New Riots Break Out

riots1As mentioned yesterday, another cop shoots an unarmed black man, this time in California, another democrat controlled part of the country.  Last night, yet again, protests turned violent.  Tonight is the second night of this event in California and as we have seen in the past, it will likely be the most violent if current history repeats itself.  This isn’t by accident, it’s totally on purpose, funded by people like George Soros, the outsiders will show up today to continue the civil unrest and turn it into a full fledged riot.  That small part of California will burn tonight.

This has become a common theme.  Cop shoots black man, protests occur.  The second night of these protests seem to be the most violent, as police are not prepared for the influx of outsiders who serve as provocateurs.  In Charlotte recently, police reported that some 70% of those arrested were not from the local area, many not from the State at all.  In fact, several “protestors” have been seen at protests/riots at Ferguson, Baltimore, Milwaukee and now Charlotte.  Next up, Southern California.  If the pattern continues, the worst will come tonight.

So what is really happening here?  It is obvious that outside forces are getting involved and these outside forces are well organized and trained in what they are doing.  Those in government seem to be blind to what is actually happening and the MSM are following suit, despite the video evidence.  There is some good news in this….there are only enough of these people to be at one place at a time, hence the only violent protests were in Charlotte, where as the other police shooting was seemingly less justified.  Here we go again.



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  2. Well now, it’s seems Hitlary can’t even go to a college and get college kids to fill a room, instead, older people:

  3. So the Cascade Mall shooter held a green card but was registered to vote and voted 3 times. The state operates on an honor system. But voter fraud is a figment of our imagination.

    Another bit of news. ISIS admits to a German reporter that we are supplying them.

    • Yeah. The more I read about us funding ISIS, the more angry I get. I’ve been harping about fear of terrorists since my first day at SUFA. From where I sit, Trump was right about McCain. He was a big set up man in the formation of ISIS, along with Erik Erikson’s NeverTrump fanboy Evan McMullin. The way these terrorist clicks infiltrate each others armies, it’s a wonder how anyone knows who is fighting who. Apologies to GMan for being skeptical of his conspiracies on us creating the mess. Read this and weep.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      If the DHS says that they can not accurately vet the refugees that the administration is bringing into th US……..How are they even going to remotely vet a “moderate” rebel in our open warfare against the Assad regime, to be able to get arms and training and funds….Of course we’re funding them, and it most likely through a 3rd party, just so there is plausible deniability. Our government has wanted to get rid of Gaddafi (1down) and Assad (pending) for so long it’s like a dream come true. But unlike previous administrations they were generally content to take small actions, just to keep the dictators from getting to full of themselves. But this administration along with the Rhino Hawks inspite of proclaiming we’re not jumping in anymore but allowing “self-determination” Have been willing to jump in and overthrow these regimes, with hundreds of thousands of deaths and complete chaos…….Iran is playing both sides, and no matter who wins will have direct access to Israel and then all hell will truly break out……that is the ayatollas ever dying dream.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Every action that we have taken in the M/E since the 70’s has actually increased the power and influence of Iran. Carter did it, Reagan did it Bush did it, Clinton did it, Bush 2 did it and Obama’s writing the final scenes for this play. All the previous administrations all passed off the actions as mistakes etc, or we were trying to get hostages released etc. If all these actions are mistakes, how can we have leaders that are supposedly so smart across 40 years and different administration be continually making MISTAKES….just doesn’t happen unless it’s a deliberate policy

  4. Just A Citizen says:


    Re: your comment about our Govt. wanting to get rid of Qaddafi for a long time. Not so long ago we made peace with him. His payback for cooperating? Clinton’s orchestrated over throw and her bragging about his death.

    I have wondered at times what connection Qaddafi had in the past to the Clintons. Why did she want him gone? Why did the press not claim this was a revenge maneuver like they did with Bush II’s invasion of Iraq?

    Anyway, it is so interesting how everbody has forgotten what happened with Libya after the Iraq invasion. All done under the Bush administration.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sir…..we wanted Gaddafi gone or defanged which is what occured over the years. Just enough action to keep him in check. If he happened to be in a location and a bomb fell on his head, so be it. The peace as you said was after Iraq, and lessons were learned. Gaddafi was not a stupid man to hold power as long as he did. This is what makes the whole arab spring that was fanned and directly aided by intervention to create the utter chaos that exists today. Luckily Egypt’s rulers served at the behest of the military. The military had some sanity. If the military there had been subverted somehow, we’d have been looking at the Muslim Brotherhood sitting on Israels southern border instead of the calm that came returned when the military removed the fundementalist Brotherhood The Obama and Hillary plan was the egyptian military would stay out of the political fray. Not a chance if the the State Dept and Obama knew any history. Luckily the military there didn’t secume and there was nothing the Obama WH could do about it, but bluster.

  5. Just A Citizen says:

    Good golly, I wonder why the MSM is not howling about the attempt to rig the elections and disenfranchise voters in Illinois. Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

    So those racist red states that want to require photo ID’s must have applied those requirements only to the high population centers Right?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I do understand the reasoning that the Dems want same day registration, is that opens the door to fraud big time, and they want a system that can not possibly vet those people in a timely and accurate manner.

      What I do not understand is that how anybody can sit on their ass up until the minute of voting. Its ripe for fraud. Takes months of cross checking to repair the damage and results in court cases that last forever clouding the results. The moment you move here and put in a change of address card, you get a new voting card if the polling precinct changes. Much less the years that have been provided to obtain a free photo id. A person that lazy has no business voting in an election so critical, because they can not possible know the issues, due to having their head stuck in a “Pokeman” game.

      What astounds me is that the Dems know damn well the their boy Kennedy got in by voter fraud especially in Cook County run by Richard M Daley. But yet today, they claim it can’t happen and besides can’t be enough to swing elections. Hillary in her resume as a teenager was a poll watcher in Chicago during the Nixon Kennedy election. She says there was rampant fraud……I’m sure she denies saying that or just doesn’t remember due to her falling and hitting her head in ’12.

  6. Just A Citizen says:

    That sound you hear is the Dem Party Battleship firing all guns on its target Trump.

    Going on three days now of “FAT SHAMING”. Poor little women.

    Two days of Clinton Won, now followed by National Polls showing Clinton won the debate among “likely voters”. Even though only about half thought Clinton won. The rest were split between Trump and Neither.

    And now we have this:

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Interesting……doesn’t make sense that Hillary would pick this issue. Assuming Trump did do business with Cuba, he only did what the Democrats have wanted to do since Carter. Carter lifted most of the embargo and restrictions to have them reenstated by Reagan. Clinton himself loosened the restrictions. The US inspite of the embargos still was one of the top traders with Cuba. Hillary… date provided, even stated that the embargo does nothing but help Castro stay in power and he uses it for such purpose….Trump should use all these thing as a positive and not react as though it is a negative as Hillary’s campaign thinks it is…….190:1 countries around the world did business as usual with Cuba and did nothing to dislodge Castro’s hold….

  7. Bummer of a train wreck in New Jersey. Not near as bad as obama’s presidency, but bad none the less 🙂

  8. President Obama is beside him self….he had his veto over ridden by a Senate Vote of 97-1 and a House Vote of 348-77. He does not understand how anyone could vote to over ride when they have not even read the bill in the first place….

    Really, now…..sorry, Mr Prez….according to Nanci Pelosi, you have to pass it before you read it……don’t like it being thrown back in your face… you.

    • Someone should tell Miss Machado that if she doesn’t like people commenting on her appearance, she should steer clear of beauty pageants.

  9. Some interesting stuff starting to make it’s way around the net.

    1. NBC dressed up an intern in a FedEx uniform and delivered the debate questions to Hillary’s campaign manager a week before the debate.

    2. In another oddity about the debate, it seems that each time Hitlary scratched her face, Holt would challenge Trump.

    Funny stuff, none of which would surprise me if verified.

  10. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This election cycle has been so low, Art Carney “Norton” the sewer worker from the “Honeymooners” actually has a skybox seat.

  11. See what is happening at Deutche Bank today? Hedge funds leaving… stock dropping.

  12. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Deutchebank is selling off portions of its business at firesale prices in an attempt to raise capital. To try and pay whatever the negotiated settlement will be with the US government, which could be as high as $14B

    Commerzbank #2 in Germany announced they’re laying off 10,000

    Class action suit filed against Wells Fargo by the (former) employees who got fired for NOT making sales quotas, In light of the millions of fraudulant accounts set up by those employees who did make the quotas… is highly suspected that most of the big banks also were following the same practice, to boost the illusion of a booming business, says analysts.

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    Clinton touting Mark Cuban, claiming he unnerved Trump.

    I wonder if she realizes her mega bucks surrogate made most of his money SHORTING the bubble. You know, the bubble that allowed Clinton to claim he balanced the budget and had a positive economy. Cuban sold a business before the bubble burst. But he took that money and shorted the market. Making many times over what he made on his companies sale.

    • Yes sir…he did. A very wise tactic.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Yes it was. But of course the point is that the likes of Clinton and Warren complaining about “shorting” markets then put up Cuban as their poster child. Kind of goes to your point about complaining about one person’s ethics over another.

  14. Ok JAC….I did as you requested anyway. I re-read what you wrote and maybe you are correct….we will not see the same on this. I view ethics and morality to be a through putt.

    I do not think it a stretch at all to say the following:

    IF XYZ corporation manufactures products in a country and uses child labor to produce such products and you buy said products…….where can you say that you do not support such ideas. You support it with your money. You allow them to keep doing this by buying your 2$ item that costs $5 American made. It is your choice to do so but having done so,,,,,you have, in my opinion, given up your right to criticize child labor.

    Let us move to corporate raiders. Joe Tentpeg is a corporate raider. He is a profiteer. He sees an asset that he wants. He purchases enough stock for a hostile takeover. He takes control and decides to immediately fire everyone, shut down the corporation, sell the assets and makes a fortune. He saw something he wanted…a product ( and that is all it is..a product ) he managed to negotiate and buy enough stocks to take over. He has made a purchase. He sells his purchase through liquidation. End of sentence. Now, if you do not like him for that…ok. But he has done nothing immoral and has done nothing unethical and he has not violated any law.

    Some people have claimed that Trump has grown larger and bigger through eminent domain…..that is perfectly legal. It is the law and there are courts. Every single large corporation that I mentioned and gave you references have done the very same thing. It is called is called unethical…yet you own its stock, you buy its products and you support the company with your money. To me, it appears that the unethical person or the immoral person is the one supporting the very things they abhor. It just seems wrong.

    You asked about is there a law that is immoral or unethical or coercive. Yes sir….they are all over the place. Hundreds of them. But, if we are to be a Nation of Laws….and there is law….and you choose to violate the law that your elected officials put in there……who is the immoral or unethical one?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The definitions of morality and ethics are what they are. I posted them so we could all agree we are talking about “rules of conduct” between people. That these “rules” are subjective in that people develop them, but they can be “objectively” determined, such as by using our brain to figure out what is best. So for me, step one is “how” to identify the proper ethics.

      Do we simply accept somebody’s religious dogma as the source, or do we apply reason and logic? The two can sometimes lead to the same answer, however.

      So claiming morals and ethics are “subjective” is to me a rationalization of “anything goes”. Bu that is not how morality and ethics work. WE PEOPLE over time settle on certain behaviors that are good and bad. Sometimes those are rational and sometimes not. But they form the NORMAL or ACCEPTABLE behavior in any given society/culture. Dismissing them as being nothing but subjective is a denial of reason and the necessity of their existence.

      This of course then leads to WHICH moral or ethical principles we select. And this is where most disputes occur.

      Since you simply want to get to your points I will go ahead and abandon the longer discussion of ethics and focus on your comments. So here we go:

      Ok JAC….I did as you requested anyway. I re-read what you wrote and maybe you are correct….we will not see the same on this. I view ethics and morality to be a through putt. WE WILL PROBABLY AGREE ON MORE THAN YOU THINK, BUT FOR ENTIRELY DIFFERENT REASONS. THROUGH PUTT IS FINE.

      I do not think it a stretch at all to say the following:

      IF XYZ corporation manufactures products in a country and uses child labor to produce such products and you buy said products…….where can you say that you do not support such ideas. You support it with your money. You allow them to keep doing this by buying your 2$ item that costs $5 American made. It is your choice to do so but having done so,,,,,you have, in my opinion, given up your right to criticize child labor. TRUE. BUT THIS IS AN ISSUE OF HYPOCRISY AND NOT ETHICS. IT IS NOT UNETHICAL FOR CHILDREN TO WORK, ONLY TO ABUSE THEM. ETHICS IN THE USA ARE NOT THE ETHICS OF INDIA OR INDONESIA, ETC..

      Let us move to corporate raiders. Joe Tentpeg is a corporate raider. He is a profiteer. He sees an asset that he wants. He purchases enough stock for a hostile takeover. He takes control and decides to immediately fire everyone, shut down the corporation, sell the assets and makes a fortune. He saw something he wanted…a product ( and that is all it is..a product ) he managed to negotiate and buy enough stocks to take over. He has made a purchase. He sells his purchase through liquidation. End of sentence. Now, if you do not like him for that…ok. But he has done nothing immoral and has done nothing unethical and he has not violated any law. TRUE, TRUE, AND TRUE. AS LONG AS HE DID NOT USE COERCION IS MAKING THE DEAL OR IN LIQUIDATING THE COMPANY.

      Some people have claimed that Trump has grown larger and bigger through eminent domain…..that is perfectly legal. TRUE, AND IT IS IMMORAL/UNETHICAL. USE OF GOVT TO TAKE SOMEONE’S PROPERTY WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT. IT DOESN’T GET ANY MORE IMMORAL/UNETHICAL THAN THAT.


      Every single large corporation that I mentioned and gave you references have done the very same thing. It is called is called unethical…yet you own its stock, you buy its products and you support the company with your money. I ASSUME YOU MEAN USE OF EMINENT DOMAIN. I AM NOT SURE IF I PERSONALLY SUPPORT ANY SUCH COMPANY. PERSONALLY, I WOULD NOT SUPPORT SUCH A COMPANY. NOT IF IT COULD BE AVOIDED. AND HERE LIES THE DILEMMA CREATED BY UNETHICAL LAWS.




      You asked about is there a law that is immoral or unethical or coercive. Yes sir….they are all over the place. Hundreds of them. But, if we are to be a Nation of Laws….and there is law….and you choose to violate the law that your elected officials put in there……who is the immoral or unethical one? WE ARE. WE ELECTED THEM AND WE KEEP RE-ELECTING THEM. UNLESS OF COURSE YOU ARE ME. VIRTUALLY NONE OF THE PEOPLE I VOTE FOR EVER GET ELECTED.








      • The Trump “eminent domain” thing is overstated. I believable that was exactly one deal and it involved a private home. Rather than go through with the deal, he cancelled it.

        Now, almost every highway I have ridden on in and around the City of NY was built using eminent domain. I knew a Real Estate manager who was responsible for clearing out the last houses before construction on The Bruckner Expressway, Cross Bronx Expressway and New England Thruway link up which was built in the ’60’s. many homes in the area were hand built by Italian laborers for themselves in the 1920’s.

        I also know of Real Estate Developers who suddenly became very concerned with eminent domain and privately owned crack houses when a different developer was using it to build affordable housing in the worst parts of Brooklyn. His houses, all brick and mortar built were selling at a fraction of theirs. They were able by being “good citizens” to shut him down. We were talking maybe one or two houses on an otherwise vacant block. A few years later, when nature had taken its course and the houses became vacant, they got the land to build their houses cheap.

        One must, I think, look at each project on its own merit and then do a balancing act.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The only merit is whether eminent domain is used to acquire property for public use. Thus its use for “public roads”.

          NOT PUBLIC benefit as defined by money and power hungry politicians.

          Sorry but core principles are just that….CORE.

          How come nobody ever looks at the govt. laws that caused the blighted community in the first place? Instead the govt. gets to declare it a blight and then take it and hand it to someone like Trump. To “improve” the public benefits by generating more “tax income”.

          Sorry, but I draw the line with public works projects with this one. And even that leaves a foul taste in my mouth. But at least it is consistent with the intent of the Constitution.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            wasn’t there one or two fairly major cases of eminent domain being used in CT with at least one reaching the SCOTUS? Could have been one where the predominant excuse by the government for doing what they did was and seizing the land under “eminent domain” was that the new development would bring in more tax revenue than the houses that were there. The SC upheld the city who did it.
            I believe the justice who wrote the majority opinion was Brenner ? At that juncture some developer who said that this was an incorrect opinion on the use of eminent domain, said that he wanted the town or city that the justice had a vacation home in to seize it because he could use the property better than the justice has and would build a resort there and bring in more tax revenue to the town.
            Roads and infrastructure are what the framers had in mind., not using eminent domain to build a sports arena, which by the courts view is valid, because it will bring in more tax revenue, creat jobs even though they are irregular. car parkers and vendors at events. I’d bet that the tax revenue is the logical excuse they used because it;s used for the public “good” (sarc)

            I have to look up where the new sports complex is being built in LA for the Rams. I know that when the new basketball arena was built in Englewood years ago that area was fully built up for years prior to its construction. Where then you can look at the location of the old Dallas Cowboys stadium in the middle of nowhere. LA could have modernized the older, or built a whole new BBal arena on the location of the old one. Soldier field in Chicago was modernized so they still retained the old feel of the classic stadium. The old Coliseum in LA sat 100,000 people. Lack of modern amenties like sky seats could be overcome.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Looking up details on the old LA Forum, even though it was in Inglewood a built up city, the arena was built on a country club site…..IT has no luxury/club/sky boxes so the uber weathy do not have to sit with the unwashed masses. The new Staple Arena was built. The new Rams stadium is going where the horse racing track was.

              A footnote on the old LA Forum. Barbra Streisand held a fund raising concert for McGovern there grossing $300,000. After expenses only $18,000 made it to McGovern’s campaign…..couldn’t Steisand just have written a check easier.

              My feeling is that the older LA Colisium and Sports arena which also is right in a museum area was and is ajacent to Watts, so instead of modernizing already built complexes and revitalizing a troubled area the venues moved out closer to Beverly Hills and Hollywood

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Continued digging….The Sports arena has been demolished and a soccer stadium is being built. USC now has a 98 year lease of the coliseum and are to do $100M in renovations…..I believe Soldier field in Chicago lost its historical designation after their revovation a few years ago. The coliseum is planning on not losing its national landmark designation. I found a model online of the proposed renovation and modernization and it really keeps the faith of the stadium, but also makes changes that make it look a great deal like the original in Rome…..the stadium, in my opinion actually would look better than it has during it lifetime in my opinion…….interesting footnote though…..the local population is OBJECTING to the current plans of upgrading the facilities…..wonder why? Not taking their land and improving and making the complex more inviting to events……the problem the coliseum had/has is that it seats to many people and is subject to blackouts for sports events if the seats are not full.

          • While I do not disagree, if you had been around during Bob Moses reign in NYC, especially when he built the immense Public Jones Beach complex on the Long Island shore, you could have heard the rich howl.

            To this day his condemnation of roughly 187 properties in the Bronx to build the Cross Bronx Expressway is cited (wrongly) for the devastation the Bronx went through in the 1980’s. I despise Robert Caro and his book on Moses. People complain the X-way “broke up neighborhoods” but I as a rump planner, watching the South Bronx creep from South to North in those days, I saw the Expressway as a firebreak which held for several years.

            The man who built more highways, Expressways and parkways than any other, the man who has been compared to a Pharo, never held a drivers license. More interestingly to me, this Public Servant died with an estate of $ 150,000 a far cry from our current crop of politicians and their minions. Somehow when they bitch and moan about him, they remember the highways but not the massive number of parks.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Is the Bronx and parts of Fordham any better than they were back in ’79? There were areas, to many areas, that were quite literally a war zone. And yes I remember Fort Apache.
              You prayed that your car did not experience any problems, as you passed through the area.
              As a young child we’d go to Jones Beach. That was a long drive from Woodstock to get sand in your shorts.

              Stephen…do you remember the Jack Paar skit about getting a flat tire on the Henry Hudson? Hilarious

              • The Bronx has settled down. There is a tremendous amount of new construction going on but this will not last. The small rips and tears in the social fabric started re-appearing in Bloomberg’s third term. I have Dominican friend who owns an ironwork shop on Park and 190th about a quarter mile south of Fordham Road. . They built eight three family row houses all brick next to him. They could not sell because of the RE melt down so they were all rented. Three years ago, I was over there, waiting for Wilfredo to come back from a job. Wore my typical NY garb, Baseball cap with the US Merchant marine Academy logo, blue windbreaker and blue polo shirt with jeans and black boots. Cars kept pulling up to one of those houses, looked at me in my plain blue sedan and took off. Get the drift?

                Missed the Paar skit. Though, I do have a story about a tank transporter (private hauler) in the ’80’s that DID NOT have the proper permit to take the tank (M-60) across the Throggs Neck Bridge. He dropped it for a few days on a side street. Came back and it was stripped!

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                That’s precious…..I’ll look to see if someone has posted the Paar skit on the internet

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Couldn’t find the video. But the story is this typical ass!!!! NY driver (Paar) is driving his brand new cadilac convertible on the west side of NYC. Blasting his horn for the plebians to get out of the way, he was in a hurry. He hits a piece of debris, very common, and gets a flat. Nobody will help him with his plight as they go by flipping him off remembering him as he pushed them aside. He also won’t dirty his hands changing the tire. He spies a call box about 50 yards up the road. Once he’s there, he looks back and there’s guysjac king his car up and stealing his wheels. He chases them but then looks back and his hoods popped an someones stealing his battery….finally a tractor trailer pulls up and the driver gets out and is all sympathetic over Paar’s problems and gently maneuvers him out of view of his car. the trailer doors pop open and a team of guys jump out all with pneumatic wrenches and totally take that car apart in minutes. All that’s left is the chassis sitting on blocks. The truck driver had radioed for help and then climbs in and drives off and Paar now sees his totally stripped cadillac….final scene adding insult to injury is a NYC police officer writing him a ticket for littering.

              • Right before I married in ‘[73 had a recent vintage Cutlass Supreme with Mass plates parked right in front of my building. Sat there for weeks getting a ticket every three days (alternate side parking). kept calling the cops cause I knew it was stolen. Just kept writing tickets. After a month parts started going (neighborhood was average for the time, not Bed-Sty).Came home one day, the kids had been jumping on the roof and stove it in, windows punched out. I kept calling the cops, “nothing we can do, still has plates on it”. Well after daily phone calls and a fire, it was finally pulled away by Sanitation sans plates. When it was pulled out, one plate was on the ground, thrown under the car. I still have it as a memento of the NYPD in the Serpico days. few years later this precinct became the “dumping ground” for assassinated crack dealers.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                While I was on earlier looking for the Paar video, a current daily paper came up and I looked through the headlines. Talking about a lady’s Mercedes was stripped in Williamsburg while under camera surveillence. Do people assume that just because camera have sprouted up like mushrooms after a rain shower all over, that it will stop things like this or events like what happened in NY and NJ the other week, They may help after the fact but do little to stop the crime. Somebody has to be continually monitoring that has the means to respond…..All that happens is the people demand more cameras and means of surveillance that potentially invade privacy even more…..Take the CCTV systems that video neighborhood streets. I understand the security against hacking is not particularly strong. A hacker can get in and monitor the comings and goings of the households and plan accordingly.

                I’ve said this before, that while I was teaching in the UK even out in a small fairly rural area in the midlands, the police said to the people it’s a waste of money putting in surveillence and alarms in your homes…..they can not possibly respond in time to catch the burglars…to many B&E’s

                The UK touts their lack of gun crime due to their strict laws about possession of weapons. They neglect to add that the violent perps, muggers etc know that people are sans gun and only need a knife…..One of the young actors of the Harry Potter series of movies was knifed to death trying to protect his younger brother who was being attacked in London..

  15. By the way….I LUV YA MAN……even if you could not boat the big ones.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      LOL. You will love this. One of the big ones I hooked fought for while then went under a large log underwater. He wrapped around that log four times until he could snap off the line. Guessing that was not the first time he had been hooked.

      The other one was heavy but did not see it. But while maintaining full pressure on the fish it still jerked back so hard to broke off my blood knot. So technically that was on me. But the force to break that knot which was 8 feet from the tip was something to feel.

      And these were just regular trout. Not Steelhead.

  16. This election has brought out some very good marketing/memes/artwork. The subliminal messaging of it all….

    Sorry if this image takes up all of SUFA

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    I am curious. How many at SUFA basically agree with the person writing this editorial?

    Please explain your reasons, whether Pro or Con!

  18. Just A Citizen says:
  19. Just A Citizen says:


    Re: Continued discussion of ethics

    You raised an interesting area regarding what is coercion and what is not, with respect to labor.

    Your comment: “You definitions will fit perfectly when dealing with labor unions and the right to work. Strikes that are designed to put economic pressure on a company is coercion, creates duress, creates violence, and creates damage is a perfect case of coercion and immoral and unethical behavior but they are legal. Buck will, of course disagree with this as this is a stance of Hillary Clinton. But this is for a later discussion.”

    Yes, strikes are a form of coercion, just as boycotts are coercion. That is their purpose. To impose their will upon others by use of intimidation. However, I believe workers have a right to organize as a group as well as not join the group. These groups can certainly represent their members in labor negotiations or disputes with management.

    The unethical nature is easy to identify if strikes do in fact lead to violence, threats of violence or property damage. Not just unethical but illegal in most places. See union friendly Oregon’s prosecution of Teamsters who damaged trains because they didn’t want the trains to stop at non union grain terminals.

    I believe Strikes themselves to be unethical just as a business simply threatening employees to get what they want is unethical. The criteria for deciding if it is ethical or not is the relevant facts surrounding the situation.

    Ethical in my view is a Company being honest with employees if a cut in pay or benefits is deemed necessary. It is ethical to lay out the case to the employees, HONESTLY, and let them decide whether to accept the cuts. It is “un” ethical to create false scenarios or lie about the facts just because you want more profit or a bigger bonus.

    Where the greatest immoral/unethical position exists in labor vs. management is in each side using Govt. to gain advantage. Again because Govt. is force in and of itself. Govt. is not used as an objective third party moderator. It is used to gain advantage.

    I fully recognize for some that this is hard to swallow because it gives business the advantage in hard times, labor surplus. But it also gives labor the advantage in good times, labor shortage. But the arrangement and dealings between the parties are by mutual agreement or individual dissent. Labor is free to quite. Business is free to hire replacements and the new rate. Or to use “contractors”.

    I again come to the place where I have to point out that it is Govt’s involvement, on behalf of once side or the other, that is unethical. And it is this unethical relationship which is responsible for much of the downstream impacts which create even more unethical situations.

    For example, IMPOSING minimum wages, workers comp. insurance, health and life insurance, child care, overtime, etc. etc. is a direct interference in the balance of VOLUNTARY association between labor and business. It is this immoral interference that leads to even more immoral or unethical behavior.

    There is a reason most small businesses do not have all these “labor” issues. They fall under the threshold for much of the Govt. regulation and control. Not all, but certainly more than the bigger operations.

    The even greater irony which most Dems, and folks like Charlie, fail to recognize is that the greater the control by Govt. over the labor/business relationship the less necessary Unions become. Who needs a union when the Govt. is dictating the labor wages and benefits as well as “safe working conditions”??

    P.S.: I do not think Mathius and Buck hate Trump for his supposedly “unethical” behavior or business practices. I think they just fall back on those to help back up their dislike of the man. The real reason, I suspect, is more about his arrogant and obnoxious personality. It is his personality that leads some to believe his comments about stopping immigration of Muslims is somehow racist, bigoted, etc. etc. Of course I think their “training” to hear dog whistles everywhere also has an effect 😉 :wink:.

    Oh, and to be fair, I think there are many “conservatives” who have the same kind of training and reactions to anyone with a D in front of their name. Although the Dems have kind of asked for it with the national tendency to embrace Socialism. Just as the Reps asked for it by embracing the “evangelical coalitions” so tightly. Trying to be balanced here. Maybe not fair but at least balanced.

    • Jac,

      P.S.: I do not think Mathius and Buck hate Trump for his supposedly “unethical” behavior or business practices.

      I don’t hate him.

      I don’t hate anyone.

      Hating requires too much energy.

      I think they just fall back on those to help back up their dislike of the man.

      I don’t need to “fall back” on anything to justify my hate dislike of the man.

      The real reason, I suspect, is more about his arrogant and obnoxious personality.

      Well that’s certainly part of it.

      It is his personality that leads some to believe his comments about stopping immigration of Muslims is somehow racist, bigoted, etc. etc.

      No, it is his comments that make him seem bigoted.

      Of course I think their “training” to hear dog whistles everywhere also has an effect 😉 😉.

      I hear dog whistles when I hear dog whistles. No training involved.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You have obviously been trained. Real good too, because you don’t even know it.

        I rarely hear dog whistles. Perhaps it is because the D’s are more outright obnoxious about their bigotry.

        Can you give me any example of Trump’s actual words which display bigotry towards Muslims?

        Stating we need to stop immigration of Muslims until we can figure out what the hell is going on is NOT a bigoted statement. Remember, he later refined that to deal with those countries where there are problems.

        That may not be the “refined” political speak you like but it is not racist, Islamophobic, or bigoted.

        A bigoted statement would be more in tune with “Muslims should not be allowed in the USA because they are Muslims, because all Muslims are not suited to be Americans.”

        And I fully recognize that there are many actual bigots in this USA and some of them support Trump. I have heard some personally. But their support is because of his America First attitude, not his stance on Muslims. They supported Trump before he ever made any statement about halting or temporarily stopping immigration.

        • But of course, there are no red neck baiting bigots voting for Hillary now are there? Didja ever notice the tone in the voice of the commentators when they say, “Trump is supported by a large majority of non college educated white men”?

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            If that isn’t a biased and bigoted statement I do not know what is. As though all the colleged educated white men are so smart. What about all the non college educated white women that may support Hillary…….much less all the NON-COLLEGE educated blacks, men and women and hispanics etc who support Hillary.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        One more thing…… Regarding the Scum suckers we are being forced to choose from.

        You claim one is less vile than the other. I see two equally scummy folks. Except for ONE BIG EXCEPTION.

        Anyone who has actually held public office, or in HRC’s case participated in political office (first lady) and who has VIOLATED THE PUBLIC TRUST should never be given a public position again.

        HRC violated the public trust when she was the Gov’s wife, when she was first lady, and while Sec. of State. I am guessing she did as Senator as well but I do not have any examples while in that position. Just the usual backslapping pork barrel stuff all the sociopaths participate in.

        Violation of public trust= Using the powers of POTUS office to destroy people who oppose you, primarily her husbands lovers and victims. Using the office to sell influence for personal gain, like the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. Violating the laws of the land and then covering it up and lying about it. Like the computer server in her home used for Govt. business.

        Please note that I do not count the “possibility” it was hacked as an offense. Her crime was in setting the damn thing up and putting any government documents on it. It was also in allowing people without “clearance” access to those documents.

        These are the things for me that Disqualify her in my view.

        Then of course there are all the things she has screwed up. But those are issues of judgement and smarts.

        I am still not absolutely positive I will vote for Trump. But I sure as hell am NOT GOING TO VOTE FOR CLINTON.

        By the way, are you aware of the millions in tax dollars funneled to special interests and political ALLIES via the “not for profit” NGO’s? The Clinton’s, while still in the White House, set up this “NEW GENERATION” of govt/private cooperation. I had Clinton staff tell me it “WAS THE FUTURE” of Govt. It sure has been alright. Corruption on steroids.

        The Sierra Club no longer has to sue govt. to get money. They just get non competitive contracts to do things they want, claiming it is for Govt. services. Like conducting surveys they then use to sue the govt. if they don’t like the project.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          JAC you forgot the Clinton’s taking money while in the WH directly from the Chinese and getting caught at it….and nothing…

          I mentioned it the other day, but did you see that the campaign is saying that Hillary had nothing what so ever to do with the sale of 20% of out nationally critical assets of uranium to Russia. Said, she didn’t know anything much less sign or approve the deal….it was somebody else. Just like Holder and never being in the loop or aware of major DOJ operations.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Or how about how the Clinton’s sold tickets to high rollers to stay in the Lincoln bedroom.

            Trump has a target rich environment and he chooses to shoot at his own feet.

            Good grief.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              True…..but what does Hillary say? “What can that possible matter now” That quote fits everything she and Bill have done….EVER.

              What I can not grasp, must be my advancing years is how a “champion” of women’s rights against workplace intimidation, coersion, sexual etc spent so much effort to destroy those women and she and Bill paid a ton of money to settle….admitting no fault, but “just wanting to get back to business for which the American people elected me for” Get rid of this distraction. How she claims to be for the middle class and family yet supports trade deals and social laws that take direct aim at destroying those pillars of our society. Supports this rampant un vetted immigration, which in turn make it even harder for our poorer citizens to get out of their situation. Couldn’t see an economic crisis if her life depended on it. 1st if she was such an influence in the WH to not see the DOT com bust. coming, To absolutely not see the housing collapse, any number of indicators signalling a pending disaster……but all the government forces passed legislation forcing banks to participate in a “good” yet while setting the stage of a collapse. I say this because the banks in many ways were coerced to loan money, by threat from the government to do so, because if you didn’t we’d make your lives miserable with audits until you do. Sound banking dictates that they do not make the loans, but of course they would the governmemt guaranteed them. Legal as hell, but wrong.

              How can anyone in their right mind and be allegedly a free thinker ever vote for the status quo again. People have NOT liked what has gone on so why elect a person who advocates MORE and a doubling of the current policies.

              I’m ready for a risky plunge to possibly break the cycle. Actually not a cycle, but a linear continuation of foreign policy for decades, with the same results, just a slightly different narrative creating an illusion of a difference.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                The unions and our government have decided to take the easy way out of the current globalization of trade. We had a standard of living as did the European nation that were an envy of the rest of the world. Instead of maintaining policies that continued that standard, instead have reduced our capabilities and standards of living. Driving it to its lowest denominator. The harder thing to do is unionize chinese workers, that gets you shot. Raise their standard there, not lower ours here. I will say it again, if we are so concerned a a liberal nation about workers rights and well being and also the environment, pass a law that prohibits trading with that company overseas or country unless they enact the same safety and environmental laws as is here and europe. let the cost of labor be the only difference. Of course they can produce goods cheaper by totally ingoring the “good” laws we passed to protect our nation and people.

                I do look at people having so many things and STUFF that were unheard of 50 years ago, but most people were pretty damn close to debt free. Credit cards and unsecured credit unheard of. Just save a bit and guess what you have that stereo. But no…buy it now pay 2X with interest but its small bites over years. The wealth of this nation is an illusion of wealth. If you do not own it, it is not yours. Most kids college education is not theirs, its the governments by virtue of debt. They own you. If a student was actually paying for it, would they be taking more practical courses as opposed to some things that would not buy you a 1/4 pounder at MacDonalds. One of the major flaws in our education system is tenure. The fact that it is almost impossible to be gotten rid of if you have tenure, no matter how bad you are as a teacher or professor, or crimes against students. Most businesses have if you make five years and become (vested) you can get some retirement and benefits. But that does not mean that at any time due to lack of performance, or quality of the product your’re producing or money/budget that you can not be laid off. Except as a teacher with tenure is the reverse. That policy guarantees mediocrity and ultimate failure.

            • I think that Trump should concentrate on the economic message. His surrogates and supporters will take care of the BS for him. Just watched the C-Span debate up in Toronto with Reich on one side and Gingrich on the other. Laura Ingram and some lib woman too. At the conclusion the lib lady made this impassioned plea about how Trump will use the presidency to enrich himself and there can be no blind trust unless he apparently unloads everything. Gingrich took time away from his concluding remarks to call her in about 125 words, the most incredible schizophrenic he’s ever seen. The Canadian audience, not too cool on Trump, went wild. The example Gingrich used, a beaut, was the State Department lobbying the Haitian Government NOT to raise the minimum wage from three to five bucks a day benefiting the Foundation donors who were opening factories in Haiti after the earthquake. This is a woman who LOVES people he said!

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                I just wish the RNC would give a national tour of the Haitian leaders who are complaining like hell about the fraud the UN, Clinton Foundation and our State Dept perpetrated on them after the disaster. Oh it’s so cool to be the 1st entire wireless nation as Bill proclaimed as his goal after the quake……one does hae to pay for the phone and service fees, but how when you’re more interested in just eating and a reasonably healthy environment. Like a sewer system and clean water

                Aren’t they planning on major lawsuits?

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                An obscure book written a few years ago by environmentalists from DC who rammed through the UN some protection laws concerning species of marine wildlife. “The Voyage of the Saba” These rich have to do something dillatants (sp) decided to take their big yacht on a voyage to see if the 3rd world is complying with their edicts. These guys didn’t have to worry where their next meal came from, these guys didn’t thing about where their effluent went once they flushed. At least they had a toilet and running water. Their 1st port of call was to be Port d’ Prince Haiti. They were most vocal and agast that the natives were directly violating the UN laws on selling endangered species to tourists, like the green turtle etc. Stuffed of course after eating the meat. After a while they started to realize that these people could give a rats ass about their policies, these people had much more immediate and bigger issues like eating. They just couldn’t go to “Star” market or “Publix” up at the corner.

                One would think with all the benevolent care the Democrats since Carter, Clinton and Obama along with clinton again the Haitians would be making some headway. But are continuing to slide into the chasm of hell and destitution.

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    The new DNC goal is to get Gary Johnson out of the race, not litarly but in terms of his vote pull. He constantly polls around 10% and it is clear most coming from people who “might” support Clinton.

    The last three days CNN has joined the effort. Today running a story titled “why is johnson still in the race”.

    The people who run that network must have no shame at all. Their willingness to carry the Clinton/DNC water is obvious if you only look. What a tragic legacy for what used to be a pretty good news source.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      JAC….I’ve been seeing those “news” reports. If Johnson is running as a Libertarian and having listened to some of his speeches. Why are the Democrats implying that a Libertarian will vote for Hillary as opposed to Trump? As a candidate who supposedly for the individual and not running amok around the world imposing our will upon others that lands more in Trumps corner instead of Hillary’s proven track record. To me a Libertarian voting for Hillary and the Democratic party is a contradiction in terms,

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The presumption on their part is that Johnson is pulling Bernie supporters away from Clinton. The YOUNGER crowd who want pot legalized and want no more military interventions.

        Johnson is not a real Libertarian. Not by any stretch. This makes it easier for him to appeal to some of the YOUNGER leftwing types.

        Not all of his 10% are Libertarians. The Dems only need to pull a couple % away in key states to lock up the win. That is what they are after. Honestly though, I do not know if they actually know who is supporting him. I know many people simply refusing to answer the phone questionnaires or who have outright lied.

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    I am posting this as an example of how modern campaigns work, once again. When you read this think back to Reid’s accusation that Romney had cheated on his taxes, per “some friend who told me”. That was done from the Senate floor to prevent a defamation suit. Dean wasn’t that smart, thus the tongue in cheek retraction.

    But here is the key point. Most of you do not visit the left wing blogs. So you probably do not know that this “coke sniffer” thing was all over the internet for two days after the debate. I could not figure out where it came from or how it got spread so fast. Now I do. Dean sent out the tweet during the debate. By the next morning the Zombies had it spread to the four winds.

    It is creeping into the daily rhetoric, which means it will be used in conversations among people everywhere politics or Trump comes up. Pretty soon somebody will ask Trump if he has ever used Cocaine and if not how can he explain his sniffing. The Mic didn’t work properly will not be an acceptable response.

    Now everyone can go take a shower. I know I feel dirty reporting on it.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I wonder what Dean’s excuse for his behavior was 8 years ago. That guy was a total wing-nut. Remember him well from VT……one of the chief criticisms of him in VT was that though he had a part time medical practice and he had all these grand ideas….the majority of his income came from family investments on Wall Street.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        VT does have a gubenatorial election that has the gov and lt independantly elected so they can be from opposing parties. In Mr Dean’s resume it states that he reduced much of VT’s debt while he was in office and listed his predecessor as Richard Snelling (a republican) Snelling had been an extremely good governor and kept a balance sheet of the States finances totally balanced and with the highest rating with Standard’s and Poor. He retired from politics at the end of several terms due to ill health. We used to shop at the same stores…..His succesor was Madeline Kuehnen (sp) she was from Switzerland and a dedicated socialist that had her private chauffer deliver her to the Statehouse daily in her Rolls Royce. She proceeded to destroy the States finances and we lost our good rating and went to one of the worst, within a few years. She proceeded along with Sanders in driving out extremely successful businesses causing a worsening fiscal crisis. People BEGGED Mr Snelling to come back to get us back on track. He did, won handily, but unfortunately he died shortly after assuming office again but had implemented actions to balance the budget again. Dean took over upon Snellings death, but loudly proclaimed he would continue Snellings fiscal policies as opposed to Madeline’s policies which had bankrupt the State. Dean is still a loose cannon though.

        Many years ago Ho Chi Minh said that you CAN NOT have a good socialist agenda/society if you kill off the goose that laid the golden egg. (This was paraphrased)

    • The committee that oversees the debates just admitted the mic was defective. You will find that in page 79 of the Saturday Times.

      Anyone who knows the Trump family knows he is really hostile to drugs and alcohol. The empire was, like with the Kennedy’s to pass to the eldest, Fred Trump Jr. He neither wanted it nor could handle it. The details are somewhat murky but he was done in by those twin evils.

  22. I am now leaving to pick up my latest toy. A Model 49/56 French Semi-Auto in the incredibly weird caliber of 7.5MM French.

    This is because, I have gotten stuck on the French experience in Indochina and Algeria.

    • Neat toy!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Just do not take it to the playground to show your friends. Ah, but then you’re white you’ll make the back page, if mentioned at all.

        • There was a time. 1966 to be exact when I bought the 100th Anniversary Winchester and took it up to Manhattan College in a soft case to show my friends. Lugged it from class to class all day. How times have changed.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            “Those Were The Days”

            What I dislike today, is that the generation that could do just about anything they wanted due to opportunity, protested against the people that created the opportunity, by sacrifice and just plain hard work, has created a society that is so paranoid and restrictive and limited.
            The mass murders and everything that went on in LA and SF as I was a teenager was huge compared to today. Nobody was in a panic, nobody called for lockdowns. Last year there was an alleged shooting in the vicinity of a high schools 15 miles from my old school. It was a BS report by a police officer for a discharge of his weapon that was his own mistake. The city LOCKED down all the schools in the valley until it was determined that the officer just was covering up his error. That’s thousands of kids locked up for a good part of a day, unable to come and go as was their right to do so. More kids would have been killed or injured just on going back and for with normal auto accidents. The Manson murders occured locally nobody weirded , we had the Corona murders of migrant workers, nobody went into hysteria. The Black Muslim Murders etc, the SLF nobody stopped living. Cut up bodies were continually being found on off ramps on the freeway. Murdered hitchhikers, not the other way around. This is just to name a few incidents.

            • As I have said before, this crew could not have taken Omaha Beach.

              When you confront a line jumper in a store, if you look around, most customers seem to be looking for a foxhole. As a kid I was very passive about line jumpers but after the Army for some reason I never let it happen again unless it would have resulted in a problem with the wife and kiddies if they were with me. My response is vary Randian, “Look, you can cut into the line behind me but you can’t cut into the line in front of me”.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                That reminds me of when I went to get my learner’s permit, oh so many years ago, the lines were very long and the wait seemed forever. The signs overhead were not very instructional so after waiting the clerk would say you have to fill out this form or that and hand you the proper form. You’d go back to a desk and fill it out and stand in line all over again. The DMV could have had instructions overhead and forms at the desks so you only had one wait……anyway, just as I was about to step to the window the second time a lady in a fur coat jumped in front of me. My Mom who had been waiting patiently in the back of the room, came up to the lady and pulled her out of line and started berating her about her rudeness and not waiting her turn etc. I stepped to the window, pretending I didn’t know that women, the clerk stamped my form and as I stepped away my mom stopped yelling at the lady, and we walked out. NOBODY let the fur lined lady in line and she had to go to the back…..I will say when most kids as teen agers didn’t want their Moms around, I found mine was very usefull in situations like this. She didn’t stand for any BS and line cutters…..then everybody chuckled and the clerk was smirking, but unable to really do anything, but I’m sure today the police would have been called and the ladies arrested.

  23. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Maybe men have decided that the “new” women isn’t going to have her cake and eat it too.
    besides good jobs that didn’t require a college degree, but a high degree of technical skill are leaving….it was hard to shift. But feminist over the years are propagandizing “what do we need men for now anyway” We don’t even need a man, just go to a lab. Fine….maybe men are also saying I don’t really want the stress anyway….

  24. I am preparing for a mock debate on the subject of single payer system vs open market. In perusing the United Nations Health Organization statistics, I ran across the following:

    The percentage (%) of men and women who survived a cancer five years after diagnosis.
    USA – 65.3% England – 46.0% Canada – 42% Denmark – 39%

    The percentage of patients that were diagnosed with Diabetes that received treatment within 6 months.
    USA – 99.3% Canada – 42% England – 15% Denmark – 12%

    The percentage of seniors ( age 65+ ) who needed hip replacements and received treatment within 6 months.
    USA – 97% Canada – 43% England – 15% Denmark – 0%

    The percentage of patients who were referred to specialist and seen within 30 days.
    USA – 77% Canada – 43% England – 40% Denmark – 11%

    The number of MRI scanners ( considered a prime diagnistictool ) per one million people.
    USA – 71 Canada – 18 England – 14 Denmark – 7

    The percentage of seniors ( age 65+ ) who are considered low income and poverty level who are considered in excellent health.
    USA – 44% Canada – 6% England – 2% Denmark – no statistics available

    National Health Insurance….USA – none Canada – yes England – yes Denmark – yes

    I wonder…..who has the best health care system available? You can read it above.

    • THen I decided to scour the Senate Budget Committee Reports in the Federal Register for statistics, as it relates to health costs on the poor and below poverty line and found the following:

      Fiscal Year 2012-2015. Food Stamps (nutrition), housing support (shelter), child care, Medicaid. The average household below the poverty line receives $168.00 per day. The median household in the USA is a tad over $50,000. This averages out to $137.13 per day. Being on generational welfare ( not my words ) the poverty family makes more tax payer income that the average working family. In addition, the following 10 States now have more people on welfare than employed in order of number (1) California (2) New Mexico (3) Mississippi (4) Alabama (5) Illinois (6) Kentucky (7) Ohio (8) New York (9) Maine (10) South Carolina…..Also, these same 10 states have a combined 312,000+ jobs available with New YOrk and California leading the way with a combined 194,000+ jobs available right now with most of them in construction.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Well done my Texican friend. I have heard differing numbers put out by the left wing economists who rationalized the ACA.

      One other key fact. The greatest amount of health care expense is paid by people at the end of their life. Don’t have the actual number but it is something like 80% on people who live no more that 3 years.

      This data skews the “efficiency” or “effectiveness” values for the US, driving them down. Because the other developed nations don’t spend that kind of money on those patients.

      This is where the “death panel” meme started. It was not over the end of life services but over a govt. board deciding who would get what care based on “cost curves”.

      • Have two friends right now, both pushing 70 who have been as healthy as the proverbial oxen all their lives. Both vets, both with leukemia and chewing through money like there was no tomorrow.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      This is a study done in Canada on diabetes. Very interesting findings

      Many years ago when Canada was making some significant changes to their healthcare system, My Father was engaged to do the computer systems for Canada. One of the comments that he brought back home from the healthcare professionals in Canada was “We accept mediocraty here in Canada”

  25. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This winters forecast….last year wasn’t bad, quite unlike the previous year with New England getting really buried in snow.

  26. Dale A Albrecht says:

    As Hillary blasts the white non college degree male for supporting Trump as though they’re stupid of something, that comment is so bias and totally not grasping the bigger picture of the economics driving our lives today as opposed to just 30 years ago
    What I can not see is any auto worker who probably was not a holder of a college degree who made a good living making auto’s or parts etc. (no commentary of unions) Those jobs have been disappearing seriously and accelerating since the 80’s. How can they consider personally to vote for Hilary when she supports all the trade deals that have given free reign to offshoring, and more regulations and higher wages. Electronic repair is virtually dead. Totally FRU or dispose of within 2-3 years. Steel making, Mining, lumber, ship building and manning the ships (except military and even that is limited) These are all jobs that have totally transformed within a little over a generation or disappeared and none required a college degree.
    Immigration has been an ebb and flow reality of this nation since its inception. As needs arise it is liberized and when no need stiffened. At all times though there generally was quotas. I’ve read a lot of papers over the years about “illegal” immigration and it’s impact on the economy. I’ll also through in the actions by Carter and Clinton with Cubans and Haitians and now with the unfettered immigration of the current administration. There is a huge impact on social services. Serious scholars and economists who write exclusively about immigration and are not nessessarily anti immigration, but they are honest about their analysis. Some just take broad strokes and say no impact, but if they drill deeper like ultimately where did these people settle in the stats are devastating to the lower end of the economic ladder. Regardless of race, those that have marginal education and skills, regardless of reason. really get hammered when unrestricted waves of immigrants come in and directly compete for those low end jobs which most of them fit into also. And today add the work visa’s being given out are directly targeting those skilled jobs that do require education…..I may be wrong, but I would believe these people are contracted through a company back in their home and because they do not work actually for Disney, as an example, can pay a wage far below the wage normally given to a US worker. Health care and retirement etc is avoided because they are contractors, not direct employees. If your job is not protocted somehow you’re just plain history.

    Any IT job is at risk at any time. That can be done via networks anywhere in the world. Network services can be done anywhere except that last bit of repair work. These are jobs that do require a high degree of education. Go into a hospital and sit and talk to the staff. They are worked to a frazzle, even though hospitals are supposed to be NON profit, they still have to keep cost down because they will get paid just so much from whatever source, or not at all.

    Not everybody can be a lawyer and I’ll go on to say that many of the lawyers should not be lawyers. Yet we have seen since the 70’s a 4X increase in the number of lawyers per so many people, I believe 1000. Where for 200 years we had a steady ratio of just around 1.5.

    Why would a low end economic zone denizon or a white male non college degree holder ever vote for the government policies that are cutting their throats.

  27. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I want to get into the ethics and moral converstion just a bit. I do understand that a business is in the business to make money and make money for their investors. That is the nature of business. Over the years there has been a significant shift of attitude that managment has taken on since I’ve been alive. This shift of business will result in having employees that will not give a lick about the business and the work will become shoddier, because the employee knows management doesn’t care one jot about them and treated like a brass tagged asset….to be fair many of these actions have been brought about by government actions.
    Examples, Back in the 70’s IBM was moving its major manufacturing facility in Kingston NY to raleigh/durham (RTP) in NC. Lots of reasons to do it. However the way the company did it was a slow process enabling people near retirement to do a bit of accelerated planning. Enabled the city to plan and bring in replacement business so the local was not impacted very much. People who were being moved didn’t lose the value of their homes….it was a gradual planned process……jump ahead to the early 90’s and look at the same company and their flagship semiconductor facility Fishkill. That opinion was totally in their mind and senior managements. They had continued making a product that was seriously obsolete and could charge any price to cover costs. They had 14,000 employees there starting 50 wafers a day. That is NOTHING. Take our facility in VT we were making semiconductors that were 4 generations ahead of Fishkill with a wafer start profile of 2000 a day with 1/2 the Fishkill workforce. We were making an obscene amount of money, even though IBM dictated at what price we could sell to IBM at and could not sell outside the company yet. We were making products that Japan, Intel, AMD just to name a few would have given their eye teeth to be able to manufacture. One day IBM senior management in Armonk woke up and laid off 12000 employees in Fishkill in one shot. It has been 25 years and the area still has not recovered and most of the building and businesses in the old fabricators are Chinese owned and run. in 94 senior management decided that our facility even though it was making a shit load of profit and had a lean workforce would take 100% of the lay offs that year for POLITICAL reasons. Our president objected and they fired him on the spot. Now our business was booming and there is no way we could do it with 1/2 the workforce, replacements were brought in from the remainder of the other facilities that had been losers. 1st off, by doing what they did in also one shot, collapsed the real estate market for years and only now 20 years later barely exceeds what it had been. The new people brought in could not buy, because they had just lost a bundle in NY. But the attitude was set…no matter how hard you work, not matter how well you do, no matter how much your business made you were expendable. The business never recovered. In addition nobody wanted to by the remains and IBM had to pay a company from Qatar to take it over. They will never invest the amount of money required to bring the fabricators up to date….app $6B each. The company took it for the R/D and also patents, which is a great concern then and now because a lot of them were related to military systems. Sold to a foreign company during Hillary’s tenure as SOS.
    I finished up my career with at&t as a mid level manager who developed their QC and metrics systems in the Global network management division. e were under constant justified pressure to be able to manage more with less so to speak, Do it better, quicker and design networks with more reliability. We were constantly developing new tools to improve the efficiency of the engineers….100% were college engineering graduates. To justify the developement costs you always did a savings analysis…ie people. The moment a new tool went online making the job more efficient the company would lay off the estimated amount of savings. I always argued that with the old tools the associated could only do X customers efficiently. exceed that and the quality of the work suffers and so does the clients satisfaction. By laying off Y# of associates the remaining ones saw no difference. Yes they handled more clients, but as soon as more clients were added they were even with the new tools falling behind. Immediately the company would try and rehire those that they laid off just the previous month. Most came back at least once. After the second time they did not come back. Burned once OK, burn me twice no way. It would take close to one year to really bring an engineer up to speed. So the quality slowly deminished. A bit before I was retired, (age and years of service) plus salary, management was in a crisis. I was in a meeting with my VP and he was confused with the number of resignations they were suffering. How dare they. I posed the question to him that if finance came down and said let go 1/4 of your people you’d in one shot, no warning and no matter how well the engineer worked they’d be gone. I said the resigning engineers were doing nothing that you weren’t doing. They just were taking their careers into their own hands and making preemptive decisions and not waiting for your arbitrary decisions.
    To do what I did for close to 40 years in any number of companies, as long as you did the QC and statistics job well and met the companies needs, you did not require a degree, much less an advanced one. The requirement was that you knew the business. When I retired, the minimum requirement was a Masters but preferred PHD at 1/2 of what I was making and nobody just out of school would even come close to the accumulated experience that i or people like me had…..I actually had very predictive stats put together that right to the day I could tell the executives at at&t what the impact of their decisions or delayed decisions would be.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Some new tools became available for statistical analysis, but they all boiled down to the utilization of the same statistical methods that were developed many years ago. You did have to stay up to date, with some new computer tools, like “Minitab” , just grab a class or two, or do some reading on new idea….but usually they were just repackaging the old to make it look new.

      One problem the people of my age group had is that they did not need a degree to get started. I quit college as a waste of time, Most of my career I kept pace with college graduates working as employees and at time seriously exceeded them, not self employed entrepenuers like BF though. I however did keep learning and had an equivalency of a Masters when I started my last work at at&t. But still back then the hiring managers directly talked to you 1st. Today, most companies do not have an HR group especially to hire Its been outsourced. They put out a pie in the sky requirement and if your resume does not say that you have an advanced degree from this or that institution the outsourced agency will delete your application, without even taking a glance at the qualifications by experience or classes taken over the years. The lack of jobs has driven students to keep piling on degrees and have pushed the minimum requirement to rediculous levels.

    • I remember reading a piece years ago by Dinish DeSouza in National Review. In it he quoted the Egyptian Iman who was Osama Bin Laden’s spiritual leadre. I won’t get this 100% right but it is close enough:

      “There was a time when the United States was a Christian Nation. It is now a Pagan Nation”.

      I am convinced and will go to my death believing that all the crazy shit we now see is a result of this. You don’t have to be a Christian or a believer of any religion but YOU DO have to believe in the guiding principles of that religion which are the absolute basis for the existence of the country. Secular Humanism is a recipe for false equivalency. There are no absolutes, I am NOT my brothers keeper. The parts are more valuable than the whole but no one remembers without the whole, the parts become worthless.

  28. Last night a friend claimed that Donald Trump wouldn’t make a good president; he is brash, he is racist, he is a loudmouth; you know the normal things people learn to recite after being programmed by television news. The one I loved was that, “Trump is arrogant.” My friend questioned if one man could make “that much difference in the world today.” To my friend’s credit, she was respectful enough to let me respond when she asked, “Really, what has Trump done?”
    I said, “In June of last year, Trump entered the race for president. In just a little over a year, Trump has single handedly defeated the Republican party. He did so thoroughly. In fact, he did so in such a resounding way that the Republican Party now suffers from an identity crisis. He literally dismantled the party. Trump even dismantled and dismissed the brand and value of the Bush family.
    Trump has Obama petrified that Trump will dismiss programs that weren’t properly installed using proper law.
    Trump has single handedly debunked and disemboweled any value of news media as we knew it—news now suffering from an all-time level of distrust and disrespect.
    Trump has leaders from all over the world talking about him, whether good or bad. Trust me, powerful men who have been president before weren’t liked by the global community. I doubt Mikhail Gorbachev liked Reagan when Reagan said, “Tear down that wall.”
    Trump has expressly disclosed the fraud perpetrated on the American public by Hillary Clinton. He has, quite literally, brought Hillary to her knees—if you believe that nervous tension and disorders offer physical side effects and damage.
    Trump has unified the silent majority in a way that should be patently frightening to “liberals.”
    As the press accuses Trump of being a house of cards, Trump has proven the press is the real house of cards. He has whipped up the entire establishment into pure panic. Trump has exposed them for who they are and worse, what they are. George Clooney was right when he said Trump draws live news coverage of his podium that he’s not yet approached. Thanks, George, you were perfectly correct.
    What we see as headline news today are actually the last bubbles from the ship that is now sunk—meaning the standard news media, as a propaganda machine, has been exposed. They have no more value.
    In the same way Trump asked the African-American community this question, I asked my friend, ”At this point, what do you have to lose?” We have mass cop shootings, riots in our streets, ambushed cops, double digit inflation, bombs blowing up in our cities, targeted police, #BLM, a skyrocketing jobless rate, no economic growth, privately owned land being seized by the federal government, the worst racial tension in my lifetime, no God in schools, more abortions than ever, illegal aliens pouring into our country, sick veterans receiving no care, and a debt that doubled in seven years to $19 trillion. Are you really happy with the condition of the current system?
    One man has done all of this in one year—one guy, and on his own dime. And with everything I’ve written above, you believe Trump hasn’t done anything? You claim that you are afraid of Donald Trump? No wonder we’re in trouble. You can say that Trump is a lousy presidential candidate. That’s your right. Just don’t ever say he’s not effective.
    That Megan Kelly, FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, Rachel Maddow, the Huffington Post, the New York Times, Raleigh’s News and Observer, the AP, Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, and many more, failed to implement their collectively orchestrated lie on the American people against Trump, is actually a massive testament to Trump. The press colluded pure propaganda to accomplish his demise … and they have collectively failed and miserably.
    Here’s just one example of how badly America is injured right now. There are high school football players on their knees during the national anthem simply because the press used as propaganda to program those kids to do that very thing. But, these kids are mimicking NFL stars the same way the same kids chooses which brand of football shoe to purchase—they’re overtly brain-washed to do that very thing.
    Now, we have a generation of children who hate America.
    America’s problem isn’t that little children are on their knee in collective disrespect of America. Our problem is that America is on her knee from collective disrespect by Americans.
    You can disrespect America all you want. But, it’s high-time you respect the silent majority. Because they’re not simply the “silent majority” as you’ve been trained to believe when Hillary calls them “deplorables.” The fact is, they are simply the majority. And now they’re no longer silent either. Donald Trump changed all of that, single-handedly and within one year.”

    From Be Forbes.”
    Bebe Coe Bertino

  29. Dale A Albrecht says:

    “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking”……George S. Patton

  30. JAC as a fellow golfer… will probably understand this. But..while I understand the competitive nature of the Ryder Cup, I am dismayed at the fan base and their rowdiness. Arnie must be turning over in his grave. This is not a football game nor a rugby match…it is golf and should be respectful. This yelling from the stands and the profanity and the disrespect to the European golfers… abominable. Makes us look like Europe and that is the last thing I want to see.

    • PGA security has already thrown out 30+ of the gallery and rightly so….

    • Just A Citizen says:


      AGREE. They should start booting those yelling out “get in the hole” during or at the end of a swing on the regular tour.

      Either that or let it become like all other sports. Lets see how the big boys do with the crowd yelling during a putt.

      Just kidding. Time for the galleries to clean up their act. It has been getting worse each year, in my humble opinion.

      • NOt only that but the the ones that were thrown out were not even golfers….they are just sports fanatics that like to disrupt. But, yelling ” YOU DA MAN or GET IN THE HOLE” or like the one yesterday when one of the Europeans missed a putt…yells…’ WHY DONT YOU GET SPEITH TO DO IT”…..or when Phil Mickelson missed a short putt and some ass in the gallery yells….”Son of a Bitch, even I could make that one”…….not to mention that Mickelson and Garcia combined together with 19 friggin’ birdies and one eagle…..that was some golf.

  31. Just A Citizen says:


    Wondering if you have abandoned our discussion on ethics or just distracted.

    New home huh! Sounds good moving out of the city. Make sure you add a bunkhouse so I have a place to sleep when I come to visit. Hope yer far enough out I can see the stars and night and listen to the cows balling and the Coyotes singing.

    • No, sir, not abandoned at all. I was thinking about it when everybody seems to have their panties in a wad over Trumps tax return…..even the NYT said….all is legal but it is not fair. Even Mark Cuban said the man was a genius in how he used the system correctly. That is what is was designed for….

      Absolutely, I will agree because there is nothing unethicl nor immoral about using the tax code to your advantage. It does not matter to me at all because that is the way the system is designed. No taxes for almost two decades……COOL!!!… We, our family, did it for 11 years. Loss carry forwards, capital losses, depreciation…..all shelters income. Cash flow is the name of the game. I do not care about paper wealth….you cannot eat it. I care about the wealth in the banks….provided you are not banking with Wells Fargo or Bank of America…and provided you do not have stocks in the Central Banks or HSFC.

      But, there was nothing ilegal….no violation of business practice or ethics and no moral obligation…..because the same tax return still showed he paid millions in taxes. He just got to write off over 19 years one billion. Pretty ingenious.

      • I still, however, throw the hypcrite flag on people who complain about Trump and his business dealings and then patronizing, buying stock, and representing people and entities who do the very thing. And, to me…..not only is it hypocritical…knowingly being hypocritical and still doing the same thing is well beyond ethics and actually worse than anything trump has done.

        To me it appears, that you want to give people a pass on some things….at least that is how it read to me….when I used the child labor issue. We yell and scream about child labor in the states…cannot hire children under the age of whatever….but then we turn right around and say…but it is ok in those countries that allow it. THAT to me is unethical and immoral and hypocritical. We say, look at us…how righteous we are….and then we say since it is another country and we need to stay out of their business and then we buy products from those countries that deal in slave labor or child labor or even wages that a dog could not live on here…because we want cheap and we turn the other cheek. It just does not was with me.

        You know, if you sit on your porch and you watch the next door neighbor murder somebody and you say nothing. You just do not want to get involved so you say nothing…you are as guilty as if you pulled the trigger. Worse off, in my opinion, because you are in a position to do something about it. I see it the same as saying…..we abhor child labor….we demand a higher wage….Trump uses the bankruptcy laws to his advantage…he throws women out in the street and mugs little dogs………then you take your money and you support someone or some entity that does all the things you abhor….you are more than a hypocrit….you are an accessory…..wherein lies the difference?

        Making thos decisions…is not only a moral issue as I see your definitions but also an ethical decision……as well as, (you rightly put it) hypocritical at best.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Re: Trump’s taxes. I hope they keep it up with the howling and I really, really, hope he prepares the rebuttal for the debate.

          He LOST money and therefore got to carry the loss over many years.

          The SAME RULE APPLIES TO EVERYONE. This is not some gimmick only available to the rich.

          They act like it is a big surprise he lost money, yet they criticize him for going bankrupt. If the guy would just put together a coherent rebuttal he could further reveal the stupidity and corruption of the Clinton/MSM cabal.

          As for your other examples, I agree with your criticism with the exception of placing some “obligation” on the neighbor to either intervene or to get involved later. It definitely does not rise to the same as pulling the trigger.

          If this were a true ethical situation it would be straight forward but such an example carries lots of potential caveats. Does the neighbor have the skill to intervene? Is he comfortable with those skills and have the confidence to succeed? What danger does he create for himself and his family by intervening (gang retaliation)? I think most of us would judge differently based on the situation. But ethical violations should be more readily apparent on a consistent basis.

          This falls within the realm of moral study but not sure it rises to a moral or ethical standard. Perhaps more along the lines of “values” which fall within this realm as well. Will have to give this more thought.

          • “The SAME RULE APPLIES TO EVERYONE. This is not some gimmick only available to the rich. ” Very true…..but I hear the mantra…BUT you have to be rich to do it…….to which my answer is….no you do not,,,,you just have to be smart.

          • You know, JAC….perhaps it is my black and white issue…I do not see shades. Using the neighbor example…etchics, morals, integrity….all shout out to me to do something…..even if it is to pick up the phone to call someone or speak out in secret. If you live by a set of rules or you expect others to live by a set of rules….there are no degrees. But I have often been criticized for my right or wrong stance….there is no in between and that is perhaps where I do not understand sometimes.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              You and I are the same in that we would act. I have in fact done so before.

              I am simply saying that doing so or not is probably not an “ethical” or “moral” issue. Except in that if one wants others to behave this way they should. Again, this goes to a hypocritical behavior among many.

              I know this is a technical, ie. picky, point but ethics involves how I deal with you and you with me. Not whether in inject myself into your situation without being invited. Some anarchist types would even argue it was unethical to stick my nose in your business without an invite. Even if I thought you were being threatened. Because I might not know what was truly happening.

              But as a matter of my own principles and values, I agree we should do what we can to stop bad things from happening to others. Even if that is only calling the police or providing testimony when needed to get bad guys put away.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Being funny here….does your new house in the country have neighbors within sight? Do you have a clear fire zone around the new D13 blockhouse? Like the old movies like “The Big Sky” you rode for miles on the ranch before you went through the gate that was near the residence.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Here is a great example of STUPID by the media. Unbelievable how these people show absolutely no understanding of what is really right and wrong.

          Got that? We now have a “Law of Decency” to comply with. And this Jack Snipe claims to be defending Capitalism.

          • What do you expect from CNN…..if the stuff is ever released about the Clinton Foundation….wonder what they will say.

            • They also did not say, nor show, that he actually paid taxes in those years…..just had some write offs that reduced them…..I guess I am an elite, now……sigh……

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Best estimates are that only 15%-20% actually get to the “charity” of aid they’re handling out the rest is salaries and expenses.

              • In 2015, the Clinton Foundation spent 5.7% on charity, the remained on salaries and expenses.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                For the hundreds of millions taken in annually that’s chump change. The Clinton Foundation spent years perfecting the perfect campaign and political slush fund yet invented. They’ve been practicing since he was governor of Arkansas, Each iteration has built more layers of insulation to the top dogs, just like the mafia dons.

                Nobody remembers one of the biggest fines paid on campaign irregularities was with Tyson Foods to Hillary. She made hundreds of thousands on her first trading exercise with a tyson executive saying buy this buy that. Tyson was fined serious change with that. What happened to Hillary…..Nada, zilch, niente……like pregnacy….it takes two.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Sir….you just said exactly what I’ve been saying about doing business with countries that are doing manufacturing wity processes and labor that is highly illegal to do so here. Of course it will be cheper what they produce. Unfortunately there really has not been a reduction in retail price, like with NIKE’s They get the shoe manufactured in an evironment that is in its entirely illegal and immoral and unethical elsewhere….why are we so popular in PI or Indonesia. Get the produce manufactured literaaly for nothing but yet sell it high and brag to the shareholder on their ROI. I’d calculate an middle class job in India wage. Pay that…I have no problem…..also let me move there I can live on 9300/annum vs 90K and have the same lifestyle….I would put in proper sanitary facilities….cat holes don’t cut it for me anymore. In Colombia, worker complaints were solve by a 9mm….followed up by any more suggestions or complaints…..DO NOT GET ME WRONG, US businesses are not the only ones. England, Germany etc they all do it.

          It may be legal, but is wrong no matter how one may say morally or ethically wrong…it’s still wrong.

    • As a matter of fact, we are building out west of Fort Worth…and our property backs up to a horse and cattle ranch…I will be able to sit on my balcony patio and look out at the cattle, horses, wild turkey, deer, and coyotes. There are no city lights and no street lights and the sky is as clear as the Pope’s urine sample. Like the song says…The stars at night are big and bright….deep in the heart of Texas.

      But I will be close enough to Fort Worth that a drive in will not take all day. We are on a little acreage in a gated community that is patrolled and requires invitation to get past the gate guards. We are where the Liberals would say…..privileged. Ok, so be it. I have a third finger on both hands that they can ponder over and I will still use the taxcode to my advantage. We are nowhere near the Trump level….we are nowhere near the elite level…..but we are comfortable. So, the Libs can jam it up their respective “doral posterior” as they try to do the same thing.

      Now, a simple half mile away, there is an acquaintance ( I cannot call him a friend as I do not run in his crowd ) but I do know him and play ball golf with him….he has a simple little rambling shack of 29,000 sq feet just for him and his bride. I sit on one hill and he OWNS the hill just east of me…his place is lit up like a drug dealers compound….only his drug is oil and gas. I joke with everybody because my place is only 4100 sq feet…smaller than his garage, I bet. But I do boast of a green house that will allow me to grow veggies year round…and I will be experimenting with hydoponics. I will need something to do after the military dispenses with my consulting services when I reach 69.5 years young.

      I have a great guest room with a view for you and your spousal unit. You will hear the coyotes at night and the quail in the morning. I do not drink coffee ( neither does my spousal unit ) but we will make you fresh orange juice and feed you a real breakfast. ( Which I am sure you are used to up in your parts o’ the world ). We will go swat and follow, drive in for a Rangers game….or just sit and watch sunsets.The rancher neighbor, whom I know well, said we can shoot any coyotes and pigs we see. But leave his deer and turkey alone. He does not hunt his ranch nor allow it….he loves to watch wildlife. His spread behind me, is only 26,000 acres but he said we could fly out to west Texas where he has some real acreage and hunt all we want. He trusts me to know the difference between cattle, horses, and deer.

      So, come on down for some Texas hospitality. I really wanted to get up to see you when I was in Reno,,,,but the winds just did not allow it, When they close the Reno Airport to commercial traffic…..this lad keeps his plane in the hangar..but I admit, the drive was two days in length and the spousal unit had never seen that part of the west….it was a hoot for her to see it from ground level.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Sir…the phrase you were looking for in the second paragraph was “Sit on it and spin”

  32. Just A Citizen says:

    OK SUFA, what do you think about this “partnership” arrangement between the Feds and the State?

    If you have questions just ask. The same person who holds the key for us, to the FEMA camps, put this whole thing together. The State had spun its wheels with the Feds for three years or more. The gate keeper got it done in less than ONE.

    • Glad to see Idaho can still get things done. I will not hold by breathe that CA will follow. Did they long off the 600 sq mi that burned or allow most of it rot like most of the burned timber up the hill from me? Do you still have enough saw mills working to make this happen? The last 2 mills in the county shut down about 10 years ago.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The Feds still have trouble getting salvage sales done in a timely manner. The enviros have them tied in knots. They have to do an EIS which takes about a year to complete. By the time that gets through the appeals much of the timber value is lost.

        State and private owners get salvage done IMMEDIATELY.

        As for the number of mills, we have a few left but not enough to process the large volumes of major fire all at once. Plus many mills have retooled to small trees so a fire of bigger trees has limited buyers.

        Cinton/Gore killed our industry in the Northwest and Intermountain region. Coeur d’Alene had 6 sawmills when I moved here. We have NONE now. The remaining mills are north of us, around Sandpoint.

        This is now one reason the Feds have trouble selling their timber.

        • Glad to see that, in this instance, the Feds working with the States,……perhaps now that some states are exerting their authority anyway, it will help open more doors…..Kudos !

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Regardless of the incident….why does a middle school feel compelled to have a police officer on site?

      • I answered this one on Facebook. I’ll give you the same answer. What planet are YOU living on? T’aint 1963 anymore!

        • Reality is the school teachers and administrators have no power anymore to deal with disruptive students. Thank the ACLU, judges, lawyers and of course parents. Believe you had a similar problem with a stepchild. So as usual, call in the cops. In the good old days you woudl suspend the little sucker to cool his jets. Then, if he was a repeat offender, cast him out into the wilderness.

          Used to be these schools in NYC back in the “Blackboard Jungle ” days. They were called 600 schools. You were sent there to sit till you were 16 and legally able to quit.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I thought I might have been living in a sane society, but I guess not. Working at home for 15 years then the past 6 in a quiet little city,….oh well.
            Back in the days, nothing was allowed at school unless it was school related. We had no crime like stealing from lockers because nobody carried anything worth stealing even though we all could afford things. With my kid in VT late 80’s, it was totally different. The courts had been involved by now and the school could not set any rules. Ergo, crime was rampant because girls would come decked out in jewels. and there was stuff worth stealing. The schools could not get rid of kids that brought weapons to school. Just confiscate and send them back to class. I saw the desk drawer of the Vice principle….full to the brim. And this was in the 2nd most affluent high school in VT. The shrug and excuse so what do you propose? The couple parents who took the schools to court saying you can’t stop my child even with drug use/sale weapons, over the top dress and jewelry that causes the thieving. So it was worse than Dodge City.

  33. How False Flag events lead to tyranny. It all started with the hanging chad (another bullshit false flag) that led directly to computer voting systems. This is now somehow under attack by Russians (more bullshit false flag crap) so here is where the whole deal has been pointing too all along.

    Getting to the end game can take decades for Globalist’s/Establishment elites. The road to tyranny also has a historical map that lays out all the events that lead to it.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Akmajedra (sp) former Iranian president wins with 85% of the vote within hours in a NON computerized polling country. Hussein 98%

      We bitch and moan about these foreign fiends hacking into our systems…….what about our government entities hacking into and disrupting system in Iran. especially ones in their nuclear programs. geez…the schematic says connect the blue wire to this contact….maybe it should have been the red wire……boom.

  34. The expected Wikileaks document dump is scheduled for tomorrow. The roller coaster looks to take another turn.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Ah hem……. this is a statement about CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.

      Following this there was another statement that middle east leaders started giving to Clinton’s campaign in fear of being next. I am guessing these were actually Clinton Foundation donations and speaking fees.

      “It’s well known in Libya that Gaddafi supported Obama over Clinton in the run up to the ‘08 elections, despite the Clinton team approaching Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Gaddafi, and asking the family to invest in Hillary’s campaign and foundation, which they did not,” said Dr. Paul.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Just look at Egypt. They had problems for sure. 1 was food, 2 was jobs.. Without jobs you could not buy #1. Even as much as Mubarack tried keeping the Muslim Brotherhood bottled up they would occassionally breakout and 1 kiiled Sadat, who made peace with Israel, killed enough tourists Egypts # 1 industry of tourism to bring it to a trickle. By that and along our companies withdrawl of our plans on opening an operation center in Egypt.

        During the riots leading up to Obama and Hillary saying Mubarack must go, were all about food and jobs……One of the items was the peoples complaints was that the price of grain products that were being made into ethanol and being subsidized, raising those prices out of reach to the starving people. WE are so lucky the leaders there serve at the will of the military who keep things relatively stable. When the Brotherhood took over, they were bent on turning the country into a radical Iran. The military removed them with prejudice but what was Hillary’s and Obamas, an kerry’s responses….we’ll cut off aid. if you DO NOT PUT the Brotherhood back on the seats of power. The military said bugger off.;

  35. You cannot write a better script. Trump’s 1995 return shows capital losses…..Clinton’s 2015 return shows that she used exactly the same laws to write off $699,000.

    So, Trump’s return 20 years ago is more important than Hillary’s 1 year return.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Tonight up at my “local” somebody selected “Imagine” by John Lennon, on the jukebox. It had been years since I heard it. The bar was quiet so it was easy to really listen to the lyrics. Here is a guy, who at the time of his death was worth hundreds of millions of dollars, the song was written and performed orginally while sitting in his Dakota Apt in NYC worth millions, Did he share what he was sing about,, did he want to live in the USSR,,,no way….Does Bruce Springsteen…..not much if any. They pay their “legal” taxes, OK great, but if they truly believed what the preach. They’d have a nice house, they do work hard and the rest would be gone……ted Kennedy had all his millions protected but passed legislation that diddled the workers.

      There was a comment that years ago that a business guy I knew said….”Borrow $5000 and you are $5000 in debt. Borrow $500,000 and you are in business”.

      • Trump reportedly said (and I’m sure he stole it) in the early ’90’s. “If you owe somebody $ 5,000 you are in trouble. If you owe somebody $ 5,000,000, they are in trouble!”

    • 🙂

  36. Off we go into the all new and improved Wild Blue Yonder with the United States Air Farce.

    USAF Announces New Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
    Senior Air Force leaders announced 13 new diversity and inclusion initiatives in a memorandum released to airmen Friday. The memo—signed by Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Dave Goldfein, and CMSAF James Cody—announces new diversity requirements for certain promotion candidate pools, membership on command selection boards, and nominations for recruiter duty. The Air Force will also create a new human capital analytics office, which will use “microtargeting capabilities to better attract and retain talent” as well as “discern retention trends and their root causes.” Additionally, Air Force ROTC will receive $14 million over five years to fund 200 new scholarships for ROTC candidates from “underserved and underrepresented” population centers. The memo also identified service career fields that have “historically” lacked diversity, including piloting, air battle management, combat systems operations, space and missile operations, cyber operations, and intelligence operations. Leaders in these fields will need to submit plans to reverse that trend. Other initiatives aim to provide more flexibility for families. Female airmen will be given 12 months after the birth of a child to decide whether to separate from the force. Beginning in the next assignment cycle, the commander of the Air Force Personnel Center will need to approve assignments that involuntarily separate dual military families. Further details on the programs and their implementation will be released by Oct. 15.

    The last item I like. My son has a friend who is stationed in Dover. The wife is stationed at McGuire. Currently the Air Force considers it “close enough”.

  37. It should surprise none of you that, while I spend the bulk of my online-political-argument time here, I do spread it around a little bit and also drop by liberal sites.

    It is obvious, of course, that SUFA is enemy territory for a big government, big city liberal like myself.

    But the liberal sites should be safer waters for me. Yet, interestingly, what I find is that my apostasy when I do not adhere close enough to the sanctioned opinion is routinely met with open hostility, accusations, and suggestions that I go elsewhere.

    Perhaps there is a SUFA equivlent for the left, but I haven’t found it.

    And, while it makes me sad, I thought I’d share with you guys.


    Please note: that while SUFA is tolerant and tends to argue on the merits, that is not true of other conservative sites. Most notably Red State where I received (veiled) death threats. So you shouldn’t read into this as “conservatives” are more tolerant, but rather this one particular website is special.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Sir…..having you onboard saves a lot of time surfing the web. SUFA is kind of a one stop shop and as you said the merits of an opinion are discussed and debated. Without resorting to to verbiage that is so common on so many other sites regardless of political opinion. Even just reading reviews of a film the sheer nasty and infantile language used, due to the fact one is anonymous.

      “If everyone is thinking the same thing, someone isn’t thinking”….George Patton.

  38. For added clarity, the website in question published three mini-articles in a row yesterday:

    1. Trump’s 1995 loss allows him to avoid 20 year of taxes (false – or at least misleading)
    2. One of Trump’s buildings imported its steel from China (how is that news?)
    3. One of Trump’s buildings leased space to a bank which “was used” by Iran to get “sensitive materials” (so what?)

    My opinions were not welcome and I was accused variously of defending Trump, of being a “useful idiot,” a troll, “concern trolling,” and suggested that I go elsewhere to find a site that “suits your very narrow definition of what’s good [reporting].”

    Now, to be fair, I do tend to be fairly blunt. But I don’t think I’m off base here.

    I suggested (respectively):
    1. We don’t have enough information to determine squat so at this point, speculation is little different than being a Trump’s Tax Return Truther.
    2. Of course he did if that was the best bargain. He wasn’t running for President. He was running a business and businesses have a fiduciary duty to make good business decisions, not spend extra just to make a point. His ties are also made in China. Do you expect him to cut into his profit margins just to be a good guy? He’s running a multi-billion dollar business empire, not a charity or a political group.
    3. Do we think Trump had (A) personal knowledge of the lease to the band (B) knew what the bank was being “used” to obtain and (C) the fact that they rented space in his building had any bearing whatsoever on any of that? Why should a guy whose primary business is renting out space in his buildings refuse to rent to a paying customer (and in this economy!) based on some scenic roundabout connection to Iran’s nuclear program? And what makes anyone think that Trump, who owns dozens (hundreds?) of buildings has any clue what individual businesses rent space from him?

    But nope: I’m the idiot here.

    • Thanks for defending truth, justice and the American way. Now before you get too big for your britches, that does not make you Superman.

      • All in a day’s work, fellow citizen!

        I just thought you’d appreciate seeing some of this BS.

        Actually, I’m just steaming a little bit. We (on the left) get so uppity when the right pulls this crap (and they do. Constantly.). Then they turn around and do the exact same thing and I’m an apologist or a troll for calling them on it.

        More to the point, why can’t they argue with me on the merits of the thing? Nope. I’m just a troll who should shut up la la la la we can’t hear you!


        So much bullshit. Everywhere. I swear, we should just shut down the internet and all go back to living in caves. Screw this election. Screw Trump and screw Clinton. They can go fight it out in a gladiator ring and the winner can go live in the nicer cave.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      By the looks of the stories you posted you were on the CNN site. They ran these same stories yesterday. See why I say the media is involved in the campaign with intent to destroy Trump?

      I sympathize with you regarding how vile most sites have become. Hell, I even get it on the Mises site. Try explaining to the Anarcho-capitalists why they are having a hard time getting a political foothold in the country. Although the ultimate insult on that site is to get called a “Statist”. After you get lectured on proper grammar, spelling, syntax and general lack of intellectual capacity or knowledge. 😉

      The internet has not resulted in greater exchange but greater polarization. One huge container of different echo chambers.

      Red State became untenable some time back unless you towed the “Conservative” line. Now it has turned on those among the tribe who support Trump as well.

      • Nope, but I suspect the blog runners get most of their news from CNN and Drudge Retort (not to be confused with Drudge Report).

        I wouldn’t bother arguing on CNN. You’re just one of a 1,000 shouting into the void. I prefer cites with a small group of core commentators so you can get to know them a bit.

    • I hear you. Try being a conservative for Trump, the NeverTrump gang will eat you for lunch. I rarely comment on other sites, but I read many of them. You can’t win. If you give even the slightest amount of credit to Trump…or your comment starts with “I supported Ted but” you’re mobbed and accused of being a Trump humper. Used to be, you kept your vote to yourself. The internet has changed that big time, and with that, civility has taken a hit. Can’t say I have any experience with lefty sites.

      • You should. You might take some abuse (I certainly do), but it’s worth it. It’s why I spend so much time with you lunatics 😉

        It’s better to widen your horizons and challenge your opinions.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Got enough of that from an ex-wife. Also to old now to deliberately seek out sites to be abused. They are lost regardless of which side of the political spectrum they are on. If one can not listen and argue sensibly with unrefutable data, or direct experience and knowledge. which is valid, then nothing will even get accomplished and things stop. The overwhelming mistake with a democracy right now is that 51% feel they can jam down the other 49%’s throat a policy that totally offends those people. Followed by the saying we’re the majority so suck it up. They don’t realize that if the shoe was on the other foot would they tolerate living by a law that is so against your beliefs. The answer is NO. Compromise is so important. Tyranny of a (simple) majority .

    • Well, just today I got into an argument in the supermarket with a lady who told me TRUMP never paid taxes. And, she is an RN!

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    Mathius and Buck

    I am wondering what you guys think of Clinton’s “free college” proposal!

    Do you think raising taxes on the “rich” will actually pay for it?

    • I need more details on her plan. I generally don’t bother paying too much attention to “proposals” like this since they’re never going to happen in the real world (or if they do, it will be wildly different from the original proposal by then). But if you wouldn’t mind hitting the high-points, I’ll be happy to weigh in.

      My gut reaction says that as soon as you make it free, demand triples, costs quadruple, and loopholes appear to let the wealthy avoid the tax. The whole thing ends up as a new item for the national debt. I’d further speculate that “for profit” schools like NHU and whatever that Arizona is will proliferate (Trump University Part II?) and they’ll provide nothing of substance while bilking the government for billions.

      Here, even without the details, I’ll offer my counter-proposal: At the age of 18, the government takes whatever it was going to spend on your college education and gives you a line of credit to start a business (and an auditor to make sure you don’t abuse it). You start your business and either win or lose (90%+ will lose, of course). But you’ll learn about management, accounting, organization, supply/demand, customer service / retention, supply chains, whatever. And, in two years, when the money runs out and you’re broke again, you can go find a job because you actually have some marketable job skills and experience. And you’ll do this without driving yourself into debt and, all the while, you’ll be pumping that money straight back into the economy as a local small business. (as if there’s a chance in hell of this passing either).

      ((Mathius is a bit of a mood today – please excuse the interruption – he didn’t get enough sleep and is currently out of Red Bull))

  40. Just A Citizen says:

    How precious. Biden calling Trump unbelievably ignorant.

    • I love Uncle Joe!

      My favorite thing in the world was when he went to San Francisco and congratulated the Giants on making the Superbowl. The stunned and confused silence was priceless.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        needed the chuckle…And all this comes from a man who plagerized his senior thesis….ending his run for the presidency in the late 80’s

  41. Anita,

    Try being a conservative for Trump

    No thank you.

    But can you please make the “conservative case” for Trump? Why, as a conservative, do you think Trump deserves your vote?

    (bonus points if you can make your case without mentioning Hillary Clinton)

    • No. Not at the level that you guys expect, as I am not as articulate as yous. I can point you to the article I posted above that I am very much in agreement with. I’m in favor of much that he has advocated. Having the states take the lead in education. Giving much attention to the VA and vets in general. Strengthening our military, while not necessarily taking the lead in being the world’s police. A moratorium on immigration until we figure out what is going on there. I mean, I can continue, but you’ll accuse me of spouting talking points.

      If you recall, which you probably don’t because you were AWOL for some time, but I vowed publicly on SUFA sometime before Trump announced his candidacy, that I’d never vote for another politician, Ever. Enter Trump. I liked the idea immediately, if only for entertainment purposes. Over time, I liked his message and his delivery. Call him obnoxious all you want. I see him as a fighter. A Charlie Stella type. The whole non PC thing is refreshing. The debates, shooooot, say what you want, he ran over the senators and governors one by one. I’ve watched several rallies. I dont know how he is able to intertwine being a winner while still advocating for the little guy. I guess that’s the biggest thing, is that he is humble enough to still look out for the little guy. You may be cracking up or cussing me out over the humble adjective, that’s just the way I see it. Why else would the guy want the headache? He could be chillin on his yacht for the rest of his life. I think he is truly loyal the America, the idea, and is disappointed with the state of the country. He’s with us.

      Sidenote: I made my first attempt ever at political activism a month or so ago. I attended one of the Trump Flashmob Sign Rallies. The flashmobs were organized in 22 different areas of Michigan, all on the same day, all at rush hour. It was strictly a grassroots effort organized and held in less than a week. Bring a handmade or regular yard sign and stand on busy roads to just call attention to Trump. It was a blast! I was amazed at how much support Trump has. Mind you I’m in Michigan..union town all the way. We had mobbers from all demographics and it was proudly displayed on their signs…Teamsters for Trump, UAW4Trump, Jews (complete with beanies) for Trump, Latinos for Trump, Grandmas(not me) for Trump. The business owner next door offered some of us to mob on his front grass too so that we weren’t all packedup so close together. The business owner was MUSLIM. pretty cool. one group missing was blacks, though there were many blacks driving by who gave us a honk. Sooooo many trucker air horns went off in support. Many people stopped in looking for Trump gear. Many stopped in wondering when another flashmob was happening. I dunno. I didn’t think the man had a chance in Michigan, but it’s a dead heat at the moment. Fingers crossed.

      • Upon further review, I’d like my bonus points please.

        • Upon further review, I’d like my bonus points please.

          Points will be deposited into your account within 3-5 business days.

          I guess that’s the biggest thing, is that he is humble enough to still look out for the little guy.

          And I’ll have what you’re having.

          • The man has an arm long list of charitable deeds. He doesn’t seek attention for them, he just does them. Maybe humble is exaggerating, but I can’t think of a different word. You only see and here the “I’m the best” routine. He wants to see everyone prosperous and knows there are better ways of running things. America, the idea. That means for everyone. What’s the problem?

            • There are many things in Trump’s favor. He is, after all, a human being. And human beings are complex entities, not the 2 dimensional things we imagine them to be.

              Hitler was, apparently, very charming and personable. He loved animals and created animal abuse laws. He wanted his people to be prosperous, too.

              Of course, Trump is not Hitler (not by a long shot – regardless of what you might hear from my lefty compatriots). But the point I’m making is that everyone – EVERYONE – has pros and cons. It’s too easy to picture Hitler spending all his free time sitting in a darkened room muttering “Jews” over and over again. Similarly, my friends on the left love to imagine that Trump is a 2-dimensional caricature – a mindless idiotic sociopath who cares about nothing and no one except Trump. Similarly, our friends on the right love to imagine that Clinton is a sociopathic corrupt politician engaged in all manner of evil conspiracy for her own betterment. There might be kernels of truth to all of these. But the truth – as always – is more complex.

              Trump has a massive ego.

              I know this for a fact because he believes he is qualified to be President.

              Anyone who thinks they’re qualified for that job is either an idiot or a egotist of massive proportions. That includes Bill and Hillary and Donald and every. single. other. politician. who. has. ever. run.

              Trump’s “I’m the best” schtick strikes me as theater. But it is not theater wholly detached from the personality as I glimpse it. Of course he’s charitable. So, for that matter, are Hillary and Bill. Of course he cares about the little guy – he’s human – we all care about the little guy unless you are a total sociopath (which, to be fair, is distinctly possible for anyone running for President). Do you suggest that Bill and Hillary do not care about the little guy?

              The real question is where Trump stacks up The Little Guy in his list of priorities versus his own interests. My guess – and it is a guess – is that it’s not that high up. But neither is it that high for Bill or Hillary. I think Bush Jr. actually cared a whole lot more than any of them.

              But in all of the infinite universes of the cosmos are any of them “humble.”

            • Hitlary has all but said the her Presidency would no support or help everyone. The Republicans and the deplorables are screwed should she win. Why would anyone vote for someone who has no desire to work for everyone is beyond me. Trump has made it clear, he will work to help everyone. Big difference.

              • “Hitlary”

                Knock it off with the name calling. It’s petty.

                has all but said the her Presidency would no support or help everyone.


              • For real about the name calling!. I’m not even talking about Gman, but some people are ridiculous on that. It’s turned into a pet peeve.

    • I’ll go with Theodore Roosevelt on hyphenated Americans for openers.

    • Can I play? I can do this without mentioning Hillary…..

  42. How bout the bombshell Assange let out in the wee hours of the morning? A big fat pile of nothing. It was supposed to be a major announcement from the balcony at the embassy in London, until he got credible death threats, so he moved inside to video only. Either the threats were real and he is seriously trolling by testing the waters anyway or he has nothing new and this was a big set up for publicity for his new book. I was up at 5am and tuned in….lost a precious hour of sleep.

  43. FiveThirtyEight suggests (rightly, I think) that the tax return leak hurts Trump. But not for the reason many idiots on the left think.

    The idiots think it hurts Trump because (A) he appears bad at business or (B) avoided tons of taxes. This is stupid. Stupid and unsubstantiated.

    HOWEVER, Mr. Silver alleges that it does hurt Trump because Trump is behind and needs to control the narrative in October in order to get ahead of Clinton. As long as this is dominating headlines, he can’t put forth an anti-Clinton or pro-Trump narrative in the national media, thus, even if this doesn’t cost him support, he can’t gain support. And there’s only 5 weeks left. Precious little time that’s just ticking away.

    In other words, Clinton is running out the clock.





    • It’s already old news. When Morning Joe agrees that its a non issue, when the NYT and Hillary are both found to have done the same as Trump…it’s dead. You keep playing by the old rules Mathius.

    • Hi Mathius,

      Glad you like it here, just wish I could write more and longer articles. I totally agree with you about other sites commenters, they are brutally stupid and ignorant. I don’t read RedState, but do check out what nonsense the Liberal sites are squawking about. These people would fall for a faux alien attack if the authors reported it, they just aren’t very bright or informed. I call them zombies, because that’s what they would become should the SHTF.

      Why Trump…..It’s what he advocates economically and for vets. I like his immigration ideas as well. I haven’t heard one thing that supports the BS racist crap. Nor the bigot stuff. It’s all made up Liberal nonsense. As far as Hitlary, her policy ideas don’t offer anything for us regular folks. Just more political bluster with no substance. All Hitlary has left in this campaign is to attack Trump…..and people are tired of political attacks. In the long run, it will destroy her. I will venture to say that a great many Trump supporters won’t answer pollsters, period. That is what I hear from everyone I have communicated with, even online.

      Hope your day gets better. 🙂

    • All he really has to do is say, when it comes up, “Let’s talk about your foundation and Haiti for example.”

  44. [Pence] argues that his policy of excluding Syrian refugees is based not on nationality and thus is not discriminatory, but is based solely on the threat he thinks they pose to the safety of residents of Indiana. But that’s the equivalent of his saying (not that he does say) that he wants to forbid black people to settle in Indiana not because they’re black but because he’s afraid of them, and since race is therefore not his motive he isn’t discriminating. But that of course would be racial discrimination, just as his targeting Syrian refugees is discrimination on the basis of nationality.

    Unanimous judgement by the Seventh Circuit against Mike Pence’s attempts to block Syrian refugees.

    Note that the panel consisted of one Reagan appointee (Judge Posner – who wrote the opinion) and “Judges Frank Easterbrook and Diane Sykes [(who joined with Posner in the opinion)], two conservative stalwarts who recently championed a voter suppression law in nearby Wisconsin,” so this isn’t exactly a liberal hit-job.


    The governor “provides no evidence that Syrian terrorists are posing as refugees or that Syrian refugees have ever committed acts of terrorism in the United States,” and “as far as can be determined from public sources, no Syrian refugees have been arrested or prosecuted for terrorist acts or attempts in the United States.”


    • Let me say this Matt. Just where is it in the United States Constitution where it says we must admit immigrants from anywhere and if we do not, we must have a reason?

      Pence is perfectly able to say that about black people too if they come, let’s say from Nigeria and have ties to boco harum. He CANNOT say it if they come from Detroit.

      You one worlders are all alike.

      • I had asked you on the previous topic your opinions on allowing Nazis to immigrate, post war I believe. Take a look at that post if you can find it.

        • Re Nazis (disclaimer: I’m Jewish)


          YES WE SHOULD!

          Because this is the United States of America and we can handle some diversity. And we can handle some bad opinions.

          We do not have the right to tell someone seeking a better life that we reserve this Land of Opportunity to ourselves. Freedom for me, but not for thee!

          If they come here and commit crimes, treat them like any other criminal.

          If they aren’t hurting anyone, we have no right to tell them they can’t partake peacefully.

          Just because I find their opinions abhorrent does not give me standing to tell them what they can and cannot do. Similarly, just because they find my opinions abhorrent does not give them standing to tell me what I can and cannot do.

          • Thirty years ago, I would be on your side…..on the above. Today I am not and it has nothing to do with conservatism… has everything to do with common sense.

          • That, I think is very foolish. You are still stuck in the “ideal world”. Lincoln is reported to have said after receiving complaints about suspension of Haebas Corpus (not to mention what he did to the government of Maryland), “the Bill of Rights is not a suicide pact”. In this case we are not even talking about “rights” unless you believe that the world is entitled to due process whenever America is involved in any way shape or form.

            T makes a great point. Where are the Christians? Where are the Yazdi’s ? Where are the Zorastrians? ALL these people are under a death sentence by ISIS. Fellow Muslims are not. Their lives may not be comfortable but they are not. I for one believe that history will show the West and particularly this administration COMPLICIT in the deaths of these people. There is ethnic cleansing going on and WE are on the wrong side of it. Why?

      • SK, exactly right, the Constitution does not say anything about immigration or rules concerning it other than the fact that it is the prerogative of Congress. We hear about the Syrian Muslims coming here. Where are the Christians and other persecuted groups? The ones that truly deserve asylum.

    • Not “ouch” at all. Syrian terrorists, posing as refugees, are reported all over Europe. That is enough for me to say ” Not here “.

      In the VP debate last night, Hillary’s running mate suggested that to follow Trump’s plan is like taking a wire brush and scrubbing clean when a wire brush is not necessary..

      I am very sorry,,,,,,but I will disagree vehemently. A wire brush is better than a single AMERICAN life of one Syrian terrorist who slips through the cracks.That comment, to me, reads…let’s wait until some more are dead before we pull out the wire brush.

  45. Tim Kaine is a freaking jackoff 👿 He’s rude and ignorant, just like his bit…….running mate 😀

  46. Kaine’s antics made Trump look real good. Kaine’s lack of credibility in his odd comments, like Trump trying to ‘not” pay taxes after 911 because he filed according to law is a prime example of a campaign that is panicking. The already debunked talking points about what Trump’s comments can only be believed by the far Left who are totally brainwashed anyway. Pence was a professional, Kaine…a petulant child. One more reason to say goodbye to Hitlary (yes, Hitlary, because of her constant hit jobs on her enemies). The Independents aren’t buying the Democrats nonsense. The constant attacks are going to fail.

  47. Oh…Anyone who deals with taxes knows that they will use EVERY single legal deduction available to lower (or not pay at all) their Federal taxes. The Tax issue is stupid and shows complete hypocrisy by the Democrats and their pundit’s.

    • Several years ago, some federal judge said that it was American’s right to use every legal loophole to minimize their taxes. Then again I think it was Joe Biden said that paying more taxes was patriotic. I wish Pence would have responded to Kaine by saying, “Sir, you are a member of Congress. If you do not like the deductions that Mr. Trump used, change them.” Besides Hillary took the same deductions. It is all hypocrisy. Do as I say not as I do.

      • I honestly do not understand the outrage against Trump’s use of the tax code.

        Assuming he stayed within the law*, I see nothing to fault him for. He is an American citizen running an American business for (mostly, presumably) American investors. Why would anyone think he’s going to NOT use a tax loophole that’s available to him?

        The real outrage is that the loopholes exist and so heavily favor the rich**. And it’s not like a single lone Senator Kaine could have patched the laws himself over what would surely have been massive (and largely Red Shirt) opposition. The outrage isn’t that someone used the laws on the books to their favor – OF COURSE HE DID! I would, too. So would you. Only the Colonel with his annual give-away seems to balk at free money.*****

        So what’s the issue here? Is it just that people think he should have behaved irrationally and ignored his fiduciary duty because… something something something? If he did that, they’d be mocking him for being a poor businessman and for screwing his investors.


        *I am unqualified to judge, but have heard nothing to suggest there is credible evidence otherwise, and have some good reason to believe he did follow the law.***

        **YES they absolute do. Paging Buck!

        *** When you file a $916mm NOL, you are virtually guarantied an audit of the highest order. That he was not charged with tax fraud, it strikes me as implausible to suggest that he was violating the relevant laws. Now, it’s entirely possible they made him refile or that there are more details I don’t know (because we only know one tiny piece****). But in any of these scenarios, he was almost certainly heavily audited and was not found to be committing tax fraud or tax evasion.

        ****Or do we? In fact, how do we even know that one piece is authentic? It seems to be, but who knows?

        *****Colonel, once again, let me reiterate that I am more than happy to take that money off your hands.


        So why the hell are we still talking about this?

        • Our annual give away, to me, makes us feel better. We are getting tax payer money, which we did not apply for, we cannot give it back because the rules actually prohibit it. It is a travesty on the order of Obamacare. We do not deserve it, it was not asked for, we cannot give it back and, as far as I am concerned, it becomes an ethical issue based on integrity.

          Now….since the money is tax free….just given to us…here is the rub in the IRS Code. It is friggin’ tax deductible as a charitable donation. So, the code allows us to donate cash to charity that we did not earn, did not pay tax on, and did not ask for….and the code allows us to tax a charitable deduction that reduces our tax base where we pay less tax.

          Tell you what… figure it out. It makes no sense.

          • OOPS…that should read “and the code allows us to take a ….”

            • Oh….and there is no reason to talk about it actually. There is no smoking gun. The only smoking anything, is the misdirection that Clinton, et al is using because no one, yet, has stood up to her and questioned her finances which are far more dubious that Trump…..that said………….

              Besides, do you know how hard it is to recover an emergency supply of Dr Pepper from a shark laden ocean? Even my own rapto sharks are having a tough time.

              • Special Note to Mathius: I know you like to claim big city liberal….just as I like to claim that I am a ” simple old retired Colonel who knows nothing”…..I am going to embarrass you by saying….you actually have ethics…you actually have a moral compass ( works most of the time )…. and, I may be totally off base, but I really do not think that you would take money you did not earn and I think you would do the same thing and take a charitable deduction…a legal one…and reduce your taxes, accomplishing two things. One, you helped people that need help and, two, you saved money to take your spousal unit and brood out on the town….

              • I’d rather take that money and put it into my children’s college funds.

        • I also recall that the Rs have offered several times to close loopholes if there was an equivalent reduction in tax rates thus keeping it revenue neutral. The Ds nix it every time.

        • People keep calling taking a tax loss and writing it off over a number of years a loophole-can someone explain just what about this is a loophole and how would one fix it-if it is-you can’t disallow loses.

          • VH – sure you can. Or you can allow kisses to offset gains only in the current tax year. Or you can limit the carry forward to a period of years. Why do you believe you can’t do these things?

            On another note – Mathius hit the nail on the head. Even assuming the speculation on Trump’s taxes is accurate, the only issue here is whether or not this should be allowable going forward. I have absolutely no issue with Trump making use of his losses. My only issue with Trump here is how he handled the matter.

            • Kisses = losses

              Still on vacation and checking in here on my iPhone…

            • I know you can -the question here is more why should you?

              • Personally – PERSONALLY – I don’t think I’d call the NOL carry-forward a loophole as it’s a logical exemption that repairs and otherwise improper assessment.

                To see this, imagine your tax rate is 20%. If you make $200 in November and lose $100 in December, your profit is $100, right? Of course. So your tax would be $20.

                If, however, you make $200 in December and lose $100 in January, your profits would be $200 and -$100, so your tax would be $40 and $0.

                It doesn’t make sense that the same profit over a different time period results in higher effective rates. Thus the carry-forward of losses. That makes the rule a “fix” or a “correction” rather than what I would – again, PERSONALLY – consider a loophole.

                With that said, there’s a great deal about the tax code that DOES constitute rich-favoring loopholes. For instance, as an employee of a hedge fund, I am taxed at (at least) twice the rate of my boss. Why? How does that make sense?

              • They are not loop holes… is the tax code. I love carry forwards. If you plan correctly, according to the tax code….it is conceivable to not pay tax for years and years. If you have structured your corporation or LLC or Sub (s) correctly….you can establish a positive cash flow without paying a dime in Federal Income Tax. It is done all the time….the misconception is that only the rich can do this and that is a misconception and an outright lie. VH….you can take advantage of the same tax code that Trump does. SO can the poorest of Americans. So can the middle class and so can the rich. There is no provision in the IRS tax code that prohibits anyone from using the tax code. ( Fraud notwithstanding ). And, the Tax Code is not relevant to income stream.

                All it takes is some planning. AND….you can start a home business and grow it. But, you have to know about leverage and debt structure….and you can even do that WITHOUT having to go to Harvard. You do not even have to go to college. All these courses are available on the internet and you can take non credit courses at any junior college, free of charge.

                So, do not believe that you have to be rich or even wealthy to take advantage of the IRS tax code.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Thinking in a slightly different way but coming to the same end. the government constantly brags about the number of jobs they created so look at my great deeds as president etc. How is that accomplished????? OK giving some breaks to people with the ideas, egos whatever to go out and risk it all on a venture. Some times you win and sometimes they lose. Some may go up and down as do Trumps ventures, even though they seem to target the rich and famous. That’s his pitch… the long run, how many people has he directly employed and delivered good livings. sometimes not permanent. building the towers, resorts, golf….tens of thousands of people he directly created jobs and incomes across all wage ranges. Trump regardless of his image and style has not left a trail of bodies in the hundreds of thousands based on BAD international decisions or ones that directly benefited her husbands foundations and donations….Trumps faults are that he builds something for the people to enjoy. Hillary’s business is far worse, which generates 100’s of billions of more revenue and jobs but it is all based on death and destruction and world domination of a one government world. All in the guise of democracy or whatever…..most people would have none of it, but are forced to conform by violence. People by choice can enjoy or not as they choose in any of Trump’s ventures. None of Hillary’s ventures left people a choice in their own destiny.

              • As we’ve talked about before Words are important-yet no one in the news argues that it isn’t a loophole-just that it’s legal. Just like they seem to just accept the dems. saying that birtherism is racist. That the Clinton foundation has done good things-when a very small percentage of their donated money actually goes toward charitable works. I think accepting that characterization is dubious at best.

    • GMAn…..and I will continue to take them….and so will everyone else.

  48. Think of all the traits you dislike about Donald Trump, Multiple them by 10 times and you have……Tim Kaine. Do you really want that guy a heartbeat away from the Presidency?

  49. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Anyway, on my way to an “EXCELLENT” VA hospital in Greenville NC, I read a window decal that I thought I’ll share:

    “i’ll keep my money, I’ll keep my guns and my freedom, and you can keep the “change””

  50. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I just drove across a good chunk of eastern Carolina today. The political posters are popping up. I did not see one Hillary poster. The towns are farming communities and the area is predominantly Black, including the farms which mostly looked successful, and obviously took a lot of hard backbreaking work.

    California has set in motion a program and requirements to have more diversity, in their firefighting units. A terrible imbalance because they are are 97% male.

  51. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Food for thought……Our city has set up some gardening areas so people can have vegetable gardens in an urban area… is unfortunately smack in the middle of our old railroad yards. It also as well intended as it was, access to get there with tools without a vehicle is virtually imposible Lots of people in the targeted area , are on foot and many on bicycles. You see many people from away, migrants collecting edible greens all along the water and swamps. Fishing, if on food relief, is free, just follow the size and daily limits. Crabbing is free for all unless commercial, just size and bushel baskets/day limits. Up until a few years ago we had an A&P servicing downtown. The nearest “grocery store is now 10 miles round trip. The next fishing license I buy will be a lifetime license. Once you hit 65 it’s basically free for the rest of your life.

  52. Interesting…..the Justice Department is planning to sue the State of Texas for……..are you ready for this…..enforcing immigration Law and creating housing, food, water, and medical facilities for migrant workers allowed in the United States though the Texas vetting program. The Justice Department says that to allow any State to create its own immigration policy for migrant workers is against all logic and hampers or hurts the Federal Immigration Policy.

    The Justice Department says that creating migrant worker camps is inhumane regarless how well they are run and how well the migrant worker is treated. The Justice Department says that registering and giving migrants work permits and State approved work Visas usurps the Federal Law and Federal jurisdiction. The Justice Department also says that any State that sets its own minimum wage that makes migrant workers compete with American business MAY violate current labor laws.

    Texas attorney General laughs out loud in interview and says…..perhaps it is time to invoke a phrase we used when we gained our independence….”Come and Take It.” We will continue down our path no matter what the Federal Justice Department says or does.

    The Feds are trying to stop our work program because it is successful.

  53. Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday rebuffed a request by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to extend the state’s voter registration deadline beyond Oct. 11 on account of Hurricane Matthew. “People have had time to register,” Scott said.

    I swear, if Trump wins because of this hurricane and one person utters the phrase “Trump won because of Matthew,” I’m going to lose it.

    • They have had time. Maybe public humiliation is necessary, like it was for my son. He’ll be 18 on the 18th. I’ve been harping on him to get registered for weeks now. Told him Monday that if he didn’t register by Wednesday, that I was going to stuff him in my ride and take him myself. It worked. He got up early yesterday and registered. Two days to spare. Another vote for Trump in Michigan. YES!

      • Did he register for the draft?

        • Good question. I didn’t think to ask him. If he didn’t he’ll be going back in a couple weeks. I can verify that they still track you down for that with threats of jail and big fines. Stepson still doesn’t have a license at almost 19 but they sent a couple letters demanding him to register. He finally did and received a card in the mail a week or so ago.

        • Did he register for the draft?

          From the very, very bottom of my heart, please accept the following sentiment: F*** the f***ing draft.

          I wasn’t very political when I registered at 18 – thought nothing of just signing another piece of paper. If I had it to do over, I would have written the above statement (minus censorship) and then gone into some more detail about where they can shove my draft-card. Then I would have mailed it back postage due.

    • Would you clarify that comment-not sure what you mean by this?

      • It may surprise you to learn that my parents did not name me Mathius and that the name on my birth certificate is actually “Matthew.”

        As such, I do not want people going around and blaming Trump’s presidency on Matthew.

        • 🙂 I guess that means if Trump wins you won’t be blaming the hurricane.

          • If Trump wins (shudder), I will be blaming the American people.

            The only upside is that I’d get to vote for Bernie in ’20!

  54. Has everyone heard about the side deals the DOJ and FBI made with Hillary’s aides?
    1. They would not preview anything on the computers after a certain date.
    2. They would destroy their computers after they looked at them.

    I know underhanded crap has always happened but today they don’t even try to hide it.

  55. Just A Citizen says:

    A voter in Missouri answers a question from CNN on how she feels about the current election:

    “”I hate the ads,” Hon said. “I hate it, all they do is cut each other down, and I don’t think that should be part of politics. It wasn’t that way when I was growing up and I think it’s gotten out of control.””

    This is a typical response that people use about politics all the time. Even back when Hon says it did not exist.

    People who make it are IGNORANT of our own History.

    They also ignore a really important FACT. Negative advertising works. That is why politicians use it.

    LBJ: “I don’t care if it’s not true. I just want to watch him have to answer the question”.

    • I’ve never understood false nostalgia. The past was shit.

      If anything, today’s race is pretty tame by historical standards.

      An Adams surrogate wrote that, were Jefferson to be elected, “we would see our wives and daughters the victims of legal prostitution.”

      A partisan newspaper also suggested that, (again) were Jefferson to be elected, “murder, robbery, rape, adultery and incest will openly be taught and practiced.”

      Jefferson’s surrogates responded that Adams was a rageful, lying, warmongering fellow; a “repulsive pedant” and “gross hypocrite” who “behaved neither like a man nor like a woman but instead possessed a hideous hermaphroditical character.”

      Don’t get me wrong. This is not the nicest of election cycles, but, come on.. even Trump is “classy” by historical standards.

      Jackson accused Adams (Q) of having lined up an American girl for the pleasure of the Russian Czar during his time as ambassador to Russia.

      But, yea, “deporables” and “crooked” are terrible and new.

      Did anyone ever see the “Daisy” attack ad or the Willie Horton one? PHEW. Clinton/Trump have got nothing on those.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The past was not shit. Some of it was and some of it was good. That is why we remember it as good. Humans tend to compartmentalize the bad and lock it in a closet.

        Those that do not keep the pharma companies and shrinks in the green.

        • The past was shit.

          Shit covered shit with a shit-filled center and a topping of shit. Shit on the side, too.

          By pretty much any metric you care to mention, the general trend of quality of life has improved – dramatically – over time. We idolize the Leave It To Beaver days that never happened and imagine a time when “men were men” and no one had to be politically correct and politicians were noble, as if these things somehow made life better (or, indeed, ever even existed).

          It may surprise you to find that there are a lot fewer rat feces in your food today, than when you were a child.

          Our friend Glen Beck is especially egregious about this with his constant teary-eyed crooning about “the good old days” of the space race when things were simple and America strove for greatness, while ignoring that (A) we just landed a spacecraft on a comet after travelling 4 BILLION miles and (B) we did it without the constant threat of nuclear Armageddon. Not to mention that those weren’t exactly the “good ol’ days” if you weren’t a straight white Christian male.

          Was some of it good? Of course! But the overwhelming majority sucked by today’s standards just as today will suck by future standards. You can cherry big contra-examples ’till you’re blue in the face, but the past was shit.

          And I’ll just leave this here.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I absolutely remember the “Daisy” ad by Johnson. I also knew some of the people involved with that ad. At least the last time I saw them, could be gone to their reward as far as I know, they were extremely proud of that ad. They believed that all good wars were Democratic party initiated, fought were just and any war the republicans handled was unjust and evil. Their quotes. I asked them about Johnson’s huge ramp-up after promising the american people he would not do so……they said that that was nixon’s war.

  56. Just A Citizen says:

    Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick………..

    “You can look all over at the advanced economies — the British referendum, the campaign in the United States … more and more people don’t trust their elites. They don’t trust their economic leaders, and they don’t trust their political leaders.”

  57. Just A Citizen says:

    I give you the conundrum we call Mathius as we know him at SUFA. It explains the reason someone like Clinton can be close to being elected POTUS. Why the left will claim she is acceptable no matter her indiscretions.

    Now let’s see if anyone can identify the trait that is revealed here.

  58. Just A Citizen says:

    Time for a little TRUTH about the Obama administrations “deep cuts to military spending”.

    Please note that the graph IS adjusted for inflation. At least the Govt’s determined inflation.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The military has not withered away, but has pissed money down a rat hole with failed new weapons systems. Three hugely expensive Navy projects. I’m waiting on a fourth with the newest attack sub just christened by Michelle. The newest lines of Coast Guard ships are failures. They were similar to the navy’s litteral warfare ships, The aviation joint force do all to end all plane has been decades in developement and the only two squadons of 12 planes each have been grounded. The brits found that the navy version can not launch or land on a carrier with a full load of air to air missles. That is launch via catapult and land with arresting gear. To much stress. 1T pissed away. Carriers being inactive due to air wings being unavailable.

  59. Just A Citizen says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      OK, the article says oh boy even if half is brought back that is $150B that can be spent on infrastructure…..what happened to the $1T for the shovel ready infrastructure projects? The only one I’ve seen has been to build out a highay rte 70 here to get greater access to a state port project from decades ago, that never became a port as envisioned. There is a port, but is very small. No need for a freeway to the port. What also is happening is the cities along the route with the 1st phase years ago were by-passed and the vibrant inner cities died as business moved out to the by-pass. These past couple years they are now by-passing the by-pass, where there is absolutely no need, except build more business losses, actually the inner cities were coming back a little with a different business model… travelers aren’t even near or see the city. further destruction……the other one was the DOT claimed a horrendous accident rate in two cities because of the middle turning lane. I’ve lived here 26 years and had yet to see one there. Where the were was in the right lane when someone pulled out into an oncoming vehicle. The barracades and new turning lanes are designed that a perso haulking a boat or a semi has an extremely difficult time turning left. To reverse direction, you may have to drive an extra mile, plus, I’m seeing more wreaths (deaths) at these new crossings that what was there. You have to turn your wheels towards oncoming traffic so if hit from behind, you go straing into oncoming vehicles…..One of the cities saw a 40% drop in business due to the new dividers. the second one refused because their stats where no where near what the DOT claimed, plus the DOT refused to actually produce their data, so there was no way the information could be compared accident, by accident. The Feds info was made up……then the DOT said stop bitching, we’re going to build a by-pass of the whole city anyway…..thanks a lot. That by-pass is to go directly through a national forest carving out a 500 ft swath through pretty pristine wildlife areas.

  60. Just A Citizen says:

    Dateline………..A Presidential campaign in the not to distant future.

    The Democratic candidate stated today, in a press release, that it is time for her opponent to produce his Genetic Code Map for everyone to see. “The American people have a right to know his genetic history,” she explained. “We are entitled to know if he is really as smart as he appears to be”.

    dit, dit, dit, dit………….. Who were the brains in the Clinton vs. Trump families??? I wonder if Trump’s love of money comes from his Scottish mother?

  61. Trump wins because of Matthew,,,,,,,THAT is a hoot. ( Preparing fliers and T shirts in case Trump wins……. THANKS MATTHEW !!! ********

    Wanting to see in to how many pieces Mathius explodes …….I have this vision of chunks of viserca laced with Red Bull……

  62. Just A Citizen says:


  63. Just A Citizen says:

    Quote of the day, regarding the illusion of a better govt. via Democracy because it is open to everyone:

    One can do no better than quote H.L. Mencken in this connection. “Politicians,” he notes with his characteristic wit, “seldom if ever get [into public office] by merit alone, at least in democratic states. Sometimes, to be sure, it happens, but only by a kind of miracle. They are chosen normally for quite different reasons, the chief of which is simply their power to impress and enchant the intellectually underprivileged….Will any of them venture to tell the plain truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the situation of the country, foreign or domestic? Will any of them refrain from promises that he knows he can’t fulfill — that no human being could fulfill? Will any of them utter a word, however obvious, that will alarm or alienate any of the huge pack of morons who cluster at the public trough, wallowing in the pap that grows thinner and thinner, hoping against hope? Answer: may be for a few weeks at the start…. But not after the issue is fairly joined, and the struggle is on in earnest…. They will all promise every man, woman and child in the country whatever he, she or it wants. They’ll all be roving the land looking for chances to make the rich poor, to remedy the irremediable, to succor the unsuccorable, to unscramble the unscrambleable, to dephlogisticate the undephlogisticable. They will all be curing warts by saying words over them, and paying off the national debt with money no one will have to earn. When one of them demonstrates that twice two is five, another will prove that it is six, six and a half, ten, twenty, n. In brief, they will divest themselves from their character as sensible, candid and truthful men, and simply become candidates for office, bent only on collaring votes. They will all know by then, even supposing that some of them don’t know it now, that votes are collared under democracy, not by talking sense but by talking nonsense, and they will apply themselves to the job with a hearty yo-heave-ho. Most of them, before the uproar is over, will actually convince themselves. The winner will be whoever promises the most with the least probability of delivering anything.”

  64. Just A Citizen says:

    Trump is toast.

    You have witnessed a deliberate interference in a presidential campaign by people trusted with the media news networks. That includes a few who were shilling for Trump.

    I cannot express my disappointment in this election cycle. The strategies worked so you can expect each cycle from here to get worse. I doubt they will even try to hide it in the future. Not unless the public goes after the media. But they won’t because that would mean turning off the TV and tuning the Radio to the music only channels.

  65. A new thread will be going up.

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