Early Midterm Prediction

demdiversityWhile it’s still very early to begin talking Mid Term elections, it’s easy to see that the Liberal identity politics, name calling and constant negativity of anything conservative is going to continue to cost them seats in elections.  The Liberal media is all be done, as they are no longer trusted.  While it would be fun to talk about the Trump accomplishments in the first 100 days,  the continued destruction of the Liberal Left and it’s tactics is far more telling of the future of the Swamp.



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    This is a classic example of the Lunatic Left. I’ll bet he don’t have a job when this is all done.


    • Will share that this incident is almost literally in my back yard. Most locally are recognizing this as a classic provocation that elicited a very inappropriate response. They were goading him and he responded in a way not commensurate with the years of service he’s provided 1000’s of local students over a very long career. The petition (and more importantly the community talk) in support of him (in a largely ‘red’ area) is pretty overwhelming.

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    • Keep in mind that the MSM measures success on LEGISLATIVE issues. What Trump has done very quietly is amazing. From the EPA down to Education. He has done some of it through E.O…but mostly through appointees who are upsetting the apple cart.

      Now, let the left show me where there has ever been a POTUS and CABINET…that works for no tax payer money. NO salaries.

      • Which, I might add. also means no lifetime retirement pay from the government.

      • (Via Bloomberg) The State Department plans to cut 2,300 U.S. diplomats and civil servants — about 9 percent of the Americans in its workforce worldwide — as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson presses ahead with his task of slashing the agency’s budget, according to people familiar with the matter.

        The majority of the job cuts, about 1,700, will come through attrition, while the remaining 600 will be done via buyouts, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the decision hasn’t been publicly announced. William Inglee, a former Lockheed Martin Corp. official and policy adviser in Congress, is overseeing the budget cuts and briefed senior managers on the plan Wednesday, the people said.

        This is the second time Tillerson has cut staff at the State Dept. The first time was the entire 7th floor staff, supposedly many of whom were labeled “deep state”.

        Part of a larger plan? Shrink government personnel so there’s no one (or less people) for the lobbyists to bribe.

        • You may have noticed that the mantra of many on the anti-Trump bandwagon involves how he is making it easier for himself and his family to become even richer.

          I’ve countered that with the old style thinking. When a candidate is already filthy rich, he may actually NOT steal. Worst part of that is the comparison between the Clintons and the Kennedy’s or Roosevelt’s. Everything the Clinton’s seemed to do in the WH would have an effect on their future income stream. The K’s and R’s were basically revenue neutral for themselves.

          Anyone remember when JFK did the tax cuts if anybody complained it was to help the family fortune?

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            President Kennedy would be labeled a right wing fascist by the democrats of today. Especially Bobby…..hate to say this but we sure dodged a bullet as a nation on that day in Los Angeles….pun intended

        • Something else…. he’s cutting tax rates for business and individuals. Is this on purpose so that when he presents a budget he can say “sorry guys, that’s all the money we have to spend”?

          • That’s the proposal right? Doesn’t that assume some level of economic growth unseen in modern history (hence – grow the deficit even more?)

        • The rub…….it is probably directionally accurate to state that jobs could/should be cut. What I find alarming is the speed with which we’re doing this. RIFs usually take just a wee bit longer to execute because you do some type of analysis and understand the operational impact. Sense is we’re saying ‘cut now, we’ll figure out the impact when it impacts us’. True? Maybe?

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        George Washington offered to work as President without a salary, just pay my expense vouchers……Congress said no way….at least they remembered the time when the Continental Congress accepted GW’s offer during the revolution.

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  8. Saw the neatest t shirt today….

    We eat bacon, we drink beer, we own guns, we speak English, we love freedom…if you don’t like it, leave.

  9. EverStem13 says:


    What are you so scared of? What’s with the control trip?

    • Scared is the wrong word, but of course that’s lost on you. It’s more like irritated and loss of patience and goodwill. Have your people follow you to The life Story of Bottom Line/Elisheba/Jim Duncan/EverStem web page. Your comments would be more appropriate there.

      • EverStem13 says:

        It’s not that simple, and bigger than any or all of us or our egos, and too late to disassociate.

        WE have a problem with people following me around, …among other things. Neglecting to address it has consequences.

        I am sorry for being an asshole, Anita, ..sort of. Being an asshole seems kind of necessary at this point, and I have had to say and do some rather abstract and crazy things, push a lot of buttons, etc., for no other reason than because I feel that I have to. It is what it is and it is weird and abnormal. There is a reason and method to it.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Anita is a wise woman. You should take her advice.

          • EverStem13 says:

            What do either of you know about any of it that puts you in the position to judge what is wise or how to handle it?

            My first order of business and primary concern is TRUTH.

            And what is your deal with being such a control freak with the posts? Why do you keep deleting them? Do I need to start taking screen shots?

            What are you so scared of, JAC?

            WTH are you REALLY doing, JAC? Damage control?

            • Just A Citizen says:

              I told you. Take your stuff someplace else. I will continue to delete anything that involves your delusional rantings or is an attack on people here. Nobody here is interested in you explaining how the universe is out to get you. We got it a long time ago.

              Now move along to some other place where they might be more tolerant. Because here it is OVER.

              • EverStem13 says:

                I told you. Take your stuff someplace else.

                YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY DO NOT WANT ME TO TAKE THAT STEP. I assure you of that.

                What you want to do is assist me, first by not trying to avoid whatever the hell it is that has you so scared of truths. Next by actually indulging in one form or another.

                “I will continue to delete anything that involves your delusional rantings or is an attack on people here.”

                No one is attacking anyone. And I can PROVE the things you call delusional or theory. But that’s not what it is about, now is it, JAC? You know better.

                DO NOT TRY TO PLAY ME, BOY.

                “Nobody here is interested in you explaining how the universe is out to get you. We got it a long time ago.”

                You are cutting your nose off to spite your own face.

                “Now move along to some other place where they might be more tolerant. Because here it is OVER.”

                No, JAC, it has only begun. You cannot stop it. You cannot hide. It is coming and you are a part of it. No matter what BS you do to stuff whatever uncomfortable reality you fear, reckoning is coming.

                Again, you really do not want me to go elsewhere. This is indeed your problem. It is bigger than us. You WILL deal with it.

              • EverStem13 says:

                And, again, …What do either of you know about any of it that puts you in the position to judge what is wise or how to handle it?

                You act as if you know all about it. I find that curious. Care to share?

              • EverStem13 says:

                And I further want to reiterate what was deleted.

                The issue with all of these people who have been stalking me, playing all these weird games with my life, is that they do so without consultation or explanation or permission, and have been doing so for a long time.

                This a root issue that, through a complex set of cause/effect and people, places, etc etc, effects every single living human being living on earth, now and for many years to come.

                It’s a problem.

                The solution is for anyone involved, directly or indirectly, or who knows anything at all about it, to approach me and tell me all about it and everything you know or can say.

                …and especially those who have done so directly, whom I have already identified as players.

                It is very important that I am able to explain some things that have effected my entire life and the lives of many others. Thus far, no one has been cooperative, but rather lie and re-position and manipulate and stuff evidence and avoid me and etc etc etc (…like deleting posts)

              • And, again, …What do either of you know about any of it

                We. Don’t . Know, Shit. Got it?

              • EverStem13 says:

                Then what is up with all the thread nazis?

              • EverStem13 says:

                I apparently touched a nerve with the goat stuff and what I can guess is a few key statements. He started in on me with the deletion lame excuse nonsense again.

                Whatever. I am tired of being manipulated. Maybe I really should go elsewhere. I’ll start a war though necessity though.

  10. Watched the peoples climate march on C-Span this morning. Don’t miss it!

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  13. While it’s still very early to begin talking Mid Term elections, it’s easy to see that the Liberal identity politics, name calling and constant negativity of anything conservative is going to continue to cost them seats in elections.

    Place your bets.

    I’ll predict moderate gains in both the house and senate.. maaaybe a flip in the house. Depends on what ole’ Trump does for the next year an a half. Too early to call.

    I’d like to move that we un-gerrymander the congressional districts prior to the election. Seconds, anyone?

    • Yes……I vote to remove gerry mandering throughout the United States for national, regional, and local issues.

      As to your mid term elections……waaaaay to early to call. Nothing is the same right now in anything. I am seeing the same thing away from the pundits and news that everyone thought was stupid for the elections. I have not seen a change in the populace. In my business meetings and telephone conversations, there is no comlaining about what Trump has done just what the problem with Washington in the Congress is…..The complaining that I am hearing to a greater volme than the POTUS elections..is that Congress is still full of RINOS and establishment and it needs to be cleaned out….and that is how I feel. I am tired of the constant back room dealing and obstructionism on ALL SIDES..

      Washington is broken and costly and the way of doing business in Washington is obsolete and disaterous.

      • FYI……Texas politics….there is a huge push in Tarrant and Dallas counties among the business sector to get rid of Cruz. He sold everyone out and we have long memories.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I don’t know why you see it that way Mathius, the Democrats still have no message and nothing to offer. Things are looking up economically, and if that continues, Republicans could have a super majority after 2018. If Trump’s tax cuts happen, the Democrats are dead in the water. People want their money and are tired of seeing it misspent in DC.

      The only part of the Obama legacy that won’t get reversed is his weak leadership. He will go down in history as the weakest ever, far worse than Carter.

      The DNC Chair is too radical. He’ll spark up the far Left but the moderates won’t play identity politics anymore. Watch as political correctness wanes, people are fed up with that too. The Russian fantasy will embarrass many on the Left and a few folks may go to jail. Susan Rice comes to mind.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        What message do the Dems need when the Reps are gutting their own constituency?

        All the Dems need to run on is “Republicans have been lying to you for years. Give us a try”.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Well, “your a racist”has worked out so good for them, they may as well come up with a new derogatory term to call those who don’t agree with them.

          As far as the Republicans, your seeing what I’ve said can’t be fixed with elections.

  14. gmanfortruth says:

    Democrat moon-bat Maxine Waters was paraded out on MSNBC programming yet again Sunday, where she outright called the President a ‘racist’ and again suggested that there is evidence of collusion with Russia, which could lead to impeachment.

    Appearing on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Waters was presented with a clip of Trump from his 100 day rally, during which the president lamented a “surge” in illegal immigration, and noted that the government had failed to properly enforce immigration laws.

    “Year after year, you pleaded for Washington to enforce our laws, as illegal immigration surged, refugees flooded in and lax vetting threatened your family’s safety and security,” Trump said Saturday in Pennsylvania.

    “That is absolutely racist. That’s dog whistling,” Waters declared, going on to accuse Trump of using Latinos to “create fear in his constituency.”

    Waters added that Trump’s rhetoric is “absolutely divisive” exclaiming “no leader, no president should be saying and doing the kinds of things he’s doing.”

    Elsewhere during the interview, Waters returned to the thoroughly discredited notion that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government to swing the election.

    Waters described the “Russia connection” as a “serious issue.”

    “I’ve always said that I believe there was collusion,” Waters stated. “If we determine the facts, if the dots are connected that there has been collusion then I really do think that this president could be impeached.”


  15. Once again the Rs cave. No wall, no PP defunding….

    • Don’t panic. I’m reading that the CR is only til October. The wall bidding process won’t be finished before October so there was no need to include it in this temporary CR. If it’s not included in the actual budget for’18 then we should panic. PP…I don’t know what to say about that. Picking his battles maybe?

      • Gotta build the support. He has those squishes on his side.

        Like the tax thing. Here in Jersey and across the river in NY, property taxes are off the wall. My “modest” middle, middle class home pays $ 11,250 per year with a whopping veterans deduction of $ 250.00. The older twin lives across the border in Suffern NY same style house and he pays the same but with a bigger vet’s deduction. The few remaining republican reps around here consider it suicide to cut the local tax deduction.

        • I already figured the numbers, I actually will pay less if they increase the base to $ 24,000 and up the personal exemption to $ 12,000 per person.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          11K is pure theft. I don’t pay 2K a year and have acreage and 4 buildings. Our roads are great, snow is cleared in a timely manner. Schools are paid a different way, not property tax. Is it any wonder how politicians become wealthy?

          • Yes, but we have this wonderful High School with a chef’s program, three complete state of the art commercial kitchens, and four band rooms! That’s is not to mention our athletic fields which would rival some small universities and an ice hockey program!

            Of course thi sis is a chuckle for me since all four of my kids went to parochial schools.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Well here in good ole eastern carolina, my last fully restored historically registered house circa late 1800’s and 3200 square feet with property taxes were $1,200/year. Had more services provided here than ever up north…….isn’t there something called economy of scale?….example my home in VT had property taxes of around $4800/year in a small community. My parents had a home out on Cape Cod and it had a serious value. Their taxes were 1/4 what mine were in VT.

          We have a lot of vacationers looking at homes here. They stop and chat when I’m out working on the porch or just sitting and having a cool libation….No Doctor Pepper here. Pepsi was invented 1 block away……anyway, their first complaint was the extreme taxes up north and as they get older and have got to get away from the taxman

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            I’m using tax numbers from 23 years ago except my recent 2015 # in NC. An old friend up in Maine…nice chic neighborhood outside of Portland, except her entire house could have fit on my 1st floor had a tax bill of $12000. Obscene

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              In ’93 the senior HS in the VT town had exactly 93 kids graduate. The town should have shut down the entire school system and bused them to a larger community and paid tuition…would have been far cheaper….except the larger communities would have none of it, because they liked having the amenities SK described….by State and Federal laws the small communities had to equally compete with the same school services….ergo the HIGH tax rates in a small community with NO business tax base. They all moved to cheaper places like NY and CT and MA or Canada.

  16. gmanfortruth says:

    Chief Deputy State’s Attorney Michael Schatzow told his staff that tough immigration enforcement policies under the Trump administration increase the likelihood that federal authorities will target illegal immigrants convicted of minor offenses.

    The Justice Department’s deportation efforts “have increased the potential collateral consequences to certain immigrants of minor, non-violent criminal conduct,” Schatzow wrote in a memo obtained Thursday by the Baltimore Sun.

    “In considering the appropriate disposition of a minor, non-violent criminal case, please be certain to consider those potential consequences to the victim, witnesses, and the defendant,” he added.

    The memo follows a similar order from the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, which on Monday said it will implement new prosecution guidelines in order to shield illegal immigrants accused of minor crimes from deportation. Acting Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez said his office will maintain an “immigration-neutral disposition” by allowing illegal immigrant defendants to plead down to minor crimes that wouldn’t normally qualify as grounds for deportation.

    Equal treatment under the law is a bedrock of this country. Democrats can’t seem to grasp that if it violates their ideology. Shameful. It is also quite racist.

  17. Well, done, Canada, well done.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      What did Canada do?

      I have seen nothing in the news about Canada.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Fans at hockey playoff game sang our National Anthem when the mic failed to work.

  18. Has anyone been noticing the pictures of North Korea lining up their tanks and artillery and, in a show of force, firing or trying to fire them simultaneously? Watch them carefully……report back.

  19. Russia opens new mlitary base in the arctic……..literally the cold war is back.

    • Side note……how did our intelligence miss the building of the military base in the Arctic. Russian and Chinese ships are fishing and exploring the natural gas and oil in the Arctic circle and the US has one operating ship up there…..and Obama has not allowed fishing or exploitation of the natural resources…..we are behind once again.

      • What intelligence?

        One might ask is there intelligent life in the CIA?

        ya know, if you really want to look for Russian or that matter a Chinese connection, a very good place to start might be our intelligence services. Since greed has replaced baseball as the # 1 sport in America, I would NOT be surprised if the places are permeated with traitors.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          One doesn’t have to look back far in history…like WJC and his, actually caught, ties to China, both campaign funding and also ignoring the theft of nuclear secrets from Los Alamos and continually stuffed FBI director Louis Freah (sp) in a box until it was to late. Or HRC as secretary of state and the sale of nuclear assets deals and enabling the building of the Russian clone of silicon valley…..Old magicians trick an all this Trump stuff, of trying to get you to look at the other hand while the trick was performed while the audience was distracted

  20. Just A Citizen says:

    The implications made by the author are that the right has its own Soros type funding. Note how many of the things that have become common in the political rhetoric come from the groups funded by this fellow.

    So is it another libertarian leading businessman, like the Kochs, simply funding groups with similar views? Or is it a man who is trying to form opinion to get himself out of a sticky spot?


  21. gmanfortruth says:


    Elsewhere, South Korean experts warned the YTN cable news channel that a North Korean missile test on Saturday might not have failed, as previously thought.

    The official said the missile might be been deliberately detonated in mid-air as Jong-un tested a warhead explosion, a step in triggering a nuclear warhead detonation.

    I have also read that the missile was terminated because it was heading toward Russia. Can anyone see the fear mongering?

  22. gmanfortruth says:

    Here Ya go Anita!!!!!!

  23. Watch Texas closely…..a bill is about to come out for the Governor to sign……making it illegal for sanctuary cities, questioning immigrations status (yes, profiling), criminal charges against Sheriffs and DA’s and law enforcement for letting criminals out of jail, allowing suits against the cities and counties for damages in the event that released criminal illegal immigrants commit crimes, and allows for civil suits against the Sheriffs and law enforcement for letting the criminals go…

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    I told you when Roberts allowed the ACA to stand the game was over.

    “In surprise, Republican says he’s a no on healthcare bill
    © Greg Nash
    Rep. Billy Long (R-Mo.) said Monday that he opposes the revised GOP ObamaCare replacement bill because it weakens protections for people with pre-existing conditions. ”

    Did you really think all those organized town hall riots were not going to affect these spineless weasels?

    • Please….do not take it out on the weasels….replace it with COWARDS.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        You are correct. I should not insult Weasels. How about Lemmings? Cowards for sure but it is even worse than just plain cowardice. Because I think ass-hats like this ran on repealing the ACA and never had any intention of doing it.

        • On that, you are also correct……I think they had every intention of being SNAFU……but Trump is really throwing a monkey wrench in the works….I dont think he, Trump, is selling out. I think it is different. He appears to be but I really think he has some wild cards up his sleeve…….

        • JAC….I just received a communique’ from the Lemmings Union of North America asking me to intercede on their behalf. They also deem it an insult to be associated with politicians, however, they did offer a caveat…..if you would change your verbage to cowardly Lemming Shit……they would then be honored. I told them that I felt very comfortable that you would agree to this request. So, apparently, Cowardly Lemming Shit is even lower than whale shit. THAT is bad. What say you, sir?

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I am not feeling charitable this morning. I find a union of lemmings to be an affront to the natural order.

            So tell your Lemmings Union of North America to………………………. go jump off a cliff.


    • Mathius says:

      It’s almost like once you give someone an entitlement, they feel… entitled. ::insert shocked expression here::

      Disclaimer: Mathius is on the fence about the pre-existing conditions clause. I think there should be some sort of logic around maintaining consistent / unlapsed insurance (unless financially unable) and the condition not being self-inflicted. eg, if you are a pack-a-day guy and you get throat cancer and haven’t paid for insurance for decades despite having the means to do so, well, that’s not really my problem – that’s yours. If you can just shirk all the responsibility and then hop into a plan with impunity whenever you need it, that defeats the whole economic model of the insurance system. You don’t get to offload your risk on me like that. You deserve your impending bankruptcy.

      But as Mr. Trump famously said: “Now, I have to tell you, [healthcare is] an unbelievably complex subject, nobody knew health care could be so complicated.”

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Have given far to much thought to this healthcare issue. On the insurance issue I wonder if it could be partly solved at the State regulatory level. Rather than piling required coverage on Insurers, what if the State balanced the negotiation position between consumer and provider?

        A contract once entered cannot be modified unilaterally. Both sides must sign off on any changes. And said contracts shall remain in force for a period of not less than 10 years if premiums are paid under the terms of said contract.

        The other issue is the practice of denying claims to save money. Greater enforcement of Contracts would have handled this issue. The States fell on their face in my view.

        At the same time the Fed. Govt. needs to create interstate markets. A set of minimum coverage criteria could be used to do this. “Any policies sold across State lines must comply with the following:” “Any policies not meeting these criteria shall be regulated by the States alone. Policies complying with these criteria shall be regulated under Federal authority alone.

        States can create more severe or limited requirements on policy coverage. But the Federal rules would allow a major national market in those polices included under the federal description. I would thing the “Catastrophic” type policies to fall under Federal rules. Because most States want to add on requirements, not reduce them.

        • Mathius says:

          At the same time the Fed. Govt. needs to create interstate markets

          Can I get an a-men?

  25. House Democratic member ( I refuse to call her a leader ) Nancy Pelosi constantly attacks President Trump for opposing plans to bring tens of thousands of Syrian refugees to America….so let us take a look and see if her statements are to be respected.

    Number of Syrian refugees placed in Pelosi’s congressional district in San Francisco:

    2013 – zero
    2014 – zero
    2015 – zero
    2016 – zero


  26. Mathius says:

    The bill introduced this month in New York’s Senate and Assembly would require the state to release five years of state tax information for any president or vice president who files a New York state return.

    While I appreciate this bill – and the humorousness of it – I actually do not support this unless it is effective as of 2021.

    Why? Because it feels like an ex post facto law. Whatever legalities they may couch it under, let’s assume it will pass technical legal muster. The question to me is: what, really, is this law? And the answer is, it’s a way to force the release of Trump’s (state) returns because he won and didn’t show them. However, “because he won” is a fait accompli – and releasing his private information is not something he was ever legally obligated to do, nor something he should reasonably have expected to be forced upon him as a consequence of his actions since no such law existed at the time of his run/election.

    In other words, the state is “punishing” him for his bad behavior after that behavior is already done.

    If the law kicks in 2021, then Trump can consider the consequences of his choice in advance and decide, but he cannot go back and un-run for President. (I guess he could resign, but that’s both irrelevant and preposterous).


    The other thing I don’t like here is the precedent. States with a lot of power like NY could pass laws of all stripes to punish hostile Presidents. If NY is permitted to single out an individual – be that individual John Smith or the President – and create a special legal requirement on him, what stops them from passing a law to, say, increase Trump’s tax rate to 100%? Or 150%? Or tying that tax rate to his approval rating in the state? Since pretty much all banking in the country runs through NY, could the state effectively hold every President hostage at the threat of personal bankruptcy if he doesn’t confirm to the state’s demands?

    A fundamental tenant of the law is that all men are equal before the law. This bill does not uphold that principle in my mind. You don’t get to pass laws to single people out. I objected to it when Florida pulled this crap with Terry Shivo, I object to it when NY does it to Trump.


    Anyone have different thoughts?

    • EverStem13 says:

      “A fundamental tenant of the law is that all men are equal before the law.”

      I always did appreciate your sense of humor.

      • Mathius says:

        I didn’t say the we always live up to the ideal.. but that is the principle in theory, no?

        • EverStem13 says:

          Actually, I think “Sucks for them” is the general legal principle for most laws.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I agree on the point of equal treatment. Interesting end run by NY by forcing the State agency to release the form instead of requiring the office holder.

      Back to the point. If a citizen’s tax return is private then all citizen’s tax returns are private.

      On this topic, we are headed for another Constitutional fight as many States are trying to undermine Federal authority on two fronts. One is to require tax returns be made public to get on the State Ballot as a POTUS or VP candidate. This I would expect to be overturned as it sets constraints on candidate qualifications for offices clearly under Federal Authority.

      The second is the effort to get a bunch of States to sign compacts forcing allocation of electoral college votes according the national popular vote for POTUS/VP. This one is quite clever, and I am not sure how SCOTUS would rule. I expect some voters to sue in that their franchise would be violated where the States have set a rule overturning the Federal system under which the other States operate. Envision a State that voted for Trump being turned to Clinton after waiting two months for the popular vote to be accurately and completely counted.

      In the long run I do wonder if these spiteful Democrats realize the extent to which they are breathing life back into the Tenth Amendment?

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    When people on the left said you could not blame Mr. Obama for the deficits in his first year, because it was Bush’s budget, I call B.S..

    Every POTUS has the chance to modify any existing budget when he takes office. Of course this requires having cooperation of Congress. Like when you have both houses in the same party. Obama had that chance and in fact used it to increase the deficit and debt with STIMULUS.

    So I am now calling B.S. on Mr. Trump and his Republican friends.

    You don’t need 60 votes. You need some guts.

    To the pundits and coward Republicans I point out that the R party GAINED seats after each Federal Shutdown that was blamed on the Republicans. Maybe the People can recognize the true culprits when it happens.

    • Mathius says:

      Odd… I disagree.

      I think Trump is NOT responsible for the deficits for his first year, nor for (most of) the growth or slowdown of the economy.

      Sure, he can shock it (for good or ill), but by and large, these things adjust slowly. I give Bush credit for Obama’s first year just as I give Obama credit for Trump’s first year economically.

      That said, well, Trump’s first budget was… interesting. I’ll reserve judgement for September.

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    When looking for big fish you can often spot them by watching for a ripple or swirl in the stream surface. This indicates a Bigger Fish lying below. The tip of a tail fin is also helpful.

    In keeping with this theme, this looks like the tip of a fin and a strong swirl in the current to me. The intra party war among elephants may soon come to the surface.


  29. EverStem13 says:

    @ JAC





    • Just A Citizen says:

      It was not a tribute. It was your usual preamble to your rambling. It was old news and nothing more than a ruse.

      Time for you to move on. Find another home.

      • EverStem13 says:


        Is that what you reduce it to? …kind of like reducing the lives of people to theory?

        No, JAC, I am trying to have a conversation about something important, and in regard to a couple of lovely ladies that I have always thought very highly of.

        Now, if you will kindly stay the hell out of it, it would be much appreciated.

        Thank you.

      • EverStem13 says:


        I find that strangely ironic that you say that.

        Coincidentally, I don’t have a “home”, and likely never will, and not by choice. Sure, I have a place to stay and all my basic necessities, but it isn’t “home”. I was trying real hard for years to create a “home”, but have been stalked and harassed and stifled or interrupted by differing groups of people who refuse to cease with their nonsense or be honest about anything.

        Even more coincidental is that my beloved childhood friend that I have always been so fond of, secretly told me that she wanted to be my wife and have my children some day. Then she died.

        What was to apparently be my home, died decades ago. …and there are a lot of anomalies and inconsistency involved. I am finding a lot of evidence to suggest that she was in some kind of trouble, that she was trying to get to me.

        And without going into detail, I have also found a lot of things demonstrating that it is a very big deal. …not that it already wasn’t to me, of course. But it is bigger than most realize. As I said in that post you deleted; I grind teeth over it. It drives me nuts, causes me to lose sleep.

        It’s a big deal. And it needs to be dealt with. A lot is dependent upon the truth of it.

  30. Ya know, sometimes us old Colonel’s sit around and think….good or bad……Kim Jung Un had no military experience whatsoever before his daddy made him a four-star general. This snot nosed twerp had never accomplished anything in his life that would even come close to military leadership. He had not even so much as led a cub scout troop, coached a sports team, or commanded a military platoon. SO………he is made the “Beloved Leader” of North Korea!!!! Terrific!!!

    Oh shit, I forgot that we did the same thing….We took an arrogant and phony community organizer, who had never worn a uniform, never ran so much as an ice cream stand, and made him Commander in Chief. A guy who had never worked a real job , worked on a budget, or led anything more than as ACORN demonstration, and we made him “Beloved Leader” of the United States……TWICE!

    So, if you think the North Koreans are stupid, then………………………oh, never mind I am sorry I even brought this up.

    • Jennie says:

      I always assumed Kim Jong-un was just a big fat puppet of the real military leaders. Not sure why I thought that, he just looks weak I guess. You think otherwise?

      • I think it hard for us to understand the mindset of a country that both practices and lives in pure terror. Think Stalin. A puppet of no one but a guy who systematically eliminated his opposition, one by one, real or imagined until the day he died.

        The far of the midnight “knock on the door” was and is very real.

  31. EverStem13 says:

    @ VH

    I am trying to talk to you, but JAC keeps deleting my posts, so I hope you read this before the Nazi gets a hold of it. I feel have to do this.

    I have a GREAT BIG Christianity problem that I could use some assistance with, and one that seems to be rooted in whatever was happening in the 1970’s as well as something to do with my beloved childhood friend. My primary concern in this is all that is in regard to my friend.

    I am going to try to give you a summary explanation.

    For many years I have encountered different groups of people stalking me and playing very strange games and manipulating my life. After many years of this, I inexplicably freaked out and did all of these weird things, some of which are distinctly characteristic of hypnotic programming. I even watched people perform some kind of psy-ops nonsense. I went mad, completely mad.

    Although I was having a very difficult time, I was still able to think to a nominal level and have been steadfast in my continued quest for truth and resolution. I started discovering a lot of very anomalous things, to include that I am such a close match to a bunch of biblical stuff, both good and bad.

    I tried to reach out to Christians, but it didn’t work out so well. All it did is come out wrong and frustrate and exacerbate whatever is so wrong about this whole situation.

    A few years later, I started making connections and realized that it all had something to do with my beloved childhood friend. It hit me rather hard. Something came out that I did not realize was there, something from deep down, something pure and profound. It caused me to be a bit of a mess for a while.

    Understanding that it has something to do with her, having a bit of a revelation in regard to some anomalous things, my appreciation and respect, adoration and valuing of her, has served as a great motivator for me to go digging into it.

    As I have been doing so, I have discovered that it is a network of Christians who are behind some of it. Some of them I have known for a long time and very much respect. I also see evidence that other groups are not only stalking me, but possibly stalking them as well. Someones are playing a very twisted game. I will spare you all of the details.

    This is a problem. I don’t really care about religion. But I am very concerned with my being of whatever significance, and/or that it is causing unnecessary problems or that it may be why those people have been doing those things. They scare me.

    The main problem is that they will not be honest and explain themselves, even though they are busted as involved or knowledgeable. I am trying to discern between those who are of ill intent or otherwise, even possible benevolence. When they ignore my requests for communication or lie or play their games, I have no choice but to note their adverse influence on my life and respond as if they are a threat. I don’t like that.

    I have even traced this stuff back to a related shrink and group of doctors operating in private in regard to her and I when we were still developing fetuses.

    And I have expanded my knowledge to discover a set of issues that will inevitably come at great cost to Christians in the future. That is a lot of my frustration. Christians are not sitting in a very good position at all. It is important that they take a reserved and reasonable approach to politics, other faiths and peoples. …and if for no other reason but to reserve judgement until all the facts are known.

    What I need is assistance with confronting them. I need to find a way to reach out to Christians, with particular attention to a specific group of them. They act scared of me. And it is something, the details of which, would be better suited discussing in a not-so-public setting.

    • BL,
      I really wish I knew how to help you but I do not. I’m gonna be real honest here even if it isn’t what you want to hear. At some point you are going to have to acknowledge the possibility that this is all in your head. Those people who you’ve known forever sound like they may be your family and friends who are guilty of nothing but trying to help you.

      I know you believe what you are saying but you need help dealing with it and you’re not gonna get that on the internet. So this is the last time I’ m gonna respond to this issue. I truly wish the best for you.

      • EverStem13 says:

        I can show you real. But substantiating it the wrong way may cause issues. And it isn’t necessarily about me.

        What I am asking is for someone to help me in regard to peaceful relations and advice from a Christian perspective, counsel, if you will.

        A lot of Christians are in the cross-hairs, so to speak. I am not meaning that as a threat, just that you people are not sitting in a good position. I do have some influence over that, however. It is very important that we “reason together”.

        In addition to that, I do indeed have a personal issue with stalkers from Christian networks, among others. That one is complicated, and will probably eventually start another war. Estimated casualties are about 2.5-3 billion.

        Are you sure you won’t help me VH? Please?

  32. EverStem13 says:

    How very interesting.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the news article links.


  33. gmanfortruth says:

    Sorry for not being around lately. Some travel and yesterday a tornado hit. Touchdown 150 yards East. Power out sincentives, have good generator power and lots ofor gas stored.

    Other then that, all is well. 🙂

    • That’s close, glad you’re safe. Thank God for prepping, eh? 😉

      • gmanfortruth says:

        So far the plan has worked well. My power plans are adequate and I can conserve far more if needed. Good test.

    • EverStem13 says:

      This is a political forum, and strictly for political discussion.

      We are not interested in your theories and delusions. Take them somewhere else.


  34. Came across this link and thought of all the SUFAites who would be a good fit. For now I’m just going to bookmark and follow along to see if it pans out.

    The guy is also involved with this site, where I found this link. First I’ve heard about it.

  35. Dangerous criminal arrested after overstaying his visa!


    • I always catch heat for this but cases like this should be handled as they arise. In this case, the kid was trying to make good on the visa rules and government (Canada) held him up. If it was up to me, there would be an immigration judge handy who could overrule, and just for the sake of goodwill, throw out the six month wait period for this time period and allow the kid to stay another year.

  36. Suffolk County…Long Island….New York. MS 13 gang appears to be getting out of control up there. Interesting fact. 7 of the last 12 MS 13 gang members that were captured after committing murders were……unaccompanied minors that crossed the border in the last three years. According to the Attorney General in New York, Suffolk County has 4,000 unaccompanied minors and that is it not unreasonable to assume that 70% of them are now MS 13 gang members and to expect more murders and beheadings in our parks…..

    I wonder how border security sounds now?

    • Lousy to governor Cuomo. He’d trade our security any day for their votes.

    • Are you saying that we should have let their parents cross the border with them, so that they could have been raised better? Gee, I guess you do have a point there..

      I mean, you’re right.. it doesn’t make sense to set up a situation that destroys these kids’ options in life while simultaneously denying them their parents and a good education. I mean, that kind of thing basically guarantees criminal behavior. You make an excellent point!

      I agree with D13: we should let their parents in and give them all the legal right to work and go to public school and partake in all the other benefits of being Americans – that why, they won’t become gang members.

      Colonel, you are brilliant! You have convinced me.

      • back when I was dealing with the cops 10 years ago they were telling me how MS 13 sends kids here sans parental units who are already gang involved. But you probably do not believe that do you?

      • Oh, Mathius………shame on you. What a nice dodge you tried. I suggest you trot yourself on down here to see the situation. Now, please allow me to correct you. Unaccompanied children is not a code word, sir. So, allow me to educate you. I know that you California expatriates and now transplanted into New YOrk received your education from such reknown institutions as BERKLEY, USC and those other snowflake schools that think that blowing bubbles and patting doggies heads solves problems….but please allow me to re-educate you.

        Are you ready? U-N-A-C-C-O-M-P-A-N-I-E-D………..sir, in relative easy english…means…THERE AINT NOBODY WITH THEM. No parents were there, none were turned down, most of them “sold” their children, and the children, with the complicit help of the Mexican Government shipped them here. Our mistake….we took them in….we do not now. They are turned back to the Mexican government

        Now, the left also yells about…….you cannot force them into American Society. You cannot force them into schools…that would be indentured servitude.

        Allow me to also say, kind sir, that any family that shows up on the border, legally, and files their paperwork, legally, is allowed into this country within 10 working days. Working day is defined as Monday through Friday 0600-2000 hrs…..that is 6 in the morning, for you New Yorkers, until 8 PM…..(For DPM, that is 4 bells until 4 bells dog one time)**

        It is amazing that this program gets little to NO media time and it is a Trump change. The rest of this rule also says that they have one year to appear before an immigration judge to apply for three different types of residency….but there are some requirements.

        SO…..try me again, sir.

        ** The period from 1600 to 2000 is split into two dog watches. These watches run from 1600 to 1800 and from 1800 to 2000. This alternates the daily watch routine so Sailors on the mid-watch would not have it the second night, and, the split also gives each watchstander the opportunity to eat the evening meal.

        • One other thing, sir………….the Trump directive also says……I know you have to sit down for this………it costs nothing to file the paperwork. Nothing, in english, means ZERO. ZERO dollars, zero pesos, no blood letting, no hair follicles, no finger nail clippings…NOTHING. ZIP, NADA………how much more fair can one get?

          One other question, if open borders are so popular, why is California so upset with Texas and New Mexico for closing their borders? California should be ecstatic at the prospect of having more illegals in their state..it means that they can raise more taxes to pay for them and exploit their own “legal” citizens?

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Correction sir….8 bells is 0400 or 0800 or 1200 or 1600 or 2000 or 2400…….every duty I had the galley’s served 7/24…..eating became so messed up that you lost all track of a normal schedule. Day is night, night is day….never knew even in training a normal routine, because class may be at midnight. The killers were your normal 4 hour watch then when off did maintenance for up to 2 hours. Sleep was maybe 2 hours at a time….broken over 24 so theoretically you got 8 hours sleep with 12 hours off, In your dreams…..worked one ship that sleep was such a foreign and rare thing, you could only stay on board 30 days. Rotate off and have 15 days of uninterupted sleep then start over……one stood their watch doing their rating or job discription….when off you did ship maintenance……..these LOW man ships will be a burn out, ships will not get the required work done and the crew will fry.

      • Remember, you read it here………………Mathius says..”Colonel, you are brilliant!” The Colonel agrees.

  37. Ruminating last night over the doom and gloom across the board from conservative pundits. From Hannity through Coulter to Lou Dobbs it was all about Trump’s failures (sellouts) in the first hundred days.

    Then the Newtster came on. Always love the Newtster, says a lot with few words and does not tolerate fools lightly. Did not say much except that it was a start.

    Gotta say, that that got me thinking. I’m as disappointed as anyone that we could not turn everything around in 100 days. Then I remembered that before he was elected I’d tell people it would take 20 years to correct all the errors of the past three generations.

    Think on it, for fifty plus years, every single elected democrat out there, from dog catcher to President has been pushing along this Juggernaut to the point where the country of 1963 would never recognize the country of 2017. The bulk of republicans, the Romney’s, Bush’s, Rockefeller’s, Scranton’s, Ford’s, McCain’s and Graham’s have been fellow travelers at best only pushing slightly less hard.

    The conservatives, the Goldwater’s, Buckley’s Reagan’s and now Trump have had a tough row to hoe with few allies, none in the media or academia and damn few in the legislature. For Trump to take on this behemoth is akin to Hercules cleaning the Augean stables. It sure as hell is going to take more than 100 days.

    I thank the media for bringing up the President’s Jackson comments because as I think back to “The Age of Jackson”, I remember that he too saw the country heading away from where he and Jefferson thought it should go. Yes, I guess if he had succeeded or had been around later, 1860-65 might have very well worked our differently. People who disagree should re-visit Clay, Calhoon and Webster if they can remember who they were.

  38. Ya know G-man, I gotta complain too. This thing has been eating some of my comments too. Write them all up, hit send and they don’t get posted. Then I cannot recover them and if I can, I cannot copy. The site tells me if I can recover it when I try to re-post that It is a duplicate comment. Been happening for a while now, not as often as Matt I guess but often enough to be annoying especially when it won’t let me copy and paste so I can save it.

  39. Obamacare is in a “death spiral’ and more insurers will flee in 2018, said Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini Wednesday.

    More sick Americans are flocking to the Obamacare exchanges, which is pushing insurers’ costs higher, Bertolini said at a Wall Street Journal forum. That, in turn, is forcing carriers to either abandon the market or raise their rates.

    Bertolini’s comments come on the heels of Humana’s (HUM) decision to pull out of the individual market completely in 2018, citing an inability to offer a “viable product.”

    Meanwhile, Molina Healthcare (MOH), one of the few insurers that has done well in Obamacare, said Wednesday that it may also downsize.

    “We believe there are simply too many unknowns with the marketplace program to commit to our participation beyond 2017,” CEO Joseph Molina said in an earnings call. “We will wait and see how the new administration and Congress will adjust the program, and we plan to evaluate our participation on a state-by-state basis.”

    For Aetna, between 1% and 5% of its customers account for 50% of its costs, depending on the market, Bertolini said. And in many places there is little competition and risk-sharing, he said, citing Nebraska, where Aetna is the only player.

    “There isn’t enough money in the ACA today as it is structured — even with its fees and taxes — to support the population that needs to be served,” he said.

    Talk of Obamacare being in a death spiral ramped up last year when Aetna and several other carriers decided to scale back their exposure to the exchanges after sustaining multimillion dollar losses. That left consumers in 70% of the nation’s counties with only one or two companies on the exchanges and became a major talking point for Republicans, who say the program is collapsing.

    A death spiral occurs when consumers have fewer, more expensive choices, which prompts healthy people to exit, leaving an even sicker pool of policyholders in the exchanges. Eventually, all of the insurers withdraw.

    Humana (HUM) announced it is pulling out of Obamacare for 2018 on Tuesday, the same day it ended a merger agreement with Aetna (AET).

    The company said in a press release it has tried for the past several years to keep selling policies where it could offer “a viable product.” It said it increased premiums, exited markets and tightened provider networks in hopes of stabilizing its individual market business.

    But an initial analysis of its 2017 consumer base found that it remained riskier than Humana could tolerate. So the company is exiting all 11 states where it sells individual policies, both on the Obamacare exchange and outside of it.

    Health insurers want to see how Congress intends to replace Obamacare before they commit to offering policies for 2018, a new survey has found.

    One of the biggest issues is the individual mandate, which requires nearly all Americans to buy insurance or pay a penalty. If Republican lawmakers repeal the mandate without a replacement plan, insurers said they’d “seriously consider” withdrawing from the market next year, the Urban Institute report said. They see “significant” risks in remaining while the details of a replacement bill are in doubt.

    The effort to repeal major portions of Obamacare, including the mandate, are already underway in Congress, but Republicans remain divided over how to replace it. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday that lawmakers are looking at including some replacement measures in the bill.

    There is nothing more I can say about it. It is a terrible law…..and it shows how easy it is to game the system.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Looks to me like the Insurance companies are playing game, hoping to scare the Congress into maintaining or increasing the subsidies.

      I say they can go jump off a cliff with their Lemming friends.

  40. EverStem13 says:

    If neutral, disregard.

    If friend, guard and support.

    If foe, kill now. Hit hard, hit fast, hit often until neutralized.

    If discernment between friend/foe cannot be made, it must be treated as a threat. The basic reasoning is this; If it is a foe mistaken for a friend, you are vulnerable, dead. If it is a friend mistaken for a foe, it is dead. You survive. Thus it is either definitive friend, or a target.

    If the target cannot be discerned between other targets, kill them all. The same reasoning applies. As long as there is a threat, there is reason for defense, however unethical.

    What is a threat? Is soft torture psy-ops stalker bullshit a threat?

    Yes. It is a threat to time/life of the individual and ability to indulge or determine the value of their life. It is stealing and wasting their time, violating free will choice.

  41. It’s past time guys, this craziness has got to stop. It isn’t helping-It’s encouraging.

    • Mathius says:

      Seconded. :/

    • EverStem13 says:

      I agree. You people need to come to your senses.

      • EverStem13 says:

        Would you like me to substantiate everything I have been talking about?

        I have names and addresses and pictures and documents and numbers and all kinds of things to show you. It is rather vast in some respects.

        We should probably make SUFA a private blog though.

        • Mathius says:

          Would you like me to substantiate everything I have been talking about?

          Yes, EverStem, it’s time to put up or shut up.

          Set up a DropBox, or a Google Drive account, then point us in the right direction so we can judge for ourselves. If your goal is to gain allies, you’re never – ever – going to accomplish that the way you’re going. What you’re doing is just raving, and that helps no one. Substantiate your claims.

          Otherwise you’re just spouting noise that’s cluttering up this esteemed blog of ours.

          So, to reiterate: it’s time to shit or get off the pot.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Ever STem

          Start your own Private blog. You are so damned smart it should be easy.

          Then post the link here. Those interested will come visit you on your site.

          Your time here is over. The crowd has voted.

          No point posting more comments because I am no longer going to try and discriminate. The all go to the trash until you move along. Except of course the link to your new private blog.

          Goodbye and good luck.

          • Mathius says:

            Is that the first ever SUFA ban?

            I’ve been here for about 8 years, I can’t remember ever seeing one before… maybe Goldie? She was super racist – but she was also like 95, so maybe she just died?

    • Jennie says:

      Please, make it stop!

  42. Just A Citizen says:


    Since you and I were handed the keys it is up to us to clean up the place. I cannot montior the site 24-7 any more than you do. So I suggest that when ever we are here either of us deletes the comments by Ever Stem. There will be days with time lags if he continues to try and force himself on everyone. But hopefully it will end soon.

    I have no other idea. I contacted word press about blocking him but they have not responded. I could find no information on how to do it. He could just change email addresses anyway. Like he did last time.

    SUFA: Meanwhile I suggest everyone just stop responding. I wish I could just make it go away but that is not possible right now. Please hang in there.

    • EverStem13 says:


      No need for that. I will go. And you will wish I hadn’t.

      Millions are dead. Whole civilizations are destroyed. Countless more are sick dying or suffering loss. Trillions of dollars are gone and wasted. Everyone on earth is effected.

      ..And you are hell bent on stopping any effort I make to address it. Those involved are doing the same. Things are getting altered, deleted, sites shut down, records removed or access thereof, etc etc… but will not explain.

      My life and the lives of my friends family and community directly effected.

      It needs to be addressed. And you all reject a chance to make sense out of a lot of things people are going through a lot of trouble to figure out.

      Whatever. I’m out.

      O, and BTW, I suspect they did it because of things like what you are doing now. Read through the comments in the last few months and note me bitching about the military industrial complex and financial system that enslaves everyone for generations. Also take note of your responses.

      Think about it. …There’s your proof, Colonel.

      See ya.

  43. gmanfortruth says:

    Hi Folks!

    Finally back to normal around here. Power is back on, but the lessons learned were awesome. The Weather service confirmed two tornado”s, yippee. We didn’t get a twig in our yard, really odd. 150 Yards away looked like it was hit by a bomb.

    While this was a very minor event, prepping made a big difference. The few lessons learned were minimal and for the future. All will be done by end of summer.

    @JAC……OK, as you wish.

  44. Just A Citizen says:

    Remember when health insurance choices were either a higher premium or higher deductible?

    The left engaged the massive “appeal to emotion” crying crocodile tears for the poor people whose insurance wouldn’t cover all the doctor bills. The cried out for the Govt. to intervene.

    And intervene they did. All kinds of different programs culminating with the ACA. The result has been sky rocketing medical care costs. And before I forget, our health insurance choices now are higher premiums AND higher deductibles. Combined with lower coverage rates for most afflictions.

  45. JAC! This is a great speech by Tillerson to the State Dept. It’s all about foreign policy and our role in the world. You were on my mind heavy while I read the transcript. He came sooooo close to laying out the core principles, but he called them values. This speech is so far over the paygrade of Clinton and Kerry, I doubt they would even understand it. Grab some coffee and get comfortable, its a long one.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I saw clips last night and was impressed. Now I have read the whole thing and I am even more so.

      One issue with the “values”. This growing idea that “human dignity” is a value, principle or even a “right” is bothersome. While we all strive for dignity is is really a subjective criteria held by the person in question. I cannot decide what is dignity for you.

      We would be better off focusing on key Rights, which stem from solid values, principles or standards.

      I love the way he focused on the key two areas of responsibility, economic well being and national security. And how, obviously, these go hand in hand. But as with all things, the devil is in the details.

      One side bar on this: Demanding that other buy our weapons should not be considered as part of the “ensuring economic prosperity” mission.

      I thought Mr. Tillerson was the best appointment made by Trump so far. He has done nothing to change my view on that matter.

      Another note. I love how Tillerson echoed so many of the comments and prior articles here at SUFA. Namely the idea that the Cold War froze history in place. One the Soviet and Chinese domination retreated the world resumed from where it was prior to WWII. Hence the old tribal squabbles and religious wars began all over again.

      It appears that the new SOS has already identified some key institutional issues regarding how the Dept. functions. Pretty darn astute for such a short period of time. And I am guessing his employees have given him a lot to consider. Which also means they have not really been all that happy about what was happening.

      • He’s echoing the SUFA comments because he’s you guys’ generation. The old guard who remember when America was ‘greater’ (hush it Matt, I can’t seem to bring a good phrase to mind.) Lots of Trump’s guys are his age and better. I like that….just before Bill Ayers time of destruction.

        His employees betta hope they can keep their jobs. Tillerson is slashing personnel all over the State Dept.

        • Mathius says:

          Don’t you “hush” me, missy!

          America was never greater than it is today. Ever.

          You tell me when – exactly – these halcyon days of yore were.

          And then tell me how a black person, or a gay person, or a Jew, or a non-housewife woman, or a Muslim, would feel about that era. Ask yourself what the childhood mortality rate was. Ask yourself what the odds of getting blown up by the USSR were. Ask yourself what the odds of getting drafted were. Ask yourself if that era had Netflix or the internet or Amazon Prime. You have to take the bad with the good. You can’t cherry pick. If there was some perfect era of American awesomeness, you have to take all of it. So when was it, exactly?

          • You don’t understand “hush” very well.

            I was referring more to people than time. People who were raised by the greatest generation. You know, the ones who were humble and made deals on handshakes. The pre Woodstock crowd who didn’t feel entitled to anything. Now you’re probably going to compare time frames and say that everything is relative…I’m telling you right now, I don’t want to hear it. I have great respect for the old crowd, and that’s just that.

            Burma Shave

  46. Ten Interesting tidbits to start your day:

    1). The United States is 3rd in murders throughout the world. Horrifying! BUT, if you take out Chicago, Detroit, Washington, DC and New Orleans….the United States is 4th from the bottom. Interesting thing, though……these four cities have the toughest gun control laws in the United States.

    2). A former student of Berkley: ” I picked a useless major which will never allow me to pay off my student loans, so, like now, I am a socialists and stuff because it is rich people’s fault that I am poor.:

    3) How abobut you not take social security out of my check and I’LL invest it in my own retirement fund.

    4) To vote in Mexico, every eligible MEXICAN citizen has to have a tamper proof ID card with a thumbprint and an embossed hologram. All citizens are required to PERSONALLY enroll and show proof of birth or citizenship. Applicants are required to PERSONALLY return to pick up their voting credentials.

    This begs the question…how is it that the United States cannot upgrade to the same standards as Mexico without being called racist? Is it because one political party is dependent upon voter fraud?

    5) So, Obama inherited a mess? Firefighters inherit messes on a daily basis, ever see them pour gas on it?

    6) Liberals carry signs thaht say share the wealth…how come I never see them carry a sign that says share the work?

    7) Interesting that 27 million blacks are still OWNED as slaves today in 14 different Muslim countries….I wonder why BLM and the liberals do not complain or march about that?

    8). I wonder if all these Hollywood types are more upset about Trump winning the election or finding out that no one actually gives a shit about their opinions.

    9) Protesting ought to be used when human rights have been violated. Protesting because you did not get your way is called a temper tantrum ….no matter your age. What would Mathius do?

    10) FOR DPM: I was going to give you a rum cake for your birthday…but now it is only cake. I am drunk.

    Have a nice day….

    • For JAC…number ten has to make you “spew coffee”…………..

    • Mathius says:

      1). The United States is 3rd in murders throughout the world. Horrifying! BUT, if you take out Chicago, Detroit, Washington, DC and New Orleans….the United States is 4th from the bottom. Interesting thing, though……these four cities have the toughest gun control laws in the United States.


      You’re implying causality.

      I would suggest that the laws have been tightened because the crime rate made it necessary to do so, not that the lack of “good guys with guns” leaves an opening for criminal activity.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        While it shows that gun control laws don’t work, that’s not the main point. The main point is that these cities are Democrat strongholds. The perfect examples of failed policies and political ideology 😀

    • Mathius says:

      2). A former student of Berkley: ” I picked a useless major which will never allow me to pay off my student loans, so, like now, I am a socialists and stuff because it is rich people’s fault that I am poor.:

      Tough shit.

      You got into Berkley, and you wasted that very expensive opportunity by majoring in Underwater Basket Weaving with a minor in African Gender Studies. That’s your problem. You’d have been better off lighting the money on fire for warmth.

      I say again, tough shit.

      Now go flip burgers until you’re 103 so you can pay off your loans.

      • So you can pay off your government loans that they, the government, took over.

        • Mathius says:

          It’s more like: we, society, tried to help you out – we gave you money for education and, instead, you wasted it on Music Theory Amongst Aquatic Mammals. It’d be no different than if I gave you a business loan and you spend it at the gentlemen’s club.

          More broadly:

          Your irresponsibility is not my problem.

          You can pay until your debt is paid off – with interest – or you rot. Whichever comes first.

          No one is responsible for your actions except you. I have no qualms whatsoever about using the government to level the playing field or provide opportunities or protect people from pure shit luck, but I’ll be damned if I want to spend my hard earned money protecting people from the consequences of their own foreseeably bad and objectively-stupid choices.

          Similarly: I don’t think the government should pay for throat cancer treatments for pack-a-day smokers.

          Similarly: I don’t think the government should pay if you shoot yourself with your own gun because you forgot to verify that the chamber was empty.

          Similarly: I don’t think the government should forgive misspent school loans (I don’t think it should issue them in the first place without conditions on what you can take and the grades you much achieve, but that’s a different matter).

          Similarly: I don’t think the government should provide food stamps to anyone paying for cable television.

          Similarly: I don’t think the government should provide welfare if you choose not to work.

          Similarly: I don’t think the government should provide UI if you quit. (yes, they do)

          Similarly: I don’t think the government should provide disability if your disability is self-inflicted (eg excessive weight or chainsaw juggling accident)

          Similarly: I don’t think the police should have to respond to protect you from the consequences of criminal behavior.

          Similarly: I don’t think the fire department should have to put your house out if the reason it’s on fire is that you were playing with fireworks in your living room.

          Similarly: I don’t think the government should do anything to protect you from floods if you live somewhere that floods regularly.

          Similarly: I don’t think the government should help with hurricane damage if you live in Florida – you know damned well there are going to be hurricanes – it was your choice to put yourself in the way.


          Your irresponsibility is your own problem. Not mine.

          Now get off my lawn.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            Welcome to the RIGHT side 😀

            • Mathius says:

              I’ve always been on this side. Go back and check the logs from 2009.

              Where we differ is that I think we have an obligation to help those who can’t help themselves or who got screwed by pure shit luck.

              If you shoot yourself in the foot, that’s your problem.
              If a meteor falls out of the sky and hits your foot, society should help.

              Smoke a pack a day and get cancer – too bad. Pay up or die, that’s on you.
              Born with a congenital heart disease? Society should help pay for that.

              Lost your job because you came in drunk? Too bad. You deserve to lose your house.
              Lost your job because the plant moved to Indonesia? We can help keep you solvent while you find something new.

              And so on.


              Of course, then this begs the question: how do you determine who is who? And the answer is that you probably can’t – not with 100% certainty. So you’re either going to deny legitimate help or you’ll provide unwarranted help (and thus cost taxpayer more than you should). And THAT is where the primary divide comes from for left-and-right on these types of issues.

              We – the left – think it’s better to provide too much rather than risk not providing enough. Even if this mean extra expense to the taxpayer.

              You – the right – think it’s better to protect the taxpayer rather than risk giving unwarranted goodies to the undeserving.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                You – the right – think it’s better to protect the taxpayer rather than risk giving unwarranted goodies to the undeserving

                You feel the same way, see your above post. But we are not far apart on the issue at all. I don’t have a problem helping those in need. I right there with you on your points above. I think we could do better at ending long term welfare, like putting limits on it.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        What does a UNC graduate say to a NC State graduate???? “Would you like to biggie size your order”

    • Mathius says:

      7) Interesting that 27 million blacks are still OWNED as slaves today in 14 different Muslim countries….I wonder why BLM and the liberals do not complain or march about that?

      How come freedom loving conservatives aren’t complaining or marching about that either?

      It’s because they’re far away – out of sight and out of mind – and we have other fist to fry locally.

      • That, sir, is a great question as well.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I disagree that the reason is that they are far away and out of sight….It’s more that we can with impunity protest here policies good bad or otherwise, real or imagined……in China as an example gets you dead…..ever see the off shoot of ACORN SEIU protest or try and unionize elsewhere…..that was off the slave topic, but problably most likely by sticking your head up there is a great chance of losing it, or severely inconvenienced in other ways..

      • Probably because we are preoccupied with trying to insist that slavery, outlawed over 150 years ago where there are no slaves nor slave owners alive today is irrelevant to the conversation in this country. So, who has any frigging time besides to talk those young empty heads out there. They will tell you that only the US of A EVER had slaves and for Muslims well, THAT discussion is OFF the table due to racism and cultural sensitivities. Besides the holy koran allows it. Just ask any Muslim that practices he will clear you up on the issue.

    • Thanks for the Mexican thing. Had not though of looking that one up. Here’s your back-up.


      • All government voting is inherently criminal in nature. It is the imposition of your will upon mine and the offering of your vote of confidence toward that entity.

        Government can only exist with the consent of the governed (and at the point of a bayonet). By voting, you are lending your voice to those who say that the government is rightful in its imposition upon me.

        To suggest that hurdles – any hurdles – be put in place to control who votes means only that one is making an effort at restricting the votes of the “wrong people,” not that they care about the sanctity of the ballot box. But that is wholly irrelevant because red shirt or blue shirt, they’re all tyrants and you’re all slaves.

        Ask yourself this: If “illegal” immigrants voted for the Republicans by 90%, would the Republican party be so eager to ensure they cannot vote?

        I’ll remind you that, citizen or “illegal” immigrant, you are equally subject to the whims of the state. It follows, therefore, that you should have an equal say in the function of the state, but of course, only the “right” people are allowed to vote. Why? Because you fear that the “other” might vote differently than you, that they would opt to be ruled in a different manner (though, of course, again, it’s all just different flavors of slavery). And, further to that point, you fear that they might “win” and, in so doing, successfully impose their preferred form of slavery upon you, instead of the other way around.

        You seem to think that some magical birthright exists by which you own the area known as the United States despite, you know, not actually owning anything at all. And that that entitles you to control the actions and lives of innocent men, women, and children who live within those borders and that, further, they should get no say whatsoever as regards to how that control takes shape. Truly, you believe in my long-lost friend’s adage: “freedom for me, but not for thee.”

        But it’s not enough for you to just say “those people” aren’t allowed to vote – you have to ensure that everyone jumps through a hoop in order to ensure that not a single one of them votes lest they have the slightest chance of perturbing your dominion over their lives. I suppose it’s no small fringe benefit that the “opposition” party (in all truth, simply another side of the same coin, but a useful foil to ensure The People don’t fight the real enemy) – I’m sure it’s no small fringe benefit that that opposition party would be disproportionately disenfranchised in the effort – collateral damage, I’m sure.

        You go ahead and tell yourself this is about anything other than guaranteeing the continuity of your chosen ruling junta. Frankly, I cannot be bothered to spend my efforts dissuading you from your mass delusion. You’re fighting over what color prison garb to wear instead of the fact that you shouldn’t be in prison in the first place.

    • Mathius says:

      8). I wonder if all these Hollywood types are more upset about Trump winning the election or finding out that no one actually gives a shit about their opinions.

      I don’t know why anyone would give a shit about the political opinion of George Clooney.

      They’re celebrities, not political operators. I am far more likely to be influenced by the opinion of David Frum than I am by the opinion of the cast of Glee.

      But, perhaps, I am atypical?


      Not for nothing though, a lot of people probably did vote because Hollywood types told them to (perhaps not “how” but more of a “get out the vote” type thing).

      I’d also remind you -again – that Clinton won the popular vote by more than 3mm votes.

      • PPPFFFTTTT!!!! on the popular vote. That did not represent the United States. Come on….we do not need to go over this again….

        ” I shall taunt you a second time.” ( Origin for ten points )….and if you admit it….then you are as weird as I am.

        • Mathius says:

          That did not represent the United States.

          The 65,844,954 people who voted for Clinton do not represent the United States, but the 62,979,879 who voted for Trump do?

          ” I shall taunt you a second time.”

          Oh, please, you’re going to have to try a lot harder than that! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

          • gmanfortruth says:

            Clinton won California by 4 million. You can figure out the rest.

            • Mathius says:

              .. 4 million… Americans

              What’s your point? Do Californians count as less than Nebraskans because they live closer together?

              4.3 million, by the way. Just a hair under 2:1.

              • Just A Citizen says:

                Well, since the illegal Aliens count towards their number of Electors then YES, they should count less.

                Although they don’t and you know it.

                Those ass hats in California don’t give one hoot about me and my State, so why should I cry a river over their “disappointment”???

          • So, you admit that you are a Monty Python fan….( so am I )…..that means that it is only you and I that are sane….the rest of the world needs to catch up. WEIRDO WEIRDO WEIRDO….I get called that all the time…and everyone knows that a European swallow does not even know what a coconut looks like.

    • Mathius says:

      9) Protesting ought to be used when human rights have been violated. Protesting because you did not get your way is called a temper tantrum ….no matter your age. What would Mathius do?


      Protesting is a way of showing those in power that you oppose their position. It is a way of being seen and being vocal, of getting coverage, of swaying public opinion – it’s a show of power.

      What? We lost the election so we should all go quietly sit home for the next 4 years and just take it?

      Bah humbug!

      • gmanfortruth says:

        We lost the election so we should all go quietly sit home for the next 4 years and just take it?


      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        “Being seen and vocal”…..then why wear masks, that’s a cop out.

    • 10) FOR DPM: I was going to give you a rum cake for your birthday…but now it is only cake. I am drunk.

  47. Mathius says:

    3) How abobut you not take social security out of my check and I’LL invest it in my own retirement fund.

    How about you accept that the money coming out of your check isn’t for you. It’s for the current retirees.

    You can’t invest your money for retirement via SS because when they take the money, it’s going to someone else. When you retire, you will be paid by the current workers of that time. You’re welcome.

    When I retire, SS will have long since collapsed, so there will be no money for me. Everyone in my generation just assumes they’ll never see a penny of what we put in.

    Put another way: It’s a Ponzi scheme.

    • Based on Chile of all places and I believe the City of Galveston, investment begat bigger benefits. I’ve been paying in since 15. If I look at my very modest investment strategy with very modest amounts to invest I probably would have done better. BUT, what about those who would have dumped it all in Florida swampland or Enron (remember them)? We would still have to pick up their subsistence. I think a “blended” system would be better.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Thud, thud, thud.

        Sound of JAC banging head on table.

        • You could of course let them starve from stupidity but it does look bad on the six o’
          clock news.

          • Mathius says:

            The other problem is that, as soon as they start to starve, an angry mob is going to show up at the door of those who are not starving.

            • Just A Citizen says:

              Yep! The Natural Right of self defense applies. Hungry people problem solved.

              You do realize this is the traditional EXTORTION racket threatened by the left since the late 1800’s.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Yep, the logical fallacy known as “appeal to emotion”.

    • It was a Ponzi scheme from the beginning and everyone knew it. No, sir. end it now…it can be done. And, I will have you know, I am age 69 and I am not pulling one single dime of Social Security benefit…….I am waiting until age 70 and then I will say thank you.

      • Mathius says:

        I’m going to send you a bill for $0.01 each year – my portion of your receipt.

        I’m going to pay 47 cents to send you a bill for 1 cent and include return postage of 47 more cents. Purely out of spite.

        No, sir. end it now

        I’m game.

        Can we actually convert is solely to disability (real disability, not that fact bullshit disability we have now). I have no problem supporting a random 97 year old who can barely sit up, but you’re perfectly capable of working (hernia or not) and the idea that I should be paying for you – why? Just because you’re an old fart? – is patently absurd.

        If you don’t want to work, that’s your decision and, consequently, your problem. Not mine.

        If you can’t work, that’s a different matter. Then, I think we do have an obligation to help.

        • Of course I am capable of working. I put out more work on my morning constitutional than the welfare recipients of today do in one year.

          And, yes, I will still be working when you start paying me the ENTITLEMENT I am owed. In addition, I want a lower tax rate….16% last year was just too much to pay. I want to stay in my current home but I want the government to pay me to stay here, and I want government subsidies for heating and cooling. I want a senior tax break to drive my big hedgehog SUV and I want to put a carbon footprint that would make AL blush……lesseeeee…….oh yeah, I want a government subsidy to fly my personal plane and free hangar rent with a free Obamaphone.
          ummmmmmmmm………………………..I want SNAP cards so I can go to the casinos like everyone else on them…and I want my totally free veteran’s medical care back and I want YOU to pay for it, please.

          I think it is absurd that you will provide me with free cheese and crackers…..I want steak and potatos….and not that freeze dried shit either. Hmmmmmmmmmm…oh yes, I want the same family tax break that you get, even tho I do not have kids at home…

          When I turn 70, I want a big tax payer funded party complete with real maids and butlers and a staff of 20 or 30 or 40….I am not the least bit sexist at all but I want all my staff to be female between the ages of 25-35, a mixture of blond, brunette, and red head, all caucasian and all 5 ft. 7 inches and size 4 will do. They must all have pretty legs, great hair and eyes. ( I am a leg man, hair and eyes in that order.) Any other physical attributes must be proportionate.

          As long as I am demanding these things (for I will throw a fit if Ido not get them….errrr….I mean to exercise my right to violent protes if my request is not forthcoming)…I wish to be exempt from all laws free of retribution.

          I think that about covers it for now….more to follow. I think this makes me a “good little democrat” now.

          • Mathius says:

            And, yes, I will still be working when you start paying me the ENTITLEMENT I am owed.

            You may be owed, but you sure as hell aren’t owed BY ME.

            You will be a person capable of work, capable of self sustainment, and you will be using the government to take money out of MY paycheck from MY labor and put it into yours because, at some point in the past, someone else did the same to you.

            Not because you need it. Not because you are infirm and will starve without it. No. You get to benefit from the fruit of MY labor… because you are old.

            Does that seem right?

            If someone breaks into your home and steals your tv, is it right that you should be allowed to break into my house and steal mine.. because I’m younger?

            and I want YOU to pay for it, please.

            Sure. Will that be all?

            I think this makes me a “good little democrat” now.

            I think you sorely misunderstand how to be a “good little Democrat.”

            • You will be a person capable of work, capable of self sustainment, and you will be using the government to take money out of MY paycheck from MY labor and put it into yours because, at some point in the past, someone else did the same to you. ( Yes, sir )

              Not because you need it. Not because you are infirm and will starve without it. No. You get to benefit from the fruit of MY labor… because you are old. ( Yes Sir )

              Does that seem right? No SIr but it is the liberal way…and You want me to be liberal…in order to do that I have to try to indoctrinate to the left side and demand everything without working for it. ( How am I doing, so far?)

  48. Mathius says:

    5) So, Obama inherited a mess? Firefighters inherit messes on a daily basis, ever see them pour gas on it?

    Obama did not make the mess worse. At worst, he did a sub-optimal job of fixing said mess. You’d be hard pressed to make the case that the economy is worse today than it was at the beginning of Obama’s term.

  49. gmanfortruth says:

    House passes Republican healthcare bill. I need to know more about it to have a decent opinion.

    • Mathius says:

      Don’t bother. It’s dead in the senate.

      … I think …

      • Not much thinking to it……..I hope it fails and I hope Trump says….ok live with it, you designed it, wont change it…live with it.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Democrats are still pushing Single Payer to fix the mess they made……on purpose. Big win for Trump and the Republicans when the Senate don’t pass it, which I don’t think they will. Trump wins, Democrats lose, no matter the outcome.

          • You guys must not be living in the same world I’ve been living in-if it fails to pass, Obama care will fail and the republicans will be blamed for it’s failure.. If it passes and it’s not perfect, which it isn’t, it will be blamed on the republicans.

            • Mathius says:


              Though, in all honesty, it doesn’t really matter who does what – both sides will point the finger at each other.

              I would argue that deliberately allowing ObamaCare to fail (any bill like this would require updating an maintenance and doing nothing is tantamount to deliberate sabotage) does, in fact, make the Republicans responsible for its failure. Whereas if you try to fix it up and fail (because it cannot work), then it’s on Obama for setting up a doomed system in the first place, not the Republicans.

              Similarly, if the Republicans replace it, they’ll own it. If it succeeds (ha!) they’ll reap the benefits. If it fails, however, they’ll blame Obama for screwing up the system in the first place and Democratic resistance for not letting them get the bill exactly the way they want. Meanwhile, of course, the Democrats will blame the Republicans.

              So… ::shrug::

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Mathius, Trump won because the people aren’t listening to the Liberal bullshit put out by the MSM. The jig is up.

            • V.H…….take off your political hat……..then explain this to me please. “Obama care will fail and the republicans will be blamed for it’s failure”. Thanks.

            • This president will place the blame where it lies and will continue and continue and continue to do so until they finally get it! The age of wuss is over!

          • Mathius says:

            What’s so wrong with single payer?

            • You really, really want the VA health system for your family?

              We are not particularly good at running things like this. As my late father would and did say often, Americans are just not that good at standing in lines.

              • I am on government health care. You do not want it. I was very fortunate that with my recent surgery, I could afford to go to a regular civilian hospital. The VA in Dallas could not take me for 7 months AND I needed an age waiver since I was over 65.

              • Also, sir mathius…I know you do not wish to believe it, but age is a factor on the type of medical service you receive. There are, indeed, decisions made based on the age and viability of surgery. For example, if there is one kidney available, the youngest of the available receivers will get it. This has been standard for the last four years. It is the same for heart and liver transplants. There is no first come first served basis in government health insurance.

            • Because in a single payer system, one size does not fit all.

  50. gmanfortruth says:
  51. gmanfortruth says:

    Despite the constant accusations from Democrats to the contrary, there is no evidence that anyone in the Trump campaign colluded with Russian officials during the election.

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein confirmed this fact with Wolf Blitzer at CNN on Wednesday. He asked about Feinstein and other senators being briefed on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into this matter at the CIA headquarters.

    “You don’t have to provide us with any classified information, Senator,” Blitzer began. “But do you believe — do you have evidence that there was in fact collusion between Trump associates and Russia during the campaign?”

    “Not at this time,” Feinstein relented.

    Blitzer noted her “pretty precise answer.”

    But that’s not the same story the Democrats have been selling us over the last few months; that they’re sure President Trump and Russia were on the same team to get him elected. If it wasn’t one Democratic representative from California, it was another. Both Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell claimed there was evidence of collusion, with Swalwell adding confidently, “You don’t have to be a lawyer, and you don’t have to have the same access that we have on the [House] intelligence committee to see evidence of collusion.”

    And still, ZERO evidence has been brought forward. Evidence in your mind doesn’t count.

    • Mathius says:

      And still, ZERO evidence has been brought forward. Evidence in your mind doesn’t count.

      I could say the same thing about the birth certificate, IRS-gate, Benghazi, Solyndria, Clinton Foundation, Planned Parenthood’s black-market for fetuses, and a host of other non-issues.

      It didn’t seem to stop y’all back then..

      • gmanfortruth says:

        IRS has been proven, Benghazi has also been proven as an attack, NOT over a movie, Clinton Foundation is still under investigation, PP has been caught AGAIN selling baby parts, Your not very up to date on the news. I suggest stop getting news from those who won’t report stuff that is against the liberal ideology.

      • What is the Capitol of Assyria?

  52. gmanfortruth says:

    How many U.S. industries consist predominantly of immigrant workers?

    1. 0
    2. 3
    3. 7
    4. 12

  53. gmanfortruth says:

    I’m telling Ya…It’s Communism and it’s Communists who have hijacked the Democrat(ic) Party.

    • Isn’t it amazing, at least five times the body count of the Fascists yet they still have credibility.

      Like them French generals, just keep throwing troops at the “anthill” and eventually they will take it. That was the same analogy my Senior ROTC instructor in college, Captain Murphy, would use after he was a FAC in Korea during the Chinese invasion. Swarming like ants.

  54. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    When is Comey going to be fired?

  55. Just A Citizen says:


    Looks like you and yours have some work to do in PA before the next “primary” election.


  56. DPM……where is the rum?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Rum a rum dumb. or

      Rum Rum, dumb dumb. 20 pts for identifying the line and/or movie I borrowed for that one.

  57. Just A Citizen says:

    Left wing think tank says the new AHCA passed by the House would not fully cover 76,000 people with pre-existing conditions. So lets do the math.

    8 billion EXTRA for pre-existing conditions. 76000 people. That is $105,263.16 per person, per year.

    Side note here: The 8 billion reported by the Press as the cost of getting the votes was apparently in ADDITION to about 170 billion already in the bill to cover pre-existing conditions in the new State pools. In short, the bill provides about 200 billion to subsidize this population cohort.

    Or if you want it is $21,052.63 per person per year for Five years. Assuming the 8 BILLION is all that is allocated during that period.

    So at the worst, they are saying that a subsidy of insurance to the tune of 21,000 + is not enough.

    Saw some other interesting information the other day. Before the ACA there was less than 10% of the population which did not have insurance provided by Medicare, Medicaid, Govt. group plans or some other employer provided group plan. ALL of these require coverage of people with pre-existing conditions. Congress and Mr. Obama passed a law creating a temporary coverage for people with pre-exisitng conditions during the 7 year period before the FULL benefits of the ACA kicked in.

    Less than 200,000 people signed up for this coverage.

    Conclusion?? Of the 10% of those not covered by group plans, less than 200,000 had pre-existing conditions and were thus at risk of losing coverage.

    And for this our Govt. completely turned over and took control of the Health Insurance industry.

    Other interesting factoids from this week. There is a study claiming there are about 50 million Americans with pre-existing conditions which could be used to cancel or deny policy coverage. Remember that number……….. 50 million??

    That was the supposed number of ALL people without coverage or at risk due to pre-existing conditions. Although the number started out as 30 million and grew suddenly to 50 million when the ACA passage looked like it might fail. And of that 50 million there was estimated to be over 10 million young people who did not want any insurance.

    Now take the two pieces of info and you get the conclusion that PRE ACA there were 49.8 million people with pre existing conditions covered by group plans of some kind. And there was NO THREAT OF THEM BEING denied service.

    Another. Keeping in mind that 30 to 50 million supposedly did not have coverage, the ACA was declared a success because “20 million Americans who did not have insurance are now covered.” Of course this includes a bunch of those 10 million who did not want insurance but got on the ACA because of the penalties.

    Question: If this 30 to 50 million were desperate to get coverage then how come only 20 million enrolled under one of the ACA policy programs????

    The health care issue is going to get worse, that is coverage and care at affordable prices, as we Boomers get closer to the end. BUT, once we do, the problem will subside. All that will be left are the BILLS we boomers rang up in the name of Mathius, Buck, our kids and our grandkids. Maybe even our great grandkids.

  58. Just A Citizen says:

    Continuing this saga:

    2016 health care expenditures totaled 3.35 TRILLION dollars. Got that?? More than the entire current federal tax revenue.

    So how are we going to afford any Single Payer, i.e., Govt. insurance, or Socialized Medicine?

    Well those who love to play games will tell you this 3.35 Trillion amounts to a little more than $10,000 per person. Sounds almost reasonable doesn’t it.

    One problem. These numbers, used by the Press and the Dems, count EVERYONE. Including those who have ZERO income because they do not work.

    The total number of people employed “full time” is about 124.57 million, compared to over 300 million of us US peoples.

    In case you were wondering the Total Health Care cost (2016) when attached to only full time workers is $26,892.51 per person.

    YEP, I see no problem with adding that cost to everyone’s family budget. I am sure they can scramble to come up with that, along with the other taxes of course.

  59. Just A Citizen says:

    In a CNN web story they are claiming there are 170 million Americans with “pre-existing conditions”.

    Where the hell this number came from I have no idea. Must have come from Pelosi or Reid.

  60. Just A Citizen says:

    How Are U.S. Health Care Expenses Distributed?
    A Small Proportion of the Total Population Accounts for Half of All U.S. Medical Spending
    Half of the population spends little or nothing on health care, while 5 percent of the population spends almost half of the total amount.2 In 2002, the 5 percent of the U.S. community (civilian noninstitutionalized) population that spent the most on health care accounted for 49 percent of overall U.S. health care spending (Chart 1, 40 KB). Among this group, annual medical expenses (exclusive of health insurance premiums) equaled or exceeded $11,487 per person.

    In contrast, the 50 percent of the population with the lowest expenses accounted for only 3 percent of overall U.S. medical spending, with annual medical spending below $664 per person. Thus, those in the top 5 percent spent, on average, more than 17 times as much per person as those in the bottom 50 percent of spenders.2

    From 1977 to 1996, the overall distribution of health care expenses among the U.S. population remained remarkably stable (Table 1), according to data from MEPS and its predecessor surveys.3,4 In 1977, the 1 percent of the population with the highest expenses accounted for 27 percent of all expenses, the top 5 percent accounted for 55 percent, and the bottom 50 percent accounted for 3 percent.

    However, the concentration of expenses at the top has decreased in recent years. The total expenses accounted for by the top 1 percent of spenders declined from 28 percent in 1996 to 22 percent in 2002, and the amount for the top 5 percent dropped from 55 to 49 percent in the same time period.4 The lower 50 percent of spenders remained at 3 to 4 percent of total expenditures during this period.

    Older People Are Much More Likely To Be Among the Top-spending Percentiles
    The elderly (age 65 and over) made up around 13 percent of the U.S. population in 2002, but they consumed 36 percent of total U.S. personal health care expenses. The average health care expense in 2002 was $11,089 per year for elderly people but only $3,352 per year for working-age people (ages 19-64).5 Similar differences among age groups are reflected in the data on the top 5 percent of health care spenders. People 65-79 (9 percent of the total population) represented 29 percent of the top 5 percent of spenders. Similarly, people 80 years and older (about 3 percent of the population) accounted for 14 percent of the top 5 percent of spenders (Chart 2, 40 KB).2 However, within age groups, spending is less concentrated among those age 65 and over than for the under-65 population. The top 5 percent of elderly spenders accounted for 34 percent of all expenses by the elderly in 2002, while the top 5 percent of non-elderly spenders accounted for 49 percent of expenses by the non-elderly.4

    A principal reason why health care spending is spread out more evenly among the elderly is that a much higher proportion of the elderly than the non-elderly have expensive chronic conditions.

    • Good statistics but they should have boiled it down some more. If you remove all people over 65 (on Medicare) from the population, what percentage of the remainder are high usage individuals? Remove these people from the pool and fund them separately through some other means other than private insurance. The remainder then will be able to afford moderately priced private insurance.

      By my calcs, the high usage people under 65 is about 13M.

      My wife is in the high usage group. I am not.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        After I posted those numbers I started thinking about the Medicare angle as well. I wonder why they included them. They I realized that to these “central planning wizards” all costs are viewed as “our costs”. They don’t understand that we have different costs if the markets are allowed to develop on their own.

        In essence, they were using a group that relies on Govt. insurance to make the case for regulating Private Insurance because of the “high cost” of the small percentage of people.

  61. Just A Citizen says:

    So what is the answer to all of this health care problem? It is not universal health care nor is it single payer.


    Take that Colonel. If that doesn’t have your Dr. Pepper spraying all over the place I don’t know what will.

    • If you want to live a long and healthy live, eat desiccated bison pie, better known as buffalo chips.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        A restaurant in Missoula, MT. has a breakfast dish called “Buffalo Pie”.

        A huge pile of hashbrowns, covered with ham, covered with eggs, all smothered in brown gravy. Sourdough toast on the side with a pitcher full of black coffee.

  62. Just A Citizen says:
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