Integrity Matters

integrity1The beginning of the Presidential campaign between Trump and Clinton has not been short on things to discuss and the mud has been flying at a a good rate.  This is typical of what our politics have become, a pathetic circus.  But even more important to me is this campaign, thanks to Trump’s nomination, the establishment types and the biased liberal media are really showing their true colors and not holding back.  While this seems to be helping Clinton, I wouldn’t put your eggs in that basket just yet.

The Republican Party was turned upside down during the primary season as the establishment candidates, and one snake, were crushed by the anti-establishment populism that also played a huge role on the Democrat side.  If not for the DNC’s rigged Primary system,  we could be having a full fledged anti-establishment President in 2017.  Although Sander’s being an outsider is a pretty long stretch, his open socialist ideology sure qualifies him somewhat.

There is one glaring difference between the two candidates that remain….Integrity.  Trump just tells it the way he sees it, which then gets twisted in so many ways by the Liberal media it doesn’t resemble it’s original sentence form.  More on that in a few.  Clinton has no integrity, none, zero.  She’s a compulsive liar and is too old and possibly in bad health to keep track of them all.  She recently “short-circuited” as she put it.  That means she couldn’t keep her lies straight anymore, which would be hard for her with a young mind, much less at her current age.  Integrity Matters!

integrity2Liberal media bias can’t be even argued anymore, even by the Lefty’s themselves.  This is good news, because the bias is so blatant, the few who don’t trust the media will join those that have already given up on them as being trust worthy.  I won’t bother to watch CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, or MSNBC.  FOX isn’t all that much better, but at least they let Liberal’s talk and express their opinion.   I will visit some Left Wing sites, just to see how completely incompetent they are.  That’s what these propaganda sites are, home for the lost souls with no brains of their own.  Even in the conspiracy theory world, some semblance of integrity must accompany the theory.  For example, the Planet X/Nibiru theory lacks integrity, so I have dismissed it as pure fantasy.  Intergrity Matters!

integrity3The Primary season has fully exposed those in the establishment and their lapdog propaganda outlets known as the Main stream media.  The outcome of the Primaries has also shown that the people are fed up with both.  Trust is all but gone for both, with just a few holdouts who can’t grasp the fact that the government isn’t working for them.  The result’s of this election, should it occur, will not be about who’s campaign did the best at demonizing the other, or who had the best ideas.  It will be about how many have become disgusted with the untrustworthy establishment and their media whores.  Integrity Matters!

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  1. So much to talk about. The funny thing about the Left Wing medias twisting of Trump’s “2nd Amendment people” statement is that they didn’t put it in the context even close to being stated. Only a flaming idiot would take that as a threat. In it’s true context, as stated by Trump, should Hitlary win and stack the court, should it lead to the abolishment of gun ownership, the 2nd Amendment people WILL stop her and the court. That’s not a threat, that’s reality.


    They vet everyone, he was a guest. To claim otherwise is retarded.

  3. Let me add more evidence proving illusion of choice. Let’s add a few more interesting details, like how the debates are rigged as well:

    There is now even a 21-page contract drawn up by both parties to dictate the terms, to the smallest detail, of all debates. The existence of this document was denied by the parties until it was leaked to the press. It showed how both parties agreed on multiple ways to prevent natural, spontaneous and vigorous debate: No follow-up questions may be asked by any audience member or moderator. Neither candidate may issue a challenge to his or her opponent for additional debates. Neither candidate may appear at any other debate except those agreed to by the parties.

  4. “Releasing” terrible medical news for Hillary is a brilliant move. I mean, I’m pretty confident those are fake, but it’s still a great tactical move.

    Isn’t it oh-so-convenient that just when the narrative is turning against Trump, these pop up and conveniently summarize everything so neatly and explicitly including suggesting that they’re getting worse and that she’s on anti-depressants and anxiety meds. There’s no letterhead or signature, so supporting documentation, nothing. This is pretty silly.

    But Team Trump certainly understands the media. I’ll give them that.

    • The doctors notes are relatively normal, signatures aren’t needed unless being used in a legal matter. These are just basic notes for the doctor to see past history, never intended for public viewing. They were released on twitter , who knows if they are legitimate or not.

      As far as Trump, he is brilliant at marketing, thats why he has spent nothing on ads yet, while Hitlary is at 59 million. Trump knows that people have short memories, most can’t remember past gaffes without help, he will pound the airwaves with ads in October, when it counts. His team will destroy Hitlary and the only response she will be able to muster will be in between blackouts 😀

      • Care to place your money grog where your mouth is?

        • Dukakis was up by 20 plus after his convention…….He lost. Forecasts are useless at this point, just like when the NFL writers try to pick next SB champ, useless exercise.

          • Except that Nate Silver is a wizard who sees the future.

            GMan, it’s not just the spread, it’s where the spread is. The electoral map strongly favors Team Blue this year. It just does. The “safe” blue states get Clinton almost right up to the line. For Trump to win, he needs to sweep the battlegrounds and, while it’s possible, it’s unlikely. I think we can agree that he’s not going to flip any deep-blues without a major turn of events, so his path to victory is very narrow, regardless of the popular vote. I think this, actually is a really good representation:

            To win, Trump has to land: NH, NV, FL, OH, IA, NC, GA, and one of the ME votes – all of which currently lean toward Clinton. And he has to do this without losing any of his current states such as AZ and an NE vote which are leaning toward him. And, I’ll remind you, Clinton just transferred a metric ton of money into GA and AZ.

            Can it be done? Sure! But he’ll need a lot of luck to thread that needle.

            • Speaking for Michigan, did you happen to see the standing ovations he got at the Detroit Economic club Monday? Detroit! Dem stronghold for over 50 years. I don’t know a single person here who is a Hillary supporter. I see many Trump signs. He has the unions on his side, because jobs. Diamond and Silk have his back, which you know is going to bring alot of blacks to Trump.

              Couple thinks here, with nothing to back them up, because that’s how I roll:

              I think…there are a lot of closet Trumpers…closet for fear of confrontation.

              I think…Trump will win, if for no other reasons than his continual pumping of America first, something that is refreshing to hear.

              I think… Many Ds will cross over (part of the closet Trumpers) because of Trumps foreign policy (let them figure it out for themselves, why should we always have to bail them out, let Putin take care of ISIS for a while, no biggie).

              …and many more, but lets see how this flies.

              • which you know is going to bring alot of blacks to Trump.

                Trump is poling around 2% with African Americans.
                Obama is poling around 95% with African Americans.
                Hillary is poling around 93% with African Americans.
                (+/- 3%)

                Your anecdotal evidence is not going to change that.

                “Closet” trump supporters aren’t going to tip that balance.

                And just remember how your friends at “unskewed statistics” did last time around.

              • In 1948, the media had Dewey elected right up until midnight of election day. One loan reported noted that Truman was drawing large vocal crowds while Dewey’s were small and subdued. Hillary has her rent-a-crowd.

              • Okaaaay, but you’re playing by the old rules.

              • They ought to change that 1918 ditty, “How ya gonna keep em down on the farm” to “How ya gonna keep them down on the plantation”.

              • Mathius, Pay attention to the article and the poll you posted. The people aren’t happy the way the country is going, by a large margin. That is all that matters in that poll come November, because Hitlary is more of the same. Let the economy blip downward, like in 08, Clinton loses by a landslide.

                Speaking of polls, see once again who has trust in the media. While the Democrats are stuck in their percieved utopia, the Independents and Republicans have little faith in the MSM and media as a whole. They can’t use skewed polls to make shit up, because they aren’t trusted. The polls will get ignored by everyone but the Left, who will sit home after another Clinton scandal crops up.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Whenever a complete demographic voting bloc votes so completely one way they have been 1) totally and completely brainwashed 2) bought and payed for 3) totally dishonest with themselves

                As a whole every election cycle we keep getting the same spiel….all we need is to spend more and pass a few more laws to even things out….sure as heck are evening things out. Those in the middle are rushing towards those at the bottom, and not the other way around.

                Hillary releases her technology plan. Decrying the fact that blacks have such a low presence in high tech industry….you need an education for that. A nephew of mine used to administer the science grant programs at Duke University. He was frustrated due to the fact that most of the grants went to overseas students…mostly asians. One, they had better qualifications and more drive, plus they went home usually to a job. American students have become lazier and have not usually experienced any hardships plus after incurring huge debt, have usually no where to go as we had in the past. OWS signifies that frustration. Personal and national wealth was not fueled by debt. Some, but absolutely not like the past 20 years. All in all now it’s an illusion of wealth. Any job that can be done via network systems can be done anywhere in the world. Hillary decries the gap in openings and availability of people in programming software here are not being taken up by people here. Why? They can be done anywhere, and two, if one is in hock and you need to move and can’t or need a consistant job longer than 2 years then scramble again to somewhere. Try getting a job in China or India or the EU for that matter. If you do it’s a rare event,

                I’ll give an example of the times, except this was almost 35 years ago. The cost of living was so high in Westchester Co in NY kids were still living at home and they were in their late twenties and early 30’s. That is still going on. When I lived in New England the States including VT were very conservative as in independence of the individual. Many of those kids I refered to earlier got sent to prep schools or college in NE. They usually came back and brought their liberal way with them and have just by shear numbers replaced the indigenous population. They had no concept of independence because Mommy and Daddy paid for everything. Sanders was a transplanted NY’r but was educated at the Univ of Chicago. Howard Dean was a transplanted NY’r who lived mostly on family investments from NY Wall Street, Madeline Kuenen (sp) was Swiss and between those three radically changed VT…..Even in the 80’s business was fleeing Vermont due to the political changes. Kids had NO jobs to go to and had to relocate elsewhere. The days of staying in the neighborhood were rapidly evaporating. IBM which was a world class manufacturer went from almost 10,000 employees to 7,200, to 4300 while I ws there only to be now 1200 and soon to be gone. Sold to Qatar.

                Maine is almost gone today.

              • Anita,

                Math > Anecdotes

                Old rules? Perhaps. But the fact that Trump is playing by different rules to get his votes doesn’t change the fact that the election rules haven’t changed for what happens once he has them. He still needs to win states in a winner-take-all election to send voters to the electoral college based on those states’ populations. And the math doesn’t lie.

                To win, he needs to SWEEP the battleground states without losing any of his currently lead states.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Considering how many are the primaries and final nomination (DMV fix), the polls being considered May be even more rigged, as Rueters was recently proven to have done so. The fixes are being exposed, very new rules in play now.

  5. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The way Hillary for years has kept her inconsistancies consistant is by one phrase. ” I have always been consistant” She sure as hell has and it’s been well documented and is enough to sink a battleship…..but then in this day and age?

    Joseph Goebbels had it down pat…..”tell the lie enough times…etc”

  6. For the first time in 128 years, the Harvard Republican Club has declined to endorse the Republican nominee.

    • Yes, as mentioned in the article, the establishment is showing itself, let them die a fast death. Just wait till October, the wheels will fall off and the whole establishment agenda will fail.

    • Thank GOD for little favors. Let them move to the (d) column where they belong. It ain’t Teddy Roosevelt’s party anymore!

  7. Watching some old clips of Hilary falling yesterday. Boy, if that were Jerry Ford, they would have a field day. Imagine Chevy Chase in drag!

    I’m pretty sure the lady either has TBI or Alzheimer’s. She can do something prepared but can never handle something like a real, unscripted news conference.

    The opposition has to do either a Goldwater or a Romney on Trump. That’s what that little 2nd amendment disinformation campaign was about yesterday. If they Romney him he goes silent and loses. If they Goldwater him (seems to be the preferred way) then, thanks to THIS media, he has a chance to correct their lies. I think the game plan at the moment is to try and force the members of the Harvard Republican club and their allies to take him out BEFORE the debates because I suspect he will not have to work very hard to slaughter her. Hope he doesn’t I actually want him to express pity.

    Regarding Goldwater.

    Going to be much harder.

    LBJ had good economy, Clinton does not.
    LBJ had something new (and insane) to offer, Hillary has the same old same old.
    The memory of almost Armageddon (Cuba) was still very fresh
    The sainted JFK was newly dead (though, if they off Bill, it might work)
    Barry’s glasses were scary.
    You had, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT and WaPo. Today you have a lot more.

  8. I don’t know who is gonna win. I knew from the beginning I was gonna vote for Trump if he won the domination but I didn’t think anyone could make me happy about supporting him. But the democrats have managed to do it-this crap that Trump was encouraging someone to hurt Hillary is such – BS- I will now not only vote for him I will happily support him.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Your sentiment is widespread. People want honesty and niether Clinton not the Liberal media have an ounce of it. While Trump is bombastic ego maniac, he has far, far more integrity than Hitlary. That, plus his economic plan are winners. Hitlary is old, sick and had nothing to offer but more of the same establishment crap sandwich.

    • YAY! Didn’t see that coming 🙂

  9. Mathius:

    Hillary will probably win. The sad truth is that no one, including the last three generations uderstands what is about to happen. You refuse to see it…or at least your postings on here indicate that….I do suspect that you like to rattle the chains some……

    The other sad part of the truth is that when you and others figure this out….it will be too late to change it. If, what you say is true in your postings, your bent is towards the elite and against the poor and the downtrodden.Therefore, I would actually like to enter into a civl debate with you on that subject alone….want to try? And I actually mean civil….if others join in and the civility is not there…we simply ignore them and call them down together….


    • I would like to discuss philosphy of things and avoid posting facts from right or left sites without acknowledging where they come from and whether you actually believe them. I have some ideas on how to get started if you wish to try?

      NOte: No gauntlet has been thrown…no line to step over….no chip to knock off….just open civil debate.

    • Bon Chance Mon Colonel!

      Sorry about that! Have been immersed in French Indo-China and Algeria of late. Wish the hell I had read this stuff while I was in college. My life might have been quite different. The damn Frogs had it right all along. Both about Viet-nam and how to “WIN” a guerrilla war. Not pretty, not pretty at all.

      Vive La France! Vive La Algerie!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        But if my memory serves me correctly, France LOST both conflicts. France has not WON a war since before the French and Indian War. Battles maybe, but war no. F&I lost, After supporting the colonies in their war of independence, Britain retaliated against them and they lost even more. Napolean lost every campaign eventually. Crimea, Franco Prussian War. I’ll even include WWI. If Britain wasn’t there and eventually the US the French would have been overrun just like a generation later in WWII. The post WWII colonial wars of independence….they lost each and every one. Backing up to the Civil War and their intrusion in Mexico. On the wrong side of history in the Suez.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      My Father did quite well in his career. He consistantly said that the last year where he acually gained and each step was a step up, was 1968/9. After that it was just maintain a status quo regardless of his income at IBM. He was an IBM Fellow, Had been a President of a division at one time, then retired as advisor to the Chairman of the Board. Ultimately preferred staff as he grew older instead of driving up the executive ladder. He alway was the single bread winner, so it is a good standard. He also says that he could NEVER go back to homes that they had owned in the past. House in Woodstock NY, not to expensive then, now 250K-350K, but the taxes would kill you if on a fixed income like retired. 1st House in CA $32K then, Now $4.3M. 2nd house in CA, $37K then now $2.3M, House in NY. $72K then In “89 when retired sold for 8X more and they did NOTHING to it. Who knows now, but the taxes would be outragious. Cape Cod, total expenditure maybe $200K, could have gotten close to $1.2M in the late 90’s if they paid attention to the markets. But taxes were cheap even in MA there because of the beaches in the town. $10 per day for non residents and the big beach had around 10000 parking spaces. Filled daily for the summer by Bostonians, who needed taxes. Their property taxes were 4X LESS than mine were in VT at the same time. I will also note that his entire “working” career he worked for IBM as a salaried employee. After retiring, he became a partner in a consulting company in Cambridge MA that was founded on his business principles. When Mom and Dad started adding on to the house at the cape, it was around $36K-$40K in additions. I joked that he’d have to go back to work. He looked up at me from his project and after doing some mental calculations he said 5 days. Being salaried versus being an independant consultant entrepeneur incomes were and are night and day. Not everyone is a D13, or Black Flag nor can be. Those are rare positions to be in compared to the masses….Me as much as I wanted to go back after being retired from the work being outsourced to Tech Mahindra in India, the minimum requirements to do what I did for close to 40 years successfully was a Masters, preferably a PHD. If not the resume and application are shredded and not even considered. There are so many kids out there with advanced degrees they are a dime a dozen.

      All my friends in Maine once they got on single incomes for one reason or another then subsequently were retired, constantly lost ground and in most cases every so many years went to cheaper and smaller homes just to keep living there. Most tried to keep working but age and health eventually catch up. The taxes on a friends home that would have fit on my 1st floor in New Bern were $12K/year. FYI I had 3 stories. My taxes were $1.2K

  10. In 2002 she participated in pushing the U.S. into an illegal and immoral war in Iraq which displaced and killed millions of innocent Iraqis — a war from which the country has not recovered. In 2008 she suggested she was staying in the presidential race because Barack Obama might be assassinated before he was nominated. In 2011, as her policies were causing the unimaginable suffering, displacement and death of hundreds of thousands of innocent Libyans, she flippantly said of Moammar Gadhafi, “We came, we saw, he died.”

    On the campaign trail she’s advocating war against Syria, Russia and more — nations that have not attacked the U.S.

    She advocates for the murder of the soon-to-be-born up until the moment of birth.

    So much for not suggesting violence.

    Clinton is an alien form of a pig, because I don’t want to offend our real pigs.

  11. Just A Citizen says:


    Mariners 6, Tigers 5 in 15 innings. Tigers take the lead in the top of the 15th. Mariners come back with one out and score two in the bottom to win.

    It was a great game in the end, with a very long dead spot in the middle. Unless you love good pitching and great defense. Both teams had the bases loaded with zero or one out and did not score.

    Was thinking of you as I sat there until midnight Tuesday night.

    By the way, do you happen to have any girl friends visiting Seattle this week. I met two ladies from Detroit that were going to tonight’s game.

    • Dang, missed it. Haven’t been following MLB this year like a good fan should. Used to go to at least one game a year, but haven’t been in a couple years now. Darn teenage boys have me involved in basketball and football, college and pros. Nephew has been keeping me up on the Tigers somewhat. Had an eight game win streak going which is keeping them only a few games back, then Seattle happened….woops. Negative on any friends being in Seattle. I need to jump on a plane to Seattle…maybe I could escape some of this DAMN HEAT! it’s been a long brown summer ’round here.

  12. Just A Citizen says:

    A Democrat friend of mine, pretty “liberal” who works for the Federal Govt. made a very poignant comment in a discussion last week.

    The Republicans govern with good management practices, the Democrats govern by fear and intimidation. She was talking about how the different Administrations deal with the Federal Agencies.

    Fear and intimidation are the tools of tyrants and “technocrats”.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought I would share pictures, obviously not mine, of where I spent this past Sunday afternoon. Did not have enough time to fully enjoy but it was still flipping awsome.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Nice place. I visited there all the way back in ’73. I stayed up around the Campbell River area, to work on a antique steam yacht eventually taken to san Diego Maritime Museum.

  14. CNN…Clinton News Network caught LYING again. This is so ststemic of the Liberal media and, well, Liberal politicians and, well, many, many Liberals who such parrot the Lies they have heard.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I glanced at some of the related articles in the right hand column. I was struck by Rob Reiner’s comment. I give him the credit of having over the years of making some fun movies like his Father used to make, but what I most remember is “All in the Family” He was constantly biting viciously the hand that fed him and his wife. Archiewas the one who worked, Edith took care of the house and the rest just just lived off of their labors. The whole show never accomplished anything accept raise blood pressures. Whereas a comparitive sitcom like “The Honeymooner’s” had issues, pretty close to a cold water walk up flat, usually economic, but at the end they ALWAYS found a solution. Heck the top of the economic strata was the sewer worker, but they all worked.

  15. People have short memories, I think we can all agree on that. Liberal’s rarely remember things of the past that show their hypocrisy, but it usually comes out in due time:

  16. Great speech today to the homebuilders. Low key and funny. No raucous crowd.

    Re the “distractions”. Take it from the ex-almost psychologist here, who quit the field because 99% of the psychologists went nuts in the ’70’s. it is all mis-direction, black ops. and propaganda. Saw an interesting Trump cartoon the other day from an old friend (ex-Bernie but would vote for anyone including Hitler on the d. line) who has asked me to stop commenting on his posts. It had to do with the unstable Trump dropping bombs. You can imagine the fun I had with that (probably why I’m voluntarily banned).

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    The reaction to Trump’s second amendment comment shows you where the mind set of those commenting is at. Each person responds based on what they think they heard based on how they view the second amendment “people”.

    Not surprising the left and media view we second amendment people as “dangerous” and “unhinged” enough to solve our disputes via assassination.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I just looked up the price of a dozen eggs in CA since they enacted the happy chicken law. The cage free eggs are triple the price here in NC. One wonders how people afford to continue living there especially if one has a marginal income. Price of power is obviously higher due to the “green” initiatives. Price of gasoline has got to be higher than the national average. Maybe close to NY or CT though. It sure was the last time I was there. Price of cars has to be more due to higher emmision controls on the vehicles.

      Worked with some people from CA while we were in TX. They were in shock at the size and prices of the houses in the DFW area as compared to CA. You’d think there would be a mass exodus from CA by average people just like the time the north was turning into the rust belt back in the 70’s.

      • Emissions controls on cars in CA are now the same as the rest of the nation. All the rest is true. The median house in San Jose is now over $1M. Gas is about $2.70 here now. Electric rates are going up due to the requirement for green energy in the mix. Hydro power does not qualify as green. Retirees are leaving the state. In the last 12 years, 9000 companies left. Eggs are about $1.90 a dozen but that varies a lot. Milk is about $2.70 – 2.80. Salaries are good if you are in the tech industry but we also have a lot of wetbacks who work under the table.
        Overtime rules hit me about 2 yrs ago and raised my day care costs about 10%. The minimum wage is and will impact that as well in the future. Currently I pay over half my income to have someone watch my wife while I am at work. That does not include the medical bills which are not trivial.
        I do not advise anyone to move to CA.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Only visited 2X in the past 41 years. Have no intention of ever visiting again.

          I find it hard to believe hydro power is not considered green. Wind farms have only one use and it puts vast tracts of land off limits. Dams that create hydo power have so many additional uses and bring pleasure to countless people. I truly believe most environmentalist HATE people. I, a few years ago suggested they do us all a favor, lead the way and step off the planet.

        • $ 1.71 yesterday for regular here in NJ.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          When people asked me what it was like to live in California and why I do not go back there to live…I say that it has become the worlds largest open air sanitarium.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Fun video, of course their poster child is Hillary, who represents the epitamy of only caring about “Money, greed and power” The words of tolerance and embracing other people and views is nothing but a propaganda tool. The liberal friends that I have/had usually went one or two statements into their arguments, then digressed to calling the other party, F##### idiots, nazi’s, racist etc. Democrats usually look at everything with the view of race, gender and judge according as a bloc. Rarely as an individual qualities and capabilities regardless of race, creed, gender and nationality

      When Wall Street gives a disproportionate amount of money to the democratic party that screams hypocrisy.

  18. I think Donald Trump was completely wrong in calling Barack Obama the “Father” of Isis and Hillary R. Clinton the “Mother”. In fact, these two JV players merely deserve the title of “Godfather” and “Godmother”. Great enablers, they merely “spoil” the child that was already there without having to take him home.

    As usual I find it interesting that even the conservative media finds this “disrespectful”, We fought a revolution in 1776 to get out from under a monarchy. Supposedly in this society our leader, a temporary leader, is “first among equals”. He or she should be accountable and held to the same standard as your next door neighbor.

    Both Bush II and Obama have screwed up mightily. I have yet to hear from either, an apology or mea culpa.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    Interesting observation and opinion from Peggy Noonan. A snippet from a longer editorial about her view that the elites in the western world have become detached from the rest of us and thus we see more and more decisions by them based on their dogma, which in turn has negative affects on the rest of us. Because they do not have to suffer the blow back. The editorial notes that review of Syrian refugee placement in the D.C. area shows that virtually all the refugees have been placed 100 miles from the capital and in areas of higher poverty. So the elites can claim a moral righteousness while pushing the impacts far away from themselves.

    The larger theme is that the elites are now “global” people and are losing all sense of duty or obligation to their native country. I find this intriguing as it is connected to the many philosophical viewpoints which are driving modern political outcomes. Socialism, Anarchism, Objectivism and Libertarianism. The reaction, or antithesis, is the Nationalism represented by Mr. Trump’s success and that of others in Europe with similar views.

    “The larger point is that this is something we are seeing all over, the top detaching itself from the bottom, feeling little loyalty to it or affiliation with it. It is a theme I see working its way throughout the West’s power centers. At its heart it is not only a detachment from, but a lack of interest in, the lives of your countrymen, of those who are not at the table, and who understand that they’ve been abandoned by their leaders’ selfishness and mad virtue-signalling.”

    • What you are seeing is the righting of “the way things should be”. I cannot for the life of me see why someone should think the 240 years of “America” is anything other than an aberration or for that matter the 200 years of a western imposed ban on slavery. Throughout history, Monarchies and oligarchies have been the norm as has slavery.

      No one would deny the brilliance of Aristotle, Socrates and their ilk, no one would deny the same to Marcus Aureulis, Bishop Berkley,Thomas Aquinas, Charlemagne, or even Mohammad yet, these brilliant men, in their time, had no problem with slavery and little use for anything vaguely democratic.

      After 230 years, the west has decided that there is nothing worth defending about the west. It works under that famous misapprehension that people are the same all over and that “things” by themselves will stay the same. “that was then, this is now”, is the argument when you bring up something as recent as Nazism or Stalinism. I believe it is thought that, “as it is now it always was and always will be.” “Carpe diem”, ring a bell?

      Now as the kings and princes of old had it, they were the “better” class, then it was by divine right. Now, in the post religious world, it is just through their brilliance and in some cases, their birth. They certainly acknowledge no one as smart as themselves nor anyone as fit to rule. I defy anyone o tell me this is not the thinking of the Bush, Kennedy or Rockefeller families.

      It has become hugely apparent in the 2016 Presidential race. This quite possibly will determine whether this country will survive in a recognizable form. I ask you all, do you really think the courts, at the behest of the “leftist leadership” would not be willing to break up this country and return large portions of it to the dispossessed natives? The entire “equal opportunity” movement set the stage and the mere fact that serious consideration is given to “reparations” from one group of people who never oppressed anyone to another group of people who were never oppressed demonstrates the amount of grease on that slippery slope everyone talks about.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        If what you are saying is what I think you’re saying is that the philosophy of western thought is an abarition in the grand scheme of human endeavor. The “middle class” as it became also is an annomoly. Here today, gone tomorrow. The life as we knew it from post WWII, until, I’ll say 2 decades past, is also a fleeting moment in time. The kids that came truly online in society in the early 2000’s will never come close to what we had attained in our lives, and our parents, mostly as individual accomplishments. Now achievement is being reduced to the lowest common denominator……back when our ancestors came here they all had to overcome some sort of prejudice. But you truly could move about and create a totally new life. Today, you can not get away. You can not disappear. If ALL nations struck down their borders like we are doing and suffering through the “service” economy theory and now entering into the newest economy of “ideas” There is opportunity elsewhere. But even those nations have problems dealing with their populations and block immigration.

        I just read as an example the enlightened Swiss……require any person applying for citizenship to speak German. Also they must have a deep knowledge of Swiss history.
        Here?????….Obama swore to change America into something very different than what it was. He also wanted to be more like western europe. Sure did….forfeit…game over…nothing worth fighting for.

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    The world has changed forever. No longer will we see a world where peace is the norm.

    It is simply to easy for a handful of people to smuggle bomb making materials and weapons across borders to create chaos. Even among those whom they have no beef with.

    All in the name of causing the victims to strike back in hopes of garnering even more sympathy and thus recruits to their mindless and evil schemes.

    Thailand is just one more example of how things have changed. I see no end to it.

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    Since the topic is “integrity matters”: From CNN

    “Bill and Hillary Clinton get paid a lot of money to talk.
    The Democratic power couple earned just over $6.7 million in speaking fees last year, according to their 2015 tax returns released on Friday.
    It’s their top money-making activity by far. Over 60% of the Clintons’ $10.6 million income comes from speeches.”

    Can someone please tell me what it is that either of these two have to say that is “worth 6 million dollars”.

    AND, where are the questions about how a “broke” family can make the “other 4 million per year” in less than 20 years. I guess they stumbled onto some cattle futures that magically doubled their savings.

    • JAC, I think you know, just as most of us know, that they have nothing to say that is worth 6 million dollars. Their speaking arrangement is just a front to funnel money from foreign countries for political favors. The ‘selling out of America’ if you will…

  22. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Not wanting to interfere with the Colonel’s and Mathius’s debate, so I’ll insert a thought here.

    Hillary by her very action had INTENT to violate the law. She had been around this stuff long enough to know the law. For christ’s sake she is a LAWYER. Granted way back in my days in the military, no PC’s iphones blackberry’s etc, but the rules, protocols laws still were in place on the handling of classified information. I did have a cryto clearance, I did work on the “presidential” networks, not just the military systems. Worked at what is now an NSA site. It did what the NSA does, but only at the time concerned itself with naval matters. The mis handling of documentation like she did, would be like me taking papers home and working there instead of on or in the santioned systems and locations. If any one of us had done that, or taken things out of the “vault” we’d have landed in Portsmouth naval prison so fast and the keys thrown away.

    In business at IBM and AT&T, we had all sorts of levels of classifications. None of it was open for discussion, with anyone but the client approved levels of the company. Anything that in anyway touched the government systems, required a “secret” level at a minimum of classification not only for the data but the worker needed the clearance also.

    Annually we took a course that detailed any of the rules governing the handling of the data. Any violation of the rules was grounds for instant dismissal from the companies, and if serious enough possible CRIMINAL prosecution…….100% of Hillary’s government emails falls in the later category…..I can not imagine in this day and age with the leaky systems out there, that the government employees do not have the same awareness.
    The law in this case does not have to have the “intent” to do harm. Negligent handling is sufficient for criminal charges.

    Using an automobile accident as an example. Have an accident and a death occurs. You will be charged with some sort of criminal act, be it manslaughter etc even though you had no intent. Getting drunk and having the same accident, raises the level of charges. There is intent…Hillary knew full and well what she was doing.

    Everyone in her email list including the POTUS knew she was using an unauthorized server and are also guilty of aiding and abetting the criminal act on her part. She DID NOT have” in her address.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I forgot that the last contracts I worked with before retiring were with the nuclear power industry. Just to work in any way the way I did required a “Top Secret” clearance, due to the status of being a “critical national industry” But during Hillary’s tenure the sale of 20% of the enriched uranium processes to the evil Russians and Putin just breezed through the approval process……There were stock brokers and analysts that did their homework because they determined that something big was being transacted with that industry, DUE to the heavy investment by top government types where at the same time those politicians were poo pooing the industry. The SEC went after those analysts and got convictions of insider trading, prison and banning for life. Those traders even proved they had NO inside knowledge what so ever but were still convicted. Much like Scooter Libby, was continued being prosecuted for a crime he did not commit, by none other than Comey, even after the true villian confessed. But then did not go after the true violator of the crime.

    • Dale…you may join in…..Mathius and I are just setting the parameters…..I had to keep him on topic but he did and aswered the questions.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        One of the things I never understood, was that obstruction of justice charges were never brought against Bill and Hillary for knowingly never turning over supeoned records concerning Whitewater. But when the statute of limitations expired of the crime, that sent everyone including the LT Gov of Arkansas when Bill was governor to prison, the documents were turned over to Janet Reno from the WH private quarters. But then she went on and said the documents are moot, because the clock has expired.

        Why our nation would even dream of electing a president that enabled her spouse to violate every labor rule about sexual coersion on employees, felony conviction of lying, paid untold moneys to his victims, impeached and people go ho hum…what does that matter. How if she is POTUS divorce herself from the Clinton Foundation and it’s influence peddling. She didn’t as Senator. She most certainly didn’t as SOS….what makes people think things will change…..This couple are truly the poster children of the adage “The Selling of America”

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          In a book I am reading there are a few sentences that sum up pretty much how I feel about our nation and it’s present path. I will paraphrase a few times but the meaning isn’t changed.

          “Once moral boundries are eliminated, every human equation elevates to infinity. Without moral limits, people become capable of anything….any arrogance, any conceit, any gross stupidity, any crime, any atrocity”

          With the assult on christianity by the left who totally subscribe to “The end justify the means” I believe Lenin changed it a little by saying “the end justifies ANY means”

          This breakdown has really accelerated since the “great Society” initiated by Johnson. Good bad or otherwise prior to the Democrats pulling a rabbit out of the hat and switching history, Blacks generally voted republican, They usually even when poor still had a strong family unit. Deep religious convictions. The great society spelled out that if you want a helping hand all those things had to go. It has been for 40 years creeping up the food chain.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I find it also very interesting that the most vicious and deadly rioting to occur in the country since and including the 60’s have been in Democratic strongholds. Not republican. LA throughout even leading up to and during the Watts riots was a democrat run city. Mayor Yorty tried to obscure that he was a died in the wool democrat. He said “let them burn the place down… as in Watts. Riots in Detroit, Newark, many more in LA, under the leadership of a black mayor…. recently Ferguson, Baltimore. Most FALN activity was in Democrat run cities, like NY and Chicago. We have to ask why is this so when the conservatives and republicans seem to get the blame. Because they do NOT control the MSM, educators or the words,

  23. Warning…this could ruin a perfectly good Saturday…enter at you own risk.

    Operation Zero Footprint, ghost operatives, covert ops x10….Sundance lays it out in plain English. I remember when this all went down and the trouble it caused even right here at SUFA….but now everyone is trying to crucify Trump for his ‘founder of ISIS’ rhetoric. Please, can we keep our eye on the ball! Talk about FUBAR……..

  24. Democrat policies and agenda on full display in Milwaukee. Anyone else notice that all the riots since Obama has been in office are in Democrat strongholds? The “common denominator” is so easy to see.

  25. The plot thickens:

    Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has issued a report saying that the father of a doctor treating Hillary Clinton for dementia was found killed this weekend after he leaked information about her deteriorating health to the public.

    According to the report, Vincent Fleck, the father of Clinton’s physician Dr. Daniel Fleck, was found near his home just 24 hours after releasing Hillary’s most secret medical records to the public.

    This further explains the documents I posted above 😦

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      In one of the attached articles to this link was a speech by Trump in NY, verbatum. You’d think that the MSM, the DNC and the RNC must be living in a bizzaro world, where everything is opposite of what is. Not that Trump has not made some serious gaffs, but when he’s on, he’s on. Nothing in that speech could be refuted and was clear and succinct about Hillary’s nature.

      In his details. especially about the seeming inproprieties between her decisions and massive donations to the Clinton Foundation. I’ll say donations because one does not get nothing in return for $750K for one speech, especially when it is about the very deal on her desk.

      I’ll bring up at this point how the Feds took out the RNC top guy early with a charge and conviction for corruption, when they even had to admit it was NOT against VA laws to do what he did, but also never acted in favor of the alleged bribe, The conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court. Now how does that look when compared to the links with Hillary and EVERYTHING Bill does and receives millions for. And the government says the investigation may be concluded in a couple of more years. Ha….this has been going on with Hillary forever and the creation of Bill foundation. Like Chinese money, been funneled provably in since he was president. As though that would not have raised a whole ton of eyebrows.

      The RNC should be going after Hillary unilaterally regardless of anything Trump does or says. Instead they are doing nothing but insuring that he stands a good chance of losing. Politics is a blood sport even down to local school boards and get more viscious the higher the stakes are. The DNC absolutely plays as though there is no tomorrow, The RNC is playing single A ball.

  26. In response to Mathius’s claim of Hitlary winning in the polls, whic I contend are mostly bullshit, skewed and not representative of the people in general, here’s a poll that actually took 1000 people, from every state, picked from registered voters (plentt of links in article):

    Yet, if one is to believe the in-your-face propaganda by the Clinton controlled media, Trump is lost somewhere on the campaign trail while the majority of voters want their own destruction which translates to a vote for corrupt Hillary.

    Wait a minute. All those polls you’re hearing so much about on FOX and other networks from ‘respected organizations’ supposedly tell us what American voters want. Out of a sample of 803 voters or 642 voters or, gasp, as high as a poll calling 1,134 voters, all are for Clinton. She’s leading! But, what happens when a group of individuals fed up with the media con game conducts their own poll?

    PG Farnsworth We have just completed our own poll since we cannot get factual information from the mainstream media!! We called 1000 homes in each of the 50 states and asked basic questions on the economy, terrorism, immigration and presidential pick.

    Economy was the number one factor that Americans are concerned about and terrorism was number two.

    Presidential pick was Trump by a large percentage.

    Trump 33478 votes 67%

    Clinton 9788 Votes 19%

    Undecided or other 6739 votes 13%

    50,000 registered voters from all 50 states vs 803 or 1,134 voters. The poll above was also taken from registered voter lists. 33% Republicans, 33% Democrats and 34% independents. Now, tell me Hildebeast is up 14% anywhere except Hollyweird.
    This is a useful piece of history:

    Summer of 1980 Poll Flashback: Carter 39%, Reagan 32%, Anderson 21%

    Trust the media and their polls at your own demise. They are as crooked as Hitlary and Bill.

  27. More on Hitlary’s health:

    A Secret Service source has told Infowars that Hillary Clinton has major neurological health problems and that a big announcement regarding her medical situation is coming soon.

    The Secret Service source reached out to Infowars reporter Joe Biggs during the recent Republican National Convention in Cleveland and confirmed the following information;

    – Hillary has a very serious neurological degeneration which could be Parkinson’s disease;

    – Around half a million dollars has been spent to specially adapt three SUVs in which Hillary travels to provide lowered floors and disabled access to prevent Hillary from tripping.

    – Hillary’s staff is so intent on keeping reporters away from Clinton because she is at risk of petit mal seizures that can be triggered by camera flashes;

    – Hillary has major problems with balance, difficulties with walking and keeps falling down;

    – Hillary’s campaign will be forced into making a big announcement soon regarding her medical condition;

    – This information was offered by the source to other media outlets but they refused to run with it.

    The revelations correlate with other information provided by federal agents and police officers who have worked security at Hillary events.

    John Cardillo, a former officer who provided VIP security details for the New York Police Department (NYPD), said he was told by a federal agent and another NYPD officer who worked security at Hillary events that Hillary had major heath problems and was often dizzy and disoriented.

    In case anyone wants to know, I consider Prison Planet, Infowars and a few other alternative media outlets to be far, far more credible than CNN, MSNBC, NBC and all the rest, including FOX.

  28. Dale A Albrecht says:

    At this time of year, I generally get a lot of announcements from High School about reunions etc. I usually do some research on the school and communities that I lived in out in CA.

    Today, Hidden Hills has a median income of $200K plus. The median home price is $3.2M
    90% white, 6% hispanic and the rest are whatever.

    Today: Woodland Hills has a median income of $90K plus. The median home price is $720K plus. The community is 80% white, next biggest groups are asians and hispanics and only 3% black.
    The HS is 42% white, with the next largest demographic groups being asians and hispanics. And interesting fact, 62% of the school population receive FOOD assistance. Since becoming a charter school a couple years ago, the population settled in at 2500 students in a 4 year high school. 22:1 studen teacher ratio.

    Back in my day the school had over 4000 students in a 3 year program. My class was 1200 at graduation and we lost probably a 1/3 to a newly built school. We rarely had discipline problems, not that they didn’t happen, but when busing was initialed leaving campus at lunch was banned. When school let out a cordon of police was established around the school to prevent crime of the local businesses and homes…..that said, people are still having kids, but if you live in the area, usually you do not go to the public school, but rather private school, since the early 70’s.

    I pulled up a web site that rates and posts reviews of the school. It is related to Zillow. Prior to the last couple years after the school became a charter school, the parent reviews were terrible. So were the student reviews. The school was notorious for the lack of discipline, having active police on campus due to crime, teachers just not giving a shit.

    Again that said, I never remember any break in or robbery of possessions from any locker in the hall or gym. Nothing to steal. If it was not school related material, it just was not in school, so why steal it. Even in Essex Junction VT back in the 80’s the robbery rate was huge due to students could bring anything, fancy jewelry etc. I won’t get into weapons.

    Just a social commentary of the breakdown of society due to the lessening of moral standards.

  29. Just A Citizen says:
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