Republican National Convention

RNC1This week, as we all know, the Republican’s will present their choice to run for the office of the President against the Democrat’s likely candidate, Crooked Hillary Clinton, arguably the most corrupt vile female politician in modern day politics.  But , enough about the wicked witch of Washington DC, this thread is about the convention and surrounding happenings.  Taking place in Liberal run Cleveland Ohio, rumors are already being put out that the police have stand down orders when it comes to the protesters.  Whether or not that is true, it would follow the past actions of Liberal leadership in another large city, Baltimore Maryland.

RNC2With several recent mass killings in Orlando, Dallas and Nice, France, it would not surprise me if the cops pulled back and were less visible than we would expect.  This being the Republican convention, every Left Wing nutcase will be in Cleveland causing problems, as has been the case in the past.  While I’m not expecting all the protest action to be shown on the MSM, there will be plenty of live feeds on the internet and I’ll share them for those interested, unless someone beats me to the punch.

Let the fun begin  🙂



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  2. Saw pics of many bikers for Trump rollin into Cleveland. Pass the popcorn!

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      He was a “news reader” for to long, not a journalist.

      However, whenever you go into something with a preconcieved notion, the results will follow that vein. That especially goes with most of today’s journalist. So the story goes…

      Yesterday, there was a couple headlines on NBC. 1) Controversial Republican Convention to start”……..what the hell was Hillary? chopped liver, if she isn’t contraversial I don’t know what is. If she was running in 1973, she’d be toast and most likely heading to prison regardless of the MSM hatred for Nixon. Probably, long before her running but way back in the “Whitewater” days, and most likely for obstruction of justice charges when she and bill turned over the papers the DOJ was looking for, but only after the statute of limitations expired on the original crime. Therefore Janet Reno, just shrugged. and 2) “Most Americans support immigration” Of course we do, we all are immigrants. What I’m sure wasn’t asked was “legal” or “illegal” immigration which basically is an open border policy. In this day and age, only a total idiot would accept unrestricted immigration. 3) This morning a headline was the Trump changes his stance on Muslim immigration. I don’t see where when previously he said it should stop until serious background checks can be done, difficult at best. Today he said “allowed only after serious vetting”

  3. More cowardly attacks on cops. Is this the plan that showed up on hacked BLM Tweets? The Cleveland police have got to be shitting their pants with all that’s going on this week. Will a mass cop killing in Cleveland SHUT down the convention?

    Another thing, if one wants to see why the American youth are so stupid these days (not all of them, but a majority), just look at the Pokemon Go stuff going on. People are getting killed over this stupid shit. Walking in front of cars, wrecking cars etc. F-ing zombies I tell Ya!

  4. I see that Loretta Lynch has already said that Baton Rouge shooting is not a hate crime…..(probably because a black officer was killed)…it is amazing how the press is not all over this like Dallas……

    On a side note….the Dallas Police Chief was holding a job fair in the minority neighborhoods saying…”Here is your chance to help”. The complaint……the test is too hard, the regulations to restrictive…..and hardly anyone showed up.

    Another side note…..the Dallas Police Chief held a town hall for the residents of the minority neighborhoods asking for recommendations. Noting that the town hall meeting was after the job fair, in response to the question why dont you hire more minority officers…he said that out of a two day fob fair, he had only 12 applicants and 9 could not even pass the preliminary written exam. He went on to say that the 9 that failed could not pass basic reading and comprehension. He then said ” understand, I came here to ask for your help…to hire…and I get 12 applicants out of a neighborhood of 50,000.

    When asked why dont you patrol the minority neighborhoods with only black officers….he said we have been doing that for 8 months…..and the arrests and tickets and traffic stops doubled. He also said that most of the minority officers do not want to be permanently assigned to the minority neighborhoods….they are more dangerous than the white and asian neighborhoods…( I notice he specifically left out HIspanic neighborhoods ).

    Then the question was asked, Why dont you lower the standards on the tests to help minorities get hired… which his answer was….”so you want less qualified officers patrolling your neighborhoods? Then you can start yelling about how they are sub-standard officers.”….Then he says, ” why dont you form neighborhood associations, and get the young kids off the streets and keep them in school and set up tutoring classes. Why dont you call in the gang hideouts…everyone of you know where they are. Why dont you do some policing on your own in your own neighborhood?…….to which the answer was….why are we paying you? …….his answer back was…” to keep the peace and that is what I am going to do”. We are not your baby sitters and we are not dispute resolution. Everytime you call 911 to complain that your neighbor is throwing his garbage in your yard, you are taking a policeman away from his normal duty.” Every time you complain about a barking dog….you are taking a policeman away from crime patrol. ”

    He closed his meeting by saying that….I will help you any way that I can….but there are things that you need to do as well. Police your own neighborhoods and get the kids off the streets…He said that there is no one 12 year old that needs to be out at 2:00 am…..He went on to say, pull up your pants, pick up your trash, report drug deals. Help us help you……” There was no applause at the end of the meeting…only a complaint that the Dallas Police Chief is a “White Man’s Puppet”.

    • They dont want help…..

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      How typical….did you expect any other response?

      I do find i so interesting that the only definition of a hate crime going today is white on black, and christian against muslim. Any other combination against whites or christian regardless of violence is not. This obvious distinction is lost on Brokaw and has been brought on to us by this administration more so than in the past several decades. Well known tactic to gain and retain power is “divide and conquer” The democrats are masters of that tactic.

      Racism cuts both ways and there is not a culture in the world at any time that has not been an oppressor and not had slave culture. That includes white on white, black on black etc,

      What is lost is that the white christian culture did not venture into the african hinterland in search of slaves. Exploration took place after the trade had died into the western cultures. They just came to the market on the coast. Blacks capturing rival tribes and Muslim slave traders were for the most part the sellers and for some reason they get off with a free pass.

      I do have to go into the NC State library and get a copy of Jose Marti’s essay on racism. An exercise to translate from spanish to english was given to a predominantly black college class. The best translation was presented and resoundly booed and disparaged by the blacks in the class. There is no resolution to the racism problem anywhere until people recocognize that they themselves can be also guilty.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Unfortunately I do go back to my time in Sicily often. At anytime you never saw any police officer travel alone. If there was a traffic stop in any way for any reason, one of the officers would approach the vehicle and the other officer was behind their vehicle or wall with his machine gun pointed directly at your windshield. Here is a situation that the police was battling so many fronts at once it was like open season on them. 1st they had the mafia to deal with and the increasing drug trade and other businesses such as extortion. 2nd, the separatists trying to lever the government out from “conquered” provinces like Sicily, Sardinia etc. 3rd, the communist bands such as the “Brigada Rosso” and 4th the war involved with countries like Libya. Usually in all cases the targets were specific and usually involved high level businessmen, government officials of all levels and anyone dealing with the mafia or anyone that stuck their head up with a better idea,,,,the mafia wanted a slice for protection……the people in general were just caught in the middle.

      This will get far worse before it gets better, especially when the government is giving tacit approval and justification to both sides….all to what end….I believe power

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Before the convention gets into full swing, I thought I’d keep a thread going on Turkey. The exiled cleric says that this was a set-up by Endrogan. In a way I can believe that. He needed to clean out the officers and men from the military and police forces that object to the drive away from a secular government. That Endrogan clearly has been doing that over his years of being in power. A headline states that 2 F-16’s flown by rebel pilots harassed his plane and escort fighters when he was returning from vacation to quell the coup attempt. Harass? Come on. you cut he head off when you have the chance. That actually did beg the question by the headline…..”Why didn’t they shoot?” never answered though.

        • The only harrassment an F16 should do is a flaming missile up your ass…..Like pointing a gun…do not point it unless you intend to use it.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            My thoughts exactly. Something absolutely does not smell quite right. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the coming weeks, months and years.

            Granted the EU has had an immigration problem for quite some time. But usually in the past immigrants came to the countries that were colonial overlords at one time or another and these were deals made by one country to the newly independent nation. Or sometimes like Hong Kong, just reverted to China when the lease expired. People who did not wish to stay were granted leave to any nation in the commonwealth of Great Britain. The illegals came in dribs and drabs since the EU founding and were slowly pissing the nations off by refusing to defend the perimeter. The object of the EU was to destroy any notion of independent thought and culture by the member nations. But then again the EU does not in itself have a military force,

            But this last case since last year…..the massive migratory invasion came through Turkey. Turkey became a direct conduit into Europe who is also a NATO member. Why could any one of the NATO nations NOT have declared this as an invasion and damaging their nation and population and invoke the agreement of an invasion of one is an invasion of them all and then all will drive the invading forces out.?

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            It seems the war of words has started between Turkey and the US, when high ranking officials are accusing the US of helping with the coup attempt and demand extradition of the cleric back to Turkey, forcing the ambassador to deny the claims. However, the banal words used by the amdassador are not grounds for feeling assured that the US did not have a hand. Heck, the past few years we have proven track record of littering the M/E landscape with wrecked countries that have displeased us. Especially allies or at least neutralized countries. Why not add one more.

            In further reading today, I found that Turkey had abolished the death penalty in their attempt to gain admission into the EU. That had been the major sticking point for the EU to reject their petition. So they still have been rejected even with the changes in the law. Now it appears the supreme penalty will be returned after the coup attempt.

            • I agree with your thinking on Turkey and the coup….err…false flag. Looking at the aftermath and the purge of thousands, it certainly appears that this was a fake coup for the purpose of the purge to further empower Erdagon. I’m not so sure the US was in on this one, it worked (the fake coup) and the purge is on. The Cleric issue is just a scapegoat for Erdagon to take the focus off of him. This will of course change Turkey. Considering that Erdagon has been buying oil for some time from ISIS, maybe the Caliphate issue isn’t as dead as many think.

  5. Funds appropriated for Texas Depository….Governor Abbott approved today the building of the Texas Despository …46,000 sq ft incarnation of the original Texas Depository. House Bill 483 introduced the public/private partnership for the ONLY State owned depository for precious metals.

    It is a facility for Texans by Texans in Texas…..the White House vows to fight any State owned and operated Depository. The White House lost its appeal trying to block the removal of the State owned Gold from the Depository in New York.

    Other states have lined up to remove their gold from New York and deposit in Texas. Wonder what the White House will do?

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Have you heard the grounds that the government is using to to take States to court over having their own repositories? Could it in any way be that they now look at the gold as collateral because the feds now look at money’s they give to a State is a loan and not as a way to fund a mandated program, sort of a quid pro quo.

      • Actually, I do not know….the Gold that State’s own belongs to the individual is the collateral for state retirements ….etc. Texas has, for years, purchased gold to be able to fund programs that rely on taxes….unfunded liabilities. Texas shows an unfunded liabiity but it is not in reality….they have gold to back it up but it is a non balance sheet item.

        New York is the one that is really screaming because they are carrying state deposits on their balance sheets…..take it away and suddenly you have a debt to equit ratio that falls blow the usury and treasury requirements.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          That makes sense….

          • The downside is the price of gold….it fluctuates. But it is in bullion. THe amount that is purchased is, of course, dependent upon the current value…..Therein lies the fallacy of precious metals. The higher the value, the less that is purchased. Higher value covers the “unfunded liabilities”. HOwever, when value falls, the liability does not go away….so it is a bet (wager) that precious metals will continue to rise. So, long term…..50 years,,,,it is probably the safest bet for now.

            THe other side of the coin…the good side…..Texas, when it is in control of their own gold….will balance sheet it against the unfunded liability….when that happens, TExas becomes the only state in the positive…including unfunded liabilities. What that means, is an independent credit rating…exclusive of the United States treasury…..something we started years ago.

  6. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Another NBC headline…. Twitter and other Social Media are congratulated on their quick removal of extremist islamic propaganda from their sites after the Nice attack. Why?

    Is it to keep the people in the dark about just how much the opposing culture hates the west and any other thought that runs counter to their own.

  7. So, first night is over, Gen. Flynn went way too long hitting the same points over and over again. Rudy did his best impersonation, with hand gestures, of Mussolini. Great speech but a bit over the top. Nice to see Lutrell and the other vets, nice to see the folks who lost someone to illegals.

    Now, the wife. I think she did surprisingly well. I see this morning they say she plagiarized Michelle, “my Belle”. That surprised me I thought they would actually descend to mocking her accent which I was prepared for. I have no memory of what the hell Michelle said and little of Donald’s wife last night. Seems to me that outside of talking of his decency, dedication and qualifications, last night she went over and over on his resolve, determination and desire to win. That, is not something Michelle ever said.

    • Can’t forget the sheriff. He slam dunked Don Lemon from CNN the night before, then came out with the same attitude with his speech.

      I remember Melania’s speech about the same way you do. Rudy was great. He’ll be in the administration if Trump ever gets past the NeverTrumpers. I’m more worried about them then the Clinton machine.

      • Rush played the parts today side by side. Sure enough, almost identical. Dealt with how parents taught her that if you work hard you succeed, that you can be anything you want in this country and how they have passed on those lessons to their children……Wow! what original thought! Probably both stole it from Martha Washington. Stolen part # 2 pretty muxch the same blah, blah, blah.

        This is a distraction, part of dizinfoprmacion to have you ignore the General, the sheriff, the moms and dads of the folks killed by illegals and of course Benghazi.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          So how big was this shark that caused Coney Island beach to be closed? I thought for sure Trump would be in Cleveland and not taking time off to take a swim. (ha)

          So I guess that any speech given by Trump’s wife will be deemed plagerism because of the topics. Every 1st lady I’ve ever heard talked about the same things. In fact every president and candidate for that exalted office have said the same thing ad infinitum, for as long as I can remember…..except Johnson who swore that he would not send good American boys to Vietnam if elected. Elected and 500 K at any one time got a vacation courtesy of Johnson but revisionist have Vietnam as Nixon’s war.

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    I have a foul taste in my mouth after reading ALL the headlines this morning. The DNC hit machine has worked once again. EVERY major and minor media outlet is carrying headlines about Melania PLAGIARIZING Michelle’s speech.

    CNN is going out of its way to carry nothing but negative stories and editorials.

    Don’t tell me that the people will ignore this, that they have dismissed the media. Believe me, the media affects how millions of people think in this country.

    The actions needed to establish an objective news media is simply to much for achieve at this point. I am not sure if it is even possible.

    • CNN is going out of its way to carry nothing but negative stories and editorials.
      Don’t tell me that the people will ignore this, that they have dismissed the media.

      Many polls have shown that a majority don’t trust the media, I think CNN and the Left and their BS is going to make this even worse, especially when it comes to politics. Fortunately, FOX, while mot perfect, is still Number 1 and have more viewers that all the others combined. The alternative media has numerous sites that also call the Left out often, as I have linked too. I think your overestimating the media narrative being believed. JMHO 🙂

      I totally agree on the headlines, utterly stupid. Most loving wives are going to say pretty much the same thing. The Left Wing media wanted Melania to call Trump a wife beating, narcistic bastard. Short of that, they will always make shit up. Once one says it, all of them parrot it. F-ing parrotmonkeys. All they do is throw shit. It will be quickly debunked and hopefully use this to call out the MSM for their lies and bias. Trump is doing a GREAT job at this, that will continue, further damaging what little cred they have left.

      • Chris Matthews went on a diatribe about the mother that blamed Hillary for Benghazi. He clearly went beyond reporting to being an advocate.

    • Strategy! Who is in the news today? Trumps wife. Tweet from Bill Mitchell:

      As I recall, the media considered attacking Heidi Cruz to be a sin unto death, but now they have no issue with attacking Melania? #hypocrisy

    • What confirmation do you want?…. Yes, civilian and non essential personnel have been moved since November 2015,,,,yes…..the power was temporarily discontinued and has been restored…….No, the nuclear weapons are not in any threat as they were moved out three months ago….No, there are not 50 B1 physically located there (Yes, on paper but physically, no). NO, there is no shortage of food and water….Relief flights have resumed. Yes, there is tension between the US and Turks and will be more so now….and you will probably see the slow closing of the base over the next year.

      There is a new base available in an area just as strategic as Incrilik….area is currently classified and since I am not Hillary, I will not disclose classified information.

      One other note: We will continue to use Turkish airspace with or without permission from the Turks……and I am forecasting the removal of Turkey from NATO within a year.

      Anything else. Sir?

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I will remember this date and your prediction……NO I will not place a bet against your prediction. The event of today are far more egregious than the little dust-up back when Nixon was in office.

      • Thank you. That answers my questions. I did not have time to dig into it this morning because I need to get to work. Some of old folks still do that.

  9. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I was just thinking back to the 60’s this morning. Thought of the bands that our HS attracted to play in our stadium,,,The Beach Boys, 3 Dog Night, The Doors, Deep Purple, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to name some who played in the 60’s.

    I also got thinking about a tyranical teacher by the name of Mr Kidder. We talk about the indoctrination occuring in the schools today, but I hate to say it was alive in ’69. He taught a class that every senior had to take. He would mark an answer incorrect, even though after protest would admit, yes it is correct, but it’s not the one I wanted. He didn’t specify. The dept head alway backed him up. If you didn’t buckle your academic standing would most definitely be jeoprodized. He had a nickname of “Little Hitler” because he relished busting anyone especially seniors for the most minor infractions, And I really do mean minor……I looked up on the schools web site and this guy is still a teacher in the same topic after 46 years since I graduated. And he was there my whole time……this guy pushed the progressive agenda big time. He is the ONLY one still there. Can you imagine the impact he had as a mandatory choke point to graduate.

    Bill Ayer’s said bombing and violence, was not an effective path to socialism, though he regrets to not have done more bombings with the “Weatherman” Education would have a far more reaching impact. he is correct. One in the past had several avenues of receiving information in a city. Today, the MSM is a group think and fairly uniform in it output. The internet still remains a fairly independent source, but the FCC is really trying hard to control that for content.

    Just look at the continued denial of what constitutes terrorism. This is a question for the Colonel….is there a military tactic sort of called “Independent unit action” No direct control, but the objective is defined with very broad brush strokes. The unit can be one two or multiple people. But they have total independence,,,,,,like the Nice trucker, German railway attack etc. So as long as these IUA acts do not link up with known leaders of groups like ISIS the killings are not defined as terrorism. Just a person who is disturbed.

    • Great question and you are close…..

      It is widely known that the terrorist organizations have copied and established the same protocols as to what we call “light infantry”. The light infantry is the most rapidly and strategically deployable of the various types of US forces. It is organized to fight as part of a larger force or a joint task force in conventional conflicts, or independently in operations other than war. Although employed as an entity, the division disperses widely throughout a large area and conducts synchronized, but decentralized, operations, primarily at night or during periods of limited visibility. It achieves mass through the combined effects of synchronized, small-unit operations and fires rather than through the physical concentration of forces on the battlefield.

      Terrorist groups fight under several banners but are coordinated with a higher, and usually, clerical blessing. ( IRAN ).

      Does this help?

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        You pretty much confirmed my thought. The objective is well known but individual movement and actions are not specifically directed from higher levels. So the administrations and MSM are in a conundrum as to what to define these acts of murder. No link on their iphone, just a mad man. But they do exactly what the goal of terrorism is.
        Given that in the west, God is a dead issue, they can not grasp the fact of religious fanaticism in Islam. God made me do it just doesn’t compute. It’s religated to madness, not an overall cohesive objective by that religion as in the past and today. Every other religion gave that up centuries ago. I truly believe that within the 1 B muslims, there are a handful of vicious fanatics.Even 1% is a quite an army. Doesn’t take many. But I do believe the majority of muslims if you are a believer are in agreement, just do not resist and fight back. I believe it is a small minority who are like most christians and others. Believe what you want, it’s your life.

        Like I stated a while ago. When teaching in Britain, the Imam who the government tried to deport, had flat out said ” He will not rest until the Cresent is on top of St Paul’s Catherdral”

  10. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I keep comingbackt o the economy. It was not that long ago the all the “experts” and economists put Japan on a pedestal of success. Emulate Japan and you can not lose. In the industry I was in at the time, and the world thought that Japan was the best, the US and specifically IBM was 2X bigger in semiconductor manufactring than the biggest Japanese company. Yet never would you see that item in the news. You never at any time saw that it was our inventions that sctually put Apple back on the road to success and not down the path of oblivion like Commodore.

    It wasn’t 5 years later and Japan entered into the beginning of a 30 year stagnation and at times deflation and there appears to be no end in sight…..why in the heck do we ever follow the advice of experts, The experts have destroyed more companies than they saved. Unfortunately the world requires quarterly returns of what the analyists expect or you’re history.

    I just listened to a presentation of the new economy. That is IDEAS. Not manufacturing, not service, but now ideas. We’ve alway had ideas. How many people had ideas that took root and succeeded. What did Edison say long go. Invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. An Edison, or a GoPro are actually rare….but something like Facebook or Twitter which are a NON VALUE add to society, does not run a society for the masses.

    I was just out to dinner and there were 4 children at a table with their parents. The kids complained to the manager that they couldn’t get good connectivity. They were glued to their iphones and tablets, That was at least 2400 dollars in devices with the kids, and forget about the parents much less the service fees each month. I said to the kid who complained…talk to the people you’re with….he looked at me as though I had three heads…..

  11. Just A Citizen says:

    Today we are treated to CBS, CNN and MSNBC touting the claims of several academics that Melania’s speech was absolutely plagiarism and they would give any student an F if presented in class. I did not check other news outlets, as my dander was getting all fluffed up and I didn’t want to lose my cool before heading out to tear up some dirt.

    Back to the point. Apparently these academics and the media do not understand the difference between a classroom assignment/report/paper and a public speech. The plagiarism offense has existed for hundreds of years to shun and prevent people from claiming others publications and “ideas” from being presented as someone else’s. The primary and most serious offenses involve academia and journalism.

    The fact is that virtually all speeches borrow ideas and phrases from other sources. Because it would be IMPOSSIBLE for every speech ever given to be ORIGINAL. Especially when the phrases duplicated involve values shared by millions of people. “A man’s word is his bond”. I dare one of these leftist trolls to try and tell me that Michelle Obama or her speech writer has a copyright on that idea.

    Anyway, I thought an academic style review of the meaning of plagiarism would be useful this morning. So here you go.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Even though “ole Joe” is not running for president…..who here remembers what knocked him out of the race in the 80’s…….in his academic record was a tidbit that his college thesis was plagerized. How things change and he became VP. So how and the heck can tghe dems take offense….oh i forgot they control the media and the universities and the republicans do not know how to fight

  12. Just A Citizen says:

    I noticed a disturbing trend in the Republican convention speakers. Those talking about national security and foreign policy. I start with the assumption that Mr. Trump and his folks got to pick the speakers. I am sure there were “suggestions” made by the RNC, in hopes of unifying the party, but Trump’s campaign should have the final say.

    During the campaign I was pleasantly tickled by what appeared to be an ANTI INTERVENTIONIST viewpoint in Mr. Trump. It seemed he would be reluctant to pull the military option unless there were a direct threat to the USA.

    Now I see several speakers who are simply regurgitating the Neo-Con viewpoint that the USA must lead the world, be responsible for the world and if pushed back, use the sword to its full effect. The rhetoric started with focus on ISIS, and that is understandable. But last night there were references made to our ROLE in the world and then need to put countries like Russia back in the bottle.

    So now I have to wonder what D.J. Trump’s real view is and how he will lead if elected POTUS. I know H.R. Clinton will continue the Neo-Con agenda of spreading Democracy to others. As long as it is her version of “democracy”. If Trump is now going to follow the same path then we are left with only their differences in domestic policy.

    Other than trade and the border, what real differences exist in this area?

    My opinion: The more Mr. Trump starts looking like Hillary the greater the chance he will lose. If he wants to really pull in the disaffected Bernie people and true Conservatives, he needs to move away from the Neo Con agenda.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    Great example of what needs to be ridiculed and attacked in the media. You have just got to laugh at the blatant stupidity, or is that tone deafness, in someone like this author. Pay close attention to the headline and then his closing paragraph. Where was this clown when he was supposed to be attending classes in college.

    Let me help out. THERE IS NOTHING NEW about the Democratic agenda polices or view points. To claim there is constitutes an outright LIE.

  14. Before anyone asks… not worry about the three judge federal panel that throws out the Texas Voter ID……our governor has already said that we will pay as much attention to this ruling as we did the last one……..NOT. Bring your ID or you will not vite. Simple.

    The Justice Department cherry picked a Federak Judge panel that is not even located in Texas……to make a ruling on a Texas Voter ID Law…….Gov. Abbott laughed…and said….bring your ID if you want to vote.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Sir…..simple fix to get the Feds off your back, and also NC’s. Put the polling booths inside of the Federal buildings. A valid ID required to enter

  15. I looked up the ‘offended’ woman that originally posted this on facebook. Apparently she believes the term ‘crackhead’ is a racist term. She claims the term is reserved ONLY for black people….and that this ‘fact’ was not up for debate. While she does not know who was behind the message, she claims that the responsible party intentionally did not use the term ‘meth-head’. (I guess she can read minds even though she doesn’t know who’s mind she is reading.) I suppose meth-head is not racist. I don’t care what the term….call a meth-head if you don’t like crackheads. It’s a shame that this person cannot get the message because she is too busy being offended by one of the terms used.

  16. Ted Cruz…BWAHAHAHA

    • Very smart move by Trump to let him speak… least Ted Cruz had theballs to stand up publicly……Kasich hid like a coward.

      Very smart move by Trump saying: You are invited to speak without a guarantee or request for your endorsement……all proper leaders should surround himself with the best qualified people to give all sides of an issue and not surround himself with yes men… surround oneself with yes men….is the RINO position…..

      Cruz fell lon his sword while Trump went a long way to secure independent voters by showing he will listen and allow all sides…..let’s see if the Democratic position will be the same. I am interested to see the fallout in Texas. The hypocritical side of Cruz was that he signed a pledge that they forced Trump to sign for support and then copped out……that makes me distrust him now. In Texas, we like independent thought but we are also very strong on a handshake and word…….he violated his word.

      • My # 3 son made a nice analogy.

        “The Cruz speech I thought last night was disgraceful. I don’t say this for the same reason that everyone else is saying, I think if he had left out the line about voting your conscience, it would have ended the same way. He was leading the audience, he had them in the palm of his hand, it felt like he was going to endorse, based on his cadence, and some of the subject matter he was discussing, and he pulled the football away from Charlie Brown like Lucy.”

        I, did not appreciate “Lying” Ted’s smirk. What he thought was a middle finger to Trump by the 90% mark in the speech became a middle finger to the convention. That will cost him.

  17. On the voted ID…….the one thing that the 5th Circuit said was……fix your problem. It turned the power back to the state to fix the problem…..Texas has……the ID’s will still be required. If you want one of the picture ID’s…..then come and get one…..cost free. You wil be reimbursed according the Federal IRS rules for mileage and direct expenses. It will not cost any person…one single penny…..none….nada……

    Also, the State Attorney General has said……..backed up by the State Legislature and the Governor……the voter ID Law in TExas will remain in effect.

    Question from D13: Ok, Federal Courts, enforce your edict! Just how are you going to do it? Oh……..rats……..that was not my question….I took that from Governor Abbott…..he asked the same thing before I did…………….Federal Court….WHAT HE SAID!!!!!!! How are you going to do it? Invalidate the Texas electoral college? Please do……it is in our agreement with the Federal Government when we became a State that any negation of Texas voting…..negates the agreement. It allows Texas to become independent again.

    Are you going to deny or with hold Federal Funds…..we do not give a shit….as we have proven.

    Are you going to bring in Federal Troops? Heh heh……go ahead.

    So…I ask any one…..just exactly what can the Federal Courts or election committee or anyone exactly do?

    • Much like world courts……there is no enforcement law…..other than martial law……go ahead…institute it.

      • You and your state raise interesting questions. In effect you are doing “jury nullification” and I will be damned if I can figure out what the Feds could do. I guess they could cut off funding for something (or everything) but then you guys would merely kick them out of the state and close Ft. Bliss, Ft. Sam, etc. and pass a law making it illegal for Texans to pay income tax to DC.

    • Good Day Colonel 🙂

      When I read your comment, I asked the question you posed, how would the Fed’s enforce their edicts? Simple solution……Cancel Federal elections UNTIL all states are within Federal law. These Liberal lunatics would do anything to control others, including Texans. When dealing with the mentally ill (Liberal’s), expect mentally ill actions 😀

      • If you remember, a Federal judge a couple of years ago, supposedly threw out our voter ID….we did it any way and have continued to do it. One thing that the 5th Circuit said, in this last ruling, was that it was remanded back to the state,,,,meaning the STATE of TEXAS to figure it out,,,there was nothing imposed by the circuit court…….so, we are going to do exactly what we have been doing……there has been one small caveat. It is easy to secure a notarized copy of your birth certificate by mail. Very easy……this crap about minorities and poor people is smoke filled coffee house crap…..this issue about how far it is and how tough it is to secure the information for the proper ID is ludicrous… is amazing how all these people manage to get their food stamps and government housing, etc.

        So…the caveat….Texas has said…..if you have to drive distances greater than 25 miles to get your ID….send us your authenticated copy of the mileage record ( authenticated by the ID location ) and you will be re-imbursed at the IRS legal maximum rate per mile. IF you send us the authenticated copy of any postage or overnight mail expense, the State of Texas will reimburse you.

        EVery single state office has an ID procedure in place in every single city across the state. You need your driver’s license renewed? Great…get your ID there. YOu need to go to the post office? Great…..get your ID there. I checked Fort Worth, my own home city for the following: How many locations are there in Fort Worth where you can pick up (a) certified copy of birth certificate, (b) certified copy of physical address and ownership (c) copy of social security application (d) certified copy of US passport ( if issued )….each of these items can be authenticated and a proper picture ID secured in 12 sub court houses located in and around the city of Fort Worth proper….including a sub court house located in the center of EVERY SINGLE LOW INCOME area. So, I then checked Dallas…and it was in proportion to population…..THEN, I checked all the locations of STATE sub court houses in the mid cities area of all of the incorporated smaller divisions located in and around and found that there is a sub court in every single one proportionate to population….higher population had more. THEN, I checked Houston, San Antonio, Amarillo, Austin, Beaumont, Brownsville, El PAso, Abilene, Midland/Odessa……and found the EXACT SAME Distribution.

        It is an outright LIE about having to drive great distances. Texas has a very integrated confirmation system….including the Social Security system to verify status.

        One of the tricks used to obtain false ID’s for voting was using addresses for service utilities..and it was remarkable how many peope were using the same address…..the largest number of people living in one single family dwelling…..114 people. Texas has fixed that problem. Then came the fake driver’s license ( which is not a proper ID anyway )….It was remarkable how many presented DL’s there were that did not match the State Driver’s License Office…..94,000 +. Therefore, if you produce a driver’s license, you better produce a utility bill matching your name and address.

        Then came the Student ID’s….ANYONE could walk in to any school and obtain a school ID because there was no check and balance. NONE…..that has changed. ( But it is not a proper ID either ).

        Another tightening of the screws here…..when you submit an application for ID….you better not have an arrest warrant out for even a misdemeanor tickets… will have to take care of that first before getting a State issued ID.

        What is pissing the left off……is Texas is actually checking because the people….have elected the down ballot conservatives ( JP’s, judges, Sheriff’s, etc ) that ENFORCE THE LAWS ON THE BOOKS……WITHOUT SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT. WHen you are pregnant, there is no such thing as a “little bit pregnant”…..when you are against the law, there is no such things as mostly right or wrong….if you are violating the law…you are guilty…end of sentence.

        This has resonated all across Texas and we like it….so…….it is possible.

        But back to the point….it matters not what the SCOTUS says… matters not what Federal Courts say……………if it is right for Texas, that is the only thing that matters….and that is the way it should be in all States.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          NC has pretty much copied your system. There is so much time allocated to get a VALID ID, it’s ridiculous. Much less the number of official locations. Even if at the poll, if you can not produce the required documents, your ballot is still taken, but is provisional. The OFFICIAL notarized vote counts are several months later anyway, and the ability to then get the ID is made even easier. Get it and present it at the registrars office and your vote now is official. If anyone has the stones to say that it is to difficult or I can not get there is absolutely lying. With well over a year available. Much less it’s free, no charge,

          Well the NBA has pulled their ALL-Star game from Charlotte due to the transgender bathroom law in place her in NC. Good ridence

  18. Hmmm. Cory Booker is now on Hillary’s short list. Another guy who is a fast riser, never finished a term as Newark Mayor, 1st term US Senator. What has he ever done? If she picks him it will be a sign of desperation. She energizes the black vote and grabs all the white assholes.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      The blacks have just got to get honest with themselves. They seriously have to ask….are we better off now, much less after 8 years of a black administration. The honest answer has got to be NO!. The racial divide is huge and even getting worse. Started right after Obama was elected and the police thing with a professor. They have to ask, is this open border policy of Obama and the democrats helping or hurting? The honest answer is hurting the especially the lower end of the spectrum. Raising the minimum wage……helping or hurting….automation will kick in even worse and again the lower end will get hurt…..

      I get thinking of the pass Hilary just got from Comey. If she loses in Nov, the go to jail card will be dealt. I was reading his back ground and alleged philosophy, the law is the law and politics has to be set aside. He was attorneygeneral after Gonzales and continued the prosecution of Scooter Libby, even though the real perpetrator confessed to the leak. If that isn’t political, I don’t know what is. Then did not prosecute that person.

      How can the american people with Hillary’s record, and not to mention Bill…an impeached ex-president, convicted felon for lying to a grand jury, bribery was in the charges, we have the chinese money pouring into his campaign, illegally, sexual predator who preyed on staffers, breaking every rule and law in the workplace ….didn’t the chinese go between die? What kind of nation have we become. to allow a couple again to occupy the WH such as they are and what we know..

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Black people get it?? Not likely. I just watched two hours of MSM Black pundits have a caniption fit, to the point of outright anger with spitting and sputtering. One, Van Jones, even acted like he wanted to fight the white guy on the panel that called BS on him accusing Trump of being a racist.

        Apparently, unknown to anyone who speaks English other than Black People, Trump filled his speech with Dog Whistles to tell white people to be afraid of Blacks and Hispanics.

        My wife was dumbfounded. Her statement “what the hell speech were they listening to”? From a woman who plans to vote third party. She admitted Trump’s speech and the testimony of his children and others has caused her to reconsider.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    Convention coverage criticism. Someone, maybe the RNC needs to file formal complaints against all the media, including Fox, for not covering key speeches. The result of their need to be on screen themselves hid the many women, Black and Hispanic speakers who had personal knowledge of Trump and his view on equal treatment.

    I would charge the networks of deliberately trying to hide the fact that the Republican party was presenting an very inclusive agenda of speakers. We had to suffer tonight because apparently CSpan was dropped from our Satellite TV menu. There yesterday, gone today.

    • “There yesterday, gone today.” Man, I wish that would happen to Hitlary! 😉

    • Murdoc….(Fox News) does not endorse Trump…does not like Trump….does not want Trump. He has admitted this and has also said that an election of Trump will destroy big business…

      He said that focusing on America only is not the way to go and he said that any large global company is going to vote for no change and stay with Hilary….including Fox News. ….

      The news coverage, including Fox, has become unbearable.

      NOTE TO JAC……we have lost C Span as well…..over night.

      • Makes sense, the only totally non-biased reporting which essentially brings you the event without any commentary until it is over is canned. Sorry you both did not get C-Span, it was a pleasant relief from the BS of Fox though Fox business was not bad. I like Dobbs and Cavuto.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          The unfortunate thing that journalist today, forget both in print and TV is the NEWS section…as Joe Friday used to say on Dragnet…”Just the facts, maam” Editorializing was reserved for the “EDITORIAL” section and labels as such, where then the editors, writers, people can inject their opinion regardless of the facts. They have taken it upon themselves to shape peoples opinions by excluding information and then reporting events as news.

          The film editors to fill a designated space edit usually to the companies policy and then people assume its news vs opinion…..heck that is what the internet is for….say anything

    • That is why, my friend, we have C-Span. Of course they won’t cover it just like they won’t cover the demonstrations outside where they yell F— the cops! Anything that does not make Trump a bogeyman is off limits anything which makes the violent a—– outside something other than victims is not covered. Anything showing a Mexican flag or desecration of an American flag seems to be off limits too.

      Re: Fox, Brit Hume, and Meghan have a LOT to say about the coverage and they are NOT Trump fans.

      Well convention is over, Open carry by both the left and right turned out to be just fine. I am proud of both sides for that even the alleged “black” guy in a dress and combat boots with an AR.

  20. So now it’s official, Trump is the Republican’s choice to run for the Presidency. I fully expect the Republican leadership to change some rules in some States that may close the Primaries to non registered Republicans. Time will tell and it won’t make the news all that much.

    I have only seen some of the highlights of the convention. It seem’s Trump’s family did a great job and that should help in the long run. I won’t watch next weeks convention either, but I can bet that the Liberal media will be in perpetual orgasm during the whole thing. What a sad sorry ass group of people. I think I’ll do some fishing rather than being further sickened by these people.

    There are some funny videos floating around, one has Alex Jones confronting the Young Turks on their set that gets heated. Funny watching Liberal’s lose their minds in front of cameras.

  21. Funniest pic that I have seen and cannot get it posted…….a picture of a little robot with a Texas Flag across the chest saying ” WE GOT HIM”…… it.

  22. “We are going to ask every Department Head in government to provide a list of wasteful spending projects that we can eliminate in my first 100 days. The politicians have talked about it, I’m going to do it.”

    My favorite line of his speech. Give them 30 days. If the list is not satisfactory, even if it is, knock off another 10% of their budget.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      This was actually one of the lines in his speech I thought showed his lack of understanding. If I ask you to ID wasteful spending in your own budget how much you going to come up with?

      If you ID any it begs the question why you haven’t stopped the “wasteful spending” already. Nobody is going to admit they have “wasteful” spending.

      Better approach is to understand the Dept/Agency mission and then have someone familiar identify the barriers to maximizing efficiency and/or ID programs to eliminate.

      Now, in fairness I expect Trump would do more of the latter and simplified it for his audience.

      • Agreed…..come on…I had a pretty big budget in the military at one time…..Herein lies the fallacy of the budget system as it works in government. I am sitting here with a $10,000,000 budget…..Trump asks me, as a department head, if I have any waste….I look around…..noooope. I am on budget and perfect. That is one side of the budget look….Here is another side…..take the $10,000,000 budget….( The military is on a fiscal year of September ) here it is the end of July…I have only spent $8,000,000 of my $10,000,000. September is coming quick….uh oh…..if I do not spend anoher $2,000,000 quickly, my budget gets reduced to $8,000,000. I also understand that if I turn in my $2,000,000 and request no change for the next year of $10,000,000…the very fact that I did not spend $10,000,000 through good fiscal management actually means my budget gets cut….I do not get the same 10 mil…..I only get 8 mil… I am short and if my 10 mil is actually needed, I will have to fill out additional fund requests……this takes about 12 months to be acted upon. So, as a fiscal manager, to make sure that I have the funds necessary, I spend the two mil on bullshit so I get the same 10 mil for the next budget. You do not get a pat on the back for saving 2 mil and get to keep your same budget….you get penalized for turning it in and your budget cut.

        So, I ask you,……what would you do?

        • Now…..once you ponder this……I know you want to know what I did all those yearsI had budget responsibility…….I think I will let most try to guess what I did…….then I will spill the beans……

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I know what I did. I turned the money back and ticked off half the overhead in the agency.

            I submitted and “employee suggestion” that in the future those saving money should get a small piece of it as an award or the District should get to spend it on things it needs that were not funded.

            • Cool…..but when we tried the reward system…..things got ignored however, I established a soldiers fund that helped with food and housing for off base individuals and families…and the fund wold grow as to the savings….however, if something was ignored and not kept up, thhe repairs came out of the fund.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                I didn’t have that kind of flexibility. Great idea. In my case we used the money for awards for my staff, including paying their time to do other things that were much more fun. Officially that was a no no, but much of ours savings was due to my staff’s great efficiency. They also endured hardships to cut costs, like living in spike camps for ten days at a time to save on travel costs.

                This is the Govt. as I knew when I started out. Very conscious that we were stewards of the tax payer’s hard earned money.

                You have however, identified the key problem with funding Govt. There is no real incentive to cut costs because there is no “profit” motive. It only functions when all the people running it have the desire and honor to perform at the highest level, “just because they are supposed to”. That is an awful lot to ask civilian employees.

      • Right, right, right. I get all that guys, He should have worded it differently. I’m just assuming that he understands all the money games that are played and will hold department heads accountable for their spending. Justify your spending. I’d also go to the extent of kickbacks for x amount saved per quarter or whatever the time period is. I’ve always thought that his intent is to rob Peter (departments) to pay Paul (debt) and it will take some time to balance itself out. I’m also expecting it to be met with heels dug in, but this business of forever increased spending is going to stop. I could be wishful thinking and it may not go down like that, but I think that is what Trumps goal is.

        • Anita….I fear that you misread us. JAC and I have worked the government budget system before….unfortunately, it is not run as a business. Trump, in business, is quite correct but the POTUS lacks certain authorities to change things… budget items. Without the power of line item veto……a POTUS cannot simply, as in business, walk in and fire a department head and unilaterally cut budgets. ( I am sure that you know there is a difference in a Governmental Department Head and a Cabinet post )

          There is a procedure currently in place that rewards a person 10 percent of the savings if he/she can improve upon something that actually saves tax payer a better way to make a mouse trap. However there is no reward system in place for budgetary savings. In addition, the POTUS, cannot exact changes in procedures or tax codes. All of these items must pass through Congress ( both houses ). Now, like Obama, he can try to simply write new Executive Orders and hope they do not get over turned…..but the low road is…..once departments get money coming in, they are relunctant to let go of it. That is why people like JAC and I found other honorable ways to spend the excess….it would not go back into the treasury, it would simply go to someone who has requested a greater budget.

          It is a horribly flawed and corrupt system…..we need statesmen/women in the Congress with honorable intentions. But evey poor Congressman/woman who went to Congress gets rich….and the Potomac Fever catches them. Statesmen died long ago….., unfortunately….we do nto give up and we continue to try to recruit honest people. Two things that would help…..liine item veto ( I am in the minority on this ) and term limits and no life time appointed judges.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            A Congressman can serve six two year terms. A Senator can serve two six year terms. A President an serve three four year terms. Judges at any Federal level twelve years, period. And as a caveat, any terms served in one are deducted from the possibility of being elected to another branch and continuing the run…It’s a total of twelve and that’s it and if there are not enough years left you’re ineligible to run for that office.

            I believe I took a look at the stats from the late 1800’s concerning the years in office representatives spent. It was totally non-scientific, but I believe the results were similar then as it is today.

            What’s more an issue is the role the federal government has taken upon itself that is extra-constitutional that is causing the power shift away from the states, and into a one size fits all, regardless of the consequences. The graft and corruption has just shifted from being more city/state to one at the federal level, because that is where the power lies and the money is.

          • I’m going to stick my neck out here and just put these thoughts out there. You guys might just laugh me outta the room, but this is what I think will happen assuming Trump wins the presidency. First let me say that this is not your father’s government, nor your father’s presidency, and the mood of the country is an angry mood. I think that people are more in tune now than at any point in my 50+ years to government shinanigans, and therefore are open to whatever shock and awe shake up that Trump will present. You guys will agree that it is the will of the people that creates change. Trump has the gift of persuasion. Trump is also not afraid to cast shame. And he will also closely guard his brand.

            Soo…I’m expecting that even before the election, Trump will begin shaming congress publicly for its failures and will convince voters to cast their votes for who they believe will work best with HIS vision. He has laid his vision out with his acceptance speech. He has already shamed congress into following his lead and has the will of the people to back him.

            He proposed this ‘list of wasteful spending cuts’. Feeling the heat from the people, the mood of the country, the not your father’s time, the shame and/or persuasion from Trump, and whatever other vibes they feel…I think now is the time that cuts in spending will happen.

            What if…..just go with this for a sec…. Trump says that Common Core is gone and that education should be up to the states. According to the ‘president’s budget for 2016’ ( where the pesident’s budget came from, I have no idea…I thought we don’t do budgets anymore) approx 200 billion is slated for education. Trump could address congress with his idea to drop education from federal funding and return it to the states. How education would be funded while in transition is something to be worked out and I have no advice as I’m typing as to how that would happen… BUT…. Trump’s style is to think big…and with his power of persuasion…can say something to the effect of …It’s not rocket science folks, we’re at a crossroads here, it’s now or never, I just proposed a savings of 200 billion dollars…it’s on you to make it happen. I saved 200 billion….you have a moral obligation to save as well. So I challenge you to drop education funding from the federal level… and begin the process of cutting other wasteful spending in other departments.

            So you guys will say…it doesn’t work like that, Anita. I say….it didn’t used to work like that. Trump is a horse of a different color. He has that gift of persuasion. So his idea of dropping education is more of a leverage type of thing…where he could say…FINE…we’ll compromise… I’ll give you Education…you give me 10% cuts in all other departments…AND 10% cuts in Education.

            I’m just going to stop right here and see what flack I catch from this…………. plus, my son needs the computer for a while..

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              Good start…

              Congress should forthwith STOP passing NEW laws and go back through the legislation and delete and erase all ADDITIONAL laws and regulations that were not contained in the original SIGNED bill that have been added by unelected people. In other words get rid of the excess baggage that got added after the fact and the administration just filled in laws they they wanted without congressional oversight.

              that’ll be a start.

              The court trials, blackmail by the government and prison population in this country is a disgrace. The amount of lawyers in this country per capita was the same % up until the 1970’s. That is when the idea that government can fix anything by passing another law. Today, we have 4X per capita the amount of lawyers than we had 46 years ago. Are people just that much more lawless, or are there just that many more laws enacted to drive human behavior to a progressive ideal creating in itself the appearance of lawlessness….in other words….gotcha.

            • This is going to be one of the most brutal elections we have ever seen. I predict that The Donald will win with on caveat. I do not know the degree to which the system is rigged. If the election is close then Hilliary will have the edge do to voter fraud. It will be close if Gary Johnson pulls more from the Rs than the Ds.

              If Trump wins, then the establishment will have lost. They will have long memories and will carry a grudge. This will be both sides. Trump is like a foreign organism invading the body of the establishment. The immune system will go into full defense mode. They will try to block everything he does. He will need all negotiating skills plus a healthy dose of intelligence on the dirty connections and deals of the past. Only the threat of exposure will bring Congress in line.

              Trump’s shirt tails may not be long so it is a strong possibility that the Senate will flip. In either case there will be no 60 seat majority so either party can block legislation. Trump will need to crack the solid Democrat voting bloc to make progress.

              As for agenda, education is one good starting point. The unions will scream. But a plan for decreasing the DoEd by 20% per year with bloc grants to the state for the lost revenue in a similar declining formula would be a good start. Thus that states have the time to raise the missing revenue. It also means that national mandates disappear as does the Feds leverage of such things as bathroom rules.

              I would also tackle the DoEnergy. They were charted to make us energy independent. They failed. Good bye. I would put them also on a 5 year declining schedule to extinction. At the same time I would free up Federal lands and permits to go after our own resources with the goal of making us energy independent of ME oil and possible all imported oil. I would put a tariff on imported oil and refined products. One way to stop the ME terrorists is to cut off their money. I would also fund research into thorium reactors as a safer mass-scale clean energy source.

              I would require Congress to pass individual department spending bills by vetoing any omnibus bill. Then I would carefully scrutinize the individual bills and veto them if they contain significant wasteful spending. Congress can either override or do their job and pass a balanced budget.

              As Dale says, I would work to force all administrative regulations (psuedo-laws) to be reviewed and passed by Congress with a Presidential signature. Any regulation that is not so passed would be unenforceable.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I will address your direct ideas, directly.

              “First let me say that this is not your father’s government, nor your father’s presidency, and the mood of the country is an angry mood.” Agreed. However, that does not necessarily mean real change is in the wind. Remember, half the angry people want Socialism, half of the other half want ????

              ” I think that people are more in tune now than at any point in my 50+ years to government shinanigans, and therefore are open to whatever shock and awe shake up that Trump will present.” Again, maybe half to 1/3 yes. The others, not so much. Of course that depends on who he really is. If he is the Progressive Republican I believe him to be he could become very popular among the left and center.

              ” You guys will agree that it is the will of the people that creates change. Trump has the gift of persuasion. Trump is also not afraid to cast shame. And he will also closely guard his brand.” True, not necessarily, true, and very true. His brand is Yuuge and Winnnning. Persuasion in politics only goes so far. You have to be able to play hardball and throw the world’s nastiest slider and a fastball high and tight.

              “Soo…I’m expecting that even before the election, Trump will begin shaming congress publicly for its failures and will convince voters to cast their votes for who they believe will work best with HIS vision. He has laid his vision out with his acceptance speech. He has already shamed congress into following his lead and has the will of the people to back him.” I agree completely that he will probably go this way. Problem is the Dem. party. machine. He will have to be able to create pressure against them, shaming or just ignoring, but that will be very, very, hard. Democrats just don’t shame very much.

              “He proposed this ‘list of wasteful spending cuts’. Feeling the heat from the people, the mood of the country, the not your father’s time, the shame and/or persuasion from Trump, and whatever other vibes they feel…I think now is the time that cuts in spending will happen.” Only in those areas he wishes to cut in order to beef up social programs or the military. I believe your other statement is valid about robbing from one agency to fund programs in others.

              “What if…..just go with this for a sec…. Trump says that Common Core is gone and that education should be up to the states. According to the ‘president’s budget for 2016’ ( where the pesident’s budget came from, I have no idea…I thought we don’t do budgets anymore) approx 200 billion is slated for education. Trump could address congress with his idea to drop education from federal funding and return it to the states. How education would be funded while in transition is something to be worked out and I have no advice as I’m typing as to how that would happen… BUT…. Trump’s style is to think big…and with his power of persuasion…can say something to the effect of …It’s not rocket science folks, we’re at a crossroads here, it’s now or never, I just proposed a savings of 200 billion dollars…it’s on you to make it happen. I saved 200 billion….you have a moral obligation to save as well. So I challenge you to drop education funding from the federal level… and begin the process of cutting other wasteful spending in other departments.” I am skeptical that his shaming of congress and going over their head will matter. They will protect their turf. Depending on the program he wants cut his alliances must change. Again, to influence Congress he will have to be able to show that he took substantial Democratic votes or has high approval from Dems in polling.

              “So you guys will say…it doesn’t work like that, Anita. I say….it didn’t used to work like that. Trump is a horse of a different color. He has that gift of persuasion. So his idea of dropping education is more of a leverage type of thing…where he could say…FINE…we’ll compromise… I’ll give you Education…you give me 10% cuts in all other departments…AND 10% cuts in Education.” I agree that many of Trump’s positions appear to be “starting of negotiations”. They are not cast in concrete. I have no problem with this tactic but it will not necessarily work. As you said, this is not our fathers govt. In their day this kind of thing would work and did work.

              “I’m just going to stop right here and see what flack I catch from this………….” You catch none from me as I agree mostly on what I think Trump is doing and how he will try to get what he wants. I think he will get more than some expect because I think he will present stuff the Dems will agree with and some the Rep. agree with. My only warning is that Govt. does not work the same as business. Trump could win over Congress, have the right Cabinet appointments and find a bureaucracy entrenched in undermining his goals.

              In my humble opinion he needs to find good, smart people who have experience in BOTH Govt. and business.

              But again, Congress is entrenched and I do not think his “style” will get them moving again. Not if they want to play the partisan roles in hopes of winning the next election cycle. If Hillary loses you will see all hell break lose in the Democratic party. The Obama machine will kick in and the left will become entrenched, radicalized and even more vicious. Personally, I look forward to watching the meltdown and them expose who they really are.

              Long answer my dear, but I do not think you are that far off on your assessment of what will happen. Probably overly optimistic over what will get done.

          • NYC had that. I did it, made the suggestion which was incredibly simple. (The idiots were folding a standard sheet of paper in half stapling it and mailing it as “oversize mail”) when they could have folded it in three! After a year I was supposed to get a percent of the savings and a commemorative coffee mug. Lesee….. that was 1988. I’m still waiting!

  23. Damn……I keep typing……Hilary..Hilary…Hilary and hitting the delete button….she is still here.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I see your humor is working today. I like that one.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Sir….I read an editorial this morning that expressed the view opposite of what you state about the political landscape of Texas. That it is is surging toward the democratic party and is very near the cusp of the RNC losing the last remaining large State as a relative counter to the dems two solid states of NY and CA.

      I talked to the Mother, whose son is now the chief resident doctor at the hospital at or near Ft Bliss. She said that he is well aware of all the precautions you stated in a prior response to me. In fact she said that he had told her that they are expressly ordered to NOT cross the border. He apparently did his residency at the same hospital, so he has been in the area for quite some time.

    • Wrong tactic. Try the escape key.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Sir…put a filter on your communication devices that blocks from your systems any variation of the spelling of the Clinton’s, Hillary, Hilary. that’ll at least thin it down. I don’t know if those filters work beyond e-mail.

      Listened to an analysis presented on NPR yesterday about stress and angst etc. The findings were leading to the instant notification on devices such as your iphone of events immediately as they happen by social media…without delay or filter. The idea that before you sat down at 6 o’clock to watch the news. Local 1 hour and national/international another hour. You were prepared for whatever came across the tube or airwaves. The content could also be somewhat filtered as its graphic nature etc. With social media, you could be chilling out enjoying a cold one with friends and your facebook page chirps at you. You look and bam, an image of the carnage in Nice, or Munich or Kabul, or or or. A single person with their phone can post it and its worldwide in an instant. All of a sudden that relaxing moment is history. The MSM is also posting the images but at least usually with a warning of content. Their rationalization to post the same images is well, “its out there already” go with it.

      I was just at the local hardware store down the street. The tourists were out in droves already at 0900. Everyone, except for the little babies in strollers had their nose and eyes glued to their iphone, walking along oblivious to everything but the 3X4 screen in front of them. It’s actually getting to be NO fun heading to the local watering holes. Everyone is chatting elsewhere on their devices, not with the immediate people at hand. Heck one might just get a different viewpoint.
      me I leave the phone either off or home, unless I’m expecting a call.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        i forgot…to fill the 24 hour alleged news programs events that have absolutely no bearing on your community are looped over and over creating stress. Like a lost child, or a landslide in Oregon and we’re here in eastern NC. Who cares but the locals in Salem or Portland Oregon.

        To much information is not a requirement and is a detriment to live a carefree and less stressful day.

      • What you are describing was like my first venture (unknowingly) to a pot party back in ’69 or so. Brought my 6 pack and watched friends zone out giggling at their own internal joke while listening to Sgt. Pepper. Boringist damned thing I’ve ever done.

        If you can’t leave the machine home, why bother going out?

        • 2nd thought……

          Imagine in a few years when all purchases are internet based and the stores’/malls are gone. Ditto when everything is take-out because they can’t free themselves from the I-phone long enough to drive anywhere.

          The only people on the street will be Fed Ex, UPS, USPS and food delivery people! Now, that’s something Orwell/Huxley never predicted!

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            Yesterday, coming back from the grocery store, there was a guy in a pickup trying to merge onto the highway. He was trying to dial his phone, that hand was in plain sight and not on the wheel. He had a lit cigarette in the other and it was also not on the wheel, he was merging onto the highway with his knees. 1st, I stayed in a position to be clear in case something got away from him and he had to react. Like dropping the phone out the window. Or the cigarette dropping in his lap. Or the car in front slowed on their merge and he had to brake….what gets dropped. Totally insane.

            Back when I was still working up in the RTP area of NC, there was an 8 lane, 4 each way freeway. Normally the traffic flowed at around 70 MPH assuming there were no accidents. Routinely all of a sudden the traffic came to a crawl with no apparent reason, except when you reached the bottleneck, in usually was a person doing 45 MPH out in the 3rd lane, either gabbing on their phone, or their laptop is open on the passenger seat and they are working or doing e-mail. Not looking very often ahead. No problem for them because NOBODY is ahead of them, they’re usually weaving enough so people really had to be careful and when they’d weave right the a person go by on the left. etc. At NO time did I ever see anyone pulled over for that offense. Much less reckless endangerment

  24. There are 254 counties in Texas…..26 are Democrat up from 24….four years ago….all on the border except two.

    • It is expected to drop with the voter ID in effect… is anticipated that the Dems lose four counties this next cycle.

      The one county near Houston was won with 1200 illegal votes…..that will also change this election.

  25. Anita…..I do not think you are far off your assessments either. I feel you are hoping for the best in that people will be persuaded to join his side.

    Trump is a center/left person from what I can tell. Much like Bill Clinton’s second term. He certainly knows how the system works…because, like most big business, he knew how to use the system. Using the system does not make you a bad person. It is there for you to use as well.

    Now, if the system is rigged where you cannot use it or it is rigged for only a select few, this is where the immoral issue comes in….This is where Trump can POSSIBLY do something. But in reading what you wrote, you are highly dependent upon people “seeing the light”…this is where the deck is stacked. For Trump to succeed, he has to win over established power….and that is where he is going to hit some walls. Playing the political ball game is not for beginners. He can surround himself with the best minds of the century….but they have no power…..except administratively. I can guarantee you this…..and this is where the current Republican Party failed miserably….Trumps executive orders will be challenged thoroughly and with Democratic judges. He can place whomever he wants as head of the Justice Department but he cannot replace the Justice Department. It is ripe with entrenched liberal minds and is not independent. ( The days of Ronald Reagan firing the air traffic controllers are over ). That power was stripped from the POTUS the minute the dems took control again. So, Trump has a huge problem with “entrenched” house cleaning.

    Now, the one weapon he does have, is exposing the injustice and exposing fat and waste….but let us all face the issue…Republicans and Democrats alike are guilty as hell with pork and spending. I do not think that the established politicians give a shit what the public thinks and Trump exposing them is not going to matter.

    Allow me one case in point…..When the Republicans had control of the Presidency and the Senate and the House….the line item veto FAILED. Think about that. They could have changed it but it was defeated………….by Republicans. Look what they have done to Cruz….I know you will not believe this, but Cruz is dead. He will never have another committee and he will lose the next election. He was a Tea Party that stood up but his lunch is about to be handed to him. Very quietly behind the scenes in Washington DC…..this man is about to be relegated to floor sweeper….WHY? Because the other Tea Pary members did not back him…they folded in the crunch….Why? Because of the old adage of power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    You and I want to see the same things….and I want to see massive changes made….but I am still of the same feeling….it has to start at the local levels….a POTUS cannot change it. So, you and I are in agreement basically….and so is JAC but we have fought the fight. The system is powerful and very entrenched….it can be done….but we shall see how persuasive he can be.

    Also, remember this…the POTUS has no power in the Housse or Senate. He cannot replace Boehner and the like…..but I love your enthusiasm and your stance….hang in there….I have your six.

    • Colonel,

      I’ve never thought of myself as “center left”! Yet, I think Trump is on the money with almost everything he proposes. I keep using the Teddy Roosevelt analogy who was progressive but a patriot and a very different progressive from Wilson. There is no question that Trump, on the major issues is right leaning if you consider protecting the country and the PEOPLE to be patriotic. Putting banks, insurance companies, stock dividends before the PEOPLE does not qualify as right unless you are a wild eyed libertarian. It is pretty obvious that he gets the fact that the destruction of the middle class (well underway) is a recipe for social disintegration . Social disintegration is every bit as bad as an outside invasion which is happening anyway.

      The “right” wants a return to 1890’s robber baron capitalism coupled with unlimited “free” trade plus disarmament and subservience to a global economy and a dismantling of borders and the entire traditional concept of immigration. End result? Third world status for all but the insiders. As an old Barry Goldwater guy, I never signed on for that!

      • Stephen…..I do not think you are center left at all…..but I do think that you are center/leaning right….whichis where I like to think that I am for the most part. My big downfall, according to most of my civilian friends, is that I am far too patriotic. I bleed red/white/blue…..and have left some red in foreign fields. I believe in a robust military, fully trained and staffed and fully equipped. Our forces should be 1.5 million active and 1,000,000 active reserve.

        Now, on the business side, of which I am a great part of as well, my dad started a very nice family business right after WWII…he was a Navy man ( which I do not hold against him…too much ) but a very astute business man. We are very moral and believe in handshake business and I was taught that a man’s word is his bond. I was taught that NOTHING out ranks personal integrity. But in believing this, I am labeled far right. Patriotism and business is a pariah, now days. We take advantage of every single LAWFUL IRS code that allows us to save a penny. The left does that too…..including Bernie Sanders. So do our own leftists on this site. Every single one of us on here takes advantage of every single tax issue we can….does this make us right wing catamites?

        So, sir….I wonder if we should redefine what right and left is? What is a right wing or a left wing? We all have access to the same things…..perhaps it is time to redefine who we are….and use the term socialist…..for it is the socialist that really does not believe in individualism. It is the socialist that believes in re-distribution of wealth. It is the socialist that believes in globalism controlled by a few.

        • Agreed! I have felt since that National Review issue that the “Right” has gone somewhere else. They are on some weird ideological witch hunt to drive out those not 100% in synch.

          Probably have said this before, but when I took my job in NYC”s neighborhood Preservation Program back in ’72, I came home all enthused telling the Old Man that we were going to turn things around. His comment? “It took 30 years to screw it up, it will take 30 years to unscrew it.” Turned out he was absolutely right. Took to the end of the Guilliani Administration, 2001 to make the city completely livable and my old neighborhood what it had been when I grew up.

          On another note. My son Joe returned from the ME early June (UAE) after a five month deployment as a Major running a flight line. He has kept in touch with the Chief M/Sgt because a good friend and protege will be rotating in this summer. The chief told him things have gone to S—, His replacement, another Major has been sent home for incompetence, three troops have been sent home because of the possibility they will hurt themselves, two Sr. NCO’s went at it on the flight line. One is up on charges, the other is home having reconstructive surgery on his eye socket and a 25 year old Female 1st Lt. has committed suicide (possible rape). The force, after 15 years has had it. Joe’s deployment, in the Air NG, though only five months, was his fourth in five years. He is a GREAT officer and known for holding things together but even he was glad to get home because everybody is on the edge. Lot of papers going in on guys at the 10 year level, can’t take it anymore.

  26. Anita, Happy Sunday 🙂

    I also like your enthusiasm and hope that even half of what you feel can come true, that would be a great start. As I read along on the subject, it was interesting to read JAC’s and D13’s views on the matter. Whether they meant it or not, they both pretty much made the argument that the Federal government is too far gone to be fixed, they just said it in a way that was a bit kinder and more thoughtful than just coming out and saying it. But like you, I hold some hope that the people will wake up and a majority can help Trump out, should he win the election, which I think he will and will do so easily.

    As for people waking up……Trump will be campaigning against an unindicted felon, a corrupt power hungry witch who’s entire life story is out there for all to see. Still, people can’t see past their noses and have no individual thinking skills, so they believe CNN and MSNBC and comedians like Jon Stewart. Ignorance is bliss and there are millions of very happy people walking around (many playing a stupid video game these days). Just look at how many voted for Bernie. Socialism has never worked successfully, a historical fact, yet, ……..ignorance is bliss.

    It will be an interesting election cycle. Should make for some fun chats!

    • Just A Citizen says:


      It is not that govt. is to far gone or even to big to fix. It just cannot be fixed by one person sitting in the POTUS chair. I have been consistent in this and is why I play down the importance of the pres. elections except in preventing more progressives from getting that seat. Because they have the momentum and another one can actually move things because they have their people running things.

      The Govt. will change when Congress is changed and then we have a POTUS that at least goes along with Congress most of the time. Only when Congress cuts funding and sets goals clearly can major changes occur.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        JAC, You most certainly have maintained you position throughout. I believe I have as well. My position seems to have been proven several times. Congress changed in 2014. Then……….they bitch slapped the voters and ignored why they were voted into office. Now we have proof that the illusion of choice is a reality.

        I do indeed hope things can change. But I have much doubt.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          This is where you and thousands of other make the grave mistake: “Congress changed”.

          It did not change. SOME of its members changed. Just enough to cause some bumps and gain attention to Tea Party issue, budget and over reach.

          But it did not change enough to get things done. Putting 30 people in office out of 400 is not change. It is a START.

          Because people think they voted in a “new Congress” or “made changes to Congress” they get frustrated and cynical because their agenda went no place. This attitude is damaging to the revolutionary movement needed to make real change in Govt.

          I said 7 years ago that it will take two or more decades. Getting the right people elected, even if we could, would not be enough. And even that will take many election cycles because the PEOPLE are not on board with the ideas of freedom, liberty and justice for all as a complete package.

          You know that criticism going around about Obama and the Dems.? The one that says you can’t defeat the enemy if you are not willing to recognize it and call it by name. Well that same concept applies to the effort we face. Not just in naming it but in admitting how big and how long, and how hard the effort must be.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            Grace mistake my ass. The Republican Congress voted in in 2014 failed in every aspect. It is this very reason why Trump is the Presidential nominee. The real problem is the government and the monopoly on elections by two groups who are mostly the same. The kind of people that you think need elected will never materialize, those kinds of people won’t run, it’s not in their nature. This government isn’t fixable, ever. History has taught us that, or at least some of us.

    • Hey, I’m just happy I didn’t get laughed outta here while I was on my soapbox. I may still have more of a Pollyanna view than this government deserves, but I just have a feeling that the time is now. Like the pendulum has swung far enough that people are finally ready for the impossible. (JAC>>>I know you want to pounce on that word…feeling…relax, it’s not that deep 🙂 ) One thing I should have woven into my speech is that Trump uses Twitter as a bee line right to the folks. He can win hearts and minds with that in a hurry. No spin from the pundits. That’s a huuuuge advantage. Another thing…. Paul Ryan is on the ropes. If he gets “Cantored”, look out. That sends a message to the rest of the crooks, and Trump will run with that and…..well…I would be scared if it was my ass on the line. I also think that all these long in the tooth critters will be gone as they come up for election. Things are going to start looking and working differently in the next few years.

      • UH oh…..SMILE when you use the term “long in the tooth critters”…….them’s fightin’ words.

        • Yain’t goin nowhere Colonel. For some reason I think you’ll be around longer than me….and my tooth is shorter than yours. 🙂

          • Anita, from your mouth to God’s ear! I’d like to stick too. Things, frankly, are just so much fun. The adrenaline that this insane political season has generated over the past year is so much better than alcohol or even drugs I guess. Like Malcolm said, “the chickens have come home to roost”.

            • It has been fun! Have a nephew needing a hand up come to live with us since the election season has been in full swing. “Who are you voting for Jason?”….”I’m feeling the Bern”…. “Oh hell no you’re not”…and then the fight started, a month’s long fight…..Proud to say I won and he is actively recruiting his Indiana crowd to jump on the Trump train.

              • If, God forbid, the Trumpster wins, the kid just might get gainful employment (with a future). Might take a few years, the first two Reagan years were not great, but then, who knows? Certainly, cannot possibly do worse that we are doing now.

  27. I’d like to circulate this, anyone have an opinion? Want to add/subtract? Go ahead, be brutal.

    Going out on a limb here, these are based solely on my 69 years of experience plus track records and statements.

    Jill Stein: Nice lady. Heart is in the right place but is clueless about how things work. Has taken a few positions which dumbfound me like, “We went to war in Iraq, for the oil”. Personally, I’m Still waiting for that spigot to open not to mention both Mexico and Venezuela are a lot closer and much easier to bomb. So, while she is well intentioned, coming from where she comes from, there is no possible way she would get anything positive done.

    Gary Johnson: I firmly believe his motto to be, “Every man for himself!” While Johnson may be a sweetheart personally, may tithe to his church, help the homeless guy out, help a neighbor look for a job, when it comes to the purpose of government, in his book, it has nothing to do with any aid in any form to any person. The pseudo Ayn Rand thing just does not work for me and I suspect you could never get anywhere near a majority to go along with you. Everybody has a grandma.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton: Wow, where do I start? A woman whose greed has no bounds. The truth, what truth, whose truth, any truth? Pushes the same big lie I have been listening to from her party since LBJ. It starts out with , “Hi, I’m from the government, I’m here to help you.” Which, in the practical, real world has about as much resonance as, “I gave at the office” or “the check is in the mail”. Hillary, will in fact, deliver jobs. Menial, Goldman-Sachs approved part-time jobs which you will compete for with the millions of new unskilled immigrants that will pour into the country. While this is going on, you will enjoy feasting with your food stamps while corporate larders are running over with caviar. Welcome to Calcutta folks.

    Donald Trump: A real reach. Willing to risk an unknown quantity? Willing to risk someone with no governmental experience? Willing to risk change? What do we know about him? He is successful. Amazingly, with two divorces behind him he has kids from those marriages who love him. A con man with a big mouth…who gets things done. A man despised by his party leadership, the intelligencia, his class (a traitor to that class no less). A man espousing populist principles not heard since Theodore Roosevelt’s time. We also know that he has thousands of employees and has had tens of thousands more and there are not a whole lot of them who have bad things to say about him. We know that he has begun projects, stuck with them till they were completed, brought them in ahead of schedule, under budget and has, as mentioned provided thousands upon thousands of good middle class (often union) jobs.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      If that is your thoughts then you are farther left of center than I thought. I am surprised and disappointed in the use of the Marxian rhetoric when discussing “big” business in this country. You think Goldman Sachs Board sits around talking about how “low” to keep working wages and how to “hold the middle class down”?

      As for your love of Teddy, we have discussed that before. He was not “not as bad as Wilson”, he was the forefather of Wilson. Without Teddy’s moves, Wilson is not as successful. Without Wilson, FDR cannot do what he does. And that populist rhetoric has been used by Presidential candidates before Teddy and almost everyone since Teddy.

      The only difference in Trump is that he is a complete outsider when it comes to the “political class”. This makes him a wild card. And on this we do agree. The establishment is afraid right now of Trump winning.

      Jill Stein, Communists with green coats.

      Gary Johnson: Not a Libertarian and Not an Objecitivist. Goofball with no chance in hell.

      On the “everyone for themself” comment”. You are so right. Leaving people to their own own dreams and accomplishments, allowing them to define and pursue their own happiness is so “old school”. Can’t have that. How could we ever support the idea that people should be allowed to voluntarily associate with and trade with others as they see fit. Why expect a society that cares for its own families and friends. Much easier to shirk that responsibility and force others to do it for us.

      • Of course, sir…….ask the “Joe Blow” on welfare and food stamps and health care and cell phones and housing and social security they did not pay for………..if they should work on their own. Why don’t you understand that it is the responsibility of the government to furnish new cars? And, why do you even own more than one car and one TV? How dare you two think that we should take care of ourselves and live free….perish the thought. You, sir, are simply not in touch with the “GIMME” European Society. The shame of having to actually get a job….of actualy having to work for something. Shame on you for not understanding that education should be free and that illegal entry into the United States is ok. Shame, shame shame……for not burning our flag and spitting on the constitution….don’t you know you are a racist, slave owning, bigot… homophobic bastard? Don’t you understand that freedom and earning a living is racist and anti-American? I do not know what has become of you two low life, wagon rutting, snake sniffing cellar dwellers!!!! Oh, and dare I say, how can you not believe Hillary Clinton when she says she does not know of those emails within the DNC……don’t you understand that those emails are a right wing plot to discredit her inspired by Trump and Putin?

        Whew!!! That is about all the sarcasm I can muster without a Dr Pepper? How’d I do for a start?

      • No, GS just talks about making money for themselves. They could give two flying craps about anyone OTHER than themselves. Have you never , ever known a truly greedy, self centered person?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Why should GS be concerned about anything but making money? All I want them to do is act in an ethical and legal manner. Provided legal = ethical and “just”.

          I know many truly greedy and self centered people. They are among the greatness of humanity. Ever notice the Ten Commandments did not prohibit Greed or “Selfishness”?

      • Continuing…. I have met incredibly greedy people here in NY. Civil servants who do the wrong thing damaging many to enhance their own careers either within or without the Department. I’ve met landlords who have no qualms about cutting off heat in the middle of the winter to drive out 80 year olds, I have met landlords who bring a non-primary residence eviction when a Senior winds up in a rehab facility for a few months. They get out, their apartment and their belongings are gone. Maybe it is just a bit more cut-thoat in NYC and I am a bit less forgiving of the assholes in our society. Like the man said, nobody guaranteed equal outcome but we do try to guarantee equal opportunity. .

        I looked at the candidates and made my calls based on what I see. The problem with the Cruz-bots, is they cannot win. Sorry, maybe the best message in the world but the folks will not go for it. As I said everybody has a grandma. You have to undo fifty (50) FIFTY years of thinking to move things where Cruz says he wants to go. That is going to take time. That, is going to be incremental. The key to everything is to bring back the economy to bring back middle class jobs and job security. As people do well, they are more willing to listen to the message.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          What makes you think change, incremental or otherwise, will be possible if jobs come back and people get “comfortable” again?

          Seems to me that it was this comfort that led to our complacency which got us exactly what we deserved.

          • Because….HOPE. Hope that since several generations have been affected in these last few decades that maybe, just maybe, we the people will continue to pass the message to those willing to listen. To continue to hold people in congress, local or federal, accountable. That’s really all we have JAC.

  28. It’s fun watching the wheels come off the democratic bus.

  29. Hillary has 2205 committed delegates and needs 2383 for first ballot nomination. She also has 602 super delegates who while committed are not committed legally. So the possibility exists that the DNC could force her to withdraw. Not likely but possible. Will they be smart enough to cut their losses and pick another?

  30. Thoughts on the DNC. Bernie speaks tonight, Rience Priebus was interviewed by FOX and said that Bernie would likely change his speech because of the email scandal (yes, another one). In a classic move, Rience stated that if Bernie didn’t he would be seen as a puppy dog for the party. Could the whole Bernie movement be crushed tonight by one lame speech?

  31. T-Ray……..question…..why do you say the super delegates are illegal?

  32. Trump “up” by 5% in a post convention CNN poll!

    His comments on Roger Ailes seem to have back burnered fast.

  33. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    The new night club shooting in Ft Myer’s FL, Isn’t it quite obvious that the MSM is scrupulously avoiding any reference of race at the teen party. The “facebook” images posted showed all blacks. I by extension will assume the shooters were black also, or this would be really whipped up as some sort of hate crime. Gang shooting perhaps? Much less the POTUS has not stepped in and probably remain silent as he does in these cases, because they do NOT create divides in race relations in the US, therefore benefiting the DEMS. Total speculation at this point.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      If Blacks represent just 12% of the population in the US the stat of black on black killings is a total travesty. But that does not gain any political points.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The vast majority of murders within the two races is committed by people of the same race, whether black or white.

        It is the total murders of and by Blacks/Whites compared to their proportion of the population.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          JAC…I got that….there is very little crossover between the races. The fact that with the disparity of the “white” population and the “black” population, and the total numbers are very close spells out that there is a serious problem and that it is NOT racism related as the POTUS and the MSM and other race baiters would have us believe. The tactic of divide and conquer is alive and well in US politics.

          The real statistics do not buy votes and airtime. It also would make the progressives, and that includes both parties, admit that their “social” policies have been an abysmal failure

        • Much of that is because the races are still divided in housing. The blacks live in their own neighborhoods, especially the low income ones. They run their scams and their drugs on their own folks. When things go to hell, they go to hell with other blacks. Not that anyone has any stats but in NYC, Dominican crime is basically on Dominicans. In Chinatown, ditto.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            This brings up an old saying that is true to nature but runs counter to the progressives agenda…”Birds of a feather flock together”

            Now in nature as we all know, species that do not compete for the same resources can and do live peacefully together. Species that compete for the same resource, the bigger and tougher one will prevail and drive out or kill the lesser species. Or in time adapt to reach those hard to reach areas, like the tree tops, a girafe, where the antelope stays low. The girafe can not reach low and the antelope can not reach but so far.

  34. Just A Citizen says:
  35. Just A Citizen says:

    Short thoughts on politics this AM.

    The DNC/Clinton camp is trying to claim Russia hacked the emails TO HELP TRUMP. A not so veiled effort to make it look like Trump and Putin are best buds. Some missed the fact this actually started during the convention when left wing media started claiming Trump forced changes in the RNC platform to “favor Russia”. What he did was remove a plank calling for the arming of Ukraine. That is supposed to be akin to aligning with Russia in the minds of Demorats. They of course miss the hypocrisy in their arguments.

    The Wicked Witch of Florida has been exposed and is gone. There may be a God after all.

    Sanders, exposes himself as a phony this week. Progressives throw a fit then align with Hillary. Proving once again that the left has NO MORAL OR ETHICAL compass. The “ends justify the means” is their standard.

    Trump continues to damage the good he does by acting childish. Cruz comments being the latest. He now needs to start speaking to the “undecided voters”. He has secured almost as much as he can from those who have made up their minds.

    Trump needs a BOLD move in the inner cities that will blow the lid off the DNC monopoly. I see little evidence of this happening at this point.

    • I mostly agree. I think the DNC email scandal will play a bigger role than it’s been given credit for. The people are fed up with the elite political class and the media bullshit. Bernie supporters are probably more inline with Trump’s views on trade and the economy, which, as I and many others have said before, that’s the normal driver of election outcomes. Or, as Bill Clinton said, “It’s the economy, stupid”, which will come back to haunt Hitlary in a big way.

      the left has NO MORAL OR ETHICAL compass

      How ever so true, but I don’t think Bernie supporters are going to step in line after Debbie’s foul up. My guess, 40% vote Trump, 25% vote Hitlary, 35% don’t vote at all. The snowflakes have been screwed and they will act out, it’s what children do, LOL. 🙂

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I am so sick of the DNC and MSM’s and Hillary’s continual excuse “It’s a vast right wing conspiracy” This is repeated ad nauseum since Hillary and Bill occupied the WH and leak after leak and scandal after scandal were exposed.

        I guess it was to much to ask that when Bill basically was deep sixed as a president with his impeachment, it just might have carried over unto her and sunk her also. Given that she was in my estimation the enabler in that partnership. And the most scheming and coniving, lying and criminal of the two.

        Lest we forget Obama also

  36. John Kerry has come out AGAINST air conditioning. Who wants to meet me at his house tomorrow AM and rip out the central Air to save our planet?!

    The Colonel has to come because he can provide us with the post Viet-nam PTSD cover we need!

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Makes total sense to me. Wasn’t all that long ago, like within our time that AC was basically not existent. Not only save an enormous amount of energy, but just think of the jobs it will create. Every home will have a “gunga din” type person sitting in a corner pulling on a rope moving the fans to keep the elites cooler. The hand fan business will have a resurgance. And heaven forbid we sweat. Might clean out some of the toxins.
      Let’s see. parents childhood houses. NO AC then and now. 1st house I remember NO AC, 2nd house, NO AC, 1st house in CA NO AC, 2nd house in CA, only had two wall units. House in West VA NO AC, House in Sicily, NO AC, all 4 houses in New England NO AC, The places I have been in NC, I use the AC as a dehumidifier. Temp set to be just different than the outside temp. Plus lots of shade trees, plus porches creating shade, and in days of old, the shutters were closed at times of the day. Using the OLD methods, I cut my power usage by 2/3 here in the south.

      Porches and veranda’s were deemed to expensive so have been usually not built any more. But with the sun beating directly on the slab sides of a house the utility costs within a few years out strip the initial one time porch cost. Much less sealing up a house to save energy makes you unhealthy and the house does not breath……I’ll definitely attend the gathering at Kerry’s mansions.

      Not to mention, the summer migration to the mountains like the Pocano’s or Catskills and the wife and kids play and the husband stays in the city and also works and plays.

      But remember even in Italy where AC is rare, one has to be prepared for thousands of deaths each year during heat waves, predominantly among the elderly and sick, even in hospitals. God, the reflector glass skyscrapers create a solar furnace between the buildings, creating a need for more AC and energy use.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Tonight I made a “HOT” curry dish. made me break out in a sweat, very cooling. The Brits drank hot tea, more cooling and refreshing in India etc than a cold soda, plus healthier.

      • Ahhhh……them are the days… about the ice box that was a real ice box…where the deliveryman had a leather shoulder pad with a huge block of ice being carried with tongs. Humidifiers and true water cooled air…..I will never forget the day we actually got a refridgerator,,,then the ELECTRIC can opener followed. I volunteered to feed the dogs everday because it was cool to use the can opener. Window awnings on the west side of the house.

        No AC in schools either and only radiator heat that only heated within about 20 sq feet and rattled like a B B in a box car. In the summer, the fans were turned on so high you could not keep the paper on your desk. I eagerly awaited eraser duty when you could go outside in the air and pound the erasers clean.


        As to John Kerry……you are talking about the man who put himself in for three purple hearts. THAT Jonh Kerry? The same one who threw a thermite grenade in a basket full of rice and did not get far enough away and his wound was……..rice flakes that imbedded in his arm? That John Kerry? The three purple hearts that did not require ONE SINGLE DAY of hospitalization? I do think that he and Jane Fonda would make a cute couple for the firing squad…….The same John Kerry that threw his medals in the Washington Pool……and then years later displayed them proudly? That John Kerry?

        Ok…how about this……bring him to Fort Worth and let me lock him in a car during the day with the windows rolled up? It can’t be my car, of course…..I do not want dog shit in there.

        • Eraser duty, yeah… Do not pound them on the bricks of the school at St. Aloysius School. Sr. Gertrude and Sr. Cheribum will have you in conversation with God, on your knees, on hard square tile floors. quicker than you can say ” I didn’t do it”. And don’t say that either or your conversation with God just got longer. 🙂

          • Well, I did not go to Catholic School……..or anything like it……but if we pounded erasers on the side of school buildings, we had to assist the janitor in cleaning the school lunch room AFTER SCHOOL. Not to mention the eraser wars…..going home with chalk dust all over your clothes from being hit. b bn0……………………….0

            Water ba 32
            6..6 vty64r5egs on radiators……forgot about that….and how about the big plastic tubes that were in the back car window forcing air throughout the car. Of course, you had to be driving to get that. Long tubes connected to the front of the car forcing air to the back…..the faster you drove the harder the air.

            Isn’t it amazing….when I got married in 1969, my parents gave me an old Maytag washing machine that they had bought in 1959… worked until 1991….finally gave up the ghost. It out lasted two dryers and those dryers were bought after hanging clothes on the lines out side for about 5 or 6 years…..with, yes, the “hinged” wooden clothes pins that we could turn into rubber band guns at a moments notice. In younger years, I remember taking the clothes pins and turning them onto rubber band guns shooting toy soldiers, the dog, cat, or whatever got into our way.

            With the advent of the clothes pin rubber band gun…the Lincoln log fortress was reduced to rubble. Tinker Toys that snapped together made the rubber band gun obsolete as far as destroying the “fort”. So we figured out how to make a “Trebuchet” from large soup spoons and invented the mortar that pitched golf balls about 20 feet. That reduced the Tinker Toy indestructible fortress to ruin….along with lamp shades, windows, your sister’s Shirley Temple Dolls and baby carriage to absolute mayhem.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Let’s see….those canvas water bags hanging in front of the radiators of your car. AC was those units that hung on your car window filled with water, Air was forced through the unit, and when you wanted cool air, just pull the cord. You also got a fine mist. So riding shotgun was a much fought over seat when in the desert traveling. Citrus and fruit inspections anytime you entered a State that produced those types.

          The fridge my parents got as a wedding present in ’49 is still working, in a basement in PA keeping the beer cold at the old family homestead.

          • As I write this I am staring at a dead GE Alarm clock which gave up the ghost about 6 months ago. I cannot quite bring myself to dispose of it. My Dad bought it around 1962 and it has been plugged in ever since. A nighttime smoker, the clock face shows a nice brownish patina. When we did the kitchen a couple months back I took the opportunity to move the not so old fridge to the garage and throw in a case of beer. The delivery guy told me I’d have to unplug it in the middle of winter since the new refrigerant used will freeze up in -32 weather. Great!

            • ‘Scuse me? Did I read -32? As in degrees below friggin’ zero? First, JAC tells me he drinks coffee and then you tell me you live where it would get so cold you have to unplug a fridge to keep it from freezing?

              • YES! And I haven’t been outside in 2 weeks because the thermometer has been over 85 for that long! What good is summer when you can’t get outside. Finally got down into the 60s last night. Went outside at midnight and hung out with the doggies for a while.

              • don’t know where the minus came from. Best we did last winter was -4on my back porch and that is the first time in a very long time for that.

                Anita the heat is in your head, remember that. It is usually ok to get out and walk around till some jerk reminds you its 93.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                One of the major reasons I do not live up in New England anymore is there was a spell where it never came close to zero for two months, Usually it was somewhere between -30 and -40. The straw that broke my back was getting off a plane from the Caribbean where it was a nice 85 degrees for two weeks and it was -40 at Doral and the parking lot was level at the cars rooftops. Luckily we parked in the sub basement at the Hyatt Regency, no digging or trying to get service to start what would clearly be a frozen car.

                The past week + we’ve been 95 – 100 in the shade by noon. Luckily the humidity has been around 55%. Just got back inside from working on landscaping. Sweat for sure, but not bad. The heat index—-105 +

                Still better than Death Valley in the summer, where you’d dehydrate and be a raisin in no time at all, or Sicily. Get the wind and dust off the Sahara plus cinders from Mt Etna, it’ll turn any clothing into 60-500 grit sandpaper…..but then you guys who enjoyed time in the ME that’d be a vacation.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    I work hard for my money, and I want to keep my money. I want to make more money, so I can enjoy things I want to do.

    The poor and the left want to take my money for their own use and enjoyment.

    And the poor and the left call me Greedy!

    Good lord, what has become of rational thinking?

  38. Is it possible for Moochelle to be any more full of shit? Then again, when you can spend 10 million a year on vacations………..

  39. I feel bad for our friend Charlie Stella. He was feeling the Bern, now he’s likely feeling burnt. Maybe Bernie is gonna feel some of that Clinton Cash when he retires (probably very soon). Assange is my hero today 😀

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      So she’s saying the military should have gone into Benghazi without orders by their civilian leaders?

      Geez, I wish Hillary would get a sex change, then at least they could cut her balls off.

    • Previous SoS’s did not lie to the public about the cause. Previous attacks were over quickly and could not be responded to. Does she take lessons on how to lie with a straight face?

      • Straight face, my donkey’s ass. Her face looks like it has been shot at and missed…shit at and hit. 12 pounds of makeup and foundation cannot cover those wagon tracks….I, personally, do not have wrinkles….I have wisdom lines and war maps.

        I must apologize for the above remarks….it seems that I was not politically correct and insensitive to her feelings…..JAC and I must repent and attend sensitivity classes on how to be “inclusive”. I must learn how to retreat to my “safe place” and sing “Kumbayah”….while rocking to and fro and holding a flower and wearing a ball cap with a white dove insignia emblazoned on the front……….

        Wow…sarcasm lessons today…..

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Hey, I am inclusive. I include all the snowflakes and left wing loons in my target field.

          I am also “sensitive” to the stupidity and hypocrisy which drives these sniffling little thieves and cheats in their immoral quest to run other people’s lives.

          And I am in my safe place singing Kumbayah as I watch the clouds pass by in a bright blue sky and listen to the birds singing in the trees. Surrounded by like minded people who have as little use for the left wing of humanity as I do. Well maybe not quite as much as I do, but they sure are not enamored by it either.

  40. JAC says:

    I work hard for my money, and I want to keep my money. I want to make more money, so I can enjoy things I want to do.

    The poor and the left want to take my money for their own use and enjoyment.

    And the poor and the left call me Greedy!

    Good lord, what has become of rational thinking?

    D13: I sent this to the DNC. Three computers imploded.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      It’s amazing how immediate the accusation was against the Russians by the DNC and FBI and the cybersecurity firms the DNC uses. Not that they didn’t, but the claim was to help Trump futhering the lefts right wing conspiracy. The cyber groups say the Russians hacked into the WH, State Dept and DOD, they’re that good, and obviously our protections are useless against them. Their claim is that we are very familiar with the group and know all their patterns, but still could stop them.

      That said….at the same time there is the claim that the Russians at NO time were able to penetrate Hillary’s unauthorized and private server. That there were attempts but were instantly detected and blocked.

      SK….would you mind trotting down to the Brooklyn Bridge later today, and put a for sale sign up, I want to sell it.

      I’m waiting for the hammer to drop when the Russians DO release her hacked emails. Bill’s foundations money is deep, but it can not be anywhere as deep as the money the US Gov spends on cyber security. Now, I have a question that never has been asked or answered…..where did Hillary get the money to insatll such a system. Her private income from the State Dept could be enough. If she claimed it on her expense account that would lhave raised questions….did it come from the Clinton Foundation?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Wish I had thought of that. Maybe you should send it to the RNC. I’m betting you get the same result.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    Coffee discussion this AM with Spousal Unit Leader. It started with reviewing places on our “travel wish list”. I suggested that some places be taken off the list and others deferred due to the Islamic love fest in Europe. Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey were on my list. To be removed.

    France, Italy and Spain were on her list. I suggested deferring but she is set on the Spain/Italy thing next year or two.

    This led to “I wonder if the Middle East will ever calm down so we can see it”. To which I replied “not in my lifetime, so I am giving up on the idea”. This of course begged the bigger question; “What will it take? What can the US do about it?”

    Abridged version of my explanation to her: It will take TOTAL committement of US armed forces and intelligence. It will take an all out war in alliance with Europe AND Russia, even China. It will take decades to destroy it, take it over and then rebuild it. If we do not have what it takes to stomach that then we need to just get the hell out.

    Her response: Well then we need to get the hell out because Americans no longer have the patience needed to do what it will take. We should pull the troops home and deploy them to the southern border.

    • JAC: Coffee? Really?

      “Her response: Well then we need to get the hell out because Americans no longer have the patience needed to do what it will take. We should pull the troops home and deploy them to the southern border.”

      Please inform your spousal unit that her proposal is acceptable….her stock just went up.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I thought the same thing. I did NOT say it sounded like she should vote for Trump though. She is still struggling with that bridge. 🙂

        • Well, please let her know that I am not a Trump fan either……but the alternative just isn’t good……sort of picking between a North Vietnamese soldier or a Viet Cong soldier….both were dangerous but the Viet Cong less dangerous and less trained.

          Out of curiosity… does she handle the e mail issues? Doesnot care?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            If you mean the Clinton server and State Dept. emails, that was the last straw for her. Benghazi soured her on Clinton but those emails pushed her into the never Hillary camp.

            You may recall I posted what would have happened to her had she even been caught using private computer email for business. Loss of job. In addition we had to rearrange our family investments when she took her last two jobs. The stuff Clinton had going on, supposedly under Bill’s ownership, was prohibited. Absolutely all APPEARANCE of conflict of interest had to be purged from our investment portfolio.

            Her struggle now is whether to vote Trump or write in another name, since we have write in options here. She really liked Rubio and Fiorina.

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              JAC…I had asked earlier about the ownership of the server in Chappaqua…is that a fact that it actually was Bill’s and his foundation’s? Now that definitely compounds the illegality of what she did…..but then what does the rule of law mean to them

              • Just A Citizen says:


                I do not know about who owned the server. I was commenting on Bills speaking fees from foreign countries and the Clinton’s investment portfolio. Which of course includes the family ties to the Clinton Global Initiative.

                When my wife got to a certain grade level in federal govt. we had to divest of all investments which could be or appeared to be a conflict of interest. We had to provide financial statements annually along with sworn affidavits as to our ownership and involvement in things which were not allowed. This included any income I might have from business, academic work or speaking fees.

                As to your point, you are dead on. If that server was not her’s she was doubly criminal. But you are also correct in that nothing will happen. It looks like the double standard is now permanently embedded in our system.

    • JAC – defer a trip to Spain and Italy!? Not on your life. I’d jump on a flight tonight to either country with no qualms whatsoever.

      Turkey unfortunately should be deferred at the moment (but certainly not relegated to the never in your lifetime list!). I was fortunate enough to visit in fall 2014…just as we started dropping bombs along the Syrian border. Other than one political protest in Istanbul which we steered clear from, no issues and felt perfectly safe. Was one of my more memorable trips actually.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        That was my advice. Partly due to proximity of France, which is obviously a target.

        Her trip will include a family group. They want to make some hike along a religious pilgrimage route in Spain. I know nothing of it and have no desire to see it.

        So the plan is for her and kin to make the hike and then lil JAC and I meet up with her in Tuscany. Then again, maybe he and I will just stay home and go fly fishing on the Yellowstone, Madison, Henry’s Fork and South Fork Snake rivers.

        • JAC – I’d have no problems visiting France (any part) at the moment either.

          Are you referring to the Camino de Santiago?? I’d love to do that one day. I’d be happy to accompany her! Why no desire on your part?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Yes, I believe that is the name. I have little interest in anything of that nature. I also do not have that much interest in that part of the world.

            I have always been more drawn to those exotic places where civilizations history is unique and much older. Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Greece were among my top places. So is Japan, China and Mongolia. The next tier is Russia and the homeland of my ancestors, Sweden and Scotland. I throw in Ireland because they are distant cousins to the Scots, and Spousal Unit Leader is Half Irish.

            I wish that Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey would become peaceful. I would love to explore that part of the world. I think you underestimate the current risk to Americans traveling in that part of the world.

            Meanwhile we are planning a short trip to Hawaii early winter/late fall. Then a return to New Zealand and Australia this coming year or next. Somewhere in there I hope to get to the Caribbean as well. Friends suggest a “cruise” but I want to spend time on the various Islands.

            • I fear you grossly overestimate the danger. Yes, there are certainly places I would not visit today, but nowhere in Europe is on that list.

              Japan and China are both absolutely incredible places. Would like to explore more of both countries (and Mongolia one day!). For me, next trip is scheduled to Nepal. Then back to London to visit family. And currently thinking of where to hit up after that…

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Followup: A few pictures of where I live. Here in the western foothills of the Rockies.


            Why go to Europe when you have this as your yard?

            • Man! I need to be there. I wouldn’t have to leave either. I’ll get out that way some day.

            • To be fair, I haven’t traveled around the USneaeky as much as I’d like, but every time I look into, some further corner of the globe beckons!

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          To do the whole Camino de Santiago requires one to start in Paris. But generally people start in the Pyrennes. I wish to do that pilgrimage someday. It’s to bad that the El Camino Real in California connecting all the missions is almost all city today.

  42. Just A Citizen says:

    Another example of how the media elites are subverted by left wing operatives. This was carried as a “news report” on Huff Po. Yet it is nothing but editorializing. There is another headline on Huff Po claiming the Obama Administration believes Russia is working to get Trump elected. This is a blatant attempt by the Executive Branch to spread propaganda to influence an election.

    If there is one thing Trump’s nomination has done it is to force the corruption and hidden power structure to the surface. The question remaining is whether the majority of people will recognize what they are watching and listening to.

  43. Well, the mortician did an absolutely excellent job on Bill Clinton. He looked so alive and lifelike.

  44. Just A Citizen says:

    An opening for Trump. Will he use it effectively????

  45. Buck…if you do jump on a plane to Spain… would be basically ok…..I would not rent a bicycle and ride around but if you stay in touristy areas… would be ok…..Italy….interesting proposition…you would be very surprised at the change there the last 6 months…..and do not expect to travel freely, meaning one country to another….you will be stopped. You can get to Austria ok….but will go through a border checkpoint….you will get to France ok..through a border checkpoint….you will NOT get to Slovenia, Croatia nor Hungary…borders are closed. Within 6 months, you will not be able to get from Spain to France over land. In 12 months you will not be able to travel from Greece NOrthward.

    There is no safe place in France right now…not since the attack in NICE on the tourist areas. Even Bistros in Paris are becoming off limits……But……..anyone traveling in Europe…even Germany in these times…is taking a greater risk than swimming of the coast of Florida or Australia during Sea Turtle migration.

    The National Ballroom Dance Federation, of which I am a member, have discontinued all competitions in England, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Russia, China, and the Netherlands. State Department warnings are out about kidnappings.

    But, if you decide to go,,,,,have fun, keep yer eyes open, and yer powder dry.

    • Meh. I am not concerned about traveling in, to, or around Europe. France – I’d happily go today. Paris is one of my favorite cities and I feel you are overstating the danger. Croatia – just had a friend return from there not too long ago – they had a wonderful time, felt extremely safe, and had absolutely no issues getting in or out.

      There is not one country you mentioned on where competitions have been discontinued that I would not visit today. In fact, when I go to Nepal Ill have a 14-hr layover in Guangzhou, China and I’m looking forward to running around the city during that time!

      • You will absolutely love Nepal…( I would even go back to Nepal )..Rustic…..China is ok….but it has been years since I have been there. we were in Beijing and could walk the square and three blocks either side of it but were not permitted to just wander around anywhere….not without escort.

        Actually, I am not over stating anything as the info is coming straight from the State Department bulletins…but you can still go. Like Dubai… can go but it is not recommended by the State Department.

        But I also recommend going quickly….the Euro is dying fast. Judging from what we are seeing on the economic front….not a good investment and I see the dollar getting much stronger which would make traveling over there more expensive….like I said…..keep yer eyes open and yer powder dry.

  46. Oh…and remember our “perfectly safe borders”, according to Obama and Hillary…..all members of the military, active and reserve, are prohibited from entering Mexico…..all retired military and their families are being sent notices from the State Department to not go to Mexico and are advised to cancel all cruises with stops in Mexico…..

    Wonder what is going on…..I do not have the specifics yet.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      High and tight is a target #1…..blend in and the risk is reduced. But an American regardless will stick out like a sore thumb in Mexico etc. I may be redundant, but during very dangerous times for terrorism in the 70’s in Europe, we in Sicily got to wear our hair and clothing in such a way to blend in, NOT be separate and different. There were so many northern europeans around, it usually was hard to distinquish and american service person and another european…that is unless an american opened their mouth. At the time I spoke 4 languages so did most of my personnel. Today, who knows. Visited in ’05 and 100% of the american service people were identifiable due to hair and T-‘s, besides stature. Also 100% were pulled into the compound to live and had nothing what so ever to do with the locals post 9/11 and it is still no matter what the world thinks only approaching the 70’s and still not close. The difference is that people are much more naive and un-observant and not paying attention.

      Just left a local bar/restaurant and the two young couples that came in and wanted 4 seats together at the bar……never talked to each other…..they were playing the hit new rage of Pokie-Man…..can someone jelp me out here? Apparently there are poving groups after 0200-0300 in the AM playing Pokie-man on the streets in town….what the hell is this game?

      • My daughter in law says it is virtual. It tells you to go somewhere and when you get close shows you the area on the screen with some type of item or clue added to the real picture. Then you head off. Sounds pretty Goddam dumb to me. The folks at the Holocaust museum in DC were not happy the other day when the interior became a “clue”. Essentially, in my book, a desecration of something that should be sacred. I can imagine that if there are clues at the Viet-nam vets memorial, tempers might just flare.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          obviously the bar was a clue. Groups came in all on their social media….ordered a drink and headed out…

  47. Watching Trump in Scranton on C-Span. You ought to HEAR the crowd. My peeps, God bless them.

  48. Deutsche Bank……..just reported 105% DECREASE in revenues today over a 12 month period of time. Negative interest rates not working for them and since they are the leading lender in Europe……it is going to be interesting. It is predicteed that the flight of cash out of Europe is going to increase dramatically……that is not a good thing for the Euro.

    Duetsche Bank reported that one of the main reasons for the lower revenues is the fight of hard currency from the bank and that the littel person is not trusting the bank very well and there is a minor run on the bank.

    AXA insurance in France just divested 1/3 of its cash from Duetsche Bank as did Generali of Italy. Merkel is having a fit because European companies are hedging their cash off shore now or are beginning to do so.

    Minich Re also moved several billion off shore….it is going to be interesting.

    • Not up enough on the German Parliamentary system. Can there be a no-confidence vote leading to new elections?

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Merkel, Times “Person of the Year” last year is history, as is Hollande on a lesser note.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      They also FAILED a required stress test last month. They were one of the few that failed of 32 major banks. They had all the excuses that you noted, The ECB is starting to buy not just “Government bonds” but everything to try and put some zip in the economy. Japan is 30 years into and stagflation and no end is in sight. Europe is been there also for a while, it’s was just the euro was a darling but based on thinner air than the US dollar,

      When I was still in the manufacturing business, all the experts said we have to be just like the Japanese. It turned out as serious analysts who truly knew their business thought…it’s easy to beat them with being able to adapt quickly…..we beat the crap out of our competitors until outsourcing became in vogue. Europe only survived as a closed unit lilimiting competition, but the EU created a “GROUP” think mentality just like Japan and they failed…..Europe had 23 competing countries with different views. The EU created one. One bureaucratic failure TA-TA.

      As much as the Feds, Hillary and Obama try make the US a to clone of the EU and Japan and the people and states fight back we will remain dominant in the world economy….period…..”power to the people” sign up to Hillary and we’re one step closer to mediocracy.

      Back to banking HSBC is also in major trouble..among other european banks including Swiss

  49. Nice point on Lou Dobbs. If the 30,000 deleted E-mails are nothing but wedding plans and cookie recipes, who should care if Putin finds them? Why do I think the Donald is smarter than not just some people but everybody!

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Like Hillary’s server. Thousand of “personal” emails and literally an absence of official email, and also none in the State Dept data bases….what did she do her entire tenure? as you and dobbs said, just swap recipes?

      Mara Aliason (sp) on NPR, she also does Fox political analysis. She’s pretty good. Anyway today she was commenting on both Trump and Hillary. She said that at NO time in an election like this has BOTH parties nominees had such a large NEGATIVE rating…..not trying to make a pun…but Hillary’s negative sure as heck have to trump Trump’s.

      • Remember William Daniels masterful portrayal of John Adams in “1776”? His line was, “I am obnoxious and disliked”.

        While Trump may be the same, he, like Adams is right about most things most times. In addition the guy makes me tired looking at him. Left Scranton what, a couple hours ago and he is now at a rally in Toledo. Same response from the folks.

        To quote FDR. And I do think the people are getting to feel about him this way.

        “He may be a son-of-a bitch but he is OUR son-of-a bitch.”

        To quote me. “It is about time we damn well had a son-of-a bitch on OUR side.”

        • I think it’s refreshing to watch someone give the Democrats a mouthful of their own medicine. Trump owned the narrative yesterday and the media played along like lapdogs, probably wanting a sound bite to hurt his campaign. He’s doing the hurting and it’s hilarious.

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