Spring is Here!

spring2Easter2At 12:30 am est,tomorrow morning,  Spring 2016 will have officially arrived.  This Spring looks to be very interesting on the political landscape, especially at the Republican front runner’s events.  The “Rent-A-Mobs” are expected to be out in full force as the weather warms.  Many of these people are simply misguided youth, anarchist’s, racist’s, and just old fashioned trouble makers.  Some will be PAID to perform their expected duties.  These people speak for the Left Wing Liberal’s who have kidnapped the Democratic Party of old.  At least the racist part has stayed in place, the rest has taken a turn for the worst.  It is time to consider counter moves before this turns into a complete disaster on election day.

This short article is to get that conversation going.  What should be done to counter the Leftist hoard’s of zombies that good, honest, law abiding citizens are encountering at these events?  While your thinking of your answer, enjoy the weekend and be thankful that we all can see a new Spring arrive!



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    • Anyone being issued a non-resident CA DL is not supposed to be offered voter registration. Who knows what the bureaucrats actually do.

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  4. gmanfortruth says:

    Note the name of the movement and the way the MSM has dealt with the Chicago Trump event. Is the MSM even relevant anymore? http://www.truthrevolt.org/commentary/beware-democracy-spring

  5. Just A Citizen says:

    I have always opposed early voting. And the vote by mail scheme, like Oregon’s. Now we see the impact of early voting.

    A comment on another site by a voter, whose friend voted early in a State which has yet to hold its primary. He voted for Rubio.

    While Idaho went to Cruz, those candidates that had dropped out also got votes. Because the ballot included everyone’s name that was still running months before the election. Takes time to print those things you know.

    I also think voters should have a SECOND chance in the primary and general, if there is staggered elections or early voting. We the People need a chance to CHANGE OUR MIND, as the election proceeds.

    Early voting was invented by those trying to eliminate the affect of late surprises. But sometimes those surprises are deserving of a “no” vote. Our laziness is clearly affecting the outcomes.

    • I totally agree. Despite or modern transportation methods we have become an extremely lazy country. We can’t seem to get our butts to a pole one or two days a year. Just think of what it took 125 years ago. You had to hitch up the horse and drive for an one hour just to put and x in the box. I see early voting and vote by mail as just more ways and more time to cheat.

  6. What should be done, you ask? If they bring a knife…we bring a gun. If they bring a gun…we use RPG’s! 🙂 Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend. On a side note…I received a 2% raise at work…which raised my income tax by 3%. Now I bring home 1% less than before the raise. SMH

  7. gmanfortruth says:
    • I watched part of her show last night as Trump’s Utah rally was about to get under way. I was upset at her “cheer-leading” for a riot. That is all I can call it. She kept going back to the folks on the ground outside the venue with what’s happening comments.

      Now of course she gave us the obligatory, “no one wants to see violence” but her body language and attitude frankly reminded me of those gladiator movies with the females in the audience salivating over the fights.

      Perhaps the Donald sensed something in her that the rest of us missed. Not me, not anymore. That was a disgusting display yesterday.

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  9. I heard the R’s called the Party of Stupid today. I guess several commentators have called them that but I had not heard it till today. It certainly fits. They seem to have no global legislative plan, talk with 100+ voices, are terrible at messaging, can’t debate, ….

    The SCOTUS situation is a prime example. They immediately went a disjointed message of don’t appoint, do nothing when a novice could have told them that the Dems and press would be all over them for being obstructionists. They should have said nothing about Obama not nominating and then nothing about not processing the nominee. All should have been in agreement to down play it in the media while slow walking it through the process. It can be dragged out until the elections. All that time they should be campaigning on the dangers of a left wing court. If the nominee is unacceptable, then drag it out but reject them. Force a second nomination. In B’ball a stall is a legitimate defense.

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    This explains a lot of how so out of touch with reality many on the Left really are: http://conservativevideos.com/herman-cain-megyn-kelly-rip-black-lives-matter-to-shreds-in-defense-of-trump/

  11. A New Yawk story for all you foreigners.


    Wait! It gets better. The location of the 33 Police Precinct.


    Ten year, a block away and nobody knows nuttin’

    I have a personal stake here, I grew up on 171st Street, three blocks West.

    • Oh yes, I forgot, the street in question is named for a former resident. Shows how much respect the newest Centurions have for the old. One would think this would be the safest street in the Precinct.


    • gmanfortruth says:

      Isn’t the NYPD known well for it’s corruption?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Corruption is one thing, but for overall dereliction of duty and racial bigotry and abuse my vote is for the LAPD

      • Well, there were the bad old days of Frank Serpico. Rudy pretty much took care of the corruption issue on his watch. Bloomberg did not change much but his third term was the beginning of slippage across the board.

        I want to say that Guilliani was the first Mayor in a very long time that treated the whole city equally. Midtown Manhattan and Central Queens got the same policing. This was very unusual. Generally, when I lived and worked there, “New York City” for the Mayor ended at 110th Street, river to river. Upper Manhattan and the four other boroughs got the leftovers. Bloomberg started returning to the old model in my opinion. Keep the tourists and the big money happy!

        My old Precinct, the 34 which was later split into the 33 and the 34 was always known as a “country club” precinct. Quiet through the first half of the 20th century it was where old cops went to die or young incompetent ones to stay hidden. My combat stories as a Real Estate manager are 1990’s stories where the new Pct. commanders in the Heights were specially selected by the mayor’s office for aggressiveness. The Heights had become the Cocaine Capital of the City, all run by Dominican Gangs. In a five year period, this was wiped out. But, once you turn your back……….

        This particular case is an atrocity. The damn precinct is on Amsterdam, the night spot was on Amsterdam. no more than 300 feet apart! For 10 years!

        When you stop backing the street cops, when you de-emphasize small crimes and then large crimes, the cops start not giving a damn. It is then a very short road to “looking the other way”. For a fee of course.

        Neither DeBlasio, Bratton the PC nor the NY City council has any more interest in Community Policing, Stop and Frisk, or enforcing quality of life crimes under the “broken windows” theory. As a matter of fact both the Mayor and the City Council President have said the days of “broken windows” are over. Apparently there are too many broken windows in minority neighborhoods which upset the feint of heart.

        Surprised at Bratton. He made his bones in Boston with “broken windows” and became Rudy’s first PC because of it. Should resign over the Mayor’s stance. He is old enough to hang it up.

  12. gmanfortruth says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      All the law will do is create more criminals. ie the people. All that will happen is the business will be driven underground not just for the current criminal class but for the rest of us.

      Actually….what is the chance of actually being an innocent victim of a shooting in this country? Not suicide, not a shooting between rival gangs, I mean totally innocent. I’d believe it pretty darn low.

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  14. gmanfortruth says:

    Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s CEO Andy Puzder says that rising minimum wages will make it harder for his restaurants to serve customers affordably, so he’s looking into full automation.

    Via Business Insider:

    The CEO of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s has visited the fully automated restaurant Eatsa — and it’s given him some ideas on how to deal with rising minimum wages.

    “I want to try it,” CEO Andy Puzder told Business Insider of his automated restaurant plans. “We could have a restaurant that’s focused on all-natural products and is much like an Eatsa, where you order on a kiosk, you pay with a credit or debit card, your order pops up, and you never see a person.”

    Puzder’s interest in an employee-free restaurant, which he says would be possible only if the company found time as Hardee’s works on its northeastern expansion, has been driven by rising minimum wages across the US.

    “With government driving up the cost of labor, it’s driving down the number of jobs,” he says. “You’re going to see automation not just in airports and grocery stores, but in restaurants.”

    Puzder said “it’s not rocket science” for companies to embrace automation with labor costs on the rise because of government meddling.

    And, he noted, there’s another upside to swapping low-skill workers for machines: “They’re always polite, they always upsell, they never take a vacation, they never show up late, there’s never a slip-and-fall, or an age, sex, or race discrimination case.”

    Liberal’s will never learn.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Usually winds up hurting those they were intending to help. But on the other hand, I should say enslave to be more accurate.

    • There is a McDonald’s franchise owner down here that has done this. I posted on this earlier. He cut his labor force by 70% by getting rid of the menial tasks to robotics and out sourced his cleaning. He owns 4 franchised stores and is doing well. He has added a lane to his drive out areas and it is totally automated with the exception of people who want to pay with cash. Now, you do not get it “your way”….his menu is definite and you just punch the number and swipe your card. If you want a specific service, there is still an order window available.

      In the back, where they wash the trays and such, it is the old fashioned style “clipper”. They just drop trays and such on a conveyor belt and they are steamed and sterilized and stacked all automated. The drinks are totally automated, filled by order, and sent to the window on another conveyor system with lids on without human touching.

      Inside, you can still sit down and order your food from the table…no standing in line. Simply smart phone it in and pay immediately on line. An attendent will still bring it to your table because you put in the table number when you order.

      The franchise owner says that with this automated system, he saves about 25% in extemperaneous employee costs…( workers compensation, Obamacare matching funds, Social Security, Medicare )…..he has reduced his government costs by 30%, which translates immediately to bottom line dollars.

      The automated system is his own design and he says that McDonalds gave him permission to try it as long as the quality of food is the same. With the automated system, the temperature of the food is perfect, the meat thoroughly cooked and much less waste when it comes to adding condiments. He said that he set standards as to the amount of ketchup, mustard, salt/pepper,etc. If you wanted extra ketchup, it cost you extra. One of the biggests wastes, he says, was putting out ketchup and mustard packets….they disappeared in a hurry.

      He has other fast food chains wanting to see his system but he has an agreement with McDonalds for the time being with McDonalds offering him more franchises in other cities. His control room looks like a NASA launching site with temperature guages, inventory control, and tv monitors everywhere. His freezer is totally automated and when your order goes in, it is immediately filled from the freezer to the cook tops to the sacking with out human hands and pilferage. So, instead of cooks and baggers and window tellers…..he can afford to pay a little more for better skilled people to monitor and keep the system moving.

      The rest of the story is……………………………..his bottom line increased 37.8% and he has 70 % fewer employees.

      • Oh, I might add, his maintenance crew and his support staff,,,,,speak English and all have proof of citizenship. He did say that he had, for a very short time, some protestors out there with signs complaing about the automation, but apparently it got nowhere because the quality of service and food went up dramatically to the point that no one paid attention.

      • D13’s observation to all of this………this is where government does good…..the more meddling and interference…the greater liklihood of a generation of smarter entreprenuers figuring out a way to beat the interference of government. It is quite simple, actually. Inefficiency breeds contempt. Contempt breeds thinkers. Thinkers can manage and invent and doers…..do. In the meantime, the “gimme crowd” and the ” I want something for nothing entitlement crowd”…….lose. With a combination of thinkers and doers and the public finally having enough of all this political correctness crap…..it is bringing out something different. Look at Trump/Cruz/Sanders……they never would be on the scene otherwise….Metamorphisis is the ability to overcome bad situations….nature has proven this for ages…..perhaps it is catching on.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        We have 3 Macdonald’s within just about the same distance from the house downtown. All three have different quality and service levels. One is actually fairly consistant and good service with nice people. The other two, range of service is like playing roulette. You never know. They could stand and should automate.

  15. FOR JAC………what do you think now? A brokered and contested convention more likely?

    Third Party? On both sides? Sanders on the left and Trump on the right?

  16. I wonder why everyone is surprsied by the snub to Obama in Cuba…..what did they expect?

  17. North Korea has fired five short-range projectiles into the Sea of Japan, South Korean officials said Monday.

    Told YA…….they can hit the ocean perfectly.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I like your use of the word “projectiles”. To bad they are just that and the guidance systems can’t be highjacked to be made to go straight up then down. Sort of “Return to Sender” address unknown.

  18. gmanfortruth says:

    There is some talk that delegates for Trump and Cruz are setting up meeting with those of other States to stop any shenanigans by the RNC at the convention. We all know the deck is stacked for Clinton (it can’t be any more obvious). Hell, maybe things will get so bad Obama will have to cancel the elections until 2020. That would solve all the problems, except the Revolution.

  19. Obama on CNN…….exploring Executive order on clemency for 12 million illegals.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      That number is likely very low. 11 million was the number 10 years ago before Obozo took office. I’ve heard as many as 30 million now. I’m not sure what kind of shenanigans this jerk is going to try, which I actually would expect from that scumbag, but if he thinks he’s going to allow 12 to 30 million illegal aliens to vote, this country is DONE.

  20. gmanfortruth says:

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation is losing confidence in Hillary Clinton and her mishandling of a private email server, a New York Post columnist suggested on Sunday.

    “FBI chief James Comey and his investigators are increasingly certain presidential nominee Hillary Clinton violated laws in handling classified government information through her private e-mail server,” Charles Gasparino said career agents had told him.

    “Some expect him to push for charges, but he faces a formidable obstacle: the political types in the Obama White House who view a Clinton presidency as a third Obama term,” Gasparino added. “With that, agents have been spreading the word, largely through associates in the private sector, that their boss is getting stonewalled, despite uncovering compelling evidence Clinton broke the law.”

    Clinton is facing a federal indictment over charges that she mishandled classified information during her tenure as secretary of state by storing it on a personal email server. The FBI earlier this month granted immunity to Bryan Pagliano, a Clinton aide who helped to establish the server in the basement of her Chappaqua, New York home, as part of its investigation into the matter.

  21. gmanfortruth says:
  22. JAC……this will get your goat,I am sure. I was talking to a group of businessmen through the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce at a business luncheon…..I was shocked to hear that several of them, and by several I mean around 50% of them, crossed over and voted for Hillary in the primary. And these same ones said they would vote for Hillary over Trump….and the reason being………………………..that Hillary and the Democrats can be bought off and Trump,et al,probably cannnot. This was a serious discussion and no one was joking. I was in absolute shock of what I was hearing.

    I asked about Cruz, if he made the nomination and they all agreed that they would vote for Cruz because, they feel, he can be easily manipulated. I am talking about people with LOTS of money….I will probably be ex-communicated because I called every one of them hypocrites…so I imagine that I will be persona non gratia shortly.

    Then, after I settled down after drinking a doctor cursed full strength Dr Pepper, I got to thinking…..all they are doing is protecting their position. Nothing more than that…not wanting to lose what they have gained, apparently. THey have done exactly what I said businessmen do…..weigh the options, list the pros/cons and whichever way the scale tips…is where they go.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      One of the Republicans that sit with those at your luncheon: http://personalliberty.com/hand-it-to-hillary-lindsey-graham-says-trump-win-worse-than-gop-defeat/

      There’s a poll with in, the people don’t seem to agree with Graham.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good afternoon Sir.

      You are correct, my “goat” has been duly gotten… I would have hoped for better out of Texans. It does not shock me, however. This is one of the biggest problems, and why I have always admired the Kochs.

      While they play the game, they support candidates who will destroy the game. Because they don’t want the game. But as with all business people, they want the same rules for everyone. That is if they cannot skew the rules to their favor.

      I find the comments about Cruz curious. I am not sure how they are planning to manipulate him, unless it comes via Congress and his need to “compromise” to make progress.

      I find their comments about Trump even more surprising. I would expect Trump to do what is necessary to keep business moving. More of the same old stuff. Cause he is hanging his hat on creating jobs, jobs, and more jobs.

      If Cruz were allowed to carry out what I think is his own belief system, these folks would be in for a big surprise. Even playing field, but with a limited number of rules. Hard rules, but limited in number.

      • The comments about Cruz are well founded. Since I helped work his Senate campaign years ago, I am familiar with the two Super PACS that are contributing to him. He is very pro business…..and will get millions from the Super PACS. He may be a junior Senator but he is still a sitting Senator….and can keep his position with a failed PResidential run. He, like all politicians, will not shit his bed.

        • AS to Trump…..he literally scares the business community.

          ut the general consensus around here is that the convention will be contested….and Kasich is far too confident. I think he knows something or at least has been promised something. Romney openly supporting Cruz in one state is a direct attempt to limit the votes to Trump because Kasich does not stand a chance in that state….I saw an interview with Kasich about Romney supporting Cruz and he simply did not seem to care and said Romney is free to support whatever is necessary to get Trump out.

          Trump is definitely scaring the bejeesus out of somebody……nobody is afraid of Cruz, they are just pissed because he did not fall into lock step…..but they are afraid of Trump.

          • First the R’s will not get a veto proof Congress. If they did, they would run roughshod over any president. The best that can be hoped for is a filibuster proof Senate but I doubt that too. So if Cruz or Trump is president, the D’s will block everything worthwhile. If Hillary, Bernie or Biden get it, the R’s will cave as usual after making a lot of noise. So best we can hope for is that the R’s control Congress and the Presidency and we can make some modest progress. The D’s will try and will probably succeed in blocking any major advances that a Pres. Trump or Cruz might attempt. Cruz has targets painted on crony capitalism such as the green subsides and others. Trump plans on going after the trade deals which will make legislators from both sides angry as well as countries whose ox he gores. If Hill is in, the expect 4 more years of malaise and downward spiraling. Biden will be just a caretaker do nothing president. Bernie will accelerate the decline.
            So if the last 7 years were scary, the next will be downright frightening.

  23. gmanfortruth says:
  24. gmanfortruth says:
    • My oldest boy races in the Chump Car series. These are $500 junkers that provide a lot of fun. There is also the LeMons series which is similar.


      This is group near here that is running a classic Opel GT with a lot of success. I have donor parts on that car.

  25. I just watched Trump’s AIPAC speech. He can be presidential.

    • I taped it and watched it….and those pesky Jewish can be fickle. I saw the response from the Hilary speech and everybody including the conservative pundits were all saying how Trump was going to be ignored and everything quiet and the whole place is going to walk out……well……now the pundits are saying that they are astonished at the reception that trump got and when he pounded on Hilary, they responded loudly with plenty of applause. Enough appplause and standing O’s that shows me how divided the Jewish community is but they are one sided. However, the Jewish community is also not stupid and they know which side of their bread is buttered and it will be democrats that supply the butter, the knife, and the bread.

      But it was interesting….what I do not understand, is the apparent dislike for Cruz over Trump for the Jewish community. I have to think about this one.

      • Don’t know as much about AIPAC as I should but I think it tends to be a liberal gathering by and large. Mostly secular Jews who do not have a religious basis for their Israeli support.

        Secular Jews would be scared shitless by fundamentalist Christians. They have never really progressed in their thinking beyond the bad old days. Do not see the fundamentalists as being allies. I think if you polled them on on the soft issues, abortion, gay marriage, porn, you would find them diametrically opposed to Cruz. Now my conservative Jewish friends who are religious, that’s a different thing.

  26. gmanfortruth says:

    Good morning 🙂 The peaceful Muslims are trying to make new friends in Europe again. This of course makes Donald Trump look like a genius and the others…..not so much.

    Bill Clinton said “the awful legacy of the last 7 years”, which may be the first time he has told the truth in decades, apparently he forgot to lie, bwahaha!

    Arizona will go to Trump, Cruz nets Utah. I keep seeing that Idaho was doing something, but I thought they were finished with the Republican side.

    For Anita…..TRUMP 2016! 🙂

    For JAC……SNAKE 2016 😀 (I couldn’t resist)

    For D13.. I’m guessing that current businesspeople are scared of Trump because he will shut down regulations and fix trade deals that hurt small business, which will allow more competition. Good for the people, bad for the current business’s. I think over time, Trump would be VERY good for small business’s and the future of our industrial remaking, turning us back into the industrial power we once were. That is why I don’t think he will get the nomination, if he lives to get to the convention. The dislike I see for him is making it quite possible that I may vote for him and break my own rule, just to spite the establishment.

    • On Trump……remember the saying, ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend “……in today’s politics, it is important to remember, that when you are up to your ass in alligators, it is hard to remind yourself that your initial objective was to drain the swamp….

      Trump is a Rattlesnake….and donning the harmless King Snake look does not change the fact that he is still a rattlesnake….he still has fangs and they are full of poison. Reminds me of the evolutionary process that I see on the ranch. When we have a plethora of rattlesnakes, we do not see the smaller varmits ( rabbits, field mice, etc ). When the smaller varmits are depleted enough, the coyotes, bobcats, and cougars leave and look for new food sources. Then the pig population starts to decimate the rattlesnakes to the point that we have to bring in trappers and kill and trap pigs. Meanwhile, the varmit population returns along with the coyotes and bobcats, and cougars….this puts the spring calf drop in danger from predators. Then we shoot the predators to keep the attrition rate on the newborn calves down to manageable…..when the predators start becomming scarce, it all starts all over again. The moral of this story is…sometimes the rattlesnake is our friend, sometimes the pig is our friend, sometimes the coyote and bobcat and cougar is our friend….and sometimes we can work in harmony with each individual species. But never, can the individual species work together, in unison, to each others benefit.

      I know there is a lesson in there.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Sounds like the rattlesnake is good for business. The pigs can be hunted, good for hunters. The coyote, bobcat and mountain lion move on to greener grass when the rattlesnake is busy, benefiting the cattle rancher. Just wear your snake boots and the rattlesnake is better for business.

        • No no…..no hunters allowed on property. We shoot for meat only and that is within family….now the pigs…..that is a different story, however, we do not want to open the land up to hunters because they scope out the area….then poach. So, we are very close on our property and we patrol it. But…even though we do not see rattlers, we still wear the snake boots…with leather chaps….we have more than rattlers here.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            You folks have moral issues out there, LOL. While we have our share of poachers, they are far and few between. Those who do give it a go, usually get nabbed pretty quick. Most locals hunt, which means don’t take their game unless it’s done legally.

            On that note, there is 10k acres bordering our land that is own by a lumber company and managed by the Game Commission for public hunting. I walk it often and hunt religiously, and rarely ever see another hunter, except opening day of rifle season for whitetail bucks. Even then, it’s much less than 15 years ago. That makes it possible to grow some nice antlers and big bodied deer. We don’t require snake boots, but have the occasional Eastern Diamondback and Copperhead.

            I must have gotten your lesson somewhat correct, you didn’t correct it 🙂

            • Actually…..no sir. The lesson was about Trump but being the outdoorsman….you immediately went there and that is ok…..

              We actually have a good game management program on our land. When we bought the ranch back in the 90;s, you could not fine a deer anywhere. Now, the last two deer made the Boone and Crockett for non typical white tail.

              Snakes …..well…we have the following: Copperhead, Cottonmouth Water Mocassin, Western Diamondback, Mojave, Blacktail, Western Prarie, Massasauga, and Pygmy Rattlesnakes, and The Harlequin Coral Snake.

              We also have a mean rat snake that looks exactly like a rattlesnake and will strike like a rattler but has no fangs nor rattles…however, it will coil and shake its tail with a buzz like sound but it is harmless and you want to keep them around for mice and rats, small children, dogs and stuff….

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                All this talk about snakes and wildlife. Over my small patch of backyard I had counted 53 different birds. The predator birds such as hawks usually visited in a cycle. Never stayed more than 2-3 days. Cleaned up pidgeons and hopefully some of the tree rats (squirrels)
                One day flying high I spotted a hawk or maybe an osprey due to the direction it was heading had snagged on heck of a big snake. The snake was still very much alive and trying to pull itself up to get at the bird. I kept saying do not drop it in my yard. A fox has made a den in the back corner of the lot. Raises its kits then moves on. The city has been going through and burying the rest of the electric and other services underground and removing the poles. Side benefit is that there is no more roast possum and power outages.

                We are right on the Atlantic flyway, so watching the birds migrate is always interesting. We are getting a few more ‘gators. As they are spotted the signs at the boat launching ramps pop up, warning about the potential of becoming lunch.

      • Obviously you have never sat still and watched the “Lion King” umpteen million times with your grandchildren. The Circle of life man, the circle of life.

        You can thank the Spaniards for the Horse and the pig.

        • There are two movies that I know the songs and lyrics by memory……The Lion King and The Jungle Book……

          • Down in the Family Room last week with Nicholas Age 2 and his cousin Catharine, age 3. When the tune, “When I grow up to be King” comes on they both jump up on the overstuffed recliner and start jumping up and down in time with the music, singing their heads off. I almost choked to death laughing. Damn, I hate when the coffee comes out of my nose!

            The wife tells me this was the stuff I missed when their daddies were growing up and I was out earning the money to put cookies on the table. God is good giving me a second chance!

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Ah yes, my Texican friend showing much wisdom this morning, wisdom beyond his rank no less!

        Lesson: Balance is an illusion, life moves forward in cycles. I might add, cycles within cycles.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      If that thought is valid, about “big” business not liking Trump and will make it better for the small guy. When the NRA and other associated laws were passed during the depression, FDR flat out said the problem is to much competion. The laws forced the small guy to only work so many hours of be fined. Small competitive entrepeneurs who had survives against the big guys were “forced” by law to share their inovation with the big guys. There by having their throat cut by law…..Trumpa casinos can not survive just on the business of the 1%’rs. It takes lots of little people to make them profitable. No small guy spending no business. His residences are a different venture. With all the reams of regulatory laws out there even the regulators and inspectors can not deal with them. Only companies with a full staff of lawyers can delve into all the rules and implement all the regulations required. The little guy is generally left behind

      • Yeah…I just don’t know….some of these guys I talked to, I have known for years…..I am very surprised…..but, still…….it is the survival kicking in.

  27. And everyone is surprised, once again, that Brussels is hit…..Stupid is as stupid does. ( Forrest Gump…and there is a lesson in there as well )

  28. gmanfortruth says:
  29. I guess that I have waaaay to much military in me….I do not understand the news media nor the false sense of security we, the U.S., has……All of the hoopla over the EXPECTED terrorist attacks in Belgium. Then the local news here, runs out to DFW airport and starts filming the increased security being put into place at DFW. The news showing the security guys walking around in identifiable areas, the type of body armor they are wearing, and the type of weapons and communications equipment that they have…..right there….all on TV. Any self respecting “bad guy” watching TV can immediately assess the security without risking detection.

    The second thing that popped out at me…..the “grandstanding” of the security guys trying to look macho for the cameras…..full faces on TV…..recognizable in body height, weight, facial hair, and uniforms and not turning their backs on the cameras..

    The third thing…..if I was in charge of DFW airport security…..it would be a friggin’ cold day in HELL before I would let ANY MEDIA on my grounds with cameras, unescorted and without reason. I certainly would not let them photograph, film, or otherwise record any positions of security cameras, entrances, exits, or rolling stock…including gates and plane positions.

    Sigh…….a disaster waiting for a time to happen.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      The Liberal media is telling them where not to hit! Idiots, all of them. So far we have been lucky, they are not blowing things up…..yet.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      That reminds me of the exercise in Beirut during Reagan’s tenure. There were security checks and road blocks in the city by US service men. News weenies taking full face photos and interviews of the soldiers blasted all over global 24 hour news channels. CNN at the time. Couple days later the reporter would do a follow-up on the story lamenting that the soldier they interviewed out at the checkpoint (remember him) was shot down and killed by sniper fire. Of course the Hezbolla (sp) were watching and making plans trying to cause us to withdraw…….then the ultimate stupidity. The clear ramp, no barriers up into the airport building that housed the Marines. The perimeter guards had unloaded weapons with the magazines on the other side of their guardpost, so NOBODY could get accidently shot and injured. tell that to the 235 Marines killed by a bomb truck driving unimpeded into the building…..usually people learn by past errors in judgement. I guess not. New generation has to relearn.

      • Interesting piece today in Smithsonian Air and Space. Squadron Commander of F-4’s in Fla during 1967 had two jets on constant alert for anything coming out of Cuba. Well, they got scrambled to go after an errant U-2 that was getting too close to Cuba. (we had promised previously not to overfly). The U2 did not turn back and they got orders to shoot.

        The orders were abruptly cancelled when in order to get high enough for a missile lock they too would have to enter Cuban air space. Turned out anoxia had disabled then killed the U2 pilot. Ultimately he crashed in Bolivia and his body and the wreckage was recovered.

        Interesting to me was we were willing to sacrifice and kill our own pilot without any remorse even if he was only temporarily disabled.

        PS, the Cubans never knew he overflew them.

  30. gmanfortruth says:
    • Woe betides him who tries to take away by Capt. Kirk Phaser.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        This is interesting as it was a unanimous decision, and considering the makeup of the court it should be notable. It is not common for SCOTUS to reverse previous decisions, but rather follow them when making future rulings. I think a lot of fear mongering about who nominates these judges is probably unwarranted for the most part, but not completely.

  31. Listened to the whole album and sprung for the ten bucks. Too bad I don’t speak French. Some good stuff here.

  32. gmanfortruth says:


    So if the Obama administration fails to address this appropriately, as in follow the recommendations of the FBI, when they come out (or are leaked), then he faces a serious strike mark on his legacy (which sucks now, but can still get worse). If Clinton don’t win the election and is later prosecuted and found guilty, his corruption will be his legacy, not his visit to Cuba.

    Now, for you legal types, what could Obama do to protect Clinton AFTER he is no longer President? Could she being given immunity to throw her staff under the bus? What will this wretched woman do to save her fat ass while destroying the lives of others?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      That is surely a rhetorical question. Of course she will do and say anything to advance her ambition of being president. These staffers most assuredly did not just show up one day and say…jeez Madam Secretary for your convienience we’re going to put this unsecure server in your basement to handle all your State and personal communications and business. The fact that they even did it shows the disdain that even the lower level functionaries in the government have for the country and people. If that had been me, I’d have quit and the closing door behind me would not have been close to my dust trail.

  33. Just A Citizen says:

    If you remove the “superdelegates” from the Dem race, Sanders would be within 300 of Clinton. California has over 400 alone. Interesting how the map is shaping up.


  34. Let’s see, I understand Bush of the Brahman Bushes, the ones who landed with the Pilgrims has endorsed Cruz. Cruz’s wife is an exec with Goldman Sachs. Hmmmm

    Question for the Colonel from my fevered brain. Ever since Che got it, there has been the recurring rumor that Spanish speaking Army Special Forces in Colombian uniforms took him out. Still too secret to talk about or is the rumor just hogwash?

  35. “…but now it’s only men that are coming across.”

    I wonder if ISIS will send 400 fighters to the US? Oh wait, they are already here.


  36. gmanfortruth says:

    Things that make you say WTF!


    “The resolution does not expect students to pay for these services as I, and those who voted for it, believe that health is a right not a privilege,” she added. “The university should be providing this right to all students.”

    I wonder if she feels the same about guns?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      This probably is going to sound rhetorical. But way back when the women’s right to an abortion with Wade vs Rowe, did anyone envision that it would be used so much as a form of “birth control”. The argument was in case of rape, health endangering the women, the fetus was determines to have a legitimate birth defect, etc. With the plethera of birth control methods available even back then, including NO. to be used as tool to get rid of this inconvienience for my uncontroled moment. Especially if these are young supposedly with it educated (sarc) modern women and men. I guess they do not want it to show up on Mommy and Daddy’s credit card statement showing what their lovely daugther has been up to instead of studying.

      Adversity breeds toughness and survivability. We have had none for generations and are rapidlly getting stupider as a society. It is inevidable (sp) but any and all societies collapse over time. Have to do some research, but I think they are coming at a faster pace today. I can not see people surviving today the way they did during the great depression. Any number of reasons, like food production being in the hands of a few instead of the majority of the population.

      • I think it important to look for the stuff that goes under the radar. It is easy to appeal to people’s emotions and put them in the position of the poor pregnant co-ed. From there it is easy to get what you want.

  37. gmanfortruth says:
    • gmanfortruth says:


      I have no words that could properly opine to this incredible stupidity that Liberal’s bloviate on a daily basis.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Well. considering that the Belgians can’t live together themselves it’s only natural for them to not accept outsiders. (sarc)

        The one thing that all these analysts miss, what if it was the inverse. Millions of Christian Europeans migrating to Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Islamic countries. I think that might not go over very well.

      • I, once, had the misfortune of being assigned to NATO Hq, USA…Brussels was pretty, the food good, utilities were satisfactory if you could keep them on and running…..one thing I noticed, in Brussels, was the incredible segregation. And, blacks were not welcome. Black army officers were not served at many restaurants. Americans were not welcome in neighborhoods, the French were not welcome in many areas, and Muslims were relegated to specific places and mosque’s were not allowed. Christian churches were relegated to specific blocks. At NATO headquarters, certain ethnic personnel had to use different doors…and there were “assigned” latrines based on ethnicity…..

        This in the multi cultural failed experiment of Europe.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          While I was in Sicily, the people always were asking me how I can stand working with blacks. Only had one in my command. They have to be going bat-shit crazy with the uncontrolled “migration” from north africa, not only from muslims but blacks from further south like Sudan. They all in all have to feel that joining the EU was a terrible idea, They sure felt that way the last time I was there.

          The Dutch hate the migrants. The EU keep ramming them down their throat saying you have NO right to defend your country against even those who have no desire to be dutch citizens, Just breed like rabbits and bleed the system, From what I got from the folks in Amsterdam and Rotterdam is that by also refusing to learn the language, partake in education they’re perpetually unemployed. The dutch are a very polygot people, but my advice is DO NOT speak German, they are still a bit sore from WWII.

          • Yes…do not speak German in Belgium…..you will be shunned.

          • Ah, you guys opened up an old memory of mine. Went to Paris in ’74 with the bride. Been there before, wanted to show her around. Made reservations for dinner in the restaurant on the 2nd level. When you take the elevator up it has two levels. The upper cage goes to the second level but the lower stops at the first. The tickets for the tower were I think a Franc for level 1 and 2 for level two. About 50 feet before you board the elevator, the walkway splits with plenty of signage for 1st or 2nd levels. When we went, there was a busload of krauts, ooops I mean German tourists. They had 1st level tickets but rushed the second level elevator, laughing and joking. The elevator operator, an ancient little man, tried to be polite but they ignored him. Finally he took a pole held it crossways and literally pushed them all back. When they finally got the message, he put the pole down, straightened his uniform and puffed himself up to his full 5′ 2″ height. As he closed the gate, and started up, he looked at us and our fellow passengers, spat on the floor and snarled, “bosche”!

            I like to think that fifty seven years before he was one of those Polius at Verdun shouting,
            ‘On ne passe pas’! at the grandfathers of that crew.

            Next day went to the Louvre where another group of German tourists almost knocked Denise over the balcony on the second floor. I had been warned by many folks when I first went in ’71 that I would not be welcome in France as an American. Absolute bullshit. They reserve their hate for the Germans and Scandinavians who have the attitude they own the place.

            • I had a much different reaction in France…..in Paris, in the touristy sections, everything was ok…..however, in the interior of France it was a rather cold reception….but they were courteous….Outside the touristy areas of France, it was not a good reception at all and that is ok, I was not expecting anything. At Normandy Beach and surrounding areas….the reception could not have been better, especially among the older folks. In Northern France it was ok…..but Southern France was totally different with a different mindset.

              However, the other thing that stood out to me was the appalling behavior of a majority of the American tourists. They brought a lot of the attitude on themselves by acting with a superiority attitude but I also noticed that those American tourists that had that attitude were the younger crowd. The main complaint that I heard from the Americans was the time it took to do things over there. France was just not in a hurry….they have no concept of a one hour lunch. They do not move very fast and if a train says it is going to be there at noon…….do not bet on it.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                As they’d say in Italy and Sicily…..”Piu Tarde” or “Doppo Domani” meaning more later of after tomorrow. My message to tourists was slow down and enjoy. I luckily spoke german, french and italian besides english. Most europeans had no clue that I was an american. Usually thought at worst that i was a Canadian. The French I found were quite picky on their language, Americans usually assumed that to get them to understand english just speak louder, If one started in English they’d pretend that they didn’t understand at all. Start in French and profusely apologize for not speaking perfectly and then you’d settle into a mutual language, they just didn’t want their language butchered.

                That said, I vacationed at a club med on Guadeloupe a while ago. The travel agent couldn’t understand why I wanted to go there, saying that they speak french there you know. I switched to french and she just shrugged. Upon arrival, the hostess put us with the other non french people. That lasted < lunch time. boring. We moved out to the french hangouts and had a ball. I asked the hostess a few days later where all the americans were that were suppose to arrive after we did. Never saw them or heard them. Allegedly there were several hundred at the resort. I guess the american wifes did not like beaching, should I say "al fresco" and then locked up their husbands to keep them from making any embarassing reaction.

              • Back in ’71 rented a Renault and drove to Belleau Wood and eventually Verdun. Learned stick shift as I left the rental agency on Avenue de Wagram and turned right on the Etoile! Fortunately after five years on a motorcycle, I had learned the theory of Le clutch! (only popped it once).

                Anyway drove through Champagne country, stopped at a variety of small restaurants and taverns and had a wonderful reception. Remember sitting down to eat cheese and drink ice cold Champagne with the barman. Lotta buy backs that afternoon.

                You are absolutely right about behavior. You are in France, for God’s sake act like the French! There is nothing wrong with a two hour lunch. So you pack in a third Alsatian beer, so what!

                Back in those days the problem with les Amis was they wanted everything “Holiday Inn” style. They just did not get the kick back thing. My other funny story on the trip was my stay at the Hotel Bellevue in Verdun. Mid August so we were the only guests. First and only time I ever had seven course meal. I think my dad had insisted I bring a tie and jacket and he was right. My lady friend needed a dress and I the tie and jacket. Wonderful dining experience. Let the waiter pick the wine (thank you Playboy Advisor!)

                Anyway, the lady behind the desk was pretty obnoxious and our French was terrible. So I made a comment to my lady in English which was overheard. Almost immediately from behind that desk, in pure Brooklynese she snapped, “I heard that!”.

                Turns out the woman who became more friendly when she found out we were from NYC was a reverse war bride. Her husband, a French sailor had been on one of the Free French ships to put into the Brooklyn Navy Yard for a refit. Strange world out there.

                Verdun a classic medieval City had to be totally rebuilt after WW 1. Everything had been destroyed by shellfire. They restored it to the way it had been. The # 1 souvenir you take home from Verdun is a dark chocolate Artillery Shell. Now, that was weird.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                back in my younger days I crewed on this yacht while it was in the Caribbean


                With the way the passengers treated the ships crew, I vowed never to crew again except on racing boats and would only own if at all possible. There was staff to take care of the whims of the passengers and there was ships crew handling the vessel. Handling the ship in reef strewn seas and some bimbo is demanding that you drop what you were doing to get another her chardonney. Totally rude and unaware of the situation…..one day while hanging out on the town dock around 1400. The QEII came into port, Started shuttling passengers to the shore for their shipping adventures. Except nobody told them everything was closed at that time of day. Closed until it cooled off. Anyway a lady from LI based on the accent, Either Queens of Brooklyn started kicking my foot. Demanding where is everyone? I was the only white guy on the pier. I politely said that everything is closed during “siesta” time and will reopen around 1800. She then demanded what isalnd is this. I said that this side is Dutch and the other side is French and the island is called St Marten…she then went on that that is not possible because everyone knows that only spaniards and mexicans take siestas. I suggested that she walk around a bit and then come back and explain to me why then she might think everyone might be holed up in a ice cool spot. better yet go back to the nice air conditioned ship for the afternoon and come back later. The ship will sail after midnight to its next port of call. Stupid american tourist.

                I traveled to Neuschwanstein years ago. Took the step kid and his wife on a tour of Germany. The hotel at the time was very elegant called “Schlosshotel Lisl” Anyway, when we went down to the dining room for dinner, my wife and I had seen that proper attire was required. Coat and tie for me and dresses for the ladies. The maitre’d was decked out in a tuxedo. We came down earlier than the kids and explained that we’d be having two more join us. Got seated and enjoying cocktails when the kids came down, Army PT sweats and flip flops. I thought the maitre’d would have a stroke. He excused himself and came over to our table and explained that he really wanted to turn them away and dress properly as the sign says. But since it was early in the season and he had staff to train he’d allow them in just this once. I saw that consistantly by the US Army personnel there. No consideration. Much less after 4 years there he only knew “Zwei Cola, bitte” No other German. Couldn’t even ask directions….That is the definition of an “ugly American”

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              When traveling in Italy, I found that the Italians and especially the Sicilians were expremely friendly and helpful. They also were trying to introduce their daughter or daughters to you. The base was a boon the the region. Usually in the tourist areas what you saw was the American tourists just being naive and totally uneducated to the history they were visiting. It was just a tick mark on the tour to show the folks back home in Queens, The Brits, were just Brits, well received but they were aloof. The French usually knew exactly what they wanted and knew what to expect. The arrogance prize went to the Germans in general.

              Visited Germany in ’91 and there was a special relationship with the Americans, especially Army personnel. Mutual dislike for each other. But that was brought about by Army policy and the troops still walking about like conquerors. It didn’t matter where we were. Bavaria, Schwarzwald, Mainz, Heidelberg. There were command policies in place that absolutely agravated the problem.

              Now visiting Sicily in 05, it now was just like Germany. After 9/11 everyone was pulled off the economy and forced to live on base. New barracks, new family housing. What was a very small commissary, only to get some hard to find US favorite items, a miniscule PX, there was now a Super Walmart size PX and commissary. The base was in a fortress mode. Except one notible thing. It actually wa easier to get on base in ’05 than it was in the 70’s. The base and personnel, became separate and isolated from, instead of being a part of the province. When I was stationed there we got groom like the locals. They did not want you to stand out. The Marines rarely left the base so they always were high and tight. Today, any american servicemen stands out like a sore thumb. The locals were rally angry at the base. Plus the base was cutting out local workers and bringing in civilian US contractors..

        • gmanfortruth says:

          One day, the Liberal Left will realize that humans are tribal creatures by nature, not choice. It’s evident everywhere, except in the minds of Liberal’s who can’t see past their noses.

  38. gmanfortruth says:
  39. gmanfortruth says:
    • This does it for me (as usual) This lady plus the Missus. Wow!

      (Victoria Coates) She’s currently on leave from her job as an investment manager at Goldman Sachs.

      Says it all!

      Starting to think that Trump has either a fabulous intel network or ESP. Lyin’ Ted and the bimbo blonde at Fox turn out to be what he said they were.

  40. Colonel (and all you other military types),


    Part II

    • gmanfortruth says:

      POOR KID! 😀

      • What are you talking about? They gave him a pizza party!

        Who doesn’t love a pizza party?

        • Ever been fed pizza through your ears? Or had a soda shoved up your nose? Wait, on the other hand, reports are that you have done some strange things on grog….especially that brew that DPM makes in your basement.

          You would have been surprised at some of the letters that I received as a commander and some of the complaints that came to me via the chaplain. Mommies did not like their babies being made into men….this was in the 90’s and early 2000’s. I really got tired of the recruits crying (literally) because they could not do pushups and heaven forbid that we made them do crunches. The attrition rate in my unit ran about 30%….more attrition from cry babies than there were in combat. Since commanders are responsible for recruitment and strength, the fact that I was an enlisted man turned officer (Mustang) and the fact that my CSM ate razor blades for breakfast and concertina wire for snacks and drank liquid napalm for sport, we actually became full strength with a waiting list beause we did not give a rat’s ass about diversity or political correctness or anything like that…we trained our men according to our training standards. The onecompliment that I remember well to this day….the Colonel and the CSM were consistent in their message, consistent in their training, consistent in their application of the rules, and consistent in their respect of the individual soldier. We did not care who you were, associated with, relative of whomever….you were treated the same. We had the dubious honor of being 105% recruitment and training and no one wanted to leave.

          Not wanting to leave exacerbated a problem….other commanders wanted my sergeants and junior officers because of their training…so they sniped me a lot.

          • I might add that my CSM and I wore the CIB with two stars…..that also helped because enlisted men and officers felt like we had paid our dues.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Sir…I can only think that this training was AFTER the initial boot training and willowing process and now were in training for their specialized MOS. Even in our wimpy Navy training, I reported that at least 25% of a command that I took through training had NO business being there. Either physically, mentally (psych issues), criminally, or just dumber than a post, drug addictions, but due to the political situation aven back in the 70’s you could not get rid of them and just say, sorry for for the inconvienience but you are just not cut out for this life. The actual number of those not completing theit 1st enlistment was 40% for all the above reasons. ….It can only be worse today

            • Yes sir…..this was after advanced training and assignment. I actually expected my command to be able to think, to read, to decipher, and actually talk in complete sentences without dragging their knuckles on the ground. I even expected my officers to be able to read a topographical map WITHOUT gps and know how to use a real live lensatic compass and shoot a real live azimuth and compensate for declinations. And, the horror, I expected all personnel, no matter the rank, to know the difference between true north, grid north, and magnetic north and how to configure all of it to a real live sectional map. And, further horror, I expected them all to know how to find and recognize the north star and what quadrant to look for it during the seasons.

              Then to further exacerbate the situation, I expected my entire command to know how to compute the metric to decimal and vice-versa. ( Seeing as how we are on the decimal system but our artillery and laser systems are measured in meters, mils, and centimeters. ) So, when these requirements were not met, it was suggested that they seek employment in other units. Commanders were authorized to set standards higher than minimum required and I did so. Reputation is what recruits people….integrity is equally important.

              Commanders were given great lattitudes to decide what was best for their commands. So, I set some standards that were above minimum….

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                what do you mean read a map and use a compass. How old time can you get. Don’ty ou just follow the snail tracks on the gps…..(sarc) The navy has apparently decided to actually teach celestial navigation and using a sextant again. They sort of forgot the what if factor of any or all of the high tech systems failing, getting hacked, software glitch. Have to know the Mark 1 systems 1st, then use the other cool stuff. One hit or a EMT your dead. All systems down. Now I assume some hardening has taken place, but I’d not bet my life on it.
                I loved orienteeering and map making. blaze a trail, create a map then give it to a team
                and they have to follow it. Hopefully where X marks the spot is the same place they wind up at. Or else you failed the exercise.

              • Ahhh, yes…..us old timers….I will go you one better. Night orientation….red lens only….putting one foot stakes in the ground with numbers in the middle of two foot tall weeds and growth. A total number of 8 stakes, each stake on a particular azimuth a certain distance apart ( in meters ) anywhere from 800 meters to 2,000 meters. Each 2 man team starting out on different stakes and given the first azimuth and distance. In order….each stake had two numbers on it…one on each side depending on which direction you came from…the team leader carried azimuths from each stake they found…but they better have the numbers correct. Some of the stakes were within 10 to 20 meters of each other.

                That means that you had to practice the length of your step and compensate for terrain. So if your first stake was 030 degrees and 800 meters….your pace man needed to step out the approximate distance. If his pace was off or he did not compensate for hills and ditches and going around obstacles, the chances of you hitting the wrong stake increased exponentially.

                If you hit one stake wrong, then the rest of your stakes were going to be wrong. Now, THAT was orienteering.

                Today….well….I doubt that anyone knows what a pace is much less how to walk with a pace.

              • Oh yes…and no laser sights….they were not even invented then,.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                That beats me on hard land navigation. do that in a down east fog so thick you can not see the bow of the boat, go buoy to buoy through narrow channels with a full tide running, plus wind and try and not hit the rock ledges you knew were there. The rocks were charted, but the unknown wrecks were not. oh, it’s not your boat, but one you were hired to deliver on such and such day, way south so the owner and photographers from a NYC ad agency can take Cheryl Tiegs out for a photo shoot….pleasant memories

              • Well, you got me on water….that is why I am in the army…..I can deal with just about any creature on land, man and otherwise…..but I do not deal with sharks. This Special Forces Colonel shrinks to insignificance at the mere sight of a shark…..and it does not matter how small…and this from someone who loves to snorkel and dive……go figure.

              • And to show you how deep my phobia goes……I would rather Tango with Obama than face a shark…….BEAT THAT ONE.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Don’t take to sharks either and also baracuda. Went on a trip towards San Diego looking for a campground to spend a long holiday weekend. Needed close access to the surf. we went surfing and then went up onto the bluffs above the beach where the campground was. Looking back at the beach between the surf line and kelp beds was schools of sharks patroling back and forth. We were just in that water 10 minutes before……”Jaws” theme song starts NOW. these were not little baby sharks but full grown blues, white tip, yellow tip. WE did know though out at the islands offshore where lots of sea lions served as dinner to great whites. Being in the water was to be treated with caution. you’d never see the shark coming. they cruise low at deeper depths and then come straight up as the seal or diver or surfer are silouetted (serious spell check) against the surface light.

                There is nothing like free diving for dinner in the caribbean and as you run out of air and head up to the boat……there are some sharks between you and your next breath.

  41. gmanfortruth says:
    • gmanfortruth says:

      “Because every believer that’s ever come before us, including the people in the military, are saying that my soul will be damned in some way,” said Sotomayor. “I’m not naysaying that that is a very substantial perceived personal burden by them. But if that’s always going to be substantial, how will we ever have a government that functions? How will we ever have anything that the government can demand people do in objecting…that won’t be a problem?”

      But the real answer is so much simpler than that. How have we had a functioning government for all those decades upon decades of our national life, while refraining from encroaching on people’s consciences and fear of their souls being damned?

      Think hard.

      That’s right: government did less.

      It’s so simple, it’s ridiculous. The way you have a functioning government that doesn’t demand the people do things against their consciences is to limit what government does.

      You’re welcome.

  42. gmanfortruth says:


    Did Cruz disavow the ad in Utah that started all of this ? You know, the one from the old GQ shoot about Trump’s wife being the next First Lady (and hell yes, I have no problem looking at her for four years or so).

  43. gmanfortruth says:

    The Republican Party does not require a presidential candidate to win eight states to qualify to be placed in nomination at its upcoming Cleveland convention, GOP officials say.

    The Republican National Committee’s “Rule 40(b)” makes eligibility for the GOP nomination contingent upon winning a majority of the convention delegates in at least eight states or territories, an achievement generally accomplished by winning at least eight primary or caucus elections. However, Rule 40(b) only applied to the 2012 Republican convention in Tampa, Fla., that nominated former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

    Party officials and knowledgeable sources have confirmed over the past few days that Rule 40(b) doesn’t exist for the purposes of the upcoming convention. That means at this point, the three candidates left in the race, front-runner Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, are all eligible for the nomination, as, possibly, are the Republican contenders who have since suspended their campaigns.

    Ben Ginsberg, a Republican elections lawyer who was involved in rule-making process for the 2012 convention, said that Rule 40(b) isn’t transferrable to the 2016 convention. Ginsberg explained to the Washington Examiner that what was passed in 2012 applied only to 2012, and that the 2016 convention must pass its own rule determining nomination eligibilty.

    RNC Chairman Reince Priebus confirmed Ginsberg’s assessment on Sunday during a television interview. “There will always be a perception problem if people continue to miss — to not explain the process properly. So, the 2012 rules committee writes the rules for the 2012 convention. The 2016 rules committee writes the rules for the 2016 convention,” he told CNN.

    There you have it folks. This is exactly as I have stated, the old rules expire and new rules will be made. Many of the old rules will be reaffirmed. This means….votes mean NOTHING!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      It means no such thing. It means the new rules will be adopted by a VOTE of the delegates.

      There is no surprise here. Why are so many people trying to make this out to be some big conspiracy or “unusual” event?

      • gmanfortruth says:

        The resurrection of Jeb Bush?

      • gmanfortruth says:

        It means the new rules will be adopted by a VOTE of the delegates.

        That is what it is saying. The old rules will NOT apply unless they are reaffirmed. I stated this a long time ago. It’s not a surprise, at least not to me. Just like in 2012 when 40(b) was written to screw Ron Paul in favor of the establishment choice of Romney, they will once again pass new rules that will favor the establishments choice, whoever that will be come summer. It’s no conspiracy theory at all, it is conspiracy fact, the illusion of choice is front and center. To the detriment of the Republican Party, they will do what they have always done, pick the nominee YOU get to vote for. The only people surprised are those who thought their votes actually meant something.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Let me remind you that each of the Republican nominees for POTUS since Eisenhower has had the “majority” of votes and thus delegates prior to the convention rules being finalized for that POTUS convention.

          So in fact, Republicans vote for a nominee who you then claim was selected for us by Republicans. To which I respond, who else should select the Republican candidate.

  44. gmanfortruth says:
  45. gmanfortruth says:


    Most people knew that background check’s would turn into a sort of registration. While not complete and can’t track private sales, this is why I’m against ALL so called common sense gun laws. Let’s face it, the ATF could go into gun stores and TAKE all their records, scan them and return them before any court action would likely occur. It only takes one Liberal judge to sign the search warrant.

    Rule: Never, ever, believe a politician. Very few are not capable of telling the truth when they are violating the Rights of the people. The most important job the Federal government has, protecting the Rights of the people they serve, and they are a complete failure. Shame on us for allowing that to happen. Double shame on us for allowing it to continue another day.

    • Every time one of my friends makes this argument, I never tire of telling them that in less than 24 hours in 1963, they had tracked down the history of that carcano Oswald used and probably without computers. Everything leaves a trail, except for Hillary and Bill and Obama.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Oswald became infamous and had bought the gun via mail order. Not that it mattered, if a gun store of any kind would have sold it to him, they would have squealed like pigs …..if for no other reason than free advertisement. Had Joe Blow shot Jeff Dork, nobody would care and who sold the gun to the shooter would have never likely been found out.

  46. gmanfortruth says:
  47. Just A Citizen says:

    Time to revisit some basics in economics. Facts that will irritate those howling about loss of manufacturing jobs, among others.

    You have to read the whole thing to get the punch line.


  48. gmanfortruth says:

    This is not a riddle, but a quote from a Medical examiner who claims to have more knowledge of guns than most ME’s. From an open air interview, at the crime scene. Oh, as a note, I know far more about the weapon and ammo used in the crime than this jackwagon could ever wish to know, can you guess who said this and at what crime scene?

    ” The bullets are designed in such a fashion that the energy, this is very clinical I shouldn’t be saying this, the energy is deposited in the tissue, so the bullet stays in”.

    Hint: The weapon is not a pistol, shotgun or .22 long rifle.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      No answers yet?

      • Ok, I’ll bite. Sandy Hook crime scene. I don’t remember the medical examiner’s name…..but he is an idiot.

        Years ago there was a bullet that came out called Glazer safety rounds. They were kinda like a ‘bird shot’ and in a teflon-like capsule. On impact, the pellets would disperse throughout the tissue so rounds like the 9mm didn’t go through the person, through the wall, and through an innocent person in the next room….hence the safety part. To my knowledge, however, they were only produced for handgun rounds…..not for .223 or other rifle rounds.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          They do have Glazer safety tip for .223, see here: http://www.midwayusa.com/Product/382582/glaser-blue-safety-slug-ammunition-223-remington-45-grain-package-of-6

          A package of 6 is 12,76. However, there was never a mention of any specialized ammo found at the scene or in magazines. That would have been something quite big. But that’s of no matter either, because a .223 going at a small child at less than 20 feet is going to pass through anyway. (The Glazer advertises for less ricochet). There are so many holes in that story one could drive a truck through.

          • I stand corrected. I did remember that they were very expensive. As far as that story goes…don’t ya know that the laws of physics do not apply when liberals are involved? 🙂

  49. gmanfortruth says:

    Now the RUBIO camp is implicated in Cruz’s alleged sex scandal: Rumors of FIVE affairs ‘came from an ally of defeated rival,’ claims report as Trump taunts his rival on Twitter

    The National Enquirer published a story that claims that Ted Cruz cheated with five women – which he denies
    The story ‘came from a Marco Rubio ally’ and not Donald Trump’s camp, according to Breitbart News, who turned down the lead
    It said Cruz was unfaithful with a ‘hot babe’, a ‘sexy schoolteacher’, a ‘foxy political consultant’, a ‘pretty lawyer’ – and a $1,000 a night prostitute
    It was initially believed the rumor came from Trump, who has threatened Cruz with ‘spilling the beans’ on his wife, Heidi Cruz
    Then Cruz accused Trump of ‘rat copulation’ and posted a message on Facebook blaming Donald Trump and his ‘henchmen’ for the claims
    Trump hit back saying he ‘hoped’ story was untrue and he had nothing to do with Enquirer but added: ‘They were right about John Edwards’
    National Enquirer denied being influenced by any candidates in ‘unflinching’ reporting
    Later in the afternoon Cruz and Trump attacked each other’s mental health

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3509366/Trump-aide-s-fury-100-false-claim-one-five-women-affair-Ted-Cruz.html#ixzz440gEGNaC
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    This may be hard for Old Ted to lie his way out of this one. I kind of feel sorry for the guy.

  50. Intersting……Cruz is now the pariah…..the wheels of media are grinding yet again….

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Look at it this way. the “Silver Zipper” Billy Bob Clinton got a pass because he had a reputation from way back as a philanderer. I would to if hooked up with Hillary. The MSM just went ho hum, so what else is new. But if you take a high moral ground like Cruz has or any other politician you are dead meat if found to be not what you say. Trump’s peckadillos (sp?) have been all over the media for decades, no scruples there. Nothing to hide no traction from that quadrant from the media.

  51. gmanfortruth says:

    This month, the city posted a request for bids on a spectrum of riot gear: 2,000 sets of riot-control suits and 26-inch batons, three miles of steel bike-rack-style barriers, 25 sets of tactical armor, 300 patrol bicycles and 310 sets of bicycle riot control gear, among other equipment needs. (The police department does not currently have a bicycle unit; nor does it have a training program for such.) The bid package dwarfs similar requests from cities that hosted national conventions in recent history.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      “And I mean, those are interesting intellectual arguments, but I think for your generation, you should be practical and just choose from what works. You don’t have to worry about whether it neatly fits into socialist theory or capitalist theory — you should just decide what works,”

      Rationalizing “irrational” thinking, or lack of thinking altogether. Rationalizing making decisions based on whim instead of reason.

      When ever someone starts with a snide back handed reference to “those are interesting intellectual arguments”, and its hundreds of variations, they are about to tell you to throw away reason and intellectualism in place of anti-intellectualism, live by whim, withcraft or just do what feels right.

      This same tactic is used here often with the inference that an intellectual or philosophical approach is a waste of time or unproductive. Instead we should just do something that feels good because that is all we are willing to consider.

  52. Does Vegas know something we don’t……..The odds are falling. The odds of Vegas are now down to 1/4…..that means that Vegas is sying it takes a $4 bet to win $1,,,,,this is down from 1/12…..Cruz’s odds have increased to 5/1…….up from 14/1…..however, it seems that Vegas is hedging its bets….Kasich has improved to 9/1,,,,,,that is an improvement from 80/1……

    Vega is giving even odds on a contested convention……

  53. gmanfortruth says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I just loved Hillary’s quote….”there was no permission to ask” in other words I’m the boss, just do it. I’d feel a lot better about the government if just some more people would resign because of the illegal and regulation breaking that occurs. Obviously that sort of behavior just does not seem to cross many peoples threshhold of ethics etal. I just do what I’m told. An illegal order is still an illegal order and does not require being followed.

  54. gmanfortruth says:


    • Happy Easter. I hope the weather stays nice for a couple days. I need some quality time with my truck! 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The bells, the bells. There is no sleeping in on Easter sunday.

  55. gmanfortruth says:
  56. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Please do not anyone here on SUFA take my following 2 comments to seriously.

    I know it is very difficult to re-enact the stations of the cross. Given the changes in human rights and rules concerning torture, at least for those peoples of the world who care for those that believe different than themselves.

    But come on, wheels on the cross that was made out of (2) 2X4’s. At least it was cold and raining and the portrayer of Christ was afforded no rain gear.

    Here was one person who never flinched on his principles and paid the ultimate sacrifice, resurrected in 12 and ultimately the idea spread to a vast percentage of the worlds population. May the resurrection and the light never go out. it’s been dimmed but severe trial will make it shine bright again.

    • As a not great but still practicing Christian who these days is screaming at the Pope as often as not, I take what yous ay very seriously. Christianity gets a bad rap. Period!

      The thing I throw in the face of my friends who constantly harp on the “evils” of Christianity is the way it conquered the Roman Empire. Unlike Islam, not by force of arms.A a matter of fact, one could say the same of Judaism The Jews have never been much on converting anybody.

      Christianity, as a philosophy, offered a new way of thinking. It brought the ordinary man, worker, peasant even slave equality with Kings and Dukes and Princes. That had never happened before (or since). There is a viral hate of Christianity which makes every effort to warp both the history and the message. Evil has been done in the name of Christ but we acknowledge it, admit that it was not supposed to be that way and go on. If you listen to the attacks, they are as much on Jesus as they are on the Dominicans and Jesuits who ran the Inquisition. That has never been the case in Islam.

      It is so much fun to discuss the Crusades with dopes. Unfortunately, even when you pin them against the wall they don’t understand just how dumb and stupid and ill informed they are. They cannot quite get times, dates and epochs right in their heads. Somehow, the Muslim control of the Med Basin including Spain, Sicily and the Holy land was apparently “always” . Just cannot wrap their brains around the concept of Muslim armed conquest and Christian armed defense. If you don’t believe me, just go ask one.

      • And to put in more perspective, the Battle of Vienna occurred in 1683, 76 years after the founding of Jamestown and 63 years after the Pilgrim’s landing. The last of the Arab Empire was dismantled with the defeat of the Ottoman Turks in 1918. Just 5 years later the Muslim Brotherhood was founded to reverse these losses.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Stephen….my jest was at a small re-enactment here in New Bern and wheels.

        My last comment was very serious about how Jesus never waivered on his principles and philosophy, never seen before or since, suffered and executed and then lived on and did change the world, for the better. Islam has not changed the world except for the worse. Yes some things have come out of it but generally they were copying a known architecture invented by the greeks. Medicine continued, in historical facts attributed to muslims, but in fact were greeks or some other nationality who “submitted” or faced death. Christianity has had its problems, but in general learned and kept arguing and debating the faith. Islam is stuck in 600AD. I believe if the “EU” did not exist the individual countries in Europe would be dealing quite harshly, justifiable so, with this invasion that they are being subjected to. If they do not wake up real fast western civilization will be a very low ebb. Russia, good bad or otherwise will be a pillar that will not flinch, the US generally is OK as long as we can ensure we do not have another Obama aka Hillary who vows to continue and double down on Obamas policies. Which ARE not US nation friendly.

        If more people stuck to their principles assuming they do have some, or at least stuck to the law instead of preserving their job, ie the stuff with Hillary’s emails. Will Hillary cover for them…absolutely not, the bus is headed right straight at them. The past 8 years has really shown how far we have fallen as a nation of laws and at least a sense of right and wrong. When our president constantly ridicules us as a nation, lies and lies and lies again and people embrace him, really scares me. I guess his comments in Argentina tell it all. Actions on whims of the day, not based on an underlying bedrock…the US Constitution.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Mr. T….Your comment has me thinking about a really cool idea and subject 😀

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          This battle has been going on not just between religions but two absolutely different cultures. We can just step back a thousands years before Islam and find the Battle of Marathon…go all through the Old Testament and Babylon was destroying Jeruselum and taking the survivors into bondage. Its an overall culture difference of despotism overall and individual human rights. They blend and blur at times but that to me is it in a nut shell.

          After the bombing in Pakistan the news was all about we have to be more tolerant. They really were just targeting Christians celebrating Easter at the park…..tough shit that some muslims got in the way. They should not have been near the infidel anyway….Obviously all the tolerance classes and seminars being held are not targeting the right demographic group. (sarc)

  57. Dale A Albrecht says:


    From another article…The Model T when introduced was over $900 when it ceased production in the 20’s it cost 80% less. The average male income in the United States adjusted for inflation is less today than it was in ’69. If we matched the growth of the median household income of 1920, instead of just over $50K a household would be making just around $97K per year.

  58. I hope people are paying attention…..there are many of us trying to get the word to the news media of what is happening down here….finally got some news when a group of Pakistanis and Syrians were caught at the border this past weekend.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sir…any intelligence on who is funding and keeping their ATM cards flush so these refugees and migrants look so fresh and well clothed, after allegedly paying obscene fees to the smugglers. Could not have been so bad back home to have those kinds of savings.

      Just a flash thought. We here in the west have a concept of women and children 1st. If the situation is so terrible elsewhere, where are all the women and children. I generally only see young males now reaching Europe.

      • Yes, I can give you plenty of intelligence…..first of all, you are correct. It is amazing what we are catching a lot of…..young males in brand new jump suits, brnad new tennis shoes,no water, and no food, no ID….and the clothes are not bought in Mexico. They are funded by Iran…we have traced the money back to several EU banks that are funded by Iran as well….BUT..the funds are Revolutionary Guard Funds….not through the state of Iran per se’.

        Second, the Eastern folks we are catching are not using “coyotes”….but are brought through the Cartels. The trucks we just confiscated are American made trucks, sold through NAFTA regulations, to Mexico. They are sold at 150% premium to Mexico and funded through the State Department of the United States. This is allowed by NAFTA regulations. In other words, used car dealers that are registered with the US Government are selling cars at 150% premium but the State Department underwrites the premium and Mexico actually pays less than market value.

        Third, we have found several “children” supposedly fleeing political unrest at home (wherever that is)…that have actual State Department vouchers on their persons. It is, of course, denied. By the way, you must use the State Department definition of children….26 years of age….ironically the same age as considered “children” for dependent purposes under Obamacare…..

        Need more? there is a ton of it…all unclassified…..so far.

        • I might add…that when we catch a voucher, we are required to turn it over to the Feds….but not before we take pictures of the vouchers. We have turned the pictures to several news media but it does not seem to resonate…or it is just plain not news, I guess. I do know that we have been told by some journalists, that FCC licenses have been threatened if they reveal border documents under the guise of National Security.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Back to principles…The freedom of the press is a constitutional right. If they can be threatened by the Federal government for reporting the fact the Feds are not doing their job….damn it reporting it is their job. I’d bet the government would lose the case in court even if they tried to use the catch all ruse of homeland security.

            The only conclusion that I can come up with through all of this is….Obama said that his goal is to fundamentally change America. When the President says that isn’t that sedition?

            • gmanfortruth says:

              Dale, we are witnessing the life of a government in it’s latter stages. The big difference today from the past is the availability of real information, devoid of propaganda and lies. The internet gave us, as in we the people, a head start, if you will, in understanding the battle that is coming. The police state is here. Our governments number one job was to protect OUR rights. The media issue is but just one failure, and it’s not protect us, but to protect them. Sides are being chosen, while even I may get too old to be much help, I hope to see it happen. If not those younger than us will simply be subjects, and do so quite poor.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                The way the government is acting, their NOT protecting our rights. They’re stealing our rights as every minute goes by claiming it is for your own good and safety….And the sheeple are buying it. Ben Franklin said it two centuries ago about giving up your rights for safety…that you desire neither. Or what was it….you will get neither.

              • But we have all these wonderful “new” rights like smoking dope in public and gay marriage.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                The new “rights” should have never been denied to begin with under our form of government, where the minority is protected from the majority.

              • You miss my point G, the “new rights” and I forgot free internet porn, are really all just a diversion from losing the important stuff like speech, religion, illegal search, association, and of course having your own howitzer. The dummy kids do not get that.

                There was this NY Daily News piece about “leaving the country” after a Trump win. I got a kick out of it because they make it sound so glorious and easy and don’t really talk about what you would lose being a citizen of Mexico, a truly fascist state run by oligarchs and drug cartels. Bimbos, beaches and dope. That’s the way to go!. .


              • gmanfortruth says:

                SK, I got Ya, just didn’t say it right. More to come in the next article! 🙂

        • Those are also “children” when used as a propaganda tool for gun deaths.

  59. You gotta love Greg Abbott……new governor of the Republic of Texas….says, and I quote, ” as good as our State law enforcement is, the fact is that there is a significant increase in violent crime as a direct result of failing to enforce Federal Law. There have been over 800,000 violent crimes against persons and property over the last 6 years directly attributable to illegal immigrants. It is incumbent upon every Texan to take whatever steps are necessary to protect yourself.”

    Of course, Washington is reacting to this statement as is Mexico…..we don’t give a shit.

    • Sorry…it appears that the “we don’t give a shit” statement is attributable to Washington and Mexico…..it is not….please assign it properly….the people of Texas do not care what Washington and Mexico think….” we dont give a shit”.

  60. Just A Citizen says:

    Memo to the American Left.

    My confusion.

    Please explain to me when Corporate influence over Govt. is OK and when it is not because I am getting confused.

    On the surface it seems Corp. donations to influence politicians is evil, but Corporate blackmail of politicians is acceptable.

    So is it he means of buying influence rather than direct coercion that is offensive?? Please explain so we all can understand better.


  61. California…..you better wake up….since you like to emulate Europe….you better ask France and Spain what happened to them whenthey put in a high minimum wage….unemployment shot up to 40% for entry level and youth jobs.

  62. gmanfortruth says:


    HMMM…So when did old vet’s become a problem? If anything, they should be stripping those collecting welfare.

  63. You gotta hand to the Dems….they do know how to pull a sham and blame it on Republicans…..

    Josh Ernest today vehemently denied that any prisoners captured on Obama’s watch have killed Americans when released.

    Read it carefully….

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good evening my Texican friend. Hope your Easter Egg hunt went well.

      Tooooooooo Easy.

      Captured on Obama’s watch as opposed to Released on Obama’s watch.

      Bigger question…….. has there been anyone captured on his watch or have they all been blown to bits via. Drone by Obama??

  64. Dale A Albrecht says:

    True…..what prisoners of war? They just got dead and there was no judicial review other than his (obama’s) deck of cards. pretty arbitrary don’t you think?……words words words. Probably factually true by Josh Ernests statements. But as you said…what prisoners since Obama has been in office.

  65. Just A Citizen says:
  66. Just A Citizen says:

    It is not the Govt’s role to protect our rights. It’s proper role is to protect us from invasion and subjugation by “others”.

    Rights rest with the people, the people thus impose restrictions upon Govt. to protect their own rights. Not to delegate authority for that protection to the Govt.

    Our own Constitution’s Bill of Rights is a list of LIMITATION on the Govts. authority in order to assure it does not impose upon those rights identified as such by the people. There is no place therein where we gave authority to the Govt. to protect those rights or to assure them.

    This notion of govt protecting our rights is a modern invention of the Progressive aka, Family of Socialist philosophies/ideologies/witch craft.

    Please note that even in our early history “policing” was limited to local jurisdictions and that as such their job was to catch criminals, not to protect our rights. But to act as our agents in apprehending criminals and bringing them to justice. Otherwise my ancestors methods of having the Clan elders hunt them down and pass judgment upon finding them would have prevailed. We Americans came to call this Vigilante justice and have basically frowned on it, due to our Greco/Roman/English political heritage.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Call me silly, but an invading force would need to be stopped BECAUSE they would take the freedom of the people (like possibly their life). Maybe this can help:

      We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

      It’s all encompassing. But without those pesky Rights, none of the other would ever have mattered. It’s probably just semantics, but it don’t help a subjected people with no rights to be protected from invasion (actually, probably just the opposite). You are however free to believe that the government is the savior of the people if you wish.

  67. Buck the Walla…..I know you are around…..

    Feedback on the DOL’s Fiduciary Rule as it pertains to ERISA? Comments?

  68. Anybody who is managing their own retirement funds through an IRA or 401(k) or any plan that falls under ERISA….needs to be aware of this potential rule.

    • It is very, very dangerous,.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Not sure what you find so “dangerous”. Unless you are acting as the Fiduciary in a Family Corp. sponsored plan. In that case you have to act as a Fiduciary for the fund. Are you thinking that because you benefit from the plan you can be removed as Fiduciary??

      Self directed IRA’s and 401K’s are not company sponsored retirement plans so you should not have Fiduciary liability.

      You will need to describe your concerns better.

      • Certainly…..self directed funds are directly affected and this is where I am coming from….I do not have an IRA nor a 401 nor any ERISA type retirement plan….I do other things. I was just meeting with Edward Jones and have met with the Merrill Lynch people and they do not like this. Part of the rule making is that self directed funds will become a thing of the past being forced to deal with a fudiciary that is administering your funds.

        As an example, in a self directed fund, I am told that the new rules make the fudiciary responsible for insuring that you are diversified enough to keep your risk at minimum no matter what you want to do. The following example was given to me:

        JAC Jr is 25 years old and decides to direct his 401 investments….being young, he decides to play the risky ventures and tells Dale Dollarhead to invest in Exxon…throw everything in there. Dale Dollarhead will not have that authority under the new rules as written. He will have the repsonsibility to tell JAC Jr. that it is too risky and he cannot do that and must invest in other areas to forego the risk assessment. In other words, JAC Jr no longer has the freedom to make his own decisions.

        I asked the JOnes people and the Lynch people what was behind this and they said the big boy lobby was behind it because it means administrative fees that they currently do not get in self directed retirement plans. The new rules, apparently, mandates new administrative fees that are sometimes used to offset othe charges. Offsests for front loads will disappear and charges will be directed under the new rules.

        Now, these rules were set to go into effect April 1st…but it is being fought by Paul Ryan ann some other representatives. The DOL says that the average investor does not know the upside and downside of how investment firms work and, consequently, lose money. The DOL says that the average investor, over a 20 year period of time, loses around 25% vakues of what could be earned due to fudiciaries making bad decisions.

        It is the slippery slope that I am worried about and taking the personal choices of a self administered plan away is saying that you are not smart enough to do this on your own and the fudiciary must take your best interest and direct your investments accordingly…..but at a much higher admninistrative fee.

        My opinion……if you have hard earned money and you give it to someone else to invest in your best interest….I fall back on buyer beware. If you do not understand the market andor 401’s and IRA’s. Keoughs, etc……you do not deserve to be in it. If you do not “ride herd” on your investments…shame on you.

        • By the way, just finished talking with my estate/tax attorney….he hates it. Anytime you get the government involved….it costs money.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          So you are talking about new rules to take effect soon. I was not aware of these new rules.

          I agree…… it sucks and is a BS excuse to force us to use third party managers.

          Besides, I can dig up all kinds of data showing that a hog all approach would beat the “fiduciary experts” 90% or more of the time. Like you said, it depends on what you know and the risk you are willing to take.

          Maybe Congress should focus on cleaning up the Risk Ratings agencies. Then us schmucks would have a better chance of not falling on our face.

          Want to bet anything on whether the Govts view of a diversified retirement plan that is “balanced” REQUIRES a certain mix in Govt. Securities???

          • I too have heard nothing about this. Most 401Ks already have a manager that charges fees. The manager picks the smorgasbord of funds, but the individual does the allocation. I do have IRAs which I manage and have achieved significant growth over the last 20+ years. I will be hitting the mandatory withdrawal age in a couple of years. the government certainly has a way of destroying good things. They put limits on HSAs with the ACA.

          • Most think that the rules will not go into effect as yet….it was a little known rule that has now leaked out and several members of Congress and Senate are looking into it because it does not excuse them either. They are not exempt.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Somehow there needs to be a certification process that insures the congressmen and senators actually READ and COMPREHEND the bills that they are forcing upon us and also in NO WAY are exempt. The law is passed and is administered as written. Not then having thousands of extra regulation tacked on by the executive departments without Congressional review, debate and vote up or down to the change. Maybe that will slow this juggernaut down.

              • Yes…but these are rules through the DOL…not subject to up or down votes and it is not legislation. That is the rub of it. A rule change through the department.

              • Rules by royal decree.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                The law is substantially changed via the agencies by unelected officials. Congress has delegated their law making authority to the executive branch. Write a law that is politically acceptible and everyone has a check mark on their record for the voters to see on what a good job they’re doing for we the people. The rub is the unseen where the meat of the law is fundementally altered …The ACA was 2000 pages as it was. NOBODY read, much less even write it. I’m sure there are 10’s of thousands of aditional pages added after the congressional vote and presidential signature.

                But then it does boil down to “WE THE PEOPLE” have allowed our elected officials to do this with our tacit approval because the only power we have is the vote and little else. I say that if your congress person votes a law in and ONE line gets changed by regulators after the fact impeach them for lack of oversight. Maybe someday they just might slow down and really govern the nation by the rule of law not whim. I look at the house of representatives as representation of the mob. The senate was suppose to be much more deliberative and add some wisdom to the proposed legistation…Since the senate could now be elected by the mob, it is just an extension of the house. Either get rid of it and save time an money, or merge the two bodies. They’re one and the same.

  69. Just A Citizen says:

    We lost one of our more known citizens today. She has passed to the great beyond to play great parts on the stage of heaven. RIP Patty.

  70. Dale A Albrecht says:

    It seems so long ago….but it was hard to wrap your head aroud Patti Duke going from the “Miracle Worker” with another great Ann Bancroft, to the sitcom Patti Duke show and then leap to the “Valley of the Dolls” A high school girl friend did the body double for her in that movie. That movie is so underrated and so true to Hollywood.

  71. gmanfortruth says:

    There is a new thread posted! 🙂

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