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thDKGBOF0XFor a little change of pace I thought it would be interesting if we thought about how we at SUFA would conclude an Article V Convention.  To do so, we actually have to have one and debate the issues presented.  Let me start by setting our Convention Rules.  First and foremost, the Convention will be limited to Five suggested changes from each attendee and an overall Five agreed upon changes that would become new Amendments to the Constitution.  The new Amendments can change any part of the original Constitution and/or change any current Amendments.

Each attendee can suggest up to five Amendments, with a brief explanation of why these changes would be good.  When a suggestion is repeated by more than one attendee, that suggestion will be placed in the final pool for vote.  Once a final pool of suggestions are determined, a vote will take place.  Only FIVE suggestions can become Amendments, so attendee’s will rank them in order of importance.  Ties will be further debated until a final total of NO more than five is attained.  Less than five is acceptable.  None is acceptable. So put your thinking caps on and let’s begin the First SUFA Article V Convention.

I’ll start this show with my initial five suggested changes and put them forth for debate:

  1. Federal taxes will be set at 10% for all citizens.  All other taxes and tax laws are repealed.
  2. All Federal Agencies and regulations that are NOT specifically authorized by the enumerated powers written within Article One are abolished.
  3. Term limits are established as follows, elected members of both chambers are limited to two terms.  There will no longer be lifetime benefits for members.
  4. Amendment XVII is repealed.  Article I, Section 3 is in effect
  5. Federal spending will not exceed tax receipts from the previous year, debt is illegal except in times of declared war,

There are my initial suggestions.  I as well as anyone, can change any of their initial suggestions at anytime.  Let’s have some fun folks.  Let me also remind folks, if it were up to me, the Federal government would be much, much different and this would not be needed.  For this exercise, I’m playing with what we have currently.  Have fun and good luck!22113



  1. gmanfortruth says:

    A new thread for your convenience. Have a great day!

  2. Just A Citizen says:
    • gmanfortruth says:

      Damn you were quick to post , LOL 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      A principal failure of liberal capitalism has been its inability to provide maximal “cradle-to-grave” economic security to those who desire it. This failure has been an important force behind the development of welfare-state capitalism (not to mention socialism), where the state forces everyone to provide security to those who cannot or will not provide it for themselves. A standard liberal argument against many free-market libertarians is that the laissez-faire market does not provide adequate security for the needy. But Robert Nozick, by strictly adhering to libertarian principles, has shown that there is a free-market solution to the problem of providing a maximum of economic security to those who desire it, namely, voluntary contractual slavery. As any libertarian would expect, the problem may be solved not by increasing government interference and coercion (as in welfare-state capitalism/socialism), but by removing the legal restrictions on the lifetime sale of labor.

    • Just A Citizen says:
    • Just A Citizen says:
    • Just A Citizen says:

      Most of us do not understand just how short a time Civilization as we know it has existed.


      Kind of makes you wonder about the true nature of humans…………….

      • Another great moment!

        I’ve been using a timeline for my Boy Scouts when I teach citizenship. If you only go back 6,000 years to Egyptian times and you throw in a line for slavery, the absence of major slavery is just a blip on the line. Does anyone seriously think it will not return? What total foolishness to think that man has somehow “evolved” beyond his base needs. It is all window dressing and needs an educated, articulated, intelligent populace to continue to thrive.

        I remember reading how Romans got so involved in gambling that they actually bet their freedom or rather put it up as collateral on bets. Imagine for a moment if you promised to “take care” of a heroin addict for all of his or her life including the opiates. How eager would they be to sign up for bondage?

        With the loss of education it is just a matter of time. Went to a funeral of a relative yesterday, my age. The young folk, 18-25 including the grandkids spent the Mass checking their devices”. Don’t think they heard a word of the Homily or Eulogy.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          We still have slaves and we are gong to increase their numbers greatly in the next few decades.

          They are made of metal and plastic. This generation of slaves will not require food and water like the others, so they will be “easy keepers”.

          • JAC, you are making the mistake that “we” will keep slaves. People are not the same all over and there is that Middle Eastern crew whose book will not allow them to denounce slavery. After all, it is part of “the book” and teh book, as we all know, cannot be changed.

            To take it a step further though. We have these people in this country fed and clothed by the rest of us. They are allowed to sit around all day and watch television. The only difference between them and slaves is that we get no work from them unless you consider their electing Democrats every November to be “work”. . A few years back when Guiliani required “workfare” of twenty hours per week for a welfare check, Simon Legree was about the nicest thing he was called.

  3. gmanfortruth says:

    A declassified email sent on April 2, 2011 to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reveals the invasion of Libya was launched to prevent Muammar Gaddafi from establishing a pan-African currency based on Libya’s gold Dinar.

    According to the document posted on the US State Department website advisors to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the second son of Muammar Gaddafi, told sources the Libyan government held 143 tons of gold and a similar amount in silver valued at more than $7 billion. The gold and silver was to be used to establish an alternative currency to the French franc for African Francophone countries.

    A large numbers of Western Africa nations are former French colonies and many continue to hold French as the official language. Madagascar in East Africa is also a Francophone country.

    “French intelligence officers discovered this plan shortly after the current rebellion began,” the email states, “and this was one of the factors that influenced President Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision to commit France to the attack on Libya.”

    In addition to preventing Libya from breaking away from French monetary domination, Sarkozy wanted to “gain a greater share of Libya oil production,” increase French influence in North Africa and dash Gaddafi’s “long term plans to supplant France as the dominant power in Francophone Africa.”

    During the invasion of Libya analysts argued Gaddafi planned to stop selling oil in US dollars and demand instead it be traded in gold dinars. Prior to the invasion Gaddafi urged other African and Middle Eastern nations to follow suit.

    …….Great reason to bomb a country…….Now you know why I was opposed to this illegal use of our military. Obama and Clinton should both be in jail.

  4. Government Action Amendment
    Section 1. The Government of the United States shall not engage in any business, professional, commercial, financial, or industrial enterprise
    Section 2. The constitution or laws of any State, or the laws of the United States, shall not be subject to the terms of any foreign or domestic agreement which would abrogate any part of such law, the Constitution or any amendment to the Constitution.
    Section 3. The activities of the United States Government which violate the intent and purposes of this amendment shall, within a period of three years from the date of the ratification of this amendment, be liquidated and the properties and facilities affected shall be sold.

    Government Revenue Amendment
    Section 1. The Government of the United States and its Congress shall not levy taxes on real person’s incomes, estates, and gifts, regardless of source or gain.
    Section 2. The Government of the United States and its Congress shall be permitted to levy income tax upon any corporation so registered in any form as a “Limited Liability Company or Entity”
    Section 3. The Government of the United States and its Congress shall be permitted to levy tax upon any importation of any goods or services.
    Section 4. The Government of the United States and its Congress shall not be permitted to levy tax upon any good or services within the United States.
    Section 5. The Government of the United States and its Congress shall not be permitted to regulate any good or service within the United States without the expressed consent of the States, individually.

    Government Worker Amendment
    Section 1. All persons in Congress and all persons under the employment of the United States shall have their due salaries and wages fixed and confirmed by general vote of the People of the United States by plebiscite.

    Government Recall Amendment
    Section 1. The Government of the United States and its Congress shall be recalled and made powerless by the People producing a petition signed by real persons, their names and addresses, representing 5% of the voter registration, accumulated over no more then 365 days from the date of the petition.

    War Act Amendment
    Section 1. The Government of the United States is prohibited in using any of its Armed Forces in any action whatsoever without the express consent of Congress, other then in direct self-defence.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Good Morning Flag 🙂 Interesting stuff. I like the tax parts. It would necessarily force the government to become much smaller. I would have to vote for your idea over my tax idea at this point. The War Act part is awesome too! Still pondering the rest.

      p.s. seems we have some economic stuff going on, that isn’t very good. Heard first think this morning that Futures were already down. How far do you think oil will fall, before it explodes again?

      • Avoid judging economics with “good or bad”. When prices fall at Wallmart, isn’t this “good” for you, though may be “bad” for Wallmart shareholders? Economics is relative.

        When there is a glut of any economic good, the way to resolve the glut is to lower the price and reduce the production. In oil, the former is happening though the latter is not happening so much. Since the latter is not happening, the former will continue until the latter does begin to decline.

        What almost no one saw was the ability of US companies to cut costs in their production radically and successfully. Almost everyone thought the US companies would go belly up. Instead, they have shown strength in their ability to go with the conditions.

        This has changed the global oil market place. It has shifted the control of oil out of the Middle East, and primarily away from Saudi, into the United States. With the US companies now allowed to export, and with the ability to produce oil, the US now becoming the dominate controller of the price. The Saudi gambit of trying to control market share has failed. In an eye ball staring contest, it is now far more likely that the Saudis will blink first.

        I expect oil to climb up to around 40-45 a barrel, and hold there for a long time – the new “normal”. North America oil companies are able to do well at that price.

        • PS: But Saudi is not able to do well at that price… 🙂

          • gmanfortruth says:

            I figuring that Saudi will be at war with Iran by the end of the year or close to that. I also think that the current administration will be behind it too! Just like Libya and Syria. Turkey and Russia could tangle a bit as well, but I think Obama won’t let Turkey do much more. The ME is a mess, all caused by our government.

          • The Saudis have a life style that cannot be supported by the current pricing. We see, (we=our family and group) oil falling about 2-3 bucks more and then slowly rising to stabilize at 55-65….for awhile…..

            With the advent of Iran being able to provide 500k bbls per day…..the Saudis have a problem….so does Russia. With the US being able to now sell oil to any market, suddenly Europe and China have secondary markets to go to.

            Now, the big boys will probably sell over seas;;;even though we have been approached, we decline sales to Europe and China and will decline sales in the future….what is beginning to happen, is Europe and China want to work on credit….you also have the problem of exhange rates. The other issue is that China is willing to pay a 20% premium but you will not get your money very quickly…..and if you think we are about to trust China or Europe to pay their bills……think again. Let the big boys play the game and we will fill in the local cracks.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            great….turn them back into the bedouins they were and maybe get their hands dirty. Stop hiring foreigners and skimming a salary. They could supply the oil at a much lower price. i do not view either the iraqis or iranians the same as i do the saudis or kuwaitis. the former had at least built great civilizations in history

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      1) Right to bear arms; standing armies; military power subordinate to civil

      That the people have a right to bear arms for the defense of themselves and the State – and as standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be kept up; and that the military should be kept under strict subordination to and governed by the civil power.

      2) Search and seizure regulated

      That the people have a right to hold themselves, their houses, papers, and possessions, where ever they may be kept, including modern electronic correspondence and records, free from search or seizure; and therefore warrants, without oath of affirmation first made, affording sufficient foundation for them, and whereby by any officer may be commanded or required to search suspected places, or to seize any person or persons, his, her or their property, not particularly described, are contrary to that right, and ought not to be granted.

      3) Legislature only may suspend laws

      The power of suspending laws, or the execution of laws, ought never to be exercised but by the Legislature, or by authority derived from it, to be exercised in such particular cases. Laws shall plainly written and if the action to be taken by the law is unclear, the executive branch will return it to the legislature for clarification. No unilateral executive or orders or actions that suspend or expand the law as written.

      These last sections are all one about crime and punishment.

      4) Forms of prosecutions and indictments; fines

      All prosecutions shall commence, By the authority of the State of XXXXX. All Indictments shall conclude with these words, against the peace and dignity of the State. And all fines and penalties shall be proportioned to the offenses.
      Excessive bail prohibited; prisoners bail able; imprisonment for debt prohibited
      Excessive bail shall not be exacted for bail able offenses. All persons shall be bail able by sufficient sureties, except as follows:

      (a) A person accused of an offense punishable by death or life imprisonment may be held without bail when the evidence of guilt is great.
      (b) A person accused of a felony, an element of which involves an act of violence against another person, may be held without bail when the evidence of guilt is great and the court finds, based upon clear and convincing evidence, that the person’s release poses a substantial threat of physical violence to any person and that no condition or combination of conditions of release will reasonably prevent the physical violence. A person held without bail prior to trial under this paragraph shall be entitled to review de novo by a single justice of the Supreme Court forthwith.
      (c) A person awaiting sentence, or sentenced pending appeal, may be held without bail for any offense.

      A person held without bail prior to trial shall be entitled to review of that determination by a panel of three Supreme Court Justices within seven days after bail is denied. No more setting bail at a level that is known to be impossible for the accused to raise and then hold without trial indefinitely.
      Except in the case of an offense punishable by death or life imprisonment, if a person is held without bail prior to trial, the trial of the person shall be commenced not more than 60 days after bail is denied. If the trial is not commenced within 60 days and the delay is not attributable to the defense, the court shall immediately schedule a bail hearing and shall set bail for the person.
      No person shall be imprisoned for any debt, tax or otherwise.
      No person shall have their assets seized by the courts or government without 1st a conviction by a trial and the fine or penalty be proportionate to the crime.

      At this point I like most if not all of BF’s points. Especially the War Powers act not to be delegated in any way.

      • “and as standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be kept up; ” Are you serious?

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Kept under strict control as it said…..maybe the verbage should be changed to make sure that Obama’s plan of an “internal” security force equal to the armed forces, Like the NKVD in the old soviet union does not happen. The militarization of the police…banned

  5. Trigger Warning for JAC……

    Trump/Palin 2016

    Bwaahahaha 🙂

    • Late to the party. I see you guys hashed this out on the last page.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Well, that is one way to keep Trump out of the white house.

      Palin may help him knock Cruz out in Iowa, but the longer she talks the worse Trump will do nationally. She’s worn thinner than an old coat in these parts.

      • Trump went rogue and you’re a hater. I’m just paying you back for taking the wind outta my sails last election when you warned us that Harry Reid would be elected. I never figured that would happen either. 😉

        • gmanfortruth says:

          I’m so glad Palin came out….Liberal’s heads all across America exploded simultaneously 😀

          • Whatever shine she once had is pretty much gone. The woman needs to tone it down. Seriously there was a piece about how Margaret Thatcher took speech lessons to lower her voice, clarify her diction, and slow it down. Palin needs to do the same. When she gets “enthusiastic” she’s as bad as Hillary, literally hurts my ears.

            It wouldn’t hurt either if she sent her oldest daughter off to a convent.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        JAC, had a short read on some of the history of Idaho. What I read is that in the early 1900’s the State had a huge population of Freemasons. I thought that was interesting, knowing a few myself (I’m not one, nor part of any organization). Just curious, are you a Mason Sir? My Uncle by marriage is/was. I haven’t spoken to him much since they moved to Florida, but last time I saw him he sported the ring.

      • No.
        You are merely measuring some bizarre mainstream media perversion of Palin. You give MSM too much power.

        Palin has 25 million person mailing list. This swims deeper then the MSM can manipulate.

        Trump knows this which is why he courted her, and she came over.

        • You are right about Palin-she is almost bullet proof-the way she and especially how her children were attacked-made many people Very angry-I am one of them-she would have to do something monumentally wrong for me to do anything but tell anyone criticizing her to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

          • She is not bullet proof…..but…..she controls the Tea Party votes…and, as BF pointed out, since he run at VP…she has amassed quite an under the radar following. Trump is not stupid…he looks past the end of his nose.

            The question now is……..will the Dems broker THEIR convention.

            • Interesting election-we have people running who’s ability to run is being questioned and the Dems have Hillary, who thinks she’s above the law and a Socialist that they are trying to deny represents them.

              But if they brokered their convention-who are they gonna back.

  6. gmanfortruth says:

    Turkey sends troops into Syria. The Feds set up a triage unit and ask for blood in Oregon. Times are getting interesting.

  7. gmanfortruth says:


    A good movie about the cover up.

  8. gmanfortruth says:
  9. gmanfortruth says:
  10. gmanfortruth says:

    • Let us see, where was Ted between let’s say ’65 and ’73?

      • Just A Citizen says:

        OK Lawrence O’Donnell, tell us why that matters today.

        • I’m thinking you should of added a smiley face after O’Donnell.

          • It will always matter to me especially since he was once quoted as saying he was “smart” to do it. I used to think that the controversy over Viet-nam would only end when the last vet and last protester died. I now think that like the Civil War it will continue long after we are dead.

            My son and his Army buddies used to call the Rah-Rah war boys yellow elephants. Not a particularly bad term.

  11. Question

    Lots of possible scenarios this year in the Presidential primaries and the general.

    If Hillary is charged-I assume she can still run-but when is it to late to put someone else on the ballot if the dems. wanted too

    If we’re all the way to the general and she is charged-can the dems. run anyone else at that point.

    If we’re all the way to the general and she is found guilty-what would happen?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Good questions. I don’t think she would win a general election in any case, charged or not.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The ability of someone else to run will depend on the rules within each state governing who can be on the ballot of that state in the general election.

      Note that candidates must meet certain criteria to get on State primary ballots, including signatures from a specific number of people petitioning their inclusion.

      I would expect that if she got toppled before the Convention the States would allow the DNC’s candidate, no matter how they were selected.

      Another key factor, many States have passed laws requiring Party delegates to vote for the person who wins the State primary. I have heard this requirement applies to a certain number of ballots during the conventions. So if say, Clinton could not get the nomination after 4 ballots, the delegates are released and can vote for whom they want.

      There is no way she will be found guilty before the general election. Not enough time for a trial. She could get elected while indicted, as far as I know. So if convicted later Congress would have to impeach her to remove her from office.

      You can see why Clinton’s whole strategy has to been dismiss and thus delay any concrete results from the investigations. Her best chance is to run out the clock to the Dem. Convention, assuming she has won enough primaries to get the nomination.

      Then she needs to run out the indictment clock until after the general. Because I think if all the dirt comes out before the general, she will lose. Even to The Donald.

      • Interesting-would love to be a fly on the wall when the democratic party discusses the pro’s and con’s on Hillary. But it looks like they have committed themselves at this point-at least until the Convention comes around -then they may or may not be able to change their minds.

      • Rules do get changed at the last minute. Remember the election in NJ where the took the indicted candidate off the ballot and substituted the old fossil Lautenberg. The legislature hurriedly changed the rules to allow it. They also changed the rule in MA when Kennedy died so they could appoint his replacement rather than hold an immediate election.

        I also seem to remember that the Dems have a large number of at large delegates (basically current office holders) that may be able to block Sanders should Hillary go down. If Hill loses both Iowa and NH, I would bet even money on a Biden/Warren ticket.

  12. gmanfortruth says:
  13. gmanfortruth says:

    • Just A Citizen says:

      So where in that video are the Feds bragging or even claiming they “stole land”???

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I guess paying 2.5 million for a 40 million dollar mine from two very old WWII vets is common practice for the BLM, so I guess that wouldn’t be bragging, just another day at work. Here is an important question. Why do the fed’s need to purchase all this land (of which the number didn’t include ranches)?

        “We did get it appraised and we did acquire it for $2.5 million which I stole the money from Washington to acquire it,” the employee in the video admits, adding that it’s sometimes hard to bamboozle property owners due to the agency’s reputation.
        “’Lands’ isn’t always supported because we’re the ‘bad guys.’ We come in, and we take this land. And we always take it for less than it’s worth.”

        • gmanfortruth says:

          “Acres acquired under the acquisition queen’s regime, 111,550.54 acres,” an employee announces. The employee then shows two other numbers, 5.66 and 106,375.36, which correlate with the park where Martin would be relocating, the Lassen Volcanic National Park.

          He indicates that the larger number is the acreage of Lassen National Park, while the smaller number is acreage privately owned.

          “If you own those 5.66 acres, would you be sweating right now?” the man jests referring to Martin’s acquisition power.

          JAC, maybe you should pay better attention to details. Because here they are, right from the horses mouth.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            The employees’ jaw-dropping admissions amid joyful applause, smiles and celebration over the confiscation of two World War II veterans’ and others’ private land goes to prove the federal government is not at all concerned with “land preservation” and focuses mainly on predatory land grabs.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            All sales involved willing sellers.

            There is NOTHING in the video indicating they stole any land from anyone.

            As to the why of the purchases it is to meet natural resource protection and management goals.

            This was not a BLM meeting. It was a retirement party for a Park Service employee who had worked with their “lands” dept. in getting a bunch of land added to a National Park.

  14. gmanfortruth says:

    One can only shake their head at the thinking of the Progressive Left and their stupid political correctness. Just watch a news report from Pittsburgh about a guy who got shot and killed, which is rather common down there. So they describe a man, like this: 25-30 years old, thin build, 5’8″ wearing this and that. That was it. No mention of ethnicity. How the hell are these idiots going to get this killer off the street without a better description? Then they wonder why we won’t EVER give up our guns..

  15. Just A Citizen says:
    • Read it carefully and thoroughly. Rubio was an amnesty boy and I’m pretty sure in his heart of hearts he is still for it. Trump does not follow the line thrown about “jobs Americans won’t take” that king asked him. He gave that a big maybe. I give it a big maybe with the caveat. “Maybe Americans won’t take them for the constantly diminishing salary they pay.”

  16. gmanfortruth says:


    Integrity matters. Clinton has none. How it’s handled will probably show that the federal government has ZERO as well.

  17. Had to go see 13 hours……fought going for a long time but went this evening. I was wanting to see if it matched the classified intelligence reports..and I wanted to check out the technical issues ( ie: weapons, accessories, confusion, etc. ) With very few minor exceptions, I found it to be accurate and I found that the weaponry and the tactics used were 98% accurate.

    What a shame.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I guess the question must then be asked…..Did Hillary and/or Obama aid the enemy by NOT sending help?

      • The movie did not go into that…..but it did show the exasperation of some of the major players in decision making. For example, within 1 hour of the attack, and it was plain to see that it was a coordinated attack with heavy weapons, that there was a drone flying overhead the entire time funneling information straight to the Pentagon. They watched the entire thing unfold, then quiet down, and then ramp up again. They watched as the attackers stormed the embassy that they did not call an embassy but a diplomatic outpost. They watched as the CIA compound that was one mile away was then attacked.

        It showed the decision that F16’s on station in Italy were specifically told to stand down. It showed where there were three different QRT teams within one hour that could have been there.The whole thing was a fiasco. It was a well done movie without naming anyone. But it did show that all the requests went up the chain and stopped.

        The guys that were saved out of the “Diplomatic outpost” were done so not by UNited States assets but by private security teams made up of retired military personnel working for the CIA. They were specifically told to stand down but went and rescued what they could anyway…..

        One thing that I did not read in the intelligence reports that was pointed out in the movie was the fact that in Benghazi, the US was the only country left with any type of diplomatic post. Everyone else had left weeks before because they knew what was about to happen and our State Department kept it open.

        It went up the chain of command and assets that were as close as 20 minutes by air….were not dispatched….except the drones that watched all of this.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Wouldn’t it be cool to force Hillary and Obama to sit down and watch the film, several times, so they can see what they did?

  18. Now, I have a question for all of you.

    In the civilian world, if you have knowledge of a murderer (person), are you not complicit? If you see a murder and do not report it, are you complicit?

    If you witness a murder or a robbery and do nothing to report it or try to stop it, are you complicit? If you are a friend of a person who is guilty of burglary, or rape, or murder and you know that they did it, are you not complicit?

    • NOw, it is not fair to ask this without giving my position. D13 sees it this way. I do not expect someone to charge in and try to stop a murder or rape ( although I would do that, it is not expected )……but if you see it and you know anything at all and you fail to call or give information, then my attitude changes to you just became complicit. If you have a friend that is openly bragging about committing burglaries and you do nothing, in my book, you might just as well have been there. The same for a rapist or any other criminal activity. At what point to you become an accessory before, during, and after the fact? So, my position is….if you do nothing you,might as well have pulled the trigger or committed the rape yourself.

      What say you?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I do not see the decisions to not act as a crime of aiding and abetting murder. Complicit in their deaths? Absolutely. Due to maleficence and failure to perform DUTY. Then of course the obfuscation to create a Fog before the elections. A crime against HONOR. Both of which is cause for discharge with cause. Along with the public shaming that should be attached.

        I would like to point one thing out regarding Mrs. Clinton’s defense, and the one used by some in not allowing rescue efforts to immediately proceed.

        Remember the “Fog of War” statements?? The arguments that “we didn’t send in people because we did not know what was happening and didn’t want more people trapped”. All those arguments and claims!

        We now know that a DRONE was flying over the attacks pretty much the ENTIRE TIME.

        So where was the Fog located exactly???

        Me thinks it was in the brains of the people who were ultimately responsible.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I think as a people, we are morally obligated to deal with criminals in the best way possible, depending on one’s abilities. As far as complicit goes, I would think that the 1st Amendment is the answer. Freedom of speech works both ways, the freedom to speak and the freedom to not speak. I would speak, but not compel others to do so. Let their conscience deal with their actions.

      • Then…cannot the same be said of the Benghazi incident. Lack of action led to murders. They knew it, they saw it, they said nothing, and they did nothing. Their choice…no violation. And I do not think that you can make the leap that public service is different than private.

        • But they proactively lied and covered up the facts. These are not omissions of action but active participation in abetting.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          It wouldn’t be a leap to look at public service differently at all. Benghazi isn’t about speaking up, it’s about failing to do the #1 job of government, to protect it’s people. This isn’t even relatable to some petty crime or even a murder, this is about government officials who failed in their duties. Are they guilty of being complicit to murder, possibly. All the evidence is still not out. If Obama or Hillary knew that an attack was eminent, I could easily say that they were indeed guilty of being complicit. You comparing apples and oranges I think.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          i just looked at about a dozen legal web sites. The one i am attaching is a CA law firms interpretation based on CA laws. All the other sites that defined the law always prefaced the definition “the law varies from state to state” assessory, aiding and abetting, knowledge after the fact all appeared to be clear but did blur and overlap. NOT knowing in any way that the crime HAD been commited was the only true safe way to avoid a potential charge and the associated headaches. knowing before or after that the crime was to be commited or in fact commited even if you did not participate is a bet that I would not make. I’d bet that depending on the seriousness of the crime will drive how far a prosecutor will go. Like a bank robbery automatically brings in the Feds. You may ultimately be convicted of “OBSTRUCTION” of justice. Just ask Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby. they at NO time knew of the crime commited.


        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Sir….Leaving the personnel in place, much less without adequate protection, is just a plain case of politcal stupidity and an error in judgement. It’s to commonplace to be a crime. However, actively STOPPING forces that were prepared to defend or rescue the personnel is criminal in my eyes. If the personnel knowingly go into the situation, and knowingly beforehand know that under no circumstance be rescued incase of attack that’s their problem and choice. That does not seem to be the case though with the Libyian attachees. They were consistantly asking for more help, and probably asked to be removed if that help was NOT forthcoming. By staying in place they obviously ran into an indecisive bunch of leaders and their time just plain ran out.

          I’ll trot out the conspiracy that the US was covering the illicit gun running into Syria aiding the rebels there. Maybe, just maybe, Obama and Hillary assumed that the Jihadists would NOT attack american personnel for that reason, and then got caught with their pants down around their ankles and had to adlib excuses. Which they are NOT good at.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          After some further thought, I don’t think they are complicit in murder. This of course is if you don’t believe that Obama had Stevens killed because he was going to blow the whistle on who is really inventing, arming and supporting ISIS. Aside from that, I would say they are guilty of dereliction of duty and involuntary manslaughter. The average citizen can’t be held to the same standard as Obama and Clinton under the similar circumstances. Public servants have a legal obligation to act, where as a citizen has no legal obligation to report a crime.

          I do think everyone here would act if a crime was being committed or had been committed. I also think that it has been said by many a politician and government employees that the average citizen should NOT get directly involved in stopping a crime, but should notify the authorities. How many times have we all heard that?

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          With the number of times that this topic has been discussed, kicked around the subject still will not go away. With that I can only conclude that all the decisions were made with the outcome of the election of 2012 in mind and therefor POLITICAL. I believe that 1) the people were sick to death of the shenanigans of the conflict in Libya to begin with but the continual push by Obama, Hillary and the hawks in congress, McCain, Graham to jump in with both feet into Syria. If even a fraction of what is known or suspected today Obama was a goner in the election. So they were very vague about events leading up to the attack. Now we all ask, why the apparent dereliction of duty by the administration, with all the requests coming out of Libya for more protection, but when they were attacked forces were poised to attempt a rescue. If something even remotely like “Black Hawk Down” had occured again Obama and Hillary are toast in the general election. So instead of owning up they just threw so much BS nobody believes anything they say in regards to the killings. From an Obama standpoint it’s moot now, he won, but for Hillary this lack of sense of duty, and and only thought is to the Party, and lack of judgement in regards to everything and anyone she has touched and had interaction with. There has to be a serious discussion about character of potentially the next potentate at our helm. The server issue was nothing if not a serious breach of security by any stretch of the imagination for those at cabinet level. Totally designed to do an end around and congressional oversight. Sure the State dept turned over all documents they had fairly quickly…the fact there were NONE from the SOS on file had to raise serious security issues. 3.5 years dragging on. Obfuscate, lie, trim, means nothing to her, it’s in her genes. Do we want this lady anywhere near the WH?

          Nixon was a saint compared to her on honesty. Nixon was driven to be a paranoid by the continual hounding by the MSM. What excuse does Hillary have when the MSM is totally covering for her and failing to do their job. It’s a conspiracy, I’m a women. OK, does that means your entitled to be fickle, inconsistant, reinventing yourself, lie? Not as leader of the free world, such as it is.

    • There will come a point in time when those blockheads will realize Trump can win. Then it will behoove them to cozy up.

      How many political movies have you watched (back to Mr. Smith Goes To Washington) where the reformer goes to DC and then gets wined and dined by the power brokers in an attempt to seduce him? I guarantee this will happen. It has probably already started. If you were Rove (that scum) how would you like to be out in the cold for the next eight years?

      Will Trump succumb? I don’t think so. The man has a massive ego. They will play to that but along with that ego is a belief that he is superior to most and right. There have been a few times in business where I have been “played”. I have figured it out and sometimes “played” along for my own purposes.

      I think it instructive to read up on Theodore Roosevelt. They share many traits. I did not realize with TR that he actually did go off the rails after his presidency in 1912. Feeling betrayed by his chosen successor (who tried to bring the party regulars and machine back into the White House) Roosevelt did the third party run and buried the Party. He came in second as a Bull Moose Party candidate. This gave the Country the 1912 version of O’Bama, the openly racist, Progressive, Wilson.

      TR and Trump (and Reagan) share one other thing. They are all capable of going over the heads of the politicians to the people directly. I don’t think Rove or McConnell get that yet. It is too alien. But TR coined the term , “Bully Pulpit”. He had it, Regan had it and at every Trump Rally, you can see Trump has it. As a regular Republican Senator or Congressman, I do not think you would want to upset or oppose President Trump. He just might step on and squash you in the mid-terms.

      If you look at Roosevelt and then Reagan, one thing is very apparent. The choice for VP is almost as important. Unless # 2 is on the same page with # 1, everything will backslide. # 2, moving into the first slot as successor will lose the support his boss had and allow the opposition to elect things like Wilson and Clinton.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Yup, the Progressive wing of the Republican party now have their own Messiah!

        Good luck with that.

        • There are Progressives and, there are Progressives.

          If you were a Star Trek fan, remember the episode where an observer sent to a planet introduced “good fascism” which of course degenerated into bad Fascism? Well, be it TR or FDR, or Ronnie or JFK, our job is to be on watch and prevent it descending into something like bad Fascism. We are currently doing an abysmally bad job. Hence my constant harping against Goldman-Sachs and Countrywide.

          I am not a purist. Listening to Savage the other day he recounted a story about someone ripping off his book years ago. Stormed into a lawyers office demanding Justice. Lawyer told him to calm down. After going over the case, the lawyer remarked, “Do you want to right or do you want to be smart?”. The attorney laid out a plan that turned out to be financially beneficial but did not get true “Justice”.

          If you have been listening to Rush lately, he seems to be moving towards some Conservative based Populism which makes sense. .

          This country is so far over the edge, so dumb where the voting public has no clue about Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Democracy, Republicanism, and would sell away its birthright for a three magic beans as my son would say. All I have to say is you have to start somewhere. It is going to take generations to bring us back, major changes in education. The basics, shut the borders, assimilate, implement real fair trade, preserve what is left of the culture, promote the English Language are essential. I am not a rabbi, figuring out how many angels dance on the head of a pin or who is the “purist” conservative of them all holds no interest for me. I’m trying to save part of what is left before we descend into some Balkanesque chaos that plays into the hands of the real fascists. If i am wrong, I am wrong. If I am not, maybe we have a chance. If we go for 99.44 100% purity, we get Hillary or Bernie. There IS a point of no return.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            SK on politics and philosophy………….. there is shit and then there is shit.

            Some shit in my water is OK as long as it is the shit I like.

            And then we wonder why our Govt. is shit.

            Shit = Fascism

            There is no such thing as good fascism just as there is no such thing as good communism. Just as you cannot save capitalism by destroying capitalism.

            I understand your desire to make some progress. I am just baffled as to how you arrived at the notion Trump is going to get you there without taking you down a similar path by a different name.

            • Military analogy time.

              Japs attack Pearl Harbor, We DO NOT marshal all our forces and attack Tokyo. We stop them at Midway and slowly take the islands back.

              Nazi’s at the gates of Moscow. Russia DOES NOT marshal all its forces and make a drive on Berlin. Stop them at Stalingrad and push them back a foot at a time.

              This is a war. What you are missing is that things have gotten to where they are over a 50 plus year period. They have used classic guerrilla tactics. Incrementally they have screwed up education, labor, industry, law, politics and the meaning of words. As Rush said the other day and I think I will quote, “If you told me in 2000 that we would have gay marriage by 2015 I would have thought you were nuts”.

              Remember Mao’s “little red Book”. Was it there that I read “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”? Conservatives, Constitutionalists and Traditionalists all have to learn that they will only turn this train wreck around over a lifetime. There is no magic wand no matter what Cruz says. Hate to even say it and I know I will make dale and The Colonels shudder but “WE HAVE TO WIN HEARTS AND MINDS FIRST’.

              So, I am satisfied with shutting the damn gate, assimilating the new folks, paying off our debts, restoring the Middle Class, preserving the culture and the language for openers. the rest will follow. It would not hurt if we could neuter the Supreme Court for 30 years or so too so we could get back to words meaning what they are supposed to.

              As much as I like Ted Cruz for example and I do like him,. He is unelectable. Too stiff, too cerebral. A forced sense of humor. Killed Bush 1, Romney and McCain. Has to be a certain amount of flash and I think that has always been the way. TR, FDR, JFK, Truman, Reagan, Clinton O’Bama, they all had it. When you have a race between two laid back guys like Nixon-Humphrey, Taft-Wilson or Eisenhower-Stevenson, Bush1-Dukakis, Gore-Bush then maybe the dull guy will win cause there are only dull guys. But when one sparkles, he takes the prize. That is why no one should count out Sanders or Trump.

              I can feel your frustration. We both want about 95% the same thing but the methodology , the “how to” of getting there is what matters. Their tactics worked. It is time to emulate them.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                What do you mean I’d shudder. Bush 1 dull, Bush 1 almost dull plus forfit, Dole dull squared, Bush 2 dull but better than the preacher Gore. Bush 2 redux better than Kerry anyday, Mccain dull, didn’t stand a chance against Obama or Hillary then blamed Palin when she could out think Biden anytime. Romney, nice but never got his message across due to GOP handlers. Put you to SLEEP.

                Maybe as the Colonel played by Jack Nicholson…”you want the truth, you can’t handle the truth” Maybe Cruz is to cerebral. Didn’t help Adlai Stevenson who was pretty damn smart. When you can get beat by Eisenhower who was pretty dull….smart as hell, but came across as not an intellectual. As someone says, Cruz should be on the bench, might accomplish more.

                Reason I picked on Immigration is that is a serious hot issue. With voting, border issues, jamming “refugees” into communities hook or by crook. Visa’s enabling employers to lay off US workers…forget outsourcing, bring the labor here.

                I’ve worked in high tech business, even while in the military. In each company, we were seriously competitive productivity wise, globally, right products, right costs, profit out the wazzo. But you started seeing the shift late 80’s and 90’s. Regardless of the performance, the company either sacrificed by moving the innovative productive process as we invented it, off shore or just plain walked away from the business because it was capital intensive. Or sell the patent to Intel outright, or motorola…..IBM just plain walked away from the best semiconductor business in the world. By negligence and non investment it was nothing by the time it sold to Qatar.

                As a great grand child of immigrants from all over europe, I listened to their stories if they would talk about the “Old” country…..rarely. “Wie are American’s now”….why do you want to know about that. All came in legally scoped out where to make good money, did so, got a ton of land and life was good, worked hard. Still providing handsomely to those that stayed around the homestead. “GAS”. Never made excuses, even anglisized spelling if needed. Light years different than today. It will take time to change back. But unfortunately it will come as a shock because I DO NOT THINK it will be a subtle shift. It will be more like the collapse of the USSR and the eastern bloc. But guess what they dug out, took a few years but never the less, they survived.

                Maybe the only reason I do not like Trump, is that his towers on Miami beach blocked the sun after 12:00 they were so damn tall. the way to get sun was to keep moving between the buildings. Maybe i just do not like his continual investment in Casinos. Living to separate money from seriously those that are to stupid not to gamble with what you can not afford to lose.

                Heck, he said he’d build a whole new UN complex for a few hundred million, but they went with fixing an old building for a few billion.

                He does have flash….like gunpowder….maybe that is what it will take

              • Sorry, I was actually referencing the “Hearts and Minds” phrase. Good ole LBJ kinda put that one on the NEVEREVERSAYTHATAGAIN list.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Didn’t the “hearts and minds” phrase come from the British campaign against the communist insurrgents in Malayasia. Then picked up by the US special forces early in the Vietnam conflict, but then ditched in favor of more spectacular warfare. Like B-52 saturation bombing and agent orange, which are totally indescriminant and bound to piss off even an ally in the conflict.

                By the late 60’s more ordanance had been dropped in Vietnam than during the entirity of WWII. Problem was most of it was dropped on the south. The norths targets of value were mostly off limits. Until much later in the conflict.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          JAC, I’m guessing that you would prefer an establishment candidate, which is simply status quo, correct?

          • G,

            JAC has made it clear over and over again that he believes we should all stand on principal and vote for the candidate that is the closest to our personal beliefs. EVen when there is a very small chance that they can win. That is not the path most of us take-and it’s definitely not the path of someone who wants an establishment candidate.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              V, who ISN’T establishment that is currently still running?

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Rand Paul
                Ted Cruz, and MAYBE
                Carly Fiorina, and maybe also
                Marco Rubio

                It is not just a matter of not being establishment. It is a matter of understanding how the Constitution has been harmed and being committed to restoring it.

                I laugh at those who sat right here at SUFA crying the blues over the lack of statesmanship among our current Congress critters, how compromise is needed to advance certain things and steadfast opposition for others.

                Marco Rubio tried to be the statesman and take the immigration issue off the table for future elections. Something that some of you don’t realize would have neutered the Democrats. It did not work due in part to the Dems and in part the publics opposition. He recanted and apologized. He VOICED his change in position based on WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT.

                And for this you same people condemn him. I guess you would rather have the Obama style politician after all. The “my way or the highway” types.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The same argument can be made in favor of Cruz as well. The argument displays a serious lack of principles in favor of “winning at all cost”.

      Consider the big question of WHO will each person appoint to the Supreme Court??

      One of them has given us a pretty good idea of the type of person they would choose, the other we have absolutely no idea about.

      • I posted both articles because I think they represent the thinking of most people. I do not think it is a betrayal of principal-people have legitimate reasons to think Trump is a good choice this time around -but I simply cannot trust him-and he has not only sided with the democrats and the progressive republicans-he is still doing so. I do however believe that if all he does is stand on immigration-he would do more good than the establishment candidates have done in years.Cruz on the other hand, may not be perfect either(but who is)- I believe would be better on all things conservative if he is elected.

        • And you are absolutely right when it comes to the SC -there is no way several won’t be retiring in the next 4 to 8 years. Another good reason to support Cruz over Trump.

          I also find it eye opening to note how many people where saying they love Cruz but he can’t win a few months ago so they couldn’t vote for him-but now, maybe he can-so you have a valid point about voting for who really represents you.

          • AND :)–It really makes one wonder how often our preferred candidate could have won through the years if we hadn’t allowed polls and the liberal media to convince us not to vote for them.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              That very last part is a key. Too many listen to pundits or friends they trust, not knowing they all have chips in the game. They want you to play to their advantage.

              Notice how Hillary is now using that strategy with the Dem voters, regarding Bernie??

              She has gone from Vote for me, I am WOMAN to Vote for me, cause the R’s want Bernie. One word to describe this phenomena. PITIFUL.

              By the way, I would still rather see Cruz on the supreme court than in the white house. I just do not see Trump appointing him or the Dems and Progressive Reps allowing it. So that leaves POTUS for me. I think Rubio might appoint him, if Cruz doesn’t burn that bridge before this is over.

              It baffles me that people who have been howling about how the R’s don’t follow through on going after Mr. O’s amnesty and the Affordable Care Act, then support a guy like Trump. Do they really think he will do anything that does not end up simply replacing these with his OWN versions?

              If everyone in Congress really hates Cruz then he represents our greatest chance at gridlock. And that is as good as we can expect until the State legislatures are full of Tea Party types that can start filling the seats in Congress. Because until there is control of 61 seats in the Senate and a majority in the House, no major changes will occur. And if the majority can be 2/3 of both housed, then the White House does not matter.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Right now Gridlock is a great option. They then can do no harm. Maybe they can legitmately oversee and review some of the laws that have been enacted in the past few years. And clean them up.

                Of who’s still standing, I like Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Fiorina, Paul (is not his father) This immigration issue is a thorn that has to be solved, and it’s not by the current methods. Of all the candidates, Cruz and Rubio stand the best chance of getting an acceptable legislation through congress, regardless of the congressional mix.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I watched a pundit on TV the other night who has the Republican situation figured better than anyone I have heard. She was on the Chris Matthews show of all places.

              She said that most people don’t understand because they think there is only a two way split in the Republican party. Establishment vs. Conservatives. But there is actually about FIVE major groups and they do not all agree on many things.

              One of those is the blue collar and more “progressive” working class who feel they have been left behind. I think of those screaming for lower taxes and less govt. while holding signs saying “keep your hands off my Medicare and Social Security”. This is the largest portion of the Trump supporters, at this time.

              The “Libertarian” wing is another and among Conservatives there is the hard core Constitutionalists and those who are more Cons. over fiscal and social issues (evangelicals).

              Then of course there are the Rockefeller or Progressive Republicans.

              This makes it hard for a “Conservative” to build a coalition large enough to overcome the “division affect”, in turn allowing the establishment person to get the nomination with only 25% of the vote. There is also the problem of overcoming EGOS and that staying in the race can be lucrative (funding, fame, book deals, TV pundit contracts).

              • It has always been this way in the republican Party. In the past, we have held our noses and voted for big government guys like Nixon and Bush 2 who basically sold us a bill of goods. We did it because the alternatives were so frightening.

                Reagan spent a fortune defeating the USSR. So he was a big government guy but the plan was take out the Soviets, make a peaceful world then worry about the small stuff. Remember that “Peace Dividend”. Well he screwed up his succession. The dividend came and went and all his successors blew the opportunity to bring Russia in out of the cold. So, today we are almost but not quite worse off than we were before. Don’t worry, the cold warriors are working on that.

                I think I have absolutely no choice but taking a chance on Trump. Otherwise, the Dems win, amnesty wins and there will never ever be another competitive ideas based election in this country again. What alternative do we have?

                When the history books are written the Bush’s and their ilk will have a lot to answer for. They set this mess up with their failure to recognize the internal danger. Their parochial, “good ole boy” network didn’t stand a prayer against rabid “idealists” who would stop at nothing.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Here is one that runs along the lines of thought you and I share at this point.


      Although for me Cruz’s constant mention of his religion does nothing. It is his views on the Constitution and how it has been undermined, as well as his “small govt.” views.

  19. gmanfortruth says:

    With the glut of oil we are currently experiencing it is always fun to look back in time to see what our politicians were saying about things. With “peak oil” part of the political landscape in 1976, Jimmy Carter said in a Presidential debate that the world had 35 years of oil left and we would run out. I’m sure that 25 years from now we can look back and see how idiotic Climate Change was as well.

  20. gmanfortruth says:

    A little food for thought. If Clinton is indicted and it goes to trial, how many people has Hitlary already told they are going down with her? It sure seems like there is a lot of quiet from both sides in DC on this. One would think that the Republicans would be all over this, but they are not. Outside of Trump, I haven’t heard much on the issue from Republican leadership. I’m guessing a lot of people are worried. With that said, will Hillary get indicted?

    I say NO.

  21. gmanfortruth says:

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I was just going to comment on the empty pillow, when I read the note…..great stuff. Even though I believe Bill to be a total sleeze…..who’d blame him.

  22. gmanfortruth says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      What would you expect from a “communist” NOT socialist. Before and during his mayoral reign, we used to always comment that how free and easy he was with spending the hard earned money of the working folks, and he has alway been a politician regardless of what his resume says. He has lived off the government dole his entire working life. Oh Oh Oh, but then he is working hard for you, as long as you do not work and earn NO money.

      he’s been that way forever.

      Maybe Charlie doesn’t want to save up or have his new child earn their college funds. But put the burdon on those that doesn’t know him from adam. He and his wife had the child, why make somebody else pay for it.

      I know this is probably old data since the formation of the the EU. Healthcare in Italy was only provided by the government if and only if you worked and paid some taxes. It was basic care. Adequate but basic. You wanted above and beyond you provided the extra funds for that upper level of care. The proportion of the basic care would be figured in. A friend up until the time she retired just last year, used to send 100% of her pay home to Italy to cover those extra fees. Same with education. Even at the lowest levels of school you paid a tuition above and beyond property taxes. To be fair, property tax was a joke. If your house was never finished, tax was not levied. Ergo you almost always will never see a house totally completed. It just might mean the finish coat of stucco on but one wall on an interior courtyard, but by law it is not done.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    Polls in Washington State show a “large majority” SUPPORT a new State law making smoking illegal until the age of 21.

    Boy that freedom loving conservative movement is sure taking hold. Sarcasm Alert.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    Flint, Michigan……………..right out of a chapter in Atlas Shrugged!!

    Failure of Government at all levels to perform a critical duty of government. And what is the PEOPLE’s reaction?

    We need more Govt to come in here and fix this problem………..now.

    JAC to Flint.

    Get your pitch forks, find an engineer type and go take over the damn Water Works. Switch the damn valves and put some chemicals in the water to reduce the corrosion to your pipes.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Isn’t it funny how it was the Democrat government in Flint (and Detroit) that caused this, but they want the Republican Governor to resign. It’s impossible to take Democrats seriously anymore, completely lost.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    For those that think it is always the “establishment” of your own party who undoes your guy/gal. Remember when people accused the RNC of not supporting Aiken? Well there was really another story altogether.

    “Sen. Claire McCaskill, facing difficult re-election prospects in 2012 as a Democrat running in Missouri, made a daring gamble: She bought millions in TV and radio ads designed to push Republican primary voters toward the least-electable candidate in the field, Rep. Todd Akin. The high-risk maneuver worked, as Akin won the GOP primary, then went on to run a disastrous general election campaign made immortal by his remarks about “legitimate rape.” A Senate seat that looked set to turn red instead stayed blue, and McCaskill earned credit from campaign operatives everywhere for her savvy interference with the GOP’s nominating process—an age-old tradition sometimes known more colorfully as “ratfucking.””

    Sorry for the bad language but that is a quote from a story on DKos. So now you can talk like a political insider if you want.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Almost forgot. The story was about how the RNC is now doing the same to Hillary by supporting Bernie.

      Got that Charlie???

      The RNC heard your cry for help. You should send them a thank you note.

  26. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Following up on my comment on major classical music composers that are black. Yes I know there are composers past and present, but even as the Times says are rarely played. Rap, Jazz, hip-hop, individuals like Lena Horne, Louis Armstrong, The Count, The Duke. Aretha Franklin was not my question.,,,,anyway I contacted “Exploring Music” hosted by Bill McLaughlin on NPR and asked the question. This week they are exploring American Masters, composers that were not routinely played and considered mainstream. Today the show replied and said that they were airing a 2 week program on “Black, Brown and Beige” composers starting on Feb 22. The period I’m sure will cover a great time frame. They mentioned that “Duke” Ellington did a symphony, but I’m sure most of us remember just the big band era and NOT his classical music. It will be a learning experience and I’ll see if much extends past the 40’s and 50’s pre-civil rights.

  27. Very interesting story on the news concenring the Muslim/North African assault on women…the new number please, of over 1500 across 11 cities and four countries. When interviewing the senior Imam from Cologne, Germany. You cannot blame the Muslim men for this atrocity….what would you expect when women wear western clothing, perfume, and do not cover their hair. It is the fault of the women.

    When pressed, the SENIOR imam from Cologne, Germany went on to say that it does not matter the country or whether or not Muslim men are in another country…..it is the woman’s fault.

    And people want me to accept that the Muslim issue is not a problem. Ok…..try to convince me again…..and this time, saying that it is just a small percentage….will not float. Try something else.

    • Mace, pepper spray and a taser to the groin.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        but the women will get prosecuted for 1) defending herself 2) having a weapon 3) insulting the muslim men for NOT covering up…..citing, both Amsterdam and Italy.

        • If they do not start fighting back, it will only get worse. And they say us gun toting, Bible thumping right wing radicals have a war on women. 😦

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Sweden, the rape capital of the world now because of Muslim Migrants. It’s not happening here….YET. I don’t think it will become the problem here as it is in Europe, we have a different society…..and we carry guns. If they don’t like how American women dress, they can go back to the hell they left, I don’t care one wit. If they aren’t assimilating in Europe, does anyone think they will here? It won’t be long until we here about “Muslim Lives Matters” when they start getting shot for attacking women.

  28. gmanfortruth says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Yes, this has been a long time coming. I truly feel sorry for the people who are dependent on the economy there. A huge opportunity to live cheap, if your income is safe and secure coming from elsewhere. The safe and secure is somewhat sarcastic. So many italians relied of funds from here given by families that emmigrated. But as they age that “spare” change is getting cut off.

      Italy and other European countries with marginal, seasonal economies made a huge mistake by joining in the EU. They lost control of their borders and the EU refused to then take up the role. The incomes were marginal for the most part anyway, but when the EU started grabbing up the former eastern bloc countries and even forcing the shut down of GOOD industries there, because they competed with German of French industry, The waves of workers that flooded the market depressed the wages even more. Couple that with the countries NO longer could control healthcare, it was dictated. They could no longer just let boutique food providers that may have been in business for generations. But they may have NOT met German standards and could not afford the upgrades and were shut down. Then with not protecting the uncontrolled exodus into the south hell was opening its maw waiting for the country to drop in for a visit.

      This is sort of where I was heading last night. If the changes from liberal progressive government took 50-100 years it will take an equal amount of time to swing back, Unfortunately, time is not on the peoples side to decide. Economics will decide and I believe the change will be drastic and sudden. Just like the “make over” reality shows. We see everyday the ultimate outcome of the socialist agenda. But yet we seriously are considering a Hillary or Bernie as our leaders.

      I only hope the youth do not fall into the trap and vote for them having been burned already.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        The youth in this country are brainwashed by the MSM. I’m still flabbergast by how many people are still supporting Clinton. The Liberal propaganda machine is full steam ahead, to the detriment of the whole nation. I have begun to think that Liberalism is more than a mental illness, like maybe an alien invasion.

  29. I thought all you Yankee types were used to these snow storms…..all I hear down here is how everybody is shutting down because of a suspected 2 foot snow storm? I thought you guys got this stuff all the time.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Anything East of the Poconos and South of the Pa line is a lost cause when it comes to snow. I’m sure we will hear about all the people who had to abandon the vehicles because they got stuck….err….because they were too stupid to check the weather report. I 95 will be a mess, a dusting can cause a complete gridlock, because they can’t drive well.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Given that I have lived the vast majority of my life “SOUTH” of the Mason-Dixon line “I resemble that remark” as Groucho Marx used to say. I’ll give an example, You can drive all the way from the Canadian Border in a big snowstorm, everybody drove sanely and safely. The closer you got to a major metropolitan area, such as Boston the speeds just kept kicking up and up and up. Mass insanity set in. Accidents out of control. Plows couldn’t get through. The roads were acually getting worse also. When I lived in VT or Maine, there NEVER was a snow day called, no matter how bad it got. You might be slowed or delayed a bit but NEVER shut down from your normal day to day lives. But sigh…..times have changed. Even though so many of the population are transplants they also left their common sense back up north also. I never drove a 4 wheel drive vehicle up north. Always made it with no ditches ever. Here however, it is safer to just delay and let all the idiots go in the ditch, then you have a clear road. Now the ditches here are deep and you just might never be seen again. You just might see the ass end of a vehicle sticking up out of the ditch. No 4X4 will ever get you out. Maybe a boom lift.

      The last time we had a forecast storm like this was in the late 90’s. The national Weather bureau said not to worry, we’ll just get a dusting. The storm will stay way west by the mountains. Where I lived in Raleigh we had 3 ft at the house and it wasn’t drifted. Digging out the cross country ski’s to go shopping was fun. They’ve been prepping the roads since yesterday for the anticipated freezing rain. Should be no issues there. If the major storms moves east, which it may, the roads will get cleared quickly unless there are idiots blocking the city, county and states clean up efforts. The larder is stocked and the power lines are underground.

      Heck last year N/E had so much snow the problem was not to move it, but where to put it. They ran out of free space. Near ocean, they’ll just back the trucks up to the water and dump it and let the tides take care of it.

      One of my beliefs is that the weather services have been sued to many times for NOT sounding the panic alarm, they now err on the side of caution. The weather channel is a commercial endeavor, the more hype the better. But then people in general feel their vehicles are impervious to any event, so safe regardless of how stupid you drive. People buy SUV’s but haven’t a clue as to how to drive them.

      It’s best to just put the slippers on, read and respond on SUFA and have a nice peaceful day. Maybe later walk around the corner to my local watering hole and have a nice hot cidar spiked with a shot of “fireball”.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Please do not pick on just the easterners. Coloradans along the corridor between Ft Collins and Colorado Springs have trouble all the time navigating the roads much less clearing the roads during or after a snowfall. While attending CSU they barely could move a minor snow off the roads. Had to call in Army resources. In the mountains was and is very different, I do know that though in Denver area the snow does not fall vertically. It goes horizontal most of the time.

      I particularly enjoyed my first winter landing in Denver. The runway was NOT cleared and when the pilot tried slowing I was looking out the portside windows the length of the runway. We slid the entire runway sideways. The 1st 747 that landed at Stapleton broke through the runway when it came to a stop. Sank right up to its belly.

  30. gmanfortruth says:

    • This CANNOT be real……

      • gmanfortruth says:

        It is Colonel. There is a part 2 where she calls back a few weeks later and explains how stupid she was and has been getting hell over it since. It’s a few years old though. Technically speaking, with a lot of money, we could mitigate the problem with high fences and bridges or tunnels for deer movement. It wouldn’t stop the problem but it could work. Too expensive though, so it will never happen.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          When the interstates were built in VT and NH, the highways cut several deer migration paths. The deer population was decimated, more than if they gave a gun to everyone and told to “shoot” a deer. The designers “forgot” to put in the simple precautions Gman noted. After the slaughter they were no longer needed. During the 15 years I lived in VT, I saw no more than a dozen deer, dead or alive. You drive to NY and they were everywhere. Much less PA. But the live deer were spotted in a field near where I lived, very rural, and on the IBM plant facility property. The Poconos were and are a slaughter house. I was always cautious about deer, but they were rarely out by the highways. Bear was a slightly more risky encounter, but moose that was a whole different story.

          Colonel….how do you keep your big cattle from just leaning on a fence and wander onto the roads. I remember driving along in the mornings in Utah and other western states and what obviously WAS a steer was magpie hamburger. I’d have hated to have seen the vehicle that hit a full grown steer. I hit a 250 lbs black bear a few years back with a dodge ram pickup at 65 mph. That was a real mess, not only for the bear but there was not much left of the front end of the truck. Just think if it was a lightweight micro-car of today.

          • First of all, cattle are more stupid than John Kerry. They even stop at imaginary fences. They run into a fire insread of away from it……

            In key pastures where you do not want the problem of a fence going down, you install solar powered electric fences. NOw, we are not talking about the whole fence but one wire that is fed through insulators on the regular fence and sticks out about 4 inches from the regular fence. Solar powered batteries that feed the wire conduit give enough shock that it will get your attention. Cattle are fast learners even though they are dumb as a box of rocks….we have even seen it that when we take down a fence to where there is nothing…there is an imaginary line in their pea-pickin’ progressive minds ( sarc intended )…..

            HOwever, there is no answer to stupid if a gate is left open and cattle get to the highway. The nearest highway to us is 9 miles away so we do not have a traffic problem but even a dumb steer or cow or bull will actually walk through an open gate.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              One of the problems we have here, and this is a serious comment. You really have to be on your toes because Blacks have a habit of NOT using sidewalks and walk in the road. Right here in town. At night and no reflective clothes. Had an incident where my eyes caught a darker image smack dab in the middle of the road just standing there. I ws just able to swerve into the next lane Two black guys dressed in black just standing there. Just waiting to be hit. In raleigh two blacks were out on the I-40, at night, they were hit and smeared. Backed traffic up a bit. No charges were filed against the motorists. They usually will not move out of the roadway and will force you to change lanes to get by. Dissing you.

              Far more dangerous than wildlife.

              FYI colonel. I was talking to a Deputy the other night and VT has more liberal gun laws than Texas. That is why I copied their “right to bear arms” section out of the constitution. Specifically says Personal defense. Not the arguable phrase in the US constitution.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            It sounds like cattle are dumber than thanksgiving turkeys.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      How did those guys keep a straight face. And this is our future leadership. I’ve had to open a new box of tissues to mop up the tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing so hard. Up in N/E there was an activity called Cow droppings (flops or patties) if you prefer BINGO. In Alaska they had a variation of the game, but with Moose. They called it Moose dropping Bingo. Peta and the ASPCA got involved and actually called and inquired “HOW FAR DO YOU DROP THE MOOSE” The organizers went along with what they thought was a gag and said “Oh about 100 feet” and we drop them from a helicopter.The idiots from the animal rights groups got petitions, organized boycotts to block such cruelty. They actually believed they were shoving a Moose out of a helicopter. I’d find it entertaining to see anyone put a moose in a helicopter, and bet to see whoe’d win. My bet would be on the moose and then snatch up the salvage contract for the junked helicopter..

      • Just A Citizen says:


        No big deal. We fly moose around in my ship all the time. We can carry them inside or sling em, depending on the rules of the game. 🙂

    • gmanfortruth says:

  31. Just A Citizen says:

    A good article on the state of the “tea party” and “conservative” efforts to restore our notion of a smaller, less obtrusive govt.

    The author does a good job of addressing an issue I have raised many times. The status of State govts. and given the lack of movement in the “right” direction, the reality that we are a minority. Otherwise why don’t OUR officials create the change they promise.

    I expect this captures SK’s feelings. But notice how nobody ever asks the reverse. Why shouldn’t the others have to “suck it up”. Without the Conservatives the Reublicans cannot win. Yet it is the Conservatives who are constantly told they have to compromise.


    • gmanfortruth says:

      It is a good article. It also explains Trump’s popularity. After the failure of the Republicans after the last election, people are fed up with the lies. Trump is saying what people want to hear, and he could actually do a lot of what he says involving trade agreements (at least get a better deal for a vote to be held). Bush I and Clinton screwed us with NAFTA. People understand jobs and money. Most also know that Trump can’t JUST DO things. That’s where many think he would be a good President, because he would be the anti-Obama when it comes to that. I still don’t think he will get the nomination. Notice how the establishment is starting to side with Trump and away from Cruz. They are hoping the anti-establishment crowd will stray from Trump. At least that’s what I’m seeing.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      This is the kind of propaganda that the establishment is using to beat Trump and Cruz. The goal, in my opinion is to NOT have a clear winner at the end of the Primaries. Then they will broker things and get their man.

    • Yup!!!!!

  32. This is interesting-we always talk about how going to Congress changes people. So maybe Cruz being destroyed will actually be what destroys any future hope of elected people standing up.


  33. gmanfortruth says:

  34. gmanfortruth says:
  35. Looky, Looky!

    Probably a BS skewed poll but nonetheless looks like things are trending that way.

    Americans “get It” and they are fed up. A refutation of the last 20 years or so.


  36. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the day, on this issue of overthinking your votes.

    Did those who elected Mr. Obama over Hillary in his first election ever say, “I can’t vote for him because he cannot win the general”????????

    The underlying answer to that question, along with how Bernie could be pulling HALF the Dem. voters in the polling explains why you supposed “conservatives” never win.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The conservatives never promise the candy store, free of charge up front. The Dems charges will come later when you complain of a belly ache. People rarely make the hard choices, but until things burst will almost always make the easy choices and the path of the least resistance. As a nation and others have been chowing down for years and the belly ache is upon us. A good dose of caster oil my just do the trick.

      In many ways revolutionary historians do not consider the American Revolution a true revolution. There really was not a huge unheaval in society. The French had theirs and tried to right their centuries of social injustice, by killing off their tormenters, and soon became their replacements and then in turn lost their heads. Napoleon a despot, closed that phase in French history. The defeat in Germany and austria WWI brought on the Versaille treaty and the and a dismemberment of the hapsburg empire into god knows what and we are still paying today. In Germany the Weimar republic in turn brought in Hitler. Restore the reich and pride after being evicerated. The Russian revolution brought on a much more brutal regime than the czars never dreamt of being. WWII defeat of the axis brought a change of thought by the victors, partially due to the threat of communism, but the defeats were pretty humiliating to Japan and Germany. They were not left to founder, but rebuilt and remained stable. With the defeat of the USSR, economically lessons were lost and they were left to a disasterous and humiliating 15 years. Setting the stage for Putin, who is playing that card of righting a wrong. Who will take the stage in Europe and in turn the US.

      Remember “It can’t happen here”

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I have heard this…… “I can’t vote for him because he cannot win the general”????????” several times already and usually followed up with a poll or three. My opinion is that it’s nothing more than establishment propaganda. They have already said it about Trump, a lot earlier.

      Now go back to the last primary and look at how wrong the polls were. They will use this information this year to explain how a candidate did so well when the polls didn’t match. This is just another mindful(k played on the people. You’ll remember this comment when you hear the astonishment as to how well Bush actually does.

  37. Two interesting things…..how coincidental was it that immediately after the release of our hostages for the billion dollar ransom…..that three more were taken and now there is talk about interest on the sanctions…..

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      It pays off, why not do it again. The FBI certainly won’t come after you, being a State condoned kidnapping..

  38. The second thing,,,,,,,un-verified but heard on the news. In 2015, there were 2,700 weapons found in carry on luggage and most of them loaded.

    Two of the top five cities where this took place…….DFW and Houston. Over 70% of the weapons found were in three cities….the other city was Phoenix. When asked how anyone could possibly carry a loaded weapon to an airport……no one understands that Texans grab their guns before they put on underwear. We carry them everywhere and it is like wearing a watch…..you forget about it.

    Thought it was funny though because the libtard that was upset about it, was astounded over the love of guns.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      A State politician in South or North Carolina wrote a bill to register and regulate journalists. The response was hilarious as they jumped claiming it’s unconstitutional and all that. Then they were reminded how they want the same stuff for the 2nd Amendment. I think it’s time to start pushing the idea of registering journalists (really push it, to see how far it goes). Let’s see more of them jump up and down. In the end, we might be able to silence them using their own tactics against them.

  39. gmanfortruth says:

    Please ignore the title. It’s about a bill that may be voted on soon. I’ll be providing updates as I can.

    • gmanfortruth says:
      • Just A Citizen says:


        From within the article, a comment that shows why it is hard to have credibility in these issues.

        “Nor would it touch on the is­sue of what to do with the 2001 AUMF, which the Obama ad­min­is­tra­tion has used to at­tack IS­IS des­pite that au­thor­iz­a­tion’s in­struc­tions to use force against those who planned the 9/11 ter­ror­ist at­tacks.”

        We have reviewed the 2001 AUMF here at SUFA before. It does NOT limit action to only those “who planned the 9/11 terrorist attacks”. It authorized use of force against Al Qaeda and “any affiliate groups” or those “associated with” these groups.

        If the authorization was as limited as the author claims then the Iraq war would have in fact been “illegal”. But is was not because the authorization was broad enough to allow Bush to use it. Thanks to BOTH political parties.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I must ask, if this is true, WTF are these Republicans thinking? This to me borders on an act of treason if not an declaration of war against US!

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I’m calling Bull Shit on the claims of what the act would allow within the USA.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          I hope your right JAC, I really do. I will with hold judgment until I can read the bill. That’s where the meat and potatoes are.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          How this Bill is being presented is normal for these slimebags when they want little attention paid to it. Between the winter storm in the East and NFL Conference Championships, it’s a good time to be sneaky. After what we witnessed when it came to the Omnibus bill, I have zero trust in these people, ZERO!

  40. This is a truth, I have a hard time ignoring.

    “By his own admission Trump has contributed, over the past 40 years, millions of dollars to both parties (considerably more to Democrats than Republicans) in order to buy influence and thus help underwrite their political agendas — the definition of crony capitalism. He has vacillated from one extreme to the other in his various stances on the issues during the past forty years but his one consistent has been to unabashedly support the political establishment and thus he has played a significant financial role in fostering the nation’s current dilemmas. He is now claiming to be anti-establishment.”

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/01/the_american_people_vs_the_political_establishment.html#ixzz3y1vojQKw
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    • I have a question for you, VH. Ignoring Trump, for the time being.

      You may or may not be in this following scenario, I do not know but bear with me here. YOu seem to be, as a lot of people are, upset with the fact that a business man……any business man, is evil for using whatever assets he has to buy influence to better his position ( as long as it is legal )…Would you, as a business owner, do anything in your power LEGALLY to further your business interests? Even if that meant going to Washington DC or to your state or local government to do so? For example, taking the mayor or Congressman out to dinner or on a hunting trip to curry favor?

      As long as it is LEGAL…..do you find this type of behaviour reprehensible?

      • Actually, let me throw you into the Lion’s Den……you are obviously anti-abortion and dead set against Planned Parenthood, if I recall directly. Would you, if given the opportunity, become a major fundraiser and advocate for Right to Life? Would you take your fund raising money to a “friendly” Seantor or Congressman to underwrite his/her political agenda if your agenda of eliminating abortion could be accomplished? Would you not exert your influence to change the mind or curry a favorable Bill against abortion? As long as it is a legal manuever.

        Now, I want you to be very careful here because the subject of the agenda does not matter. In other words, you cannot claim something like…” Well, mine saves lives and is, therefore, a moral agenda.” Because if you do, this makes it a hypocritical situation.

        Influence peddling has the same definition. Do you see a difference in you donating or giving a large sum of money to a politician or politicians to get a bill passed to stop abortions or funding Planned Parenthood than a businessman donating a large sum of money to a Political friend to get a favorable treatment for his business or several business’?

        If you do see a difference, then please give me the benefit of your thinking as to why it is different.

        The only reason I bring this up is because you seem to be against Trump because he has peddled influence to gain a leg up or to get favorable treatment. ( Again, as long as it is legal ). What makes him different from Cruz, who TAKES large donations from corporations and the like for political gain?

        • I’m gonna have to think about this for awhile because it would be very easy to justify one type of bribe and not the other.

          One thing I will say while I think about this in greater depth-One thing I wouldn’t do is contribute to both the pro-life movement and the pro-choice movement. And I wouldn’t go to a candidate and say I will give you this money if you vote a certain way on a bill-but this is getting into lobbying and I’m not sure how that works or how I feel about it. As far as Trump, it isn’t that I really dislike him, I just have no idea what he will actually support once he’s in office. I look at his record and I see no consistency, no principals. He just doesn’t seem to care what consequences his indiscriminate contributions caused. If it was good for Trump-that seems to be all that mattered.

          • You said: “-One thing I wouldn’t do is contribute to both the pro-life movement and the pro-choice movement.”….Understand but if you limit yourself, you limit access no matter who wins…..Most businessmen will donate to whomever will help them be it Dem or Repub,,,,for example, I have donated to a Conservative Democrat and a Conservative Republican,,,,at the same time in the same race. The reason….access. It is nice to be able to pick up he phone and get direct to Mr X…and not be put on indefinite hold.

            • So, you play the game with the rules as they are….and then you change with the wind as the wind changes. You do that…but you do that on a personal level….For example, if your income changes, you will make changes to adjust…..it is the same everywhere with everything. Therein lies the fallacy of our system…..the old fashioned Statesmen/women are gone.

          • VH said: ” And I wouldn’t go to a candidate and say I will give you this money if you vote a certain way on a bill-“….good for you and very admirable but politics is obviously not your game because….you will an army of…1, with that attitude. Do not get me wrong…I hate it but it is the game. Change the rules and I am with that but to not play the game with the current rules…well…you will lose. It is like war….mean, ugly, and no winners.

      • Let’s talk about that word Legal-it is legal to contribute, it is illegal to bribe. Very easy to hide a bribe in a Legal contribution.

        • Having been a small, very small player in NY Real Estate, one contributes to a politician not for favors but for access. My bosses in the past contributed to everyone. One of them had a wall full of photos with everyone from the Pope to mayor Koch to Bill Clinton. He was personally very conservative.

          Now we take it a step further. In your dealings with government in your life, have you ever felt ignored? Ever felt you could not get your point across or get to the right person to at least listen to your problem?

          That is why you contribute. To get access. You get to pick up the phone when some dufus at the Department of Buildings is taking a two hour lunch break and when you complain to him, he shoves your application on the bottom of the pile. You call Councilman X or State Senator Y, tell him your problem and wait for the supervisor at DOB to call you and set things right.

          When I was a civil servant I would often have to deal with other agencies. When i went in person I never ID’d myself as a fellow City employee, I played the part of citizen. When I ran into the ubiquitous dufus, I’d pull out my ID and embarrass the crap out of them. .

        • Fair enough but my question still remains….if you are a fund raiser….you are a lobbyist. Because your fund raising supports the individual and the individual has ideas that you are in favor of….

          If you are fund raising and you give the money to a lobyyist who has the ear of the Congressman or Senator….you are a lobbyist by extension. You clearly raised funds to establish or help establish an agenda.

          In Washington-ese… I will guarantee you that contribitions are bribes….no matter whom they go to. Does not matter if it is Huckabee and he sits on the right hand of God….he still takes money to further his agenda….as does Cruz…as does Rubio,,,Clinton,….Sanders…..

          Trump takes no Federal matching funds and is doing it with his own money….however, I am well aware of his positions….and his changing of positions….as do all of them. This is why I am still on the fence. But even with Trump…..it is sad that money can buy a Presidency, whether it is tax money or private money.

          I make the maximum contributions/bribes to whomever I decide to back. I guess that makes me evil. Right now, I have made no contributions/bribes to anyone.

          But I would be lying if I did not say that my brother and I and my dad (when he was still alive) and I took State officials on hunting trips….fishing trips….elaborate dinners and such….in order to gain favor. That is the way the game is played….right or wrong….it is played that way.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            It seems as there is an agreement that access to government people requires money. Just goes to show how little votes really mean in the big picture.

  41. The other thing that we all need to do is DEFINE what is called the Establishment. ANd what is anti establishment?

    • Establishment types are those that are just fine with the status quo, don’t want the boat rocked and refuse to listen to anybody but like minded individuals. ,

    • Nothing matters but winning the election.

      • Exactly and that is the lowest of it all….and the shame of it all.

      • It is like your Planned Parenthood issue….you hate it…..it is terrible…it is horrendous but it is fact and there are apparently more in Congress that support it that do not. To change the rules, put in new people. You see, I am on your side even though it does not sound like it but I will play the game because that is the reality…however, that does not stop me, while the game is playing, trying to get the rules changed.

  42. gmanfortruth says:


    Some morning economic stuff to start your day 🙂

  43. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Nor’easters at any time are generally a pretty nasty “winter hurricane” They happen all the time. The hype is insane. Historic, record breaking, haven’t seen a forcast like this in 90 years….come on, that area had 27″s in one storm just the other year. I just wonder where the journalists find all the adjectives to describe “any” storm of late. They certainly have run the extreme ends of snow, wet, drought and worn out trying to hype climate change with any normal seasonal weather.

    Now this storm has been named “Snowzilla” Get a grip.

    Major metropolitan areas do tend to get real messy, rural folks would just shrug and say “what’s the problem”

  44. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This is a question for BF, if he’s still monitoring SUFA and JAC.

    We’ve had a crisis created back in the 70’s when Hanson a NASA scientist claimed (pretty sure it was him, we are heading into an ice age….gloom and doom. Mass starvation etc etc etc.

    That didn’t pan out and Global Warming, took it’s place. All generally based on the same caused of burning fossil fuels and cutting forests etc. Al Gore took it to a new level and became a global crisis. Need less to say the “science” had more holes in it than a sinking ship, besides the just plain LYING and falsification of data. Most of the hockey stick type charts are history.

    A lengthy warming “hiatus” has taken place that the IPCC has not been able to explain…it doesn’t fit their theory. Tons of money has been spent destroying our natural landscape on the excuse it’s required to save it. But yet planting trees id deemed by our science councils as to expensive. Just not sexy enough.

    So finally an explanation by NASA and Hanson and the IPCC comes out late last year about why there’s been cooling, just after the budget passes that blames the hiatus on the 70’s explanation. The budget gives all the climate change funds Obama wanted.

    Just the other day, NOAA announces that 2015 is the warmest year on record. They blame “El Nino” Now I’ve seen their analysis of this years El Nino and they say it is shaped up to be just like 1967, with the same temps patterns etc. So by extension, wouldn’t 1967 be right up there as a warmest year? We had some pretty nasty droughts during that time and when the nino came in terrible flooding.

    Just looking back over the NY TIMES headlines for over 120 years. They’ve cycled between a crisis of extreme warming and extreme cold in each predicting the inevitable outcome of disaster. The cycle is still there….but the outcome is so political and based on social justice and income redistribution…wealthy west vs the 3rd world. The rich west and evil west has to invest in the 3rd world….oh to make them just like us and exacerbate the climate problem, or is it to facilitate the collapse of the west due to backrupting a bankrupt system to begin with. The west became what it is by unlimited power sources such as coal, which is still the major energy producer, Destroy that and that will take the west down a peg.

    So what is it? All BS and social agenda, or what.

    • I will venture the guess that it is people looking for something to believe in, work for and root for. With the demise of religion, folks have become rudderless. Fine if you agree with the Communists that Religion is “the Opiate of the masses” but it served some darn useful purposes in the right hands.

      Just got slapped down on Facebook for daring to give “advice” to a woman. The sin? Telling her to check everything two or three times before believing (or not believing) it and to:”learn something new every day.” Apparently that is chauvinistic.

      My point? People are really lost. They are investing in the Race thing, the climate thing, the sexist thing energy that would be better spent elsewhere.

      Brings to mind a question I have asked kids (scouts) these last thirty years. Who are your heroes? Surprisingly, they can’t name any. When I was their age, all the great explorers and frontiersmen were like Gods to me. Led me to explore for knowledge. I often wonder if the drug use and apathy we have today is not because these kids grow into young adults who have no one to emulate. They drift bored from one day to the next.

      I was remarking to my cousin the other day that I have a fairly small circle of friends and acquaintances yet, in the past six months, three of their children have OD’s and left this planet on heroin. Not bad people and the kids used to be ok. But, they just drift, as I said up top, rudderless.

      • Just an addendum. I at 69, have NEVER used any drug more powerful than Vodka. I cannot convey the “high” I get to this day watching a sunrise or sunset or a starry night or a vast beautiful blue sky filled with big, white puffy cumulus clouds. Who in the hell needs more than that?

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I still don’t like the clear stuff. Deeply scarred from a sampling adventure at 4.

          It used to really piss me off where I grew up. The kids could do anything. Like fly to Hawaii on a weekend, go to the river waterskiing, diving off the islands…anything. But usually on Monday, it was man, I got some good shit. Yeah but what did you do,,,Oh I got so Fucked up…it was great. What a waste.

          Me, I went for the adventure and remember every minute of it.

    • I think it goes to the root of human thinking.

      People understand evolution; it is not a design, but a process without a plan – and abandon Creationism.

      Yet, people look at nature’s self-organizing systems, and dream that there must be a designer and a plan behind it, called “God”. It is incomprehensible to most people how systems self-organize without having some “controller” behind it.

      So when things “change”, there must be a “cause” – it can’t be “natural” – and the cause exists to exercise a plan

      So people demand “rulers” to dictate upon society believing that people need to be “controlled” so that “order” appears. Organization to most people cannot happen without control and a “plan”.

      So people believe society must be planned, natural events need to be planned, life needs to be planned.

      Yet, when they act to do this, nothing goes according to the plan.

      • Reminds me of an idiom of Murphy’s Law’s of Combat…..if your planned attack is going well, it is probably an ambush.

        • BTW…not a bad analysis.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          What military philosopher said, after the 1st shot basically the battleplan goes to hell. (paraphrased) Pretty much if a plan goes perfectly without any hitches….something is wrong. Step back and take another look. There are to many variables out there and there is NO way you thought of every one.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Not bad. Makes the most sense of anything read or heard in many many years. Like the politicians feel they are not earning their due if they do not do something and pass a new law to “fix” a perceived problem. Try looking at the fact their previous law probably caused the problem thereby needing a new law to fix. Go home and do no harm..

      • Notice that I started by saying, “with the demise of religion”..

        The new replacement is the religion of the Id.

        Are we better off? Not you Dale, Flag or Colonel, are WE the body politic better off? Are those three dead kids I know better off? I have my doubts.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Very few folks I know are leading a life that is “increasing” Most even if they are “DINK’S” are always on edge, or diminishing. Especially if you are retired. Obviously we all know exceptions.

          God the waste of people when it comes to “drugs” of all kinds. The number of kids I knew in HS that suicided. Besides those lost in accidents (lost count), Vietnam (6) Illness (cancers, to many) In my freshman class at CSU (7) in the 1st quarter. Getting “wasted” is nothing but a slow suicide. Why…lack of hope?….feel there’s nothing more to experience and are bored out of their minds?….retribution for a perceived fault “I’ll show you”

        • Replacing religion with something else will lead to the same errors as religion created.
          Why does it need a replacement?

          • I cannot answer you because in this case we are at totally opposite ends of the spectrum. I have several friends like you and in a way I envy you and them. You have your own “Flag” world and it works well for you and you are more than quite content.

            I’m the guy that used to take all those vocational multiple guess tests in High School and College like the MMPI which all told me to be a Social Worker.

            Just a quickie here. Properly practiced, Christianity leads to no errors. This explains why it took over the Roman Empire. Like all large bureaucratic entities, it eventually started to devour itself and become a mockery of what was intended. .

  45. gmanfortruth says:
    • gmanfortruth says:

      Supposedly, 15 trillion or so has been lost. So I ask, where did it magically disappear to? Or is this money that is considered unclaimed profit that was lost.

  46. gmanfortruth says:

    Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, has told his aides to draw up plans for an independent campaign for the U.S. presidency, the New York Times reported on Saturday.

    Bloomberg has advised friends and associates that he would be willing to spend at least $1 billion of his own money on a campaign for the 2016 election, the Times said, citing sources briefed on the former mayor’s thinking.

    Read more at https://www.trunews.com/bloomberg-follows-trumps-lead-billionaire-draws-plans-for-independent-campaign/#WMM9Zy630E8qe60p.99

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      He has to run as a democrat and not a republican. That would be interesting. Even being a nanny state progressive, he would beat the heck out of Hillary and Bernie

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I would think he has people giving him some information, such as Hillary’s future? Could be a sign of things to come.

      • This is one dangerous MoFo. Hope you don’t like your soft drinks bigger than 16oz. Or have a fondness for sugar or salt.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Just like light bulbs….entrepenuers created work arounds. or invented a better bulb, without going to those EPA hazard bulbs that cost a zillion dollars. If Seinfeld had still been airing while Bloomberg was mayor, their material would have been unlimited….Just like Dilbert. Former PacBell/at&t guy. gets notes and material continually from “corportate” drudges. I can not read it anymore. Both with IBM and at&t careers, it’s so TRUE and sad. I pity those that remain. The laughs ended years ago.

  47. gmanfortruth says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Even though I could not open this link up due to a down level browser, I can imagine what he thinks. But how is it any different than the past years when Presidents always tried to get justices that more OFTEN than NOT vote on the Presidents way of thinking of the law than the constitution. I would feel safer with a court of Alito’s, Thomas’s and the rejected Bork’s view of the constitution. Plainly speaking it is what it is. As the most vilified Justice in history said, ” I’ll rule on the constitution, not on what would be nice or perhaps right. Get an amendment through making the change. And the votes will go with the law.

      What people do not realize is that Tenney’s court on their rulings about slavery, property rights, expansion of the practice were all based on the law. The votes were never down to just a 1 vote of which way the chief justice voted, like the ACA. Which was argued by the administration differently than what they tried to sell the people and still is rejected overwhelmingly.

      Unfortunately the politicians, DO NOT WANT to ever subject their legislation to a constitutional amendment. 1) it takes to long in their eyes,and 2) the people may say up your’s. If having healthcare is a RIGHT, put it in the Constitution.

      • Nothing unusual, just got a response to something this morning whee a friend’s friend went on and on about how the Court has the right to MAKE law. Hopeless to try and explain this to people since after all, it is being done for the “greater good”.

        If Trump or Bloomberg was elected and turns out to be a worst nightmare, all those fools who cheer at an Obama executive memo or order will be screaming FASCIST as they are taken away to be re-educated. Won’t matter though. Too late.

  48. Hey SUFA! Hope you all are doing great and especially you noreasters getting the “snowmageddon”. Good lord!!!! and if you are in NYC, don’t you dare leave the house after 2:30 this aft.

    Anyway, saw 13 Hours today and highly recommend it. We all know the story but if you are looking for a good way to get PO’d, check it out! Special place in hell for the SofS and CIC.

    • Bergen County NJ There is about 15 inches in my driveway. Nice light fluffy stuff though. Jersey shore got clobbered again. Getting smart in my old age. Shoveling twenty minutes at time then take a break. Ain’t twenty anymore.

      • It is always entertaining to watch the east coast media go apes–t over a little snow. They have to dust off and practice all their superlatives. Hunker down, make so hot chocolate, dig out the skis and sleds and have some fun. This too shall pass.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          The storm was a bust. didn’t come close to the hype. Friday, the temp went up 15-20 degrees and poured with fairly heavy winds. Overnight the rain stopped and the temps dropped back to high 20-low 30’s with heavy north winds. In spite of that I awoke with the whompin and a banging of a “Shriners” parade. Went on all day. Their activities will last all weekend. Outdoors. The only thing that was canceled was the high brow artsy fartsy stuff and schools. Normal life went on as life does. Take the good with the bad. As my quests said at a dinner party tonight, “It is winter you know” But the Crocus’s and Daffodills will be sticking their heads up in a few weeks, Maybe. The track record in history when El Nino sets up as it has this year, we ultimately have a nasty and long winter overall.

      • Funny how that creeps up on you…..ran the obstacle…errr…confidence course the other day with the yunguns……just to prove that this old bird could still stand the challenge….Did pretty damned good…impressed the yunguns….

        The rest of the story is…..holy shit I was sore the next day and cramped up in the night…..they will never know this…..but I will remember it……wonder why my 21 year old brain writes checks my 67 year old chassis cannot cash.

        Even a good soak in the whirlpool did not work it out…..whew.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Did something like that a few years ago. My significant other at the time, we climbed the back side of Mt Washington in the White Mtns. Going up the backside takes you up “Tuckerman’s Ravine” It’s about as rugged as you get. Not hiking, and sometimes legit X game rock climbing. But every step was find a hand hold, foot hold…up and up. At our age at the time it was an accomplishment. The only others that finished were 1/2 our ages. When we showed the photos to the kids they were impressed. They had NO concept that the ravine was as vertical as the photos showed. They had only skied it. Even that was radical skiing. No lifts. Either helicopter, or tram up the tourist side, ski down the ravine. A one way trip……The kids were round the world sailboat racers like with the Whitebread races. To impress them is going some. Never admit it but the tub felt damn good and was even better with company. All the pain melted away.

        • Now you sound like my Dad on his 65th, as he blew out the candles he remarked, “How did this 17 year old ever get into this old body”?

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Funny how time does that. The trick is to keep the 17 year old mind and not have it get old and rickety like the body.

            Lucky your snow was light and fluffy, and not like a normal nor’easter, wet and heavy. I’ll tell you, I do not miss it in any shape, form or manner.

            • The old man would have agreed with you. My cousin has been putting together a Trynosky/Troynousky Facebook page. An opportunity for the cousins to connect after all these years. What has emerged is that we all agree (about 10 of us) that the four brothers and two sisters never mentally aged beyond about 17.

              What I miss the most is their laughter. When Grandma died in ’60 I was 13. The whole family got together at my Uncle’s farm in Macungie PA. I can remember the four brothers ranging in age from 44 down to 38 all in pretty bad shape, playing tackle football for all it was worth on the front lawn. Absolutely priceless memory.

              For those of us who believe in the afterlife, I have a future vision of my three sons and I playing tackle football with them, for all it is worth, on the Elysian fields. Dammit! There damn well better be beer in heaven. Or, maybe we can just trot over to Viking heaven for the day.


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