America is Imploding

history-21America is a divided nation, possibly heading toward the level of Civil War.  The truth is slowly being revealed through hacked emails, edited video and audio recordings and a campaign season that is making history for it’s divisiveness.  The main Stream Media has all but lost any credibility it had and little to nothing can be believed if it comes from them, including the weather.  The rule of law seems to not apply to the political elite.  The media has sold it’s soul to the devil, literally.  It seems more and more that we are on the verge of a nuclear war with Russia (who is far more prepared than us).   The economy, being mostly ignored these days, is on the verge of imploding.

There are no more free and fair elections, those days are history.  The “Establishment” will do whatever is needed to stay in power.  By the time enough people wake up and figure out that the “Establishment” needs to be removed from public service, by force if need be, it will be far too late.  History is repeating itself.  You can use your imagination as to which atrocity in history will come, but history none the less, is here.  (P.S.  This election will not change a thing).  Enjoy the ride, hope it ends well for you.





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  2. Some stuff from email leaks…..

    The following list is not exhaustive and includes:

    Details about Clinton’s involvement and cover-up in the Uranium One deal. During her time as Secretary of State, Clinton approved the sale of roughly 20% of our nation’s uranium production to a Russian-government backed company called Uranium One, which in turn donated millions to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton did not disclose these donations, covering them up instead.
    The Department of Justice colluded with the Clinton campaign on the email investigation likely in order to prepare her.
    Podesta plotted a “Catholic Spring,” seeking to subvert the Catholic church with progressive ideologies)
    Catholics, Evangelicals, Southerners and other demographic groups were disparaged and mocked.
    Clinton-attorney David Kendal admits legal team did not turn over important email thumb drive and server to State Department.
    African Americans and Muslims were disparaged as “losers.”
    Podesta urged Hillary Clinton to make an “easy” phone call in order to ensure the support of “needy Latinos”
    Multiple emails reveal mainstream media collusion with the Clinton campaign including from the Washington Post and CNN, among other outlets.
    Clinton staffers discussed which of Hillary Clinton’s emails to release and which not to (i.e. delete).
    Donna Brazile in fact had the exact wording of a proposed CNN town hall question and fed it to the Clinton campaign prior to the event.
    Hillary Campaign planned (and succeeded) to fool Bernie Sanders and his “self-righteous ideologue” supporters at the convention. Podesta and campaign staff planned to “throw [Sanders] a bone” at the convention by falsely vowing to curb the Superdelegate system. This was done to make Sanders and his “bitching” supporters “think they’ve won something.”
    Saudi Arabia and Qatar — both big donors to the Clinton Foundation — are funding ISIS.
    Campaign feared what, exactly, was in Clinton’s emails.
    Preferential treatment would be given to “Friends of Bill” following the Haiti earthquake.
    Campaign heads admit Hillary Clinton “hates everyday Americans”
    Hillary Clinton called Bernie Sanders supporters a “bucket of losers” in Goldman Sachs speech. She also admitted to having two faces and two sets of policies — one she reveals to the public, the other in private.
    Clinton’s own campaign called her a “mediocre” and “lackluster” candidate.
    Clinton campaign was concerned about Bill Clinton’s sex-life as a liability to the campaign.
    Campaign staff admitted that Clinton often lies and said she should not press Sanders for his medical records during the primaries, insinuating it would open a can of worms for her.

    • Is there any wonder why, after 18 months of brutal campaigning, here 29 days before the election, “Trump faces a torrent of sexual abuse allegations”.

      I would normally take these pretty seriously but at this date when you cannot even begin to have time to unravel them. Not hardly!

      My son was right. What we have here is “Final Protective Fire” or “Broken Arrow” as the Colonel says.

      • Awfully convenient, eh?

        Doesn’t matter though. Given some of his other comments and (verified / admitted) actions, the narrative is too strong. It’s too… plausible… that these are true. It doesn’t even matter if it is true, just that it’s highly plausible.

        And the argument that Bill is a sexual predator is irrelevant. And the argument that Hillary silenced and intimidated his accusers just doesn’t have that same je ne seis quoi.

        There’s no way he’s coming back form this short of a massive and new revelation about Hillary. Or, I suppose, if she dies.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      T-Ray…..I read through the entire string. Whether a nice piece of prose or not, the pervasive theme is the rot from top to bottom in DC, regardless of party. Hillary is the exposed boil at this point. To lance it is messy but could save the patient. The FBI was unwilling to use the scaple due to the 1) work overload it’d create, 2) to not expose is treason 3) to expose is treason. The last two put them in a conundrum. Both involve protecting the United States and both equaly will cause it’s collapse as we know it, just a different time frame

  3. America’s not imploding – just the Republican Party.

    • The main stream Republican part deserves what it gets. They decided to spend like drunken Dems and lost Congress in ’06 and the WH with a terrible candidate in ’08. The people spoke again in ’10 and gave them the House to correct the uncontrolled Dems. Once again they failed and then nominated a wimp for a candidate and lost in ’12. Once again the people spoke in ’14, gave them the Senate and again they ignored the people. You can only ignore the people so long before they move on and find someone who will take names and kick butt.

      As for the Dems, WikiLeaks is showing just how despicable and elitist they are. Frankly I am ashamed of both parties. Both need to go.

    • No sir, you are wrong……True the Republican Party is imploding…..the Democratic Party was hijacked….America is imploding and you laugh. Not surprisingly though….I expect that from progressives….they simply do not see what it is that us happening. I am glad that I live in one of the last refuges.

      I wonder if we will get back to the Carter days…..high interest rates and higher taxes….I am still voting Trump because there is no alternative. Clinton is that refuse that sticks to the bottom of your boot when you walk through a pasture,,,,we call it bull shit. Progressive’s call it progress.

      The establishment Republicans and Dems….have destroyed this country. However, even if Clinton wins, there will be no change. Business as usual. The poor will get more so, the rich will get more so, the Elite will get more so. No change and I am ready with cash in hand to take advantage.

      The only thing that will turn this progressive mantra around is a return to the days of Carter…that would be a hoot. I have been through it before and in a better position now….Hedge funds will become non existent, housing will implode, 401(k’s) will disappear, and credit will dry up…..perhaps this IS what we need.

      • Hedge funds will become non existent

        I certainly hope not…

        • I know you do but it is what happened last time. History does repeat itself.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Mathius…..I have a question….what does a hedge fund do other than make more or less money and produce nothing? Sounds like a scam alla Bernie Madoff and MF Global with Corzine, just to name 2..

          Reminds me of the brothers in “Trading Places” “The beauty of it is that regardless of our clients making money or losing money we still make our commission”

          • A hedge fund, by its very design, is supposed to hedge its bets so that it always (almost always) makes money. We will, generally, (theoretically) make less than the market, but we won’t lose when the market loses (or, at least, hopefully, we will lose less than the market loses). That magic comes in when you think about compound interest. Consistent positive returns make compounding explode. People would rather have smaller, but consistent-ish, growth. And that’s what we provide. Theoretically.

            In any event, we employ researchers and analysts who decide what to buy and sell and when and how much. We employ people like myself who handle the back-end of it. We pay for research and market services (a Bloomberg terminal costs 20k+ / yr!). And all of our trading (theoretically) adds liquidity to the market and capital to funds seeking to raise it.


            Trading Places was a slightly different animal. They were a brokerage firm (if I recall correctly). So they take a piece of the action whenever you trade. Their vig is tiny – a couple cents / share, or 1/3 of a percent of the gross cost – but it adds up. And, because they don’t take a position on the stocks they’re trading (if they sell to me, they immediately buy from someone else) it doesn’t matter if the clients (including hedge funds) make or lose money. The brokers will keep collecting their vig.


            Madoff was, theoretically, a hedge fund. But what he really was was a thief and a liar who stole his client’s money. It’s not really fair to paint all funds with that brush.


            Now, to your deeper question: what does a HF do other than making / losing money. We provide an efficient marketplace, add liquidity, provide capital to firms via IPO’s and Secondaries, we employ people, we pay for services which then employ more people. But, at the end of the day, no we don’t really “produce” anything. But neither does your personal financial adviser. We are a service industry. Our service is to help rich people get richer.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Not just hitting the reset button citing Hillary, but hitting the big red EPO button to stop the run away meltdown.

      • And, of course, it will be blamed on the republicans….they will hold the house and they will barely hold the Senate….and nothing will be done…….and they will fiddle.

        Interesting thing out here in Vegas ( we will be heading back tomorrow )….I have yet to see a Hillary sign….driving through New Mexico, we saw Trump signs everywhere and same in Arizona and same here in Vegas with a negative Hillary billboard sign. She was supposedly here yesterday but we saw business as usual….no traffic was blocked anywhere and you still had great access to downtown…watched he show “O” last night at the Bellagio, saw Terry Fator the night before and Mystere the night before that….our last show is this evening and then we trek back to the land if Independence.

        Interesting thoughts though….while trying to give some of my money to the dealers, at times there were some interesting conversations. Now, if they are not lying, I have yet to find a union dealer that is voting democratic this year….granted I have talked to only about 6 or 8 but none of them are and they did not know my affiliation. One of the dealers did say, and one of the pit boss’ that I know personally did say that Vegas would take a hard and huge hit if Hillary is elected. The high rollers will leave like last time. They are worried about that very much.

        • We went pumpkining with a grand kid two weeks ago near Jim Thorpe and Leighiton PA. This is usually pretty solid democrat country on the fringes of coal country. Muy and I mean muy Trump signs as opposed to Hillary. The other night’s Trump rally in Wilkes Barre PA was packed! That IS coal country.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I finally saw 2 Hillary posters. Their coloring and locations were almost camoflaged. The blue is in a spectrum that is hard to see with the human eye…….Senator Burr?????as useless as Mrs Dole was. Keeps a seat warm.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Sir….same here. Today out and about the Trump signs are out and I have yet to see a Hillary sign, billboard or otherwise. Last week I drove to the VA hospital in a big university town, again NO Hillary signs. Next week I’ll be heading up to the “Capital” as Andy Griffith used to say and will look around there. Some Norwegian miltary officers were talking at the bar the other night and trying to get a conversation about the election going. Curiosity not injecting opinion, except on gun control. They are a heavily privately armed nation and it is a NON topic there. Even with the shootings the other year…….Even the ladies were for Trump and vocally so. They were venomously anti-Hillary. My polling place is one block over and next to the courthouse. Signs usually are prolific there…I’ll swing by there also….I’ll keep everyone posted…….Unfortunately I believe those that have made up their mind will not bend one iota. The target is Bernie supporters who absolutely have been betrayed by the Democrats. Hillary would NOT be a candidate today without that collusion. And the Gary Johnson types who for the life of me couldn’t vote for Hillary.

          While I picked up my moulding order today and was loading it up, one of the black guys who works in the mill, popped over and started chatting. They’ve done a lot of custom mill work for me over the years. They were out to lunch and were watching a guy out at the corner. They said, we have to keep an eye on him…the lights are on but nobody is home. Commenting on a black guy with a fried brain from crack. They were making sure he didn’t wander into the street, but other than that they just shook their heads and got ready to get back to work.

  4. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Got to go pick up some custom milled crown moulding for the house then go shopping for my birthday dinner…back later…that is a heads up

    • Today is my Birthday…….just turned 68 years young….so….

      Haaaaapppy Birthday to me ( and Dale )*****
      Haaaappppy Birthday to me ( and Dale )****
      Haaaappppy Biiiirrrthhhhday to mmmmeeeeeeeee ( and Dale ) ******
      Haaaappppy Birthday to me ( and Dale )!!!!!!!!!!!*****

      and many mooooorrreee*****

      ***** Sung in perfect harmony, of course.

      • Happy birthday, ye scurvy old dog!

        • Thanking you kindly *****

          **** a humble bow with a sweeping hat gesture

          • Now, if you really want to know how to properly control things……the spousal unit has the same birthday…..AND…..our anniversary is the same……..soooooooooooooooooo…..I never forget.

            Not to be outdone….

            Haaaapppyy birthday and anniversary to ussssssssss
            Haaaaapppy birthday and anniversary to ussssssssss
            Haaaaapppyy birrrttthhhhdayyyy and annniiivvveeersary to us and us and us
            Haaapppyyyy birrrrrttthhhhdaaay and anniversary to us ********

            ******of course sung in perfect duet harmony.

            • Pretty cool hat trick Colonel and Mrs D13. Happy Happy Happy day to you both.

              Dale, same for you brother. Happy Birthday.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                One does have to plan for the future when the memory starts having some gaps. Good tactical plan D13. We get in enough trouble as it is without forgetting birthdays and anniversaries.
                Unfortunately my date from the past couple birthdays is deployed somewhere. She texted and wished me the best and we’ll catch up when she returns. The plan is to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. It was not on my bucket list but was talked into it.
                Not quite up to the Colonel’s age nor Stephen’s nor T-Rays, but we all went through the same formative years. I’m 64 Dwight David Eisenhower’s BD……Mopm was given a choice, the 14th or the 15th. Push harder for the earlier day. She pushed and kept reminding me of what a pain in the ass I was.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                My menu will be…Some Spanish cheeses and pates, Wine Steamed King Crab Legs, with herb beurre blanc. Creamy Orzotto…..A Clafoutis aux cerise (cherries) while sipping on a nice Spanish Albarino…..afterwards head out for one and only one single malt from Islay….no vehicles,

              • For some reason, I’d probably side with the Colonel for birthday menus. I’m thinking 1 1/2 inch steak may be the special of the day.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                On Saturday, I did BBQ and had quests in, so I had my fill of meats for the week. Hurricanes are a good reason to party. The steaks looked tempting in the case, but the fishmonger said they had a new fresh delivery of the crab. Not displayed yet so I had 1st crack (no pun intended) at picking the legs I wanted. Only two legs will make two full meals.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          I hit the grog early……using CET…will end with Asian Pacific time to pull an extra 12 hours.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        After all the partying, we have to make sure we do not wind up on the “Group W” bench

        Decided I want company tonight so heading out to dinner. My planned feast will be tomorrow, Saturday

        Already cleared my activity with the sheriff today….he said have fun and be safe…..he is a friend not a adversary. .

  5. I’d like to take a moment and offer my objection to the idea of “trial by media” and the presumption of guilt.

    While I have known some people like Trump: men who believe they are “born winners” who can do (and take) whatever they want; who believe that there is no such thing as “unwanted” sexual advances from themselves (because everyone wants them – and they’re secretly flattered). I have known a few of these men (all male – go figure) with tremendous wealth and power, and they do not live in the same world as you and I. We are not humans to them, but pawns to be moved around the board and used as they see fit. If one of these men wants to grab a woman, he will do so with the firm belief that she wants it, too. And that, further, if she doesn’t want it, her opinion doesn’t really matter since she’s not an important person like themselves. And, really, they should be flattered by the attention of a rich and powerful “winner” like themselves. And, when you’re a stay, you can get away with that.

    So while, yes, I find it distinctly plausible that Trump did what he’s accused of (and more), I do not believe it is fair to treat it as established fact.

    I will, therefore, still be voting for Hillary against Trump, but for reasons that have nothing to do with these allegations.

    And we would all do well to remember that allegations are just that – allegations – not immutable truths.

    • Hmmmmm…..a caveat……a weak one…..but a caveat none the less…..well spoken my friend…these men, that you know, who treat women like that……all New Yorker’s?

      You are not old enough to remember this…..but back in the day when Ann Richards (female democrat) defeated Clayton Williams ( male republican ) for governor of Texas. Mr. Williams, a friend but not a close one, had an 18 point lead. Then makes a comment about women while on a campaign swing through west Texas…..He said words to the effect:

      “Rape is like the weather…if it is inevitable…you may as well lay back and enjoy it.”

      He lost….BUT he lost not because of the woman vote…he lost because of the male vote. You just do not do that. Strong Republican men voted against Williams. Me included.

      But that was a comment made in the moment …not something that happened 30 years ago or some bimbo coming forth three weeks prior to an election complaining about something that happened 30 years ago. This just stinks.

      • While I agree it stinks to high heaven, I have nothing to suggest whether it’s false or just that they timed the release of the information for when it would be most impact.

        The man has admitted to deliberately barging into dressing rooms.
        The man has admitted to bragging about being able to make unwanted sexual advances and get away with it. (I don’t know what locker rooms he’s been frequenting).
        The man is on tape telling a 10 year old that, in 10 more years, he’ll be dating her.
        The man has admitted to multiple affairs.
        The man is constantly commenting on women’s bodies in a very… objectifying way.

        This would certainly fit with the pattern which has emerged – factually verifiable emerged.

        Did he do these exact things? I don’t know. Maybe? I sure as hell wouldn’t be surprised – would you?

        But, as I’ve long since said, I’m not voting for a friend. And it’s his policies that cost him my vote. This would just seal the deal (if that deal hadn’t long ago been sealed already).

        • Understand your position perfectly.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Sir……let’s just say all is absolutely true. Most of his life has been the headlines of the tabloids for years and he does not deny. He is what he is. The Democrats have elected some pretty sleezy representatives who were open about their habits. It bothered them not in the least……however hiding and claiming to be one thing and actually being another is death. Like the shit the Dems tried pulling on Arnold…..same tactic. It made no difference to the electorate. I grew up around Hollywood types. Nothing shocks me about the rich and famous. Not liking it is another. Now Bill as an example was the highest law enforcement officer both in Arkansas and DC and it made ZERO difference to the electorate.. He came into the WH with the nickname of the “Silver Zipper” from the Arkansas State Police…..abuse of power absolutely and he an Hillary wielded it with no restraint. So now 26 years later when we have a generation even more used to this behavior….why should they care…….it’s who can deliver the goodies and perks….not if you have three heads or one eye on whatever.

      • The Great New York weatherman, NBC and ABC for over 30 years, Tex Antoine (seen in numerous WW 2 training films) was a bit of a drinker. You would always tune in New Years eve to see just how bad he got. One such evening, probably back in the 1980’s he used that exact same line in responding to a news story. Drunk as a skunk, almost falling down, he said: “Confucius say, when rape inevitable, lie back and enjoy it”.

        End of career! Pretty much end of life too. With three alimony payments to make and no one to hire him, he died soon after..

  6. I think Trump is going to lose-I find it hard to believe that he actually thought he could win with all the crap he has on video in his past. I suppose it’s possible there are lots of people out there who normally don’t vote who will rush out just to vote for him-but I doubt it. Of course I’ve been wrong a lot in the past few elections so maybe it’s good that I think he’s gonna lose.

    As far as these women-it’s a little to convenient for me. Look at the beauty queen-she claims he called her Ms. Housekeeping-no proof of that and way to convenient-I mean it just fits too perfectly. Then we have a woman who says he attacked her in first class -that she probably wouldn’t of gotten so upset if he’d only gone for her top-but he put his hand up her skirt-a little too perfect after his comment about grabbing a woman’s vagina. Then in response to why didn’t she say anything-she gives the response which the feminist will love. wayyyy to convenient-and really impossible to believe. Someone’s been coached. A man I don’t know-grabs and attacks me on a plane-give me a break-the woman is gonna call for help or cuss him so loudly people are gonna notice.

    The other women I’ve heard about so far are more believable. But the whole thing smells.

    • Or like Mathius mentioned-something huge comes out of the wikileaks that will really hurt Hillary-I don’t think that has happened and I doubt it will. If her emails and the FBI non investigation hasn’t done it-I don’t know what will.

      • Dont count on it…..Wiki is in favor of Hillary….

        • Hmmm-I doubt nothing anymore-I’ve been wondering for awhile when they would start releasing stuff on the republicans.I expect it to happen before the election. But why do you think their for Hillary?

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            VH…..The top leaders of both parties are up to their eyeballs in this. Why do you think they are so dead set against Trump. Their heads will be right along side of Hillary and Bills and Lynchs etal.

            Now if I had been Comey, I’d have said what he said, then immediately resigned right there on the spot. Nobody could have missed the message. But that is me. I believe Comey is part of the cabal, like continuing the prosecution of Scooter Libby even after the real culpit confessed and he did not file charges against that person. He pushed the prosecution against a very successful business women, Martha Stewart, even though they knew she had nothing what so ever to do with what she was accused of. Mis-statements and contridictory statements for sure….that is a basic interogation technique to get trip you up…at the same time adds another charge.

    • I think (and hope) that you are wrong. Us Catholics will be back in the catacombs if Hillary gets 8 years.

      The Wiki stuff is pure gold but it has to be spread literally from mouth to ear. The info is boycotted by all media.

      Think about the big three:

      open borders in the hemisphere
      free trade everywhere
      Openly admitting to be two faced.

      • I hope I’m wrong too-but have you watched CNN-almost 24/7 coverage about Trump-all negative and a lot of it impossible to defend because it’s true.I mean- the man actually allowed Howard Stern to call his daughter “a piece of ass”. If I wasn’t so against the progressive agenda and afraid of another liberal justice-there’s no way I would vote in this election.

        They occasionally mention the email’s but make sure the coverage is as positive as possible for Hillary. I watched off and on for several days before I even heard mention of them.

  7. New Idea on hunting leases………set up hunting lease on 500 acres of wooded land. Set up carnival tents with bright colors and helium balloons to attract clowns….mix thoroughly with creepy clown haters….voila.

  8. Some thoughts on all this stuff.

    The MSM has little credibility, and probably even fewer viewers than most think. The Trump tapes will be forgotten before election day, and the continued failures in credibility will haunt the MSM, especially CNN, NBC and NYT. After all, Trump isn’t running for head master at a female college frat house. His arrogance not withstanding, along with Hitlary’s unending corruption (along with the whole of her enablers) show that the whole two party system is, in and of itself, a failure. Black Flag is walking around somewhere mumbling “I told You so, I told you so” like a broken record. The two party duopoly is a disaster. The “Least of two evil’s” meme is stronger than ever. What a shame.

    Happy Birthday Colonel and Dale! 🙂

  9. Mathius

    A special present just for you:

    The decision to let Hillary Clinton off the hook for mishandling classified information has roiled the FBI and Department of Justice, with one person closely involved in the year-long probe telling that career agents and attorneys on the case unanimously believed the Democratic presidential nominee should have been charged.

    The source, who spoke to on the condition of anonymity, said FBI Director James Comey’s dramatic July 5 announcement that he would not recommend to the Attorney General’s office that the former secretary of state be charged left members of the investigative team dismayed and disgusted. More than 100 FBI agents and analysts worked around the clock with six attorneys from the DOJ’s National Security Division, Counter Espionage Section, to investigate the case.

    “No trial level attorney agreed, no agent working the case agreed, with the decision not to prosecute — it was a top-down decision,” said the source, whose identity and role in the case has been verified by

    A high-ranking FBI official told Fox News that while it might not have been a unanimous decision, “It was unanimous that we all wanted her [Clinton’s] security clearance yanked.”

    “It is safe to say the vast majority felt she should be prosecuted,” the senior FBI official told Fox News. “We were floored while listening to the FBI briefing because Comey laid it all out, and then said ‘but we are doing nothing,’ which made no sense to us.”

  10. Last nights Birthday and Anniversary dinner……filet mignon…garlic mashed potato, garden salad…preceded by a shrimp cocktail that had shrimp big enough to rope and hog tie….all washed down with………………………….wait for it……………..a rousing glass of water WITH lemon….I spare no expense.

    • You had me right up to the end there…

    • Happy B-day and Anniversary Colonel!! Very nice celebratory dinner, though you forgot the wine…

      • A very unfortunate thing……wine. Did not forget it….cannot drink it. No form of alcohol allowed any longer due to health reasons but that did not ruin a great steak…..My body has to learn how to digest without wines…..sigh.

        • However, I happen to be $3,245 up on the house out here……will be leaving tomorrow ahead of the game. Next time anyone is out here….you have to take in the Terry Fator show……it will even make the Dread Pirate laugh….and it is a clean show.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Does the spousal unit enjoy a fine wine? So you can live vicariously? In the fish market, they’ve got some absolutely monsterous shrimp. They were the size of a lobster tail. Would make a great stuffed shrimp, not done scampi style but creole. Might grab a couple for the weekend.

  11. Heard about this several days ago.


  12. Diamond and Silk

    She is decaying alive, that’s why that fly landit on her face!

    ROFL! OMG!

  13. Interesting evening. Spent a little over an hour in local bar, having a drink while waiting for Lil’ JAC to get done with a class on “life skills”.

    Haven’t heard that much political talk in years in a bar.

    My observation was that it was easy to know where each person gets there information. Each was arguing for their favorite and against the other. Each was speaking with AUTHORITY, throwing around facts like they more abundant than oxygen.

    These facts, regardless of which side was being argued amounted to the narratives put out by the various media outlets, including the internet “new” media. In other words, each person was obviously guilty of the confirmation bias dilemma.

    The ones that bothered me the most were the two women using Trumps “locker room tape” to argue FOR CLINTON. Got that Anita? However, in fairness I would bet my bottom dollar these two have supported Clinton for POTUS since she was first lady. You could tell by how all the negatives against Trump they brought up also applied to Clinton. Yet those were the reasons they thought Trump obnoxious and “disqualified”, as stated by on lady.

    The subject of Trump’s tape effect “on our children”. Which I must now respond to, because I find it hypocritical and stinking of propaganda.

    First of all, WHO is responsible for putting that tape out where our children can see or hear it? WHO is it that keeps that tape and the comments in the public arena every day? Where were these same people when other offensive things happened that could affect our children. Like oh say, violent RAP music and video games?? Yep, that is the sound of Crickets……..

    Mrs. Obama, going off on the same subject today. OK, here is a little tip MICHELLE….stop quoting the tape and stop talking about it IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN.

    Furthermore, these righteous lefties, conservatives or what ever they are have obviously not listened to a group of teens or 20 somethings talking among themselves with mixed sex groups. I would have washed my kids mouths out with soap for the stuff I hear almost every time I am around such a group.

    So I DOUBT VERY MUCH that our children are going to be offended by this. They are after all the generation that was taught that oral sex is NOT SEX and it all depends on what the meaning of is, is!

    One fella in the crowd was a “I am not voting for either” type. Yet he kept going on and on about how bad Trump was. His “facts” were almost certainly from Daily Kos and Huffington Post, because those are the two primary places where stories of Trump’s financial ties to Russia have been daily fare. But the stooge got the story wrong. He was claiming that Trump himself has deep financial ties to Russia. The actual accusations were that it was people around Trump who had the ties. This argument also has to ignore the fact that our own US Govt. has been ENCOURAGING US Business investment in Russia since the Berlin Wall fell.

    I suppose that is enough for now. While I do not like Trump in the least, it still makes my blood boil when I hear the ignorant, irrational and, frankly, dishonest arguments used against him.

    Almost forgot, a perfect example of what I just said. One lady was ripping on Trump’s business experience while supporting Clinton. Unbelievable how this person did not understand how blatantly ignorant it is to rip a businessman for not creating all the jobs he claimed or making the money he claims while supporting someone who has leeched off others her entire adult life. Trump may be an arrogant ass, but Clinton is a parasite.

    • The propaganda put out by the various media outlets is evident here at SUFA. This part I think is what the Liberal Left is all about…….ignorant, irrational and, frankly, dishonest arguments. Hillary can’t win on policies, so we get the political hit job by her and her media whores. It isn’t over yet.

  14. In case any of you political junkies were wondering about the timing of the Trump sex scandal coverage…………………… EARLY VOTING started last week. Especially in several key “swing states”.

    Now do you understand why the Dems push so hard for early voting and mail in ballots?

    Think back to the timing of the Romney 47% fiasco.

    • I got it along time ago JAC. More time for fraud as well. Whether Hillary wins or not I expect a full pardon on Jan. 19, 2017.

    • I’m actually pretty against early voting.

      I think voting should be a 3-day window (Sat-Mon) with the Monday being a federal holiday.

      If you can’t make it to the polls, you vote absentee.

      But you shouldn’t be able to vote while the candidates are still officially trying to “make their case.” What if there’s a major development prior to Nov 8? What if one drops out? Or dies? Or, I don’t know, gets arrested for treason?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I 100% agree, …..I believe here in NC an early ballot or absentee ballot is provisional. You can come in and actually vote and the other will be discarded. That is if one is not to lazy to do so. Even if you do not have your proper id with you you can vote. However, the ballot is provisional, because the certified count does not occur for another several months. Get the FREE id at an unbelievable number of convienient locations including all the possible records you may need, go into the registrars office right next to the court house and your vote counts. People have had 2 years. New arrival you are doing change of addresses and new DMV stuff, make one more stop… excuses…..

  15. A rumor is out there that states there is a video/audio that has Hillary in a racist rant that will be much worse than the Trump tape. Hmmm…..Trump loses women, Hillary loses minorities….could be interesting

  16. So criminal politicians who vote for or allow policies and military tactics that result in the death of millions of people – including innocent women and children — in Middle Eastern and African nations are upset that Donald Trump used foul language and boasted of groping and kissing women.

    So criminal politicians and leftist “do-gooders” who advocate for allowing men who suddenly decide they want to be a woman and use the women’s restroom are upset that Trump may have barged into the women’s dressing room during a beauty pageant.

    So leftist “do-gooders” and Hollywood elites and entertainers who advocate for and actively promote through television, movies, music and literature all types of sexual immorality are upset that Trump boasted on an 11-year-old video tape in a conversation that he thought was private that he ogles and fondles women.

    So leftist “do-gooders,” political hacks and mainstream journalists who ignored, minimized or denigrated Bill Clinton’s rape and sexual assault victims suddenly give voice to women who claim only days before an election that Trump sexually assaulted them years ago.

    So leftist “do-gooders,” political hacks and mainstream journalists who ignored, minimized or justified Bill Clinton’s numerous sexual assaults on women think Trump should step down because some women, days before an election, suddenly recall that Trump sexually assaulted them years ago.

    So leftist “do-gooders,” criminal politicians, political hacks and mainstream journalists who thought Bill Clinton’s “sex life” should remain private and not be part of the political conversation think Trump’s sex life should be front and center of the political conversation and he should step down because he has had multiple wives and mistresses and uses foul language in boasting that he used his power and prestige to obtain women.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      funny how the world turns isn’t it. Actually not funny at all. Did Trump with his “escapades” then set out to destroy his “victims” as Hillary did with Bill’s? Unfortunately most Americans memories last as long as it takes to flip to the next channel.

      There are a lot of history buffs on SUFA. 1) Can anyone remember in any shape form or manner remember any political entity that has been dogged with proven indiscrecions and illegal doings survived. 2) has there ever been a nastier are worse political campaign ever in our history? There have been some doozies but this one tops them all. My theory is that both main parties are colluding to destroy the outsider and upstart intruding on their turf. Did even Jefferson have this problem with Sally Hemmings? I’m sure it was known and brought up……maybe dueling should be brought back, that’d clean house a bit.

      • Remember both Cleveland (d) and Harding (r) were elected with the public knowing about their extra-maritial affairs and children.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          It was open….they did not lie to grand juries and the courts and go out of their way to destroy. It was what it was. FDR and his mistress, long term, over 20 years. Jeferson and Sally Hemming….nobody cared about Kennedy because he and his Father were notorious for the number of affairs and hollywood types they could bed. The only ones who should have a grievance were Rose and Jackie. Even DDE during the war .

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I used to know a lot of people in show business. Only the “Star” had their own space. The rest well it was like a locker room. However, occassionally one of the actors would say, “we’re one big family” that was in context of there was NO modesty behind the scenes, with any of the sexes whether in separate or mixed company.

        An interesting phenomenon I’m seeing. The Clinton women were not silent. However the women and men in show business have been about the abuses performed upon them. Are the hollywood moguls that powerful as opposed to the top political leaders. We’re seeing only a glimpse today with Bill Cosby and the suicides of late. Including those deemed accidental overdoses. I personally know of female victims in show business that were raped. They quit but stayed silent.

  17. We concern ourselves with this drivel yet we now have documentation that pretty much proves Hillary was selling off the country a piece at a time.

    Trump rape/threaten anyone yet?

  18. A question for my friends in the SUFA Lunatic Asylum.

    A Rasmussen poll just released surveying 1,500 likely voters nationally found Trump to be ahead (+2) in a 3-way contest. (41-43-6).

    The dates of the survey were Oct 11 – Oct 13, so they include the tape and, at least partially, include the assault allegations.

    The previous dozen or so major national polls (most of whom do not capture the allegations, and many of whom do not capture the tape, or at least largely do not capture both due to the sample period) showed Clinton +5 to +9.

    So, the question is this: which of the following is the case:
    A) This an outlier / statistical anomaly and should be discounted.
    B) The previous polls are the anomalies and Trump is really ahead.
    C) Somehow there was just a massive shift toward trump AFTER the tape. (if so, explain)
    D) Fill in your own blank.

    Your participation is appreciated.

    -The Management

    • Dear Faux Management,

      Polls are constantly being skewed in one form or the other. CNN has recently proven that. The polls are banter for a shameless MSM, and means nothing in real life.

      National polls are equally useless, because of the system in place. One can win the popular vote, but lose the election due to electoral college.

      New Rule….The. MSM. Sucks.

      • That doesn’t really answer the question.

        Polls are real things that, given rigorous methodology and sufficient sample-sizes, they are legitimately representative.

        The question wasn’t “who will win the election” – that hinges on the Electoral College – and Clinton is dominating there.

        The question is this: half the country suggested that they prefer Clinton by a 5-9% margin. Then the tape. Then the accusations (partially factored in). And now the poll says Trump +2. So, what gives?

        If you suggest the polls are skewed, which polls are skewed, and can you support that? If you think Trump legitimately got more popular following the tape / accusations, can you support?

        • Mathius…….AS you know, the spousal unit and I have been on the road for ten days….we did not fly because she has not seen the back country… ( sigh ) we drove. In driving, we spent long hours talking about various topics….and listening to Sirius radio. Now, it was interesting because we were able to peruse all the channels…from ultra-lib to ultra-conservative. As we were listening to how bad Trump is doing, we decided to keep eyes and ears open along the way…..looking for bumper stickers, political signs….anything. Our route was to go through west Texas to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. Nowm as expected, driving through West Texas…we saw absolutely no Clinton support either in signs nor bumper stickers. I laughed and told her the minute we cross the border into New Mexico, things would change primarily due to its largely Hispanic culture there. In Hobbs, New Mexico we saw Trump yard signs and some bumper stickers. We saw NO Clinton yard signs…and no bumper stickers. As we continued our drive to Carlsbad, we saw no Clinton support anywhere but we did see a couple of Trump signs on entrances to some large ranches ( that would be expected ). We saw a couple of Trump stickers on trucks being driven by Hispanics..( surprisingly ). There is a huge Potash mine just outside of Carlsbad named Mosaic ( I wrote the name down so I could report it )..there was a huge sign at the entrance that said Potash Workers Union, local 415 supports Trump/Pence.

          After we toured the Caverns ( which was very intriguing. They just discovered earlier this year a new room that is 4,000,000 sq feet. They did not let us in, of course because it is still being explored ). Anyway…..we drive up to Roswell, New Mexico to spend the night because I wanted to start the back country drive and sun up. In Roswell, NM, we saw zero support for Clinton and numerous Trump.Pence signs and some stickers. I so not know what all of this means except what we saw and I was surprised because New Mexico is historically Democratic even though they elected a Hispanic Republican Governor, Draw what ever conclusions you want….this is what we saw and we were looking hard.

          The drive through Arizona was not surprising as that is a Republican state and we did not see a single Clinton sign anywhere, on the road or in cities and towns we went through.

          Las Vegas, Clark county……hugely democratic…..There were definitely more Trump signs than Clinton signs.Perhaps 2 to 1….however, I reported earlier that there was one of those new digital billboards that was definitely anti Clinton quite visible down on Fremont Street. The other thing I noticed was that this past Thursday, Clinton was die to speak in Las Vegas ad they moved the venue at the last minute which upset everybody because it is a tourist town and they block off roads and things. They originally had her scheduled, according to the local news, to be at the Las Vegas Hilton Convention Center but moved the venue to a much smaller area downtown because tickets did not sell. Now, this is Clark County that is heavily unionized. I am a fairly large craps player….but kept my ears open at the table….politics was very much in conversation one evening. Most of it jokes associated with particular rolls of the dice and light hearted blaming a variety of reasons from global warming to local politics when a particular roll of dice did not go their way. I was on a pretty good run and had built up my odds to about $700…..I made the following comment trying to be a comedian….” Forget that baby needs a new pair of shoes, I need the cash in case Hillary gets elected.” That broke the entire table into rousing laughter, including the unionized dealers and pit personnel that were in ear shot. I was standing on the end of the table next to one the pit personnel and we were in conversation about how bad Las Vegas is getting because the high rollers and most of the heavy gamblers are not coming to Vegas much any longer. He said that the players are reporting to their marketing department that most are afraid of a Clinton election and are holding their cash and taking less vacations. He said that another sign of thinking is that the level of tips have dropped off over 50% and that is about 50 to 60 percent of the table personnel personnel income. I was told that the dealers and such are paid a lower hourly rate and that their income is dependent largely upon tips. I was told, not so loudly, that the union publicly endorses Clinton but he does not know of any that are voting for her….

          Now, take all this a face value….this is what I observed and I was being totally neutral….except for my comment.

          • I see virtually no bumper stickers for either candidate in CA. This is a break from past elections.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Sir…..NC is supposed to be one of the critical swing States in the coming election. We are 3 weeks out. This weekend two Hillary posters popped up as you left the city at the draw bridge. and there were two that popped up on the otherside the next day. There were absolutely none elsewhere. Trump/Pence all over. Bumper stickers, window posters in cars, conversation in restaurants bars ALL pro Trump……especially anyone attached to the military. Old, young, black hispanic asian, retired……a college town 45 miles away…..NO visible Hillary. She’s changed her venues here also in NC or shortening the floor because of NOT filling the planned staged events. These have been in largely “democratic” areas and also collegiate cities. I plan on heading up through VA to DC the weekend before the election on a brief vacation, and it will be interesting to see what is being advertized. A couple I know in Maryland had been extremely democratic but with this election they are absolutely against the powers behind Hillary. The husbands work is all military at Pataxent and totally understands the security issues the Hillary violated. he lives them daily. Not all shot with Trump, but Hillary was off the menu.

            New Bern can cut itself off by pulling up the draw bridge. We got rid of the porculous but, open the railroad swing bridges, raise the draw bridge and we have only one other road to defend. Bring a boat. Marine recon units have practiced at our park at Union Point. Shocked the tourists.

            My belief is that after traveling through NC, the shenandoah VA, WVA, eastern OH this summer, and what I’m seeing now…if Hillary wins in a landslide it is a fraud from top to bottom. The issues of what Trump did, legally, with investments is not getting out. The fact the manager of events for 20 years saw no evidence of wrongdoing…..blowhard, wrong words at times, but the message stayed the same but refined….he’s reaching out Hillary calls people names and desparages those that oppose her. as did Obama. You do not run a country by insulting 50% of the citizens of the country. Illegals do not count.
            My family are legal immigrants many of the 4th generation are marrying ladies from the slavic countries and Turkey. All legal immigrants, not refugees dropped in. They are all against a continuation of the status quo….which is fucking up a country and forcing a mass migration then demanding open borders.

            Hillary and Bill are the pas masters of campaign money laundering. All the way back when he was governor. The machine that they have perfected today is even inconceivable back when McCain cobbled together a campaign finance reform bill to stem what they were doing. They just end ran the whole deal.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              The military folks current or ex are from every part of the nation and have seen the world. They are highly trained and educated people. The people here regardless of race creed or color are NOT dumb and snaggle toothed ridgerunners as the dems like to portrait. The retirees are from all parts of the country and world. They are not stupid either. The park on any given day downtown on the water is as cosmopolitan as you can get.

    • Mathius

      I pick D): Some polls use similar methods to other polls. Those that are similar get similar results.

      Rasmussen apparently allows the person being polled to answer questions without talking to an actual person. So the theory goes that their answers are more honest because they do not fear being guilt tripped by the pollster.

      I think this is a plausible explanation for some of the difference but not such a large swing. So I am guessing the differences lie in the number of D’s vs. R’s polled. The fewer D’s the greater the Trump numbers. But fewer D’s does not necessarily represent the actual distribution.

      Now that I have given my long winded answer let me just say, Rasmussen is an outlier. But it is not a statistical anomaly. It is simply a different sampling method. One that I do not think represents reality.

  19. One does have to ask oneself whether things like the Harry Reid attack on Romney’s taxes (admitted falsehood) does not poison the electorate.

    While there are a great number of dunces out there in the world, there are also a great number of people (likely voters) paying attention and getting mad as hell.

    It seems very odd that after a thirty plus year very public career including being a huge developer, TV Star, bon-vivant and decidedly unlikely to keep his mouth shut about anything guy, these allegations surface four weeks BEFORE the election and simultaneously with Wiki-leaks releasing incredibly damaging info on Hillary. Nobody complained before

    I defer to Lincoln: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” I think we have reached step #.3.

    • I do question the timing a bit, however, I strongly dislike the argument of “Well, if it really happened, they would have reported it sooner.” \

      That being said, in these matters, all it takes is for one to finally gain the courage to come forward for others to follow.

      • This is NOT 1890 Buck. The guy was big stuff before and very easy to go after on Page 6.

        • I grant you the timing is a bit shall we say questionable. And I agree with Mathius on the problems of public trial (which renders a guilty until proven innocent bias). But it does not and should not follow that these women are automatically lying.

          • In my own life, I have seen what can only be described as a minor come-on (no touching) turn into an accusation of harassment with IMPLIED touching. Took me years to get that one behind me and it only happened because she apparently made a habit out of it and accused other bosses, male and female of doing the same. She eventually got a bank VP job out of it!

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Even at IBM by the early 90’s even asking a lady out whom you knew was single and so were you could get you fired for sexual harrassment. She didn’t even have to say, no thanks, not interested. Just pick up the phone to HR and the door would be hitting you on your ass as you’d be frog marched out the building. Ladies wielded it that like a weapon and some did….Talk about stifling communication….Usually it was, if the answer was negative and you kept bugging her, that was a problem, but this was on the 1st request. .

      • This is just desperation by the Clinton cabal. Clinton can’t win on policies and she knows it. Trump will come back from this and likely embarrass some of the cabal folks in the process.

  20. I see Hillary is back to “I felt like I was being stalked ” at the debate. Jesus this bitch, this STRONG woman just whines away her life.

    • Obama has now been linked to the email server, so he knew damn well she was using one and LIED about it. LYING is such a common theme amongst Democrats, how can anyone even consider voting for one?

      • LYING is such a common theme amongst Democrats

        LYING is such a common theme amongst Democrats politicians.

        • Yes on the politicians, YES on Democrat’s. The email leaks a proof, maybe you should actually check them out.

          • Yes on the politicians, YES on Democrat’s.

            Do I read, by extension, that you feel Republicans are certifiably more honest that Democrats?

            The email leaks a proof, maybe you should actually check them out.

            I have better things to do with my life than slog through (potentially doctored) documents to tell me what I already know: Clinton is cozy with the banks, the DNC conspired against Bernie, she likes open borders/open trades, her public message is carefully scripted rather than “genuine.” Did I miss anything?

            • I should clarify, Liberal’s have a habit of openly lying. Conservatives do not. This is not all inclusive and I’m only speaking of political issues, not the whole of life issues 😉

              • Honestly, I think Trump’s the most pathological liar I’ve ever heard.

                Don’t get me wrong, Clinton’s a serial liar, too. But Trump can’t seem to open his mouth without letting out a whopper. And, while Clinton is at least tactful to restrain herself (if only to avoid getting caught), Trump doesn’t seem to care if he’s caught and will just say whatever he feels like saying in the given moment regardless.

                But I guess that’s just a matter of opinion. Obviously, we’re never going to agree, so let’s smile and nod and move on.

            • Except for Tom Delay and Denny Hastert.

              Nixon was a certifiably lousy liar so he does not count.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Mathius….that’s two 100% agreements today….””politicians” …..I can’t take it I need a scotch (double).

    • She knows what she’s doing and she’s not afraid of playing the woman-victim card. I’m not a big fan of that, but politics is a high-stakes nasty business.

      It really did look like he kept “looming’ and “lurking” behind her. My wife and I both noticed it. Some live analysis (fivethirtyeight) suggested that she was using Bill Clinton’s trick of deliberately positioning herself between him and the camera so that he would be in the background and the camera could capture any facial reactions / body language, etc. That would make this a deliberate staging maneuver which had the (maybe unintended) consequence of this optic impression of him “stalking” and “looming over” her (remember, she’s 5’6 and he’s 6’2). It was a solid impression even if the effect vanished every time they shifted to a wider shot.

      She’s trying to reinforce the narrative of Trump-as-predator. Is anyone really surprised she’d play this card when it fits so nicely into the story she’s trying to advance? Do you think, for counter-example, that Trump would miss the opportunity to pounce on it if she had coughed during the debate?

      • Sorry Mathius, I watched it as well and Trump stayed in front of or behind his chair and never crossed over (from left to right) in front of Clinton. Clinton however DID cross in front of Trump to answer a question (from right to left). She’s LYING and your seeing shit. You may want to go check that video again.

        • You may want to go re-read what I wrote, because I’m not sure what you read.

          I said she was deliberately STAGING herself between him and the camera so that he would appear in the background of her shots.

          The (theoretical) purpose is to catch his reactions or awkward body language. But it wound up making him look like he was looming over her or “stalking” her (this could have been intentional, but I doubt it apropos of nothing, I suspect it was just a “happy accident”).

          I never mentioned him crossing left-right or where he was regarding his chair. I’m not sure where you got that from. I even specifically said the “effect vanished every time they shifted to a wider shot.”

          I said she deliberately messed with the optics of the cameras and got the “stalking” talking point as a freebie. And now she’s going to beat him over the head with it to reinforce the narrative she wants the press to carry.

          Of course she’s lying. She’s a politician. Politicians lie. It’s what they do. Fish swim. Birds shit on freshly-washed cars. Politicians lie.

          • It really did look like he kept “looming’ and “lurking” behind her. My wife and I both noticed it.

            Standing by his chair is NOT lurking. This is what I was responding too. Trump STOOD the whole time as well, Clinton did not. This was deliberate on his part, showing her lack of stamina. He stayed within his personal area the whole time and at no time entered her personal space or chair area.

            • We have to work on your reading comprehension, Gman.

              Either that or I’ve entered the episode of the Twilight Zone where words don’t have any meaning.

              I said it LOOKED like he was looming. It absolutely did LOOK that way. My wife and I both noticed it and, clearly, we aren’t the only ones. But the key – and the part you seem to keep missing – is that this is only because she deliberately framed the camera shot that way. When the angle changed, he no longer looked like he was looming because HE WASN’T LOOMING..

              She deliberately messed with the optics of the cameras and that was the result: that it “really did look like he kept “looming” and “lurking” behind her.” IT APPEARED THAT WAY, and that the effect vanished every time they shifted to a wider shot.

              Am I being unclear? This really isn’t that complicated…


              (unrelated, I really need to re-watch Nightmare at 20,000 Feet again… so great. Shatner doing some solid acting.).

              • Either that or I’ve entered the episode of the Twilight Zone where words don’t have any meaning.

                You entered that episode looooong ago. The liberals created this for us all.

            • Camera angles and depth of field. But the Rick Lazio thing will I believe work against her. Floated it immediately after the debate, went nowhere, picked it up again AFTER the revelations. Interesting.

      • The optical effect is fore shortening. While lateral magnification of a lens is linear, longitudinal magnifications (depth) goes as the square root of the distance. So Donald would appear to be closer to her but in the background than he actually does. A good example is in the movie Mrs. Robinson, when Dusting Hoffman is running up the street towards the church near the end.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Angles of the camera are everything. Hitchcock filmed one movie ‘Rope” from one position. Do not get me wrong….Hillary is extremely smart.. Knows the system. knows what justhow far to push, knows what will happen if she get charged. It’s everyone around her and Bill that do not want their “Legacy” evaporate. if your legacy and policy were good they would stand on their own. Period. if not they are nothing but the Kansas song “Dust in the Wind”

          If one knows the angle and the MSM and subsequent editing shows her “talking points like :I feel I was being stalked but Trump never moved….this is theater and entertainment at it’s highest level. Even years ago with Carville. he was dedicated to the exclusion of all else. He knew how to manipulate totally, he was not a rabid liberal, he did what he was paid to do. The Republican were and are thinking they are in a collegiate debating contest but are in a bare knuckles war for the whole enchilada.. Staging is everything.
          Take a Broadway show. You have one seat. Granted some are better than others, but they still have to present the entire play in one frame of view. The dems get that with their ties to the visual arts. What is outside of the field of view does not exist. So MSM pushes stuff outside of view…get it!!!! we assume the new generation is into with ipods etc but what is manipuated 1st on the search, by google…The smartest people Doctors look only 2 levels deep into your problem…need I say more????

          But as a counter point…The RNC has been lead to believe that to be elected they must change and be more like the liberals (these are words from the Romney days)…..they changed and the bernies and hillary’s didn’t if not moved further left. We are left as the electorate with literally NO choice. The party’s are the same with only a little ghost difference in all ways., Trump is a whole color code different. There is a clear choice…did we like the last 16 years….YES/NO Most say no, so why continue. Trump is promising choices that everyone really can live with. Hillary is promising (no choice) and will totally piss of over 50% of the people regardless of the polls and “alleged free and uncorrupted vote”

          It has been openly acknowledged the Kennedy would not have won without voter fraud. It is so much more more perfected since the last 55 + years. Computer stuff, with the hacking and easy manipulation via the computer has been been in banking, interest calculations, stock with just penny’s reaping fortunes why not one vote here and there accomplishing the same but unlimited POWER.

          Even though I was not particularly enthused with Bill Clinton, (scandals excluded) he was a successful president, because he did in fact recognize a good idea regardless of its source for the people. The attempt during his administration with Hillary as the lead, if it had continued would have lead to NO second term, but only lead to a flip of congress, but they stiill good bad or otherwise worked together. Obama, Hillary no such words. If 49% do not like it and I know Congress can not overturn my EO Fuck you. Bill was smarter politically. Does he care now….no…he’s enriched himself…..the truly power hungry socialist person has been Hillary

          To be honest…If Bill would say…Hillary “via con dios” Clinton Foundation goodbye I’d rather see him as President then Hillary or Trump. Have all the affairs you want….we’ve had them before…all rich and powerful do…and the low and middle…they draw women or men like flies…if it does not affect policy who cares. If you can be blackmailed because you portrait one thing and are in reality another ie a lie and then is a problem!!!!

          I have had D13’s share of the libations he can not have…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            George Will in a lot of ways, by the title of his latest article Trumps Candidacy is an indiication of how far we have decayed…title only the rest is DNC shit. The fact we as the electorate have literally no choice between the DNC and RNC and so who cares…Trump is actually a choice…he is a choice good bad or otherwise a choice that can make a difference. Hillary has promised….more of the same, doubled down and less freedom according to the “Constitution” that she since 2000 has sworn to uphold and protect. the Patriot Act is moot whether congress said yeah or nay or any revision since….The National Security Act in ’47 trumps all

          • Dale whenever you praise Clinton, remember that it was Newt Gingrich who rammed every “common sense” policy success down his throat. His first two years were full of crazy crap. When he lost teh House, he had to play ball.

            Being a big booster of Welfare reform because I saw it work locally. Clinton’s initial vetoes (twice) showed where he was coming from. Gingrich basically told him he would get nothing else without it. He signed, it worked and somehow he gets the credit!

  21. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I still am amazed though how we here in the South are mis-understood by the northern and MSM elite. They are the ones who are racist by everything having to be bucketed and put on a pareto chart. My local bar around the corner is so mixed it is beyond comprehesion. Young, old. white, black , asian. burmese, military, ex, single, married, gay, big, small, cut, beads ( a mardi gras thing was going on) nobody cared as long as you were sociable…humans are humans, they come at you in all shapes colors and sizes and cultures. Some have been lifelong residents, most have been from away, experienced the town stayed or came back and said they’ll won;t leave,,,they love it, everybody treats you like an equal….be a shit…that’s another story

    Maybe it’s because as a port city as we were has alway had very diverse influenses. One of George Washington’s most honored body guards from the revolutionary war years was a black man (not as slave) from New Bern, Maybe one of the most passionate patriots and financiers of the revolutionary war here in New Bern ran into trouble and his son a (Mulatto) partner in his business bailed him out. He had been outside of the revolution from the Caribbean, obviously British but chose freedom and his Father,
    The city was founded by the Swiss from Bern Switzerland, As the world turns I have close familiar ties with people who escaped from Austria during the anschluss got with people in Bern Switzerland who save their lives.

  22. Former Miss Nebraska Teen contest winner Natasha Rickley has slammed the media witch hunt against Donald Trump, revealing that ABC News contacted her trying to get dirt on Trump but that she told them he was “an absolute gentleman”.

    “I was contacted today by a producer at ABC News in New York. She is wanting to question me regarding the Miss Teen USA allegations. They also let me know that they are reaching out to All of my fellow contestants from 1997,” wrote Rickley on her Facebook page.

    “I am going to be very truthful and let ABC know that Donald Trump was an absolute gentleman. I never witnessed any inappropriate behavior whatsoever the entire 2 weeks that I participated in the pageant. I’m sure that none of my interview will make the news since I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Donald. I do find it interesting and important for people to know that these are the depths the media is going to for their smear campaign,” she added.

    Rickley’s praise for Trump was backed up by a former Miss Universe manager who came into contact with thousands of pageant contestants and “never heard one accusation against Mr. Trump.”

  23. Thought:

    I wonder how many people would vote if the election day for each level of govt. was different.

    Such a system could also have different types of prevention for voter fraud. Because the importance of residency location differs with each level. For example, only State residency affects the POTUS race. Where as residency in one part of a State affects the Senate race. Location of residency becomes more important as the election gets closer to the local level.

  24. Bill Richardson was on CNN today-trying to defend the Clinton campaign over the Needy Latinos’s email where they called him a d@#k. In his defence of them he said “think of this as Political Locker Room talk”. He he he

  25. Worth reading. It gets to the issue of why changes in Federal authority came about in the early 20th century.

  26. On Liberty and the character of our elected representatives.

  27. Mathius

    As I said, the Clintons have betrayed the public trust as govt. employees. Neither should ever hold office again.


    This should send chills up your spine. But not for the reasons/conclusions made by the author. I will give you the weekend to think about what the young Clinton is telling you in her thesis comments. We can discuss on Monday.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Surprise surprise….Chelsea finds that the foundation is corrupt, with the expectancies of quid pro quo, something in return etc. Given her family is at the highest levels of government both here and abroad. Attempts to do something about it…quits the attempt, but then sits on the board collecting here salary. Nice allowance…….quit damn it. If all these people who see what is going wrong across the board, but then don’t take personal action, they are just as guilty. The government can’t kill everybody. Somebody may notice. Out of a job likely but the “Travel Office” was successful regaining their positions after the BS the Clinton’s pulled while in the WH.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Am I to assume also that Chelsea decided that ALL charities are like her parents foundation? I’ll bet the Red Cross would take offense at that, or Doctors without borders, or St Judes, looking for guid pro quo and political influence instead of just the tax writeoff and the joy of giving to help those in need. Just directing their money to that charity is it. After that it’s in the managements hands. Might go to Louisiana, or SC, or Sudan

  28. As I said before, Trump’s comments about women have cost him among the undecided and those who were struggling with their decision.

    The numbers on who leads are not as important as the trend. That is a LOSS by Trump and the detailed questions pick up the affect of his sex scandal issues.

    Ya’ll laugh this stuff off but as I tried to tell you, the Dems would not do this if it did not affect the target audience it is aimed at. And that was the family values Republican women and the Independent women.

    • Who was laughing? Not me. I know their strategies well. I hope that women out there ( not the progressive ones ) have the same feeling as my spousal unit…….she does not believe the women that are now coming forward but I know she does not speak for all women. She HATES….literally HATES playing the female card. In here words, “it makes us look weak !”

      • Too that..I agree. The military does not treat the “woman” card well….they want to play in the man’s combat world then they complain they do not have separate facilities. They complain that the training is too tough. They complain that there are no women’s latrines in the field. They complain that there are no separate shower facilities. They have absolutely no undestanding of logistics in a combat world.

        Same for politics…..a woman that wants to become the most powerful woman in the world….plays the “stalker” card. Seroulsly????? Anyone….and I mean anyone….that can take this woman seriously deserves what they get. She absolutely knows how to play in the big game…and does it well. She is a thief. She is corrupt. She is a liar. She is a master at deception. She is immoral and she is ethically deviant. She is anti-American by her very actions of giving up control of 20% of our fissionable material to Russian control, has given complete control of the Los Alamos Nuclear facility to China ( finishing what Bill started ) last week ( what?????you mean it was not reported???? Fancy that! ) She openly supports a one sided global initiative that is not in favor of the United States. She supported paying off Iran and she supports Iran’s nuclear ambition.

        That said…..

        Trump is a ruthless business man. He uses the system to his advantage and supports the very system he uses. He is a liar. He is a master at deception. He is immoral and is ethically deviant. But one thing he is not. But there is one thing he will not do. He will not sell out the United States.

        I hate this election but it has actually proven one thing. How biased the media is and how entrenched the established politicians are. A vote for Democrat is a vote for no change and acceptance of the status quo. And, therefore, by voting for that, you have given up your right to future complaints. Be very careful what you ask for….

  29. Mathius…..on another note since you are involved in hedge funds. Before I left on vacation, I attended a symposium on hedge funds sponsored by Merrill Lynch and Edward Jones et al. I was listening intently as I have never liked hedge funds because of the non-control that a single investor has over their fund. I have never liked co-mingling of funds.

    Anyway, I am hearing some disturbing news concerning Vanguard in that they have really rolled the dice and have extended themselves. There was significant discussion on “embedded gains”….and the fact that, while some people made money on the dot.coms…most did not. As a matter of fact, most lost most of their portfolios and still had to pay on embedded gains when managers had to sell off specific funds to make margin calls or to pay off a sudden run on the portfolios. For example, Vanguard, at the end of 2015, Vanguard had about $198,712,214,000 of which roughly $98,000,000,000 and change was classified unrealized gains…in a hedge fund that is typically the same as a debt to equity ratio and very dangerous. In other words, if there was a run for redemptions, it couldlead to significant problems.

    My question is….we know that there will be a rise in the Fed rate….and insiders are suspecting it will not be a 1/4 point range but rather 3/4 to 1.5% for an intitial bump. This would not be in favor. Have you heard anything of the like up there? Both Merrill Lynch and AG Edwards are becoming worried and have started to drop out of it. I do not own any because anyone other than a small investor can make more from the DJIA but was just wondering if you have heard anything.

    • The paranoid schizophrenic in me sees interest rates remaining low in a Hillary administration. It also sees them skyrocketing if Trump is elected. Tank the economy! I would not put it past them.

      It is a wonder to me how they have held it together till the big O leaves.

      • That is the point. It is not held together. The bubble is filling up faster than the National Debt. We have, as a family, decided to become and remain liquid. I have decided to become and remain liquid. I am keeping my blue chips that are a steady 5-7% gain and pay a reasonable ( for today ) a 3 to 7% quaterly dividend. Everything else I have sold off to become liquid and I am in the enviable position of being debt free.

        I do not think that the Fed cares about Trump or Hillary….I see a significant rise.****

        ***** Means a 3/4 to 1.5% initial rise.

    • My question is….we know that there will be a rise in the Fed rate….

      Yup. Sooner or later.

      I’m trying to buy a new house and I’m hoping to lock in a new mortgage before then.

      and insiders are suspecting it will not be a 1/4 point range but rather 3/4 to 1.5% for an intitial bump.

      If they raise rates 1.5% at a single bump, I’ll eat my hat.

      Wait… I don’t wear hats. I’ll eat any hat you ship me.

      This would not be in favor.

      It wouldn’t be in anyone’s favor since a 1.5% hike would crater the economy.

      Wait, actually, it would be in my favor since I’d make out like a bandit with options.. It might suck for everyone else, but I’d be pretty happy to get my Christmas bonus in October.

      Have you heard anything of the like up there?

      Nope, but you should understand that I run operations / technology. While I am certainly plugged into what’s happening on the investment end to some degree, I’m not an analyst nor to do have the time or desire to sit in on all research / investment meetings. As such, I have little “special / insider” knowledge.

      That said, if I did have any special insider knowledge, I sure as hell wouldn’t be posting it on the internet. (*cough* buy gold!! *cough* put your head between your knees and brace for impact *cough*) (that was a joke – seriously, I have no special knowledge) (or was it???).

      Both Merrill Lynch and AG Edwards are becoming worried and have started to drop out of it.

      The feds have been inflating a bubble. I think it’s fairly clear. The question then becomes now not IF, but WHEN the bottom drops out. And then, how far down the bottom is. The timing on such things is notoriously tough to predict. It’s not going to be driven by over-leverage (circa 2001) nor mortgage adjustables (circa 2007). Obviously, a big fed hike could set it off, but most likely, it will be a random Tuesday for no specific reason at all. You have cows – how do stampedes start? Can you predict them?

      I do not own any because anyone other than a small investor can make more from the DJIA but was just wondering if you have heard anything.

      I haven’t heard anything, but if you are concerned, you can buy puts. They might cost you a bit, but they provide excellent levered protection against market crashes. I’ve been playing this game for a while and it makes for a great supplementary income some months and costs me a bit in others (I’ve run the numbers and I’m up a smidge for the year). Just like Vegas, you can’t lose more than you put in (unless you’re selling puts/call – which you shouldn’t do unless you KNOW what you’re doing AND are willing to risk your farm). Another option you can consider (though I’m no expert in this asset class) are short futures. Maybe couple it with a hedge in case prices shoot through the roof?

      Consult your financial investment manager. Not (near) strangers on the internet.

      Or, if you’ve got $50mm you’d like us to take care of, I happen to work for a truly excellent fund (this is the first time I’ve actually thought that) – and would be very happy to put your money to work for 2 & 20. 😉

      • LOL……Picture my best Nixon face……”Let me perfectly clear”…………I am NOT asking for insider information so as to invest…..I have made my decision already….I do not believe in hedge funds but that is not to say they are not profitable…they certainly can be. They are not subject to the same regulations as stock or mutual funds. They do not have to be as open and they can trade in anything….that is not my style.

        I was just wondering if, since you are there, you have heard any rumblings…….I wear a size 7 1/4 hat…….do you prefer to dine on beaver or felt? 2 and 20? Are you serious? I stand better options on a craps table…you are expensive. Do not expect me to pay for your house.

        I do not have $50mm so I guess I am a small player….give me another two years and I will be there but not now…..

        Actually, we can predict how cows are going to react. They are as predictable as Clinton. Just gotta watch the signs.

        By the way, you never said how much he Dread Pirate liked the brass wound cannon.

        • .I do not believe in hedge funds

          Depends on the fund. I’ve been at ones that I believe in and ones that I do not. Being in operations, I know everything that goes on. If any of them were up to any shenanegans, I would know about it (and I have had to put my foot down – hard – on some necks from time to time).

          But if you can find one with a good manager who hires, retains, and values good analysts and good practices… well, they can be a solid investment.*

          but that is not to say they are not profitable…they certainly can be

          Almost comedically so. (not that much of that finds its way down to the employees)

          They can also hemorrhage money. (somehow that does find its way down to the employees though.. odd..)

          Depends on the fund, depends on the year.

          They are not subject to the same regulations as stock or mutual funds

          Not the same, but anyone who thinks that HF’s aren’t MASSIVELY and HEAVILY regulated is either oblivious or out of their mind.

          I spend a sold 30% of my day dealing with SEC regulations. Go look up what Form PF entails for just one example.

          We have this image of being the wild west, but that just isn’t the case – nor has it been since I started in the industry a decade ago.

          Best advice I can give you: make sure whoever you hire has a world-class manager and a GOOD fund administrator. (If you don’t know how to determine if an admin is good, reach out to me offline and I’ll give you my two cents). You don’t really have to worry about Bernie Madoff type stuff*, but a good admin means you really don’t have to worry about any shady stuff.*

          They do not have to be as open and they can trade in anything….that is not my style.

          True, but that’s where a lot of the profits are to be made. Not the common stuff that’s over-saturated and efficiently prices. I, certainly, wouldn’t want to venture out into the CDS pools, but that’s why you hire an asset manager: to “safely” access* the more esoteric asset classes where there’s still money to be made.

          I wear a size 7 1/4 hat……

          How many gallons is that?

          .do you prefer to dine on beaver or felt?

          I always enjoy eating beaver 😉

          2 and 20? Are you serious? I stand better options on a craps table…you are expensive. Do not expect me to pay for your house.

          Them’s the table stakes. It’s going away, it seems. More toward 1 & 10 over the next few years. But if you have more money and are willing to offer a longer lock-up, well, you have more leverage to name your own price.

          Actually, we can predict how cows are going to react. They are as predictable as Clinton. Just gotta watch the signs.

          You might know that they’re going to stampede, but you don’t necessarily know exactly when and what is going to set them off.

          Or maybe you do. What do I know about cows? Just accept the analogy.

          By the way, you never said how much he Dread Pirate liked the brass wound cannon.

          Judging by the massive hole in the side of my house, he likes it just fine.

          Odd thing though… I’m nowhere near water…

          I do not have $50mm so I guess I am a small player….give me another two years and I will be there but not now…..

          You can get in for less, but that’s enough to give you some clout. If you’re willing to co-mingle, I’ve seen investments for as little as 500k.


          *(the above is not to be construed as investment advise. Trust your personal financial adviser, not strangers on the internet)**

          **Seriously. This is NOT an endorsement of hedge funds or any other investment or investment strategy. I offer up my experience and thoughts, but they are informational and could very easily be totally wrong.*** Don’t go spending money based on what I say.

          ***Remember, I’m a stranger on the internet. I might not even really work at a hedge fund. Maybe I work at Fox News and just like making things up.

          • Is that you in that obscure office over there with blacked out windows?

            • Oh, Colonel, I want in on this action. If you reach out to Mathius on investing in hedge funds, reach out to me on PPVLI and IDFs! If you’re going to invest the big bucks, may as well structure it to avoid income tax…

              • Ambulance chaser, LOL

              • You are not reading properly…..I do not want to invest in hedge funds…they are dangerous. I simply do not trust them. I was merely asking about what he hears up there as the power brokers down here are shying away from them.

                I have very good tax advice, counselor. I will stick with what works for me. I am actually cash poor….to much of it right now and holding on it. I see no reason to invest right now and that line of thinking is pretty much in step down here. I was talking to my banker earlier and she told me that there is about 200,000,000 bucks sitting idle right now in just Fort Worth and Dallas just waiting and watching.

                My tax guys are doing pretty well…it appears that my tax rate will be 3.5% for 2016. I will have to come up with something else to get to zero.

              • 🙂

  30. I thought this was against the law! (from American Thinker)

    Sunday’s Wikileaks dump includes an email discussion within the Hillary Clinton campaign about whether they should continue to take money from people who were registered with the U.S. government as foreign government agents under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

    At first, on April 15, high-level campaign officials met by telephone and made the honorable decision to not take money from foreign government agents, but, as Hillary’s national finance director, Dennis Cheng, wrote, when he reopened the decision later that same day, “we are leaving a good amount of money on the table.”

    The final decision appeared to have been made on April 16. Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, put it this way: “I’m ok just taking the money and dealing with any attacks.” The next day, Clinton’s communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, summarized the decision in three words and two exclamation points: “Take the money!!”

  31. Anyone have a take on Mr. McCain’s pledge to block any SCOTUS nominee put forward by President (H) Clinton?

    If the justification for refusing to vote on Garland is that the next President, not the lame-duck, should make the appointment, how do we square that with McCain’s carte blanche pledge to block any Clinton nominee?

    • The same justification that would happen if Trump was going to nominate SCOTUS judges….except that Trump would have to fight the Repubs and Dems……

    • You really want to know my take!? Utter hogwash (though even more so than the initial ‘justification’ for not voting on Garland).

      • I have read Garland’s record……I do not want him. I don’t have a say….but I do not want him…his leanings are way too political and that is not the reason for SCOTUS.

      • Buck

        Maybe so, but they were just using the same argument the other side used against the R appointments before.

        That is part of the problem. The two parties are playing this tit for tat game for a long time now. The R’s will cave due to “tradition” at times though. That is where “conservative” works against “conservative” goals.

        • I find the tot for tat argument lacking here. The Rs took this to a whole new level with their refusal to even entertain any appointment for SCOTUS.

          • No sir…not a whole new level at all. Refusing up/down votes has been going on for ages…I will do a little research and post them here……stay tuned.

            • According to the United States Senate website, 117 appointees were confirmed and served, seven declined the appointment, 12 were rejected by the Senate, 12 withdrew, three were postponed and no action was taken in nine cases.

              • However, that said….I personally believe that there should be up and down votes within one week and the votes revealed as to who made them. But that is not how the process works….you have a judiciary committee that holds hearings and then the Senate holds hearings. The Constitution does not dictate a time limit for the process, therefore, it can be long and drawn out. The record, so far, is 237 days to get Justice Kennedy approved….a Republican nominee.

                You may not agree with it, Buck….but there is precedent. Personally, I think it sucks. This process, however, has been politically charged since the 1800’s and therein lies the problem as well. I totally disagree with Presidential nominations. The bench….any bench…is not supposed to be political but we all know that judgments are rendered daily on the basis of political whim……like statesmen are no longer available, neither are non biased judges. And THAT….is a shame.

              • I find it hard to believe (and it is not present in your statistics) that either Party, R or D, has previously let it be known that they will refuse to even consider any nominee proferred by a president.

                Which leads me to restate my claim: this is a whole new level of stupid.

          • Buck

            You misunderstood my comment. The tit for tat is what has been happening. With gradual escalation at each turn. Thus the refusal of the Senate to take up Obama’s last SCOTUS nominee. It was not about the McCain statement.

            That is another escalation. But it is also a STUPID political move. It falls into the trap of being accused an obstructionist for no reason. The Dems have played the game better but for the same purpose. Their tactics are better, by rejecting nominees one at a time or via the “communications” of the nominating process.

    • Mathius

      How about McCain is an idiot. It has been a long time since I have heard anything from him that resembles making sense.

  32. Warning!!!! Project Veritas strikes again. Hillary Operative collude with DNC and Not-for-Profits. Bad language throughout.

  33. Total game changer! They are already posting (the bad guys that is) O’Keefe’s mug shot when he was arrested for “illegal” taping which of course was later dropped.

    • All those Soros funded groups are the groups that Glenn Beck had on his chalkboards back in the day.

      The thugs agitating at the Trump rallies…it was always said they were Bernie supporters…I always figured they were Clinton plants

      Looking forward to more Veritas videos:

      James O’Keefe @JamesOKeefeIII
      Tomorrow’s video is so damning, we’ll have the corporate media forced to cover this. Even if they’re dragged kicking and screaming. #Veritas
      8:40 PM – 17 Oct 2016
      4,118 4,118 Retweets 5,186 5,186 likes

  34. Breaking News…….Video surfaces of Trump cutting the tags off the end of mattress’…FBI Director James Comey vows to immediately prosecute. Obama confirms that this is solid proof Trump is unfit for the Presidency.

  35. A couple thoughts:

    As I stated long ago, watch Obama’s SCOTUS nominee get approved by Congress after the election.

    Another conspiracy theory proven conspiracy fact. Clinton camp paying people to incite violence at Trump rallies:

    I have already posted that people were being paid and bused in to Clinton rally’s. Not sure what the polls are trying to say, but it isn’t what things appear.

    • Whoops, didn’t see SK’s post on this LOL.

    • Actually, g Man…..if you really take the time to read Garland’s record, he is considered a liberal moderate/conservative ( if there is such a definition ). I have read over 100 of his rulings and he does lean left but he is far better than the ones that Clinton would bring forward. If Clinton wins the nomination, he will most certainly be confirmed very quickly…if Trump wins the nomination, he will be voted down IF and only IF the Repubs retain 60 Senate votes. And that is not a given. I really do not think that the Repubs will let any of Trump’s nominees through. The Repubs are historically known for eating their young. The elite’s that are established in Washington will run the SCOTUS nominations.

      • Garland is not good on Amendment 2.

        • No, but there is precedent on Amendment 2…Garland appears to uphold known court cases and does not try to change the law with political rulings… to Amendment 2, he has voiced his opposition to it but has also stated ” While I disagree with the way that Amendment 2 is worded, it is the law of the land. For me to rule otherwise would be inconceivable”….at least he upholds the law as written.

      • Garland is a good justice by an definition of the word, as his record and opinions make abundantly clear. To be fair, he is a bit too conservative for my own personal leanings, but the country would be well served with him on the bench.

        Remember, this is the same guy that the Rs used to say “Now, why can’t Obama nominate someone like Garland…”

        • Buck

          Garland’s personal view of the second amendment disqualifies him.

          Garland’s support of the courts decision on the Affordable Care Act disqualifies him.

          His willingness to let bad decisions remain in place because they are the law of the land tells me what he is in real clothing, it disqualifies him.

          Sorry, but that is how I see this and I am happy he has not been appointed. I am unhappy the R’s cannot get their act together and force the D’s to nominate the proper kind of judges. Then again, there probably are not very many practicing.

          • How does his personal view disqualify him, when he has routinely upheld precedent on the matter?

            How does his support of the decision on the ACA disqualify him?

            I understand you may not personally agree with all of his opinions, and fine, perhaps you would not vote to confirm, but to say he is (or should be) disqualified from serving on SCOTUS? The guy is perhaps the most qualified judge out there.

            • Buck

              His personal view matters because he will be on SCOTUS, where he will be free to change his behavior. Just as every other Dem SCOTUS candidate has done. And a few of the “moderate” Republican appointees.

              It is rare to find people who will not eventually let their personal view override precedent.

              Anyone claiming consitutionality based on the taxation clause is disqualified. It is an absurd view of the Constitutional constraints on Govt. And yes, that includes Roberts. But to late for that one.

              Disqualified = Should not be confirmed.

              And I doubt he is the most qualified in the country. He has judicial experience. Better than some.

              • JAC – he, more than most, has demonstrated an ability to put personal opinion to the side and uphold the law. He is a widely respected jurist across the board. This is precisely someone who should be on SCOTUS.

                I can understand you have some qualms with how he will perform on SCOTUS given some of his personal opinions and given the nature of SCOTUS versus lower courts, but this is true with anyone who is nominated. I’d much prefer someone who has judicial experience and who has demonstrated respect for the law and an ability to remain somewhat neutral than someone who lacks this experience and track record.

                I just don’t see how anyone can make the argument that he should be disqualified.

  36. It has been a tit for tat world in Congress since Nixon’s impeachment vote. While most R’s stood true to Nixon, many did not support him with 7/17 or 41% of the R’s on the Judiciary Committee voting for one or more articles of impeachment. Buck and Mathius, you are too young to remember this but I remember it well. There were still people in politics at that time that adhered to the Constitution and some semblance of right and wrong. The D’s candidate for president and their current president have done far worse then Nixon ever did and yet have nearly universal support of their party.

    • Substitute the word politician for Statesman…and you would be correct, Today, they are politicians….just a stain on the bottom of cow pasture boots.

  37. Cities are getting a hard lesson on budget control in Texas. The latest being in the Dallas school districts. A suburb of Dallas, Frisco, because of its growth, has started construction of 4 new schools that were supposed to open in the fall of 2017. This has now been postponed until 2018 because of budget shortfalls. Austin, true to its word, is not going to fund the schools saying that it is a local issue. The budget shortfall comes from residents that refused to vote for property tax increases for funding, because the tax increases were not totally dedicated to the construction projects. The tax increase had several “attached” bills that wanted increased money for teachers. Frisco, as has Dallas ISD, followed the lead of Fort Worth last year. An indefinite teacher salary freeze until there is a merit pay system installed and tenure is eliminated. It took Fort Worth a year, but we now have a teacher merit pay system that is catching on. Merit pay increases are also funded separately and the voters actually have something to say about it. This is the way it should be….The unions do not like it, of course…but screw ’em. If the Unions would adopt merit pay and right to work, people would not be against them.

    So, Frisco bowed its back and will affect real change in the education system.

    Other budget news that does not make national headlines. The area, known as South Dallas, that has approximately 800,00 residents, has no gas stations, convenience stores, nor grocery stores left and none on the horizon of being built. They rob them all the time. When WALMART chooses to close and move, it is bad. When Target, Walmart, Sam’s, COSCO and even ALDIS decide that it is not worth it to have stores in the area……that is bad, bad, bad…but funny. As a result, local residents are finally getting together to clean up the drug laden, gang infested areas. This area of South Dallas is inhabited by Latinos and Blacks and is a war zone. Local police just drive through and pick up the bodies and spent needles. They will not even respond to the run down apartments and Federal housing projects. Fire Departments are even hesitant to go in there most of the time. The Dallas City Government simply told the residents that they need to take a more proactive role if they expect companies to move back in. The City of Dallas has refused to subsidize the area. Again, returning control to locals. Great idea.

    California woman loses law suit trying to force Amarillo school district to drop dress code requirements. A lady from California has moved to Amarillo and does not like it that her son has to conform to a dress code voted on by the local PTA and school district board. The dress code only allows specific shoes be allowed,,,,,in this case, beach sandals and shorts are not allowed. Tennis shoes and jeans or slacks,,,and nothing hanging down that exposes underwear or butt cracks. She said that it is a violation of personal freedom..the courts disagreed saying that no one is blocking the child from wearing these things away from school..just not in school when the dress code has been voted on but the local PTA and the school board….case dismissed.

  38. A little history on SCOTUS:

    In announcing their plans to leave Scalia’s seat vacant for the remainder of 2016, Senate Republicans followed the precedent set by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), who vowed in 2007 to block any and all Supreme Court nominations by President George W. Bush should any vacancies arise.

    Republicans will no doubt tout years’ worth of Democratic promises to block Bush’s nominees–including then-Sen. Barack Obama’s own attempted filibuster of the Supreme Court nomination of Samuel Alito in 2006–as justification for their obstruction.

    When a vacancy arises, the president selects a nominee and forwards his nomination to the Senate, which then refers the nomination to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The next step is a Judiciary committee hearing to evaluate the nominee, followed by a committee vote on whether to report the nomination to the full Senate. If the Senate votes to report the nomination, then the nomination is placed on the Senate’s Executive Calendar. Before the nomination could be considered by the full Senate, the Senate would need to enter into executive session (as opposed to legislative session, in which bills and resolutions are considered). Once in executive session, the Senate would then need to proceed to the particular nomination, followed by full consideration of the nomination. The final step would be an up-or-down vote on whether to confirm the nominee.

    Although some analysts have floated the idea of a recess appointment to the Supreme Court, that is not a tenable option given the Supreme Court’s unanimous 2014 opinion restricting the ability of the president to use brief congressional recesses to bypass the Senate’s constitutional duty to advise and consent before an appointment becomes official. In NLRB v. Noel Canning, the Supreme Court stated it would not look favorably upon any recess appointments that occurred when the Senate had not been formally recessed for at least 10 days, excluding Sundays (the current Senate recess will not last 10 days given the Sunday exclusion noted by the Supreme Court). As a result of that court opinion, congressional Republicans have studiously avoided any recesses that would exceed that 10-day window. Barring some sort of catastrophic error by the parliamentarians advising the Senate majority, a 2016 recess appointment is simply not a viable option.

    My point being, once again, that the SCOTUS is a political arm.

    • Ah yes, the old, but Schumer said the same thing argument. Schumer’s comments do not provide the precedence here — his comments were taken out of context if I remember it correctly (and please, prove me wrong, I could very well be mistaken). My recollection is that Schumer’s comments were lifted from a larger narrative where he was talking about the need for more complete judicial records in presidential appointments, need for time for the Senate to do its job, and the need for the President to appoint someone who is qualified for the role. It was not a blanket “we will not entertain anyone, no matter who…”

  39. On July 27, 2007, Schumer told his ACS audience:

    “How do we apply the lessons we learned from Roberts and Alito to be the next nominee, especially if—God forbid—there is another vacancy under this president? … [F]or the rest of this president’s term and if there is another Republican elected with the same selection criteria let me say this: We should reverse the presumption of confirmation. The Supreme Court is dangerously out of balance. We cannot afford to see Justice Stevens replaced by another Roberts, or Justice Ginsburg by another Alito. Given the track record of this president and the experience of obfuscation at the hearings—with respect to the Supreme Court, at least—I will recommend to my colleagues that we should not confirm a Supreme Court nominee except in extraordinary circumstances.”

    The one sentence in this diatribe ” We should REVERSE the presumption of confirmation” is pretty damning because he did not like the earlier appointments.

    Furthermore, he stated ” Charles Schumer, told an 2007 audience — on video — that he wanted to block any Supreme Court nominations for the last 18 months of President George W. Bush’s presidency.”

    Color me stupid but I read this as NOTHING GETS THROUGH……

    • I don’t read it that way — his overall point is that there should not be a presumption of confirmation and the Senate’s role should be to debate a given nominee’s qualifications, experience, rack record, etc. in the confirmation process.

      You are looking at solely the last line “…we should not confirm…except in extraordinary circumstances” when he laid out those “extraordinary circumstances” above (discussing the President’s selection criteria and track record).

      I disagree with Schumer on much of this, but it just isn’t the same as an entire party acting in lock step to refuse to even consider anyone nominated by a sitting President.

      • YOu have made an assumption that I have not seen……an entire party. I saw where one person has said that it would never get to the Senate and that was the majority leader….much like Schumer, I never said the entire Democratic party would follow him…but they did walk i lock step…..they do now and they will again. To get a confirmation vote, just as in democratic controlled Senate, it still hs to get to the committee’s. Unfortunately, our two party system is in constant argument and to get something to committee, it has to get past the majority leader to schedule. It happens with regularty on both sides, Buck.

  40. Garland’s idea on gun control and EPA are very disturbing as they lean far left….otherwise most of his rulings have been pretty much down the middle.

    Garland has a problem understanding the word militia as it pertains to the Constiution he is under the idea that a “well regulated militia” means a military organization. It does not mean that at all and is not that at all. A militia is comprised of civilians, not military, and those civilians work in their private jobs 90 percent of the time. He wants to forget that a militia is not provided arms….they are private arms. In addition to providing their own arms, a militia also provides its own ammunition. They do not wear uniforms and do not function under the command of regular army nor their command. They are guided and led by their own.

    We have a State Guard militia in Texas….they are civilians. They provide their own arms and ammunition. They do not receive funds from the State of Texas unless activated…same as a militia call up in the 1700’s. A military officer cannot order a militia to do anythiing same as a militia officer has no federal recognition.

    Pretty simple, actually.

    • Hmmm…that’s not such a ‘far left’ position on the interpretation of the 2d Amendment. It’s an argument that has been put forth by many.

      And as you say, Garland’s rulings (including his actual rulings on the 2d Amendment) are pretty centrist…

      • The problem is, was and always will be the definition of the word “militia” at the time the Constitution was written. That is intent.

        If you do not like that, there is an extra judicial mechanism for dealing with it, repeal!

        • There are a few problems other than the definition of ‘militia’ — the term “well-regulated” and what that meant, and whether there can be reasonable restrictions and, if so, what constitutes reasonable in this regard.

          As some would have it, there can be absolutely no prohibitions to any one purchase any gun or weapon they desire.

          • What did “well regulated” mean in 1783. I’ve already done this for my own edification, “trained”.

            Actually makes sense. One would want well trained people with firearms rather than have them blowing off their own or someone else’s foot!

            Then we get into restrictions. The SC has never overturned the 1933 Federal Firearms act. That one bans fully automatic weapons unless registered. It also bans sawed off shotguns and guns with defaced serial numbers! GCA ’68 banned mortars, artillery and bazookas.

          • Actually, there is but one definition. It means that when a militia is called up, it is called up under a command. A command run by a militia member. It means that when called up, you are not to go lone wolf or vigilante. In addition, militia members, once again, supplied their own weapons and ammunition and continue to supply their own weapons and ammunition to this very day. You cannot over-look this or ignore it. Militia is and always will be citizen soldiers. Citizen soldiers even pay for their own training and there are many civilan training camps around. There are several in Texas, three in New Mexico, three in Oklahoma, 14 in Arizona, 7 in California, four in New York state etc….all told there are over 300 for hire civilian run training camps that will train you in survival, military tactics, communications, night fighting, hand to hand combat, marksmanship, and medical… up to and including emergency field operating techniques. Down here, boy scouts, cub scouts, girl scouts, birthday parties…all go to these things. I suppose that is alarming to you but if you go back packing into wilderness areas on your own or with friends….it is noce to know these things. And even in wilderness areas and National Parks, the federal government let’s you go fully armed including New York State….whether hunting season or not.

            It was and is commong knowledge that the militia went through military style training and drills even as civilians. The weapons were not locked up and no weapon type was designated. It is the same today with the exception of full automatic weapons and what is considered “heavy weapons”….mortars, bazookas etc…without permission and a permit. I have such a permit issued from the Government registering my two fully automatic and fully functional war trophy weapons. I shoot them regularly when I can find the ammo. There is no restriction anywhere…in Texas anyway, that prohibits the legal ownership of automatic weapons if you are properly registered.

            I do have a question for you……do you see a problem with these civilian training camps? If so, Why?

            • I have no problem to civilian run training camps and I have no problem with civilians owning guns.

              I have a problem with people citing the 2d Amendment to mean there Dan and should be no restrictions whatsoever. I have a problem with the NRA taking a hardline stance against any and all gun control legislation.

              As you know (and as we’ve debated in the past and come to a fairly large amount of agreement), I am for sensible, reasonable gun control.

              • Agreed…was really asking about civilian run training camps…

              • I am for sensible, reasonable gun control.

                Considering the multitude of laws outlawing firearms when people are engaged in any sort of crime, what exactly would you suggest is “sensible, reasonable gun control” ?

              • G – who said I agree with every current law out there?

                Go back in the SUFA archives and dog out my discussion with the Colonel on the issue.

                Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to get my daughter to bed so I can sit back with a truly top notch scotch!!

              • Why do you persist in saying that? The NRA gave you the instant background check. The NRA for years has supported keeping crazies away from guns and run into trouble from your “privacy” at any cost friends. Now, when those same people want to go “hog wild” and create whole categories of people who lose their rights without due process, rather than focus on specific cases, suddenly it is the NRA who is obstructionist!

  41. Buck…..I did find one of them again and it was a news organization..the Washington Examiner and

  42. Just talked to a good friend of mine….the Big Red One… being re-deployed to Iraq…..Obama has done what no other POTUS has done…..he is now waging four wars. Count ’em….four.

  43. There will be a new thread up shortly.

    • Tell you what, G MAn… put up another thread and let’s you and I discuss gun control and the 2nd Amendment……I am not actually sure where you stand. So, let’s you and I get it on…..we may think alike on most items but there are, what I consider, some common sense approaches that we can take…..

      So, let us start with background checks.

      • We can also throw in the NRA because Buck is wrong in his statement that ” I have a problem with the NRA taking a hardline stance against any and all gun control legislation.”

        This is simply not true….but I have seen a variety of expressions on here about gun control but nothing really definitive….so let us have a thread on this.

      • A ‘refreshed’ 2nd amendment discussion would be interesting. Was quite the topic back in the day. My thought is there should be no infringement whatsoever. None. Zilch. I cannot imagine how unreasonable senseless people can design reasonable sensible gun control.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        New Thread Is Up Colonel. With respect, please proceed. You will likely find our positions alike

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