Liberal Media Caught Again

Another person was taking video in the few minutes before Anderson went on air. The footage seems to show the reporter telling the protesters where to stand and how to hold the signs to best show in the shot. Basically, she was orchestrating the “protest.”



  1. gmanfortruth says:

    I wonder how much the fake protesters were paid?

  2. This is hillarious. Putin wasn’t putting up with Megan Kelly’s attempts to one up him. She had blood coming out of her whatever again.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      One of the better interviews of Putin was done by Charlie Rose. He adjusted his questions as it went along, getting Mr. Putin to explain his view of the world.

      Now, never trust what Putin says as the only truth. But when he is allowed to discuss how he thinks Russia should be viewed, treated or operate, I think there is validity in his comments. At least some of them.

      What Kelly’s interview shows is what I said some time back. She is not as good as people think she is. Just being pointed in your tone does not a great interview make.

  3. gmanfortruth says:

    If you ever wondered what life was really like in a post-collapse society, look no further than Venezuela. Today, I’d like to share a first-hand report of everyday life there.

    The country has been on the way down since a socialist government destroyed the economy. Here’s a quick timeline:

    Private ownership of guns was banned in 2012. Then things began to go downhill in a hurry.
    In 2013, preppers were relabeled “hoarders” and the act of stocking up became illegal.
    In 2014, the government instituted a fingerprint registry for those who wished to buy food to ensure they didn’t take more than their “share.”
    In 2015, things began to devolve more quickly as electricity began to be rationed and farmers were forced to turn over their harvests to the government.
    2016 brought the announcement that folks were on their own – there was simply not enough food. As well, despite the rationing, an electricity shortage was announced.
    2016 also brought the news that the country was out of everything: food, medicine, and nearly all basic necessities. People were dying of starvation and malnourishment made other illnesses even worse. Hyperinflation brought exorbitant prices, like $150 for a dozen eggs.
    Now, civil war is near (if not already happening.) They’re calling it “protests” but violence between the people and the government is ongoing. This rage is stoked by wealthy Venezuelans who enjoy luxurious meals, fabulous parties, and lush accommodations while the rest of the country struggles to find a bag of rice they can afford. Let them eat cake?

    It appears there is no end in sight to the tribulations of the Venezuelans.

    • In 1907, because the Venzies had no clue how to run a country the Germans almost took over and Teddy almost went to war with them. Maybe it’s time to invite Angela back in? She can ship them her surplus refugees. Chavez’s big mistake was NOT going to the Reichsbank for a loan, then he could have had Obama’s help the way he did in the Ukraine.

  4. Anyone have any knowledge of this as true or false?

    As the dust settles behind Comey after his exit as Director of the FBI, new unsettling connections between Clinton and Comey have come to light.

    Most strikingly, former FBI Director James Comey’s brother is a lawyer for the firm that manages the Clinton Foundation’s taxes — and that is just the beginning of the odd connections. (via Big League Politics)
    Comey worked as a lawyer for Lockheed Martin up until 2010. During his time there, he had accumulated over $6 million. As Comey left, the mega-corporation decided to join the Clinton Global Initiative.
    After Lockheed Martin started working with the Clinton Global Initiative, they were awarded 17 major contracts from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
    After leaving Lockheed Martin a very rich man, James Comey was appointed to the board of the British financial institution HSBC Holdings. The bank is also an affiliate of the Clinton Foundation.
    James and his brother Peter appear to work in tandem to avoid revealing their pay-to-play practices. James Comey holds the mortgage on his brother’s house in Virginia. The corruption is absolutely rampant — it’s like they’re not even trying to hide it!
    Peter Comey is the “Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas” for the Washington Law Firm DLA Piper — which was behind the 2015 audit of the Clinton Foundation.
    DLA Piper is one of the largest all-time donors to Hillary Clinton’s election campaigns. Despite this connection, the law firm still manages the foundation’s taxes. This is a clear conflict of interest.
    Essentially, the FBI Director had a direct financial connection to Hillary Clinton through his brother’s law firm. The pro-Clinton law firm DLA Piper reward the Comey brothers financially while the FBI director was supposed to be leading an investigation into Clinton.
    This behavior is disgustingly typical of the Clintons, who often trade their political clout for their own financial interests. In this case, the Clintons were offering financial incentives to the man who was supposed to be leading an impartial investigation into their behavior.
    The numerous connections between the Comey brothers and the Clintons are too many to ignore. Comey was compromised, so it is a good thing that Donald Trump removed him from office.

    • While you are at it….those of you who check this stuff out……

      In 2009, the daughter of John Kerry ( Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry ) married an Iranian physician named Dr. Brian Vale Nahed. Supposedly the best man was Mohammed Javad Zarif. As I understand it, he is the current Minister of Foreign Affairs for Iran.

      He was Kerry’s chief counterpart in the nuclear deal negotiations…meaning Kerry was dealing with his daughter’s father in law.

      Hmmmm, if true, just exactly what has Trump done?

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Don’t know whether it is true or not, but will comment on the claim of “conflict of interest”.

      Comey does not have a conflict just because his brother had ties to Clinton or benefited financially from Clinton.

      In fact, I don’t recall “siblings” being part of the annual reports Fed Officials have to file on their financial interests and contacts.

      • As a NYC employee, we were very big on pointing out that the “appearance of impropriety” is every bit as bad for your credibility (and the agency’s) as impropriety itself.

  5. Stephen………I remember when I arrived in Vietnam at Cam Rahn Bay before moving out to Nha Trang, I was listening to some AF guys talking about their “prowess” with the local talent. It seemed that you were not a member of the “Stud Brigade” unless you have had to cure the local ailments at least five times. Unless you had the Trifecta ( Clap, crabs, Gono ) you were not considered a qualified member of the “Stud Brigade.” These guys actually had the attitude that penicillin shots were something to be proud of…..and if you were not a member of the “Stud Brigade” you suffered from penicillin envy.

    I must have missed the lecture or slept through class…..I was not a member of the “Stud Brigade” and I did not suffer penicillin envy. My spousal unit told me I better not come home with anything that I did not take there.

    • What was that “Black Syph” rumor where they told you if you got it, you would be classified KIA, body not recoverable and shipped until your death to some hospital in the PI’s?

      When AIDS finally broke here in the 1980’s I actually started believing it! Somebody got away.

      • Yes, I heard that there was such a disease….did not know of anyone that had it…but there was a reference to it in the movie “Good Morning Vietnam”…….

        • Found this: Rumor of the disease’s existence first circulated among US military personnel occupying post-WW2 Japan in the late 1940s and later during the Korean War. The myth of Black Syphilis proliferated throughout the Asian world and among American military personnel during the Vietnam conflict, although strangely very few known bonifide cases have been medically documented. Today the disease is rumored to exist primarily in Thailand. In the American military, it is rumored that should a person contract the dreaded disease abroad that they would be forbidden from reentering the US.

  6. Way, way off topic, but Colonel, add this to your list about the wussification of American men.

    • Wow, I thought skinny jeans on men were bad.

    • I have no words……it is a good thing they are in New York and California…..they would not survive one hour down here.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Fashions do return now and again. It was not that long ago that men dressed quite figuratively like peacocks to attract the hen. Laces and high heels etc. I honestly believe the haute coiture designers deliberately design the most outrageous clothes to see what people will do to be cool and with it, allegedly

      Me, I’ll stay a peasant.

      There is a high end womens clothier on the corner. Their parking lot is next door. Including the workers and owner customers, I shake my head in wonderment at the gross fashions that these women are stuffing themselves into. Usually they are at least 50+ overweight and wearing tights. Scary scenes. All the manniqins (sp) are a skinny presentation of the fashion and look relatively good. The need plus sized dummies to really show how stupid the women will look like if they bought the clothes. The old hawaiian mumu’s are far more appropriate for most people today

      As Jennie said that one thought the skinny, agrogenous, pants was bad enough. A man can never fill out the pants correctly and they always looked like they just filled their shorts with a steaming load load. There was a guy at school that was fairly poor. Usually guys got hand me downs from an older brother or their Dad. He unfortunately had only sisters and as he grew up he got their old jeans. They had the same shape as todays skinny jeans. To be honest pants back in the 50’s and 60’s were cut tight for guys, I called them high water pants, but they at least were cut differently for a mans shape not a womens.

  7. Mathius says:


    Fox News presents year-old Palin footage as new Palin book tour crowd. As Think Progress first noted, on the November 18 edition of Happening Now, guest co-host Gregg Jarrett used old footage — which he said was “just coming in to us” — of a McCain-Palin rally from last year to illustrate how Sarah Palin is “continuing to draw huge crowds” during her book tour. The following day, Skinner apologized for “mistakenly” airing the fake crowd video.

    Stewart blasts Hannity for using old video footage to inflate Bachmann rally attendance. During the November 10 edition of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Stewart blasted Fox News host Sean Hannity for attempting to inflate the crowd size of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s (R-MN) Fox News-fueled GOP rally against health care reform by using footage of the crowd at the better-attended 9-12 rally. On the November 11 edition of his program, Hannity said he “screwed up” and apologized for airing “incorrect video” of 9-12 protests while discussing the Bachmann rally.

    Fox News presents deceptively cropped 6-month-old Biden clip as new. On the March 16 edition of Live Desk, MacCallum claimed that “after weeks of economic doom and gloom, the Obama administration is now singing a slightly different tune. Take a look at what was said in recent interviews this weekend.” Live Desk then aired clips of administration officials purportedly giving an optimistic view of the economy, which included video of Vice President Joe Biden stating, “The fundamentals of the economy are strong.” However, Biden did not make those remarks during an “interview” that weekend; he made them at a September 2008 campaign event in which he criticized statements by Sen. John McCain. MacCallum apologized the next day, stating: “When we get something wrong, we admit it. We did so yesterday, and for that we apologize.”

    That’s 2009 after approximately 10 seconds of Googling. Shall I do 2010-2017? (hint: I’m not going to do because I am lazy)

    Of course, that’s to say nothing of my personal favorite misleading bullshit ever. It’s not Fox, but it does belong to Romney, so I’m going to put it in the Conservative’s column: Link. If memory serves, many here defended this one.

    Although, of course, since we are talking about crowds, I suppose I’ll have to give an honorable mention to Trump’s assertion that his crowd was larger than Obama’s.

    • Your memory fails you, sir……I was not one of the many…..I could not defend Mitt Romney if he was the last one on earth.

      NOw, you post has done nothing but prove one thing……all media is crap.

    • Trump’s comments on the inaugural crowd size were inflated but it was started by the MSM presenting extremely deceptive (read wrong) images of the crowd. We have been through this before. But of course the MSM will not admit that they started the issue with false information. What is more disturbing is their competition did not point out the fallacy.

    • The Colonel, I and Dale often have a laugh when any of the news media use stock footage of the military. Half the time they pass off Russian ships as American, Israeli paratroopers as American and so on.

      I suspect that what happens on all media is the story gets written and they call over to the “morgue” for footage. If nothing current exists, they use old stuff but don’t bother telling the talking heads who don’t know shit anyway. .

      Documentaries are notorious. We have WW 2 footage used in Viet-nam, Korean in WW 2. Marines, with their distinctive helmet covers being called Army and vice-versa.

      • My favorite is the M48A1 tank from WWII…used in footage of Soviet Tanks in Iran…..CNN did that years ago….mistaking an M48A1 for a Soviet T55………holy crap. They did not mistake anything…..the pundits and their assigns have no concept of war or material…..I love to listen to all these female commentators on military roles…..absolutely no clue what they are talking about….none. Same for 90% of the male commentators…

        • Same thing about anti gun people like Pelosi calling an lever action Marlin .22 cal an assault weapon…….hell, anything from a toothpick to a nuclear missile can be an assault weapon.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          They are “NEWS READERS” and usually wouldn’t know one end from another. That includes the people who vet and edit the images. Either they are so stupid (probably) or they do know better and they assume the “audience” is ignorant and wouldn’t know that a false image was shown.

          To be crass, I never thought Megan Kelly was good for Fox. Sure she was good eye candy, but there were many signs she was not going along with the image of Fox other than providing the “fair and balanced” view…..Gretta Van Sustran had a much better “legal” mind than Megan yet Fox dumped her.

      • You know, I remember this CNN female reporter being questioned by someone on the nomenclature of a tank in a particular picture….he questioned the positioning of the bore evacuator indicating that Soviet Tanks have bore evacs on the end of their main gun…………..she had to ask..what is a bore evacuator….and she was assigned as a military pundit.


    • Just A Citizen says:


      I think your memory has failed you. Unless I was gone then. Because I don’t remember any discussion about that ad. It was obviously taken out of context, and the Romney camps’ excuse was valid. But the ad. doesn’t match up with their excuse.

      Anyhow, I thought the topic was MEDIA lies and distortions. Why bring politicians into this? Unless you want to relive the “Romney cheated on his taxes” said Harry Reid. story and then how the media ran with it.

  8. gmanfortruth says:
  9. gmanfortruth says:
    • Well, she also blamed Sarah Palin’s crosshairs map when Gabby Gifford was shot. That was inciting violence, but holding up Trump’s severed head is art.

  10. Just A Citizen says:

    Reality Winner? Really? ROTFLMAO…………

    • gmanfortruth says:

      A Bernie supporter and Trump hater, according to Social Media account.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      The Intercept burned its reported source of leaked NSA documents by neglecting to strip evidence showing where the documents originated.

      In particular, not only did Intercept reporters fail to remove creases from the documents revealing they were printed, but they also neglected to strip ID numbers showing which printer the documents came from.

      That easily allowed federal investigators to determine that only six individuals printed the leaked report from that particular printer, including 25-year-old Reality Winner who’s since been charged.

      “A further audit of the six individuals’ desk computers revealed that WINNER had e-mail contact with [The Intercept,]” according to a FBI search warrant. “The audit did not reveal that any of the other individuals had e-mail contact with the news outlet.”

      And when one of the reporters contacted Winner to validate the document, he used an unsecure email which further exposed her to the FBI.

      That’s a little strange considering that The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald famously used encrypted email to contact NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

      Winner now faces years of prison.

      “FBI search and arrest warrants unveil irresponsible behavior by The Intercept’s reporters and editors which neglected all operational security trade-craft that might have prevented the revealing of the source,” reported Signs of the Times. “It leaves one scratching the head if this was intentional or just sheer incompetence.”

  11. gmanfortruth says:

    Six schools in Baltimore have exactly zero students who are proficient in math and English.

    WBFF reports Project Baltimore led an investigation and discovered five Baltimore City high schools, along with one middle school, do not have any students who scored high enough to be deemed “proficient” in math and English on state testing.

    The schools that did not have a single proficient student are Booker T. Washington Middle School, Frederick Douglass High School, Achievement Academy at Harbor City, New Era Academy, Excel Academy at Francis M. Wood High, and New Hope Academy.

    According to WBFF, students are tested and scored on a scale of one through five, with a four or a five placing a student in the proficient category. At Frederick Douglass, for instance, 89 percent of students tested last year received the lowest possible score in math. Only one student received a three, which is “approaching expectations.”

  12. Just A Citizen says:

    Thought I would share something from my inbox this morning. The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of JAC. 😉

    The Idea of America

    Elizabeth ” I asked this morning as my wife climbed out of the pool. “How would you describe that sea turtle we saw on the beach?”

    Pausing for a moment, she replied, “Rotating its slow and majestic flippers, it ground its way slowly and inexorably toward China…”

    The sea turtle was headed east. Whether China was its destination or not, I don’t know. I only know that it was about to leave the Latin America isthmus, from the west coast of Nicaragua, and put out to sea when a muscular, brown young man picked it up and carried it back up on the beach. He and his friends had dug a big hole in the sand where the turtle was placed.

    At night, we often see the dim light of flashlights along the beach. “It’s the locals looking for turtle eggs,” Manuel explained. “It’s illegal to take them, but…” Manuel shrugged his shoulders.

    Sea turtles are protected by international convention. But here in the wilds of Nicaragua, they still end up in the soup from time to time.

    Not the Same America

    This is America, too… but it is not the same America. It is the New World… but not as new as the world north of the Rio Grande. Here, the Old World has not yet been snuffed out. It survives in a semitropical paradise.

    But the object of our attention today is neither the Old World nor the new one – but the ever-changing, never fully explored idea of America.

    “Proud to be an American,” says one bumper sticker. “One nation – indivisible,” says another. America was, of course, founded on the opposite principle… the idea that people were free to separate themselves from a parent government whenever they felt they had come of age. But no fraud, no matter how stupendous, is so obvious as to be detected by the average American. That is America’s great strength… or its most serious weakness.

    After September 11, so many people bought flags that the shops ran short. Old Glory festooned nearly every porch and bridge. Patriotism swelled in every heart.

    Europeans, coming back to the Old Country, reported that they had never seen anything like it. A Frenchman takes his country for granted. He is born into it, just as he is born into his religion. He may be proud of La Belle France the way he is proud of his cheese. But he is not fool enough to claim credit for either one. He just feels lucky to have them for his own.

    What Makes America Different?

    America, by contrast, is a nation of people who chose to become Americans. Even the oldest family tree in the New World has immigrants at its roots. And where did its government, its courts, its businesses, and its saloons come from?

    They were all invented by us. Having chosen the country… and made it what it is… Americans feel more responsibility for what it has become than the citizens of most other nations. And they take more pride in it, too.

    But what is it? What has it become? What makes America different from any other nation? Why should we care more about it than about, say, Lithuania or Chad?

    Pressed for an answer, most Americans would reply, “Because America is a free country.” What else can be said of the place? Its land mass is as varied as the earth itself. Inhabiting the sands of Tucson as well as the steppes of Alaska, Americans could as well be called a desert race as an arctic one.

    Its religions are equally diverse – from moss-backed Episcopalians of the Virginia tidewater to the Holy Rollers of East Texas to the Muslims of East Harlem.

    Nor does blood itself give the country any mark of distinction. The individual American has more in common genetically with the people his people come from than with his fellow Americans. In a DNA test, your correspondent is more likely to be mistaken for an IRA hitman than a Baltimore drug dealer.

    America never was a nation in the usual sense of the word. Though there are plenty of exceptions – especially among the made-up nations of former European colonies – nations are usually composed of groups of people who share common blood, culture, and language.

    Americans mostly speak English. But they might just as well speak Spanish. And at the debut of the republic, the Founding Fathers narrowly avoided declaring German the official language… at least that is the legend.

    A Frenchman has to speak French. A German has to speak the language of the Vaterland. But an American could speak anything. And often does.

    Be What You Want to Be

    Nor is there even a common history. The average immigrant didn’t arrive until the early 20th century. By then, America’s history was already three centuries old. The average citizen missed the whole thing.

    Neither blood, history, religion, language – what else is left? Only an idea: that you could come to America and be whatever you wanted to be. You might have been a bogtrotter in Ireland or a baron in Silesia; in America, you were free to become whatever you could make of yourself.

    “Give me liberty or give me death,” said Patrick Henry, raising the rhetorical stakes and praying no one would call him on it. Yet the average man at the time lived in near-perfect freedom.

    There were few books and few laws on them. And fewer people to enforce them. Henry, if he wanted to do so, could have merely crossed the Blue Ridge west of Charlottesville and never seen another government agent again.

    Taxation With Representation

    Thomas Jefferson complained, in the Declaration of Independence, that Britain had “erected a multitude of New Offices, and set hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”

    Yet the swarms of officers sent by King George III would have barely filled a midsize regional office of the IRS or city zoning department today.

    Likewise, the Founding Fathers kvetched about taxation without representation. But history has shown that representation only makes taxation worse. Kings, emperors, and tyrants must keep tax rates low… Otherwise, the people rise in rebellion.

    It is Democrats that really eat out the substance of the people: The illusion of self-government lets them get away with it. Tax rates were only an average of 3% under the tyranny of King George III. One of the blessings of democracy is average tax rates that are 10 times as high.

    “Americans today,” wrote Rose Wilder Lane in 1936, after the Lincoln administration had annihilated the principle of self-government… but before the Roosevelt team had finished its work, “are the most reckless and lawless of peoples… We are also the most imaginative, the most temperamental, the most infinitely varied.”

    But by the end of the 20th century, Americans were required to wear seat belts and ate low-fat yogurt without a gun to their heads. The recklessness seems to have been bred out of them. And the variety, too. North, south, east, and west, people all wear the same clothes and cherish the same decrepit ideas as if they were religious relics.

    And why not? It’s a free country.



  13. The Dread Pirate Mathius says:


  14. gmanfortruth says:
  15. 6th of June…..Remembering D-Day.

  16. Does anyone disagree that Reality Winner should be subject to the maximum penalty for releasing classified data to the New York Times…….life imprisonment.

    And, does anyone disagree that the New York Times should be held as complicit accomplice in publishing said information.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      The punishment should fit the crime. Was the info disclosed a severe national security breech, or a major one.

      Life for stupid and brainwashed may be a bit much, but emotionally speaking, I think the firing squad should be lined up if convicted. But the rational thinking person hasn’t quite got enough info to make that call…….YET! 😀

      • The female deliberatley exposed info that is reportedly so classified that it disclosed CIA operatives.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          AH!, a big one. If convicted, life plus 10. Then HRC should get life x2.

          • She clearly did this with intent. If she could not in good conscience do her duty, she should have resigned. Hence prosecute her to the full extent of the law. I do not know if treason applies since who would be defined as an enemy.

            I would also prosecute the reporter that received the papers. He may be protected from prosecution by the 1st amendment for the content of the papers and their publication but he did receive stolen property which should not be protected. It makes no difference if it is paper or some other government property such as a tank (for the Col. since he likes tanks).

            • Ya know……as a tank company commander, I had 14 tanks under my command….I had the feeling of power.

              As a Battalion comander, I had three tank companies and 1 mech infantry company under my command….awesome fire power…

              As a Brigade commander, I had three tank battalions, 1 mech infantry battalion, three field artillery units, 1 Cobra squadron, 1 Apache squadron, and 1 black hawk squadron. 1 scout company. And numerous slices of anti-air, medics, maintenance units. THAT WAS POWER.

              To top it off…..I fed them beans and jalapenos every night.

              • Rocket power with fire.

              • Dale A. Albrecht says:

                No need to pre-position fuel dumps. Just feed the sequestered gas directly into the turbines, like injecting nitrous oxide into a dragster. Bet you got an extra 10 MPH out of your vehicles.

              • Not to mention that in a “buttoned up” tank….protective suits were worn……well, we wore them anyway when “buttoned” because we could hook up to the air filtrationsystem and blow air through out our suits……

                WHICH reminded me of a story from the front…..when we were running drills before the attack, i was sent a news person to be imbedded with my group. We all jumped into our chemical suits and got into the racks and hooked up to the air filtration system. Our imbedded news person was astonished that the military would make us suit up in 100+ weather….that day it was only 112….I told him it was actually cool to have filtrated air flowing through the suit….besides, when we hit the chemicals we are expected, we would like to already be protected…..he was very silent for about 45 seconds….and asked, is there a suit for me? I simply shook my head and said no….and then asked him why he came to a combat outfit with a camera, no sleeping bag, no pretective suit, no helmet…nothing. He was silent again and said that they were told they would be supplied with everything from the unit they were going to be with……to which I said….look in here. Do you see another filtration outlet anywhere? ( There was none, of course )…..and then I said..each person is resonsible for his/her own gear. I recommend you go back to your boss and tell them to outfit you….then you need to figure out how you would survive in 110+ heat with no air filtration system or camel back ( water container worn on back for those that do not know ).

                He left…never saw him again.

      • I Thought “reality Winner ” place third at Belmont in the fourth race.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Based on the law as written she should get life, the newspaper gets nothing. Unless they published operative’s names.

      Now, based on the law as enforced on the elite and leadership? She should get the Nobel Peace Prize, a book deal and a contract to be a talking head on MSNBC. And the paper would get a Pulitzer.

      Nuff said?

      • Nuff said except one thing…….why do you give a newspaper a pass? If a newspaper, knowingly receives classified documents, and even if they leave out an operatives name, the document is still classified…….why do they get a 1st amendment pass? Just because they are a newspaper?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          There is legal precedent for the newspaper getting off. Once it is removed then the next contact is off the hook, sort of, depending on who they are and why they receive the material.

          Now whether that is right is a good question. I believe that they should be subject to prosecution as well, AS LONG AS there are adequate ways for whistle blowers to reveal information and these avenues actually work.

          I think what is happening all to often is the avenues are there but the people running them do nothing. This has led the whistle blowers to thing they will not get the proper vetting. Of course, some think things are deserving of exposure when the thing really isn’t or it should remain classified.

          • Yes sir agreed…….but this woman was not a whistleblower. Not even in the slightest bastardization of the word……she held a top secret clearance in the Air Force and in government. She is smart. Speaks a variety of languages, I am told. This was a premeditated political hit. She should swing but I do not get to make that call. She used a valued and coveted position as a political hit piece and the fallout is yet to be seen. If any of the CIA operatives that were named end up dead……she is guilty of murder and so is the press that printed it. I am not all on board about whistleblowers either but…….I can be persuaded in certain instances. What I cannot abide, is someone taking classified information that is so sensitive, people will probably die, and for some personal cause feel justified in letting it out. I hope Trump or his administration does go on a witch hunt,,,,,SALEM STYLE,,,,,and root out everything from a game rooster to God Almighty to find these leaks…..and then persecute them to the fullest extent of D13’s Law. ( No, you do not want to know what it is…none can handle it ).

            @MAthius……I would feel the exact same for someone who did this to Clinton and even Obama. AS much as I cannot stand Clinton and as much as I despise Obama, it is still wrong and I would be for hunting them down as well to the fullest extent of D13’s Law….and using Raptors would be the least of their problems.

            • And Mathius, this includes Wikileaks as well on Clinton. It is not what was in it… is how it was done. Hacking and leaking is not a 1st amendment protection and it is not subject to a whistleblower defense. It was information obtained illegally and used for political purposes. This whole thing in Washington and the mindset disgusts me.

  17. gmanfortruth says:

    Krystal Ball is commenting about Reality Winner……on FOX. Both are Liberal’s, go figure. 😀

  18. gmanfortruth says:
  19. gmanfortruth says:
  20. If the CIA/NSA know the Russians hacked into computers involved with the elections, how come the do not know if Hillary’s server was hacked?

  21. Now, I heard this on the radio as I was heading into town…..almost wrecked my car laughing but want to know if it is true or if anybody has heard the same thing.

    A couple of left wing activists that are on Trump’s Twitter account are filing a suit or are about to over the fact that Trump blocks them from his Twitter feed. They are claiming that Trump, or anybody for that matter, violates the 1st Amendment by blocking their Twitter account.

    Now……..not being on social media at all except this blog, I do not know how Twitter or any of those things works… I am an admitted novice. That said……I talked to my kids, all of whom are astounded that I am not on any social media, say that they block people all the time. Especially ones who get belligerent etc……..SO… I understand it, you can set up your own feed and make it public. I understand that you can also make it private and I understand that you can block people on it like you can block people here.

    Question…….is it a 1st amendment violation, that if you are on a public media but control your own feed, you cannot block belligerent people?

    Or….because you are POTUS, you play to a different set of rules?

    • The argument is that since it is POTUS, the site has become a public forum hence any blockage is an impediment to free speech. Double standards for me but not for thee.

      • I see…, what they are saying…..if you have a private setting, because you are the POTUS you cannot be private but I can be private because I am not the POTUS………

        Not much of an argument.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          Social media are private companies and the 1st Amendment doesn’t apply, to anyone. The lawsuit is DOA.

  22. Mathius says:

    “I’ve never seen hatred like this. To me, [Democrats are] not even people.”

    Eric Trump on Hannity yesterday

    • Just A Citizen says:

      As a Trump I can understand his feelings but he should never have said it out loud.

      The sad thing is the number of people on both sides who now express this kind of feeling towards those with whom they disagree.

      • Why not? It happens to be true. After years of waiting the true colors show through, the mask drops off and you can see the alien beings for what they really are.

        As the ex-want to be shrink, watching these folks vitriol and bile reminds me of the German, the TRUE German response to the Jew in the 1930’s. Do not doubt for one GODDAM second that Mahr, Baldwin, Griffith would have you in a concentration camp on your way to the ovens in a minute. All for the “greater” good of course.

        • In a way, I am not unhappy. Something had to happen, perhaps now that it has it can be dealt with rather than just an increasingly bigger festering sore every year. If it can’t then there are just that many more of us who see these folks for what they are.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          So is the lefts claims of your “true colors” equally correct?

          Claiming others are not human or mentally retarded, or that liberalism/conservatism is a “mental disorder” are inaccurate and not helpful.

          And Eric Trump shouldn’t have said it because of how his father acts and he is POTUS’s son. The one who is supposed to be apolitical right now while he runs the business.

          • Mathius says:


            Claiming others are not human or mentally retarded, or that liberalism/conservatism is a “mental disorder” are inaccurate and not helpful.

            Hey, look! JAC and I agree on something!

            And Eric Trump shouldn’t have said it because of how his father acts and he is POTUS’s son.


            Eric Trump shouldn’t have said it because it’s a stupid and dangerous thing to say, period.

            Suggesting that (other group) isn’t human or is in some way less than human leads to a very bad path. I’m not suggesting that E. Trump is leading up to an extermination of liberals – but the mindset should avoided at all costs.

            Even in its most casual implications, it suggests that there’s no need to try to work with liberals, that we have nothing to offer, that we are merely obstacles to be overrun. It suggests that we aren’t capable of reason or of offering value. It begets a dangerous and reckless bifurcation of the populace that hasn’t been seen in this nation since segregation.

            And, more, it’s shallow and lazy thinking. With human opposition, you have to consider complexity. You have to question motives and premises and logic. But if your opposition isn’t human, you can think of them as a 2-dimensional representation with neither substance nor integrity. You don’t have to consider your own thinking – you just dismiss the “other” out of hand. “Why do they want single pay?” “Who cares? They’re just liberals.”

            After years of waiting the true colors show through, the mask drops off and you can see the alien beings for what they really are.


            Am I one of those bugs?

            Something had to happen, perhaps now that it has it can be dealt with

            ::raise eyebrow::

            Oh? And how do you deal with an enemy that is less than human?

            • gmanfortruth says:

              During an interview with Sean Hannity Tuesday evening, Eric Trump discussed the uphill battle his father faces with obstructionist Democrats who are more interested in seeing the president fail than they are in seeing the nation succeed.

              He also discussed how media, celebrities, and just everyday people have acted viciously towards the Trump family, even attacking his younger brother, pregnant wife and unborn child. The younger Trump even shared a moment when someone told his pregnant wife that he hoped “the kid is aborted … so there isn’t another Trump in the world.”

              During the interview, Eric Trump enumerated some of the reasons why the Democratic Party is in shambles, adding that they are “not even people.” Of course that is the only line from the Trump-Hannity interview now being touted by the mainstream media.

              Of course, where would they be if they couldn’t have taken Eric Trump’s comment out of context and twisted it to suit their own agenda. They conveniently left out the “why,” including the heinous attacks the family has endured by the so-called “tolerant” Left.

              • Mathius says:

                Democrats who are more interested in seeing the president fail than they are in seeing the nation succeed.

                Kind of like: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” – Mitch McConnell (Oct 2010)

                Kind of like that?

                Or more like this: “”I hope he fails … Everybody thinks it’s outrageous to say. Look, even my staff, ‘Oh, you can’t do that.’ Why not? Why is it any different, what’s new, what is unfair about my saying I hope liberalism fails?” – Rush Limbaugh (March 2009)

                I don’t point this out to suggest that it’s ok if the Democrats do it to Trump. I point this out to suggest that there is precedent for categorical obstruction. That is, I’m not saying Dems are right to want to see “the president fail than they are in seeing the nation succeed,” nor to I concede that they do; but rather that, even if that were the case, it’s not some novel invention of the left.

                He also discussed how media, celebrities, and just everyday people have acted viciously towards the Trump family, even attacking his younger brother, pregnant wife and unborn child.

                Ok, so there’s a bit to unpack here.

                Media: Of course the media hates him. He spent 2 years de-legitimizing and slandering them. He has called them – explicitly – the enemy of the American people. Of course they’re not going to be friendly. He also blatantly lies to and about them, and calls them fake news whenever they report anything he doesn’t like. What? You were expecting hugs?

                Celebrities: It may shock you to learn that most celebrities are liberal. Of course they’re attacking him. For what it’s worth, Ted Nugent wasn’t exactly friendly to Obama..

                Everyday people: No worse so than they attacked Obama.

                Family: Some of Trump’s family are active politically. They are fair game. Especially Jared. How many times did I see Michelle Obama portrayed as a monkey?

                Family: Some of Trump’s family are not politically active. They are not and should not be considered fair game. It is wrong to attack them. Unless you prove otherwise (I haven’t been paying close attention), it was my understanding that these tended to be fringe attacks rather than mainstream. That is, it’s not like the Times is running articles attacking Baron or some fetus.

                The younger Trump even shared a moment when someone told his pregnant wife that he hoped “the kid is aborted … so there isn’t another Trump in the world.”

                Objection! Hearsay!

                But, assuming it’s true, that person is an asshole.

                Of course that is the only line from the Trump-Hannity interview now being touted by the mainstream media.

                No surprise. The whole thing (I skipped around) was a vitriolic diatribe against the left, the media, and the (totally precedented) unprecedented obstruction of the left.

                The victim complex can be seen from space.

                Is anyone shocked that ideologically opposed parties will attack the most powerful man on the planet when he his agenda is diametrically opposed to their? Did you expect them to just roll over for the next 4 years? Did the Tea Party roll over for Obama? Did the Freedom Caucus? Did SUFA?

                But, yes, this was one line. But it’s a big thing.

                This is no small, idle statement.

                This is not something you write off as a slip of the tongue.

                This is – explicitly – dehumanizing your opposition.

                Whether he intended it as a trial balloon to see if he can break Democratic resistance, I can’t say (I doubt it).

                What I can say is, whatever his motive for saying this, if he believes it, then, to him, and within all the scope of power he wields by having proximity and access to the President, as well as any implication by virtue of that President’s lack of repudiation, he is legitimizing the notion that Democrats (read: people who don’t agree with his father) are less than human.

                Give me a single instance in history where anything positive has ever come of that notion.

                As Biden might say: It’s a big F***in’ deal.

                Of course, where would they be if they couldn’t have taken Eric Trump’s comment out of context and twisted it to suit their own agenda.

                Who is twisting it?

                Eric Trump: Bitch, bitch, moan, moan, whine, whine, whine. They’re opposing my father and being mean. I don’t even consider them human.

                Did I miss something?

                They conveniently left out the “why,” including the heinous attacks the family has endured by the so-called “tolerant” Left.

                I’m a registered Democrat.

                I haven’t done any of the things he’s sobbing about.

                Am I less than human?

                He said “to me, [Democrats] aren’t even human.” Does he mean me?

                Should I just be executed? That’s what you do to an animal less than human if it’s a pest.

                There is no “why” that makes this an acceptable thing to say. Period. Full stop.

                There is no justification for – especially from someone close to power – to suggest that any other human being is in any way less than a fully equal human being. Period.

                That he has a list of grievances, some real, most imagined, does not excuse nor negate nor mitigate the sheer evil of his sentiment.

                You don’t get to sweep it under the rug under the guise of “yea, well, your side was being mean, so it’s ok.”

              • Sounds like you’re justifying, even though you said there’s no justification.

                How bout just call off the dogs and don’t give the Trumps anything to whine about.

                Does E Trump mean you? I highly doubt it. More the likes of Kathy Griffin, Rosie, Madonna, MSM, Antifa, Deep State, etc.

                Cannot dehumanize? Because Deplorable is such a pleasant word. Oh, and Irredeemable. And SHE, yes SHE, called out and used the words — Trump supporters.

  23. An interesting story today on the news, back about 1910, the LA Times was blown up. The paper, virulently anti-union blamed it on unions despite the best evidence being it was a gas leak. None-the-less, two guys got life plus 10 in spite of a plea agreement worked out by Clarence Darrow and the prosecutor. The judge saw fit to ignore it and place his PERSONAL STAMP of justice on the case.

    We should dig up some more of these right wing excesses of the past and USE them to point out current judicial left wing excesses. Judges are people and capable of the same bias as everyone else.

    That does remind me of “Judgement at Nurenberg” with Spencer Tracy where the case was about this stalwart legal minded judge in Pre war Germany who got caught up in Nazism and “went along” with the prevailing thinking. I only watched the movie for the first time a few years back and was amazed that it was about conscience, lack of, getting along by going along, failure to see handwriting on the wall and other issues even more relevant now. With a cast including Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Maxmillian Schell, Judy Garland, Montgomery Clift and Marlene Dietrich, it should be at the top of everyone’s ;list but I think it makes people VERY uncomfortable. “One further note. The film describes how the Nazis went about stripping the German judiciary of judges who were known for their objectivity, and replacing them with judges who were appointed based solely on their party loyalties.” 1.

    1.taken from a review

    • A really great movie…..I have it and watch it several times. I have even used it as a teaching model in the military with brand new 2nd LT wannabe’s.

  24. Just A Citizen says:

    The supposed leak of Comey’s testimony tomorrow. Warnong. The headlines are not supported by this. In fact, Mr. Trump’s comments are supported by it. This is going to be a hoot.

    Now if Mr. Trump were as smart as he thinks, he would thank Mr. Comey for his great service, his honesty and for once again putting the record straight regarding Mr. Trump working with the Russians.

  25. Just A Citizen says:


    We need to strengthen the Libel laws to prevent false claims and advertising in politics.

    This would prevent opposition research being used to distort the truth in ways to influence the elections.

    This means RAPID hearings and fines assigned to prevent people like Reid from lying then declaring oops later,, when it is to late.

    Alternative. BAN all political advertising. The only information allowed is copies of speeches, in full, written testimonials, issue papers and of course debates. EDITORIALIZING will not be allowed by news outlets that petition for “PRESS” status.

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    Watch who ignores this due to the source of the story.

    So, how do the Trump supporters feel about this???

  27. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Big Republican powwow in Park City, Utah. Romney is heading it up apparently. McCain, Ryan, Graham will be notible attendees. The guest special invitee and to be interviewed by Romney will be Ex-VP Biden. The overall topic of the conference will be discussing Bi-Partisan politics…….Trumps biggest and dangerous opponents are not the Democrats but his own party. These guys went along to get along with Obama on just about everything. Why would they change their spots or stripes just because Trump was elected.

    • If this is true………….hmmmm.

    • Mathius says:

      Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham “went along with Obama on just about everything”??

      ::insert Twilight Zone music::

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Yes Mathius…..they followed him on all the treaty’s/agreements and never challenged him…they never followed through on anything with the healthcare challenges and never submitted a bill so in their words he’d take a stand and make him veto it. The same all along with any budget deal…..any challenge was just smoke and mirrors. They whole heartedly approved all extentions on surveillence of all people. Everything is captured…whether it’s used or not is what is now going through the mill…..only used when a crime later has been commited and they can then search the databases…or in Trumps case used as political fodder…..Flynn commited no crime, except not telling Pence about the conversations…..then leaked for political reasons by the Obama administration

  28. The biggest thing that I got out of the stuff on Comey was……..why were there no notes of the two Obama meetings.

    • Mathius says:

      (A) Who says there weren’t?
      (B) Maybe he didn’t have so much cause to distrust Obama? (read: CYA)
      (C) Has anyone checked to see if they’re on Clinton’s email server?

      • Good Morning, Sir,Mathius……….got your hackles up I see……to answer your questions…

        A. Comey made the direct statement that he did not take notes. What I found more interesting, he said that in 8 years, he talked to Obama twice. Like I am going to believe that.

        B. Riiiiiiight.

        C. Do not know the answer to this one.

        But I do wish to take an issue……..your statement, in my view, that ” Even in its most casual implications, it suggests that there’s no need to try to work with liberals, that we have nothing to offer, that we are merely obstacles to be overrun. It suggests that we aren’t capable of reason or of offering value. It begets a dangerous and reckless bifurcation of the populace that hasn’t been seen in this nation since segregation.”

        This type of Vitriol has been going on for decades….this is not the worse I have seen….I have seen far worse than this. What you are getting from the Repubs now is exactly what they got from the Dems during the Obama Administration……but you should have known this was going to happen….and it is going to happen again when and if the Dems take back any control…it is not going to stop.

        I have never believed in the “Deep State” theory before……..but am changing my mind.

        I am probably the only one on this blog that votes a split ticket. I have voted for **almost** as many democrats as republicans. I am a conservative, yes. And I will vote for conservative and moderate Democrats before a single liberal republican gets my vote simply because they are Republican. But I do not think anyone can say that I am far right by any stretch of the imagination. Here is what I see out there and it is disgusting.

        Today, I have already made up my mind about Comey, no matter which way the fur flies. I do not care if he vindicates Trump or not…….it matters not because it is not going to be believed anyway. I certainly am not. He is nothing but cannon fodder and trying to save his own hide. So, anything he says I will not believe…..good or bad. HIs testimony today is not worthy of my time. He is worse than Sybil.

        But, Mathius, I know you got your hackles up…but I refuse to believe that you think the following. It just does not fit my impression of you.

        1)….Even in its most casual implications, it suggests that there’s no need to try to work with liberals, that we have nothing to offer, that we are merely obstacles to be overrun. It suggests that we aren’t capable of reason or of offering value.

        ( This was the Obama Administration’s attitude was it not? Not meeting with Repubs, change the Nation because it is immoral, you have to read it to see what is in it….stuff like this? It is the same. Calling me a deplorable is equal to anything that is called sub human….wherein lies the difference? Nancy Pelosi using the term despicable Reoublicans is an inference to sub human, is it not? )

        2)….And, more, it’s shallow and lazy thinking. With human opposition, you have to consider complexity. You have to question motives and premises and logic. But if your opposition isn’t human, you can think of them as a 2-dimensional representation with neither substance nor integrity. You don’t have to consider your own thinking – you just dismiss the “other” out of hand. “Why do they want single pay?” “Who cares? They’re just liberals.”

        ( Throwing grandma off the cliff….pictures of Repubs killing the elderly…saying the Repubs have no heart if they oppose single payer…..Obamacare written without one single Republican…not even invited….wherein lies the difference? )

        3)…I don’t point this out to suggest that it’s ok if the Democrats do it to Trump. I point this out to suggest that there is precedent for categorical obstruction. That is, I’m not saying Dems are right to want to see “the president fail than they are in seeing the nation succeed,” nor to I concede that they do; but rather that, even if that were the case, it’s not some novel invention of the left.

        ( You and I almost agree on this one….it is not novel nor does anyone suggest that it is, this type of crap, and that is what it is, CRAP…..has been going on since….Well, since Moses was a mess cook. YOu obviously do not remember very far back in the 70’s….it was worse than this ).

        4)….Media: Of course the media hates him. He spent 2 years de-legitimizing and slandering them. He has called them – explicitly – the enemy of the American people. Of course they’re not going to be friendly. He also blatantly lies to and about them, and calls them fake news whenever they report anything he doesn’t like. What? You were expecting hugs?

        ( These statements you made are nothing more than justifying the media. Just as you put the POTUS on a different level because you expect more from a POTUS, why do you give a pass to media…they should be above this…even if attacked. In my years of living, I have seen the media get worse and worse. Used to be you could rely upon reporting….unbiased reporting. In the last,,,,,oh……25 years, I have not seen unbiased reporting from either side….AND, because I used to have to deal with them in the 80’s and 90’s so much….I do not trust one single reporter or news outlet anywhere. They have proven zero credibility with me.)

        5)….Celebrities: It may shock you to learn that most celebrities are liberal. Of course they’re attacking him. For what it’s worth, Ted Nugent wasn’t exactly friendly to Obama..

        (Sounds like more justification to me, sir. So, if I read you correctly, if they are liberal celebrities, expect it? This makes it ok? )

        6)…..Family: Some of Trump’s family are active politically. They are fair game. Especially Jared. How many times did I see Michelle Obama portrayed as a monkey?

        ( I never did see this…but I do not read papers or articles very often. But, the Bush girls were never politically inclined….they got hammered. )

        7)….Family: Some of Trump’s family are not politically active. They are not and should not be considered fair game. It is wrong to attack them. Unless you prove otherwise (I haven’t been paying close attention), it was my understanding that these tended to be fringe attacks rather than mainstream. That is, it’s not like the Times is running articles attacking Baron or some fetus.

        ( Fringe attacks are ok? You cannot believe this….you simply cannot. Until Bush, I never saw family attacked except in Jimmy Carter’s instance and even that was wrong.)

        8)….and the (totally precedented) unprecedented obstruction of the left.

        ( Don’t even know how to respond to this…..other than…..bullshit. ****the use of the term bullshit refers to the use of the term unprecedented)

        9)……But, yes, this was one line. But it’s a big thing.

        This is no small, idle statement.

        This is not something you write off as a slip of the tongue.

        This is – explicitly – dehumanizing your opposition.

        (Tch Tch…….You really are going to make me go back and research, aren’t you and show you this is not unprecedented and it is not a big thing……How about the use of the term Sadistic Inhuman Being when referring to oppostion on Obamacare….is this not the same? )

        10)…..What I can say is, whatever his motive for saying this, if he believes it, then, to him, and within all the scope of power he wields by having proximity and access to the President, as well as any implication by virtue of that President’s lack of repudiation, he is legitimizing the notion that Democrats (read: people who don’t agree with his father) are less than human.

        ( I can see why you would say this…you are democrat. This is how you perceive it. I see it as the SOS…..( Not Sec of State ) but the same old political shit that has been going on for ages….This type of vitriol, while I agree has become more and more nasty in the last 20 years…has been going on a long time. )

        11)….He said “to me, [Democrats] aren’t even human.” Does he mean me?

        ( Of course not….and for you to take it that way is beneath you, sir….You have proven to me over and over again that you do not think like this….something got you riled. I view Clinton’s comments of deplorable and Pelosi’s comments of inhuman to be the same….but I know myself and I do not take “deplorable” or “inhuman” personally…and neither should you. Saner heads are going to have to rule….and right now, we do not have that.

        One thing that is bothering me the most and I fully believe this. I can name a piss pot full of Democrats and a piss pot full of Republicans, who, in my opinion DO NOT HAVE THE COUNTRY NOR THE PEOPLE AT HEART. I can name, on both sides, those that want to see the President fail and this country falter. Want me to do that? Tell you what…..I will submit two names right off the bat that fall in this category. One Republican…..John McCain. One Democrat……Barack Obama. I will go further, if asked and state my reasons why…but does it matter?

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Billy Carter got hammered because he did represent Carter at times and was a total embarrassment like turning and pissing on the tarmac while waiting for some dignitary to arrive…..he was a drunk just like the brother of the PM portrayed in the british version of the “House of Cards” Carter did for a time have his adult children living in the WH.

          What the media and celebrities are doing to Baron Trump is vile. But all of this is nothing new in our history. Just read about the northern press with Lincoln, even allies where only fair weather friends….they faked news and images even then. The press was very complicite in instigating the Spanish American war “Hearst Press”

          The NYT’s published false stories about race riots in NC and wired them all over. They were very complicite in getting the Jim Crow laws implemented

  29. I’d love to know about the notes on the Hillary meeting. Oh, excuse me, there are no notes from a guy who is famous for taking notes or doing an AAR.

    I took the time to read through the preview.

    He asks the FBI to “go easy” on a good guy (to which the FBI Director agrees that he is a “good guy”) two days AFTER the guy is fired. Man is that ever an impeachable offense.

  30. gmanfortruth says:
  31. Mathius says:


    How bout just call off the dogs and don’t give the Trumps anything to whine about.

    How about no?

    While, of course, I’d like everyone to be a bit nicer, I fail to see why the left should simply roll over and play lapdog for Trump.

    We don’t like him. We don’t like what he does. We don’t like what he says he’ll do. We don’t like his perceived policies. We don’t like his actual policies. We don’t like where he’s taking the country. We don’t like where he’s taking the world. We don’t like “us or them” mentality. We don’t like his wall. We don’t like his travel ban. We don’t like his tax policy (such as it is). We don’t like his aggressive dismantling of the Obama era. We don’t like that he’s a bully. We don’t like his constant lies. We don’t like his juvenile nicknames and school-yard tactics. We don’t like his simplistic view of the world. We don’t like his denial of climate change. We don’t like the way he treats the left. We don’t like the way he treats the media. We don’t like, well.. we don’t like pretty much anything about him.

    Of course he’s going to be attacked by the left.

    And he will continue to be attacked by the left for the remainder of his life. And, probably, well after his death.

    Since when has the Presidency ever been a criticism-free job?

    Obama (and this is true), literally, couldn’t kill a fly without criticism. No joke. Early in his Presidency, Obama swatted a fly ninja-style. PETA called it murder and “an execution,” saying that Obama should think before he acts. And Beck(?) claimed that it was faked in order to make the President look cool.

    People don’t “back off” the President. It is the worst job in the world if you have thin skin – and Trump has very thin skin. It comes with a lot of perks, but it also comes at a price.

    It’s not always fair. I’m sure Obama didn’t love all those witch doctor memes. But thems the breaks.

    • What you don’t like more than anything is his personality. Because he dares to fight back.

      Can you name some lies that actually mean something to the welfare of the country?
      Can you explain what policies aside from travel ban and wall (meant as security measures, but you laid out your reasons previously) that are harmful to the country?
      Can you explain what is so bad about where he is taking the country? Seems to me he has much support outside our borders. Nationalism is the talk of the town.
      Where has he said he doesnt believe in climate change? I thought he was being deliberately obtuse on the question. I remember him saying that ‘there’s something there’ at one point.
      PETA is your side.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        What Trump said about climate change was that we are out but were going to renegotiate the accord, which the term was deliberately used in collusion with the Obama administration to AVOID any Senate review and up or down vote. The same with the Iran deal.

        Trump was not going to stand by and have countries like China get a pass on NO environmental controls and eat us up economically and the same with India. D13 always says even the deal out and lets compete. No one sided deals like NAFTA and the PPC deal. Nothing wrong with WIN WIN but if we always get the short straw…BS on that.

    • Anita….read Mathius very carefully. Read exactly what he is saying…..I know you are not stupid but put him in perspective. I don’t know what finally got under Sir MAthius’ skin….but something has…however, let’s disect his statements to you.

      Mathius says, “We don’t like him. We don’t like what he does. We don’t like what he says he’ll do. We don’t like his perceived policies. We don’t like his actual policies. We don’t like where he’s taking the country. We don’t like where he’s taking the world.”

      There is nothing more to this than ideology. You believe one way, he and others believe another way. It is the old axiom that it takes two horses to have a horse race. Mathius does not like Trump’s ideology. Ok… big deal. I do not like Mathius’ ideology either but he is consistent. Mathius does not agree with me….but that is ok. We are both entitled to our opinions. SO, that is all Mathius is so far…..a different ideology.

      He goes on : ” We don’t like his wall. We don’t like his travel ban. We don’t like his tax policy (such as it is). We don’t like his aggressive dismantling of the Obama era.”

      Again….more ideology. Obama dismantled everything Bush did….no big deal, them’s the breaks.

      He continues: ” We don’t like his simplistic view of the world. We don’t like his denial of climate change. We don’t like the way he treats the left. ”

      Again, more ideology. Republicans did not like the way Obama treated them or the right. So, what is different ? Nothing.

      Now, let’s look at a couple of things that are not ideology. Mathius stated: “We don’t like that he’s a bully. We don’t like his constant lies. We don’t like his juvenile nicknames and school-yard tactics.”

      Now, this pertains to personality and not ideology….All I can say is….just more Obama tactics…Obama was a huge bully and so was Michelle…more so than Hillary when she was first lady. Anytime a politician opens his/her mouth….it is a lie. Live with it….no one can throw rocks.

      Now, one thing that has caught Washington off guard…….Trump is a threat to the establishment in Washington. He is a huge threat to the media…a threat to politics as usual.

      The other thing that has people scared to death. Nationalism is on the rise…..think pendulum swing here. Progressives are scared of it and it threatens the elite. THAT is the real issue, in my opinion.

      • Mathius says:

        Nationalism is on the rise…..think pendulum swing here. Progressives are scared of it and it threatens the elite.


        We aren’t “scared” of it because it threatens the elite.

        We loathe it because it’s terrible.

        It’s bad economics.

        It’s bad politics.

        It’s bad for the world.

        It’s bad domestically (long term).

        It’s bad culturally.

        And it’s short sighted.

        As you put it, it’s ideological.

        • Of course it is….and that is all it is….I am not a one worlder… are. Cool….we disagree but that doesn’t make us enemies like I see happening out there. You and I can discuss things very rationally without hate…..why can’t others?

          I don’t care how wrong you are…….you have a right to be wrong and I have a right to be correct. And through all of this DPM keeps sailing along. He does not care as long as he keeps his Marque……and Grog.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          I fail to see why Nationalism is any of the things you claim. The United States was filled with Nationalists until most recently. The US seems to have done quite nicely over that time frame.

          Don’t equate Nationalism with Isolationism. They are not the same.

          • Good point……let me be the first to say….I used to be borderline isolationist but have changed my mind……Putting America first is not isolationism……it is Nationalism……so……….and actually Mathius and you and BF had some to do with me getting off the fence of isolationism….

            America comes first……do not do deals unless it is a win…..or a win/win……no losses and no lost leaders. We, the USA, does not OWE the world anything….nor does the world owe us.

  32. Canine Weapon says:

    • This filthy rich “Grandee” oligarch. Certainly did a lot to help his own people didn’t he? Just like ALL the Mexican governments while they sit on more oil than the Saudi’s.

      • I wonder if people here actually know the real Mexico….not what is put in print by our lusterless media……

        At the end of each Mexican Presidency,….it is called the “YEAR OF THE RAKE”….What I find so funny is that most of the media does not know that the Presidential term in Mexico is 6 years,,,,and no return. The 6th year, or year of the rake, is where the President of Mexico…”rakes” it in. For example, the last two President’s of Mexico…..Let’s bring up former Presidente Vicente Fox, whom you posted above. His last year in office he created a bridge to “nowhere” called the Columbia bridge that crosses the border between Mexico and the United States. Now, this bridge….a beautiful expanse of bridge…..was built 14 miles Northwest of Laredo, Texas, by Mexican taxpayer funds. Keep in mind that Laredo already has several commerce bridges in town. Go North on Interstate 35 and look for the sign that says Columbia Bridge….and take a look at the road……a beautiful road that goes to a bridge that crosses the Texas/Mexico border. It was built with US tax Dollars from Clinton.

        Lo and behold, at the end of the Mexican Presidency, guess who owns the toll bridge ( Vicente Fox) and guess who signed the US EO ( Bill Clinton ) that requires US commercial trucks to cross that particular out of the way bridge. Wonder how much money found its way to any foundations?

        The whole political scene stinks….and Trump is a threat.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          Some of the news has been how many of the countries in the ME are deciding to shun Qatar for a lot of reasons. One that stood out was the links to the “Clinton Foundation” That said, IBM while HRC was SOS IBM sold their semi-conductor business to a Qatar owned company. We used to make lots of special chips for the government programs. The patents went with the deal. This is like the uranium deal with Russia concluded during her tenure and now she denies having ANY involvement because such a deal is handled does not rise to the level requiring her approval. Yet MILLION found its way into the foundation from the russian investors and they now control 20% of a strategic resource. Would approving selling special microchip designs and the fabricators to Qatar who donated heavily to Clinton fall into also requiring approval……forget even getting into Haiti and the fraud foisted upon the people there while bill and his “donators” raked in Billions and the people still got the shaft without the benefit of vasoline after HRC pressured the UN to let Bill handle the emergency and recovery.. .

          We forget how HRC and Obama I believe went after Honduras who had impeached arrested their President who was attempting to emmulate Hugo Chavez and seize unlimited power in direct violation of their constitution. ONE term, period. NO second term. The Courts ordered the removal of the wanna be dictator for life. Yet HRC and Obama were screaming how they should reinstate him or suffer the consequences.

  33. I did not think it was going to be so hard to avoid these hearings…but I am doing good so far….except on here….not reading or listening to anything on the Comey hearings….What I will probably dub……..CYA hearings. I am going to wait to see what happens on here and see if there is any real objective comments before I catch up.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Have not watched them. No need after reading his written statement yesterday. If confirmed my view of Comey as having something seriously wrong with his character. Grates me to no end watching FBI and DOJ, as well as media types, hype his supposed “honor” and “integrity”.

      Did see some headlines and written stuff on the testimony today. Best comment I saw was from the WSJ. The author said that Comey’s testimony was proof he should have been fired.

      • I have not seen anything yet…..and the only thing that I am listening to is some songs from my old times…..the Kingston Trio.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          And to test your memory….who are some of the singers that went off on their own and hit it big……..Kingston Trio, Chad Mitchell Trio,

          All the jazz guys like Pete Fountain, and Al Hirt…

          Jan and Dean, Beach Boys etc BEFORE they hit it big.

          Woody Guthrie (before my time) Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan etal But I included Woody because I like Arlo’s music especially after “Alice’s Restaurant” and the group W bench. Carry on into Carol King, Joni Mitchell. Joan Armatrading,

          All the Texas guys that broke off from the Nashville sugar pop CW. Real REBELS to this day for those that are still above the grass.

          • John Denver did the Chad Mitchell trio. Chad Mitchell did time for Coke. Personally I was a big Chad Mitchel Trio fan. I loved their parody songs when they did the “Goldwater Song” “We’re the brave young men who want to go back to 1910, we’re Barry’s boys”, the REAL Barry’s boys adopted it as an anthem. Conservatives have a much, much better sense of humor than libs. or commies.

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              You know I think you hit something on the humor thing. I really have seen NO/ZIP sense of humor on the liberal side. I believe that is because they are on a mission, have a cause and nothing is to stand in their way to defeat the ENEMY, which is a term used by Obama and HRC ad nauseum to describe anyone who opposed their policies. No debate truly allowed because we are so sure of our righteousness. Like during the healthcare “debate” and that sham gathering in the tent with the Republican leadership. Obama said “I will accept any GOOD Republican idea” But he had no intention of accepting any idea, because they will have no good ideas and they have only evil intent and are the enemy.

              What they seem to pass as humor usually borders on vile and offensive, but then try and pass off their behavior as comedy and artistry…….But Lenin’s mantra (paraphrased) was any means are deemed nessessary and acceptable to advance the cause. And that definitely included terror murder etc. of anyone they felt stood in their way.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        That’s a fact jack (JAC)

  34. Interesting watching the stock market here and in Europe…they do not seem to be too interested.

  35. One thing that I have done, however, is to look up the legal term of obstruction of Justice…..I will await all the pundits and read the actual hearings to make MY determination if there is such….I am open to opinion, however, on here.

    I have a very good friend that is a Constitutional lawyer and expert on obstruction etc, whom is a Law Emeritus and Professor at the SMU school of Law…..he said he would talk to me later today…he had all his classes watch the hearings.

    I will not take my definitions of anything from the media or news pundits…they do not know shit from shinola.

    • Watch Alan Dershowitz on this He’s good. made the point earlier that the Pres could order the investigation stopped or merely pardon Flynn. It is within his Executive powers to do so.

  36. Just A Citizen says:

    CNN got caught with their pants down, AGAIN. Based on the many media headlines and leads on the Comey testimony today you would think he had confirmed everything bad about Trump that has been said. Despite being to the contrary.

    I have to give the Democrats and Media credit for one thing. I never thought someone could get me to come to Trump’s defense. But they have managed the nearly impossible.

    footnote: Had a great BBQ (babyback ribs, tater salad, baked beans, green salad, followed by strawberry shortcake) last night with old friends. One couple is moving away so kind of a farewell dinner. The other are died in the wool Democratic Party members. At a gathering last year I had told them I had made my peace with God and was going to support Trump. They all were horrified. I shared my explanation with SUFA back then. If you recall it involved God having a sense of humor and testing my resolve of “I will never………..”. Anyway, last night I told my Democratic Party friend I had something very special for him. A “collectors item” my wife had given me but I thought he should have instead.

    It was a Trump/Pence bumper sticker. Unused and in perfect condition. He LOVED it. He promised he would frame it and put a note in it with my name as the donor of his new gift. We all had a great laugh over it. Although I did notice the wives would quickly try to change the subject whenever one of us would make a joke about it. Like when I commented that I was probably the only one at dinner who had voted for the WINNER in the last election.

    I also noticed a slight change in my friends behavior during our joking and laughing and conversations. My little digs about socialist propaganda and programs seemed to bother them a little more than in the past. While we could still be friends and have differing views, I think the public rhetoric is wearing on even them. One of them even said this had gotten him to stop watching or listening to much news or editorials. And this was the one who works in the Political Affairs arena.

    PS. On Mathius’ reaction, as well as others, to all the hyperbole in the media about right vs. left, dem vs. rep., or liberal vs. conservative. I submit my view that this all seems much worse because the IDIOTS have gained access to the public via the internet.

    In the past the ELITE had control of the narrative. When the IDIOTS started getting attention the politicians and paid talking heads had to follow, in order to keep attention on themselves.

    If you want to see an example of a flabbergasted ESTABLISHMENT type who has still not understood the game has changed, you should watch David Gerggen on CNN when talking about the Trump administration. His views are always based on some protocol or historic behavior that is deemed acceptable. Kine of like watching the grandma complaining about how high the girls skirts are or they didn’t comport themselves properly in church last Sunday.

  37. Thought for the day………………… you realize that if Democrats stopped shooting people gun violence would drop by 90%?

  38. Dale and Stephen… should remember this with me…..

    Ted Kennedy made contact through KGB agents to Yuri Andropov asking the Soviet Union’s help in defeating Ronald Reagans foreign defense policy in return for access to American TV interviews…..

  39. JAC…..I just found a new saying that might just replace John Wayne’s ” Ya can’t fix stupid”….

    How does this grab ya……” You actually believe criminals will obey gun laws? You are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?”

  40. Oh, wait….Dr Carsons quote…… ” I believe I came from God, and you believe you came from a monkey…you have convinced me, you are correct.”

    • gmanfortruth says:

      She’s trying to make something out of nothing. The Liberal spin will go on and on for the next 7 plus years, may as well get used to it. The Special Council will backfire…..bigly 😀

    • Just A Citizen says:


      That is the sound one makes when the rug is pulled out from under them.

      ROTFLMAO…………….. the sputtering this afternoon is unbelievably funny.

  41. Ok……I got caught up…..listening to the pundits and such…..all along party lines. I also talked to my professor friend, whose credentials are Professor of Law Emeritus and Marilyn Jeane Johnson Distinguished Law Faculty Fellow Emeritus….said in no way does anything that Comey said come anywhere near obstruction. He went to say that anyone that claims that a position is intimidating to a point of obstruction is a red herring and a convenient excuse.

    That said, I watched Comey closely. He is entirely too rehearsed and his clear intent is CYA. However, I do not give Trump a pass. Do I think he tried to use his position as POTUS to intimidate….yes. But that does not rise to obstruction. He apparently stopped short, according to Comey, of a direct order to stop anything. Comey gets really stupid and admits he was careless and intimidated but he was clearly strong enough to obstruct the Hillary Clinton investigation. So…….CYA is what I see.

    I also do not give Trump a pass on one on one meetings. This should never occur with any cabinet or appointed official. NEVER. But I do not see obstruction nor any form of collusion as yet. So I will await this special prosecuter investigation.

    Now, here is what I want. Assuming that this special investigator is as neutral as all the Dems and Repubs say…..if he comes back and finds no obstruction nor colusion…..the diatribe should end.

    • Also…..Comey was equally stupid and lost any shred of credibility he had when he admitted he was a “leaker”…..there is no excuse for this. None.

  42. Going to FB now to see how the libs rate the day. I suspect they will claim a big, huge, gigantinormous win! On to impeachment!

    • Things are quite…..too quiet. Looks like the Brits elected Neville Chamberlain.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        I watched an interesting op/ed last night by a Brit. He obviously was broadcasting OUT of country. He went on to comment that the British people could not be defeated through numerous attempts to do so…using Hitler as an example. But he went on to say that they have been defeated now by two words….”Politically Correct” The police and government have spent more time investigating and prosecuting anyone who OBJECTS to this recent invasion and government policies than the crimes, finally coming to light being perpetrated by the “migrants”.

        This is occuring all over Europe, with the exception of the old eastern bloc states. They just flat out said screw you EU, and shut their borders. Austria is included in those who blocked their border…..they remembered their history.

  43. Just A Citizen says:

    Road trip tomorrow. Lil JAC is off to Special Olympics, State Track meet. Then on to niece’s wedding somewhere deep in the land of fruit and nuts. Hoping to pass through Yosemite on the way home, if the road is open. Still closed by snow a few days ago.

    Will be in and out, but mostly out the next two weeks. Have fun everyone.

    Oh, one last thing. I told ya’ll that there was something strange about Comey. Soirry Colonel, but his behavior and testimony goes beyond just plain CYA. He could have just stuck with his story that he wasn’t intimidated by Trump and that would be CYA. But instead he tried to finesse a little “revenge”. While throwing Loretta Lynch under the bus at the same time.

    I do not understand the Trump camp response. Comey provide absolutely NOTHING. So why poke the embers and rake the coals? No need to say that certain things were not true. Let old man time do his work. If Comey was lying it would come out with everything that is going on. AGAIN, a self inflicted wound for no apparent gain. A simple “Thank you Mr. Comey for finally coming clean about me NOT being investigated”.

    And Mr. Comey’s statement that he “took the President’s hoping to drop it as an order” is pure BS. He previously stated he did not feel it was. This is where it looks like he is trying to get revenge for his firing.

    One more thing Colonel. Mr. Trump could have ordered Comey to STOP investigating Flynn and that would NOT BE OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE. It would be Trump exercising his Constitutional authority over the FBI investigations. This per the Democrat lawyer and legal scholar Mr. Dershowitz. Trump broke “protocols” that are fairly recent in history. He did not break the law. You must also remember that at the time Trumps made this comment, some of the really bad stuff on Flynn had not become public. It was only about his conversations with the ambassador at that point.

    • JAC…..I get all that…and have posted before that it is not against the law nor is it obstruction to talk to Comey and to even say, I hope you can see yourself to clear Flynn. There is no law nor procedure that prevents that. I get it. My Law Emeritus friend at SMU said there is nothing there and he voted for Clinton. He doesnot understand the hate either but he said it is there.

      But….it was a Comey CYA….that is how I view it. Yes, he threw Loretta lynch under the bus as he should have done 10 months ago. THAT was true obstruction and he let it go. He came off pitiful, in my opinion, trying to look innocent and trying to say he was intimidated……Bullshit……he was not intimidated in the slightest and that was clear to me. An FBI Directer is not intimidated by anyone except his wife. That was a crock and the Office of the President is not an intimidation weapon and wnyone who thinks so….should not be in a position of authority. I am not intimidated by General’s nor am I intimidated by the POTUS or Governor should they show up. There are rules to follow and no President or General can change them nor order it done so.

      He clearly said there was no investigation on Trump and there was no reason to investigate him but he also wanted his revenge….he got his 15 minutes…..he will now go away.

      A Colonel’s perspective…..If Comey were my S-3 ( Operations officer ) and Trump were my S-4 ( Administrative officer )…………….Both would be fired immediately. In Comey’s OER (Officer evaluation report) he would have been fired for failure to follow procedure and the Commanders directives….in Trumps OER, he would have been fired for general stupidity. Neither one of them would have been a good staff officer…however, since the S-3 carries a higher security classification, I would have stripped Comey’s classification. Trump would never have had a high classification because he cannot keep his mouth shut. As a Commander, if you allow yourself to be intimidated by anyone…..ANYONE… are not a commander and should be relieved of Command. If Comey felt that Trump was, indeed, obstructing justice or trying to prevent something, he should have immediately stopped and turn it over the AG…IMMEDIATELY….and not this boo hoo crap he presented. That whole show yesterday just shows how weak we are and how weak we have become in the last 20 years.

      Now, all that said……..Trump did nothing wrong, according to Comey, but he would still not be on my staff….”loose lips” Trump would be his new name…….Comey would never hold an S-3 position again…as a matter of fact, his career would be ended in the military because no other Commander would have him on his staff….He is a coward. Trump’s career would not be ended but it would basically BE ended because no one would put him on a staff ever again, either.

      We, the US political system, looks equally as stupid as England’s…..and that is a shame.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Maybe Comey has already begun to promote his new book. I would bet he knew he would get fired at some point.

      • One other thing, JAC…..that really is a “pisser” for me. It is a well known issue in the MIlitary and the Federal Government that you are sworn to follow the law. You have an obligation….AN OBLIGATION… stand up and disobey, and report, any order that is in direct conflict with established law. Comey did not do this. Neither did Loretta Lynch and neither did Obama and neither did Clinton. Everyone of them violated Law….Comey was no different and if trump violates ANY law…kick his ass out and that includes speeding through a school zone.

        If Trump impeded an investigation, hid documents, threatened people, told people to shut up and violate the Law….he should be thrown out. All this hyperbole about being intimidated makes me see RED RED RED…and not Republican RED….BLOOD FRIGGIN RED…..I cannot stand cowardice. I cannot stand throwing others under the bus. Integrity is gone….Obama saw to that…..Hillary saw to that….Bush to some extent…..and if Trump does the same thing…… I will say the same thing.

        Comey should be in jail for leaking a story to the New York Times.

        • I hesitate to jump in sometimes for fear of being called Worshipping Anita, but what was the loose lips you’re referring to…just in general or something particular? From where I’m sitting, he hasn’t been caught on the wrong side of loose lips yet.

          Off to Home Depot for 100lbs of Kingsford charcoal 1/2 off sale…to get me through the grilling season.

          • Anita……NEVER be afraid of your position. Trump has an ego larger than Texas….and that is big. I woud rather he quit this bickering…..he reminds me of Obama and I have had enough of that. Just shut up and do your job and report it. Name calling and Nyah nyah Nyah is what happened the last 8 years.

            • Mathius says:

              Trump has an ego larger than Texas….and that is big.


            • Trump has his good points and his bad, nothing wrong with admitting the bad, when compared with Hillary, Sanders, and Obama, not to mention several republicans—- He’s the Bomb!

    • Now…good luck to Lil’ JAC…..and drive safe….since you are obviously headed West….be careful when you cross that IMAGINARY LINE……the air changes and liberal disease is rampant….very few safety enclaves.

    • Snow forecast for the Sierras on Sunday.

  44. gmanfortruth says:

    Comey hearing……Seriously overhyped (glad I missed it). Trump haters are grasping for straws as their hopes were squashed. This is becoming a pattern, Democrats or media make wild claim, proven wrong, move on to next LIE.

  45. I never liked Fordham University and I never liked Jesuits. A “Holier than thou” bunch if ever there were one. Well, now they demonstrate their courage, their support of free thought, free speech, freedom of religion. and Lord help us, we are stuck with one as Pope!

    • This is so much bullshit….it is getting out of hand…..the Catholic Church, according to my very Catholic hispanic secretary, hates and despises homosexuality.

      Oh, I bet Mathius did not know I had a Hispanic Secretary. I hired her for several reasons….One was to get upmanship on dealing with Mexico….I know how to deal with third world countries ( and make no mistake, Mexico is ). one was to play the dumb American card. I speak very fluent Castillian Spanish,…..the FORMAL spanish….When we travel to Mexico, I pretend to not speak Spanish and she is my interpreter. In business dealings, she will leave the room and the adversaries speak Spanish because they think I do not know how….it works great. They talk about all kinds of things when she leaves the room and I sit there dumb and happy and nod like a bobble head doll…..listening to every word. Mathius may call that unethical….I call it tactics.

      Anyway, I stay in touch with the Hispanic community that way. In Mexico proper, the street person has no idea of politics. None… is governments. The people of Mexico simply do not care.

    • Mathius says:

      I never liked Fordham University

      That’s my B-School alma mater, you’re talking about!

      Oh, I bet Mathius did not know I had a Hispanic Secretary.

      In fact, I did not. But it hardly surprises me. You’re in Texas.. pretty much everyone is Hispanic to one degree or another.

      one was to play the dumb American card. I speak very fluent Castillian Spanish,…..the FORMAL spanish….When we travel to Mexico, I pretend to not speak Spanish and she is my interpreter. In business dealings, she will leave the room and the adversaries speak Spanish because they think I do not know how….it works great.

      That’s an old ploy, but a classic.

      I’m surprised anyone would fall for it given how common Spanish is in Texas / Cali. It’s not like Chinese are Arabic where it’s a very safe assumption you can’t understand. Plus, even if I assumed you couldn’t understand, I wouldn’t talk about anything I didn’t want you to know while you’re in the room in case you’re recording. But maybe I’m just more paranoid than the hombres your dealing with.

      Mathius may call that unethical….I call it tactics.

      Hmm… unethical…? Maybe a smidge..

      I’ll let it slide though.

  46. Mathius says:


    What you don’t like more than anything is his personality. Because he dares to fight back.

    No. I don’t care that he “fights back.” Although the “back” portion of that phrase implies he’s a victim just returning fire, whereas I view him as more the aggressor in most relationship. So I reject your implication. However, again, no, that’s not my issue with his personality.

    Insofar as his personality goes, he’s juvenile (name calling), dishonest (constant lies, some big, some small), and simplistic in his thinking. He treats women like objects, he is crude, and he has on at least one occasion openly mocked a reporter’s (and then lied about doing so). He’s also petty and vindictive and seems more eager to dismantle Obama and punish his enemies than he is to try to actually do anything positive.

    And he’s a world-class narcissist who puts Obama to shame. Personality-wise, this is a man who, when giving a graduation speech to the coast guard, turned it into a diatribe about how unfair the media is to him. This is a man who, when addressing the importance of an independent FBI, had to insert an aside about how successful his campaign was. This is a man who, in a three paragraph letter firing the FBI director, spent one of the three paragraphs talking about himself and his innocence.

    This is a man so myopic that he can spend two years beating the daylights out of the press at every turn, discrediting them, delegitimizing them, calling the “the enemy of the American people,” openly mocking them, calling them “failing” and “fake news,” and then turn around and be shocked – shocked, I say! – at how “unfair” they are to him?

    This is a man who never owns responsibility for any failure, but claims credit for every success, even ones that aren’t real.

    This is a man who attacked POW and war hero John McCain’s service record by saying “I like people who weren’t captured.” How disrespectful can you possibly be to a man who suffered for his country in this fashion? Meanwhile, of course, there’s an added level of hypocrisy in that Trump suffered from mysterious “bone spurs” that kept him out of the draft, but didn’t prevent him from participating in college athletics and boxing.

    This is a man who has cheated on his wife – multiple times – and written about it in his own books.

    This is a man who has claimed, at various points, to know more than anyone else (believe me!) about the tax code, the military, social media, renewables, debt, banking, wall street, the US government, “systems,” campaign contributions , politicians, Cory Booker, trade, jobs, infrastructure, ISIS, defense, offense, the “horror of nuclear,” the visa system, and health care.

    This is a man who claims that nobody has ever had crowds like him (spoiler: this is a lie), has the best toys, the best words, the best support of Israel, the best respect for women(?!), the best love of the bible (what?!), promoting equality, fighting for veterans, building walls, or helping the disabled.

    This is a man who weighs in authoratatively on any number of subjects claiming to be an expert with all the answers, only time and again to be shown to be an idiot. The US is obsolete.. oh, wait, it’s not now. I alone can fix health care. “Who knew health care could be so complicated?” (answer: EVERYONE except him).

    In short – he’s a jackass and we hate him and everything he stands for, claims to stand for, or might plausibly stand for in the foreseeable future.

    Can you name some lies that actually mean something to the welfare of the country?

    Well, for starters, I love your caveat that you only want lies that mean something. As if pathological lying by the President – so long as the lies are minor – is something we should be ok with.

    Ok, fine, so let’s skip right over his “biggest crowds,” his “biggest electoral win since Reagan,” and hundred others.

    How about his claim that “thousands” of Muslims were celebrating in the streets after 9/11 in New Jersey? Does that not have any consequences? Does that not mean anything that he’s overtly implying that a significant percentage of Muslims in America – American Citizens! – are hostile and disloyal?

    How about his completely unsubstantiated claims that “thousands” of people were bussed over state lines to vote against him, or his claim that he would have won the popular without “illegal” voting? Is it a lie when you pull something out of your ass without a shred of evidence and present it as incontrovertible fact?

    How about his claims that Jeb! was low energy (he’s not) that helped cost him the primary? Surely that “means something to the welfare of the country.” Or calling Ted Cruz’s father the Zodiac Killer? It would surely “mean something to the welfare of the country” if Trump hadn’t won the election by virtue of slandering his opponents. That, of course, it so say nothing of the mountain of bullshit he spewed about Clinton.

    How about his lie that the murder rate is the highest in 45 years? Or that the unemployment rate is “probably 28, 29, as high as 35 [percent].” (for reference, the unemployment rate during the Great Depression was 25%, though methodology has shifted since then, so it’s not apples-to-apples).

    Can you explain what policies aside from travel ban and wall (meant as security measures, but you laid out your reasons previously) that are harmful to the country?

    Other than his Islamophobic “travel ban” and his racist “wall,” sure.

    There’s a problem in that he has claimed pretty much every position under the sun, and they are often wildly contradictory.

    For example, he has called for “mass deportations,” “a path to citizenship,” “flexibility” on actually deporting illegal immigrants, defunding sanctuary cities, deploying a “deportation force,” “softening,” “no amnesty, but we work with them,” “same [as Obama]” in reference to prioritizing criminals, that he would deport all “criminal illegal immigrants” within an hour of his swearing in, “not talking about a deportation force” (via Conway), that his plan has never changed (“absolutely consistent” – Pence), deport everyone in “due time,” “a bit of softening” (again), “won’t rule out path to citizenship” (again), “no amnesty” (again), Dreamers can maybe stay (“it depends”), never mind – Dreamers are toast, ending birthright citizenship, et cetera.

    So it’s a bit tough to suss out what his actual policies are. What can be.. sensed.. is the general theme. As near as I can tell, his position basically is that we should evict all illegal immigrants (somehow, over some time frame), build his asinine Wall™ and possibly repeal the 14th Amendment.

    All of which is terrible. This is already a very long reply, so I’m not going to itemize the 1,000 reasons, but rest assure, I have them.

    All that, of course, is on top of (A) the pathological dishonesty and (B) the wild uncertainty it injects into the economy and the lives of these men, women, and children. That’s not to mention the affects this is having on foreign countries because, apparently, America First™ means f*** our neighbors.

    He wants to (supposedly, but again, who knows), override Row v Wade. And defund Planned Parenthood (I know you think this is a good thing, but the question is what I think is harmful to the country).

    His tax plan (such as one exists) favors the rich under the guise of trickle down which has never worked.

    His vision for health care screws poor people.

    He has openly discussed defaulting on the national debt!

    And so on.

    He picks fights with foreign leaders for no reason what so ever (eg London’s mayor… why!!). Then, because we don’t have an ambassador to the UK, things get messy. And then he blames the Democrats for holding up his appointees even though (A) Republicans hold the majority and don’t need Democrats to approve his appointees and (B) he hasn’t even nominated someone yet.

    He is hurting our alliances, and driving our friends into the arms of China and Russia.

    Just a few days ago (a decade in “Trump Years™,” he bashed Qatar and praised Saudi Arabia for getting tough on them. That ignores that Qatar is a US ally and that we currently have thousands of troops stationed there.

    The idea of a “border adjustment tax” is terrible for a host of reasons.

    He has, at various times, suggested bombing oil fields, torture, and killing family members as a means of fighting ISIS. “I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me.”

    He has advocated for mandating teachers carry guns.

    He has been cavalier about “first use” of nuclear weapons and, also, of allowing other countries to obtain them.

    He’s against the minimum wage. “wages are too high, we’re not going to be able to compete against the world.” Or maybe not. Or maybe just getting rid of the federal minimum wage, or making it $10/hr.

    … the upshot is that I can’t say what his policies are since he has taken every position. But, generally, it seems that he is coming down on the wrong side of everything and, in the process of so much flip-flop waffling, he is injecting massive uncertainty into every aspect of the world.

    Can you explain what is so bad about where he is taking the country? Seems to me he has much support outside our borders.

    He is hated globally. What are you seeing?

    And, with him, the US reputation is faltering.

    And with that, so goes our leadership and influence in the world.

    Nationalism is the talk of the town.

    Nationalism sucks.

    Where has he said he doesnt believe in climate change? I thought he was being deliberately obtuse on the question. I remember him saying that ‘there’s something there’ at one point.

    PETA is your side.

    My point there was that all Presidents are constantly getting attacked from every side Trump thinks he’s some kind of special snowflake who should never be criticized.

    His claim that no politician “in history has been treated worse or more unfairly” so comedically absurd, his victimization-complex so profound, that I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    I’ll remind you that Kennedy and Lincoln were both shot in head. Clinton was impeached over a blow job. And Emperor Valerian was captured in battle, enslaved, used as a foot-stool, forced to drink molten gold, and then skinned and stuffed. But, no, Trump is the worst-treated politician of all time.



    • Clinton was impeached for lying under oath about a blow job.

      My take on Trump:
      He is a typical lower class New Yorker (Brooklynite) of the 50’s era. Think Dodger fans. They were braggarts and blowhards similar to but more biting and obnoxious than Texans (sorry Col.). You calibrate these people once and then ignore 75% of what they say. On the big things he has been right. Our tax code stinks and needs to be reformed. It is driving business out of the country. Our regulations are costing us way too much for their benefits and again driving business away. As for voting, we can not leave it to the honor system, that does not work. He expressed his opinion albeit as fact and then established a commission to study the issue which was the right move.

      He has not defied court orders like Obama did. There is definitely some thing wrong when a decision in a court order depends on who issued the EO and not on the content of the EO.

      Europe (not the world totally) is upset with him because he is challenging the status quo in which we bear the majority of the costs of defense and the global socialist warming agenda. How is it nationalistic to say we will pay our fair share but no more, that other rich countries need to pay up as well. So he pissed on their socialist parade. About time. The other people’s money is us and we out of money (-$20T).

      With respect to the Comey testimony:
      The fact that Comey changed his MO and started keeping notes on meetings with Trump but not with Obama or Lynch says it all. (Both Lynch and Obama lied about the big things.) He was more concerned about his own ass than he was about doing his job. Part of his job is to support and advise the president. He still was required to remain independent of the politics but that went our the window under Obama and Lynch. The fact that he “cleared” Hillary and never investigated the IRS, Clinton Foundation or a host of other issues says he was a political animal from the start. He made no attempt to advise or assist Trump but in fact was part of the deep state. Trump did the right thing by firing him.

      For the last 16 years, Republicans have been maligned as racists,sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, Teajhodists, grandma killers, fascists, and and a host of other vile and despicable names. Bush was hung in effigy, called all kinds of names by congressional members and more. We now have physical battles on college campuses and other places that attack people on the right. These violent outbursts are praised by the left as examples of democracy. The hate is out of control and disproportionately from the the left.

      Hillary demanded during the debates that Trump support the results of the election. But as we see, that did not apply to her or her party.

      • Mathius says:

        Think Dodger fans


        I’M a Dodger fan!

        • Brooklyn Dodgers not LA Dodgers. I know you are too young to remember but I do.

          • Mathius says:

            Brooklyn Dodgers not LA Dodgers.

            I have an old Brooklyn Dodgers shirt.

            My 4 year old likes to steal it for pajamas.

            I know you are too young to remember but I do.

            Let’s give this a shot…

            SK is, of course, far and away the oldest one here, having personally attended Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration.

            I think you’re up next, followed by the Colonel.

            GMan, next.

            Anita and VH are JAC are all around here.

            Black Flag and USW go here. Canine Weapon (adjusted for dog years) goes here, too.

            Buck, then myself and DPM.

            Finally, bringing up the rear, EverStem, who is in middle school.

            What’d you think?

            • I, ahem, attended ONE world series game in my life, Dad scored quite by accident two tickets someone else could not use the night before. He told me that morning I would not be going to school (I was 10) and he, the world trembles, would NOT be going to work (a first mind you, the second was when he thought he was having a heart attack twenty-five years later).

              We took the “A” train to 145th Street and switched to the “D” which we took to the Grand Concourse walking down the hill to Yankee Stadium.

              The Yankee Pitcher that day was Don Larsen. It was the No-hitter. If ya only make one World Series game in your life, that should be the one! Thanks Dad for the “accident”.

      • Mathius says:


        I’ve never heard that one! It’s fantastic!

      • Mathius says:

        Hillary demanded during the debates that Trump support the results of the election. But as we see, that did not apply to her or her party.

        She conceded the election.

        So far as I am aware, there is no movement (not even fringe) to have the result overturned.

        Trump was saying that he wouldn’t necessarily accept the result because of his conspiracy theories about voter fraud and rigged systems. He was setting it up so that when he lost, he could sue and fight and de-legitimize Clinton’s Presidency.

        The left didn’t do any of that. Sure, we’re pissed over Russia’s interference (as we should be) and we think Trump benefited unfairly from that. And we also are fighting his agenda tooth and nail – but that’s hardly the same thing as not “supporting the results of the election.”

        I keep seeing things like this and.. I don’t get it. Do you think that, since Trump won, the left should just roll over and let him get his way unobstructed for the duration of his term?

        Are we supposed to just “give up” and let the right do whatever they want for the next four years?

        • Al Gore lost in 2000 and then went around the country and gave speeches about how the election was stolen. He was absolutely unhinged during some of these speeches and proved as a result that he was unfit for the job. Hillary did not concede election night sending Podesta to do the job. Since then she too is touring the country lamenting how the election was stolen from her. The whining about the stolen election started immediately after the election. It became a standard talking point of the Dem party and their lackeys in the press. One thing I will give the Dems is they are unified unlike the Repubs.

          While the Repubs made a lot of noise about resisting Obama and his agenda, he got most of what he wanted despite Republican control of the House for 6 years and the Senate and House for 2 years. When are the Dems going to disavow the violence? There is a big difference between a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask and a severed head. Blocking conservative speeches on campus with beatings and fire is not an acceptable act of democracy but it is applauded by the left. If not applauded, there is stony silence instead of full throated denunciations.

          While I take a dim view of foreign interference in our elections, it is nothing new. The Chinese left a lot of money on WJC’s doorstep. I do not recall the Dems being upset about that. There were many claims that Obama was funded by money from the ME. Once again no investigations or concerns on the part of the Dems. With respect to the Russians, I would like to know exactly what they did but that is all shrouded in secrecy. Multiple people have testified they changed no votes.

          After 2000, we had a big push to computerize the election process. I disagreed at the time and still do. It is not possible for the common person (poll watcher) to follow bits inside a computer, but it is possible for them to follow the tracks left by a #2 pencil. Computerizing the election process makes wholesale tampering possible. We have far bigger internal threats to our election process than external threats.

          • Mathius says:

            Computerizing the election process makes wholesale tampering possible. We have far bigger internal threats to our election process than external threats.

            A few years ago, some minor pop star held an online poll to see what high school she would give a concert at. The internet got ahold of the poll and sent her to a school for the deaf.

            I imagine something equivalent would happen if we truly computerized polling.

  47. Mathius says:


    Seems to me he has much support outside our borders.

    • Ah, the socialist are out in force in NZ. What a surprise.

      • Mathius says:

        Anita made the claim that Trump has “much support outside our borders.” Would you care to take a crack at supporting this claim?

        You don’t get to write off other countries just because they’re “socialist.” Even if I accepted that assertion, I wouldn’t necessarily see it as a pejorative the way you do.

        I suggest that he is deeply unpopular globally. Almost the entire rest of the planet preferred Clinton (except Russia.. go figure).

        I’d also like to add that polls in advance of the election showed virtually everyone except Russia favoring Clinton by huge margins (China+9, but everyone else +20 or more, Canada and Mexico were +50).

        • First, I do not give a rat’s patut what the world thinks of our president. Everyone was for Obama at first too. Even gave him a Nobel peace prize. That went well. Trump is an unknown to them. Most of what they know is from our press who are definitely not on his side. He is crude and unsophisticated so they being snobs look down their collected noses. Tough s–t. we hired him to represent us not the world. He is doing that and they are not happy first because it represents change and second because their gravy train has left the station.

          Trump, with his unconventional approaches has the potential to do a lot of good around the world. The ME needs some serious realignment including moving borders. He is addressing N. Korea. Not sure how that will come out but there has been movement where not existed before. The Syrians now know we are serious about chemical weapons. The Arabs are starting to take control of their own. And whether you like it or not, Trump had a successful trip to the ME.

          As for global warming, the Paris deal was decidedly one sided with us being the loser. He did the right thing by pulling out. Being out of the accord does nothing to stop our domestic efforts at CO2 emissions although I think such efforts are a waste of time and money. Much of what I hear from the left is total nonsense. They conflate CO2 emissions and AGW with pollution. They are two different issues involving totally different chemistries. CO2 does not cause asthma. (One of the lies from the left and not a small one.)

          On the budget. We have known for years (decades) that the federal budget is rife with duplication and waste. I applaud his effort to reduce this. Do you really want to resist his efforts in this area? Why don’t the Dems actually beat him to the punch and suggest their own reforms? They can apply Obama’s unused laser.

        • You have so many issues that its difficult to take in all at once. i’ll give myself some homework this weekend and refute some of your claims. I’m just getting home, read your concerns, and within 32 1/2 seconds came up with this quote from just one world leader. Care to make a guess? T-Ray gave you some good things to chew on. I’ll be adding through the weekend. No cheating on the guess.

          “I fully trust the capabilities of President Trump, and I have full conviction that he can do things, exert efforts, that very few people can do. And he can succeed in so many fields that others cannot. I trust him wholeheartedly.”

          “I followed all his announcements through his campaign, he has a very unique personality and administration, and now I’m speaking with full confidence of unprecedented success for him. He is seeking the interests of the United States and the American people in a very clear manner, and a very direct manner. And a very strong manner as well.”

          “His true will is a very strong will to counter terrorism and extremism in the world; and that is a very strong commitment from his excellency the president, and in addition I am very supportive with full force in facing this terrorism.”

          • Update: Reread every post on this page and have decided that most of the issues are personal opinions, or have already been discussed by the Colonel or T-Ray.

            I’ve mentioned before that Trump reminds me of someone like Charlie. A big blowhard New Yorker. You’re either going to be able to handle his personality, or not. Charlie and I are on different sides but I always defended attacks on him at SUFA. You would never be able to do that with Trump, because you think he’s a simpleton. What’s wrong with that? He cuts away at all the white noise and gets right down to the heart of the matter. Example: Terrorism. How do you handle that? You go to the money source, like Qatar. He got many Arab nations to alienate Qatar over their funding of terrorism. It’s in the works. Another example: cost overruns like the F- whatever jet. Go right to Lockheed and Boeing and ask for a discount. They said no one had ever asked for a discount before. It worked. Tax reform: put H&R Block out of business by simplifying the tax return down to postcard size. That remains to be seen. Paris Accord: a big ponzi scheme and waste of cash. Easy. Say goodbye. Money in the bank. We’ve pretty much all been in agreement that politics is a big complicated game full of loopholes and legalese. It doesn’t have to be that way. I see Trump as the antidote.

            • Anita…..that is why I am cutting through the BS….it is why I wanted you to understand that it is a matter of ideology. It is a matter of Trump, the blowhard he is… the same breath of air…he is scaring the livign crap outta everyone and I am sitting back laughing because it is exactly what is needed to make the roaches come out of the corner.

              I voted for the man because he was a loose cannon….I voted for the man because I knew he would shake Washington to its core…..I voted for the man, and it is being proven, that the big money is on Trump. He is doing what no Democrat nor established Republican can do. The stock market is not retreating. It just keeps on going and rump is doing it in the face of rising interest rates where Obama could not. The rise in the stock market under Obama was a duck shoot when you have zero interest rates and free money………Now, there is no free money and it is still going.

              Look, Anita, Trump has managed to change things all while the media and the Establishment is side tracked on how inept he or sidetracked on Russia…….Trumps policies are going to go forward. Diversion is the name of the game. Divide and conquer. Trump is doing just that. NOt many people like his manners and his way of doing things but he is getting the job done and he is getting it done out of the mainstream. It is a wonderful tactic…..Under Clinton, the market would have tanked.

              I do wish he, Trump, would shut up some…..but that is his personality and no one knows how to handle him except attack him. They hate him………………but the job is getting done and because the job is getting done they hate him more.

              The world does not hate Trump….the world is scared that the United States is going to renew its place in the world….number one….with the big stick…and that is what I want. The elites of the world are scared to death. The bankers of the world are scared to death. Obama destroyed our reputation….or what was left of it after Bill Clinton and Bush. We were considered a pushover and a money market for the world. Trump is simply going to say…..we will be part of the world if the world pays its share. I agree with this. So…………………………

              Just sit back with me and enjoy. I will supply the Dr Pepper. ( sorry it cannot be stronger )

            • Like you Anita, I grew up in the Midwest. You nailed it. Look at the reports of people that have met with Trump like the unions. He listens and gets to the heart of the problem as you say. He is a problem solver and we could just get the press and the Dems to back of a little, I think that you would see great progress. We already see it in regulations and in the proposed budget. This is why I say the Dems could do themselves a lot of good if they got into the spirit of eliminating waste and shrinking government. If Trump even partially succeeds, and the Dems continue this insane resistance, the people will see and the Dems will shrink more.

              • Yes sir…..but the dems will not get out of the way…..their ideology will not permit it.

                Now, if we could only get you out of California…………………………….

              • I hear ya Colonel, on the ideology thing and on poor ol’ T-Ray. One thing that pisses me off, M. Obama’s little quip…when they go low, we go high. Ha! The minions didn’t get the memo. They go lower.

                Now could you please keep the heat in Texas. We’re in hell today…looking at hell + 10* for several days. Was not planning to run the air for a couple more weeks. I lost.

              • Awful quiet today. I guess everybody is exhausted from the last 2 days.

              • gmanfortruth says:

                Liberals hopes got crushed by Comey. Unless another faked need leak comes out, they will be quiet.

                Don’t mind Anita, love the heat……83 today. :D. We’ve been too wet, time for some good summer weather.

              • Cool here in CA for the last 3 days. Rain last Thurs. Rain tomorrow with snow at the summit. This is native aborigine winter.

              • Heat? We haven’t sent you any yet…..we have not even had a 100 degree day yet…95 is as close as we have been…..could be all the hot air coming from the East Coast?

  48. Canine Weapon says:

    Residents oddly eager to help clean up after semi carrying beer crashes

    Don’t worry, it’s not real beer. It’s only Bud Light.

  49. Mathius says:

    Montana Congressman Greg Gianforte (the one who assaulted a reporter) is expected to enter a plea of no contest or guilty to misdemeanor assault next week.

    Maximum sentence is 6 months.

    Gianforte has pledged 50k to some press-based charity and has apologized for his actions.

    Gianforte: “[my] physical response to your legitimate question was unprofessional, unacceptable and unlawful.”

    Lambert (the prosecutor) previously said additional, more serious criminal charges could be brought in the case. But he said on Thursday that after reviewing the evidence and discussing the matter with Jacobs, the prosecutor decided the misdemeanor charge was appropriate.



    If you go to jail for six months, what happens to your job as congressman? Do you vote from jail?

    Business Insider suggests that the Constitution does not bar him serving based on an assault conviction (only for treason), though the House could expel him via a 2/3 vote (unlikely). House rules prohibit voting from jail (I love that this is an existing rule). I guess he could just sit on the sidelines for 6 months – though MT might be pissed about that. Not sure what they could do about it though. Maybe they could recall him and hold another special election?

    Most likely, though, my guess is that he’ll get a slap on the wrist and no jail time, so its all moot.

    • You really think he will go to jail? By the way, I have some land in the OK Swamp in Florida for sale…..water front.

      • Has it got good gator fishing?

      • Mathius says:

        You really think he will go to jail?

        Mathius Said: “Most likely, though, my guess is that he’ll get a slap on the wrist and no jail time, so its all moot.”

        Are you kidding? Congressmen don’t go to jail unless they either (A) do something horrific that can’t be covered up or (B) lose the support of the power-establishment.

        He didn’t murder anyone on camera. He threw someone on the ground in an impulsive moment. He has no priors (that I know of). He’ll probably get some community service time.

        It’s just fun to think about Montana having a representative who can’t vote because he’s in jail with a bunch of petty criminals. He’s trying to whip up support for his pork projects, but can’t do it because he can only make collect calls and the other reps won’t accept the charges.

  50. gmanfortruth says:

    But here are some of the main takeaways from the Comey testimony:

    Comey doesn’t have a lot of confidence in his memory. That may be why he “suddenly” began writing memos to himself after speaking with Trump, which he claims to have never done before. In his testimony, Comey repeated the phrase, “I could be wrong,” or its derivative, no fewer than nine times. Which begs the question, “What else could he be wrong about?”
    There was no collusion between Trump, his team and Russia.
    Trump was never a target of the Russia-gate investigation.
    Trump didn’t instruct, coerce or order Comey to end any investigation.
    Trump is not versed in the weasel words used by the political class when communicating officially. (Which is why most of the 62.98 million people who voted for him did so.) And when communicating officially, the political class is unable to understand plain English.
    Comey, who stands 6’8”, apparently let someone put his cajones in a lock box. He was intimidated by both a short black woman (Lynch) and a man with small hands (Trump).
    Trump wants his employees to be loyal to him, not to past presidents, almost presidents or to ideology.
    Comey is a perjurer (which may explain his repeated use of “I could be wrong.”) At different times in testimony to Congress, Comey has said he felt pressured to stop investigating the Michael Flynn/Russia connection and never felt pressure to stop the investigation.
    Comey is the source of at least one anonymous source leak to the mainstream media, and possibly as many nine or more.
    Senator John McCain has lost his mind.

    What it all boils down to is the fact that the propaganda media, the Democrats and the #NeverTrumpers way overplayed their hand. In claiming collusion with Russia, impeachable offenses and obstruction of justice, they set a high bar.

    It was not met; not even close. So Trump once again comes out a winner and his opponents look like losers.

    • But the issue is not your conclusions……let’s say your conclusions are correct….the general populace has no concept. They get their news from soundbites and the progressive media runs their lives. The normal person on the street cannot even name the current cabinet and could not name Obama;s cabinet…..nor do they know how thingswork. The Democratic mantra and the progressive mantra have successfully made sheep out of slightly more than half of the country.

  51. gmanfortruth says:

    • Why don’t they go to a lottery system for seating and question order. Take an number, sit down and shut up.

  52. Couple of thoughts for today…..Guns don’t kill people…..Dad’s with pretty daughters do.

    Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the universe or we are not. BOTH are equally terryifying.

    I love this one…: Some cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go.

    And Finally…………………………for the ladies.

    1) Men or NOT mind readers
    2) Learn to work the toilet seat, you are a big girl. If it is up, put it down. You don’t hear us complaining when you leave it down.
    3) CRYING… black mail.
    4) ASK for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work ! Strong hints do not work !! Obvious hints do not work…JUST friggin’ say it.
    5) “Yes” and “No” are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question.
    6) Come to us with problems ONLY if you want to help solving it. That’s what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for.
    7) Anything we said 6 months ago is in admissable in an argument. In fact, all comments become null and void aftr 24 hours.
    8) If you think you are fat…you probably are. Don’t ask us.
    9) If somethg we said can be interpreted two ways, and one way makes you angry, we meant the other.
    10) You can either ask us to do something or tell us how you want it done. Not both. If you already know best how to do it, just do it yourself.
    11) Whenever possible, please say whatever you have after the game or during commercials.
    12) Christopher Columbus did not need directions…..neither do we.
    13) All men see in only 16 colors. Peach, for example, is a fruit and not a color. Pumpkin is also a fruit. We have absolutely no idea what mauve is.
    14)If we ask what is wrong and you say “nothing” , we act like nothing is wrong. We know you are lying , but it is not worth the hassle.
    15) If you ask a question you dont want an answer to….expect and answer you don’t want to hear.
    16) When we have to go somewhere, absolutely anything you wear is fine…..really.
    17) You do have enough clothes.
    18) You also have too many shoes.
    19) I am in shape….you do understand that round is a shape.
    20) Thank you for reading this, yes I know, I’m sleepoing on the couch tonight…but did you know men don’t really mind that? It’s like camping…..

    • 2) First, put the freaking toilet seat up to do your business, I better not see your pee on my seat. Then, put the seat back down, like civilized people do, because if I fall in that toilet at 3am, I will go ape shit on you at 3am. Any questions. Oh and the TP rolls out from the bottom.

      3) Crying isn’t blackmail. It’s an uncontrollable reflex as a direct result and response to FRUSTRATION! Then you better feel bad!

      I can totally accept all the others.

      • In WHAT universe does Tp roll out from the bottom? Damn, lady, don’t you understand that if the TP rolls from the top, you don’t have to pull it? Just slap a bit off…..besides, if you didn’t put in on an apparatus and just left sitting by the throne…you just pick it up, rip some off, and drop the rest right back down again and not worry about which cardinal direction it rolls from…but you ladies, for some reason, have to have it looking pretty.

        AND, crying, is tantamount to using chemical weapons on children and little dogs and cats. As far as uncontrollable reflex? HOGWASH, missy. You ladies can turn on the water works at will and turn them off just as fast. I thought that Texas flash floods were dangerous and spontaneous but they are nothing….NOTHING….to the weaponry that you use. As a matter of fact, I think that crying should fall in the category of weapons of mass destruction. You ladies can reduce a virile, strong male to a whimpering milk toast in nano seconds… at least takes a nuclear flash 2.1 seconds and further away from a nuke the better off you are…..but not crying….it follows you around.

        Try again, Anita… the way, civilized people go outside and use a tree….Lord, have mercy.

  53. Just when you thought it safe to go back in the water………….this really is the last one tonight.

    This man, William Golding, a British Novelist, Playright and Poet really has women figured out.

    ” I think that women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men. They are far superior and always have been. Whatever you give a woman, she will make it better. If you give her sperm, she will give you a baby. If you give her a house, she will give you a home. If you give her groceries, she will give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she will give you her heart. She multiplies nad enlarges what is given to her……

    SO……if you give her crap, be ready to receive a tone of shit !!!”

    Good night, all.


    This would make a good novel and movie. If true, it explains a lot.

  55. gmanfortruth says:
  56. Everyone should get a kick out of this one……………….

    The Texas coast and the mouth of the Rio Grande has long been inundated with tiny drug running submarines….these submarines are sort of like the old Monitor and Merrimac. They are low profile, actually under water except for about a one foot snorkel….they draw about 6 ft of water. They are actually semi-submersibles. Anyway, each one of these can carry about 200 million worth of cocaine…not very profitable for marijuana because they are not learge enough. But the cocaine comes up from South America along the shorelines…or they bring up through Mexico and load it on these semi-submersibles in northern Mexico. They try to sneak it up through the sand bars and shallow waters off the Texas coast and land it north of Brownsville up to about Corpus Christi. One thing that is very dangerous is that the Texas coast is protected by what is termed, a barrier island that runs the length of Texas up to Galveston. There are some channels that mother nature cuts through from time to time and the sand bars shift with each tide. BUT……the Coast Guard and the Texas National Guard routinely patrol this barried island from the air and sea.

    Well, an unconfirmed report that we received in a briefing, says that Mexico is suing the United States because it routinely drops shallow charges at night on the Texas coast line that closes off certain channels through the island to getto the inner coast line. ALSO, Mexico thinks that it is illegal for Texas run gunboats to be in the TEXAS inner coastal waterways ramming snorkels and sinking drug running subs. The main argument is in closing off the submersible waterways just off Brownsville on the Texas side and Matamoros on the Mexican side. When asked why it bothered them

    ( you gotta be sitting down for this one…JAC, put down your coffee )

    it redirected the sharks and bottom feeding sea creatures away from the area and it is creating havac with…………

    ( wait for it )

    garbage dumping in the Gulf of Mexico. They, the Mexican government, says that it is experiencing tons of trash beginning to wash up on the Mexican coasts and that it depends upon the sea creatures to control dumping………especially sharks.

    So, let me get this straight. We are not supposed to change the known drug running channels, nor redirect how sand bars are reshaped in US WATERS because it scares away sharks and bottom feeders that eat Mexico’s garbage……..and, let me see, the US contributed 120 million dollars to Mexico to help develop solid waste disposal sites…..The generation of solid waste grows every year in Mexico. But while 87% of solid waste is collected, only 64% is actually disposed of in landfills or controlled sites. The rest is dumped into the ocean. Last year, the United States, according to the GAO, contributed an additional 100 million dollars to establish new land fills……not one was built.

    So, where did the 100 million go and why is MExico upset that we are changing the sand bar patterns NORTH of their country ( the currents run south )….could it be because, sinking the subs at 200 million a pop….is cutting tinto their GDP?

    • Mathius says:


      (A) I don’t approve of “ramming” submarines. Unless it’s reliably non-lethal. The drug runners should be arrested, not drowned.

      (B) We shouldn’t make cocaine illegal. That would fix this whole mess. They’d import it legally (or we’d produce it domestically) and it would be taxed appropriately. People would get a purer (read: safer) product. Money wouldn’t be funneled to violent criminals. Addition could be treated easier. And lots of revenue would be raised.

      (C) Mexico shouldn’t be dumping waste in the ocean. I’m not sure if they’re aware of this fact, but the ocean is used by everyone and garbage doesn’t just “stay put.”

      (D) Mexico doesn’t get to tell the US what to do within our borders any more than we get to tell them what to do within their borders. They are, however, free to ask nicely.

      (E) I don’t know where the money went for landfills, but if we can’t just hand them money and say “you do it,” but we deem it an important project (you know, so they don’t dump in US-shared water), we should offer to pay for a US contractor to set up and administer the landfills in Mexico for Mexico. But we shouldn’t be giving earmarked money and allowing that money to go… wherever.

      (F) I’m not a marine biologist, but I have to imagine that dropping “small charges” is probably not the best thing for the local ecosystem… just saying.

      (G) “Mexico is complaining that trash is washing up on their shores.” Good. F*** ’em. The problem with ocean dumping is that it allows you to ignore the externalities of your behavior (that is, it’s someone else’s problem, so why do the “right thing”?). If the trash is washing up on their shores, then they’ll have to deal with the consequences of their own actions, so maybe they’ll make better choices going forward.

      • Ahhh, sir…..nothing wrong with ramming if they are ordered to stop and do not. Who cares if they drown or not? However, I am not sure how many do actually drown…we are talking very shallow waters and the ramming is snapping off their snorkel so they cannot breathe but I would imagine a great amount of water does get in….especially if it is turned upside down.

        As to the cocaine….make it legal, and this does not happen. true, sir…so get with it.

        Mexico is aware of every fact in the world and they are aware of what they are doing. It is just back firing. We do not need to give any money to anybody on controlling their garbage.

        Also, as to the explosives that are being dropped, they are simply re-arranging sandbars…..not reefs…we have none on our coast. However, I do happen to know this for a fact….it actually helps the sea turtle migrations.

        I really do believe that this is aimed at the cocaine route and not sharks and bottom feeders eating garbage. One of the most interesting things though….is, as I am told, they do not go far enough off shore to drop their garbage…..they drop it withing 1 0r 2 miled of their coast and, of course, the tide brings it in. I do remember about 4 years ago, pictures being circulated somewhere of the huge amount of sharks that are patrolling the garbage dumping sites and they follow into the beaches. This article said that there were over 3,000 sharks in this picture representing some 20 species of shark. The reason they said it was unusual was that some of the species are know to fight each other but were not…..

        Anyway,, I believe that Mexico is complicit in the drug running and simply trying to stop us. We, of course, are not going to listen.

    • Canine Weapon says:

      When you sink a sub containing $200mm worth of cocaine, where do the drugs go? Could it be that Mexico’s real issue is a legion of heavily coked up sharks?

      Someone needs to make a movie out of this.

      • As I understand it, meaning I have not seen it personally, these semi submersibles only operate within about 8 to 20 feet of water….these are extrememly shallow…they ram them, sink them, then raise them with a wench….errrr……winch. I do not know what happens to the drugs at that point. As to Mathius’ rather humane approach to ramming……I don;t give a damn if they drown…I am told that, in the beginning, most of them try to run to shallower waters where the Coast Guard cannot go…but they get hung up on sandbars and abandon their mini subs….the sharks have been known to snag a couple.

        The way they are treated, if I understand correctly, they are given a choice to stop….failure to stop gets rammed….if the two men inside make it up to the surface, I supposed they are saved. If they try to swim away, I am actually unsure what happens but I can ask that question. That may be where we get the comment that the sharks snag one every now and then.

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