Little By Little

corruption1This has been quite the year politically when it comes to corruption and it’s exposure.  With each new week, more and more evidence is coming out that implicates some form of corruption within the halls of Washington DC and beyond.  From a plane load of cash flown into Iran to secure hostage release to new revelations about the whole Epipen story and it’s path to a monopoly thanks to the FDA.  Hillary’s “Pay for Play” now making headlines, the whole house of cards that the Democrats have built is crashing down.  This is just the beginning, with Wikileaks promising more emails being released that carry claims of taking down Clinton completely.

In a Presidential campaign season that should be bringing hope to people, it seems we are  learning just how deep the corruption and criminality is embedded in our politics.  But this shouldn’t come as a surprise, conspiracy theorist’s have been screaming at the top of their lungs for decades.  As we incrementally become educated to the criminality it will be come apparent that simply voting will never be enough to solve the problem.  As anger and disgust continue to grow as each new scandal comes out, the road to revolution is also being paved, little by little.




  1. 😎

    • Looks like things just went from bad to worse…

      • Is that BF’s daughter flying the Red Bull plane?

        Matt, for real, these are pretty cool.

        • Thanks Anita. I’m glad you guys are having as much fun seeing them as I am making them.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Mathius….I have all the computer tools to create images such as this, however, I lack the critical tool and that is the knowledge to take the image from my system to these pages. Can you share the methodology?

            • Sure! Well, no… but I can get you started.

              Disclaimer: I am “self taught” which translates roughly into “I’m an idiot who knows just enough to get the job done, but nothing resembling best practices.”

              Disclaimer: This is going to see really overwhelming. It’s not. It’s just practice and familiarity. Maybe the stuff the pros do is hard. What I do is not. It’s just a bunch of manageable small steps working toward some final mental image of what you want. Don’t be put-off. I believe that if you committed one day of serious effort (especially if you hired a high school kid to tutor you!), you’d be able to run circles around me.

              Disclaimer: This post took longer to make than the image above. Just to give you some sense of things.


              With that in mind, go download a piece of software called GIMP. It’s free!

              GIMP is like a free, opensource version of photoshop. It does 99% of the stuff PS does, stopping just short of what you’d want if you were, say, a design professional. For the likes of us, it’s more than sufficient.

              A half-ass job like I usually cook up, rather than being called photoshop is referred to as “potatoshop.” Aren’t people clever?

              From there, I’ll introduce you to the concept of layers. The way to think of layers is this: imagine you’re cutting pictures out of a magazine. You can place them flat on a canvas. “Higher” layers will cover “lower” layers. They won’t interact (unless you want them to). You can work on a layer – erasing, resizing, rotating, moving, etc – and have no impact on any other part of the image. To build your image, you pile a bunch of layers together. Each layer is typically one “element” of the image. In the above, the background is one layer, the tank, each raptor is a layer, each plane, the muzzle flash, the pepsi, etc. Each can be worked on, altered, rotated, resized, copied or removed at will without impacting any other part.

              STOP. Take a moment to let that process. Having a solid understanding of layers is the single most important part of this whole equation. Once you’ve got that, it’s just a big list of baby-steps that seem overwhelming at first, but get to be almost second nature.


              For this example, say we’re working with the above tank/plane:
              1. So, my technique is to pick out a background. I chose the Windows XP default background. Why? Why not.
              2. Then I went on google and searched for an Abrams with a “transparent background.” This is not necessary as I can cut out the background myself… but why would I want that hassle? I drag-and-drop my tank onto my image and it plops down on top of the field.
              2.a Resize, rotate as necessary. You get a feel for this from playing with it. Note that resizes are “destructive,” so if you shrink something and then try to scale it back up, you’ll lose a little resolution in the process. So try to get it right the first time or keep a backup copy as a layer (you can “high” layers by clicking the eye).
              2.a.i. The size, rotate, and move tools aren’t necessarily “intuitive,” but 10 seconds of googling should get you a basic primer on them. The only “sticky” bit is that the resize tool will often resize width and height independently and distort your layer unless you click the chain-link icon first. You’ll see what I mean. Just go slow.
              3. Search for and deposit some raptors. Plop them down where I want them. But note that part of the tank covers two of them. If I just plop them down on top of the tank, they won’t appear to be “behind” the turret. So what I do is copy the tank, then use the eraser to remove everything but the turret. In doing so, I have a piece I can plop down on top of the raptors (tank, raptor, turret) so that things appear in the right order.
              4. Drop some more raptors up in the fields to be chased by planes, resize, rotate accordingly (small rotations don’t seem to do much, but they help remove the appearance of a copy/paste.
              5. Search for and deposit a muzzle flash. Size and rotate as needed.
              6. Search for and deposit a pepsi can on top of the flash. Size/rotate as needed. In the filters, you can find “motion blur” as a distortion. I used this to get the appearance that the can is moving.
              7. Next up the planes. These were a little tougher since I didn’t see google image ones with the transparent backgrounds I needed. That’s ok. Drop the new layer onto my image. You’ll note that it looks like a whole picture rather than just the plane. This is because GIMP doesn’t know what parts I want to keep, and what to throw away.
              7.a. Right click on the layer and say “add alpha layer” this tells the layer that anything without data should be transparent (you can see through to the next layer). In our analogy of using magazine cutouts, having an alpha layer is the difference between using scissors to remove portions of the image you don’t want (so you can see down to the next layer) and using white-out to cover-up parts you don’t want to see (but still leave it opaque to the layer below. (STOP. Process that – it’s important). After Layers, this is the second most important concept – make sure you’ve got it.
              7.b Break out the eraser and remove everything you don’t want. Use a bigger brush further from the plane, and a smaller one nearer fine details (like the cables). You can play with the lasso and magic wand, but I’ve never really loved them. Just go slow, make frequent stops (so that an “undo” doesn’t erase all your work, just your last bit).
              7.c. Move/resize these to where you want them.
              7.d. copy the layer and move/resize the new layers to look like a squadron rather than just one plane.
              8. The longhorn I took straight from the Colonel’s profile. The only secret sauce here is that I wanted it to look like it was laying flat on a surface that isn’t perpendicular to us. For that we have the perspective tool. You’ll have to play with it because I have no idea how to describe it over the internet without images.
              9. Gadsden is more of the same as was the XIII.
              Extra steps I could have taken – but didn’t because I am lazy:
              10. I didn’t do anything fancy with lighting or coloring, or shadows. These make a big difference in the final appearance. I’m not good with these, and I didn’t feel like committing more time to the project, but just be aware of them.
              10.a. Shadows for the planes, tank, and raptors would have been awesome. Also, since the tank is on grass, I could have put some grass in front to make it look like the tank sank into the ground a bit.
              10.b. Note that 3 of the 4 raptors are the exact same one, just in different positions. Great way to save time/energy. Using different raptors would make this nicer though.
              10.c. I lost one of the tank-turret raptor’s tails. I could have added it back, but oh well.
              10.d. What are they firing at? I have no idea.
              10.e. Why aren’t the planes shooting? Should they be shooting redbull or dropping it like bombs? Could have been added. Or would it have just made the whole thing look too “busy”? The answer is to try it and find out – then if it doesn’t “work,” just make the layers invisible – no harm, no foul.
              10.f. That tank looks too pristine. I probably could have given it a dent or a impact mark of some sort.
              10.g. Pararaptors!


              With all that in mind, Google is your friend.. I find that almost all of them are too technical for my interests, but they’re usually able to point me in the right direction. I have no doubt that this all sounds like “way too much,” and it is – at first. But practice makes it a lot easier. The main thing is to break it into manageable chunks. Can I make a whole battle involving tank-raptors and Red-Bull Zeroes? That sounds like a big order… but just piece by piece? Well… I do know how to put a tank on the field… and I do know how to put a raptor behind the turret… et cetera.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Sir…I’ve got the technique to build the image. It’s downloading it to SUFA’s “leave a reply” that is my problem. I will admit, one of many, but we’ll stick with the computer problem for now.

              • Oh, well that’s easy!

                Go to and sign up for a (free!) account. Once there, just upload your image. It’ll take you to a upload page where you can upload it to the “gallery,” but you’re not interested in that. Just copy the URL it gives you for an image. That’s what you want to paste into the “leave a reply” field, and it will show up just like mine.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Thanks….I’ll print this out so I don’t have to pick you youngsters minds again.

            • I wrote a huge reply, where is it!!! NOooooooo!

              Ok, well I’m not typing that all out again, sorry.

              Download GIMP. It’s like Photoshop, but it’s free.

              Learn what a “layer” is – it is absolutely vital.
              Then learn what an “alpha layer” is – it is also vital.

              Now just play with it. Don’t be afraid, you can always hit undo. Google is your friend, but I frequently find it overwhelming and too-technical. There are a lot of decent (ok-ish) youtube tutorials that would probably do a better job than I can do of explaining it to you.

              Thereafter, it’s just a question of taking a big-scary project and breaking it into manageable pieces. Make a battle scene? Tough. Add a tank to the Windows XP background? Easy. Add a raptor behind the turret? Each. Etc.

              The important thing is to not get overwhelmed, just have a mental image in your head and work toward it bit-by-bit.

              I honestly believe that if you spend one day of solid effort, you will be able to run laps around me. I would, if I were you and really interested, find a local high school kid who knows it and hire him as my tutor for the day. It’ll save you a lot of banging your head against the desk.

        • Oh no, Anita! There seems to be a demonstration going on…

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Is that a giant chicken leg, being disquised as a battering ram. Should ne nearer city hall, wherever this photo is from.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                From the angle you posted it looked like a chicken leg. It is actualy rare that the art that is placed in the city courtyards such as this make sense. should have been closer to city halls doors though.

                There was one piece of art that cut completely through the city square, St Louis I believe, and blocked ALL paths across the square except around. It was constructed of just slabs of unpainted steel and immediately was an eyesore and rusting. It was suppose to represent the Mississippi River. The people immediately cried foul and city employees that now had to walk around this beast and demanded its removal and relocation. Or build paths over through or under it. The artist refused and I think won a lawsuit either denying the removal or payment for the destuction of his interpretive art. Seems to me the city owned it and they could hang it and do what they wanted with it. I also believe it was not the city who commissioned it but the national endowment of the arts.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                I looked up the exact location of this slab. Right in Stephen’s backyard. Foley Square in NYC. Serra the artist tried suing for $33M because the art could only be relevent in its “blockading” location. The courts disagreed and dismissed the suit and the steel slabs were removed.

            • Raaaaacist! ROFL!! chicken leg..Detroit…get it? 🙂

          • Freakin hillarious! I won’t be near that fist though, more like 30 miles west.Telegraph Rd to be exact. Rumor has it Telegraph is sorta well known around the country for it’s muscle car drive by’s. No, not Woodward…(Tele)Graph!…as in Cruzin Graph.

  2. Dale A Albrecht says:

    We have written long comments of conflicts of interest and the behavior of government. I consider one of the biggest conflicts is the very fact that government gets to write and oversee the very rules that are suppose to restrict and control their behavior. On top of that they control the very agencies,”law enforcement” that are suppose to root out the actions that are detrimental and destructive to a nation supposedly run by the rule of law. Right down to the lowest level of government the chief law enforcement officer is a politically elected or appointed post. That will always bring a bias to any thought of equal justice for all under the law, implying that justice is blind. Equal justice is colored by politics and “green”, the color of money.

    Sometimes money does not save you entirely as in the case of Mllikan and his stock market manuverings. He still though, after causing untold damage to the economic fortune of the nation, spent just a few years in a federal prison and walked away with $1,000,000,000.

  3. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Today as I was reading the articles on the home page of my internet provider, I have noticed a very significant shift on the campaign reporting. Usually the articles regardless of their original source were rather negative on Trump. Usually addressing his chronic foot in mouth disease. But rarely was it attacks on him personally. Some try but no traction. If he ran a business that was constantly abusing the law, twisting words he’d have been gone decades ago. His personal life is and has been an open book forever. The shift has been negative towards Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. She is being seen now and being presented as a totally scheming and weasle by many MSM outlets.
    With massive losses by the major newspapers, and their lost readership of the print versions are NOT going to the digital online versions. Could they be tryng to correct these losses by becoming more fair and balanced?

    One article was a follow up on Hillary and her comments about working to not have a conflict of interest with the Foundation if elected…..they cited that even while she was SOS highly influencial people, including “Crown Princes” from Gulf States went through the Clinton foundation who then in turn contacted a State Dept functionary. There were fees involved, some as low as $50,000 for the phone call, and for one guy it’s been between $2M-$5M over the years, That person has been raising eyebrows, Choudary.
    The study, titled “Reality Check: The Performance Gap between U.S. Newspapers’ Print and Online Products, 2007-2015, finds the websites of 51 big-city newspapers are averaging just 10 percent of the market’s readership, while print readership has plummeted to 28.5 percent from 42.4 percent.

    “It’s totally unsurprising that print readership has been shrinking, but it is extremely surprising that in-market online readership hasn’t been growing,” Hsiang Iris Chyi, an associate professor at the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, tells Media Life Magazine. ”

    Many of the major outlets are also dropping their comments sections. Could it be that they do not want to hear or read directly the dissatisfaction of their content, from both sides? The companies are saying we’ll let the social media outlets handle the comments.

    Well the people are commenting with their pocketbooks and feet.

    • One of the big questions will be how far in the tank are these people willing to go? There could be a fear that after Hill is elected they will have lost ALL credibility because what is coming out now will just continue to keep coming out.

      Like I told Charlie and his friends last month, “What do you have to lose by a Trump victory?” If he screws up he will be out in four and the Bernie folks will have earned the right to say Bernie could have beaten him instead of the crook . Bader-Ginsberg will not allow herself to die while he is president. If he does NOT screw up, then we are all better off except the ideologues.

      Note that when I now compare Hillary’s best to Nixon’s worst (and she comes out very bad) my friends on the left do not even bother to reply anymore. Trump is a homophoberacistmysognyist is all they can come up with anymore. Don’t even bother to defend Hill, just attack Trump.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I have asked on numerous forums for a Liberal to post anew actual quote to prove racism. I got nothing, except the usual I mature name calling. Had one female claim that 75% of blacks are doing just fine (talking about liberals running and ruining black communities). My reply was ” then why all the talk from the Liberal left about being oppressed? The only possible oppression would come from government or there would be millions of lawsuits.” As usual, no reply.

  4. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’m sure everyone has read this morning about Obama’s new dictate about forcing doctors and insurers to perform and pay for gender tranformations even on children. If they refuse they will be severely punished by the HHS etc. The edict says they must if a psycholgist says so….how many psych issues turned into just pure BS when truly analyzed and thusly discredited. Like all the diagnosis that when you sat on your uncles lap as a youngster you were raped and just have suppressed that memory, therefore causing all your current problems. I believe the hippocratic oath has something about not causing harm. If I was a surgical doctor I wouldn’t perform these irreversible surguries based on a psychologist. Long genetic studies that would show that one is preponderantly one sex or the other and maybe just maybe the wrong parts got included in the package…maybe in that case a correction could be justified. But just being a head case NO.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I’ll say this in jest. Like Bruce/Caitlyn. One he has the money to do what ever he want to with his body, without costing the tax payers. At least we got a respite from the other portion of the disfunctional family he married into. That said, being around them would mess up anyone.

      • Gonna reprint my answer to Matt about TG’s. I was away for a couple of days and I guess you guys went way beyond it. Essentially I responded to his comment about allowing gay dorm mates in a straight persons room vs having to deal with it in my 6 year old grand daughters changing room at school. In another more sane time, even considering doing it to a child would (and should) be considered child abuse. There is so much wishful thinking out there in the soft sciences vs. hard fact (suicide rates) and, if you look for them, going all the way back to the end of the 19th Century, there are an awful lot of facts.

        Now that I have returned, here goes. Note, we are I think now talking about 18 year olds, not 6 year olds. We are talking about people who have achieved the age of consent, who can vote and may be drafted. It is up, in a free society, to THEM to decide if they want to board with a tranny or a gay student of the same sex. How simple was that! You, on the other hand want to force it, using law of all things, on children.

        A long, long time ago, before the wife and I tied the knot, we were smart enough to have the raising kids discussion. Now, my eldest son, in full disclosure, did not and he is paying the price where the kids are allowed to roam free by Mommy when Dad thinks perhaps 5 AM is a bit too early to start the day. Anyway, Denise and I, back in the 1970’s saw the incredible pressure being placed on kids, even then to “grow up” and fast. We decided to use our own upbringing as a guide. Things, thoughts and attitudes were introduced gradually as they achieved the maturity to understand them. I think we did pretty good. Nobody turned into a bible thumper (neither were we) . Everybody understands that folks are wired differently and a couple of them might even agree with you on this issue.

        I remembered while I was doing the four hour drive for the one day vacation this interesting TV reality show, “JAZZ”. If you have not seen it, it’s about a gender confused boy, pre-teen, who lives as a girl. Everyone from Grandma down to his brother accepts him. The school accepts him, the girls soccer team accepts him. Neighbors accept him. He is on meds to stunt his maturation until they go ahead with slice and dice. So, everything is cool, right? Well not really, Jazz is on anti-depressants. Jazz ran out of anti-depressants on one episode and had a melt-down. So Jazz has issues far beyond Jazz’s sexual identity. Jazz will unfortunately probably be a candidate for suicide some day. Now, you will NOT find me telling you or Jazz that what is going on is a bad idea. The kid appears and acts female in all aspects. If one is to believe the parents, the child has always been this way. What I am saying is that he/she is one of those folks that all the good intentions and pretentions in the world will probably not be able to save. In this instance and of course others, we are talking about a birth defect which affects the brain. We now acknowledge that there are behaviors that are “built in”. This is one of them. There is no answer, there is no pretty solution. What we cannot do as a society is screw up everyone else catering to a problem that cannot be solved in a false hope that you can cure true gender dysphoria.

        Try to remember something else here, you have your specialties that you have studied in life and I would not question you on them. I have mine. You cannot answer most of what I have written on this subject without taking the time to go back and read the literature. What you do think, how you think or feel or consider “fair” are really quite immaterial. I do not, as a 69 year old like gravity much anymore. But, I cannot wish it away because it is no longer “fair” to my aging body and joints. I am pissed though that we did not follow through on the space program so I could spend my last years at 1/6 G on Luna .

  5. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The German Vice Chancellor says today that the 3 year trade negotiations with the US have failed. This free trade deal was to be called TTIP.

    Why do we keep getting bombarded with the government lies about this free trade deal and that free trade deal. They are anything but that, never have been nor will be. A free trade deal is the STIKING DOWN of all trade barriers of products, even through it might be a single one, or for that matter people, between the nations that are negotiating. Free is free, the word in not ambiguous.

  6. Dale A Albrecht says:

    For us ex military types on board Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is real. I finished watching old 1960 english crime caper movie called “League of Gentlemen” All ex military officers cashiered for one reason or another. In one scene a group was inspecting the mess at breakfast time, aledgedly they were inspecting complaints about the food service. They walked up to a massive tray of “fried eggs” all cooked together. The guy said I’d like to try this. The server with a spatula tried digging out the fried egg intact and put it on a plate. Failed completely. My flashback came at that time because I actually had the same thing happen at a base I was TDY at. Big sign at the head of the galley line saying all eggs are “made to order”, be it fried scrambled or an omelet. Poached was not available. Just in front of me was an inspecting officer, unbeknownest to the line cooks. He ordered two fried eggs. Now he had been watching the servers give us poor swabbies fried eggs off this big roll around cart with at least 25 trays on it filled with plates of previously fried eggs. Cold nasty, congealed and smashed from having been inserted into the carts. The line cook, said coming right up, Sir, and cracked two fresh eggs onto the griddle. Much to his credit the officer said, no thanks, I want ones from there pointing to the bottom row of eggs on the racks. The cooks really got upset and insisted that he get fresh made ones. The officer then stepped out of line, walked behind the serving line and pushed over the entire rack spreading eggs and dishes over the next 20 feet of floor. Great stuff……The flashback entailed going into spasms of laughter, not depression.

    He made them specifically clean it up, not the personel assigned to swabbing the deck, that watch.

    • When our mess sergeant at the company mess was selling off our food he got caught. Out on a field problem we ran out of food 1/2 way through the company. The 1st Sgt. went back to the Company Area, pulled the cook out of bed and bet the crap out of him. The Fire watch guy said he actually threw him down the stairs twice. Meals were pretty good after that.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Had a commander that was a real despot. We had been warned about him from his previous command. One this in the Navy, whether its service wide i can not say, is an award called the “Silver Hammer” This is for improving things at the base and not really costing much. Due to Senator Byrd making us shut down and dismantle our power generation plant and hook up to commercial power, “Monongahela Power” we had an empty building. We got the makings of two full gymnasiums, a bowling alley from Bainbridge MD when the Navy shut that facility, we also salvaged heads and showers, sinks to create (2) full separate bath facilities. All work done by me and a few others, except the refinishing of the floor and setting up the alley. We got that professionally done. This was under the old commander. The new one turned the gym into a roller skating rink for the children on the base, and ruining the floor, besides we could never get the children off the floor so we could use it. In the ops center, it being a 4 story underground facility, with 3 floors not completed due to change of mission, we built an new facility strictly for military people. We knew the commander never set foot up there so we were good. That is until some congressmen came for a visit and they wanted to go down through the tunnels into the sub basements…..we had to now gut that facility. He was making zero friends on base. We also due to the increased level of personnel put in a larger galley, from equipment from Bainbridge also. We put the old equipment in storage and the mess officer put out a notice to other facilities of the stored equipment if they needed it. Well one day a requisition came in and low and behold all the equipment was gone. The mess officer started making the rounds of all the restaurants in the region. He went in uniform. At one diner, the cook saw him and came out and thanked him/Navy and specifically the commander for selling him his new commercial kitchen at such a great price….the officer had not sold it, the navy had not sold it……the last we saw of the commander he was being arrested by NCIS and being placed in a van in handcuffs. The only place I ever saw an equal application of the law and rules was in the Service under the UCMJ. Might be slightly out of sync but always worked. In every other workplace in the remaining 36 years of work, there were two set of rules.

        • When it works, it works. I will tell you that in my NYC employment, the low hanging fruit (inspectors) were annually rounded up in handcuffs. Why somebody would risk, name, job, family, pension for $ 50.00 is anybody’s guess. The commissioners and their ilk would transition right out the door to firms we did business with, gave loans to or contracted with. We all took an ethics class when we left City employment and were told that the above was off-limits. But, as in “Animal Farm” some animals are more equal than others.

          To Donald Trump’s credit, when he hired away the best, most competent commissioner we ever had, Anthony Glideman, the first job he put him in charge of was with the city. It was where Trump volunteered for free to complete the renovation of the Wollman Memorial Skating Rink at Central Park for free. Note I said for free! 6 years in process and the city screwed it up royally. Trump ripped out everything the City did (one side was 14 inches higher than the other) and in 15 months brought us a state of the art rink. Glideman still had seven months to go on the 2 year moratorium for ex city employees so Trump sent him to Atlantic City to finish a casino.

          Funny thing was there were those quite jealous of Trump back then (1988). The same people who left City employ to work with banks and developers we were dealing with screamed loudly that Glideman, (working on a gift to NYC) should be arrested for violating the 2 year ban. They wanted Trump’s head too. I think Ed Koch told then to F— off! I liked Ed!

          I could go on about good bosses like Tony G. He actually did the rounds of field offices when he first became commissioner. We were stunned. He sat us all down and asked what he could do for us. I kind of pointed out that we were sharing one stapler for 10 people. I then got bold and pointed out I was reusing the toner in the xerox machine 10 times over (it works) because it was impossible to get those supplies through General Services. When he showed interest, I went through the litany, broken AC”s, no toilet paper, no water cooler, no pens, no legal pads. I pissed off my immediate supervisor and my Assistant Commissioner who had accompanied him on the tour but next week we got everything. Too bad, Tony, at a young age had a stroke and passed. Good man, Trump knows how to pick them! ,

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            When I was at IBM, office supplies got scarce and hard to order. When complaints started flowing upstairs the response was, well, bring back the supplies that filtered home daily in peoples briefcases. Laptops…what were those.

            Stephen…I thought the skating rink was the “Shaeffer” rink, or do they have several in the park? Or does the city sell naming rights?

            • Good memory. It has always been the Wollman Memorial Rink, East side of the park above 59th Street. In the 1960’s and 1970’s Schaffer and then Rheingold (beer companies) sponsored nightly concerts in the park during the summer. One dollar a pop! Got to see Peter, Paul and Mary there along with The Lovin Spoonful (last of the good time music) The Animals, The turtles and once unfortunately, Phil Ochs. He was double billing with another folk singer. When he walked out on the stage I told the Girlfriend, time to go. She was not a fan but wondered why. The asshole walked out wearing a fatigue shirt with a Silver Star on it. No way Jose!

              getting back to Schaeffer, Rheingold and Ballentine. These were the Big Three in NY. Workman’s brews sold by the gallon and consumed the same way. Sponsors of the Yankeees, Giants, Dodges and ultimately the Mets. All three, plus a slew of smaller breweries were wiped out in the late ’70’s by Anheuser Busch. Taking lesson from the Japanese, they inundated the NY market with essentially “free beer” till they killed off the others. My deli guy, the 82 year old with arms of steel, told me the salesman told him that no matter what price the others gave him, Bud would sell for less. Early predatory capitalism at its best and none of the Bud variations tasted half as good as the ones they killed. God, Ballentine was huge! Huge plant in Brooklyn and two plants in Newark.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Went to a concert at the rink, when it was “Shaeffer” Train in from Westchester, nice walk on Park Avenue, dinner. The concert was Hall and Oates (they were an unknown warm up band at the time) Richie Haven’s was the main draw. Being post Woodstock. Hall and Oates did a great concert, deserved their later success. Haven’s came out decked out like the Tempations, not at all what anybody expected. The audience was predominantly BLACK and the crowd got should I say anxious. Did a couple songs and said, I’m outta here bye…..needless to say there was a near riot. My girlfriend/fiance and I were up on the last row of the bleachers so we could just watch, so we just stayed put out of harms way. When the crowd thinned out Haven’s came back on stage as his normally persona, and said, now lets get down to it. Those that stayed got treated to a fantastic concert. Almost missed the last train upstate……..One wonders if he was going to return to the stage or was forced back by the city and promoters to head off the growing civil unrest.

                So I assume you read the tactic I stated about the Japanese and their takeover of the consumer tech industry…..I liked Shaeffer beer. Do you remenber Piels?

              • Piels, Burt and Harry who were really Bob and Ray. Commercials every bit as good as GEICO.Beer was ok.

                They too went away also Knickerbocker, Blatz (NY Brews) and of course Schlitz. One I absolutely NEVER EVER missed was something called “Carling Black Label” I understand they distributed it in Viet-nam to troops in lieu of Article 15’s.

                Surprisingly Pabst Blue Ribbon has returned big time. The Yeungling Company are geniuses, Moved into the cities and are listed in most restaurants under “imported” with a Heiniken/Bass/Amstel price! When I went to Mom’s in Coaldale used to ride into Pottsville to pick up a case(S) for five bucks.

                The cognoscenti have apparently discovered it. Apparently the young snots in Manhattan have discovered Genessee too. I always liked Iron City but it was difficult to get in NY. Schmidts from Philly disappeared. Straub from St. Mary’s PA is not bad and now they have expanded into “crafts”. Good move!

                The old man used to always tell me when traveling to “drink the local stuff”. There are gems out there.

              • Schaeffer is back. Taste is pretty close as is the Ballentine Ale. Rheingold was back, have not sen it for some time.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                You know Stephen…the scary thing is that I remember those beers. Even though the Colonel is dry, he must remember “Pearl” beer.

                I’ve been restoring old photographs from a family originally from Jersey. They migrated to VT and over time died out. It’s fun cleaning them up, digitally and then jumping into the net and trying to date and identify the locals. There was a series of photos of a brewery in Newark. Looked it up and it had been the 2nd largest in the country at one time. The daughter married the heir to the largest brewery and in more ways than one merged. The #2 disappeared. I have to get into the archieves for the name, but the old mansion right in the middle of the slums of Newark has been restored and a museum of fine arts etc..

                got photos of Charles Limbergh meeting Willy Post when he returned to Floyd Bennett field in Brooklyn, from his solo round the world trip. The plane hangs in the Smithsonian. Photos of a very early mono-wing plane taken on an old airfield where I lived in VT. The Smithsonian can not id it. They believe it was homebuilt and gave me a museum in Switzerland that may help. This was early when designers still made the wings look like bird wings….photos of the urban renewal in Munich, WWII. The photgrapher loved planes,cars, boats, beer, baseball. It’s been fun id’ing old baseball fields long since gone. .

  7. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Colonel Sir…..have you ever heard the term “Half General” when it comes to describing your rank?

    • Well, let’s see…..half general, wannabe….and several others that I cannot remember..

      Wannabe was referencing the fact that I was an elisted man turned officer….a scourge, according to the ring banging ass holes from West Point…..funny though…..I seemed to always end up on the general’s staff as a operations officer (G-3) after my brigade command.

      However, I was passed over the three times it takes to be taken off the promotion list simply because the General selection board was comprised of “ring banging” ass holes. And, since I was not “establishment” I never made consideration for 0-7.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Would the more accurate term be “tight asses” versus ring banging? I know the ring banging was common among the Annapolis graduates just to remind you of where they obtained their education. Nothing like graduating from “COHK” with honors though.

        FYI…we had a very different term for clippers or did you write chippers, in the Navy.

        I see that the Navy has accepted their newest “fast attack” submarine, sponsored by Michelle Obama. All for a cool $2.7B Named after her home State. I thought the fast attacks were named after cities, like the cruisers were and boomers were named after States like the battleships were. Ahh…but then have they scrapped the missle subs. like the Ohio class?

        Sir…In a round about way you were correct on the amount of carriers we have. I initially believed you were incorrect on your statement, but, we do have the number of carriers I believed we had and that is 10-12, but the number is greatly reduced due to the air wings not being available and not combat ready, therefore making the carriers impotent tied to the docks.

        • The frigging Navy cannot decide what the hell to call its ships anymore. The naming of carriers after presidents with mediocre records and for that matter living presidents should stop. One of my sons friends was a Boomer officer. They had a problem with having enough crews to stay at sea. So, it is not just air wings which by the way were reduced in size but they still can’t field enough 100% ready squadrons to put to sea.

          My worry is the Air Force. Despite all the hoopla a few years back over John Boyd, the fighter mafia is back in full control. You start out with the design for a sleek fighter and ten years later you have something as big and heavy as a B-52 tasked to do fifty different things, all poorly. This F-35 thing is a disaster. By the time they finish, I bet the navy will quietly ditch it as being too heavy and requiring the rebuilding of carrier decks.

          We should revisit old times here and ask the Colonel about retiring the A-10 in favor of supersonic jets flying close air support with a loitering time of five minutes. The colonel, being an old fart, might just have some interesting memories of the Army fielding the Bradley. I know the Boyd Acolytes thought that to be a disaster. Shit, now I’m thinking of the fielding of the M-16 and McNamaras insistence that a rifle designed to provide Air Force base security would function just fine in the Jungle using surplus WW 2 powders which left a thick residue. Makes you wonder sometimes how the country that created the Essex class carrier, The M-1 Garand and the P-51 Mustang all war winners 70 plus years ago could produce the overpriced garbage we field today.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            The Marine flight crews from Cherry Point that I’ve talked to do not want to fly the F-35.
            Don’t get me going on McNamara. Talk about lying through statistics. Nearly buried Ford when he was CFO. Took a tour of Edwards AFB just after the crash of the XB-70 and got to walk all around the remaining one. They had just loaded an X-15 onto a B-52 for one of it’s last flights, again got to walk all around them, There was an F-111 also. Not released yet from test flights to theh services. God, was that a monster. We all saw how successful the one size fits all possible uses was.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Much less naming one of the Nimitz class after John Stennis, or the Ford. But then in prior decades the lead super carrier of the time, the USS Forrestal. carriers have alway been an orphan when it came to naming conventions. Famous battles, politicians, previous ships regardless of type. Fast attacks took the usual naming convention of cruisers (cities) and missle subs the battleship (States). Whereas before subs were usually named after a marine creature of some sort, like the Nautilus. Maybe today ships and boats ought to be named after the oyster, clam, scallop, that usually stay in one spot.

            Several people that I know, had been planning on remaining in the military as active reserve, all have decided to leave at the end of their contract. These were gung ho folks and very competent. The people no matter how patriotic they are are getting out. They’re just plain tired of getting ripped out and being deployed, home then back, home then back. My neighbor had been to Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. She got her Captains cerification to drive the type of boats that Obama gave to the Iranians, then she was told her next duty was to the Gulf for 6 months.

            My overall belief is if a war is worth fighting, fight it for gods sake and truly finish it. Don’t keep dribbing and drabbing and keeping it going perpetually.

        • On the carriers, I thought that I had used the term of “active”….I have seen them all tied up to the docks at various places and I know that the smaller “jeep” carriers are being sunk to form artificial reefs. Cannot recommission a carrier from the bottom…I do know that the active carrier fleets have been cut by 2/3….not to mention the support ships and subs that went with them. I have seen the latest reports on combat assesment…..we DO NOT have the resources to fight more than a 15 day offensive naval conflict. In Europe, we do not have the resources to mount an offensive campaign into eastern europe….and we only have enough defensive assets to fight a 45 day defensive campaign. We are out numbered on nuclear missiles on the european front by 4 to 1…..and out numbered on combat ready tanks by an 8 to 1 margin….and that includes NATO. The United States has not produced a new combat tank since August 2013.

          Now to the M16….when we got to Nam, we ditched the M16 pretty quickly. IT was inefficient for close combat….way too much muzzle velocity. I carried a Russian made AK 47 as soon as I could get my hands on it…and I carried a M1 semi automatic .30 cal carbine from WWII. The M16 fired so fast and so hot that the rounds would swell up and jam. But the .223 caliber was so small that if it hit a gnat in flight, the bullet would redirect. The AK 47 round, 7.62, would carve a hole in the jungle and you could drop it in a mud puddle and fire it. It was, howeverm a very crappy weapon over 75 meters. The M16 was a good weapon in open field over 75 meters. The M14 was a good weapon. I also carried an Ithaca 37 shotgun when I had to go underground or in enemy bunkers. I also carried a Browning Hi power Australian pistol as well as a good old WWII American 45. When on extended patrols, you carried three weapons, ammunition, some food, and dry socks (several pair along with unscented foot powder). You stopped and changed your socks every two hours.

          You asked about the A-10……what an aircraft. Could carry its weight in ammunition…had an on station time of 45 minutes, highly manuverable,,,,,but extremely slow and vulnerable to wire guided saggers. But, when we made our end run in Kuwait in Desert Storm…it was always a nice feeling to see the Apaches and A 10’s over head. Great tank killers and BMP killers. They could also carry bunker busters…..When we crashed the first Iranian defensive line, the breach was made by using A 10’s with bunker busters and our “blade” tanks that pushed the softened up bunkers into the ground burying the Iranians….we opened up holes and streamed through them so fast…and the mech infantry behind us cleaned up the stragglers. Since we were the tip of the point, we did not have time for prisoners….you just rolled over them or shot them down. But to answer your question….the “fast movers” had maybe….MAYBE….an on station time of a whole 5 to 7 minutes….and they could not carry enough ordinance in case they missed their mark….which they did even with laser guidance.

          The Bradley’s…..ahhhh……they had their usefulness. THe M2 was fast, manuverable and could keep up with the Abrams. We liked it because it could carry wire guided anti-tank missiles that were primarily used to suppress the BMP’s. But the full combat load was only 6 soldiers. I had a Bradley command track and we used some Bradleys to carry extra tank rounds. If we ran into a wolf pack, we used the Bradleys in flanking manuvers….they were fast enough for that. But lightly skinned and a .51 cal round would penetrate it.

          • Always been an airplane nut. When the A-10 came out, it was supposed to be a CAS platform as well as an S&R aircraft. We needed something to replace the venerable A-1 Skyraider (Spad) in both roles. So, to counter the low and slow requirement they went with the unusual engine design installation and the titanium bathtub cockpit.

            Now, what I have noticed in my readings over the past few years on Viet-nam is the tendency for the fast movers, F-100’s in particular to cause a lot of friendly fire incidents. A beautiful but not terribly stable aircraft to begin with I am assuming that damage by groundfire would cause these things to go bad in a hurry. Therefore the pilots would want to get in and out fast. When laying down something like napalm, that led to disaster. There are also stories from Korea on CAS by jets and by the old prop driven Corsair.

            Using the gazillion dollar F-35 will lead to risk adverse behavior which will lead to inaccurate or non-existant air support. I know that the Marine Corps has its very own ministry for propaganda but Marine aviation has always gotten five star ratings for its willingness to go as low and as slow as necessary. The USAF has not. I do not think that is the pilots decision but the leadership. In an ideal world they would give the A-10’s to the Army.

            • Nostalgia reigns,,,,,the A1e Sky raider…..the VNAF flew them a lot and some AF guys in VIetnam…..When calling in airstrikes……I always wished for the “Ridge runners”…….those sky raider jocks that would put the Napalm up a fleas ass…..I usually got the F4….did get a 104 flight once…..but lost one on the run in….THUD…was a good name.

              • The “Thunderchief” was one of the first compromise airplanes I believe. Supposed to be able to dogfight as a long range single seat fighter AND carry a Nuke! Great Republic aircraft wasted on ridiculous bombing runs over N. Viet-nam all using the same run in over “Route Pack 6, AKA Thud ridge”.

                Hey Colonel, ever read “The Centurions”, the “Praetorians” by Jean Larteguy? The French Indochina experience and Algerian experience by the paratroop regiments. You know, those guys who were so pissed off in the early ’60’s they went into open revolt. Great reads. Funny, my son the intellectual has gotten deeply into Bernard Fall and passed some articles on to me where Fall recommends these books.


            • You are probably a war plane nut…..but if you like all planes…look up what I am flying now….the G58 Baron.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Sir….was the interchanging of Iranian’s versus Iraqi’s a freudian slip and a deeply surpressed desire?

        • Yes sir…but if you were an officer from “The Point”…… used that term….such as…: back at the Point, we did yada yada,,,,,or…that’s not how we learned it at…”The Point”….and then you tap your ring. West Point was great book learning….not too good on tactics. West Point training showed off in War College….I really had to study the combat tactics of all the great leaders of our times…all the way back to Ghengis Khan…..Also Sun Tzu’s Art of Warfare.

          • The above to mean that the West Point grads had a leg up on us “mustang’s” when it came to past history.

            • Oh, one other thing….I AM NOT AN OLD FART……just a “seasoned citizen”…

              • Here is a memory for you. Just reading about Lufthansa doing a ground up restoration on a Super Constellation. They will actually sell rides on it at airshows. It si in teh current Smithsonian Air and Space.

                When I was a kid living in upper Manhattan, we were right under the take-off flight path for LaGuardia Airport. About five miles NW but when the planes took off, on the roof of a six story building you got a hell of a view. I have those red and white TWA super Connies engraved in my brain. They flew so low you could swear you could read the tail numbers. Dad was out at March Field in training when they test flew the prototypes. He thought them the most beautiful plane ever. I agree. the grace of a porpoise.

                Hey today would have been then old man’s 99th. Miss him.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Vivid memories also of the Constellations. During the 50’s late friday nights we’d go to Idylwilde or LaGuardia to pick up Dad returning from the west coast. being so late we’d get to go out to the hangers and wait for the planes. If the weather was bad the planes would try and get as close to the doors as possible, if not stick their noses in. No telescoping walkways back then, keeping everyone dry….imagine trying that today.

  8. Let’s see here, I remember this……..why? Wait for next video

    • OK, LOL 🙂 The video I want isn’t posted yet. It was on NBC during the 2nd half of NFL game tonight. Hillary says she wants to build 500,000 solar panels and will create 2 million HIGH paying jobs. This will be ALL over the internet and Trump can slam her hard with a “more of the same broken promises” AD!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        That sure as heck is not a very efficient ratio of labor and product output. But then again that solar panel may be on you backpack to recharge your GPS when in the back country.

  9. What the Lame Stream Media is saying (that I have heard) about San Francisco QB Colon Kaepernick. He is working through a 118 million dollar contract (real oppressed eh?). He was abandoned by his black father and adopted by a white couple and raised by them. Got a college education (while being accused of rape by three different women). Has had an up and down NFL career, now looking at being a back up. Has made NO donations to any organizations like Black Lies Matters, despite engaged to marry

    In July 2015, Kaepernick converted to Islam during the offseason AND he is engaged to Nessa Diab, a Black Lives Matter activist who promotes what she calls “authentic Islam.” The Kaepernick’s will also have a traditional Muslim wedding.

    Is it a stretch to say his football play has regressed since 2015? As an avid fantasy player, that answer is “Absolutely”. Has his attitude changed since 2015? It appears so. Will the MSM report this stuff? We shall see…..or not.


    • Depends on the meaning of “have”.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just through their agents/businessmen who are tied to the government. Like every business in Russia’s clone of Silicon Valley. They do not exist without the government and Putin. The oligarch’s learned very quickly to do Putin’s bidding, or else you would take up residence in a nice deep hole somewhere.

  11. Phrase for the day: There is no cure for stupid.

  12. From a plane load of cash flown into Iran to secure hostage release to new revelations

    Maybe I missed a memo, but I’m pretty sure this was their own money that was released by court order that we had basically stolen back in the 70’s. We sold them some planes, they had a revolution and we kept the money without ever delivering. And, further, the money was never delivered in cash – that would be preposterous.

    Or are you referring to a different conspiracy theory?

    • For God’s sake, we DO have pictures courtesy of the Iranians and we DO have an admission. The cash payment was simultaneous with the release of the four Americans and different from the wire transfer of the frozen assets from the ’70’s. All cash, in bills in Euros and Swiss Francs.

      There was NO court order merely the administration telling us the courts would rule against us. I would have parceled out the money to the hostages held for the 444 days in the embassy hostage taking. What do you think 180 days in solitary is worth?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I am beginning to realize you don’t spend much time watching or reading the news.

      The 400 million was claimed to be a “settlement” payment to eliminate the Iranian claim against the US. at the Hague claims court. There was no ruling that I have seen. The US decided to settle. And YES, the payment was made in cash.

      The deceit by the Administration was in claiming the payment had NOTHING to do with the hostages. Turns out it did. We agreed to pay the claim, then apparently used it as leverage to get the hostages back, then claimed it was just coincidence and not “ransom”.

      So the Govt. lied once again and got caught. Not a conspiracy theory but truth.

      Note, I used the term Govt. because we all know that both party’s have had Presidents who did similar things. Iran-Contra, for example.

      I am kind of curious why we would acknowledge a “debt” to a Govt. that stopped existing when the revolution happened in Iran, though.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the morning:

    Trump should send out a tweet declaring: “Mrs. Clinton is probably as healthy as a mule, time to move on.”

    Bwahahahaha Insert “Jackass” in place of “mule”.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      But seriously folks….I think she just wanted to be Marty Feldman.

      All you have to do is look at film of her while she was Secretary of State. She clearly could not handle the stress of that job. She always looked a mess. A neighbor who was a career State Dept guy, resigned shortly after Hillary came in. He is an ardent democrat. When Hillary resigned he came out of retirement and went back to State. he spent his career in the M/E and that neighborhood. He had nothing but good things to say about the professionalism, integrity and intelligence of Hillary’s predecessors. Always put together regardless of the stress and long hours. Hard workers, About Hillary, his actions spoke legions. It appears he had even more confidence in Kerry, such as it is

      Any potentially belligerent State can provoke Hillary to take and make seriously bad moves in the world of geopolitics.

      I truly believe, that her goal is to just survive the election and hopefully win. Then resign in favor of Kaine. All before the shit really hits on health and more exposure of her dealings and contempt for the law and the people. It’s truly a race to november. She just want desperately wants to go down in the record books as the first female president. If she is elected the investigations either in or out of the government will continue. She’ll resign or she’ll be impeached and convicted, because Congress will have no choice unless they want to heap more discredit upon their august bodies. A Johnson was impeached but not convicted. Nixon would have been both but he resigned before Congress could act. Bill was impeached but not convicted……she will obtain 3 records if elected… 1st women president, 1st to be impeached and 1st to be convicted, Her ego demands it because she’s played the victim so long.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I see your “pipe dreaming” again this morning.

        If elected, and if not done in by illness, Clinton will serve the full term. The Clinton’s left many people behind in Govt. It has served their power base well. They need at least four years to refresh the minion population. Because it will serve them well again when Chelsea decides to run for office.

        Mrs. Clinton has to stay in office for those who tied their horse to her wagon to gain the full benefit of the gamble.

        And then there is just the plain EGO and ARROGANCE of it all.

        Three reasons I say she completes at least one full term.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          My pipe dream is actually that enough gets dumped on her and the foundation that the people say enough is enough and we DO NOT want a continuation and enhanced version of Obama, and she just goes away. Not quietly I’m sure

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          It is “Fantasy Football” time isn’t it. I’m declaring a new game “Fantasy Election”

  14. @ Dale… sir……same plane. The only thing that I was disappointed in….was it didnot come with the lady that was in the brochure…..but, then again, spousal unit probably would not have liked that.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      At least demand her voice as a upgrade on your GPS. Hopefully she isn’t a shrew and a backseat driver.

      I always switch to english (english) and away from american (english) on any navigational instruments.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I just remembered the scene from “Airplane” with the autopilot when it went offline and deflated and the corrective action..

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      turn to port, turn to starboard, go up…nonono go down,can’t you stop hitting the bumps, when are we going to get there, are we there yet, I gotta go, Can we go home now?

  15. Question for our resident liberals…..with Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and United opting out of Obama Care, in several states, and the average Obamacare insurance premiums rising 34 to 65%….what now? A couple of days ago, either Buck or Mathius (I think Buck) made a comment that if the Republicans would get on board, it would be different. My question is……what Republican ( individual ) or what Republican lead issue made the premiums rise? Just exactly how does opposition increase prices? Obamacare is Law and EVERYONE was warned that it would not be affordable. EVERYONE was warned that the premiums would have a yearly 15% increase….that you could keep your plan and your doctor. Well, we all know that is not happening. Obamacare is actually not affordable. Millennials are bailing out in droves taking the fine instead of going into Obamacare.

    Even one of Clinton’s largest donors to the Clinton foundation ( Humana ) is opting out saying that unless they get premiums raised a minimum of 64%…they will not stay in the program.

    So, exactly, how have the Republicans created this? Curious minds want to know.

  16. Wager time………………………………If Clinton gets elected, I bet the huge increases will happen and government money will go to her largest donors. Takers anyone?

    • The idea is, from my singlepayer son, to have passed the worst possible law designed to self destruct forcing single payer! You can bet your last dollar that is the Hillary plan. If she is NOT elected there is one last chance to get it right.

      I have to be honest here, we are Americans, we do not wait in line, we cheat, we will take advantage of any angle, even if we have to create the angle out of thin air. Left, right, it makes no difference, it is our DNA as NOT EUROPEANS. We actually won or significantly shortened WW 2 by our ability to cut through the crap and innovate on the fly. What other country has the motto, “Better to apologize later than ask permission?” Our leftist friends who are every bit as dishonest as as anyone else do not understand, even after 50 years of Medicaid and Medicare, just what percentage is stolen outright. We ain’t Dudley Dooright in the lower 48. We will rob the place blind and bankrupt the country all because we can and it is sitting there right in front of us. The crooked docs, the pharmacies, the drug companies, the medical supply houses, the handicapped scooter people, the drug addicts are all out there just salivating. Epipens anyone? .

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        My father was the manager of the programming and computer team that teamed with Occidental insurance that replaced an out of control Blue Cross medical system in California back when Reagan was governor. The idea was to bring the budget under control which had totally been blown out by Edmund Brown, Jerry’s father. The dems were screaming and hollering about how this was going to hurt the poor,,,yadda yadda yadda, When all was said and done the only people that got hurt were every one of the entities you mentioned in the last two sentences in your post. The out and out thievery by the systems providers was astounding. Not only was the budget greatly reduced but the truly needy actually got more. The amount of apparent fraud by the regular folks was small by comparison, and usually a bureaucratic F!!!up that duplicated a record in the first place.

        The State ran the two systems side by side for a time and compared the actual outlay of money Blue Cross paid and the estimated outlay of the new system. Then the State investigated the differences. Blue Cross basically had NO safeguards against fraud and the people that knew the system stole it blind. A lot of providers were prosecuted for fraud.

        When the same style system was attempted at the national level it got killed by Congress.

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    Maybe Americans spend so much on health care because Americans spend a lot on a lot of stuff. We love to spend and we love the freedom to spend what we want on what we want. So maybe the Progressive should just go piss in the wind while whistling yankee doodle dandy.

  18. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This morning I was looking around on the net to see if any journalist outlet worth it’s salt is investigating how the “migrants” are paying for their resettlement, This is a study by the “Center for Immigration Studies” and uses our government data as it’s sources.

    We have met the enemy and he is us. (sarc) Even though this deals with the ME “refugees” this confirms the vouchers that texas was discovering on the migrants coming up through their border. Again the US government. To me the question is, why is the government doing this, other than to build another captive voting bloc? We have pplenty of people still having babies, unlike Europe. We have an abundance of college educated people, though a lack of high paying jobs that meet the graduating rate entering the workforce. A ton of just get by jobs, like as a floor walker at Staples, Walmart Lowes etc. Why infuse even more people into the bottom rung?

    Analyists from Turkey, says that the EU should pay for the transport of the refugees. As if they really want them. If life was so awful in Syria under Assad, and the only risk to life as they knew it was if they openly opposed Assad, how could they accumulate so much excess cash, even after selling their houses, belongings etc. That would imply that someone still has a great deal of money to buy said assets. This is in a country that is being leveled by war. Why would anyone buy an asset when it could be vaporized tomorrow.

  19. This should shut down the Transvestite bathroom issue once and for all:

    Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and Social Sciences’

    This study, conducted by world renowned Johns Hopkins University scientists Lawrence S. Mayer and Paul R. McHugh, is a meta-analysis of data from over 200 peer-reviewed (and left-leaning) studies regarding “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” It was published in the fall 2016 edition of The New Atlantis journal and is, far and away, the most objective, exhaustive, and comprehensive study on the topic to date.

    The research established, among other things:

    “The understanding of sexual orientation as an innate, biologically fixed property of human beings – the idea that people are ‘born that way’ – is not supported by scientific evidence.”
    “Sexual orientation” in adolescents is “fluid over the life course for some people, with one study estimating that as many as 80 percent of male adolescents who report same-sex attractions no longer do so as adults.”
    “Compared to heterosexuals, non-heterosexuals are about two to three times as likely to have experienced childhood sexual abuse.”
    “Gay”-identified people are “at an elevated risk for a variety of adverse health and mental health outcomes.”
    “Gay”-identified people experience “nearly 2.5 times the risk of suicide.”
    “The hypothesis that gender identity is an innate, fixed property of human beings that is independent of biological sex – that a person might be ‘a man trapped in a woman’s body’ or ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body’ – is not supported by scientific evidence.”
    “Studies comparing the brain structures of transgender and non-transgender individuals … do not provide any evidence for a neurobiological basis for cross-gender identification.”
    “[S]ex-reassigned individuals [are] about five times more likely to attempt suicide and about 19 times more likely to die by suicide.”
    “[T]he rate of lifetime suicide attempts across all ages of transgender individuals is estimated at 41 percent, compared to under 5 percent in the overall U.S. population.”
    “Only a minority of children who experience cross-gender identification will continue to do so into adolescence or adulthood.”

    If someone still insists to support this behavior, consider this:

    If your daughter, sister, mother or friend “identified” as a fat person trapped in a perilously emaciated body – if she truly believed she was obese, but, in reality, suffered from anorexia – would you affirm her “fatness” and get her liposuction? Or would you go to the ends of the earth to help her bring her subjective (and mistaken) identity into alignment with objective reality? When someone is engaged in demonstrably self-destructive behavior, it is not loving, but hateful, to encourage persistence.

    Nuff said!

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Well, I’llllll be.

      Come 2017 Johns Hopkins can kiss any Federal funding goodbye!

    • Sounds like they studied my 1965 abnormal psych textbook. People actually in the field from the old days know this stuff. As I said above, there are people whom I would not dissuade from transitioning but that DOES NOT mean there will not be a tragic outcome.

      My fear is spelled out in the third point. “Sexual identity in adolescents”. As the nonsense spreads wider and wider, normally confused kids will get more confused. Don’t anybody pooh-pooh this. We all know what peer pressure is like, we all know what group-think is all about. I can think back to the Beatles concerts and friends and relatives who wore their hair that way and dressed that way and even tried talking like they from Liverpool!. Sexual identity is one hell of a lot more serious than spouting “She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah.”

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Maggots and Nick are understadably quiet. I always felt that the whole ideaologu of the Left on this matter would do nothing be screw kids up.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          LMAO, Mathius and Buck. Damn phone.

        • Not going to comment without reading the study, though I will point out I can dig up numerous studies which find the opposite on many of those bullet points. Also, on the suicide issue, remember that correlation does not equal causation.

          Does anybody have a link to the study?

          • Editor’s Note: Questions related to sexuality and gender bear on some of the most intimate and personal aspects of human life. In recent years they have also vexed American politics. We offer this report — written by Dr. Lawrence S. Mayer, an epidemiologist trained in psychiatry, and Dr. Paul R. McHugh, arguably the most important American psychiatrist of the last half-century — in the hope of improving public understanding of these questions. Examining research from the biological, psychological, and social sciences, this report shows that some of the most frequently heard claims about sexuality and gender are not supported by scientific evidence. The report has a special focus on the higher rates of mental health problems among LGBT populations, and it questions the scientific basis of trends in the treatment of children who do not identify with their biological sex. More effort is called for to provide these people with the understanding, care, and support they need to lead healthy, flourishing lives.


          • Correlation does not equal causation. True. BUT it can! We are in the walks like a duck, swims like a duck, quacks like a duck area now.

            Just for the hell of it, try Googling Transgender and Suicide. I did earlier today. Will keep you out of trouble for a while. I was looking for stats on Transvestites and suicide (there are none readily available) but LOADS on TG’s.

            Not pulling rank here but if you really think about it you will see just how much this is a compulsive disorder. Flying in the face of modern mumbo jumbo science I think the compulsion in belief is not so very different from Anthony Weiners “compulsion” or any other sexual compulsion from shoe fetishism to necrophilia. Remember SEX is the strongest drive humans have. The urge to “spread” the seed can often be derailed/rerouted to other paths which is exactly what you are dealing with here. .

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The other day as I was driving through downtown I stopped for a person walking his bicycle across the street in a crosswalk. All the correct fashions, helmet, biking shorts all color coordinated. At first glance I though the gentlemen was a black man. When he walked in front of me, I saw he was totally covered with tattoos except his face. Made the Rod Steiger character in the “Illustrated Man” look like a blank canvas.

        So I got reading psychology studies of body art, and technically self mutilation with piercings elongations etc. Very interesting reading. Granted body art has been around since the dawn of man, the articles concerning today’s reasoning made good reading. One with technology, people are actually having a very difficult time communicating FACE to FACE. It’s a way of communicating without talking. Telling your story without verbally communicating or interacting. Lack of self esteem was a big reason. hey, look at me. being an individual, instead of being of the common herd. With the percent of people and the demographics indicate that their screaming to be counted as an individual, but then again look at the politics, societal conformity reigns and these people continue to vote for such conformity, reducing the individual to nothing. Totally inconsistent in my view,

        • Wish I could find it. A Shell Silverstein cartoon from Playboy in the ’60’s. An endless line of “beats” all dressed identically with beards, black turtlenecks, shades, sandals all carrying a protest sign. All signs said…….”REVOLT AGAINST CONFORMITY”.

          One of those “moments” in my life when the clouds parted and revelation was before me.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I’ll look in my collection of New Yorker cartoons, it may have appeared there also.

    • By the way, it is the Transgender bathroom issue. Most Transvestites are good enough to pass or won’t try.

      Just looked for “transvestite” suicides and could find NOTHING. That’s interesting. Loads of stuff on Transgender suicide from both sides of the argument but zip on guys who merely get off on crossdressing. Wonder why?

    • ::sigh::

      “The understanding of sexual orientation as an innate, biologically fixed property of human beings – the idea that people are ‘born that way’ – is not supported by scientific evidence.”

      I won’t call this a strawman because there is a not-insignificant percentage of people who do believe this, but they’re all idiots.

      Sexuality is determined by BOTH nature and nurture.

      You can see this, especially, in identical twins who have something like a 60% rate of both being gay if one is. If it were 100% nature, this would be 100%. If it were 100% society, this rate would be in line with whatever it is amongst non-identical-twin-siblings. While I don’t have that figure off hand, I think we can all safely assume it to be less than 60%.

      So – SHOCKER – sexuality, like almost every other personality trait in existence, turns out to be a complicated mix of predisposition and experiences.

      “Sexual orientation” in adolescents is “fluid over the life course for some people, with one study estimating that as many as 80 percent of male adolescents who report same-sex attractions no longer do so as adults.”


      Maybe they solidify their preferences, maybe they repress their attraction, maybe the relentless gay-bashing from society shoves them into the closet. Who knows? I certainly don’t.

      “Compared to heterosexuals, non-heterosexuals are about two to three times as likely to have experienced childhood sexual abuse.”

      I’ve heard this and similar arguments a number of times. Let’s say it’s true. So what?

      You’ve posited an (inferred) link that childhood sexual abuse causes individuals to “turn” gay. Or, at least that’s what I’m getting from this. The question I’d ask is so what?

      So what if it DID? There’s nothing in this portion to suggest that being gay is any worse than, say, having a different favorite color.

      “Gay”-identified people are “at an elevated risk for a variety of adverse health and mental health outcomes.”
      “Gay”-identified people experience “nearly 2.5 times the risk of suicide.”

      Lumping those together because suicide is mental health.

      So, I’ll ask again, you have a link: gay people have more health problems (incl mental health).

      But you have failed to show me that it’s the being gay that’s the problem. If I lived in a society where I were relentlessly and perpetually belittled and told I’m gong to hell, it would probably have an affect on my mental health, too. I saw a street preacher just the other day shouting about hellfire awaiting “faggots.” And this was in midtown Manhattan. I can only speculate what life for them is like out in the rural areas. Imagine thinking you need to hide an important part of yourself or your parents will disown you, your friends will treat you like leppars.

      Show me a study that this holds true in Gay Mecca San Francisco and I’ll reevaluate.

      But even if it IS true that being gay intrinsically makes you more prone to health issues, that doesn’t make being gay bad. It means being game comes with higher risks of various illnesses, just like being Jewish puts you at risk for Tay Sachs, or being black puts you at risk for hypertention – you wouldn’t posit that, because Tay Sachs is bad, that being Jewish is bad, or that, likewise, being black must be bad.

      “The hypothesis that gender identity is an innate, fixed property of human beings that is independent of biological sex – that a person might be ‘a man trapped in a woman’s body’ or ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body’ – is not supported by scientific evidence.”

      Going to want to see a citation on this one because I’m not entirely sure what it’s claiming.

      In any event, I have posted (and got negligible responses) my theory that a large part of the idea of “trans” has to do with society pressure to conform to gender roles. Specifically, and especially, how “effeminate” boys or “masculine” girls will be pressured into a defined role which does not suit their personality. It is my opinion that if we could loosen up these ridiculous standards (why the hell can’t a boy play with dolls?), that the feeling of being the “wrong” gender would basically resolve itself. In other words, if you let males and females be who they want to be, they wouldn’t feel trapped in the wrong body.

      “Studies comparing the brain structures of transgender and non-transgender individuals … do not provide any evidence for a neurobiological basis for cross-gender identification.”

      They don’t provide any evidence for a neurobiological basis for favorite color either. So what?

      “[S]ex-reassigned individuals [are] about five times more likely to attempt suicide and about 19 times more likely to die by suicide.”
      “[T]he rate of lifetime suicide attempts across all ages of transgender individuals is estimated at 41 percent, compared to under 5 percent in the overall U.S. population.”

      Again, you posit a link between mental health and trans. I accept that such a link (probably) exists. But you have failed to show me any evidence that it’s intrinsic to being trans rather than has to do with the hatred by society. It is difficult to stick out against the grain, and trans people very much do. That has to wear on you.

      And, again, if you are black, you have a higher risk for hypertension. Ergo being black is bad? No? Then how do you apply this logic to trans people?

      “Only a minority of children who experience cross-gender identification will continue to do so into adolescence or adulthood.”

      A) Children experiment with a lot of things to figure out who they are. Most of it isn’t continued into adulthood. I no longer eat led paint-chips like I used to as a child.
      B) You ignore that societal pressure is (almost certainly) responsible for “beating it out of them.” I would posit (my theory) that everyone is on a sliding scale of sexual orientation, say 1-10 wherein 1 is purely hetero and 10 is purely homo. I think about complex human personality traits and I see very few (none come to mind) absolutely binary traits. It suggests to me that, like almost everything else, sexuality is probably on this 1-10 scale. I couldn’t tell you what the distribution looks like, but (again, my personal theory) that everyone who is a 2-6, say, succumbs to society pressure to conform and acts like a 1, eventually repressing any opposite-sex attraction entirely. The 7-8 wind up as bisexual and the 9-10 gay. That leaves a fairly broad swath of the population who might have been bisexual, but end up “straight.” My theory rather neatly covers this item.

      If someone still insists to support this behavior, consider this:

      What’s to support? I am not the boss of anyone else (except those I actually am the boss of.. and I suppose I’m the boss of my kids, but it sure doesn’t feel that way at times).

      I am not in any position to support or not support any sexual or identity preferences of any other human being. The only thing I want to do is to treat human beings with respect and dignity. And, where it doesn’t hurt me, absolute and pure indifference.

      If you want to go be sexually attracted to bears – go have fun, frankly, I do not give a shit.

      If your daughter, sister, mother or friend “identified” as a fat person trapped in a perilously emaciated body – if she truly believed she was obese, but, in reality, suffered from anorexia – would you affirm her “fatness” and get her liposuction? Or would you go to the ends of the earth to help her bring her subjective (and mistaken) identity into alignment with objective reality? When someone is engaged in demonstrably self-destructive behavior, it is not loving, but hateful, to encourage persistence.

      I think this is a dangerously flawed analogy.

      Having too low of a fat percentage is biologically dangerous. Period, full stop. And I know, because I tend to hover around 3-4% and struggle to keep my percentage up.

      There is such a thing as “biological gender.” It is a hard fact of science that there are XX and XY’s. Period, full stop. But the idea of “gender identity” as distinct from “biological gender” is an idea of personality no different than (again) favorite color. You have absolute failed to show me that a “wrong” position causes any mental health disorders.

      I can affirmatively show that too little weight is bad. I cannot affirmatively show that believing you’re a male trapped in a female body is bad.

      And I cannot offer any suggestion, even if I wanted to, as to how to “fix” that issue.

      Too skinny? Eat more. It’s not as easy or as simple as that – I can attest – but there is a “cure” for skinniness. Anorexia is the denial of a belief that you are too skinny – a biological fact. How do you posit “curing” trans and gay people? Pray the gay away has been proven both ineffectual AND traumatic. Is your solution that we can make things better by refusing to offer any kindness or understanding to “the afflicted”?

      Are we “helping” them by denying them services because “Jesus wouldn’t want us to”? Are we helping them when we mandate which bathroom they can take a piss in? Are we helping them when we call them abominations, pedophiles, deviants? When we mock them? When we point and laugh? When we throw around phrases like “that’s gay” and “no homo,” are we making a society that’s conducive to “helping” these people you so clearly view as “sick”? I’ve answered a lot of your points, so I’d like you to respond to this paragraph, please. If – if – this is a mental illness which is intrinsically bad, what is the solution and are we, as a society, with bathroom bills and such, making things better or worse. And does acceptance and understanding actually “encourage” more of this mental health crisis? Can you name any other mental health disorder where societal understanding and acceptance makes more people have it?

      • Early on you say “sex is a complicated mixture”. Correct me if I am wrong here but I thought you were in the “born that way camp”. Born that way and even Freud would agree, nothing can change. Made that way, something can possibly be done Freud would agree with that too.

        Really, I think that is all I have ever asked. The acknowledgement that it is “either way”. Once you open the door to the possibility it is not exclusively nature, then you are back on track to having a reasonable, science based discussion.

        “The “hatred” of trans as the causative factor in suicide”. Now that would be a hard one to prove for your side. I keep telling you you have to ask the WHY question. If you get what you want you kill yourself, if you don’t get what you want you kill yourself. If you are accepted you kill yourself if you are rejected you kill yourself.

        Let us, for the moment all accept that if you think yourself a member of the opposite sex, you are not happy. However, is THIS the lowest common denominator in your unhappiness? Why are you unhappy. Why, when you get what you want are you still unhappy?

        I would posit after watching the “Danish Girl” the other night, (what can I say, I love train wrecks) that the fact that a man to woman trans is not able to bear a child is every bit as relevant a cause for suicide. After all, if I cannot bear a child, I am not wholly a woman! Now, in a few years time, I am sure that a complete female genitalia transplant will be quite possible, outside a normal vaginal delivery, I would think it will be quite possible for a genetic male to bear a child. If I thought I would live that long I would make a serious dollar bet with you that it will do NOTHING to decrease the suicide rate. Something else is going on. Ask the WHY question.

        • Early on you say “sex is a complicated mixture”. Correct me if I am wrong here but I thought you were in the “born that way camp”.

          You are wrong.

          My opinion is clearly stated in the above. That there is (almost certainly) a biological and nurture component.

          Name for me, if you can, any significant component of human behavior that is PURELY nature or PURELY nurture.

        • Born that way and even Freud would agree, nothing can change. Made that way, something can possibly be done Freud would agree with that too.

          Freud has largely been disproven about pretty much everything.

          But, regardless, I was “born this way” with an overactive thyroid. Lo and behold, modern medical science has a pill for that.

          As for “made this way,” I, again, defy you to name a single significant trait of human nature which is purely nurture. But if it were, I imagine it could be altered or, at least modified, by a psychologist.

          That said, why should being gay or trans need to be modified? I do not recognize these as diseases.

        • “The “hatred” of trans as the causative factor in suicide”. Now that would be a hard one to prove for your side.

          It would be.

          But it would also be hard to prove the converse, yet that it what you seem so eager to do. There is no evidence of which I am aware to support either side.

          I keep telling you you have to ask the WHY question. If you get what you want you kill yourself, if you don’t get what you want you kill yourself. If you are accepted you kill yourself if you are rejected you kill yourself.

          Maybe what they want – what they really, really want – it to be themselves and be respected, understood, and treated kindly for it.

          So, D13 wants to start wearing dresses and calling himself a ladybird (get it? Bird, colonel?). Who is he hurting? His cows don’t care. Why should I give a shit? And, if I continue to treat him as a friend and respect him and value his opinions, maybe he will not end up killing himself.

          I cannot prove this line of reasoning any more than you can prove the converse, but it sure feels right to me. (boy is that a weak argument!)

        • Let us, for the moment all accept that if you think yourself a member of the opposite sex, you are not happy. However, is THIS the lowest common denominator in your unhappiness? Why are you unhappy.

          I’ve actually posited several times now (including in the above) that I suspect trans to really be a reaction to society’s enforced gender roles on people who don’t naturally fit those roles. That is, if you are a boy, you are expected to roughhouse and play with cars. If you are a girl, you play dressup and with dolls. And if you grow up not fitting this mold, you are punished and penalized and shunned for it. If you are a male child who likes playing dress up and you are rejected by everyone for it, you may come to think of yourself as not “male” since you do not fit the male mold. You would thus consider yourself “female.” Does this make sense?

          I see in here a lot of power of explanation for the “trans phenomenon.” Included is the ability to explain the underlying unhappiness. It’s not enough that you should fit the mold – people should appreciate you for who you are, not force you to alter your whole identity just so you can fit a different mold.

          A good analogy is for black youths in the ghettos. If you work hard at school, that’s referred to as “acting white.” Consider that. So how must it hurt you to have everyone mock you for “acting white.” So, yea, maybe you conform and you’re depressed. Or maybe you buck the pressure and commit to acting white, but then you lose friends and family and.. everyone.. looks.. at.. you.. differently..

          The illness, in other words, is in our society – trans-folk are just reacting to it.

        • If I thought I would live that long I would make a serious dollar bet with you that it will do NOTHING to decrease the suicide rate.

          I’ll take that action all day long.

          Don’t worry that you’re an old fogey. I’ll take it up with your heirs.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Along the argement that Mathius made, of both born that way and nurtured. Many years ago when the State of NY was debating whether of not to allow a gay couple to adopt a baby not of either of their own offspring. The argument was that it is best to have the child raised in a loving household than not and that outweighs all other arguments. However, the two male partners adopted a male baby/toddler. In the news interview, clearly one of the males acted male and the partner “mom” really acted effeminate in all manners and actions. Obviously the 24/7 role model was “mom” This < 2 year old, boy was emmulating every mannerism and I mean really exaggerated effeminate as his mom/dad. This kid would really be weird when he entered school life. Back when this legal battle about adaption was really taking root around 16 years ago, there was already data showing the accelerated suicide rate of these kids when they reached teen age years and through adolesence. The psychology papers had a lot of data to that effect, but the state overruled and said it's to early and it's better to have this "family" nurturing than not. Furthering the "nurturing" as a cause most likely than "made that way"

          I am at no time arguing to remove a natural child from a biological parent.

          I'll point out one thing. When my parents lived out on Cape Cod, one of the places most visitors wanted to go to was Provincetown. Not to look at the denizons and people watch, but to see the sites and do things like whale watches and enjoy some of the finer restaurants on the cape. The scene most prevalent was the "gay" crowd. Not that anyone was objectng to it, but what people objected to was the rampant PDA designed to gross people out. The "female" partners acted more effeminate and over the top than any lady I've ever known. Why if one is attracted to the same sex, does one or the other partner act in most cases, like the opposite sex that they are supposed to NOT be attracted to? Enquiring minds want to know.

          • Why if one is attracted to the same sex, does one or the other partner act in most cases, like the opposite sex that they are supposed to NOT be attracted to? Enquiring minds want to know.


            Who am I to judge other people’s behavior when it doesn’t hurt me? Does two men killing or one man acting “like a woman” (as if that actually means anything) hurt me? And if I object, surely this is my problem, not theirs.

            I’d also suggest that you’ve offered anecdotal evidence that “most cases” have one partner acting like the “opposite sex,” but i have no evidence to support this assertion. I’d be willing to bet that 99% of couples act perfectly normal and you just never notice them – only the outlyers who act as you describe. Thus sample bias.

            This < 2 year old, boy was emmulating every mannerism and I mean really exaggerated effeminate as his mom/dad.

            So? My 4 year old tells me she wants to marry her daddy. I suspect she’ll grow out of that.

            And, anyway, what is WRONG with acting in an exaggeratedly effeminate manner? Who is this hurting? Why is this wrong or bad? It seems like it’s definitionally bad in your mind only because it doesn’t fit into the Leave It To Beaver world-view.

            And, again, this is an anecdote, not evidence.

            This kid would really be weird when he entered school life.

            So was I. What’s your point?

            there was already data showing the accelerated suicide rate of these kids when they reached teen age years and through adolesence.

            A) Citation needed.
            B) You still have presented nothing to indicate that the problem is them, not society being assholes to them. I can imagine (especially while gay parentage was new) kids (especially high school kids) being real dicks to someone with two moms or two dads. Surely this can’t be left out of the equation when you’re alleging higher levels of suicide. Want to bet that “bullied” is a higher indicator of teen suicide than “gay parents” by an order of magnitude? Name your stakes (or steaks).

            Furthering the “nurturing” as a cause most likely than “made that way”

            I’m going to need to see some evidence here, too.

            Yes, nurture is involved in whether a kid grows up gay/bi/straight. Yes, parents are involved in nurture.

            My guess is that – yes – gay parents have a higher incidence of gay children. My guess, further, is that this is a healthy result of parents not pressuring their children to fit into a mold and that the incidence of gay/bi/straight children fits nicely with what would otherwise be the natural/genetic distribution.

            If nurture, alone, could cause this, then homophobic bible-thumpers would never raise gay kids, right?


            I’ll give you one thing though. Having two dads probably should be illegal.

            Given the terrible dad-jokes that my father used to tell, and that I now make my children endure, no child should ever have to suffer from having TWO dads telling dad-jokes. And they laugh at each other’s jokes only encouraging each other. ::shudder::

            Definitely child abuse.

            (and if you have two militant lesbian moms, who makes the kid’s lunch sandwiches?)

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Mathius….Sure most of what I say is antedotal. But it’s based on 64 years of observation. Plus teaching/helping students as a tutor research papers, I am not going to dig back , plus spending my adolesence and teen years next to Hollywood. Plus, watching the tourist traffic from my porch. under observation comment.

    • The Detroit Brotherhood won’t fall for that.

      Going to a Flashmob Sign Rally for Trump today. At least 17 counties and counting across Michigan are involved…bring a sign, stand near busy intersections at rush hour, and draw attention for Trump. First time for everything. Relax JAC, it’s just a flashmob 😉

      • Good for you!

        • Had a blast. Had about 20 in our mob but I was very surprised at how much positive response we got. Yeah, we got some F yous, some Trump sucks, some middle fingers. Seemed like it was all the twenty something crowd booing. No trouble whatsoever. The business next door was run by Arabs, the owner came out twice welcoming some of our crowd to use the area in front of his place so that we were’t so crowded together. The creep adult novelty store owner on the other side was not welcoming. (F U too buddy).Trump has the Teamsters support as we had many truckers blowing their air horns. Our little mob had Veterans for Trump, Mexicans for Trump, Grandmas (not me) for Trump, Jews for Trump(actually had their beanies on). Lots of people stopped in looking for yard signs and bumper stickers. Reactions on the Facebook page were much the same. One area was able to come up with ~150 mobsters….that area also had Uncle Sam on 9ft stilts…and they got the TV time. Lots of comments about people who weren’t aware of the event wanting to be in on future mobs. 1 1/2hr went by fast. Currently need some Motrin for sore arms. I think Hillary better watch her back…Michigan is purple this year if you ask me.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            If all States were “purple” up until the votes are counted i’d believe we are a nation of free thinkers. Go one way or another for that election, then resets. But when entire blocks of particular demographic groups and States can be absolutely counted on to vote in a specific way, it’s sad. I was just looking at the electoral map of the last presidential election, Granted VT, NH and ME are small contributers to the final count, they represented just a short time ago what was best in America. A can do spirit and independence. Now they are solid blue.

            I believe, one is the demographic shift has been huge. Where 20 years ago you rarely saw anyone other than a caucasian. Not racist that was just the way it was. Today, the population mix in the larger population areas has shifted enormously. One thing the Feds are doing is relocating “ME refugees” in some of the most “conservative” areas and if the people do become citizens, they are voting as democrats.
            Another big thing and I saw this really blossom in VT in the 80’s, and is really hitting ME now. The government Local, State and Federal go after very high employement companies for one reason or another. I’ll just name a few. The nuclear power plants are no more. They used to provide all required power and sold excess power, plus the thousands of jobs were permanent. GE left due to political pressure from Sanders, IBM is just about gone, if not gone, but the pressure to go was huge under certain governors in the 80’s and 90’s. Fishing, timber, paper, even dairy, The Volvo tennis tournement relocated, Even back years ago a seasons pass at one ski area was $1000. It became a well used slogan that VT is where the “affluent ski the effluent” VT was trying to pull ALL the dams that generated power, ME is going full tilt in that direction.
            People used to rather die than go on the dole. Today, they are looking at the reason for their unemployment is NOT the lack of trying, nor bad business decisions, or a need for the products, but government interferance….so why not go with the group that pays the mostest.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              This is a fact in VT. Due to the life endangering cold, power can not be shut off to anyone who does not pay their monthly bill. However, the VT utility commission authorizes an almost tripling of the rates in the winter. When the commission and the companies were challenged on that increase, their answer was, Look at it as a tax on the rich. You pay your bills, it makes up the difference of those that do not. unquote.
              Governor Dean, successfully blocked a natural gas line from Canada. The pipeline was headed towards the Boston area, but all along the route communities could tap in and purchase the far cheaper and cleaner fuel. So much for caring, 1 about the environment and 2 the people. The company, said oh well, and rerouted through another state that raised their hand.

              I may stand corrected and be out of date but I believe NY broke their contracts with Hydo-Quebec and lost all that power being generated up by Hudson Bay. I know NY did at one time.

          • Trump goes to Mexico! Brilliant!

            I wonder if he will come back with the check for the wall?

            They have been going on about how those rallies really do not mean anything. Been pondering that one for a while. Well,we have all age groups out there, when pray tell does anyone remember any rallies like this.

            The closest I can think of was pre-TV when the candidates used to “whistle stop” on trains throughout the country and address crowds from the rear platform of the last car.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Heck, McKinley never left his front porch. Now he did use the media very smartly and his message got out to every paper immediately. Even though only so many people could fit in his front yard, they were sympathetic journalists to his campaign, not the other guys.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      This ties to my post earlier this morning on the migrant issue. The US government and the Clinton Foundation and at least one of the candidates for president are all in to chopping the legs out from under the people least capable of withstanding the immigrant onslaught. So who is truly for the underprivilaged in the country? My guess it’s Trump.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Funny how Hamdi is a big big donor to the Clinton Foundation and also landed the contract to supply yogurt to schools in the US along with another NY based firm. Wanna bet that he has a cost plus clause in the contract, so initially he get the contract by being able to reduce costs with imported syrian labor, but when by law the labor rates changes like to $15/hr the US government will cover the costs, costing huge amounts of money to the taxpayer, all because Michelle wanted an alternative protein.

      Also Hamdi says this will create a whole generation of yogurt eaters. My statement here. Especially when the other choices are removed from the menu. Talk about feathering your nest.

  20. One of the most frightening things…..quite a few of my business associates are Clinton supporters…..they do not like her at all but the reason, they say, is that she is predictable,. She is in the bag for big business, she is on the take…..everyone knows this and they simply do not care.

    They say that Trump will actually try to fix things and close loopholes whereas Clinton will not….it will be same old stuff with Clinton. I have a very good health care business friend that says….leave them alone. I am making a killing.

    • He went on to say that the more they try to socialize health care, the more money I make. I just raise my prices.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      My nephews wife is a healthcare practitioner. Doing quite well. She also is from Romania and during the healthcare “debate” she was complaining about the US politicians and voters for not realizing the financial mess they’re creating. That said, back when Europe was going to national health services the vast majority of the doctors were against it. Within two years the percentage flipped. Why, THEY MADE A LOT MORE MONEY. The family member is describing the classes they’re taking on how to evade the price limits on a procedure like suturing. Pretty straight forward. They’ve learned a technique that is not in the price catalog and can charge whatever they want……an extreme example is the Epipen. I’ve actually challenged her and asked where are her complaints now? Could her silence be that she is making a lot more than before….she shifted her eyes down and did not answer. That was the answer I expected. MORE.

  21. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Gene Wilder passed away yesterday. He will be missed. Loved the “Producers” with Zero Mostel. Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein….”What a lovely pair of knockers”

    • you gotta love Young Frankenstein…….” I was going to make expresso “

    • I remember re-watching Blazing Saddles years ago. It a room full of us in our early 20’s and one 90 year old. The 90 y/o and I were laughing hysterically while the rest of the 20’s were sitting there blank-faced.

      THE SHERIFF’S A ::gunshots::
      I SAID, THE SHERIFF’S A ::bell ringing::

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Staying on the subject of movies. Has anyone seen the version of the “Birds” that at the ending and the credits are rolling and you think they get away, you hear an automobile crash.
        That was the version I saw when the movie 1st came out. We saw it in a theater on the beach of Santa Monica. The strange coincidence was as we left the theater, seagulls were congregating all over being drawn to the lights. Caused quite a lasting impression on a bunch of youngsters.

        • Honestly, I can’t even remember if there was a crash or not. I saw it so long ago.. Birds was an amazing example of atmosphere building. You don’t need 100’s of millions in CGI, just a slow and relentless build. Meanwhile, consider this:

  22. Homeland Security is going to take charge of the election process? One more link in the 10th amendment chain it lost.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I’ll take this just a bit further. DHS will be most diligent and forceful in the States that the DOJ says are violating a persons civil rights and the Voting Rights Act by trying to force polling stations to allow people to vote, just on their say-so with no ID, same day registration and switching precincts etc….how’s that!!!

      Honestly how is the DHS going to prevent the hacking of the computerized voting stations. They haven’t prevented any other hacking of the nations secure systems.

    • I just read this on Drudge. IF (and that’s a big IF) the elections aren’t already rigged, then they certainly will be when DHS takes over.

      • Post 2000 the Feds (Dems) pushed for computerized voting. It was a big mistake. Millions spent on what a #2 pencil can do. I can’t see electrons running around in a little box but I can see chicken scratches on paper.

    • This stinks of a false flag and bullshit. Why or how would machines not even plugged in be subject to hacking? Voting machines here are not connected to the internet, which is the ONLY way a hack can occur. Me thinks this is total poppycock.

      • Right now they are going after the voter registration roles. However, on election days, they probably link into a central computer to tally the votes. If they can crack that one, they could have control of the actual numbers. Then again a false flag could be in play which will allow a centralized group to control all the numbers. If they can place officers in the poles and overrule the pole watchers, that could spell trouble for the states that card.

        In another not, CA has a bill waiting for Brown’s signature to mail ballots to everyone. It will not take affect for 2-4 years but I see it as another possibility to cheat.

        • But then again, their from the government, their here to help.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Here is a big what if….What if the Feds try and exactly determine the number of people they alledge were denied the vote due to voter id laws passed in states and the DOJ is pulling lots of strings, how about this one

            Fourteenth Amendment[edit]Section 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment allows for a state’s representation in the House of Representatives to be reduced to the extent that state unconstitutionally denies people the right to vote, including voting “at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice President of the United States,” the only place in the Constitution mentioning electors being selected by popular vote.

            The way the courts twist words and “interpret” I believe its a possible avenue that the Feds may take in time

            • Better yet. Cancel the popular vote. The Electoral College determines who is the next President, no vote is actually required. The only votes needed are from those within the States Electoral College. The system is rigged anyway, they may as well go all the way.

              • Better still, cancel the electoral college and let the popular vote determine who the next President is.

            • Article. II.

              Section. 1.

              The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows

              Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.

              Note that the Constitution doesn’t provide for a formal vote of the people. The General election as we know it can be cancelled and the Electoral College used solely to elect a President and Vice president. The ultimate rigged election, get the the ignorant people to accept computer voting, claim it can’t be used because of “hacking issues”, not enough time to print paper ballots etc and cancel the popular election. Electors then vote based on party lines. That’s how the establishment could get their candidate elected, without fail.

              • It would fall to the state legislatures to appoint the electors. We would need to total up the electors from states with democratic and republican legislatures. CA obviously goes 100% for Clinton.

            • Here is a big what if….What if the Feds try and exactly determine the number of people they alledge were denied the vote due to voter id laws passed in states and the DOJ is pulling lots of strings, how about this one

              No, that makes perfect sense.

              But, you know, I have a belief that half of the Donald Trump voters out there are actually Mole People. I mean, I don’t have any evidence of this, but you know, it totally feels right, ya know?

              So we’re going to restrict voting to only people who take a DNA test to prove they aren’t Mole People. I mean, it’s pretty easy to go to the doctor between 9-5 on a weekday (even if you work full time, don’t get paid time off, and don’t have car), then get a finger prick. Or you can go on a weekend and wait in huge lines, but again, it’s not like that’s a problem for you, is it? Maybe it costs you $20? But I mean, that’s not a lot of money (nevermind that you’re making 8.25/hr). We’ll let the upper and most of the middle class skip on this extra step because they already have the DNA results showing they aren’t Mole People (I’m sure it’s pure coincidence that they’re more likely to vote the way you want). And, I mean, surely, everyone who values voting will make a point of actually doing this, and it won’t be prohibitive or just too-frustrating for many voters to deal with, will it? Especially not voters who just so happen to be more likely to vote the “wrong” way, right?

              And, then we can let the Feds figure out afterward how many people were denied the vote because of my voter ID law. Because it makes much more sense to restrict first, then figure out the harm rather than figure out the harm (hint: there is none) and then restrict accordingly.

              But, I mean, if we catch even one Mole Person trying to vote, it will have been worth it, right? Right?

              • It does not make any difference. Mole people or not….there is no enforcement of anything. Just keep the ID procedure in place and to hell with the ruling from the courts….what are they, the courts going to do….invalidate a vote? They cannot do that…..

                So, we are still going to ID voters and that is simply that.

  23. I’d like to take a moment to read to you everything Jesus ever said about homosexuality or transgender.

    I would like to, but he never said anything about it. Evidently Jesus was so filled with rage that he was speechless.

    • Jesus said a lot, but because of political correctness of the time, it was not appropriate. He was likely accepted them as he would anyone else, but the political leadership of the Empires of the time were not. The Prophets didn’t want their heads lopped off or cast off to some prison. Just sayin 😀

      • Jesus was butting heads pretty directly with the powers-that-be.. surely, to condemn something that is such a horrible evil wouldn’t have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    • Mon Ami!

      What you miss was that the practice was either so uncommon or so loathsome at the time that no one spent anytime talking about it. People knew, people treated it as wrong and a major sin and went on about their lives. It has taken us sophisticates of the 20th and 21st centuries to elevate it to dinner table talk.

      Now, what was Jesus’s favorite instrument?

      • You’re sure that homosexuality was so unpopular under Roman rule…? You might want to fact check that particular assertion.

        Jesus’s favorite instrument…. a lyre?

        • Ah…..we are talking Romans! How about Greeks? How about modern middle easterners?
          How about the quote said to my son by one of his ME counterparts when deployed? “Women are for children, boys are for fun.”

          Gotta show me where the Israelites, stern bunch that JC mostly talked to, had a soft spot fro it.

          • My point is there there’s a lot of complication to it and it was far from universally condemned to the point that there’s no reason to ever mention it.

            You assert it was so loathsome at the time no one spent any time talking about it. The Romans were running the show at the time, and they certainly found the time to engage in some man-on-man action.

            Jesus found time to talk about a lot of other stuff – you’d think if it was such an abomination, he’d have mentioned it at least, no?

            But then again, he did find time to tell us that we should LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS. Seems that one keeps getting glossed over.

            • All of this because a Liberal President over stepped his authority. Tsk Tsk

              • Huh?

              • The tranny issue in general, which somehow got changed to gays. All because Obama wanted to let tranny’s use the bathroom of their opposite sex. Not to mention Obama also acted like the freaking mafia by stating that money will be denied if not done as he demanded. So we have all kinds of talk about Tranny’s and grandkids and your bleeding heart because of……an act of tyranny.

              • All because Obama wanted to let tranny’s use the bathroom of their opposite sex.

                All because trans-individuals have been using the bathroom since before you were born, but Red Shirts, who could no longer legislate against homosexuals, started passing laws about trans-folk. (got to pick the next wedge issue!!)

                Not to mention Obama also acted like the freaking mafia by stating that money will be denied if not done as he demanded

                Yup. Don’t comply, don’t get paid.

                Don’t want to comply? Don’t accept the funds.

                That said… I have been clear, repeatedly, in the past that I do not approve of this tactic. It is what it is and it has been used for years (decades) on similar issues where the government wanted to overreach its authority. Just because I agree with the goal, does not mean I agree with the methods.

                The federal government does not get to appropriate states rights by over-taxing and then refusing to return those funds. Except that, in the real world, it actually does get to. But I object nonetheless.

                That said, I approve of an amendment to give the feds the power to tell these states to go to hell with this kind of discriminatory bullshit.

              • Mathius, we went through this. There were NO laws against Tranny’s prior to Obama’s illegal edict. So that claim is bullshit. We are back to looking at scientific facts that Tranny’s are mentally ill. But agreeing that Tranny’s should be encouraged to be mentally ill is equivalent to after birth abortion (high rates of suicide). I guess maybe thats the case, gotta get this over population problem (perceived) fixed somehow. So.please continue to encourage it.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Mathius… all honesty I could really give a damn about this whole debate. I object to anybody or anything when it is jammed down my throat and blatantly pushed in my face. Most of all I do object to being forced into paying via taxes etc for anyones personal identity crisis, legit or not, or drug addiction, or alchohol abuse, cigarette cancer etc. Even if it was my own. It’s my choice.

              • So isn’t the “best” answer just to ignore it and move on with our lives?

                Fewer laws are better, right?

                Governors won’t ban it. Obama won’t try to undo it.

                People will continue to take a leak as needed.

                And if any of those bathroom assaults do show up, it’s still a crime because assault is a crime.


                But “my side” can’t sit around idly and let your that other side fear monger, hate monger, and legislate against these folks. So if they’ll back off, I’d be happy to, too.

                (but I suspect I don’t speak for the whole of “my side” – I’d be willing to bet good grog that “my side” will only be happy with total victory – and they’re going to get it eventually)

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Matt… dealing with human character there are NO absolutes. So the object is to let as the saying goes “let sleeping dogs lie” in reference to that you startle them and you’ll get bit. If your wife or you force each other to do something that you really object to, there will be blowback in some form or another. Could be violent, could be passive aggressive, or you could just walk away. If it doesn’t matter in any way, so be it.

                Right now we are in a societal phase where there really was no problem. but has been raised as a political weapon to divide people, where most would not have given a moments thought to the “problem” The fact that acceptance is being forced is one thing, but also being made to PAY for it pushes most peoples limits.

                Lets take bullying. at school. Real bullies had some issue that twisted their behavior, whatever it may be. They never took on anybody that could possibly retaliate and lay them out. They picked on the defenseless or some one who they perceived as easy pickings. God knows we had bullies, both male and female. FYI…the girls were more vicious than any guy especially when it came to psychological bullying. Guys usually were just physical. But all in all the bullies were temporary and the school never made a big deal of it….why, pray tell, there was always somebody who was not twisted and was a lot tougher. The true bullies were gone never to return and the savior was usually just suspended a day or so.

                As an extreme comparison. take the Shakers. A totally passive sect, that also believed in total abstinance. They had to recruit to survive and keep their colonies vibrant, or they’d die out. NO offspring. Sound familiar.

                Abortion or infanticide and birth control has been with mankind from day one. All manner of societies have practiced it in one form or another. usually the criteria was resources. The Victorian age gets a name tagged on it that is out of place. The society especially of the upper classes was quite promiscuous. Pre-penicillin that took quite a toll. As did cocaine and heroin. Alcohol abuse brought us prohibition, regardless that the women could now vote. Women feather the nest to raise families. When the pay doesn’t make it home, but stayed at the beer garden.

                When resources are limited, societies had strict rules for sexual behavior. Like in the tribes of the amazon, me’s hut, women’s huts. Food is not particularly abundant in the jungle. Primal forests have limited food and wildlife for a society to flourish without restraints.

                Jesus didn’t have to say much about liscivious behavior. All he would have to do was point to a region on the Dead Sea called Sodom and Gomorha. Granted the extermination of that region was a natural occurance but by legend the cities were no holds barred or behavior restricted. The area was rich and could afford to do as it wanted but eventually shit will happen. It’s still dead now.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                I’ve known 14 people that committed suicide and several almost. None that I could determine were bullied. Some were totally messed up from day one. I knew them as youngsters. Perscription addictions 1st then other addictions. One guy who was student body president, head cheerleader, rich, had it all and at the top of the heap. Went to a big university and guess what he was now small potatoes. Couldn’t handle it and quit. Came back home. Had a fight with his girlfriend and hung himself within minutes of her walking out. How do I know that, she was a classmate and returned a few minutes after the fight and found him dead in the garage hanging by his dogs leash. he obviously had other deeper issues. Especially when you are in a class that could do just about anything you chose to do……many not counted as suicides died from drug overdoses, alcohol abuse and accidents. And others who lived life so far on the X-game side of life for the adrenelin rush, the odds just caught up., It’s all a slow act of suicide. Just expand that from the individual to the society as a whole and self extermination will inevidably happen.

              • Right now we are in a societal phase where there really was no problem.

                You say there was no problem.

                And I, certainly wasn’t experiencing any issues.

                But they might disagree.

                And to say it’s not a problem because I wasn’t bothered by it is like saying segregation was ok because it wasn’t bothering you. Well, no, the folks on the other end of the equation were certainly bothered quite a bit.

                The “let sleeping dogs lie” solution only works when it’s a mutual detente, not where the majority simply holds unilateral decision making and the oppressed – yes, oppressed – minority gets the luxury of shutting the hell up.

                They have a right to agitate to be treated fairly. (or, even, just “fairly” in their own opinions). This isn’t stirring things up, this is a basic function of civil rights.

                They don’t want to go back into the closet (or whatever the trans equivalent is). And we have no standing to tell them to.

                where most would not have given a moments thought to the “problem”

                Because “most” people weren’t being oppressed by this societal norm.

                It doesn’t affect me. I’m biologically male. I identify as male. I like women. There’s no issue for me. I use the bathroom that feels comfortable to me and no one has ever cared (actually, that’s not quite true.. one time, but we don’t need to get into that).

                But for trans-folk, that’s not the case. For trans-folk, they are uncomfortable using the bathroom you tell them to use. For them it IS an issue. It HAS BEEN an issue, and it WILL CONTINUE TO BE an issue. And forcing it to the front to get resolved is a perfectly legitimate course of action.

                The fact that acceptance is being forced is one thing, but also being made to PAY for it pushes most peoples limits.

                No one is forcing you to accept squat. Stop saying that. They’re forcing you to stop forcing them to do what they don’t want to do.

                Denying you the ability to control the actions of others is not harming you.

                And you’re not being made to pay anything. Surprisingly, it doesn’t actually cost anything to use a different bathroom. No, not a penny. The fact that the government is threatening to withhold money – money they were going to spend anyway – is not a newfound cost to you.

                Guys [bullies] usually were just physical

                Tell that to my sociopathic older brother.

                One time, he locked me in a closet with a song on repeat for 4 hours.

                Several times, he made me beat the shit out of our little brother or else he (my older brother) would beat the shit out of me. Imagine being a kid and having to hurt someone you mean no harm, and who is completely defenseless against you, just to protect yourself. Try living with that.

                But yea, there was plenty of physical in there, too.

                But all in all the bullies were temporary and the school never made a big deal of it….why, pray tell, there was always somebody who was not twisted and was a lot tougher. The true bullies were gone never to return and the savior was usually just suspended a day or so.

                Even if I accept – which I don’t – your utopian vision of street justice in schools, that’s not how it works today. It’s not how it worked when I was in school. And solving violence with more violence is just about the stupidest “solution” to any problem.

                When I was in school, I was a nerd.* And I was skinny.** Very skinny. I looked like prime victim real estate. But I had my aforementioned shithead of a brother, and I knew how to handle myself. I got to live my entire childhood with an inescapable bully, I sure as hell wasn’t going to deal with it every day at school, too. So I put down some early attempted bullies – hard – perhaps excessively hard – and got myself suspended for a week. They pretty much left me alone after that (maybe some verbal stuff, but nothing significant).

                And that worked great for me. But it certainly didn’t work for my friends who weren’t like me. Who were slower, weaker, fatter, whatever. Who lacked the will to fight (as you probably know, will is the determinant in 90% of a fight.. it’s not about being stronger, it’s about having the will to inflict more damage, to take more damage, to risk more). So what happened to them? I never saw the classic stuffed in lockers thing, but plenty of being shoved around, stolen property, etc. And they were miserable about coming to school. Always flinching, looking over their shoulder. You bet your hind quarters they were depressed.

                Kids are jerks. And they will be especially jerky when their victims can’t defend themselves. And, as a tribal species, we are especially different to those who are different.

                Gay kids, trans kids.. I promise you they get it pretty tough.

                And the depression follows.

                And suicide rates follow after.


                *I still am a nerd. But I was nerd then, too.
                **I still am (6’0 & 160), but for reference, I was 125 my sophomore year of college.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                I guess school was different in my neck of the woods. Whoa be tied if a note came home from school. We had a particular bully that was truly psychotic. Very dangerous to be around. This guy was about 235 6’4 played tackle. Generally he could be kept in check, by guys that were tougher and he knew it, so there was no violence. Normal gym and the jocks were kept apart, played and did different activities. In ’69 there were deep budget cuts and also a very long teachers strike and off season classes were merged. The games were rough due to the jocks still needed training. Sometimes the regular kids just got caught inbetween. One day this bully guy started targeting a small kid that I had known in elementary school. Smart as a whip, nice, help anyone with math and science. Needless to say Mark, the little guy was not feeling so good and he came to me for help. Even though I weighed 155, I was the strongest guy on the team and second fastest in the 40, and actually could do long duration runs also. I told Mark, that the bully was not wearing his cup today so the next time he came at Mark, I said just duck, lower you shoulder and come right up into his testicles. Yes you will get thrown but I will promise you that the bully WILL not retaliate. Next play, the scene played out and the Bully was down for the count. When he became coherent he swore he’d kill the guy, but I was standing there and told him if I ever hear or see him going after Mark he’d have me to contend with. The bully was defanged and pretty passive at least at school, Mark had a lot more confidence besides being smart, and I never hit anyone, except on the field.

                Does that mean all schools were the same….no. We were not allowed to play any game in the inner city especially at night. The city of angels was not generally peaceful. Usually the event was at a neutral school and there were NO spectators. The track team made a mistake one time and won a meet in the city. Riots ensued, with busses burned, bullying and intimidation to the max……LA at the time was a democrat run city for decades and really put up a lot of shit for the inner city folks to contend with. resulting in the watts Riots. Yorty said let it burn….long story there….is it better now than then…not a chance and the city is still dominated by the Democrats.

            • In his culture it was a no-no. We know what the Jews of the time thought of Romans and we know that the Romans were just chock full of vices. the Other JC, Julius that is was rumored to enjoy swinging either way and if you remember the scene from the original “Spartacus” with Tony Curtis in the bath with Laurence Olivier (cut from the original release) but since restored we know what they were capable of. One thing though about Roman culture, they DID NOT impose it on conquered peoples. Much smarter than us moderns who want “to make the world safe for democracy”.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                The character played by Sir Lawrence Olivier was Crassius. He was the wealthiest man in Rome and a homosexual, there was no doubt even then as to which way he swung.. Later in life he took an army to conquer more of the Middle East and lost his head.

      • And, you know, I’m sure he did talk about it all the time. I suspect it was a topic he discussed frequently.

        … While he was hanging out with 12 single guys…
        … Sitting on the same side of the table, drinking wine…
        … Just living the life of confirmed bachelors…
        … Occasionally getting kissed by Judas..


        • Are you calling Don Vito Corleone a homo?

          • Did you ever read The Godfather?

            The movie was good, Brando was at the top of his form. But Mario Puzo’s version of The Don was absolutely terrifying.

            He had this calm, understated manner to him that just sold the whole thing. I’d rather face off with Hannibal Lecter.

            “But let me say this. I am a superstitious man, a ridiculous failing but I must confess it here. And so if some unlucky accident should befall my youngest son, if some police officer should accidentally shoot him, if he should hang himself while in his jail cell, if new witnesses appear to testify to his guilt, my superstition will make me feel that it was the result of the ill will still borne me by some people here. Let me go further. If my son is struck by a bolt of lightning I will blame some of the people here. If his plane should fall into the sea or his ship sink beneath the waves of the ocean, if he should catch a mortal fever, if his automobile should be struck by a train, such is my superstition that I would blame the ill will felt by people here. Gentlemen, that ill will, that bad luck, I could never forgive. But aside from that let me swear by the souls of my grandchildren that I will never break the peace we have made.”

            Absolutely terrifying.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              This might be a time to segway into a comparison of the government vs the mafia and their comparitive results. One operates by law and the other allegedly outside the law.

              I’ll start with protection.
              >You pay the government through taxes, whether you get the service or not. The government continually states we only can get involved afterwards, and the odds or recovery and retribution is a small percent. You don’t pay this protection and you are prosecuted, loss of property, far in excess in value of the tax owed, fined and possible jail.
              > The mafia, pay protection, like taxes. However, you get direct and obvious protection. If by some chance you get robbed as an example, the perp usually will not survive or is very encouraged to cease activity in the area. You were guarenteed your property back, you don’t pay see the comment on the government. In one case you wone all the time, and in the other it was a crap shoot with loaded dice.

              >government controlled gambling, the track, OTB, lottery, casinos, OK the government gets it’s cut just about right away.
              > Mob controlled, bookies, numbers, back room gambling same activity. They just don’t take taxes and leave it up to you to declare. The government doesn’t get it’s cut up front.

              >DA approved drugs kill more people and create more dependancies of drugs than any illegal source that exists. AMA (doctors) kills more people through negligence and mistakes than guns, illegal drugs, suicides, auto accidents than all forms of “illegal” drug.
              > Illegal drugs…what can I say, the government just doesn’t get their cut.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                That was supposed to be FDA approved

              • The mafia, pay protection, like taxes. However, you get direct and obvious protection.

                Now, don’t quote me on this, but my understanding was that you were paying the mafia for protection… from the mafia.

                That is, “officially” you were paying for them to protect you, but if you didn’t sign up, you’d coincidentally get hit right afterward.

              • Mathius, if one paid for protection from the mafia, they were OFF LIMITS to anyone wishing to do harm. Example, if you robbed a protected liquor store, you would be found and paid a heavy price, probably a real bad ass whooping. Then, after your ass whooping, you had to pay back the money stolen, or face another ass whooping. Complete failure to comply would find one floating in a nearby river.

              • Ok.. but if you didn’t pay the “protection” money…?

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                It was property protection. A hit was not in the cards. Losing all my household goods, plus my cars were. An absolute promise that I would NOT have any inconvienenced in any way. A guy just like the two bodyguards of Michael Corleone was at my gate in the morning and left when I came home. My landlord was also a Carabinari officer. A skull and cross bones was wired to the gate, plus on my car a little sticker was put on my windshield. Before engaging their services When I went anywhere with the car, I aways paid someone to sit with the car until I came back. After engaging the mafia, I could leave the car anywhere, even open and it would NOT BE TOUCHED. all for a low $4.80/month.

                personal protection was not needed. Most time I was armed with a Bereta machine gun, in the vehicle, or in the seat next to me at the theater, restaurant and beach.

                This personal protection was not from the mob, but from M/E terrorists, Brigada Rosso communists and separatists.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Mathius…in my case I paid. If I didn’t pay, my car was at risk in general from thieves anywhere at any time, except when in my locked gate and walled villa. The house probably not as at risk, because of being military and the owner of the house. There was no sense in kicking a hornets nest when the gain of $4.80 is far less than the wrath of the Military State Police……Due to threatened terror attacks, there were times that I had a personal Italian Marine bodyguard, fully combat ready walking behind me. That got attention. Even though it is almost 40 years in the past, I still will not sit with my back to the street or room in a bar or restaurant.

            • Nah, just a caring Dad!

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          In da vinci’s tableau. Now if he painted some of the apostles under the table that’d be a story.

  24. @Mathius,

    Is is human nature to shun those who are different. Men who want to act and look like women, in most cases, will be looked down upon, not because of what the feel, but because of their appearance. Then there are those that, for the most part, look like a real woman. The same is true for women wanting to be a man. However, many times when they speak, it can reveal their true identity.

    This leads me to your experience of being bullied by your brother. Sorry, sometimes there are some fucked up people out there and they are sadistic sons o’ bitches. I know all too well, growing up a skinny redhead. 125 lbs entering the USAF. Went to 6’2, 145 lbs in 6 weeks, still a skinny redhead. Throughout my youth, I had to learn to fight bigger people, and like you today, I will always try to protect those who are weaker and in peril. I have since grown to 225 lbs, but I’m not fat….yet LOL. Age is starting to make things head downward.

    I have learned that I can protect those who are in front of me. I can’t do squat for those I can’t see. I won’t try to help one at the expense of the many, not involving violence. I also won’t pretend that something abnormal is normal. Eyegore did that in Young Frankenstein and look how that turned out 😀 While I would protect a Tranny from a beat down by some idiot thugs, I won’t encourage their mental illness or push it upon others. WE can all live together without being forced into situations we don’t desire but an entity of psychopaths with fancy titles. I’ll protect the weak, as I see fit, not but the directives of a bunch of corrupt idiots.

    • Thank you G-man. Most of us have not bullied anybody, ever. If anything we often “adopted” the outcasts.

      Thing is, outcasts know they are outcasts. They are not dumb. Matt may think they can be protected but they cannot be protected from themselves.

      I came to an understanding with my deficiencies a long time ago. Had a tremendous amount of teenage angst and was a very late bloomer. Finally adopted that saying the GI’s used in Viet-nam, before they did. “don’t mean nothin!” Once I got who I was straight in my own head all the negativity vanished. Cannot tell you how many times I have tried to explain that to people headed down the road to perdition never really worked for them. They were always caught up in what “other people” thought of them. .

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Growing up I had a great deal of freedom. We were given responsibility early and were taught to thing through the potential negative impact of your action. Dad rarely said no, just some simple ground rules. Like call if you are able to reach a phone if later than expected. tell them where you were heading so if something did go wrong they knew where to start looking. In the long run, I had a lot of confidence on being able to do just about anything I set out to do…..That changed though as I got thoroughly enmeshed in the corporate world. The beat downs for having confidence and initiative that were required in my life up to that point, especially in the military, where crushed.
        Reentry into the military was being planned when I as a passenger in a car, got a broken back and neck.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      fees for being a manufacturer and now gunsmith’s reclassified, paid to the State Dept? I quess it’s the fight against the international gun sales and trading that Hillary and Obama agreed to with the UN. A by product was Fast and Furious, but that backfired on them. Except the biggest arms dealers are the governments themselves. They do not want private competition and want an exclusive monopoly..

    • The Obama administration in a nutshell…..screw the law abiding, set policies that destroy jobs, wash, rinse and repeat.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Good mourning SUFA. Grab a cup o’ Joe, or a can of Doc Pepper, sit back and enjoy.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I’m glad I drank my last bit of coffee before watching this cartoon. Would have ruined my nasal passages.

      Great video……

      The bottom line is that no matter who we place in government from our populous, once in, they become corrupt. Doesn’t that pretty well sum up of the character of the human race?

    • This is hilarious….

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