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IslamIt’s time for a new thread to speed up the loading process.  I asked a question in the last thread, one person answered.  So, knowing JAC’s answer, I’ll ask the question again, mainly because I haven’t decided on an answer yet, and will put a few things in this short article on why I’m having a difficult time.  The question was a simple one….Is Islam a religion or a violent cult?  Pretty straight forward question.  A quick look back as to why the Crusades took place, to retake lands conquered by Muslim’s, begins a long list of things that makes one muse over the answer to that question.  It is well known that European countries that have taken in the so called “refugees” are have a serious problem with RAPE, which, like terrorism, is a violent event.  We have this Paris attack, which was done knowing that the people could not shoot back, then they blow themselves up (that in itself is a violent act).  The Saudi’s are lopping off heads at a record pace (if one keeps records of such things) and it is not uncommon to see videos of stonings,  children getting a hand lopped off or an arm being run over by a truck (the latter for stealing bread).

peaceI strongly believe in freedom of religion.  People should be left alone to practice their faith peacefully.  As each day goes by, it is harder and harder to believe that Islam is a peaceful religion.  Are they assimilating, as I have always believed, or are they just biding their time.  There is still much to muse over on this subject for me.  But it is time to think and rethink about this subject, because Obama and his cronies want to bring in quite a few of these “refugees”.  I don’t think that is a good idea right now, in fact, I’m against it in it’s entirety.  I believe I can make a good case for the cult side of the question.  Then again, I can make a good case they other way too.  It’s the former that is the cause of today’s Monday Musings!



  1. Good Morning SUFA 🙂

    • Of course….with status quo….comes power.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Power comes whether the status quo or change occurs.

        The question is WHO gets the power. Regardless, it will be in the hands of a select few, as long as we choose some form of Govt. by the elite to take care of our needs.

        That is the conundrum humans have to deal with.

  2. Interesting little tidbits that I have read. There was an exercise by the police the same day as the attack, the exercise was about a multi attack scenario. Another passport magically shows up (just like 9-11). Within days they know who the “mastermind” of the attack is. Yet authorities can rarely catch a serial killer or rapist in a years time. Is this a false flag to accomplish some other goal, like maybe vetting the Muslim’s, as D13 has mentioned (in FrEMA camps, no less, LOL).

    NAW, that’s conspiracy theory stuff. 😀

  3. Islam is a combination religion/political system with a heavy emphasis on coercion. It certainly is not a tolerant religion as is most western and eastern religions. The indoctrination of the youth is cult like as is the domination of females.
    Our current PC/mulitculturalist world will result in catastrophe for the west if we do not change course. It may take a few more such attacks before the populace wakes up a supports a full counter attack like the Crusades. France will mount a short lived attack on ISIS but they do not have the staying power or resources to wipe them out. Until Europe rearms significantly, they will remain weak and vulnerable.
    Europe will dread they day they invited them in as we will if we also do. Remember it has been there goal to conquer Europe for over a thousand years. They nearly did it.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Interesting………. Glenn Beck predicted this but was off on the timing by a year. When you listen to the rhetoric you realize this is organized and being fed by the hard left. That is your Nihilist type Anarchists.

      The rhetoric does not match with reality. But as V.H. said earlier, the Universities are reaping what they sowed.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      A second thought on all this youthful protesting and screaming of demands.

      They sat on their butts when it came to fighting wars that were questionable, when it came to bailing out banks or SPENDULUS, or a Govt that ignored the people when passing Obama Care. You know, the BIG things that affect our long term survival as a Republic.

      But they get up and radicalize over “tuition” and their “hurt feelings”, over insults that may not even occur but manifest primarily in their own minds. Truly a bizarre generation.

      • And then they will be the first to scream racism when they do not get hired after college.

      • Maybe they see their time as running out. The Liberal dogma is dying and many people are tired of it now. The hard left push by Obama and the Crats was a bad experiment that has still yet to completely screw things up, still have another year though. They will scream their politically correct heads off, but few are buying their BS, I for one will simply tell them it’s time to grow up, nothing is free and life ain’t fair. Class dismissed 🙂

  4. Now you are going into some very dangerous territory. People get killed over religion.

    I am one of these guys that throughout the past 68 years goes in and out about religion and a few other things. I guess I am a believing agnostic because there always is that small, tiny doubt in the back of my mind. When I think it goes away, it always sneaks back in. Nonetheless, I have never thought that this whole ball of wax is nothing but an accident, a giant cosmic accident.

    Back in High School and College I was fortunate to be exposed to other religions. I had a really good bunch of teachers. I also got to see how those religions tied into history. Now when you put all that knowledge plus experience plus a whole lot of thinking together, you have a philosophy. So, here goes.

    Man innately understands that there is something a whole lot bigger than him out there. Since the beginning of time he has tried to understand that and has constructed religions around his thinking. He may have 100 or 1,000 Gods or he may just have one. He uses these Gods to explain everything, the Sun, moon, weather, earthquakes and human behavior. Over time his beliefs are refined.

    Judaism and Christianity are interesting because they go beyond the physical. They concentrate on the spiritual. Out of the spiritual comes the moral. It is sometimes very hard to understand Judaism because of the prohibitions and 736? “commandments” in the Torah besides the big 10. The 736 including the prohibitions on types of food seem to be more legalistic. The food prohibitions were explained to me in High School as perfectly logical considering the lack of refrigeration in those days as well as the lack of medical knowledge. Bad seafood, under cooked pork kills! The other rules on marriage, divorce, homosexuality are a blueprint for a society. The big 10 however, they are something else entirely and perhaps the basis for Western Civilization. The first three basically lay down the fact that the last seven are NOT negotiable, they are from God.

    Along comes Christianity. Wow, talk about a breath of fresh air! Christianity not only re emphasizes the rules but establishes that the individual man has value. The rich, the poor, the powerful and the weak are all the same in the eyes of God. Does not matter if you are low born or if you are high born, God loves you equally and you have a duty to him. You are required to look upon your fellow man as God does, hence all the “do unto others” stuff. The best part of Christianity is not ritual it is the words in the parables. Fairness, forgiveness, equality, personal responsibility, free will, they are all there. Never was anything like it. What it did do though was something people rarely pay attention to, it built on top of Judaism. That gives us a few thousand more years of history. More importantly it shows that belief can be studied, refined and fine tuned.

    Now we get to the hard part. This is where the old maxim, “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”. Post Christian religions like Islam seem to be political more than spiritual. Moe in the desert had a “revelation” the revelation was take a bit of this, and a bit of that add two heaping teaspoons of BS and stir well. So he recognizes Abraham, Moses and Jesus. That probably was a sop to the people he conquered, something familiar, maybe a conscience cleaner for the converted. from a psychological warfare point of view makes good sense. Islam however, by its very name “Submission” is the antithesis of Christianity. You, as an individual are squat. It is a giant step backwards. All power is derived from the state which is the religion.

    So, in answer to your question, Islam is not a cult, not a religion, it is a political philosophy masquerading as a religion. It’s intransigence is similar to that of a cult.

    Now, where do Mormons and Scientologists fit in? I have my opinions which, after a six pack, I’d be happy to share.

  5. Watched some of the Press conference. Pres O looked like a fool. Nothing new there, just in front of a large Multi-national audience for a change.

  6. Interesting, if you look at your photo above, it asks if Islam is a religion of peace. Well, if you accept it is a political movement than it cannot be. It must be, as all politics and government are, pragmatic. A time for peace a time for war, a time for truth a time for deceit. Makes sense to me!

  7. Boy, got me on a roll this morning. Remembered a book from High School, probably still boxed in my attic. Went hunting on Amazon and found something similar. This is how Christianity tried to convert. Ain’t no comparison with the “Submission guys”.

  8. Thought that I would throw out a little tidbit and ask “Why do you feel this is not reported”….

    In the last 12 days, ISIS has killed 1,200 people in nine countries. ( Mostly North Africa and Indonesia )……not bad for a Junior Varsity Team….not to mention they used PS3 play station communications to fool the intelligence teams in France and Germany.

  9. This is my Paris story.

    I do not know how many people have the experience that I had. After returning from the Army, I had some money that was burning a hole in my pocket just sitting in the bank for a year doing nothing. Saw an ad for $ 200 round trip airfare to Paris, (youthfare). As a lark I asked the girlfriend, the love of my life, if she wanted to go to Paris. Surprise of surprises she said yes. Went in August of ’71. Planned on staying two weeks. Wound up spending 47 days, almost all in Paris. Walked the City from one end to the other. back then the $ 5.00 per day book was for real. Rented a car for a few days, did a side trip to Belleau Wood, Chateau Thierry and Verdun. Spent an absolutely wonderful afternoon in Champagne country at a little roadside estiment . The bartender sat down with us and since it was August and all the French had gone off on vacation he was bored stiff,. He just kept pouring Champagne and putting out cheese all afternoon. Got out of there spending about all of three bucks. Came home with memories that have never faded.

    Must do a disclaimer here for Part II. Girlfriend, the love of my life, was a solid Irish Catholic, nun educated, gone to Catholic college girl. When I first asked her, I being a healthy young man with typical carnal desires thought Great! What an opportunity! Unbeknownst to me she invited her best friend along. No, there was no menage a trois. Separate rooms. Had a lot of time alone with girlfriend, her friend had a boyfriend in Paris studying for the summer but as they say it was all above board unfortunately or maybe fortunately.

    In ’74 found myself newly married, not to the same girl. She knew all about my adventure in Paris three years before and was not jealous. Her desire to see the place overcame any doubt. We went off and spent 17 days. It is a wonderful thing to be able to share wonderful places with someone you love.

    I am a blessed man, to have spent summer in Paris in love, twice!

    Vive La France!

  10. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Was just watching an MSNBC interview with Donald Trump. He makes a “Controversial” proposal that he’d close some mosques. The NBC dudes are all over that by saying it’s against the constitution, seeing that freedom of religion is a guarenteed right. They miss the point. Preaching religion as we know it, is NOT preaching sedition and overthrow of the government and the very constitution that is protecting them at this point.

    One of my great-grandfathers was a Lutheran minister. He preached in German. He had said and my Father backed him up. During WWI and WWII agents of the government, who spoke german sat in the back of the church in insure that no sedition was included in the sermon. How fast would he have wound up in prison if he did….pretty damn quick.

  11. Let me see if I have this straight. The Whites House says it is unlikely that ISIS could attack here, yet, it wasn’t long ago that Obozo was behind the podium talking about how easy is it is to get guns (while the dead were still warm, I might add). Do these dipshits think before they say things, or do they really have so little respect for the people that thinking is not a requirement?

  12. @Dale. I think I will make an open mic thread for the next article and put all your pictures up then. I have them saved.

  13. Dale A Albrecht says:

    BOSTON (AP) — A federal judge has ruled that the Boston police department discriminated against minorities by using a promotional exam that favored white candidates.

    U.S. District Judge William Young wrote in his decision released Monday that the multiple choice test focused on a candidate’s ability to read and interpret material

    • I think that we have a problem with Federal Judge’s and their ability to THINK!

    • I do not think that there has been a FDNY test given in the past 30 years that has not wound up in Federal Court. Son # 2, the Air Force Officer has had a hankering to be a NY Fireman for at least 20 years. He took the test twice. First time he got screwed was because he was not a NYC resident (or could not prove it to their satisfaction). Second time, he was, had the Vets credit and placed about 1118 of 80,000. Only reason he was so low was because FDNY gives “legacy” credit for nephews and sons and and they add 5 more points for having a VA disability rating. He missed the first class of 1 through 1,000. As they were calling the 2nd class, a Civil Rights suit hit (again). The City did not even bother to fight, just cancelled the second and all subsequent classes off that list. They ordered a new test! Finally Joe figured 35 was a bit old to be a probie.

      I am still; amazed that you can get points for having uncles, grand pops or Dads who were firemen. I am equally amazed that a “disabled” vet can be appointed. Seems like you might be looking at double disability payments down the road for an aggrivated condition.

      One of the test questions deemed racially insensitive was reading a gas gauge, Seems that inner city blacks are at a disadvantage because they do not own cars.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        A part of the judges ruling was that the test was not centered on skills and judgement. Ergo racially biased. If you can not read and interpret, its damn hard to get the second part. How hard is it to know (2) letters of the alphabet and reason that the letters may stand for something.

        Here’s a racial non friendly comment. Maybe the only thing the inner city kids were interested in was to boost the car and get it to the nearest chop shop, so how far the car went was not critical.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Has anyone ever seen an exam, like what we are talking about that was written by the minorities entirely, so it will pass muster through the courts. My bet they are and the whites still beat them, and therefore still racist. a no win situation,

        • Remember the mental/aptitude exam given during draft physicals? What a joke. Great scene in Alice’s Restaurant.

          Every company that handles chemicals needs a book of MSDS sheets that can be given to the firemen before entry into the building. How are they going to read these technical documents if they are illiterate?

  14. Charlie Sheen reveals he’s HIV positive. Sucks to be him.

    • Party hardy but beware of the hangover. Why does money make so many of these Hollywood types so stupid?

  15. Musing back on my piece yesterday. Can anybody else think of any religion throughout history where the religion itself, not gold or silver was the basis for conquest? The good friars followed the Conquistadores but the Conquistadores were not there to spread the word.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      How about St Patrick in Ireland. The apostles did not have an army in front of them spreading the new heretical religion called Christianity.

      • My point precisely! Until I got going yesterday morning I had not put 2 + 2 together. Islam is more than anything else a political movement.

        Yes, Constantine marched into battle under the sign of the Cross but not to spread Christianity but rather to call on the protection of God. Yes, there was the Inquisition whose goal was to re-introduce Christianity long after the battle had been won.

        I figure if you really, really want to piss off a Palestinian Muslim, just tell him he is the descendant of apostate Christians and Jews who would rather switch than fight!

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I never really got into the study of religion/s. I wish that I had taken an depth course on all the major religious philosphies and their writings. So the following links I can not claim that they are accurate and without some falsehoods. I do remember the way the Baptists in LA following the Billy Graham crusade and being re-born taught about the second coming and armagedon. It seemed to follow pretty close to the 1st two links.

          • Little confusing to say the least. Problem I have with Islam is it came out of nowhere and borrowed heavily. I can look at the similarities with Mormonism but the Mormons build on the narrative of Jesus Christ as God. Islam does not. Islam cannot because the “Good Word” in the New Testament (pardon me, my theology is pretty rusty) is in total opposition to the Koran, especially the later parts. So Jesus Christ (may Allah praise his name) is no more than a prophet. His parables, the gospels become nothing more than nice stories, one man’s opinion, rather than something coming down from the big guy.

            Fundamentalist Christianity is probably the best thing to happen to the Jews in 2,000 years. While there are still loads of anti-Semites throughout Christianity, the Apocalyptic gospels apparently require that the Jews be in place in Israel for the second coming. I’ve noted over the past 25 years that it is quite common for Christian preachers and lay people to refer to Jews as “Our Older Brothers”. This is not something I ever heard in the first forty years of my life. Christ killers yes, older brothers no. Even Michelle Bachman, part time loonie that she is, makes a certain amount of sense talking about the necessity of working to convert the Jews before the end.

            Last weekend, C-Span premiered the 1946 documentary on the Concentration Camps we, the Brits and the Canadians liberated in Western Germany and Austria. This film made under Marshall and Eisenhower’s orders was shelved in ’46 before release because suddenly the Germans became our allies against the Russians and we did not want to piss them off (see,1946 Political Correctness already). Interesting because most inmates were not Jews, the German and Austrian Jews were already ashes. The remainder ere in camps in the East This makes it all the more interesting because you can’t accuse the “Zionists” of making it. One of the things that blew me away was a quick mention that there were 1,600 priests in one camp! I don’t remember the name of the particular camp, might have been Mathausen, but the priests were described as mostly from occupied countries. And yes, it was a death camp. It was well worth the hour though, if you are human, it will tear you up. There is an interview in there, in a camp with a Navy officer (OSS I think) who was captured after parachuting in while wearing his uniform. e was sent to a death camp. This six plus foot Southerner is quite a contrast to the starving wretches he is surrounded by. He holds up the dog tags of two other officers, one Army, one Navy who went to the gas chambers before the camp got liberated.


          • You ought to sign up for a class. I had to do a three credit theology class in first semester senior year and chose it. If there is a Catholic University in your neck of the woods, might be worth looking into. I had a great professor though who seemed to know everybody so when we arrived on Saturday and Sunday for services at the other churches/temples we were very welcome.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              In this neck of the woods. Hah. Though within blocks all except islam have representation. There is a 300 year old anglican church within sight. A very old Jewish temple down the block…..the chimes wake me up on Sunday, But isn’t the Jewish sabbath on Saturday?

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              I’m off. I do have to get up in the AM. I’ve started the renovation of an 1843 porch. Need to pick up special dimensioned lumber I had milled to get the project rolling. Need real sized lumber. Not a 2X4 that’s 3 1/2 X 1 3/4 as an example.

  16. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Our leader says at a news conference that there is NO effective way to screen for the “extremist” ie ISIS. But yet today, our AG said that the refugees/migrants are being put through the most extreme security screening process.

    Do these folks even talk to each other before running their mouth. Even after Friday’s attack, Obama releases more Guantanamo prisoners to of all places YEMEN. Just let them go, they’ll soon be free from that country. Then increases the number for people to admit, and the govs are saying “whoa” congress is saying whoa and the leader says “UP YOUR’s”

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    NW is being hammered with a big storm today and tonight. Power has failed several times in the past hour. Drove through 50 to 70 mph winds and dust storm today, coming back from Seattle. Will check right side of pickup tomorrow to see if the sand took off the paint.

    Rain in the lowlands and snow in the high country along with the high winds.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The family had the paint taken off the car from a sandstorm near Salton Sea and Palm Springs back in the 60’s. The chrome was also just a bit dull. I would not have wanted to be pulling a trailer, of any size that day. They were all over the place. Oh, the glass was pitted.

  18. Just A Citizen says:

    I am confused. Mr. Obama has made a career out of advancing the notion that America is an UNJUST place and does not deserve any place on a pedestal of history.

    But somehow denying immediate entry to 15000 Syrian refugees who do not share our cultural values and who may include bad people is “So Un-American”. Hillary shrieks that the Republicans have reached a new low.

    Apparently neither of these people know American history……….the real history……… as opposed to the mythology of Inclusiveness and Koombya immigration policies, created by the left. HINT: Our Founders did not want to allow Germans to immigrate to the US as they did not share our English heritage or values of the “enlightenment”.

    Me thinks this myth was created years ago to help Guilt Trip Americans into accepting the INVASION of over 30 million people from Mexico, Central and South America. It also fits with the ideological left’s use of EMOTION as a primary tool of decision making.

    Oh, both these ass-hats were spouting their “un-American” accusations at the Republicans while people in the Obama Administration were ADMITTING that there is no real way to vet the refugees, because we know nothing about them.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      nor any real data. Look at the back ground of one of the terrorist who attacked Paris. he made a career out of “false” id’s. Real and stolen, but used to keep the “migrant” in Belgium and elsewhere. I’ve heard and read that Belgium is a sieve for stolen documents from embassies, consulates. As they were bragging today, that they are the capital of Europe. A country that is so riven by disent and hatred against their our countrymen, they had to call in an Italian to try and govern them.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Not according to the new AG. All intelligence agencies do contradict her though.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    Also heard some “reformist Muslim” on the radio today explaining how he and other “reformers” are proposing to set up “interview methods” with the refugees that will help reveal their “true feelings” about American political values. Stuff like NO National Religion.

    He stated that neither he or any of the “reformers” have ever been approached for anything by this Administration. CURIOUS to say the least.

    This also created a question in my mind, as I was dodging tumble weeds the size of VW’s.

    If Islam is REFORMED to make it compatible with Western Civilization and our American Political values, is it really Islam anymore???

  20. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Obama gives two ships to PI to bolster their defense capabilities. Both are useless unless the chinese run into them. The backdrop was a “former” US frigate, so called by the MSM and I’m sure a talking point from the administration, also given to PI. Didn’t look like any frigate I could recognize, In reality it was a Vietnam era relic, Hamilton class coast guard vessel. Pretty anemic against a “threat” of China. At least our frigates had missle launch capability, torpedos, rapid fire remote guns, vulcan defense, serious ASW and twin ASW helo’s. ALS “bearclaw”

  21. I wish I could say this is unbelievable but each day it gets more and more common-this Country is doomed. I feel so sorry for my children and yours! i WONDER WHAT THEY ARE GONNA SAY WHEN STUDENTS START FIGHTING BACK AND PEOPLE START GETTING KILLED-BECAUSE IT IS GONNA HAPPEN EVENTUALLY.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Regardless of color, to be admitted to Dartmouth follows a pretty elitist upper crust prep school life. During Derby week the BLM crowd ultimately demanded that the student body president be thrown down. He is black and also gay. The fact he didn’t follow their progressive beliefs. He attended a party during the race, much like a super bowl party and the BLM protesters arrived. What I saw was him trying to quell the protest and when the BLM folks wouldn’t let up…they were not all people of color…he apparently said something to a protester something akin to “get a life” Nobody knows exactly what was said. But the protesters insisted he was an “Uncle Tom” condoning a racist activity….horse racing racist???

      Basically when I lived up that way, Dartmouth had a reputation as a party school. Ivy League but party hardy. Didn’t matter, connections guarenteed success regardless.

      Slight change of subject but sort of along the weird thinking in the dems. I had a neighbor who was a career State dept person. Specialized in the ME and spent his career there. He resigned whe Hillary became SOS. He had nothing but glowing praise for Ms Rice. Her talent, intellect, always put together, work ethic…you name it. When Hillary resigned he went back to work at State and was sent to Mali. Had to learn French. Now the thing I could never reconcile nor would he discuss it….he was an ardent Obama supporter?

    • Where does it end? Ended at Kent State last time around. Don’t remember too many student riots after that. Little (—————) fill in the blank, finally realized it wasn’t a game.

  22. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Had a weird dream the other night. I came home and found my home was broken into. The “suspects” were still there and taking things out and stacking them out front so they could be picked up. And destroying what they deemed of no value to them. The police wouldn’t respond, and when I tried to take matters into my own hands the perps, said…who do you think you are, we were here first. Find your own place. Then it got into this is our right. Then morphed into right to work and thieving was their job, and I was keeping them from their work…..on and on. I ultimately was arrested for an unsafe and threatening workplace…I did violence upon the robbers. Violation of right to work, racist and hostile work environment…..white privilege..poor disadvantaged minorities.

    Obama has fulfilled his promise. To fundamentally change america. We’ve certainly had our problems, but were on stage for all the world to view. Gave them a scapecoat to hide behind. What he has done is divide this county more than what it has been since the Civil War.

    We all known where that lead to. Unfortunately,

  23. Here we have a fascinating story. After Two World Wars, The Cold War, the Russian Revolution, the O’Bama manages to put Russia and France back together again for the first time since 1917. Putin is starting to look like Peter the Great who, by the way, was one tough mother too!

  24. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Obama “mocks” republicans for being afraid of widows and orphans. The videos I’ve seen fro Europe are not widows and orphans, but mostly young healthy male youths.

    Even that follows his pattern of divisiveness. Doesn’t do anything to swage concerns or even the fact his own party is pushing back…but its all the republicans. His own intelligence groups are in opposition to his and the AG’s stands. He has absolutely NO concept of leadership of a country like ours. he even feels that even if a majority disagree…up yours.

  25. Dale A Albrecht says:

    More than 45,000 Cubans arrived at U.S. checkpoints along the border between Texas and Mexico in the fiscal year that ended in September.

    On top of the other “peaceful” migrants. Cuba is blaming the US. Photo also showed all young males….workers paradise leaving to fulfill their dream.

  26. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Again Obama belittles ISIS. Talking about the unsuffisticated technologies and lack of high tech goodies etal. You know…roll into that Al-Queda and they’ve waged a pretty ecomomical war. Totally efficient. Change the entire behavior of the enemy at a very minimal cost in manpower and money. Where the enemy has spent trillions to combat this unsophisticated force and that force has done nothing but expand. They obviously learned basic economic principles and efficiency in their college courses. Greatest impact at the losest cost.

  27. Having sort of compromised on the answer to the question that is the subject of the article, I think it’s only fair to put Islam is perspective. It has the markers of a religion, a God, a prophet and a book that is followed. It is a political movement, as it is also a theocracy under Sharia and it also has the elements of a violent cult, at least as far as Western values go. Because the whole of Islam seems to be surrounded by fear and violence, it’s hard to sit back and say that violence isn’t a huge part of the whole thing. When a country like Saudi Arabia has “Religious Police” to ensure that the people are following the religious doctrine and violating that doctrine can result in violent acts such as stoning or even getting one’s head lopped off, it’s easy to see the violent nature of the Theocracy, which is of course based on the religion, which, by my standards is violent in nature.

    It would also be fair to call groups like ISIS as a cult, much like the many cults that we have and have had here and abroad. Just this week, some lady with a spaghetti colander on her head was on the news, having sued to have it on for her drivers license picture. I’m not sure if the “Religion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” would be called a cult, but I think we could all agree it’s alittle out there.

    With Islam being all it can be, as mentioned above, what is the best avenue to take to keep the violent aspects out of this country?

    • My opinion, you cannot!

      There were Irish gangs in the US in the 1800’s. The Mafia started in the late 1800’s the Chinese started gangs in the early 1900’s. We are now dealing with the Latin gangs.

      However, there is a difference. The other gangs started out as strangers in a strange land. Primarily they affected their own people and their own neighborhoods. Eventually they became criminal enterprises and affected the population as a whole. As the ethnic minorities assimilated into the general US population, the gangs lost a lot of their clout (except the Latin ones which are still on the ascendancy).

      Now from what we know about no-go zones in Europe, the Muslim population is not assimilating at all. Cops stay pretty much clear and it is fairly obvious that there is enforcement of religious law done through religious councils. The religious law of course has a secular component so, they “police” themselves just like they do in the Saudi.

      If you want social assimilation, not necessarily cultural in the United States and Canada and Australia, you are going to have to deep six any and all programs that recognize cultural diversity. No more bi-lingual crap. No more cultural awareness. Kids are going to have to play together, rough house together, get their noses broken, call each other Mick, sheenie, raghead, spic, the N-word, Wop, Polak etc. and learn to get along, the old fashioned way. Youngsters are the key. My grandfathers apparently had no problem allowing their kids to adopt this culture. There were many reasons for that I am sure, my Dad’s Dad said he never wanted to look back on what he left. But I am also sure that it was impossible for him to fight against the tide of “openness” in this society. If you look around you will run into honor killings by Muslim Fathers whose daughters or sons have “disgraced” the family. Somehow those parents because of our failure to enforce American cultural norms have made this seem OK to them. And, we have to stop making excuses.

      This is a great discussion, There are so many parallels. The blacks in America adopted white culture, adapted to it, added to it and things may have been separate but they were very similar. When accepting “diversity” became the norm it all fell apart. people started wearing Dashikis and started celebrating Kwanza. They were seeking some identity that was long gone just as it is for fifth generation Italians, Poles, Greeks. How many Irishmen in Ireland ever ate beef let alone corned beef? The American Indian is still a basket case. Only the tribes that adapted, succeeded. Our mistake with them was treating all Indians as an ethnic group and not realizing the strength of tribal ties. We seem to understand Tutsi’s and Hutu’s can’t live side by side Serbs and Bosnians can’t either but still do not apply this to our own history. Wildly different groups like Orthodox Jews, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Japanese, Africans, Laps and Finns come to this country and succeed because they do not try to bring their cultural norms with them.

      Another thought, taken from Malcolm X. He broke with the Nation of Islam after his Haj to Mecca primarily because of the racial diversity he saw there. White, brown, yellow and black Muslims all united in their faith. In so many ways not that different from Catholicism. But they were also all united in a political/religious way because of the nature of Islam. The Popes tried many times through history to get this power but never succeeded. All they got for their efforts was the reformation. Didn’t cut off enough heads I guess.

      • Saudi’s do not “police themselves” as one would think. The religion police were everywhere. The Theocracy don’t play there and by Western standards, are cruel and barbaric.

  28. Hey all! Haven’t kept up every day, but manage to get here occasionally to read your take on the world.

    Sad news from a SUFA-ite (via FB):

    “Kent McManigal: I just learned that my 24 year old daughter was killed in a car wreck today. I feel only numbness.”

    Please include Kent in your prayers.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Did the Feds catch them ot the Texican’s? The MSN says in Guatamala not he border.

      I see that the NEW Ryan lead congress is NOT going to ask in the new law they’re putting together any religious based questions to the migrants. When the vast majority of out trillions of dollars of security measures are targeted at people following Islam. Isn’t a simple filter of 1/3 of the migrants of our problems of terrorism simplified by eliminating 2/3 as possibile terrorist because they have zero, nada niente history as a culture.


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      What was the “mastermind” of the Paris attacks livelihood. False id’s of real documents stolen but the wrong person attached to the document. His lawyers, belgium, said, they thought he turned a new leaf. Ha. So according to the article the “migrants” had false but real documents..l..are we truly serious about security or just a political jobs program just like the TSA,

    • You act as if this is the first time…..I have reported to you on several ocassions how many different nationalities we catch down here… is not the Feds catching them…it is the Texas NAtional Guard.

  29. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Bringing up Minniapolis (sp) One night on SP duty in the Navy there was an altercation that was moving up the street and also headed up between two buildings. Two ‘rent a cops were chasing two guys in civilian clothes. The two civilians turned on the officers. and attacked. The officers were unarmed. One of the officers was instantly taken out. The other was in a chock hold and had his wind pipe and larynx (sp) crushed. I intervened, took out the one civilian and cuffed him. Turned on the other while he was making every attempt to kill the officer. Bottom line I took him out and put him in the hospital because he was not going to quit until he was MORE injured or dead than the rent a cop. Turns out both “civilians” were being discharged for the good of the service. Their last night. Wound up in Portsmouth Naval Prison for 20 years. Ala the “Last Detail” with Jack Nicholson.

    The racial tension that was in San Diego was intense in ’75. Finally it boiled down to IF the perp happened to fall on his knife or weapon and die….it was going NO FURTHER in the investigation. This was city wide, not just on the bases. The issue was the majority of muggings, rapes, etal were ALL black on black or white especiallly females. Rarely the other way around. Just look at the nation stats today. They say the same exact thing.

    You CAN NOT regardless of the new education testing brought in by the Obama administration in their attempt to say its the testing thats racist. But confirms even more the conventional wisdom. You can not get ahead in life at a 19% or less comprehension on language and math etc and have any reasonable expectancy to get ahead.

    I’m sorry, but where there is smoke there’s fire. It is not white privilege. It is all the fault of the leaders continually making excuses for the failures by excusing the failures as is you are a victim and it’s not your fault. This is going far beyond racial divides. This directly goes back to a shift in the 70’s

  30. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Obama vow to veto any bill toughing immigration of Syrian’s to this country….Make him veto it. Do not back down.

    Sorry…but as “bad” as Assad is/was it is nothing compared to the viciousness and sigleminded principles of iSIS no matter if the moderate won. History is a prime example here. The two guys who replaced the SHAH of Iran, OK not so bad. But when France shipped back Khomeni (sp) to get him out of their hair, due to his inciteful activity in France. Carter embraced the religious shift. He has a bad record of that. Haiti is another example. Those two democratic moderates did not stand a chance against radical Islam. Khomeni from day one stated emphatically his goal was to destry Israel and the Jew. The destruction of the great Satan would be a fringe benefit. So now Iran literally has control by out forfiet of Iraq. We invited them into the Syrian conflict…..that is a direct border contact and conduit with Israel. A stated goal in June 1979 to the French newspaper Il Monde.

    • McConnell will never bring it up. Dems. will Filibuster, Obama will veto, that will be his excuse. Worthless piece of merde him (note the French, that’s class!). The answer is defund it. That will work but we ain’t dealing with a Gingrich here, merely a Turkey neck and the accountant, Ryan.

  31. I just watched the New York Governor and Mayoe exclaiming how things are normal and people shopping and movingabout as normal……..correct me if I am wrong….the last time I was in New York….I did not see soldiers at the malls, movie houses, broadway, Times Square……as the TV just showed. So normal is now…military guarding everything?

    • That is the Liberal way Colonel. They don’t trust the people to protect themselves with their own guns.

    • This is the National Guard. they were on duty for years after 9-11 but no longer until the recent threat. I saw the same last night. Ten years ago they were carrying M-16’s and Beretta’s. yesterday I saw the video of them with radio’s. Guess they are supposed to call for help or perhaps tackle the suicide bombers. This is DeBlasio and Cuomo rather than Guilliani, Bloomberg and Pataki. Kumbaya ,Man! Groovy, Make Love not war, Hell no we won’t go! Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh! All we are saying is give peas a chance!

    • Very nice catch!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Interesting…Many years ago I had read an article, I can not place where, but it had written that in the major mosque in Mecca, all around the arcade could be found many different sects and Imams teaching the various interpretations of the Koran. The author said more than 40. The authors lament at the time of the writing is that those voices had been silenced and there was only one being taught. And that was the Wahabi version being exported and funded by Saudi Arabia all over the world. This was long before 9/11 and I believe even before GW I. So this new article states that same observation in more recent times.

  32. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Great movie done in 1946. “Colonel Effington’s Raid” We talk about how much more advanced we are today and what was yesterday is of no bearing. Every minute of this film would be exactly replicated today. From the opening comments about voting, to corruption, fear of the government. Minute 57:00 is especially pointed.

  33. If you deal with anyone else on Facebook or other media and they spout off on the Refugees. I’ve started commenting, “C’mon, you have a spare bedroom, take a Syrian family in”. Put up or shut up.

    You can also point out to the folks like our buddy Charlie who keep going on about us turning away the Jews in ’38 that in his flawed analogy, he cannot even understand that the “Jews” today are the Christians and non-Muslims stuck in those hell holes. It may be unpleasant to be a Muslim in ISIS occupied territory, might be scary and even dangerous. However, if you are a non-Muslim, it is DEADLY. They cut your head off but before that they make you watch them rape your wife and daughters and sell them into slavery.

  34. Feel free to share. Most hooples out there have no clue what happened the day before yesterday. Re the false analogy about Jews in ’38 and Syrians today.

    And the Big Lie just keeps marching on…. In 1938 the US was still in Depression. Having been suckered into WW 1 by British propaganda: Belgian babies on bayonets, Belgian Nuns raped,the Lusitania NOT carrying munitions, Americans were not going to let that happen again. The War to End All Wars ended and at Versailles the British and French divvied up the world and made a mockery of the 14 points Wilson proposed. They created the very Mid-East mess we deal with today. We became isolationist and cynical. Nobody, not even FDR had a crystal ball in ’38. Nobody thought Germany could or would ever demonstrate the absolute barbarism it did. WW 2 started Sept. 1st, 1939. The United States let Hitler rampage for two years and three months until Dec. 7th 1941 when his ally, Japan, attacked us. Between 1946 and ’49 the US took in 430,000 Displaced Persons (DP’s). This included 130,000 Jews with more to follow. The USA rebuilt Europe through the Marshall Plan and almost went to war with the USSR over Berlin. People who compare 1938 with now are either incredibly stupid about history or are participating in the Big Lie.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

  35. Dale A Albrecht says:

    NC is not immune to the university BS spreading across the country…..With the exception of a few degree programs UNC Chapel Hill is a liberal arts university. TAkea degree that will buy you more thana cup of coffee.

    For as long as I have lived in NC, 20 years, the running joke about UNC is….What does a UNC graduate say to a NC State graduate in the morning? “Would you like me to biggie size that order for you”

  36. Sometimes, the answers to the toughest questions aren’t easily answered. Maybe I asked the wrong question:

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Who was that lady?

      • The main speaker was Brigette Gabrielle, an American journalist. She was amazing in this video. I don’t know who the Muslim girl is, but her question is also relevant. Powerful stuff.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The comment and question that the young girl asked, stated that Islam is an ideology and religion… and why fight it with violence and not counter with another ideology?

          If all the attacks were being conducted by islam and it was strictly a political ideology the world would be not holding any thing back on defeating it. The fact that a “religion” has tagged along with the political, the world is holding back and being PC etc. The early romans conquered ruthlessly. They sort of left the religious stuff alone. They set up for them but left the indigionous folks along. That is until they’d rebel and then all bets were off. Like the razing of the 2nd temple and putting a roman temple in its place. Early christianity spread by apostles and monks etal and not by the sword. As SK stated that when Constantine converted publically they were just using the cross as a protector. The early crusades were an attempt to to STOP the continual assults on Europe by muslim armies that were striking deep in the heart of Europe and to retake the holiest of christian sites. Islam has rarely been spread by anything but by armies and violence. Whereas other “religions” have generally spread peacefully except when it followed a political or imperialistic conquest. The inverse.

          You continually read today, that the muslims did this and they did that and how great they were. Much of the medicine they carried on was greek or other cultures practices. The practioner just converted to save their skins. Math and geometry and architecture. All the architectural inventions were greek in origin, geometry as we know it was from Sicily, Syracuse. The Muslims did algebra. OK one of many. The great art has come off from the west and asia. They use geometric design only. NO portayal of human or animals permited..

          Like there was cross pollenation (sp) with the greeks, cartheginians and romans, even into asia for trade, for a millenia. into the ME and North Africa and Spain. You mean to tell me that certain items only spread to Spain, and Sicily and Greece only by the grace of Islam. I seriously doubt it.

          Islam is like Fascism, communism and socialisn and progressiveism. the individual is not important and should be eradicated for the good of the state. Therefore I believe it is a political entity that hides under the name of a religion but actually is the driving force.

    • This Facebook post was later taken down by Facebook. Thankfully, a screenshot was taken to keep the message rolling out.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Since there is no profanity I wonder why facebook took it down.

        • Really?

        • Happens all the time. I recall last winter, I posted here that I had something taken down, I believe it was a pro 2nd Amendment picture or something like that. No profanity. I put it back up and it stayed. Buck should remember that. It’s common. Facebook follows the Liberal mantra and will attempt to stifle free speech if it don’t fall in line. Since it’s a private company, I reckon it’s their Right to do so.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    Yeeehaw. Power is back on, 52 hours without electric or internet. Don’t know how we survived. 😉

    About 40,000 folks still without power.

    I did discover one weakness in my emergency preparedness. It never occurred to me that if the water were lost there is no “bathroom facility” that will function. Didn’t happen this time but I see an “outhouse” on the to do list next spring. Will have to disguise it as a garden shed to keep the neighbors and inspectors at bay.

    • Welcome back 🙂 If you have government run water, your screwed. With well water, all I need is power to the pump, piece of cake.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        My Government supplied water just kept on running through the whole ordeal.

        Not only that but it is well water and free of chlorine most of the year. We are looking into a well but the “city” may not allow it.

        • You had some great luck. Either they had power or a backup generator system. I wouldn’t count on the government allowing you to have a well. Actually, I’d like you to ask them and post the answer. You will be told, NO

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    Now for a thought on the jack snipe reporter who has ambushed Trump with the “Muslim data base question”.

    Would someone please let all the howlers know that the data base ALREADY exists. In fact there are probably several “data bases”.

    Are these people absolutely STUPID??? And all the R’s jumping on the bandwagon. What idiots.

    Every immigrant is recorded in a data base, as are many, many Citizens. It is not a data base that should be the concern, but how we find and track those in the data base.

    • They can’t track a person of interest when the number of those people exceeds their capability. As a general rule, it takes 12 people to track one person for a week, that’s when things work right. Even then, the tracked person may be lost, probably more often than we would like.

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    Love it when the left wing intellectuals finally turn on their own.

    This does reveal just how blatant the political class’s attempts at distorting language to obfuscate the issues has become.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      They assume correctly that few people remember those discussions in philosophy class, and also are to lazy to look up the word again with all its various concepts.


    Are we….or maybe the world, on the verge of something really bad?

  41. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I had heard these results on the news the other day. Stated that NC was middling on their disaster preparedness. Sort of left me scratching my head as to the criteria used by the government to assess the rating. Much of the ratings were based on medical care. I honestly have never seen a state handle what would really be a disaster in most states, a hurricane, with as much efficiency. Snow and ice in the eastern half can slow you down, but they do know how to deal with if well. Just be patient. But rarely are “disaster” storms life threatening. Just get out of the way and do not do stupid things. I do not understand the medical stuff. I have so many major medical facilities all within 30 minutes and the closest is 5 minutes. And we’re in the least populated area of the state.

  42. Just A Citizen says:

    I am almost at a loss for words. I say “almost”.

    This is either a great example of propaganda or one of ignorance revealed as “journalism”. Or it could be both. There is just so much WRONG with this story it almost defies understanding.

    Lets see how many of you can find all the flaws. These errors, omissions, failures in logic are not limited to the author either. Also note how these flaws in truth and logic act to stifle real dialogue and understanding.

    One thought on all this. Isn’t it amazing how the volume of the left wing response to the idea we should “temporarily halt the Syrian refugee program” was so large, expansive and timely!!

    Look how many “stories” are suddenly produced within days, stories that should have required considerable research and time to prepare. All done within a “week” of the Paris attack. Simply amazing.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just took a break from some 1843 porch restoration. Isn’t having a “Muslim” recognition day against all liberal principles of separation of churc and state? I’ll read the article later when I have more time, but my first thought is….”what does all that have to do with the price of rice in China?” Basically there is absolutely no comparison between 100 years ago and today. Your second follow-up post makes sense about mixing the rhetoric about immigrant and refugee. Two different conditions.

      Try immigrating to ISIS controlled territory and NOT be forced to convert. Try becoming a Japanese citizen without being some portion Japanese. Like at least 1/2. Without looking I’ll bet that to be a citizen of Saudi Arabia one will convert. A contract worker doesn’t matter. With all of our “public” problems past and present in America, we have been the most inclusive country that has ever existed. But it doesn’t mean that we should open the doors with smiles and hugs and just one incident by one person can cause incalculable damage in life and property. There always were rules…follow them. Heck, the government kept the Cubans in hack for quite some time when castro dumped his refuse. In this case we haven’t a clue in heck, nor any reliable means to check back grounds and on top of that the government is NOT going to ask any religious questions. So PC smart its stupid.

  43. Just A Citizen says:

    Comment of the morning:

    Immigrants are NOT the same as “refugees”. Note that those howling for inclusion of Syrian refugees are using rhetoric for allowing “immigrants”. They are deliberately confusing the discussions. Or I suppose it could be out of ignorance!

    If these people are “refugees” then why are they being placed around the country and not being placed in concentrated areas where they can be monitored and proper care provided??

    If they are not refugees, then why are we not treating them like all other “politically or religiously oppressed” applicants for “immigrant” status??? You know, “political asylum”!

  44. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the day:

    All great civilizations or empires appear to have reached their greatest potential when they contained the greatest diversity of peoples and were the most “inclusive”.

    However, the downfall of those empires/civilizations followed shortly on the heals of this great success. Some have proposed that this was partly due to reducing “inclusiveness” but the evidence of this is spotty at best. It appears more likely that the diversity that builds greatness also provides fertile ground for the dissent that leads to downfall.

    The key difference between America and these historical cultures/empires has been our ability to “assimilate” newcomers. Those who come here to live and work become true “citizens”. Now consider what the impact of the recent efforts at importing “foreign born” people to the US in large numbers might be on our unique quality.

  45. Just A Citizen says:
  46. Just A Citizen says:


    Yoo hoo Sparty. What a win.

    Now if CAL will just upset Stanford.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Ah crud, Stanford again the PAC 12 north champ. My Cougars came up a field goal short of the big game.

  47. Just A Citizen says:

    A must read over your Sunday morning coffee/tea/Dr. Pepper.

    One sarcastic comment: Somebody is in love with their thesaurus and book of metaphors. Mr. Stockman must be practicing up for a new career as a “novelist”.

    The history has some flawed connections, in my opinion, but the primary points and relationships are valid. Which begs the question as to what our proper policy should be in the middle east, let alone the rest of the world.

    A lesson from history……………Hegemony doesn’t last.

  48. Dale A Albrecht says:

    For all the non SUFA readers that may stop by from time to time. sure it’s been wet this year and the past few, even without a direct hurricane and of course the powers are saying “climate change” we have to do something.

    Question: It seems like the last 4 weeks have been some of the wettest I can recall. Every few days I seem to be emptying my rain gauge of water ranging from 1 – 3″. Have we broken any records? And also where are we on track for the year? — Mike Carroll

    Answer: Records for certain time spans are a bit of a moving target of course. It has been a wet pattern, though, anyway you look at it. If we take Nov 15th as an end point, for example, the previous month brought 5.4 inches of rain at RDU, which ranks as the 13th wettest period for that 4 weeks in 129 years of data and represents 169% of normal.

    There have been a few daily rainfall records set or tied in the past 6 weeks or so as well, including 2.07 inches on Oct 2 (old record 2.01 from 1969), 1.23 inches on Oct 3 (ties with 1988) and 1.52 inches on Nov 2 (old mark was 1.37 from 1979).

    As for the longer term, if we look at the year 2015 to date, we’ve had 48.3 inches, which is 9.69 inches above normal and ranks 16th wettest in 129 years. If we instead use a rolling full year period, we find the past 365 days has brought 56.23 inches, 13.0 above normal and 11th wettest for that period.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      These numbers are from Raleigh. We here to the east have had more. The point is that we are raining again. Normally the summer is wet and the winter drier. Lately the winters have been also real wet. i have no complaints. it keeps everything real green and the waters flushed and fresher, unless it is salt or brackish like here where we are still affected by the ocean tides, barely. We’re technically fresh water about 100 yards further up the rivers.

      The city is making a real effort to put the modern convienience and eyesore of above ground cables, underground. More resilient to the weather and falling trees. As the historic trees age, storms with high winds generally bring down more than normal. plus a storm exposes weaknesses that normally would have been continually thinned if we were not in a sort of calm period of hurricanes as predicted by a NOAA meteorologist who was summarilty fired for speaking blasphemy.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        And a prediction for tonight that though it’s been in the 60’s today, the temperature is dropping and supposed to reach 30 degrees. Then as soon as that clears through right back into the 60’s. Always liked a seesaw as a kid.

  49. Just A Citizen says:

    My vote for STUPIDEST political phrase, or propaganda, of the year.

    “Turning away Syrian refugees plays right into the hands of Isis”.

    There are several versions of this idiocy but they are all of the same bull dookey.

  50. Just A Citizen says:
  51. Just A Citizen says:

    Question of the day:

    Doesn’t China’s creation of islands in the South China see constitute “conquest” of lands that are not part of China? Such conquest is a violation of International Law.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      China is so seriously exposed to a complete annilation of their trade, by the “Climate Change” agreement due in Paris next week. Even with the negotiators saying the limits they propose on CO2 emissions is totally unobtainable and they backed off….China doesn’t have a chance to meet the lowered standards for years to come unless they invest in their environmental conditions. All the major countries that buy into “climate change” have to do is ban imports from offending countries until they clean up their act….reasonably. China is so far beyond reasonable.

    • The only issue may be the 200 mile exclusion zone, which prior to building the island didn’t exist. I don’t see how “conquest” can be declared legally, since there isn’t really any land prior to their building.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        The “land” existed below the surface. Property extends below the surface as well as above it.

        The “land” was not claimed by anyone, changing that status is in fact a conquest since it was constructed and is held by military force.

        The same International Law would apply as to claiming the Moon, or parts of it, in the name of any given “nation”.

  52. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This will be discussed by international lawyers until hell freezes. Here is some submerged reefs not claimed by anyone. In between two other sovereign nations. Sort of not in either’s economic zones. In fact nations shipping would probably keep a wide berth from these maritime hazards…..Shipping would go on either side, maybe of maybe not getting near Vietnam or PI. China comes along and basically creates actual land mass above water where none existed or anyone cared about until…..Once claimed as chinese territory, so far quite legal in most peoples eyes especially lawyers. The rub came when they then claimed a 200 mile exclusion zone on either side which literally goes right into any zone claimed by PI or Vietnam. Based on years to many to count if a country’s territory overlapped by MATH with a neighbor that area in between was divided equally with a passage zone in between. Prime example is the Starits of Hormoz. Or Straits of Gibralter or even the Bosperous which has Turkey on either side. The baltic, Englisg Channel, St Lawrence river just to name a few. Doesn’t mean in a time of war that these areas would be seriously contested, but non-the-less

    This is a crisis that is a “Wag-the-dog” written all over it. Sort of gives Obama cover to focus on Asia claiming that this is more important than the unholy mess in the M/E….It would not make any sense for China to really push. We do little trade of our goods to China, it flows to us. We just have to resurrect industry and tap our idle talent pool. We kicked the unbeatable Japanese when it came to economic warfare back in the 80’s and 90’s. Slow start on our part, but Japan has still not recovered.


    Just one example of why Liberal’s are ‘mostly” irrational. I have read very few rational thoughts coming from the Left side. Where is Buck when you need him. At least ONE rational statement from a Liberal to help calm things down, LMAO 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The second article is as close as I can find to the paper listing all the “disaster” effects of climate change over the years.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Primary thought on the topic of man caused climate change.

      The opponents often claim it is hubris to think man could change the climate.

      But is it not hubris to think man could “not” change the climate?

      After all, the goal of mankind for the past few thousand years has been to modify our “climate”, or “habitat”, to improve our lives. That is improve as we have considered it to be. Meaning there is a chance that our view of “improve” is wrong.

      Using “hubris” to debunk AGW if a fallacious argument.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Agreed….to call climate change man’s fault like the current political bandwagon is, is incorrect, as well as saying man has had no impact. The overall point that nobody can say is how much.

        An interesting scientific analysis i’d like to see, is if there has been some other time that scientists consider the “perfect” combination of elements. Diversity of flora and fauna. Just so much ice, so much ocean, so much landmass etc. and not just a hue and cry that the maldives are going under like reported almost 2 centurys ago. or what about Miami or Manhattan. Heck, most of Holland should be underwater NOW if man hasn’t always tried to change his environment. Hopi rain dances fall into that category.

        What’s this I hear that gear-head in Ft Collins and elsewhere are burning coal, i assume coal oil in their hot rods.

        • Pretty good explanation of where the fake 97% all agree comes from.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:




            Where have all the communists and socialist gone? Into the Green Parties. I took enough enivironmental science classes to know the current batch of alarmists were BS. Not that we should not care about good stewardship of our planet. From what I understand the Smithsonian used to have a chart painted on a wall in one of their museums. Timeline of life and history against temperatures etc. They apparently have painted over the inconvienient true of the medival and roman warming periods. Only leaving the bogus PC results being proven by science to be incorrect.

            The liberals etc accuse conservatives and religious types of taking “God” on faith, how stupid can you get they say. What proof is there? However, bring up “Climate Change” and they are taking that on faith and not facts but yet they’re convinced they’re right. Facts don’t mean a damn to the activists.

            • I have heard the expression that the enviroloons are like a watermelon. Green on the outside red on the inside. I do not doubt it.

              It has also replaced religion or it is the “new” religion, that of the Earth Mother. It is totally amazing to me tat in two generations we have managed to slip the civilization back to Pagan times. Everything goes and we worship friggen trees!

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Do they still have any trees left up in the big apple area? just joking. There was an old Gahan Wilson cartoon showing a little boy crawling up his mothers leg in terror. The caption is “don’t be frightened, it’s just a tree”

                How convienient that the UN releases the climate data just before the conference that buries our way of life starts in Paris. “Global temperature in 2015 is at an all time record high” Only when you follow Joseph Goerbles methodology. you’d almost think if this generation is so smart and access to an infinite amount of data they’d be a touch more skeptical. What I do not understand is if the global temps are at a record high… can the arctic ice maybe receeding, not even close to the lack of ice a 1000 years ago, and at the same time the ice at the polar opposite be growing? Sort of inconsistant. the answer about the temperature. one answer I always get from thea ctivist crowd is a technicality on temperature. Since it was started to be measured. sort of mid 1800’s. Everything before that is shear quesswork. As is the official data to day being changed to fit a model. Like adjusting the the employment numbers back months.

  54. US Military Forces were ordered to give ISIS terrorists 45 minute warning, by leaflet drop from aircraft, to run for their lives because US airstrikes were coming.

    “Get out of your trucks now, and run away from them. Warning: air strikes are coming. Oil trucks will be destroyed. Get away from your oil trucks immediately. Do not risk your life,” the leaflet reads.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And the hits keep coming. I keep thinking back to Nixon and thinking how far we have fallen. Being that Nixon, in relation to today’s government, was a shining light.

  55. Clock boy’s family are threatening to sue the town of Irving and the school district if they don’t apologize and give them $15 million dollars. They’re also whining that what they really want to do is come home to Irving. I don’t remember anyone throwing them out of the country, actually there was much misguided support for them in my opinion, since the whole scenario was a con job. I guess they decided to try and get rich off of it-since it worked out so well for them. I don’t doubt for a minute that the city will give in to them and give them a few million just not to go to court. Although if they did go to court all the information they wouldn’t let the school release. I assume could then be released.

  56. Turkey shot down a Russian plane they claim was illegally in their air space.

    • Now the Syrian rebels have shot down an emergency helicopter sent to look for the pilots of the downed plane.

      • Turkey “says” it was in their airspace. Plane crashed on Syrian turf, hmmmm. Seems to me the Turks are being a bit foolish here. They are up to their eyebrows with ISIS preferring them to the Kurds. Of course the thought that they could contain ISIS after the Kurds were crippled seems just a bit stupid too.

        With the pilots being shot at on their way down and the rescue helicopter taken out, is there much doubt that the Turks and Isis are in this together? I hope Russia kicks some serious ass here.

        Just finished watching the O’Bama/Hollande hour. What a pathetic spectacle. Never thought I’d see France grovel so low, and for what? Dipstick won’t give them merde.

        • The Turks had warned Russia several days ago to stop bombing ISIS and the Rebels. They kept their word, now we get to see how the bear will react.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Did I read Obama’s statement correctly today. Officially inviting Russia to join in the fight against ISIS but only if they drop their support of Assad. Haven’t the Russians over the last few weeks done more damage to ISIS than all the rhetoric and pin prick action by Obama’s vaunted coalition.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I have always contended that if you are going to put our armed forces in harms way, you do not mess around and waste them. The point that nobody can figure out what our leaders strategy is other than confuse the hell out of the people and “allies”, aid the enemy, and tear our forces apart by giving them the most severe loyalty test since Vietnam.

      Other than the clip of Carly on Hannity commenting on Hillary’s campaign clip obviously at a black lives matters gathering. Nobody seems to really remember, except Carly, when Nancy Pelosi and a congressional committee went to visit Assad, just to piss off Bush. Claiming he was a cool guy inspite of all previous history. Then Hillary comes along and as SOT meets with Assad and proclaims he’s a “progressive reformer” only to a short time later he’s the spawn from hell. Same BS as carter during the shah….good guy then instantly evil and the Ayatolla was more desirable inspite of all the direct threats that he made against the US. I’m still looking for the rationale and the punch line. Knowing full welll this is not a joke….but our leader sure is heck accomplishing his goal. To fundamentally change America.

      All these Syrians and others are refugees….not Immigrants. Without the dismantling of their countries by outside forces, they would still be at home. Refugees should be treated and kept separate and as soon as the conflict ends…..return them.

      • Excellent final point. Refugees become permanent party only when there is no place for them to return to. Think post war Jews and ethnic Italians in Yugoslavia.

      • The Boston Bombers were also refugees, vetted by the Feds.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          And lest we forget traveled back home and vaporized for a time being. Our government were warned by Russia about them. Ignored. Same as the underwear bomber. Warned by the kids father but similarly ignored by Hillary’s State Dept. Lucky passengers that all be burned was his “nads”

          There used to be an old saying. “The best place to hide is in plain sight” Our government and others are so arrogant thinking that these terrorists are stupid. They are anything but.
          US intelligence sources surprised that the cell phone discovered seemed to have a map and plan….duh.


    But….But….the world is a safer place today….O said so!

  58. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just a bit of excitement here today. I came out to work on the porch and there was every police car in the city on the street. Crime scene tape, News wagons, forensic vans…..but no obvious tension or sense of emergency. The house has been abandoned for what seems like forever and has had over time been the location of all sorts of neferious and illicit activity. Turns out some workmen started cleaning up the place and found a dried up old body in a wall. It will be interesting to hear on the news the the forensic finding about how long the body was there. Just like an old Agatha Christie novel. Now the “ghost tours” can really have something to talk about.

    • Keep us posted. I remember something in “Army Times” about a dozen years ago. During a demo in DC they found a soldiers body with dog tags attached. He was listed AWOL back in ’69. Never heard anymore but I had visions of some guy lured into the buildings by some hot, peacenik, free love chicks and then being murdered. A perfect “Law and Order” or “NCIS” episode!

      Every now and then you get a news report in NYC, usually the Bronx, that somebody found $ 80,000 in the wall or in one case 28 live pineapple grenades from WW 2.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        biggest crime of late. They get to try out all their cool forensic equipment. The news has been here all day, but the satelite trucks are are setting up now. Aparently its worthy of the DA giving a news conference in front of the building. At least we’ve been able to add a new topic to the discussions today……rumor is they found Sir Walter Raleigh…..that the locals know is not true but theh young people can be hoodwinked easy.

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