Just Can’t Take Them Seriously Anymore

liberals-comey-fired-009-01-800x416After months of listening to the Left whine about Comey’s letter 11 days before the election as being a cause of their losing Presidential bid for the worst and likely most corrupt female candidate in history, they are now whining about the same person being fired, for those very actions, as well as others.  Between the media pundits and MSM organizations like CNN and MSNBC having gone all in against anything Conservative and Democrat politicians showing their hypocrisy over the firing, it’s impossible to take any of these people seriously anymore.  9-11 Truthers, Birthers, Flat Earthers, Planet X’ers, Chamtrailers and a host of other conspiracy theorists have far more credibility than the current Democratic Party and their lapdog media machine.



  1. gmanfortruth says:

    Liberal’s make poor conspiracy theorists. Has any one else noticed that?

    • Mathius says:


      Yes I have.

    • Mathius says:

      By and large, for the last 8 years, liberals have generally relegated conspiracy theories to the fringes.

      9/11 Truthers, for instance, were a general embarrassment to the mainstream liberal body. No significant politicians pandered to their beliefs. We ignored them, and begged them to shut the hell up because they were making the rest of us look bad.

      However, by and large, the conservatives have wallowed in conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. Newtown, FEMA camps, Clinton’s emails, Clinton’s Benghazi, Clinton’s foundation, Planned Parenthood’s black market for fetus parts, Obama’s birth certificate, Obama’s death panels, and on and on.

      Conservatives have been fed a steady stream of bullshit by this mainstream media outlet (Fox – the propaganda arm of the RNC) and alternative media such as InfoWars. This is not to say that conservatives, necessarily, are more succeptible to bullshit than liberals (they are – I just can’t prove it 😉 ). It’s just that, as the out of power party for the last 8 years, it’s far easier to jump at shadows.

      Now it’s the liberals’ turn. I do not relish what’s ahead.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        The Left is already starting some about the Comey firing, mainly concerning the Russian conspiracy theory the left has been led down a hole and believe. It’s hard for Liberal’s to maintain a conspiracy theory because they flip flop constantly and can’t remember what they said 3 months earlier.

        • Mathius says:

          It’s a fair question about WHY he fired him. His stated reason is abject bullshit.

          As I said elsewhere, I suspect the true reason is lingering resentment that he did not prosecute Clinton. And, of course, it will please his base. And it gets rid of another Obama holdover.

          Covering/burying up a Russia investigation seems flimsy and unsupported by the evidence. I’m not going to rule it out, but I cannot reach that conclusion either. I don’t mind asking the question and getting some answers, but my previous paragraph feels far more likely.

  2. Mathius says:

    CNN and MSNBC having gone all in against anything Conservative and Democrat politicians


    I know this is tough for you.


    Democratic politicians.

    Adjective, not noun.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I meant Democrap, but misspelled it 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I think your use in this example is wrong. Democrat is the title given to member of the Democratic Party. The Proper Noun is Two words, not one.

      He is the Democratic Party’s Senator from Arkansas vs. he is a Democrat Senator from Arkansas.

      Please note that even the left wing news and web sites always carry a caption during interviews showing “Democrat Senator” or “Democrat” Or Senator, Arkansas (Democrat).

      • Mathius says:

        A word which describes a noun is an adjective. The noun is politician. The descriptions are “conservative” and “democratic.” If you doubt me, you’re welcome to check with Dictionary.com to see that Democrat is a noun (as would be the more formal proper noun “Democratic Party”) whereas Democratic is an adjective. Conservative could be used as either a noun (I am not a conservative) or an adjective (a conservative opinion). However, in this case, it is assuredly an adjective as it is describing a politician.

        The analogy which I find clarifies the distinction is to use Jew / Jewish because the discordant use will set your ears ringing.

        Consider: Bernie Sanders is a Jewish politician. (adjective)
        Consider: Bernie Sanders is a Jew politician. (noun)

        Does one of those sound… inexplicably pejorative?

        Nouns and adjectives, buddy. It’s not that hard – they teach it in grade school.


        Now knock it off.

        • Just A Citizen says:

          Your sarcasm and lecture on English does not fit with my comment. It in fact supports what I said.

          In my day they taught it in “grade school”, “Junior High School”, “High School” and even in “college”. Despite their best efforts it never took with me. Every test I ever took scored near the bottom or at 50% at best in the English.

  3. Mathius says:

    Here’s a question: Why was Comey fired… now?

    If it were a principled stand and just Trump firing the guy who botched election, I would appreciate that. But then he should have been fired on day one. Why wait ~4 months?

    I know Trump just likes firing people, so there very well may be no “there” there, but his given explanation makes no sense.

    Firing Comey doesn’t magically make any evidence he has disappear. It doesn’t cancel any investigations he has open. Perhaps – perhaps – the next guy will be less independent and more pro-Trump, and that would slow or hinder any such investigations. But, in my head, it makes the appointment of a special prosecutor all but inevitable.

    Remember Nixon’s Tuesday Night Massacre? It didn’t stop a thing.

    It might take a year, but we’re going to get an independent investigation sooner or later. And he will either be cleared or he won’t. I can wait.

    • Why now? Because Comey reports to the Deputy AG who’s nomination had been held up for months, thanks to Chuck the clown. New deputy gets sworn in, Comey crosses another line… “should I conceal or no”.. and boom! Comey, you’re fired.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Newly confirmed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein penned an extensive memo for Attorney General Jeff Sessions outlining concerns with Comey’s conduct during and after the Clinton email probe.

      Rosenstein was confirmed 94-6 two weeks ago and is a non-partisan.

      I think we can both agree that Comey made major errors leading up to the election. He put the FBI’s credibility in danger and it needs a repair job………and Clinton and her mates need to be prosecuted for failing to secure classified documents, like any other government employee would have. Intent isn’t required, another reason Comey should be gone, he don’t even know the law.

  4. Mathius says:

    The idea that Trump would fire Comey for sinking Clinton ahead of the election is patently absurd.

    I do not – necessarily – subscribe to the belief that he did it to kill an investigation into his (Trump’s) Russian ties, but I find the given explanation to be laughably bullshit.


    Looking at the published documents, it reads like this:

    1. I, Trump, am firing you because the AG and Deputy AG recommend it. Also, because I know people are going to read this letter, I’d like to add that you have mentioned I’m not under investigation. Because that way, I can slip into the national conversation that I am not being investigated. Because I’m not under investigation. Do you hear that, @FailingNewYorkTimes? Anyway, I do this based on their recommendations because I want to appear like it’s not my unilateral decision because that might raise some questions, so I’m going to pass the buck. Anwyay, you’re fired.

    2. I, AG Sessions (who art a hack), recommend the firing based on the recommendation of the deputy AG. I don’t want to be held accountable for this, so I’m going to pass the buck along to my deputy (who no one has ever heard of before) – that way, the inevitable firestorm will largely bypass me. Anyway, I recommend firing him.. but, you know, because that other guy says so.. whatshisname.. Rob something or other..

    3. My name is Rod Rosensten. Jesus Christ, you know my name, Jeff! We’ve been working together for months – I see you every day. I’ve hand dinner with your family.
    Rod. How hard is that?

    Anyway, nobody outside of the DOJ has ever heard of me, so that makes me seem more like an independent career non-partisan and less like a political shill for the Trump administration who will recommend whatever the President wants me to recommend. I’ll be happy to recommend kicking puppies if that will make my daddy love me.. err.. I mean AG Session love me.. err.. approve of me.. anyway…… anyway, I recommend firing Comey.

    Why? Hmm.. well that’s a good question… err.. ok, let’s fire him for a reason the Democrats support – that way, they’ll be more likely to shut the hell up. So let’s fire him for sabotaging the election! Never mind that you – Trump – publicly and repeatedly praised him for his actions that handed you the election on a silver platter. Never mind that you called it the right move and commended him on having the guts to do it. I recommend firing him for holding a press conference to bash Clinton and, again, for disclosing his reopened investigation right before the election despite the fact that, again, you’ve praised those actions and his letter was leaked by members of your party. Please love me.


    This is just laughable.


    It seems far more likely to me – personally – that Trump fired Comey as punishment because Comey did not recommend charges against Clinton.

    • Matt. You are far better than any of that you just wrote. Comey decided to be judge and jury on the Clinton investigation, which is far above his paygrade. He had both sides on his tail. He couldn’t very well lead the FBI without the confidence of either side.

      • Mathius says:

        I’m not saying he shouldn’t go.

        I’m saying that the stated reason is bullshit.

        Trump is effectively saying “you’re fired for helping me and for actions I’ve publicly and explicitly praised… but, you know, based on the recommendation of some deputy guy no one has ever heard of.”

        He could – readily – have argued exactly your point: You’re fired for alienating literally everyone in the country, politicizing the office, and for not having the confidence or support of others in law enforcement or the office of the AG. We just need a fresh start with someone else.

        THAT, I wouldn’t bat an eyelash at.

        But he’s clearly full of shit, and people know it, and that raises eyebrows.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The stated reason is the reason he should have been fired. It is almost as though you never read any of the information shared here nor participated in those discussions.

          The reasons stated are not bull shit. Now it may allow the firing without stating the other facts about lost confidence and erratic behavior, but the reason is still sound. And it is not because he did not sink Clinton.

          And if Trump decided he had not confidence in him and asked the Deputy to develop a better argument then so be it. Because that better argument already existed. The final straw was Comey’s testimony last week (my error in previously saying it was Monday).

          Also, the Deputy AG is the actual supervisor of the FBI Director. That is why he was the one to write the letter. Given the guys history and support in D.C. I find it doubtful he just dutifully followed orders to make anyone happy.

          As to the question why now? Because the President decided he had enough and it was time to make the change. Especially now that he had someone with the credibility to support him. Probably in hopes of reducing the fall out.

          The explosion among the elected officials and pundits last night reveals just how thick the pond scum is in D.C.. Frankly I think Mr. Trump is often surprised at just how bad it is. Because he displays a huge lack of awareness when it comes to the “game”. But I have to give him credit for the courage to forge ahead, no matter what all the scum are screaming at him.

          One more thing. I mentioned here late last fall that there was considerable dissatisfaction with Comey among his own employees. Long time FBI people were very upset over the handling of the whole Clinton investigation and especially in Comey overstepping his authority. Many were speaking to contacts on the hill about Comey needing to go in order to restore confidence and objectivity to the agency. Now the media is trotting out employees who act all surprised and offended by his firing.

          I have one last comment on the supposed conflict. Recognizing you have not bought into this conspiracy. Everyone keeps saying that Comey was “leading the investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia connection”. I doubt very much that Comey was leading this investigation. Nor did he lead the Clinton investigation. He is briefed by those assigned that task. Maybe briefed and sometimes he offers advice or direction. But NOT LEADING.

          This is evidenced in the sloppy comments and testimony he has given in both examples. He often gets very simply details wrong. The kinds of errors that the guy leading the investigation would know are wrong.

          • Mathius says:

            I have one last comment on the supposed conflict. Recognizing you have not bought into this conspiracy. Everyone keeps saying that Comey was “leading the investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia connection”. I doubt very much that Comey was leading this investigation. Nor did he lead the Clinton investigation. He is briefed by those assigned that task. Maybe briefed and sometimes he offers advice or direction. But NOT LEADING.

            I like to imagine that Comey staying up late at night personally combing through Clinton’s emails, a stale up of coffee next to reams of printed out documents, a three-day beard on his face. His friend and family – and coworkers – beg him to go home and get some rest, but he refuses. He has 20,000 more emails to read.

            One more down – he tears the completed page off the ream of dot-matrix printer paper and shreds it, making a note in his excel sheet. With a sigh, he turns to the next page – a grocery list she sent to Bill ending with a warning not to make eyes at the checkout girl. Comey groans and pulls up the relevant security feed (compliments of the NSA) and sees that Bill did, in fact, flirt with the checkout girl half his age.. in the express aisle no less. Comey goes back through the feed and counts – yes – 11 items. He takes another sip of his cold bitter government-issue coffed, then makes the relevant notes in his spreadsheet. He shreds the page and moves on to the next – this one a reminder to an aide to ensure an upcoming lunch has kosher options for the Jews in attendance during the High Holidays.

            19,998 more to go, he stretches his back, takes another sip, and continues through the long night. He knows that when he completes this thankless task, he’ll next turn to reading ever tweet Donald Trump has ever written.

            For a moment, he considers the revolver in his desk drawer, the scene from the end of Shawshank Redemption flashing through his mind. Not today, old friend, he says aloud. Another sip. The shredder whirrs as it eats another page. And on to the next he goes.

  5. Trump’s letter to Comey states that three times Comey informed Trump that he was not under investigation. So what is up with all the special prosecutor noise?

    • Mathius says:

      Here’s a better question: Since when does the director of the FBI have to personally reassure the President of the United States (three times!!) that he’s not under investigation?

      In what world is that normal?

      • Its the world where fake news rules. I’d defend my honor if I was Trump too.

  6. I find I just don’t care, Comey could stay or go. I am horrified by how he was fired!

  7. I find, I just don’t care, Comey could stay or go. I am horrified by how he was fired!

    • Mathius says:

      Can you elaborate?

      • It’s being reported that no one told Comey he was fired, he wasn’t given the chance to resign. He was out of town giving some kind d of speech to agents and the tv behind him started splashing the news that he was fired.

        • Mathius says:


          I don’t like the guy much. I think he really botched the handling of the Clinton investigation and (almost certainly) cost her the election. But I think he was in a tough spot with the Republicans in congress breathing down his throat and members within his own ranks threatening open revolt. I don’t envy the position he was in and I do, generally, think he tried to do his best given the situation.

          But I do think he had to go.

          But he served his country for a long time and he deserved better than that. At the very least, I agree, he should have been given the chance to resign.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            OR, at least fired in a face to face meeting.

            I agree with V.H. This was the one bad part of the whole thing. Not the why now but just the why like that.

            Maybe people are afraid of his “giant” stature. Might take four secret service to take him off Mr. Trump if he went postal.

  8. The FBI missed the Boston bombers, the Ft. Hood shooter, the Orlando shooter and a host of others that they had warnings about. Comey never investigated F&F, IRS, the EPA Colorado River dump, and a host of other scandals. He “misread” the law regarding intent in relation to the emails. He talked when he should not have. He needed to go. To be fair to Trump, if he had fired him on Jan 20th, everyone like now would have screamed politics. At least now he could do so after the DOJ had reviewed the issues.

    There is and will be nothing that Trump can do that the MSM, Dems and Rinos will not scream about.

    • Mathius says:

      I don’t agree with everything you just said, but if that had been Trump’s stated justification, I wouldn’t have batted an eye.

      But his stated justification was the press conference to bash Clinton and reopening the investigation right before the election. Both things that Trump praised him for and things that Trump, personally, benefited from. So his stated justification is abject bullshit, thus why everyone is asking questions.

      If he had said what you said, even if many would have argued specific points of it, it wold have gone down a lot better. It’s the lie that sets off the alarm bells.

      • He went into the swamp. Did you think he’d have 8 arms flailing with knives (hi JAC) ready to slash all those who should probably been gone long ago? He told you he doesn’t give up his plans. Doesn’t mean he can’t still be pleasant about the environment he has to work in. He gave Comey all the rope he needed to hang himself. Most of the swamp should have been dealt with by the head swamp keeper Obama. Why didn’t Obama handle some firing? TRay gave plenty of reasons why Obama should have gotten the swamp drained.

  9. When are we going to see evidence of this collusion between Trump and the Russians? I have seen none. I have not even seen a transcript of this supposedly bad conversation that Flynn had with the Russians. As far as I can tell it is all fake smoke.

    Flynn was paid about $34K for work by the Russians which he did not report during his confirmation hearings. For this he should have been fired. Hillary, however through her foundation took millions and provided a quid pro quo. She is praised instead of being denounced as a traitor. Flynn compromised himself and could have been blackmailed according to Yates. Hillary left her email open to hacking. If the Russians did not, then they were incompetent. How much info did they glean that could be used to blackmail her? No one ever asks. Hillary should be prosecuted. It is a sad situation to consider that she came within a hare’s breath of being president.

  10. Mathius says:

    Does anyone know if it’s standard procedure for the FBI to disclose to individuals that they’re not under investigation?

    Can I call up the FBI and get someone to confirm that they’re not investigating me?

    Can someone with more knowledge elaborate?

    • Just A Citizen says:


      That is not their standard procedure. Another reason Comey should have been fired.

      BUT, let us remember the environment at the time he first made these comments to POTUS. And then how Mr. Trump was accused of trying to intimidate Comey when he publicly asked Comey to make the information public. I think this is what personally soured Mr. Trump on Comey, by the way. Telling him in private meetings that there was no evidence but then allowing the shit storm to continue among the Dems and media.

      Flynn is the one who is in deep trouble and it has nothing to do with the Campaign. It has to do with him not following protocols and rules regarding his dealings and contacts with various Russians. Like not reporting money he got from them.

    • The answer to your second question is no…..and yes.

  11. Hmmmm – for a POTUS target-fixated on his own optics – he just created more bad optics.

    • FWIW – I’ve read Rosentein’s memo – very well laid out, very well spoken. It would seem Comey could have been terminated numerous times and inexplicably was not. That it was done “now” just seems bizarre.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Good to see you are still following along.

      YES. That is absolutely true. I do not buy the “master manipulator” argument. At least not yet. Then again, this is what you would expect from an “outsider” so maybe his errors help reinforce that.

      Then again maybe the optics he is most concerned with is looking like a man of action and not an establishment politician.

      I see his greatest failing so far is not recognizing that his “public popularity” does matter. It directly affects his ability to work with Congress, especially his own party members who don’t like him. His problem is that he is not Mr. Reagan. The Gipper would have explained this all to everyone in a way by now that made us feel better and believe he had our best interest in mind.

      • Hi JAC – totally agree. He’ll remain an enigma until more road is behind us. If they are calculated risks I just wish there was a way to unpack some of the calculus to the rest of us. Maybe he just doesn’t give a shit what the ‘mainstream’ thinks. Refreshing and equally anxiety inducing.

        • Mathius says:


          Glad to see you’re alive and kicking. How’s everything?

          Maybe he just doesn’t give a shit what the ‘mainstream’ thinks.

          I think he knows that a large subset of his core supporters are encouraged by seeing him appear to be this way. I think he may deliberately feed them bits of “see, I’m not concerned what anyone thinks” from time to time to support this image.

          It’s just another way of saying “I’m still an outsider.”

          I agree with JAC’s read though: It hurts him with congress and members of his own party who live and breathe popularity contests.

          • And therein lies the problem – great leadership isn’t easily accomplished with this approach. There are way too many stakeholders with conflicting agendas. Change is hard and takes time.

            • Mathius says:

              You say “problem,” I say “blessing in disguise.”

              I don’t want the kinds of “changes” that Trump wants. I would gladly take 8 more years of Obama. Hell, I’d even take 8 more of Bush II over Trump. The only thing standing between him and an America I hardly recognize (in a bad way) is that he’s alienating many of the stakeholders whose help he would require to effect that change.

              If he wants to slam his head against a wall for 4 years, I’m ok with that. I just don’t want him figuring out how to bring about the changes he is trying to make. I don’t want him making alliances that permit him to do things I find abhorrent.

              As was the case for Conservatives under Obama, I now find gridlock superior to change under Trump’s guidance.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Howdy Ray, Hope all is well in the Hawkins household 🙂

          • Gman -all is well! Just darn busy! Both son and daughter are playing baseball and I help coach both. Took over as Cubmaster of my son’s Pack two months ago – love it – but its a lot of work. How are you?

            • gmanfortruth says:

              Like you, very busy. Bad storm last week, still helping neighbors clean up downed trees. Pine trees took a beating. Beyond that, normal Spring workload, taking care of the Old man, scouting deer, normal stuff. Putting in a food plot for deer hunting, first try at that. It will be productive next year.

              Rain coming. Thats house cleaning time, LOL. Overall, happy and healthy 🙂

          • HOwdy RAy……..Did the Cubmaster thing for three years until the WEBLO time….you will find out that mother’s can be exasperating at times.

      • Mathius says:

        Then again maybe the optics he is most concerned with is looking like a man of action and not an establishment politician.

        Quite possible.

        But he should probably try to be more cognizant of how things look, no?

        • gmanfortruth says:

          But he should probably try to be more cognizant of how things look, no?

          I’m of the opinion that Trump don’t really care how it looks. Comey’s boos said he needed fired, no sense in procrastinating. Trump is a man of action. Just what the country needs right now.

        • Perhaps a little more cognizant….but, if I am hearing correctly, he listened to his DOJ who said he must go. He listens to his staff and this is positive.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            In the letter recommending from the new deputy attorney general, Comey’s direct boss, there was a laundry list of former attorney general’s including Eric Holder stating that Comey was way out of line even way back in July. That letter was sent to Sessions and a cover letter attacted to Trump. then the President acted as he should have.

            Lest we forget, Comey was the deputy attorney general involved in the Scooter Libby case, who was accused of “unmasking” Valerie Plame” Then a whole lot of stuff happened, mis statements to investigators. lying etc about the case by Libby, but the case continued even after the TRUE unmasker confessed, Richard Armitage a former State Dept official and then was never charged by the DOJ or Fitzgerald who was the special prosecutor and a federal prosecutor in NYC with Comey, previously.

            All along Comey was saying he is not political…..ha….certainly fooled me last year….says Dale jokingly

            Good riddence to the “SOB”

  12. gmanfortruth says:

    First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to US WEAPON!

    Secondly, Comey got fired, period. The reasons are really none of our business, he’s not an elected official. Why? Why Now? It’s really nobodies business why people get fired, although all the needed reasons have been provided. It never ceases to amuse me when Liberal’s claim they want his scalp after the election snafu then cry rivers wondering why he got fired. The bottom line is that the FBI has a long list of failures under Comey’s leadership, a very long list that if managed better could have saved lives. Obama was a coward and should have fired him long before the election.

    With that all said, please return to your normal schedule 😀

    • Mathius says:

      First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to US WEAPON!

      Is he still alive? I’d love to see him stop in every now and then.

      Happy birthday, dear leader! We miss you.

    • G-Man – hello sir. I think we have every right to ask for an explanation. I think the one provided is more than sufficient. Timing sucks and opens too many doors.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        I”m expecting more people to get fired actually. What I’d like to see is rules that allow the firing of Federal Judges who consistently get overturned at the SCOTUS level. The 9th Circuit comes to mind 😀

      • Ray….think through the timing thing. Why does the timing suck, inquiring Colonel would like your opinion.

        • Colonel – hi – my sense is there probably is no “there there”; but there is a lot of toothpaste out of the tube now. I’m a fan of lets up the transparency, move on the investigation with a tight scope and be done with. The noise created by the MSM will only get louder via their dot connecting.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      THe next to go has to be the IRS Commissioner.

      • All of them……if I were POTUS, the first thing that I do is get rid of all Department Heads and appoint new ones. Why keep any past PResidential appointments?

  13. I have to wonder how many of the FBI’s failures are really the fault of Obama’s DOJ?

    • Mathius says:

      The thing about the FBI (and the NSA and a whole bunch of other 3-letter agencies) is that their successes are private and their failures are public. It’s really hard to try to evaluate the efficacy of a department except by the vignettes we see as public spectacles here and there which – as a certainty – are not indicative of the general competence (or lack thereof) of the department as a whole.

      • Just A Citizen says:

        Perhaps their failures are more public now because they are going beyond the proper role of a Federal agency chartered with “investigation”. Too many three letter agencies acting as Federal law enforcement. It still amazes me how the FBI was justified Constitutionally, when no such federal leo agency was formed by the Founders or their children or their grandchildren.

        • Too many three letter agencies acting as Federal law enforcement……..yes sir. Comey should have been fired the minute he made his Hillary statement. The minute he went beyond investigation into ” not recommending action ” THAT is not his job and is beyond his pay grade.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            THought Clapper’s testimony was interesting, as though anybody with 1/2 a brain and listen to the news over the years, under oath stated that the CIA etc did do surveillence on US citizens, Senators and a laundry list of others, including presidential candidate now President . Years ago Diane Feinstein was agast that our intelligence agencies actually captured all their communications. She so aptly forgot that they authorized the spying and assumed that that did not include them. That was the dustup about the Patriot Act, but instead of killing it the Senate re-enforced it, if I am not mistaken.

  14. I do not know what the big deal is here. I’m sure the dems can find a judge from the 9th circuit who will issue an injunction to countermand the firing. That is assuming they REALLY, REALLY want him back not like three weeks ago when they wanted him dead.

  15. gmanfortruth says:

    Listening to an interview at a diner of an average person, I simply had to laugh. The gentleman says that Trumps hasn’t kept his promises ect, ect. I guess Trump, according to most Liberals, was supposed to have all of this stuff done in the first 100 days. I think they should be reminded, the term is 4 years, not 100 days.

  16. I was just listening to the local news about some late night host named James Colbert that seems to be upet about his tv audience ( I do not watch late night anything, so I do not know ). Supposedly he is one that has been bashing Trump with curse words and such. But they were laughing that during the taping of his show, he supposedly came out unscripted and tried to get the audience on an impromptu taping by declaring that Donald Trump just fired James Comey and apparently the audience stood up and cheered, which caught this Cobert by surprise ( I think I have the name correct )…He then said something to the audience about ” I see we have some trump supporters in here ” to which the audience booed. According to the local news hounds, the audience cheered when Comey was fired but was booed when Colbert complained about trump supporters in the audience. The news hounds went on to say that the left does not know whom to hate any longer. They are screaming about Comey being fired now but wanted his head last year and now, when Comey gets fired, which is what Hillary would have done right off the get/go, they suddenly love him.

    Anyway….it is funny. Anyone know about this Colbert guy? I do not waste my time with late night TV. ( Which goes to say, I did not wach Johnny Carson either ).

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Colbert is a useless Liberal comedian who has his own show at night. I have never seen it either, nor plan too.

      If Obama or HRC fired Comey, the Liberal media and Democrats would be jumping for joy (much like those in his audience), but because Trump did it, it’s a problem. The only problem I see is that it didn’t happen the first week of Trump’s Presidency. But, the Democrats and fellow Liberals are holding on to their tin foil hats about some Russian collusion that has zero actual evidence and even the company that inspected HRC’s server are walking back their lies. Lot’s of bulldookie being spread around since the election, sore losers……….:D

    • Mathius says:

      It is possible for us to have wanted Comey fired (and tarred and featured), but still be suspicious about the reasons behind Trump’s actions.

      According to the published letter from Deputy AG Whathisname, basically, the reason for firing Comey boils down to “he inappropriately screwed Clinton.” I happen to agree. And I happen to agree that this is a very solid reason why he should be fired. But I do not for one single second think that Trump fired someone for handing him the election on a silver platter.

      I do not buy it.

      Mathius calls bullshit.

      The real reason is probably more innocuous: that Comey was too independent and Trump wanted a loyalist; or that Comey was an Obama holdover and he was just next on the list; or that Comey had made an enemy of literally everyone and was now just a general liability; or that Trump’s golfing buddy has a nephew who wants to be the Director of the FBI, so the old one had to go; or that Trump needed a nap and decided to fire the Director of the FBI in a fit of pique.

      According to internal leaks via MJ (insert questions about the veracity of such sources), Trump was extremely frustrated by the ongoing narrative of being investigated by the FBI. Having been told, in person, that he was not under investigation, he was demanding the FBI publicly clear him as well. For a week up to the firing, he had been ranting and raving about wanting Comey gone. It was suggested that the firing recommendation was solicited by Trump and used as an excuse to fire someone who wouldn’t toe the line.

      It all paints a very neat picture – and one I can’t rule out – but one I am unwilling to swallow wholesale at this point. For starters, I do not believe the recommendations were unsolicited. I do not believe that that is how things work in the real world for something like this. More likely, Sessions had a talk with Trump where they agreed Comey’s time was up and they agreed to put together the recommendations to give Trump some cover. You don’t blindside the President with a formal written recommendation to fire the FBI director without talking to him informally first. I wouldn’t even try something like that regarding firing my assistant without talking to the COO first.

      So, where does that leave us? Trump is lying (ma nishtana). But the real reason probably isn’t to quash the Russian investigation. Why? Because the firing of the guy purportedly leading the investigation by the guy purportedly the subject of the investigation renders the investigation itself untouchable. Trump might not know all the ins-and-outs of DC politics, but that much should have been clear to him. It almost guarantees a special prosecutor (sooner or later).

      So, no, I’m not going to buy into the conspiracy theory, thank you very much, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to buy into Trump’s bullshit either.

      • Matt, I think that the root reason is that the FBI spied on Trump and his close circle at all, to begin with. Doesn’t make sense to keep a guy like that around. I mean, there would be zero trust. So whatever other scenarios come out, doesnt matter. The problem would still be loss of trust.

        • Mathius says:

          And that’s fine!

          Although, you know, if there was legitimate reason to spy on members of the campaign (and it seems there was), then firing the guy for it seems odd…

          But I digress: If “loss of trust” is the reason, that’s a fine reason to fire the guy. But to blame it on his mistreatment of Clinton is just bullshit – can we all agree with that?

          I don’t like being lied to.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Comey was not a good FBI Director. I have heard/read that many in the FBI were furious over not charging HRC. I have also read that his personality had some flaws that folks didn’t like. None of that matters….Comey is gone.

        • Mathius says:

          Again, that’s fine. There are plenty of reasons to fire the guy.

          But the idea that Trump fired him for inappropriately screwing Clinton over is absurd, no?

          Can we all agree that, whatever the real reason, Trump is lying to us with his crocodile tears about Comey’s inappropriate harming of Clinton.

          • gmanfortruth says:

            Has Trump said that? I haven’t read the document from the DOJ guy, but would think it’s more than one reason. However, I would go with not charging HRC as cause.

            • Mathius says:

              Nope.. It’s only three pages and worth the read.

              But, basically, it’s Comey was wrong to lambast Clinton in that press conference and Comey was wrong to publicly reopen the investigation right before the election.

              Crocodile tears – the lot of it.

      • Good call-don’t buy into ANY of the BS-it’s all BS! Everyone and his brother wanted Comey fired-He’s fired. If he stayed that would have been the reason to disbelieve whatever the outcome of the investigation for one side or the other.

      • @ Sir Mathius………” It is possible for us to have wanted Comey fired (and tarred and featured), but still be suspicious about the reasons behind Trump’s actions.” Yes sir, it is possible but not without veiled calls of hypocrisy.

        ““he inappropriately screwed Clinton.” I happen to agree. And I happen to agree that this is a very solid reason why he should be fired. But I do not for one single second think that Trump fired someone for handing him the election on a silver platter.” D13 throws flag ::flutters to ground:: D13 muses. how do you inappropriately screw anything but that said…should he have presented these facts of the server prior to election, yes. Perfectly within his purview as a law enforcement officer. Should he have recommended that the DOJ not file charges or make comments that any prosecutor, in his judgement would not? NO….this is where he crossed the line…he has NO AUTHORITY nor THE RIGHT to say anything like that. None, nada, zippo. He should have been fired IMMEDIATELY by Obama. IMMEDIATELY..(:::pounds fist on table for inference, with steely eyed Colonel contempt look:::). Did this have an effect on the election………….OF course it did…and rightly so.

        The real reason is probably more innocuous: that Comey was too independent and Trump wanted a loyalist;( NOPE) or that Comey was an Obama holdover and he was just next on the list;( POSSIBLY) or that Comey had made an enemy of literally everyone and was now just a general liability;(DEFINITELY and became untenable) or that Trump’s golfing buddy has a nephew who wants to be the Director of the FBI, so the old one had to go;(NAAAH) or that Trump needed a nap (WOKE UP AND SLAMMED A RED BULL AND IN A FIT OF SUGAR AND CAFFEINE) and decided to fire the Director of the FBI in a fit of pique.

        For starters, I do not believe the recommendations were unsolicited. I do not believe that that is how things work in the real world for something like this. More likely, Sessions had a talk with Trump where they agreed Comey’s time was up and they agreed to put together the recommendations to give Trump some cover. (YUP, with one disagreement….in the real world, they do work like this for the most part. Even you stated that you would solicit an opinion before firing an assistant).

        Trump is lying (ma nishtana)… REALLY….there are non Jewish people on here that knows what that means. It has nothing to do with the Russian investigation and I agree with that. I do not think for a New York skinny minute that Trump gives a damn about the Russian investigation and I do not think a Special Prosecutor scares him at all…….HOWEVER, I do think a Special Prosecutor scares the entire crap outta a lot of democrats and republicans with Russia ties of contributions and influence meddling. I, for one, would like to see it….but, the next question is…..IS there such a thing as a reliable Special Prosecutor anywhere but Texas?

    • You didn’t watch Carson????? Colonel, that’s blasphemy. I’m going to have to deduct .000001 point from your most favorite Colonel status for that.

      You know how us normal people had Carson, Letterman, and Leno? Buck and Matt’s crowd has Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, the wannabe Carsons, both came from The Comedy Channel. Colbert started out as just posing as a parody of Bill O’reilly and somehow landed the gig taking over for Letterman. He was one of the derps who dared Trump to run and was in full meltdown when Trump won. Karma came to visit because he’s kind of a parody of the parody he hated to begin with, otherwise known as a complete mess, and he doesn’t even know it.

      • Mathius says:

        Listen here, punk.

        Steward is not a wannabe anything. He was a comedy god.

        He is sorely missed.

        Oh, and Mathius absolutely did watch Letterman and Leno (less so Carson).

        • Notice I didn’t pick on Stewart. I didn’t watch him except maybe a few clips here and there. He’d have been a better guy than Colbert to take over for Letterman…but he is NOT EVEN CLOSE to the level of Carson, bless the dead.

      • Hmmmmmmm……..a deduction for not watching Carson? Well, I did not. I have to confess that I did not watch any late night comedians…I have seen snippets of all of them but did not tune in the late night stuff UNLESS the Duke was Wearing a YELLOW RIBBON or SEARCHING for something, perhaps crossing the RIO GRANDE, or even cavorting with LIBERTY VALANCE….nope. Did not watch them at all as a regular tune in person.

        Who is Jon Stewart?

      • The Colonel is heart broken, struck down in his old age that he lost .000001 of a point with Anita…….:::::has to do something to regain status::::;

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I much prefered Jack Paar.

  17. One thing that the trump Presidency is doing…..he certainly is not a politician and does not know how toplay the Potomac two step…or….he knows exactly what he is doing and does not care about whose dirty laundry gets exposed. At any rate….Washington does not know whether to poop or go blind.

  18. gmanfortruth says:

    Aetna out of State healthcare exchanges.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      Of course Liberal’s are blaming Ryan and the Republicans, ignoring Aetna’s own statement that they lost 700 million from 2013 to 2016. The blatant lying is so old.

    • Yes, I saw an interview on Fox news with the so-called architect of Obamacare and he put the blame on Obamacare failures DIRECTLY onto Trump.

      He said that if it was not for Trump, the insurance companies would not be puling out.

  19. gmanfortruth says:

    Adam Schiff Had ‘Serious Questions’ About Comey Days Ago, Now Says Firing ‘Incredibly Disturbing’

    According to reports, Trump thought Comey’s firing would be taken positively by both sides. While news of the firing made Stephen Colbert’s liberal audience cheer with glee, little did he know the media and Democrats would decide, “Wtf, I love Comey now,” and manage to manufacture a fake scandal out of it.


    Videos included showing the insanity.

  20. Mathius says:

    General question:

    I tend to write some long comments. Do people actually read them or just kind of skim such that I’m wasting my time writing so much?

    • I read you word for word, O wordy one, BUT, you have substance and I like that…and you are consistent the majority of the time. Only when DPM tries to step in, do you falter. I am sure that a grog Red Bull mix is rather lethal….

      Actually, I go back and re-read you several times….have even printed some of your comments because I like to refer to them. Besides, you are fun to spar with on our side comments that I am not sure everyone thinks we are joking at times.

      • Mathius says:

        have even printed some of your comments because I like to refer to them

        Now I’m picturing D13 with a wall of printed out Mathius comments and strings tying them together like some kind of conspiracy board.

        • Conspiracy board….? REALLY?……all the links and strings confirm my theory that you are not a leftist….not a true leftist. You are a little eccentric, perhaps.

          And you hate this capitalist world so much that you work in hedgefunds and now off to buy a house…….sigh.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      I read all of your posts as well.

    • I’ll cuss you out in my head alot, thinking ‘get to the point already’, but I roll my eyes though every word you post.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      I am certainly not one to complain about the length of your comments. 🙂

      And YES, I read every word.

  21. Mathius says:

    And now… off to buy a house..

    Happy wife… happy life… happy wife… happy life… ::repeat until bankruptcy::

  22. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    As SK said long ago……it’s the words. He who controls the words controls the conversation.

    At the grocery store today, I glanced at the headlines of the major newspapers as I exited. Everyone of them had in mega print headlines that Comey was pushing for the investigation of the Russian Trump connection….obviously implying that is why he was fired. All ignored the original recommendation by Comey’s boss that he was way out of line by any guidelines governing the FBI with his handling of the July and October testimony. Also supported by innumerable previous AG’s and Deputy AG’s across the political spectrum.

    I’ve decided to enjoy the peace and quiet while driving the past few months instead of putting on the tunes. Had to stop at the drawbridge while a large yacht passed so I decided to put on music. It happened to be the news break on NPR……same headline as expected with the quote “Comey wanted to investigate the ties that Trump had with Russia the “MADE” him President” That is one hell of an assumption and use of a word.

    I pulled up the NY Times article from awhile ago that wrote at length about the hundreds of millions of dollars that flowed to Clinton’s foundation by the directors and Russians of the Uranium One deal. Hillary’s spokesman said that a deal like this would have been handled at a much lower level than SOS so she was never involved with the sale of 20% of our strategic resource of uranium to Russia. Prior to the deal, only one of the people involved in the deal had ever donated to Clinton and it was a negligible…….not only that deal but others with technology transfers to the new Russian Silicon Valley again facilitated by Clinton, reaping millions in donations to the family coffers…..

    • Why are we not before a judge in the 9th Circuit to have the decision reversed or put on hold?

      • I guess it’s because even the dems. Can’t twist this into a case about discrimination.

        Can you imagine what this Country will be like for this President and all to follow if everytime the President uses his powers the media ants start scattering and investigating every word he or she has ever said in order to determine if the action is legal or not. This is absolutely insane.

      • There was more than enough prior public discussion to establish “intent” thus the firing was biased and need judicial review and over turning. [sarc]

  23. gmanfortruth says:

    In a move destined to trigger detractors, Donald Trump has said he is considering releasing his tax returns, but only AFTER his presidency concludes.

    “Oh, at some point I’ll release them. Maybe I’ll release them after I’m finished because I’m very proud of them actually. I did a good job.” Trump told a reporter with The Economist.

    When the reporter asked if the President is considering releasing the returns as a bargaining tool to get Democratic votes on his tax reform package, Trump was adamant.

    “I would never do it. That would be … I think that would be unfair to the deal. It would be disrespectful of the importance of this deal.”

    “The only people that find that important are the reporters,” Trump added.

    Trump’s opponents have repeatedly suggested that his refusal to release tax returns is because they contain information that would place the President’s position in jeopardy.

    However, there has been no evidence to suggest this is the case.

    When MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow obtained one of Trump’s tax returns from 2005, it showed nothing other than the fact that he paid $38 million in federal income tax on just over $150 million in income.

    Trump supporters were quick to point out that this figure was a tax rate of roughly 25%, compared to MSNBC’s parent company Comcast which paid 24%, Barack Obama (19%) and Bernie Sanders (13%).

  24. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/05/11/trump-voter-fraud-commission-238263 – thoughts on this one? Did we run out of higher priority problems to fix?

    • I do not know about you but I woudl like to know and I am a wee bit tired of “well, there is no evidence”. Just exactly how can one gain evidence without studying the problem.

      Actually there is evidence all over of dead people voting of “snow birds” voting absentee in their home state and then in Florida etc. It would be kind of nice to have a uniform study of the issue. The state of NJ finally sent my son a letter this week asking if he still resided here. He has been on the rolls but a non voting, non-resident since he went in the service in 1998. That is 19 years! With his national Guard service, the kid already qualifies for a pension!

      Somebody pointed out ;last week that a spot check in VA showed that several thousand non-citizens voted in state wide races. they then pointed out that several close state wide races were won with less than 500 votes.

      • Mathius says:

        Just exactly how can one gain evidence without studying the problem.

        Good question.


        • What are you going to learn from this research the common sense does not already tell you. Why have CDC do the research. Is that so guns can be labeled a health risk and thus banned?

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          I believe the NRA is a private lobbying group, with whatever tax benefits etc……if they are so powerful to block spending on research about the gun disease requiring the CDC and other government funded groups….what is wrong with the anti-gun folks, funding their own research with any number of think tanks. Obviously it will be a biased result as would any other research that has a human attached to it or whatever political flavor is trending.

          Why go to the government which can be influenced by donations to the politicos campaign funds and stop something before it begins, or visa versa

          Sure guns are a health risk, usually to someone else than the user. Have labels and warnings stopped tobacco use that kill more people annually than guns do anywhere than in a war zone……that includes Chicago.

          What astounds me is the number of young people that smoke like crazy. When there is pressure to not smoke they take up chewing and spitting.

        • Crafty of you! What, pray tell, do we NOT know about gun violence? If I remember correctly that particular issue and the CDC was an attempt to label gun violence in effect a disease. That in turn would give HEW (at the time) broad powers to regulate.

          The research they actually did indicated, if I remember correctly, that bad guys use guns to kill people. People use guns to kill themselves and exceptionally stupid people leave loaded guns around that kill innocents. The proposals offered at the time were, guns are a public health matter like cigarettes and should be regulated accordingly.

          Now in your comparison of watermelons to kumquats, What exactly do we KNOW (or not know) about the breath and depth of illegal voting?

          • Well, I can tell you, that illegal voting is actually a problem….Texas just found a major area of illegal voting…and that is where people, who did not request them, received pre printed mail in ballots with recommendations on them. Tens of thousands. This will just about kill the mail in ballot. So, who sent them? Being investigated as we speak.

          • An ostrich with its head in the sand says the sun did not come up this morning. You do not know there is a snake under a rock until you turn it over.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Interesting that the Left wants healthcare to be a Right, where as gun ownership is, which brings up the following points. Healthcare mistakes kill about a quarter of a million people a year, far outnumbering the number if illegal killing of people by those who use guns. Guns, by themselves are harmless lumps of metal.

          • Dale A. Albrecht says:

            These medical deaths are quantifiable mistakes by these highly trained professionals, not just dying of what you came in to get treated for.

            I have a family friend who had some heart valve surgery. Serious surgery at any time, and it was an unqualified success, a plumbing repair job. However, while in the hospital recovering he contracted that “super virus” that the medico’s have no idea how to treat it, It has very nearly killed him and still may. It has been 8 months now, and the doctors finally feel that they may have at least turned the corner….maybe they’re quessing

            Remember years ago that there was a disinfectant and cleaning solution called “Phisohex” (sp) it was the only solution at the time, and very well might still be the most effective killer of “Staff” The government determined that if you drink gallons of it daily, inject it etc you may get cancer. It was banned immediately. There was no replacement. Staff infections ran rampant in hospitals. I had a girlfriend who nearly died because while recovering from a skiing accident and brain surgery the doctors stopped using it. She survived sort of.

  25. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    The other major front page headline was that the graduates from the military academies can dress in the uniform of their “prefered gender” choice.

    I’d love to see the men all dress as women and the women as men to grab the nations attention as to how rediculous this policy holdover from Obama and Ash Carter is.

    • If I were a young male officer, I’d don the dress in a quick hurry. A surefire guarantee of rapid promotion in a military scared to death of politicians. We had an acquaintance whose daughter was one of the first to attend West point. For a not very nice and not terribly competent person, her rise to Brigadier was meteoric.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      To people like that I always suggest that they lead the way and step off……they always look at me with and expression of “Who Me”

      “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

  26. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I know this is a bit late and after the fact……the May Day protests that turned into an official riot with destruction of property both city and private. I thought Portland Oregon was the poster city of a perfect liberal socialist utopia? I know the group protesting was this “antifa” organization. This behavior is exactly what the Fascists did on Krystalnacht in the 30’s to scare the crap out of the Jews and the undesirables in Germany.

    Who were these protesters trying to intimidate? I had no idea that there were fascists in Portland…..It also seemed there were more photographers than protesters. What the protesters should do is head to Pacoima or Northridge to meet the “Angels”

  27. Something fascinating and touching. Nice to have ones faith restored from time to time.


  28. gmanfortruth says:
  29. gmanfortruth says:
  30. gmanfortruth says:
    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Is this wingnut still around…..obviously, but who takes him seriously by any stretch of the imagination. Had to be the worst color commentator on Monday Night Football in the history of sports broadcasting. ABC fires him for being pathetic yet MSNBC hires him as a political and “Hate” filled commentator.

  31. Mathius says:

    “I was going to fire Comey. My decision, I was going to fire Comey. There’s no good time to do it, by the way.”


    “You had already made the decision?” Holt asked.

    “Oh, I was going to fire regardless of recommendation,” Trump said. “Regardless of recommendation, I was going to fire Comey.”


    So the argument that he “accepted the recommendation” is bullshit. He made the decision himself.


    So, once again, we are being blatantly lied to.

    • So what! He did the right thing according to you and most everyone else. He went through proper protocol in the end. It’s not at the level of people losing their lives (it was a video) or losing their healthplan. Sensitive, sensitive. Tisk, tisk.

      • Oh, and just for the record, can we knock this shit off now?

        Senators Grassley and Feinstein Confirm Trump Not Part of Russia FBI Investigation…

    • Yesterday, the “big” media told three lies, outright and blatant

      1. Comey was going to ask for more money to investigate the Russian connection

      2. The White House has been trying to influence the FBI Investigation

      3. the new # 2 man at Justice threatened to quit over Comey.

      So lying liars lie. I must say though, in the Donald’s defense, I watched a good part of Comey’s performance the other day before congress. What a mess. The acting WH spokesperson (Huckabee’s daughter) yesterday said that show was the final straw for the Prez.

      Oh, that’s right, lie # 4 for the day, Sean Spitzer was hiding in the bushes to avoid the press. That’s what they call your annual 2 week reserve stint these days I guess.

      • I know we’ve always had reports based on anonymous sources but it’s starting to feel like that’s all we have.

      • Mathius says:


        I know this is hard for conservatives..

        The media is made of private individuals working for for-profit companies. Their only job is to get people to read / watch in order to drive advertising revenue to their shareholders.

        The President is an elected official leading the GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. His job is to be the chief executive of the nation for the benefit of all its citizens.

        I apply a higher standard to the later.

        You should, too.

        Saying “they lied” about the press, even if true, does not diminish or excuse the fact that the President has been caught dead-to-rights in yet another blatant bald-faced lie.

        The President should not be lying like this. “They do it, too,” is not a defense. It is a logical fallacy.


        • Just A Citizen says:


          Where is your proof of this statement: “Saying “they lied” about the press, even if true, does not diminish or excuse the fact that the President has been caught dead-to-rights in yet another blatant bald-faced lie.”

          Especially given that once the President himself started talking himself, he said “he was doing a bad job” and then “I would have fired him anyway”.

          I think this knee jerk to claim lying is often overblown. In this case I see a “cluster mating event” more than lying. Although the story line told becomes a lie once POTUS opens his mouth. As I recall, the “blame it on the Deputy AG” didn’t even last the night. The lady spokesperson couched it differently than the first people.

          What you have here is not Trump lying but his Communication Dept. not having a plan, nor apparently the skills sets needed to make a good plan. Now in fairness to them, much of this is due to Trump himself, and/or his immediate staff. This is where we see Trump the real estate and media personality getting in the way of Trump the POTUS. The former uses “communications” more as a sales or PR firm. The latter has to use “communications” for not just this but it is the surrogate for POTUS speaking for himself.

          Now I have a theory that the “leaking” from “White House staff” is contributing to all of these “clusters”. Mr. Trump held this event close to his vest. So close his “communications” people were not notified until it was happening. They were trying to pull together the “plan” and apparently Mr. Trump got upset they were not out there standing up for him. So they rushed to the cameras with the only thing they had.

          It may turn out that Mr. Trump himself was the source of the “The Deputy did it” story line. Right now we do not know. It could have come from one of his staff.

          I understand your frustration with what looks like hypocrisy to you regarding how some of us reacted to this. But let me remind you that your reactions to Obama’s lies and now once again splitting hairs in defense of Clinton appears equally hypocritical to me. In fact you seem to often contradict your own argument.

          You also seem to think that Mr. Trump is unique regarding this lying thing. I recall every POTUS doing the same. The difference is the sophistication of the lying. He lacks that while the others had it. Although there is this bizarre need of his to claim success where none exists or to make things greater than they are. I think this comes from a lifetime of selling things like image and “blue sky”.

          I also find the reactions to Mr. Trump’s firing of Comey off the charts, including how upset you seem over the “story around his firing”. Why is that so important? He should have been fired, he was fired and Mr. Trump has the authority to fire him. While this was botched in the first 8 hours, it has been pretty much fixed after that.

          My point, Mr. Trump is having trouble and inconsistencies with more important issues. Like tax reform, health care, and trade, all of which requires Congress to act. And he is not getting much help from the elephants with his agenda.

          Question to you. Does it really matter to YOU why Trump fired Comey?

          • Mathius says:

            Unfortunately, time is short, so I’ll try to hit the high points here… Sorry if this isn’t up to my usual editorial standards.

            1. Maybe it’s unfair, but I find it more… offensive.. when someone tells me an obvious lie than a plausible one. I also find an unnecessary lie more offensive than a “necessary” one.

            I do know that when Trump insists his crowds were bigger than Obama’s – despite photographic evidence clearly to the contrary – he is showing me that he has no regard for the truth, nor respect for my (or the American People’s) intelligence. The truth, and empirical reality, do not matter to him. If he says day is night, then so shall it be written. That’s not ok with me.

            And doing it once is.. well, not great, but he is human, so… ok. But he has clearly established a pattern of, as you put it, claiming great success where there is none. I would also say “telling frivolous and unnecessary lies.” I find it offensive and worrisome that the most powerful man in the world doesn’t care what reality is and will simply say whatever he feels like saying from minute to minute.

            During the campaign, he took every side of virtually ever issue, and said whatever was expedient from moment to moment with zero regard for consistency or truth. The truth – at any given time – was exactly whatever Trump felt like saying it was.

            I feel like Trump uses these lies to keep the country off balance. It feels.. manipulative. It feels like a mental disorder. And I don’t like it.

            (and, just to head off the obvious response, Obama lying is not ok either. It’s not. But he’s not the President, and we’re not talking about him)

            2. I understand your frustration with what looks like hypocrisy to you regarding how some of us reacted to this. But let me remind you that your reactions to Obama’s lies and now once again splitting hairs in defense of Clinton appears equally hypocritical to me. In fact you seem to often contradict your own argument.

            Let’s discuss this in more depth at a later time. I’d love it if you could come up with some solid examples.

            I also find the reactions to Mr. Trump’s firing of Comey off the charts, including how upset you seem over the “story around his firing”. Why is that so important?

            Because Trump lied… again.

            There’s also the conspiracy theory about quashing the Russian investigation.

            It feels like there’s some meat on this bone and the left wants to get at it.

            While this was botched in the first 8 hours, it has been pretty much fixed after that.

            I could say the same thing about the Benghazi being a response to the video schtick. Remember that they corrected the record the next day, yet somehow I haven’t stopped hearing about that for five years.

            But that’s not really the point. In fact, that’s pretty irrelevant because, as I’ve pointed out, “they did it, too” is not a justification for bad behavior.

            The more salient point is that his administration KNEW the truth, they knew he was thinking of firing Comey. They probably knew the reason why. Trump didn’t sign a piece of paper saying the real reason. He signed and released a piece of paper saying he accepted some deputy’s unsolicited recommendation – and that recommendation was based on the mistreatment of Clinton. That’s bull. shit.. Bullshit.

            He chose to blow smoke up our asses – and why? For his amusement? And then, his whole team comes out of the woodwork (except for Spicer, who was busy hiding in the bushes) and says, no, this was just Trump accepting a recommendation.

            THEN, after the left going ballistic, Trump comes out and completely changes the story as if it’s no big deal that he’d been feeding us a completely different narrative before that. He just… switched. “we have always been at war with Eastasia”

            And half the country simply jumps tracks and is now on board with this new truth. The old one flushed down the memory hole. No, it’s ok, because they only lied to us for 8 hours.

            That’s not normal.

            That’s not how people should act.

            And it’s sure as hell not how the President should act.

            Would you employ someone who treats truth this casually? Would you work for someone like this? Would you be friends with someone like this? Would you raise your children like this? Why is this acceptable in a President but not them?

            These aren’t “lies of necessity” – I get that. Politics is a messy game and sometimes you need to shade the truth or outright lie to win a round. I get it. I’m not happy with it, but I get it. But that’s not what’s happening here. Or with his inauguration crowds. Or his suggestion that Ted Cruz’s father was the zodiac killer. Or or or or or or or. That’s not what’s happening here. This is Trump being a pathological liar, and it’s not ok.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      If I was considering firing someone and that person’s direct Supervisor suggested he be fired, I would accept the recommendation and add it to my own desire to fire the person. Then I would fire the person. I’m not quite sure how this qualifies as a lie, except in the minds of the Liberal media who think everything he says is a lie, failing to apply a wee bit of common sense to the issue, which hate prevents them from doing so.

      If you thought the Liberal media had little credibility before the election, just wait, it will get much lower.

      • Mathius says:

        I would accept the recommendation and add it to my own desire to fire the person.

        Except he didn’t do this.

        He said he accepted their recommendation. Then he added some unnecessary tangent about not being under investigation.

        His surrogates came out, and the press secretary announced that it was the recommendation of the AG and Deputy AG, and Trump accepted the recommendation. They all acted like Trump had nothing to do with it other than just accepting what he was told.

        The reason they gave was bullshit.

        The idea that the recommendation was unsolicited was bullshit.

        The idea that Comey was fired on their recommendation was bullshit.

        It’s all bullshit.

        And now Trump comes out and claims he intended to fire Comey – that he had already made up his mind. So why all the smoke and mirrors. Why have a press release crediting underlings who, in turn, cited bullshit reasons?


        It’s staggering to me how you could see lies and deceit in every utterance of Obama, but Trump can get away with the most blatant and egregious of lies and, not only do you not object, but you do not seem to believe that he lies at all. It baffles me.

        Are you so blinded by the color of his jersey?

        Obama couldn’t have told you that the sky was blue without you blasting him for lying because he didn’t mention the clouds. Yet Trump can say literally anything he wants to, and have his staff say the opposite, and you won’t bat an eyelash?

        • Did you watch his performance before congress? the guy was toast.

        • His job is to be the chief executive of the nation for the benefit of all its citizens.

          BAMN. By Any Means Necessary. D meme, not R.

        • Correct me if I am wrong but exactly when did he say he was waiting for a report on Comey before making a decision or that he would base his decision on what the report said?

          Part of the problem here is the Prez is so far out in front of his spokespeople that they are constantly running to catch up. Until they do, they should keep their own mouths shut.

          In the scheme of things, this “lie” if it were such is nothing but an ego booster and quite unlike the “video” causing Benghazi or “you can keep your insurance if you want to”. Again, assuming it is a lie.

          Regarding asking Comey, “Am I, personally, under investigation?” Who wouldn’t ask the question? It is the job of the Director not to answer if it is illegal. Not improper mind you but illegal. Director Comey certainly used that line often enough with Congress.

    • Yes,we were lied too. But the lie was his experts came to Trump and recommended it. Not that he didn’t take their recommendation. He felt Comey should be fired so he asked his experts if he had cause- they said he did. Why they decided to turn that totally legitimate and I’d think normal course of action into a lie beats me-Politics I guess.

    • Mathius……….right when I think you are really thinking straight, you take this whole thing out of context. The emails on Clinton, you said, ” this is just the right being picky over nothing” ….the lady violated law…..

      And because Trump said that he was going to fire Comey anyway….( time not announced ) I can see perfectly that the report was simply the catalyst…nothhing more. While we both agree Comey should have been fired last year by Obama ( By Obama and the Justice Dpeartment not firing him then shows complicit cover up, in my opinion, of the Clinton issue that is far worse than Richard Nixon covering up a burglary ) …..you are better than the hypocrisy sir…..far better than that.

      “So, once again, we are being blatantly lied to.”…..come on….snf, you know me…..I am a for truth person. This is petty and not an understanding of the mindset of a businessman. It is coffee house rhetoric to assume that just because he is POTUS, he has to react like the dingbat establishment is beyond the pail. ::: caveat….have not had Dr Pepper yet :::

      • Mathius says:

        ….the lady violated law…..

        Says you.

        Not the DOJ.

        In America, a determination of “violated the law” is made by the court system and not retired colonels dispensing armchair justice.

        While we both agree Comey should have been fired last year by Obama


        And if he had, SUFA would have hit moon screaming cover-up and partisan politics. Do you deny that?

        of the Clinton issue that is far worse

        Ok, but here’s the thing. I don’t understand why I have to keep pointing this out.

        Clinton is not the President.

        Trump is.

        of the Clinton issue that is far worse

        And, in any event, “what she did is worse” doesn’t change that what he did is still unacceptable.

        If my 1 year old smacks my 4 year old who then responds by hitting her back, they’re both getting time outs. And they’re 1 and 4. “They did it, too” or “what they did is worse” is not a defense for bad behavior. Did they not teach this when you were a kid? I don’t take it from my toddlers, If I’m not going to allow it for a 70 year old President of the United States.

        If – if – Clinton committed a crime, she deserves to be prosecuted and punished in accordance with the law. If not, she deserves to be left alone.

        If – if – Trump is lying – brazenly and repeatedly – to the American people, he deserves to be called on it. It should not be excused with “well what she did is worse.” What she did is irrelevant.

        This is petty and not an understanding of the mindset of a businessman.

        I know of no businessman on earth who can lie this extensively to his shareholders and not get destroyed for it. If I told even the tiniest lie to my boss and got caught on it, he’d never trust me again (rightfully so) and I’d probably be fired shortly thereafter because I deal with important and sensitive matters. Trump deals with important and sensitive matters orders of magnitude more important and sensitive than what I deal with – yet when he behaves in a manner wholly unacceptable in any business, he gets some kind of magical “mindset of a businessman” pass?

        You’re in business. You tell me about the mindset that permits a pattern of deliberate deceit and how you find it acceptable. Do you lie about the quality of your oil? Would or should your business partners trust you if they found out? Or should they just say that you have the mindset of a businessman and let it go?

        Untrustworthyness is a fireable offense in my line of business – and we don’t have the nuclear launch codes.

  32. I forgot which swamp thing said that “its a Paul Revere moment, the Russians are coming” but Lou Dobbs made the best comment yesterday saying, paraphrase…uhm, you missed your Paul Revere moment when you refused to let the FBI check your server, when it was the Russians. Mic drop.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      The company who did check the DNC server (after the FBI was refused access) is walking back it’s claims that the Russians did it. That’s likely because it wasn’t a hack, it was an inside leak. This will also come out one day, probably during the 2020 campaign.

  33. ? I remember the dems going around claiming Hillary wasn’t under investigation -but I don’t remember the details.

  34. I doubt that anyone will agree with me………The main issue here, that is not being reported by the media….is not Russia….it is not emails, although Hillary, I think, will end up in a lot of trouble with a new DOJ….it is not 100 days…..it is..WHO HAS LEAKED CLASSIFIED INFORMATION TO THE MEDIA AND PUBLIC……that is far, far worse than when Trump fires Comey and why.

  35. Mathius says:

    For eight years, I’ve been a SUFA-ite. During that time, I’ve come to know you all as a bunch of principled sticklers.

    You call bullshit on everything – real, perceived, minor, major – that the last President did.

    If he so much as set a toe out of bounds, you were all on the megaphone screaming about government tyranny and the lawlessness of the Democrats (and liberals writ large).

    Every Executive Order was overreach. Every regulation was illegal. Every end-run around Congress was unconstitutional. Every victory was a liberal conspiracy. Every word out of his mouth, a lie.

    Yet, over the last few months, I have seen a dramatic shift. Those who were once the staunchest critics have now become the most credulous cheerleaders of the new administration.

    I understand the us-vs-them mentality. I understand it is harder to find fault with “your” guy the way you did with “their” guy.

    But you guys (and gals) (I’m not going to name names or point fingers) have got to try to apply the same standards you applied to Obama to Trump.

    If Obama fired the head of the FBI who (maybe, possibly) was leading an investigation into his birth certificate and then told you that he had simply accepted his underlings’ unsolicited recommendations (citing the unfairness of the investigator toward Romney during the election), you’d have hit the ceiling. And if he then, came out later and claimed that he had intended to fire the investigator all along, you’d be screeching about the dishonesty. You’d be baying to the moon demanding a special prosecutor and impeachment proceedings. But Trump does this and… nothing to see here.. move along?

    The answer I see, repeatedly, seems to be “yea, well, the media did x.” Yea? Well, you know what? The media isn’t the goddamn President of the United States of America. The “media” is a for-profit business made up of private unelected individuals who, at no time, took an oath to serve the nation as its highest executive. And, you know what? “They did it, too” does not excuse bad behavior. I won’t accept that argument from my four-year-old, I’m sure as hell not going to accept it on behalf of the most powerful man in the world.

    Now, to be fair, had Obama done what Trump just did, I have no doubt that the liberals in general would have found it within themselves to explain away Obama’s actions. Colbert would be mocking conservatives for chasing shadows. They’d be claiming the conservatives were making a big deal over nothing. And it would be partisan politics, the left defending the left and attacking the right, while the ridge does the inverse. Ma nishtana (yes, Colonel, I used it again, deal with it).

    But I hold SUFA to a higher standard.

    I hold you all, personally, jointly and severally, to a higher standard than I hold the media or the rest of the general public. Anita, JAC, Colonel, Black Flag (wherever he may be), USW (wherever he may be), Gman, VH, Ray Hawkins, Buck, Charlie, Todd, DPM, T-Ray, SK, Dale, and everyone else whose name didn’t immediately spring to my mind.

    I hold you to a higher standard.

    Just because he’s “conservative,” and just because he’s wearing the right color jersey does not let him get away with things that you would have never in a million years have tolerated from the “other guy.”

    If – and when – I exhibit such double standards, I expect to be rightfully called on them. I am aware that it is almost impossible to be perfectly impartial. I know that I am more critical of Trump than I was of Obama. But I still spent 8 years calling Obama on his shit. I believe that every man and woman (and dog) on here has seen me be harshly and repeatedly critical of Obama, the Democratic Party, and liberals in general. I am not perfectly impartial, but you know that I have made a sincere and honest effort to be as unbiased as I am able – I have earned that claim. Right here, amongst you lunatics, I typed the equivalent length of War and Peace – several times over – doing my level best to be objective.

    Do you actually believe you’re being objective when it comes to the current administration?

    Do you honestly believe you are holding Trump to the same standards you held Obama?

    • Yes, but I’m off for a while. Will check back in this evening.

      • I’ve said before that I see Trump as more of a bullshitter than a liar. There’s a big difference. He said right from the jump…remember at the first debate, from the very first question asked about the pledge…he knew right then that it was him against the world. He has to be unpredictable to stay a step ahead. He laid out his agenda through the campaign and that’s what I’m holding him accountable for, not weather he said what to who. He works at a fever pitch, so much so that even his own people crash into themselves trying to keep up with him. The fact that he is checking items off his list of promises, and that he was able to secure a powerful cabinet, speaks highly of his character. Further, its a compliment to his character that out of all the world leaders he has spoken with, I haven’t heard one bad thing from any of them about him. He may not get the exact result he hopes for but he will get the BEST result from miserable starting points. So he’s a bullshitter, big deal. He’s getting the job done.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          That’s a great point Anita 🙂

          Lets try a lay it out.

          Trump is not a politician, he’s a successful businessman.

          Trump has been in the spotlight and his experience is helping.

          Trump knows the media is seriously biased, and he don’t like it, nor do I. (The media should report the news. The OPINION programs should be not included as “PRESS”.)

          Trump gave plenty to keep those media losers busy all weekend. Good reason to ignore them, as I will.

          I’m only concerned about Trump doing what he can, not what Congress has to be involved in, like trade deals, fixing the VA (good luck with that) and setting the stage for better employment opportunities for us regular people (not those stuck up Liberals who just want handouts) 😀

    • Probably not but I’m trying too. For one thing Trump is acting just like I thought he would-he bloviates,exaggerates, and sometimes outright lies. He also tells the truth when it would be better if he just shut up. Then we have the over the top condemnation about everything Trump coming from the media, after watching the dems walk in lock step with Obama no matter what. Then I watch as conservatives are attached and lose their jobs. It all enters into how one feels about what is fair when talking about holding someone to the same standards. But I try!

      • Mathius says:

        Thank you, V!

        I loved this answer.

        I’m not sure I agree about the Democrats marching lock-step with Obama – it’s not how I saw it, but I was certainly told to get on board or shut up a few times so.. maybe there’s something there.

        Regarding the over-the-top condemnation about everything Trump, I happen to agree that his every tweet generates oodles of legitimate AND manufactured outrage. But you’ll, I think, have to agree that (A) he gives the liberals plenty of fodder and (B) when Obama was in the big chair, everything he did generated similar quantities of outrage, fairly and unfairly.

        I actually remember Obama giving an interview and there was a fly buzzing around – he swatted it like a ninja. … and he got hit from the left by the animal lovers. I also remember that time the military was running a standard drill of some sort in Texas and he got pummeled by talk radio over some conspiracy theory involving tunnels under Walmats and a training for imposing martial law. So, maybe it’s fair to say that the President, whoever that might be, is going to be heavily attacked from all directions at all times.

        It is, after all, the tallest tree that gets struck by lightning.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          The media and Democrat’s reaction to Trump is far worse than anything Mr. Obama suffered. You can point to specific idiotic things aimed at Mr. Obama but none had the broad level acceptance or were carried by even all “right wing” media outlets, let alone the primary media. Info Wars and those who repeated their stories is not the same level of insanity we have seen since November.

          I will offer one huge caveat in all this. Not really a caveat, I suppose, but a partial explanation. Some of the primary networks are off the charts on hating on Trump, like CNN. But this was largely due to Mr. Trump attacking them directly as frauds, bad people, etc. etc. I am baffled that he could have thought that attacking the credibility of the Press would not create blow back if he won. And instead of burying the hatchet once elected, he seems to have doubled down. He slams NBC and MSNBC and then gives an interview to Lester Holt. He ridicules a CBS reporter then expects them to conduct a fair interview or coverage of him. Like I said, it is baffling.

    • I do not like executive orders ….period.

  36. Mathius says:

    Can I get everyone to vote on the accuracy of the following statements:

    1. “Person X did it, too” or “Person X did something worse” does not excuse bad behavior from Person Y.

    2. Trump has told at least one bald-face and deliberate lie to the American people since taking office. (exclude from this any lies which may have been “legitimately” necessary, say for national security purposes)

    2.A. Trump has established a pattern of reckless disregard for the truth with respect to his statements, and his administration’s statements, to the press.

    3. The fact that Obama told lies, too, does not make it ok for Trump to do so.

    3.A. Even if Obama’s lies were bigger, or worse, this still does not make it ok for Trump to lie to the American people.

    4. The fact that individuals within the media have reported false, misleading, incompletely, biased, or inaccurate information regarding Trump does not make it ok for Trump to lie to or about the media.

    5. The President is ultimately responsible for the behavior and statements of his staff as well as press releases issued by his administration. If they contradict his statements, he bears ultimate responsibility.

    6. The President should be held to a standard of behavior that is higher than that of a private citizen.

    6.A. Trump is the President. Hillary Clinton is a private citizen.

    • At least it is not mulitple choice….I hated multiple guess questions so here goes.

      1) Correct…and agreed.
      2) Be specific, please and I will answer it.
      3) Disagree
      3A) Agreed.
      4)……hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….thinking………..thinking………D13 has to put his total disregard of the media aside…..D13 has to put fight fire with fire, damn the torpedos the media is lower than snake shit aside……..tough going……….Yes, I agree.
      5) Yes I agree……….with caveat***
      6) NO, I disagree.
      7) Agree that Trump is POTUS…..Hillary is…………………………………………….ok, a citizen.

      Whew..had to be truthful…..glad to discuss any disagreement topic with you.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      1. “Person X did it, too” or “Person X did something worse” does not excuse bad behavior from Person Y. TRUE

      2. Trump has told at least one bald-face and deliberate lie to the American people since taking office. (exclude from this any lies which may have been “legitimately” necessary, say for national security purposes). TRUE, OR AT LEAST THAT APPEARS TO BE TRUE.


      3. The fact that Obama told lies, too, does not make it ok for Trump to do so. TRUE.

      3.A. Even if Obama’s lies were bigger, or worse, this still does not make it ok for Trump to lie to the American people. TRUE. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN WE CANNOT COMPARE AND CONTRAST WHEN DISCUSSING THINGS LIKE THE DEMOCRAT’S RESPONSE OR ACTIONS.

      4. The fact that individuals within the media have reported false, misleading, incompletely, biased, or inaccurate information regarding Trump does not make it ok for Trump to lie to or about the media. TRUE. BUT SOMETIMES IT CAN EXPLAIN HOW OR WHY THINGS UNFOLD AS THEY DO. THE PRESS HAS TWO MAJOR IMPACTS ON OUR SYSTEM. THEY HELP FORM PUBLIC OPINION AND THEY CAN PUSH AN ADMINISTRATION INTO THE DITCH. THAT IS WHY I HOLD THE PRESS TO A HIGHER STANDARD THAN POTUS. JUST AS I HOLD THE POLICE TO A HIGHER STANDARD THAT THE CITIZENRY.

      5. The President is ultimately responsible for the behavior and statements of his staff as well as press releases issued by his administration. If they contradict his statements, he bears ultimate responsibility. TRUE. HE HAS SERIOUS PROBLEMS IN THIS AREA. IT IS UNCLEAR WHETHER THIS IS DUE TO HIM, THE PEOPLE HE HIRED, OR BOTH.

      6. The President should be held to a standard of behavior that is higher than that of a private citizen. FALSE. WE SHOULD EXPECT THE SAME. POTUS IS OFTEN ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH FAR MORE THAN MOST OF US WOULD.



  37. And for 8 years, I have enjoyed being here and the conversations that you and I have had…

    Do you actually believe you’re being objective when it comes to the current administration?

    Do you honestly believe you are holding Trump to the same standards you held Obama?

    Yes sir, I do………with two caveats.

    First caveat……I will be the first to admit that I stayed silent on Obama when I thought people were wrong. I just read along and primarily stayed quiet unless I really had an axe to grind. I will do the same with Trump.

    Second Caveat…..I will give Trump a greater lattitude because he is the first outsider POTUS in my lifetime. He is the first POTUS that I know is working for free…no salary..as is most of his staff, and there is not one Clintonite nor Obama-ite that can say that much less, any Republican either. As part of this caveat, I also feel that he is far more qualified in being POTUS that any,,,and I mean ANY…entrenched politician that has never held a job, run a company, posted a payroll, run a balance sheet, or understands economics that is NOT from an academic. ( Oops…I have to have a third caveat ).

    Third Caveat……There is no academia that is a qualified anything having to do with government,

    I will be right with you on Trump…and have supported your position on numerous occasions and will continue to do so if you and I agree or I see your point. I have always done that. I am one of the first to say, that the second thing I would have done upon entering office was fire Comey…right after firing the IRS Commissioner…and right before firing the EPA administrator. He was wrong.

    But I want to point out……..give Trump the benefit of doubt on handling things a different way. And the example that I will use is Comey. I can see perfectly well, having been, and still am President of a couple of companies. I know that there are people that I need to get rid of….they are doing adequate but not to my standards. As long as they are adequate and getting the job reasonably done, and it is not a hinderance, they are not high on the priority list. I can see, without blinders on, that Trump is in a learning curve and cannot simply put a business approach to personnel no more than I can put a military approach on personnel in business. i can see perfectly well, that as long as Comey was not being a hinderance, his firing would be down the line. He, Comey, became a hinderance recently with his statements and that propelled him to priority status. Trump knows he was not in collusion with the Russians and I believe that so far….but I am not building a bunker around that. As the Buckster would say, it is going to take more than just a perponderance of circumstantial events that can be interpreted a variety of ways. Would I do some things differently…Yes I would. I think he is taking too long.

    Do I think the Republicans, and Trump is is mishandling the health care…yes. I would do absolutely nothing and let it fail. And then put in my own version. Trump lacks the “killer instinct” in this particular matter. He wants to be viewed as the savior of health care and nothing will repair the damage that is going to be done this year. So there is a criticism of Trump for you. I want a bull dog as POTUS and not a weasel whose strings are pulled by public opinion and news media.

    You stated above. ” Why have a press release crediting underlings who, in turn, cited bullshit reasons? ” Agreed…….I do not like and never watch press conferences anyway. All political propaganda. That is the only thing that I see wrong….underlings brains not in gear or sync and trying to protect something that means nothing. I can see perfectly that Trump has other things on his mind….and not Comey…. until Comey steps into it further. Comey is nothing….he is cannon fodder ( or Bantha Fodder ). A non item. He lost credibility a last year pulling the shit with Clinton. I don’t like the bitch…..she is a conniving, devious, stab in the back politician…but Comey was wrong and I said it then and now and I think that the emails released did damage to her as well as Wikileaks or whatever. Even if true, I abhor back stabbing politics.

    I see some things that I disagree with on Trump, and honestly, I hold him to a higher standard than Obama because he is better than Obama and should act and perform as such. I would rather have a man that had 50 bankruptcies and one success than I would a man that has not even run a lemonade stand nor handled people and does not know what it is like to lose and then get up and try again. I forgot who said it…..but the most successful business man is the one that failed 99 times but tried and won on the 100th time.

    So, yes sir….question me specifically and I will tell you my position…you know that. Bring it on….but I HOLD TRUMP TO A GREATER STANDARD THAN I DO OBAMA.

  38. Just A Citizen says:


    “”James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press,” Trump tweeted.” (from CNN story).

    Just a note on strategy. If you actually have tapes that support you, and you fear false narratives showing up via leaks, then keep the tapes existence quiet. Hold them until you need them. Then and only then, destroy the opponent with their own words.

    Or, just keep doing stupid stuff and see how it works out.

    • Hmmm.. I see this as misdirection and…..does he or does he not. Comey does not know.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Maybe, but it is not necessary. If he has then keep it quiet. If he doesn’t then Comey knows what he said and the bluff will be called.

        The ONLY way this works as a bluff is if Comey did in fact say something he is now trying to deny.

        Sorry Sir, but this makes Trump look PETTY once again.

  39. Just A Citizen says:

    Memo to Congressional Black Caucus, and others with their undies in a bunch.

    If you do not like the law then make your case to the people and work to change it. How soon ya’ll forget how we wound up with mandatory minimums. Oh, and it is not he job of the DOJ to modify laws using prosecutorial discretion.


  40. gmanfortruth says:

    After catching up, a few things that I’m noticing.

    The Comey issue has sent the Left over the cliff. Screaming “he lied” when it’ seems more like a communication issue rather than an outright falsehood. First, we all should know that Trump will take the full credit for firing Comey, while “most” politicians will point to the suggestion of an underling to keep the full brunt of the non-supporters off of him/her. The po0litical people in his communications section do not get this yet, they are playing politics, Trump is not.

    It is refreshing to see a someone in DC actually take full responsibility for his/her actions.

    The Liberal media, having been attacked or not, will NEVER agree with anything Trump does, even if it’s proven that the same media called for it in the past (the video’s are out, Liberal’s are some serious hypocrits on this).

    The collusion theory isn’t going anywhere. The only collusion that should be investigated as far as affecting the election is between Clinton and the Liberal media. But even then, what crime has been committed? Just like if Trump was telling Wikileaks when to release stuff, what crime was committed? Answer…..NONE.

    The overreaction of the Liberal media and Democrats is laughable, one more hit on their storm sewer level credibility.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Not sure why you think Mr. Trump is a breath of fresh air when it comes to claiming responsibility. So far it seems to me he admits his action if he views the outcome a success. In this case firing Comey he views as a good outcome.

      On the other hand he either deflects or simply ignores reality when he fails. Healthcare is a good example here. Claiming it was great because he failed to get his ideas implemented.

      • “Claiming it was great because he failed to get his ideas implemented.”

        Where do you see a problem here?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          He claimed the House bill on health care was great when he tried to help get the first version passed. He then ripped on the Freedom Caucus when it failed. Yet the things was abysmal. He then doubled down on the current version in order to get it passed in the House. Despite the thing does not apparently do the things he ran on. Note here: I do not agree with the things he ran on.

          But those were his criteria. So how can he claim victory when the House bill doesn’t do what he promised? And then he claims it does, when it doesn’t.

          • But those were his criteria. So how can he claim victory when the House bill doesn’t do what he promised? ( He cannot )

            And then he claims it does, when it doesn’t. ( Ok, did not see where he claimed otherwise )

          • gmanfortruth says:

            It has been made quite clear that OCare will be repealed in 3 steps. This is step 1 which will change in the senate, if anything can pass the Senate, then back to the House. My guess is that Trump knows Ocare will collapse, so passing the 1st Bill to repeal it will save the 2018 midterms for the Repubs in the HoR.

            Trump is not acting like a politician. That my friend is refreshing. While everyone else is playing politics, he’s playing business…….and doing well. I think he’s funny and just tells it like he feels it. Maybe that’s the honesty in him being ignored by the left.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought on Gerrymandering. Don’t ask why this popped in my head because I don’t know. Except it is on the usual list of Democratic Party complaints.

    If the congressional districts are drawn based solely on population there is a very good chance that “minorities” will be under represented. If you required elected officials to look like and/or have the same background as that minority.

    This is inherent in any “Democratic” system if you use popular vote or head counts as criteria. The odds are a minority in population would be a minority in votes for representative.

    The only way to make sure minorities have someone representing them that looks and thinks like them is to apply some kind of “discriminatory” criteria in drawing the lines. So the real question is which criteria. Is it race or ethnicity alone? Or should it be based on a broader criteria, like urban vs. rural? The latter would possibly increase minority representation to the extend urban areas have greater proportional minority populations. But even that will not guarantee “representatives” look or think exactly the same. Urban areas will produce more Democrats. But not necessarily more black or hispanic Democrats.

    • Therein lies other problems…..like affirmative action of the 70’s. Simply reverse discrimination. When you start drawing ethnic lines, you create more problems than you solve.

      Gerry mandering in Texas is managed by whoever wins the house and senate. If the Democrats win, they get to draw the lines. If the Republicans win, they get to draw the lines. Been that way since David Crockett lost his coon skin cap at the Alamo. And since redistricting occurs every ten years according to census reports….it stays for awhile.

  42. gmanfortruth says:
  43. gmanfortruth says:


    HMMM! Trump may have caught Comey with a recording device (not hard to do) during one or more of his visits……OR……..Trump is recording everything in the White House (which I would highly recommend).

    Regardless, this puts everyone in the White House on notice. Leakers will get busted and dealt with. It may also be a message to them (leakers) that they are caught. I expect a purge soon, like Trumps next long trip.

  44. gmanfortruth says:

  45. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought of the afternoon.

    We have a “Right” to face our accusers. For evidence to be placed before a Grand Jury before the Gov.t can search our places or belongings.

    Yet the FBI will NOT tell you if they are investigating you. They do not have to tell you they are gathering your phone calls if they got a warrant under the FISA court.

    Now here is the kicker relative to Mr. Trump, or any POTUS, vs. the FBI. The agency only has to allude to a possible investigation and under previous protocol the POTUS cannot ask the FBI director about anything related to the investigation nor fire the Director, without causing a hemorrhage from the agency people. Who control any possible investigations.

    In short, the FBI can create a situation that prevents any interaction between POTUS, White House Staff and many members of Congress, simply by “alluding to” investigations of “undisclosed nature”.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      The FISA warrants are for foreign intelligence, not for US citizens. This is why the unmasking issue is so prominent, it’s illegal to use FISA stuff on US citizens.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        The warrants are to listen to conversations. We have discussed at length here how US citizens are then captured in those conversations. And experts have explained how once identified there is a work around using other foreign agencies. Using the FISA information is not illegal. That is the problem. It can be used, including to “expand” investigations into a US Citizen.

      • Gman……Fisa information is not illegal if said evidence was captured while listening to foreign sources. It can and will be used.

  46. Just A Citizen says:
  47. If they weren’t in such a snit about Russia, they’d have notice that we had Russia in the House for real…the day AFTER Comey was fired. They can’t keep up with him. If nothing else, its been fun watching it all go down.

  48. The minute our unarmed recon plane was buzzed by an armed Russia fighter…we should have smoked his ass.

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