Infantile Democrats

The Democrats repeatedly tried to object to Electoral College results on the House floor despite KNOWING that the objections must be signed by a HoR member and a Senator.  Their childish theater is just another example of the mindset of Liberal’s who simply cannot accept the fact that their policies are a failure and have been rejected and rejected soundly.


What is truly sad about this, it occurred exactly the same in 2001 when the votes were being counted for Bush.  Similar to yesterday, no Democrat Senator would sign the objections.  What a sad group of people.



  1. I’ll bet the Democrats constituents are so happy with their rat politicians.


    The conspiracy theory crowd is going to have a blast with this one 🙂

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      How can one spend all the years in the military/guard and still be an E-3….loser down the line and had to have been cashiered for not advancing one bit….I remember back in my days….it was move up or move out. Show some ambition. Opportunity was constantly being made available.

      Gman….remember he is still only a “suspect” at this time. Yet he layed the gun down and spread eagled himself on the ground…….talk about real news….all the news services ran with that he flew in from Canada…..Canada says there are NO connecting flights from Alaska to Ft Lauderdale through Canada…..They all repeated whomever made the first story up……we’ll correct it later as the FACTS come in……no real journalism…just repeat after me.

  3. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Obama blasted also Sanders on being one of the causes of the unpopularity of the ACA. If that is not delusional I don’t know what is.

    My prediction, the ACA will never be repealed….certain elements may be removed but the camel has it’s nose under the tent flap. Repeal the mandatory part…..spending all this money on healthcare in this nation has NOT made us a healthier nation, but a sick one.

    If Obamacare has been such a job killer, how are the supporters claiming that if it is done away with or changed hundreds of thousands to a million jobs will be lost……Is Obamas job growth only been in the healthcare bureacracy?…certainly there’s been not a large surge in doctors or nurses….those that are there are burning.

    As though Obama “created” 11.8 million jobs over his tenure as president. Military is smaller, millions less manufacturing jobs, more “forced” early retirements,,,claims he grew the government less….1.4 M job/yr is pretty anemic….malls and anchor stores are closing left and right due to changing buying habits, like less or via the internet,…are we even near where we were 8 years ago and forget about the low unemployment % claim


    I have seen where someone in the FBI refutes this, but one must ask, why would the FBI investigate? These are emails, which may have been leaked not hacked, which would explain the FBI not bothering.

  5. The executive director for the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action said last week that Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general would put an end to the Department of Justice’s gun control efforts that have expanded under Attorney Generals Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

    • What I want is the AG to have the local Offices start enforcing the ’68 GCA with the mandatory minimum five for convicted felons caught with a gun. That is what I want. watch the crime rate drop in Chicago in a year or so,.

  6. Dale A Albrecht says:

    There was an interesting article a while back. Stating that most computer security systems aren’t worth the powder to blow them to hell and a waste of time and money……I tend to agree with that assessment.

    When systems were proprietary there literally was no way in via the network. Once the internet was made a commodity there was no way anyone can protect their systems no matter what. To many ports to attack through. All this off the shelf architecture any system can be entered.

  7. Dale A Albrecht says:

    And Obama claims how great his administration was on job creation/growth.

  8. Impressive young guitarist!

  9. Just A Citizen says:

    Why is the President of the Senate presiding over the certification?

    If the House elects the POTUS why is the Senate involved?

    Will have to do some research.

  10. Just A Citizen says:


    Your question about international waters is an excellent one. In our ideal situation who decides what is territory and what is not?

    How do we resolve disputes and set boundaries globally?

    What are your thoughts on the overall issue?

    I think I know your answer but go ahead and surprise me.

    • I suppose this is where BF gets his imaginary lines thing. There is really no entity that defines borders. The UN did it with Israel and everyone who has been a victor in wars either claims territories or does not. Hegemony has been claiming territory for centuries.

      Some countries claim a 200 mile territorial limit, some claim 5, some claim 3, some claim 100…there is no rule of thumb. Countries for centuries have been formed by who can claim and keep the land. So….all of this to say, I guess you can claim anything you want….how do you enforce it? Let us take China, for instance.

      1) China says it has sovereignty over virtually all South China Sea islands and their adjacent waters. It hasn’t defined those waters, but it issued a map that has what is called a nine-dash line that swoops down past Vietnam and the Philippines, and toward Indonesia, encompassing virtually all of the South China Sea.China says its claim won’t hinder commercial vessels from passing through what is one of the world’s most important shipping routes, but it says foreign military ships shouldn’t conduct operations in the waters it claims.

      2) The U.S. claims the right for its warships and aircraft to conduct military operations in and over what it sees as international waters. Its forces regularly carry out surveillance and other missions close to China’s coast. China has suggested the U.S. would cross an important line if it sends warships too close to the Spratlys. Because China has been vague about its claims, U.S. officials say Beijing could in theory one day seek to restrict access to some foreign commercial vessels as well.

      3) International maritime law is complicated. Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, every country has the right to control territorial waters stretching out 12 nautical miles from its coast. They can also claim an exclusive economic zone extending up to 200 nautical miles, within which they can regulate economic activity like fishing and mining. Foreign warships can pass through a country’s territorial waters in what the law calls innocent passage but can’t conduct operations there, according to the convention. It doesn’t specify what activities foreign warships can undertake in the exclusive economic zone.

      4) The U.S. and China’s neighbors fear Beijing will use the artificial islands it is building to bolster its claims to the area – and assert those claims by force. The U.N. Convention says states can build artificial islands in their exclusive economic zones, but it says countries can base their claims to maritime rights only on naturally formed land features. The U.S., its allies and some of China’s neighbors are concerned that China will declare an air-defense identification zone over the South China Sea, which it could use to challenge other countries’ aircraft in the area. Facilities on the new islands could allow its military aircraft to police the skies. A secondary concern is that the islands could provide a backup airstrip for Chinese aircraft carriers. The islands are roughly 1,000 kilometers from the main Chinese coast.

      5) The U.S. is continuing to conduct surveillance and other operations throughout the South China Sea, including waters close to the Spratlys. It is also considering plans to send navy ships and aircraft within 12 nautical miles of the artificial islands, though U.S. officials say they haven’t done that yet. Meanwhile, the Philippines is challenging China at a U.N. tribunal, arguing that the nine-dash line has no basis in law. China is a signatory to the U.N. convention, but has rejected U.N. arbitration. The U.S., alone among major nations, hasn’t ratified the U.N. convention, which to some extent weakens its position in taking Beijing to task.

      So, JAC, this is a sticky wicket or is it really that sticky? China rejects the United NAtions Arbitration and rejects world court authority. Who has the power to stop the Chinese if they suddenly decide to enforce their 200 mile “commercial” limits from each island it builds? What if they decide to take over the two outlying Islands of the Phillipines under their dash nibe map? Who is going to stop China from claiming the islands off the Vietnam coast within Vietnam’s 12 mile limit that China does not recognize?

      Just exactly are international waters in everyone does not agree and even if they do, and still encroach….who does what?

      So, POTUS D13 would tell China that the only waters that I will recognize is the universally accepted 12 miles. And if China even blinks my way………I go BOOM. I do not see diplomacy working without force to back it up. I simply do not see it……you?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Biggest case of Gerrymandering in years

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You forgot to tell me what YOUR Ideal method is. You gonna just declare and defend or are you going to support international negotiation and cooperation?

        • Well, I would support international cooperation and negotiation but, I fear, it is hopeless…..I don’t think you can show me where it is working now. We have treaties on top of treaties and we have agreements out the kazoo…….We have signatories to all sorts of things and it means nothing. It means nothing because there is no enforcement. China is a signatory to the International water ways……but only if they agree with it. They are in serious violation now……and everybody agrees that they are in violation. The Phillipines and Vietnam have filed objections to their encroachment……Nothing will be done. No one will standup to them and say….HEY BOZO…YOU SIGNED THE AGREEMENT……China’s response…..So what?

          So……I guess, until the rest of the world stands up………I am of the opinion, we should do what we feel is correct. I would declare and defend for now.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            So you agree with me that it SHOULD be done via negotiation and agreement.

            This means we have to create the atmosphere for that to happen and then for it to be enforced.

            Shallow research on maritime laws certainly leads one to think it is a mess.

            I AGREE WITH YOU on the need for enforcement. This job SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE UN’s.

            Without them then I guess it falls to the USA and our soon to be new Allie…..Russia. 🙂

            • The problem is….the UN has no land force, no Navy, no Air force. I am not so sure that I would support a world wide force responsible only to the UN…..too many veto powers.

              Yes, negotiations would be the preferred method….always should be but negotiations are no good without enforcement or penalty. Worthless for now. So, we take to the seas and we take to the air…..we enforce what is beneficial to us…..let everybody else worry about themselves.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                No. We enlist the Brits, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, anyone with ships who would like to see the laws of the sea maintained. The COMBINED Fleet will patrol Int’l waters and enforce the “law”.

                China needs to understand it is pissing with the world, not just the USA. If the others do not want to play then tell them we will maintain the safety of OUR SHIPS, not the open ocean.

                Of course, the other way to deal with this is let the commercial shipping companies deal with it. Let them pay the ransoms and hire their own ship protection.

  11. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the morning

    Given what Trump is going through with this Russian stuff, can you imagine what Ron Paul or Rand Paul would have suffered?

  12. Just A Citizen says:

    Question of the morning. Yes morning still here.

    Where were all the Democrats screaming about Russian interference in our system when they were putting people in seats of the Govt. and filling Universities with their own people and propaganda?

  13. Just A Citizen says:

    FBI refers Fla. shooter to local police because he is obviously ringier than a pet coon, who in turn take him in for a psych. eval. In the eval he is asked if he intends or wants to hurt anyone. NOPE. OK then, you can go, and here is your gun back.

    JAC, pounding head on desk.

  14. 22 degrees and four inches on the ground in Fair Lawn, NJ

    • gmanfortruth says:

      14 here, no snow flying, still a couple inches on ground

      • 17 degrees here, 22 kt wind…….9 on the cill factor……and I absolutely without a doubt hate it……

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Rained hard cats and dogs, pitchforks etc. Temp stayed at 33F West of us about 100 miles is getting snow which will keep heading up towards New England…..those folks will get dumped on anywhere up from the mid atlantic States up,

          Roads are all prepared and the temps are heading towards an anticipated 13F tonight. Heavy frigid north wind blowing. So the front of the house is encased in ice. Just a few flurries, but anything off the roads will turn to ice shortly….It is a ghost town out there. We have so many retirees from up north here and enough old timers that have lived their lives here, nobody is sweating it.

          But even today, I guess the weather was to much for the hunters. Besides the birds are grounded.

  15. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Back to and SK question on the last section about the impact of the equivalence of $4.00 /gal gas in Mexico,

    here by major cities in each State the % of income spent on gas ranged from .76% in Anchorage AK to 3.11% in Birmingham AL. Obviously the higher the per capita income the lower % of impact.

    So the question is impact on people in Mexico….if their gas is now higher than here and we are basically beating people away from coming here from Mexico….not as much lately, it has got to be a blow.

    • It is by design. We have observed this for decades.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Do you mean designed to get people to migrate to the good ole Norte….do so legally and welcome aboard

        • No sir….it is designed to keep a permanent lower class.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Like what an old friend from Colombia used to say about the patron in the hacienda on the hill.

            Obviously you’d feel regardless of all the fine words by one of our political party’s their objective is also to maintain a permanent lower class.

  16. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I loved Kerry’s speech the other day that Obama’s objective in Syria was met as well as we could have expected…now get this “without dropping a bomb” who the hell were the planes bombing then,,,open fields. He said it kept people from using chemical weapons….wasn’t the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria the reason Obama, Kerry and McCain and Graham based on “intelligence analysis” got their pants on fire and wanted to really get directly involved in overthrowing Assad.

  17. Dale A Albrecht says:

    “A former colleague of Obama’s on the faculty of the University of Chicago Law School described him as someone who never learned anything from anyone with whom he disagreed. He also never learned anything from anyone about constitutional etiquette.”

    “He combined progressivism’s oldest tradition and central tenet — hostility to the separation of powers — with a breezy indifference to the Take Care Clause (the president “shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed”) and to the first sentence of the Constitution’s first article (“All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress”).”

  18. JAC…….the Sea Hawks uniforms……..really?

  19. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Notice the coincidence of the drop with the signing of NAFTA.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Bull Crap. The drop starts after 2000 and kicks in with 2001. The downturn created by a combined economic slowdown and then 9/11 crash.

      Is it really that hard to read data and be honest about it?

      Oh, and look at the slope of the curve during the CARTER years. Oh my God. How do you explain that?

      • , and look at the slope of the curve during the CARTER years. Oh my God. How do you explain that?

        That’s easy, women. It was the 70’s that women began entering the workforce as a result of the women’s lib movement. Go look at the numbers of women before 1970 and 1980. That was easy.

        I’m not buying the 911 attacks as having a major impact on jobs either, as we went to war shortly there after, which would have employed more people, including the huge influx of those who joined the service.

        From 2001 to 2010, some 40,000 business’s close up in the US and moved to a foreign country or simply closed because of foreign competition.

        I’m not saying that the boomers are not affecting the LPR this decade and maybe the next, but not to the level where it’s even close to the number one cause of the massive dip since 2000.

        • An interesting note. Walmart and all of their Chinese and foreign products became huge, at the expense an thousands of small business’s and larger retail stores. It was over the last 7 years or so that Super Centers became a huge grocery seller. This also closed competing stores, I’m actually surprised to see K-mart still open in some places. The one here is always empty of shoppers when I visit, where as Walmart is packed.

          • Fun Fact: The original Kmart store is 10 mins from me. Garden City. Right down the street from a mall and other big box stores. Closing next month along with a dozen or so others in Mich.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The LPR would not have increased due to women joining the work force unless there were jobs for them. Get it?

          The slope shows that job creation rate was higher during Carter than Reagan. But each succeeding administration has had higher total employment than its predecessor.

          TODAY: There are more Americans working than EVER before. Even more than in 2007 before the bubble burst.

  21. What a great catch by the Seattle WR!

    • You mean the one where he simultaneously grabbed the face mask, but we got the pass interference penalty? Great catch, bad call. Lions suck at playoffs though.

      • Tea, posted before the replay. Don’t feel bad, nobody is giving the Dolphins a prayer in Pittsburgh today. At least our teams made it to the show, as short lived as it may be. Both are getting better.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        How about the incomplete pass along the sidelines where the Lions player had the face mask but was NOT CALLED.

        Frankly I thought the pass interference was not called during the game when it should have been. Especially on the offense. Lions receivers were pushing off all the time. Seattle quickly followed.

        Also a lot of holding by the O line, never called.

        Will be interesting to see if this pattern holds during the playoffs.

  22. Just A Citizen says:


    See what happens when you rush to judgment? Sad part is that nobody can trust anyone, any longer.

    In a rush to get news out on various web sites people are being sucked in by headlines and lead paragraphs, not to mention phony pictures.


    • Just A Citizen says:


      I assumed Red State’s story was true. I have not checked it out completely. There is a good chance I have been fooled as well. Or NOT.

  23. Just A Citizen says:

    Since we are on this TRUTH IN DATA kick.

    Someone want to show me where the Invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq cause the number of terrorist attacks to increase? Oh, and show me how we are in more danger today that say 30 or 40 years ago.

  24. Dale A Albrecht says:
  25. Tweets from two Left journalists. Very telling!


    John Harwood

    Who do you believe America?
    8:25 PM – 5 Jan 2017

    17%US intel officials
    Vote 84,115 votes


    Lou Dobbs

    #LDTPoll: Who do you believe on the Russian hacking allegations?
    7:01 PM – 3 Jan 2017 · Manhattan, NY

    6%President Obama
    94%Julian Assange
    Vote 17,899 votes

  26. Just A Citizen says:


    What if the whole “the Russians hacked the election” meme is actually PART OF the Russian disinformation campaign to “destroy American confidence in our election system”??

    Heh, heh, heh!!

      • Just A Citizen says:

        McAfee is NOT the straightest of shooters either. Be careful.

        • The government and MSM are “Oh So Truthful” Eh?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Fallacy much?

            I don’t think you can trust any of them. Ed Schultz, radical almost militant Progressive Democrat working for RT. But the conclusion is RT is working for the Republican.

            McAffee, a known Democrat/Libertarian misfit. Has offered bad information several times since his resurrection. Concludes that it can’t be Russia because they made no effort to cover their trail.. OR they left a trail so they could send McAffee out there with Schultz to claim the Russians did do it, to undermine Trump. But the real target is American confidence in our Govt.

            Looks like their misinformation campaign is workign quite well on the CT crowd and the hard core leftists.

            • This was the first time I have heard or seen McAfee although I have used his software for years. From a technology point of view, he should know what he is talking about. With respect to the hack, I have no doubt that they, the Russians, are capable of and probably did hack the DNC and HRC’s servers. Assange flatly denies the material came from a foreign state. It has been long suspected that the murdered DNC worker in Alexandria was the leak.

              It does not appear that the voting system was hacked or tampered with by any foreign nationals. That does not mean the machines were not tampered with domestically. Certainly the recount in Detroit indicates that we have plenty of homegrown voter fraud.

              That said, I do not trust this administration to provide the truth. We have seen them lie repeatedly over the last several years. Why did the admin wait until a month after the election to get serious about this? This is why I think this is a false flag to divert our attention away from the real voter fraud and to delegitimize Trump’s election so they can continue blocking and criticizing any moves he makes.

              I heard a segment o Brooks and Shields. They were all irate about the Russian interference. I do not recall them being so irate about all the extralegal things Obama has done for the last 8 years.

              • I agree T-Ray. The Russian’s are a non player in this whole thing to distract people away from the real voter fraud/undermining the election information being presented to the public in order to affect the psych of voters. Here’s the bottom line. If there was nothing WITHIN the emails that the Obozo administration is blaming Russia for stealing and releasing, we wouldn’t be talking about this….AT ALL. It wouldn’t even be talked about, even a little bit. The Liberal Left are simply in whine mode and they can’t believe their next Messiah lost.

                In the long run, a few things will happen. Privately owner servers will require better security and people who wok with things on the internet, like other people’s emails, will get better training. The failures of the DNC and Podesta’s employees are not the fault of the Russians. Heck, the Liberal’s are still whining about Bush winning in 2000.

            • But the real target is American confidence in our Govt.

              In case you have missed it, the last 8 years have done plenty of damage to the confidence in government. The emails only affected Hillary and the Democrats. They are not the government. Now, if the Democrats keep up their nonsense in Congress, they will lose another election in 2018. But I do digress, the government has little trust these days and the Russian’s have nothing to do with that.

    • Misinformation and diversion….great weapons.

    • The election itself is not an issue. I really don’t understand why this bullshit continues, it’s debunked. The Russians had NO affect on the actual election count. It is nothing more than a Liberal excuse for losing.

  27. Dale A Albrecht says:
    • Just A Citizen says:

      The graph is mislabeled “millions of jobs”. It should be “thousands”.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        graph or graphs……there are a lot of articles covering different segment of the workforce

        • Just A Citizen says:

          The first graph showing total jobs, jobs gained and jobs lost for the last decade.

  28. Left Wing Lunacy; this is whats wrong with the country.

    • What’s wrong with the USA is that it exists. …that and the fools who think it’s about sides or this or that political party.

  29. I did not watch the thing called Golden Globes…..well, I have never watched it anyway….but I saw a snipet this morning of Meryl Streep…..and she was aghast at the fact that the MMA and football received a higher percentage of viewers than the awards. Other than blasting Trump on a couple of things, she went on to say that MMA is NOT AN ART and disparaged football as a red neck sport. Hollywood is so lost in the fog……they really do not get it. It is not just not understanding that things are changing but they really do not get it.

    And this issue of climate change really has them going. Well, I did some checking on something and the top ten climate change advocates all work for institutions that get over 40 million dollars grants from the US tax payer and another 25 million from UN donations. It is all about money and has nothing to do with the climate.

    • You are old enough to remember seeing clips of Stalin speeches where the audience just could not wait to start clapping for their hero.

      Would I be presumptuous if I called this group “Stalinist” using McCarthyite tactics?

      • I was watching a documentary on the fall of the Nazi’s in WWIi and they showed a speech by the propaganda guy calling for total war and the huge crowd screaming wildly in agreement. I thought they were all insane.

      • Yes, I am old enough… had to remind me, didnt you?

        • Also Kruschev (sp) on banging his shoe on the podium……skaking his fist in the air…..

          • The interesting thing about that one was the Khrushchev dialect was pretty close to my Grandparents. So dad listened in Russian. When it was all over, my father commented: “You know, he mentioned God three times in that speech, that’s a hell of a thing for an atheist”. “

  30. FBI releases more documents on Clinton investigation yesterday. One in particular was the State Department fishing for the right agency to get the document classification they wanted. I wholly doubt the Russians can screw up confidence in government any where near the level as Liberal Democrats. They are a true disgrace to this country and should be removed from public service, period.

  31. Just A Citizen says:


    Re; Confidence in Govt., and the Russians along with others.

    Govt. is like hot dogs to the people. We love our hot dogs but we really do not want to know how they are made. We just want it to taste the same.

    There are those in the world who wish us to dump the hot dog for something else. So they work hard to reveal to us how the hot dog is made. At every turn they work to undermine our love of the dog.

    Now we have many groups of people in the USA who are playing along with this for a multitude of reasons. But every one of them is playing into the hands of those who want us to dump the hot dogs.

    This is why some time back I pointed out the BF that the Anarchists are playing on the side of the Socialists and Communist. The very Statists they despise. Because their goal seems to be to destroy our love of the hot dog, their planned replacement is so far out of reach it leaves the Communists or George Soros to fill the void.

    We need to recognize this is going on while at the same time restoring the ORIGINAL hot dog before it is lost to us altogether.

    • The current hot dog is rotten, we need a new hot dog.

    • Anarchists see them all as hot dogs and side with none of them.

      Who wants hot dogs when prime rib is available?

      • If there were no imaginary lines and criminalizing humans, there wouldn’t be an issue.

        • does such a place exist?

          • Yes. It’s a place called everywhere, conveniently located everywhere.

            You see, Colonel, state borders do not form naturally, and are simply another form of violence. They are an artificial construct based on the idea that some people have a right to violate others, that certain groups of people have no right to free travel.

            If the borders were done away with, most of the issues associated with it would no longer exist. The new problem would be all those beautiful Mexican woman moving to the states.

            • Nonsense. Humans have had “territory” throughout their existence, once again, it’s a natural animal instinct. Before maps and paper there were all kinds of territorial markings used. Check your Indian history books, it’s all there. Territorial markings and the defense of those territories is a common sight and event in the animal kingdom as well. Just knowing the whitetail deer a little and it’s behaviors would teach one this. Once again, your Utopian ideology fails the test of reality.

              • Show me a ‘wall seed’ or chain link rock formation with laws written on it.

                Can you pick armed border patrol agents from trees?

            • So, you feel the same about the states in Mexico, the countries of Europe, the States in Iran and Iraq, the Division of states and countries in Africa? No borders anywhere and all people everywhere to do as they please…….is this the gist of what you are saying?

              • Basically, yes.

                National borders isolate cultures, causes artificial political and economic competition with various laws and regulatory policies.

                Lands of people who would/could blend or cooperate according to mutual needs and natural order are separate and adversarial or competing states.

  32. This advice for our new president:
    Know and understand that liberals hate your guts, and ours, and always will. Nothing you do, nor can do, will ever change that. They don’t merely hate what we do. They hate what we are. They will never “like” either of us, no matter what concessions we try to graciously throw their way.
    This is not the time to break-bread with, nor chat with, nor compromise with, nor drink tea with, nor “make peace” with, leftists. Nor should you squander valuable minutes listening to the their hysterical, nonsensical Marxist drivel about all aspects of private firearms ownership in the USA, nor about the clear meaning of our Second Amendment, so wisely written by our Founders in the 18th Century.
    This is the perfect time to put on notice all haters of guns, haters of treasured firearms freedoms historically enjoyed by Americans, along with panoptic haters of all freedom and individual liberty in general, that:
    1) You’ve wittingly embraced the wrong issue
    2) Your invariable, unceasing anti-gun agenda, and your unquestioning devotion to it, has destroyed your party’s influence
    3) You live in the wrong country!

    • Actually, G Man……why not do just the opposite. Do not give them the time of day and simply proceed with your plan. These bozo’s are not China taking the South China Seas or Russia taking Eastern European countries…….

      This progressive line of thinking needs no more recognition…..My advise to Trump….just shut up and go about your work….it takes too much energy to do otherwise. This progressive movement is losing…..Trump needs to focus on the next two years. If he does and is successful, this Progressive party will lose even more seats in the next election///they have lost over 1,100 seats all over the country already. The media and the progressive left are going to keep the fires stoked for the house/senate election in two years…..let them focus on that…..Trump needs to focus on his agenda….get his cabinet approved and do not lose sight of why he was elected.

      There is a great time to totally change the direction of this country over the next two years…it needs to happen.

  33. Boy…..everybody sure is in an uproar over the senior adviser……

  34. Just A Citizen says:


    So national border are “unnatural”. Yet they were devised by man.

    Therefor, man must be unnatural.

    Question: Where did man come from if he is not natural to earth?

    • By your reasoning, everything created by man qualifies as natural.

      (…like ICBM’s, cars and toasters, helicopters, Jello, tennis shoes, etc..)

      • Technically, the idea’s that spawned all of man’s inventions are quite natural.

      • Yes…..if man is natural…so go his individual thought. Please note that individual thought, in this definition, means not collective not bargained not coerced. Simply an individual’s thought.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        How can a Natural creature create anything that is not natural?

        Are the elements of these things “unnatural”?

        • To use the Colonel’s example: free individual thought and choice is a natural condition of being human. An unnatural construct would be a law that tells you to do and be something or be punished with up to and including death for disobedience.

          Reality/nature simply is. It needs no enforcement.

          Borders are the same way. A natural condition of human behavior is to travel or trade as needed/wanted. The artificial construct is the border and laws that forcefully regulates or restricts it.

          National borders are a violation of rights.

          Property rights are another one. In the real natural world, when someone tries to take or damage your property, you have a right to defense against said violence. In paper and guns government world, you have an artificial construct in the form of a right to be stolen from (called taxes).

          In the real world, people protect nurture and teach their children(ideally anyway). In paper and guns government world, people(ideally) spend them to finance genocide.

          There are many such examples.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Elisheba……I do not know where you live or the type of housing arrangment you have….but do you have walls, locks on your doors, fencing, allow anybody to just walk in to your home and set up housekeeping, do you really subscribe to NO borders in all things.

            • Do not confuse property rights with a national border/violence.

              A national border is a geographical boundary defined by what set of edicts you will be forced to obey. It is also a forceful means of regulating traffic and commerce, thus a form of violence.

              Private property is something that is rightfully owned by one/more individuals. The right to defense applies. You have a right to secure it.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                I will not disconnect the two…they are one and the same just different scales

              • Then your thinking is devoid of principle, thus pointless. There is a distinct difference between national borders and private property. One violates while the other does not.

                You do not violate anyone by owning or protecting property. (defense)

                States, which are, in part, defined by geography, violate by default, as a matter of systemic order. Included is the forceful regulation or restriction of travel and commerce.(offense)

                You are trying to compare gangland to the sanctuary of a home.

                A comparable community scale example, using the same principle, would be like a few neighbors, who live in a gated community, hiring gunmen and constructing a barrier at the entrance, forcing everyone in the neighborhood to only shop at certain stores, inspecting their vehicles/bags, only allowing them to go out for a specified period of time, restricting people who live in certain communities or ‘contraband’ materials like certain brands of scotch, hunting people and punishing them for disobedience, etc etc…

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Just for the sake of discussion… what city or community do you live in so one can get a sense of where your ideals are alive and well…..If your nearest neighbors are a mile away or 8 inch studs.

              • An Anarchist society would necessarily have borders. The requirement that all people think the same about “no rulers” etc, etc, would force that same society to make rules to enter and live in such society. Changing the words and making pretend that all people are nice and will adapt to the ideology is both foolish and an open invitation for epic failure. Much like the US has immigration laws, the Anarchist society would also have a set of rules, which would have to be enforced. To continue to pretend that it won’t happen as such is living in a fantasy world that will never exist.

              • This is not a matter of opinion. It is a matter of principle and recognition of reality. Who is really living in a fantasy world?

                You do not have to agree with reality for it to be as it is. It is what it is because that is what god and nature says it is, regardless of what you think of it. It simply is. God makes it so and we deal with it, remember?

                You cannot renegotiate reality. You make it into some sort of idea that we must agree upon, instead of something to recognize and work with accordingly.

                Rights are not negotiable. They are inalienable, “self evident” truth. You do not agree to not have rulers. You were born an individual with a mind of your own to freely decide what you value and do, etc. (Try to disagree with that).

                Everyone has a right to do exactly that, unless it encroaches or violates another.

              • “Just for the sake of discussion… what city or community do you live in so one can get a sense of where your ideals are alive and well…..If your nearest neighbors are a mile away or 8 inch studs.”

                That has no bearing on the conversation. You are not getting an angle by another attempt at equating property rights with systemic violence.

                But just to entertain you, I bounce around utilizing whatever various living arrangements are available. (That’s the kind of thing one does to circumvent stalkers.)

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Property rights, as practiced the past thousand years or so is nothing but a HUMAN CONSTRUCT.

            It did not exist in nature before man invented it.

            Guns, cars, wagons, the wheel even are all constructs of mankind. All must be UNNATURAL.

            • You continue to focus on what is natural stuff rather than natural order. It is a straw-man position I am not entertaining.

              As for natural private property…

              Like most creatures, humans naturally have a habitat to facilitate their rightful needs. Generally speaking, whether rural or urban, we call the human domicile a yard and/or home, and the habitat a community. Rightful needs of humans, in addition to a domicile, include things like free association and commerce for what cannot be provided from the land or home. That is our natural mode of organization, as has always been for many many many many thousands of years, as per our inalienable wants/needs.

              Duly noted.

              So what is your point? How does that justify a national border? How does that negate right to travel and association, commerce, etc?

  35. Next time you see a piece on “Wind Farms” Pretend you are a warrior for wildlife and send them this…..

    It should induce total cognitive dissonance and cause a mental breakdown.

    • The natural quail population of west Texas no longer exists in turbine areas….the natural pheasant population in west Texas no longer exists in turbine areas…the natural scissor-tail population in west Texas no longer exists in turbine areas…..the natural population of the Kildeer population in west Texas no longer exists…..the Red Tail Hawl and Barn Owl populations of west Texas have been reduced over 75% in turbine areas…..the Mourning Dove population of west Texas has reduced over 90% in turbine areas……and…..

      the one thing that has increased is the locust and grasshopper population in west Texas that is destroying crops now. The Rattlesnake population has increased because predatory birds are no longer there, ranchers report. Cross pollination has decreased significantly because the bees are no longer present in turbine areas.

      But when you ask a greenie………necessary sacrifice for natural energy.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        “natural” pheasant population???

        What kind of pheasants do you have in Texas?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Don’t get me going on one of the biggest frauds that has been perpetrated on the people of the world.

        I all the activity to build windfarms save the earth and its species why have all the greenies turning a blind eye to the decimation of the avian life forms on this planet, Where is the Audubon Society or PETA for that matter.

        One of the first things that I’d actually like to see Trump do is get rid of thhe dispensations the “green” energy companies get and let them operate under the same rules that anybody else lives by in regards to wildlife kills whether unintentional or not. All the rules to determine the “kill” rates and also noise levels are so rigged to generate the lowest possible numbers possible.

        Just sitting here and thinking about over a century or more ago how close mankind came to wiping out the whales of the world for the demand for oil to light lamps, make candles and lubricate early machines. If coal or “black gold” had not replaced whale oil as an energy source, or replaced wood as a primary source of heating we’d also have NO forests, much less the extiction of the whale species.

        Wind energy and it’s ideal placement will bring back the good old days for sure. Hopefully sanity prevails before the species of birds fall so low they’re technically extinct.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      The 2013 30 year dispensation for eagle kills was struck down by a federal judge and the US wildlife agency dropped it”s appeals in 2016.

      The Audubon society has a very bipolar stand on wind farms. Where on one hand they want ALL laws enforced uniformally in regards to killing of birds and wildlife, they also look at it as a nessecity to save the planet from climate change. Windfarms are always placed in the path of the most consistant wind, which is also the the very same path the migratory birds use.

      Enforce the laws on hand and also remove any and all subsidies…..don’t put a cuisinart in these paths which will only hasten the extinction of these species.

      As green energy advocates claim that regardless wind energy is a good so therefore must be continued. However there is an old saying “No good deed, goes unpunished”

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Oh goodie. A chance to rant against the GREENIES. In my prior life I found myself doing Env. Analysis for a large timber sale about 40 miles north of Steamboat Springs Colorado. Of course there was the usual howling about the “ugly clearcuts” blah, blah, blah from the environmentally sensitive rich people of steamboat.

      We would sit there in a meeting listening to them go on and on about how awful clear cutting is and how it “scars the landscape”, while looking out the window of the meeting hall looking at this:

      • You and Dale are on a roll today!

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        And the timber companies today “replant” what they cut so they have a sustainable renewable resource.

        I remember not to long ago in the climate debate and what actions our government was planning on taking. One of the heads of a national agency (I do not remember her name) but they chaired the conference stated that it was “to expensive and time consuming to “plant” trees”

        I’ve alway contended that the people who advocate many of the policies that are aimed to cure all the alleged ills man has caused to the planet….1) that they make sure that they never reproduce, so the population will not be increased by any of their “personal” appetites and 2) as an extreme measure that they voluntarily sign up for self extermination and reduce man’s impact even quicker….they have to insure though that their carbon residue is properly sequestered though.

        This is for T-Ray… i detect a little bit of complaining from California about the weather?…..I wonder what the los Angelinos will do when the flood waters are pouring over the Sepulveda Dam that sits mid San Fernando Valley.

  36. Elisheba….interesting concept of laws…..Is it your belief that laws are written? There are no natural laws in place?

    • Natural law is reality of nature. …things like free will and gravity, light, etc.

      Government laws are all based on murder, thus all completely illegitimate.

      Natural law already covers murder with the instinct of self preservation and subsequent right to defense.

      • Just as I, it is whatever free will decides and then the response to that free will. In essence, no law….just reaction.

        • Yes, in real reality, people are individual sovereign entities with minds of their very own, where they decide things like how to manage their lives and property, and even get to decide to keep all of their property if they so choose.

          This is in stark contrast to paper magic words and murder government world where the government-god decides by decree of people having ceremonies and magic special words, then forces it.

          The laws of real reality do not need to be forced as they simply are, regardless of paper and murder govern-god world.

          For example; If you were to gather at government church to have a special ceremony, complete with special magic seals and stamps, say magic special words while wearing magic special clothes, then write on magic special paper that humans all think alike as the government-god says, …they will still be and act as sovereign individuals with minds of their very own. They would still choose how to manage their lives and property, etc.

          You can try to change that and get everyone to pretend to think alike by threatening to murder them, but they would still all be going along with it as individuals weighing out the lesser of two evils and pretend to think like a bug in a hive.

          You may even actually fool the stupid ones into thinking that is just the way to be normal, that it’s just the way it is, in spite of their discomfort with being bossed around and threatened like a slave, violated, stolen from, etc.

          • I must live in an alternate reality then. I’m oblivious to all you have described. Pretty happy about that. Simple.

            • Dimesnion, Anita….dimension. Sheesh….don’t you watchTwilight Zone?

            • Actually, Elisheba’s world is devoid of rules, devoid of regulations…devoid of everything except survival of the fittest.

              • Can you not comprehend a world where you think for yourself, where you are not ordered around in regard to every aspect of your life?

                Can you even consider doing something because it is a good idea and not because you have to by force, by decree of some asshole in a robe?

                Can you grasp the concept of peaceful cooperation with others without forced arbitration?

                Can you fathom a world of freedom and liberty?

              • Can you not comprehend a world where you think for yourself, where you are not ordered around in regard to every aspect of your life?
                Can you even consider doing something because it is a good idea and not because you have to by force, by decree of some asshole in a robe?
                Can you grasp the concept of peaceful cooperation with others without forced arbitration?
                Can you fathom a world of freedom and liberty?

                It occurs each and every day. Nobody is ordering me around, I do what I want, without someone in a robe hanging around, I’m peaceful with those I come into contact with. The problem is that not all people engage in peaceful cooperation, many want to boss other people around and are willing to get those people in robes to do it for them. Watch the news and you will see just how unpeaceful the population really is.

              • “It occurs each and every day. Nobody is ordering me around, I do what I want, without someone in a robe hanging around, I’m peaceful with those I come into contact with. The problem is that not all people engage in peaceful cooperation, many want to boss other people around and are willing to get those people in robes to do it for them. Watch the news and you will see just how unpeaceful the population really is.”

                Completely ignore the law. …with simple nonviolent harmless actions like…

                Go drive around with a car with no tags. When the cop pulls you over, keep driving and ignore him. When he throws your car off the road and you stop, ignore him as if he was not there, or treat him like any other piece of shit hunting you.

                Before you do, make arrangements with a family member to post your death and funeral info so that we can send flowers.

                Pick any number of laws to ignore or all of them, and without harming anyone. The state’s ultimate answer for your disobedience will eventually be death.

                That is what your vote produces.

            • Government is a forced faux reality.

              Government says “It shall be ___.” then forces it. But that is redundant and pointless, because it already be what it is, and not what it isn’t or what govern-god says it shall be.

              • I certainly can fathom a world without anything but what you want to do… rules, no taxes, no order, do exactly what you want and when you want it, put up with no one you do not like and eliiminate any threat you deem is necesary to your survival, survival of the fittest…..if I do not like someone, I do not have to associate with them. As a matter of fact, if they piss me off and I consider them a threat ( because in your world, if I consider something a threat, then I have a right to respond ), I will eliminate them as a threat because, according to your philosophy, I will not be initiating violence, I would be responding to it and you say it is ok to do so. ( By the way, is that not a rule? ) I fear no retaliation from them because they will be gone and there are no rules to punish me for doing so and I would have to fear no police or prosecution because there will be no government or organization to come after me. Free and independent thought and free will means…….no one has to be in concert with one another. I do not have to think like them and they do not have to think like me…

                In your world, since there are no rules, there is no law. If you come up with a law, then there is a rule. Violence is totally subjective in your world to mean that what you consider violence, I may not consider it…and there would be no comparison because there would be no rule of law.

                Ok, in the vernacular of the 50’s and 60’s, I can dig it. No boundaries, no fence, no gates, go where I want…….do what I want and answer to no one. Survival of the fittest. I certainly can live that way pretty easily…..but the question is… I want to and is that the type of world I want to raise children in………..hmmmm. Oh, and if you attack my position on here, are you not guilty of violence?

              • Apparently you cannot, as you presume that anything but systematic violence and enslavement means chaos, hence your characterization of “no order”, not to mention the odd examples and mis-characterization of my position.

                Understand that violence is not always necessary, that people can and do willfully and peacefully organize according to mutually agreeable and beneficial standards without the threat of being murdered for not being as someone else dictates.

                What is traffic? What is the average workplace? What is any willful peaceful organization, and how does it work?

  37. Just A Citizen says:

    Is it just me or did anyone else think the rules of football were suspended this weekend. Especially last night.

    For the past two weeks I have had to endure endless replays and discussion by the ref in the booth, etc., etc., about what is “targeting”. In college it was described as ANY hit to the head or neck area that looks remotely deliberate. Some players were ejected this year just because.

    Then last night the “ref in the booth” starts talking about the “crown of the helmet” as the determining factor. What a load of crap.

    I obviously have no clue what “pass interference” actually looks like anymore. Either offensive or defensive.

    Now as for the “pick play” the Bama fans were having a cow over at the end. That play was run earlier in the game and at that time it looked illegal. Unless the first 5 yards is magically different. Tell that to Seattle a week ago and they will still cringe.

    Back to the point. On the last play the Alabama player grabbed the Clemson player before he could get to the pick. He grabbed him and pulled him down. That is DEFENSIVE HOLDING in the endzone. Had the play failed it may not have made a difference but it was still not flagged.

    As were many outright obvious holding calls. Like the Bama receiver who grabbed a Def. back around the shoulders and basically tackled him on the late running TD. And yes, Clemson got away with some of those as well.

    Oh and if you don’t think that kid from Bama (No. 10) was targeting people, did anyone notice after the third time he got away with it, late in the game, the coaches were chewing on him on the sidelines. The talking heads said they were congratulating him but they were not.

    One other annoyance. The Clemson QB was NOT RATTLED per Mr. Herbstreet. Boy once he came up with that they just had to keep pounding on it.

    Thank goodness I DVR’d the game and watched it later. Even with the fast forward button it took me over 2 1/2 hours to watch. Can’t imagine how long that felt to the regular viewers.

    Anita: Sundays NFL games were just as bad on the Pass Interference calls. Watch it all change again this week.

    • Right! Nephew and I have been complaining alot this year about officiating.

      I’m mad. These long nights lately have me going to the bedroom early, like 8 – 8:30, just to get warm and comfy and finish watching this or that. You know how that always ends up, right? I made it to 9:30 last night. Wish I woulda stayed awake.

  38. Been sitting here thinking about the Ukraine, Putin, the Crimea and wondering if all the hoopla is correct.

    If you ever get a chance, read the history of the Ukraine as a separate entity. Fascinating. There never really was a country till post WW 1 and it went out of business in 1922. A construct of the West aimed at carving up Russia because of the Bolshevik revolution. Russia may be the big bad wolf now but the real big bad wolves for most of history were Poland then Austria Hungary. Crimea was NEVER a part of Ukraine till post WW 2 , a political move on Moscow’s part which was a huge mistake but seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Most Ukrainian hostility to Russia today probably dates from the Stalinist years when he created the “great famine”. Like the Armenians and the Turkish genocide, this is not something easily forgotten.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Oh History can be a fun thing to play……….. The second time my ancestors decided to venture forth to see what they could see.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I think it isn’t fair to say modern states like Ukraine did not exist, which is true, in the past because virtually none of the modern Nations existed back then.

      But for the Ukraine or “A” Ukraine, it did exist. Sometimes autonomous and a lot of the time occupied or controlled by someone else. And it was NOT always part of the Russian empire either.

      Russo-Turkish Wars[edit]
      See also: Russia in the American Revolutionary War § Russian Diplomacy during the War

      While Peter the Great had succeeded only in gaining a toehold in the south on the edge of the Black Sea in the Azov campaigns, Catherine completed the conquest of the south. Catherine made Russia the dominant power in south-eastern Europe after her first Russo-Turkish War against the Ottoman Empire (1768–74), which saw some of the heaviest defeats in Turkish history, including the Battle of Chesma (5–7 July 1770) and the Battle of Kagul (21 July 1770).

      The Russian victories allowed Catherine’s government to obtain access to the Black Sea and to incorporate present-day southern Ukraine, where the Russians founded the new cities of Odessa, Nikolayev, Yekaterinoslav (literally: “the Glory of Catherine”; the future Dnepropetrovsk), and Kherson. The Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca, signed 10 July 1774, gave the Russians territories at Azov, Kerch, Yenikale, Kinburn, and the small strip of Black Sea coast between the rivers Dnieper and Bug. The treaty also removed restrictions on Russian naval or commercial traffic in the Azov Sea, granted to Russia the position of protector of Orthodox Christians in the Ottoman Empire, and made the Crimea a protectorate of Russia.

      Catherine annexed the Crimea in 1783, nine years after the Crimean Khanate had gained nominal independence—which had been guaranteed by Russia—from the Ottoman Empire as a result of her first war against the Turks. The palace of the Crimean khans passed into the hands of the Russians. In 1786, Catherine conducted a triumphal procession in the Crimea, which helped provoke the next Russo–Turkish War.

      The Ottomans restarted hostilities in the second Russo-Turkish War (1787–92). This war, catastrophic for the Ottomans, ended with the Treaty of Jassy (1792), which legitimised the Russian claim to the Crimea and granted the Yedisan region to Russia.”

      We often forget, however, that all those peoples and tribes of that part of Europe have a long history of relations, cultural and blood wise.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        “In the final decades of the 18th century, the Russian Empire, Prussia and Austria dismembered the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in a series of partitions, and all of historic Rus’, save for Galicia, became part of the Russian Empire.

        During a period of cultural revival after 1840, the members of a secret ideological society in Kiev, the Brotherhood of Saints Cyril and Methodius, revived the use of the name Ukrayina for the homeland of the “Little Russian” people. They drew upon a name which had been used by 17th century Ukrainian Cossacks. It had earlier appeared on 16th century maps of Kiev and its local area (Kievan Rus’). Ukrayina was originally an Old East Slavic word for a “bordered land” or “a separated land parcel, a separate part of a tribe’s territory”,[20] attested as far back as the 12th century. See krajina for cognates.

        In the early 20th century, the name Ukraine became more widely accepted, and was used as the official name for the short-lived Ukrainian People’s Republic, West Ukrainian People’s Republic and Ukrainian State, and for the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.”

        Bottom line the struggles over “Ukraine” whether it is a modern construct or not have been going on at a minimum of 12-13 hundred years….In my list the other day of where my ancesters came from, those that came from the what was the “Polish-Lithuanian” commonwealth region were called Russian, Polish, Prussian, Lithuanian or Ukrainian….just depends on when and where they felt their ancestral ties lay…..but to the best of my knowledge most if not all got the hell out of Dodge and made their way here to the US to create a new life, pretty much on their own terms. Not by some Czar or Kaisar or Potentate who decided they wanted to rule that territory.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Yes, many identities. But some common roots, if one goes back far enough. Truth be told, Russia has been part of Ukraine several different times. Not the other way around. It is not until the Romanov’s come to power that Russia becomes the primary identity. Ironically, Russia gains control of Ukraine and Crimea under the rule of a German, who came to be called Catherine the Great.

          The Eastern Slav people:

          The terms “Varangian” and “Rus” can sometimes be used interchangeably but there are slight differences between the two groups. Both refer to the peoples of Scandinavian descent who settled in the Dnieper-Volga region during and after the 8th century. The Varangians are a more clearly definable group. They were Scandinavians in Eastern Europe who were often associated with Byzantium and the Byzantine emperor’s Varangian Guard. These mercenaries were almost entirely men who either returned to their Scandinavian homeland or married into the local Slavic culture. The term “Rus” is more difficult to define. The Rus were more inclined to settle in towns with their families. The term “Rus” is sometimes used in primary sources to describe Slavic peoples as well as Scandinavians. Its definition becomes clearer later in the period when it developed from the name of a people to the name of a political entity and area of land.[17] The confusion in the primary sources about the meaning of “Rus” has led to some divisive discussions and arguments between scholars about whether Russia was named after a Scandinavian people or a Slavic people. These are grouped into Normanist and Anti-Normanist views. Current scholarship supports the Normanist argument – that the Rus were a primarily Scandinavian people – but there have been heated debates in the last century between certain scholars fueled by nationalism. It is now generally accepted that the Rus were of Scandinavian origin but adopted Slavic cultural characteristics fairly quickly.[18]

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I couldn’t find my old college book on the Russian Chronicals. Packed somewhere. My belief was basically as you just stated the other way around. But then dig back and it’s all you swedes fault and your seafaring rover types…all in all these “new” disputes are nothing new, just the ebb and flow of history and hopefully we don’t have to many book burnings and destroying history, with “bleachbit” over it’s possible political incorrectness.

            None of my relatives that I knew ever talked about the old country. Those that have tried to dig back have run into stone walls of records being destroyed from WWI and WWII.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            I could have posted more than the small segment I did on the origins of the RUS….you just added more…’s complicated……thank god we have a short history by comparison in the US

  39. Just A Citizen says:
  40. Just A Citizen says:
    • There is a reason the Dems are in a melt down…….I believe that the Trump election, along with Brexit…..has the progressives worried…..I think more countries will do this especially if Trump is successful. The Dems have been hijacked and they do not even know it.

  41. Just A Citizen says:


    Re; our discussion of how to keep the high seas open. I didn’t see your response to the following so thought you might have missed it. Your thoughts?


    No. We enlist the Brits, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, anyone with ships who would like to see the laws of the sea maintained. The COMBINED Fleet will patrol Int’l waters and enforce the “law”.

    China needs to understand it is pissing with the world, not just the USA. If the others do not want to play then tell them we will maintain the safety of OUR SHIPS, not the open ocean.

    Of course, the other way to deal with this is let the commercial shipping companies deal with it. Let them pay the ransoms and hire their own ship protection.”

    • Well, I was gonna call you down in it but I realize I did not answer…so…… is my answer.

      First, of all, you have the problem of command, in your scenario. I doubt very seriously that you could even get that. I know that I would not want to put any troops that I command under the Brits, Germans, or Aussies. We learned our lessons of command under the UN and NATO….you will never see any American troops under these commands ever again.

      Secondly, there is no definition of International Waters anywhere that I could find. That said…I think it would be a better option to just simply escort your own ships when and if necessary.

      My next question is…….what law? If China refuses to recognize the law body, as they have said…..then what law is China violating?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        The convention is all over the place. China is stretching the intents of any of the intents of the conventions. Is China willing to risk the loss of trade which can happen in an instant, who blinks first and who is willing to stand their literal “gerrymandering” all the way to New Guinea and Indonesia. …..sort of like whomever said it….how many armies does the pope have. Same with the UN, absolutely useless.

        • You made my point, sir. A convention is just that…..they may call it the law of the sea…but there is no law. THere is no enforcement,…..the only way……economically.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I doubt command would be a real issue in patrolling the ocean. Except maybe for those that want to sail alongside US ships, for cover.

        Otherwise, just coordinate the patrols and reach agreement on allowed response. Take turns sailing past those sand heaps and up past China to Japan and back.

        Why not allow commercial shipping companies defend their own ships? Wouldn’t the cost to us be the same but without forcing taxation and without some Asst Sec Def or Admiral padding his career by building ships we do not need.

        • Sorry, perhaps I misunderstood…..but you are suggesting separate navies under their own command taking turns on a patrol route. For example, the Brits, Aussies, Texas, and Jacland decide, on our own, what international waters are, then we form our own pact to provide protected shipping lanes for our own ships, and then we patrol only for ourselves. Each patrol taking its turn with the same rules of engagement in force only on our own ships. If Gmanland is not part of our pact, he is own his own….Am I understanding you correctly?

          On your other idea….. allow private navies, organized by whatever shipping company out there deems it inecessary to protect their own ships? Thereby, devoid of rules of engagement except what they deem necessary to protect their own ships. It would seem to me that a private company would then fly under no flag or registry, as they do now. Free and independent, answerable to no one…..correct? They would have to fly under their own flag and personal registry because if they fire a shot and they are flagged USA, then the USA just fired the shot and not an independent company.

          Ok, I can live with that….they are on their own and if they get hijacked, that is the risk they took..correct?

          • Tis is an interesting subject. It wasn’t long ago that Piracy was big in the news around the Country (with no government) Somalia.

            • Yep…and it still exists today……but private shipping companies have started using privae security….and the pirate issue has dissipated…..however, Somali pirates do not have aircraft carries and submarines.

              • Dale A Albrecht says:

                Piracy is big business around the world. the area around Somalia is only one area. A larger area is actually through the staits between Australia and Malaysia. A huge amount of the “piracy” where ships just disappear is plain old insurance fraud. To a lessor extent but just as serious is the piracy/hijacking of private yachts in the Caribbean revolving around the drug trade.
                All three nations (there are more) that are primarily involved with the South China seas are exploiting the resources in that sea and only one can grab and hold on their own. The rest can just talk. However China is taking it one step further and are saying they will deny passage and will become like the old castle barons on the Rhine. Exacting a toll on each passing ship or barge.
                Libya back in the 80’s claimed a straight line across the Gulf of Sidra. It did not impede any shipping traffic in the Med because the line went from a point of land owned by Libya and to another owned bt Libya, The only reason to enter that gulf was if you wanted to trade with Libya. However it did extend way beyond normal right of passage conventions. The US would have nothing to do with it and sent a battle group into the area. The followup exercises humbled Gaddafi.
                The resources in the South China Seas is of no consequence to countries other than those immediately bordering the sea. Its the “right of passage” that is of greatest concern to the US, India, and most major countries of the world……..Is China seriously going to hold up a ship carrying goods that they just manufactured and sold to another country, or visa versa hold up ships bringing resources they require like OIL to survive….I think not. Is this high stakes poker, for sure.

          • Dale A Albrecht says:

            Wasn’t there an old thing called “Letters of Marque” Sort of gave the larger powers cover against their opposition yet allowing predation on their trade….granted this is a loose interpretation of a possible modern use of the letters of marque.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Yes, separate Navies. But acting in cooperation and coordinated. I picked those countries which have a vested interest in the continued free passage abound SE Asia and China.

            There are only a handful of solutions to the shipping issue.

            1. Do nothing (not a real solution for obvious reasons).
            2. A global entity like the U.N. maintains freedom of the sea (command and corruption problem).
            3. Each country takes care of its own.
            4. USA continues to do most of the work.
            5. Let ship owners and companies deal with it (under their own flag).
            6. Affected countries form Cooperative.

            If the USA is going to take on most of the burden, along with enforcing the Law of the Sea on behalf of the little guys, then we should get paid for being the policeman.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          JAC….I’m going to make an analogy about insurance companies and “law” enforcement. Many years ago I had a serious discussion with a Chubb executive while all the seat belt laws were being enacted. I asked him why don’t you just put a clause in the insurance contract that people buy concerning seatbelts. Like if you do not wear one and are injured you get only X dollars and if you are provably wearing one you get 3X the dollars for medical. he said they’d never do that. It was easier to lobby the lawmakers and put the onus of enforcment on the police etc. They’ve done the same thing with shipping. They refuse to allow the ships to defend themselves when running in dangerous waters and put the pressure on governments to have the military provide the protection. And I’m sure the shipping and insurance companies pay nothing for the extra protection, which then would add costs to the goods delivered…..I should get up a write down these examples because I thought of several others last night where the insurance companies lobbied the government to pass laws, so they could reap more by paying out less.

          In Italy when I lived there drinking and driving was a very serious No No. If you had an accident or even if someone hit you even with injuries ALL insurance, including yours, was null and void. Drinking and driving was a personal choice so you then became personally liable to take care of all the expences. With that any drinking and driving was an extremely rare event. Any smell of alcohol immediately ended the discussion and the breath or blood test was just to verify. There was no limit.

          With the South China Seas, Yes China is doing quite a grab, but so is Vietnam and to a lessor extent PI. Vietnam occupies most of the Spratley Islands that are scattered all throughout the South China Seas, The rub is that most countries claim some distance from their land terrirory or their outermost claimed islands. It is only a little over 900 miles between Vietnam and PI. If each claimed 200 miles there is a small section left in the middle. China went down that middle and then claims 200 miles on either side if not more the way they claimed the islands. That actually leaves very little navigatible waters through that area, which is treacherous to say the least. With the consolidated UN conventions of “freedom of the seas” if really boils down to how far is a country going to take their claims without a serious reaction by the neighboring countries which are weak, but larger ones not bordering rely greatly of the “intent” of the conventions,that the UN can not back up one iota.

          A trade war China can not withstand.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Here is one you may not have thought about. The US Govt has spent millions helping private landowners “fire proof” their property. That is people who live out in the country, surrounded by trees and tall brush.

            Why has this been spent on something the Insurance Industry could have dealt with? Special note on this one. The US Forest Service actually testified to Congress that the best way to deal with the “urban interface” was let the insurance companies deal with private property and the agency would no longer make special effort to protect them during fires. Next thing you know Congress is passing new budgets with money to do this work.

            Kind of like the Pentagon saying we don’t need this new plane and Congress, after lobbying, says yes you do.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Like the government underwriting insurance on the Outer Banks in NC and other coastal areas…..Houses and businesses used to be literally disposable along the coast except a few “rich” mansions. The common herd could in no way afford the insurance rates if you build a fine home in an area that could be expected to be destroyed every few years. Only people like JP Morgan could afford the reality of coastal living. Government underwrites the insurance, building booms along the coast,,,,,and billions otherwise not spent is shelled out to replace homes that should never have been built anyway…..anyway at least the government has pulled back and reality has set in and the population on the OBNC is actually decreasing……the storms are no worse nor more frequent…..just billions more damage, because of government getting involved

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              Just think of the idiots that built homes in the hills in SoCal, just because they could. They will get burned out approximately every 7 years. but yet they scream about the disaster they brought upon themselves….nobody made you build there……When I lived there nobody built on the uphill side of Hwy 1 along the coast, they stayed safely along the ocean. Today, is a different story. We lived on the last city street that paralleled the Santa Monica Mtn. However there was about 1/2 mile of grass buffer before any residences. Today, it’s all mega mansions….or the people who keep building along the eroding cliffs.
              Here in NC on Wrightville Beach a big condo got built right at an inlet. These inlets shift with each and every storm. To cut to the chance when the inlet eroded and shifted the owners tried to get the government to do something to stop the shifting sands…..didn’t happen and the building is NO MORE.

  42. Dale A Albrecht says:

    A poll just in taken by the “Military Times” about what the active duty members of the armed forces across the services thought of Obama and his tenure as Commander in Chief. A majority number had an UN-favorable view and only 18% with a favorable opinion…the rest were neutral. The service with the least favorable view was the Marine Corp….the best was the Navy….hell with all the battlegroups in port as of last week who wouldn’t be favorable.

  43. This is the stuff the Left are putting out:


    Fake News on Trump from Buzzfeed/CNN being crushed everywhere. The Left never learn. Their lack of integrity should put them out of business.

    • Read about this yesterday. Have to give the 4chan and Reddit crowds credit. They are the millenials out there, which gives me hope for the future. I picture them all tatted up smoking a blunt as they navigate the swamp. But at least they care and are engaged. Reddit’s crowd spent many hours , almost in friendly competition among themselves, combing through all the wikileaks. They’re the ones who brought pizzagate to light. 4chan gets credit for Pepe. I love Pepe, he’s the perfect troll. Between Trump, the master Troll, and 4chan and Reddit, the left never knows what hit them til they’re exposed.

      Side note about Pepe. 4chan is mad, if that’s the word, that the Deplorables stole Pepe from them. They came up with a new guy called kek. I’ve never seen a pic of kek so I’m just going with the idea that kek is simply karma. Works for me.

  45. An interesting tidbit. I have been watching some of the older MASH shows and in it’s earliest versions one of the characters was a black doctor. His nickname was “Spearchucker”. Things sure have changed.

  46. HMMMM:

    While it’s quite possible these organizations are in fact going to attempt such stupid stuff, I doubt that they will have adequate support or numbers to accomplish much of anything.

    • Agree, but better safe than sorry. You never know when Soros is involved. They’re saying 100k flooding the streets starting on the 17th. The dots are connected between BLM/Soros and the Muslim Brotherhood. Hmmm…Muslim Bros hiding in plain sight on our streets.

      Did you see where a small weapons cache was found along a trail in Washington a few days ago? Who’s stashing and why?

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        In a violin case, how cliche. Then the police went on to find more hidden away. But then the NW section of DC is i’m sure a heart attack that Trump was elected.

  47. Dale A Albrecht says:

    What possible bearing could Sen Booker from New Jersey have on Sen Sessions confirmation hearing. It can be only hearsay and just opinion and can carry no weight except media sensation.

    The Republican committees heading up these hearings are no friends of Trump.

    • I’m watching the Tillerson hearing. They’re on him like white on rice. Rubio, with his fresh six years, really has his chest puffed out. Tillerson ain’t buying it.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      The BEGINNING of Booker’s campaign to be elected POTUS. I expect to see him run in 4 years, 8 max.

      • Dale A Albrecht says:

        Like Obama’s speech at the DNC convention when Kerry was nominated…..nice machivellian thought

      • You are right another NOTHING with a zero record….but he looks good. Fun will be him going up against Andy Cuomo who is spending more money than exists in NY State. He is: rebuilding The Long Island Expressway, Kennedy Airport, Van Wyck Expressway, LaGuardia Airport, The Tappan Zee Bridge, The Long Island Railroad and……will provide free Tuition for four year State and CUNY Universities. In addition he has claimed credit for the 2nd Avenue Subway which started construction prior to his birth. There is talk of a NY State Space program to send Bill DeBlasio to the Moon.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          With what? Shouldn’t north of Westchester Co disown what lies southward, seeing all this spending is going towards only one small spot on NY States map…..I honestly do not remember when the Tappan Zee has not been worked on, can you?

          Whatever happened to selling bonds and stock to create infrastructure projects? Like war, used to be mostly funded by War Bonds. they were a good indicator of the mood of the country…..I forgot the progressives and better living through involuntary taxation

          • The Tappan Zee has always scared the bejesus out of me.It was a “temp” bridge built for the Thruway which was estimated to have 50 year lifespan. That ran out awhile ago. Then again, the Eiffel Tower was a temp structure too.

            Kinda think that Cuomo wants all the upstaters to move down south or something and stop being such a bother to him. Then he can turn the entire state North of Albany into some nature preserve or a windmill factory or something.

            Had he given a crap about upstate, he would have not banned fracking from the state. there are upstate areas near nothing where the chance of contamination is zilch.

            If you ever watch him speak and you can courtesy of You tube, look at the eyes. The guy is a nut.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              AS i wrote before….if he is so concerned about the dangers of fracking, per a Syracuse or was it Cornell hack analysis, he’d ban all gas and oil coming into the State extracted by that process.

            • Dale A Albrecht says:

              If I remember correctly, doesn’t Cuomo have Marty Feldman eyes. Not to desparage the late actor.

  48. Dale A Albrecht says:

    I got thinking about the presidents of the past century or so.

    T. Roosevelt……….Professional Politician
    W. H. Taft…………..Lawyer, Judge, Political appointee, President, Supreme court judge
    W. Wilson…………..Educator, Professional Politician
    W. G. Harding……..Media businessman, President
    C, Coolidge…………Professional Politician
    H. Hoover……………Engineer, Humanitarian, President
    F. D. Roosevelt……Professional Politician
    H. Truman…………..Professional Politician
    D. D. Eisenhower…Military Officer, President
    J. F. Kennedy………Professional Politician
    L. B. Johnson………Professional Politician
    R. M. Nixon………….Professional Politician
    G. Ford………………Professional Politician
    J. Carter……………..Professional Politician
    R. Reagan…………..Actor, Labor Leader, Politician
    H. W. Bush………….Professional Politician
    W. J. Clinton………..Professional Politician
    Bush II………………..Businessman, Gov, President
    B. H. Obama……….Professional Politician
    Trump………………..Businessman, President

    Only two Presidents since 1900 leaped from private business to the Presidency. The rest had long political experience before ascending to the presidency…..I do count Eisenhower as being very political. To having survived under MacArthur early in his career to herding cats during WWII. But the majority were professional politicians through and through. Trump broke into a good ole boys club and will have a tough road.

  49. I am ABSOLUTELY going to love the next four years! “You are fake news!” lmao!

  50. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Very interesting commentary on a recently published Harvard Law Review paper written by Obama.

  51. Just A Citizen says:

    As a result of my journey through the history of Russia, Ukraine, eastern Europe, etc. I have reached an unusual conclusion.

    The advent of the Nation State has actually decreased the number of wars humans have conducted against each other. The only reason fatalities are not higher before the Nation State was invented is because weapons technology was not as advanced as it was in modern times.

    While Nation States have continued war against neighbors, such wars are far less frequent than they used to be under the Empire or Tribal models. And such wars are generally limited to those Nations where the citizens do not have a major say in selecting their govt. representatives.

    As various people continue to adjust those lines to coincide with historical cultures, I would expect the armed conflicts to decline even further. It seems that boundaries of Nations is having the same affect on violence as the invention of property lines did.

    I also wanted to point out to people who followed the discussion a few of us had on Ukraine that the old kingdoms or empires shown on maps were named after the major cities in those areas. This was a continuation of the City State model that existed before and after time date 0 AD.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      JAC… then further your hypothesis…..would it not then make sense to erase the “colonial” boundries in Africa that held different tribes together, by force, in an artificial territory, but then in ’64 under UN agreements those lines that were created by European states, became truly unreal nation states that have created endless war where one tribe seeks to dominate another, in the total space that neither held at any historical time. If they’d go back to their traditional historical boundries there may still be conflict but not in the way we see today there on that continent….harken back to Yugoslavia and the mayhem/genocide created when the binding force (Tito) died and Serbia tried to keep it all together plus an added touch of ethnic cleansing……..believe it or not back during the 1919 Paris peace talks the Serbian negotiator was asked about the muslim minority. He said they’ll CONVERT or die.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Some of those boundaries will have to be erased and redrawn. The problem now is those who have power based on those lines, will fight hard to keep them.

        The world leadership would be better served if it helped facilitate such changes peacefully instead of intervening just to preserve them.

        But also note than many of those boundaries have changed in the past 40 years from those established right after WWII.

    • The lower fatality rate pre-nation state makes sense in many ways. Regardless, it’s clear proof that humans simply cannot live in an Anarchist Utopian society, regardless of how good it sounds. In our modern times, I cannot recall a fairly lengthy period of time where there was not some kind of conflict occurring somewhere on the planet. One thing I can agree with the Anarchist’s is that having rulers leads to war, which I think makes some logical sense as well.

      I would love to see any n0n-emergency military action going to a nationwide vote and see what happens. One would wonder if Vietnam could have been avoided in our current days with the level of info available.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I believe Anarchy works in the rural areas and among very small groups of people. Where consensus or consent can be more easily achieved and NO LEADER can be enforced.

        The more people the greater the chance of factions, more factions and eventually one of them will create Govt Power to control the others.

        • I fully agree. Living in the country I can also say that it wouldn’t work for long. An example: A cattle farmer plants and grows a good crop for his cattle to graze, but the deer are taking a toll. Farmer wants to shoot the deer, but others who hunt them say “no way”.

          It’s interesting to watch people argue about the deer herd when none of them understand the animal and how they act and move.

        • Dale A Albrecht says:

          Make sure you wear the correct colors when you cross into another hood.

    • Dale A Albrecht says:

      JAC……there have been some interesting studies along the lines of what you just stated

      Obviously a small summary but it confirms your analysis

  52. A new article is forthcoming, are there any suggested subjects?

  53. Dale A Albrecht says:

    Anyone want to bet on the Senate committee hearing over Tillerman? My bet he’s rejected by the “majority” republican party. As will Sessions, when they allowed KKK garbed protesters to gain immediate national attention and disrupt the hearings.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Dems filibuster to prevent appointments. The Senate and House ADJOURN for five days. President Trump makes a Yuuuge number of RECESS APPOINTMENTS.

      Congress reconvenes and business proceeds as usual. Next year they can do it all over again, only then the Dems won’t have a leg to stand on given the one year record.

    • I betting that it’s all theater and is a waste of time and money. Listening to some of the nonsense being allowed to occur, including some of the speeches with zero factuality, it’s all just theater to please the voters, especially the Liberal’s. They are just working on getting reelected.

  54. @ Elisheba…….I do not wish to mis-characterize you in any fashion…I am trying to decipher your position……you said the following:

    “Understand that violence is not always necessary, that people can and do willfully and peacefully organize according to mutually agreeable and beneficial standards”.

    Standards equals rules…yes?

  55. Dale A Albrecht says:
  56. gmanfortruth says:

    New article soon 🙂

  57. I had a long drive yesterday and listened intently to the questioning……Rubio and Cruz have definitely lost my support. I cannot do anything about Rubio but I can about Cruz. I will do whatever I can. This questioning on Russia is so stupid and I do not like Russia and I do not trust them at all but the questions are not even close to where they need to be. Rubio’s performance was abominable……totally.

    • It is clear to me that politicians have no view of the world or what diplomacy really is……I am convinced that the use of the word diplomacy has no meaning with established politicians…..we do not need more up there……what is really happening is that the career workers are scared that their gravy train is over…..that new leadership….non political leaders..are going to clean house….I hope that is the case.

    • I must of missed it. Just what did Cruz do that bothered you? I saw him supporting Sessions and sitting beside Tillerman and making a statement in support of him.

  58. If anyone is watching the hearings on “Mad Dog”……….look at his eyes.

  59. Gman-I changed my email I’m in moderation.

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