Mid May Musings

The odd weather continues.  Record snow in Maine and more flooding in Texas are in the news, while last Sunday, May 15th, we here in North West Pa had snow showers on and off all day.  I won’t go into how weather is said to be controlled, but maybe there is something to that chemtrail theory.  Yesterday was a nice day, but still cool.  I came across a newborn fawn, barely able to walk yet.  I took a couple pictures and went on my way.  It’s always nice to see the babies, cute little buggers.20160516_124859

The soon to be voted NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) looks like it will include having women sign up for Selective Service.  Might as well have equal slavery.  Not sure why we even need Selective Service, why not just a computer database that automatically includes one’s information on the 18th birthday using Social Security information.  If they can spy on all of us, why not something this simple…..OH, probably need to keep the BOOT on our throats.boots

Looking at the many reports being put out, our military isn’t in very good shape.  Along with the raping of the leadership ranks in recent years, one must wonder what the end game of this will be.  Maybe this is a clue to future happenings, like before the upcoming election.  HMMM, I wonder how bad they want to keep Trump out of the Whitehouse?  Hitlery’s campaign is crashing before she gets the nomination, as scandal after scandal are hitting the news.  Interesting times ahead!  It’s almost summer, enjoy the warmer weather (if it comes).



  1. gmanfortruth says:


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Our weather has been normal as far as rain is concerned. For the past many years, LOTS of it. Webs are staring to form between the toes. The pattern is settling in for the weekly storms. It gets fairly predictable once that happens. The temps though have been cool with only an occassional warmer day. Nights have been getting down into the 50’s. That has been odd. Worn long pants more times this winter and spring more than I ever have during the past 20 years since moving to NC. That could be an age thing though.

      As for the selective service. That all males upon reaching their 18th birthday must get registered. I believe that females should be also included in that requirement. If NOT that would violate the civil rights laws as the government is interpreting them today. If the draft ever were to be reinstituted, there has to be one significant change. Each and every Jan 1st ALL numbers go back in the hat, to be drawn again. My number was #32 and that stayed with me. and was my number until the draft ceased. I did have a college deferment, but enlisted when I got what I wanted out of school and then got what I wanted out of the Navy. What royally pisse me off is those that had upon their 19th birthday drawing a high number well safe especially since things were winding down….just said ciao…see you later.

      If all males have to register at 18…..how is that any different than getting a photo id for voting? It’s all political BS and I’m surprised that someone just to stick it to the gov, has not pursued legal cases.

  2. Interesting, perhaps the beginning of a break in the Union Movement. The attached letter from the International Brotherhood of Laborers says it all. Also interesting are the “comments”. In cases like this I think commentators should have to identify if they are union members and if so, what union. White collar/government worker union members should not count. Most of the commentators seem to either be out of touch with reality since the Solar Panels and Windmills they love are all being manufactured overseas or of the “I got mine, FU club!” Even the “Old Gray Lady” is acknowledging Trump’s appeal to workers.


    • gmanfortruth says:

      Jobs win elections and ONLY Trump has been talking about the main problems, crap trade agreements. The “great sucking sound” Ross Perot talked about came true and continues to this day. I don’t blame the companies, I blame the Federal government, totally. Blue collar workers have been left in the back of the bus. Trump will lay waste to Clinton and this election will be won by landslide. It’s the economy (and the lost faith in the Fed’s).

      One day closer to revolution.

  3. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Most restaurants at the bar usually have a TV or two going. One with a sports channel and the other news.

    Texas was front and center “AGAIN” talk about sticking it to Obama and his Iranian “agreement” not treaty. Besides that what really got me hacked off was the segway into the gunboat surrender out in the gulf. I know about those boats because I see them all the time practicing off our fair city. In the propaganda films showing how evil the US is with entering Irans space the weapons on board those (2) boats were so overpowering against the little Iranian boats that barely would qualify as fishing boats here. they didn’t have to sink anybody, just send some rounds over, off the bow, off the stern and they’d have stayed clear until the one good US craft towed the other out of “contested” waters. While whistling up some fighters or an apache or cobra or two to provide air cover. US forces were closer than any Iranian planes. But to meekly surrender and be humiliated and show how apparently weak and cowardly the US is, obviously by orders from above and the “political” admirals and administration. The whole administration and the people that they are advancing is worse than any time in US history and that includes Carter,…at least the US in the early 1800’s after the Philadelphia ran aground of the barbary coast went in and destroyed it so the pirates/sheiks/ragheads could not use it against other shipping, catpulting Stephen Decatur to instand national fame…how low we’ve sunk in the past 7 years,

    Then the other BIG news was a newly promoted Defense big hee haw. He’s just a pencil pusher but he had to get a label and not just be a defense pentagon guy.

    • The day Cmdr. Bucher and the crew of the Pueblo were released by the North Koreans, I expected a couple of F-4’s would have done a fly-over and put a missile or two into that ship. Still waiting.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I forgot about the Pueblo incident. With everything I’m trying to forget about Lyndon Johnson and being completely unable to do so because we are still reaping the benefits (sarc) of the “Great Society” the Pueblo slipped through the cracks. I guess the people were not ready and willing to accept another Gulf of Tonkin event and Johnson while running for Pres proclaiming “I will NOT send good American boys” to Vietnam, branding Goldwater as a warmonger, and once elected, we all know the rest…..

    • Yes…if you remember my post saying that the boats were taken and not given back…complete with radios and codes. Not a shot fired and not a “scramble” being activated. “Scramble” not meaning Air Force but the thermite grenades strapped to each radio designed to melt the interior and render all classified technology inoperable. It used to be that it was procedure to hit that grenade no matter what…….it did not happen.

      What I hoped to be published is the truth about the abuse the female went through and not one soldier intervened.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        What’s the old saying about fishy and the smell. A sad state of affairs. Haven’t looked but I have to assume the retention rate has got to be dropping, or are the coffers staying full due to the work economy and people staying in because they have to assume this behavior by the government has got to change. It won’t reverse with either Hillary or Bernie….what’s going on under this administration is a total embarassment, but that’s Obama’s intention, and that is to humiliate the US in the worlds eyes.

  4. gmanfortruth says:


    Many folks think the TSA issue is a pretext for the next false flag airline attack. This puts some light on the matter.

  5. Hmmmm, it’s starting to look like Trump actually may be able to win.

  6. “Texas was front and center “AGAIN” talk about sticking it to Obama and his Iranian “agreement” not treaty.

    We are trying to get other states to stand up…..we are taking the lead.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      We here in NC are following your lead. Not powerful enough to take the lead but sure as heck are passing the same bills you are. So far the internal State voting blocks do not seem to be upset….it’s just the Feds who always threaten children by withholding education monies and do not live here…….keep it up…hoorah. The Feds do not have a big enough bus to run you folks from Tejas over. We are to darn close to DC, just a few short hours by car. But then again we have Ft Bragg and all the Army presense there and air wings. Seymour Johnson AFB in Goldsboro. The largest CG station at Elizabeth City. The Atlantic approaches early warning systems. The largest air station called MCAS Cherry Point. Camp Lejeune and New River in Jacksonville.

      Been doing a bit of taveling through the rural countryside. Predomintly black. Vastly different than the folks that live in the city who always seen to have a huge chip on their shoulders and ANGRY. Military folks are obviously an exception. The country folks are polite, actually look when they go through a door to see if some one is following and doors held, and visa versa. Manners and good neighbors was the policy. No dreadlocks they look alive and alert. Pants not down past their ass, dissing you, a totally different world. No walking down the middle of the street even when sidewalks are on either side, daring you. In the countryside it’s smart to walk on the road until a car comes. Snakes love the grass. Then people look to see if its safe to step off the road. Wait for you to pass then back on the road and continue their journey. Oh…that’s anybody.

      • Actually, the Obama administration is the one that has made it easy. His sselective enforcement set the pattern…you do not get to decided which laws to obey…..if we are going to be a nation of laws, then live by them. When the POTUS and his admininistration decided to flout any law but enforce others, especially in conservative areas….and on conservative people. and on the wealthy…..he simply opened the door to the states. Now, we are simply following his lead. And the interesting part of it is…..even the SCOTUS has been rendered powerless by the POTUS…..there is no way that now, he can’t even try to bring the power of the Federal Government to bear…..not now.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          .there is no way that now, he can’t even try to bring the power of the Federal Government to bear…..not now.

          Do you think it’s time to remove them and replace them with some new rules? With the new book from an anonymous Representative telling just how pathetic they have become, I’m all for a new Declaration of Independence. Any ideas?

          • Actually, G Man, I do not see very much wrong with the rules…..just follow them. Yes, some need to be tweaked and some need to be replaced….but it is WHO interprets the rules and not the rules themselves. I think the Constitution is still a great start…..just follow it.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              There lies the problem, they aren’t following the Constitution and doing so at a faster pace. I’ll give you ObamaCare as an example, nowhere is there an enumerated power concerning healthcare OR insurance of any kind, but here we are.

  7. gmanfortruth says:


    I feel bad for T-Ray and those like him. California will soon be Venezuela. When the BIG ONE hits, they will be Haiti. Sad, it’s a beautiful state with some great natural beauty to see and enjoy. Progressives will destroy the ability to see it safely.

    • If public safety were a real concern, then we would not be letting hundreds of felons out of prison nor would we define theft up to $950 as a misdemeanor. Crime is rising in CA because of these two things. This gun bill does nothing for public safety except to restrict law abiding citizens. The inmates are in charge here.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I figure Liberals are either stupid as hell or have a much more nefarious agenda than people are willing to admit. Every study and statistic show that the freedom to carry concealed and openly drives crime down. It’s simply a fact that when good people have guns, bad people leave. While it’s far easier to believe that Liberals are just an ignorant lot, I go with the harder opinion to believe, they know what they are doing, just like all of the most murderous dictators of the past. Calling them NAZI’s is perfectly safe and appropriate. Calling them Communist NAZI bastards is too! 🙂

  8. gmanfortruth says:
  9. gmanfortruth says:

    Calvin Coolidge, in a speech on the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 1926, emphasized the anti-Constitutional and anti-American ideals of progressivism. Coolidge said, “If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just power from the consent of the governed, that is final. No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions. If anyone wishes to deny their truth and their soundness, the only direction in which he can proceed historically is not forward, but backward toward the time when there was no equality, no rights of the individual, no rule of the people. Those who wish to proceed in that direction cannot lay claim to progress. They are reactionary.”

    • gmanfortruth says:

      We need another Declaration of Independence. Our government is beyond corrupt.

  10. gmanfortruth says:
    • This is an understatement. Look at what the Clinton machine has the head of the DNC doing now……..changing the rules of the convention to disallow signs, videos, public demonstrations at the convention that show any resistance to the nominee. No signs supporting Sanders, no videos, no chanting against Hillary………WE MUST SHOW UNITY NOT MATTER WHO WE HAVE TO SHUT UP…….zieg heil!

      • Just A Citizen says:

        We are living in some very interesting times.

        • The media are try real hard to turn this election into a ratings buster. Reminds me of the Romans and the Coliseum or those futuristic movies with reality TV combat. The Rs were divided now are coming together, while the Ds start to split. No screen writer could have sold this script.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Had things been closer ion the republican side, the same thing would have happened. Monopolies are more dangerous in politics than in the free market, we are now seeing that. Both should be broken up into several smaller groups, and kept that way.

  11. Target feeling the pinch……stock prices dropping over 6%….sales and revenues down over 10% since their transgender announcement……..want to get attention? Hit ’em in the pocket book.

  12. Do not know…..I have issues with Apple….I do not own their stock nor products. No, America…I do not have an I phone. I know that is rare but I do not own one and I am doing just fine.

    • I don’t own one either and my daughter designs chips for them.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I saw the other day that Buffett for the 1st time bought into a technology stck and it was Apple and he bought a lot. This AM I then read that Icahn dumped all his holdings in Apple. They’ve dreopped quite significantly over the past year and China seems to be a very big portion of the problem.

      I ALSO DO NOT OWN AN IPHONE nor an IPAD either. Just have an old Blackberry as my communication device. It’s just a tool and not an obsession. Doing that keeps you focused on who you’re with plus stay interesting enough so they do not resort to their IPHONE.

  13. Just A Citizen says:


    Washington State holds it’s State Republican Convention to select delegates to the National Convention.

    Ted Cruz gets 40 of the 41 possible delegate positions. Trump got the ONE delegate.

    During the convention the GOP Governor and Senator candidates distanced themselves from Trump. I told ya’ll, New York values don’t sell well out here. Can’t describe it, but you know it when you see it.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      They might as well have sent a horse to a nice young couple living in an apartment in downtown Seattle, it might have been almost as useless.

    • A clear signal to Trump to change his position slightly. They will back him in the end.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        It’s also a clear signal that those out West seem slow to grasp reality. Cruz has been rejected by a majority of voters in a big enough way not even a rigged convention could save him.

  14. gmanfortruth says:


    A huge number of these folks are Teamster truck drivers, including 155, 000 still operating. Interesting times ahead.

    • And soon robotic trucks, who needs drivers.

      Will someone get canned for this?

  15. gmanfortruth says:

    Interesting news is lacking these days. Trump is catching and pulling ahead of Clinton in polls for the National election, despite SO MANY saying he couldn’t beat her just a couple months ago. But, propaganda such as that, repeated by a few here, is silly stuff. No one can predict the outcome of a fair election 6 months out, unless the election isn’t fair.

    Then we have this nonsense: http://libertyunyielding.com/2016/05/21/feds-diverted-millions-slush-fund-fuels-liberal-activist-groups/

  16. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Some light reading on “ANOTHER” rainy day


  17. gmanfortruth says:

    Newly uncovered e-mails have reopened the “Fast and Furious” case, exposing the anatomy of a cover-up by an administration that promised to be the most transparent in history.The deadly-but-forgotten government gun-running scandal known as “Fast and Furious” has lain dormant for years, thanks to White House stonewalling and media compliance. https://www.superstation95.com/index.php/world/1362

    Yet, no one will go to jail. Should one of us have done this, we’d be like the Bundy’s, in solitary confinement and denied bail.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      “The Obama regime was willing to commit and facilitate international crimes to effect political change inside the United States.”…..The gun episode occured while Hillary, Obama and most specifically the UN was writing all those international gun laws and “agreements”. By-passing Congress because it’s NOT a treaty. Using the international gun trade as a excuse…….Excuse me, but the biggest gun and weapons traders are the “governments” themselves. They’re just acting like “Standard Oil” and US Steel wiping out the competition.

      Just think of the “migrant” crisis and all the changes and EO’s he’s enacted over Congress. If that is not effecting political change in the US I don’t know what is. He’s tired of waiting for Congress to act…..ah try “We the People” He’s just sticking his middle finger up at the people. The sad thing it is 100% political. It is all designed to create even more huge voting blocks that go lock step with the Democratic party, ie the Blacks, and become mutated into mindless “sheeple” The Hispanics are falling for the lawless actions also. Itstead of following the LAW and live here without fear they’ll vote for lawlessness….exactly what they are leaving “South of the Border” They don’t realize they are just exchanging one Patron on the hill and grand Hacienda for another set in DC.

  18. gmanfortruth says:
  19. gmanfortruth says:
  20. John Hickenlooper, the Democratic governor of the once good state of Colorado, has said it all….openly….and with derivation. He is a super delegate and was explaining the reason for having super delegates….great interview. He was very proud of the fact that the Democratic party has super delegates and, in fact, has had for over 40 years. He went on to say that super delegates are there to maintain order and stability in the voting procedures and to promote those persons that have the experience and qualifications necessary to be a nominee.

    He said, ” the general public, often times. votes on emotions and sound bites and really does not know the nominees as well as the Super delegates. we are there to maintain order and ensure that the democratic nominee is the best candidate that can be put forward and often times the public simply does not know. We are here to correct that.”

    Then the question was asked: “But governor, if the super delegates are the ones that pick the nominee and that nominee is different than what the people want, can you understand the outcry among the electorate that the system is favored?” He responds, ” I can understand the reluctance but they do not understand the procedure and the procedurs is what we live by and, quite frankly, the general public does not know the intracacies of political office.”

    Well…..that just about says it all…….Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton 59% to 40,3% and the governor said that….”this vote was not really relevant…these kids all voted on emotion. As a super delegate, we are there to fix this.”

    Well……..when do the lines to the gas chamber start?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      The ILLUSION OF CHOICE is in everyone’s face for all to see. It’s no long r a conspiracy theory.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      “super delegates are there to maintain order and stability in the voting procedures and to promote those persons that have the experience and qualifications necessary to be a nominee”

      I guess with that reasoning the primary qualification for the office of the President of the United States is to be a serial liar. Hillary certainly has the most experience in that area of any candidate from either party.

  21. After a careful study of current trends both societal and governmental, I have come to the conclusion that the only way Black Americans in this country will achieve TRUE equality is when they all decide to change their sex.

  22. Uh Oh,,,,,I guess Texas is in trouble again……SIGH!!!!…..we pissed off the US Department of Justice yet again……and they filed suit and we are not paying attention to them……Now, some will probably call this a slippery slope or the first step to a “police state”……..but, you do not live here. Texas adopted the procedure for finger printing ALL illegal immigrants before turning them over to ICE. The DOJ says that is not legal….Texas says we are doing it anyway. Since this procedure has started, Texas has identified 611,234 crimes committed by the finger prints that have been obtained on these illegal immigrants….wetbacks….aliens…whatever the hell you want to call them. In these statistics, 2923 homicides and 7695 sexual assaults. Other statistics include 211,146 burglaries of habitat, 344,764 car thefts, 196,873 Driving under the influence CONVICTIONS…and 48,490 deaths by DUI. Not included are the ones captured by ICE and NOT FINGERPRINTED OR RECORDED…..these statistics are from 2008-2014. Finally, they are going down, WHY? Because we profile. We are sorry if you are a legal immigrant or a citizen but you are profiled and your license plate checked against registrations. Your registration is then checked against a national data base….and even if you are not breaking any law…..if the registration does not match the plate…you will be stopped. If you are a bunch of Hispancis riding in the back of a pick up truck, you will be stopped. You will be stopped and checked simply because you are Hispanic. If you are picked up and fingerprinted and they match previous records…you are going to jail……if you have no ID, you are going to jail. If you do not speak English, you are going to be questioned and checked out. We are not going to turn you over to ICE any longer. ICE has been proven to release known rapists and killers and criminals…..

    A word to the employers that hire illegals……you WILL HAVE YOUR STATE FRANCHISE REVOKED AND YOU WILL FACE STATE CHARGES.

    The DOJ says that Texas cannot do it……Yexas says jam it. And, I know JAC will probably weigh in here…..I do not worry about the slippery slope argument here….we are just plain tired of the 725% in crease in crime…..DIRECTLY RELATED TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. And you know what? These homicides and theses burglaries and the rapes are beginning to slow down significantly….not to mention that open carry has really deterred a lot. Since the inception of open carry, street robberies and panhandling and stealing of misdemeanor junk like cigarettes, bicycles and such….has dropped dramtically.

    So, DOJ…….if you are pissed now…..just wait.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I do have one question. How and where are these fingerprints showing that crimes have been committed? Are these people fingerprinted previously in other states after committing crimes, and then showing up in Texas? Or are they criminals from south of the border who have prints on federal files?

      That is a very Huuuuuge crime linkage so can you provide more information on these people and how they come to be in the system already. Especially in such large numbers.

      • No,,,,if you remember, we fingerprint them when we catch them…created our own data base. They got a free ride the first time….we catch them and turn them over to ICE….ICE releases them. They may not have committed any crime at the time we caught them….just here illegally. We finger print the women and children as well beffore we turn them over or take them to Ojinaga….

        Some of the finger prints were already in a Federal Data baase from previous crimes also but the majority we fingerprint them as part of the detainment……what is also beginning to work is when we catch them, we finger print them and let them know that if they get caught again….no matter what…..then they have committed a crime even if the only crime is crossing the border again. We then do not turn them over to the Feds….we either jail them or take them to Ojinage and turn them loose.

        So, on crime scenes, even if we do not catch them, and we take prints at the scene, they are also stored in a “unsloved” data base. In addition, we take DNA samples from sexual assaults ( if we can get them quick enough ) and store those in a data base and then cross match.

        Hell, the FBI wont admit it publicly but they love our data base.

        • When we catch them crossing the border now, most already have finger prints on file. You would be amazed at how many we catch crossng the border and then compare the prints to file and link them to unsloved crimes.

        • The other thing that really is showing some results is abandoned vehicles….when we take prints from stolen or abandoned vehicles and we catch them crossing the border, they are linked to that as well….

  23. @ JAC…you asked “That is a very Huuuuuge crime linkage so can you provide more information on these people and how they come to be in the system already. Especially in such large numbers.”…..this is huge…..realy huge but these numbers are Texas numbers….not Federal numbers and like California, who does not finger print, we do not know how mant crimes…….

    I also saw a report from the Department of Public Safety sent to us that linked ( I cannot remember the exact number ) but somewhwere around 180,000 people committed about 50% of these crimes.

    This is what we have to do…..our LE is going to the Home Depot’s and the Lowe’s and the construction sites and finger printing these workers and we are finding that about 30% of them are already on record as having committed a crime or received a ticket or are linked to robberies and cars and such. We have to take some draconian measures. It is really really bad here.

    • I can only applaud what you guys are doing. The left is great bandying around the words “COMMION SENSE” but only when they apply it to gun laws. You guys are doing it with everything.

      I was just commenting before on FB that words these days mean absolutely nothing. What you and I grew up thinking was absolute is not and to say it is puts you on the right wing fringe regardless the issue.

      How Clinton, Bill that is, ever got away with “IT ALL DEPENDS WHAT THE MEANING OF IS, IS”. I will never know. Half the country then and probably 70% now thought it perfectly ok to question the meaning of is? So, how in the hell can anything mean anything?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        He got away with it because critical thinking about philosophy had been destroyed in our Universities. It was more important to stand by “their man” than to abandon him over immoral behavior.

        Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll generation separated in their minds the moral behavior and doing one’s job. Thanks to the cultural revolution they failed to see how important the linkage is between the two.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I don’t think they separated morality and their job in their minds. Morality is not even a part of their thinking or embedded in ones psyche as a potential stop light. Besides you mess yourself up with self indulgence and you are no longer personally responsible, not only is it somebody elses fault, but society will pay the tariff so you can continue down your self chosen path of destruction

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Expanding on Texas…..Austin was on the front page with a headline that the city has filled the gap caused by the vacancy of Uber and Lyft. They created their own service copying the two “private” systems that the city drove out due to regulatory disputes.

      The government is in direct competition with private business and if they do not own it they sure as heck will find some way to control it, like Boeing trying to set up a aircraft assembly plant in a Right to Work State like South Carolina and theh Obama administration blocked it protecting their union supporters. Or blocking the umpteenth merger of two companies wishing to merge and survive as opposed to they both losing independently.

      • Yep…Austin is our European experiment….our Liberal petri dish, if you will……it is fun to watch them down there. Uber and Lyft is still alive and well in all our other cities….and it will be back in Austin within a year……

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Amazing how that works. City doesn’t get their skim by selling medallions at a dear price. Besides, no official taxi driver out of DFW airport spoke a word of english when I was flying in and out of there and doing some work in Irvine. That’s another idiot city. The worst cabbies I’ve ever ridden with. Including DC or NYC. In Raleigh at RDU the cab drivers with the airport concession all were from “away” but everyone of them spoke english very well and you didn’t have to instruct them as to when to turn or for that matter enter your destination into their GPS.

          • Yes…..Dallas is our wannabe “avante garde” city trying to emulate NY……Dallas lost both contests. Irving was a sanctuary city until this past January…..

  24. I don’t know how many of you are watching the protests….as long as the sun was up it was peaceful enough…when the sun went down and it turned dark, the violence erupted….does anyone notice who the protesters are??? I saw nothing but young blacks, young students, and young hispanics…..by young, I mean teenagers and early 20’s. A lot of the protesters were wearing masks…when they tried to break the police barriers, the police got tough. Tear gas and pepper spray came out when the rocks andbottles came out…..and when protesters got pushed down on the cement because they would not move…and they got bruises and skinned knees…..they started crying because they got roughed up.

    I saw young women dropping their drawers and mooning and I saw young men holding their crotches…..nad I bet a dollar to a doughnut…..none of them knew why they were there other than to disrupt. The good thing is….around here…..is the protests are anot taken seriously…misguided youth responding to flash mob mentality.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      AND displaying the Mexican flag. Don’t forget that.

      Even Chris Matthews said last night he could not figure how these kids think any of this, especially waving a Mexican flag, is going to convince people they are in the right. He couldn’t connect the dots beyond that. He can’t figure it out because they don’t care to persuade. Their only goal is to disrupt and intimidate.

    • Saw the ad on Craigslist. $15/hr for four hours. Must clock in every hour to prove you were there for the whole 4 hrs. iirc it was posted by Grassroots Community. Grassroots for sure, not sure about the community part…

      Shoulda had ICE there to round up the aliens.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        ICE probably posted the ads. Isn’t it a possibility that they are attempting as in the “administration” intimidating the “people” to sway congress to change the laws so the scandalous behavior of Obama with his EO’s and ED’s be legitimized. Plus get paid for a job you swore to do, that goes for the border patrol agents also, and then turn your back and open the doors because I was told to do so even though you and they knew it was WRONG WRONG WRONG. and violating every damn law on the books except Obama’s secret directive…..when are these people going to start pushing back and doing their job at the risk of being fired….everybody get fired that would get media attention.

        I think all the unemployed ex students ought to start invading Mexico and realize the gritty/shitty life there and its not all spring break in Cancun, put on Mommy and daddy;s credit card. Obviously the Mexican laws are quite draconian compared to ours, if ours were enforced. Maybe they could with their technical training get a job that was outsourced to Ford or GM motor company.

  25. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’m surprised on the lack of comments here about the inspector general’s report released today about Hillary’s e-mail server. I’m posting “Politico’s” story. Even there they had a hard time supporting Hillary…..because you just can not get around the words by the investigation of….did not seek approval at any time, did not turn over state documents at the end of her tenure, violated just about every rule about handling secret documents. etc etc etc…..If that doesn’t land her land her charges equal to or greater than what the Obama administration did did to Petreaus for a few documents in his desk, plus being seen by a person who had the clearance to see them, not need to know.
    The report basically said, the techies could have set up a system that met all the guidlines required, but Hillary worked totally and completely outside the protocol required, “for concenience” Listening to the way her campaign was spinning this today was sickening. Obama was bad enough as a novice and totally blank record as president. But Hillary as president,,,, if he gets elected we have destroyed all moral standing in this country and regard for law. her technical folks said there were attempts to hack, but to their knowledge the attempts were not successful…..what was all the hub bub about embarrassing emails about here counterparts that she sent but were HACKED and posted on wikileaks…..now I do wish the Russians would distribute the 20K emails. I would take Bernie over her anyday. He’s honest, disagree with his politics 100% but he is what he is and doesn’t morph every day


    • Everybody seems to forget that it was her job to ensure that everybody followed the record keeping and security rules. It comes with being top dog.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I would guess that everyone here thinks Clinton is guilty of numerous crimes involving her E-mail server and should be in prison. Considering the constant damning information coming out, if the DoJ chooses NOT to charge her, then a lot of people opinions are going to either change or they are too far gone to be considered intelligent. I’m not just talking about opinions of Clinton, but opinions on the whole Federal government.

      There is a bright side to this that should be considered. While Obozo’s DoJ may nor charge the witch, Trumps’s new DoJ just may do so. This would make for a great question during a debate or interview for Trump….”Would he uphold the law and push for prosecution should the evidence actually point in that direction?”

      As far as Bernie, I can’t see any of his ideas actually making it through Congress. But like you I agree, at least he seems honest.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Assuming hypothetically, a Bernie win. Sure he’s so far gone as a socialist/communist he’d get nothing through Congress unless congress flips to be lead by Pelosi and Schumer.

        Maybe instead of the congress being at a complete standstill would actually clean up some of the messes they’ve created feeling that they have to DO something. Actually oversee their programs that have been signed into law insuring they are administered as signed instead of passing a generally phrased bill and letting the presidency and his people fill in the blanks and substancible cjange the bill to one that was not presented to the people, but hidden….ie the ACA. Letting the President get away with Treaties simply by calling them agreements when they really seriously affect the people of the US. Especially when they are done with the planned collusion of the UN and other foreign countries. ie the Paris Climate “agreement”

        Congress should stick to their guns and regardless of politics Republican or Democrat override a President who creates his own law. If the changes are so important then convince the people and then vote on the changes for all to see…….I doubt if we will see another “true” amendment to the Constitution. Congress and the government want a whim based constitution to be what ever you want at any time instead of trying to convince an overwhelming majority of the people that this amendment is right. Actually I believe they would be extactic if the Constitution did not exist. It is viewed as an impediment to what they feel needs to be done. especially Obama. Frankly neither party want to be bothered and neither do the courts. They’d rather debate the meaning of “is” or think that if the framers were here today, what would they do. Or only rule on precedence rulings which in themselves could have been a faulty ruling.

  26. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Two good movies about our southern borders continuing crisis, both hinging on NAFTA. The 1st is “Bordertown” and the other is “I Witness”

    Obama is just a novice community organizer, but Hillary is tied totally 100% to globalization and one world government a subservence of America to the UN and World Court. Just look at the China scandal during Bill’s tenure with campaign funding. His foundation is a direct conduit of funds to her through Bill.

    Getting back to the emails….she’s been excusing her violations of protocol as “well, everybody else did it before me” Carefully leaving out the fact that the techies and security folks in the State dept. set up and approved those predecessors communications to people outside. Hillary sought nothing and and hid and obfuscated everything even up to today, attempted destruction of State documents…..Every action she was involved in as SOS was total BS and hemmed and hawed changed morphed never explained, lied to congress and we could have this person as president. I can not think of a more pathological lier ever conceived and up front about it and all part of the record. Nixon was an amateur caught up in his paranoia of the press and loyalty to his staff….Think about how minor Watergate really was and the crisis that ensued. Compare that to today, we have fallen so low as a nation with ethics and moral standards it’s pathetic. Our government employees, politicians, are so managed by staff and analyzing and tailoring speeches, they haven’t a clue as to what they said in the morning. Of course they can deny ever saying it, thay just parroted it from a teleprompter. “Max Headroom” move over.

  27. gmanfortruth says:

    So Hitlary puts out an ad about Trump and the housing bubble, which quickly gets completely turned around against her, as Bill began the problem, the Democrats made it far worse and Warren flipped several houses and made huge proits. Trump is going to be laughing all the way to the Whitehouse. Her campaign is as inept as her time as SoS. Trump will crush Hitlary in a landslide not seen since Reagan.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I haven’t seen the ad…..but what did Trump have to do with the housing bubble. He doesn’t build housing for the general masses. Only for the 1%’rs

      There is NO possible way that anyone in politics especially someone like Hillary and Obama, can possible remember what they said after breakfast. They are so managed by 3rd parties and nothing is written by them. tailored for each specific audience, and usually contradictory to the previous speech. Just turn the teleprompter around and let the Pres stay put in the WH and save us a ton of money on travel expenses. Obama CAN NOT speak extemporaneously one bit. Neither can Hillary. They know they’ve lied and fibbed and stretched the truth so many ways they can not possible keep the story line on track, witness Benghazi..

      Actually, that was one of Romney’s complaints afterwards. 1st off the Dems controlled the words and debate. But the party and the writers so tailored each speech to each crowd, a consistent message was lost and even adding more ammunition to the Dems. He, himself was lost within the words.

      One of the things among many that bother me about the Dems….is that they view the opposing party and their adherents as ENEMIES to be crushed and conquered and utterly defeated. Not just intellectually convinced to try another way. Just listen to Obama and Hillary, we are an enemy of the country and deserve no rights. Everything is a conspiracy of the right, constantly casting aspersions. Your opinion and beliefs have no value if it’s different that theirs and is to be crushed and silenced.

  28. gmanfortruth says:

    If I was a parent of one of these kids I would be furious. Progressives should be outlawed.

  29. gmanfortruth says:
  30. Let’s roll! Trump on Jimmy Kimmel last night, asked about a debate with Sanders, says sure as long as proceeds go to charity!. Sanders replies via tweet: Game On! Expert trolling on many levels by Trump. Minimizes Hillary. Captures the Bernie supporters’ attention. Trump could ask exactly how Bernie plans to pay for his big government. It would show two rebels vs more of the same old Hillary. I’d love to see this go down. Maybe they could settle on the Clinton Foundation as the charity of choice, exposing the Clinton foundation to transparency.

    Also check out the second story on this link…Obama saying world leaders are afraid of Trump. Um, yeah. Is there a problem with that?

    • 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Like the EU pay for their defense, instead of relying on us and then complaining about upseting the applecart. They’re afraid that they’d have to make a decision defend home against aggression of spend everything on progressive debt. It’d be Obama and Hillary, I’d be scared of. Commit and then bug out and leave them hanging. Or threaten like Obama does and then when countered backs down. Hillary will be able to have her buttons pushed and she’d lash out just to prove she’s tough. The real tough guy at school never got in a fight. You knew up front that it was a bad bet and you’d get beat. They never pushed or bullied. They were secure in their strength and exuded confidence. The bullies were always trying to prove something, pick on weaker people unable to defend themselve but generally bluff worked if they were confronted. But they knew they’d get hit if they’d continue their bullying actions and that was not their goal.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        It’s hot here today so the shades are pulled and the lights off so I’m typing in the relative dark……the grammar suffers as a consequense. Should be getting a tropical storm hitting the coast in the next few days. As if we needed more rain.

  31. gmanfortruth says:

    It wasn’t long ago we were talking about the Republicans imploding…..now, it’s the other side: http://personalliberty.com/letting-hillary-be-hillary/

    I actually hope Hitlary wins the nomination.

  32. Well, I was wrong about Trump…I really thought that the republican machine was too strong for even him…..so..I will say nothing about the democratic party…..

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Trump’s move to debate Bernie for charity is brilliant. It makes Hitlary look totally weak and a coward, plus, if it happens (I doubt that it will), Trump will destroy the whole Socialism idea with his knowledge of economics. I think Trump could speak at just the right level of intelligence to get his point across, even to typical Bernie supporters.

      On a side note about Hitlary, her own arrogance has come back to bite her, she’s done. However, this is a more scary thought than people could imagine. Democrats will do most anything to hold power, I wonder just how far they will go with no real viable candidate for President?

      • I heard that they were going to approach you for President…..any truth to that?

        • gmanfortruth says:

          If they approach me, I would decline, don’t want the job (or any job in DC for that matter). I’ll just stay here in the country and live a peaceful life, until the revolution anyway 🙂

  33. Thought to Hilary ……Ummmmmmmmm…………i guess you forgot to look at your porilio during the housing crises…..You are a huge investor in Fannie Mae issues…….I am sure you were devastated at making millions off those souls that lost their homes under the DEMOCRATIC controlled low income housing market……you democrats laid the trap and the very people you were saying that you were protecting….walked right in.

    Same thing is about to happen again.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      1) Student loans defaults will soar with the graduates unable to repay. Unlike the housing, where the property could be repossessed, the only thing with a college loan to be repossessed is the student themselves. Look for labor and government directed jobs….to absolve the debt, you will work here and do this.
      2) The Automobile loans/leases are starting to come due. GM will be the 1st to collapse, again. Soon there will be so many used cars being returned from lease or repossession, the market for those vehicles will really be a buyers market, and it will be the time to buy used. Not a new one.
      3) I just heard on the news that the government is planning on revisiting the housing loans, repeating the disaster of the last decade. Talk about slow learners.

  34. Hey New York…you gottan love it…….Let’s see…..DeBlasio has said that there are too many laws so, you can litter, piss on the sidewalks, be a stalker, and walk on the grass….no penalty. Progression at work.

    • That settles it then. No need in tranny bathrooms, just have a toilet sitting on every corner

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Heck,,,in Amsterdam for 3 days, over the weekends on just about every corner is a port-a-potty. Just four alcoves that provide the minimal amount of privacy, like a wingback chair, but it beats cleaning the alleys, brick, and sidewalks on Monday. No restriction as to who can use them. The crowds of people and cyclists, buses, tourist barges are streaming by while ones hangs it all out.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        The tranny issue is likely just a diversion so many people will not look at the real problems. Trump has done a good job at outlining what those problems are. The others fiddle-fuck around with bullshit that has either been debunked or is not a probable outcome, like free tuition. Smart people saw this from the get go, the rest………wallowing in self pity. 😀

  35. gmanfortruth says:
  36. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought for the day:

    • There is no question, in my mind, that there would be total and complete lawlessness…look at what happens now in floods and tornadoes and hurricanes…even with National Guard and police…you still have the looters and murderers and such. There is no changing human behaviour…..people WILL NOT LIVE TOGETHER..they cannot. You will have the enclaves of little clans but in large, no production, no communications….nothing. I have asked many libertarians and their answer always relies upon the good nature of people….they have not seen enough of the world. Libertarians think that farming will continue and the phones will continue to work and that, without any form of law and organization, peope will take over…..they wil take over, alright.

      Our society, in no way, is ready nor can live in a barter era again….that chance is gone. People will steal and in their mind, be justified in doing so. Having gold and silver and precious metals will not become the way…..it will be whatever some people need. Food will be more wanted than gold…..water will be worth more in some areas……

      Oh, well, you get the pic. I have been all over this world….seen the cultures….the world is violent and will remain so.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        And always has been. I totally side with the Colonel. There has never been not ever will be a successful long lasting utopia and everyone having a everything equal. Even in nature there is always the big bull who has more.

        Just picture Tibet. Probably the most isolated and generally peaceful country, just wishing to be left alone. China, came in and stomped them and seized their country and pretty much destroyed their culture, and today our rightious leaders refuse to even meet the deposed leader for fear of UPSETTING China.

        The speakers senerio pretty much describes how the protection gangs ie the mafia worked/works. Or even the mayhem caused by the what historians call a real revolution the French Revolution. Not the American one. The Bolsheviks under Lenin followed by Stalin were very effective, then the Nazi’s, Mao and lest we forget the socialist progressives here. But here the education system within 2 generations succeeded where violence wasn’t entirely required to meet those ends. But enough violence is allowed to pop up and a few more liberties are removed for your safety..example, 9/11, Boston Marathon, Detroit airliner, Ferguson, Baltimore. Black Lives Matters and OWS movements all encourgaed and funded by progressives and our current administration.
        Both the Boston succesful bombing and Detroit, unsuccessful the State department under Hillary were FORWARNED by other countries agencies. Not just a general warning, but a specific names named and they were still passed through.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Good morning Sir. Hope all is well in the Republic this fine morning. Little breezy here this AM and just cool enough to chill a Texican to his bones.

        I think the chances of outright chaos depend on location. I can see it in the ciities because so many are unarmed and grew up totally dependent on govt. for about anything.

        The rest of us would probably band together into existing towns or divisions within towns for safety. We are armed and would not tolerate the thieving violent gangs.

        The one weakness in looking at past events is that in those cases Govt. still existed. So the people “expected” Govt. to step in. They knew better than to try and take the initiative for fear Govt. would drop the hammer on them, see New Orleans. Many people might react differently if they knew the Govt. was GONE..

        I believe the majority of people would try to get along. The violent are a minority. But, a minority with violent intent can create chaos and misery for a majority that will not organize and act against them.

        Of course the irony is that we are declaring that man is not “good”, that he is a violent animal, barely removed from savage status. Well if that is the case then why do we give “men” the monopoly on use of force over us? Hence the twist at the end of the video.

        We are caught in a cycle, suffering the ultimate Catch 22 if you will. So for as far as I can see into the probably future I see some form of Government. I see people agreeing to some institution enforcing laws of some type in order that the rest of us can live in relative peace.

        For the record, “Libertarians” do not propose No Govt.. They do fall back to our better nature to support some theories of economic regulation but they recognize the need for “law” and “law enforcement” to protect property rights. Your life being considered your most critical property.

        By now ya’ll should know where I stand. We will have Govt., we probably need Govt due to our general lack of understanding. So the question is what kind of Govt.. For me that Govt. must share the key moral principles as the general society it serves. And that society must hold reason and objective morality and ethics at its core. It is these that should lead us to realize that “non initiation of force” is required for continued civilized advancement. That the most basic moral imperative is for man to consider his own needs and not that of a “society” or “nation” of people he does not even know. I can consider and even support the larger entity for my own selfish needs, such as trade and protection. But I have no MORAL obligation to them.

        When you combine these two principles you will get a Govt. that serves everyone equally and never tries to steal from one to serve another.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        On a separate note, did you see the HISTORIC economic news this past week?

        US productivity dipped into NEGATIVE territory. Not dropped but actually negative.

        I was also looking at some data on durable goods consumption yesterday. Trying to get a handle on whether we are recovering or not and how that relates to manufacturing, trade, etc.

        Interesting that production and consumption of durable goods has rebounded to prior recession “rate” of growth. Current level is at or slightly higher than 2007. But then I found the same data adjusted for two factors. Inflation and population growth.

        The real growth in durable goods consumption on a per capita basis is generally flat since 2008, with some small increase. But here is a very interesting thing. The line is flatter during the Bush II years. The current consumption is over 30% below the high.

        Stockman and others are suggesting that this is why we see better economic numbers but people are not feeling it personally. The economy as a whole is recovering but when viewed on a per person basis it is not, or it is very slow.

        I go back to my simple explanation that I provided here after the bubble burst. The US consumers borrowed about 20 years of future income during the 90’s and first seven years of this century, to support a pretty good lifestyle. Logically, it will take about 20 years to fully recover to where the consumer will be able to spend again. But if the consumer gets smart it will take longer because they won’t go right back to borrowing to support their life style.

        But then yesterday I saw two Banks are offering new home loans with as little as 3% down. These new loans are being backed by Ginny and Fannie. We are so screwed.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          JAC……I saw the home loan thing also. Do they think the outcome will be different? All in all I feel that the people are tired of living on the edge and owing their soul to the company store. The other thing, obsolesence and reliability failure in things especially electronics was 7 years. Today it’s 2. Forcing one to buy again and again. Bernenke back in the late 2000’s said that we have to get the people borrowing and consuming again. Our economy required that. The older retired folks like me are stretching buying the newest computer, not that the older one is bad or did not do what you want to do with it, but the OS and Internet connections are deemed obsolete and forcing you to buy a new computer. As application after application cut you off. Cell and Iphones same thing.. Just think how much consumption the young graduate students are doing while trying to pay the debt off. Two more bubbles are on the cusp of bursting. The auto industry loans and the college debt loans. Combined debt it’s in the Trillions. One of the things that I experience over years with industry. The productivity kept improving. Driving cost down with greater throughput with less people was great. The people level stayed actually the same we just pumped out so much more in the factory space we had. Unfortunately two things occured in early 2000, the millenials started entering the workforce and with degrees where us older folks may have developed and done the jobs without one. No job available, go back and get a masters, and up. Now to do any one of the jobs I used to do requires ADVANCED degrees Masters required and Phd desired. just because they can get them plus the companies pay now aout 1/2 of what I recieved. The other thing that happened more often than not. As soon as you developed the more efficient tools and manufacturing techniques and procedures, The company move that process to get the cheapest labor source. Mexico, South Africa, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia you name it. The US corporation may be more efficient because it is, but that does not mean the worker HERE is doing it. A corporation is nothing but a legal entity and can exist anywhere.

      • Since I have been here on SUFA, I have been forced to do something that is not generally required in life ie. think!

        So, checking and rechecking before I post I tend to run into things learned long ago but lost in the vast waste land of trivia that occupies my mind. One of those things is the phrase “perfectibility of man”. It is an old philosophical concept with roots in theology. In a nutshell, it is thinking that man, on his own, can achieve almost Godlike perfection and always act correctly to his benefit and that of society. Even here on SUFA we have sometimes seen it and I do not deny that some INDIVIDUALS can come close by the use of logic and their own innate smarts. But to broaden that and think that the vast society or even the majority can act that way is nuts. If you took God out of religion and just assumed he was created to frighten people into acting better you could see why that happened. Something bigger had to be waving a big stick. Without the big stick we are left to our own devices. So, I trust all of you because I have chosen you as friends but my next door neighbor and the guy next to him? Not so much.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    I know this has been kicked around here to the breaking point. But it is MEMORIAL Day weekend. So maybe remembering would be a good thing.

    • Just A Citizen says:


    • I’ve come to the point where I just mention the casualty figures for Nanking and then the additional 250,000 killed after the Doolittle bombing in retaliation for helping the Americans. After that I ask, “How many cities do you think the Chinese would have approved us bombing?”

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Just reading the “Rape of Nanking” and all the atrocities Japan committed in Asia they were lucky there were only two bombs ready to go. What is more amazing is that the League of Nations was getting all over the Chinese in the 30’s for them being to harsh with the Japanese while trying to oust them of occupying major parts of China. The civilized nations of the world absolutely didn’t give a rats ass about what the Japanese were doing to China. Just like Italy in Ethopia.

        The soldiers practicing their backswing and seeing how many people they could decapitate in a giving time.

        I believe to the bottom of my soul that very few people regretted the use of the bomb when and where they did. I also believe that it would have been used in a far more devastating way further down the road, in Korea and absolutely with Russia if the example of Hiroshima was not out. Showing a mushroom over some atoll does not impress nearly as much. People claim it was racist, but If Germany hadn’t already surrendered they would have been the 1st recipient.

        We pride ourselves as being so science and statistics savy. The closer we got and especially with the islands considered “Home” islands the losses on both sides were devastating and escalating, with usually very few Japanese survivors. Either in combat or by their own hand. Sheer math said a direct invasion would have resulted in the probability of astronomical losses. Not only of the allies, but Japanese also. The losses by the bomb were miniscule. Normal bombing and shelling etc I guess is OK….but you know dead is dead regardless of how it is achieved. The object is to have the enemy surrender….There are advocates of if we just cut all supplies to Japan like the U-boats attempted in the Atlantic, and we pretty much did with Japan, nobody answers just how many people do they believe would have starved to death in Japan….would have been far more than Hiroshima and Nagasaki….but that’s OK. The use then and there no matter what excuse, saved untold millions, then and during the cold war.

        • After you finish the book, see the movie. It is 133 minutes of intensity with subtitles. Why this film did not get more publicity I don’t know. I guess we are still trying to placate the Japanese. It is a dose of reality the likes of which you don’t see often.


          In my opinion, Iris Chang was the last casualty of Nanking. She went into severe depression after the book came out and was acclaimed. She intended to continue documenting Japanese atrocities including the Bataan Death March. Finally she planned a unique suicide. Unable to obtain a modern firearm because of the SF laws, she purchased a cap and ball revolver, learned how to use it and killed herself leaving behind a husband and two young children. She was one of those people who demonstrate that you did not have to “be there” to understand and empathize. God rest her soul.

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    A perfect example of how the MSM distorts and influences opinion by mischaracterizing statements made by someone. In this case Mr. Trump. Lets see how many can identify the trick.

    T-Ray, you will especially love this:


    • Just A Citizen says:

      follow up. The media question should have been, “Mr. Trump, how are you going to overturn the ESA requirements and edicts of the EPA, USFWS and USMFS?”

  39. gmanfortruth says:

    It’s no surprise that the whole BLM fiasco in Oregon earlier this year all finds it’s way back to the Clinton’s. http://constitution.com/blm-land-grab-isnt-patriots-uranium/

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I find it so incredulous that the government in any way can not find that the Clinton foundation is a foreign slush fund used to enrich the clintons but also to manipulate and influence our national policies with foreign countries. We’ve outsourced our manned space program to Russia. We’ve outsourced our nuclear enrichment program to Russia, and for all we know to Iran, seeing that they have up and running enrichment plants. But come on outsourcing our national defense to such a degree. Software is off the shelf you name it. Jumping back to the Bill Clinton set up of the Russian nuclear deals……and this was a deal that just like lightning went through the State Dept approval process under Hillary Clinton. Eyebrows were raised but they found…hah that all the money that was noted in this article that went to the clintons and continues to do so had no influence on her decision. again Hah and double hah. What did the investigators do just ask her? Of course she’d say no and they went away. I guess the people who were trying to build the pipeline across the border refused to pay the Clinton Foundation so she just sat on it.

      The China money that went to Slick Willy’s campaign funds when he was president was just a practice run for later.

      A few years ago in one of the financial papers I get, they were outlining this whole nuclear slight of hand. Where they went with it was basically what has in fact happened with our uranium industry and to whom control went to. The article was actually describing what had happened to one of their analysts who by following the breadcrumbs of shinnagans and who was doing what said BUY into certain companies. He was arrested and convicted by the government for insider trading. But in reality he was outing the government and high officials who not only were selling out the US but also getting seriously rich in the deals. They had to shut him up.

      • Does seem that ether might be a few violations here of various laws regarding dealing with foreign powers. Little Sedition here, little sedition there.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          But then again Stephen it’s us conservative folks that are the real enemy, just listen to Hillary for almost 2 decades, I actually do not remember the last time any conservative group behaved at any time like OWS, BLM, any liberal student group on campus shutting down speech they disagree with OR FOR THAT MATTER have no knowledge of because they cover their ears and do an Eddie Murphy….LA LA LA LA, Veterans being labeled/libeled by Janet Napolitano when she was head of Homeland Security. She’s done so well out with the UC System, even messing up an uber liberal system even more. Before anyone gets their hackles up, the Bundy stuff and Oregon was confined to a very small group in a very small area, over a very specific individual grievance . Not burning cities down and distruction of public and private property. You do not see tea Party folks intimidating voters with clubs at the polls like the Black Panthers do today. They just became copy of the KKK.

          • Look, I just had a lady on Facebook deciding that because US soldiers were accused of rape in Japan after the surrender, that somehow made Nanking equal. These Fuckheads, and I try not to use the term Fuckhead very often but I am angry, and these Fuckheads deserve to be time transported back to 1941 and put right in front of The Japanese Imperial Army with their women and babies in the first row.

  40. Just A Citizen says:

    Anyone remember the discussion on SUFA about Ukraine and the Russian rightful claims because the Rus people were the forefathers of the “Russian” people. As I recall my pirate friend BF was adamant about this historical connection.

    Well as I tried to argue many times, history is not always what we think it is. It is after wall written by the victorious.

    I present you with an alternative view. One that also explains the mystery that has been “Russia” for a thousand years or more. Why it remained behind Europe in advancements and why it has displayed such brutality throughout its history. Namely its Mongol heritage.


    One more point. This throws cold water on the whole notion that “Russia” was the keeper of Orthodox Christianity, as Putin has tried to claim.

  41. Wow…..so many subjects…..and I have some time…..so here goes.

    JAC, you are first…..things are well in the Republic and we are enjoying pissing off the DOJ and acoording to our Governor and our AG……we have only started.

    Country folk, who understand living independently, will indeed be armed and they may band together in small enclaves….and they may end up trading with each other. But they will be outnumbered and cannot stand up to the mobs and the violence of millions of city dwellers when the food runs out because production ceases to exist except among the non city dwellers. Family farms no longer supply food to the supermarkets of the world and concentrate on barter and banding together with each other for protection. Jobs would dry up…..and the violence will grow. Gangs will form and become the norm…

    I think you need to consider people and government different. If government collapses, no police force will remain and I am sorry that I do not share your optimism that the world is basically good. It is not, in my opinion. It would become enthralled in survival mode. I think you would be mistaken that the lights would continue to burn and the gasoline would still be readily avaiable and that food would still be available. I think that you would be mistaken that corporations would continue to function…. I think you are mistaken that neighbors woud take care of neighbors…… I mean neighbors in the theorhetical sense, of course. I do not share the optimism that you do, and kudos to you for thinking so, but I have seen neighbors turn on neighbors and families turn on their own when it comes to survival. I have witnessed first hand the total destruction of morality and belonging when I was part of the so called “Peace Keeping ” force of the United Nations. I saw whole towns being starved of food, electricity, potable water, and all the basic necessities of life while we, the UN in blue helmets, stood by and were not allowed to do anything….nothing at all except watch the genocide take place right before our eyes. Even if we intervened to rush in and save a woman and child from rape and murder, we were forced to turn them over to the very people that were about to kill them in the first place. That was government at work. AND…the moral and upstanding leaders of the United States….did nothing…..nothing.

    Anyway, people would ban together in small groups….and try to protect each other but would be over whelmed by the masses under the guise that anything is legal when it comes to survival. It is a sad commentary that I even feel this way….I spent a great portion of my life defending an ideal, flawed as it may be.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Not sure where you get the idea I have a rosy notion of what will happen if govt. collapses or disappears. Or worse, if the economy collapses but Govt. stays fully strong.

      We had this discussion once before. The security of us country folks varies by WHERE we live. There are many places which can be easily defended from the big city marauders. We are simply to far away. Well I used to be. Now I sit right next to Spokane, WA.

      • No sir….not lost on me at all….I understand the security and do not feel you have a rosy outlook at all……I am feeling a little perturbed at the things that I see and hear today…..sorry if I took it out on you….Memorial Day hurts sometimes.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      As much as I enjoy conspiracy theories, I don’t ever see a scenario where there will not be a government of some type, regardless of the situation. It’s possible that some “lawless” areas may come to exist for a short time, but even that will not last forever. I often read about the Federal government collapsing and the ensuing chaos, which is utter bullshit, because the Fed’s really do little more than get in peoples way. States, counties and cities will still have government and cops will still be around.

      What would be worse……no more SNAP card usage for an extended time. That would be far worse….a zombie apocalypse where folks would have to defend themselves. Even that would be short lived, hungry people have little energy, hungry stupid people have little chance.

  42. JAC…economics. Yes, I have seen the negative numbers and I am not surprised at all….when you now have upwards of 40% dependent upon the government, there is no labor force capable of keeping pace with the needs. If you recall, I mentioned this a long time ago in discussing economics with BF.

    People ARE feeling it personal because it is personal. Higher taxes to solve the problem and the prevailing thought that we are supposed to take care of one another has rendered, or at the very least, is rendering the United States impotent. It is a mistaken belief that basic necessities are a right to be bestowed upon everybody……nothing could be further from the truth. I would have absolutely no problem with ending federal subsidies and all welfare programs TODAY…..right now.

    Regardless of cooking the books with “growth numbers” and “inflation”……we are in an era of negative productivity……there simply ain’t enough to go around and it ain’t gonna change quickly.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The books are absolutely cooked, baked. fricassed, and definitely NOT Texas BBQ.

      There is so much land just laying fallow, anyone with a little backbone and will can make it and survive with left over to market. The people you see around here resurrecting farms are Hispanics. Get out and you see so many of the farms here are run by Blacks. No jive shit, no bling, no iphone, no pants below their ass. Just down to earth hard working and above all human with common decency, polite, may even have watched Captn Kangaroo for all I know, Please thank you, Come into the city where so many people have no pride. And it is polar opposite on behavior.

      The sad thing is the country folk haven’t a chance against the millions in tyhe city who will spread like locusts during the plagues in Egypt, stripping everything and taking all and producing nothing.

      Live current example the water main break outside of Boston. There was just a boil order, that’s it and you thought the world collapsed by what you saw….All the water you wanted just boil it before drinking. How hard is that.

      If gasoline stopped today or was in very short supply and only for a few privilaged personnel, How many people do you think would adapt their vehicles like the Germans did after WWII. They weren’t running around with petrol, they has some sort of burning device, chuffing in what was the truck.

  43. Atomic bombs, incendiary bombs, blowing up cities, burning them to the ground, carpet bombing, flash fires and what nots…….part of war. There is no moral obligation to worry about women, children, infrastructure when your desire is to win the war. War is not grandiose and it is not a gentleman’s game. I would think the english found that out. War is to be fought to an end and that end is to win……..regardless.

    I do not condone rape and atrocities, no mater whose side it is…..but when you read these reports and novels you must always remember that war is ugly. VERY UGLY. It changes hearts and minds of soldiers….and many a US soldier was gunned down while trying to help “innocent civilians”. There is no “nice war”….and when you are out there, with a gun, there are no rules of combat when the shooting starts….you try your best to be “civil” but it is impossible when it comes to survival. And when it comes to survival, there is only one thing that is in mind….to win and take that breath of air. When in Vietnam, I was never in the position of having to shoot women or children……but make no mistake….if my survival or thiers was at stake…..I will survive. If that makes me immoral…I claim it.

    We can argue until the sun rises in the west and sets in the east about the morality of dropping the first bomb……it is and will remain a topic of arm chair generals. No one knows, until one is faced it with it, mano y mano, what one will do. Understanding culture is paramount no matter the time period…..whether cave man or modern day laser beams. Look at it today……who is really fighting in the ME? The Shiites hate the Sunnis. The Baath hate the Shiites and the Sunni….the Kurds hate everyone. It is when the US purports to know the morality of others and use force or diplomatic means to install our brand of it upon others that creates and exacerbates the problems…..and vice versa…..under this progressive movement of kive and let live and accept everything and everybody…..is destroying OUR culture….look what is happening now. I have never seen such discord here and the includes the 60’s. Men are women, women are men, you can now piss on sidewalks and take showers with little girls and boys and it is all ok. Is this an example of morality? Is this an example of how civil we are?

  44. Memorial Day from the Colonel….

    To my fellow “fallen”….. I have tasted war…I did not like it. I have seen war….I did not like it. I took lives and participated in war…..I still live with it and the ghosts still haunt me. everytime it rains…. I can smell the earth and the vegetation….what should be pleasant memories, are not…..we all know that I can go on and on.

    So, Memorial Day is for you, the fallen…those who cannot speak except for their absence. You gave your ultimate…you gave your life. It matters not the reason but, in your mind, the reason was sufficient. You knew it, and your survivors know it. For you the pain is over, but your families still remember and the pain is still there and it is also for them….. that I say thank you. We are warriors…not politicians. When diplomats and politicians make bad decisions, we live with it. We fought for a flag….an ideal. But we fought for ourselves and some of you did not make it. I, sometimes, wish that I did not make it for the pain for us still goes on and on. As warriors, we understand and we try to keep you alive….and our flag still flies…tattered, torn, sometmes destroyed but always comes back with a vengence and I am proud of it.

    So, I salute the fallen and the families of the fallen. You are not forgotten by this old warrior. I am alive, and prosperous, but have been there….I understand…. and to my last breath, I will do my part to remember. It does not matter the branch of service for death is final. So to all of you……….salute.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Second SALUTE.

      Well said Sir. Nothing left to say.

      • Will throw in that film montage I found last year, still have not seen better.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Stephen….thanks for sharing the film again. When I travel, I visit many of the battlefields, both Revolutionary and Civil War. I usually will engage privately a historian who will give a tour that is very personal. Based on ties of where I’ve lived or friends ancestors. To actually stand in exactly the same place like where Joshua Chamberlain stood, and what he saw and then the decisions that took place. Standing where Meade, or Lee or Grant , Jackson. Washington, Cornwallis. looking across the field where Picket lost his command. To stand on both sides and see. Calvary Field where Custer stopped Stewart from meeting Picket at the tree Or looking at and walking the entire battlefield at Sharpsburg. Yorktown, Kings Mountain, Cowpens, Follow the trail from Petersburg to Appomatox. Saratoga, Richmond/Petersburg or all along the Peninsula campaigns, It all gives one pause and requires somber reflection..

    • Well said, sir!

    • Love it! Sad that you have painful memories and that you have personally lost so many. Thank you Colonel.

      • Thank you Anita…..This day and Veterans Day is special to me. I have never approached this on here before as I do not want to draw attention it but also, it is sometimes a good thing to “talk”…..even if we have never met. My best friend and I both enlisted in the service to avoid the lottery system, in 1969, and back then the Army allowed us to be in the same unit under the buddy system. We trained together and we went to Vietnam together. The only difference between us was religious. He was devoutly religious and I was not. We went to the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School together and we graduated number one and number two in the class. We were assigned to the same unit together and we were on the same patrol together when he was killed. He was standing beside me at the time and died pretty much immediately but I caught him and pulled him out of the line of fire. This was on Apr 2, 1970 In Kontum, South Vietnam. I only mention it here this time, not to draw sympathy but only to remember and why this day is always special to me.

        This is also why the living, sometimes appreciates the dead……not because of their sacrifice but because their hurt is over…Richard’s family will always remember and Memorial Day is for the living as much as it is for the dead. I will always remember because I was with him when he died. When I became an officer, and in charge of men in combat….we always have the ghosts of those that we sent into harm’s way. We often think of how we could have done it better…..could we have made better decisions,,,,were we at fault…..was I at fault. When you are under fire and you have to rely on instinct to survive and the book gets thrown away when that bullet or shrapnel tears into you or buzzes by you ( a sound that is never forgotten ) you always question yourself. I question myself and I grieve….so I will never forget….and I will make sure that others around me do not forget. It matters not whether the war, conflict, skirmish is just or not…..as I said, that is for the politicians. It only matters to those that are the recipient of orders or directions. It never changes for the “grunt” in the mud, or the sailor on the ships and boats, the airmen in the planes, the Marines in the jungles….it never changes.

        There I go…..getting melancholy again….sorry SUFA. I just felt it was time to share.

        • No apologies, sir. But on a different subject…I hope you are building an ark down there. 😉

        • Sorry, my big toe! You continue to walk the walk and are more than entitled to vent, especially under those circumstances. I can relate on a civilian level. I hold my sister’s death date from breast cancer in reverence every year. A good friend of mine had a sister die from the same disease on the exact same day two years later. I tip my hat to her and to my friend on that day every year now. As with you, I will never forget. I’ll hold you in high regard on Veteran’s Day and your buddy on Memorial Day from this day forward. You da man, Colonel. SK, the pollen has made its way from NY to Michigan. 😦

  45. Must be some strong pollen in the air, eyes tearing up real bad.

    If you are able,
    save them a place
    inside of you
    and save one backward glance
    when you are leaving
    for the places they can
    no longer go.
    Be not ashamed to say
    you loved them,
    though you may
    or may not have always.
    Take what they have left
    and what they have taught you
    with their dying
    and keep it with your own.
    And in that time
    when men decide and feel safe
    to call the war insane,
    take one moment to embrace
    those gentle heroes
    you left behind.

    Major Michael Davis O’Donnell
    1 January 1970
    Dak To, Vietnam

    KIA 24MAR70 Cambodia

  46. gmanfortruth says:

  47. gmanfortruth says:

    HuffPo posts an article that basically said Hitlery is being charged with Federal Racketeering . They then took it down. I’m led to believe that something has been leaked.

    Have a good holiday. 🙂

  48. gmanfortruth says:
  49. gmanfortruth says:

    Random thoughts: Gorilla killed in Ohio, some blaming “white privilege”……kid is black. The Left wing knee jerk reactions never cease to surprise.

    We should all take a deep look and engage in some real thought as too the claim that we are “free” as a people. I think an argument can be made that we really aren’t free at all.

    I hope everyone had the kind of Memorial Day that you wanted to have, mine was quiet after family left after lunch, just the way I like it. 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      OK, I will bite. In Honor of our long gone leftist friends, Todd especially.

      “that we really aren’t free at all”…… REALLY?

      So you claim we have the same freedom as those living in N. Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Syria, untold African countries??

      I could accept the idea our freedom has been eroded from what it should be, but to claim not free at all is ridiculous. While the list of permissions I have to get from Govt. each day grows daily, I am still free to not participate. I am free to choose my own path relative to career, work, marriage, kids or no kids, the kind of truck and boat I will purchase. I think you get the idea.

      We are so spoiled we sometimes forget just how good we have it.

      • Mathius says:

        Gone?!? We are never gone.

        We are always watching.

      • So JAC, would you think you are ‘more free’ if you are only shackled by one leg rather than both legs? Just curious.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Technically, yes. With one leg free I have a better chance of freeing the other leg.

          But then my comments were not about actual shackles were they!

          • gmanfortruth says:

            At least you are seeing the slow erosion of freedom, most are ignorant to it. However, like many who see it, it will be far to late to deal with it once it reaches a critical point. that point is approaching quickly. All it will take is one Federal law. Obama isn’t gone yet.

            @ Anita, Pollen is horrible here, sinus’s are a mess.

            @D13. You can say anything you want on SUFA, period.

            @ Rick, most people will not notice the first shackle until they hear the click of the other one. By then it’s too late.

    • The gorilla situation is a sad situation all around. I’m an animal lover but I will never say an animals life is more important than that of a child. I was a child once, and as a child I would never have been allowed to behave in a manner that would have led to me being in a gorilla enclosure. At four years old I would not have been out of reach of a parent much less be out of sight of a parent while in public anywhere. As a parent, the same was true of my children when they were that age.

      As far as the people that are crying about killing the gorilla…I have no doubt that if they had fallen into the enclosure and the gorilla had dragged them through water, they would be screaming for someone to kill the gorilla. All I can do is shake my head in confusion all around.

  50. gmanfortruth says:
  51. Dread Pirate Mathius says:


  52. Just A Citizen says:


    Good morning Sir. Thoughts yesterday with you, your friend and friends of friends of friends. Including those who came home broken. Salute.

    Now, time for a change of focus. Here is Idaho’s current effort to help get some things done on National Forests without trying to “take the land back from the Feds”. Which is actually not all that popular, contrary to what some will tell you.

    When you click on the web page you need to “download” the very first document to get an overview. It is the news release of an agreement between the State and Feds.

    This is the effort I mentioned before that has negatively impacted “retirement” in the JAC household. Spousal Unit Leader is responsible for getting this off the ground.


    Have a great day. Going to shoot some Golf today with one of my best buds. He is coming over from Montana just because. It has been over a year so it should be “entertaining” to say the least. Will report back this PM.

    • OK…remember that I will be up there on a couple of weeks….I was not successful in meeting up on the east coast…perhaps I will fare better out there. Will be in touch.

  53. Just A Citizen says:

    We are about to find out if Mr. Trump is ready for the varsity team. The game gets a little rough when the pros play.


    • Trump will probably be ok……he is a veteran of the business world where deception and innuendo and bare knuckles is played……howwever, he is about to find out that hard feelings have looong memories and the establishment republicans that are losing power do not like it……this is where rough and tumble comes in…..


      What happens IF Hillary is indicted? Especially on racketeering…..does that make Sanders an automatic? Think of what the Dem convention would be like……

      • Just A Citizen says:


        One can only hope. I want to see 1968 Dem Convention one more time.

        I’m getting the cob webs off the sticks in anticipation of your arrival. Don’t want to be embarrassed to badly.

        • It will be, of course, weather dependent. I am prepared to drive if weather is not going to cooperate…no more commercial flying for me….

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Reno to CdA driving = 14 to 16 hours.

            Keep in touch. Still chance I will be in Reno end of the month. Would save you both driving and flying. Figured out if your bringing your better half yet?

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