Testing the Liberal Media

integrity5A recent interview with  Internet Personality Dave Hodges by the New York Times will be published next week.  I consider Hodges a true conspiracy theorist and don’t follow or agree with him very often, but thought this could be a good test of how the Liberal media could alter the positions that the interviewee makes.  The good news is that Hodges posted his views in regards to the interview prior to the article being available.  Here are his positions related to the questions, of which the subject of Trump supporters becoming violent after the election.  I will presume that the interviewer has already decided that HRC will win.

From Hodges:  The Summary of My Answers

In reference to the question, I made the following points:

The Issues Surrounding Hillary

  1. Clinton is an illegitimate candidate  stemming from the classified emails to Benghazi. She belongs in jail, not running for President.
  2. There is already rampant election fraud taking place in America (e.g. 7 million democrats registered to vote in two different states, undocumented aliens being rushed to citizenship so they can vote, etc.). The people and Donald Trump have a right to challenge the election results. However, Trump expressed his potential need to challenge the vote counting etc., very poorly. Once the fraud has been PROPERLY investigated, the candidates have an obligation to respect the results, so long as the results were fairly arrived at.
  3. How can the military follow Clinton into battle against the Russians, when she sold uranium to the Russians? I view this as treason. This event was carried in a story carried by the New York Times in 2015.
  4. The Clinton Foundation was given $2 billion dollars to help the people of Haiti. According to Gary Heavin, who has already spent $12 million dollars of his own money to help the Haitian people, the Clinton Foundation is nowhere to be found. As a result, the Haitian people despise the Clintons.
  5. I consistently assert that Hillary will dramatically raise taxes by $1.3 trillion and this will be the death blow to an already fragile middle class.
  6. Hillary said she opposed free trade agreements during the debate. She is lying. As we know, she has her public and her private position. She has told Wall Street that and moderator of the 3rd debate, Chris Wallace, called her out on this point as well. Hillary is a ticking time bomb for those in the middle class whether they be Black, White, Latino, male or female, et al.
  7. Hillary will erase our national borders with an amnesty program and that will be the end of the sovereignty of the United States.


To the question of whether, or not, I have any knowledge of any planned protests or counter-reactions to a Clinton reaction, here is my response:

  1. I categorically state that if it was implied that there would be violence, I do not know of any planned events. I also would oppose such a violent response. I would support a boycott against the major banks and the big corporations who support the free trade agreements. Shop locally is what I advise. As I have often stated, I am calling for a boycott for any institution that benefits from a free trade agreement. Do not shop or bank with the corporations. Invest your money into the local economy. Turn off CNN/Fox/ABC, it is paid for propaganda representing the financial interests behind Hillary Clinton.

  2. I believe that if the people are going to engage in civil disobedience, or even start a revolution, I am totally unaware of any such plans by any individual or group. I mentioned that I am fundamentally opposed to violence, due to the fact that I am a Christian. However, I say for the record that Clinton better not come after the guns because that could set off an unfortunate and unpredictable set of events.

  3. I am still awaiting justice for Hillary Clinton.


So we wait for the actual article to come out and see what it says.  In the mean time, continue to debate any and all subjects  🙂



  1. New thread 🙂 Enjoy the debates!

  2. This is actually pretty clever. Get your answers in the public arena before the interviewer can publish the story. Kind of puts pressure on the interviewer to be straight with the story.

    Although it wouldn’t stop some from claiming “he said, I said” defense for distortion.

    • What is sad is that people have lost trust in the media to the point of doing this. I don’t follow Hodges or agree with his stuff, I have read some of it, too much conspiracy for me.

      Let’s see what gets published 🙂

  3. Dale A. Albrecht says:


    In the body of this is a comment in an email by Podesta about “Hillary’s bad judgement in things”…….but always the blame is on the Russians for the leaks. Heck, they have got to feel, if our media has been struck dead and has that tingly feeling in their leg with Hillary as they did with Obama, and refuses to do their duty, they have nothing to lose. I’m sure Breznef (sp) Gorbechov (sp), Yeltsin, never felt as at risk under any of the previous presidents as they feel with our potential next president….Obama is a clot but has had two totally incompetent secretary of states with Clinton and kerry, which has put global event on a knifes edge…..all other major powers are taking total advantage of the vacuum and minor players are siding with whom they perceive as the winner. Hillary says openly more of the same…..why would she change she caused much of it with her “Bad Judgement” as Podesta uts it.. .

  4. Dale A. Albrecht says:


    At no time has anyone in the administration nor the Clinton campaign, nor the DNC denied the wikileaks information. But they had done just about everything to stop it. Because they are seriously damaging if one chooses to actually read them. Nixon was bush league compared to the present political machines at work today. Threatening retaliation including war (Hillary’s comment) for hacking into servers. Who the hell is calling the kettle “black” Our NSA and intelligence services do it all the time including sabatoge in Iran before Obama. Our congress got hacked off because the services were collecting their communications, besides just about every other foreign leader. Administrations hate the FOIA. They will go to great lengths to avoid the law to keep things secret that the government is doing in our name, and to us for our own good. Lately the biggest threat I see is our own government depriving us of our rights and liberty than any foreign government or entity.

    Does the administration thing we are so stupid that, the Russians may not have gotten a hint that Hillary was not using “State.gov” when she emailed Putin etc. Russia has some of the best minds in mathematics. hacking into a basement server would be childs play.

    As an FBI leaker said we do not want to go down the path of who knew what when where etc. It would collapse the government. I will cut a broad swath here. It cuts across both parties and those outside, foreign or domestic, who are benefiting from the subsequent largess.

  5. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    The hits just keep coming


    Just as a side note…usually a candidate on either party has to deal with an opposition of the media who doesn’t support them. Standard practice. This election given that the establishment on both parties are so dead set against the interloper called Donald Trump, he has to deal with both sides against him, the DNC and RNC supporting media. Talk about the being “Lone Ranger”.

  6. Dale A. Albrecht says:
  7. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    At least Charles Krauthammer who I had respected as a political analyist proclaims he will not vote for Clinton and why. He also does not support Trump, but his words about Hillary and the Clintons should carry some weight…hopefully


    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Cool,…. buy stock in Mexican Chocolate….

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Thought I’d start getting into the mood for the cold…..just watched “Fargo” I do not miss the cold like that.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      It was 45 degrees this morning….mid October…come on you northern folks, keep these gifts to yourself…..It did warm nicely to just about 80, back into shorts and sandals, by late morning..

  8. When the U.S. Department of Justice filed criminal contempt charges against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Oct. 17, accusing the well-known lawman of intentionally violating a federal judge’s order not to arrest illegal aliens without evidence they had broken state law, it was beyond even the imagination of George Orwell.

    So says Daniel Horowitz, senior editor at Conservative Review.

    “Our Founders are rolling over in their graves at the sight of a sheriff being placed on trial for taking common sense steps to protect his state’s sovereignty and applying federal law in cases of reasonable suspicion – laws over which Congress, not the judiciary, has plenary authority,” Horowitz declared in a recent column.

    Federal judge Susan Bolton requested the criminal charges at a hearing the previous week. In August, Judge G. Murray Snow of the U.S. District Court of Arizona had referred Arpaio for misdemeanor criminal contempt charges for not obeying a previous court injunction against his practice of apprehending those he reasonably suspected of being in the country illegally.

    The injunction grew out of a 2007 class-action lawsuit brought by the ACLU and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund accusing Arpaio of racial profiling.

    Horowitz noted the Arizona sheriff is essentially being punished for enforcing federal immigration law within his jurisdiction while violent criminal aliens remain on the run all over Arizona. He called the situation “Orwellian beyond imagination.”

    “While thousands of criminal aliens are being released onto the streets of Arizona, Sheriff Arpaio is the one who is facing the prospect of jail time,” Horowitz said. “There is something fundamentally wrong when a state like Arizona is being destroyed by a foreign invasion and local elected officials are hamstrung from defending the state, even though they are following federal law. At the same time, sanctuary cities that thwart federal immigration law are being rewarded by the federal judiciary.”

    Read more at http://mobile.wnd.com/2016/10/charges-against-sheriff-joe-orwellian-beyond-imagination-says-author/#uxOQhLS0SMFtGQwx.99

    • There is something else that I do not understand. Why are they after this Sheriff and not coming after Texas. We are doing the same thing. We profile, we arrest, we jail, we enforce the Federal Law….and no one is coming after Texas….I wonder why? I wonder if it is because his state does not stand behind him? I do not know…..suggestions?

      • The game is always divide and conquer. Texas is united so instead of going after Texas it is much easier to make their test case against Sheriff Joe. If they can get Joe, then the will go after others. Far be it that they would actually go after the sanctuary cities.

        • I get that but Texas has told SCOTUS to go to hell ( instituting picture ID for voting ) , told the US Department of Education to go to hell (rejecting their common core), told the US Justice Department to go to hell (enforcing Federal immigration law when told not to), told the EPA to go to hell ( still producing and burning coal ), told the FDA to go to hell ( still serving hot dogs and nachos, etc in public schools ), told the Federal Court to go to hell ( did not redraw districting lines )…..why pick on Sheriff Joe when we are a much larger targer with much more headlines……or is it just the little guy, once again, that gets crushed.

          • d13thecolonel

            They go after the Sheriff because they have and established ruling against him personally, combined with a PERSONAL court order.

            I am also guessing the Sheriff does not have the broad support in Arizona the governor of Texas has.

            • I guess so, JAC…it does not make any difference though….Texas has a SCOTUS ruling against it…..written…..a Federal Ruling against it…..written………but I guess there is a difference between a State and an individual.I still do not get it.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                If I remember Arizona still has McCain as senior Senator. Isn’t he fairly keen on any immigration and easy pathways for illegals. as with his bills when Kennedy was still alive. The Arizona State government caved when the fed started picking apart their illegal policy. The only one who didn’t is the sheriff. The State left him swinging in the wind, if you get my drift, as opposed to circling in support around him.

                I’ll go further, Sir…look at your map of the State of Texas…..literally NO federal land. Ifr any is is on administered by them at the behest of Texas. Bases are Texas leased by the Feds.,, not owned. Arizona and New Mexico are two federally controlled states by virtue of the “sovereign” Indian nations. They are not sovereign, but can only do what the BLM, FBI, Health services, EPA, Forestry etc etc etc. The leverage the feds have is huge by comparison.

      • This is easy. Sheriff Joe conducted an investigation on Obama’s birth certificate and determined it was a fake. This is payback, Chicago politics style.

  9. Adding to the original article above, it seems an additional test can now be added to this.

    One day after my interview with the NY Times, Mike Adams contacted me and let me know that he was asked the same exact questions by a reporter from the Washington Post.

    From Mike Adams:

    “Dave, a WashPost reporter called me about the same topics the NYT asked you. I was extremely careful in my responses and recorded the entire conversation. Also told the WashPost guy his entire paper has zero credibility and that no one trusts the media anymore.”

    Mike Adams rune Natural News and a fairly new site called Newstarget.com (It’s new to me).

    So now we have two people that were asked the same questions from two separate media outlets. The suspense deepens 🙂

  10. In sports yesterday: The Cubs made it to the World Series. The first time in my lifetime.
    #2 Ohio State fell to Penn State 24 – 21 after being down 21-7 through 3 quarters.

  11. What if scenario: What if Trump wins the election w/270 but the electors decide to choose someone else such as Jeb Bush or even Hillary? Sure they would be in violation of some state laws and hence there would be a court challenge. Would the courts uphold the right of the electors to make an independent decision? Such a happening would create tremendous support for elimination of the EC.

    • T-Ray

      I like the scenario better where the independent from Utah wins two states and Trump surprised in the swing states. Leaving NEITHER with the 270 and throwing the election to Congress. I know of no constraint on who the House can elect once the election is passed to them.

      If Trump wins the 270 I doubt the electors will switch, but these days anything is possible. I think the courts would have to look to the State laws regarding the electors responsibility.

      • A la 1876 when Hayes won over Tilden by promising to end reconstruction. Tilden won the popular vote if I remember. No, the House is not free to pick anyone but must pick from the top 3 vote getters per the EC. The vote in the House is by state not by the number of Representatives.

  12. There is a new O’Keefe video coming out tomorrow that is said to be very damning to HRC. If it’s available before 6 am, I’ll post it.

  13. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I just love Pelosi. Back in 07, she defies Bush and goes to Damascus, even though she was in full knowledge of Assad’s support and aid to terrorist groups.

    ‘The road to Damascus is a road to peace.” Pelosi’s quote.

    very similar to Hillary’s meeting after she became SOS and called Assad a “progressive” and we can work with him.

    Then Pelosi whines about the rich not paying their fair share, but she is listed by Bloomberg as the wealthiest member of the House. She is with her investment banker husband in the rarified 0.1% of the 1%

    • You can have looks or you can have brains. Oh, wait she doesn’t have either.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        It must really gall her, Pelosi, knowing her daughter is a conservative.

        I remember when Warren Buffett was being pilloried about the amount of taxes he pays and sitting like a dunce while Obama abused him. Buffett said that his secretary pays more than he does. His secretary is probably like the chauffer in “Sabrina” who listened to all the investment chatter and deals made by Bogart and then invested and got quite wealthy…….He paid what was due, by law and his accountants like Trumps, Clinton, Pelosi use every one they can. The IRS piped up in all this and said “IF YOU DO NOT FEEL YOU PAID ENOUGH, WE DO ACCEPT DONATIONS”

  14. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Question is…..if one was offered a $15,000 bonus to reenlist for X years in the Guard or whatever branch and did in fact serve that time, as agreed to receive that bonus, 1) why would anyone expect MORE or not be suspicious of some overpayment of the contracted amount, much less the Pentagon sending out more in the first place. 2) aren’t educational benefits, as an example through the University of Maryland,,,,free when on active duty. The GI Bill is used and has money paid out based on years of active duty and how much you allocate each month while active. How can you receive more? and again not be suspicious. Like at a cash register. As the cashier counts and hands you the money, you count also and question it immediately before closing your grubby hands over it and sticking it into your pocket. Either short or extra……In the old W.C. Fields short…”You can not cheat an honest man”


    Somehow all the pertainent information is missing.

    • I read this article the other day. Is she planning a quick getaway if things don’t go her way? I also find it interesting that Qatar does not have an extradition treaty with the U.S.

      Hmm, the plot thickens.

  15. Way to go Middletown South High School in New Jersey…..the high school administrator said that if Texas can do it so can we……prior to the football game, military and police and other first responders were honored. The ACLU and the NAACP and BLM claims they will file a law suit saying that any honoring of the military or first responders prior to the game is a violation of free speech. They even managed to “one-up” Texas by also having a fly over at a high school game…..KUDOS!!!!!

    Do not know where they get this….but that is what they are saying. What we are doing down here, now. The ROTC and National and State Guard units are lining up on the sidelines before games, including college and professional games and anytime a player kneels or raises a closed fist during the Anthem, two members of the ROTC and/or National Guard walk up and stand on either side of them….”protecting” their right of free speech as they stand at attention and salute.

    It has pissed off the NAACP and the ACLU and the BLM crowd claiming that doing that is suppression of free speech and intimidation. All Big 12 colleges have agreed and are doing the same thing. Interesting how the left complains when they get something thrown back in their face. Glad to see people, schools, and organizations are beginning to fight back…it is about time.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Doesn’t this fly in the face of a previous post about the Nebraska court rulings. That the government harassing a company with audits out the wazzu unless they terminated an employee who they didn’t like his political activism. The courts ruled that the governments actions were unconstitutional (against the company) but ruled that the guys rights of free speech were not imfringed upon because he could if he wished keep speaking out, case dismissed. Only lost his job, livelihood, lost everything fighting the government isn’t that corrersive action to silence the opposition? The government targeted an innocent party (the employer or future employers) to get at the person they wished to silence.

  16. On the Texas political front…..Ted Cruz visibly shaken at the attitude of Texans…..he does not understand why he is not getting the same respect and following as he did prior. He will not win his Senate seat back. There are three new upstarts that will beat him out in two years.

  17. This from the Dallas Morning News…..I do not know how to copy it and paste it so I will just print it out.

    This is in the political section headlined “Diversifying Suburbs” written by Paul Sperry Washington Bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily.

    ” Obama’s housing chief plans this fall toimplement a new rule giving Section 8 welfare recipients enough money to afford rent wherever they choose, with the goal of driving them into affluent suburbs. Section 8 tenants who choose to stay in the cities will lose their subsidies.

    The regime is gearing up for a massive resettlement of urban poor – more than 350,000 initially, followed by as many of the 2.2 million D=Section 8 tenants as they can – all to end what the left calls “American apartheid

    If landlords fight the massive social experiement to racially and economically – not to mention politically – integrate the suburbs, they will be sued for discrimination. And if counties and minicipalities fight this, they will lose millions in Federal funding.”

    If this pans out….it will be another Section 8 disaster….they will just create another slum in a different area and people will move. It will solve no problems.

  18. I believe that if the people are going to engage in civil disobedience, or even start a revolution, I am totally unaware of any such plans by any individual or group.

    Methinks he doth protest too much 😉

    • Generally speaking, those on the right have peaceful gatherings, devoid of violence and/or civil disobedience. And they clean up after themselves. On the other hand, Those on the Left have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar by paying people to get violent at Trump rally’s, engaging in violent riots, funded by ultra Leftist Soros and usually just leave shit a mess when they leave. But, with respect to revolution, it’s needed and overdue. The more corruption that comes out and made public, the closer we get to one.

      • But, with respect to revolution, it’s needed and overdue.

        I just don’t get it.

        There are millions of you people.

        It would be so easy to trigger a revolution if you’re willing to give your “last measure of devotion.” There have to be thousands of you people who would fit the bill. Why aren’t they out there destabilizing the “tyrannical” federal gov’ment?

        Well, regardless, they aren’t. So I am forced to conclude you are all full of bluster. All sound and fury, signifying nothing.

        • Mathius

          Maybe that is because the Fed Govt. has been so effective at intimidating and even arresting those who have attempted to get the ball rolling.

          Those millions, I believe, are not mad enough yet to overcome the intimidation.

          We have been trained for a hundred years that only the bad guys riot and use violence as a means of revolt. But I think Gman is correct in assessing that we are getting closer. But not necessarily to revolt against the govt. as much as Civil War against certain factions within the population. The radicals are getting closer to pushing the WASPS too far. And we all know what happens when you poke a bees nest.

          • Those millions, I believe, are not mad enough yet to overcome the intimidation.

            Then they’re wimps.

            If I believed as they believe, I would find a way give impact to my views.

            We have been trained for a hundred years that only the bad guys riot and use violence as a means of revolt.

            So don’t use violence?

            I’ll share with you a story from Mathius’ college years.

            We had one of those shared mailboxes at my school where everyone had a private key/door, but the back was open so that the post office could insert everyone’s mail.

            We used to receive a ton of spam from the school. Clubs and activities, notices, et cetera. A dozen flyers and letters a day that made it highly annoying to check for real mail. I asked the school to clamp down and they told me they couldn’t do anything about it. I tried a few times and failed a few times.

            So, rather than give up, I teamed up with a few like-minded friends and simply pushed the spam back into the mailboxes and out the open back onto the post office floor. We encouraged others to do so as well. Pretty quickly, there were hundreds, maybe thousands, of letters the post office workers had to step over and clean up every day. Two days later, the school revised its policy and the spam stopped.

            What can we take from this? Well, let’s see. You don’t need to engage in violence. You just need to find a vulnerable spot and exploit it. Give me 10 people and $10,000 and I could shut DC down in an afternoon without any violence or threat thereof. You just have to be creative.

            The radicals are getting closer to pushing the WASPS too far. And we all know what happens when you poke a bees nest.

            Wasps aren’t bees. They are cousins of the bees which, along with ants, are members of the hymenoptera (literally “membrane wing”) order. (Etymology meets entomology! Hurray!)

            The important thing to remember when thinking about bees vs wasp is that bees are your fuzzy honey-making friends whereas wasps are Satan’s army of the damned reincarnated on Earth to torment us. The correct response to a bee-sighting is to live-and-let-live. The correct response to a wasp sighting is to nuke it from orbit and cleanse the area with righteous hell fire.

            • Mathius

              Your college story is creative, and yes there are thousands of ways to cause problems to make a point.

              The Tea Party march on DC was good, but it needed to be repeated monthly or twice a month. Or they needed to just stay until things changed. But we all know how that would have worked out don’t we.

              Because when the monopoly on violence is faced with non violent resistance, it will use violence.

              Our Govt. has gotten more sophisticated in maintaining order. Quickly snuff out the instigators. Use normal agency enforcement in this effort, such as the IRS.

              I do agree with you that much of the bluster we see on the internet or hear on the radio/tv is spouted by “wimps”, as you call them. But there are many who are not and are trying to make change.

              Change will come when the people have had enough. People will suffer far more before this happens. The usurpation of Govt. will have to be much greater this time than it was in 1776.

              • and yes there are thousands of ways to cause problems to make a point.

                Off the top of my head:
                1. Arrange for a car breakdown in busy intersections in near the capital every rush hour.
                2. Robo call every politician (all of them, city council up to President) on every phone line you can get ahold of. All day, every day, playing It’s a Small World until they surrender. Make sure that it is virtually impossible to call for legitimate business. Use their cell phone numbers.. creatively
                3. Repeat #2, but for email / fax.
                4. Repeat #2 for the entire IRS. It shouldn’t be too hard to get a sympathetic body to slip you a copy of the directory.
                5. VOTE.
                6. Make it personal and picket outside of your rep’s home. Picket his wife’s place of business. Picket the restaurant where he’s having dinner.
                7. Mail envelopes full of glitter. That stuff gets everywhere.
                8. Alternative to #1, just drive really slowly side by side in all lanes. Make sure the car has a Hillary bumper sticker.
                9. Hire an escort service and send the girl to his house while his wife is home. Bonus points if she’s in on it and acts like it’s an ongoing thing or refuses to leave without payment.
                10. Buy their neighbor’s house and.. well, get creative.
                11. Have your dog poop on their lawn. Do not pick it up. (it’s a type of free speech!).

                The goal here isn’t to win. You can’t win like this (at least not without getting violent). The goal is to piss them off.

                What you need is provoke an overreaction, which is virtually guaranteed, which then permits escalation.

            • Hmmmmmmm…a rapto-wasp. I shall start cloning immediately.

        • Without a significant event that triggers the emotional resolve, and the ability to own and maintain the moral high ground, we will wait. As it stands, we are still well armed. When they try to change that, things will light up like the 4th of July. In the meantime, we’ll just continue to expose their corruption, including trying to teach Black Americans that democrats are their true oppressors and always have been. With any luck, the government will collapse under it’s own weight and stupidity. When the government money stops, we’ll sit back and watch the chaos that ensues. When everyone is tired, maybe we’ll just roll in and take over without firing a shot. It’s a wait and see game Mathius, can’t predict the future, so can’t predict what will predicate such an event as revolution.

  19. Hillary will erase our national borders with an amnesty program and that will be the end of the sovereignty of the United States.

    So? Borders are a figment of your imagination.

    Freedom for me, but not for thee!!!

  20. Clinton is an illegitimate candidate stemming from the classified emails to Benghazi. She belongs in jail, not running for President.


    “She belongs in jail” is a finding of guilt which is a job for a jury, not for you.

    Our institutions have determined that it is not reasonable to prosecute her. Now, I have heard your objections (both legitimate and conspiracy theorist). But regardless, we do not have the authority (and neither does Trump!) to unilaterally declare who “belongs in jail.” At worst, you can object to a biased system that let her off the hook.

    • Biased not a strong enough word, try corrupt. By the way-they made sure this didn’t go to a jury. No Grand Jury, destroying evidence, giving immunity out like it was candy. Now I know you support the Progressive agenda-so if you want to support Hillary on that basis so be it-but give us a break with this BS -you know she’s a corrupt piece of crap who at the very least deserves to have her security clearance taken away.

      • you support the Progressive agenda-so if you want to support Hillary

        I do. Which is why I supported Sanders.

        I am voting, not for Clinton, but against Trump.

        She’s… ok. Nothing special, nothing more terrible and is par for the course for high-level career politicians with a 30+ year track record.

        -but give us a break with this BS -you know she’s a corrupt piece of crap

        I don’t think you seem to have processed this yet.


        As human beings, anyone capable of getting elected to the office of President, is an absolute abject piece of shit. Period. Full stop.

        I’m not voting for a friend.

        I’m voting for an executive to run the executive branch of the federal government. I don’t have to like them. I just need someone who approximates my preferences for what that executive (and her priorities) should be.

        Clinton is the best fit of any of the (two) viable options. In a perfect world, I would choose someone else. I’d happily vote for the ghost of John Maynard Keynes, but he’s not going to win, so why bother?

        We’re in the situation we’re in and my choices are Trump and Clinton – I choose Clinton and I lose no sleep over that.

        very least deserves to have her security clearance taken away.


        Well, almost certainly.

        I don’t know enough about the applicable laws and rules to offer a truly informed opinion, but, having publicly admitted to a serious breech in judgement regarding the handling of the emails, yada yada yada, yes, it seems very reasonable to me that her clearance should be (should have been) revoked as it would have been for anyone else in that situation.

        If our friendly neighborhood colonel did what she did, he’d be bounced out on his hind-quarters so fast, he’s have whiplash.

        That said, I have no idea how you’d have a President who can’t have access to secure information so… Maybe she learned a valuable lesson from all this? ::shrug::

        • Your hypocrisy knows no bounds, Mathius. You agree that her security clearance should have been taken away but you will vote for her to hold the highest position in the country.

          We know you are not voting for a friend. But I don’t understand why you would vote for corruption. SMH

    • If you heard the recording of her speaking about the “free tuition” she is proposing to young “cellar dwellers”, you would think she is illegitimate too.

      • I’ve heard enough to know that she’s a career politician and, therefore, a piece of shit.

        Trump is also a piece of shit.

        He’s a bigger piece of shit in my personal opinion.

        Fortunately, it doesn’t matter since – yet again – I’m not voting for friends.

        I think she’ll do a better job as POTUS and more closely (although, still way off) approximate my preferences than he would. Ergo she gets my vote.

        C’est la vie.

        “Legitimate”? “Illegitimate”? I don’t give two shits. I’d vote for Norman Bates if he were a viable candidate willing to advocate for my preferred policy positions.

        • From what you have posted, you are a younger version of Trump who is trying to become an upper class member of society. You will do what is needed to get there, maybe even break a law or two. Trump won the fight you are trying to win. How he won is of no matter to me, but if he can do the same for the whole country, then we all win. You would rather a lying parasite. Let’s see the choices…..a successful businessman with a very strong business and a very good education vs a failed lawyer, fired from her first government position because of ethic issues, a parasite ever since, living off the backs of tax payers and a compulsive liar who has failed at every government position she has ever held. Never mind, your nothing like Trump at all.

          • From what you have posted, you are a younger version of Trump

            I am neither orange, nor a sociopath.

            Nor to I have enough ego to believe I should be President.

            who is trying to become an upper class member of society.

            Working on it.

            You will do what is needed to get there, maybe even break a law or two.

            Depends on the law. Some laws are stupid. Some are just “guidelines.” I have broken many laws in my life (especially traffic laws). Regarding the law, I obey either when I agree that it is immoral to disobey (eg murder is bad, m’kay) or when I find the penalty and likelihood of getting caught to be unacceptably high relative to the gains. In other worlds, it’s a cost benefit analysis.

            Laws are created by politicians and politicians are not perfect. Their decisions do not define morality, and as such, I do not constrain myself by what they say, but rather by what I believe AND by a contemplation of their powers of coercion.

            Trump won the fight you are trying to win.


            It did help that he won by having a rich father, but that is no matter to me either.

            Lots of people have won that fight. Including Bill Gates. I would much rather emulate Gates (or Buffet) than Trump.

            How he won is of no matter to me, but if he can do the same for the whole country, then we all win.

            He can’t. It’s impossible.

            Any sane analysis knows you cannot make the “whole country” into billionaires (unless you want to factor in Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation). What a preposterous claim.

            You would rather a lying parasite.

            They’re all lying parasites. Don’t you get it? Why is this so hard to understand. THEY ARE ALL LYING PARASITES.

            Let’s see the choices…..a successful businessman with a very strong business and a very good education

            Yada yada yada.

            She’s not so terrible and he’s not so wonderful.

            They both suck and they both have their selling points. It’s almost like it’s a complicated question as to their qualifications.

            vs a failed lawyer, fired from her first government position because of ethic issues, a parasite ever since, living off the backs of tax payers and a compulsive liar who has failed at every government position she has ever held. Never mind, your nothing like Trump at all.

            Yada yada yada.

            She’s not so terrible and he’s not so wonderful

            They both suck and they both have their selling points. It’s almost like it’s a complicated question as to their qualifications.


              As for politicians, I would agree. As for businessmen, the shoe don’t fit too well. Trump is no politician, not a good public speaker, shoots his mouth off too much and does everything a politician shouldn’t do. While there are BOOKS and DOCUMENTARIES about the Lies Hillary told, what exactly did Trump lie about again?

              Any sane analysis knows you cannot make the “whole country” into billionaires

              Typical Liberal nonsense. Noone is looking to get wildly rich. Sadly, this comment lacks any intelligence. I thought you were smarter.

              Yada yada yada.

              Yup, the babblings of a typical Liberal, 😀 😀

            • You folks who vote for Hillary deserve absolutely everything you are going to get. Unfortunately your children and grand children do not!

              Everyone a billionaire? Of course it is possible, just ask Germans in the 1920″s. I still have a measly 100,000,000 Mark note!

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                I have in my photo archieves pictures of the inner city in Munich after WWII and the success of “Third Reich’s” new building and infrastructure programs.

                Sort of an odd feeling. I do remember the Cuban Missle Crisis and the fear that gripped the people, at least in CA where being near so much of the defense industry we’d be a target. Then, until the collapse of the USSR the rhetoric generally was sane. even with China. However now I am not having good thoughts and fear the direct threats that Obama and Hillary are directing at Putin and Russia. Not in any way claiming Bush was brilliant but he actually continued Clinton’s M/E assessments, that’s what Berger was trying to clean out of the archieves. But what has transpired the past 8 years is absolutely mindboogling and totally incompetent, and with a Hillary win there is a promise of a continuation of that incompetence with one difference. Obama had a tendency to back up and retreat, Hillary can be goaded into rash and intemperant responses and will lash out. Just to prove she’s tough. That is a dangerous person. Trump has been making no such threats to foreign countries. This is the Goldwater Johnson, campaign being revisited. Paint one candidate as a war monger where Johnson was in fact the one and manufactured the incident that sent. 55000 US servicemen to their deaths with untold wounded plus millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians dead. The Cambodians mostly due to our bugging out and giving a free hand to the Khmer Rouge and the UN and nobody tried to stop the killing field until Vietnam went in to take Pol Pot out. Today the UN wanting the Khmer Rouge to have a say in Cambodia, just like we and others destroyed Mubarack in Egypy and briefully endorsed the Muslim Brotherhood as the leaders there. Strange, how the Clinton WH put together a peace between Israel and Egypt which has held and the Egyptian president paid with his life (Sadat) killed by the Muslim Brotherhood, and we then turned around under Obama and Hillary brought them to power, until the Egyptian Army threw them out.

        • Will you vote for me? Write MY name in?

          • My vote is available for purchase. Please make the deposit of one 64 oz porterhouse into my account.

            • Well, at least you are an honest progressive…..you vote is for sale but a porterhouse? really? A porterhouse? you sell out easily. How about a dozen 16 oz T bones, grass fed, no steroids, no preservatives.

              Sheesh….Porterhouse…..my, my……not even a twice baked potato….with Jalapenos…..

              Come on, man, if you are going to sell out…make something of it.

  21. Latest ABC News Presidential Poll Oversampled Democrats by 9%

    Jim Hoft Oct 23rd, 2016 10:30 am 195 Comments

    The latest ABC News poll has Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 12 points.

    What the media will not tell you is that 9% more Democrats than Republicans were sampled in the poll.

    “Results have a margin of sampling error of 3.5 points, including the design effect. Partisan divisions are 36-27-31 percent, Democrats-Republicans-independents.”

    GOP primary turnout was up 62% this year while Democrat primary turnout was down 21% this year.

    Playing with polls is a common Democrat-media propaganda tactic.

    PROOF polling is rigged #PodestaEmails16 #PodestaEmails pic.twitter.com/SdtIzwQI2P

    — ALWAYS TRUMP! (@Always_Trump) October 23, 2016

    Here are the 3 Daily Tracking Polls that have been almost perfectly in sync almost every day. IBD was most accurate in 2012:
    IBD/TIPP Daily Tracking Poll
    Trump 43%
    Clinton 41%

    LA Times Daily Tracking Poll…
    Trump 44.4%
    Clinton 44.1%

    Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll
    Trump 42%
    Clinton 40%

    Average– Trump +1.43

    • Now, for all of you out there who still aren’t convinced that the polls are “adjusted”, we present to you the following Podesta email, leaked earlier today, that conveniently spells out, in detail, exactly how to “manufacture” the desired data. The email starts out with a request for recommendations on “oversamples for polling” in order to “maximize what we get out of our media polling.”

      I also want to get your Atlas folks to recommend oversamples for our polling before we start in February. By market, regions, etc. I want to get this all compiled into one set of recommendations so we can maximize what we get out of our media polling.

      The email even includes a handy, 37-page guide with the following poll-rigging recommendations. In Arizona, over sampling of Hispanics and Native Americans is highly recommended:

      Research, microtargeting & polling projects
      – Over-sample Hispanics
      – Use Spanish language interviewing. (Monolingual Spanish-speaking voters are among the lowest turnout Democratic targets)
      – Over-sample the Native American population

      For Florida, the report recommends “consistently monitoring” samples to makes sure they’re “not too old” and “has enough African American and Hispanic voters.” Meanwhile, “independent” voters in Tampa and Orlando are apparently more dem friendly so the report suggests filling up independent quotas in those cities first.

      – Consistently monitor the sample to ensure it is not too old, and that it has enough African American and Hispanic voters to reflect the state.
      – On Independents: Tampa and Orlando are better persuasion targets than north or south Florida (check your polls before concluding this). If there are budget questions or oversamples, make sure that Tampa and Orlando are included first.

      Meanwhile, it’s suggested that national polls over sample “key districts / regions” and “ethnic” groups “as needed.”

      – General election benchmark, 800 sample, with potential over samples in key districts/regions
      – Benchmark polling in targeted races, with ethnic over samples as needed
      – Targeting tracking polls in key races, with ethnic over samples as needed

  22. I consistently assert that Hillary will dramatically raise taxes by $1.3 trillion and this will be the death blow to an already fragile middle class.

    The middle class is already screwed.

    This is a country of haves and have-nots.

    I am working diligently (when I am not fight with you lunatics) to get into the “haves” category for the benefit of my children, because that gulf is only going to widen, and you do not want to be on the wrong side of it when the shit hits the fan.

    Clinton can’t stop it. Trump wouldn’t even try stop it. Bernie could have (maybe) slowed it down a tiny bit. Johnson would add rocket fuel. Stein would… honestly, I have no idea, but who cares what Stein would have done?

    I spoke with a multi-millionaire a few months ago who legitimately considered himself to be middle class. I told him he’s out of his mind. But he’s comparing himself only to other millionaires. The actual true middle class (such as it is) is so far removed, that they don’t even cross his mind by way of comparison. He didn’t say it, but I imagine he considers me lower-class (maybe lower-middle).

    And it’s not really a result of politics. Technology and globalization are inevitably eliminating the “good jobs” of the lower and middle class. Jobs that used to require hundreds of skilled laborers are now done by machines. And, if the “job creators” don’t have to pay for that labor cost, they’re not going to. They’d much rather pocket it for themselves and their investors. As such the “haves” get richer at a time when the “have nots” have fewer options. It’s shitty, but there’s really no way around it. It’s comforting to blame politicians, but it’s just a fact of capitalism in these technological times.

    Consider that, once, there was a booming industry of delivering ice door-to-door and another booming industry of delivering milk daily. Then along comes the refrigerator and *poof* all those jobs evaporate. Gone in a few years – thousands? Tens of thousands? Repeat with cars. Repeat with the computer. Repeat with the internet. Repeat with (basic) AI. Soon, replace with strong AI.

    It’s hard to eliminate the profession of “doctor” or “lawyer,” but “steel worker”? Well that’s a much lower hanging fruit for technology. Labor is expensive and getting more expensive. Tech is expensive, but getting cheaper. One-by-one, technological advancements are going to destroy every job – it’s just a question of what order and how fast. Read the writing on the wall.

    • Mathius part of the middle class? What a riot.

      From where I am standing Mathius is the “upper class”, part of the 1%.

      We are coming to take it away, ha ha. We are coming to take it away hee, hee.

    • Sounds like a real crappy future-it actually sounds like returning to the class structure where the elites own everything and they throw a few crumbs to the peons-in between killing millions of them.

      So just what about this future makes supporting the progressive ideology a good idea? You know you guys keep saying you want a democracy but I see your movement more about creating a dictatorship.

      • I’m not sure I follow your case in the second paragraph, but as for the first part, you’re probably about right. The matter of advancing technology eventually eliminating all of our jobs is wholly divorced from politics except insofar as certain policies might serve to accelerate or decelerate it.

        Regardless of when it gets here, it is inevitable. Advancing tech is going to centralize power in the hands of the few. Someone will own the robots that are doing your job. And that guy is going to throw just enough crumbs to the have-nots in order to keep them from rising up and killing him. The number of unemployed is eventually going to approach 100%, and the only question is going to be distribution of the “wealth” created by technology and the allocation of scarce resources. Unless something drastic changes between now and then, the answer will be a small “1%” who own everything. Can you draw a clear argument as to how you – VH – do not wind up destitute and powerless once the machines can do your job in a capitalist society?

        As they say: you can’t go home again. The future is coming and there’s bupkis you or I can do about it, so you best try to be well positioned when it does get here.

        • The idea of technology eliminating all jobs is as dumb today as it was when the tractor was invented. All these ultra rich guys are going to get rich because their robots are making things that unemployed people are buying?

          • That future creeps nearer every day, Jennie.

            I’m sure the milkman once said that same thing. And the horse whip manufacturer. And the cathode ray producer. And the camera film maker. And the street lighter. And the guys who used to wake people in the morning (before alarm clocks), and the scribe, and the switchboard operator. And and and and and.

            You have to look at the trajectory of the last century, especially the last 30 years. As tech has advanced, it has eliminated the “easiest” jobs. I don’t mean easy in the sense that they’re easy to do, but rather easy to computationally describe and mechanically reproduce.

            Sure new types of jobs keep getting created, but have you noticed that, by and large, they are either service jobs (uber driver, etc) or highly skilled and computer oriented (sub-fields of computer programmer)? Already, the clock is ticking on the uber driver jobs as self-driving cars are getting close to ready (see: Tesla, Google). Do you honestly believe that, when cars can really drive themselves, there will be a need for uber drivers? Or do you think that tech just won’t ever make it to market? Once the cars drive themselves, what will happen to the uber drivers? They, and the cab drivers, and the truckers, and everyone else who drives for a living, will have to find new jobs. The Google says there are 3.5 million truckers in the US. Adding in Uber and cab drivers, that’s around 4 million people who are going to lose their jobs in the next decade or so. Do you think the companies that employ them are going to be nice and keep paying them for to do a job a computer can do better for half the price? Are consumers going to perpetually pay a premium for that? I think not.

            An entire service sector: poof. Gone.

            Up next will be drone delivery services replacing FedEx, UPS, USPS, and courier services.

            Sooner or later, someone will design a robot that cuts hair, and that’ll be it for the barbers.

            And and and and and and.

            One by one, the machines will take over all the low hanging fruit. This will push the populace into one of two buckets: skilled labor and unemployed / unemployable. And then it will start to eat into the skilled labor. In fact, it has already eaten into the skilled labor. A “computer” originally referred to a human being whose job it was do to math in bulk (a small army operating as the biological forerunner of an Excel spreadsheet). Of course, they’re all gone now. And that’s just off the top of my head.

            This is a prediction that has been a long time coming, but the future does approach. Steadily and inevitably.

            And all this is before considering what happens once we develop strong artificial intelligence. Once that happens, all bets are off.

            • in caps!!!!


              I really need an answer to that one.

              • It could be that it only matters what the Haves have – that is, they will continue to produce so that they, themselves, can consume. The Have-Nots would be irrelevant in that equation as they will no longer be a necessary input into the capitalism system. As such, the Haves would provide just enough for the Have-Nots that the Have-Nots don’t rise up and kill them (or, more likely, the Haves would have robot guards that make such uprisings highly inadvisable).

                But, regardless, an argument from that perspective is like saying that Google will never develop a self-driving car because it will cause unemployment which means fewer people won’t have computers, so they won’t use Google. Well that’s preposterous.

                Labor is expensive. Yes?
                Technology is ever-improving. Yes?
                Technology is getting “smarter.” Yes?
                All jobs can be described in computational terms – the only question is just how hard those terms are to describe. Yes?
                There is money to be made in developing such machines. Yes?
                So someone will work to develop the relevant tech. Yes?
                If an employer can replace his staff with superior performing and cheaper machines, he will do it. Yes?

                Can you argue that your job cannot (eventually) be done by a sufficiently advanced computer? Can you argue that the computer will never be cheaper and better at it than you? So why wouldn’t your employer (eventually) replace you?

                Would the trucker have said the same thing a decade ago? Why was he wrong, but you’re right?

                If your employer would replace you, then take it to the logical end. Every employer will INDIVIDUALLY have to determine that it makes sense to cut costs and replace their staff. It actually feels like a variation on the prisoner’s dilemma. Every individual determination of action encourages automation and tech over labor in the long run. Even if the end result of such a system is chaos and the destruction of capitalism, individuals are the ones who make the relevant decisions. So we will get there eventually.

                Just what that future looks like? I don’t know.

                I like to imagine that the machines will produce and provide for every need for everyone. We will work out some equitable system of scarce resource allocation, and the machines will simply cater to our needs. No one will need to work unless they want to. If you want a new tv, the machines will mine the materials, process them, build the tv, ship it to you, and install it.

                It’ll be an interesting time to be alive, assuming we don’t kill ourselves first.


                Please try to argue my case on the merits. I take time to write these posts out and your knee-jerk responses that it’s crazy, without addressing my arguments, is frustrating. If I’m wrong, tell me why I’m wrong.

                You’ve basically said, the end result is counter-intuitive, therefore your whole case must be wrong (all caps, of course), without addressing anything I’ve said. If I’m wrong, tell me why I’m wrong. Where is my mistake? Can machines not do the job? Will employers not use machines that are available? What did I miss?

          • Jenne, LMAO at Mathius.

            You see, Mathius is a Liberal. He assumes that the world will continue on it’s current course, economically and politically, for the rest of eternity. This is typical of Liberal’s. The world will change drastically soon, as it’s overdue for a major conflict/serious economic calamity. The Liberal Keynesian debt bubble will burst, a nuclear war will break out, or even another world war/nuclear event of human insanity is inevitable. Add that to the “supply/demand” part of economics, he’s in a dream world that Hollywood has infused in his Liberal mind, much like the MSM has him brainwashed. I like him though, humorous and entertaining. 😀

        • I have no idea what the future holds-what I do know is that there would be plenty of jobs if the dems. weren’t doing everything they can to send them all to other countries. I know that it matters that Hillary wants to raise taxes which will hurt the middle class Right Now. I know it matters that small business is being destroyed with regulations. I know that Obamacare isn’t helping anyone. I know that the ME is worse than it’s ever been. The country is more divided than ever. Murders are becoming common. The economy sucks and the rich are getting richer.

          Sp please tell me-How has the Progressive movement helped this country? Because I don’t see it.

  23. Mathius

    I see you came to work with a bur under your saddle.

    Supported Bernie? Really? Good grief man, you rant against Trump’s views on trade and you support a guy who would CONTROL the economy to fit his Socialist dreams!

    Or did you support Bernie because you knew he wouldn’t be able to get a damn thing done? Because you would have been sadly mistaken if that was the case. You underestimate the Socialist tendencies of the Democratic majority.

  24. Is Hillary guilty of campaign law violations? New video 🙂

  25. In recent weeks, Trump has suggested that the election is being rigged against him, and that he may not accept the Election Day results if he loses. Thus, The Week‘s cover depicts Trump fans rioting if that happens. They are depicted as entirely white, of course, because we all know that only white racists support Trump, and literally carrying torches and pitchforks, because we all know that white American citizens are fond of burning down And of course, some are wielding the despised, much-feared “assault weapon” AR-15s, because we all know that gun owners are a threat to this country and could snap at any moment and go on shooting sprees. Think of the children!

    This is media demonization of white American conservatives at its most blatant. Would The Week dare depict black Americans rioting or enraged Muslims in suicide vests and burqas? Unthinkable.

    Such accusations of violence are simply leftist projection of their own inherent tendencies to violence. Virtually all of the pre-election violence has come from the intolerant, totalitarian left. All of the rioting has come from either Occupy Wall Street radicals or Black Lives Matter-supporting hoodlums. The truth of the matter is that the only post-election rioting will come if Hillary Clinton loses.

    The truth of the matter is that the only post-election rioting will come if Hillary Clinton loses.
    The truth of the matter is that the only post-election rioting will come if Hillary Clinton loses.
    The truth of the matter is that the only post-election rioting will come if Hillary Clinton loses.

    • The truth of the matter is that the only post-election rioting will come if Hillary Clinton loses.

      Good thing that’s not going to happen. ::phew::

  26. As predicted, Obamacare is imploading. There is only one Obamacare facility available in Texas and the premiums have risen 84% this year.

    I will state one more time….DEREGULATE it…..totally. The prices will plummet.

  27. Question for Mathius and Buck

    Single payer system….who do you think will manage it? Government or private insurance?

  28. Now proven without a doubt….CLINTON tipped off on debate questions…hacked emails proven authentic by three different analysis by three different companies.

  29. Gman / Jeanie, down here,

    There is no modern precedent for technological decline. Moore’s Law has been in effect for 40+ years, and there’s no reason to believe it’s going to stop any time soon.

    You think a war would stop this? Hell war is probably the biggest driver of technological advancement. It took us from prop planes to the SR71 in a generation. And, maybe it wasn’t a shooting war, but the cold war took us from there to the moon. WWII gave us the computer and the cold war gave us the internet.

    Any nuclear war that doesn’t take us back to the stone age is – at worst – going to stall the process for a little while.

    What do you do for a living, Gman, if you don’t mind me asking? Do you honestly believe it is safe from machines in 20 years? 30? 50?

    Do you believe that the long-haul truckers are safe? If you’d asked them 10 years ago, would you have given a different answer?

    Just remember that 30 years ago, we had punch-cards and vaccuum tubes. 20 years ago, laptops. 10 years ago, iPhones with (dramatically) more processing power than the Apollo missions. Today, the new iPhone is 120x faster than the original (and better in every other way, too).

    20-ish years ago, I bought an external hard drive for my computer: 80mb for $120 and it was roughly the size of a small shoebox. Today, I have a fob on my keychain with 128gb that cost less than a 1/3rd of that (and nevermind inflation).

    The march of technology is relentless, and its capabilities only grow.

    My very first job was accepting hand-written applications and entering them into a computer (for credit analysis). That was 16 years ago. That job no longer exists because applications are done electronically and there is no longer a need for someone to do that by hand. If I’d asked you, 16 years ago, if you thought that job was safe from the machines, would you have said no?

    So why do you think you’re so safe?

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Mathius….I’ve been thinking on how to respond to your comments on the ever increasing speed of technology. I will not in any way disagree with that assessment and the shifts in the economies that it produces. I worked for over 40 years in the high tech industry, even while in the military. My Father was on the engineering team that built the (FIRST) tube computer with IBM back in the early 50’s. An example a single 16M memory chip, if it existed back then would have cost $26M. That chip and IBM was the only producer in the world could only be sold for $54 in the late 80’s and early 90’s…….what was the most dramatic shift that has occured since “85 was the economic concept that was put forth is that we are NO LONGER a manufacturing economy but a “SERVICE” economy. Manufacturing is for dolts and idiots. We’ll do the design then the trained monkeys can put it together. Then as now, the designers may have brilliant ideas in the lab, but it would take the nuts and bolts folks in manufacturing potentially years to actually build a workable product. The model is one thing, reality is another. Even so we all accepted that. IBM as an example, everything sold in the western hemisphere was manufactured in this region. With our manufacturing sites, our engineering ideas etc. Everything sold in EMEA was built in that region using their engineering techniques and ideas, as long as the performance of the machine, chip etc met the criteria for theh client and technology. Same went for Asia. Nobody had a group think, of one size fits all. I headed a lab that analyzed all three areas and then advised what was the best practice used and then incorporated where needed……what we produced was light years different than what the geniuses in Yorktown dreamt up with their models. Most practical idea came from manufacturing not the ivory tower…..Example “TIVO” the video recorder. Brilliant idea. The intial IPO made fortunes, for many who bailed like Larry Ellison, but then the engineers took years to actually get it functioning.

      My point is technology shifts all the time it does make an exciting workplace always learning new things. However….those jobs are disappearing from HERE, not going away, but going to a cheap manufacturing location, like india, China, Indonesia. We are being left holding our proverbial asses in our hands. I do not care how big of a degree one gets not everyone can be a inventor or entrepeneur. I spent 15 years doing analysis and guiding a division of at&t with the use of “practical” statistics based on years of experience in many fields, that all used global networking. Transformed a losing division with only one year to live in 1995, to a $60B division in 2010. Got it running well, but as senior executives came and went they generally would feel they had to “DO SOMETHING” they’d F!!! it up, we’d spend a year or more fixing the damage, then another would come in and repeat. Towards the senior management got smarter, and they’d listen to the nuts and bolts guys actual changes were an enhancement not a whim. When all was going smoothly I was notified that my job was NOW being outsourced to Tech Mahindra as maintenance, The job was simplified and actually i was getting bored. But there was NOWHERE to go. but out. and was retired. Try getting a job today doing what I did for several high tech corporations without a PHD. The statistics have not changed one iota. new tools have been devised like “Minitab” but the underlying statistical concepts are identical as when I started working with them decades ago back in the 70’s.

      So why the off shoring….cost of labor for sure. But we in IBM GTD in the 80’s and early 90’s beat hands down through innovation Japan and even businesses like Intel and AMD and Motorola. In all manners of business management. We chose to compete and won. The biggest Japanese semiconductor manufacturer then was NEC. We were 2X them. We were 5X Intel, in fact we gave Intel their continued existence by our illustrious Armonk financial geniuses who were Harvard grads and supposed to be smart. They cut our friggin throats.

      My uncles were all farmers. They made excellent products. In the late 60’s and early 70’s new FDA laws came out that made them get out of the business. Those laws did NOT improve the quality of the product, but made it worse. They refused to make a worse product at higher costs to them, so they shut down their businesses.

      Suggested reading and that is “The Reckoning” by David Halberston. When he wrote the book in the 80’s the economic concepts our country was just starting to embrace them. He had to only warn of the consequences and said only time will tell.

      I do miss working on my own cars that like clockwork you needed to do every few thousand miles, it was fun. However on the flip side I also enjoy the overall reliability of the new cars and even when I had a 1985 Jaguar which was suppose to be a piece of unreliable crap made in Britain, had 100000 miles between plug changes. The only two problems I had from the manufacturer was sabatog because they were in transistion to private ownership instead of nationalized, and then one problem cause by a mechanic. in ’94, which he paid for. The problem ultimately was resolved in Canada, because it was illegal by the EPA here to fix in the USA. All that was needed was the fuel tanks thoroughly cleaned and recoated inside. NOT new tanks that cost thousands. I chose the $250 plus shipping to Canada.

      • Nice analysis!

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Stephen, my only regret was that I did not stay a private contractor like BF. Once you got sucked in to the permanency of a job, it kind of sucked…..But I ate and breathed high tech, from my 1st to last corporate job. Extend back through my Father and it covers my whole life. He retired just as all this corporate change started happening and he warned of the shifts and the outcome. I had an opportunity to shift at that juncture and did for a bit. But at&t made me an offer that I couldn’t resist then but quickly regretted it. But I have this problem with never leaving until the job was done. Just when we’d reach that point the senior management would screw it up and I’d hang until we’d getback on track. rinse and repeat 6X in 15 years. So at least when I was retired it was while we were stable and I was burned out and bored anyway and ready go.

          What are we going to do with all the unemployed former workers. A good knockdown and drag out war will do. I think Gman posted this earlier, that the military is ready to incarcerate those who resist being drafted into the coming conflicts…..let a few of these pandemic viruses loose and the world population will be impacted by 2/3’ds as in the past……the gas line diggers discovered mass graves at the original church 1/2 block away from yellow fever and small pox victims of early New Bern.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        The absolute lack on environmental controls that the countries like China and India have of course result in huge savings in manufacture. But look at the results. We had air and water quality like that, but spent huge amounts cleaning it up. To keep things clean and manufacture and drive cars of course cost more here. We did it until outsourcing became vogue, where there are NO regulations. The abject hypocrisy of claiming LOOK how much money we’re making as a corporation while killing the shit out of the workers in PI, Indonesia, India, China, etal, by performig an opeartion elsewhere that is illegal here. What should be good here should be good there. NAFTA was a disaster and still is, and the TPP will be just a bigger one…..except for you hedge fund junkies who produce NOTHING but money for your rich investors. It does NOTHING else for the people in whose country you’ve set up in. Go to the Cayman’s or Guersey, if you want unrestricted financial control.

        Even Hillary while talking to Goldman Sachs and discussing Frank/Dodd, which is a piece of crap legislation….we had to do something politically. Sometimes doing nothing is better. Stop bailing them out, would be a good start and pretty soon these smart folks will be gone, instead of inventing new ways to get around the law. It these bankers knew they really are risking their fortunes and their clients fortunes they’d stop taking these danerous paths. Without the law and government pressure in the 90’s. would the housing debt bubble ever occured….I doubt it.

      • However….those jobs are disappearing from HERE, not going away, but going to a cheap manufacturing location, like india, China, Indonesia.

        I was nodding along, thinking “hey, this guy here gets it!”

        But then this…


        That’s the thing. Tech is eliminating whole categories of jobs.

        The baby step is to move to a country where the labor is cheaper, and still less expensive than the machines. But then, eventually, the tech gets even cheaper than the cheap labor and… poof.

        Try getting a job today doing what I did for several high tech corporations without a PHD.


        What was a blue-collar job then has migrated into a white-collar specialist job now.

        So the labor force is divided into the highly-skilled technical specialists and low-skill “laborers.” The later are getting squeezed as tech takes more and more of their options away. Eventually… where do they have left?


        I am old enough to remember being told that computers will never win at checkers. Until they did. And then we moved the goalposts to chess. And then they did. Then Jeopardy! JEOPARDY, for christ’s sake! And it wasn’t even close. Watson made some stupid mistakes which require some more fine-tuning, sure, but it blew Jennings out of the water. If the machines can win Jeopardy!, whose to say they can’t out compete us in basically anything?

        Watson is being farmed out for all sorts of data aggregation and analysis including, especially, medical work. I wouldn’t be surprised if, in 20 years, “doctors” are just technicians supporting the machines.

  30. The only “safe” jobs in the future are craftsman jobs to keep the rich people’s mansions and yachts up to snuff. So, you can always find a job working for the Buffet’s the Kerry’s, the Clinton’s, eh Kennedy’s etc. Sort of medieval.

    • General agreement. More or less.

      I think the job of maintaining the rich’s yachts / mansions will be outsourced to machines as well. But you’re close.

      I think the actual safe jobs are “butler,” etc. Service jobs that can be performed by machines, but that the rich would prefer to have done by humans.

      Perhaps there will be a niche for artists as well? Authors? Movies / Theater? Maybe a few more in this vein. But there’s no realistic way to have near-full employment with only these roles. And it’s not like most of these jobs are going to be “well paying.”

      So do we “end” with a post-scarcity utopia where the machines provide for all our needs, or a dystopian hellscape where the 1% own everything, the 2% is their servant class, and everyone else are expendable and living in poverty?

      • Ah but who buys the “things” that keep things running. You present an interesting future which could theoretically last for a generation or two but which would eventually collapse when all capital was expended.

        The wizzo company will make a fortune producing wizzo’s but when no one can afford them, then what?

        RAH started exploring this in his first book (only recently re-discovered and published) when he was a Socialist.


        He took it up again in “Beyond this Horizon”. When there is no need for workers, what do you do with workers?

        • When there is no need for workers, what do you do with workers?

          I’m not sure what part of “expendable” you don’t understand.. :/

          • Gas chambers and ovens?

          • Lettuce not forget then the vaunted 1% will then be (in one or two generations) in the same boat as everyone else. I always liked looking at the fortunes of the Vanderbilt’s and I don’t mean the money part. Once they started consuming more than they produced they became like everyone else. If it had not been for Gloria re-discovering Jeans and birthing Anderson Cooper, who the hell would they be today except an Avenue in NYC?

            • Logan’s Run….Soylent Green…comes to mind.

              • d13thecolonel

                Did you have those little plastic chips to get milk when in grade school? The color of the chip meant you either had milk only or a hot lunch, w/milk of course.

                Years later when Soylent Green came along I kept thinking back on those chips. They looked just like Soylent Green, only they were RED.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                We had milk that stood in crates in the classroom until us youngsters had our breaks or lunch. It was by that time tepid and awful. Got some graham crackers that were just as soggy…..we did have to raise our hands and indicate what number we had to go so the teacher would know the level of emergency and what type of clean up services were required if you or the teacher waited to long.

              • No sir…..I always brown bagged it with 15 cents in the bag……I usually had bologna, spam, or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, 2 white powdered donuts, an apple or orange, sometimes grapes….the quarter was for a pint of chocolate milk. I cannot ever recall eating lunch from the cafeteria line. Nothing needed refridgeration so I could keep my lunch bag in my own locker. One year I did have a lunch box with a thermos inside….you know, the ones with the clip to keep the thermos steady. Problem was, I had to remember to take it back home…I preferred the brown bags.The theme on the lunch box was Hopalong Cassidy……

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                I was going to ask if it was Roy Rogers or Hopalong Cassidy on the lunchbox. Cafeteria lunch….waste of time. Brown bag all the way. Change was for a juice or chocolate milk or sometimes a burrito, or a piece of fruit which actually were good out of the automat…..soda was never on the school grounds either in the cafeteria or machine. You want to bring it NP, it just was warm.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                The problem with a thermos when we were kids, they didn’t last long. With the glass insides the odds of them breaking by just a simple kid accident. Aways shook mine if you had one to see if it sounded like crushed ice inside. This new ones where you can drive a D9 cat over it without damage, has been in use for 36 years. Much less they can be used as a defensive weapon. At BIW we’d put a steel strap and handle on the thermos. It could be used like a police battering ram to take a door down.

            • What about lettuce? 😉

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              The Vanderbilt links in VT with the “Webb’s and the link up in Ashville by utilizing non-profit tax “loopholes” have continued to thrive and deliver a lot of enjoyment to the people at the estates. You do not have to be rich to enjoy what they offer. The “State” could never have done what they did because employees do not have the interest, but just the Monday paycheck. All other links of the Vanderbilts are history by pissing away their legacy and not replacing nor having the knowledge to continue what their ancestors built up. Those extinct legs outspent their capital and went into oblivion.

              There are only a few major companies that are truly solvent, Apple, Microsoft as two example. The massive corporate debt created since ’08 is so huge and the stock market so inflated by 0% imaginary money coming off the presses, this bubble bursting will be massive and will make the housing bubble look like childs play.

              Reality is the only way to live. But unfortunately the last generation or two have not been in a real world but a bizzaro world that is based on debt so massive both governmental and personal there is no way ever to pay it off to a reasonable level.

              The only way to be truly free is to be patient on purchases and stay out of debt. I keep harkening back to the ’30 song. “16 Tons” and its chorus stanza. “Tell St Peter I can’t come, I owe my soul to the company store”

              Take on debt and you are not free to move as things change. Stay out of debt and nothing holds you in one place. Stay out of debt and all you have to do is feed yourself, not worrying about the bank payments of credit cards.Your free to go anywhere. Also one of the first thing potential employers do is pull up a credit history.

              In ’75, when I was getting my security clearances, they were not going to give it to me, because I HAD NO CREDIT history. The investigator actually looked out the door at the Volvo I pulled up in and said, how did you buy that without credit? I paid cash. I had good well paying jobs before the military…..I actually had to go get 6 lines of credit before they would give my my clearance. As soon as I got the clearance, I paid the small balances to open them and closed them down.

          • No need to worry about any of this. The human species will start to go extinct as soon as they get those life like sex robots worked out.

            • That’s the spirit!

              Don’t forget that, sooner or later, the sun is going to swallow up the Earth anyway!

            • While it is quite possible that we, as human’s, cause our own extinction, my bet is a natural occurrence. We as a species will survive the stupidity of our fellow species. Nature is far more powerful than any number of nukes or AI machines.

            • This is in the West. Before we go extinct, the lean, hungry barbarians from the East (take your pick) will take control and woe be it to the woman with child, the old, the weak, the homosexual.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Most actors and artists are unemployed most of the time. That is unless as an artist you can get the government to fund your art projects of the 1%r’s who in the past paid for the grand art and palaces we see in Europe…..but lest we forget….those counts and dukes and kings usually got rich by theft and violence and stayed in power by violence and lived off the backs and taxes of the lessor 99%. Mathius….I hate your world vision, It may be true someday but none the less I’d rather be dead than shining your shoes and picking up your shit and then thanking you for the opportunity……watch “The Incredible Mr Chritton” (sp) with Kenneth Moore and it’s social commentary

  31. Hillary’s answer to Obamacare imploding……double the penalties and revoke the charters of the insurance companies that drop out…..sheesh.

    • How else will the Left get to “single payer”? Piven/Cloward works, they know this.. Obamacare was NEVER intended to work as promised. One more reason to through all the Lefty fuckers in jail.

  32. Concerning Mathius’s future world where high tech is in the hands of a few and the rest…….starve. I liked the Hunger Games series too Mathius, and maybe it may just happen. After all, one CIA run website has the 2025 population of the U.S. at less than 68 million.

    As for Mathius’s question….Am I afraid of machines? NO. Machines are only as good as the self destructive, fickle, greedy bastards that make them…..hence the problem and how to stop it.

  33. Hillary in Florida, just now: Streets are flooding in Miami because of rising oceans due to global warming.

    This is news that has never been reported….gee, another fucking lie from the nasty woman.

    • As I’m watching this…I swear HRC is speaking in front of a green screen. Her red Mao outfit is has a black line around it.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Gman…I actually had to go look this up, in disbelief that she would literally have the stones to mention this in her speeches in Florida, much less try and tie Hurricane Matthew to global warming and climate change. If Hillary was a man I’d say he had big brass ones dragging on the ground…..We were suppose to be having devastating hurricanes and greater frequency since Al and his buddy’s cooked the science. We have had less in frequency and less in normal damage. We had far many more hurricanes with more damage and greater strength in the 30’s and 50’s. Just because stupid people build expensive places on vulnerable places, without precautions and also under the underwriting insurance of the government….YOU CAN NOT FIX STUPID. Trump etal will just have to have a marina instead of a parking lot at his towers.

      I wonder what it will be like in Miami when they are ice skating on their flooded streets.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        We’ve got far bigger issues on our plates than to worry if the oceans may or may not rise or fall. Our economies will collapse globally or just plain shit will happen like a Krakatoa or Yellowstone, ot the volcano in Tennerife collapse as it will someday. The global economies will cause more widespread strife and deaths than any AGW climate change.

        Best of all. Those that produce nothing and those that are just money changers will be wiped out first. Sharpen the guillotine blades.

      • I have never figured out why you would build in a flood plain, or behind a sea wall……New Orleans was all upset because their city, built below sea level, flooded. When a dike breaks and the ocean floods in where it is supposed to be anyway…..

        Ya know, like swimming in the ocean and you get mad at the shark for doing what he is supposed to do…….eat and make little sharks. Or, like California, you build jogging tracks through wooded natural areas and you jog with your dog and a bear or mountain lion decides it is hungry..you get pissed at the wild life for doing what they have been doing in that area for hundreds of years….

        Glaciers and icebergs have been growing and melting for eons…..The Arctic and the Anarctic have been getting thinner and thicker for eons and everyone gets surprised.

        Mathius is right…..people are stupid.

  34. My favorite campaign ad this season:

  35. More humor: The lead to a CBS dot com news story is this, which also shows up in the story as the second paragraph.

    “At the start of the presidential campaign, Hilary Clinton was reluctant to draw too much attention to her gender, to imply that people should vote for her because she is a woman.”

    Got that folks. Up until right now HRC has been reluctant to play the gender card!.. choking…..coughing,……. spewing my ice cold Kokanee on the screen.

  36. Mathius and his future.

    I am still not understanding why Mathius’s future prediction has anything to do with being Liberal or a Progressive. Decoded: Socialist or Fascist.

    We discussed this a while back and this future did not require some dark or bleak view about a few rich and the rest poor, or “expendable”.

    Look folks, it is the transition that is the most painful. Because once the machines do virtually everything we will have reached Star Trek world. Just ask the computer to make you dinner. POOF………FREE DINNER.

    Get it? There will be little need for money among the majority of people because stuff will be FREE. There is no cost once human labor is removed from the equation. People can try and charge for products and services but since nobody works there is not “income” to purchase stuff. Besides, the Progressives passed a Constitutional Amendment in 2040 protecting Humans Right to a Happy Life. SCOTUS has since ruled this means people are entitled to what ever they want if they think it will make them happy.

    I was thinking about machines doing all our work today while trying to blow leaves off the driveway into a slight breeze. I was trying to envision how the robot would handle this task with leaves blowing back where they came from but in a wider area. Some escaping here and there, then blowing over that way, only to change course again. How would a robot handle all this chaos which the human brain quickly adjusts to and tells you to go there, then here, then back again, and again, and then do it over two more times.

    I had a vision of a robot, ala. Star Wars, running around screaming, “it does not compute” and finally its circuits explode, and it runs into the tree in the middle of the yard.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      You forgot…no need for money to take vacations. Just do the virtual vacation. Pretty soon no sex….virtual sex with whomever you dream up. Procreation will be by insemination and also be transgender, so no need for human contact, it will be forbidden, because touching is an assult, even oggling is rape.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Not far fetched….in the EU people were demanding even back in ’01 that the government should pay for their vacations, like to the Maldives. It was unfair that some people could afford such a trip while some were relegated to Brighton Pier.

    • Eventually you reach your Star Trek future, maybe. But before then, you have… let’s call it an adjustment period. As the machines eat more and more jobs, unemployment will begin to irrevocably increase. During this time, you will still need income to buy things. All income will be going to the owners of the robots… so.. upheaval?

      Put more simply: When self-driving cars wipe out 4mm jobs over the next decade, where do those people go? No repeat every few years at an escalating rate. What happens to society and how does it adjust before it reaches your future?

      Also, your scenario does not address scarce resources. There are still scarce resources even in this world. Beachfront mansions. Vacations to that Maldives. Use of the computer’s processing power. Enough gold to build your 24kt lifesized statute of yourself in front of your beachfront mansion. How does this get distributed?

  37. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    This is my last two comments. thank god, tonight…..This is totally directed towards Mathius. He says that all borders are imaginary and thusly to be crossed at a whim etc. I do not know if you live in an apartment in the City or in a detacted house. Do you have walls? Do you have a surveyed line separating your property from your neighbor. Would you care if your neighbor says I don’t like your tree blocking my view and cuts it down or puts his driveway any place he wishes or parks his car in your yard because property borders are imaginary. National and State, city and county boundries are just an extension.

    The AGW BS and I’ll say scam. When the big weenies and climate change folks and rich and major polluters and investors invented a new way to make money and also avoid the strict carbon emmisions standards, by buying and trading “Carbon offsets” 1) to make money as though they are a stock, 2) to avoid actually cleaning up your emissions by buying exemptions, like Gore flying around in his private jet with one onboard instead of flying commercial , who is the biggest polluter. 3) the UN and Obama signing an agreement that China can get a pass on any emission controls until 2030 when China being relatively new in it’s industrial might could in fact have started it’s industries at the current much cleaner levels as required in the west. This has been nothing but an income redistributtion scam, by the socialist. Joke back in the 90’s was “Where did all the communists go after the collapse of the USSR and its allies? They all became environmentalists”

    Here is also where I put a disclaimer…..I will always believe that small incrimental changes make more sense, and I remember the cities that burned coal the old fashion way. I remember the dumping into the Hudson by great companies like GE who have not had to clean up their PCB’s even back when they were banned and the Hudson was still a polluted cesspool. I lived in LA where playing outside and sports were banned on certain air quality days. I remember the time when Cape Cod, literally had no trees from clear cutting. I remember being able to see the Hudson because of no trees from a friends house at least two miles away. Now you can not see out of their yard, much less out of the residential park, or even 9E…..I was shocked and surprised when i last went to LA in 2000 after a 25 year adsence. No tears as you landed at LAX. That used to be normal on the best of days even when you were used to it. From the top of the San Gabriels we saw the buildings in downtown LA, a bit hazy but absolutely impossible at the same time in the middle of august back in the 50’s, 60. and early 70’s. The current terrible flooding is nothing compared to the flooding on the east coast during the late 20’s and 30’s. Back in 36 the susquehanna above Pittson Wilkes Barre went 40 feet above its normal level. The worst I’ve seen in my lifetime even recently has been just reaching the road that parallels the river, at most 1/3 that of the 30’s. The town I used to live in VT was literally wiped out by the floods in the 30’s. The ruins are still there. What was saved was the street I lived on where the mill owners lived up on the hill.

  38. Interesting experience on early voting today….standing in line, I observed three attempts at voting. (1) a Chinese lady tried to vote in Tarrant County after registering in Dallas, County and with a Louisiana Driver’s License. That did not work. (2) a black lady strolled up to the registrar and handed her a proper picture ID…they scanned it, read it, and the following conversationtook place…..the registrar said “Maam, you received a mail ballot” to which she replied, “I did?”..”Yes maam, did you use the mail ballot?” SHe thought for a minute….”I don’t remember”…to which this old Colonel laughed out loud. “Well, maam, if you will step around here, we will call the main headquarters and have your mail in ballot voided if you wish to vote here.” She said, ok, that will be fine.” She just looked at her companion and smiled and her companion decided she did not want to vote.

    Two Hispanic men stepped up to vote and they each had a social security card and no picture ID. When the registrar tried to explain to them that they needed a government issued ID card with a picture on it. There was a bilingual sign sitting right there that said what they needed.

    When the spousal unit and I left, the black lady that decided she did not want to vote there was talking to another group of blacks telling them that they are checking everything. No one went while we were there….

    I am so glad that there is no voter fraud going on.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      It might be interesting to go visit my polling place around the corner to observe the early voting. A valid government issued id is also required here in NC, just like Tejas..

  39. Clinton and Trump explained. Along with why voters seem to stop caring and allow the scum to get into office.


  40. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan..period.
    If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor…period.
    Your premiums are guaranteed to go down.
    There will be no turn downs for pre-existing conditions.

    Well, let us see what has happened.

    You could not keep your health care plan….they were not available.
    You could not keep your doctor if he/she was not in the plan.
    The premiums….well they did not go down.
    Pre-existing condition exclusions….also a joke. Humana and Aetna turn down transfering patients from other helath care plans with pre-existing conditions all the time. Epsecially Chemo-therapy patients.

    Current medicare patients are being turned down all the time for pre-existing conditions.

    The VA stopped treating certain conditions, especially herbicide poisoning conditions and when you apply to Medicare for the same treatments, you are turned down. Medicare is refusing re-existing conditions from military personnel who have lost their VA. Chemo-therapy being one of those being turned down…

    The death panels? Alive and well. Medications being refused by medicade and Part D prescriptions due to age.

    I hope…..REALLY HOPE…..that the Republicans have enough guts to not fund the the rise in premiums through subsidies. The Democrats and the Progressives own this one.

  41. A friend just suggested an idea he’s trying to think through. I found it interesting, but wanted to give it the SUFA treatment. He is trying to consider if the following would cause longer-term thinking on behalf of the electorate.

    Suppose we add the following amendment to the Constitution:

    The legal guardian(s) of a minor may case a vote on their behalf in all elections and ballot initiatives.

    Ignore the logistical issues (how does a father cast a half-vote one way and the mother cast a half-vote the other, or what happens in divorces, etc.). Pretend that all that is spelled out in further text. Just take it as a general thought experience, not something to nitpick with edge cases.

    I won’t bias you with my initial thoughts. The floor is yours.

    • So, it is not screwed up enough already? Hell, just let the kid vote!

    • No, it would not-What I think is best for my children is already baked in the cake, so to speak.

    • I will take this on…..but first…..I would ask the question…..why? Is it because the Hispanic average family is much larger than Caucasian?Is it because Black families are larger than Caucasian? Is it because Asian families are larger than Caucasian?

      • My initial thoughts are no way, Jose’. Not until immigration is handled properly. In addition, you might as well say everybody vote…..so a father, with a family of 4 children, casts 4 votes in the way he thinks.

        Why not just do away with age limits?

      • His thinking is that the kids are still citizens and, even if they can’t vote themselves, someone should vote on their behalves.

        More generally, he points out that SS and medicare are sacred cows whereas any sort of long-term generational investments are neglected because the boomers don’t care and the young are voiceless.

        I think there’s something to that, but there would probably be a lot of other unintended consequences I’d want to flesh out.

        My thinking is that (by-and-large) the elderly skew right and the young skew left. This would, effectively, at least double the voting power of the 25-50 bracket. The result would be a massive pull to the left. Also, in the vein of SS, they would start voting themselves goodies (free child care, etc).

        But I don’t really know. That’s why I wanted your opinions. Interesting take, though, about the demographic breakdown on family sizes. This would significally inflate the voting power of Latinos and African Americans relative to whites. And the poor relative to the wealthy, too, I think.

        (re: why not let the kids vote: My kids are 1 and 4 – even if they could vote, it would be a write-in ballot for Dragon for President.. come to think of it….)

    • Sadly, I don’t think on average parents are any more likely to be concerned about the future than the childless. Politicians have every incentive to keep things going until the end of their term no matter what it costs future generations, and most voters are too uninformed or too stupid to demand better planning by our public servants. Most people like to put off unpleasant things for as long as possible. We will kick the can down the road until we are forced to do otherwise. People will not make any wiser choices when voting for thier children than they do for themselves. There are lots of really dumb parents out there.

    • Mathius

      Come on man!!!

      The guardians would simply cast the votes the same as they themselves vote.

      It is already done with guardians of handicapped adults.

      And you cannot ignore the issue with two guardians of separate views. It represents a primary reason why it is not appropriate.

      A better question would be why people who do not have the mental capacity to take care of their own affairs have the “right” to vote. The reason I am told they do is because we cannot “test” mental acuity as a voting criteria.

      Yet we do not allow 17 year olds to vote because they supposedly have not completely formed thinking capacity. The vote got moved to 18 only because of the draft, and it matched up with the age of adulthood regarding the ability to enter into contracts.

      You admit below you only want this to move the needle to the left. That is not an ethical reason to expand voting to children.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Doesn’t this harken back to the days pre-civil war? Granted the blacks could not vote, but each one counted as a percentage of a white man to be added up and used in the number of members of congress a State was allocated.

  42. Dale,

    Here’s one for you, old computing! A gazillion vacuum tubes, wonder how hot it could get? I was in the SAGE building at McGuire AFB in 1966 and was told what it was like there during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Scared the living bejesus out of me!

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Stephen…..It took lots of plumbing with refridgerated coolants….Also heated the building. My Father was a lead engineer on the SAGE project. He worked out of Kingston on that job, but spent tons of time out in Seattle and the LA area working with the contractors providing the missles. China Lake was a haunt for him also. When he’d fly back in from out west, we’d drive down from Woodstock and pick him up. Sunday was the reverse. The SAGE project is what took us out west. He was tired of travel. By 1960 he had a million miles already on one airline and this was on prop jobs. He gave us a choice, Seattle or LA…we chose LA. He also spent months on end down in White Sands, NM.

      I did in my career work on systems like this. Banks and banks of tubes. Worked on punch card readers and actually pulled out the last one for the payroll system at IBM GTD in 1984. When I worked with the chip manufacturing I started when they had 3 inch wafers and ended with dinner plate, 64K memory, ended with 256M, the logic I worked on 5 generations of the designs and manufacturing. What has transpired since 1994 has been phenomenal…..We went from 10 microns to 0.25 microns linewidths. I and my team worked with individual molecules in the processes, even then. What is being done today, defies the imagination.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Figure that each vacuum tube was a bit. Eight tubes made a one byte. There was also one extra tube in the bank for redundancy, so there were actually 9 tubes. Even a memory chip has the extra bit in a byte. What was labeled as a 16Meg chip actually had 18Meg, the extra 2Meg were for reduntancy.

        Just for a size reference, the 1st tube computer built by IBM was tiny by comparison and was inconcievable thinking even with 16Meg of memory. If they had built one that big the size of just the memory would take up a 4800sp ft space and would have cost $26M. The logic were woven grids of wires with ferrous oxide rings, like the beads we used making indian garb. These rings were woven in patterns to create the logic. If one failed the weave was undone until you found the offending ring. Then put a new one in and rewove everything back the way it was. They were still making this stuff at a vendor in the early 70’s still in Kingston.I actually interviewed there. I actually worked on this type of equipment that customers still had..compared to today, it was like the Folsam Man spear points to the most modern military weaponry. That world was down right rough and crude.

        With all the labor savings computers were allegely going to save, analysts actually were trying to figure out what the people were going to do with all their spare time. It bacame like the movie with Kevin Costner “Field of Dreams” Build it and they will come. Computing was build it and we will figure out a way to fill it. Mostly the information is crap and serves no purpose on decision making, but comes at such a volume and so fast decisions are delayed and delayed and delayed, instead of cutting to the chase each week with the data at hand make a decision and move on. I actually found management would keep saying wait and see, tomorrow may be different, making process decisions based on micro managemnt on short term data usually created the wrong decision and would just whipsaw the engineers. When you’d be working with a box of wafers worth $50M you did not want to make any mistakes or rash judgements. I worked with a group that we made very calculated decisions and our yields increase to such a degree and with such speed, several of us were asked to work with another group to facilitate their learning curve. They insisted they would make immediate daily changes and infact went to great lengths to destroy our careers (politically) They stalled and lost ground. Management then 6 months later fired all of them and took our proven path to success from 4 previous generations of technology…but We were gone and onto other careers, elsewhere.

        • I think you have a book in you somewhere……Probably limited appeal but all the techno geek kids out there would probably eat it up.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            Years ago my brother went to a computing conference at MIT, at the beginning of the laptop and alter ego/avatar revolution. People knew who he was and he was asked what it must have been like working back in the stone age with the early computers. Punchcards and all, no CRT’s, just a typewriter and the I/O device. He said the systems he originally worked with had no keyboard. It had pattern recognition and you could write a formula and the system handled it. Just write. That was the ARPANET. The systems I worked with and network links I had at IBM, literally can not function today on the current systems. A job covering 7 years of data, with every process step and results and tool parameters and of every lot produced of that technology would run in 2.5 minutes and the report was printing and also being distributed with scanning electron microscope images and molecular analysis placed in appropriate chapters, for four huge centers around the world. If for some reason we couldn’t process one step, we could send it to Fishkill, or Japan, or France or Germany, have it done there and sent back and we’d lose maybe a day, but the process gates dovetailed but that lot was detailed to say processed at this other local……If for some reason we had a chip fail that IBM manufactured prior to the 7 year guarantee, my lab got it. Whether it was made in Japan, France US all I had to do was type in the serial number on the chip and within seconds I had it entire manufacturing history tools, tool settings including who ran the process that may be between 2-5 thousand individual processes. And what ever lots and wafers were manufactured on the same batch. I could then determine what caused the premature failure and we’d search out exactly where all the chips were and replace them. When I retired from at&t, the systems they built with IBM could only handle one week of data and failed more times than not and they’d take hours to run…..today there are cool graphics that chew up the laptops and iphones memory and processing power, but are generally useless in the decision making process. but to replace what we had 30 years ago, you now have to go to the NSA. Also I could access any facility within IBM and any computer that i was authorized to get data from, and I could have jobs running all over the world simutaineously and the results come back to me in my files. .

  43. Interesting bookmaking odds today….England and US….they break them down in various categories.

    England bookies, still reeling from a Brexit vote that hammered the odds, are betting in two categories….Who will win the Presidency and the electoral count. England’s bookies had Clinton a 2.7 to 1 to win. Electoral count greater than 270 but less than 300, the odds were 4 to 1….301 to 315, the odds were 2,5 to 1,…greater than 316, the odss against were 4 to 1. Now, the bookies are saying even money for POTUS….no odds on electoral count.

    Vegas odds on Clinton winning have dropped to -200 and Trumps odds on winning have increased to + 150…….whcih means that she is favored by slightly under 2 to 1. The electoral count odds are 1 to 1 on the electoral count is under 300. the odds increase to 3 to 1 on greater than 300 and the odds are 4 to 1 on greater than 315.

    So, Mathius……I invite you to cash out your 401 and put the full money that Clinton wins in a landslide greater than 315 electoral votes. You will clean up..

  44. Oops…on England electoral…..greater than 270 but less than 300….should read 1:1

  45. Mathius….interesting concept.

    I would think that you would have to then think…..at what age can you drink? What age can you drive? What age can you have a pilot’s license? I can think of a plethora of slippery slope arguments.

    However, let us keep it on social issues. Considering that you have a generational welfare segment that is rapidly growing, I can see the vote swaying towards generational welfare in greater and faster proportions. I am beginning to beleive that, today, the majority of the young people today want all freebies and do not want to work for them. That is the biggest item that I see..

    I can see business immediately moving everything they had offshore. I would.

    • I think they’d pretty much immediately gut SS and medicare. You’d have single-payer healthcare by the end of the week.

      There’d be a Red Shirt blood bath as the Latino and Black vote triples in power.

      And then the 25-50 crowd would start giving themselves freebies instead (free child care, bigger child tax credits, child food subsidies, etc.). All this would lower the bar to having kids, and the population would explode.

      But how it all plays out is a very interesting thought experiment.

  46. Anyone watch Newt “suffer no fools” in dealing with Megan Kelly last night?

    • No, should I have?

      • Yes, you should have-it was something else-I’ll let Stephen explain. I suspect a video is on the net for anyone who wants to watch it.

        • I was just on the internet looking for some videos and found it and a complete transcript.

          I also noticed that Megan Kelly’s TV ratings have tanked and is losing her time slot. It has been suggested that she move over to CNN….

        • I have always been a Newt fan. I like people who “do not suffer fools lightly” . The late Stephen Ambrose was the same way at a Q and A on one of his books if a stupid question was asked, he would jump down their throats. All my favorite teachers in High School and College were the sarcastic bastards who knew what they were taking about, were prepared and were disgusted with non-thinking students who just took up space.

          Well, Ms. lip gloss started up on Trump as a sexual predator. Gingrich immediately attacked the reports and the veracity. Better yet he talked about the “impact:” of using charged words. She tried to smooth this over unsuccessfully but kept it up. He accused her of being “obsessed with sex”. I did not see the interview but read it. Apparently there are now so many hits it is hard to get the video up. Here is the story and a video link. Masterful! Watch a pro at work!


          • The part I loved was when he asked her to use the name Bill Clinton and the words sexual predator together-she wouldn’t do it. Made her look really bad.

            But I still like her show for the most part-she seems pretty balanced most of the time- and she covers things that the other hosts don’t.

          • Megan Kelly is nothing short of a female Howard Sterns (light), a shock jock. She’s in the bag for HRC like most media pukes. NG was dead right on the use of charged words, the mere mention gives the appearance of guilt, and in Trump’s case, none has been proven. While FOX at least covers most of the bases as a far as balanced coverage, they are still clearly in the bag for HRC and the establishment. Do not be surprised of some folks get fired from FOX at the end of the year.

  47. Some food for thought:

    There are 1500 newspapers, 1100 magazines, 9000 radio stations, 2400 publishers in this country.

    GE owns Comcast, NBC, Universal Pictures, Focus Features….
    NewsCorp owns Fox, Wall Street Journal, New York Post…..
    Disney owns ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Miramax, Marvel Studios…..
    Viacom owns MTV, Nick Jr, SET, CMT, Paramount Pictures…..
    Time Warner owns CNN, HBO, Time, Warner Bros….
    CBS owns Showtime, Smithsonian Channel, NFL.Com, Jeopardy, 60 Minutes…..

    ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security adviser.

    CBS PResident David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

    ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Kate Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Sec.

    ABC President Virginia Moseley is married to Clinton’s former Deputy Secretery Tom Nides.

    ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood.

    The New York Times is owned by Carlos Sims, the richest citizen in Mexico.

    *****Makes one think about the stake that these billionaire insiders have should they lose Clinton.

    Source Document: Washington Post.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Sir…are you implying or flat out saying these entities and people are having an incestuous relationship (sarc) and at least have a conflict of interest and could never be non-partisan

      • No sir, I am not implying anything…..I am flat out stating it. Corrupt, comtemptable and, if you can imagine without getting ill……in bed with HILLARY. ( as if anything would).

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          I was being quite sarcastic…..Have you caught the new headline from Putin. Expect retailation, if Obama and Hillary keep up the threats including military action if the “hacking” continues.

          If the NSA and our intelligence services can identify the “signature” of the hackers so quickly and then blame the Russians…..could it not be possible to create a false flag duplicating the signature and paths through teh gateways, but is actually self contained in a replica. …..who’s to prove otherwise, I’m asking, I’d think in cyberwar these folks are smart and can do just about anything.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          What is the old saying….”If you lie with dogs, you’re bound to get fleas”

  48. Interesting

  49. As a heads up, there will be a new article up in the morning tomorrow. I think it will lighten things up a bit by taking a look at the numerous and strange conspiracy theories floating around that concern the election. There are some doozies 😀

  50. I am absolutely in awe!

    • Well, now.

      That was unexpected.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I never expected that……that has got to be Trumps banner until NOV 8th. I never liked Moore in the past and I just gained a new respect. I liked Powell in the past and lost it all yesterday when he endorse Hillary, who totally has wasted the military he dearly loved.

      Forget trying to get any major media outlets endorsement…Only Vegas’s paper did….the poster child of left causes just endorse Trump.

      • Perhaps now people will understand the word “populist”. Nothing wrong with being a populist who wants to conserve American values and traditions and of course greatness.

        Colin Powell did not vote for Romney. He did not vote for McCain and I strongly suspect, after he got screwed,did not vote BUSH the second time around. He had a certain loyalty to Ronald Reagan and to Bush the elder. After that, the Republican establishment used him as window dressing. Those are anger issues I woudl probably have a hard time getting over.

  51. Time for some humor!


    • I certainly do not care….if the ladies wish to “free the nipple”…..who is against it…maybe progressives?

    • Me! Me!!! Can I please rip the duct tape off these bitchez? Please???

      Let me catch my daughter going out in public like that….. wooo boy…. I have to stop, I don’t even want to guess any more how I’d retaliate.

      • I have to be honest to the SUFA ladies. Since my teen years eons ago I have thought young women to be far more nuts than young men. Can someone explain why?

        Let us all hope that they can be identified by name so, in their thirties, as they apply for jobs, these photos can resurface!

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I hope he praises Moore for his speech the other day that would have to make the main stream media….

  52. 😎

  53. New article has been posted.

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