April Open Mic

A new thread to keep up the chit/chat.  With more Primaries coming up and the NFL Draft, there should be plenty to talk about.  Happy April!  Here’s a link to an article titled Nine Meals From Anarchy that all of you may enjoy:  http://www.321gold.com/editorials/thomas/thomas042316.html









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    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Let’s see….the greenies don’t want coal used. nor any fossil fuel. No gas. Obviously if you burn wood that releases more carbon. Wind and solar can’t even come close to providing the needs of even basic use, much less industry. What are these greenie planning on using? To fly somewhere, drive somewhere, even an electric car wouldn’t even get out of Sydney. Charge all your electronics and cool iphones…cook your food….solution remove 80% of the population on the earth.

      • Told ya, read “the Bridge” or at least a summary. D. Kieth Mano was the author. Used to do a column for “National Review” every issue when WFB Jr. was running the show. The book takes us to the logical place a Godless world who worships the planet would go.

      • Up in coal country PA, streams have been burning from methane leaks forever. With all the PA fracking going on now I would expect that if there were an increase we would have heard about it.

        How about Centralia?


        • gmanfortruth says:

          There is plenty of fracking going on/has been completed around my place with ZERO known problems. I thought the burning water was comical, mainly because it’s easy to do with a submerged propane tank. Gotta love the enviro-nuts, at least they don’t quit, even when their ideals are debunked.

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  5. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Some light reading before bedtime. This past week you couldn’t believe the spin that is being put on the NC report.









    I didn’t cut in an article on the Block Island Deep Water project. This is an off shore project only by name only. These towers will dwarf the island. One of the cool claims the developers make is that it will take 200 such towers to replace the power generated by the 2014 mothballed Vermont Yankee Nuclear plant. That plant was a pin prick of land use and all the years I lived in VT, I never even saw it. But it not only could produce all the power the state needed but sold to other states. There were communities that had no need for it like mine which had hydro,,,,but previous governors wanted ALL dams and river obstructions removed. That governor also refused to let a treatment of lampreyscide to kill he larvae of the nasty sucking species which was devestating the Lake Champlain fishing and tourism…..how many thousands of acres of land or ocean in a very heavily traveled narrow sea lane. will be consumed for power turbines thats 4X more expensive than the average rate payer plus unreliable.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I had always believed that we are a nation that truly was governed by “We the People” good bad or otherwise. Obviously there were some exceptions along the way. But the past few years especially with the current administration and congress in place, they hold the people in contempt. Like the ACA was passed over the objections of the people. Now it’s embedded like a tick on a hound dog. The wind projects are almost always objected to by the people. But the local boards and state and national agencies just ram them down the peoples throat. Inspite of the laws that are in place protecting endangered species and developement. Much less the ruining of our natural wonders for your own good.
      Take the EPA grab on water. By redefining “navigidable” water. The feds can grab just about all waterways. Sure back when the Constitution wa written sail was the name of the game. Ships could just sail up just so far. Like up to Albany as an example. Usually beyond certain points engineering projects, like dams and locks expended that reach but was not “navigible” Steam came in and engines pushed further. But that was NOT nature…it was engineering. Building dams and levees and straightening rivers and constructing canals is not “natural” The Mississippi had lots of different twists and turns and areas deepened by use of levees making it more consistent. Take the Red River. Famous episode during the Civil War. When Gen Banks invaded Texas. A fleet got up the river just so far, but found they were stranded. To get out the fleet built dams to deepen the river, float down. Build another float further down until they got out. Today, I guess if you can float a kayak and an inner tube its navigible and under the Feds control. What blows me away is that the Senate dropped a bill blocking the grab when filibustered by the Dems. This is political lunacy especially by the States most affected by the Obama administration regulatory grab….As Gman says the 10th is dead.

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  7. The current SCOTUS arguing over O’Bama’s amnesty says it all. Even if the 4-4 split lets the lower court decision stand, the mere fact that 4 justices have voted to end congress is absolutelyfriggingamazing! I hope that they realize they are next. Andy Jackson demonstrated just how much power the court has when push comes to shove.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I thought the Federal government has lost the lower court rulings and they were the ones appealing?

      • Yep, that is the somewhat “good” news. The problem is 4 of 8 justices are favoring the Administration position. This position, I who am thankfully not lawyer but merely an interested citizen, think, essentially negates the Legislative Branch. Who needs it! So, one more judge and guess what?

        Obama has crossed the Rubicon and there is no Brutus.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          So in that case Obama loses. The power court ruling stands and that was AGAINST his executive order. If it was the States who appealed a lost ruling in the Federal Appeals court they would lose in a 4-4 vote……Even during the FDR time when he controlled everything the congress was still smart enough to NOT let him pack the SCOTUS. We are now in a time that Congress is so truly petty that parties are willing to be so blatantly anti the Constitution and the court also. All power to the Feds. Damn the States and the People…(sarc)

          • They could rule the states have no standing which would throw out the lower court findings. The issue would thus be sidestepped without resolution.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Somebody has been paying attention. I think your scenario has at least a 60% chance of being right. I found their questioning on standing very strange for the nature of the issue, and that SCOTUS has heard some other cases brought by the States already.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Sort of like the “Texas Sidestep” dance the governor always did in the movie “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”…actor Charles Durning, I believe

              I would wonder how the court could say, other than just by saying it, that a State has no standing? Usually no standing says that the person or persons could show no harm to themselves by the action or law. But a State such as Texas can show in excruciating detail and cost the unrestricted immigration and then the total granting of benefits….Just take D13’s accounts. There is harm being done by Obama’s policies.

              • The court is God! What the Court says is God’s word! The Court can rule any damned thing it wants and you, I and the other 319,999,998 people in this country can just bow down to their wisdom. .

          • No, it is ALL power to the Leader.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      It’s probably safe to say that the SCOTUS is irrelevant now. They are no longer what their oroginal intent was, to determine if laws passed by Congress are Constitutional. After 100 or so years of two political cartels destroying the Constitutional Republic, that people could see through the BS. That simply isn’t the case. Shameful.

  8. gmanfortruth says:

    Imagine if a court broke the parties into a dozen pieces like Standard Oil, struck down their gerrymandering of districts, instituted term limits, removed the ability to receive huge amounts of cash from anonymous political action committees, and abolished the parties’ self-serving election regulations.


  9. gmanfortruth says:

    Cruz and Kasich teaming up against Trump. Really. Dumb. Idea. Too little too late. But it shows all of us exactly what I’ve been saying all along….Cruz is pure establishment.

  10. I was shocked to see this SCOTUS 2nd amendment ruling. I’m pretty much on top of things and have heard nothing about it in the last month. 8 to 0 wow!


  11. gmanfortruth says:

    Pa Primary today. Closed Primaries, only registered Dems and Repubs, Only 17 delegates will be bound, of the 77. He’s the dig. Voters vote for delegates, by name, outside of the 17 bound ones. NO ONE knows who these delegates are supporting!!!!!!!!!!!

    Isn’t voting in US elections wonderful, fair and free? BWAHAHAHA!

    • gmanfortruth says:

      These political parties should be disbanded and or split up into numerous factions, to eliminate the monopoly on elections. If that don’t happen, there will never be a free and fair Federal election….EVER!

      • Just A Citizen says:

        You will then complain about how each faction chooses its own candidates. There is nothing stopping independents from running for political office.

        Oh, except the majority of people will not vote for them. Yet you keep blaming “party establishment”.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          LMAO 🙂 That went right over your head. The comment was based on an article I posted some a few days or so ago, you may not have read it so the benefit of the doubt is certainly due. The article was about how the government makes sure that large corporations don’t become too large (monopolies) because of their negative affect on commerce. I’m not sold on that action, but it sounds good in theory.

          So if the theory says that a corporation (or two) gets too much control and must be broken apart for the sake of Commerce, then why isn’t the same true about the monopoly of the two parties that wield FAR MORE power on Commerce with FAR MORE reaching negative affects? Based on this idea, why can’t the people SUE to break them up under the same law they use to break up big corporations? Think deep my friend. Have a great day too 🙂

  12. gmanfortruth says:
  13. Just A Citizen says:

    I wonder if they will ever realize that because this is more widely spread than they thought, there may be some reasons for it existing.

    This is the viewpoint expressed by many Calif. LEO’s who retired to North Idaho. Mark Furman being only the most recognizable. They did not start their lives with this attitude. Not the ones I met. It grew over time.


    • gmanfortruth says:

      This has become very widespread in the last 7 years. I’m hearing words like nigger, spick, sandnigger, raghead and many others far more often. They didn’t make many friends the last few years, that’s for sure.

    • The LEO business takes an awful lot out of you. When you see the scum of the earth over and over every day and it tends to be of certain ethnic group(s), it is really hard to divorce what you see from the rest of the world. Your reactions tend to become instinctive.

      As a property manager in some lousy parts of the city, how do you get around pampers piled knee high in the back yard of a building topped with rice and chicken or crack vials in those same alley’s being so numerous that walking there is like walking on tiny roller bearings?

      I get in a lot of trouble for not condemning, knee jerk style, people who say racist things but I want to know more before I do. What have they experienced? Some A-hole in the suburbs who has never been within 20 miles of an urban area calling someone a N—– is different from some cop dodging bottles tossed off rooftops or having to rush a badly burned baby to a hospital after the “mother” or “uncle” tried to teach it a lesson.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Yes, cops get to see and hear it more, but with the internet and cell phones taking video and it being posted is also a big player. People are seeing the differing cultures at their worst, which isn’t helping. While there are plenty of stories about illegal immigrants, blacks are clearly the most violent of the minorities. IMHO this isn’t about poverty or politics, it’s about culture.

  14. activehealthy says:
    • Well, Brent is perfectly happy to “lose with Cruz” He can actually vote for that staunch conservative Hillary in the fall if he wants to. He can follow the lead of the Koch brothers and Bill Kristol.

      In my own personal opinion and I am surprised taht both Lou Dobbs and Neil Cavuto seem to agree, the “answer” to starting to turn this country around is economic growth. Most importantly job growth.

      Last night I had an extended conversation with a very devout conservative who supports Cruz. What he does not get (nor does Bozell) is that after forty (40) years of incremental transition to liberalism in this country, the people WILL NOT accept a sudden cold shower. No way, no how, Hillary will scare them shitless. All she really has to do is play that line about “I’m a Christian first and an American second” over and over and yes, there are another dozen faux pas that he has made. My friend went on about how we are no longer a manufacturing country and need to retrain people (320,000,000?). When you lose your factory job, you are not likely to work for Google or Microsoft. Even if you were re-trained, you would see 1 new job in tech for every 100 lost. Guess my friend thinks all those ex machinists can just go off and become chambermaids in the “hospitality” industry. Remember how that was the cure all offered 25 years ago?

      The one and only hope for this country right now is to get people working. After that has been addressed, we can work on taking back the country. Give the people, young and old some hope that life is more than menial labor for subsistence wages and Ted Cruz is totally out of touch as is most of the established conservative movement on that!

      This evening Fox Business really got into that issue. Brought on Huckabee who sounded like Bernie Sanders on jobs. Why they asked him since the Stock Market has sprung back and beyond 2007 levels, why do people hate Wall Street. His answer was twofold. First it has done nothing for the average worker only for institutions and institutional investors (that’s my line) . Second, he gave a personal example of some hot shot CEO who just got his $ 30,000,000 bonus and made a speech about how “we” have to cut Social Security. I’m sure Brent Bozell is on board with that. He may look like his Dad but he ain’t his Dad. Cavuto, Dobbs and the English Guy ALL went on about the shrinking middle class and the stagnation of wages for the past 20 plus years. That is what we should all be worried about first. Couple months back I brought up the first rule in 1st Aid. STOP THE BLEEDING! Then and only then can the patient begin to recover.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        A couple yars ago I was staying at the “Inn at Shelburne Farms” in VT, which is a Vanderbilt estate still owned by the family. Like the Biltmore in Ashville NC. One of the quests was always dressed in his tweeds and constantly writing in his notebook. His wife just read books. The last evening we were having our congnac in the library and we got to talking. I asked him what he did. He was one of the heads of the World Bank. Obviously a very smart man. That said he started asking me very direct questions. Taking notes the whole time. They were questions that were not over my head or meant to make me feel dumb, He used NO high language I had no chance of understanding. But pretty much we covered my work career, family lives and careers etc. I asked him what he was after in his research. He flat out said that if WE in the USA DO NOT turn around our manufacturing and instead of sluffing it off to the 3rd works and change this service economy mindset,,,,we’ll be finished as a nation within 10 years. That was 3 years ago. It is not better.

        Many years ago I took a course at USC and Berkeley on International business and what was the main topic the up and coming shift by economists saying that we do not want to be a dumb manufacturing economy, but a service economy. This was in the mid 80’s when it was germinating. The conclusion by historical example the society would collapse. The people lost knowledge of how to do things etc. The example was the M/E When the Roman empire failed the trade routes were cut by a bunch of “service” economy cut throats. They produced NOTHING all they did was handle goods coming from Asia to Europe and exacted a TAX. No value added just a conduit. Once Columbus and Vasco De Gama broke that monopoly by going a differnt way…the M/E was doomed. Then God’s little joke was played and oil put them on the map again. Still in the Emirates and Saudi Arabia etc other people do the work. They just reap the cash.

        A meaningful job and not with a little red vest at Staple. Even in the nasty steel and coal industry…..these people were firing and building and forging a nation……now our leader says that we are NO BETTER than the lowest nation

        • I’ve always felt that it must be a diversified economy. There is this delusion that everybody can be retrained to be a genius entrepreneur. I think it fits a certain narrative.

          The illusion of a service economy collapsed with the entire economy in ’07 ’08. It is just dandy when things are going up and up for everybody and there is beaucoup discretionary income. When things get tight and restaurant meals are no longer every night and vacations are shortened it DIES. The choice between spending five bucks on a “pet rock” or a meal is pretty obvious.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I wish David Halberston had lived longer. He might of had a chance to write a sequel to his book “The Reckoning” all about the offshoring of industry model pursued since the mid 80’s and the transistion to a “service” economy. Being a NEW economy his summary says, only time will tell….it’s come true everything he cautioned against based on the bits and pieces that had come to light upon publication.

            A great deal of the fault lies in the educational system. Obviously when we were in school, there were winners and there were LOSERS. But most people fell somewhere in the middle. The grading system had a purpose. Today…..what grading system? Everyone gets a star. Demands for NO SAT’s or ACT’s etc. All it has created is a culture of drifters that are living an illusion of success. That said…the A type personalities will always succeed. They’re driven.

            When one figures the teachers union in CA founded way back was a socialist organization. How do people move on in the old USSR. Connections to the elite. Or the elite say you go here, here or here. By being entrenched in student debt which is relatively new, the defaulters will be dictated to by the government as to what you will do and where you will do it. Just like getting your medical degree via the military. You owe time upon graduation. Drop out and I bet you’ll still owe time but not as an officer in a hospital.

            I never would have bet in my lifetime and hopefully there will be a few more years, that this country will have been so transformed. Obama is just putting the final nails in the coffin of the dream of our founders back in 1789.

  15. Gonna crow a little bit here. Just watched Newt on Hannity. An almost quote as I remember it.

    “There hasn’t been anything like this in politics since Theodore Roosevelt’s run in 1904”.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Yep, and that turned out so well for us didn’t it?

      War after war after war after war, all because the egomaniac and delusional popinjay from NY thought we should be KINGS OF THE WORLD.

      Let alone his support of retro-active laws and prosecutions of businesses doing exactly what they had been allowed to do, until good ol Teddy came along.

      • That is why I am not a purist. I am admittedly biased. The folks are from coal country, I know about the Coal and Iron Police, the Pennsy railroad, The Pinkertons and the Molly McGuires. Never got to meet either Grandfather because they both died of Black Lung one at 42 the other at 55. Had I been there at the turn of the last Century, I doubt I would have sided with the industry. I have just enough familial and personal experience with anti-Slav bias to understand bias (How many Polacks does it take to put in a light bulb?)

        Teddy set the US on the world stage and we needed to be there. You can fault his jingoism but he wasn’t single handedly responsible for the Spanish American War, just a cog in the machine. I’m sure you don’t fault him for keeping the Europeans out of South America during the Venezuelan crisis, the Panama canal nor mediating the Russo Japanese War. He anticipated the rise of Japan but who was listening?

        He read the Kaiser right by all accounts and he certainly would not have been steamrolled by the French and British as Wilson was. One wonders would WW 1 have happened had he been in office in 1914?

        From a purely theoretical standpoint, there WAS a lot to be said for a Pax Americana.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Stephen…we can upgrade the polish joke about the light bulbs. Really make it new millenial material. How long a time, and how many forms need to be filled out by an administrator and epa signoff that the proper wattage bulb is used before you need to have a union worker change the bulb. Oh and you can not discriminate. You need racial and cultural parity on the job. so there are more than 3 as in the old polish joke. And in case of breakage that’s a whole different story……there was some story that Stossal did a while ago. The entire US Interstate system was designed, specifications drawn, routed in a bill that was like < 100 pages. I believe…very short. A simple toy dwarfs that or putting in a single road today. All the legaleze is grinding us down.

      • At 69, having two friends of the same vintage fighting for their lives, I have turned very philosophical and introspective these past weeks.

        Hope to proverbially put pen to paper on who I am and how I got to be him. Maybe of some use to following generations (or may not).

        One of my biggest complaints with Junior is that he reads NO fiction. History, history, history, economy and finance, policy and administrative stuff almost exclusively. What Junior lacks, in my opinion, is empathy. That is what fiction is for. Puts you in other peoples shoes. With a solid background in the aforementioned history, one is capable of “living” the life of a character in 14th century France, 19th Century Pennsylvania or mid 20th century Poland. Without it you are doctrinaire and unable to see how policy effects people.

        Just to give you a forinstance and this I think the Colonel would enjoy. back in 1956 I saw at age 10, “The Searchers” with John Wayne. Now I consider a good movie “literature” in a different format. That movie haunted me as a child. I never missed the opportunity to view it again. As a young man it was years and years between viewings. As an old man we have 496 channels and DVD’s. So, I guess I’ve seen it 40 times, at least. In the past ten years I have gobbled up both history and fiction of the post civil war West, particularly Texas and Indian territory. I loved McMurtrys “Lonesome Dove” and Ferhenbachs “Texas”. My views on and of the American West were formulated by a fictional movie which led me to real history. So, I am not dumb enough to fall for the noble savage crap but at the same time while acknowledging what had to happen with US expansion, recognizing it’s excesses. This has led over the years to some interesting back and forth with our mutual buddy Charlie.

        So, all things being equal I like to think I can place myself in someone else’s shoes be it in the “:vale” of Poland in 1900, on Seminary Ridge in1863, in Harlem of the 1920’s or just about any other place I have read about.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          That series of films that John Ford made out in Monument Valley with John Wayne were and still are great. To see the evolution of thinking that culminated with the “Searchers” really makes you think. Maybe transform is a better word.

          Like the book I just read called the “The Devil’s Atlernative” by Frederick Forsyth. Written 36 years ago and is fiction….but you read the whole story of Ukraine and is a greater explanation of today’s events than trying to discern what or who is right or wrong.

          I especially love the Tony Hillerman novels about the reservations in the south west. He weaves fictional characters and a story with history and it also helps to put yourself in the story by actually have been in many of the spots he writes about. I bring my own memories into the story……oh and consistantly he comments on the arrogant control the FEDS jam down on the allegedly independant nations. Especially healthcare. Taking and stealing resources and revenue…just disappearing in congress never to be seen again. It;s a microcosim (sp) of things to come.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Wasn’t it the election of 1912? ’04 he was a shoe in. 08 he stepped aside and Taft was his successor. TR got disgruntled and basically the machine pick Taft over him at the convention. Bull Moose party formed. Split the vote. TR got lots more than Taft, and fell just shy of Wilson who was nominated after 43 ballots at the Dems convention. Wilson as an intellectual thought people were stupid. Congress should go goodbye, Pushed the Fed on us. Got the Senate popularly elected…..oh heck women the vote…no cat calls please, prohibition. I know we’d have been in WWI sooner, I believe the Fed would have been created and also the senate vote. Women yes…prohibition NO. TR was one of the staunch progressives partnering early in NY politics with Cleveland.

      • Newt actually said ’04, don’t know why, might have to re-read some of those chapters in the biographies. As I point out, there are “progressives” and there are “progressives”. The word does come from Progress and as my old Pappy used to say there is always more than one way to get something done! As I pointed out upstairs to JAC, I am the grandson of Coal Miners from an era far better than the late 1890’s or early 1900’s. None of the improvements in working conditions would have been forthcoming on their own. The wife and I were discussing this the other night . In Jim Thorpe PA (formerly Mauch Chunk) there are two mansions open to the Public up on the mountain. They belonged to the Packer Family, father and son. These coal barons were benevolent capitalists who took care of their workers providing housing, schools and hospitals for them. They had this enlightened view that a content worker is a good worker. Ultimately they were bought out by the merging of the smaller coal companies into the monster ones. Like today, bigger is better and every extra nickel you can squeeze improved corporate bottom lines. F— the worker. If he doesn’t like it, let him leave.

        I remember another “good guy” Philip Girard after whom Girardville PA is named. Went there to a funeral two months back. Total shock. Still a thriving little Coal town when I last visited in the ’70’s, dead today. Chief industry seems to be crystal meth. Every second house on the main drag is either abandoned or looks like it will be in five years.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          “tell St Peter I can’t come, I owe my soul to the company store” Obviously by your stories there were caring owners. A rare breed, even getting rarer today. How many major businesses are owned by an individual or family. Probably not many. Just boards who care not a jot for the workers and who are as disposable as a desk.

          There is a major NC State that is family owned. The only branches outside the State are on the borders of neighboring states where commutiing workers may live. They thrive and also choose not to bark with the big dogs. Many of the State banks decided to take that path and are now history after ’08.

          The trick is to NOT listen to the hype about debt. Stay debt free and you will be free. Once in debt your soul is owned by the devil.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          The coal industry is being killed as we speak, so it’s replacement can take over. Obozo wants everyone to think that the war on coal is about Climate Change. The truth, it’s about natural gas and at some point it will have taken over coal fired electric generation completely. When exports are finally permitted, those invested (see politicians) when that announcement is made will make millions. These corrupt bastards don’t care about us, they care about the size of their bank account and amount of their power. No politician can fix this. There lies the big question, what can fix the corruption?

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            There are NO new coal fired electrical generation plants coming online even though its the cheapest and one heck of a lot clearer and more efficient than any renewable resource. Coal certainly has taken a bit hit, BUT with Europe having significant shortfalls and ballooning costs with their electricity generation due to their emphasis on green energy, coal is being now shipped there and also to China. Europe has mostly “brown” coal. dirty and lower heat. As they are forced to refire previously decommission plants they need the coal. England has shut down their last mine. Now they have entered into a crisis with variable power and super expensive their steel industries are collapsing. Tax payer takes the hit on those subsidies again, on top of paying the wind farms for power that is not generated due to lack of wind, or wind when there is NO need and is dumped. Tax payer gets hit on higher rates plus th subsidies paid to the companies that built the damn things in the first place. Talk about sweetheart deals. Or as is the most probable reason is corruption and kickbacks.

            Like how Dennis “perv” Hasslert (sp) made millions by jamming through a road bill in a transportation allocation through some pretty wasted and depressed farmland. Obviously buried in that big sweep out the drawers spending bill at the end of each year….public information….hah. He bought up all the farms along the route, knowing the transportation bill. He made millions from the Feds after he retired…….just deserts and glad he got his come-up-pence…18 months is not long enough. Put him in the same block as the guy from Penn State and let him do some real hard time. Pun intended..

  16. gmanfortruth says:


    If a Corporation has Rights, much like a person (Hobby Lobby, Citizens United), is it not a legit lawsuit under “slander” laws?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Corporations have long had that ability. Although I am guessing the laws cited in the litigation go beyond slander. To abuse of power and authority, and possible collusion.

  17. gmanfortruth says:

    Everybody watch Ted Cruz bury his campaign by playing the “girl card”. What a loser and a snake.

    • I think that is one thing that we have underestimated Trump on. He himself may be an obnoxious braggart but apparently he is an excellent judge of people. I’ve met a few like him in my time. because they are so good at “reading” people they do have an inflated ego. All have been successful but can wear on you.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        The establishment needs crushed, not that Trump will do that. IF he even gets the nomination, which is still not set in stone, it will be fun to watch him. The whole Federal government is a joke, might as well get some entertaiment.

  18. gmanfortruth says:
  19. Just A Citizen says:
  20. Just A Citizen says:


    I would like to remind you that I predicted Cruz’s possible selection of Fiorina as his running mate. That was a popular move in our household and many others we know. Do not know if it will actually help him though.

    Looks like the media has decided it is time to end both races. The wave of “inevitability” has begun. Will be interesting to see if the West remains strong for Cruz and Sanders or succumbs to the wave.

    • Hi, my friend…..I have been gone for awhile…checking in but will be in full swing this coming Sunday. You did, indeed, predict Fiorina….now…here is my question…knowing the Southwest better than the West, I defer to your judgement. Is the West ready for a female in either role?

      • Frankly I do not think the country cares if the candidate is male, female, white black, brown, or anything else. I think the majority of the people are way beyond that. However, they do want someone tough and qualified, e.g., a Golda or a Maggie type. Carly come much closer than Hillary to that ideal. I have no problem with Obama being half black. I have big problems with his politics. The same goes for Hillary or Bernie.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The West is ready for a woman president or vice president. People don’t know that western states were among the first to give women the vote, to elect women to state office and to Congress.

  21. gmanfortruth says:

    The NFL Draft’s 1st round is tonight. As a Dolphins fan, I see a lot of holes that need filled. My hope: Ezekial Elliot Rb, Ohio State My best guess at #13: Probably a Cornerback or Linebacker. I do expect some 1st round trades that should make things interesting.

    For those who follow, who would you like for your favorite team to land?

  22. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Yesterday, I saw a headline on our local rag, saying that a environmental and biologist conference is being canceled here in town because of the bill that has been tagged as the “Bathroom” bill. So that is what all the huff is about that men shall use mens bathrooms and women will use womens bathrooms,,,,none of the whatever you wish. Even Disney is getting in on the act. The conference in New Bern is all about the avian migrations that are being put in jeoparody by some of the “green” projects being pushed…ie wind farms.


    The governor has it right in his quote in this article I downloaded. Frankly, Springsteen, Starr, Sharon Stone Michael Moore can just plain stuff it. This has nothing to do with civil or human rights. Its all about a devient lifestyle being proclaimed as normal.

  23. Hi all…been out of town and out of Internet service area…..checking in. I sent the Hillary campaign an invite to come to the Texas border a week ago….all expenses paid…..to see first hand the issue here…I invited them to walk the river on the US side at night on the pedestrian paths and bike trails that are now devoid of any human traffic…I invited them to the border town of Laredo to have dinner across the river in Nuevo Laredo. I invited them, expense paid, to a lazy river float trip down the Rio Grande that Hilary says is as safe as your own bath tub…I invited them to come and hold a town meeting in either Brownsville, Laredo, McAllen, Eagle Pass, Del Rio, or El Paso…all those choice. They can bring their own camera crews as long as the town meetings were live. I invited them, expense paid, to take a drive along the border walls in open top vehicles to enjoy the south Texas air and visual beauty……I invited them to walk the shopping buildings in El Paso on the US side to see the spent bullet holes and pock marks from gun battles along the river and to see the empty swing sets in the parks where no children can play….I invite them to come to the Del Rio area to see first hand the American “gun boats” on the border lake to protect fishermen from being robbed and killed while on the lake….I invited them to come see no water skiers or tubes on the border lakes….I invite them to come see and talk to the ranchers and explain to them why their children have to ride to school on a rural school bus with armed civilians…..I invited them to talk further to the ranchers to explain why their fences are constantly cut, their cattle constantly slaughtered, and their line shacks burned to the ground…explain to them her comments that if anyone thinks the border is dangerous is simply not living in the same time she is…..( for once she did not lie, for I do not know what dimension she is currently residing )…..I invite them to come and see the empty theaters, the empty stores at night, and the empty community centers. Even the Hispanics do not venture out in the border towns….

    I wonder why I have not heard back? Oh well, I will wait a little longer. Perhaps she is just too busy…..

  24. gmanfortruth says:


    California. When God decides he’s had enough, they’ll get the big one.

  25. gmanfortruth says:


    I think we have come to a point where those who are holding office have lost their F-ing minds. The only war we should be engaged in is against Washington DC and the pukes who occupy it.

  26. gmanfortruth says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I think Mother Nature’s head exploded with all the BS going on around the world……like this example having nothing what so ever to do with earthquakes…..where is the Rickie Lake and Jerry Springer shows when we need them.

      Thsi morning on NPR news, there is this weepy conversation between an 8 year old boy and his mother. She’s being so sorry for not having started this conversation earlier but she just didn’t know……The boy, 8 mind you is expaining to her that he’s alway felt that he is a girl, and want to do all the transgender stuff that is sweeping the nation.

      I quess the next step is in the maternity ward, not only are they going to just check to see if a boy or a girl have the correct packages, gather their DNA for future use but also check to see if the hormones etc might say, they’re visa versa…can you imagine the fun the lab people will have playing around and telling a parent that their boy is really a girl…snip snip, tuck tuck, happen automatically just like circumcisms (sp) used to be.

  27. gmanfortruth says:
  28. gmanfortruth says:

    How awesome is it when the Cowboys get the player that many Dolphin fans hoped for, only to have the guy everyone thought was the best player in the draft fall to them. Total surprise. Tonight is rounds 2 and 3. Go Dolphins! 🙂

    • Maybe I can get back into watching some games this year. I wasn’t ‘feeling it’ last year. Partly because I feel the NFL has gotten out of hand with ticket prices along with the cheating and ‘fixing’ of games. And I still highly upset that our owner fired Peyton Manning. I know he’s a drug addict and not very bright, but you don’t just fire Manning. Anyone with two brain cells knows that. And the Cowboys? I’m still mad at them for firing Tom Landry. Yes, I hold a grudge. 🙂 I won’t even mention Notre Dame firing Lou Holtz……errrr, guess I already did. lol Anyway, I think the Colts did well with their first pick. We needed a center. And from what I’ve read about the guy he is pretty good and pretty smart as well. I don’t know what the Colts were thinking in the 2nd round….trading down? I know Bill Polian was really good at that, but I don’t have a lot of faith in these guys.

      I was a big Dolphin’s fan back when Marino played the game (and we didn’t have the Colts yet). I always thought he was the best QB to play the game…..until Manning came along. 🙂

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The only reason to trade down is to get “extra” picks AND if you do not need someone who is going to go earlier. I do wonder however about this strategy.

        My Seahawks just did the same thing and in the second round was not able to get the O. Guard from Stanford, and then picked another tight end. They did wind up with TWO players from Boise State.

        It has been interesting seeing how few QB’s went in the first three rounds and how many Defensive Linemen were picked.

  29. gmanfortruth says:
  30. gmanfortruth says:
  31. gmanfortruth says:
    • I knew it. Sooner or later there would be a fart tax.

      • Well, he’ll, more steak for us…..go California …….tax yourself to death. Meanwhile, in Texas….we still raise cattle….we still eat meat….and you get used to cow farts. What is next, a tax on wild animal farts?

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          1st you’ll see your toilet bowl modified to collect all gaseous vapors and bottled for proper recycling and gas sequestering like they’re trying to do with all CO2.

          I wonder if the greenies when they are cremated think about the carbon released, much less their ashes, When we are a carbon based unit.

          All this talk about cow farts…..back in the days when the family farms were still active, you’d be warned to pay attention to a cow taking a dump, and getting ready to cough…..the outline on the wall of my cousin was impressive. Oh the splatter.

  32. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought for the morning.

    Lets assume our economy crashes relative to the rest of the world. That Trade continues to advantage others over us (catch the pun?). What would happen in today’s world?

    Would not large numbers of Americans emigrate to those places where growth is strong, where they could become rich? Just like their ancestors did.

    Now here is the point to ponder. Would life be better with a hundred or two million less people in the USA?

    I know. The answer largely depends on who leaves. But what if we provided incentives for the “right” ones to venture forth?

  33. Hmmmmmm……a mass exodus of liberals to Europe? They are always saying how much better Europe is…….yet they still live here.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      They DO NOT like the taxes that come with Europe and all that cool stuff. I was reading about a popular french actress who left france due to the taxes. Her Father was the bureaucrat who implemented the Social Security System in France. She decided to repatriate to France because she got guilty feelings about dating the head of the system today and living in America.

  34. @JAC…….remember my warning about the South China Sea? Everyone said I was too worried! It was none of our business…….

    Well, the U N has officially said…..the shipping lanes of the China Sea are not their concern. China now lays claim to another set of islands and reefs and is even claiming that the Phillipines technically belong to China.

    Then, China has now denied Port facilities to US ships…..in Hong Kong.

    But, I guess I am still an alarmist.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      From end to start:

      1. Alarmist, no; Realist, yes!
      2. China has denied permission to port for US warships before. But they are probably doing this as part of their bigger actions. But they have done it before.
      3. UN…… Unitard Nations.
      4. We will stop China from stopping shipping. Along with Australia, Indonesia, and Philipines, and of course Japan. And they said WWIII would start in the middle east.
      5. Who said it was none of our business? Remember, my plan was to sink their new bases by raising the ocean a foot or two.


      In my opinion Clinton will be more likely to get tough with China than Trump. Then again, maybe it is time for her to pay back those favors they gave Bill.

      • JAC…..”We will stop China from stopping shipping. Along with Australia, Indonesia, and Philipines, and of course Japan. And they said WWIII would start in the middle east.
        5. Who said it was none of our business? Remember, my plan was to sink their new bases by raising the ocean a foot or two.”…..

        No one will step up until the US steps up first….we will not do that….not under this adminustration nor Clinton’s….my opinion.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Actually I think Clinton far more likely to do something than Mr. Obama. The only wild card, unknown factor, is whether the Clinton’s “owe” the Chinese anything.

          I think Mrs. Clinton has a bit of a Napoleon “complex” going on. Remember, she is the one who orchestrated Libya.

          I agree the USA will have to lead. But if we do I think many will get on board. That is many who depend on those shipping lanes.

          I think a more plausible scenario is that the Chinese continue their bluster and harassment of others but do not close the shipping lanes. They may use “their” boundary claims to justify sending war ships into the waters of other nations but they will not commandeer ships of other countries in those disputed waters.

          I do not think them strong enough yet to try that. But I do think the time is coming.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Don’t forget that Hillary has been under fire in the Balkan’s……(uh huh)

  35. Mark my words…..the shipping lanes will be closed.

    • So all those who have been raging against American imperialism are about to see what real imperialism looks like.

    • For decades we have had to listen to complaints about the imperialistic US. Are we not now witnessing the rebirth of true imperialism. Russia in the Crimea and Ukraine, China in the China Sea, Iran…. They have one year and if Hillary is elected 5 years to grab what they can. I’ll bet that Russia, China and Iran will contribute heavily to defeat any Republican. If Trump is nominated, they will fund the protesters if they are not already doing so.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Through the Clinton Foundation no less. Which has nothing to do with Hillary (sarc)

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      When Libya, drew a line across the Gulf of Sidra back in the 80’s the response was immediate. A carrier battlefleet crossed the line of death, were challenged, and the only deaths were on the Libyan side. Today……that’s another story.

      • Moamar unfortunately is NOT the Red Army or Navy or Air Force. Our 122 high tech F-22’s , whoops, forgot the one that fell out of the sky, that makes 121 are gonna go pretty quick. Remember how in WW 2 it took 5 Sherman’s to take out a Tiger. Four were being blown up by the Tiger while the fifth snuck behind and shot him in the ass? Well, that’s what will happen to our hot diggity dawg new fangled aeroplanes. The F-35’s are still in the “not ready for prime time’ category.

        How many anti-ship missiles do you have to throw at a carrier before one gets through the screen? Perhaps ditto with homing torpedoes at the same time. That’s gonna be one busy CIC.

        Think the Trumpian view of economics and sanctions, “trumps”, if you will pardon the pun, any military response.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Insert smiley face here…..the f-35 as a replacement of the f-22 that was deemed to expensive coming in at a cool $135M+ and still is a big operational question mark. Plus the memory is so short that they forgot the last wonderbird that was suppose to do everything………….the F-111 ardvark. Mention McNamara and I still cringe after all these years.

          The vertical launchers on the destroyers only hold so many missiles, but they are preloaded. with a mixed magazine. They’re so expensive few can be built. They’ve scrapped the inexpensive fleet.

          These low manpower ships will be worn out quickly. Sure they need onl so many people to operate the ship and watch the bells and whistles. But there is a huge amount of maintenance that has to be continually done. Those “EXTRA” folks used to do that work. They’re gone so who does it now? That is rhetorical. With the pace of operations the yard maintenance can not possibly be done as required. There’d be NO ships out at sea….keeping the sea lanes open, as in the south china seas….NOW THAT’s sarcastic

  36. gmanfortruth says:
  37. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The other day I grabbed a new book written by Frederick Forsyth called “The Kill List” we all know what that is referencing. The book brings up through 2013 events that are happening on the “war on terrorism” He did to set the stage go back in history to the rescue attempt in Tehran during the hostage crisis during Carter’s reign, I’ve actually never seen this printed before, but I knew it to be true from my days in the military. The force that went on the mission that day, TOOK the air filters off the turbines of the sea stallions that flew the mission. The engines ingested a bucket of sand and they had to abort the mission. They were sacrificed to carry MORE troops. Where I was working was monitoring the communications and the crew on the ship basically said what a bunch of dumb shits. Well shit happened. Then the accident after the rescuers had to be rescued. Worked with one of the c130 pilots who went in years later.

    I have always claimed that Forsyth has some good intelligence sources, why hadn’t he been cut off by the British. Turns out last year during an interview he stated that he did do work for the British at times in his career. He knew things, but he’d ask if it was OK to write about it…they’d either say yes or no. After a suitable time the answer was yes….I’m just waiting for the time when the Shah left Iran, that the US embassy was taken. The crisis ended two days later when a Turkish plane flew in and took the personnel out, with the proviso….don’t come back…..The marines in this instance DID defend the embassy….the October event later when Carter re-established the embassy even though intelligence warranted to NOT do so, and the Marines were ordered even at the time of volunteering for the duty, that they WERE NOT IN ANY WAY TO DEFEND THE EMBASSY if overrun again.

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    Just got done reading several articles and after watching news this evening I am sick to my stomach over the media. It has become so blatant and yet nobody fights back. Even Trumps rants is not really fighting back.

    The narrative is that Cruz is done, Indiana is his last stand, his Alamo, on and on. For crying out loud, if Cruz loses all 57 delegates Trump is still almost 200 short.

    I do not know when Indiana supposedly ever came into play until after the recent NE elections. This was always going to come down to the West.

    It is Calif., Oregon and Wash, one or all that will give Trump the 1237. If he cannot get it with those he will lose the nomination.

    But as I said a few months back, I think one of them gets 1237 before the convention. That means Trump. But it will not be for what Trump did but what the media has done to Cruz these past three weeks.

    I have never seen the media put down a candidate who had just taken several States away from the leader as the media did to Cruz leading up to NY.

    And no, this is not just sour grapes over Cruz getting shafted. I see the same thing going on with Bernie Sanders. The MEDIA has declared both races over. Those States yet to vote should just pack it in and go home. Nothing to see here, the MEDIA has made the choice for you.

    • Just speculating here but I think that the media is now running with Trump because they expect the polls to be right and that Hillary will wipe the floor with him. They do fear Cruz much more than Trump because they just cannot wrap their heads around him. Does not help that from the beginning Cruz has portrayed himself in the Senate as odd man out.

      Regarding Hillary, they probably do not really have any objection to Bernie other than he is out in the open so much there is no denying what he says. Regarding Hillary, if you listen, she advocates exactly the same things as him but with corporate welfare attached. They believe that Bernie can’t win. As I have said for the past few months, Bernie is the only one who could win a Trump match up. He knows it, and Trump knows it too. Hillary and Trump’s unfavorability ratings are about the same. Everybody loves Bernie with his schmaltzy down home, Lower East side Yiddisher voice. Bernie is like a Borscht belt comedy routine. Who did not like Side Caesar or Mel Brooks or Carl Reiner?

    • Yes sir…that is a time worn issue with the media. They do not want people to vote now…..so it is over in their minds and some people will believe it.

      What worries me the most…..let us assume that Trump is the nominee….I fear people will then stay home to prove a point and forget the big picture.

      • Some will. Frigging secret neo-concommiebastards like Bill Kristol of the “Weekly Standard” will vote for Hillary but I suspect a whole lot of previous non-voters will come out of the woodwork to offset them.

        You really have to think outside of the box this year. This is the culmination of stuff that started with Goldwater in ’64, went on to the :”hard hat” revolution with Nixon in ’68 and ’72, picked up steam with Reagan and has been out there, simmering and waiting since .

        Nixon, Ford and both Bush’s betrayed the trust the little guy gave them, Reagan didn’t and they are hoping for another Reagan.

        Anybody besides me feel that the biggest mistake Ronnie Reagan made was keeping Bush the elder for the second term instead of replacing him with a conservative? It does seem history wise that Bush, the penultimate insider, reversed course almost immediately and certainly became a pawn of Tip O’Neill. Since the Bush’s seemed to despise Reagan and hung on him “voodoo economics” for eternity, Ronnie was way too kind to them.

    • If you are able,
      save them a place
      inside of you
      and save one backward glance
      when you are leaving
      for the places they can
      no longer go.
      Be not ashamed to say
      you loved them,
      though you may
      or may not have always.
      Take what they have left
      and what they have taught you
      with their dying
      and keep it with your own.
      And in that time
      when men decide and feel safe
      to call the war insane,
      take one moment to embrace
      those gentle heroes
      you left behind.

      Capt. Michael Davis O’Donnell, KIA 1970

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the evening, or night if your an easterner.

    There are two kinds of Progressive/modern liberals. Those who wish to rule over others because their ego tells them they know what is best for the commoners.

    And those who wish to be ruled. This groups will deny this trait but it is obvious from their support of imperial presidential powers. Their need to have action taken, now and not later. The ends justifies any means necessary.

    The vast number of Democrats and a large number of Republicans fall into one of these two groups.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      That just about sums it up. People find safety in numbers and absolution with…”everyone else is doing it” I believe it’s also noted that the liberals and progressives give the least to charitible causes. They apparent excuse is that I give through taxes. Leave it to someone else and a bureaucrat to decide. I guess they do not like the feeling of individual gratification.

  40. And so the pendulum continues to swing….I remember when the civil rights movement was in its hey day…..

    Drinking fountains marked whites only….rest rooms marked whites and colored….divisions in restaurants where blacks entered another door and ate at designated tables…..blacks riding in the back of the bus and giving up their seats to whites…..”colored” neighborhoods aptly named accordingly….white only theaters….seperate latrines on military bases and blacks relegated to being cooks and watiers and mechanics and ditch digging…..blacks were primarily yard people digging the flower beds and such…..then along came civil rights and rightly so….I was never brought up to disrespect blacks at all but I do remember by grand parents who believed totally that they had their place……that said….

    I saw an interview with this spokes person from Black Lives Matter and it seems they do not want to solve the problems but exacerabte them and keep them going. She was very upset about commercial flying and saying that the airlines need to have two doors to board planes. It is degrading to have to board behind first class and walk through their cabin to get to the “back of the bus”, so to speak. It creates rage in the minds of the general aviation who cannot afford to sit in first class. It creaes rage to see the curtain drawn that seperates the cabins and people in the “back of the bus” know that the first class people are getting linen napkins and champaign and steaks and things that the general passengers do not get, This spokesperson said that if they opened the “back” of the plane and let the general passengers board that way, there would be less air rage. She went on to say that actually having two classses of fliers is the real problem and that there should be no first class anywhere on any conveyance. THEN she says that it is best that races of all kinds confine themselves to their own race…..

    Now, color me stupid here…..but……you have a black spokesperson saying to board the back of the plane…..you have a black spokesperson saying that races should confine themselves to their own race….

    Hmmmmm…the one way to keep the black/white war going is to create the same scenarios to keep it going…..the hits keep on coming.

    • Isn’t it amazing! The “comedian” at the correspondents dinner last weekend made the outrageous call out to the Prez at the end and the Prez smiled! There was a time when Dr. King and certainly Malcolm called for Dignity, well fifty years later and we’ve slid 100 years back! Apparently you can act like Stephen Fetchitt but just not mention his name.

      Watching television, it is hard to believe that the real black population is 12 1/2 percent (and shrinking). Then again it is now getting hard to believe that the real gay population is 2 percent. Both groups seem to be massively over represented these days. Ahhh Goebbels would have loved this propaganda machine.

  41. Open Letter to Ted Cruz……from D13 The Colonel ( as close to a true Texan as their is without a feather in his hair…his roots go back to 1831 with two “worthess” land grants signed by Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. No, I did not have relatives in the Alamo but I did have relatives with General Houston.. We have been here since then as ranchers and oil men) Now, I think that makes me as close to being a “real” Texan without Indian heritage or Hispanic blood.

    So, Mr. Cruz from Canada, this letter comes from a Texan that would like for you to become a TEXAN and quit your “belly achin” and name calling that makes you look like a romper room reject. YOu are well educated and grew up in Houston ( not a plus but Houston is in Texas )….you rode into the Senate on the coat tails of the Tea Pary popularity that out Republlicans back in controk of Texas. You performed brilliantly as the solicitor general of Texas. You argued a total of eight cases before the U.S. Supreme Court during your five years in the post, and among your victories is a case from 2008 in which you advocated for the preservation of the death penalty for a Mexican citizen convicted of raping and murdering two teenage girls when everone, including Mexico, was clamoring for deportation. You had a very successful reign as director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission. You piled up great victories for conservative values while there. You were a champion of the Constitution and scored higher and greater awards than the current POTUS. Even Alan Dershowitz, one of your most liberal instructors, says you were one of his best students that always offered differing and concise arguments against his liberal policies and that you were a force to be rekoned with on Constitutional Law and your understanding of that, You have all of these credentials at your call and all you do is whine about Trump. What you do lack, is that homegrown Texan spunk that you need to kick Trump’s ass, A true Texan would net fall for the tactics of Trump. He has succeeded in defeating your credentials by pulling you into his arena where the deck is stacked agaisnt you. Where is the Texas Swagger and Bravado?

    YOu shohuld be asking Trump howm many cases he has practiced before the SCOTUS ! You should be asking Trump how many decisions he rendered while at the Federal Trade Commission You shold be asking Trump why he fought against several conservative policies enacted at the FTC. You should be asking Trump about his stand on things that are contrary to the Constitution of the United States. Instead, you are name calling and sniping at Trump instead of staying with what you truly are….a Constitutional scholar that makes the current POTUS look like a fart in a whirlwind INSTEAD, you are defeding your positions as “lying Ted”….a label that you have initiated by your own actions.

    trump is standing up there fighting the estabishment and has succeeded in words where you actually succeeded in deeds with your filibustering bravado. You stood up to the establishment and won But you never say that,,,,you do not challenge Trump..you are defending. How can you take the offense with a defensive posture? You are making Trump look right ! There are times when the best offense is a good defense but now is not the time.

    I fear that you are too late…..but if this goes to a contested convention and you want to win the nomination with delegates, you need to convince the delegates to vote for you on the second round. Forget the rules of the convention as I guarantee you the estabishment is forgetting them,…..the only way you are going to win, is to challenge openly Trump and quit name calling and defending yourself. Quit getting in debates with the hecklers and Trump supporters as you are playing into the hands of the media and Trump has you upstaged on the media….he knows how to manipulate and cajole properly and use them as weapons. You do not get to be successful in business without learning how to side step land mines and lay your own traps. trump has business experience…..you have actual experience. Therein lies your strength. You have let Trump class you as an establishment candidate when your actions have shown otherwise…..why are you NOT FIRING THOSE GUNS. A true Texan would…call him out on the street, mano y mano. and out draw the bastard. You have the guns to do it. You claim you are from Texas ( although a wimpy Canadian ) so act like it. You need to be a pompous son of a bitch that will not take it and you need to be fast on the draw…..and you need to be accurate. Otherwise….do not claim Texas. So, put on a pair of boots, strap on the guns, and call him out…otherwise, go back to Canada. If you lose the Presidency, you will lose you Texas Senate Seat shortly thereafter.

    D13 has spoken. Time for Dr Pepper and jalapeno burrito.

    • Damn,,,,,,,one does need to proof read before posting….all those mis-spelled words makes me look like a hick. ( yes, that is profiling )….but my thoughts got faster than my fingers….not to mention the fact that my keyboard cannot spell…and my computer does not auto correct….but, unlike CRUZ, I take full responsibility for not proof reading. But I hope the message got through…..and if you understood what I wrote with all the mis-spelled words…..then be careful with the criticism. Unlike Cruz, I keep my guns loaded and hanging on the hips ready for action…no matter how many mis-spelled words and incorrect grammar.

      Not to mention, that I just downed an Ice cold Dr Pepper with a Jalapeno Burrito this early in the morning, nursing a broken tooth from the weekend…so it is possible that I might be a bit contrary.

      • Good day, Colonel. No worries, the message got through. It’s not you fault that your keyboard cannot spell. 🙂 I do hope you keep Cruz down there for awhile. He could be a good one with some more experience. Then again the establishment might just swallow him up. Remember when this circus started, I said that Trump was a shill. I still feel that way. I hope he proves me wrong.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I think you are at times a little hard on Cruz, and undeservedly so.

      Point, the “establishment” candidate moniker was not created by Trump but by the media. It took two weeks before Trump started using it. Cruz tries in vain to dismiss it.

      Frankly I am not sure Cruz could have done anything in this election to make a difference in where we are today. In fact he has come much farther than anyone predicted in the beginning. Remember, the pundits had him winning zero states and only doing well where the Bible belt exists.

      I mean, how do you respond to “your wife works at Goldman Sachs”? So what you say? When the Trump supporters criticize Cruz for his wife’s job while ignoring the reality of Trump’s connections to the same financial system there is little chance of success.

      This is the year of the unhinged my Texican friend. I am more convinced of it each day. The rest of us are just being dragged along and screaming about it is getting us nowhere.

      I find the whole thing revolting.

      • JAC,

        “I think you are at times a little hard on Cruz” Yes sir, I am. Remember, I voted for the lad….so I feel that I can be more critical. He is my choice. I do not think he is fighting properly. There is no reason to confirm or deny anything the press is doing or what Trumpster is saying. Cruz should simpy say, yes, my wife worked for Goldman Sachs….so what? End of sentence and no further explanation is necessary. Why does he not attack Trump on the same issue? Ask him how much stock does he own in Goldman Sachs…People like Trump because he is taking on the establishment by being bellicose…..and the more the republican establishement tries to force a contested convention, the more people are going to flock to Trump. Cruz is NOT espousing his accomplishments, in my view….he is defensive. He is a proven fighter by the result of his accomplishements in his various positions but the public does not know this. He is running FROM his astounding court case about keeping a Hispanic here and making him face the music about his murders….instead, he is trying to court the Hispanic vote and not bringing attention to this fact because it makes him look anti Hispanic. Instead, trump is yelling about a wall and people are responding.

        I know Cruz is not establishment but Trump did not start that….Cruz FOUGHT the establishment and then got lambasted by everyone for his government shut down. He should have the bronze star for valor for that move but no, he does not. Correct me if I am wrong but you fought the government shutdown efforts, did you not? Cruz ran on that platform and won and then he did it. But he gets no credit for it.

        As far as the media is concerned,,,,,he is not calling them out. He is trying to reason with them and that is not the approach. Even my cat knows you cannot reason with the media. You cannot “explain” things to Trump supporters and hecklers and dusruptive people. They are there not to listen but to disrupt….you favor them by acknolwedging them. you cannot reason with the unreasonable. He appears weak and indecisive in trying to appeal to reason with these types. They will not be convinced. They are paid to be there. If I were Cruz’s campaign manager, I would have him far more combative and touting his past record which is so far above Trump that it cannot be seen…..but the problem is….it is not being seen.

        You are correct about being unhinged…..people are unhinged. But as to my criticism of Cruz…..I do not think it unfair, my friend.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Colonel, Good Day to your and yours this fine afternoon 🙂

          A few thoughts on Cruz. I agree that he is not doing what is needed to beat Trump. His whining is bad enough, but he keeps talking about winning a contested convention. What this is saying to people is to hell with the voters and him getting beaten soundly in both delegate count and actual votes. This my good friend is telling people that he is a political establishment politician, and that is being rejected. This is just another reason I consider him a political snake. You want him to be a King Cobra. The problem is he is garter snake and Trump is a full fledged mongoose. I think he will be soundly rejected in Indiana today. If so, he should soundly quit.

          • Ok…..fair enough…..I see a contested convention as a Cruz weapon to use in the arsenal….his actions and voting records do not support establishment policies.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Well, looks like you get to keep your Senator. Hope ya’ll send him back to DC one more time.

          As for this: ” Correct me if I am wrong but you fought the government shutdown efforts, did you not?” I DID NOT.

          I did, however, comment on the futility of the ploy if the party is not unified and does not have a “communication” strategy to force the Dems to eat the shutdown as their fault.

          As I recall, the shut down was not well organized and it did nothing but damage Cruz and others. It sure did not gain him any points among the supposed Conservative Republicans did it!

          But No, I am not opposed to shutting the whole damn thing down. I would not send a single omnibus bill to the white house, however. Send one agency or group of agencies. Separate Soc. Sec. and Medicare and then tell POTUS to go right on ahead and veto the spending bill. And NO Continuing Resolutions will be passed.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Another example. Last night I had to listen to pundits criticize Cruz for confronting those Trump supporters. He remained calm and tried to explain things to them. They were there to disrupt. The media, from left to right, criticized him for this.

      Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton did the exact same thing yesterday when confronted by a coal miner from W. Virginia. Guess what the media had to say about that? Many did not mention it and others heaped praise upon her for being so “presidential”, mature and adult like.

      Cruz calls out the media for the double standard and attempts to create narratives. He is criticized for “whining” about the press. Trump calls them vile and repugnant human beings, he is praised and wins even more support.

      I will grant you one thing, something I told Spousal Unit Leader last night. Cruz should walk up to Trump and ask him to his face if he is calling him a liar. And if he says yes punch the bastard in the nose. “That Sir, is for slandering my integrity”. Problem with this is I do not think Cruz has the physical skills to pull it off.

      • What you and I saw yesterday was a candidate painfully unable to go hard and fast. A debater may win on substance but lose the match on style.

        Remember the analysis of the Kennedy-Nixon debate. Nixon was the clear winner on the radio but JFK took the TV viewers.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          What we saw yesterday was proof that you cannot argue with idiots. There is nothing to be gained.

          But that is not the narrative in the media today. It is Cruz got schooled or Cruz was a fool, or Cruz was “unable to go hard and fast.”.

          What is happening is not a comparison to Kennedy vs. Nixon debate. Not in the slightest.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            It seems as though the media wants an accessable President, unlike the current twit. I thought this has been quite obvious.

          • So, don’t try, just say;

            “it is too bad I can’t reach you, you have your mind made up. Have a nice, blessed day!”

  42. gmanfortruth says:
  43. gmanfortruth says:

    Indiana rejects the snake. Back to the Senate he goes. Bye Bye Teddy!

  44. Now the real fun begins!

  45. Assuming that it does NOT go to a contested convention……I am interested in how people will now vote. I do not thnk that Trump can pull it together……I personally know several that have said that if Trump wins….they simply are not going to vote.

    If Trump still does not come up with the magic number, I wonder what happens.

    • unless there is a protest vote against him in the remaining primaries or there are shenanigans at the convention. He should have it locked up.

      Staying home gives us Hillary. Hillary gives us 1-3 Supreme Court Justices. 1-3 Supreme Court Justices guarantee the end of the Bill of Rights including the 2nd Amendment and we will NEVER get it back. A so-called conservative who would take that chance never was a conservative.

      Trump in many ways is without a doubt one very large question mark. It is time for the right side to take the risk the left did with Carter, Clinton and Obama. They were ALL question marks and we saw how that turned out for our side. Again, for our side I’d like to quote Churchill after the Battle of Britain.

      “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

      For us, this may be our Pusan Perimeter, our Stalingrad, our Normandy to use the military analogies. The beginning of “taking it back”.

      • By the way, I stand with Bernie thoughts. He is the ONLY Democrat that can beat Trump. That, is not because the Children’s Crusade wants Socialism. Hell, they have no clue what Socialism is. He is the only democrat with pizazz. It will take pizazz to beat pizazz!

    • The polls and talking heads have been wrong from the beginning on The Donald. He will continue to outperform their predictions. I think Trump will win in a landslide come November. One caveat to that is if the RINOs totally withhold their money and support Hillary. Kraut is already moving in that direction as I suspect is Will. This is a spiteful bunch as we have seen with their reaction to the Tea Party. This summer and fall will be good theater.

      I see China is now making noises. They will support Hillary knowing that she can be bribed.

  46. @JAC……I could not remember your stance completely…..Cruz found out that being a freshman senator, he got used like litmus paper In a high school Chemistry class. I still think he made a great mistake trying to be like Trump…he should have stayed with his record. I do not know if he has the horses to be re-elected as a Senator….we shall see. As you know, I worked his campaign against Dewhurst….I am not sure I would do that again. Time will tell. He is hated by the establishment in Washington and will not get committee assignments. Boehner, etal, do not want him there and even though Boehner is out as House flunky, he still carries some significant weight. At odds right now are the delegates that Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich have…..they are not released. It is going to be interesting. I hope hurt feelings can be transcended now.

  47. Dale A Albrecht says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      One thing that we here on SUFA have settled the debate on is that human nature does not change. Gets mighty weird at times, technologies change but people rarely. That’d take many millenia to do, not just some law or ruling.

      I’m sure that it doesn’t cross a progressives mind a single brainwave, as how much they are a McCarthy, a Nazi, Stalin, Lenin, Mao etal…..throw in religion, not restricted to any one, they are the precursors to progressivism. Religion just has someone to toss the ?????to God’s will. In fact, I’m seeing the current generation of progressives, especially the greenies and climate change advocates as very much like the extreme muslim. Turn back the clock to what they deem as the perfect time. Both are totally anti-western in thought. Totally anti technology and industry Totally intolerant of any counter thought or debate. My suggestion is that the progressives and do gooders, just step back a touch just let “Mother Nature” take care of the earth as she has forever. Long before and long after those on the right side of history are not even a footnote. Nature can take care of the over population quite well. I might be one of the casualties, so be it, I’ve had my time.

      I just had an awful thought. The clean air act back in the 70’s has caused the heatwave and global warming. So it is man made as contended. When the air was filthy as sin and totally hazardous to your health, we were heading into an ice age as the climate change people said. Blocking the suns rays. We’ve got to spread coal soot on the ice to absorb the sun’s heat to melt the impending doom, some serious climate change advocates I know, alway bring up, “don’t you remember all the snow we used to have when we were younger” …..So the air is cleaner, now at least here and in Europe. unlike long before any of us were around. More sun is getting through. Now they’re spreading chemicals in the atmosphere to block the suns rays, to cool things off ????????? when it gets to cool, they’ll have to just vacuum the crap from the atmosphere.

      • Start calling these A-holes Luddites:

        A Luddite is a person who fears or loathes technology, especially new forms of technology that threaten existing jobs.



        Lysenko’s methodology was the opposite of the scientific method — he designed his research to reach pre-ordained results, and by habit and policy he ignored any results which did not advance his theories.

        Now, don’t these fit the bill?

  48. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the day:

    I watched Trump talk last night about how great his opponents were. Giving great praise to Cruz’s “abilities” and “intellect”.

    I find this very disturbing. And Trump is not the only one guilty of the “shallowness” of his campaign. The reason is that Trump’s school yard behavior and means of denigrating his targets may work fine in business. But it has lasting impact in politics.

    When you destroy someone with such personal attacks, when you call in to question their integrity, you damage them for all future political races. This is one thing that ticked me off about Cruz and Rubio going at each other. They were destroying each others political careers. And WE NEED THEM, or at least people like them.

    Who is going to run now if they know this is what their “friends” will do to them.

    There has to be a better way to campaign. Something between the gutter sniping and the Kasich method.

  49. Just A Citizen says:

    Another thought.

    Freedom died with cheers and cries for “build a wall”.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Your understanding of freedom is as skewed as your understanding of elections. We are not free, nor do we have free election.

    • JAC…what freedoms are you worried about?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I am worried about them all. We have shared years of observations and opinions about how our Liberty has been taken and this country converted from one of a free people to one of free loaders and desirous despots. This includes the corporate welfare types and the States feeding at the trough. By the time that either Trump or Clinton ends their time in office I fear the fall of the United States will be cast in stone.

        My comment is to the greater problem, one that it looked like might have someone who understood it and would stand to defend against further erosion. That chance has now passed in favor of yet one more shiny object promising “Yuuuge economic growth and jobs”.

        The biggest problem we face as a “free people” is the corruption of our political system by those using it for their own gain. Whether a crony capitalist, fasciolist, or left wing socialist. It is the corruption of the key, fundamental, principle that we are our own keeper. As I have said before, Trump is one of these people. He has displayed ZERO understanding of why this is important.

        SK pointed out that it is better to have Trump so he can save the economy and bring back jobs. So as I say, Freedom died with an ovation and cheers for “build that wall”.

        Before you have an apoplectic reaction, I am using the wall as a metaphor for the distraction of everything Trump spouts about. You may not remember but I used a similar line to summarize what I saw as the net effect of Obama’s election. Only then it was simply “Freedom died with the sound of a standing ovation”.

        I believe we had a narrow window to stop or even reverse this tide. That success depended on the people who woke up with the Tea Party, conservatives and moderate libertarians. Many of these people just decided to chase a squirrel instead of saving the country.

        And my frustration is not in that they simply got distracted or saw a bigger immediate issue. It is that the reasons given for supporting Trump are mostly devoid of any care for this broader issue. In fact most I have read do not seem to even understand these concepts and worse yet denigrate people who do. There is a strong anti-intellectual and anti-philosophy bent to Trump and most of his supporters.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          I have felt your pain JAC, just long ago.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Many years ago Will Rogers who was an ardent Democrat was asked by Woodrow Wilson to be a spokesman for Wilson’s administration…..Rogers refused.

          One of Rogers famous routines was about elections. Look around your local area, determine who the crooks and thieves were, elect them all to Congress and send them to Washington. At least they’d all be in one local and we can keep an eye on them. As it turns out that is all true, including keeping an eye on them meaning stopping the thieving, Instead we got, ridding DC the ones who don’t bring the spoils home and share the pork. Keep the ones who keep the gravy train running on schedule.

          I just started watching a very interesting movie about social standing and classes and equality. “The Amazing Mr Crichton” Have to pick it up tomorrow to give the movie its due attention.

        • Just how many times do I have to say things like, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” or the Churchill quote above.

          If you want to get back to basics, you cannot wave the magic Cruz Wand and make it happen. The folks have had their freedom and liberty and more importantly KNOWLEDGE of how we have those things taken away in an accelerating fashion for the past 50 years. 80 if you think it started with FDR.

          There is nobody left alive who was around for Calvin Coolidge and damn few from Herbert Hoover! So we need a re-education process. The question is who and how that will happen.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Reverse Coolidge and Hoover……School up through 12th grade is pretty basic. Not a whole lot to indoctrinate, just failure in its primary purpose. However, the major push to get a college education in spite of the lack of jobs to justify such an expense has an alternate motive. A community college education is job specific and inexpensive and is more than ample for most available positions. The University system is a PRIME location for indoctrination. Probably the 1st time away from home, buried in debt. Why to you think Bill Ayers went into the educational system in Chicago. Much safer and easier to mold minds than by terrorizing and blowing up things.

            • Right after I finished 8th Grade in 1960 (I had a sister four years behind me), they removed history and replaced it with Social Studies which in turn was replaced with something called civics. In any event, that is when the propaganda mill went in high gear. Talking about modern issues without being based in history is a recipe for disaster.

              Let’s remember Heinlein’s quote. “Those who do not know their history have no past……and no future”. Well, we are in that “future” now.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        In case you did not see it, here is the reference for my comment.

    • Correct me if I am wrong. Did not Reagan want a wall? Did not the people want a wall back then? Did not the politicians for many and sundry reasons refuse to build said wall? Did not the people rise up in revolt 30 plus years later to nominate someone who would do their will?

      And you say freedom died?

      Hardly pilgrim!

      Been thinking, anyone remember the Cincinnati reforms of the NRA when the membership rose up in mass and threw the leadership out? The old NRA leadership wanted to move HQ out of DC to New Mexico. The little people said WTF? Can you imagine what firearms rights we would have left if the old style leadership won the day.

      “If this be Treason, let’s make the most of it!”
      -Patrick Henry-

  50. Texas takes on Target stores……..There is no such thing as trans gender and there will be no transgender bathrooms in Texas. It matters not what you “identify” with….no men will be in any female restroom and no woman will be in any make restroom. You are what you are born. No public transgender rest rooms in Texas.

    Target is a private company and they can do anything that they want, says the Texas Attorney General and Governor. But Texas can endorse or not endorse and Texas does not endorse the policy of Target, Inc. Therefore, we suggest that if Texans do not like this policy to boycott Target.

    **** Note: Over the past week, Target sales in Texas have dropped 16% so far.

  51. trump is, perhaps, going to be the nominee….he still does not have that magic number and California delegates are saying that they will not change their vote because of such…they can still vote for suspended campaigns…..

    However, foreign leaders are becoming worried. A loose cannon in the WH….not from starting wars but from denying foreign aid…..foreign leaders are concerned that a capitalist businessman in office would attempt to balance the US budget and deficits on the backs of foreign aid…..

    Hmmmm…and the problem with this is exactly what? National Security? Nope…..markets?….nope. Trade?….nope. Countries that are doing business with the US will continue to do business with the US……why? Because of the USD.

    • Our greatest weapon is the USD….the only survivabe currency in the world.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I find it interesting you would say that. The USD, isn’t the only survivable currency, because that is impossible, as no currency lasts forever. But that’s just the historical context. More importantly, is was just used against us, by Saudi Arabia. By used against us, I mean they threatened to crush it, and it’s working. The info on 911 will be released before the next election, that’s Obama’s plan, has been all along. Trump isn’t the reason, he’s the event to distract the masses, all of them, worldwide. Yes, for now this is conspiracy theory, but give me a little of your time to see what I see.

        How would our enemy defeat us without military action? Kill the dollar! How would a country (or countries) do such a thing? Financial collapse for starters. Stock markets around the world start to fall hard because of (bullshit) fears of a Trump Presidency, Obama then releases the trigger (outing Saudi Arabia on 911) who in turn begins a mass sell off of over 750 Billion (if not several trillion) is US treasuries. This would cause a panic sell off which would decimate the dollar. Once the dollar is worthless, the UN’s SDR takes over, sans the dollar. What could we do, when our own President actually sets this in motion? Can’t bomb DC into the stone age, they are all mostly stoned anyway. It would happen so fast, there would be NO military options.

        Without the dollar, no military capabilities outside the borders. There will be far too many issues inside the border to be concerned about outside anyway. But don’t worry, it can’t happen here…….can it?

        😀 There is your conspiracy theory of the month! Hope you enjoyed. 🙂

        • Interesting theory…very interesting but I do not think it possible. I did not say that the USD would last forever….only that it is the only survivable currency with what is out there. The UN cannot and will not start its own currency…..it cannot do so without the backing of the USD. The Cenral Banking climate is floundering and not prospering. You simply cannot wave a wand and make a currency disappear. There are too many variables to doing that along with the assets that back it.

          You are worried about the Saudis, or the Chinese for the same reason, selling off US treasuries….to whom? Russia…no. China…no. Can the Saudis come over here and repossess anything….no. The whole world is existing on credit. Worthless paper. I think that the best thing that could happen to the US is for countries to NOT buy treasuries. The UN is powerless to start their own currency without the cooperation of the entire world and the entire world will not do that. The Central Banking system is not doing well. There is nothing to back the central banking system except paper…the same worthless paper that our treasuries are.

          The entire world is dependent upon the USD or the value of the USD. One thing that American hegemony did was to anchor itself enough that the USD cannot be discontinued without much much hurt. The intergration of trade and manufacturing is way too interwoven.

          • Let the stock market collapse…..did you see what happened recently? Which stocks got hurt and which did not? The emerging markets took the hit….I lost not one dime of value in my stocks…my dividends did not change and nothing was stopped or postponed. The people who lost are the emerging market people, hedge funds, and those who put their reliance upon young millennials investing their 401(k)s…..

            I think you can trust me in that the entire world is on a string….there is no one in position to take over and that includes the Soros’,Kochs’, etal. If there was a real issue, the big boys would already have divested themselves and they have not and even if they wanted to…..to whom would they do it. I will promise you that they are flush with USD cash and some metals.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          When someone SELLS US Treasuries what do they get in return?

          US DOLLARS.

          So a sell off in DEBT will cause a run on Dollars. So how does this destroy the value of dollars??

          You were missing the key ingredient. Who BUYS the debt. The Colonel touched it but did not declare.

          The FED will buy the debt, they will buy it with NEW MONEY. It is this new money that could bring down the value of the dollar. But destroy it? I do not think so.

          Currencies die when NOBODY wants them. What is it they are going to want instead of dollars?

          A massive sell off of US debt would drive interest rates up, increasing the deficit and debt. But it would also spur savings.

          I agree with the Colonel. The world is awash with debt, the high wire act is getting more interesting by the day.

          • This is very complex when it comes to economics….when you deal with weak and strong dollars. It is all relative. You explained what I thought was common knowledge…perhaps not. My bad and thanks for explaining it better than I.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              I think the main point here is being missed, badly 🙂 What was the agreement made with Saudi under the Nixon administration? Saudi sells ONLY in USD, buys US treasuries with profits. The birth of the petrodollar and the current world reserve currency. The fact that Saudi has actually threatened to end this agreement, which sent Obama over there begging them not too, there is more to this than what is being realized. If the iol rich ME nations stop selling in ONLY USD, the petrodollar is going to die, and naturally, the reserve currency status will die with it. This is inevitable at some point.

              Let’s face some facts. Our military has been weakened, a lot. We are no longer the leading industrial power we once were. Oil is no longer selling in ONLY USD’s, this only applies to the ME countries that have held our agreement. Anybody really trust Obama?

              Granted, the death of the petrodollar may take some significant time, if allowed a slow death. I’m not so sure the rest of the world really wants a slow death. And as usual, someone will fill the vacuum created by it’s demise. Since the world’s economy seems to be heading in the wrong direction, there is no better time than this year to end the whole hegemonic power that the US has abused for decades.

              Then again, maybe not 🙂

  52. Just A Citizen says:


    Where are you my dear. I am going to have a glass of Scotch with you this evening, to take the edge off the hurt and frustration.


    I hope your “feelings” about Trump prove true. I really, really do. Congratulations. One toast to you as well this evening.

    • I do not drink alcohol but would a DP do? We had the same pick.

    • No congrats necessary for me. I may need to drink with you tonight though. Just walked in the door with my son who successfully passed his road test. Off to SofS tomorrow for the driver’s license. Ooooh boy!

      I’m more surprised than happy about Trump. Who’da thunk several months ago that this is where we’d be today. He had my support for being bold enough to challenge the machine. He did much more than to just be the last man standing. He exposed and took advantage of the media. He exposed unsaid secrets about donating to all politicians for his personal agenda. He shoved the illegal immigration issue right down the other candidates’ throats, some choked on it. I like his idea of using economics as a weapon instead of our sons and daughter’s lives. I like the fact that the Trump family seems solid, very respectful and successful kids. To me that’s a mirror of the man behind the mouth. Speaking of his mouth, I could have done without much of that, but it worked for him. Hope he piles it on Hillary too. She actually deserves it. I also believe that he sees himself as a winner, believes it right to his core, and will do well by America if for no other reason than to not bring shame to the Trump name.

      I think Cruz could have pulled it off until these last couple weeks of whining (sp). I feel bad for Carly. WTH was that all about?

      Too late for the hard stuff. I’ll ‘cheers’ you with my Mtn Dew.

  53. Just A Citizen says:

    For those that may not have seen this. Some very interesting data sets. Not all very revealing but some certainly are.


    Of course the narrative is that this explains the rise of Trump and Sanders. Yes, squirrels do have that affect. 🙂

  54. gmanfortruth says:


    According to The Charlotte Observer, the state stands to lose nearly $900 million in federal school funding if they refuse to comply.

    So the difference between organized crime and the Fed’s is exactly what?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      See what the SCOTUS and Bruce Jenner have unleashed on the US. I assume that like having separate facilities as in the days of old for people of color, being against civil rights and discriminatory, having a 3rd choice for the confused folks with a unisex sign will be deemed gender biased and therefore also illegal. What gets me is that not to many years ago the courts ruled, granted it was about the Defense of Marriage act, that it was a States issue. So almost all states amended their constitutions including California to cover it. The people spoke. Then the same court reversed itself and blew the doors right off of States rights and the voice of the people. No wonder people are just plain giving up, they know what they say even in an overwhelming majority, as in an amendment the court and Congress just say “up yours”

      This nation’s courts and administration have got to be deemed certifiably insane.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        This is obvious and clear EXTORTION. The proper method the DOJ should take is through the courts, not making terroristic threats by threatening the kids educations.

        My answer to this is simple, States pass laws that ALL tax money goes through a State controlled office for distribution. If the Feds threaten to with hold funds like this or any other of the many uses of extortion, with hold all Federal taxes from leaving the State.

    • Hold tough North Carolina….do not give in…..it might hurt but you can survive…..we have so far.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Even though the major metropolitan areas are fairly liberal due to the universities the term liberal is relative. We are in the heart of the bible belt and a liberal is a right wing conservative by California standards. The area of eastern carolina is heavily populated with military and black rural folks. The west with Charlotte is heavy on the black population. The blacks vote democratic to keep the perceived care flowing. But are usually deeply religious and this will not fly unchallenged.

        Blackmail is a correct term to use with the way the DOJ and administration are acting. They are worse than the mob, because the mafia targets individuals and the government threaten millions and usually those millions have nothing what so ever to do with the debate and are utterly defenseless.

        The lottery is suppose to be for education only. That was the excuse to get it enacted. A little, maybe a lot of budget realignment and seriously use the lottery as intended and the Feds could just pound sand.

        Notice how debt can reduce one to servitude and NOT BE FREE. not only as individuals but classes and states. Get you addicted or in over your head and you will be forced to do the bidding of the note holder……the two biggest thing that caused this is the unionization of government employees, during Kennedy’s tenure, even FDR wouldn’t go there and warned of the conflict of interest involved. And # 2 the Education Dept created by Carter. Pass all sorts of have to do’s, the States can’t afford it….the Feds in their generosity…says we’ll pay for it and the camel has it’s nose under the tent.

        • Yeah…Texas stomped on the camels nose a couple of times…..we lost some educational funding for our rejection of common core and school lunches and we do not care. We have lost some Federal Funds due to our dismissal of the SCOTUS ruling on voter ID’s, we do not care. We have lost some federal funding due to our patrolling the border with our own troops….we do not care. We did not support the Obama care kiosks and refused to do it….we did not take the Fed funds so there is no loss. The funding that we have lost is covered, so far, dollar for dollar under our rainy day fund that we establish and fund every two years in our BALANCED budget. Other states can do this….but they have to NUT up and pass a balanced budget. That balanced budget will have to include several things that Texas has done….for example: in workmen’s Compensation, get rid of the lump sum settlement award and put specific limits on injuries. In liability lawsuits, limit damages to a specific amount….for example malpractice suits are limited to $200,000 in most cases. A right to work State and employment at will. No forced union dues and it does not matter in the future what the DOJ says. No teachers unions and no right to strike. No Firemens or Police unions and no right to strike. ( They can, of course, do sickouts…..but that has never worked very well in an employment at will environment )..You have to budget all state welfare and housing expenditures into a balanced budget which means that you actually have to qualify for assistance…and that means no drug or alcohol abuse by being tested. AND beginning Jabuary 1, 2017, in order to qualify for housing assistance, you will need to be working or doing public service. In order to qualify for state food stamps, you will need to be available for work unless certified disabled. Things like that.

          It can be done, but it is tough to do.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Our Voting ID law though challenged by the Feds is still going forward. NOBODY but the Feds sem to be upset. You are given so much time and options to prove who you are, much less you can cast your ballot, provisionally if not the photo is process is not completed. Then given an additional 3-6 months. There is absolutely NO excuse or impediment to obtaining an id…..much less the fact the DOJ is bitching about the poor and disadvantaged…..they of all people have id’s proving who you are to get benefits….as to the gerrymandering issue. You ought to see the district I’m attached to. It virtually snakes through eastern NC and through the city itself guarenteeing that a self proclaimed black man stays our lifetime congressional representative in DC……The bitch the Feds have is that districts have been combined in our area and will much better represent the populations.

            This gets back to my argument the other day. To stop this constant bickering. The 1st slice of representations is strictly by race. the exact breakdown is to be put forward. Within each racial group, must be a breakdown by natural gender. So of the 70% whites, 50 % have to be female. Beyond that be all that you can be. That’ll defang much of the power the feds and the courts have over the states. How can they argue against their own dream. By the way…hispanic is NOT among the choices. Native american fine. But a hispanic can be from black, white, asian (filipino) Indian from Goa, etc etc etc…its a culture not a race

  55. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Interesting movie about social hierarchy and civil rights “the Admirable Mr Crichton”

  56. Just A Citizen says:

    Poor Hillary. She needs some media consultants who are not left wingers.

    Loose cannons do not sometimes misfire. The roll over people.

    And if Trump is the loose cannon then she would be the person to get “rolled over”.

  57. Well, well, well…….Trump is the presumptive nominee…..Vicente Fox, El Presidente de Mexico, apparently has decided that Trump just might pull it off…..he offered up an apology today for his rant a few weeks ago and hopes that Trump will visit Mexico…….several weeks ago trump was uninvited and a pariah……now……………………..

    How the worm turns…..

    • Did you hear Trump’s comment, “he better get the money ready, he’s paying for the wall”.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Vicente Fox is one to speak….old time spanish decendant grandee, patron on the hill…one of the elites who have raped and abused the peon in Mexico for centuries. Most if not all of the people I know that have come from mexico are very hard workers and do not work under wage. The city wants a sidewalk put in well on schedule along a road and you will find the shovel leaners are the (protected) blacks …the workers are the mexicans. Very shortly after a project gets going most of the blacks are gone. workers stay the leaners history and are back at the unemployment line. Some of the best craftsman and boat finishers are from mexico, Stone workers, brick tile you name it. I’ve always gotten a fair days labor and paid a fair wage to the craftsman from Mexico, The druggies are a by-product of our own demand for their product. Legalize it and tax it to death as the advocates say…it’ll just move underground just like cigarettes and liquor in Italy. And the war with the excise man will go on.

      The government has to stop playing political games and that is BOTH sides of the aisle, and follow the law and vet properly. That includes people from anywhere. Jump the line bye bye. There is no possible way, people from Syria, Libya, Somolia can be vetted

  58. Gman….question for you…..who do you feel can step up with the demise of the petro dollar…..which our shale oil production has almost rendered it moot anyway…

    • gmanfortruth says:

      That my good friend will be the next article, excellent thinking 🙂

  59. Where does it stop……now you are no longer a convict or a felon….and the new movement is to eliminate the word veteran and use the term prior. You are not a police nor fire veteran, you are prior civil service. You are no longer a militay veteran, you are now prior service.

    The PC police are trying to say that the word veteran elevates and indicates a privileged social class.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Say NO to these freaks! It’s not hard.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Well it is around here. We get prefered parking right next to the handicap spots. We get discounts at several major stores as veterans. And on Thursday’s not only get the parking at the grocery store but by being a senior the purchases are discounted enough to eliminate the taxes charged on food…It matters in a driving rain storm. People are proud of their prior service as police officers and firemen and military veteran status.

      • Yes…it is the same here. We are treated very nicely and do not take advantage. The Veterans that are not disabled do not take the parking spots….but I do take advantage of the discounts as a senior and a veteran Kudos to Lowes for a 10% discount on all products and the same for Home Depot ( finally ) and the same for numerous restaurants. Chick-fil-A always recognizes my veterans hat and gives me a free drink everytime with my order….and we get the same from several places. And as a result, the veterans, and their families, are very loyal to them as well.

        I was just responding to the PC police in Washington and how fast they are moving on a lot of items before Obama leaves office and they get replaced.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          That is assuming Hillary doen’t get elected and continues Obama’s policies. I don’t think her international policy will be the same as Obama’s which was capitulation. Unfortunately I think her ability to handle a stressful situation is seriously in doubt and I believe she will lash out in situations that are meant to just push her buttons. However her domestic policies will double down until the ink reservoirs run out on the Feds printing presses…..she’s obviously running the the right of Bernie, but in reality she’s equal to him in her social views. Just like Bill ran as a centrist but she pulled him way left once elected. Luckily the debacle of the health care bill occured and also the demographic void of new workers creating a boon to the employment numbers and high salaries. Once the kids of the baby boomers fully hit in the early 2000’s looking for work, of course business is going to raise requirements plus lower wages. That is if they hadn’t offshored.

  60. Interesting non-National Review conservative take on Trump-Bill Buckley-


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In going through some items saved by my Grandmother was a clipping about family…however on the back side was an article about the health care debate being pushed by the Democrats and Truman. The script word for word i 1945 was exactly the words Obama and Pelosi used. The only changes were the names of the president, senators and congressional rep.

      That said….the deeper the feds and insurance intrude on our health the unhealthier we get. Before your health was your concern and usually knowing you were on your own stayed fit. The more it became someone elses responsibility to pay the worse we became……look at all the expert advice by the FDA as to proper diet. Get rid of saturated fats due ta now proven faulty study in MA. Switch to the chemical transfats…..now its banned due to it lethal side affects. Preservatives…..hidden death. If we are better now than before…why is there a drug store on every corner and in every grocery a pharmacy. Why is it that my poor stupid immigrant forefathers lived long lives. Their children averaged well in their late 90’s with only two exceptions, the next generation with absolutely NO restriction on health care have died on average 10-20 years younger (my parents generation) and then comes ours. Quite a few of my cousins my age have all had bouts of cancer, several dying already.

  61. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The future???

  62. gmanfortruth says:

    A new article has been posted.

  63. Just A Citizen says:

    Looks like some others are coming around to my way of thinking on this. We are being played.


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