Guns- Keeping Us Free!

thMZA1BX9VAfter the San Bernadino  terrorist attacks, before the bodies stopped twitching, President Obama immediately came out and bloviated about …..gun violence and gun control.  Since then, he has issued some Executive actions, of which are meaningless at best, unconstitutional at worst.  What also happened immediately after said attacks, the gun stores filled up with buyers.  Within minutes after Obama bloviated about his Executive actions, another thing happened, within minutes, guns store filled up.  After the attack on a police officer in Philadelphia, gun stores again filled up.  This is very important to the future of this nation.

President Obama has been said to be the best gun salesman in history.  That’s misleading in many ways.  The surge in gun sales after the recent terrorist attacks have also filled up gun stores.  Together, they are leading the way to saving this nation from possibly falling into the same Abyss as all other great empires.  I have yet to speak with a recent gun purchaser who has bought a gun because of either Obama or terrorism.  Many will say they want to be able to protect themselves, but never mention terrorism.  None have shown concern that Obama and the Democrats are going to try and take them.

Since 2007, gun ownership has risen , some will say, by as much as 50 million people.  The recent surges have been reported as new gun owners also looking for some training.  New Conceal Carry Licensees are exploding and some are saying that the overall number may double by the end of this year.  While we watch the MSM, Obama and the Democrats constantly talk about “gun violence”, which is a miswording of what is going on, the people are not buying the nonsense, they are arming up.  They are not arming up to give them right back to the government.  They are not arming up to fight terrorism.

thK9NON2WXThey are arming up to fight the government!  If the next elections don’t achieve some very serious changes, this trend will grow.  The biggest threat to a corrupt government is an armed populace.  It may take another half century or more before anything serious happens.  But little by little, it’s already begun.  One day, the doorways of America may look just like this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



  1. gmanfortruth says:

    A new thread to speed up loading. When/If Black Flag brings his essay forward, it may simply be posted in the comments section or as a new article that stands alone (I would do this for anyone who wants to pen and article).

    I missed the last half of the debate last night, got tired of the personal back and forth nonsense. I will say, I think Cruz hurt himself. Trump crushed him with the “New York Values” issue. Why was Kasich there? All he talks about is himself, I think after 8 years of “Me, Myself and I” that won’t work well.

    I think Trump comes out of this on top, mainly because of the New York Values answer. Patriotism is still strong in the country.

    • I don’t know G-I walk away from this thinking Cruz shouldn’t of said it-but all he really said was that most New Yorker’s are liberal. But every time I think about it I am reminded that Trump comes from LIBeral New York.

      • Which reminds me he has always been more liberal than conservative.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I would put Trump closer to the middle than Left. at least that’s how I see him. Just because someone is “from” somewhere, don’t mean that they have the same political leanings. I think at his age and travels, he has seen far more than most and his experience and knowledge seem to be shown in his beliefs, like the 2nd Amendment, for example. But, to be fair, I don’t know enough about him to give a very good answer on Trump, or the rest of them for that matter.

        Now, in the next few days or maybe next week, you can expect those lawsuits on Cruz’s eligibility. The hypocrisy of the Left never ceases to amaze.

        • I just read that an attorney in Texas just filed on Cruz. I also read that there is a case against Rubio in Fl.- that he is trying to get thrown out, guestioning whether or not he’s natural born. I had forgotten that neither of his parents were American citizens when he was born.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            LMAO. I can’t help it, but I can’t wait to type these words to a Lefty….”Well now, look who the birthers are now?” I think it’s kind of funny. The Rubio could really screw up the Left’s anchor baby mantra too. Too funny!

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Of the two, Rubio is at the greatest risk with the Natural Born issue.

            Chris Matthews last night had the law professor Trump was citing. The guys arguments are not well grounded in the history of the term, in my view.

            Even in those days, Natural Born did NOT mean you had to be born on US land or territory. Remember, the term comes from English law, was well understood and this nobody really wrote about it or questioned it. Those born of English subjects were considered Natural Born “subjects of the King” or “subjects of the English empire”.

            This only leaves the question as to “how many parents” or in our case “citizen parents” are required. Professor. Natelson claims that ONE parent is all that is needed in his works. Although I recall him saying long ago it had to be the father, I think his latest work says either parent.

            If the FATHER must be a citizen then Mr. Obama was NOT a Natural Born citizen of the USA. That he was born here is irrelevant. That only made him a citizen, not natural born. Cruz would not be eligible either, because it was his mother that was a citizen. Rubio would not be eligible as NEITHER of his parents were citizens.

            Now some of you may understand why Cruz and Rubio were fairly quick to dismiss the birther stuff against Obama. They knew where they wanted to go in their career.

            If we assume either parent then Obama and Cruz are eligible but Rubio is not.

            One issue nobody has addressed is whether the Parents also have to have been born citizens or if “naturalized” is OK. Some do argue the parents also have to be born here, thus Cruz’s comment about Trump not being eligible if he wants to use the strictest viewpoints that are floating around.

            I heard Matthews ask “why did they use the term” and I hear nobody with legal backgrounds answer the question. The Answer is this: They wanted to make sure those running for president were LOYAL to the USA and had no other Foreign allegiance, ties or sympathies.

            There was a general feeling in ye olden days that if a child’s parents were from another country they could be influenced or have sympathies for other counties due to their parents influence. In England it was primarily a matter of who fell under the “Jurisdiction of the Crown”. This is why under our system those born in territories or areas under US control were not legally challenged as to being “natural born” (Goldwater and McCain).

            • Obama was NOT natural born and was NOT born “here”. Why is this lie still being perpetuated?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Cruz was correct…………. everyone else knows what New York Values are. He should have stuck to his guns to not elaborate further.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Why is it that those so called values don’t seem to apply to our own SK?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Yes they do. Your just not far enough away for NY City to understand that.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            Funny thing, I’ve never been to NYC for any reason. I only know one person from NYC, if SK qualifies as knowing, he’s it. Cruz generalized and it bit him. I think Rubio even put a hurting on him concerning his record. Just my opinion, I think Cruz hurt his chances in a big way and then got hurt when his voting record was exposed. Bush may come out of this better off, Trump stays at the top and maybe Christy moves up. I thought the birther thing would hurt Trump, until the lawsuits came out. Funny how this is all working out. Good for entertainment. on a boring evening 🙂

          • gmanfortruth says:

            A question. Do you think Trump is getting inside info from someone within the Left? He had to know about the lawsuits or he wouldn’t have brought up the subject.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Alan Grayson, Florida, had made public statements that he would file such a suit.

              There were also many among the RIGHT making the same claims about Cruz’ ineligibility, as well as Rubio. What makes you think it wasn’t establishment Republicans behind the whole thing??

              It has all been out there for a couple years but nobody wanted to acknowledge it.

              I do not think Cruz’s comment would have hurt him if he had left at “everyone outside NY knows what I mean.” But he elaborated, which gave Trump the opening to play the WE POOR NY’s suffered 9/11 card. And yes, several politicians from that part of the world have played that card.

              So Trump won that exchange in the debate. Cruz won the exchange on the “natural born” issue. Fox’s citizen panel, which included Trump supporters, were unanimous in their view Cruz WON THE DEBATE in total. Time will tell.

              Outside the debate, Trump has damaged his competition with the birther issue. Because now the left wing media is on it like flies on stink.

              You want a conspiracy? How was Jeb Bush going to overcome the overwhelming fact he has ZERO traction against the Republican field?? So now Trump disposes of Cruz and Rubio. He has everyone thinking Fiorina has facial issues so they see nothing but her facial expressions when she talks. WHO IS LEFT??

              Trump, Bush, Kasich, and Crisite. All of which are ESTABLISHMENT candidates. How are Fiorina or Paul going to regain momentum in time to become the favored “outsiders”?? Carson is a non player………… he is gone………… sticking around in hopes of having some say in the final match, but no chance of winning.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                I guess anybody could be behind the birther issue. I actually think the issue is not all that relevant. As far as Cruz winning that part, I disagree (and I don’t care what FOX news said), only because Cruz is a Constitutional attorney and should have been able to squash it, which he didn’t. It’s still an issue, so I would say that Trump still holds that card and what is hilarious, he don’t have to say another word about it. Now, the MSM is talking about the eligibility of the TWO, not just Cruz. Another brilliant move by Trump, and all of this don’t cost him a penny. Despite the current level of traction Bush has, until he quits, I’m still going with my original prediction that he will end up getting the nomination. Notice I didn’t say he will WIN it. It’s still early and lots of things will happen before the convention.

                Do you think Hillary will get indicted if the FBI determines that charges should be filed? I think this subject is far more important right now. What say you?

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I am guessing there is tremendous pressure on the FBI to NOT indict.

              However, it they find an OBVIOUS reason to indict then I expect it to happen. Then I expect the Progressives in the Dem party to DRAFT Jerry Brown or Elizabeth Warren to run. It will happen during the Convention.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Would then California vote republican in the general election? Is Jerry still that popular? Seems a lot of big hollywood types are selling and moving elsewhere. They’re not saying where. Tejas maybe? Watch out Colonel.

              • It would not surprise me to see brokered conventions on both sides.

  2. gmanfortruth says:

    Now resigned Harney Country Fire Chief holds press conference. Exposes corrupt Judge and FBI agents. Watch here:

    • Just A Citizen says:
      • gmanfortruth says:

        I should correct something I posted to VH. The Judge may have been lobbying on COUNTY time, not Federal time. Only Grasty has been mentioned in a negative way. Did you happen to view the video of the ex-fire chief?

        • Just A Citizen says:

          No, I read the article and the quotes. Given the quotes I do not see what the problem is with the Sherriff. That being all he said was the people were being watched and harassed. He did not say they were militia. At least not in the quotes provided.

          I doubt the FBI is posing as militia. More likely is they are snooping around and based on their vehicles and dress people “think” they were militia.

          It is also easy to see why the Judge might have told the Fire “Chief” to standdown. He has no authority as Fire Chief to pull people over and start questioning them on matters unrelated to fire. Note, he does not show up in the list of County “departments”. So I don’t know why he would resign to the Judge. If he is the Chief of a fire district it is probably independent of the County Govt. Some better information would be nice on that relationship.

    • Just A Citizen says:
  3. JAC,

    You’ve made a case for why the Hammond’s and Bundy’s are wrong but I don’t remember you ever saying the government was innocent in all this. So how about you tell us where you think the government is wrong.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good question.

      In the Bundy case the Govt. was wrong to let him get away with the trespass for so long. The Fed. LEO were wrong to show up with the SWAT team to remove his cows. They should have let Bundy come off as the “armed thug” interfering with the federal cowboys. The Feds are wrong in letting him walk to this point. He violated a Court Order. He should be in contempt and currently in custody. Bundy also has claimed he deposited his grazing fees with either the county or state. If this is true I do not know why the Feds cannot put a lien on this property and get the state to turn the money over.

      In the Hammond case again the Govt. seems to have been wrong to show tolerance and attempt to work with Hammond. If the records are true he lit many fires on “federal land” over a long period of time. He also violated the terms of his grazing permits and create nothing but problems from the time he arrived in the area. Now normally I would say this is not a wrong as this is pretty traditional in how the local BLM and USFS people deal with their permittees. It usually only gets bad when the permittee becomes absolutely beligerant. But in this case, as with Bundy, it seems the Feds tolerance has led to escalated behavior and eventually the need for more punitive action.

      The biggest wrong by the Feds in the Hammond case was by the US Attorney who appealed the case. She and the Solicitor who decided to pursue the appeal do not understand the issues or people. They should have let the sentence stand. But I can find nothing indicating their action was vindictive or for any other reason than the stupidity of “we can’t let a mandatory minimum go challenged.” Based on the records I could find I can not say there were ulterior motives by the Solicitor or US Attorney. But given my experience with the Clinton administration and how this one has behaved I will not claim with absolute certainty that there were not.

      And, I think the FBI is wrong to create such a large footprint in Burns. They are just feeding right into the distrust and paranoia folks have about the “heavy handed feds”. Yes they took over a “federal property”, but the locals have them under their control. No need for anything but a negotiator and field office rep. at this point.

      Which does remind me of one other wrong by the Feds but it is not limited to these two cases. That is the LEO tendency to go heavy handed so quickly. I have tried to explain part of the reasons they over react. The other is that the LEO parts of the land mgt. agencies operate independently of the Line Officers in charge of the local area. This was done by a Democratic Congress at the behest of the Environmentalists under the guise that “local officers were corrupt” and were letting loggers and ranchers get away with to much. Now the ranchers and loggers are screaming about corruption because of over zealous law enforcement.

      My caveat is that these conclusions are based on the records I could find. What I could not find were transcripts of the actual Hammond trial nor a list of all the charges. And from the records I read I am still not sure whether Hammond lit both fires on his property first or if he lit one of them on the Govt. lands.

      I have found nothing in the records of either case to indicate that the USFWS or BLM violated any laws or regulations in administering the Hammond or Bundy grazing allotments.

      As I tried to explain several times, if people do not like ranchers being regulated on Federal Lands then they need to get the laws changed. Congress sets the primary goals and directives for Federal Lands. Just remember there is also a large number of Citizens who think grazing, logging and mining on Federal Lands should be abolished altogether.

      By spending so much time on these there were two other points I really wanted to get across to everyone. First, Federal Land ownership and management in the West is a far more complicated issue in reality than is often portrayed by those trying to drum up sympathy for their cause. Second, we need to be careful who we follow into the battle. There are many out here and I am guessing throughout the country who have a distorted view of how things are “supposed to be”. Far worse than mine 😉 Jumping on their band wagon can damage our efforts when it is found they are in the wrong.

      • Somehow that doesn’t get to the heart of my question. So, I’ll ask another one to clarify. You speak of a cause. What is the cause? What laws should be changed? Do ranchers have a case against the government in how they are handling the Federal lands?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Before I tackle the issues with laws I do want to address the “heart” of your question.

          So could you be more precise in what you are wondering with regard to Federal wrong doing?

          • I wonder the most about environmental fights. I also wonder why the Hammonds would start these fires-why open yourself up to these types of problems unless you feel they are necessary for your survival. I wonder how much the laws have changed over the years and have they been fair to the ranchers who have been there for generations.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              A lot of people wonder the same thing VH. That is why there is something “WRONG” with the whole issue. The “militia” in Burn Oregon have been accused of harassment in the forms of following people, sitting outside their houses, slashing tires etc, but so far the only people identified were undercover FBI agents who a Judge claimed to be the militia. As the video above in the link confirms, a man in good standing, a fire chief for decades, who resigns and then gets in front of the cameras and tells it the way he see’s it. HMMM, that doesn’t make me wonder one bit. As for this Judge he mentions, There are rumors that he spent some 4000 hours lobbying for protection of the Sage Grouse. I’m not sure why this is a bad thing, unless he did it on Federal time, or it’s a conflict of interest between him and the ranchers (which sounds like something possible).
              Going back to yesterday, why would Bundy go out and destroy Federal property and do so in front of cameras? Then, why didn’t the government do the fixing? My thinking is that the fence isn’t actually on Federal land. It belongs to the rancher, who was caught up in the early days of the fence argument, who put up his own fences, before the Fed’s finally adhered to the law and did what the law directed them to do. The was plenty of lag time during that period of time. Let’s see how any criminal charges come out about it, then we will have a better idea. The plot thickens 🙂

            • Just A Citizen says:


              1. I think the Hammonds started the fires to kill sagebrush and juniper in hopes more grass would grow. There is no evidence this was needed to maintain their operation. They might have been hoping it would “increase” there operation. That the Feds would allow MORE cattle if there was more grass. But this burning for grass has to be balanced against other environmental objectives. Maintaining viable Sage Grouse populations and clean water are two such objectives. So is maintaining some sagebrush and juniper habitat for other species.

              I also believe, without substantive proof, that the Hammond did this in part because they are among this group who just doesn’t think the Feds have the authority so they do what they want and hope to avoid serious consequences. Or to force some court ruling in their favor, like Bundy and Hage tried in Nevada. There is a lot in this story that goes to the Hammond mindset which I have no personal knowledge of. I have speculated based on my experience with a few people like them but I do not know for sure.

              2. The greatest changes in the actual laws came in the 70’s. These were the NFMA, FLPMA, NEPA, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Wilderness Act, and the Endangered Species Act. These laws absolutely changed how federal lands were managed in the West, the nation for that matter. Since the 70’s there have been additional changes, to the detriment of cattlemen and lumbermen, caused by some Congressional updates to those laws (clean water act and appeals of NEPA) but mostly due to the Court cases brought against the Federal Agencies by the Environmentalists. Footnote: The Courts have taken the environmental laws far beyond what Congress intended when enacted. But the “modern” Congresses like that, otherwise they could have fixed it with legislation. These are not Constitutional issues required a 2/3 majority. The totality of the effect of all this was a large reduction in permitted grazing and timber harvest on Federal Lands. But you must remember, these changes were largely driven by changes in our culture regarding how the people viewed these lands.

              You have expressed sympathy for the ranchers and loggers, those making their living from these lands. But these lands are Public Domain, they are your lands as they are mine. The “Commons” if you will. So how do you want your land managed? What do you want it to look like? Do you want streams to run clear with fish like they had in the good ol’ days? Do you want the abundance of wildlife that was there as well? Do you want access for hiking and camping? Do you want the boundaries of your land respected by your neighbors?

              I raise these questions because it goes to yours about “fairness”. Was it fair that these ranchers had the run of your property for almost 100 years? That they overgrazed these lands to the point the grasslands were converted to sage and juniper? That they, along with the Govt’s help and funding, planted thousands upon thousands of acres of NON NATIVE grass just to support cows? That the grazing and logging reduced fish populations along with other wildlife species? FAIR, as always is in the eye of the beholder.

              I will say one thing on Fair, however. The REDUCTIONS in grazing caused by these laws and court rulings is what it is. But I can personally attest that in the 70’s and 80’s there were many Federal employees working with ranchers in as “fair a way” as possible to get the grazing reduced. People extended periods of reductions to allow ranchers to adjust or move. They offered other allotments when abandoned in order for the remaining ranches to stay viable. To the detriment of the range they allowed ranchers to graze during the drought years when they should not have.

              At the same time I must admit that the “attitude” towards the ranchers and loggers by the Federal employees has changed. They are no longer as sympathetic as a group, on average. That is due to the changes in the backgrounds of those employees and the Mission they have been given from their leadership. Which goes back to the laws and court cases. These agencies have also been undergoing “major” reductions in budgets and staff the past 15 years.

              Does this help or did I just muddy the waters even worse?

              P.S. In case you haven’t picked up on it, I personally have great sympathy for ALL the players at the ground level. I grew up with them, I worked with them and I have been them. The saddest part of this is that the laws and Congress’ lack of action to resolve the issues has led to divisions in small communities that are corrosive. Where ranchers and loggers used to just poke fun at the fed. employees in the bar on Friday night, they now chastise them and express hatred towards them. Fed. employees in small towns have withdrawn from their communities. They no longer participate in those things that make small towns a “community” and not just a collection of houses and people.

              There are now collaborative efforts across the west to solve these conflicts locally. This is helping maintain some resource uses and bringing people together to solve these problems. But my sense is that the animosity is not reduced by this. Not as much as is needed. The ranchers, loggers and timbermen feel they HAVE to participate to survive. There is a feeling of having been coerced. I do not get the sense that many Fed. people understand this.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Found an article on an event and situation that captures much of what I have been sharing with everyone. Notice the date. End of the Clinton term. GW Bush didn’t do much to fix the problem, although his appointees didn’t exacerbate it further.

      But part of the anger discussed in this article was due to a change in the Elected Officials in Elko Country. People were upset with impacts to the economy and were grasping for ways to fight it. Along came the Catron County ruling that Counties might have some authority over certain roads on federal lands. Then the road in Jarbidge was washed out and the USFS decide to leave it and close the road to reduce future impacts to fish. The bulltrout was being considered for listing under the ESA at the time. So some folks in Elko county decided to make an issue of the road closure. The “Shovel Brigade” was born.

      Frankly, I thought it a great protest as it got out the message and caused no serous damage to any Public Domain.

      Gloria Flora left a wake of mismanagement and distrust in her career. One of my last projects as a consultant was dealing with a mess she created. Ms. Flora was a well educated and articulate person. She was and remains a GREENIE. She was moved up the ladder because of her gender, not her accomplishments. Another thing that created problems in the 90’s, some of which still exist.

      Now for a personal anecdote. At the time this happened I was working in the private sector. But word went out, and I was indirectly contacted by Forest Service managers in D.C. and Ogden. Not just me, but all of us who had worked in Nevada in the 70’s and 80’s. They were asking all of us if we would be willing to RETURN to the area to help get this all fixed. Sometimes I regret not taking up the challenge. But NONE OF US returned. We had all moved on in our careers and were raising families across the west. That part of Nevada is pretty remote and not conducive to raising kids who are in middle or high school.

      To be honest, I don’t know if we could have made a difference given how far things had deteriorated. Many of the players had changed on both sides, many were entrenched in their positions. The poison had probably spread to far.

  4. Just A Citizen says:


    Wanted to respond to this here:
    January 14, 2016 at 6:10 pm (Edit)

    One thing I think you are leaving out of your calculations is Why is there an uptick in attacks and do we have any reason to think that they are gonna stop.

    The WHY is the interference in ISIS and others business. In this case their fomenting of civil war and revolution. I do not think there had been a single ISIS based attack on the US until we started bombing them. You may recall, I made this point some time ago.

    Attacks in France are linked to their involvement in Africa. The attacks in Spain and England were over their involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan coalitions, but mostly Iraq.

    I don’t believe the terrorist attacks on the US are because of who we are or they hate our freedom. They may hate it but they did not attack us for that reason. They attacked us because of our presence in the Middle East. First, our alliance with Israel. Second, our support of corrupt Govts. for the sake of “stability”, and third, because we are infidels in their land trying to affect their culture.

    Those reasons seem bizarre to us so we tend to dismiss them as BS. But that is THEIR reasoning. This leaves us with some serious questions that require careful thought. Questions we have addressed here many times.

    Like WHY should we be involved in the Middle East at all. Why not just pull out, lock, stock and barrel. Why not Trade with whomever but DO NOT SELL WEAPONS to anyone. Why should we interfere in their religious Civil War?

    These questions go to that old issue about the worlds supposed “moral obligation” to prevent carnage and stop the next Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot from coming along. But is that even possible? Have we not created more monsters and greater problems in the long run?

    I draw your attention now to the Republican debates last night. I remind you of the essay BF posted about fearing those who are afraid as it is they who destroy our liberty. Without Rand Paul EVERY Republican pounded their chest about DESTROYING ISIS and WINNING THE WAR. What damn war?? We have inserted ourselves in THEIR CIVIL WAR. Hell we even helped CAUSE one of them, called Libya.

    The Republicans now appear to be doubling down on orchestrating a heavy hand in the Middle East in this perpetual war with “radical Islamic jihadists”. Did you note how many are pushing for GREATER surveillance authority, giving NSA even greater authority. Bush slipped up last night and said he would give NSA authority over State and Local efforts. Nobody in the peanut gallery caught it. As the essayist pointed out, the fearful left created the environment for the fearful right to destroy Liberty.

    Now, based on the applause last night it appears the Republican population is all for this Militaristic, WAR approach. If that is the case, if the American people are back to that point, ready for WAR, then get ready for a long period of continued economic stagnation, continued terrorist attacks in the USA and a dark future for our children.

    Let me add one more thought. IF the WORLD feels it is obligated to act against these types of events, then the ENTIRE WORLD needs to participate. Not factions within the world, such as NATO or “the Arab Nations”. Either we are ALL in or WE ARE OUT. And if the WORLD is going to intervene in these events it needs to intervene in ALL EVENTS. Like kicking China out of the international waters they claim as their own, because they raised an atoll above the water line. Like Kicking Russia out of the Ukraine as well as the USA.

    If THE WORLD is truly aligned and committed to fighting against aggression then it needs to take on ALL AGRESSORS. I think you can see why this does not work. The Asylum is comprised only of inmates.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I was looking to bring the “terrorist” issue to this new topic. To follow BF’s statistical line of thought, Here I usually do not give the odds of any event affecting me one thought. Usually it’s much simpler….do I want to walk even drive through an area where there is a chance of having to stop. Even here in lowly Eastern Carolina, New Bern there is an area. The area I live in there is never a risk. The fact that you stop at a Mickey D’s in a lowly village in rural PA and people are afraid to go out. The terror tactic worked, Except for the side affect of everything JAC brought up. How willing people are to give up their rights for the most remote risk. That said….

      While living in Sicily we had 4 separate types of terrorism at work. You really had to keep an ear glued to the ground.
      1) Most obvious was the Mafia. They used terror very affectively. But in their case it was very directed. You do business with them and welch…..bye bye. You compete and you’ll probably lose. You open a business that they want, even if you never used their funds, heed the warnings. You learned very quickly to walk on the other side of the street if such a dispute was occuring. The warnings always were incremental and escalating. Very rarely were innocents caught in the cross-fire.
      2) The internal political terrorists, like the “Brigade Rosso” They also were very targeted. Business leaders, ie capitalists and their families, and political leaders.
      3) There was a separtist movement. The targets were specific, the police and Italian military personnel.
      4) International terrorism. At the time even though the alignment appeared to be islamic vs the west it was more a soviet client vs the west. ie Libya. The US was installing a cruise missile site in the southern part of Sicily called Pachino. It was a weapons range mostly. The missiles were directed at Libya. All subsequent events such as the Gulf of Sidra and bombing of Libya were rooted there. We did have a commercial airliner shoot down while I was there. The Italian interceptors shot down two migs coming in under the radar shadow of an airliner and when they blew up so did the airliner. Numerous rocket attacks. There were random drive-by shootings in tourist cafes in famous resorts. You could round a corner and meet a tank sitting in the street with it’s gun barrel pointed at your windshield. Every police road stop had machine guns pointed at you from covered positions.

      The fact my landlord was a state military police officer and I was US military, all the aforenamed bullets were relevent thereby increasing odds to way more than a traffic accident……In all cases there were precautions you could take that just required being aware. At NO time though, even though there was a shooting war going on around, did anyone ever get subjected to an agency like the TSA or the demand of rights to be stripped like what’s going on today.

      What all in all I’m saying is the reaction to continual threat back in the 70’s from far more sources was less than today and the willingness to give up rights and hard earned freedoms.

      Lest we forget, when Hillary first became SOS she visited Assad in Syria and proclaimed that he was a progressive leader and we can work with him. This was a response to Bush’s isolation of Assad. Just a few years later….she was loudly proclaiming “Assad must go” Ghaddafi had been neutralized for years and we do not to belabor that series of events.

      I really would like to know why we feel it is not within the rights of a sovereign nation to defend itself against rebels and then “foreign” aggression who sided with those rebels?.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        If I could point to one thing that today’s terrorist’s do that is the #1 cause of fear, it is the use of explosives against innocent people in public places. When it happens, it’s all over the MSM (as BF correctly states). But I must also question the fear that many claim to have. Has their fear changed how they live their lives? Did they stop going to the market?

        I actually have desired to do things that I haven’t done in years, like go to a theater at the mall and catch a movie (went and saw Mockingjay 2 recently). I actually look forward to go to the market now. So, let me ask, has anyone changed their normal lifestyle because of terrorism?

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I try and avoid domestic air travel. The TSA intrusion, amateurs all even after all these years plus the cheap cattle car packing of the airliners, plus to totally maximize the planes the schedules are so tight. Tired of literally running from one end of Atlanta airport to catch a connecting flight in minutes. Or in Philly. Best carry clothes because the baggage in the hold will catch up later. The cabbies usually do not speak english and have all the restrictions (muslim) driven pasted all over the vehicle. International NP. at least a few years ago. Much more professional. I drive domestically if practical. Zero time contraints for the past 6 years. One of the last early morning flights I took out of RDU the TSA folks were so intrusive, I cracked that I should have waited to dress until after the searches. This was not just me but everyone was literally taken down to 3 pieces of clothing, 4 if you were a women. A zillion year old gray haired white lady was subjected to such a humiliating public search. BS on that.

          Movie theater whats that? That has been a long standing aversion, long before 9/11

          • gmanfortruth says:

            LOL. But your not avoiding flying because of your fear of terrorist’s, your avoiding it because of government idiocy. There is a difference, LOL 🙂

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              That is my point….it’s the governments reaction and the majority of the peoples demands that altered my behavior.

              If I read the comments earlier correctly about the GOP debate, they’re just about all clamoring to see how much more intrusive the government can get (obviously for our safety) and wage more conflict abroad driving BF’s, JAC’s and your points home. I firmly believe in ying and yang, or even Newton’s law, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

              • Wow….I need to stay out of these posts…so many questions, so many statements….no answers. It always seems to focus on who is wrong……..History has the answers.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Sir…..Since you were on and still are on the front line, do you believe the war on terrorism is a success? Or will continue ad infinitum like the war on drugs? Yes there was a criminal class before prohibition, but got a real shot in the arm with the banning of alchohol as an example. Has all the meddling around the world made it any more stable? Isn’t that the goal? So everyone can go about their lives as they choose? Most people want the right to be left alone and in peace and provide for their families. It does not take many people to upset that equilibrium. Unfortunately there are to many people wishing to break a hell of a lot of eggs.

                Even back in the 70’s I thought that we should make middle eastern oil irrelevent to our nation. We instead went the other tack and made it a mainstay of our national policy. With our energy independence now maybe our actions can modify. Just like back in the 1400’s and the start of the age of exploration. Most of those voyages were directly aimed at breaking the non value added roadblock of the M/E. Not that we stop using the petroleum products, we just stop using theirs. If another country is tired of the crap sell them the technology to utilize their resources. Do that and the M/E will turn return to the desert of obscurity.

                But unfortunately even if we did all the things proposed by everyone, and seem to relieve the excuses posted everywhere, that will not solve the problem. It will in the end be we capitulate or they do and all the mess that goes in between. Even the old soviet union, with it’s political objectives still retained fairly similar cultural ties to the west. Most of the population is west of the urals and therefor european . But Islam is a complete polar opposite. If christianity had not evolved from the days when the pope divided the world between Spain and Portugal then I’d say the two cultures are two peas in the same pod. But we have moved on.

        • Have I changed my normal lifestyle because of terrorism? Nope. Not at all. Where I live, being fearful of a terrorist attack would be akin to being in the desert and being fearful of a polar bear attack.

          I will tell you what has forced a change of my lifestyle…the economic downturn of the last few decades. Twenty five years ago my income was DOUBLE what it is now. I grew up in a time where we went to work every day and we made stuff. And we made the best stuff in the world. Now we don’t make anything, we just consume. Everything is service oriented.

          I used to attend 2-4 NFL games a year. I loved cheering for my favorite team with thousands of other fans. Always had a good time, win or lose. Now? Can’t afford it. A couple hundred for tickets, a hundred for gas, another hundred for food and drinks? Now I have to be content just watching on TV.

          Travel? I’ve not traveled much. I have no need to travel. But, I couldn’t afford it if I wanted. But with the TSA and required diagnostic X-rays and colonoscopy’s…..nope, I’ll pass.

          Movies? HA! Last time I went to a movie I took my nephew and his friend. It’s been about ten years ago. Emptied my wallet! I got into the habit of just waiting for the movie to come out on dvd or TV. Can’t afford it!

          I want to say something about Walmart. I stopped shopping there years ago. Not because I can’t afford it. Not because of fear of terrorism. But because there is an abundance of idiots with no common sense, no decency, and no manners who are ALWAYS in my way. And then they always act like it’s my fault that they are in my way!?

          Terrorism or the threat of terrorism has not affected my lifestyle in the least…at least not the type of terrorism that we are discussing here. 😉

    • It is not working because you cannot have one world….it was never meant to be that way and it will never be that way.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Good evening Sir. How are you this fine Friday?


        Kind of my point. The claimed values and “moral obligations” don’t match reality.

        Leaving us only two options, based on history.

        1) Invade and take over whomsoever should offend us, in any way we declare offensive.

        2) Withdraw from the geopolitical game if it requires force. Simply defend our territory and our ships at sea. Even the latter could be a point of discussion. But not the defense of our territory.

        • Doing fine, sir. Just back from the border,

          you said ” Even the latter could be a point of discussion.” How so?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I could see private groups contracting security for shipping companies to fend off pirates.

            If other nations want to harass our commercial shipping then the traders should decide whether to put up with it or move elsewhere.

            If nations start hijacking commerce for “special fees” then we can retaliate with TARRIFS. Right?

            Question of the day: Noticed Bush and others jumped on Trump over his Tariffs. The left is sharing in that argument today. Didn’t the “left” claim that the argument that taxes are passed onto the consumers is a false argument?? Have not the Bush’s themselves made this argument?? But now suddenly Tariffs to address trade imbalance is a cost to the consumer.

            OK, more a statement. But who else should bear the cost? The issue is the PRICE of the product. Artificial prices caused by manipulation should either be balanced or not. If consumers want balanced and fair trade then that means HIGHER PRODUCT PRICES.

            I felt Trump missed a chance to bury Bush once and for all when he attacked Trump over that point. Oh well.

            Cruz going to win Texas????

            • So who cares if they are passed on? Everything is passed onto the consumers. So, you will pay more but somebody down the street may get to keep his home, his medical insurance, and his job. When US companies go abroad, the investor makes out, the consumer rarely does. Be it Farberware or Manhattan Shirts, when they moved to China did anybody notice the shirts or pots getting cheaper? Having the adjacent town impacted by the close of a Manhattan Factory and a number of my tenants laid off in the Bronx by Farberware, I paid particular attention and found no change in price.

              I admit to not being the brightest bulb in the pack on economics but the current Wall Street weeping and gnashing over oil prices leaves me cold. Yes, I understand that the new development folks are being hurt but Exxon Mobile and the other big guys who have cried for years and years that they only make six cents a gallon are still making six cents a gallon. Unless, of course, that was Bullshit!

              Also gives you a rough idea these days of the actual amounts of oil out there and the real cost of production doesn’t it? Been lied to since ’73.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                I so remember the CEO of Nike crowing about their return to the shareholder. Sure the sports shoes were still over $100.00. The shoes were being made in sweat camps in Indonesia in conditions that are so humanily unconcienable (sp) Just remember Marcos in PI, the companies got chucked when he and his wife were overthrouwn. To be fair, they were not all american but european also. Migrated to Indonesia and the same thing happened. The people in Mexico did not nessecarily fare better with outsourcing. The patron on the hill made out like a bandit. From personal friends accounts in Colombia, labor complaints were settled with a 9mm followed by a statement “anymore complaints”.

  5. gmanfortruth says:

    Looks like the Stock market is in trouble again today. The Dow -500, Oil down another 6%.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      In 2000, the NASDAQ was at 5000. It is now, in 2016 at 4470. Gee, how far we have come.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        154 Walmarts in US to close.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          They and every corner now occupied by at least 2-4 so called pharmacies. They are like an alien infestation of weeds. They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere. Plus dollar store and dollar general stores, targets, kmarts and mostly empty except on key shopping days..

          • Dontcha love Wal-Mart, first they come into a town and bust the downtown business district all to hell, then they leave. Now you get to drive an hour to buy a pair of shoes.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Sounds like you should start a shoe store!

              • I’m actually hoping that this might lead to a resurgence of downtowns. There are a few communities I know like St. Mary’s PA in the Western part of the state that 15 years ago had a downtown corridor that could have passed for the mythical “Bedford Falls” in “It’s a Wonderful Life” until the Wal-Mart came OUTSIDE of town (tax dodge). Same with the smaller towns around Lehighton in Eastern PA.

                I have the misfortune of having had an incredibly frugal mother who taught me probably by osmosis, to be a comparison shopper. I have noticed that the big stores save you large amounts of money on things you do not need. The things that you do need are priced about the same as in a regular store. The absolute WORST prices are in the Walgreens, CVS’s and Rite Aid’s that replaced Woolworths.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Baltic Dry Index 383!

    • You are leaving out that the USD is stronger than ever worldwide and is becoming more sought after.

  6. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Meteorlogically it has been clear and cold these past several days. Today the weather bureau called for a chance of showers this afternoon. The “chance” has turned into a full scale deluge so far for 4 hours.

    I really hate to say it, when the weather can not be predicted within hours when theh track is well evident, how can anyone believe 100 years of prediction can even reasonibly be close.

    Why and the heck is Clooney’s wife petitioning the white house and obama about the Maldives. This place is < 2 meters above sea level at it's highest point. Almost was erradicated during the Indian Ocean tsunami, been a "constitutional" dictatorship in name only since the UK gave up protection of those atolls. They'll have more problems long before climate change forces relocation or not. Just because it is a "hot" european vacation spot. Let India deal with them, or one of the other islamic states…….The solution……build the atolls up just like China did.

  7. Just A Citizen says:

    When I hear cattle ranchers complain about the impact of Federal regulations on their industry I get a little upset. Not because they have not suffered, but because they have not suffered as much as others. This is due to the difference in the laws governing grazing and those governing timber harvest.

    Anyway, I thought this would be of interest to SUFA folks, especially V.H. and her inquiry into what happened. NOTE: Almost at the end is a great history of the sawmills in BURNS, where the Hammond drama is unfolding. The first time I saw Burns it was during this hey day. I witnessed its decline over the years as I passed through town or went there on business from time to time.

    P.S. This story was repeated in Idaho and Montana, and Utah. We are at a point in the “Intermountain Region” where if you wanted to sell timber, there are no mills to use it.

  8. Just A Citizen says:


    I hope you folks let me know if you are bored or getting tired of all the “western” history, issues and stories. Seems I have spend a lot of time and “words” on them lately. Admission I get a little long in the explanations at times. I just want everyone to get a better understanding.

    I think it is useful when it turns to “how do we fix it” discussion.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Good article above on the lumber industry. I remember a lot of those Owl issues and enviro-nuts climbing trees in protest. Recent history is sure showing a pattern. I can also see why people out your way are getting a little ticked off. When the livelyhoods of most of the people can be destroyed by people 2000 plus miles away, it is inevitable that the destruction will occur. I would say that those problems would be far less likely if the States owned the vast majority of the land within their borders. It seem’s that those who crafted the Constitution knew what they were doing in limiting the Federal ownership of land, as many of us interpret it. Maybe it’s ironic that you agree with federal ownership, while at the same time seeing how destructive to the citizens it is. What the government gives, they government can take away.

      As far as your historic stuff, history is always cool!

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Your comment shows me once again you do not carefully read what I post here.

        I was one of the first proponents of turning federal lands back to the States. I was at the meeting where we came up with the idea for Idaho and it was one of my colleagues who devised a rational plan to implement it. But it did not happen.

        What I have done here is make sure people understand all the issues at stake and why most people, including those in the west, do not want Federal Lands privatized. They might accept State ownership but many are concerned the States would sell the land under political pressure and “contributions”.

        I have never said federal land ownership was a good idea, only that the Constitution allows it and those claiming otherwise are full of bulldookey.

        • JAC…did I miss something somewhere? Why do people not like the idea of private lands?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Out here it is primarily an issue with public access, primarily for hiking, boating, hunting and fishing. The Force, sense of freedom, is so strong in the intermountain west because we have vast areas where we can move freely about with little regulation or harassment. Remember my musings about the “sense of being free” when standing in a valley 20 miles wide, hundreds long and Mountains on both sides towering to 9000 ft. Knowing that you can go where you want and realizing there is hardly anyone around. That is because the Feds control those vast tracts of land.

            Many of us true westerners see access as a birthright. It was not restricted much until the past 20 years. Ironically, as the Feds cramp down on public access they actually increase the willingness of people to consider transferring control of the lands. Many would support State ownership, thinking the States would return access to what it was.

            The Force in Texas is obviously strong, but it is tempered with the need to “ask permission” to hunt, fish or travel from A to B if you want to do that. We did not grow up with those kinds of restrictions and we do not like them.

            Unfortunately for the “privatizing” crowd, the large development/growth the past 20 years has resulted in larger PRIVATE lands being fenced/posted and/or subdivided and then posted. The Feds are now having to fight in court to keep public access to federal lands surrounded by the private. It used to be the other way around. Them denying access to those they surrounded. Irony is a funny thing. It has fangs and can turn on you.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              god I remember those days out west. When there was lots of room for expansion, people used up a resource and then moved on. Many of these areas are still recovering. Now that expansion, by moving onto new land is severely limited good stewardship becomes paramount. JAC, you commented that the Hammond were not particularly good at that. Wanted to push into Federally managed or owned land. If where they came from was abused, why would their behavior change when getting access to federal lands. If a rancher has shown good stewardship less oversight is required. If bad, do not even let them near the land. That would be in violation of the trust.

              Back in the 60’s you could go into the mountains at any time and rarely saw anybody. This is back when the population in CA was much smaller. Even with the low traffic the damage done to the fragile alpine zone was very evident. We strived to NOT make new tracks and leave no additional footprint. Usually our packs averaged between 35 and 40 lbs for a week in the back country. The packs were usually heavier, at the end of the hike due to us collecting trash discarded all along the trails, by previous back country adventurers. Today, access is not free. Reservations required for very allocated times. With 2X the population in CA and undoubtably extreme pressure on the fragile ecosystems restrictions had to be implemented. Not fun, but what else was to be done?
              With some droughts in CA back in the 60’s, again with 1/2 the population, ads showing a nice rainbow trout swimming in a stream on the western slope of Colorado. Sound affect of a toilet flushing in LA. the water level reduced. Another flush, less water, and another. Last scene was the fish flapping on a bare gravel stream bed. Point made about conserving water. Usually not locally produced but from away. When I saw San Juan Capistano bitching about the water rates per unit during this current drought I was stunned. It is 4X less expensive per unit than here where we have plenty of water and it’s local. If anything CA should have obscene rates in the population centers to get them to conserve and get rid of a few private pools and hot tubs.

              Unfortunately we’ve seen abuses to many times of overzealous government agents and that makes the news. What about the other side of the story. Fair and balanced.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                It was Hage, in Nevada, that I commented was not a good rancher. Hammonds I have no particular info on about their ranching skills.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Senior moment…..but the point I hope was made.

                You note the distrust amongst the parties involved. Expand that out even further. Look at the fracturing of our society even in the past 8 years. All due to a few people with ulterior motives. It doesn’t take much, especially with the media today. Among the other people who should be pillaried is Ted Turner with his media invention of the 24 hour news cycle. There always was a quote that “bad news sells” but who the hell cares that a bus crashed and 18 people were injured, in Uganda. With minor local issues being plastered all over national news sites just to fill time, everyone psychologically thinks everything is out of control, yet it is no worse if not better that years ago. You had 1 hr of local and state news with Jerry Dunphy (sp) in LA on KTLA then at 7 1 hour of national and international news. Then you had the local papers. Ignorance was bliss. That’s a joke, but why be at all concerned about local crap in Calais ME when you are in Escondido Beach CA. If it truly affected you people in those places would contact you.

                Just read as some do here the visceral hatred and foul comments on other sites. Even on movie comments. People can do so because of being anonoymous (sp) At least here on SUFA the vast majority of the time the dialog is civil. A rarity in today world.

            • JAC……great answer….even makes sense. Texas does not have that and when I wanted to go backpacking, it was always i Federal Lands….we drove to New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho.

              Yes, in Texas, you cannot just go out and go deer hunting unless you have a lease somewhere or ranchers provide you permissions. I guess that is due to cattle country. Game management is handled by the private land ownership. Without game management, there is no game in the following years and a source of income is dried up. We do not allow hunting on our lands. We have some of the largest deer around because we do not set up feeders nor blinds…that type of hunting is…well….not hunting.

              But I have noticed that if you wish to hunt in Western Lands on Fed properry, you still have to pay for the privilege. There are lotteries around for Desert Bighorn, Elk, and Bear. In Nevada, Oregon, California, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington State, and Montana. You are regulated on where you can go and where you can hunt by counties and wilderness areas. You are also regulated to losing licensing privileges ( angling/hunting )….so I guess it is how you look at it.

              The Big Bend area in Texas…has Federal regulations but only as it pertains to camping and drugs. Texas regulates guns and hunting and access even in so called Federal Parks….but your issue of just getting out and hiking is basically true because it mostly is private. A lot of land owners that have centuries old trails that go through their property actually have those trails “open”. Open to be described as, when you come upon a gate, you may open it as long as you close it. Stay on the trails and do not camp or start fires. We have no trout streams to fish in and what most ranchers have are stock tanks and the fish put in them are trash fish to keep algae and contaminates out. Remember there are no natural lakes in Texas. So, we go to Western areas to back pack…..and I have back packed specific areas and most of the wilderness areas. We used to fish trout streams and eat the fish and drink fresh water right out of the streams with no filtration….cannot do that any longer in most areas. Too many bugs in the water now…even snow melt is not very safe to drink we are told.

              But I understand what you are saying. In the 60’s, I also stood in valley’s and looked at mountain peaks. We hiked the Green River areas of Wyoming Crater LAke and Rogue River of Oregon, Tubbs Hill, in your area, and the trail to the Canadian border….I got to see them, with my dad, back in the 60’s before people left trash and cans and crap all over the Federal Areas. One of my favorite areas was the continental divide trail that runs from Pagosa Springs to Silverton but it is so trashed out now it is not fun any longer. It seems to me that people,….do not take their privileges very seriously any longer and that is a shame. Back packing to the Bench lakes with a fly rod used to be a great trip….have not been in Idaho for over 20 years now…..

              At any rate, I can see and understand your position.

  9. Just A Citizen says:
  10. Just A Citizen says:
    • They miss one important factor in this article. Most of the beef in the more eastern states are feeder cattle, i.e. cattle that are being fattened for market, not calves. These feeder cattle are brought in at about 1 year of age. In the eastern feedlots, they are fattened on grass or grain and readied for market which can take another 6 to 10 months. Very few farmers in the east breed cattle unless they are dairy cows. It is too expensive to raise a calf. Even with dairy cattle, the males are sold off young and go to market to become veal.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        There were several “errors in data” . The author points out they don’t matter but then I wondered why he put all that in there. Much of it read like and Enviro’s handbook on why we should end grazing in the West.

        They used the same argument to rationalize killing off timber harvest. “Hell, federal timber in the west is only 14% of the national total”. That kind of stuff.

  11. Just A Citizen says:

    Economic crisis Survival 101.

    Occam’s version.

    During recessions and depressions CASH IS KING.

    Any questions??

    • gmanfortruth says:

      What cash, most people have been left with nothing but change. Rick’s comment above is very telling of millions of people. Good thing I have been saving my change for about 5 years, that stuff adds up 🙂

  12. Dale A Albrecht says:

    To wrap around many discussions that have taken place on SUFA. I just watched again a nice old movie from 1946 called “Colonel Effingham’s Raid” Just because we are 70 years past the movies making does not make it irrelevent. Our Col, says we need to come up with solutions, JAC says get congress to act. Some say voting doesn’t matter. However constant vigilance is required and personal involvement. YOU can not sit back and do nothing and expect things to go your way. What you get is a government exactly like Fredricksville, at all levels.

    In a way, I believe in Tennessee a county got overrun with corruption while the soldiers were away fighting WWII. When they got back all hell broke loose.

  13. With respect to the timber industry here in El Dorado County, CA, when I moved here 23 years ago, there were two large active saw mills in the county. Both have been gone now for over ten years. Their death was due to a combination of things, reduced logging rights in the national forest up the hill and CA’s poor business climate. A couple of years ago we had a big fire up the hill, 100,000 acres. They decided to log off only 15% of it which was a waste. Considering it took 6 months to decide leaving only 12 months to get the timber before it was lost to rot and bugs. All of the timber was trucked down the hill into the central valley and then north to the remaining saw mills. My guess it it maxed out the capacity of the mills. It was a shame to waste 85% of the timber. With the Rim fire (south of Yosemite) a couple of years earlier, they argued for over a year before they started logging on federal land. Private land started logging immediately. Most of that timber was lost. Why doesn’t the forest service have prepare plans and guide lines for making an immediate decision on logging fire timber? The logging should begin within 60 days. Any delay beyond that incompetence.

    The timber will come out of the forest one way or the other. It either falls and rots in place, it is logged or it burns. Yes tall trees are pretty but burned out forests are ugly. They are also a waste of a valuable resource. My comment during the log or not log phase was either we log the dead wood or cut a live tree someplace else to replace it. Take your pick.

    The forest service is now blocking roads in the high Sierra so a lot of the forest is off limits to only back packers.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      It is not incompetence. It is the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The salvage sales require a full blown EIS. As you say, one person throws a fit and the process takes ONE YEAR. If they appeal and sue it can take TWO years.

      When I started in that business we would have a fire in August, start Salvage in October or November and be replanting in May while logs were still moving off the area. Times have changed and not for the better.

      This is a classic example of something Congress could fix, has been asked to fix and nothing has changed. And your California Delegation played a significant role in stopping it getting fixed.

      • The need to use one of the Enviros best arguments against them. They hate CO2 but when they let the wood rot, the bugs turn it into CO2. So to keep the CO2 sequestered, harvest the wood and store the carbon in a building constructed of the wood.

        I agree, the CA delegates to congress especially the D’s are real stupid jack… er… donkeys.

  14. On another issue here in gold country, between the Sierra Club and state regulations (fostered by the SC), dredgers find it nearly impossible to get permits. The argument is they stir up the mercury (Hg) in the streams. However the dredgers remove and recover the Hg along with the gold (Au). Since the state wants the Hg removed, they pay the SC to dredge the streams. Naturally they take the gold with Hg and make more profit. So the state pays for a job that private individuals would gladly pay fees to the state to do. It takes real brains to be a CA legislator.

    Reminds of NE and CO in mid summer. The locals cut and bail the freeway ditches and medians. Much cheaper than the state paying someone to just mow it.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The Sierra Club lost me way back in the 60’s during Johnson’s presidency. The government was wanting to dam the Colorado in the Grand Canyon NP. Basically having Hoover Dam further south and The Glen Canyon Dam to the north and this new one in the middle. The Sierra Club was all in to do it. The leadership endorsed it. The members for the most part were stunned. It finally took a group of rafters to take Udall on a river trip showing him up front and personal what would be lost if the dam proceeded. Which he was wholeheartedly endorsing. After the trip, he changed his mind, the leadership of the SC changed their minds and the project died. Now Udall goes down as a great environmentalist. In all together to many times the environmentalists should be labeled as terrorists for their actions and should be prosecuted as such. But unfortunately, to many courts have rules the greater good so the ends justify the means.

      The hammering in of metal objects into the trees. The mills had to take extreme measures to insure there was none in the log. If those saws hit it the operator would most likely be killed. I have yet in modern times, not seen a timber company with land for that use, NOT replant as they logged. To me that is sustainable agriculture. It is not in their best interests to not replant. Here in eastern NC is a lot o timber farming. Vast tracks of land. 25-30 years the trees are growing. Then one day, they’re gone. Drive back through a bit later and saplings are in place and the cycle starts again. It sure beat the hell out of Tobacco farming.

      • It is the MYTH that loggers clear cut and don’t replant. Just ask any dozen ordinary citizens who are against logging. Again it’s the line from Liberty Valance.

        “When the truth becomes legend, print the legend.”

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I have only seen the artifacts of clear cutting and NO replanting from over a century ago, and in the east. Cape Cod, Catskills and WVa. Anything contemporary like our age never have I NOT seen replanting. It is not in the self interest of the timber interest to not replant. To not do so is commercial suicide. Even my uncles on the original family homestead set up a small mill and cut hardwoods. The uncles replanted many times more than they took. Those trees are still maturing and the relatives did not live long enough, but future generations of the family, who inherited, will have benefits derived from their ancestors stewardship practices.

          Back in the sixties I would participate in groups replanting, all volunteer work. Also worked with erosion control projects. I have so many times regretted my decisions made 45 years ago to NOT get into the “nature” business and complete my studies in that area. But no, I went the easy route into high tech, a business I loathed. Maybe there is a benefit and that is the computer work and modern sawing techniques that allow so much more wood to be utilized out of one log. Like most if not all.

  15. Col., your in oil and you live near Dallas. Are you J.R. Jr.? What color is your Stetson?

    • LOL

    • Ahhhh… intrepid friend……no, we are not JR…..nor do we wish to be. I do not live in a mansion…nor do I drive a new pickup every year. Stetson….really? But to answer your question, my hat is a black beaver with a silver band…I wear jeans and boots when I go t rodeos…and I wear close cut western suits when I want to play the “Texas” card in yankee areas or in California. Everyone wants to hear us talk and most everyone thinks we walk around with six guns strapped to our hips. We actually prefer long guns.

      In normal times, I wear tennis shoes and underarmour. In the summer time, my spousal unit says that my legs still look good enough at 67 to wear shorts. We, of course, exercise when we can and we are accomplished ball room dance competitors…that also keeps legs in shape.

      Out in the fields and on the ranch, I wear jeans, carry work gloves, several weapons, and can ride a horse with the best of them.

      Now……….the TV series Dallas….I do not jnow many Texans that watched past the first episodes. That is not Texas, although the city of Dallas tries to be Avante Gard and wants to be like New York….those of us in Fort Worth go to Dallas when we wish to play the uppity game…and then return to the reality if Western culture in Fort Worth. Before you ask, kids still ride horses to school unless the school prohibits it. But you better have your horse equipped with poop bags because the out of state that have moved here do not know how to side step horse shit. They even ask “what the hell is that”…

      So…no sir, I drive a Lincoln Navigator SUV….I do not give a rat’s ass about carbon footprints and I fly a Baron G58, as you know. I still do not give a shit about carbon footprints and Texans do not believe in global warming. A lot of ranchers out in West Texas have allowed the government to erect these huge wind turbines all over the place and pocket $1200 per month for each wind turbine. The turbines spin and spin and do not create one KW of energy for out sourcing. They tried it in west Texas but the so called wind energy cost 60 cents more per killowatt hour than coal or gas fired power. No one wanted it. The government did not build lines anywhere else so the power generated…well…sits there until the bearings wear out and now you have a landscape full of non turning wind turbines to which the government does not fix and still pays $1200 per unit per month.

      Let’s see……trying to think of more things you can try to yank my chain on…..I do say “ya’ll” and the word oil is pronounced ALL….get it? it is not pronounced as OY-ALLL.

      So…I stand ready, sir…….lay it on me.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Say to those out of stater’s, they’re “Road Apples” wanna bite?

        When I was working for awhile in Chicago’s IBM office, they said the attire was business for your local office. Their jaws hit the floor when the contingent from Dallas showed up. The stetsons with feathers. Lizard, snake or alligator skin boots, a western cut suit that shined and a string or bola tie.

        Here in NC oil is pronounced “EARL”

  16. Just A Citizen says:

    Time to stretch your minds.

    A super nova has been discovered that is brighter than anything seen before. There may be a massive black hole or a dense sun spinning at thousands of revs. per second. Much is still not known.

    Here is the stretching thangy……………. It is over 8 billion light years from earth. This means that if we are just seeing the light from this event, it happened almost 4 billion years BEFORE earth was formed.

    • That makes us the new guy on the block.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Yes, but we are past middle age.

        And in about 600 million years life will pass from earth. The rock will last another 4 billion but life as we know it will be gone.

        Meanwhile an entire political movement is sustained by the fear over glaciers melting and the earth warming ten degrees.

        A new study, study is really the wrong word, has concluded that man caused global warming has postponed the next ice age by 50,000 years (or was that 5,000?) I would say that is a good thing, but only a Greenie could see this as bad news.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I saw that…makes your head hurt. i assume that they realize the massive amount of lives that will be lost and species extinct if an ice age occurs. makes the losses caused by warming negligible. let’s see what attempts are made to stop the super volcano in yellowstone from exploding. More pressure release valves. It’s past due based on geologic studies.

          I’ve got to lookup the number of times since man has been around in all forms, been almost extinct and down to a few genetic pairs. Mathematics supports at least several times.

          I’ll risk it, but WHO seriously should let a few of the pathogenics plagues to do its cleansing periodically. That used to help keep the human population in check seeing other than ourselves we have no higher predator unless you jump into a shark tank.

        • Wait……so my SUV and plane are going to kill millons 600 million years from now? COOL !

    • Very interesting stuff. If you really want to stretch your mind, read about string theory, M-theory, theory of everything, etc. Fascinating concepts!

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Here is another one. The universe is supposedly expanding and some think at an accelerating rate. Which means if we humans were around long enough there would be a day when there were NO STARS visible in the night sky, or with a telescope of any power. Yet those stars would still be there, just so far away the light would not be visible to us anymore.

        Oh, and the latest theories are that the universe is a “rectangle”, it is “flat”. This of course means there has to be boundaries, as a rectangle or flat shape has to have at least two sides/boundaries. Think of a box with no ends or sides. Just two planes running parallel to each other “to infinity and beyond”.

        • Ahhh, the flat, rectangle reminded me of the holographic universe theory. That’s one that really blows the mind. I’ve spent countless hours reading and watching videos on all these theories. As good of a pass-time as any, I guess.

          And from this illustration, we are a holograph being projected from R2D2! 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:


        One more before bed.

        Life in the universe is comprised of “patterns of dancing organic energy”.
        From The Dancing Wu Li Masters.

  17. gmanfortruth says:

    Some morning thoughts. Concerning the ranching issues out West, why isn’t there any complaints about the USDA? I ask this because the USDA are very active with cattle farmers on this side of the country. I haven’t heard a bad thing about them, as they help farmers share new and better farming methods, but their main job if the health and condition of the cattle being raised. There are lots of things medically that farmers must include, vaccines, veterinarian visits on a regular basis etc. All of this has to be documented of course. I ask this because nothing about them is ever mentioned, yet they would most certainly be involved in the cattle ranching business. Then again, I’m talking about the West, which seems to be ass backwards compared to the rest of the country 🙂 Honest question though!

    It’s sad to read how the timber industry has been getting the run around (and run out) as well. I live right next to 10K acres of land owned by a lumber company, Collins Pines (I think they are out of Oregon). They own a lot of acreage in Pennsylvania in different locations. Most is managed as public hunting lands by the State Game Commission. It also has it’s own Forester assigned, like most lands used for timber. It’s a hardwoods property and likely won’t see any logging for another couple decades. Since it was last logged, about 20 years ago, it has opened up nicely in some places, others are still very thick with sapplings and smaller trees. It made for some tough hunting early on after the last logging operations.

    The problems out West, when it comes to ranching and logging are not going to end anytime in our lifetimes. As long as you folks out there are at the mercy of Bureaucrats thousands of miles away, maybe the ranchers should consider moving East where the property is mostly privately owned. There are some small farms available, and it don’t take as much acreage to feed cattle over here. Fires aren’t an issue and new farming techniques are making things constantly better for the cattle and the farmers. Just mine those minerals before you give up the land to the Fed’s, if they still want it.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In Maine there were lots of tracs of land owned by timber companies. They used to allow access, for hunting, fishing hiking and camping. They usually charged a nominal fee because they did have to maintain the roads. Rarely did anyone complain, at least none that I heard. Then there was a concerted effort to make the land totally open with no fees, plus the enviro’s damaging the trees and making them useless… court cases and all. End results is that the land was ultimately sold off and access is mostly blocked to all. Except wind farm’s

    • The last sawmill in our county not only got timber from federal land but also from their own land. They received awards year after year for being excellent caretakers of their forests. But alas awards are not profits.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Collins Pine is one of several family owned timber businesses that STARTED in PA.

      Like many other companies, they eventually extended operations westward, first to CA then to Oregon and Washington. The second “Pine” moved the HQ to Portland.

      Collins Pine was a leader in the Forest Stewardship certification programs in the 90’s. An effort to use GREEN to improve profits by doing two things. 1. Getting higher prices from consumers (the “organic” trend) and 2. Reduce enviro. litigation costs.

      The company has often been put up as THE MODEL of sustainable forestry.

      Thought you would be interested that they started in your neck of the woods, not mine.

      Google the Collin Pines hardwood division. You will see their web site for their PA operation.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Question….Do you find in your experience that as long as the business, whatever it is, be it timber, ranching whatever, can keep lawyers out of the discussion with federal or state agencies an amicable solution within the laws as written can be obtained? Because the people keep speaking. A lawyer does not want “you” to speak. That satisfies all parties. Or when the courts allow a 3rd party to insert their nose in all solutions go to hell satisfying nobody directly involved except the obsure 3rd party. The decisions are then outside the law as written and land is stolen…..not by the government or private party wanting to use the land. Sort of the court allowing frivilous lawsuits pissing off everyone.

        There was a case that dragged on for years and years. An area was wanting to be developed. Open land hemmed in on all sides by highways. Basically fallow farmland. Never was going to be farmed ever again. All Local, State and Federal guidlines were met without the courts. Just at the last moment a suit was filed claiming they had not had proper notice. Now these people were NOT in anyway ajacent owners and affected in anyway. Developement stopped while the courts heard the case. Took years. Court found for the developers etc because ALL laws and quidelines were being met. Developement was set to begin and another group filed suit claiming no notification. Ground through the courts again and again. To not know about the developement you had to be in a cave in the Himalyayas for at least 10 years. But the sympathetic court kept allowing the hinderance, then ruling in favor of the developer.

        When Bernie was mayor of Burlington VT they went green big time. One of the big efforts of electricity creation was using wood chips. They’d burn the chips to create steam to drive the turbines. OK, a renewable resource…came from Canada, not VT. The rub was the location of the power plant. Right on the border of the neighboring city Winooski. Not only did the stench of the rotting woodchips ruin our day in winooski. Think the paper mills back in the 70’s. The wind blew into winooski, NOT burlington They were unaffected. The huge trucks delivering the chips totally tore up the roads coming from the Interstate. Again not through Burlington but through Winooski. The smoke also. Winooski had just repurposed all the old mills that lined the River. High end shopping restaurants, great greenways along the falls. The Burlington side of the river was totally derelict. That is why they choose to place the station there. here he who had the gold ruled, that was burlington.

        A few years later burlington decided to divert the Winooski upriver through tunnels and turbines to create hydropower. The water release was below the last falls. Totally taking the water and creating nothing but mudflats. The city was losing all local court cases. Finally the Feds stepped in and stopped the project as it was designed. Eventually a whole new design came out that actually turned out well. Met all parties needs including the fish. It took the Feds to make that happen. If not Winooski would have been totally screwed by the greenies in Burlington and Montpelier at the time.

        The anti-business climate was alive and well under Bernies leadership in Burlington and Madeline Kuenens (sp) gubenatorial reign. Headline in big bold banner print “IBM ONE OF THE STATES LARGEST POLLUTERS. We didn’t even crack the top 100, and all materials were reclaimed, not put into the rivers or atmosphere. The water or should I say material we used from the river was undrinkable and eating fish was very risky from the river. Lesions and parasites on the fish if they survived the fishkills of #1 – #4 below. The water had to be totally processed before use in any form. When it went back into the river it could be drunk without risk. The # 1 polluter’s were the farmers and the runoff into the water from all the chemicals they put on the fields to make something grow in that hostile environment. Plus the effluent (manure). the # 2 polluter was Ethan Allen” furniture. All the solvents and finishes dumped. # 3 was the State itself and # 4 was Ben and Jerry’s. Dumping whey and other ice cream making by-products into the Winooski River. This was coincident with their big green advertising push. It was all 100% total BS.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The brief answer is that it is the laws which enable the lawyers. So while the lawyers do keep it stirred up, and in gridlock at time, it is the nature of the laws themselves that create the problem.

          1. This goes to your Winooski problem. Difficulty in accessing Civil courts and imposing fines/penalties on those who create harm to others. The harm to your town from Burlington sounds obvious. It should have taken only a few months to get it stopped via court order.

          2 All issues. The legal system is not balanced. Not all players have equal standing. The laws are written to restrict, not to produce. So the power goes to those wishing to constrict or stop.

          3. The Courts expanded standing in environmental issues to include anyone who claims to be concerned. Might use it some time or want to see it. On federal lands it went to “everyone owns it therefore everyone has standing”. A disruption of the Trustee and Fiduciary roles as mentioned in Natelson’s article I posted the other day.

          4. The Courts have expanded application and created requirements beyond original Congressional intent. Yet Congress cannot act to fix the problem because of FACTIONS, primarily the GREENIE faction. There never seems to be enough power on the fix it side to overcome the don’t fix it side.

          Now note that issues 3 and 4 stem from 1 and 2. So I see the structure and nature of the law making as the biggest problem.

          To your other question. YES, when the locals can sit down and work out solutions they can usually get agreement. That is then mucked up by “outsiders”. The local agreements, however, are not always the best for the land in the long run. But they do result in some use and utilization of products.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Yes on bullet #1 sounds obvious, but it was exceedingly painful and burlington was totally sticking its middle finger up in your face. It finally was solved by the ultimate Federal intervention.

            That city also had a serious waste disposal problem. Dumping into the lake creating e-coli problems further down the lake. Their attempted solution instead of treating their effluent better was to extend the outlet further into Lake Champlain. One of the other solutions besides treating the water to safer standards was to use it for creating snow at the ski areas. Prompting bumper stickers “Ski VT, where the affluent ski on effluent”

          • I need to teach you what a brief answer is…..

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Federal timber harvest………. but does not show continued declines to present day:

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Timber sale levels hit a low of around 1.5 billion board feet during the GW Bush Admin and then recovered to just over 2 billion board feet. Unlike all other recessions the timber sale levels did not decline during the housing bubble bursting and following recession. Sale levels have been fairly steady at around 2.4 billion board feet.

        This means that federal timber supply added to private supplies was less than or equal to demand BEFORE and AFTER the recession and housing collapse.

        To put that in perspective, the harvest from Montana and northern Idaho when I was in the business was around 1 billion board feet. It hit almost ZERO by the late 90’s.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Gman, et al.

      A pretty good SUMMARY of the history of what has happened on National Forests.

      By the way, the US Forest Service is a division of the USDA. Out here the USDA’s primary presence with farmers and ranchers, on their land, was the Soil Conservation Service. This agency was combined with others under Al Gore’s “re-invention” plan.

      Anyway, this is a little long but I urge all of SUFA to take the time to read it. This is only the tip of the iceberg because it only deals with one agency. You will not find my name here but you will find some of my handiwork. 😉

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Nice reading…..why didn’t you post this earlier? Certainly clears up some of my antedotal stories and experiences.

  18. Just A Citizen says:

    Saw this coming:

    US citizens are now less safe when traveling abroad. If it could have gotten worse.

    Let the Howling from R’s and the rationalizations and defensiveness from the D’s begin.

  19. gmanfortruth says:

    A convenient observation. I remember when the MSM (at the time) was all talk about allowing people to have 401K’s (tax free investment at time of the investment). I’m sure many can look back to those days and remember how hard is was “pushed” to be such a great thing. One can earn money and invest it for retirement and avoid taxes, at that time. Government, being thieves to begin with, knew they could collect higher taxes on that money down the road, either when retirement or death occurred. People fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.
    The people bought it and began to “invest” money into these funds that we were told would make a nice profit over time. So called investment reports were sent to the people, stating what their money was invested in and how much each investment earned. About 1 in 10, 000 people even had a clue about any of what they were reading, and less understood what they were told. The scam was on. Lobbyist’s convinced Congress and the people to play the market game, and bet their retirement funds. Looking back, what idiots we were to fall for such nonsense. Lobbyist’s sold it by promising Congress better tax revenue, long term, and sold it to the people good returns on their investments for retirement. Everyone was happy, especially all the firms fixing to make a killing while screwing both the people and the government. They took our money, lied about where it went, reinvested in other, higher return investments, and nobody would know nothing, because they knew it would be impossible for anyone to know, unless there was a major, and I mean a major audit….which has never occurred.
    Fast forward and we see a cycle of Stock market activity, 2001, 2008 and 2016. Just the last three. Most real gains were lost in most 401K accounts each time the market crashed. What was left was taxed and the companies that were paid, by the people, made a fortune in fees, plus the gains made in investments not credited to the people, and the Fed’s got their higher rate of taxes, giving many retirees a slight net gain, if not a loss, overall. The people are getting screwed.

  20. gmanfortruth says:

    Happy Sunday SUFA 🙂

    Woke up this morning to a weather forecast that wasn’t even close yesterday to what it is this morning. Yesterday, some snow showers, less than an inch accumulation was the day and nigh forecast for the next few days. How things have changed, now we are under a Lake Effect Snow Advisory and they are calling for 4-8. It could be as much as a foot depending on snow bands. Plus, it’s gonna be freaking cold. Winter has finally come to stay. Very late this year, I hope it’s a short winter 🙂

    Looking back at some of the economic happenings of this year so far, it led me to go way back in the early days of SUFA and Black Flag talking about economic collapse. I won’t copy and paste any of his long essays on the matter, but things are once again aiming in that direction. The Baltic Dry Index is so low, shipping companies are parked, especially in the Atlantic, where, for at least a time, not one ship was coming from or going to Europe. It is said that this has never occurred in modern times.

    I was out and about a little yesterday, picking up a few things and seeing what’s on sale. There are lots of deep cuts and some things can be had for a reasonable price. Just about everything seems to have been overstocked. Tractor Supply, for example, is usually set for Spring by now, has an enormous amount of winter gear on clearance. Far more than years past. Overall, it seemed as though prices, except for food, was lower. Speaking of food, Wal-mart had no green peppers, cabbage was limited and very small. Plenty of fruit, but not cheap. Discount grocers are still having some good deals, if your still stocking up.

    The dollar is strong, but compared to what? It’s strength may be it’s undoing around the world, as nations are pushing for the SDR to take the lead. One world economy, which will lead to the next step, one world government. That, if it ever happens, will be a disaster.

    So, what is your opinion on the economic goings on in the world. Is the 100 trillion dollar bond bubble going to burst? Debt bubble?

    Since Federal lands have a topic as of late, there will be NO new mining permits for coal on Federal Lands in the near future. Climate Change. Just another reason the Founders were right.

    • Want some TExas coal….we can’t produce enough. However, the Feds are trying to close the transportation of coal across state lines…..

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Citizen groups met in Spokane, WA this past week to try and stop the increase in OIL TRAINS traveling through the area.

        The Yah Buts are trying to scare people about potential damage to the aquifer if trains derail or cars leak. But heaven forbid we build a pipeline.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          There is just no satisfying all the people no matter what.

          Two stories from VT while Howard Dean was still in charge up there.

          1) They severed all electricity contracts with Hydro Quebec because of the displacement of a few indiginous people that resided up near Hudson Bay.
          2) There was a proposed pipeline for natural gas (clean energy) coming from Canada to Boston. There was to be NO new land distrurbed because the plan was to come down the right of way along the interstate. The pipe was to be buried. All along the way the gas company said, branch off a pipe and use it to provide inexpensive energy to the cities. VT was having none of it and disapproved the gas project. The last I heard was it went down through New Hampshire instead.

          Since then VT Yankee has ceased operations (let me verify) I know Maine Yankee is gone.

          Numerous attempts to pull out all dams even though they were installed for flood control, and power is a fringe benefit……but the greenies will place 200 miles of windfarms on the ridges that are suitable and install 30,000 acres of solar panels

          • Dale A Albrecht says:


            amazing how one would want to exchange this small site for less, more costly energy covering 10’s of thousands of acreage and call it “green” I do not get it.

            The plant is closed. As for Maine Yankee at Wiscasset. It is also closed. It provided the vast bulk of the energy the state required. Leftover energy was sold to cities like Boston. Anyway, besides the plant tourism was the mainstay of the economy. But that is very seasonal. With the plants closure unemployment went through the roof, real estate crashed. The local administration continues to try and find a suitable industry that satisfies the community. They tried getting a gasification plant going, one of the green energy ideas,,,,,,,the greenies blocked it….go figure…..herring industry is gone. Not that the fish are gone but the government banned the process of pickling herring in the US. Yet just across the border in Canada the process is the same and their product is imported and sold here. Paper industry is almost gone. But that can make sense, newspapers are archaic.

        • Oh….go ahead and build the pipeline…under ground where faults exist…..when they leak..they won’t see it.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I thought that the Feds were suppose to facilitate interstate commerce not impede it.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Have a question sir. Is there any industry that the US government feels is critical to maintain for our nations well being and security? I do not mean that it is to be funded by the government but can be private.

  21. It is fairly obvious that to really change things in the country, the new president will have to appoint very strong economic growth folks to the agencies. They will then have to get rid of many employees who are ideological.

    Bernie makes the point he cannot be bought, he is beholding to no one. Yet, he certainly is. His Children’s crusade (regardless of the fact that some children, like Charlie are in their 60’s) all want something. Frigging windmills, solar plants, electric cars and electric less Tuesdays and Saturdays and water less Mondays and Fridays will prevail! Forget logging or mining and watch the feds shut the borders between states to trade in things like energy. These folks are his power base, he will appoint them to the regulatory agencies.

    The new president will have to convene the Congress which he must control and break their arms if necessary to have them establish LIMITS on regulatory agencies. They must be done in such a way as to totally thwart and end all legal challenges that give judges leeway to “interpret” intent. A simple way would be to include a provision requiring “confused” interpretations to go back to the congress. This would then get them lost in the bureaucratic shuffle forever. Or, better yet, sunset everything, requiring a renewal of all laws and regulations every 10 years on a straight up or down vote.

    They say that Nixon called Reagan after his election and said, “get rid of the middle managers”. An excellent idea but I fear that the cancer starts art the very bottom.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Make no mistake about Bernie. He is a “self-declared” socialist in name only. he is a dyed in the wool communist. Fidel is his buddy. Openly advocated the distruction of Military arms suppliers. GE in Burlington. any means required. GE could not get the charges filed against the vandals so they just left. If we think Obama was bad….bernie is light years beyond left of him…..the guy was such a duffus he couldn’t even get a bowling ball down the lane.

      • Never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter. I reference 2008 and more so 2012 when the idiots on the left were joined by the idiots on the right who boycotted the election.

        I will probably vote for Trump though he scares the hell out of me. I’m going to take the chance that he is really not a fledgling dictator but means about 75% of what he says. I am afraid that Hillary or Sanders Supreme Court appointments would basically be the final nail(s) in the coffin. I fear Cruz is unelectable (I see the left has already picked up on his resemblance to Joe McCarthy and as his hairline recedes it will be striking) and the rest are go along-get along people. I think both Rubio and Bush III are snakes.

  22. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I was just reading about the sale of IBM’s semi-conductor business to Globalfoundries. A cailfornia based company wholely owned by Dubai. The company sold along with it thousands of patents and the R&D group. Globalfoundries the other year also bought AMD. IBM had hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contracts providing chips to the government and and the nations defense industry. The selling of America. Back before I left IBM we NEVER considered even buying tools from a foreign company that could out of national fervor shut off our supply. Back then it was Japan. We were 2X larger in revenue than the next company and that was NEC in Japan. We were 4X larger than Intel, until the exec’s gave our joint patents intel outright. Everyone else was also rans. We put apple back on the map with our chip designs, but gave the credit to Motorola. It took hard work to compete globally and make a profit, but we did with margins that would be an envy of any company. The company just ceased wanting to compete and manufacture and just plain quit.

  23. If I caught the story correctly, part of the GE relocation to Mass. from Conn. involves the selling of the appliance business to China. Greenies should be happy no more of that dirty manufacturing. the Dem governor in Conn. is really doing a slam-bang job. Add this to the gun manufacturers he has driven out and he will soon have state that is mostly unemployed.

    Let us see if appliances get cheaper now that they are going offshore.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Buy Bosch, at least Germany outsourced to a lower cost manufacturing location. new Bern NC…..product is good and still expensive.

  24. Dale A Albrecht says:

    An homage to our medical system

  25. Dale A Albrecht says:

    keep it up Steelers….go go go.

  26. gmanfortruth says:
    • The unclassified “official” version…..There was no mechanical failure and the boats did not “drift” into Iranian/Revoltionary Guard waters. A navigational error occured and, thus, the Revolutionary Guard intercepted and captured our boats, treated our saliors fair, fed them, and released them and our boats unharmed. The Iranians did nothing more than any other nation would have done if their “waters” had been violated.

      The “classified” version is……well……classified and differs greatly and will probably remain classified until the end of the Obama administration and if Clinton is elected, will remain classified in the same vaults as the Kennedy Assassination. So, obviously, I cannot tell you the classified version.

      Now….some food for thought. Two naval intercept boats, all carrying classified equipment and technology and integrated weaponry. These intercept boats aone could defeat almost the entire Iranian Navy……including submarines They routinely patrol the waters in and around Farsi Island and a couple of other islands that house Revolutionary Guards. Keep in mind that the Revokutionary Guard NAvy and the Iranian Navy are two COMPLETE separate “military” units. The Revolutionary Guard NAvy DOES NOT report to the Iranian Military chain of command…it reports directly……DIRECTLY….to the Imams……the Khomeini. End of sentence. Iran is a theocracy….total and complete.

      Now…fast forward to the pictures that were taken of he captured sailors. Were they taken under duress? Did you focus on the position of the female sailor…where she was, what she was wearing, the fact that she was not allowed to speal or look at cameras, the wearing of the Iranian garb……the staged food brought to the group……that had no shoes, no belts.

      The timing of the “capture” and the instant release when other hostages were kept for years. The trading of hard core spies and the release of billions tied to all of this.

      And the outright lie……LIE……of the captured boats. They are still in Revolutionary Guard hands……including the latest technology that we have…and Kerry says that everything was released.

      you make your own conclusions and theories.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Ok, I don’t want you to release anything classified, for obvious reasons, what is your opinion as to what Obama and Kerry are doing? This seems illegal and now is beyond False flag status, it is a “conspiracy” not a theory anymore.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Just a thought, but are they trying to start a war between Iran and Saudi?

          • To what end?…..Sunni uprising?

            • gmanfortruth says:

              Just a guess. It seems all of the stuff with Iran coincides with Saudi saying they will sell oil in other denominations, if my memory serves correct. OR, this is a good one, Obama is helping move the Iranian prophesy forward, because he is Shiite 🙂 The one with Mahdi coming or some such name. Then again, maybe Obama really is trying to destroy this country in every way possible. A war between Saudi and Iran, lasting a long time, would certainly cause oil prices to skyrocket at some point in time. So many questions, so few answers, LOL

        • Obama is doing exactly what he said he was going to do….fundamentally try to change America….he has succeeded somewhat….but what I have also seen is that quite a few people have awakened to what is happening…..and there are more out there than I thought.

          Here is something that I really feel is going to happen. I have no proof and cannot point to a link…..I think that the Democrtic Nomination is going to be brokered. We worry about the Republicans…..I am looking at the other side. We know it is not going to be Sanders….he has no base….some popularity but no base. I think there is a much broader socialistic bent in the Democratic Party that I am giving credit for,,,,,

          The only saving grace that I see out there….is that Europe is falling apart…..their great society experiment is dying on the vine. Borders are being re-established. Conservative fiscal values are beginning to take root once again…..the EU will be gone on five years… my estimation. Spain and Portugal are beginning to print thier own currency again. Even Denmark and Sweden are redesigning their health programs and immigration programs and have designated certain living areas for immigrants to stay there and not integrate. More and more European countries are reaping the hazards of open society and are amazed at the rampage and indiscriminate sexual harrassment of women…….I am not at all surprised.

          So, with these things happening and the fact that cell phones and internet blast this stuff out as it is happening….people are beginnning to wake. up. Why do you think that the established Repubs and Dems are so upset now? There is a reason.

          Even here…..and I am proud to say that Texas has led the way on a lot of things….for example, the gold reserves that were in New York in control of the Feds….Texas now has…..five other states that had gold reserves have followed suit and are bringing their gold to Texas vaults. That is a very loud message….and I am surprised that no E.O. has surfaced requiring states to return gold….As I have stated before….it does not matter what the POTUS says nor the courts…..Texas is doing what is best for TEXAS and no one else and it is working.,..and other states are beginning to follow. No one, including myself, is afraid ofmartial law being declared or Federal control being taken……think about this….HOW can Fed control be taken if the states say no……I know of only one way….by physical force and that will not happen. STATES CAN SAY NO….if they cut the umbilical cord to finances.

          So, and I stole a chapter from JAC and BF, this is not a short answer but…the brash attitude of the progressive’s ( and there are progressives on BOTH parties ) have done one thing….all of this political correctness and one world bull shit….has raised some awareness. Even my own liberal son, who has now turned 42 with a child and does not have a pot to piss in and is not a TRSUT FUND child, has said…it looks like you have it right, Dad. It really is not working, is it?…….it is amazing how smart old Dad has become.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            A long time ago, I did an article here, mostly conspiracy theory stuff that most people would normally just blow off as nonsense. I’ll have to try and find it to get the time frame, but the gist of one of the predictions by a person who claimed to have inside information basically stated that they told him (they, the ultra wealthy) that they were going to destabilize the Middle East and it would lead to WW3. The last country to be destabilized would be Saudi Arabia. That was years ago. HMMM.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Just ribbing you, but all conspiracy theory are based on some truth, and run enough scenerios, one will float to the top like cream given time. The most obvious ultimate scenerio is to return that area to the bedou’s and let them dirty their hands developing the areas resources. They’d have collapsed long ago. The Iraqi’s and Iranians different story. They did build great empires and lasting edifaces, ebbing and flowing over time.

              A great nation can not be held captive to anothers resources and whims if they wish to remain great and independent.

              That policy generally held until after Carter. The Shah in the 50’s is a prime example. The prime minister was all hot about nationalizing their “resource” oil. Britain was fighting literally to stop nationalization at any cost. They could no longer do the fight on their own and enlisted the US, based on the threat of a communist takeover in Iran. jump ahead to the 70’s. Both the Shah and King Faisel were now actively pursuing nationalization of their oil resources. Faisel was assasinated by a US educated princeling. His successor begged the Shah to back off of he’d suffer the same fate. His fate a few years later was to be overthrown by a US engineered coup that has brought a whole different bunch of troubles.

              That is why I asked the Colonel or BF or anyone……what resource and industry in the US do we deem totally required to remain non-dependent to anyone else or nation for our national survival?

              • gmanfortruth says:

                That prediction was in April 2011. To review, the 2%, as they were called back then, will upset the oil applecart and force the US to drill for it’s own oil to keep things moving. Ok, not bad so far. Saudi pumps are going full blast, which has killed oil prices, making the 2% unhappy. Iran now brings there 500K barrels a day to market, which is killing ME stock markets (this is actually happening). A question, is Saudi still selling oil, only using the US dollar? Has this recently changed, like in the last year or so, I thought I have read that Saudi has stopped that practice, which will kill the petrodollar.

              • Let me clarify your questions… are using the litmus test of pure survival….not National Interest but survival.

                We do not need anyone else’s resources.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                That takes care of resources. What about technologies. Seems back in the 80’s poof the technology used in our submarines for propeller manufacturing was sold to Japan, an ally and never was unboxed and transphipped to Russia. Seems the Iranians just got a couple boat loads of technology. Hughes back a few years ago provided China with some pretty high end satelite technologies. My mention of the 10’s of K of semiconductor patents that now belong to Qatar, including military and government parts. ALL approved by the government. Why…..national survival is not about parity, it’s about having an edge that the other guy does not have.

              • I will just add to your :”Konspirasta”. Didja notice that part of the budget deal was our ability to export oil now? Funny, how right before all this happens we decide we no longer have to husband our own domestic resource in which we have finally become self-sufficient again.

                If the excrement hits the fan and prices skyrocket, Instead of having the “cushion” of our own oil, the BIGMONEYGUYS will put it out in the world in a bidding war. And people wonder why Bernie and the Donald are getting traction!

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            The only thing you truly can count on is “yourself” All the promises made by someone else will sooner or later be broken. One truly wonders how people survived in past, like our grandparents without the “benefit” of government involvement. Back when income tax was 1% only on the top 1 % at the beginning of the true progressive era. However the more the government promised thay had to fund and then took more via taxes, erasing the ability of the vast majority of the people to survive in their twilight years, therby creating this never ending demand and circle jerk. I truly would be far more comfortable if I had in my hands the $450K the government took in taxes over the last 15 years I worked.

            One has to produce above and beyond what the government takes to prepare for the future. Debt is death. Al the demand for “free” college education will be a built in workforce to do as the government wishes. That’ll be the payback. Just like the obligated 6 years in the military as an example for that “free” medical degree.

      • If one of the boats had been disabled, a simple tow rope would have solved the problem. Never bought the engine trouble argument.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Much less, even with radar the horizon is a limit. With satelite integration the visibility it limitless. Remember the old word problems in math class. US boats going 50 knots at point A. Iranian boats are spotted 20 miles away (horizon) they give chase at 52 knots. How long and in what distance will it take for the Iranians to catch up. The gulf ain’t that big.

          • Rules of engagement, folks……..rules of engagement. They were not allowed to defend themselves.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Why be there then? as a show of force? when the opponent knows you will not shoot back…it’s all about obama preserving his legacy of the iran deal and showing how nice the ayotollas are and can be trusted.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Which has a political agenda behind it which can be hidden in a fog. Example the Tehran Embassy in ’79. Marines, even before they went, ordered to NOT defend the embassy if attacked. Just think of how long the Islamic Republic of Iran would have lasted if there was a Khartoom style siege. Somehow Carter and the powers to be wanted Khomeni (sp) to survive and thrive in their new power of bearding the “great satan” So that still brings the question forward…why does every action from Carter onward concerning Iran, only aid Irans survival but increase their power. This includes Reagan.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Why be there then?

                I’ll take a guess, based on D13’s comment above. They were sent there under orders. Obama fully intended to give those boats to Iran. This is the only logical conclusion left.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Legacy enhancement or technology transfer? or both

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Gman….I do not mind some sharing of cold weather during the winter, but it has gotten real cold, and suppose to be in the teen’s the next couple nights. If I didn’t dislike Florida more than the cold, I’d say I haven’t moved far enough south.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Sorry about your cold weather, it’s only 8 degrees here 🙂 Looks as though you could see some bad weather this weekend. It’s expected to warm up after that. As far as Obama and the Navy boats. Technology transfer, probably part of the deal they made, but it wasn’t written. Obama, as far as I’m concerned, is a traitor. There is NO WAY that giving this kind of technology to Iran can be legal, because it’s classified stuff. The proof is that Kerry has said all things have been released. They would have said the boats were kept if this were not on purpose. It was an illegal transfer of classified technology claiming it was an unexpected incident, then lying about the boats staying behind.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Question is why are the admirals rolling over? Got lost or engine trouble on these boats. With all our presence in the area Hah and double hah. PLus the capability of these boats, especially if fully mission ready. You beat feet, if ordered not to fight not just throw your hand up and passively surrender. Are they so sure Hillary will be out of the election this year.

        And all the follow on tripe from Obama is about the nuclear deal and how successful it is. Back a few years ago during the escorting of tankers, the navy got just a tad sick of the minelaying by Iran in “international” waters and other activities. They in one shot put a real serious dent in Irans navy. Like most of it ceased to exist.

        • Take it from an old war horse… who was passed over three times for 0-7 (brigadier) (1) I was not West Point and the General Officer selection committee is all West Point.. (2) I was a “Mustang”…enlisted turned officer, hence why I could stay in as long as I did and (3) I was NOT politically aligned with the group.

          So, if you wish to remain an Admiral and remain in command… toe the line with the POTUS. Pretty simple. Thus POTUS has fired more generals than the last 10 combined. And I mean FIRED…..removed from command. Once that happens, you might as well retire.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            The admirals have to remember their past history and recent activity. 1949-1959 and the revolt of the admirals. The price of bucking the president.

  27. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Islam a religion of peace? This is an excerpt from an aritcle by Francisco Gil-White

    “the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who led the creation of an Islamic Republic in Iran in 1979. On this very question of whether Islam is a religion of peace, Khomeini expressed himself with great clarity in a speech entitled Islam is not a Religion of Pacifists, as follows:

    “Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those [who say this] are witless. Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all! Does this mean that Muslims should sit back until they are devoured by [the unbelievers]? Islam says: Kill them [the non Muslims], put them to the sword and scatter [their armies]. Does this mean sitting back until [non-Muslims] overcome us? Islam says: Kill in the service of Allah those who may want to kill you! Does this mean that we should surrender [to the enemy]? Islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword! People cannot be made obedient except with the sword! The sword is the key to paradise, which can be opened only for holy warriors!

    There are hundreds of other [Koranic] psalms and hadiths [sayings of Muhammad, the founder of Islam] urging Muslims to value war and to fight. Does all this mean that Islam is a religion that prevents men from waging war? I spit upon those foolish souls who make such a claim.”[4]

    It would appear that, concerning the nature of Islam, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini disagrees with the head of the Catholic Church, the future King of England, and the President of the United States. Benedict XVI says that Islam is “a religion of peace, tolerance, and love”; Prince Charles, claiming the authority of the Qur’an, says that Islam is about “equity and compassion”; and George Bush “defend[ed] Islam as a religion of peace, not terrorism.” But Khomeini 1) called Islam a religion of war, 2) he called for killing “all the unbelievers,” and 3) he was a major sponsor of terrorism around the world. Of course, Khomeini has been called a ‘fundamentalist,’ a ‘fanatic,’ a ‘radical,’ and an ‘Islamist,’ which is supposed to mean that he does not represent mainstream orthodox Islam. However, it is worth pointing out that unlike Pope Benedict, Prince Charles, or President Bush, who are not even Muslims, Khomeini was a widely respected cleric and scholar within Islam. And it is worth noting also that Khomeini bases his views on the Qur’an and the sayings of Muhammad.

  28. gmanfortruth says:

    The Swedish news website Speisa is reporting that an internal letter to police in Stockholm instructs police they are to refrain from describing suspects’ race and nationality.

    Local Swedish paper Svenska Dagbadet said it had seen the letter, which outlines how law enforcement can notify the public of crimes. Crimes that “involve everything from lighter traffic accidents to serious crimes like muggings, beatings and murder,” the paper reported.

    The letter specifies that, for everyday crimes such as burglary, basic information such as ethnicity, nationality, skin colour and height should not be given.

    The memo was written by Stockholm press officer Wolf Gyllander and Calina Skagerlind and said that crimes should be reported via the police website, without description.

    “We want to avoid pointing out ethnic groups as criminal,” said Mr Gyllander.

    “Criticism is sometimes made against police regarding information about people’s skin colour. It is perceived as racist.

    “As police are not racist, nor shall be constructed as so, this directive now applied,” read the letter.

    The letter was dated September 15, 2015 and written a few weeks after a festival in Stockholm where there were numerous sexual assaults.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Isn’t a physical description of the perpetrator intregal to solving the crime? Don’t most crimes get solve by a tip from the people? If they have NO idea what to look for the crime will go unsolved. Much less i’m sure the people are well trained by arrests and fines about any racial bias wheether warranted or not.

  29. Gman…..concerning boats by Farsi Island…..what makes you think they were in Iranian waters?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Nothing. I have concluded that Obama has handed the Iranians this technology under the guise of ….something. The people were focused on the people, they were paraded around and nobody really paid any attention to the boats. This wasn’t a false flag, this was a predetermined illegal transfer of classified Naval technology to the Iranians. My best guess is that the boats were not in Iranian waters. I have read, in the so called “official” that they were, but I don’t believe much when it comes to the official story. Hence, I asked the man who might have more knowledge, YOU!

  30. Stop and think, gentlemen…..these attack boats are state of the art. Riverine Command Boats…..NGPS with back up GPS that work off different satellites. Twin powered diesel mated with waterjets…each powered seperately. Breakdowns…….nope. navigational errors…..nope.

    The one good thing about the incident…..both units were “scrammed” prior to boarding.

    Scrammed means a complete meltdown of all operational communications and code equipment. Scram is verified by transponder codes at time of initiation. All verification codes were received prior to boarding.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia about the islands.

      The thing I do not understand is…the claim is that superior and faster Iranian gunboats ambushed the special forces boat and there was nothing they could do. Much less as the author says…..when are there women in the navies special forces teams? You can visually see from a pretty low boat twenty miles if its clear, which I doubt it was due to dust etc. But still the range of the Iranian weapons is not so far that one can get well clear.
      With Irans firing of missiles within minutes of warning with the Truman just the other day and now this…….regardless of any excuse or whatever…this is all about the Nuclear deal and bending over to insure it goes forward un adulterated

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Looking at the videos of the superior force the Iranian Republican guard used in the capture, I quess any boat will do if you know the opponant will not resist. Those boats were no different than most personal craft you see in our waterfront. Except those are weaponized but certainly not more so than the RCB boats. Even in agregate.

      Strange coincidence that the incident occured during our leaders SOTU address.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      If the boats have in fact NOT been returned, think of the technology transfer as the IRG getting a cheap upgrade of the current boats they operate. And get the political boost on top of that, by non other than our very own government. Cheaper to hijack them than build or buy.

  31. Just A Citizen says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      JAC…..Your point is?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        To cause everyone to THINK about things. Like our true history and the how and why things unfolded the way they did. How that relates to modern times.

        What did you take away from Jefferson’s comments?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      My overall impression is that even though there ARE great people to be found in any race or culture, Jefferson’s observations generally hold true. Most of all the african nations are totally disfunctional since the end of colonial times, 1965. Those that stayed relatively stable due to the British legacy are losing now with that generation passing on. What cities in the US have digressed into real cesspools. Even though NYC goes through its phases it took a new low with Dinkins. Thank god Gulliani came along.

      Just a general question which I will research. I see great individual musicians/bands like jazz from the blacks. But what great globally accepted music that takes real discipline to create and perform. Like symphonic music. I listen to classical music all day. I have yet to remember great stuff created by blacks. Even on exploring music which dedicates a full week to a particular style or composer. On Saturday and sunday evenings is jazz. Old timers like Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington BB King had real discipline. Most of the new stuff just makes my head hurt. The song had a name but could never be repeated ever. It’s just 4 guys doing their thing. Totally random……what I’m trying to say is, random, pick up, skat, individual does not make in general a great lasting nation, legacy, generational heritage, something to pass on. It’s fleeting and temporary. Regardless of race or culture to excel and succeed take vast amounts of discipline and consistant focus on the objective. As an old friend put it…”dedication to the exclusion of all else” The one race that is continually making excuses for THEIR failure is the blacks. Their leadership is failing them by being the biggest frauds there is. By denigrating people such as Colin Powell, Condelezza Rice, Clarence Thomas what message does that convey.

      • Just A Citizen says:
        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          And how many do you recognize and are played but infrequently. The searches I did showed most notible were of days long past and usually not from north america. The most notible US black composer, of our discussion bridged the 19-20 century. The overwhelming comment through the lists are that their music is played infrequently…..why….There are very few symphonic musicians that are black. A few more in opera but the roles are limited.

          I’ve sent an e-mail to Bill McLaughlin at “Exploring Music” broadcast on NPR. Maybe he will do a show that spans a week.

  32. gmanfortruth says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      This has got to be a joke, right? Are the swedes eligible to receive the same weapons training? I sure could thing of a few more less “aggressive” activities that wouldl facilitate integration.

      Maybe the logic is the muslims need to be able to defend themselves against the growing hostility by the natives.

  33. OK…..Texas on Cruz………..pppfffttt! And here is why….he is beginning to be a whiner….he does not like Trump picking on him and even the Republican party wants Trump to back off the attacks. Cruz may be a Texas Senator….and like our former governor Rick Perry, he needs to stay a Senator….just as Perry did not need to run for President. I had reported earlier, on this site, that Texas would not vote Trump…I felt very confident that would not end up being the case. But, Trump is picking up a lot of steam because of one thing. He may shoot from the hip but he shoots straight and is not afraid to face his opponents. He has no ties to political parties and, good or bad, he is financing his own Presidential race. That pisses a lot of people off but it is a Texas trait to be independent. Trump also is looking at Cruz and says…” Be in the street at High Noon”. Cruz wants insulation. He does not want to face the “stranger at the end of the street”. ( Picture the theme from the movie “High Noon” resonating in the back ground. ) The only problem is,Trump is Gary Cooper. The bad guys are the establishment coming in on the noon train. ( for those of you not familiar, watch the movie ). Trump is standing up….he may not be correct in some things or some of his ideas are a little over the top…but he is facing the fire and he is doing it alone. He is bucking the odds and Texans like this.

    People say that he lacks political experience….well, did Obama have political experience? A one term Senator that was whisked in from behind the scenes at the last moment…merely because of his race and he beat a very formidable Clinton machine. Even some Democrats, the moderate ones, are abandoning Clinton for Sanders knowing full well that Sanders is NOT going to get the nomination no matter how popular he is among certain crowds. He is clearly anti-establishment… is Trump. And even Nancy Pelosi and other far left wing pundits do not want Sanders because Sanders, like Trump, is sticking to his dialogue and not back tracking. Sanders is openly Socialist…admits it….and says beat me if you can. Democrats like their money also and have their backers….Sanders would do away with all of that and they know it.

    Texans are swinging towards Trump, to my somewhat surprise, but I can understand the reasons why. He is not afraid to look the MONSTERS in the eye and take a swing. They attack Trump and he gives it back double the amount. We like that….and emotion sways politics. I even have to admit, that I am on the fence now and would never have said that three months ago. I will have to admit that even the Hispanic vote in Texas is on the fence. The reason, they say, is that he is not changing his position like everyone else. He tells us exactly what he wants to do and why and even if we disagree with him, we do know where he is coming from and not pandering for votes. Cruz is pandering for votes and wants the Hispanic vote because his name is Hispanic.

    I guess the bottom line is… know what to expect from Sanders and you know what to expect from Trump….the others????..Well…they play politics really well and do not know how to street fight.

    • Ah Hah!

      Colonel, it is such a pleasure after spending 69 years on this planet with about 54 of them being deeply immersed in politics to see everything I have been saying since ’64 vindicated.

      “Just tell the truth”

      Will get you elected.

    • A whiner-I don’t think so-Trump went after him first-that isn’t whining it’s fighting back. Whether or not either of them is really a straight shooter -who knows. Talk about whining-Trump is a master at it-IMHO 🙂

      • Yes…a whiner and I was and still a wavering Cruz supporter and worked his campaign to get him elected to office. It does not matter who fired the first shot……bottom line is…..a shot was fired. Whether across the bow, amidships, or between the eyes…a shot was fired.

        Here is a difference:

        1) This is whinning : ” The media is unfair. It is not treating me right. They should do a better job….they are biased.”
        2) NOT whinning: ” The media is unfair. IT is not treating me right. They should do a better job….they are biased. I understand this and do not care about their biased reporting. I will tell it like it is and the people will decide.”

        One is a political statement and whinning….the other is a political statement and a challenge.

        As I said….I am really on the fence. I do not see Cruz as a rebel…..not any more. He is pandering and even though I like him and helped in his campaign….I am not helping this time around. He needs to stay a Senator. Cruz is a psuedo-Texan…we understand that when we elected him but he has changed from his Senatorial election to now. He is an insider and that is becoming apparent. He is toeing the Republican line and I do not like that at all.

        I am reminded of a line out of the movie ” The Hunt for Red October”…wherein a politicain says, and correctly so, ..” I am a politician. When I am not kissing babies, I am stealing their lollipops. But I am also practical and will hedge my bets.” This is Cruz to me…

        Politics is a big boy game… is messy, destructive, downright dirty and there are no referees except…..the voting public. NOw, I don’t know Trump….but one thing I do know about him…I know that he invests overseas and makes a ton of money…..that does not bother me….but when it comes to wheeling and dealing, I think I would rather have a businessman instead of a lap dog politician selling out to the highest bidder.

        The world is afraid of Trump but not because he is a loose cannon… is because he knows how to deal and he will always…..always…have the upper hand. In business, you never compromise. You may call it compromise but you better go into business deals with a line that you are not willing to retreat beyond…..and stick to it. I firmly believe that Trump will do that and I believe that Trump, while he will have his interests at heart, will not sell out for a legacy. His legacy is winning…..not compromising.

        I do not believe that he will push any nuke button nor order any aircraft carrier to play global domination. He is not that stupid. BUt I also believe that he will run this country as a business…..and that is what it is….a business. The world is afraid of that. Deficit spending and debt is the destruction of mankind. He understand this. No one else running for POTUS does understand this. The USD is our strongest weapon…..stronger than any nuke…this is where he will go.

        That said, and I know you think that I just endorsed Trump…..but no, I did not. I endorsed his thinking and rationale. I am still on the fence…but the question was….how does Texas view Cruz….I gave you the answer.

        • I have to say that I was disappointed to find his wife working for Goldman Sachs. That crew should all be in jail. I find it interesting that last week the settled with the Govt for 5.5 Bil for their part in the ’07 meltdown. NO INDIVIDUAL AT GS IS APPARENTLY RESPONSIBLE. They would have us believe that the Corporation manifests artificial intelligence and did all those naughty things itself. Sort of that neat liberal logic like their campaign against guns which just pick themselves up, walk down the road alone and shoot people.

          So GS pays 5.5 Bil, in the meantime they get free 0 % money from the Fed that they loan out at 4 plus % interest. So, question is, who actually is paying the fine?

          This is not to mention the four former GS execs who are Fed governors and the large number that have migrated to other spots in the Fed and Treasury. Far beyond crony capitalism. Full fledged Fascism.

          • Wonder whose brilliant idea it was to have Sarah Palin endorse Trump? Sorry but the lady has become a joke and that dumb ass trailer park daughter of hers does no one any good.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              “trailer park daughter”??

              Another example of those NYC values the rest of us recognize without elaborating.

              • Engaged twice, broken engagements. Two kids out of wedlock. No Daddies. 1st time a mistake anyone can make. 2nd time is big time stupid. I assume Momma takes care of her. Had she been ordinary she would just be another welfare/medicaid statistic.

                What the hell would you call it?

        • Points taken….however…can you point to any politician who has clean skirts?

          Even Saint Huckabee has questionable financial issues.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Who’s Huckabee? Just kidding, I’m surprised he’s still around. Maybe the thing that is resonating with the people is that Trump is technically unaffiliated. Has to run under some parties banner, but is beholding to nobody. It is said that even though Romney may have been a good business man, a decent sort, you name it…his message was totally and completely lost by the handlers. Modified for every audience, therefore becoming cloudy and vague. One can not say that about Trump. There is NO double meaning to his words.

            The point that the Colonel makes about a business person goes into a deal negotiation with a bottom line they will not cross. Obama will do anything, say anything to maintain power. Hillary is of that same ilk. Possibly even worse. She will actually be more dangerous than Obama because she will feel that she has to BE tough and will be inclined to prove it.

        • I am sorry, VH….my last sentence sure sounded abrupt… was not intended that way…..just my Colonel-ness coming through.

          • Not a problem-didn’t feel you were being abrupt-just telling it how you see it. 🙂

            But this time, I disagree with Texas-which is unusual-I haven’t heard Cruz sounding whinny-but Trump sounds whinny a lot to my ears.

            I’m not on the fence-I’m voting for Cruz-Unless something major happens to change my mind-but that doesn’t mean I won’t vote for Trump in the General.

            • Understand…….I am still out onmy decision.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Once a candidate starts whining and complaining about how unfair they’re treated I’m gone. Want to play hard ball in the majors? Politics is a full contact sport, oh and NO pads. I still can not understand how Hillary continues to thrive and especially with her track record, not innuendo, of bad judgement. At least the field on the GOP will start willowing today at a more rapid pace.

                I’ve never paid attention before, but with Trump’s hairwave, or weave, does he also have a DT. It would fit the style

  34. gmanfortruth says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I tend to agree with a great deal of the article. With most babyboomers retired, or setting up to retire the first thing is get all spending at a managable level for the long haul. That does not mean running out and buying the newest and latest and greatest new toys and nice to have stuff. That means looking at getting rid of things like a $150/mth cable bill. Drop to the basic internet and spend $7.50 for Netflix. Cell phone don’t get me going. I’m an IBM and at&t retiree (the latest) The smallest bill I can achieve is $50.00/mth and I own my phone. I use zero minutes on the phone. I use zero data. I text. The people I call have wireless and therefore no minutes are charged. Just keep adding all the obsoleting of perfectly adequate tools like computers. Sure a new one gets you more performance, but by this time what I do is stable and not expanding, nor do I need in any way that power. On my “old” laptop I use only about 25% of its capacity. And that is with doing 1000’s of photo and negative restorations. The cuts to health care. Food costs. Even though the fuel costs are down, way down and vehicles get great mileage….except the Colonel’s. The vehicles are so expensive with goodies that do you really need. Who is really traveling like we used to. So elderly have stopped spending except nessecities. The next group US, are really reining in spending. The next demographic group millenials are struggling. and sticking their retiring parents by law with healthcare and more and more staying home. I saw this even in Westchester 40 years ago. To expensive to live on your own and won’t move. An aquaintence of mine says her sister still lives at home in NY. College debt which was unheard of when many of us went to college. Except Ivy League but did the parents for those attending assume debt, not much if any. Oh when they did move out of NY they went to VT and ME and brought their liberal attitudes with them.

      As BF says stay mobile and be able to move about. That is great and was fun. But it also says do not buy a house. John Steinbeck talks of the newest thing of “trailers” and trailer parks in his book “Travels with Charley” The idea was mobility.

      Something has to give someday. Yes the US is still the biggest dog on he block but as consumption slows the providing nations will slow even more.

  35. JAC…I am sure my take on the Jefferson piece will be much different than most.

    I do not see much difference between then and now and nor much difference between now and 600 years ago.

    Jefferson appears to be very practical to me. ( Admittedly, I have not read a lot of Jefferson). He understands that there are differences in cultures and races and that each has their own strengths and weaknesses. BUt his practicality also comes into view…..even though he was not a subscriber to the philosophy of slavery, he was practical in his application of the times. In other words, he played the game. I think of the movie Shindlers List. In Jefferson times, he was not the only slave holder. There were many black slave holders that held more than him. It is a matter of record that even after the Civil War years later, black slave holders in the North continued their domination of other blacks under the disguise of indentured servitude.

    But Jefferson understood cultural differences. In today’s time, the cultural differences are still there. They will not change no matter how many laws you past. Hipanics are different, blacks are different, whites are different, Indians are different…..Society is doing nothingmore than changing with the times as far as laws and personal feelings…….but culture…….will never change.

    • Jefferson was deeply in debt. His slaves were part of the collateral. He could not legally free them. This was a common problem among the southern gentry.

      • Exactly……practical.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I read an article years ago that the southern slave owners did not like using their “property” in truly dangerous jobs. That was what the irish immigrants were for. Killed and just hire another one for the levee work of dynamiting jobs. Lose a slave and that represented a capital loss.

        • Actually the British sold many criminals and Irish debtors and troublemakers into slavery in the colonies. Yes the white slaves were expendable. They could not work the long hours in the hot, humid, mosquito ridden fields like the blacks. The blacks also cost more. Until the late 1600’s white slaves and indentured servants out numbered the blacks. Not all indentured servants entered the state voluntarily.

  36. Past=pass…..geez.

  37. gmanfortruth says:

    Has anyone noticed that since Obama has taken office, or was it Clinton, that we still have ONLY 12 million illegal immigrants? Amazing how this number hasn’t changed in a long, long time.

    • LOL….well all 12 million must be here…..but, as of January 1, 2016, they are leaving because unless you can prove residency and legal status, you are no longer eligible for state services.

      Another behind the scenes “thang” that is going on….addresses are being challenged. Single family residences that are supporting 15 addresses are being looked at very closely. Post Office boxes are being challenged….with the USPS going out of the PO Box business by 2017, the private mailboxes are becoming quite popular. In Texas, starting in 2017, all business’ including construction and farming, better be able to prove that the workers, migrants, and renters of anything are citizens or are here with a legal visa or green card. They will be required. ( Yes, I know that the Feds say we cannot do it but we are going to )…The penalty will be loss of business franchise. All….and I mean…ALL of the business; have been notofied 24 months in advance that this is going to happen.

      We handled our workmen’s comp fraud and law suit issues by eliminating lump sum awards and setting amounts of law suit settlements….and our liability insurance rates have dropped over 50 % in the last 10 years. We can move on to the next costly items. As I said, it is a business. When you are out of money, you are out of luck.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        SCOTUS will hear appeal on Obama’s immigration EO’s. Let’s see if they invent another new law.

  38. Uh oh…….it appears that Clinton may be in some serious trouble…..CIA has confirmed that several e-mails were classified Secret, Top Secret, and Top Secret/SAP. This is serious shit now…..

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