Game Changer

dallas2Last nights cowardly attack on Dallas police officers is going to be a major game changer in the future.  While details are still coming out, this military style ambush will have a major impact on future protests/rally’s and how the police will be placed to keep the peace.  This will likely open the door to some major civil unrest at the upcoming conventions.  A sad day for America, for sure.

While we await more information about the Dallas attackers, I think it’s safe to say that the Left Wing, especially the Black community, have an issue with police.  On the other side of the spectrum, the Right Wing has an issue with the FBI, DOJ and the entire establishment.  Race relations are very low.  The economy isn’t  helping either side.  I’m thinking that this all may be purposeful, rather than happenstance.  It won’t take long to see why, as this will be politicized to the hilt.

With over 800,000 Federal, State and local LEO’s, armed to the hilt,  it’s only a matter of time before a “crackdown” occurs.  I’m hoping everyone can remember the unconstitutional actions of police while chasing a 17 year old “suspect” in Watertown Mass a few years back.  We may be on the verge of something far more deadly.  Game Changer indeed.




  1. gmanfortruth says:


  2. Things will only get worse in the coming months. Obama’s ‘fundamental transformation’ of America is almost complete. I used to think that Obama would use chaos and civil unrest as an excuse to try to stay in office. But, the more I think about it there are plenty of liberal dirt bags willing to step in and keep the downward spiral going.

    Gman posted a picture a while back that summed up O’s presidency to a T. Walk in, F*** shit up, walk out.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Well said! 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I think that should have been GW Bush’s slogan as well. Come to think of it we could use it for every President since the beginning of the last Century.

      Interesting question posed by someone on the Net the other day.

      Can you imagine or think of any politician or community leader today that could pen the Declaration of Independence in the manner of Jefferson?

      How about men of the caliber that adopted said document and then watched their lives and family go to hell as they were pursued and persecuted by the British.

      How about those who offered up the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers in defense of their views on the new Constitution?

      The only one’s I could think of are in academia. Like Thomas Sowell. But those men who did do those things over 240 years ago were businessmen, laborers, lawyers and many were “leaders” in their community. They served in political positions yet forfeit those privileges for the idea of being Free from Tyranny.

      The original split at our Constitutions framing was between those who favored the new document and those who saw it as a threat to our newly won freedoms. But BOTH sides agreed on the goal of Liberty and Freedom. They simply disagreed over the means of achieving it.

      What is the source of today’s political division? The tyranny of socialism and all its cousins vs. the remnant who seek Liberty? Or is it the socialists vs. the crony capitalists?

  3. Just A Citizen says:

    Something just occurred to me. Coeur d’Alene has a significantly larger population of “people of color”, especially Black, than it did 9 years ago. However, this is a place that remains hugely White and of course suffers the stigma of the Aryans and many truly racist retired cops from Los Angeles.

    As I have reported before, the cops here tend to harass the young folks when driving. I have been back two years and have yet to see a Black person pulled over or stopped by any LEO.

    Obviously that is anecdotal and means nothing but given how strong the desire is for law enforcement around here I find it interesting.

  4. Just watch closely to see how we handle this……One of the best things said when asked why Texas was chosen……the answer was that freedom of expression is welcomed here and supported by the police. THey were walking with the protest keeping it calm from any outside and/or undue influences such as the KKK which still has a chapter in South Texas or white supremacists groups that want to upset things. Texas has a reputation for this which makes it a soft target of sorts. High rise ambush of a Black Lives Matters peaceful protest was a slam dunk.

    So,now what happens. The Black police chief of Dallas was just criticized by the left for making public what the shooter said….He was called a “cracker” for repeating what the BLACK shooter said and not taking the opportunity to blame white racism for this event. he (the Black left winger) went on to say that the Black victim, which was blown up by a bomb (that was cool, btw), was actually a plant to make the Black Lives MAtters look bad.

    This is the mentality we are dealing with….and it runs deep and it is not happenstance.

    That is my opinion. There is a war brewing.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      It appears this was a well planned out event, I hear that a Black Power Political Organization (BPPO) has taken responsibility. The location was on purpose, that leads me to think that some BLM folks had a hand in it also.

  5. gmanfortruth says:

    Thought for the day:

    The Liberal Progressives have been pining for a socialist utopian society, possibly a dictatorship as well, for over a Century. While there names have constantly changed, today’s Liberal leadership are showing similar actions as the beginning of the Communist takeover of Russia and China long ago. Russia’s Communist’s used those they could brainwash to help crush the population into submission, then proceeded to kill tens of millions. One major step was to disarm the population, for their own protection of course.

    Those who helped the Communist’s and were later dispatched of, we remember as “useful eaters”. Fast forward to how the Black community has been literally enslaved by the welfare state, oppressed by the authorities until rage finally takes over. We all know the calls for gun control will explode by those on the Left and maybe some traitors on the Right. The enslaved, oppressed black community will have a small percentage who act out in a violent manner, killing innocent people (whites) and their perceived oppressors (cops) that could lead to a strong push for some serious gun control, an important step to the Liberal Utopia. Blacks are modern day useful eaters and the chaos will result in very similar actions that have occurred in long ago times. History is repeating.

  6. Just A Citizen says:

    As I and others have offered before, the problem is being fueled by the internet. What should be a creation for good can also be used for bad. Especially when it encourages the breakdown of civil discourse. Imagine these people speaking these things in front of actual people. People who could respond appropriately.

    Now also consider that it is the use of the internet that has allowed people to be manipulated to the point of actually believing they are “being hunted by the cops”. That ONLY black people are being killed unnecessarily. How could Daily Kos and Huff Po spread their venomous propaganda without the internet?

    The web has created a “media” that depends on “click” to generate revenue. This drives greater and greater outlandish writing and commentary, not to mention headlines, in order to get people to “click” on the site.

    What do you think the Web media headlines would look like if commercial advertising were banned on all sites not owned by the products seller? Would news sites continue to be filled with stories about sexual deviancy, gross misbehavior, etc. etc… The internet news sites are starting to resemble the tabloids at the grocery store check out stand.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      While I don’t disagree, the internet is being used as a tool to spread the Liberal hate that is pushing all of this, which is done on sites that you mentioned. It’s still just a tool, invented by the government and is serving the governments interest. How else could they dig into the lives of so many, so easily (Facebook).

      • Just A Citizen says:


        So you believe in the leftwing claim that the Government “invented” the Internet.

        “used as a tool to spread the hate that is pushing all of this.” There, I fixed it for you.

  7. We don’t want your money, we don’t want your eulogies, we don’t want your interference. What we want is for you to stay out of our way.

    That was the answer given the US government when Texas was asked…..what can we do for you.

    That about sums it up.

  8. New info…the shooter….trained military…..the ambush has now been classified as “triangulated fire”….

    • Colonel, you remember Charlie Whitman? One guy who knew what he was doing.

    • That’s what I was hearing thru the night. Had a guy going step by step how the one shooter was using military tactics to 1) lure the cop to him, then 2) proceed to stalk him and sneak up on him behind those columns. Sad, sad, sad…and scary. Not for me necessarily, but my son is at the age where he wants to be where the crowds are now… like rap concerts. 18 or not, I told him I’m not giving my blessing to him for any rap concerts this summer or for some time to come.

    • Note: Believe NOTHING, Not a Damned Thing, the media reports.

  9. Black guy, Afghan vet soon we will hear about PTSD and how all those “crazy” vets should not have guns.

  10. Totally off topic but a nice diversion from the doom and gloom. Very close family friend’s daughter will be in the color guard for Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Also, a girl from my daughter’s graduating class of ’06 will be competing in the semi finals today for the 400 meter hurdles. USA! USA!

  11. Damn! Two more cops down…Georgia and St. Louis. Also another shoot and miss at a different cop in Georgia.

  12. I was reading the posts on the previous thread, especially the question posed by the Colonel on how you would proceed if pulled over when carrying a gun, properly licensed. Does anyone’s answer change if the gun can’t be seen when going for your licenses?

    I ask because I have a purse made for concealed carry, and was pulled over a few months ago. When the officer asked for my license, I gave him both my DL and CCL. There was no way he could have seen the gun since it was in a separate closed pocket. Seeing my CCL he asked if I had the gun with me and I answered yes as I pointed towards my purse where I carried it.

    I found out in a hurry that was a mistake (motioning toward my purse)….it made him immediately nervous and he made it clear I was not to make any more moves in the direction of the purse. And of course I complied and there was no further incident…he gave me a ticket which I am sorry to say I deserved and I drove home feeling really dumb, both for my driving mistake and for not realizing a move towards my purse would make any policeman nervous. And I think I would do the same again, that is, not mentioning my gun and just giving the cop both licenses and letting him ask if I have the weapon with me.

    Does that answer earn me a visit by the raptors, Colonel?


    • gmanfortruth says:

      Good Morning dmurf 🙂 It’s nice to hear from you.

      I have to comment on your experience, mainly because the cop that pulled you over is an idiot and probably shouldn’t be a cop. Most cops have a pretty good handle on things and realize that if law abiding citizens are going to jump through hoops to get a CCL, they aren’t a threat to anyone. Of course, location is everything and if you were traveling in a high crime area, maybe there would be some concern if you were wearing your ski mask and flak vest 😀

    • Since you keep your weapon in a closed pocket….only one raptor is necessary. But I stand by my position……in today’s time……I will make no sudden moves nor open glove compartments unless the officer knows my intent.

      • Ok Colonel…one raptor it is. I do see your point.

        Gman, good to be here….I’m never far away, just don’t post often though I’d like to change that.

        I have a question, though…do you really think the cop was an idiot? Or is it part of the training for police in larger cities, that they simply must be prepared for the worst when someone who says they have a gun reaches in the direction of it? I honestly don’t blame him for that reaction.


  13. I would like to know from the left (Buck, Mathius, et. al.) just exactly what it will take to prove to you that Hillary is totally corrupt.

    Deep down in 1992, every male in this country knew Bill was a lech. I also believe that deep down you also know how corrupt Hillary is. No one at that level of power can claim ignorance in the mishandling of classified materials to the extent she did. She understood the significance of having a private email system and established it with the intent of circumventing the rules. Try telling a judge sometime that you are innocent because you had no intent to exceed the speed limit.

    Why do Dems support and cheer for such corruption? Is breaking the “glass ceiling” so damned important that you will accept anybody no matter how corrupt?

    • It is in fact the “means to the end” I am afraid. I have two good friends whom I am about ready to jettison after 50 plus years. Cause I just cannot take it anymore. Both gave some strong lip service to “Bernie” but when push came to shove, they will always go with the democrat.

      If I were to analyze their motives, it would be interesting. One is a very bright guy has always been for the poor and downtrodden. After college, he went off to do social work linking up with the semi-radical young democrats in Brooklyn. Eventually he met a woman in the projects with couple of kids moved in and married her adopting the kids. He raised them as his own, got a real job as a writer, lost a big chunk of pension when the Catholic Hospital complex he worked for became the victim of scammers interested in their Real Estate (Greenwich village location, now condos). Took a fling with Bernie but reverts to form. Kids turned out great. Both joined the service, one is career and apparently he was a good Dad. His background was solid blue collar democrat.

      The other, also from an Irish blue collar background, did not go to college in ’64, grew up on the wrong side of the tracks (under the elevated) in my part of town. He got drafted into the marines in ’65, went to “Nam” as an Air Traffic Controller! That became his civilian career. Been married forever but somewhere along the line became Grandfather to a mixed race Grand daughter who is about to enter college. Never hear anything about her mother from him. You cannot say ANYTHING, NOT ONE SINGLE THING negative to him about any race other than white. Obama is the smartest, wisest, best educated man that ever lived. Black Lives Matter is long overdue and all cops are racist. ATC was a punishing but great career. The guy lives outside Seattle, vacations everywhere about 4 months out of the year. I don’t have the balls, frankly, to ask this liberal, how he survived Reagan’s “Night of the Long Knives” of ATC’s. Maybe he was not fully on board yet or maybe he crossed the picket line. I don’t want to embarrass him by possibly calling him out.

      Both these guys shared the same education I did. Our backgrounds are remarkably similar yet they are still on the Kool-Aid. They would never, in a million years, admit that they believe their Utopia cannot be ultimately achieved. They would also never admit that they would like to see it achieved “by any means necessary”.

      I broke with the left permanently at 19 in 1965, when RFK, whom I admired at the time, actually said in an interview that sometimes the end justified the means. I could never support anybody who espoused that. That is the slippery slope and gets you Auschwitz and the Gulags.

      • During Watergate many R’s abandoned Nixon and what he did was minor compared to what Hillary has done. Yet you never see the D’s break with their kind. The backed Bill through his perjury and zipper episodes. It is glaringly obvious that Hillary is crooked and liar, yet she has solid support from the Democratic establishment. Are these people brain dead?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      The media, especially the MSM is horrible and should be held accountable for spreading bullshit.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Occam’s razor: He was pulled over because he was Black!!

      That “wide set nose” will get you stopped every time.

      Hair on the chin vs. hair on the jaw and chin. Did the officer really think the guy grew a beard in three days??

      Perhaps there was in fact a little “bias” in the officers decision to stop these two.

      • “Occam’s razor: He was pulled over because he was Black!!”

        Well duh! If cops are looking for a robbery suspect described as a black male….they probably are not going to stop a white female.

  14. Will AI be humanity’s downfall? Or is humanity simply evolving into AI? And at what point do robot lives matter? 😉

      • Hmm robotic killings? Well, that is now a one trick pony. What perp will now pick up the phone when the little bot tells him to?

        Now, here is where we are REALLY headed.

        • Several years ago on this site, I had a debate with another member. My position was that any good engineer could weaponize a drone. He thought it would be too difficult. It’s not.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            Technically the old German V1 rockets were weaponized drones. They’ve just become a wee bit more advanced over the past 70 years.

            Don’t remember the exact agency some guys in Sicily were from. but their work entailed compiling the GPS coordinents, long before that system became a household word, of potential targets around the Med.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Not that I am trying to be cynical….(sarc) but what do you think the 10’s of 1000’s of new laws and regulations passed each year are meant to accomplish. They are meant to change and control individual actions and reactions into one single preordained objective, without thought. Takes time and training, but people everyday are being turned into robots and mindless drones. Pavlov comes to mind here.

      Just take the Hillary episode. Anybody with a mind of their own, would want to keep this person so far away from the WH and also her spouse, (a convicted felon) for lying and cheating and other assundary actions…..but no, a vast amount of people want to break the gender ceiling at the WH just because it’s time. Just like Obama…..absolutely no record of accomplishment and hid any tangible records but what the heck…he’s black and charismatic and speaks well…..only from a prompter. It breaks and he’s reduced to em’s and huh’s….just like Hillary.

  15. It comes out that our shooter’s deployment to Afghanistan ended early because he was accused of sexual harassment. The bundled him up and sent him home. After 6 years in the Guard he made PFC. That says something.

    Apparently the Army recommended a less than honorable discharge. We do not know yet about any Article 15’s or possible other punishments. Seems however that the guy pulled a Good Conduct discharge. Why is the question? Yet again, if he had received a BCD he would have popped on the instant background check. So, what PC dork decided to let him skate and I wonder why?

    • Six years in the guard and make PFC…….happens all the time. YOu will need to pull the Guard records to see why… many drills did he miss…did henot take advantage of extra military schools……etc. Also, since part of my reserve duty was with the Texas National Guard, I can tell you that commanders are individually held responsible for recruiting and detention and often turned their heads at problem soldiers to keep their retention numbers pumped….they also turned their heads at disciplinary procedures so they could retain numbers.

      My command was always 105%…..not because I was a super trooper but because I made sure all my men were trained and stayed trained. My discipline was always consistent and I never had racist nor problems with ethnicity and 40% of my command was black and hispanic. It is all about leadership. It is all about consistency. If I had a dead beat, I got rid of him. If I had men that were educationally challenged, I set up classes for them and taught them as part of their training. If work related problems made them miss drills, I set up other times they could come in and get paid. When I took my National Guard Battalion to Desert Storm, we did not round out any regular army unit. My battalion was 105%, all volunteers, and all trained well enough that we operated as a stand alone unit.

      This shooter had the same training as regular army…..the Texas National Guard trains at Fort Hood, Texas, under the the same instructors there. His ability to be a mobile shooter not only added to the confusion and his ability to use concealment to outflank militarily untrained policemen, and the close environment masked his shot locations, showed he learned his traits well. Remember, an Afghanistan trained person understands how to use urban environments. The local police forces are trained in the use of force and team movement but they are not trained in military manuvering and flanking. The pictures of the policeman that was shot in the back by a flanking manuver showed clearly he did not watch his “six”. In addition, this individual was an expert marksman and shot expert in four different weapons systems according to his records. He knew that when he was about to be cornered, he chose an area that was going to give him the best opportunity to take out as many as he could. I am quite sure he did not plan on being blown into oblivion with explosives, which, is an excellent use of resources and saved lives.

      The only complaint that I have heard is from the forensic team that wants to test and see if he was wired on meth…..which was found at his home. There was nothing left to test….he was practically vaporized.

      Dont mess with Texas.

      • The other thing that stood out to me as a trained military person….the local police whom were walking with the protestors…..did not have additional teams scanning elevated positions. All their attention was centered ground level on crowds and were also lulled into a false sense of security since the official March was in the winding down stage….it is not over until all are gone. The Police need better MILITARY TRAINING…..not less.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Not only training in skills but physical training. Sure got some pudgy wudgies on that Dallas force.

          • Yes. I notice that all the time….but when I see most up close….they are wearing 50 pounds of equipment….but, you are correct. All part of the new order of not wanting military type police.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              I also see all the “stuff” they have hanging from their waste.

              They need web gear. Nobody can wear all that stuff without having back problems or being restricted in their physical movements when they need to be able to move quickly.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Here in our area, the State Police look like they are poster children for the benefits of physical fitness. The local police, even though many are ex-military appear to have gone to seed. The local officers that seem to stay in shape are those that have a bicycle as their mode of transportation. The sheriff’s dept is usually closer to the State Police in fitness appearance. The State and Sheriff’s officers look and act totally professional and well trained. The local officers generally look like a program similar to the TSA. But that in my experience in town is just an illusion. Maybe because of the tourist nature of the town, they do not want to overly alarm the vacationers. In all units though, there is no doubt about their ability to do their duty and serve the public. With open carry and concealed carry available and it is well publicized. It behoves everyone to interact in a very civilized manner.

              • Yes, the DPS and the TExas Rangers……you see no “pudgies”…nor do you see 50 pounds of equipment. Side arms and shotguns, vests………..most carry two side arms. although they are trained to use tasers……I have yet to see one on a trooper or Ranger….just side arms, flashlight and a telescoping baton.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        I can see the next InfoWars headline now. Dallas cops help shooter escape, fake his death with bomb. Shooter was a Govt. agent and this was a “false flag” operation.

        • You are way late to that game, LOL. That started before the blood dried. A vast majority is silly of course, but there are a few things that should be looked at closer. Unless this ONE shooter was the FLASH, the whole triangle shooting theory, that even D13 said was official, is moronic……..or real…….or something. The reason these conspiracy theories begin is because the media is sloppy…..and the government is even sloppier. While I don’t follow these theories put out, at least until more facts are available, This one stinks.

          • I am going to have to back up on the triangulation theory based on the forensics now being published. There are no additional shell casings found that indicate any other distinguishable markings of an additional weapon. The first reports of triangulation fire came from witnesses and some police that were under fire…..indicating that the ricochet sounds were confusing and the fact that projectiles were bouncing off buildings in different directions shure could add to that confusion, The other thing that was not known at the time was how well trained this person was in urbanenvironment….being mobile. One of the training tactics that we use, and teach to the reserve forces, is how to use mobile misdirection to make it appear that there are more combatants than are actually there. The sounds of firing in the midst of buildings WILL sould like it is coming from all directions. Add that to the fact that bullets are bouncing off every hard surface there is in that enclosed environment, also makes it appear that there are multiple shooters.

            The other factor was how quickly the shooter ambushed from on high, then came down to street level and then returned on high and barricaded himself in…….this manuver would lend itself to the theory of multiple shooters. The lad was a well trained infantryman, he practiced at gun ranges, and ran drills in his own back yard…..he knew what he was doing.

            The one thing pointed out was how the police are not militarily trained. They left flanks openand did not properly use cover and concealment in their own movements. They had no bounding overwatch ( until the swat teams got there ) and even then, their urban training is for untrained individuals in a room….throw a flash bang in there and then four people move in covering the aspects of the clock. For a trained individual, it does not work that easily, Why do you think they used a robot instead of a flash bang and storming the fortress……because someone knew it would be useless……send in the bot and blow him into molecules so small that the ants and flies could not find a meal. There was no macho appeal to anyone……no storming, no jumping over obstacles and firing from the hip a la TV style…..blow the bastard up. They did. Game over.

            So….I think the triangulation theory is not accurate. NOw, what I would like to know……who are the other three in custody and what role did they play?

            • NOw, what I would like to know……who are the other three in custody and what role did they play?

              These are the same “ghosts” that were around Sandy Hook and every other major incident. They will be discarded as nobodies, ignored and forgotten. Just like all those guys running around in the woods at Sandy Hook, forgotten, like it never really happened.

              I should do a class on conspiracy theory, LOL.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Heck,,,,the team that took him out will probably be prosecuted for destroying evidence. (Jokingly)

        Back to keeping the numbers up. I’m sure that you experienced after Vietnam just about anybody no matter what were passed through the systems designed to weed out, just to keep warm bodies in the seats. The trick at the time was to insure that they were not such a detriment to the team that they would not be to much of a liability. In ’75 I reported to 2 Admirals and a Capt that at least 25% of the 85 guys I had, had NO business being there in any way. The Admirals went ape-shit, where the Capt said my numbers were way low and were closer to 40%, based on an OFFICIAL study not generally released to the fleet yet.

        All in all in the two main groups I was with, we could have in reality done the job with 1/3 the people I actually had, as per civilian efficiency experts. But, they never took into account possible losses due to combat and those 1/3 had to sleep at some time or another seeing that we had to have 24/7 365 days a year coverage

        • Yes sir….especially during the Carter years…..I was a 1 LT at the time in an executive officer position…..I was told to play the numbers game in order to make sure we got our budgets. We had no money for hardly anything… today. We bastardized other equipment to keep current equipment working. Even in training exercises, we had to organize sweeper teams to go over every square inch of ground to “police” the spent brass…not just on firing ranges but in the bush as well.

          When Regan became President…I was a captain….we had ammo and gasoline and fresh equipment. That was a fun time.

  16. ” No independent thought.”……………well said.

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    Mr. Obama, we are more divided than you want to admit. Thanks to the likes of you. Note the difference between R and D responses.

    I would love to see this survey done on the same people AFTER they got to look at actual data.

  18. Interesting observation……..I have noticed the last two days….on cable. THere is a Civil War special showing Memphis Massacre 1866…Mississippi Burning movie, a Soldiers Story movie…Black discrimination since 1870….news specials from 1950 to present showing the disparity to present saying that veiled discrimination is worse today than at anytime in History.

    There was a special showing a young white girl from Berkely describing how nothing has changed…..She said, and I quote…” You can’t see it but it is still there.” All you have to do is feel the tension to know it still exists. There does not have to be anything overt.”

    Unbelievable……and when I have asked anyone from the left about discrimination, all I get is yes, it is still there….It is implied racism.”

  19. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Here is a bit of trivia I put together.

    Since 1900 – 1970 by decade there were around 15-16 lawyers per 10000 people in the US, very consistant
    Since 1970 until 2013 that number had grown to reach 40 per 10000.

    The activist nature of our society from the 70’s onward is such that any social injustice and inequality or possible harmful item can be solved with another law. Codifying the simplest human action to derive a common desired output.

    I read somewhere that the initial bill detailing the specification the Interstate system in the US was < 100 pages long. Today you can not even build a simplest household item or toy < several hundred with all the legal checks required.

    Life has gotten that people can not talk to each other without checking the legal code. Lawyers have in reality NO interest in resolving a problem but to keep the crisis going as long as feasibly possible.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      That begs the question…are we as a nation becoming less law abiding requiring more lawyers, or are there just more laws trying to modify human behavior creating more need for lawyers by making simple human action illegal in many cases.

      To JAC’s chart….my belief is that the answer is all of the above in the survey. Not only is it individual actions by individuals on both ends. Bad police action and also bad individuals creating individual events. But there also is the “much broader problem” Which is why the socio economic divide?. Could it be possible that alll the activist/progressive laws passed since 1970 are actually doing more harm to our society than good?

      My short answer is MORE harm to all people especially the ones at the lower end of the spectrum.

  20. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Anyone catch a headline today, that of all the members nations of NATO, only 5 are spending the minimum or greater required by the treaty on defense. The US, Greece, Great Britain, Poland and Latvia.

  21. The Government of the Bahamas has warned Bahamanians traveling in the US, especially young males to be wary of the American Police. The Gestapo, Stazi, KGB is apparently alive and well in Punxsutawney PA!

    Barack better watch out when he leaves the White House and becomes just another ordinary black man waiting to be shot down by racist white police.

  22. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that the environmentalists keep contending that “wind” power is environmentally friendly. Not only is it destroying what had been beautiful landscape that would otherwise not be developed and ruining those “serene” areas where one would go for rejuvenation, but also utilizes a very inefficiently a “carbon” based product to maintain a steady power flow and the wind ebbs and flows. On top the destruction of wildlife.

    The DOJ has filed suit against 7 Dakota oil comapnies for killing 28 birds. But yet the Feds pursue this policy with wind linked below…..

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Only lawyers can dream up a defense like this for blocking the release of public information….trade secrets

      Has anyone else noticed that all together to many of the wind companies building or trying to build wind farms here are from Europe. Could it be that Europe is shutting the doors pretty fast now and putting restrictions and removing subsidies making it unprofitable for those companies. But here the Feds, including the Rhinos that swore they’d remove the subsidies when elected rolled over and the Feds keep jamming it down the peoples throats adding insult to injury. For christ’s sake, why is ENEL and Italian power provider doing business in Texas….heck, they are so poorly run as a business, the only way they stay in business is government intervention and monopoly.

      • Yes, our landscape has been dotted and half of the turbines are not turning…..they made it easy for land owners….the rent they pay the land owners is staggering….

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          But what do they care, the tax payer is covering it through subsidies. T Boone Pickett back a few years ago was a major proponent of WIND, but absolutely not on his property. He said in no way would he be pushing wind for his investors and backers unless the Federal subsidies stayed in place. That was the ONLY way that source of energy was profitable. .

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            Forgot to mention…the companies get paid whether of not if the wind blows of not, or if the power generated is used or not. What a scam.

  23. Amid the Dallas massacre that left five police officers dead and seven others wounded at the hands of a black supremacist, Attorney General Loretta Lynch took to the mic to encourage Dallas “Black Lives Matter” protesters to not get discouraged, worried that this “heinous violence” may silence their “important” voices.

    God forbid that!

    Though Lynch expressed gratitude to law enforcement while expressing grief over the slain officers, she mostly took the opportunity to encourage the mass race-baiters not to stop race-baiting.

    The problem with conspiracy theories is…….they are coming TRUE!

  24. The report urges the federal government to federalize police training and practices, via the use of federal lawsuits, grants and threats to cut federal aid. So far, Obama’s deputies have cajoled and sued more than 30 police jurisdictions to adopt federal rules in a slow-motion creation of a national police system, similar to the slow-motion creation of a federal-run health-sector via Obamacare.

    This subject, Federalizing the cops, has been a conspiracy theory for years.

  25. All of this racism talk…..Remember how they said that Vietnam was a white man’s war fought with blacks? Let’s take a look. Native American – 226, Caucasian – 50,120, Malayan – 252, Mongolian – 116, Negro – 7,264, Unknown – 215….total 58,193

    Let’s see….the white casualties were approx 7-1….hmmm.

    Wait. let us take a look at all war related deaths from the Korean War forward…..So….counting Korea forward to last year…….113,548 whites…18,581 blacks. Still a 7-1 ratio….nothing has changed…blacks are not drafted nor put in harms way greater than whites……so, they need another argument.

    Hmmmm…….fact checking certain things…..whites killed by police were 2-1 over blacks killed by police… the last three years….interesting why this is not reported.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      The ratio has been thrown out there, only to be dismissed as unimportant. All of this is being pushed by the Left. Lunch to protesters ” don’t be discouraged”. We can all see through the bullshit, maybe we just need to be a little louder.

      A couple hundred bikers standing with the cops wouldn’t hurt either. Speaking of cops, drive 200 miles round trip yesterday, didn’t see one cop anywhere. Not even the State troopers . They are pulling back, rightfully so.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Sir…facts are an inconvienience.

      What if the communities did patrol strictly based on race in a particular area and also the force a strict proportion by race in that neighborhood also. My bet certain areas would turn into a bigger war zone than they already are and there’d be calls in anger that the police are again racist. After the Watts Riots in LA oh so many years ago, it was found that the Black police officers were HARDER on their brethren than white officers, before, during and after the riots

      There were some very interesting articles written in the “Guardian” about police shootings. They did not place any judgement as to whether or not the shooting was warranted, but just that it happened and the reported causes. It was very interesting to note that the report included Kent State as a police shooting as was Ruby Ridge. But nothing on Waco TX. The Feds supplied the bombs that killed many people mostly childen in Philadelphia in an action against MOVE. Data against the Feds was grievously lacking. Like border patrol killings. The efforts to compile accurate data instead of supposition was very difficult to get at and stymied at all levels of government, local, state and federal.

      • Dale, the mere fact that the gun violence debate includes legitimate police killings, legitimate self-defense killings as well as suicides tells you all you need to know. Every time you point out a fact, a HARD fact the opposition (my friends mentioned above) will point out something similar but minimal in comparison. Hence, Colin Powell when E-Mail was still new using a server that the government installed for him for personal and business use. Not quite equal to Hillary but useful enough to “cloud” the issue and they do that very well..

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          The gun debate is being manipulated by the MSM and government.

          In the report very few out of all the police actions came close to being agregious police criminality. This current state of things is being blown up by the government to divide the people into what will amount to tribal factions. Pit one group against the other and taking the whole is then easy, in the guise of bringing order. Sound familiar?

          If Hillary gets in and Congress flips back to Democrat control…..we will see a bill floated for a constitutional amendment banning firearms by the people.

          • Personally, I would welcome that! Never make it through the states.

            • CA would be the first to approve it.

              • Followed by the usual suspects, IL. NY. NJ. MA, CT, MD. RI and perhaps a few other wobbly ones and there it would DIE, Die dead! Sort of like the long lamented Equal Rights Amendment. Repeal should clarify the meaning of “people” is not really “the people” and “militia” is only the government organized, trained and equipped one. That woudl shut them up for 50 years or so.

                See, the bastards cannot ever win these constitutional things without going extra constitutional and using the Courts and/or regulation. They cannot win by the rules so they cheat! We have to start calling them out.

                I found it amazing to see just how difficult (impossible is a better word) to find someone willing to call Hillary a liar after the FBI contradicted everything she has said for the past few years. Sure, Trump did and a few who follow him but it is somehow a a major No, No for the past 30 or 40 years to call out liars ion the left from the right. The left does not seem to have the problem. Listened to NPR yesterday when they “exposed” Trump’s lies. Maybe I tuned in late but Hillary rated not a mention.

              • Having said that, have you notied the “verbage” on California sanctuary cities? All of a sudden, a hard line stance is being taken?

            • I agree, Amendments will not likely be ratified anytime in the future. I doubt a Constitutional Convention would result in any real action. The 2nd Amendment is safe, as is abortion.

  26. The lighter side re: Dallas… The robot’s name? R2FU! Dat’s what I’m talkin about! Rofl 😆

  27. And it has finally started….was watching Fox news and turned to CNN and saw two interviews on the use of robots to “kill and American”. The leftist was arguing that this is a slippery slope….so what’s next, he said, sending in robots on a crack house? The idiot actually said that.

    Then a comment was made….isnt that what police are for? Was that not over kill? So, it is now “over kill” to send in a bot against a barricaded suspect begging for police to come in so he could kill more of them.

    Well……….here it is. Texas set another precedent….and I guess Obama is going to have another coniption….I am sure some legislation will come out to not use drones or bots against Ameicans….regardless of the situation

    The Dallas Police Chief when asked if he would do the same thing again….simple said. Yep!

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    Freudian slip, and why this Jack Snipe is NOT MY President:

    “But even rhetorically,” Obama added, “if we paint police in a broad brush without recognizing that the vast majority of police officers are doing a really good job and are trying to protect people and do so fairly and without racial bias, if the rhetoric does not recognize that, then we’re going to lose allies in the reform cause.”

    “WE”RE” losing allies??? Who is WE dip stick?

    • Rhetorically??????? Rhetoric………what happened to reality.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Change of subject….a friend of mine has a grandson who just became a doctor through the Army. He is being sent to El Paso….any advice I can pass along?

        • Hi Dale……Ft. Bliss…he must be in air defense. El Paso is an ok town, just boring. There are some Casinos on the New Mexico border…best not to go there. If he wants to venture across the border to Juarez ( not at all recommended ) do not go alone. Go in groups of five or more. Juarez is very dangerous…….and the military often get “rolled” while in Mexico.,,,,and they can tell regardless of civilian clothes. If he has a car, under no curcumstance drive it across…chances are 50/50 you will not get it back……especially if it is a “cool” set of wheels.

          If he is a young man and wants to venture into “boy’s town”….my suggestion is to hunt the chicks on the Texas side. They are plentiful and he won’t get into trouble….however, if he wants the walk the wild side….Bravados….boy’s town is the place to go. But do not expect American help if he gets into trouble there.

          Drugs are a problem around El Paso…and the drug cartels and gangs on the Mexico side are viscious…..they be-head people….I would also warn him against walking the parks and pathways along the “Rio” at night on the US side….you get shot down there from across the river. Unfortunately, other than drug infested Las Cruces just up the highway. If he has the time off, he can drive to Tuscon, Arizona for some sight seeing….

          Understand that I am not kidding about the border with Mexico….it is hostile and dangerous but he will likely get the briefings once he gets there. Also, do not let me scare you into being a hermit… just have to be super careful and watch where you go…..

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            I will pass this along to his Grandmother, but then if I can I’ll do it directly, so she won’t get upset.

            It really just seems like yesterday of all the good times we had traveling to that area when my Father was doing defense work at White Sands. Las Cruces, El Paso, Juarez visited without a care in the world. Still have some souveniers from Juarez in the house. The tequila is gone however. Must have evaporated.

  29. I know it is not correct to compare him to der fuehrer but sometimes the things he says remind me of the other guy in the bunker in early April of ’45, so far from reality they amaze me.

  30. Whites are killed by cops, according to a database created by the Washington Post twice as much as blacks. Out of a total of 990 killed, 494 (or 49.9%) were white and 258 (or 26%) were black. 782 of those killed, or 79%, were armed with a deadly weapon. But hey, let’s only report when unarmed black individuals are victims of police brutality. This is a deliberate and despicable attempt by mainstream media to color the issue.

    Just to put things into perspective, Planned Parenthood kills more unarmed black lives in one day than police are accused of killing in one entire year. (These Planned Parenthood-caused deaths of black unarmed lives in the womb amount to 266 a day, which is 30%–the percentage of the nation’s abortions among blacks—of the 323,999 abortions that generates over $200 million annually for the abortion chain.) The hypocrisy of #BlackLivesMatter leaders screamed loudly as they recently announced solidarity with the pro-abortion movement. Apparently, black lives matter only some of the time.

    So, armed with the one-sided reporting, #BlackLivesMatter leaders (who have no use for the facts) declare there is an epidemic of cops killing innocent black people. There are 45,672,250 black Americans (including those who are biracial); I’m one of them. The 258 police-caused African-American deaths in 2015 amount to 0.000006% of the black population. It’s tragic but not an epidemic. But if you tweet it a million times and mainstream media reports on it daily, how can you blame people for thinking this is widespread?

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      You can throw all the money at a problem like education, social injustice etc you want and it will still not solve the degradation. The solution put forth years ago by social anthropologists is a STRONG family and solid core values and good role models. But heck that was discounted by the progressives and the slide into a total breakdown of society continues unabated. We’ve had 50 years of this experiment but yet they keep saying….we just haven’t spent enough, lets do it again and that’ll solve the problem expecting different results. True scientists is not that stupid, only politicians

  31. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Just read a new headline from our local paper….”The 1st F-35 to fly across the Atlantic” This was to show solidarity with the British, but how can a fighter program be so far along and this plane just flew for the 1st time across the pond. Granted it as all fighters need refueling but up to now….None of the planes were capable of even the flight. Years ago the DOD wanted to fly one, it couldn’t make the Paris Air Show so they sent a mock-up. Estimate $1 Trillion for the program. They’ll rarely risk this plane in real combat given it’s suppose be a one size fits ALL roles.

  32. Just A Citizen says:

    Evidence of my belief that “independents” are NOT REALLY independent, but just disgruntled Democrats for the most part. Also proof of the 30% hard core Dems who would elect Satan himself if they thought he would implement their plans.

    “Washington, DC (CNN) — A majority of Americans say they disagree with the FBI’s decision not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, according to a new poll.

    A Washington Post/ABC News poll, released Monday, found that 56% of American adults disapprove of the FBI’s decision, while 35% said they approved. But a majority — 58% — also said the issue would not affect their vote in the 2016 presidential election.

    Opinions on the FBI’s decision were sharply divided along partisan lines. According to the poll, nearly 90% of Republicans said Clinton should have been charged, while only about 30% of Democrats said the same.

    Republicans were most likely to say the non-indictment would affect their vote in the presidential election — 47% say it makes them less likely to support Clinton, compared to 10% of Democrats. Independents were more split, with 58% saying the issue made no difference for their vote and 33% said it made them less likely to support Clinton. ”

    P.S.: Note that 58% of “all” polled said it would not make a difference and that 58% of Independents said the same. How could these two numbers turn our exactly equal when the number of D’s and R’s 10% to 47%??

    In short, there is something wrong with either the polling data or the reporter.

    • Interesting, but different in my neck of the woods. Most Indy’s are conservative around here, they like me, don’t want to be stuck with a single choice (Republican). We have lot’s of independent politicians as well at the local levels. Not sure what the national level stats are.

  33. Just A Citizen says:

    Folks here often ask WHAT can we do about our situation. Where here is one example.

    In response to yet another media parroting of the lies about police crimes, organize a massive letter writing campaign to CNN challenging this editorial along with their FALSE reporting of the FACTS.

    I spent about 30 minutes yesterday searching for the data/studies to support Obama’s and BLM/NAACP’s claims. Could not find any. One organization has used data from three other organizations to compile data that differs from the Washington Post and other sources. All four have left wing association. NONE, including WaPo have firm data sets to work from. All the studies rely on some set of extrapolated and assumed proportions and conclusions.

  34. Shooting at Berrien County, Mi courthouse. Defendant being led off to jail, grabs deputy’s gun. Two bailiffs dead, Shooter, dead. Several others wounded.

    Known as the Twin Cities, St. Joseph, Mich is the county seat. 88% white, middle class. Benton Harbor, Mi is directly across the river, still Berrien County, 89% black, Detroit’s younger brother if you get my drift.

    No other info yet.

    • If you take the guns away from the bailiffs,you would not have that problem, correct? Also, you take the guns away from the police and military……that will do it.

      • Whoa there Colonel…no need in kicking your heel spurs at me. 🙂 They can keep their guns. I was profiling in my head on this one though, so shame on me. Shooter was white.

        Interesting, though, that there was a drive by shooting in Jackson, Mi last night. This one was an all black thing. All the message boards around here are talking about this purge. Purge this, purge that. I thought the purge was all about getting rid of bad cops. Looks like its taken on a new meaning now. Man! I gotta get armed. Son has a 12 gauge pump here for hunting, that’s it. Time to get serious.

  35. Col., what chance is there that Dallas PD will turn their back on Obama?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        JAC’s correct. but then OBama doesn’t matter whether he has support or not. Hillary needs to be unsupported and stopped.

        Reminds me of a serious joke from years ago about her ambition. An interviewer asked her one day about “Where do you think you would be if you hadn’t married Bill?” Her answer was “Where I am now. In the White house”

    • Zero…..The Dallas Police Chief has already asked the police not to do that….”to be polite and then let him get on his way. Respect the office of the Presidency and not the man. Use the ballot box to make a change.”

      Police Chief David Brown told the protestors…..”If you want to be part of the solution….we are hiring. Put in your application and I will assign you to your own neighborhood.”

      He then went on to say….” If not…then you are part of the problem. It is easy to walk down a street yelling obscenities….put actions in place of your mouth. Join us.”

      He has pre-empted the POTUS…….he offered a LOCAL solution…..not a Federal one. The only thing that I am pissed about is that I wanted to fly today and the airspace is shut down for 45 miles. That takes in Fort Worth….and the bastard is likely landing at the JRB military base….in Fort Worth. I doubt that he will go into DFW INternational….maybe Love Field…..but Presidents of the past used JRB military base…easier to secure.

  36. About the bot used to take out the shooter in Dallas….

    Police used a Northrop Grumman Corp Mark5A-1 robot, typically deployed to inspect potential bombs, to kill Johnson after concluding during an hours-long standoff there was no safe way of taking him into custody, Brown said.

    “They improvised this whole idea in about 15, 20 minutes,” Brown said.

    “I asked the question of how much (explosives) we were using, and I said … ‘Don’t bring the building down.’ But that was the extent of my guidance.”

    The incident is believed to have been the first time U.S. police had killed a suspect that way, and some civil liberties activists said it created a troubling precedent. Brown said that, in the context of Thursday’s events, “this wasn’t an ethical dilemma for me.”

    That about says it all.

    • Rush’s line fits here perfectly…fighting the absurd with absurdity. Works for me with a clear conscience.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    This story was carried on CNN ALL DAY yesterday. Now again today. The headline leads you to believe he is going to give a list of examples of police mistreatment.

    Instead we get a collection of misplaced ideas and rambling thoughts. Yet the media wants us to be “moved” by his testimony.

  38. Just A Citizen says:

  39. Seems I mentioned the South China Seas and the encroachment of China. People were not worried about the shipping lanes…saying ythe UN will handle it…..Well the UN handled it….the UN court said that China was wrong and it does not own the South China sea…it does not own the territorial waters of the Phillipines and that arming and building the islands violated the treaty that China signed and violated the free passage of trade.

    China said…we do not recognize the UN nor its courts and we not recognize the claimes of the Phillipines and Vietnam…the South China Sea and its shipping lanes beling to China. And all of the island reefs, including two of the Phillipine ISlands beliong to China and we will exercise our rights.

    Thw world court has no jurisdiction much less the power or enforcement arm to stop China. THey are going to continue the building of islands on reefs…and China said that they can institute control over all shipping lanes in the South China Sea and be justified in doing so.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      OK….seeing that China flat out says that it does not recognize anything the UN says, nor international rules that have been in place for centuries….why doesn’t the UN just chuck them and put Taiwan back in place as the rightful China?

      Oh I had a “senior moment there” thinking that the UN actually was relevant and could really do something to back up their “laws and agreements and edicts”

  40. I believe that on page one of “The Little Red Book” Chairman Mao said, “The only true power comes from the barrel of the gun” or words to that effect. As Stalin said of the Pope, “How Many divisions does he have?” If anything I think the Swiss Guard could take out the UN Forces in a snap so China giving them the middle finger is to be about as expected as Italy’s invasion of Ethiopia or Japan’s of Manchuria back in the League of Nations Days.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Or for that matter, the League of Nations being critical of Chaing and Chinese forces when they retaliated with vigor against the Japanese for the “Rape of Nanking”

      Or the event our very own D13 relates about UN orders in the Balkans, or the orders, specifically from Koffi Anan (sp) given to the “peacekeeping” forces in Rwanda to step aside and let the massacre of 100’s of thousands proceed un fettered…..the UN is just as culpable for Libya for giving the green light to France then with our support to take out Gaddaffi…look where that has led to.

  41. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Interesting note….if the labor participation rate was the same as when GWB left office, the un-employment #’s would be greater than 9% instead of the much ballyhooed # of 4.7% by Obama’s labor deptment. The advent of retiring baby-boomers is but a small factor.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Mr. Obama’s pet economist, and his fellow economist tribe, have been claiming that 40% of the drop in labor participation is due to “retirements”.

      Interesting thing is I have not been able to find any actual study to prove this number. It seems to have been derived from analysis that has been published without peer review.

      They claim a very large number of people have retired in their mid to late 50’s and early 60’s. And this group accounts for 40% of the drop.

      • Look, I intended to work after 65, probably till 70 but when I lost the job at 60, I bounced around for the next five years working here and there for a year or so then called it quits at 65. So, I “retired” the question should be: “Did you want to retire?”

    • Dale, I don’t think anything the Fed’s say or claim can be taken seriously anymore. Lie after lie, lawlessness throughout and dereliction of duty is rampant.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Following is the pertinent data for civilian noninstitutional population, labor force and the participation rate, as well as unemployment rate.

      Note: The participation rate is about equal to 1981 while the population has increased 83.267 million, the labor force increased by 51.210 million, and the not in the labor force increased by 33.057 million. The differences have an error of 1 million people from 1981 to June 2016.

      Apparently the civilian n.i. population includes everyone, even retired folks. So retired people show up in the denominator of the equation.

      Will now try to find age data for the population because those not in the civilian n.i. population include everyone under age 16 as well as those old folks not working but not in a hospital, nursing home, prison or the military.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Carson City, NV on the list. They will have to import demonstrators by the hundreds to get any attention. Short term Tourist Boom for the City/County. Hilarious.

      • Carson City? Nevada? In JUly? Whoever protests there better be ready to end up in Lake Tahoe with more chain than they can swim with……Seriously, in tourist time…..the townfolk will not like this.

        • I am a little disappointed that they are not going back to Dallas…..we have plenty of C4 left.
          THe only Texas city I saw was our liberal experiement of Austin……but the location they posted is 11th street……..not very visible.

        • d13

          Never that much “tourist traffic” in Carson City. Mostly folks passing through to somewhere else.

  42. Wonder why State Dept. didn’t seem to care about Clinton’s emails, and why they were called out by the IG and FBI Director? It goes to corporate culture. And this ladies and gentlemen is the corporate culture of THIS administration.

  43. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Why would any investor even consider buying bonds etc in Europe or Japan wth all this negative interest rate stuff? The other week, Deutche Bank failed it’s stress test, Yesterday the German Railroad offered bonds at negative rates….what can they be thinking. Money is flooding ot of there and into US bonds and stocks which are still offering interest. So why are analyists saying that this will force the US to get into negative rates also? When it is so obviously failing elsewhere why duplicate it again? But I guess also Japan is thinking of implementing an idea that Bernanke floated a while ago which on its face looks like a disaster like quantative easing another great idea of his and the US fed.

    • Dale….I woud not worry about the US going into negative rates. The problem is central banks and I think that the US will shy away from central banks. There is too much money at stake since the USD is the strongest currency in the world and will remain so. Much to the chagrin of the left and the hedge funders, the USD is not going to follow the way of the world. Negative rates discourage saving and encourage spending. This is not good. The stock brokers that are pushing international currencies do not want savings….so Central Banks with whom other banks deposit, quit paying interest rates and are charging to store the money.

      Do not look for it here…..

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I can not see going the route Europe went and Japan that following their path would be good. In fact it looks like the it is beneficial to the US economy. Especially if one actually does have money to save and invest.

        Bernanke had the brilliant idea of the easing and we see the effects of that. Europe took it further and that is certainly not turning out well for them. As for Bernanke, I remember him back when all this began was decrying the fact people were NOT spending, but paying down debt and then saving. He flat out said this is not good for the economy and we have to get people spending and borrowing on credit again. Our economy is based on consumption and CREDIT. The idea he floated also was instead of the Fed just printing money and then buying bonds, he proposed to step outside of that and pump money directly into the system. That is what he is in Japan now discussing to try and boost their economy after 25-30 years of a crappy economy.

        One way to keep people spending is to build products that do not last, or become obsolete within a brief time instead of at least 7 years of a lifetime. Cheap is on way to do it, but things like Iphones and ipads and computers are not cheap much less the monthly service provider fees.

        Glad to see that the Euro is trading so well lately (sarc). I guess the currency is just a bit tarnished and the currency traders have moved on to something else they can mess up just to make money and have NO VALUE add. Conspiracy note….this is all a move to enact the dream of a one world currency and it will be the USD

      • Colonel, The USD is nothing more than a Federal Reserve Note, as you well know. Nothing less than a Central bank. Expect the unexpected.

        • Yes, Gman…..this is partially true but it goes back to my original thoughts on all this crap where people were/are so against the US and their hegmony and capitalist issues……..I want to be the big boy on the block and I do not want to be knocked off the hill…..currency is not going to knock us off…..I told you long ago….do not fear the Russian or Chinese currency. They are not going to be the new norm….no countries, especially Europe, are going to stockpule the Yuan or Ruble…..but they will USD.

          • I have to agree that the USD is the top dog and not going anywhere anytime soon. I was only referring to how the Federal Reserve may act in the future. This is all dependent on world events of course, which is a little spooky these days.

    • Dale, D13

      You guys seem to be misunderstanding the purpose of negative interest rates.

      It is to make you spend your money instead of putting it in the bank.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I understand that totally……savings is a big NO NO in todays world economy. Europeans and Japanese used to be huge savers and our government always used to say we should be like them. Today it is the complete reverse. Save NOTHING, spend everything that the government doesn’t take and rely on the government for those golden years (sarc).

        There are enough examples of the governments from top to bottom being unable to meet their commitments, so saving is essential. but then they also don’t want you to save either at the same time…..

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Two prime examples are Cyprus and Greece. Others have done it also but they do not come to mind. But seizing savings up to 10K of the currency to pay for the commitments.
          Poland is trying very hard if they haven’t done it alreadty, making it impossible to invest in your own retirement accounts, outside of the government systems.

      • Poor people can be controlled. I’m guessing that has somehow slipped by the thoughts of today.

      • Yes sir…that is what I said……it makes central banks release money and give out loans….it penalizes savers.

  44. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Mon coeur sort aux personnes françaises ce soir après l’attaque méchante à Nice cette soirée.

  45. Under far left President Hollande, France has had more killed by terrorist’s since 2015 than in the previous 100 years.

    Under far left President Obama, the US has had more successful terrorist attacks on US soil than all other Presidents combined.

    Anyone see the common denominator?

  46. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    With the call for more intelligence gathering to defeat terrorism, per Hillary, that is all fine and dandy. The governments probably capture just about 100% of all electronic communications as it is. YOU STILL NEED to have analysts and then the actionable parties have to do the required “wet” deed to stop the act before it takes full fruit. With Hillary it’s all words. The State dept still let the Nigerian on the plane to Detroit after direct warnings by family members. Under Hillary they still let the Boston Bombers back in after direct warnings from Russian Intelligence. They ignored direct warnings and requests by the people on the ground in Benghazi and then dithered and then lied as to the cause of the attack.

    In light of everything going on globally, one truly wonders why in the world have the governments done exactly the OPPOSITE action one would expect to protect their citizens. Just about all western nations, have made it easier to enter their countries as opposed to harder. Especially when these nations are making a direct hash of so many countries. Would they not expect a reaction of some type.

    Years ago BF cited an interview with a “terrorist” in Algeria when France was still in charge and being driven out of that country. He was asked as to why they use such nefarious means of warfare such as bombs in baby carriages etc. The response was, Give me tanks planes and modern weapons and I will fight you that way. I’m just using the tools at hand.

  47. Well, the Turkey thing looks interesting. Score another one for the big O but do not forget to give Bush II his just due also!.

    • It is not over….I do not see much organization as yet….according to the limited videos that I have seen.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Did some reading this morning on the events in Turkey. OK, there was an attempted coup by officers and soldiers who are OPPOSED the the policy of the president who is turning Turkey away from a secular State and becoming more Islamic. The President has made no secret of that fact. Now move forward a bit and the government is also blaming an exiled cleric who left Turkey in 1999 for his extremist Islamic ideals. He also had been an ally of the current President. So how can the government in Turkey have it both ways. Sounds a bit like the video being blamed for the Benghazi attack by Obama and Hillary.
      Also as the article goes on saying that we would have issues with Turkey in our fight against ISIS if the coup was successful. Turkey is really not going after ISIS very much. They are doing more attacks against the Kurds who have actually had the most success against ISIS. Given Assad was a secular dictator, you’d almost think Turkey would be in more support of him than anyone else….unless Endrogen is really in much more support of Islamic rule with the hopes that Istanbul will become the reinstituted Caliphate’s capital…..I also understand that the Kurds are trying very hard to reclaim thir independence after being quartered by the peace agreements after WWI and the collapse of theh Ottoman Empire. Turkey is not giving up their piece, neither is Iraq, and Iran, there’s one more piece probably with Syria.

      • I’ve read much the same thing over the last few years. Erdogan has moved the country to being more Islamic. He has not been fully committed to eliminating ISIS and in fact appears to be secretly in favor of a caliphate with Turkey at its head. Sounds like are rebirth of the Ottoman Empire. It was the Turks that backed the running of the Israeli blockade. They have not given us total freedom to operate air strikes from Turkey or to help launch the Iraq invasion.

        I heard one talking head state that it is time for Muslim country leaders to stand up and vigorously denounce the most recent attacks and then to put some muscle behind it. It wont happen because they are secretly cheering. Any denunciations will be tepid and lack force to back it up.

        All of this is just a continuation of the Muslim wars of conquest that started 1400 years ago. We continue to be in denial.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          So what will be the reaction of the Obama State Dept, if this exiled cleric is being blamed for the attempted overthrow of Erdogan’s government, and he is residing under the protection in the US? I think it’s a ploy 1) to eliminate a rival in creating an Islamic State in Turkey, one who is more extreme in his viewpoint and 2) a good excuse to leave NATO, claiming the US is supporting an attempt to overthrow the legitimately elected government in Turkey, because they have been continually rebuffed in their efforts to join the EU due to their death penalty laws, can’t join Europe so why not join the other side more in line with Erdogan’s views. And they have not in any way wholeheartedly allowed way forces to combat ISIS and other forces in opposition and as T-Ray says they launched the actions against Israel a few years ago, with Bill Ayer’s wife as the centerpiece….neighbor of Obama who had never heard of each other…..smells worse than a menhaden processing plant.


    I actually find this comical in a way. One more mass killing by a truck and the Left will want to have “common sense truck safety laws”. 🙂

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I quess they are getting ready or “driverless” vehicles. Just like a gun, a truck is a tool that a HUMAN uses. Take a tool away and man will find another tool to accomplish the task. The press are parrots. Once one article is written, that’s it…they just copy

      What I find so amazing is that the side streets were not blocked in a manner that a vehicle could not enter onto the promenade. Easy solution if they’d think outside the box. Just install the hydrolic posts into the access streets as they enter the promenade. Or post an military vehicle with it’s gun barrel pointed windshield level. Nobody would have been driving on the shore front road anyway. It’d be a parking lot for all the pedestrian traffic. Have an event, raise the posts. When it’s clear lower them when regular traffic resumes. Can’t prevent everything but sure can be a low cost aid.

      I was just thinking back to the 70’s and the terrorist attacks in Europe. After 40 years I still maintain the personal safety precautions I learned there. Trying to go through the barriers accessing the base without a go ahead by the Caribineri either at the housing or ops sites was a life endangering action. Trying to evade the entrances also was life endangering, as a squad of Marines found out much to their surprise. A brief moment before they were terminated. The security forces realized this was serious and a shooting war and took precautions. Annually there was an event in Sicily and if you wanted access to the surrounding area, one faced a tank or some other military vehicle with a large gun aimed right at your windshield. Not a chance of getting by without stoppng or most probably also a search…..After 9/11 it was actually easier to get on the base in Sigonella than in the 70’s. I visited in ’05 and on the beach in Taromina and Naxos/Giardini, there is a beach front road. Everynight it is CLOSED off and all access roads barricaded. The frontage road becomes a huge promenade. NO vehicles can gain access. With the recent terrorist events in France, clearly the security forces were negligent in their forethought whether or not if they had any warning.

  49. Judy wanted me to post this about the the protests on Friday, what few there were:

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Never thought that Reno or any other city in Nevada were hot beds of racism and discrimination. Unless, one looks at the job picture in Nevada for the most part. Low level, service jobs in the hotel and casino businesses.

      If I was involved in “Black Lives Matter” I’d be going after NYC, LA, Philly, Baltimore, etc where they seem to have chronic and worsening issues along racial lines.

      As “slick willy” said 2.5 decades ago, “It’s the economy stupid” The government and regulators are actually exacerbating the problem not fixing it.

      • Dale, funny you should mention that. I have been having a lot of fun jamming the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid!” down the throats of my lefty friends. Amazing how few get it.

  50. Just A Citizen says:

    A SWEDE standing tall and accepting the trophy on Scottish Soil. Good day for my ancestors all around.

    • What a round that was…..that was fun to watch….He must have knocked in 40 miles of putts. It was his to win…….Mickelson shoots a 65 and LOSES ground….amazing. And he loses ground with a bogey free round. WOW…………..

  51. Just A Citizen says:

    Had to post this one, as I “have been there done that”. It is called a “barber chair”. Doubly compounded by the rotten tree which then comes apart. One lucky fella. Him and his saw. Usually one or the other, or both get whacked.

    Tip for you rookies: Always cut a rotten tree from the inside out, as the outside “rind” is usually the only good wood.

    • Whoa…..that is why I am not a lumber jack… our place in New Mexico at Jemez Springs, the pines we have are not that big…..about 1 to 2 ft……cut a wedge and its done…..dont think I want to tackle that big boy……

  52. Just A Citizen says:

    Morning thought.

    Want less cigarettes, tax them. Less booze, tax it. Fewer gas guzzling cars, tax them and the gas they use.

    Want fewer poor people? Bwahahahahahaaha

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