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  1. gmanfortruth says:

    For some reason, the comments section wasn’t working in previous articles. I’ll be working on this issue during the day. In the meantime, let’s hope this thread works.

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    • Trump and Bernie are in town tonight.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        With Moonbeam endorsing Hillary, I think it is so cool that both Trump and Sanders are sort of pairing off, lately as the candidates, ignoring Hillary. That has to really put a hit on her ego. Actually after having more knowledge of Sanders and Brown, they’re more alike than Brown and Clinton.

        God I wish the DOJ would grow some and indict her. There has to be more than enough statutes she broke, not just rules with this email scheme. Plus the foundation is the biggest foreign influence peddling scheme ever. And the Clintons really can not account for the co-mingling of funds.

        • How long has Al Sharpton owed taxes? Ain’t nobody coming anytime soon with handcuffs for the lady. Whole different set of rules. Time to blow things up!

          Something for all of you to keep in mind I think. The Trump, owner of mega Real Estate and one who deals with big shots internationally all the time probably has a better intel service than the FBI or CIA. I suspect he knows what’s coming at him even before it is fully planned. Had not thought about it till a few weeks back but he is consistently one step ahead.

  4. gmanfortruth says:

    I still am unable to turn on the comments sections in past articles. For now, we will just move forward and eventually it will get fixed.

    Hillary being indicted? Maybe not. But if she don’t win, Trump voters will call for her head on a platter after he takes office. Since there is no indictment or conviction, Obama can’t pardon her (at least that’s my thinking). She’s a vile corrupt witch and I can’t believe that people will still vote for her. There’s a moral bankruptcy issue being displayed by her supporters.

  5. gmanfortruth says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Please correct me if I’m incorrect on these ‘actors” When did one wear ribbons and medals at the same time? To have submarine dolphins earned, I believe one is going to have some rank, besides “cadet” They are not even academy cadets. I didn’t quite see the pin below their medals, was it a parachute?….oh and yes no endosing a candidate. My friend will not even express a political opinion. Maybe a hint privately but NEVER in public…..bad form. Even during Carter’s reign we kept our lips zipped.

      • You can wear unit citations ( identified by the rectangle surrounding the ribbon ) and the Presidential Unite Citation all on the right side.,,,with medals on the left. Mess Dress is optional….ribbons or medals….I never wore medals on my Dress Blues….and on Mess Dress we would wear miniature medals or ribbons. However, the medal presentation in the picture with Hilary is so convoluted it is laughable,,,,,this was definitely not a military person.

        • In the Army, the CIB is worn above the medals and above the ribbons on the left side….Parachute wings, air mobile wings, helicopter assault wings….are all worn on the pocket below the ribbons. Pilot command wings and crew member wings are worn above.,,,navy seal wings worn above.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Bottom line the rally was totally bogus. She’ll when challenged will claim that they were not dressed accurately so therefore its OK. Just like actors always will have some serious flaw in their uniform in case they try to mis-represent themselves. So therefore they were NOT in uniform and NOT representing real military officers.

            Their collar tabs were just fowled anchors. Same as their cover emblems. No sleeve bands, No shoulder bars. Even the lowliest ensign has more. These actors were were barely representing cadets and not even that. To have all those “awards” and qualifications, total BS. I was describing this to my army friend tonight and she just looked at me like are you serious, with a raised eyebrow? The one thought I have is that they might be some JROTC group where you get an award for forming up. But still a set up to deceive the general population. But just like Bill….its all a technicality and the definition of “Is” or “sex”

            Maybe I ought to go back through all the medals I could qualify for on just the grounds of because. Feel I truly earned them, absolutely not, just being there in a given time frame. eh..that’s a stretch. I had a Captain get on me for not wearing my full set of ribbons. No way…but just as a project I’ll dig back and see how many I am eligible for regardless of ME feeling I earned them.

            • I put together my Dad’s Ike jacket a few years back. April ’42 to August ’45 and he had four ribbons, one of which as not even issued while he was in service. My Uncle Mike was a Infantryman with the 26th Division, he had four plus the CIB. It is a little ridiculous today when you see people, three years in with four rows.

              I remember an old canard, probably from the early 1960’s used when talking about the armies of South America. Went something like, ” The effectiveness of an army is inversely proportional to the amount of bangles they have hanging off their uniforms.”

            • I wear only combat ribbons,campaign ribbons, and Army Commendation ribbon and the National Defense Ribbon. I wear the CIB, jump wings, and air assault wings. ( On the left side ). On the right side, I wear the Presidential Unit Citation and the Vietnamese Unit Citation. I will also wear any foreign combat awards from Vietnam, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. I wear the Ranger Tab and the Special Forces Tab on the shoulder.

              I do not wear the Reserve Ribbons, or the school ribbons, marksmanship ribbons, walking in a straight line ribbons, Kumbayah ribbons, or I am a good boy ribbons.

              I used to get in trouble all the time for not wearing my full contingent of awards…..which is ridiculous.. When stationed at the Pentagon for a very short period of time, the protocol officer used to get mad at me…..saying that my uniform was incomplete. When I looked at his uniform with his plethora of awards indicating that he went to all sorts of schools and classes ( he looked like Audie Murphy )….I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. He was not a line officer, never had been a line officer, never had a command and never served in combat….had more ribbons than a Russian general. I am not so sure he did not have a ribbon for wearing ribbons…..but he did not have a single combat ribbon nor foreign award.

              Anyway…..most of the line officers that I know,,,,do not wear about one half of the awards they are supposed to,,,,it seems so idiotic……but now, you get a ribbon for waking up on time.

              • I always hated all that ribbon crap. I just spent the money and got a one piece block to ease the pain of having to keep them properly aligned. Never wore medals, as no event ever required them. I always felt bad for many who had been in much longer, only to have 3 or 4 ribbons. Seeing a Master Sergeant with 4 ribbons is a strange sight, but I have seen it.

  6. gmanfortruth says:
  7. Still trying to fix problem. Good grief 😦


    Nothing like blatantly indoctrinating kids. It’s as if they are saying “F-You, try and stop us”.

  9. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, a Hillary Clinton supporter also blamed Trump for the violence carried out by anti-Trump radicals, remarking, “At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign.”

    The left-wing Guardian also unapologetically tried to downplay the violence, blaming Trump supporters for being “intent on provoking and fighting as well.”

    Plenty of videos to see!

  10. This is not a voluntary moving process where someone looking for a place to live and finds a realtor. Quite the contrary, the arrangement is nanny-statism at its worst, and mobility counselors are a perfect example of communism in its clearest form.

    Those who live in less expensive zip codes and subsidies will receive double the amount if they move to a location a mobility counselors designates for them. However, if they choose not to move, they will lose a substantial amount of their existing subsidies.

    Ultimately, in order to stay dependent on subsidies, the poor have no choice but to be uprooted and put in different housing, not of their choice.

    Under this new regulation, Obama is hoping to move 350,000 Section 8 voucher holders – resettling them under the SAFMR program.

    The New York Post reports, that under Obama, “the total number of voucher households has grown to more than 2.2 million.”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Having read this article it totally confirms what I post awhile back. Go into “debt” to the government through whatever means, college loans, welfare. housing, etc they will eventually dictate where you will go and do enmass, and not just for the military example med school, you’re in for 6 above and beyong school. Pay it back and you’re free.

      Moving these folks to Westchester will make the situation worse. Westchester is already an area where peoples children grow up and they can not afford to live there on their own. They either stay with Mommy and Daddy or they move to Vermont and Maine and subsequently ruin those states.

      Bernie Sanders grew up in NYC and educated in Chicago. Moved to VT and started the states slide into liberalism at the highest political level. Howard Dean was a New Yorker and derived most of his income from NY. Madeline Kuenin (sp) was swiss. She was chauffered back and forth to the capitol in her Rolls Royce. She was one of the 1%’rs but proceeded to drive out business from the state causing a dirth of jobs for kids as they grew up.

      Bernie when he was mayor of Burlington and the city wanted to resurrect the waterfront, he insisted that a block of seriously expensive housing in the condo’s to be built will be reserved for low income people. Obviously they could not live there on their own but would be fully subsidized by the government. The developers refused to do it and the project died. The developer even said that they would build at their cost on land they owned in a different part of the city that was more appropriate and Bernie said NO. Nobody in their right mind would plunk down $500K for a condo and have right next door a low income or jobless bum and more appropriately called trailer trash who wouldn’t give a shit about the place because they got it for free.

      This policy is not just Obama…it is a Democratic party objective for decades. I just wonder how many people from the projects are getting moved to Chappaqua, Hillary and Bill’s place of residence in Westchester.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I wonder if the rich can start crying for “safe” zones against this infringement/encroachment of their space? Cynically speaking, I guess it’s the reverse of “gentrification” that some areas are crying about when people move in and fix it up and transform the neighborhood into something worth living in. Similar to the neighborhood when it was 1st built.

        • There is NO SUCH THING as an affluent black suburb. In my lifetime I watched Youngstown’s East side become a slum ghetto. Then the blacks moved to the lower North side, same result. Now, they are just destroying the South (almost done) and the West (where I grew up). Reality is this, where blacks live in mass, it turns to a shithole. That is not racist, that is fact.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Maybe it turns into a shit hole because it is failing economically and that is where the Black folks can afford to live. In other words, the road to shit holeness started before they moved there.

            • Come on< JAC……you really believe that? Really? Or are you feelin' spunky today!

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Yes I do, and yes I am. Now it is not always true but what is true is that Black people do not move into an affluent area in large numbers and then because of that it turns into shit hole.

                Working class Black folks may live in an area with jobs just like White folks. Then the jobs to away and the area turns to shit. That has been the pattern.

                The other pattern is poor people, White and Black, are pushed out of an area under the guise of renovations. They relocate to another depressed area which may be holding its own but then turns to shit due to the large number of unemployed.

                I think if we are truly objective in this we will find it is an issue of poverty and joblessness, combined with an unwillingness to migrate to new job creating areas.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                To clarify again, what I have seen has nothing to do with the affluential. It’s like a migration of cockroaches, they destroy what they are given, the idiot liberals give them better. They destroy that and the cycle continues. What Obama is doing will just continue the cycle, period.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              Unfortunately, low income housing will always go to shit. I should clarify that there are whites and Hispanics, but they are the minority. What I have seen in my lifetime is undeniable. Excuse…….totally under Democrat rule. I’m only talking about one small city, not Detroit or Chicago.

              I can’t accept excuses for what I have seen, it’s a cultural issue. Do politics have a play? Yep! Both need fixed .

          • Just A Citizen says:
            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Anyone will try and take care of things that they own and earned through hard work. Don’t earn it and have it given to you with no concept of what it takes to maintain it. Even a Vanderbilt pisses it away.

              Right here in New Bern after private individuals restored the historical center, like Williamsburg, though on a smaller scale, the Feds built right next to the parking lot a huge low income subsidized housing complex. Does it have an impact on the tourists visiting? Absolutely. Go past the last street at the historical district after hours is a totally stupid thing to do. So the city is planning on building a huge parking deck right across the street from where I live. Claim is need for more parking? Absolutely not. On festival days the parking is out town at schools and people are bused in. If allowed to drive every street would be a traffic jam instead of walkplatzs. What people have forgotten how to do is PARALLEL park.

              In Annapolis MD right smack dab in the middle of their really high end expensive restored areas by the Capitol, and within blocks of the Naval Academy the government put there a huge complex of low income subsided housing. One does not go out alone after dark. You are warned by the innkeepers to avoid taking such a careless action. Drive…

              All hotels that companies built here to try and resurrect the fringes of the center of our fair city are all boarded up and close to being demolished. Most if not all business in those areas are usually really beat up, shabby and dirty. Go one block and everything is spiff, Where would you go to? Instead of cleaning the windows and picking up the trash collecting, you see folks just sitting in chairs yucking it up with their buds in their ears and pants down over their asses.

              that is not to say that there are not some groups really working hard to make a difference, but eventually they will go back to their individual streets that they care about.

          • Wrote a nice piece earlier which got lost about blockbusting.

            In a nutshell, old neighborhoods do not generate much income for real estate brokers, no turn over in them. When a minority family wants to move in, the brokers take advantage and start telling all the whites their values will collapse. Whites panic and sell below market. Upwardly mobile blacks looking to move to an “integrated” neighborhood at above market. Then more pressure and more panic. Sometimes, the brokers and speculators will get the occasional foreclosure or abandonment and move in the worst possible tenant, whores, junkies etc. That will really get things moving!

            The blacks who first bought get screwed, the whites who sold get screwed. Everybody thinks everybody else is a racist when it is just the scumsuckers at work. Watch S. Portiers “Raisin in the Sun”. I worked in East Flatbush Brooklyn mid ’80’s. A neighborhood of about 160,000 people mostly 1 and 2 family homes. Went from 90% White in ’75 to 90% Black in five years!

  11. I’m not sure how much more the Fed’s can lie to people, but at some point it won’t work.

    About the recent jobs LIE . One look at the graphs shows where we really are heading, and it isn’t a good place.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Don’t you just hate the facts and data numbers. The government propaganda has Obama merrily campaigning around the country touting his economic successes.
      A financial paper I get says one of the biggies they neglected to talk about is the “loss” of productivity by american business. They did go into great detail which I will not go into. But with all the UP charts shown by what Gman posted coupled with a LOSS of productivity is a economic disaster.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Yes, the economy, not just here, but everywhere, is a disaster waiting to happen. Few are prepared.

  12. Definition of stupid……Bernie fans cheering when he calls for a Carbon tax.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Given that we are a carbon based humanoid, with some other elements thrown in….will we be weighed quarterly and taxed for being over certain weight limits set by the government? Plus the extra food we consume, requiring more transportation, tilling fields, releasing more carbon into the atmosphere…it’s endless the tax scheme the progressives are devising. Flatulation by all in the animal kingdom, will be calculated and taxed accordingly. Pretty soon, they might just drive that nasty old pollutant CO2 out of the atmosphere, plants will die releasing more CO2 but so will we for lack of O2

  13. I sure am glad that I was wrong abobut China and its intentions in the South China Seas……(ie. it claim on certain islands and extension of its territorial waters)……

    China announces that it does not accept the UN’s ruling on the islands and that China has no responsibility to any world court. China say’s that the UN is powerless to stop it and has moved TWO…….count ’em……TWO nucear submarines to the shipping lanes and has announced that the shipping lanes are officially in China territorial waters…

    Damn, I am glad I was wrong about China’s intentions and the world reaction.

    • Could lead to the event that cancels elections and Obama becomes King!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      OK….just toss them out of the UN or at a minimum from the security council and they DO not get to veto that expulsion.

      All in all nature abhors a vacumn. With the current adminstrations withdrawal China, Russia and Iran are rapidly filling the void. The neighboring countries will have no choice but to capitulate or engage in a massive arms race including the further developement and spread of nuclear weapons. Oh I forgot Hillary and BHO gave up our nuclear enrichment through the greasing of the political roadblocks and it’s in Russia hands now. Including manned space travel. The world will be a powder keg. Where will all the progressive visions go when countries ie the 26 nations in the EU stop not only due to bankruptcy their social programs to build weapons.

  14. Dale A Albrecht says:

    It’ll be interesting to see which way the vote goes in England to determine if they stay in the EU or exit. They never went on the Euro, they for what its worth have the stongest military in Europe….I just read that most people in Britain have no idea that 55%-60% of the laws currently being enacted in their country are NOT BEING passed by Parliment, but by unelected administrators in Brussels. Not that it’s not like here, with congress passing laws and then the adminstration either ignores it, enacts its own with EO’s and then the unseen admistrators tacking on tens of thousands or regulations/laws unreviewed or blessed by congress.


    A look at how pathetic the Left Wing media really is. Maybe we should all send them links to stories about Venezuela and remind them what Liberal policies do to a countries economics. I venture to say that our situation will get much worse before better.


    Can you say “the death of Switzerland” should this pass. I sit here laughing at the moment everyone quits working when (if) this goes into effect. Possibly the fastest Margaret Thatcher moment in history, when they run out of other peoples money within the first few months.

  17. A short note on Mohammad Ali. Those in the media that depict him as a hero are idiots. He was a draft dodging, self centered coward. I never liked him as a boxer, although he was a very good boxer, and I never liked him as a man. His choices as a young man came back to bite him, karma came calling and his name was Parkinson. Revere him if you choose. But he is no hero.

  18. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Interesting note…two of the people that Bernie got to appoint to the panel that comes up with the Democratic Party platform are VERY anti-Israeli. They will be trying very hard to move the party’s support towards pretty much the dissolution of Israel.

    Bernie honeymooned in the Soviet Union. I know he proudly flew the Cuban flag behind his desk in Burlington VT. Proudly proclaimed Castro was his hero…..DiBlasio in NYC had a blast in Nicauagua supporting the Sandista’s plus honeymooned in Cuba. \

    What’s with the Dems. Do they so hate this country? Not just the country but the INDIVIDUAL.

  19. Watched a C-Span interview with Newt tonight. It is so much fun to be watching this thing playing out.

    When asked what Trump was like in person, Newt commented, “Teddy Roosevelt” and elaborated on the enthusiasm and engagement when issues were discussed. Thought the Trump WH would be much smaller, less bureaucratic and infinitely more decisive than anything we’ve seen in decades.

    When, he was asked, in American political history was there anything like this? “1824 and 1828, during Jackson’s runs”. was his reply.

    Lastly, they asked, what would the founders think of this year, what would Washington say? “Go Bernie! Go Trump!” he replied. the founders he responded would want to see the current system cleaned out and something new and fresh. He went on to quote Jefferson on the “revolution” every twenty years to keep everyone honest. Wish he had ended with my thought, It is LONG overdue!

    This is truly an amazing year.

  20. Would someone please tell this ignorant old Colonel on what the difference is in the missing minutes of President nixon’s tapes and the missing minutes of the Iran Nuclear Deal tapes?

    • By the way…sarcasm intended.

    • Nixon was a blackhearted scoundrel and they are not!

    • The answer may not be a simple one, but easy to see. Our Federal government has changed. Whoever wins the Presidency, puts his people in then tells them what to do. Congress is just an extension of this, as they are all on the same establishment team. Even SCOTUS has become a political appointment, based on a Judges political views rather than his/her ability to simply read the damn law.

      We no longer have a government as it was intended. We have a criminal cartel who likes theft and oppression. People are waking, I hope it lasts.

  21. Interesting conversation on Huffpo today…….racism……I actually got to join that conversation….I asked a direst question. Can anybody on Huffpo outline to me or show me where racism actually exists today. Point it out and name it…….

    The only answer I got was that it is hidden racism,,,,,it is not out in the open. it is institutional and it is under the radar. I asked again….ok show me where….name one instance of institutional racism and where it is hidden…give me an example. Again, all I got was that it was impossible to name a specific instance…, I took over and asked….is it in sports? The answer I got was no. I asked. ” Is it in the military? ” The answer I got was no. I asked, ” Is it in business? ” The answer I got was no. Then I asked, is it in jobs and salary?” The answer I got was a resounding yes….that is where it really exists. So, I asked….specifically, could anyone point out a specfic where there is racial discrimination in a particular job? I got an answer that Wall Street has no blacks or Hispanics…..just look at the trading floor and the hedge fund managers, there are no blacks or Hispanics..So I asked, who does the hiring on Wall Street……no one knew. I asked, are traders on wall street employees or are they independent conractors. No one knew.

    This was the only argument that I got……except that all poor people are subjects of discrimination……I asked the question….does that include all races………I got the answer no…whites are not a minority and, therefore, are not subject to discriminatory practices….it is ok to discriminate against whites.

    this is what Huffp offers? Wow.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Taking the whole global population whites sure as heck are a minority. Don’t the liberals want open borders so the world and each country, each city, town and community are racially apportioned based on population. We then should open up the borders to chinese and indians and the our entire native population will be minority.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good evening Sir. Hope things are drying out down there.

      It is not what HuffPo has to offer but what “Progressives” have to offer. I have not commented on that site since they first required you to comment via facebook. I noticed their comments dropped by over half with that policy. Only the hard core are left. Pretty much the same thing you get at Daily Kos.

  22. Well tomorrow I get to cast my vote although it is a moot point by now. The next five months should be entertaining at least.

  23. Are these people delusional or are these people delusional?

    An Enduring Rebalance
    The US rebalance to the Pacific “is not transient,” it’s “enduring,” Defense Secretary Ash Carter told leaders at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore last weekend. The US has “reenergized” diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific region, is strengthening economic ties, and the military is “operationalizing its part of the rebalance,” Carter said on June 4. As part of that rebalance, the US is sending “its best people” and most advanced capabilities—including F-22s, F-35s, and continuous deployments of B-52s and B-2s—to the region, he said. But even as the United States continues to be “the most powerful military and main underwriter of security” in the Asia-Pacific “for decades to come,” growing relationships with countries in the region show that other nations are “committed to doing more” to promote security, he said. Still, he said, there is “growing anxiety” about China’s activity in the South China Sea, as well as in cyberspace and airspace. The US will continue to stand with other nations to uphold principles like freedom of navigation, he said, and “will continue to fly, sail, and operate wherever international law allows, so that everyone in the region can do the same.” Carter said he hopes to strengthen ties with China, including expanding military-to-military agreements with the country; he will travel to Beijing later this year. Carter returned from Singapore this weekend and Monday joined the Indian prime minister to lay a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery, before their meeting Tuesday, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said.

    Defense Secretary Ash Carter addresses press in Singapore on June 4 during the 15th International Institute for Strategic Studies Asia Security Summit. Defense Department photo by Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Tim D. Godbee.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Listened to the mealy mouthed said nothing comments by Kerry this morning about the economic talks they are having with China. Sort of what I got out of it all was that China promised all sorts of things about opening up their markets more, we agreed upon all sorts of expanding trade and it sounded like a finished agreement. However when asked about how he really feels if China actually will follow through, Kerry said we’ll see, don’t know and only time will tell. In the mean time we gave away more and they gave only a maybe…..Iran Nuclear deal redux.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the morning:

    Hypocrisy revealed, once again. Or, Pot meet Kettle. Kettle meet Pot.

    P.S. Ya just gotta love the list of authors. LMAO.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Second thought of the morning:

    Note to Republican leadership and elected officials. All questions regarding Donald Trump and his comments should be answered with “Why don’t you ask him?”. followed by “I have nothing else to offer.”

    At the same time STOP howling about RACIST every time Trump utters the word Mexican. You morons should realize that Mexican is NOT A RACE.

    Second, stop criticizing him criticizing a judge for bias based on his heritage. WHY did Mr. Obama pick the SCOTUS candidates he did? BECAUSE of their “Hispanic” heritage. Now why do you suppose he felt Hispanic Americans would rule in his favor in the long run???

    Maybe you should be using Trump’s tirade to show the media how BIAS is in fact introduced into our judicial system by using RACE and GENDER by the Democrats.

  26. So. Regarding Trump and the La Raza judge. What’s your take? My first thoughts were uh oh, he stepped in it this time. But on much further review, he knew what he was doing and wasn’t afraid to do it. He brings an issue up, gets ridiculed, doubles down, other than msm investigates further, he comes out smelling like a rose. Time and again. This video and more analysis from CTH makes the case.
    Call him what you want, but coward shouldn’t be on the list.


    I’ve been following the stuff in this article, good read and much to think about.


    Shortly after I started working at Exxon R&E Co. I met an engineer who was involved with early research on Jet A. When pumping fuel into the tanks on a jet, it passed through a final filter. The fuel being very pure and and excellent insulator did not lose this charge very fast. This filter had the ability to strip electrons off the fuel thus leaving it positively charged. To demonstrate this, they would pump fuel into an open tank. Then do toss an empty sealed paint can into the vat. When the paint can drifted to a wall, there would be a spark and the vat would go up in flames.

    The puzzle was why weren’t planes also exploding? The vapor space above the fuel in a tank is above the upper explosion limit hence too rich to explode. I have never accepted the concept that TWA 800 blew up because of a spark in tank. Tanks are never dry.

    Another engineer at Exxon and a good friend of mine had a brother that flew for TWA. Neither accepted the theory as well.

  29. Just A Citizen says:

    Media spends almost a month making people think Sanders might win California. Not even close………. so what does that tell you?

    Note, Sanders won ALL the northern districts. Which by the way are not all the “college towns”.

    Two points to this. One is do not underestimate the DNC and Clinton MACHINES. Second is the ability of Clinton to mobilize the Hispanic and Black vote in California is an indicator.

    Which should tell you why she is pounding on Trump as a RACIST.


    I can safely predict that automation will ramp up quickly. Sadly, this will also affect people in areas not run by idiot Democrats. What a shame. So many jobs once held by teens, helping build their characters for the future will now be computer screens.

  31. Mathius says:

    Please share your opinions:

    If a person accrues a debt for whatever reason, but most likely due to medical reasons, and they are unable to pay, is the debt collector the “bad guy” in that situation?

    Asking for *ahem* a friend.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I have watched many situations that you explain concerning medical bills. Debt collectors are simply doing a job. Some of them are extreme assholes, but are doing a job, none the less. Medical bills aren’t exactly the biggest problems with debt, as they can’t be made to go away via bankruptcy. Once a notification of bankruptcy is made, debt collectors must cease. But you already know this, LOL 🙂

      If you are planning on becoming a debt collector, I hope you have really thick skin.

      • Mathius says:

        It turns out that it’s obscenely easy to buy “bad debt” for cheap amounts. I’ve checked into it and it would cost ~$80 to get licensed and another $100 to buy a book worth (nominally) $25,000.

        I figure I should be able to turn a profit on that – and, if not, $25k of debt goes poof and I’m out 200 bucks.

        But just because they owe it and just because it’s “doing a job,” does that mean I should? Is it “kicking a man while he’s down”? I don’t know.. I can take the abuse, but I don’t know if it’s “right”….. there’s lots of money to be made, but that’s not really a justification, now is it?

        • gmanfortruth says:

          If that’s your gig, expect to be disliked by many people. I guess that should put the idea in to perspective. Despite my affinity for personal responsibility, I’m also of the understanding that economic times are not good and many are struggling. Between taxes, regulations, stupid minimum wage laws, a stagnant economy and a VERY LOW Labor participation rate, I would have to say you would be kicking people while their down. Not very “Liberal” of you, LOL 🙂

          • gmanfortruth says:

            If you desire screwing people and being legal, just become a politician. They are doing a great job and getting rich doing it.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Personally, I wouldn’t touch that with a hundred foot pole. On the other hand, is it any different than buying tax debt from a State or City?

          I think your answer lies in how you conduct the business. If you were truly purchasing the bad debt then you could renegotiate the debt payoff yourself. Taking less profit, but still healthy, and helping out the debtor at the same time.

          But what you describe sounds like you are just fronting the fees for a “collector” to continue harassing people in hopes that you will get some of whatever they collect.

          Firm ground: There is nothing immoral or unethical in purchasing the debt or in becoming a partner in the debt.

          The ethics comes to play in “how” the debtor is treated.

        • Someone’s been watching John Oliver…

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Trying to collect is not being a “bad guy”.

      However, harassing, threatening and pulling stuff like many of them do is being a “bad guy”.

      • Mathius says:

        Now, I have no desire to harass anyone. I’ve read about some of the stunts collects like to pull such as calling their bosses and family, etc. I’m not interested in doing that.

        HOWEVER, if you, JAC, owe me money and won’t pay me, what is the “right” recourse? Surely it’s immoral for you to not give me what you owe, surely I am in the right to try to recover what you owe.

        There is some option in going to court, getting a judgement, and garnishing your wages. That’s a hassle, but it’s an option – there’s no “fight” because, as Mr. Flag would point out, the “monopoly on violence” that is the US government would do the work of enforcing for me. Likewise, you can ding their credit score (if it’s not already garbage).

        But if I call you and say JAC, you spent $4,000 on a big screen before the big game and haven’t made payments, and you tell me where I can shove it, what is the “right” answer? Am I supposed to just shrug and walk away?

        And, if I walk away, the typical response in the industry is to repackage debt as a lower tier of non-collectible and resell it to someone else – and that someone is is going to be aggressive / harassing.

        The upshot is that there’s oodles of money here, but I also need to be able to look myself in the mirror.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          First, it is not immoral to not pay a debt if I have no money to pay it. I think this is more rare than people admit but it does happen.

          Since I believe in a role for Govt. and this is one of those roles then yes, you can use the courts. But that is not a solution necessarily either. I have been that route, only to find myself standing behind ten other lenders waiting to get a piece of the person’s pay check. You can also go after assets but they usually have none other than a car.

          As for the “right” answer, it is for me to make arrangements with you to pay off my debt. I owe it to you. But then that is how I am.

          It is my understanding that these “books of bad debt” are usually purchased by outfits that do the collecting. Those hard asses you described. So you have two issues to deal with.

          One is looking yourself in the mirror. I expect you can deal with that by being reasonable and patient. The other is the time and stress of dealing with people who have displayed a tendency to blow off the debt.

          My young Pirate friend, I looked into this years ago. Like I said, I would not touch it with a ten foot pole. I think you far smart enough to make money in a more “rewarding” fashion.

          I am intrigued, however, with the idea of you starting up a Not for Profit company that purchases these debts and then negotiates them down to help poor people. Your profit margin can be much lower and still give a good return, although you will have to take it as wages. Get your “democrat/liberal” friends to contribute to your not for profit as well.

          My business moto has long been: Do Good, Have Fun, Make Money.

    • I can see it as a business. It is going to depend on the personal morality of the collector. I like JAC’s take. You could reduce the debt and do the creditor a favor by discharging it. My sister, after college worked for a collection firm mostly on medical collections. The stories broke her heart until she realized about half were pure bullshit. Can’t pay off the debt over time but can take the kiddies to Disney twice per year. Unfortunately that half hardened her to the others. Like being a cop, it is a tough business. Your humanity gets challenged at every turn.

  32. gmanfortruth says:

    The Left’s Mobocracy
    By Ben Shapiro
    June 8, 2016, 5:00 am

    For years, the left has been desperate to paint conservatives as the real danger to civil society. Back in 2009, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security called conservatives a threat to safety. In a report, it stated that those who oppose abortion and illegal immigration represent a serious domestic terror threat. After presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump reprehensibly justified violence against protesters, the media was awash with fears that conservatives would suddenly lose their minds and begin brandishing pitchforks in search of unlucky transgender individuals.

    But, for decades, the only real threat of mob violence has come from the political left.

    The left proved this once again this week when rioters in San Jose, California ignored do-nothing police officers and assaulted Trump supporters after his campaign rally. They overran police barriers, punched random rallygoers and egged a woman. They spit on people, burned American flags and generally made a violent nuisance of themselves.

    The left reacted by blaming Trump.

    First off, let’s point out that while Trump has encouraged his own rallygoers to participate in violence against peaceful protesters, there has never been a pro-Trump mob or riot. Individuals have engaged in bad behavior, but there has never been any mass activity. The same is not true of the political left, which traffics in mob action, from Ferguson, Missouri, to Baltimore, Maryland, to Seattle, Washington, to Occupy Wall Street.

    Why? Because when conservatives act badly, they’re condemned by both conservatives and leftists. But when leftists riot, leftists simply blame conservatives for the riots.

    That’s what happened in San Jose.

    San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said, “At some point, Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign.” San Jose police Chief Eddie Garcia praised his officers for failing to intervene, saying, “We are not an ‘occupying force’ and cannot reflect the chaotic tactics of protesters.” The San Jose Police Department added that it did not intervene so as to not “further (incite) the crowd and produce more violent behavior.”

    Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton blamed Trump, too: “He created an environment in which it seemed to be acceptable for someone running for president to be inciting violence, to be encouraging his supporters. Now we’re seeing people who are against him responding in kind.” The internet blogging service Vox was forced to suspend editor Emmett Rensin after telling people to “start a riot” if Trump sets foot in their town.

    Trump may be a gross thug individually, but conservatives are generally uninterested in the sort of thuggish hordes that roam the streets looking for skulls to crack. We don’t like those sorts of folks; we find them an affront to law and order and clean living.

    The left has no such compunction. And so long as their leading lights continue to justify such lawlessness in the name of stopping the rhetoric of the right, we’re doomed to more broken eggs, broken noses and broken politics. THE END

    At some point, conservatives will have had enough of the Left’s radical bullshit. If or when that time comes, the Left will be eliminated from society. I’m not so sure that’s a bad idea. However, for clarification, deaths will be relatively small compared to overall Left Wing population. The rest will be silenced for fear of death. Happy Hunting.

  33. gmanfortruth says:

    A prime example of a Liberal that don’t know what a racist is. Completely ignorant.

  34. Just A Citizen says:

    SUFA, once again in the lead.

    Me yesterday, along with Anita: “Second, stop criticizing him criticizing a judge for bias based on his heritage. WHY did Mr. Obama pick the SCOTUS candidates he did? BECAUSE of their “Hispanic” heritage. Now why do you suppose he felt Hispanic Americans would rule in his favor in the long run???

    Maybe you should be using Trump’s tirade to show the media how BIAS is in fact introduced into our judicial system by using RACE and GENDER by the Democrats.”

    Today at American Thinker:

  35. Today, I have heard several reports that the parents of this judge did not have SS numbers. Their legal status is apparently questionable.

    Remember last week when I speculated on Trump’s security/intel apparatus?

    • Mathius says:

      Are the judge’s parents presiding over the case?


      What Trump has does is a smooth (if risky) gamble. There are three options for what happens here:
      (A) Judge recuses himself (fat chance). If so, Trump points out that the judge implicitly acknowledges his bias. Trump wins.
      (B) Trump loses case. Trump points out, see, the judge was against me the whole time. His supporters ignore verdict because it’s a hit job by a biased judge. Trump wins.
      (C) Trump wins case. Trump wins.

      The downside is that it’s more fodder for those who already think he’s racist, but those people, like Romney’s 47%, were never going to vote for him anyway, so there’s no loss there. The only risk is if the backlash is bad enough to really advance the racist narrative and I don’t think (so far) that it has been.


      For what its worth, I don’t think Trump is racist. I think he’s a sociopath (like all big-league politicians and all big-money / big-business types – Clinton included). I just think he plays the chess board a little differently and more boldly than we’re used to.

      I used to play chess in the park. I played an entire summer, must have lost hundreds of dollars. Got my ass kicked – hard – repeatedly. But once, just once, I won. And it was because I said “screw it” and just went nuts with some insane aggression that the other guy just didn’t know how to cope with (and the clock didn’t give him time to figure it out). That’s what Trump is doing – he’s playing fast and loose and Clinton et al just don’t know how to react because this is not how the game is supposed to be played. And things are moving too fast for her to step back and really work it out.

      They’ll figure it out eventually (maybe soon enough, maybe not).

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I am curious. Do you think Trump is honest in his stated love of the USA and his desire to fight for the people and not the special interests? Is he being honest in his desires and purpose for running?

        I think the D’s have figured it out. One, use surrogates, like Warren and Reid, as much as possible to attack Trump’s integrity. Then attack on two key issues, constantly. Trump’s temperament and his “racism”.

        In the end, no matter what he does, this will stick with enough independents to cost him the general election. Because the “swing states” he has to win are heavy to minority voters.

        Right now, today I would call this a pretty easy campaign for Clinton. Her only real opposition is the FBI and DOJ. Even the new book coming out about her “demeanor problems” will not harm her beyond how she is already weakened.

        She and the Dems know they have to make Trump look WORSE than Hillary.

        I also think the pressure is building for Warren to say yes to VP. It is a win for the Progressives and Bernie Sanders crowd. AND, should Hillary fall due to the FBI, Warren will step up as the Party’s candidate. That is if the FBI drops a bombshell AFTER the convention.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          The general election is already over, Clinton gets crushed in a landslide.

        • Mathius says:

          Do you think Trump is honest in his stated love of the USA and his desire to fight for the people and not the special interests?

          USA… Yes, sure, though like all politicians and big business types, it comes second to his own interests.

          Special interests.. Yes, but only because he doesn’t (currently) need them. I get the sense, though I have no special insight into his brain) that he genuinely dislikes the effects of “special interests” in politics and would like to resist that – but I don’t think he’d do so if the calculus showed it to be against his best interests.

          Trump’s temperament and his “racism”.

          I think, as I’ve said previously, that Trump’s “racism” insofar as it exists, is a tool he uses to dog whistle for the Red Shirt base. I do not believe he is actually racist. But he does say a lot of things which are… borderline. And that’s intentional. It lets him dog whistle while at the same time playing the victim card when people call him out on it. It’s a bold strategy.

          I do, however, think he is bigoted against Islam. He is hardly alone in this, but I consider it a significant problem as the problems with fundamentalist Islam cannot be solved by a problem who is hostile to the whole idea of Islam.

          Trump’s temperament and his “racism”.

          I worry about his temperament. Not in the normal “he’s a big baby” narrative sense. I think that’s mostly an act. “I have the best words” and calling Warren “Pocahontas” and his “Mexican judge” attack are all, in my view, deliberate moves made. In an objective sense, they’re pretty fantastic as far as tactics go, even if I dislike his actual points.

          With that in mind, my problem is that he only seems to have two modes: “best friends” and “all-out warfare.” There’s no nuance. If you so much as glance at him wrong, he goes for the jugular. And geopolitics doesn’t work like that unless you want to wind up turning a lot of real estate into radioactive wasteland. If you thought Bush’s “with us or against us” bullshit was bad, Trump would amp that up significantly. The US needs friends and allies and it needs to be able to reach out to our enemies to try to find common ground and peaceful resolutions.

          Fundamentally, I think, at his deepest core, Trump is a deal-maker. I think he would… eventually.. figure out how to work with diplomacy, but I think his modus operandi is to attack when he doesn’t get his way and that’s not good for someone in a position to actually, you know, attack.

          Her only real opposition is the FBI and DOJ.

          Her only real opponent is the perception that the FBI and DOJ are problems. This is not a criminal issue. Sure, call it an issue of irresponsibility or poor judgement, but it wasn’t a crime unless you’re reeeeaaaaalllly willing to stretch.

          Unless you know something that’s not in the public record, you’re just pushing yet-another Clinton conspiracy theory.

          She and the Dems know they have to make Trump look WORSE than Hillary.

          He’s doing a pretty good job of that on his own. Honestly, I don’t think Hillary is controlling the narrative at all. Trump (as I’ve predicted for months) owns the spotlight and controls the narrative. Trump U and his “racism” are just noise on the periphery of whatever he’s talking about on any given day.

          The problem for him amongst liberals is that he’s operating in a way we find antithetical to our view of the office of President. We love technocrats. We love calm personalities with a light touch and a long view. We love compromise and hate thinking of the world as zero-sum. We hate even the whif of racism or bigotry. We loathe “gut trusting.” We loath any perceived anti-intellectualism. We deplore anti-science (anti-vax, global-warming-denial). We hate authoritarianism and nationalism. We love our free trade. And Trump is pushing all of our buttons. And pushing hard.

          As long as Clinton isn’t caught on camera clubbing baby seals in Times Square while singing the Horst Wessel, she’s got our vote.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            Mathius, the Whitehouse has just admitted that Hitlary is under a CRIMINAL probe. So much for that fallacy of the investigation. The FBI don’t investigate people UNLESS it’s for criminal activity. Why you’s on the Left think otherwise smells of media brainwashing.

            • Mathius says:

              The FBI investigates a lot of things.

              Criminal things – yes.

              Is she under criminal investigation? Yes.

              Is there a plausible threat of prosecution? Not a chance in hell.


              And, since we’re on the topic, let’s forget the legality and even the boneheaded-ness of her actions.

              Do you think she had any sort of malintent in her actions? Not in the skirting of rules, but in why why wanted to skirt the rules. Obviously, you don’t have any special knowledge here, but I’m curious. Do you think she used her personal mail account for any sort of malicious reason (eg hiding emails, other criminal activity, etc)? If so, do you have any support for this view?

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Did she commit a “crime”? Yes, absolutely.

                Did she have mal intent? Yes, absolutely. As revealed in the State Dept. Inspector General’s report. Of course the IG could not find a record of her directly making any such statements. Only her primary staff who were arranging for the private server who expressed Mrs. Clinton’s “reasons”.

                Will she be prosecuted for said crime? “Not a chance in hell”.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                I know whats been made public, which is enough to indict her on numerous charges, including having Classified info in an unsecure location. Same thing Petraeus got convicted of. There is much more to the investigation than e-mails, like racketeering and selling her influence for donations to the Clinton Foundation. There will be leaks and leaks if they don’t indict her. Although I must sadly say, Hillary will be protected by the Obama administration. This I find to be the final straw, because it proves beyond doubt that the Federal government now acts above the law. We need a Revolution, badly. Even a peaceful one would do.

      • Point simply being as I pointed out last week, Trump “anticipates” trouble because he has an intel/security network rivaling the government. Realized that with the international deals he makes in addition to domestic deals he probably needs a full dossier on whomever he is talking to. Would not be surprised if they are all former Military Intel, FBI, Secret Service or NYPD types. His people are notoriously loyal because he treats them like…..well…..people!

        I do not think he needed this battle. Running as a “jobs” president is all he has to do. You can let your lawyers handle it, or make “general” comments. I would just have mentioned the La Raza thing in passing. I do not want to hear that the judge’s La Raza is “different” . If you belong to some outfit that is dumb enough to have the same name as an outfit many question, don’t be surprised if people link them together. Kinda blows plausible deniability out of the water.

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    Very interesting graph. Anyone want to speculate as to when the historic trend changed and what happened at that time?

    Sorry, in case you didn’t guess the “outlays” is Federal Government spending.

  37. gmanfortruth says:
    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Other than the technology changing over the past 35 years, back in the dark ages before cell phones and iphones, there was such a thing called “party lines” They were still quite prevalent in rural VT at that time. If you were on welfare, not just below a certain level of income, or house bound etc, the government would run in a “private” line to that house that was on welfare where the neighbors would still be on the party line. Reasoning….was right of privacy issues. Saying that the neighbors didn’t have the right to possibly hear that you were on the dole by picking up the phone and interrupting a call with your local welfare case officer……as though the neighbors would know anyway. These people got their phone and new line for free. Knew people who hid assets just to qualify for the service and free private phone.

      • Mathius says:

        Reminds me of the Obama Phones policy (which started under W).

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Which goes with my posting. The policy has been around FOREVER, just modernized to newer technologies.

        • The ‘Obama phone policy’ actually started in 1984 under Reagan. It’s purpose was to ASSIST low income families with getting land line phone service. The most significant changes to the legislation came in 2008 under OBAMA to GIVE welfare recipients free phones.

  38. gmanfortruth says:
  39. gmanfortruth says:
  40. gmanfortruth says:
  41. gmanfortruth says:
  42. Good news Pocahontas, uhh! I mean Senator Elizabeth Warren condemns Trump as a “fraud”.

    • Mathius says:

      Warren for Veep!

      • I cannot believe that you can countenance someone using fake Indian credentials to game the system in college and beyond. You are right though another liar and cheat for the ticket!

        • Mathius says:

          I would vote for an ax murderer if they support my policy positions.

          I’m not voting for a friend – I’m voting for someone to make and enforce laws.

          (and, anyway, they’re all full of shit in one way or another, and Warren is less-bad than many alternatives)

          • gmanfortruth says:

            Maybe you should take a long look at Venezuela so you can see what her policy ideology will get you.

            • Mathius says:

              You should understand the limited power of the Presidency.

              Eight years of Warren would, undoubtedly move us left. It would result in a liberal SCOTUS. But it wouldn’t make us Venezuela.

              That’s why I liked Bernie. He’s far enough left that he would actually shift the status quo, but congress would never let him go as far as he would like.

              It’s also why I worry less about Trump than other people do. Because even if he’s everything they think he is, he’s still never going to be constrained by the Office in what he can do.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                You know very little about Venezuela I see. The Socialist government, which is pretty much what the Democrats want and have here, Did just fine for the most part as long as the money was coming in. Now, that has changed and the POOR are suffering. I’m sure you have seen the pictures of long lines and the shortage of food and necessities. What the MSM is NOT showing us is that not all of Venezuela is in dire straights. The affluent areas of the country have fully stocked groceries and no shortages of anything. The difference is that the government knows the poor can’t pay the prices, so they keep the food away from them and allow only what the poor can afford. In short, the only “problems” in Venezuela are with the poor. There is no Middle Class, like we are heading. But the real problem began decades ago, when Socialism and the “safety net” took over. The trust in this type of government has shown it’s true colors, it’s only good until they run out of other peoples money. It won’t end any differently here if the direction Left continues. I’m far from wealthy, but will NEVER become so dependent on them that they feed me.

                With 40+ million Americans being fed by government, what happens when those funds become useless, for any number of reasons, even natural causes.

              • Study TR. When faced with a hostile congress, he went over their heads to the people. They called it the bully pulpit back then. Surprised that no one to this day has managed to link the latest little Trump baby’s name with Grandpa’s playbook. The baby? Theodore.

  43. gmanfortruth says:
  44. Texas Governor Greg Abbott today let it be known…….” If you attend any political rally, such as took place in California, and you are accosted in any manner……defend yourself by whatever means you feel is necessary.” When asked by a CNN reporter, “Do you mean you would fire upon a protester?”……He just laughed at the reporter and said, ” I would do anything that I feel is necessary to protect myself or someone else.” He went on to say, that if any Marriott Hotel in Texas ever locks a person out who is being hit with any projectile, they would not be operating in Texas much longer.”

    I sure like Greg Abbott.

  45. gmanfortruth says:

    According to numerous eye-witness reports, in addition to the lack of action by the undercover police officers, the uniformed police officers were under a departmental order to stand down and not assist any victim of the mob attacks.

    Several victims have now approached media to inform them of conversations where they cried out for help during the beatings only to be told by uniformed officers of the San Jose Police Department that they were under strict instructions not to aid any Trump supporter.

    San Jose Police Chief Garcia admitted his officers were instructed not to stop violent protesters from beating the Trump rally attendees. In addition the San Jose Mayor has openly admitted to approving the San Jose police departments plans, and blamed Donald Trump for having the audacity to have a rally in “his city“.

    Notice the only arrests made so far are those who were violent toward the police. None of the mob participants who were involved in beating the Trump Rally attendees have been brought to justice.

    Why? Could it be because any prosecution of those incidents would also carry additional investigative inquiry as to the victims statements? Maybe San Jose PD does not want sunlight upon records of victim statements outlining the refusal of police to protect their citizenry.


    This article was linked in an Oathkeepers article which is calling for groups of Oathkeepers, who are in good shape and trained in self defense, to show up and do what the politicians and cops won’t, protect the people and their rights to Free Speech and Assembly. It’s about time.

    However, this kind of activity WILL NOT HAPPEN everywhere. This is mostly contained to Liberal cities with Liberal politicians. I really hope Trump comes close for a campaign speech. Close doesn’t have the Liberal problems, nor the tolerance of a Conservative people who under constant attack in those Liberal cities.

    Based on D13’s comment, Gov Abbott is on the right track. I also see that there may be some lawsuits hitting the City of San Jose. I hope they make it personal and get the Mayor for dereliction of duty too.

  46. gmanfortruth says:
  47. @ Mathius…….” I would vote for an ax murderer if they support my policy positions.”

    You would say this and then worry about your attitude as a bill collector?

    You been in Dread’s hooch?

    • Mathius says:

      I worry about being able to look at myself in the mirror, or sleep at night. I worry about how my kids will view me when they’re older.

      I do not worry about the private conscience or morality of a stranger.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        That pretty much sums up how we got in this pickle. In my opinion we should start paying more attention to their conscience and moral views and less on their detailed policy list, designed to give everyone something.

  48. Just A Citizen says:
  49. Just A Citizen says:


    Re: Venezuela vs. USA.. US Democratic Socialists are not stupid enough to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs which in turn fund there schemes. We may soon become an even bigger shit hole, but we will not become Venezuela.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I was speaking in general terms about socialism and how it usually ends, the poor get screwed. Greece, Cyprus and a few other countries are pretty much the same, all be it quite different. The common denominator with socialism and the governments that make promises to people always ends with broken promises who they bullshitted into voting for them. That ios not any different than our current Federal government, always making promises that they know will fall flat. It’s already happening here, but at a lower level.

      I also consider Union promises much the same. It all sounds great but ends up failing in the long run. I can point to the retired Teamsters who are taking a major haircut on their monthly retirement checks (this is another subject all together, but these Teamsters should be hanging the folks in charge of that retirement fund company.) I believe we will see many many more public sector union retirees getting the shaft.

      Bottom line……Socialism will always fail and the worst pain hits the poor.

    • JAC……Venezuela was a pretty simple call…..every US investor, me included, immediately sold every stock and/or bond that was anywhere close to being connected to Venezuela. It was an easy call the minute the regime was about to be changed. I was invested in currency there and we knew that the black market would immediately spring up because the currency was going to be devalued and literally changed….just like MExico did when it went from the Peso to Nueveo Peso. We also knew any USD located off shore in Venezuela Banks would be immediately confiscated. We also knew that any asset owned in Venzuela, would be confiscated to prevent removal. ( Oil field equipment, planes, and cars)

      Even executive homes were confiscated if you were not a native. Hotel chains were nationalized as well as outside vendors like McDonalds, etc. Cruise lines were held offshore pending inspection and gratuities were paid for them to leave Venzuelan waters…..

      All in all a pretty easy call.

      We took USD and converted to the Venezuelan Bolivar. When the currency exchange happened, you were allowed to exchange the old Bolivar into the new Bolivar on even exchange. $1 USD was worth $10 in Bolivar’s, so for every dollar, we got $10 Bolivar. To prevent currency hoarding, the Venezuelan Banks offered 60% interest rates to keep the new Bolivar in country. Sit on the Bolivar, with its interest rates soaring and the Bolivar became worthless… 259 Bolivars to the dollar…..less than one penny on the world exchange rate. In the meantime, with the currency being worth less and less, the great ponzi scheme unfolded in the Venezuelan Banks. With the large amounts of interest being paid out to keep the socialist structure afloat, the Government offered to sell locally mined gold and silver to persons who held only Bolivars. So, the Venezuelan Government, in its infinite socialist thinking, minted gold and silver coins to sell to anyone who held the new Bolivar…gold was .999 pure and silver was .995 pure. Now they had all these minted coins to sell locally in local currency. One ounce of gold could be bought for 20 Bolivars and one ounce of Silver could be bought for 7 Bolivars. You could not take out Bolivars, But you could take out gold and silver coins bought through the government. Do the math……20 Bolivars or $2 USD bought a gold coin. That gold coin, rated at .999 pure and in MS60 is worth about $900 USD. So for 200 oz of gold bought for 4,000 Bolivars….you come away with gold coins worth $180,000.

      Better than a Hillary Clinton deal. Needless to say, made a killing. So how is that for Socialism and currency devaluations. You gotta love Socialist math.

  50. RIP to one of the good guys, Mr Hockey, Gordie Howe. Bummer. Wish the Wings were still in it, to win the cup in Gordie’s honor. Look out next year.

  51. Dit dit dit…………….Dallas, Texas Love Field……….a male at the airport taking rocks and smashing the window of a car to get to the woman inside. Clearly a domsestic dispute taking place on airport property. A 911 call has a Dallas policeman assigned to Love Field responding to the assault taking place. A large man with equally large rocks was breaking out the windows of the car as reported. The Dallas policeman approaches him and the man turns to charge the policeman. He backs up and tells him to stop….the man keeps coming yelling you will have to kill me….and keeps charging the policeman who continues to back up with warnings.. The Policeman pulls his weapon and five shots later, the charging man is stopped and hauled off….probably will die. Five shots fired with five hits dead center. Pretty simple.

    Moral of the story…….do not charge any Texas law official….the result will be the same.

    Black Lives Matters says that the police did not have the moral authority to stop a domestic dispute on public property in spite of 15 and 20 pound rocks being thrown through a car window to get at the person inside….despite the fact that he charged the officer and the officer backed up as much as he could…and, according to Black Lives Matters since the man was a black man, there is discrimination involved.

    Three Black Lives Matters protestors showed up with signs for about 5 minutes and then left when there was no support.

  52. Just A Citizen says:

    Evening thought, on Carbon Taxes.

    They make money out of thin air so I guess they can tax thin air.

  53. gmanfortruth says:

    The City of Cleveland is attempting to suppress pro-Trump rallies during the Republican National Committee, a move even the liberal ACLU calls unconstitutional.

    Democratic city officials are giving pro-Trump groups only 24 hours to complete applications for ‘Free Speech permits’ which severely restrict the First Amendment rights of applicants.

    “There is only 18 hours of permit time under these regulations, parade time, over the three or four days of the convention,” ACLU General Counsel Susan Becker said. “We just found out about that recently.”

    “So we are hoping we can really negotiate these points but it is really up to the city to come back with more reasonable time, place and manner of regulations that we can live with.”

    Insiders have described both the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga Co. as Democratic machines in Hillary Clinton’s pocket, and if they’re able to suppress Trump supporters, anti-Trump protestors will dominate the city – and international media coverage.

    And to further fuel violence, the city is forcing groups who support and oppose Trump to share a single parade route, demonstration areas and a “speaker’s platform” that individuals can “reserve” for 30-minute increments, all of which will trigger chaos given the anti-Trump protestors in California who chased down and physically attacked Trump voters.

    “They’re inviting a bloodbath with the way they are setting it up,” said Ralph King of Citizens for Trump. “Instead of separating and just giving the permits out to where people wanted to have different marches and parades, now you have a fishbowl.”

    Many of the anti-Trump protestors were funded by Hillary ally George Soros, and it’s a given that Hillary will blame the inevitable violence in Cleveland on Trump despite the city’s mishandling of the event – and the fact he can’t be held responsible for the behavior of leftist agitators.

    “If those who seek world dominion can stimulate leftist mobs into violent confrontation with local law enforcement, and also provide exhaustive news coverage so that the entire nation can see and tremble, then the peaceful and freedom-loving majority can be programmed to accept a vast expansion of government powers and even a national police force offered supposedly to end the violence,” G. Edward Griffin warned in his documentary the Capitalist Conspiracy.

    And who would expand the government and push for a federalized police force? Hillary Clinton.

  54. gmanfortruth says:
  55. Texas responds to left wing violence on Trump Rally’s.

    Permits will be issued to both sides. Separate parade routes will be issued. Any side not abiding by the rules will be arrested. Open and concealed carry IS AUTHORIZED and permits will be checked. With the parade permits, a written warning will be issued that the police will not need reasonable suspicion to stop and search all parade goers for weapons. If unauthorized weapons are found, the offenders will be arrested. There will be hydraulic presses at all parade routes and any unauthorized weapon found will be recorded and destroyed on the spot.

    Texas says, we recognize the right of individuals to carry weapons and we have reciprocal agreements with a number of states. Ignorance of the law will not be an excuse. Texas law for concealed and open carry is that your permit to carry is to be submitted with your driver’s license or one other form of accepted picture ID. If nothing matches, you will be arrested.

    Resistance of arrest is defined as follows: Any refusal or verbal abuse to arrest will be considered as resisting arrest.

    The Governor has also said that there will be STATE IDENTIFIED EMPLOYEES with still and movie cameras to film all parade routes. Any violence will be dealth with accordingly. We will track you down and we will prosecute. Parade routes will have a beginning and an ending and well marked. Permitted parade users will have a guarded parking area designated.

    You are welcome in Texas…..but behave. YOu will have a right to assembly in designated areas. You can scream and yell and burn whatever flags you want to burn in your designated assembly area. You can jump up and down and curse. But if you throw anything…ANYTHING AT ALL…towards any individual, you will be arrested and charged with criminal intent.

    There are some other do’s and dont’s but you get the gist. The Texas National Guard has been put on full alert during any rallies. IF there is a flash mob or anything else that grows beyond the police capability, the pre-stationed guard will be immediately available and NOT IN RIOT GEAR. In other words, do not expect a tranquil response.

    Follow the rules..there will be nothing to worry about. I was hoping to be involved in this…but, alas, I will not be, Rats!

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Exactly what the Left Wing Liberals are trying to get, expanded government control.

      While most of Texas’s response seems to be quite intelligent and good common sense, it really is exactly what the Left wants. While “parades” are a whole different ballgame than just a central point rally, it is quite sad that ANY government has to take these actions because of the actions of basically one group, and a small one at that. At least carrying a gun is not outlawed, as would be in any Democrat hellhole (they wouldn’t react with this type of common sense, see Cleveland’s plan for the RNC)

      However, with respect to Texas, this is the one of two choices. The other has no rules and no cops. Maybe that’s where we need to really go to put an end to the Marxist bullshit. I’m in, you?

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        With reading about the tactics the Bolsheviks used back in history, the current tactics are literally taken from the same page. Provoke a violent reaction and then blame that person or group as the cause their initial action.

        That got the Czars backing up and backing up and trying different avenues of appeasement in a search for a solution to the grievences, only to be greeted with more attacks ad infinitum, until all was lost…..and then the pacifist, peaceful bolsheviks, leninist, communists invoked upon the Russian people the worst nightmare of murder and slavery the world had never seen before until Mao. They made Hitler look like a novice….but,
        “the end justifies any means”.

      • As much as I would like to….I would be against total lawless anarchy… the movie “Purge”……, sir, I think we have the right idea given the circumstances. It is controlled and it is watched…both sides have a right to carry legally and I am not afraid of being searched or asked if I am carrying. I have nothing to hide. I am betting that notihng happens. California and Ohio are different breeds. If they send representatives down here…let them. We will deal with it.

        To descend into total lawless anarchy invites the same thing that we are trying to avoid, in my opinion.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          I’m not talking about anarchy at all. But this response, as correct as it may be, is still exactly what the Marxist’s want. Their next move, make matters worse so the Feds have to step in, furthering the desire for a stronger government response. Example: Violence is really bad at the conventions. The local and State cops couldn’t handle it. Next move, Federal intervention and the literal taking over of all police departments that take Fed money. After the conventions, the Fed’s send in their jackbooted thugs, tell the local cops to stay away and we get more “San Jose” stand downs, furthering the demand for MORE government intervention. This is all classic Marxism……and Texas is the first to fall for it. Although I’m not sure what other logical options Texas has, their plan sounds very well thought out.

          For now though, Cleveland and Philly are ground zero. What happens there could well dictate future events, in every State. Interesting times.

          • What did Texas fall for? Stopping violence or at least trying to control it? The only alternative is to do nothing and let the violence happen. I do not see that as a viable alternative. At the very least, it is the State that is doing this and it is State Leadership that is taking the lead.

            If you, or I, got some people together to go patrol on our own, that smacks of vigilante reaction. Vigilantes and anarchy seem to go hand in hand.

            However, the State could have stepped in and said no weapons….they are not. They could have said no protests allowed….they have not.

            Anyway……we shall see what happens….I am betting nothing because the Black Lives Matter Crowd has not been able to amass enough people for a baseball team….I do not think that professional protesters will come in here because of our reputation of not standing around. They can do it in California and maybe Ohio….but not here.

            Interesting times indeed.

  56. Oops…unintended Freudian Slip……..”Any violence will be dealth with accordingly”…

  57. gmanfortruth says:

    Nightclub attack in Florida. Just guessing, but a non-US citizen Jihadist is going to make Trump out to be a genius. I’m wondering how the Left will spin this: An illegal alien Muslim Jihadist from Syria attacks a popular LGBT club. The Liberal snowflakes heads will explode.

  58. A short, kid version of the Russian Revolution, pretty darn accurate though. Trust me, you DO NOT want to read the long version.

    Thing that always fascinated me though. This repressive, evil, absolute monarchy government DID NOT, assassinate or execute its opposition. It exiled it and allowed it to fester. Compare that with how Stalin dealt with Trotsky who was in exile.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      If memory serves me right, Lenin’s brother was executed for assasinating the tsar. The succesor bore no grudge to the family and sent Lenin’s sister to university. She became radicalized but she was just exiled. Lenin followed and was also exiled. With him eliminating any possible opposition was started, He realized exile was not an option, because he was a prime example. Even those leaders that got disgruntled with where Lenin took the revolution. Stalin totally refined the terrorism of the Russian people and any peoples they conquered, in the name of the people. What about the 40M people who objected. Fertilizer and the rest became sheep.

  59. gmanfortruth says:
  60. I got real tickled at a gay person on an interview today claiming history has been made about acceptance in the military. He said that the military has accepted all these issues…gays, transgender…etc.

    I invite anyone to go on any military post anywhere and see if there are transgender latrines or transgender barracks or openly gay personnel wandering around. If you find one….tell me because I want to see it. The military has a way of handling things within in the system very quietly….and very quietly it is.

    It does not exist.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      My army friend when I ask her how the “politically” driven agenda is being handled. She just smiles and says it’s handled. No elaboration.

  61. Bet they will be profiling around these pride events today 🙂

  62. I have just informed all my Facebook friends that I never, ever again want to hear one negative word about “Fundamentalist Christians” under penalty of anathema.

    • but, but… Islam is the religion of peace.

      • Yeah, I’ve heard that but then again, I’ve read TE Lawrence’s book too. A religion of Peace run by a bunch of bigoted nuts.

        • Just looked at the headlines again. It was the gun!

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            Folks…don’t get worked up…this person is only at this time a “suspect” dead with the gun in his hand, but still a suspect. These people all committed suicide, just by being who they are….total sarcasm

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Stephen…..I’ve been sitting here wracking my brain trying to recall the last mass killing in this country by an identified, in the name of, “fundamentalist christian?. Much less one who identifies themself as a conservative. Usually they are of late a person who stopped taking their medications, much less walking the streets. A sympathizer of the M/E, or a person who has always aligned themselves with progressive agendas. The only one of late that may come close is the Charleston killer, but he was just a bigoted racist filled with hate, had nothing to do with christian beliefs fundamental or any other.

      Oklahoma….Timothy McVay (sp) sympathized with Sadaam…bombing
      World Trade tower 1 Muslims from Brooklyn…bombing
      World Trade tower 2 Muslims from S/A….big bombing
      Boston Marathon….muslim Cheknian (sp) …..bombing
      Oregon college, retaliation against the serviceman/student who impeded a terrorist attack in Europe….guns
      San Bernadino….Muslim offended…guns
      Orlando…… Muslim offended …..guns

      The rest were mental basket cases and out on the streets under voluntary drug programs instead of being in an institution, thusly putting the people in harms way. Knowing full well these people are dangerous…..but then again meds will solve everything.

      We then can go outside the country and list for the past 35 years and the preponderance is “muslim” driven…..but just to show I’m not prejudice I’ll introduce the drug trade. The bloodbaths in Sicily, Colombia, Mexico just to supply the goods to the market in Europe and the US. Where it’s no crime(sarc), the only person it’s hurting is the user….BS. but then the term narco-terrorism comes in.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        We’ve had mass murder of “fundamentalists” by the Government…WACO under Janet Reno’s DOJ

      • Some folks love to bring McVeigh into it calling him “Christian”. Others reach back to abortion clinic bombings and the killing of the abortion doctors. Most leftists”know” there have been mass killings by Christians because they have “seen” it on shows like “law and Order” who must have run at least two episodes per year on the issue for over 20 years.

        • ‘Nother thing. Florida is the first “right to carry” state. Out of all those people, no one had a gun? Or, was the place a “gun free zone”. Inquiring minds would like to know!

          • gmanfortruth says:

            Liberals are anti-gun. Gays are mostly Liberals. The math is easy.

          • SKT: Curious: do you carry while out to a club / bar and (presumably) getting drunk?

            Gman: Curious: why do you think “gays are mostly Liberals”? (to clarify, I agree, I’m asking why you think that this is the case, not why you think it it’s the case)

            • Would I carry? Can’t carry, I’m in NJ one of only Five (5) states that do not have right to carry. But if I did, you raise an interesting question. This has been batted around my entire life about cops. A whole lot of NY cops hit bars every evening and they are REQUIRED to carry off duty. My answer would be pretty much the same as if I am driving. I don’t get drunk. Went to a wedding last weekend. I’m a big guy 230 lbs, and did four beers over a four hour period with a full meal and a lot of dancing. Drove home at 11PM 100 miles. Wife was feeling no pain, but I was good to go. I know when I have a buzz. If I were not driving, I might still carry being fully aware of the responsibility of carrying the piece.

              It would be interesting to see some stats on Israeli nightspots for young folks and who/how many carry.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              Good day to your and yours Mathius, hope all is well.

              Gays being Liberal. Mostly from those that I have known over the years19 out of 20 were Liberals. The Liberals also support the LGBT agenda, so it just makes logical sense. Note that I used the word ‘Most”. There are always sensible people among every minority group.

              Carrying a sidearm. I carry everywhere, short of any courthouse or Federal facility. This includes going to a bar for wings and a couple beers. Here’s the gist of the whole carry a gun thing. It requires personal responsibility, regardless of location or activity. Drinking is not an issue if one shows that responsibility and maintains oneself (not getting plastered). Most folks in my tribal area do as I do. We don’t have issues at bars, even fights are a very rare event. Cities are different and people have a different mentality. I still carry when visiting, regardless. Being drunk and stupid can get a person killed, it’s that simple.

              This idiot President is on the anti-gun kick again. Maybe we should consider making it far more difficult to have motor vehicles, which in ALL cases of mass murder are used to get to the crime scene. When a car bomb goes off, which is inevitable, will this idiot say the same about vehicles as he says about guns. Who will protect the people when they are not permitted by law to protect themselves against armed criminals? Let’s face it, the government didn’t protect one single person who died in a mass shooting, EVER. They can’t and never will be. More importantly, who will protect us from them (government), we all know the history of populations when they are disarmed, nothing will change.

              ROFLMAO, some dumb lesbian is blaming Bush. These people are nucking futs. The Left do not realize that Muslim’s don’t like anyone, even each other. They are a violent cult, period. Sure, there are peaceful Muslim’s. Not every person is the violent type. It’s simply time to profile and explain to them that if they are offended, pack their shit and fly away. Most will not have a problem….or will they?

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                My neighbor used to be an MP. Did tours in all the lovely places in the M/E. The one thing she always states is that they went to great lengths to keep the Shia and Sunni separated. If not they’d kill each other. Peace brother.

  63. gmanfortruth says:

    AS expected, the gun grabbers are out of the woodwork again. These Liberals are a sad group of people with no vision or common sense. Why aren’t they constantly bloviating about the gun violence in Chicago, where FAR MORE young black men have been killed this year than all terrorist related deaths in the US? What’s funnier is that they spout off about gun control and sales go through the roof. It seems this little statistical tidbit is not comprehensible to them. Bernie said we should ban automatic weapons, apparently he isn’t aware of current law that dates back around the time he was born.

    Let’s keep the guns and ban Progressives. We’ll all be safer in the long run.

  64. I should not be amazed at what we see….but I continue to be amazed at the naive approach to all of this clap trap…..I have heard on this site and several others that words matter….everyone is so sensitive about words. Well, let’s discuss this….do words matter?

    I have seen the word tragedy used. Well…….a tragedy is a car accident or a hurricane or a fire….a tragedy is not a mass killing by an ideology… ISLAMIC ideology. Not a radical islamic ideology but an ISLAMIC ideology.

    Why are we surprised? We should not be surprised at all. This ISLAMIC ideology has been promising attacks on American soil for years….it is happening….why are we surprised?

    This is not a hate crime… is not a crime at all… is a war and it is designed to kill and it is designed to kill Americans… is an ISLAMIC ideology. We can ignore realism…and throw all kinds of rhetoric and try to pick our politically coorect words all we want….it will not be eliminated until we accept it for what it is…..ISLAMIC ideology.

    This is not a “LONE WOLF” issue. It is no different than a special forces unit conducting a raid…or an individual conducting a military mission. This is not a “radicalized” individual….it is an ideology….it is an ISLAMIC ideology.

    All this crap about, see something, say something… lacking one thing. A follow up by authorities. A known wife beater, on a consistent basis, praising ALLAH on a consistent basis, watching and reading Islamic propaganda on a consistent basis……interviewed by the FBI on at least three times…..and everyone afraid of political correctness, nothing was done. And this same person, used the system of back ground checks and there was no red flag. Not because the back ground checks didnot work… is because NO ONE put this individual on a watch list……despite all his back ground. Unbelievable.

    Why do we allow our freedoms to be used against us? Why do we allow a radical radio show on the air in this country doing everything possible to rally persons against us? Why do we allow Mosques to preach hate and “kill the infidel” rhetoric? Why do we allow Islamic teachings in schools to preach hate and ideology against the United States?

    Until we finally get our belly full of this crap… will continue. I am watching all…and I mean ALL…the news pundits and the interviews how shocked they all are……why is anyone shocked? I am not at all… is realism and our soft underbelly is exposed.

    I am watching the police chief of Orlando….saying this is not a war zone…this is a tragedy…we should be worrying about the survivors and helping them get over this TRAGEDY….

    I am so tired of seeing the wimpy…pussy reaction to all of this….. it is not over… will not be over until we react accordingly.

    Ok….my rant is over……need to head to Reno…..JAC….emailing a schedule to you as soon as I can.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Sir…Correct on all counts.

      One reads the litany of attacks over the past years here in the US. The most noticible thing in all the accounts id the LACK of follow-through by the authorities. Almost all of these people had enough contact with either medical or official personnel where there should have been a folder of RED FLAGS on line. The “common sense” controls the gun control fanatics want are in place. They just have to be acted upon by those responsible to act. They’re there but in altogether to many instances ignored and dropped. Who’s checking the checkers. A delay on getting permits is absolutely tolerable while the research is done. Honestly I’d like to see some of the checkers who dropped the ball on the permit process be charged. That will clean up the system.

      Putting more controls in place will do no good. The current ones aren’t handled now anyway. Which gives rise to the conspiracy advocates…what is the government up to?
      Heck under Hillary’s State department, they were warned specifically by the father of the Nigerian who attempted to blow up a plane in Detroit. It was ignored and he was allowed to board. The Russians warned the US about the two brothers Chechans who became the Boston bombers, again ignored. The INS I do not believe even attempted to track down the 9/11 bombers. You have “Fast and Furious”

      As I said before, I flew into Dulles 2 days before 9/11 from Amsterdam. The authorities there had NO qualms about delaying a flight and thoroughly searching and interviewing everybody including children apart from their parents. The count of searches and checks was 11 before stepping one foot on the plane. Excuse with Boston was , we couldn’t clog up the traffic here in the US like that without cause. hell the Europeans and the US got the same warnings of a pending attack. I also can quarrantee that inspite of the rhetoric about profiling, the European agents DO profile, discrietly and professionally unlike the thugs and make work program of our TSA. Especially if a plane is US bound. Just before boarding…an agent says you, you and you…pointing…follow me. They usually will not be on the plane.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      AN Islamic ideology I can live with. THE Islamic ideology not so much.

      I think that while the religion is being used to recruit and justify all kinds of evil, it may not be the religion that is the source.

      My case? The behavior we see in this particular part of the world existed for thousands of years before Islam was invented. The creation of Islam allowed a unification of tribes under a single banner. But the behavior itself did not change. Neither the good parts nor the bad parts of that behavior.

      After all, there was a time of great scholarship and intellectual pursuit in the Middle East or “near Orient” (pre-Islam). And during this period of enlightenment there was also great brutality against “others”.

      Look forward to your email and schedule.

    • I am not surprised either. I am baffled, however. I’m baffled as to why we continue to allow these things to happen. I am surprised that it has not happened more often. But I suppose things will get worse before they get better.

  65. The you look at the reporter’s questions to one of the survivors of the shooting…..HOw did you feel when the bullets were flying? Did you fear for your life? How do you feel about the victimes that died?

    Really… are going to ask those questions of a person who just survived an ambush…


    • gmanfortruth says:

      Makes an argument that college is useless.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Columbia school of journalism for sure…..To continue to see the “suspect” repeated over and over by journalists who are afraid of not being PC. Well, the Orlando police force, tried and convicted and executed him, while this offended muslim terrorist was continuing to commit his murderous act.

  66. gmanfortruth says:

    “Why does US Department of Agriculture (USDA) need submachine guns? The agency’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) is requesting .40 Caliber semiautomatic submachine guns along with 320,000 rounds of hollow point ammo.

    “Why is the US Postal Service soliciting proposals for assorted small arms ammunition?

    “Why has the Social Security Administration requested 174,000 rounds of hollow-point bullets?

    “Why does the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which oversees the National Weather Service, need 46,000 rounds of hollow point ammo?

    “For what purpose does the EPA need a SWAT team?”

    It’s difficult to imagine any possible justification for supplying the SSA or the NOAA with hundreds of thousands of hollow-point bullets.

    Time to legalize automatic weapons.

    • I have got to figure out where you get this stuff…..I have a really good friend that has been with the USDA for 22 years……I have mentioned this before and he juist looked at me as if I had smoked something funny……he is a field agent and only carries a shotgun in his trunk. He does not carry, nor is authorized, a side arm. He has never seen armed agents.

      The only thing that I can even begin to think of, is that the Federal Register publishes expenditure requests of the Federal Government. I checked this some time ago. I know that the SSA, NOAA, and any of the agencies that house themselves in Federal buildings all have armed guards and metal detectors. I wonder if the request for ammmo is for training of armed guards and has to fit the specific budgets of each administration. For example, the guards at the SSA are not the same as the guards fro the NOAA nor the same for the guards at Federal Courts. Each have their owm budget requests.

      I know that when I was a Brigade Commander, I had to budget the number tank rounds, small arms ammo, rockets, missiles, weaponry and had to account for the expended brass and discards as well. We actually had to police expended casings, including blank rounds….even during field exercises. In my budget requests, I had to ask for specific types of rounds as well as a number….( ie: I needed 2000 rounds of SABOT, 1500 rounds HE and HEP for tanks, etc….200,000 rounds for m16 and 400,000 for M60…crap like that ).

      I wonder if someone is gleaning this type of information and then twqisting the real usage…..just a thought.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I do not know about some of the others but NOAA does more than collect weather data. This is how this information is distorted, by misrepresenting the Agency requesting the ammunition or weapons.

      The US National Marine Fisheries Service is an agency WITHIN NOAA. NMFS enforces the law regarding fishing regulations on the ocean and with US Fish and Wildlife Service, the regulations on anadramous fisheries (salmon and steelhead) in rivers, streams and lakes. In short and simiplified, NMFS and USFWS are Federal Game wardens in addition to being scientific based regulatory agencies.

      Social Security, I recall, includes a LEO division as well. They investigate FRAUD, and arrest those committing fraud. Again, there is a branch with LEO authority.

      Dept. of Agriculture also included LEO divisions within it, and within sub Agencies. Like the US Forest Service, which has LEO responsibility on National Forest lands.

      Now I do not offer this to justify what is happening among the Federal agencies. Only to point out how information is deliberately left out to create sensational stories and foment “conspiracy” paranoia.

      The amount of ammo and guns is just a symptom. The real question is why so many agencies with separate LEO responsibility and authority. And why is that authority spreading outside the agency’s original mission? Some States and Counties use Federal agents to beef up their LEO staffing, for example. Giving Fed Agents authority to enforce State and Local laws.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Most of these numbers come from contract requests. They have been out for years now. If it’s against the Geneva Convention to use hollow points in war, why the hell are these agencies using them for their LE duties? I only use hollow points in my handguns, yet I’ve seen the requests for 308. hollow point as well as 5.56 (.223).

        However you make a good point about the high numbers of LEO agencies now within the Federal government. I think it’s past time to call a spade a spade, we are a police state.

      • Hence the budget requirements……the EPA budget would include all LE efforts.

  67. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Did anyone catch the coverage of the photo-journalist from NPR getting killed in a Taliban ambush in Afghanistan. He knew the risks. You’d almost think we’d have had a national day of mourning.

  68. JAC,

    First, it is not immoral to not pay a debt if I have no money to pay it.

    I have to say I’m pretty shocked by this. Especially from you.

    To borrow something and not return it (regardless of the circumstances or intent) seems to me to be theft by any reasonable definition.

    The end result is that I do not have what belongs to me and the reason is your actions.

    Would you care to expand on this? It really does not seem to gibe with my understanding of your worldview.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I wondered if you would get around to this.

      First, I view Morality and Ethics as separate concepts when we are discussing these types of things. I realize the “experts” will tell you that morality falls within the philosophical field of study called ethics. I look at morals as the foundation upon which ethics are built.

      Morality being what is right vs. wrong relative to man living a flourishing life, according to his nature. HIs Self Interest. Ethics being what is right vs. wrong relative to man’s conduct with other men. So my paying a debt or not is an ethical question. Yes, it has a moral connection but I would focus more on the ethical than the moral nature of such an interaction.

      Morally, I am “unable” to pay the debt. I cannot pay something I do not have. I “inability” does not violate my moral standards. Ethically, I am not deliberately avoiding the payment, I have NO money or assets to pay you. I assume here that I did not take the loan knowing I could not pay it back.

      Do not mistake my meaning. The moral standard AND the ethical principle is to pay you back. But I am not acting against that principle if I have no assets. As you have often pointed out relative to other things, sometimes shit just happens. My lack of assets could be my irresponsible behavior or it could just be bad luck, ie., lack of complete information.

      So as I think I stated, the ethical thing to do, the HONORABLE thing to do, is for me to get with you and try to work out some repayment schedule.

      Now, assuming I was honest in my taking the loan, that is I planned to pay it back, and you realized there was some risk in getting paid back, there is no “theft” involved”. You gave and I accepted, or I asked and you gave willingly, with conditions of payment of principle and interest of course.

      Taking a loan, or making a loan, with intent to defraud is immoral and unethical. Immoral in that it violates basis principles of Self advancement and unethical in that promotes similar behavior in others. All destructive of my own self interest, in the long run.

      Fraud is a form of force in my world, and use of force to take property from others without their permission is theft.

      In summary, INTENT matters.

  69. So, this gets better and better, Pops is in the Taliban cheering section and does a radical radio show aimed at Afghans in the US and Europe. He spews hate all day long. Taught Jr. all the BS he believes in.

    Wonder if we would; have tolerated a Nazi sympathizer broadcast privileges ’41 to ’45?

    Think Pops if not naturalized qualifies as an “enemy alien”. If naturalized qualifies as a traitor who should be shipped off to Gitmo or stripped of his citizenship like those 90 year old Nazi camp guards and sent back to eat camel dung or whatever.

    Junior was on everybody’s watch list apparently. Twice to Saudi! A congenital wife beater which I believe earns you a spot on the no-go background check, unless of course it is cultural. Boy did the Federal Bureau of Idiots mess up on this one.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      One of my great-grandfathers was a minister. During WWI he said that there was alway some government agent in the congregation listening to insure he never preached some sort of anti-US or seditious material during his sermons. He preached in German to a predominantly German congregation…..During WWII he said there always was an agent from the FBI sitting in the back, listening.making sure there was no pro nazi stuff being spewed.

      Nobody seemed to be offended…..what’s the difference today? that is a rhetorical statement. This cultural conflict has been going on long before there was Islam, Christianity, you name it. before it was Zeus vs Baal. As the Colonel flatly stated. We are in a war. PERIOD. It’s had its ebbs and flows but non the less a war for our very cultural existance. One key difference between the western cultures and Islam is that in the west, socialism or progressive thought had to kill religion. Religion was their predecessor and only competition. Kill the very thought of a higher being…everything must flowed from the State, or Roi. Whereas with God…shit happened and the afterlife will be better. Fate was accepted. Islam never lost their higher being. If women feel that they will continue as is if the Islamist take over…think again. If the LGBT crowd think life will be OK and unchanged….think again. Do us alcohol imbibers think life will be the same…think again……even our most strict monastic sects make the best damn brandy’s and cognacs and champagnes. For the most part people in the west just want to live their life as they deem fit. Believe what you want…but do not jam it down my throat….don’t like a place due to the service…OK go someplace else. Somebody will fill the gap and need. All that is being accomplished today is driving wedges deeper and making divisions wider.

  70. Just A Citizen says:

    Why is our freedom used against us? Because that is the nature of true freedom and liberty.

    The militants win when they scare us into changing our behavior or culture away from freedom and towards more control.

    That is why FEAR is a major factor in all left wing propaganda.

  71. Just A Citizen says:
  72. gmanfortruth says:
  73. According to son # 3, the NRA member and Academy grad, the club was a “gun free zone”. It was posted as such. The shooter contacted several other clubs and was also thinking of Disney, perhaps during Gay day.

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