The Riots Continue

charlotteWhile nothing new, another armed black man was shot and killed by police, this time in Charlotte North Carolina.  While it won’t be reported, Charlotte is controlled by Democrats.  As I have said time and time again, where Democrats rule, there is high crime and high events involving police and minorities.  This isn’t going to stop, but will get worse as more blacks are killed by cops.  Riots will ensue and this will also get worse.  This should not be a surprise, a Democrat is in the White House and hasn’t exactly been supportive of the police or people legally defending themselves.  Then, that utter bitch Hitlary “LIAR” Clinton wants to talk to “WHITE PEOPLE”.  My answer to her is below!




  1. The bitch should be in jail, period!

    • It shows how worried she is- to go so far. Gives me hope that Trump might actually beat the, the, woman. She actually blamed all white people. This was worse than the deplorable comment. Any white person who votes for her after this -is nuts.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        What was it that was said about Bill, when he was in office. That he was the 1st black president…..didn’t he set up his offices in NYC after his presidency in Harlem. To what end, may I ask? did it improve the neighborhood, or has any improvement been inspite of any action he’s taken.

        • I seem to remember that a large part of the democrat party were more than happy to call old Bill a racist in order to get Obama elected and since then even Hillary has renounced a lot of stuff he did as bad- in order to placate the Black Lives Matter movement.

          The democrats have made it clear that they will throw the white working class under the bus-no matter the situation in order to placate the changing demographics -screw freedom, equality or anything else this country is supposed to be striving for.

          She and Obama will throw a fit if you mention Islamic terrorists claiming you are blaming all muslims, yet she will come out and blame All whites for one persons actions without batting an eye. Not to mention how she is assuming guilt before the facts are in-which is also according to the dems a nono-but it’s only a no no when it involves minorities according to the dems.and Hillary.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            A newsletter that I get, how I don’t know, but makes interesting reading in the morning. About how Trump read the lyrics from the “Snake” a 60’s song. I agree that stronger vetting must be done and if there is a “no history found” especially for an older teen or adult…..sorry, no pass. Stronger border security I also agree with. Legal immigration I agree with as long as good vetting is done. I do not buy into this rampant refugee’s by the thousands without much control.
            There is nothing that could have been done with the St Cloud terrorist seeing hat he was 2 when brought here. The question is with all his apparent upward mobility, how and why did he become radicalized, here. That’s the bigger question and being totally ignored by most. And if you do question, your labeled a homophobe, islamophobe racist etc.

            During WWI and II my great grandfather was a minister. In German populated churches. he preached in German. During those conflicts, he said that there was a government agent in the back who understood german there to insure that no seditious preaching went on.

            • Somalia, No government, warlords, Black hawk down. Ring any bells? Taking anyone from that Kat chewing country was insane!

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Absolutely. From Clinton’s speech apparently just after the Black Hawk incident, he did follow Bush’s policy until defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory, just like Iraq….did I say that right? you know what I mean

              • There can be no victory in hell holes like that. Like Iraq, we settled it down but five minutes after we left it was going to hell again be that in 2011 or in 2111!

                The peacekeepers remain in the former Yugoslavia and they will be there FOREVER. As long as some asshole is still willing to kill his neighbor because he signs himself left to right instead of right to left or because 543 years ago his great grandpappy stole a goat from the other guys great grandpappy, everything will remain screwed up.

                The most fear I have for this country is “DIVERSITY” who the hell needs to re-import the crap our great grand-pappies were smart enough to leave behind! Might have mentioned it but a good buddy from high school actually posted the meaning of “E Pluribus Unum” as out of one many! Now we both went through Catholic Grammar and High school and in NY State the curriculum required us to know it the other way like it is supposed to mean but he is so twisted these days that he welcomes the wrong interpretation even though he should remember it as being wrong. The minds have been addled. They want a “mosaic” of separate but somehow equal rather than the melting pot.

                Dad used to say that he was an American of Russian background not that he was a Russian-American.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                All of my great grandparents that came from the “OLD” country were adament that “Wie, please note the accent, are Americans now” They did not say, German Americans, French Americans, Polish Americans, Russian Americans, Austrian Americans, they said AMERICANS, period. I knew 6/8 of them.
                The surest way to have my Mother come down on a girlfriend or even her grandchildren, who are marrying people from abroad, is to be here since childhood, or any appreciable amount of time with NO intention of returning other than visitation to their countries of origin and NOT become a citizen and remain on a green card.
                Look at what is being transplanted here…..tribalism…..look at the anarchy with rare exception where tribalism reigns supreme. What keeps it from exploding, is a dictator like Saddam etc….is this our future, because we sure as hell are heading that way under our current leadership and possible next one.

  2. Dale A Albrecht says:

    At least the news services are saying the police officer was black also. It’ll get reported, but will not get fanned by either Hillary or Obama because it doesn’t fit their message.

    What the hell was this guy doing being the father of 7 kids?

    The police shooting we had here in New Bern the other year of a black man, had a interesting opposite response. The new White mayor tried to make something of it, but the black community said the SOB deserved being shot. The black guy shot and killed a police officer but was immediately killed by the officers partner. The black guy was out on parole from Florida for a number of violent crimes, mostly against women including rape. The incident blew over immediately inspite of the new mayors attempt to incite racial issues, where there are literally no issues here in New Bern. We do have low income projects, but actually are kept neat. We do have some poorer neighborhoods, but are scruffy but generally neat. The people try inspite of their financial condition do attempt to keep things as well as they can. If you get things at least to the street the city picks up weekly just about anything. If you are doing any contruction, they do say get a dumpster. You put anything of any value ie repairable and it will not be at the curb by the time you get back to your house. Any scrap metal there are salvage guys that FREE will pick it up and sometimes will pay a % of what they know they’ll get. Either call them, or during their cruising, see activity and will stop and ask. I had a guy every morning stop and ask if he could go through the dumpster for metal. These guys were 100% black and being entrepeneurs.

    All the bars and restaurants have a healthy mixed patronage, the parks are totally mixed and everyone just wanting to have a good time. No matter who you are. If you’re a shit you will be treated accordingly, if a decent person no matter who you are or social condition you are treated with respect.

  3. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Thought I’d post this speech by Bill Clinton on Somalia back in ’93.

    And what did he in fact do, cut and ran and Somalia decended back into hell. Just like Obama and Hillary cut from Iraq just for a political talking point and Iraq decended back in a living hell Bill Clinton followed Bush I’s foreign policies then quailed. Bush II followed Clinton’s policies on Iraq and followed through, only to have the dems follow up and then choke. A Hillary victory will give us a guarenteed continuation of the foreign policy of the past 30 years. At least Trump is an unaffiliated entity that just might have a chance to change our course, if that is what we truly want to do as a nation.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I read some articles about the advent of the piracy off of Somalia. It seems that most of the people who turned to piracy were fisherman. When the UN and US cut and ran any resemblance of a government disappeared. The big foreign fishing fleets moved in and literally stripped the fishing grounds, leaving the somali’s nothing. The government there could not stop the predation, nor did the UN or their proxies worsening the already bad situation, after they boogied. Let anybody be warned by the UN or US actions of late, by them saying “we’re here to help” actually turn out worse than the initial problem. Let the US people be warned, we have enough examples about how government policies turned out that started with good intent, then matastizied (sp) into a deadly cancer.

  4. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I also remember when the Iraqi’s revolted against Saddam after their defeat with the 1st Gulf War, the UN and US stood aside and let Saddam grind them into the dirt. Exacty what Obama did when the Iranians started to do after the fraudulant elections. The Iranians were not expecting physical armed assistance, just encouragement and they would have totally gone up in revolt and toppled the ayatollas. Why did he and Hillary take such an opposite stand with other M/E countries and not with Iran. That is somewhat a rhetorical question. One is that all the countries they helped disrupt were sectarian states. Followed Islam overall, but were not religious states. Saudi Arabia is a religious state. Endrogen in Turkey is sneakily moving that country in the religious state direction.

    The group that has been the most successful against ISIS have been the Kurds. I understand that Obama is considering arming the Kurds where up to now has denied them any aid. Unfortunately by doing that will destroy the Kurds, “plan maybe” because they are a thorn in his side, I say they will be destroyed because their original country was broken up between Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran after WWI and they’ve been trying to reclaim their country. Turkey will not allow that, Iran most assuradly will not, What is left of Syria if it survives will not and neither will Iraq,. They will get hit from all sides and destroyed….comments?

    • I think I’d rather have them and the Christians rather than Syrians, Iraqi’s Somali’s or Afghans.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        There will not be many to import after the next few years.

        If you haven’t gotten it Stephen, read “Paris 1919”. It was written by Lloyd Georges Grand-Daughter about the Versaille Treaty. She takes each country one by one and goes into deep analysis of the pre war, war, aftermath and negotiations and in many cases bringing event right to the current day, because the victors realigned new countries across old creating an automatic cause. The countries that make up the Balkans were a major topic and how France Britain and the US literally ignored history. Same with the breaking up the Ottoman empire, creating new countries out of whole cloth across ethnic lines. Yugoslavia is a prime example, post WWII with Tito. He by force jammed together several countries, like Croatia, Serbia etc. When he died all the pent up grievances blew up. Some friends of mine who are pretty socialist oriented, went to Sarejavo when Tito was still around. They came back extolling the beauty and peace in the communist society. They do not make any comments now, nor do I bring it up in conversation.

        When the Colonial Powers where eventually thrown out of Africa in the 60’s one of the deals for leaving was to leave their colonial boundries in place. This has pit tribe against tribes in one country like Nigeria. There has been no peace and genocide since “freedom” was granted. Somebody is always an oppressed minority somewhere and has grievances. Even when the minority wins, the majority is put out and the cycle keeps going.

  5. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I guess “narrative” is the newest in buzzword, From Obama down to Josh Ernest to the news services describing, anything from ISIS to Charlotte….please see that we use it here the requesite amount of times in our discussions.

  6. Dale A Albrecht says:

    We should do an informal poll here. What country would each go to if we found ourselves persecuted to such and extent one decided there is no option but to leave. Texas is one destination. but assume you’d be vetted severely, before entry is granted..

    • If, I could take twenty young healthy men with me and their families, probably The Ivory coast or Liberia. With twenty well trained guys you can take over the place.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I was out at my “local” tonight and a group of norwegian military officers were in. They were asking patrons about the election. Created some interesting conversations. The 1st people they talked to were 3 ladies. All 3 were adamently against Hillary. The ladies all had concealed carry. They were out on a pre wedding toot and were heading back to Florida tomorrow. What the guys were confused on was as great as this country is and the obviously high number or truly smart people around, how could we have 1) Hillary and 2)Trump as our candidates for the highest office. The one choice is Hillary as part of the establishment but is a congenital liar…their words, and Trump a whatever amateur, an unknown entity. They were asking some very intelligent questions. They did comment on during their travels on their military tour, how generally uninformed the people are. I do look at European news services actually more than US MSM. When living in New Emgland I watched Canadian news about the US before i’d watch the US news. Far more impartial and unbiased. They’re not bought and sold to our political parties. Those news outlets are reporting on what they see and how it may affect them. Later we got into climate change etc. I joked that up in Norway, summer is August 15th…..they fought back on that comment. Their answer was that they have all 4 seasons on August 15th. We barely touched subjects, because they had a flight to catch to Amsterdam. They were explaining that guns were a non topic and were not discussed in Norway. But it’s citizens generally had arms. They remember “Quisling”

        My belief is with Trump, he may be bellicose now and brash and speaks unpolished, but will not be pushed and will be like TR. He says what he means and people will not push. It’ll be a bad bet. TR had NO wars during his tenure as president, where the party bosses believed the “cowboy” would run amok.
        Hillary to prove she’s tough will be pushed and will make rash decisions, to our detriment.

    • LOL ……Let’s do something else as well…..take out the country…..If you could move, today, right now, cost free…anywhere in the United States…where would you move and why?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        NC is pretty diverse in it’s political activity and not dogmatic like NY, ILL, CA etc. In general, people get along very well here with some isolated incidents. Obviously TX is high on the list if I would be compelled to move in the US. Even though WVA is politically an odd State, I really liked it there and have enjoyed my visits back. Get up in the mountains, which is most of the State, and you can be left alone. Even though I spent 1/3 of my life in NY and several New England States, i would not go back there.

        Unfortunately some of the mountainous states that I would have considered are getting to damn cold for my arthritis, much less moving on anything but a flat surface. So New Bern fits the climatic requirements. living in a very diverse, population wise, small urban, historically rich, with plenty of water community suits me for now.

        Overseas, Africa (NO), Middle East (NO) Any Country as a member of the EU (NO) Most Asian Countries (NO) any country listed as predominantly NTP (NO) That really starts limiting countries. So Norway, is an option. Low population 1/2 of NC. Extremely wealthy due to oil and gas. Are not a part of the EU. Rich maritime culture and natural wonders. They truly understand as a country fiscal responsibility when it comes to debt. Like none or close to it.

      • where would you move and why?

        Nowhere! I’m quite happy right here in the country in NW Pa. I got some great whitetail hunting and it’s quiet. AND…..NO LIBERAL PROGRESSIVES. They will get run out.

  7. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Congratulations Gov Abbott. On refugee placement. Unfortunately the Feds will say it’s not us, take it up with the churches we contract to place the refugees.

    What’s with Hillary’s eyes, not tracking? Trump has got to make the debate standing. Maybe free form, but he needs to apply pressure. Of course he’ll be condemned for being a sexist and taking advantage of a women who’s 68. Love the “Skittles” analogy by Trump’s campaign

    Government does not charge the NJ and NY bomber with terrorism, because they can not find he’s directly tied to a group like ISIS. Since when does terrorism rely on being a member of a group,

    Weiner does it again. Sexting and caught now for the 3rd time, and with a 15 year old at that. Hummm. married to Huma, Hillary’s top aide. They did separate a bit earlier this year. after this “exposure” came out. Good god, hasn’t she heard or Wayne Bobbitt and what his wife did to him. This group is sick sick sick and totally amoral.

    Merkel suffers major defeat in her home constituancy on Monday. Wishes she could roll back time. Heck, the people back then said NO. The people now said NO and you still shoved it up your populations backside. The people said NO 16 years ago, not just in Germany, But also Italy and Holland.

    I thought it was interesting listening to the possible impeachment of the head of the IRS. Nixon’s charge in the impeachment was that he attempted to use the IRS to get stuff on enemies. The then IRS commissioner turned him in. This one started with Obama, did the IRS actions on targeted enemies, underlings lied to Congress, destroyed evidence, destroyed servers,,,,how far we’ve fallen

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Lest we forget “Filegate” in the Clinton White House which did the very same thing as the current administration. And nothing happened, but a tut tut tut

  8. I see our local big town mayor got a pie in his face from protester. The mayor then tackled the protester and beat the he// out of him.

  9. Ok, we, Texas, is taking the lead again. All you have to do is follow to exact change. We have opted out of the refugee program. They are not wanted until we can do the proper vetting. Texas has gone to the churches and has said….no more. We will come in and deport them and we will shut you down if you take them without going through the State. Some may call this a slippery slope but I live here and I support it for now. Texas has said that if the FBI cannot do the proper vetting we can. If you are a refugee and you wish to settle in Texas, prove to us you do not have a criminal record and prove to us that you are not associated with any of the terror groups and you are welcome. No proof…no settlement and your word is not good enough. Not any longer. Texas has said that its residents will come first. The Federal Government cannot give any guarantees at all…..

    So, in other words, Federal Government…..go away and leave us alone. Churches, no amount of money coming from the Federal Government is going to protect your charter for operating refugee centers in Texas. You take ’em in…we will take ’em out and in the process, close your center.

    So, jump on we go again.

  10. I wonder what the reaction will be in the african-american community to Trump talking about using Stop and Frisk.

    • They are the offenders….they nor the progressives want law and order. The proof is in the margueritas….is it tequila or is it vodka. Well, the same on law and order…selective enforcement is alive and well. If you are white and stopped and frisked, it is ok…if you are black or Hispanic, it is racist.

      Now, I have asked this question and NEVER have I received an answer…..I want some one to point to an example of “Institutional Racism”. I want to see a real example….without going to the internet. I do not believe that it exists.

      • Lately, I’ve been hearing the word systemic racism instead of institutional racism-so I’m assuming a new definition is being applied.But it’s an assumption-I haven’t looked it up.

      • Institutional racism is alive and well in every place that is and has been under Democrat political rule for decades. Why the media can’t see this glaring fact is proof that they are also in the bag for the corrupt politicians.

        The best way to prove this is to simply ask Mathius and Buck, why are their so many failures, such as education, crime, and poverty, to name a few in these areas that have long been controlled by Democrats? Blaming this stuff on white people is total bullshit and I will not even entertain that nonsense.

        Oh, Fuck Hillary “the Lying witch” Clinton while I’m at it.

        Rant over, sorry for foul language. 🙂

  11. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Incredible the charges that were files against the NY/NJ bomber. The toughest was the use of WMD. You can get charged with that if you commit any crime involving a gun with a bore 0.5″ and greater. Oh if you are not feeling up to making it to NY Federal Court for arraignment, we’ll not inconvienience you and do it over the phone. How considerate.

    I was also reading the NYT article on the FBI’s excuses from two years ago, after the guys father complained to authorities about his son possibly becoming radicalized and a potential terrorist. “Oh we reviewed our files and checked the data with some other agencies, nothing came up so we filed it away”

    Just like the underwear bomber from Nigeria. His father notified the US and State department and yet the kid was allowed to board several planes while enroute to Detroit. Nothing went out by our State Dept to the airlines.

    The Boston Marathon Guys, Russia warned the US about these two and nothing was done.

    And the government wonders why nobody believes their drival and are willing to believe the latest conspiracy theory. What the people are doing is thinking outside of the box. The government has a form that says, check here if yes, if no go here and they seem to follow a pre-programmed course of inquiry. and if the last block is check “No” well we’re done. no further action to be taken. The beauty of the human mind is that it can think obtusely and not just be stuck in a set pattern of X reaction to Y stimuli. If you do Z you’re broken, according to government thinking. I truly believe, especially since the ’70’s, with all the laws being passed to modify human behavior the goal is exactly to achieve the X:Y pattern, and Z will be punished as a faulty unit to be reducated or disposed of.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:


    • That was funny……

      • It’s funny. I’ve been pulled over a time or two and yet, somehow, I’ve never found myself shot or beaten by the police. Wonder why that is…

        Probably just because I’m white, right?

        • Probably because you did not give him any lip or a Y’aaarrrrggghh..

          • I’ve long held the opinion that there are really only two types of people who become cops:
            1. Do-Gooders: They want to make the world a better place and serve their communities.
            2. Bullies: They are no longer able to bully and intimidate people for their lunch-money, but a badge gives them the feeling of “power” over people that they crave.

            The mix is probably 90% do-gooder / 10% bully.*

            Being a jerk to someone just trying to uphold the law and make the world a safer place doesn’t help anyone.

            Being a jerk to a bully on a power-trip is a very bad idea when he has state backing and all the leverage in the situation. And a gun.


            * number pulled out of my hindquarters.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              The two people that I personally knew that became police officers fell into your “bully” bucket. One category that you missed as a sub bucket in the bully one was that they were also congenital liars.

              The two professions that I scrupulously stay as far away as possible from are attorney’s and the police. Stay clear of the last one and you definitely won’t have to deal with the first.

        • Maybe listening to what the cop tells you to do and not having a gun helps. I doubt your skin color mattered to anyone………….except Liberals.

          • So what you’re saying is that you’re safer when unarmed?? ::raised eyebrow::

            • Allow me to phrase my comment better. Better off listening and not pointing a gun at cops. Not listening to commands seems to be the biggest issue. Far too many can’t seem to understand….Get down on your stomach with hands behind your head. Instead, they argue or reach for something. Cops aren’t the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree, but I don’t buy the racism bullshit.

              • One of the most interesting points I’ve heart on the topic was this: hoodlums tend to wear baggy clothes (“sagging”). As such, they need to frequently hold their waistband up with their hands. When they reach down to their waists, however.. well, that doesn’t look good, now does it?

              • Sucks top be them, wear a belt and dress properly.

              • As such, they need to frequently hold their waistband up with their hands. When they reach down to their waists,…………….I know you dont believe this, my friend. You cannot possibly.

  12. Interesting development…….Boeing allowed to sell aircraft to Iran…$17.6 billion. Unprecedented US license to do business in Iran fast tracked in 6 weeks….following a 12 million dollar donation to the Clinton Foundation……


    • Dale A Albrecht says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Isn’t the whole deal with the releasing hostages and payments, lately, very reminisent to the “Algier Agreement” to free the hostages taken in ’79. This deal was concluded by the Carter Administration prior to his leaving office. Revisionist history has been trying to say this was a deal behind the scenes with President-Elect Reagan. Just to be fair, the Iran-Contra scandal, was part of getting hostages released in Lebanon held by Iran backed terror groups.

      All in all, what I see is a one way street to Iran for decades. They snatch some hostages and the west pays. What even happened to the seized assets of US companies in Iran whose assets were seized worth tens of billions of dollars. Settled for pennies on the dollar with the Carter agreement.

      But all these new agreements are tied back to ’79 and funds are being transfered to Iran at full value plus interest over the past 36 years.

      • With not a dime for the hostages or victims of Iranian terror!

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Like I said, a one way street……to be truly honest, the government should had just said, we’ll call it even. Do a start over, or a Hillary “reset”….hummmm, but then where did that get us, but in an even more advesarial position. The piper will be paid in time.

          Wasn’t the recent deal with Israel conditional. They had to buy the arms from US companies? The money’s that is being shipped back to Iran sounds familiar. We’ll free the money, you order planes etc. The companies that are receiving the orders and as the Colonel says is fast tracked through our government at blinding speed smacks of prearranged deals. The CEO’s of all companies concerned are jumping up and down with glee and bragging to their shareholders at the windfalls.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Obama is just the last chapter to date of US and Western M/E policy at least over the past several decades…..My belief is with this last deal with Israel, it assuages any possible guilt the west may have when Israel under direct attack by Iranian forces through Syria and the west bank. Years ago during one of the arab nations attacks on Israel, the french were the premier supplier of arms to Israel. During the conflict Israel required replacement weapons as they were expended to match the Russian aid to the Arab States. France denied that aid fully expecting the arabs to succeed and the “error” erased with the creation of the Israeli State. The Israeli’s won. The US became the main supplier and supporter of Israel after that. I’ll put a stake in the ground now that wagers when the repeat of those attacks happen again the US will deny any aid to Israel. There will be a Masada like event but on a far larger scale.

  13. My people have decided to spend our Jewish Gold on the Blue Shirts.

    I can’t like you to our top-secret Zionist conspiratorial newsletter, so you’ll have to be satisfied with FiveThirtyEight.

    • And, why am I not surprised? What you see is pretty much the same movement you saw with the Neo-cons. They were basically left liberal on social issues but strong anti-communists. When the d. party went wildly left post ’68, they were gone. Pretty obvious that they left Trump in droves earlier this year. Frankly they are still stuck in the cold war. .

      Now you have the Jews who remained longer in the d. party weren’t anti-communists and very socially liberal. However the increasingly virulent anti-semitism, anti-Israel stance of a whole lot of democrats has forced them to go Republican. Since guys like McCain and Romney and Bush are pretty much the equivalent of Miller Light vis a vis the d. party. but very strong on Israel, they felt at home donating.

      Trump scares the living shit out of them. A million different reasons but if you are not namby-pamby and threaten to upset the apple cart, you become anathema.

      There’s your answer!

      • I actually think you missed the biggest reason by a country mile.

        To explain, let me start out with a simple fact: while I am a Jew, I am a lousy Jew. I eat bacon, I don’t observe the Sabbath, et cetera.

        But we Jews have a history, and it is a long one.

        We feel it in our bones. It was driven into us as children. When we tell the story of Passover, we are instructed not to say “they” were freed from Israel, but “we” were freed from Israel. We are instructed to experience the feeling of being freed from bondage as a personal exercise.

        WE know the meaning of religious persecution.

        WE were murdered by the millions in the gas chambers of Auschwitz.

        We. Not they.

        Not some historical faction of “other” Jews, but all of us.

        I was. My wife was. My children were. We are one people and as some of us suffer, all of us suffer.

        This is the core of our tribal identity.

        You have to really take that in to understand what I say next and appreciate it. If you have to, go back and read it again.

        It is with this in our souls, in the very core of our collective identity, that we feel very deeply about the persecution of ANY minority.

        So when Trump says we should ban all Muslims, what we hear are echos of when we were banned from escaping the horrors of Europe.

        When he drums up hate against Muslims, we hear echos of how hate has been drummed up against us in our history.

        And that is why we are not backing him.

        Because he would do to others what others have done to us. And that, we cannot be party to.

        • So when Trump says we should ban all Muslims, what we hear are echos of when we were banned from escaping the horrors of Europe.

          This is where credibility is lost, because you left out the UNTIL part of what Trump said. He didn’t say completely ban them, HE SAID to ban them UNTIL we figure out what the hell is going on. This was referring to all the bullshit going on in Europe with refugees and our governments failure to properly vet them before they enter. A completely legit and correct response to both the Refugee issue and the terrorist issue.

          This is a prime example as to why Liberal’s are becoming ENEMY #1 in this country. No credibility.

        • Now, let me ask you a question along those lines. Because of the things that happened in the gas chambers, which was/is an atrocity…..I am not sure that I am buying the “minority” issue in full. I am seeing it the same as the blacks all being up in arms about slave ships and the like….I do not see how you compare the two…..everyone has been persecuted in the past including millions of whites. Where does this all end?

          Now, before you tell me to read the above again, I do not need to….but because I do not need to, you do not need to convince yourself that I do not understand. I do…completely. Each person has their own tragedies….tribal and otherwise. I have the same issues concerning the Vietnam War…..I still live with the battles and the killing and I have dreams almost daily of the atrocities of war and the things I did. right or wrong politically. I wish I could put it behind me but I cannot….not entirely. So, I get it because the American flag, which a lot of people despise, the hegemony, the political landscape……means just as much to me as millions of people dying in gas chambers or in chains on slave ships.

          But, let me go further. Let us discuss the black situation. I DO NOT believe in systemic nor institutional racism….why? Because no one can point it out and show me that it continues. But what gets me more… hate the fact that Jews were singled out and gassed but you will vote for a party that has done more damage to minorities almost the same as Hitler without the chambers. The blacks are being “kept” in chains by the very people you believe in and I would be very interested in another debate on this very subject. I think that I can prove this beyond a doubt.

          So, I am sorry but I am willing to learn on your position on “minorities” and gas chambers….it does not mix.

        • Then, if they worry about that, they are fools, actually far worse than fools. We have had folks come here before who deliberately failed to assimilate. They , the Hassids and the Amish and the small groups of other, mean us absolutely no harm. They live within our laws, do not proselytize, do not tell us we must adapt to their culture.

          Muslims, at least the current crop including the Somalis in Minnesota and the Syrians are quite different. I’ve worked with Egyptians and Pakistani’s who acme here 30 40 year ago they came here for the same reason my Grandfathers did and they assimilate. This recent crew will not and does not want to.

          You yet again show a woeful lack of historical knowledge. Go out and read “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” by TE Lawrence . Follow it up with a good book on Attaturk (Kemel Mustafa) and the rise of modern Turkey.

          There are very few of your co-religionists, who want to ban pork products for teh general population. There were none of mine that demanded the Public Schools serve fish on Fridays back in the day.

          And the Colonel is absolutely Goddam right about the democratic party. It WAS the party of the slaveholders and for all intents and purposes still is. There are the house slaves you see on TV, the Congressional black caucus types and the field hands, everyone they lie to at the behest of their masters. Every damned democrat controlled city is nothing but a huge plantation that does nothing other than raise “votes” instead of cotton. Malcolm knew that. Shit, even Screwey Louie Farakkan does.

        • The Jews were not the only people persecuted in Europe nor were the Africans the only people imported as slaves. Some of my protestant ancestors were overrun multiple times by the French and Spanish Catholics in the 30 Years War in SW Germany. Then they suffered through a few years of crop failures. They left Germany for England hoping to be resettled in America. They became indentured servants and were shipped to NY and settled in camps about half way between NYC and Albany. There they were supposed to make pitch for the English Navy. Their treatment by the British was none to kind. Eventually they were given land in the Mohawk Valley thus to serve as a buffer between the English settlements and the French in Canada. They suffered severe deprivations during the French and Indian War and again during the Revolution. But this was generations ago, none of the descendants are crying about it now and asking for reparations from the English and French.

          The English routinely shipped Irish and prisoners to their colonies as slaves; many of them worked to death. I don’t hear Irish descendants crying for reparations or special treatment.

          Trump is blunt, he does not use precise or nuanced terms. Instead of a ban on Muslims, he should use the more accurate term moratorium. In addition he is not cold hearted. He has called for refugee camps to be set up in neighboring countries funded in part by US, European and Middle Eastern countries. Heck, Saudi Arabia has standing tents cities reserved for pilgrims that could house thousands. These tents have air conditioning, TV, etc. There is no need to bring thousands of these migrants here.

          If any group should be granted asylum in the US it should be the persecuted Christians of the ME.

          I have wondered for years why the Jews support the Democrat party. The Democrats would abandon Israel in a heart beat if it served their purpose.

    • Of course they are going to stay with the status quo….they want no change…they are making the same killing that I am….it is all about money.

  14. remember that there was a discussion days about the New York owned Dallas Morning News endorsing Hillary Clinton….and the fact that there are those that think that Dallas is a bastion of democratic Blue Shirts…..

    well, oops……..since the Dallas Morning News endorsed Hillary…..sunscriptions to date have dropped 41% and climbing. The editor seems surprised…..since he is a New York transplant, he does not understand Texas politics…..A Texas Democrat is not a New York Democrat. He admitted surprise and says that ” it appears I made a mistake “.

    YA THINK???

  15. A good example of how the Justice system is little different than the MSM: The cop that killed Terence Crutcher turned herself in and was released on 50,000 bond. Cliven Bundy, who never killed anyone, never even pointed a gun at anyone, is locked away in jail with no bail, claiming he’s a danger to society. I guess challenging the masters is worse than killing an unarmed man.

    • Having watched the video of the cop, I think she gets found not guilty at trial.

      • Actually, from what I’ve seen-so do I. I wonder what happened before the tape started-if his car just broke down why were his hands up. And if something happened to make him raise his arms-why did the man insist on walking to his car-this is weird behavior and when he got to the car- his right arm did come down.

      • How so? I saw FOUR cops. That is four tasers, four cans of pepper spray and four guns that could have made Swiss cheese out of the car door BEFORE he touched the handle.

        My misogynistic self says that all cops should weigh in at 200 plus and be 6 feet tall. Even the Staten Island Choke hold by the male midgets happened because the female supervisor Sgt. did not want to mix it up. The wife, the master teacher was never comfortable with the concept of female cops on patrol.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Stephen….she needs to qualify that comment….that is unless the female officer was also 6 feet and the appropriate weight..

          I liked the news today how activist groups are getting all over deblasio for the “wanted” poster that went out on I believe everyones cell’s on Monday. No photo, just a write-up and description being wanted in connection to the bombings in NY and NJ. The activists are all upset because it may have led to racial profiling of Muslim’s ergo racial discrimination, which is a NO NO here in the US but is very much used in europe and elsewhere. Why didn’t they post a photo also?. They certainly had it available.

          What I’m seeing is that gathering all this data and information and camera surveillance has yet to stop any event. However, after the event it turns out that all the information was in fact in place to have taken action and stopped/prevented the terrorist atack from ever occuring. Warnings given by other sources and yet no action taken.

          Obama to veto bill that allows victims of 9/11 to sue the Saudi’s. Analysis says it will be overridden by congress…question is why now and not years ago?

        • My misogynistic self says that all cops should weigh in at 200 plus and be 6 feet tall. Even the Staten Island Choke hold by the male midgets happened because the female supervisor Sgt. did not want to mix it up. The wife, the master teacher was never comfortable with the concept of female cops on patrol.

          Like all jobs, if you cannot fulfill the physical obligations of that role, you should not have it.

          If you are a cop, there is a non-zero chance of physical altercation. If you cannot handle yourself in a physical altercation, you are not physically capable of being a cop (although, a desk job should be fine). Period.

          Same with women in combat: If they can meet the requirements, great. But they shouldn’t lower the standards and allow in people who can’t do the job.

          • Now you have it!

            • One wrinkle I do want to add to the idea of women-in-combat, however:

              Women are almost ludicrously more resilient than men. Yes, we are strong, faster, have higher endurance, and better hand-eye coordination.

              They, however, have better heat tolerance, cold tolerance, immune systems, pain tolerance (possibly – studies conflict), and they can recover from shock and blood-loss that men cannot, generally more patient, more observative, have better facial recognition, stronger social skills, better language skills (again, studies conflict), and tend to be less impulsive/more disciplined (personal opinion). Further, once every month, they become exceptionally dangerous to be around in a way that I wouldn’t even wish upon ISIS.

              There’s also something to be said for the benefits of diversity – that is, diverse components makes the whole stronger.

              So, with that in mind, and while I absolutely do not support lowering standards, I do think it’s important to take these factors into consideration in addition to the physical requirements. If someone isn’t quite up-to-snuff physically, but makes up for it in other ways.. well, I’ll leave the details to the army – this is just a general thought.

              • Which is why Robert Heinlein made them Starship Captains!

              • But NOT grunts in the Mobile Infantry.

              • I love – LOVE – Heinlein!

              • Two of my favorite books:
                The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (if you haven’t read this, stop what you’re doing and go to the book store)
                Time Enough for Love (long, occasionally wanders into weird sexual territory, but generally excellent – plus there’s a whole chapter about me!)

              • But, you have learned nothing grasshopper.

              • You could very well be correct in most of your observations on women in combat….However allow me to expound a little…As you know, one of my jobs in the military was as a senior TAC officer in OCS. I saw the abilities of women in combat roles. 99% of them cannot perform in the field. They make great pilots, they make great artillery fire support officers, etc…but not front line on the ground troops.

                I will tell you why. You mentioned two things above….patience and observative. These are good in the business world but will get you killed on the battlefield. Many times, they would over think a crises. Hesitation will get you killed on the battlefield. Women do not act well in IMMEDIATE crises. Patience on the battlefield causes more casualties than bullets.

                Even the best of women pilots were not good fighter pilots. They were great in support roles or flying in and out but in combat, dog fight situations they consistenly hesitated. I have seen the same in simple training environments. They are great in logistics and organization and I have three on my staff simply because of their organizational skills and ability to read people…but, when it comes to crunch time, they hesitate…..and they operate in a world of “what ifs” …again, perhaps great in family or business….but not on the battlefield. When you order someone into battle, you do it to win a battle. You do not worry about if he has children or is a newlywed.

                As a matter of fact, when I chose my helicopter pilot my last years in active duty…(as a Colonel Brigade Commander you have a personal chopper at your disposal)…I interviewed and tested four very competent pilots. One was a female…she got picked because she was the best out of the four. She could fly with the best of them…get me in and out of places birds wer afraid to land in…but the only weakness she had was during war games, if I needed to get to front lines quickly because she was too cautious…..but as a Brigade Commander, the chances of being inserted into a hot LZ were practically non existent and she beat the others out especially on planning logistics.

  16. Dread Pirate Mathius says:

    I am trying to cross into Mexico.

    But alas, I find that my passport is expired.

    So now I find that, in order to leave the country, I have to pay $110 to the government.

    To leave.

    I have to pay the federal government $110 so that I can cross some imaginary line.

    Talk about bullshit.


    Colonel, if I meet you in Laguna Madre, think you could give me a lift? I can’t seem to locate the Thor’s Hammer – I fear she’s been scuttled.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Question, DPM….what is the fee to return? Or are they attaching a temporary extention to your passport for the duration of your visit? Maybe you’ll become a Stateless person and become the new age Ezra Pound.

      • Dread Pirate Mathius says:

        I am a stateless person as I do not recognize the entity known as the US Government.

        There is no fee to leave or return, technically. The fee is for a piece of paper which “authorizes” leaving and returning. However, the result is the same: a fee to leave the country.

        And it is bullshit.

        By what right does not office-sitting bureaucrat in Washington get to mandate that I pay $110 of my own money just to leave without committing a crime?

        I don’t agree with it being a crime to enter without a passport, but at least it makes sense. But to leave?

        Total bullshit.

        • STOPYERBITCHIN. They let your ancestors in without paying a dime.

          • It’s like New Jersey: you can enter for free, but you have to pay to leave.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Are the tolls only on the sides of the bridges as your leaving NJ? Like on the GWB and I-80, going into Manhattan, whereas you can leave Manhattan and pay no toll entering NJ? Been awhile since I’ve done the Manhattan and bridge thing. I know they used to have tolls only one way, obviously 2X but the opposite lanes were clear. Saves toll takers. or is EZ-Pass mandatory and tolls get hit both ways now?

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Don’t you have “Letters of Marque” from several countries so you can plunder and raid assets of any of their adversaries”?

          • Such letters have been offered.

            I would accept no such sanction as it would imply my acceptance of their authority.

            However, there is one such letter framed in my quarters. It was gifted me by none other than the Republic of Texas – delivered rather enthusiastically via cannonball.

          • Nope..where DPM is concerned, I have the Marques…..we know what we are doing. It is when Mathius gets involved that convolutes everything.

    • Thor’s Hammer has been resurected. After your escape into Mexico, I sneaked into Mathius basement by virtue of diversion ( the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders doing nude practice on his front lawn )…and got Thor’s Hammer out of there….along with your store of grog. However, I did leave some of it for Mathius. He had a hard enough problem with the diversion and keeping his spousal unit from seeing it as well.

      So, come on to Laguna Madre…..your ship, complete with new brass wound cannon and Raptor crew awaits.


    Just for giggles. When watching Hitlary’s entrance, one must wonder exactly are the cell phones being held up are recording, because it’s not the event being presented, look for yourself!

  18. Matt my friend,

    I am sitting here for the past two days pondering your comments on Muslim Immigration saying in the back of my once much more fertile mind, “What exactly is wrong with this picture?”

    OK, here we go, Why do you want people to come here who by and large would like to see you and your child dead and your wife sold off into slavery?”

    There is no doubt of this recent comments by Somali refugees and other Islamic fundamentalist refugees make that quite clear.

    Trump has basically said if you do not share our values ie. tolerance, you are not welcome. I am going to bet you dollars to doughnuts that post WW 2 if you were a German or Austrian immigrating to the US they sure as hell asked if you were a Nazi and subscribed to those beliefs. Just to apply to the Federal Government for a job in the late 1960’s (or a military commission) I had to fill out this extensive application which listed not just the German-American Bund but about 50 other Fascist fronts.

      • These are refugees by the way, whole nine yards and 50G’s a year.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        If the penalties are so severe for stealing under Islamic Law, why do most places you see over in that region, have walls with wire or broken glass embedded on top and steel doors.

        Honor killings, mutalation, you name it. The US government made the Mormans give up polygamy as a condition, go through the Koran and redact out anything about what I’ll put in one big bucket called “Intolerance” on their part. as itemized earlier in the paragraph. Don’t abide entry denied, go back to the great State of Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Ughanda, Mali, Saudi Arabia,

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I remember being asked on my security clearance application about the “Abraham Lincoln” Brigade from the Spanish Civil War in the 30’s

      • Yup!

      • You remind me, I once worked with a very smooth black gentleman who was a member of the ALB and fought in Spain. He taught me many things. One reason I respect Charlie Rangel so is because he is from the same school. These are the Brer Rabbit guys, I cannot say how they do it but they actually are able to use white racism against whites to get what they want. It is one of the best cons you can imagine and is worthy of praise and shall I say it….awe. All done with a smiley face and a knowing grin. If you are not sucked in, but can stand back it is every bit as enjoyable as watching a good Drill Sgt. do his thing.

        The OSS was loaded with ALB guys during the war. That brings up Marines like Carlson and “Red” Mike Edson of the raiders (The Red Mike was not because of his hair color). Then there were the Smedley Butler types. Something about observing in China and fighting the banana wars gave these guys a unique perspective on democracy and fascism and communism.

        Now, having gone there, isn’t it a shame that nobody studies these people today. Just reading their stuff is a graduate course in politics.

  19. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This quote is from (part1) of the article I posted earlier. Written in August 2916

    “There are some things the general public does not need to know, and shouldn’t.”[19]

    —Katherine Graham, publisher of the Washington Post,
    in a speech to CIA recruits (1988)

    What shouldn’t you know? In 1988, right as Graham celebrated with the CIA the principle of cover-up, her own Washington Post was busy making sure that US citizens didn’t learn about the CIA’s postwar recruitment of vast hordes of Nazi war criminals—at the very least tens of thousands—into its ranks (see Part 6). That’s what.

    This following article was written in 2006, questioning whether or not there is a “Free Press” in America. Still absolutely relevent and spot on.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Commenting along with the national-security article posted above.

      The other night I mentioned about running into two Norwegian military officers at my “local” That they had been asking people about the coming election, Not that they particularly care for Hillary, making the same comments that we have generally about her, mostly her handling of classified documentation, liar…..but they all in all came down on her side regardless, because they said it was important to have continuity of foreign policy, and she would do that where Trump is a big unknown and therefore a risk.
      My comment back at him was, “and you have liked our foreign policy of late”? That is what got me looking back and really seeing NO intrinsic difference in policy for several decades regardless of who was in power. By speeches they say they’re different but in action, no way and each keep upping the ante.
      I did post that thought…….then I can across the National Security article talking about a free press in the US and west. He points out the use of false flags, by Hitler to invade Poland. The analysis shows over and over action that the people would never approve of being taken, but only after some “event” and then the government gets to do what they wanted because the “People” now demand it. He talks about the arguments about the “Patriot Act” It hasn’t changed except get actually tougher. He says that is all for show. The powers granted way back in 1947 and the National Security act already gave the government the power.
      Listening to the current string of testimionies to Congress about Hillary’s transgressions with her emails is actually very illuminating. Comey does his thing, and gives some numbers of “Classified” documents found and work related etc. Sort of downplaying the gravity of her violations of the law…….however, 100% of the other people from the intelligence agencies, including the FBI testifying at Chavetz (sp) hearings, all pleaded that they CAN NOT answer any of his or the panels questions because of the classified information contained in the emails and could affect national security. Needs to be closed sessions. Chavetz will never get that information, and he was not even asking for the content. The ’47 act, authorizes agencies to be able to stonewall, lie and not even give congress oversight the information, and release can only be authorized by the President of the US their boss and that he will never do.
      As our dear Colonel said long ago, everything she did as SOS and work related, was, and is classified information, regardless of the “c” or whatever markings on them. It’s all a war of semantics. .

  20. I have a question for anyone whom wishes to answer…..

    What is inherent bias? And give me an example of what you believe to be “inherent bias”…

    So many new words and phrases coming out.

    • Those may be bias’s that are taught. Like how Liberal’s are inherently biased against people who want to be free and left alone. This is taught, not part of normal human reaction based on tribalism.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      It’s a permanent condition or quality associated with someone or something. So if someone is inherently bias, there generally is nothing that can persuade them to change. Like the MSM are inherently biased toward Hillary. It’s an unchangable condition.

    • A wonderful word! A problem without a solution. Lest the White, Asian and Hispanic folk who ALL have an inherent bias against black folk, all decide to jump off the cliff and drown themselves it can NEVER be solved! Hence we need PROGRAMS up the kazoo forever!

    • When it comes to race, I would classify it as tribalism. You are automatically a different tribe than me if you have a different skin color. For LA gangs, it is the colors you wear. For American Indians, it may be the feather in your hair. Some things can over rule the skin color. A person of different a color walking down the street in a hoodie is viewed different than the same person in a military uniform. All of this is basic human nature as we instinctively assess possible threats. In the wood we view deer different than a bears.

      Once you get past the initial visual threat assessment, cognitive thought kicks to filter the information. This is where training (up bringing & past experience) evaluates the information and either raises or lowers the alarm status. Other clues associated with threat assessment are now evaluated, such as speech patterns, accent, friendliness, body language, etc.

      Essentially I would view inherent bias as basic human nature/instincts. It can be overruled or amplified by cognitive thought. All races, nationalities, tribes have instinctive inherent bias.

  21. While Liberal Progressives like to brand most of us with some derogative name or 10, it’s time to brand them and their fear of freedom and personal responsibility. Henceforth, the Liberal Left shall be branded….AMERIPHOBES!

    Note: I didn’t invent this term, but it fits to a tee.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      They are not afraid of America. They are afraid of LIBERTY.

      They claim to stand for Freedom, but they are afraid to live in a world where there is no Govt. to enforce their desires for an ordered society. This fear of lack of central control is a fear of liberty.

      Of course they are also afraid of freedom. This “inherent bias” against actual Freedom results in them re-defining the word to fit their view of a “civilized society”. Civilization being imposed, of course, by Force.


    I knew that one of the reasons they did not prosecute HRC is that Obama would also be implicated. Can’t have that.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    The weakness in what passes for scholarship these days is exposed many times in these articles. The larger point trying to be made is important and relevant. But the hysteria around anti Muslim beliefs is a good example of cherry picking historical statements and creating the appearance of National Attitude. For those not in the know, our fore fathers made similar comments about Germans.

    • I am afraid that i disagree. The likelihood of them adapting to this culture is not high. People are NOT the same all over. This Somali thing in Minnesota is worth exploring. Small groups like the Amish and Hasidic Jews have come here before and not conformed BUT and it is a big but, they have never publicly called for us to conform to them.

      All new immigrant groups, Italians, Jews, Irish, Germans Slavs have been met with the same fear but within a generation they conform to the majority culture. I see no evidence of this with this crew. I know quiet a few who did emigrate here thirty years ago and they did come to prosper and to assimilate into the mainstream. They did not come here as refugees brought here by the US Government. There IS a difference.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    Suggested reading for those Libertyphobes among us.

  25. Just A Citizen says:

    OUCH……… Poor Anita.

    I see Kathy jumping up and down from here.

    • I failed, got sidetracked, and missed it. I’ve taken serious abuse today. Who was the first one piling on… yep… Kathy! Paybacks! :mrgreen:

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    Anyone here linked to LEO profession care to comment on the point being made by this author?

    • First of all, do they do any better with whites? personally I doubt it and guess what? Nobody cares about white lives in these cases!

      By and large cops have been allowed to separate themselves from the people they serve. Hell, I lived through the late ’60’s and the early ’70’s yet, even my son, born in ’76 agrees with me when I just point out the numbers of cops shot back then far outweighs what has been happening today, with a much larger population with a much larger number of cops. The cops, killed in line of duty shootings (not traffic accidents and not friendly fire) are much lower than they were in the Black Panther days. Do not know who it was who commented before about giving these guys a wide berth. I absolutely agree

      We are about to pass legislation here in Jersey which will ban any toy gun that does not look like a space gun. NY and some other cities already have this. Somehow as a kid, running around the asphalt jungle of NYC I never had to fear that some paranoid cop would take me for a midget bankrobber and shoot me while I brandished a very authentic looking Colt Single Action Army. What the hell is wrong with these people?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Stephen…..were you being cynical about giving the police, today, a wide berth. Also having been through the days of the Black Panthers and the Black Muslims in CA, I remember them well, Here in New Bern, people do not carry toy guns. All people here, generally get along, because doing otherwise is a bad bet. I’ve seen off duty police officers moonlight at the late night bars and clubs. Plus the high amount of military and ex military here things are very peaceful, even during some protest or another.

        The police should be someone you have no fear to call in case of an emergency. It does seem that the reverse is happening. The cliche of “All it takes is one bad apple to spoil the barrel” Our sheriffs department look and act totally professional. The State Police look and act totally professional. The local police sort of look like the leftovers. They act professional, and are very courteous, but generally look more like the pillsbury doughboy. For small donations, you can use the sheriffs shooting range

        I have a greater fear of the court system and attorney’s.

        With the video that the wife took in Charlotte…Did she start filming before or afterwards?

        When I spent about one total year in Chicago in the mid 70’s and also in ’80. I guarantee you that it was extremely dangerous to come up behind a police office without somehow getting his attention. Surprise him and it very well might be the last thing you do. This also was right downtown on Michigan Ave and the Miracle Mile, not in the “BAD” sections. Just like in the Chuck Norris movies shot in Chicago, the number of times you’d be woken up out of a dead sleep by a shootout on the street below you. Lived right on Michigan Ave, by the Bridge that crossed the Chicago River and next to the Chicago Tribune building, Nice area, that is until you hit Rush Street…..Cheez burger cheez burger SNL skit

  27. According to multiple reports, city officials have announced new measures in an effort to curb the violence sweeping Charlotte since the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. Any individuals caught rioting, looting, destroying property or otherwise reacting in a violent and unlawful manner will have their government benefits permanently revoked.

    According to the local affiliate WBTC, the punishment also applies to minors who might be participating in the ongoing melee. Parents of underage individuals who are captured while engaging in criminal activities related to the rioting will be held fully accountable, and could risk losing state benefits, as well as the custody of their child.

    “Parents are responsible for their children. If they are allowing them to engage in lawless behaviors there will be consequences for them as parents.” Charlotte City Official, Wilson Stewart, told reporters during the 30 minute press conference. “Many of the individuals we have detained are high school students. We urge parents out there to know where their children are at all times until tensions are quelled. Have them adhere to the mandatory curfew. Make them aware that participation in looting, destruction of property, and violently demonstrating on any level will come with severe penalties.”

    The announcement was made shortly after hundreds of national guardsmen and law enforcement officers took to the streets intent on restoring calm to the city. Whether or not the recent announcement had any impact on the chaos remains to be seen as the riots grind on into their tecond night. A curfew will be imposed and it is expected that citizens adhere to it or face steep consequences.

  28. ROFLMAO! Clinton invites Mark Cuban to sit in front row at debate. Guess him and Trump have issues. Trump then invites Jennifer Flowers, Bill’s ex mistress to come and sit in front row too………..and she agreed.

    • If true…..that makes trump fall for the trap again….He needs to rise above Clinton….this is school yard crap

      • Nope Colonel. They be playing mind games with a pro and the pro done outdid them!

        • I’m with you (pun intended). He’s been outfoxing them from the start.

        • Well sir, I do not agree. He needs to now stay above the fray. Not fall for the diversions. I know Cuban pretty well. He is more arrogant and more snobbish than Trump ever thought about being. He will be on the front row making faces and rolling his eyes hoping to entice Trump into some comment. The media will be zeroed in on Cuban with commentary. If Flowers is there, the media will not care and will not even show her face.

          I smell an ambush big time. Remember it is not Cuban against Flowers….it is Trump against the media as well. With Clinton losing ground, there is nothing that will not be done. Trump cannot allow himself to be distracted….at all. He must stay on message…it is working.

          When I heard that he invited Flowers and that she is reportedly coming, it just sounded like school yard antics…..while funny and would be looked on as “one upsmanship” …I fear that it is not.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I totally agree. Trump had rounded the corner and became much more “presidential” in his demeanor, unlike Hillary who can only resort to name calling and denigration. This lowers the debate, if one can call it that to a three ring circus. There hasn’t been a true debate in a presidential campaign since the 50’s. For years they have been totally used to create a “gotcha”

            The questions that the media will pose will attempt to highlight Hillary’s accomplishments on the world stage, which obviously Trump has none, just a possible counter plan of action versus what we’ve seen for years. he will have NO CHOICE but to rebut her accomplishments loudly and then suffer the abuse of the MSM for being unfair and “attacking” Hillary.That’s politics. Go after the record and say, do we want this for 4 maybe 8 more years……the people will be listening… potty breaks

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Today in NY news Republican VP candidate Pence says that Flowers will NOT attend the debate. “Let the Dems be immature”, my comment.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              And more importantly, the Trump campaign NEVER invited her.

              So I wonder what the NYT’s asked that got Flowers to say she would attend. In addition the lady who claims she was raped said she would attend as well. Again, NOT invited by the Trump campaign.

              I think it would be interesting if they do attend. To see how Clinton starts sweating or how it might prevent her from playing the Misogyny card.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                She’ll play the “victim”, I didn’t know, It wasn’t my fault. I misunderstood, I forgot, your picking on me because I’m a women (by the loosest of definitions)

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Did you find the fishing good?

  29. So, our Washington shooter is a Mooselam from Turkey (should have figured out that one from the name last night) but my media outlets are still trying to determine if it was terror related. Or perhaps he thought it unseemly that the ladies he killed were trying out cosmetics. No doubt offensive to his religious sensibilities, these western whores.

  30. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’m sure the mall security was unarmed even if the surveillence tapes enabled whomever might have been monitoring them to vector security to the armed potential shooter.
    I’ll bet its like all the other cases similar to this. Just review tapes after the fact, because nobody is going to do anything about it prior to the crime

    Not knowing when the photo of the “suspect” (sarc) was taken but he sure had a smug look..

  31. Dale A Albrecht says:
  32. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Just saw the coolest car from a 1950’s film noir. The passenger doors slid forward into the front fender….1954 Kaiser-Darrin….1st fiberglass car

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The fishing was great………… the catching not so good. Fished two days and hunted sage grouse one day. Hunting was even worse.

      But had a great time. Lil’ JAC outfished we “pro’s” with three in the boat to our ZERO. Caught some but couldn’t land them.

      The high desert was great, fresh from new rains and aspen, cottonwood, willows and mtn. maple in full colors. The Tetons were visible much of the time but heavy gray/black rain clouds racing by with the high winds aloft.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I love that area. I have a cousin that lives in Cody. When I’m able to I have to take a trip out there again.
        One of the best fishing trips was just outside of the Tetons Natl Park to the east. There is a creek that flows parallel. Winding through the meadows with some deep undercuts at bends. Had very good results up on the Snake also.

        • The Snake and Green River……great fishing the times I was there….excellent fly fishing.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            When I graduated from high school, I planned a trip that entailed climbing several major peaks in the Sierras, Mt Hood in Oregon, Mt Rainer in WA, maybe one in Glacier NP, but the finale was to be Grand Teton. All solo climbs. My Father said that I had to take a group but they didn’t have to be climbers, for emergencies only. Eventually the guys backed out saying the trip was to long, so Dad limited my trip to just “Stay in California” So I rock climbed in the Sierras only and fished on my days off for a month.

            • Yeah…my significant other and I climbed Turtle’s Head outside Las Vegas one time….it was interesting, but I have also solo climbed in Red Rock Canyon there as well. Never have done a huge solo climb and never (purposely) dangled off cliff edges. Have climbed an Alaskan Glacier once, with a guide and we had tethers to keep me from doing stupid things.

      • Couldn’t land ’em, eh? When that happens, you have to resort to the Cajun way. They just throw a stick O’ dynamite in the water and voila…..dinner.

  33. I was watching a Clinton pundit this morning…one from her debate team saying that it is obvious that the media will favor Trump. In the debates, the media needs to step up and call out Trump so Clinton can focus on her message. He said that it would be unfair for the moderator to not call out Trump. He said this is a special circumstance in this election and it is time to change the rules this time. In response to the statement that if the moderator calls out Trump, then the moderator would have to call out Clinton as well to which the guy responded, No, that is what I am talking about. Since Clinton has an established record, it is incumbent upon the moderator to focus on trump since he is an unknown.


    • Or should I say……WAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I love it…crying foul even before the event.

      I just loved a fact check article on Hillary explaining again her email scandal. “”Well lots of the emails were “retroactively” made classified””. BS they were classified information before and she and her allies went outside the system to hide their activities.

      Also Gowdy’s in wonderment as to why the FBI granted so many immunities (he’s being rhetorical) of the principles in the email scandal when they obviously had no intention of prosecuting anyway. Much less people who were also deeply involved being allowed in the same interview room when they “interviewed” Hillary.

      • Well, sir, two things. The FBI was in the bag for Clinton right off the get go….That was obvious..( and there is nothing to the fact that this FBI head was a Republican…he was still establishment…old Washington guard ). And the very fact that everyone overlooks…..ALL COMMUNICATIONS IN THE STATE DEPARTMENT ARE DEEMED CLASSIFIED. It says that in plain English on the statement she signed.

        By the way, as a Colonel, when I was in command…..I signed the exact same statement that she signed….the exact same one with the exact same words except where State Department is listed, it had my command listed. In the same security briefing….the exact same security briefing that she does not seem to remember, I was told that emails, personal phone conversations, etc…were still deemed classified unless marked in TWO INCH red letters UNCLASSIFIED.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          You know that, I know that, the government assumes the people are stupid. When I worked with the Naval Security Group, now rolled into the NSA, when I worked in and around the “cryto” facilities in Sigonella, when we worked on the “Presidential” secure network…..the wording on the statement about understanding the rules, may have had some new updates today because of new technologies, was exactly the same. If our next possible president could not possibly remember even several years after she left the State dept, the rules says that she has had a permenent brain damage from her fall in ’12. She as a Senator sitting on the Armed Forces committee and several sub committees that are constantly briefed and received and reviewed classified documents for the eight years she was senator and each and every year had to refresh the training or understanding. Christ all mighty we did it with 100% of our commercial accounts at at&t and we had a ton of them that touched the government, and those required a security clearance issued by the government…..why you ask….because we had access to the networks and computer systems and data held within them.

          except the moderator will not ask anything about that and Trump will not be able to hammer her on the issue

  34. The Black Lives Matter crowd is upset in Dallas, Texas. They stage a rally the other day in which, approximately 100 people showed up…..mostly bused in from out of state. It was estimated that 60-75 of them showed up on a bus. They were upset because Dallas made them get a permit and identified the route that they took. They were further upset because the anti-BLM crowd numbered about 500 and was over 90 percent black. They were then even further upset because both protests were assigned the same route on opposite sides of the streets at the same time separated by traffic cones. When the Black Dallas Police chief was asked about the same routes at the same time…his answer was……logistics. He said that since he was going to have police on overtime, he saw no such problems with having them at the same time on the same route. Less people=less cost. He went on to say that the use of horses to monitor the parade route has a great effect and people stay calm.

  35. Oh, I forgot to add…the “BLACK” BLM spokesperson said that it was obvious the 90% BLACK anti-BLM crowd were trained monkeys.

    A black anti-BLM person was interviewed about the protest and she said, ” We do nt have too many problems down here with the police and City. Our questions get answered and we have black police patrolling black neighborhoods or at least one black officer with each patrol car. These people come in from out of town and mess things up and then leave.”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      When are the Dems going to discover that the BLM and OWS movements are actually”Vast Right Wing Conspiracies” designed to bring discredit to democrat controlled cities and they were hoodwinked into supporting the causes? Total sarcasm on my part, but I would not put it past the dems, Marquis de Queensbury rules are not in their playbook..

  36. I have not seen anybody address the sudden endorsement of Trump by Cruz….I have my ideas…but would like to hear from others.

    • You called it back when you said that Cruz’ speech at the convention cost him with his base in Texas.

      His conscience slapped him into believing Priebus’ threat of no support from the RNC in future Senate or Presidential campaigns.

      Now he’s really between a rock and a hard place because he’s scarred in Texas and now he has the #NeverTrump crowd all ticked off.

      He’s toast if you ask me.

    • Good day Colonel,

      Cruz’s flip flop is just how a snake operates when he know’s he will get killed in his next re-election bid if he don’t support Trump. Once a snake, always a snake 😀

      There will be a new article up today. A fresh start to discuss the circus in New York tonight!

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Easy. Cruz can read Tea Leaves as well as any other politician.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The phrase “A day late and a dollar short” comes to mind. Tea party candidates were billing themselves as outsiders and when they got beat by the ultimate outsider they all took their “balls” and went home…….Cruz is toast in the Lone Star State.

    • I would think a combination of factors. His future is in Jeopardy. He thought Trump did not standa chance and he was going to be the cavalry next time around or possibly he got over hurt feelings and realized just what he had done.

      I’d like to give him credit for the latter but he has to work his way back.

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    There is no simple, painless solution. The world has to reduce debt, shrink the financial part of the economy, and change the destructive incentive structures in finance. Individuals in developed countries have to save more and spend less. Companies have to go back to real engineering. Governments have to balance their books better. Banking must become a mechanism for matching savers and borrowers, financing real things. Banks cannot be larger than nations, countries in themselves. Countries cannot rely on debt and speculation for prosperity. The world must live within its means.
    ~ Satyajit Das, Extreme Money: Masters of the Universe and the Cult of Risk

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    Tonight’s TV watching schedule:

    Atlanta vs. New Orleans at 5:30.

    Then recorded shows of Heartland.

    I have no desire to watch teeth pulled or a train wreck. Just in case ya’ll were wondering.


    • Oh hell no. I have already claimed the TV in the living room. Alerted family and friends that my doors will not be open. Will only answer calls from son or daughter. Ready to start cooking sausage, potatoes and onions, with a splash of mild yellow peppers so dinner will be done and kitchen cleaned up. Reheat dinner at will. Pass the popcorn.

  39. Just A Citizen says:


    TODAY is the last day that Trump is close to Clinton in the polls. 😉

  40. Just A Citizen says:


    You been leaking again? Gotta love the insinuation this information was “leaked” when it was available to anyone who would actually look or ask. It was discussed here weeks ago.

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