Happy New Year 2016

thCFJOKMOVWell, here we are, the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.  It seemed like it was just yesterday when we were worried about all the computer crashes of Y2K.  Now, we just have to endure one more year of arguably the worst US President in the history of this nation. Looking forward, we get eleven months of a Presidential campaign that we will all be sick of probably by April.  2016 will most likely be just another year, like most others, or will it?

th06BTV83RWhen I began following the conspiracy theories of the world, those who also followed them were few and far between.  Most conspiracy theories are complete fantasy, others have some truth to them with a lot of fantasy and occasionally, one may be proven true.  In 2015, one that has seemed to be proven true is that ISIS, that evil boogieman of a terrorist group, has been proven to be the construct of the Obama administration, funded through oil revenues through the US and NATO ally Turkey.  Yes, Turkey has been caught red handed and with little to nothing being said from the White House, it seems Obama hopes nobody will put the pieces together.  That shouldn’t be a problem for his minions.

Looking ahead, I don’t see the Obama administration doing much of anything to their gang of terrorists because they are still talking about remove Assad from power in Syria.  Now Russia is involved, and soon, China.  How this situation progresses will be one of the more important issues to be monitored.  It is this situation that brings me to all the wonderful conspiracy theories that are floating around the internet.  So put your tin foil hats on and enjoy the entertainment of the top conspiracy theories of 2016.  Let’s hope they all remain theories!

thQVMZ1F5DLet’s start with Russia.  CT’s are claiming that Obama will do something incredibly stupid (always a real possibility) and poke the bear a little too hard, starting WWIII, and the first true nuclear conflict.  This theory has tentacles that branch out.  One, is that there will be only a few nuclear strikes, just enough to cause significant destruction to several major cities, tens of millions dead and ten times that injured.  This would lead to….the cancellation of elections!  The cancellation of the 2016 elections is a growing conspiracy, with numerous events that could lead to that.  I thought that the theory of nuclear war with Russia could be a possibility (even the slightest) so it was first.

Other events that involve nuclear issues, in no particular order.  ISIS terrorists set one off in a major city, at the behest of Obama, so he can cancel elections.  An EMP will strike, cause the entire electric grid to fail for a lengthy period of time, causing our nuclear power plants to melt down.  See the election thingy, LOL.  Massive earth quakes strike on the West Coast and along the New Madrid Fault.  This has some potential, leading to major damage, loss of life, major parts of the electric grid knocked out and nuclear power plants melting down.  See the election thingy, LOL.

Now for the non nuclear theories going around.  Martial Law!  That’s always a big one with the CT crowd, one that I debunk at every turn, mainly because it isn’t possible to enforce it nationally.  This would have to be a local event, with just cause.  Still, I just can’t envision what many are thinking.  Martial Law, will also lead to that election thingy, LOL.

thGJW76XI9MY favorite….Gun Confiscation!  To be clear, if the gun grabbers actually attempted anything close to gun confiscation, there would be a Revolution.  It isn’t worth worrying about, because only people who are suicidal would attempt such a thing.  In 2015, several things occurred that supports this.  In New York and Connecticut, laws went into effect requiring some form of gun registration, less than 5% of those that were expected to be effected obeyed the requirement, including many police officers and Sheriffs.  Cleveland Ohio also had mandatory registration, no one showed.  In Sunnyvale California, residents were ordered to turn in any gun magazine that could hold more than ten rounds.  They received ZERO magazines.  There were other events as well, but you get the gist.

The coming of Planet X (or whatever name they are calling it).  Supposedly this is going to happen at the end of March.  In April, I’m expecting to put this one to rest.  There are many more, like the Anti Christ, but for the most part, everything usually ends with that election thingy.  I think it’s safe to say that even conspiracy theorist’s don’t have any trust in our President.

So there is a short list of possible events that may occur in 2016.  I wouldn’t worry too much though, they are all just conspiracy theories.  You may now remove your tin foil hats!  Have a great New Year everyone.  May all of you stay healthy and prosper.  Peace and God Bless!thBFXAOZTS



  1. gmanfortruth says:


  2. Well……I have never seen Clemson play…..they sure looked awesome.

  3. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Actually I see Hillary getting charged and dropping out of the presidential race, leaving NO viable DNC candidate. Obama will test the XXII ammendment and run for a 3rd term.

    Sort of interesting the RNC folks attacking Bill. Makes sense. Hillary is useless but Bill’s memory is still strong. Regardless of him being a convicted felon he did know when to fold’em and when to run with a good idea regardless of the source. Subtle difference to Obama but critical. Obama always says he will accept any good idea, except in his view the Republicans have NO GOOD ideas. ergo automatically rejected out of hand
    Common sense may prevail on the climate change/AGW lie and those claiming others are deniers will finally accept that they are the deniers. But I can dream can’t I?…..in an email from the most serious climate change person I know and serious socialist…admitted that they are enjoying the mild winter so far. Their joints don’t ache as much and the snow has been absent. Just wait. ’67 had a set up of El Nino like 2015. Turned into a very nasty winter in the east.

  4. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyones new years wishes come true.

    Actually I want Charlie’s wish of Bernie beating Hillary comes true in the primaries. Then at least we’ll have a clear choice no matter how left the RNC goes. Bernie will be further left. And he is what he is and has never had to remake his image or presentation. The only foundation Hillary has is in her cosmetics.

  5. gmanfortruth says:

  6. gmanfortruth says:

    A big bomb went off last night, Alabama crushed Michigan State. Geez, at least Ohio State would have scored. Sorry Anita! I thought it would be close after watching the 1st quarter. Clemson versus Alabama should make for a great game.

  7. gmanfortruth says:

    The reason is simple. The pharmaceutical companies no longer dominate the spectrum of knowledge on vaccination. The gig is up. People are no longer fooled by the fraudulent studies funded by drug companies, the hidden CDC documents now exposed, the fabrications and plots by government on flu vaccines, and the lack of safety studies in almost any area of vaccination. Big Pharma now has statistical verification that vaccine exemptions rates are at all time highs while vaccine uptake is at all-time lows. They have the data and they’re desperately trying to reverse the trend.


    This will be an interesting subject to follow in 2016. I tend to believe that vaccinations are a personal issue. I don’t take any and haven’t for over two decades. Strangely (or maybe not) I haven’t had the flu since my last flu shot in 1988. This time period includes working in a hospital for 10 years. The key, for me at least, is a proper diet, plenty of beer and lot’s of onions. A strong immune system has many roads, I hope Ya’ll can find yours.

    • As of today unvaccinated kids are not allowed in CA schools. I too have not had the flu since ’79 when the Hong Cong variety went around. I got shots for a few years but stopped about 10 years ago. I rarely get sick and have not missed more than 2 consecutive days of work or school since ’79. From 4th through 12th grade I missed 5 days, 3 for funerals. I take about 4K units of Vit D3 in the winter to ward of colds and the flue.

  8. And one of the new laws in California……the gendarmes now have the right to “confiscate” firearms from anybody THEY consider a threat. So how will they know who owns a firearm? Through the other law that requires registration of all weapons now….even an air gun.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Not sure where your getting your info Sir, but I haven’t read one thing about California’s new law that requires registration. What I have read is that a family member can get a restraining order and the cops can seize guns for 21 days. Just another kneejerk law by the Democrats that will accomplish NOTHING!

      • Yes, there is no due process. I saw an interview on the news with a California Sheriff that says they were briefed on the new laws as it pertained to weaponry. According to this Sheriff…they have the ability to classify and add any weapon to the lists they want without due process…..they can conduct warrantless searches on any information “they deem pertinent”….He further said that the law isnot written that way but the intent is that way and that is what they are told to do…..execute the intent of the law.

        He also said that all weapons that shoot projectiles or have the potential of shooting….including bb guns, air rifles, etc. He said that the toy manufacturers and the toy stores are supposed to keep all records of the purchases of said “toy weapons”…..this is what I heard on the news….and it was not Fox.

        In this same broadcast, it was said that New York has also passed an ordinance banning the sale of any replica or toy pistol or toy rifle…and that toy stores and shops cannot even stock them or allow the placing of orders over the internet.

        Just passing on what I heard….and I was sober because I do not drink.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Happy New year to you and yours Colonel! You stated ” He said that the toy manufacturers and the toy stores are supposed to keep all records of the purchases of said “toy weapons”…..this is what I heard on the news….”

          I totally believe you on this. Now, for Californian’s, do they ever ask WHY such a stupid requirement of keeping paperwork on toy guns is needed? What purpose is there in making companies do the paperwork and keep it? Answer….Progressive tyranny. make people DO, even without cause so they get used to OBEYING the government.

        • NYC has had this for some time. Kiddies can play with space guns but not the matched pair of Colt replicas in the double rig I had as a kid. Surprising I was not shot by my locval cops as an eight year old, did not even have orange tips.

          Jersey requires a Firearms ID to buy BB guns and the pellet guns too.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Add: They will abuse it, because there is no ‘Due Process”. I fully expect abuse and I will post the stories as they come out. I feel bad for T-Ray.

  9. Neither of my picks won their respective games last night……I hope that Clemson can hang on and win. Kind of like the New York Yankees baseball club….I always root for anyone over the yankees……so be it over the SEC.

    • Why? Nothing more American than the SEC and mom’s apple pie, although we dropped a couple of notches when we let A&M join.

  10. Oh NO>………I just went out for a little while and guess what I saw…………………….open carry started today…………………………and I saw………………………..nothing.

    • Time to panic. The world is coming to an end.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Dang, the Progressives were expecting the rebirth of the Wild West! Nice to see Texas catching up a bit, but still has a LONG way to go.

      • Actually no….we do not have a long way to go….we do everything anyway…..we are just quiet about it. Down here, because of the distances, long rifles and shotguns were never regulated. We can carry long rifles and shotguns anywhere we want to including a State Bank or Credit Union is we so desire, It woud be stupid to do so but we are not outlawed from it. We always had the ability to carry “6 guns” in a Western tied down holster….they were never banned but all other hand guns were required to have a conceal carry license. To wear a western side arm in a tied down holster, 5 or 6 shot….no permit is required.

        But, there were no throngs of people brandishing weaponry anywhere that I saw…not even me. I will still carry concealed for now…..the summer time will be different because it is hard to conceal a weapon in shorts and t shirt.

  11. Happy New Year SUFA! Last year of O administration. Hang on, his fundamental transformation phase will be fast and furious (pun intended).

  12. gmanfortruth says:

    The first family’s Christmas vacation to Hawaii two years ago cost over $8 million, giving an indication of the price of their current 17-day winter break, according to federal documents provided to the taxpayer watchdog group Judicial Watch.

    Added up, their seven vacations to the island could total over $50 million, and he still has one more likely as president at the end of next year.

    From Judicial Watch:

    Judicial Watch announced today that it recently received expense records from the Department of Homeland Security revealing that Secret Service expenses for the Obama family vacation to Honolulu during December 2013-January 2014 cost taxpayers at least $316,698.03. These new expenses bring the total for the Hawaii Christmas vacation trip to $8,098,060.33. The Secret Service waited nearly two years to produce the requested numbers to Judicial Watch.

    The heavily redacted records were obtained on December 28 in response to a January 6, 2014, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. According to the records:

    — $91,751.78 in car rental expenses were paid.

    — $224,974.05 in accommodation expenses were paid to Cabana Girl, LLC and Paradise Luxury Rentals.

    The documents are heavily redacted and the Secret Service is withholding 28 pages in their entirety.

    Saying he was “eager to skip town” Obama took his family to Honolulu on December 20, 2013, for a 17-day Christmas vacation. As reported by The Washington Post.

  13. gmanfortruth says:

    Just after one college killing spree, Gov. Moonbeam ensures that all California college campus’s are now killing fields for terrorist’s and the insane. Way to go California! I’m SO glad I don’t live there: http://lastresistance.com/15509/california-bans-campus-carry-extends-gun-confiscation-powers-in-same-day/

  14. gmanfortruth says:

    This little gem brings forth the conspiracy theorist in me: http://lastresistance.com/15506/senator-rand-paul-appalled-by-nsa-surveillance-of-congress-members/

    What usually leads up to a full government takeover by a dictator? Oh Yea, let’s spy on my political enemies so we know who goes to the gallows after the takeover is complete. I actually think that Obama could outright seize power. I wonder how that would be received by the people? Any thoughts?

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Just think back in history, SK’s world. The leaders of the french revolution later lost their heads. The Brown shirts in Nazi Germany who were instrumental to Hitlers rise also were targeted and exterminated. Same thing in Nicaraugua. To a great degree also in Russia after the revolution. What Lenin and Stalin had in mind was NOT what many of the facilitators of the revolution had in mind, They went into a hole also because they would challenge the dictatorship and false revolution of the people and had the means to do it. When they disappeared or were assasinated publicly the “people” were cowed inro submission,

      One thing I truly believe is that the Germanic peoples including the Jews fully supported Hitler and his socialism and restoring pride into the nation. My friends mother wrote in her diary,…yeah we heard his words, but that is just talk. Nobody can be that demonic. Some of the family escaped, most did not. The survivors are the most socialistic people I know. Even those that went east into the USSR lived entirely in Russia until they could travel after it collapsed….they just did not believe it could happen to them….but they believed in socialism.

      Interesting thought. What if Hitler had not targeted the Jews? What if they had supported Hitler and his socialism and progressive ideas and got bombed into oblivion also. They fought in WWI just as fiercely as any other German and Austrian did. What would our world be like today, especially in the M/E….some of the most major supporters of the Russian revolution were Jews. They were the “intellectuals”….therefore after the revolution, they had to go because they’d recognize the lie first and would lead the counter revolution.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I have found that there are people who blame Jews for all the worlds ills. Many also say the Holocaust was a hoax, despite all the videos and pictures. I still don’t understand this hatred, it’s as old as being called a racist….for being white.

        • I had some extensive talks with a co-worker, an Orthodox Jew, child of Holocaust survivors on this very subject. he is more conservative than I. His position and that of the folks in his congregation who are like minded is that the Jews are liberal because they believe everywhere they have settled they’ve been outsiders and subject to persecution at a moments notice. Just think pogrom or Inquisition or a thousand smaller events in their history. By being liberal by taking the side of the underdog, (our civil rights movement) they feel they have liberalized the society. The thinking is that eventually the society will be so liberal as to be all encompassing, all welcoming.

          My friend thinks this is bull. All you need to look out is Germany, the most Socialistic of European Powers from the time of Bismark or look at Austria, the most diverse country/empire that ever existed. Both jumped at the chance to round up the Jews and do them in. Or, you could look at current relations in the US between Blacks and Jews. Not pretty even after all the Jews have done.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Heck in Austria even in the late 1800’s being a protestant was a prosecutable offense. Part of my family came from a town in Austria, and that town’s website says that, and it was 1906 when the 1st protestant churches cornerstone was layed.

      • Ahh the old issue. Think of the resources devoted to rounding up, guarding the Jews, executing the Jews, hiding the slaughter. Then add a couple hundred thousand more troops to the invasion of Russia. Think it might have made a difference?

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Not just troops…..the story of “Shindler’s List” This is all hypothetical, but it became known that the “slave” labor making the munitions and weapons in Germany did not do so with all their heart and patriotic furvor” lots of explainable failures occured. What if that intellectually energy had been turned into the war effort. Lots of brilliant scientists. Things just may have been different……but they would have received the bomb not Hiroshima. Then we wouldn’t be subjected to the cries of racism.

          We are taking all the historical salvage out of an city shed and just taking it somewhere. If it is not gone by Monday AM the salvage along with the building will be bulldozed and burned. The guy who sort of oversees the preservation society is Hungarian by ancestry. Somehow or another a conversation got around to the Islamic “migrants” into Europe. You talk about someone getting hot. He currently is pissed at the Germans and Merkels deals and then them blasting the Hungarians for sealing their borders. Totally forgeting that way back when the Turks invaded up through the Balkans, NOT THE LAST TIME, in the late 1600’s, The Germans and Austrians struck a deal that if they’d stop….keep Hungary. 2/3’ds of the Hungarians were exterminated by the moslem’s for NOT SUBMITTING to Islam. Almost all churches and any vestige of Christianity was razed. Archeologist are now digging up the foundations etc. He said that his family at least survived. The feelings in the Balkans run deep. So to have the German’s again sell them out will not bode well…….My bet….you’ll see the eastern bloc realign with Russia and not with the EU in time….sooner than later. Forget gas and economics. This is a good old patriotic move.

          He used to own a software developement company in California. We started discussing the productivity issue and offshoring. He is a young guy, so he is not just some old stuff like some of us here. He’d worked all over the world in the latest and greatest….His comments made me and SK look like liberals. His opinion of the new way of doing things are exactly what I was saying. So driven by finance. He said that the finance guys like to see new stuff on the screen every week. Looks like something is being done. Hackers rule, Good software developement the designers think and plan for 2/3’s of the project, so those guys get shoved aside resulting an a piece of shit software, that result in a collapse at the lightest change, I’ve been seeing this happen for 30 years. he said, why o you think I’m happy out of the business and working on old houses. The current thinking is BS and the powers way above our pay grade are driving it.

          • Jan Sobieski! When the Poles saved Europe. Everybody knows Charles Martel, Don Juan of Austria and El Cid. Few know how the Poles saved the West! Typical, so damn typical.


            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              The agreement that sacrificed Hungary, the guy talked about was on a previous invasion in 1525, What you noted as we have before was in the late 1600’s. In our discussions about the Crusades.

              The duplicity was incredible. In Sicily back when the Saracens came in. It was by invitation from a byzantine governor who got on the emperors wrong side. He invited the Muslims in for a guarenteed place of refuge. They barely got settled in after 100 years of the Sicilians objecting, when the Normans came and started the process of removal. Took close to a century to eliminate the muslims foothold.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Today, our world feels that we are so advanced beyond times past. All that changed are the tools and speed of communication. Human character has not changed……By end of 2015 Germany will have accepted 1M muslims. Angela Merkel named “person of the year”….correct me if I am wrong, but just a few years ago Merkel said the “EXPERIMENT” is over on expecting the Muslims to assimulate into German society. But today I was reading that the government looks forward to a booming hotel industry due to the low level immigrants…cleaning toilets and making beds. The Germans are to old.

  15. I also just saw something very interesting….wish I saved it. I read that of themass killings in the US….all but 2 of them were in weapons free zones. This same report said that every single mass killing in Europe…every single one….were in gun free zones. I would research this furhter but really do not care…..just thought I would pass it on.

  16. Oh……HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL………………………………………..

    Question for all you conspiracy theorists……………….Since the federal courts have ruled that voter ID is invalid and Texas does it anyway ( as we already have ) is it possible that the Federal Government can say that Texas primaries and Presidential election votes and electoral college votes are null and void?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      That would be a stretch. Since the Texas votes would be considered more legitimate than States without an ID requirement, I couldn’t see this even being considered. Let’s see if there even votes to worry about.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        In NC they passed a law also requiring a valid ID to vote. The only people bitching are the Feds and the administration. Every effort has been made to make available a FREE id. Much less as we many times have noted here on SUFA. Try going into a bank, social security, welfare, VA you name it…..an ID is required and maybe multiple ones. You can get an ID in locations that are actually nearer than most voting places.

  17. gmanfortruth says:
  18. gmanfortruth says:

    This past years “war on cops” (everything is a damn war these days) may have had an effect on all cops, even those in low crime areas. A local newspaper (a county over) is reporting that revenue’s from tickets and fines are down 40+% for the year. Is all the talk and internal warnings taking a toll on the police everywhere? I would guess that most don’t even realize that it has affected them, but the collective actions show otherwise.

    What’s next? Obama’s executive orders on guns, of course. ALL the MSM is talking about it like somehow the President has some special new authority that doesn’t show up in the Constitution. While his EO’s aren’t likely going to affect me in any way, if there is any change to a law, or even an addition to a law, his EO’s have no power of law. Granted, Obama can order Federal agencies to stop upholding laws, like immigration, or give special attention to other laws (like gun smuggling, LOL), he still has ZERO authority on the average citizen who today are following current law. I would expect that any EO that does change a law would be quickly be challenged in court.

    But does challenging them in court work when the courts agree? The current court orders halting Obama’s EO’s on immigration appear to be getting ignored. Maybe someone more up to date on that subject could chime in 🙂

  19. gmanfortruth says:
  20. Just A Citizen says:

    First they came for the Insurance companies and I thought that was good.

    Then they came for the Hospital corporations and medical groups, I figured that might be OK.

    Then they came for the Doctors…………….there is no longer anyone to stand with me.


    Note one of the comments which admits to the strategy required to get their end goal……..Govt. provided SINGLE PAYER health care. The moron still does not understand that health care is not the same as “insurance” or “who pays”. They simply do not grasp the reality that if prices are forced below market the supply of true health care shrinks.

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    Some people can really, really, write. I am jealous of this skill when I see it.

    Oh…….. the point of the article is also important. Ammo for your use with friends and family who loath their whiteness.


  22. Don’t worry JAC…….I will not gloat. No sir…..not me………………………………………..fear the Frog !!!!

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Gloat all you want. We are FROG fans in this house. Well at least when they are not playing our real favorites. If the PAC 12 has to lose one that is one I can stand. Especially since Oregon got what has been coming to them. Can’t keep winning when you play like you think other teams will just fold because of your fancy uniforms.

      Only big downside was the Oregon QB. Was hoping he finished with a big game. At least he showed he could play with the big boys.

      • Oh…I stand corrected !!! I thought that you were avid PAC 12 and Oregon Ducks…..my apologies, sir. The pundits, this morning, lamenting on how great the SEC is compared to the rest of the college divisions….saying that the worst SEC team is better than any other conference champion…..also, how they need to expand the college playoff system to 8 teams so that more SEC teams can get in and make football enjoyable to watch again.

        They were all over TCU saying that it is not what they did but what Oregon did not do….both playing with backup quarterbacks and that any coach that would suspend a senior Heisman finalist just because he broke curfew and hit a cop needs to be suspended himself. You do not take your senior quarterback and suspend him from the last major game of the season……

        Perhaps these eastern seaboard pundits need a little lesson in integrity…..? Nah……they wouldn’t know what it is.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          I am a PAC 12 fan but there are select teams I am OK with winning against the PAC 12. So I guess you might say a fan but not AVID. Those are usually in NOT SEC or ACC.

          I became a quasi FROG fan when they were in the league with Boise St. And part of that was how their coach handled his teams. Much like Petersen of Boise St. As you said, those “easterners” have no HONOR, hence the comments you heard.

          I have some heartburn with the Oregon program so I am a bit fickle regarding support for them. When it comes to the WSU COUGARS there is no hesitation, however.

          Related aside. I think Oregon’s success the past few years hurt the PAC 12 as a conference. Too many teams had to gear up to the Oregon style to compete for the conference title. This doesn’t match up well with other types of teams. See Arizona States inability to stop West Virginia last night. Stanford has been the exception and note, they have won 3 of the last 4 PAC 12 championships. Washington, under Petersen, is building a team more like Stanford, and USC. So maybe the PAC 12 will soon become someone the SEC does not want to play in the regular season.

  23. gmanfortruth says:

    Nothing like starting the new year with another standoff involving the BLM and ranchers, this time in Oregon. Here’s the background of this mess and where it has led too…the (illegal) occupation of a Federal building. https://www.superstation95.com/index.php/world/723

    I’m not informed enough to pick sides just yet, but have read in the past that these militia folks weren’t wanted in the community or by the Hammond family. At least that’s what I had read some time ago, things may have changed, or maybe the anti-militia stories were just planted propaganda to take away support. Regardless, taking over some far away Federal building isn’t likely to accomplish much of anything, except another Waco/Ruby Ridge event. As long as cameras can be kept away, there is nothing stopping the Feds from bombing this facility into oblivion and then making up another story that claims it isn’t their fault. I doubt there would be concern about the building itself, since they didn’t pay for it and can just build another one. What’s 150 lives to the Feds anyway, especially since they are challenging their authority. In this case, at least for now, I think these militia folks made an error in judgment. I’ll keep an eye on this and see how things proceed.

    JAC, this is sort of your neck of the woods. What is the story you folks are getting?

    • gmanfortruth says:


      But Cliven Bundy said he’s not worried about an armed standoff between law enforcement and his supporters. “I’m quite concerned of them going up there into the cold weather, and facing the elements,” Bundy said. “If the Hammonds won’t stand up for their rights…if the sheriff and the county commissioners won’t stand up for their rights…the people who are there as protesters, as patriots, they do not have anybody to fight.”

      Some more on the issue. I’m sure many of your have read comments from the keyboard Kommando’s out there who have called for a revolution and other such stuff. While one may come one day, it surely isn’t the time yet, maybe not even in our lifetimes. One of the things I like to tell these KK’s is that unless the revolutionaries can maintain the moral high ground, they have little chance at success. As long as the majority of people are against the oppressive government, success has a chance, without it, it’s a lost battle before it has even begun.

      With that said, the media covered the Bundy Ranch standoff pretty well, led by the alternative media who had live feeds from the event. The militia held the moral high ground and the BLM made a wise choice, live the oppress another day. I’m not seeing the same here with the Hammond’s. At least not yet. I have heard zero on the MSM. The alternative media could possibly blow the story up, maybe just enough to save some lives out there. This is ongoing so much can change. These are interesting times we live in folks. It may only take ONE crazy event to spark the next revolution, could that spark go off in Oregon?

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Let’s not forget that these militia folk are white Christian Male 2nd Amendment supporting oppressive government hating extremist’s. These are those the left claims are the biggest problem in this country. I’m sure Obama would love nothing less than to set an example.

      • It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds. Cliven Bundy has it right, if the Hammond’s, the Sheriff, the commissioners, etc won’t stand up for their rights then it is a moot point. All the Feds have to do is ignore the militia. Let them camp out in this building over the winter. They will get cold, hungry, homesick, etc. If the oppressed people don’t mind being oppressed and don’t want to stand up for themselves then what can anyone do to help them?

        As an after thought…If they were black and this was in Baltimore…well we all KNOW what would happen.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Good points. But it has been reported that there has been some Federal prosecutor intimidation, which may be at work here. I guess the whole story will come out in due time.

        • If they were black in Baltimore, they would be fed with foods stamps, given heat for the winter, new clothing on EBT cards, cell phones, Tv’s, and cars to drive for their protest.

      • Ranching and farming is such a small part of our economy now especially people wise, that rural issues will not be the spark that ignites a revolt. The urbanites do not understand rural life and the rugged individualism and love of freedom that goes with it. From the information given, if complete, this case is clearly a miscarriage of justice brought about by a tyrannical government backed by overzealous environmentalists. There are so many things wrong here, selective prosecution, overcharging, too severe of punishment, and double jeopardy.

        Thanks gman for posting.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          There is quite a lot wrong with this whole situation. It all begins with an oppressive Federal government. Then the resentencing, AFTER they had already served their time is just plain wrong, in my opinion. The law may say something else. To prosecute using the terrorism laws, if true, is also wrong. Now as far as these militia folks, there are some possible bad guys in this outfit too. It will be fortunate if there is no deaths involved, but something tells me we will have the next WACO/Ruby Ridge incident. There need to be cameras watching this 24/7.

    • Well, lets us all follow how the media handles this. First thing that came to mind was the “occupy” protesters on Wall Street who were allowed to camp out for months with a very strong cheering section among media types. Wanna bet these folks get similar coverage?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      They have occupied the wrong place. They should have gone after the Prosecutors office.

      I tried to tell you before that the Bundy’s are not real popular among the Rural Ranching families of the Intermountain region. The Hammonds are more popular but there are some details missing from all the stories.

      Otherwise why would a jury of their peers have found them guilty of ARSON. The revisiting the case by piling on charges seems completely UNJUST to me. But it is not getting any traction as a major issue. So again there seems to be something missing.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        There is a lot that needs to be learned from this situation. I think the Constitution should be looked at more carefully as to what the Fed’s are entitled to own within the several States, because something seems to be amiss. At this point I am in agreement with you, they took the wrong building hostage, LOL, not sure taking a building hostage was all that smart anyway. Be interesting to see how this goes forward.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Occupying a building makes sense if you want and can get MEDIA attention to address a grievance.

          There are two problems so far. They should have taken the BLM regional building or a Dept of Interior or a Federal Prosecutors office.

          The other problem is Bundy calling for “militia” and “patriots” to rally around this isolated outpost. Bundy and the militia are viewed as “terrorists” on the left and among many in the media. So they are the wrong people to take the action.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            Yes, that is the opinion of the respectable militia outfits as well. Hence, I’m leaning towards this being a government run false flag, IF, and a big IF, the MSM gets involved and start demonizing everyone the Left don’t like. Short of that, I think a mistake was made by the young Bundy. I think my latest update confirms this, below.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              What a crock of crap. Govt run false flag????????? Really????????

              So the inept Govt that cannot find its way out of a paper sack can conspire to run an elaborate false flag operation using the sons of Clivan Bundy.

              Why do you post such idiocy as your own??

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Maybe you should read some of the other posts to see where this line of thinking came from and how it came to be before being a condescending Jackoff. You probably wouldn’t make such a fool of yourself in the future.

  24. gmanfortruth says:
    • There are several alternative news sites that I frequent and also read the comments posted. You know what is baffling to me? There are several people that comment on Putin being the ‘Good Guy’. Really? While he is FAR from being a ‘Good Guy’ I do believe that a strong alliance could have been forged between the USA and Russia. We all have a lot in common, including some common enemies. A strong alliance would have benefited the Russian people and the American people. Maybe that’s the problem? Our respective governments don’t want their people to benefit. They both want us oppressed, poor, and uninformed.

      • I do not know how you can disagree with this statement endorsed by Putin.

        The document says that the United States and the EU have supported an “anti-constitutional coup d’etat in Ukraine”, which led to a deep divide in Ukrainian society and a military conflict.

        I would not blame the Russkies for any of this. Watch the talking heads on Fox especially the ex-military. These guys really miss the cold war. Cannot figure that one out at all.

        I think post Soviet Russia should have been seen every bit the victim that Eastern Europe was. Nobody ever put that government in power. US and allies should have acted accordingly.

        • Sarcasm?

          • You are an old cold warrior. I do not hold it against you. One of my absolutely favorite guests on Fox, Lt Col Ralph Peters thinks much like you. He is always running down Putin.

            I was a pretty staunch Cold Warrior myself but I also read a hell of a lot of history. As I said above, the Communist system was imposed on Russia. Unlike Nazi Germany, they never had the opportunity to vote NO. The USSR was like a giant Nicaragua under Somoza or Haiti under Duvalier. They have absolutely zip, nothing, nada experience with anything resembling democracy. Russia will be a work in progress for a long time.

            Instead of acknowledging this (you would think all those Policy wonks at State would have figured this out) we decide to let them drift after the collapse. Big mistake. A smart State Department would have dusted off George C. Marshall’s playbook and acted accordingly. But what can you expect from assholes who fired the entire Iraqi Army and civil service post invasion and created the problems we face now?

            And, we are just as friggen responsible for the deposing of the elected government in Ukraine as we were for Diem in Viet-nam with similar chaotic results.

            Another thing. It was more or less accepted that the German Government was going to be the big winner after the coup in Kiev. Colonel, you know a whole lot. If you were in Moscow, in the Kremlin, and a military man what would you think of Germany having the upper hand in Ukraine?

            There were some awfully spirited debates last year at Command and Staff College when my son was attending. Many of the “foreign” students came from former Soviet Republics. Almost to a man, they backed Russia after the coup. These are young officers, mid thirties who were not in the Soviet Army yet they recognize Russia’s interests. As a Russian Colonel, would you really want to turn over Crimea to Germany and lose your warm water fleet? Nah!

            • Probably not……and I would think otherwise except for the fact of Putin….who is a cold warrior himself from the Old Style KGB era……my mistrust still goes that way, I guess. I do not think a leopard can change his stripes…..I do believe that he is a wolf in sheeps clothing……let me ask you this. If he moves on the entire Ukraine before the end of the Obama administration. do YOU honestly think he stops there?

              I think he is moving too slow…..were I there, I would have moved, already, into the Ukraine…then I would take Moldova, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Leave the rest alone….and no one,,,,,,,,no one……..not NATO, not the US, Not Europe, not the UN, and not China…….would stop him or say or do anything. Then I would use my economic power of gas and oil and shut the spigot to the rest of Europe should they say or do anything.

              In the meantime, as an old KGB Colonel, I would have captured the entire breadbasket of Ukraine….then I would also have deposits of lignite, phosphorite, and gypsum from Moldova, along with the rest of that region covered in chernozem, an exceptionally fertile type of soil that is ideal for agriculture. Russia loses most of its crops every year so they need something else. Then I would have Belarus rich in strategically important resources that include potash and rock salts, oil, peat, construction materials and raw materials for their production, underground fresh and mineral water. Again, Russia runs short of peat and potash. Top it off with Lithuania which has a coastal shelf that offers 10 Mbbl of oil deposits, and the southeast provides high yields of iron ore and granite. ( George Soros has already approached the Russians for deveopment of off shore oil ). throw in Latvia for the ports of Liepāja and Ventspils which are strategic warm-water harbors for the Baltic coast. Andfinally, Estonia……..very rich in unproduced shale oil and the US has develped the way to extract shale oil to which, in a one sided trade agreement, went to Russia’s oil ministery in exchange for the Iranian Nuke Deal…..

              So, no……I luv ya man……but I do not trust nor like this man nor his motives. However…..there is nothing I can do about it. And I think with every ounce..Putin wants to be the world’s hegemonic power….he can do it…..but he is moving too slow. Of course, I am sure that he is awaiting his time because if Hillary Clinton gets the office…..he can do so then. He wants the old USSR back with the exception of southeastern Europe that they once had. He does not need the Muslim problem that exists.

              • As to the Command and Staff College, it has been sometime since I was there, but unfortunately, I hear it is also becoming very political…..when I attended, it was a war college personified…..now I am not so sure….but I am an old guy.

              • CSC was somewhat PC according to Stephen he had a unique position in that he was sent there as a civilian by the VA his employer.He went in a Jacket and tie every day despite his Reserve rank of Major. It also gave him the ability to “shoot his mouth off”: which he is exceptionally good at doing. Don’t know if you know or have read Andrew Bacevich retired Army Colonel (our generation) and generally smart guy. Stephen was an acolyte. Bacevich is a lot like a very, very smart Hackworth who rails against orthodoxy.

                I think you wrong on “taking” the Ukraine but time will tell. If he makes the move, then I will apologize, profusely and state “been fooled again!” loudly. Russia has no real need of it . You read Mahan on the “heartland” I see. Always fascinated me. You can dominate without conquering.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                That is precisely why I believe the States you just mentioned will abandon the EU and go with Russia. As long as Russia does not revert to the “old” communist methodolgy. The Muslim problem runs deep and with the actions of the dominant members of the EU, against the wishes of those states…..they’ll leave. The EU will not protect them and get pissy when those nations take matters into their own hands “ala” Tejas….Sicily even 10 years ago was begging the EU for support “against” the EU’s open border policy. Their economy was so fragile anyway, and to have a flood of people who are totally opposite in culture and work for nothing. It will explode like a pressure cooker because the unelected officials of the EU has disabled the safety valve.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                If I was Putin, I’d move a bit quicker. If Hillary makes it into office, she just might do something really stupid, which she has a track record of doing, just to show how tough she is. Whereas Obama is a known entity.

        • I’m not disagreeing with his statement, from his point of view. My point is that I can’t believe how many people out there are calling him a ‘good guy’. And, on second thought, maybe he is a good guy…as far as murderous tyrants go. 😉

  25. gmanfortruth says:


    What I’m hearing about the Oregon militia issue. There were several groups of militia represented in the protest, including the Idaho Three Percenters. The small faction that have taken over the Federal building are NOT any of them. These few people, Ammond Bundy and Blaine Cooper, too name a few, did not work with, organize with or operate with the various militia’s represented. Most were there to “support what the community wanted”, not take over or cause problems. With this said, the are members speaking out, including Three Percenters who are against the actions taken by Bundy and Cooper, and some are even beginning to think that these guys are actually working for the Fed’s in some way.

    Why this and why now? Great question. Why is Bundy in Oregon? A deal maker to keep Daddy out of the BLM crosshairs in the future? The false flag idea makes far more sense than taking over a building in the middle of nowhere, where they can be surrounded and waited out, with no need for violence. This has been my question about this event since it occurred yesterday. We all know that the administration has a hard on for guns, white people, Christians, veteran’s, and anyone associated with organizations deemed anti-government (or even small government). This also coincides with Obama’s upcoming EO’s on guns.

    None of the other militia folks were aware of the plan to take over the Federal building, so I have heard. I’m starting to feel that this is a set up to demonize militia’s and anyone who supports the 2nd Amendment, including veteran’s. The writing has been on the wall for an event like this too occur. I will add any further info as it comes available. Many of us a smelling a government operation, much like all the patsy terrorist’s the Fed’s have set up in the past. Let’s see how this plays out going forward and watch closely how the MSM plays it. They are not involved as of this morning, expect that to change quickly.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Comment from another site: Absolutely, everyone is overthinking this Oregon thing. The government has been killing we the people for way too long and if this is indeed a trap set by the gov then what does that say about them? I live out west and I have dealt with these BLM and Forest Service agents and they are a bunch of Nazi.. Period.

  26. Dale A Albrecht says:
  27. Dale….exactly…..it can be done without firing a shot…….I am surprised he is taking so long…..the “old communist” ways will not return but Putin is a KGB Colonel and he can have the power and influence in the same manner……he is crafty, I will give him that….but his stated public opinion about 4 years ago was that the Old Soviet Union had it right with the exception of the Muslim States of the South East,,,,,,the old guard will return….and if I am wrong……well, JAC will bail me out.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      That sound you hear is me chuckling. We may both need to be bailed out.

      Now lets play geopolitical chess……….. If the master has not struck, when we think he would succeed, then perhaps one of two things are unseen to us. One, his position is weaker than we think. Two, his goals are not what we think, yet.

      • I vote # 2. Only because in my own devious mind, I might just do the same things with the same provocations. Note, I said provocations. Missiles on my border. For what purpose? Germans in my bread basket! Let’s not forget that Georgia thing either where we encouraged the folks to stand up to the bear, actually poke him in the eye then ran away..

        Gentlemen, think back to the collapse of the USSR. I remember being shocked at the time. The little I knew of Russian history made me wonder about the precipitous surrender of parts of “historic” Russia not to mention the huge Russian ethnic minorities that Stalin had placed in the republics in a bid to “Russify” them.

        So, like any other poorly thought out plan, this one is coming back to haunt everyone. The guy everyone should be listening to is Gorbachev. He was pretty happy here in the US but returned to Russia, why? I am fairly sure, based on his public statements like, “While Crimea had previously been joined to Ukraine [in 1954] based on the Soviet laws, which means [Communist] party laws, without asking the people, now the people themselves have decided to correct that mistake.” say a lot. He is critical of Putin and thinks democracy is backsliding but that leads to the question WHY? It is always WHY? The WHY? question is everything. It leads to the WHAT IF? question. WHAT IF the West laid off Russia and stopped pressuring her?. WHAT IF they told the old bloc countries, “Sorry, too soon, not yet on NATO.” WHAT IF NATO had been disbanded in the early ’90’s since it’s stated goal had been accomplished! Failure to disband or move in that direction gave the Kremlin paranoids something to hang their ushanka’s on.

        Now, let’s talk Serbia. Being that WW 1 is my thing, did not the Austrian ultimatum to Serbia kick off WW 1 with the Russian move to defend them? When the US decided under the Rapist in Chief to get involved and punish the nasty old Serbs for re-igniting the 1,000 year old war with the Muslims (actually was just in time out) , I seem to remember Russia being angry and…..impotent. Another US and NATO insult to a helpless giant. Well she’s not so helpless anymore.

        Unless the next US president starts dealing with Russia as major power, there is going to be trouble aplenty. If they wanted, they could have had all Georgia, probably at least half the Ukraine by now with no more consequence than they are dealing with. Hell maybe even the Baltics they have certainly given them provocation enough.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sir…..this just my theory. Lets 1st just take a page from your stories about “just following orders” on witnessing atrocities and ordered to not intercede. Please do not take offense. The same can be said of Putin, as a senior KGB officer, they also owe their positions to the political leaders……here is an expansion of my geopolitical theory on that region. The old eastern bloc countries are very religious. Even the Russians retained a deep religious feeling inspite of Stalin’s efforts. The western churches are failing because the State has supplanted their use. They also are placating the Muslims. When I was in he UK in 2001 the Imam’s were preaching that they won’t rest until a cresent replaces a cross on St Paul’s in London. If Putin is smart, cagey, politically savy, he’ll encourage the Russian Orthodox church to become the bastion of Christianity in Europe. Defender of the faith so to speak. The majority of western europeans leaders are so into themselves and PC are encouraging the immigration to handle the labor due to the aging population. The people I’ve dealt with in Europe DO NOT want this cultural opposite immigration. But they have been silenced by arrests and criminal convictions for “hate speech” Even Bridget Bardot. Short sighted policy at best to their peril. Russia is nationalistic and to put it bluntly racist. But is that bad. The forced mingling of different cultures and peoples will not and does not turn out well. “birds of a feather flock together” the same fish school together. Any predator within the school, or flock is not tolerated. Defensive action is taken. A creature that poses no threat is fully accepted. Islam is a predator in a flock of sheep and the western governments have muzzled the guard dogs. Here’s when the old euphonism of “wolf in sheeps clothes” comes to mind.

      • Yup! Nicely one. I always wonder where those “democratic” leaders were supposed to come from in the USSR. Seems that most might have been disappeared over the years. Leaving exactly who to take charge in the power vacuum?

        • I take no offense, sir…..if you analyze me correctly……we have said basically the same thing….the only place we differ is in Putin’s approach….He learned the old way did not work…strong out of the gate…dead on the finish…..He does not want southeastern Euro block again…..but he needs the Ukraine and Belarus intact….and soon. The other chess pieces are ethnic Russians anyway. He needs a bigger bread basket because even if they have high grain yields in Russia……they cannot get the stuff to market. Russia is starving as we speak. They have more oil but can’t drink it….he has to trade for food but europe has a problem…..they barely have enough to feed themselves.

          Putin is smart enough to know that he does not want to deal with the Muslims, hence he does not want the old Soviet bloc…..but he will purge them from Russia …..just watch. It will be done quietly and efficiently.

          • By the way, we can close all the American bases in Europe and we can pull all of the missiles out of Europe…..we can disband NATO…..that will change nothing in Russia.

            • No, not anymore, but it might have 15 years ago.

              Think for a moment about Trump. Why is he getting all this traction? Mostly because O’Bama is considered to be little girl weak on EVERYTHING except violating the Constitution like a petulant three year old. Then, ask yourself where Putin came from? same story different time, different country. It also explains Reagan.

              Gorbachev folded like a cheap suit. Served his purpose but folded way too fast with no thought to the next phase. I mean, if you went to Ukraine back in the early nineties and said independence but we take BACK the Crimea, the fact the USSR gave it to you was a fiction anyway. What do you think they would have said? Pretty sure they would have gone for the deal and not taken door # 2.

              Yeltsin, the drunk. A joke on Russia and a joke for the world. There were reasons to support him at the time but that wore off pretty quickly. Hate to keep using analogies but think weak, think incompetent, think Jiimmy Carter.

              Russia has a long memory. They are as Eastern as they are Western. Remember reading a book back in college that referred to them as a semi-oriental country and race. They do not respond like Luxembourg or Holland. This was the country that defeated the Wehrmacht at a cost beyond our calculating that has left the nation in depression to this day. No way in hell a proud Russian was going to boot lick some hooples like Clinton, Bush the younger and O’Bama. Reagan knew this. He proposed a partnership and would have been strong enough to pull it off. His successor went with the “experts” and caved on day one. We have been and will continue to pay for it.

              I know you studied counter insurgency, I am just a well read amateur. Even when you are dealing with the most primitive and backwards of people, you do not do it for them, do not look down your nose and you DO treat them as equal partners. Should not the US have done the same for the second most powerful nation on earth?

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            He will not make any moves on any predominantly muslim country like Albania etc unless it is to contain them. They are a pain in the A!!. Countries that are being sold out by Germany, and France, being forced to take people that are totally opposite and will never assimulate. They will not nor intend to. May just find it to be in their self interests to align with Putin instead of Merkel or Hollande.

            Food has been a perennial issue with Russia since collectivation. Not that the soil is bad, maybe now with pollutants, but pre-1917 Russia was an exporter if grain and food. Bad weather in what is now Russia really is not good for growing. They need Ukraine, back. The original motherland of Russia was in Ukraine, not centered in Moscow, but Kiev.

  28. gmanfortruth says:

    UPDATE! This is funny, but there is no update. There is no news coming out other than what is already known on the subject. There are a few videos from people who are continuing the CT mantra, but as of yet, there is no reason to believe anything, other than what has actually occurred. The whole idea of a conspiracy theory is reliant on the MSM being onboard, which so far hasn’t happened. As of now, it’s just about 15 people who have taken over a Federal building, not the 150 that was reported earlier.

    I’m curious to see if Obama will mention this event. He’s going to be talking with AG Lynch today to discuss being a dictator 🙂 err….I mean about what EO’s might stand up to legal scrutiny. His immigration stuff didn’t, which may be an early clue as to the Constitutionality of these new ones. 2016 is already an interesting year, the Miami Dolphins started the new year by beating the Patriots by 10. Brady was lucky he didn’t get hurt worse than he did, the O line is not very good.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Well, I didn’t expect the racist connotation, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Listen to the wording of this video report: http://conservativebyte.com/2016/01/armed-militiamen-seize-federal-building-vow-to-stay-as-long-as-it-takes-video/#

      Armed “white” militiamen…..really? Does their skin color actually matter? That’s not all. Now, it’s about the “way white militants are treated by the government and the media”? HUH? Those who took over the Federal building are criminals, nothing more. They don’t represent ANY of the legitimate militia’s anywhere in the country (and frankly, many are beginning to speak out against these actions). The whole takeover lacks logic. While I can understand the arguments over the control and administration of these lands, sitting in a building in the middle of nowhere, armed or not, isn’t the actions of a properly trained militia. Hence, why the story has been deemed a conspiracy theory by many. Now, as you can see and hear, the story is heading in that direction….WHITE militants! Perfect timing for Obama’s gun control EO’s.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      It has hit the MSM. FOX just had a short report. ABC is also covering it. FOX didn’t take sides, just reported and showed a very short interview with Bundy.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        OH WOW! Now the Sheriff is saying that these people wanted to overthrow the local government. That’s a new one, LMAO! And so the MSM reporting begins.

        • Everybody forgets how the loosening of voter registration laws led to universities taking over the government of small towns and cities. Jr. may not have a stake in the town his College is in but he can screw it up on election day. When this issue was raised at the time, it was pooh, poohed. “You are a resident of whereverthehellyousayyouare”, I believe.

          And people wonder where the open borders crowd came from!

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            ask Burlington, VT and electing an un-electable Bernie Sanders when the laws were changed……instead of an obscure footnote in history 35 years ago, of a “communist” running and losing year after year, we are now dealing with him running for president.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Here’s a good question. How many people, minimum, does it take before a group of people would be considered a militia?

  29. gmanfortruth says:

    Speaking of the NFL playoffs, The NFC looks very strong with Seattle, Carolina and Arizona all looking strong and Minnesota playing good as well. The Packers have been less than impressive. Washington could sneak up on one of the top three, but I’m not seeing it happening on the road. That should be a fun group of games coming up.

    On the AFC side, I’m not nearly as impressed. Denver, to me, is the team to beat. If Andy Dalton can come back, Cincy might make a run. Pittsburgh can score in bunches one week and get shut down the next. The Patriots are beat up and injuries look to be their biggest foe. The Chiefs could challenge Denver, they know each other well. The Texans, well, I would say the weakest team of the twelve with little or no chance to make it to the big game.

    So let’s have fun and predict the AFC and NFC title games:

    AFC: Denver versus Kansas City
    NFC: Carolina versus Arizona

    Enjoy the playoffs!

    • AFC: Denver v KC
      NFC: Seattle v Arizona

      Washington could surprise everyone. They’ve been on a roll but I don’t think they are for real. Houston is the team to watch, in my opinion. J.J. Watt is a game changer. Heck, there are some teams I think he could beat just by himself. 🙂

      And the conspiracy theorist in me says the powers that be may be paying to have Manning end his career with a Superbowl win. Ya know, like how they did with Ray Lewis. And with the Patriots in ’02.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Kirk Cousins has been helping me to win a few bucks in daily fantasy, very productive and playing very well. There defense isn’t that good, but stranger things have happened. As far as Manning, if he wins it, he will probably retire. Long way to go yet 🙂

  30. gmanfortruth says:
    • Well, let me add a few things……this article is only partially correct. Texas has pretty much stemmed the tide…and we have done it in a practical, although some will say inhuman, way. We created a corridor to channel the illegals through.

      Our border is so tight now, ( except for the cities of Brownsville, Mc Allen, Laredo, Eagle Pass, and El PAso ). We have effectively channeld over 90% of the illegal trade to a little town called Boquillas, Mx., located at the southeastern end of the Big Bend. Take a close look at the territory surrounding Boquilllas ( pronounce bo-KEY-us). Sierra del Carmen is a desert south of Boquillas…a massive expanse of no water and no food and temps that reach 120 degrees or as cold as 20 degrees. The town of Boquillas has a population of 500 people with no electricity, no water ( except the river ), no crops, no food, and no internet or phone service. The area north east of Boquillas is havily patrolled ranch land. The area North west of Boquillas is the Big Bend Park…if you choose to cross the border and go northe east..you will die…either from dehydration, starvation, snake bite, scorpion stings, or ranchers taking target practice. Your only pathway is through the Big Bend park that is also patrolled with some water access left intact so dehydrated illegals congregate there. Easy to pick them up.

      Then we take them northwest to a town called Ojinaga ( pronounced o-HEE-naga )….it sits across from Presidio, Texas..that is heavily patrolled. We turn them over to the Mexican authorities there. Even if a few get away in Presidio, TX….the next closest towns are Marfa and El PAso 85-110 miles away. In between is ranch land filled with ranchers armed to the max, snakes, scorpions, cattle, cholla cactus, etc. It is easy to find them then because they are usually out of water and food about 40 miles later and sit on the highways and wait for the patrols. It matters not if they are women, children, teenagers, or viejos ( elders )….they are rounded up and taken back to Ojinaga.

      So, the main cities, that are controlled by the Feds in immigration, is where the most activity is. The border town tourism is dead…no shops open any longer. Even spring break at South Padre Island is dwindling fast because of the amount of rapes and robberies created by the Mexicans on US soil. Our Federal agents do nothing and do not even prosecute the rapists of the spring breakers. IF the State prosecutes, the Feds intervene and let them go.

      Now, once outside the 3km zone……we ( Texas ) takes over. We stop every car, every truck, every train. We patrol with drones, small aircraft, horseback, ATV’s and the Texas State Guard. We use real bullets…no tasers, no rubber bullets, no bean bags. If you cannot prove legal status, you do not have the right to an attorney. You are immediately taken into custody, and bussed to Ojinaga. Even if we catch you one mile outside of the exclusionary zone near Brownsville….we do not take you the 10 miles back to Brownsville….we will take you on a 500 mile, non air conditioned bus to Ojinaga and turn you loose there. By the way, we will give you bottled water for your trip but no food. The kids get hungry, the mothers cry…the men get pissed and do not share their water….but they do not come back.

      So….the major crossing points are now in California with sanctuary cities, Arizona, that does not have control of their border and one part of New Mexico that has asked our help. So…the article is only partially correct…….and surprisingly, does not mention the austere treatment we do….and you know what……we are proud of it. Solving our own problems.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Thanks for the update Colonel, it’s always a treat to get them from you.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Even back in ’65 in California, long after you passed through the official gates, roadblocks were set up and all vehicles stopped and questioned. Where back then the immigration problem was from the eastern states to get CA’s free stuff. The Mexicans worked and earned their keep..

  31. gmanfortruth says:

    UPDATE! http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/01/04/armed-protesters-at-national-wildlife-refuge-say-government-force-would-risk-lives.html?intcmp=hpbt1

    There is a new twist to this story or at least what is being reported. Now there are claims the Hammond family started the fires to hide a deer poaching operation. This, supposedly comes from the prosecutors, however their is no conviction concerning deer poaching. Not to mention that a wildfire wouldn’t do enough to hide a “deer poaching OPERATION” as claimed. I see the poaching nonsense as an attempt to demonize the Hammond’s and defending the actions of the prosecutors and courts. Maybe this protest should be aimed at them. I smell a rat.

    The simple solution to the takeover of the previously unused building, isolate and wait. They will come out when they get hungry enough. They aren’t hurting anyone and no one is in danger. When they come out, arrest and prosecute.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I did not write this, nor can I confirm any info contained therein.

      I spoke with several militia leaders from around the states yesterday after I got wind of what’s going on in Oregon. None of them agree with what’s taking place out there, more especially how they are doing it not so much as to the why they are all there. Steve I have solid intel that there is at least one or more double agents in this “militia” group that has taken over the federal building. The fact that FBI is out there first kind of gives the false flag narrative an ace in the hole. This is not how we win the freedom movement. Now the National Guard is being sent out there. These guys who took over the federal building are not true militia, this is a rogue group of extremely dangerous people that are being herded to one spot, away from people, maybe for their promised gun battle. It’s all too convienent for me to believe. This group claims they are going to occupy this place for years, and logistically that will never happen once the power, water, and food supply are cut off. This group out there wants a gun battle with the feds…they are openly stating this. They may just get their chance. This plays exactly into what Obama wants.Dot you think it’s interesting that this happend the last year of Obama’s reign? MARINE/ACTIVE-LEO–(UPDATE 8:00 AM–Two things about this story, first the 41st infantry brigade of the Oregon National Guard was sent to help the FBI deal with this threat from this faux militia. They sent the infantry, not negotiation specialist. They know a fight is coming. That tells me this is a staged event. Second thing is that the “militia” is being portrayed as all “white men”… who I’m sure are “Christian”…so there you have it. White Christian Men Armed with military style assualt rifles are attempting to over throw the federal government. What???? Did some one just combine all the talking points on CNN, Salon and the White House and decide to make a play? Sure seems like someone is pulling the strings here and it isn’t these so called “patriots)”.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        If this is true, look for the MSM to start covering this “live”. They are already trying to demonize the Hammonds with the deer poaching nonsense (only an idiot would believe that story). They have also claimed “overthrow” of government. The attack on the Patriot/TEA Party movement is beginning before your eyes. Anybody think the Fed’s have someone on the inside of these 12-15 people holding the building? Time will tell. Obama is licking his chops, isn’t this all to convenient?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      This is NOT a new twist. This has been part of the story all along and it was years ago.

      The problem with the information right now is shoddy reporting. That and a bunch of people who don’t understand a damn thing about federal lands in the west. That includes some of these “ranchers”.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I think we all expect shoddy reporting. Are you familiar with the Hammond case from back when they first went to trial? There is a lot of odd stuff coming out, like the prosecutor said that they were trying to cover up a poaching operation. I don’t think a little wildfire would be adequate to cover up such a thing, at leas as far as evidence. Then the Sheriff claimed these guys wanted to overthrow the local government. That’s a doozy too! As far as taking over the Federally owned building, that doesn’t make any good sense and will accomplish nothing. I do laugh at the “domestic terrorist” moniker being applied by the Left. They are trespassers, at least at this point. Should be an interesting event to watch.

  32. gmanfortruth says:

    What the Left Wingers are saying:

    Corey Mondello • an hour ago
    White Christian Fundamental Extremist Militias are Domestic Terrorists, the “American Taliban” which many have been referring them too so accurately for decades. They come out from under their rocks whenever a Democrat is elected into the White House, even when the last person who supported removing their guns was the past Republican president GW Bush, which happened during the Katrina disaster. I was called a “Domestic Terrorist” many times by those who most likely support these people in Oregon now, except, I do not own a gun, have never threaten to take over a government building, and have not used acres and acres of federal land for decades with out paying the thousands of dollars due in taxes, legal taxes that is. The rest of the country, well the “Blue States” pay more in taxes, yet the “Red States”‘ take more from the government. Basically, the more conservative a state is, the more aspects of redistribution of wealth they enjoy, the more that practice socialism. They are too stupid to even see their own hypocrisy, too stupid to deserve to be called “American Patriots”!

    Eleanore Whitaker • 2 hours ago
    Face facts. These are not “militia.” According to the US Constitution, militia are called up, disciplined and funded by Congress via taxpayers. These are vigilantes we all knew were spoiling for a Civil War. That’s why these middle aged angry white males who have so much money to buy guns and bully boy pick up trucks love to show their power and might. So they think. Americans are getting pretty damn fed up with Gun Fever these days and turning public places into the most unsafe country in the world.

    These boys were looking for a battle to instigate. What better way than to show their might over federal land they don’t and never will own?
    (Don’t Ya love the ignorance of the Left, pretending to know what the Constitution says)

    • I wish someone would ask her which “militias” are paid for by tax funds…..I know of none….unless you want to call reserves, NAtional and State Guards as militias……

      • gmanfortruth says:

        She isn’t bright enough to comprehend the question. Just on the MSM. Liberal: These people are domestic terrorists. Conservative: They took over an empty building away from the public, what do you call those who took over the Wisconsin Statehouse or those who rioted in Missouri and Baltimore? Liberal: Refused to answer. The hypocrisy never ceases.

  33. gmanfortruth says:
  34. gmanfortruth says:

    Obama to get an entire hour on CNN to lie….I mean sell his gun control crap. I will bet he calls these boys in Oregon domestic terrorists. This from the man who named the first Fort Hood shooting as “workplace violence”.

  35. gmanfortruth says:

    UPDATE! When I get some links to post I will, they will be coming eventually. Here is what I’m hearing concerning the Hammond Family in Oregon. The Fed’s have been buying up land in that area for a refuge (or something to that affect) put in place in 2000. Of all the farmers the Fed’s wanted to buy out, there is ONE left, anyone want to guess who. This sounds SO familiar. Anyway, it seems that all this land, according to the NGS is full of all kinds of minerals, such as silver and many others. It wasn’t long ago bought land in Arizona for something involving Indians, established what was claimed, then sold the land to a huge corporation for the minerals. I’ll be very happy to get the link to this report and post it.

    In conclusion, is it possible the government is targeting the Hammond family because they want their land, for something that will later change to enrich certain politicians? This info will continue to come out and eventually we should reach the truth. This whole issue with the Bundy’s taking over this Federal building is just to good to be true for Obama and his anti-gun nonsense forthcoming. Just simply too good.

    • gmanfortruth says:
    • Just A Citizen says:

      A refuge put in place in 2000?????


      For those not knowing the Double O addition would be a ranch sold to the USFWS. There is also a Double O road through the are that was the ranch. Note the date of the Double O addition.

      P.S. I suggest you click on the refuge “home page” to see announcement of “closure” due to occupation by Bundies.

      But more of interest is the person who did not get the memo from the white house on AGW. Note the short piece on why the birds have moved on the refuge. Every now and then you can catch them screwing up.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        AS I said in the post, waiting on a link to what was said. I have zero shorthand/secretary skills, LOL. But the gist, the ranchers were being bought out by the Feds and the Hammonds were the lone holdout is fairly accurate (of what I heard, which I have no link too as of yet). I can’t confirm any of this yet, but if this is what has occurred, it is very similar to the Bundy events and the stuff surrounding those ranchers. I’ll get it straightened out eventually, but I’m having some fun keeping up to date on a bitterly cold day with no desire to head outdoors, LOL. Please be patient, as this is all ongoing and things will come out that are false, and others that are true., It will get sorted out and the TRUTH will finally be told.

  36. gmanfortruth says:

    Just to make you shake your head, a reply to a comment equating Black Lies Matter to the Boys in the refuge building. Pretty much explains how little the Left really knows:


    Black Lives Matter is not the same at all. The white boy terrorists are armed to the teeth. They have threatened violence to anyone who tries to stop them and their PURPOSE is to destroy the federal government: TREASON.
    Black Lives Matter have always been unarmed protests. Their PURPOSE is to stop police violence against Black people, thus making government function better for all of us: PATRIOTISM.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Actually I see little difference in the two groups.

      But many people will denounce BL matters while putting up the Bundies as heroes.

      The supposed “right” has a credibility problem, starting with their hypocrisy.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Black Lies Matters is based on false information. Remember the Union Lefties who took over the Wisconsin State House and threatened politicians on a daily basis? How about Occupy Wall Street where they too took over government property for a very long time? NO SIR, the hypocrits are on the Left. I’m starting to understand why the Bundy’s are there. I don’t agree with their timing, but their tactics are quite familiar, because the Left does the same shit all the time. I believe once the facts come out, the reason for the protest (which is all it is) will have legitimacy. It will also show our corrupt Federal government to be guilty of the same stuff as organized crime families. The hypocrisy of the Left is pathetic.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          I tried before to explain the Bundy situation but you blew me off. Well here is someone who has identified part of the story.


          The Bundy’s have their own personal view of what the Constitution says, one not held by anyone else but those of their kind. I guess you must fit that bill because you keep claiming they have some “legitimate” reasons.

          You continuously repeat the lies, falsehoods and deliberate confusion the Bundy’s and their minions create. You do so without question, apparently thinking their reasons are sound but only their timing is bad.

          People like the Bundies are damaging the very movement they claim to support. Because eventually the vast majority recognize them as idiotic and delusional.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            I read the link. Now, after I wiped away the tears of laughter I must really ask, do you really believe the Left’s unending attacks on every religion other than Islam? That’s a good story and might even be true, but has nothing to do with what’s going on. People being religious under stressful situations isn’t exactly uncommon, so please express your views on nothing more than propaganda to take away from what needs to be exposed, the truth. Geez, your one gullible dude. Your playing right along with your friend on HuffPo, nice, very nice. Don’t stop on my account.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I tried to explain to you that the Bundy family comes from a line of Mormons that are not grounded in reality when it comes to the role of the Federal Govt. in administering its lands.

              The article is not an attack on religion, it is trying to show you how this group of people, who occupy much of Southern Nevada and parts of Utah, think. How they conflate their religion with the constitution giving them a “self righteous” and often “belligerent” demeanor. It is part of how they rationalize their militancy.

              Kind of like the fundamentalist Muslims.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Oh, I almost forgot to thank you for making my point about the hypocrisy of the right when it comes to Black Lives Matter and other leftist demonstrations.

          And then ya’ll wonder why the left tags you as racists.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            I know that I said I didn’t have the whole story yet up above, didn’t I? Yes and quite clearly. All the facts are not available yet, so I asked for your patience. You chose to go full Lefty on me and that’s fine. I have concluded your a closet Lefty a long time ago and your last sentence is very telling. I’ll get to the bottom of the issue, which has nothing to do with religious beliefs and how they view or understand the Constitution. The story is taking shape but there are pieces still missing. If true, you will be made a fool. You have a habit of doing that this new year.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    Bundy and others claim that Teddy created some phone Indian reservation, “where no Indians lived”, then turned it into a wildlife refuge.

    I guess President Grant would be surprised to find out Teddy got credit of his handywork. Or how about the Army not getting credit for running the Indians out of the country? That just isn’t fair either.

    Bundies and Credibility do not mix. Now look at how many “conservative” web sites have repeated this all as fact…………. Brietbart being just one. Sites are referencing Brietbart as having the low down on the truth. Brietbart simply uses talking points from the Bundy Ranch site, including direct quotes………without any quotation marks.


    • Just A Citizen says:

      Almost forgot. Please click on the map of the Indian reservation which is shown. Then notice that the southern boundary of the reservation is the Hardy and Malheur lakes. Now go back to the stories about the Hammonds as told by the Bundy’s, which relate to this reservation.

      The Wildlife Refuge is SOUTH of the two lakes……….that is OUTSIDE the original Indian Reservation and never part of it.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Amazing how something that should be historically accurate, long ago was just changed last June! WTF?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      The last writing of your Wikipedia link was June 2015. They way the government works, they may have written this to help there case. JAC, dig deeper, these people you love so much and want to protect are well funded and they are THIEVES!

  38. gmanfortruth says:

    As is the norm, information comes out and the story begins to come together. First, I will clearly and concisely state, for JAC’s eyes, that I do not support the takeover of the government building surrounding this issue. But, I at least am starting to understand WHY all of this mess is going on. This is all about the Hammond’s and all of their issues, including why they are back in jail. http://www.falfiles.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4163331&postcount=68

  39. gmanfortruth says:


    Good article! More info about a bad situation. Sad that these fakes are using people who are victims of true government tyranny.

  40. gmanfortruth says:

    Early update on Obama’s EO’s: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/01/04/obama-executive-action-on-guns-to-require-background-checks-for-more-sales.html

    My opinion, unconstitutional as he’s changing Federal Statute. Check out para 2. LMAO, this dick thinks he’s a dicktator.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Correction, these are being sold as Executive Actions. So the ATF is going to put out a letter, claiming something that will never stand up in court, can’t be enforced anyway and Obama wants to spend lot’s of money to do it. Boy, the people are sure getting the screws put to them, economically.

    • The courts will NEVER overrule him. The republic is cooked. The precedents have been set, he will be leaving as a retiring emperor. The next guy will be the new emperor. Even if the new guy rejected the royal purple, the stage has been set for future emperors and precedent will allow——-

  41. gman, thanks for posting information on Oregon. I have been poking around on various sites and FB to get a feeling of the mood. Your links so far have been the most complete tale of what has transpired. There seem to a lot of people who feel that the feds should move in forcefully. The only reason they have not is the squatters are white Christians not black, Latin or Indian. Any of these groups would be dealt with forcefully. I wonder what would happen if they were muslim. Most of these posters have not researched the tribulations of the Hammonds or the legal/constitutional aspects of the court actions.

    I think the squatters are making a mistake by not having a list of demands. One thing I would demand is a citizen’s commission to investigate the BLM and the federal agencies involved with this incident. This commission should have full subpoena power and the ability to present their results to a grand jury. All public officials involved with this case should be investigated including judges. They should also review the regulations used to drive individuals off their property.

    There is the letter of the law and spirit of the law. When the spirit is dominated by the letter of the law, problems like this will eventually surface. It is time to start reversing this trend. However, I fear it may be too late.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Thanks T-Ray,

      Like you, I don’t support the actions of the Bundy’s and their group of “squatters”. I think the timing is poor and the wrong people are engaging the Fed’s. But, I must admit, the Bundy name made me quite curious. While his name caught my attention, the fact that the BLM is in the middle of this is even more of an issue. After the initial Bundy Ranch stand-off in Nevada, it seemed as thought there were several issues involving the BLM and their desire to take land or end grazing rights. Even our own D13thecolonel had some issues on the Red River on hid northern border. The BLM lost that battle too.

      There is still much to learn about the actions of the BLM and other agencies out your way. One of the events I’m looking for is how ranchers were intimidated to sell land for a cause that turns out to be a lie, and have that land sold OR leased to huge corporations for mining purposes. Want to guess who also gets enriched? Maybe it’s time that we the people started looking into how a politician on a low 6 digit salary can somehow become a multimillionaire in a short period of time. I can’t wait till this information is found, because I know it’s out there under a rock and people are lifting rocks by the millions because of this.

      About the only thing that we disagree is what should be done about the squatters. The BLM and the Fed’s are being scrutinized and I think they were caught completely off guard. With winter in full force, maybe the best thing to do is….nothing. Let them camp out till Spring. Let the fines for trespass grow each day. I don’t think their skin color has anything to do with it at all, that’s the thinking of the Left. Some, like Montel Williams, want them taken down using deadly force. For trespassing? Nobody is in danger and the public is a long way off, leave them alone. Somehow, I doubt this will happen. I just don’t see the Fed’s getting embarrassed again by the Bundy’s. So we will watch for the next move in this interesting game of life….and possibly death.

      In the meantime, I’ll be looking for more information to post. 🙂

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Interesting little point of interest I’m running into. It may be nothing, but it may also be telling. I’m researching some flooding events of the lakes in the Silvies Plaines that were claimed to have been flooded purposely to force ranchers to sell out, this occurred in the 1980’s. I went to Wkiipdedia and sure enough the subject of the floods was there. Here is what it says:
        For example, large snowpacks in the mid-1980s caused the lake to expand from approximately 67 to 160 square miles (170 to 410 km2) within three years, flooding usually dry areas and damaging a branch of the Oregon Eastern Railway. Soon afterward, drought in the early 1990s reduced the lake size to just 200 acres (0.31 sq mi), exposing large mudflats and dusty playas.[4][5]

        OK, fair enough. But am I to believe that the ONLY time this snowpack event took place was in the 1980’s? So I looked further into the article itself and found this little gem:

        (cur | prev) 22:48, 4 January 2016‎ Jsayre64 (talk | contribs)‎ . . (7,219 bytes) (+1,870)‎ . . (+3 paragraphs, tidy infobox, cite)

        This is the revision history and the paragraphs include this flooding information (the revised parts I posted). Isn’t this interesting. So I looked up Harney Lake, 30 miles to the West of Malheur Lake, Harney gets its water from Malheur. No mention of flooding in the 1980’s.

        • What I read on the flooding event is that the ranchers had developed a water source (springs?) that was communally funded and used. The BLM somehow got title to the land and then fenced it off with much protest from the local ranchers. They then diverted the water to the lake causing the flood which flooded ranch buildings and homes. Once the ranchers were forced to abandon the land, the BLM grabbed it. The BLM is the instigator here and needs to be investigated. Unfortunately they will hide behind the letter of the law and will claim innocence despite being guilty as he//.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            That is what I have been reading as well, from several sources. I only posted one link. There is more to come, I think there has been a can or worms opened up and the truth about this corrupt government may finally be out for all to see. I’ll guess a few won’t believe it, cuz the beloved government would never do these things to the people, LOL. 🙂

  42. The BLM is really not too powerful provided the do not have the law. For example, they were trying to exercise authority over state boundaries with the Red River….and because the boundaries change when the river changes during rainy or flood season, they tried to exercise authority over the changing river bed. Texas and Oklahome have agreements with the land owners where the state lines are drawn….and it is drawn from the center of the river no matter the change. The BLM was trying to also claim public land on what they termed navigable waters….saying that all rivers are federal property and not state property and that all rivers are public domain and not private. They are trying to say that if a river empties into the gulf and commerce can be established to the US boundaries, then it is public and the public has rights to navigable waters and camping on shore up to 15 feet. The BLM lost that in court here….as well as the land owners all got together, from both states, and said this is our agreement. It is not unusual to see fencing across or along side rivers here with posted signs.

    The courts rules that rivers that form state boundaries even if they enter navigable federal waters….BLM has no jurisdiction. However, if you de die to fight them…have deep pockets.mthat is their strength.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Ocean wise, the rule of public versus private is the high tide mark. Except if you were Jackie Onassis. Guys with machine pistols kept you from walking the beach. That said, the government has to pass some limit on what they consider navigable. Heck an old inner tube can float in a puddle. A small steamboat service used to be able to get upriver from here to Pollocksville on the Trent and up the Neuse as far as Kinston. New Bern itself was a major port. To define any water as navigable is to open ended and can be considered nothing but an expansion of government control. Even if you re kayaking and canoeing on the upper regions of a river or stream where motor boats can not tread, it still is best to respect the land abutting the waterway. Usually it got posted here due to abuses by the campers and not following a good neighbor policy. Clean up the site and when you leave nobody would know you were there. If the land is not posted it is also best to walk inland and find the owner and ask permission. Many times the posting is just call # such and such and ask permission……but then again the increasing gator population will keep the campers population limited.

      In NY State the argument is about the water coming down from the Catskills into the NYC resevoir system. It is best to live so far away from ANY flowing water in that area and also as you head to the city to not buy any property near any of the reservoirs. Even 40+ years ago the city dictated and controled hundreds of feet of land away from water contrued as belonging to them, even if “it was” your property.

      As someone said earlier in this section…..so few people are involved in ranching, farming and general rural life today, their vote in any statewide referendum is totally valueless. The city dwellers will always win, even if the action does not affect them. I’ll give an example. In the UK we have the same situation. Fox hunting was a big animal rights issue when I was there. Today, the hunts do not ride over any lands not owned by the estate. The image by the opponants was when the lords ran rampant. But the animal rights folks got their way…..The birders were not involved….yet. However, there are no predators of the fox in the UK today except man. Keeping the population under control, while also generating an industry. What PETA forgot was that if the fox ran uncontroled, they’d eat the eggs and young of the ground birds, like pheasants and grouse etc that are common. The city folks overruled the country folks, and what happened next was that the property owners went and killed all the fox they could find, just to save the other part of the animal population….unintended consequenses…the city folks and activist had been warned

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Thanks for the reminder Colonel, I remember your post’s well on that issue. While the BLM may not be too powerful, when the combined efforts of several Federal agencies combine, it’s not hard for them at all to screw the people. This isn’t uncommon and I’m researching a story on such a thing down in Arizona. I have a huge belief that a lot of this is because of some very greedy bastards who work in the Capital building with titles like Senator. Example, Senator Joe Blow visits and area he and a few others want for profit reasons, like mining various minerals. They talk to the local Federal employees and tell them about the land that they want, by any means necessary and offer a really good bonus to get the job done. When things don’t work, these low level workers are probably threatened in some matter to get the damn land, at all costs or pay a heavy price. They may even threaten the families.

      I bet this happens far more often than even I could imagine. I have always wondered how politicians, on a low 6 figure salary can suddenly become multi millionaires seemingly over night. I expect that inside trading may have a lot to do with it, which fits right in to the scenario I have put forth about the Hammond situation.

      • Good point and I suggest you look in Nevada as it pertains to a certain retiring Nevada Senator northwest of Clark county and how the BLM was used to “appropriate” some land for this same Senator.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Point of order Sir. The corruption of Mr. Reid is not precisely as you state.

          The BLM was used to SELL land to the City of Las Vegas and to the State of Nevada.

          Mr. Reid’s family was able to secure information on the various land deals that allowed them to secure prior bids on lands that would produce high value.

          The net affect is that Reid’s family benefited financially from these land deals. But they were not the only people to benefit. But they obviously had “insider” information.

          But we must admit that NOBODY has ever been able to PROVE an illegal connection or influence. Even though it is pretty commonly understood among Nevadans.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        we also have to be reminded about the use of “sovereign” indian nation land. The companies granted the mining and timbering and oil or natural gas drill is suppose to pay the nations. The money filtered through the government and was supposed to be held in “Trust” as though the nations were children and can not manage their own monies. How many 100’s of Billions have mysteriously disappeared? Just like the other government trusts like SS.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The kids testimony had little affect because the Hammonds ADMITTED they started the fires. The kid was brought in to testify that the first fire was to cover up a poaching event. Which apparently happened but was NOT part of the trial nor the sentencing. As the Judge stated at sentencing, that is a Fish and Game matter.

      The other thing that came out in trial was the Hammond boy had been abused by his dad. But that was also not allowed to be judged nor did it enter into sentencing. One reason the older son got more time was he LIED about the first fire and the issue of poaching. The judge used that as a strike in the sentencing guidelines.

      Here is the critical question. Both the prosecutor and original judge discussed whether Congress intended such an act as the Hammonds committed to be included under the terrorism act. They BOTH concluded it was obviously not because the damage was minimal and NO LIVES were truly threatened.

      Then this new attorney and the 9th Circuit overturn the sentencing. So why did the 9th Circuit, a court with a history of “liberal” interpretation of sentencing suddenly go all “by the letter of the law.”??

      And of course there is the Solicitor General, who is the one who decides whether to appeal the sentence.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        To start at the bottom and answer your last question, at least an early opinion, MONEY! Politicians are wanting what the Hammonds have underneath them, the minerals, and according to the NGS, lots of them. I also have concluded that the alleged poaching was total bullshit and if true would have been dealt with. Poaching crimes have some harsh penalties and if any of this held a candle, they would have pursued it. I call bullshit on the whole issue. A small wildfire would have had zero bearing on any evidence of the alleged claims.

        We agree that the terrorist issue was plain wrong, These people were not terrorist’s and the prosecutor who did this should be in jail him/herself. Fires started by BLM have done far more damage to private property than anything the Hammonds ever did. But even this isn’t what the real story is about. This sounds more like a rancher who would not sell out and paid the price for it.

        Bundy and his cohorts are not a major issue either. I see them as wanting a forum, to be heard. The question is, why Bundy? Why did these guys show up? I don’t think it was to have a redo of the Nevada standoff. I think their actions are wrong and showed a lack of forward thinking. You have mentioned how he views the Constitution. OK, I get that, but I don’t think that is why he showed up.

        The Bundy’s and the Hammond’s have a lot in common, when it comes to the Fed’s. Both have been hounded to sell out, both are, from all accounts, the last ranchers standing. The BLM was caught totally off guard in Nevada, and when the story about China, solar farms and the Reid family started blowing up the internet, the BLM didn’t waste any time standing down. Yes, they claimed it was for everyone’s safety, which is partially true. They were outed and the politicians pulling there strings were in the crosshairs. Nothing of significance has followed up that event.

        Many reports are mimicking the Bundy story, that the Fed’s wanted the Hammond land, to go along with all the other land they basically stole and he is that last man standing. So here goes the Fed’s, filing charges over a common farming action that is NOT an act of terrorism and they know it. False claims of poaching are unsubstantiated and are moot, except to show how the Fed’s used a mentally ill person for their benefit. Now, I don’t know much about the arson laws out there, but I do know that controlled burns are common and sometimes they get out of hand, something the government has been guilty of hundreds if not thousands of times. With the information that the NGS has deemed that area very rich in minerals is one key component to the story.

        The Bundy’s showed up, likely because of the similar problems both families have had with the Fed’s. I’m not sure what religion the Hammond’s are, and even that is a non player. This , too me, is all about money. It’s about someone in high power pushing their underlings to screw people so they will sell. The person or person’s in high power positions, politicians, probably have a boatload of money riding on what’s under all of this property, INCLUDING the refuge. Once they own it all, then they can do as they wish, which includes allowing mining.

        I agree the Bundy’s are wrong. There are reports that people are being intimidated by the Fed’s. I know you don’t want to here this, but I’m having the opinion that the BLM and other Federal Agencies are nothing more than the muscle for the organized crime family called the Federal Government.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Thought this was interesting.


        Not even discussing the extensions pro or con on government controls or abuses of other issues. I especially want to point out the list of far less crimes commited and the mandatory sentences those people got.

        This year you could have never started a forest fire here in eastern NC, it was to wet, still is. However, in years past we have had some pretty large fires. Most lightning started but great many of them were US Forest Service controlled burns that got away from them. Burning both public and private property. The San Juan River episode comes to mind here. No way did all the heavy metal damage just flush away in a week or so. The dredging of the upper Hudson of totally encapsulated pollutants will set back the water quality of the Hudson for many years. Let nature continue to break them down, they are under so much mud no way can anything but man disturb it. Question is….where is the government going to dump the PCB laden mud? Texas? New Jersey?

        • You can’t compare the sentences handed down for violation of the 3 strikes laws to what has happened to the Hammonds. The comparison is invalid.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            It is not invalid if the argument is “cruel and unusual punishment”. Which is the argument put forth by the original sentencing judge.

            The other accusation was that this type of sentence including the appeal was “out of the ordinary”. The record shows that the appeal was not unusual, in itself, nor was the 9th circuits application of an onerous sentence.

            Again I raise the issue of intent, however. Not clear to me that lacking intent to “damage” federal property the arson case should have been handled under the terrorism act.

            On the other hand, I have provided evidence that the Hammond’s had a habit of burning Federal lands without permission and had been warned any future fires would carry the full force of the Fed. Govt.

            • I will stand my ground on the repeat offenders. They are not being sentenced for the most recent crime committed but for the repeated offense to society. It is a totally different situation and not comparable to the Hammond’s. Were the Hammond’s convicted for previous arson incidents? The local DA did not prosecute for the fires the Feds charged first because the damages were minimal and second it was standard ranching practice for years which was taught to the ranchers by the USDA. I have seen no reference to the issue of poaching or the second fire being started to cover up that “crime” which again was not prosecuted.

              The first fire burned about 120 acres of Fed land and was extinguished by the Hammonds. No Fed costs here. The second fire according to them was a backfire that burned into existing wild fires and actually assisted in putting out the existing fires. The charges listed (below) spell out the reported costs the Feds incurred to fight the backfire. Are these costs real? Or part of the cost of fighting the original wild fire just transferred to the backfire?

              The gate incident discussed below appears to be a case of government overreach. The Hammonds either owned or had rights to land separated from the main ranch so they had to cross BLM land to get there. The BLM gated the road which the Hammonds circumvented. It was finally determined that the road was county owned hence the gating was illegal. This shows the coercive nature of the government and the kind of repeated stress the Hammonds are under.

              With all the land the Feds own, they could not find a better plot of land and make arrangements to trade with the Hammonds? Once again, I think a citizens commission should be impaneled to investigate the actions of the Feds.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            The point of the article was the reasoning the court of appeals said the “higher” sentence was NOT cruel and unjust punishment for the acts they were convicted of. GO back and give them the mandatory sentence. The judge then could have stacked the sentences but they did stick to the deal of no stacking into sequential prison terms. Both parties could have appealed the sentence. The government was the one who was put out and appealed and overturned the lower courts sentence deal……WHY is still the question. Why be so hard nosed about this when the government is openly breaking immigration laws, regardless of EO’s, openly withholding information from legal oversight by congress, openly lying and getting caught, openly using unauthorized and secure systems to conduct high level state business and communication. Why should the people feel obligated to “follow” the law?

            • They wanted Hammonds off the land. The Feds are corrupt. The ends justify the means.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Precisely…has nothing what so ever of justice being served. Haven’t we been barraged with overflowing and crowded jails due to mandatory sentencing. The governments are releasing people left and right…..so there has to be alterior motives behing the government actions,

                Hope you are getting plenty of rain. We went from raining and 80 degree days to 27 with a wind chill of in the teens in one shot. Actually put shoes and socks on for the 1st time in a long time. I had to dig a cold weather jacket out of storage. Gloves were out because I was salvaging bowed plate glass windows this past weekend. You’d get warm standing in front of the refrigerator.

              • Got a good inch or more today. Two more storms coming this week. Hope they keep coming. The Jan 1 snow pack report was 136% of normal (for Jan 1) but it is still early in the season so that is a small amount compared to what we need.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Even though in the grand scheme of relative temperatures. We have so much water around the “cold” is raw and damp. Just like along the coast in CA, may be 45 but raw. Take 0 in Denver and it feels warmer.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                I really do not think this has anything to do with getting them “off their land”.

                All evidence is that the Hammonds, who are late comers to the area, came with an attitude that they could just do what they want and ignore all Federal rules on federal lands.

                I am sure the USFWS would like their property. But they could get it via condemnation if it were really that valuable to the Refuge’s mission/purpose.

                These supposed minerals under the land are actually in the Steen Mtns to the east and south of the Hammond place.

                If there is a “personal” aspect to this I expect it is in federal officials who got tired of the Hammonds and after several warnings finally had enough.

                I have no absolute evidence for my conclusion but there is not any absolute proof of the other claims either. But there is plenty of evidence that the Hammonds have been challenging the BLM and USFWS from the time of their arrival in the 1960’s.

  43. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I may be a political illiterate, but I see the GOP tactic of tearing each other apart for a year and a half, the past two presidential cycles and now a third is a sure way to lose. The opposition gets all that time and then some to keep a clear message drumbeating all that time. Granted in ’08 we had Hillary and Obama running, but the contest really was do we want a black person or a women 1st. Either would have beat McCain. Then in ’12 no contest. The RNC shredded itself. Winning congress today is useless without the big dog on top or a super majority. Here again Hillary has a clear field and the RNC instead of tearing with 10 voices against Obama and her they’re destroying each other and the party’s message. I will say the political stragegists on the Dems side are far cagier the past 25 years at the high levels of government……Wilson had no use for the Constitution and envisioned government consisting of literally a leader, who knew all such as himself, and the government minion who just administered his orders and Congress was moot.

  44. gmanfortruth says:

    The former Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, participated in the armed takeover of an abandoned Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) headquarters at Columbia University in 1970.

    Holder admitted participating in the takeover, according to the Daily Caller.

    “I was among a large group of students who felt strongly about the way we thought the world should be, and we weren’t afraid to make our opinions heard,” Holder said during Columbia’s 2009 commencement exercises. “I did not take a final exam until my junior year at Columbia—we were on strike every time finals seemed to roll around—but we ran out of issues by that third year.

    “[S]everal of us took one of our concerns — that black students needed a designated space to gather on campus—to the Dean [of Freshmen]’office. This being Columbia, we proceeded to occupy that office.”

    The incident is similar to the takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge center by Ammon Bundy and others, but the corporate media has yet to deem Holder a terrorist or, for that matter, even mention it.

    Columbia’s Black Students Organization was responsible for the takeover. It lasted five days. Black activists also occupied the office of Dean of Freshman Henry Coleman.

    According to the Daily Caller a deleted Web page of the Black Students’ Organization at Columbia, a successor group to the Student Afro-American Society (SAAS), the students were armed.

    Although then-Dean Carl Hovde said the occupation was illegal and a violation of university policy, members of the group were not prosecuted.

    Holder was a leader of the SAAS. The group demanded the ROTC building be renamed “Malcolm X Lounge” in “honor of a man who recognized the importance of territory as a basis for nationhood.”

    The university ultimately relented and agreed to the name change. Future president Obama often visited the lounge when he was a student at Columbia in the early 1980s, according to David Maraniss, author of “Barack Obama: The Story.”

    It is doubtful Ammon Bundy and his companions will receive the same treatment as Holder and escape prosecution if they leave the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge center, that is if they are not killed by the federal government.

  45. gmanfortruth says:

    This is going to be discussed at the Michigan RNC meeting the middle of January. I can dream 🙂

  46. Just A Citizen says:

    Some of the history between Hammonds and USFWS. Some of this came into the discussion at the sentence hearing. Locals piled praise upon the Hammonds but the Judge recognized that Hammonds had previously violated rules of the BLM and USFWS and that they had been warned about lighting more fires on federal lands.

    As for the wife’s claim about a right to trail cattle, this issue has been in dispute for 30 years and is based on theories that traditional “rights of way” prevent the feds from halting access across federal lands. However, the feds were not preventing access, they were simply placing restrictions on that access to protect their property which was being crossed.

    Also note that the story about fencing shows the Bundy claim on this to be in opposition. Bundy’s web site notice and press releases make issue that Oregon was an open grazing state. That landowners must fence free range cattle out. That is exactly what the USFWS was doing when the Hammonds tried to stop them.

    This is not the final say on all these questions. However, it does show how those on the Hammond/Bundy side could be MISREPRESENTING the facts.


  47. Just A Citizen says:

    More rain on the conspiracy crowds arguments. Sorry folks but the Hammond’s sentencing and appeal was not all that out of the ordinary. Not from an historical and legal procedural view point.

    This does not address the US attorney’s desire to appeal. But it does address my questions about the 9th circuits reasoning.


    One legal question I have, wishing Buck was still around, is whether the terrorism statute should have applied at all. The lawyers and the judges failed to link the “intent” specified in the statute with the “motives” of the Hammonds. That being the destruction or damage of real or personal property of the Federal Govt.

    The first sentencing judge did raise doubt about any “damage” and seemed to discount the Govt’s argument about the value of said damages. A comment along the lines of how much is some sagebrush and a few juniper trees worth.

    By the way, one of the reasons they were charged with arson is due to the “intent” to burn federal lands. It was argued and accepted by the jury that the fires were in fact set with the expected outcome of burning federal lands. The fire set on their property was set along the fence line with the federal lands. The judge noted that it was obvious they lit the fence line knowing it would have to burn on the federal lands.

    So to me there is a legal question in two parts. Arson is purposefully setting fire but why is arson of federal property automatically charged under the terrorism act. In this case there is no “intent” to DAMAGE federal property.

    One other thing, for Gman. There are multiple sources dealing with the alleged poaching. The sentencing judge himself discusses it because he had personal knowledge of the alleged violation which NONE OF THE ATTORNEIES had. Namely the misuse of “landowner tags”. You claim the poaching issue is BS. Where is your proof that all these other sources are wrong?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Good article. Some of it confirms what I have read, and some of what I have read was conveniently missing. The fencing issue, according to an eyewitness to all of this, would have denied access to Hammond property and they had a legal right to access, this is misrepresented by the media in your article. There was also a road, also an access issue to Hammond land, that the Fed’s attempted to gate, only to be reminded that the road was County property, your media article conveniently left that out as well.

      You don’t like ranchers too much, at least that is my impression. You sure do seem to like the Fed’s though. 😀

      • gmanfortruth says:

        This should be on the article that you posted prior to this one, sorry. Got lots going on, so I had DUH moment?

        As for the sentencing article, Dale posted it up above. It makes sense, except for prosecuting via the terrorist thingy, I just don’t think that is right and you have agreed.

        You keep making statements about what this Judge supposedly knew, how about a link. On the Poaching operation, LOL, without a conviction it is hearsay and is inadmissible, wouldn’t you think? I can make claims against people to if I’m the government and want to demonize and intimidate as well.

        So, in short, prosecuting using a terrorist law. While the sentence may be normal and legal, as the article states (got to love how the media keeps protecting the Fed’s with stuff that don’t matter). Having served their original sentence and then getting resentenced is a witch hunt and unnecessary. This is a major reason why my investigation went where it did.

        Alleged law infractions, no convictions. You jump on that bandwagon. If the Fed’s are engaged in wanted his land, this would be typical activity. This is where I want to follow the money. Did any of these agents involved in all of this over the years get large bonus’s? Did their bank accounts get a nice sum deposited that would give cause for questioning? The original Judge, what is his background? Is he banging his secretary? Is he a little richer now. He originally gave a low sentence (that would not have raised eyebrows and made sense). When the Fed’s start a fire and it harms private property, are they charged with terrorism? Put up some links on the poaching issue, that really don’t mean anything because apparently it couldn’t be proven (sounds like an attempt to demonize). More info is still needed, but I’m leaning at the MONEY issue. He may have gotten angry, is that uncommon when dealing with Federal agencies who are hellbent on destroying your livelihood? This is fun.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          The poaching issue was NOT PART of the trial for arson. I told you that already and that the judge discounted it in the trial.

          What did go to the judges ruling was the fact that the younger Hammond LIED about the poaching issue.

          You do your own google search this time. The District Court records can be found by going to the District of Oregon court site and searching for US vs. Hammond.

          The record you find will be the Sentencing hearing.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I think the fencing issue is “misrepresented” by those who you accept as truth without question. I have not seen a single source for this argument that is not linked back to the BUNDY family.

        Maybe my understanding of these issues is because I have lived and worked with these people my entire life and maybe I just happen to know that not all of them are honest in their arguments nor in their dealings with the Fed. Govt. And yes, sometimes the Fed agents are not honest either.

        Everything you find on the web that fits your narrative is posted here as FACT. Just like the fence and now some supposed gate on a county road. Yet you have not provided any sources other than those who also have an agenda and narrative to support it.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Here JAC. All taken (except for bold comments) from local media, including the Liberal Oregonian: http://www.falfiles.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4163331&postcount=68

          Now, Instead of protecting your favorite organized crime family ( I can’t believe you would protect that corrupt Harry Reid, showing your TRUE colors again) maybe you will wake up and see things for what they are, the FED’s are corrupt to the core!

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Dang, I forgot one important note. If the fed’s want his land, as I have described in detail, they are going to intimidate and demonize every way they can. Your trust in the media, many of which are left leaning, would certainly assist in doing this, because they would necessarily side with their beloved government. Just a little thought.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        It amazes me what you think is “explained in detail”. Simply repeating empty and often false accusations is not proof of corruption. It is not even explaining anything. It is nothing but your opinion. One I might add which is not based on any fact presented.

        You do realize the Federal Govt land agencies maintain FILES on all permitees and adjacent owners they do business with. That these files are subject to FOIA, excluding personal and financial info.. So where is the EVIDENCE of a conspiracy that if to be believed has unfolded without interruption over a period of two decades or more.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          I have presented links to everything I have claimed. You have just made lots of claims with few links. And YES, I would imagine the Fed’s keep very detailed files on folks, especially when they want to buy their land! Now, go read my links, from people that are probably far more reliable and honest than any media outlet, or your friends in the government.

          • Just A Citizen says:
            • gmanfortruth says:

              Let me giggle while typing this. The Hammond’s admitted to the fires. Not sure what your point is, but this is already known and not an issue. Noone here, including me, has EVER claimed that they did not start the fires that they were charged with starting, because they admitted so. What is the point of this link?

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Just curious, but which 2 of the 10 counts were they actually found guilty of? I’d bet this was a plea deal, which is common, but it is irrelevant to the big picture.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                They are GUILTY of ARSON. Kind of has a major bearing on all these BS accusations about why they were charged don’t ya think?

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Yes they were and even YOU said they were getting screwed by going back to prison. It’s not their conviction of wrongdoing that is an issue. I really don’t see all kinds of militia folks showing up for too many arsonist’s do you? I’ve never contested the fire issues, except the going back to jail part. I have to figure that the first sentencing was based on the first trial. The second sentencing was based on a witch hunt by a couple of Federal employees with a hard on for them. It seems the problems began before any fires. Maybe you didn’t read the link I provided, I don’t know. But since you initially agreed they were getting screwed, what changed? Regardless, I’ve not contended that the Hammonds were innocent of arson, they were found guilty by a jury. Maybe the arson was retaliation for the intimidation, ever consider that? Never mind, you can’t get past your love for the government.

  48. gmanfortruth says:

    Good News UDATE! I think it’s good news that the Fed’s will be doing what I figured they would, turn everything off and isolate, no resupply, no cell phone or internet. There are NO law enforcement at the site of the occupation as of now. While this means no one will get hurt, which is the good thing, there was a little bird wishing the Feds would do something stupid and destroy Obama’s gun control agenda.

    Speaking of Obama, I haven’t heard too much of anything that would effect most people. It will only affect a few , law abiding citizens and have NO affect on criminal activity. He basically got on TV and stated existing law, like he was doing something special, what a joke. What changes that he has possibly made, would in effect, change the law, which he has no authority to do so. Remember, after Newtown, he put out 32 Executive Orders, of which I can’t remember one, which means they were useless bits of theater. I’ll wait for the articles about the lies, which I’m sure there were plenty. He also shed a tear, big sissy. What a laughing stock.

  49. gmanfortruth says:

    This is odd. A report from Oslo Norway: Mayday, Mayday, We Have Lost the City. Very little details, sorry folks

  50. Just A Citizen says:

    Memo to Republican candidates.

    Sub: Proper response to POTUS’s latest “gun safety” efforts.

    “I would be glad to work with the President as well as other Democrats on common sense gun safety legislation. Unfortunately I haven’t heard anything qualifying as common sense coming from a Democrat on this issue, or any other for that matter.”

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Did Obama say anything that wasn’t already law? I heard, “expanding background check on violent criminals who by guns through trust’s and corporations”. When did this become a major problem requiring Obozo to talk about it. I’m very worried that people have become so damn stupid they believe what the government says. I won’t even bring up the media.

  51. And this from Greg Abbott, governor of the Republic of Texas…………………………

    “It matters not what executive orders come out of Washington. It matters not what the Federal Courts say and/or do. If it is right for the State of Texas, it will be done regardless of Washington. If they do not like it, please come down here and stop it. You have already taken away our funding for most things and we are just fine, Taking away our funding, has left us to do our own funding under our own rules and not subject to Federal intervention in order to keep said funding and it has been far less expensive. That said, Mr. President, you can destroy the rest of the United States but you will not destroy Texas.”

    I am not sure what his point was….but “Jam it up your ass” seems appropriate.

    • ****note to JAC**** hope you were not drinking coffee again.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        That sound is JAC standing and clapping his hands vigorously.

        I think your interpretation may be correct. LMAO.

        Now let’s see if he has the brass to follow through in TOTAL.

        • So far…he has. We eliminated common core and lost our funding. We eliminated the school lunch program and lost our funding. We still have voter ID….no repercussions yet.

          Doing good so far……..

    • If Mr. Abbott keeps it up…we might have to put him in the White House. 🙂

  52. gmanfortruth says:

    Not one word mentioned by Obozo: Chicago shootings and how well their gun control has been working:
    Jan. to date:
    Shot and killed:6
    Shot and wounded:40
    Total shot: 46
    Final 2015 Chicago tally.
    Shot and killed: 442
    Shot and wounded :2553
    Total shot: 2995

    Government’s ALWAYS want their populace unarmed, ALWAYS! This isn’t an accident. The worst enemy of a corrupt government is and armed populace. That should tell everyone something about Progressives.

  53. Just A Citizen says:

    Malheur Wildlife Management Area, the supposed cause of the Hammond’s problems.

    For those who would like a good look into the land and water wars of the West, I suggest you check out the historical section of this report. It details the history of the area and the very long battle between landowners as well as the Govt.

    D13, I expect you will find some of the stuff here very familiar. Nothing worse than a meandering river bank, except a lake shore that disappears and then reappears from time to time. Note how the federal courts trumped the State of Oregon on lake ownership, only to have another court give ownership to the Feds or other PRIVATE citizens.

    These lakes are nothing but Stock Ponds by Texas scale………… figured I would just come right out and admit it. But interesting that these landlocked lakes were classified as “navigable”.

    Many of you have never had contact with Federal land management agencies, that is regarding what they go through to manage these public lands. This will give you some idea of the planning they are forced to endure thanks to Congress and the Courts.


    Stress Alert: There are no Agenda 21 goals listed in the management plan. I suggest you run to your safe place immediately if this could be a problem for you.

    • One good thing we have on our side…..the agreement with the US on becoming a State. We held on to some very important rights….like land management and no Federally owned land in Texas. This is, I think, where we have a hand up. Even the Big Bend National Park…..is leased.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Yes Sir, that is an invaluable advantage.

        We are starting up the umpteenth effort to get some State “control” or “involvement” in management of Federal lands in Idaho. I expect it too will fail.

        Part of the problem with our “revolution” out here is the disconnect between those calling for State control and the rest of the US citizenry. Those ranchers outside Burns are a good example. They do not grasp that the vast majority of Americans do not want those federal lands turned over to the States, let alone doled out to private citizens.

        Even in our own State most people and even the State agencies do not want to “take over” the Federal lands. Not if they have to deal with all the other Federally mandated laws and regulations that go with the land.

        And therein lies the key………. IT IS THE FEDERAL LAWS STUPID. Which means the entire solution to all these issues lies with CONGRESS.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          They do not grasp that the vast majority of Americans do not want those federal lands turned over to the States, let alone doled out to private citizens.

          Is this like the vast majority of Americans want expanded background checks, as stated by Obama? Just curious, because I really doubt if people East of the big river really give a crap. Me thinks that a vast majority THERE don’t want it, because that means a large loss of jobs, now that I could understand. If the land is no longer owned by the Fed’s, just ensure that the laws disappear with the ownership. Seem’s that taking ownership with the laws intact isn’t really ownership. Good luck with trying to get the Fed’s out though, even though I doubt they will ever give it up willingly, there’s just too much money to be had and the politicians have a great big nest egg just waiting on them for centuries to come.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            You once again reveal your lack of understanding.

            There is far more possible “money” for the politicians in disposing of the land than there is in keeping it.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I may be incorrect here, but before becoming a State all the land in that region were Federal land. There are exceptions like the Republics of Vermont and Texas. At the time of statehood land would usually be transfered to the State from Federal administration. The rub I see is that at times nobody saw value in that land and let the Federal goverment retain control. Just look at Nevada.Who’d have wanted that barren land, let the feds keep it. Then all sorts of rules came about just to manage that land.

          Congress has to step up and define what is a Navigable waterways. Years ago I believe people generally understood a meaning. Like navigable with commercial traffic with access to ocean ports. The laws are so nebulous that even putting in a water garden can be defined as a nature wetland habitat and therefore irreversible and can now be controlled by the State…trust me, been there, years ago up in maine. Just because we had a moose come and visit.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            “Navigable waters” for purpose of federal jurisdiction (Army Corps of Engineers) has been defined for quite some time.

            § 329.4 General definition.
            Navigable waters of the United States are those waters that are subject to the ebb and flow of the tide and/or are presently used, or have been used in the past, or may be susceptible for use to transport interstate or foreign commerce. A determination of navigability, once made, applies laterally over the entire surface of the waterbody, and is not extinguished by later actions or events which impede or destroy navigable capacity.

            Additional rules give the Corps authority over the land under water bodies up to the “ordinary high water mark”.

            The Clean Water Act is what has caused so much confusion and frustration. This Act has been modified to give the Feds authority of the water quality of those water bodies which might drain into federal waters. Thus they have “taken” authority over State waters under guise of the Clean Water Act, separate of “Navigable” classification.

            By the way, in these parts “navigable” for State law purposes was the ability to float a log about 8 feet in length downstream.

  54. gmanfortruth says:

    Many people, very smart people, are saying that this nation isn’t a land of laws anymore. The laws are not being used to shield the people , they are a weapon used by DC. This map helps explain why the West is having problems with the Fed’s. If one wants to challenge that the law is a weapon of government, look into our prison population.

    • Up until the CW sale of Federal land was one of its prime sources of income. Some of my ancestors and relatives purchased land directly from the government. Other tracts were grants for military services rendered.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        And Railway rights of way. Get the road built. The railroad was granted land, sold to settlers pay for the road. Government brought immigrants and the land was settled. Everybody got a win win out of the deal, except the original occupants of the land.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      D13 is correct. The Feds own no land in Texas. They may manage or lease, but own NO. States that have not controlled their spending for whatever reason and have gone hat in hand to “Uncle Sam” is owned body and soul. Just like the old song “16 Tons” Tell St Peter I can come, I owe my soul to the company store. You can leave anytime you want, just pay what you owe. Which in the case of the old appalachian coal miners was never.

      Even though Obama said, he’d wish Texas to leave…it’s just the state is such a thorn in his backside. Most control is because the state took money, quid pro quo. Don’t take the money, there is nothing the feds can do. Don’t borrow money from the bank and you are free. Don’t borrow from your family and then they have no right to object as to what you do. Same situation. Any one of them may piss and moan, but really have any control….none what so ever.

      There are actually very few things the feds should be taxing for. Primarily national defense. Money for required federal expenditures was procured by tariffs and duties or sale of bonds. Not an income tax. I would have much prefered only paying local and state taxes, not a tax to the feds only used a like money laundering service. The skim taken up just with the federal employees is just like a charity. All the overhead and then a miniscule portion actually gets to the intended recipients…..the tax system is upside down. The state should maybe give a % of the states tax revenue to the feds, but in reality the state tax revenue is a % of the federal tax. Only to receive back money that should have never left the state to begin with….but its been laundered through how many extra hands and agencies?

      • The Big Bend National Park is managed by Texas with some Federal Park employees….the security of the Big Bend lies with the Texas Rangers and the Texas State Guard. The Fed park employees are not armed but all the Texas security is armed. That is why, during Obamas pulling of Fed funds, the Big Bend never closed.

        The same goes for Fort Hood and Fort Bliss……two very large army forts but ranchers are allowed to take their herds onto the fort areas to graze free of charge…however, they also assume the risk of cattle being runover by tanks or wandering onto artillery ranges with no compensation from the State or the Feds. Ever see what a 105 tank round does to a cow…..it isn’t pretty. But, none the less, the ranchers can and do graze on those lands…..that would not happen on a Federally owned base or post.

        The price to Texas joining was freedom…and that has not been lost…….dampered at times but not lost and we are gaining it back. We are lucky. We have the 12th or 14th largest economy in the world, depending on whom you believe….and we have a balanced budget with rainy day funds that are approaching 100 million dollars. We operate almost entirely on our own…. almost……We are trying to set up out own State care…we are very close but not there yet. We are trying to get to the point that we do not want to accept Medicaid funds. Almost there…..and still no income tax. We also still have Federal highway funds to maintain the Interstate system….about four years ago, Texas approached the Feds on taking over the Interstate system and taking the financial responsibility for upkeep in return for no Feeral Highway funds as well as not paying Federal taxes on gasoline but that did not get very far. Texas Interstate system covers 3,239.7 miles. Substantial savings to the government……but it got nowhere in Congress or the Senate or the White House.

        But enough of that…..I really wish that some more states will get the balls to fight….or get their economies in order where they can stand up and not be threatened if they lose certain fundings. Then on the other hand…it is rather fun to be an itch that Obama cannot reach.

        • You guys were unique. You were your own country for ten years before becoming a state. That Houston guy was one sharp cookie.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Preparation H might work….Question on Big Bend, If you take a canoe trip through that area can you carry protection, even as a tourist? Or do the Feds try and make you go naked through that area.

          • The Feds do not control the gun laws of Texas nor the river. Since the land is leased, it is clearly stated that all weapons are accepted. If you are going to wear a handgun, you must have a reciprocal license. If you are going to carry any type of long gun ( defined as non handgun ), you need no license to carry or open carry. Go armed….and, as a matter of record, the Sheriiff in charge of that county suggests you go armed and do not feed the animals…..illegals included.

            • The border is acutally a defense zone…that is where the Feds have jurisdiction. We actually have armed gunboats on the Rio (Vietnam style)….and the Feds cannot stop us from doing that…

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