The Hatred Grows

racist12In typical Liberal progressive fashion, Hillary Clinton took to her pulpit and berated tens of millions of American voters in a recent speech.  Then, she doubled down, saying she regretted saying “half”.   This isn’t exactly the best way to sway voters who are undecided or swaying one way but could be won over by the other.  This was a very odd political moment, or was it?  First, she is an elitist establishment candidate.  Her disdain for a large part of the population shouldn’t be a surprise, but it doesn’t end with just Trump supporters, it’s ALL voters.

The Pig in lipstick is now laying in a hospital bed, suffering from some ailment, officially reported as pneumonia, but many suspect it is far worse and may even be neurological issues.  Her coughing fits, weird responses to different stimuli, blanking out during speeches and having to be coached to continue, are all part of what is likely a bigger issue.  None of which changes what she feels about you and I.  Most of us are used to being called names by the Liberal Left, it’s their M.O. when they have nothing intelligent to say.

This is the moment Trump was waiting for.  Clinton has stepped on her forked tongue.  The hatred grows for Clinton, and strangely enough,  it may be because she actually told the truth.  A rare event, rare indeed.



  1. Time for a new thread! 😎

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Both Hillary and Obama view any opposition as the “enemy” and have publically said so many times. That is a sad comment about what they think of at least 50% of the American people. Instead of alienating us they should be trying to convince us with positive actions that their way is the correct way as a nation to go. That they have failed on all counts.

      FYI I’ll make the same accusation to the Republicans. They don’t say enemy but if they wish to maintain the illusion of being conservative, they have to stand on principles and not keep moving closer to the left, while the DEMS haven’t moved an inch.

  2. Some insight as to what may be going on with Hitlary.

    • My wife was diagnosed with Parkinsonism several years ago. The symptoms did not fit regular Parkinson’s but it was related. We went from that to ALS (Lou Gerhig’s). That didn’t fit so the called it Multiple System Atrophy. MSA is about half way between Parkinson’s and ALS and has the same ultimate result as ALS just slower. Then she fell and it her head and was in a coma for 2 weeks. On waking from the coma, she was a different person. Much more alert, many of the symptoms gone. While in the coma, all meds were stopped. The cause of her problem was the meds. They caused brain damage. She has never fully recovered and has slowly declined since then but she had many of the symptoms I have seen in Hillary. The swallowing problems discussed actually were the first symptoms. Speech was next, then falling, tremors and stiffness. This woman should retire from public life immediately.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        T-Ray, I’m sorry to read about your wife’s medical problems. Medical doctors ha. My ex-wife was nearly killed by medications. The symtoms diagnosed as MS, but so severe the neurologist said she wouldn’t see the year out. He refused to allow a second optinion. I on my own contacted a research team at Mass General in Boston. The lead researcher just requested a copy of her records and said let me review them 1st before subjecting her to a trip to Boston. He sent a great analysis withing the week. In summary, he said the doctors at the UVM Medical Center POISONED her with the combinational affects of the meds. If she didn’t get them out of her system ASAP, yes they would kill her. The net affect of the meds was that there were traces of 46000 drugs in her system. 6 to the 6th power. WE stopped all meds and within 2 months she was symtom free and has never had a reoccurance since 1985. Luckily she had no permanent damage.

        The start was an auto accident. The receiving hospital refused to admit me and I had 3 broken vertebrate in my back and a fractured vertebrate in mt neck, She was released the following day, without diagnosing 6 broken vertebrate, a fractured skull, a dislocated jaw, damaged shoulder, broken femur and a crushed knee. These were all found at another medical center. When confronting the original medical facility, they said well everytime we tried to put her in a position to take x-rays she’d pass out from the pain… kidding.

        • Glad to hear your ex came out OK. Hope you sued that hospital. As a thought, when care is so obviously bad, why don’t insurance companies support and assist patients in suing bad providers? It is in their best interests to remove the quacks.

          I have grown to hate doctors. When we were going to the ALS clinic and UCSF, I tried to get them to do a drug screening. They refused. Had we done it then, we might have stopped some of it. It was pure arrogance on their part. I have on several occasions diagnosed a problem she had and solved it. When she was in the coma, she was having terrible whole body contractions. I stated it was withdrawal from one of the drugs. They did not believe me. I went to the literature and found a paper describing exactly what we were seeing. When I confronted the doctor, they wanted to put her back on the high dose she had been taking previously. I insisted on a much lower dose followed by observation. They gave her the dose then 12hrs later gave here a second dose. The problem was solved.

          A couple of weeks later she was awake but had a feeding tube in her. She was having terrible stomach pains some much so she was doubling up in pain. All they were doing was pain meds. I asked for an internist but they found nothing. Then I asked that they dilute some yogurt and stuff it down the feeding tube. They refused, only the normal gray gruel could be used. I said BS, I could puree some chicken soup and stuff it in there and do more good. Finally I met the speech therapist who was going to remove the tube to test her swallow reflex. I suggest she replace her jello with yogurt. Worked like a charm. Could have solved the problem days earlier had they listened to me.

          But back to Hillary. It is obvious that she does not care for the country or its people. It is all about being the first female in the White House, power, and money.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            The arrogance by the doctors was amazing. The CDC admits close to 200000 deaths in the US due to DOCTORS errors. Not just dying due to the malady you went in for. FYI, they all protected each other when we tried to get some sort of malpractice suit going.

            One of the injuries that I had was a spike or something driven through my hand at some time during the car rolling 4 times. I still do not have full use of my hand due to the due to the carpals being damaged. When the ultimate assessment was being compiled on my injuries, that was tossed because the neurologists said it’s Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. That’s work repetative work related, take it up with IBM. But one of the issues was, that the original receiving hospital destroyed all the records and xrays. So the lawyers just shrugged. Sound familiar.

            The local medical facility diagnosed my Mom with having arthritis. Just take some Celebrex and we’ll set up some physical therapy. The doctor REFUSED to let me see the xrays, stating that I could never understand them. Needless to say, she passed away 6 weeks later from advanced bone cancer. We had had to return to him after the emergency care at another hospital who then DID diagnose the cancer properly. The doctor there showed me the xrays 1st because he wanted to know what they were treating her for at the other hospital. He said, look at this, I could see her bones were almost transparent from the cancer. Went back to the primary care guy. had to due to medicare. He said, oh miss jean I just saw you what brings you back so soon. I showed him he report and xrays and he literally paniced. I then said….obviously you did not know what you were looking at and also your radiologists.

            I’ll state this again about Hillary. She has such an obsession about possibly becoming the 1st female president, she’s really hoping the make it. If she succeeds, she’ll resign in favor of Kaine, but the record will be set.

            Does anyone realize that Chelsea has a personal wealth of $15M. Not including her hedge fund managing husbands wealth. Much is from the foundation board, but she has contracts with some media outlets for an outrageous amount of money. Since the contracts (years) have been in place she has done exactly 58 minutes of actual air time.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Rick….here is a partial update from today about the events from yesterday. Apparently social media giants like Facebook are completely blocking discussion of yesterdays event. This BS that the Clintons keep saying, she was dehydrated etc etc. Now Pneumonia,, but also dehydrated again. When you look at the newer videos. that some were up yesterday….she is frozen and her legs just would not move and when the SS tried getting her to move she collapsed and had to lift/drag her into the vam. 79 degrees, she’s the only one with sun glasses, no activity causing sweating,,,,They’ve used dehydration several times to explain her falls, going back over a decade.

  3. Just A Citizen says:

    Seahawks avoided what could have been a very damaging situation yesterday. Every Hawks fan I know, and that is many, was going to dump the team if they followed thru on the promise of kneeling during the anthem. Couple of them were even going to cancel their “sports package” on TV.

    Apparently somebody told those highly paid, oppressed, players that their fan base pays their wages AND their fan base extends far beyond the Cascade Mtns. You know, where all us “despicables” live.

  4. Just A Citizen says:


    Per your commentary on the “Greatest Generation” and them discovering what they could do if they “worked together”. Me thinks you are over selling the “working together” part of your analysis post WW II.

    What we did have after that war was a govt., including Eisenhower, that understood how to use the Govt. to centralize major actions like the Interstate highway construction.

    I also disagree with the notion that this generation broke down the racism. The early boomers played a large role as well. We forget that much of the vilest racism was still alive and well in the 60’s.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      During the late 50’s my Father was one of the managers designing and implementing the SAGE project. I remember him coming home so angry after a business trip to the Pentagon. Traveling with him was a lead engineer, who was a black man, from like the Caribbean, his name was August (Augie) Baptiste. Accent like Sidney Poitier. In our nations capital he was DENIED entry and registration to the hotel that had been booked by IBM. Needless to say my Father also did not register in protest and they had to drive around the city trying to find a hotel that would admit Mr Baptiste.

    • I just agree with Steve Ambrose. Not to say you are wrong but, it was a very unique time and a very unique generation. None like it before and probably none like it again.

      As a history buff, I sit and marvel when, for example I contemplate the achievements in WW 2. Look at the armada off Omaha Beach, Ditto for the invasion of Okinawa.

      Imagine a floating drydock that could hold a battleship and be towed across the Pacific! Give that one to an engineer today and he will probably tell you it can’t be done. .

      A liberty ship and a half a day? 350,000 airplanes? Don’t forget the three classes of US Carriers and the 45,000 Sherman tanks. Totally boggles the mind! Ever sit down and just think about supply and logistics? M-1 Garand serial #’s got to the 6,000,000 range as did carbines.

      Well, guys like my Dad observed what happened and in the era of “The Man with the Grey Flannel Suit” and “The Organization Man” just continued. Forget for a minute the Interstate Highway System which everybody runs to when the ’50’s come up. There was Suburbia! Guys like Levitt watched guys like Kaiser and built a few million houses. Then there were the washing machines, dryers, ranges, refrigerators that had to go in them.

      Now, yes, the early boomers yelled, screamed, hollered, went on Freedom Rides and sung folk songs. It was their fathers who passed the legislation. While I do believe that the older generation “listened” to the younger, they already knew what had to be done, the kids just gave them cover and made it easier. As the old man often said, “Awfully hard to hate a man who you have shared a foxhole with”. And, even though we did not have an integrated military, guys like my Dad, observing how the service troops were treated came home with a new appreciation for tolerance and justice. I do remember him telling me that he had zero interaction with blacks when he grew up in the PA Coal fields but was stationed at March Field next to black unit with southern white sergeants and believe me, that made an impression on him and was something he NEVER forgot.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Interesting how people / historians and specifically the Democrats and subsequently the Blacks forget the armed forces did integrate, The great progressive southern racist leader named Woodrow Wilson segregated them. Truman undid that, latently, but still did it. Wilson, whom our great “black” leader consistantly references as an inspiration…etc etc etc

        • Yes, very interesting….a desegregated Armed Forces that is still segregated. More so now that ever before. Very interesting indeed.

          Very much like “coming out of the shadows” as a homosexual in the military. Try it.

          There is a difference in what is on paper and what is reality.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Racism was so rampant in ’75 in San Diego. But usually it was a result of a backlash of some action initiated by the blacks. In training we had 1 black. Initially he was made the company commander. he was dumber than a post, plus had to be rescued during swimming. Nice guy, but woefully unqualified in most navy occupations, especially technical. Later at subsequent training a carrier was disabled due to a set of machine tools being dumped into the induction gears. Found to be a black, At my base the assults upon women were ALL initiated by blacks. The hull techs/steelworkers took care of that problem. The blacks deliberately wore their uniforms askew, much less not even abiding by the civilian attire rules of NOT bringing discredit to the navy. Saw one guy walking on base in civies. Hair picked out to be around 10″ in from his skull. Ghetto blaster at full volume. Smoking, belt undone and dangling, his zipper was down, and his shoe laces untied and dragging on the sidewalk. A senior chief saw him and stopped. Never did anything except look in shock. The next guy that came along was white and in full uniform. The chief braced him up, gave a full inspection and wrote him up for having a thread coming undone on a button. The sailor was also in shock. The chief knew that if he wrote the black guy up, his career was on the line because he’d be called a racist.That continued throughout my entire enlistment. There was even a mugging in front of the admirals offices and quarterdeck. The majority of the blacks I ran into were pushed through schools just to make the racial quotas. Then they’d be passed up later and gotten rid of, and while they were attached to you, one just had to work around them.

            While active I got in just two altercations. While pulling Shore patrol one night, I stopped two guys from killing some rent a cops, used to augment SP. Pretty much the way I did that was to disable those two with prejudice. Turns out they were getting DD’s and before being shown the gate in the morning they went on one last bender. They were convicted of attempted murder and spent a long time at Portsmouth Naval Prison. The next week a black guy picked a fight, again while I was on SP. There was only one way that could turn out.

            Only one black at my next duty station, he was technically qualified but had a hair trigger temper, so he was just left to his own devices. At NAS Sigonella, in my immediate command we had one black. He was illiterate and he totally admitted it. But the system pushed him into the technical ranks. I got him posted to the base radio station and he was happy and so were we.

            Most of the problems in the last two duty stations was not racial in nature, just gender related. Every women at the 1st did not complete their naval tour. They’d get pregnant then opt out. The last one was 1/2 women and being a hazardous duty deployment due to terrorist activity, they’d be ordered at any time to be shipped out, back home. The guys were burnt out because we constantly were pulling double duty especially during that time of the month, or also the start of their pregnantcies, before being separated. Getting backfill was nearly impossible post Vietnam era, pre Reagan.

            • “Then they’d be passed up later and gotten rid of, and while they were attached to you, one just had to work around them.”

              This was very common….I had to work through this as a Senior TAC officer at OCS. There were “quotas” that were required. Percentages for females and minorities. Never mind that they were not qualified to be there in the first place. Test scores were manipulated.

              I was told not to discriminate ( which I did not do anyway ) but to “lend a hand” to slower candidates. In English, that meant to give second and third chances on specific things like physical abilities and the like. I was told that since the females were not going into the infantry that it was not feasible for them to carry an M60 machine gun. Etc. Blacks were given additional tests and more study time. I was told to pass them out of OCS and let the system handle them.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Swimming was a required test to pass in the Navy. The guy went into the pool and started beating his arms and kicking so, that he literally dug a hole in the water and went straight to the bottom of the pool. (deep end) The instructors and posted lifeguards couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They did not jump into the pool to rescue him, they just got their rescue hooks on him and pulled him to the surface. (he was marked passed)

                You had to identify the weak links quickly because they were a potential danger to the you and the team under any circumstance. The second chance came by ,yes, some extra time training and working with them to see if they did come up to requirements, just more slowly. If not, they were avoided and worked around. Just like you Army guys said, the new guys were avoided while out on patrol.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I forgot to add, that while stationed at San Diego, an all hands gathering was held. The Chief of Police from the city addressed the forces. He actually said the problem of crime, assults etc Blacks upon everyone else, that if it happens that the assailant just so happened to fall on his knife or other weapon of choice, there would be NO followup investigation…that is bad. In the State of peace and love and not in some deep south State, like LA (Lower Alabama)

          • Not particularly different from any job. You work side by side, talk about family and kids, but rarely socialize. I’ve mentioned it before Colonel, the comment from Plt. Sgt. Jesse L. Glover on day 1 of basic, “You ain’t black, you ain’t white, you is all green”. In my Guard Unit I knew a whole lot of old soldiers affiliated with the 369 Veterans Assn. “The Harlem Hellfighters”. Their stories, about a segregated army are quite memorable.

      • Had to take a look….My M1 carbine serial number is 159207, the M2 carbine is 77844 and the M1 Gerand is 0744656.

    • Yes, in the 60’s racism was still alive and well…I remember it….I remember my grandma calling them “darkies”. I remember mom and dad saying that it is wrong to have this blatant discrimination and, as a family, we would not do it but in the same breath they would say that the two cultures will never blend no matter what we do. Well, they were tight about the culture…it still does not blend…but, near as I can remember, it was my generation that actually did cross the line and include the “darkies” in everything we did. My grandmother would not even look at them….my mom and dad tolerated them….we included them.

      But it was not Johnson that deserved any credit….it was being done through generations. When the government instituted forced segregation, etc., it might have looked good on paper but it did not work well…and still is not working well. Law does not change perception…people change perception. Things would be great today had the law not forced issues. We would not even be having this discussion.

      Just take a look at the universities and the public schools. Go into the lunch rooms and see where people are sitting. Look at how many Black fraternities there are….Cultures seek their own levels of existence. They have for thousands of years and will do so again for te next thousands of years.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I agree. When in college, the blacks had their own activities etc, all voluntary.

        I just looked up Wellsley College, Hillary’s alma mater.

        2177 undergrads.
        49% are declared people of color
        23% are asians, primarily from China, Japan and India
        8% Hispanic
        6% Black
        36% are listed specifically as white.
        % remaining are undeclared or are whatever.

        60% receive tuition aid.
        7:1 ratio of student:professor

        Question is, are the white ladies from the US just not making the scholastics grades required for entry, or is it like Smith where they have declared a 3rd sex and parents are possibly refusing to foot the bill, and being white do not qualify for tuition aid and grants..

  5. Deplorable, huh. I can live with that. So, now, I am proud to be Infidel….and proud to be a Deplorable. Cool.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      It’s nice to have a label so we can be put in a category. Maybe being “deplorable” is a disabling condition and we qualify for additional SS benefits.

  6. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I thought that I’d paste this link with an analysis from the G20 conference. One of the last comments was that the US media will not cover what went on. Nothing we haven’t talked about, but this article and few samples of of the headlines on my at&t homepage. A lot of other good articles, and they are NOT US media, but european.

    Other headlines
    1) Dem Operatives expect “emergency meeting” to consider replacing Clinton.
    2) Duterte wants US forces out of PI.
    3) Clinton cancels trip to CA.
    4) The man who discovered CTE believes Hillary was poisoned. (the MSM has their own conspiracy theorists)
    5) Polls show Hillary widening lead…….how so may I ask?

  7. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I just want to point out something. This is concerning the convienient video that was taken at the 9/11 memorial ceremony of Hillary Clintons collapse.

    1) On Sunday, a video gets posted showing the van approaching to the curb, left to right and the image is at a distant and pretty clear but not that clear. Hillary getting into or attempting to get into the right hand side of the van.
    2) Most of the video that is now out shows the van coming from the left to right. With her getting into the left side side of the van. All the players are correct. Including the “attending Dr” The video is zoomed in and also much clearer. It has been enhanced besides being “Reversed”

    3) There is NO MSM video footage of the event, this is a personal device. Only one.
    In NYC I find it hard to believe that there was only one person videoing HRC leaving prematurely the event.

    4) The next video that shows up is clearly a DNC staged video as she’s leaving Chelsea’s apt apparently all OK. This is in about one hour after the medical event, when she collapsed and it required 3+ retainers to lift her into the van. Now she’s shown shaking hands with the doorman, no retainers, walks across the really wide sidewalk, waving and prroclaiming that she feels OK now, again NO retainers not even within arms length to catch her if she starts seizing up gain and falling. Stopping and bending over to bless this child who has just so convieniently walked through, ALONE, the SS line way off camera.
    I don’t know about you, but anyone who just had a “collapse” in full view of the nation is not about to be left to their own devices like that much less BEND down like she did.

    My theory……this has been carefully staged to give Hillary the excuse to back out. sort of gracefully, and the DNC replaces her. This is to preceed the “wikileaks” documents scheduled release in a week and a half, which would bury her. They just bought some time…….how’s that.

    I’m going to look at both videos closely to see which one is the correct image, NO REVERSED lettering

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      bullet 2 should be coming from right to left and getting into the left side….clearly the videos are reversed….why?

      I could not see any visible writing that would indicate which video was the correct one. I suspect the 1st one is because the way the van pulled up to the side of the road.

      The reasoning for her possible withdrawal and replacement was just from seeing some MSM headlines now, but also thinking obtusely because I have to much time on my hands.

      Everyone is now talking about uncharted territory about replacing a candidate this late and a possible delay of the election. These are not just alt media, but major outlets. Interesting time folks….

      • The videos are reversed. The vehicle name on the rear corner has the capital letter on the right instead of the left in the frame with the van moving right to left.

    • A few thoughts on this incident. Who is to say that the person coming out of Chelsey”s apartment building was actually Hillary and not a look alike? There are several side by side pics of her in the AM then at the apartment, her hair is fuller and thicker at the apartment.

      Secondly, why would the election need to be delayed? A couple things on this, there is no law that requires a Democrat on the ballot. Obama CAN’T change the election date, the States run elections, not the Fed’s. That’s not to say he won’t try, but he don’t have the authority. Now ask yourself, “what would cancel or delay a National election”? Those answers are what preppers prepare for. It’s the man-made ones that are being watched for. A national power outage would cause BIG problems. A nuclear war would also cause BIG problems. These are just a few man-made examples.

      I don’t think Hitlary is going anywhere, she’s too freaking evil. 👿

    • One pair of photos I saw of Hillary showed her waving. One was taken at Ground Zero and the other at some other time. They were comparing ring finger lengths and claimed they differed hence indicating a double.

  8. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Geez…the BS coming out of the FBI’s mouths is astounding. The testimony of the FBI interviewer (Hemming) was so incomplete and evasive. Then only summaries of summaries, were given to Congress. Much less stating that we can’t give you documents because they are so classified? Then Comey says that the decision wasn’t even close to prosecute. The case would go nowhere. What pray tell did their investigation really uncover? If they can not disclose the full investigation to Congress.
    Comey prosecuted Martha Stewart on far less, just obstruction of justice on a crime she was charged with that she didn’t even commit. Same with Scooter Libby on the Valerie Plane case. The real leaker confessed and he still proceeded on Libby, again got an obstruction conviction on a crime the accused didn’t even do or was in anyway involved in.

    I hope that if Trump gets in that his first item on his to do list is 1) cancel most if not all of Obamas EO’s if he can track them down, and 2) FIRE COMEY. 3) FIRE the IRS leaders.
    These last two have operated like the KGB and destroying political enemies and upholding those ruling.

  9. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Watched on MSNBC one of the apologists for Hillary’s collapse on Sunday. This person went on and on about how unbearibly hot and humid it was. The sun was so direct etc. Plus she was wearing dark clothes and a fleece long sleeve jacket and probably a long sleeve blouse. How low can they get. Everyone had dark clothes on. Nobody but Hillary had sunglasses on, even the SS didn’t wear their aviator glasses. It was 78 degrees and clear. A nice start of fall day.

    Much less they’ve used to excuse of falling due to dehydration several times. If that’s the case, load up before attending on fluids and a water bottle should be in hand, taking sippers. Nothing wrong with that, so obviously a known dehyration problem is not the problem.

  10. Let me see if I have this straight about Baltimore….The Blacks riot and destroy Black Businesses after a Black male dies in police custody with three Black officers directly involved in a police force that is 43% Black under a Black female mayor with a Black female State Attorney in a city ruled by a 94% BLack democratic staff…..SO, the first Black female US attorney appointed by the first Black President……………………blames racism as the reason.

    Ummmmm…..perhaps I don’t get it. You know how us old retired Colonel’s who know nothing…think.

    • What the Democrats continue to avoid is looking in the mirror and realizing that their ideology and policies are failing the minorities in this country. They know it’s their fault, but won’t ever admit it, so blame that spooky unfounded failing excuse called racism. If racism has anything to do with minority problems, it’s at the feet of their political leaders, democRATS. Statistics don’t lie, politicians do.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Must be all the Dr Pepper you drink……try kool-aid then you’ll understand.

      I do have to get back up to NC State library and pull out a small book of essays by Jose Marte, a cuban revolutionary, prior to 1898 and his essay on Racism. The essay was in spanish and I helped, as a tutor, some students up at Durham tech, a community college. These students were predominantly black. Marte said racism and slavery cuts across all races, for all time and even among same race, that is drilling into tribalism etc.

      The professor had given the essay to translate specifically to see if the blacks really understood racism and slavery.

      The students denied it. They said that racism is only against us, never the other around, nor slavery etal…..these are college students, so totally brainwashed.

      Just read the headlines about what is going on in Chicago….today and the past couple years. How the blacks can continue to vote for the Dems is unbelievable. There is a shooting every so many hours, 3000 to date this year, mostly black on black since the police have stepped back. I believe there have been at least 5000 deaths of blacks due to shootings etc over the past few years. Do the Dems care….not a chance.

      I like what a rapper said in an interview the other day…..we have to start with holding our vote. He started personally a charter school in Harlem, becase he said education, education education is the key. he’s stepped in where Bloomberg, De Blasio and Obama all have failed.

      What was Trump’s quote from the other day to the black community….”What have you got to lose”? God the MSM was all over him on that, but he’s right. You can’t get any worse off than what you are as an overall community than where you are now.

  11. On you tube you can get video of Petit mal seizures. also “absence seizures” looks pretty close.

  12. Interesting development……i the Senate hearings this morning….as it turns out, the person who installed and transferred emails from Clinton’s Blackberry and home computer saw, read, and knew what the emails were……..and he does not have even the lowest security clearance. Not even a classified or eyes only clearance….Zip, Nada, Nothing, Bupkus….nothing.

    The Federal rules and regulations SPECIFICALLY state…..if you knowingly surrender, transmit, or other wise transfer data, recorded, written, or otherwise to any person who does have a security clearance equal to or greater than your own, commits a felony punishable by fine or imprisonment or both.

    I might add, that in dealing with classified information, it is the responsibility of the individual to to over see and guarantee that the person handling any classified information has the proper clearance. This means you cannot turn the information or information system over to anyone, including a subordinate, without personally vetting the classification clearance. You cannot say, ” I turned it over to my assistant for proper disposal”…..

    GUILTY AS HELL>…..and, i thought it interesting, that the lad they were questioning said he saw the emails, saw that they were classified and continued anyway.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    On HIllary’s quick recovery.

    IV fluids. Seen it before. Within an hour of IV person is up and walking around, after suffering high fever and severe weakness. Possibly a little sucking on an Oxygen bottle as well.

    But no doubt that the video of her leaving daughters apartment is staged.

  14. Dale A Albrecht says:

    It’s always interesting to read someones curriculum vitae, especially someone like Hillary.

    1) As a teenager and a young republican supporter of Nixon during the Nixon/Kennedy election cycle, reports having observed the massive voter fruad that occured in the Chicago area, that as subsequent analysis showed and reported put Kennedy in the WH. Much less the R Daley quote to the Kennedy campaign “well, how many votes do you need”
    2) As a young Yale law school graduate was assisting in the congressional investigation of wrongdoing by the Nixon campaign and Watergate break-in and coverup
    3) As a candidate for president she and her campaign have been caught red handed manipulating the primary process with the DNC to insure she’s the candidate. Opponent, Sanders, jumping up and down through the process complaining and when caught NOTHING happened.
    4) she and the dems continually claim no voter fraud in America, but she’s been involved in it since her teens, and she and her party are continually trying to enact and enforce more methods of potential fraud. Lessons well learned
    5) Learned how to get serious money via supporters which up front appear legal, but are in reality illegal as hell and designed to bypass campaign finance laws. Whitewater, then her lesson on how to make money on Wall Street investments. A Tyson Food person, stood over her shoulder and guided her to just < $1M on her 1st trading exercise. Tyson Foods ultimately plead guilty and paid huge fines, but Hillary escaped. The direct Chinese money funneled into Bill's campaigns, got caught and nothing happened to the Clinton's

    She has learned well over her career…….how long has she been being groomed or planning her rise to power?

    I think it's high time we enact the dyed finger here in the US and have observers like we demand on other countries to protect against voter fraud.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Even though Walt Kelly’s, POGO quote “WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US.” was posted about the environment on the 1st earth day in ’70

      This is the writeup below the quote:

      In the poster, under the quote, Pogo is seen holding a litter pick-up stick and a burlap bag. He appears to be getting ready to start cleaning up the garbage humans have strewn

      in a real way, this hold true about the email issue and the unfettered corruption in our government. There is a lot of garbage to clean up.

  15. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I believe the reason that the government and administration is so hell bent on blocking this email investigation and the collusion, between the WH, DOJ/FBI, State etc the content when released will rock this country like no other event, including Pearl harbor and 9/11.
    It’ll show, the utter rot and corruption that has permeated the government for a long time.

    FYI, Hillary’s CV claims that she as SOS laid the groundwork for the Iran Nuclear Agreement, that Obama and Kerry finished.

  16. I am having so much fun watching the markets….the youngsters that are reporting on the markets….( Fox, MSNBC, CNN ) Have no clue what is going on….their tone about the market fluctuating and gains and losses shows that they have no concept of markets….

    • Dale A Albrecht says:


    • I keep warning people about the market. With the Fed keeping interest rates in the gutter, Stock is the only game in town. I do not know if you have been following the problems with pension plans. They must keep a goodly portion of assets in “safe” investments.Those have been yielding .5 or less for years now. The plans are going broke.

      Now when the market dropped 400+ points last week, the ONLY thing that happened was an increase in the 30 year mortgage rate from 3.40% to 3.46%. If something like that sets off a mini panic, we are in for one hell of a roller coaster ride.

  17. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just read a piece by Juan Williams from Fox. Writing about the “October” surprise. He says that it’s Obama himself pushing due to his >50% popularity in the polls. Literally unheard of territory for a for an outgoing president. Citing the economy, and all his accomplishments……what are people drinking to not see that this country is more torn than it’s been since Vietnam, more racial fracturing since god know when, A true unemployment rate that is close to if not double digits and graduates having no where to go, Obamacare is a disaster, we’ve just about lost every bit of respect around the world becoming laughing stocks, the military is gutted, the debt more than doubled in his tenure, The stock market is sheer BS, Baltimore tore itself apart, black on black, Chicago is even worse., the DOJ is absolutely corrupted …. take a breath……did I miss anything? does anyone here believe polls in any way shape or form?

  18. Dale A Albrecht says:

    According to rumors, is that if Hillary can not continue, the DNC would probably put Michelle in her place. With Obama’s popularity, and alledgedly polled satisfaction with evrything he does. People will will vote the ticket even though she has zero experience. Obama will be the tittular leader behind the scenes. Then he’ll pull a Putin. Originally be president for the limits. But he could become VP which he did, then after that presidents term Putin is back in for another 2. I think Obama plans on being a shadow president, then run again in 2020 assuming we still have a nation.

    Apparently Hillary has not done for a long time anything lasting but a short time without either leaving or taking a long break. A 90 minute debate, under pressure and lights how well do you think she will do?

    • Rumors, LMAO. Do these people realize that probably all of the States deadlines have long past to be put on the ballot? They would likely run Sanders, he has the support already.

  19. Dale A Albrecht says:

    You read the polls over and over about the blacks and who they’re voting for, 0% for Trump, 1% for Trump, 0% Trump, then you find one deep in the stack, that says 30% of the Blacks in NC for Trump. Granted Hillary still has 60% the last 1% over the other two candidates, But a number shift away from the dems like that has been unheard of for generations.

    I can not in anyway believe the 0-1 polls with so many cities that are a disaster for the blacks being run by the Dems, if not by the blacks themselves. Time to change management. A company dumps bad managment after awhile or it will hang up a GONE OUT OF BUSINESS sign up.

  20. The peculiar way Barack Obama became a United States Senator…….,_2004

  21. How does everyone feel about Trumps new plan on childcare, maternity leave and taking care of the elderly?

    Their also talking a lot about the lack of information about his foreign investments and how his companies in all these countries could cause a conflict of interest if he becomes President- course they also say Hillary’s foundation is totally different because they are so transparent, transparent ,they actually said transparent.

    • Well, I for one like it. I have had numerous discussions with my eldest on this over the years. Our society has basically created the demand that both parents must work. We both feel that will continue unless we can somehow return ALL tax burdens to what they were in the 1950’s and at the same time increase wages proportionate to that time which would allow mothers to stay home.

      In addition, we are dealing with this single parent stuff where Moms and some Dads have no choice and childcare is eating them alive. To alter this would require making all the folks dodging childcare payments out there to their ex-spouses to mature and become responsible. As Dad might have put it, “Fat chance!”

      The “true believer” conservatives like Cruz may be on life support this morning. Two points on that. They, if I remember correctly, all loved Bush the younger who they considered this great conservative. In many, many ways he was a lot more liberal than Trump and certainly NEVER spoke out on democrat excesses. The second, which I have been preaching for years is why “conservatives” do not understand something very, very basic. “70% of SOMETHING is one whole lot better than 100% of NOTHING”. Feel free to quote me on that.

      • I’d like to hear a little more about how he plans to pay for it. I have no problem with taking your childcare expenses off your taxes-seems fair. But the rest-I need more information before I agree another tax credit is a good idea. But I’m not really clear on how these accounts actually work-as far as matching funds and such.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I look at the “requirement” of two incomes as which came 1st, “the chicken or the egg”

          Did real costs go up in reality requiring two incomes to attain just what our parents had in the late 60’s and early 70’s

          Or did the fact that most people since the 70’s had dual incomes just had the extra capability and the markets took advantage and raised prices accordingly. And in reality then the dual income achieved nothing but only allowed a status quo lifestyle of what one had in the late 60/70’s

          note: The extra appearance of MORE and better was achieved by unsecured credit which only worsens the problem, and usually did not exist prior to these dates.

          note: There are always exceptions

          • You are right also. There are the expectations of the good life, the two cars, the ten TV’s the $ 35,000 kitchen that nobody uses because they are eating out the time share or summer rental but let’s look at small town America. Let us look at the tax burden, payroll taxes in particular but also sales taxes (nonexistent or minimal in the 50″s), State and local taxes, school taxes, personal property taxes. After Child care and the penalty of being in a higher bracket for dual incomes, there is not much gained by both working but enough to get out from under. Friend of wife’s works almost exclusively for the health insurance she gets. her husband has no plan at work and a family of five in North NJ pays a fortune.

            I don’t think I have to look up numbers for you guys on single parent households now vs. then. You know the bad news.

            Pay for it! Well, I watched Ivanka duck that one yesterday. This is a to be worked out thing. Partially it will be paid fro by increased productivity and increased revenues, same as tax cuts does. Partially it will be recovered from Welfare payments not made anymore. Hopefully alternative ,methodologies will be worked out. Eldest son works in DC two kids in “Federal day care”. $ 1,760 each per month! Seems a bit high. Remember it is not going to welfare Moms. I liked the tax cut/credit for Moms who raise their own kids.

            One of the biggest things we are going to have to hope for in a Trump administration is efficiency and cost cutting. I’ve been in government at the NYC level. The waste is monumental. You may (or may not) remember that John V. Lindsay ran for re-election with the slogan, “It is the second toughest job in America”. I always liked that because whatever screw ups happen on a national level are here too usually first. Giulliani proved that the monster could be tamed without new taxes or fees. Bloomberg kept it going by imposing new taxes and fees.

            If he can cut through the red tape, rein in the agencies proclivity for new more expensive rules and mandates we have a shot at freeing up a whole bunch of money.

            One other theory I personally operate under is getting something for your money. Mostly government feeds bureaucrats and gets nothing in return. Just two weeks ago, I visited the Highbridge Pool in NYC where I spent many summer days as a kid. This WPA project has been serving the community for almost eighty years now. Besides the initial jobs, it has been a place where us inner city kids and our successors could blow off some steam. There is a savings there. Beats the hell out of incarceration. You can look at it every day. You can look at the results of someone’s labor every day. You cannot look at food stamps or rent subsidies. they leave nothing lasting.


            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              But isn’t this all a dog chasing it’s tail? The government passes initially what it seems to feel is a good. They either tax more to fund it or print more money, devaluing what you had. Either way the people have less to take care of the things they used to be able to take care of easily. creating more demand on the government to do a good, and on and on and on, around we go. To make up for the loss to get what we used to have easy credit was devised further deepening the loss.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Like I said in the beginning. He is a PROGRESSIVE Republican.

          Don’t sweat the details. The issue is whether the Federal Govt. has the authority to spend money on childcare. THEY DON’T.

          Next question is whether they should have that authority. THEY SHOULD NOT.

          • Don’t sweat the details. The issue is whether the Federal Govt. has the authority to spend money on childcare. THEY DON’T.

            You say that.

            My interpretation of the Constitution says that.

            But neither of us are federal judges who get to make that determination. My guess is that, if the Feds want to find a way to do it, they’ll find a way to do it. Even if that means giving funds to the states to do it and forcing the states to do so by threatening to withhold other goodies (ie, their standard MO of doing things they aren’t allowed to do).

            Next question is whether they should have that authority. THEY SHOULD NOT.

            General Welfare, maybe….? “[T]he laying of taxes is the power, and the general welfare the purpose for which the power is to be exercised. They [Congress] are not to lay taxes ad libitum for any purpose they please; but only to pay the debts or provide for the welfare of the Union. In like manner, they are not to do anything they please to provide for the general welfare, but only to lay taxes for that purpose.” – TJ

            So, probably not General Welfare.

            No… I’d probably opt for them to butt out of this. But I’m open to hearing arguments.

            But, if we, as a society, determine that they should get involved, then we, as a society, should have to explicitly grant them that authority by means of an Amendment.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              AGREE, completely.

              They don’t, they shouldn’t, they will anyway.

              And yes, if we want them to have these “modern” powers we should explicitly grant those powers to Congress, via Amendment.

              In fact, we should go back and address many of the powers they assumed in the same manner. Either ratify them via amendment or tell Congress to pound sand.

    • VH…programs like this appeal to voters. I am against it as a government mandated policy, It has to be paid for in some manner. Look at the numbers. If you allow a tax deduction to the family, there is less revenue coming into the treasury from the individual. If you allow the business deduction, there is less revenue coming into the treasury. If you mandate it in the manner trump is talking about, ( through unemployment ) it is based on a percentage of revenue….which is a cost..which is a deduction…..less revenue coming into the treasury.

      If you want to balance the budget, and you take revenue from the treasury….how do you do it….without raising taxes.

      • Leave it up to the individual employers…if they wish to provide it….great. No tax deduction. If you have a child, look for a company that provides this benefit. The market place will provide, if given the chance.

        Look at it this way as well, if Trump’s plan is put in effect with no cost offset…and it is payroll based, meaning a percentage of total payroll…..what would stop the employers from using independent contractors. As you know, this is what we did. We dropped employees and taught them how to be independent contractors and let them budget their own money. It works quite well…

        • The marketplace will only provide if it NEEDS labor,. That is the entire immigration, H-1 visa and exporting jobs issue. Right now, employers are in the drivers seat.

          Yep, quite familiar with the “independent contractors” dodge. Up here that involves cutting what I would have paid you substantially (not to mention benefits) . Lookie at all the money you are getting!!!! Wow!!! Until April 15th.

          • Interesting you use the term “dodge”…..why, in your opinion, is that a dodge? As an independent contractor, you have the same rights and privies as any corporation….is it a dodge, in your mind, because you feel that an employer “owes” you something other than a wage?

            • Before the Depression, most farmers had hired hands. Their wives also had help in the house. They were payed with room and board plus a small wage. Then the government stepped in and mandated income tax withholding, social security, workman’s comp., overtime, etc. For an individual to hire a single employee and pay in R&B or other means opens one up for all kinds of legal problems. Hence some of this work goes to the black market (cash, think immigrants), some goes to agencies that handle all the paper work, and some of the jobs are just not filled. For me I use an agency to provide support for my wife. It substantially increases my cost but I have no legal worries and no extra paper work. But the bottom line is that government creates most of the problem and more government will just create more.

              Most companies do not provide daycare because of the liability issues. Due to regulations, a stay and home mom can get into legal problems if they babysit the neighbors kid before and after school. One mom in MI a few years ago got hit with running an unlicensed daycare because she watched the neighbor kids playing outside in her yard while waiting for the school bus. The service was free but that did not matter. Again government interference causes more problems than it often solves.

              Col., I was for a short period of time an independent consultant, incorporated as an S-Corp. The rule then, and I assume it is still in place, was that I needed 3 clients every year to maintain contractor status. If your “contractors” are only working for you, they could comeback and sue you for benefits. Texas law may be different but I know this applies in CA and NJ.

  22. I’ve been watching CNN off and on. I have yet to see the full video of Clinton collapsing. Once I saw a clip where it showed her standing there waiting to get into the van but nothing else. Has anyone else seen them actually show the whole video?

    • Ask and ye shall receive:

      Looks like a sequel to Weekend at Bernie’s. (Maybe she’s been told too many time to be more like Bernie, and got confused about which Bernie to emulate?).

      In any event, it doesn’t look good, but I don’t have context, nor am I a medical professional. I saw something about pneumonia, which would make like tough for anyone – especially someone with her schedule. What do I know?

      What’s interesting is that these keep happening in snippets away from the camera in 1 and 2 second shots that are carefully selected spliced together to form a narrative. I tripped (on thin air) a while back and messed up my ankle. Just yesterday, I stubbed my toe. A few days ago, I walked into a wall. I forget things a lot (ask my wife!), and sometimes get mixed up about things or have trouble speaking clearly. If I were running for President, and had cameras on me every second, you could probably put those together and diagnose me with Parkinson’s, too.

      Here’s what I do know. She is (probably) human. I won’t rule out the possibility that she’s a lizard person, but I’m at least 90% sure she’s a human being. And human beings – especially at her age – trip and slip, and stumble, and stutter, and sneeze, and cough. And if you’re being watched all the time, a fair number of these are going to end up on camera for people who want to over-analyze things and try to assemble into a narrative.

      Could she be (really) sick? Sure.

      So could Donald.

      I have about the same level of confidence in their respective health conditions. They’re both (probably) fine, nothing special, operating under inhuman amounts of stress and frantic work-schedules and not getting enough sleep. Dr. Mathius prescribes them both a weekend in the countryside and a full night’s rest.

    • Been on Fox, Fox Business and OAN quite a bit. Rarely ever watch the Clinton News Network.

  23. Full quote

    You know, just to be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people, now have 11 million. He tweets and retweets offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric. Now some of those folks, they are irredeemable. But thankfully they are not America.

    How is it that the first clause of this sentence keeps getting missed in the infographics I keep seeing (such as the one at the top of this article)? What is it with you conservatives and truncating off important first clauses? (*ahem* A well regulated militia… *ahem*). Do you have something against context?

    In any event, half seems excessive to me. That would mean a few tens of millions. But, yea, that’s actually probably fair if you’re going to be aggressive enough to call a casual homophobe “deplorable.” I would probably ballpark it at around 10-15% of the population who are irredeemably sexist/homophobic/islamophoic, but (A) I’m just pulling that out of my ass and (B) I’m not running for POTUS and should be held to an accordingly lower standard (or, rather, she should be held to a higher standard).

    For what it’s worth, I don’t buy “mispeaking.” She is smart and well scripted and said exactly what she and her team meant to say. What she means is that she is sorry the “half” got picked up as a faux pas. They probably batted it around and focus-tested it and arrived at “half” as a harmless-seeming “statistic” that wouldn’t be interpreted literally as meaning tens of millions of people, but rather, “a non-insignificant number” of his supporters – especially given that caveat that she was being “grossly generalisic.” But, she didn’t misspeak. She made a judgement call on how to word the attack she was trying to make, and it backfired. Such is political life. No one bats 1000.

    She then when on to clarify that the other “half”

    […] are people who feel that the government has let them down, the economy has let them down, nobody cares about them, nobody worries about what happens to their lives and their futures, and they’re just desperate for change. It doesn’t really even matter where it comes from. They don’t buy everything he says, but he seems to hold out some hope that their lives will be different. They won’t wake up and see their jobs disappear, lose a kid to heroin, feel like they’re in a dead end. Those are people we have to understand and empathize with as well.

    And yet, this portion has received essentially no coverage whatsoever. Odd.

    • Well Matt sort of like you guys forgetting “the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms.”

      To have said it is just plain stupid. Pneumonia or Petit Mal notwithstanding. The latest Colin Powell leaks have sealed her fate. She does not like Obama huh? Well that is not going to sit well, not at all. Hard to capitalize on his outstanding approval/likeability ratings when you despise the guy.

      Awfully hard for her to talk about “change”. Is she saying the “hope and change” guy let us down? Is she saying the last 25 years let us down? Is she saying She let us down? Wow!

      Still sticking with my 65% 35% split in a two way race. Getting closer every day.

      • Still sticking with my 65% 35% split in a two way race. Getting closer every day.

        I’ll take those odds all day long. Name your steaks.

        And, yes, I do mean steaks.

        • Different stakes… yankee boys would not KNOW a great steak if it hit you in the butt. Besides, what did you do with the raptor steaks? Went to a place, in the 80’s, called the Russian Tea Room ( I think that was it ). Asked for a T Bone steak….a T what?, I was asked…A Steak, I promptly replied. They had something called a New York Strip, Rib eye, flank steak, Sirloin, etc…..but no T bone… I ordered the next best selection…a Bone in Rib Eye….another quizzical look and I settled for a Rib eye……and then they brought ketchup and steak sauce…….some under cooked crunchy asparagus….a potato whipped up in the skin….and a roll that you could play ice hockey with…..

          The only thing really edible was the Rib eye, surprisingly cooked as I asked ( after a fight wanting my Rib Eye medium well )….and the Black Forest Cake Desert…the wine was not too bad either…..and the water was obviously bottled from somewhere ( no harsh chlorine taste ).

          Do you yankees up thar’ eat ketchup on everything?

          • you yankee boys would not KNOW a great steak if it hit you in the butt

            Of course not. Because that’s not where a great steak belongs.

            Ketchup does not belong anywhere near a steak. Period. Full stop.

            But teriyaki glaze… well, now, that’s a different matter entirely.

            • Oh my……Really….you are going to pan fry a T bone?

              But, I had some promise in you on your comment about ketchup and steak….and then you throw terriyaki glaze in there……hooo boy… need some help but I do not find you impossible……………………………………yet.

              • Tell you what. Next cow you butcher, send me a cut of your choice and I will cook it up according to your exact instructions (including aging as indicated). I will report back with my findings.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                As my Father in Law said one time about how he wanted his steak cooked. He said “just slap it on its ass and send it in”

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Not sure how you think the full context of HRC’s comment makes the thing any better or excuses the comment at all.

      Shall we compare the MSM’s reaction to Romney’s 47% comment and their reaction to HRC’s comment about “half of the Trump supporters”??

      I do agree it was not a slip. Let us not forget that not long ago during the Dem primary she referred to the Republicans as “our enemy”. She has used Republicans as her foil for decades. I think she has come to believe her own phony rhetoric.

      FACT. She suffered a severe concussion due to one of those “slips” or “falls” or was it a “black out”? She has not been the same since.

      • Shall we compare the MSM’s reaction to Romney’s 47% comment and their reaction to HRC’s comment about “half of the Trump supporters”??

        I actually have thought about this as an excellent example.

        Romney was saying that from a vote-getting perspective his job was not to worry about the 47 percent who weren’t going to vote for him regardless. This is actually a very sound piece of thinking. Why fight to get votes from those you can’t convert? Forget ’em. Fight for the middle / undecideds.

        But, see, he phrased it poorly. “My job isn’t to worry about the 47%.” Whoops. Well that snippet got taken out of context and blown up and he got beaten to death with it.

        Clinton should have known better. She should have seen the similarity a mile and a half off.

        But, alas, she didn’t.

        Clinton was very clear that she was talking in generalities. That she was saying half as a throw-out pseudo-stat to suggest that a significant portion of Trump’s support comes from her (stupidly named) Deporables. She even went so far as to put the caveat in front that she was speaking in “GROSS GENERALITIES.”

        But, whoops. She said half. And it’s on camera.

        So now the news cycle and meme-idiocy filters it down to the simplest form: Clinton called tens of millions of Americans racists.

        I expect her to get bludgeoned thoroughly for it. I suspect we’ve really only seen the ice of this iceberg.

      • She has not been the same since.

        Did you like her before?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I have NEVER liked her from the time of her interview with Bill over the “alleged” affairs and her claiming a “vast right wing conspiracy” had been after her Bill since his first days in Arkansas. Like the vast right wing gave a hoot about some young runt from Arkansas before he became the bimbo hunter in the State house.

          Please think back to my early posts about the Clintons. I have PERSONAL experience in dealing with the Clinton White House and the minions the DNC has in Congress.

          The DEMS need to CLEAN HOUSE from top to bottom.

          Oh, almost forgot. I was not talking about my like or dislike or her policies. I was talking about her behavior since the concussion, along with her physical appearance.

          There is something wrong with her. I do not know what it is and yes it could just be aging. But her aging is not looking as good as Trump’s aging relative to her sharpness over a period of time. She does seem to lack real stamina.

          FACT: The Clinton’s will lie and ever Dem leader will swear to it. Until they are caught completely, and maybe not even then, the media and elites will cover for them.

          FACT: Just as the Republican elite and Fox News covered for Bush II.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        And broke her arm on another earlier occassion, when she was in her 50’s

        In an interview on Charlie Rose, Bill said she falls frequently!!!!, not rarely, not infrequently, not never., but frequently……those of us that remember the 70’s must remember the ridicule the press heaped on Gerald Ford, for tripping and these were real trips and getting tied up in his shoe laces…….OK where’s the fair play, if she is not sick, then ridicule her for being a damn klutz and keep her away from any sharp corners lest she injur herself….oh I forgot that’s sexist.

  24. In other news, WordPress tells me that my very first post on SUFA was 7 years ago, today.

    Happy anniversary, you lunatics!

  25. 70% of something is a whole lot more than 100% of NOTHING!

    Remember that!

  26. Trump is doing now from the political right what Paul Krugman has done so successfully over the past decade and a half from the political left, which is the following: boisterously assuring people that their untutored instincts about the economy are indeed accurate – telling people that what they immediately see in economic affairs and policies is all that there is to see in economic affairs and policies.

    – [Source temporarily withheld until I see what y’all have to say about it.]

    • Your source also thinks that cheap Chinese goods are a boon for our economy…because cheap….because more disposable income to spend on more cheap stuff… while we have become a service economy in the meantime….and while no one under 30 can turn a screwdriver on their own.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Just read that 80% of our economy is “service” related. Not making anything. In an economics class years ago when the economist were touting the transision from from a manufacturing economy to a service economy. Most innovation comes from people that make. A brilliant scientist may have the idea, but it takes the nuts and bolts people to actually make the product into something viable. I was in for years one of the highest technical businesses there is. The lab dude’s sort of made something wiggle and the world cheered. It was usually unmanufacturable, much less really work. The “designs” and “processes” that we’d receive from labs never were anywhere close to the work and redesign and product that eventually went out the door, fixed by us manufacturing engineers out on the floor. Not the PHD’s

        Just ask anyone how they feel about the last several releases of microsoft products. They were absolutely shit. I’ll ask D13 what they in the great state of Texas think of IBM and their failed software and computersystem attempts with their government accounts. It was not just the state of TX. It was every State account that IBM touched. There were some accounts that we at at&t refused to take because they were such an unmanageble wreck it was over ten years of attempted repairs and still were not done when I retired.
        You have to truly understand the business to design a system that functions. You can not just bring in a bunch of contractors/temps just because they know a type of code.
        When we hired IBM to handle our network system upgrades at at&t, in the last 10 years I was there, NOT ONE provided the service and expected performance that was requested by us the customer. Something always was wrong. They’d do a quick patch, but with the next release that patch usually blew up……just like Obamacare rollout. The patches to just make it work have got to be on the hairy edge of collapse.

        If being a doctor or nurse is considered a “service” industry, they KILL up to 200000 people a year in this country. Where is the outrage?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I agree with one exception. It is not the “political right” that Trump is convincing.

      But otherwise, I think the comment is pretty accurate relative to the “big picture”.

    • AND there is no ‘unseen’ whose reality can be perceived and understood only by looking beyond that which is immediately obvious.

      This actually goes way back to Sun Tzu…the Art of War.

      • “the highest excellence is never having to fight because the commencement of battle signifies a political failure”. To be a “smart” warrior, one had to understand “the soft power of attraction as well as the hard power of coercion”. This speaks well in economics.

        • One of my favorite quotes: Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

          • Yes…….but violence is justified when ketchup is brought into the presence of steak…or actually…anything.

            • It’s good on fries, occasionally (though there are better options).

              I also don’t hate it (though there are better options) with chicken nuggets.

              Also, I have been known from time to time to eat a bologna sandwich which is good with ketchup.

              Ketchup is a good ingredient in a bunch of things including meatloaf.

              It’s an option on a burger or a hotdog, too.

            • During the 2nd World War, Dad was in England fro two years and change. By and large he ate powdered eggs sometimes with real eggs mixed in. He added ketchup to make them palatable. He brought the habit home to me who brought it to one son who passed it on to a daughter. That, is how the world turns.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              I haven’t responded to anyones comments about Ketchup…I’ve been in shock for days. I can not believe that with such intelligent people here on SUFA ketchup is even in anyones kitchen.

              I will tell you one dinner party I did, the main course was Filet Mignon. Sear them off to get a slight crust, finish in the oven with a sauce made with fresh figs 1/4’d and an $80 bottle of Amarone….talk about good

          • Violence doesn’t settle anything….it settles everything!
            Robert Heinlein

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    Just something rather bizarre. At CNN I saw the following headline:

    “Powell: Benghazi a ‘stupid witch hunt'”

    Why is this strange?

    Last night before heading to bed I checked the news sites. The headline last night on one site was:

    “Condi Rice claims Benghazi is nothing but a witch hunt”.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Follow up:

      Now at Huff Po the headline is “Benghazi a witch hunt; Condi agrees”.

      What is missing from the headline is the primary point made by Powell and apparently agreed to by Condi Rice.

      Embassador Steven”s death was mostly his OWN FAULT. He thought the Libyan’s loved him and that he could wander around without security. This per Colin Powell.

      Way to go General. Blame the dead guys. Don’t address the underlying questions of why he was actually there. Why he met with the Turkish rep. just before the attack. Why was the CIA annex expanded in that location when the Brits and others had vacated due to “hostilities”???

  28. Just A Citizen says:


    I am betting the Wikileaks release between now and November will be disappointing.

    Not just about Hillary, but because it will not pull the curtain far enough back to see just how corrupt, incestuous and cynical towards we the people, the political elites have become.

    • I am betting it does not have much to do about Hillary…..I do hope it hits the elites pretty hard, except me of course ( a self styled elite )…and I hope it hits the Clinton Foundation very hard….

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Hitting the Foundation right between the eyes and showing the links into the government will be sufficient. It’s not a charity but a huge foreign lobbying funnel, for a fee, into the channels of the US government.

        Hillary claims she is so tough on the mean and nasty Putin and Russians, So why in the name of God, did she approve, so quickly, the sale of 20% of our uranium resources to the same oligarchs that “donated” what, $950,000 for a couple of speeches by Bill
        Hillary claims in her CV that it was her hard work laying the groundwork of the Iranian nuclear deal that Kerry and Obama consumated. We all know how that is turning out.

        Forget Benghazi…Libya and why is a bigger issue. but the email trail and the proof the system was hacked etc will make it unavoidable of her being deemed incompetent. her callusness and gloating “We Came, We Saw, He Died” and laughing. I can only imagine the night Bin Laden got it.

        So where did Julian Assange get the new batch, that are being promised to be ample to bring her down?

        The government and courts keep consistently telling the people ignorance of the law is no excuse. But Hillary used it with the FBI.

  29. Now, here is a question for anyone…..Are emails, like snail mail, private?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Not according to a Supreme Court ruling the other year.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I just did a quick scan using Google. Most of the cases involved were around company or government issued devices. Employees claiming a right of privacy, even though it’s not theirs tools and equipment etc. Companies scanning the use of their assets like porn, racial bigotry etc. Also, if you stretch it using company time and materials for personal use, that’s stealing. The court ruled that there is NO expectancy of privacy.

      To Hillary case, I believe she’s claiming “private” so no matter what she does she can do whatever she wants with the content etc. Except what the press is reporting is that the government ie the taxpayer got stuck with the bill for the servers. That to me takes it out of the realm of private, but an employers device which is the government. Now, the lawyers are of course claiming all communications even though they revolved around government information, which is NOT private, but the governments property. Lawyers will argue just to confuse. The ten’s of thousands of government emails she did not turn over at the end of her tenure, she basically stole and tried to destroy her employers property, claiming they were private communications.

      I could NOT find the cases I heard about where the SCOTUS also claimed no privacy on personal emails and wireless and text messaging even though it is your device, but the message has left your possession. I think these came about when cases hit the courts about the government surveillance and meta data gathering. But google, facebook etc are not above making it real hard to get at some info or blocking it all together. They did not find that the governments warrantless searches and collecting of your electronic communications, was the same as the 4th ammendment rights.

  30. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Thought the rest of us ex-military types might enjoy this old british film. Watch the paper pile grow as the memo moves through channels.


    I bet the MSM isn’t reporting this. FOX might soon, but it won’t get much anywhere else.

  32. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Granted this was a few years ago, but it shows how serious the courts in the UK treat lying and purgury, regardless of who does it. All the people and women that the Clinton’s defamed and lied about under oath, just think of results if….. There would have been No T Kennedy after Mary Jo’s death. and no Clinton’s today.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just take Hillary’s testimony under oath to Congress and the FBI. And then Comey saying under questions from Gowdy…..was this factual…..No, bullet by bullet. And then congress has to ask the DOJ to open an investigation of the possible purgury. Possible, my arse. But then as the DOJ says, well purgury is hard to prove. They have the records of lie after lie after lie and activities to obstruct the law and the investigation by destroying supoena’d evidence and government records etal.

  33. According to one of or quite possibly THE most deplorable, dishonest, lying, cheating, thieving, America hating scam artists of all time, Hillary Clinton, my family, friends & all really good, productive Americans are deplorable.

    Deplorable because we know we should enforce our immigration laws.
    Deplorable because we don’t want to allow anyone into America without first knowing their background and what they believe.

    I’m deplorable because, unlike the legions of politically correct zombie supporters of this nasty criminal Hillary, I know political correctness in all its various machinations is a public cancer that rots free expression & is destroying the very foundations of America.
    Deplorable because I believe Fedzilla give-away programs are soul rotting addictive dope that creates dependent addicts of sheeple.

    I’m deplorable because I know the daily engineered recidivism gun-related violence in Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Newark & South Central and other urban runaway punkcenters is the result of a lack of responsible parents in the home—not easy access to guns.

    Deplorable because I know President Obama has done less for black Americans than any other president in modern times.

    I’m deplorable because I know that less government is best government.

    Deplorable because I know the engine of our nation has been strangled by President Obama & braindead bloodsucking leftists over the last seven and half years and that Hillary will continue to choke it to death if she’s elected.

    Deplorable because I know that a man, regardless how he feels about his sexual orientation on a given day, does not need to be in the same restroom as a little girl.

    Deplorable because I know I’m a free man, not some blind fool with a ring through his nose.

    To Hillary, I’m deplorable. Contrarily to my Americans solidly in the asset column addicted to logic, truth, common sense, goodwill, decency & pragmatism, I’m off the charts adorable.

    Make America America again-Vote Trump & educate all the people in your lives to know evil when they see & hear it, and vote Trump in November or say good-bye to the land of the free & the home of the brave.

    Ted Nugent

  34. Dale A Albrecht says:

    The financial hits just keep coming and still nobody goes to jail. And the exec who lead the group gets 124M package…..even Millikan years ago with his fraud and insider trading paid a small prison term and still walked away with $1,000,000,000 B
    Even though Hillary applauded the action of the government boards, she still has received so much money from the banks, wall street. Hello Dodd-Frank financial reform bill.

    Like the McCain bill about campaign finance reform, It just legalized the ability for the politicians to get richer quicker.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Wasn’t the DNC convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Dale, et. al..

      There is a bigger scam being played out here. Based on the media coverage how many people know this is OLD NEWS. The firing of employees has been going on for FIVE YEARS.

      It is only the fine that is new and now all these claims of investigations by this agency and that. Maybe we should ask WHY NOW?

      Furthermore, the fine to the Govt. is another example of BS. Wells Fargo needs to pay back customers who were charged expenses they should not have incurred due to the practice of adding accounts and moving money. That is what JUSTICE looks like.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I’m sure that the fine will be distributed to Democratic friendly groups that had no involvement in any of the fraud and not to the victims. Just like the other fines that some of the other big banks paid. Oh I forgot, they never were really fined but just decided out of the goodness of their hearts donate to the general welfare of the administration.

  35. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just had a strange thought (normal) Who precisely is running our government?

    Earlier this summer, when Lorreta Lynch’s plane and Bill Clinton’s plane coincidently were at an airport at the same time (she) ran over to his plane, not him to her. hierarchy?

    Or was it that if the conference was on her plane, it’d be official and if recorded for the record, be able to be supoena’d

  36. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This morning I decided to set in my mind exactly what was the result of all the lying, under oath that Bill Clinton did and getting caught at it was.
    1) originally it was one of the charges during his impeachment trial, in the House of Representatives, but it was changed to be only a “Breach of Etiquette”
    2) Arkansas disbarred him, but no matter he had no intention of practicing law in Arkansas or even returning anyway.

  37. The Rule of Law takes another torpedo……amidships.

    Under testimony,, an aide to Clinton admitted he did not have any type of security clearance. None. This same aide admitted that he had access and saw several emails that were marked classified. The FBI acknowledged yesterday that several of the emails were marked SSIR…..that is a classification ABOVE Top Secret.

    The Director of Intelligence has now said that there will be no investigation. Someone needs to point out to him that he has NO AUTHORITY to not investigate….the exact wording is this. ” The Senior Director of Intelligence shall conduct a series wide investigation into any and all breaches of intelligence marked classified if said intelligence was detrimental, or could be detrimental to the United States when such intelligence was compromised by any individual or device where no security clearance was provided.”

    So, we have an FBI Director saying there is no breach of security and no criminal activity.
    We have the Department of Justice saying it will not prosecute.
    We have the Director of Intelligence saying no investigation is necessary or warranted.

    And you want us to believe that the Loretta Lynch plane meeting was about grand children….Riiiiight.

    I might add that the wording above does not give the DOI a choice. An investigation shall be conducted by LAW.

    So, justify to me why any law needs to be followed? You have a POTUS, his cabinet, a POTUS wannabe in direct defiance of the Law….and nothing is being done….Selective enforcement. ( and this is not a case of not having the personnel to enforce the law )…..

    As far as I am concerned all States should now follow the precedent that the POTUS and Washington has set. Decide which laws you wish to follow and those that you do not. BE IN THEIR FACE and challenge. Texas and a couple of other states are…..the rest need to join.

    THERE IS OFFICIALLY NO RULE OF LAW…..not any longer.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      As I said a couple months ago, anybody who is charged with violations of the law concerning the handling of classified documents, their defense should be, WHY ME? When the Clinton’s and staff get a pass. The charges should instantly be dropped.

      Claiming no knowledge of the law, or I forgot the training or documents I signed or I thought I’d work on them at home, about handling such documents is a legitimate defense used by the highest members of the government, so why not the same rights to the people.

      You’re so right about the rule of law. It’s now moot, because the law is nothing but what the leaders say it is.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      d13: “So, justify to me why any law needs to be followed? ”

      That is very EASY Sir.

      Just ask the Bundy family how it works out if you do not toe the line.

    • Here’s another problem that seems to be ……..ignored. The Republicans aren’t doing squat about it. No pressure, no press conferences stating the demand to uphold the law and to convene a Grand Jury. NOTHING. But I’m not surprised. When the political elite find themselves above the law, while the population is held to the letter of the law, we have tyranny. It’s IN OUR FACE. It’s not a secret, it’s not soft anymore. The two parties are acting as one, which is not a surprise either. This is what the Federal government is, and no election can change that. The question we should be asking, how can this be fixed?

  38. Oh…yesterday, two of my HARD CORE Democrat friends and business associates, both lawyers and members of the Southwestern Legal Foundation have said that they have had enough. They are switching their votes to Trump. LAWYERS, for crying out loud. I did ask them what the deciding factor was and they said it was the testimony about Clinton’s emails and the aide that did not have security clearance. The second factor, according to them, was that they are convinced that Trump is the new Republican. He is not Tea Party and he is not far right. They see him as center/left socially and slightly right economically.

  39. And before you say anything, JAC…..Yes , I see the hypocrisy….but it is still two votes going to Trump….

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Literally everything is shifting left anyway. The only reason Clinton beat Sanders in the primary is that she and the DNC cheated and manipulated the primaries. He’s far more left than Hillary is, but until the convention, I thought, though I disagree with him he was honest.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      What hypocrisy? Your friends have finally seen Trump for who he is and not what the Prog. Machine wants everyone to think about him. Of course they have to ignore the “personality issues”.

      The hypocrisy is on the right when people like Hannity keep heaping praise on Trump as a “conservative”. He is absolutely NOT A CONSERVATIVE.

      Sad part about your friends is that after all this time they still do not understand who WE Tea Party people are. We can thank the CONSERVATIVE and REPUBLICAN machines for that.

  40. Just A Citizen says:


    I disagree with homosexuals being married under Govt. Law. I find the idea of homosexual sex repugnant. BUT, I am not afraid of homosexuals.

    I do not think men should use the same showers, locker room and bathroom as girls. There is thousands of years of human social norms developed for good reasons. BUT this does not mean I am afraid of transexuals, cross dressers or what ever you want to call these people. The fact remains, when privilege becomes dependent upon “feelings” you open the door to pedophiles and other forms of creeps.

    I believe our borders should be secure and that every Nation has a right to establish and enforce immigration LAWS. I believe those breaking those laws should be sent back to where they came from. BUT, I am not afraid of people from outside the US, nor of people LEGALLY immigrating here.

    I believe the govt. of Mexico has in fact acted directly against our interests in releasing and encouraging bad actors to cross our borders. For decades they have exported their economic and social problems while reaping the benefit of money sent home to families. BUT I am not afraid of Mexicans and I am NOT a racist, because Mexican is not a race.

    I believe the biggest problem with the status of Black Americans are the welfare and social polices of the left. This group of people were on their way to making serious gains prior to the “Great Society” of LBJ and the decades of Race baiting Dem. leadership. They have become their biggest barrier to improving their lives. BUT, this does not make me a racist. It does, however, make me very angry towards the left who have exploited these people, and furthered the ignorance I see to this day among the Black population about what is really happening to them.

    Because I believe “institutional racism” died long ago does not make me a racist.

    I think the killing of unborn babies is just that. I think women should pay for their own birth control and abortions. BUT this does not mean I hate women.

    I cannot stand the ladies the DNC has put forth as their leadership. BUT I do not hate women, only THESE women.

    I recognize that Islam is a threat to our way of life as it is defined by those who have been its “spiritual leaders” for the last thousand years. I know all Muslims are not jihadists nor are all a threat to our way of life. But I also know these people would be executed as non believers if they visited the middle east and parts of SE Asia. BUT, I do not have an irrational fear of Islam or Muslims. My concerns and understanding are based on the reality of the situation.

    • We’re going to do this? OK, let’s go..

      I disagree with homosexuals being married under Govt. Law. I find the idea of homosexual sex repugnant. BUT, I am not afraid of homosexuals.

      A) Homophobe, as the etymology suggests, means being afraid of homosexuals and I think, generally, this is not applicable. By-and-large, the term has come to mean dislike / intolerance of homosexuals. In other words, biogtry toward homosexuals rather than fear of them.
      B) I disagree with anyone being married under government law. I believe marriage is a religious institute and should have no legal bearing whatsoever. I believe all government-law “marriages” should be “civil unions,” and, insofar as the government is involved, it should not have any regard to sex, race, etc.
      C) I, too, find the idea of homosexual (male) sex repugnant. That is why I do not engage in homosexual sex. That should not be construed to mean that I have any objection to anyone else engaging in such activities. I find Dr. Pepper to be repugnant, but it doesn’t hurt me for someone else to drink it.
      C.2) Female homosexual sex, however… well, this is a family blog…

    • JAC…..”I believe the govt. of Mexico has in fact acted directly against our interests in releasing and encouraging bad actors to cross our borders. For decades they have exported their economic and social problems while reaping the benefit of money sent home to families. BUT I am not afraid of Mexicans and I am NOT a racist, because Mexican is not a race”…..

      Just released figures of border crossings this year….712,000+…..The figures were not released by this administration because they only reported 300 odd thousand. What was not reported was that out of the 712,000 + …….350,000 + were not Mexican and 112 of these were KNOWN terrorists and not reported.

      But we all know this to be propaganda because the southern border is secure.

    • I do not think men should use the same showers, locker room and bathroom as girls.

      I do not think anyone should use the same shower as anyone else. I always found the idea of any sort of “group shower” to be odd and highly uncomfortable. To put people, particularly children, in a situation where they’re basically obligated to be naked in front of each other… why do we as a society do this? It’s bizarre.

      All showers should be single-use stall showers. All toilets/urinals should be single-user stalls as well. Sinks/mirrors can be shared.

      There is thousands of years of human social norms developed for good reasons.


      Appeal to authority (of tradition).

      ::insert intermission while Mathius burst into singing Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof::

      Just because something is a “societal norm” does not make it right. It was a societal norm for a very long time to own slaves.

      BUT this does not mean I am afraid of transexuals, cross dressers or what ever you want to call these people.

      I didn’t think you were.

      Again, the terms are used to mean bigoted or intolerant. Ignore the etymology.

      The fact remains, when privilege becomes dependent upon “feelings” you open the door to pedophiles and other forms of creeps.

      Interesting that you would make this argument.

      I’m suggesting that YOUR feeling do not get to dictate the behavior and “privileges” of others.

      you open the door to pedophiles and other forms of creeps.


      Being a pedophile and/or other form of creed is independently illegal.

      Maybe such an individual would still be allowed in the “wrong” bathroom, but he/she would still be criminal if engaging in any sort of sexual harassing behavior.

      FURTHER, I reject your implicit argument that “because some other people might take advantage, we need to use government coersion to control the behavior or an otherwise innocent group. That’s bizarre thinking from a supposed conservative such as yourself.

      You have to weigh the freedoms of those your controlling against the societal good you’re achieving via that control. In virtually every other context, you – JAC – reach the conclusion that personal liberty outweighs any societal good that might be achieved via government intervention. Yet, here, you determine that, without any evidence or support, some people might take advantage of the opening and do something that would still be illegal and that this not only justifies, but necessitates creating laws to control an innocent third party’s potty behavior.

      Simply bizarre.

      • Mathius says: ” I always found the idea of any sort of “group shower” to be odd and highly uncomfortable. ”

        Wow! What college did you go to? As a devout member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, I found it quite pleasing to be in a group shower with the sorority members of the Tri-Delts ( Delta Delta Delta ). I found these group showers to be highly entertaining, fun, stress relieving, and downright therapeutic. I was quite proud to be a member of the one fraternity that has probably been kicked off every campus in the world at least once.

        ANd we wonder what is wrong with the progressive movement of today… is ok to be homosexual, transgender, or anything else but repugnant to be in a group shower with the fair and opposite sex. Tch Tch Tch

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Your sophistry will not help you. First, your appeal to authority objection is overruled.

        Societal norms, established over thousands of years, is NOT an appeal to authority. WRONG use of the fallacy my friend.

        Second, it is not “my feeling” that is controlling. It is societies decision to separate sexes in these situations. That is where privacy cannot be achieved, such as a gym with separate dressing rooms.

        Yes, slavery was a norm among some people. And it eventually became unpopular and not a norm among people, without the use of Govt. force to enforce “anti slave”.

        You ignore that these forced mixing of sexes in showers and bathrooms is being pushed by Govt. regulations. Thus your claiming it is as simple as making private stalls ignores the reality of existing buildings and public facilities. You are claiming that society must incur a huge financial burden to accommodate the desires of a very small group. Because once it becomes law to require mixing be allowed the law will force physical changes to facilities.

        You ignore that using Govt. force to require mixing of sexes in these situations is the catalyst to bad things occurring. There have been cases reported of abuse of the access by creeps. There is support, you simply ignore it.

        You also ignore that fact that prosecution of these creeps is now impossible unless they physically assault someone. Because they have a “right” per you, to be in the bathroom and be exposed in said room. There is nothing prohibiting people in restrooms or public showers from being exposed, that is being naked.

        Like I said, when you make “feeling” the criteria to replace objective identity you open us to all kinds of bizarre thinking.

        P.S.: You keep IGNORING the fact that is what Govt. intervention in the use of bathrooms and school locker rooms that started this. People were working it out here and there until left wing Govt.’s decided they had to FORCE people to accept mixing sexes.

      • Matt, Going to blow your mind here. Back in the 1950’s and the 1960’s (early) we still were dealing with the tail end of the “gymnasium” movement of the 1890’s. We used to swim naked, both as cub scouts in the High School pool (a Public NYC requirement at the time). Even better, because it was Cub Scout event, we had to swim naked with our fathers swimming naked too since there were no events involving overnight or disrobing that could be done without parental participation. I was this little eight year old. I asked my Dad years later about it. He said, no big deal, he had swum naked in High School.

        When I got to Manhattan Prep in the fall of 1960, on the campus of Manhattan College I was dismayed to find that us 13 year old’s in all stages of development were going to swim naked in our Phys Ed classes for the two years of Phys Ed required by State law.

        Of course in the Army, not only were there group showers but the latrine was one long trough for everybody and if you have ever seen “No Time for Sergeants” with Andy Griffith (recommended), a very long line of toilets with nothing separating them,.

    • I believe our borders should be secure and that every Nation has a right to establish and enforce immigration LAWS.

      I believe that borders are imaginary lines on a map and that the freeflow of capital – including, and especially – human labor is a new positive to a healthy capitalist society.

      I believe that a government has the right to know who is entering and to reject known threats.

      I believe that the litmus test as I’ve previously stated should be “we know you are bad,” not “we know you are good.”

      I believe those breaking those laws should be sent back to where they came from.

      I believe that these laws are, themselves, immoral and that violation of said laws, while still criminal, is tantamount to civil disobedience.

      From a practical standpoint, (A) you logistically can’t possibly deport them all (B) you’d destroy the US economy in the process and (C) you’d destroy Mexico’s economy as well. It just isn’t doable, so why waste your time with the “theoretical should”?

      BUT, I am not afraid of people from outside the US, nor of people LEGALLY immigrating here.

      Good for you.

      It’s healthy to not be afraid of other people. Makes the world a better place, dontchaknow.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        A line on a map is a REAL thing. It is a line.

        This line represents a “border” between Govt. entities of some kind.

        In the case of the USA this “border” is a very real thing. It can be seen as a swath cleared of trees running through the forests of the northern USA. It can be seen as a road along some of the southern border.

        To claim borders as “imaginary” is simply an irrational position.

        I assume then that property lines of all kinds are also imaginary per your “belief”.

      • MaTT, I like your house, doors are imaginary pieces of wood metal and glass designed to separate all us humans. I’m moving in. Bringing a pair of doberman’s with me and a couple of Mexican guys I met in the Home Depot Parking lot. We would like roasted turkey for dinner tomorrow night with stuffing and fresh cranberry sauce (not the jellied kind). The guys have requested a nice Rose to go with the meal. The dobermans prefer Steak Tartare, at least 87% fat free.

        BE THERE AT 6.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    Because you know, the whole Benghazi investigation is just a witch hunt:

    P.S.: By definition, wouldn’t any investigation into Hillary Clinton’s actions be a witch hunt?

  42. Looks like this is going to be my new mantra, at least till November 8th.

    70% of SOMETHING is far better than 100% of NOTHING!

    • Just A Citizen says:


      But the truth is that you are claiming 50% of something is better than 50% of something.

      The only difference being the “supporting actors” and what you hope is a means of influencing one of the somethings over the other.

      • Certainly, from my point of view and there is a Hillary supporter out there who really loved Bernie who can say the same. The difference? I’m right!

        Frankly half is better than none. If I get good Scotus picks, if I get the 2nd Amendment, if I get a rational reset with Russia, if I get the hell out of other country’s business. If I get an efficiently run government, I’m WAYYYYYY ahead over what the Hill would give me. Capisce?

        A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
        – Lao-tzu

        If it took 30 years to screw something up, it will take 30 to unscrew it.
        – Nick Trynosky

  43. Dale A Albrecht says:

    1) While out doing my weekly shopping, I have NPR on. They were talking about Trumps economic plan, no details, just talking. While Obama is touting his saving the US auto industry and how well it’s doing. Obviously he didn’t read that Ford has just moved the last of their small car manufacturing from the US to Mexico……and also never reading the economic news about the inevidable bubble bursting in the auto loan business, especially hitting GM finance.

    2) The ACC tournement scheduled for Dec has been moved elsewhere from NC. Because of the States stance of NOT allowing transgender people etal in the inappropriate sexes bathroom, lockers and shower. Maybe our States teams ought to be invited to join the leagues that Texas plays in.

    3) Most troubling headline on the newspaper stands. Obamas lower court appointees, stand to be able to make a difference in this years elections. Obviously they will rule in favor of any of the rules Obama has dictated, regardless of the States laws.
    Look for the messiest election ever in the history of our nation, including the one that elected Lincoln, resulting in the “War Between the States” There will be so many lawsuits filed it’ll tie up the election results, for months potentially years.
    When the DOJ rules our id law is racially discriminatory, and will needlessly affect blacks. Not minorities, just blacks. They also ruled against the States attempts to change around some voting districts. Gerrymandering. If you would look at my voting district it had been created to keep a black perpetually in office in the House of Represntatives. It is so twisted and meanders all over. Like clipping 1/2 of our city.

    • Yeah, they tried to kill our gerrymandering as well. It was a long tradition that the party in power got to redraw district lines….and when the democrats were in charge, they loved it and it worked fine….when the Republicans took over, it was unfair. A federal judge ordered the new lines thrown out and tried to invalidate the vote. We did not care and left the lines intact and sent our representatives and Senators to Washington accordingly.

      • Gerrymandering should be illegal in all cases, full stop.

        Blue Shirt, Red Shirt. I don’t care. Illegal.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Then how do you draw the lines for representatives?

          I get a kick out of the Dems howling about gerrymandering relative to Congress. Because there is no impact to POTUS or Senatorial races.

          Its greatest impact is in the House of Representatives and of course at the State and local level, where precincts and/or “districts” come into play.

        • Yep… should be….. but the first argument is going to be from the left in that without it, no minorities would get elected.

          Simply take the population and figure out how many reps there should be. Let them debate and then vote.

          I will also vote that there should be NO FUNDING from any tax money for anyone…..None Zip Nada.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Please flesh out your proposal a little more.

            Are you saying no representative Districts? That Reps would be elected on a Stated wide vote with first through one hundred getting elected to Congress, legislature, etc??

            Before I go further I need a better explanation.

            • No sir, keep it local the way it is now…..just no district lines….For example if Tarrant county is authorized 10 representatives… is a county wide vote for all who choose to run. You do not cut out a district because it is white or black or Hispanic. This means that you are representing your county ( for statewide elections ) and you do not have to live within a specific district. You just have to live within your county.

              As far as state representatives in Washington, DC….if Texas is allowed two senators and 10 representatives….it is a statewide election…..and not subject to specific jurisdictions.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                So under your plan the City folks in Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antone get to pick ALL OF YOUR CONGRESSMEN.

                Top Ten win, majority rules. Us po’ country folk can just suck it up and learn to love it.

              • No sir…you are not reading or I am stupid here. Let me get the exact numbers for you and explain further later today. Have appointments this morning. But, Tarrant county would have no say over the elections in Amarillo, for example. You just would not have district lines divided up by democrats and republicans within the county. But I will get the numbers and explain further..later today.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              My belief is that in the State, your population is X, broken down by so many different races etc. The whites in NC put up so many candidates and get their percent of representaton in Congress. The Blacks, get 13% Hispanics 23% Asians 10% etc. The vote is statewide, period. No gerrymandering no bias, run your ballot anyway you want. Cheat, but that group gets only 2 seats, or 5 seats etc

              • Why do you race base it? Run a successful campaign.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Oh and each racial group must at least nominate the gender population, just male and female. roughly 50% allocated to each group. That will take all the wind out of any democratic beef about race and gender.

              • It seems to me that you are following the old affirmative action issue where you should be represented based on percentages. If you are a good candidate and have the money and the ability to run….do it.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Needs refinement, but how about…local is local…run a campaign win, so be it. for the national seats, no gerrymandering period. Statewide vote. But each group must put up a candidate or candidates. Your ballot says vote for 10, there may be 20 on the ballot. for the house seat. That at least will get the top ten finishers in the State in the house. For the senate, you get 2 votes, but again there may be a choice from 20.

                At least we might be able to get rid of our representative named Butterfield, He identifies a a black man, but I think the last time he had mixed genes was back 160 years ago. he votes straight democratic period, Might as well just mail in the vote and save us a lot of money.

                The one thing the politicians at least in DC is that they rarely represent more than a simple majority. They forget about the 48% that they do not represent. Claim majority rule, so suck it up. There’s the art of compromise, that those people can say, “i can live with that” as opposed to digging in their heels and becoming unmovable.

                Like Obamacare. Justfiably a straight party line vote, because Obama refused to allow any Republican in on the negotiations and crafting of the bill. He tossed off the trite statement, that if the Republicans have a good idea, he’ll incorporate it…..he has acted the past 8 years that NO Republican idea is good. So of course he’d reject any idea they had out of hand.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I seem to remember a while ago the democrats in your House walked out and ran up to Oklahoma, like they did when Walker was pushing through his agenda in Wisconsin, they there ran to Illinois.

  44. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This is for the Colonel

    An old New Yorker cartoon, shows a pipeline being built with the construction signs saying “Texas to New England Natural Gas Pipeline” Out the open end is climbing an alligator.

  45. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Orwell wrote: “Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past.”

  46. Just A Citizen says:
  47. To Mathius: I actually liked Hillary Clinton until I read her book….”It Takes a Village”…..after that, she lost me.

    • She told me she liked you until Secret Service caught your raptors trying to break into her email server.

      Poor things were executed on sight.

  48. I will say something that you all are going to like hearing.

    I never considered Hillary to be a particularly honest or forthcoming person. She is, after all, a career politician.

    She was diagnosed with pneumonia, which.. whatever. Let’s set aside our conspiracy theories for the moment and assume that’s true.

    She didn’t tell anyone about it. It’s a private medical matter, she didn’t think it would affect her, the diagnosis was tentative, yada yada yada. Whatever.

    But then she discloses it.

    Ok, fine, whatever.

    But then she says “I did say anything because I didn’t think it would be a big deal.”

    And I find that fairly offensive.

    She knew good goddamn well that it was a big deal.

    Not because pneumonia, itself is a big deal – people over 60 get it all the time.

    But because all the questions currently circling about her health and the fact that she’s running for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

    She didn’t say anything because she though she could tough it out without anyone knowing and SHE DID NOT WANT TO FEED INTO THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES’ NARRATIVE. She did not want to give the opposition that news cycle.

    And that makes sense. It’s perfectly reasonable and logical.

    Fine, whatever.

    But to tell us she didn’t “think it would be a big deal” is pretty damn insulting and offensive.

    It’s a casual lie which is absolutely not credible. And it lowers my opinion of her character.

    • Will have to agree….the same goes for Trump…..Hillary has/had pneumonia and Trump is over weight. I love the CNN news commentator that I saw today saying that Trump needs to lose weight…….and, yes, the news commentator was more over weight than Trump.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The issue is also not just Hillary. It is everyone, including the media, around her.

      She is dehydrated because she “hardly ever drinks water”, EXCEPT for all the video of her drinking copious amounts of water in public, including at hearings and meetings.

      Bottom line: Her health has become an issue because her practice of lying has made it an issue. Her “explanations” simply do not hold water. See what I did there?

      Oh, Mathius. Are you not insulted by her campaign and surrogates trying to imply this is an issue ONLY because she is a woman?

      P.S. I think she wanted it to become a big deal. Because this plays into her whining about misogyny and the “I am woman see my victim status” shtick.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Immediately after her campaign came out with 1st the dehydrated excuse, there was a clip from another source that years ago had her talking about her dietary habits. She said ” I gave up Coffee, I drank a lot of soda and have stopped that, I do drink some tea, and drink a lot of WATER”


    Colonel, what do you have to say for yourself?!?!! It’s subtle, but I see what you did. The world will know!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Taken right from a medical reference book.

      “Because pneumonia is caused mainly by infectious microbes, pneumonia can be contagious. Pneumonia caused by chemical fumes or other poisons not made by infectious agents is not contagious.
      Many contagious pneumonias have names, such as bacterial pneumonia, viral pneumonia”

      Nobody if they are healthy has such immediate response from caregivers, so close at hand, as we’ve seen at events, where she has frozen, walked stairs, collapsed, always seems to be leaning on something for support, that black guy is right there and he is NOT SS…….even Reagan 10 years more advanced in age could chop wood and ride horses for long periods. Might have started losing his faculties, but he also took a bullet in the chest

    • Watch her feet in the video. She is not walking or trying to. They are dragging her into the van.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        You see her trying to move. It appears to me the signal was not getting through. Her comment about a “short circuit” was prophetic. Or in this case an open circuit.

  50. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Cut this from Madeline Albright’s writeup on-line

    In one of her last acts as Secretary of State, Albright on January 8, 2001, paid a farewell call on Kofi Annan and said that the U.S. would continue to press Iraq to destroy all its weapons of mass destruction as a condition of lifting economic sanctions, even after the end of the Clinton administration on January 20, 2001.[68]

    So in reality Bush II just continued the Clinton’s policy and belief that Saddam Hussein, still had weapons of mass distruction.

  51. There will be a new article up sometime this morning. 🙂

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