Happy Thanksgiving!





  1. Happy Thanksgiving SUFA! 🙂

  2. Follow up on the “academics” claim of voter fraud. This just got …..FUNNY!

    An effort by computer scientists and lawyers to pressure the Clinton campaign into pushing for an election recount in closely contested states over “hacked results” has been debunked before it even got off the ground.

    As the NY Mag reports, “The group, which includes voting-rights attorney John Bonifaz and J. Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society, believes they’ve found persuasive evidence that results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may have been manipulated or hacked.”

    Despite conceding the election, the Clinton campaign is also very keen on hearing them out, with chairman John Podesta and campaign general counsel Marc Elias holding a conference call with the group last Thursday.

    However, as pollster Nate Silver (hardly a fan of Trump) points out, the claims are already on thin ice.

    The group claims that Clinton received 7 per cent fewer votes in counties that used electronic voting machines in comparison with those that used paper ballots and optical scanners.

    But as Silver points out, “Michigan has paper ballots everywhere, so not even sure what claim is being made there.”

    “Maybe a more complicated analysis would reveal something, but usually bad news when a finding can’t survive a basic sanity check like this,” writes Silver, adding that the same outcome is also seen in Pennsylvania.

  3. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I wish the alt-right groups would lay off Trump for another couple months and let him get inaugurated…let the blather come from the academics and millenials and left….reason you ask?

    1) Trump is NOT President yet so stop insisting that he lay all his cards and policies on the table.
    2) He does have a deeply divided country to bring together, which will be an almost imposible task.
    3) The NYT says he waffled on 6 items in just one hour. That tells me that he is looking at all sides of an issue and will ultimately discard what is deemed bad and keep what is better. He is not a leftist not a right wing conservative. I believe the Democratic party even considered asking him to run back in the early 90’s against Bush 1.
    4) Backing off on the HRC thing is smart at this time…..THEN, Obama may not pardon her and the door is open to send the Clinton’s into oblivion. Out of power and no ability to pull strings would be a massive blow to their egos.
    5) Every agreement that Obama signed that were specifically designed and should have been submitted to Congress, should be renamed and submitted to Congress. ie the Paris Climate Accord. The Iran nuclear deal. Through trade deals, he would be best served by forcing any product made in China that is manufactured in a plant that does not meet the US environmental standards should be banned until such time they are brought up to the clean air standards. The Paris accord and unilateral Obama deals has waived clean standards to China for decades to come. That in itself says the accord is BS. If cleaning is a universal good for ‘save the planet” reasons it should be for everyone to adher to.
    Obama conspired with the leaders of the Climate change pact to insure the deal was worded in such a way that he would not have to submit it to Congress, unlike Kyoto, which did not get approved.
    6) Let’s take abortion as an example. They should remain legal in a sense. Using the procedure as often as it is just as a form of “Birth” control is morally wrong. Especially with as many other means of prevention are available……give those out free, on demand to anyone. Planned Parenthood has become a dangerous joke and not receive one more dime of Federal funds until they can account for every nickel insuring that as it states by law, no tax payers money to be used for abortion. They publically stated that they can not do so because the funds have been co-mingled with private funds. Just like the Clinton Foundation. Most people who object to abortions actually object to their money being used for the procedure when just a little prevention can remedy the whole issue…..the back door Federal subsidies through Obama care forcing insurance agencies to pay of abortion should also be closed. It is just another way to avoid the Hyde Act.

    • The Liberal Left media will be in full attack, which is one reason they lost this election, let them double down and make matters worse. Last night on ABC World News, it was stated this way….”After trump had selected five white men, he has chosen two women”. Liberals are racist against us white guys, LOL. Good, I can use that against all their BS.

      I agree on the points of your post, have a great day 😀

  4. @Anita- Go Lions and Go Buckeyes tomorrow 🙂 24-21 Lions in a 4th quarter comeback!

    @D13- Good game in Dallas, a fantasy players dream. Final score 41-35 OT Redskins

    Pittsburgh should roll, but I have doubts it will be a blowout 28-27 COLTS!

  5. Just A Citizen says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving SUFA!

  7. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Way to go Detroit!!!! Maybe Michigan is on the comeback trail.

  8. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I do not remember if this was the identical article I posted the other day, but if this doesn’t give notice that the government is not through with the Clinton’s yet I do not know what to say.


    I just wonder WHO has fronted the cash to get a recount of votes in a couple key States, demanded by Jill Stein. Why in the heck would she demand a recount being she and the “Green” party finished so far back she’s over the horizon…..anyone want to bet?

    Back door entry demanding a recount, by a 4th party, so the hands appear to be clean for the DNC and HRC/Podesta, after Hillary castigated Trump for possibly contesting the vote and HRC swore she’d stand by the election results and also conceded, on Nov 9th.

    I fear this election is not over by a long shot and if reversed will signal the end of our Republic….

    Heck, if that happens, the two radical progressive ends, CA and NY will be isolated, the midlands will merge with Mexico and Canada in time and “Katie Bar the Door” a new economic super power is born. Why not?…The midlands of the US, Mexico and Canada are so rich in resources which include hard working people, farm produce, minerals and oil and timber, there’d be no limit what they could go. Just bag the sink holes of CA and most of N/E including NYC…Sorry Matt but NYC is not the rest of the State of NY. AS is most of VA is not the commuting distance to DC as is MA not Boston, nor, PA is not just Philly etc. Russia is such a nation. They cast of the drags on the system but retained the resources. China is resource poor but over abundant with people. the ME has one resource other than a hell of a lot of dust and sand and a goodly dose of religious fervor and that is oil and is everyday becoming less and less the major source to the world for energy….The EU will pass into oblivion as long as they refuse to allow fracking and releasing huge amounts of energy they have……one does not power an industrial nation or any nation for that matter on windmills and I do not. care how many batteries you chain together.

  9. Dale A. Albrecht says:


    I just love that most of the racial violence actually occur in liberal progressive and democratic controlled cities

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Who ever expected being a counter person at McDonald’s that being an independant living wage? Someones sights are awful low. Other than the manager and owner everyone else it was “date” money, How things have changed in 40 years.

        I remember not to many years ago the Blacks in Raleigh were really complaining about the Hispanics moving into the area. “They’re taking our traditional jobs” FYI That is a quote. They were taking the cleaning toilets and changing soiled sheets at hotels, working low end jobs at fast food places etc…..the bulk of the street workers were black, I mean pavers, concrete sidewalks and landscaping. Most of the day, they stood leaning on their shovels and the jobs went real slow. One day the workforce shifted to hispanics and in one day, the space for the new sidewalks were graded on one side, next the forms went in, the next concrete poured, the next forms removed and the next the landscaping went in, Then the crew started up the other side. The new city welcome center built next door to me was almost exclusively built by Hispanic workers. Stick built even, all painting, tile, woodwork, masonry was done by hispanics. They worked Sunday’s and holidays if some reason the project got behind from weather etc. Some items like HVAC went in by white workers….the blacks were only evident on the crews that had “INMATE” emblazoned on a vest helping with the landscaping….and the hispanic crews got equal pay to the best and were not working substandard wages.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Obama doesn’t care one fig about migrants, legal or illegal, gays or transgender or racial or gender makeup. he just looks at VOTES to retain power and push the socialist and progressive agenda. They are just a tool, the fools.

  10. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Another negative news flash by the MSM. Trump has only attended 2 intelligence briefings after being elected. That covers the past 12 days. and he’s not even president much less able to do anything about anything covered in a briefing. Obama blew off most of his briefings when he was President at least for the 1st several years of his terms.

  11. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I just saw a great weight machine fortune card from a 1957 movie “Great Steps in History are not made by Sitting”

  12. The media appears to be losing even what credibility it has left. The Dallas Morning News….does not understand that in the last two months, it has lost 27% of its subscriptions and, according to some insider that wishes to remain anonymous, there are another 30,000+ cancellations being tendered. THAT is a lot.

  13. Black Friday under assault !!!!!! The NAACP, in conjunction with BLM…..wants advertisers and media and the POTUS to condemn the use of the term “Black Friday” as it pertains to sales and Christmas buying. They claim that by showing the long lines and the shoppers elbowing each other and the shouting and the disrespect to each other in shopping areas….is demeaing and that it portrays that blacks are lawless and insensitive. Sigh.

    • Answer to there complaint…..Great deals means it’s White Friday from now on. Since it’s now racist, Blacks will stay home………..far less trouble…….no need for old term 😀

      One oerson dead already being reported over a parking spot, I think in Chicago. Thankfully, this day isn’t crazy around here. I’ll report later, lunch with mother and to pick up a few items at Wal-mart (grocery stuff for hunting).

  14. http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/washington-post-fake-news-russia/2016/11/24/id/760599/?ns_mail_uid=25364429&ns_mail_job=1697591_11252016&s=al&dkt_nbr=vc9ngucp

    I have serious doubts about this claim, mainly because I read both RT and Pravda regularly. I don’t recall any crazy stories that benefited Trump. The NEO-CONS won’t quit, they must really want a war.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      The MSM is pissed off because they now have serious competition in delivering fake news stories….so many of the stories they print or broadcast are nothing but regurgitations of news from another source, like Rueters who had a reporter on the spot, not the WaPo….nothing but lazy reporting and research.

    • Not one reference to an actual article.

  15. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    This ruckus with Ms Stein wanting a recount and claims to have received enough money so far to have Wisconsin do a recount really is bothering me. 1st off I believe this is a ploy by the Dems to remain clean on demanding recounts. Ms Stein should be limited by the States Board of Elections to “we’ll count only your votes to see if they are accurate” period. No other candidate. They’re not questioning the outcome….

    Ms Stein as the :Green” Party candidate knows many unilateral regulations put in place by Obama will be wiped off the books if Trump remains the president elect and inaugurated in January. That is why she wants a recount so HRC may get in as POTUS and leave the Paris Climate change deal untouched etc.

    Witness political manuevering at it’s best and in its rawest form.

    Then here’s a prediction. Obama will not leave the WH as long as there are any legal battles going on over the vote.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      If cases go to the Supreme Court it will be a tie so no decision, it will take Congress to settle the election.

    • I have read Stein can’t ask for a recount in Michigan, will research further as time permits.

      Once the Electoral College does their thing, short of a court order, Obama is GONE! The reasons for the recounts have already been debunked and will go nowhere. Even many Liberal’s are claiming that Stein is a fraud.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        of course she is a fraud wanting a recount. She’s not doing it for her votes received but trying to reverse the results of the two at the top.

        • It appears that she has filed in Wisconsin, likely just a show as the small print on her funding site says the money collected may not be used for recounts, LOL, useful eaters given her money.

  16. Dale A. Albrecht says:
  17. Let ’em recount……want to see real demonstrations?

  18. Cabella’s, Cheaper than Dirt, Outdoor World……..all sold out of ammunition. ^ week waiting list for .223.

  19. Dale A. Albrecht says:


    “The Nazi Party was a political group that ruled Germany between 1933 and 1945. “Nazi” is a short form of the official name. In English the official name is the “National Socialist German Workers’ Party.””

    Comparing the “right” and “conservatives” to Nazi party goes to show the quality of history that is taught in our schools today.

  20. This group…

    With General Mattis as most likely Secretary of Defense, Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor, General John Kelly interviewed – potentially as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, a top-of-class West Point graduate in Mike Pompeo brought in to take over and undoubtedly purge the CIA, and a lame duck struggle breaking out over NSA with Admiral Mike Rogers, the implications are pretty obvious.

    Vs this group…

    1. Speaker of House. 2. House Minority Leader. 3. Senate Majority Leader (McConnell). 4. Senate Minority Leader (Schumer). 5. Chair of House Intelligence Committee, and the 6. senior minority party committee member. 7. Chair of Senate Intelligence Committee, and the 8. senior minority party committee member.

    I like it.

  21. Dale A. Albrecht says:


    This is an interesting analysis of the Democratic Party’s folly on identity politics. Much less the hypocracy of Obama running all over the world lecturing other nations and the very same thing he has done

  22. Question for foreign policy geeks.

    For the last month there have been wilder and wilder speculation of when (not if) Russia will take the Baltic States.

    I want to honestly ask the following. If the US and Germany had not toppled the legal government of the Ukraine, does anyone actually think the Russians would have moved into the Eastern Ukraine/Crimea as they did?

    Being a FP geek ever since Captain Murphy introduced me to Alfred Mahan in AFROTC 101, I have realized that the Russians will not ever surrender a warm water port. The Ukraine, coming under the economic control of Germany and The US had brought a very old fear into play and I believe legitimately into play.


  23. Obama praised himself this week, “I’m extremely proud of the fact that over eight years we have not had the kinds of scandals that have plagued other administrations.”

    Technically true. Over eight years, Obama has had all new kinds of scandals.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      The scandals in general were light years worse than Watergate. It helps when the DOJ refuses to do anything about it and doesn’t even file jack when the people destroy evidence and lie to Congress and get caught and still nothing, violate security laws at the highest levels yet prosecute those that displeased them for even smaller violations at lower levels. His stand out piece of legislation was a complete fabrication of lies was and still opposed by the majority of Americans. Transformed the ME from stablizing entity, not quite there yet, into a flaming pile of rubble.
      Even Nixon and Slick Willy had the guts to call in special prosecuters that in the end ended their presidencies for all intents and purposes….bottom line Obama was a coward, who refused to let justice take it’s course…some faith in the judicial system.

  24. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I feel so sorry for the MSM and the alleged free uncorruptable press in this country. If Nixon thought the press didn’t give him a fair shake he never suffered what Trump will have to endure and already has. The MSM has already decided that they will not get along. Even Anne Boleyn got a 1000 days before she lost her head..At least Nixon was preceeded by Johnson and Nixons opposition in his races were not popular, especially McGovern. No matter who the Dems ran after Johnson would lose including Bobby Kennedy. Bobby was more like Hillary and a blunt weapon. Like Obama and McCain. Trump knocked off the establishments darling, even though she cheated to get the nomination, and has earned the MSM’s undying hatred regardless of what he will do.

    I actually am surprised the way the millenials are reacting though. They were all in for Sanders and he lost on DNC collusion with HRC…nothing to do wth Trump. So why support the B!!!h.

  25. And then, the 2018 midterm elections will arrive. While the left will still be wearing their “#NotMyPresident” t-shirts while calling everyone to the right of the average Broadway extra Hitler, looting the Walgreens and/or throwing bricks through storefronts in their own neighborhoods, conservatives will be busy making sure everyone outside the “idiot bubbles” surrounding places like New York and California get an eye- and earful of their histrionics. Following the drubbing the Democrats will suffer through, they’ll amp up the crazy to the point that vapid rhetoric from forgotten theater trash will seem quaint. And then, the productive and worthwhile Americans who have continued to function like adults throughout the entire ordeal will go to the polls in 2020 and drop the curtain on the Democrat Party.

  26. Yeah, that’s what I am talking about. Any time I start talking about it. Any time there is a risk of me calling people out or presenting evidence, the information is quickly suppressed.

    What are ya scared of, Gman?

    While I understand there may be good reasons, they are not given to me. It stands to reason, that if people are going to be getting into my business, they should consult me first, get my permission.

    Because they do not, I can only conclude nefarious motives and act accordingly. Ya feel me?

    It’s not going away either. It will reach a conclusion.

  27. It has taken me decades, but I have finally tracked it to it’s source. I have been reaching out, probing, stopping by people’s offices, emailing them, knocking on their front doors, going to their websites, etc. confronting them directly, AFTER I see they are involved.

    Then I watch them squirm and lie and position themselves accordingly. They are busted and pretending they aren’t.

    SUFA is a part of it, somehow. So this is your chance to do the right thing and be open and honest with me. Whether it be open or in private.

  28. You side with evil when you deny truthful honest reasonable confrontation.

    • The forum is open, state your issues, clearly, so that we can all understand them. Don’t be shy, we can handle anything here.

      • Thank you. And yes, I know all about you. You know who this is.

        I am going to try to make my point without divulging any more than I have to. But I feel that I have something that needs to be said.

        People have been following me around for many years, stalking and manipulating, playing some stupid weird psy-op games with my life. I picked up on it in my 20’s, and have employed every obscure and ridiculous tactic as to gather information and track the source. That basically means playing along, baiting, taking bait, saying or doing everything imaginable, just to see where it leads, whatever the cost.

        Well, I had to make an ass of myself in front of the whole world and lose everything, and it took long enough, but I have finally homed in on the source or origin. I must admit, I did not expect that, and am still trying to digest it.

        It turns out that it goes back to my early childhood and and involves what used to be friends, family and community. According to circumstantial and physical evidence, it says someones tried to program me, and that it has something to do with religion and a few other things that I couldn’t care less about.

        Part of it followed me here. So I come here to talk about it. Not only that, but you all watched me go from acute cognitive state to completely nuts in a short time. I figure this is the place to be. Ya wanna know what that crazy period was about? That was a result of whatever they did to my head as a child. That was me going totally insane, trying to get control of my own free will. It was also me pushing buttons and playing along, watching to see who responded, who else plays along. Indeed I do see. I also put a bit of effort into de-legitimizing myself out of necessity.

        I don’t expect any of you to understand that, but there is a method and reason within the madness.

        I know people reading along are aware and paying attention(or at least have in the past). And I am watching them avoid confrontation, likely because they are scared of getting caught or perhaps that I will kill them or something.

        My intent is to find some kind of reasonable and peaceful resolution, to make it all worth something. It has cost me my whole life and everything, and I suspect the life of a friend. I have reached out to everyone from family, friends, authorities, enthusiasts, and anyone or everyone whom I thought would care or assist, to no avail.

        What I would like to do, if you will tolerate it, is to confront the situation directly where I know players are paying attention. I would like to write an occasional open letter to anonymous parties as well as allow a place where I can be accessed for open conversation.

        I don’t have to make any personal accusations or present evidence. I can keep it somewhat ambiguous if necessary. But I am not gong to simply tolerate being violated for the rest of my life by a group of weirdos trying to make me their pet goat.

        • Bring it Bottom Line. Start naming names of the SUFA crowd. This should be good. I’m genuinely curious.

          • Sounds like Gman,,,,and whoever Elisheba is….have a little war of their own,

          • Anita,

            I was apparently born into some really heavy stuff that makes me a potential instrument of social manipulation. And as I have been steadily gathering information and evidence, I have been publishing indirect bits and pieces of it as to see who responds to what and how. …testing people.

            One thing that a few website admins do is make excuses to control and suppress key information, while making up excuses that are inconsistent. Because SUFA has followed a similar pattern, I am admittedly suspicious.

            I have also watched information travel from here to elsewhere by anonymous parties whom are reading along. So it is not necessarily SUFA, but I know that it is somehow involved. Be it that it has been used as to facilitate whatever stupid games.

            That being said, as aggravated as I was with you previously, understand that part of my motive was to watch the leftist element involved lap it up while I rip into you.

            Did you care to notice the obvious alterations/shift to my idealism during that time? I am an anarchist. I don’t care about stupid laws regulating race or religion or any of that. But it sure makes good test material to draw out people playing stupid games.

            • Yes, I did notice that you went completely off the rails. I thought your motto was Live and Let Live. Yet you refuse to leave them in the past. Sounds like a revenge problem which is inconsistent with your motto. I don’t get it.

              • Anita,

                I am sorry for being such a dick. While I did have an underlying motive, a lot of it was just me being a dick. Understand, I was not in my right mind at all. “off the rails” is a bit of an understatement.

                I only remember half of it. I couldn’t even control my own thoughts, found myself suddenly passionate about things I normally don’t care about. I sat there and watched them do some psy-ops BS, recognizing it, playing along, and was still having difficulty fighting it.

                It looks like a very talented doctor got into my head is what happened. The rabbit hole runs so deep, all the way to hell, apparently.

                I still take that stance of Live and Let Live. I always will. But I will defend myself as necessary. And I got a bunch of weirdos to deal with who spent my life on their BS. They are not sitting in a good position right now. Their only way out starts with honesty.

              • Apology accepted. Best wishes for you to find calmness and peace of mind.

        • Nice to see your still kicking old friend. Feel free to post away as you wish.

  29. Dale A. Albrecht says:


    Congress has to take back the reins of legislation and making of laws. They can not just pass a bill that then says “fill in the blanks” to the POTUS. Maybe it will slow them down and give some serious deliberation to the content making up the law……But on the other hand, the dems carrying forward Wilson’s belief….he should edict and you the States just administer those edicts….We’ve come darn close to that with EO’s and signing statements. Congress should NOT have to come up with enough votes like overriding a veto when the POTUS makes law by an EO or just says I’m not going to enforce a law that has been already signed into law.

    One of the embedded articles is a posit….what about Petreous for SOS. Trump should pardon him immediately, Obama won’t, for violating the same statute in a very minor way, that the DOJ refused to indict HRC on after years of her violating said statute involving 10’s of thousands of State documents……Romney is to weak, looks good but being SOS takes more than that. I suggest Secretary of Labor for him. Let him try and sort out the havoc he’s spawned by being a true disciple of outsourcing and globalization. Guiliani show just be a “special prosecuter”….might make a good replacement for Comey.

  30. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    “The amount of Democratic energy and money being wasted on recounts instead of trying to win the Louisiana Senate Race is mind boggling”

    — Dan Pfeiffer (@danpfeiffer) November 24, 2016

    Pfeiffer, being very involved with the Obama WH also states that Obama is very much against this multi-State effort of recounts.

    Obama is not stupid. If Hillary claims the WH the three credit bubbles on the verge of busting will make the housing bubble look like a party favor. He’d much rather let Trump eat it than the Democrats.

    Did I or did not postulate that the money funding the recounts being filed by an over the horizon loser “Green Party” is a back door effort by the Democratic Party to overturn the election. This after they went so far out on a limb berating Trump about his comments about a rigged election. The Dems can not do it in full view and honestly. Heck Johnson and the Libertarians got tons more votes than Stein and he’s not challenging anything.

    • It may not be that easy in Pennsylvania. It is quite possible that a recount here would have to go through a judge. With that, some evidence of impropriety will have to be shown for a recount to take place. Considering Stein’s whole case is based on “maybe’s’ with no actual evidence of problems, look for Pa to tell her to pound sand, if the Judge does his damn job and is not a Liberal loving bench warmer.

      Michigan may be even harder, as they don’t use electronic voting that can be hacked.

  31. Rooting for your Buckeyes Gman

  32. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    The headlines are alive with liberal advocates saying Obama must save the court by doing a recess appointment after the Senate adjourns and comes back into session in January and before Trumps inauguaration……obviously they miss the fine points of the Constitution regarding recess appointments.

    “A recess appointment is the appointment, by the President of the United States, of a senior federal official while the U.S. Senate is in recess. The United States Constitution requires that the most senior federal officers must be confirmed by the Senate before assuming office, but while the Senate is in recess the President may act alone by making a recess appointment to fill “Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate.” To remain in effect, a recess appointment must be approved by the Senate by the end of the next session of Congress, or the position becomes vacant again; in current practice this means that a recess appointment must be approved by roughly the end of the next calendar year. Recess appointments are authorized by Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, which states:

    The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.”

    When Congress was only in session several months out of the year and distances and travel modes, this was essential to keep the government running in some cases. A fine point is a vacancy occuring during recess. Obviously Scalia did not pass away during a recess. The Senate would disavow any appointment made by Obama immediately upon returning to the Capital, like they did with Washington with his appointment to the Supreme Court. While in Eisenhower’s recess appointment it was affirmed, for political reasons.

  33. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    A question for all the serious financial people on SUFA…..what do you all feel about Paul Krugman? Seriously

    • Krugman is a typical smug elitist Keynesian

      • It is fun to watch the Nobel laureate babble!

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Krugman states that no matter what Trump does, jobs will not return from overseas. I question has got to be why did they go to begin with? Why did jobs even in the US northeast move to right to work states. Krugman says that the coal jobs will not return due to the low price of NG. True to some degree, but Europe has nothing to fall back to for energy and hard american coal is an answer to their problems. Germany can not run an industrial nation on wind and batteries. Neither could Spain nor England. You need energy that is competitive and not variable based of meteological events.
          He claims the consumer wants diversity of products, ergo the globalization of manufacturing ie to China etc. there is nothing unique today that is being manufactured in China or India that is unique to them as in the past….like silk, spices, porcaline, art just to name a few….Like matt said a while ago….the buggy whip manufacturers just got obsolete and they didn’t move on, that is one area but today, What is being manufactured today overseas that was the newest of the new and the US designers and consumers missed it. Nothing, nada zip.
          Over 46 years ago a company I worked for used a lot of plywood. We could buy plywood made in the US at Coos Bay for X dollars. But also we could buy plywood manufactured in Japan for X-a lot of dollars. The nub was, the logs were from the US, loaded on a ship, went to Japan, manufactured into plywood and shipped back. Equal quality….what do you think we did? If companies thought about it they could have made the plywood in Georgia in a right to work State. Just like Boeing did and moved some operations to SC out of WA just a few years ago. Over Obamas Labor objections…..why does BMW or Toyota build factories in the south as opposed to Michigan…high cost of labor with no value add.

          The one thing that is most noticable is the consumer cycle driven by built in obsolesence, plus the push for the use of credit. to repurchase the item you just bought 2-3 years ago, not because it failed but by obsoleting key components. and if something does fail the companies refuse to fix it claiming there is a newer one available fro another $1K..

          Krugman says that the worker who got displaced by the new global economy are LAZY. Is everyone supposed to get into being a programmer which can be sent anywhere in the world in an instant, or in the medical profession, or being a lawyer or a may I help you red vest person at Lowes. .

          • “Krugman says that the coal jobs will not return due to the low price of NG.” Disagree.

            “What is being manufactured today overseas that was the newest of the new and the US designers and consumers missed it.” Disagree.

            “high cost of labor with no value add.” Agree totally.

            “Krugman says that the worker who got displaced by the new global economy are LAZY. Is everyone supposed to get into being a programmer which can be sent anywhere in the world in an instant, or in the medical profession, or being a lawyer or a may I help you red vest person at Lowes. ” All hyperbole..

            • This is precisely why academia has missed the target.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Sir….FYI I agree with all your tagged comments. I never could get into agreeing with Krugman very often……besides we are starting to see the fallout of the “living” wage at fast food places, automation….I’m sure most here remember (automats) …….even Seinfeld had a jab at that years ago, when Kramer had a brillant idea….a pizza joint, he supplies the ingredients and you make your own pie.

  34. @ Anita

    “Yet you refuse to leave them in the past. Sounds like a revenge problem which is inconsistent with your motto. I don’t get it.”

    I will explain it.

    My life has only recently become my own. And I am still fighting for it. You’re the one who called me a slave, remember? People have been stalking and manipulating me MY WHOLE LIFE. Other than simple existence, I have had to put my life on hold while I resolve this issue.

    An example would be things like going to college or work (or the laundry, internet, etc), only to be followed there by strangers who make it clear with references to my personal life that they already know who I am and what I am doing. How is anyone supposed to focus on getting a formal education or anything worthwhile when they are being stalked?

    How am I supposed to increase income, start and provide for a family or offer the necessary security and safety when I have some whack jobs stalking me everywhere?

    “Welcome to Earth kids, not only will you be enslaved by billions of voting statist idiots, but I cannot feed, clothe, house or medicate you, and you are going to have to be followed around and tormented by these sick pricks who think our business is theirs, or you can watch daddy snap their necks and kill cop-pigs when they arrive.”

    Any attempts at reasonable confrontation and resolution have resulted in more and more games and bullshit. My life has essentially been spent on other people’s games and bullshit. I cannot possibly put into words the level of anger and frustration that I feel. It is livid multiplied by infinity plus psychopathy, if you will. I AM TIRED OF GAMES AND BULLSHIT.

    The whole time, I have been complaining, bitching, moaning, attempting to reason with, beg, threaten, and plead with them to stop with the nonsense and explain themselves, to no avail. I have asked for help from family friends authorities and anyone whom I thought might, to no avail.

    I have also taken whatever measures that I can as to trace the source of whoever is organizing it. I have finally traced it back to more than one network of people and related contexts. I have been digging and probing and prodding, investigating, gathering evidence, contacting people, seeking them out and asking them about it while I watch them play more games and bullshit.

    I have an already large and growing list of people and information about them and their families. As far as I am concerned, I own every last one of them and their progeny forever more, as well as all of their money and material assets. They and everything they are or have are my property to do with as I please.

    If I choose to torture their children to death in front of them and then rip their heads off, it is simply destroying my property. You can call it revenge or restitution, psycho or whatever you like. Whatever. I own them.

    That being said. As angry as I am, I continue to reach out in hopes of some kind of peaceful resolution. That is what I am doing here now. Someone who knows WTF is reading this. And I am making myself clear. This gives them yet another opportunity to approach me and explain themselves, to do the right thing and take responsibility for their games and bullshit, to start by explaining what they have collectively just spent 40+years of my life on.

    The situation requires closure, the clock is ticking, and they are not in the position to negotiate. I am simply trying to be nice because I believe it is the right thing to do.

    That being said, and as I have mentioned, SUFA follows suit with other sites and peoples in terms of regulating and controlling related or pertinent information to the issue at hand.

    This says that people who run this site are aware of things from a perspective of my stalker ‘friends’, and are willing active participants. This is me being directly confrontational and giving people opportunity to explain themselves.

    Get it? There’s more. Lots of it.

    And please don’t take this as being aggressive toward you, Anita. I am simply expressing myself openly. I am fired up today.

    • That being said, and as I have mentioned, SUFA follows suit with other sites and peoples in terms of regulating and controlling related or pertinent information to the issue at hand.

      Can you be more specific or is there someone in particular that is upsetting you on this site? I read where you were under another psuedonym on here….but I must have missed it. I do not recognize your writing. Anyway, what can we do to help?

      • I am just trying to live my life. But I got all these people messing with me, following me around, trying to control or manipulate my life.

        What I have noticed is that when I go to certain sites and talk about things, the same method is used to suppress information. Posts either get buried under everyone else’s or deleted, ..or I get banned.

        My question is why. Why do people do that? What exactly are they doing? What do they want?

        My reasoning is this; if you are going to get into my business or manipulate me or whatever, then you need to consult me first, get my permission and cooperation in whatever endeavor. That is done through truth and reason, not by stalking and manipulating.

        I don’t need this or any site, or the internet at all.

        What I need is for all the stupid games to stop, to get a clear and concise explanation about what the hell all these people want with me, and a way to make up for lost time so that I may be able to get the hell out of this god awful world and go mind my own business somewhere, pursue peace love and happiness, if there is even enough time or opportunity left to do that.

        But the nonsense is only one element to all of this. It gets real complicated, real fast. Whatever the case, it isn’t honest or free, so I don’t trust it.

        • Colonel,

          Something I think is worth mentioning, even stressing, is that someone has been reading along out there and using information derived from here as a tool of sorts. For what reason I am unsure.

          One of their stupid little games is to take information from source A and relay it through source B. They have consistently done this through various mediums.

          For example;

          I was on a job site where this guy was phrasing all of his speech as if he knew things about me. So I went home and discussed it with my father who was staying with me at the time.

          I was frustrated and angry, venting about all the stalker weirdos, and that I thought I had encountered another one. I posited that I should get a gun and shoot the bastard at work. My father suggested that I not do that, but did not disagree with a good old fashion ass-whooping. I explained that I would need a weapon, or to be very quick, as the guy outweighed me a bit. I would be in trouble if he ever got a grip on me.

          A few days later, while I was working, the guy came into help me and asked me if I was going to beat him up or shoot him. How do you suppose he knew I was talking about killing him? If people did this to you repeatedly over a few decades, how would you interpret it?

          • Maybe you should seek out some help? There are people out there that know how you are feeling and are capable of helping you. Just a thought. 🙂

          • If I understand you correctly, you actually have a stalker…physically. I cannot tell you what to do about that….I know what I would do.

            As to the internet or blogs and being banned or kicked off….I have found the following: I have been kicked off Huffpo three times….I do not go back to it. I stay away from the usualy bias of blogs because you never change anyone….I do not read the ones that G man references nor do I read the ones that Buck and/or Mathius routinely go to….like the Daily Kos….or something like that. They are not real news and everything that I have found is really slanted…..I do not take the msm at gospel and that includes CNN, FOX, and certainly not the MSNBC….that is a rag. CNN is biased as is Fox News…..local newspapers are biased. People who get their news from the LA Times or the New York Times/Post or the Dallas Morning News….and published newspaper is going to be a product of the local environment.

            So I recommend that you use a really dense filter on what you believe on the internet. That is what I do. Most of all, have a thick skin. I like to remember the old nursery rhyme…sicks and stones….I have never before seen such a generation of wimps that worry about words…my my…….however, that is the new generation. Filter, sir/maam, Filter.

            As to the original stalker…..it it takes a brick bat…..use it.

            • I have an organized group of stalkers, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Brick bat sounds about right.

              As per the aforementioned explanation of their ‘A to B games’, and isolating information to specific sources, I have concluded they are tracking me and paying attention to things I say on the internet, to include SUFA.

              I like to address them where I conclude they are listening. So this conversation is as much about letting them read and interpret as it is about us entertaining ourselves.

  35. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    OK folks…..this is a quiz to see how many of us have awoken from a deep slumber after Thanksgiving…..what is the answer to the following mathematical problem

    9 minus 3 divided by 1/3 plus 1 = ?

    • Well, you cannot figure this out using common core….

      9 – 3 = 6
      In order to divide fractions, you find a common denominator. So, that would be 6 over 1 times 1 over three…..to divide fractions, you reverse and multiply…so 6 over 1 equals 6…then reverse fraction and you havd three over 1…..six times three equals 18…add 1 to be 19……Yes?

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        no sir…anyone else?…..has nothing to do with new math or anything. Pure algebra.

        • I understand on te new math…..hmmmmmmm…let me try again and be advised I am not looking this up. I used to be pretty good at algebra……

          • Tricky stated question…have to read it literally…..9..set it aside….3 divided by one third equals nine…9-9 equals zero..plus 1…………………ONE ? Yes?

            • Actually, credit must go to the significant other….more of a math whiz than I.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                When I was in elementary school and learning math. Dad taught me quick methods thaty would get you close to the answer,as a sanity check to see if you were close…..however it was my Mom who looked at the way the teachers were teaching and told me to discard those methods and go back to the 30’s methods. I’d always get dinged by the teacher for NOT doing it the way they taught, but they did have to concede that I did get the correct answer, but i used an old method…..SO?

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Sir….with all your deployments over the years, your significant other ran things back home. Life couldn’t stop. My Dad was gone so much, Mom took care of everything also, so she was a good economist and planner and doer and no shrinking violet.

                I think I relayed this WWII Thanksgiving story before but here it goes again. dad was home on leave and his church and my moms church had a picnic. Dad says that there was this really cute girl giving him the look across the fire and inviting him to her side. She denied that saying she just needed a ride and knew he had a car, plus the minister was his grandfather,,,,thinking she was safe. Needless to say she got her ride and an invitation for a date to go bowling and a pizza. When he arrived to go out, her Mom intervened and said they couldn’t go until they fulfilled all the Thanksgiving turkey orders they had. 1st they had to catch them and then all the steps in-between and deliver them to the buyer. Mom was very good with a knife, she could take anything apart……When everything was completed and they cleaned up and Dad said…lets go, future mom said I’m to tired, another day.

            • 🙂

      • 9
        Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
        Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiply/Divide, Add/ Subtract

        3 divided by 1/3 = 1

        • Fail..3 divided by 1/3 is 9.
          So the answer is 1
          I think. 🙂

          • YOu and the significant other agree.

            • I must also agree…..my failing in math was what is termed stated problems…..I read it as 9-3……not as 9 minus (three divided by one third). The answer has to be one….

              If it is not, I will send a para-raptor to Dale to dispose of him for ruining my Sunday morning.

              • I’m still not convinced actually.

                3 divided by 1/3 should be 1 if you ask me 🙂

              • Aren’t you forgetting to reerse the fraction? When you divide fractions, do you not reverse and multiply?

              • Remember, you are not dividing three into thirds….it is not the same as dividing 3 by 1/3

              • Dale…to avoid water boarding….you need to straighten this out….NOW!!!!!!!

              • I seem to remember something about if you are dividing a fraction you flip it and multiply.
                I agree with the answer of 1. (without actually looking it up).
                But it was a very busy night and is now past my bed time.

                Colonel, send in the raptors anyway just to prove a point! 😉

              • HUAH !!!

              • Think of it this way, Anita…3 divided by 3 equals 1.
                Therefore, 3 divided by 1/3 cannot also equal 1.
                Any number divided by another, (X/Y), stated another way, is asking how many Y’s are in X? Or how many Y’s have to be added together to make X? Ex. 6/2 asks how many twos have to be added together to make six? Three. How many 3’s in 3? One.
                How many 1/3’s are in 3? Nine.


              • Dale A. Albrecht says:


                (3 divided by 1/3) becomes 3 X 3/1 equaing 9, so 9-9 +1=1……don’t feel bad only 6% of Japanese students got it correct…..and before someone runs off and thinks I got it correct at first would be incorrect. I came up with 2 initially, because I forgot what functions come 1st and basic mathematical rules…..used to use them routinely but haven’t for years.

              • And, now, back to watching the 1953 version of War of the Worlds.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Colonel…..I’m close to swamps so my alligators, just may equal out your para-raptors. I do have a stealthy tin roof so I may be hard to find in the 1st place. The raptors just may be tired and thirsty so if they land to take a break….lunch time

              • That’s an excellent way to look at it Murf!

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                Colonel….no need for extremes like waterboarding…a small enclosed space is sufficient.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                I dropped out of Nuc school, for the very reason of being confined in a sub for 3 months, they would have had to shoot me out of a tube.

      • Depends on if it is (9-3)/(1/3)+1 = 19
        or 9 – (3/(1/3)) + 1 = 1
        The order of operations is
        multiply, (My)
        divide, (Dear)
        add, (Aunt)
        subtract (Sally)

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          I still remember the color codes for resisters also. Bad Boys R!!! Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly…how unPC is that I still remember it after all these years.

  36. @ Anita…😊👍


  37. Dale…….Nuke school, eh…..I do not think that I could be in a sub of anykind…..took a closed MRI once……that was like being loaded in a torpedo tube,,,,,,managed to stay in there 45 minutes…..panic getting close, thumb on panic button.

    Thank goodness I was tall while in Vietnam,,lest I ended up as a tunnel rat. I had the misfortune of having to clean out some VC caves and tunnels…..not my cup O’ tea….being in s sub wandering around underwater for long periods of time…..not my thing either.

    • By the way. I have genetically improved Raptors, courtesy of Mathius once sending his sharks after my Raptor…so I genetically modified them to cross breed with any defense…so, if they do drop in even though I have recalled them….I will then have RAPTO-Gators.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      An MRI is almost an impossibility for me also……even if one got on a carrier, being deep in the bowels of the engineering space would drive me nuts……I actually can trace the source of the phobia. Ever had to feel your way out of cavern with no light. I was 7…

      those guys that were tunnel rats, there is no discription as to how “brave” they were.

      • When you are 19, full of testosterone, piss and vinegar…..there is no fear.

        • They also had to be a genetic breed….I knew several…loners, no drinking, no drugs, minded their own business

          I was friends with a couple and we played a lot of hearts, cribbage, and chess. They wanted to be subterranean. They were good……real good and definitely one you wanted on your side in a no holds bar fight. The one that I was real close with was on his third tour…when I was wounded and sent to Japan, he wrote for awhile and then nothing,

          About 5 years after the war, he came through Fort Worth and we had dinner….He did five tours, had more medals than Audie Murphy, never married, never dated, and was hiring out as a private body guard. Went black in Iran………died there. Very strange men.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            That’s what I read about them…a very special breed…..

            • The other thing that I like about him…he was gentle. He was also caring….but he ate concertina wire for breakfast and pissed napalm….( Heartbreak Ridge) …..He would go out of his way to not hurt an animal and he was a soft touch for children….it was his soft touch for children that got him killed.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          There was a mountaineer, Herman Buhl, that used to preach, that when you lose your fear of the mountain, that is precisely the time to STOP climbing. He did not practice what he preached and died a young man doing something stupid that you learn on day one when climbing on ice and snow capped peaks, especially ones with a cornice. Lose your fear and you also can stop thinking about what could possibly go wrong. Lost to many classmates when they stopped thinking …..but you also can’t let fear paralyze you into no action, might as well check out. The thrill and memories come with having done the things we’ve done and be the age we are and still be alive, much less remember.

  38. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    As much as I dislike the Cowboys under Jerry Jones, I sure hope he trades Romo before the playoffs. They might win after a 2.5 decade dry spell. That’ll insure the offensive line protects the new QB. If Romo has to step in all is lost.

  39. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    My advice to Trump…..shut the heck up about voter fraud….let HRC and Stein immulate themselves on that issue. Get on with the task at hand and forming a great cabinet. Forget Romney, he will not serve you well, nor in the nations best interests and he’ll be run over by people like Putin etc.

    Merkel has decided it’s in her best political interests to deport at least 100,000 of the recent refugees….where to? Turkey will just send more unless the EU and the UN pony up some more cash to take care of the millions stuck in Turkey now, caused by the west’s bubble brained policy in the M/E.

    • Jan 21, put together coalition of European Nations to take X amount of space on Syrian/Turk border. Build facilities. Place refugees in them. Run facility the same as we ran POW camps in WW 2. Gradually replace Allied troops with vetted Syrian “police” whom we recruit and pay and to whom we will grant an eventual “bonus” when the problem ends. An International coalition will supervise.

  40. Question for anyone..or two..or three….

    Does the POTUS have a moral or ethical obligation to hold press briefings or to even have a WH press room, or to even give interviews. Please, read the question carefully before answering.

    • The only formal obligation he has is to report to Congress once a year. He has a moral obligation to be truthful in whatever he reports to the public. Politically it is wise to keep the public informed. This does not have to be through the press. The rumor mill loves a vacuum of information so keeping the information flowing is a positive thing.

      I also think it is wise periodically to be quizzed by the press but I would change the ground rules. No “stuck on stupid” questions. No repeat questions. Reporters that ask these lose their turn in this and the next press conference. I would emphasize that the president’s and press secretary’s time are valuable as is the American people’s time. Do not waste it on frivolous questions.

      The next four years are going to be interesting. Andrew Cuomo on CNN has already stated that it their goal to thwart Trump at every opportunity. I would imagine that some of the other networks will follow suite. Truth, fairness be damned. So Trump needs to get his message out unfiltered so the people can draw their own conclusions.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        The freedom of the press is a right in our constitution. And as you wrote the only obligation the President has is the State of the Union address. The press in the past was not particularly honest and was always the viewpoint of its owner or chief editors. There always was bias. But there was only newspapers and each major city had several and the people got their different views by grabbing the other paper and they’d have newsflashes all throughout the day. With the MSM and the FCC involved which can and has tried to shut down any opposing voice the choices became limited. Radio again became a major factor of getting other views out. With the Internet the media scene became like days of old. Literally an unlimited amount of sources of information. Some is trash as is in the MSM of all types.

        What the MSM forgot is there is a news section and an op-ed section. Space limits what can be written in the news section and is always tinted by the words and source of the article, it’s inevitable. but should at least try to remain as close to reality as can be,…elsewise just label the whole program or paper op-ed, except for the theater section

        With the major MSM outlet saying point blank that they will do everything in their power to undermine the President and the actions he’s taking, is in my opinion bordering sedition unless it is in fact the truth ala Nixon., so they better back it up whatever they say with uncontestible facts…..which they will not…facts can not stand in the way of a good story.

    • First you have to start with a moral and ethical press. Considering that, the president doesn’t owe the press jack. Seems like the press briefings are only good at stirring up the press. He does need to be accountable to the people. There are many ways to do that now with Facebook live and YouTube. A presidential blog could even do the trick. No press necessary.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    If you recount the votes and get a different answer then why is the recount considered the accurate count?

    If you count a third time and get yet a different answer, which count is the accurate count?

    How many times to do you need to recount and get the same answer before you can say, “that is the answer”??

    Does not a recount that gets a different answer prove that the counting of votes is phony in the first place?

    • You had way to much reast over this weekend…….you are being logical again.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      To your comment…take the Bush/Gore Florida recounts. No matter how many times they did it, or interpreted chad etc the count basically stayed within the same difference. add one take away one, statistically it made sense. the court finally said enough is enough. The case with Al Franken as senator, he kept coming up on the short end quite consistantly, close but losing each recount….the court allowed one more count with the caveat that this was the last and at the last minute a mysterious box of ballots showed up in the trunk of a car which ALL went to Franken and it was just enough…..if that isn’t suspicious, but the court ruled for Franken as the winner.

      This with Trump is just to add a pall of illegitimacy to his victory based on our Constitution laws. The next several years will be unrelenting in the attempt to get a bill through as an amendment to change the Constitution making the Presidential election a popularity contest also. When the Senate change to a popular vote we became a lesser nation and if the presidential contest changes we will be ruled by the mob as indicated by the behavior of the losers of late.

      • I just went back and read how to do Constitutional changes……good luck with ratification.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          You’re correct…not a chance of a change in the constitution on this issue.

          The MSM can spew what it wants, it’s a right. However, we the people DO NOT have to buy it. Readership of print papers is way down. Many reasons but most are losing readership no matter how they present their news……I for one see a huge increase in CANCELED cable services. It is a huge expense for mostly programing you do not want or care about. If you do not want to see CNN or NBC or FOX. why pray tell me would you want to continue to purchase their product (in a bundle) through cable. A simple internet fee is sufficient and you can pick and choose what you want. With a few added costs like Netflix < $10, or the NFL package for the season including preseason is cheaper than 1/2 a month of the cable channel. Plus you can get all the games, no blackout and enjoy them over and over……only one drawback, during the regular season you have to watch them with a two hour offset…..but that was like in the military base theaters. Why pay $10 out in town, when you just wait a couple months and you get the same movie on base at least when I was in for $0.50

  42. Greg Abbott…..Governor of the Republic of Texas……responding to Austin’s mayor Steve Adler’s comment about Austin, Texas being a sanctuary city and vowing not to adhere to Trump’s edict….does not have to wait until Trump takes office…….Texas is passing a State Law that makes sanctuary cities illegal….and, Gregg Abbott says that it is not Trump’s call anyway. This is a State issue….all funds to the City of Austin will be denied immediately if Austin’s new mayor tries to make good on his threat.

    Governor Abbott has issued the same edicts to any other city that willfully violates Federal Law. Responding to questions that Federal Law governs immigration….Mr Abbot said that is true but federal Law has nothing to do with the governing of cities within the State. In addition, he said that Federal Law supercedes State law………and there is nothing that says if a State Law is the same as the Federal Law, that it cannot be exercised. So, Texas is implemeting an exact copy of the Federal Law, word for word…..and will prosecute.

    In addition, he issued a warning to the liberal side that said and I am quoting as best I can remember his press conference…..since the Federal Government has instituted a policy of selective enforcement of current law. and, therefore, has set a precedent, the State of Texas, following the lead of the Federal Government will also decide which Federal edicts it wishes to follow….so do not waste your time in finding a liberal Federal Judge….if it is good for Texas we will follow it….if it is not good for Texas, we will selectively weed it out.

    He said the edict on Sanctuary cities will take effect, January 1, 2017.

  43. Government and voting are for stupid serfs and evil people.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      With the right set up for managing certain aspects, a former of government, more like management, it could work. We don’t have that now. We have corruption a political elite class. Nothing will change.

      • You have a system of social organization from local to global that is premised on coercion and violence, a threat of deadly force. Until that key fundamental principle function is corrected, expect nothing but death destruction and/or enslavement.

        See it for exactly what it is.

        It is nothing but a group of people organizing to claim a territory, pick people to say magic special words and have religious ceremonies, then write on paper who and what people are supposed to be and what they are supposed to do, then hire an army of men in funny clothes with weapons to make everyone do what the paper says or be murdered.

        That is called organized crime, terrorism.

        If you cannot see the blatantly obvious legal prison or think it will be resolved with more serfdom, you are probably kind of stupid. If you do see it for what it is, and willingly participate, it means you value evil, and probably are evil.

        Not that I am judging, because I know how screwed up I am, but I have to call it like it is.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          I actually agree with your observations. I have said many times that elections change nothing.

          • So, humor me…..If the two of you were in charge..just exactly how would you reconstruct your world?

            • Freely.

              • So, freely…..meaning…no rules? ( I am not being disrespectful…curious because freely is a broad term….freely, to me, means….no rules, no regulations, everything open,,,,bartering.

              • If Iunderstand you corretly…no police, no military, no prisons. No elections. no one in charge.

              • Be as blunt as you like, Colonel.

                I mean freely as in no coercion, no forced opinions, and as popular demand dictates, free market style, …as in everyone in charge of themselves.

                That doesn’t necessarily mean no rules or militaries or elections. It means No(An) Rulers(archy).

            • gmanfortruth says:

              Neuter the feds

              • What about local terrorists who force opinions?

                Does deadly force and theft not count when it is your neighbor doing it?

          • Elections accomplish nothing more than to perpetuate it, as government rests it’s claim to legitimacy on constituency. It is ‘legitimate’ by popular demand of people living in paper and guns faux world prison camp.

            Make America great again by grabbing women by the pussy and banning free people? Don’t you feel so represented? Too bad if you don’t. What a great place to live, eh?

        • and probably are evil.

          Don’t forget deplorable, irredeemable, racist, homophobic, islamaphobic….

          Badges of honor.

          • What would you think about a law allowing men to grope women?

            • What’s your point?

              • Surely it is a badge of deplorable honor to be forced into being groped, no? At least it won’t be by a Muslim, right? …because they’re all getting banned if I am not mistaken, or something like that.

              • Again, what is your point?

              • Don’t take it personal, Anita. I am simply making fun of your nation with what is ‘presidential’.

                Do you feel represented?

              • I feel much better about things now than I have since this site began. Now I know JAC is going to say that feelings have no place in political discussion, but at this point that’s all I have to go on. Trump’s main theme is America First. Economics is first priority. As one who’s business was not too big to fail, in fact swallowed up by corporate America…yeah, I’m feeling represented now.

              • I don’t feel represented. I am not comfortable with groping women unless it is expressly crystal clear that she genuinely wants me to.

                So you think that there is a viable solution to the economic ‘situation’? Is stealing from several generations of your progeny really a solution?

              • Consider this;

                Since the choice is replaced with force anyway because that’s just the way it is move if you don’t like it, and since the budget/debt/deficit ‘situation’ is ultimately based on a percentage of each future generation’s labor/skill/property/life, why not, instead of spreading it out, condense the burden to a single generation, giving it 100% of the burden. Everyone simply couple up and produce two children and give them to the bankers as lifelong slaves.

                That way, the whole quagmire can be reset to zero, no more debt. Of course, you would have to switch back to the gold standard or something to prevent it from happening again.

                …and on the condition that they promise to not grope the girls.

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              And I assume you are all in for putting HRC and ambition to get into the WH, who literally destroyed any women who accused her husband of assult and every workplace violation of sexual harassment and had a unique humidor for his cigars and you want him to be loose in the WH again, an impeached former president.?

              • There is still time to overturn the election if the cards are played right and enough people agree to it. If not BLM can just call it racist and throw a temper tantrum. That way the state can be represented by a woman who supports child rape.

                That would work well for the bankers, as Hitlery can legalize it and they could pimp them out and thus profit considerably. They could even go the capitalist route and make an ‘animal husbandry’ thing out of it, breed a whole race of sex slaves to pay Muslim terrorist allied organizations to assist the military industrial complex in killing a few billion people so the Earth doesn’t get ‘overpopulated’ and turn into an oven.

  44. Good job LEOs at OSU. Suspect is DOA

    • Just A Citizen says:



      Now! I would not ever say emotions have no place in politics. What I would say is do not be ruled by emotion alone. And that is what unfortunately happens to most people during the political season.

      Part of the problem is that it is hard to distinguish between the purely emotional and the rational when the choices available generally suck.

  45. Just A Citizen says:


    Re: changing the electoral college and amendments.

    If you and others are not aware, there is a movement in the country to get as many States as possible to sign an interstate compact that would force allocation of the electoral college electors to the National Popular Vote outcome.

    This is a “means” that I offered here long ago regarding other “nullification” efforts by States. It works as long as there is not a specific Federal Law that is contrary to the “compact” rules of conduct. In the case of “electors” there is no such federal law. The States are free to allocate electors as they deem fit.

    I have not heard one rational explanation of how this movement intends to address the issues of “certification” and the deadline for “electors” to vote, while addressing the reality that States are STILL counting votes. And this doesn’t consider the potential for recounting the popular votes in one State within the compact, or all states for that matter.

    In other news last week, among the not reported in the MSM, it was revealed that the California secessionist movement began a few years ago and Trump’s election has nothing to do with it. They are just using it to gin up more fear among the Hispanic population in hopes of getting their resolution passed in the Cal. legislature or by referendum.

    So it would seem that we bigots may have been correct about what La Raza was really up to all these years. Bwahahahahaha

  46. Dale A. Albrecht says:
  47. JAC…..from Chucky Boy Schumer today.

    Income in equality does not just mean investments and wages….it also means disparity among prices. He says (picking on Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana)..It simply is not fair for them to have gass prices in the $1.60 range while the NOrtheast and West Coast is over $2. It is not fair for milk and eggs to cost 30% more in New YOrk than it does in the South. He went on to list several more examples. He says that anything that takes more from one family than other is income inequality because it impacts a families bottom line.

    He favors mandatory price controls.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      My message to Schumer is….who picks up the price of shipping the gas and oil to the N/E. Milk costs more in New England because the cows would freeze their tits off and have to be housed differently. Dump the free range laws that chickens have rights and and you may have different prices. I can get a dozen jumbo eggs here for $1.89. Two shelves up are eggs for $5.00, free range etc. Your choice. Chickens can be very ingenious as to where they lay their eggs and it takes time to find them, before they start going bad or the embryo starts forming if he rooster got his way….Schumer is a pompous ass.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Their choice to live in the “Big Apple” Or “Bean Town” or “The City of Angels”…..just do not move out into the country and simpler areas and demand and i mean demand equal services as you might get in a larger city……they have blown the doors off areas like east of Potland ME….saw it happen both in VT and ME.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      My response to Mr. Schumer, if I were in charge. “OK Mr. Nixon, but tell us how that worked out for you last time. Mr. Nixon.”

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I’m sure his response will be that we didn’t go far enough. I’m sure Mr Schumer will not give up his slice willingly

  48. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    What was NOT fake news concerning the incident at Ohio State today. Big banner warning saying that there is ACTIVE shooting taking place at the school and to run and hide, The real news came out later when it was revealed that the assailant used a car to drive into a group of people and then used a knife.

    The drive to get the news out 1st has pushed the news outlets to broadcast incomplete and inacurate detail about the event.

    The NYT even back over a century ago MADE UP stories about the Wilmington riots further exacerbating the confrontations going on. There was major political manuevering going on for very specific reasons and the MSM without actually being on scene reported false events which ultimately paved the way for Jim Crow laws to be put into place in NC and the planter class was able to reestablish its power in the Capital.

  49. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    This ought to be fun if Congressman Ellison becomes the head of the DNC.

  50. Dale A. Albrecht says:


    At the end of the article the author writes about how Robert E. Lee rejected a proposal for the army to break up into guerilla bands and keep fighting. He was a noble fighting man on the wrong and losing side, but do you think after Lincoln was assasinated what the odds would have been for Lee and his liutenants, plus anybody in the CSA government would not have been ornaments from an old apple tree. The retribution would have been unrelenting.

  51. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Talk about freedom of the press…when we have to listen to Keith Olbermann wax poetically about removing Trump from office by using the 25th amendment.

    Who says the USA is not a tolerant nation. when Olbermann can still get on the air or in print. Now he’s a correspondant for GQ…..his skill at sports announcing was so extraordinary

  52. Dale A. Albrecht says:


    Makes one proud doesn’t it? “Filene’s Bargain Basement” on steroids

  53. CNN reporter Brian Stelter said that pre-mature conclusions about the “shooter” at OSU is a normal response that any reporter should do. Here is his quote: “Given this election and the fact that guns are everywhere, it is normal to assume that any campus incident is a shooting incident. It is normal to assume that Trump’s election will bring out the gun nuts. You simply correct the record when the truth becomes evident.”

    How do you even respond to this…..

    • By not paying attention to them. The MSM is nothing but a big fat lie anyway.

      Goebbels would be proud of them.

    • Call him a flat earther!

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Lots of shooting events over the years. We obviously have had the Jihadists (who by any stretch are not liberals but staunch religious conservatives), we have BLM, (not right wing radicals) We’ve had the kid in Charleston (who if the background check by LEO was done thoroughly would never have been issued a license) The wack job at UVA was a medical disaster waiting to happen as was Columbine or the theater in CO, or the congresswomen, or the school shooting in CT. These were all parental neglect and medical failures….go off the meds and you’re now more dangerous than ever.

  54. I have not been following the pipeline protests in the Dakotas, but what’s the difference between the Dakota pipeline protests and occupation and the Oregon Wildlife Refuge occupation?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      So far it is when the N. Dakota crowd blocks a bridge on a highway. The Oregon bunch occupied an empty building next to the highway but never interfered with the public using the highway.

      Oh, one other thing. The FEDS showed up in Oregon but have not in N. Dakota.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        JAC,,,are you in a way saying that the FEDS agree with the obvious “Greater Good” of the protesters. (sarc)

        • Just A Citizen says:


          No. The lack of FBI presence is probably because Federal property is not being occupied.

          However, now that the “white hippies” have moved onto the Rez the Feds may get called in if the “Natives” finally get fed up with their “supporters” and the hippies refuse to leave.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            That’s a thought….but aren’t reservations defacto Federal property even though they charitably say “independent nation” of etc etc. Also aren’t the Souix (sp) occupiers themselves of the Dakotas. When they got pushed from the Great Lakes region they pushed out the tribes that were originally in that dakotas region?

            I though Hippies were from a bygone era, or is it that those that felt unfulfilled are dusting off their beads and headbands to make a difference.

  55. Let’s see….a Somali refugee takes his car, runs down students, gets out of his car, stabs students, gets shot by campus police in the commission of trying to kill students……………………and the Obama administration has only reason to say this person is suspected of doing all of this.


    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I always assumed that a “suspect” is someone who the police arrested after an investigation of evidence, but nobody really knows for a fact they have the correct perp. This OSU event falls squarely in the perpertrator category, dead on the sidewalk with the knfie in his hands. No suspicion required. …Who, What, When, Where is beyond any doubt with Why the only outstanding question.

      • This shit started back in the late ’60’s. You got the guy on film pulling the trigger and it is “alleged”. Worst part is they are so conditioned, so programmed to say it that they can’t even see how ludicrous it is to the rest of us.

        Now, I am eagerly awaiting the media to point out the perp was very black, an immigrant, a refugee, a bullied (in his mind) person and he was SHOT DEAD by a white cop. No warning shot, nothing in his big toe, just SHOT DEAD. As vile n act of racism as Simon Legree could even come up with.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Your waiting is over. A student paper has published that Abdul was frightened and bullied when he prayed publically. If that is the case….feel free to pray privately. We had a number of Muslim faithful in the office in Durham NC. They got together at the appropriate times in a conference room and prayed. Nobody objected at all, because of so many faiths that were in the office, NO public display was allowed out of possibly offending somebody. That included Christian evangelists, here in the bible belt. Who also did their thing privately……it was a place of business, not the National Cathedral.

          Obviously “tolerance” is not the password at universities.

  56. JAC…if you are being logical and I am being rational…….how do you think we would get along on the college campus today?

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I really do not think anyone here on SUFA, even Matt and Buck would not do well in today’s collegiate environment. Matt’s alter ego would raise havoc.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Not very well my Texican friend. Not very well.

      But I bet we could have some real fun!

      • But it would be fun. The things we learn in life too late. I was already out of school when I went in the Army. I was amazed at Drill Sergeants and their methods of intimidation without resorting to violence. What I learned in basic and AIT was better than another 25 credits in Psychology.

        Not being in school I have had very few opportunities to put their lessons to the test, the nose to nose, quiet confrontation, but it would be oh so fun to use it on these little snowflakes.

  57. You do not have a right to vote for government, as government is criminal, terrorism by definition. Voting is a criminal act.

    Voting is organizing to support and contribute to the systematic use of violence to force your opinions onto others and steal from them, murder them and destroy entire civilizations and a myriad of other crimes. Thus by voting, you are expressing willful membership of a criminal gang and/or terrorist organization.

    The right to defense applies. That is to say that those who do not wish to be ruled and/or violated have an inalienable right to defense against an organization that violates them, to include any and all members thereof.

    Therefore, if you are not a statist, but do live within the claimed gang territory commonly mislabeled as a jurisdiction, you have a right to use any and all means necessary and available to prevent or stop violations or seek restitution from statists, up to and including deadly force.

    Killing statists can be argued as rightful and just, an act of defense.

    I posit they should be exterminated before hel..err..umm..Earth gets any worse, and only because they cannot be reasoned with to cease with their egregious systematic violence.

  58. ” Killing statists can be argued as rightful and just, an act of defense.”

    Interesting concept…so, therefore, the right of self defense extends both ways.

    • The right to defense does not apply to offensive action. Statism is offensive action.

      • Think of it like this, Colonel…

        If you are standing somewhere in public, and a man walks up to you and swings at you, he is acting offensively. If you block his punch or duck or punch back in response to his offense, your action is considered defense.

        So defense is the response to offense.

        Your position is that both offense and defense are the same. It is not like the man throwing the punch at you can defend himself against himself.

      • “The right to defense does not apply to offensive action. Statism is offensive action.

        That’s backward. The right to defense does not apply to defensive action. Defense applies to offensive action.

        • The right to defense does not apply to defensive action. Defense applies to offensive action.

          Unfortunately, you are incorrect on this premise. Defense is also offensive.

  59. Do you have a right to threaten a person in order to control them?

    Do you have a right to hire someone else to threaten a person in order to control them?

    Do you have a right to organize with others to hire someone to threaten a person in order to control them?

    If so, is the right to organize with others to hire someone to threaten a person in order to control them dependent on the number of members? If so, how many before it becomes a right?

    Does the right to organize with others to hire someone to threaten a person in order to control them become more or less of a right if you include religious ceremonies or wear special clothing or say special magic words or rituals?

    Does the right to organize with others to hire someone to threaten a person in order to control them include stealing from them?

    Are there any limitations on right to organize with others to hire someone to threaten a person in order to control them?

    What kind of threat do you have a right to use when you organize with others to hire someone to threaten a person in order to control them?

    If you organize with others to hire someone to threaten a person in order to control them, but they do not want to be controlled, do you have a right to punish them or kill them? If so, is there any limitation on the number of people being killed for violating your right to organize with others to hire someone to threaten a person in order to control them?

    • Perfect description of unions.

      • Do unions have a right to defend their right to organize with others to hire someone to threaten a person in order to control them?

        If you violate the right to organize with others to hire someone to threaten a person in order to control them, does the right to defense apply?

        For example;

        If a union decides they don’t like a particular brand of clothing and they hire an army with weapons to go around punishing people for wearing that particular brand and confiscating the contraband, and someone violates their right to organize with others to hire someone to threaten a person in order to control them by refusing to comply, what level of force are they rightful in using?

        Does it matter how many members there are or how many weapons the union has? What if they all go to the same church?

  60. FOr the $15 per hour movement on fast foods……I say let them have it and see who then buys their product.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Interesting dilemma for some small business owners. If wages go to 15 then the associated overhead cost also increases. Usually another 1 to 2 dollars per hour.

      Now in a business with large tip wages that does not count them towards the minimum wage, Washington State, the cost of the employee increases but the total wage remains the same. It is an odd situation created by Washington State labor laws. There is one other State with similar laws, I believe Massachusetts.

      If your business is a Casino there is no way to pass the added employee costs to the customers. Because $5 in chips is $5.

      Just a couple of things not considered by the 15 crowd. Besides the obvious increase in mechanization.

      • Agreed…..and it turned out here, in Fort Worth, to even avoid the $15 movement….mechaniztion has already taken over the Mc Donalds that I mentioned and greater profits….meanwhile, people are put out of work. There is even a Walmart now experiementing with mechanization using kiosks and conveyor belts from a warehouse. Very interesting.

  61. Colonel,

    If you are acting in defense of a criminal terrorist organization or military that uses a system of threatening deadly force as a default function, at what point are you rightful in using deadly force in defense?

    For example;

    If a force took over Texas and occupied it under whatever legal claim of jurisdiction, …Do the people of Texas have a right to form militias and drive them out by use of necessary deadly force?

    If so, which members of their occupying force are you rightful in killing?

    If half of Texas formed a militia/terrorist organization and claimed all of Texas, took over and imposed whatever military rule, do the subjects of their occupation have a right to use deadly force in response?

    • Yes….all….yes

      • Given the parameters of your example.

        • What is your reasoning? What exactly gives Texans the right to defend against an occupying force?

          • I am taking the reasoning that, when you say occupying force, it was uninvited.

            • Uninvited certainly applies to the foreign occupiers. But I am unsure how that applies to the latter scenario with half of Texas occupying all of it. If they live there already, then it isn’t like they were uninvited. Maybe unwanted is more accurate.

              Here is where I get confused…

              If half of Texas formed a militia/terrorist organization and claimed all of Texas, took over and imposed whatever military rule, how does right to use deadly force in defense relate to the right to organize with others to hire someone to threaten a person in order to control them?

              It would seem that the right to organize with others to hire someone to threaten a person in order to control them is being violated by the right to use deadly force in defense of an occupying force.

              Or does it have something to do with the difference between a union and an occupying force? Because it would make a little better sense if unions do indeed have the right to organize with others to hire someone to threaten a person in order to control them, but not half of Texas occupying the other half.

              If that is indeed the case, then I must question the difference between half of Texas occupying all of it, and whatever percentage of Texans currently and historically organize to decide on people to say magic special words have religious ceremonies and write on paper what Texans are to be and do, then send an army of people in funny clothes with weapons to make all the Texans do what the papers say or be murdered.

              • Ok….I can see where you are confusing two situations. First, you need to let me know something in your description. Is Texas a free standing Republic or part of the United States. If Texas is a free standing Republic and in charge of their own destiny, then it is up to the people of that Republic to decide how they want to live, free of coercion from the outside. That said, if there is a faction that decides it wishes to take over Texas, the Republic, and impose its will and the people of Texas do not want it…….bring out the guns and fight for your freedom…..as a Republic.

                I think Texas is a great example because it was, at one time, a Republic. I suggest you read the TRUE history of Texas and not the revised versions that claim that Texas moved in and stole Norte Mejico. It was a true case of Mexico inviting people into its northern area to create commerce with promises of land and free trade. That worked for awhile until the government of Mexico changed under the dictator Santa Anna and free trade was denied and excise taxes were added and land confiscated. The people that came there said no and when Santa Anna used force to enforce his will……they fought. They lived in peace and harmony until the soldiers arrived. You know the result.

                Texas’ big mistake was in joining the United States. Once it joined the United States, through the collective will of the people of Texas, it gave up its rights as a Republic. But it gave up its rights as a Republic through the collective will of the majority of the people. Now, I am sure that you will adopt the stance that if the collective will was not 100%, then the majority created violence among those that did NOT want to be part of the United States. If that is your stance, then your position, as I see it, is that the minority that did not want to be part of the United States has a right to defend itself with force by using force as a defense.

                Now, if you adopt that stance, then you do not believe in collective will or a majority. That majority becomes an offensive manure pile because it does not conform or believe the way you do.

                So, it seems to me, that you need to decide whether you want to live within a majority or not. If you choose the majority, then you choose that way of life and are subject to the majority. If not, you must either move or take a stand. If you take a stand, and the laws or rules of the society you are in dictate otherwise, then you will suffer the consequence. If every action that you do not like nor wish to live under is force to you ( and I can name many that I do not like ), then your are free to use whatever opposing defense or force you wish….but there will be consequence.

                Am I being fair?

              • Fair? Sure, ..why not?

                I am simply trying to understand the values and principles of paper and guns faux world and ‘Camp Texas’.

                It seems rather strange to me how Texans protect each other by hiring armies in funny clothes to hunt each other and commit armed sexual assault. I also wonder why those who don’t want to be ‘protected’ are so tolerant of it.

                Maybe no really does mean yes in paper and guns faux world prison camp. …or at least at Camp Texas.

                Or is it a union thing? It is so confusing.

              • “It seems rather strange to me how Texans protect each other by hiring armies in funny clothes to hunt each other and commit armed sexual assault.”

                Decipher, please. “hiring armies in funny clothes” = police? And you will have to explain armed sexual assault for me…please, what is your definition.

              • AS to unions….there are not very many….Texas is open shop and right to work.

              • “Decipher, please. “hiring armies in funny clothes” = police? And you will have to explain armed sexual assault for me…please, what is your definition.”

                Yes, you call them police.

                They hunt people because they disagree with their driving habits and on suspicion of stuffing plants in their genitals and anus and threaten them with death by firearm to make them comply with public molestation. If they are indeed guilty of stuffing plants in their genitals and anus, the ‘police’ put them in a dungeon and steal their money and/or have a ceremonial argument about it.

  62. Elisheba…..help me with something…..exactly what are you? Anarchist? Libertarian?….any description at all?

    • I am a human being.

      I think you classify my political idealism as Anarchist or Libertarian. They are actually the same thing in terms of values and principle.

      I say human being because it implies as such, seeing as how it is our natural function to exist as individuals with rights. It is simply part of what defines us as human.

    • Oh, me! Let me start, see how much trouble I can get in.

      Southern gentleman, former sailor, business entrepreneur (painter), likes heavy metal, Black Flag protege, turned grumpy middle aged man with stalkers. Used to be fun to hang out with all night on SUFA with Cyndi P and me.

      • Lol.

        Midwest asshole, former baby killer, rat in race, likes heavy metal too, recognizer of reality, put through hell and now has targets. Used to be on SUFA before pissing everyone off the first time.

        I’m working on number two.

      • “Black Flag protege”

        I don’t trust Flag, however ‘correct’ he may be in pointing out the real world.

  63. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Sales volumes are coming in from the holidays…….can anyone imagine, just Walmart sold 150 million pounds of turkey and ham., pies went out like 6/second….this volume of food qualifies as one of the seven deadly sins. “Gluttony”

  64. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    For those that may plan on traveling to SF….a modern version of the “Leaning tower of Pisa” has developed with the Millenial Building. Already sunk 16 inches and leaning. Obviously the mole people have been at work.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      “Millenium Building” They built the tallest building in SF and one if not the tallest west of the Mississippi on fill, sand and mud with only a concrete slab and 60-90 ft pilings not even to bedrock.,,,,,,brilliant…..did they not realize that under all that fill there are the rotted hulks of abandoned windjammers from the gold rush, the basis of the original landfill expansion.

      • I thought you knew that we here on the left coast only play cards with half a deck. The other half is buried under SF.

        • And now we regulate cow farts and belches. And then they wonder why things are so expensive in this state. Let’s raise the minimum wage. That will solve the problem.


          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            they didnt’ call Jerry Brown “Moonbeam” for no reason…..I guess adding antacids and “Beano” to the cattles diet will save the planet. I find it intersting that the EU with all their actions to combat climate change has recorded an increase of CO2 in the atmosphere and Colorado has seen no change if not an increase.So how can CA have determined that they with all their actions have shown the opposite than anybody else? Wishful thinking?

            The outcome as posited by the dairy farmers is they will just move and open up elsewhere.

            Question…..did CA ever solve their power fluctuation and brown out problems? It certainly could not have gotten better by moving to less consistant energy sources such as wind and solar. Not so long ago that was raising havoc with the computer and communication networks. Or did everyone install back-up power supplies to everything? Even when I lived in Raleigh the power grid was built for a much smaller population. If you did not put backup power on your systems the internal power supplies would burn out quickly trying to maintain a steady supply of electricity to your computer. The enviro’s kept blocking the buildout of the power companies generating plants.

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              Or are oil lamps coming back? And also when the sun goes down, just go to bed as in the days of old….I’ve got an idea. Demonstrate a small version of trying out oil on the docks of SF, thinning out the sea lions that are finding the docks are far more comfortable than rocks….that would drive PETA nuts.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                People have asked me over the years why I never moved back to California. Granted I did have some brief temporary assignments there in the early and mid 70’s, but when Brown became governor after Reagan and moved whole heartedly to the policies of his Father Edmund, who had collapsed the States finances, and then Jerry proceeded to also do, I could not in clear concience move back to the “worlds largest open air sanitarium”

                Besides there were to many people there at 22M back then which stressed the environment to the max…..and now there’s just under 40M

                I do have one wish though concerning Hollywood CA. There is a daily parade of stars coming forward and claiming they were raped….including child stars boys and girls. (scene in the godfather comes to mind) but are all failing to come forward with names out of fear of the powers in Hollywood. If there is a culture of rape in this country it is right in la la land hollywood…..I just wish these folks would have the guts and follow through and bring some reality to that unreal world.

          • That is something that is laughed about on the auction circuit…..it is a big joke around cattle country. The dairy farmers just need to leave….double the price of milk and then listen to the howling.

            Regulating emissions from manure……really. Dried cow chips burn really well with no smoke.

  65. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Is Elizabeth Warren on something?

    “The majority of voters supported Democratic Senate candidates over Republican ones, and the majority supported a Democratic presidential candidate over a Republican one,” Warren said, citing the popular vote totals. “The American people didn't give Democrats majority support so we can come back to Washington and play dead. They didn't send us here to whimper, whine, or grovel.”

    More States went with Republican governors,, more states elected republicans into state houses and both houses of Congress in DC stayed firmly in Republican hands.

  66. gmanfortruth says:

    A new article is posted to continue the conversations!!!!!!

  67. Just A Citizen says:

    Anyone else remember when Pelosi told us that infrastructure spending would increase jobs and economic activity by 7 times? Now it turns out the expansion factor is actually 2 and that only applies to bad economic times. It drops when times are good, like now.

    This ladies and gentlemen is a prime example of the flawed economic theories that run this country. If you doubt this just ask yourself this question. How much new wealth was created by spending that $5?


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