Democrat Agenda Soundly Rejected

trump1It’s over…..FINALLY 🙂   Election 2016 has concluded and the Liberal agenda has been soundly rejected by voters.  Donald J.Trump is the 45th President Elect.  The House and Senate also stay in Republican control in a resounding manner.   It was so quiet at Clinton headquarters you could hear an email being deleted last night.  The over-confident Liberal’s didn’t see this coming, because their lapdog media kept playing propaganda games and tried to sway the election towards HRC.  The POLLS were wrong, as I have stated on numerous occasions and it’s well documented.

What we learned.  The Liberal media has lost all trust.  They lied over and over and got called out.  They rigged the polls and got called out.  They KEPT rigging the polls all the way till the end, including the Exit polls.  The majority knows this and won’t let it happen again.  Those who voted Trump into office are fed up with politics as usual.  The rest of the Republicans better start getting in line or they will be getting the boot in 2018.  Now…….the economic collapse will come and as usual. the Liberal’s will blame someone else other than their own…….and it won’t work  😀

trump2And now to take care of some unfinished business:



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  2. What a freaking mess Trump has to try and fix. It’s not easy to unfuck and clusterfuck…….and the Obama Presidency is/was/has been a clusterfuck.

    Now CELEBRATE! 😀

    I believe Mathius has some correcting to be done. Little over-confident there Buddy 🙂

  3. On a lighter note, my Mother bet me ONE dollar that Clinton would win. She watches CNN. She voted for Trump. At 7:21 pm last night she texted me and said not to forget my dollar when we have lunch this week. God Bless her, I told her to turn off the Clinton News network, they were lying to her.

  4. On the subject of riots after the election……once again it’s the Liberal’s showing their true colors in Oakland (Pittsburgh) Pa causing some minor issues requiring the police. I fully expect more today. Let the protests begin!!!!!!

  5. Bye, bye, don’t let the door hit you in the ass:

  6. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Canine Weapon

      Damn DOG, your on fire this morning. LOL, spitting coffee up my nose. 🙂

  7. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    As long as Clinton Inc has to put an OOB sign up in Chappaqua I’ll be happy. Let them move to Davos. But then again Switzerland requires a thorough knowledge of Swiss history and to speak German….they are not into open borders there.

  8. I’m sure glad all the negative political ads are over with, now we can get back to ads about erectile disfunction, feminine hygiene products, athlete’s foot and soup. 🙂

  9. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    The markets will definitely take a hit, but how disasterous it will be will be like the Brexit vote. All gloom and doom but were proved wrong.
    The markets will have to readjust to correct itself from the super inflated value to actual worth of most stocks… in the long run how in gods name will it be Trumps fault when he will have nothing to do with anything until January.

    I’m trying to quess who Trump will chose as cabinet officers. Guiliani will be one and that is as AG

    • I took a small loss on the Brexit vote by betting the markets would bounce back quicker than they did.

      I will not be repeating that error. Time to BUY BUY BUY!

      “When there’s blood on the streets, buy real estate. – Baron Rothschild

      • Already bought this morning.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Dow up 160……just to show how incorrect these smart analysts can be….a lot bigger issues than Trump and all the fear tactics the Dems used akin to the Goldwater Johnson days. A lot bigger issues are looming that will take very subtle handling to avoid an implosion. This has been building for decades, back to Bush 1 and his mistaken slip of the tongue of a “New World Order” But history has shown the Clintons and Bush’s are the same zebra…..Even though Bill was a sleeze and predator of women in the workplace he did have a smart political weathervane. Hillary lacked that. I do not remember Bill ever referring to the opposition as the “Enemy” Obama and Hillary constantly used that term. Implying they must be destroyed as the enemy, which means 1/2 the people in this nation.

          I wish Hillary the best in her new life…please go gracefully, I wish Trump the best because he has one heck of a job ahead. We will be just a rough on him for policy choices as we were with Bush and Obama and Hillary…..You have to keep the faith of the people, not alienate them.

  10. They rigged the polls and got called out.

    Bullshit, GMAN.

    You have no evidence that the polls were rigged.


    WRONG does not equal RIGGED.

    Why, exactly, they were -so- wrong will no doubt be the subject of debate for some time, but my guess would be that they missed the “shy Trump supporter,” essentially massively missing the enthusiasm of his “hidden” base.

    I’d point out that Trumps own internal polling showed him way way behind coming into last night. Why would his own internal polls be biased or “rigged”?

    Coming into last night, Trump was given a 30-something percent chance to win. If I tell you there’s a 30% change of winning, and you win, that’s not evidence that anything is rigged. That’s why they give odds instead of conclusions.. If I tell you a horse is 100:1 shot, and he wins, that’s not rigged, THAT’S HOW ODDS WORK.

    There was clearly a systemic failure in the polling (whether methodological or because of “shyness” on the part of the respondents, I can’t say authoritatively). But there was some cause of systemic error that will be evaluated. But the methodology for these polls – many conducted by institutions friendly to Trump – are transparent and known. If there’s a “rig” in place, no one has yet to point specifically to it. That’s a lot of different agencies doing a lot of different polls funded by a lot of different sources using a lot of different techniques and all coming up with roughly the same answers. How do you “rig” that?

    Polling is an art, not a science.

    • I have already posted several links and incidents where the sampling was skewed to make HRC look like a bigger winner than she was (ABC) and how Reuters changed their poll to show HRC had a bigger lead based on one changed metric that they INVENTED.

      Another thing, not ONE, and I mean ONE poll in Pa gave Trump a chance. None, nadda. How can this happen? It was intentional. Podesta’s email leaks should how it’s done. It’s not a coincidence that so much of what the Liberal media and their pundits were WRONG, it was all a lie and intentional. That’s how the Left plays the game.

      On a lighter note, I do feel bad for you, that crow must be tasting really bad today 😀 😀 😀 😀

      • Whoops, Podesta’s emails showed, not should. Watching CNN and the pundits are still spewing the same bullshit lies they have all along. Shameful, just shameful.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        It’s all in the sample and the questions asked. If you change the sample and ask different questions the results will different…..The dems knew they had a seriously flawed candidate from day one. There is nobody to blame but Hillary herself and the mess she got herself into. She intentionally went outside the system all by herself. But the administration could have stopped her at any time, but they didn’t….the people had had enough. Period.

        This is a Lincoln moment at the end of the Civil War. Hopefully it does not end tragically.

        • It’s all in the sample and the questions asked.



          But you have no evidence that this was deliberately skewed. And, further, why were Trumps own internal polls showing the same thing? Why were Fox’s?

          If you change the sample and ask different questions the results will different…..

          Yes, generally.

          But you don’t get to choose who you ask. That’s why it’s random. That’s why sometimes one group or another gets oversampled and that’s why there’s a statistical error of +/- 3-5% on these things.

          But the questions are published. Can you show me anything to suggest the polls were worded objectionably? I read a great many of them down to the box-scores, and found that they were almost invariably worded extremely neutrally.

          <bThe dems knew they had a seriously flawed candidate from day one.


          There is nobody to blame but Hillary herself and the mess she got herself into.

          Well, I could make you a rather long list of other people who also share the blame, but sure, she’s at the top of the list.

          She intentionally went outside the system all by herself.

          Back to emails? Brother, if you think “emails” are the reason she lost, you’re on another planet.

          She lost because she was part of the status quo. She is was the establishment candidate, and the voters rejected, not her (they don’t really give a shit about her), but the establishment of which she is a part. They voted for Trump because they basically were voting to burn the whole thing to the ground.

          But the administration could have stopped her at any time, but they didn’t….the people had had enough. Period.


          This is a Lincoln moment at the end of the Civil War.

          • Gman……I am going to partially agree with Mathius…..he has it right on the “shy” voter. Most of the people that I know that actually voted trump were not as outspoken and looking for trouble as I was……I wanted people to come after me….I have not busted a head or popped a serious cap in so long, I am having withdrawals. BUT…..most of the friends that I know simply did not respond or when asked they automatically responded Clinton for two reasons….to throw the pundits and polls off and to avoid confrontation.

            There were the usual areas where voting fraud took place….everyone knows this but it is actually getting fewer and fewer each election cycle due to technology. We caught over 5,000 trying to vote that were not supposed to in Texas…..but WE CAUGHT THEM. THey were trying to influence local elections and they got caught and are getting charged. I bet other states have done the same.

            Where the rigging does raise it’s head, in my opinion, is the predisposition of the electoral college. As I said before, and insprite of Trump being elected, I think the electoral college is out of date. This is another discussion. What is interesting is that the Futures were going bonkers last night and expected the DOW to follow. That did not happen and that has people wondering why…..

            Everyone missed this. Wall street missed it. The pundits missed it. Hillary missed it. Trump did not and he did it with less money and far less staff. trump is dumb like a fox. He had one chance to beat the Clinton machine and he did it with the Blue collar middle calss workers who have been put out of business by the globalists. If you break things down carefully….look at the counties that were deeeeeep blue in Michigan, Ohio,,,,,you know, the rust belt. When Obama and democrats walk into a blue collar unionized area and brag about puttiin you out of business.,,,,what the hell do you expect the reaction to be?

            This vote was not about democrats….it was about the elite control that is taking place. And there is still enough shy, under current voters out there that have said……enough. It was the deeep blue rural counties that did Clinton in……Trump went after them.

            you should know the old axioms of warfare……lose a few battles to win the war.

            • Trump’s father made him start in the construction trades to learn the business from the bottom up. As a result he learned to appreciate hard work and the people that do it. My Dad did the same as my brothers and I all spent several summers doing construction work mostly from the time we entered high school until we left home. For me that was 9-10 summers and all other school vacations. The elites of both parties have never soiled their hands with physical labor hence they have no real appreciation of what life is truly like for the “unwashed”. Their haughty, condescending attitude is a total turnoff. It is about time they got called on it.

              You hear it also in the talking heads on TV. It was the great “unwashed” “uneducated” (white non-college) that voted for Trump. I am sorry talking heads but these people also have brains and are not as stupid as you think.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                I feel sorry for those talking heads. They just do not get it. Nobody I know that voted for Trump is not college educated. They are highly skilled in trades and putting food on their tables. That does not make them uneducated. The college of hard knocks teaches more than most university educations, especially about survival.

                A few classmates of mine in HS, one’s father owned a construction company that specialized and built freeways in the SoCal area. Mark worked summers in the nastiest jobs that Dad could thing of. He learned the business, obviously did engineering school and eventually took over from Dad. Another set’s father owned a roofing company all the son’s worked their asses off and when dad retired they took over and built it up even more. The roofing company used to be ages ago a division of Ford and was spun off.

                Me, I quit college. The education I received after 1) an equivalancy of electrical engineering from the military, 2) an equivalancy of a Masters in Statistics. also started in the military through the national bureau of standards,…just because I did not get a formal degree did not make me stupid. I usually kept pace with most college grads and continued taking courses as needed, taught myself metalurgy, did primary molecular research….in IBM i dealt with phd’s all the time. Usually my contact with them was to straighten out a disaster they couldn’t figure out that they had created. They were so smart that they were stupid, given they had NO practical hands on experience and common sense. I solved major problems that they had spun their wheels on for years costing millions in losses, and I solved them in days. All I did was put my mark 1, release 1 eyeballs on the problem. Then I analyzed the data. If you strictly relied on the numbers they were usually wrong because their model or assumptions were incorrect or their formula was incorrect. It was like shooting ducks in a barrel.

    • It was the Amish, they don’t answer phones!

      • HA!

        I haven’t seen any stats on the Amish, but I know they do vote…

        I would assume that they lean right.. :/


      24. Rigging media polls through oversampling
      “I also want to get your Atlas folks to recommend oversamples for our polling before we start in February.”
      “so we can maximize what we get out of our media polling.”
      [For Arizona] “Research, microtargeting & polling projects – Over-sample Hispanics… – Over-sample the Native American population”
      [For Florida] “On Independents: Tampa and Orlando are better persuasion targets than north or south Florida (check your polls before concluding this). If there are budget questions or oversamples, make sure that Tampa and Orlando are included first.
      [For National] “General election benchmark, 800 sample, with potential over samples in key districts/regions – Benchmark polling in targeted races, with ethnic over samples as needed – Targeting tracking polls in key races, with ethnic over samples as needed”
      “The plan includes a possible focus on women, might be something we want to do is over sample if we are worried about a certain group later in the summer.”

      This is why you see the skewed polls show Clinton +12 when other more accurate ones show Trump +2. The high Clinton ones oversample democrats by a HUGE margin to get desired results (sometimes 20-40% more Democrats sampled). Many are created by organizations that donate to Hillary, and some are even conducted by her own SuperPACs!
      They do this to make Republican voters feel discouraged and not come out to vote if they think their candidate will lose.
      Just look at this example in Arizona: Clinton +5, but Democrats were oversampled by 34% (58 out of 100 Democrats, 24 out of 100 Republicans)! Good lord. Unfortunately the colluding media only reports on the final number, without reporting on the over-sampling.

  11. Suddenly the Clinton speaking fees have dropped to double digits with a free ham on rye and Snapple thrown in!

  12. It’s midnight in America. CNN is weeping. MSNBC is wailing. ABC calls it a tantrum. NBC damns it. It wasn’t supposed to happen. The same machine that crushed the American people for two straight terms, the mass of government, corporations and non-profits that ran the country, was set to win.

    Instead the people stood in front of the machine. They blocked it with their bodies. They went to vote even though the polls told them it was useless.

  13. Never been happier about being wrong. Anita, 100 points- you called this in 2012. Stayed up until almost 4.00 -I’m not even tired. I’ve regained some of my confidence in the American people.

    Sorry Matt, forgive me !

    He he he-the media just got some well deserved comeuppance-not that it will change them and Hillary Lost!!!!

    • Sorry Matt, forgive me !

      Nothing to forgive, V.

      Hopefully my kinder predictions about him prove right.

      • Mathius, Let’s hope he gets done what he says. But let’s not forget, Congress is still Congress. The Lobbyists are crying this morning and they should, they don’t own the next President as they expected too!

        • Let’s hope he gets done what he says.

          God, let’s hope not.

          What he says would trigger, at the very least, all-out trade wars with China.

          But let’s not forget, Congress is still Congress.

          Congress is controlled by the Red Shirts. He controls the Red Shirt party.

          Congress will roll over and beg for belly rubs.

          They’ll give him everything he wants.

          The Lobbyists are crying this morning and they should,

          ::citation needed::

          Big business and big government are still very close bedfellows. Do you honestly believe Trump is going to upset that apple cart now that he’s so deeply involved in BOTH sides of that “rigged” game? HA!

          He’s going to be absurdly “pro-business” – not necessarily in a way that helps “the little guy,” but we can expect corporate profits to do just fine under (ugh) President Trump. At the very least, we can expect the corporate income tax rate to come down, regulations to be stripped, Dodd-Frank will be on the ropes, environmental regs gone, etc. The lobbyests will be pleased.

          they don’t own the next President as they expected too!

          Maybe not. But he’ll do their bidding by-and-large anyway.

          And, in any event, they’ll still own congress lock-stock-and-barrel.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            Matt….as I’ve said before, over climate change agenda we’ve hamstrung out greatest strength. We can compete worldwide if we choose to. However when the administration gives a complete pass on environmental issues to China, enabling them to pollute all they want to until 2030 and beyond, that’s BS making CO2 emmisions a total farce. The Chinese industry could have started at our level of cleanliness when they built the damn plants. Of course its cheaper when you can avoid just about every regulation that is deemed (GOOD) here. Let labor costs and quality of product be the sole determining factor. We do not want a trade war and neither does China. How about we sell them the technology that cleans up their pollution that we have not seen in decades. Our business people have wasted most of our potential goodwill that used to stand for the USA. We earned the hatred of the people once in PI, got thrown out. Regained some then basically pissed it away again. Indonesia will remember a long time about the abuses of business perpetrated upon them, while the CEO’s bragged about their return to the shareholder. Only to have the front men and business leaders claim…well I had no idea, we just contracted the makers……it is paramount to follow the process from end to end. FYI we in the US are not the only ones. I’m sure Bhopol still rings bells in India.

            Immigration to this country is what made it unique. We have more diversity than any other country in the world. That is our strength. It avoids “Group” think. What people are against is the “open” borders with unfettered migration and plopping unvetted refugees in towns and cities. We all our immigrants or a generation or two away from that. My nephews married ladies from Croatia and Romania, both successful people in the medical fields. Another relative married a young Turkish lady. My family is made up of German, Austrian, Native American, Dutch, French, Polish, Russian, Prussian, Croatian, Romanian, Turkish, and I personally have been with Italian, Canadian (PEI) and Colombian ladies

            The diversity in this small city called New Bern is amazing. It is not a white dominated society. But hugely multicultural and with people that have been all over the world. That was always the way it was from it’s founding in 1710, being a port city.

            • What I am against is overwhelming numbers who never get assimilated. Part of that is cultural. I always thought that one of the greatest benefits to this country were the World Wars, especially the 2nd. As I told my son the other night. All these Polacks, wops, Micks, Spicks, Bo-hunks, Kikes etc that came here, lived in their own little ghettos prior to the war, got their asses drafted (or enlisted) literally shared a fox hole with a guy they might never have talked to back home and came home from that war changed.

              The first street I lived on out here in suburban NJ was in a 1951 Cape Cod development. Most homes still had 1st or 2nd owners. All were vets and they ran the gamut of early 20th century immigrants to this country. Despite different backgrounds and religions, they all got along famously. The few times I, the kid, got together with them socially the stories always went back to “the war”. Not the combat stuff but the garrison stuff. It was their common denominator.

              When the immigration door was slammed shut in 1920, the ghettos stopped growing and it became harder and harder to stay insular.

    • Thank you V. To be honest, schadenfruede rules the day. I was hoping for a mere wake up call and some entertainment along the way. Trump grew into the role and along the way absorbed the passion from the people. I think the process changed his motive, from one of self fulfillment to genuinely wanting to right the ship.. He basically told all of them to F off, including the pope. I’m very happy for him. Impossible WAS his starting point.

  14. Come January, the Red Shirts will have the house, the Senate, the house, and one open Senate seat.

    While, certainly, everyone prefers “their team” to be on the dominant side, do any of you guys have qualms about having so much unchecked* power.

    *Really, the only check the liberals will have until (at least) midterms is the filibuster

    • Come January, the Red Shirts will have the house, the Senate, the house, and one open Senate seat.

      That sentence is a mess.

      Trying again: Come January, the Red Shirts will have the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and one open Supreme Court seat.

      • In many ways I believe the Donald will have just as much trouble from his side of the aisle as the other. Many, many sacred cows are at stake. Do you believe for a minute that McConnell who has BEEN ABSOLUTELY SILENT these last few months will acquiesce? Paul Ryan, now I’m sure he has jumped on board the Trump train.

    • do any of you guys have qualms about having so much unchecked* power.

      I don’t really expect any real changes to occur quickly. Look for Obamacare to go the way of the Dodo bird. A bright shiny new conservative SCOTUS judge is just what the doctor ordered (maybe more than 1, Woot Woot).

      Maybe we will have a real Federal budget? Wouldn’t that be a change from the last 7 years, going on 8.

      We survived the Democrats with unchecked power and when Obamacare is gone, it will be remembered as the left’s biggest error in judgement, something that will never be allowed to happen again (unchecked power).

      • And you think they’ll stop with just repealing Obama’s policies and appointing a Conservative judge?

        I agree, though, ObamaCare is on the chopping block if they can get it through the Senate filibuster (which they should be able to do – Obama got it passed that way). Expect a full repeal within the first 100 days.

        For panache’s sake, I imagine the bill will be 1 sentence long: “The Affordable Care Act is hereby repealed in its entirety.” Paul Ryan will orgasm so hard he’ll pass out and hit his head on the Speaker’s podium – but that’s ok, because he gets publicly funded health care for the rest of his life – unlike the rest of us.

      • Should read (unchecked power by the Left)

    • Just A Citizen says:


      When have the Republicans ever marched in lock step? Not the Affordable Care Act. Not even on the decision to not vote on Obama’s SCOTUS pick.

      There is always a handful of R’s who feel obligated to act contrary to leadership’s desires.

      You also fail to admit that the R’s so many despise are in alignment with those “moderate” Dems that have stymied E. Warren and her crew. In short, I expect a lot more compromise and “working across the aisle” among the establishment of both parties.

      Besides, Trump is a moderate himself and shares the Rockefeller Republican gene. It is only his patriotic America First appeal that differs.

      I also think you underestimate the email impact on Clinton. “Corruption” was often cited by voters in polling. So in reality I think Trump’s win is a combination of factors that came to bear on a flawed Dem candidate.

      Let us also remember the never Trumpsters claim that Clinton was so flawed that anyone else BUT Trump could beat her. The Dems were claiming the same about Trump. Anyone but Trump would have been a problem. BOOM……… both were wrong.

  15. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:

  16. Democrat Agenda Soundly Rejected


    Two things.

    1. We’ve been over this, and it’s petty, and I really would like you to stop it. The term is Democratic, not Democrat. If you feel that’s confusing, you could say the Democratic Party’s Agenda. But it’s not the Democrat Agenda. It’s obnoxious. I don’t come here for that kind of juvenile behavior. It’s just like you’re repeated insistence on calling Clinton “Hitlary.” Knock it off. I know Buck and I are the only liberals on this site, but do you see us behaving this way?

    2. “As of early Wednesday morning, Clinton had 58,909,774 total votes compared to Trump’s 58,864,233,” Now, I’m no mathematician, but it sure looks like that’s a Clinton lead in the popular vote. Even if Trump finishes up ahead, it’s not going to be a landslide by any definition in the popular vote (electoral college is a different matter). But if Clinton had lost the popular vote (or eeked out a tiny win) while winning the EC with 300-ish votes, you’d never call that a “sound rejection” of the conservative agenda.

    • 1. Totally WRONG. The Liberal Democrat agenda is not remotely close to democratic. You should rethink this one. Yous guys are called Democrats, not Democratics. Sorry, but I grew up a Democrat and even voted democrat once, then got an education. I know that you guys want this name change to stick, but I REFUSE to play your word games.
      2. The sound rejection included Congress. But yes, the agenda has been rejected soundly. Let’s see how all that unchecked power gets put to use……..don’t hold your breath 🙂

      • Screw it.

        I’m not playing games with you. You want to be an ass, be an ass. I’m going to take a SUFA-break.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          No need for a break. Just take a deep breath and remain calm. Do not spit into the wind. It is better to put your back to the wind when the ice is stinging your face. 🙂

    • Have to agree with you here, Mathius. It’s no time to gloat or dig at one another, though I’m not sure that you have been completely innocent of digs of your own in the past. But I have noticed how civil both you and Buck have been lately. And your second point is absolutely true…if Clinton ends up with the popular vote majority there just isn’t any way conservatives can crow about a huge win.

      By the way….if one year ago today any of us had been asked to give odds that in the span of one week in November 2016, that we would wake up to either:

      1. Cubs as World Series champs,
      2. President-Elect Donald Trump

      Who among us would have taken even one of those, let alone both?

      I know I wouldn’t have.



      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        This is absolutely not the time to be vindictive. Just make sure Clinton Inc is neutered and restrict itself to “good” deeds, if it continues to exist, as opposed to accumulating personal wealth and influence peddling. It will be extremely difficult to heal the wounds built up over the past 8 years which Hillary promised a continuation. It’ll take a very savy president to work all sides of the spectrum. Obama did not even try. Hillary is an extremely vindictive and careless person. As my neighbors father told him before retiring from the WH, if they met her in the hallway they’d have to stop and turn towards the wall.

      • Howdy Murf 🙂

        Mathius had basically called this election over a long time ago, so a little gloating is acceptable and proper. He’s a big boy and can handle it.

    • Where does everyone on SUFA stand on abolishing the electoral college? Be curious to hear your thoughts.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        For me I think it should be retained. Just from a simple view, most State capital’s are NOT the most obvious place, like major business center. Like Albany, Sacramento, Raleigh, Harrisburg. As opposed to NYC, SF, Charlotte, or Philly. It does create some balance. There’s to much power in those cities then as does now in the large metropolitan centers….simplistic, but I’ll think deeper and research why Madison came up with it.

        • Not sure I’m following your thought process here – why does it matter where the state capital is located?

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            It did when they were created…away from the power centers for a start.

            • Ah, I see what you’re saying. Thanks for the clarification.

              The way I see it I think the EC served its purpose and we should have an amendment calling for the election of the president by popular vote.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                The electors in each state are apportioned by population. All but two States have a winner take all position since 1824, Nebraska and Maine and they apporition their electoral votes by the proportion of that States popular vote. The electoral college was also designed that large population states like NY, CA and TX as an example, can not dominate the entire election which they could if it was strictly by popular vote. Also another reason was communication back 200 years ago. Slow and hard to get a candidate known. They figured the mess that would ensue because each state would write in someone they knew locally. That is also why the census is important and also the legal residency of he voter…..It still makes sense, because unlike all of us on SUFA to many people know diddly about what’s going on. It will not change. It’ll take a constitutional ammendment and that will never get through.

              • From my understanding the EC was based on two things as you point out: (1) not permitting the most populous states to completely dominate and (2) communication issues. But I have also come to believe that a third issue was lack of trust in the populace at large. (Always remember Mathius’ second law: People. Are. Stupid.)

                That being said, I think these rationales (other than the last) are no longer relevant. On communication, this is clearly no longer the case as information (often false) flies across the globe in seconds. On the most populous states dominating, there is such a difference in perspective and opinion from the major metropolitan areas to the rest of a state, that I don’t see this as a real concern. Sure, Clinton got the popular vote in large measure from these metropolitan areas, but Trump wasn’t exactly far behind in the popular vote. Pretty damn close.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Mark me down as NAY.

        You only have to look at this cycles popular vote distribution to understand why.the
        I would rather look at ways to change the selection process prior to the general, or even go back to the original method.

        • Can you expand on that?

          Would your answer be the same if Trump won the popular but lost the EC? (My answer would be the same regardless of who it benefitted in a given election). I just don’t see the purpose anymore, asides from not trusting the public to elect their own president…

          • Just A Citizen says:


            The electoral college supports the notion of sovereign STATES which jointly comprise the United States. The latter is formally created by the former and thus subject to their control, in the end. As such the effort for a “popular vote” is nothing more than an effort to undermine State’s Rights, aka. sovereignty.

            It fits the theory of a Single Nation with a KING called POTUS run by a majority of people who occupy about 10% or less of the land. You know, the one where States are nothing but administrative units of the FEDERAL GOVT. The next logical step is to make Governors obsolete, or elected by a national majority. Because why should people in NY not have a say in who runs Idaho. Those spudheads live off Federal taxes after all.

            You say you do not see a purpose. I think that is because you hope down deep the purpose has been subverted. It may be on life support but it is not dead just yet.

            Now you want a pragmatic reason? One very similar to the one often played by the left? A national popular vote will lead to the violent Civil War as the power of POTUS is used to rule for the benefit of those who brought em’ to the dance.

            I have a question for you. Why shouldn’t POTUS be selected by Congress? The job is the Executive of the Govt. after all. And that Govt. is determined and funded by Congress. Why shouldn’t Congress decide who they think will carry out their agenda more closely and efficiently??

            • Why shouldn’t POTUS be elected by Congress? Simply because he doesn’t represent Congress. The executive branch is, after all, a separate and distinct branch of government.

              You say a popular vote would lead to civil war as the power of POTUS would be used to rule for the benefit of those that voted for him. I say hogwash. How is not that already the case? Even with the EC, POTUS knows full well who voted for him.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                It is partly the case already. And that is the point. We are moving closer to Civil War each cycle. If the election can be won with a majority in only a few states then the rest of the country will eventually revolt.

                That is the history of such things.

                By the way, since when does POTUS “represent” all the people? An absolute IMPOSSIBLE proposition. Furthermore, show me where that was in the job description included in the Constitution.

                And the executive branch is not in fact a “separate” branch of Govt. It is an integrated branch charged with primarily executing the laws passed by Congress. There are no absolute separation of powers, never has been.

                That was the beauty of the system we were given. It is designed to slow down govt., while forcing cooperation when the need is great enough to require action.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Not that Presidents have not use EO’s throughout our history, they wer designed to enable a president to run the country when Congress was in recess, like 6 months in the past. A stalemate in congress and the president can cause no harm to the people. Like Dodd Frank…a cobbled together bill because we had to do something. Most EO’s were issues that really did not require Congressional laws passed. However this president because he was impatient because Congress would not pass what he wanted went ahead and did an EO in direct opposition of Congress and the people. However to overturn this individual unilateral directive it takes a super majority like veto override. to undo. But unlike laws passd by congress, an EO can be struck down by the successor with a stroke of a pen. He required Hillary to ascend to the presidency. Obama’s legacy is toast, because most was unilateral directives that the majority objected to. Like changing the words of a pretty darn serious “Treaty” with Iran to an executive agreement and never submitted it to the Senate. Same with the Climate Change accord. We did real well with cleaning up our environment long before the French and the EU caught on with their monuments dissolving from sulfuric acid from air pollution. We will continue but what will go away is the free pass the Chinese got to pollute as they wish for decades to come.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I forgot one thing you asked. YES, I would feel the same regardless of who won. I have stated this position on the Electoral College before.

  17. Just A Citizen says:

    As usual EVERYONE is projecting meaning on the election based on their hopes and dreams and not necessarily reality.

    The nation remains divided but today it is more along racial lines than before. It is also the division of the NE and Left Coast vs. the rest of the country.

    The DEMOCRATIC party will now undergo some soal searching based on their House, Senate and Governorship losses. The battle for the DEMOCRATIC party’s mission will heat up again. Will the “P”rogressives increase influence or be overcome by the moderates?

    My guess is the harder left becomes the leadership under E. Warren, et. al. Because they are convinced that E. Warren would have won the YOUNG vote for them, forever.

    If Trump succeeds in his economic goals the DEMOCRATIC party will have a real problem. The chance of him succeeding is slim but not impossible. It all depends on how many folks can put their personal ego crushing defeat aside, suck it up, and do what is right by the American People.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Howard Dean was asked about what went wrong with the Clinton campaign….his answer was “we don’t know”.

      Try a seriously flawed candidate.

      Even VT chose a Republican Governor

    • Just think, no more Huma Abedin, no more John Podesta, Anthony Weiner emails, Bill Clinton, Valerie Jarred, Loretta Lynch. Oh what a day!

      I’m not convinced there will be any real change in D.C. Congress has ignored the will of the voters for two years and that’s not going to change easily. But it’s good to hope, because absolutely no change would have come had HRC won.

      I think the best change will be SCOTUS, possibly an overwhelming conservative bench in the years to come.

      Also, a change to think about. The are now the Party of the elitist’s and very poor (who they drag out every 4 years with unkept promises) and the republicans are the Party of the Middle Class worker. That change could wipe out the Democrat party as we know them today.

    • I think the D’s will continue to shift towards democratic socialism.

      As for the polling, they were all told multiple times that they were missing the shy Trumpers and over sampling democrats. So yes, the polls were mostly rigged to discourage and suppress Trump supporters. It did not work.

      On the rigging of the election. I just wonder how much Trump actually won by? I have not once heard of a “miscalibrated” voting machine switching votes from Hillary to Trump. Mistakes are random.

      Is crow tasty?

      Must work now. Til evening.

  18. Just A Citizen says:

    Mathius and Buck

    Can you send me some Red Bull and “fine” Scotch?

    I am having trouble swallowing this hat of mine without something to wash it down!

    • I prefer Glenfiddich single malt.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Never got into that brand. Lagavulin or Laphroig for me.

        • Dale – as a drinker of Lagavulin (16 is my favorite scotch) and Laphroig (have a bottle of Quarter Cask to open), you’ll appreciate this. Last night I had polished off the last of a bottle of 15-yr Bowmore bottled by Cadenheads (look it up if you aren’t familiar – bottling company that often buys up barrels from distillers and finishes the ageing and bottling process). They had made only 264 bottles of it and was only sold in the UK market.

          I can’t wait for my next trip to London (January!) to see what the Cadenheads store has for me…

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            The Laphroig quarter cask is a real good substitute for the Lagavulin at a much lower expense. I go out for the Lagavulin, I have NO discipline and it would go to quickly.

            So the Cadenhead winds up as a high end blend? On that note some of the best wines I’ve had are not a varietal, but simply a blend trying to create an exceptional wine. They usually do not come cheap.

            • Not a blend at all. Single malt all from Bowmore that Cadenheads buys, produces and bottles. They don’t chill filter and absolutely no additives, so a very ‘clean’ version of the end product.

              Pretty reasonably priced as well – just under the Lagavulin 16.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    I may be the happiest man in the USA today. A slight bad taste in my mouth due to the party last night, but happy, happy, happy. NO, not happy. ECSTATIC!!!




    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      JAC…are you a mainland single malt tippler of do you prefer Islay single malts?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Not an expert but I do like Glenmorange and Glen Fidich more than 15 years old. I keep one bottle on hand of good stuff for special occasions. Rest of the time it is Irish or American whiskey with some Canadian for fun.

  20. How nice…..there are more people at HRC’s concession speech than were in attendance at her rally’s. Nice sendoff I guess, off to the nursing home she goes 😀

  21. Mathius……come on man….you cant take a break…….what would I do? You and Buck are about the only “sane” leftists I know……

    I, for one, LUV YA MAN !!!!

    And Buck as well, even though he drinks scotch. Buck, a question….since I am not an expert on alcoholic libations……do you drink scotch or do you sip it?

  22. Mathius…..may I ask where you attended your formal education?

  23. Wow…Trump pulls 42% of the women voters. And pulls 30% of the Hispanic voters.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I was just going to ask if anyone dug into the voting stats yet. The pundits assumed that the high hispanic turnout was death to Trump. Colonel…you called that one. legal immigrants are not for illegal jumping the line people regardless of where they come from.

      What does ASSUME mean???that is rhetorical…I want to see the black vote. The old saying about fool me once, that on you. Fool me twice, that’s my fault, fool me a 3rd????

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Black turn out was down. But this was expected. What was not expected was women turning to Trump and ……………….. COLLEGE EDUCATED WHITES going to Trump. Before CA was completely counted this last group had an actual majority for Trump. The Dems had counted on this cohort. What is that saying about counting eggs, or chickens???

  24. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I especially loved the paragraph how these emails were illegally obtained. Assange denies getting them from the Russians. I believe that these emails have been leaked from our own intelligence agencies, because we also know that then they were not illegally obtained. the law says that the government can do what it’s doing spying on the people. Congress was pissed, Diane Feinstein especially when she found out that that included them also. Every email Hillary sent or received is in the governments hands.

    My god….having her maid get faxes and send emails in a scif?

    FYI Trump doubled the % of black voters…still quite a coup.

    Dow at +190 when I looked last

  25. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    The media will not let it go…their feelings are hurt. As though Hillary’s legal issues somehow would magically disappear, regardless of what Obama, Lynch or Comey desired or concluded under political pressure. If Hillary had won, I’m sure very serious violations would have been dropped into the mix that could not have been ignored by anyone even her most ardant supporters. Just what came out should have been more than enough to finish her off a long time ago. The releases keep getting a little more serious.

    The MSM literally refused to dig into Obama and his black hole of nothingness and ignored Hillary’s transgressions and now, mark my words will dog Trump in an attempt to destroy him. They will in this case be cutting their own throats. The nation is angry enough without tossing gasoline onto the fire.

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    Everyone wants to claim the “left” lost last night. Well, there is another group who lost and their grapes are just as bitter today.

    Red State has drawn a line in the sand so deep they will be isolated on the other side. Glenn Beck has turned all mushy and growing more irrelevant by the day. Know how to identify charlatans??

    Watch to see if the re-invent themselves when they fear losing the spotlight, and the money that goes with it. LMAO……………. bwahahahahahaha

  27. JAC, thought this might get you thinking. Maybe not, and I can’t even offer an opinion because I’m not in the Rand loop. From commenter Risin’Tide:

    I must admit that over the decades, I’ve never thought much of Trump as anything other than a billionaire playboy. Then he threw his hat in the ring last year and I thought much of what the media howled about since that time regarding him.

    However, I’d seen a few interviews with him on Fox where he discussed his background as a young man. I also heard about how he handled his businesses in regard to people and rewarding talent.

    But during the convention, I heard his sons speak and, though I cannot remember exactly what they said that triggered me, I sat from the couch, yanked out of my doubts and assumptions with a singled question: who is Francisco d’Anconia? Now some of you hanging out here at the treehouse may have read Atlas Shrugged as I have. But for those who haven’t, he is a character in the book who lives as a rich playboy that everyone thinks squanders his superior talents. He is someone who worked all levels of the family business to know who to run the business. He’s even someone who has an inexplicable financial meltdown. Does this start to sound familiar? As I said, words where spoken that triggered me that night. I was astounded at the thought that all along Donald Trump has gas-lighted everyone into thinking he was a billionaire playboy when he’s something completely different. The similarities are extremely uncanny to say the least. It’s almost as if the character was his template.

    This notion intrigued me so much that I began considering voting for him – not that Clinton was ever a consideration for me. I realized that Trump did not merely inherit money for his business, he’d had to earn trust by working at lower levels to understand how other people lived and worked. He also had to learn to spot talent and reward it as a means to build and keep a good business. I mentioned this to a few friends to gauge their reaction. Some reacted with amazement that this might be the case about Trump. Others really couldn’t make anything of it, not having read Atlas Shrugged. I even asked my now college freshman daughter who had read the book (incidentally, upon completing the book she told me she completely understood why I believe the things I do). My first question was, “Who is John Galt?” which is the refrain asked over and over. My next question to my daughter was, “Who is Donald Trump?” My daughter laughed. I then asked, “Who is Francisco d’Anconia?” My daughter stopped laughing and, in dismay, said, “That can’t be!”

    I voted for Trump, not simply because I don’t want Clinton and all that she represents. I voted for Trump because I saw in him an objectivist revolt whether his movement followers fully realize it or not. I am intrigued that Trump may well be nothing that even the media or the many political types think they know he is. I voted for him because he is likely to have gas-lighted the professional gas-lighters and beat them at their own game. I hope he keeps it up and pushes a paradigm change that is much needed for this country to function as it should.

    My only questions that remain are:
    Who is John Galt? (aside from all the regular people waiting for their opportunity to shine in this country) and who is Ragnar Danneskjöld? These are the other 2 characters who make of Rand’s triumvirate of objectivists fighting the good fight. Who might the be? I have my thoughts and some of you who are familiar with Atlas Shrugged might have yours as well.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      My first reaction is that Francisco, Trump is not. I could make the connection if he moved off the traditional leftist jobs creation stuff, but then this shows his “pragmatic” side.

      In the book Francisco deliberately sabotages his mines to prevent the takers from gaining wealth they did not earn. But Francisco comes to this after an epiphany about his own life.

      John Galt? He hangs out here all the time.

      Ragnar? Now that is an interesting question. Will take some thinking.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Upon reflection I think Ragnar also hangs out here at SUFA.

      He goes by the name Dread Pirate Mathius or DPM for short. 🙂

  28. Buck, I think that the electoral college has run its course but I also think that total vote is also not apllicable….regardless of who wins the popular vote or who loses the popular vote. I think that large metropolitan areas…..NYC, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas etc should not control anything except their own area. I think that setting electoral votes on the basis of population puts the power into specific areas for the whole country.

    I would be in favor of giving each state an equal say in the process. Mathius and I talked about this before and he is against each state having an equal say. A Presidential candidate needs to speak to a whole country and highly populated areas.

    I think that Trump showed that it can be done by going into hugely blue areas and they turned red for him because he sold it. Presidential candidates have a tendency to pander. If they had to go after each state with the same enthusiasm, I think it would be totally different.

    • Still have a keyboard that can spell…..apllicable=applicable. (sigh)

    • Colonel — if you agree the EC has run its course, I don’t see how you can do anything other than pure popular vote.

      It sounds like you are suggesting that (i) popular vote in each state gets the state and (ii) whichever candidate gets 26 states wins. I agree that the President represents everyone and must speak to the whole country, but I don’t see how this is any fairer than the EC (in actuality, it is less ‘fair’ as each state is counted as 1 regardless of population. Why would you prefer this to the EC? If anything it would substantially dilute your vote. Unless of course I am misunderstanding your position here…

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        What if 26 piddly ass states like VT , NH, ME ID WY MT ND SD, cobbled together with a grand total of 1/8 of the nations population and < than NYC's population…would you accept that. and declared a winner driving the whole country……not a chance…there is genius to the electoral college that has had it moments but generally performed as intended, over 230 years, Sure it's getting harder and harder as CA and NY grow to almost 1/3 of our population, The keystone balancing that has been TX. I do not want to live under NYC or SF/LA rules. That is why I do not live there. When the ammendment was passed for direct popular election of the senate the nation changed and not for the better. It was designed to deny States rights and move towards a mob rule…that's what the house is for. Have a direct popular election for president and the congress become irrelevant so we might as well dispense with the expence…That was Wilson dream, The States just administered his dictates because he was a genius and always right.

        Would you have prefered Al Gore who was irrelevant after he "Invented" the internet. If Hillary was elected last night all hell would have broken loose and it would not have been from the right. It would have been from all the criminals that did get prosecuted and incarcerated for crimes far less that she commited that endangered this country., they may have just sold some weed or loosies or two DWI's …the one thing that the Dems have never done is answered what would you have done after 9/11? if they did nothing they would have been impeached

  29. It is sooooooo funny to see Paul Ryan trying to kiss some major ass,

    • Yes! But that McConnell character, that is one to watch one’s back with.

    • What’s even funnier is Clinton kissing Trump’s backside now….she is terrified of the orange jumpsuit. I really thought she would contest the election results, demand recounts, etc….until my always astute hubby pointed out she had to kiss up in order to hope for leniency. Of course! As usual, I was naïve and forgetting the larger picture. It is clear that she deserves to wear one and of course she knows it. Hey, it’s just a variation on her favorite pantsuits, after all.


  30. Several cycles ago, I forget which one, the issue of counting absentee and military ballots came up. In states where there was a clear winner 55 – 45 and ALL absentee plus military, even if voting for one candidate would not change the outcome they were never counted. I remember son # 2 being deployed and very steamed.

    This became an issue to the next election. As I remember, it never was resolved. I wonder if it has been? If not, then “popular vote” means nothing.

    Regarding raw numbers on votes. The counting of absentee ballots is an issue, the dead voting is an issue, disappearing ballot boxes is an issue The purpose of the electoral college is still what it was. This is a Union of States. Unless and until we legally change the constitution of the United States to become France, replace our current system with a Parliamentary system it remains! There are proposals to do away with States and go with regions. Have at it if you do not like the current system.

    I find it amazing that with a perfectly good and effective methodology (the amendment process) people refuse to even try to use it yet alone publicly discuss it. By not discussing it as an option, you are flim-flaming the less informed who either were never taught it or have forgotten.

    • Why does this issue render the popular vote meaningless? Under my proposal all votes would be counted, winner takes all.

      And I’ve been very clear this would require a constitutional amendment.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Yours, and others, opinion of why the electoral college was created is a little off the mark. It was in fact designed to be the first attempt at popular election of those who would “represent” the people in the process of selection. There is obviously some mistrust as many mention the need for people familiar with the issues and the candidates. A little history from uncle Wiki:

        The Constitutional Convention in 1787 used the Virginia Plan as the basis for discussions, as the Virginia delegation had proposed it first. The Virginia Plan called for the Congress to elect the president.[13] Delegates from a majority of states agreed to this mode of election.[14] However, a committee formed to work out various details including the mode of election of the president, recommended instead that the election be by a group of people apportioned among the states in the same numbers as their representatives in Congress (the formula for which had been resolved in lengthy debates resulting in the Connecticut Compromise and Three-Fifths Compromise), but chosen by each state “in such manner as its Legislature may direct”. Committee member Gouverneur Morris explained the reasons for the change; among others, there were fears of “intrigue” if the president were chosen by a small group of men who met together regularly, as well as concerns for the independence of the president if he was elected by the Congress.[15] Some delegates, including James Wilson and James Madison, preferred popular election of the executive. Madison acknowledged that while a popular vote would be ideal, it would be difficult to get consensus on the proposal given the prevalence of slavery in the South:

        There was one difficulty however of a serious nature attending an immediate choice by the people. The right of suffrage was much more diffusive in the Northern than the Southern States; and the latter could have no influence in the election on the score of Negroes. The substitution of electors obviated this difficulty and seemed on the whole to be liable to the fewest objections.[16]

        The Convention approved the Committee’s Electoral College proposal, with minor modifications, on September 6, 1787.[17] Delegates from the small states generally favored the Electoral College out of concern that the large states would otherwise control presidential elections.[18]

        In The Federalist Papers, James Madison explained his views on the selection of the president and the Constitution. In Federalist No. 39, Madison argued that the Constitution was designed to be a mixture of state-based and population-based government. Congress would have two houses: the state-based Senate and the population-based House of Representatives. Meanwhile, the president would be elected by a mixture of the two modes.[19] Additionally, in the Federalist No. 10, James Madison argued against “an interested and overbearing majority” and the “mischiefs of faction” in an electoral system. He defined a faction as “a number of citizens whether amounting to a majority or minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adverse to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community.” What was then called republican government (i.e., federalism, as opposed to direct democracy), with its varied distribution of voter rights and powers, would countervail against factions. Madison further postulated in the Federalist No. 10 that the greater the population and expanse of the Republic, the more difficulty factions would face in organizing due to such issues as sectionalism.[20]

        Although the United States Constitution refers to “Electors” and “electors”, neither the phrase “Electoral College” nor any other name is used to describe the electors collectively. It was not until the early 19th century that the name “Electoral College” came into general usage as the collective designation for the electors selected to cast votes for president and vice president. The phrase was first written into federal law in 1845 and today the term appears in 3 U.S.C. § 4, in the section heading and in the text as “college of electors”.[21]

  31. Just A Citizen says:


    Your proposed replacement of the electoral college is in fact the system used by the House to choose the POTUS should the electoral college fail to identify a majority winner.

  32. Note to Trump: Remember why you were elected….you were elected because you are not establishment……you do NOT have to get along with them just because they are kissing your ass right now. They are not to be trusted and you will be torpedoed immediately…..Reach out if you must but do not compromise your position….or we will fire you.

  33. A thought on the Electoral College and it’s design: The founders were a very wise group and designed a system where a controlling oppressive government could be curtailed, if not destroyed, by a system that falls in line with a Constitutional Republic. The Republic is designed to protect the minority from the majority, aka, oppressors. We don’t live in a Democracy, much to the shagrin of the Left who have been led to believe that we are a Democracy. Now we have all these protests by people who are poorly educated and simply don’t understand what a Constitutional Republic truly is.

    While the future is still unsure, I hope the protestors will find the time to educate themselves on what we are as a country, not what they are brainwashed to believe. The Conservatives have been oppressed by Liberal power through things like Obamacare, immigration etc. The Electoral College worked as designed and the minority has shed the power of the oppressive majority. While this may sound extreme, it is something to ponder in the days ahead.

    • I like the EC. Sometimes it is nice to be a little quirky. I had forgotten about the 3/5 aspect of it. Thanks JAC. It’s primary purpose was to level the playing field between big city-centered populous states and the small rural agrarian states. The small states get a handicap. It does that nicely otherwise we would be ruled by the large Democrat controlled cites and the interior of the country and its needs would just be forgotten.

      To make it more palatable to the D’s I will just label it affirmative action.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Let’s discuss Healthcare. The Democrats claim it is a right. We have a Constitution and a defined bill of Rights. These can be added to or amended. They need a vast majority of the people and States to approve any changes or additions. They deem the Constitution has to be a living document and change with the times…it is and has. Obamacare assuming it’s a right was not subject to amendment process, where it would have met a resounding defeat by the people even to this day. yet a simple majority of one party passed it and rammed it down the throats of the whole. That is by definition a tyranny. WE had a minor crisis with Tilden vs Hayes…both were useless and caused no harm to the nation as a whole. The next one was the Bush Gore contest. Gore is a theological school graduate that would have been better placed in a ministry Bush good bad or otherwise was a better president than Gore would have been….the last was this election. If anyone thinks that the world would think better of us if Hillary was president elect instead of Trump…they are delusional. Any person who worked so blatantly outside of the law, especially governmental does not deserved the oval office. People say that trump has legal issues…what using laws, using tax codes available to all, playing grab ass in the entertainment business, were most people say were one big happy family and fornicate their way to the top. Trump using real estate that if he ceased to exist tomorrow as a business who’d care. He never held the life of millions of people in his hands and by bad judgment kill or indirectly kill and still killing today…..the gloating phrase after Gadaffi was killed, “We Came, We Saw, He died” That is pretty fricken cold and devoid of a soul, she probably wet her pants when Bin Laden met his demise….people are still dying from a mission that was allegedly to save lives, due to the chaos that has ensued. The Dems criticsied Bush for no plan in Iraq, they put one together fairly quickly and had Iraq under control and stablized. Then Hillary butched it up and the killing resumed and expanded into Syria, where 100’s of thousand have died. and refugees creating a serious crisis in Europe and beyond and also on of Trumps major talking point of unvetted migrants with possible terrorist ties. Layed the groundwork for the Iran deal, that now has them within a stones throw of dirctly reaching Israel a country that Iran has and continues to say, they’ll destroy….the electoral college works pretty darn well as designed. It’s bad enough that TX, NY and CA are in just about full control of the textbooks taught in school…thank our stars for the Lone Star State of Texas.

  34. If the state of Jefferson existed, it would have went Trump. Yes Mathius, there are red necks in CA.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      They reside outside of SF, LA and possibly SD. in other words the rest of the State serves at the beck and call of these 2-3 cities and put you out of business with water so they can still fill their hot tubs.

  35. Just A Citizen says:

    A thought on election of Senators. Many of us have pined for the state selecting senators instead of the people by popular vote.

    Perhaps the popular vote would not be so bad if the State were allowed to apportion the two Senators so as to represent at least two of the major divisions among its people.

    As it stands, the major cities get to dictate BOTH Senators in many States. In Idaho our Senators come from the southern part of the State. Always have as far back as I can remember. And of course they are from the more populated areas.

    In Nevada they both come from Las Vegas most of the time. Paul Laxalt was an exception.

    So in affect we see the impact of popular voting for a limited number of Representative seats. Now expand that to POTUS where ONE person is supposedly looking out for 300 plus million.

    I might get more excited about a popular election for President if political parties were outlawed and factions along with their money eliminated.

    Another possibility is to restore that ACTUAL process authorized under the Constitution. This would eliminate voting for POTUS at all. Elections would be for “electors” who would then choose the President.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I’m sure you caught the significance of hillary having her presumed “victory” celebration at the Javits Center. With its glass ceiling….

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Yes I did…………. HILLARYIOUS. Bwahahahahahaha

        Still doing the Happy Dance. My feet are getting tired.

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    Some very interesting numbers in this short piece. Conclusion; Trump did in fact increase turnout in key swing states. And that was in his favor.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Excellent piece….I just hope she and Bill just ride off into the sunset and close up shop and live on their millions. Don;t do a Carter and keep messing with the current presidents problems…be a resource for advice and let it go. you’ve done enough good bad or otherwise and take Obama and Michelle with you.

  37. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    As i was shutting down I saw a headline pop up from the grand poopa from Iran saying that Trump can not undo the nuclear deal…..really, it could be gone on Jan 3rd. Just like the climate change people in Paris said…trump can change the climate accord….wanna bet? Those deals were unilateral decisions by one person and not subjected to the Senate by the change of one word. One person can UNDO it just a fast.

  38. Notice Ann Coulter called Trump before the Primaries!

  39. Safe spaces…..warm puppies……my significant other thinks I have lost it because I laugh at the television hysterically……boo hoo to the coddled generation…..they need to grow up and get ready for greater disappointments in real life….

    I can just see these kids going to a real job and then ask where there safe place is……it is called the front door.

  40. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I just love seeing the young college graduates protesting the election across the country. I guess tey cut their civics classes.

    • They never had them!

      My Boy scouts know diddley about the Constitution. They are 12 to 15 year olds, raised in a Suburban, prosperous school system and go to Catholic and Public schools. Mr. Trynosky seems to be explaining it to them for the first time.

      Most seem to have (there are surprisingly some self-educated ones) but most seem to believe the President is Julius Caesar.

  41. Is it terrible that I hope Obama pardons Hillary? I think it would be better for everyone if she just went away quietly. I’m not sure we need more long, expensive investigations and the decisiveness that would go with it. She’s mostly dead anyway. We should just move on.

    • Divisiveness not decisiveness

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Yes it is terrible. But understandable. Because that is how the elite work to get special Justice or prevent Justice altogether.

      Make us so tired and afraid of the expense that we just drop it. Nixon should not have been pardoned either.

      What is truly good for the country is when we see the powerful held to the same standards as the rest of us.

      • I know. She should have to pay for her crimes like anyone else, but I would just really like to never hear about her again. I’ve always thought presidential pardons were a little….corrupt (maybe the wrong word). I guess I’ve never understood why we have them or where this presidential power came from.

    • Good Morning Jenne 🙂 I hope today finds you and yours healthy and happy!

      A blanket pardon by Obama would be a very slippery slope, but it will likely be pushed by the Liberal Media. The problem I see with such an action, is that it would be an admission that Clinton is guilty of crimes and Obama and his administration were biased in dealing with it.

      But that’s not all. By giving a pardon, the President (any of them) are saying that the political elite are above the law. I have rejected the Federal government in it’s entirety, too the point of almost being a true Anarchist, because of the corruption and crap like this. It has to end. That is one of the reasons Trump was elected, so his first test is already determined. It isn’t JUST HRC, it’s the foundation as well. Lot’s to look at there as well.

      Time will tell. but any form of pardon should be unacceptable and violates the public trust even further. Short of an unbiased investigation and a Grand jury hearing, which is very warranted, the public’s trust in the Fed’s will erode even further. The Left Wingies were very worried about violence after HRC won the election. They know many of us have about had it with the corruption and staus quo.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        And then look who is protesting with minor destruction of property and rioting. I’m amazed at the age of the protesters in the photos. Don’t they realize that HRC was eliminating their opportunity to attain what our father’s and grandfathers had without being tied to the State with a ring through their noses.

  42. Trump goes to the WH today for tea and trumpettes.

  43. Just A Citizen says:

    WOW!! A journalist who gets it. I am betting that as he says, the message falls on deaf ears.

    • Yes, I read that article. I think a fair number of people voted for Trump BECAUSE the media hated him. One commenter said “we proved that we, the American people, choose the president, not you “

      • I was never excited about Trump as a candidate, but the more the media bashed him, the more it made me want to vote for him. I recognize that is very childish, but their smugness was pretty insufferable.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          That is funny because I found myself in the same boat. Not the voting for him so much but for sure defending him against false attacks.

          You find out just how uninformed people you know are when they simply repeat talking points fed to the media.

  44. Just A Citizen says:

    Interesting that a journalist discusses the checks and balances. What he misses and opportunity to point out is that it was the lefts disdain for the Constitution in using legislative tricks to pass bills like the ACA combined with bailouts for banks that ignited the fire they now see in the open.

  45. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    All the events written about in he article have been well discussed here on SUFA. What I found interesting is the last paragraph and a statement by Colin Powell. Then why did he endorse HRC for President.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Why did the almost 45% of people who said Trump did not have the temperament to be POTUS then vote for him?

      Why did the almost 45% who said Clinton was not trustworthy and was lying about her email then vote for her?

      The most frustrating thing to me this cycle was not as much the obnoxious candidates but how people seemed to see them clearly and then ignored their own criteria and arguments to rationalize voting for them.

  46. Now hiring! JAC, COLONEL, SK, DALE …time to come outta retirement. Cool site for future reference

  47. So there you have it, the mainstream media is now in full on retaliation attack mode, outright saying that Trump is in bed with despots.

    In addition, while a minority of anti-Trump “protesters” are out in the streets decrying the democratic process, with some calling for revolution and instigating violence, the media, instead of calling for calm, is literally telling them they have no hope and that a race war is coming.

    Apparently, all of us country folks are a problem for the Liberal’s.

    • G, did you scan the comment section of that article? Guy sounds like he has inside info about Clinton sex tapes being released after the inauguration. Based on the warnings about the videos being released, I’m not touching it to bring it over here.

  48. Just A Citizen says:

    And the new media declares itself the only righteous purveyor of TRUTH, right before admitting they are a Radical Progressive group.

    Like I said Buck, we move ever closer to that Civil War. Guys like this will push it over the edge. He showed his temperament during the election. If this is the new face of the Progressive Movement there will be war.

  49. For years I have been hearing that the republicans need to cooperate, to compromise, to stop obstructing the people’s will. Well, now that the R’s have taken both houses and the presidency I call on the democrats to cooperate, compromise and renounce obstructionism. How’s that grab you?

  50. Just A Citizen says:

    Mathius and Buck

    This one is for you. Be calm my friends. Things just might be far better than you think. At least from your perspective. I am the one who should be freaking out. Which I would if I were not so darn happy.

  51. As Popeye would say,

    “I yam not holding me breath!”

  52. Anybody notice Clinton got more than 92 % of the vote in DC. That creates a picture of the problem.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Just like much of the major media…the view is limited from their windows on the upper east side

  53. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    For those that hate that Trump is not for “open” borders, that is come on in, without any restrictions and want to move to our great liberal northern neighbor….here’s the deal….they do not have open borders and to follow the full process may take two terms if Trump wins them….

    • Just A Citizen says:

      But, but, but……… we’re supposed to be different.

      That is unless it is health care. Then we are supposed to be like Europe.

  54. Just A Citizen says:

    After enduring several “leftwing” sites today, trying to see into the future caused by this election, I did some digging on who voted for who. In this search I came across this NY Times story on early voting.

    Here is your test. Can anyone identify the flawed reasoning and then can you explain how this contributed to the shock felt by the Clinton voters?

    “Hillary Clinton has established a slim edge over Donald J. Trump in early-voter turnout in several vital swing states, pressing her longstanding advantages in state-level organization and potentially mitigating the fallout from her campaign’s latest scrap with the F.B.I.

    Even as Democrats continued to reel from revived questions about Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state — a jolt delivered 11 days before the election in an abstruse letter from the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey — turnout tallies and interviews with dozens of early voters suggest that even a vintage “October surprise” may pack less of a punch than it once did.

    In a race between two deeply polarizing candidates, opinions appear to have been cemented weeks if not months ago for most voters. And the contest is well underway in some of the most important battlegrounds.

    At least 21 million people have voted so far across the country. In the states that are most likely to decide the election — among them Florida, Colorado and Nevada — close to a quarter of the electorate has already cast ballots. While their votes will not be counted until Election Day, registered Democrats are outperforming Republicans in key demographics and urban areas there and in North Carolina, where extensive in-person voting began late last week and which has emerged as one of the most closely contested battlegrounds for the White House and control of the Senate.”

    • Well, for one thing, they assumed all of those democrats voting early were voting for Clinton.

    • Yeah, they played by the old rules. They didn’t think the rust belt would be contested, for one.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I never considered Nevada or Colorado States that would swing the election. I do consider North Carolina and Florida, must have States. Even though in NC we do have some bastions considered liberal in the cities that have large universties, most of the students are not from NC, they might have voted in another State. NC votes Republican just as often as it does Democratic. They totally dismissed the military component, they dismissed the rural componant as uneducated boobs not worthy of attention, A serious Democratic stronghold just had major riots, Most businesses in the RTP area are HIGH TECH, requiring serious education, but along with that comes paying serious attention to SECURITY RULES and REGULATIONS. Which at a minimum,, a violation meets with dismissal and sometimes criminal charges…….then the vast number of retirees here and in FL, that remember Watergate and how the system did and was supposed to work.

      Then as to Anita’s comment totally true. The globalist, embodied in Hillary and her vision dismiss manufacturing and those people as inconsequential. All the employment #’s the government post continually show the manufacturing componant DROPPING. Where are all these people, and what trade did they instantly move into? Either unemployment, retirement are in little red vests at the box stores.

      What the globalist and service economy folks miss totally is that the people who manufacture are the ones who will eventually do the design work. You have to have that hands on experience to really understand the product. I worked that for many years. Labs would envision this great product, and they’d toss it over to manufacturing and as designed NEVER worked. Manufacturing Engineering (in the line area) would redesign what Lab engineering gave us. What came in was never the same as what came out. After a while IBM would send a group of us ME types into the labs to add a touch of reality to the design process. All along IBM would send a Field Engineering team into the labs when the company was developing a new product. The lab guys had no idea about servicing a product. When IBM got rid of the majority of the FE division in the mid 80’s that link got broken and the quality of the products steadily degraded, until manufacturing was literally gone and the company shifted.almost entirely to software services. Even that is a problem, because the programmers are contractors and rarely have experience in the business they are suppose to be enhancing via software applications. Ask Texas how well that turned out for them. As bad as the internal software developers were at AT&T for our systemsthey were infinitaly better than when we engaged IBM to do it as an outside contractor. For the last several years when that practice was used NOT ONE and I repeat NOT ONE theoretical upgrade worked once they cut it over to the REAL system. The penalty with just one customer was $26 Million for crashing their network. In the days of old IBM used to run an entire full system in parallel with the new applications. They knew it would work with all the upgrades, when the system went online with the full data flow. We never had ONE failure once it went online as long as I worked there. Then the system that was now off-line was used to develop the next releases. So then finance said that was to expensive and they cut to one system, and testing was limited on a very small sample and inevidably pieces of the full system was overlooked and would crash when the upgrades went live. That started after I left in ’94 but I saw that happen for the next 16 years with what I did at&t and then when that concept went into at&t we suffered theh same.

      Just look at how successful the last several releases of Microsoft Window’s was,over a decade and the latest required people to buy entire new systems…….why do we think China is sending so many people to our schools. In short order they will take over the whole process from end to end and all the US student college graduates will be left holding their you know whats in their hand. Witness OWS.

  55. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Not a bad article. It actually sums up Obama’s legacy pretty well.

    Of all the post election articles I’ve seen about Hillary, she is contantly blaming someone else for her demise, like the FBI, the media, stupid people “deplorables”….but never herself. That is a seriously flawed character. If theh FBI had truly been allowed to do their job, she would have been toast a long time ago. The media was all in for her and actually continues to be so, they had no backup plan. If they’d have played both sides good and bad equally maybe we might have had neither of the final candidates. If the media is still in print form, they’ve been relegated to being a firestarter or used to wrap up a dead fish with instead of a source of valuable information.

    I’ve been even reading TV viewing is way down. Seeing most TV is delivered via cable and the costs are astronomical given most people watch but a handful of the stations of the hundreds provided and charged for. Stream an internet channel like Netflix. $8/mth. You can get the entire NFL package and watch all the games for the season through for a fraction of the costs of buying cable……I for one cut off my Cable TV years ago as a wasted expense and stream all my viewing through my internet link at a fraction of the cost. Then you can read “ALL” viewpoints the news and not just the MSM, which includes Fox.

    As the number grows of the people, retired, unemployed or maginally employed the TV/cable viewership will continue to drop as budgets get more squeezed. The expense of an iphone or tablet wireless is expensive enough, only for it to be obsolete in a couple years and you have to buy again. Even GoPro which was a darling on the financial markets now is panned a failed business model…cool product, but only a limited market, just so many people do activites that warrant the mountable camera for action shots when for most people your iphone video will do just fine.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      For most news outlets, print etal, the section which is reportably news for the most part be in the op ed section making that the largest section besides the want adds, and what’s going on at the theater.

      This whole campaign cycle has reminded me of “The Fountainhead” Great book and movie with Gary Cooper, Raymond Massey and (i forget the lady actors name) I’ll look it up….Another great movie with Andy Griffith and the same lady actor about the power of the media and politics.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Patricia Neal was the actor and the second movie was the “Face in the Crowd”

      • gmanfortruth says:

        The MMS is dying a quick death. Their relevance has been wiped out by their own bias.
        I’m taking videos with cell phone, I have to so with a bobcat, boot owl and yesterday a weasel.

    • I have come to the conclusion that we just dodged a major bullet. I saw one report the HRC phoned an old girl friend early Wed. morn. She was crying and nearly incoherent. The friend finally made out that HRC blamed Obama for not pulling Comey off her soon enough. Conclusion, her loss was not her fault. She is not a congenital liar, a traitor, a for sale politician, a con artist, or a nasty person. Talk about not having the personality for being POTUS. She is 100% unfit for the job.

      My conclusion is that Podesta gave his announcement because she was incapacitated. She was either drunk, out of her mind with rage, or crying her head off.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        All four of the above….maybe the investors caught this with her reaction at losing and decided that a Trump win was actually a good choice and the markets took off against all pundits that said they’d collapse with a Trump win.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Not that the economies of the world don’t have major problems, but they are inspite of Trump, they’ll have major problems regardless of who is at the helm. Fair trade is fair trade….we have none of that left. Let quality of product and labor be the only factors. If you are high cost and build crappy product goodbye, let it go to Mexico as long as the factory is built to the same environmental standards as here or in the EU. Heck we did it at IBM semiconductor fabricators. We took on the world and bested the best including all of Japans manufacturers and Intel and AMD included….then IBM decided they didn’t want to do it anymore and let it die to a worthless division until they had to pay somebody to take it.

      • I was screaming at the tv at 3am when Podesta came out ” because she’s f—ing drunk”

  56. The media keeps saying-when the President is successful we’re all successful. I’m so sick of hearing that line! What the heck does that mean? What makes a President successful?

  57. To all the veterans–Thank You and Happy Veteran’s Day!

  58. And, as I predicted, it’s less than a week after the election and the banks are closed and there are soldiers in the streets! 🙂

    Thank you to all the Vets on this Veteran’s Day!

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Yes….and I’ll be one of them and full of celebratory libation. Thanks to all the current military members for doing their duty in these times, and to all of us who served in the past….cheers.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good one, lmao.

    • I’m convinced my son thought I needed an intervention during the campaign because i was so absorbed by it. But along the way he started taking shots from his friends for defending Trump. I’m proud as heck of him for being able to not just go along with whats popular.

  59. Thank you for your service, all SUFA servicemen and women and veterans!

    Every Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day I feel the same…overwhelmed with the inadequacy of words to thank you all…our debt to you can never be repaid.


  60. Well goodness-maybe a few liberals are learning something about true FREEDOM.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Oh so true, so true….several years ago so dear friends who are uber liberal/socialist and live inside the beltway and have spent a career living off government money said to my Mother one night about global warming before it morphed into climate change….”ARE YOU F!!!ING STUPID” After one statement they went to the insults and name calling and these were friends for 60 years. If I hadn’t been there my Mom would have thrown them out. I tried holding a science debate and other data and they had no answers except what Al Gore said. They couldn’t discuss the issue, they only knew the PC headlines.

      Like the commetator above….convince me I’m wrong or misquided in my thinking….prove it, debate it…go to name calling and insults and people shut down.

      Frankly Trump will be better than people think if he’s allowed to. HRC is worse than you think, regardless of whether it’s right or wrong…Podesta said it all,,,,she has terrible judgement…even HRC herself said that she has no political skills….Bill was a far better politician than Obama and light years ahead of his wife in name only……why HRC said that we should vote for her…”Because I deserve it” When pigs fly.

  61. It is embarrassing to see Obama laying a wreath at Arlington Cemetery…..simply embarrassing.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Yes it is….at least he did it and didn’t send someone like Ash Carter or ole Joe Biden

    • I thought the same thing, Colonel. Thank God for guys like you. Just 70 more days we have to deal with it.

      • It is his right to do that….I understand…..actually it is expected as protocol….but he hates the military with a passion….a PASSION. I hope he had a stomach ache from it.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          I have no doubt…I hope it is a bleeding ulcer that his healthcare system refuses to take care of…but then he’ll have the military system at Walter Reed or Bethesda for life….

  62. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    At least Trump is quick to make changes in the management team and getting rid of Christie….he’d be nothing but a liability at this point……has anyone broached the thought that the staffer guys who precipatated, “Bridgegate” did so not for retaliation against NJ mayors, but deeper reasons to derail Christie as a possible candidate for president….just like the Feds derailed the VA governor by charging him on a possibility of a crime when none had been commited.

    • That was the smartest thing to do……a business approach. No emotion, no whining, no crying… are a liability and in business we offset liabilities.

  63. Ahhhh….the power of the pocket book. Grubhub says,you like Trump, maybe you need to resign……one day later…stock prices of Grubhub have been slammed.

  64. Happy Veteran’s Day! 🙂

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I was bought a drink by a couple that are at the B&B next door. The husband is from the Bronx and the wife is from a from a family that is 98% democrat also in the health care industry. They really wanted to talk about the results of the election. The wife had no discussion beyond her family alway voted democratic….her husband who I believe was an Italian immigrant in the past had point after point after point why HRC should NOT be president elect and they were all based on the law. Not that he was a Trump guy, but HRC was wholely unqualiied way beyond Trump, Because….she lied, lied lied and operated so outside the law way back 30 years ago..They both said that Bill was better and factually Hillary was a liability to him as a politician. Affairs and sex issues as long as they are not physical rape is one thing and as a president and having Hillary as a spouse…who wouldn’t have an an affair. They even both brought up that the fact that if Hillary was in a hall any WH staffer would duck down a hall to avoid her…she was mean vindictive etal….did anyone with any sense of reality want her as President???? But then you look at the photos and all those people wanting the electoral college to change are younger than Hillary’s 1st brush with the law with Watergate, and fired due to lying and NOT passing the DC bar exam, Travelgate, Filegate, Whitewater, etc etc etc Must keep a private and public face…..Trump has been Trump and has been in the tabloids for be only referred to as a reality show star with the “Apprentice” is another MSM degradation

      Th revolution for the time is over….whomever leaked to Assange all the info to derail HRC did it just enough without being to obvious……I totally believe it was our own government intelligence services who had all the emails anyway…The Russians and any intelligence service had them also… …does anyone think she had the schmalzt to change her email to Putin to Not a chance///she’s to stupid

      Obama is caught between a rock and a hard place….neither he nor HRC have any politcal sense…my way or the highway…He was a great campaigner but beyong that ????but with her his “legacy” may have had a chance of lasting beyond Jan 3rd….not a chance anymore and he knows it. The only thing Michelle wants is an executive order to save her garden because she loved it so…make another in Chicago..that is also gone with a pen stroke

  65. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    According to this CNN article Bill Clinton was still the smarter politician, but disregarded by HRC’s campaign.

    Speakintg for NC….the targeted area was colleged educated peope who are predominantly white,,,they didn’t buy in,…they totally dismissed the breadbasket and the military who are all races and nationalities as stupid and deplorable. One of the largest growth factors in agriculture is the niche farming and it is largely HISPANIC, < 40 acres.

    for those that will talk have yet to say a good reason for voting as they did for Hillary…the usually answer has been because with a big pregnant pause and NO back up when questioned with FACTS and REASON.

  66. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    A ton of articles have focused on the significance and meaning behind Hillary;s pants suits. Not a one says anything about what she said decades ago…..I will never be caught dead in a dress because of my unsightly legs..period end her own words

  67. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Here’s an interesting thought…what if R.E. Lee had not sided with States Rights and stayed with his oath to the US government…how long would the Civil War lasted if at all? Or would it have been kicked down the road for another generation to decide or if war had broken out would he have decisively beaten his opposition early…He had the blood of the revolution and its true meaning flowing through his veins, with Light Horse Harry Lee and George Washington…with Washington in emphasis. The estates and power he had at his disposal his choice was with his State. He had estates in Georgetown, Arlington, Mt Vernon Stratford…but he sided with STATES rights. the Federal was suppose to be minimal and restricted

  68. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Here we have a revolution in a way against the abuse of the federal government violating the constitution day in and day out, but at the same time we are forced to subject ourselves more and more through Bush, Obama , HRC and the globalists to even give up the limited Federal Government we were supposed to have through the supreme law of or nation….the power of the purse is always brought up….if it was gold or silver and species of real value, but paper and the ink which in itself is worthless, that’s a big difference …for the Feds to with hold federal funds if we do not doa s they say….why, its conterfeit anyway
    printed by a private business

    Caligula had it right…we’ll have 60 days of games..pander to the masses…he read the people correctly……Compare to today,,,,he was a good politician but a cruel and demonic dictator….HRC would have been the latter and not a good politician….Trump will prove to be a better politician because he has had to deal with so many States and cities and countries to build his “Trump” image, to abuse that would have been disasterous and Trump Inc would have disappeared decades ago.

  69. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Here is a weird thing about US politics and we talk about the majority. How can a person like Harry Reid rise to the pinacle of senatorial power and his State has only 6 electoral votes out of 540? This guy should be a backbencher at best. The hate and visciousness he spouted today was never said by Trump. It’s people like Reid that will divide this country irrepariably, thank god he’s retiring. The only thing I remember about Nevada is gaming and floor shows,,,,,what else is there????

  70. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Well Lena…maybe your safe place will be in the cell next to Hillary when justice takes it’s course….tey talk about hillary’s 30 years of government service…..she was was NOT a civil servant during Bill’s administration, she viciously went after the women who accused her husband of abuse, She voted for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, screwed up every State deal she worked on…and Trump is a racist xenophobe etc…I have never seen ever a person male or female exact such dislike for those that truly knew her as Hillary has. Or exhibit such poor judgement backed up by Podesta as Hillary has,,,,these millenials are totally warped.Try getting a job in China or the EU or India .

  71. If only we had a brick for every lie HRC told, we could build two walls. 😀

  72. Oh the hypocrisy……..Elizabeth Warren saying that the election of Trump shows that there is no rule of law.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Ms Warren. like Harry Reid say anything regardless of its validity……if the liberal keep this rhetoric up, there wiil be another civil war….especially if they somehow succeed on overturning by violence the results of the election……they are doing nothing but encouraging the lawlessness just like they did with the OWS protests. A their favorite loser was tied so tight to Wall Street….hypocrites all,

  73. Just A Citizen says:

    I eluded to this the other day but got side tracked before I could flesh it out.

    Now I see some “pundits” have made the same discovery. Trump won because people who voted for Obama voted for Trump this time around.

    Both sides suffered a loss in turnout. But the “blue” States that went to Trump represent Democrat votes that switched to vote for Trump this time.

    So what does this mean?

    Trump was correct in saying he was bringing new people into the party, at least for this election cycle.

    Trump is wrong in claiming he expanded the party. He simply switched one segment of R’s for a new segment of D’s and I’s.

    The R’s are wrong to claim that Trump has created a “new” R party or that this is his Party. These D’s and I’s that voted for him could care diddly about Party. They vote for the person and how they relate to their existing condition.

    The number of R’s votes from past elections that did not vote R this time probably exceeds the total of new votes from D’s and I’s this time. BUT………. those votes may not be in the right States to help win another Presidential race. So in this regard, Trump may have changed the equation. His success in getting people back to work in those blue rust belt states will be the key to any real long term change.

    These conclusions, like all others, are not hard and fast because we have no idea who actually voted and how they voted in the past, or their true reasons for how they voted. We can conclude, however, that RACIST backlash was NOT THE REASON Trump won. Some Democrats and Progressives are finally waking up to this reality.

    The disparity in votes between Obama and Clinton are just to large to conclude anything other than people who voted for Obama voted Trump this time around. You may recall I addressed this “turnout” issue of primaries vs. general election months ago. That sample showed how Clinton would have to match Obama’s 2012 vote total. Did not happen.

    The irony is how many times the D’s would like to point out in the media that Trump would need 60 million votes to win and he only got 26 million in the primaries. His total vote count is now OVER 60 million. Guess they forgot to realize they would need 62 or 63 million….. all in the right places of course. Spiking the vote total in NY and CA doesn’t get you any more votes that count.

    • Still think there was some Crookery going on. Clinton had nothing to run on. The totals are very close. Why no recounts? Was there something she was afraid of while looking for hanging chads?

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I think that is because the totals would have to be reversed in to many States to make a difference. Not just one or two. She could pick up Wisconsin, for example and still be way behind in electoral votes.

        But then again, don’t be surprised if something happens in the next couple weeks regarding recounts.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Also, remember many of the metro areas were reported much later than in the past. Perhaps they counted those areas twice and thrice already before posting the results. The already know they can’t get enough changed.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Lets look at WISCONSIN

      Trump over Clinton by 27,257 votes.

      Trump vs. Romney +721 votes

      Clinton vs. Obama -231,740 votes.

      Others, total 16 vs. Others total 12 +120,155 votes

      Gary Johnson 16 vs. Gary Johnson 12 +70,000 votes

      On the surface this looks like a Clinton loss simply due to Dem votes staying home or going to “others”. Trump did essentially the same as Romney. But we know from exit polling that people who voted Obama in 12 voted for Trump this time. We also know that some Conservatives did not vote or voted “other” this time. The media wants us to believe that most of the “other” would have gone to Clinton. But this is based on their polling data, the same data which showed her winning regardless.

      If the hypothesis of white back lash were true we should have seen a Yuuge increase in Trumps vote over Romney. But what we actually see is a LOSS of votes by Clinton compared to Obama. And a big increase in “others”, especially Gary Johnson who got around 106,000 this time, compared to about 36,000 last time.

      My hypothesis cannot be proven by this data. Based on the anecdotal information from exist polling I am assuming that prior D votes went to Trump and about an equal number of prior R votes did not vote or voted another party. Given the known switching of some votes and the increase that went to Johnson and Stein it cannot be claimed that Clinton’s loss in WI is due to white back lash.

      Besides, if White people were simply lashing out based on racism why would they not vote for a WHITE WOMAN? Why would so many Women vote for Trump if the issue were just racism or misogyny?

      Another unknown at this time is the actual number of votes by race as opposed to the percentages. The percentage means nothing because Trump could have gotten the same number of votes as Romney but the percentage is higher due to lower turnout.

      • The numbers game always ends with me thinking about my grocery list.

        Occam’s Razor…129 million votes in ’12, 132 million in ’16. It just doesn’t compute to me that the race could be that close.

        • …and JAC. I’m not saying that a recount would unveil x number of votes. Just that any big discrepancy would send up red flags of Crookery. She has enough headaches as it is.

    • JAC…..the bottom line still is…he went into enemy territory and met with success. He turned rust belt blue to red….and you are correct in that his success will be dependent upon his campaign promises and how he fulfils them. There is one major thing that makes Trump something special…..he is beholden to no one. People can claim that he is not conservative…and people can claim that he is not progressive, and people can claim that he is not liberal. And they are all correct. People can claim that Trump is out for Trump…..they may not lie his business acumen and they may not like his bluster…..but he got there, in both cases.

      There are plenty of people that think like I do…..I want a winner in the white house.. Let us take Obamacare….like in business, when you say you are going to throw out the old…does not mean you throw it out in total…it means you keep the good parts, throw out the bad parts and rewrite the entire thing. The wall on the border….does not mean a physical wall and never did mean a physical wall and anyone who thought that does not understand leadership…….in the civilian world. Trump brings a new NON-POLITICAL game plan….and I think he will move fast.

      On the political world front…..I want the world scared outta their britches. Totally. I want to see all…and I mean ALL of our trade treaties, agreements, and whatever’s re-negotiated on a fair and equitable basis…and not negotitiated on a political basis to pander to cronies. NAFTA, which stands for North American Free Trade Agreement is nothing of the sort. And I can name many facets of it where it is not a quid pro quo. It is a one way agreement where Mexico wins…..and crony capitalism wins. The American people lose and lose big. It is the same with the Pacific agreement and the same with the Iran nuclear agreement. The Iran agreement needs to be shit canned and I do not care what NATO or the UN thinks.

      I happen to think that the UN and NATO is outdated and needs to be renegotiated to where everything is equal…or we get the hell out. Trump is not an isolationist….his business acumen will not allow that….but it will say…you deal fairly with me and I will deal fairly with you….if you do not wish to be fair…I do not need you and I like that attitude and apparently so did a lot of others.

      trump does not need to get along with Congress….Congress needs to get along with him. I can see him saying publicly….YOU’RE fired…and I will take my case to the American people. I will name those that are trying to scam the system and not get along and let the public see the harbingers. I want to see him veto bills and let the Congress over-ride and then he takes his case to the people,,,and say, this is what I promised you but it has been side tracked by those in Congress and then name the obstructionists.


  74. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Al Sharpton has promised to fight Trump “for the future of America” What if Trump actually devises actual programs that will help the poor minorities in this country instead of the words the Dems spout. Are the dems and Sharpton going to fight him on that?

  75. Interesting day in college football. Nos 2, 3, & 4 all lost. Penn State is now in a tie with Michigan and Ohio State in the eastern Big Ten. Michigan and OSU play in 2 weeks. PSU still had to play Rutgers and Michigan State.

    What a Fall. Trump wins. The Cubs are world champs and Penn State is in the top 10 again.

  76. Just A Citizen says:

    Saw an interesting comment on another site this evening. A person claiming that 50% of “working” Hispanics voted for Trump.

    Have not confirmed this claim yet but will be interesting if true.

  77. Just A Citizen says:

    By the way, voter turnout in my County……….. 87%.

    Idaho adopted a Constitutional Amendment giving the legislature authority to overturn agency regulations. Law Makers are taking back their power.

  78. Fort Worth voter turnout – 88%

    Trump received 52%, Clinton received 43% and these figures also ran the same Statewide.

    Trump pulled 48% of the female vote.

    Trump pulled 42% of the Hispanic vote…that is significant given its location relative to Mexico.

    Trump pulled 28% of the Asian vote. ( Interesting number )

    Trump won Texas with support from nearly all age groups, but not with younger voters under the age of 29. Fifty-five percent of the younger voters supported Clinton.

    Trump won among Texans of all educational backgrounds, from those who didn’t have a college degree to those with postgraduate degrees. And he won among Texans making bigger salaries. Only a majority of those earning less than $50,000 said they voted for Clinton.

    A majority of Republicans and Independents voted for Trump; 93 percent of Democrats supported Clinton.

  79. There was an actual Trump protest in Fort Worth…..96 people turned out and of the 96 people, 47 were not from Fort Worth nor Tarrant County. When asked why they were here, there was one protester who said… gotta sit down for this one……”Why not? I made 50 bucks.” When asked who he voted for and he just laughed and said…”I didn’t vote”.

    Three TCU students showed up and laughed about making their beer money for the weekend and all three voted Trump.

    And I have another question…….why haven’t all the Hollywood types left yet?

    • Of course their getting paid. This has already been outed all over the alternative media.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Why have they not left? you ask…..Because other nations have laws about NOT allowing people with infectious diseases into their countries.

      They also were mostly going to our neighbor up north and they found it is incredibly difficult to move to Canada and very expensive……I’m sure that the locations that the Canadian government is trying to repopulate will not suit them. Go from sunny California to the way up to the north altantic coast of Nova Scotia……even the Canadians are leaving.

  80. The DNC is following the normal survival process…..they are eating their own.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      And as I predicted, they are concluding that to win they need to move farther left and become PURE.

      Robert Reich has exposed his true spots on this but I doubt the media will stop having that creep as an expert guest.

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