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  3. Interesting…..England closing off immigration. Denmark has closed Islamic immigration. Germany has a strong movement to close off immigration. France just announced that they are closing off immigration. Italy has signaled it cannot afford immigration any longer. Spain is about two weeks away of closing its borders. Austria and Switzerland have banned completely Islamic immigration.

    Hmmmm…..so I guess Europe is becoming Islamophobic? Just watched a special on TV on MSNBC about the 300% rise of sexual abuse and harrassment directly related to Muslim men and open immigration with the largest rise in Germany.

    I wonder…………………..

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Could there be an ethnic cleaning across Europe that will make what happened in the countries from former Yugoslavia, look like a practice run. Europe really didn’t care what happened there until WJC said enough is enough.

      As far as my having lived in Europe, my belief is the people have NOT wanted this “migration” for decades. It’s been the political EU leaders that have forced it upon the people. Laws were put in place to prosecute the people for even speaking out against the policies. Deemed a hate crime.

      Even though European’s have become quite blaise about religion in general, Their own that is, they are waking to the fact that Islam and it’s goal is quite a different animal to this day. The Imam’s in London were preaching a complete overthrow of English law and replace it with Sharia law and they said they will not let up until the cresent is on top of St Paul’s. The chinese that came to england are not doing that. The Hindu’s from India are not doing that.

      • My my…..you are going to liberal hell. What I do not understand, and I really donot, is the incessant belief from the left that this is not a problem. Everyone suffers from Islamophpbia….that it is ok that Sharia Law gets a foothold. I hear from the leftist about Paris and how they claim there are no Islam havens there that the police will not go into…and then you hear the Paris authorities themselves say there are enclaves all over. Same as Brussels, Belgium, Copenhagen, Denmark, Berlin, Germany…..the list is almost infinite.

        They are finally waking up. It is ok to come to our country, but leave your culture. It is going to get really nasty.

        • EverStem13 says:

          Immigration and sociological issues are only one aspect to it, and serve as part of the catalyst for what continues to build. I suspect it is the underlying truth that is going to tip the dominoes. Later is worse than sooner.

          Either there are reasons to exploit and destroy the middle east along with eradicating Islam from Earth forever, …or there are reasons for the world to unite against the USA and annihilate it.

          ..or both.

          Either way, it ain’t good.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Big time problems also in Rotterdam…….I talked to some folks in France and they pretty much said that the government likes the enclaves, such as big apt blocks with the “migrants” occupying them……..EASY to surround and seal off when required, Do the French, much less Europeans not remember the blazing summer a few years ago, with all the riots and cars up in flames. Mostly if not all perpetrated by young muslim youths with masks….one of these days a really France 1st government will get elected, or insert any country name from Europe, Sarcozi (sp) is like a McCain and NO change will occur if elected again.

  4. Today is the day we captured Santa Anna in peasants garb hiding in the bushes. at San Jacinto.

    • Was reading a little about him a few weeks ago. You guys sent him off to Jackson in DC and eventually he was released. later lost a leg in battle and ultimately lost his job. Wound up in Staten Island NY of all places!

      Some Santa Ana comments…..”Samuel Houston treated me in a way that could not have been hoped for. His humane and generous conduct contrasted severely with that of Filisola. I have always recalled with emotions of gratitude how much I owed to this singular man, in the saddest moments of my life. Shortly afterward, Houston went to New Orleans for treatment, and left me in charge of a so-called general named Rox (Rusk). This wicked man was cruel to me, but when Houston returned, he characterized Rox’s conduct as barbarous, and with touching words, bade me forget it. On taking leave of me, Houston said,

      “General, you are no longer a prisoner. Before returning to your country, I ask you to visit President Jackson, my protector and friend. He will receive you well, for he desires to see you.”

      In that helpless state, and in despair of getting away from the filibusterers, any refusal seemed imprudent, and with good grace I complied with his wishes. He recounts his visit to Washington, and says President Jackson repeated:

      “Mexico, on recognizing the Independence of Texas, will be indemnified with six million pesos.”

      I replied to him:

      “To the Mexican Congress only belongs the right of deciding that question.”

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    I post interesting biblical and gematria stuff, and it disappears. …along with gematria sites?

    What interesting timing. That is not the first time that has happened.


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    Fuking idiots.

  9. EverStem13 says:

    Whoever is doing that, you are a piece of shit because you are too gutless to confront the situation directly. You want to try to be a control freak instead of actually trying to resolve the root issue.

    The root issue is 4 billion religi-tards, not interesting ideas and conversations. The root issue is all the games and bullshit like what you do.

    Quit being bitches.

  10. EverStem13 says:

    I suspect the reason why they shut down the English Gematria site is because “I Pet Goat II” equals 666, and is in reference to a few other things.

    That is the type of shit they do.

    • I got right into the English Gematria site one hour ago…..I have also read severl of the links on the numerology and its definitions. I spent a couple hours reading the different links and have come to one conclusion.

      You said, “IT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING UNLESS YOU MAKE IT MEAN SOMETHING.” To this I readily agree. There are no conclusions except whatever the individual makes it. Therefore, entirely subjective. There are no conclusions, that I can find, that support or refute whatever the data means. Again, a totally subjective conclusion up to the individual. Keeping with this analysis, that means that unless they, or anyone agrees with you specifically, they are going to be wrong….in your eyes.

      This is why no one takes you serious. You say you can prove it but do not. How do you expect anyone to agree with you? We have all tried and all we get called are names. You are not going to run anybody off this site and you are not going to get anybody to agree with you. I have read, extensively, every single reference that you have put on here ( except heavy metal music ) and I cannot find any conclusions anywhere that support your theory.

      • EverStem13 says:

        “I got right into the English Gematria site one hour ago…..I have also read severl of the links on the numerology and its definitions. I spent a couple hours reading the different links and have come to one conclusion. ”

        It came back up a few hours after me posting the above. But The others are still showing an error message as of earlier this morning.

        “You said, “IT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING UNLESS YOU MAKE IT MEAN SOMETHING.” To this I readily agree. There are no conclusions except whatever the individual makes it. Therefore, entirely subjective. There are no conclusions, that I can find, that support or refute whatever the data means. Again, a totally subjective conclusion up to the individual. Keeping with this analysis, that means that unless they, or anyone agrees with you specifically, they are going to be wrong….in your eyes.”

        That is not what I am referring to.

        Colonel, I am not kidding when I say that I am an extraordinary match to rev 13:18(and others). I can prove that very very easily, and to a degree that is very difficult to match.

        The point I make is that even if I am indeed THE Beast, it doesn’t make me anything other than what I am already; just a nobody piece of crap trying to figure out life like anyone else. But rev 13 is not the only part that I match so well. It’s going to weird. It already is.

        “This is why no one takes you serious. You say you can prove it but do not. How do you expect anyone to agree with you?”

        I haven’t even attempted it yet. I am telling you, there is a LOT of information to cover, and it isn’t going to make sense until you have reviewed all of it and have done the necessary research to understand it. It works like connect the dots. You don’t see a picture until enough dots are connected. Until then, they are meaningless dots scattered on a page.

        And when these control hungry assholes keep deleting and editing my posts, it is like erasing dots so that picture can never been viewed. SUFA is obviously trying to stifle me, and it is apparent that some are involved in this by the particular information that is altered/deleted, and how they respond, and to what, etc.

        I am not fooled. I see you all doing exactly what ‘those other people’ did at the other sites. And I see who is privy to what information.

        “We have all tried and all we get called are names. You are not going to run anybody off this site and you are not going to get anybody to agree with you. I have read, extensively, every single reference that you have put on here ( except heavy metal music ) and I cannot find any conclusions anywhere that support your theory”

        I am not interested in simply trolling or whatever. As I said, I haven’t even started substantiating anything yet. And I may do it elsewhere as recommended.

        And this isn’t about our egos, Colonel. It is about a very real situation unfolding that has and will effect every single human being on this planet. There is a consequence for dismissal. You want to make it about our egos or make whatever excuse to tell me off or stifle or ignore me or whatever? ….fine. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

        • Not stifling you, not ignoring you, not criticizing you…..just trying to understand you.

          • EverStem13 says:

            Thank you, Colonel.

            I do recognize that you are one of the few who are being helpful and reasonable. And I have been a little unfair to you. I am sorry, I have been pretty stressed out about all this over the last 15-20 years.

            This is not something that is so simple and easy to demonstrate, prove or even discuss, as there is so much to it, and it is so broad scope, often ambiguous in nature. …although I can if one were to work with me a little (like you are)

            Not to mention that there is someone out there who is working against me, who is actively sabotaging things for me. (deleting information and evidence, shutting down sites, etc)

            One thing I think worth mentioning is that it is sometimes dependent upon perception and position. And it is a lot about not seeing it until you dig or consider things on a deeper level, …like how did Titor mimic my writing in 2000-2001 when I wasn’t on the net until years later?

            It is looking at a clear pattern of corresponding information and context and asking things like “How many coincidences before it is no longer a coincidence?” …or … how much of a pattern before it can be considered legitimate or conclusive?”

  11. GMan here’s your chance. Trump rally, Harrisburg, Pa. next Saturday, same day as White House Correspondents Dinner. 😀

  12. EverStem13 says:


    “Mathius, I appreciate your genuine attempts to reach through to Everstem. You are a good man. Murf”

    Reaching through to me is going to happen by either

    A – all these people who have been messing with me my whole life coming to me directly and explaining in clear and concise terms EXACTLY what they are doing and why

    B – Anyone or everyone who thinks they can or wants to help me, gathers them and MAKES them explain to me in clear and concise terms EXACTLY what they are doing and why.

    C – I start explaining to everyone the parts that I have figured out thus far and all hell breaks loose as I get my answers.

    Right now your fate hangs in the balance of a nice old lady returning a phone call before my patience runs out. You should probably find something better to do than help the gang ridicule me.

  13. Watched an interesting interview on CNN with Politico….they are now upset that Trump does not stick to a specific White House agenda. He takes off on his own, holds unscheduled meetings with staff for hours, eats dinner at times with the chef in the kitchen, sits on his veranda and converses with the Secret Service and the Marine Guards. Politico says this is unprecedented and who knows what he is planning?

    To this, I say WHAT????? So you have a POTUS that wants a sandwich and goes down to the kitchen and eats a friggin’ sandwich while talking to the chef and his staff…and Politico thinks this is subversive. You have a POTUS that sometimes sits on his veranda and casually converses with the Secret Service and Marine Guards and this is subversive. He has unscheduled meetings at times with his staff and no press is sitting in and this is subversive and Politico is worried about “what is he doing and saying. He can do anything!”

    You have a POTUS in the White House that does not give a rat’s ass about protocol and that does not treat his staff as subserviant and this is, somehow, out of mainstream.


  14. EverStem13 says:


    An after-thought…

    It is very interesting watching people in how they respond to these things I say. Most are unwilling to indulge for whatever reason. It will be interesting watching everyone do their best to prove it for me when they begin to realize the gravity of the situation.

    • EverStem13 says:

      To reiterate to you what I told Mathius;

      Rev 13:18 is where it starts. All the other stuff uses the same code, all based on my name/birth. And it isn’t only in The Bible. Thus in order for me to show you in more specific and definitive terms, I have to prove to the world I am indeed the/one beast.

      If we can get past the drama of that, then we can get down to the real meaning of it all. That will be difficult because there are quite a few religious people who will not like it and could very easily over react, never mind reason and facts and intellectualism.

      It is a big first step.

      • Well, if you have been reading me…I am not religious..I like to think that I am practical. If I can see it, hear it, taste it, and touch it…..it exists. Otherwise it does not. That makes me a realist….at least in my book.

        • EverStem13 says:

          I am not worried about you, or even most religious people.

          I am sort of worried about that small percentage of religious zealots and conspiracy nuts who could possibly track me and drag me from my home and rip me to pieces because they think I am a sea monster that will chip them or whatever nonsense.

          (And a lot of the crazy things I have been saying for the last few years won’t help the situation at all. I have been intentionally pushing religious buttons as to gauge the masses, as well as playing along with these weird games to gather information.)

          And even if that don’t happen, if I don’t get ripped to shreds, what I have found is going to stir the pot anyway, even for the reasonable and moderate. And that is just the religious aspects of it. There are political, economic, and scientific aspects to consider as well.

  15. EverStem13 says:

    ” In the 4 years I served as a “rebel”, …” – John Titor

    I see you have been carefully wording your work as to mimic my writing style, as well as all those little subtle clues that would indicate that I am you.

    …but that above quote was a mistake. There are others. I just caught that one today, thought I would share.

    • EverStem13 says:

      And while you and I both consider such things, maybe it is good to point out to readers that you didn’t have the chance to observe my writing style until years after those posts were posted.

      That is the type of things that no one considers in their shallow thinking, hence why they cannot see it.

  16. EverStem13 says:

    “In consideration of Everret-Wheeler, the reason we don’t know if Schrödinger’s cat is dead is because it might have had a time machine.”


    “Russia’s enemy in the United States is not you, the average person. Russia’s enemy is the United States government.”

    Anti-government Russians? Whoever heard of such a thing?

    “Toss it. The 5100 is the interesting machine.”

    Who is 5160?

    “Perhaps you are familiar with the story of the Red Sea and the Egyptians?”

    I wonder if she figured that one out yet. She appears scared. She has changed her name and is playing a shell game with addresses. …as if it will do any good.

    “Imagine you are back in 1911 trying to explain a jet engine to the Wright brothers.”


    “This has a way of opening a person’s eyes as to the value of fellow human beings.”

    What is that question I have been asking people lately?

    “There are a great many people involved with the discovery of time travel. Just as I will not give “stock tips”, I will not divulge their names as that may impact their lives now.”

    …but you will name us in cryptic form and send people to follow us around?

    “Timetravel-0 and I are not getting along? I’m not aware we had a falling out. I apologize if you think that’s the case.”

    Now that’s funny.

    “No, although I would suspect that is not impossible I have no idea how you would do that.”

    “Unless the information physically travels with the person; none that I’m aware of.”

    Even funnier.

  17. EverStem13 says:

    “I know my English isn’t perfect but I blame my parents for most of the phrases I pick up (wink).”


    • EverStem13 says:

      “Do you have any problems with the number thirteen?”

      “Not personally.”

      Of course not, …liar.

  18. France throws out its major party and a centrist candidate and a right candidate are in a runoff…the right candidate wants out of the EU..Frexit……….outsiders.

    • All it takes is a crack in the dam…..You have Brexit…it will finalize this year. If Le Pen wins, which is doubtful, but Trump was not supposed to win either…but if Le Pen wins, you will have a Frexit. If Macron, who is favored to win, does so….you will have a centrist. Both candidates do not like the immigration policies and both have pledged to do away with them (immigration policies) and close up the borders.

      The establishment candidates, all of them, lost and lost big. Let’s hope it continues from country to country.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        But Macron though “centrist” is wanting to expand the euro zone…..with what? More of the same policy that the “PEOPLE” are rejecting across Europe…….the powers behind the scenes will figure out a way to eliminate Le Pen, which will guarantee a dissolution of the Eurozone, because Germany will not go it alone, even though they have been underwriting the euro for years…….the ink supply has run out.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          to clarify…..if le Pen were to be elected the fate of the eurozone is sealed immediately…… with Macron, it will take a bit longer .

          • Yes, it will take longer but, never the less, he is still a centrist. The polls apparently have him a 20 point winner. I do not think I will bet on that.

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              I’m sure that some of us remember here on SUFA how France years ago wanted to erase any influence upon what makes up France. France will not be corrupted by uncuth cultures Like mixing in “American” words, foods, fashion etc. This was most notible during De Gaulle and his immediate successors. It’s amazing how much has changed in a little over one generation, yet the pendulum always swings back.

              However one thing that has stayed pretty constant in France and that is their anti-semitism. During the violence and riots a few years ago a lot of synagogues were vandalized and burned, They asked for protection and the government response was, “haven’t you got the message yet…..you are not wanted here.”

              • I was at a scientific conference many years ago (30-40) and the speaker, french scientist, was talking about the Fizeau effect. Most of the audience was puzzled because we had not heard the term before but knew of Fizeau and his science. Someone finally asked and we got the explanation that Doppler, a German, explained the familiar Doppler effect for sound but Fizeau, a Frenchman, was the first to apply it to light.

      • I’ve been watching this France election for a while. LePen met Trump at Trump Tower after he won, if you recall. She was already running her campaign at the time. I wish I was a fly on the wall for that convo. It was when this video came out that I knew in my gut that Trump would win. We aren’t the only ones waking up. Its the people of the world against the “false song of globalism”. Notice there are several Trump banners in other countries. Also of note in this video, there is a mock up banner behind Trump on stage where a commenter, Keln, from Conservative Treehouse , took a still picture from Les Miserable, edited out the French flags, and inserted Trump flags. Trump got wind of that meme and made a huge mock up of it and came on stage to Do you hear the people sing? with that banner behind him. It was a yuge honor for Keln at the Treehouse. Before Trump won there was Brexit. We were hoping for Trexit and got it. Then there was Nexit (Netherlands), and that guy Gert Wilders lost, but now the hope is for Frexit. Lots of people think LePen can win. I hope so. I really enjoy this video though.

  19. EverStem13 says:

  20. EverStem13 says:

    They STILL have not knocked on my door to explain themselves.


  21. Things are getting interesting in France again this morning. The far right candidate Le Pen is apparently gaining a lot of momentum. It is funny that she is being labeled an isolationist because she, and apparently about 40 % or so of the populace do not want the European Union….they are tired of being told what to do by non-elected politicians in Brussels. Like one French lawmaker said…..it is not France that lost its culture, it is the politicians of the EU that took it away.

    Well, France, you do not have a very good reputation for fighting back…maybe now is the time.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I have to get at an oped that screamed “Le Pen” is the EU’s worst nightmare”

      Let’s see France lost the French and Indian war, even though they supported the rebellion in America, Britain took out it’s vengence on France and France lost more of their empire. Napoleon, though winning battles lost the overall campaign. Crimean War a debacle, They lost their intrusion into Mexico by the lowly Juaristas, they got beat in the Franco Prussian War, Mutinied in WWI and were only saved by the american expedition forces, excuse of the Lusitania in the history books is fiction. Capitulated WWII, Lost Vietnam, Lost Algeria and anything else in North Africa…..why would we want anything militarily from an ally point want France on our side? I look at them as an old dowager sitting in the corner dreaming of the days of Louis the XIV.

      Le Pen has been knocking on the door for some time now. All it will take now is some terrorist attack between now and the final election and she’s in. Let’s see if ISIS is stupid enough, but it is also a great time for a false flag operation

      Corsica, which is a semi-autonomous state/country warned the terrorist and migrants, any acts of terrorism and you are history. The corsicans are well armed and very prone to violence

      • I like the Corsicans…..they take no “crapola” from anybody. Gotta admit that the introduction of the “Corsican Necktie” was quite effective.

      • Well, in Vietnam, we suggested using French rifles…..never fired and only dropped once.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Anyone want to bet the polls are disasterously wrong in France as they were with Brexit and Trump…..They’re rigged for wishful thinking. Macron wants more expansion and more of the same policies that are tearing Europe apart. Even though he’s calling for 10K more police and 15K more cells….who are they for?

  22. Update on the Texas border and Texas’ last sanctuary city holdout of Austin.

    First, border crossings outside the cities of Brownsville, McAllen, Laredo, Eagle Pass, Del Rio and El Paso have fallen to near zero. We have not found a dead body in the desert in weeks and that is very unusual. The ranchers are reporting far fewer problems. There has not been a line shack burned in weeks. Cattle are not disappearing any longer. Some school buses are now being run without armed guards in the rural areas.

    Still have some robberies occurring in the Big Bend National Park but more Texas Guard troops have been sent there. No new tunnels under the river have been found but with our history of blowing up the tunnels and flooding them, that is not surprising.

    In the major border cities, there are still some problems but they are now being handled with ease. There are no more children, enlisted by the gangs, being dropped off any longer and the church operated sanctuary areas have been closed.

    It is amazing what simply enforcing the laws already on the books can do.

    Now, to Austin and the sheriff that turns criminals loose……………….Our AG and the governor did what they said they were going to do. No more State funds going to Austin and it hurt. It is reported that the Sheriff will not run again.

  23. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Let’s see, New Orleans is removing monuments to southern hero’s of the “War of Northern Aggression”. It’ll be interesting when activists demand that the relief on Stone Mountain Georgia be dynamited.

    Is this activity all an operation, under the guise of being offensive, nothing but the continued assult on “States Rights” and those that chose to fight for them.

    • More of the snowflakes. It is history and I do not see Georgia even thinking about Stone Mountain.

      • They tried to do the same thing at Fort Griffin, Texas at Sabine Pass….them “damn yankees” tried twice to take Sabine Pass and failed. There were NO confederate casualties in either battle while them thar’ yankees lost a total of four gunboats and over 1000 casualties dead, wounded and captured. But, last year, some out of stater’s tried to remove the Sabine Pass references and all Texas Confederate symbols and lost their bid to do so. The locals stood guard and told them there would be a third battle of Sabine Pass with the same results. It stands there today.

    • New Orleans is a funny place to do this. It seems somewhere in my memory banks there is knowledge of large plantations in and around NO owned at the time by Blacks who were Freemen for an awfully long time and held slaves. To my knowledge this is the only southern state that had such things. New Orleans Free Blacks also served with Andy Jackson and had their own battalion at the Battle of NO. Again, a pathetic knowledghe of history.

      Didja ever wonder how many young (under 18 people) think that the US is the ONLY country that ever had slavery. Additionally, how many even know that slavery was not exclusively for black people?Wonder if anyone has ever done that type of poll?

  24. I noticed that there seem to be an awful lot of accusers of Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. As some point, when enough people come out of the woodwork accusing you of the same things, we, the bystanders, can safely assume that “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

    To that end, I have little doubt that – to some degree – both men sexually harassed coworkers and employees over the course of years and paid millions to shut them up afterward.

    That’s not what I find interesting. What I find interesting is that, of every woman who has come forward (who I have read about), not one seems to have given in and slept with either of them. Isn’t it interesting, a small legion of women promised wealth and success, some of whom later got that wealth and success.. and every single one of them stood on principle and refused? Every. Single. One. Very interesting indeed.

    Methinks some of these women are not telling the whole truth.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      From the stories I read neither was pressing for sexual favors. At least in most of the cases. There is the one where O’Reilly supposedly asked her to come to his room.

      But most of the other cases involve inappropriate comments, and some are even borderline on that account.

      I also think there is some fire attached to all this smoke. But I also think that there is more smoke than actual fire. The continuing evolution of “sexual harassment” seems to be at play, to include any comment a woman deems bad and at any time she so deems it. Even if it is months or years later when she figures she can get some money out of the deal.

      Read an interesting one on the Murdochs. The old man told the kids not to settle with O’Reilly’s accusers. That settling would simply invite more law suits. Apparently he read them the riot act when the flood gates broke. But now they are calling the shots.

      • Yes, there is some fire I’d wager. Dress codes and such….certain pictures that O’Reilly had even on his desk, from what I read. Now, taking things in concept, modern women have wised up as to how to play the game and they play it well and the deck is stacked in their favor on some things. But, having had an office of 27 women and 5 men, I saw the politics all the time. ON BOTH SIDES. Hell, I guess that I have to say that I was guilty somewhat because I wanted a secretary that could type, take dictation and shorthand…..and looked good while doing it because, as the President, I wanted a perfect picture for customers. Now, when I hired a secretary, who carried the title of Assistant to the President, I was up front what I wanted and I set a dress code. However, I did have a prescreen in the process where the finalists were screened by a female.

        That said, in today’s time, I am sure that would be considered sexist in that I wanted a specific look and specific talents ( don’t even go there, Mathius…non-sexual talents ) and I wanted them married. I got laughed at sometimes because I wanted short-hand as well. When asked, I said that when I travelled, I expected my secretary to accompany me and be able to take notes of everything in short hand so I did not have to carry and speak into a tape recorder for dictation. I also wanted my secretary to be bi-lingual. For those talents, I paid very well….very well, indeed.

  25. EverStem13 says:

    EVOL _ T _ _ N

    U I O = I O U = I owe you
    EVOL = Love
    NT = New Testament

    Her name means Love. She was a Christian. I don’t know about any debt or recompense. But it bothers me to see it is suggested as relevant.

    The hangman bothers me. I am not sure what it means. I worry that it has something to do with the cause of death being head and neck injuries.

    The shark is a predator, and it bothers me that it is in the context of that burning house and a penis. I suspect/fear, but hope not, that it means something about a sexual predator and that house. I know what it refers to, where it was and when it burned. And I suspect someone’s clock was off by two minutes.

    What’s with all those numbers and cryptography? Whoa!

    …and then there is the math of the accident. It doesn’t fit. If it is this, then that doesn’t make sense. If it is that, then this and the other doesn’t fit or make sense. And when comparing to context and other anomalies, doesn’t make sense or fit. ..and I have analyzed the hell out of it, forward, backward inside and out, sideways crooked and then some. I have measured everything and calculated all the way down to tenth of a second intervals for full range of possibility. I have sat there for hours of my spare time with a stopwatch and watched traffic.

    …and then there is what she said, …and the way people are responding to my inquiries, etc..

    Something. is. not. right.

    It bothers me knowing access exists but I don’t have it. I would love to help her out. Maybe send someone to do so? …whatever helps her out.

    But it has to be all about her best interests, and in consideration of family and friends.

  26. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/04/24/obama-iran-nuclear-deal-prisoner-release-236966

    I haven’t finished reading it and I’m already furious.

    • EverStem13 says:

      All nuclear capability for Iran means is that it ups the stakes to ensure it’s complete annihilation should it get stupid with it.

      For Iran, it primarily serves as a deterrent from invasion or overwhelming attack from a equal. It’s capabilities are not yet advanced enough to compete with the big boys. By the time it gets there, Iran will be one of the big boys. Iran is basically being assimilated into the nuclear club.

      If there is ever a reason for a superpower to go after Iran, nuclear capability will not stop it. If Iran launched in response, it’s toast and knows this. It will simply be a reason to launch back with much greater strength.

      Eventually Iran will probably be voting on who gets nukes. Don’t worry about Iran being a threat to you.

      And all of those supposed arms dealers are small time in comparison to what governments do. Worry more about that. Worry more about governments provoking wars and people making billions from it. That is what generates most wars, not ‘terrorists’.

  27. Some interesting thoughts of the day.

    When there is a bombing, we blame the bomber. When there is a drunk driving accident, we blame the driver. Why, when there is a shooting, do we blame the gun?

    Freedom has a nice ring to it………………………..and a bit of a recoil.

    One of my favorites…”Sticks and stones may break my bones…but hollow points expand on impact.”

  28. gmanfortruth says:
    • Our legislature (CA) just passed a massive gas tax increase to fund infrastructure including roads. Moonbeam despite arguing for the funds has not signed it. yet. Everyone promised that this time the money would not be diverted.

      They have already introduced a bill to divert some of the money to a “worthy” cause. There are no consequences in a one party state.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        California will collapse under it’s own Democrat weight and become the failed State that places like Venezuela have become. Should they ask Congress for help, I will be on the phone with my Rep’s and Senators in total opposition. You can’t fix stupid with bailouts, let them eat their own mess.

        Sorry you and folks like you have to suffer through all of this..

      • There are no consequences in a one party state.

        Hey, do you remember that time that a Democrat won the governorship of a traditionally Republican state and, before he was sworn in, the Republican supermajority and the outgoing governor signed a bill to strip away powers of the incoming Governor?

        California will collapse under it’s own Democrat weight and become the failed State that places like Venezuela have become.

        Odd that Cali is a net payer into the rest of the country.

        You know, unlike states like Mississippi (receives $4.70 for every dollar).
        Or West Virginia (4.23)
        or South Carolina (3.02)
        or Alabama (2.91)

        In fact, looking at the top 10 biggest moochers, I see NM, HI, Maine are blue and the rest (and the next three as well) are red.

        Looking at the 10 biggest payers, I see 8 blues, one purple (OH) and one red (NE).

        So, maybe, California (and NY) and all those other liberal hellholes would be a lot better off if they stopped having to subsidize all your red-state utopia?

          • gmanfortruth says:

            Totally irrelevant. Ask any conservative and he/she will tell you that it would be better to give the Feds far less money and keeping our own. Same with State taxes. California’s list of government agencies has been posted here and it’s absurd. I can write a book on how taxes are wasted on idiocy. I can spend my money much better than any government, we should be keeping what we earn and only giving for what is truly needed.

        • How about, and I would be in favor of, NO Federal subsidies for any state. Let the states decide what they want to provide or not provide….

          • There just simply is no “one formula” for all…and that includes nationalized health care. It will still cost more in some states than others no matter what you do.

  29. @ Sir Mathius….”Odd that Cali is a net payer into the rest of the country.”

    Not at all, in my view. that the only thing that they (California) has not yet done is nationalize industry….that is probably next.

    I was serious about flying to California. Most private planes actually land in Reno or Las Vegas and rent cars to drive into California. Cheaper that way. The same for going to Palm Springs. I land in Las Vegas and drive to Palm Springs. Much, much, even mucho cheaper.

  30. Just A Citizen says:

    Following a small Toyota pickup coming back from gym this morning. Sticker in the window:

    My kid is an honor student and my President is an idiot.

    And below that on the bumber: Trump is making America hate again.

    I am guessing the irony was completely lost on the driver of the truck.

    Around these parts I am surprised his rig hasn’t been egged yet.

  31. Why are the republicans so afraid of a government shutdown, doesn’t the President get to decide what gets paid and what doesn’t -sounds like an opportunity?

    • No, VH, he does not get to decide. He does not have the checkbook and he does not have the line item veto.

      • Do not under estimate his abilities. Obamacare is the Achilles Heel for the Dems in 2018. I do not think he cares too much about it right now knowing full well that the Dems are up for re-election in 2018 and Obamacare is going through the roof. You will get a CR through this week and he gives a little on the wall and does nothing with Obamacare and goes after the tax cuts. If the Republicans were smart. and I do not think they are, hold Obamacare hostage. Let the premiums go up and do not fund any more Obamacare subsidies. IF that happens, there won’t be a Democrat left including Bernie Boy.

        In addition, do not fund one single dollar to the health insurance companies….none. Do nothing about de-regulation as yet….wait until 2018 and then use it as a “nuke”. Trump will get everything he wants next year by simply doing nothing with Obamacare. Let it ride.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          As I predicted, Trump is in over his head at the moment. Maybe he can recover, maybe not.

          We will soon find out.

          And if you think the R’s will win the day by de-funding the ACA subsidies your are ringier than a pet coon.

          • I do not think he is in over his head at all…..it appears that way but he is dumb like a fox. I will agree with you that he expected more from the Republicans but his style is rooting out the ones that have been behind the curtain.

            As to defunding the ACA subsidies….he does not really have to do that. Just do not agree to the increase in the subsidies to cover exploding costs……keep the funding right where it is and let Obamacare do the rest. It will implode.

            And if you have a pet coon…..who is the real crazy person?

      • Hmmm, I could have sworn that we had discussed this on SUFA -that the President and the party in power had a lot of leeway in deciding what was essential and what wasn’t. So much for my memory.😀

        • Now, you are adding the PARTY to the mix. Yes, the Republicans can call the shot right now…they have everything. The house, senate and POTUS. That is the power, if they would just use it. Grow some big boy gonads and do it.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          You remembered correctly. First, POTUS has considerable leeway in deciding who or what is “essential” in the event of a “shutdown”.

          It used to be that CR’s were simply that, a “continuation” of prior spending. Now all of a sudden the CR’s include new spending or changes in spending. What a bunch of hooey.

          As for the regular program it depends on the budget language. “Authority” to spend is not the same as “Directed” to spend. Although, I would love to see what Congress would do if POTUS did not spend the money as “directed”. OH, we already know, because they did nothing to Obama.

          The problem would come in finding an Agency Secretary willing to ignore the Appropriations bill and start cutting programs which had been funded. Or not spending money that had been authorized.

          • JAC says: The problem would come in finding an Agency Secretary willing to ignore the Appropriations bill and start cutting programs which had been funded. Or not spending money that had been authorized………

            Yes, it is a problem and should not be. Every agency head could cut just 5% and we would be money ahead.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              That is right. They could withhold 5 to 10% of the budget at the highest office level. Holding it for an emergency. Then just turn it back in at the end of the year. Then request 10% less next year and do it all over again.

              Here is the other ticket. The lower managers could do the same thing. It is just harder because there are so many more of them. I know this because I was one of those people. And I got my backside chewed good by some upper level managers. I lost those battles but won the war when the boss’s boss decided I knew what I was doing and told his managers to start using my methods for building out year budgets, along with several cost cutting ideas.

              I was rewarded nicely for these things because in those days, saving “taxpayers money” was a worthy endeavor and considered part of our mission.

          • And here I was assuming that any prior appropriations would be null and void during a shutdown.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              During a shutdown caused by expiration of a Continuing Resolution, the Admin notifies the agencies to send everyone home except “essential” personnel. They also continue any contracts that are actively being executed, some times. Essential used to mean those critical to protection of public safety and govt. property.

              Prior appropriations are not null and void, the expire. So while in shutdown mode the govt. is spending from contingency funds and promises by Congress to cover “essential” activities.

              Once a new CR is signed everything goes back to work. The CR is the new budget. And the CR usually closely reflects the prior CR.

              If an agency has an approved “appropriations bill” after a CR expires it can remain in business. The shutdown would only affect those without an appropriations bill.

              A “Budget” does nothing but to set the appropriations limits for the various Committees to shoot for. Congress makes those rules and they can break them. The real deal is the Appropriations Bills for each agency or group of agencies. That is what gives authority to spend and sets the amounts to be spent.

              This is not a shutdown due to Debt Limits being exceeded. In that case the Appropriations could have been passed but the debt limit prevents further spending because their is no authority to borrow more. In this case Govt. could continue to operate to the extent it did not have to borrow to cover expenditures. The problem with the debt ceiling is that once it expires the “debt service” part of the expenditures has to be paid by available funding. And the debt service can eat up much of the funds for daily operations.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      A better question is why is the media blaming the potential shut down on Republicans and Trump when it is the Dems threatening to filibuster the bill??

      Didn’t the R’s get the blame when they threatened the filibuster??

      The answer is the Republican always get the blame, no matter who actually causes it.

      And that V.H. is why the Republicans fear it. They can’t stand to be called names when they go home to the next town hall meeting.

      The saddest part of all this is the Republican Party leadership is squandering a great opportunity. They could get Trump on board their platform if they showed him how HE would be the winner. Then just eliminate the filibuster. Spend the next two years fixing the federal govt. Cut spending, programs and reduce taxes. Hell pass the flat tax. Do it all.

      And then in September of 2018 vote to revise the Rules of the Senate to require a 66% vote to revise the Rules of the Senate. GAME OVER.

      You see this is the problem with “Conservatives”. They are not “Radicals” by their very nature.

      • The democrats know how to play the game….that is for sure……the Republicans have split pea balls……they need some cast iron cajones that fit a wheel barrow.

        Watch Texas closely this next election….it is going to be interesting.

        • Oh, as to the Texas Representative that is on her four day hunger strike……the sentiment down here is….”Let the bitch starve.”

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Unless the strike is aimed at the people who produce the food, what is the point!!

            Thought you would appreciate that.

            P.S. I do not have a pet coon. Because they are freaking crazy, and mean and nasty, and did I say crazy. I think your raptors would be easier to domesticate.

            P.S.S. I think the mascot for the modern Democratic party should be the Raccoon. Always stealing stuff that ain’t theirs and then they will tear your arm off if you try and get your stuff back. Sharp little teeth and nasty hissing sound. And those dark little beady eyes behind the mask. 🙂

            • LOL…..good description. But you gave me an idea….a new raptor breed. The Rapto-Coon or the Coon O Raptor. But I am sure that PETA or someone on the left will say that it is racist.

  32. EverStem13 says:

    ” In the 4 years I served as a “rebel”, …”

    I thought about this some more. For all you people and your foolish games, and all my crazy nonsense response, it is all moot. You people are full of it, whatever you’re doing.

    She knew this a long time ago.

  33. gmanfortruth says:

    Watch the poor little Commie get arrested for being a violent thug.


    • gmanfortruth says:

      Antifaschistische Aktion, Antifascistische Aktie, Antifascist Action or Antifascistisk Aktion — abbreviated as Antifa (German/Dutch/English) or AFA (Scandinavian) — is a far-left, extra-parliamentary, communist, anti-fascist network in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and United States of America whose stated goal is to “smash fascism in all its forms”.[1] Some of its members are influenced by the theory of triple oppression, while others are influenced by liberation theology; its members oppose sexism, racism, and classism. The point of the organization is to exchange information and to coordinate activities between local groups.

      The group’s activities have included handing out flyers, organizing demonstrations, direct action, and rioting. They believe that physical aggression and violence are necessary to achieve their goals, due to the violence and aggression minority groups face at the hands of fascists and the far-right. In line with their ideology, and as a consequence of being constantly monitored by the police, the group has no central authority. This means it has a flat organization consisting of many independent groupings, without a board or leader. AFA works with other anti-racist groups all over Europe.[2][3] It is also described as a heterogeneous group which in the 1940s was mostly made up of social democrats, communists, and progressive Christians.[4]

      Let’s put ANTIFA in the correct category……Communists. Having done some research, these people are basically anti-white, anti-capitalism, anti racism (not quite) etc. While we all find groups like Skinheads and those Aryan Nation jerks as racist shit for brains, ANTIFA has now included all people who don’t follow their Liberal ideology. Hence, the Communists are calling all white non-Liberals as white supremists. This is NOT an anti racist group, they are freaking Communists, period.

      • In addition to Germany, there were two other major European fascist States, Italy and Spain and a few minor ones. They were not involved in “master race” nonsense. they were strong central government, Socialist states. people seem to want to forget this. For the anti-fascists to claim they are anti-fascists while doing everything fascists do is confusing to say the least. A bit schizophrenic also.

  34. gmanfortruth says:
    • gmanfortruth says:

      After some review, Congress can fix the problems associated with the 9th Circuit Court (and others) if they chose to do so. Their record of being overturned is cause to be eliminated.

      Some new rules on Judges should be applied in regards to being overturned. My suggestion is that if a Judge is overturned more than 25% of the time his/her rulings go to a higher court, that Judge should be removed from that position. At some point in time, activist Judges would be removed.

      The Judicial system is a wreck, at all levels. The corruption is widespread and I have personal experience to prove it (concerning an illegal fine rendered). Too bad we don’t have any real investigative journalists anymore.

    • This guy thinks this is all a big nothing burger-that allowing the case to come to Court in the first place was ridiculous.


      • Course one still has to wonder if there are teeth in that ruling that can come back and bite us?

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Maybe Trump is actively exposing the activist Judges for future Congressional action. I’m guessing that Judges can be impeached or removed from the bench by Congress. It’s a needed change.

      • When a judge flagrantly rules against the law. Laws passed by Congress mind you is there not a mechanism to impeach him/her for malfeasance.

        I note that both the President’s order on the 90 day immigration halt as well as cutting off funds to sanctuary cities are specific, congressionally passed and signed legislation.

        Where was the judge halting Obams’s order on bathrooms and gender? Somehow, THAT was okay doaky!

  35. gmanfortruth says:


    I could care less how people dress. I have seen some men dressed like a woman, in public and wondered how someone that looked so bad could go out in public. I would have to say….mental illness. But hey, let them walk around among us, looking foolish.

  36. EverStem13 says:

    ht tp://www.numberman.net/Greek_Gem_Calculator.html

    ht tp://www.numberman.net/Hebrew_Gem_Calculator.html

    ht tp://gematriacalculator.appspot.com/

  37. gmanfortruth says:

    Did Obama’s CIA Director Collude with Foreign Spies to Bring Down Trump?

    GOP Presidential April 25, 2017
    It appears one party was working with foreign governments to sway the 2016 presidential election. But it wasn’t the Republicans.

    According to new reports, Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan, conspired with foreign spies in order to tip the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton and defeat President Donald Trump.

    According to The American Spectator, Brennan hoped to keep his position as the head of the Central Intelligence Agency in a Hillary Clinton presidency—so he enlisted the help of foreign spies from the United Kingdom and Estonia to help get Trump out of the way.

    The conspiracy allegedly started in April 2016, when Estonia—listed in leaked reports as an “unnamed Baltic state”—told Brennan that Russia was funneling cash into Trump’s campaign. Estonia had no evidence to support their claim. At the time, Trump had just criticized NATO, which Estonia sees as critical to their continued independence from Russia, and so the Estonian officials were eager to help elect Hillary Clinton.

    Despite Estonia’s obvious bias and lack of evidence, Brennan used the shaky piece of information as pretext to launch a widespread investigation into Trump and his campaign. Brennan than used similarly inaccurate information from British spies in order to round out his investigation. Brennan put together a phony case for a multi-agency investigation into Trump—allowing top Obama officials, like Susan Rice, to spy on Trump and his team.

    In order to ensure maximum political damage for Trump, Brennan leaked key pieces of the investigation to the media—including his closed-door briefings to eight Senators, which would up on the front page of The New York Times.

    What began as an investigation into Trump’s alleged ties to Russia has quickly become a headache for the left. Now, it appears increasingly like Republicans weren’t the one colluding to rig the election—the Democrats were.

  38. EverStem13 says:

    Part One: The Pet Goat

    A girl got a pet goat. She liked to go running with her pet goat. She played with her goat in her house. She played with her goat in her yard.

    But the goat did some things that made the girl’s dad mad. The goat ate things. He ate cans and he ate canes. He ate pans and he ate panes. He even ate capes and caps.

    One day her dad said, “that goat must go. He ate too many things.” The girl said, “dad if you let the goat stay with us, I will see that he stops eating all those things.”

    Her dad said he will try it.

    So the goat stayed and the girl made him stop eating cans and canes and caps and capes.

    But one day a car robber came to the girls house. He saw a big red car near the house and said, “I will steal that car.”

    He ran to the car and started to open the door. The girl and the goat were playing in the back yard. They did not see the car robber.

    More to come.

    Part Two: The Goat Stops the Robber

    A girl had a pet goat. Her dad had a red car.

    A car robber was going to steal her dad’s car. The girl and her goat were playing in the back yard.

    Just then the goat stopped playing. He saw the robber. He bent his head down and started to run for the robber. The robber was bending over the seat of the car. The goat hit him with sharp horns. The car robber went flying.

    The girl’s Dad ran out of the house. He grabbed the robber. “you were trying to steal my car,” he yelled.

    The girl said, “but my goat stopped him.”

    “Yes,” her dad said, “that goat saved my car.”Goat_book3_web

    The car robber said, “something hit me when I was trying to steal that car.”

    The girl said, “my goat hit you.”

    The girl hugged the goat. Her Dad said, “that goat can stay with us. And he can eat all the cans and canes and caps and capes he wants.”

    The girl smiled. Her goat smiled. Her Dad smiled. But the car robber did not smile. He said, “I am sore.”

    The End.

    But that’s not how it looks to have gone down.

    Dad got the pet goat for the little girl. A snake oil salesman sold it to him because he couldn’t control the goat. The goat doesn’t like being a pet, and usually only tolerates it, ..usually.

    But the goat and the little girl got along immediately. They were friends because the little girl was really nice to the goat. They hung out every day and nobody messed with the little girl because they knew they would get rammed into next century. So dad was pleased with them hanging out, knowing she was o.k.

    And the goat was actually liking the pet thing now, but only her pet because she was so nice to him.

    But then the goat, because it is a goat, started craving a more balanced diet beyond yard grass that included things like cans and canes and pans and panes and capes and caps. And when he ate them, he pist off dad.

    Dad went control freak on him, and of course, mom had to go with whatever he said, and so he put a bell and collar on the goat, chained him up sometimes, locked him in the garage on the occasion that he ate the ‘wrong’ thing.

    So the goat tolerated this for a while, and only because he liked the little girl so much. But he could only take it for so long. So he complained to the little girl and suggested that he should move away and go live in the mountains where he could be a goat and not have to wear a bell and collar and could climb on rocks and eat grass and seeds and leaves and berries and fruits and flowers and even make trips to the edge of town and eat all the cans and canes and pans and panes and capes and caps when he wanted from the trash heap.

    But the girl didn’t want him to leave. She wanted him to stay. So she wouldn’t talk to dad about it and dad and mom refused to talk about it, and so he was stuck. He still liked the girl, but starts thinking of a way out. Surely this has to end.

    Then one day, after many grueling days of ‘pethood’, the whole family went for an outing at the local marketplace and eateries. A little while later, a couple of robbers showed up and started sneaking around. They broke into the house and came out with electronics, jewelry and the keys to the car.

    On the way to the front gate, the robber dropped the keys, and as soon as he did, the goat thought to himself “I could ram that f’er all the way into next century if it weren’t for this collar and bell. O well”.

    And he stood there munching on grass as the robbers drove away. Then he realized they had left the gate open, so he promptly went away to the mountains where he could be a happy goat.

    Many years later, the goat was standing on a cliff overlooking the road. He notice a familiar object, the stolen car. And it still had the same one in a million cherry red finish paint. So the goat, while hanging out in the area for a few days, notices the car goes by the same time every day. So the goat starts to wonder and decides to start migrating along the road so he can see where the car is going to.

    After a few weeks of seeing the car go by, after tracking it along the road, he comes to a toll bridge and watches while the car passes through. The goat tries to cross, but the man in the booth wouldn’t let him. So the goat goes back to his business.

    Then he starts thinking about the little girl and how she must be all grown up and wonders if she is still nice. He goes to look for her but discovers she was killed by someone in a red car. He goes back to the mountain and cries.

    Then after beating up trees and other animals, smashing rocks and eating all the marijuana and fermented berries and pissing off every animal in the forest, he decides to go back to the house and tell her parents about the car.

    When he gets there, the dad starts cursing and yelling at him and accusing him of stealing and killing and is being mean. So he tries to talk to mom about it, but she avoids him. The goat is persistent and explains what happened and tells them that he knows how to find it, but that he will need help.

    They reject him and he leaves and goes to the mountains and watches the car drive by every day.


    • EverStem13 says:

      There is an alternate version or two. Here is an interesting one…

      The snake oil salesman sells the goat to dad who intends to make it a pet for his little girl.

      Dad tells the little girl. The little girls replies “I don’t want a damn goat. I’m a little girl and would rather have a cat or something with butterflies on it.”

      They don’t tell the goat. But they hang out for a while anyway and the little girl says “You’re a cool goat, and funny too. I like you.” ..and the goat replies ” I like you too, a lot. You are really nice. It was nice knowing you. II am going to go now. Bye.” And the girl says “Bye”

      And the goat leaves and tries to find a way to the mountains so he can go be a goat.

      Then one day, a few years later, the goat gets shot with a pellet gun. He turns around to see it is a big lump of knotted up hairy skin with arms and legs wearing a T-shirt holding the pellet gun. He can’t quite make it out, so he runs off and evades the big lump of knotted up hairy skin with arms and legs wearing a T-shirt holding the pellet gun.

      Again it happens a few days later. And a few after that. Someone keeps sniping him with pellets. So he hides and maneuvers and leads them around so he can get a good look at them, maybe even read what’s on their shirts.

      It turns out, they’re walking assholes, big lumps of knotted up hairy skin with arms and legs wearing a T-shirt holding pellet guns.

      The goat, perplexed by being stalked and harassed by big lumps of knotted up hairy skin with arms and legs wearing a T-shirt holding pellet guns, actually starts to figure out what’s on their shirt, and uses it to track them to the people sending the big lumps of knotted up hairy skin with arms and legs wearing a T-shirt holding pellet guns to hunt the goat and shoot him.

      So he goes and digs and prods and gets shot up and all goes through all sorts of crazy nonsense, to eventually discover it has something to do with some people who tried to make him a little girl’s pet a long time ago, or something, or something else, or whatever.

      He starts digging and asking questions and probing and reaching out and they all tell him to fuk off.

      So he knocks over a lantern in a barn and sets the whole town on fire and kills everyone and leaves to the go live in the mountains where he could be a goat and climb on rocks and eat grass and seeds and leaves and berries and fruits and flowers and even make trips to the edge of town and eat all the cans and canes and pans and panes and capes and caps when he wanted from the trash heap.

      THE END

  39. From a facebook post.

    You all laughed a few years back when I pointed out that “we” were our own worst enemy. The American corporation, CEO and investor is responsible for the sell out of the American economy. Well, now someone wrote a book on it. It ain’t just me saying it anymore.The salient point is that to increase the return to stockholders (us, in various guises like: pension plans, institutional investors, stock funds etc.) CEO’s and corporate boards will sell you out to raise the dividend 2 cents a quarter. Their own livelihood depends on it. In the past corporate leaders had a certain loyalty to their employees their communities and their country. No more! Now it is whatever boosts the bottom line. Destroy a town or city, abrogate contracts, rescind health plans and sell technology to potential foreign enemies. All is just fine and dandy so long as the dividends increase. So now, it seems I have an ally. Not so lonely anymore and as usual I am unhappily right. What a wonderful world we have entered into. …

    • Don’t remember disagreeing with you. 😃 I ‘ve thought for awhile that really large corporations take away the personal connections and are run by Rules alone.

      • Generally V, I got a whole lot of flack from Facebook friends and old acquaintances over that. Many,like our old friend Charlie refused to understand. His friends had a field day telling me I was nuts. Here, on SUFA, my main scoffers were Buck and Matt who apparently thinks am drunk much of the time. My idea came from observation which I am fairly good at. Coupled with a sincere if cynical understanding of human nature. Without a PhD or a book to my credit, I am safe to ignore, humiliate and dismiss. It’s nice though when you see somebody who runs the numbers come up with the same conclusion you did. I was lucky to be watching the inaugural episode of “Tucker Carlson” the other night when the author was on. Fortunately it was before the Bruce Jenner piece where I bailed on the show.

    • Yes, Stephen, the object of any company is to maximize profit by whatever legal means is necessary. The object of a CEO is to maximize dividends to invite more people to invest.

      Anything else becomes a moral issue in the eye of the beholder. I buy stocks on the basis of dividend yield. The same with bonds. The higher the yield, the more money I put into that company.

      Now the question becomes a moral issue. There appear to be none out there. I want to maximize my profit. With the advent of Obamacare, we created new companies and reduced our employee count to less than 50 in each company and changed to independent contractors to avoid the surcharges. Is this, in your mind, an immoral move? If so, why? To us, it was a survive move. We disagreed with Obamacare and did not like being forced into anything….so we changed. Some of our employees did not like it but most did and changed to contract work. You can negotiate anything into a contract. We dropped all health insurance, 401k contributions, all social security payments, workmens compensation insurance, unemployment compensation insurance and we showed them how to maximize their income and do the same things through contract work. We showed them how to set up their own corporation or LLC. We also helped them negotiate a proper contract that passes IRS muster on independent contractors and contract labor….and they actually ended up making more money and are fully covered under health and have their own savings and retirement accounts. Do you see something worng with this?

      • Mon Colonel,

        First of all it precedes Obamacare. It has been going on a long time. As I said, back in the day there was a loyalty to employee, community and country. So, while the Colonel may not outsource his oil and cattle to China and does not have state secrets to sell to North Korea, others do.

        Now being a Grandchild of the coal region there are many stories of benevolent mine owners. The difference being usually in privately held mining corporations who only had to met their own expectations. They could avoid unionization or at last make it palatable by treating employees and vendors as partners rather than serfs. The big coal companies were responsible to a CEO and Board of Directors and unless the CEO was unusually powerful ran their businesses with general disregard for employees. Going outside the mining analogy, think of how long Henry Ford was able to thwart the unions simply by treating his employees as human beings rather than widgets.

        Methinks you, as a successful officer, you understand well what I am saying. In my short stint in the US Army 1969-70, I met an ungodly number of “ticket punchers” whom I think I would have to have fragged at some point to stay alive. There were others though, not many, but I would have followed them to hell. They worked as hard as I did and made sure my chow was hot. Now the question devolves, did they have a legal or moral obligation to do what they did? Legal and moral have to and should go hand in hand.

        Not to beat a dead horse but in the 1970’s and 1980’s when I was in my Civil Service career, being a quick study, I had figured out how to run rental real estate, even in tough areas, successfully. I tried to pass this on to private owners with some success. My point to them was you can always make a quick profit, sometimes a spectacular quick profit but then you are out. If you are in for the duration, you make a smaller initial profit but it is steady, does not fluctuate and ultimately bears much larger returns. In military jargon, the difference between a free-fire zone and hearts and minds. Let’s quote that old Scottish war chief to bonny Prince Charley before the Battle of Conundrum or was it Curmudgeon, “If a man fears you he will fight for you….If a man loves you he will die for you”.

        • I am gonna take you on a bit here. I think the object of a corporation, at least one I would invest in is profit but also equally survival. The term “corporate raider” which came into vogue in the 1970’s was something not necessarily new but which grew exponentially in the post Watergate and Viet-nam era coincidentally with the rise of the “boomer” generation. I do not think short-term is healthy for just about anything. Long term involves planning and painful work.

          You made me think of actual examples of people I have worked with over those year. My friend Cohen bought very distressed properties for a song in the 1970’s, invested, started making and taking profits only after the second year. To give you one quick example, he purchased two properties I am intimately familiar with in the late ’70’s early ’80’s. Both were 30 unit walk-up’s full of Dominican immigrants in a so-so neighborhood. He paid less than $ 50,000 each. The properties today are full of yuppies and he has been offered, forty years later, in excess of $ 10,000,000 each. Now, my other LL friend, Paley, came to the same area at the same time and made the same deals. He picked up two much larger properties for a couple hundred thousand each and sold them three years later at the beginning of an up cycle for 10 times what he paid. Both of these guys were responsive, good owners. Now the third, also very successful, Levites, bought three properties in the early eighties on spec, held them a year, did nothing and tripled his money investing nothing in the properties. Of the three, who would you have invested with?

  40. Would anyone like to explain this too me? And do you guys think it’s true?

    • Do you not remember me talking about how to classify income? Everything that I do is under Sub S Corporation. That is simply having a corporation being taxed at an individual income rate instead of a straight corporate tax. I told everybody that when Obamacare kicked in, it was simple to change income reporting and reduce your tax burden.

      Right now the corporate rtax is 39..6%…..iF YOU MADE 100,000 BUCKS you would pay $39,000 and change in tax. As a Sub S, if my individual tax rate was 20%….then my corporation would pay 20,000 and change. ( This is simplified for explanation purposes. ) Now, I do not even have to pay myself a salary, avoiding the surcharges in Obamacare and others……I can take a $1 salary but a 100,000 draw if I want……..or simply loan myself money out of my own corporation. As a sub S, I can take all the business deductions that are allowed, lower my taxable income, and then pay tax on my individual rate, wherever it is. Last year, my individual rate was 16%.

      So, you can manipulate numbers all day long simply by changing the tax codes. It is all legal and, yes, these tax code breaks have been put into the IRS codes by people who do not want to pay taxes. This is nothing new. When you have a progressive tax like we do, you do whatever you can to lower your burden. This is why I am in favor of a flat tax with no deductions FOR ALL……down to the homeless man that finds a dollar on the street. Everybody pays tax on what they get, entitlements included. Everyone has skin in the game. Taxing the rich simply because they have more is immoral. Allowing low income people to not pay taxes is likewise immoral.

      Allow me another example, simplified. Under my Sub S, I can buy an over the road tractor and lease it to a trucking company. I can negotiate a lease that is revenue nuetral. Meaning that my OPERATING expenses equal my operating income. This means that my truck makes NO money but breaks even. Now, my truck costs me $70,000 to which the tax code allows me an Accelerated depreciation of three years…..this means I can write off a depreciable truck to the tune of $70,000 divided by three years or roughly $22, 500 depreciation expense. Now, if my truck broke even, technically I am at a loss on PAPER of $22,500…..however, a Sub s corporation allows me to write off other income…..so let’s say that I had other net income that amounted to $22,500. I get the offset and pay ZERO tax….

      Cash is KING and cash flow is the measure of a company. So now, I have 22,500 sitting in my cash reserves and I pay my self a $22,000 salary. Not only is my salary now tax deductible but so is my own personal payroll expenses.

      This is very simplified, of course, but you get the picture.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      They are proposing that it is POSSIBLE that much of the Total Personal Income growth was because people moved their business income from small C Corporations to S Corporations.

      The SCorp passes its income through to the owners for tax purposes. So the individual would report their share of S Corp taxes on page one of the 1040 form. Thus making it look like their total income had increased. The same money, before the move, would have been reported separately for the C Corp and only dividends paid to the owner reported on the Owners 1040. Thus the owners personal income would have been lower.

      What doesn’t match up for me in the graphs is that you should see a drop in the dividend curve coinciding with the movement of money from C to S Corp’s.

      The hypothesis is also not consistent with prior studies I read that S Corp’s were in big decline before and after 2000. That was because the advent of LLC and LLP took the S Corps place. They are easier to set up and manage, lower reporting costs and the income pass through to the owners the same. Real Estate Investment Trusts also came into the fold about the same time.

      There is nothing presented in the cited write up that supports the hypothesis. The graphs are missing an explanation of the Y axis, so I am not sure what the graphs represent.

      • VH….to further JAC’s explanation…it is only the income that is passed to the 1040. An S Corp still has to file a corporate return by March 15. It is still a corporation.

      • One question-What difference does it make to the underlying premise if the LLC and LLP took the place of S Corps if the income was handled the same way?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          None. It the premise is true then moving from C to any of those forms of Company would have the same result on “personal income”.

          I did have one other idea on this that kind of fits the premise. But not because C was converted to S necessarily. After 2000, Bush and R’s reduced the top rate and the Corp and Personal rates became the same. When that happened there was no “tax advantage” to having a C corporation any longer. I thought this was a good move and wish it would return.

          If Trump gets his Corp. tax rate watch all the people with money start creating C Corporations to move their income into those tax brackets.

          • I think I’m just going to stop paying taxes.

            How do I opt out?

          • Are not dividends from C corps taxed first at the corporate rate and again at the individual rate? The money would need to remain in the corp (undistributed) or paid as salary to avoid double taxation.

            • No

              • You are going to have to explain that. C corp profits are taxed. Dividends come out of those after taxed profits. When distributed, they are again taxed at the individual level. At least that is my understanding.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              I think it was the Bush tax cuts that eliminated the double tax on dividends. I am pretty sure that was kept in place after the Dem’s forced the Rep’s to revise the tax code during Mr. O’s tenure. Remember the showdown over the sunset?

              I believe C Corps are taxed on profits AFTER distribution of dividends. Of course if the new codes are adopted watch the lobbying to get the tax applied to BEFORE the dividends.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Hold you hat………….I was WRONG. Retreating, stumbling over own feet, Arrrgh, say it ain’t so.

              Dividends are apparently still double taxed. Although, as one writer noted, it is actually the Corp. profits which are double taxed. The Dividend is taxed once.

              The Double tax can be avoided under certain circumstances. One is for small businesses to elect S Corp status for filing tax returns. In this case the profits are distributed as dividends to the shareholders, and they pay personal tax rates on those dividends.

              The other is if the dividends meet certain criteria, then you get to apply Cap Gains Rates to the dividend instead of ordinary income rates. But still double taxed.

              • “One is for small businesses to elect S Corp status for filing tax returns. In this case the profits are distributed as dividends to the shareholders, and they pay personal tax rates on those dividends.”


              • Ah but there are other issues with an S; generally speaking an LLC is preferable, especially for a start up…

                Hope everyone is doing well – been extremely busy lately and just haven’t had time to check in!

  41. http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/news/a54744/trump-coke/

    Just to clarify, is it summonsing Coca-Cola or cocaine? Either way, how do I get one of these buttons?

  42. The Chinese government, further tightening its grip on Muslims in western China, has prohibited parents from choosing names like “Muhammad,” “Arafat” and “Jihad” for their children.

    Officials described the ban, introduced this month, as part of an effort to “curb religious fervor” in the western region of Xinjiang, home to more than 10 million Uighurs, a mostly Muslim minority group.
    The list of names, a copy of which was provided to The New York Times by Uighur activists, is titled, “List of Banned Ethnic Minority Names.” It bans more than two dozen names, including “Mujahid” and “Medina.”

    The saga continues.

  43. Just A Citizen says:

    Oooh, oooh, I have a good one.

    Are there any galaxies visible to us today that are moving away from us faster than the speed of light?

    If so, how is it we can still see them?

    • EverStem13 says:

      “If so, how is it we can still see them?”

      The light from them still reaches us. …only delayed, with an exponentially increased delay the further away it gets.

      But we still see it because the light still reaches us.

  44. Confucius say………

    Man who wants pretty nurse, must be patient.

    Passionate kiss, like spider web, leads to undoing of fly.
    Lady who goes camping must beware of evil intent.

    Squirrel who runs up woman’s leg will not find nuts.

    Man who leaps off cliff jumps to conclusion.

    Man who runs in front of car gets tired, man who runs behind car gets exhausted.
    Man who eats many prunes get good run for money.
    War does not determine who is right, it determines who is left.
    Man who fight with wife all day get no piece at night.
    It takes many nails to build a crib, but one screw to fill it.
    Man who drives like hell is bound to get there.
    Man who stands on toilet is high on pot.

    Man who live in glass house should change clothes in basement.

    Man who fish in other man’ s well often catch crabs.

    Finally CONFUCIUS DID SAY. . ..

    “A lion will not cheat on his wife, but a Tiger Wood!”

  45. Question on VOICE.

    How does one know they’re the victim of undocumented aliens? If someone steals my car.. and I saw that the person was “Hispanic,” do I report it to VOICE? How do I know if the person is documented or not until they are caught?

    And, if I report someone to VOICE who turns out not to have been here illegally, does VOICE stop helping me?

    Finally, what service, exactly, is being offered by this unit which was not previously available simply by calling the police? How is a crime by an illegal alien different than a crime by a citizen? In either event, my car is still gone. What purpose does VOICE serve?

    • I was listening to a local station yesterday. Two people called in and reported they had been involved in wrecks where they were hit by an Hispanic. Neither had insurance or licence to drive. Neither were arrested. I wonder why.The cops said they couldn’t arrest them.

      • Lazy cops, lazy prosecutors. I will never forget the one interesting thing I learned in Auxiliary Police class. A summons is issued IN LIEU of an arrest.

        Regarding illegal status, at least since the Koch administration, NYC civil service types are precluded from inquiring about immigration status. So, when it comes to arrests, welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing, education, NO ONE KNOWS!

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Apparently you misunderstood what VOICE is about. It is not a place to call and turn in illegal aliens who have committed crimes. Note that in this site it explains that victims are those who are victim of crimes where an illegal alien is reported or suspected of being the perpetrator. In other words, the law would have them in custody and know.


      I find the whole thing a bit ridiculous myself. Why do we need a special group set up to help victims access information needed to deal with the affects of a crime? Why not all crime?

      Honestly, this smells of pandering to me. The actual intent stated is fine, but it should not be in ICE and it should apply to helping all victims of crime. In reality it should be the local or State govts. that do this.

  46. gmanfortruth says:

    A few thoughts:

    I think the first 100 days thing is media hyperbole and means nothing. Anyone remember a big accomplishment in Obama’s first 100, or Bush’s, or Clinton’s? Trump does get a major win here…..Neil Gorsuch.

    What will happen with North Korea? I’ll guess that this will pass without any military action.

    Expect all Federal grants (and other Federal funding) to have conditions on them in the future…..like following Federal law.

    I expect the ANTIFA folks to get crushed at a upcoming protest. They won’t surprise anyone anymore.

    • Regardless of “conditions attached” the courts will still intervene fo the grater good I am sure.

      I still wonder, what does it take, how many times do you have to be overturned to be impeached and removed as a Fed judge? It is one thing to incorrectly rule it is quite another to issue an injunction which stops enforcement of a Congressionally passed law.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        The Judicial branch is another example of political corruption. I’m not sure there is a fix for it, short of all out Revolution.

  47. Good God! FO THE GRATER GOOD! Da fingers ain’t followin da brain.

  48. Just A Citizen says:
  49. Just A Citizen says:

    And along the lines of distrust in our media, lets see how the Germans viewed Ivanka’s meeing the other day. Please notice that Fox News was one of those howling at the moon, when it was really a passing plane.


  50. EverStem13 says:

    @ Dubya

    See the fish leading to enlightenment?

    I get your jokes now. I’m not laughing. I have a bone to pick with you.

    How many of those people with you that day know contractors that I know? How many of them know the ‘nosy witch’ and family? What’s the connection between your kin and the nosy witch? It must go back a couple of generations or so, ..all things considered. I can just about guess, given certain networks and associations.

    I don’t like you people, not really. Here is why;

    I was busy minding my own business being a fetus developing into a human being while your family friends and/or associates were apparently making plans, or whatever they were doing.

    I was minding my own business trying to get an education and grow up when she walked into that building.

    I was minding my own business for the next couple of decades trying to do things like go to college and feed myself while people follow me around playing stupid head game bullshit, that apparently includes you as a key player.

    I didn’t do a god damned thing to any of you people. You waste my life on your games and bullshit. I am not your fuking entertainment committee. I am no one’s pet.

    Any attempts I have made to get an explanation or confront in the interest of understanding and resolution have been met with lies, rejection, indifference, suspicious re-positioning, etc. ..nothing but more games and bullshit.

    Your daddy said that it was going to come down to right and wrong, good and evil. And I don’t see anything right or good about harassing someone their whole life with a bunch of games and bullshit. And I don’t see anything wrong or evil about someone minding their own business being a fetus, growing up, getting an education, or trying to be a better man.

    I hate you all. I hope you rot in hell.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Please stop cluttering up SUFA with this stuff. Find another forum for your arguments with these ghosts, or what ever you call them, who are tormenting you.

      This is the last “please” I will make. I will simply start deleting all your posts that are not on a topic.

      I will not ban you but I will no longer watch the site filled with this stuff. People come here to learn new things and discuss various issues. You are welcome to join in. When you have done so you often have good insights and/or offer a differing point of view.


      • EverStem13 says:

        “Please stop cluttering up SUFA with this stuff. Find another forum for your arguments with these ghosts, or what ever you call them, who are tormenting you.”

        Not ghosts…

        They have names and birth certificates and numbers and addresses and families and lives and associations and a trail of records and evidence to say they are real people who exist or have existed. You can confirm this yourself. I even have some good stories to tell about some of them. I have pictures of some of them. Would you like to see? …or is that not a good idea? Never mind.

        “This is the last “please” I will make. I will simply start deleting all your posts that are not on a topic. I will not ban you but I will no longer watch the site filled with this stuff.”

        I think you are scared of something, JAC. I wonder if you should be.

        “People come here to learn new things and discuss various issues. You are welcome to join in. When you have done so you often have good insights and/or offer a differing point of view.”

        O, it’s an issue alright. It’s different too, and one where my unique perspective indeed offers a lot of insight, not to mention the investigative work I have been doing. (Have you ever seen the movie “Apt Pupil”. I just love that one.)

        I am not sure where to start. Maybe if these people would cut their bullshit, I wouldn’t need to seek assistance elsewhere. I figure this is a good place because whatever it is about, it has an integral connection to the very fabric of American culture and government, religion and such. …not to mention that SUFA has probably already played a vital role in global politics and the outcome of people’s lives for the next several thousand years or so.

        Why not here?

        Hey, don’t you know a lot of people in those circles? Let’s see if we can get Dubya here so we can ask him about crazy intolerable conspiracy theories about our common ‘friends’ and a long series of extraordinary coincidences and patterns, correlations and such.



        • not to mention that SUFA has probably already played a vital role in global politics and the outcome of people’s lives for the next several thousand years or so.

          I think, maybe, you’re slightly overestimating this blog a bit..

          • EverStem13 says:

            Information resource for communications,planning, etc., in regard to people, events, and circumstances, the outcome of which has broad-scope lasting effects.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              It would be if the Anarchists hadn’t chased off most of the audience.

              • EverStem13 says:

                I don’t understand how that happened, considering how you all ‘won’ your zealously ‘argued’ position premised in the ‘reality’ that magic special words, words on paper, religion, and claimed territory grants authority from nature/god that supersedes human rights, free will choice, or consent.

                I must concede to your position(or have my posted arguments deleted). You’re right.

                ‘By the way’, have you seen MY special magic words, words on paper, etc? Is there any way to get Jesus into a court room? The USA is sort of a Christian Nation, right? I could really use his assistance in sorting some confusion out. I am sure he will oblige.

    • EverStem13 says:

      @ Dubya

      Something MY daddy always said was that more issues, more wars and problems start from people not minding their own business than for other reasons.

      O, the irony.

      How’s that for flashback humor?

  51. Just A Citizen says:

    Interesting comment on a blog this morning:

    “Mexico routinely violates the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which requires both sides (US and Mexico) to respect each others borders. The Mexican gov’t. has and continues to encourage their citizens to enter the US illegally. They are actively trying to colonize the US.”

    I see opportunity here.

    Memo to: President Trump
    Subject: War with Mexico

    Mr. President, since Mexico has broken its treaty with us, you should immediately file a complaint with the UN and all appropriate international bodies.

    Notify Mexico that continued failure to comply with the Treaty will force the US to utilize what ever option we deem necessary to gain compliance. Including and not limited to war with Mexico.

    • Has it occurred to you that “war with Mexico” or beligernce in general with our neighbors is a bad idea? It’s not that we can’t crush them like cockroaches. I mean, it’s not like the Federales or the Mounties are going to be able to stop the Colonel.

      But, in general, these are some of our biggest trading partners. They’re also right. next. door. and if we destabilize them, that means a big population ripe for all kinds of radicalization and chaos.

      I know it sucks when they aren’t perfect neighbors, but as Black Flag always liked to point out, we, not they, are the hegemonic power. (where is that guy, anyway, as frustrating as he was, I find I miss the challenge).

      • gmanfortruth says:

        No war needed. Build the wall, since treaties don’t work with Mexico. Deport, deport, deport. I don’t mind letting those working stay, no welfare of any kind. Ship the rest off, children included. We are 20 trillion in debt, we can’t afford to be a welfare country.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        What makes you think those living in the bordering States won’t side with us. Like they did last time.

        The point is that a Treaty Violation carries much more severe ramifications than just being neighborly.

        Besides. threatening war would expose all the “insurgents” that sneaked into the USA. They wouldn’t be able to control themselves. They would take to the streets where we could round them up as “spies” or “foreign agents” and have them deported immediately..

      • ” I mean, it’s not like the Federales or the Mounties are going to be able to stop the Colonel.”

        Harumph…..that man over there did not give me a Harumph ( Blazing Saddles )…..

        ahem….Please, do not waste my talents on the Federales, the Mexican Army, nor the Mounties……really.

        Now, JAC, seriously……………..do you know ANYONE, other than Obama, who pays attention to the UN?

  52. Just A Citizen says:

    Very interesting. And proof that mad dogs will not stop chasing the sheep. Even when the sheep are long gone.


    On the other hand, I do find the SS number issue far more interesting and of concern than the theories of Mr. Obama’s real birth place. There could be a very simple explanation. Wonder why nobody had been able to produce one.

  53. gmanfortruth says:

  54. gmanfortruth says:
  55. gmanfortruth says:
  56. Let me ask anyone’s opinion on here about North Korea……..is there anyone….ANYONE….who thinks NOrth Korea is a nuclear threat to the world?

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I don’t. The media narrative seems to think differently, which is scarier What I find fascinating is that in a country of millions…..the only fat person is the person in charge 😀

    • EverStem13 says:

      Anyone with nukes is a potential threat to the world.

      But NK is no significant threat because it would be annihilated should it decide to attack. Destruction is not mutual. It knows this.

      Like Iran, NK’s nukes primarily serve as a deterrent to invasion.

  57. Thought for today.

    America without her soldiers, would be like God without his angels


    Mathius without his Red Bull


    Buck without his coffee


    The Colonel without his Dr Pepper……

    “Jus’ saying…………………”

  58. And then there is this:

    I AM the beer drinking, meat eating, gun owning, terrorist hating, liberal destroying, America loving, commie killing MF..that Obama warned you about. I AM a United States Veteran.”

    Seen on a bumper sticker not too far away.

  59. To Congress:

    “YOU cannot legislate evil out of this world, ladies and gentlement…In the end, you are going to have to give good men guns and set them loose.”

  60. gmanfortruth says:

    There is a new article posted 🙂

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