results were:

        Louie Welch… 141,753 votes or 52.82 percent
        Fred Hofheinz… 126,637 votes or 47.18 percent

        I then looked at the results of the December 12th runoff in 2009. The results 38 years later were:

        Annise Parker… 82,175 votes or 52.79 percent
        Gene Locke… 73,495 votes or 47.22 percent

        Aside from the fact that the winner’s margin of victory was also exactly the same in 2009 as 1971, the most interesting thing about these two elections to me is the dramatic drop in voters. In 1971 268,390 votes were counted in the mayor’s race compared to just 155,670 four years ago.

        What accounts for this huge decline in voter turnout? Maybe, like Detroit, Cleveland, or St. Louis, the City of Houston is smaller today than in the early 1970s. We can quickly rule that out. The 1970 census counted 1,232,802 people in the Bayou City compared to 2,099,451 in 2010. The fact that the city grew 70% between 1970 and 2010 while the mayoral vote declined by 42% from 1971 to 2009 makes the dropoff in voting even more puzzling.

        If the simple explanation of fewer people equals fewer voters is not the case, we have to consider other possibilities. One would be that the office of mayor in Houston is less important today than 40 years ago. Again, we can reject this. Since the early 1940s the City Charter has concentrated huge powers in the chief executive position. That was true in 1971, as it was in 2009. Nor do we see a decline in campaign spending. Adjusting for inflation, serious mayoral candidates raise and spend equal or greater sums today that was the case four decades ago.

        While there are a number of plausible explanations for the sharp voter decline in Houston (and many other big cities), the most credible two are:

        (1) The makeup of the urban population has changed dramatically in recent decades. In 1970, Houston’s population was 61% Anglo (persons who told the census they were white and not Hispanic) and 26% Black. In 2010, the City’s population was 26% Anglo and 23% Black. What is driving this big shift is the huge growth in the Hispanic population (12% in 1970 but 44% in 2010) and the Asian /Other category (1% in 1970 and 7% in 2010). For reasons we need not go into to here, age-eligible Hispanics and Asians vote at much lower levels than Anglos and Blacks, so the replacement of Anglos and Blacks in the City by Latinos and Asians means that overall voter turnout declines even as the total population increases.

        (2) The second factor is the declining polarization of big city electorates, including Houston’s. Forty years ago, big cities had a very different political mix compared to today. The white majority was a mix of socioeconomic types who tended to block up and turn out in large numbers in opposition to candidates supported by the growing Black electorate. That is what happened in 1971. Louie Welch got 78% of the Anglo vote while Fred Hofheinz (who was white like Welch), got 98% of the Black vote. Compare that to 2009, when a credible Black candidate (Gene Locke) got only 85% of the smaller Black vote, while taking about 28% of the white vote.

        So while there is enormous partisan and cultural polarization in the nation these days, that is generally not the case in large cities like Houston. The whites who remain in the City are more politically moderate than was the case 40 years ago, and the rest of the electorate in much more diverse. There is now a far larger Black middle class as well as numerous Hispanic and Asian voters. This means Houston, like other big cities, is now strongly Democratic in partisan elections, and culturally liberal on social issues.

        And that means the differences between serious mayoral contenders like Parker and Locke in 2009 are far smaller than was the case in 1971 between Welch and Hofheinz. And that reality depresses voter interest and turnout.


        I grew up in Houston and remember both Louie Welch and Fred Hofheinz, and found this article enlightening. Haven’t lived down there in decades….but apparently the few voters who care to show up don’t mind electing a gay mayor….so they are saying, you are gay and want to be mayor? We don’t care…..want to push your agenda in our faces? NOW we care!


    • Just A Citizen says:

      As a political communications trick it can be useful or it could backfire.

      As a LEGAL ploy it is stupid. It in fact violates the very principle gun owners support when they claim the “responsibility” of a shooting lies with the shooter.

  55. Kinda curious though………will you adopt the same attitude with a swimmig pool owner who fails to lock his back gate saying that the person who commits a tresspass and drowns should not have been there from the start? Why would the pool owner be negligent and not a gun free owner who fails to ensure proper security?

    ” It in fact violates the very principle gun owners support when they claim the “responsibility” of a shooting lies with the shooter. “…….this is a true statement so perhaps if someone is gunned down in a gun free zone, there should be a liability for failing to ensure a safe environment?

    Interesting conundrum. I think you could profer an argument on the basis of liablity…..Is a gun free zone liable because it takes away a basic human right to self defense? The same as a homeowner with a swimming pool is liable for drownings even if he provides a safe environment of locked/unlocked gates. He should have prevented a young person from climbing a 6 foot fence to drown in his pool.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Yes, I am consistent.

      The Trespasser is responsible for any accident occurring on said property.

      You cannot prove that a gun free zone makes it “unsafe”. That is why I said the trick could backfire. It is vulnerable to rational and logical argument. Claiming gun free is a target and could result in larger loss of life seems common sense. But the action required to prevent mass murder is not as “intuitive”. They presume armed citizens would stop mass murder. The FACT is that we KNOW this to be NOT TRUE in all circumstances. In fact, for this to be true the number of citizens carrying weapons would have to be far greater than those desiring to carry weapons. And they would all have to be willing and able to use them against the bad guy.

      The problem with making this argument is the use of definitive declarations about what does and will happen. Real life does not align with such statements, thus making them vulnerable to attack.

      Gun free zones are probably no more safe or unsafe than any other place in the country at any given moment. STATISTICS show the risk is very, very small. So where does liability for “unsafe” conditions lie? Look at criteria for “unsafe” work places. The risk of accident has to have a direct link and have a fairly high frequency of occurrence to get that “designation”.

      One point that should be covered is that gun free zones are not all equal. Posting a no gun sign on a store front is not the same, relative to liability, as a college that does not even have security guards or safety measures installed.

      I do not think you can claim loss of a “right” and thus liability. The Right of the property owner trumps your claim. And at what point is the property owner liable for your safety from “outside” factors that are not linked to the condition of the property? This is why I think it a loser as a “legal” challenge. On the other hand, the courts have certainly found more bizzare links in the past, so maybe it will succeed.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        If we become more like the EU a trespasser will NOT in any way be liable and all injury to the trespasser will be on the owner. Case in the village I lived in when teaching in England. Even though it was proven that the two trepassers had (2X) broken in and also beaten the old farmer, in his 80’s, just for the hell of it. When the farmer retailated during the third time, in his home, he was arrested and convicted and sent to prison. The surviving perp walked and became the victim. The police very publically said….let them (robbers) do their thing, we can not possibly respond so also do not waste your money on and alarm system.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Taken to an extreme. Had a co-worker in VT who also had a farm. One day a neighbors “toddler” wandered quite a distance and drowned in the pond. The bruhaha that ensued about liability was astonishing. Claims he should have had secure fencing, but then it was a farm pond. but no mention that the errant mother was negligent by letting her toddler unsupervised. I really do mean toddler. Lucky for my friend that the jury was comprised up of peers and not overwhelmed by flatlanders from NYC, yet. as It would be now, given most if not all the old-timers are now pushing up daisies.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      More thought on the subject. Work place policies are created to “prevent” an unsafe condition.

      Is not a “gun free zone” a policy to prevent a work place threat? After all, if the policy is followed there is no shooting.

      Just as in the work place where an employee who violates a policy is injured, the employer is not liable. The shooter violates the policy, thus the owner is not liable.

      Like I said, the legal issues seem far to muddy for me.

      Now let us think a minute about the legal ramifications if these people succeed.

      Will every mom and pop shop have to post armed guards to prevent liability of some thug shooting up their patrons?? The liability cannot be contained to just posting a “gun free” sign. It could be argued that allowing guns on the premises cuts both ways, or that it is NOT ENOUGH to prevent mass murder because mom and pop cannot assure there are enough armed customers to protect the place.

      As for the common sense. I do not understand people who post no gun signs. It is advertising the wrong message if your desire is safety. They should post “No Open Carry” signs instead. Or even better “Only concealed weapons allowed”.

      • JAC…..I really feel you are “over” thinking this. I do not know about your state, but this is one place where Texas has it wrong. If you trespass on private property, you can get shot. No liability, If you trespass on private property and fall into a swimming pool and drown, the owner is liable. The same measure for going to pubic sporting events. The tickets you get say that you accept the risks for attending the game….foul balls, falling over railings, hit by thrown bats, a hockey puck clearing the plexiglass up high…etc etc…..but, if someone is hurt, the facility is always liable.

        Personally, I will not go into anywhere that says it is a “gun free zone”…you might as well paint a bull’s eye on your back. I would rather it say nothing at all. However, open carry for handguns goes into effect this January 1…..I carry when I go to the State Fair, Six Flags…etc. I CHOOSE not to attend sporting events in large venues that do not allow weapons. That is my choice.

        But if you make a bar owner liable for allowing someone to leave drunk… can make a bar owner liable for not allowing weapons.

      • The Wright Rossi survey helps to understand the criminal (and it don’t agree with your assessment of no gun zones).

        This was the quickest I can find any stats from the survey. Regardless, your suggestion to just remove the signs is probably the easiest and best answer. Putting up signs like Armed security on premises or the like couldn’t hurt. It’s funny, as I have read dozens of stories about business’s being robbed by an armed criminal within days of putting up no gun zone signs (or some sign that says similar). I agree that a property owner has every right to tell people they cannot be personally responsible for their safety while on their property. But as I have said before, when one takes away personal responsibility of people, then they assume that responsibility. Why shouldn’t that be fair?

        Your correct, the killer bares the sole responsibility for his/her actions, with that I agree totally. One’s personal protection is also the responsibility of the individual. When that responsibility is removed, then the person/person’s who removed that responsibility should bare that responsibility on their shoulders (and in court). State laws vary a lot on the subject of “no guns allowed” etc. In Pa, it’s only a trespassing ticket, but only if you refuse to leave when asked. In other states it may be a serious issue. I still think simply removing such signs would be sufficient.

      • My first thought is that this is absurd. It is comparable to holding the property owner liable for a trespasser drowning in their pond. Or holding the bar owner responsible for the drunk driver. Both are wrong and contradict common sense. Of course I think it absurd that we even have to have this conversation in a ‘civilized’ society. If a person kills several people then that person is responsible for the death of said people. I know it may be a strange concept for some people but that is how I think.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Sounds perfectly rational to me!

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The pond story is absolutely true. Today, in VT he would have been held liable. I knew co-workers that moved out of NY to be safer in VT. In one year there was like, 2 homicides. Many more hunting accidents. Anyway, these people also would not let their son do anything, like ride his bike on the roads etc. The kid wanted to go back to NYC for college. He never made his 1st class. Shot dead by a mugger because when threatened with a gun to turn over his wallet or die….apparently witnesses said that he said , yeah right. Bang. The kid had NO concept of being aware and could not recognize danger even when it killed him.

          NC used to have a very interesting drinking law. Bars and restaurants DID NOT sell or serve liquor. You brought your own. The bar just sold the mixers and the entertainment. You poured whatever strength drink you wanted. Restaurants charged an un-corking fee on wine. This is deep in Baptist country. There was very little aversion to liquor, it was paying the revenue to the feds. To be out on the street driving on a Friday or Saturday night was bad business. Sunday out on the golf course was like driving your cart through a minefield with all the empties just being tossed. It had to be the police that were overwhelmed with drinking and driving deaths and accidents that got the laws changed.

  56. Just A Citizen says:

    It is sometimes just baffling to watch the hard left expose themselves. You know, the left who claims judicial interference based on political leanings when they don’t like a SCOTUS decision.

    I wonder if they even realize they have exposed their real belief that the Courts should be driven by political ideology rather than “objective law”. I also wonder how it came that the courts got final authority over drawing election boundaries.

    From the kos:

    “• PA Supreme Court: In what was by far the most important victory of the night, Democrats swept three seats on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, giving them a five to two majority; previously, Republicans had controlled the bench three to two, with two vacancies. This victory isn’t simply about ensuring a more just court, though undoubtedly the cause of fairness will benefit greatly. It will also have an enormous impact on the next round of legislative redistricting.

    That’s because the Supreme Court selects the tie-breaking vote for the commission that draws up the maps for Pennsylvania’s state House and Senate. In the prior two rounds of redistricting, the Republican-dominated court chose the tiebreaker, but now Democrats will have that power come 2021 (justices are elected to 10-year terms). As a result, Democrats will have the chance to undo the Republican gerrymanders that have given the GOP a lock on both houses of the legislature. It’ll give Team Blue an excellent shot at retaking both chambers, which means real progressive change will be able to move forward. And if Democrats can win the legislature, it also means that future congressional redistricting will be in their hands, too—though we’d likely have to wait until 2031 for that!”

    Pleas google recent comments by the left about how Republicans used redistricting to rig the elections. Now watch them do the same thing and rationalize it because they are in power.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      One more thought on the Dems whining about redistricting by republicans.

      Their complaints infer that elections are stolen by R’s drawing boundaries. This argument fails to address the PRIMARY question. How did the R’s get the majority needed to REDRAW the lines that were previously drawn by the D’s??????

      • Texas gerrymanders every ten years according to census reports….and everybody knows this and whoever is in power gets to pull the strings.

        • BTW……..I voted this past Tuesday on state constitutional matters…..and picture ID is required EVEN if you have a voters registration card. We do not follow SCOTUS ruling on picture ID’s…..and the rule is that as long as there is selecive enforcement, then there is no enforcement.

    • Ultimately, it’s the fault of having a 2 party system that monopolizes elections, EVEN at the local level. Trying to fix this would be a good topic of debate.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Again, faulty logic. It is not the “fault” of a two party system. It is the fault of trying to allocate representatives based on population. It is the fault of any Statist system which allows representatives to create laws which pass money/power/influence from one to another.

        It matters not whether there is one party or a thousand. Granted, that NO PARTIES would make it hard to gerrymander for any one groups benefit. Except of course for the Cities. They would become dominant no matter how you structured it.

        • Again, you overthink things and fail the common sense test. No political parties, no need for Gerrymandering, same with one political party. A hundred political parties would make the whole process of Gerrymandering mostly moot and useless. The more parties, the less ability to Gerrymander occurs, because it isn’t one or the other pretend sides in control. No control, no Gerrymandering because the courts wouldn’t support it. Rather simple, correct logic at work.

  57. Josh Ernets on CNN a little while ago…..says: If Congress does not do what the POTUS wants, then executive action is justified…………..the dictatorship of Obama.

  58. Young student on TV earlier today on the stabbings of four students at a California University. Crying very hard and upset at why anyone would use a knife….it is time to ban all weapons.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Really this data should not come as a surprise. The only thing that shocks me is that it took so long to come out. Way back in ’75 when I was in the Navy, there were tons of programs to help the advancement of people of color, women etc. One of the guys I worked with, said…what about me? after he was denied another program. The answer came back that he was WHITE and not eligible. Even though he came from just as disadvantaged an area, like a West Virginia coal mining town. Rock bottom poor. Education poor. Family health issues from lung diseases. Government bigotry cuts in many directions. Escorted another group of guys overseas, as I was the senior PO. One of them when eating literally wrapped his arms around his plate and hung his head over the plate as though he was protecting it. I asked him how many siblings did he have. He said 11. Food was scarce and equally apportioned. If you didn’t protect your plate the brother next to you would steal it. he was white and from appalachia.

      Even as the more highly educated jobs like programing continue to move overseas, the earlier death numbers will increase on the chart further up the middle class ladder.

      Yesterday I posted a question about continuation education. In my old area in SoCal there seemed to be one attached to most senior high schools. All revolving around drug rehab and attempting to completed some education. These were upper middle class neighborhoods and have not changed. You still need to be an upper middle class person to live there. Drugs was a serious problem way back in the 60’s. These kids could do anything. Like go to Hawaii for the weekend. Travel at will. But boredom reigned and after all together to many weekends you’d ask what did you do?….oh man, I got some good shit. Yah but what did you do? Oh I got so fucked up, it was great. It’s all catching up

      Me,, I went rock climbing, sailing, traveled, skied, dove, raced cars, body surfed, and I remember every minute of these adventures…..oh and worked

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