Try Not To Hate

racist2As we head towards Super Tuesday 2 and St. Patrick’s Day, it’s hard not to see the direction of this current campaign.  The events in Chicago at a Trump rally is showing exactly how the Socialist Left want’s things to go forward.  But before we get to that particular subject, let’s first put a few bullshit talking points that the Socialist Left is spouting off about.  The Socialist left say Trump is a racist because of some of the things he has said since he entered the race.  That’s a LIE.  Why is it a lie you ask?  Because for the last 8 years or more, every white person is a racist according to the Socialist Left.  I’m a white male, no grey hair yet and I still have a full head of hair, but I’m a racist, misogynist,  homophobe, Islamaphobe and a redneck who clings to my guns and Bible.  So is Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and any other non-Socialist white male in the world.  What it really comes down to, is we aren’t all Socialist’s so we must be all things bad.

trumpIt wasn’t all that long ago that I had to ask what the hell a misogynist was.  I found that rather funny, to be called something that I didn’t even know what the hell it was.  But in reality, I’m none of what the Socialist Left claim, none of it.  What I have become is a person who has grown to dislike the more hardcore Socialist Left.  Those who want to attempt to intimidate, shout down, attack and otherwise deny others their individual Rights.  That, Ladies and Gentlemen is all that really occurred in Chicago.  This was nothing but an attempt at voter intimidation.  It will fail in the long run, because those like myself will simple no longer tolerate it.

punchWhen a person’s Rights are being dismissed, disrespected or ignored,  it is the Right of that person to enact adequate self defense measures to protect those Rights.  The violation of one’s Rights is an act of violence, because it is the threat or act of violence that is causing the loss of one’s Rights.  As kind and patient as most Conservatives are, being run over by a few punks is no longer tolerable.  It’s time to knock their teeth down their throat.  It’s time to twist an arm and come down hard on the elbow, shattering the elbow joint and inflicting immense pain.  It’s time to smash a knee, break a nose, bust open an eye brow and/or otherwise end the violence that is being enacted upon you.  Do so only in self defense.  You have the Right to defend your Rights.  Exercise those Rights.  But do so and remember one important thing…..Try Not To Hate!




  1. gmanfortruth says:

    Let the debates continue 😎

  2. gmanfortruth says:

    Let me add something about the reactions of the other candidates concerning the stuff in Chicago. NOT ONE of the coward politicians stood up for the Rights of Trump or his supporters, NOT ONE. So much for any of them supporting YOUR rights if they were to win this election. So much for the TEA Party candidate BS as well. Utter nonsense.

  3. Here you go Gman

  4. Good Morning, JAC………I see you went to the BF school of Rhetoric. However, great conversation and we are saying the same things….and I am careful to use the term legal. And I am trying very hard not use the term moral in the same context as legal. When you mix the two together….well, let us just say that moral and legal make strange bedfellows.

    The only place that I can see you and I will disagree on is the use of tactics. If you are deliberatley trying to hide assets in a bk…you are wrong and you will be caught. I was always taught, that in business, all is fair, unless you violate the law. My late pappy used to say, if you enter into a bad deal….shame on you. CAVEAT EMPTOR. ( Let the buyer beware )…Tacit warning to the buyers that the sellers are not bound to volunteer negative information about the items they are selling. It is assumed that (unless the seller gives express warranty) the buyer takes all risk of any loss due to defects in the goods or property being bought.

    See, all sales persons will only tell the good things about anything they sell. I do not know of a single businessman that does not arrange his balance sheets to show the strongest possible position. I am not talking about cooking books but defining things, within the law, that shows the best possible position. To you, I believe, that indicates character. To me, it is tactics. Now, Lying for personal gain, is a character issue and I agree. If you apply business dealings to character, you would have to be very careful. I feel that I have great character and integrity but, in a business deal, I will use every tactic that I think will enhance my position… long as I am legal. I do not lie….but is ommission the same as lying? I always hear the term, “lying by ommission”…..but in business, you must assume that you are not getting ALL the information. Like you, if someone came to me for investment opportunities and I am interested, I will investigate….and investigate thoroughly. If I am being lied to, it is MY responsibility to ferret that out.

    NOw, let us apply this to POTUS…..we all want out POTUS to be above the foam….to be above the fray….but we also know, that is not possible. You know, we took the same chances with a hard core Democrat turned Republican….I think the name of that person was Reagan. He took and put country above politics……but was not afraid to use tactical politics to further his agenda….it is just that his agenda was country first.

    Trump has hit a nerve with people. You call it emotion…I am not so sure. Obviously, there is emotion involved as there is in all things but I do not think that the Trump supporters are reacting to emotion. Most, in my opinion, are reacting to the appearance of leadership. I was just listening to Fiorina….she is saying that she does not understand why Cruz is not blowing trump away….because his principles are very clear and very conservative. The answer to this is….Cruz is not a leader…he is not charismatic…and not being that way hurts him. Look what got Obama elected…empty promises and lies and the people bought it.

    As I said before, I voted Cruz….but I voted for him because he is the only one that can beat Clinton. Fifty percent of the people in this country will vote Clinton….and they know she lies and cheats and violates law….yet she will get the votes. To run for POTUS on strict character is pointless….Trump offers strength. Now, if you could take Cruz policies and then clone Trump brashness and guts and persona into him…that would be a great POTUS. You and I probably will disagree on the offie of POTUS. I want someone who will call Putin a liar, in public, and have the balls to call him out. I do not want a soft spoken POTUS. I never have and never will subscribe to the theory of “walk softly but carry a big stick”. That might have worked back then but it will not work today. Minding your own business will not work today….that is viewed as weakness. ( No, do not go down the road and interpret what I said to over throw of regimes ).

    So, I get a little perturbed when people claim that Trump would not make a good POTUS because he is a businessman.

    The sad part of all of this…..when Cruz jumped on the bandwagon and said that Trump is responsible for the violent rallies…..he lost me. THAT one thing did indicate character to me. Trump said it like he feels it and it is a COP OUT…..a COP OUT to say tha Trump deserves it. No he does not…..he deserves to be heard and to drown out and force cancellation of rallies is suppression of free speech……and….for Cruz or anybody for that matter, that says that Trump is responsible and should shut up….is suppressing free speech. THAT REALLY BOTHERS ME>

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good morning Sir. As usual I think you and I see eye to eye on most of this. I may have more specific nuance in some things but generally the same. I think most of those differences are over “how” I come to my position vs. how you might. But we have gotten to the same place. I will address a few things to further the discussion.

      Speaking softly w/ a stick: I agree with you to an extent. I do not mind strong and vocal if tempered with some sound judgment and strategy. Not just popping off and expressing emotion. Like declaring a red line in the sand with no idea first how you will enforce it. Calling out Putin does no good if you can’t back it up, somehow and somewhere. Otherwise you truly do become weak in the world’s view.

      One other characteristic needed, one Trump definitely lacks. The POTUS is THE world leader as well as OUR leader. WORDS matter. Especially when strung together in sentences. Those word need to make hard points without giving opponents fuel to fan the flames. Now lofty rhetoric or speaking skills are not the primary criteria. But they are needed to supplement the other skills. Principles (which I share), skills to get er’ done, and the ability to communicate in a way to motivate unity in purpose, these are what I see as three areas for a POTUS. I know, it is a tall order. That is why we all feel wanting each cycle. It is hard to find all these things in a single candidate under our current system.

      The system does not reward these types of people for coming forward and putting their necks on the line.

      On buyer beware: Mostly I agree. The exception which I would like you to address is dealing with people you know do not have the money for experts or the mental acuity to do that homework. Or understand the legalese in a contract. I have witnessed people in Trumps line of work use legal documents to steal property from older folks, for example. All legal. I argue, yes but immoral. I personally would never do that. The Golden Rule is a moral principle and it has a long history supporting its validity.

      Character = honesty, not using force against innocent people- no coercion in business dealings with innocent people. No lying, cheating, stealing. And a big one to me. Keeping promises. I have been in businesses my whole life where a man’s word truly is his bond. A handshake is the contract. If my assumptions go south I keep the commitments I made, even if it costs me. With respect to one of my issues with Trump, it was not exclusion of information but deliberately distorting truth to create perceptions of reality that were not true.

      And yes, Cruz failed a key test of character in blaming Trump for the violence at the last rallies. But there is also truth in that Trump’s words are responsible for “demonstrations”. But not the obnoxious interruptions, attempts to stop and violence of those doing it. We know, and Cruz should know these were organized and are part of a bigger game. One in which he is sitting in the on deck circle. My read: Cruz was doing good when relying on his own instincts. It appears he has to many “consultants” now in his ear. Time to cut some of them loose. But it is a strike against his character.

      Trump vs Cruz on leadership skills; Agree, Trump “creates the appearance” of a leader better than Cruz. Not sure which of either would “actually” make a good leader. I remind you of my story about the best Governor I have ever seen. No outward appearance of leadership, poor speaker, small man, old, but he was a farmer. Once elected he led the State in a massive downsizing, gains in efficiency, budget cuts and improved services. He turned out to be a great leader. Cruz might be that type of person, but then he will have to deal with Congress and not some State bureaucracy. Reagan was a leader in his appearance and manner. I do not see one on the political stage this year. At least not of that caliber.

      Trump’s connection: People are frustrated and angry. Their frustration and anger is supported by rational and legit reasons. But their support is primarily emotion driven. He is appealing to their view of leadership. This is being driven by their emotions. The justifications I read rarely go beyond perceptions of “telling it like it is”, “tough”, “gets the job done”. Nothing analytical or substantive to back up the perceptions. I concede that identifying a leader is largely about emotion for all of us. It was not Reagans past numbers that made you feel he was a leader. It was his demeanor, tone, words and stature. You and I would call that “Command presence”.

      Cloning Cruz and Trump. OK, but we will need a third party. Someone with better hair. 🙂

      I remind you, one more time, that while character is a big thing for me it is not the only thing. It comes first but key issues are embedded with that. In this cycle the issue is the restoration of Constitutional constraint. This comes first due to the SCOTUS turnover that is coming. This makes “honesty” and “willingness to keep promises” along with fealty to the principle of Const. constraint key character values. We cannot afford to have someone claim it is important and then give it away for some other feature or goal. I do not trust Trump to do that. I trust Cruz to do that. He may not get anything else done but if he just did that one thing we would be on the road to recovery.

      Now for a new issue but one which is part of this. One which is beginning to change the situation. That is WHO is able to deal with this DELIBERATELY created rift in our society. WHO, if anyone, can truly begin to heal the wounds and bring us together. This person will have to deal with the DELIBERATE militancy that is being spread. I think this has progressed farther than I thought it would at this point. We may be faced with a violent period of unrest while trying to protect the Constitution. I am not sure any of the candidates have all the qualities needed to address both issue at the same time.

      Best wishes for a fine Sunday to you and yours my friend.

      • Very good…..very, very good. Great discussion.

        JAC: ” I do not mind strong and vocal if tempered with some sound judgment and strategy. Not just popping off and expressing emotion.”
        D13: Yep !

        JAC: ” The POTUS is THE world leader as well as OUR leader. WORDS matter.
        D13: Yep !

        JAC: ” Mostly I agree. The exception which I would like you to address is dealing with people you know do not have the money for experts or the mental acuity to do that homework. Or understand the legalese in a contract.”
        D13: My answer is pretty simple. My late pappy also drilled into me…you have no one to blame but yourself. If you see something that you do not understand. Stop. If you have just one single iota of a doubt…Stop. Never make a financial decision immediately. Never. Stop and think about it. Never make a decision based on emotion. Stop and think about it. Even if it takes one more day….if you lose a sale or you lose out, ok…..but you have not really lost. While I empathize with predatory pricing or predators going after “older folks”….no one makes them sign. No gun held to their head and if someone does not have the acuity, then they better have common sense. When it comes to principle…I have my limitations of how I will conduct business….however, if you are in business….it is a big boy game.–

        JAC: “Character = honesty, not using force against innocent people- no coercion in business dealings with innocent people.”
        D13: I think I need a little more clarification on this. By force, do you mean laws? By coercion, do you mean a gun to the head ( I know, a little dramatic but still ). If you are in business, how can you be an innocent person? ( Example: I am in business…I want some property next to me to expand. I go to the individual and try to reach a deal and they say no. I go to the City or State armed with data of how if I had that property, the city or state would reap greater revenue for public projects. The law says that I can use eminent domain and do that… that coercion? Or is that an attack on innocent people?

        JAC: ” Keeping promises. I have been in businesses my whole life where a man’s word truly is his bond. A handshake is the contract. If my assumptions go south I keep the commitments I made, even if it costs me.”
        D13: Yep !!

        JAC: “With respect to one of my issues with Trump, it was not exclusion of information but deliberately distorting truth to create perceptions of reality that were not true.”
        D13: Yep ! And he got caught and paid for it….at least on the occasions that I remember. Deliberately trying to distort for investment purposes also carries a significant risk…if you omit, lie, or distort…then that becomes a liability. My question, to the next person, why in the world would you do business with anyone under those circunstances……yet they do. Volumes. It is a risk vs reward.

        JAC: “But there is also truth in that Trump’s words are responsible for “demonstrations”.
        D13: I can see no words that would incite violence at a demonstration for a politcial rally. And that incudes Trump standing at a podium telling the people that he has information that there is someone out there armed with tomatos to throw. If you see them..please stop them even if it takes a punch in the face. This is not inciting violence in my definition. So, where do you see Trump’s words as inciting violence?

        JAC: “We know, and Cruz should know these were organized and are part of a bigger game. One in which he is sitting in the on deck circle. My read: Cruz was doing good when relying on his own instincts. It appears he has to many “consultants” now in his ear. Time to cut some of them loose. But it is a strike against his character.”
        D13: IS there hypocrisy in the words of Cruz? He lauds his position as a constitutionalist but then he does not stand up for the Constitution. Does this make one think ?

        JAC: “Trump “creates the appearance” of a leader better than Cruz.”
        D13: Passing out points to JAC for seeing the actual words that I wrote on Trump….”appearance of leadership”…Both candidates have exhibited great leadership tactics..Trump in the business world and Cruz on standing up to the Congress as he said he would.

        JAC: “The justifications I read rarely go beyond perceptions of “telling it like it is”, “tough”, “gets the job done”. Nothing analytical or substantive to back up the perceptions. I concede that identifying a leader is largely about emotion for all of us. It was not Reagans past numbers that made you feel he was a leader. It was his demeanor, tone, words and stature. You and I would call that “Command presence”.
        D13: Yep !

        JAC: “Cloning Cruz and Trump. OK, but we will need a third party. Someone with better hair.”
        D13: Oh hell yes !! Oh, sorry..emotion got me……***collecting self****……Yep !

        JAC: ” This comes first due to the SCOTUS turnover that is coming. This makes “honesty” and “willingness to keep promises” along with fealty to the principle of Const. constraint key character values. We cannot afford to have someone claim it is important and then give it away for some other feature or goal. I do not trust Trump to do that. I trust Cruz to do that. He may not get anything else done but if he just did that one thing we would be on the road to recovery.”
        D13: Yep ! ****checking emotion on blog running off to closet shutting door, fist pumping in the air***

        JAC; “That is WHO is able to deal with this DELIBERATELY created rift in our society. WHO, if anyone, can truly begin to heal the wounds and bring us together.”
        D13: Us…it is us that has to confront this on local levels. But confront it we, the people, must.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          ” The law says that I can use eminent domain and do that… that coercion? Or is that an attack on innocent people? ” YES, that is coercion AND use of force.

          Your pappy’s advice was sound but not as pure as I like. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

          Business vs. innocent. YES, innocent people do business. I have never used force in any business dealing. Lying, stealing, cheating, are all forms of coercion/force. As is constructing deliberately obtuse clauses in a contract knowing the 80yr old seller/buyer is taking you at your word. I expect this conflict will decline with time as fewer and fewer people rely on someone’s promise or word. If we dump the lawyers and restore dueling this might be returned to a more honest situation. 🙂

          Hypocrisy with Cruz over Trump’s speech? Maybe a little. I don’t see it as hypocrisy necessarily but it is getting close. He did not say speech for me but not Trump. He said Trump has a responsibility in creating the poisoned environment. This is recognizing the apparent link between Trump’s words and the media/left response, including demonstrations. Also in the angry responses from Trump crowds instead of just “boooing” and letting the security deal with it.

          However, Cruz seems to have missed, or is ignoring for political points, the reality that this has been building and was not in fact a spontaneous reaction to Trumps words. The left has used Trumps words as a Catalyst. The fire was there, they needed something to cause an explosion. Trump unwittingly gave it to them. This is the point that Cruz and others should be making. It is truthful, not inciting anything or directly insulting, and would still score some points.

          Trumps role: JAC: “But there is also truth in that Trump’s words are responsible for “demonstrations”.
          D13: I can see no words that would incite violence at a demonstration for a politcial rally.

          Please look at my comment again. I will give you a chance to keep your points. HINT: “Demonstrations” does NOT equal “violence” at said demonstrations.

          Yes We the People will have to stop this. But part of that strategy involves selecting some leaders with brains and cool heads who can motivate the right actions at the right times. Or at least offer positive reinforcement when it is needed.

          • JAC: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you….Great words……this is where you and I will differ some. In business, I accept certain things as fact and business regulations and laws are facts. While I may not do certain things because my make-up is different, I do not expect same from competitors or the public, I understand that if I drop my guard I expect to have advantage taken. Therefore, I watch out for it.

            “Demonstrations” does NOT equal “violence” at said demonstrations.”….Quite the contrary..any demonstration that keeps me from going where I want to go….is violence.

            Anyway, that is not where my points were awarded. I awarded you points for seeing the “appearance of leadership” statement. keep them….redeemable in Fort Worth for BBQ.

            ” knowing the 80yr old seller/buyer is taking you at your word.” No sir….cant agree here. Age does not matter….if they are old enough to sell or buy, they are responsible for their actions. Mind you, I agree with you that contracts are written in double tongue and are deliberately obtuse….that is a tactic, like or not. I do not do this but I expect it. However, anytime I enter into a contract, I aways advise the other party to have it looked over. Anytime I receive a contract, I always say, I will have it looked over. If I get the hard sell put on, then I know something is wrong.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Let me close with this. If a law is immoral do you do what is legal or what is moral??

              I choose that which is moral.

              Now do not get me wrong. If I turn out to be dealing with a crook, I will certainly use his tools against him. That Sir, is simply retaliation against force. 😉

  5. It is impossible that ISIS has launched chemical weapons in Iraq….everybody knows that there were no weapons of mass destruction in there…….heh heh.

  6. gmanfortruth says:

    This could have been written by the Cruz, Rubio and Kasich camps:

    CHICAGO, IL – Tonight one thousand peaceful communists, socialists, anarchists, Black Lives Matter activists, devout Muslims, immigration advocates with Mexican flags, and local students of Marxism, disrupted a meeting of some twenty five thousand angry and violent Trump supporters.

    The Trump crowd had it coming because they had conspired to shut down everyone else’s right to free speech by buying tickets to the event, which was closed to those who didn’t have tickets. That was a grotesque violation of the protesters’ right to get inside, jump on the podium, rip Trump signs, and scream “F** Trump” into a TV camera.

    As the news of the event’s cancellation was announced, the protesters peacefully celebrated their victory by throwing punches at Trump supporters and police officers, shouting over their objections, flipping the middle finger and kicking their cars, and walking into the road to block traffic composed of gas-guzzling, global-warming-causing vehicles.

    But it wasn’t:

  7. “Violence is as American as Cherry Pie”

    -H Rap Brown-

    Ahhh, the ’60’s are back!

  8. Seriously though folks, it may be long past due for the housecleaning.

    Throughout human history there have been long periods where rights and traditions have been slowly trampled underfoot without the consent of the people. As I have said before, the mechanism exists to change laws and programs in a peaceful and democratic way but it is slow……way too slow for some. So, they short circuit it. They force then issue. You may have noticed that these “changes” are coming faster and faster. Once they discover just how useful they can be, all the stops are pulled and you cannot keep up with the changes. Couple that with an educational system where a 13 year old in the suburbs cannot find Europe on a map and you have real trouble.

    Well, people are not like that proverbial frog in the pot of water slowly heating. People are aware, maybe subconsciously at first but they eventually realize that a boiling point has been reached. I believe that we are there. I have been predicting it for some time. Something has got to give.

    I hope and pray that there will be a return to lawfulness. That the short circuiters will finally hit a wall.

    Most historians would agree that the American Revolution could have been averted. Had the British not slowly eroded their legitimacy with poorly designed plans and a mocking condemnation of the colonial “Yankee Doodles”, that 20 plus percent would never have rose, garnered the support it did and kicked some serious ass.

    I’m not really putting those yahoo Trump supporters in the place of those “Yankee Doodles” now, am I? Or should I refer to them as yahoo “Yankee Doodles” as the sophisticated Brits surely did.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      So you consider the Trump popularity as a short circuit? Or are you thinking that the Socialist Left has gone off the handle?

      • No, what we have had up to this point with SCOTUS, executive orders and the go along-get along crowd has been the slow erosion of liberties we talk about around here all the time. Think of Old George piling on one thing after another.

        The Trump phenomena is “the call to arms”. The folks showing up at the rallies are “the people” the left says it is so fond of and concerned about. Farmers, small businessmen, ranchers, laborers, craftsmen. There are intellectuals back there, few in number. But, if history is correct, it is the same mix we saw in 1776.

        Trump is “The Wall”. Pretty sure that a truly committed 20 +% can bring along enough to win an election. After that they (the 20 percent) must remain committed.

        We have tremendous knowledge of our revolution, the ideas and the people who brought it about. There are those who will become Benedict Arnold not because they do not believe in the cause but because they feel personally betrayed. People who get together like brothers will fall out for decades as Jefferson and Adams did. There will be the Burr’s and the Hamilton’s with equally disastrous result.

        It has all played out before. ” there is nothing new under the sun….everything that is happening now has happened before”. In our conceit and because we are “special” we refuse to acknowledge it. Hubris, I think the ancient Greeks called it.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          I see, interesting analogy. If you feel we are heading towards a next revolution, I agree. I’m a little surprised that I haven’t read anything about the spread of Communism here in the U.S.. It’s happening before our very eyes, it’s just called something different. When people realize that we have lost tens of thousands of young lives fighting the spread of Communism since WWII and it is taking hold here, I’m not sure what will happen. Trump’s existence may be what finally wakes people up.

          It may also be quite true about our history is repeating itself. Think about this year being a repeat of 1968. Lot’s of similarities so far. So, who get’s whacked in this version? Trump? Clinton? How about this years version of anti-racism? Who gets whacked there? If anybody of course.

          I would not be shocked to see an assassination attempt on one of the candidates this year, and most likely that would be Trump (or one of his kids). I think the Socialist Left (or the Progressives, aka Communist’s) are that nuts. I don’t, however, view all Liberal’s that way. There are probably far more Liberal Left who are closer to the center than the Socialist Left, who have hijacked the Democrat name. I know tons of Democrats who don’t think anything like the Progressives, including our own Sheriff. He’s not anything like what we see in D.C.

  9. Just A Citizen says:

    What happened in Chicago and other places was the opening of Pandora’s box. The contents were created and nurtured within the University and public school system.

    It has now been released upon Society.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      What would you suggest that the way forward in dealing with this stuff is? I also think there is outside forces at work, and chaos is the goal.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        You have to isolate it, shame it but not respond in kind. The efforts to call out the media, POTUS, Congressional leaders, left/right wing pundits for their absurdities needs to increase. Hate to say it but boycotts against those supporting this anarchist/socialist movement.

        Use their tools against them. BAN all forms of Corporate speech and money used in politics of any kind. You see, the Sierra Club and all its friends are also “corporations”. 😉

        Meanwhile you need to win the hearts and minds of the super majority so that they will support stopping it as well.

        We need to find leaders who will not cave in but who will not enflame one side or the other. If that is possible.

        This is why I said 7 years ago that this is a very long battle and people need to keep calm and muster our forces BEFORE moving to strongly. Unfortunately, like all conflicts, you don’t always get the choose the starting date.

        • You are advocating bringing the knife to the gunfight. The days for calm reasoned debate have been over since George McGovern’s followers took control of the democrat party. Only reason all the O’Bama crap did not happen on Clinton’s watch was that he moved too soon, too fast and too hard and put the unelected wifee in charge. Gingrich checkmated him and the Gingrich ‘reforms’ somehow got morphed into Clinton’s legacy. Go figure.

          They, our dem. friends, are lovers of mankind. We are haters of minorities, women, polar bears, national parks, Oceans, Muslims etc.

          Just how can this “reasoned debate” start? Give them one more seat on the SC and it is over forever and I defy you to tell me how it is not? Your “reasoned debate” would then most likely land you in jail. What you call reason they call hate.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I did not say calm and reasoned debate. I said we have to win hearts and minds.

            We have to take back our education system FIRST. Or starve it to death.

            There is nothing in a reasoned strategy that does not allow a more forceful and pointed discussion. WE need to find a more effective way of communicating.

            Lets say we just forge ahead, literally cracking heads if need be, then what? Who do you think wins the Civil War given the current mindset of the population? The good guys don’t always win violent conflicts.

            • Not looking for a violent revolution, just a ballot box one. You will not change the schools anytime soon when the courts can coerce little girls into sharing bathrooms with confused boys (or men).

              A violent revolution would shatter the country and break it up. What is happening though is this incremental drift to the left, so subtle that it is not even on the radar. Think back 20 years to the possibility of Homosexual Marriage. No way Jose yet it was presented as a new civil right and new fairness and nobody who opposed it ever got to speak for any length of time.

              The battles can be won. The left was on a roll with firearms but was stymied at the federal level. Stymied to the point where they had to change tactics and go for bans at the state level. Turns out to be a very wise move since the bulk of Pennsylvanians could t care less about what happens in California or Connecticut. They should. Surprised the good guys don’t use the infamous commerce clause in reverse on them.

  10. gmanfortruth says:
  11. gmanfortruth says:

    This is quite a different view of things:

    I have lost hope in the National Review.

    • Buckley is dead!

      The wonderful conservative movement launched in ’64 and nurtured by him many, many years has been replaced by a “traditionalist” only movement run by intellectual snobs whose S—- don’t stink and who have all lost touch with their working class roots.

      The Buckley family history is wild. They have ties to sheriffs in Texas back in the day. The pater familias, WFB Sr. was a wildcatter who, rather than strike a deal with the “illegitimate” Mexican Government walked away from his multi-million dollar oil holdings in Mexico and started all over from scratch in South America.

    • Forgot to mention, Bill’s “Unmaking of a Mayor” is back in print after forty years. Quite a fun read. This Connecticut “blue blood” who could converse in Latin and Greek and play the harpsichord had quite a following among the “blue collar” who drank Schlitz and Schaffer and could barely keep rhythm with a pair of chopsticks! .

      • Schaffer! Couldn’t stand the stuff.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          LOL, Super cheap and provided my crazy teen days with much fun.

          • Couldn’t stand Schmidts either. Rolling Rock, and DuBois Budweiser were good. For a cheap PA beer we drank Old Pub in qt bottles, imported from Erie. 🙂


        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          “Schaefer” brewing. The beer I learned to hate is Coors. It’s been 46 years and the taste still lingers in my memory. A stewardess, sorry flight attendant, tried to slip one to me on a flight to San Diego. It was suppose to be a special surprise, seeing that they had run out of the brew I wanted.

          • The best beer I ever had was in saloon #10 in Deadwood, SD. This is the saloon Hickok was shot in. It was a hot dry August day and we had been driving several hours. The beer was draft Andeker (Pabst premium). I do not know if it was the location, the beer or the weather but it hit the spot.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              sort of like where did you eat the best steak. definitely not one of Omaha’s finest, but it was the location. Cripple Creek, Colorado, way before it got discovered. One step above a ghost town. Spent the day trout fishing. beautiful mountains and weather. saloon, sawdust, tin plates, steak came one way pan seared, and yes you needed your best hunting knife to cut it but it was good. Sort of like the cafe in “The man who shot Liberty Valance”…..the image makes it memorable.

  12. I just listened to a Tapper’s interview of Bernie. Tapper asked about Trump’s accusation that Sander’s campaign was behind the disruption in Chicago. Sanders strongly denied it and called Trump a liar for making the claim. There was plenty of obvious evidence that Bernie’s supporters were behind the effort. Tapper then ask if he condemned this kind of activity. Bernie’s response was a simple “Yes” and then he changed the subject. There was no admonition to his supporters to cease and desist from this kind of activity.

    Now I did not expect much different but of the five other candidates running, none have stood up strongly for the first amendment. What a poor showing.

    As I said yesterday, I watched RFK and Reagan in a TV townhall with mostly foreign student questioners. RFK dealt mostly in emotions and while not apologizing admitted the US had made many mistakes. Reagan on the other hand had a wealth of facts and history he could cite and often corrected the facts presented by the questioners. We have sunk far in just 30 years.

  13. Our local Rep. Tom McClintock in a radio interview this week said that while he does not support Trump, he does understand the anger driving his campaign. The voters are mad and looking for someone to “kick butt and take names”.

  14. Just A Citizen says:

    Time to shake the cages.

    Trump’s First Amendment Rights were NOT infringed upon. Just as no one’s First Amendment rights were infringed by Trump making comments about punching demonstrators or suggesting easing liable laws against the media.

    This is why Cruz is not outright guilty of hypocrisy. At least not on a Constitutional point. Flawed character in his response but not outright hypocrisy. But even he has not been able to articulate this point because most of us would call him crazy.

    The demonstrators could raise hell all they want, short of using force. The Trump crowd was free to do the same. It was cancelled, however, due to threats of violence, or the fear of security to prevent violence.

    • Simple, your rights end where mine begin, the old man taught me that when I was in high school. Drowning out a speaker at his own venue is, I believe, a violation of free speech. Standing outside, picketing is not. “Threatening” violence to coerce is a violation of the law not just free speech. Riot is a violation of the law. Incitement to riot is a violation of law. Heckling is not unless it leads to the aforementioned drowning out.

      Pretty sure the folks in Chicago violated free speech in the traditional sense. I could see your argument if it was done in a public place like a park or municipal venue where no fees were paid.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The constitution limits Government action, not the action of private citizens.

        You may have a right to speak but they have a right to interrupt. Nobody has a right to start smacking down the other side.

        The violations are actually in the nature of disturbing the peace and assault. Not infringement on a “right”.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Sorry JAC, but when a facility is rented and tickets sold, the rentee’s make the rules. Those who interfere are trespassing and inciting, which can be also charged under terrorism laws. Sound familiar? Regardless, it’s a violation of the Rights to the person/organizations protected and paid for speech. Your claim is bullshit.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            trespass is not a violation of speech.. It is trespass. Your argument is void of fact.

            Only if the State has such a provision of free speech governing PRIVATE SPEECH can it be considered a violation.

            The Constitutional right has not been impeded nor is there any law making such behavior a violation.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              JAC, your use of semantics is so low of you. There is no law anywhere that states a citizen is in violation of the 1st Amendment. The bottom line is that the protestors are trying to silence speech, period. They are in the place, probably illegally, if the rules bar such actions, which would likely be simple trespassing, at the worst. Regardless, it is still an attempt to silence, which is a direct violation of one’s Right’s to speak freely in a private setting. Whether you like it or not, Trump’s right to speak outweighs the protesters attempts to silence.

              So folks, are these protesters attempts to silence Trump a violation of his Constitutionally protected Rights and should the police remove the protesters for their actions? Even on public property?

              • Take it a step farther, the government gets involved if the protesters break the law and the government sits idly by doing nothing.

              • I think the point is that free speech is a two way street-No doubt their purpose is to stop speech.

                Think about abortion and how the left tried to stop the pro-life group from protesting against abortion anywhere near abortion clinics.

                Then we have that horrible group who protested at the funerals of vets.

                WE just need to proceed with caution-to make sure we don’t trample on free speech rights while trying to protect ours.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                I’m not against protests. Those protests are not legal on private property without the permission of the property owner. This is where Rights are being denied, by protesters entering private property to stifle a planned speech. If they kept it outside on the streets and sidewalks, without the violence, threats and intimidation, then I’m all for that. They didn’t and likely can’t, it’s not in the nature of the Left to protest peacefully.

              • Let’s add unions protesting at their place of employment to that list.

              • G,
                Which was the second point-they are breaking laws!

                So how do we stop them?

              • gmanfortruth says:

                V.H. We are limited to just defending ourselves if attacked. We can also demand that the police and prosecutors do their jobs and hold them accountable. We have problems in many ways because the politics of people in government, at all levels, interferes with the rule of law. This is heading to where SK don’t want to go, the people fed up with the politics and deciding it’s time to change things by force. That’s not as far fetched or as far away as people think. It’s right around the corner and this stuff with Trump is adding to it.

  15. gmanfortruth says:
  16. gmanfortruth says:

    When will people realize that literally everyone is video recording everything these days. Here’s another “Whoa is Me” moment once again proven to be a LIE:

  17. gmanfortruth says:

    Hillary asking where Sanders was when she was the 1st Lady trying to get Universal healthcare, only to have a CSPAN video show up. He’s right behind her, BWAHAHAHA! She is not mentally capable to be President.

    • She is psychotic. Look at her eyes, there is this distant ‘psychotic’ look in them.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I would turn to stone 😀

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        That constant look of surprise and that wide, bugeyed expression should say something to a psychologist. But then again the “Medusa” sure is a good comparison. Back when she was SOS. she even had the hair. Always a mess. I really do not believe she has the physical stamina nor temperment to handle the stress of being the POTUS. She couldn’t handle State. I truly believe if she is elected she will be goaded into some just plain stupid reaction. Putin could easily push her buttons.

  18. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This a movie that should be released again. “The Mortal Storm” with James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan. Especially the scenes at the university.

  19. Dale A Albrecht says:

    18 U.S. Code § 594 – Intimidation of voters
    Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)
    US CodeNotesprev | next
    § 594.
    Intimidation of voters
    Whoever intimidates, threatens, coerces, or attempts to intimidate, threaten, or coerce, any other person for the purpose of interfering with the right of such other person to vote or to vote as he may choose, or of causing such other person to vote for, or not to vote for, any candidate for the office of President, Vice President, Presidential elector, Member of the Senate, Member of the House of Representatives, Delegate from the District of Columbia, or Resident Commissioner, at any election held solely or in part for the purpose of electing such candidate, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

    I do not know if this only will pertain to the actual location of the polling place and day. But these “protesters” certainly are trying their best to threaten political activity and voters by their actions. They certainly do not believe in debate, point, counterpoint to prove their position to the satisfaction of the voter and have resorted to threats and intimidation.

    Also if my vote is in any way considered my property, albeit, can not be sold etc, these groups certainly can be charged with extortion. That is the threat of violence if I do not do this or that etc. Usually it concerns money, but a vote is also very important as mine and mine alone.

    • Does this qualify as intimidation?

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I would think so. Maybe if we had a legitimate government who cared about their peoples rights, these folks would end up in jail, where they belong.

        I saw a sign in Chicago that said “Liberation Not Deportation”. My answer…..go liberate your own damn country.

  20. Soros throws a little hissy fit party and its all the R’s fault.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      What is sad is that those committing violence are being ignored, it’s all Trump’s fault. Even FAUX news is playing along. If we ain’t careful, people like ……well, if we ain’t careful we’ll be full fledged Communist’s in 10 years.

      • After seven years of Obama dividing the country, the R’s get blamed when they finally start to discuss solutions to the multiple problems. We hear how the bad Kock brothers are trying to steal our democracy but the foreigner Soros who once worked for the Nazi’s against his own people, gets a pass.

        I will agree that Trump is not careful with his language. His language is indicative of someone growing up in a tough NY neighborhood. But at least it is straight forward and in your face unlike all the other nuanced candidates who package their words slickly and lie in the process.

        Well off to work. Have a nice day.

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    Why is the economy so sluggish? Perhaps one factor.

  22. Just A Citizen says:

    Will probably be gone as soon as they update pages. Meantime, anything wrong with the photo of the guy with bloody face????

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    Make sure you read the comments after the article. Summarizes nicely the status of facts and truth in the country. Not to mention the impact of propaganda left unchallenged.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Watch as the Left begin to attack more and more on conservative site’s. Typical stuff. It’s going to get much worse too.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    OK, Clinton has handed the Republicans a great opportunity.

    Dear Republican hacks: Please go back in time, dig up all the promises made by the Clinton administration and Dem/Rep Congress about how they would take care of the Timber Industry employees put out of jobs from the environmental agenda. The promises of economic help for jobs lost due to “unfair” trade with Canada.

    Lets compare how well THAT Clinton promise aligns with reality and use it to suggest the reality of this current promise. Just sayin…………. it is ripe and there for the picking. You are fools if you don’t take advantage of it.

    For those at SUFA who are not aware, the Feds spent a bunch of money on “retraining” sawmill and woods workers in the 90’s. They trained them in the “tech industry” which then imploded in 1999. Otherwise the workers were ignored in favor of issuing grants to small towns to develop new “green economies”. Most of that was spent on studies concluding the same thing. We need more tourists. Guess how that worked out for most of them. Some of this money is still flowing to these small towns and counties. The result is people move there to get the grants to start up businesses like pot shops, tattoo parlors and breweries. Oh, and visitor information services. In some towns new economies based on housing bubble developed. The end result was growth in waiter, waitresses, and motel/hotel staff. As one mill worker once told me, “I went from making lumber to build America to shanking farts out of bed sheets.”

    Oh, the money received from Canada for trade violations was never distributed to those communities affected. It went to the Treasury.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      But isn’t bringing up the past, facts and Bill and her records off limits and unfair, and just victimizing her even more? (sarc) I honestly do not know who the republican strategists are but they have just been plain stupid over the past years.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Clinton’s strategy was to bring up the past, to remind everyone of the great economy of the “Clinton’s”. But there is more to that story and part of it fits in perfectly with her statements about shutting down coal and then TAKING CARE of the unemployed.

        “So you want to kill my job and put me on welfare???” Should be the headline all over PA and WV today.

        BUT……….. your assessment of the Republican brain trust seems spot on.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          “So you want to kill my job and put me on welfare???” Should be the headline all over PA and WV today.

          Should have been headline for decades, not just now. There are plenty of people who would like to see very bad things happen to Obama, if you get my drift. This should be a clear lesson that reducing government involvement in our lives is a necessity. That can only begin by changing trade deals or eliminating them, and eliminating the alphabet agencies that are sucking our future generations dry, and they are NOT Constitutional.

  25. gmanfortruth says:

    During her appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted that she asked the FBI to examine whether the federal government should take legal action against so-called climate change deniers.

    JAC,, still trying to deny reality?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I am not denying anything. People are inferring a purpose on Lynch’s statement that is not the purpose. It is BS at this point.

      Litigation was started and passed to DOJ. Per procedure this was sent to FBI to see if they could prosecute such a case under the law.

      Kind of like charges brought against you, then sent to DOJ then forwarded to FBI with a question: Can we charge and prosecute Gman for this?? The answer comes back…NO.

      Do you understand the legal questions involved here? It is not simply about prosecuting these people for speaking out against global warming.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I have read several articles and have never read where “prosecuting” was even an option. If the government is suing people because they don’t believe in the Climate Change cultism, then something is seriously wrong. I couldn’t for the life of me comprehend any form of legal prosecution and I have never claimed that. It’s always been about the civil side of the courts that there is consideration to use, similar to dealing with the tobacco companies and how they were dealt with.

        If the Fed’s start suing scientist’s and alternative media over this, that will be interesting. I can hear The Beatle’s singing now.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The potential prosecution being reviewed is against oil companies. Why? Because one of them released some studies showing that their own scientists and company executives concluded global warming was real. Over a decade ago.

          Meanwhile they funded and maintained a public position that global warming was not true and a hoax.

          So the legal question is whether the same prosecution can be used against them that was used against the tobacco companies. Because they conspired to keep their own findings silent in order to protect their positions in oil.

          I see two major differences in the cases but that is the issue here. Yes it looks like an attempt to silence them, and in effect it is. But the DOJ’s review of this case is legit given the legal issues being driven by the plaintiff. Thus the attempts to portray it as nothing but an attempt to sue regular folks for denying global warming is false. It is inaccurate and deliberately constructed to be misleading. It amounts to propaganda itself.

          These stories should focus on the fallacies of the case and not distort the truth for political gain.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            As usual, you are missing the real point of the matter.. I could do a scientific study and prove that the earth’s climate changes, so could you. The issue is that the government is trying to quell anti-Climate Change/Global Warming speech, period. If they can do this once, they can do this a thousand times.

            In 2000, we didn’t have to be too concerned about the Federal government spying on it’s citizens. Things have changed. In 2007, we didn’t have to worry about the IRS making life hard for conservatives concerning tax exempt status, now we do. (This is important, more coming).

            Many people are seeing how things are progressing with the Fed’s and their soft tyranny. It’s real and undeniable. Which is why this Climate Change BS is an issue. Thanks to you and you love of the Fed’s, let me ask this question…..Since the Republican controlled Congress has taken control, how many IRS folks have been held responsible for their actions and why is this NO LONGER in the news?

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Louis Learner and several others were grilled under oath. That is about all Congress can do about the IRS. They have been cutting their budget each year also.

              What else do you think they could do? Remember, those R’s running on the Tea Party agenda are a MINORITY in their own party. Let alone Congress as a whole.

              Here is your worn out argument in simple terms. An architect tells you that you can build a house out of bricks but it will take a million bricks to make it work. You go out and buy half a million bricks and then start building. Your house cannot be finished. It does not function as the house you had planned. Your response is that “I knew I couldn’t build a house from bricks”.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Bullshit excuses. Did anyone demand a firing? NO. NOTHING. Just drama to play to you and your ilk. The Tea Party has NOTHING to do with this, they are already dead, eaten and shit out. Please spare me and everyone else your silly analogies. Betrayal is what it is and you just can’t handle the truth 😀

  26. gmanfortruth says:
  27. OPen suggestion to Ted Cruz………………….SHUT UP, dip shit…..just shut up. Leave Trump alone…quit being a cry baby……get out there and push your agenda and quit trashing Trump. YOu are losing Texas…..your delegates are not committed to the National Convention…and you are losing support because you are whinning.,,,,,,and we hate whinney babies.

    You have everything on your side… just shut the hell up and ignore Trump and push your own agenda…..I am telling you… will lose the TExas delegation at the convention…Texas allows a large number of “uncommitted” delegates that are beholden to none. If you want them…..PLEASE JUST SHUT UP. You are acting like a third grader. I want my vote….the vote I gave you to count…..but I cannot support you right now with the tact that you are taking.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Excuse me, but didn’t you say that any tactic required to win was OK.

      Cruz won Texas, now he has to win those other states. Maybe that whining will get him those states.

      By the way, the RNC has built in penalties for any State’s delegation that does not toe the line on the rules. I believe suspension from the Convention is one of the punishments. Now that would in fact damage Cruz but it also might stop Trump if he and Cruz don’t have those delegates to trade with.

      • Yes, the penalties are there and well known but they do not apply to uncommitted delegates. Texas has quite a few that are not bound to the RNC rules…but I am telling you. they are leaving him because of his whinning. The RNC will not throw out Texas… has a large delegate count and, in the electoral college, it is the second largest….the long term consequences are pretty historic. The RNC needs the size of Texas in its delegate count and in its electoral count.

        I watched Kaisich last night and cannot support him at all…..he turns my stomach almost as much as Clinton. But…..I do not have to vote for him, thank god. No sir…I am sticking with Cruz but he is making me crazy……but I guess that is the Texan in me…..if he would just run on his record, he can beat Trump …….but Trump is pulling him into his (Trumps) fight and Cruz is falling for it. I personally know two delegates from Tarrant county and this district. They have changed their mind. What can happen, withiin the rules of the State Republican rules and the RNC…..if a state allows uncommitted delegates..then, any delegate that says they wish to withdraw before the National Convention can do so and the replacement delegate is NOT charged to vote as he/she did and becomes an uncommitted delegate. You may think this does not mean much but I am not so sure.

        It can all change if Cruz just shuts up…..I hate weakness. Cruz is appearing weak…at least to me. I just want him to grow some “cajones”.

        • This is why he could NEVER beat Hillary. He would spend all his time ‘splaining as Ricky Ricardo would say!


          The above in no way represents a slight intended or otherwise to any ethnic group or race.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I assume that you have contacted the Cruz campaign. Given that your family has been Texans forever and seem to be fairly influencial, like in the border situation….what are they saying back? If any response?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Cruz is joining in with the rest of them, on both sides. This doesn’t surprise me. It will fail, as will all the “bigot” BS from Sanders and the Witch. I sure could write some great commercials against Hillary and they would work. If Trump wins I may pass those ideas on 🙂

  28. gmanfortruth says:

    @D13, What’s up with the rumor Russia is pulling troops from Syria?

  29. gmanfortruth says:
  30. Listened to the President of the University of Missouri lamenting on the apparent public reaction to the liberal agenda at “Mizzou”. He said “Mizzou needs to change its attitude”. Parents have pulled some students out and the University is expecting a 1500-2000 student shortfall this next year. He said parents forced the ouster of a Liberal professor that fought with police and that excluded conservative student news reporters from on campus rallies. He said parents are getting tired of the liberal agenda and that no one is learning anything but how to protest and argue. The learning environment is taking a back seat to political rallies and innuendo. He went on to say that political correctness s destroying our youth.

    Refreshing, if he holds on.

  31. gmanfortruth says:
  32. Just A Citizen says:
  33. Just A Citizen says:

    My predictions for this evenings fun.

    1. The media will continue dramatizing the whole thing and making into more than it is.
    2. Trump will hold a presser and claim victory no matter what happens.
    3. Cruz will rally his troops and declare they are on a path to victory so now Kasich and Rubio should drop out.
    4. Rubio and Kasich vow to continue …………………. until later this week or next when all the donors dry up.

    5. Oh, almost forgot the other parts.

    Trump starts the day at +100 (almost). He wins Florida, goes up almost 200. Kasich wins Ohio…… nobody cares about the numbers. Leaving:

    Cruz wins Missouri and Trump takes N. Carolina and Illinois. But, even if Trump wins all three, by the time the counting is done, Trump only gains another 15 to 25 delegates total.

    So the meat of it is, by tomorrow AM Trump is up on Cruz by about 225 delegates. That leaves more than enough for Cruz to win it outright if this turns to a two man race and he essentially runs the table.

    6. Optional, covering my bet. If Kasich and Rubio stay in it will not just be about Trump. Everyone is focused on the strategy of an open convention to stop Trump. But the strategy also works to stop Cruz.

    If that happens I think Newt Gingrich will be the wise man everyone looks back to. He laughed at the idea of a brokered convention yesterday that results in Romney or Bush or any other untested or failed candidate. Even if Trump or Cruz do not win, the two of them will control somewhere around 75%, maybe more, of the total delegates.

    This results in one of two things happening. The establishment makes its move and wins, blowing the Republican party apart and giving Clinton the white house. Or, Trump and Cruz cut a deal to combined forces, and blow out any competition on the second or third ballot.

    My UPSET pick…….. Trump wins Ohio.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Quite interesting. I agree that Trump may take Ohio, but it will be close. Rubio is a gonner, sold out last week when he said that Ohio voters should vote for Kasich. Rubio is pure establishment and now proven so.

      I’m staying with my opinion of Cruz, not much use in repeating it. Kasich is Liberal in Conservative clothing.

      It would surprise me if Trump comes out as the clear winner going forward after today.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Let me add…the establishment will get destroyed by blaming Trump for the Left Wing violence. PERIOD!

    • Not bad…you covered all the outs………..How about adding…..Trump/ Cruz go into the convention contested…..the establishment, even though they do not want to, understanding that running a shill in at this point would doom the party for decades…actually cut a deal with Cruz. Cruz takes a looooong swig of kool aid…..wants the power ( secretely thinking he can win hearts and minds of the House and Senate later on ) gets a little swagger and agrees to deal.

      The Dark Side wins.


      the Death Star approacheth…..the Force retreats to Texas….Texas becomes a republic, breaks off from the rest of the world while raising the “rigid digit”, frees the Dread Pirate from Mathius’ basement, steals the grog, sends rescue team to liberate JAC etal before his head explodes, grabs his clubs and guns….erects fence along the border with Mexico and makes them pay for it, issues requirment for Texas citizenship that you must own at least 5 weapons with at least two of them assault type, each wth 2,000 rounds of ammo, eliminate all licenses to carry weapons….BBQ and steaks becomes the national food….no, we do not eat steaks bloody,…we cook them. Dr Pepper becomes the drink of choice….all snow birds are exiled and sent to Arizona and California….all dislaced yankees have to pledge allegiance to the Lone Star, learn to say Ya’ll and understand that Ya’ll is universal, be baptized in the Brazos River, and wear cowboy boots and hat, understanding that we still open doors for ladies and tip our hats in respect. Failure to abide means exile to…..wait for it…..Chicago. The only vehicles that are allowed, other than armored, are SUV’s and pick ups that burn obscene amounts of fuel…the south winds will blow any pollution up to the states to be handled by their EPA forced clean air rules that do not work very well. The US dollar becomes obsolete for use in Texas….Texas will have its own currency and there will be no deficits or debt. Texan is spoken and the words actually mean what they are.

      JAC finally wakes up with a clear head and is sent back into the abyss to change the hearts and minds.

      That will do for a start, Whaddya think?

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Dang, the Cruz deal seem’s like a possibility, should it all go to a brokered convention (which the pundit’s are now trying to change to terminology, really hard). I’m having fun watching the establishment squirm, and I hope they choke on the slime.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I do not think the establishment will have anything to offer Cruz. He would have to be within 100 delegates of winning for them to make a deal. But even then, some of those Rubio, Kasich, Carson, Fiorina, and Bush delegates just might go to Trump.

        Not that your scenario is impossible. I thought of it myself. But then realized it is the Trump people who will probably stand fast, vote after vote after vote. So it is Cruz who will have to deal but the establishment won’t have anything to offer.

        Now as for that ticket to Texas. Make it a visitor pass and I am in. I would like to see just what it is I am getting into before I give up my beloved Rocky Mtns. and the Big Sky.

        Besides, I would have to buy some guns and ammo to meet the immigration requirements, unless you let me in before imposing these new rules. 🙂

        Why don’t you export about 100,000 of those freedom loving Texicans of yours to Montana?? That might be enough to save that state. Then we can begin working on connecting the two, and expanding westward to the Big Divide.

        Regardless, I think you and I should make an effort to liberate the Dread Pirate from his dungeon.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I thought you were in Idaho? Has the Hollywood and media types, like Ted Turner bought up so much property they changed the complexion of MT. Or is it one University in Missoula infecting the State?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I do live in Idaho. But when I first came to SUFA I was living in Montana. Big Sky to us in these parts is an area bigger than just Montana. Montana, Idaho, Wyoming for starters. The “Big Divide” is the Cascades. All the lefties live west of the “Big Divide”.

            Yes, Missoula is a big problem. So are all the major cities along with the lefties that followed Turner. When in Montana it was known that if you were a Republican and could not get over 35% of Missoula county you could not win a State wide election.

            But since the State is low in population, a 100,000 people in the right towns would make a Yuuuuge difference.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Beautiful country up that way. I truly miss the mountains. Coastal NC is so flat. Even though the Appalchians are not that tall anymore, they are very rugged and when approaching from the east they are like the tarzan movie, and the escarpment. They just go straight up from flatland.

              Loved trout fishing on the Snake and hiking in the Tetons. When I graduated from high school I planned on a major peak bagging trip. Up the Sierras, into the Cascades taking in Hood, St Helen, Rainer, over to Glacier and end up climbing Grand Teton. All solo climbs. Got nixed due to a condition that I had to have some people go along. So I just stayed in the Sierras for a month.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I do have an SUV. My boots are in the closet, I do a mean BBQ, Used to work for an oil exploration company in Houston, Can I get in? Might be coastal down by Galveston and Boliver Peninsula. used to be great shrimping and crabbing. My US passport has expired. I’ve lived 3/4 of my life south of the Mason Dixon line as an added qualifier. I left N/E when it clearly went over to the dark side, by the uncontrolled immigration of NY, CT and MA people and sending their off-spring to prep schools.

  34. gmanfortruth says:
  35. RNC showed its colors today…..With Trump winning the Marianna’s…..that makes 8 States that he won……the RNC said today that this rule is not binding and can be changed at the rules committee meeting shortly. It can be amended or eliminated.


    • Just A Citizen says:


      Winning is not what he needs to do. He needs to win a “majority” as in 50% + 1, in eight states or more.

      They will have to change the rule because they may not have an “eligible candidate” if they don’t.

  36. Rubio out, Kasich takes OH, Trump runs the rest.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    I am sitting here pondering the possibility that the Chicago demonstrators cost Bernie Sanders a bunch of votes in Illinois, among other places. Could the cries of Bernie, Bernie, and the obvious ling to Move On of had TWO affects?

    One, improving Trump’s vote.
    Two, harming Sander’s vote.

    I expected Sanders to win Missouri and possibly Illinois and show strong in N. Carolina.

  38. gmanfortruth says:

    The Trump train rolls on. Rubio is done. A long way to go yet. Kasich…..not sure where he thinks he is going but I doubt it’s going to be anywhere close to the Whitehouse. Cruz is still holding Trump’s coattails with a few 2nd place finishes (Missouri has yet been decided as I type this). I think his poor showing in Ohio and Florida is a tell tale sign that he isn’t got what it takes to win a general election. That don’t mean the Republican’s won’t send him there. The political revolution continues. My State has it’s Primary vote in late April.

    Trump v. Clinton Could this epic battle happen? One thing that I haven’t heard yet. How will the people see Clinton’s selling of her influence to Trump? The debates between these two could be epic.

  39. gmanfortruth says:

    While not on the link’s subject, Anita must be a happy camper this morning 🙂

  40. gmanfortruth says:

    A US District Court Monday cleared the way for the State of Texas to join landowners in a lawsuit against the federal Bureau of Land Management.

    Governor Greg Abbott announced the “good news” yesterday, tweeting the state would be allowed to intervene in a complaint filed by nine private landowners, a county sheriff and three Texas counties challenging the federal agency’s “unconstitutional and arbitrary seizure of thousands of acres of private property along the Red River.”

    The lawsuit, which Governor Abbott had previously thrown his support behind, contends the BLM is encroaching on private land in violation of citizens’ Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, as well as “infringing upon the sovereignty of local county governments.”

    In a press release entitled, “Texans’ Property Rights Must Be Preserved,” State Attorney General Ken Paxton explained the BLM is “inaccurately and arbitrarily” attempting to assert ownership of some 90,000 acres along the Red River.

    “Washington D.C. needs to hear, loud and clear, that Texas will not stand for the federal government’s infringement upon Texas land and the property rights of the people who live here,” Paxton said. “The federal government must follow the law and recognize our correct borders, consistent with decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court defining the boundary formed by the Red River.”

    Landowners, including Harold rancher Ken Aderholt, claim the BLM was ignoring land deeds bestowed to them by the Lone Star State nearly 75 years ago.

    “The BLM is saying we should have never had a deed to it. That Texas should have never produced that deed,” Aderholt said last year.

    Since the 2014 standoff at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, the BLM has repeatedly found itself receiving negative coverage its controversial policies toward land acquisition.

    Just last January, footage from a 2005 retirement celebration for Mojave National Preserve Superintendent Mary Martin showed BLM employees openly celebrating the common agency practice of taking land from private property owners for pennies on the dollar.

  41. gmanfortruth says:

    A man posing as a Donald Trump supporter causing disruption at rallies has been exposed as a Democratic plant.

    The latest incident occurred last night during Marco Rubio’s speech in Florida as the establishment Republican conceded defeat and suspended his campaign.

    According to those in the crowd, the heckler donned a Donald Trump hat and shouted “You lost Marco!!!” while Rubio was in the midst of his speech.

    Rubio responded “Don’t worry he won’t get beat up at our event,” taking a stab at the violence that has occurred at some Trump rallies.

    Nevertheless, reports indicate that some in the crowd went for the heckler, grabbing his hat and throwing it across the room.

    Video later emerged of the man, dressed in a blazer, red tie and khaki pants, being escorted from the venue while complaining and asking for his hat back.

    This appears to be the same guy who attended a Trump rally earlier in the week wearing a Nazi style armband emblazoned with a ‘T’ for Trump, which obviously no real Trump supporter would do, unless they were intensely stupid.

    Social media users also pointed out that the guy has been seen front row at Hillary Clinton events, this one in particular where he wore a T-shirt with Hillary’s logo on it, but adorned with the slogan “settle for Hillary”.

    Anybody want to bet this guy gets paid to do this?

    • Oh G…you and your conspiracy theories. We all know the loving, tolerant, liberal left would never use under handed tactics. 😀

  42. Ok JAC…..I wil admit that Rubio caught me off guard. What is his angle……hmmmmm. Suspending his cmpaign means he keeps his delegates…..I do not think Trump cannot get the nomination……so……rules get changed in a couple of weeks….Rubio on side lines with his delegates….McConnel on record as saying even if Trump is just one vote short, he will NOT get the nomination…..Cruz is called a traitor……Rubio or Kasich or a combo?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good morning Sir.

      I heard late last night that one of Rubio’s key campaign staff announced that Rubio’s supporters should help Ted Cruz get elected. I expect him to throw his delegates to Cruz, if they will go. Maybe a Secretary job in the Cruz administration.

      Pundits were speculating that the establishment might finally get behind Cruz. If they want him gone they should do that immediately. They have become the touch of death.

      After calling Rubio the “establishment” candidate for the last two months, the pundits last night were going on and on about how Rubio and Cruz BOTH were outsiders and insurgents. Rubio was just smoother at it but was still a thorn in the establishment side.

      Remember how I said the media was controlling the narrative? I just haven’t figured out why they went after Rubio unless it was to help Clinton get rid of him. It is true that he was the one the Dems were most afraid of in the general. I also got a kick out of listening and reading all the “what Rubio did wrong” garbage. Not a single one of them identified the debate where Christie tagged him with Robot label. The media was running with that before and then put it on steroids after. It was not him going after Trump with off color jokes. He was already taking on water fast after Christie shredded him.

      It is sad when the media can’t even remember accurately what happened just a few weeks back. Instead they have a new “narrative” to push on us. Oh, one of the excuses was lack of brick and mortar campaign offices. Can’t win without those………… except Trump does. Can’t rely on just media coverage……………. except Trump does.

      I am not sure which is more disgusting these days. The state of our politics or the media.

      • I read that they are demanding that Cruz apologize to McConnell to get their support-now that would be a kiss of death.

  43. Sorry, the aboveshould read….I do not think tha Trump can get the nomination…

  44. Just A Citizen says:

    Don’t know how many watched Fox coverage last night, but the panel of Wallace, Rove and ?? revealed the complexity of running and winning elections. A small glimpse into what it takes these days and why the money is so critical.

    They and Obama’s guy who was on, talked constantly about the need for “data” and “metrics” and the Political Science of what is needed to win. Of course they also pointed out that Trump is violating all these rules and needs yet is still winning. Even if with less than half the votes.

    To make this point, Rove was able to predict that Trump and Clinton would win Missouri. At the time Cruz was taking the lead and Sanders had a three point lead on Clinton. He was able to do this by analyzing the returns and poll data from key precincts. He knew what the voting habits were and that with a given percentage in the early counts the later data would not shift enough to turn the results.

    This reflects the level of detail these “election experts” have on we the people. How we vote, why we vote, what makes us vote, etc. etc.. They are surprised sometimes, but not often. And that is whey they make up an “industry” in this country. And that is why our govt. and media is infected with thousands of them.

    It shows just how badly we need to re-invent the election process.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      It may be said that Trump is also putting to rest the Left’s hatred of the Citizens United decision. He has spent next to nothing compared to the others.

      I foresee the establishment hanging themselves. They are, at least talking about, how the illusion of choice is a fact, not a theory. It’s been a bad 15 months for Republican voters.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        They can’t help themselves. The populist will go on hating Citizens, the elite will pump up the hatred all the while using it and protecting it.

        Now let me ask you. WHY should we support Citizen’s United??

        Should we not join forces with the left to outlaw Corporate take over of our election system?

        • gmanfortruth says:

          I have a lot of issues with money and politics, but my ideas would seriously reduce the amount allowed to be used. As of this point of the election process, it doesn’t appear that Corporations are doing anything to take over the election system. Actually, with Trump, it’s the polar opposite. The concept that Citizen’s United would do as you say is being tested and so far it’s not doing any such thing. With that said, I could care less how much is donated, I would limit what is allowed to be spent and on what. By doing that, it can take big money out of the process for the most part and make Citizen’s moot.

          As long as the people are brainwashed into fighting the donation part, the establishment will freely spend. Stop the latter and the former will just go away.

          Example: X amount of money may be spent in Ohio. X includes travel food and lodging of the candidate and his/her top 3 aides and advertising. This amount would by determined by the current census numbers of legal voters. Limit spending to those things and add a few more like costs for all the needful things to for a rally/speech. By doing this, a corporation could donate 10 trillion dollars and it wouldn’t mean squat. Most importantly, any violation of the spending rules, no matter how small, would remove the candidate from the election.

          In addition to making the donation issue minimal, it would allow the average citizen to get more involved as candidates, providing for more choices and less of a monopoly of the elections by the two parties.

          Obviously this don’t involve special interest groups and things like that, but even that can be dealt with.

    • Rove is able to predict shit!

      I remember him babbling with his white board the night of Romney’s catastrophic failure. For some peculiar reason, unlike Dick Morris, he has been able to “redeem” himself.

      I’m gonna rake a leaf here from Donald Trump and be disrespectful, “he’s a fat jerk!”

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Well he was dead on last night. So much for not being able to predict. Like I said, it is not always 100% but they are usually right more than they are wrong.

        Now, care to comment on the main point I was making?

  45. Just A Citizen says:


    This one is for you my dear. Hope you are not feeling as frustrated this fine day.

  46. gmanfortruth says:

    In the end, your vote really don’t mean much. It never has.

  47. Just A Citizen says:

    I have watched two Cruz speeches this past week, one last night.

    He has a TICK.

    And this tick is going to turn off voters. They may not even know why but it is working against him.

  48. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh how fun:

    “Hillary Clinton has received $18,747 in campaign contributions from Federal Reserve employees — over four times more than all other candidates combined.” from Mises

    So who is the establishment lackey? Who is the “Deep State’s” candidate??

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Fairly old news, nice of you to catch up some 🙂 This shouldn’t come as a surprise to either of us. Much like Ron and Rand Paul, Trump has said he wants the Federal Reserve audited. Maybe this is just a small clue that if such an audit took place, the Federal Reserve would cease to exist, employees jailed and a new U.S currency printed. HMMM.

      Now let’s play trivia 🙂 Who was the last President to actually state he wanted a new US currency?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The Fed is audited all the time. Asking for a Fed Audit is just another one of those bragging points pushed by fakes.

        What Ron Paul wanted was really not an audit, which is why he never got anywhere. He wanted the files opened.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          That is how a proper audit is conducted, you open the books and the files. Don’t believe me, ask the IRS, they;ll tell ya, nothing is private.

  49. gmanfortruth says:

  50. gmanfortruth says:

    If anyone caught Cruz on the Kelly File last night, let me just say that he is the WORST conspiracy theorist I have heard in a long time. Teddy, conspiracy theories need an important attribute, they must be somewhat logical. Saying the the MSM is giving Trump billions to help him become the candidate so they can hand Clinton the Presidency isn’t meeting the logic test, since most of the media attention is negative. Not exactly the kind of free advertisement a candidate would appreciate.

    With that said, D13 is right…Cruz needs to quit sniveling like a little girl snake and become a man snake.

    • Gman… not over look the aspect that the negative publicity is beginnning to back fire….so I guess he could be right in that all the attention that has been reaped onto Trump, negative or positive was not Trump paying for anything. Now, whether billions is the correct number…who knows….but the more they piled on and the more that Trump fanned the flames the greater the coverage……One thing about businessmen…..we/they know how to play chess.

      • The intention of the media blitz was always anti. First he was a prima-donna who was just in it for the publicity. Then he was the joke candidate, the jester, the clown. Then he was the bully. Now he has been promoted to……authoritarian despot!

        Funny thing about the authoritarian. Trump may well be, most successful driven people have some of that. They never ran on a platform they were St. Francis of Assisi. If he is, he is a noisy one who telegraphs his punches to warn you. I prefer that to the “quiet” Caspar Milquetoast O’Bama type.

        My son came came across this fairly good explanation of why Trump will beat Hillary and Cruz can’t. Basically the end of the social contract.

        The Goldman Sachs thing about Cruz bothers me more and more. Two of my like minded friends whom I respect for being thinkers have the heebie jeebies on that. It is, like having George III’s brother in law in the Continental Congress. I have really great conspiracy theories taht revolve around GS and if there is dirt in Cruz background or in his wife’s they have it.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Granted, the negative stuff is backfiring, which isn’t normal. What I think shows that Cruz really isn’t so bright is that he can’t seem to comprehend this little fact and he keeps attacking. When a person can’t see the obvious and react accordingly, maybe he shouldn’t be sitting in the Whitehouse come January 2017.

  51. Rubio this morning said he would decide whom to release his delegates to at the convention.

  52. Just A Citizen says:

    If anyone doubts the power of the propaganda machine created by various leftwing groups and the DNC, take a look at this story. Note how the “Latinos” are reacting to Trump. More importantly look at what they “hear” him saying vs. what he is actually saying. This is totally due to the hype by the left that the R’s are out to get them all and have everyone deported. That the R’s in general and Trump in particular are “racists”.

    Now let me also ask, if you want to come here to become American, why would you sit on your laurels for 22 years before applying for citizenship?

  53. Need an opinion from you SUFA’s.

    Charlie wrote the following on FB in response to an editorial calling O’Bama’s SC nomination a “sell out of his legacy”.

    “Destroys his legacy my ass. Old Barry was nothing but bought and sold from long before his election. Another piece of shit brought to you by the backdoor deal makers at the DNC … corporate America saw his skin color as the opportunity of a lifetime and he’s paid off for them in spades. And he hasn’t done unions any favors … remember when he ducked the Wisconsin Public Workers Union picket lines he promised to wear comfortable shoes to walk in? There are three ways to become President in this country. The obvious is to sell out to the money makers (Clinton, Obama, Clinton) … the other is to be a billionaire and pay your way (Perot & Trump) … and then there’s the honest way, by asking the people you intend to represent to fork over some coin — Bernie Sanders.

    Let’s not all act so surprised when Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump face off for the presidency a few years down the road.”

    I took the opportunity to tell Charlie he is now an “official” racist. In the first paragraph he uses, “Old Barry” “Bought and Sold” , “piece of shit” , “his skin color” and of course, “spades”.

    In our hyper sensitive society he has managed to refer to POTUS as a House Negro, on the slave block, the color of excrement, and a pejorative name for black people.

    Does anyone agree?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Yes. Per the current media and girly man mentality, yes he was spouting racist crap, and even touched on Misogyny by even mentioning the girls. Claiming that they would “inherit” their Daddy’s jobs.

      Yeah, I would say it all pretty much fits. Unless your a commie like Charlie. Then of course it is excusable.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      If Charlie was a conservative and would have written that on a Left Wing rag comment section, he would most assuredly been called all of the stated labels mentioned above plus a few hundred more, including some we have never heard of before.

      Charlie: “Destroys his legacy my ass. Old Barry was nothing but bought and sold from long before his election. Another piece of shit brought to you by the backdoor deal makers at the DNC … corporate America saw his skin color as the opportunity of a lifetime and he’s paid off for them in spades. And he hasn’t done unions any favors … remember when he ducked the Wisconsin Public Workers Union picket lines he promised to wear comfortable shoes to walk in?

      Me: I could have written the exact same thing and would have never given a thought to Obama’s skin color, because I don’t think his skin color has anything to do with much of what he has done, if anything. But I would also have been called a racist, wrongly, by any average brainwashed idiot Liberal.

      Charlie: There are three ways to become President in this country. The obvious is to sell out to the money makers (Clinton, Obama, Clinton) … the other is to be a billionaire and pay your way (Perot & Trump) … and then there’s the honest way, by asking the people you intend to represent to fork over some coin — Bernie Sanders.

      Me: Technically there is only one way and that is to be a bought and paid for politician willing to tow the line as instructed and use the influence to benefit self and the wealthy donors. Perot didn’t make it and Trump hasn’t yet as well, so the rich guy thing is still pending (although I like the self funding part). Bernie will not become President, which is honest. Asking people for coin is begging, just like asking rich people for their money. No difference at all. I do think Bernie is at least somewhat honest, compared to Hillary, Cruz and Kasich. If it was Bernie versus Clinton, I’d vote Bernie. At least the economic collapse and the collapse of the US would get over with faster with the Socialist.

      Charlie: Let’s not all act so surprised when Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump face off for the presidency a few years down the road.”

      Me: Even Charlie knows this will never happen and I doubt he hates women (what normal man don’t love the sight of a foxy chick in a bikini?) 🙂

      Charlie may not be wrapped too tight, be he ain’t no racist 😀

      • Neither are we yet in certain circles that’s what are we called. Just had two old High School friends severely warn me I am supporting a racist.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          So far I haven’t heard him say one thing racist, nothing. They are confusing the respect for the rule of law and common sense for the Left Wing agenda, shameful. I can also say, based on words and actions, that Obama is a racist bigot as well. Maybe your friends should be reminded of that.

          • This is from a good friend, went to High School and College with him, almost like a brother back in the day. A retired professional writer. Always been left wing. Backs Bernie but will switch to Hillary in a heartbeat as the “lesser” evil. I am starting to think that us older retired folks should leave the arguing on this to the young people. I am biased and I admit it but I have never lost sight of the “have not’s” . I see my lib friends in the “I have mine F— you” camp though they would not admit it. I am voting for my four kids, my six grandkids and those beyond that. They may grow up become political wack-o’s and screw up the country but at least there will be a country left to screw up.

            ” I don’t agree with or even like some of what President Obama in office, but he’s a class act: smart, measured, thoughtful, tough-minded and decent. He’s not a fool, not a demagogue, not a rabble-rousing race-baiting violence-enabling sociopath. Trump is all of those things and worse. He makes grandiose and vague pronouncements about greatness, but little of what he says makes sense — semantically speaking: null content. It’s all just dangerous and largely stupid self-aggrandizing bluster. If you can support him, we’re in camps so opposite that our minds will never meet on the matter. I’m filled with dismay — no, dread — about what’s happening in political America. Seeing support for Trump makes me sick to my stomach, quite literally. In the interest of our long friendship, can we perhaps agree not to discuss this anymore? When I post political things, can we assume I’m doing it to communicate with those friends and acquaintances who agree with me in general, because I think they’ll appreciate that content, and not with the intention of baiting you or trying to draw you (or anyone) into an argument? I promise to do the same for you.”

            • gmanfortruth says:

              I do like your friends candor and his desire to stay friends. I’m dismayed in many ways as well. I will vote, like you for the future (locally). Having watched the Steel industry turn so much into the Rust Belt, then to watch NAFTA and such destroy our industrial base, Trump is the ONLY Presidential nominee who seems to get it. If we continue on the same path that we have been since the 70’s, our grandkids and beyond will be living like those in the Hunger Games movies. What have we allowed to occur when our supposedly protected Rights are being threatened by ONE appointee in a black robe. If that’s the case, we never had the Rights to begin with. Nor do we deserve them.

              Then we have the curtain being pulled back and the truth being spoken. The Parties select their nominee, not the general public. If we look at how all other folks (other parties or independents) are treated differently to get on the ballot (which is much harder) how the f–k can ANYONE say we have fair elections? Newsflash for folks, we don’t have shit for fair elections. In that matter, I agree with your friend, our politics sucks. We just differ on the reasons.

              I glad the truth is being exposed, although many will stay in denial, to the detriment of themselves and future generations.

  54. Just A Citizen says:

    Prediction update.

    Well it looks like I was off on my total prediction per the latest primary day.

    I said Trump would come out with about a 225 delegate lead on Cruz. Instead the reports have him with a lead of 262 delegates.

    Frankly, I do not understand the size of this differential. I was expecting a slight edge to Trump in states he won that were proportional. But Illinois and Missouri have some explaining to do. It has to have something to do with the way the allocations were made by Cong. District. Giving Trump essentially a winner take all. Here are the numbers.

    Illinois: Vote, 39%/30%; Delegates, 51/9
    Missouri: Vote, 41%/41%; Delegates, 25/5

    N. Carolina conformed to the expected with a very close race and almost a 50/50 split in delegates.

    Making up 262 is a much bigger task than 225, because many western states are also proportional and have LOW delegate counts.

    Cruz is on the ropes and if Kasich’s ego continues to suffer from the hot air being pumped up his back side by certain “fundraising hacks”, the Colonel’s prediction will come true. We are headed to a contested convention.

    UNLESS, Trump suddenly starts taking States right and left.

    As for my other predictions I think I did quite well, although Rubio pulled the plug faster than I thought. I figured it would take him a day or two.

  55. Wow, just wow-and this guy had the nerve to condemn Cruz for something that was his own campaign’s fault.

    Just like Trump made some really stupid remarks about violence, which most everyone would condemn if a democrat said them-but somehow with it being Trump it’s A-okay. There’s a reason leaders don’t say that kind of crap and it isn’t about being PC it’s about not being stupid-Trump opened the door for the left to have a legitimate charge of promoting violence based on his own stupid words. And that isn’t anyone’s fault but Trumps.

    I have no problem with what CRuz has said about Trump around this issue. But having said that-I do have a problem with what he hasn’t said, about the left and their so-called protesters that aren’t really protesters-they are law breaking thugs trying to shut down free speech while trying to pretend that they are just protesters.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      VH, Nobody puts a gun to peoples heads and forces them to be violent. The whole Chicago thing was a George Soros funded attempt at shutting down free speech of conservatives. If Trump wasn’t in this race, the same thing would happen to another front runner, using a different line of bullshit. The Chicago incident is pure Communist activity and has NOTHING to do with what anybody said. Don’t fall for the propaganda nonsense. If not Trump, it would have been Cruz, if not him, Rubio and so on.

  56. gmanfortruth says:

    • gmanfortruth says:

      The RNC is getting slammed with phone calls, emails and such. There is a movement by those who have finally learned the truth and many are really pissed. I can provide any email address’s etc if Ya’ll want to join the fun.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        What do you mean “finally” learned the truth. Who the hell ever thought the “general public” got to select the candidates?? Maybe a bunch of millenials who just got out of the liberal arts college? Do you think this is some “revelation” for people?

        As for the RNC, do you even know who the RNC is? Who are the members of the RNC?? How are they selected??

        • I’d say there are two answers for who and what the RNC is. The technical definition and the commonly understood definition. Unless you’re intimately involved in how political machines operate, then the commonly accepted version would do the trick. The RNC is a committee of Republican leaders who have over the years developed the policy or platform for the Republican party,examples: lower taxes, individual rights, They also run the Republican convention. Leaders are selected from state and local Republican parties. So, we really are not familiar with the names, except Priebus. The commonly held definition of who the leaders are probably varies according to how strict your views are. Conservative, moderate, socially moderate conservative, fiscal conservative, centrist…whatever. The leaders under this definition can be called out. McConnell comes to mind immediately. McCain, Boehner, Hatch, some that have been ousted..DeLay, Gingrich. I’d include radio and tv pundits too.

          I understand the RNC selects the candidates, but a candidate must first have interest in running. The anchor does have a valid question though. Why hold primaries if the RNC picks the nominee?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            There is really no reason to hold primary elections, except to gain support from party members and expose the candidates for the general election.

            Primaries are held also because State law requires them. Some states anyway. Others do not and let the party decide the method.

            The reason I asked about the RNC is because I think people do not understand that folks like Boehner and McConnell are NOT members of the RNC. Rince Priebus is a “hired” as the “Chairman”.

            The RNC does NOT select the candidates nor the nominee. That is done by the Convention Delegates. Some of whom could be RNC members but most will not be.

            For the record, there are THREE people from each State that make up the RNC. These people are either selected at State conventions, by County Central Committee folks, or via some kind of election. Along with the elected or hired staff.

            My larger point is that the RNC is not some small cabal of power brokers who control the whole thing. Even the platform policies are developed by committees consisting of State representatives.

            Where the real power is on display is in the various Congressional election committees and among the donor class and permanent party consultant class. These are the people forming strategies, applying pressure, pushing candidates and handing out money to get what they want.

  57. Standing by my prediction…..a contested convention which will turn to a brokered convention…..result would be the RNC installing its puppet. Istill say it is coming even if Trump ends up with the most delegates. I also envision some severe rule changes. I do not put it past the RNC to change the rules, despite the fallout, to insure that their man gets in….I just feel it……

    The RNC is already self destructing…what is one more hole in the boat. The pumps can’t keep up now. I sincerely think that the RNC is self destructing and will go down with the ship to keep Trump out. I know, JAC, you do not think that the RNC is stupid enough to screw themselves…but I think they will and not even get a courtesy reach a round.

    I watched McConnel today, with his smirkey face, saying that there will be no movement on the SCOTUS because that is the way things have been done during an election year. . Does anyone see the liklihood of Clinton getting elected and putting in a more left SCOTUS? Why cant they hold hearings and discuss until after the elections and defuse this mess. Simply does not make sense. Vetting can take a year easily…..

    • gmanfortruth says:

      How sad is it that we must worry about our Rights based on ONE UNELECTED Judge? Maybe we should consider that we really don’t have those rights anymore, because this is bullshit Colonel. They are making a peaceful revolution impossible.

    • Guess they figure if the Hill wins, they can do the whole thing in two months and a few days. Watch the dems stall though.

  58. Stephen/Dale////everyone…….do you see how it is on this SUFA site? This is the anger I have been talking about. We all have it…..we are just not out throwing things or hitting any one…..yet. But the anger that we all have is especially interesting because of our age. We are more angry than the younger groups…..why? We have seen all this before but we are seeing something else……we are seeing something that the generations behind us have not seen…..and that is the damage done and the polarization that, in my opinion m is far worse than the 60’s……What we are seeing out there is far worse than the slaying of John Kennedy or Martin Luther King… is worse because the attitudes are different.

    What the left has done, in the name of justice, is to split this country. In the 60’s, there was a viable reason Dr. King. The discrimination because of ones color of skin. We saw this….were even part of it. The differeing water fountains, the different doors in the restaurants, the different tables on where to sit, delegating the blacks to the back of the bus….

    All these laws that were established in the late 60’s and 70’s in an attempt under Johnson’s Great make things equal….only served to make things worse. It created reverse discrimination and then it created class warfare. It also created a welfare state and it was all created as a farce. But one thing that is interesting, and probably because of some strange sense of guilt, we did not stand up and fight….we took it. My family, and I, were close personal friends with Congressman Jim Wright, a democrat who became Speaker of the House. He was a true Democrat, which by today’s standards would be considered a moderate to right person. Not what we have today being hijacked by this Progressive Party. There were riots and things back in the 60’s…anti war movement…National Guard Troops having to fire upon citizens….but all of that does not even come close to the vitriol and the violence and the attitude of citizens today. I can see, hear it, feel it……it is brewing out there with this class warfare crap and it is being stoked for gain…for political gain.

    This is why people are angry….and even though Trump is the wrong person, he is saying the things we want to hear….someone who is not bound by political correctness. I think Trump is going to be correct…if the establishment picks the POTUS candidate….I do not think the youger folks are ready for the chaos it is going to create….and 40 years of progress is going to be turned back.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I think pointing the finger at the Progressives (Communists) is a good start. I really hate the idea of a Civil war, race war, bloody revolution or any other crazy event like that, but can’t help to think we are on the verge of something like that.

      I was having brunch with my mother yesterday and a couple in their mid 60’s were leaving and talking with the waiter. They said they didn’t like Trump but would vote for a monkey before voting for Hillary. All of them said they will vote to keep Hillary out, no matter who runs for the Republicans. At the end, they said none of the candidates were good, which is normal. I guessed they would not vote in the Primary, but would in the general election.

      The group Anonymous and their attack on Trump and family will backfire and piss more people off. The more these Liberals do this, the worse they will lose. I agree that the young people have no idea what is coming, us older folks can be vicious when the need arises, and we have much more knowledge on how to be that way.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      As you were saying about the differences. Back in the 50’s and 60’s and the racial unrest, anybody with half a brain could see the injustice that had come out of the Jim Crow laws and other discrimination. It was time to change and it did. The standard bearer MLK was not some violent neer-do well but a well spoken educated man. What morphed out of that by progressive action is even worse. There are now so many people in bondage to the government via class welfare, maybe unintended but I think not. The system was designed to create a permanent class that will keep the goodies flowing and the politicians stay in perpetual power. As long as the number is anywhere around 50% of the voting people they win.

      That comic but serious video that Gman posted a while back that came out of Australia says it all. The more special classes designated in the government hierarchy the more credits you get….ie, being LGBT, women, any other race or culture besides white and of european ancestry, disability you name it.

      What we see now in the universities is not the envisioned integration and equal opportunity, DOES NOT GUARENTEE EQUAL RESULTS THOUGH, is a more segragated society and class driven and more discrimination because to obtain racial parity by demographics, a potential lesser qualified enrollee gets in while another gets discriminated against just because of being whomever they are. All in the name of how to get more government largess, not more justice.

      If I was in a university today, I’d absolutely live off campus as far as I could. What I’d be protesting for government action is……OK I just spent all this money on an alleged fine education with potential earnings. But what happened, because they can, many of those jobs moved overseas. Not that I’d say move them back, but in the trade negotiations OPEN the other States work visa’s. Just like BF wants. The number of opportunities overseas was fairly high, but when push came to shove, the application was denied do to the price of a visa or they had to exhaust all in-country residents job needs. here the government permits the borders to leak like a sieve and then the granting of the work permits to overseas people , like Disney did last year. Freezes out OUR population.

  59. gmanfortruth says:

    Had D13 or I done anything close to what this Witch has done, we would be rotting in jail.

  60. gmanfortruth says:

    Organizers of the meeting included conservative commentator Erick Erickson and Christian conservative leader Bob Fischer. The goal, as stated in the invitation, was “to strategize how to defeat Donald Trump for the Republican nomination, and if he is the Republican nominee for president, to offer a true conservative candidate in the general election.”

  61. gmanfortruth says:
  62. gmanfortruth says:

    Curiosity has me wondering why a cop would say this (I did look at the linked report and it was there):

    “I knew going into it that there was a sheriff in Grant County that was supporting the movement, or the ideology behind what they were pushing. I knew that there was a large amount of community members in Grant County that supported their beliefs, and that had similar constitutional beliefs, and to the point of the Grant County making it clear they are a UN Free Zone, and so that knowledge was known to all of us.” (Emphasis added by me)

    So, someone explain what the hell is a UN FREE ZONE and why is that of importance to a cop?

    • Be wary of this source….

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Some communities have declared themselves UN Free Zones in response to what they believe is UN interference, and undermining, our Constitution. This is part of the “militia” movement. I suspect some Tea Party Patriot groups as well, as there is overlap.

      The cop would have been briefed because the Feds and some State troopers are paranoid and afraid of interference by locals and their Sherriff. I believe this is why the ambush was set where it was on Hwy 395. To avoid getting deep into Grant County.

      Nothing more sinister than that, just preparation. It does show the mindset of some police forces, however. They are afraid of the “militia” and the “Patriots” and the “Oathkeepers” because there are people up the food chain briefing them on how these groups pose a risk.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Thanks, that makes sense in many ways, one, how folks are viewed because of their beliefs by the “higher ups”. I wonder if they think deep enough to realize that if they are afraid of these groups, maybe it is because of their own actions. These groups probably wouldn’t exist in such high numbers without the need. Granted, we have always had the anti-government groups, but the militia and TEA Party folks aren’t necessarily anti-government. I’m guessing the Feds have clumped them all together under the same umbrella, wrongfully, of course.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I have inside intell on the video shown on info wars.

      First, the lady filming and asking questions was apparently obviously filming the deputies and they knew it. She was pushing the whole “these things have no place here and your using them against us”.

      Second, the video was quite long and if shown in full puts the whole thing in context. The Sherriff called on Inforwars to post the WHOLE video but they never did. The Sherriff openly stated he was a member of a “Constitution” based group. Doesn’t matter when you have a narrative to play.

      Third, and the most important. The “Constitutionalists” the deputy was referring to is an old anarchist group which has been behind numerous crimes in the area for over a decade. Their actual title is “Anti-Constitutionalists”, so the Sheriffs office refers to them as Constitutionalists quite often.

      In this case the Deputy shown was involved in enforcement against this group in the past and used the short hand name for them. An unfortunate use of terms given that many now associate Constitutionalists with Tea Party, Oathkeepers, etc. etc.

      Folks need to keep in mind that the many of the “militia” groups in these parts were hijacked by White Supremacy groups back in the 80’s and 90’s. The Militia of today is not the same as the Militia back then. At least in most cases.

      Fourth, for interest only. The Sheriff for whom this deputy works actually conducts meeting with and has invited local “militia” groups to watch Training exercises. He recently had them watch some training films and participate in exercised in their questions about why Finicum was shot in Oregon.

      Not exactly a LEO who hates people who cling to their bibles and guns.

      Fifth, also for interest. This vehicle rolled three times this past week. It is used to support the SWAT Team. The latest incident was a hostage situation where a man on meth was threatening to kill is wife and kids.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I have not seen the video, for what it’s worth. I was just wondering what the UN Free Zone was all about. You gave a great answer. You have also just reminded me of the “old” militia white supremacy groups, I had forgotten about those folks. So clarify for me if you will, are the UN Free Zone people on our side (Constitutionalists, militia like the 3 percenters etc) or are they the not so good people who are totally anti-government? Since your out that way, do we still have the Aryans and the like still a force or just an afterthought these days?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          UN Free Zone people are on our side but 3/4 of them are bat shit crazy. Info War types to the max. But not anarchists.

          There are some not so good people mixed up in most of these groups. But the worst, based on my observations, are part of rural “Patriot groups”. Not that these groups are bad, but some bad people are participating in them.

          Of course this has created problems with credibility among the general public. The other issue here now that did not exist when I moved to Montana is the abundance of hard core religious folks. These are not bad people, as in criminals, but they are getting way out near the edge on their fear of Govt. and what we should be doing. These are the people who were trying to get the legislature to declare Idaho a “Christian State” last year.

          It is now almost impossible to win a Rep. primary election if you do not cowtow to these folks.

          Aryans? Have not seen any since I returned. I hear there are some supporters around, mostly up Sandpoint way. There is a smattering of “racist” attitudes around, but not Aryan types. These “racists” are also late comers to these parts, many of which are retired police and fire dept. folks from So. California. Mark Furman and his crowd.

          Over all the racist BS has disappeared or gone deep underground. It must not be bothering anyone any longer because the number of Black and Hispanic people has significantly increased here in the last 7 years.

          The majority of bad people around here are primarily tied to the gangs. Mexican, South American, Russian and a contingent of Gypsies. Almost all violent crimes are associated with DRUGS in some way.

  63. Just A Citizen says:

    To all those howling about how ineffective the Rep. Congress is, here is yet another example of how the Dems play the game. This strategy would not be effective if not for the fact that the Dems have the media in their pocket. They use it to “push” polling data and create narratives that place the R’s under public pressure. Namely the fear of losing.

    Stand tall many say. But what if they do in fact lose because they have one hand tied behind their back. The weakness in the R side, in my humble opinion, is their lack of thinking and acting strategically. They had to know this would be the response. Where is their media push to counter the attack??

    Interesting comment by Bernie Sanders. He would rather wait because he does NOT want Obama’s nomination. He wants to appoint HIS selection.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I think it’s funny that the Dems will use the media, considering that the media isn’t trusted much and everything they are doing against Trump is backfiring. Besides that, targeting Republican Senators up for elections as they state won’t work, because if the Senators continue the betrayal that has been going on, they’ll lose anyway. McConnel isn’t up for election anyway and he holds the cards. Bad strategy by the Dems. But, hey, let them keep proving what slimeballs they really are. After Reid’s years of bullshit, paybacks are due. They should hold their stance and do nothing, although I won’t be holding my breath that they will. They’ll cave after the election and hand Obama his choice, that’s my guess, based on what has already happened.

  64. The experiement with negative interest in the EU……destroying the EU. It is having one effect… moving out of the Central Banks. European economists simply do not understand why….all saying that it should have the reverse affect.

  65. Just A Citizen says:


    Good morning my Texican friend. Hope all is well in the southland this AM>

    Just curious, has Texas caught up yet?

    Kind of ironic the ACLU is complaining the Idaho law is to restrictive, using examples that clearly fall outside the restrictions. Like filming traffic on a “public road”.

    Their complaint is its ban on private use, yet this has been a problem. Most recently in my own neighborhood. Some people apparently think it funny to hover over you, filming you, while your in your yard. Or to fly over your horses and then watch them run.

    • Doing ok……had to deal with a couple of massive hail storms….but survived somewhat ok…a few dings on the car to get fixed…..skylights made it through ok . Trees stripped, plants beat down….and now…..since it is before Easter…a freeze tomorrow.

      HOwever…on to the drones. I do not know of any laws prohibiting their flights except around airports….but I also know that there are no repercussions if you shoot one of them down. The Fort Worth police chief says that drones filming you on your private property is no different than a peeping Tom…..shoot them down. I know that the ranchers are shooting them down as we have before……but there seems to be very little tolerance to them. But no laws I am aware of at this time.

      Like where you are, I am betting that no one would do very much to a rancher protecting his livestock…..stampeding horses or cattle down here will get you in a lot of trouble but, as I said before, we just simply take care of the problem….no need to bog the courts down with law suits……you just have to lead the drones some.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        In the country side they would be fair game. Our problem is in areas like where I live. Many people have a horse or two, sheep, or a couple steers. On one to two acre parcels mostly. Problem is we are in the city limits and shooting is prohibited, unless someone invades your home.

        So unless the drone comes through the door you can’t shoo the darn thing. Told my neighbor we needed some good “sling shots”. In this situation the law will be good because I can just call the Sheriff and not have to confront the idiot violating my space.

        • Ok…..well, a great sling shot with ball bearings would probably do well….or a cross bow with varmit load.

          • We also have some firearm limitations within city limits….the only thing that is on our favor is that local law enforcement is with the homeowner on invasion of privacy and if a camera is involved….other charges are available.

  66. Reince Priebus….Chairman….stated openly today that there are no rules that cannot be changed prior to convention. This was an answer to a question about changing the GOP rules. He also went on to say that we have a lot of lattitude to do what is necessary to protect the integrity of the GOP……( he actually used the word integrity and GOP in the same sentence ) When pressed, he said that the delegate count can be changed upwards or downwards but that is up to the rules committee.

    Anybody want to bet that the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination increases when the rules committee meets?

  67. gmanfortruth says:
  68. In trying to understand Donald Trump I offer the following:

    At the time of his death Barry Goldwater’s persona had morphed, even among most liberals, into an wise, honest man who cared deeply about principles. The mid-60’s charges of racism and war mongering had, over time, been proved false except to the most delusional. His opposition to the Civil Rights act was, even in his own words, a strategic mistake though technically and tactically valid. His votes were from conviction and perhaps an uncanny sense of the mischief they would eventually cause.

    Nonetheless, this was the man who said:

    “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”

    This was very intemperate language for the time. I daresay had it not been said already, Donald Trump saying it for the FIRST time today, would still be considered over the top by the media and mainstream republicans. Yet those of us who have lived the intervening fifty-two years know damn well how right he was and how it has all turned out. I would also remind you that Goldwater was known for “colorful” language having once advised Conservatives to kick Jerry Falwell in the nuts. The press cleaned this up to “ass”.

    So as politically incorrect as Donald Trump is, as “low” as he goes, he is following a tough act who, in “his” time was ridiculed every bit as much. Anybody else remember the cute little play on Goldwater’s motto, “In your guts you know he’s nuts!”.

  69. gmanfortruth says:
  70. JAC…..rule 40(b)…on the chopping block?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I think so.

      Or at least modified to allow at least the top two to qualify.

  71. Sparty? WTF? 😦

  72. Really????? Texas loses with a half court desperation shot? REALLY?????

    • Just A Citizen says:


      That was unbelievable. Talk about a day of upsets. Rainbow Warriors slay “da Bears”.

  73. I have a question for everyone: When does a protest or lose protection of the first amendment? ( Yes, it is a trick question and yes, it is a set up ).Does a vigilante have protections under the law… paid protestors, who have no affiliation, have protection under the law.

    • Col, I didn’t know it was N. Iowa that crushed your Long Horns. Wow! My nieces and nephews must still be celebrating.

      As for the protestors, Sheriff Joe took care of it. Block his highway, go to jail. Spit on his boardwalk, welcome to tent city.

      I would like to see them start a riot and then have some prosecutor go after the funders.

      • Crushed? Bad terminology…..even the N Iowa coach admitted what a lucky shot it was,,,,but regardless….a shot from 5 feet behind the half court….with 7 tenths of a second left and a tied score…..amazing.

  74. Want to see how even the conservative media handles things…..In the South by Southwest festival…….The News Media, in bold headlines, SHOOTOUT AT SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST FESTIVAL……..the big shootout was one person shooting a weapon in the air three times.

  75. Glad to see that normalizing relations with Cuba is working well……Hyatt and Wyndham Hotel chains have been told that they can each put one hotel in Cuba but there is no internet nor satellite TV allowed and 51% of each hotel must be owned by a Cuban National approved by the Cuban Government.

    Norweigan Cruise Lines has pulled its application on learning that the First Officer must be a Cuban NAtional approved by the Cuban Government and that no internet nor overseas phone calls or cables are allowed while in Cuban Territorial Waters.

    No American rental car companies are allowed and no American owned cell phone towers or computer systems allowed.

    All American imports into Cuba are subject to a 30% tariff.

    Nice negotiations. Sounds like the same team that negotiated the Benghazi incident.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Don’t you mean the Iran nuclear deal, or TPP but the investigation of the Benghazi affair and Hillary also rank up in the stratasphere of how far we have fallen in the past years….R’s are also complicite …..But on the plus side it has been a long time since driving a ’57 chevy…….you do realize that the restricted communications is our adminstrations pipe dream.

    • Trump said that Raul was not at the airport to meet the big O. What exactly does it take to insult this guy that will get a rise out of him?

      Any bets on an Ex order to return Guantanamo?

      • Well…as I said before, he can close it….but he can’t return it.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        And he didn’t just tell the pilot to fire it up, I’m out of here. No Obama has no limit on what to us is being humilated and also as the world sees him. However it is his agenda to bring this country down to the lowest common denominator in the world of nations regardless of the consequenses.

        No bet, I say he does it. Not just the prison/detention center but the whole naval base.

  76. This being the month the Alamo fell, just ran into this. For you Colonel. About the best I’ve heard it done.

    • WOW….Bone chilling…..thanks. It is the best rendition I have ever heard….and what is funny….even though it was the “death song” so to speak…….Texas adopted it.

      • Just doing my annual Foreign Legion research. An interesting album with Le Boudin and Lily Marlene in French.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Must have been eerie listening to that knowing full well you were not going to survive the next day.

        OK Colonel….heading up into the old town in San Antonio, from the colisium (sp) end, there is a cross street and at 14:00 is an old cantina. Best shrimp frajitas I’ve ever had.

        It is something how small the Alamo/misson complex is when it’s being dwarfed by the surrounding buildings. It would have been interesting if the city planners had kept modern buildings around 500 yds away.

        • Le legion doing it’s own Alamo thing with the Mexicans.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Not being a historian, I’ve been trying to remember the last time France WON and overall conflict. I think it was prior to the French and Indian Wars. They lost that, Lost the direct combat with Britain after the American Revolution. Lost the Napoleonic wars. Crimea, Franco prussian war…. Would have lost WWI and on the other hand didn’t win it either, Capitulated and abetted with WWII, Lost Indochina, Lost North Africa….why do we want to be like them? Cafe maybe?

            I look at France as that old grand dame sitting in the corner all dressed out in her finest black lace. Remembering the past glory but have been inconsequencial in the actual outcome of world event for 200 plus years. Everybody fussing over her but it is more like fawning pity…except Obama thinks they are the cats meow.

        • Yes…..if youtake the tour, they explain that where some of the buildings sit, was where there were other parts of the entire compound. As a matter fact, when they escavated for the office buildings, they continued to find old bayonets, and musket balls, belt buckles and knives….Must have been quite a fight.

  77. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Here is a thought. Did the so called racist of old really “HATE” those that were different, or is that a new phenomenon? Notice I didn’t say white vs black or visa versa etc. I think it was much more like disregard, looking down at not the same level. etal. NOT hate. Today, it’s morphed into hate by definition of law, so why not take advantage of the gift and MSM exposure. Actually creating hate and more division by calling “ALL” whites racists. That’s just as racist as calling all blacks dumb and welfare succubuses.

  78. gmanfortruth says:

    There is a new thread posted guys.

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