thM7OETFRKI’m sure everyone has paid some attention to the Russian airliner that crashed in Egypt, killing well over 200 innocent people.  It didn’t take long for the media to be all over this, with all the typical talking points about how “something catastrophic” must have happened.  Well, no shit Sherlock!  What made them think that?  Maybe the crash site?  Maybe?  It didn’t take long for some Pentagon mouthpiece to almost immediately come out and claim it was not “shot down” from a ground based missile.  Well, that sounds like propaganda, shoved down everyone’s throats, before any real facts come out.  Let’s look at this closer.  ISIS in the area claimed that they did it.  It was full of Russians, who are attacking ISIS in the Middle East.  OK so far, makes sense, as far as ISIS, as they tend to want the coverage.  Weapons, like those new fangled ones missing from Libya (thanks for covering this up Hillary, your emails were the PERFECT cover).  Weapons that are likely capable of doing this at high altitudes (I know Colonel, your intel is probably different), despite the media claiming there are no weapons that can.  Times have changed and I’m positive the capabilities of todays weapons have also, to claim different is akin to being blind.

So now we must ask WHO is really behind this tragic mass murder event.  HMMMMM….If I go with the normal M.O., maybe our own government did it….maybe not.



  1. New thread, YIPPEE!


    Big oil is evil so let’s use ‘government’s money’ to harass and bring them down a notch or two. More waste of ‘our’ money not to mention driving up energy costs. They are losing the AGW battle but through more lies and aggressive action, they continue to do harm to the economy.

    • More evidence that Democrats are trying to crush the economy? It certainly hasn’t improved since Obama was originally elected, at least not for the average person. Wall St. is doing great, but even that will come crashing down at some point, probably at the expense of peoples retirement funds.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Amazing how the government can prosecute a company for refuting the “facts” of a theory and bogus models and falsified data.

  3. “Among the TPP’s endless pages are rules for labor, environment, immigration and every aspect of global commerce – and a new international regulatory structure to promulgate, implement, and enforce these rules,” Sessions said. “This new structure is known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission – a Pacific Union – which meets, appoints unelected bureaucrats, adopts rules, and changes the agreement after adoption.”

    Sounds like the implementation of the New World Order to me.

    • Thanks to the Republicans pushing through the illegal Fast track legislation, it will become a legal treaty, at least until the Fast Track legislation is struck down in court, which could take years. Then again, SCOTUS has been acting like the Wizard’s of OZ and acting like they make new laws, so who knows.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      This trade deal will only accelerate the loss of jobs here in the US.

  4. To comment on the main article… It would not surprise me a bit if it was our own government. I’m reading that an ISIS bomb ‘probably’ brought the plane down…therefore our government is responsible. It was our government that created, trained, funded, and supplied ISIS…therefore our government is responsible for ANYTHING ISIS does.

  5. A nice update on the recent local/State elections:

  6. For SK, the language man:

    Old: Juvenile Delinquent
    New: Justice Involved Youth

    Why can’t anything be simple?

    • Hi Anita 🙂

      Are you having some problems or just generalizing? How’s life back in the workforce?

      • I saw it on Fox this morning. Cussed the tv out then thought of SK, that’s all. More propaganda like you wrote about in the article.

        Work is hard stuff! I worked us out of work today. It’s normally 4 9’s and 4 on Friday, making 40. Thank God cause my brain is on information overload and my bones ache, no lie 🙂 . Best thing about it is I’m finally learning Excell, a program I’ve never had opportunity to learn, which limited my job search. It’s a screen print shop. Most of the work comes from a marketing group representing Ford, VW and other auto suppliers. Other big names, too. Pittsburgh paints, DTE Energy. I hadn’t heard but I guess VW has it’s feet to the fire over scamming on emission standards, which is why we’re ‘slow’ as they say. I was hired in with 5 others. I’m the only rookie left standing. Slept like a rock for 8 full hours last night..first time in forever. Hard work pays off 😉

        • Glad to hear that all is well. Today is a weather delay day, so no hunting. The weather stinks, windy and rainy. Tomorrow will be cooler and dry, a better day in the woods (yes, I get paid to do this 🙂 ). Keep up the hard work!

          • After a beautiful Indian summer week, it’s raining here today as well, with temps 20 degrees cooler than earlier this week. Sounds like a chicken soup kind of day.

    • That is one hell of a stretch. Closer to the mark in the late ’70’s and early ’80 NY City was the term “Feral Youths” promulgated by Deputy Chief Anthony Bouza. In his New Yorkese, it came out “Feral Utes” which it has remained to this day.

      Chief Bouza is a no nonsense old school cop who wrote an interesting piece three years ago about the “out of control” side of policing.

    • It is simple-everything these juvenile delinquents do is okay because they are fighting for justice. Now add only Black lives matter to the equation and you start to realize that the race wars have started.

      • How about, “felony challenged youths”

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Here is another example of “NEW” speak….

          Los Angeles Unified School District was the first to ban suspending students for defiance in California and began instituting “restorative justice” policies that emphasize counseling and conflict resolution.

          Apparently the teachers union is not very happy with the new policy.

          It may have been a bit more difficult to suspend students in the inner city, because there’d be none, but in every school i attended, there was no negotiating with a teacher. You disrupted a class….you were gone. The VP didn’t overturn or negotiate or counsel. You went to detention. Not many went because the fear was from the parents. Not that there were not some chronic troublesome kids, but they generally didn’t last long anyway. Nothing temporary about their suspension.

  7. Just A Citizen says:

    Looks like the media is on its usual track. Build up the candidates then go after them.

    Rubio and Carson are now the new targets. Almost looks like they are jumping for Trump on the Rubio issue of credit cards and finances. CNN puts out a days worth of reporting on a story that has no factual information that counters Carson’s story. Only that they could not confirm it.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And there is the “pandora’s” box of the Clinton foundation, yet no real investigation. Her diificult question to answer was if elected “what will Bill be called”? Should have been “BOBBIT” a long time ago.

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    The real problem is the OBVIOUS lack of economic knowledge and understanding among so many. That includes many Boomers but is especially acute in the newer generations. This dip stick is typical of many “younger generational” types I met while in Oregon.

    Now with the criticism done, there are some small grains of truth in the accusation against Boomers. Ours is the first WELFARE generation. We built that with the activism of our misguided youth. We did benefit from the prior generations “investment” in infrastructure. While we did a poor job of maintaining it, we also built a new one that links the world together.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      As a baby boomer in my mid 60’s I do look at our generation as one that squandered the wealth and ethics of our parents generation. We rejected the very ideals that gave us the standard of life we experienced. I am speaking in generalities. What real hardships did we truly experience….none. I never ever got an allowance. We got what we needed. anything extra was worked for and paid out of our own pocket or a truly surprise gift. Started earning money from outside sources around 7-8 years old. Mowing lawns, feeding horses, shoveling horse shit. grooming them, being the 1st to get on their backs. Picking fruit. That was not fun. Kids in high school could never understand why I always had funds and did not work as a busboy, bagger etc. Had my own landscaping business. Made even in ’69 more what is considered a poverty income “TODAY”…..we raised the spoiled children who came out in droves during the late 90’s and early 00’s expecting instant gratification. Where were the credentials of a proven track record to attain those levels of reward…..the war I had with my stepson was a real war. I could not in anyway get him to do anything. His Mom covered everytime. Example. He and a neighbor kid upon a bribe shoveled the driveway one time in the winter. Upon completion the went in by the fire and started playing poker with the moey they just earned. They asked if I wanted to play. Thinking they were hot stuff, I asked is this for keeps. They said YES. As the saying goes, it was like taking candy from a baby. The kids went and got their lunch money for the next week and piggy banks etal. I took it all. So the next day, we were heading to school and he asks his mother for lunch money. She said she’d given it to him already. He said that I took it. She whipped out a $20 and gave it to him. That started quite a row. I said, we’ll stop at the ATM and he can withdraw money from the bank. He lost money that he could not afford to lose. Object lesson. Needless to say I lost. He continued getting a free ride, until a few years later, and he’s still a loser. He got trained well by his Mom.

      • I grew up in small town America. If you did not live and work on the family farm, you found some other form of employment. I mowed lawns, weeded flower gardens. Once in HS, I went on Dad’s construction crew full time (9hrs/d x 6d/wk). We did rough and finish carpentry, cement, roofing, electrical, plumbing, etc. I learned to weld and use a torch. We designed and built our own tools such as elevators, sheet metal brake, hoist, etc. For hobbies we built u-control model airplanes and rockets; tinkered with electronics. Also did leather carving. No spoiled childhood here. I’ve laid shingles in broiling heat and freezing cold, shinnied up ice covered rafters, pulled down old farm buildings, climbed all over big Midwestern barns with no safety net or hand rail. OSHA would have a fit if they saw the scaffolding we used. I learned there are easier ways to make a living, and like Dr. Carson, education is the key.

        Yes kids of today are pampered. We did not have the trials that our parents had with the depression and war but we also learned from them. Perhaps we spoiled our kids. However, most of our current problems can be traced back to government policies esp., the Great Society. This was started by the previous generation not by the boomers. We were just coming into adulthood when that started.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The education message is that your are better than that. Doing labor that actually shows something is beneath you. Actally it’s quite racist that attitude, But who is scoffing up those jobs….the latino’s.

          That said, a friend in high school’s father owned a construction company. They specialized in “Freeway” construction in SoCal. He worked for Dad during the summer doing all the shit jobs. Like cleaning out the built up tar inside the tanker trucks once it hardened. Anyway, we used to be impressed by the cost per mile he said that they’d build one mile of 6-8 lane freeway. That’s 3-4 lanes each way. $1,000,000 in ’70. Today, in Greenville NC they announced the ground breaking to complete the circle by-pass of the city. This is 12 miles, rural, will be only 4 lanes divided, two each way. 5 inter-changes….all at this great low price of $190,000,000. I’m just thinking the ultimate cost to the taxpayer in CA will be the unmovable high speed rail system.

          • I don’t view manual labor as being beneath anyone. I do think that if you have the smarts and willingness, then finding an easier yet productive life should be your goal. I still enjoy building things. In fact my whole carrier is one of building sophisticated scientific instruments. So the talents I learned in my youth are still employed. To teach my sons that they could take on a task much bigger than them, we first rebuilt the deck on the house and then built a shop/garage/barn. It is 28′ x 48′ with a full loft. Did all the work ourselves including the cement work. They learned some critical skills along the way plus the trait of not being afraid to take on a big job.

            I started working for $0.50/hr at 13. Today, the law would come down hard on that as child labor plus minimum wage issues. We also did not earn overtime although worked a standard 54 hr week. It was mostly seasonal labor so we were happy to get what we could when we could. Dad gave my brothers and I a jobs rather than a free college education. We got the education on our own.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Great lessons. To bad they are lost on most families today. As the great grandson of immigrants who succeeded greatly, everybody survived and grew during the depression. WWII, Korean War. Our kids do not have any such education. Me I got to relate to all of them.

      • While sorry for your misfortune, I cannot tell you how happy I am that # 2 son dodged the same bullet. Mom and I saw what she was all about but he was “in love”. If it had not been for his love of the USAF and willingness to deploy yet again when asked, I fear he would have gone and married the lady. She could not take the deployments and drove him crazy while overseas. When he was home he basically was raising her kid though not allowed to discipline him. Her demand that he resign his commission or lose her was the final straw. He is a major now, married to a sweet girl with a little guy of his own.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Same situation. I ultimately gave him 3 choices. 1) Go to school, and he and his wife and baby can continue living with us. School is the job. During his 1st 4 year army hitch he never took one course towards any degree. 2) get a job and save the money in a nest egg and he and his wife and baby can continue living with us. 3) get the hell out and go to his father’s house. he chose # 3. They left the next day. My wife left me the following day under the threat if I did not take him back after throwing him out she’d leave. he lied to her. as normal. Relationship wise I’m a happy man. No ties to nobody. Anyway, his father was a hard working man and Shane and his BS lasted exactly one month there before being thrown out.

    • I cannot logically blame any generation for the ills of this country these days, mainly because I don’t believe that it can be laid at the feet of an entire generation. Things changed and evolved. If we should blame any one group, let’s start with lawyers. They make up the majority of government, who, by default is really the problem. All the talk about young people being spoiled brats and spoon fed, could have been fixed with the real threat of starvation (get off your ass and earn your way). The lawyers and government made sure that threat doesn’t exist. But honestly, how are those trade agreements working out? How about the millions of regulations, over taxation and other nonsense that keeps this country from continuing to grow. Of course I can also blame myself, for playing their game and voting for their corrupt asses over the decades.

  9. Dale A Albrecht says:

    well Obama and Kerry put the nail in the coffin for the Keystone Pipeline today. Saying it is NOT in our national interests to do the pipeline. From what I understand is that way back when the negotiations were hitting every pot hole in the road. Canada, was also laying the groundwork, just in case, to build the pipeline west towards Vancouver. China was planning on being the major recipient of the oil and funding for the project.

    • Both Steyer and Buffet hold stock in rail tank cars so neither wants the pipeline. Since both are big donors, they get what they want. But of course the stated reason is the Repubs want to foul the air with dirty oil. The Saudi’s are happy as well since we now must continue guarding their oil and buying it.

      • But, but, Federal politicians aren’t bought and paid for….are they?

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Gman…”there you go with those negative waves, man” Quote from “Kelly’s Heros”

          • Good movie 🙂 The sad part is that anyone with half a brain knows this is how things happen more often then not, yet continue to play the game and let it continue. It isn’t just blue or a red shirt thing, it’s all of them.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              I really do not know if you saw the data i posted a while ago on convictions of politicians party at the state and local level. The contest to see who is most corrupt is so overwhelmingly won by the Democrats, it truly astonishes me that the party still can get elected ever. Except they “bring the bacon home” and that is what counts. Who was that congressman that died a few years ago from western PA

              • I recall your post well. Growing up in Youngstown Ohio, where Jim “Beam Me Up Scotty” Traficant was elected and later jailed for his misgivings (he just didn’t play the party game and was screwed). Not sure about Pa politics, haven’t lived here long. Y-town is well known for political corruption. It’s also a shithole.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Actually more like the reverse in this case.

          Mr. Obama was not going to approve the pipeline. He let it stay alive for his own political gain and he killed it for ideological reasons.

          The two gentlemen, being supporters, knew he would kill it. So they invested in oil cars. In Mr. Buffet’s case, he invested in the entire railroad company.

          Next up it the lawsuit forcing an EIS for the increased oil car traffic along the Columbia river. The greenies have already slowed the development of the Chinese oil transfer station.

          This is what makes it all so hard to stop and creates the illusion that everyone is buying favors. They do in some cases. But in many they are just on the same side and understand what will happen if they get “their” person elected. If you know how the “elected official” will behave you can then bet your money on the outcome.

          Money primarily buys access, not a direct “favor”. This access allows the “donor” to both give and get information. I have seen situations where the getting of info. amounted to “insider trading” relative to a given pending decision.

          • Seems to me Trump pretty much let that cat out of the bag to run around for all to see.

            they are just on the same side and understand what will happen if they get “their” person elected. Correct and they donate a lot of money to get “their” person elected, while us normal poor folk don’t get that special access to help be more successful. No matter how you put it, it’s still an issue of who is really getting represented. Because as of late, regardless of shirt color, it don’t seem to be US!

            • Just A Citizen says:


              That depends on whether you belong to any “group” which lobbies Congress or donates to campaigns.

              MANY Americans are represented by AARP, for example. Some by the NRA.

              Now notice how many leftist wealthy people scream for the elimination of PACS and lobbyist groups.

              Those screaming to make all donations “individual” are just giving the power to the Uber-wealthy.

              • A simple solution would be to have candidates pay for their own election/re-election. Lobbyists can be eliminated as well. Instead, we have a bought and paid for group of puppets. We can do better.

  10. Here we go again, just like with Stewart, they want to be all politics and taken seriously-but when they get called out for blatant nastiness and hypocrisy- their suddenly innocent because their comedians.

  11. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the day:

    Hegemony and Freedom are incompatible.

    To maintain hegemonic power in the world one must project military and economic power. To do this one must have control of both via Govt. force. Used to get the money to support the power and the force to use the power.

    Industrialists and self proclaimed capitalists want free access to foreign markets. Free access undermines the power needed to maintain hegemony. Current example; our oil and coal industry want to export their goods to China. This helps the Chinese compete with us globally, undermining our hegemonic position.

  12. Just A Citizen says:

    Trump committed another FOOPA last night when commenting on the downing of the Russian plane in Egypt.

    Now lets see how long it takes for someone to hang it around his neck.

    For those who did not hear it, it was something like: “It was a Russian plane that was blown up, oh well no love lost there…………..”.

    • “It was a Russian plane that was blown up, oh well no love lost there…………..”.

      And the problem with this statement is ????????

      • Just A Citizen says:


        It shows absolute disdain for the innocent lives lost. But apparently I was wrong because nobody has held it against him yet.

        This is a one liner that can be used in a TV/Radio spot to damage his character and cast doubts on his ability to lead the world. How can you claim you will befriend Putin while showing disdain for his dead citizens????

        • JAC…..I understand your thinking and, perhaps, it is the moral thing to do….but it sure smacks of political correctness. Russia is not our friend….neither the government nor the people. I do not see “innocent lives” in the same manner as you do. Perhaps it is my age……and perhaps it is because I grew up in the “cold war” era. I am probably archaic in my thinking ( I will admit to this )….but Russia is not innocent and neither are its people and neither Russia nor its subjects have the interests of the United States at heart….nor should they.

          If I were a world leader, I would never befriend Putin on any matter….not even his recommendation on which resturant in Moscow was the best. I do not believe, any longer, in political diplomacy. I do not believe in giving up our number one position. As I have stated before, I do not believe that hegemony is wrong. It is not going to stop…..we can become a total isolationist country. leave everybody alone, trade even, be nice, turn the other cheek…etc etc…….and the only thing that we will get… the other cheek slapped and no leftovers. Russia, China….whoever, will take over as the hegemonic power.

          You may not like Trump… I do not like him….but he is correct. His direct approach seems like arrogance because we have deluded ourself into this kumbayah, get along with everybody, politically correct posture and all that does is signal weakness. Russia is not our friend…is not now and never will be. This whole world deals in and understands force. The world understands the “BIG DOG” concept and it respects this concept and has for 10,000 years.This world deals in reality and does not understand philosophy.

          You use diplomacy when you have the biggest stick behind your back. We do not have the biggest stick any longer….we are a world joke with this joke of a President.

          So….(stepping down off the hawk box)……how are you are your spousal unit and brood doing?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I was only commenting on the generally accepted practice in the world to show empathy for civilians lost to terrorist acts. I do not think all Russians or all Chinese or all Americans are complicit in their Govts behavior. Though of the three we Americans are most responsible. Cause we have open and free elections, we have a way to actually stop bad Govt. behavior.

            We are doing fine busy getting outside work wrapped for winter. Snow coming next week.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    Question to all you Tea Party and Conservative rebels.

    Why is Rubio being labeled “the most likely establishment guy to win”??????

    Rubio ran AGAINST the establishment guy in Florida to win his Senate seat. He was elected by the Tea Party activism. He was supported by the rebels in the Senate/House.

    He has been in DC for less than one term.

    So what the hell is going on with you folks who think he is an “establishment” republican??

    • People are looking at who is supporting him. Not necessary for him to be “establishment’, just malleable. many, myself included, do not trust him on immigration. Twenty years ago, I would have accepted his reversal, today I am not so sure. The issue has become crucial to the survival of the American culture and the prevention of Balkanization within the country.

      I’d like to remind us all of the success of “the Contract with America”. Gingrich, as unlovable as he is, managed to keep pushing bills onto Clinton’s desk with absolutely no regard for Clinton’s veto. Eventually, he won. Quite different from the recently departed Bohner and McConnell who say they will not push bills because the president will veto them. Balls vs. no balls or worse,

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    Another thought!

    Capitalism is the ONLY moral economic system available to man. It is the ONLY system which is predicated upon two primary Natural Rights.

    The Right to property and the Right of association.

    Any attempt to undermine these rights for economic or political purpose is thus IMMORAL.

    Thus TAXES are IMMORAL.

    • I think this is one thing we can AGREE on! 🙂

    • Capitalism has a bad name. Even in my head it conjures up some rich, fat, bald, 19th Century robber baron smoking cigars and cheating on his wife. Much better to take a leaf from the left and refer to it is “free market” economics only.

      Funny how we are STILL: paying for the foolishness of Bush 1 in his run against Ronnie. “Voodoo economics”. Probably stuck with it forever.

  15. Just A Citizen says:


    You live by luck you will die by luck. Sorry Sparty.

    But if you feel snake bit, just think of the poor Ole Miss fans.

    • Yeah, Thaaat SUCKED! I think it was 4 mins to go and they were up by 12. A bad drive by Sparty followed by real good drive by Nebraska, then the controversial step out of bounds, the Cook held the ball too long on the last play….just…CHOKE. Ugh! 🙂

  16. Despite my support of all things 2nd Amendment, I had a discussion with a person on another site concerning an “Open Carry Protest” that he claimed to organize in Oregon for Obama’s visit after recent mass shooting. He was egging people on to “do something”, stated he thought cops were pigs and generally came across as a bully. He mentioned the protest when I challenged him on “what” he was doing besides telling others to do something. With a little research into this posters past remarks, he was a typical Liberal who resorted to name calling when he found himself on the wrong side of the debate, which on the site I was on will get a person blacklisted rather quickly. We are more lenient here, because we have basically known each other for years.

    Anyways, he was all proud of his “accomplishment” and challenging others to do the same, organize an open carry protest. Here is my response:

    Congratulations on your accomplishment. I’m sure the DHS, Secret Service and FBI are still thanking you to this day., All you have really accomplished is leading your friends and yourself into a high profile event, which you were monitored, identified, filmed and put on a government list. Throw in the short sighted fact of open carry, and you just gave the Feds a free gun registration event and they didn’t even have to pass a law. Now they know who you and your friends are, where you live, type and model of your openly carried firearms and your vehicle model, year and license plate number. Congratulations!

    Well, needless to say, he went straight to name calling and the blacklist. But hell, at least he “did something”. 🙂

    Have a great Sunday SUFA!

    • To remember the great line from General Honore after Hurricane Katrina, “Are you stuck on stupid?”

      I shake my head often muttering, “we are our own worst enemies”, we are our own worst enemies”, ” we are our own worst enemies”.

      • Care to explain SK?

        • There are ways to accomplish things and ways not to accomplish things. For example our left wing debate moderators, being so full of themselves, shot themselves in the foot during the debate. They exposed their stupidity for one and all to see.

          The analogy is your dopey friend with his “open carry:” demo not to mention “all cops are pigs” comment. This plays right into the hands of the enemy allowing him the high ground.

          It has been said many times that there are 30-40% leftists, 30-40% rightists and 20 to 40% “moderates” in the country. To win elections, you must win over the moderates. Calling cops pigs and carrying guns during a Presidential visit makes you look like an idiot to the rest of the country. It also allows you to be portrayed as an extremist, racist, jerk. Throw out another phrase here, “in the eye of the beholder”. That is what we all play to these days, the “perception” of us and our positions by a hostile press.

          • Well said! He was no friend of mine, first time I had run into him in a comments section. After I finished making him look like the total fool he was, he went all Left Wing and had his little temper tantrum. I actually had fun, as I very kindly explained his ignorance and what he really accomplished. He was from out there in JAC land.

    • Does anyone really think that Terrorist laws were intended for this kind of activity?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Many years ago Johnny Cash went camping up in the Ojai area. It is then and still now a very protected area because of the small Cailifornia Condor population in the area. He went in there with a spark arrester on his camper truck. Backfired and started a forest fire. The outcome was that he was fined for the violation, but he had to pay all expenses for the extinguishing of the fire. That was fair and just. Wonder what it would have been today, based on the article posted.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      As usual, anything coming from the Bundy family is incomplete or distorted.

      Apparently the act was used, however the original finding was claimed to be ARSON.

      This raises another question which is not clear from the web. Some claims are the fires were started on private ground and spread to BLM lands. That is not ARSON. Another claims that one fire was set on BLM lands per some agreement between the Hammonds and BLM. I find that dubious but if that was true the BLM employee authorizing such a burn should be terminated. Prescribed fires on federal lands must meet federal rules for safety and conducting such burns.

      The judge who resentenced the Hammonds admonished them for “starting fires on BLM lands”.

      So there is some information that is seriously missing here.

      I could not find any “mandatory minimums” under the Terrorism Act. They may be there but did not find them. What the act does specify in its application is use of weapons of mass destruction and the definition for such weapons does NOT include wildfire or prescribed fire. Nor is a prescribed fire performed to deliberately damage or destroy property, which is another emphasis of the act.

      Something stinks to high heaven in this case and my short research effort did not identify it. And as usual, it probably involves falsehoods from both sides of this, along with a lot of claims by Bundy and others about intent, along with false presentation of legal issues.

      To the point, this was NOT an act of terrorism and should not have been prosecuted as such. However, the Act contains amendments to various laws regarding damages and compensation. So it may be the Hammonds were found guilty of one of these amendments but not actually classified as “terrorists”.

      • As usual, anything coming from the Bundy family is incomplete or distorted.

        How do you figure this? Or are you still pissed that they fought the feds and won? 🙂 I’ll guess the latter since the Bundy’s are not in jail and are still grazing their cattle on the same land.

        But seriously now, my point was about the use of the Terrorist Act, if it’s true, which I will give them the benefit of the doubt, for no other reason than I think the Feds would do it. One would have thought the statute of limitations would have come into play as well, but not sure about that. Oregon, it seems, is chock full of strange stories and odd happenings. The Pacific NorthWest is getting as bad as the Northeast.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          There would be no statute of limitations. They were found guilty by a jury of their peers under the Act. The judge applied a lighter sentence. Apparently the Feds appealed the sentence. It went to the Ninth Circuit which then remanded the case back to the District for a NEW sentencing hearing.

          One fact missing is when the Feds appealed. Was it timely? We have to assume it was or the Court would have rejected their appeal.

          This part of Oregon is NOT the Pacific NW. It is the Willamette Valley that is like the Northeast, along with that part of Washington west of the Cascade divide.

          • My whole issue was using the Terrorist Act. If that info is false, OK, they put out bad info. If the Terrorist Act was used, then it probably can be used for any crime, which may one day include anti-government sentiment in blogs and comment section of other web sites. I have a bad feeling that is coming, sooner than we all think.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Locally several months ago a man arrested for a quick mart hold up, was charged with using a “weapon of mass destruction” he had a shot gun. It was a charge available via the “terrorist” acts. The DA piled it on. Anyway it also was a dumb crook news story. They guy had an ankle bracelet on tracking his movements while he was out awaiting trial. he thought they turned it off during the day… fooling. There are so many ways that the prosecuters can get you they do not even know all the laws. safest bet…stay away from any legal proceeding, it is not looking out for your best interests.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          As for Bundy, he is a subversive, arrogant, jackass. The bottom line with this guy is he does not recognize the Federal Govts’ authority which has long been established. Particularly in Nevada.

          • I see you don’t like the Bundy’s 😀 Never met them personally. I’d guess that if Bundy actually did anything against the law, he’d be in jail along with all the folks who showed up with their guns and horses. Seems to me he is still a free man and still raising cattle. If the Federal governments authority is what you claim, this wouldn’t be the case, now would it?

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Bundy has been found GUILTY of violating Federal regulations including trespassing cattle and failure to pay his grazing fees. He was found GUILTY by a duly authorized court of law.

              NOBODY in Nevada is siding with Bundy except the loonie tunes who don’t understand these issues. which is why I am harsh on Bundy. He feeds his STUPID theories to people who are fired up over Govt. power excesses and they get got in the honey trap.

              In dealing with Bundy types in Nevada the Feds will sometimes back off, but then come back later and deal with the problem. In the Bundy case nobody within the Federal and State agencies can figure out why the BLM let him get away with this so long. Speculation is that it was originally over the MORMON connection. But NOBODY knows for sure. Except that Bundy has NO RIGHT of claim to graze on the BLM lands. And that by not acting in a timely matter the BLM has made it harder to deal with him. But mark my words, he will be dealt with as “may” some of those who were aiming guns at Federal officers. I say “may” because it will be hard to prove they were aiming AT any particular officer.

              I have provided you with the evidence proving this yet you continue to ignore it and make STUPID claims about his innocence. Yeah I get it. You will just fall back to the “I was just jerking your chain” claim. Kind of like those leftists using the “I am just a comedian” argument to deflect the light from their ignorance.

              My original WARNING still stands. Those who jump on the bandwagon of jackasses like Bundy will damage our cause. They will undo in a single event what has been built over years of work. Those “militia” folks that showed up are a good case in point. They showed themselves to be gullible and “radical” in the eyes of most Americans. Sean Hannity got played and Fox News knows it.

              But go on thinking the Bundy’s of the world are some kind of Hero if you like. On second thought he probably is to you since he is basically claiming an Anarchist view of the United States. Too bad the US Constitution does not create an Anarchist State.

              • Well, that all may possibly come true, but so far it hasn’t happened. I think it’s odd that if the Feds had the authority, they most certainly would have exercised it. They don’t wait very often and the BLM have run into similar issues in other state. I believe D13 brought up some issue surrounding a river that borders Oklahoma. I’m not positive, but the Feds may be having an issue with Article 1, sec 8, para 17.

  17. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Obviously I do not pretend to know anything but what I read about the demand by 32 black players to not participate unless the university ot Missouri president resigns. The major claim is that the “minority” students/blacks are treated differently than the other students.

    Based on my experience that probably is true. Every work place I worked that had blacks was literally terrified of enforcing equal rules as they would impose on the white employees or students. The Navy was particularly obvious. Want to be treated equally at a university, Do not accept anything other than a scholastic scholarship and not get in by government edicts to create proportional quotas. Do not accept a grade that you honestly never earned. The longer they keep saying “you owe me” the overall group will never ever get ahead. Stop being the LOW person on all measures of scholastic metrics. By continually being at the bottom of all scholastic learning and then expect to get ahead in life is a fantasy created by the government. Not that there are not excellent students of color. Just point to the asians. They were discriminated against in this country quite harshly and were generally nothing but slaves themselves. They have succeeded by all measures and are setting a standard that is hard to beat by anyone, plus they lead in all overall scholastic metrics.

  18. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Wish we could send some of this rain to you guys out west. Got several inches earlier this week and now tonight and into tomorrow we are expecting 2-4 inches more. All eastern NC has flood warnings, But that’s been normal. Nature is a perfect example of ying and yang. Wet someplace more than normal and drier in others. Hot in one cold in another. It all balances out. it’s just to bad that climate variability is being exploited for social justice. As though at some point the world is perfect and we must expend all our energy to keep everything exactly as it is right now. Even the World Bank is getting on the bandwagon now. China is now taking extreme measures in some areas to deal with the air pollution, but the UN climate groups and especially the Obama administration have inked deals that let China off taking any actions until 2030.

    • We got some rain today and more coming tomorrow but it sounds like you got 5x what we will get. You are correct in that it all gets blamed on global warming both the floods and the drought. At least Noah blamed on God.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        didn’t have all those greedy western capitalists to blame. I have to look at the scientific papers again about the cycle of the area of the sahara and regions north to the med. Flooding and becoming estuarial again. The proven cycle is around 7K years. Space analysis has shown artifacts of 3 cycles. Paleontologist, geologist, botanist and oceanographers have confirmed the findings, not with modelsand theory but hard fossils, layers of sediment.

  19. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Not that this subject has not been discussed before….I just love the quality of journalism in the US..
    1) “2 Americans killed at police compound” Photo attached was clearly a US location. Open the story and it is about 2 americans being killed at a Jordanian police traing center, by a Jordanian…..about two hours later the picture stays the same, but the headline changes to “2 Americans killed at an iraqi police center” open it up and its the original story…..brought to you by the great NBC news service,

    2) Quick moving “Monster” storm forming, could cause blah blah blah etc. The photo is of an Atlantic storm nearing the Windward Islands and Bahamas and aimed at the East Coast……OK that interests me….Open it up and its a Pacific storm

    Unless you touch it, see it, taste it, smell it yourself….you can not believe anything that is spoken, written etc on any media and information source.

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    The 60’s are Baaaaaaaaaaack.

    This morning University Presidents around the country are quaking in their paten leather shoes.

    • Good, these Universities created these monsters. Bout time they were made to experience what they have released onto the rest of society.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      as I said last night….you want equal treatment…start from the beginning and get NO special pass based on quotas. the best gets the position. Goes for jobs everything. I want the most qualified fireman or policeman or dr…..regardless.

      If I remember correctly the drop out rate at the university level is very high for those that got in by quota fulfiment, not qualifications.

      In LA duringt he 60’s the school board had to pay a serious bonus to any teacher that was willing to take an assignment into the inner city schools. it was combat pay. I do not see it having changed.


    Interesting, just not sure how well it will work. I have always thought of elected Sheriff’s as the top law enforcement officer in each county, even higher than State Troopers, and I know they are not legally obligated to enforce Federal laws, so maybe it can work. The issue is what stupid laws will it really have to deal with? Knowing how kneejerk those in that part of the country are, it could be anything. I think Oregon requires a background check for person to person sales, which is ridiculous. I would think that one could be held liable for selling a gun to a felon or a mentally ill person who has been diagnosed as such (and the seller is fully aware), but to require a full background check, when they don’t work anyway is nonsense.

    • Wow, they sure do talk abut “their Rights” a lot-seem to believe no one else has any. The whole thing is just SAD-they all look like such childish idiots. Did read that the last woman asking for “muscle” to help her kick the guy out of their “day care circle” might be losing her job-she has apologized, so we’ll see what happens if anything-what’s funny is she is part of the media department at the school.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The 1st video was as scary as any horror flick produced to date. The 2nd one is scarier because it’s real-time.

      I’m sure the president or the University of Missouri system is really going to love his retirement. The major problem in today’s education system especially in the “higher” brackets is that there is no debate it’s dictate.

      I asked my nephew who got an MBA, how he dealt with his undergrad classes. He said regardless of the inanity of the professors lecture and really off base and false…you did not challenge and to get the grade, make sure you put the professors answer in, not the correct one….This is not new, but really has gone mainstream and is pervasive instead of isolated.

  22. Well, despite my plans to watch the debate, I fell asleep and missed the whole thing. Anybody have any observations?

    Missouri University is a mess. Yale isn’t much better, from recent videos I’ve seen. Seems this politically correct thing is now really out of hand. Not to mention we have what seems to be an entire generation of spoiled brats who believe they are entitled (to what I have no idea).

    Fast food workers striking for 15 bucks an hour. Give it to them. Watch the fast food joints close up shop faster than the winds in a tornado. Maybe some people will lose some weight and a few places with better food may crop up. As for the workers now unemployed, sucks to be them, maybe they should have gotten an education.

    • Agreed. Let them wallow in their own slope.

      I too missed the debates. From my readings it looks like they finally had a good substantive debate but not all parties brought their A game.

  23. Debate was interesting. I too almost fell asleep during the first 20 minutes of platitudes. After that it took off and kept me interested. Seemed to want to downplay Trump yesterday. Carson did not misspeak and showed he does have a grasp of issues. Rubio outshone Bush and will probably be the new establishment darling. Do not trust him though. Too facile. Was impressed with Forino, not strident in any way and focused almost entirely on the budget. If Sarah Palin went to the same speech coach, she would be formidable. Cruz came across as super competent and dedicated to the Constitution. Gotta do something about the plastered down look of his hair. Forget Kaisich, mistook himself for being president already with “all” he did while in DC. Bush is toast though bringing up the fact China was not in the TPP made Trump look bad. I assume Trump knew that but chose not to go back at him. Paul got a haircut (good move) did his libertarian thing took on Rubio over spending on defense. When attacked on the deportation issue, Trump brought up Eisenhower (surprise) and the highly successful effort in the ’50’s to deport illegals. Nobody else touched that one with a 10 foot pole. I have a suspicion that though the “pathway to citizenship”is still being bandied about, there finally is a consensus emerging that citizenship is out, legal residence may be in. Hooray! Think we can thank Trump for that. By tacking hard right on the issue, he has forced the amnesty folks to modify their stance. I’ll take full credit for this! Trump is morphing, as expected, into being “presidential”.

    • Thanks for your input 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The “amnesty” issue was dead before Trump starting talking about it. Bush might have been the ONLY one talking about “pathways” before Trump. Even Rubio admitted that it was not possible due to the Public’s opposition. The R’s had pretty much landed on the idea of “legal status” without “citizenship”.

      All Trump did was flame the fires of “deportation”.

      It was Rand Paul who took Trump to task on China not being part of TPP, and that in fact the trade deal is designed to WEAKEN China’s position. Bush just jumped in after the fact.

      Pundits were hilarious last night after the debate. Personal bias weighing heavily which shows, to me, no clear winners.

      Losers on the other hand…………..Kasich and Bush. Adios and good riddance.

      • What we need to do on amnesty is take citizenship permanently off the table. You and I both know it will rear its ugly head again. Trump keeps plowing on with the issue. last night it was the “fairness” to people waiting for legal permission. This must be kept high profile!

        By bringing up “operation wetback” he in a way, threw down a gauntlet. Why was it legal then and not now?

  24. Nice piece by someone smarter than me on language and its misuse. Unfortunately used the movie, “A Clockwork Orange” as an example. Have never bee able to sit through more than 15 minutes of that.

  25. Sooooo, it looks like China was deliberately left out of the TPP for NOW (apparently with their consent)! Maybe Trump is smarter than even I think.

  26. Every now and then something comes along and lends to hope from our future generations. On Veteran’s Day, Applebee’s (as well as many other companies) go all out for vets and offer a free meal (and a darn good one at that) to our Vet’s. Took my father for lunch today, as he is a vet like I. At Applebee’s. there are dozens of handmade cards from local 2nd and 3rd graders, thanking Vet’s for their service. We all know how kids can say thinks that truly amaze, and today, one kid certainly was no exception. With a nicely colored in flag, the little boy (Justin) wrote this:
    Dear Veteran, Thank You so much for serving our country. If it wasn’t for you our country would be sunk. Our flag doesn’t fly because of the wind, it flies because of our soldiers last breath who died protecting us. THANK YOU!!

  27. Good news! US Weapon is still alive and doing OK. Quite surprise this site is still going, as we all probably are!

    Happy Veteran’s Day to all my Brothers and Sisters!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      All that money sure is “O”pressing. The weight is to much to bear.

      • Are we seeing a change in things? Because conservatives don’t really give a crap about political correctness, and express that often, are these spoiled brats beginning to eat their own? After all, it is kind of hard whining about being offended to people who don’t care if one is offended, and likely deserved to be offended.

  28. “Our flag doesn’t fly because of the wind, it flies because of our soldiers last breath who died protecting us.”

    Wow…how powerful is that. There is nothing more to add;

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    Mrs. Clinton is taking a play from her Husband’s book of politics.

    This was used by Clinton to “transition” timber dependent communities when he let Al Gore destroy them. In case you wondered, they got very little of the promised money and most of those that did couldn’t transition to a “new economy”. Or they transitioned from an industrial town with high median wage to a “tourism town” with “minimum wage” jobs.

    My advice to Coal Country. If Mrs. Clinton is elected you need to pack your bags and move, if you depend on coal for your living.

    “WASHINGTON — Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled a $30 billion plan Thursday that would protect coal miners’ benefits and prepare their communities as the U.S. transitions to cleaner energy sources. While Clinton has embraced strong policies to combat climate change and ultimately voiced her opposition to the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, the Democratic front-runner’s new proposal makes clear she won’t forget about coal. “

  30. Just A Citizen says:

    My new ranking following the last elephant debate:

    Rand Paul
    Ted Cruz
    Carly Fiorina
    Marco Rubio

    I find it funny that so much of the media, even “conservative” media, is claiming Paul is done due to his anti-interventionist and cut military spending positions. Yet they don’t seem to recognize that Trump has basically the same viewpoint. Making the military “great again” does not mean spending another Trillion. Although I would expect Trump to throw money at the military long before Paul would.

    Rubio dropped on my list due to his stance on military spending and his “child tax credit”. His “compassionate conservative” approach left a bad taste in my mouth. I still think the odds are in his favor to get the nomination.

    • Too close to call, for me. I was one that said Obama did not have a chance…..what do I know.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        It was a good Vegas bet. you unfortunately placed to much faith in the people. assuming that they would spot a foul ball. He didn’t have a clue back in ’08 and still doesn’t about governing “we the people”. The only thing he knows is to take unilateral action and screw the majority who disagree. I really do not think he has ever really tried to negotiate with the opposition, regardless of who it is. He is incapable. Although he has followed through on his promise to fundimentally change America. That is his guiding principle and he has stuck to it.
        Just wondering….during the campaign in ’08 and ’12 did any one hear or read about anyone from Colombia and Harvard that had glowing accolades about this brilliant legal mind. i get the feeling that he was a ghost. The paper credential say one thing (assuming) they are real, but actually are diametrically opposed to the face and body we see and hear. He didn’t know Bill Ayers who kicked off his political career, is a neighbor and professor at the university of chicago….hard to miss. The most famous unrepentent terrorist not behind bars.

        • How a person, that has his part so locked up, can be elected president, twice, is a lot of why I believe Federal elections are total bullshit. It is not the only reason, but a part of it.

        • He was an adjunct professor, i.e., a temporary on the staff an U. of Chi. Basically it was a side job to fill a hole in the resume. I have more peer reviewed published papers than he does, infinitely more. His classmates at Columbia do not remember him. He was the invisible student.

          I still remember Brokaw remarking after they called the election for him that they did not know anything about him or his world view. Absolute total failure by the press.

          • Yet, the same media will be all over Ben Carson about stuff in his book. The MSM is no longer what the media should be, honest and non-political.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              The press was never honest and non-political….but it sure would get it’s teeth into something like Obama. They’d not fear the govrenment. Today, is another question. A group may be all in for Obama, but that is not all. But they all now rely on the FCC and that is the hook to not stray to far. The printed press for all intents is dead. People want their info in bits and bytes.

              • They at least seemed better back in my younger days. That was when we had all of 3 tv channels and a newspaper. Today, the MSM is so in the bag they don’t even hide it anymore. The alternative media is far better and you can find non-political news if one looks hard enough. Look what Drudge has done the last 15 years. All he does is provide links and the establishment hates him. They don’t like it when they can’t control the message.

        • Try to find his thesis or graduate paper……I cannot.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        d13 and SK

        I hoped above all Obama would lose in 08 but I was betting he would win.

        Two reasons.

        1. George W. Bush
        2. John McCain

        Take away either one of these, especially McCain and Obama loses the electoral college.

        • One day down the road, historians may claim that the 08 election was the one that destroyed the American dream.

        • Yes sir…the Repubs put another establishment in there back then….he ran on change and won,…..even the people back then wanted something different but got the same….

          Potomac Fever……it is alive and well.

  31. Dale A Albrecht says:

    With everything going on at campuses with “diverstiy” “racial” and “sex crimes”, real or imaginary…if this is truly how this newest generation thinks…..heaven help us.

    When Khrueshev (sp) banged his shoe on the podium at the UN and said that they would bury us, he did not mean by force, which most people thought. But by the insiduous cancer that can come through the education process. Slower, but just as effective. That was exactly what Bill Ayers said….he said, bombing etc just alienated those you wanted to convert. He went into the education business to bend their minds and not only that but they gladly pay for the privilege, or we the people pay through government loans. Pay for our own execution.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The media is overstating the investigation at this point. This will make the failure to charge her seem like a conspiracy. When in fact it may be legitimate. That is per the letter of the law. Meaning we must over look ethical violations, as usual when it comes to a Clinton.

      Interesting comment from Giuliani last night. He knows the current AG and thinks that if charges are recommended she will in fact charge Mrs. Clinton. He does not think she will make a political decision to protect her.

      Based on the public record to date it will be hard to charge her with any crimes. She is however, guilty of BAD JUDGMENT and violating “procedures” which do not carry “criminal” penalty for violating. This is because State has created so much FOG about those policies and procedures.

      I do see the possibility that some people in State are charged for “obstructing justice”. It has been State that has dragged out the response to FOIA requests and Congressional demands for records. It has been State that has leaked stories about how Mrs. Clinton did not have any “classified” material on her server.

    • Nope. She is in the ruling class, therefore she is above the law.

  32. I’m sure everyone has heard of the EMP theory that could knock out the power grid. I’m not on that bandwagon because I just don’t like how the theory came to be, which is pretty weak, but not the point. I want everyone to think back to a day, Sept 10th, 2001. Donald Rumsfeld announces that the pentagon is investigating a missing 2 TRILLION dollars. Does anyone really believe that 2 trillion bucks can be misplaced? 2 million, OK, 2 trillion, no freaking way. Anyhow, by the grace of the thief Gods, the very next day, and super duper jet airliner, flown by Superthief himself (because no jet or 3rd world pilot could do such an event) slams into the Pentagon, exactly where the “so called” investigation is taking place. POOF! The whole issue is forgotten and never returned too. 2 trillion bucks just magically vanished and the investigating team and their computers where destroyed in a miracle jet airliner and the greatest pilot that has ever flown a passenger jet.

    The bottom line. 2 trillion bucks were stolen and then covered up. If they did it once, then I’m pretty sure they plan on doing it again, except with far more money at stake. This is why I brought up the EMP theory. A supposed attack (EMP that knocks the grid down for a while, then claim that the servers on backup generators were hacked before the security programs could reboot and all the money was stolen. Blame it on the Russians.

    Regardless on the scenario, what is important is that they (the Federal government) stole 2 trillion bucks and the people were shocked into not caring. I expect a similar type of theft to occur sometime soon, so keep your ears and eyes open (and get your cash out of the bank).

  33. KUDOS to the three top ten high school football players who have taken off their lists, YALE and MISSOURI….they do not want to play football for these schools because of the strife and they do not want to be part of any strike on football games. One of them even had a commitment letter to Missouri and rescinded it.

    • Good for them. These whiny spoiled brats need sent home and given a chance to re-evaluate life. Now a new college in the Northeast somewhere is acting up with this nonsense. At least the anti-war crowd in the 60’s and 70’s had something of substance to protest, these little infants have nothing.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Way back in history ’80’s at the University of Vermont the students went out on massive protests, damaging facilties and generally shutting the university down. They locked themselves into the administration building. The chancellor was shown climbing a ladder to negotiate. The protests were all about demanding more diversity. Now this is a state school, and the population mix at that time was 98% white, 2% all others across the state. The governor of the state, Gov. Snelling, may he rest in peace, called in the State Police, arrested all the protesters, calculated up the bill for all the damage and disruption to the university and sent the bill to the parents. Unfortunately he passed away shortly there after and we were then subjected to Howard Dean. Much less Senator Sanders and other idiot minded leaders.


    a POTUS EO has NO legal jurisdiction on the average person. I simply don’t understand why these idiots seem to think so. I will NEVER consider an EO as law. It is as useless as the paper it is written.

  35. Isn’t this the second time Jihadi John has been killed?

    On another note, OIL. I’m hearing that tankers bringing oil here have no where to put it. Anyone have any info on this. Also hearing that some folks are concerned about the price of oil collapsing because there is so much availability, if this were to happen, what could be the effects? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Since we are in the oil and gas business..I can give you insight. World Wide there were 3113 working rigs drilling….this includes Saudis, Russia, etc… there are 1614 working rigs. Approximately, 50% decine in working rigs WORLDWIDE……this is because of two reasons….a glut of oil and all reserves are full. This does not mean anything, is still manipulation by the Saudis. The US does not have to import but does and world oil markets are closed to the US….for example, we are pumping oil right now and have no place to put it because the infrastructure was halted by the Obama administration on new refineries and storage facilities. We are prohibited, by Federal Law, in selling to the spot market or the open market… other words…our family cannot sell oil to anyone except the US. We have untold reserves of natural gas….and, likewise, we are not allowed to sell it even to Canada.

      So you have manipulation going on,,,,and, I might add…this is not a result of Republican admninistration,,,it is a Democratic Administration issue that started with Carter. Big Oil controls the pocket books and has donated over 300 million dollars in the last 30 years to continue to control the oil. In short, we have created our own cartels and manipulate production the same as the Saudis.

      Now, because the oil prices have dropped due to the influx of shale oil, the drillers are backing off because $45 bbl oil is not profitable….it takes $60 to make a profit in the shale business…and the shale oil was just as refinable as sweet crude from anywhere in the world.

      We are fortunate because our fields are older and we buy and rework fields that the big boys do not want….in other words, when their production falls below 100 bbls per day, they shut a well in…..we buy whole fields and are content with 10-15 wells that produce 30 bbls perday with a set pump….300 bbls per day is a nice income….and we have several fields. We produce about 400-500 bbls per day and now we have no where to put it. All storage tanks are full…..and we still cannot sell it outside the US… you can see the manipulation of the oil.

      Help any?

      • Yes, it explains the glut of oil and lack of storage (and further makes me dislike our corrupt Federal government). But the more important question is how low will oil go in price and if the price collapses as some are forecasting, how will it effect the average person?

        • It will not affect the average person……………….until the gas prices at the pump soar and the natural gas prices for home utilities soar because, with coal gone….there is no backup…

          One other thing….you do realize, do you not, that the price of oil and the price of natural gas is controlled…..we cannot charge a lower price if we wanted to…

          • Interesting. And as far as selling at a lower price, it is a good reminder I have forgotten. Thanks Colonel, very helpful!

            • One other thing….the East Coast is a pariah to the producers of oil and natural gas….we are controlled, by Law, on what we can even sell our oil and natural gas for outside our own state…..we are not allowed to charge higher prices for distance and usage. Since the colder climates of the north demand more oil and natural gas,…we are forced, through price controls, to keep costs down….we have to eat the extra cost…that is why, in the Texas oil fields, it is quite common to see bumper stickers that say “let the bastards freeze in the dark”. We would immediately sell our oil and gas to other countries because we can get the prices for it……we can produce it, refine it, clean it and ship it to China at more profit than we can ship it next door.

              Congress, which is full of Noreasterners…say that it is not fair to have to pay $5 bucks for gasoline, in New York…while in Texas we pay only $1.60….so therefore…we institute price controls….we want Texas prices regardless of the distance and extra costs. Mexico….is clamoring for our oil and natural gas…..and we cannot even sell it to them. Their oil fields do not produce sweet crude…..

              • Just A Citizen says:


                If HEGEMONY is our goal then why should US producers be allowed to sell oil or gas to anyone outside the USA??????????

                Aren’t these STRATEGIC resources????????? Shouldn’t we hoard them for future use to maintain our Number One position???????

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Heck…our prices jumped 25 cents overnight when the keystone pipeline was killed.

  36. These people are insane-people are already protesting and rioting about the police giving them tickets and harrassing them and costing them lots of money with all the laws-a man got killed selling single cigarettes-and now they want to harrass people in their own homes for smoking a friggin cigarette-and they go so far as to say you can’t even walk outside to smoke.

    • While I think the government needs to get out of peoples lives, I have to ask a question….if one can afford to smoke, what the hell are the doing in public housing? Smoking is expensive, very expensive. Why would we use tax dollars to help people who are poor when they are not poor apparently?

  37. Students at Amherst College have issued a list of demands that includes a threat to stage “civil disobedience” if the President of the college doesn’t punish and prevent other students from expressing support for “free speech”.

    The demands were issued in support of the “Stand with Mizzou” movement which stoked controversy earlier this week after a professor called for “muscle” to silence the First Amendment of a reporter attempting to cover the story.

    The list, attributed to a group calling itself ‘Amherst Uprising’, was handed to President Biddy Martin following a “sit in” which took place yesterday and subsequently published by the Amherst Soul website.

    Unless action is initiated within 24-48 hours, the students warn they, “will organize and respond in a radical manner, through civil disobedience.”

    One of the demands is that, “President Martin must issue a statement to the Amherst College community at large that states we do not tolerate the actions of student(s) who posted the “All Lives Matter” posters, and the “Free Speech” posters that stated that “in memoriam of the true victim of the Missouri Protests: Free Speech.”

    In other words, free speech, if it counters the narrative being pushed by ‘Amherst Uprising’ – will not be tolerated.

    “Not content merely to purge the school of opinions with which they disagree, the students also demand that they be given time off from class and that the school’s mascot be expunged,” writes Campus Reform’s Peter Fricke.

    The list includes a demand for President Martin to condemn “the inherently racist nature of the unofficial mascot, the Lord Jeff.” Students assert that Lord Jeff – a representation of British Field Marshal Jeffery Amhersts – is a symbol of how smallpox-infected blankets were given to Native Americans during the Siege of Fort Pitt, an incident for which there is no historical evidence.

    The letter also demands that the college issue an official apology to “injustices including but not limited to our institutional legacy of white supremacy, colonialism, anti-black racism, anti-Latinx [sic] racism, anti-Native American racism, anti-Native/indigenous racism, anti-Asian racism, anti-Middle Eastern racism, heterosexism, cis-sexism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, ableism, mental health stigma, and classism.”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      These are kids who do not have enough homework to keep their minds occupied and truly preparing for the real world. Pull this crap in any country besides the US and the EU and you will be quickly find out how rare their fantasies exist in the world. They seem to feel that we are rich, rich rich. We are a debt burdened country and the only rich are those that are debt free, no matter how much money you have. I’d wager that most degrees offered a a college or university are just about as useless in the business as the paper they are printed on.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      These kids also do not know anything about history. The soldiers on both side of the conflict, most casualties were from smallpox. Usually deadly. They didn’t have to give blankets away. Just have your ally, walk through camp. some indians were on the english side some indians were on the french side. all suffered. There is a book that was published following 6 people who were in the revolutionary war. They survived along with their diaries. They had passing contacts with washington. One was a doctor and the struggles they had with smallpox, trying to get people to actually use the NEW science of vaccination. It was counter intuitive to the soldiers to get the disease to save yourself from the disease…..there was no discrimination or racism involved. It killed regardless.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Hitler would have been been totally delighted to have such a maliable group of in the german population during his early years. Suggested reading “It Can’t Happen here” by Sinclair Lewis.

  38. JAC… sir, they are not strategic resources at all. Strategic resources are a different matter that is a different set of circumstances and locations of oil fields. Hegemony is greater enhanced through cheaper oil prices…..use cheap oil to force the reduction of Iran and Saudi and Russian oil and natural gas.

    • Also… used the term “allowed”……really? ( or is that your thinly veiled comment to get people thinking )….sly fox that you are.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        “ALLOWED”……….. 🙂

        Goes hand in hand with a Govt. which claims the power to create Hegemony.

        Cheap oil here allows us to out compete the world in production of most goods. Use those cheap goods to assure our economic health and beat down the competition globally.

        Let them starve of oil………….. maybe they would be willing to pay us an exceptional premium later.

        If Hegemony is our goal then I would say ALL RESOURCES are STRATEGIC.

        Unless, of course, you are trying to define some kind of “soft” hegemony. But how does that differ from “soft” tyranny?????

  39. Interesting responses on the news ( CNN, MSNBC, Fox ) about the attacks in Paris, France. The pundits are, to a whole, wondering why France? They are “astounded” that this would happen. They do not “understand”..

    and the rub of it is……I do not really think they do understand. It is amazing. Well…..first of all…..France has one of the most draconian gun laws in Europe. The French government and the European Union both impose extraordinarily strict restrictions on firearm possession by civilians. In France, where owning a gun for self-defense is essentially out of the question for average citizens, even many police officers are unarmed. ,,,,, experts suggest that France is awash in firearms that are freely available on the black market for a small premium over what Americans might pay at a store. The difference is that in the United States, law-abiding citizens are free to own and use those weapons in lawful self-defense, while in France and virtually all of the EU, murderers and criminals know their victims will be disarmed and helpless, courtesy of the political class. “The French black market for weapons has been inundated with eastern European war artillery and arms,” UNSA police union boss Philippe Capon told the anti-gun Bloomberg outlet. “They are everywhere in France.” The same holds true for other nations and jurisdictions with strict infringements on the right to keep and bear arms.”

    And everyone says… I dont understand……well//there you have it.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Me thinks it has to do with France’s role in “Libya” and other places in Africa.

      Unbelievable the pundits do not know that France is engaged in fighting terrorism, despite their left wing claim of “disengagement”.

      Of course the other reason is that France allowed a substantial population of “recruits” to become entrenched in France. Germany and England may soon follow.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      You’re correct, they do not have a clue. They are not journalists in any sense of the word. They are “news-readers” The illusion that everything is all hunky dory in europe and their diversity policy has done nothing but clamp the safety valve down on the pressure cooker. The point of no return is this “migrant” wave. This will not turn out well, especially for the innocents that will be painted with the same brush as the guilty.

      Thinking politically incorrect thoughts….but what truly was wrong with colonialism?

  40. France has closed all borders, all rail, all shipping, and all planes…….wonder how long that will last.

  41. Well, hell……we just went on alert here.

    But I am not worried…..John Kerry said today that ISIS is on the run…you know…the junior league.

  42. I realize that I am going to be redundant…just put up with me…..but I recall several conversations that I have had with people on here…specifically about Paris and how everyone thought that the tourist industry and Paris was beyond attack and that I was being over sensitive about the threats in Europe…..especially France. I remember being castigated about this and cities such as Rome, and those in Turkey and Greece….I told people that I was privvy to intel that most are not and named the cities on the watch list.

    I told people that the openess of the borders and the E U and the immigrant situation was going to be the downfall of Europe…..I remember telling people that the trains that run between countries were suspect. And most of all, I remember telling people about the tourist spots…the nightclubs…the bistros……..and if I were a terrorist, I would hit concerts and ball games and anywhere that young people gather and drink….especially in Paris and Rome….

    Now, Paris suspended habeas corpus….the military has control of the city and can do warrantless searches and seizures. The borders are being closed in Italy, France, Greece Germany…..profiling is now taking place…

    I am so glad I am stupid and do not know what I am talking about. Rome is next…Berlin…Copenhagen….Lisbon………I suspect Lisbon first. But I am stupid and do not know……sigh…..a simple retired old Colonel who knows nothing……

    I suggest that people be very cognizant of their surroundings….carry your weapons….be careful of malls at Christmas ( you know how the Muslims just LOVE Christmas and love all you Christians ) Yes, I am profiling.

    And if I see Geraldo Rivera cry one more time on TV about his daughter being in Paris, I am afraid that I am going to lose a very expensive TV set……he should be crying because, of all people, he knew Paris was not safe and he let his daughter go there anyway….

    Sorry, folks, I am tired of all the hoopla about how terrible this attack was and that everyone is surprised….when everyone should not be surprised at all. I am very tired of the pundits and the media and our dumb ass POTUS writing all of this off as just a “junior league” bunch of criminals……people need to study Islamic history and understand that you have a very tough enemy out there. It is not about hegemony or being where we shohuld not be…..vacuums and such in the East…..

    Being naive is our worse enemy….complacency is next….and it will not happen to me is close by……

    Texas has a decent handle on the southern border…..everyone is concerned about the hispanic immigrant……you better be more concerned about the hardly ever mentioned non hispanic crssing our borders….at will…You better be concered about the eastern European, hard to detect caucasian, dressed in brand new jump suits, caught in desert environments with two bottles of water and no luggage…..

    But, I am sure I will be branded an alarmist….yet again. I am so stupid.

    • I happen to think your intel is very valuable. knowing that these barbarians have no problem killing children, whom are sitting in gun free zones 5 days a week, I have a bit of a concern with that.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Question….when did europe ever stop profiling? prior to 9/11 they sure as heck were and most definitely were in ’05. One time going from Holland to the UK, (BIrmingham) they absolutely had two lines. Anglo looking in one line and all others in the other line. I was alone in my line. The immigration guy sort of laughed as I looked at the other line. IN Italy, any suspicious characters (muslim all) did not board. mostly I think it was hygiene. the plane was full, and they absolutely could not have moved people away from the offensive foul stench if they had been subjected to an 8 hour flight.

  43. Dale A Albrecht says:

    By the way, are you guys helping Arizona set up their border security. It sounds like it will be similar to Texas. Just inside of the Fed’s sieve.

    Our Federal government has been completely derelict in its duty to protect the borders of our country and administer the law. I wish a few more border patrol agents would go against Obama’s EO’s and the see where the court case goes.

    The non-elected goverment in Brussels calling itself the EU has been even more negligent. Thinking that they can be a “United States” like entity. Sure free movement within the “sovereign” member countries and eliminating all those pesky border controls, they forgot to outer most ring. Leaving all the individual countries trying to deal with an out of control invasion…and the EU in Brussels just shrugged, until recently. Mostly it was to come down hard on countries that decided to take matters into their own hand, because they got no help from the dictators on high. Countries that have a poorer economy, like southern Italy, Greece, Spain all were left to sink under the strain. What was France’s reaction, they closed their border with Italy a while ago.

    Also a broken record…While living in Holland, specifically Amsterdam, regardless of all the press about the cultural diversity abound in Europe….that sense of well being did NOT include the Muslims, If it was up to the people the Muslims would be gone. There was no love lost between the dutch and the muslims. However, the EU rammed the immigration inclusion down their throats. and would prosecute anybody who objected.

    lets see how this plays out. My bet, the EU closes the borders completely, externally and withing, back to the days of old. Except for generational residents and citizens of the faith all others will be expelled and the europeans start having babies again.

    Did anyone see that China has lifted the ban on multiple children. I know there is an overwhelming % of males, due to selective abortion etc. Leaving a bunch of frustrated men running around……could there be another reason? like planning an expansion policy where they might lose a few million of their population?

  44. Appropriate, to remember!

  45. Just A Citizen says:


    Seems to me you have complained some about the “cutting” of the military in recent years.

    So I am curious what you think about this article:

    Looks to me like we spend more than enough to maintain our dominance in the world. Which means that Rand Paul was correct during the debate.

    • Well, sort of….I am all in favor of cutting worthless programs where Generals have their budgets for golf courses and officer’s clubs..etc. Where the cuts are taking place is in personnel where Captains, Majors, and Lt. Colonel’s are being “rifted” so retirements cannot happen….( no early retirements are available)….The cuts I am complaining about are the cuts in ammunition, fuel, repairs and equipment. When you have to use .22 caliber ammo to qualify a machine gunner…..when you have no fuel for training and no computers for interactive training and all simulators have been mothballed. When you cut the troop strength and when you mothball carrier fleets……but do not take the budget away from the generals for their personal use and pet projects. The spending may still be in place but where is the spending taking place…..that is my complaint.

      • For example, we have some of the best simulator Abrams tank trainers that are virtual reality down to the kick of the weapon and the dust that obscures your vision…..those simulators have been taken away and no fuel is available for real training and no training rounds are available….this is what I am talking about.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Is the total budget large enough if the money is reallocated to actual training and resources??

        I am also suspect of the total equipment package of our military. I am not sure carrier groups are the right resource for future engagements. Assuming we have land bases for aircraft. Would be interested in your thoughts on this part of the issue.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          JAC…It’s the same argument that occured between the Air Force and Navy….way back in the late 40’s and 50’s. Turned out that the carrier groups are pretty versatile (sp) All oil using carriers are gone. Either mothballed or scrapped or museums. The 1st nuclear carrier is being decommissioned and defueled after 50 + years of use. The carriers are all of the Nimitz class and beyond. I don’t see any drop below 11-13 nuclear groups for any forseeable future. The Enterprise was dropped due to the newest carrier is coming online.

          The problem that I see is that the ships are not getting their normal maintenance. Maintenance at sea covers just can cover so much. They need that port at a greater frequency than they are getting. The smaller ships can not last as long as planned if the operations continue at the pace they are. After Vietnam the hard used ships were scheduled to come in for overhaul. By the late 70’s the Navy was holding back ships scheduled, due to the soviets and middle east issues. When they finally came in for overhaul, some were close to junk. Missile launchers unusable, gun turrets rusted in place. Air control system totally shot. The low personnel ships as they are today, burn out the sailors quicker. Efficiency expert go in and say you can do with out this and that. I worked on ships that were at sea 24/7 for 30 days. The pace was such if you attempted to go beyong 30 day, you will be flown off with a breakdown. The ships kept going the crew failed. Eventually the ships failed due to lack of maintenance …been there

          • Just A Citizen says:


            My question does not go to maintenance issues. It goes to VULNERABILITY of carriers to modern weapons. The ship killing cruise missiles the Russians and Chinese are building, for example.

            I am looking for the most “efficient” means of projecting the power needed to maintain shipping lanes and deal with “threats” to the US.

            Land bases are equally vulnerable to high tech weapons. However, the cost of a land base vs. a carrier group is ginormous.

            My gut leads me to think an expanded submarine fleet and more destroyers would be a lower cost option.

            I do recognize that “response time” is greatly reduced with a carrier fleet nearby. But I am looking for the proper configuration for dealing with “actual threats” to US interest and not what is needed to get mixed up in Civil Wars or conduct “nation building”.

        • A short answer to your question,,,,,yes, the budget is enough to maintain,,,,but not research and build. That said….as a former Brigade Commander with the responsibility for a budget…if managed well, it is ample but the rub is….once you are allocated money….and you do your job and you come in under budget….if you do not spend it, you do not get it next year…it is cut by the amount that you came in under. You never get it back…so when weapons systems come in under budget,,,,,it is always tweaked to spend….make no mistake about it, there is waste….but there is no central control over spending and no oversight once the defense budget decided upon is passed to the Defense Department.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            That was one thing that drove drove me crazy about the budgets in the military. you do a good job managing the budget, and also you might by luck have a low maintenance cost year. It doesn’t mean that next year will be. At the end of the fiscal year the officers would run around like crazy spending to use up the left over money. As you said, if you didn’t use it you lost it and were cut that amount in next years budget. i used to explain to them that at no time were we really ever at risk of losing our operations capability. We were so mission critical to the Atlantic fleet and also the navy’s counterpart to the NSA. We always had access to parts. Granted it may have been a midnight requisition down at the big parts centers in Norfolk, but we could get them. They just pulled out that dream list like the democrats pulled out of their bottom drawers for the recovery spending in Obama’s 1st year and spent and spent. That also guarrenteed the automatic increase of X%> The system is well organized and has become SOP.

            That also goes for the contractors who do ship repairs and renovations. they’ve got their way to pad the contract that would land a private company, that is NOT doing business with the government, in jail for fraud.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            You describe a problem that is not unique to the military. Some agencies have tried to tackle that problem but only with minor success.

            I have found that the drive for greater efficiency and proper use of tax dollars has to be part of the bureaucrats inner moral/ethical base. With that in place changes can be made. Without it, any program designed to reduce unit costs will only give temporary results.

            If one needs “incentive” to be responsible with tax dollars then they will not be responsible in the long run. Because it is impossible to incentivize reducing costs in Govt.

            Forgot my manners this morning. How are things in Texas this fine Sunday?

        • As everyone has said, the end of the fiscal year was like Christmas for those of us who handled the supply issues. All my guys and gals had the very best in gear and tools to do their jobs. We took care of 5 acres of land, we had the best riders, push mowers and weed eaters. I was able to build a weapons parts stash for deployment that the 82nd Airborne were jealous of.

          But the real question about the budget isn’t how much but where is it being spent. I can’t help remembering the 2 trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon on Sept 10, 2001. The next day it was all but forgotten.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I remember P3 squadron’s being ordered NOT to fly during ’79, due to “lack” of funds for fuel.

  46. Just A Citizen says:

  47. Well Friends, here we are dealing with another barbaric attack on innocent people. So it’s time to ask a question, one you may not want to answer.

    Is Islam a religion or a violent cult?

    • Just A Citizen says:


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The 1st batch of headlines on my internet supplier were from CNN. They hedged and dodged using the word “Muslim” or “Islam” or any word that might construe some sort of religious connection….Just looked at the headlines and they were now from FOX. The prosecuters in France and commentators were not pulling any political correct words out of their new speak dictionary, lest one offends..

      • When thinking about the religion, not the people, and how it is applied, my mind keeps taking me back to Jim Jones and the Guyana cult that committed mass suicide. Like Jones, Islam is very controlling. Don’t walk the line, lose thy head. While I’m not ready to go all out and call it a cult, it has many of the similarities that we all seem to put the cult moniker on.

        As far as these MSM pundit’s, well, they are who they are. It is all not in the name. ISIS, Al Qeida, who cares. They are both proving to be the same, cowards who attack those who cannot protect themselves and they do so in the name of Islam. Whether we like it or not, the longer this barbaric stuff goes on, the more likely Islam will get rejected by Americans who do not practice Islam. I figure if they strike here, there will be a backlash like we haven’t seen before.

  48. France to round up Muslims and put them under guard….then check their backgrounds.

    • Let me guess, they’re going to put them in FrEMA camps 😀

      • Lame, G 😉

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Gman…you beat me to it. I thought it would be a great idea for us to send them all the FEMA stuff to temporarily store the migrants before returning them to their homelands. The europeans have a lot of experience in that arena. Except before it was not temporary.

        I read this morning the EU chief is backhandedly blaming the Russians for the waves of migrants. That is such BS. Italy and Greece and Spain have for years been struggling with this crisis and the EU leadership has been deaf and dumb and ignoring those countries begging for assistance.

        • New Mantra is “Blame the Russians”. Last I looked, they never came to Libya and were way late to the party in Syria. Can’t blame ’em for Somalia or Iraq. Best you can do is hang Afghanistan around their neck some 30 years ago. Does not quite fit.

          What we CAN thank them for mostly is the Hungarians and Cubans (not the Mariel Cubans) they managed to send us. That was a +++!

  49. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the day.

    Re: Insults to philosophers in Govt. by Republicans

    I was waiting till this weekend to comment on this topic, from the R debate. It stuck in my craw the moment I heard it but did not have time this week to respond.

    Now I see someone has done a more eloquent job of responding so I post it here instead of my own commentary.

    • Good catch here is what I think the author missed.

      What we need is more classical education not less. No, it is not necessary to have Philosophers over Welders or visa versa. What we need is a high school curriculum that teaches basic history and moral philosophy! This would entail a study of religions, not necessarily as to who the bad guys were in the Crusades or if Lot offered his daughters to the crowd. Kids need to know the basis of religion. What its principles were and are. Sure, mention that it has been perverted over the centuries by men who are not Gods but establish its purpose. Some religions will not come out well, others will. Read the words. They speak for themselves.

      The moral compass seems to be badly broken. The author cites the economic mess without going into the greed that led to the collapse.

  50. Texas Governor Greg Abbott to Obama……take your Syrians elsewhere. Not welcome in Texas. The first 24 Syrians arrived and were sent back…not a single female, not a single child, and not a single mae over the age of 40. Seems like a no brainer to me.

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