Let The Mud Fly

mud1With the beginning of August right around the corner, the Presidential campaign of 2016 has come down to two people.  What many see as  “Wildcard vs. Obama continued” could devolve into the muddiest campaign season in modern history.  Trump, a successful businessman with a large loving family against Hillary Clinton, who’s odd disfunctional marriage is anything like normal or loving, will duke it out until November.  By then, we will likely be sick and tired of both of them and the whole campaign issue.

There are lot’s of other stuff that will make the news in the coming months.  Terrorist attacks will continue, with Europe on the radar.  Upcoming economic problems, more cop killings, more crime, and lot’s of other crazy stuff in a world where being civilized seems to be heading towards a thing of the past.  There is some good things to look forward too, the NFL is set to begin, which includes Fantasy Football.  As Fall sets in, hunting season’s kick into full speed and hunters will be hitting the woods once again.  I’m also planning on some fishing on Lake Erie as well as pond side locally.  Much fun to still be had this Summer, I hope everyone takes advantage of the warm weather.




  1. 😎

  2. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    All the fake hugs and kisses with Obama and Hillary. Nauseating. Fully 1/3 of the articles on my internet providers homepage had the stories and photos, over and over.

    So Obama feels the Hillary is the “best qualified candidate for president, man or women, EVER” His legacy will continue with Hillary. She will step up the pace of destroying the US as a independent nation and continue driving the wedges between groups. Actually the Democrats should be renamed the “Party of Hate” because of all the hate groups they openly endorse who wish to do harm to this country.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      By 0900 the # of glowing articles about Obama and Hillary and all the splinter groups on the homepage now is 7/16.

      There may have been articles on Trump and the RNC to that # each day during the Republican convention, but none were positive, all ugly and nasty and saying how evil the R’s are.

      Bias bias bias…a successful coup always in modern history takes over the sources of communication and media.

  3. In the clip, the delegate says that he got to the convention between 5-6pm and the place was virtually empty but that it suspiciously filled up very quickly.

    “Every seat in the house is full – so those seat fillers you guys were hearing about? It’s real, they’re in here now,” states the delegate.

    He went on to explain how the seat fillers were people he did not know and hadn’t seen at the convention previously.

    The man goes on to note how the arrival of the seat fillers coincided with the media narrative that the DNC is now far more unified than when it began and how everyone is applauding and cheering in unity.

    “It’s because the Bernie people aren’t here and the people that are here are getting paid to sit in their seats and clap their hands,” he adds, noting that attendees are also being blocked from getting back in if they leave their seat at any point – even to just go to the bathroom.

    “My guess is that’s because a seat filler is in your seat and the optics of everyone having to shift and stand and move is not something they want to see,” says the delegate, adding, “There are people in that hall who are being represented in the media as Bernie Sanders people and they are not – don’t believe what you see on TV.”

    “There are a lot of people here who aren’t delegates who are standing and cheering and clapping for somebody that we aren’t ready to believe in,” he concludes, promising to hold the Democratic establishment accountable.

    In another video, a man interviewed by a Bernie delegate admits to being a seat filler for the DNC.

    Suspicions that the Democrats were hiring seat-fillers to pad out the audience grew after a posting on Philly Craigslist entitled Actors Needed For National Convention.

    Videos are here: http://www.prisonplanet.com/bernie-delegate-dnc-is-replacing-sanders-supporters-with-paid-seat-fillers-to-create-fake-unity.html

  4. Been following Charlie and his friends closely on Facebook. Most claim they will not vote for Hillary, some have throw in the towel and a very good friend of mine was onboard with Hill immediately after the last ballot put her over. So much for honor and loyalty. I kinda threw this out to them.

    An open memo to the Bernie folks who are thinking of voting for Hillary.

    Well, you could look at it this way. If Trump is the disaster you think he will be, then he is out in four. Then, you can demonstrate empirically that the dem party shot itself in the foot ignoring Bernie. THEN YOU HAVE THE PARTY! On the other hand, God forbid, if Trump should succeed, the you have an end to TPP, NAFTA and the like. A bullet in the head of the banks, More jobs, better jobs, union jobs. An end to illegal immigration which will drive up wages and union membership when labor becomes scarce. An end to senseless war. A reset with Russia. Not terribly bad. NOW, if Hillary wins, NOTHING EVER CHANGES EVER! Start thinking my friends. Is the glass half full or completely empty.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Even though all of these events and actions have been investigated by legitimate journalists, it has to all be a massive right wing conspiracy (sarc). But all these events have happened and are publicly known and reported, still Hillary just switches her stand and lies and says it’s not so. And all so many voters will vote for her in spite of this knowledge. Lest we forget the illegal money contributions from China during his presidency.

      God forbid if she gets in and Bill sets up office again in the WH. Whitewater was just a practice run for them.

      • Just remind yourself to them the end justifies the means. A whole lot of Germans and Russians fell into that trap in the last century. Man is NOT perfectible.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Taking odds on Obama becoming a ranking member of the Clinton Foundation, upon his leaving office? Furthering its untouchable status by the DOJ and SEC etc.

  5. Just A Citizen says:

    Road Trip time. Headed to Mt. Hood, and then central Oregon. Head waters of the John Day and Malhuer rivers.

    I hope to hear upon my return that several politicians expired while I was gone. That would be a Trumpism in case you missed it.

    Now you can wonder what I meant by “expired”, bwahahahahahahaha

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Have fun….I never had much luck fishing in Oregon, especially around Mt Hood.

      I find it so amazing, yet I’m not surprised that nothing but 1/2 hearted efforts have been done what so ever to stop the Clinton’s. If all the deals that Bill put together and the very fact that most of them had to be signed off through the State Dept, and then he ran some of them…..not just a seemingly conflict of interest, but direct. The lines are so blurred between her and the foundation as far as money goes….she is enriching her/family’s pockets at the US of A’s expense. That deal of the enriched uranium was well reported and not just by Fox. They really raised questions as to how such a critical industry, could be sold 20% stake to a country who is “HER” enemy and she’s been so tough on them. That is if the sheeple wish to believe that…..all words

      I find it so interesting about Comey deciding to not forward a recommendation of charges against Hillary, 1) by his revising the meaning of the law, but 2) also claiming that there has been NO precedent. Why not be the first under the law…..but that’s not true. What about General Petreus (sp) He did not lie to Congress, He did not lie to the people, he did not routinely handle his business on an illegal server….he just had a couple classified doc’s in his desk. much less the person who saw or could have seen then had the required clearance, just not a need to know. He got prosecuted fully by Comey and Holder and narrowly missed jail time. but his future was destroyed. The hypocracy is deafing.

      Isn’t Obama the head of the Democratic party? Isn’t he most likely the one who…hint hint wink wink advised the DNC to rig and steer the nomination to Hillary, much less absolve her of criminal wrongdoing, assuming she gets elected.

  6. Just A Citizen says:


    The Rangers are playing in Seattle after labor day weekend. Thoughts???

    • Yep….will watch it on tv……who knows what the hell will happen with the Rangers….they are known for snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.

  7. Dale A. Albrecht says:
  8. Hello, Hope everyone is doing well 🙂
    Funny how patriotic, religious and feeling the love for the military the democrats –running for office– become at election time.

    • There were some who were seen holding their barf bags. Day 1 (no flag) was telling. WE should have kept quiet about it till the event was over.

      • I thought the exact same thing when I watched the coverage-why are you telling them what to do before the event is over. Watching the opening of the democrat convention made me crazy-the hypocrisy was maddening-saw an interview where a democrat actually said with a huge smile-this makes us look much more patriotic and religious than the republicans-the one republican on the show laughed out loud-when they asked him why he said – for a party that’s so patriotic I don’t see even one flag-not one flag-when your running for the President of a Country that is just unbelieveable.

  9. Deutshe Bank in deeper trouble…..something that escaped myself and some other economic guru’s that provide me with info…..one of the issues with Central Banking and the Euro…….all of the banks are cross collaterized. What got me interested in looking is how well England is doing after Brexit as compared to the Euro and the ECM. I then noticed that with the advent of negative interest rates, cash is being pulled from several banks and moved out of Europe. I could not fathom why one bank losing collateral was hurting all the others….so I pulled the “red herrings” and the balance sheets that are available. They, the Central Banks, have pulled a fast one. They have cooked their balance sheets by cross collaterizing their assets…..in other words, a German asset is showing up on France balance sheet even though France does not own the collateral. That pumps the France balance sheet and pumps the debt to equity ratios falsely. ( Collateral used in this instance means backing loans ). This is a house of cards about to fold…and for the first time since the inception of the Euro, the Central Banks are not going to publicly furnish balance sheets any longer…..the debt to equity ratios of the Central Banks is approaching zero…..and that is catastrophic. Money and hard assets are going to fly out of the european zone faster than lefties lining up for free cell phones and food stamps.

    The countries of Europe would be better off on their own……..but no one is listening, and Rome is burning,,,,the fire department is on vacation.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Just like a company sales orders in the last quarter of one year and counting them as a hard sale, where later in the next years 1st quarter the sale fizzles but it still stays on the last years books even though the product was never shipped.

      Auto industry is in deep kimchi…only reason record numbers were posted last year were the same finance gimicks that collapsed the housing industry, plus, most were not sales but leases. All coming due. Honestly I hope this really blows up while Obama is still in office so it will taint his “legacy” plus affect Hillary’s chances, because she promises MORE of the same……soon there will be a real buyers market for those leased cars coming back because the people can not afford the balloon. The leased cars will be relatively lightly used and will destroy the new car sales for years to come..

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Sir….back in the 70’s Italians really were trying to get currency and assets OUT of the country. That is those that could afford to do so. Like Sophia Loren getting a brief vacation at the States expence when she and Carlo Ponti tried getting assets out. I’m sure the transfer of currency laws are even worse in Europe than even here. Or is the volume so huge and growing right now there is NO WAY Brussels can even remotely do anything about it. Not that they really could anyway. Any prosecution was window dressing anyway on the elites.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I’ve been thinking about the way you described the accounting fraud that the banks in Europe are inflating their assets. But I’m sure it falls under the label of a “generally accepted accounting practice” It’s still fraud because they are deceiving the shareholders and depositors.

      For years that way of doing business has been going on especially when the companies were trying to reduce headcount. A customer or the company had a problem. In the past, like over twenty years ago, let’s say 15 people were assigned to solve the problem and develope and implement a solution. Back then it was 15 people and that was your job. Back in the 90’s when “team” became the buzz word, management would yes assign 15 people, but at best you might spend 1-2 hours a week and you actually may never see each other and could never travel. It was all done via computer. While you had a meeting as a team leader, NONE of the people worked for me directly, I had NO control over their schedules. Their primary job in which they were appraised on by their direct manager, they would do (on mute) so they never listened etc. Projects that normally would take just a few weeks to accomplish, would drag on and on and on maybe up to a year. But when the client questioned the time lapse the company would say we have 15 people working on it. Luckily they might not be billed. My Father called it management by smoke and mirrors. The banks are doing the same thing. Except their’s is in accounting.

  10. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    “We will obviously be appealing this politically motivated decision to the Supreme Court.”

    The voting law imposed a voter ID requirement, cut early voting opportunities, eliminated same-day voter registration and banned out-of-precinct voting, among other provisions.

    Well a Federal Appeals court rejected NC’s new voter id laws saying that with surgical precision they discriminate against blacks. I really would love to see how. IT appears that poor elderly whites have no problem. It appears that Hispanics as a group don’t have a problem. It appears that asians don’t have a problem. Only blacks WHY?. What a pile of bull duky. If one can fail in one year to register and then rush in to some precinct polling station and then expect to both register and vote…..how many precincts can one person hit with fake, no proof, identification, or address. It would overload any attempt to validate you as a legal voter.

    I hate the early voting concept with a passion. Those that do rarely will go in physically to vote, if they change their mind. They’re lazy anyway. An absentee ballot is one thing, knowing you will be away traveling. I do not know of any place of work, assuming that one is working that does not grant time to vote. Besides polling places open early and stay open longer than any shift worker at MacDonalds so they will not lose pay.

  11. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Selecting Tim Caine as the Democrats VP candidate was brilliant. He has a very vocal record as a religious person, been a missionary etc etc etc. He says that he has to always reconcile the difference of his religion and the law of the land. In other words never the twain will meet. He has to separate the two.

    That said in late last night news headlines say that Caine breaks with Hillary on abortion. He will not try an overturn the Hyde ammendment prohibiting taxpayer moneys to fund abortioin, like Hillary wants to do. Does anyone realize how many people will buy into that and swing to the dems in November. I thought the dems and many republican reject religion as seen by the candidates that loudly proclaim their religion…….Now as we all know the Hyde ammendment which is law, prohibits tax payer money, ie medicaid funds to go for abortions. But the government somehow still funds $500 Million to Planned Parenthood saying that it just goes to education and birth control etal…..but PP says and admits that they have no idea, because ALL funds are co-mingled and there is no way to separate the money out of their general fund…..that by logic says that US Taxpayer funds are being used for abortions against the law and it just rolls on. A good accounting firm could handle the distinction and separation of funds….all smoke and mirrors and continued violation of the law by the government. Notice I do not say the Dems, but the government. It’s a false flag electioneering stunt.

  12. Deutsche Bank……suspends trading. ( Stocks)

  13. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I think this is well worth the 1:11:00 time to watch. I rarely watch anything straight through and I did this. d”souza really hits on the words and switching the dems do, have done for decades, if not over a century and a half. In reality they are the conservatives, not the livberals in the truest sense of the words.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      This was filmed for the 08 campaign. It’s to bad that a new set of chapters were not added for the ’16 campaign with all the newer chapters of Hillary’s storyline. The more power she gets the more she can not tell the true and the more she’s emboldened.

  14. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Pope Francis can not last much longer. He explains his lack of discussion about Islamic violence and terrorism because all people and religions do it. He cited that he reads that so and so killed their girlfriend or mother in law etc and he equates that with the equivalance to many major imams inciting their disciples to kill and overtake the Vatican, or St Pauls or the WH for that matter. What if his priests started teaching take Mecca? What if his priests started teaching to kill all infidels if they don’t submit.

    Religion is the original socialism/progressivism. It is in direct competition to the State who is supplanting the usual role of religion in the western society. Either Lenin or Marx said that “Religion is the opiate of the masses” so what is the progressive State, then? It has become just as addictive as heroin, the masses can not live without it. You still pay the dealer for your daily fix

    Sorry, but this will set back the clock several hundred years, but it none the less will happen. A Pope like Julius II was the defender of the faith, Back then religion and politics was the rule of thumb. Jointly held. The current pope does not even realize his faith is dying and losing the battle of cultures, one against the State like the EU and progressivism. he doesn’t realize the role of Islam, its just not religion, but political also.

    As our old Sunday school teachings that “The Meek Shall Inherit the World” is so wrong. They’ll populate the world but the strong will still rule. This whole thing about bullies in school. Passing all these laws criminalizing human nature. Of course we had bullies in school. They usually didn’t last long. There was always somebody tougher, who usually was not a bully, just somebody that refused to get pushed and desired to be left to themselves.

    • A Pope from Argentina. A pope from the country that is home primarily to immigrants from three European countries, Spain, Italy and Germany countries that were all Fascist in the 20th century. . A country whose government more than once has bordered on Fascist. And you wonder why he is the way he is?

  15. Thoughts for the morning:

    In 2008, illegal immigrants numbered 11 million. 8 years later, after the gates have been opened up for 8 years, the media claim is 12 million.

    In 2008, those without healthcare insurance was 41 million. 8 years later, not a peep, despite the labor participation rate being at 1970’s levels and home ownership the lowest EVER.

  16. I can’t hear for all the silence.

  17. Trump, a successful businessman with a large loving family

    Just out of curiosity, how do you think people would have reacted if Obama had five children by three different women?

    Do you think the reaction would be “gee, golly, what a loving family he has,” or do you think it might have been something a bit more… err.. derogatory?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I generally don’t attack the “family” as a whole. Obama has a nice family. The kids are seemingly good kids, getting a good education and have a great start to life. Much, much better the many from Chicago and many other cities.

    • Ford was divorced. Reagan was divorced and had kids from both wives. We are long past the issue. At least both of them kept their zipper up while in office.

      • Mathius™ says:

        My point is more to the effect that, somehow, Trump is getting tagged as a “family man” despite repeatedly cheating on (self confessed in his books) and divorcing his wives.

        Yet Hillary, who married and stayed married, despite her husband’s very-public infidelity, gets no such credit.


        Personally, I think “family (wo)man” is a meaningless criterion for the Presidency. I just don’t understand why he wins the support of value voters on this topic instead of her. By any reasonable analysis, it should be here.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          I believe the reason that she gets NO credit from either side of the media, is that everyone sees through the total hypocrisy of her marriage. Sort of just like the days when the kings queens dukes etc married for money title and create an heir to maintain power. That said, the hypocrisy is that for all she spouts about women’s rights etc she defended a predator in the highest workplace there is. She lied, cheated and prostituted herself, the law all for a grab at that golden ring. That is NOT a women that any women or man should be proud of having as a leader of our country. But if the definition of a modern women/man is to lie cheat, subvert law for personal gain then she is a poster child. She keeps falling back on excuses. Vast right wing conspiracy, you’re picking on me because I’m a women, everyone else did it, that’s history why bring that up again, the nation owes me/women the presidency. etc etc etc

          The one thing that religion did was set boundries of living in society, or at least to keep it at an even keel. The Nazi’s, Communists threw that book out and implemented a society that knew no boundries, at least for the elite leaders in establishing and maintaining their power over the people. Hillary is of that ilk. There has never been societies like the communists and nazis that killed hundreds of millions of their own people just because they themslves could not make the argument so that the people agreed. They implemented and maintained by any means possible usually with death involved. We need someone who at least has some inkling of what is right or wrong. Of the almost 3 decades that she has been in the spotlight I have not seen a glimmer.

          The dems have declared to many people as enemies or potential enemies of the State. Obama constantly refers to any opponant as the enemy. They’re at least open about it. The other side is in my estimation also in agreement, because all the state spying mechanisms and police state tactics have gotten strengthened not lessens.

        • Who gets to define “family man” or “family woman”? Does it matter whether there is one wife/husband…..two…three? I tried to look up definitions of “family” man and cannot find one that is not a religious based definition…..which I do not buy.

          So, what is a family man, exactly……I have found not evidence of Trump not supporting his kids….or denying their presence………

        • When your kids from Marriage # 1 and # 2 seem to like you and work with you, says something. When Wife #1 and #2 are not on the cover of the National Enquirer dissing you, says something.

          I know, I am amazed also but the love and devotion are certainly real and not “rehearsed” over a lifetime of politics.

  18. Just throwing this out there: ISideWith.com has determined that I should vote for Jill Stein. It has determined that the missus should vote for The Donald.

    Needless to say, this is a strain on my marriage.

  19. Soliciting opinions:

    In 2003-4-ish, it was political and social suicide to even remotely question The President in any manner even remotely related to the military. To even udder a teensy bit of incredulity was “giving aid a succor to the terrists!” Let alone directly attacking a member of the military or ::shudder:: the family of a solider who died on the line.

    Now, I never supported this fetishist hero worship of the military, nor The Right’s use of Support Our Troops(tm) to shut down political opposition.

    But, what do y’all think about the current state of affairs regarding Khan and his parents. Especially, the attacks on them by Trump advisers / surrogates suggesting (without evidence as far as I can see) that they were members of the Muslim brotherhood supporting Sharia?

    • Introducing Walid Shoebat and Co. explaining the connections between Khan and Sharia.

      It’s well noted that Trump honored the son, before slamming the parents. It’s also worth noting that Trump didn’t draw first blood unless you want to include the original sin of banning all muslims until we figure out what’s going on. (Here’s where you can save the ‘he can shoot someone on 5th Ave’ speech) I find it odd for the father to shake his pocket constitution at Trump, as though Hillary didn’t know what was about to go down. Of course we’ve come to expect that from The Devil. 😉 Trump is Trump. He’s not a double speaking politician, practiced in how to parse words. He just blurts it out. Yeah, he shot himself in the foot again, but it wasn’t fatal. He knows politics is a dirty game and he’s not ashamed to get in the mud with them. The pattern seems to be…open mouth, insert foot….listen for backlash…wait for oppo research….oppo research sends the roaches scurrying…Trump comes out smelling like a rose.

    • It was the WAY that you did it. As a Viet-nam vet or even an Viet-nam era vet like me. We saw way too much opposition to the 2003 invasion that smelled a lot like the crap we had to deal with in the late ’60’s.

      If you have your “radar” up on certain issues and you know a shitload about them,, even a small squawk gets your attention. During the Gulf War, I saw a lot of VN protestors that I knew, grit their teeth and keep their mouths shut. They could feel what would happen to them if they went off on a tirade. There were a few who spoke who says that “we” green lighted Saddam into Kuwait. The ambassador misspoke etc. Same basic BS that happened with Korea when we specifically did NOT say it was in our sphere of influence which of course green lighted the North’s invasion in 1950. (always OUR fault, get it?)

      There was enough doubt and hesitation expressed prior to the 2003 invasion, mostly in the form of “give the sanctions more time” or some such stuff to embolden the opposition and opportunists. The lack of Weapons of blah…blah… only made it better for them.

      The administrations complete failure to embrace the Weinberg and Powell doctrines on having a strategy is what turned me against them. That dipshit Paul Bremmer firing the entire Iraqi Civil Service and Army convinced me for once and all that GWB and his team of misfits were “not ready for prime time”. For Christ’s sake we knew how to handle Japan and Germany, their police, their army and their civil service after WW 2 and these dimwits couldn’t figure that out?

    • Morning Sir Mathius,

      Khan is a fraud perpetuated by the DNC based on more LIES. Trump never said to completely stop all Muslim’s from entering the US completely and forever, as the Left seems to like to claim. He said to stop Muslim’s from coming in UNTIL we can figure out what the hell is going on. In short, let’s get a better vetting process rather than just let Muslim’s in. Seems like a good idea, considering what is happening in Europe.

      Trump salo didn’t say that we should build a wall to keep out all Mexican’s. He said to keep out those wanting to come here illegally. Not the same as the Left Wing claims, which is normal for them, selective editing, selective hearing and reading, always ends up in a LIE. Then that LIE is repeated, almost identically by every media outlet in the US, sans a few who don’t play the Liberal Lie game. Just watch the news when there is a new meme against Trump, every station, local, national, internet, will repeat the meme, over and over. This is called brainwashing the simple minded sheep. It has worked well, to the detriment of the average American.

      In short, Khan is a puppet, he probably hasn’t even heard what Trump actually said, even though I saw Khan himself repeat, I say repeat what Trump has said about Muslim’s entering the country. The video will be available to link soon. Don’t be surprised if the Left turn on him.

      Military worship, as you say, is just respect, not worship. The Left uses worship as a way to disparage the respect. Why respect? Few Liberals have the courage to serve, conservative valued young men and women make up the vast majority of military service. Liberal leadership know this. Looking back, our government, and other countries governments, have led a lot of people to their deaths via “WAR”. I would bet that if the people were not led around by their noses, much of this death could have been avoided.

      • Added. As is the norm, if we wait long enough, the lies will be exposed. See “Clinton claims to dodge Sniper fire”

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          The Dems pulled that claim very shortly after it happened in the Balkans in the 90’s…..are the Dems pulling that rabbit again out of the hat, hoping that nobody, who actually was there, refutes it this time,

  20. Special Note to Mathius relative to the “hero worship” of military men/women…..

    I do not expect hero worship from you, sir……just a simple bow at the waist will suffice.

    • With a cask of grog.

      • I’ve always like that other stanza of the Star Spangled Banner which says it better.

        “O thus be it ever when freemen shall stand
        Between their lov’d home and the war’s desolation! ”

        The “hero” thing drives me crazy. Who is? A guy killed in training, a guy killed because his chute did not open, a guy who didn’t even get off the landing craft before he took one in the head? It is a tough call and I think there are probably, in most peoples minds, degrees. The one thing which is clear is he or she did step up to the plate and basically say, “do with me what you will”. Now, having been 18, I am not always terribly sure that an enlistee gets the whole thing but at some point in his/her training it does become clear. It became clear to me on the booby trap/landmine range at Ft. Leonard Wood.

        • Yes sir…the left does not believe in heroes….that is evident from the fact that, while in charge, they have taken most things and are taking the rest of the things away from the mlitary and giving it to their electorate…and illegals. Such as, Veterans get limited health care and the illegals and the lazy get full health care. Military pensions have been cut and officers kicked out just days before retirements so they can give the money to illegals and the lazy asses.

          Hero is a pariah to the left and they refuse to believe that the military has anything to do with freedoms.

  21. “Especially, the attacks on them by Trump advisers / surrogates suggesting (without evidence as far as I can see) that they were members of the Muslim brotherhood supporting Sharia?”

    No different than the Clinton supporters/surrogates suggesting that the Russians hacked Hillary’s computer on orders from Trump.

    Politics is dirty business, unfortunately……however, I think it reprehensible that Obama made the comments he did……I have never seen that in my entire life.

  22. Inquiry question: Why are the democrats so scared of Trump? I can understand why the lawyers are…and I can understand why Wall Street is….and I can understannd why all the fund managers are…..

    But why are the democrats so scared of him if they are so confident that he cannot win….any one know?

    • Well, what they say and what they know are two different things. I think they know the jig is up. Dammit, Paul Ryan and McConnell know the jig is up if he wins.

      I suspect the polls will be off. If you believed the polls, Rudy Guilliani was NEVER Mayor of NYC. The polls had him losing. The truth was people who would deny voting for him because it went against their liberal beliefs did vote for him. If Trump does not manage to blow this thing he can walk in.

      I cannot understand how he could blow the Muslim Captain thing. The kid dies in “06, he was 26 years old and immigrated as a child. He adapted, assimilated and became a citizen. Why not just point out that the folks who came here before 9-11 are a whole different kettle of fish than those today who will not adapt of assimilate? Should have commended the parents for raising such a fine son. AND NEVER MENTIONED IT AGAIN, NOT EVER!

  23. http://personalliberty.com/atf-forgot-comply-policy-accidently-creating-gun-database/

    If anyone thinks that the background check system hasn’t been used as a means for a datbase, along with the stuff in this article, maybe you should rethink your trust in government.

  24. http://www.eurasiareview.com/02082016-julian-assange-claims-hacked-emails-include-info-on-hillary-arming-islamic-state-oped/#.V6CyeFU-MNI.facebook

    If Wikileaks has the emails that Hillary was running guns, then Obama is dead wrong about which candidate should be replaced by a major party. They raked Reagan over the coals for gun running. In addition we now hear that O paid Iran $400M for our hostages. The doodoo on these people stinks to high heaven.

    • Not only did he pay…but he did it on wooden pallets with several denominations of currency in the middle of the night.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Didn’t Obama threaten individuals with criminal prosecution if they tried to retrieve their family members held by these groups?

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      It still just astounds me how we have such rogue groups in the IRS/Treasury, DOJ and State that run major operations and the actual leaders of those organizations know absolutely nothing about those activites. (sarc) These cabinet level leaders actually are in place because Congress signed off on them, they get caught lying under oath about those activities to the same congress, I’d think that Congress should then have the power to remove them inspite of the presidents objections, in other words no 75% vote or veto available. One problem, is that unless the DOJ files charges even with overwhelming evidence Congress is neutered.

      • Without real repercussions, like significant jail time, loss of all benefits etc, nothing will change. In other words, nothing will change.

      • I know Congress can impeach judges. I also think they can impeach cabinet level officers. There is massive dereliction of duty here.

        Checkout KrisAnne Hall Genealogy of the Constitution and her other related videos on Youtube.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          The House can Impeach by a simple majority. However in the Senate for conviction takes a much larger majority. Literally impossible to obtain, because the members of Congress, will not vote in relation to the laws, but by political affiliation.

          I’m sure charges would have been files against Hillary if all her malfesance had been exposed prior to her resigning. After resignation it really becomes a moot point.

          She and Bill are very experienced at the Texas Sidestep, no offense Colonel, just referring to the film “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” where the governor to avoid a problem or scandal, always launched into a sidestep dance.

  25. This week, the Liberal/establishment meme is that Trump isn’t “mentally fit” to be President. Plus, looking at the numerous MSM headlines, his campaign is in chaos (this is repeated on all Liberal media sites, usually using same exact words). But one small article explains pretty clearly how mentally fit so many on the Left are, which means they really are screwed up. Just a small example of their insanity: http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/black-fashion-writer-melania-white-scary-racist-hillary-white-hopeful

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I’ll opt for the option that white is the color of mourning in Asia. With Trump it is mourning the death of America if we don’t start reversing course. With Hillary, it is signaling the death of America if we elect her as President. In that she will continue at a faster pace subverting America to the will of the UN and erasing the rule of law, ie the Constitution.

  26. Mathius™ says:

    A Trump spokeswoman was on CNN Tuesday claiming that, ultimately, it was Obama’s failed leadership and policies, along with Clinton’s actions that are ultimately responsible for Khan’s death.

    “President Obama and Hillary Clinton changed the rules of engagement that probably cost his [Khan’s] life.”

    One problem: Khan died in 2004.

    (she has since retracted, but I still find it amusing)

    • Rules of engagement changed in 2010….combat deaths rose 31%. THAT Is what needs to be said.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Comments like what Trump’s staffers are handing him or saying themselves are what’s known as “incomplete staff work” OR deliberate to discredit him.

    • Hi, been awhile since I’ve talked to you. 🙂

      Now, tell me exactly what is it about Trump’s policies that you don’t like. I would think that he’s enough of a progressive/conservative mix that he would appeal to you. For one thing social conservatism will die, as far as the republican party is concerned if Trump is elected. And he will probably help the economy.

      • Mathius™ says:

        V.H.!!! Hello, again!

        First of all, I have no idea what his policies are in order to approve or disapprove. He’s taken both sides of virtually every issue.

        As far as I can tell, other than WALL™! and “Muslims are bad,” I can’t seem to find a single position he’s been genuinely consistent on.

        I do know that he seems to be a thin-skinned, vindictive, knee-jerk reactionary whose only response to perceived slights is full-offense, and that’s not a good thing when it comes to the question of who controls the military. I know that he’s not PC, but there’s a big difference between that and some of the crap that comes out of his mouth. I know that things like threatening to not pay our debts in full is not conducive to a good economy. I know he seems to have an eco that puts mine to shame – and that’s saying something.

        I actually think that Trump, like Palin, like many others, is far smarter than he appears. I think that he, like others, puts on a show. It’s theater and he’s playing to the crowd. And he’s a great performer.

        But I’m not inclined to vote for the modern-day PT Barnum. I want a center-left technocrat with a ton of experience.

        The status quo ain’t great – but it ain’t so bad that I’m going to roll the dice like that.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Well that leaves everyone out who is running. Especially Hillary, she’s a bigger con than Trump. With one big difference…she’s been caught over and over and over lying and breaking the law. She has some big angel on her shoulder keeping her protected. No wonder, every photo you see of her has her in a pose like a Messiah. This lady and I say that liberally, has such a power complex she scares the daylights out of me.

          If elected she’ll fast track an immigration bill and give an economic boost to blacks and latinos. Think about that a bit. Who would want to really open the immigration floodgate even wider than it is now. Big business. Besides regulations, payroll is a huge portion of any manufacturing costs. Blow the bottom out and business will be less apt to offshore. We’ll rapidly be like PI under Marcos, Indonesia, Mexico etc. And the company doesn’t have to build a new plant. Just think of the return to the shareholder. The sad thing is that the unions will stand by and just sign up more people to line their pockets, because they are so tied to the democrats.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            Immigrants fed the mills and factories. If you survived the working conditions most worked their way out, Industry was fueled by cheap labor. Cut that link like what happened in the 20’s and many major industries collapsed in time. Like the textile industry as an example. Even though the problems started way earlier, the death knell tolled in the 20’s with the draconian immigration bills.

            Companies do not want to raise the living wages of the offshore workers and gain parity with the US or Europe. it’s easier to allow waves of desperate people in and drive our standards DOWN.

        • That makes you status quo…which I am not surprised at all given your profession….eliminating the trade deficit hurts you and your business…meaning international investments and global economy……hedge funds…etc. I do not demean that profession…..but it is what that profession wants……status quo.

          If Hillary gets elected….I will make out like a frigging bandit but it is not the best thing for the country. ….I know what she will do to the middle class. She is the elite…she does not want the free thinking middle class.

          • We, as a family, will not invest in anything in the US that requires capital gains…..simply to avoid the Obamacare taxes that are scheduled to increase next year. So, we will simply sit on our cash. We already eliminated our employees and only deal with independent contractors…..we actually helped our employees become independents and they are still here on contract basis. We taught them how to use the IRS codes to avoid or reduce their tax burden ( as anybody can ) Even the lowest wage earner has the same access to the IRS tax code. When our employees went independent and contracted back to us…..even with paying their own social security and health insurance, they netted a 12% bottom line increase in take home pay. We netted a savings of almost 20% but the down side to that was increased cash flow. Why is it a down side? Because we exceed the FDIC insurance. So we have moved our cash to State Banks to get it out of the Fed…..I do not believe that the Fed will last my life time…..so I am staying away from Federal Depositories. Anytime that a government gets in trouble…..like Venezuela….they move in and take cash and savings accounts, which is what happened in Venezuela. The Venezuelan government even raided US companies located there and confiscated their safes….blew them open and took any and all cash and cash derivatives, bearer bonds and liquid assets. I firmly believe this is what the progressive movement wants to do here…..Do you think for a minute that the elite have their money here? Do you really think that the Clinton Foundation and their cash is here? The elites have their cash hidden and protected…..they are running the show.

            Now, we are going to run a risk that most probably will not. Just as soon as the Texas mint is open and then gets into the banking and trading business backed by gold bullion….this is where we will go. At least for now……that appears to be the best options. We are not worried about the Federal Government saying that Texas cannot go into the banking business….we already do that under state supervision. But, we will become a gold depository…..and that is something that we like.

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              Like the Kennedy’s…they had their wealth well protected as does Kerry and McCain etc. The last two covering their spousal units family businesses.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            You know it sure has turned out to be easier to lower our expectations as individuals, as the younger generation, It is easier to affect a few million young people instead of changing hundreds of millions. Get into so much debt even before you’re out of the gate, and eventually you’ll do anything. Now the sons and daughters of the 1% still will have theirs, but no debt was incurred. Debt to buy what? Destroy the nationalist boundries and install “It takes a village” concept expanded globally as Hillary wants to accelerate. Bush I/II were the same and the people didn’t want III. So why want Hillary? That is rhetorical. More allegedly free stuff which is NOT free.

            You’d think Reid and Pelosi are still in control of Congress and not McConnell and Ryan.

            Another thought and analogy. Several years ago the UN started entertaining thoughts to bebuild and restore the UN complex in NYC. The projected costs were in the billions. Mostly funded by the US. Now Trump jumped in as a real estate developer and said he’d build a whole new complex just like the old for a few hundred million. A fraction of the sweetheat deals the UN was planning. Trump was enthusiastically denounced by the UN. I guess he was going to break to many rice bowls.

            Trump should have brought in his business staff to research and do his campaign planning to avoid the pitfalls with punjai stakes at the bottom the RNC is putting in his path. He may have, and if not I hope he does quickly

        • I want you to know I was almost through with my response and some how I hit the delete button-Tried to restore but it didn’t work. 😦

          My opinion for what it’s worth.
          I don’t think the status quo exists anymore. the loud voices are too extreme. We lost a conservative supreme court justice and replacing him with anything but another conservative will change the Country a lot-whatever our opinion of the Court-it was about as balanced as you could get it. Another liberal will make the country wayyyy to far to the left-not moderate leaning in any direction.

          As far as Hillary and Trump. I think Hillary at this point in her life is after power, money and the satisfaction of being the first woman President-I think this has made her a follower and unfortunately today that means following the loudest voices which are very far left.Way left of you-I think.

          Trump, I think being President is on his bucket list-it will prove he’s the best deal maker if he can win the Presidency. But he has a huge ego which means he will try to do what he said he would do-he is definately not a follower-but one thing about deal makers with an ego-they want to make good deals-so he will work with both democrats and republicans-i think that’s why he is not real specific-I suspect these deals will make me happy and some will irritate me to the extreme=but I do think they will be much more moderate and in the middle than his loud generalizations sound.

          But he does come off as a loud mouthed ass-the only reason I question this assessment is that his friends seem to think he’s wonderful-but his thinking the way to get the republican vote was to come out and make all these smart ass comments was insulting to the extreme, in my opinion.

          • Nice analysis. I find it interesting that the Clintons who are my age are still so hung up on money. Maybe it is my Catholic/Guilt/education but I’ve never been that concerned with it beyond being comfortable and occasionally indulging myself. At 70 (in four months) I have no interest in being the richest man in the cemetery.

            Trump is hard to peg. A big part of him I think is his late brother Fred Jr. The talk in NY was that Fred was to take over the family business and could not handle it. Probably did not want it. Nobody knows the real dynamics within a family but young Fred turned to alcohol and basically killed himself with it. I think Donald overcompensates for this. People as open and brash as he tend to flame out. He has not. There is grit there.

            Been thinking of a Viet-nam analogy for him since he endorsed McCain yesterday. Had he been a guest at the Hanoi Hilton, I think he would have been much more of a Lance Sijan than a John McCain. The man DOES NOT quit.

            Out of the clear blue sky, I also have a vague hunch that Viet-nam plays into the character of Trump. Being my age, he got the four standard student draft deferments we all got pretty much automatically. I have to say based on most people I knew at the time, there was NO attempt to evade with these deferments. When he graduated in ’68, as a New Yorker like me he would have been called for his physical in the late fall. Our problem, my age group’s problem, was that if you had half a brain in late ’68 you knew Viet-nam was a lost cause. Tet, Walter Cronkite, the protests and LBJ dropping out pretty much guaranteed that. So, lots of people who, a year earlier would have just gone started having second thoughts. It is possible that he used knowledge of his old sports injury to get temporarily disqualified. He was not 4F. When Nixon was elected we went to a draft lottery where Trump pulled a high number and was eliminated. I know many people who have done similar things and have regretted it. It is the quick decision of a 22 year old that you have to live with for the rest of your life. I had a choice myself. My original intent was to stay in the military. Within six months, (summer of ’69) I could not wait to get the hell out. Within a year of leaving I regretted my decision. The wife, to this day, still chides me about this. I am so wrapped up in military history she cannot understand why I left. I cannot explain to people what it was like in 1969 to be in an Army who knew that had given their all for nothing. Unlike our Colonel, I was not ever tempted to seriously consider Special Forces. Those who did that were special in many ways. They were challenging themselves, the war was a yardstick in that challenge no matter how it came out. My regret, in not staying was that I missed the rebuilding of the military afterward where talent really counted. I’d have liked that.


            • Trump and the NYC Vietnam Vets memorial. I was there the night it was dedicated.


            • Stephen……there are many things that changed us back then. I was fortunate that I grew up in an environment where I did not have to worry about anything. Silver spoon, if you will. I had the best education that was available at the time and that included a college prepatory private high school where colleges came to you for enrollment. You did not have to go to them. I was fortunate that I did not have to work in the summertime and had access to a private country club….River Crest Country Club. We had close personal relationships with Senators and Congressmen….and like my friends could have stayed out of the draft with a stroke of a pen. I was fortunate enough to be able to play golf and played well enough to get a full scholarship to the University of Texas ( yes, in Austin…which was fairly conservative back then…..I said fairly.) I had it all but something just was not right. My late father grew up in depression era….5 cent hamburgers and such…fought in WWII in the Navy in the Pacific. A self made man that taught me priciples of integrity and a man’s word is his bond… I had it all……and even qualified at Palm Beach Gardens, Florida PGA school for a PGA card after graduation in 1969. I do not know what happened to my thinking…..perhaps the protests, Kent State, draft card burnings, etc. I looked upon that as cowardice….I felt that there were other ways to protest a war than civil disobedience and destruction. I turned down, from Congressman Jim Wright, House Speaker at the time, a way to stay out of the draft and the lottery system. My father had taught me about pride….and integrity….and that this country, despite its faults, stood for something.

              I do not know what happened…..but something in me said it was time to stand on my own and earn my own way….and quit relying on DAD. Can you imagine the look on his face when I walked into his study, two weeks before joining the PGA tour….looked him in the eye…and said……”Dad, I joined the army, I am getting married…and I leave for boot camp in three days.” ( Now I have to set the picture further ).He was reading a newspaper and my mother was in pure Donna Reed fashion, sitting across the room on a couch in full dress and perfect hair and makeup at 6 PM doing needle point. Mom almost fainted and immediately started crying….more from shock than anything else. Dad simply looked up from his newspaper and asked ” Is there anything that I can do for you before you leave?” That was all there was to it. No lectures ( mom still over on the couch reeling from whatever)..she started in on me about being with family and learning the family business. What about your friends at the club and who is it that you are going to marry….not that girl you have been dating from south Fort Worth? I told her that I felt like I had to make my own way and not be dependent upon family. I told her that, yes, the girl from South Fort Worth. Now my dad, who was on the invasion of Iwo Jima, Saipan, Okinawa…..he was an ensign that was in charge of LCVP’s….he drove the marines into the beaches. He received a purple heart and bronze star for having a landing craft blown out from under him at Iwo simply asked if I was going into the officer corps…..I said, no sir, I enlisted. I received an arched eyebrow for about two seconds then a passive face….he responded..”Good luck, son” told mom to shut up and went back to reading his paper.

              I felt that I owed something to all the breaks that I had. I was not a crusader….I did not want accolades…..I wanted to go to war….but to your point, I was a 22 year old that did not think things through but I also wanted to MAKE MY OWN MARK. The war was handy. I went to Vietnam, voluntarily, as a high spirited young, impregnable, E-5 Green Beret ( Greenie Beanie)…on my second tour, high speed projectiles ended that early and after rehab in Japan, I came home to a country torn apart and hating the military. I was somewhat dismayed at the political mess….got a master’s degree but could not get a job because of being Vietnam Veteran…and worse yet…..being in Special Forces. I was a “war monger”…a “baby killer”….I was told that the true heroes were the ones that protested and fought the system and violated laws and such…I could not even get a job at an Exxon gas station even though I had a Master’s Degree in Business Management with a minor in finance. Even more disheaterning, all the friends that I grew up with…..were no longer my friends…their choice. I decided that perhaps it was time to learn the family business now…and that is what I started doing……but I missed something. I missed the “brotherhood” of the military organization….I missed the team work…I missed being accepted not for who you were but for what you were….a soldier. On the battlefield…it did not matter my education, lot in life, what car I drove…..it only mattered that we stay alive and we depended upon one another and we could turn our back on each other knowing that our “six” was covered. The United States, in the 70’s was torn completely apart…..not from the war but from people. The great social revolution of the 60’s and 70’s pitted brother against brother…..Johnson’s gamble failed miserably.

              So, I decided to go back into the reserves as an officer. ( I learned in boot camp that I did not like KP, or digging ditches, or policing cigarette butts. I also learned that the 90 day wonders that were pumped out of OCS and sent to war….were not trained and men got killed needlessly )…So I went to OCS….graduated top of the class and was able to learn the family business and be in the military at the same time. But I was a better person for having served..and I wanted to pass on things that I learned. I went to three other war fronts…Kuwait, Bosnia, and Afghanistan. Unlike you, I got to be part of the buildup under Reagan. It was really cool….we had all we needed and great training. We actually qualified people on what they were going to be using. We had ammunition and fuel and parts;

              What do I see today…..I see the 60’s and 70’s all over again. I see neighbors pitted against neighbors….elites vs non elites…..and elites are not people that make millions of dollars…elites are the ones who look down on others..regardless of income. Elites are those that say if you do not follow MY WAY of thinking, you are a bigot or have a phobia of some sort. I have seen my country relegated back in time….I see wimps, and as Clint Eastwood just recently stated on open TV that was not bleeped..I see nothing but pussies who want something for nothing, need safe places to go to, wanting everyone to pay for thier wants and needs instead of having integrity…backbone…forthrightness. I see nothing but denigrating comments and media that are hell bent of tearing this country apart…simply because of its great success.

              I see a progressive mind set that has learned nothing from our past…Europe’s past, Russia’s past, Venezuela’s past….It is sad….and it hurts.

              • Thank you for that!

                It is sometimes painful to look back. I am thought, I think, by the majority of my acquaintances to be quite nuts and out of step. To this day, I wince when the subject of Viet-nam is brought up, even people who were there defer to the idiots. It is easier than trying to explain things to people who will not listen.

                I came from a working class family, Dad was a bartender, lived in a four room apartment in a 60 unit building and except for Uncle Pete who used the GI bill to do an Aggie College, was the first in our family to go to college.

                I was always fascinated by the concept of “service’ had looked forward all my life to doing a non-flying Air Force career. I had the opposite experience from most medically deferred folks. I actually brought a letter to my AFROTC physical which said that despite a serious childhood illness, I was just as good as anyone else. Imagine my horror when the Medic opened his 10,000 page book and pointed out to me that merely having what I had permanently disqualified me. Wow! Wrote a bunch of letters, just found one then other day from LBJ’s White House explaining to me why I could not serve and how they were sorry, blah, blah, blah.

                After college, rather than try and skip the draft I decided to go with the flow . Passed my physical with flying colors, conveniently checking off the NO box when it asked if I had ever been rejected for service. Beat the draft, enlisted. But, that was where my disillusion began. Had been promised a 120 day delayed enlistment. One month into that I got a draft notice. Went to good ‘old SFC recruiter who told me, “nothin to worry about” . He’d have it pulled, I was “ALREADY in”. The next three months were a succession of calls to him with reassurances. TWO DAYS! TWO FREAKING DAYS before my induction date the joker calls and says “we” have a problem. I’d have to leave a day early to get my OCS option!. The next 24 hours involved the disposal of a motorcycle, a car, a girlfriend and a job.

                Trust me, it went downhill from there. Arrived Ft. Dix 29 January during an ice storm. During induction, we were issued an old Korea Army overcoat and a patrol cap. The dumb assed E-4 tried to march us to chow on ICE. Couple guys broke stuff and I guess got recycled or discharged. Went to good old Alpha 4-3 for basic and because I had the OCS option became an acting squad leader. My first CO was an Asshole too. Gave the talk about how he’s be out there with us every day. Never saw him do it. He’d walk around with a brasso’ed 7.62 MG linked bandolier, a .45 and one of those stupid leopard dickies around his neck as he escorted various unattractive women around showing off :”his ” troops. Next great adventure was our attack on the “mock” Vietnamese village! This was February, it was under 16 inches of snow! Ever try to find a “spider” hole under snow? we had a psycho assistant DI named”crazy Willie”. After we donated blood, that dip ran us back to the Company area. The final straw though was when I did the one thing I was REALLY good at and was high score on the M-14 for the company. That lasted for a day. Magically, another trainee, a NG type was allowed to re-shoot and was scored by his Sgt. He beat me by a point! Funny thing, nobody remembered him shooting but they did remember he was a 3rd string NY Giant QB named Randy Mineer. Still pissed over that one. Still have a place on the mantelpiece for the trophy I never got.

                AIT was more of the same. Wound up popping my back (still bothers me) while holding up a section of a Bailey (panel) bridge, some 756 lbs all by myself. The other five guys dropped their holds and the damned thing was right over my feet. Could not stand up straight for the next four days and was accused of malingering. Never got to see a doc but got a medic to give me a bottle of APC’s. I was lucky, other guys were given Darvon and got hooked (whole other story there). Finally got to see a doc at my final physical before OCS who asked the question. “I see here you were rejected by the Air Force want to tell me why?” Long story short, that was pretty much the end of my desire for a military career. Army had absolutely no clue what to do with me, could not be an officer, so I just was kinda of a supernumerary at Leonard Wood. Nixon started winding down the war and the Army started giving early outs for people accepted to college, grad school. I jumped at the chance. I was disgusted. Must say that the ten officers I “interfaced” with maybe one (!) was worth the powder to blow him to hell.

                Almost forgot something. After basic I was on a holdover for Leonard Wood. Had a couple weeks of scut work around the Company. One Sunday (MY TIME) a Lt. came in the barracks. offered the following deal. If we helped clean up from a wedding reception at the Rod and Gun club, we could have all the left over food and beer. Jumped at the opportunity. As we finished mopping don the floors we saw the Lt. pull away in a station wagon with all the beer and food in the back. We had to get back to the barracks on our own. After that one, I completely understood the practice of “fragging”.

                The one or actually two good things that came out of it were than my three sons, on enlisting all checked the (No I have never so much as had a cold) box on their paperwork. So, the pre-asmatic, the guy with the just healed broken wrist and the guy with stomach problems all became officers. They also became leaders and have never slept or eaten till all their men sleep or eat. By example!

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Colonel and Stephen….I have a blend of both your stories. Started college at 17, hated it. Except the 1st year I worked also in the business world. The exposure to that showed the really dark side of the corporate world of lying cheating and thieving that was fairly common. I also was # 32 in the draft. 6 of my classmates from HS did not make it through their tours in Vietnam. I spent time in the Caribbean with the charter industry. I never lived on board the boats I worked with, I had a friend who was an ex-pat whose father was an associate of the original JP Morgan. Definitely in the 1% club. All the people around were ex-pats, with big villas and big yachts. Everyone of them bitched and decried the US and Nixon and how terrible it was. I finally had enough and spoke up one night and said to them, you’re living off your investments and some with active businesses still going in the US and their money and influence could change the trend of where the US was heading. Go home and make a difference….you thought I just let one go in n elevator. Needless to say I flew out shortly thereafter. I interviewed at Babson to round out my college but afterwards I decided that I would not fit due to my ethics. I enlisted in the Navy. One due to guilt of deferring with school, but also thinking that joining what was the largest bureacracy might help me survive later once back out in the civilian world. Turns out this bureaucracy worked well as it was supposed to and all the rules were enforced on officers and enlisted equally. Luckily I had very little interaction with officers. 1st base had one commander that was top notch. Actually spent most of his career avoiding the Pentagon and the Naval Annex. He was transfered to the pentagon. His replacement commander was eventually led off in handcuffs for misappropriation of government property. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy (sarc). My next duty I met my captain 4 striper once when I arrived again when I left. As long as I ran my department well and got things done I was left totally alone. But one place we all avoidedm unless duty required it, was the US side of the airfield. These flyboys were the biggest bunch of assholes you could imagine. Not that they were fighter jocks, these were just P3 pilots. The fighter jocks were on the Italian side and were Italian and pretty cool. They served wine in the mess hall with dinner.
                I left active duty strickly because of Carter and his BS over Iran. The embassy was a total con and a set up to create a crisis.
                I started working for a defense contractor building ships and the constant pressure to cheat and lie and steal from the navy was appalling. I quit. Started with IBM and the same BS again. Managers using the surveys to destroy careers not build the business. Millions of dollars, in one instance $23M just slithered off the books. I was really fed up and was going to take up the Reagan pentagons offer of 6 years where ever I wanted to go, 17K signing bonus and my commission. That got squashed with a car accident where my back and neck was broken. Had to then live with the corporate world until 2010. Hated every minute of it because continually your ethics were being challenged. The only true negative thing concerning the military was the politicians and their actions.

                My Father was a WWII vet who got pushed into electronics because of test scores. He was one of the 1st 100 engineers ever hired by IBM in ’49. Worked on the team that built the 1st tube computer IBM put together. He said he never considered engineering as a career except his start in the Navy. When I announce I had enlisted, he reacted much like your Father Colonel. My Mother had a tizzy over it and never let me forget it until she died.

              • We all had kinda interesting experiences. My Dad got screwed before me but nonetheless found his 3 1/2 years to be important to his formation as a PERSON. Me too. Did not spend a lot of time but took a lot of lessons home mostly in how to deal with wildly diverse people, subvert the system and engender loyalty.

  27. And the hits keep on coming…….minimum wage in several states was raised to $15 and $20 bucks per hour………the recipients are still not happy……with the raise in wages, the threshhold of food stamps and some housing was surpassed…..and they, the recipients, primarily black, are complaining that just because they are making more money is no reason to lose food stamps and housing allotments, and qualifications for health care subsidies……the government should raise the threshhold for entitlements…..so they can keep their freebies and still make the money……..just more gimme shit.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Aren’t there a few saying that go along with this situation like, “Be careful about what you ask for” or receiving what you ask for, or “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”.

      I’m sure all the politicians that voted for this never did the math or even had a passing thought about the unintended consequences other than staying in power at someone elses expense. If they did, it was to create the next crisis, raise the limits and hasten the collapse of the system as planned by Piven’s.

  28. Want to see Liberal America……..take a hard look at Venezuela.

  29. Very interesting stuff. It’s fun to wonder just how accurate this stuff is, but if it is, yikes: http://www.fury.news/2016/08/anonymous-fbi-informant-says-treason-govt-highest-levels/

    • I know things are rotten in DC but this seems to way too much. It implies that hundreds to thousands of people are involved. Out of that number I would expect leaks that would expose the situation. Where is Deep Throat?

      • Much of it makes perfect sense, considering who were talking about. Clinton is so beyond corrupt the death sentence should be considered. The stuff on the Clinton Foundation isn’t really new, as Clinton Cash probably just touches the tip of it. I’m not sold on the Jewish thing though, but keeping an open mind just in case 🙂

        • They lost me at the point where they said “holocaust was a fake”. One of my best friends just came back from a visit with his wife to Auschwitz AND to the village her mother came from! Both her parents survived Auschwitz and met in a DP camp. As I’ve said I grew up in a neighborhood 40% Irish and 40% Jewish and half those Jews had a number tattooed on their forearm. Pretty Goddam elaborate hoax!

          • gmanfortruth says:

            If I were a whistleblower, i would want to keep the Feds from looking for me by throwing out some misinfo, that is off subnect. Not saying the guy is for real, but it provides some things to think about.
            I believe the part about Russia. Obama has been poking Putin and zhillary will take it further. Look what happened to Libya. I sure hope stuff gets leaked that will blow the lid off.

            • I think there is no question they want Russia neutered. Probably economic reasons. Can’t have anybody competing for trade. Pretty obvious with our involvement in the Ukrainian Putsch. They would not deal with the Kraut banks because they got a better deal from the Russians who keep them warm in the winter. God forbid a non US/German economic colony be allowed to remain on the Russian border. Ya know, Eastern Europe has a long memory when it comes to the Germans, the Russians in particular. I daresay the average Russian, with pictures of their dead uncles in the Red Army from WW 2 on their walls, feel about as much warmth towards Berlin as the average Chinese does towards Tokyo.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Been talking for years….one problem though, the press is in the bag unlike with Nixon, where they would all jump on the slightest thing to bring him down. The question is why and for what reason is the DOJ and congress so afraid of with the Clinton’s.

        I’m also wondering why the Trump campaign is still defending against the DNC charges that Trump is tied to Putin with the leaks. What about the DNC? I for one think this is all smoke and mirrors. Putin would rather Hllary in place as opposed to out. The sweet financial deals that she signed off on as SOS with the Clinton Foundation acting as a go between. Specifically the enriched uranium deal wher the Russians now own 20% plus and this is a critical industry and it just breezed through her office. This stinks worse than the Love Canal did. She has done more to undermine US interests and let Russia regain prominance in the ME either direcly or through proxies. If anyone is setting up the “Cold War redux” its her not Trump

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Forgot to add….the statue with Lady Justice, blindfolded holding balance scales ought to have the blindfold removed and turned to face the WH and Capital Hill . Justice is not blind and not evenly dispensed especially at the highest levels of government…..where we need it the most.

        • They blatantly LIE. It’s as if they are daring the people to do anything. Open corruption for all.

        • If the statement that Hillary plans on getting us into a war with Russia and China, then I can understand why Russia is siding with Trump. But I agree with you that based on History, Hillary is their natural ally.

          I don’t doubt that there is a tremendous corruption in DC. I said when Comey basically pardoned HRC that it went back to Obama. He did not want to open that can of worms so close to the election. Maybe they plan on some strategic leaks that disqualify HRC before the election.

          The only reason more progress was not made on Benghazi is that it was a gun running operation and all the congressional leadership were aware of it. So to reveal everything would implement them as well. Hence no special prosecutor or independent investigation.

          We need to clean out the hen house. Stinky job. I’ve done. I don’t like it but in needs to be done.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            She has no such plans to engage Russia actively. Just words to create a boogieman and show her strength. The Cold War was active. She has no intention of starting that up again, it will break the golden egg she’s getting from both sides. Her natural tendancy is toward as you say, unlimited power in her hands. Just like Putin and the Chinese leaders and the Imam’s in Iran. The poker table will be narrowed down to just 4 players.

            By the way a mink in a hen house will clean it out real quick. A mink will kill just to kill

            • In the bad old days of John Foster Dulles, that was called “brinksmanship”. We managed to get through those days with a few glitches like teh Cuban Missile Crisis. I’d rather not try for a replay.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                That is for sure….the people today here in the US in charge are total amatuers

  30. Trump needs to slow down-take some time in between all these rallies and do some studying. I know everyone including him said he won all those debates but seriously he was terrible at the debates. Hillary may lie at her debates but she manages to sound like she knows what she is talking about. And lets face it, that’s all it takes with a whole lot of people. She will wipe the floor with him -if he thinks he can keep winging it.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Given that it is not a requirement to brief a candidate of President on National Security, and it is openly being talked about to deny Trump the knowledge required to debate HRC on such topics, and I’m sure she will have no such restriction, even with her reckless negligence, If Trump does receive a briefing, if I was him I’d not trust a word of it, It will be designed to embarrass him with 1/2 truths and falsehoods.

  31. Well Gibson is back with one of the most interesting, “little known” stories of WW 2.

  32. Quit trashing Obama’s accomplishments. He has done more than any other President before him. Here is a list of his impressive accomplishments:

    1. First President to be photographed smoking a joint.

    2. First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.

    3. First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.

    4. First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States.

    5. First President to violate the War Powers Act.

    6. First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

    7. First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.

    8. First President to spend a trillion dollars on “shovel-ready” jobs when there was no such thing as “shovel-ready” jobs.

    9. First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.

    10. First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.

    11. First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S., including those with criminal convictions.

    12. First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.

    13. First President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.

    14. First President to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.

    15. First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is no longer a Christian nation.

    16. First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.

    17. First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.

    18. First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke out on the reasons for their rate increases.

    19. First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.

    20. First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).

    21. First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.

    22. First President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).

    23. First President to fire an inspector general of AmeriCorps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.

    24. First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.

    25. First President to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.

    26. First President to golf more than 150 separate times in his five years in office.

    27. First President to hide his birth, medical, educational and travel records.

    29. First President to go on multiple “global apology tours” and concurrent “insult our friends” tours.

    30. First President to go on over 17 lavish vacations, in addition to date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayers.

    31. First President to have personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.

    32. First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.

    33. First President to fly in a personal trainer from Chicago at least once a week at taxpayer expense.

    34. First President to repeat the Quran and tell us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth.

    35. First President to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 states (Mexico vs Arizona).

    36. First President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for their own private insurance because they “volunteered to go to war and knew the consequences.”

    37. Then he was the First President to tell the members of the military that THEY were UNPATRIOTIC for balking at the last suggestion.

    I feel much better now. I had been under the impression he hadn’t been doing ANYTHING… Such an accomplished individual… in the eyes of the ignorant maybe.

  33. Dear President Obama, and Members of Congress:

    I’m planning to move my family and extended family into Mexico for my health, and I would like to ask you to assist me.

    We’re planning to simply walk across the border from the U.S. into Mexico , and we’ll need your help to make a few arrangements.

    We plan to skip all the legal stuff like visas, passports, immigration quotas and laws.

    I’m sure they handle those things the same way you do here. So, would you mind telling your buddy, the President of Mexico, that I’m on my way over?

    Please let him know that I will be expecting the following:

    1. Free medical care for my entire family.
    2. English-speaking Government bureaucrats for all services I might need, whether I use them or not.
    3. Please print all Mexican Government forms in English.
    4. I want my grand kids to be taught Spanish by English-speaking (bi-lingual) teachers.
    5. Tell their schools they need to include classes on American culture and history.
    6. I want my grand kids to see the American flag on one of the flag poles at their school.
    7. Please plan to feed my grand kids at school for both breakfast and lunch.
    8. I will need a local Mexican driver’s license so I can get easy access to government services.
    9. I do plan to get a car and drive in Mexico , but I don’t plan to purchase car insurance, and I probably won’t make any special effort to learn local traffic laws.
    10. In case one of the Mexican police officers does not get the memo from their president to leave me alone, please be sure that every patrol car has at least one English-speaking officer.
    11. I plan to fly the U.S. flag from my housetop, put U.S. flag decals on my car, and have a gigantic celebration on July 4th. I do not want any complaints or negative comments from the locals.
    12. I would also like to have a nice job without paying any taxes, or have any labor or tax laws enforced on any business I may start.
    13. Please have the president tell all the Mexican people to be extremely nice and never say critical things about me or my family, or about the strain we might place on their economy.
    14. I want to receive free food stamps.
    15. Naturally, I’ll expect free rent subsidies.
    16. I’ll need income tax credits so that although I don’t pay Mexican taxes, I’ll receive money from the government.
    17. Please arrange it so that the Mexican Government pays $4,500.00 to help me buy a new car.
    18. Oh yes, I almost forgot, please enroll me free into the Mexican Social Security program so that I’ll get a monthly income in retirement.
    19. One more thing let me and my family get in-state enrollment to any college we want to get into, ahead of any Mexican.

    I know this is an easy request because you already do all these things for all of his people who walk over to the U.S. from Mexico . I am sure that the President of Mexico won’t mind returning the favor if you ask him nicely.

    Funny how stupid this looks when it’s put it in writing… Or maybe not so funny?

  34. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I copied this out of a headline article today about a machete wielding man who attacked and wounded two police officers who then in turn was shot and killed by a 3rd officer. Got to love open border and PC policy.

    “Brussels, home to European Union institutions and the headquarters of NATO, and the rest of Belgium are currently on a security alert level of three out of a maximum of four, a “serious” status with a “possible and probable” threat.”

  35. Stephen asks: ” Ever try to find a “spider” hole under snow?”

    D13 answers: “Crap…I could not even find them in NO SNOW!!..I even had Montgnard point men (aka “Yards”) that could not find them. That is, not until they opened up on us. We finally got where we could understand where they might be…..by the fields of fire that untrained militia (VC) liked to have.”

    One of my fun assignments was when I was a Captain….and had a company command. I was in command of an armored tank company as a reservist in the Texas Army National Guard….I was put into command as a first LT….primarily due to previous military experience but because I was a “Mustang” (enlisted turned officer) the word got around real quickly that I had a reputation of putting ROTC 2nd Lt’s in their rightful place…..and that was learning from 15 and 20 year SFC’s who were platoon sgts. After my company command, I was assigned as a Senior TAC officer in charge of OCS…that was a hoot. I was a “black hat” Captain that was GOD.

    I went to Desert Storm as a Btn Cdr…..then to Bosnia. As an LTC, I took a mech infantry BDE to Afghanistan……and learned just how political being a full Colonel was going to be….everyone wanted their ticket punched. Became a full Colonel Brigade Commander and then it pretty much stopped. Because I was a Mustang and not an academy (West Point) graduate…..I was passed over for general officer the dreaded three times. ( General officer selection committee’s are run by…..general officers who are West Point graduates)…..However, it was very interesting being assigned to the Pentagon and NATO hq. and watching the politics of “Bird” Colonels trying to position themselves for general officer selection….the power and prestige becomes an all powerful aphrodisiac. I was a line officer….a combat officer and most……get this…MOST of the generals appointed by Obama were non combat verterans and the combat vets were dismissed. I had more fun because I simply did not care about positioning myself….hell, even parking places were coveted. Sitting arrangements in the mess hall were coveted…..I was chastised in Belgium because I did not sit in my “assigned seat”….I was chastised in Washington because I did not wear all the ribbons I was supposed to……not because I did not want to but simply because I did not take the time to go purchase them and put them on the “ribbon bar”…..the protocol officer at the Pentagon did that for me….and I was chastised yet again….because I did not take the time to switch them out until it was time to clean the class A’s. Then when I did finally put them on, all I got was stares because most of the Washington officers did not have combat ribbons…..all of a sudden I was a pariah, yet again, because I was reality and not the social foo foo of Washington. The highest award is the DSC…..with a few valor awards under that but no one knew how to handle that…….EXCEPT general officers that wanted an experienced Chief of Staff or G3. That was where I ended my official military career.

    NOw I am having fun again as an independent contractor assigned to the Texas National Guard on the border training guard officers….with the rank of full Colonel…and I report directly to the Chief of Staff of the commanding General of Texas Forces…..a major general (2 stars). I have the power of that office…..and do not have to answer to any politician……except the governor.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Have you folks down in Texas upgraded your air force yet?

      • We fly F 16s

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          I was trying to make a funny….referencing the “Texas Air Force” of restored war planes

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            All rolled up into the CAF “Commemorative Air Force”

            • Ahhhh…sorry…..yes the CONFEDERATE Air Force…now renamed to Commerative Air Force…..renamed because some states refused to let them participate in air shows because of the name of Confederate. We have a wing in Fort Worth at Meacham Field….really pretty large and the planes well kept.

              As to the Texas Air National Guard…we are the best equipped and most lethal Reserve Air Force in the World and that includes the Chinese and Russians. Next year we are getting the new F22 Raptor straight from Lockheed. The Obama Administration tried to block the sale but failed. Obama cut the Raptor program by 70% from the USAF and Texas picked them up….paying cash. At days end 2017, we will have a full squadron of F22 Raptors.

              The Obama Administration was successful in stopping the creation of a branch of the Navy because of the International Waters that is patrolled by the US Coast Guard. However, inside the three mile territorial waters, we have a problem with the drug cartels running semi submerged boats. Texas has full authority over its three miles and we have now created boats similar to the old Civil War Monitor with ramming plow….it works really well and is manned by Texas National Guard Forces. To date, we sent 6 drug boats to the bottom. Fast speed boats do not work on the Texas Coast because of the prolific sand bars than change like the weather. The cartels learned really quickly that speed boats do not work….they get hung up on sand bars. So we now have the river being patrolled by the Department of Public Safety ( Texas payroll )..and fully armed…we have 8 boats with ramming plows and the drug intervention on the coast has almost disappeared. They have switched to running the baja California coast and the lower Pacific California Coast.

              Our biggest problem now is the vastness of the border. But, we have successfully trained the ranchers and their employees and armed them with the technology. We have a working drone program equipped with laser and infra-red. We are now forming a civilian volunteer program, closely vetted, of private pilots that are willing to donate their time and plane to patrolling the Texas border in coordination with the National Guard. The State of Texas will provide the fuel to all private pilots willing to donate 15+ hours of flight time per month. I am in and one of the volunteers…it will take roughly three days of time.

              Sort of sounds like TExas is planning for something, doesn’t it? It has not been without problems….the FAA ( Federal Aviation Administration ) has tried to set parameters claiming jurisdiction of the US Defense Zone ( border ), ordering the State of Texas to turn over all records and N numbers (tail numbers) of all planes registered to fly the border. Texas refused. So, in order to get around the problems of the FAA, Texas has claimed that it can issued TPPL’s ( Texas Private Pilot License ) similar to a TExas driver’s license fully understanding that anyone holding such a license will not be able to fly in commercial zones and fly across state borders. The FAA, of course, will fight this….but I do not think it will make any difference….it would be impossible to enforce.

              Anyway…..we are marching forward…..with our latest effort……stopping the illegal relocation of Syrian refugees in Houston, Texas. So far, it has worked.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Don’t forget to hire Kerry when he becomes unemployed next year as an expert in littoral warfare. (big time sarcastic)

  36. Julian Assange has hinted that Hillary was running guns to Syria via Libya and that he has the emails. CT theories have been pushing the gun running for some time. If that is the case, then Obama, Clinton and the Congressional leaders have all probably been privy to the action and would be guilty by either implied or actual consent. Recently O and others have expressed their concern about Trump might actually making it to the Oval Office and that it would be a foreign relations disaster. They are calling for the RNC to replace him. Could it be that they are more scared he would spill the beans and let the world know what knaves we have been? He would need to do a world apology tour for foisting Obama on the world.

    Personally, I think there is enough s–t that may be coming that would require the DNC to replace HRC. That would be interesting because the deadline for getting names on ballets may be past in many states.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      The media keeps putting out the stuff that Trump is a psycho and unstable. It’s only 3 weeks to replace Trump so they better act fast. Hate to say this but that is pretty desperate action by the MSM and DNC in light that their candidate is guilty of pretty serious crimes, as said by every inspector general of our intelligence agencies and the FBI ….just not indicted….yet

      One wonders how things would have been if HRC didn’t bail out in ’08. I think still FUBAR.

    • They can’t replace Trump or Hitlary at this point, their bullshit game would be up and the people would reject them all. If the above posted link with the FBI agent talking anonymously has any truth to it, any attempt to remove Trump might trigger the release of stuff that will take it all down. I might sound crazy, but it needs to happen. Take the bums down and we can start over. I’m not concerned with other countries and any actions they may take. Besides, declaring war and actually fighting it is two different animals. Russia and China still don’t want war with us, regardless of the outcome of leaks.

  37. Interesting…..I know they must be scared of Trump…and the polls that the MSM are putting out must be incorrect given their full court press. Trump is scaring many people and I would not doubt it in the least, if the RNC does something like that….a lot of heads may be on the chopping block.

    • What the TRUMP people must realize, and the Donald himself, is that taking down 16 republican opponents was like a varsity player taking down the freshman JV. The Republicans for the past 40 year have ALWAYS been the freshman JV.

      He is now playing the Greenbay Packers under Lombardi!

  38. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/paul-ryan-stares-down-a-gop-revolt-in-his-back-yard/2016/08/06/fd2d12b0-5b24-11e6-9aee-8075993d73a2_story.html

    If Ryan goes down, it will be because of his treason against the voters that gave him the majority. This will be another example of the people being fed up with the BS.

  39. http://www.rollcall.com/news/politics/recent-breaches-raise-fears-voting-system-hacks

    Right now our election system is quite diffuse with many different state and local agencies involved. I can’t think of an easier way to fix the results than to bring it all under federal control. When many started advocating for computerized voting after 2000, I kept asking why. Why automate a process that is only done 2 or 3 times a year with hardware that is obsolete in 5 years? Why go from a reasonably transparent system to on that is invisible pulses in wire? Why go to a system that requires specialized training to setup and maintain? Why go to a system that can be subverted secretly. What is wrong with a #2 pencil, it’s cheap?

    • For over 30 years we used in NY and NJ, a mechanical system which “punched” into a roll of tape the actual votes then, like an old adding machine, added them up. Pretty damned foolproof but now we are electronic!

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        With the computer security that the government has proven over and over again, can not be secure from hacking and falsifying results. To rig results with the system you mentioned of paper ballots it has to be a pretty big conspiracy based on individuals stealing then replacing “hard copy’ balloting. Whereas computer tabulation just takes a few lines of code, much like a virus and randomly modifying votes has a far greater risk of fraud in our election process. This voting with no id required or in precincts other than your own or same day registration is BS. That is all designed to increase voter fraud and double or triple counts….like months after recount after recount in the State where Al Franken won after months in court going with the incumbant alway coming out ahead, then a mysterious box of votes showed up out of the trunk of a car from what I believe is a predominantly black district and 100% of the votes were for Franken. I seriously doubt that most people in that district ever heard of Al Franken. And the courts allowed them counted and the count went just over in favor of Franken. Where with all the recounts the DNC knew precisely just how many votes they needed to “insert” for the victory.

  40. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    It is totally amazing that any journalists ever passed their courses on writing and journalistic accuracy. And not mixing up data, facts and syntax etc

    I was just reading an article about the NPS and how Obama wants to get the visitorship to the parks to be more diverse, much less bring racial parity to the employment numbers. The author claimed that there were 20,000 employees at Yosemite and 83% were white. In fact there are only 1200 employees in the summer and like 600-800 in the winter. Of the 300M + vistors to the NPS system including monuments etc around 20% were other than white. I found many mistakes and had to keep cross checking the NPS official numbers or individual parks stats. So how hard is it to get the facts straight. Not hard unless there is an agenda.

    Is there going to be a federal benefit added to pay for vacations for people that are not white or straight. The advocates want to change the stringent requirements to be an NPS employees. I do not mean ticket takers and gift shop people. Usually you need to be 1) in pretty good physical shape. The parks are usually NOT city streets. 2) you need in cases need to have back grounds in environmental sciences, forestry, wildlife, including dealing with the human idiots, 3) law enforcement 4) live in remote places 5) usually only part of the year. 6) usually be well spoken with no attitudes. 6) architectual knowledge, 7) mechanics, engineering etc etc etc. depends on the job….rarely were they NON SKILLED

    Heck a few years ago, in the EU they actually considered paying for the vacations that people take like to the Maldives etc. The people get the month of August off usually, paid but they thought it was unfair that only some people got to go to really cool places far and away and exotic. Sounds like Obama want try and do the same, but at least keep it stateside.

    • Why are we wasting counting diversity entering the parks. Who cares? A fare number are foreigners. Again who cares?

      We had a ranger up the hill from us who had been deputized by the sheriff. He started abusing his authority and the sheriff jerked his badge. He can only enforce federal crimes now.

  41. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Just finished watching a cult space invasion movie “Invaders from Mars” 1953….It was the 1st movie that I ever saw on TV. Pre -sputnik days. We needed to have Dad come and pick us up, because there was NO way we were going to walk home through the woods and sand pit that was by our house in Woodstock NY.

    Other than the zippers on the costumes of the martian mutants it was kind of fun watching after 60 years.

  42. From what I’m hearing about Trumps tax plans, it’s gonna make some serious waves, especially with women. My understanding is that “child care expenses” will be tax deductable under it. Not sure what that all entails, but I think it’s a good idea, since it’s a tax deduction (for working families/mothers) and not just a giveaway.. Now, what to cut to offset the cost to govvernment…..goodbye Education Department and EPA!!!!!!! 🙂 (I hope he actually says that)

  43. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Just love the efficiency gained by eliminating backup systems. Just ask Delta Airlines now. Imagine a single outage in Atlanta takes down their entire global network, causing cancellations, no reservations, no check in everything. FYI its still ongoing. I just tested the system and you couldn’t check flight status or make a reservation. The downstream effect of that is so huge. The flight control agencies worldwide must be having fun.

    I remember years ago when I was still working, one of the clients was Lufthansa. All the US hubs. The network went down like mid morning. The network managers were not pushed at the time so they went into the slow mode. As 1500 started nearing and any minute thereafter the airline was really pounding. The team never understood theairlines problem. No manifest no takeoff, no leaving the gate, you start running out of space to land planes, food services, flight controllers…it becames a train wreck quickly. The delays just snowball…….Only 2 guys in the entire team (50) actually knew that this was the German airline and their basic routine. Leaving late afternoon early evening to get to cities in Europe by the start of business next day. The fact that companies are contracting out their services and those companies are hiring people who may know programing or networking, but they know nothing about the client and their product or deliverables. The end results are slipshod and are hanging by a thread.

    Just 1.5 weeks ago U-Haul corporation decided to do a network computer upgrade. They 1) did it without full scale testing in parallel to see if it’d work under full load. and 2) they did it on the busiest weekend of the year……I was in one of their offices 3 days later and you still could not reserve or get a vehicle or trailer…..stupid stupid stupid. No wonder hackers can have such a field day in our systems. Even look at Obamacare rollout. And people believe Hillary’s private system didn’t get hacked?

  44. Well….well…..well………the hits are still coming: Dateline Texas….Effective August 15, 2016…all Texas Guard and Texas National Guard military protocols with the Federal State Department will cease. All protocol with the Reserve Forces of the Pentagon will cease. All frequencies, codes, passwords, manning charts, reserve assignments will cease. All communications with Homeland Security and Federal Border Patrol will cease. I am assuming that we are basically on our own….at least for the time being.

    The reason? It has just been revealed to us that all of the classified information concenring our strength, equipment, manning requirements, patrol tactics, communications with border patrol and border issues…..including names, addresses, phone numbers, code names, undercover names….has apparaently been hacked through Clinton’s computer to the once secure State Department files.

    We were told in a briefing last night to reveal no more information to any Federal employee in he Justice Department, Homeland Security,, and Border Patrol. We were told to reveal no more frequencies, passwords, operations orders, or other sensitive materials to anyone in the Fedral Government unless approved through the Texas AG….and that included the POTUS or his representatives.

    No more details were released to us…..but it does not take a rocket scientist to ascertain that everything we have done has been compromised to some extent. They are still assessing the possible damage. It is no secret that the US agent in IRAN was hanged from information gleaned from the SOS emails…..who knows about border security.

    What does it take ti get through…….even Trump stepping on his own appendage is more qualified than what is up there now……unbelievable.

    Now, some things are coming into focus….we have noticed some changes in behaviours and patterns on our borders…it almost seemed as if someone was listening to us…even though we scramble our frequencies and randomly change them. I hope other states follow our lead and just cut off the Feds….maybe then, they will get the message.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I’m sure that revealing that information about Texas will get ZERO attention in the MSM, or saying so will bring the Feds down again on you.

      My bet is that the Federal administration is itself leaking your information to those parties on the other side.

      To be clear…I assume it was Texas who has cut off the Feds and not the other way around.

      • It was not just Texas but all States that have a working Guard unit…however, since we deal directly with the State Department, etal……….ours is especially vulnerable because of our border efforts.

        It would not surprise me at all if the Feds actually leaked information about us…..that will not happen any longer.

        It was Texas that has cut off communications…everything military and everything border related. They cannot threaten us with cutting off funding….we fund our state military anyway and turn down fed funds.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Thanks for the clarification..

          If there were thousands or e-mails on Hillary’s server obviously discussing everything including Libya, the Russian nuclear deal, cookie recipes, wedding plans……what the hell did she do if there were only a couple classified documents…..isn’t 100% of her State Department work classified? Much less if the State system is so chock full of holes and I read that they use the more secure intelligence networks to do the serious work……how did she access those networks with a “personal” server? I’d have assumed they would have shut her down in a heartbeat as a hacker trying to gain entry.

  45. WTH??? I read somewhere a while back that some big power guys, I want to say Russians and Germans..but it doesn’t matter who for this comment, have ceased using email and internet for communication. They’re back to using regular old typewriters and snail mail. Good move with all this hacking business going on. Another plus for Trump. He doesn’t use email.

  46. Mathius™ says:

    I write fabulous comments. If you real all the comments I have written, you would agree. You would love them. Other commenters are weak, soft, and out of touch. I’m not like that, and if you are reading this, you aren’t either.

    This blog really needs great comments, and I am awesome at comment writing.

    Other commenters might attack me, but then they go away. They don’t have what it takes to keep writing great comments. I have what it takes to write the best comments. Comment writers who disagree need to be punched in the face and run out of town.

    My comments are so great, I’m going to build a wall and put my comments on them. Then I’ll get all the other commenters to pay for building the wall. They’ll pay, believe me.

    Some people think that other commenters, like Crooked Black Flag, write good comments, but he is should be locked up. He doesn’t have what it takes to make StandUpForAmerica great again.

    • Sarcasm? You are NOT good at sarcasm. Comments maybe but sarcasm, unfortunately no.

      • Mathius™ says:

        Get him out of here!

        I’m the very best at sarcasm. Ask anyone. They all know. No one is as good at being sarcastic as I am. I’ll tell you that.

        Believe me. They’ll tell you.

        I went to some great schools and have really the best education. I have the best words. And I use them better than anyone. I could teach a class on sarcasm and people would pay me for it – it’d be a yuge success, I know. They’d pay me a lot of money to be good at sarcasm like me.

        Some of my very great friends are super sarcastic. They are actually famous for being sarcastic. They all say to me, “Mathius™, you so sarcastic, it’s really amazing.” They know I’m the best and they love me for for it.

        My sarcasm is really great, I’ll tell you that. Only a loser would say it’s not. It’s pathetic, really. Some people just don’t get sarcasm. They just don’t understand how great my sarcasm is. I feel sorry for them, really I do. I feel bad for those people (probably Mexicans) who can’t understand my fantastic sarcasm.

  47. Trump is on a five touchdown day and still throwing!!!!!

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Can you diagram the plays that scored? Everything I pull up is negative saying Hillary widens lead, Trump campaign teetering etc etc.

      • Biggest Goddam mistake and ALL the negs come from it was mishandling the Gold Star family. So damn easy just to say positives about the Kid and IGNORE Pops.

        I said it above, he is a very good Varsity Player with a lot to offer playing with the pros who have studied his playbook. Until he figures out that one, he will get creamed. I was happy to see today he did NOT use his standard, “throw them out!” Ignore them and if he really had the balls, call them out as the “new” brownshirts. Ask, rhetorically, if any “Trump supporters have used these disreputable tactics” at a Hillary or Bernie rally?

  48. Nice delivery. I see the Hillarybots were all 1. Middle aged women, 2. Dressed well and 3. Timed to go off at specific intervals.

    So one is tempted to ask, why no black protestors at the site? It was Detroit after all. Could it possibly be “Black lives don’t matter” on the part of the Hillary folks cause I sure think that the Mrs. Massah sittin on the front porch on her plantation does not give a (expletive deleted) about the poor folk, black or any other color. Trump was right in his comment, the Bernie folks were so much better….and believable.

  49. CNN = Communist/Clinton News Network. I watched for 25 minutes from 7 pm local. Fucking disgraceful. I’ll never turn them on again.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      CNN lost me way back in ’91. Partially because of Peter Arnett, by afterwards the head of CNN stated flat out that if they had been able to get at the invasion plans they would have broadcast them, because it was the “right” of the people to know.

      CBS lost me when they brought in Dan Rather, He ansawered a hypothetical question at a question answer session with the military. If he had been asked by the North Vietnamese to accompany them on a patrol and they had set up an ambush or US soldiers would he have shouted a warning. He said NO.

      • Arnett, that award winning fucker.

        Do you remember his famous comment about a Marine movement in Viet-nam when he claimed a Marine major had said, “Too bad we had to destroy the village to save it”,. Classic anti-war BS. While he claimed it was anonymous, we knew the date, time and ville and I am sure there could not have been that many marine Corps Majors on the ground standing next to Arnett at the time but there was NEVER any follow up by anyone. Just another wildly successful attempt to make the military look like inept, stupid baby killers.

  50. I was in a meeting today……and during the break, there was a considerable conversation on Ted Cruz today. I do not think he has a chance at keeping his senate seat.

    He sure lost a lot of support here.

  51. Yes, of course the people are too stupid. While I agree people are pretty stupid, it’s the ones that DON’T see the lies that are really stupid. This bitch has it backwards: http://www.truthrevolt.org/news/msbc-host-americans-too-dumb-understand-hillarys-complicated-email-investigation

  52. Proof that the Washington establishment is NOE team, not the two many are fooled into believing: http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/GOP-National-Security-Officials-Sign/2016/08/08/id/742677/

    • My suspicion is that they have built a house of cards and are afraid that Trump would expose it.


      “The names on this letter are the ones the American people should look to for answers on why the world is a mess, and we thank them for coming forward so everyone in the country knows who deserves the blame for making the world such a dangerous place. They are nothing more than the failed Washington elite looking to hold onto their power, and it’s time they are held accountable for their actions.

      These insiders – along with Hillary Clinton – are the owners of the disastrous decisions to invade Iraq, allow Americans to die in Benghazi, and they are the ones who allowed the rise of ISIS. Yet despite these failures, they think they are entitled to use their favor trading to land taxpayer-funded government contracts and speaking fees. It’s time we put our foot down and declare that their gravy train is over: no longer will Crooked Hillary Clinton and the other disasters in Washington get rich at our expense.

      Instead, I offer a better vision for our country and our foreign policy – one that is not run by a ruling family dynasty. It’s an America first vision that stands up to foreign dictators instead of taking money from them, seeks peace over war, rebuilds our military, and makes other countries pay their fair share for their protection. Together, we will break up the rigged system in Washington, make America safe again, and we will Make America Great Again.”

  53. Mathius™ says:

  54. If it walks like a duck,,,,?

    “Obama: It was You.”

    It was you who spoke these words at an Islamic dinner -“I am
    one of you.”

    It was you who on ABC News referenced -“My Muslim faith.”

    It was you who gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build foreign mosques.

    It was you who wrote that in the event of a conflict-“I will stand with the Muslims.”

    It was you who assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that –”I am a Muslim.”

    It was you who bowed in submission before the Saudi King.

    It was you who sat for 20 years in a Liberation Theology Church
    condemning Christianity and professing Marxism.

    It was you who exempted Muslims from penalties under Obamacare
    that the rest of us have topay.

    It was you who purposefully omitted – “endowed by our Creator ”
    from your recitation of The Declaration Of Independence.

    It was you who mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ’s Sermon On
    The Mount while repeatedly referring to the ‘HOLY’ Qur’an.

    It was you who traveled the Islamic world denigrating the United States
    Of America.

    It was you who instantly threw the support of your administration behind
    the building of the Ground Zero Victory mosque overlooking the hallowed crater of the WorldTrade Center.

    It was you who refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast,
    but hastened to host an Islamic prayer breakfast at the White

    It was you who ordered Georgetown Univ. and Notre Dame to shroud

    all vestiges of Jesus Christ BEFORE you would agree to go there to

    speak, but in contrast, you have NEVER requested
    the mosques you have visited to adjust their decor.

    It was you who appointed anti-Christian fanatics to your CzarCorps.

    It was you who appointed rabid Islamists to HomelandSecurity.

    It was you who said that NASA’s “foremost mission”
    was an outreach to Muslim communities.

    It was you who as an Illinois Senator was the ONLY individual who

    would speak in favor of infanticide.

    It was you who was the first President not to give a Christmas Greeting

    from the White House, and went so far as to hang photos
    of Chairman Mao on the White House tree.

    It was you who curtailed the military tribunals of all Islamic terrorists.

    It was you who refused to condemn the Ft. Hood killer as an Islamic terrorist.
    It is you who has refused to speak-out concerning the horrific executions

    of women throughout the Muslim culture, but yet, have submitted Arizona to
    the UN for investigation of hypothetical human-rights abuses.

    It was you who when queried in India refused to acknowledge thetrue extent

    of radical global Jihadists, and insteadprofusely praised Islam in a country

    that is 82% Hindu andthe victim of numerous Islamic terroristsassaults.

    It was you who funneled $900 Million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas.

    It was you who ordered the USPS to honor the MUSLIM holiday with
    a new commemorative stamp.

    It was you who directed our UK Embassy to conduct outreach tohelp

    “empower” the British Muslim community.

    It was you who funded mandatory Arabic language and culture
    studies in Grammar schools across our country.

    It is you who follows the Muslim custom of not wearing any form of
    jewelry during Ramadan.

    It is you who departs for Hawaii over the Christmas season soas
    to avoid past criticism for NOT participating in seasonal WH
    religious events.

    It was you who was uncharacteristically quick to join the chorus
    of the Muslim Brotherhood to depose Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak,
    formerly America’s strongest ally in North Africa; but,
    remain muted in your non-response to the Brotherhood
    led slaughter of Egyptian Christians.

    It was you who appointed your chief adviser, Valerie Jarrett, an
    Iranian, who is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, an off-shoot
    of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    It was you who said this country is not a Christian nation.

    Hmmmmmmm…wonder if he is a duck?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I understand it is OK as a Muslim to pretend to be of some other religion as long as it advances the spread of Islam. Elsewise it is punishable by death. He certainly has done just that. Sorry, Father was a Shia Muslim, Stepfather Muslim, lived in the most populous Islamic country in the world, Indonesia

      Wasn’t there also a dust-up on the anniversary of the communist victory in China, the Empire State Building got lit up with that nations colors in commemoration.

      Remember Reagan’s response to Castro building the military airfield on that tiny island of Grenada. Plus his response to when Gadhaffi claimed a straight line across the Gulf of Sidra. Then think of Obama’s responses especially to China’s claims and actions.

      Obama has two main objectives. 1) expand at all cost Islam 2) in parallel communism, not just socialism


    Just thought everyone should know because our news media will NEVER tell you. A friend did research on the Muslim father (that Trump spoke of in a negative light), Mr Kahn, and here’s what was found…

    “The law firm for which Kahn worked just COINCIDENTALLY (yeah, right) is also the law firm for the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia, the tax lawyers for Bill & Hillary Clinton (and the Clinton Foundation) and also where Loretta Lynch worked. Oh yeah, they also represent a small tech firm in Denver, CO (yes, the same little firm that “managed” Hillary’s private server).”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Puts new meaning to the phrase “All in the Family”

    • Tenuous at best Colonel, tenuous at best…

      For starters, if you actually look into this claim, Khan used to work for a form which subsequently underwent a merger with another firm; that new firm has represented Saudia Arabia in certain matters.

      By the way, how goes things? You ever actually making that trip to the City you’ve mentioned in the past??

      • It does not matter tenuous, counselor….you and I know how to play the big game. We play it daily. The issue is the connection and the fallacy of both sides not telling the entire story. BOTH SIDES ! You are as far from stupid as Hillary is from common sense. (Compliment). You know the lay of the land…you are a specialist in the big game of hiding money and helping people hide their money….and that is what it is called. ( Hide is being used in the context of utilizing various LEGAL tax codes not laundering )…. I hire the same people to help me avoid as much tax as I possibly can. That is natural….but you and I both know the lay of the land…and we know how farm it. We may not agree in the irrigation process…..but we both see the big picture and understand it.

        I am doing very well, thank you sir. As to my trip to the “Big Apple”…it is no longer necessary……thankfully. Not because I did not wish to break bread with you….but we no longer do business out of New York because of the new regulations on out of state business…higher fees. In addition, to fly a personal plane into New York State now requires a “mileage” tax of the number of miles flown within the State. Your neighboring state of New Jersey also is now charging private aviation a landing fee and parking tax. A lot of private planes started flying in there to avoid the mileage tax…so New Jersey saw another opportunity to tax and charge fees. Just to land my Baron in New Jersey and park the plane costs $175 per day…..SImply not worth it and it is a cost that cannot be passed on.

        However, should you decide to venture southwest……to the Republic of Texas…..the steaks are on me….so are the marguerita’s and wine.

        • I don’t hide money…I protect assets. 🙂

          As for NY, you can always fly commercial ya know…

  56. Dale A Albrecht says:

    On the news stands is a new issue of National Geographic. “The Most Influencial People of the Ancient World”. Confucius was there, OK. Nebucanezzer, destroyed the Temple and Jerusalem. Some Assyrian kings. Ramses II. They had King Tut….who was nothing but a boy. Lots of guys from India. They had not one word about Moses, Jesus, They had Trajan…why him, Marcus Auralius was far more influencial….mostly made very little sense by those included and those excluded.

    • I’m sure I’ll be lambasted for this, but what the hell.

      Perhaps the reason for the omission of Moses and Jesus from the list is that their actual existence cannot be proven.

      I’m going to go duck behind a desk now…

      • You are evil, sir…… I doubt that anyone can be proved excpet by some written document….and then how do you verify the veracity of any document.

        • Wow……I need a Dr Pepper…..”verify the veracity”? Sheesh…..funny thing is, I know you are lauging at the oxymoron……but you know what? You actually understood what I meant.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Oh ye of little faith (sarc)….That also explains why Mohammed was also excluded. Anyone who goes out into the desert wastes for as long as they claim they did and had revelations, were more likely hallucinations. All three had fairly similar reasons behind them. Moses had to forge a single unit to retake land they left generations before during time of want and went where it was fertile. Jesus was a radical Jewish rabbi who had more issues with the habits of his faith than with the Romans. Christianity came later with his PR men, the apostles. Mohammed just combines all the elements of the religions of the area and forged an empire, that did not expand by spreading the word by mouth, but by the sword. Religion justified (piggybacked) with the creation of an empire(s) as it also did in later centuries with Christianity.

        Me I like to believe that we are just in a laboratory and our galaxies represent petri dishes. One big giant science experiment. Experiment goes wrong, and it gets flushed, as in the story of Noah. Granted they’re finding more and more evidence of more natural reasons of the massive floods, but the story is a good one or else it would not exist in most cultures. I also like the Tower of Babel story, which is nothing but a story about man getting to full of themselves and suffered the consequences with society destroying itself and having to diseminate to a larger area and creating the different cultures of the world.

  57. Dale A Albrecht says:

    So Karl Rove, a Bush groupie, says that Trump has got to stop fighting the GOP and start fighting Hillary…..Funny he says that see that the GOP party leaders are fighting him and placing more obstacles in his way than Hillary is. They for one are not reining in their people who in the long could run help gain the White House. If stop fighting the GOP means knuckling under and only then will they stop obstructing the campaign…that’ll never happen

    I get the whole impression that since NONE of the supposed GOP picks made it very far in the primaries, their taking their ball and going home. They should be fighting Hillary just as viciously and clearing the path, but Trump has to keep picking up the pieces, some self inflicted but many are by GOP big names.

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