Happy Thanksgiving

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, my personal favorite of all holidays, I’m going to say that I’m thankful for all the great people who have kept SUFA alive all these years.  It’s been a great run and although not as many folks post often, it still has life.  As promised, I’m going to post some pictures Dale wanted to share.  With so much happening, I’m sure that there are plenty of subjects that can be brought up.  Enjoy the holiday Open Mic.  As a reminder, Opening day of the annual rifle deer season opens on Monday here in Pennsylvania, which means I will be away often during the daylight hours, unless I’m in an area with enough phone signal to post.  PEACE!




  1. Have a great holiday SUFA! 🙂

  2. A very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you here at SUFA!

  4. Roll call….Here. I’m very thankful. Son is home for five days enjoying his new OSU (no typo) themed bedroom. Most of you know that was a painful project for this Spartan fan. That’s OK, I’m so proud of him I’ll swallow my pride. I did paint the score of the MSU/OSU game on a welcome home poster board though. 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving friends. Enjoy your families.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Here also. Helped the nephew make a great paella today. Weather turned most excellent and it was a totally no shoes day. Crisp blue sky, 70 degrees. Gorgeous full moon rise driving home.

      Thoroughly enjoyed watching Carolina demolish Dallas. Sorry Colonel. But then again Jerry Jones is an embarrasment, but isn’t he from Arkansas?

      The Super bowl will be great with my prediction Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots. I will have to be skizo…but the Pats by 3 in the final seconds.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all and to start the season off right Merry Christmas. No kids home this year so it is just my wife and I. She still wants me to stuff a bird so I will need to get on that soon. Baked a pie and bread yesterday.
    I see Sparty and the Lion will be going at it Saturday.

    • Tailgate/living room party already in the works. MSU must win to keep Michigan and OSU at bay. Have fans from every team ready to yell at the TV that day. Can’t wait!

  6. Tis the season

    • Loved the song and the movie. I saw the movie at Penn State after I had gone through the pre-induction physical in Chicago. The physical scenes were hilarious and quite true. The younger kids in the theater had not had the experience so mixed much of the effect.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Went to the Hollywood premiere. Great movie. Arlo is a great guy. Knew him close to 40 years ago.

        The littering sequence and the ultimate police investigation and all the evidence taking was brought up as a memory yesterday with the dried up old body discovered in a wall in an old mansion 3 houses down yesterday. Every crime investigation unit was here yesterday,all day and MSM satelite coverage….even CSI units from 150 miles away came from the capital. Must have been a SLOW day. Actually fun messing with the press reporters.

  7. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Gman did not include my writeup with the photos. I was on the shipbuilding crew that built the FFG Perry frigates shown. Did a total of 9. My area was the comm centers, weapons guidance systems and aviation systems. The entire flight has been scrapped, sold to foreign countries and none as of this year still fly the stars and stripes. Last one went this year and it had been neutered long before. Only one gun. All missles, topedoes and close defense were removed. Why call it a warship.

    The square riggers also worked on.

    The old city gates of Palermo celebrate the total removal of the invading saracen from Sicily. It had taken 100 year for the muslims to conquer sicily after a betrayal a byzantine general who ruled Sicily invited the muslims to take sicily so he could have a safe refuge in North Africa after the emperor in Constantinople discovered the corruption by the general. It then took 100 years to totally drive them out of the island when the brother of WIlliam the conqueror of england fame took the 1st step of RE-conquest of christian land during the 1st crusade.

  8. If anyone has ever wondered how conspiracy theories get born, this is a great example: http://personalliberty.com/training-exercises-dovetail-with-mass-shootings-what-are-the-odds/

  9. Dale A Albrecht says:

    After living in downtown Chicago and suburbs pushing 40 years ago. You learned real quick to NEVER come up on a Chicago police officer without alerting him or her well in advance. Also in such a way that they would not feel threatened. If you did not….you stood a very good chance of very serious bodily harm. Also why does it seem that the cities that have had the most serious issues for the past many years are DEMOCRAT run cities from top to bottom. Reading the old report and analysis of the Watts riots of way back in the 60’s. The BLACK officers did not want to patrol those neighborhoods. They tended to not tolerate the BS and actually were tougher on the blacks than white officers. We all know that the black on black murder overwhelms the MSM PC outrage of the relatively few white officer shooting blacks who always seem to be unarmed. Does anybody know the numbers on black officers shooting black suspects? based on the Baltimore episode, I suspect the number is being withheld because it will not confirm the racist propaganda being promoted by the MSM and administration.

    Also I do not get the reporting of the shooting in New Orleans. Clearly the report says…two groups of people started shooting at each other in the park. Yet they are only looking for (1) assailant and phrase the story like he was the only shooter.

  10. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I just love the spin the government has put on the fact that Arizona is setting up a state border patrol like Texas. “They’re setting up to assist the US Border Patrol” uh huh….with all the grief and prosecution the justice department and the Obama administration has given Arizona for them trying to stem the tide of “illegals” themselves after the feds let them through, over the past years.

    My Nostredomus prediction. Within our lifetime we will see the nation revert to a system like before the constitution. a confederation of states.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Nothing violent like a civil war or a moral ideological crisis. It will just cease to function and each will go their own way.

  11. Hi folks….sorry but I have been gone since last Friday….back now. I had no access to a lot of things to keep up…..so here goes…

    The Dallas Cowboys….well, sir….just not the same team after Tom Landry. Jerry Jones, like Trump, understands American mentality. The Dallas Cowboys, because of Tom Landry, still enjoy one of the most successful and rich franchises. It is about money, now. The Cowbow stadium is aready sod out for the next three years….90 percent to corporate holders. The prices are so high, no one can afford them…but it is about money. Football is an enterprise, both collegiate and professional. We do not have the alleigiance to the Cowboys like the Cowboys of old but….they remain sold out.

    As to Texas and the border….I have been helping teach New Mexico and Arizona the ways of independence. The secret is in refusing Federal Money. Texas is not going to take in refugees for now. I have seen the vetting process….and there is none. I have seen the actual questionnaire….and it would not take long to post it on here. It is 21 questions and does not even ask about alliances or relatives. We are not taking Federal Money..the US Government cannot spout off about the “letter of the law”…..they are the ones that have showed us how to selectively prosecute and selectively follow the law. So, we selectively pick and choose just as we have been taught…..then throw in a little Texas Independence flavor…mix thoroughly, bring to a simmer/boil….then serve.

    You are correct., I am proud to say that I think Texas has led the independent way again…we have stood up to the Feds and they, so far, have been powerless. We have not let the Federal Money be the deciding factor……Even though the FEDERAL Courts have said no, we have voter ID and enforce it…even though the Federal Courts have said no, we have set stringent rules to the three cities that are sanctuary cities and we enforce it….we deny driver’s licenses’ non citizens and we enforce it….even though the Federal Courts ahve said we have no power, we are in the process of rewriting specific laws in our STATE Constitution that we will enforce..( Yes, I know, the power of the state arguments but, unfortunately, we need to do this to fight the encroachment of the Feds ). Our citizens have voted to increase the The Texas State guard and have voted the funding to do so and this vote carried in San Antonio and Austin….two very controversial liberal cities. It is amazing what gets passed with voter ID…..( it is amazing the uproar from the Democrats on the voter ID Law and what is accepted as an ID )…they cannot get their agenda passed because their voters have to prove they have the right to vote.

    The Dallas mayor made the comment that he is afraid of white men with guns more than he is afraid of immigrants and non vetted Syrians….that was a mistake and he is paying the price for that.

    The young Muslim lad, who is suing the Irving school District for 15 million, has had a normal set back. His family does not want his juvenile record introduced in court nor do they want his teachers to be witnesses for the defense….they lost their bid for that. They are also complaining that their computers and phone records are private….they lost that. In other words, the entire history of this familiy and son will be put on trial…including the fathers political leanings and history of leaving the country each year to specific, shall we say, troubelsome spots. ( You know, this is the lad that made the suitcase bomb looking clock for school that now says he got the diagram from…..an Al Jezeera linked website
    (Hmm, wonder what that means )…

    Anyway, Happy Late Turkey Day………

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Welcome back….The UN has flat out stated that it is against peoples rights to ask any question about religion and any profiling. I understand that our new house leader in the bill submitted about the “refugees/illegals/immigrants” will not contain any questions to that affect. Stupid stupid stupid. All so they will not lose any more of the votes from a segment of the population they lost a long time ago. Granted we all know the UN is a useless organization. But I can not help but feel that they are rapidly wearing out their welcome and any credibility they may have left, with especially the EU.

      I hope New Mexico and Arizona are succesful in their “assist” of the US Border Patrol. I am being sarcastic, given that is how the administration has spun the action by those states.

      • It is really amazing….the State of Texas has offered to renew my consulting contract…comtemplating. The Governor has realized that, while technology is good and great if used properly…it still takes the old time boots on the ground. These new LT’s coming out of OCS are smart and technologically proficient..provided the technology is working…but basic map reading skills without the use of GPS is severely lacking. When out on the desert with no basic landmarks….at night….with no GPS….these “new” soldiers don’t even know where the North Star is or how the seasons chagne the rising and setting of the sun…in the winter months they turnto the rising sun saying…that is East, when it is actually South East and a few degrees off normal declination…”DECLINATION”…OMG..you would have thought I invented a whole new language. Yes, my young Lt….there are THREE…count em…three norths…there is grid north, true north, and magnetic north. Each relative and important in its own context….YOU DO NOT NEED A GPS TO TELL WHERE YOU ARE….

        Yes, my young LT…there are stars in the sky and they have meaning in navigation…celestial navigation is as important as any other type of navigational aid…..CELESTIAL???? What is Celestial, they ask…………….Sigh…………………………..so, I whip out the big magnet…..pass it over there GPS device…hand them a compass and tell them to get back the best that they can….we shall send out search parties in the morning for those hopelessly lost…..and….60% are lost when the sun comes up.

        So….our Governor has decided that he needs old timers to teach the Master’s Degree graduates in engineering and computer sciences and the technological advanced degrees….how not to get lost in the wild.We now have Arizona and New Mexico asking us for assistance, since our program is actually working…..but it takes boots on the ground…you know the type…..us old timers that still know how to find water and eat snakes and make shelters and face the enemy eye ball to eye ball….patrolling our borders is not just technological….tanks, atv’s, Bradley’s can get you there but they cannot navigate rivers, gulleys, flash floods, nor impassable road blocks such as rocks, mountains, and 30 foot deep ravines. Drones are a wonderful asset…..until the high winds and dust storms and such arise……freezing rain brings ’em down pretty quick.

        And, my young LT….yes….that is a horse. It can go where those fancy tracked vehicles and large tired ATV’s cannot. A horse can walk up on a group of border jumpers pretty quietly…and they can eat off the land and drink muddied water and keep going…….sigh…….we are raising a generation whose only hart time they face is…I CANT GET THE INTERNET !!!!!

        The saga continues……

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          How right you are. One of my most favorite exercises of survival was the orienteering. Granted this was long before GPS, but navigating by the “old” technologies was fun. ie compass and celestial navigating.

          Just the other year when I took a memory trip up into New England, All modern technologies basically failed in the Albany area with a 75 mile radius. If you had NO concept of the landscape you would have been totally lost and going in circles. There was so much contruction going on, the GPS (2 of them) just kept you singlemindedly circling. A physical detour, force a left as an example, but then the GPS guided you right back. Maps had actually become outdated due to the changes. I resorted to compass and basic orienteering, knowing I wanted to head NNE. At that angle I’d hit the Northway around Saratoga.

          GPS is a great technology, but the offsets can be lethal, (whim of the govt). You better have expertise in “ALL” methods of navigation. In DC the lag can be up to 2 city blocks. In some of the areas with lots of military installation on the peninsula near Yorktown, Norfolk, etc there are some huge areas where NO signal can penetrate. You also then have no visibility due to the trees and no tall hills for reference…..even during the Civil War, McClellan got confused using the old methods.

          • Dale. isn’t great when us old guys can still do the neat things instead of having it already figured out for us? I can still add and subtract and multiply and divide and figure theorems without a calculator. I can even still count change without the aid of a register/computer. I can still pull a “pop top” and open a big bag O chips without having to figure out where the damed zipper to close it back up is located….you do not have to worry about closing if you eat the damn bag O chips……sheesh.

            I do not count calories nor give a rat’s ass about sugar vs. other sweeteners…..I eat and cook with….REAL….sugar….the white granulated kind without so many chemicals…and I cook with……sit down, you yuppie types….REAL butter and eggs and grits and bacon tastes much better with LARD than with some brand of yuppie veg oil.

            Oh, and for the yuppie types, I may be 67 years old but I am still 6 ft and 185 pounds of lean…mean….(beginning to sag a little) muscle content. I do not need a calculator to eat my meals, or my chips, or my hamburgers, or my…..well, you get the idea. Old is just fine and we got along ok without worring about what we eat, say., or do. Reminds me of the Clint Eastwood movie….Gran Torino.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              I was talking to a 20 year “ship driver” tonight. We started discussing the navigation problem you brought up today. he said the Academy has just started teaching celestial navigation again and all the other archaic forms of getting from point A to B. Like basic seamanship. here in easten NC along the coast, a channel may be here today and gone tomorrow. You have to learn to read the water.

              What was the old rule of thumb about walking a straight line without a reference point. So many steps and then take on step sidewise depending on being right or left handed.

  12. Welcome back Col. Glad to here AZ and NM are adopting TX methods. Hope you get some left over turkey.
    I have been encouraged that the MSM is now seeing how ineffective BHO’s ISIS strategy has been and that he was more worried about destroying infrastructure and putting smoke in the air than saving lives of infidels. They will still fawn over him on other topics but this emperor is now partially naked to their eyes. For the rest of us, he is just (em)bare a$$(ing).

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The one thing I hope doesn’t happen with the “AGW” agreement conference in Paris, is that it will be worded and handled like the Iran deal. Made absolutely ZERO difference and any vote by our congress was moot. The major activists at the conference these past months have been specifically working to make that happen. Obama signs and we are stuck…..I see “Moonbeam” will be attending the final weeks of the negotiating.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    An issue the right could work with the left to resolve. That is if people can let go of their hard core view of politics.

    From DKos: “In 2014, for the first time ever, law enforcement officers took more property from American citizens than burglars did. …

    Officers can take cash and property from people without convicting or even charging them with a crime — yes, really! — through the highly controversial practice known as civil asset forfeiture. Last year, according to the Institute for Justice, the Treasury and Justice departments deposited more than $5 billion into their respective asset forfeiture funds. That same year, the FBI reports that burglary losses topped out at $3.5 billion.”

    • This is in clear violation of the due process clause. Any judge with a modicum of guts would declare it unconstitutional.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Try this….there have been a series of robberies in a neighboring city, Greenville. The robbers got the nickname of “The Hole in the Wall Gang” They just ram a hole and take money like from an ATM etc. The grand total of their thefts has been $200K. They were caught last week. Two brothers, the bail was set at $11M for one and $9M for the other. Isn’t there something about excessive bail?

      The government seems to not balance their seizure of assets well. The alleged crime may be for only, let’s say $100K of questionable activity, that may of may not be criminal. But they seize everything. Making it literally impossible for the accused party to defend themselves.

  14. Dale A Albrecht says:

    All these fights that are posted all over the internet, on “black” friday and all this other sales BS….so remind me of insanity at Filene’s Basement. Psychologists must have secret windows to view this collective madness. What is most sad is the people who watch and video the incident instead of stopping it. In the military the one who threw the 1st punch got the least punishment. The one who got punched usually provoked the fight and got the 2nd most punishment, Those that stood around an watched got the most. Usually they were encouraging the fight and not interceding to stop it.

  15. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This is a new article of an author that I follow. At the bottom are three related articles that are also a good read.


  16. JAC…..this might be down your alley…….just saw an interesting discussion about “Natural Rights of Man”……Well, first of all, the female in the discussion says that they should change the name and make it non sexist….but that is not the reason of this discussion….

    I was watching this debate….and there were clergy present as well as politicians from the US, England, Germany, and Russia present. ( Yeah, I know, natural rights and Russia do not co-exist but go with me on this one )…..

    Here is the statement that I heard….and blinked on…..” It is the natural right of man to be able to leave any country they desire…..however, IMMIGRATION is NOT a natural right to man.” This discussion, prompted by the recent Syrian refugee situation, got pretty heated but all agreed that it is not an inherent right of man to immigrate wherever they desire. It is a fundamental right of a country, any country, to deny entrance to anyone. There were no dissenters. This panel also said….”Natural Rights to extend to state territory.”..and that…the citizens of a particular state have a natural right to to expect assimilation into their culture and that is not a natural right for immigrants to expect a change in cultre to accept them. this was also unanimous…..interesting, doncha’ think? John Locke and Francis Huthenson and their ilk….are rolling in their graves…

    What say you, sir…….and before I forget, as my advanced age indicates that I somethimes have brain farts…..(big, rippin’ ones)….how are you and your fine brood and spousal unit faring these very weird weathering days.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good morning to you and yours as well this fine morning. Weird weather? Got that right. Bitter cold here with little moisture. They say it is going to get warmer, like 97. Family is doing fine. Daughter decided to come home for Christmas so I have had to stop other work to “decorate” the house this past week. Funny how that works!

      My general response is similar to yours. The “philosophers” of ye olden times, those we relied on for our founding, would cringe. Aristotle would embarrass these people by exposing the hypocrisy and fallacies of their argument.

      Their arguments show the degree of conflict that exists in the world among those who we consider “leaders”, when it comes to the concepts of “rights”. The most obvious contradiction in their argument is that if humans have the right to move about absent a “State” then obviously restrictions imposed by a “State” on human movement is a violation of a “natural” right. The “natural” state of humans does not include a “State”, as these are purely political creations.

      I will post one point to get people thinking a bit on this. As you know I consider Ayn Rand a pretty sharp cookie, most of the time. But Rand herself denied the existence of “Natural Rights”. She claimed that “rights” are a “creation” of humans devised to restrict political conflicts between them and the “State”.

      In short, remove the State and there is no need for “rights”.

      If “natural rights” exist then they have to be founded upon some core concept in philosophy. A “metaphysical” truth so to speak. Such as the “right to pursue our existence according to our nature”. This is where I land on the subject.

      To summarize, humans have a “natural right” to move about as they see fit and to associate with whomever they please. This includes forming cooperative groups to further their existence. This “natural right” does not include any right to disrupt others groups or arrangements by “imposing” oneself upon them.

      “Natural Rights” often directly conflict with “Human Rights” as the latter are creations of States. Obviously the “rights” of any State are wholly fabricated from “political” need or desires.

      If one were to try and build a truly moral and ethical “State” then all rights of the people within the State and the rights of the State itself would have to be consistent with all “natural rights”.

      “Natural Rights” NEVER conflict with other “Natural Rights”. The other types of “rights” can conflict quite often. Such as the “right to property and association” conflicting with the political right to be “served in a place of business”.

      • LOLOL….I knew I could count on you…..Your response brings to mind the movie….Mars Attacks…the vision of Martian heads exploding in their helmets when the Indian Love Call is played ( although today that would probably be considered non PC ) ….to have you on the panel sying just the short response you had……would make heads explode likewise. I would have to have my “Gallagher Suit” on to avoid the goo!

        • I had already put the Dr Pepper down before reading…..( I have learned that from past responses )…having Dr Pepper spurt out from all above shoulder orifice is…well….messy and defeats the purpose of drinking it before satire.

          Have a great day, sir, and my best to you and yours….even if decorating is in the mix. I set up a 400 square foot Christmas Village ( Lemax ) complete with mountains and HO guage and N Guage trains each year for the grand children and to redirect the mind….this requires eliminating the dining room ( which also serves a greater purpose, if you catch the drift ) and re-arranging the den….the grand daughters love to run the trains…and find little artifacts hidden in the village. ( Yes, my grand daughters love to play with trains as well as their girly factions ). I love it when they come over because that means that my computers get fixed.

          I will have to take a pic of the village and associated characters and figure out a way to post them on here…..G man offered to help in the past…..But the grand kids will help me with that…they know all this fancy computer stuff. I am a mere user.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Ah yes, Mars Attacks. If only we could find that magical song that would have the same affect on the PROGRESSIVE mind.

          Let me know if you need help teaching those LT’s how to read a compass or walk a straight line in the desert. Although I will admit, FLAT ground causes me some challenges when navigating from A to B.

          Nothing substitutes for “familiarity” with the ground. The slightest landmarks become the compass points for navigating day OR night. Maps and compasses become obsolete when one is truly familiar with their surroundings.

          Oh, oh, did I just pose a metaphor on the discussion of “rights”? LOL.

  17. Errr……correcting an error in the above……should read….” Natural rights do not extend to state owned territory…”

  18. Interesting comments on the news a little while ago….. Putin is doing it right…Turkey shoots down a jet and a Russian pilot is killed….Putin slaps full economic sanctions on Turkey immediately….eliminates tourism ( major Russian place to visit ) and has cut the supply and flow of natural gas and oil to Turkey…( let them freeze in the dark )…………HOWEVER….all is forgiven if………………….Turkey comes back to the fold. THAT is how to use economics to expand your hegemonism and the world will just watch. He has it right!!!

    Obama….are you watching?

    • Unfortunately you seem to think that:

      A. The Prez is capable of learning.

      B The Prez gives a rat’s ass about what is going on.

      C. The Prez gives a rat’s ass about the United States.

      D. The Prez is NOT insane.

      More and more folks are coming around to “D” I think.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        He did promise to fundamentally change America. He’s created divisions that have not been seen in many many years.

        My heart goes out to the victims at the Planned Parenthood clinic in New Orleans….however….our leader says that he is fed up with the gun violence, sort of implying some unilateral action is coming when he comes back from Paris, tying us into some BS agreement, not a treaty so as to bypass Congress….but he attack guns. How about an EO that upholds the LAW about Federal funding of abortions, like none. But an easy one that even progressives could get behind, NO ABORTED BABY PARTS sold in any way or form. The vilification of the Nazi’s and the genetic experimentation was strictly amateur compared to today…all in the name of science.

        • As far as the pro abortion lobby is concerned, there were no baby parts sold or given for that matter. If you review the reporting and comments, especially comments and the fights you get into on Facebook, generally they all revolve around…….because “stock” footage was used of actual baby parts which was NOT recorded at a Planned Parenthood facility while the interviews were being conducted, the filmed reports are “tainted”, “faked”, “fraudulent”………So, according to the other side, they just don’t exist!

          If anyone has a different experience, please let me know. I spent weeks arguing with Charlie’s friends. Even pointed out that most stories have “stock” footage, all to no avail. This one little glitch if you will gives them the crack they need to dismiss everything. There are some really sick puppies out there.

          In the same vein. For want of anything better to do late at night, have been watching “Cops” reruns. Also stuff about Alaskan and Maine Game wardens. Now, you get to see the filmed lead up on these shows to the “alleged” preps being apprehended. You see the jacked deer, the discarded narcotics, the scramble in the car to hide the Knife or Gun. When questioned they don’t have ID or a Hunting License or are “suspended:” yet, if you listen to these folks, they all sound terribly believable. I love the crying girls who did not know the guy driving had a pound of coke or a sub-machine gun. All very believable. I guess the difference between the libs and right wingers is that we right wingers are just a bit more cynical. We also believe our eyes,. They apparently don’t.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Also, I believe Planned Parenthood, absolutely is convinced they are NOT selling baby parts. It is not a baby. They are selling nothing more than a parasitic growth, removed from a women’s body, by request like one removes a mole.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            You are absolutely correct. The tapes were PROVEN false. They were DEBUNKED. By “experts” no less.

            That is the story line created within the first two weeks of the first video release. It stuck quite well among those who could not deal with the truth.

            Great lesson in propaganda response to a crisis. Just the opposite of what experts tell companies to do when caught. But for these guys it works.

            Cognitive dissonance is what stands in the way of seeing the truth.

  19. gmanfortruth says:

    This morning, over 750,000 hunters will take to the woods with dreams of shooting the big one. Try to explain that to a Progressive and he/she would think it would be like the wild West.

    • US deer hunters comprise the largest standing army in the world. Most hunt with high powered rifles often with scopes although some places are limited to shotgun slugs. Most of these hunters own more than one gun so could arm even more people. Virtually all of these people are responsible gun owners. The real gun related crime is in the inner cities.

  20. Once again our illustrious leader has gone overseas and delivered a speech denigrating this country. We are now the prime culprit in the global warming scenario. So every third tier country will now expect compensation for our sins.

  21. gmanfortruth says:

    New picture added at the top, today’s success!

  22. Dale A Albrecht says:

    How in the heck can a burger at TGIF have 4280 mg of salt in it when a teaspoon = 2300 mg. That has to be most unpalatable, as is a Buffalo chicken salad with 3460 mg. New rules in NYC “Nanny York City” with food warning labels. Fines to commence.

  23. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Isn’t Hillary’s promise to spend $250B on infrastructure and jobs an admission that the “shovel ready” jobs spending was BS. Especially that we are at such a low un-employment rate, per the govt data. (sarc)

    • Just A Citizen says:


      You obviously do not read the REAL NEWS. This added spending is needed because the Republicans refused to allow the amount needed.

      This is making up for the NEGLECT of the Republicans for the past X, decades.

      What is wrong with you? Haven’t you received your re-education training yet?

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    And of course the world should stop and listen to what a 15 year old thinks should be done. Because they have everything figured out. They are the biggest brains in the world ya know.


    Never thought I would see the media fawning over someone like this, let alone their STUPID publicity stunt.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      What is the ideal “climate”? if it’s pre-industrial revolution, we need to get back into a mini-ice age along with many famines for crop failure in Europe, bring on some pandemic diseases that kill millions, eliminate all but 1B of the human souls on this planet…why don’t these people lead the way and jump.

      • Now you have it. The ultimate solution is reduction of population! By any means necessary.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          After a number of truly gorgeous days… here has been our forecast and actual results.

          Monday…..forecast…clear skies with rain and Tstorms by tuesday. Actual, it rained all day monday.
          Tuesday…forecast….rain and Tstorms. Revised forecast to be cloudy…..Actual….its raining.
          Wednesday….forecast showers….revised to fog and patchy clouds…..actual…TBD

    • Can we put this kid together with the “radio” in a suitcase kid?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        FYI….There have been reports and analysis claiming the Maldives will be imminantly underwater since the1800’s…….heaven forbid when the activists get a hold of “plate tectonics” and we have to save the northern most hawaiian islands, or an island that the ancient volcano starts sinking only to leave an atoll.

  25. The only way to stop climate change or warming or whatever moniker you wish to put on it…..is to close Washington DC. Everytime they open their mouth, they spew more contaminates in the air that all the SUV’s combined.

  26. Interesting tidbit on the news this morning…..In Florida, a child of 4 years old was taken from his parents for playing alone in a play ground in a gated community and the parent was 100 ft away watching. In Maryland, a child of 11 years od was picked up and taken away because parents let him walk back and forth from a park one block away. In New York, a child of 12 years old was taken away from parents because he and a friend had been dropped off at a movie theater to attend a g rated double feature and was waiting outside to be picked up after the movie. In California, two children, ages 6 and 8 were picked up and taken from parents for being allowed to ride bicycles to school and back three blocks away in a residential neighborhood. In Pennsylvania, two children, ages 8 and 9 were taken away from their parents for playing Cowboys and Indians and shooting cap guns at each other in a neighborhood park three blocks away.

    Neighbors are calling child protective services for PERCEIVED threats to children for simply being alone or playing a game that they, the neighbors, consider improper. The children were forcibly taken and the parents charged with child endangerment. I got interested and looked up child endangerment in Texas and found the following:

    Under Texas law child endangerment is “any act that exposes a child under the age of 15 to imminent risk of death, bodily harm or physical or mental impairment.” The act may be intentional or reckless or may be considered criminally negligent behavior carried out by an act of omission.

    For example, a person may be guilty of endangering a child if the child was not wearing a seat belt at the time of an automobile accident. Other acts that may be considered child endangerment include (1) leaving a child unattended in a motor vehicle, (2) driving while intoxicated with a child in the automobile, (3) hiring a person with a known history of sexual offense as a child care provider, (4) serving alcohol to an underage driver, (5) leaving a young child unsupervised or in the care of another young child, (6) unreasonable corporal punishment resulting in bodily injury, (7) leaving a young child unsupervised in an unsafe area, (8) leaving handguns within the reach of children, and (8) and failure to report suspected child abuse.

    In Texas, spanking a child with a belt and leaving a mark can be considered child endangerment punishable by a fine of up to $20,000 and up to two years in jail.

    Although Texas law doesn’t say specifically what age is old enough for a child to stay at home alone, adult caregivers are accountable for a child’s supervision and well-being. If a child of any age is left alone leading to unnecessary risk an individual may be charged with neglectful supervision.

    Neglectful supervision means “placing a child in the or failing to remove a child from a situation that a reasonable person would realize requires judgment or actions beyond the child level of maturity, physical condition, or mental abilities and the results in bodily injury or substantial risk of immediate harm to the child.”

    Leaving a child unattended in a vehicle is specifically prohibited by Texas law. According to the statute a person commits the offense if they leave a child in a car for more than five minutes that is less than 7 years old and is not intended by someone who is at least 14 years or older.

    Texas law also considers a child to have been endangered if the child was present during the manufacturing of methamphetamines or if they are allowed to ingest methamphetamines.

    Child endangerment is a felony under Texas Law. Punishment varies from less than two years in jail up to 20 years in prison.

    Anyone with knowledge that a child has been abandoned or that a child’s physical or mental health is endangered is required to report the abandonment or endangerment to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

    One thing that I have found is the lack of specificity…..in other words, the definition is often left up to the person observing the action…..like a neighbor who feels that YOU are not supervising your child accordng to THEIR interpretation.

    For example: ((5) leaving a young child unsupervised or in the care of another young child). This is the exact wording….so who decides what is “young”? or this one ((7) leaving a young child unsupervised in an unsafe area) Who gets to decide what is safe or unsafe? For example, iif you live in a court where the street is a dead end and kids set up hockey nets and play in the court itself….is this dangerous and by whose definition? I grew up playing street hockey and we knew to watch out for cars and get out of the way.

    Here is what I was allowed to do as a child:

    1) From the 4th grade on, I was allowed to ride my bicycle to to and from school, three blocks away. The police woud come by the school and teach children the proper traffic laws for riding bicycles.

    2) I was allowed to ride my bicycle to and from the local theater four blocks away and cross a busy four lane major street at the light. I was taught how to ride to the intersection, get off the bike, walk it across, and continue on. I was 7 years old when this was allowed.

    3) From the age of 7, I was allowed to ride the city bus as far away as 12 miles to the downtown theaters, attend the matinees and ride the bus back. I was taught not to talk listen to strangers and not to get into cars and to run to the nearest adult if there was a problem. My sister and I did this at age 7 and 10.

    4) My mother was a smoker early in her years and I could ride a bike to the nearest store and purchase a carton of Phillip Morris Cigarettes and bring them back home at age 7.

    5) We could go swimming at any pool that had life guards..alone and unsupervised.

    6) we could walk the neighborhoods, and those close, by during Halloween, unsupervised at any age we wanted. My parents determined that the proper age was 7 years old and, no, I do not know why 7 was the magical age but the point was…my parents decided what was proper and not the STATE.

    7) We were allowed to ride our “bikes” to the local drug store that had a soda fountain and they, the drug store, let us purchase and drink cokes and malts and read comic books without buying them…we were 7 and 8 years old.

    8) The neighborhood kids would all get together and bike or walk to the nearest vacant lot, pick teams, and play kick ball or baseball, or have rock fights or throw figs or horse apples at each other.

    All of this now, would be considered child endangerment, subject to the interpretation of anyone other than the parent. I even get onto my own children, aged 42 and 39 for being helicopter parents and not letting their children be children. When the grandkids come over to play at my house,….I turn ’em loose and let them play outside and tell them not to come home bloody and hurt. The grandkids are 7 and 9….both girls. I have no problem with them riding bikes or walking a few blocks together. They know the rules and follow them. I get onto my daughter all the time for not allowing their children to play at a school playground less than 2 blocks away.

    I don’t get it but mt kids can raise their children as they see fit…..it is not my place to say otherwise. I have my rules and allowances when they come and stay with me….don’t bring ’em over if you do not like my rules.

    So, am I wrong about this? Be interesting to see what teh youngsters with children at home think.Do you like the idea of having the State tell you what you can or cannot do? Do you like the idea of a neighbor, who disagrees with you about kickball or dodgeball oe Cowboys and Indians, calling CPS? What do you do? Would you face the neighbor down or just accept their version of child endangerment? Do you succumb to the path of least resistance because you do not want “the law” to come after you for letting your children play in a playground that is meant for children?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Earliest memories start around 3 years old…

      1) was able to walk unattended up and down the country road to play with the neighborhood kids. There were plenty of creeks and ponds to play in.
      2) brother had started school and that was in a one room schoolhouse.
      3) Ice skated without parents on said ponds in the winter. Even fell through the thin ice where the spring fed the pond. Had been warned but tested limits. LESSON LEARNED.
      4) could climb all the trees we wanted. The house was in an apple orchard, vineyard up in a town along the Hudson Valley.
      5) Seat belts were unheardof in cars. Dad bought belts from an aircraft supply company and installed them. I was 4. Worn them ever since while in a moving car.
      6) Would cross the road as needed, especially to avoid the old abandoned cemetary down the road.
      7) Now moved to Woodstock NY. I was 4 and started school that year.
      8) We definitely walked to school. Minimum of 3 miles each way. NO parents. Winter time made no difference, except we took sleds and tobaggans and sometimes skis. The countryclub near the school said we could cut across the course, but please avoid the greens, they would mark them.
      9) only one crossing guard at a Y intersection. Only a flashing yellow. Officer Clancey was a retired police officer.
      10) creeks and ponds, quarry pits(now with water) abandoned old buildings all were fair game in the adventure.
      11) Walk into town, buy malts and do town stuff. The adventure radius was about 5-6 miles. Rule was call if it gets past a certain hour and we could get picked up.
      12) Capture the flag, cowboys and indians, firecrackers, M80’s BB guns, popguns usually with plugs of mud. Pocket knifes and mumbly peg was a great game of skill and throwing knives. Climb trees in the school yard, throw rocks and snowballs, built forts and played war. You learned to duck or you would get hit.
      13) Huge gravel pit from the construction of the NY thruway. Great playgound. We’d run and leap off the edge to see how far down the slope we’d get.

      These were all PRE 7 and no injuries except some cuts and bruises and several lessons learned about thinking before doing.

      Move to california

      1) Had to take a bus to school initially because it was close to 1.5 hours by bus but we walked about 1/2 mile to a bus stop.
      2) would walk or ride bikes up to 15 miles into the mountains to go fossil hunting. Go hang out at the old historical adobe and village of Calabasas.
      3) mowed lawns, took care of horses before school and after. Cleaned the pool.
      4) sledded down the dried grass slopes of the hills

      Moved into the city of LA.

      1) definitely walked or rode bike to school. it was 3 miles each way all city streets.
      2) the highway patrol came and gave classes on road safety and a written road test was required. A sticker/licence was applied to your bike. Required if you wished to bring your bike on campus. Bikers would get tickets for violation of traffic laws just like a car.
      3) at 14 went to Mexico to climb a peak in memorium of a friend who died climbing it. There were 3 adults who had been on the tragic climb but the parents never met them.
      4) Boy Scouts, shooting, archery, order of the arrow, initiation now banned as it was. Learned some pretty hairy rock climbing…..definitely learned that adults that were the leaders were not always operating with common sense. DO NOT follow blindly.
      5) Drove a jeep out in the desert long before i had my license.
      6) rode close to 100 miles one day by bike and climbed a peak in the san gabriels.
      7) as long as you had your license you could drive at anytime anyplace. Freeways crowded even though they were new.
      8) at 17 took an unaccompanied trip, climbing all through the sierras, for a month.

      By that time Manson was in full swing and active and Juan Corona and any other group of mass murderers. The Zodiac killers, in SF an initiation by the BLACK Muslims was to gun down WHITEY at street corners.

      Nobody freeked out and life went on.

    • It all kinda fits in with my contention that this generation and the one before and the next, could NEVER,EVER, NOHOW have taken Omaha Beach! Will ultimately lose to the caliphate even though they outnumber them 100,000 to one.

      Forgot to mention that two weeks ago, went to DC for Grandkid’s fourth Birthday held at the national Zoo. Son lives in the Adams- Morgan section which reminds me of the Upper West Side of Manhattan. They have been there five years now. Two out of every three males in the area scare the living bejesus out of me. Seems that “effete” is the watchword in DC these days. perhaps the Prez just sets the tone. These hetero males, all in their ”skinny” jeans and clothes that look like they stole them from their little brothers closet just prance around. They have the carry sacks for their little ones on their chests.

      Christ, do we ever need a Vladimir Putin!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In Utah a Mother and daughter were charged with vandalism after “egging” on Halloween. The thousands of dollars of damage they were accused of causing. Back in ancient times, egging and TP’ing was common practice. You just checked your house and car before turning in that night. If a hosing was required so be it. NOBODY got arrested. If caught you were just made to clean it up….they were also accused of causing an ignition problem in a car…..? by eggs? Now a spud jammed up a tailpipe causing a car not to start I can see, but damage…get a grip

      • Yep…..I egged a house…got caught…spent a week in hell. Cleaned up the egging and my dad turned me over to the home owenr, whom we did not like, and I had to cut grass, sweep sidewalks, clean out their garage, bag clippings, paint window sills and trim. In other words, the house I egged ended up looking great after myself and others that did the egging were through. The police were called that night as we were not very careful and got recognized. The police and the parents worked out the punishment and no one was arrested. Needless to say, the lesson learned was….do not egg but if you do….don’t get caught. I chose not to egg any longer.

        I did soap some window screens however…and laughed about it to my father….seems I did not learn the lesson after all…..thought it was cute that I went from egging to soaping window screens….all harmless……lesson number two….NEVER laugh about it to your father…the punishment was the same. Again, it was all worked out among the neighbors without the news media, police lineups, and law suits. Now days………hoo boy.

  27. One other question…..my spousal unit, a now retired school teacher, tells me that, by law, they are supposed to report ANY injury to a child. So if a child came to her class, injured or hurt, she was required to call CPS and report the injury. As a result, CPS, which has powers they should never have, would come to the school, take the child, incarcerate the child, and then go to the home to “question” the parents. In other words…guilty until proven innocent. She went on to say that 99% of the cases were the child injured on a play ground or while playing at home. She said that even if the parents sent a note to school saying the child fell off the “jungle gym” in theback yard…it was reported.

    She finally quit because teaching became secondary.

    So, you persons with children at home…….what say you?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      So then the government decries that children are getting overweight and the ever inreasing threat of diabetes. It’s amazing how when there was not such a huge government intervention in families and FDA dietary rules ETC diabetes was virtually unheard of. in high school we all knew who had the problem. Exactly 4 kids in a 4000 plus 3 year school.
      I am truly stunned how a generation that had the most unprecedented amount of freedom, has implemented the most law abused and restricted society the people of the US has ever been subjected to.
      The activists of the ’70s claimed for every perceived ill of society, to fix it….”JUST PASS ANOTHER LAW”

    • My spousal unit was teaching Pre K, K and 1st grade for 38 years. Same deal, even in a Catholic School. Between the State and the Schools of education, the teachers are totally pushed into the background. few years back an out of control kindergartner had to be dragged to the office by my wife. A student teacher saw this and made a big deal out of it with the administration. They finally convinced her NOT to call the Bureau of Child Welfare. I am convinced, to this day, that this is why my wife did not get teacher of the year that year.

  28. gmanfortruth says:

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The hypocracy is astounding, isn’t it. He just reads what is written and also knows full well that most people never will connect the dots.

    • 🙂 I love it-paints a very clear picture

  29. Been waiting to post this-but it is gonna be lost in the old article hole before long. 🙂 I never thought about the effect men being allowed in woman’s area’s would have on women who have been abused by men. Talk about an actual need for a safe space.


    • As always, an excellent catch. I have been using the following for the past week, have not yet received an answer from the “trans” supporter community.

      Let us ask a simple hypothetical question. In a school which contains 280 girls there is one boy who is gender confused. He insists on using the girls locker room and bathroom. Approximately 80 of the parents of the girls are just fine with this. 200 are not. Is it fair that 200 girls lose their rights to privacy to accommodate the “feelings” of one confused child? If you want to take it a step farther, is it ok to have 200 girls lose their rights so one child can have his “rights”?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Back to your trip to DC…..are the guys wearing the “highwater” pants…sort of retro. So damn tight that there is absolutely no room for their package without serious bodily harm being done. Even the Italian guys in Italy didn’t wear pants that tight. The young ladies did, of appropriate age and figure. Literally spray painted on. Older women….basic black…All the guys carried a “handbag” an oversized wallet carried in your hand. That was to carry the wife’s or girlfriends stuff and also your car stereo. It would not be in the car when you returned.

        • The damned things are so tight they are probably designed to inhibit sperm production. High waters? Haven’t looked. Assume so.

          Always thought the early ’60’s look was best. Pants to the ankle, close in but not too tight. Three button suit jacket, single vent with moderate to smaller lapels. Narrow ties of course but not “string”.

          Remember once reading an article by Al Capp, creator of “Lil Abner. Curmudgeonly guy. Nonetheless I remember him recommending that you fly to London, take advantage of the cheaper Pound Sterling and have three suits made on Saville Row, all “traditional”. Would never go out of style. Forty some years later, I think he got it right.

  30. Dale A Albrecht says:

    There was a big “climate change” and “global warming” fest at our Union Point Park this weekend. Parking downtown was at a serious premium. Most activists DROVE. The music all done by acoustical guitar sounded nice….lots of 70’s songs, not that many attendees were even born then much less their parents. You could hear the music all over downtown all day. Why you ask…..the huge ELECTRIC amplifiers. Most of all the clothes the people were wearing was not of natural fibers but MODERN materials made from guess what? No hints. Me I just stayed on my front porch and worked on it restoring it to its 1843 design

    • How’s the dead body mystery coming?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Been quiet. It did rate a LIVE news conference by the DA though in front of the house down the street. This was an old dried up cadaver and not fresh. So it just may be a nice forensic exercise. Probably it was a prostitute or a druggie. The house has had all sorts of questionable businesses. However as long as I’ve lived in the city it has been abandoned and that’s been 6 years. It was fun messing with the news folks.

  31. Okay, while I try to calm myself down-it would be nice if everyone gave me their opinion of this man’s thoughts.


    • What exactly do you expect? This is from the “by any means necessary ” crowd. I guess I would take him a lot more seriously if he admitted that guys like Gosnell and the late Dr. Tiller did occasionally go over the top or perhaps if he did admit selling body parts was firstly a bad idea and secondly ghoulishly illegal.

      Thirty some years ago I remember talking to an Uncle I deeply respected whose daughter, my cousin whom I thought very level headed, had gone to work for planned parenthood. he described her as “murdering babies”‘. This was from a highly intelligent man,. She had fallen into the post ’60’s trap of overpopulation. She never returned to the fold and it broke his heart.

      While Margaret Sanger was a lot of things she was never an abortionist. This is something that PP never discusses when talking about their founder. Wonder why?

      A Margaret Sanger quote-

      While there are cases where even the law recognizes an abortion as justifiable if recommended by a physician, I assert that the hundreds of thousands of abortions performed in America each year are a disgrace to civilization.

      I also assert that the responsibility for these abortions and the illness, misery and deaths that come in their train lies at the door of a government whose authority has been stretched beyond the limits of the people’s intention and which, in its puritanical blindness, insists upon suffering and death from ignorance, rather than life and happiness from knowledge and prevention.

      It needs no assertion of mine to call attention to the grim fact that the laws prohibiting the imparting of information concerning the preventing of conception are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths each year in this country and an untold amount of sickness and sorrow. The suffering and the death of these women is squarely upon the heads of the lawmakers and the puritanical, masculine-minded persons, who insist upon retaining the abominable legal restrictions.

      As you know, my church frowns on contraception. I don’t and take some comfort that the Pope has never put his Pope hat on, sat in the chair of Peter and said absolutelypositivelynoteverno.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        In my opinion abortion should be the last resort. Contraception is so available and was. Use it and stop using abortion like contraception. Just because the passion of the moment or one is to lazy. The women that I have known that have had abortions never had them for health reasons. It was just because. Two of them could never have children again, even when they desired them. These were not back street jobs but official hospitals and clinics…..NONE OF THEM WERE MINE. But bottom line all of the women had huge regrets and emotional issues due to the immediate and no going back. Contraception has been used over many millenia, without resorting to abortion.

        To lend just a bit of serious humor. Who here remembers the scene from “Summer of ’42” where the guys are wanting to buy condoms. Triple scoop with sprinkles.

  32. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I guess more of Hillary’s emails have come to light. Apparently 300+ are deemed to have “classified” information. But the defenders still say….no classified info…look see they did not have classified stamped on them. Of course not she by-passed the entire protocol set down by the government for oversight and records and any other decision process. Aided and abetted with full knowledge by “der leader”.

    Why should anyone feel that we should obey the law when the highest people in the government are telling the people…F you.

  33. Just A Citizen says:

    Time for some introspection. Well written but falls short, in my opinion, of identifying real differences. She fails to recognize that McVeigh’s ideology was that of “anti-Govt” to the extreme. His religion, party affiliation and membership in the NRA are irrelevant. It was his views on Govt. treading on him. And of course, McVeigh was not moved to violence until our Govt. killed all those people in WACO, Texas.

    Now to the extent that “radical Muslims” carry out violence for similar reasons, namely revenge of some perceived grievance, one can draw similarities. However, it is obvious that much of the “terrorism” is not really about gaining retribution for some harm done. Much of it is about spreading the ideology. The handlers simply tap into the anger of those like McVeigh who see ISIS or Al Qaeda as an answer.


    Now for a question, or “extro-spection”.

    I am befuddled by the left wing’s preoccupation with making sure the label TERRORIST is tied to the Colorado shooter. They seem to have some burning need to identify “White Male Christians” as “terrorists”. Lets assume for a second that some actions by these types of loons are terrorism. That is the act is designed to affect “public policy” and to motivate “public opinion” to their cause. Such acts of terrorism have all been isolated by the “pro-life” folks or some of the “militia” types. As opposed to the organized and well funded “global” effort of the Jihadi’s to recruit people to do violence in the name of Islam, Allah or Mohamed. But this difference seems lost to those herniating themselves over “young white men” being the greatest “terrorist threat” in the USA.

    Not since the White Supremacists groups am I aware of any effort to organize and carry out continued terrorist attacks in this country. And even those folks were primarily focused on harassing Govt. agencies or robbing banks to fund their operations.

    Displaced Okie might be able to help with my characterization of the “militia movement” of the 80’s and 90’s. My experience with them was they were not all white supremacists nor were they neo Nazis or violently anti Govt. The few I was exposed to were organized around the concept of the “MILITIA” of colonial times. A group that would help out locally when the SHTF. Unfortunately, as with many such efforts, people with crazy and fringe ideas can be drawn to the new group. They sometimes manage to rest control for the original organizers.

    In recent years I saw this with some “Tea Party” groups as well as the “Occupy Portland” efforts.

  34. gmanfortruth says:

    Another successful day, despite the rain. I have a nice mature doe hanging now. 🙂

  35. And now in California, there is another mass shooting. I just saw the news conference and had to surmise, that the news pundits all went to the same school of “Stupid Questions”. It boggles the mind. The news conference said…” we have not identified the shooters. we do not know what color they are, idealism or rhetoric…we do not know how they got away except it was a dark SUV that drove slowly away. We do not know anything at this point. We will have a news conference every hour to advise of any developments…..

    The first question asked…”who do you think they are? The answer was, we have not identified any shooter or reasons for the shooting….”Well, why do you think they did this? REALLY? This is all they could ask? Are they terrorists? Are they white men? Again, the briefer says, we do not know who they are, what color they are, why’e or wherefore’s……

    Now Obama is on the TV, without any knowledge of the details saying perhaps we need to learn from other countries where this does not happen. America is the only country in the world that has these types of crimes. ( Translation: give me your guns )……sigh.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      We are? Plenty of much worse events in Sicily. Police and criminals heavily armed. People…..naked, caught in the middle.

  36. Nancy Pelosi on TV…..we need gun control. I will get the guns….all of them!!!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sent to me by a friend….since when has canada had a firearms problem?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Pelosi should be arrested for treason. Disarming the public would only embolden the enemies of this country, which are many lately. Basically, Pelosi would be aiding the enemy.

  37. An on the street interview with a college student at Berkley: ” The only people that need guns are the police.” Wow….

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      If all the people are completely disarmed, why then would the police need guns?

      I’ve been sitting here thinking about all the presidents comments over the past 7 years. has any one of them quelled or calmed or resolved an issue? Or have they all added fuel to the fire? He creates an even more divisive situation, because he leaves NO room for whomever or whatever he’s after to feel….”I can live with that” That is how a majority should treat a minority, however he as a minority of thought rams it down the majority.

  38. News pundit…Sheppard Smith on Fox News….is astounded that this could happen…reporting the use of “long guns” ( identified by police )…reporting that a “witness” identified the long guns as AK 47 and Sheppard Smith says….” Ak 47’s and AR 15’s…they look the same..it is hard to tell”………sigh.

    There was a picture of a spent shell casing on the ground….it appears to be a 7.62 mm judging by the fat casing…..however, the picture was not good enough for TV…..a guess on my part.

  39. Dale…Dale….Dale……you and JAC…….being logical again….making heads explode…

    “If all the people are completely disarmed, why then would the police need guns?”

  40. gmanfortruth says:

  41. Not hard to tell the left’s agenda……a crazy isolationist white guy kills people at a planned parenthood…he is a domestic terrorist..

    A husband/wife Muslim team…who was in Saudi for a month earlier in the year, comes home, starts growing his beard and they shoot up a spft target….and it is workplace violence.

    Pretty simple to figure out.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The words go back to Janet Napolitano….why do we continue to refuse to listen to the left’s rhetoric. They mean what they say and mean to do what they say. They enemy is the people in the US who refuse to get with the program.

      the Constitution is the bedrock and foundation of the US and our laws. It takes a supreme effort to make changes but changes can be made. However the lefts mantra is that the Constitution is a fossil and needs to be a living document. In other words it can be anything at any time based on any whim or minor crisis. Obama has figured out as a “constitutional” scholar (sarc) a way to literally circumvent our foundation at every step.

      just to be even handed the courts and congress have never truly used their powers to STOP him either. Why? Because over time our court rulings have become based on precedence. Not the word ofth e law. As long as the ruling has been not overturned even if it is a horrendous ruling it now on the books. A total cop out. The opposition in politics just bitches but then now can use the abusive power when they are in. obama constantly uses that excuse. Well so and so did it. precedence does not make it right.

  42. It is pretty interesting. There used to be an attorney that was a contributor, on here, in the past. His moniker was Buck the Walla…..or Buck. He and I could carry on decent conversations without the name calling back and forth…. He was decidedly liberal and admitted it and I am an admitted conservative. I am a strict fiscal conservative and slightly more centered on social issues.

    One day, we were talking about how Texas, despite court rulings, was becoming more independent, once again and not paying much attention to SCOTUS rulings nor Federal judge rulings….he made a comment to me that has stuck with me to this very day. When Texas decided to have voter ID despite all the court rulings to the contrary, he said : “So much for the rule of law”. He was, of course, being sarcastic as if Texas had a moral obligation to follow court rulings and established law. However, when I brought up the same subject about how Obama and his administration, flouts the law at every turn and chooses what to enforce and what not to enforce….he came back at me with “selective prosecution of the law”. His argument was that an administration has the power to decide what laws to enforce and what laws not to enforce. But that a State has no such power. My response, of course, is that a law is a law. Either enforce it or get rid of it….but until you get rid of it…according to being a Nation of Laws, it must be followed. My argument was that if the highest administrative office in the land, which has a MORAL OBLIGATION and DUTY to enforce the letter of the law as stated in his oath of office, and that if the use of EO’s ( executive orders ) can circumvent the law and the use of subordinate offices ( EPA, NLRB, etc ) through rule making can do the same, then there is no need for law. I went on to say that if the Feds set the thresh-hold, then the States can do the same through precedent.

    My argument goes further…..if Executive Orders and rule making can change the law at a whim…why do we need a SCOTUS or a Justice Department?

    The Federal Government is now powerless to enforce anything. There has been no penalty to texas and other States are beginning to see this. Obama has succeeded in two things…..he has divided this country worse than anything that I grew up in in the 50’s and 60’s and he has negated the rule of law. We are no longer a nation of laws….it is wide open.

    I am glad that Texas is strong enough economically to do without Federal funding. We simply do not care if the Feds pull the funding…they have already in several areas and we are doing it ourself and doing it better.

    But the whole point of this diatribe is this. The generation of the Buck’s…just see things differently. They see the law as nothing to respect but as something to use to further an agenda. Buck is a smart guy and I liked him a lot but his philosophy was very left but he added tothe conversations. It was an eye opener.

    He is a believer, as an attorney, that the Constitution is a living document to be changed. But, on the converse, he is a financial attorney….trusts, living wills, etc….and uses the same system that he despises to help his clients avoid taxes and set up trusts and estate planning to minimize tax exposure….this is how he makes his living and rightly so. He is entitled to do just that…..but practicing the hypocrisy is what this generation does……and that……I do not understand.

    • Note to Buckster……I know you drop in time to time…..I do miss our discussions. Hope your youngster is doing well……and I know she has total control of the Buck Homestead.

      May the winds be forever at your back… but remember this….NEVER stand down wind of a spitting camel.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I’m sure your family’s compamy had used labor from across the border. I’m sure that you had a lot of bureaucracy to deal with and also probably have some sort of “sponsorship” responsibility. Like FEES to the government, stiff enough that you would be unwilling to forfeit them if the “laborer/student/emmigree” violated the clauses of the permit. I’ve heard fall through the cracks all to often.

      Lets take Obama’s father. He was here on a student visa. he was sponsored and bills paid by the Kenyan and British government. As Kenya was gaining their independence and the British colonial administrators were heading home. Let us take the 9/11 hijackers. They were here on student visa’s. Sponsored by whom? Saudi Arabia? US? When they sort of learned all they needed they just went underground. They just didn’t show up. Even back in 1906 my Great Grandfather “sponsored” someone from Germany. The original sponsor failed to show and take responsibility at Ellis Island. That person was detained until and due to be sent back if my relative hadn’t taken over.

      So if the school or company drops the ball, they are partially liable only if they fail to inform the issuing parties of the visa, the US government, state department etc. Then the government is liable. Likewise a city who grants sanctuary if a terrorist act eminates from that place that city has to be party to the lawsuits.

      Today, only one person by EO is blowing the doors off established immigration laws. Citing it’s their responsibility to selectively pick and choose which laws they will or will not enforce. The “people” certainly are not beating down Congress’s door telling them to open the doors. Congress certainly has not passed any NEW more liberal immigration laws. It boils down to ONE person. The President.

      Likewise the individual countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece have been begging for help with the “illegal” migration to their shores. The EU unelected officials have ignored those pleas, but then also tell the countries to desist blocking or you will be in trouble. Obama is mirroring that policy, but the EU has a greater problem.

      SO WHY IS THE GOVERNMENT NOT LIABLE for any criminal or terrorist act perpetrated by an illegal that they refuse to deport, or track down etc. If monetary and manpower is the limiter stop allowing so many in.

      • I am proud to admit that we have never used any illegal labor in any of our projects. We paid the extra dollar to run back ground and criminal checks on all laborers. We never hired laborers on our ranch that were not vetted by private investigators. We did not want debtors or anyone capable of being blackmailed into the stealing or selling of cattle. We paid top dollar for labor because, in the long run, it was cheaper even though profits were smaller. We did not use nor hire cheap to gain larger profits.

        Even if we hired contractors, we had clauses in our contracts ( and still do ) that all sub contractors had to pass specific litmus tests before we even hired them. We ran BBB and state comptroller background checks on performance, liability, and bonding issues. If a sub contractor was to use any type of foreign labor, they had to provide legal work status papers ( work visas or green cards ) for our inspection and use to run back ground checks. All hired contractors , even sub contractor employees, had to furnish social security numbers for background checks.

        The reason we went the extra mile was three fold. First, we wanted to be legal and use legal labor. Second, we want to make sure that any contractor or sub contracter had up to date papework that we crossed checked with the State agencies to ensure that they were properly licensed and registered, and, thirldy, we did not hire contractors that have ever filed bankruptcy or were in personal bankruptcy.

        As I said, it costs us more but the long term viability of such stringent checks is money down the road. We have heard and seen the horror stories of hiring mal contents, illegal labor, and immigrants because the long range of trouble is expensive. In order to sponsor any immigrant or labor that is not a citizen, the mountain of paperwork is enormous and even then, we stand liable for their behaviour…..even on their own private time. Illegal labor is not bonded and has no liability standards nor responsibilities. More often than not, they are poor and steal as much as they can to survive.It just is their way because they do not know different. To them, taking from the well off is survival and they operate under the theory of “the rich can get another one.”

        Also, we found, that hiring illegal immigrants…especially Mexican, case your area and when the contract is over, often times returm to steal because they know the lay of the land and the security….or lack thereof. This is not to say that other contractors cannot do the same…they certainly can but we have found that when fair wages are paid it is far less likely to have this problem. That is our stance and it holds well.

        Liability is a strange duck and, yes, the government should be held liable for every single violation by an illegal immigrant. The government should not be able to dodge responsibility for not patrolling and handling the border.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          But they DO dodge. “but we are just following orders” That leaves one person liable. The President, because HE ordered the lack of enforcement.

          My sympathy goes out to all frontline active duty servicemen today and always in the future. There was a old saying about “Son, this is NOT your Father’s Navy” It sure as hell isn’t. Ashton Carter orders the military to open ALL frontline combat positions to women. The article says this is a rebuke to the Marine Corp. Granted there are some and very few in-between women that are as tough as men. But what will happen is the standards are lowered to get the correct gender ratio and the mission will FAIL. The mission will be put on hold during portions of the month. Personel can just quit when they get pregnant.

          The Military is NOT a social experiment. Obama and his appointees are totally committed to the degradation of America for the sake of political correctness. I hope that the women who desire for those positions truly recognize the rigors involve and accept honestly their limitations..

          • Dale, biology will take over. I do not care what the current crop of “social scientists” say, no matter how hard they try to make Billy into Barbie, biology will win out. Bad decisions will cause good soldiers and marines to die to rescue the female. That is in our genes.

        • If no one else wants to say Bravo, I will.

          Tried to do the same with my projects in the City. Have a certain amount of empathy for certain illegals I met who were decent folk, but I could never see undercutting people who played by the book.

          Worked for a guy for almost a year before I figured out his game. His grunt employees were all pretty good with English so I never even thought about their status. It was only when he started cutting wages and demanding more hours from them that they opened up to me. left as soon as I could.

  43. Every now and then CNN has a coherent moment. I was watching their slant on the California shootings when one of the CNN reporters said…….the match does not work. This guy meets a lady on an international dating site…..flips over to Saudi to meet and eventually marry this woman…earlier this year. He is normally a clean shaven guy…but, upon return, starts growing a beard, changes his friends to middle eastern, converts his garage into a bomb making factory and then shoots up his soft target job site with his wife partner….and they have a 6 month old they left with relatives. The question is…how does a normal guy go to Saudi marry and, in less than a year, convert to being a Muslim and has a 6 month old? The math does not work.

    I wonder if this reporter will have a job in the morning.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I guess he was a NEW citizen just last year, from Pakistan. Great vetting by the State Dept. Have it set up before and bang get a co-conspiritor fiance visa. Then become a “Domestic” terrorist instead of what he really was….a radicalized islamic terrorist from day one.

      The press has NO shame, the reporter will have a job in the AM.

      The truly sad thing is that the watch keepers ignore specific signs and warnings. ie the underwear guy, Major Nadal and the boston bombing brothers. But all this mass collection only is of value “AFTER’ an event where having a specific starting point…hindsight is 20/20. Only if you have analysts (costly and time consuming) will any “future” events be minimized.

      If I was an Iranian, Syrian, Libyan, Eygptian, Iraqi I’d have a real attitude against the US and it’s allies. Regardless of how bad “we felt” their conditions were they were in an infinitely better condition than they are now after us stirring the pot. I personally wouldn’t let a single one in the country.

      Like how soon were or will the last batch of Quantanamo prisoners “escape”. Quietly released to Yeman a totally disfunctional State in the middle of a civil war. If these guys were still detained at Guantanamo they by definition have to be some of the hardcore prisoners.

    • The reporter will probably get a promotion.

  44. Hypothetical for everyone: You are a terrorist. The Democrats get their way…..listening to phone calls, gathering all social media data, reading mail, registering and monitoring everyone on the internet………all forms of electronic communication are being totally watched…..

    What do you do?

    • You fall through the cracks. The Feds are really good at “stings” setting up do-do’s like- the Fort Dix Pizza bombers but when it comes to spotting guys like this, or Major Nadal or the Tsarnev brothers, forgert it.

    • Well if you are of middle eastern descent and a devout islamist, you just keep doing whatever you want. It would be politically incorrect for the government or any democrat to call you out on any suspected terrorist/illegal activity. However, if you are a white, Christian, right wing extremist then I would revert to using the old-fashioned paper mail. You could still use a single e-mail account. Everyone that you want to communicate with has the e-mail account user name and password. You then save a message for the other person.(do not send) The other person can log in and read the message and then delete. No record of any e-mails being sent.

  45. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I love the wording in this headline “MacDonald’s could be in big trouble” Why? Luxembourg for making a tax deal for themselves was the volation of EU tax rules. How many MacDonald’s can there possibly be in Luxembourg to generate a profit of 250M Euros in 2013. That is a tonne of burgers.

    If MacDonald’s paid the assigned levied taxes in each EU member State with an aggragate of 27% shouldn’t the “JUST” fine by the EU be against Luxembourg for their violation, not against the company?.

    The thing that should piss off the Europeans is that the EU leaders are not elected. That the EU forces closure of businesses of new members because they may compete with businesses in other existing member countries. Even if a name “sounds” similar even if that name existed for up to 2 millenia they are forced to rename the product because Italy may have created a new name 20 years ago for their wine made with the Champagne method.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Isn’t the tax laws to businesses a way that local communities, cities, states attract new business? Come here as opposed to going there. Durham may give a sweeter tax deal than Raleigh. That does not eliminate the State or federal levy. The State may want a business so they make the tax incentives and so on an so forth up food chain. Why do you see all those distriution centers along Interstate 81 in PA. Easy access to NY and NJ and New England yet avoid the punitive property and inventory taxes. Pay the fuel, road fees and tolls.

      The EU flatly says so what that we shut you down…”just go to another country and maybe you can find work there” That is one of the reasons many of the marginal and new members of the EU are taking a literal financial beating. There is ZERO advantage for a country to join the EU. Easy of travel was nice by eliminating border guards, but that really was not a big inconvienience, neither was the different independent currencies. The countries are finding out they got and continue to be screwed by one currency.

  46. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Revising an earlier post about the San Bernadino shooters. I had mis-read about the “suspect” Farook’s place of birth. Chicago born to Pakistani parents. That said, the press still is stuck on the term “Suspect” He came, to the dinner, got up and left to change into battle gear and returned and murdered his co-workers. Shoot out with police and killed deader than a doornail with his accomplice wife. And still listed as a “suspect”. intelligence gathered says that he contacted known and tracked extremists by social media. 2+2 duh. His social media posts mostly removed. Had a heated discussion with an associate about “Islam” being a PEACEFUL religion. I guess he proved the other party’s point. Is NOT.

    But i’m sure Loretta Lynch and Obama will log this as domestic workplace violence as the government did with Major Nadal.

    • Not to mention that they now have a money trail to the ME.

      • I will not be surprised if this goes down as work place violence. Obama will imply it and Lynch will follow. I would however be disappointed in the director of the FBI if he goes along. It is becoming ever more clear that Obama is totally out of touch with reality. His comments on recent overseas trips have made him a laughing stock for the whole world to see. Any who follow from here on are dunces and stooges. It’s time for the rats to start leaving the ship.

  47. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Last night I went through and read past articles by George Will and Charles Krauthammer. They had several articles that were of similar vein. The ones I’d like to comment on is their essays on the activities at our universities. I loved their use of the word “snowflakes” to describe the people involved.

    I’m sure that a “modern” women, as an example, at a university such as Yale, would laugh at being compared to the delicate Victorian lady who would feint at the slightest offending comment or sight etal. The one thing they do have in common is that they were of the elite class. My god, when the president of yale has to make statements about halloween costumes, because people were concerned about offending someone by wearing a sombrero. Someone who wouldn’t dream of truly interacting with the unwashed masses in the rough and tumble of daily human endeavors. They had to be protected. So what is so new about their thought, these modern people have actually have gone retro by centuries and millenia. They ideally would fit well withing the Islamic culture where the women are restricted. So they may avoid tempting others to carnal thought, “rape in college” crisis comes to mind. Ladies out and about were looked down upon as being vulgar or ladies of ill repute.

    The authors also had a pointed comment on the university system today. “Instead of freedom of speech, it is a place of freedom FROM speech”

    Why should the parents and banks and government be wasting money educating these children. Just put them in a sensory depravation chamber and feed them “approved” thoughts….better yet NO Thoughts

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I just wonder if these kids even have a glimmer of a thought that what they are proposing is a repressive and regressive society. Oh how’d they scream if the accepted (group)thought doesn’t turn out to their fantasy world.

      Could we also be seeing the psychological damage and effects of the “latchkey” kids? That their parents due to their self centered lifestyle, kept their kids (safe) from any real interaction with people unless it was in the company of and approved by the parent.

      Even in VT 30 years ago new parents demanded that each and every single child be picked up IN FRONT of their house. No bus stop for the kids to congregate at. Parents would actually stand on their front porch and keep their kids from even going next door and stand with a kid they are trying to have a conversation. But have to yell to be heard. Kids would be picked up as close as 1 block from school and couldn’t walk.

  48. Stupid Cheeseheads.

    • The total incompetence of Law Enforcement leadership since the death of J. Edgar Hoover?

    • Followed by our delusional president. Something is truly wrong here. Besides ideology, narcissism, ignorance, arrogance……mental health? coking up again? He’s downright scary.


      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        We do have April 1st rolling by in about 4.5 months. Here is a great practical joke that I truly believe would be outstanding. We here and much of the world are finally waking up to see the idiot in chief we have here in the USA and a very real possibility of another one named Hillary. Neither one can put a coherant sentence together extemporaneously and really require teleprompters to sound and look presidential. What if the speech writers and teleprompter loaders just put pure nonsense on it. How long would it take Obama and Hillary to notice? Much less have the MSM including FOX show it unedited.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And last night in Cairo at a late night club. Apparently angry young men due to being turned away came back and firebombed the place. Killing and wounding the patrons inside. BUT as our leader says….Only in America.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I wonder how long now it will take for the administration to call the San Bernadino a terrorist attack. Investigators have found a posting by the wife on social media pledging allegiance to the leader of ISIS. But quibling words like is this ISIS “directed” or ISIS “inspired”

  49. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This is getting so out of hand. This country used to openly show it diversity. Today, our leaders tout diversity and inclusion at the expense that people have to muzzle their cultural identity, so nobody feels unconfortable,….namely Christian and Jews are silenced.

    I’m waiting to see the protestations by school administrations when “May 5th” comes around. Only Mexicans can participate. Much less in such a way that is neutralized. But unfortunately, they will continue as they should celebrate their liberation as we do wherever we are on the 4th of July because the administrations will say…..it shows our diversity and inclusion. The hypocracy stinks…

    . http://home.suddenlink.net/news/read/category/US/article/the_associated_press-university_criticized_for_memo_about_holiday_parti-ap

  50. Interesting thought.

    Something to watch out for in the future. In the Bruce Dern movie, “Black Sunday” our hero is a Viet-nam vet POW whose mind is not so good when he comes home. He is taken in by a femme fatale who is a Black September operative. She “turns” him and he goes off and tries to blow up the Super Bowl in an absolutely brilliant way!.

    What if our naive little friend in San Berdoo went off to find himself a bride in the Holy land? What if there are a whole lot of ladies like her in training to do exactly what she did? I have known a number of Muslim guys, religious, who have basically had a bride picked for them in the old fashioned way.

    To have had a baby six months ago and do what she did is beyond weird. If I were a Law Enforcement type, I’d probably do a time line on this guy and see when he started buying weapons and galvanized pipe.


  51. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I asked my neighbor who is a former Army military police officer what she thinks of the Secretary of Defenses order to make all front line combat positions open to women. She comes from a long line of distinguished Army generals. 1st it’s almost impossible to get her to say anything remotely political (rules) but she said, applying and then making the grade are two different things.

    I asked if she knows any women banging on the doors really demanding those assignments. Answer was some. Asked of those who’d make it….answer some. Not many.
    Granted it’s a servicemen perogative to complain, we did earn it. But her final comment was the women she knew complained “A LOT”.

    I have a sneaky suspicion that if I was back in my peak condition and 40 years younger I’d have a real problem winning any physical contest against this young lady. Besides smarter than the average person. Straight “A’s” studying aeronautical engineering with the goal to design deep space manned nuclear powered craft.

    • If they do not change any of the requirements….let ’em try. If they change the requirements like the women in Ranger School……politics win. However, not one of the women that made it out of Ranger school were assigned to the 75th Ranger Btn. All they wanted was the tab.

  52. Uh Oh……what is Obama going to do now? His own FBI says…”It is terrorism BRO”

  53. http://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2015/12/middle-eastern-men-arrested-near-mexican-border-with-steel-cylinders/

    I’m guessing these were not their thermos’ filled with coffee for the trip.

  54. We are finally getting the word out on the middle eastern peoplewe have been ctching crossing the border. I have been telling everyone on here that we do this but no one pays attention……finally the word is beginning to get out. Pakistanis, Egyptians, Syrians, Saudis all crossing the border…..

    When we catch the, we fingerprint them, photograph them, take DNA and handthem over to the Feds with the warning that if they come into Texas again, they willl be arrested and put into Texas general population prison. They will last about 48 hours.

  55. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I give up being a climate change and global warming denier. I’m convinced now it is real and we have to do everything possible as quickly as possible and spend as much as possible to save the planet. WHY the change? Sean Penn is on the case and we know he is so correct, like how well Hugo Chavez turned out in Venezuela. Turned a fairly vibrant and rich country with problems, like we all do, into a desperately poor and totally disfunctional country in a few short years. Sounds like a great plan for the future.

  56. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The other year Obama said that America is “NO LONGER A CHRISTIAN NATION”

    Actually what we are seeing is instead of a tyranny of the majority, we are seeing and being torn assunder by a “tyranny of the minority” This nation is still overwhelmingly “christian” in belief yet we are having to suppress our faith as to not disturb or offend the minority. There has been a growth in the group that is “undeclared” Question would be wouldn’t you answer undeclared if there seems to be open season on the christian faith, all the way up to our top leaders and courts.


    This has also been backed up by other current research.

    Here’s an off the wall question…..do the LGBT group feel that they would be better off under the faith that claims 1B adherants worldwide…Muslims. They would find everlasting peace.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Muslim’s don’t play well with gay’s, so I would think that the LGBT crowd would find a better alternative.

  57. Just A Citizen says:


    CONGRATULATIONS there lady Sparty.

    Glad somebody here had a good season. Now lets hope they keep it going and stem the “Tide”.

    • Fell asleep on it…woke up to cheering Spartans. YYYES!

      New Year’s Eve in Arlington, against our former coach. Already hearing smack from my Bama friends.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Congrats to your Spartans Anita, they deserve a shot at the title. I think I’ll be rooting for them when the game starts, not a big fan of Nick Saban after all 🙂

  58. Just A Citizen says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Wasn’t CAIR quite vocal and influencial with the Obama administration in declaring Major Nadal’s killing spree at Ft Hood “workplace violence” instead of what it was. An act ot terrorism. Even with all the evidence and him communicating with that radical Imam who later the US dropped a hellfire missle on his head, the administration has not backed off on its declaration.

      It will be interesting to see Obama tonight. Bet he demands more gun control and he will buy the terrorists lawyers story, that he was being laughed at for his beard and inspite of the investigations evidence will conclude unilaterally “workplace violence”

  59. Just A Citizen says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Absolutely,,,,,as is all groups of people. Looking out for each other. But unfortunately old Bernie wants to take it just a wee bit further, akin to his buddy Fidel’s model.

      What will be interesting will be how many votes in the primaries he will get and of what demographic and if by some miracle Hillary is indicted and drops out how many votes. I’m trying to think of perpetual communist candidate way back when and how many he got when life was really a bastard during the depression…..My bet Bernie’s will be the young indoctrinated voters.

  60. gmanfortruth says:

    Deer season, week two! then it’s back to normal. What a difference a year makes when it comes to weather, quite milder this year. El Nino is making an early impact, which, I don’t mind at all after last years cold weather.

  61. gmanfortruth says:
  62. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I guess the President’s “rare” Oval Office speech really delved into new revelations and groundbreaking areas,based on the amount of articles in the headlines on my internet provider. Only one and that was an NBC video denigrating the Republican candidates for their responses. Great lead up hype yesterday but must have gone over like a lead balloon like Carter’s “malaise” speech.

    In this day and age, how does one really vet anyone from a 3rd world S!!!hole anyway. It’d have to be electronic and that can be easily created from whole cloth. Especially when we know the DOJ is mostly just collecting their paycheck and little else, given that it is a totally political organization today anyway.

    Also missed was any mention of Dec 7 1941. Maybe it’s not 0700 in Pearl Harbor yet.

  63. New York Times editorial on Guns.


    I probably sound like a broken record but my response.

    A truly fascinating NYT editorial. They are either stupid or are lying. One does not have to go to Australia, Canada or Britain to see where gun registration schemes go wild. One only has to look at the City of NY.

    After a particularly nasty killing by a released mental patient with a rifle in the 1960’s. NYC imposed long gun registration. Because of the complaints about the way Police handled Pistol Permits it was determined that the responsible agency would be independent. The NYC Firearms Control board was created. For a five dollar three year permit, one could be approved to own rifles and shotguns and then individually register them. This was common sense Gun Control back in the 1960’s. Over the years as the City spun out of control and crime spiraled upward, NYC decided that it would tinker with the law.

    It made NO, repeat NO difference that the guns and owners registered had not ever used their firearms in crimes, the bureaucracy, mayor and City council insisted something be done. Well, they did a few things. For openers they did away with the Firearms Control Board and replaced it with The NYPD. So, we went from an independent group who could be talked to and reasoned with to a virulently anti-gun (unless you are a celebrity like Trump or Rosie O’Donnell) police agency. Next it was decided that all those previously registered semi-automatics never used in crimes had to be confiscated, destroyed or removed from NYC jurisdiction. Did not matter if it was Grandpa’s .22 from 1906 or a $ 3,000 Match rifle, they had to go. As if that were not enough, the next step was to ban all long guns capable of holding more than five (5) rounds.

    Now, this was interesting. You have bolt and lever action rifles which have tubular or detachable magazines. many hunting rifles have detachable magazines that hold five rounds. The Police however have decided that a hunting rifle with a detachable magazine could have that magazine altered to hold MORE than five rounds. So therefore, ALL detachable magazine rifles and shotguns are banned unless the magazine is welded in place. You can also own a vintage 1873 Winchester “One of a Thousand” worth well upwards of $ 20,000 containing a tubular magazine. Unless you destroy that magazine, weld it shut, cut it off the rifle has become illegal subject to confiscation and destruction. There is no such thing as an antique cartridge firearm in NYC. There are NO exceptions.

    Now lets talk of cost. Remember that $ 5.00 fee? It, with a completed application, two photos and fingerprints taken at a local precinct (free) got you a three year permit in ’67. Today we are talking about $ 231.50 including fingerprints which must be done in one of two NYC locations only. In addition one must submit an affidavit from any co-inhabitant (their word) that they, wife, friend, roommate, lover do NOT have any objection to you owning or possessing a rifle or shotgun. Of course you must submit an additional affidavit indicating, in the event of your demise, who is authorized to surrender your rifles or shotguns. Renewals must be done timely but in 15 minutes of searching I cannot find out cost or procedure. I assume that is done by the NYPD on a need-to-know basis.

    So, here is the slippery slope for all to see. Here is the camel’s nose under the tent. Here is the future. Here is what the NY Times either does not want you to know or is so stupid as to be unable to research it.

    • Pass the Dr Pepper and buy more ammo…..

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Sir…..maybe you can tell me. Why do the Islamic “schools” seem to have pretty significant security? High walls, i’m sure broken glass imbedded, one at a time pedestrian iron gates, what appear to be serious sliding concrete doors for vehicles, if it is so peace-loving. I’d wager a christian seminary wouldn’t look likea fortress.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I’m wondering where the possible responsiblity of the AMA and Pharma and the DOJ and the government itself fit in all this. All we hear is that we have to take away the guns. The mass murders are tragic for sure but how many of late have been perpetrated by somebody under psychiatric care or deemed cured and on meds to surpress to pyscholtic feelings.

          Nobody is screaming at the psychiatrists who let many of these folks free to roam and maybe or maybe not take their drugs. Nobody is screaming at the very government for NOT doing do diligence on the vetting, ie the overstay of the students of 9/11. or last week the fiancee. Nobody is screaming at the government for ignoring the direct warnings they’ve received, one failed and one succeeded. Nobody is screaming, ignored by the government about the abuse and continued support by said government of PP. Even though Federal money is NOT supposed to be used, except in extreme cases for abortion, PP admitted the other year their funds, donations and federal money is CO-MINGLED and therefore untracible as to its use. A good accounting firm could solve that. But the hits just keep coming and the drum beat continues….take the guns, it’s an emergency let them in and then scatter the “refugees” Do the people and the government seriously expect NO blowback on it’s actions?,

    • gmanfortruth says:

      It’s a shame that NYers allowed such stuff to happen. As soon as people allow for their Rights to be taken, they are no longer empowered by voting, they are simply stooges (Not saying you are one SK). Eventually this comes back to haunt people. Karma is a bitch.

  64. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I trust everyone here sensed that I was being sarcastic about my change of heart on climate change.

    Even though polls are just about as accurate as the science of climate change I’m real concerned about some of the latest polls. Showing Hillary beating all comers by a wide margin. Can the US voters be so blind and stupid? Obama got in by having a real loser as an opponent. 2X. and no record to attack. But to say we loved the last two presidential terms and wish to have another person who wants to double down the past years. Unlike Obama Hillary’s life is an open book. It’s all there in hairy detail. A person who has a bigger ego than Obama and is even a more provable liar.

    • Remain calm. These are the polls THEY want you to see. There are polls showing absolutely everybody in the universe beats her.

      Always remember that Rudy Guilliani, if you believe the polls lost his mayoral race three times! The first time was actually for real because NY thought it should give the old stalwart black guy a chance. The 2nd and 3rd were WRONG. They were wrong because people lied to the pollsters both about voting for the crazy right winger Rudy and not voting for the stalwart old black guy.

      Methinks that this is exactly the way that Trump will get in. All the polls will be off. Everybody will lie through their teeth. The Country is now where NYC was in ’92 at a turning point.

      Speaking of Trump, caught his speech and Q& A down in VA the other night on C-Span. Guy is maturing as a candidate. First off he took a question from a very Hispanic Lady who was collecting ballot signatures for him. She was effusive in her praise for him. Then he had a five year old up on stage with him. The kid, in the audience, had asked “what kind of wall?”. Trump brought him up, held him up and said a tall one made of concrete and re bar. Then we had the West Indian lady clothes designer who was praising him to the hilt. He invited her up to the podium and she hugged and kissed him. Finally a guy with an Eastern European accent asked about Putin. Trump did not knock Putin and actually implied he was a patriot. Was asked by a college student about Perot. Basically praised Perot but talked about Perot’s “mistake” in dropping out then coming back in. “Can’t do that”, Trump said. This guy is going to kick some ass.

  65. Trump, today, on stage and in front of a live audience and in full view of the world……”I would reinstate the Bush Doctrine of enhanced interrogation techniques….from all I heard about water boarding, you bet your ASS I would reinstate it.”

    Let’s see how that plays out.

  66. gmanfortruth says:
  67. gmanfortruth says:


    Leave it to Democrats to want a completely unconstitutional law. Just goes to show how poor our politicians really are.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      obviously they feel confident given the “no fly” law for those on the governments watch list. With as the ACLU states the people are completely denied due process a violation of the 5th amendment.

      But if the government is collecting “all” our internet communications and phone data, aren’t we all technically on the governments watch list. Look how fast they put together the back history of those two. They need the event to happen….then go back and connect the dots, only to find “all” the information they needed to know was already there. If you want the best results, i’ll compare to manufacturing improvement analysis, YOU MUST expend the time and effort and money all along the process. Not only at the end. Sure you know what “caused” the failure but you also created a lot of junk which ultimately much more expensive. IE there is a whole lot of these San Bernadino events waiting to happen and in the pipeline. The government has two choices. Either take what you now know is a motis operendi and do a search and destroy operation. Stop the process at the beginning and let the “defects” work their way out of the system.

  68. gmanfortruth says:


    An interesting piece concerning economics. On another subject, the Donald has made another rough around the edges statement and as usual everyone is taking it out of context. I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one that actually listens to what is being said, versus what the MSM wants us to hear. It seems the MSM (and I’m sure the whole Lefty crowd) wants the Trump statement to end just before the word UNTIL. Yes, he said ban incoming Muslim’s UNTIL the failing administration can get it’s act together. What is so wrong with banning non-citizens entry until a better vetting process is put together? Those of us here could devise such a system in less than a week and have a planned implementation ready to roll within 7 days and the problem would be solved, as far as non-citizens entering the country. PC needs to end, period. I also agree with the Donald, leave to play with ISIS or any other militant Muslim group and a lifetime ban from the US begins.

    Now we get to hear all the blowhard politicians and MSM talk about Trump, which is exactly what he wants, brilliant!

  69. Dale A Albrecht says:

    As I get the speech by Obama, he blames lax gun control and the terrorist were somehow justified because they as muslims feel discriminated against. With California having one of the if not the strictest gun control laws in the country, it was not a failure of the law….it was a failure of the implementaion of the law, by none other than the US government itself. hate to say this, but the government has alterior motives. Citing how fast they put together the background of the terrorist especially the lady from Pakistan and the DOJ is definitely in the loop for the “gun” permits background checks requested by California….this was a big red flag. All the MSM says, they aquired the guns legally. If the government has access to all the info the FBI investigators are now using. They certainly didn’t start beating the street in Pakistan……The government has to start taking some reponsibility for these failures. Congress has to grow some and ram it down the presidents throat over his EO’s on lax border control and instantly scattering the “migrants” across the country. Hell they kept the Cuban locked up in refugee camps for quite some time. They kept the Haitians locked up.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I found Obama’s speech a disgrace to this country. Blaming gun laws is so not the way to go, because it wasn’t all that long ago when Paris got hit, far worse than us. France have far worse gun laws than California and New Jersey combined. As far as buying them legally, well, what the hell do people expect? He wasn’t a convicted felon, he was not diagnosed as being mentally ill, he was a citizen and not in trouble with the law. Why do the Lefty’s harp on something so obvious? SO WHAT he bought the guns legally.

      What we need is a “common sense” immigration law 🙂 and start by following Trump’s suggestions.

  70. Just A Citizen says:

    While everyone is watching the fiasco surrounding POTUS’s speech, the SCOTUS has legalized the banning of “assault weapons”. Now think how the arguments are going to play during this election cycle when Republicans claim a “ban” on AR’s is “unconstitutional”!! That’s right, they will be called ignorant liars by the press and the Dem. party. And SCOTUS has set the stage for the Dems.

    “(CNN)—The Supreme Court declined to take up a challenge to a Chicago suburb’s ban on assault weapons Monday, a move that will encourage gun-control advocates and could frustrate supporters of gun rights.

    The city of Highland Park, Illinois, passed the ban in 2013 following a series of mass shooting incidents around the country. The law prohibits the sale, purchase and possession of semi-automatic firearms with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition.”

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Oh Goody, maybe now the idiots in every Democratic controlled city will ban them too! Maybe even a few States, Goody, Goody…..One day closer to a long overdue Revolution. Now, in all seriousness, the SAFE Act in New York State went over like a lead balloon. It called for gun registration for so called “assault weapons” and magazine restrictions. Only about 3 -5% of assault weapon owners registered and most cops have said they won’t enforce the magazine restrictions. Useless law that hasn’t changed a single thing in New York.

      In some ways I really hope the lefty politicians go all out and start banning assault rifles etc. Let’s see if they have the guts to go take them from people who won’t play their game. Interesting times ahead.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        They won’t try to take them in mass. They will simply prosecute anyone who they come in contact with who is found to own one.

        As I said before, they will do it one by one and the rest will sit by and watch.

        Those who will stand up will quickly and easily be made out as “nut jobs” and “traitors” to this country. As “insurrectionists”, like those who aimed guns at fed officers on the Bundy ranch.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          I’m interested in the immediate backlash and seeing to what extent it leads. Much of it depends on the various State laws as well. In Pa, it isn’t happening at a local level, it would openly violate State law, so I’m not concerned about home. I can see places with some serious protests, others with outright civil unrest. Being that the AR-15 style weapons have been so popular, I do not expect the Liberal’s to have much success in their efforts. 100+ million gun owners have been put on notice that things like this are coming, that’s why gun sales are through the roof, they didn’t buy so many to just meekishly give them up. Liberals might want to be careful what they ask for, because their might just be a war on them that they can’t win.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Next up will be bans or “high taxes” on Ammo. Taxed to the point of preventing purchase by anyone but the very rich.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          They can try this as well, it really won’t have much of an effect other than many people who shoot a lot will stop. Everyone I know will never have to buy anther bullet again, sans a Civil War. I haven’t bought shotgun shells since they went on sale at K-Mart’s for 1.25 a box of 25….in 1987. If the taxes do occur, it will go underground and the black market for bullets will boom!

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            Back when I was working in the telcom industry, The account managers used to laugh and joke and scratch their heads as to WHY miles of copper wire might disappear overnight in some countries. I used to point out to them that usually the country is in a very serious civil war as an example and the “good and just” nations have placed an embargo on weapons and especially ammunition. Sailing yachts make tons of money smuggling lead, their keels, and the copper from the wires gets used also in the making of ammo.

            even in my 1st corporate job 45 years ago. We had a shipment of electronics going to NIcaragua. The entire shipment was returned by that country’s customs with a note saying the units did not weigh enough. Huh you say. The engineers inserted thin lead sheets into the bottoms of the cases to meet the required weight. Over time field returns would come back for service and NOT ONE had the lead in the unit. People and countries will get very inovative when inspired.

    • I agree and it seems that the decision not to review is in direct contrast to Heller. In Heller they found against the municipality. In this case, they by not agreeing to review found for.

      The Heller case revolved around what’s reasonable and what is not in addition to basic 2nd Amendment issues regarding the individual right guaranteed in the Constitution. I wonder what the Administration has on the Chief Justice? I really do.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I still do not think Mr. Obama has something “on the Chief Justice”. I think it is the influence of his wife and perhaps those who surround him. I have never thought him a true “conservative” when it comes to Constitutional interpretations.

        Lets also not forget his health scares. And recently there is scuttle butt he is looking to step down. Why would he float this in an election year?? Talk about a motivator for lefties to vote.

        Nothing terrifies them more than the idea of R’s getting to “stack the court”. Despite the lousy record R’s have on getting that done properly.

        You have to give the D’s credit on this matter. When they appoint a Justice they tow the company line………forever and always.

    • Not exactly….they just declined to hear where a city, under their right, can ban weapons….in other words, the elected officials of that area, have voted to ban them. In reading the decision, the SCOTUS has left it up to the individual city and/or states. I have no problem with this…..change the legislature of the state or city. I see democratic controlled cities and counties banning certain magazines and weapons…and I see the crime rate sky rocketing as a result.

      Read this very carefully……as the SCOTUS has not agreed to ban any type of assault weapons….it simply did not over rule a local ordinance. It said: The law prohibits the sale, purchase and possession of semi-automatic firearms with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition.” The wording was specific…..with the capacity of accepting more than 10 rounds of ammo. It did not ban semi automatic weapons. They can still sell them ….one simple adjustment will suffice…just like shotguns in Texas. You cannot USE a shotgun that can accept and fire more than three shotgun shells. While bird hunting, I have been checked several times by game wardens on whether I had a plug in the shotgun. The process was simple….all my shotguns can accept more than 3 shells but there is a plug in the magazine area that does not allow the loading of more than three….simply pull out the plug. Just do not get caught with it. Same thing with an AR 15…any magazine that you have can be adjusted to accept only 10 rounds…..and there is no ordinance that I read that says you cannot carry more than one magazine. It may be a pain in the ass to reload after 10 rounds but sinmply carry more magazines. AND…..as with an AR 15…….simply remove the flash suppressor and you no longer have an assault weapon….do not put a laser sight on the AR and it is not an assault weapon….and if you really want to remove the doubt…RENAME THE DAMN WEAPON…..do not call it an AR because it is NOT an AR. IT IS A SEMI AUTOMATIC WEAPON…….better yet…come to Texas and you do not have to worry about it….I not only have flash suppressors,,,,,I have silencers….all legal. I do not use 30 round magazines because I see no reason to have one. 16 round magazines are just fine with me…easy to carry and easy to reload…and do not hang down to catch on things.

      SCOTUS has not banned any type of weapon…..including fully automatic weapons. Nor do I think that they will…..

      Everyone on here, including me, applauds states rights……….you cannot have it both ways….you cannot scream about states rights and then yell about the US Constitution when a State, within its rights, bans certain weapons…..keep it local and simply change the legislature or local laws and personnel. I see it no different than a bar or restaurant banning weapons. I have a choice of going to that restaurant and I have a say in the election of local officials. Want to get the attention of local leaders and the chambers of commerce…..organize boycotts of certain areas and restaurants…..down here, we are very successful in organizing against restaurants that do not allow open or conceal carry. Hit ’em in the pocket book.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You see this as validation of States’ authority. I do not and that is absolutely NOT why they let this law stand. If that were the case Thomas and Scalia would not have spoken out against the decision.

        I did not say they outlawed AR’s, I said they made such banning legal. Which is in affect what they have done.

        The SCOTUS will not let States have the final authority on gun ownership. Because guns move across state lines they will eventually step in to resolve the differences when the Democratic controlled Congress and POTUS jpasses a ban.

      • The “capacity” word is the killer. As I wrote in my letter to the NYT, , the NYC Police Department has determined that a five round box magazine can be altered to accept more than five rounds even on bolt rifles. Therefore any rifle accepting a box magazine is out unless the mag is welded in place. A plug is NOT acceptable in a tube magazine, the magazine must be welded or cut. Really does not matter, all semi-autos are out, period!

        Canada accepts the rifle and requires the magazine to be capped at five. Have seen a number of Canadian mags for semi-autos on E-bay that are altered to accept five only.

        NJ says the mag must be “designed” for 15. Merely disassembling a twenty or thirty, putting in a block and cutting the spring is NOT acceptable.

        It is all in the “interpretation”. back in the early ’70’s got into a pissing match with the NYPD over an 1871/84 German Mauser that fired 11MM black powder ammo. The old, liberal law said if it were pre 1898 and ammo was NOT readily available, it was an antique and not subject to registration. Had to bring the rifle to the ballistic section for an examination where a detective told me I could have ammo “custom” made for the rifle. That to him was “readily available”. Registration was not the issue for me, I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to “obey” the law and played their game.

        • Stephen……you have to register weapons where you live?

          • Even then, the state is the one that is setting limits….not the Feds. The SCOTUS cannot legislate changes in weapons…..even with court rulings. All they can do is not over turn local ordinances. JAC thinks it sets a precendent, and I can see his interpretation, but I feel differently………for now. I do not think that a SCOTUS would overturn a similar ordinance that allows for 30 round magazines and open carry of semi auto weapons…if challenged

          • In Jersey, the Firearms ID card is all you need. you have been vetted by the State Police. Individual firearms are not registered except pistols because you need a separate purchase permit for each one with a copy that goes back to the local (town) police chief.

            NYC is a whole different ball of wax. If you scroll up to my NY Times letter (which won’t be published) you will see how it all started and devolved in the City. I have now had two days to take that letter and send it off to various Facebook “friends” who blather on about “reasonable” gun control. They won’t bite, not a single response. Think I will add the piece about my Mauser 71/84 just to pound the last nail in the coffin.

            When I have passed it on, I have added the line, “this is the truth, I lived it!” Not that it makes any difference to hooples who “can’t handle the truth”.

  71. Just A Citizen says:

    More on “gun safety” issues.

    What you have seen in the past two weeks was a planned hijacking of the issues by the Democrats in order to influence the upcoming election.

    The R’s were making ground on economics and national defense. The Dems are running on the same old issues for them. War on women, poverty/charity, and Guns. Oh, and of course RACISM.

    You saw the War on Women tactic playing out last month by Hillary’s campaign and Dem proposals for paid leave, etc. etc.

    But now they Dems have managed to move the Gun issue back to center stage with their manipulation of media by using the “terror watch list” to slap Republicans with the “why should terrorists have guns” rhetoric. And make no mistake about it. This was nothing but a political ploy to paint Republicans in a corner over “gun control”.

    Thanks to an ignorant and SYMPATHETIC press, they are succeeding so far. At least as it comes to the news cycle.

    Scan the internet sites of major and minor papers and other news outlets. Hundreds upon hundreds of editorials and comments all aimed at pushing “gun control” in order to make the Republicans look like hypocrites when it comes to “national defense”.

    Now thanks to the R’s and The Donald the Dems are going to play the RACE card. Despite the fact that Muslim is NOT A RACE. The same ploy will be used. I watched last night as left wing pundits are tagging Trump as “America’s FASCIST”. The interesting thing was watching a representative of some “Arab American” group use this accusation and tying it to those who support Trump.

    Not sure that continuing to tag middle class white folk, including Vets, as FASCIST is going to play well. But then the electorate hasn’t displayed a lot of brains in the past, so who knows.

  72. Just A Citizen says:

    From leftwing pundits last night. Did you know that this nation’s true values at our founding were TOLERANCE and LIBERAL ideals??

    Did you know these are the most important things to understand as “the Constitution is nothing but words on a piece of paper”??

    Do you know how many Americans believe the first point and have no understanding of how “INTOLERANT” our Nation was when it came to our values at the time of our creation??

    Oh wait, don’t those same lefties always howl about our intolerance, racism, genocide, etc. etc.?? So how is it they get to claim that “tolerance” is a founding principle??

    This is actually quite clever. Who is going to stand up and point out they are ignorant and liars? Who is going to claim that tolerance was not a founding principle in the modern era of political correctness?? Thus they will be allowed to CHANGE HISTORY and establish NEW NORMS by convincing the young that these have been the norm all along.

    You see, it is just the “right” who is trying to destroy the “founding principles” of America. It is the R’s who are “unpatriotic”.

    Orwell and Rand are screaming from their graves………….”I told you so”!!!!

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Every time those on the Left resort to lying, they should be called out. I agree with you on the early days of this country, not very tolerant at all.

  73. Just A Citizen says:

    If nothing else, Trump has shown a spot light on all the cockroaches.


    The more he chatters the more they can’ help themselves but scream loud and long. By the time this is done we should have a good list of the FASCIST Progressives among us.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Along the same lines.


      Too bad she didn’t have the guts to stick it out. She may think resigning sends a strong message but it does not. Once gone they claim victory and the next tantrum is even more obnoxious.

      Now why is harassment of a professor, to the point of driving her to quite, not being investigated and prosecuted? But anything that upsets the kiddies gets a “safe place” designated.

      This must be some of that “tolerance” founding principle at work.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Trump has provided some great entertainment, that’s for sure. The establishment can’t be happy about this.

  74. Just A Citizen says:

    To those who think visiting left wing sites is a waste, I give you this little nugget.


    Hillary and Donald, sitting in a tree…………….. Bwahahahahahahaha

  75. gmanfortruth says:
  76. Just A Citizen says:

    Internationalism (Globalists) vs. Nationalism, the underpinning of our political disputes????

    There are a few real choice nuggets in this article. As in very excellent points that should be used when explaining things to your friends, and foes.

    Even one for the Anarchists to digest.


  77. It is no secret that most Muslims hate Jews. So the next time they call us bigots, we should return the good deed.

  78. Anybody who has a problem securing ammo…..let me know. I can get you anything you want…….legally. YES….legally.

    • HInt…I just got 15,000 rounds of .22 caliber long rifle steel jacket. Can’t find it in the gun shows….or in Cabella’s or Cheaper than Dirt……or Outdoor World.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        What you using .22 steel jacket for??

        • JAC….my preferred method of self defense in a conceal weapon is a Walther PPK .22 cal long rifle. A steel jacket increases the velocity from 1100 fps to a sharp 1900 fps. The recoil is less than a 9mm or a 45 ACP or a Glock. On target time is increased allowing greater accuracy. ( Police and Military sniper units are using the 22 cal for urban environments ). The .22 has a kill ratio equal to that of a Glock 40 or a 45 ACP or a 9mm. It does not take a bigger bullet to bring down a man. And the environment that I would use it is…urban setting, close range…..within 75 feet. A quick example….with a Browning 9mm high power, my shot radius ( shot group ) at 40 feet is 6 1/2 inches with a 10 shots fired in 4 seconds. My shot radius with a 45 cal ACP at 40 feet is 7. 2 inches on average with 10 shots fired in 4 seconds….with a Glock 40, my shot radius is 8 inches at 40 feet with 10 shots fired in 40 seconds. With the .22 steel jacket hollow point, my shot radius at 40 feet with 10 shots fired in 4 seconds is 3 inches. The kill ratio remains the same and the destruction of the target is the same. A hollow point 36 grain bullet travelling at 1900 fps leaves a nasty mark. The smaller shot radius creates a bigger and nastier hole and drops the target in less time.

          However, when in the field and when in combat environment when the target is likely to be at a distance greater than 40 feet, I use two different weapons….I use a 45 cal ACP and Browning hi power 9mm. At greater than 40 feet, the hitting power of those two weapons increases as the bullet tends to start a slow tumble…so the trauma impact is greater. The Walther becomes a boot gun for close in fighting.

          I carry the Walther in close environments like restaurants, movie houses, malls, etc because the accuracy of rapid fire is better than a cannon ( 45, 40, or 9mm ). In addition, the bulk is less as I prefer to carry concealed and not in the open. I can use a trouser holster ( inside the waistband ) very comfortably and have instant access. THe one thing about the Walther that is unique is that I can also shoot the 22 cal stinger teflon at 1900 fps and that will penetrate normal body armor ( not kevlar ).

          The sound is less when fired and the rim fire means less misfires. Meaning I can drop the Walther in a mud puddle and the striking distance on the rim of the 22 cal is greater than a center fire…so grains of mud and dirt are less likely to cause misfire.

          Hope this helps….and not too technical.

  79. Just A Citizen says:

    Tyranny laid bare for all to see.

    The court votes UNANIMOUSLY to give itself greater authority to hear cases.

    And the lack of logical thinking on the part of the “dems” on the Court is appalling. Lets see, Ginsburg: This has been the law “we established” for almost 50 years. OK Ruth, I guess we should reestablish Dread Scott.

    Others: How is a non voting person represented any differently by using only voters to redistrict?? How are they not represented???


  80. gmanfortruth says:

    There will be a new thread being posted later today. In the mean time, some light reading :

  81. gmanfortruth says:

  82. Why is Chicago putting up with this crap? If people want to protest, so be it. Get a permit and do it according to law. Do not block streets or business’. Do not disrupt traffic flow..carry your signs…yell, if you want….but do not push the police or step into the street. You do not have that right.

    Glad I am not in charge.

  83. JAC…this is why I am thinking the way I do.

    “Last year, the justices declined to take up challenges to two laws that restrict handgun ownership by young adults — a federal law barring the sale of handguns to customers under 21 and a Texas law forbidding anyone under 21 to carry a handgun in public.”

    And the court last year refused to hear an appeal of a New Jersey law that sharply restricts the authority to carry a handgun in public by requiring proof of a justifiable need to carry a gun.

    These rulings, to me, are consistent with the Illinois ruling.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I would go with your theory but Hellar was the SCOTUS stepping on local authority. Also in Hellar I believe they made some statement that it did not mean anyone could carry any gun at any time.

      This means they assumed Federal authority over Local authority when it came to “unreasonable” bans but up to State and Locals when making “reasonable” bans. They will reserve to themselves what is reasonable.

      Thus they have not really given way to State or Local authority.

      Add to this that the MOTIVES for not hearing the case are surely different among the “r” and the “d” members.

      I am guessing that the left leaning members want to avoid making the Second Amendment fully bear upon the States. At least not until they can get rulings in place that neuter the Second Amendment by making the “right to bear arms” dependent upon membership in the militia.

  84. I looked at Diane “stupid steins” introduction of the assault weapons ban of 2015.

    She listed the weapons she would ban……now….someone go look at it and see if she banned the Browning Automatic rifle…..known as BAR……the M1 Gerand and the M1 or M2 .30 cal carbine. Did I miss it?

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