A Case For Genocide

When we think of genocide, we think about events in foreign nations.  rarely do we consider such things occurring right here on U.S. soil.  There are times when a story or an interview stokes the imagination, only to lead to a theory that should be brought forward for discussion.  In doing so, evidence, both factual and simply claimed by whistle blowers and past members of government agencies and inner city gangs will be examined.

abortion1First, looking at the abortion industry that has been the subject of discussion many, many times, it’s important to see the one important aspect of an abortion clinic.   That is…location, location, location.  In doing so, I provide a link to an interactive map of all abortion providers in the U.S. and beyond.  What you will find is that a vast majority of these clinics and access sites are located within or very near minority neighborhoods.  http://www.batchgeo.com/map/5301dd0dce3d4e62a57d765d99ced353

drugs1Next, illegal drugs across America affect all demographics and all races.  It’s not just a minority issue, but it affects minorities in a more violent manner, via gang violence.  The drug war is a LIE of epic proportion.  There is no real war, just a line of shit handed to us by the countries biggest supplier, the U.S. government.  Reports of this date as far back as the Korean War and possibly beyond.  There are thousands of videos of whistle blowers and media claiming this.  It should not be a surprise that we are having a heroine epidemic in this country, much like Russia did during the 80’s, when they were in Afghanistan militarily.  Coincidence?

Trying to keep this short, the last part will look at gang violence, black on black violence and how all of this is allowed to continue.  I’m not going to get into the statistics, they are well known here and are readily available.  The same goes for the statistics of violent crimes and murders in our inner cities like Chicago.  It is my opinion that these areas of heavy violence can be cleaned up should the government choose to do so.  I come to this conclusion because of what we all saw in Watertown Massachusetts during the search for the Boston Bomber.  The Fed’s get blanket search warrants all the time (which I think should be illegal), why not get one for a several square block area, lock it completely down in the early morning hours and go door to door?  They did it over a 17 year old teen in Watertown, but do nothing where real violence occurs everyday.liar2

I had thought about doing an article on the last paragraph and how all the gang violence can be quelled.  But, I could not support such action, as I believe it would violate the Rights of innocent people within those violent areas.  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  However, knowing how politicized “gun violence” is, especially after a mass murder event, one must wonder if the lack of any action by the government to quell the inner city violence is a political decision.  Maybe it’s just a way to keep the population of Black Americans in check, along with abortion and drugs.  Then I came across this video a few days ago.  Makes one wonder who the real bad guys are.



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  2. The War on Drugs™ is a giant steaming pile of shit. Shit mixed with hypocrisy and corporate-political profiteering.

    While there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that abuse of drugs (especially “hard” drugs) is detrimental to individual and societal health, the idea that we control the private behavior of individuals – absent any other crime – because they are harming themselves or might commit a different crime is prima facie ABSURD. To accept that argument, you would also need to mandate that everyone exercises, gets enough rest, hydrates, eats right, gets regular physicals, and takes their vitamins.

    Now, Mathius might suggest that there is grounds for moving all categories of drugs into a regulated prescription-type system.

    I, however, would tell you that it’s NONE OF YOUR F-ING BUSINESS WHAT I CHOOSE TO DO TO MY OWN BODY.

    Mathius and I would agree though, that the so-called War on Drugs™ is hopeless as you cannot possibly defeat supply and demand in this manner. (See, also, Prohibition). We would issue the joint opinion that the status quo causes the following:
    1. converts morally neutral behavior into “criminal” behavior with all the relevant detriments of being a criminal (including difficulty attaining good work / poverty trap).
    2. funnels massive amounts of money into the hands of violent cartels
    3. reduces the quality/reliability of the product such that it is often laced or cut, leading to increased complications and overdoses.
    4. “necessitates” US spending to fight the cartels (in other words, we are funding both sides of this “war”)
    5. millions of non-violent individuals are incarcerated, costing hundreds of millions of dollars and destroying families in the process.
    6. increased spending and dependence on pharmaceuticals (funneling money into alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical companies, politicians, insurance companies, and politicians-again). Additionally – especially in the case of marijuana – the side affects are dramatically worse than many pharmaceutical options.
    7. Massive market distortions which are almost universally negative.
    8. Under reporting of addictions and medical complications due to fear of prosecution.
    9. Domestic distribution involving children, gangs, and other violent means.
    10. Resources used to prosecute drug users are resources that are not used elsewhere where they would be more beneficial.

    Isn’t it odd that cigarettes and alcohol (while both poisonous and addictive) somehow don’t cause all these problems?

    Drug addiction is a mental health problem. It is not a criminal problem.

    You cannot engage in a “war” on a mental health problem. You must TREAT a mental health problem.

    I find myself lacking the anatomical knowledge to explain just how far this country’s head is up its own ass on this subject.

  3. Beginning Oct. 1, 2016, Massachusetts churches and Christian organizations and private schools will be in violation of state law if they use “names, pronouns, and gender-related terms” that conflict with a person’s “stated gender identity.” The churches will also be in violation of the law if they do not accommodate those sick and twisted supposedly “gender-confused” individuals by allowing them to use restrooms, locker rooms and changing rooms “consistent with their ‘gender identities.’”

    The law applies not only to preachers and evangelists who may deliver messages from the pulpit, but also church employees, congregants and volunteers who may interact in any way with people who come in off the street. Any of these people who use gender pronouns that a “gender-confused” individual considers “offensive” will have created a “hostile environment” under the law and be subject to fines and penalties.

    • I don’t even have to click your link to tell you that this is bullshit. Even if – if – such a law passed and is applied as you suggest, there is exactly a 0.00000000% chance that it would survive a SCOTUS challenge. There is exactly no way in hell that SCOTUS would let stand a law that dictates the speech used by preachers at a pulpit. None. Zero.

      The closest you get to an exception would be inciting to violence or C&P danger. But this is nowhere near that level. This won’t even make it to SCOTUS because it won’t survive its first court half-hour in court.

      • I agree that it won’t make through the first court, as the article states it even violates the States constitution. But, my point in posting this is to show the audacity of the Liberal Progressives who believe their ideology is above the law. this is becoming a common event that needs to be squashed. Squashed how you may ask? Depends on the laws. If there is no legal recourse, then all other means are on the table.

        • Ah, that word Never, or in this case no way in hell. Don’t be too sure. Never is a long time. Those never events have happened a lot through my lifetime. I certainly agree that it wouldn’t pass with the SC we had in the recent pass-but the new one we’re gonna have in the near future-who knows.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Are you really so sure? Remember that SCOTUS has now established a “right to dignity”.

        Yet you don’t believe slippery slopes exist.

        • I’ll accept any wager you like so long as it’s denominated in gold doubloons.

          Do you have any source on this so-called “right to dignity”? I haven’t heard anything about it and think it sounds like nonsense.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Justice Kennedy in his response for the Majority on the issue of Gay Marriage. He closed his remarks with this:

            “They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.”

            Poof, a “right to dignity” materialized from thin air. Not only a right to dignity but “equal dignity”.

            • DPM is not a legal scholar, but “equal dignity in the eyes of the law,” sounds like it’s suggesting that the law needs to treat everyone equally. You’ll have to ask Dread Pirate Buck.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Don’t need to. Scalia addressed it in his minority comments. He stated that Kennedy had created a new right that would be used to find all kinds of things in the Constitution that were not there.

                This is much like the “right to privacy” that came from appeals of State sodomy laws. That led to a Right to Abortion.

                Equal treatment under the law is not the same as equal dignity. One can be objectively determined, the other is subjective.

                Wish I could stay and play but I have to leave for the Capitol city. Nephew’s wedding in Boise tomorrow. Then off to fly fish eastern Idaho and do some Sage hen hunting.

  4. I had thought about doing an article on the last paragraph and how all the gang violence can be quelled.

    Step 1: Remove the primary fund raising tool and incentive for gang-related violence. That is, end the War on Drugs™.

    Step 2: Blanket pardon to everyone convicted of a drug offense. It is incredibly hard to escape the poverty trap when you have a felony conviction on your record. (disclaimer: DPM does not recognize the right of “government” to convict anyone of anything in the first place, but since he recognizes that we live in the real world wherein such things do occur….)

    Step 3: Increase funding for education!! Shut up, Mathius, no one asked you.

    Step 3: Recognize that human beings are human beings and respond to incentives. People aren’t killing each other for their amusement. If you want to stop the violence, attack the CAUSES and stop feeding into the cycle.

    America’s response to gang/poverty/drug violence is so ass-backward, it’s tempting to conclude that it’s deliberate.

    HOWEVER, never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. – Hanlon’s Razor.

    And, lest we forget the corollary, playing a riff on Clarke’s Law: “any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice”

    • 1. Agree

      2. Agree somewhat, there must be a positive transition and job training.

      3. Agree (Mathius should say…get government out of education and lose the union BS)

      3. Agree

      Decades of stupidity isn’t very likely. The war on poverty, drugs and all other pretend BS wars the government gets into have a purpose. None have achieved anything but enriching people of poor character. When adding up the wars on poverty and drugs, plus the constant fight for a women’s right to abortion, the sum total of black deaths is astounding. 50 million by abortion alone since Roe v. Wade. Hundreds killed in just Chicago annually in gang related violence. Welfare roles are expanding and Obama is even using profession mental health people to better sell government programs.

      It’s hard to continue to ignore the obvious. Blacks are committing genocide upon themselves, with the help of the government and, sorry to say, Liberal Democrats.

      • I gotta point out.. the Tough on Crime / Tough on Drugs stuff.. that’s coming from the Right, not the Left.

        As for abortion, I reject your notion that this is a genocide as I do not recognize a clump of cells as a “person.” But we’ve been down that hole and I don’t want to have that fight today.

        • The 3 strikes law was signed by Clinton. But, the drug/poverty wars are government in totality. The Left owns the abortion issue, that’s on them. Not going to argue abortion either, but the fact that over 50 million “potential” black lives have been prematurely terminated is indisputable. Not spreading ones legs to have sex is great birth control, so are condoms and they are super cheap. There is NO excuse worthy of arguing.

      • Agree – the teachers’ unions are NUTS.

        Wife is a teacher, I hear things… it’s insanity. It’s like they’ve deliberately rejected the idea of a meritocracy.

        • The union has a legit gripe in one area. Cronyism. Merit pay for teachers would primarily go to Principal’s pets. No ifs, ands or buts. Seen it happen with innocuous things like “teacher of the year” which may net you an award and a luncheon.

          How can a teacher who gets stuck with the worst 4th grade out of five fourth grades be rated against the one who gets the best?

          My wife is also a teacher. Taught in NYC for over eight in a title 1 district (Red Hook Brooklyn) then for 27 more in a Parochial system. Found favoritism in both. You may have to just “suck it up” and get on with life as you do in most jobs. One of the issues that contributes these days is the administrative “track”. Back in the olden times, you had to earn your spurs in the classroom before you went onto V. Principal or Principal now, it is not uncommon to see two years or less in a classroom before you opt to tell teachers how to teach.

          • Back in the olden times, you had to earn your spurs in the classroom before you went onto V. Principal or Principal now, it is not uncommon to see two years or less in a classroom before you opt to tell teachers how to teach.

            I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing.

            That’s like saying, to be the CEO of McDonalds, you have to work as a fry-cook for a few years first. Well, no, that’s preposterous. Managerial aptitude can be wholly independent from the subordinates’ skill sets.

            I’ve known wonderful teachers. Fantastic, amazing teachers who could inspire their children to learn and captivate classrooms on even the driest of subjects. But some of these, I wouldn’t trust to run a 7/11.

            For my part, I could run a school. Absolutely. But there’s no way I could cut it as a classroom teacher. Noooo.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Running a school entails more than just being a fiscal administrator. To be a good admintrator one has to have been a good teacher, but that also does not mean that a good teacher can be a good administrator. When I was in school, during certain times the administrators sometimes had to step back into the classroom of their previous disicpline. They usually were good teachers and you as a student didn’t miss a beat, while your teacher was absent, LIKE ON STRIKE.

              It is a rare person who can be educated at some big business and come in a run a large company, well. They’re rare. The truly successful ones did generally come up through a track to understand the business and do interim jobs well. But then it also is paramount that the company who taps that fast tracker, actually pay attention, because their failing will shine through as well as their strengths. I’ve known all together to many “executives” who were so bad and as they went up the chain they were just as bad. and should have been dumped, but due to some “school” credential they were fast tracked and NOTHING could stop their rise…..and in the end….well

            • Just plain wrong. Teaching is a hands on business where you deal with little minds that are wildly divergent. An administrator may be taught that but seeing it is quite different. One of the great things about UPS a a company is everybody starts in the warehouse.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Stephen, I think you directed your “just plain wrong” at Mathius. A good business manager and leader, must be able to know what has worked well and those things that have failed. They also should have a bit of psychic in them for coming trends. Over 40 years of business experience, the number of executives that were brought in, slid in, that then would proceed to turn the operation upside down, just to do something, no matter how much proof you world show them that their plan was tried, it failed and why, and even trying to fix the reason why it failed, were so costly that in itself would bring down the business. But usually their tenure was short, because they’d move before the fuse burned down to the explosive. Some however were to stupid and did hang on but were terminated due to the damage they caused to the business.

                In manufacturing you can SCRAP a defective or not working up to a certain level of performance componant. Just start a new part in the operation.

                Teaching and education is a wholly different thing all together. You can not scrap a student. You can not just push that student through just so the school and administrators can keep their numbers up. What comes out at the end is an angry disfunctional and generally unemployable person out the end. Teaching can not be treated like an assembly line in any way. Teaching is one of the hardest jobs that exist. There is this old say that denigrates teachers. “Those who can’t do. teach” Each student is different and has different capabilities and interests. A teacher must find that button on a student that excites them about a subject. That takes work. Why do you think the teachers union fights “meritocracy” so hard. Get a few years under your belt and they are not fireable, literally for anything especially for incompetance. Why do we spend more on education in this country than any other but yet our scores and ranking is continually falling?
                I was with a lady for years who was a very dedicated school teacher. The sciences were her classes. The hours that we used to spend “after” school and also trying to solve the issues involving the slower learners, which involved individual tutoring out of school hours. Making up the difference of required supplies out of pocket that the school would not and sometimes could not provide. But what came out of her classes were students prepared to advance to the next level. She started later teaching students in continuing education at the college level, especially in the medical fields, The school got rid of her because she expected to much of them. These are students wanting to be healthcare professionals.

                I always equated teach and what makes a success is what Wayne Newton said about how he performs at his shows in Vegas. He rarely completes in it entirety a song, but he says that the audience is made up of individuals with different memories and experiences. If someone is NOT getting it like tapping their toes, smiling, he keeps switching songs and methods until each and every person in the audience “gets it” and leaves with a smile on their face.

  5. What you will find is that a vast majority of these clinics and access sites are located within or very near minority neighborhoods.

    Do you suppose that the demand for abortion services is higher near such neighborhoods because of less availability of contraceptives and less education regarding contraceptives?

    It’s not like some master plan is positioning the clinics in black neighborhoods and hoping that pregnant minorities walking by see the clinic and impulsively say “oh, you know.. I think I’ll get an abortion today!”

    Abortions happen [citation need] predominantly because women who are not in a position financially or relationship-wise to support a child become pregnant. These are women in a tough situation who are struggling with a tough choice and just do not believe that they can bring a child into the world right now.* Now ask yourself who is most likely to find themself in such a situation? Minorities (for the fiscal explanation) and minorities again (for the relationship aspect**).

    Want to reduce abortions? Hey, look, same solution as above! End the War on Drugs™ and increase public funding for education and, especially, sex-education (Shut up, Mathius!!) and find a way to make The Pill cheaper and more readily available and increase usage.


    *yes, yes, I know that some percentage uses abortion clinics casually and frequently. These people are idiots. But, mercifully, they are the [citation needed] the vast minority.

    **largely due to the fact that this country’s ass-backward drug policy incarcerates black men by the million, tearing their families apart in the process. Because… I don’t know? Tough on Crime™ or something?

    • You failed to mention that the welfare program is also part of the family issue. BUT, why is this such a bad problem for blacks? Why is the drugs and welfare and abortion keeping the black population …basically…..under control and not the other minorities or us crackers? 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sir…..I do not buy into lack of knowledge, education and access to birth control. Just like smoking. The no smoking message and results of starting to or continuing to smoke have been driven into society since I was a kid. Even banning advertizing barely slows it down. The number of young that I see smoking, a lot, and when smoking is not allowed chew tobacco really shocks me. And these are SMART educated people. There is zero advertzing showing how cool it is to smoke but it continues.

      Yes back in my young days the “Pill” was not invented yet. The joke was as a teen to easily get a condom, you had to have a brother in the military. The availability of literally free birth control for those that can not afford it has been around for decades. That is what makes abortion such a travesty. Birth control besides abstinance has been around for millenia. Societies also practiced infanticide when a baby was born that was either inconvieniently timed of of ill health. Even back then economics then drove those practices.

      Combine that with serious drugs or alcohol abuse that more than likely will send one, regardless of race, in the downward trend of properity. In fact abuse of anything will get you eventually, like overeating, getting to much sun, just as some other examples.

      I have a book that was written after the Watts riots in CA during the 60’s. It was a serious scholarly analysis. Watts in itself back then was NOT a slum. Poorer, a bit down in the tooth. Predominantly black. USC is ajacent as is the Coliseum complexes. One of the major criticisms of the LAPD was, that there’d be a report of a crime and a description given. Young black male etc. The PD’s make a sweep and detain several people that fit the report. They’d maybe have NOT in any way gotten the real suspect. The person or persons are cleared, BUT they now have a police record on file that is not torn up. The jobs dried up. and the death spiral continued. Anger built up and bang. Services were available for aid etc, but usually placed in such locations that a person had to take the day off to get it, by traveling on public transport. across the city. Take enough days and goodbye job, if they had one. One other thing that came out was the LAPD officers that were minority, like black or hispanic, generally were far harder on their brethren than the WHITE officers, more white officers were detailed to patrol minority neighborhoods than the minority officers themselves. There was less police brutality.
      I really do not think that white police officers want to patrol black neighborhoods, but due to my above comment, we’d be having a discussion more on the black officers brutality than the white officers, but that would not fit the administrations agenda.

      I will not speak for other areas of the country like the deep south in the 60’s, because I grew up in SoCal.

      Regardless of race creed or color or religious denomination, a good education more often than not will uplift a person to a much better economic position.

      Here is another thought. With the increased use of computers, it has gotten impossible to reinvent yourself and get a clean start ANYWHERE in the world, for anyone.

    • STOP! Tearing families apart? Nope, that was done before the war on drugs. That is a direct result of the Great Society programs. See Daniel Patrick Moynihan. There are NO families to tear apart unless you are claiming the 72% unwed is because they got picked up and tossed in the can before they got to the Chapel.

      Youngster, the tough on crime, community policing started in NYC because we topped 2,000 murders per year! That stat, 90% of crime committed by 10% of the criminals holds true. I laugh when Hillary is garroted with her “predator” comments. Anyone on the street back then KNOWS it was a fact. Everywhere Community Policing was tried it worked.

      Most of the current heroin problem can be tracked timewise to Afghanistan. Ditto happened to the old Soviet Union. Same for us in Viet-nam with the “golden triangle”. The stats are out there unless one is too lazy to look them up.

      I still want to know in legalization, exactly what will happen to dealers who sell and hook kids? There will be an age restriction like booze and cigarettes. What about 10th Graders?

    • Mathius says***** “Do you suppose that the demand for abortion services is higher near such neighborhoods because of less availability of contraceptives and less education regarding contraceptives?”


      Mathius says***** “Abortions happen [citation need] predominantly because women who are not in a position financially or relationship-wise to support a child become pregnant.”


      Mathius says***** “These are women in a tough situation who are struggling with a tough choice and just do not believe that they can bring a child into the world right now.”

      NO sir, these are women who do know the difference (for the most part), know what they are doing, know what the consequences are and make stupid decisions and EXPECT to get bailed out.

      Mathius says****** “Now ask yourself who is most likely to find themself in such a situation? Minorities (for the fiscal explanation) and minorities again (for the relationship aspect**).

      This, sir, is among the most lame of excuses….and that is all it is…an excuse. You are making exceptions simple because of race? This makes you an enabler, does it not? A broken home or broken family does not make a woman get pregnant. (notwithstanding the dead beat that gets his WIFE…that is WIFE…. pregnant and leaves because he is a shit head,

      Mathius says***** “and find a way to make The Pill cheaper and more readily available and increase usage.”

      My friend, you have been a champion of “words have meanings”;;;;do you see what you are saying in this sentence. How can you make something more readily available than it is…all sorts of contraceptives are available everywhere and for free. What I see that you are saying, or at least how I am interpreting this, is that government should step in and regulate sexual activity and force/provide contraceptives to (insert age). I would submit that you support providing things to all ages without parental consent as well? ( just a guess on my part ).

      ******* to mean that the DPM was drugged during the above answer and Mathius stepped in to help** out.

      ** help in the same context as Hillary needing “help”. Turn DPM loose Mathius…you may not agree with him but he does have to speak for himself. I know that DPM would pass out cold on the ground if his 12 year old daughter could get contraceptives without his permission. ( You, I can excuse because you have been indoctrinated with the Kool Aid ) DPM’s indoctrination is simply casks of grog which may impair judgement but do not impair common sense.

    • Game over. Spikes the football. Spit. I’m ok with it even if he loses this election. Call him what you want but he has done plenty of good already.

      • Cannot lose. No way, as he says , “If I lose it was just a huge waste of time”. Give that wicked witch of the west the SC nominations and it is game over…….permanently. Told the wife already, if she wins, almost every gun I own from the collection will hit the market because they will all be confiscated in a few years. Might as well make some money before that happens. Will only keep the ones that there are no records on.

  6. Dale A Albrecht says:


    List also ties to University of Chicago and other odd links
    Hillary plus her thesis on Alinsky
    Ayers want destruction of the US
    Arne Duncan father was a University of Chicago professor, plus Arne was a failure as head of chicago schools, blacks lost ground
    Valerie Jarrett, trustee, plus ties to the communist party via family
    Goolree (sp)
    Geitner interesting note, studied at the University of Peking, also father worked with Obamas mother in Indonsesia

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Isn’t Obama’s, Hillary’s and Sanders policies with, Hillary promising to stay the course and sanders is even further left, much more akin to Putin’s old masters and himself than Trump ever dreamed of being? This is a classic case of misdirection by master magicians.

      Is it not also true that is actually Hillary’s campaign way back in her 1st run of POTUS who brought up the “birther”issue about Obama.

      I thought it was interesting the other day, during an interview with Putin where Russia is being described as an aggressor, he threw back, that Russia has two bases outside of Russia. Whereas the US has about 170 outside of the US.

      • Question: Does having bases mean aggression? Or is it “implied” aggression.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I would assume “implied” Regardless, over the same period of time, we have mucked around militarily or openly calling and abetting the overthrow of the government in as many countries, if not more than Russia has. In the past 20 years we certainly have the lead…..these are just observations.

  7. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’ve been trying to follow the tax evasion case with the banks in Switzerland, to see how the “criminal” prosecutions went under the Obama DOJ. I found that only the “whistleblower” got sent to prison. He also was paid a % of money recovered. All the major principles in the banks, though convicted, only suffered probation and some minor fines. The two cases of tax evaders, paid healthy back taxes but also evaded any jail time and only received probation…….These people criminally conspired and defrauded billions from the US government and this is all they received. I guess bankers do rule.


    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Even though this video addresses last weeks events concerning Hillary and her scandal’s. The 1st bit with Rudy Guilliani he brought up the UBS scandal. Apparently Hillary’s State dept intervened with the DOJ to go easy on these banks in Switzerland, so our relationship with that country will not be jeoprodized. Bill pockets a $1M plus speaking fee from these very same actors whom Hillary asked our government to go easy on.

      Don’t even want to get into Corzine and Holder deciding that no charges will be filed after that investment group collapsed after illegally using client funds to cover bad investments.

  8. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This is for Stephen


    So much for quality control, I this is supposed to be a lower cost, Joint use aircraft, you’s have thought that Lockheed might just have used a proven coolant line. I’d assume that they have used the design layout before.

    • This gonna be one hell of an airplane!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        two decades in development….to much thought has gone into this park monument. In a related article was one that the Air Force is looking for a low cost replacement to the A-10
        Who are they kidding? I thought the F-35 was suppose to handle the close in ground support….oh that’s right the plane has no linger time at the battlefield.
        If these planes can only be flown with the aid of computer systems, because the aerodynamics are counter-intuitive, how can this plane ever be certified combat ready with the software glitches where the computers literally go brain dead and the only way to clear the error is to reboot. ah ha..

        The government has totally forgotten the stuff that Lockheed used to pull decades ago. They’d win a contract by being the low bid and all the other bidders would know that there is no way the contract could even be fulfilled at that bid, much less 1/2. Then the money would run out and Lockheed would go to the government for additional funding to complete the project saying, no sense in throwing away what we’ve done, cheaper to just give us the additional funds. That occurred several times until finally the Government said “basta” I’d remember my Dad after spending months putting bids together for military contracts and come home steaming that Lockheed pulled their stunt again. Later in time when the government said enough, they’d approach the losing bidders, like IBM who did give an accurate bid, to take over the contract. If they did it was for the full price because they usually had to start from scratch.

  9. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Not that Haiti has been the most stable country in the world, but they absolutely deserved better treatment from the US than the treatment they’ve received from the Clinton’s.
    Trump is not playing around.

  10. An interesting little debate about voting polls being closed and consolidated. The Left, always whining have a problem with this. My comment is that we have Rights and the require “exercise”. That means that if you want to vote, find a way to the polls.

    An idiot Lefty brought up gun rights and tried to compare the two, using Conservative views and the difference in how we think of the two. I’ll stop and let ya’ll figure out how I crushed that nonsense.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      When I lived in Raleigh, the voting stations were generally at an EMS/Firestation. Given the laws are something like a 8 minute response time, under normal conditions, getting to your neighborhood designated voting location was easy no matter who you were. Now I’m 1 block away. The polls in the black area are within several blocks. The “CARTS” system is very efficient. Just organize a bus load and voila. I have not checked but i’ll bet that a ride to vote will be a free day. These are not big buses, but vans and some smaller transports for individuals and all have handicap lifts.
      I can guarantee that every one of the people that the left are claiming are inconvienced by having to have a photo id is just smoke. Anyone on Medicare/medicaid etc has an id that is shown at admission. Cash any check anywhere id required. Enter any public facility, like the city hall, county court, federal court or any of their other facilities, to pass security, or transact any business you have to prove who you are…..much less they are free. the DOJ is not claiming minorities, they are only claiming blacks. What about asians, what about hispanics, what about poor white’s living as a minority in some neighborhood. Only blacks are detailed as being denied. The Obama administration and his DOJ are by their very actions, racists.

  11. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Was it really reported back when Eric Holder resigned as Attorney General that Congress had drafted “Articles of Impeachment” against him. He resigned 1st. Charges were all the things we’ve talked about. Lying to Congress under oath. perjury, Fast and Furious. Failure to prosecute the banking issues, The IRS no charges at all. NOTE: he’d recuse himself because of past dealing with his law firm, but there it’d stop. Like Corzine etc. Voter intimidation by Black Panthers, there was quite a list.

    • In the last 48 hours, both you and my wife reminded me about my ex governor Jon Corzine! Amazing! Wonder if they ever found any of that magic $ 2,000,000,000.00 he “disappeared” after leaving the governorship and starting a new investment business?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I did some reading this morning on Jon Corzine. He sure has been involved in some deep financial wheeling and dealing. Like helping bailout as part of the Clinton team, of a Hedge Fund called LTCM. Put together by a guy who resigned his previous position due to a financial scandal. Two of the founders won a nobel prize on their modeling of derivatives. They had a debt to equity ratio of 25:1 when asia and russian finances hit a wall the company collapsed. Got bailed out, but then totally failed in a year or so. I was looking at the alma maters of the principles. University of Chicago, Harvard and MIT. Corzine gothis financial degree from the University of Chicago.
        The thing I keep wondering if these guys are so god damn smart and graduating form these stellar institutions, why do we keep having to bail out their “errors in judgement” and financial finnagling
        To me warning signs of LTCM was that it was incorporated in Delaware, for tax purposes, office in Connecticut, banked in the Cayman’s and specifically was set up to by-pass SEC regulations….MF Global is Corzines own version of that.

        • Learning Keynesian economics possibly.

        • Greed, personal greed. I got mine. F You! What was that other line they used to use in the RE investment community? OPM! (other peoples money).

          I have always been amazed about those “infomercials” on late night TV or on the radio, You too can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars using my system of investing in precious metals, real estate, foreclosed homes, porkbellies, _____________(fill in the blank).

          My God ! if they actually knew such a secret why would they ever share it!

          Bernie Madoff, Countrywide Finance, Jon Corzine, The Clinton Foundation, Goldman Sachs. the tip of the iceberg, just the tip.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            The list of banks that kicked in money to bail out the LTCM hedge fund was amazing. Quite a few now no longer exist because they did not survive the next big financial blowup. Several others have been caught in financial scams, they just keep inventing more ways to fleece the system, The revolving door of members of these banks going into an agency or as part of administrations, set policies, that are good for them, then set about using that system, blows up and get bailed out. No harm to them.

            • Before the 1990 meltdown in RE with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in Round one, the guys who put the money out on the street in the late ’80’s who started the ball rolling had all been promoted upstairs . When the collapse occurred, it was the “new guys” not even there for a year who got blamed, fired and blacklisted. The other A–holes were VP’s by then. They immediately geared up to bring you 2006 by which time, the ones I knew were already retired and owning their own Caribbean island.

              Remember, Angelo Mozilo, CEO, founder of Countrywide, and the GROUND ZERO of 2006 never did a day in jail and never personally paid a dime in fines. To this day, I am shocked that he breathes. Tar and feathering was too good for him. Protected all the way by his associations with Sen. Dodd and Congressperson Frank.

  12. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Let’s hope that regardless of what appears to be an ineffective senate, the republicans still will retain control of that part of congress. I doubt if the house of representatives will flip, but if Hillary get elected and the Senate switches “katy bar the door”
    As much as we have hated Obama and his abuses of executive power, the senate stood no chance of overturning any of his EO’s. Any change to the law from their end shooting down the EO would be vetoed by the president and that then requires a 2/3 majority vote to overturn. The only option to derail the executive EO’s has been through the courts. But even they are so politically biased and with the death of scalia it’s even more critical the ruling of the previous appeals court..

    • I feel that President Trump’s biggest problems will be in the US Senate and to a lesser degree in the House.

      Like Teddy R, he will spend his first two years running against his party and their obstructionism. Watch them pull stuff on him they wouldn’t dare on Obama. They will suddenly grow a spine. Unfortunately for them, they are now on the wrong side of history. No sympathy here. They had their chance and their chance and their chance and……..ad infinitium.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Now here is an interesting thought. On the promise that they would really put Obama’s feet to the fire and submit bills that they knew he’d veto, just to really make the democrats stance be recorded for all to be seen. They’d never get through a veto override. But in reality they played the game of brinksmanship like a bunch of amateurs and literally rubber stamped or were outflanked by Obama and his agenda. The Senate now looks bad and nothing but a bit more to the right democrats with few exceptions.

        Now suppose, Congress remains in the Republicans hands, and Trump is elected. The bills sent up are designed to cause Trump to veto them due to their fiscal wastage etc. Or as Trump goes through Obamas overreach EO’s Congress overrides his decisions to do so because to many rice bowls are broken on both sides of the aisle. The Republicans and Dems team up and override Trumps veto and the globalist and elites agenda continues unabated. But the illusion of a two party system of two opposing views is now truly shown to be just that, an illusion. If Hillary wins, the illusion can be maintained but all in all the results will be the same. The destruction of the US as we knew it and the subserviance to a world body.

        • The tea party was supposed to whither and die. It did not. Even surprised me. Trump is like that. We, have to stop thinking the old ways. There is something new afoot here. They have to try and thwart Trump. He will go over their heads. there might be some very interesting challenges in the 2018 cycle to standing Senators and representatives. If I am right that will cross the aisle.

  13. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Hillary slammed Trump on his statements about the bombing in NYC yesterday. Saying one has to wait until all the facts are in and not jump to conclusions. Well it was a bombing. Then De Blasio, says it wasn’t a terrorist bombing. How can it not be? All bombings are acts of indiscriminate violance to create terror among the populous. Be it gangs, be it a personal vendetta, be it mafia, be it political, it all boils down to one thing.
    Now they say it was a terrorist bombing, but somehow they say there is no known tie to an international terror group such as ISIS. Again how can that claim be made or denied if the bomber has not somehow been known or uncovered.

    I like the police and press statement in MN. Several people injured in a mall knife attack, the perp is DEAD, and he’s still viewed as a suspect.

  14. They will say anything to avoid saying something!

    When they find out the guy was named Ahmed they will bend over backwards to blame his third grade teacher.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Well he has been id’s and is a Somali. Apparently came in under some refugee program. It seems that the administration contracts Christian groups like Catholic charities and in the MN they contract the Lutherans. This gives the administration the out by saying, we’re not directing the placement of the refugees that are being placed. But they are handing the refugees off to these charitable christian groups they contract. Where else are they going to put them but in the communities that they are in to begin with. Quite a dodge.

      The Gov of MN said that the people who object should move someplace else. This was one month ago. There has been tension between residents and the “refugees”. One is about jobs being displaced.

      The press is saying he’s a Somali-American, but they aren’t saying anything that he ever became a citizen. Everyone is saying he was such a good man….blah blah blah…..best place to hide is in plain sight.

      Interesting note on Merkel in Germany. Her party is taking a beating in the polls across Germany over the mass refugee issue. As a curious twist in the long run, the parties that will stand the most to gain are the left, socialists and the green parties, which are even more for the refugee plan.

  15. Dale A Albrecht says:

    One thing that I believe would help dampen the corruption of the representatives that are sent to office in DC and represent us back home. One of the excuses one hears is that it is so expensive to not only maintain a home back in ones State of record, but to get and maintain a house in DC and all the extra costs. The State should buy residences for those we send to DC. When a new batch is sent they move in as the former resident moves out. Just like the WH. Plus their salaries should be paid by the State and whatever staff is deemed required. The representatives should be taking more direction from their respective States than from whomever sits in the WH.

    The way the representatives seem to horsetrade to get votes for a bill they put up to the floor, is to offer BRIBES, through what is called pork. You vote for my bill and I’ll put in funding for this bridge you want, but failed to get in the transportation bill, or even better the people in that location DO NOT NEED OR WANT the bridge at that location.

    Maybe then more chaos would ensue in DC and rarely would anything get done unless it truly was of national interest. In other words all State issues stay at the State level where they belong, Then State money can stay in the State to handle its issues instead of being handled and skimmed off by the federal bureacracy and redistributed back to its originating point….that in itself is a bribe by the feds to get what they want even when the state does not want the program etc.

    • Or….. what if we just fired the lot of them every term? One term, that’s it.

    • I like the pay and housing ideas. Reps pay should come from a identifiable tax source within their district. Senators from the legislature. Reps get a townhouse in DC paid for by there constituents and the Senators get a house paid for by the legislature. They get 12 of round trip prepaid tickets home per year. I would keep Congress in session for 3 weeks and then home for a week. None of this 3 day a week business with flights once a week.

      • General agreement, but I think it misses the big ticket item.

        The vast majority – I mean, the overwhelmingly vast majority – of the expense of being a rep is needing to fund-raise for reelection.

        Seriously, they need to raise thousands every week to stay on course.

        From the day they start, the top of the agenda is getting reelected.

        And they will do anything for that cash.

        Get rid of second terms and, well…

    • There are a number of Military bases in the area with what used to be called BOQ’s. My eldest shared an apartment with a Congressmen when he first got to DC. On NC Ave the owner of a townhouse set it up like a college dorm. Four professionals shared the apartment. Each had a bedroom and there were several baths. They had common areas and shared a kitchen.

      But the base idea or eh “sharing” would severely limit the hanky and the panky!

  16. Something I’ve been trying to get my head around. Please opine.

    How do you (conservatives) even function?

    I don’t mean this rudely.

    But, if I understand things correctly, you believe (roughly) the following:

    – You are living in a world full of conspiracies.
    – Where everyone is out to get you, steal what’s yours, control you, and force you behave the way they want.
    – Your country has been taken over by a foreigner and now a corrupt felon (who was only not convicted because she manipulated the FBI) is set to take over for the next 8 years.
    – The economy is in shambles
    – The American Dream™ is dead.
    – Illegal immigrants stream in by the million taking your jobs and shipping the money back to Mexico.
    – The Gays and the Trannies are trying to convert your children to their sick and twisted ways, and society (the thought police) is punishing you for trying to protect them.
    – The first, second, and tenth amendments are all but dead.
    – Millions of Syrians have been resettled throughout the country and a huge portion of them are part of ISIS, just biding their time to kill you and your family.
    – Christianity is under attack – especially by our not-so-secretly-Muslim President.
    – The “Democrat Party” is rigging and stealing elections left and right, and trying to let illegal immigrants vote in order to keep power.
    – The liberals are trying to give control of the country to the UN.
    – All of the nation’s wealth that isn’t being shipped to Mexico by the Illegals is shipped to China because America doesn’t know how to win anymore.
    – Your money is being taxed away and given to drug abusing welfare queens.
    – The nuclear family is breaking down.
    – Patriotism is a thing of the past, and banished from our schools.
    – And, to top it all off, they cancelled Firefly season II.

    So, the question stands: how do you function in daily life with all this hanging over you? How have you not moved to Galt’s Gulch?

    I mean, Jesus, that’s a terrifying world to live in. If I thought the world was really like that, I would probably eat a bullet.

    • You actually get it but your democrat brain washing is blocking the realization that it is all true.

      • That doesn’t address the question.

        Seriously, if I honestly believed all this, I would be out there setting off the bombs in NYC (only I would be substantially more effective)*.

        But, I mean, I wouldn’t be satisfied with griping online and voting every two years. I wouldn’t even be marching on Washington. This amount of.. whatever this is… warrants immediate *ahem* Second Amendment *ahem* remedies, or leaving the country.

        Yet I don’t see that happening from broad swaths of the Right. And I don’t understand why.


        *Dear Ms. Lynch, I am not now, nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be, a terrorist. This comment is purely hypothetical. Sincerely Mathius (PS: Please don’t arrest me!)

        • Seriously, you want us to explain to you why we are not either 1.killing ourselves or 2. killing other people?

          • Yes. Or leaving the country.

            This world, as I describe it above, is untenable.

            How can you believe this and be satisfied with merely griping online and voting and donating to politicians who don’t make any difference?

            Killing others or myself is not really my style, but you bet your ass I’d be out of here by now. And, further, you can also bet your ass I would never have brought children into that world.

            • It’s not your style but somehow it should be conservatives style. So tell me short of a civil war ,starting-just how would I decide who was at fault, who should die! And by what right would I have to make such decisions. As far as leaving-not happening-why would I leave the Country I love instead of fighting to save it and where would I go anyway. And suicide, that is just crazy.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          But Mathius you had an unpure thought. You will be watched.

    • You miss the whole thing. Logic….Assume for one brief moment that any president of any persuasion had unlimited power. Would you like that society? Yet you like executive orders! You believe (I assume) that congress should always be “Doing Something” something that the executive wants. If it is not what the executive wants then they are “doing nothing”.

      Study history my friend. You are the one trapped, trapped in a time bubble. You see yesterday, you see tomorrow, you do not see last year or next year.

      I am only a conservative because I know history. I know that hat we have is NOT what the average human wants. Democracy, Republicanism? Those are hard.

      You believe that the people through elections and plebiscites are not wise enough to govern themselves so they need nine old people to tell them when they are off the rail\s. Their concerns are petty and must be subsumed to the wisdom of that Delphic Oracle called the Supreme Court. Personally I’d take the reading of the chicken guts.

      As an example, when someone points out something like there are these 40,000 dual voting registrations in Maryland and Virginia and close to 100,000 between NY and Florida, you say it is NOT true. Why? BECAUSEWESAYSO! When we point out that everybody needs a photo ID for almost everything you say, Fine! EXCEPTFORVOTING! When I repeatedly point out how your Common sense gun laws” have basically made it impossible to own great grandpa’s .22 short, pump action in the city of NY, YOUTOTALLYIGNOREIT!

      Cognitive dissonance. That is the left to me.

      • Would you like that society? Yet you like executive orders!

        I do?!?!

        That’s certainly news to me.

        You believe (I assume) that congress should always be “Doing Something” something that the executive wants

        I do?!?!

        That’s certainly news to me, too.

        If it is not what the executive wants then they are “doing nothing”.

        More news to me.

        You believe that the people through elections and plebiscites are not wise enough to govern themselves so they need nine old people to tell them when they are off the rail\s.

        People are idiots.

        They need more than “nine old people,” but it’s what they’ve got.

        Democracy is the worst form over government.. except for all other forms of government.

        Their concerns are petty and must be subsumed to the wisdom of that Delphic Oracle called the Supreme Court.

        News me me, again!

        SCOTUS’s job is sorting out case law and determining the meaning and validity of laws. It is not to sort out our petty concerns.

        when someone points out something like there are these 40,000 dual voting registrations in Maryland and Virginia and close to 100,000 between NY and Florida, you say it is NOT true.

        I do?

        This is the first I’ve heard about 140k dual registrations, so allow me to respond: “Please cite a reputable source.”

        See? I didn’t say it’s not true. I said, you’ve made a claim, and the burden of proof it on you. If you substantiate your claim, I will believe you. If you do not, I will not. If you are correct, I will agree that the dual registrations should be repaired (single registration to each’s home state).

        I would even go a step further: I believe there should be a national voter registration database wherein every living citizen is listed by name, address, SSN, and eligible voting district. Problem solved.

        When we point out that everybody needs a photo ID for almost everything you say, Fine! EXCEPTFORVOTING!

        Find a way to get valid ID’s into the hands of the poor WITHOUT costing them anything and WITHOUT making them take a trip to the DMV, and you’ll have my support.

        What I really object to, though, is not the ID requirement. I actually (generally) agree that ID’s are pretty ubiquitous and easy enough to attain that they don’t (really) post a barier to voting. I would even suggest (*GASP*) that if someone can’t be bothered to take the extra step, that that’s probably not someone I want voting in the first place.

        THAT SAID, what I do object to is the fact that, disproportionately, those without ID’s are minorities and/or poor. That’s simple fact. And the states that are enacting ID laws are not doing so to protect the sanctity of the polls. There is no credible threat to the validity of our voting system from in-person voting. They are doing this to disenfranchise poor/minority voters who – shock! – tend to vote Blue. THAT is what I object to.

        Find a way to require ID without disenfranchising people, and I’m in.

        When I repeatedly point out how your Common sense gun laws” have basically made it impossible to own great grandpa’s .22 short, pump action in the city of NY, YOUTOTALLYIGNOREIT!

        I don’t think anyone needs to own any gun of any sort.

        That said, there’s a 2nd Amendment for a reason.

        That reason is for a WELL REGULATED MILITIA.

        Are you a well regulated militia? No?

        Well, that’s ok, because those 9 wise elders of yours have decided to ignore that bit.

        That said, I think a lot of the “common sense” laws are bullshit. They’re efforts to “look tough” without actually solving the problem because the NRA owns the government.

        By the way, Obama has an F from the NRA and a D- from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.. Go figure..?

        What should we have? I don’t really know. I don’t spend too much time thinking about it because (A) there’s nothing I can do about it and (B) it’s not really a big issue to me. You’re probably in a much better position to evaluate it than I am. I’d like to see stronger background checks, maybe? Close the gun-show loopholes, maybe? Definitely make it a catastrophic penalty to have an unauthorized weapon, though. Honestly, I’m not the right person to ask.

        Get good laws in place. Then enforce them.

        • People are idiots! You make my case. Yes, they make mistakes but they are right more often than not. This is not to mention the country was designed this way. The “improvements” simply shift mistakes made by the people as a whole which, like prohibition can be corrected (albeit with difficulty) to nine old people who are NEVER wrong!

          So I am happy to see that you renounce any and all policy driven executive orders. We can both agree the the Prez does have the right to declare a national Chicken Plucker day if he so desires.

          • He can declare whatever he wants.

            But that doesn’t give it the force of Law.

          • Perhaps I missed the day in Government 101 when they explained where the President acquired magical powers to effectively write laws by fiat.

            I was, however, there when they explained that CONGRESS writes laws which the PRESIDENT approves/vetoes.

            I actually am, however, a fan of the line-item veto (provided it doesn’t change the meaning of the text). But signing statements and EO’s are not Constitutional according to Mathius*.

            *Mathius does not technically have any authority to declare anything Constitutional or otherwise, unfortunately.

      • By the way, your answer did nothing to address my question. Care to try again?

        • Lost track, which one?

          • Given your perception of Modern Day America (as I specified above), how do you justify your present (non) action.

            If I believed all that stuff, I’d either take up “2nd Amendment solutions” or leave (the later being more likely). I don’t understand how someone can believe the country is so terrible and in such a terrrible condition and run by criminals and about to be run by an even worse criminal and you have no rights and the liberals are coming for your guns and the UN is about to take over and it’s overrun by violent criminal illegal aliens and.. yada yada yada. I don’t understand how you can believe all that and justify doing so little about it beyond griping online and voting for more politicians (who don’t change anything). Maybe you contribute to some cause, but how is that enough?

            How do you justify bringing children into the world when it’s like this? How do you justify staying? How do you justify NOT taking up arms? How have you not moved to Galt’s Gulch?

            It just doesn’t make sense. The US that I see (through your* eyes) is borderline apocalyptic


            *here meaning conservatives at large, not you, specifically.

            • I am doing what I can. I have been involved in politics in the past from Barry G on. I write, talk and occasionally browbeat. I have been known to take the wind out of people’s sails by pointing out flawed or misleading statistics etc.

              There are those who have given up. I have not. Reagan demonstrated things can change. The biggest shot in the arm of all was Guilliani in NYC. So many had given up hope. True joke at my former NYC Housing agency, “When will the South Bronx stop?” ” When it reaches the Canadian border……maybe.” If you do not agree that’s fine but please give me the credit to acknowledge you are disagreeing with an expert. Maybe you think I read the tea leaves wrong (or the entrails) but I was there, boots on the ground and dealing with it, up close and personal every damned day. And, I might add enjoying the challenge.

              So, I have been praying (literally) for Donald Trump for decades (seems like eons) somebody who at least makes the noises that he gets it. Sure, maybe he is a fake like Bush or Nixon for example but it will be awfully hard for him to walk back everything. They, said nothing so it was very easy to disappoint us. I, as you know am a Teddy R. fan. I like a particular progressive. I know change is needed and one must live in the times. Expectations have been raised that must be fulfilled somehow. There is nothing wrong with the “progress” part of progressive. Progress for people individually and thereby the society collectively.

              I have been saying to the R party for years that something must be done about medical care. My mantra has been, do something sane and sensible yourselves or it will be IMPOSED on you. Well, was I right or wrong? You know, it was the NRA that backed sensible gun reform. The background checks that cover 95+% of transactions, are the idea of the NRA brought about by the demand for such things. Rather than allow wild schemes to hold sway while they stood on increasingly precarious “principle” they came up with a better idea NCIS. Same with welfare reform. The left’s ideas were literally bigger and bigger bureaucracy the right came up with time limits, supplemental benefits that would be phased out and a working safety net. Obama undid that with a stroke of a pen.

              The Master bartender taught me long ago that there are many more ways than one to do things. I agree.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Yes TR had a sense of correcting social problems and rooting out corruption. His NYC police commissioner days etc. Food safety etal. His biggest stick domestically was used on the ROBBER BARONS and monopolies. he was extremely disappointed with Taft for his failure to continuing the hard nosed prosecution of those thieves. Wilson in a shot gave a “Constitutional” requirement of the Federal government, without an amendment. up to private bankers called the Federal Reserve Act.

                I will not go into the out and out theft of the “Canal Zone” from Colombia and setting up Panama. But the canal was and is a great engineering feat.

              • Creating “Panama” after Columbia tried to shake him down was just plain brilliant. That old USMC thing, “Adapt, improvise, overcome”.

                As I told Matt, history moves on. We have the choice of joining in and having our say or having it dropped on our heads. Republican “conservatives” standing on principle seem not to acknowledge that they live in a fluid society. Things change, thinking changes. Almost all stupid liberal social and medical programs have been rammed through while Republicans sit on the side lines like old aunt Nelly and go Tsk, tsk! Meanwhile the programs have broad if not knowledgeable support. Who would think fro example that ADA would apply to junkies and drunks? But like Obamacare, Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps, Education loans, Freddie and Fannie, we sat them all out and got unworkable, expensive, ineffective dreck.

                How about anticipating a problem and getting in front of it with a viable solution? That is what was done with NCIS instant checks!

                TR, not bad. Some I might disagree with but would I had I been there at the time.


              • Another Teddy moment if you will indulge me.


                The company handling the “guest workers”, Bain Capital. The co-founder of Bain Capital…….Mitt Romney. As the late Andy Rooney might have said, “Didja ever wonder why Mitt HATES the Donald?” The man was every bit the greedy scumbag he was portrayed as.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                SK…when I got retired I really didn’t mind. I was burnt out. However, when the company a few months later “outsourced” the 60 young really aggressive employees that we were able to bring aboard a few years earlier to aid us here in the US because the company refused to invest in a good data analysis and reporting system. These kids were all college graduates, all just starting to step into buying homes and stating families, because there really was plenty of work for any forseeable future and exciting work. The work was outsourced to India to a company called Tech Mahindra. When I found that out because of the torrent of phone calls I got from the “former” employees, I called one of the executives I worked for about the decision. I asked him what his experience was with tha company? He said NONE is was purely a finance dept decision. Bottom line was they were gotten so cheap the company could afford rework and redo due to errors. I had had a great deal of experience with that company and we had never had a project done correctly that didn’t require a great deal of rework as the project went along. Our goal with the team I put together was to strive for error free work, right from step one in operations.

                The BS excuse for all the work visas was to fill jobs that US workers did not want. OK, but over the years this has struck so deep into the skilled jobs that are good to get. Seen it happening big, since ’85.

                When Romney was running and Obama was flailing him with his business of Bain and it’s practices, Romney had no answer because Obama was correct. Not that Obama was going to change anything, but the damage was done, and ergo another 4 for Obama.

              • The pure unmitigated greed. My son’s company wanted to start having the engineers deal with draftsmen in India. They were finally convinced by the engineers that there was no way the Indians could “nouance” American. Everything would be literal and hence screwed up.

    • Good Morning Mathius, Hope today finds you and the family healthy and happy.

      I would have to say that most of your points seem to be a little over blown, but somewhat accurate. I would go point by point, but a little busy today. But I’ll make one point even clearer than you could imagine. There are a lot of people simply waiting, because at some point the Federal government will cross that magic line and attempt to do something, through the use of force, which will be acted upon, via the exercise of our 2nd Amendment Rights. But remember, it will be in reaction, not a premeditated action to over throw the Fed’s. It would be impossible to attempt to remove the Fed’s without having the moral high ground. But at some point in time, their corruption and arrogance will be their demise.

      As far as living in that scary world you posed, I live out in the country. It’s quiet, no crime, nice people who wave back when you wave. We all carry sidearms (or purse arms, LOL) 🙂
      We help those in need when that situation arises. We feed those families that run into hard times and do so without blinking. I live in the poorest county in Pa. We don’t even have a red light yet, and don’t need any, we know how to drive. Life is currently peaceful. When it ceases to become peaceful due to government actions, the line will have been crossed. Then, and only then will people rise up. Let’s hope it never happens, because life will change for everyone if it does.

  17. Let’s talk about general incompetence in terrorism. Maybe someone can clear this up for me.

    I don’t understand how terrorists are (only) causing 29 injuries. with these kinds of things.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s bad. But it’s not nearly as bad as it could be.

    I’m no evil mastermind, but I would easily be able to up that by an order of magnitude plus several orders of magnitude economically.*

    I get that, by virtue of being a terrorist, you’ve already established that you’re a moron, so there’s some sample bias here. But shouldn’t they be more… effective? It’s not like we really make it that hard.

    I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I just don’t understand why, if they hate us so much and are willing to sacrifice their lives, they do so so ineffectually. 9/11 and the Washington sniper** are the only examples I can think of where terrorists used their resources efficiently.


    * Seriously, it wouldn’t be that tough to drop the pipe bomb in Grand Central during rush hour instead. Setting aside the direct casualties, the economic impact would be staggering considering how many people commute into the city every day through GC. But no, they chose Chelsea?? It just doesn’t make sense.

    **Maybe add Orlando, Aurora, Boston, and some school shootings, but the general point stands. The kill counts are staggeringly low and they shouldn’t be given how motivated the terrorists are.

    • You don’t get it because you refuse to accept the idea of jihad being a violent struggle as opposed to your definition being a spiritual struggle. They use terrorism as a tool. Weather there are deaths or not is only a minor point, since the main idea of terrorism is to create fear. And these radicals have patience, like thousands of years of patience, which is why they don’t care if they only pluck off 29 injuries at a time.

      • since the main idea of terrorism is to create fear.

        I’m note 100% on board with this definition.

        The main idea behind terrorism is asymmetric warfare. That is, we (the US) have the power. They (the terrorists) do not. We have satellites, and drones, and planes, and tanks. They have a small core of fanatics. Ceterus paribus, we win 100 times out of 100.

        But that’s the thing. They can win by scaring us into submission or making the cost too high for us to bear.

        In either event, upping the damage and the loss of life would be more effective to the parent goal.

        And these radicals have patience, like thousands of years of patience, which is why they don’t care if they only pluck off 29 injuries at a time.

        I’m not 100% on board with this idea either.

        Just because they hold on to grudged generationally doesn’t mean they have some super patience.

        They want to win – NOW – today. They want to do their damage NOW.

        And, by the way, being so patient, they should be able to pick and choose better, more effective, targets, no?


        I just keep circling back to it. Why not be more effective?

        Even if they are inhumanly patient and just want to cause fear out of some spiritual need, why wouldn’t they want to cause more fear and do more harm?

        Why bomb Chelsea instead of Grand Central? Why NJ instead of Penn Station?

        It just doesn’t make sense.

        “Because they’re dumb” isn’t a good enough answer. Nor is “they’re patient” and “jihad is a violent struggle.” Someone in their ranks should be smart enough to be effective. And being patient and violent should make them more effective, not less.

        It doesn’t make sense.

        And, when things don’t make sense, I feel like I’m missing a piece.

        • Their bomb making materials aren’t available like over there. That’s one simple reason. They are also under far more scrutiny in public, that’s another reason. And so far, not well trained, these are amateurs. But, things are blowing up, they are among us. You city slickers have a problem that I don’t. I guess when it comes to this subject, it will get worse.

          • Oh, please.

            Amonium nitrate and fuel oil are pretty damn easy to get ahold of.

            C4 might be tough to get, but ANFO? No sweat. Home brew napalm? Come on.

            As for training, I’m not going to (at work), but I’ll wager whatever you like that I could get a recipe for it to get the right proportions within two minutes.

          • Gman…..bomb making materials are everywhere…..just your local grocery store has the chemicals needed to blow up a house.

        • Why bomb Chelsea instead of Grand Central? Why NJ instead of Penn Station?

          It just doesn’t make sense.

          D13: It makes perfect sense, Sir Mathius. You do not know how to fight a war. I wish I did not, but I do. Larger targets are harder to hit and survive. Start now on the smaller targets…hit them everywhere and force the “enemy” to spread out their vigilance and spend untold dollars on non productive targets. Non productive targets create illusions…and scares the crap out of people. Long term, I want you to be afraid to go to the local grocery store…I want you to be afraid to open the door to your pizza delivery…I want you to worry every time you open your mailbox….If I can get you afraid to go to the mall, order pizzas, or afraid to go to the movies….or even jog in your neighborhood….I am winning the battles that lead to winning the wars….

          remember the adage: “For the want of a nail……”

          • Larger targets are harder to hit and survive.

            Very true.

            But GC is a very high value target and would not present dramatically harder problems. There is virtually no security.

            But, ok, forget GC. Pick an Tuesday at 11 AM over the winter, blow all the bridges and tunnels into/out of NYC and trap 8MM people on the island for a week before they can get out. Even assuming no one freezes to death, NYC would take a generation to recover economically as no one wants to work there.


            DC Sniper-style?

            Shopping malls?

            TIMES SQUARE?


            Sure, pick the “safe” smaller targets, but there is way too much low hanging fruit with a bigger payoff to justify NJ and Chelsea.

            Non productive targets create illusions…and scares the crap out of people.


            And I’d buy this if there was an ongoing pattern of it. But as a one-off? Makes no sense.

            And I don’t have evidence to suggest that this was just the first stage.

            Long term, I want you to be afraid to go to the local grocery store…I want you to be afraid to open the door to your pizza delivery…I want you to worry every time you open your mailbox….If I can get you afraid to go to the mall, order pizzas, or afraid to go to the movies….or even jog in your neighborhood….I am winning the battles that lead to winning the wars….

            Yup, and that’s MY point.

            Go for damage, or go for fear. But pick one and optimize for it.

            It makes no sense the way they’re going about it.

            I get they’re a bunch of amateurs, but come on. We both know this could be done far more effectively.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            We all have not mentioned the useful tool of the MEDIA with spreading the fear, even where there had been NO event, or even a very minor event. This 24/7 news that takes a very local issue, (you pick it) and it hits the world news and is beaten so, that everyone no matter where you are believes the problem is epidemic. Just take walking to school, Kids can’t even walk a block, (fact in VT) to go to school right around the corner. Nor could they clump at the corner but had to be picked up at their driveway. Never get caught behind a school bus if you want to get to work on time….it was fear of kidnapping or child molesters, where there had been NONE.

          • Mailboxes, now there is a great way to amplify the result! Not the kind on your front lawn which the kids have been blowing up for years with M-80’s but the kind, made of steel on street corners! Imagine, going out to mail aunt Tilly;s birthday card and tripping a mousetrap detonator!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Go back to “Happy Days” Richie makes a comment about how everyone is in awe or afraid of Fonzie and won’t dare cross him. especially when he, Richie, had never seen Fonzie hit anyone or commit an act of violence. Fonzie’s answer was I had to HIT someone before.

        My last trip up through PA in an obscure little no nothing town, I stopped for a bite at a McDonald’s. It was just after a very minor attack. The people in line were generally elderly and they were terrified of being out. The result was that people changed their behavior and habits and became “terrorized”. That’s the point of it all. I did have a quiet conversation while waiting in line, trying to allay their fears by saying this obscure place isn’t high profile enough, don’t worry.

        Now as to thinking that Chelsea wasn’t going to have an economic impact and you could think of many other more damaging places. 1st off, Chelsea is a soft target, 2nd, these are more well to do and they will change their behavior like not go out as often, demand more protection etc

        Live in a terrorist rich environment like I have and a few others here on SUFA and you will see the end result in time. Total acquiessence to the terrorists. Regardless whether it’s official government actions, outside entities, like the mafia, gangs, international jihadists you name it. The terror can occur in one big event like 9/11 or can be a degrading process like muslim youth gangs in Amsterdam harrassing and accosting the dutch girls riding their bikes. The government reaction was to tell the girls to stop offending the muslims and COVER UP.

    • The dumb shit put it in an open trash receptacle. Those of us with basic Combat Engineer training know that the blast was in that split second, directed upward. Had he left it in the pot on the ground or clamped down the lid on the dumpster, totally different result. The principle of the shaped charge, One tiny split second and the charge goes towards the path of least resistance.

  18. Yo Matt. You were looking for intent regarding the emails. Looks like one of us deplorables found the intent:

    Reddit files being scrubbed in real time…like today as we speak.

  19. Oh…..I have to answer this one…..item by item.

    1. No, I really do not live in a world of conspiracies.

    2. Where everyone is out to get you, ( Not everyone but it is a world of survival )steal what’s yours ( I do believe that the majority is out for themselves in a survival mode ), control you ( most definitely ) , and force you behave the way they want..( Yes, to an extent by the laws that are passed ).

    3. Your country has been taken over by a foreigner ( No, never have believed that and I am not a birther ) and now a corrupt felon (who was only not convicted because she manipulated the FBI) ( No, she is not a felon but should be and I laid out a perfectly good case and quoted the law verbatim. No I do not believe that the clandestine meeting with her husband and Lynch was about grand children and I do believe that the outcome from the FBI was orchestrated and I believe that she is in violation of the money laundering through her charity that only spent 8% to charity )….. is set to take over for the next 8 years. ( Perhaps but I hope not ).

    4. The economy is in shambles for the middle and lower class. The growth and unemployment is a lie as supported by the governments own facts. I, personally, am making a killing because the democratic policies are more for the rich than the republican policies are…If elected President, I will continue to make a killing because I follow the same rules that her cohorts follow. She is in the bag.

    5. Nope, the American Dream is alive and well……..if you can afford it.

    6. Illegal immigrants stream in by the million taking your jobs and shipping the money back to Mexico….. Yes and No…..they only ship back what they do not live on here. Since I work the border as an adviser, I see it first hand. I want the laws enforced and you should also.

    7. The Gays and the Trannies are trying to convert your children to their sick and twisted ways ( No, I have never believed this ) and society (the thought police) is punishing you for trying to protect them. ( Objection to your use of the term society. I say let’s put it to a real nationwide vote. Let the chips fall where they may. But are the minority thought police trying to force the issue? I believe they are. )

    8. The first, second, and tenth amendments are all but dead. ( No sir, not yet..but I also do not subscribe to the theory that the Constitution is a living breathing document that is subject to administrative interpretation. Want to change it? Ratify it according to the Constitution.)

    9. Millions of Syrians have been resettled throughout the country and a huge portion of them are part of ISIS, just biding their time to kill you and your family. ( Naah…..but even if it is just 1 percent, that is too many. I do not mind Syrians being resettled but not on their word..I believe that PROPER vetting should take place and when the Head of the FBI and HOMELAND Security tell you that you cannot check them out, I believe in being cautious and keeping them out until properly vetted and that includes women and children, which in my past experience, ae just as dangerous ).

    10. Christianity is under attack – especially by our not-so-secretly-Muslim President. ( I am a total outsider here because I do not subscribe to Christianity, but from what I have seen, Yes, I believe it is under attack. However, do I believe that Obama is a Muslim….I do not know what he is but he does not appear to be the Christian he claims…and I read his books and the books of his father. )

    11. The “Democrat Party” is rigging and stealing elections left and right, and trying to let illegal immigrants vote in order to keep power. ( Yes, this is what I believe right now especially on the State and local levels. I have seen this first hand on a limited basis).

    12. The liberals are trying to give control of the country to the UN. ( Let us change the wording from Liberal to Progressive party ( which hijacked the original liberal party ) and I will say yes….and even my most liberal friends…agree.Remember, I am NOT and NEVER WILL BE a ONE WORLDER)

    13. All of the nation’s wealth that isn’t being shipped to Mexico by the Illegals is shipped to China because America doesn’t know how to win anymore.( Naaah………to the first part…..Absolutely to the second part as it pertains to “we do not know how to win” any longer and this is attributable to the Progressive party and not true liberals. ”

    14. Your money is being taxed away and given to drug abusing welfare queens. ( Take out the word drug abusing and I will agree. I feel that there is generational welfare when there does not need to be ).

    15. The nuclear family is breaking down. ( Naah….not breaking down, just going away by attrition )

    16. Patriotism is a thing of the past, and banished from our schools. ( In the true liberal sense, it is not a thing of the past…as a Progressive thinker, it is not a thing of the past because it can’t be a past if it never was….as far as the schools..yes, it is under assault )

    17. And, to top it all off, they cancelled Firefly season II. ( Did not know what the hell you were talking about….looked it up….don’t give a shit. )

    The question is, how do YOU live with yourself if you are a true Progressive ( which you are not…you do not pass the litmus test and neither does Buck )…..a true Progressive does not care about anybody else except other Progressives. I consider you and Buck to be a friend and if I were ever in your area, I feel that we could break bread and drink grog….COFFEE IS OUT, Buck…..OUT OUT OUT. Especially foo foo coffee’s.

    Likewise, if you were ever in God’s country, you would be most welcome.

    • Oops, before you jump on me about not answering your question…..to cut and run would be against all logic. I am not a coward. Never have been. To cut and run simply because you do not like something is the finest definition of cowardice. Stay, fight, change.

    • 17. And, to top it all off, they cancelled Firefly season II. ( Did not know what the hell you were talking about….looked it up….don’t give a shit. )

      But that’s the worst item on the list!!

  20. Note to the Buckster….( I believe you said you lived in New Jersey )……ummm….just heard on the radio that Acchhmmed whatever was caught after a shoot out with your police. He is in custody. Perhaps you need to send your police down here to learn how to shoot….how in the world would he survive a shoot out…..hell, we blow ours up with bombs….

  21. Mathius……could not let DPM back out again, I see.

    You are correct and you are incorrect. Allow me to explain, sir. Terrorists want to send messages that you are vulnerable wherever you are….Malls, on the street, local neighborhoods, etc. If I were a terrorist, I would NOT go for the big kill. I would go for a series of little kills. The one-sies and two-sies….I would go after the kid that just dropped his girlfriend off from the school prom….I would gun down the innocents walking alone, or stab someone in the bathroom at an amusement park. I would want to make you scared to walk out of your house. I would gun down the jogger on a neighborhood street or kill a kid on a swing….that sends a message.

    The other thing that I have learned in dealing with people of this ilk….they are usually cowards them selves. It is easier to set a bomb in a trash can on a street corner than it is to organize a massive strike against a trade center. Just wait until they hit an NFL game on national TV.

    • That’s why I put the DC sniper in the list as one of the most effective given his resources. Ones and twos. Didn’t even have to kill most of them. DC was in a total panic for months.

      Now get ten guys and have them go city to city and pick off one or two people, randomly in malls and bars, etc. Just 10 or so a day (one for each) in AnyTown, USA. Every day.

      Could you be next?

      Now, THAT is effective terrorism.

      Going BIG is 9/11.. and it’s hard, and prone to failure.

      But just a little smaller is still pretty easy. I ask again: why bomb Chelsea? Why not Grand Central during rush hour. Just as easy. MUCH bigger payoff.

      • Correct…..the payoff is bigger but most people of the United States do not go to Grand Central at rush hour….only those whom are sadists. But, everybody across the nation goes to malls, etc. Yes, the DC sniper did exactly what he wanted….everybody scared. I think you will see this trend multiply in the future.

        It is not uncommon to see joggers and bicyclists and walkers here….all armed. My significant other and I walk all the time and we ride bikes……we are both armed every time. Some say, if you have to walk around armed, the terrorists have already won. We say……targets of opportunity.

    • I agree-they want us to believe that we are not safe anywhere.

      • You are not safe anywhere.

        No one is.

        No one has ever been.

        They want us to live in fear of this truth.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I disagree. One can take personal precautions, not based on fear but just being practical. The neighborhood, I used to live in here in New Bern abutted the poorer black neighborhood. We did not get any greater police protection than anywhere else in the city. Yet there had not been a B/E in the neighborhood, for the previous 9 years before I moved there and it’s been now 6 additional years. What criminals found was that it was a BAD bet to attempt any robbery there. The odds of winding up DEAD far outweighed the gain they might get from some goods that can be pawned. The neighborhood was safe. The city is full of active military people and retired military, white and black and they do not intimidate easily.

          What I do not understand is the comments about St Cloud mall security. Well the mall had security, but they are unarmed. What good does that do? It took an off duty police officer, who is probably required to be armed at all times to stop the attacker. Even the gate security at our Tryon Palace (historical site) are armed.

          Like D13’s stories about “peacekeeping” in the Balkan conflict as a member of the UN peacekeeping forces. Ordered to just step aside, as the UN told the forces in Rwanda to do resulting in the massacre of hundreds of thousands.

          That said the government can not protect you in all cases. That has to be left up to you. You have to be willing to not be a victim. In the UK the people have been defanged and disarmed and then also telll the people it’s a waste to purchase security systems, they can’t respond in time anyway. Then they prosecute those that do defend themselves and property…..NOT the criminal. God, when I was told flat out that I would have been prosecuted in Amsterdam when a black guy in broad daylight at the ticket kiosk tried to mug me and steal my briefcase, that by defending myself if I had hurt him. What about me, I asked….oh you are rich businessman and he is a poor unfortunate, let them take what they want. “unquote”.

        • The first thing I think about when I see an accident -is I hope no one is hurt-the second thought is I hope it isn’t anyone I know. The first brings on sorrow and compassion-the second brings on fear. The idea of personal loss is necessary to create Fear. There is some difference between the chance of loss from accidents and the chance of loss being intentional. I’m not sure why, maybe we have just learned to deal with one and not the other.

          But we are talking about strategies-I suspect some of the small hits are simply a means to get new followers and for new followers to follow. But what is their endgame, they know with a straight up fight -they cannot beat us. That fact has to have something to do with their actions.

          • Mathius is correct when you look at this logically…there are higher value targets out there where the totally fanatical will take them on…..most “lone wolves” are this for a reason, They, usually, do not want to die. They do NOT want whatever virgins are left. ( The only virgins left any more are ugly third graders and sisters that can out run their brothers.) Just like the US Military, we have forces designed to barge in a destroy and die in the process to achieve objective. We also have Special Forces whose design is to clandestinely work and not be discovered to “snipe” local leaders and disappear in the crowds…..terrorists do the same thing.

            Mathius correctly stated that unless there is a pattern, it is hard to understand the reasoning. It is….however, there maybe a pattern out there that we have not seen. I do not know this….but I have seen realities first hand. But, I can see where Mathius has a question and it is a legit question from someone who has not been in the melee. That is not a disparaging remark or a slight to Mathius….he is a bright fellow…it is a great question.

            • But, I can see where Mathius has a question and it is a legit question from someone who has not been in the melee.

              I still don’t see an adequate answer, however.

              Ok, fine. They don’t want to die. But there are plenty of higher value targets with comparable risk profiles, no? You stipulate this.

              I’ll grant you I’ve never been in the melee, and I’ll grant you I think a fair sight differently than our terrorist pals. But I just don’t see what I’m missing to explain it.

              If your goal is to cause fear, cause fear.
              If your goal is to cause death, cause death.
              If your goal is to cause damage, cause damage.

              But they’re NOT BEING EFFICIENT. And it doesn’t make sense.

              This is asymmetric warfare and they have a goal, yet they do not pursue that goal efficiently? Why?

              It’s like an itch in the back of my brain that’s been itching since the first time I ever gave terrorism any real though (9/11/01). Why aren’t they better at this?

              We have NO EFFECTIVE SAFEGUARDS.

              We are SITTING DUCKS.

              It would be almost comically easy to be devastatingly effective once you’re in-country. Give me 2 guys willing to die for the cause and, say, 5 grand in bankroll, and I would have this country under martial law by the end of the month. Give me 10 guys and 20 grand and I can have it done by the end of the week.

              And yet…… this is what they’ve got?

              Sorry, Colonel. It doesn’t compute.

              I’m missing a piece of the puzzle.

              he is a bright fellow

              You’re goddamn right.

              • And what do you think would happen if they did something devastating? Just my opinion but I think they are trying to build up their numbers and spread throughout the world not do something so major that we are forced to go in all guns loaded and stop them.

              • What would happen, you ask?

                Obama seems to have a pretty cool temperament when it comes to these kinds of things – he’d probably step up drones and put some boots on the ground only when pressure mounted to do something more aggressive. Clinton’s a little hawkish for my taste, she’d probably invade a la bush (minus the false pretenses). Trump would probably nuke Mecca from orbit.

                But “all guns loaded” can’t stop them.

                In fact, “all guns loaded” is the surest way to swell their ranks.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Clinton is a lot hawkish, not little. She has direcly threatened both Russia and Iran with military attacks, including nuclear. She has an angry streak that can be pushed to easily for my tastes.

                As to the Bush thing…..read Madeline Albright about the Clinton policy and WMD in Iraq. They fully believed that WMD’s still existed in Iraq, much less Saddam used them in the 90’s against the Kurds. They were trying to get the UN do its thing, but when Saddam started blocking inspections…we know the rest. Where did the WMD’s go….by convoy to Syria.

              • In my experience in dealing with these types…..I never know. But you want an answer to something that may not be answerable. As you know, there is one thing about strutting your stuff and crowing how tough you are and there is the other side when it is time to step up. The thinking is really quite simple. These are low level players….recruited but not trained. They are also not fanatical hence they are amateurs.

                You and I speak the same language..if you are gonna do it….do it with a bang.
                However, I also see the other side…a recruited ass on the internet trying to play big boy. We have some big boys in country…..and we have some real players in country. They come across the southern border mostly. I do not think it will be too long before we see some more specific action.

        • Ya know, here is a bit of NY history for you and others. It does, I think, put things in perspective. Love the PHOTO!


          And dad, and his WW 2 vet brothers and their wives and children still went to work and school every day on the subway. Gonna have to start emulating Israel.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just like in the 60’s and early 70’s to gain full membership in the “Black Muslim” group you had to kill Whitie. The subsequent drive-by shootings while people were waiting at a bus stop was the preferred message. This was in San Francisco by the way.

  22. Today in Big Government News:

    An individual in certain roles (for example, trading) has to be registered with the SEC or FINRA (or any of a half-dozen other regulatory bodies). If that individual is under suspicion of misconduct (even, though less likely, accidentally), he will receive a warning letter and be investigated. If convicted, he can face fines or even be barred from holding those roles again.

    Fine. Whatever. That makes sense.

    But now the SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections comes along and informs us that anyone who hires individuals “with a history of disciplinary events” will, themselves, be under increased scrutiny.

    Of course, no one wants to come under “increased scrutiny.” This means that even coming under suspicion by the SEC effectively permanently bans you from working in the entire financial sector. Innocence not-withstanding.

    And some of these agencies are non-governmental self-regulatory bodies. So you don’t even have to come under government suspicion, but suspicion by private entities. This means that just by sending you a letter, a bureaucrat (not even working for the government) can end your career. No trial. No hearing. No recourse.


  23. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Mathius…..been wanting to ask, but on these days that you interact with SUFA a lot, aren’t you supposed to be working?

    • That might not be Mathius…sometimes his alter ego takes over and tried to convince us that he is actually some one else.

    • It’s the American Way!

      Actually a lot of it is during calls. I spend a lot of time on calls and software demos etc that afford me some extra bandwidth. There’s also time when I’m eating lunch.

      But, yes, I do give up some of my otherwise productive time. But if it weren’t SUFA, I’d probably be surfing the web and looking at pictures of cats with humorous captions. No one actually works all the time they’re working.

      Plus, I type pretty fast.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        You should be paying attention. If you really are not needed and not being a value add on the call, just close it out and do something productive.

        Sorry, but that was a serious pet peeve I had the last 15 years of of my career. Not traveling to Europe and being on conference calls to those folks, is one thing, Those calls started at 0400 or early afternoon. Come 1700 the calls started in Asia and could go until late evening or early morning when Europe came online. but the projects put together in the US would have been greatly improved and done quicker, if we were able to get together for a period of time. The cost put the pressure on to do it right and quickly and make decisions. Projects totally done via conference calls seemed to drag on forever, if they ever truly got completed, much less without a lot of errors, due to people not paying attention and working or doing something else out of sight. I was a project manager and I never could meet the members of the teams and I knew they were doing their job that they were being appraised on as opposed to the “team” they got assigned to. You know they had mute on do disquise the keyboard sounds, I could have completed some projects in a matter of weeks, instead of the year it took instead. I always had to keep trying to get schedules that the team could get together. BS on that.

        The last direct manager I had for 10 years, I met exactly 2 times. Once I stopped off in Atlanta just to meet him, while I was on vacation, and another time he had an executive meeting in Raleigh and we met again for < 30 minutes. The 1st several years the division was in such a disarray, one reasons I was hired was to get it on track, I met weekly with my directs, VP's all, either in NJ or in Raleigh.

        • In my line o’ work, I will frequently get pulled onto an hour-long call where I am needed for 10 minutes tops. But that 10 minutes will be scattered in 30-second bursts.

          If I get off the call, I’m not available to answer.
          If I do other (real) work, I am not paying enough attention to the call to respond as needed.
          If I do other (real) work, but focus enough on the call, the other work suffers and risks errors (which is the worst possible outcome), so it has to be redone anyway.

          It’s inefficient, but c’est la vie. It’s not like I’m on the clock. I stay until MY day is over, not 9-5 paid or charged hourly.

          Most of the time, I’m on here in 5-10 minute bursts just to reset my head between tasks.

          I used to stack pennies.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I should have stayed as an independent consultant with at&t. I got paid hourly, bill submitted on Friday. The team that was brought in we had 1 year to get the division breaking even. We broke a lot of rice bowls to accomplish that task. I may have put in some awful days. But once I became a regular employee, paid quite adequately if the day would stay around 9-10 hours. Unfortunately the days became 18 hour days with no increase in salary. The only heartening thing was when I would submit an analysis and report to the exec who commissioned it, they usually responded even at 0200 in the morning. If my work was restricted to the US only life may have been reasonable, but it was entirely global managing network opertasion centers in all time zones around the world. How obsurd it got got….I worked with an account executive for his #1 major account, SONY. There was a big pow wow in NYC. I helped him put his presentation together and drilled down every conceivable question that SONY may ask, at least 10 layers on any of the problem areas with the account. Obviously he did a dry run with his management the evening before. I get this phone call late the night before the early AM meeting in NY that they decided that they wanted me to do the presentation, because I knew more about the account. I tried to explain to them that I was scheduled for back surgery in the morning and would not be available for some time afterwards recovering. They 1st asked that I reschedule the surgery and I said no way. Then they asked that I take my laptop with me and give the presentation from the recovery room. Had a scheduled vacation months in advance. rented a place on Miami Beach. Step out and it was sand. I spent exactly 45 minutes on the beach the entire week. Talk about seriously pissing off my latino girlfriend. Hot doesn’t even come close. We hadn’t even been 4 hours on the road when the calls started.

            I am so glad I’m retired these past 6 years and out of the corporate BS.

          • People laugh…but stacking pennies is quite therapeutic..

  24. So, I’ve locked and loaded my Ruger Mini-14. My Sheriff informs me I have a potential problem (along with 3,000,000,other North Jersey residents)

    Another successful vetting!.


  25. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I cut this from an article in “Politico” today about how a federal judge really beat on the government for their failure to turn over the FOIA requests on Clinton’s and her staffs training records on record retention and classification etc. Note the two completely contradicting statements by Hillary. The Judge gave them until Oct 10th not until after the election. Hillary had to have official training when she was junior senator from NY and sitting on the Senate Armed Forces committee and a large amount of sub committees, all seeing and hearing classified reports and testimony. She truly believes the American people are stupid and the contempt she hold is astonishing. Much less I do not want anyone who is so forgetfull as president.

    “According to an FBI report, Clinton said she could not recall receiving any training or briefing on how to handle classified information.

    However, when the extent of her use of a private email account as secretary was revealed last year, Clinton said: “I’m certainly well-aware of the classification requirements.”

    An initial search for records responsive to the Daily Caller request turned up no records at all about training for Clinton or deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin, while some were located for chief of staff Cheryl Mills and Director of Policy Planning Jake Sullivan”.

  26. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This article on Haiti is from at&t.net homepage. Pay particular attention to the impeachment of the president of Brazil and her pay-play scheme.


    This follows on the heels of Trumps meeting with Haitians. Haitians demanding and suing to get an audit done and Bill claims immunity.

  27. ANd then there is the “Snow BIrd” from Chicago at the Villages in Florida yesterday……his bumper sticker on the car said ” I Miss Chicago”…..so in Floridian fashion, someone broke the window, stole the radio, shot out all four tires, added an Obama bumper sticker and left a note that read..” Hope this helps”……

    • Ha Ha-We did two jobs in Florida and we were robbed on both of them.-Once the guy actually came into the guys hotel room and took their clothes. They were caught -already wearing one guys clothes-cops made them strip down to their underwear. The other time they took equipment and tools from a supposedly guarded parking garage-they were never caught.

  28. To all Veterans: We have decided to test the court system and the constitution down here and hope you will follow suit in your respective counties and states. When taking pictures for our Passport and Driver’s License, do not remove your hat and claim religious liberty in that you took an oath when you joined the service and your hat is part of that oath and if turbans and Habibs can be worn, so can hats. I just did this and refused to remove my hat. ( This was for passport renewal )….The Feds said that they will not take my picture and that religious garb was ok but not military hats. I simply said that the military was my religion. I refused to move from the spot until they took the picture. It took them two hours to do so, and by then, I had a line built up behind me that was going to take hours to undo. Finally, they took my pic, I got my passport and left…..

    Do the same.

    • I know you’re losing your hair, but this is just a ridiculous way of compensating, colonel.

      • My friend…..my hair follicles have been committing suicide for years and years….you can tell that I am military….no hair on top and buzzed on the sides. I dis NOT try the infamous “comb over” that most egoistic men try to do to preserve their youth. My mind is my youth…not my lack of hair……although, it is said, that bald men are sexy and that what I have is a solar pad for my sex drive. As long as my significant other agrees….I am content…..and, in my “advanced” age of 68….I can still out run, out shoot, and out perform most of my challengers. I have found a couple that I cannot out run……on the track. Put me on a battefield…there are times that I heard the same bullet twice…once when it passed me and once when I passed it.

    • Special Note to Mathius…..there was a Jewish gentleman about three people behind me wearing something called a Kippa? He planned to leave it on as well.

  29. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Interesting piece written by a black professor from Stanford


    I think there will be a huge flip in the black vote this election. It truly has to be asked by the blacks, “Has voting as a bloc for the democrats these past several decades improved your conditions or worsen them”? The answer is obvious.

    • The answer is obvious but stupidity reigns.

    • Despite the fact that I have preached for years for the “establishment Republican Party” to reach out, they have chosen not to do so. When you sit down at the end of a work week and share a beer with the blacks, Ecuadorians or Dominicans and compare notes, these guys are mostly on the same page with you. If you press them on voting Republican, the comment will usually be something like, “Why, they don’t care”. Like in field of dreams, “if you ask them, they will come.”

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        All you have to do is look at Trump reaching out and meeting these groups. The MSM is agast by him doing so, by saying how dare he, like he was stepping into some forbidden off limits territory.

        I see a report that Bush Sr says that he’s planning on voting for Clinton. They at least admit in the article that NO family member has heard him say that.

        • It’s a good tactical move. “What do you have to lose” is a great question, but the solutions he’s offering don’t exactly resonate, do they?

          And, don’t forget, he was the single loudest voice in the “birther” movement – a movement many in the black community (fairly or not) consider to be fundamentally racist.

          He also has the vocal support of a great many white supremacists. Guilt by association?

          I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: people vote with their guts. And this is a really tough sell.

          Last I checked, he was polling at ~0.5% amongst African Americans. Ouch.

          • Funny, the Grand Wizard of the KKK has said he will vote for Hillary. Not to mention her relationship with Sen. Byrd, deceased, a known racist and KKK member. Think the MSM will ever mention that? NOOOO!

          • Last poll on Trump and the black vote…..14% and climbing. He has actually garnered quite a bit of support from the Hispanics as well….especially the legal ones.

            • Yet last night they said he was at 3% on CNN and Fox said 19%.

              • Whole lot of lyin going on.

                I am still basing my predictions on Rudy Guilliani’s two wins in NYC. According to the polls he never won. People are either not talking or the media is skewing. One of the dirty little secrets is that people will vote for a “winner” not because they believe in him/her but because they want to be on the winning side. So the media hypes Hillarey to gather tehse votes.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                In the military we had a saying about how something works and that is ‘PFM” Pure, F*****, Magic. This certainly applies to the polls. They all depend on who you ask, where, when and especially WHAT and how you ask the question. Any poll can be skewed, any statistic can be manipulated to get the results you desire.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Luckily, we have lots of independent “news” gatherers that capture the feeds and statements and videos when they 1st get reported. That is before the editors, get their hands on the reports and edit it to fit their preordained message. In the rush to be first with the news these things leak through, like Hillary’s comment about the bombs in NY and NJ and then in the next sentence blasts Trump for using the word bomb., Or her falling on 9/11. The original got out then got edited by the MSM. fortunately the cat was already out of the bag.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:


            It also doesn’t help with Obama’s and his press secretary’s non comments about NY, NJ and MN. Brings Ft Hood to mind.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Also reaffirming his globalist views and his bringing in refugees etc. While slamming Trump’s campaign of “America First” The refugees first and formost hit the low end 1st, and the loosening of the work visa’s are nailing the middle jobs even more. And this is in plain view of the OWS protests the other year.
              Try getting a work visa in the EU, India or China. India, english is widely spoken so not being bi-lingual is not a large problem. Everyone in the EU speaks multiple languages as a requirement to graduate from high school. China, you do have to speak on of the major dialects. The EU absolutely protects what jobs they have and it is EU residents 1st. If it was an even playing field….I’d have no problem, but it absolutely is not.

    • Voting as a block doesn’t work if you’re a (I forget the exact term) “captured demographic.”

      That is, the Blue Shirts take you for granted and the Red Shirts don’t bother trying. Therefore your issues get sidelined.

      It makes sense.

      But the Red Shirts have never (at least that I’ve seen) made any serious efforts at outreach, while the Blue Shirts keep promising the moon (and, of course, never delivering).

      But, fair or not, there’s certainly a very strong perception out there that the Republican party is hostile to Latinos and African Americans.

      Much as I wish it were otherwise, people vote with their guts, not their brains, and until you guys get rid of that perception, no arguments about economic betterment or whatnot have a chance of dislodging the voter bloc.

      It also doesn’t help that these groups are disproportionately poor and your side is so aggressive about wanting to remove minimum wages, reduce welfare, kill the estate tax, and reduce taxes on the rich, etc. Even if – IF* – these were better long-term plays for these communities, you’re never going to be able to sell them on shooting themselves in the foot near-term for the chance that it will help long term.

      “Vote for me! I’ll make you even poorer, but I promise that in a generation or so, you’ll be much better off!”

      Doesn’t really have a great ring to it, does it?

      *they’re not.

      • Ok…I MUST ask this question……as a Blue shirt…..why do estate taxes, that are not going to affect you, become an issue? Is it because you simply do not like rich people? Or is it your first law…..Blue Shirts are greedy because they want the handouts?

        You are also going to have to explain….disproportionatley poor…..whose fault is that?

      • My friend, those are and will be forever the democratic talking points to blacks. No different than the talking points still circulating among my democratic relatives in the coal region. Mr Hoover’s depression! (LIKE THEY THINK HE DID IT ON PURPOSE). Has Hoover gotten away from his Patrician surroundings and gone among the people and jawboned with them, perhaps the FDR phenomena would have been much more fleeting but it was a circle the wagons moment. This from Teddy Roosevelt’s party! less than 17 years after he left office. How do you think HE would have handled it?

        The Republican failure has been on outreach. And yes, with “establishment” republicans it is an us-them thing. Not in a racial sense but in the sense that the idiots fear the unknown.

  30. Dale A Albrecht says:


    The photo attached to another article talking about Obama’s last visit to the UN showed full center shot, the UN flag to his left, the chinese flag framing him and the US flag to his right. I can not determine if the photo was an old one pulled from the archives. Thought it was an interesting photo composition.

  31. According to a recent study:

    Americans own an estimated 265m guns, more than one gun for every American adult, according to the most definitive portrait of US gun ownership in two decades. But the new survey estimates that 133m of these guns are concentrated in the hands of just 3% of American adults – a group of super-owners who have amassed an average of 17 guns each.

    That’s 3% of he country that owns half the firearms.

    I’m sure SUFA is well represented in that 3%.

    • More than. Some collect stamps, some cars, some coins, some rocks others collect guns. In my case, you hold an old WW 1 vintage Brit Enfield in your hands with Australian markings and wonder where it has been and what stories it could tell. Or, a US .45-70 Cavalry carbine, model 1873 and wonder if Custer might have inspected it at some point. Us history folks are terrible.

    • I think this study is so full of crap…it could not walk if it had legs. I do not know anyone who does NOT have a weapon….rifle, shotgun, or pistol. As to the number of weapons…..hmmm….only 17? Let me see,,,,,,I wonder if I fit the profile.

      3 – 20 gauge shotguns (pump)
      2 – 12 gauge shotguns (automatic)
      1 – 28 gauge shotgun (pump)
      2 – 4/10 gauge shotguns (double barrell and single barrell)
      1- 10 gauge shotgun ( NO sissy plate and pump)

      1 – .300 Weatherby rifle
      1 – .270 Winchester rifle
      1 – .222 Winchester rifle
      1 – .264 Remington rifle
      1 – .243 Winchester rifle
      1 – .22 Marlin rifle
      1 – Henry .45/70 rifle
      2 – Bushmaster 5.56 rifles
      1 – M16 fully automatic rifle
      2 – .30 cal rifles
      1 – M1 Gerand with bayonet rifle
      1 – Savage 10/110 XP rifle
      1 – Remington 700 – .308 rifle

      1 – Browning Hi Power 9mm pistol
      1 – Beretta 9mm pistol
      1 – .380 Walther
      1 – .380 Ruger
      1 – .22 Walther
      1 – .45 ACP
      1 – m119 .45
      1 – Glock G 19 semi automatic

      So, therefore, with 32 weapons and 17,000 rounds of various ammo…I do NOT fit the profile that you described.

      • No muzzle loaders, cross bows, recurves?

        • Ooooops….good call……1- black powder sharps .50 ( Actually made from a kit from Connecticut Valley Arms ) and 1 – teak wood Montgnard cross bow w/4 arrows……lost one of my arrows way back in the 70’s showing my dad how strong they were and where the arrow fell, I know not where. I also left off the war souvenir that I smuggled back….1 AK 47, Czech made with 30 round magazine and folding bayonet ( some would call it an AK 57 because of the bayonet ) BUt I figured that Sir Mathius only wanted weapons that a normal person would likely have in their arsenal. I figured that black powder, foreign crossbow, and a souvenir would not count…( Although I kinda like the Ak I took off the unfortunate soul that tried to stick me with it because his weapon jammed in the fire fight…and no, I do not feel bad at all that his weapon jammed…am actually grateful for it, otherwise I would probably not be here conversing with you fine folks.)

          I guess I better throw in the collection my dad started in the 50’s and I kept going containing what is called a pepper box. Mostly flints but some cap and powder..some in the original wooden case with powder flasks, clippers, and shot. ( No powder in the flasks…that would have been really cool. But, there are 74 various flntlock and cap and powder pepper box’s. Ihave one that I amreally proud of…would like to take a picture of it and post it but do not know how to post it.

          I just wanted to show Sir Mathius that I did NOT fit his profile….and I also want him to know that his source is really seriously off. There are far more weapons out there in far more hands. I would suggest that the weapons would easily surpass 500 million and that far more than 50% of the population owns weapons…..including most of Chicago that are not even registered. I did not want Mathius to try to make a point that the 2nd Amendment is only about 3% of the population.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Heck, I’ll come down and be your powder monkey and pass the ammunition.

            • I will let you shoot the 10 gauge and listen to what you have to say afterwards. It was given to me back in the 80’s by a Cajun…..he used it in the swamps for alligators and geese ( you try to figure that one out )….I have shot it twice….once on my shoulder and once with the butt against a rest. This Cajun went on a white wing dove hunt with me in Mexico. He shows up at the border with his “twice barreled shoots gun” and says he is ready….I looked at that monster…the barrel is 4 inches longer than the regular shot gun…and the word “ouch” came to mind immediately. I told him that in a two day hunt, he woud shoot the equivalent of about 1/2 to 1 case of shells….and that I doubt he could even find the shells anyway. Turns out he brought his own. Well, sir, we go out the next morning for the morning flight of doves to the corn and grain fields in Mexico…There were several of us on this hunt…(tax deductible customers) and when the doves started flying you would hear the kapow of the 20 gauge shooters, the boom of the 12 gauge shooters,,,,,and then the earth shaking KAAA-BLOOIE of that 10 guage. And to top it off, he shot high brass. There must have been enough powder in high brass to bring down a Russian Spy plane at 80,000 feet. When that 10 gauge went off, it seemed like it sucked the air out of the surrounding area….even doves froze in flight like a Warner Bros Cartoon…and then the silence was deafening. And then we all started laughing. It was very comical because even the Mexican Bird Boys were laughing. Well, sir, the morning rocked on with the Kapows, Booms, and KAA-Blooies until time for lunch. We all assembled for lunch and margueritas and a three hour nap until the afternoon flight started…about an hour later he wakes me up to say that he better not shoot any longer. I looked at his arm where the tricep is supposed to be and there was this HUGE bubble hanging down just chock full O’ blood. He shot about 75 or 80 rounds through that 10 gauge with its metal butt plate…..We looked at his shoulder and arm and said that maybe he should take the day off…..he did not shoot another round. After the hunt he handed me his 10 gauge and I gave him an extra 20 gauge that I brought down in a trade. The most he had ever fired that 10 gauge was to shoot alligators and/or geese in the swamps and not more thaht 4-5 rounds at a time. I gave him a real nice Ithaca 20 gauge….just so I could have a 10 gauge in my arsenal. I do not have the where-with-all, much less the balls ( and I have cast iron ones ) to even fire that monster.

              Sorry for the diatribe…but thought it was a funny story.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                It is…..can you imagine those shotguns the “professional” bird hunters used on the Chesapeake and Jersey shores back when. Had to be mounted on a skiff. much less the ones that had multiple barrels spaced like a fan.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                There was an 1898 Springfield Krag rifle my great uncles owned. It was quickly replaced by the US forces quickly in 1902. Not only was the Krag expensive to machine and manufacture but it also was not up the the Mauser they were up against in Cuba. The other limiting factor was the rate of fire. The army lowered the rate of fire, not because the soldiers could not shoot the higher rate, it’s just they did want the soldiers injured. The damage to their shoulders due to the recoil was like getting kicked by a mule. Firing that rifle for the first time back in the early 60’s was always a joke played on unsuspecting shooters by my uncles.

                The rifles were “scrapped” after WWI. It didn’t mean that they were destroyed, but were disassembled. Kids and schools bought up the parts and created new rifles, so there are actually very few intact original rifles in existence. The army version was very long and thusly awkward to use in the woods for hunting. Most had a few inches cut from the barrels. Springfield provided new sights to be mounted at the end of the barrel. The calvary carbine was shorter and few were produced. The Navy/Marine version was based on the carbine but fitted a cutlass like bayonet for fighting in close quarters and also crowd control in the Philipenes, against those that objected to our occupation after defeating the Spanish.. The family version was put together by one of my uncles as a kid after WWI and it was well documented by springfield being a gun that was used as a QC sample throughout its manufacture. The barrel was a army long version, cut down, but the stock was an original calvary stock. They also had a habit of saving one shell from each box of ammunition they bought, so when I got it, I had a pretty good history of the ammunition makers through the 20th century and all their mergings

              • The Krag is a very accurate gun. I think the real downside was reloading. Cartridges because of the riotary mag had to be loaded one by one. The Mauser had the stripper clip. Supposedly when we came up with the “03, we paid the mauser people for the right to incorporate the stripper clip feature.

                Many, many, many white tails have been taken with that gun. If you have an original carbine (not the often faked cut down rifle) you have hit the lottery.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                If the rifle was 100% carbine, you’re correct on hitting the lottery. However, it fell in a value range of better than the “sporterized” rifles and an original carbine, plus having the family documented history of ownership. photos etc. Even if the army long rifle can be found intact it’s thousands of dollars.

                Yes back when my vision was much better it was accurate. Now, almost 5 decades later, the broad side of a barn is safe.

                My brother now owns the rifle so it continues it family legacy. The ammunition was getting hard to get. Usually I found it up in small sporting good stores in N/E Penna.

              • Yep I picked up mine in 1969, straight military with the Regiment, battalion and Company professionally “burned” into the stock with some type of branding iron. There is an outfit in the former Yugoslavia called Prvi-Partisan which is making all these old calibers at about $ 15.00 per box with reloadable brass. It is in decent shape, lots of bore wear but still shoots true.

      • Better yet a Claymore.

  32. Per the news-over 800 illegal immigrants who were set to be deported were given citizenship by the DHS instead-something about not looking at fingerprints.

    Also listened to Hillary talking about how important it is for us to do extreme vetting-sounded like Trump-I don’t expect the left media to “notice”.

    • Now, if they did absolutely ANYTHING to disguise their identity like changing names or birthdays, they can have the citizenship stripped. Same as those 85 year old Nazi guards who lied on their applications in the 1950’s.

  33. Dale A Albrecht says:

    With Hillary’s recent comments about Trump as being a recruiting sergeant for terrorists, isn’t that bring up memories from Obama, Hillary and Susan Rice for the attacks and killings in Libya, being caused by an obscure video, that hardly anybody heard of and ever saw. Even Obama in Asia proceeded her comment with one very similar.


  34. Dale A Albrecht says:

    how critical a constant supply is. Yesterday, gas prices were X and this morning they were X+$0.40. Plus most pumps were bagged. A leak had been discovered in the pipeline and a by-pass is being constructed. The news said that the supply to the southeast is 1/3 the normal amount being delivered at this time. Apparently the shortage will continue for a couple more days. The photos from Raleigh show these lines reminisant to the gas lines during the two fuel shortages in the 70’s. There were 3 actually, and two were manufactured by the US oil companies. .

    • Funny, when I heard about the leak and the “possible” supply disruption, I thought, a smart gas station would start limiting the amount to ten gallons per fill or so. Smart that certainly has gone out of style in the US.

      During Gas Shortage 1, a genius south of the border tenant on West 186th Street started storing gas in plastic milk containers in his fourth floor apartment. One dead Mom and two dead infants later and one hell of an explosion he realized it was not a particularly good idea. The poor woman lived on the fifth floor. Masonry structure from the 1920’s nothing left above the third floor.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        McCrory quickly got out and said, don’t just come in to top off. Limit your driving, if you don’t have to go, please don’t. Supply will resume as soon as the bypass is completed. Please do not FILL up if not needed. I believe the stations bagged the hoses to limit the amount of people that may come through. Obviouly a vehicle that runs regular can run on any other octane. But most will refrain from running lower grade fuel in those vehicles that recommend the higher grades. If they buy because they have to they will only buy a few gallons.

        I remember flying into JFK from overseas during the Yom Kippur war where the arabs put an embargo oil shipments to those who support the Israelis. This was a full 3 months after the start of the war. As we were approaching NYC as far as you could see outside of the 12 mile limit at the time, were oil tankers at anchor fully laden with oil…..waiting for the prices to go up and up and up. I stayed in NY for a while and went through all the odd even days and limits of purchases. If you drove around at night, you’s see tankers at “closed” gas stations, either storing fuel or transfering, but most stayed closed during the duration. People,never let their car get below 3/4 full. If they just drove until empty like normal, we would not have had millions of cars storing 20 gallons of fuel adding to the shortage. A news broadcast on New Years Day had people slamming the oil companies on this obvious subtrafuge. Because if you went to Scranton PA, plenty of fuel at relatively normal prices. NYC was politically important. Anyway, I digressed a represenative from the oil companies came on and said, “But you have to understand that the tankers you saw anchored shipped out before the war and it takes 30 days to get here from the gulf”……even then people couldn’t add…..a few months later I went to work in the oil exploration business and learned some valuable lessons.

  35. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Consider this…..if Trump wins it will actually be a third party win, not a “republican” win. The Dems and their backers are obviously the opposition, but are really so vicious in their portrayal of Trump it makes any previous campaign look like a pillow fight. Now take the official republicans are really also quite hostile to a Trump win, because he beat hands down any and all candidates in the primary that seemed to fit the RNC mold. But the heir apparent, Jeb, was the 1st casualty, then it worked up through the guys like Rand Paul and Cruz to leave only Trump standing. The RNC if at best can be described as tepid even in the last 50 days before the election. Powell is obviously going to publically abstain from voting, but absolutely will not vote Clinton. Same with Condeleza Rice, she’s just staying out of it. But all of the rest of Bush’s senior advisors are publically against Trump. Trump is NOT in line with either the Clintons and Bush’s agenda. Which is identical, with a few twists of words. Bill’s agenda followed Bush Sr’s and Bush II carried on Clinton’s and Obama took it further down the road of subverting the US to a “new world order” use of these three words is a Bush I quote if i’m not mistaken…..

  36. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Not that Hillary has ever been consistant on anything and has been proven more than most politicians as a congenital liar. especially under oath. Be that it may even her early life is a puzzle.

    She describes herself as a Nixon and Goldwater girl in her adolecent and teen years. But when she went to Wellesley switched to being a pretty radical Democrat. If she is so much for social justice, why did she align herself with the party that exemplified racism in the 60’s. The Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts never stood a chance in Congress, controlled by democrats, unless the Republicans were onboard. The Democrats were not. I do not know of any city in the US that had race riots that was not controlled by the Democrats, for long periods of time, and continue to be that way. Anti-war seems aligned when Nixon took office, but didn’t seem to have a problem when Johnson was the prime escalator and false flag creator with the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Convieniently not mentioning the democratic convention riots in ’68 in Chicago which were absolutely anti-democrat for the war in Vietnam.
    Carter was the chief that one year the Shah was our buddy, then the next the spawn from hell. The Shah was a hell of a lot better than Khomenei, whom the French shipped back to Iran as soon as they could to get him out of France. Hummm, the french were the prime movers in Libya, but wouldn’t have gotten off of square one without Hillary and Obama. The Clinton’s if so interested in Human Rights and backing the UN, did nothing in Rwanda, only in the last minutes did anything in Serbia etc, Claims to have layed the groundwork for this Iran nuclear deal Obama signed. Made a total hash of Ukraine, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Haiti (post ) earthquake. Reinstalled in Haiti a leader that got deposed again and had to be removed by the US, Invaded Haiti, demanded the return of a president in Central America that tried to emulate Chavez that was legally removed from office, where in her entire career has there been a real success???…..

    .At least Trump has a clean slate.

  37. The insurgency in the democrat party started during the Viet-nam war. Bobby Kennedy was the most obvious example. By ’67 you knew bad things were going to happen. That was the year I was a delegate to the National Student Association in College Park MD. I went there as a subversive. The whole place was rife with Castroites, Maoists, Trotskyites and they were all dems.

  38. I’m going to put up, a new article to speed things up! 😀

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