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christmas2016Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope everyone has a safe and healthy holiday weekend.  Below is a way that you can help those in need, so please watch the video and do your part  😀



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  2. Prediction time: The Cleveland Browns will win Saturday and keep from going 0-16.

    • They cut the expected return rate from 7.5% to 7% which is more realistic. It means gov has to contribute more to the fund. Think taxes.

      • I was looking at the city getting out of the program and the program cutting retirees as what is seemingly a result. These retirees should have their retirements secure if the City payed the bills, which it states it did.

        Regardless, the promises that governments have espoused will probably end in disaster for those who believed them. All these “retirement fund” companies have to do is close shop and file bankruptcy. Which may the case in many places because the governments aren’t funding the retirement accounts. It’s a lose/lose situation if you ask me.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Years ago, in the era of Worldcom and Enron, the Maine State Teachers Union invested very heavily into companies like this, for the retirement funds of their members. Needless to say, the retirement fund went bust and the teachers who had their retirement there wound up with NOTHING. There had been a deal somewhat like the Railroad retirement fund that replaced social security. The union at one of my Grandfather’s workplace absconded with their members retirement fund and went to Switzerland. Never extradited. The members wound up with nothing, the company owed nothing to those employees. The main target of guys like T Boone Pickett and his corporate raiders was to pillage the retirement funds that at the time were over funded of the companies they took over. Again leaving the retirees with nothing.

  3. Just A Citizen says:
    December 22, 2016 at 2:24 pm (Edit)

    I find the following statement by Kellyan Conway to be very revealing.

    “However, she acknowledged her new job in a statement Thursday: “I am humbled and honored to play a role in helping transform the movement he has led into a real agenda of action and results.””

    The million dollar question will now be whether Trump goes along with her advice in this regard. Ms. Conway may have just been elevated to the National Leader of the Tea Party.

    Conway has shown that she is far smarter and far more talented than ANY female the Liberal’s have put forth, including Clinton. This move by Trump is a great move and destroys the Mysogonist (sp) nonsense. Conway may now be the most influential women in politics and quite possibly the most powerful. Impressive person.

  4. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Now that Aleppo has been retaken completely by the Syrian government, marking the point that ALL cities are back in the hands of the government, wouldn’t it be prudent for Europe etal to send all the Syrian refugees and migrants back home to rebuild their country? It would be cheaper to even pay wages and work in construction until their infrastructure is rebuilt and jobs return.

    Aren’t we at the root of the rebellion by supporting with arms, training etc and ISIS and the “moderate” rebels and whipping up Jihadists to overthrow Assad? Apparently the rebels and ISIS never controlled more than 1/2 of the city.

    • Obama, HRC, McCain and a few others, including Soros are directly responsible for the Syria issue. ISIS is just a new name for the same old terrorist’s. “Oh my, look at these evil terrorist’s” Don’t pay any attention to what we’re REALLY doing in Syria, you need to focus on ISIS. Even their name stinks of CIA propaganda. The lies that have been told by the MSM can fill a book.

  5. Dale A Albrecht says:
  6. Dale A Albrecht says:

    As I was reading down through the headlines, online, the one that was getting the most play was of a Kentucky women going on a racist rant. The trigger was apparently a second person who put items in the persons cart ahead of the “rant” lady and that set her off.

    Now to be honest calling the “ranting” lady a lady is being overly generous. In fact she could be accused of taking up 3 spaces in line all by herself.

    • I read some stories and watched the video. This incident didnt just occur because that old lady is a racist. She was pissed, probably because she has dealt with similar events and had had enough. I deal with old people, this is not an uncommon event at all. The elderly have no problem speaking their mind. There will be more about this story coming out and it will better to help understand the mindset. It is frustrations with immigrants, maybe the illegal types. I didn’t hear a racial slur, like spick or wetback, just an ass chewing for being rude and cutting in line. This ain’t Mexico, old people don’t play that shit when they are over weight and their knees are hurting. ROFLMAO!!!! In the end, I bet she voted for HRC and is a registered Democrat.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I go to the store with infinite patience. the rudest by a mile are people from NYC regardless of age. In Raleigh at certain markets like “Whole Foods” where the elite shop with a holier than thou attitude…their nickname is the Birkenstock crowd it’s like bumper car, with them smashing into you or your cart just to get in front. Being Xmas I kept everything in check. Sometimes though in passing I’ll ask the person if they are visiting or retired from NY…..90% plus say…how did you know?


    Democrats haven’t learned anything recently. Still delusional.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Doctors and Nurses through their errors kill 20X as many people in the US than guns do…..where is the outcry for that. And there are millions more gun owners than Doctors and Nurses. Who is the more responsible?

  8. A crazed supporter of presidential loser Hillary Clinton was removed from a flight Thursday after harassing Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka in front of her children.

    Brooklyn lawyer Dan Goldstein and his husband, Matthew Lasner, were forced to deplane a JetBlue flight after Goldstein reportedly “screamed” remarks at the president-elect’s 35-year-old daugher.

    “Your father is ruining the country,” Goldstein yelled at Ivanka, according to entertainment site TMZ.

    “Why is she on our flight? She should be flying private,” he also shouted.

    All the while Ivanka attempted to distract her children with crayons, another passenger aboard the plane told TMZ.

  9. As part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, federal watchdog group Judicial Watch (JW) has learned that U.S. Customs and Homeland Security gave groups of Somali Muslims private tours of secure areas in at least three major airports, including them in things like security briefings and TSA procedures.

    These events curiously dubbed “community engagement tours” have been scheduled several times over the last few years at Los Angeles International, Minneapolis-St.Paul Airport, and the Columbus, Ohio airport. JW revealed that “the briefings provided to Somali groups were so sensitive that in 14 instances the agency redacted portions of the records” under the FOIA “risk circumvention” exemption. In other words, the Somali groups had a front-row seat to restricted areas and information at U.S. airport that the rest of us aren’t cleared to see. JW was told this information is “too law-enforcement sensitive” even though it was “provided in full to the Somali group[s].”

    “The invitees were provided briefings of the Global Entry system, APC [Automated Passport Control] system, secondary screening procedures, baggage-screening procedures and given tours of the holding cells/interview rooms,” the report states.

  10. In the current “let’s do the Cold War over” climate, very little is known of Russia and what goes on inside Russia. too bad. An interesting clip I ran into when I was researching Russian Orthodoxy for my cousin. Iron curtain collapses in 1991. By 2001, the Russians had rebuilt, from the ground up the grand cathedral Stalin had blown up in 1931. Wonder is ANY western sect is still powerful and has enough faithful followers to pull that off!

    • Do the Korean Americans count? Friend of mine cleans a church in Ann Arbor 3 or 4 days a week. I’ve helped her a couple times. Rooms upon rooms upon rooms, a huge cafeteria and full kitchen, offices and a huge sanctuary. They doubled the size of the place within 18 months. Self funded and prepaid at $4 million. Beautiful place now.

      • NOT WESTERNERS! The west has become too sophisticated. Asians are funny. Ostensibly the West lost its faith because of the horrors of the World Wars, “How could God….blah….blah….blah” Yet Asians whose background is arguably worse than that of the westerners have grown in faith. Go figure!

  11. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Yee gads…..I got a raise….I have to make sure I do not spend it all in one place.

  12. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Tonight I went out for dinner up at a high end burger and beer joint. They have several TV screens going and up fron and senter was the Colorado St and Idaho game being played in Boise……the blue field was making me ill……JAC where did that field come from?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      That is the second or third version of the “Smurf Turf”. They even held a public vote on whether to go back to green. Blue won overwhelmingly.

      The WAC, passed a rule preventing Boise State from wearing their Blue uniforms when playing at home. Guess some teams would lose track of receivers.

      If you think the Blue is bad check out the Eastern Washingtong Univ. field………..RED.

      U of I is playing pretty good so far. Better shore up the D pretty quick or CSU could put up 20 to 30 in the last ten minutes.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        I almost thought they switched the color so the CSU ‘Green” would not get lost in the turf. But somebody at the bar, said it’s been blue forever. I went to CSU 46 year ago and I don’t remember anything like that up at Idaho….I guess it a modern era thing.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The Smurf Turf was first installed in 1986. Boise State was in the Big Sky at the time.

          Univ. of Idaho’s field is green turf inside the Kibbie Dome.

          Spent three weeks in Grad. program studies at CSU back in the early 80’s. Had a great time. First time I ever actually understood Statistics. The Proff. just had a way to explain it that finally clicked for me.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          What did I tell you about the CSU offense.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Why would CSU have been heavily favored to win? they had a far worse W/L record for the season. When I just looked at the final score, I thought it was a Basketball score. 61-50. Idaho…..I though you westerners were conservative. Blue field or a red field…yeck.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              CSU was favored because the WAC is a much stronger conference than the Sunbelt.

              CSU also put up tons of points in a hurry this year, beating Boise State at Boise by scoring 20 plus pts. in the closing minutes of the game. They also beat San Diego State in San Diego. The same SDSU that beat up on their bowl opponent the other day.

              Idaho had a better record but against weaker opponents. But I think the odds makers did not realize how Idaho’s program was changing as the season progressed. Still not the talent but the new coach has instilled heart where it was lacking.

              I am with you on the blue and red.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      That catch should seal the deal.

      By the way Dale, the Smurf Turf is at least visible on the TV. The Red turf at EWU causes the players to blend on the screen sometimes. Like when players move across that digital first down marker sometimes.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Somebody in Boise should have their pay docked for the field condition tonight. They had heavy snow and rain with subfreezing temps but it is artificial turf and should never be as slick as it is tonight. No excuse for the field condition on an ESPN prime time game.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        i was noticing that…slick as goose s!!!. Imagine getting tackled on that frozen artificial turf. Give me real grass anyday.

  13. Dale A Albrecht says:
    • My fondest memory was lying in my rack at Leonard Wood and being knocked out of it by an F-4 doing an inverted flight at treetop level (it seemed) . Leonard Wood, in the middle of the Mark Twain National Forest, was where they flight tested the Phantoms after completing them at McDonald – Douglas in St. Louis.

    • Hence…the work black is outlawed. Those with that color skin will now be known as “darkies”.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Art class is going to have a heck of a time

      In good old guilt ridden CT as elite a State as I’ve ever been associated with, 81.7% white, 9.1% black, 2% asian….to make up 100% is a smattering of everyone else in the world… have to be fairly well to do to live in CT.

      Now in our racist southern State of NC 71.2% white, 22.1% black and 2% asian to make 100% is a smattering of everyone else.

      Big difference between CT and NC you can afford to live without being in the very tippy top of the economic stucture of the nation.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        That school photo was pretty lily white to me.

      • This is also why they are losing elections. Most people think this kind of stuff is stupid.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          My old High School in LA demographics as of 2008. The school also has just a little bit above ½ of the students as it had in the 60’s. The white kids go to private school and the blacks and Hispanics are bussed in from the east valley and central LA.

          0.47% American Indian/Alaska Native
          5.50% Asian
          2.98% Filipino
          0.23% Pacific Islander
          17.66% Black, Non-Hispanic
          31.94% Hispanic
          41.22% White, Non-Hispanic

          The Neighborhood is still predominantly white and it takes a pot load of money to live there.
          The racial makeup of the neighborhood was 79.90% White, 6.97% Asian, 0.13% Pacific Islander, 3.34% African American, 0.33% Native American, 4.80% from other races, and 4.52% from two or more races. 11.94% of the population were Hispanic of any race.

          FYI…the median income is $94K

  14. Trump…..looking personally at defense appropriations and forcing companies to actually bid against each other….eliminating earmarks from specific Senate or House Districts……cutting over funding and eliminating cost over runs……

    He really is pissing of the establishement……..go TRUMP go……business approach.

    • Sounds like he found Obama’s laser.

    • Right On!

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Besides the engineering problems with the Navy’s new literal warfare ship, cracks are developing in the hulls. I have to look and see if the ship is also similar to the new coast guard cutters, which are having problems also with cracks.

    • Heard a “conservative” complain the other day. Says that the Government has no right interfering with the market place. Last I looked, the “government ” was the customer and Donald J. Trump was the CEO of that customer.

      • Yes sir…..We put Trump in charge of our money….he is doing just that.

        The left does not like it…their gravy train is leaving the station…………………….empty.

  15. Sweden just announced that sex attacks on women in the last 10 years has doubled…..and it is directly related to Islamic immigration.

    • The obvious is not obvious until studied by a bunch of egg heads.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        T-Ray….wouldn’t you say that the obvious has been obvious to those that are not egg heads because people generally do not try and make the problem more complex than it really is….I had a rule in troubleshooting. 80% of all the problems are caused by the last person to have touched it. So what in the past years has been the change to Sweden? The Swedes themselves didn’t all of a sudden change their behavior.

    • Well, if those slutty Swedish women would stop walking around with their ears showing this wouldn’t happen!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Isn’t that the truth. It’s all their fault for bringing the problem upon themselves as in Germany etc. (sarc)… least the Italian police did not try and shoot the Berlin bomber to wound. They had and have absolutely no problem dropping you in your tracks.

        I’m so sick of the west being told that it has to be more tolerant, yet the people that they are being told to be more tolerant of are the most repressive and intolerant in the world.
        I am not in any way talking about issues with hispanics or blacks in this country.

      • 🙂

      • Oh Jennie….I like slutty ear lobes tho……legs, knees, eyes, hair,……..(especially eyes and hair)…..No, guys, I am not a breast man….I like eyes and hair and legs…in that order.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      This is the multi-denominational chapel which includes the muslim faith already on campus.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Just like the “National Cathedral” all faiths of the world are represented and free to worship there. Scattered all throughout the Cathedral are chapels specific to different faiths besides the main central area.

        As to the demand that tranport be provided to the local mosques for Univ of Maryland muslim students…..local community transport is a phone call away as is Uber.

    • It would violate the establishment clause since it would be specific to one religion.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        At my office before retiring we had several “faithful practicing” muslims. As their work allowed, they’d just find a vacant conference room, as did christian bible groups and pray all you want in private….besides that there still was the great outdoors.

    • They have their places of worship. These demands are some serious proof that they want US to cater to their beliefs. It’s just a step to their total goal. Frankly, those who believe this should be deported.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      My bet on what the University decides on the 64 demands…….they cave in

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Only a typically sarcastic one from me…..They do have to insure the quality of the crack, might as well get the FDA involved..

      On a serious note….sounds like “Fast and Furious”

    • Hmmmmm…..a non sarcastic from the Old retired Colonel who knows nothing…….so, does this mean that the buyers do not know whom they are buying from?

  16. So, just how much have we allowed ourselves to be intimidated?…..I noticed on the news that the largest chrurches are now talking armed guards at the doors with machine guns.

  17. By the way……..Merry Christmas to all.

  18. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I believe this comment by CIA Director shows the weakness of all the claims the Democrats and Obama have been making about the alleged Russian hacking.

    “I don’t think we should resort to some of the tactics and techniques that our adversaries employ against us. I think we need to remember what we’re fighting for,” Brennan told National Public Radio in an interview that aired on Friday. (

    “We’re fighting for our country, our democracy, our way of life, and to engage. And the skullduggery that some of our opponents and adversaries engage in, I think is beneath this country’s greatness,” Brennan said on NPR’s “Morning Edition.”

    This next set of comments about Syria do not make sense to me especially the last one. How the oppositionists are the ones trying to reclaim their country for their families etc. It was the OUTSIDE influences that prolonged the violence getting to a point that it took some pretty nasty warfare to dislodge them from the cities and areas they occupied and terrorized the Syrian population. My belief is that very few Syrians were actually involved in the original rebellion and WE and other arab nations recruited and armed soldiers to overthrow Assad. He certainly was not a nice guy, but what ISIS and the rebels promised and demonstrated was far worse. Shown in living color in other regions they occupied.

    “Brennan also predicted that despite the fall of eastern Aleppo to forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, there would be no end to the violence there.”

    “Aleppo’s fall, to me is not a sign that there is going to be an end to this conflict because I am convinced that many, many of those oppositionists, the ones who are trying to reclaim their country for their families, for their neighbors, for their children, will continue to fight,” he told NPR.”

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Wasn’t the evacuation that was organized to take Syrians out, was NOT in the government controlled areas of Aleppo, but in the ISIS and opposition controlled areas and these people were being held there against their will, becoming human shields and hostages.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I guess the top administrator and his cabinet appointees for those agencies are NOT supposed to know what and who are working for them….I guess these are autonomous agencies that do what they please without supervison.

      The petty BS that is following this election is astounding. Like NO school band filed for an application to march and perform in any inaugural parade or concert. Also several of the Rockettes were refusing to perform, until their union reminded them of their contracts etc.

  19. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I’m going to take a break away from reading the news for the holidays. It’s to depressing.

    With that I’m going to get into a joyful frame of mind and enjoy the holidays. I am giving a dinner party at the inn next door after Christmas but I need to start preparing tomorrow morning.

    I wish everyone a very merry Christmas season here on SUFA, and especially to the folks that have taken a recess break.

  20. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I started getting interested about Frederick Turner’s Frontier theory on how it shaped American history. It’s a good explanation why all the nuts and wacko’s wound up in California……


    Investigate and charge. I especially want to see these assholes in Pa on a chain gang cleaning trash from the roadways, for the next 4 years, minimum.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      I find it quite illuminating that the DOJ has not even squeeked about the “electoral” voter intimidation. The active funding and encouragement for the electors to violate the law. Haven’t the liberals enacted all over “Bullying” laws. If anybody was trying to co-opt a democratic election it had been the supporters of Hillary and the Democrats, not any foreign nation, but just plain old homegrown fraud and out and out criminality

  22. Dale A Albrecht says:–politics.html

    The political damage Obama wrought here and abroad is unbelievable. So what if he claims 15M jobs created as though he had something to do with it. It still is a fabricated # not even replacing the jobs lost, but worse is what were the jobs created….mostly crap jobs

  23. Dale A Albrecht says:

    T-Ray…..over the years i’ve been reading about Brown’s plan for a high speed train in CA. Always touting the cost will be about $15B…..I just read an article in the LA Times, the costs are now up to $64B. 4.3X since just the other year. CA has apparently gone hat in hand to the Federal Gov for funds…..They sure as heck will not get the funds once Trump assumes office as long as CA thumbs it’s nose at Federal immigration laws.

    • The way CA does business, $64B would be cheap but still a money loser. If the train came up again for a vote, it would lose. The people do not want it but that does not stop Gov. Moonbeam.

      Add the twin tunnel project for another $19B. This takes water from the Sacramento river under the delta to the central canal for LaLaLand. It adds no real water to the system just keeps the smelt from being chewed up in the pumps.

      I hope Trump tells Brown to take a hike.

    • Brown wants a legacy similar to his father’s who build the current outdated water system. Unfortunately, he let the SEIU in the hen house in his first 2 terms of office. The state has never been the same. Now all the money goes to union pensions and social services. Essentially it is given away with no net return to the state.

      I like Trump’s approach where he expects something tangible for the money.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Edmund Brown’s legacy? I lived out there during his tenure in office. Absolutely wrecked the State. Reagan did much to fix the problems and then the voters elected Moonbeam who proceeded to undo the gains culminating in a massive tax revolt.

        • I was on the other side of the country then so was not paying attention. Moonbeam has sold out the unions and the greenies.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            The thing that amazes me about the greenies is over history the sources and generatioin of energy had less and less physical area impact on the environment, The renewable energy folks seem to have no problem putting hundreds probably thousands of square miles literally off limits and visual impact of the scenic wonders of this nation and as in States like ME and VT blowing the tops of mountains and making huge roads to build wind farms for unreliable energy. The industrialization of the countryside. We’re going in the reverse direction.

            T-Ray…I’d like to see the report that CA has reduced CO2 or was it emmissions, whereas Europe with all its efforts that are at least equal to CA have reported the opposite. CO2 increasing

  24. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Cuttings from an assessment of the Navy’s cruiser sized stealth destroyer. Zumwalt was not a popular CNO nor successful. I just read that the last one of these ships to be built will be named the Lydon B Johnson….how fitting? The Navy even wanted to eliminate the ships mess crews and have the sailors eat prepackaged meals. Even back when the service was ginning up the low manned efficient ships, I said that who will do the daily maintenance required when they have at least 2/3 less crew for 24/7 operations etc.

    “By reducing crew size, more money could be put into the capital side of a ship’s total lifecycle cost. Obviously, this was and continues to be very attractive to our military’s vendor-dominated procurement system — as it theoretically shifts money from the operations bucket to the capital-acquisition bucket. To this end, it was announced with much fanfare that the cruiser-sized Zumwalt would not require a crew of 400 to 600 sailors but instead, through smart ship design and brand-new automation software yet to be developed, it would require only 95 crew members”.

    “Shockingly, according to an anonymous former program analyst I interviewed, no actual analysis had ever been performed by anyone suggesting that a 95-person crew would have a snowball’s chance of effectively operating the Zumwalt. Yet this number was routinely cited by senior Navy leadership, including the chief of naval operations, as being attainable. It turns out that the only justification for publicly pushing such a small crew size is that it would reduce the estimated total life-cycle cost for the Zumwalt — making it appear to be a more attractive program for funding. After something of an internal revolt by some key Zumwalt design-team leaders, the Navy leadership was forced to back away from its claims about the adequacy of a 95-person crew.”

    “Still, senior Navy leadership was determined to push minimal-manning and eventually the design team was forced to accept a crew size of 147 crew members, not including the air detachment. Even with that increase, there is no way the Zumwalt can conduct the kind of sustained up-tempo operations one expects from a major surface combatant. And there is no chance it can conduct the kind of ship-saving and recovery operations that a Navy warship of this size should be able to execute after taking major damage. That is, if the Zumwalt suffers major damage, hull breaches, etc., its chances of survival are far less than past Navy warships of a similar size; it simply will not have enough crew members to do what is needed to save the ship. Perhaps most astonishingly, at one point Navy leadership got so extreme about reducing crew size, it even pushed to eliminate the ship’s cook. In lieu of freshly prepared meals, the Zumwalt would put out to sea with pre-prepared meals that the crew could warm up for themselves.”

    “Trying to create a such a large warship — capable of operating with such a tiny crew — was and is a gross waste of taxpayer dollars, because it radically increased the cost of the ship and reduced its capabilities with no realistic expectation of success.”

    Much less accepting a warship that can not use it’s weapons due to huge costs, and systems that are still under developement……the Navyi s accepting the Ford under much the same criteria…systems yet to be developed, these are not future systems, but ones that are intregal to the current ships capabilities….Government procurement at its finest hours.

    These aren’t gifts that keep on giving, but taking…Merry Christmas everyone

    • Sounds like CEO Trump of America Inc. has his work cut out fro him, doesn’t it?

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      Since the Ford was laid down 8 years ago, you’d have thought they’d have worked out the bugs in the launch and arresting gear systems with real working systems on land, or even on a carrier being scrapped. Apparently the cats still have a major breakdown every 400 launches instead of the current failure rate of one in 4100 launches. The arresting gear, they’re probably going to revert back to the old systems. Part of the reason for the new systems was the F-35 Joint fighter can not withstand the stress of a normal cat launch or landing with anything like a full combat load. including sidewinders. Brits found that out and have switched they’re order of F-35’s to the VSTOL version. with less range and capabilities such as they were anyway.

  25. Merry Christmas SUFA!

  26. Dale A Albrecht says:
    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The new Republican Gov of VT was elected partially because of the blowback on wind farms in VT. My old village in VT had/has 3 hydro dams supplying uninterupted power to the area. Also heaven forbid, served a dual purpose of flood control. But the last time I visited the picturesque New England village there was a wind farm on the ridge towering above the town with a line of massive turbines. From one side of my old house there were views of Mt Mansfield and the Green Mtn’s and out the other side was Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks of NY. Years ago then Gov Dean (progressive liberal) blocked every attempt of power and heating companies from receiving Natural Gas via a buried pipeline and switching to that source of clean energy…I asked some of the old neighbors who’s neighborhood was now obstructed what was the reasoning for the project and they said it was rammed down their throats by the States Electric Board…….my bet is the power went to Burlington a neighboring city touted to be the 1st city with all renewable power. That city by the way had NO wing turbines within any view. Under Sanders the city had put a wood burning power plant right next to their neighboring city called Winooski, Again not within sight of Burlington nor upwind of Burlington. In Winooski, when I lived there, suffered through the smoke, plus the stench of rotting woodchips (like a paper mill smell), plus our roads got destroyed by the trucks delivering chips to the plant through the city. Didn’t bother Burlington none. That was our problem. Burlington again under Sanders was planning on diverting the entire Winooski River through a tunnel starting where the river was entirely in Burlington and discharge below the falls, turning the river between the two cities into a dry river bed. Again didn’t bother then it was in an abandoned area of Burlington anyway……..The courts kept ruling in Burlington’s favor, and FINALLY the Feds and the EPA interceded and the US Game & Wildlife also. The eventual plan devised which got Burlington hydro power yet retaining the river, plus putting in fishladders etc actually became a beautiful place and opened it up even more to the people with river walks etc, the falls stayed intact….That is the art of compromise and the role the EPA may and should play. But if left to the progressive powers in VT and Burlington they would have destroyed a neighboring city

  27. Dale A Albrecht says:

    No wonder the new Air Force One was costing so much, they were making up some of the obvious loses from the Iran deal. If normal airlines are being sold advantagously at 50% less than normal, then the new AF-One should be about $2B, they can’t have that much fancy security stuff on board.

    Or if Boeing and Airbus, say that they can cut 50% of the price and still make a profit, they have truly benefited from each having a monopoly in their respective regions. i thought it was against the IRS law to deliberately sell products at a loss. But then when they’re government negotiated deals….anything goes.

    • My brother claims there is a problem with this. There are export bans on some of the avionics in the new planes both Boeing and Airbus. He works for Rockwell-Collins who make the avionics for Boeing. Other US companies supply Airbus. So is Obama giving them a waiver on the avionics?

  28. Dale A Albrecht says:
  29. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I have to keep repeating…I am and addict, I am an addict, I tried to stay away from the media news over the holiday’s, but I failed.

    One of the biggest topics was the backlash and boycotts against Ivanka Trump and her business and those retail outlets that sell her products…..So here are liberal democrats who support women and their successes….unless you happened to be the daughter of the President elect….Ivanka did not get elected to office.

    Or that the GOP and Trump are set to destroy the middle class and remove the safety net established since Roosevelt…….We had a huge middle class with more property ownership back in our history than today…..The shift was forced retirement to remove older workers from the workplace during the depression. Nobody retired, they kept working until you died, pensions what were those? Pensions were devised to get around wage and price controls enacted by the Democrats enabling companies to attract workers as was vacation and benefits…..but then families worked together and homes were multi-generational…but that also was a shift…saying everyone even a single person has to be able to survive on their own after some government determined age, like 65, and most companies find it advantageous to “retire” someone at 59 or 60. Try finding a job to fill those last years befor 65.

    The headlines were also awash on how how Trump has broken with decades of State dept tradition….oh by taking a phone call from a duly elected president of a free country. Who this week just broke decades of tradition…..It was Obama and UN Rep Rice who abstained on a very important vote in the UN about Israel…..this throws a huge impediment into Trump’s obvious foreign policy stance on Israel and the ME. The Palestinians didn’t found or build Jerusalem. The Arabs didn’t found or build Jerusalem, they conquered it well over a millenium of it’s founding. Well it got conquered back half a century ago. Does that mean permanency, not a by a long shot…..if you want it take it, don’t do cheap lawyer resolutions.

    My belief is that of any city in this world it should be an open city to all faiths of the region. Not administered by the UN they’re useless and totally bias. What unfortunately there is one faith that can not abide by that and that is Islam. Not that there has not been problems centuries ago. Like the Muslims at U of M. Demanding cleverly disguised prayer space in each major building on campus for marginalized students. The Chapel on campus is totally neutered of any indication supporting one faith or another…..yet the muslims though represented there can not abide by sharing the space….that is the definition of intolerance and whatever else you want to call it.

    What if the UN would just disappear? My belief conflicts would be solved as opposed to running on and on and on… the more lawyers are involved in a dispute between neighbors or spouses the worse the problem becomes. It is NOT in their interest to end the conflict.

  30. Democrats will not have formal power to block Tillerson or other Trump picks, following a 2013 rules change that eliminated the use of filibusters against presidential nominees. However, procedural tactics could slow down the hearings.

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