Election Day 2016





  2. My prediction: No matter who wins this election, within a week, the banks will all be closed and there will be soldiers marching in the streets! You heard it here first, from The Rickster.

    • I had a dream last night that Trump won and I had a Muslim family living Anne Frank style in my basement.

      • Well if SHE ‘wins’, we will all have Muslim’s living with us.

        • It’s funny though – I never remember my dreams. In my entire life, I can think of maybe 3 times when I’ve woken up with any memory of a dream I’d had. But this one stuck with me. Go figure.

          I was hiding them behind a false wall and spent the bulk of the dream trying to figure out how to hook them up to the septic system.

  3. Donna Brazile Admits To “Circulating Things” But Says “Conscience Is Very Clear”
    “As an activist, it is ok to violate law. You do anything to get your person elected.”

    That about says it all.

  4. Win or lose…..the Republican party will change significantly. Hopefully for the better.

    • They said that after Romney, too…

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        After Romney the R’s sure did change…they said one thing to get elected and then genuflected infront of Obama’s altar and literally gave him everything he wanted.
        Romney was a ridiculous candidate. Touted his business accumen, saved Staples and Burger King….I have to ask why? Put together Romneycare in MA which blew out the healthcare budgets in that State. All Obama had to do and did was say why will you get rid of my program when it was patterned after yours yet you do not repudiate your program. Romney had no answer, but a deer in the headlights look on his face.

      • Donald Trump is the Republican nominee…..I think that indicates a change! Young whippersnappers like yourself miss the fact that changes come from outside the box. While the ’64 Goldwater defeat was touted as a disaster for the party, it was a disaster for the insiders who did not support him. Rockefeller, Scranton and Romney were dead to the party rank and file after that. Richard Nixon came in as a twice rejected candidate, president and Cal. governor, “outsider” to pick up all the marbles in ’68.

        Nixon was incredibly shrewd, he was the same old in new clothes at the time but he built on the Goldwater side of the party along with old Nixon supporters. He left the “Me Too” republicans behind. Those were the guys who were supposed to take the party in a new direction, left, after a resounding defeat.

      • One change, Sir Mathius……I really do not think that the peope, who support the Republicans, understood the “real” power and understood the Republicans until now. For example…..even my experienced eyes were opened and I have already been through the Johnson episode…the Nixon episode…and the Carter episode. I have never, in my entire life, seen anything this crooked, this corrupt, and this criminal…..Never. And, the people, the little people that the Dems swear to protect, do not understand the bill of goods they have been sold. Put ’em in power and stay a slave.

        That said…..Texas has already taken steps….even the Hispanics that are being elected down here are conservative because we have started at the base…..and will continue to do so. Cruz is out….I ran specific programs to get him elected….He fooled me. Not again…..I am so against him now, he will not be elected to dog catcher…he proved to be part of the establishment…the elite. He is a democrat in republican clothing. Fool me twice…..my fault, It ain’t gonna happen.

        But to answer your question….trump got elected to the candidate position….THAT alone should tell you something…..this party may be dead as it stands today but I, and others, will do whatever we can to change it….and it starts in Texas.

        • .this party may be dead as it stands today but I, and others, will do whatever we can to change itโ€ฆ.

          Why change it? It’s tainted. Abandon ship and start over without the baggage. Establish a good platform with a solid appeal to a wide base.

          Maybe you could reel me in?

  5. Just finished watching another interview. The question was asked: “Why are the rich supporting Hillary Clinton over Trump?” She promises higher taxes and more wealth distribution, the interviewer asked. The answer actually surprised me. This whole election is about money and socio-economic status. It is not ideology. The rich, will become more rich and more powerful under Clinton and the Democrats. It is about elite status, not only here, but globally. The rich want NO change.”

    The interviewer also said, ” Look, if it was about fairness the last 30 years, there would be fairness. It is not about that at all. Who has received the benefits of the last 8 years. It was not the poor…..the poor increased. It is not about wages…the wages decreased per capita. It is about flooding the country with low wage immigrants to keep the standard of living down. It is about outsourcing over seas and keeping high deficits to keep small business from growing. The rich and the powerful do not care about what anybody thinks, they only care about money and power and keeping it limited. It is all about power and under the Democrats, nothing will change and the power will stay in the hands of a few.”

    I do not have it exactly but that is the gist of what was said….CNN this morning.

  6. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Last night I watched a clip from an earlier Bill O’Reilly program. His quest was a journalist he’s had on frequently. Bernie, something or another. Has homes in Florida and NC. He gave a fairly decent analysis about the two battleground States. Florida a toss-up and NC tight but goes for Hillary. He said with the Triangle area and its 3 major universities that’s a tough bastion of liberal thought to overcome, plus just down the road is. Greensboro and Wake Forest with two more universities. I’ll throw in Charlotte which is the financial center of NC. But with the recent riots in Charlotte, that might take one city out of the equation. The rural folks, black and white and military are dead set against Hillary.
    But what I totally disagreed with on his analysis and O’Reilly agreed was that he said when Trump gave the “Symbolic” middle finger to the people earlier in his campaign that was a tough hole to dig out of……..Trump giving the finger to the people…where did that come from? Hillary has been the one her entire career who has given the middle finger to the people and the law and it was not symbolic.

    • That’s Bernie Goldberg. He is a former old time liberal who wrote a book called “Bias” and became anathema. The theme of the book and his commentary since have been that the leftists in media are surrounded by like minded people. They think THEY are the middle. They travel in no circles outside their closed minded thinking. To them they are the norm and they are fair.

      I like Bernie a lot. He has taken on O’Reilly often when O’Reilly goes off the rails. Bernie is NOT a Trump supporter. Like Krauthammer, and Michael Medved, he comes from a liberal (but fair) Jewish background and Trump’s crassness turns them all off. They are all old school gentlemen who cannot accept that we are in a gang fight.

      Dennis Prager comes from the same background and did not support Trump in the primaries. Very Orthodox and very Conservative, he did say that he would support the nominee of the party over the democrat. He actually has become enthusiastic because he RECOGNIZES the knife fight. Prager runs opposite Rush Limbaugh on NY radio so, he is my back-up guy when Rush is preempted or on vacation.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        That’s the guy….I actually do believe his analysis on Florida and NC. I thought his “symbolic” finger by Trump, was misquided when compared to Hillary who is always telling the people to sit on it and spin, She continually lies, gets caught at it, changes the lie, gets caught and so on and so forth. Finally people just seem to give up, knowing they will never get the truth from her. What Trump was sticking his finger up at was the incestuous establishment, for a start in DC.

  7. Dale A. Albrecht says:


    And the only reason there will be only three of these ground breaking ships is the next two were so far into construction, they couldn’t scrap them. Keep building military hardware like this, the F-35, the USS Ford, and littoral ships all budget busting boondoggles peace will prevail and war will have been made to expensive to wage. I’m waiting for the sea trials of the new class of subs. What will make them nothing more than a hole in the water into which you pour money into.

    It’ll digress to personal arms and pickup trucks.

    Which brings this all back to D13’s last comment….it’s all about the money

    • Three observations on submarines:

      1. There are more airplanes than submarines in the ocean.

      2. Submarines are the only things that can be under water, under fire, on fire, and taking on water all at the same time.

      3. If a pregnant woman swims underwater, is she not a submarine for a fetus?

      • Mathius. You have character and a sense of humor. I’ll give you that much.
        You might want to get some therapy for your split personality, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      More on the F-35

      “Just four months ago, the Pentagon’s chief weapons tester wrote in a memo the F-35 program was “not on a path toward success but instead on a path toward failing to deliver.”

      The other week there was a story about that just about all we need are a few Zumwalts and F-35’s and we can control any area and sea. It that is the case why is the F-35 program at the end it’s 2nd decade of developement, costs have ballooned to $1.5T for the program and if it such a dominating force why do we need 2400 of them.

  8. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Here’s a kicker…..I was just about ready to walk one block to a voting center in the colonial Historical District in New Bern. I had gotten a new voter registration card when I moved here. Just by chance I glanced at the address on my card and it turns out my new polling place is 3 miles away at a “seniors center” Where I used to live my old residence, also in a historical district, but post civil war, that senior center was one block away, but my polling place at the time was 4 miles away at an NC armory…..That sure as hell is one way to get people to not vote…..luckily I can still drive

    • I had to drive 4,5 miles. There is no mass transit and nobody complains, even the poor. Some of the stuff the Left whines about makes me want to puke it’s so stupid.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        The polling place was in an old “Greek” temple that used to support the cemetery for services and a mortuary, now a seniors center, is that a subtle hint or what?

        Actually it was not at all inconvienient. It is in the middle of the black area that grew up in the 1800’s so there was no excuse for saying it’s inconvienience. It’s us white folks that had to drive there. It does have plenty of parking and I was in and out in <10 minutes. Downtown, even though the polling place was within walking distance 1 block, on the actual official day of voting it is moved to the seniors center. Only early voting is next to the courthouse. No parking because all the lawyers have reserved spaces during the week, so the nearby one is a hassle unless you do walk there.

        Apparently NC blinked with the Feds on the voter id law passed last year. NO ID required at all, no showing your registration and signature…..just state and spell your name. A form with your information printed out, you verified it and signed it. You presented that signed form to the person handing out the ballots. There was a bar code on both the ballot and form that were scanned, pairing them up.

  9. Al Frankin is having a good time accusing Trump of being anti-Semitic because he mentions the Pres. of Goldman-Sachs and of course George Soros. Somewhere along the line, these disgusting and dishonest people forgot that Trump’s daughter converted to Orthodox Judaism to marry her husband that hsi in-laws are Orthodox Jews and his three Grandchildren are being raised Orthodox Jews.

    I wonder when the last time Al Frankin went to schule was.

    • Got any sources for that one? I like Frankin and it’s not really been my experience that he throws things around like that without some support. Just going after Soros and Cohn does not a bigot make.

      That said, here’s our friend Ann Coulter being totally non-bigoted

      If only people with at least 4 grandparents born in America were voting, Trump would win in a 50-state landslide.

      โ€” Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) November 8, 2016

      Sidenote: Trump wouldn’t be allowed to vote for himself. His mother is Scottish. Trump’s children wouldn’t be allowed to vote either as his ex-wife, Ivana, and his wife, Melania, are immigrants.

      Peyton Manning: “I just want you all to know that I am not the only athlete here tonight. Last week, Ann Coulter won the Kentucky Derby.” BOOM!!

      • Just A Citizen says:


        While Coulter’s statement is stupid, it is not BIGOTED. There are millions of Mexican and African descendants in the USA with at least 4 grandparents who were born here.

        A person with 4 grandparents born here is nothing more than a Second Generation NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

        Something Barack Hussein Obama was NOT. And neither is Ted Cruz.

      • WaPo good enough for you?


        C’mon, you could google that just as easily as I. I actually saw the tape when he said it. There was a time on the old SNL when I liked the guy but he is an asshole.

        • I can’t see Frankin’s argument here.

          He’s certainly right that there is a vein of anti-semitism in the anti-banking sentiment, but I see no evidence here that supports an accusation of Trump pandering to it.

          Sometimes people see wear filtered glasses. Its why a militant feminist (“feminazi”) sees bigotry everywhere. It’s why some African Americans see racism everywhere. It’s why, I guess, Frankin see antisemitism in an otherwise innocuous (read: pandering) add.


          As I was typing this, I watched an attack add because Hillary Clinton once suggested that she doesn’t think the Washington Redskins is a good name (it’s not). Who the hell votes for President based on that?

  10. Hillary Clinton 4, Donald Trump 2, Gary Johnson 1 — and a single write-in surprise: Mitt Romney.

    So sayeth Dixville Notch’s traditional midnight vote.

  11. Just A Citizen says:

    Nice little sign taped to the table in front of the registration desk this morning. At our polling place.

    If you lie or provide false information about who you are or where you live, or your citizenship status, you will be subject to 1 to 5 years in prison AND a 100,000 dollar fine.

    One voter was trying to register and was complaining he did not qualify to vote because of his “recent” move to the area. The poll worker said she knew he could vote in the Presidential race but had to call someone to see what to do about the rest. She said that this was because this is a “Federal” Election. She obviously meant an election for Federal offices but her use of words was interesting.

    Long line mid morning, almost 75 people. Many people whining about how long it was taking and trying to jump the lines. Not many but a few. All were younger, 30 somethings.

    • I, too, noticed a large turnout of younger voters.

      It’s anecdotal, so I wouldn’t read too much into it.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Not a long line of young voters. Just that the least patient were mostly younger.

        Mid morning…..most voters were over 50.

  12. I gave my 4-year old my ballot to fill in. I told her to vote for Hillary and she took it upon herself to vote straight-line Democrat (starting, for no apparent reason, with Chuck Schumer).

    Does that technically count as voter fraud?

    Regardless, I got the photos I’ll need for when she runs for office in 30-something years.

    I still need to take a picture of her at a firing range so she can talk about how her daddy instilled a sacred respect for the 2nd Amendment at a young age.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Our ballots would not allow your 4 year old to vote straight ticket. Which shows how you Dems dumb down your ballots for your voting base.

      In fact, there were about 6 Presidential candidates listed before Trump and Clinton on the ballot. And they were followed by “Write-In” ______________!

      • She had to fill in all the circles in a the Democratic column, which she did.

        As for write-ins, she wanted to write in herself or, failing that, my dog, or, failing that, President Dragon.

        You’d appreciate that the entirety of her policy platform is “I’ll lower your taxes.”

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I assumed your ballot was in columns by party based on what you said. Idaho’s are not.

          Our ballot had columns with the first being POTUS and then Senate, and then House, then the State Senate and House, etc. etc., until all the columns were filled.

          The First column included POTUS and US Senator. The ballot included columns on front and back. The center column on the back was a proposed amendment to the State Constitution allowing the legislature to overturn any agency regulation by a vote of up or down.

          The candidates within each group are ordered per some type of draw. So you might have the Dem first on one race and the Rep or Indep. on the next. Many races were uncontested.

  13. Report from Warren Ohio. A group of Trump supporters on street corner on East Market Street, one dressed in black and white prison outfit with Hillary mask on………This area of the country is mostly Democrat’s, nice to see some smart people moving to town ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Also, Cuyahoga County ,Ohio under performing vs 2012 and 2008…less votes for HRC means big win for Trump.

      • It’s beginning to look like Trump picks up OH & IA and Clinton picks up FL.

        It would be better for her, of course, to sweep the swing states, but it’s not necessary. All she has to do is win one – any one – of the swings (or take one from his firewall). He has to sweep them all AND take a firewall state from her AND lose nothing in his firewall. PA is the lowest hanging fruit in her firewall and she’s polling +6 there.

        As much fun as this horse-race is, his path is exceedingly narrow.

        He can win. Especially if the polls are systemically off in his favor. But there doesn’t seem to be many of those “shy Trump supporters” showing up (yet, anyway). And he’ll need a lot of them. If anything the “shy Clinton supporters” hypothesis may be panning out. Stay tuned.

  14. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Just because Hillary may be president-elect tomorrow, her problems are NOT going to go away.

  15. Fox News reporting Trump being cheered while voting.

    I think not..

    Fox is really located in its own reality.

  16. Some updates:

    1. Exit polls showing BIG bumps in Hispanic voters in FL, GA, and PA.

    2. Huge lines in PA (including 1:45+ lines in areas Romney won).

    3. Shocking absolutely no one, states with marijuana votes on the ballot are showing increased turnout amongst the younger voters. Hmm….

  17. Utah officials reporting “ballot machine problems” statewide.

    Oooh boy…

  18. Look like Clinton’s basically conceeding Ohio. Shifting resources to MI and FL.

  19. When the history of this election is written, the title of the book is going to be: And that is why you don’t piss off the Latino vote.


    In unrelated news Lindsay Graham just voted for McMullin.

  20. Apparently the US embassy in the UK has a “reputation for throwing a good party.”

    Make of that what you will.

  21. And here come the first exit polls…

    Gotta love the meaningless horse-race stuff..

    Here goes..
    38% saying their top priority is “can bring change”
    22% saying their top priority is “right experience”
    22% saying their top priority is “good judgement”
    15% saying their top priority is “cares about me”

    That doesn’t sound good for Clinton at first blush..

  22. Interesting,,,,,,only 42% believe in the Criminal Justice System.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      It’s a system that you want to stay as far away as you can…..It will get worse if Hillary succeeds and Bill re-enters the WH

  23. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    An elk got at least some belated justice in a state near you.

  24. With a whopping 5 votes counted, CNN has called West Virginia for Trump.


  25. Just A Citizen says:

    Interesting graph. No correlation made, but the US to World GDP is interesting.

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    Another interesting comparison. Might explain why the raise in minimum wage needs to be 15 per hour or greater. Without it the left cannot show any real gain over median income.

  27. Hillary Clinton currently leading in…. TEXAS!

  28. He’s been doing a great job with turnout in the rural counties.. very strong.

    He’s doing well enough in the panhandle that he could -could- take Florida..

    • As you and I long felt – Trump is the one candidate in the GOP field that could beat Clinton.

      Fortunately if Trump wins, we don’t need to accept it. After all, he himself has repeatedly told us the election is rigged!

      • D13 agrees……………………………………………………………………………with the election being rigged……it does not depend on who wins. I feel that our system may just be outdated….but I am watching movies and not election results….all Ihave to do is refresh SUFA. You guys are keeping me posted.

        • Glad to do our part. What movie?

          By the way, Fox just called Texas for Clinton.

          • Texas was called for Trump. I’m not putting on Fox…

          • Watching Inherit the Wind….and dont give up on Florida…..there are plenty of car trunks yet to be counted.

            • The one with Spencer Tracy.

              • Excellent movie. Did you know that the whole thing was a put up? On the somethingteenth anniversary a few decades back they talked about how the issue arose and the town decided to run with it to boost income and tourism.

                The trial and decision were real but it could have been handled by the school board.

                I would have thought that they woudl be running Tracy’s “the Last Hurrah!” tonight.

                Yesterday TCM ran “Advise and Consent” A late 50’s book turned into a ’62 movie with a great cast, Laughton, Fonda, Pigeon, Lawford, Ayres and Gene Tierney (a JFK babe). The flick centers on the dying President appointing a secy of State who had Communist affiliations in his youth and LIED about them to the Senate. A principled young Mormon Senator goes against the Pres and his party. The ensuing drama includes blackmail and suicide and the effects of being “outed”. A movie for our time.

                Check out the trailer…….

    • PS – my daughter did her part today. She voted early and often!

  29. So, I suddenly realize I’ve run out of checks and take a respite from the depressing news of 45 minutes ago. Just finished with the new check Co. and lo and behold we are still in play! Huzzah. It may very well be a Truman night!

    Stock futures have gone down the tubes and the peso is in free fall! No shit Dick Tracy!!

  30. Jesus, this is giving me an ulcer.

  31. Fox gave Clinton New Mexico, which was somewhat unexpected… that’s helpful. I’ll have to run the numbers but I think that should do it… unless something else goes horribly wrong..

    Meanwhile, there’s no longer any path for the Blue Shirts to take the House.

  32. Markets are cratering..

  33. I’m having trouble finding a path for Clinton to win at this point. Can’t believe it’s going down like this. Calling it a night (and hoping for the best).

    Gotta hand it to you guys.. Trump voters showed up to the polls in droves.


    • Do I have to turn on the elections….I am watching another movie.

    • Matt, maybe you will learn as you age. If it happens, it happens because the PEOPLE did it! Not me, not the RNC, not the Colonel not the guys that broke their pledge.

      In the beginning last year I was very wary of Trump. At first I thought it a stunt for publicity. Then I thought he means it, sort of, and is just gonna goof it all up like Ross Perot did. Then I started listening to Neil Cavuto and Lou Dobbs on Fox Business (not Fox news). These are serious decent guys and they were all in for Trump. Then I took him seriously. If he pulls this off, there is no telling what will happen but earlier today on the radio, Dobbs was going on about Trump’s transformation into a serious candidate. Sometimes people do rise to the occasion.

      You have to understand that I, an early boomer, realized at a very young age what my parents generation handed to me and mine. Almost, in the scheme of things, heaven on earth. What I am afraid of doing is leaving this earth and specifically this country worse off than when I arrived with no hope that those six (soon to be seven) grandchildren will ever have a shot at achieving what I have.

      Re-read the Declaration, the part about, “When in the course of human events…..” The tea is in the bay, Lexington and Concord have happened. Bunker Hill is next!

  34. Good Night. Goooooood Nite.

  35. The night’s not over yet….but….HOLY COW.

    I certainly hope the the establishment elites from BOTH parties are paying attention…


    • We said that of the R’s in 2010 and 2014. Did no good. The are deaf.

      • If the man plays it cool and keeps it up the way he has, he will jamitdowntheirthroats. Think TR as a model.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Every time you bring up TR my skin crawls. But your comparison is probably true.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            If TR had been able to keep his ego in check, we would not have had to deal with Wilson

            • So true but the what if school fascinates me. If he had been President we surely would have jumped into WW 1 after the Lusitania. Eventually Germany would have lost but can you imagine TR at Versailles? Man those Euro guys would have gotten an earful.

          • I can understand your pain and even sympathize but every now and then a major house cleaning is in order. The common man has been screwed by the system and the system needs a purgative.

      • @ T-Ray…isn’t this election truly different, though? We have never had a candidate who came out of nowhere (politically speaking), who was laughed at throughout the election process, and now is on the cusp of astonishing everyone with a victory. I can’t stand Hillary, or any of the liberal elites, but I am still amazed that Trump is sitting where he is (254 electoral votes as I am writing this). I expected business as usual back when this all started, and that an establishment politician would end up in the White House. Sure doesn’t look like that now, though Clinton could still pull this off.

        Another thing I noticed this time around that is very different from any other election I can remember….I haven’t seen even ONE bumper sticker or yard sign for Clinton, either in the metropolitan area in which I live, nor on the long road trip I took recently through 3 states that Clinton did win. I did, however, see a few signs imploring people NOT to vote for her. IMO, this election is just different in every way than any other I can remember.


        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Both Michigan and Wisconson should go to Trump, he has a wide lead in both. That will put him over. PA he leads by 1% still with most precincts counted, that will be icing on the cake,

          Hillary won NONE of the states that were deemed critical to win this election. FL, NC, OH and PA is still out

          This election reminds me of three super bowls. 2 with the giants and Patriots where the giants under eli manning didn’t stand a chance and last years that Denver was going to get beat so badly by the Panthers they might as well not come to the game and forfeit.

          Bottom line the pundits and experts are paid to spin BS and when most are talking with shit eating grins on their faces I usually judge that they really do not believe the drival they’re spewing. Usually going counter to the conventional wisdom especially when it so overwhelming one way, is how the final results actually will be.

  36. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    If the counts hold in PA, Wisc and MI Trump takes it…….Every swing state went for Trump. Even though ME has little power, I can not believe how much they have shifted left after I left there in the 90’s

    It;s time to send the MSM and political analysts back to school,,,no that’s not right, school is what screwed them up in the 1st place.

    If Trump holds on it will be hard to believe he did it virtually on his own and battled all the way every media outlet, every pollster and expert. including the party that he ran under.

    It’s is interesting how the markets are reacting to a more than likely Trump win. Can the global markets be so crooked that they’d prefer an unindicted criminal as the leader of the US…..Trump is talking real free and fair trade, he’s talking about firing up the American worker again and we will kick ass…..when Podesta’s emails etal talk about Hillary’s incredibly bad judgment,

    Saw a list of Hillary’s great accompishments. She became the 1st women partner of the Rose Law firm….so. There had been other women law partners in larger firms. She posed on the cover of Vogue. 1st person to be running for state office, while still serving in the WH….since when was she serving in the WH, she lived there and had no role but to cover Bill’s ass. Certainly Madeline Albright beat here as the 1st women SOS and also Condelezza Rice….Albright started no wars just cleaned up the Balkans, Rice was instrumental in 2, Hillary 3-4 and threatens 2 more.

    My neighbors Father resigned/retired from the WH shortly after the Clinton’s moved in. What they relate is that Hillary is one spooky lady. Another neighbor resigned from the State Dept because of Hillary being so whatever, when she resigned after Benghazi he came out of retirement and went back to the ME Going back to work under Kerry is one heck of a powerful comment against Hillary

  37. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Just announce at 0148 EST Trump wins Pennsylvania

  38. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Michael More was right, ……..”This election will be the biggest F!!!you in American politics and the establishment” .

  39. Pennsylvania, the “Keystone” State, the place my Father told me was where the “real” America begins has spoken. I think I can hear old Ben Franklin laughing his head off with a glass of beer in his hand and my Dad at his side.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      WSJ online

      With Pennsylvania Win, Trump Is Just Shy of 270

      Assuming Mr. Trump wins Alaska, with his victory in Pennsylvania he now has 268 electoral votes, just two votes shy of the 270 he needs to win the presidency.
      This means that Mrs. Clinton can’t lose a single other state — and she’s currently trailing in most of the remaining races. The odds are looking strong for a Trump victory tonight, defying all expectations heading into Election Day.Rebecca Ballhaus

      SK…what are you still doing up? it’s past us old guys bed time

      • I am about as hyped as I was in 1960, waiting for California to come in!

        • I remember that night like yesterday. Dad worked the evening shift at the Astor Bar and came home at 2AM. Caught him at the door and talked the poor guys ear off. All he wanted to do was go to bed. Sure wish he was here tonight.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            At least the type setting for newspapers today is done by computer and can be changed on the fly unlike “Dewey defeats Truman”

            Luckily the States where the “electors” can change their votes to whomever, went for Hilllary anyway. What I see is the only close state for either candidate was PA the rest were heavily one side or the other.

            If this seeming victory for Trump holds, I truly hope he lets the FBI truly do its job. The DOJ puts the Clinton’s out of business and disgraces them, but like Ford did with Nixon, pardon them, but Nixon was finished….the clintons have to be punished by just crushing their arrogance for their continual disdain for the laws and people of the US

  40. Just A Citizen says:

    Spent the night watching DVR shows. Me and Lil JAC. Finally turned on the news to see Trump oh so close. AP called Penn. but others have not. I noticed the Big Three, two of which Trump is winning (PA, and MI) have outstanding precincts in the “big cities”.

    Poured a glass of Pendelton, now afraid to drink it for fear the Dems will find those boxes of ballots in the recounts. What recounts? Clinton just announced she will NOT be giving a speech tonight. Sending Podesta to tell people to keep their hats on for now.

    Deja vu all over again……… Al Gore????

    Can someone tell me how they called Hawaii so early?? Was it before the polls were closed? Hawaii but not Alaska? Strange.

    Note: It is now obvious the Reid machine is still strong in Nevada. It could take years to break that power base apart. Then again if a few thousand Casino workers suddenly return home the State will go back to being Red.

  41. Just A Citizen says:


    Shortly after I announced I thought Trump was toast he changed his demeanor dramatically. I commented the other day to a few folks that these past two weeks he finally projected that aura of “Presidential”. Not the fluid speaking, still struggling there, but he took the short jabs at Clinton but then stayed on message about a brighter future.

    And my favorite line; “You have a chance to vote for justice”. DOG WHISTLE bwahahahahahahaha.

    My take is that this change combined with Clinton’s downright nasty TV ad push may have swayed the last minute 2% undecided to Trump.

    Also: gman, if PA holds on my hat is off to ya’ll. Now did you guys keep Katie out of the Senate?

  42. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Podesta Says Clinton Won’t Speak to Supporters Tonight

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta just told her supporters that she won’t address the results of the election tonight.
    “We can wait a little longer, can’t we?” Mr. Podesta said on the stage at the Javits Center as he thanked supporters for waiting so long. “They’re still counting votes, and every vote should count. Several states are still too close to call, so we’re not going to have any more to say tonight.”
    Mr. Podesta added: “We’ll have more to say tomorrow.”
    “She has done an amazing job, and she’s not done yet,” Mr. Podesta concluded.
    As he spoke, Mr. Trump was just one electoral vote away from clinching the 270 needed to win the White House, assuming he wins Alaska.

    Wisc and MI will go for trump he has a large lead.

    The leaders of the climate change agreement says that Trump can not change the agreement….how so? it’s not a treaty it’s an agreement with Obama, just like the Iran deal. Once Obama’s out every EO and agreement is up for grabs and every legacy item. Looks like the Senate stay in the GOP’s control……now they have to pass laws that all the people can live with not just the few.

  43. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    At 0245 it’s announced the Trump has defeated HRC to become the 45th president (elect) of the United States.

    Steaks are on the Colonel….grog on the Dread Pirate…..only problem is we have to catch the brangus 1st.

  44. Dale A. Albrecht says:
  45. Winners never quit! The man definitely earned this win. I’m tickled pink to be a part of history.

    SK- High five brother! You and I never backed down. Report in for duty Monday morning zero dark thirty sharp and let’s straighten this place up.

    Night Everybody

  46. I just listened to Trump’s speech. The youngest boy looked like he was about to fall asleep but then I am sure it was far past his bed time. Back in early spring in 2015, Trump and all the other potential R candidates gave speeches in Iowa. At that time, I said he was worth watching. It’s been a good show. I certainly hope he can carry the rest off.

    I listened very briefly to one of the MSM panels discuss a President Trump. It certainly looked like it scared them. They were envisioning all kinds of world calamities, the Russians would blackmail him, the Chinese and other would take advantage… I could not listen long as it was incredibly stupid discussion since Obama has been such colossal failure. One does not run a large successful corporation by being rash and stupid.

    We shall see.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Just had to turn over to MSNBC to watch the fireworks. Maddow had a Cow.

      Surprise of the night, Chris Matthews expressing hope about Trump, explaining he won not because of racism but because the working middle class is fed up. And then his companions trying to blister him for his thoughts. ROTFLMAO………

  47. New article to be posted shortly ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. So interesting watching the MSM morning programs…except for Michael Moore, they are all looking gut punched and totally clueless as to how this happened. I wonder how he could feel the pulse of the country when no one else did?


    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything sadder on TV than last night on CNN when they’re flipping around a map of Florida trying desperately to find uncounted Democratic votes that could win the state.

      Here? No, well, maybe over here… and well, if this country really turns out, and that country doesn’t.. and here are 100 more votes they can pick up and every little bit closes the gap and.. well, what about over here.. And this county is only at 97%.. And, folks, remember, there are still absentee ballots to be counted..

      It was so pathetic.

      • The FOX crew was no better. Geez, Bill Hemmer, Brit Hume, Megyn Kelly…I seriously think they were in tears on that set. I swear to God…after football season, I’m cutting my Comcast bill in half.

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