Trump vs. Clinton II




  1. Let the shit keep flying 👿

  2. Just A Citizen says:


    Trump is toast.

    You have witnessed a deliberate interference in a presidential campaign by people trusted with the media news networks. That includes a few who were shilling for Trump.

    I cannot express my disappointment in this election cycle. The strategies worked so you can expect each cycle from here to get worse. I doubt they will even try to hide it in the future. Not unless the public goes after the media. But they won’t because that would mean turning off the TV and tuning the Radio to the music only channels.

    • JAC. Give me your heartfelt opinion. Did Trump’s words bother you personally? I’m talking to JAC the man, not JAC the pundit. This is basically a yes or no question. More to follow.

      • Just A Citizen says:



        • I seriously did not expect that. But ok. To what extent did it affect you? He didn’t have your support to start with so…’at this point what difference does it make’ to you?

          Still more to follow….just trying to find a starting point.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            It does not affect how I think of Trump, it only confirms what I already thought. This would not be a deal breaker for me, vote wise, it if stood alone.

            It bothers me personally because it is indicative of an attitude, that arrogance button if you will, towards women. It reminds me of experiences in life with this type of person.

            My comment about him being toast was regarding the “woman vote” and how this affects his ability to overcome Clinton’s personal attacks. In my opinion he just lost that chance. There would be a chance to recover except the media is obviously working to undermine him. ACTIVELY working to undermine him. The backlash against the media will not be big enough to overcome the personal damage.

            He had two groups he had to persuade to vote for him. Women and Independents. I think this damages him with both these groups. Obviously there is some overlap.

            • I’d like to hear what women say in the locker room. I’ll bet it is not much better.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Doesn’t matter what others say. What MATTERS is what the candidates say and then how it plays in the public arena.

                If Trump were squeaky clean otherwise people would forgive and forget, possibly. But he is not and it will take its toll on his candidacy.

            • And I say that you are still playing with the old rule book. That is, an election run by ‘them’ not ‘us’. Trump has gained a following with one main message. America first. Those two words are the legs of his campaign. His message hasn’t changed in 24 hours. You admit that it wouldn’t change your vote, as it only confirms what you already thought about him. Do you think that the women and independents didn’t think the same? Of course they do. But it has nothing to do with his message. Nothing changed. I see nothing from what I’ve read in the last 24 hours that will make any impact in people changing their vote. Chaffetz, you say? Ryan’s supposed dis invite to Wisc today? Do you really think that ‘we’ are swayed by what ‘they’ say anymore? That’s what I mean by a new set of rules.

              I’ve read so many comments regarding people waking up. Waking up to a biased MSM. Waking up to their heroes being corrupt. Waking up to the whole globalism vs nationalism. Waking up to ‘them’ doing their best to divide ‘us’. Waking up to identity politics. Talk about cold anger? It is there. Who is the only one willing to step between ‘them’ for ‘us’? And it’s not only in the USA. It’s global. Brexit started it, we’re following. And the rest of the world is watching. THAT is what this election is about, not some guy talk.

              You say it wouldn’t be a game changer for you. Why do you think less of others? They hardly think they are voting for a pope. Take that back. The NeverTrump crowd certainly thought that about Cruz. Now, after their pity party, you see many getting on board with Trump. Mark Levin is taking a beating from NeverTrump. He can fall in line behind
              Rush and Hannity. Consensus on social media is that the NeverTrump crowd is down to only a handful. My answer to that is that Trump has gained support of enough minority groups to completely cover the NeverTrumpers, and plenty to spare. And who are the minority groups normally in favor of? Democrats.

              Once the faux shock has worn off, Trump has more than enough ammo to use against Clinton. I remain guarded, but in no way do I think this cost him the election.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                It will not change the minds of those made up. Either way.

                It WILL AFFECT those who have not made up their minds. And the larger part of these are WOMEN and INDEPENDENTS. The other group that could be affected are the “conservatives” who were starting to accept Trump. They may now sit it out. Like they did for Romney.

                And WHERE are many of these undecided women and independents? In the handful of “swing states” where Trump has been slipping since the debate.

                You are committing the same error made in the last two elections. Assuming that your view is that of everyone else. That what you hear and see from people who think like you represents the broader population.

                Trump cannot “trade” one group for another. He has to make up 4 million votes over Romney. He needs EVERY LAST vote he can get. This means keeping all of Romney’s and getting another 4 million. That means Hispanics, Blacks, Women, and Independent white men.

                Addition: Trump lost the election by not being prepared for the first debate. Remember my prediction on that? So far it has come true. This just adds to that. As Mathius said, Clinton is now just running out the clock. I doubt any new revelations will come out about her that are beyond what people already think.

              • JAC. Seriously. EVERYONE knows who they are voting for.

              • Comparing what Trump has said to what Hillary had done is like night and day. I too would like a DJT w/o the mouth, arrogance and ego but with the lack of PCness, the desire to get things corrected and to put the US first. But that is not reality. HRC is an absolute never. She will drive this country into a war or bankruptcy or revolution,maybe all three. With regard to women, compared to the cougar WJC, DJT is a bobcat. But women loved WJC. Go figure.

  3. My answer to Trump’s locker room nonsense.

    Big Effing deal! What difference does it make now anyway (as one person has said in from of a Congressional interview).

    This will go away soon, the media is over reacting (as is JAC) (sorry dude, I’ve heard good men say worse in private)

    IMHO+ Few people really give a shit, they want this country put back on the right direction, and this little Alpha Male man talk is a rather common thing among men. Alpha’s talk smack all the time. BFD!

    Hitlary’s recording of her bragging about getting the child rapist off is making the rounds now.

    Trump’s actions harmed no one. Nobody is dead. Nobody is lying about why people are dead. He didn’t rape or molest anyone. In all reality, no harm came to no one.

    If those words bother you, suck it up Cupcake, life ain’t easy.

  4. I just started reading The Enemies Within. Not far into the book but already mad as hell. The socialists are systematically taking over the Democrat party. They have effectively conquered CA and are working on AZ and NM. If Hillary wins, the only solution will be a revolution but it may be already too late. But then I am just an old white haired curmudgeon white man. What do I know?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Just like they did with Labor in the UK. The message is the same, one world government under the “progressive” banner instead of Socialist. Neat repackaging. Instead of the Comintern it’s the UN and Central Banks.
      With CA it started with the teachers union.

  5. Thanks for playing, Mr. Trump.

    Better luck next time.

  6. “If Mr. Trump had told Billy Bush, whoever that is, earlier this year that he was for open borders, open trade, and executive actions in pursuit of gun control, we would certainly be rethinking our support for him. If he had admitted to Mr. Bush that he had profited privately by allowing the sale to Russia of 20% of US uranium deposits or that he had amassed his personal fortune not by hard work in the private sector but by selling favors to foreigners on the American taxpayers’ dime, we would certainly be rethinking our support for him. If he had argued that he needed both a public and a private position on issues facing the American public, we would certainly be rethinking our support for him. And finally if Trump had serially terrorized and silenced the victims of violent sexual assault whom he feared could damage his political career, we would most definitely be rethinking our support for him.

    “Donald Trump’s uncensored comments, both old and new, have been echoed and dissected in the media repeatedly in an effort to kindle among his supporters a conflagration of outrage commensurate with the media’s own faux outrage. Can anyone really be surprised that Mr. Trump could have said to Mr. Bush such things as he has already admitted saying? No. We are completely indifferent to Mr. Trump’s locker room braggadocio.

    “The same media that resolutely looked away when the most powerful man in the world, a sitting U.S. president with multiple violent sexual assaults to his credit, snared an impressionable young intern in his web and ruined her life, now expects us to gasp with revulsion at Mr. Trump’s irreverent comments. America is finally fed up and disgusted with its political elite. Trump is channeling this disgust and those among the political elite who quake before the boombox of media blather do not appreciate the apocalyptic choice that America faces on November 8th. We have a country to save and there is only one person who can save it. We, and Americans across the country and around the world, stand steadfastly behind Donald J. Trump.”

  7. I just listened to a local talk radio show here on DJT’s latest kerfuffle. The show is typically conservative to libertarian. Instead of pontificating for an hour and then letting callers on, the host turned the entire show over to the callers. All the callers were Trump supporters. I am not sure if others got screened out but knowing the host, he would have taken at lease some if they were available. Not one had changed their opinion of Trump and remained loyal. Nearly all brought some action of the Clintons that was far worse. Several women called in a admitted that women’s locker room banter can be just as raunchy. Several mentioned this was a smokescreen to cover up the recent WikiLeaks release on Hillary’s speeches. One commented that McCain probably used Navy barracks language equally bad in his youth. So Anita, I think the loyal supporters remain. The Rinos that jumped ship were looking for an excuse. As for the independents, I think it will depend on how the debate comes out tomorrow night. If they can stack the question deck against Trump and he goes defensive it could hurt. If he can apologize for the words and contrast that with Hillary’s past deeds regarding Bill’s women, which she has not apologized for, then he may come out on top.
    The double standard is in play here. Kennedy, Johnson and Clinton all kept mistresses in the WH. As far as I know Nixon, Reagan, Bush (I & II) did not.

  8. Dale A Albrecht says:

    In case anybody is interested the storm here was a wiff. Yes some winds gusting, rain not to bad, it was worse during the previous tropical storm. Even did a dinner party and grilled outdoors.

    By the way….do not believe any forcasters and models. The NHC had the model tracks all over heck and begone. Then they showed the actual track. You’d see them adjust their data to the actual and project from there and again their models scattered and the track is different. All the old timers in town said, just make your normal preparations, and this is what the storm will do, and it did. And one said all his restaurants and bars are staying open. We are not in a flood zone even with being a hundred yards from the water and rivers. The water dissapates because of the sound. It’s up the rivers about 50 miles where they have narrowing channels and the flooding problems…power hasn’t even blinked. The city prepares well weeks in advance by cutting and trimming trees that look sick so they won’t cause damage.

    • But but …we can make accurate predictions for 100 years from now.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        There was much more rain to the west of us and heading northeast. The only problem was the other week the city had dug up our front yard to connect water and sewer to a building they were building. This past week I had just gotten all the landscaping done repairing the excavation damage and finishing what the city left unfinished. Apparently they had damaged another properties water line and it burst this morning. So they have the front yard all dug up again but this time with mud…..ho hum…..Good thing is I get paid again to re-landscape.

        Blue skies and 60 degrees a nice fall day.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      We only got 4.5 inches of rain during this “Monster” storm. To the west got upwards toward 12-15 inches. Where the predictions was the track was to be well to the east of us

      They can not even model a track within hours or days… can they predict 100 years as they say they can. We have had here in eastern NC ocean water all the way up to Raleigh and at times 200 miles dirt off our current coastline. They just want to stop nature and hold at a time that somehow is considered ideal. Ideal for the people who built on the present coast and rivers. My uber liberal friends who go extremely nasty in any of our discussions about climate change was……always resorted to but what about the developement like in Miami….that’ll get destroyed, or manhattan etc. I say SO. Just because people moved and developed there doesn’t mean it has to stay there in perpetuity at all expense paid for the people who have nothing to do with the place anyway…..

  9. I was thinking about why I and others came to this in the early Obama years. I knew then that this country was on the wrong path and that we were in serious trouble. I suspect that most of the others did too. Even the liberals that showed up here I suspect had misgivings. I was looking for answers and education. This site provided that plus vigours intellectual debate and friendship. Much credit needs to go to US Weapon for that and to gman for carrying on. I hope USW is still monitoring his site.

    While I do not think we solved any problems, we did clarify them. I know Flag put no credence in a savior at the Federal level. But we have a history in this country of a leader rising from our ranks who performed miraculous feats. In my life time, which is 69 yrs – 1 day, the only one close was Ronald Reagan.

    In 2010 we put our faith in a Tea Party/Republican house and were disappointing. In 2012, Romney proved to have no backbone and was not conservative enough for many in the base. In 2014, we flipped the Senate and again were greatly disappointed.

    It is too early to know if Trump is another Reagan like figure. We do know he has the cojones to tackle the big issues. It is uncertain if he can convince Congress to go along. However, unlike Obama, Trump is a negotiator not an idealist. He may be able to sell his ideas where others have failed. Its worth a shot.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I have yet to talk to anyone liberal or conservative that has truly been overjoyed by the last many years. The liberals hated Bush for what they believe were lies but yet Bush just followed exactly Clintons and Albrights and the CIA assessments. Obama and Hillary came in with the words of letting countries follow their own paths and yet we are now in a more chaotic scene than even when Bill or George was in office. Now even with all the stuff, people stand to elect one of the people who accelerated the chaos and promises to double down on domestic and trade policies. Only because they say Trump is a risk and not establishment…..that is the type of person we need right now. Potentially shifting to trajectory we currently are on can’t hurt for 4 years if it turns out not as planned, but another 4 of what we are standing on right now will be a disaster.

  10. Holy hell. I need a drink..

  11. Did a fly just land on Clinton’s face?

    It was probably attracted to the smell of bullshit.

  12. Sniff sniff…



  13. I think Trump did marginally better than Clinton.

    Not enough to change anything.

    I now like them both even less than I did, and I suspect that will be true of most of the country who watched this “debate.”

    Jesus, what a shit-show.

  14. Been out and about last three days…missed all the hoopla…off the grid. Seems that I will need to go back off the grid….The spousal unit and I are taking some alone time touring the southwest by car ( she has never seen it ),,,,,went to Carlsbad ( she has never seen tha ) drove the back roads through the New Mexico and Arizona deserts ( she has never seen that )….lots of deer and elk on the move….. ( she has never seen much of that ).,,,,,we are now in Vegas ( we both like it here )….going to do some rock climbing in Red Rock, going to Valley of Fire, Mt. Charleston….hit some casinos….and a leisurely drive back to Texas…..

    However, we missed all the Trump stuff about his comments etc….I listened to it….does not change my mind any….have heard and participated in locker room banter all my life…as has my spousal unit…from foxes to hunks, tight butts in jeans to men’s chests and butts….nothing new here.

    Both candidates are disgusting….but regardless, Trump still gets the vote. Talking about women and anatomy does not rise up to the criminal actions of Clinton ( both of them ) but they will get away with it because there are no scruples left….and as JAC and I have discussed, there are no morals and integrity left….anywhere. Not to mention ethical behavior.

    People who vote Clinton will get hammered…the middle class will be toast, more welfare and more on the dole. Her comments to the elites is exactly where she is going to go. We, the family, are perfectly positioned for either. Actually, financially, we will fare much better under Clinton…not because of her policies but because there will be no change. The college kids will not get their free tuition, Obamacare will continue to sky-rocket, there will be no single payer system ( the dems really do not want that anyway ), there will be an increase in welfare rolls, and a complete amnesty which will drive the debt and deficit even higher.

    In the meantime, we will sit on our cash and not put it into the system because it will not be worth it…..we will make sure we have no capital gains to be taxed, we will wait for the next ( immediate ) housing collapse because Dodd/Frank will be alive and well…and we will make another fortune off the democrats agenda.

    If trump gets in, we are positioned for his changes as well…if he gets them through. The Dems and the Repub elites have too much control and there will be no change….the only change will be a faster pace to ruination of the middle and lower class income population, which is exactly what the Dem mission is anyway….

    So, I will go back to the dice table and we will have a week of show going, eating steak, and not watching news…..will check back in later……adios.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Explored a great deal of the southwest years ago…..several times. Always enjoyed it and hope to do it again as soon as possible.

      When Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon in ’69 my folks were in camping in Canyon de Chelly listening on the radio and looking at the moon through a telescope. They said it was quite an experience among the anasazi ruins.

  15. On top of that, the Rangers imploded.

    The Cowboys have a decision to make…..

    and that damned seven showed up again on the dice.

  16. Almost forgot… the new conspiracy theory being set up or what? The DNC now poised to say that if Clinton loses…..the Russian’s did it?

    • Regardless of any other political considerations – it’s pretty remarkable if the Russians are deliberately interfering with out elections the way they’re being accused of.

      • Mathius, the Russian government narrative is nonsense and has zero evidence to support it. What would be hilarious you ask? Putin comes out and endorses Clinton. Slamming another nail in her coffin of lies.

  17. Thoughts on lat nights debate:

    1. Trump closed the door on his stupid locker room chat. The whole narrative was changed by the presence of Slick Willie’s victims and one of Hillary’s . It rattled Hillary and it showed.

    2. Trump won, hands down. Whether the subject was taxes or Obamacare, Hillary couldn’t combat Trump’s narrative.

    3. The best part….telling Hillary that if elected president, there will be a NEW investigation on her doings. She knows that means a conviction, it showed on her face (even the fly didn’t stay long).

    4. The establishment types like Paul Ryan are acting as usual, which is why Trump was nominated. They are not too bright, the rules have changed.

    5. The next debate is on foreign policy. This will be Hillary’s demise. Trump will cast her as a failure, which is true, and she will have no answer. Four dead bodies, despite hundreds of pleas for more security, then lying about the cause. This will put her political career in a coffin. Not her though, she has a date with a 6 x 8 jail cell. 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      There is no way Hillary can claim any brilliant successes as Secretary of State much less any. Granted she had a boss, but they’re two peas in a pod. Bush II followed Clinton’s and Mdme Albrights and the CIA’s assessement of WMD in Iraq. Just read what Albright and Tenet and Clark felt and wrote, so to even begin to claim Bush lied is sheer political BS. As a Senator, on the armed forces committee and many sub committees, she’s seeing just about everything. She voted for action in Iraq and Afghanistan until it was politically expedient to say otherwise, counting on the short attention span of the American people.
      As SOS intrumental in adding to the natural disaster in Haiti by getting Bill and his cronies involved and creating a much longer lasting man made disaster…..Syria, Egypt, Libya, back to Syria, Ukraine, couldn’t negotiate how many forces that would be left in Iraq, giving a huge boost to ISIS…according to her Curriculum Vitas, layed the foundation of the Iran nuclear deal, 20% sale of our uranium resources to Russia and most likely are directly shipped to Iran…now she or her agents are claiming the deal never crossed her desk, like Holder and “Fast and Furious”…..oh and the legacy is that the bodies are still piling up…..forgot the great success of Burma/Mynamar, sarc The next meeting will be NO debate, once any topic is broached Trump can drive a truck through opening….Claiming Trump has no experience doesn’t cut it….look what experience did for the US with Hillary at the helm of or International policy.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The thing that totally shocked me about her is the absolute glee she had when Gaddafi was hunted down and murdered. “We Came, We Saw, He Died” I believe the killing was shown in the media and also the ravaging of his body. As a note and warning to anyone who crosses her and Obama. I can only imagine the champagne corks popping when Bin Laden got his. I can see relief at the end of a long military campaign that it is over and a bit of sobriety that things progressed the way that they did….she has no place as our Commander in Chief, especially when Gaddafi did nothing to us and we targeted him. Or her comments after Benghazi…”So what difference does it make now”

    • 1. Trump closed the door on his stupid locker room chat. The whole narrative was changed by the presence of Slick Willie’s victims and one of Hillary’s . It rattled Hillary and it showed.


      The media is going to f*** that chicken for another week. It’s as close as they’ve gotten to a Presidential sex scandal since Slick Willie.

      And if there’s one thing the media loves more than anything else, it’s a sex scandal.

      Meanwhile, Billy-boy isn’t running for President (I’m not sure if Trump got that message). You can’t attack a woman whose husband cheated on her for standing by him and expect that to convert independents to your side. It pays well for your base who already hates both of them, but the middle? I don’t see it.

      2. Trump won, hands down. Whether the subject was taxes or Obamacare, Hillary couldn’t combat Trump’s narrative.

      I’m not sure what debate you were watching.

      She crushed him in the beginning, he came back for the second half.

      I think, on balance, he did marginally better than her. It was a weak performance by both parties, but he came in with Palin-esque expectations. I’m not sure who “won,” but I am pretty sure that America “lost.”

      Regardless, though, coming off the tape and the bounce/drop from the previous debate, he needed a big win and he just didn’t get it.

      In fact, I thought, while he did do marginally better than her, he reeked of desperation from the pre-debate publicity stunt, to attacking Bill Clinton (who, again, is not running for President), to promising to appoint a special prosecutor. There was some substance to his attacks which is a shame because it got buried and I’d really have liked for her to have to have been held answerable for some of it – maybe next debate?

      3. The best part….telling Hillary that if elected president, there will be a NEW investigation on her doings. She knows that means a conviction, it showed on her face (even the fly didn’t stay long).

      Again, this smells like desperation. His base – who already hates her – will cheer, of course, but they’re going to vote for him regardless. He needs to turn out the middle or weaken her support. I don’t see how this accomplishes that. It’s just tossing out red meat. I honestly thought she was going to burst out laughing – actually human laughter.

      If anything, it might actually motivate some of the reluctant Hillary supporters to show up because they don’t want to see the circus of a new Ken Starr type witch hunt.

      4. The establishment types like Paul Ryan are acting as usual, which is why Trump was nominated. They are not too bright, the rules have changed.

      The establishment types see the writing on the wall. Were Trump popular, they would be standing by him. He’s not. They needed an excuse to distance themselves from him, and the tape was the catalyst.

      No one wants their political fortunes tied to Trump’s at this point, and the rats are fleeing the ship.

      The question is whether he can stem the bleeding in the next few weeks. I think he will. I think he’ll stabilize the ship a little bit, but the endorsements won’t/can’t come back (too flip-floppy) – not that anyone has ever really cared about an endorsement. He can either double-down on Trumpiness or go for the “established politician approach” and both have pros and cons, but he’ll have to pick one and see how it works out. His brand is pretty damaged and the psychics at 538 are giving him between a 12 and 20% chance of winning.

      5. The next debate is on foreign policy. This will be Hillary’s demise.

      It’s also her forte. Just because she has a history – and therefore a lot of substance to attack – doesn’t mean it all bad news. She is tremendously knowledgeable. She knows every leader, every capital, every yada yada yada. She has great relationships with tons of them. This is home turf.

      Meanwhile, Trump has advocated for (yes he did!) Japan and Korea getting nukes. He has advocated for trade wars, he has advocated for abandoning NATO allies, he has advocated for.. well, it goes on. And you can bet your rear end that Clinton will have an extensive list memorize with direct (if selective and misleading) quotes.

      And, further, the American people don’t really care about foreign policy. They just don’t. Beyond “war bad” and “war good” and “bomb whatever,” they just find the subject dry. Almost no one actually votes based on foreign policy.

      Trump will cast her as a failure, which is true, and she will have no answer.

      He’ll certainly try.

      She will – absolutely – have a focus-tested answer.

      Four dead bodies, despite hundreds of pleas for more security, then lying about the cause. This will put her political career in a coffin. Not her though, she has a date with a 6 x 8 jail cell. 🙂

      Yawn. You can keep beating the horse, but the world – at least outside of the fanatical right – has stopped giving a shit.

      Never mind that she’s been cleared by 600,000 investigations.

      If you think Trump is going to “win” the debate by shouting BENGHAZI over and over at the top of his lungs, you’re out of your gourd.


      And, on top of all this, know this: Clinton is waaaay ahead. He can’t “tie” like this one. He needs to crush her.


      She needs to faint on stage, or sob like a little girl, or admit that she ordered a hit on the Benghazi ambassador to cover up her mail server.

      Anything short of a decisive win might shift the narrative and halt the death spiral, but it’s not going to be enough to get him ahead of her.

      She’s ahead by double-digits right now.

      Anything short of total victory here is defeat.


      Face it. The game is basically over. Time to give up on the top of the ticket and try to save what’s left of the Red Shirts down-ticket. I support this because, while I do want a liberal majority (distinctly possible), I don’t want too much power as they’ll overreach, and that wouldn’t be a good thing either.

      • Howdy Mathius 🙂

        The media is going to f*** that chicken for another week. It’s as close as they’ve gotten to a Presidential sex scandal since Slick Willie.

        ROFLMAO 😀 The media has about the same integrity as Congress, which is seriously on the lower part of the sewer. The media has been wrong at every turn concerning Trump. He has more lives than a cat. The dinosaur media is lost and out of touch, hence their trust ratings.

        The rest: The economy will dictate the election, as it usually does after 8 years of one party. Tradition like this is hard to break because people vote with their wallets….except Liberals who vote with their emotions, bwahaha 😀

        As far as scandals, Hillary has a much longer list and several are still currently on the minds of people. The next debate will bring out the pay for play stuff that is under investigation (is has not been resolved, Kaine was dead wrong in VP debate). I wonder if Trump will bring out comments by Saudi Crown Prince when he said he has funded 1/4 of Clinton’s campaign. None of it will matter, it’s the economy and security at home, people are weary of all the foreign crap under Obama. Alleppo is on the Obama/Clinton shoulders, they caused the whole thing trying to remove Assad. That will come out. Benghazi will absolutely come out, epic failure of SoS.

        Don’t trust the polls, they have already been proven to be rigged in most cases. CNN is a huge example of rigging polls by over sampling Democrats (not to mention caught whispering to focus group on what to say after last debate).

        Trump roars on, Clinton gets a little over confident because of faux polls. If the economy blows because of DeutchBank (sp?)…..then it gets real interesting.

  18. Personally, I’m waiting for the line of women who will come out and claim Trump assaulted them. I figure a couple weeks before the election.

    • I figure Clinton has them all in a waiting room somewhere to be released at the opportune moment. Perhaps right before the next debate.

      If – IF – he did assault any woman, it is almost certain that he assaulted lots of women. So if there’s one, there will be twenty. And once the dam burst, well, it’ll be Cosby all over again. She’ll lock down the narrative for weeks with a new woman coming out ever few days.

      The thing Clinton’s got going for her is time. There’s no time to find out if these women are lying. If she can get a few plausible candidates to show up and say on camera that he grabbed them by the p***y, he’ll deny it, but.. what? There’s no time for a trial and exoneration.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        If if there is the insinuation of assults, like even in Schwartzneggar, define assult. Cosby who drugged his victims and then assulted or what……but then all will be accusations to late to rebutt…..and on the other hand those that vote for hillary will be letting a KNOWN predator with a long history back in the White House, whom Hillary protected with attempted and sometimes successful destruction of his victims. They as a team violated every workplace law about sexual predation and she’s touting being the champion of women. There is only one women she’s championing and that is herself.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The underlying theme is then the american people want a dictatorship and a tyrant as a leader and there is NO debate or choice……makes life easy, no thinking required, resume playing your Pokeman game

      • Maybe I’m getting old, but I’m not really sure what a Pokemon is or why people are so obsessed with it.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Mathius…I asked one of the bartenders about what is the obsession that people have being glued to their iphone and seemingly moving as a group. He said they’re playing Pokeman. It’s the latest thing. My curiosity ended at that point. I had to assume it was like a scavenger hunt using the gps in the phone or something along that line. The people were oblivious to everything, anybody, sort of like watching the computer models of peoples movement designing efficient exits at entrances looking for chokepoints. Bumping and clogging at corners etc.

          Many years ago I designed an album cover for a band. The alien creature depicted had a thumb and a spatulated index finger. All other digits had evolved away including most of their legs. This was at least 4.5 decades ago. Little did I realize, that if you look at all the touch screen tools like at restaurants, atm, etc we are using more and more only the two fingers.

    • Of course, the Wall Street journal will say this…….who the hell reads it except the ones that want it…the elite. No change is what Wall Street wants. The Wall Street Journal also only interviews and runs polls among its own…they eat their young as well. They do not care about the country and they do not care about the people. Clinton does not give a rat’s ass about this country…not one little whit….and she damn sure does not care about the people. To her, people are lower than a snake’s ass in a wagon rut.

      Those who have cash…..will make out like bandits with status quo. I will offer one other little tidbit. If Clinton wins, I will be willing to bet some hard cash… will see the demise of the 401(k) within three years and a forced rollover to the banking industry under a disguised rule making. I smell it as strong as a fresh stepped in pile of horse manure…..

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Sir…..your bet about 401K’s, no taker here. I totally believe that move is in the cards by just about all the governments around the world. I believe Poland amongst a few are trying to make the people move back their entire “Retirement” planning and financials into a government program like SS, which they have. But all your money will be in it for the government to use until you retire or die.

        Didn’t congress here back in the late 80’s early 90’s when IRA’s started becoming popular authorized one type among a few, then in a year or two made it illegal and forced you to invest it in another one of their “authorized” plans. Just before 401’s, I believe.
        As salaries get driven lower or move offshore for many middle class jobs, SS will have less coming in so they have to grab funds from somewhere…..”But it’s for your own good, trust us, we’re here to help”

    • It is a small alien worm that inhabits the brain and allows the denzians from Io, one of Jupiter’s moons to eventually take complete control over you.

  19. Trump: Why are we bringing up things that happened a decade ago like they matter?



    Trump: Have you heard about Bill’s affair with Monica Lewinsky?

  20. So now that people seem to be (finally) giving up on the idea of President Trump (shudder), how long will it be before the effort turns to delegitimizing President (H) Clinton, and what form(s) do you think that will take?

    My guess is that a lot of it will depend on whether Trump “goes quietly” after his defeat. It’s not his general nature to do so, but he’s notoriously hard to predict. If he shouts conspiracy and voter fraud, will the Red Shirts follow him down that conspiracy theory rabbit hole?

    Will the others argue “she only won because she was vs Trump and therefor shouldn’t really be considered a “winner” in the normal sense”?

    Will others argue that, because she is really a felon, she is ineligible?

    Place your bets!

    • Sir Mathius…..people do not care that she is a criminal. No one cares….all they care about is where their next welfare meal is coming from…that is all. Most people, whom are not politically saavy, do not even know what is happening in the rest of the world. I doubt that you will see any efforts at anything after she is elected. The FBI took care of that. I just hope that Hillary gave him a “courtesy reach around”.

  21. Been away sampling the delights to DC for a few days. Recommend the Air and Space Museum.

    Will eventually catch up.

    Been thinking from day one on the locker room crap. Was supposed to be dropped two days before the election had to be rushed because of Wikileaks as a counter measure.

    Surprisingly eldest son agrees. Refers to irt as teh Clinton Campaign using teh military jargon.

    “Final Protective Fire”. ie. “Charlie is in the wire”.

    Secondly, after I calmed down, regarding the locker room talk. “Who gives a crap”. Ain’t nobody out there excepting maybe Anderson Cooper who has not either use that talk (abhorrent) or who has friends who are still friends who have used it.

    • Stephen…..we are old enough to remember……….Ted Kennedy drowned a girl and Bill Clinton had sex with many and, technically, raped several. Boy, it is a good thing they did not talk dirty….they would have been in real trouble.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I so remember Chappaquidick……one wonders what goes on in peoples minds to have not totally discarded him into the world of obscurity, but continued to regale him with honors to become a senior senator..

      • It’s the old double standard. 3 Kennedy’s, Johnson, Clinton, FDR and who knows how many others on the D side were total lechers. But Donald’s ego is joined to his mouth so that makes him guilty of multiple sins. What is everyone so afraid of? Congress can thwart anything he tries that they do not like. Of course they failed to do that for the last 8 years but I would bet if Donald wins, they find their spines. Had they done that 6 years ago, he would not be the nominee.

        Personally, I think Hillary would get us into a war fast than Trump. I think that is one of the fears the Russians have.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I have NO doubt. She has actually threatened Russia with war over the cyber warfare going on. As though we are not up to our proverbial eyeballs doing the same thing. She can be pushed into a rash and unreasoned action, just to prove she’s tough. Every establishment power broker thought that cowboy called TR would get us into wars. He actually had a relatively peaceful presidency. Any potential enemy knew he was tough and would take action. He didn’t bluster (his words) They were UNWILLING to bet any action against us would go unpunished. If Hillary was a quick study and a deep thinker the lessons of what happened to Iraq after the deposing of Saddam without a plan of action, post war. Nothing sunk in when delivering her mantra….Mubarack must go, Assad must go, Gaddafi must go, _______ must go (fill in the blank), said not a peep against Iran with the rigged elections and the general populous started to rise up against the Mullahs and Obama and Hillary left them hanging onto their (censored) parts.

    • One of the phrases I hated to hear….”BROKEN ARROW….Charlie in the wire…Danger Close!” You then hunkered down in your bunker, watched for shadows, and waited for the air strikes on your own pod….Only had to do that once.

      For those of you who do not know…..”Broken Arrow – means you are over-run.”

  22. Question……If gun control really works….why is England the most violent country in Europe and Chicago the most violent city in the US?

    Interesting facts to pass on:
    You do not see mass shootings at a Cabella’s or Bass pro. nor NRA meetings, nor Gun Ranges, nor Army/Navy stores, nor Gun shows or stores. nor police stations….

    If you think about it you do see mass shootings at gun free schools and gun free colleges. Forgot to mention gun free theatres and in states with strict gun laws….not to mention countries with strict gun laws…..

    Am I getting through?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Obviously a rhetorical question. The thugs still retained their weapons and always were outside the law, whilst the law abiding citizen became victims. They may have “less” gun crimes, but all it takes is a knife and a club because the thug knows most people have become docile and will go meekly to the slaughter.

      After one of the times a mugger attempted to rob me at “gunpoint” in Amsterdam, I was flat out told that I was wrong having defended myself and if I had injured the assailant while protecting myself, I WOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED. FYI he was an illegal sub-saharan migrant. In Britain the police flat out declared that it was a waste of money to alarm and secure your home against B&E’s because they can not possible respond. Then they prosecute those that do defend their home. It happened in the village I lived in.

  23. Saw a great bumper sticker right here in Las Vegas…..picture of WWII soldiers firing M1 gerands…captioned….”when things turn to shit, we don’t run to other countries. we dust off or guns and fix it.”

  24. test

  25. A great sign on the road in Vegas….big advertising sign downtown….It shows Kermit the frog drinking a glass of Lipton Tea with the caption:

    “They can find an audio recording of two men in 2005 talking about a vagina, but they can’t find 33,000 deleted emails from Hillary Clinton containing government information…perhaps we should ask the FBI. No..thaht would be futile.”

    Great sign….funny as hell.

    • Without the spelling error, of course.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        If NC is a swing State, why is it that I have yet to see a Hillary poster. I guess she’s forfeited the eastern portion which is heavily militarized and she knows to not waste any money here. Plus a lot of agriculture both black and white owned, who historically do not vote the democratic ticket.

  26. Col,

    I have been in a debate about Trump’s wall in the local newspaper website. A new player just posted this:

    “Well, I hate to interrupt a perfectly-good shouting match because the entertainment value of a well-placed barb is always superior to the dull drab news, but anyway..

    I worked in this area, for Rockwell, after being a strategic planner for the US Army, and written papers (and a patent 5,319,560) on this probem. Was at the big narc conference at El Paso, TX, actually witnessed five hombres cross the Rio Grande (on truck inner tubes, believe that one!) and found out the actual problem.

    The problem is that there is so much money in illegal drugs that they can buy any alternative. So a wall is only good for a day. Like the aerostats (big balloons with radars) when turned on to catch cigarrette boats, see nothing because the boats turned to the central coast and they offer the hombre $5K to carry a knapsack to some place in the US, where he trades it for the 5K. And some other illegals might also tag along, just because they need the field work. and the “carrier” has some protection.

    Or another scenario is when the car pulls up to the gate and says to the man that behind him is a truck, and the truck is carrying. If the truck gets through, there is another car, behind him, and he hands you a copy of today’s paper, with $10K wrapped in it. Or we know where your wife and kids are.

    It’s a really big problem, and a wall is something, but they have alternatives. One little thing. The head of the DEA told us that every single hundred dollar bill, in circulation, has cocaine on it. That’s the size of the problem. ”

    End of Quote

    Your comments on the quote would be welcome. Also, I would like your permission to post some of things you and your fellow Texicans have been doing in regards to border security.

    • Post away…you do not need my permission….I am the messenger….well, sometimes the executioner….( No, you left wing nuts..not like you envision )…..the executioner of the process. I have not popped a cap in over a year….other than target practice. My job as an adviser is to teach the young LT’s how to handle real situations….not hypothetical ones but real ones….and not the ones on the news. Those are white washed ( yes, I said white washed…does that make me racist? )

      What you are referring to is acually called a “mule” ( a person who carries a back pack or a belt of drugs )….that will happen despite any walls. However, this person appaently has not been in the loop of late. You can still cross the border, if you want to try. I would not recommend it because we are weapons free now. ( No warning shots, no bean bags, no rubber bullets ). We are weapons free because the other side will shoot first and you do NOT have the time to try to figure out the good from the bad when there is a group. You still have the issue that the “mules” are usually threatened with harm to family members. It is also not uncommong for a family memebr to be kidnapped and held while the mule tries to cross drugs. There will always be a way to get drugs in….the cartels tried subs….they get caught on the ever shifting sandbars on the coast. They have tried tunnels under the river…we blow holes in them and we do not send a message prior to doing that. If anyone is in the tunnel….I hope they can breathe under water. We patrol the river in air boats that are equipped with detection equipment that can find tunnels as deep as 50 feet.

      Trump NEVER SAID that he was going to build an actual wall…that is left wing bullshit. He was going to use a combination of real walls, where applicable, and a virtual wall which I have already explained.

      We now use drones with infrared detection, the ranchers and their employees with issued night vision, and GSR ( Ground Surveillance Radar ) and motion detectors.

      The way that we have virtually eliminated the crossings to date……is being weapons free and letting the other side know that we are,

      The cartels also use a tactic called splashdown….IF they get a vehicle across, we have a 90% success rate at detection. When they are detected, they will turn the car or truck around and drive back to the river….and literally run the vehicle into the river and try to swim across. They usually do not make it and not from drowning. If a vehicle does not stop or runs a barrier or continues to drive after being “spiked”… is weapons free.

  27. Mathius

    Why do you continue to claim the Bill Clinton sex controversy is about Bill?

    Is that how you left wingers think? No matter how many times we tell you it is about Hillary attacking the victims you just dismiss it as “old news about Bill’s bad behavior” and “Bill isn’t running”.

    As for that second part, Hillary said she would use Bill in her administration.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Bill is absolutely fair game in this campaign. Hillary is constantly using her time in the White House as 1st lady as a credential of her qualifications to now sit in the big chair. She also points to the “successes” of jobs etc and we’ll bring back the good times even though time has marched on and is totally different today. The demographics are totally different and NAFTA and outsourcing are in full swing, much less I believe she’s for TPP. Just like she was for NAFTA but now says that trade deal was a mistake.

  28. So John Podesta was worried about voter fraud in the Colorado primary, a fear based on the happenings there in ’08. But fraud is not an issue.

  29. Mathius….was reading back some before I go float the Colorado…..Pokemon. We have a real problem down here with this game….first of all, no one is watching where they are walking and/or driving. Secondly, they are trespassing on private property and even climbing fences to go into people’s back yard….( you do not do that here…you just might get shot ). They are even wandering around movie theaters in and professional ball games.There are lots of things that I do not understand….and Pokemon is one of those things. So, out of curiosity, I walked over to a bunch of GROWN men chasing something around and asked to see what it was. One of them actually took the time to show me and it is a some little character that they bash on the head or capture it or something of that nature and they apparently appear in odd places…….like gay bars and strip joints and places like that …..One very interesting evening at one of our local “titty bars” ( uh oh, I cannot say that anymore, someone may be offended ), anyway, apparently, this Pokemon character appears on the stage or somewhere in the bar and all of a sudden 30 or so people of all ages come flying into the bar and whacking this monster in the stage and then they run out again…..very strange game.

    • Consider this, my conspiracy-oriented friend:

      We have here a game which has convinced millions of Americans to turn on their phone’s cameras and wander around the country pointing them at things. The footage from these cameras routes to a server in a foreign (albeit friendly) country. The game even goes so far as to direct people where to go and when and these millions of Americans obligingly point their cameras where they’re told.


      • To emphasize, Ivey admits that the left has ‘conspired’ to “produce an unaware and compliant citizenry” but that they’re not as easy to manipulate anymore and that this is a problem. He characterizes “unawareness” amongst the public as a positive thing for the Clinton campaign.

        Ivey ends the email by saying he will attend a Clinton fundraiser and that he fears, “we are all now trying to navigate a set of forces that cannot be simply explained or fully understood.”

        The email is a shocking insight into the elitist and arrogant mindset that pervades the Clinton campaign, with Americans viewed as dumb sheep who need to be herded in the right direction.

        • You don’t honestly expect me to click a link from InfoWars, do you?

          I’d have to use a cornea scraper afterward.

          • No, it’s all from Wikileaks anyway. Infowars and PrisonPlanet provide far better information than HuffPo could ever dream. Much of their stories also link to other cites, have citations to back up claims and provide something the MSM don’t……some honesty.

      • Well, sir….some enterprsing young folks actually have utilized this to some extent. They initiated some boggus Pokemon position and actually robbed people that showed up.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The game is insane. Crowds of people following their phones. The people are obivious to traffic and other people, lamp posts. I watch this all from the safety of my front porch.


    New kind of Wiki, first I’ve seen this.

  31. Since my brother and I are in the oi and gas business, I thought I would impart some knowledge upon you….I know you did not ask for it but, here it is anyway, because it pisses off the left. These are some facts that I tried to post on Huffington but got kicked off….again.

    Just recently, Hillary Clinton, said the following and this is a direct quote….” for the first time EVER, as a country, we are now energy independent!”

    So, here are a few facts for you to ponder over.

    1) We use approximately 18,000,000 bbls of oil every single day. Of this total, we still import 10,000,000 bbls. with the vast majority coming from countries that hate us.

    2). Over 1,000,000 oil field related jobs have been lost in the past two years because we are SO dependent upon foreign oil, they have us ( pardon the pun ) over a barrel. People think that the lower prices that we have enjoyed are a result of a glut of oil that we have done through shale oil production, This is simply not true…the foreign oil has produced the glut to force prices below that of shale production. Outside of the 1,000,000 jobs lost in he industry itself, over 1.5 million have been lost as a result of residual jobs.

    3). The so called Iran deal….you remember, the one that funded terrorists and guaranteed a nuclear Iran….yes, that one……well, it allowed 1,500,000 bbls of additional oil to be sold on, what we call the national grid.

    4). This next fact will certainly rile the left because they like to say….”how do you know”…The EPA has closed down 3,000,000 acres of domestic lands that can be used for domestic exploration. Because of the modern technology, we estimate that the oil and gas reserves on this land alone would pay off the national debt within 10 years and truly make us independent upon foreign oil.

    5) The wind farms and the solar farms that are out there….well, instead of me telling you that they are totally subsidized by this administration….take the time for yourself to see who actually owns them. You will be surprised. See who your tax money is really going to….and just a hint… is not domestic.

    6). Proven fact…..we have enough KNOWN oil and gas and coal reserves in the ground right this very minute to power this country, without foreign oil, for the next 500 years.

    Something for you to ponder on……OH….and so you know….with very little fanfare, oil and gas independent producers….can no longer sell over seas or to Canada or Mexico. We have lost our markets because of the Obama Administration.

    • 6). Proven fact…..we have enough KNOWN oil and gas and coal reserves in the ground right this very minute to power this country, without foreign oil, for the next 500 years.

      A) There’s no way we have enough for 500 years given increasing populations and exponentially increasing demands. But, sure, let’s pretend this is the case.

      B) What happens when we spend the next 500 years dumping that much CO2 into the atmosphere? Do you reject the idea of climate change? Is the world really immune to that much pollution?

      B.2) What if – WHAT IF – you’re wrong and man-made climate change is a real thing?

      C) Does your assertion factor the (probable) fact that some non-insignificant portion of that is very hard to reach? That is, maybe the first 100 years worth is easily accessible, but the next 400 is tough? I’m not entirely sure how all this works, so this is just asking for information, not really speculating.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        After reading the scientist’s reports and also a Q&A after Al Gore’s misrepresentaion of the ice core finding that the afore mentioned scientist did. He flat ot said, the WARMING occurs first, then the CO2 comes out of solution. The lag is 400-800 years which is impossible to see on a 650,000 year chart juxtaposed the way it was presented by Gore He also said that for some “UNEXPLAINED” reason the cooling trend started and then the CO2 diminished as it went back into solution…’s physics. The fact that today the political climate scientist state that it is a runaway condition with the CO2 1st and then warming is a pure fabricated falsehood. Then I’ll remind you that the VERY same scientists who sunscribe to the runaway global warming and it’s man made also claimed in the 70’s when they were predicting an iceage with unbelievable consequences for mankind for the very same reasons. CO2 and pollution. Obama’s science advisor back in the 70’s demanded that we must through heat absorbing material, like black coal dust on the advancing icepack to melt the unstopable ice pack. Today, he says we must put materials in space to block the sun rays and cool the earth. One of the top heads of the US environmental agencies after a huge gathering in DC the other year said it was to time consuming and expensive to PLANT trees and other CO2 utilizing plants (to live) and their wast is O2 which we require. At NO time can any of these scientists state to any degree how much of this IS man made and to what degree and at what level is it an emergency. Just a short 1000 years ago we were in what is called the Roman warming period. It was warmer by current and emperical analysis found to be warmer than the climatescientists of today say it will be in 100 years by several degrees.

        Take a look at he studies being done on the Sahara and northward and off the western coast of Africa, There is visible evidence in jsut about all the natural sciences that there is a 7000 year cycle that turns that area into extreme deserts and then back to lush with mangrove swamps and rivers. They also said that we are still in the UPSWING of this natural occurance…..The modelers in the UK through out data that did not conform to their political model. Proven fraud. The Smithsonian has erased a historical analysis showing a proven global warming years ago, much less the 10 or so cycles we’ve had since 1898.

        Now with that said…..we should at a much more rational basis continue to clean up what we do. Anyone of us that remembers what it was like just a few decades ago would concur. We belched out so much shit into the atmosphere and water yet the “problem only occured after the west cleaned up their eco disaster. I’d expect the inverse. If we did nothing to reverse our previous course the climate gurus could argue a valid point. Today it’s not visible so therefore people can be bluffed into drastic actions. Hurricanes are no more worse and at a far less frequency that when I was younger. What the measurement is the $$$$$ of property damage of the stupid people who built where nobody built before all because the government underwrote the otherwise unaffordable insurance.

        To also argue this is all political BS for the most part…..Obama has continued to hamstring us and our production with regulations but then turned around and gave China a thirty year pass on any pollution control. Those cities in China are even worse than our worst back in time when Barack was still in Indonesia. Of course they can produce goods CHEAP.

        • Ok, but humor me. What if – WHAT IF – you’re wrong?

          I read what you wrote and it looks very convincing, and I have neither the background, nor the personal interest to research and validate your claims. All I do not is that there appears to be a broad general consensus amongst professional scientists studying these things that dumping unlimited amounts of CO2 into the environment is a bad thing. And I don’t believe in such broad conspiracies.

          So, I ask again: What if you’re wrong?

          And can you admit that there’s at least a chance you’re wrong?

          • Mathious, we are in the beginnings of a global cooling period. The global warming mantra has been proven totally incorrect. The warmth or coolness of the planet as a whole is determined by the sun. Even the UN leadership has admitted it’s a fraud. You need to get some better information, should you finally choose to become informed. Uninformed (or in denial) and compliant is no way to go through life 😀

            • So, I ask again: What if you’re wrong?

              • Considering all of the predictions that failed to materialize over the last decade, and the FACT that the SUN is the primary driver of the climate, I’m not wrong.

              • So you’re refusing to answer the question?

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                The money that is currently being spent of the knee jerk political react can be far better spent just taking a slower systematic path of gradual improvements and cleaning. BF has always claimed the vast improvements in society from the industrial revolution. What all in all we’re seeing a reversal of that trend with the current AGW (fix policies) I believe Mathus population theories will hit this century and AGW will become a total non topic.

                If we are in but what if’s……what if Yellowstone’s super volcano blows and it is due based on past geologic records……It will ruin everyones day on earth for generations. genetic records of current man just based on statistical analysis says that MAN was almost wiped out several times over our history. 2-4-8-16-32 etc there are not enough pairs today to say man has continued unabated and there have been numerous chokepoints.

                The big dustup over chloroflorcarbons blasting holes in the atmosphere back in the early 90’s resulting in Kyoto, was in itself BS. Volcanologists pointed out that under each of the “holes” or new holes there was an active volcano, blowing the same gases into the atmosphere. “Oh my god…we just discovered a new hole over central america”…volcanologist said look down. The crisis disappeared with TRUE science. Whereas Gore was one of the instigators of the crisis. I will NOT argue getting rid of and minimizing the use of aerosols is good anyway but was not the cause of the ozone holes.
                FYI….I do not and have not used spray aerosols. I’m old fashion, Use a bar of soap and make a lather when I do shave. Roll-on deoderent, either brush on paint or use a compressor for spraying.

                Bottom line is some other natural disaster will occur long before the impact of alleged AGW. Shit will happen. Even stopping pandemic diseases like we are will have a greater impact on man and the earth than man made global warming. Every so often plagues and flu’s scoured hundreds on millions bring the population under control. 17 million during WWI with the spanish flu. Our own worst enemy is man itself.

              • Our own worst enemy is man itself.

                Hey, look!

                Something we can agree on!

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            CO2 is a lifegiving gas on our CARBON based planet. Only in politics can it be determined to be a pollutant. We would NOT exist without it….The levels of CO2 and warming were far higher back way before the 650K chart. The earth was lusher, and close to 15 degrees warmer.

              • Silly shit from a bunch of warmers don’t change the fact that the SUN is still the driver of climate. Just heard Hillary make a big lie, claiming “sea levels have risen 1 foot in the SouthEast. Utter nonsense. The sea would not simply rise in one area, unless the land sunk.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                The hockey stick model has been discredited and withdrawn. The modelers cherry picked data and also discarded data that did not fit the model. That is FRAUD. The west has steadily cleaned up over the past century with advancements in energy. Especially the past 4 decades. The sad thing is that China was starting from scratch a very short time ago with their manufacturing. They could have started at a point that where the west was just 20 years ago. But NO we like the cheap goods being able to be produced with NO enviromental restrictions and are being allowed to fro another 30 years unabated pollution.. There would be NO outsourcing of manufacturing unless it is staright labor of quality of production…..just the political actions point to a socialistic fraud.

              • Source?

                Agreed that sea levels don’t rise locally.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Mathius…we can go on forever with this debate. It certainly better than the campaign. H2O exists in only 3 states. Gas (water vapor), liquid (water) of solid (ice) The climate disaster folks use a linear progression of ice melting and creating X more water therfore raising the sealevels. SO what? it’s happened many times before. We’ve had water 140 miles west of here and at time dirt 140 miles east of here. To say today is the perfect time and must be preserved at all costs. Don’t live in Manhattan of Brooklyn. Trump Towers will bitch because they’ll need a boat and marina instead of their Rolls and asphalt parking. Or maybe they’ll lose their ocean view….oh my.tough luck. This has always been the fall back on my friends who get all upset over oceans rising. WHAT about the property investment inplaces like Miami….If it gets so warm, the ice will not become all liquid, a large percentage will be in the atmosphere in gaseous form. and that in itself will cool things down. There was farming in southern Greenland up until several hundred years ago. Even since WWII hundreds of feet of ice formed in Greenland, now its cycling

                I’ve done primary oceanographic research on sea level changes over 10’s of thousands of years off of California. New Bern has been in it’s current location over 300 years. The biggest thing that affects the water levels are MAN MADE channeling like changing a parking lot damming a natural flow and then the water backs up. Usually by the time water upriver reaches here it is so dissipated we see no problems. here in town. Go across rte 70 and it’s different. the contruction of that highway blocked water flow and causes flooding of homes that have been built since the road and then they bitch and piss and moan. Like building near an existing airport then complaining.

                At least the highway construction folks are getting smarter. Now they are building up on big concrete pilings, not building dams/levees for the road to live on. No restriction to the natural water flow.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          forgive the spelling.

          Much less none of the scientists can explain the 750-1000 plus year drought affecting the southwest. Sure as hell wasn’t AGW that wiped out and forced a migration of the indigious cultures that we glory in their ruins today

          Figure up to the last 150-200 years man’s energy source was wood. Literally denuding the landscape. Seen the photos and lived in areas that are still recovering. Then in the early stages of the industrial revolution and well into the 1800’s charcoal was used. Less trees required to create heat, getting more efficient. Then mining techniques were invented that enabled coal to be used instead of trees. Starting to allow the rejuvenation of the surface. Each had their advantages and each had their drawbacks, Late 1800’s oil started being used and especially after WWI. Cheaper and less dangerous from a pollution and human injury standpoint. Allowing again a transistion to a pinprick on the earth as digging and wrecking the surface. Even coal transistioned to be CLEAN by burning in a controlled power plant instead of in each and everyones home without any controls. Then nuclear…it’s a genii one has to handle carefully, but when you can power NC with (3) with just a few acres of land use. The fact that enviros have blocked any expansion of the current sites to provide energy without any more land developement, forcing the state to use inefficient and far dirtier sources of energy from elsewhere.

          What I’m getting at is that 500 years more oil and gas available in North America, just doesn’t not matter, By then we will still use any and all sources of the previous power sources to some degree and we’ll be off on something else to be determined… sure as hell will NOT be wind power powering our nation as Europe is finding out to their detriment..

          • One of my favorite weird thoughts involves imagining Israel and the Mid-East in the time of Jesus. What exactly were these ceders of Lebanon anyway. I remember reading maybe a dozen years ago that the ME was denuded of trees by its people. Erosion and deserts followed.

            Haiti is a perfect example. The trees were all harvested a long time ago and the place is one big mud slide. The DR side was not and survives quite nicely.

      • Ya don’t gotta burn nothin to make electricity to power the entire country. It is called NUKE, save your oil, gas, coal for everything else.

        I am sick and tired of pointing out France as an example. They have figured it out. They basically use one design. If a defect or weakness is found they retrofit ALL plants. While Germany is gonna go “green” France is not. They will probably wind up powering most of Germany.

        Looking back to Heinlein’s discussions in his novels of nuclear power his suggestion from even before there were plants involves something like having the United States Navy run the damn things under military regulations. Screw up and there IS a penalty. The private companies pay for the build but a professional core of Federal employees under military discipline runs them.

        Unless I mis-remember, the United States Navy using the same management system basically laid down in the early 1950’s by Adm. Hyman Rickover has NEVER had an accident!

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Germany has suddenly discovered that they can not run an industrialized nation at competitive cost with wind power. They are starting new nuclear power stations and also firing up those that they had not demolished. One thing that also stopped wind in its tracks is a law passed the other year of setbacks from habitation. Germany is so densily built the wind companies can not get far enough awayfrom one town before they hit another……our coal companies by Obamas edicts may not sell much here anymore but Germany is using our more efficient and cleaner coal than the BROWN coal commonly found in Europe. England last year shut down their last coal mine. They have extreme problems powering both homes and industry during meteorlogical lows. With wind. They have to choose. Tap into parliment and they can heat anything in perpetuity.

  32. From recent email leaks:

    This is from a conversation among her staffers…

    Ok, one thing to use personal email, but why the “twisted truth” on why – with the two problematic areas being (a) emails to bill (when they were to bill’s staff) and (b) i only used one device — [Blackberry], when 2 weeks earlier, it was an iphone, BB and ipad. As Ann and I discussed, hopefully that’s a timing issue and whilst in state, she only used one. 🙂

    I know when I talk to my friends who are attorneys we are all struggling with what happened to the emails and aren’t satisfied with answers to date. While we all know pf the occasional use of personal email addresses for business, none of my friends circle can understand how it was viewed as ok/secure/appropriate to use a private server for secure documents AND why further Hillary took it upon herself to review them and delete documents without providing anyone outside her circle a chance to weigh in.

    It smacks of acting above the law and it smacks of the type of thing I’ve either gotten discovery sanctions for, fired people for, etc.

  33. Mainly for Mathius (citations galore) on how the polls are bullshit!

    Owner of polling company Mr. Geoff Garin, the President of Hart Research and Associates”, is currently working as “a strategic adviser for Priorities USA in support of Hillary Clinton’s election“. Gee, I wonder why the media never tells us that part?

    Hart Research provided recent NBC/WSJ poll results, linked by Mathius.

    • Just remember how well “unskewed statistics” worked for you last time.

      I’ll stick with Nate Silver.

  34. From email leak:

    On Apr 19, 2015, at 4:20 PM, John Podesta wrote: I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans, but I think we should use it once the first time she says I’m running for president because you and everyday Americans need a champion. I think if she doesn’t say it once, people will notice and say we false started in Iowa.

    • Mathius, your champion hates you (and buck….and all of us).

      • To be fair, I hate sincerely dislike almost everyone, too.

        Good thing I’m voting for a political executive, not a drinking buddy.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Even though Trump is a far better executive than Hillary, and he doesn’t drink, smoke or do controlled substances, he’d also probable be a pretty cool person to party with. Hillary’s parties would be a total drag.

          • Even though Trump […] doesn’t drink, smoke or do controlled substances, he’d also probable be a pretty cool person to party with. Hillary’s parties would be a total drag.

            I’m inclined to agree.

            Fortunately, again, I’m not voting for a party-pal either.

            Even though Trump is a far better executive than Hillary

            I’m not inclined to agree.

            Fortunately, we won’t have to ever find out what a Trump Presidency looks.

            Paul Ryan just blew the abandon-ship whistle.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              At least Trump has a positive side on his ledger……Hillary’s is fraught with disasterous decisions affecting people and nations in a lethal way and continue to do so. I’m much more inclined to risk Trump than Hillary based on my knowledge. However….and this is to be totally proven, but there are pressures that are applied to the president that regardless of party seem to continue unabated. With Hillary we know for a fact will continue and most people agree we have not liked our meddling in affairs of others. If Trump is elected and things do change I’ll believe the president has some remaining power, If he stays the course with maybe a few tweeks…then I’ll know for a fact, it makes NO difference who is elected to DC and will fall directly into BF’s and Gmans camp.

              I have never seen in my life, nor in our history a party even before primary selecting of a candidate so be determines to undermine their candidate. Not that they’re really coming out with truly objectionable reasons, but just benign indifference. Do they really want Hillary? The early party choices being a Bush III or Rubio if Bush faltered then a Cruz if the other’s dropped out, the party just doesn’t know how to deal with Trump who swept all others aside…..At least get him in there, regardless of controling the senate and get rid of the EO’s that the RNC allegedly oppose….Unfortunately I believe the RINO’s are nematoads…..politics in the US has never been a gentlemen’s sport. It is a bloodsport with no holds barred and only the Democrats seem to know that. That concept is lost on the RNC.

  35. Dale A Albrecht says:

    As the banner headlines today, (old news from the WSJ article) “Republicans Stand to lose the Senate because of Trump”
    How is that bad. The Republican’s had both houses of congress and folded on every issue and gave Obama everything he wanted. Obama just used the power of an EO without congressional approval, knowing full well the Senate could not overturn his unilateral action. We are for all intents and purposes in a “benevolent” dictatorship where debate and voting in congress is all for show and pablum for the masses who still believe that we have a republic or democracy in DC.

  36. A politician screws up and gives honest answers, then tries to walk it back with the usual nuance.

  37. “Sometimes I wonder that our Constitution is not only broken, but we need a Donald Trump to show some authoritarian power in our country and bring back the rule of law because we’ve had eight years of a president — he’s an autocrat, he just does it on his own, he ignores Congress and every single day, we’re slipping into anarchy. I just think that four more years of a similar mentality is going to destroy this nation.”

    -Gov. Paul LePage (R-Maine)

    Would anyone care to unpack that statement? It’s hurting my head just thinking about it.

  38. Mathius, down here lad…..first of all…WHO THE HELL LISTENS TO PAUL RYAN?

    Now, I will answer your question and play your what if game. First and foremost, you will never…..EVER….convince me of global warming, cooling, freezing burning, or whatever. I can put up just as many prestigious scientists as you can contradicting the issue. As I previously posted on here, I have an uncle that was educated at Duke, received his masters there, then was educated to two PHD’s at some podunk place called Berkley….he is a nuclear and astro-physicist retired from working at the Los Alamos facility in New Mexico, that is now owned by the Chinese. He scoffs at global warming and has major contempt for PHD’s that lend their names to studies for money. He calls them academic whores. He says, and, I agree, that “climate change” has been around since the big bang and more is on the way….warming and cooling. Anyway….not me…so you and I will just have to drink grog and not worry about this…..

    However, the oil/gas and coal reserves are conservatively estimated and have been proven to be very accurate. If you are wanting me to guarantee 500 years….you know I will not do that. My crystal ball is just as good as yours but to foretell….My opinion is actually the opposite…I think, as do a lot of our collegues in the industry, that it is greater than 500 years. Here is why….I can only cite specifics from first hand accounts. I will tell a little story of an oil field discovered in the 40’s in Jacksboro, Texas. We were fortunate to have helped develop those fields. The fields were forecasted then to last only 15 years…it is now 2015 and the fields are still producing. The wells started out at 200 bbs per day and now are producing 30 bbls per day and have been producing 30 bbls per day for the last 35 years. we have reworked casings and pumps and still going strong. This is just one llittle field and this is normal and not an exception. We have no way of measuring oil by gallons….no one does but we know what the formations look like and we have history…….so does the rest of the oil industry. Now, with even that being said….I cannot be definitive. I will not live to see it.

    Now, do you really want to play what if? I had a professor once tell me in my contracts class…you can not write a contract to cover every conceivable out. It would stretch around the world three times and still not cover everything. So….can I be wrong? Yes. Can you be wrong…Yes. We now have a horse race. It is not, however, worth it to me to subsidize alternative forms…let the private sector do this. I can guarantee you this……if it can be done at a profit…the private sector will make it happen. So far…

    Global warming reminds me of “Chicken Little”……..I feel very strongly that it is a scam. But you cannot prove it and neither can I.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Cheers….AS I’ve written in the past, one of my previous careers was in oil exploration off of California. Tons of the stuff off shore. Unfortunately back in I believe ’74 an offshore well caused a spill off of Santa Barbara and Ca and the Feds shut down any drilling even to this day. The oil companies say….TODAY, we do not need to be directly above the oil, but can slant drill from shore at no risk to the ocean……CA and the FEDS still say no.

      When I was out there the Glomar Explorer was practicing raising large wrecks before they attempted to raise the soviet sub that sank off Hawaii. When Jack Anderson leaked the secret of the CIA and Hughes Corps project nothing happened to Jack. Kind of cool working along side that ship… it took Jack Anderson so long to leak was amazing. We all knew what the ship was practicing for in Long Beach Harbor.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I like your use of Academic Whore. I always look to see who commissioned the study if they actually dare to publish it with the paper. Rarely will most “scientists” refute their benefactors preconceived agenda. They are usually not willing to break their own “Rice Bowl”. If you do not come up with the answers the funder wants they will go elsewhere. Like the courts.

    • Colonel, let us be on the side of sanity. If there is global warming or cooling it sure as hell is not man made and it is incredible hubris to say man can do something about it.

      Mr. Gore, I believe, predicted Florida to be under water by now. I did not see him in hip waders today.

      I remember when these schmucks predicted global cooling in the ’70’s. I still have a “Playboy” article about the new Ice Age. The “scientific” community was talking about solutions like coating the arctic/Antarctic with carbon powder to increase heat absorption and encourage melting. Now, THAT would have been something!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Stephen…So I’m not the only one who remembers. Same scientists blaming cooling on the same thing that they blame warming…..physics just doesn’t act that way.

      • I think it is far greater hubris to simply dismiss the possibility that mankind could affect the atmosphere enough to also affect weather.

        • Would you care to elaborate on this?

        • It could and it might and the answer to that is a massive die off of humanity. Don’t mince the words, that is the only way out.

          But, if you look at the record. We, in the United States have long led the way to clean air and clean water. Long before the environmental movement, Earth Day etc. we decided that the rivers should not burn. We also decided that occasionally you should be able to see cross town so we began the process of “cleaning up”. Did a pretty good job too on our own before there ever was an EPA.

          I remember back to Grammar School when they talked of the “dust bowl” and soil and water conservation. We learned and led the way. I remember a series of stamps in the early ’60’s honoring those efforts.

          I look at the California mess. The watersheds have demonstrated in these droughts that they cannot sustain the increase in population West of the Rockies. That, in and of itself, should mitigate against “open borders”. I do remember a number of surveys we were involved in when NYC finally decided to meter every apartment building for water. Prior to that there was a flat fee based. on frontage. Lo and Behold it was discovered that poor people in poor neighborhoods waste water at an astounding rate! The city had to put the water increases they proposed on hold because landlords of buildings in poor neighborhoods could never cover the water costs. At first they claimed the evil owners did no repairs when faucets and toilets leaked. That was BS. People used the cold water on full blast to cool their beer hot water to thaw the frozen chicken. Not apocryphal,, I’ve seen it!

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          JAC… most certainly had some impact on the worlds environment and I’ll be the 1st to say so. What I will challenge is the Al Gorian’s and the we have to do anything at all costs to forstall the pending doom. I will challenge cutting the worlds greatest carbon sink the amazonian rainforest to create ethanol, I will challenge just plain out and out falsehoods and data manipulation to conform to their models. I absolutely remember the stinking atmosphere in the PA cities. The air in LA and the flowing cesspool of the Hudson river. The systematic cleaning up since the Clean Air Act passed in Nixon’s era and expanded is much more to my liking than reverting back to what is now China and other developing countries who could have started their industrial drive with clean factories, not ones developed 50 years ago and then given a pass by the adminstration and the UN for another 30 years……that hypocracy at best therefore creating the disbelief in the analysis. But then again we like cheap goods…when Al Gore starts flying commercial instead of his own private jet all over the world.

  39. CNN reported that Hillary just captured the Chicago cemetery vote.

  40. This should not be a surprise to anyone here. I also have doubts that this is occurring only with the Liberal Left, it’s likely the whole deal:

    SCRIPTED: Entire leftist media is told exactly what to print, what to ask and what to think by the Clinton campaign

    Tuesday, October 11, 2016
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

    (NaturalNews) The Wikileaks email dumps on John Podesta are so packed with bombshells about media collusion with the Clintons, I can’t even process them all. So I’m including some of the highlights as headline links below.

    The bottom line of what’s coming out so far is that the entire mainstream media is controlled and scripted by the Clintons and democrats. In other words, the “mainstream” media is now nothing more than an extension of the state.

    Democrats, the Clintons, the federal government and the mainstream media have all merged into one grand orgy of collusion, spewing disinformation and lies to keep their most adored criminals (Obama and the Clintons) in power while destroying anyone who challenges the status quo.

    As you’ll see in the stories linked below, the Clinton campaign tells the media what to print, what questions to ask, what to censor and what to conclude. Journalists working for CNBC, CNN, NYT, etc., are not allowed to engage in anything resembling real journalism. Their stories are scripted in advance. Everything is orchestrated and engineered. The game is rigged at every level, just like I said in my viral article EVERYTHING IS RIGGED: Medicine, science, elections, the media, money, education, search engines, social media… you are living in a fabricated fairy tale.

    This is but one of many takes on this. Plenty more to see if you search.

  41. Liberal’s have learned well from the Nazi’s, as shown here:

  42. Gingrich offered a very interesting insider’s perspective this evening on the Clinton/media collusion.

    He said it may not be that Clinton has captured the media but that the media elite have captured Clinton. He stated outright that the MSM and the Clintons/Dem Party are all one in the same. This is not news but his first statement indicates the power lies within the media elite boardrooms, not with the political class.

    Very interesting.

  43. Among other interesting news, how about those Cubs?

  44. Another lawyer politician we were told was just so much smarter than the rest of us has just been told “her” agency creation is unconstitutional. And the remedy by the Court? Put the President in charge and give him/her complete authority to fire the agency head for “any reason”. So one person in charge was a threat to separation of powers but one person who can fire the director for any reason is somehow more “balanced”??

  45. If I were Obama…..starting immediately, I would go ahead and do anything I wanted right now. No power exists to stop him.

    If I were Putin, I would move immediately to take whatever I wanted…there is no power to stop him.

    If I were Iran, I would move immediately to ake and do whatever I wanted….there is no power to stop them.

    If I were China, I would move immediately to take the Southern Phillipine Islands….there is no power to stop them.

    What is everyone waiting on?

  46. I do not know what the Republican elites are thinking. They are attacking and abandoning Trump thinking this will save them. They are showing absolutely no ability to work as a team or that they even understand the concept. They are being given exactly the proof of their decades old claim that the media and the Dems are in bed with each other and are just letting it pass. They should be united in calling for a wholesale overhaul of the MSM and the ouster of all Dems from high public office. Every Republican should be attacking the press and the Dems for this unholy alliance. What utter incompetence.

  47. T-Ray….it is beyond comprehension. Perhaps I am too old,,,America became great not because of Europe or not because of any religion or not because of any other culture. We became great in spite of Europe, in spite of religion and in spite of other cultures. We became great because of independent thinking, ingenuity, and a desire to be more free than where our ancestors left. Immigration to the US was genuine back then….people wanted to assimilate and work. And they did, for awhile. The great melting pot meant that everyone banded together and worked for a common cause. Independence…freedoms…free thinking. This greater good thing is actually detrimental. I do not want to be the Borg….I do not want “collective” anything. we have become a European Society ( or fast becoming one ) where no one wants to work but they want the goodies provided to them and that is a ruination of a society.

    I guess it is really true that people want to be led to slaughter and are willing to give up freedoms to do so. I am very disheartened at what I see today….morals, values, integrity, ethics…..all disappearing.

    Ya know, I figure everyone is tired of hearing me brag about Texas….we are not without problems but we are fast fixing them. We ran into this mediocrity I mentioned about 15 or 20 years ago and have started to change things. We are trying to get away from mediocrity. We have a balanced budget and we have a line item veto. ( These are scoffed at by the progressives because it takes power away from legislative bodies that want to run amok ). We have just recently voted to make “Right to Work” a State Constitutional provision. It will now take a 75% majority to take it away. We got rid of lump sum awards in the workmen’s compensation issue….our work related insurance premiums for this plummeted by over 70%. The lawyers abandoned this because they had to wait for their money. Medical insurance premiums plummeted like wise because we put limits on money awards for malpractice suits. The lawyers left the state because there were no more million dollar awards. Even in our Workmen’s comp, there are limits to awards and specific prices for things. We strengthened out lemon laws to where if you sold a bad product, there is no retro-active predetermined amount. You sell a lemon here…. you eat it back with damages.

    Things like this puts the power back to people and out of the hands of lawyers and politicians…for the most part. But we also have a legislature that only meets once every two years and they are not career politicians…because we do not pay salaries to legislators. Everyone of them works for someone or owns their business. For example, Senators and Representatives are paid exactly the same…..$7,200 per year. That is it. No medical benefits, no cars, no planes…..These are working people who know what it takes to live. We actually have people that can add and subtract, know what a budget is and know how to administer it. They know that when you run out of money, you do not borrow from Peter to pay Paul. When a budget is out of money….it is broke until the next budget cycle. Our State Constitution PROHIBITS borrowing…..period. Maybe Washington needs to learn this and maybe this progressive movement needs to learn this. Don’t come to Texas and expect to get State handouts…you will be drug AND alcohol tested. Don’t come to Texas and expect to get housing allotments unless you are willing to submit to inspections and routine back ground checks. We are slowly but surely doing away with slum lords. we have torn down almost all of the great housing projects that Lyndon Johnson and the “Great Society” dictated years ago because they turned into criminal enclaves. Perhaps Washington should do this. We have eliminated the Robin Hood approach in our education system where rich districts have to give up their money to poorer districts to “make them equal”. We put the power into the hands of local school districts who elect their own from within their district and they set their own tax rates within their own districts. we empowered the local PTA’s and they run their own schools and set their own standards…..for example if a school district in Fort Worth votes to have uniforms….then they wear uniforms. If the district next door does not want them…then they do not. In other words, we have given and are giving the power back to the local jurisdictions. There is NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Perhaps Washington should do this.

    One of the benefits we are finding is in the Hispanic and Asian Communities. They do not like the “unlawful” or “illegal” immigrants either because it is a drain upon their own localities. Because we have put the power of the purse into the hands of locals….it is amazing how quickly perceptions change. They are solving problems that legislatures cannot….why? Because they are local problems being settled by local people, local police, and local jurisdictions. Perhaps we should go back to the State Independence. What is good for Texas may not be good for New York, for example. Down here, a $40,000 per year salary will support a family of four….up there, you cannot even buy a hamburger.

    My whole point is this……Texas is beginning to stand up to the Feds. We are putting the control back to local jurisdictions or our own State. we will have voter ID no matter what the Feds say….we are doing this now and this election, we will do it again. We opted out of Obamacare….we can handle our own medical without going onto the “red”…..we opted out of Federal housing.., we are trying to do away with Federal education funding because we leave what is being taught up to local control. No Federal Agency is going to tell us what to teach. Again, the point is getting the Feds out of your business and we are a state run by working people. Local jurisdiction is working….perhaps Washington can learn something.

    Why are the States of Arizona and California complaining about the sudden influx of immigrants…illegal or unlawful….I don’t care what label you put on it… is because we are enforcing FEDERAL Law…..we are enforcing the laws on the books in Texas. When you break the law here….you are a criminal. We are doing pretty well, now…..although the criminal element on the border is still there and it is a gunfight everyday….but…we are handling this locally. That is the point….Washington and the progressives have lost their way….

    • nailed it perfectly Colonel!

      FYI, most of the “Great Society” Model Cities instant slum projects have been dynamited. Jersey City and Newark did it over a decade ago. back when I was at Ft. Leonard Wood I saw this thing in St. Louis. A classic “urban renewal” project. 2,600 units of low income housing. For your reading enjoyment, here it is.

      Now, as a housing guy. let me tell you something. All these projects could have survived had they screened the tenancy and mixed the incomes. In NYC in 1940, Metropolitian Life built Parkchester in the Bronx then in 1950 they built Stuyvesant Town in Manhattan. Parkchester went mostly to white Jewish and Irish 2nd generation Americans born in the slums of NYC. Stuy-town was mostly WW 2 vets. They both thrived even though their residents were close to the bottom of the working class socio-economic heap.

      In addition, New York City, with more public housing than any other American City has NEVER lost a Public Housing project. The reasons were a thorough screening and a strong police presence from day one. These are not the kind of places you would want to live in today because of the destruction of the family structure. They are downright dangerous but they survive.

  48. Dale A Albrecht says:

    This is a nice summary of the events of Hillary and Comey and the administration over the past year. Written by a former dept of Justice attorney. What makes this so sad is that the MSM and the RNC is being quite successful on comparing Trumps off comments to Hillary’s criminal misdeeds and saying they’re equivalent. I thought a sentence towards the bottom about freedom of the press in the US has been ranked by “Reporters without Borders” as #46 in the world. All of that was backed up by the collusion shown in the latest wikileaks.

    The RNC hated Trump for running under their establishment banner and knocking off their beknighted favorite sons. Their non endorsement and looking for any excuse to abandon him from what little support their establishment gave him. If Bush IIII had gotten the nomination and was elected there would be few noticible changes in Americas policies.

    It really would have been interesting if Trump had in fact run as an independent 3rd party.
    One had better believe that the intelligence agencies of this nation have intact 100% of Hillary’s communications and they are remaining silent. By their silence they are guaranteeing a continuation of everything that the American people have disliked over the past many years, including the past couple administrations, while subverting us further into a one world government.

    • I think you make an excellent point re: third party. How close do you think Ross Perot came before he deliberately self-destructed? I still think that had he been serious he would have gone all the way.

      The American People, after Reagan, had Bush the elder figured out. They knew he was nothing but some silver spoon rich guy, especially after the first term. Perot was the wildly successful common man hated by many who had gotten in his way to the top. Clinton was a back-up.

      Thinking of the rich white descendants of our forebears compared to us whose forebears came much later, I am reminded of the great Malcolm comment.

      “We never landed on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us”. I’d add our family’s history to that.

  49. “Go and register. Make sure you get out and vote November 28,”
    -Donald Trump
    Panama City, Fla.

  50. A look at how the leadership of the Dem side think. Note on Podesta’s first reaction and tendency to belittle someone. Have to give it to Clinton’s other staffers here. They chose the right path.

    Following Clinton’s tense Oct. 22 testimony, Podesta proposed in an email that she could publicly joke, “I used to be obsessed with Donald Trump’s hair, that was until I got to spend 11 hours staring at the top of Trey Gowdy’s head,” a reference to the slicked-back white coif of the South Carolina Republican who chairs the committee.

    Other Clinton aides shot down the idea.

    “I love the joke too but I think HRC should stay above the committee,” adviser Jake Sullivan replied, “and especially above personal insults about it. She’s got every inch of the high ground right now.”

    Palmieri replied: “Wow. You people are a bunch of ninnies.”

  51. I see there is a growing campaign to eliminate Columbus Day, changing it to Native American Day.

    So, question of the day. How long before the SJWs call for elimination of the names “Columbus and Columbia” from all places and things?

    My Canadian friends will have to come up with a new name for Northern Idaho. 🙂

    • I mean, I appreciate the white-washed version of history where Columbus discovered the New World and made friends with the locals, and all that.. but we both know the true history was a fair shade darker. There’s a solid case to be made that he committed genocide.

      Should we really have a holiday celebrating him? Should we really be having our kids making arts and crafts Popsicle models of his ships? Should we really be teaching kids nursery rhymes about his voyage?

      I’m not willing to give up the day off, so why not “Indigenous Peoples Day”? I mean, they discovered America long before Columbus. For that matter, so did the Vikings*.

      I’d also point out that he never actually made it to mainland America. He made it to Haiti. Not that it matters, but hey, at least it’s an interesting side note.

      I could go on about his management (read: reign of terror) over Hispanola, but you probably know the gist and it’s gruesome enough that I don’t really want to get into it.

      It’s not SJW’s. It’s human decency. In a just world, someone like that would never have been made into a national folk-icon in the first place.

      *Not the ones from Minnesota.

      • Mathius

        “It’s not SJW’s.” OK, then why do you then claim SJW righteousness with “It’s human decency.” By what standard to YOU decide what is decent over 400 years ago?

        ” In a just world,” Whose justice? The Just world of 1400’s, 2000 BC, 1600’s, 1800’s?

        Teaching TRUE history is one thing. Trying to assign modern values to history is entirely a different matter.

        If the SJW’s had there way there would be NO American History taught with heroes. Because by modern standards every hero of the past is a modern villain.

  52. Mathius

    Chew on this for awhile. I suppose you will dismiss this as “old news” and “nobody cares”. Well you may be right on that last point. That is the sad state of affairs, pun intended, today.

  53. Our beloved leader showing off a fully erect penis in front of reporters back in Senate days.

    Too bad Hillary didn’t have the video in ’08, Barack woudl be back organizing and Hillary would have been dispatched in ’08.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      What was Mae West’s famous quote…”Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to see me”

      What was Billy Bush doing recording in a locker room anyway? One of the most disgusting duties I ever pulled both in private business and the military was having anything to do with the maintenance of the “ladies” heads. The men’s were sanitary in cleanliness and grafitti by comparison. How is the depiction in film of a strip club for men compared to one for women with male strippers. Usually the men’s is subdued for obvious visible reasons, but a lady’s club is sheer decadence. For women to feign offense is hypocracy. For the RNC to be offended is totally political hypocracy doubly bad.

      Wasn’t Barney Frank’s actually running an escort service in DC. Totally open and not denied. He had no issue with the voters. Deny and claim some sanctity, like “christian values” only to be uncovered you’re toast. Trump has never denied anything, so why double standards? Much less why vote in a president who has a spouse who violated every workplace law about sexual abuse and known predator and destroyed people over that and also paid 100’s of thousands just to make it go away….back in into the hen house. Solution only have male staffers and interns. or have Bill neutered alla Wayne Bobbitt 1st.

      • There also was the story recounted about Sen. Dodd and Sen. Kennedy frequenting a certain DC watering hole and being famous for making “waitress sandwiches”! I will leave that to your imagination.

        Notice the hypocrisy regarding a certain former speaker by the name of Denny Hastert. I cannot believe that there were NO rumors following him around.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I believe there were, with page boys.

          I just caught up with weeks of deliberately ignoring George Will’s editorials. The latest was titled ” Trumps candidacy shows how far we have fallen” It was a continual tirade against Trump and his bombastity etc……I believe the greater symtom of how far we have fallen is the fact that Hillary is still around and a few weeks away from the brass ring. With federal violation after federal violation and national security violations…proven but not charged by a initimidated legal system which is “SUPPOSED” to be blind. The government might as well take the Justice statue down, it’s meaningless.

          Another article is way american males are not working, Totally missed the point and went along with Obamas rhetoric of the american worker being lazy. totally missed that there are more %age wise work eligible people not working since the great depression….this even in view of though BS service jobs, no value add jobs may have increase, manufacturing and industrial jobs continue to decline.

          The ratio of lawyers has increase 4.3 X in the past 30 years whereas during the previous 200 years the number was consistant….why? has human character suddenly become more prone to lawlessness?..NO…just the possiblity of violating one or many of the ten’s of thousands of laws enacted each year designed to cure every conceivable human grievance. Ushering in an era where one needs a lawyer just to talk to your neighbor about his apple dropping over the fence.

          • I have posted the Obama video on Facebook and am daring my anyone but Trump friends the Clinton true believers and the people who will excuse Obama for anything to give me one lousy excuse. 12 hours, no takers yet. Will keep it up tomorrow.

  54. The Hillary Clinton campaign emails released by WikiLeaks Monday are the most alarming yet – and they’ve revealed what supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders long believed.

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spent years preparing to rig the 2016 presidential election.

    An email from top Democratic party lobbyist Erick Mullen to Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta in 2015 has revealed that Clinton orchestrated a Democratic coup to install Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to the head of the Democratic National Committee – all the way back in 2011.

    In order for Clinton to get Wasserman-Schultz, the co-chairwoman of her failed 2008 presidential campaign, to the head of the Democratic National Committee, she needed to get the then-chair to step down… and also recommend Wassernman-Shultz.

    The DNC chair at the time? Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, Clinton’s current vice presidential nominee.

    When Kaine resigned in 2011, he pushed President Barack Obama to appoint Wasserman-Shultz as his successor.

    Why? Turns out, Clinton had already promised him the vice presidency as payment for his cooperation.

    In the revealing 2015 email, Mullen complains of the “unseemly” way political insider Bob Glennon was bragging to Sens. Sherrod Brown and Heidi Heitcamp about Clinton’s underhanded plan at a dinner.

    The email is posted in link.

  55. SK, re: your comment about admitting it is Fascism:

    Syndicalism is a proposed type of economic system, a form of socialism, considered a replacement for capitalism. It suggests that workers, industries, and organisations be systematized into confederations or syndicates. It is “a system of economic organization in which industries are owned and managed by the workers”.[1]

    Its theory and practice is the advocacy of multiple cooperative productive units composed of specialists and representatives of workers in each field to negotiate and manage the economy.

    For adherents, labour unions and labour training (see below) are the potential means of both overcoming economic aristocracy and running society in the interest of informed and skilled majorities, through union democracy. Industry in a syndicalist system would be run through co-operative confederations and mutual aid. Local syndicates may communicate with other syndicates through the Bourse du Travail (labour exchange) which would cooperatively determine distributions of commodities.

    “Syndicalism” is also used to refer to the political movement (praxis) and the tactic of bringing about this social arrangement, typically expounded by anarcho-syndicalism and De Leonism. It aims to achieve a general strike, a workers’ outward refusal of their current modes of production, followed by organisation into federations of trade unions, such as the CNT. Throughout its history, the reformist section of syndicalism has been overshadowed by its revolutionary section, typified by the Federación Anarquista Ibérica section of the CNT.[2]

    • Which then morphs to:

      In the early 20th century, nationalists and syndicalists were increasingly influencing each other in Italy.[5] From 1902 to 1910, a number of Italian revolutionary syndicalists including Arturo Labriola, Agostino Lanzillo, Angelo Oliviero Olivetti, Alceste De Ambris, Filippo Corridoni and Sergio Panunzio sought to unify the Italian nationalist cause with the syndicalist cause and had entered into contact with Italian nationalist figures such as Enrico Corradini.[6] These Italian national syndicalists held a common set of principles: the rejection of bourgeois values, democracy, liberalism, Marxism, internationalism, and pacifism while promoting heroism, vitalism, and violence.[7] Many of these national syndicalist proponents would go on to become Fascists.[8]

      Enrico Corradini promoted a form of national syndicalism that utilized Maurassian nationalism alongside the syndicalism of Georges Sorel.[9] Corradini spoke of the need for a national syndicalist movement that would be able to solve Italy’s problems, led by elitist aristocrats and anti-democrats who shared a revolutionary syndicalist commitment to direct action through a willingness to fight.[9] Corradini spoke of Italy as being a “proletarian nation” that needed to pursue imperialism in order to challenge the “plutocratic” nations of France and the United Kingdom.[10] Corradini’s views were part of a wider set of perceptions within the right-wing Italian Nationalist Association (ANI) that claimed that Italy’s economic backwardness was caused by corruption within its political class, liberalism, and division caused by “ignoble socialism”.[10] The ANI held ties and influence amongst conservatives, Catholics, and the business community.[10]

      With the outbreak of World War I, Sergio Panunzio noted the national solidarity within France and Germany that suddenly arose in response to the war and claimed that should Italy enter the war, the Italian nation would become united and would emerge from the war as a new nation in a “Fascio nazionale” (national union) that would be led by an aristocracy of warrior-producers that would unite Italians of all classes, factions, and regions into a disciplined socialism.[11]

      In November 1918, Mussolini defined national syndicalism as a doctrine that would unite economic classes into a program of national development and growth.[12]

  56. And the hits keep on coming….Two women are now saying that Trump assaulted and was all over them…30 years ago……..just now coming out 4 weeks before the election…..

    Credibility zero for these women. Hell, I am from Texas where we revere women and protect them and I don’t even believe this.

    • Even my spousal unit laughs at this one.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      One does something then and there……not oh geez, I just rememebered a half a lifetime later…….considering today even thinking impure thoughts is considered an assult. In the UK even whistling at a passing girl is now considered an assult.

      What was that Harrison Ford said to Anne Heche in Six Days, Seven Nights….why do you wear clothes like that if you don’t want to be oogled. She said, I like being oogled, just not by you.

      True incident at IBM when I was there. Our secretary was on the prowl for a new husband. Her desk was like a bowl of milk to the local Tom cats. Those she liked no problem….those she didn’t she turned into HR for disciplinary action for sexual harassment. She used the new workplace rules as a weapon against those who displeased her.

    • Anything from his high school days? I heard he whacked a kid on the head (a female) with a block in pre-K.

      • He failed the sand pile test.

      • Yeah, you can’t even offer a lady your hand any longer to help or open doors any longer….and they wonder why men don’t do chivalrous things. Not any more….not worth the effort.

        I have even had women say, ” I can open it myself ” when I have held doors which I said ok and then proceeded through the door ahead of her and let it slam shut…and then she got mad.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I can not answer for the tourists from up above the Mason Dixon line, but here in New Bern, manners are still taught. Young, old, white black asian, hispanic, country folk, city folk….yes sir, yes ma’am, people hold doors, stop and chat on the porch

          The tourists are stuck in pokeman and we all just shake our heads

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        In Kindergarten rocks were a toy that were unlimited in number in the field that doubled as a playground. In the winter, embedded rocks added range to the snowballs. Girls were not excluded from wargames.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I still have a pretty good scar on my noggin when I dared someone that they couldn’t hit me….I didn’t duck fast enough…..nobody even thought of suing, the teacher said that’ll teach you to not duck and applied the methilaid….badge of honor the red. Or stupidity take your choice.

  57. Finally, of these emails I’ll mention here, in an email written by Hillary herself to Podesta, the Democrat candidate for president revealed that the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia are directly funding ISIS. And yet, Hillary and her pseudo charity have taken tens of millions from these very nations.

    Locked up is the LEAST of things this traitor witch should receive. As for the media, they may have finally had their last hoorah. They are not trusted and now have been proven to be nothing more than a propaganda organization for the Democrat Party. ZERO credibility.

  58. Note: If you were to strip naked and run around in a circle at the speed of 299.8 m/sec (the speed of light), it would be theoretically possible for you to “screw” yourself.

    However, since you are not physically capable of achieving that speed, you can still easily accomplish the same result by voting Democrat in November.

    • Burma Shave

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Do they still have those sayings along the highway out west? Loved them.

        Remember the saying in the military….”I do not mind being screwed, but I’ll be damned if I’ll supply the vaseline”

        • I saw one the other day on old route 66…..sure dates us, doesn’t it.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            oh yeah…..they were funny, getting bit by bit as one drove along after the punch line…”Burma Shave”

            Also the barn painting and advertisements. Most had been weathered having been done in a bygone era.

    • I saw that too. Somethings a foot. As the Col. said, if your going to move, now is the time. We have a pacifist weak leader. In 3 months we could have a strong leader or another weak but unstable leader. I think the Russians fear Hillary because the know she cannot be trusted nor is she predictable nor stabile. They have all her emails and know what a liar she is. Trump would be a strong leader thus more predictable and someone not to fool with.

  59. Oh the irony. Dripping with rotten, stickin, irony. A statement by a……UN OFFICIAL.

    “I always believe that it’s incumbent on leaders to lead and to lead in a way that is ethical and moral,” Zeid said on Wednesday, when asked about Trump. “The use of half-truths is a very clever political device. Because as every propagandist knows, you allow the listener to fill in the rest.”

    And of course, mixed with a splash of HYPOCRISY.

  60. I am getting the feeling that we could see the beginning of the end of the elite power structure this fall. Not just here but around the world.

    All it would take now is a major economic downturn that the elite could not control. And even without that there just seems to be a lot of stars lining up recently.

    Trump does not win, 30 million go nuts and the wheels come off. Because the election was rigged by the DNC and the MSM, along with their Republican partners.

    Clinton does not win, 30 million go nuts and the wheels come off. Because it was the Russians fault, and Trump is on their side, along with the 30 million red necks in his base.

    I heard this afternoon that the PAC which has been supporting Trump told the Republican Party they were going to destroy any R who publicly opposes Trump. They are going to start targeting down stream elections as well. This of course had Glenn Beck tied in knots, despite his participation in the very same strategy just a few years back.

    So what happens if the Tea Party and the Trumpsters decide to join forces. Will the numbers and power grow? Or will it fail due to infighting over who gets credit?

  61. And there’s the crack in the dam.

    Two women will shortly be 30.

    You can probably kiss a republican senate goodbye, too.

    • In case you have been missing things, the NYT, NBC, CNN and several other propaganda outlets (they are no longer media, more like the National Enquirer) have little to no credibility.

    • Do you not find it funny that after a blistering primary with a guy like Larry Flynt offering millions for dirt on Trump that THIS happens now, 29 days out?

      The innuendo against Bill Clinton was there for the entire race yet there was no coverage.

      • I don’t think it matters at this point. He’s shown himself to be a sleezeball (admitted to deliberately walking into the girls changing room, grab her by the pussy, etc). True or not – and it sure is awfully convenient – this will be the nail in the coffin.

        Unless he can very quickly and very convincingly prove these women are lying (and it’s very tough to prove a negative), he’ll be convicted in the court of public opinion.

        I wonder if this will be enough to flip Texas….

        • Since the Wiki Leaks have already proved collusion between the source (NYT et al) and the HRC campaign what’s there to prove except to the brain dead?

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            might as well disconnect the life support

            • I find it amusing as I am sure that you do that everything is alleged when dealing with the other side but TRUE when dealing with ours.

              If they had the goods a month ago, it might have done some good this is just to keep the Wiki leaks stuff in the background. Since much of the leak info points the finger at teh media, this should be easier to dismiss. Not, of course, to the walking dead.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          You know Mathius….I do not get you as smart as you apparently are. The stuff so convieniently being released just 3 weeks before the election is absolute political sleeze, maybe true, maybe not, I do not care. However to your glee a leader then may be elected that has a husband in the WH and will return and be named to her administration, says Hillary who had mistresses who stuck his cigars up their “you know whats” then smoked them. That is sick and he is a proven sexual predator……then our discussions have been totally serious on what should have been Hillary’s disqualification by violating, provably of just about every national security data retention law there is. Not just accused but proven. Even in business you upon separation turn in every piece of company information, tools, things that hold that data. She did not do that keeping it secret for years until caught. If I was a foriegn leader I’d be terrified of this person, also the fact that SHE on tape said that she would take military action against Russia over these cyber attacks and hacking…..shit our NSA and all intelligence services do it including upon our own people and leaders….if you missed that tidbit in the news.

          I’ll cast a wide blame here. The Rino’s also can be blamed on Libya and Syria. Guys like McCain and Graham who should absolutely know better where totally hot to trot on taking out Assad, but were stymied thusly creating Libya. Just like Iran Contra but on steroids killng and displacing hundreds of thousands.

          The scenerio is even worse than the 30’s and Hitler’s rise. In that case the world was afraid of another “War To End All Wars” aka WWI, but here we’re fanning, enabling and participating in a far more devastating conflict, yet to play out. I am not even talking about the Cold War, but one that I’ve been trying to follow and sort out since ’78/’79. Why, because everything that Khomenai stated in an interview about his plan of action is absolutely following script….

        • Surely you jest… my court of public opinion….as limited as it is…..I think most of us know that these women are not truthful……..down here, we call it a lie. Just like the unlawful entry of immigrants…..we do not throw a coat of paint on…they are illegal.

          It will not change Texas…even as Western as we are…..truly western and very protective of women….we do not believe them…..even my spousal unit does not believe them and she gives benefit of doubt with regularity,

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