They’re Squirming

libsI can’t help but simply laugh at all the Liberal pundit’s trying to play down the recent FBI announcement.  They are squirming like the snakes that they mostly are and it’s great to watch and listen too.  What we know is this.  Huma Abadine Has a laptop with around 650,000 emails saved on it.  Many of these emails have signatures that lead to the Clinton’s private account and server.  There is still no telling if this means anything that hasn’t already been said, but the possibility that the 33,000 deleted emails being within this laptop that were supposedly bleached from Clinton’s server is quite an interesting thought.  It may be possible that this laptop had an automatic save that saved ALL of HRC’s emails, as Huma was her personal assistant.

liarIn all fairness, it may mean nothing, other than Huma forgot to clean up the mess HRC caused in it’s entirety.  Nothing will likely be known till long after the election, but the fact that this has come out now serves as a little KARMA for the HRC campaign.  Trump’s “locker room” tape is now all but forgotten and it’s HRC’s turn to do some squirming.

After the recent “calling out” of the rigged Liberal media’s polling, the big 12 point lead HRC had just a week ago is GONE.  With just over a week to go, this is truly turning out to be one hell of a campaign season.



  1. I love watching them squirm, hilarious 😀

  2. You need to stop what you’re doing and watch Joe Biden’s reaction to learning about Anthony Weiner’s involvemnet in Clinton’s most recent emails: (skip to 1:35-ish)

  3. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    This is full contact blood sport at its best. The sad thing is it is not just the two gladiators in the arena who will be hurt.

    Hillary just believes she has never done any wrong, being totally amoral and also to the bottom of her soles, she has no soul, “The end justifies “ANY” means”

    I just learned today, that clearly back in the 70’s she was grooming to be a high power DC lawyer. She failed the Bar exam in DC and had to settle for a little old podunck Arkansas law license..

  4. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Hillary is furious….the investigation will not turn up anything new that will change the decision back in July not to indict. Really? She protests to loudly. Maybe the FBI will actually read the law and determine that the word “intent” is not to be found in the statute….she was not pardoned, she was not exhonorated, she was found to have with violated the law in just about every clause of the statute and lied to congress and investigators throughout. Not being indicted for political reasons does not mean she commited no crime. She has just not been indicted yet. If elected she will eventually be impeached, the FBI is not happy campers. They have the evidence.

  5. Interesting perspective……at the TCU game….what the media did not show during the National Anthem. One protestor kneeled…..two ROTC students went and stood beside him and saluted the flag. When the protestor tried to move, the ROTC students moved with him and two more came up and stood in front and behind him.

    Wonder why this is not making news?

  6. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I just love the Obama Justice Dept.

    In another article this morning the headline was saying that Comey has a rebellion brewing because he sent a letter to Congress. Not much though was said about the far bigger one since July when he did not recommend indictment. He should have recommend indictment and then let the AG Lynch and Obama explain why they were not going to pursue the case in court,…..also there was one demanding an investigation into Trumps ties to Russia and the hacking of emails….but then WJC receives $1M+ from the very same Russians that bought 20% of our nuclear production, signed off by Hillary in record time. Huma, drew a salary from the Clinton Foundation, State Dept and a private consulting co, and there’s no conflicts there……who posted the Leslie Nielson photo, captioned “Nothing to see here” and the world is blowing up.

    I do not even think Putin has the power that the Clinton’s have accumalated over the years.

    • You forgot the $140 million from the Russians to the Clinton Foundation now confirmed in this wikileaks. and e mails…….complete with John Podesta emain….IN FRIGGING WRITING….saying…all foreign donations are now in….

      What does it take?

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        “Take the money” as was noted by earlier campaign discussions and disclosures.

        You know sir……I am at a total loss. We are supposed to be a nation of laws. Putin tried to remind us that we are not a banana republic. Even during Nixon’s watergate mess, I never lost faith in the government and the law. I have now, especially since WJC was president. A little was restored during Bush II but has almost completely disappeared again since Obama took office….most of my disillusion with Bush was the absolute trashing of the constitution with the patriot act which Comey strengthened, the dems are as complicite and only get pissed of when the government spys on them.

        As articles I posted earlier the administration has had no stomach for fully prosecuting financial wrongdoers. The bank pays before actually being found guilty, but NONE of the perpetrators are ever gone after….like Corzine, Holder finding nothing that he did was indictable except use funds that are suppose to be separate, to cover losses in the other side of the firm. There has BEEN no public news about any of the depositors who illegally hid money in Swiss banks. The banks got hammered but the law breakers themselves NOTHING. My bet is they for the most part were major contributers to the Democrats or soon were with under the table money transfers to the charity of Obamas choice.

  7. While I am certainly “squirming” over the idea that Trump is narrowing Clinton’s lead, I’m more interested in a different question at the moment.

    Generally speaking, is it APPROPRIATE for Comey to have make this public 11 days before the election? My understanding is that his letter is highly atypical.

    There is exactly zero chance that there will be any exoneration or conviction before the 8th, so the only thing this can do is invite speculation and imply that there might be something new that might be related to Clinton that might alter their recommendation regarding charges that might be acted upon by prosecutors that might try her and might convict her of something that might have some bearing on her viability as a President.

    In other words, there might be some there there, but all we have from Comey’s letter is a big fat invitation to the media to make the story about Clinton.

    There are three options:
    A) It was deliberate / partisan on Comey’s part as a deliberate and intentional effort to manipulate the election in favor of Trump.
    B) It was inadvertent / accidental / stupid on Comey’s part and he had no idea that the reaction would be what it was.
    C) It defensive (that is, to quell an internal FBI rebellion or via an abundance of caution lest he be accused of hiding things to help Clinton).

    If A, he should be fired – and possibly tried for something. If B, he’s dumber than a box of hair, and should be fired. If C, well, let’s assume it was C and then ask the question.

    We know nothing more than we did before his letter. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change before the election. Yet, now he’s kicked off a whole rabid news cycle about her emails – again – effectively using the office of the director of the FBI to influence the election.

    The department has a practice of not commenting on ongoing investigations. Indeed, except in exceptional circumstances, the department will not even acknowledge the existence of an investigation. The department also has a policy of not taking unnecessary action close in time to Election Day that might influence an election’s outcome. These rules have been followed during Republican and Democratic administrations. They aren’t designed to help any particular individual or to serve any political interest. Instead, they are intended to ensure that every investigation proceeds fairly and judiciously; to maintain the public trust in the department’s ability to do its job free of political influence; and to prevent investigations from unfairly or unintentionally casting public suspicion on public officials who have done nothing wrong.
    -Eric Holder

    So, my question: were Comey’s actions APPROPRIATE?

    If he announced, November 7th, that he was opening an investigation into Trump, would that be appropriate?

    • Any response to your question would still be speculation since they only leak out enough for just that situation to happen…speculation.

      But for the record, I’m fine with it. We’ve seen enough of ‘them’ (Ds and Rs alike) winning ugly. Our turn. Deplorables Forever!

    • So, my question: were Comey’s actions APPROPRIATE?

      YES! He had testified to Congress that he would inform Congressional leaders if anything concerning HRC’s email situation changed. The FBI eliminated all emails from this new batch they ad previously seen, so, with that said, there are NEW emails that they haven’t seen. Hence, there has been a change. Comey kept his word to Congress….and avoided a revolt in the FBI.

      As far as Trump, he’s not under investigation for anything, but it would not surprise me if the DOJ made some BS up just to put it out and affect the election. They have already proven to be partisan so t would not come as a shock. Hell, they could arrest him this week, just for one reason alone…they can.

      • it would not surprise me if the DOJ made some BS up just to put it out and affect the election. They have already proven to be partisan so t would not come as a shock. Hell, they could arrest him this week, just for one reason alone…they can.

        Consider this another conspiracy theory……until it comes true and becomes conspiracy fact 😀

    • Sir Mathius… answer your question on appropriateness…..yes and yes.

      NOw, you were for Comey before you were against him. Is he trying to influence an election….I vote no because it is too late an announcement. Is he in violation of the Hatch Act…no…and if he is, then you have to drang 3/4 of Washington with him…..especially Clinton who has used government funds without reimbursement to campaign.

      Is Comey being defensive……you bet your sweet ass he is…and rightly so. He was about to be thrown under the bus for collusion and still should be. He tried to influence the elcetion in July….you are the only one that does not appear to know this. Even Podesta, in his hacked e mails made the same comment which is…….” We got Comey”.

      Now….defensive strategy. He has a 10 year hitch and cannot be fired….but, like Obama, he wants his legacy. There is no doubt that Clinton is guilty of criminal charges….I posted for you the exact law she violated but this selective enforcement that you are fond of was implemented. He had a revolt inside the FBI…..a big ass one. NOw, that said, if several FBI guys decided to resign and write books or turn witness…..Comey gets nailed and he knows it. This is his way out……to which, I truly expect a “rigged” decision to say…no change but at least he “tried”. However, let us assume that Clinton gets elected and the Clinotn Foundation is found guilty of violations of RICO or is a pay for play criminal charge…..and he did not do all he could do to prosecute or recommend…..he goes down with the ship.

      NOw, what my feeble brain says…….I think that he us about to be outed from within…I think there are people that, in order to protect themselves, have told him to make this right or I whistle blow….Personally, I faver the whistleblower or blowers…..get it out in the open.

      But…you asked……I say his move is purely defensive. I do not think he can influence the election at this late date….everyone has their mind made up.

      you are going to vote for a dumpster fire and I am going to vote for an ass grabber. Some choices….eh?

      • It is never the crime in Washington, it is always the cover-up that gets you!

      • NOw, you were for Comey before you were against him.

        Citation needed.

        I was neither for nor against Comey before. He has a job to do and he was doing it. Why he felt the need to break with tradition and publicly reprimand Clinton while simultaneously giving his recommendation of no charges…. Well, I couldn’t right say.

        But dropping this giant cryptic question mark in the lap of congress (who are 100% guaranteed to leak it) 11 days before the election….::voice trails off::

        I do not think he can influence the election at this late date….everyone has their mind made up.

        Yes.. but, as I believe we discussed previously, the real question is going to be turnout. I’m trying to figure out if this is going to be a high-turnout election (because everyone hates the other guy/gal) or a low turnout because, well, ugh.

        you are going to vote for a dumpster fire and I am going to vote for an ass grabber. Some choices….eh?

        Tell me about it.

        I voted for Bernie. Next election, I’ll be eligible to run and can vote for someone I believe in!

        I trust I can count on the SUFA vote, right? Right?

    • The fault lies with only ONE person….HRC and her poor decision making. Comey simply kept his word to Congress. He DID NOT openly announce anything, Congress leaked the letter 😀

    • OH, Beck is an idiot 😀

      • Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

      • On the other hand, Comey may be doing the country the biggest favor in a very long time. Hillary reminds me so much of the Angela Lansbury character in the original “Manchurian Candidate.

        • Hillary reminds me so much of the Angela Lansbury character in the original “Manchurian Candidate.

          That’s preposterous!

          Clinton doesn’t have genuine emotions.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Angela played such an evil manipulative person…..another good one was “Please Murder Me” with Raymond Burr.

      • Seriously off his meds. Wants some PURE thing which cannot exist . I’m always upset by someone who would prefer 100% of nothing over 70% of something and of course….a new start. It used to be Beck who wanted to burn down the establishment. Apparently you must use his brand of flammable liquid or none at all.

    • It did happen to Romney. Harry Reid’s comments about Romney not paying taxes. Reid: “he didn’t win, did he?”

      Thennnn…Then there’s this from Reid via Terris:

      Is there a line he wouldn’t cross when it comes to political warfare?

      “I don’t know what that line would be,” [Reid] said.

      Karma baby!

    • I’d still happily vote for an actual dumpster fire before I’d vote for Trump.

      • Your current choice isn’t near as high as a dumpster fire, she would need to climb a 16 foot ladder to get out of the sewer to find the wheels 😀

        • Oh, Gman… you’re so poorly informed sometimes.

          Hillary doesn’t have to climb out of the sewers to get to the wheels because she has burrowed through the core of the Earth and came out at the needed elevation on the other side.

  8. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    The first words out of any one of these people, is that they deny knowing anything. These are the last people I want anywhere near the running of this country, given that the can’t remember or know nothing……That says that someone else is running the works….who is that.

    It’s easy to direct email to go to multiple devices….Makes it easy when you are not at your primary computer. therefore, mail shows up on multiple devices… just have to remember where you directed it to go…..obviously she directed the email to go to Anthony’s computer becasue they shared, just log into your account as he would his.

    As Hillary denies knowing about any of the at least 12 annual security certification reviews as Senator or SOS, much less her exit interview with the computer dweebs and security.

    This is just like lawyers, you have to ask questions of them as though they were children. twenty variations of the same question and only then will you maybe have a chance of seeing a glimpse of the truth.

    • The first words out of any one of these people, is that they deny knowing anything.

      This is just the politicians’ version of pleading the 5th.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        That hits it….we keep discussing changes to the elections. I really would like to have that “NONE OF THE ABOVE” as a choice. If that number exceeds the votes for the top, named candidate….the parties have to go back to the drawing boards and pick other candidates. That means the people do not want any of the SOB’s as our leaders. I suspect that choice would win hands down in this election. Nobody here likes Hillary, including you Mathius. Nobody here is enthused at all that it has come to Trump opposite her. I do not remember anyone here supporting Trump but only by elimination he was the last one standing.

        • I’ve seen one – ONE – yard sign for Clinton. I have yet to meet anyone who is vocally enthusiastic about her (other than a friend on the campaign).

          Trump, on the other hand, I perceive to have many enthusiastic and vocal supporters.

          While Clinton is – by and large – viewed as the “lesser of two evils” and a “palatable choice” to many of us, Trump is the choice of many on the right. I do think a large portion of his support stems from opposition to her, but far from all of it. Conversely, I think feel that much of Clinton’s support is derived solely from the fact that the alternative is Trump and we just can’t let that happen.

          For what it’s worth, the polling does not bear this out. The polling suggests that the vast majority of Clinton support comes from people who support her, not just oppose him. This has not been my personal anecdotal experience, but that’s why we don’t trust anecdotal evidence, isn’t it? It is plausible that the so-called “shy supporter” hypothesis is correct – that is, because of how unpopular it is to support her, many of her supporters play down their support interpersonally (and via yard sign, etc), but will still support her via anonymous pole, vote, and financially. I’ve heard this proposed likewise for Trump*, and certainly among certain demographics it is plausible there as well, but if the poling is accurate AND both of our observations are accurate, then it just means her supporters are in hiding. ::shrug::


          *Trump, himself, frequently suggests that minorities support him in large numbers but are too shy / afraid of social pressure to admit it. He suggests that they will turn out for him in record numbers. While I disagree about the record numbers, I don’t for a second believe he actually has literally ZERO PERCENT of the black vote. So there is some “there” there.

  9. Sir Mathius……… If you were advising Hillary Clinton….and, for some weird twilight zone reason (***insert music***) she loses the election by…….oh…say…5 or 6 electoral votes, would you accept the outcome or would you challenge? *****

    ***** I know you would not adivse a scum bag….but…..(without throwing up in your shorts) try to imagine that you could.

    • Depends on the scenario, but generally speaking, no. I advise a concession.

      If, for example, we have a repeat of Gore/Bush and she loses by 5-6 EC votes due to a state that split by a hundred votes, sure, lobby for a recount. But baring that, no. A loss is a loss and fighting it (A) won’t change the result and (B) deprives the country of a much needed reconciliation.

      This election – more than any in my (admittedly brief) memory – has torn this country apart. We need – NEED – to come together afterward and remember that, in a very real sense, we’re more similar than we are different. If we don’t get a good transition, and things keep going as they’re going, we’re headed for a civil war.

      If Trump wins, Clinton needs to fall on her sword and Trump needs to be – gasp – gracious in his victory. If (when!!) Clinton wins, Trump needs to – gasp – swallow his pride and admit defeat (not cry about rigged votes) – and Clinton needs to be gracious in her victory. Things are just getting out of hand, and we all need to take a deep calming breath and step back, and remember that that which unites us is greater than that which divides us.

      • Well, crap……does that mean that I have to put all shot and powder away?

        DPM is not going to like that….

        On a serious note, when this country was divided back in the 60’s and early 70’s, it was not like this at all…..this is the most divided, vitriol, despicable time that I have ever been through and I went through the transition once before….and that included Nixon and Carter. There is no doubt in my mind that the Obama administration had something to prove and that was not bringing us together.

        The Congress is going to fight….that is a two party system….rolling over is also not in my generations make up…..If I do not like something, I will not just accept it…I will do what I can to change it, lawfully. But what has now happened with this administration, the rule of law has vanished and I do not see it coming back anytime soon. I know you do not see it, but this selective enforcement is simply not correct. The pardons that Clinton Bush Obama have done is simply not correct. However, no matter which way this election goes, I do not see a lawful society in the near future.

        SCOTUS means nothing to me any longer. Jurisprudence is a thing of the past. States, like Texas, are not going to follow SCOTUS….not any longer. No one is afraid of the government any longer. They have no real authority except to the weak… will not see martial law and you will not see gun control nor confiscation of guns or weapons. You will not see Federal Enforcement of SCOTUS rulings, much less Federal Court rulings. There is no need because the very government that makes the rules do not follow their own rules.

        So, no matter which way it goes, I fear a long time divide. I do not want it but I will also not roll over and neither will Texas nor the states that are beginning to follow our lead. It is going to be interesting times.

        However, the economy will most likely crash because there are still enough of my ilk that does not want nor will accept global economics. I will not invest in anything other than USA and that is the way it is. The elites are lining up and they are not going away….fortunately, I have protected my self…..I fear for my grand children.

  10. I have two working theories I’m playing with, and I’d appreciate feedback.

    Theory A
    Broadly speaking the left and the right fall into the following camps:
    Left: The US is pretty good, but it could be better with a few tweaks.
    Right: The US was better before we started mucking about with things.


    Theory B
    It is the fundamental opinion of the right that this is THEIR country. That the left is prima facie illegitimate as they are not the true stewards of this country. Any “win” by the left is illegitimate because they are they entitled to commensurate representation within this country as it is, was, has been, and should remain, the sole ward of Conservatives.

    In this view, Obama and Clinton cannot, for example, be permitted to appoint SCOTUS justices because Obama and Clinton were illegitimately foisted on the True Americans by usurping leftists. Any “won” election is “stolen.” Any laws passed, rules changed, cultural evolutions, etc that are pushed by liberals are all automatically – by necessity – usurpations detrimental to America’s God Given divine right to greatness.

    In this view, God himself blessed America with greatness in the form of a Leave It To Beaver culture and post-WWII global might and standing. This, once locked in, is manifest destiny and it is only by the betrayal of the illegitimate left that we have fallen from grace.


    Theory C
    The Republican Party has hijacked the Conservative Movement to the detriment of everyone. The Republican Party has its head so far up its own ass that they nominated a guy who can’t even beat Hillary Clinton. Think about that – if she’s so f***in’ terrible, why is he losing (closing gap or not, any “good” candidate should be ahead by double-digits). The Republican Party’s only bulwark against oblivion is the fear it can engender against the left. (I have separate theories on the Democratic Party, but those are separate and I will go into them another time, perhaps).

    • On your theory B, this country was founded on free markets and very limited government and became great with those principles, so when people try to move us more towards socialism many people on the right are frustrated because there are many socialist countries they could go to, but nowhere left for the small government people. So, yes, they feel put upon that others want to tax them more to pay for more and more programs they don’t want.

    • Hmmmmm….same math that Clinton uses….two theories but list three……

      I will take it on….stay tuned/

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Here’s one more idea…In VT and some other States and also the way it was early on in our nation. There was not a party ticket that included both president and VP. The person who got the second largest amount of votes was VP…..The president of the senate very well might be an opposition leader. Laws almost would be guaranteed to satisfy more people than they do now. You’d have more arguments in the oval office instead of guys like Biden, Danny Boy Q, just to name 2, who were losers and more likely to be an assasination protection or insure that the doctors keep you alive at Walter Reed or Bethesda…..could we imagine a Trump/Hillary team or visa versa. Pass the popcorn and watch the fireworks……that would really be entertainment

        I believe the policy changed after Burr the sitting VP shot and killed Hamilton in a duel in NYC….Stephen I’ll defer to you for historical accuracy

        • Weehawken NJ for some reason. I suspect duels were illegal in NY.

          One thing I do not get, from Matt and others.

          The destruction of the E-mails by Hillary after a subpoena was in play which is a known fact should all by itself disqualify her from consideration by any but the most insanely rabid, should disbar her like her hubby and should get her the same time in the slammer it would get you or me.

          Long ago, the morning after Bobby Kennedy died, my Dad at the kitchen table told me (and I was shocked) words to the effect that it was a good thing. Bobby Kennedy to him was the most dangerous man in America . I was still a bit caught up in the Kennedy mystique at the time, not enough to vote for him but I was still surprised. My Dad, with the 10th grade education was a bartender at the Hotel Astor in NY for almost 40 years. The Astor, at the crossroads of America, B’Way and 44th was across the street from The New York Times building. Working nights, he often served and bullshitted with reporters who put the late edition to bed. He knew things, boy did he know things! Like a priest in a confessional, he never talked but sometimes things slipped out and when they did!

          Bobby K, was a end justified the means type of guy with an affinity for power. He would say and do just about anything. When you look at him in the Senate of 1965-68 it is hard to believe that he was the AG and the right hand man for JFK. The aura of his saintliness lasts to this day. Bill O’Reilly genuflects at the mere mention of his name yet he was the most evil SOB to ever come down the pike. people tend to forget it was he who insisted Hoover bug Martin King and it was Bobby who wanted to start the invasion of Cuba during the Missile crisis. Yet, to this day Hoover and Curt LeMay take the hit for those.

          Those who would ever believe (Hear me Matt) that the end justifies the means just do not understand that once corrupted, the goal is never what you thought it would be. Corruption leads to more corruption just as surely as Anthony Weiner’s first crossing of the line led to something he could never pull back (no pun). To put it in very simple terms ask a corrupt cop who has been caught and punished if it was his intent from day one on the force to become a corrupt cop. One freebie leads to another and then there is a sense of entitlement and a demand for it. It is human nature.

      • same math that Clinton uses….two theories but list three……

        There he goes again with those fuzzy numbers.

  11. A look behind the curtain:

    ‘Kept me out of jail’: Top DOJ official involved in Clinton probe represented her campaign chairman

    The Justice Department official in charge of informing Congress about the newly reactivated Hillary Clinton email probe is a political appointee and former private-practice lawyer who kept Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta “out of jail,” lobbied for a tax cheat later pardoned by President Bill Clinton and led the effort to confirm Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

    Peter Kadzik*, who was confirmed as assistant attorney general for legislative affairs in June 2014, represented Podesta in 1998 when independent counsel Kenneth Starr was investigating Podesta for his possible role in helping ex-Bill Clinton intern and mistress Monica Lewinsky* land a job at the United Nations.

    “Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail,” Podesta wrote on Sept. 8, 2008 to Obama aide Cassandra Butts, according to emails hacked from Podesta’s Gmail account and posted by WikiLeaks.

    Kadzik’s* name has surfaced multiple times in regard to the FBI’s investigation of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for using a private, homebrewed server. After FBI Director James Comey informed Congress on Thursday the FBI was reviving its inquiry when new evidence linked to a separate investigation was discovered, congressional leaders wrote to the Department of Justice seeking more information. Kadzik* replied.

    “We assure you that the Department will continue to work closely with the FBI and together, dedicate all necessary resources and take appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible,” Kadzik* wrote on Oct. 31.

    The DOJ is responsible for approving the bureau’s warrant applications and ultimately for convening a grand jury.

    Fox News has previously confirmed the Justice Department was opposed to Comey making public the latest Clinton revelations.

    Kadzik* had been an attorney with Dickstein Shapiro* for 18 years before he represented Podesta in the Clinton/Lewinsky* investigation. He was hired in 2000 as a lobbyist for tax cheat Marc Rich*, who was controversially granted a pardon by President Bill Clinton during Clinton’s final days in office. Kadzik* got the job “because he was ‘trusted by [White House Chief of Staff John] Podesta,’ and was considered to be a ‘useful person to convey [Marc Rich’s*] arguments to Mr. Podesta,’” according to a 2002 House Oversight Committee report.

    Podesta and Kadzik* kept up their relationship after Kadzik was appointed to the DOJ. In a May 5, 2015 email, Kadzik’s* son, PJ*, wrote to Podesta seeking a job on Hillary Clinton’s newly launched presidential campaign.

    “I have always aspired to work on a presidential campaign, and have been waiting for some time now for Hilary [sic] to announce so that I can finally make this aspiration a reality,” PJ Kadzik wrote.

    Podesta said he would “check around,” but it’s unclear what came of the request.

    Kadzik* was also a dinner guest of Podesta and his wife, Mary, on Oct. 23, 2015 – the day after Hillary Clinton testified before the House Benghazi committee, another email shows.

    In a separate exchange about another dinner meeting, on Jan. 12, 2016, Kadzik* emailed Podesta: “We on?”

    Podesta replied, “Yes sorry. 7:30 at our place.”

    “Great. C u then,” Kadzik* wrote back the next day.

    Though he said he has had “many differences” with Kadzik*, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R.-S.C., said on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday that he wasn’t concerned about any potential conflicts of interest.

    “Peter Kadzik* is not a decision maker, he is a messenger,” Gowdy said.

    Kadzik* is still a key official in the department. He “led the successful effort to confirm Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch and Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates,” according to his DOJ biography. Lynch has come under increased scrutiny since it emerged she met privately with Bill Clinton in the days before the FBI initially said it would not seek to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

    • Who is Peter Kadzik? HE…….

      is handling the Anthony Weiner* email investigation.

      was the attorney who kept John Podesta from going to jail for his role in the Monica Lewinsky* scandal. “Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail”, wrote Podesta.

      was an attorney with Dickstein Shapiro*, a law firm and lobbying group in Washington, D.C.

      was hired, on Podesta’s recommendation, as a lobbyist for the tax cheat, Marc Rich*, whom Bill Clinton pardoned.

      Kadzik’s son, PJ*, wrote Podesta seeking a job as part of Hillary’s campaign.
      had dinner with Podesta the day after Hillary’s testimony to the House Benghazi Committee.

      “led the successful effort to confirm Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch and Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates”.

      Dickstein Shapiro was disgraced and went into bankruptcy early in 2016. Its original partners were Sidney Dickstein, David I. Shapiro, Charles H. Morin, and Oshinsky.
      Kadzik was the Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs that dropped all charges against Lois Lerner for actively blocking tax-exempt applications from patriot groups.

      Kadzik*, Weiner*, Sidney Dickstein*, David I. Shapiro*, Charles H. Morin*, Oshinsky*, Dickstein Shapiro*, Monica Lewinsky*, Marc Rich*, and Lois Lerner* are all Jewish. (NOT SURE WHY THE JEWISH THING IS IMPORTANT).

      • G,

        Part of the conspiracy of the elders of Zion no doubt.

        I just get so sick of this shit. There are a whole lot of really bad people out there who are NOT Jewish. many of my more orthodox friends are rabid right wingers.

        The mistake a lot of Jews have made is based on a couple millennia of oppression they think it important to “fit in”. This includes the mistaken notion that if you make a liberal society, the treatment of all minorities, including themselves improves. Unfortunately they ignore human nature. By “leading the way” they stand out and become targets. The best example of this here in the US is their efforts on behalf of the Civil Rights movement. One would expect them to be honored and praised in the Black community. Quite teh opposite.

  12. For those who wondered how the media can predict election results within minutes of polls closing: P.S. Thanks to Kathy, one of our own for bringing this to my attention 🙂

  13. I saw something on InfoWars this morning on this. The minute I heard they were using floating points to represent integer votes, I knew there was a problem. We need to go back to paper ballots counted and recounted by people.

    • (Mathius is a CTO, and has been a programming since 7th grade. He is, by no means, an expert in the field of programming, but he is more knowledgeable than the average bear*)

      Integers have limitations. Depending on the programming language yada yada yada, it generally assigns a 16-bit field, which translates to a number between negative 32768 and positive 32768 (= one bit for +/- and 15 bits for 2^15=32768).

      So INT is the wrong call since I’m pretty confident that there are more than 32k voters in the US. (Then again, in this election, maybe not?)

      A float is a pretty normal choice, and the risk of float point error is essentially negligible. What happens with a float is that it uses up as much space as it needs to and no more, but it doesn’t force the precision to whole numbers. As such, you get what are called float point errors (FPE’s). That’s why, when a computer adds 1+1 it sometimes gets 2.0000000000000861. In 99.9999% of applications, that extra bit doesn’t mean anything and is usually rounded off at the final stage rather than forcing the process to do it at every calculation step.

      I probably would have opted for LONG, which assigns a 32-bit field (allows values up to ~2.1 billion). Floats have the added value of being faster (because of the above) and taking up less space (really, who cares anymore?). My programming 101 professor tried to really drive it into our skulls that we should use exactly as much precision is absolutely needed and not a drop more because that added precision comes at a programmatic cost.

      The only reason I would have opted for a long (or double) instead of a float is because of the perception of impropriety because of a fractional “vote” from FPE’s – but in reality, this is a non-issue from a programmatic perspective.

      All that is to say that there are pros and cons and a float, in context, really isn’t anything to be up in arms about.


      *which is good, because the average bear doesn’t even know what a computer is and would generally be more concerned with whether it’s edible than choices of variable types.

      • There are 32 bit integers in modern programming languages. So the upper limit is 2^31. One bit for the sign. If really desperate, you can use unsigned integers which gives you 2^32 since negatives are not needed. With today’s 32 bit and 64 bit processors, speed is not an issue, neither is memory.

        • Agreed (thus why “depending on the language yada yada yada”). And I don’t see any value to using unsigned over signed since, either way, you’re going to massively exceed the population of the country. Speed isn’t really an issue either, I agree, but when you learn to program, it is still driven into you that you should use the correct level of precision in order to write efficient code. Just because that extra efficiency doesn’t really matter doesn’t change the fact that that’s how it’s taught and what is “best practices.” At the end of the day, this kind of thing really just boils down to the programmer’s tastes, nothing more.

          My point here is that:
          A) it’s not really a big issue either way.
          B) Bears can’t be trusted near computers.

          • First Matt I have been doing scientific programming longer than you have been alive. Second, using floats allows you to count a vote for your candidate as 1.01 not 1 and against your candidate as 0.99. Using proper rounding, these appear as 1 and 1 but multiply each be 1M and and you get 1,010,000 to 990,000. Now it is significant. The only check that needs to be done is to ensure that the total number of votes cast equals the number counted.

            • I have been doing scientific programming longer than you have been alive.

              Well that’s not really saying much, now is it? 😛

              I have been doing scientific programming longer than you have been alive.

              Did you ever drop your stack of punch cards and have to start all over? 😉

              Oooh.. did you ever find an actual bug in shorting out your vacuum tubes?

              What was it like working for Alan Turing on Enigma?

              using floats allows you to count a vote for your candidate as 1.01 not 1 and against your candidate as 0.99.

              When have you ever seen a FPE equal to 1%? If they gave errors that big, no one would ever use them. Over 100mm votes, you might get, generously, 10 extra votes one way or the other.

              but multiply each be 1M and and you get 1,010,000 to 990,000.

              And when have you ever seen an FPE which reliably over-counts one way and under-counts the other?

              Even with your (massive) 1% error, the error would be up/down and largely cancel out, or skew both candidates’ votes the same way.

              The scenario you describe would require deliberate malfeasance, not error.

              In that case, the issue isn’t choice of variable choice, but rather that the programmers cannot be trusted. The use of float vs long is wholly irrelevant and is indicative of nothing. From a programmer’s perspective, it shouldn’t even raise an eyebrow.

              • We are not talking about floating point errors but deliberate vote stealing.

              • I punched sequence numbers on my cards so just took them to the card sorter. And yes, I carried a box of cards to the data center for processing, up hill and against the wind both ways. Then we moved to reels of mag tape. Then I got an S100 PC with 64K of RAM and double sided double density 1.2M 8″ floppies. When the IBM PC came out it was a joke compared to what I was running.

              • We are not talking about floating point errors but deliberate vote stealing.

                But that’s my point, T-Ray!

                The decision to use floats instead of ints (or longs) is wholly irrelevant. The decision is not indicative of anything since the only real difference IS float point errors (and speed/space, which we agree are irrelevant).

                Given that, the only question is whether the programmers are up to no good, and the decision to use floats means absolutely nothing in terms of that question.

                I choose my vartypes based on my mood and the phase of the moon. Other coders I know do the same thing. You’re reading into something innocuous and seeing “vote stealing” in the tea leaves.

                If you have evidence that the programmers are up to shenanigans, then present it, but a choice of vartypes is not cause for alarm.

                . And yes, I carried a box of cards to the data center for processing, up hill and against the wind both ways.

                Ah, memory lane.. I remember my first computer: An LCII w/ 20 mhz, 4 whole megs of ram and a 40mb HD. Boy, it was something.

                I took that thing apart piece by piece and put it back together again. It was like a giant puzzle, and I needed to know its secrets. Then I rooted the thing, broke it, reformatted it, broke it again, and repeated endlessly. Other kids were busy with their “social lives,” but I had a computer to mess with.

                Then a year later, my older brother got a 25 mhz LCIII with 8 megs of ram and I was left in the dust. :/

                I also remember my first external HD: $120 got me 80mb. I remember saying “it’s more space then anyone could ever reasonably need.” Boy was that a lousy prediction.

                I was too late, of course, for punch cards, but VB is my language of choice – it is my first love. A classmate taught me how to code on a TI-81, and things just clicked. I’ve actually caught myself literally dreaming in VB when I’m in the midst of a challenging project. You can keep your fancy schmancy C and Python and your completely unnecessary and unwanted semicolons and neurotically specific indentations.. Give me a good old fashioned .VBS file written in text editor (IDE’s are for chumps!).

              • Geez, are you telling me computers can’t just count in whole numbers.

              • V.H.

                Geez, are you telling me computers can’t just count in whole numbers.


                For what it’s worth, computers and humans think very differently. That’s why a toddler can easily tell if you a picture is a picture of a bird, whereas it might take a team of engineers and a super computer years to do the same thing. Conversely, a computer can wipe the floor with humanity’s greatest chess masters. Concepts that are “easy” and “intuitive” for us are often extremely tough for computers. “Whole numbers” are just another example – there’s no native concept that “1” represents a single discrete thing, just that “1” is a value stored in a variable of type int or type float and should be handled accordingly

  14. Just one more win!!!!:)

  15. T-Ray,

    I just dredged up an ancient memory thinking about my brother’s old LCIII, and I thought you’d appreciate it.

    At the tender age of 10, and jealous of my brother’s superior 25mhz machine, I put a shut-down subroutine in his startup directory. Every time he turned it on… it turned itself right back off 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I have a question here….Hillary and the Dems are constantly complaining that the emails were stolen. They do keep pointing fingers at the Russians but so far its just words. Can not we also claim that all our emails, Cell Phone communications etc are also STOLEN by our very own government, by law, for our own protection, what is so special about her “private network”?…….how about these leaks to Wiki are coming from US intelligence sources, as are being rumored big time, even by assange. Maybe the government is trying to protect us from Hillary and her ilk, without being to blatant about it.

  17. Memory Lane, eh? My firt computer experience IBM 360 model 20…..punch cards, lots of chad….programming the back of the computer with colored wires. Disk storage on Disks that you had to screw into a reader with two hands and a room just for disk storage.

  18. You want massive voter fraud……just bring computers into it.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Changing the subject just a bit. I just talked to my neighbor and his son is in the Army stationed in Korea. I asked him if he is concerned about this e-mail stuff with Hillary? he said that one of his sons compatriots has been court-martialed and lost everything and may do jail time….all because in a photo he took it clipped a part of something that should not have been in the scene……wasn’t Hillary subject to the UCMJ as Secretary of State and security crimes commited could be retroactive.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Or at a minimum if elected NEVER can get a security clearance again, rendering her to nothing……why can’t the Military revoke what she does have? Are they that intimidated by Obama?

  19. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    The 1st video is Lou Dobbs yesterday 11/1

    Even though I am not a fan of Hannity this is his going down a tick list from the latest wikileaks

    Apparenty there are 7 states that you can go back in and change your vote. “Buyers remorse” as Trump says

  20. Hannity has improved dramatically.

  21. Well Trump dodged another “fake” bullet!

    Today was the day when the alleged Trump rape victim was supposed to go public. She did not show up. In 1994 the then 14 year old was picked up by Jeffery Epstein and allegedly raped by Donald Trump. Over the past several years “Jane Doe” has made several attempts to have Trump dragged into court. Up to this point, all cases have been dismissed as having been, “trumped” up.

    Her identity is unknown, she has never been interviewed and all efforts to find her have been fruitless. Somehow though the Clinton’s supposedly did.

    What we do know is that Epstein, who did business with Trump, visited Mar-lago, attempted to seduce a teen and was thrown off the property by Trump.

    Jeffery Epstein is good friends with Bill Clinton and has had him to his private island many times.

  22. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. More fun stuff to think about.

  24. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    T-Ray…..who says that prayer doesn’t work. Congratulations Cubs.


    Important Note – Clear Your Cookies and Browser Cache Frequently…
    Posted on November 3, 2016 by sundance
    A rather long and complex issue has surfaced that CTH has specific knowledge of.

    patriotIt’s a bigger issue than appears on the surface. However, to avoid a lengthy distraction -which will consume unnecessary energy- the short version is:

    Until the election is over, if you travel the internet into news sites, political sites, and content containing political discussion therein, clear your browser and cache frequently throughout the day.

    SHORT SUMMARY: We have become aware there is a specific, intentional and ongoing “malvertising” effort. That is, hidden and targeted malware embedded within political advertising (by Team Clinton) that is intended to disrupt targeted users based on their web browsing history.

    If you have seen a Clinton ad anywhere you are probably a ‘carrier‘. It doesn’t take any action on your part to gain the malware virus other than to be on a site where the malvertising is active. Once you carry the malware it travels with you in an effort to disrupt your navigation on targeted web sites/web pages.

    CTH is one of the targeted sites, I’m sure there are many more, including popular social media platforms. It would not surprise me to discover the majority of Pro-Trump sites are the primary targets. (More on that at another date/time).

    If you are having navigation issues you have probably been exposed. Word Press, the platform we use, estimates that 20% of CTH readers are carriers (it’s probably much more). However, the good news is (hopefully) you can rid yourself of the issue by deleting your cache and/or cookies frequently.

    If you are having site navigation issues, try clearing your browser history, cookies and especially the cache.

    Remember, there are trillions of dollars at stake. There is nothing the opposition will not do to retain power. Truth and sunlight is a risk.

    • I tend to believe this conspiracy. I’ve been following the Trump rallies through RSBN on YouTube. For several days now, but especially yesterday, RSBN’s equipment has been tampered with and then their…forgot how they put it….rights to broadcast??….were suspended by YouTube for reasons still unknown, tho YouTube admits their account is in good standing. RSBN posted a statement saying that after a horrible day yesterday, they’re now able to access YouTube freely.

      They’re trying whatever they can to silence the opposition. There are trillions of dollars at stake.

  26. The Governor of Colorado openly warning California NOT to pass the marijuana Laws that Colorado did…..

    Acording to Colorado governor, criminal activity has increased 44% and marijuana realted traffic accidents have increased 51% and now out number DWI accidents. He also said that the law allowing marijuana has increased the criminal selling and not relieved it at all.

    • In speaking with a CO-based associate, I have learned that an oz of pot sells for ~$150 in Colorado.

      Holy shit. $150!

      Add in that it’s not illegal to possess or use, so there’s no buyer-side risk, and of course illegal sellers are going to step into the gap.

      That’s a major market distortion. If you taxed a box of cigarettes up to $150, but still made them legal to possess, you’d have criminals selling them, too.

      If my buyer-side choice is a $30 oz from an illegal dealer or $150 from a legal dealer, but there’s no added risk to me, I’ll pick the $30, thank you very much.

      The moral here is that CO got greedy. They should have added $20, not $120. (they’d probably make the money back on volume, anyway.)

      As for the driving, well, those people should be as brutally prosecuted as any drunk driver. With that said, my experience regarding stoned drivers is that they tend to just drive really slowly in the right land whereas drunk drivers are flying and weaving. Maybe that’s an over-generalization, but if I have to share the road with one group or the other, I’ll take the pot-heads.

      • :::citation needed::: I FINALLY get to use that on you. 🙂

        I don’t care what area you’re in… $30 oz prices are a thing of the past. I question the $150/oz price, from a dispensary especially. Word around my parts is a decent strain goes for $150/oz…where the good strains are at $200/oz.

        A friend (seriously) has a minor (12 yrs old) relative in Alabama who experiences seizures . An oz on the street in Bama goes for $400 and up. My friend hooks up her cousin (the minor’s mom) with medicine (eye roll) from Michigan at half price. She comes up with some pretty crafty ideas for shipping right through USPS.

        • Pot isn’t my drug of choice. For some reason my body has always required an inordinate amount of substances to have an effect*. So, to get stoned, I had to smoke a lot. And I just didn’t really enjoy the experience.

          Personally, I’m an alcoholic who is just too busy to get find the time to ever get drunk.

          I’ve always regretted that I never tried acid – I suspect I would have loved it. Or, at the very least, I would like to have had the experience. Maybe some day when the kids are all off to college..?

          Coke, I think, would be my best friend, but I worry too much about addiction. I’m a supremely lazy SOB. I am about as low-energy as humanly possible. Things that help me get through the day are of extreme value to me. I have a major sugar and caffeine (and whatever is in Red Bull) addiction. So coke seems like a logical next step – thus why I won’t touch the stuff.

          Ok, now, all that said, I’m pretty confident that if you’re paying $150-200 for an oz of pot, you’re massively overpaying. For that, I’d have my own plant in my basement. I don’t know about you folks in the third world, but here in NY, that stuff is much is far cheaper. There’s no way so many people would be able to afford it. Hell, I couldn’t afford a pot-habit at those prices, but I have yet to meet a non-stoned kitchen staff or delivery guy, etc. How are they affording it at those rates?

          :::citation needed::: I FINALLY get to use that on you. 🙂

          Feels good, doesn’t it?

          No citation available as I am not going to google pot sales from my work computer even though I’m the CTO and know for a fact that we’re not monitoring my search history. I can double-check with a stoner pal when I’m off later today if you’re so sure you’re right.

          But, and here’s a question for you, if illegal pot costs the same as legal pot, why are people buying illegal pot? If no one is buying from the criminals, then they shouldn’t be an issue, no? So, since we’re opining that they are an issue, people must be buying from them, right? So why is that?


          *One time, I had foot surgery and the anesthesiologist couldn’t put me under with safe doses on two different attempts. The third try worked just fine.

          • Check this out if you can without trouble. If you can’t, here’s the gist for an oz in Co.

            Dispensary medical / street medical
            $364.76 / $185.62

            Dispensary recreational / street recreational
            $266.27 / 178.38

            For when you can look it up :

            • Sounds reasonable, except I don’t recall ever giving change to The Man. Also, for those out of the loop…I’m assuming this still holds… 4 fingers (next to a baggie) = oz. Back in the day, you’d be good for several weeks. These days, that would last a couple years 🙂

            • Those prices are OUTRAGEOUS!

              The stuff grows on plants for crying out loud!

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                The Feds used to burn tons of it in CO when I was there. Grew in the gullies wild after being made illegal for making rope and burlap. There was no surer way to empty the campus at CSU. It was quite a sight seeing thousands of students and the Feds getting totally stoned just by standing around and breathing “second hand smoke” and there wasn’t a damn thing the Feds could do….except make a periodic sweep through the dorms and anybody caught with the evil weed were just about guaranteed 20 years This was 1970 and the “age of aquarius”.

                A decent bottle of wine for $20 to excellent one at $65 or on a splurge a 16 year old single malt Lagavullin for $120. has been my poison with moderation for decades……buried to many friends over the years with alcohol and drug deaths….usually it was driving under the influence of whatever and an occassional suicide…..I love living right smack dab in the city…no chance of a DWI…

                Mathius… Having seen 1st hand the affects of “Sunshine in the punch” to unsuspecting party goers is not a sight that one forgets.

          • Yup…..have to confess that when some hostile action in Vietnam tried to separate my leg and knee from me, the medic fixed me up with some very calming and neat feeling stuff called Morphine….woooooweeee that shit is good. Bullets flying everywhere, getting ready to get loaded onto a dust off ( med evac chopper ), chances of survival were not good for lift off…….BUT with a body full of Morphine…I did not give a rat’s ass about bullets or enemy or Nixon or anything…..

            ( Post flight: Chopper had 46 holes in it when landing back at MASH unit….did not see Radar nor Hawkeye, nor Trapper John but would not have cared anyway… hopped up as I was with that stuff, I would have pulled a Trump and try to grab Hot Lips by the mammaries )

            (Post post flight: After being patched up at MASH unit, was then shipped to Yakota, Japan, where some very efficient Japanese doctors put me back together again with procedures that were not approved by the FDA in USA and are still not approved, but after a year and some change in rehab, not only do I have my leg attached, it functions perfectly with no prosthetic, no limp, no cane, no wheels, and no loss of height. Have a few scars and I can feel it when it comes on to rain some…..but other wise….can still out run jealous husbands, bears, and sundry harmful things)

            • neat feeling stuff called Morphine….woooooweeee that shit is good.

              Morphine and I are old friends.

              We only crossed paths once (the aforementioned foot surgery), but… well…. as you say, “that shit is good.”

              back at MASH unit….did not see Radar nor Hawkeye, nor Trapper John

              I was never crazy about Trapper. I did love Honeycut and, of course, Charles Emerson Winchester III.

              Tangent: When Radar left his teddy bear behind, it was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen on TV.

              I would have pulled a Trump and try to grab Hot Lips by the mammaries

              Try that and you’d be way beyond the help of any MASH unit.

              That said, I, err.. have a type.. and Loretta Swit fit the bill (see also: Elizabeth Montgomery and Barbara Feldon).

  27. Anybody see the Washington Post guy going on about FBI Leaks? Guess they don’t teach Woodword Bernstein at WaPo!

  28. New York Police Department detectives and prosecutors working an alleged underage sexting case against former Congressman Anthony Weiner have turned over a newly-found laptop he shared with wife Huma Abedin to the FBI with enough evidence “to put Hillary (Clinton) and her crew away for life,” NYPD sources told True Pundit.

    NYPD sources said Clinton’s “crew” also included several unnamed yet implicated members of Congress in addition to her aides and insiders.

    The NYPD seized the computer from Weiner during a search warrant and detectives discovered a trove of over 500,000 emails to and from Hillary Clinton, Abedin and other insiders during her tenure as secretary of state. The content of those emails sparked the FBI to reopen its defunct email investigation into Clinton on Friday.

    But new revelations on the contents of that laptop, according to law enforcement sources, implicate the Democratic presidential candidate, her subordinates, and even select elected officials in far more alleged serious crimes than mishandling classified and top secret emails, sources said. NYPD sources said these new emails include evidence linking Clinton herself and associates to:

    Money laundering
    Child exploitation
    Sex crimes with minors (children)
    Pay to play through Clinton Foundation
    Obstruction of justice
    Other felony crimes

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the stuff that makes people squirm!

    • Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will likely face criminal charges over her handling of classified government material on a private email server and allegations of selling influence within the State Department, two separate sources within the FBI claim.

      According to a Fox News report published Wednesday night, the two sources said that an indictment of Mrs. Clinton was “likely,” and revealed details of the expanding investigations into the Clinton Foundation and the former Secretary of State’s email server.

      The sources reportedly told Fox News that “there is a lot of evidence,” built up in the two cases, and that “barring some obstruction in some way,” they will “continue to likely be an indictment,” – though no timeframe was provided by the two sources.

      Among the details mentioned by the two sources, who were described as having “intimate knowledge of the FBI investigations,” are the near certainty within the FBI that Mrs. Clinton’s email server was indeed hacked by foreign governments. They said that there was “99%” certainty that the server system was hacked “by at least five foreign intelligence agencies,” adding that material had been stolen in those hacks.

      Critics of Mrs. Clinton have often accused her of exposing confidential government files to possible cyber intrusions by hostile entities, arguing that her unprotected home server allowed foreign governments and rogue hackers an easy backdoor into classified State Department information.

      Also revealed to Fox News was the breadth of the FBI’s inquiry into the Clinton Foundation, which is apparently far wider and given a higher priority than previously believed, with multiple offices within the agency carrying out separate, simultaneous investigations. According to one of the sources, the amount of evidence being compiled on the Clinton Foundation amounts to “an avalanche coming in every day.”

      • So what you’re saying is that we should prepare for President Kaine?

        • Have you looked at Kaine’s resume’ and voting record?

          • Would it bother you any if I, The Colonel from Texas, would have very little trouble with a Kaine Presidency? THAT should scare you.

            • No response, huh…..hmmmm……ok…will up the ante……I would VOTE for Kaine before I would vote Trump. Does THAT scare you?

              • I honestly know very little about Kaine.

                He strikes me as what would happen if you took a tube of toothpaste and magically turned it into a real boy.

                I haven’t seen anything, really, positive or negative about him, and I haven’t bothered because the VP is irrelevant when the President is as healthy and unlikely to be arrested as Hillary Clinton.

              • So why don’t you vote for Clinton on the assumption that the FBI will arrest her and Kaine will become President?

    • Should be any minute now.

      • How is it that no one seems to know the difference between “insure” and “ensure”?

        • I can ensure you that I know the difference….other than the spelling. However, I can also ensure that I have adequately insured myself in the event that Hillary is elected.

          • Is it odd that I read that in Leslie Nielson’s voice?

            ……..and don’t call me Shirley.

            • Nice catch…..I see I have to be more on my game with you…..I never thought for a second you would draw, much less, connect the parallel.

              A VERY RARE 5 Texas points for Mathius.

        • To “assure” a person of something is to make him or her confident of it. According to Associated Press style, to “ensure” that something happens is to make certain that it does, and to “insure” is to issue an insurance policy. Other authorities, however, consider “ensure” and “insure” interchangeable.Aug 11, 2010
          differences – When I should use “assure” vs. “ensure” vs. “insure …

      • I have gazed into my crystal ball and feel obligated to share my findings:

        This dump will be embargoed, blocked, or otherwise stopped from being reviewed because it contains child pornography. The fact that this is part of the content give The Powers That Be full authority and ability to shut down any website carrying it.

        Not that I think there’s anything of significance to Clinton in it, anyway, but this isn’t going to see the light of day.

        • I do, however, think it remiss for the Justice Department to summarily dismiss the notion of a Federal Grand Jury…..let them decide. THat is their job.

        • Is this the same crystal ball you used when Obamacare was passed?

          • The one that said it’s pass, but be butchered beyond recognition in the process?

            Yes, that’s the one.

            • Since not one republican voted for it and all democrats voted for it, THEY did the butchering. Correct?

            • The child porn will never see any website……….unless it’s been hacked. The video can be altered to NOT show the child. None the less, I doubt it will ever be made public.

              As I have said all along, Trump in a landslide. The polls are BS. Friend from central Ohio……in 17 neighborhoods he went to for work this week, Trump signs outnumbered Clinton signs 200-1. The Black population won’t show up to vote for her, they don’t like her, this is really being ignored by the MSM. Unless the election itself is rigged, like seen in the video above, Clinton is done.

              • Until that stupid Billy Bush video/audio, I stuck with the 65-35 split. Then I got worried, real worried. I’m now inching back up to my original prediction.

              • I’ve been calling for a squeaker since Trump won the primary.

                But the polls aren’t BS, and I think she just has an edge in the electoral college that’s going to be really tough for him to overcome. Impossible? No. But tough.

                FiveThirtyEight has upgraded him to about 33% to win.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                All the conversation by the workers on the building next door was about going and voting for Trump. Nobody said a word about Hillary.

                The only people that I know of that are still for Hillary are lawyers and educators. They are the only ones still talking for Hillary. Everywhere I’ve driven the signs are close to the ratio Gman talks about. This area is heavily military, with major Marine, Army and Air Force and Coast Guard bases. Plus the retired element, I’ve not heard one speak favorable for Hillary, if they even say anything in a crowd that they do not know.

              • The only people that I know of that are still for Hillary are lawyers and educators. They are the only ones still talking for Hillary.


              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                You have not been supportive of either Hillary or Trump. You supported Sanders. You have a druther for Hillary vs Trump but have never stated anything truly positive other than disliking Trump. I feel that much of your dialog is just to create a varied conversation here, just so people stop and continue to think, beyond their hatred for Hillary. Hatred of her absolute disdain for the law, and her staff that would have followed her into the WH. She may get elected, but if inaugurated, will be impeached. Regardless of the make up of Congress. If any senator and congressmen refused to impeach her, their work in congress will be over, period end. This investigation will continue to its ultimate end, just like Nixon. Nixon resigned, before impeachment, Hillary will go down as the first to be both impeached and convicted….Some legacy…The Clinton’s have used up to many credit points in the game for her to have survived this long.

              • but have never stated anything truly positive other than disliking Trump

                She’s very smart.

                She’s very knowledgeable.

                She has tons of experience.

                She’s pretty centrist.

                She’s married to a cool guy.

                Many of her official policy positions line up with mine.

                She’s a known quantity and, therefore, safe.

                She’ll work to fix up ObamaCare (turn it back into HillaryCare) rather than scrap it.

                She probably won’t go out of her way to get us bogged down in any new land wars in Asia.

                She’ll probably push for renewable energy.

                Her election (and subsequent non-impeachment) will really piss off my buddies at SUFA.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I sure as hell hope the NYPD made a back up copy of the data on the laptop given to the Feds……Just bear in mind the IRS data destruction and Hillary’s attempts by smashing her devices……the laptop may just disappear

  29. I’ve been flummoxed by Obama’s high popularity ratings despite the disaster of his presidency.

    Yesterday, having once again been called “racist” for disagreeing with his ME policy (actually lack of a policy), I now get it.

    Most of us here, I think have found ourselves in the past seven years commenting on Obama policies on web sites, blogs and Facebook. Most, I again assume, have had the racist charge thrown in our faces. I think that the vast majority out there, when questioned or polled on Obama tend to LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH to avoid being labelled.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Do you remember all the black church burnings at the end of Clintons reign. Trying to label the southern white voter as racists and resurrecting the KKK and intimidating the black voter. After investigation most turned out to be inside insurance jobs……I’m for 100% the recent events were false flags as they were before.

      • ::citation needed::

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Go back to 2000…look it up yourself. It was a big political issue until the FACTS intervened…..That is all I heard in the EU about racism in America over the church burnings….this also was to deflect away from the race riots in Birmingham and Manchester between Hindus and Muslims. and also in the Netherlands about the problems they were having with the open borders and CRIME associated with that..

          • I guess I have some homework to do.. I wasn’t really very politically interested in 2000. I wasn’t a fan of Bush Jr, but I wasn’t eligible to vote yet, so I didn’t really care. (God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change).

            I liked Gore – he did, after all, invent the internet.

            As for church burnings or riots.. if they weren’t going in in LA (and even if they were), I probably never heard a thing about them. I was too busy with high school to concern myself with much else.

    • Most, I again assume, have had the racist charge thrown in our faces.

      I’ve never been accused of racism. And I have been plenty critical of Obama as needed.

      But, then again, I’m a Jew.. we have an immunity card against charges of racism… Remember, “slavery” ain’t got nothing on “slavery AND Holocaust.”

      There ain’t nobody on this planet who can play the “who had it worse” game against us. 😉

      It’s a nice “Trump” card to keep in your pocket.

      I think that the vast majority out there, when questioned or polled on Obama tend to LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH to avoid being labelled.

      It’s plausible. Then again, when he was running in ’08, something like a third of non-college white respondents in Tennessee (Kentucky?) responded that they’d never vote for a black man. What struck me about that wasn’t just that they thought that way – I already assumed they did – but that they didn’t even care enough to lie or see anything wrong with it to bother lying.

      Your argument suggests that those guys suddenly learned how to shut their hillbilly mouths, and I’m not sure I’m ready to accept that conclusion.


      Why does everything have to be some convoluted hidden meaning? Maybe the reason he’s popular is because HE IS POPULAR.

      Maybe he’s popular because he ran a by-and-large competent, scandal free, and centrist Presidency while dealing with the absolute lunatic obstructionist fear mongering of the Republican Party? Maybe he’s popular because he somehow managed to dredge up from the very depths of his soul the self-control not to beat Paul Ryan with a cane? Maybe he’s popular because people are comparing him to the specter of Clinton or – shudder – Trump? Maybe y’all set the bar so low when you told everyone he was going to seize everyone’s guns and install Sharia, that all he had to do was “nothing” and he’d massively exceed expectations?

      • Well, hell, Mathius……even Hitler was popular among his own……try another argument please.

        • After all, The Colonel is popular in some places…..gonna vote for me? Wait, that was a set up….gonna vote for me as POTUS.

          • … Depends on who you’re running against …

            Probably not, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

            I’ll be running in 2020. You gonna vote for me?

            • Hell yes… are not as left as you pretend to be……besides, you would put the DPM as Sec of Defense.

              • He’d never accept the position.

                How’d you like the job?

              • **********Maybe he’s popular because he ran a by-and-large competent, scandal free, and centrist Presidency while dealing with the absolute lunatic obstructionist fear mongering of the Republican Party? *************

                Competent? Scandal Free? Centrist?……………..Gimmie a break, what particular planet are you on?

                Now when the Reichstag’s orthe Roman Senate just stopped being obstructionist, everything was just fine, right?

        • It’s easy to be popular when your opposition has a nasty habit of going on.. err. camping trips.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Centrist?????? does that mean the 50% are for you and 50 % are against you, or in ideal terms 50% and for you and 50% can live with it……he has caused more alienation and devisivness in this country than I can remember, and that includes the 60’s both racially and Vietnam-wise.

      • If you have never been accused of racism, you are hanging out in the wrong circles. Not even white privilege?

        • White privilege and male privilege, yes.

          Racism, no.

          I keep waiting for the perks of my white male privilege. Is someone going to mail me a check or something?

  30. Dale…..try this……say it slowly……ready? H-i-L-L-A-R-Y C-L-I-N-T-O-N…..done that?

    Now, say, equally as slowly, (Yes yes, I know, Mathius…two adverbs in the same sentence…get over it..) READY? J-A-N-E F-O-N-D-A……

    Now, close your eyes and say them again……Hillary Clinton (pause) Jane Fonda….

    If you did that without throwing up… get Texas Points….

    Now ask yourself if, other than the spelling of their names, is there any difference in the two…except that Jane Fonda did look good in the buff….whereas………oh god, don’t go there…

    Anyway, both are anti USA….both are traitors ( my opinion by MY definition ) both had their own agenda’s and neither care about their “fellow” man/woman/trannnie/gay/etc..etc…

    How do you feel?

    • It is not that I harbor any ill will…..but if they were on fire, I would not cross the street to even piss on them.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Did I write something that might make you think I have anything but the deepest loathing of Hillary, The only other person that even comes close is Jane Fonda. Next to bat is Dan Rather. We just might have an east/west split of NC, in the event of her win…..honestly I believe she will lose including the electoral vote….as Michael Moore said…this will be the “Biggest F!!!you” in American history.

      • No sir, you did not write anything that led me to think you were a Hillary person…nothing at all….

        I keep attempting to try my hand at sarcasm and comedy when I have to leave the military entirely…..I will need something to do…..I certainly do not want t go anywhere over in Europe….no more desire to see anywhere in the Far East, Australia..etc. I want to stay right here in the good ol’ USA…..

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          I was worried there for a second, thinking I was mis-interpreted somehow. I might get black-balled from Texas if I come in that direction, even for a visit. I can not let that happen.

          I found even bikers in TX were fairly cool. I was down on Boliver Peninsula for a short vacation before taking off on off-shore oil exploration. I was playing pool and I used to use an old english penny as my table marker. Usually people just put a quarter down and they looked just like all the others causing altercations by people slipping quarters in front or saying that’s mine. Put my penny down and these big ass knarly bikers said hey,,,that won’t work…I said that just is my place in line, hard to slip another quarter in front. They thought for a second…said that’s cool…rack’em up.

  31. “I’ve been calling for a squeaker since Trump won the primary.” hmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

    ensure vs insure

    squeaker vs landslide


    • Squeaker.

      My original prediction, many moons ago, was for a squeaker. The media is too invested in the horse-race to allow for a blowout and I should have known better.

      The polling has been predicting (until Comey decided to mess with the election) a Clinton blowout (330+). However, with the way things are going, I am forced to revise back down to my original prediction: Clinton squeaker.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Comey messed with the election back in July, not just last week. He laid out a case for indictment and like Robert’s created law out of thin air, to not recommend indictment. She broke every known security and classification law conceivable. That puts you either in jail or at least gone out of our lives……NYPD will nail Wiener and that will be the 1st card to be truly pulled out that can not be ignored and the house of cards will tumble. Have faith.

        The very fact all the email’s have been reposited on both his and her laptops…those two are 1st…..where has Trump ever even been in a position to sell out the country of put it a risk. NEVER. Hillary has sold out this country, she also has left a trail of bodies and the count is ongoing by her decisions at State….She and Bill have been at it since the early 90’s when they entered the WH. I DO NOT WANT A NEW CHAPTER written….I love this country. We have created something unique here unlike anything else ever conceived in the world. Why trash that to become like Europe of the 3rd world. We must be that unique beacon. We had a revolution in 1776 to create this nation, we had a revolution in 1861 to settle unresolved issues, besides economic ones. We are so close to another and the choice is are we a nation or LAWS or NOT?

  32. This was kind of fun.

    The Perfect Presidential Stump Speech
    We asked former Republican speechwriter Barton Swaim and Democratic speechwriter Jeffrey Nussbaum to write a ​totally pandering bipartisan stump speech for an imaginary presidential candidate — one who ​espouses only positions that a majority of voters agree with. ​Here’s the speech they wrote, including notes to explain their phrasing, behind-the-scenes tips on appealing to voters and the data they used to decide which positions to take.

  33. Yes sir……I had a crush on Elizabeth ( Bewitched ) Montgomery, Barbara ( Genie ) Eden, Pat ( Bobbie Jo Petticoat Junction ) Woodell, Linds ( Big Valley ) Evans…..

    Especially liked Elizabeth Montgomery in The Legend of Lizzie Borden.

    • Wait….is this locker room talk?????

      • Wait….is this locker room talk?????

        It must be.

        Where is Billy Bush?

        d a crush on Elizabeth ( Bewitched ) Montgomery, Barbara ( Genie ) Eden

        NO NO NO NO NO!

        Barbara Eden was certainly easy on the eyes, but NO!

        Did you not notice the theme in my type? Margaret Houlihan, Samantha, Agent 99..

        Genie was a total pushover – her only personality was her desire to please her master. Blech. Who wants that.

        Samantha/Margaret/99 were all ball-busters. Tough as nails, smart, independent, strong willed, smart, competent. Now THAT is my kind of woman. Easy on the eyes is just a perk.

        (Agent 99 was changed in the 2nd season into Max’s love-interest and she lost all her personality, going from kickass competent agent, to Don Adam’s needy sidekick.. shame).

        Shoot, I’m forgetting.. who was the girl in F-Troop… Jane? Jane… I can’t remember.. She was awesome, too!

        Morticia Addams… She was alright.. A power in her own right, equal partner, smart, and in control..

        Do you see why Genie doesn’t belong in that list?

        I never watched Petticoat Junction or Big Valley. I could offer you up some Patty Duke if you like?

        • Then you better name her (99) the right Barbara…Feldon, that is.

          • I would never confuse those two.. I saw the appeal of Genie – she was what you’d get if you asked your average puberty-raddled teenage boy what his “dream girl” was. Barbara Feldon was a kickass spy who was the only one other than Chief (depending on the episode) who had a clue what she was doing.

            I’m probably going to regret saying this, but I’m going to add Laura Petri (Dick Van Dkye show.. although she wasn’t bad in the Mary Tyler Moore Show either). He was terrified of her and she was so great (and just freakin’ adorable!). Oh God.. the walnut episode..

            ::Mathius trips over an ottoman::

            And now I just found out that Calamity Jane (F-Troop) died last year 😦 She was 17 when she started out (she lied about her age to get the part) – that’s why they played down the love-interest angle in the first season until she was 18.

            So many stars from my childhood gone…

            Great, now I’ve gone and made myself sad.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Gave her Father 40 whacks, and her (Step)Mother 41

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Let’s not forget Barbara Stanwyck….her perfection of a manipulative person both good and evil. Far more real to life. Angela Landsbury did play some cutsy roles like Murder she wrote, but she could play sheer evil and also a great innocent victim in the “Portrait of Dorian Gray” I saw her on stage in the “Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street ” absolutely fantastic…best meat pies in London

  34. However…..not to be outdone…..considering today…..I will take Anita nad Kathy….sight unseen….love their attitudes and hanging tough with the guys…..So, ladies… are in…come on down to Texas.

    • Dibs on V.H.!

      Come on up to New York.

    • I think I live in a locker room sometimes…it’s still less complicated. Kathy has to leave all her sissy shoes behind. Pack your bags VH. We’re kidnapping you on the way through. No way you can live in NY.

  35. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    The fact that Chelsea had serious problems with her parents foundation because of the blurring of the lines between charity and personal enrichment, but them she still stays ho hum……
    just think back to the presidential campaign in the late 80’s Bush 1, then Dukakis, Hart and Biden. Hart got nailed because he had a bimbo on his lap while on a friends yacht, Biden dropped out when it was revealed he plagerized his thesis. Dukakis with letting out a serious criminal (easy on crime theme) His running mate Geraldine Ferraro was far more qualified, except her husband was a crooked NY lawyer, who should have been disbarred and jailed on miss use of trust funds in his care. How far in < 3 decades we've decended. The lawsuits that have been filed already and those to come will be astounding. Then if Hillary wins will be for naught,,,,the law will prevail…I have to believe that. Maybe that is like is there a God, or is there heaven one has to have faith. The wheels of justice turn slowly sometimes but they prevail. Hillary and Bill will get theirs in due course.

    Earlier todaay I think Gman posted a comment questioning how can Obama still have such high ratings…..Mathius said (I think) not a lot of scandal……Name one with Bush that was worse than the IRS, Name one with Bush that was worse than Obamacare, Name one including Iraq with Bush (who followed Madeline Albrights assessment) Sandy berger stealing documents out of the archives that were embarrasing to the Clintons, that the Arab Spring that Obama provoked after internationally promising to stay out. Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yeman, Ukraine, passed on the islands in the south china seas. Iran nuclear deal, selling 20% of our nuclear assets, pissing off just about all 50 states with his EO's, not legislative, Fast and Furious, The school thing, Obvious meddling with the FBI and their Hillary findings. conspiring to sell his seat in the senate once elected. No history xcept what he says it is and even that in his books is contradicted….all that and just a portion would have been enough to finish any previous president and any successor promising the same agenda. Nixon was followed by a placeholder called Ford, No way would he have won the presidency after Nixon. If Carter had not been such a screwup we might not have seen Reagan. Obama has had such a blatant disdain for over 50% of the people in this country much less the constitution. Climate change and ham stringing our country yet signing off a deal with China to pollute like hell for another generation. Doubling our national debt in just 8 years

    • Amazing isn’t it? And our friend Matt as well as a bunch of my friends from High School and college cannot see them!

      • They keep saying that HRC has never been convicted or charged with anything. Well neither was Nixon and he was deemed unfit for office despite being much more capable as an executive and foreign policy expert. He was guilty of a coverup but was never tried or convicted. HRC’s potential crimes are much more serious and could actually involve treason. While there is much evidence pointing to crimes, no one has actually flipped on the Clinton’s like they did on Nixon. Several possible flippers are now dead. Ah, so convenient. This may all change in the the next few weeks. In any case, anyone with an open mind should come to the conclusion that she is unfit for the office. But we all know that the open minds are on the left and all the closed minds are on the right.

  36. There is a very strong rumor circulating in New York City that Donald Trump Through Trump Equities Ltd. has pulled a permit from the NYC Department of Buildings to construct a net around the NY Times building Tuesday night next out of the kindness of his heart.

  37. T-Ray, thought you’d get a kick out of this:

  38. CIGNA has now opted out of Obama Care expansion…..not taking on any new states in spite of 70% increase in their premiums……

    More and more investors selling their medical stocks now….Wall Street becoming worried.

    Now, I have some questions for those of you that support Nationalized Medicine…..If you were in charge..

    1) Would you support concierge medicine? (This is a simple yes or no)
    2) Would you support a tax revision in the code, to allow people who want to opt out of Medicare/Medicaid and pay their own way, a comparable reduction in their tax bill? (This is also a simple yes or no question)
    3) Do you agree with the current “penalty” provisions for not having medical coverage. (This is a simple yes or no question)
    4) Would you support a total deregulation in medical insurance allowing medical insurance companies to compete across state lines. (This is a simple yes or no question.)
    5) Would you agree to a change in the tax code to allow for dollar for dollar deductions for out of pocket medical expenses instead of the current percentage rules. (This is a simple yes or no question).

    Now, I am aware that it is difficult for you lefties to answer a direct question….but please try. I know you are in the arena of greater good, but your yes or no answers will reveal this anyway.

  39. News Flash…….FBI Director Comey Died in car wreck……………………………..tomorrow.

  40. Moving to new article Colonel, will then answer 🙂

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