Labor Day Open Mic 2016

Happy Labor Day everyone.  While this holiday weekend generally marks the end of the summer season, there is still plenty of good summer weather ahead.!  Have a great weekend and party safe!




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  2. No no…..we need people on the burners. What are you doing to my raptors?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      That’ll teach you to not send your raptors on a mission without their leader. The city lights must have intoxicated them. Next Mathius will be having them replace the Rockettes and performing at Radio City Music Hall.

      • Mathius is just upset that I kidnapped the Dread Pirate and THor’s HAmmer some time ago….gave him immunity and his own private island in Laguna Madre.

  3. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Even though this has been in the news, occassionally only as a brief footnote. This is nothing but the Clinton Foundation at the national level. Clearly congress and all their watchdog and oversight committees and useless and just pay lip service to the people, and the behavior marches along unimpeded. Regardless of party, one is just a bit more “up your’s” about it.

  4. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This article raises a very interesting point. Congress can “impeach” HRC and it not be a criminal charge. But it can prevent her from holding office, just on the grounds of betraying the public trust and is unfit to hold office.

    This author also published an article just 2 days ago about 30 emails that directly dealt with Benghazi that were recovered by the FBI after HRC tried deleting them with a programs designed to “wipe the slate”. The DOJ, the WH have all been in possession of them and they’re pleading to the Federal court that they need 30 more days to do things like redactions before releasing…..just the continued drip drip drip for the governments total disregard for trust the people have placed in them.

    A neighbor goes to a bible study gathering weekly. Obviously there are all age groups involved. This group is apparently tilted on the conservative side. They also do not restrict discussion to the bible and also discuss society and politics. The neighbor said what was sad, is that a very large majority of the group trending towards the younger ages, did not care about anything that is going on with the scandals only because it doesn’t directly affect them.

    • Unfortunately my friend we are “reaping the whirlwind”. We paid no attention to what was going on in the schools. Our generation pooh-poohed the home schooling movement. We adamantly opposed vouchers that could be used in religious schools because we believed the teachers some of whom were our friends, relatives and neighbors.

      I do not blame the teachers across the board. They were fooled like the rest of us. Only dedicated History teachers knew and nobody cared about them because they were written off years ago as people who “just teach boring dates”.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I believed that history should be taught the other way around. Take a current event and take it back, like “Connections” That makes history it relevent. Like for an example “Palestine” and it’s origination. More a modern creation post WWI, than any historical entity. Never existed prior to 78AD in any form, but the word in hyphonated with Syria was formed when Rome proceeded to try erase Jews, Judea from the map and human memory.

        Unless it’s a specific course, like “The Economic causes and consequences of the American Revolution”

        • Every single thing that happens in the ME was set off in August 1914. Try selling that to a teenager.

          • You are a movie guy. Remember that Nick Nolte movie where he played a burned out High School teacher and Richard Mulligan played an escaped mental patient subbing as a high school history teacher who played the “role” of the character he was teaching?

            He was taken away by teh guys in white coats when dressed as Custer. The same character he played in Hoffman’s “Little Big Man”.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              I just remember Sam Kinison as “Professor Tergeson” with Rodney Dangerfield in “Back to School”

              On that note, the most hated teacher in my high school, because of his arbitrary grading, plus roaming the halls looking for anyone who just might be bending rules in any manner. He especially relished going after seniors, athletic and fit and taller students. He was without lifts about 5’2″. I checked my schools faculty page and after 47 years he is still there teaching the same class.


    T-Ray brought this up a few days ago. I do not see it as being a long term problem, just a short term Obozo glitch 😀

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Let’s see now. Our carriers are mostly undeployable due to the air wings deficiencies. The support fleets might as well stay home then. Subs can’t find enough crew to be ready at the projected rate. The newest ships, LCS being “cool” and stealthy and low-manned are breaking down 4/4. The coast guards newest cutters aren’t doing any better.
      JTF-35 an expensive machine that will rarely be used especially for close ground support. Much less it has to get to it’s designated target reliably…not a chance. I truly believe the new Zumwalt class destroyer will spend more time under water in any appreciable seastate and suffer huge maintenance problems due to also being low manned.

      The B-52 is being called up for duty in Syria. Great tool against small group tactics. I guess the object will be to obliterate a city and make it not worth fighting over. The F-15 designed in ’67 is still tops in our fighter fleet. Can we get further down so there is no place to go but up?

      I just read that the F-111 was extensively used in Vietnam. Since when? I understood that only 6 were deployed and most of those impacted mountain tops and were withdrawn.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        follow-up on the Zumwalt class destroyer. (2) built, (1) still under construction, program canceled. Allegedly due to increasing costs as opposed to a reduction in costs with each ship. Ah…Maybe, but I don’t believe it. Computer models and tank test probably didn’t reveal the handling flaws in anything but a calm sea, or were ignored.

      • One F-111 mission. Three aircraft lost. Wing box cracks. Everything had to be withdrawn and X-rayed. Contractor cut corners as usual.

    • Were these ships designed with fuel efficient, low emissions engines? The Navy must fight global warming too.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Combination of gas turbine, diesels and electric

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        To me the overall issue is that with the “efficiency” of low manpower, there are just so many people. Maintenance is continual, besides the running of operations. Then drop damage control on that and the ship is not being run, not fighting and without damage parties (those extra redundant people) the ship is history. The sea is a very hostile environment, (like the desert) and requires enormous amounts of work to stay at sea. The ships get annually a mini overhaul and every 6 or so years get a major one. You start shorting the maintenance at sea, and then start missing the annual overhauls, and by the time 6 years rolls around and as in the case of Vietnam, ships were used up quickly and then immediately went into ops in the ME delaying the major refits. By that time the ships are on the verge of being scrapped, not overhauled. The series of ships I helped build the 1st 9, were an attempt at the low manpower ship. Instead of a 50 year normal life, within 30 they are all scrapped and decommissioned from the USN. Some got sold to allies. They actually started decommisioning and scrapping within 15.

        If the navy is getting their electronic componants from the same commercial vendors the people have, expect a major 2-3 year electronics failure rate.

        • The all new and improved George Bush Aircraft carrier was already in for a refit. Supposed to put to sea last January but just sailed. The refit? Non-water vacuum toilets! Can’t be polluting the ocean with US navy poop!

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            “This new VC/MSD driven waste management system has, however, not been without problems. Reports began surfacing immediately after delivery in May 2009 of issues with the ship’s toilet system. As of November, 2011, the entire system has gone down at least twice, rendering all 423 commodes in the ship’s 130 heads inoperable, with many more incidents that have rendered either half of the ship, or sections of the ship, without operating sanitary facilities. In one ship-wide incident, a repair crew spent 35 non-stop hours attempting to return the system to working order. The system is said to suffer breakdowns when inappropriate materials such as feminine hygiene products are flushed down the toilets. During a four-month maintenance period in dock in 2012, anti-clog measures were installed in the ship’s toilet disposal systems.”

            I wonder how the modern sailor enjoyed using the “head” Commissioned in ’09 and just as my estimate of 6 years then a major one year plus refit. I can only imagine the cartoons that had to crop or should I say crap up with that system. Don’t still be sitting when you hit flush.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Having problems like that takes the meaning of having a system “CRAP OUT” to a whole new level.

  6. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Could the release of the interview of HRC finally prove her undoing? Even CNBC was not to keen on her answers much less can be contradicted and or have been proven false or lies already… I didn’t know about classified designations….or I never got warnings fro people about the server, or never received any guidance etc on classified docs ….after being for 8 years on the Senate Armed Forces committee and numerous sub committees, she really expects the people to believe that. I do not see how anyone can even believe anything she says, writes or even imagines she does.

    … handling of classified material…uh huh

  7. Mathius…….Given the new relevations from the FBI notes…….do you still support Clinton and here role in classified documents? All the things that she cannot recall…..blaming her staff and a concussion? Do you really buy this?

    • My most excellent High School friend points out that Hillary HAS NOT been charged with ANY crime, therefore in the finest American tradition, she is innocent, as pure as the driven snow, 99.44/100 % pure. Poor Dick Nixon.

      • While technically true, she has not been charged or convicted of a crime, she is asking for a promotion to a new job that has some very stringent requirements. Hiring calls for a evaluation of her past performance, all aspects. I am only one vote out of a few million but for me, she failed the job interview.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        This is a combination answer to D13, SK and T-Ray. We have to start changing the question about is Hillary guilty and belongs in jail, or at least so far any position of power. The question should be do you TRUST her…period. The fact she lied, over and over and did break the law and now just pleads that she didn’t know the rule. Just because she has not been charged for political reasons does not change the fact she did break the law so many ways it might as well not even be on the books. As a member of the armed forces committee, for 8 years, she absolutely had to sign an affidavit about classified information, that they handle and are briefed on, much less retain in their records..

        Trust trust trust…… T-Ray says, if she was aoolying for a job, and sent in her resume outlining her accomplishments, and the potential employer just did a little homework, she’d never be granted a personal interview for the job….how can this nation even consider her for the highest job in the land……..she broke the faith with the people and I do not understand how her advocates can not see that…..but the polls are a’changin.

  8. California lady loses “comon core” lawsuit in Texas. The State Attorney General says..”common core is not in the best interest of our students…we do not need more dumbing down… we need to educate in the basics once again. That said, every school district in Texas, through their respective local jurisdictions and PTA’s, are free to choose which curriculum is to be taught. It is a local issue and a parental determination.” The courts agreed and dismissed her case.

    The California woman was suing the State of Texas to force the common core curriculum because she trasferred from a State that taught it and it was unfair to come into a State where it is not taught. Facts showed that her fourth grade honors level (California) daughter was far behind the same level in reading, math, and are you ready for this…..writing. Texas teaches writing skills in CURSIVE…(dread the thought)…Texas has gone back to teaching….are you ready for this….PHONICS. ( Oh MY ). We still teach spelling without the use of word processors….students actually learn to use the dictionary..(THE HORROR OF IT). And, in her lawsuit, she claimed that making children in elementary school learn how to diagram sentences and show their work in math problems is archaic and behind the times and unfair to transferring students. She also sued for the State to provide free tutors to bring her child up to Texas standards. She claimed that taking the time to each archaic methods will put children behind the real world of modernization and electronics. She went on to say that teaching math the “old fashioned way” is out of style. No one should be subjected to long division and multiplication tables without the use of computers. When asked if she could diagram a sentence or do math problems on paper….she responded no. The courts said perhaps you need to go back to school to learn how to help your daughter with her homework.

    • 25 years and 6 days ago we moved from NJ to CA. My daughter was in 7th grade. She started school shortly after the move. On month in, she came home on afternoon and just threw her books on the table and huffed off. I asked her what was wrong and she said, “I have done it all before.” So we made an appointment with the principal. One week later she was in 8th grade. CA’s schools are terrible. I hope that mother is learning something. first thing to learn is that she should have checked her arrogance at the state line.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      One still has to know the concept behind the the problem. What if the computer formulas are incorrect. You still need to be able to look at the answer and say…that looks right or that looks wromg. The number of really good engineers who just trusted the computer usually failed. Also a sizable number of them couldn’t spell worth a lick or construct a sentence. Even with spell check, or sentence structure applications, they still are not perfect and one does have to know the difference between they’re, their and there.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Did the State ask, what if we had a power failure or your daughters battery ran down during a test…..does she get a pass?

      Oh god, those big number two pencils and the lined paper with wood chips in it. Impossible to not stay between the lines.

      • My youngest son came was doing homework one night and getting frustrated. So I asked what was wrong. He tried explaining the problem. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out it was long division but on a horizontal line. Very difficult to visualize the problem in the orientation. I then said that there was an easier way which got him excited. Like adults, kids value their time and do not like wasting effort. I showed him long division which he grasped immediately. Next day in school when going through the assignment, he mentioned there was an easier way and then proceeded to teach the rest of the class the classic long division algorithm. Proficiency in arithmetic leads to proficiency in algebra which leads to proficiency in calculus which leads to proficiency in science and engineering. If the foundation is not solid, the bridge falls.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Computers are tools, not a replacement for your brain and reasoning. Even the Navy is starting to teach basic navigation, the old fashion way, just so the navigation officer and quartermaster know how to get from point A to point B in case the GPS fails. Signals can be jammed, as in the case around the Yorktown Naval Munitions sites and other military installations on the peninsula. You have to rely on Mark 1, version 1 maps and eyeballs compass.

          A few years ago I traveled up through the Schenectady (sp) and Albany area. I had traveled through there so many times over my life. Anyway, two GPS systems could not navigate all the new construction and detours. The maps were useless. I relied on a compass because I knew that if I went NE I would hit the Northway near Saratoga.

  9. Just A Citizen says:

    To those hoping the latest email release will harm Hillary, I give you just a few comments from Huff Po that reflect what I am sure we are all hearing from our “left wing” friends.

    Susan Ondler
    Once again, the rules are different for Hillary. We have study after study showing proof of media bias against her with so much more negative coverage on her than everyone else. If everyone had the kind of scrutiny on their lives, millions spent on investigations, most of us wouldn’t suvive with our sanity. And they wonder why she shies away from the media. I don’t think it helps, but it’s certainly understandable. She’s always damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. Even when proven innocent over and over, the media doesn’t push that like they do the accusations and the ridiculous conspiracy theories that never die.
    Like · Reply · 406 · Sep 2, 2016 10:58am

    Terry Lee
    It’s always a double standard when it comes to Hillary Clinton. So sick of it.
    Like · Reply · 182 · Sep 2, 2016 12:13pm · Edited

    Harvey Diggs
    I was finally coerced by the media into thinking that maybe there was something to Clinton’s emails. But there simply isn’t much to them. The FBI cleared her. The Justice Department has nothing to go after. And we can see from these released investigation documents that no form of corruption existed. Over 30,000 emails released to the public and nothing. How many politicians currently serving in office can have 30,000 personal emails released with not one of them providing a smoking gun towards breaking a law?

    I’m getting fed up with the media desperately trying to cling to a narrative that just doesn’t exist.

    There you have it folks. In case you had any doubts how effective the left wing propaganda machine has been over the years.

    • These types of posts are common on Liberal sites like HuffPo and the National Memo. Even with indictment and a conviction, these dweebs would still claim that Hitlary is innocent and that it’s a conspiracy against her. Needless to say, they would vote for her if she were locked up in prison.

      I see Independents playing a huge role, and they are mostly quiet, as usual. As more dirt comes out, it will continue to hurt her. It’s already apparent that she is a compulsive liar. The commercial push in October, along with Wikileaks upcoming dump should put the nail in her long overdue coffin. I hope 😉

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I sure as heck hope Julian Assange is not blowing smoke, and shows that all her systems were open books.

        I liked Rudy Guilliani’s comments over the weekend. The very actions she and her team took to destroy records, Bleachbit, and destoring hardware, with a hammer are precisely what a prosecuter looks for as intent. Also her claiming that about never remembering any instructions at all about classified information and handling and retaining thereof is sheer BS. He said he clearly remembers his from over 30 years ago, plus an exit interview.. But then if not remembering any of these important things bring the HEALTH issue right to the top of the heap. If she can’t remember anything or follow any simple procedure for the most complex and stressful job in the world…..she is disqualified period. I saw the recent video of her giving a speech and seemed to zone out. Immediately retainers rushed to her sides to support her and another arriving and starting to pull something from his pocket only to be motioned to put it away. Just remembering watching clips of when she was SOS, she clearly could not handle the stress.

        My bet is that the “personal” e-mails will show beyond a shadow of doubt that she and the foundation are tied nut to butt and the biggest corruption scheme yet to hit the government, or any one government period.

        In this last batch 68 emails were so classified that they can not in any way be released.

        • Paranoia alert!

          Just wondering the other day that Obama looked a lot like what would have been called a house slave in the ante bellum South. He is keeping the lid on for all us field hands. That leads of course to the question, “Who is pulling the strings?”

          Now it seems that Hillary is pretty much just a shell these days. They prop her up, set her on auto and let her go. Obviously as President she cannot run things. Well, who is pulling the strings?

          maybe the Illuminati are behind it after all and the bildenbergs?

  10. Just A Citizen says:


    I come on here late and no bragging about them Horns from the Colonel. He must have slept through it.

    • That was a good one. Sparty gets a bye week then we have to take on the Irish in South Bend.

    • Bragging? Why would the Colonel brag about anything concerning Texas? It is what it is….and I was taking it easy on you since the Rangers swept yo ass in baseball….I mean…ummm….Oh what the HELL>…

      GO HORNS>>>>>>>>>>>>Beat them Irish……..NOT EVEN RANKED THIS YEAR AND BEAT NUMBER 10…….WOOOOOOOOO….HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK em’ HORNS……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….Texas fight…………….Retribution for the drubbing last year……….GET IT ON>…………..

      How’s that?

      Now….I am really excited about our freshman quarterback……and having the “truck” backfield for close in……..However, I was waiting until the home stand with Seattle…..that starts today…..before I get overly done……

      Ahem !!!! HOOOOOKKKK EM HORNS………

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Ah, Seattle is toast. After the Detroit stand they kept on winning, with 13 of 15 games, drawing within 4 of Texas. Perfect set up for the trip to Texas and then back home.

        Instead they lose 8 of their next 11 games. From 4 out to 12 back in less than a month.

        What impressed me most about the Texas game was the D line’s ability to stand tough against that line of Giants the Irish had. Not only hold their own but keep the pressure on the QB.

        • Yes….that was an impressive line that the Irish had……huge monsters. But we did have some speed. I was impressed with the freshman quarterback and his passing ability….but that running combination with Swopes back in there….three running backs at 240 pounds….I dont want to stand in front of them.


    What’s wrong with this whole picture?

    • What’s wrong? We’re not getting any of the this! $60K/yr? Not bad. No wonder we have 94M unemployed. If you try to reduce the benefits, then you are mean and trying to take food out of the mouths of babes. Mathius, how do you justify this?

  12. Dale A Albrecht says:

    At least Colin Powell is not laying down about being blamed by Hillary in her FBI interview. I say interview because this was not questioning like they would in a criminal investigation, but a scripted interview. Even Guilliani, said that a lot of her answers begged a lot of follow-up questions and there were none. Even any of the State and other IG investigators made note of the extreme difference in his and her usage, management and security.

    Powell’s error was probably assuming that she knew the difference between non classified and classified information, based on her years as Senator, plus her “experience” as 1st lady (sarc).

    • Effin A. I love it!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I ran an experiment like this while at Colorado State in ’70. A couple of us went into an empty movie theatre. We sat deliberately in what would be the worst seats in the house. The experiment was to see where the next groups of people would sit when confronted with an empty theatre except us sitting way out in left field. As it turns out they’d looked at the sweet spot in any theatre, then proceeded to come sit in front of us. Sit behind and they might be blocked so in front they sat. The theatre filled outward from our spot……in the mid 80’s I repeated it with my now ex. She absolutely didn’t believe what I said, so we repeated it in VT during an extremely popular movie….damn if the people didn’t do it again…….now in this case after the next few groups settled in in front of us, we moved to the theatre’s most desirable spot, leaving the sheeple to their misbegotten misery. Where they knew that the best seats were where we ultimately sat…….different decades, different locals in the country, both were in states that had a high degree of individuality, but both cities were college towns….free thinking is out and has been for a long time except for a small minority.

      • That’s why young replacements in combat don’t last long. They bunch up. For years I tried to explain this to non military types (and non thinkers). One of the reasons basic is supposed to be tough is to get you to act instantaneously. So, when Sgt. Rock says, Don’t bunch up, you do what he says even though it goes against every instinct you have.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Sgt Rock….I was surprised he’s still kicking around.

          • There will always be a Sgt. Rock, maybe not by that name, but a Sgt Rock nonetheless. Went down to Atlantic City last weekend for the wife. On the Buffet line noticed a very tall,very built Black man in his 50’s I’d guess. Saw the 82 Abn. pin on the side of his hat. I made a comment about how looks like he had been “around the block” When he turned towards me, I saw the Sgt. Major Pin dead center on his hat. Sgt. Majors to me, are like rock stars. So, I did up the ante and say, “I Know thou have been around the block Sgt. Major”. Then I said, you guys run the Army, they should let you run the world. He smiled.

            “C’mon youse guys, get movin! Watsa matter, wanna live forever!”
            . -unknown Hellenic Sgt. before the walls of Troy

            • I had a great SGT Major…….a command sgt major with TWO CIB awards….son of a bitch ate concertina wire for breakfast. I worried about nothing….he took care of enlisted business and smart ass 2nd LT’s that were out to conquer the world.

              Sgt Rock… here to stay for centuries.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                As a squid, I had rare interaction with officers, as I’ve stated before. Chief Petty Officers are as close as we got to sgt major’s. It was my observation that 100% of them would leave or retire from the service with a disability. That is a permanent crook with their thumb and index finger. The cause is from holding their coffee cup and creating a repetitive workplace injury. Only one held my overall respect and I used him as a role model.

  13. Pop Warner Football is getting sued……what next. So, let me figure this out. There is this game called American football. It is a contact sport. Modern day gladiators. You pay to see teams hit each other and try to push a ball across the goal line. Players work all of their lives to play football….they learn to hit each other, take steroids and grow to astronomical sizes. A 240 pound running back is like an out of control locomotive. If he hits you or you hit him….it hurts. Football is a game where you EXPECT TO BE HURT. This is the chance that you take. Parents who put their children into Pop Warner football sign waivers that it is a nasty sport. You will get hurt in pee wee football. This is where you get your start.

    And now you are surprised that you can get concussions in playing football. Gee whiz…..REALLY? You want winning seasons and you want a coach that teaches team work and winning ways,,,,,and then you are upset that your child….WHOM YOU PUT IN HARM”S WAY…..gets hurt. You are surprised and you say ” I did not know this could happen. I thought all this publicity about the professionals getting concussions was not serious.” And now, you want to sue the Pop Warner pee wee football….because you did not know how serious a concussion could be or whether or not your child can get one.

    Well, the Duke still said it best. “Ya cant fix stupid.”

    THese people need to find their safe place….and escape the world. Unbelievable.

    • Years ago, I believe as a joke, Rush Limbaugh started publicizing soccer as the most dangerous game for head injuries due to the use of the head in fielding the ball. The thing actually took on a life of its own.

      Years ago, before he died, Jimmy Cagney gave an interview about his life. He was a young boxer on the east side of Manhattan and made a few dollars that way before taking up acting. He said that he was fairly sure that most long term effects from boxing were the result of the padding in modern gloves. His point? 1,000 small concussions are worse than one big one (a knockout). I took this up with my Dad who played varsity football in the early ’30’s for Frackville, PA High. He thought about it a bit and then concurred. When he played ball, you played with a leather helmet. If you got hit hard you were out. He was not sure if people back then were more conscious of not hitting the head because of that. He did think though that the padding and helmets gave a false sense of security.

      Now I’ve watched Rugby games played in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx by teams composed of Brits and Commonwealth folks. Absolutely brutal! Wonder if there are comparative stats for professionals.

  14. Perhaps we should not go to war any longer….we might get hurt.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      just submit…it’s your fault if you resist and get hurt….now wasn’t that an easy solution? (sarc)

      • Reminds me of when I took over command of my first tank unit….M60A3….before we got the Abrams……I was a young captain at the time. I took my platoon leaders ( all 2nd LT’s ) and all my new tank commanders out to a tank. I made them climb on it….in it….around it….caress it…jump on and off of it……………………………….and then asked…. ” Did any of you find a soft spot anywhere on or in this tank?…………..anywhere?.” All of them looked at me with a queried look of “Whaaaa???”…….to which I said, ” Be guided accordingly. You will get hurt. You will smash fingers and slam your knees. You will burn your hands and freeze your nuts. Each of you are good for a broken finger or hand or arm. It is a war machine designed for killing and not comfort. If this is too much for you….you are in the wrong profession.”

        Actually had a 2LT decide he did not want to be in a tank.

        THEN…they make the Abrams…..and put some comfort in it. The driver lays down to drive…………..and falls asleep. Sigh………………………………….what a pussy whipped generation we have spawned.

  15. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Can’t be serious all the time….

    For TV trivia buffs. Did anyone realize that TV censors did not allow a TOILET to be shown on US TV shows until 1997. There might have been a portion. like just the top, but never the business end nor the whole thing.

    I remember back when the Smother’s Brother’s were on the air and a conversation came up about censorship. They had a lot of problems in that area. This one was about bathroom humor and what could be shown or not or said. The routine was with Tennessee Ernie Ford, who said…”Show me a well designed building and I’ll show you one outstanding in it’s field” It got by the censors because of their limited lives, but all hell broke out after it went out nationwide.

  16. Watching the abomination yesterday of Obama’s arrival in China. Sometimes, even I miss the forest for the trees.

    We are so beaten down in this country from just about any direction regarding racism, we forget just how prevalent (and open) it is elsewhere.

    In the past year we have seen Obama dissed by the Castro’s, by the Iranians on a regular basis and now by the Chinese and Filipinos. All those stories I remember from my younger years about how blacks were looked down upon in Arab and Asian cultures and the very special disdain the “white” Cubans had for blacks come to mind. I remember being told how the “black” Cubans were singled out to be sent to Angola to fight not because they blended in but because they were cannon fodder.

    I suggest out “friends” in the media get with the program and take a look at this. . .

    • Just A Citizen says:


      That was not due to racism. It was due to Obama’s dictating to others and a world grown tired of the USA dictating to it.

      There was a great irony in the Philippine President’s comments. Did anyone catch it?

      Hint: It had to do with US immigrants.

      • Don’t discount the racism though.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I know it exists. I just do not think that is what is causing all the disrespect.

          I think that is a combination of US Hegemony and the weakness of the last two Administrations, make that Last Three Administrations.

          • Remember in ’08 when the whole world was agog over “O”. Even gave him a Nobel. They could not understand how many of us disliked him. Now they see.

            • One could actually make the case that the event (the Nobel) was really not different from handing out glass beads to the natives. I am on a roll here and I may be the only one in the world sensing it. This guy is just an inside joke to a whole bunch of people.

              And yes, it does have everything in the world to do with the perception that we are now a declining, fang less tiger. They wouldn’t pull it otherwise. Cannot see it being done to a Colin Powell type.

              The man, for all his Brooks Brothers/Saville Row tailoring lacks both dignity and gravitas. His stupid slides into “dialect” coupled with his occasional okey-doaky type comments are more suited to a children’s TV host than the POTUS.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              The problem is that the dislike for him is not uniformly shared, that is the reason.

              For us it was because we knew what he was really planning to do to us. For the others, including world leaders, it is now because he did not do enough of what they thought he promised to do to us.

              I personally think his loss of popularity around the world stems from his own arrogance. He started believing the tripe about how brilliant he is and so he felt he could lecture the world about what is right and wrong, good and bad, and what works and does not. His leftist Utopia has been rejected by much of the world. He failed to recognize that because his ego did not allow his eyes to see clearly.

  17. Keep up with the 2000s lingo, yo.

    EBT and SNAP cards are…Electronic Soup Cards. Perfect!

    Apologists for the status quo contend the last eight years couldn’t possibly be classified as a depression. The narrative of economic recovery has been peddled by corporate media mouthpieces, feckless politicians, Too Big To Trust Wall Street bankers, Federal Reserve puppets, and government apparatchiks flogging manipulated data as proof of economic advancement. They point to the lack of soup lines as proof we couldn’t be experiencing a depression.

    First of all, if there were soup lines, the corporate media would just ignore them. If they don’t report it, then it isn’t happening. Secondly, the soup lines are electronic, as the government downloads the “soup” onto EBT cards so JP Morgan can reap billions in fees to run the SNAP program. Just because there are no pictures of starving downtrodden Americans in shabby clothes waiting in soup lines, doesn’t mean the majority of Americans aren’t experiencing a depression.

    SK is always saying that words matter, or language matters. This will stump them for a while.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I think I mentioned this before. During the 80’s the VT government decided that people on welfare desired their privacy. Party lines were still very much in existence in the rural parts. The State paid for the running of PRIVATE lines into those homes where welfare was received because those on welfare shouldn’t be embarrassed. Those NOT on welfare still had to suffer having to use party lines. Iphone anyone?

    • No, you are right, unlike the 1930’s what you now see are fat, starch filled nutrition starved Americans standing in line at Wal-Mart to buy their $ 1.99 clothing from China.

  18. Dale A Albrecht says:

    It’s to bad that the elections of ’08 went the way that they did. It pretty much is a given that no matter who the RNC ran, was going to lose. The DNC decided to run Obama for president instead of Hillary. Just think of the possibilities here. If Hillary had been on the ticket, we’d be shed of her now and nobody would elect Obama after what would have been I believe a worse presidency than Obama’s. Women hold in their hands 50%+ of the population, while the blacks 13%. Why the DNC flipped the priority of running who they did is over my head in political stragedy (mispelled on purpose)

    • I think Bush spelled it stratidigidy.

      Plan was, nobody could vote against a black man and still claim to not just be “liberal” but be “open minded”. Slick Willy was still fresh on everybody’s mind. It might have been too soon to guarantee a HRC victory.

      My paranoia of the other day is still running wild and I am pretty sure that HRC was not considered as “controllable” as she is now and BO was. BO, on the other hand, is such a frigging deluded lightweight that he does not even know he has been controlled and “steered”. He actually thinks he has some power.

      I am very glad to see that Pence is turning out to be impressive as a leader. Maybe I am deluding myself but his appearance and manner are head and shoulders above anyone I’ve seen run for the # 2 slot in a very long time. I have fears for Trump’s life if elected and it is nice to know that there is someone behind him who reeks of competence AND the ability to connect with folks.

  19. It’s quite funny to sit back and watch what happens when the Liberal media is caught with their hand in the cookie jar, so to speak. It wasn’t long ago that Reuters was caught manipulating polls to make it look as though Hitlary was further ahead. Now, the polls are showing Trump even or winning and Reuters is rarely heard from.

    There is now clear evidence that Hitlary and her staff not only blatantly lied, but violated a legal order to produce emails. Martha Stewart was jailed for far less. As more comes out about this witch, the worse she will do in the election. She has NOTHING to offer the people. All she can do in debates is try to berate Trump and her whole campaign will be negative nonsense. SHE IS COOKED. Trump by a landslide 😀

    • Well Reuters cut the “feed” on the aftermath of his Detroit Church speech the other day. It will be funny if he picks up about 15% or more of the African American vote on election day. For years I have been saying all you have to do is have the guts to ask for it and offer a credible alternative.

      “What have you got to lose?” While looking around at the chaos is a pretty gutsy but real question.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Sorry for the cliche….Trump is sure trumping Hillary. Going to Mexico was a brilliant move. Going to Detroit was also. As you said, what has he got to lose.

        What have the blacks got to lose. They can not slide further into the abyss. If I was Trump, I’d just point to the success of Bill’s being put in charge of the Haiti disaster (sarc) and start noting the similarity, between their plight and those folks right in Detroit, or Baltimore, or Chicago as the success of democratic rule for generations. You can’t blame Republicans, they’ve left the scene long ago.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Yeah…what was the final reason for conviction on Martha Stewart, Obstruction of justice. For making some contradictory statements for an alleged crime she DID NOT do, and not confessing immediately and cost the DOJ time and effort trying to make the case which they could not do. Same for Scooter Libby. Comey was the acting AG choosing to continue the prosecution, even though the true culprit confessed. Obstruction of justice is at least some charge that could be applied without any doubt, even way back in Whitewater, and Vince Fosters files that were in his office went missing on his death, under supeona, and when the statute of limitations was reached Reno is contacted those files are delivered from the WH private quarters. and declared moot and will not be released because of the statute has expired so there is no crime.

  20. How is the witch going to debate the immigration issue as this becomes more widely known?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Her answer will be…..that’s old news and nor relevent, let’s move on.

      Not justifying the corruption in any way, but what truly scares me about Hillary and if she does attain the WH by some means, is that she has by all accounts a very vindictive spirit and prone to violent rages. She can be goaded into a very unwise and not thoughtful reaction that should otherwise be ignored. Obama at least his first reaction was alway to back up. That political damage can be repaired, her’s will result in many more deaths.

      I have never seen in my life a politician, much less one at cabinet level, as in the case of Benghazi, say “so what does it matter” or with Gaddaffi, jokingly say, “We came, We Saw, He Died”, That is the most callus and unfeeling person I’ve ever witnessed.

      What should be shown, and I’ll see if I can find it. Bush and his State dept, marginalized Assad, much like they did with Gaddaffi. Not nice guys but bottled up. Pelosi and a democratic delegation went just to goad Bush and visited Assad, where then Bush had to deny any official status of those Dems. Hillary upon becoming SOS also, but now officially visited Assad and had a news conference claiming that Assad was a real “Progressive” and we can work with him. Gaddaffi and Assad never changed their spots, they were exactly who the said they were. Usually stay in their own patch and all went predictably. go outside and they’d get humiliated. Their egos couldn’t stand that. Just ask Egyptians, Libyans, Syrian’s, Iraqi’s, Yemani’s, and quite possibly Iranians about what they think of Obama’s and Hillary’s and now Kerry’s international ventures. The ayotollas and their chosen political sops were on the ropes, and Obama tossed them a life saving “agreement”

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        “Reformer” as opposed to a Progressive. This was written in 2011 after the 2010 meetings with Assad. What I found interesting was noted in the article was that Kerry had met Assad (6) times) previously.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I have to ask….has anyone here ever heard, or seen Hillary ever taking responsibility for anything, without deflecting the blame towards someone else. This goes way back in time and not recent revelations. Even the “reformer” comment was hedged by saying that members of both parties agree. Two lightweight republicans with Susan Collins of Maine being one of them. The named delegates of assad meetings were all democrats. There was a report compiled with former SOS Baker and another high level Dem on trying to attain some path to peace between, the Arab League and Israel, but who hasn’t tried in decades and decades….in all of our lifetimes here on SUFA.

          At least Truman had a sign on his desk that said, “The Buck Stops Here”

  21. Anyone besides me think Greta got canned because she was too pro Trump? Worse, the way she interviewed him made him look awfully good and showcased his talent.

    The replacement, Bret Hume, is certainly no Trump fan.

    • Nice to see Neil Cavuto back though!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      A question seriously has to be asked of people like Brit Hume, George Will, RNC, Cruz etc, do you seriously desire Hillary as POTUS than Trump? What could possibly be their motivation?
      Fox has been in the bag now for years. Especially after the scandal in England and how they got some of their information, and it spilled over here. The FCC threatened license revocation and FOX has become still slightly in opposition, but just to give the image that there is a free press, MSM in America.

      Did anyone think that Woodward and Bernstein got their information by just knocking on the door and asking. No, through dark alleys and whistleblowers. The MSM and congress jumped on because of their hatred of Nixon, long before he became POTUS. Even more corrupt are today’s activities by administrations and the MSM are lap dogs. Bias has always been with us in the media, but never so overwhelming in one direction.

      Hillary and her PAC’s trotted out their new version of the “daisy” ad from Goldwater days. How low can they go? That ad originally was even lower than the belly’s of the alligators in the NYC sewers.

    • sexual harassment is what I am reading.

  22. JAC….I am curious because you seem to fall into the “US Hegemony” issue. Do you have examples of where you feel that US hegemony has garnered disrespect?

    I thought that I have seen you and others argue that just being head of State, no matter who you are, is deserving of respect when visiting other countries. Have you changed your opinion?

    I would have to say that, if it had been me, I would have taken off immediately. I do not see you as a globalist so where is the hegemony wrong, in your opinion.

  23. Just A Citizen says:


    Let’s start with the definition:

    Hegemony (“leadership, rule”) is the political, economic, or military predominance or control of one state over others.[1][2][3][4] In ancient Greece (8th century BCE – 6th century CE), hegemony denoted the politico–military dominance of a city-state over other city-states.[5] The dominant state is known as the hegemon.[6]

    In the 19th century, hegemony came to denote the “Social or cultural predominance or ascendancy; predominance by one group within a society or milieu”. Later, it could be used to mean “a group or regime which exerts undue influence within a society.”[7] Also, it could be used for the geopolitical and the cultural predominance of one country over others; from which was derived hegemonism, as in the idea that the Great Powers meant to establish European hegemony over Asia and Africa.[8]

    The Marxist theory of cultural hegemony, associated particularly with Antonio Gramsci, is the idea that the ruling class can manipulate the value system and mores of a society, so that their view becomes the world view (Weltanschauung): in Terry Eagleton’s words, “Gramsci normally uses the word hegemony to mean the ways in which a governing power wins consent to its rule from those it subjugates”.[9] In contrast to authoritarian rule, cultural hegemony “is hegemonic only if those affected by it also consent to and struggle over its common sense”.[10]

    Ancient Greece under the hegemony of Thebes, 371–362 BCE
    In cultural imperialism, the leader state dictates the internal politics and the societal character of the subordinate states that constitute the hegemonic sphere of influence, either by an internal, sponsored government or by an external, installed government.

    So in the broader context I do not have a problem with the US being a Hegemonic power if that power is the result of voluntary cooperation and assimilation by others. In short, if our power is not the result of coercion and use of force against innocent people, or nations.

    Where has this projection of power resulted in ill will towards the US? How about most of central and South America. Many places in Africa and in the Middle East. China and Russia perhaps? Although the latter two are just jealous and wanting to replace us. And yes, the Philippines.

    Now the difference between myself and BF’s tribe is my recognition of how some have tried to use this power for good. Namely to prevent other more evil players from assuming that power. This is the legacy of WWI and WWII. And how we became the world’s police force.

    However, others have used that power to simply protect their own goals, agendas and fortunes. To dictate to others how they should behave.

    I also recognize that someone will try to assume that position if it is not the USA. I would rather it be the USA than most other countries. But it would be much better if we assumed that power via our economic trading and cultural exchange with other nations. Not by using coercion to protect corporate interests or to “install Democracies” around the world.

    Let us now tackle the “diplomatic” protocol part of this. I do not think any leader must be treated with respect just because. Not at the fundamental level. On the other hand, there is a civility of diplomacy that should be followed. But again, this should be “earned”. Even if at a rather shallow level of deserving.

    So when our POTUS leaks information to the press about how he is going to “question” or “suggest” to another leader how they conduct their internal affairs who is it that broke the “diplomatic code”?

    Do not get me wrong. I thought Mr. Obama’s treatment by several leaders this week wrong and unacceptable. Yet I think he brought some of that on himself. Or in the case of China, I think it was caused by the arrogance of his STAFF, those sycophants that surround him. And that of the US Press Corp that are glued to his backside.

    As for globalist, I probably am one at heart. I recognize the reality of a a tribal world, and that it will remain so for a very long time. But I believe that open exchange, culturally and economically, brings us closer together. It can work to reduce false differences used by despots to keep those tribes at each others throats. Humans are selfish, they act in their own self interest. The idea of a more “global” population is that this self interest will be expressed by individuals and not Nation States.

    So by “globalist” I mean the free flow of money, trade and ideas among the world’s people. A planet where Govt’s do not play a significant role in determining who is friend and foe.

    This is not the “globalism” that many seem to fear and decry. That is more about One World Govt. or where some others get to take from us at our expense. The dilution of our wealth to make the whole world the same via. Government Policy and Dictate. That is NOT ME.

    Just remember, I am far more Objectivist than Anarcho-capitalist. I agree with Rand’s view that free market capitalism is the most moral form of Government. But I recognize the utility of using Govt. to deal with the bad players in that situation, rather than just leaving it up to the market to deal with them.

    Now has this raised new questions?

    This has caused me to think of a question that goes to the root of all these political issues.

    Is man capable of significant change or not? Can man learn from his past and then using his intellect decide to CHOOSE a different path? Or is he ultimately stuck with following the same path, even if more complicated and sophisticated?

    I believe mankind is capable of this change. But that it must come from hard thinking and practice at the individual and family level. We cannot change paths without rejecting the old moral standards and cultural norms. Those that lead to constant war and aggression.

    What do we do if only some of us are able to change? Even if it is a large number of us, say Western civilization as an example. Does the west then just ignore the remainder of the world until it catches up? Do we isolate them to prevent harm to our way of life? Or do we just keep doing what we have been doing?

    Lots of questions this find day. We are looking at a heat wave this weekend. Temps climbing to the 70’s, maybe even hitting 80. 🙂

    • You hit the nail on the head JAC. No, man is NOT perfectible. He learns temporarily from his mistakes,if that. Two generations pass, he has forgotten what he had learned and races to re-invent the wheel.

      I wish you were right and I were wrong. If it were so, Rome would never have fallen and we would be at the stars a long, long time ago.

      The Colonel and I and probably Dale saw the military and its civilian leadership re-build after Viet-nam. There were lessons learned there boy. There was the Weinberger doctrine. No getting in without a plan to get out which morphed into the Powell doctrine (same thing) which went out the window in 2003. Since then it has been as if Viet-nam never happened. Despite the fact that us 60-70 year old folks went through it, witnessed it, caution about it and in many cases became instrumental in changing it in the ’80’s and 90’s it is as if we never existed. My oldest guy is on a Viet-nam kick and is reading just about everything Bernard Fall (Street Without Joy) wrote. As a 40 year old reserve Major who went through Leavenworth, he CANNOT believe the ignorance out there. Every time we talk he mentions another parallel with today. You can READ Sun Tzu and Clausewitz but you have to LIVE them to make a difference.

      Same holds true in education (ask my wife). The thing that bothers me most though is the outright bastardization of science. One would think that we would not slip backwards into Alchemy but we have.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Here’s a question….not debating whether or not going into Iraq was right or wrong. The assumption that everyone would rejoice and all be like camp and everyone would sing, was a grievious error. A total lack of understanding the history and dynamics of the area.
        The question is….how much worse would we be off if Obama and Hillary were not so hell bent on fulfilling a campaign promise of exiting Iraq, leaving a vacuum. My quess and opinion is that the massacres in Syria and elsewhere would not be occurring, Iran would not have “hegonomy” of sizable chunks of the ME where they did not have before. By taking the action that Obama did, wasted the lives of the soldiers and turned victory into a defeat.

        How close Iran was to becoming a part of the “Arab Spring” even though though they are not arab and Obama never lifted a finger nor spoke out against that regime when the out and out fraud of an election took place, I believe the people would have thrown off the ayatollas, but once they knew they had NO support from the US i any shape way or form, they might as well duck for cover.

        While searching for the number of visits by the dems to Syria and Hillary’s comments about assad, I came across a very interesting paper. Most of it was linking together emails, starting with Mannings leaks, and subsequent actions, by Obama, Hillary and Kerry in regards to their overriding plans with Iran, which started even while Obama was not even the candidate yet.

        To Stephen’s comment about science and alchemy. By taking all the actions that Obama has done in the past 8 years, they have tried to defy one of physics most basic laws about “Nature abhoring a vacuum.”.

  24. Just A Citizen says:


    Why is Joe McCarthy demonized in US culture?

    If the USA stood for Freedom, Liberty, Justice and the economic system of Capitalism, then why would a man who exposed the Communists among us be so vilified today. Even after the KGB papers were released proving him correct in his suspicions.

    Why has no “Conservative” ever challenged or attacked the PRESS head on when they throw the “McCarthyism” accusation at someone?

    I am thinking the answer was in that video of people standing up and sitting down at the Doc’s office.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    I see that nobody came up with the comment I mentioned by the Philippine president.

    In summary, he said that Obama had no business lecturing him the way the USA treats its immigrants.

    I have heard similar comments by world leaders about the US treatment of its people before. These statements are usually based on narratives put forth by the left, Democrats.

    This caused me to pause the other day and wonder why they see the US in this light. If they do in fact see us that way. How could the leader of another nation be blind to what is going on in the US and simply repeat leftist propaganda?

    As for the Philippine president’s comments POTUS JAC would have used the chance to explain how our immigrants are assimilated and supported by massive welfare and other programs that allow them to avoid abject poverty after moving here. How these programs are bankrupting our nation in order to help the economies of emerging nations, like the Philippines. That since the world does not seem to appreciate our efforts we see no reason to continue them. We will immediately be returning any Illegal Aliens to the Philippines who came from your great country.

    Two birds with one stone? Anyone????

    • I have purposely not answered hoping that others would get involved in this very in depth discussion.

      They, other countries, see the US in this light simply because they believe our media. They are under the false belief that media does not have an agenda. I remember well the Marxist goal…we cannot ever hope to defeat the United States militarily. We must beat them in their schools, their churches, and their local governments. We must beat them with idioms.

      How right they were. I am convinced that the progressive mindset is strictly Marxist in origination….they just call it progressive because it is different. I firmly believe, in my seemingly advanced years, that the progressive mindset is readily accepted because it is the path of least resistance. I also believe that the young graduates of most of today’s colleges have been indoctrinated in these beliefs. I recall a personal experience in earning my Master’s degree, a course entitled labor relations. The professor was strictly against open shop and expressly union. He said that anybody who wished to pass this course must understand the philosophy that the freedom of the workplace is not sacrosanct. This was in the mid 70’s after my return from Vietnam. He said that if you cannot accept this premise, you still have time to drop the class. I stayed in the class and played the game because I wanted the credits but it was eye opening….his hero was one Walter Ruther.

      And now, this line of thinking is the norm, unfortunately. The Obama administration spent several million tax dollars fighting the open shop and employment at will concept in Texas when Texas added it to the state Constitution and rejects the NLRB definition. By law, we are now open shop and we have employment at will. But the issue is the use of the Federal Government to change the concepts of freedom.

      People do not like Trump because of one reason. He is a wild card. Clinton is easy to read and you know exactly what she is going to do so business will do well as she is bought off and everyone, including me, knows this. Government offices have been for sale for ages and to survive, you have to play the game. The world is scared to death of Trump….not because he would have his finger on the nuke button, but because he does understand free market. Clinton understand free market but she is for sale.

      The USA must understand that being the big kid on the block creates jealousy. This world, sir, is not meant to work together. I do not want it to be the same here as anywhere else. I like autonomy and I like to be different. But when you have a weak leader and weak leadership, as the progressives disseminate, expect to get poked in the eye. And when you do not respond or draw fake lines in the sand, expect more. I liken it to the school yard bully. When he falls and breaks an arm, he is vulnerable…….for awhile. Diplomacy only works from a position of strength.

      In your position above, you used a term that gets thrown around pretty easily in definition…”use of force against innocent people” when you said as long as hegemony is not through this means, it is ok with you. But, I have seen, on here, that the “use of force” has so many connotations, it reminds me of Bill Clinton’s definition of sex. For example, if I choose to use the power of my wealth to better my position over another…I have seen progressives and anarchists say that is “use of force” because it is greater than the other. So….the terminology of the “use of force” is subjective……to the recipient.

      I am NOT a globalist. I do want free and equal trade. No rules. No deficits trade deals. I do not subscribe the Mathius Doctrine of greater good. If I can stomp someone’s ass in business and trade….to the betterment of my position….I will do it. That can be construed as the “use of force”. However, since this is long enough, I am also convinced that the reason the Mathius’ and Bucks of the world support the progressive agenda not because it is a greater good….that is a Red Herring….they support it because of the Mathius rule of “people are greedy”…..Trump threatens their security….Democrats do not. I will make an absolute killing money wise if Clinton wins and keeps the same old crap going. She is not going to change anything…especially in the financial world except to kill the middle class and increase the poverty level. That is what progressives want… keeps the masses in line.

      That said……if the 80’s is a heat wave……wow. I start pulling out sweaters.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The Colonel says: “I am NOT a globalist. I do want free and equal trade. No rules. No deficits trade deals. I do not subscribe the Mathius Doctrine of greater good. If I can stomp someone’s ass in business and trade….to the betterment of my position….I will do it.”

        JAC says: See, you are a globalist. One caveat. A thing I learned many decades ago from a wise cattleman. If you leave a little on the table for the next guy, he will be back to trade again. And he will be able to trade with others, who in turn will trade with you. That is how the economy works.

        By leaving something on the table he was referring to two parties coming to mutually beneficial decisions. One side does not squeeze the blood from the turnip when all he wants is the greens.

        The Colonel says: “In your position above, you used a term that gets thrown around pretty easily in definition…”use of force against innocent people” when you said as long as hegemony is not through this means, it is ok with you. But, I have seen, on here, that the “use of force” has so many connotations, it reminds me of Bill Clinton’s definition of sex.”

        JAC says: Yep! Definitions are always a problem when discussing philosophy, of which politics is a sub-field. I think we can easily agree on what is force in the hegemonic sense. Using our military or interfering in other nation’s elections. Subverting the will of people.

        When free will is denied by some kind of force, including coercion, then you are no longer a free trader. You say you will use your power to your advantage. But in reality the other side of that deal is free to walk away. Unless you impose force of some kind against them. Black mail is force in my book. Here is the deal, take it or leave it = free trade. Here is the deal, take it or I will make sure your opponent is elected next time and meanwhile I will make sure the World Bank cuts off your credit = Not free trade. So which one is really about “globalization” as most critics define it?

        One other comment on your theory of the world not being designed to get along. I strongly disagree. For most of our history we human tribes have “mostly” gotten along. That is WE the PEOPLE. It is the advent of Govt. organized under “Leaders” that has caused most of the strife in our history.

        Do not mistake my belief in an open and free trade world with “sameness”. I see no reason for us all to be the same. Our ancestors were very different yet somehow cooperated and traded with each other. Borrowing some things and leaving others. It is the natural ebb and flow of humanity. The modern age is accelerating a return to that time. The internet being the primary driver. Which is the real reason Govts are afraid of an OPEN and FREE web.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      80 and it’s a heat wave….wimp. Me, as I get older I like shorts and sandals year around except on a few rare days when it’s cooler, like if it drops into the 20’s. People here look at me as if I’m nuts in the winter. Mid 30’s and I’ll still wear shorts etc. Might toss a sweater on and a wind breaker if windy. When it gets below 50, you see so many people looking like eskimos.

      I can only guess why would the PI president choose such a low topic to criticize the US? Sure its a topic of our elections, but I’d think a much more critical issue to PI is our insipid response to China’s actions in the South China Seas. That probably will not get the same coverage, if even covered by the media. Unless immigration into the US is actually a serious thought by them in PI. A place to bail to when China really pushes and blocks trade.

      • China is looking very closely at the P.I……..China wants its southern most island….uninhabited…and has actually moved a weather station there without the permission of the PI……

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Looking from China seaward, while everyone is watching the right hand…where is their left hand? Taiwan, anyone? Bet the world doesn’t even blink, just like with Tibet.

    • There are entire Catholic Churches here in New Jersey and Washington and in NY that on Sunday become Manila for at least one Mass.

      What the, I’m gonna say it! What the Flip President did was to shove the liberal lie right down the throat of the biggest liberal liar of all. For Obama to counter it, he would have had to defend the US and its people. Ain’t no way that would ever happen. I’m pretty damned sure he knew what he was doing. Like Trump says, their leaders are a whole lot smarter than ours. Shows you how the “world” has Barry’s number even if CNN does not.

      Similar in a way to the line the Sharptons and Jacksons are forced to take to counter Trump. Now they have to say things in the ghetto are GREAT!

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    You don’t have to manipulate vote counts to “rig” an election. Notice how Carville focuses on the hacking of machines. Shortly after the Govt. reveals that it “fears” Russians might hack the machines to give Trump the election. But Carville says that Trump’s claims of rigging are off base and so “un-American”.

    In case you did not understand my drift, controlling the MSM messaging and public narratives is a form of “rigging and election”.

    • Drift understood.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Control the forms of communications via, media, textbooks you name it, its a method of rigging an election. Why do you think the government is so hot on controlling the internet. It is just about the only source of information left that is NOT controlled. In tinpot countries the 1st target is the communication centers.

        As the Colonel described about a professor during his Masters program, Had it even in HS in the 60’s. Challenge a grade on a test by a teacher for being wrong. The teacher would admit that the answer was in fact correct, but it was NOT the one he wanted. You soon learned to give his answers because you needed his class to graduate, much less a good grade each week, or you did not suit up for the game on Friday…..That teacher is still there after 47 years. If he is a survivor, I can only imagine the rest of the teachers. Pity the kids.

  27. For the progressives…….ummmm……Universities all over the US are now going back to segregated sororities and fraternities and housing. California, Los Angeles no less, recognizing that cultures do not get along….segregated housing is becoming the norm again….

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Thank god, that Texas has a huge say and will not buckle against the text book pressure of the progressive left of NY and CA.

      In todays world, every text book could be different and just about the same cost, so why is is important that all books must be the same and one size fits all… think. A sure path to ultimate destruction as a free and reasoning society.

  28. Before anyone brings it up….no Texas is not going to Hilary Clinton despite what the Dallas Morning News says,,,,,,First, it is Dallas….a wannabe New York…..secondly, the Dallas Morning News is owned by the New York Times. Nuff said.

  29. How interesting…was just watching a CNN reporter visibly upset about a wall being built in Calais, France to prevent immigrants from gaining access to the crossing to England.

    And then there is Denmark, who just closed all housing to immigrants and now requires a $30,000 minimum account to be established before entry.

    And then in Germany, Merkel’s party is losing elections because of the immigration of Muslims into Germany. The opposition party is winning seats. Merkel does not understand.

    And we cannot forget Turkey and Greece building walls to prevent immigration with Turkey installing a cold war Berlin type mined area in front of the walls with barbed wire and search lights.

    and last but not least….Spain is restricting immigration and allowing non Muslim only.

    Wonder what is happening to Europe’s great social engineering plan.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      It was NOT the people. It was the unelected EU government and elites who allowed this to happen, threatening the people if they objected. Well the people finally had enough
      Losing ones sovereignty with the EU was bad enough, but their identity also.
      In 2001 the Dutch were very hot AGAINST the immigration of peoples, and as it was mostly muslims, who once entered refused to join. Refused to learn the languages and became chronically unemployable sucking a very generous aid system dry. The EU response was that’s a hate crime and pressured the dutch government to prosecute anybody, including members of parliment who spoke out. Same year, in britain, the riots in the midlands were on par with LA and Newark. This was riots between the hindi’s and muslims. All the BBC talked about was the racism in america as a deflection. One night close to 500 police were injured trying to protect property and quell the violence and they were accused of abusive violence. The last time I was in Italy, the people were extremely upset about the EU refusing to allow a block of the illegal immigration into places like Sicily and then they’d either squat or move up further north. I’ve read that parts of Rome are literally a pig sty now. Kids being arrested for wearing bikini’s at the beach for offending muslims……France and neighboring countries to Italy actually a while ago blocked entry of illegals across their borders. But Italy was like greece almost defenseless.

      I hope the MSM gives it good airplay to show the outcome of misguided government policies, such as the actions in Libya to protect the people, Syria, god knows what is going on in Sudan, Nigeria, Mali etc. May sound cruel, but assad would have handled the encouraged uprising with a lot less bloodshed and damage if let alone. Same with Gaddaffi,

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        A bicycle is a major mode of transportation in cities such as Amsterdam. Maurauding gangs of muslim youths would accost and harrass the dutch girls riding, 1) without a male excot 2) being immodest, like not covering up. The government response was not to go after the muslim gangs but to abmonish the girls for offending, and the girls to cease getting harrassed covered up, and modified their behavior, in an allegedly free and tolerant country.

        I have yet to hear the EU warn the muslims about tolerance…..the EU in it’s present form is toast and doomed.

        Like Texas should have the right to not only protect it’s southern border against any invasion, but also from aliens of any sort expecially CA or WI or NY unless vetted thoroughly.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      It was not that long ago that to become a German citizen was not a gimmee, even if you were born there, very much like the Swiss are still. That said in the early 90’s they allowed in more people, legally and illegally, from outside the EU, in hoping that they would go through the process of citizenship and become german citizens. Just the other year Merkel, flat out stated that the “experiment” has failed and is at an end. Last year she completely reversed course and allowed I believe a million muslims in without any possible vetting. All under the guise of humanitarian reasons, and also saying look at all the increased business, ie building more housing and of course cheap labor doing menial jobs.
      I believe now that before she was in an election year she threw the PEOPLE a bone claiming to shut the door on the immigration and the “experiment” and NON assimulation problem within Germany. She will be gone this election if not forced out earlier somehow.

      The German people including the French etc have to start replacing their dying generations. Have babies. Or else you will be replaced. We here had no need to force an immigration crisis. We are still positive in the birthrate and we have a excess of unemployed due to a multitude of reasons.

  30. Just A Citizen says:


    So pray tell, what is the alternative to globalization in the modern world?

    1. the process enabling financial and investment markets to operate internationally, largely as a result of deregulation and improved communications
    2. the emergence since the 1980s of a single world market dominated by multinational companies, leading to a diminishing capacity for national governments to control their economies
    3. the process by which a company, etc, expands to operate internationally

    I do find number two a bit humorous. I guess someone figured they would need a scape goat when it all came tumbling down so they have sown the seeds of “The multinational corporations did it”.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Here is another version:

      “Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology.”

      Please note that nothing in either of these definitions infers the kinds of things that vocal “opponents” cry about. Such as one world govt..

      Also note the irony in that “free market people” are accused of being the globalists in today’s media outlets. The Austrians want the world to trade without interference and the left call them globalists. All the while trying to make all govts. of the world into their Utopian Socialist model. In other words THE SAME. But they are not the globalists??

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The other day I read a long essay on Winston Churchill. One of his visions was a “United States of Europe” In time it came to pass but in a totally different version than he proposed. One of the main obstacles in Europe was the protection of each and every fiefdom from their neighbor especially in trade. He wanted trade to be free, but NO Federal style of government that dictated laws upon soveriegn countries. Open trade was his goal, not dictating the size of tomatoes or pomegranets. More laws were passed in Brussels over the countries like Britain than the brits passed themselves through their elected officials. End result Brexit. He saw or envisioned how the US with the Feds exerting power on trade with the commerce clause. Not keeping free trade open but actually dictating what you can do or not do, Churchill wanted none of that in his vision. If someone wanted to buy something from Germany cheaper or better than what they could get in Italy, so be it, In the past the parliments would block such a trade.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Most people forget to put the “new world order” comments of Rockefeller and others in the context of THEIR time.

          After a Century of War people were trying to figure out how to stop the madness. The idea then, and now, is that if rabid nationalism and isolationism is eliminated then there is less chance of war. Because if the people are trading it will be harder for “leaders” to convince them to make war on their neighbors.

          But like all things, people come along and use Govt. to subvert the idea The Socialists saw an opportunity to use it to spread their Global ambitions. The neo-cons saw it as a means of spreading “democracy”, assuming democratic governments would be more peaceful. Then the UN morphs into a “governing body” instead of a peace keeping body. Poof…. you get the right wing freaking out over “one world govt.”.

          All suffer the delusion that a few smart people can direct the masses into specific actions and belief systems.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            No problem with that. David Rockefeller sure was something. He looked at as just mo money and the elites rule

    • The only alternative that I see… free and open trade, free of all barriers….but… do you enforce such a thing. How do you stop the expansion of China to lands that are not their own in the South China Sea….short of war. I have issued the warning already and everyone thinks that I am stupid…..but I am telling you this…If Clinton is elected, you will see the fall of Taiwan and you will see a closing of the South China Sea trade routes. Mark my word… one….and I mean NO ONE….not the world, not the United States, not Russia will step up and stop it. And if you do not stop it immediately….you will never be able to undo it. China is starving for natural resources…….medicines.

      The only way to counter this type of expansion, no matter whom it is…will be by force. Hegemony is alive and well and it is not the United States today.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Even though we will get blamed for the war, like we were in WWII for cutting off war making resources to Japan over China atrocities….We can just bring business home and reduce the reasons the business moved to begin with. We’re the worlds largest market, collapse their economy, The EU has been making it really hard in Europe with all the “regulations” increasing costs, like wind etc, so they also have been moved also the means of production. The yellow horde can be stopped but it probably will get messy.
        Trump, in his talk to the president of Mexico, said they are also in a knot with China as equally big as we are. Lets get together and solve the problem

      • Just A Citizen says:


        In today’s world you have to use sanctions to enforce free trade.

        Since Govt. still control trade, we should simply cut off trade until the other side agrees to free trade. But that means we must also abide by free trade.

        Govt. manipulation of currency not allowed. Advantages due to lower wages, just a competitive advantage in the short run.

        My view of free trade is that Govt. does not interfere in private arrangements. Things like safety standards are uniformily applied to all products, domestic and foreign. Trade treaties should require the same quality control for safety by both parties. Needed to avoid using this as a gimmick to impose informal embargo and tariffs.

        Now if Govt. was out of the picture all together, private companies and individuals would have to regulate the trade themselves. Ultimately that will be the consumer.

        You and I know that these conditions do not exist and will not exist for a long time. So we are stuck with the current Govt. regulation process. And because all nations are not the same, each member will try to use its Govt. to “balance” what it sees as unfair advantages by another member.

        This is why I think we have to demand FREE TRADE for all goods and services as a condition of any “free trade” agreement. We have to go all in if we want to break the current cycle.

  31. JAC……I do not envision myself as a globalist at all. My definition, or at least the definition that I hear, is that of “one world”. I do not want a one world government, nor do I want a world court nor do I want world treaties. Each country should be able to negotiate their own sovereign agreements. The United Nations is a failure. They make all these rules and do not follow them and when countries decide not to follow them, there is no enforcement apparatus. I would not abide by any international court…period. I do not want a one system banking. I am certainly not a “greater good” supporter either. It is wrong…wrong…wrong to have any form of redistribution regardless of the wealth or abundance. Redistribution is force. NO other word for it.

    England was smart enough not to join the EU in currency. It is not the right of a non elected official that is not even a citizen of a country to dictate policy of another country as in the issue of Apple, etal. So that said, free and open trade does not fit my definition of globalist. I am definitely not a one world believer. Cultures are different and are meant to be different. We have no right to insist the adoption of our culture except within our own borders.

    Isn’t globalist…..a synonym for world dominance? Communists, Socialists, progressives?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      There has to be some international body to negotiate and set rules for international trade and shipping. If it is left to individual countries it becomes easier for someone like China to simply take over major trade routes.

      There should be strength in numbers. I agree the UN is worthless. But we should ask why that is the situation. Me thinks it is because far to many leftist nations were allowed membership for no reason other than the embarrass the USA.

      Who are all these people who think you are crazy over your China predictions? I agree totally. They will push and push until it comes to blows, or just short of blows.

      By the way, I do not consider enforcement of open seas in international waters as a Hegemonic action. Not as long as much of the world is behind us in our enforcement of “international” laws and treaties.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The straits and narrows and canals are absolutely critical. Trade was the lifeblood of the british empire and they had a navy to enforce it. Just look at the choke points they controlled and some they still do. Object was to keep them open. Obviously in time of war, to control access and deny the enemy
        Falklands, Singapore, Gibralter, Aden, Yemen, Ceylon, South Africa, Suez, Malta, Cyprus, in WWII Iceland

        There have been international agreements without world bodies concerning the seas for a long time. Gaddaffi, tried a bit in the 80’s with claiming a no transit zone almost to Sicily. He for his troubles got a bomb up his ass.

        I totally understand what the chinese are doing, but I for the life of me do not understand why at this time. Break up TPP? which they were excluded from?

        • It is nothing more than expansionism and a weak USA..we have actually been the only ones to enforce the sea lanes in the past… looks as if we are going to have to use convoys protected by warships in the future….and if that comes about, so be it.

          Look at the signal we have sent on the Iranian gun boats that are harassing our ships now….They know that Obama will do nothing but probably pay them off in cash again under some disguised “debt”…..everyone of them should be sent to the bottom…..right now….today.

          For example, the Iranian gunboat that stopped in front of one of our ships forcing our ship to change course….we should have sent it to meet the virgins without warning.

      • But JAC, international treaty and laws do not work today in reality. If they did, where is the out cry in the China Sea? Where is the out cry on China occupying a phillipine Island? Where is the out cry on establishing military bases in International Waters?

        Why does there have to be an international body to negotiate treaties and rules…..just load your ship or plane and go.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          OK, I misspoke on a “body”. Don’t need a body, just need international treaties and agreements.

          Why is linked to COST. It is far easier and cheaper to ship on the seas when 99% of those shipping agree to the same rules which allow free passage on the open sea.

          You know full well that these rules are a good thing.

          So the real question is WHO is going to enforce the rules on a nation like China when they decide to play games with other nations waters and to try an impede shipping on what the rest of the world considers the “open sea”.

          International agreements reduce cost and friction. They do not prevent bad actors nor do the solve every problem. Sometimes you have to hit the bully right between the horns. Of course that maxim is a two edged sword!

          • OK… President JAC is in office….China closes the waterways in the China Sea for tolls. What does President JAC do at this point given the factors of today? My point is….no one, in my opinion, will do anything…and no one, other that the US has the power to stop China. Do you pull the trigger?

  32. Clinton quote today: “If elected, I will expand early voting.” Anyone see the irony?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Once we agree to vote “early”, that is BEFORE Election Day, then how can we claim that voting one year before an election is “to early”?????

      • Actually, I was referring to the fact that voting is controlled by States…..she is saying that she will force STATES to change their policy. How can she do that?

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          because she says so and is totally delusional.

          Her concept of truth and the truth are two different things. Just look at the released interview from the FBI, or her testimony to congress or then Comey’s testimony. All lies in our eyes, but to her world…who know.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Early voting is such BS. Absentee ballot is one thing. Things can change so radically in the last few months of the campaign……. can’t a person if they change their mind actually go in and vote and that “provisional” ballot is discarded?

  33. Just A Citizen says:

    I see the media and Dems this morning are claiming Trump unqualified because he said he would fire some generals.

    Apparently it is now un-American and un-Presidential to say you will fire people who are not doing their jobs.

    Looks like you can see the division in the military based on the separation of high ranking officers aligned with one candidate or the other.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      And what do they say about the generals Obama fired.

      • Obama fired specific combat experienced generals and put in political hacks…

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          But sir….people have short memories and do not remember those firings…..just think if you had made “Star” rank I’m sure you would have been one of the 1st to go.

          I keep seeing how Trump is crazy and a psychopath and has yet to show any outward symptoms other than speaking his mind. If any of the MSM would look up the meaning of “sociopath” Hillary meets that definition to a “T” and on the extreme end of the spectrum.

          • If I made Brigadier, I would have not lasted long. He fired all the way down to Division Field Commanders.

            • The precedents that have been set, i wonder if they can be pulled back by anyone. What you two are talking about here is like reading, “The Decline and Fall f the Roman Empire”. Litmus tests for generals lead to coups.

              • I feel that the most destructive precedent that has been set and rationalized away is the disregard for the rule of law. The last eight years has set that precedent greater than any other Presidential Administration in the history of the United States and that includes Wilson and Roosevelt. Hell, even Nixon was a piker compared to today.

  34. A football thought. The Seahawks are planning some sort of “unity” protest style thing during the playing of the National Anthem on Sunday. I’m good with that, for football reasons mainly. The hawks have a habit of slow starts. They are home double digit (10.5) favorites against a Dolphins team that is making the longest trip for a road game in the NFL. The odds are clearly in favor of the Hawks and for all intent, they SHOULD blow the Fin’s out. This is the likely outcome, should the Hawks players play to their potential.

    Which brings me to this point. Players who become pre-occupied with outside events tend to become major failures on gameday. The Panthers are a prime example of this, over confident, cocky, playing to the crowd and forgetting that they actually have to be focused on the game. With that, here are some thoughts on a few games this weekend:

    Dallas will play well enough to beat the Giants in a shootout
    Pittsburgh won’t play well enough to beat the Redskins, in a shootout.
    The Dolphins will beat the spread and possibly win. I see an overtime game! (Not a shootout).
    The Raiders will beat the Saints, in another shootout.
    The rest of the games will be close with at least 3 overtime games in Week 1.

    Let the games begin!

      • Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin has said that he wants to sit out the anthem during the next game. However, he said, “[I would like] to make sure I get all of my ducks in a row before I do so.

        Whatsamatter big boy. Gotta make sure your ass is covered before you make a fool out of yourself? I thought that when you protest, you protest, consequences be damned.

        “Anything we want to do, it’s not going to be individual. It’s going to be a team thing. That’s what the world needs to see. The world needs to see people coming together versus being individual.”

        …people coming together… That’s the point of the National Anthem you little weasle! Everyone standing and uniting together! WTF?

        • On 9/11 no less! 👿

        • Anita, This can be a good thing if the truth is finally brought to the fore front. The protest is about minorities being oppressed. This is fairly factual, but what is missing in this protest is the “by who” part. A vast, vast majority of minorities reside in Democrat controlled areas of the country and they have held power for decades, if not over a century. This is what needs to be screamed, loud and clear everywhere.

          But, like you I don’t like what will happening because it is not what I consider an appropriate platform. These young men, when in uniform are no longer individuals, they represent the team and the NFL, both of whom are certainly NOT oppressing minorities. Shame on the NFL and the teams for allowing something that isn’t likely to be heard with truthfulness. It’s political bullshit, brought on by Liberals and their Messiah. If this only continues to divide racially, then it won’t solve anything, it will just make matters worse.

  35. I took an interesting quiz…..

    Results: I apparently am a right wing libertarian.

    On Collectivism vs Individualism: I side strongly towards individualism meaning that I strongly support free market policies that create opportunity for liberty and success.

    On Regulation vs Deregulation: I side slightly towards deregulation meaning that I more often believe that government regulation stifles innovation and economic prosperity.

    On Laissez-faire vs Keynesian: I side moderately towards laissez-faire meaning that I believe that government intervention in economic markets leads to long term negative results.

    On Unilateralism vs Multilateralism: I side strongly towards unilateralism meaning that I strongly believe policy decisions should be made solely by those whom are affected by the outcome of the decision, despite opposition from those who are less affected or not affected by the outcome of the decision.

    On tougher vs tender: I side strongly towards tough meaning that I believe in tough love and have little sympathy for those that break the law or make bad choices.

    On Centralization vs decentralization: I side strongly with decentralization meaning that I believe that administrative power and decision making should be handled at the local level and serve the best interest of the local community. There is no one size fits all.

    On small government vs big government: I side strongly with small government meaning that I believe the government is overly bureaucratic, inefficient, and wasteful.

    On Pacifism vs Militarism: I side moderately towards militarism meaning that I believe that we should use whatever force is necessary to protect ourselves from foreign threats.

    On Multiculturalism vs Assimilation: I side moderately towards assimilation meaning that we should be a unified culture.

    On Isolationism vs Imperialism: I side moderately towards imperialism meaning I believe we should proactively address potential issues before they turn into a serious and immediate threat.

    On populism vs elitism: I am a centrist. ( That is all it said )

    On globalization vs protectionism: I side slightly towards globalization meaning that I believe globalization is necessary in order to increase the economic strength, prosperity, and standard of living of the Nation.

    On Environmentalism vs Anthropocentrism: I side moderately with Anthropocentrism meaning that I believe humankind is the central element of existence.

    On Traditional vs Progressive: I side moderately towards traditional meaning that we should be a civilized nation that honors traditional morals and values.

    On Capitalism vs socialism: I side strongly with capitalism meaning I support an economic system that features private ownership of wealth.

    On Privacy vs Security: I side slightly towards security meaning I more often believe the government should do everything within its power to ensure the security of its citizens.

    According to the test, I sided 89 percent with Trump, 84% with Evan McMullin, 73% with Gary Johnson, 70% with Darrell Castle, 23% with Jill Stein, and 23% with Hillary Clinton.

  36. Obviously I had way too much time on my hands.


    Now we could have leprosy in CA schools. No word yet if it is illegals or recent immigrants. How else could it got here? Every rare backwater disease is making it to our shores.

  38. Random thought. While Trump is running basically by himself since the jelly spined republicans are terrified of being associated with him, he finds himself running against Hillary, Bill, Obama and Biden. First time I’ve ever seen that!

  39. You know…..everyone is scared of Trump and I can think of only one reason why…..Mathius’ rule number one. There is no other reason.

  40. Unbelievable…..the Justice Department just gave immunity to the persons who scrubbed and bleached Clinton’s computers…..the progressives should be happy.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      isn’t immunity given for their testimony if they actually did something illegal and the DOJ for some reason is giving the illusion that they are continuing the investigation of Hillary?

      They clearly broke the law as the IRS did with destroying information, devices and every other thing detailed in the law about retention of government information, much less classified info. One just doesn’t get immunity for no reason.

      • Immunity also insulates from Congressional testimony and hearings. They cannot go after him nor can they compel him to testify….there is no penalty.

        • The deal was, as it was for the guy who set the system up, “Keep your mouth shut”.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            From what I read last night they also signed non-disclosure documents concerning their granted immunity. Keep it secret! Part of it was to make it that Congressional oversight committees could not compel them to testify. Even if they were, congress has shown that they are stymied anyway and can only recommend further investigation by the DOJ, and that we all know will not happen.

            It was also written that those that have testified to the committees, including Hillary, used the statement “I don’t remember” around 350 times for events that had very recently occurred. And these people are supposed to be the brightest and smartest people we’ve got.

            • gmanfortruth says:

              The Federal government, in the last 7 plus years has proven to be corrupt, as I an many others have claimed for a long time. When the top law enforcement agency,the tax collection agency and the agency in charge of upholding the law are leading the rogue road of lawlessness, we the people have lost. There are only two paths too take, accept it and do nothing, or accept it and fix it. Sorry, but voting is useless, except to retire Hillary. I will find joy in that, if only for a day or two.

  41. Dale A Albrecht says:

    It will be interesting to actually see what gets released in 2 weeks from Julian Assange. The second big thing is on the 1st of October when Obama plans on turning over the internet protocol to the UN. How much is put in place already to block any negative sites about Clinton? Just before the election. Not only does Hillary need the full vampire treatment but the zombi one as well.

    As SK said earier today, has anyone ever seen such sour grapes on a party’s candidate by the party itself as the RNC has. As far as I can see Trump is having to really go it alone.

    What I don’t understand, is how when it comes to voting in November and the Libertarians, absolutely know their candidate will only place a distant “show” that they wouldn’t at least go towards the candidate more likely to hold more libertarian vies than the Democratic party or Hillary, who promises to doubledown on Obamas disasterous 8 years.

    • Libertarians are not all that they are cracked up to be. There is a lot of selfishness going on there, lots of NIMBY. We now obviously have branches of libertarians, which surprises me. It seems that the NO MARIJUANA LAWS guys will back anyone who makes that offer. Just think, the world run by stoners.

      Dale I referenced the Shel Silverstein cartoon on “Revolt against conformity”. In the early ’60’s there was a Mad Magazine piece comparing the fall of empires in the past to the present. The common thread was when a society became soft, physically and mentally (implied) I still remember the last frame in the cartoon. It showed a bunch of overweight, indulgent Americans being run out of their homes and businesses by little guys with red stars on their caps. The caption read something like, “yet again the soft, flabby westerners are overtaken and conquered by the lean, hungry barbarians from the East! Now, that’s something I have been thinking about fro over 50 years. I loved it when “Mad” was equal opportunity.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The satire was great. I rarely saw an adult read it though. Most kids, even then, wouldn’t have gotten the subtle commentary much less now

        Flipping through my album of “New Yorker” cartoon

        1) titled “The rise and fall of man” shows a Primate then a Neanderthal, then Socrates and ends with William Jennings Bryan… other words, no matter how much knowledge we accumulate and assumed intelligence, does not make us smarter.

        2) An inmate is putting up a poster, “Sunday at 2 PM, Baseball game, Trustees vs Wall Street”….implication about Wall Street not being trusted

        3) A ladies meeting “Of course we must draw some sort of distinction between wishing to overthrow the government and not liking the present administration”

        4) A protester carrying a sign “The World is Rooled by Dops”

        5) A policman is arresting a protester and another is running up to him saying ” No No Sweeney! Identify! Empathize!”

        6) a follow-up cartoon to SK’s conformity one. A line of commuters are on the platform waiting for the train. Everyone but two, are dressed in wide ties, wide lapels, bell bottoms, sideburns, beards longish hair. The one businessman says to the other ” I feel like such a damn fool” These two have staright suits, narrow ties, clean shaven, hat.

        7) A police line up and one is dressed as “Uncle Sam” One officer says to the other “”Who was it that said, “patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundral”?”

        8) an airlines arrival board….Flight, From, Time Departs, Time Arrives, Odds.

        9) One near and dear to our hearts “Dad, you can’t expect to pick up the basics of the new math in a simple dinner-table conversation”

        10) “A caravan of California Millionaires fleeing eastward from the State income tax, encamps for the night in hostile Wisconsin territory”

        11) There are cliques in heaven, One group is telling a new arrival about a group over on the next cloud who are yucking it up and smoking fat cigars, “Oh, you can’t talk to that bunch, they all avoided probate”

        These cartoons all range back to the twenties and end in the sixties. So what topics are different today, almost one century from the 1st and 0ne half century after the last one was printed.

  42. The most embarrassing thing that I will pass to my children….is the state of the country today.

  43. Heavy thought for the day (for people willing to think).

    For months now I have been hearing about how “We don’t get along anymore” in America, “We don’t compromise anymore”, We do not respect each other”. I would posit that we have, after an unusual 70 years in the 20th Century, merely returned to normal.

    I would submit as evidence, the very last chapter in Stephen Ambrose’s masterful book, “Citizen Soldier”. In that chapter he discusses the returning GI from WW 2, our fathers and grandfathers. He, in a mere four pages, pointed out that this generation was unique to America. They faced the possible loss of the Republic during the Great Depression and the loss of their Freedoms in WW 2. They triumphed over both exactly because they worked together!

    Remember though this was not voluntary. There was none of that, “C’mon kids, let’s put on a show” you see in Andy Hardy movies. Instead, there was a directed response to a very real threat recognized by every living American at the time.

    Ambrose takes it to the next level. In praising America’s growth and maturation in the Eisenhower decade, he lays it at the very feet of both earlier crises. It was exactly because the”greatest generation” had seen the effects of that immense power of working together that it was able to accomplish what it did in the 1950’s and 1960’s. So a truly middle class society was born and the grave injustices of the past were finally dealt with. It was not the baby boomers who ended segregation but their fathers who did.

    With the retirement of that generation and the loss of the personal, hands on experiences they had, their wisdom was lost too. It is unfortunately the nature of man to dismiss the “old” way of thinking, for every generation to discover what it thinks a “better” way to manufacture the wheel. To put those old fogies and their antiquated view of things in the retirement home relegated to the dustbin of history while we cherish, “new” and “better” until it is our turn to be dismissed. . .

    We have returned to the pre 1930 America. The one where there was no commonality of interest, no “agreement” on priorities, where everybody “knows” that they are right. This was the America of the Free Silver folks, the anarchists of the teens and 20’s, the reds, the red scare, the KKK and its ilk, the know nothings, the progressives (good and bad), nascent labor unions, labor violence, management violence, oodles of other things and that very big disagreement, The Civil War. Barring a new crisis that threatens us all, this is the way it was, is and will continue to be and, perhaps, it is the way America is supposed to be. .

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I love politcal cartoons. There is one perfectly decribing your comment above. Shown is a flash mob in front of city hall in NYC, every banner was different esposing some cause and they were all contradictory, The caption read, “come on you guys! this must be the place” …and you don’t see the placards of the new arrivals. What the dems have done quite successfully is get all these disparate niche single issue groups that are contrary to each other to vote the Democratic ticket.

      Even in the 30’s there was a cartoon on wages. It shows the pay line, and a worker is on one side of a scale and the paymaster is emptying bags of coins to balance the scale. The caption reads ” I’m afraid this is going to play hell with the Presidential Guidleines”

      • It is funny though. The folks who “deplore” the current political climate are mostly boomers I believe. The final boomer births were about 1964. The new kids post 64 seem to have no problem returning to the “norm”.

        I’m formulating in my head a response to the charge about Southern Whites and the democratic claim that post civil rights era, the old segregationists all went over in masse to the republican party. May be my next big effort at thinking.

        Cartoons are great except I have seen some really vicious ones that are absolute lies which take on a life of their own. Sitting here 52 year later, I realize that I took the 64 Goldwater campaign way too personal. Probably has to do with the one thing my father never taught me to tolerate, lies. He was of the opinion that ALL evil starts as lies.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          That’s for sure. All one has to do is look at the lies spread in the south that ultimately brought into being the Jim Crow laws and the displaced “Planter” class regaining the Statehouses by driving a wedge between the blacks, poor farmers, republicans that formed a voting block against the Democrats desiring a return to the good old days. The MSM of the day, like the New York Times went right along with the lie without hardly a blink. Like reporting that white women are being raped by blacks wholesale and thousands of bodies are floating down the Fear River during the Wilmington Riots. When in reality < 25 people were killed but the political objective was obtained and the democrats regained the Capital through the tactic, of fear to divide and conquer.

          Worked then over 100 years ago so why not use it now? Sound familiar.

  44. Good Morning all you deplorable people at SUFA.

  45. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The only thing that the “communication” age has done is enable man to make stupid decisions quicker. “We have to do something” In most things, leave it alone and it will take care of itself.

    The point of one of my 1st cartoon descriptions was man’s evolution. Even though William Jenning Bryan was allegedly extremely smart and an intellectual was stupider than the primate at the beginning.

  46. Dale A Albrecht says:

    One wonders how many more States beside Minnosota (sp ?) will suddenly discover the “electors” by the Republicans were not done correctly by State law and thusly the democrats are demanding and have filed suit to have Trump’s name removed from the November ballot. Is that desperate or what?

  47. Dale A Albrecht says:

    How things do not change. I just finished watching an old British military comedy called “Carry On, Admiral” In it was referenced roofies. A psychiatrist was trying to pump some drugs into a person they mistakenly assumed as having a dual personality, and the patient said, “I take that and the next thing I know is I’ll wake up working in a club in Buenos Aires”. This film was from the 50’s

  48. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This morning while I was driving over to my workshop where I’m restoring my 1947 “Old Town” sailing canoe, NPR was broadcasting a program on how “Science” was so impartial, therefore to be believed. After working for just about my entire career around some form of science and statistics, whenever I hear that the scientific finding say, this or that, I always look now to see “WHO” funded the research. usually the results confirm the pre-conceived opinion or objective of the grantor. Scientists or universities are just like everyone else, they do not want their paychecks cut off.

    Or their findings are bastardized by those with a political agenda claiming one thing and the scientist said no such thing. But usually by then the gullible have been imprinted and it will take major re-education to correct the error. We’ve had at least 6 boom or bust climate change scares since the late 1890’s. Iceage-global warming-back to iceage- etc.
    Eggs, lethal to indespensible, gluten, meat, no fat, makes no difference as to when babies are born,

  49. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Been having fun digging through the “alternative” media the past couple days. You definitely can see why the governments hate an uncontrolled media source. Like showing Hillary’s Labor Day speech, that she literally could not continue due to coughing. She took something and was also handed something that she put under the podium. She blamed this fit on an allergic reaction. shown on CSPAN. (me personally, believe these are asthma attacks related to stress. She always looked a wreck as SOS) Later on her plane she started another fit while jabbing at Trump. Had to discontinue and went out of the compartment which then was closed off from view. This is one sick lady. This really makes me believe she’s really trying to make it through the election, maybe win by any means, and then resign for reasons of health. This unsteadiness and falling. Remember how the press got on Ford for tripping…..why not Hillary? Resigned DNC chairman Wasserman was on Hillary’s staff before taking over the chairmanship role from Tim Kaine when he was elected Senator from VA. Now Kaine is VP candidate, how incestuous are these politicians. All one big happy family.
    She keeps talking about how Trump is a loose cannon and will get us into WWIII, and he has threatend nobody. Yet she in speeches have directly threatened Russia and other countries, that if elected president that she will treat cyberattacks as an act of war and will take economic and military action. She also said about Iran, that she will flatten the place militarily if they continue their behavior. That was shown on Fox. Old news but laughing about killing Gaddafi, imagine the giggles when the Seals killed Bin Laden.
    A black rap star was on Al Sharpton’s show on MSNBC, Actually the rapper was pretty elequant in his speaking. He’s set up a charter sghool in Harlem, because he admonished the black youth by saying EDUCATION is the way out. He also went off script and said the Blacks have voted to much as a bloc…digging at the Dems. He said that they talk about us but do not come to us and talk TO us. (Trump) just did just that and the MSM went BS. The rapper said that the (the blacks) have got to start with holding their vote because, again pointing at the dems, they know they have the vote so really try or raly do anything.

    Dick Gregory…really got into rigging elections, which people say can not happen with the computers…..he pointed to in 1968 a tabulating error in the PA vote count gave him 9M votes…was it an error or the powers said it was just to be able to discount it?

  50. Dale A Albrecht says:

    In todays news Chelsea says that she will stay on the board of the Clinton Foundation if her Mother wins the presidency. Bill says he’ll resign.

    This whole thing reminds me of the scene in the film “Goldfather III” when Mary asks her father about the foundation he has, which includes his daughter. Mom says the foundation is just a front to launder money, is that true?”

  51. Been catching the 9-11 TV stuff this morning after a disappointing Sunday morning in church where I had to hear about forgiveness and diversity. It is amazing to me that I am lectured about forgiveness by my church yet no where is a mention made of the prerequisite for forgiveness…….contrition. Boy, how that catechism has been dumbed down since Vatican II.

    This may be the last time I watch the ceremonies for 9-11 because they are not much better. Everybody is whining about all these poor people, Well, I accept that but I think it is NOT something to dwell on nor should it be 15 years later, the center of public display. What is missing, as was contrition at church is RESOLVE. Nobody is talking about that. Same bastards still out there, still trying to do it again and we are lost in this fog of “remembrance” for some very nice people who are unfortunately long gone. .

    I doubt anyone will be reciting this name today, Nathan Ross Chapman, or ringing a bell in his honor. The people who had the resolve who led the way for some Justice well, they just kind of disappear into the wallpaper I guess.

  52. This is good.

    Fox reports that Hillary had a “medical episode” at the 9-11 event and was rushed off to a hospital.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Overheated? Come on. Only 80 degrees. The articles said they don’t know if she was in direct sunlight, because there was plenty of shade at the event. Furthers the proof she’s a blood sucking vampire. Those blue shades, were right out of Coppola’s “Dracula” with Gary Oldman, Wynona Ryder and Keanu Reeves..

      I don’t really wish her to much ill will. But enough is enough. There is no way she’ll stand up to the pressures of the highest office.

      My advise to Trump is to apply pressure forcing her to travel and get out there as often as possible. Did you see her hair styling today. Stringy and limp like she just wet it down and went out.

    • Yeah, they dragged her into that van. Darn, just when we were having so much fun with the basket of deplorables. (I’m probably going to hell but I have been cracking up at a lot of these deplorables comments)

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        They had to, her legs gave out and if they weren’t there she would have hit the floor of the van. The video showed that when the van stopped and she went to start moving, she just couldn’t move.

        The campaign announced now that she has pneumonia.

        • And I’m the Easter Bunny. I’m sure today’s faint was legit, but it did conveniently take the deplorables swipe off the headlines. She’s going down after these last few days.

          • Actually, the only problem that I see….she survived.

            • You SOB!

            • I suspect she has Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s does not explain the cough. Coughs are not usually caused by allergies. Asthma which is basically a lung allergy usually involves wheezing not coughing. They recently diagnosed her with pneumonia but the cough has been going for 6 months. Could it be lung cancer?

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                T-Ray….years ago when I was under an extreme amount of stress for a number of reasons, I’d get a cough that would not quit. I felt that my chest was just tied in a knot. No wheezing, at all. With all uncontrolled coughing I’d get short of breath, because trying to breath and cough at the same time just didn’t work . Coincidentally it was prior to landing in the hospital due to a near stroke. A week of every test they could think of was done and the conclusion was “remove” the sources of stress. I was able to remove 2/3 immediately and have had no repeat symtoms for over 12 years. Just observing HRC over the years, this person can not handle stress.

                What can not be explained away by pneumonia is the blanking out she has.

          • So much for the “conspiracy theory” about her bad health.

  53. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’m sure everyone here remembers Sen Thomas Eagleton, the original running mate of George McGovern in the ’72 election.

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