What is Life Worth?

thW32AMFDZThe good Colonel brought up a scenario where an individual chemist invented a drug that saved lives and how that drug should be made available to the public.  Without going into details, not long ago, the inventor of a lifesaving drug raised the price 1000% overnight, making it unaffordable for most.  This provides for a interesting experiment into the ideology of the Left and the Right.  The following parameters for this exercise is as follows:

A small company trying to find a cure for the common cold stumbles upon a drug that kills a form of cancer that is 100% fatal.  No other cures have worked and this small pill, taken only 3 times, cures the cancer completely.  It doesn’t work on any other disease and is about to be available to those few people who get this deadly form of cancer.  On average, this form of cancer affects less than 100 people a year and the disease is limited to only one race of people (which will remain nameless).  The company has decided to charge 1 million dollars per pill.

Due to the high cost of this drug, insurance companies have already stated that they will not cover it.  Most in government show some form of outrage and claim it’s now a problem that needs fixed.  But this also poses a problem, because the chemical is so secret and the only way to get this drug is to go to the companies private compound and remain until the cure is complete.  The cured cannot leave until the drug is completely out of the bloodstream and must sign a nondisclosure agreement.  They can’t talk about anything that occurred during their stay.

So there you have it.  Along with all the other stuff we talk about, what would you do to change this scenario and how would you go about getting the change, if any.



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    Even some in Congress know how bad things have gotten.

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  4. Your scenario above has some missing pieces. First, if you applied for a patent you must disclose the invention. Once the patent has been issued you have a 17 year monopoly on its manufacture and use. For drugs to be administered to a patient, they first must get FDA approval. I am sure the FDA also requires disclosure. The FDA will review all clinical trials for efficacy and safety. Once approved, you may manufacture and distribute the drug but again the manufacturing process is under strict FDA rules. The time limit is still the patent date plus 17 years.

    The R&D and approval costs for this drug have probably been in the millions so your sunk costs are huge. To be profitable, you must amortize those costs over projected sales plus include the cost of production, marketing and sales. Since this is a drug, there is always the potential for suits and other adverse judgements. So add that to the price. You stated, the market was limited as this was a rare disease. Don’t forget the interest on the money you borrowed to develop and prove the product. So in the end the final sale price is not cheap.

    What you are really asking is how much do you value a single life? Most sane people will not touch that with a 10′ pole even though the legal system has tried. Some judges look at earnings potential and then multiply that by at least 3.

    The drug producer is under no legal obligation to provide the drug to the public. It is his prerogative to sell it at a price that earns a reasonable profit. Since developing drugs is a high risk business, that profit can be substantial since this is what is used to fund the next drug. Any moral obligation is strictly personal.

    The government has the option to purchase the drug if the seller is willing and then provide it to potential patients at a much lower cost. Some might even argue that it could be acquired under eminent domain. In any case the owner is still entitled to a reasonable profit. Under this scenario, the general tax payer is underwriting the prescriptions. The drug isn’t really any cheaper just payed for by more people.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      The scenario assumes that all legal matters are resolved and the sale is legal under current laws and regulations.

      Interesting that you mention eminent domain. That is what a Liberal would likely call for.

  5. Another Robert Heinlein book. “Methuselah’s Children”.

    What happens when a group of people using simple genetics, paying grandkids of long lived people to marry other grandkids of long lived people through several generations extending useful life expectancy to several hundred years?

    More interesting though. Since these people are “outsiders” who live in society and are forced to move constantly because they don’t age, what happens when a small group decide to go public and tell their story to the general public? No drugs, no witchcraft, just lucky genes. Does society believe them……..or?

    My answer, developer of drug is forced, by any means necessary, to reveal his secret. May be rewarded for it but if he were to not reveal the secret, he’s just as likely be tortured. Human nature is, well, human nature.


  6. The scenario posits, unstated, a contradiction.
    Why would a company create a product that by its price, it cannot sell?
    No good or service in a free market has ever been made this way, so why suddenly do you infuse such a strange condition in this example, when in reality it does not happen.

    No company makes a good just to have that good sit unsold. It costs money to make it, and the purpose of making it is to sell it.

    As such, this example is void.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I can answer that. The drug was an unintentional find and people will pay to stay alive. The point of the exercise wasn’t really about the drug, but about how would people respond to such a thing. Would people demand the government take it and make it available. Would wealthy people not buy it to stay alive, on principal? Would charity make it happen for the poor. Things like that. This isn’t about business, it’s about reaction.

      • “I can answer that. The drug was an unintentional find and people will pay to stay alive. The point of the exercise wasn’t really about the drug,”

        But you didn’t answer it. Almost all economic goods are “unintentional finds”. ALL ECONOMIC GOODS requires resources; material and human; to be produced.
        People cannot pay what they cannot pay.
        A company that prices itself to a point people cannot pay is not a company that exists in the world.
        Either that company goes bankrupt (as it cannot reduce the costs of its inputs to a level it can price a product) or such a company does not exist, nowhere, ever, in the world as it is make believe..

        So it cannot exist. It is destroyed or it is a fantasy.

        I’ve often posted on posits about economic and political outcomes that are first rooted in some magical, fairy tale premise. No sense can come of it. Whatever conclusion is reached from such fairy tale will be wholly erroneous as there is NO WAY TO APPLY IT IN REALITY.

        It’s like wondering what air travel will be like if we pretend little boys can fly flapping their wings, and then suggesting that the consequences on air travel can be seen in reality

        Sure, people make irrational demands on government all the time.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          OK, I see. Change the scenario to this. A very rich man has purchased all the rights to this life saving medication and is charging 3 million to anyone who wants to be cured of said cancer. He don’t need the money, so it’s no longer a business issue. How will people react?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            You seem to think the circumstances of how the price is set matters to what action people will take. They are not related in this day and age.

            They will try to use Govt. to get the pills by FORCE. Or they will try.

            I doubt a slobbering lefty would give a pinch if the person selling the drugs had made them by hand, from scratch and had incurred decades of poverty while developing the drug. All they would care about is “I want it” and because I want it, “I have a Right to it”.

            What else would we expect of a society that has adopted the moral standard of Altruism and the ethical principle of “the ends justify the means”???

            • THe debate is centered around proprietary items. It is a heated one….but fun. The gist from the left side of the crowd has been that ANYTHING that benefits society as a whole should never be proprietary regardless of the sacrifices made to get there

          • ” A very rich man has purchased all the rights to this life saving medication and is charging 3 million to anyone who wants to be cured of said cancer. ”

            Again, more fairy tales.
            Why would a man take $3million of his capital to buy something that he does not need, thus, intends to sell it, but prices it so it won’t be bought?

            You see the contradiction? He invested $3million so to sell, but doesn’t sell.

            Once again – you posit a fairy tale example in an effort to rationalize consequential human action believing that a fairy tale will provide some insight.

            More Peter Pan flying around flapping his wings, with you hoping such a thing will give you insight into how gravity works.

          • Instead, ask this question:

            If a particular good, by its production, is of a relative high cost that most people cannot afford it, is it correct for government to seize that product and deliver it to the people?

            To answer this question, you have to consider other things.

            If the company cannot afford to produce the good based on the dictate of the government to fix a lower price, it will stop producing it. There will be nothing for government to seize, and NO ONE gets it.

            If the government pays the company for the good, but delivers it to the people at a cost much lower then this cost, where will the government get the money to do this?

            If people get access to a valued good at a price far lower then the production of that good, do you believe the people will consume such a good faster then the production of the good can be made since price no longer measures cost?

            If the company is guaranteed to get its price because government is buying it regardless of profit/loss to the government, do you believe that this company will work to lower its price? Or do you think this company will work harder the other way, find “costs” to apply to this product so to increase the price to the government? Since this increase in cost will not change the price to the consumer, there will be no reduction of demand, hence, the company can continue to increase the cost without suffering a cost itself.

            Is there a economic good currently being offered in the market that exhibits this phenomena? (think “Health Care”)

            Further, the example of the guy who bought a company then raised tripled its price.
            Ask questions, how was he able to do this?

            He had the patent – in other words, a monopoly. All monopolies are a consequence of government, period. If he did not have such a monopoly granted to him by the government, he would not been able to raise the price.

            Is the real problem that a man wishes to maximize his profit or the problem that government distorts the market place?

            • gmanfortruth says:

              I understand. How about doing us a favor?! Give us your current opinion on the economy, US and the world. With the Baltic Dry Index dropping so much, what is your prediction for the short term future?

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  8. So, Trump has stopped bashing Cruz and now talks about nominating him for VP.

    Should have done that two weeks ago.

    Would have been an ideal scenario in my book. Trump to stop the slide, bring back the economy and then pass the torch to a principled conservative who could start the rebuilding. Avoids the Reagan mistake.

  9. Just A Citizen says:

    Put in wrong place the first time.

    Absolutely funniest and saddest thing I have seen in politics in my lifetime.

    Jeb Bush…….. “please clap”.

  10. gmanfortruth says:

    d13thecolonel says:

    February 5, 2016 at 3:42 pm (Edit)

    Gotta nuther question for you JAC…and actually anyone that wishes to answer this one.

    More and more sexual assaults taking place in Europe and now in Russia and more so in Sweden. These sexual assaults are all middle eastern men on women. The latest one that I saw was in Germany on a train where an older woman and a younger woman were ebing harassed beat upon and German men intervened and tried to stop it and the Muslim men fought back very hard. The other issue was in Russia where a group of Muslim men surrounded a group of women and were assaulting them and the Russian men jump in and beat the hell outta the Muslim men….but the Muslim men are not deported and the Russians get arrested.

    In Sweden, women are being segregated from hostels and night clubs because of the immigrant Muslim men. THe President of Turkey ( Muslim) says that any deportations becuase of culture is discrimination and that perhaps the other countries need to change their culture to keep Muslim men from attacking women.

    Now, these are all documented incidents where the immigrants are Muslim causing these problem. Europe’s answer so far has been to warn the women….their own citizens…about wearing western clothing in public and going to clubs and places unescorted. In other words, you women are to blame for the actions of these Muslim men.

    How would you handle these problems in the US if you were in charge….and today, if you and your spousal unit are out on the beach or lake in swim suits and you encounter this same problem of groping your wife or even an unknowm young lady in your presence…what would you do?

    And before you ask what I would do, you should know there would be dead Muslims laying on the ground and I would not lose one ounce of sleep. I would interfer if I saw sexual assaults or physical assaults upon women at a night club or during the Mardi Gras or anything like is happening in Europe.

    Further more. the President of Turkey also said that requiring immigrants to assimilate into other country cultures is being anti-muslim and to expect assimilation is a disgrace.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      The good news is that our laws are quite different than those in Europe. I’m speaking of PA only, but we have the lawful authority to protect others, with lethal force, if their lives are endangered. I consider any attack as a life threatening event, especially a man or men attacking a woman/women. These European countries are just another example of Left Wing bleeding heart bullshit socialism. It’s a failure everywhere it exists, this is just another way.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      For clarity, whom ever is doing the attacking, regardless of race or religion, gets the lead. But let’s put something in perspective, refugees are not immigrants as our ancestors were. They are coming because their country is a mess and when their country is safe again, they should be going back. As far as assimilation, if a certain group choses not to assimilate, they should be returned to their country of origin. We have our problems, like all countries, and we don’t need the same problems the Europeans have.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      How would you handle these problems in the US if you were in charge…

      I give Congress one of two options regarding letting them in the door. Either they get an explosive radio collar or they do NOT get in the door.

      .and today, if you and your spousal unit are out on the beach or lake in swim suits and you encounter this same problem of groping your wife or even an unknowm young lady in your presence…what would you do?

      Flip the switch on the radio collar.

      OK………. seriously. First, nobody from the middle east should be allowed in our Country without serious and provable vetting. That will prevent most “average” Muslims from coming here as I doubt they can provide “evidence’ to prove their honest intent to immigrate and assume AMERICAN CULTURE. Perhaps a little written and oral test, issued by those Muslims who have lived here for decades and those who have served.

      Anyone coming here as visitor, student, etc. should be TAGGED. If they then violate any of our criminal laws, such as the assaults you mentioned, they are DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY. If they miss their designated check-in, they are DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY. If their financial reserves fall below the minimum, they are DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY.

      I see no reason to tolerate violations of our immigration and visa rules beyond what our two neighbors would put up with. 😉

      As for my personal actions if witness to a groping/assault, I would probably try to get the women separated from the scum bags, assuming more than one. I would place myself between them but not attack. Getting to old to take on more than one, and I do not pack heat so I am limited in my response capability. If one attacker then it might turn out different.

      • Fair enough…..exploding collars…..seems there was a movie that had explosive collars.

        I do not think that would even happen here, but is amazing what Europe is going through in its experiment.,…but the answer the President of Turkey gave……should be a wake up call.

  11. A friend forwarded this to me, an interesting 7 minute take on Argentina.

    Argentina was the MOST advanced country in South America. Blessed like us with a wonderful, varied climate, natural resources up the kazoo, no real indigenous people problems like we had and educated Western European immigrants from Spain, Italy and Germany.

    Apparently in 1916 the old Progressive thing took hold. The result?

  12. gmanfortruth says:


    A question about Obama. Why would Obama have Christian symbols covered at Georgetown U. for a speech, but stand directly in front of an Islamic symbol during this speech? The whole “Obama is a Muslim” conspiracy theory has been around since he became a presidential candidate. I have generally withheld an opinion on the matter, mainly because I really don’t care, but now I’m leaning towards him being a Muslim who may be coming out of the closet soon, possibly after the election. That would sure cause an uproar.

  13. gmanfortruth says:

    As to the life saving pill subject. I thought it was an easy answer. First, as JAC said, the government would be pushed to take it by force. That would be the most predictable action. But let’s say that that failed or couldn’t happen, because the owner was not in the country. Uh OH! That changes things. He knew what would happen and left. His hospital for treatment is still open and they receive the pills as needed. Now the people must do something hard, like not demand the government do the hard things for them. It would happen, as someone or a group, probably a Christian group, would step up and begin a charity to help those who can’t afford the pills get the treatment. It would work and people would get cured. Did any of you get past the government stealing it?

  14. gmanfortruth says:
    • Sounds like a warning Gen. Gage would give to Lt. Col. Francis Smith who passed it on to Maj. John Pitcairn just before he marched into Lexington April 19, 1775.

  15. Just A Citizen says:

    Thoughts for the day:

    What does it say of one’s belief system if they are constantly having to say, Joe/Jane is my guy but I am voting for the other guy/gal, because Joe/Jane is “not electable”.

    This same person then blames others for the state of the Republic.

    Further, if Ted Cruz cannot beat Hillary Clinton then what exactly is it we are fighting to save? Has not the Republic been lost already?

    Perhaps our founding fathers and mothers should have just elected more “acceptable” representatives to the Congress. You know, people more acceptable to the majority of British sympathizers of the day.

    Another thought: Notice how the establishment on the left is using the same rhetoric about Bernie Sanders?? Notice how the young people are IGNORING the rhetoric and voting their beliefs?

    Follow up: Those claiming that Bernie Sanders would be destroyed or could not win a national election are spouting ignorance and absurdity.

    Maybe what we really need is a Sanders v. Cruz race. Winner take all. Then we will know where we stand once and for all.

    • Here is the deal. Cruz is a theoretician and is generally speaking boring. Hillary is shrill. Hillary talks at the people’s level, at least the dumb ones. Cruz talks over the people. Until you educate the people, guys like Cruz do not have a prayer. Ergo, my desire to have Trump stop the slide, stabilize and improve the economy and have Cruz in the wings as VP. Looking down the road in 2024, if everything is running well, Cruz is a snap to win.

      Also, if the economy goes to pot AFTER next January 20th (if they can stall the collapse till then) you want a guy like Trump in the White House. he will inspire confidence. You do not want Cruz or Rubio, or Fiorina doing a poor imitation of Herbert Hoover.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You are a fool and it is obvious you have learned nothing over your long time here on earth.

        • Flag for unsportsmanlike conduct.

          I’m a fool then too. I can relate to all the reasons SK and the Colonel have laid out in favor of Trump. I have a few concerns about Cruz, they have been brought out here and elsewhere on the internet only to be ridiculed by those who like Cruz. The latest, which I haven’t seen brought out yet came in the debate Saturday. Something like “what to do about N Korea”. The establishment candidates said their pushback would involve the military. Trump’s answer was to use economic leverage, by way of China…N Korea’s sugar daddy. Something about China’s “most favored nation” status being threatened could cause China to keep N Korea in line. I may have relayed that wrong, the point is Trump’s first reaction was not to use military force. Right up your alley JAC.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            HAHA! I agree Anita! I also liked what Trump said about beating ISIS, economically. I thought that was one of those “thinking outside the box” moments that NO candidate probably even understands. Cruz is a NEOCON. You can see what a candidate is by the people he chooses to surround himself with. I would like more info on Trumps insiders, as well as the rest of them. We already know who Bush is. Rubio is too inexperienced, just like Obama was, and we are seeing how that is turning out. I think Bush will surprise in NH. Remember my prediction! 🙂

            • Cruz is not a Neocon-you base this on him per your article using intelligent, very experienced, conservative foreign policy advisers-who would you like him to use liberal advisers. As far as the debates, including the last one-the only military action I’ve heard him speak of is to bomb the enemy-no mention of boots on the ground. And he answered the above question -by advising that we use devices to protect us from being attacked.

              As far as Trump-he mentioned that his very liberal sister would make a great SC Justice. Don’t know who his insiders are-but he seems to really like Hillary, Pelosi, and Reid.

              Dang it, I really don’t want to beat up on Trump-if Cruz doesn’t win-I will be voting for him-based on the hope that his pride will force him to attempt to stand up on the issues he has supported that are conservative.

              I also understand why Anita and others support him-Christie managed to hurt Rubio and now I’m seeing polls showing Kasich and Bush rising in New Hampshire.

        • High praise indeed!

      • I really don’t get all this boring business-I’ve listened to the man give speeches-talk one on one in interviews-he sounds informed, intelligent, and willing to give a straight answer to a question. He doesn’t talk over peoples heads-if he did, 🙂 I wouldn’t be able to understand him. The first time I heard him do an interview where he was allowed to actually talk and give complete answers. My first thought was that he could really explain conservatism to people in a way that they could understand.

        There’s also nothing wrong with his clothes or his hair. I started paying attention to his clothes after someone said he didn’t dress right-IN every picture I saw of him in Iowa he was wearing blue jeans and a simple button up shirt or a pullover.

        If he has any problem it’s that he ran as an evangelical, yes I know so did Rubio, but Cruz let his preacher out and the media has tagged him the evangelical candidate-I also know he did this by choice but unfortunately it will hurt him, it shouldn’t, but it will.

        The man is truly remarkable when it comes to conservative principles, he has a record of fighting for those principles and winning many times. He has actually protected our freedoms through his actions and his chosen work-something I can’t say about the rest of the people running. To think he will lose because he’s a Christian or he’s boring is just very disappointing.

        • Or even worse that he’s just too smart, which is what all this really boils down too.


        • I’m sorry, the guy comes across as buttoned down and stiff. Now, as I have said before, in a boring race with another stiff guy on the other side he would probably win on points with a lower voter turnout. Against someone dynamic, nope! Just the nature of the modern television business not to mention the visceral hatred for his principles by everyone from the NY Times to probably National Review.

          The country is so totally screwed up at this point that for the vast majority of people with a 15 second attention span to listen to Cruz, things would have to be going very, very well. They are not. Stabilize the country and he will win hands down on points.

          Think back, Bush II vs Gore, boring. Bush I vs Dukakis, boring. Eisenhower vs. Stevenson, boring. Nixon vs. Humphrey, boring. Now, look at the other side, FDR vs. Hoover, Truman vs. Dewey, JFK vs. Nixon, Reagan vs. Carter, Clinton vs. Bush 1, O’Bama vs. McCain, O’Bama vs. Romney. The dynamic candidate wins!

          Exceptions generally to the rule were Nixon vs. McGovern and LBJ vs. Goldwater. Both losers were more dynamic than their opponents but both losers carried tons of baggage.

          Do Not bet on Hillary being in the contest.

  16. gmanfortruth says:

    Thoughts from last nights debate. Christy won, hands down. He exposed Rubio and his 20 second speeches, which he also repeated one about Clinton. Christy v. Clinton in debate would be entertaining.

    Trump did OK, nothing special. I’m glad he explained how jobs will be brought back, most conservatives can understand that. He did get hit by Bush on the Eminent Domain issue, but he did explain it well. Even if he win NH, he won’t last long after that. He will get enough delegates to force a brokered convention.

    Cruz did nothing to impress, he seemed quiet.

    Carson was Carson.

    Bush did well attacking Trump. He seems to be gaining some steam in his demeanor. I think he is sitting back and waiting on Super Tuesday. I’m seeing lots of commercials here in Pa, it doesn’t appear as NH is a make or break primary.

    Kasich continued his path, he don’t stand a chance in this election.

    Super Bowl prediction 🙂

    Carolina 31 Denver 16 After a good 1st quarter, it’ll be all Carolina.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just to be contrary to every pundit and odds maker. Denver by less than a field goal. Reasoning two games with New England and the Giants. Everything said New England with a blow out. Results two losses in the BIG game.

      NC wants to win their 1st Super Bowl and undeniably they are good. So is Denver and if Peyton stays uninjured and anywhere near in score in the 4th quarter, they will pull the rabbit out of the hat. Even though they have won 2X before, they have a big incentive to send Peyton out to pasture with a VICTORY. If not, at least to match his brother Eli, who is supposed to be far less talented who has 2 Super Bowl wins. Look for a low scoring game < 21 points for either team.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Has the Fat Lady Sung Yet? I wish knew where to have placed a bet. Didn’t watch one game but read every analyst on ESPN, NFL and CBS, and Fox Sports. Why do people listen to the experts.

      The nations helath problems are that we listen to the experts. Our political problems are we listen to the experts who prattle on and on about electability. We listen to the financial experts ie the Fed about what is good for the economy. yeah good fore them. Why the hell don’t we try something else just to see. What we’re doing sure as heck isn’t working. What have we got to lose.

  17. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Aren’t “diversity” and “assimulation” contradicting terms?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      The Liberal Progressive version of diversity sure is. But we are a melting pot, so to speak, so actual diversity and assimilation can coexist.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        When my family came here, they gave up their “germanic” traditions and culture. They did not continue speaking german, french or polish for very long. As my great grandmother continually said….”we are americans now” no hyphon

  18. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I watched the battle for Vienna, 1683, an Italian made movie the other evening again. I realized why Sept 11th is now a rallying symbol for the Islamic jihad. that date in 1683 was the highwater mark before defeat of the expansion of Islam into Europe.

  19. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Here’s a thought on the medical issue today. Do we as Americans have the right to defend ourselves against harm? If so, why is the government coercing us to take a revolver with one bullet in it and playing Russian Roulette. With the CDC and AMA admitting to studies of at least 100,000 deaths per year due to medical mistakes and are fuzzy on the estimates of up to 4X that amount. Isn’t going to the hospital like playing that game? This is NOT those that die due to the original illness or injury that brought them there to begin with.

    The gun issue is a magicians trick of watching the other hand. With the majority of gun deaths being suicides that affects nobody but the one person. Random deaths being in the wrong place at the wrong time is like going to the hospital. But WHERE is the national outrage against those deaths. One problem, those deaths are caused by highly trained revered practioners, who you are suppose to trust.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      “Be not a borrower or lender thee” is a smart policy. Buying on credit and printing money is a false economy, an illusion of wealth.

      Any smart company after spending/investing assets on a problem and the problem still persists and actually gets worse, would be stop and revise their course of action, having deemed it a failure assuming they are still in business. A company does not have the legal authority to theft unless it is under government sanction.

      side note…the local weather report was just announced. They stated that there is a 30% chance of showers today. Uh….it has been pouring since 2200 last night. I understand that a desclaimer that was on NOAA’s announcement of 2015 being the warmest year on record had a 30% possibility of error. This climate change and AGW has got to be dismissed as fraud but try suing the government. They in turn are trying to criminalize speaking against that “proven” science. And we have the arrogance to say that we are so much more advanced than the brain dead people of the past. When the accepted science said the earth was the center of the universe and flat. When earlier scientists knew better but died out with the death of polytheism. Now science and God is being surplanted by the dream of heaven on earth. Buy it now, why wait and maybe just maybe you’ll get your place in heaven….isn’t that the whole agenda of the socialist progressive and I do not just mean since Marx.

      • Up until about 11 on Thursday night the forecast called for a light dusting then rain in NJ and maybe three inches on Eastern Long Island. we had three inches of heavy wet snow and Long Island eight of the same. Blizzard conditions lasted until 2PM in Suffolk county. These weather guys are NOT rocket scientists.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          we’re sending lots more so do not put your snow removal stuff away.

          • Having, in the spring of ’66 marched for St. Patrick’s Day with the 560th AFROTC up Fifth Avenue in 16 inches of snow, I have learned my lesson. The shovels are out till May!

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              My neighbor just got back from his weekend travel back home in the mid part of NC. Snow and ice and heavy winds. Here in New Bern it never got out of the 30’s and is heading to the freezing mark. Never has let up rain and heavy winds. You northerners are going to get slammed. Forget the weather reports of possible flurries or snow. We’re still forecast another day at least maybe more. A day or so break and then another storm.

      • Dale, you are correct in that we keep doing the same thing with ever increasing disastrous results. This article talks about how many jobs we need to support our expenditures and deficit. Obviously, this is something our media totally misses. The non-MSM media does get the 90M out of the labor force. For the last several years, new jobs have run at 200k-250k/month (latest 150K) while new unemployment claims have run from 250k-300k/month. That alone is a jobs deficit. Add in all the new grads who are entering the work place and the new immigrants entering the country minus retirees. The numbers have never added up but the MSM thinks things are great. We should have been creating 500K/month.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Because they are not doing their job of true journalism. Freedom of the press is important to call any wrong to task. But unfortunately the majority are nothing but, “newsreaders” and they do not give a wit about the factualness of what they present.

          The mainstream media lost me a long time ago. I’ll note the two incidents.
          1) Dan Rather was asked a question at a seminar on reporting in a war. He was asked a hypothetical question of….he was invited by the NVA to accompany a patrol. They set up an ambush for an American squad. He was directly asked if he would warn the Americans. He said NO. He when on to say he had to stay neutral. Real reason he’d wind up DEAD.

          2) The head of CNN was asked a question after the “surprise” end run that Schwartzkoff (sp) came up with against the Iraqi’s. If they had been given knowledge of or discovered the true plans of the allies would he have broadcast it (before) the planned attack. He said absolutely. It’s our right and the people also have the right to know. Eisenhower would have had them shot. That’s why he told them before d-day to stop their meddling, divulged the plans accompanied with a warning. The enemy will know we’re there very shortly after the attack. The deception of patton at Calais will only hold so long and will give a chance of gaining a foothold. Today, the press would spill the plans. I had a scrap book that held clippings of all the major Chicago papers after D-Day until the battle to take the bridge at Remagen. The news by the correspondants only had a lag of about 1-2 days. But it came out. The government also asked that give them time to notify the next of kin 1st. Today, you could watch your son or daughter get blown up by an IED on the 6 oclock news. I believe the family followed the writers by lines that accompanied their sons division. I also believe he was killed at Remagen and following the news and clipping ended on that day.

          We might as well call the MSM including Fox under one title “Pravda” They’re pimps and nothing but the governments extended mouthpieces, spreading the lies of guys like Josh Ernest. Imagine if this was Nixon’s WH again. They’d be all over any report handed out like stink on S!!!.

          • One of the best deceptions was in Desert storm…we let the news media know exaclty what and where we were attacling and they promised not to tell…..but we knew that theu would immediately move their equipment to the leaked areas we wanted….so did Hussein…everybodt set up for the greatest Marine amphibious attack on the coast…Hussein prepared for it…..and “voila” we went the other way and pissed everyone off and did not allow news media to accompany us….none were imbedded, and that pissed them off. I have to admit that was fun….we ran trhough them and closed off the highway…..my only regret was watching through binocs the Revolutionary Guard, with their tanks in traverse mode, waving at us as we let them go….

            Use the media as lap dogs…..that is all they are good for!

            • Note to JAC…….this old keyboard does not spell either.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              We would be rudely awoken by the air raid sirens for a SCUD attack, go through the whole thing and then go into our makeshift office and watch the whole thing on TV. The delay was interesting and the information was always wrong (which was a good thing). One had hit less than 440 yards away, made a hole you could drive a Hummer into. It did some minor damage to a couple alert F-15s. Everybody I knew got a small piece of SCUD in the next mailing. To the kids, it was like Christmas.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Yes, the deception to Hussein was lying to the press knowing full well they’d blab. If the press had any inkling of the real plan, they would have put that on the airwaves for all to see including the enemy. Turner, head of CNN news, not Ted, was really pissed off but he flat out said that they would have broadcast the plan if they knew.

              I could never see Edward R Morrow or William L Shirer sitting in Berlin, after the US got into WWII broadcasting the results of the allied bombing raids. Today, by the media standard of demanding a presence says that they are ready willing and able to be “lapdogs” and manipulated.

              • Yeah..it was great. Hussein placing the troops right where CNN said to place them….we watched it the whole time…the Navy did their job..aligning the ships getting ready to dispatch empty landing craft…it looked like the Normandy invasion was about to begin. CNN news reporters getting into fist fights over positioning and reporting that the Marines were about to be battle tested…..And then after it started and we did the end run to cut off the highway……boy, CNN was pissed.

                Then when we started the end run, I had ordered all imbedded correspondents, assigned to my Btn to muster at the public relations tent…….to await which units to be assigned to and the look on their face when my tanks roared past the tent to the front…..they were later told which unit they were assigned to but in order to catch us, we were already 60 km in the desert and moving fast. THAT was fun.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                I assume a nice M1 Abrams. Back before the tank came online, a colonel I knew who was working on the project showed me a film of testing and gunnery practice. The tank running a course with moguls and firing at targets. Suspension taking all the beating and the gun was rock solid and hitting what they were aiming at. Impressive.

  20. gmanfortruth says:
  21. gmanfortruth says:

    …from 1964 to 1973, the U.S. dropped more than two million tons of ordnance on Laos during 580,000 bombing missions—equal to a planeload of bombs every 8 minutes, 24-hours a day, for 9 years – making Laos the most heavily bombed country per capita in history.

    America’s Proxy War with China

    While called the “Vietnam War,” in reality, Washington’s war in Vietnam was but a part of a larger proxy war aimed at encircling and containing China. Exposed in the Pentagon Papers in the early 1970’s, three important quotes from these papers would reveal this strategy.

    It states first that:

    …the February decision to bomb North Vietnam and the July approval of Phase I deployments make sense only if they are in support of a long-run United States policy to contain China.

    It also claims:

    China—like Germany in 1917, like Germany in the West and Japan in the East in the late 30′s, and like the USSR in 1947—looms as a major power threatening to undercut our importance and effectiveness in the world and, more remotely but more menacingly, to organize all of Asia against us.

    Finally, it outlines the immense regional theater the US was engaged in against China at the time by stating:

    …there are three fronts to a long-run effort to contain China (realizing that the USSR “contains” China on the north and northwest): (a) the Japan-Korea front; (b) the India-Pakistan front; and (c) the Southeast Asia front.

  22. “The only thing worse than not knowing stuff is being unwilling to learn stuff”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      But what if your brain is full. What files do you delete?

      • The wife, for the umpteenth time the other day in the car was moaning and groaning about me not knowing where to make the turn to get to shoe store for the grandkids I visit once or twice a year. “NEED TO KNOW” I yelled at her. I have no need to know, you do. That’s how I handle the problem of extraneous crap. Immediate delete!

        • Moral of the story……..Get a wife!

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            NO. Just put the anti-spam control up another notch or two. My neighbors wife keeps saying that Gary is hard of hearing. Not in the least. Just good filtering. Directions I never forget no matter how long the gap of time. The last time I visited Sicily the lady I visited and her daughter wanted to see where I had lived. This was back in 77-79. 36 years later I made every turn and went right to my doorstep. She….didn’t even know how to get around the neighboring village and she had lived and worked there her whole life. Much less the fresh seafood markets that were still there. Same owners as when I was there..

  23. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Does Hillary ever own up to anything? Even with video proof she still denies anything and everything. She absolutely graduated from the Joseph Goebels school of denial. Deny and lie until it is excepted as the truth. If she gets the nod and elected after 8 years of Obama heaven help us as a nation. I’d have accepted Ms Ferraro as president long before HRC.

  24. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/feb/7/pentagon-orders-commanders-to-prioritize-climate-c/

    Col, I’ll bet your are happy to be retired. This can only take funds from real defense needs and reduce our military effectiveness.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I read this, and it really didn’t change anything already being done (in my time). In the Air Force, weather plays a factor in all planning. The only real changes would be to some language changes. Change “weather” to “Climate Change” to appease the the warmers. What else could possibly be done? If it were up to the Left it would read “Climate Change grounds all Air Force flights”. Let’s just hope that this fraud gets fully exposed soon, it’s currently a very costly conspiracy theory.

    • Actually, the weather is a standard part of the operations order and all commanders use weather to our benefit. Weather is a great ally. I saw this directive when it was sent out and it is aimed more at training and troop deployment in field exercises.

      It assumes that we will now only attack when “weather” conditions” dictate…..for instance, Navy, do not attack a beach in a hurricane….army…do not parachute into a tornado….air force, ,do not fly into a hail storm…..Marines….well, Marines do anything at anytime anyway.

      Now….since this is directed at training and there is to be no training in inclement weather and the generals at the Pentagon are appointed by Obama…..they put out these directives in accordance with this bullshit…..no one knows how to shoot in bad weather. The misconception in all of this is the reliance upon technology. Smart weapons that shoot through inclement weather….ok…cool. But when it comes to rooting out the enemy, mano y mano, in a smoke filled corridor or a smoke filled battle zone or in an urban setting…..smart weapons do not work well….it still takes hand to hand combat….and this combat does NOT WAIT for bright sun shiny 70 degree days with no clouds.

      But to answer your question…yes, I am glad that I do not have to put up with the paper pushing crap of today any more than I am as a consultant

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        One of the squids that worked with me had been crew on the Enterprise, when it was still the only nuclear carrier. He said that it was fun using the weather to cross the ocean blue and then listen to the Russians trying to find the ship. This was pre-cloud penetrating satelites.

        Colonel…..you can lump carrier pilots in with the marines. Getting off the ship is easier, just launch on the up swing of the bow. I can not even imagine trying to land on the deck, bingo fuel, snag the 3 wire, while the deck is going up and down like an express elevator. Back in history, it was paddles and signals from the landing officer. WWII started ALS systems of following the ball and the glide slope, which even at calm weather is moving about. but you still had to fly the damn plane. Now the computers can aid in the landing, but you still have to keep the plane flying. Much less hit the deck at full throttle just incase you miss and have to go around again. Even the lady pilots have got to have some big ones tucked away in their ditty bags.

        • Being an instrument rated pilot with all the new thinga-ma-bobs…….a totally integrated computerized avionics system that follows the ILS approach or GPS approach…..and landing on a stable 5,000 ft runway….I cannot imagine trying to hit a dancing deck, at night, with power, hoping you snagged the wire, with the vasi appearing and disappearing…..

          It is bad enough trying to land in 400 ft ceilings with a 30 knot crosswind….at leasy when I break out of the clouds and see the runway….I only have to keep her lined up…..my pucker factor decreases exponentially…..I cannot imagagine the skill of these carriers jocks, men or women, trying hit a postage stamp. I am a pretty good pilot but Ido not put myself in the class of the “cast iron balls”. But, then again, I only know two old time carrier pilots that also say…..at about 30 years of age, you get enough of that carrier shit. LOL.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            That’s why they get the big retention bonus’s. The one thing I remember with having worked with the Italian interceptor fighter jocks, NATO fighters, the carrier warriors practicing while the ship was in port and the anti sub P3 Squadrons. The 1st three had a really fatalistic view of life. Serious and business all the way while working but also had a sense of humor. One day we had a rare command formation. The F104 and F4 pilots saw this. They came out of their ready room. Had the ground crew fire up the jets. Blew exhaust and every bit of FOD into our compound. Broke up the formation. When our Captain gave up the pilots shut down gave us a wave and went back to waiting. It was only the second time we ever saw our captain in two years…..The P3 pilots were assholes. They were real spit and polish. So we hung out down at the NATO and Italian side where our facility was and avoided at all cost the US side of the field. Besides the Italians served wine in the mess hall. The US side was a dustbowl and DRY DRY DRY. Prohibition was still enforced.

  25. gmanfortruth says:

    Last week, Brandon Judd of the National Border Patrol Council told a House Judiciary Committee that the Barack Obama Department of Homeland Security had instructed U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents to release illegal immigrants and no longer order them to appear at deportation hearings. The stand down order includes a requirement that the whereabouts of illegals not be tracked, the Washington Examiner reported.

    • This should be nothing new…I have told you this for months.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        There is much more to the article than immigration, I just highlighted one part.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        So over the past 7 years during Obama’s reign, has he violated his oath of office, which is fully spelled out in the Constitution? Congress is so intimidated by the chance of being called racists even though they are fully within their rights to impeach him. Just think what it will be like if Hillary gets in. Guarenteed she will be worse then BHO. Bernie is just a socialist and the economy will dictate. Hillary is a socialist, liar, an extremely poor judge of character and her oppossion, guys like Putin, Assad etc. As a women she will feel she has something to prove and will get us backed into a serious conflagration in which we have to lash out and take extreme measures, and unfortunately with forces that have been gutted and emasculated by this administration. Granted we’ve been at war for two decades +, I’m talking a real knock down and drag out fight for all the marbles.

        Anybody want to bet Kerry somehow gets pulled into the presidential race?

    • Paranoia alert!

      Drugs are a big problem and becoming bigger, just listen to the folks in NH. I who have a relatively small circle of friends/acquaintances know three people who have lost family members to heroin in the last six months. O’Bama supports drugs, drug dealers, cartels and drug gangs. No other answer! Passes Occam’s razor.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Nobody seems to realize that the herione problem and our miltary occupation of Afghanistan coincide. It’s not hard to figure out who is doing this.

        • Yes, have a former Soviet citizen in my neighborhood about my age. There was no heroin in Moscow until the Russkies did Afghanistan. After that, despite Draconian penalties, it was all over the place. The Colonel could probably tell you stories about the “Iron Triangle” of Viet-nam, Laos and Cambodia and Opium smuggling. Supposedly the CIA was up to its armpits in the stuff. A good way to fund very, very dark programs.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            So for what reason did Bush 1 take out Noriega.

            • Well, ya gotta make it look like you are doing something right? My leftist friends would say that Noreiga, like the late, beloved Hugo Chavez was going his own way and not using the Bush play book. Don’t see him giving a lot of interviews from prison do you? Guess he does not want an accidental case of cancer or something.

              Don’t the guys in the DEA before they were silenced say that a lot of drugs are trans-shipped through Cuba? But, Cuba is our new best friend.

              Didn’t catch the first 20 minutes of the debate the other night but I stand with Rubio. Perhaps he should have varied the ways he said it or even called out the other candidates as to whether they think the current mess is accidental. Obama has, from day 1 known EXACTLY what he is doing. If part of that is increasing the supply of drugs into the country, he will go that route. I’d like to waterboard him.

        • Anyone out there remember the rumors that the heroin was being shipped in during Viet-nam in the coffins of dead Americans?

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Absolutely. Pulled out at the mortuary in Hawaii before shipping to the family and the continental US..

  26. gmanfortruth says:
    • Bush, despite all the media hoopla, quietly went about prosecuting the Enron and other business fraud perps early in his administration. Obama on the other hand has not prosecuted anyone. Instead he has extorted money from the banks and others and used those funds to buy votes, a la mortgage relief and other distribution schemes. Wall Street has learned that they will get bailed out if they kick back some of this money for political largess.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Money is always involved in most government alphabet agencies actions. It seems like each day it’s something new from another agency. Notice that none of the candidates are even mentioning these things?

  27. gmanfortruth says:
  28. Dale A Albrecht says:

    So, now that all the hype of Super Bowl 50 is over and expert analysis that Carolina would win in a blowout……how many here on SUFA, besides me thought that Denver would win.

    I sure thought that the Panthers would put up a better fight than they did.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      You called it right Dale. The Panthers really disappointed, I almost fell asleep in the 3rd quarter, that’s how boring the game was. Peyton just secured is 1st ballot HoF entry. Good for him!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        At least he’s as good as his brother Eli now. Archie has got to be one proud father.

    • What? The Super BOwl is over? Hmmmmmmm..did not watch it, even for the commercials,…it was JOhn Wayne night.

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    Question of the day.

    What would voting results look like if the media was prohibited from announcing any polling data beginning 60 days before any election?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Very different results I believe. People generally like to take the safe route and follow the herd, assuming all these people can’t be wrong, they’re the experts. There is nothing wrong with journalist being bias. Everyone is bias. The only problem is that the media is bias all one way. Actually I believe Adlai Stevenson complained about that. Meaning in the early 50’s it was all on the Right. Rarely it seem that people are free thinkers. Japan was actually easy to beat in any manufacturing endeavor. They all thought one way. Nobody dared stray out of the group. We’ve become so much like that we’ll stay in our duldrums unless we break from the crowd. Just look how absolutely unhealthy the US population is now compared to when we allegedly were unhealthy back prior to the 70’s People followed the healthy advice of the FDA and the experts. Results is the biggest diabetic epidemic, where it was a rarity. We’re so paranoid about letting your kids walk to school. Exacerbating the health issues. Why…some kid gets assulted in Oregon and it’s national news on evey station. When parents are getting arrested for allowing their children to go to the park alone. My parents would have been in prison for life if the same rules applied yesterday as today. At least the FDA is starting to recant their errors in analysis, but 40 years of “health” training is hard to overcome. It’ll take 40 years to undo the damage. Another two generations, if we last that long.

    • Considering current………Trump/Clinton

      • Considering current…………. Sanders / Rand Paul

        PS: HOWDY!

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          At least they are two diametrically opposing viewpoints, not just some blurry homogenized candidates where it doesn’t matter one bit who gets elected. Hillary keeps trying to make people believe she is moderate and middle of the road. Sure she is. A moderate middle of the road between Obama and Sanders. With Sanders being the most centrist.

        • HOwdy, my friend….hope you and yours are doing well. Keep yer powder dry!

        • Hey Mathius, nice to hear from you 🙂

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Hey stranger. Hope all is well in the Mathius family 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      You wonder how the species of animal called “lemming” continues to exist. There are a few who do not follow the leader and say…this is stupid. I’ll die if I follow him over that cliff. Following the leader, expert or the crowd is a way to absolve yourself of the results of any independent decision. “but everyone is doing it”..yes but everyone doing it does not make it the right thing to do.

      Sort of like “I was just following orders” Maybe if a few border patrol agents would follow the LAW and not the political agenda of our leader….what’s he going to do fire everyone? I think not. How has the feds actions against the sheriff in Arizona gone. Made his life miserable for sure, but he was following the LAW as written by congress and signed by the president at the time. Not some agenda, outside of the law, that will be gone tomorrow as long as the dems are ousted.

  30. Dale……..I had three tank companies, 1 mech infantry company, a slice of medics, 1 flight of Apaches, and maintenance units, including a platoon of engineers with mine removal equipment and a slice of 105 and 155 artillery.

    2 tank companies were M1A1’s and 1 company of M60-A3’s…..Mech Inf were Bradleys. The Apaches equipped with wire guided anti tank.

    We engaged T-55, T-62, and Revolutionary Guard T72’s. None of these tanks coud match our night fighting and range. Their effective range at that time was aroun 1800 meters. Our effective range while moving was 2500 meters with a 90% first shot kill ratio. Since we had human loaders vs the automatic loaders of the Russian tanks, we could get off three rounds in 11 seconds to their three rounds in 22 seconds. Their main guns came off target during reloading and ours stayed on target the entire time. Their mech infantry used BMP’s and they were not match for our armor. Our mech infantry boys got mad because the tankers got most of the kills. My Battalion engaged 87 vehicles with a 100 % kill ratio….I only suffered one casualty and that was a broken arm from an M60 A3 main gun recoil. The Apaches were first armed with bunker busters and then wire guided missiles. When we broke through the berms established by the Iraqi’s, we created corridors with bulldozers and blade tanks and just buried the bastards in their trench’s. Most of the prisoners captured were mainy conscripts with the better troops waiting on the beaches for the “invasion”. Only 50% of the conscripts were even armed.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      You must have had one great set of “tonka” toys as a kid. A natural progression to graduate to the adult size toys.

      • Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, wooden blocks….350 rubber soldiers of varying kinds, and golf balls……and lots of play time. Clothes pin guns that shot rubber bands…lots and lots of battles.The only tonka toys of my time looked like earth moving equipment.

        But….when I was a company commander with the regular M60 Tank….I could not wait to finish my advance armor course…..I really wanted the M60 A3…..but did not get them until I was a Btn Cdr. when I was assigned to Desert Shield.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Ah yes…..lincoln logs, tinker toys, erector sets, rubber band guns, cap guns “Fanner 50’s, knives, mumbly peg was a favorite game…pop guns with mud, bb guns……rocks…rock quarries….trees to climb in the playgrounds at school….real playground equipment….nobody got hurt other than some bangs and bruises and some cuts….walked 3 miles each way to school, with the gang, winter sledded to school absolutely NO rides….remember idiot mittens…no buses unless you were 15 miles away. This was both in NY and CA

          Notice something about then and now…..we had toys that MADE something. The only limitation was your imagination. You did not get bored within two weeks and the toy was relegated to the dustbin. Also we were allowed to take risks. You assumed danger so you prepared for it. Now, your shielded from it so one is usually totally unprepared for those little bumps in the road called life.

          • Spud guns……….I forgot spud guns and my mother always yelling at me when she would want to make potato’s……all these little holes in the potato from jamming the spud gun..I did not have to walk to school because was fortunate enough to have a bike…..clamping cards to the spokes with a clothespin for the really cool sound….saddle bags on the fender of the rear wheel ( one speed, no 10 speeds back then.) head light on the handle bars and plastic streamers from the handles…..BB gun fights ( no rules and no one lost an eye )…mumbly peg ( although my mom really did not like that game ) but remember stuffing tissue paper in the toe of the tennis shoe in case a blade got too close…and remember, we played tackle football and we did not even know what a helmet or pads were…..and then stealing golf balls from my dad to play baseball with because we always lost the baseballs…damn you could hit those golf balls a long way…but too far was an out.

            You were right about toys that allowed imagination….with the tinker toys and lincoln logs, you could build an army compound or a space port or anything you wanted…THEN making soap box cars out of apple crates….grapefruit crates were stronger…after stealing the wheels off my sisters baby carraige. Mattel rifles with the spring loaded plastic bullets and caps on the end…( no one lost an eye then either )…Kite flying wars with your dad’s double sided razor blades affixed to to your kite and kite strings…….model airplanes and cars that you could actually glue together with Testors glue and not need a driver’s license to buy glue….

            No reality TV shows…you played outside until your parents rang the bell,whistled you home, or just plain yelled…….DINNNER…….always got you home in time.

            The nostalgia…………………..I was 10 years old when my girlfriend ( wealthy family ) got a color TV……1958….we went over to watch it and the only things in color at that time were the commercials….and the PEACOCK with 5 colors……also, sitting in front of the Hi Fideity kistening to music….and you could play records, both vinyl and clay, in 16, 33 1/3, 45, and 78 rpm…..wow.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Christ you’re old!!!! What TV. Wasn’t Bonanza the 1st color TV program? When I was 4 Dad destroyed the tube on the TV. We never watched anyway. Nothing reached where we lived in the Catskills. We played outside. Variation on spud guns….a mortar made from a pipe in the ground. Some sort of explosive device. If available an M-80. A solid round projectile. Shot them off over a gravel pit. Model airplanes, built on the cheap sometimes had an explosive device attached. After gaining some height…no more plane. After moving to CA, there was NO TV either. Outdoors was it. Chores, mowed lawns, clean pools, tended horses morning and evening, starting at 7 years old. The neighbor had 22 quarter horses. We boarded some of them. NO pay or allowance ever. But when older you asked for the car, you got them to use. Once we had a license, we were required to do all maintenance on the cars for the privelege of use, learned mechanics. We also got to modify the cars….as to glue nasty stuff. Once we moved into the city environment a TV was built, not bought. Still not watched except maybe Chiller or Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. Mountain climbing and girls took precedence. Dad traveled so much with business, when he was home we did things. exciting things. He didn’t have to think of any chores, they were done. Him take the trash out….never. 1st day I ever drove a car legally 15.5 years old I was up on the freeway in LA. The next day took off across country with my Mom to visit her parents in PA. Drove 7000 miles. We were allowed to do things. Risky things. We were taught to assess the risk then go. We were trusted to take care of things. Want to go sailing…..just go, no parents needed, want to go mountain climbing or rock climbing just go. Before driving a car it was peddle power. Only rule…..let them know where you were going and approximate time of return. If late…drop a dime.

  31. Just A Citizen says:

    Question Two of the day, continuation of Question One.

    How would the voting look if, in addition to bans on polling, all debates organized and carried out by the Party/Media elites were banned?

    What if debates were conducted for ALL candidates given 5 to 10 minutes to address a single question on a particular topic. No attacks, no he said, she said, etc. etc. Just: “How do you plan to balance the budget, how long will it take, and how are you going to get Congress to cooperate?””

    That kind of petty stuff.

  32. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I guess NC has prevailed on their Voter ID laws or just told the Feds to pound sand.
    A photo ID is required. Bottom line if anyone over the past several years has not figured out how to get a free id at any DMV office, shouldn’t be voting anyway.

    Besides that, here are the back up rules. Reasonable impediment:

    A voter claiming that a reasonable impediment prevented them from obtaining an acceptable photo id must…
    1) Complete and sign a declaration of reasonable impediment which describes the impediment. It must be filled out truthfully, because if found to be false is a Class 1 felony.
    2) Provide one of the following alternate forms of id
    *The last 4 digits of your SSN and birthdate. OR
    * A copy of your voter registration card. OR
    * A copy of a utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or any other government document bearing the voters current name and address…

    Your are allowed to vote a provisional ballot, it will be counted unless investigation proves false statements of any of the above. Even if you do not have AT the polls the alternate form of ID, you have until (a set date) to come in and provide the required identification.

    All sorts of exceptions ar dealt with, like religeous objections to a photo, You have not yet obtained your NC license yet, but have one from anywhere in the US. It still is contigant that your are a registered voter on the roles. There is plenty of time after the voting to rreturn and provide the appropriate proof of ID.

  33. gmanfortruth says:

    Today is the New Hampshire Primary. Any predictions?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Sanders by about 10. Clinton claims victory for having trimmed 20 pts off Sanders lead.

      Trump by about 15, then Kasich, then Rubio then Cruz. Bush does better than the polls, and maybe takes fourth over Cruz. Fiorina beats Cristie and Carson.

      • Yes, last night, I was told by the pundits that if Hillary was within 20% she “won”. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Sanders was down by what, 150 votes in Iowa, but he “lost”.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Last I checked Clinton and Sanders got EQUAL “delegates” to the DNC convention.

          That is an outright TIE.

          Ya just have to love how the media tries to build up then tear down, create a false race then go on and on about the winner’s miracle.

          • They really fear this election. I suspect that a goodly portion of the population (the thinking/voting part)has finally has finally looked behind the curtain. Been waiting for this a long time. Let’s hope it continues.

            Should Sanders “win” the primaries but be knocked out by the “super delegates” already in place, the Chicago convention in 1968 is going to seem like a Sunday School Picnic.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              If you would ask the general public and especially the young about the Chicago 1968 convention, as to who the riots were against. Do not mention either Democrat or Republican, I’d bet the majority would say against the Republicans, Nixon and the Vietnam war. Forgetting completely the Dems….haven’t you learned yet that Vietnam was “Nixon’s” war.

  34. gmanfortruth says:
    • One of the problems with Homeland Security is that it is a new agency and most people are not protected under conventional Civil Service rules. Same with Jobs.

      Junior was offered a job there after Law school as a Presidential Management Fellow. Stayed on under the O’Bama team. Within six months he was summoned to the Exec. chamber and TOLD that they would be re-writing his evaluation from six months before they got there. Took it all in and calmly explained to them that he had not wasted three years in Law School and actually learned stuff.

      Seeing the handwriting on the wall he threw out his resume and got as far away from HS as he could as quickly as he could. Do not doubt this story.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        sounds like it all has returned to the days before Grover Cleveland and TR. All patronage, no protection against the whims of the people above you. Like PA years ago, maybe still is. If a republican county comminisioner was elected ALL democrats were removed right down to the snow plow drivers. Dem elected and the reverse happened. Rarely was a republican elected so people naturally became democrats to keep food consistantly on the table. Which naturally kept the dems in power permanently

        • Just A Citizen says:


          It is worse than just patronage. It is ideological purity and a willingness to do as your told and like it.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:


      I wonder if Putin’s advisors read this site. I think Putin is well positioned to “save” Europe. The Slavic countries, newly joined the EU have stayed pretty religious. Western Europe is content to continue drinking latte’s and will lose their culture by default.

  35. gmanfortruth says:
    • Just A Citizen says:

      What??? You finding a conspiracy in Fox posting a results board the day of the primary??

      NOTE: Once town has already voted in NH. The winners were Sanders and Kasich.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Not at all, when I posted it, it showed the final results (100% precincts reporting). I took a screen shot on my phone, just in case, LOL. Just a practice run I would guess, but Trump wins with 29% and 89+ K votes. Thought it was funny at the time.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Interesting. I wonder if their results display is linked to data bases which match up with local polling data. Thus running the program with polling data to see if the program calculations work. Although 29 % for Trump is lower than the most recent polls that I have seen.

          Can’t wait to see if your screen shot matches the final results.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            I doubt the screen shot will match, but if it does…………:wink:

          • gmanfortruth says:

            Just for fun, here’s what FOX’s beta test showed as the final results”

            Trump 29% 14 delegates
            Rubio 15% 3 delegates
            Cruz 12% 3 delegates
            Kasich 11% 3 delegates
            Christie 9%
            Bush 8%
            Fiorina 4%
            Carson 2%

            Sanders 53% 14 delegates
            Clinton 43% 10 delegates

            Votes are given as well, but I don’t think they will be needed, unless they become fact, which is highly unlikely. Just for fun! 🙂

  36. “For the sake of full disclosure, as many regular readers might know, neither of these men have been on my short list of preferred candidates. ”

    “As I watched him hold his audience, not with emotion, not with charm, but with the brute force of intelligence and facts, I was moved. For the first time, I looked at his pointed nose and steely eyes and said to myself, “This guy might wind up president, and that might be a pretty good thing.” ”

    Yes, that’s right, He’s talking about CRUZ 🙂


    • gmanfortruth says:

      I’m waiting for the video of Rubio debating himself….Obama knows what he is doing (now….Obama doesn’t know what he is doing (a few months ago). I’ll guess that if this hits the MSM he is done.

      Don’t think for a minute Cruz is not a globalist. He is and the proof will be coming out. He’s a sneaky bastard. I simply do not trust him. Reminds me of how Obama was groomed. That didn’t turn out well.

  37. gmanfortruth says:

    Baltic Dry Index is 291,…lowest ever!

  38. gmanfortruth says:
  39. Dale A Albrecht says:

    So now a cold from from up above Canada is called “The Arctic Blast” what happened to the “Polar Express” The media must have a name generator like the code name creators use in the military….Guess you have to keep things fresh and exciting

  40. Texas pissing off the Feds again……new rules in Texas…if you are a business that is registered in Texas and you take EBT cards for anything other than required use…you will lose your business franchise..you will lose you liquor license and you will pay a fine. Texas sending in spies with EBT cards….

    Feds are responding that no matching funds will be forthcoming and Texas says….ok. And, in return. we do not accept EBT card applications as proof of poverty or need. We now have our own forms and our own discretion.

    Things are heating up and with the primaries coming in March……better have your picture ID>

  41. And now a question for all my friends in the lunatic asylum:

    Mrs. Clinton is having a rough time with her email controversy. I have read (lightly) on the subject and it does not appear that she has broken any laws nor done anything which was not done by her predecessors. Laws which would have made her actions illegal were passed after her tenure. No classified evidence was shown to be on the servers (though some was retroactively classified). Any / all emails to government employees were (theoretically) sent from her person email to their work email and so were made it into the government archives.

    My question is this: other than conspiracy theories, is there any evidence that suggests any actual crimes or misdeeds were committed? Is there any evidence that she was trying to hide anything?

    My second question is this: There are so many good reasons to dislike Clinton, why would this gain traction? Why not attack her for any number of her policy stances or her constant flip-flopping?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Good questions Mathius. I have found some of the reporting on this matter, especially from Left Wing media sites, to be totally misleading their readers. How so, you ask? Because, it is likely true that others had stuff on their emails that would be considered classified (or secret or whatever). Right off the get go, these sites admit that there is wrongdoing, even if they claim there is none because others did it. In other words, because others did it, it can’t be wrong. That is clearly nonsense, as wrong is wrong. But this is usually where the Left Wing misleads it’s readers, because they fail to mention the fact that none of these other people used a PRIVATE server in the basement of their house that was not a secure for the types of information that a government server would be.

      I personally don’t view the emails themselves to be the issue. I see the private server as the issue. But I have no illusion that Clinton will be charged with any crimes, unless Obama wants Sanders to win the nomination. Even then, there won’t a trial of any kind till long after the election. Do I think she broke the law? YES. Not because of the emails or their content, but because of the private server. ALL SoS emails and correspondence is the property of the people, period. ALL of that should be available to legal review and Freedom of Information demands. She violated both and that has been clearly shown.

      As far as her other stuff, Clinton has been a corrupt witch since the Nixon administration and has no business being President. If it were between her and Sanders, I would vote Sanders. At least he is honest.

    • The eldest of my four is a Major in the Army Reserve he is also a government functionary and had a very high clearance in Homeland Security. He, no right winger by any means, informs me that the stuff she was shooting around on her server was so off the charts classified that he could not even get in the building at HS where it was handled.

      The BS about “other” Secretaries of state is a smokescreen, disinformation, a red herring. Done entirely to distract you.

      If Clinton walks, Bradley Manning and Snowden should get a pardon. Manning because he/she was just a dufus and meant no harm and Snowden because he was a patriot (to some).

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        My former neighbor was a State Department functionary. His area of tenure was mostly in the M/E. 1) he rarely talked about the situations in the M/E except in a very nebulus way. 2) he resigned from the State Department when Hillary became SOS. 3) he held Condelezza Rice in the highest esteem. Real class act, always put together, worked incecently, SMART. 4) he was an ardent Obama supporter 5) when Hillary resigned he un-retired and went back to the State Department.

        What does that tell you?. If Hillary was such a success as SOS, she would have no compelling reason to resign. Resignation showed that even Obama couldn’t deal with her, especially when he really is detached and reacts only after the SGTF.

        To Mathias….even in business ALL company information is proprietary confidential, especially client information. The companies that I worked for monitored at all times the use and content when you were online. Mis-use absolutely was a condition of employment and depending could bring criminal charges. Anything and I mean anything that came close to touching ANY government agency had security out the whazoo and in many cases you were required to have government security clearances to work the accounts.
        We had active logs of the interaction between the parties involved. That information could not be altered or deleted in anyway, once it was typed in and hit save. You could ADD a further explanation but never delete. It was a LEGAL document and could be supoena’d in the event of any legal action. A transcription however was not. Her emails covering her State business dwarfed those that the State Department turned over under supoena. They had no knowledge of that server or it’s content. Now after recovering the data off the hard drives, that she tried to erase, they are classifying the information. Of course it’s after the fact, but IT WOULD HAVE BEEN CLASSIFIED FROM DAY ONE, if she used the required systems and protocol. Christ man, discussing plans of action of a foreign government to our leaders or content of meetings with those leaders….that is secret or higher at ALL times until the official release of the agreements or actions. Bottom line….from the President down were complicite with the scheme to hide information from Congress and FOI requirements. The IRS did it right…they destroyed the hard drives. No recovery there. Hillary showed a lack of judgement again by not following that example. As for Holder, he just told his minion, don’t email me anything important. No record of me ever seeing anything about ongoing operations, especially ones like the gun running to Mexico. It totally becomes he said I said, total deniability.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        If these emails, regardless of classification, were on a secure government server, would they still be an issue?

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Probably not. Her truly personal emails after review by the State department would never be divulged and returned or deleted from the government systems. The official emails, would just have shown that she was incompetent and had no business at that level of government to begin with. Not criminal, just incompetent.

          If General Petreus can be convicted for having some classified documents laying around, and for that matter seen by someone who actually had the clearance to see them, not the need to know…..Hillary is way beyond that…..Obama was out to get Petreus any way he could and directed the DOJ to follow through.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        People forget that Hillary’s email system was hacked around ’12. All the releases of embarrassing “frank” comments about her counterparts she was dealing with. She was NOT in anyway using a secure server, much less one set up by a company not qualified or vetted to set it up. This would not be such an issue if, the State Department network teams installed with all required controls but used a “private” domain address instead of .gov for whatever reason. But she showed again a singular lack of judgement by going so far outside of the accepted rules. It also shows her ongoing DISDAIN for the people and the laws that govern us.

        Again this is to Mathias. If the presidential race was only between Hillary and Bernie, I’d vote for Bernie in a minute. At least he is honest and does not change his colors like a chameleon….this is a battle for ideologies. It would be better to have a final race between Bernie and someone like Cruz. Not some gray area candidate like Trump, Christie or Rubio etc. Plodding along on the course of status quo and the same failed social policies of the past many decades is not what we need. Unfortunately it has taken 50 years to make it virtually impossible for people to get by in their older years without government involvement, it will take 50 more to reverse the course, as long as we somehow do not suffer the fate of the Soviet Union in which we then get the dose of medicine all in one shot. Somehow even though its messy, it would be much less painfull in the long run.

        Senators and Congressmen have been notoriously bad at being president. They never have been required to actually RUN and administer anything. They just make deals and then throw it over the wall. Governor’s and even General’s make better presidents. They actually RAN things and enjoyed or suffered the consequences as the case may be.

  42. gmanfortruth says:

    I don’t usually link this site, but what HuffPo and others headlines have said is very telling about the Progressives. http://www.prisonplanet.com/leftist-media-labels-trump-supporters-racist-sexist-zombies-after-new-hampshire-win.html

    This is a reason why many people, like myself, consider progressives as the enemy of the people.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Remember, I told you this after the Iowa vote. They have it rigged for Hillary. She will have to collapse beyond her beat down in N.H. to lose the nomination.

    • This is sooooo cool!

      For the first time, ever, people will see what great democratic “reforms” the party of the people came up with to stifle democracy.

      Even I, a political junkie had no knowledge of how the deck as stacked. I doubt the average democrat functionary even knew. Back in the 1970’s the establishment apparently built in this poison pill just in case some of those 1960’s type radicals ever managed to get close.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Tell me again how the math worked? Ah the new math…the answer is anything you want it to be. Forget reality. < 1% difference in Iowa and shellaced in NH and still wins. No wonder she is so confident. She knows which cards are marked.

  43. gmanfortruth says:

    On January 26, 2016, an agency known as the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force issued final recommendations suggesting that all Americans be subject to mental health screenings. The report implies that regular screenings through an individuals primary care doctor would be ideal and the most beneficial in detecting symptoms related to depression.


    There’s going to be a lot of problems if becomes a fact of life. Any thoughts?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I think it is a good idea. With data on the whole population the profession will have to REDEFINE mental illness. Because illness is usually the exception in a population, not the norm. Happy, happy, happy.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      As the psychiatrist said in the novel “The Caine Mutiny” EVERYONE has some sort of mental illness. Most people have learned how to compensate for it and live a normal life.

  44. Just A Citizen says:

    Post Script on New Hampshire and the coming weeks.

    I believe the Republican establishment made a move in NH that is not being explored. They got their attack dog to get Rubio out of Jeb’s and Kasich’s way. Jeb still floundered but he is the preferred and between the two he is the ONLY one who can stick it out until March or beyond (enough money). Jeb has the advantage in S. Carolina and if he takes second will spring board him into Nevada and the SEC primary day.

    We will soon find out how big the insurgency is in the Republican party because there will be only ONE establishment candidate left. Cruz and Trump will be splitting the “insurgency” vote while Jeb gets to consolidate the rest. So it will be interesting to see where the votes go that have been going to Fiorina, Carson, etc.

    This is not the plan they had to get Jeb elected, but it is the only plan they have left at their disposal. They have to pick Bush or Kasich and put everything on ONE of them.

    And for those who can’t seem to think straight, Rubio was NOT an establishment guy. Some feel he is acceptable because of his “likeability” and polling against Clinton. They want to win so badly they find Rubio acceptable. That does not make him an establishment republican.

    My trepidations about Rubio are his statements on the Middle East, ISIS and the need to project POWER. I am concerned he accepts the Neo Con view of spreading Democracy by force if needed. But note, NOBODY in any of these debates has asked that question of these people. It always stops at ISIS and Russia. Without direct answers, forced by focused questions, I believe Rubio would be much like Clinton in the foreign policy arena.

    One other note on the Rubio “collapse” as it is called. The left wing media jumped on the “robot” label when Christie first mentioned it on the trail. Then they EXPLODED it after the debate. The alternative media drove the MSM coverage and use of the phrase “robot”. I saw Chris Matthews use it last night, yet I had never heard him describe Rubio that way before. Now he acts like he thought Rubio empty of substance all along. They are now circulating stories that Rubio “freezes up” due to anxiety and stress. How convenient for that story to get legs after the debate and robot accusations.

    Ask yourselves this; Why is the left spending more time hammering Rubio than the “right”?? Christie did the dirty work for BOTH Jeb and Hillary. Christie may have cost the Republicans the White House. There is no way Jeb beats Hillary.

    The big winner in this past weeks arena was Gman. His prediction was on the death bed. Christie has revived it.

    P.S.: If I am one of the Republicans running against Bush I am talking today about the fact that he is so WEAK as a candidate that he had to get his Mommy and his Brother to campaign for him. Imagine being so devoid of substance you ask your mother who uses a walker to come out on an arduous campaign?? What kind of person does that? One who is driven to seek POWER at all cost.

    Think anyone other than Trump will take that approach??

    P.S.S.,: Trump is going to find out if GW Bush is more popular than him. He will link Bush II and his crappy record to Jeb. The voters may turn on Trump because they love GW. Which I still find bizzare but that is the state of things today. If GW is helping Jeb then the opponents may have to run against BOTH of them in the southern states. This means attacking the GW Bush record in ways that most R’s have avoided.

    • From an ordinary sane observational point. The problem with the DDT ban was the same as the problem with DDT use. Both sides are of the opinion “that if a little bit is good, a lot more is better”.

      So, we had massive overuse of the chemical and a massive, wildly excessive ban on the chemical itself. Apparently nobody ever thought of a compromise and removing it from store shelves restricting use to professionals. .

      Wonderful story a while back about a woman who almost died and developed massive allergies to everything. Ten doctors and three states later, they tracked the problem to her 1950’s ranch style home in California where the builder/homeowner filled the cavities between the studs to the depth of eight or ten inches with DDT powder to guarantee termite resistance. The damn house became a toxic waste site.

  45. Just A Citizen says:

    More on political analysis:

    Lets see if SUFA has been paying attention. Anyone see the problem with the following analysis? Weak spots? Partial understanding? Rose colored glasses? Anything????


    I will give ya’ll a while to make your points then come back to this.

    • See a problem?

      Yep. A lot of brain energy devoted to talking about politics as if the moving of the jaws will do anything about it. It is an utterly pointless exercise, worse then debating on whether the beings on another planet should meander forward or backward. Utterly and completely pointless waste of time.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        And how many minutes did you just waste on the topic??

        I do agree that “just talking” is a complete waste of time. Unless of course, your talking gets someone motivated to act. Then it would not be a waste of time.

        • Not talking about politics. Talking about you wasting your time. See the difference?

          There is NOTHING you can do. You are less then an ant in a tornado. All the jawing and time waste is UTTERLY POINTLESS. It matters not one wit; whoever sits in the Big Chair will continue the destruction of the nation and your freedom without respite. Pretending otherwise is insanity.

    • Well, I think more people voting is a good thing-if they were all republicans and not democrats wanting to effect our primaty-not sure voting in the primary necessary means you will vote in the general if your pick loses.

  46. Just A Citizen says:

    Political predictions are like gambling, the odds are against being right.

    But today I would like to remind everyone about one of my predictions. One that I recall being chastised for making sometime last year. Back when we were musing about who would run and who could win the final contest for POTUS.

    I said then that Christie was NOT ELECTABLE because he would be viewed as a BULLY, by most people outside the NY/NJ area. He would NOT be the Republican nominee.

    Bada boom bada bing. Did I say that right Charlie??

  47. Just A Citizen says:

    Interesting data on personal income in the USA.


    Now calculate the Flat Tax on gross income needed to cover the full Federal Budget, as currently proposed.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      FY 2017 Federal Budget Changes Since 2015

      $ billion

      Estimate in FY16 Budget Estimate in FY17 Budget Change
      Federal Outlays $4,217.8 $4,147.2 -$70.6
      Federal Receipts $3,755.0 $3,643.7 -$111.3
      Federal Deficit $462.8 $503.5 +$40.7

      Watch the media report that POTUS has proposed “cutting” the FY 17 budget, without addressing the projected increase in the “deficit” of 40.7 BILLION dollars.

  48. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Should I not hold my breath waiting for the media to STOP calling the Democrat party as the Democratic Party which carries the implication that all other parties are NOT democratic.

    Just read an article that Sirhan Sirhan has applied for parole again. Assasinated RFK after he won the “DEMOCRATIC” Presidential primary in California, 1968…..the Democrat’s Presidential primary is the proper phrase.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      If any of the conspiracy theory about the mob connection with JFK’s assasination, they hit the wrong guy. Just think, what would have happened if JFK had completed 2 terms. We just might have not had Johnson and all the stuff he did. ie….”I will not send good ole American boys’….etc etc….wins and sends hundreds of thousands and overall millions to Vietnam on a trumped up Tonkin incident. Bobby was JFK’s attack dog. Without him…who know. Would all of the social and civil rights stuff been enacted that Johnson jammed down our throats…..I’ll actually go out on a limb and say, Kennedy would not have gone beyond advisors in Vietnam. He pulled out of the CIA BS in the Bay of Pigs, but then stood firm with the Russian Missiles. After the CIA Diem fiasco we just might have avoided Vietnam. He did react to real threats to the US. Vietnam was not. Vietnam was NO friend of China. They were not N korea.

      Ho Chi Minh even though he was a communist was a trained economist. He always said that you can not have good social programs and everything that it entails, if you kill the ecomony, which Lenin and Stalin did to their country as Mao did to China. He also said that they would fight ANYONE who kept vietnam from rejoining itself and becoming an independent nation again and that included the Chinese, US, French, Japanese, British anyone

      • Irregardless, I always felt that JFK could have sold snow to Eskimos. Had we gone into Viet-nam under him I am fairly sure he would not have pulled punches.

        I know it seems odd still to be bringing VN up, it has been fifty years since the Ia Drang, but have you read Bernard Falls books? I have them and have re-read them. As I get older, I see the opportunities wasted a lot more clearly. cannot believe that all those smart folks in DC were ultimately as dumb as they were.

        “The only thing more dangerous than believing the enemy’s propaganda….is believing your own.”

        -Joseph Goebbels.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Isn’t that the truth.

          What I feel is odd on our government’s , dept of State, behavior. We have this long drawn out Cold War with Russia. But had detente, same with Red China. Fought a bloody war in Viet Nam, had a fascist country in NATO, Spain, Greece and Italy even when they had communist governments…….why did it take over 50 years to get over Cuba and still not because it could all unravel with a new president. Especially when it was our country’s actions with business and the mob and support of Battista that brought about Castro anyway. Even with all the EU and south america and the rest of the world trading with Cuba, it’s still a piss ant poor country, is our continued cold shoulder just sour grapes and being a petulant child? Bottom line even with a realignment and our lifting trade and travel blockades Cuba will still stay a dump.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Glad to see you two are finally supporting Mr. Obama on his Cuba policy!

            • LOL…..you guys are a hoot.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              I we really wanted to have a regime change in Cuba, we should have long ago dropped all trade and travel barriers. Look at the effect that has had on any number of countries around the world. Oh I forgot, they hated us even more….by making Castro a big deal, to me, actually sustained him. Maybe if our reaction after he announced he was a commie, was so what, the Cuban missile crisis may never have happened. Just musing and have no evidence to back it up. Except, just naturally when a weak person is bullied on the playground, he either fights back and gets beaten over and over, or he finds another bully to protect him.

              • the Cuban Crises was going to happen no matter what. It was an inevitable part of the cold war. There are many theories out there including that it was a Russian response to the USA and missiles in Europe. You have to go back to the division of Europe in WWII and even before WWII….Cuba just happened to be the easiest staging ground..

                There were surrogates being installed all over the world by the Soviet Union and by the US and even China….There were other ways to avoid the standoff but the standoff was inevitable.

                There was not going to be a nuclear war but there stood the great possibility of another conventional war…..The USSR was going to lose it…..hence Krushchev had to show some strength…..he had failed crops in the USSR, put down the Polish and Hungarian revolts rather forcefully, and created the Berlin Wall to prevent flight to the west. His relationship with China went to hell in a hand basket and was regarded as a world weakling…..so standing up to the USA was inevitable….it just happened to be Cuba.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The official name is The Democratic Party. A good way to get the Irish up on a hard core Dem is to call it the Democrat party or the Democrats party.

      Remember, the name evolved from the Democratic Republican party of T. Jefferson. The name was more “proper” in that context. Not so much after they dropped the Republican part.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Almost forgot.. They are MORE Democratic so you should not be bothered by them trying to look like it. After all, Democracy was rebuked and discarded as a proper form of Govt. by our Founders and the Framers of the Constitution.

        Those pushing for greater Democracy are in affect preaching sedition against the Constitution.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I stand corrected on the official name. Still grammatically incorrect. I have an OLD book from the 1880’s that traces all the politcal party’s in the Americas and their platform. Seems the “official” name pops up with Jackson in 1829-1833. Prior to that pretty much Federalist and Republicans. Reading their official party platforms make some very interesting reading. Especially post Civil War.

  49. My friend Mathius:

    In this type of work. all emails, letters, memos. type written communications. texts, and phone calls. even if about the price of tea in China….is considered classified and eyes only. The basic rule is that your job. or the job of S.O.S. is a classified job and even if Chelsea sent her a recipe to make cookies, it is deemed classified. That does mean that regardless of classification, (confidential, secret, Top secret, SSIR, eyes only) all documents are to be destroyed. For example, in the WH or Congress, simple trash cans in the offices are actually destined to the burn barrels even if the paper in the trash can is a McDonalds hamburger wrapper.

    The same with computers, phones, etc. I do not care if the predecessors did the same thing….it matters not. They were equally wrong. It matters not about the nature of, origination of, nor the timing of the emails or tests…..these rules you have mentioned that were after the fact really are not after the fact….everything in her office from toilet paper to computers is classified by the very nature of her office.

    • Col, totally agree. There are millions of tech savvy people in this country that know how vulnerable computer networks are. We see large retailers being hacked all the time. Our personal computers have to be protected from malicious viruses constantly. Hillary’s email server was a high value target and would have been targeted by every foreign government plus many private individuals. I have yet to see any statement that she even used the encryption available in Outlook or other mail programs. This was all blatant incompetence. or more accurately criminal negligence.

      What I find incredible is that there are millions including many members of the press and apparently Mathius, who believe she did nothing wrong. But that seems to be par for the course with this family. Every male in this country understood Bill’s zipper problem, but we still elected him. Hillary’s best hope now is to win the election and take the oath. Once that happens, only Congress can fix it. Unfortunately we have seen for the last 7 years how willing they are to fix such problems.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        It is an interesting issue. If charges are recommended and Obama doesn’t act, it just proves what most of us think, that the political elite are above the law. I doesn’t mean that the next Republican President won’t act on those recommendations, because he will be pushed to do so. I don’t think there will be any winners when all is settled.

        • We do know how selective prosecution has been under Obama, No one at the IRS, in banking, DOJ for fast & furious, etc. has ever been prosecuted. But they sure went after Petraeus. They prosecuted Scooter Libby to the hilt despite that fact that they knew he was not the leak.

          • Let me add Berger and the underwear caper. 🙂

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            And please DO NOT forget the criminal tax evaders in Switzerland. Big to do about that. But the nub was that the banks aided and abetted. Not just deposited the money. They were convicted and fined. However, the time ran out on the Bush II DOJ and Holder and Obama took over. Not one public case. My bet, these were mostly high level democrat supporters, or became one in lieu of prosecution…in otherwords pay a bribe, admit no wrong doing, like the banks did. If you did nothing wrong, why in god’s name pay. Just a guess, but I think Warren Buffet was one. He sure stood around with a dunce cap on while Obama publically abused him. And then whole heartedly support Obama’s agenda.

      • T-Ray, et al,

        I didn’t say she did nothing wrong. What I said is that it doesn’t appear that she committed any crimes or violated any explicit policies. She admits it was “wrong” and a “mistake” to use her personal server (read: personal email address), but there doesn’t appear to be anything illegal or even against official policy in what she did (though, again, that has since changed). Like all politicians, she broke an unwritten rule and will get away with it where anyone else would have gotten canned with extreme prejudice, but that hardly sets her apart from all the other liars, cheats, and manipulators running for office*.

        Further, I wondered why, if there are so many good reasons to dislike her, people are making such a fuss about this. Why not use something more substantive? Is it just that this is the only thing they can think of that will stick? Surely there are better lines of attack? This just seems so petty.**

        * Except Bernie who doesn’t appear to be any of those things.. just a little nuts.

        ** Not to minimize the importance of treating classified material correctly, but come on, surely you can do better than this? What about that time she stabbed a hobo in an alleyway and paid off the police with 10 kilos of uncut 100% Columbian heroin to look the other way?

        • Ummmmm…… I thought that was you….and you even shorted the police one kilo…baking powder, really?

          However, “Further, I wondered why, if there are so many good reasons to dislike her, people are making such a fuss about this. Why not use something more substantive? Is it just that this is the only thing they can think of that will stick? Surely there are better lines of attack? This just seems so petty.” AGREED!! There is so much else to pick from but what they are hanging their hat on is the stupidity of it……but you have to admit, she fits right in with the establishment.

          By the way, my best to the Dreadster.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Unfortunately the LAW/Statute governing the communication is NOT new, regardless of the method. E-mail, internet and computers have been with us for quite some time now. This was not some oh by the way i’ll do it this way process……even when I was in the military 40 years ago ALL communication was done on official systems, ALL, no exception. And we were just the doers, not the decision makers. One of my work areas was with the NSG…Naval Security Group. Now rolled up into the NSA. Daily each and everytime you entered the facility you’d think you were a criminal. And these checks were by guys who you lived and ate with. There was NO, oh I know you OK go through. We intercepted stuff in the old days that is still unfolding. Go into any crypto space and you were in a vault. Work with Nuc’s around and stuff got deadly serious. So this BS of her just batting around her official communications on a personal server in her basement set up by a company who didn’t have ANY security approval or vetting to do so, is just a right wing conspiracy..,.tell me some more fairy tales.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          “I didn’t say she did nothing wrong. What I said is that it doesn’t appear that she committed any crimes” Actually it equally appears she did commit crimes. There are several laws governing the handling of govt documents, classified or otherwise. It “appears” she broke several of them. BUT, we do not know for sure because we the people have not seen all the evidence. I doubt we ever will. It “appears” to me there is more evidence of criminal action than not. It is only the spinning by the left media that causes you to not see the “appearance”. BUT, again, we do not know for sure.

          “or violated any explicit policies. ” In this case she ABSOLUTELY violated govt. polices. All agencies have strict polices against the use of “private” computers to conduct business. Her server goes even beyond a private computer. These policies were in place prior to Obama taking office so the claim she did this before “his” policy is false. His policy was only reinforcing those which existed within all agencies.

          I can tell you my wife would have been fired for doing what Clinton did. And she had zero security clearance and worked in an agency with zero secret information. The only way she could conduct work at home was by using a Govt. computer, with Govt. encryption and security access constraints, and Govt. email with Govt. encryption.

          Part of the confusion here is her “receiving” emails, which she claims was not a problem. This could be true if not a classified document. If it was then the sender has a problem and she has one for not stopping it. SHE WAS THE BOSS. But sending them from her private account is another matter. BUT, again we don’t have all the information to know just how bad these violations were. It may be that just the emails are not that bad. IF, and I say IF, the information contained was not classified. Which would be highly unlikely.

          She did cover up her actions. When she had portions of her server wiped and emails, etc. deleted that was a violation of law and policy. Because when she put Govt. information on that server it became defacto Govt. property. The proper handling would have to had the entire server downloaded to Govt. archives and then delete the “private” stuff from her server.

          The fact that her emails were recorded when she sent them to other Govt. employees does not absolve her of violating the policies and laws regarding creation and storage of Govt. information. The email retained on the Govt. side would only contain the contents of the email. Not the information she apparently retained that promulgated the email.

          Part of the spinning of this issue is the focus on “e-mails”. The potential crimes do not involve just e-mails. It involves the storage and handling of Govt. information in general and what she KNEW was classified information in particular.

          Claiming it wasn’t “marked” as classified is a typical Clinton maneuver. Depends on what the meaning of IS, is.

          The reason to stay focused on this issue, along with others, is it goes to her lying and untrustworthy nature. In the end we might also uncover what was happening during that 3 am phone call she missed over Benghazi.

          Now, I will raise a point that feeds off yours. If the R’s are not careful they will have the pie explode in their face when DOJ finds NO CRIMINAL actions and NO VIOLATIONS of policy. As I have warned many times, it is not good to put so much on one basket of eggs. Because it is to easy to make them look like the “vast right wing conspiracy” if the findings do not go the way they expect.

          In summary, based on my 12 years in fed. Govt and the wife’s 34 years I believe Clinton both violated “policy” and “federal laws”. At the same time I doubt very much she will get more than a “hand slap” from DOJ when it is all said and done. Which goes to your other very accurate comment today.

          By the way, I have missed your commentary very, very, much. You and Buck both contribute greatly to the SUFA family. I hope all is well with you my young Pirate.

      • She cannot say that she did not know it was classified. The very nature of her position is classified. NOw, where is the criminal negligence. The negligence is already established….now, the criminal part….If it is true that there were discussions of any position pertaining to CIA, Ambassadors, e mails to Ambassadors, Emails to NAtional Security council or discussions of names and positions…..therein lies criminal negligence.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I can not believe that people still are hot on her and thinking she is presidential timber. Her track record of being an incompetant twit is well documented. Lack of judgement and character well documented…..changed her color or stance so many times she can not possibly have any true identity. She’s flipped more times than pitching pennies against a wall. Even when confronted with videos she denies she said that or didn’t mean that even though she repeated it many time on the road. That says she is NOT her own person like the Wizard of OZ. Find the person behind the screen really doing the talking and then we might get somewhere.

  50. Just A Citizen says:


    Cliven Bundy arrested last night in Portland.

    Wonder how long before those TRESPASSING cows are removed from Federal land?

  51. gmanfortruth says:

    Isn’t selective enforcement of any law, by order of the President, an unconstitutional act? Is not not bypassing Congress and changing law?

    • Selective enforcement is a necessity simply because if they enforced everything, we’d all be in jail. Every. Last. One. Of. Us.

      And that, my good friend, is total bullshit that our country is currently set up this way. And it needs to change.

      They say that ignorance of the law is no excuse, but how is it not if (A) it’s literally impossible to know all the laws and (B) it’s literally impossible to obey them all even if you did?

      That said, I think your actual point is the Obama is selectively enforcing laws in a manner you don’t like in furtherance of his political agenda (something not unique to him). I am not a fan of this. Of course, part of his job is setting prioritization and determining how laws are executed, but to fundamentally change or disregard duly passed laws is not excusable in my book. Not by Obama, not by Bush, not by Future-President-Sanders. I don’t know if “unconstitutional” is the right term so much as a deselection or inappropriate use of power/position, but either way, he is rightly called on it and I would love to see successful legal action binding him (and future executives) to better adherence to the spirit and letter of the law.

      That said, it doesn’t matter because Obama, like all powerful politicians, are not actually bound by the law. Just us mortals.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Glad to see that all REASON has not abandoned you, or you it. 🙂

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Did you just write this? What’s in your coffee today….new experimental beans? Must be GMO.

      • The unintended consequence of standing down on the immigration enforcement at the border is the volume of drugs pouring through the sieve. That has become abundantly clear over the past months with the New Hampshire town hall meetings. So, the Prez wants zip immigration enforcement and will sacrifice untold lives to get what he wants through drug overdoses.

        Matt, while you have been away, in my relatively small circle, I know of three twenty something children of friends/acquaintance ho have OD’s for the last time since September. That is a rather startling number.

        Should not be allowed to do that. No way. No how.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Look who is in control of the Poppies! No different than Russia when they “were in charge of the Poppies”.

        • Stephen:

          Matt, while you have been away, in my relatively small circle, I know of three twenty something children of friends/acquaintance ho have OD’s for the last time since September. That is a rather startling number.

          Firstly, I’m sorry for you / those kids / their families. That’s terrible.

          That said: supply and demand cannot be stopped by a wall. (summonsing Black Flag!)

          Say it with me: supply and demand cannot be stopped by a wall.

          Again: supply and demand cannot be stopped by a wall.

          And, for good measure: You cannot win a war when you’re funding both sides of it.

          Got it? Good.

          Don’t like drugs causing OD? Neither do I. You know what we could do about it? You’re not going to like the answer.
          1) treat drug use like a public health concern, not a crime.
          2) educate, educate, educate. (don’t confuse this with fear-mongering)
          3) make them legal. Put ’em behind a counter, or in special dispensaries (see: Colorado or Amsterdam), I don’t care. But get them off the streets into a controlled environment.
          4) increase public funding for mental health treatment.

          Did Prohibition work? Ending it was one of the best things this country ever did.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        That said, it doesn’t matter because Obama, like all powerful politicians, are not actually bound by the law. Just us mortals.

        That says it all Mathius. There lies the problem.

  52. Dale A Albrecht says:

    ethical behavior Definition

    Acting in ways consistent with what society and individuals typically think are good values.

    Ethical behavior tends to be good and involves demonstrating respect for key moral principles that include honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights.

    In a headline on the daily newspapers it was announced that the Senate has declared itself ethically clean over the past 9 years. No violations of ethics. They obviously must have their oun definition. Or else they are mirror of society and that scares the heck out of me. How far we have fallen.

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