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  2. I least we’re not Canada–YET!!!!!

  3. @ Mathius…………………..since you dwell in the land of finance, I would like your assessment of what is happening in the Government BOnd market. I realize that hedgefunds do not venture into government bonds very much but I have been watching the government bond market over the last five years with all this zero interest rates……and no one is buying them. There is a term called quantitative easing that I never bought into because it makes no sense. It is an academia model that is simply not proving out. It did not work and all the transactions in this “electronic cash” age are simply crap…no hard assets… kills small business and the middle class because the banks, of course, did not loan the money back out….they just pumped their own reserves to qualify for Dodd/Frank ( which I hope is on its way out )……so… hedgefund managers dwell in the land of government bonds? If not…why not?

    • The reason I am asking….as this is a non political issue except where it pumps the numbers, like unemployment and financial health of the US economy in an adverse position, is that since the government was buying back its own bonds by simply digitizing cash…meaning there was no cash at all, just a paper transaction, the result has been artificially low interest rates which helped create an ebullient stock market that has blown itself into another bubble.
      Now, the Federal Reserve on Wednesday announced that it was finished with quantitative easing, which they now described it as a dangerous and experimental money-printing operation that started in November 2008 when Washington was convincing itself and the nation that the banking system was on the verge of collapse. The low interest rates acted like a hidden tax on the middle class, “siphoning trillions out of the pockets of conscientious savers. And even though QE’s bond purchases are ending, that secret tax will continue until interest rates become more normal.”***

      While the middle class was beat to hell, banks benefited with paying savings account holders just a mere pittance for their business…..even in Texas, bank interest rates for savings accounts were 1/4 percent. (.0025). The government wasn’t complaining, of course, because public debt could be refinanced at dirt-cheap terms….or in civilain terms…..they pumped the balance sheet.

      Fed Chair Janet Yellen and her crew claimed, last Wednesday, that there was “underlying strength” in the economy and that inflation was under control. I do not believe this for a damn minute. The numbers do not prove out, by my calcualtions, and I think that I am every bit as smart on economics as any of those academia gurus that do not know shit from shinola.

      The other reason for my question, is that wall street, while responding to Wednesday’s announcement with only a slight decrease is visbly upset that the Chair is going to continue to raise the Fed rates.

      The bond-buying practice, Greenspan told Bloomberg News, “hasn’t been a success on the demand side for one fundamental reason. What you’re basically seeing is an explosion of assets, an explosion of reserve balances, and that’s the only two statistics that are moving.”

      “Greenspan doesn’t think the Fed can unwind all that stimulus — the $4 trillion in bonds it is now holding — without causing turmoil in financial markets.” ( Now understand that I do not have much praise for Alan Greenspan as he was largely the architect of the last recession ). But this is being predicted by more than just him. I was wondering how hedgefunds look at this.

      Even I know the Fed never has complete control over interest rates, especially long-term rates. So even if Yellen and company think they can keep interest rates low forever, that really isn’t true. Supply and demand for money is what determines interest rates. Borrowing costs right now are being kept low because the worldwide economy is sputtering and the US is rightly considered a safe haven during global political turmoil.

      Under QE the Fed was a shill buyer of government securities. It, essentially, kept the demand for those bonds high (and rates low) by pretending to be just another investor.

      In the days, months or years ahead the Fed will have to do something with all those bonds. And since QE was never fully thought out because it was an emergency response, the endgame is equally up in the air. Under the best-case scenario, those bonds will be allowed to mature and just disappear without investors worldwide even noticing.

      Under the worst case, though, foreign investors could eventually shun US government securities because of the uncertainty caused by the Fed’s huge portfolio of bonds. It that were to happen interest rates will rise no matter what the Fed does. Without QE propping it up, the stock market could suddenly go back to normal, meaning not just “ups” but “downs” as well.

      So, I have seen aomething else. With the Fed raising the rates, the stock market is not responding very negatively….and in most cases not negatively at all. So, since 2008, the economic data is nothing but a ponzi scheme to artificially prop the balance sheets. In addition, the economic data that is produced by the balance sheets, negatively affect the census data which drives the numbers of unemployment….meaning that the numbers are most probably as false as the financial reports have been. ( I am just pointing this out because a lot of the reports that the Census is responsible for are generated by economic data. Not a subject of my initial question.)

      So, as a hedgefunder……what do you see?

      • To the rest of SUFA…..sorry for the distraction from the rhetoric of recent…but this is equally as important and since Mathius is our resident New York hedgefund person, it actually is a pertinent question.

  4. Please excuse me if I seem ignorant. But how the hell does a container ship (or any ship for that matter) crash into a U.S. destroyer? Seems to me that this was done on purpose…or at least allowed to happen on purpose. Something smells fishy to me.

    • Me too. I read from people monitoring maritime stats that the container ship was headed into port and actually turned around and , in time, collided with the Fitz. WTH?

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    Happy Fathers Day 😀

  6. Happy Father’s Day guys, we mothers appreciation you more than you know!

    • The American justice system falls flat on its face again! This guy should NOT have been able to get a gun. The acts he committed all seem to fall under the category of at least a Class E felony. No doubt the DA was “too busy” picking his nose or something to prosecute and went for a plea instead. No way this guy should have been able to take a plea.

      • Here is the problem, Stephen…..if you make it mandatory that mental health and regular health records are subject to examination….then you must take it further…..Driver’s License, Pilot’s License, specialty jobs like heavy construction…ec. Where do you stop?

        Cars kill more people than guns. Shall we eliminate the cars?

        • Dont get me wrong…this guy should not have had a weapon…..but I fault the government here….they have been watching this guy for a couple of years and they did nothing.

        • Look, if you read the article about him, he should have been prosecuted for a felony. Not necessarily “nuts” but classically evil. What’s the bit that drove the foster daughter to suicide by setting herself on fire? A bit unusual that! So as long as we have a law (1935) which says felons are not allowed to possess, let’s enforce it. The DA obviously pled the damn thing down. I’ve seen that done in NYC hundreds of times. We had a law allowing us to evict tenants based on drug convictions (for weight). Can’t tell you how many times we started the proceedings and the DA pulled the rug out from under us by pleading the case down. They would twisty themselves into pretzels to find ways. Two or three where the drugs were found in the apartment but the DA determined they could not prove that the bad guy, whose name was on the lease had actual “possession” of the drugs. So they laid low and a month or two later were back in business. One even involved an attempted bribe where the safe was open the drugs and $7,500 were there and the punk offered the money and drugs to the arresting cops. He walked!

          • Yes, I understand all of that, And, yes, any convicted felon should not have a weapon…I get that as well. But all these bleeding hearts that say….”he has paid for his crime, all should be forgiven” is sickening and it is biting everyone in the ass.

            However, felon or not, he was on the radar and they did nothing…..I fault the system and this namby pamby attitude of today.

            • Only extreme white, right wing, former military nuts owning guns are on the radar. You are higher than I because you were a leader but then I’m a practicing Christian in a gelded church. So we must be close on the list.

  7. Fathers Day, always bittersweet for me. Just came home from church and was thinking of the men in my life I owe so much to.

    Dad of course is first, the man who taught me never to pre-judge, to treat everyone equally because, “if they are a jerk, they will show it soon enough.” The man who taught me never to ride with the herd but to think for myself, the man who set the example. The man who taught me judgement. The man who taught me to think about consequences before I acted and of course, the man who trusted me.

    Then there were the Uncles. The men who taught me what love and character was all about and what hard work meant.

    Then the teachers, mostly Christian Brothers but a few “civilians” tossed in who taught me to think, really think. They re-inforced my love of reading and taught me how to write. They gave me a love of history and finding out how things “tick”. My attitude that, “there is nothing new in the world” was given to me by them. The ability to look at today’s problem and find something similar in the past and learn from it and the mistakes.

    Then the Sergeants, oh, those guys. There were some duds but they taught me to never give up, ever. Not a day goes by that the words of some Senior NCO don’t echo in my brain. Sometimes it’s not even a curse.

    My father in law, deserves honorable mention too because of the things that he overcame in life to lead a decent good life and be able to pass on his wisdom, knowledge and experience to my three sons. He lived a few blocks away and was there for them when I was out earning the money to put the cookies on the table. Thanks, Joe. Where the hell would the A & P ever have been without you?

    Then there are my sons, all three who have become Dads themselves now and carry on the tradition of building knowledge and character. How proud my Dad would be!

    Lastly there was the man I never met, the last in a long line of horse thieves according to my Uncle Pete. My Grandfather. The guy who had the smarts to walk half way across Europe and get on the boat to come here in 1905. Home for him sat astride the traditional invasion route into Europe. Had he stayed, first the Russians would have pillaged the place, then the Austrians, then the Russians again, then the Germans, then the Communists, then the Russians again, then the Germans and so on and so on……..

    Happy Fathers Day to every one of you!

    • gmanfortruth says:

      It’s very easy to see the political differences outside of DC. Many of us have been saying for a long time, those differences aren’t so striking inside the DC beltway. The Deep State is exposing themselves and those in Congress who are part of it remain mostly silent. It’s not a bushel of apples with a few bad apples, it’s a bushel of bad apples with a few good ones.

    • This is what is going to happen…..the good people are going to just quit and the others are not going to run. You will end up with people like Obama, Hillary, Bush, Sanders, Pelosi, McConnel, Ryan……………..all they care about is money and power and no one….NO ONE cares about the country. Left/Right……it really makes no difference. We should be learning lessons from Europe…and we are not. Europe might as well be a third world continent and we are following suit….it is shameful.

    • Dang. This changes my mind some. We need to hear from Sessions and Trump about the DOJ holding out. I understand things take time and there are priorities, but this IS a priority. Trump didnt want to go after Hillary because he didnt want to be bogged down with negative publicity early on, then still be at the mercy of people who could help but are either anti Trump, anti Republican, or who just plain have their own agenda…cough deep state…cough. It could be these other investigations are all part of the same mindset. But it will continue unless people start getting held accountable.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Any suggestions? I hold firm that voting won’t fix the unfixable.

        • I know you do, but in the long term that’s the only option we have.

          We don’t know what Sessions is up too. Could be all good, behind the scenes preparation for future prosecution. Maybe just waiting on an OK from Trump? We just don’t know. I hardly see Trump as going along with the game. I think he’s trying to do as much as possible by going around Congress, so that he has some sort of positive record to start his presidency.

          Could also be that Trump is going to wait out some of these senior reps and senators. There’s a lot of old timers running around DC. Between midterms and the next presidential election, many of them could fall off. There’s probably just as many in the background that we aren’t familiar with, who are ready to retire. I dunno. It gets overwhelming.

      • They are not going to be held accountable until we make them….the only way to do that is recruiting and the voting booth. Not armed insurrection.

        • gmanfortruth says:

          While armed insurrection is not a great idea and should be considered as a last option, the voting booth would be nearly impossible to achieve anything close. While we do have some good people who would be good for the country, as long as the two party duopoly controls the primaries and campaign money, it’ll be damn impossible to overcome, as the TEA Party folks have learned. They snuck in only to be gobbled up.

          I have no real idea’s to solve this issue. Maybe waiting till it simply collapses under it’s own weight is the best solution. Pull back support and consent and wait them out, use my energy on things that can be achieved… hunting whitetail deer and filling the freezer 😀

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  9. They said they shared information more broadly so it wouldn’t be hidden by Trump but it looks like they made sure information would disappear on Obama and his administration.

    It reminds me of the Clintons😡

  10. Paging Mathius………….there is a non political question for you.

    • I’m thinking Gman scared him away because of the original article. Change the page and he’ll be around.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        It may be possible that what I put out sends Mathius (and Buck) packing. That is never my intent however.

        I often have some difficulty in trying to find a really good subject that would be cause for a good discussion, as the subjects are usually impromptu that garner the discussions, so I simply throw something up to make the discussions easier, usually around 200 comments.

        I really miss the days when US Weapon would slap down a great article and that would be the talk of the day or two. While I could write one or two, I have doubts they would make much of a difference, so why waste the time? DC is a problem with no solution, short of armed insurrection and complete defeat of the elite political class. But I don’t want that anymore than you or anyone else that reads here, so now what?

        We are a divided country, being nice, being polite, being tolerant of those who are not so to me and those who believe as I do is not an option. Mathius is great. not part of the enemy class, nor does he ever want to be.

  11. You gotta give Schumer credit…..he demands to see the health bill at least 10 hours before…McConnel says that he will have ample time to read the bill to which Schumer said, so we don’t get to see it. McConnel said, we will give you the same consideration you gave us…….to which Schumer said….(you gotta sit down for this one)…….no transparency.

  12. gmanfortruth says:

    The Huffington Post, Salon and Larry Wilmore all viciously attacked Otto Warmbier last year in shocking propaganda pieces which are worth taking a second look at in the wake of Warmbier’s tragic death.

    • gmanfortruth says:

      What should happen to North Korea after this incident?

      • Nothing…..if you are talking about the lad that just died. He was on a trip to China, took a side trip with a travel company to North Korea, tried to steal a banner, got caught, and had his brain fried. That is his problem and not ours and his fault for being in North Korea. Anyone, that goes into a know troubled area…..deserves the trouble they get.

        Do not smoke pot in Turley or Greece…if you are European or an American, you will not get a slap on the wrist….you will go to prison….end of sentence. It is their country and their laws.

        In North Korea, it is a well known fact that they will fry your brain… has happened before and they will do it again. Stay the hell out of their country and send no money.

        • I am always amazed at the naivety of Americans traveling abroad. Somehow they have never gotten it into their heads that people (and governments) are NOT the same all over. talking to someone last night whose son is in Singapore for the last few years on business. making money hand over foot but leaving because of the petty laws. Here is a partial, interesting list. Must say though, as a NYC property manager, I like the one about not urinating in an elevator. Replaced two or three elevator floors in my time rotted out by urine.

          • Uh oh……my spousal unit and I are empty nesters….we walk around in the buff all the time. We do not care too much about windows…our nearest neighbor is pretty far away…..if he/she wants to peer in with binos….that is their problem.

          • Stephen….yes, I am amazed as well….I once witnessed an American soldier, in Nha Trang, South Vietnam, claim that he is a Christian…..and peed on a statue of Buddha, laughed about it saying that Buddhism is a cult and not a real religion. I saw this same soldier get butt stroked by a South Vietnamese soldier standing guard at the temple. I did not raise a finger to help the lad. I was hoping they would beat him into oblivion but they did not. I just stood there with hands clasped behind my back nodding approval, retrieved a bucket of water and a rag, and washed the side of the statue. When I did that, they nodded approval and left him alone instead of drag his ass to jail where he belonged. He lost a couple of teeth in the exchange but was upset with me because I did not step in to help him. All it takes is one asshole.

        • Should we be surprised by what happened – No
          Shoud we be outraged- Yes we should!!!!!!!!

          • V.H…….why should WE be outraged? Our standards do not mix with other countries and likewise theirs with ours? There are no standards out there for the world to live by and we certainly do not have a place to require other countries to live up to our standards. Understand, I am not trying to rain on your parade but I think you are wrong, here.

            For example…..rape is a weapon used in 12 countries of this world….perfectly legal. We abhor this and call it a crime but other places it is acceptable. But if you travel to those countries, you should already know this and not go there.

            North Korea is a bastard nation….it is evil. They live by torture. Think about the movie The Manchurian Candidate……North Korea/Russia. North Korea has a long time history of this. They still utilize the torture of brain washing and neurological experiementing. So does Russia. They have NOT changed and you cannot expect them to do so.

            I am outraged at the parents for allowing it…..and outraged at the student for stealing. I expect this from NOrth Korea……and so should you. If you wish to be outraged from it personally, I cannot argue that point. But to be outraged as a government….nope.

            I know this sounds calloused….my attitude……but I have seen the world. It is why I do not travel it.

            • We should be outraged because what they did to this young man is wrong by any measure!
              We should be outraged as a country for the same reason. But what or whether we actually should take action against them, which is, I think your point is debatable.

              And yes, your attitude does sound callous, I think thats because you are more upset about the situation than those of us who only read about the injustices but haven’t actually seen them. So being angry that people are stupid enough to put themselves in harm’s way needlessly bothers you a lot.

              • Oops , touched the wrong button.

                Because them doing so can and has cost additional lives.

              • In my mind’s eye 48 years later, I can still see Plt. Sgt. Jesse L. Glover standing there in front of us screaming “Some of you are just too dumb to live”. Ever since that day, after getting to know people I judge them by their ability to NOT get off the helicopter and immediately stumble over a trip wire. And, I was not even in Viet-nam.

                I always told my sons that if they were ever in the hiring mode and and to make a quick determination on who to hire. Hand the applicant’s a rubic cube all mixed up and give them five minutes to solve it. The first candidate WISE enough to merely remove the stickers and place them on the appropriate sides gets the job!

              • YOu are probably right, VH. I do not like what happened at all….but it did and no amount of diplomacy, no amount of peace offering will change N Korea…, I just heard that it was continued use of sodium pentothol.

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              I really liked how the Navy handled events caused by Navy personnel that involved serious transgressions against the host country. They turned you over to the local authorities and said “good luck”

              Unlike several years ago when an A6 was screwing around and cut the wires of a tram in the Alps killing quite a few people. The US immediately pulled them back Stateside, resulting in quite a diplomatic problem and almost Italy demanding the US vacate Aviano. The pilot and Bombadier were court martialed here and exonerated. After the trial was over the bombadier trotted out a video he was taking while they did in fact do what they were charged with…….NOTHING happened to them. if I was their CO, I’d have incapcitated them and bundled them onto a plane and delivered them to the courts in Italy….and then say “Good Luck” we’ll see you when you get out with AWOL charges

  13. gmanfortruth says:
  14. Sounds like this group wanted to make money off of convincing young people to do stupid things- things they admit are stupid like going to North Korea and drinking.

  15. Uh oh! Conundrum. What happens when a UAC, Unaccompanied Alien Child, from El Salvador, kills a Muslim American teen in Virginia?

  16. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I know that Theresa May, Britains PM did visit survivors of the Manchester bombing, but after the guy ran his van into people at a mosque there was no stopping her to meet with the mosque leaders and pledging more security against hate crimes etc and “islamophobia” which is on the rise in the UK…….duh….after the strings of islamic hate crimes against the infidel i’d expect it.

    What are the PC police calling it when islamic faithful bomb, slash and run trucks into crowds of the non-believers…..i can not think of a word they’re using except it’s not called for what it is, and I do believe with the soft gloves that are being applied in the EU area, I think the PC folks believe its justifiable homicide and not a hate crime.

    Last decade the Iman in London that was spewing all sorts of hate against infidel was charged and tried, but let go because he was, get this, just exercising his rights of free speech.

  17. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    The first cartoon with Bernie saying thousands will die…..I assume he’s referencing the threatened repeal of Obamacare…..but he also is all in with climate change and we have to take drastic actions no matter what to save the planet.

    He obviously missed the headlines from the UK this past winter that during a cold period upwards to 5000 people died due to the cold and not being able to afford the new cleaner safe green energy.

  18. Praise Allah! Tonight with the help of Putin’s Spetsnatz, disguised as ordinary down home folk sharecroppers, the Republicans have stolen two seats in South Carolina and Georgia. There WAS a Georgia in Russia and the word Russia contains FIVE letters that are also in the word Republicans. The missing “S” is in South Carolina!

  19. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I just heard that the USS Ford, though accepyed by the Navy….has major issues with both the launching and arresting gear requiring a serious amount of money to resolve….maybe. I’ll bet that it is to have the new equipment removed and the old Nimitz style installed, as they’re doing to the follow on ships in the class.

    The Ford still has not been able to launch a fully loaded F-18, that is with fuel and weapons severely limiting its war fighting ability..

  20. gmanfortruth says:
    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I just read his “rating” by the students he teaches. I’m surprised that he has any students left unless his intro sociology courses are mandatory. Clearly in the comments he hate whites and preppies. I’m sure the only reason he still is a professor at Trinity, is the PC diversity policies of self loathing and the boards are terrified of him and any lawsuit if he is fired…….he seems to forget who pays his probably over the top salary.

      I ran into a couple profs like that back 47 years ago. Not that they were racists, but how they handled the course they were teaching. The fortunate thing was the students were NOT afraid to go to the dean when it was discovered the “experiment” she was running and was rightfully TERMINATED.

      Doesn’t his rants put him squarely into the definition of a racist? If a white professor ever expressed an opinion about blacks as this prof does about whites they’d be terminated immediately.

      Lawrence Summers is a jerk, but look what happened to him as President of Harvard for expressing an opinion as to why women seem to be under represented in the mathematical and engineering schools.

  21. gmanfortruth says:

    Liberals were in a bind, they were way behind, they were willin’ to make a deal…

    The Democrats; the party of Madonna who wants to blow up the White House, the party of Ashley Judd, the nasty woman, the party of violence, the party of denial, the party of real collusion with Russia, went down like Jerry Quarry, in the Georgia Special Election tonight.

    Republican candidate, Karen Handel, soundly defeated Justin Trudeau wannabe, scruff ball hipster and barista lookalike, Jon Ossoff, 52.7 to 47.3 percent.

    The election results tonight are what you call in the military, a catastrophic kill. In Georgia, it’s just a good ole ass stompin’.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      As I was signing off I thought of a way to describe a liberal. It’s like a person who goes to a foreign country and does not speak the language. They feel that by just speaking LOUDER the listener will somehow understand what they are saying.

      In the political sense the people DO and are awakening to the fact the liberals do not have our country’s best interests at heart. It’s also that regardless of the MSM and the attempts by social media to shut down any dissenting thought, it appears to the people that the left has no argument or dialog left and if you disagree with them you are stupid and ignorant and not worthy of a discussion, but unlike the right, the left instantly resort to violence and intimidation to cow the people into submission..

      • I got a three year old grandson, lovely kid but still has a habit of screaming NO loudly when he does not get his way, stamping his feet and occasionally throwing something. Sound vaguely familiar?

  22. Bring back some memories Colonel. Cool use for the .30 cal.

  23. And this is the Country that Obama just gave free reign and the money to accomplish their goals.

    • This is true. I wonder if we have the guts to nuke them when the time comes or if we will just disappear without a whimper. After we nuke them we can spend the entire next millennium debating the “morality” of it and, that would be just fine with me. First priority is always survival.

  24. First I heard —– Vote your Ossoff–then laugh your Ossoff—– now it’s Your Candidate got his Ossoff Handeled.

  25. gmanfortruth says:
    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      1. Stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.

      These past several years and especially with the vitriol of the past year and the election of Trump the left is the ones who fit to a “T” the definitions of bigot’s. They also fit most closely the definition of a racist because every action taken for decades has been viewed from a racial and gender based viewpoint.

      The left is only deflecting upon others their own true beliefs.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        1. to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward; detest

        Another often used word by the left and their leadership to describe a conservative. yet they continually say it’s the right who are full of hate but the left’s concerted actions and not words are putting an exclamation point on their true beliefs.

        In both these definitions I will put a disclaimer that there are always individuals who get to a microphone on either side. Yet it is the left (Mathius excluded) who most embody these traits.

        • Dale, you know, you and I are old enough to know what a true democrat is….and this bunch is not it. Like the Tea Party tried to hijack the GOP, I think this Progressive Party has hijacked the real Democrats. Mathius, in my opinion, falls more in line with the real Democrats of old. I refuse to believe, at least for now, that Mathius is a socialist. He has liberal ideas but he just does not fit this intolerance. The only intolerance that I see in him, is he gets exasperated, and rightly so, at the broad brush approach. His ideology is different but that is ok….he just does not fit the Progressive mantra that is out there today. He is a believer, somewhat, in a for the greater good approach, but he does not act like the rest of them. He has a family and he is not a Occupy Wall Street, black lives matter type…..he is just an old school Democrat.

          It is unfortunate that people of his belief get painted with the large brush simply because he does not like Trump. If the truth were known, if we could turn the clock back to 2008, with the same knowledge as now, I do not think that Obama would win again.

          It is a scary scene out there right now with the thinking that is going on. The majority is simply not this left leaning kumbayah crowd that is out there. My democrat leaning friends all tell me that they do not like Trump but that is where they stop. They do not like the shooting and they do not like the Wall Street Crowd types. They donot like the Black Lives MAtter crowd…..and they also do not like what is happening in Europe and they do not like being painted with the same brush. But they are more liberal in their thinking when it comes to social and economic issues. However, I will say this, that the real Democrat does not like Obamacare at all but they still think that there is a way to make health care affordable for all. I know several of them simply did not vote. I asked them why and they said that they will not pull a lever just because they are Democrat. To a “T” they all said that Hillary Clinton was not a Democrat and they all hate how the Democratic party has eveolved into this “snowflake” mentality.

          I do know that Affirmative Action of the 70’s has turned out “I want something for nothing bunch”. I actually blame this line of thinking on all these social programs of the 70’s.

          So, I do not paint Democrats as asinine idiots….I do paint this Progressive party, this socialist thinking as asinine idiots…..they simply do not know better.

          • I’m going to challenge conventional wisdom here. It is not that “Obama” won so much as Bush “lost”.

            George Bush was way in over his head. His advisors were these crazy true believers and he deferred to them all over the place. One unmitigated disaster after another.

            If I were to trace my disenchantment with him it would have started when he, his cabinet and his administration not only pooh-poohed General Shinsecki’s concerns and warnings but fired him for bringing them up. The general was reminding the administration of the Weinberg-Powell doctrine while they thought they were in 1944 liberating France!

            Today they call it “optics” the new buzz word but I have always imagined how different his presidency would have turned out if, the day after Katrina, when he was at the Ranch on vacation, and Cindy Sheehan was parked out front demanding to see him, if he had mosey’d down to the front gate, told her “Let’s go for a ride”, climbed with her into Marine 1, gone to New Orleans and handed out bottles of water. Was it really too hard for Carl Rove and Dick Cheney to think of that?

  26. Just A Citizen says:

    Olympic results: Lil’ JAC got bronze in shot put, bronze in 100 meter dash, and silver in 4 x 100 relay. Great fun, and I got a sunburn on my lily white legs while standing in the sun and 20 mph wind.

    Much of Nevada and Northern California, Idaho and Montana are very green right now. More than in several years. Middle California is filled with water but to my surprise the hills had all turned brown already. Seeing all the homes built in the hills surrounded by brush and dry grass, all I could think was those people are nuts.

    T-Ray, closest I got to you was Jackson at the bottom of Carson Pass highway. Yosemite was awsome but had to completely revise trip because all passes south of Tahoe that cross the Sierras were still closed due to snow, slides and washed out highways. But because of that we wound up driving a piece of highway I had never seen. Highway 299 from Redding to Alturus, California. Unbelievably beautiful. The kind of open areas that used to be many more places when I was young.

    Now for one comment on all the discussion since I left. It is really strange reading from the last entries, a week ago, to the present. All these comments and opinions about things before the actual information is known. And me knowing what happened because it was a week ago. It is like going back in time and watching people argue over who is going to win the World Series while you already know who won. Kind of freaky.

    As for Mathius’ ongoing frustration with the right vs. left paradigm I must once again urge people to identify what they mean. And Mathius, you always use “liberal” to complain about the disparity of disgust but I noticed you now used left. True “liberals” no longer occupy the left wing of the political spectrum. So you can’t complain about being both a liberal and a leftist.

    There is plenty of “hate” on both sides but most seems to me to be at the extremes. However, I do see more Democratic Party participation in the fomenting of the hate and opposition using hate and destructive speech.

    Let’s not forget the constant “liberals suffer from mental illness” comments that have been posted here at SUFA. If you believe that then you should not now be complaining about the kind of behavior from the other side.

    Oh, and the vitriol and division we see today is not new to the USA. It only went somewhat dormant after WW II. And I think that was because the Progressives didn’t have any real opposition. So it is quite natural there would be severe reactions now that their agendas are threatened.

    And I urge ya’ll consider the possibility that this angry division is being deliberately orchestrated from outside the USA.

    • The hills brown because the grass (oat grass and rye grass) ripen just like wheat does. We had rain even this week. Lawn that I mow, hence do not allow to go to seed, is still green but will not be for long since the 100+°F heat is here. It will now brown out due to lack of moisture.

    • Woo Hoo…..go ‘LIL JAC……kicking some butt.

      NOw, since you are a swat and follow guy…..have you seen the new proposed rule changes by the youngsters on the Golf Tour…..originated in Europe actually and since they do play on the American tour, they have proposd these changes…..what say you>

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Have not seen them. What are they?

        • JAC…..

          1) If you are looking for your ball in the rough or even walk up to your ball and “accidentally” kick it….you get to replace it with no penalty. I have been playing golf my entire life….I have never accidentally kicked my ball either in the rough or the fairway….and these are professionals. You get to “replace” the ball. Really? Replacing it is improving your lie with no penalty.

          2) Leaving the pin in the hole on the green with no penalty. In other words, you are taking the finesse of putting out of the equation on short hard breaking putts. These are PROFESSIONALS……

          3) Removing impediments without penalty. If the ball rolls or moves when you remove the impediment, you get to “replace” it without penalty.

          4) Accidental deflection. If you putt and the balls accidentally deflects off your caddy or the flag stick, there is no penalty.

          5) Grounding the club in a sand trap or hazard……no penalty.

          6) A caddy cannot stand behind you on a line while you address the ball. He must move prior to that….

          These are just a few of the ones I remember…..go to the USGA and read proposed rules.

          This came from the European tour who thinks that the PGA is too tough on the rules . They want to change the rules and apparently have the votes for it from the younger players.


          • Just A Citizen says:


            #1. There is a course in Post Falls, Idaho where I have stepped on my ball when looking for it in the rough. Not just my ball but dozens of other balls lost in that jungle. It is a links style course carved out of blue grass fields. Short cut fairways surrounded by 14 inch high grass with years of dead grass on the ground. Have followed my ball into the rough, exactly where it entered and not found it.

            Other than that I agree with your view on this one.

            #2. Didn’t know this was a penalty. Thought nobody would want to leave the pin when putting. Big chance of bouncing off in the wrong direction. So I agree again. Take the pin out or suffer a penalty. Same goes for rolling ball into the stick or somebodies foot, or body if your playing with Bill Murray.

            In fact I agree with you on all but grounding in the trap. I never understood this rule. Do you know what its purpose is?

            Now for one of my complaints. No way a score should be changed due to some person calling in a foul seen on TV when the judges standing there didn’t catch it.

            • JAC….we are talking professionals here…not duffers. However, to anser your question….as you know I played golf in college on a scholarship and played in many USGA tournaments…was going to play professional golf until the Vietnam War went to the lottery system….since I was out of college by that time, my lottery number was low….I was a goner unless I volunteered

              However, a sand trap is a hazard. You cannot gorund your club in a hazard behind the ball because it does improve your lie….like tamplng down long grass and such. You cannot do that. That is the penalty for hitting your ball in a hazard. If you notice on the tour, most of the players do not even ground their club in the fairway….why, I do not know.

              That is not the issue…..the issue is, the European players think that playing the PGA is too tough on the rules. Everyone wants things to be easy….they want to “Level” the playing field so that more people can be competitive…instead of just getting better, they want others to get worse. It is a mindset.

              • Just A Citizen says:


                I understand your larger point and agree. On sand traps, I see how allowing grounding could improve your lie. What would stop someone from compressing the sand behind the ball to create a kind of tee? Nothing.

                Another one I never understood was allowing removal of loose debris when you get in the rough or tree covered areas off the fairway. Seems to me all those pine needles and cones are part of the penalty for hitting in there. I, being of the woods, have an affinity for trees. I can hit under a tree if it is the only one on the course. And I can bounce a shot off a tree and onto the fairway almost every time trying to get out. 🙂

                Water is a different matter. Although I did skip a skulled iron across a large pond one time, ending on the fringe of the green. Laughed about that one for a long time.

              • Yep…my best recollection of just pure luck…..was in a tournament one time….hole 16 and 1 stroke behind….about 50 yards off the green,,,simple wedge shot and putt….I do the proverbial no-no in golf and looked up….bladed the ball in the lower third…trajectory was a perfunctory 6 feet off the ground at about mach 4…..was headed for a different county. Ball hits and WRAPS in the flag…drops straight down….for a 6 inch tap in. I, of course, did not crack a smile, walk up, tap it in….and said loud enough for others to hear……”I thought I was gonna miss the flag for a second.”…….walked off in the midst of stunned silence. Have to say that was my best coup…..but the best part of it….I did not crack a smile..just walked to the next tee as if that was a shot I planned.

    • Congratulations to your boy!

      Back in the late ’60’s I knew that Liberalism as practiced by the Humphrey’s, Rockefellers, Symington’s, JFK’s was dead. The democratic convention of ’68 was the funeral. By ’72, when they nominated McGovern, you knew where they were going. The Peanut Farmer was an outlier and was close enough and naive enough on some issues to garner their support. Clinton was merely in camouflage.

      These folks are not liberal, they are radicals. Because we have failed to call them that, they have been able to capture the party without opposition and present their whacked out ideology as “mainstream”. Maybe you gotta be 70 to remember just how off the wall current dem positions would have been considered back in JFK’s time but people should be aware.

      I tell my dem friends who like lemmings have adopted all the insanity (they used to be liberals) that I have really NOT changed a single conservative position since I was in college. Because they have gradually and incrementally moved so far in the other direction, my moderate 1965 positions now seem “extreme” to them. Trust me, they were not back then.

  27. Just A Citizen says:

    Date line: Missoula, Montana

    Evidence of Progressive thinking running a city. A new apartment building is going up in town after much fanfare. They are building “mini” apartments with one bedroom and small living area. Every three apartments share a common kitchen and bathroom. Talking to someone who was explaining how great this new “progressive” city council is by allowing this kind of thing. I asked him why they didn’t just allow three bedroom apartments.

    I got sputtering in response.

  28. Just A Citizen says:

    Dateline: Salmon, Idaho June 20.

    Sign on outside of a bar. “There are 24 hours in a day and 24 beers in a case. Not a coincidence.”

  29. gmanfortruth says:

    “A professor at Trinity College wrote that the first responders to last week’s congressional shooting that nearly took Rep. Steve Scalise’s life should have let him and others die because they are white.

    “Trinity College Professor Johnny Eric Williams seemed to argue in a June 18 Facebook post that first responders to the shooting should have let the wounded individuals die.

    “’It is past time for the racially oppressed to do what people who believe themselves to be “white” will not do, put end to the vectors of their destructive mythology of whiteness and their white supremacy system. #LetThemF***ingDie,’ Williams, an Associate Professor of Sociology, wrote on Facebook.

    “In another post, Williams wrote that he is ‘fed the f**k up with self-identified “white’s” daily violence directed at immigrants, Muslims, and sexual and racially oppressed people.’ He added that ‘the time is now to confront these inhuman assholes and end this now.’”

    This is a perfect example of the Far Left people that we talk about around here.

    • What will it take for someone to go toe to toe with these folks.

      I’m 70 now, a bit long in the tooth, but if someone expressed these views publicly in front of me, I would literally go nose to nose and see what they would do!

      • Being 70 just means you might be cranky. I am reminded of a movie calle Gran Torino….Cint Eastwood as a grizzled old Korean War Veteran.

        I will be 69 this October, you old fart, so I understand this…

  30. gmanfortruth says:

    “A new report by Europol has revealed that leftists carried out 27 times more terror attacks than right-wingers in 2016, once again debunking claims that the right represents a bigger extremist threat.

    “142 failed, foiled and completed terrorist attacks occurred in Europe throughout last year, with 27 being blamed on left-wingers. Just one right-wing terror attack was recorded for the entire year. 13 attacks were blamed on Islamic jihadists, while the majority of attacks (99) were labeled “separatist” attacks.

    “Attacks which led to deaths of victims are almost exclusively Islamic, with 135 of the 142 deaths and 374 of the 379 injured due to jihadist terror.

    “The statistics once again debunk the notion, which has received traction yet again after this week’s attack on Muslim worshippers near a mosque in London, that right-wing terror represents a major threat.”

  31. gmanfortruth says:
  32. gmanfortruth says:

    Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert unloaded on the media and Obama-era holdovers at the Department of Justice on Wednesday after the FBI announced that it was treating last week’s attempted mass assassination of Republican congressmen as “assault” rather than terrorism.

    Good subject. Is attempted political assassination an act of terrorism as we know it today?

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
      2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
      3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.


      1. to kill suddenly or secretively, especially a politically prominent person; murder premeditatedly and treacherously.
      2. to destroy or harm treacherously and viciously

      To me the key word in both definitions is “Political” Both terrorism and assassination are used to achieve a political end.

      • gmanfortruth says:

        Agreed, but in our recent past, terrorism is associated with religious beliefs involving Muslim’s. The Jihadist’s want their religious ends…..while that requires a Theocracy, they seem to hate Western culture as a whole, not just the politics of the non-believers. Hence, our modern version of terrorism is religious based more so than political, engages in attacking and killing regular citizens, not just politicians. Are our terrorism laws broad or are do they have a religious based theme?

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          As we’ve discussed before, Islam in it truest form does not recognize a secular society where religion and politics do not mix. Religion is the guiding light and “politics” are just a function of running the mechanics of a society, There have been anomolies such as Turkey. And even there that country is rapidly changing back into a theocracy.

          The Imam’s in England have openly advocated the OVERTHROW of the British government and way of life and have stated that they will not be satisfied until the “Cresent” is placed atop St Paul’s. At least some of them have been deported of late. The fact that laws are being put in place in Europe that even politically objecting to the governments policies is considered a HATE crime. Will that reach a point that anyone who votes for a candidate in opposition will have their vote identified and prosecuted? The communists and politbureau got 100% of the vote…because the people knew the personal outcome if they didn’t vote for them. Iraq is another example 100% voted for Saddam.

          The Islamist are using terror to get their way and I believe the PEOPLE in Europe would not have been standing pat the way they have been, except, the FEAR that is being placed upon them by their own governments and the EU. Here’s an interesting conunderum….the actions the west has take against dictators and governments have done nothing to democratize those governments but made them stronger in their beliefs to thwart the influences of the western culture. That said those very same western leaders are weakening their own cultures to the point that they no longer resemble the society they allegedly are suppose to be.

          • Are the real Islamophobics the appeasers? They are afraid of Islam therefore kowtow to its demands.

  33. An interesting parody.

  34. gmanfortruth says:
  35. gmanfortruth says:
  36. gmanfortruth says:
    • The FBI is just about useless anymore. Its just purposeful denial of knowing things that would bring cases to a close. Or, they know all the moving pieces but refuse to put them together to bring cases to a close. Weather its terrorism or politics, ideology trumps anymore. Its frustrating.

      • i just sit back and chuckle. For all the BS about old J. Edgar including his “alleged” penchant for wearing Mom’s dresses and his “lover” Clyde Tolson. The guy never was political. His job was keeping the agency clean. He may have used things he had on people for the benefit of the FBI but never for personal or political gain. He would tell Nixon or Johnson to go to hell with equal gusto. His big weakness from what I have read was to be very intolerant of others in the agency outshining him. This could lead to your early retirement.

        Since we have “purified” the agency, broken up the lifetime sinecure, we have had nothing but disaster after disaster.

  37. There have been a few comments on here lately about my absence, and a few of you seem to have hit it on the nose, so I feel obligated to weigh in.

    I do not come to SUFA to be attacked, nor to have my ideology attacked, nor to see the broader scope of my ideology (which encompasses the “left,” “liberals,” and “Democrats” in general) attacked. I do not come here to see accusations that my “side” suffers from “mental illness,” nor do I come here to see accusations that my “side” is the inherently violent, biased, stupid, simplistic, gullible, naive, or otherwise inferior to the “other side.”

    I come to debate the topics of the day and ideology / morality in general. To get a more rounded view of the “conservative mindset.” I come here to see another perspective on what the government is up to and how that might be interpreted and how it might impact matters. I come here to debate and challenge myself (and others) because it is only in the fire of contradicting views that a worthy opinion can be forged.

    I’m not here to point fingers, I won’t name names or specific comments, but if SUFA is just going to be a bastion of crapping all over the left, I don’t need to be here. I cannot stop SUFA from becoming an echo chamber, but you have lost every liberal voice that has ever come here except mine: Buck, Ozymandius, Charlie, Todd, and others.. all of them, gone silent. And I’m on the fence at this point (not for the first time, either). Why do you think that is? Take a minute of serious introspective soul searching and ask yourself why all these liberals, who actively sought out your opposing views, would decide it’s not worth it to come here any longer. Are we living up to the ideals of USW when he started this site, or have we allowed SUFA to devolve into being just like every other one-sided in-group just attacking a strawman vision of “the other.”

    Anita & JAC hit it on the head. Though, it’s not that I was “scared off,” but rather, I don’t choose to participate under these terms.

    • Whatever you decide to do…I hope you stay…..I really enjoy our discussions.

    • gmanfortruth says:


      Went into past comments to see where you were attacked by anyone here……..I thought you argued your points quite well. I didn’t see any attacks on you personally.

      Maybe it’s what I put up at the beginning of new threads that have you uptight, if so, suck it up cupcake, I’m not going to be a pansy ass or play to the snowflakes of the country. I don’t have much time to post here, so I read and post when I can. I have NEVER banned anyone…period. I can’t say the same about Left wing sites and you know that. D13 has been banned, JAC as well at Cesca’s site, in very short order (didn’t play the Liberal game, your gone).

      Sorry, but Liberal sites by far crush anything that objects to their ideology, where as, SUFA is STILL a completely open forum. Many of those who are Left leaning chose to not come back, not because of any personal attacks, but because their ideology got crushed by common sense and intelligence.

      None the less, I didn’t see a single attack on you personally in the last thread…..After the shooting at the Republican baseball team, YOU split and some want to blame the truth for it….which is fine with me.

      I don’t see you as a far Left or even a true Liberal. No one has offended you and if you did get offended, maybe you needed it. It can get you to think.

    • Yabut, you’re such a good target! You take our abuse and still do good fighting back. I’ve used your ideas around the firepit. I’m Devil’s Advocate using your words. I’ve stumped ’em several times over the years.

    • I can be terrier like but I am never vicious. I was unfortunately brought up by a Dad who loved to argue, to extend your reasoning, to look at other alternatives which places me happily/unhappily in the “I am obnoxious and disliked” category pioneered by John Adams. So, if I go after you, or anyone, it is for a reason. How many times have I accused you of dodging a question. Think about that.

      Charlie, unfortunately is completely off the rails these days. Even when we agree on populist type stuff, he takes it to a place just shy of the Guillotine at the Place de la Concorde. His latest round of name calling just made me shut down. Things I will never tolerate are being called racist or a Nazi. .

    • Just A Citizen says:


      How are we supposed to discuss politics, morality, ethics and other philosophical issues without discussing and offering opinions of the major players in the political world. Including ideologies of said people.

      I do sympathize with your complaint about the echo chamber affect and the hyper criticism of all things liberal of left. I always love the caveat offered here when calling liberals mentally ill or evil, “except people like Mathius”. Never ringing the bell of recognition that if Mathius is not insane or suffering some mental illness then all liberals cannot be mentally ill. Unless of course you are really not a “liberal” or “leftitst” as those labels are used today. You know, you may just be unwilling to recognize your Tribe has left you behind on their quest for self destruction. Just as the elephant herd left me behind in their desire to catch the liberals in their race to the left. 🙂

      Now a serious question. If I view the ideology of the left to be immoral and corrupt am I supposed to remain silent? If I honestly think there is more violence or violent type rhetoric coming from those on the left why am I not allowed to say so without having to fear the “left” on SUFA will stop participating. If Pelosi says something stupid I should be able to call her out for her crap weaselness without having to mention the other side every time. At the same time, I had better not rationalize or condone Ryan’s crap weaselness when it becomes evident.

      It seems to me your complaint is sometimes to general. Much the same as the insulting stereotypes, which I agree have been damaging to our audience size and diversity. On this I do not see SUFA becoming an actual echo chamber. Some of us simply don’t post responses to every comment. But there still seems to be considerable differences in what people believe here. I imagine from your point of view it looks the same, but from mine I see differences.

      Now let me share one reason I absolutely despise the Democratic Party leadership and activists right now. They have forced me to defend a man against their outright lies and dishonest attacks, even though I CAN’T HARDLY STAND THE MAN.

    • Mathius, if it was anything I said, I am sorry. I was ticked off at the events of last week and the general discourse on the national scene.

  38. About 15-20 years ago, being a regular visitor to the State of New Hampshire and from there to Vermont, I was hearing “science” tell us that between Global Warming and Acid Rain, the age old practice of creating Maple Syrup would soon be just a memory.

    Yesterday, listening to my all news channel, I was shocked to hear it announced that Vermont had just produced the 2nd highest yield of Maple Syrup, ever!

    Gonna have pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Insure your syrup is not from Canada.

      Used to rent on 1000 acres of “sugar grove” in WVa. Hence the name of Sugar Grove for the town. The owner and I during the sugar season made what seemed to me a couple thousand gallons of syrup, All grades. Plus making the sugar into all sorts of shapes. All sold to tourists up in the Winchester area of the Shenandoah Valley. Seeing that he was 82 at the time, guess who did most of the work, yours truly.

      The neighbor who we nicknamed “Snuffy Smith” some here might remember the cartoon strip. He liked our commercial system and the consistancy that we could make the grades of syrup ordered…..but when he tasted it his 1st words were “taint right, just taint right” I asked him if he wanted me to tell him what is “wrong” with our syrup compared to his. His retort was “hey city boy what do you know”……I proceeded to tell him the flavors that were missing from ours and they were ash and soot of what ever wood he was using. Plus soap, lard from pig fat. He kept tasting and said be damned your right, how did you know….my answer was that my uncles made syrup the same way he did in big open cast iron kettles, plus they make all sorts of other things in the kettles The flavors got absorbed in the cast iron……It was good truly old fashion syrup, like a good smokey scotch from Islay, just different from what could sell.

  39. Now that el Presidente has announced that the “tapes” do not exist. (excellent ploy to keep Comey honest for once), what do you want to bet investigations will be forthcoming into his “missing” tapes?

    • That was funny. First, I cannot believe that anyone actually believed that Trump would tape anything. Second, what a stroke of brilliance to lay the trap…..great politial tactics….
      Third, I have seen the media say….”See? Another Trump lie”……..hoo boy..they sure cant handle it when someone lays a trap….then springs it……..

      That said……………………who knows what the deep state may be recording…..but I think that if they had anything, it would be out already.

  40. gmanfortruth says:

    I hope that a report comes out on what charges this guy will face. Maybe like…driving motorcycle on the road. or doing it twice…bwahaha.

  41. gmanfortruth says:
  42. gmanfortruth says:

    Recalling the long ago debate on gay marriage, many said this would come along eventually:

  43. gmanfortruth says:

    The only repeal bill needed is one that says Obamacare is repealed. The only replacement is for the government to get out of the healthcare business and the health insurance business and let patients negotiate fees and services directly with the doctor for everyday ailments (and that includes alternative doctors) and for insurance to compete for business to cover catastrophic ailments and injuries.

    The proposed Senate bill, something I’m surprised the Democrats are fighting, falls in line with what was said when Obamacare was being discussed…..once the Feds get their claws on it, they will never let it go. Or, two teams my ass. 😦

    • Unfortunately, the cat is out of the bag or if you prefer, the camel’s head neck and forelegs are in the tent. The option of “kill” is politically dead. Now, to sculpt something feasible.

      This does not mean I am for it, merely being pragmatic.

  44. gmanfortruth says:
    • gmanfortruth says:

      During a Q&A session at the Glastonbury Festival in England on Thursday, actor Johnny Depp suggested he wants to assassinate the democratically elected President of the United States.

      “Can we bring Trump here?” Depp asked the crowd, who responded with loud boos. “No, no, no, you’ve misunderstood completely.

      “I think Trump needs help,” he said. “There are a lot of dark places he could go.”

      “I’m not insinuating anything – by the way, this will be in the press and it will be horrible – but when was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” Depp said.

      The crowd erupted into cheers.

      The inconvenient truth keeps giving and giving.

  45. gmanfortruth says:
    • Innovation…… demand things, owners will innovate. I posted on here last year that a franchise owner of three McDonald’s reduced his employee overhead by 70% through kiosks and automation. What he also found out, that by regulating the small stuff….salt, pepper, ketchup, little packets of sauce and such…..he cut his overhead for consummables by another 15-18%, Employees were just grabbing handfuls of the stuff and shoving it into bags. One order of fries does not need 4 packets of ketchup…etc. What he also found, pilferage dropped almost entirely.

      I walked into one the other day and behind the counter at lunch time……two people. All they did was fill orders….you walked up to a kiosk and punched in your order…unless it was a special order, no human hands touched the food at all until it was time to be sacked. The drink orders, other than coffee, were 100% automated. No spillage, no wrong orders….and no employees sneaking cokes and such while on work.

      So…….it is what it is.

  46. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Recommended watching….”The Mortal Storm” with Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullivan. Especially what happened in the universities. Deja vu.

    • Yes, I remember it well. Unfortunately the message is lost on most because it is the conservatives who are constantly tarred as “Nazi’s”. The funny thing is that it is said if “we” took over these things would happen. Well, “they” have taken over and it IS happening.

  47. gmanfortruth says:

  48. gmanfortruth says:

    I have laid out numerous examples of the propensity for those on the Liberal Left to resort to violence, far more often than the Conservative Right. While this might seem to be painting the left with a broad brush, it isn’t a total referendum on the whole of the Liberal Left, but it’s a very wide brush stroke backed up by facts.

    Not everyone on the Conservative Right is innocent, but the brush stroke is far thinner….unless someone wants to refute the evidence and prove it wrong. I welcome that and wish you luck in your search.

    Any ideas for a subject of next article/thread?

  49. So it looks like the reform of Obamacare will die in the Senate. So, Obamacare will continue plodding along until it totally collapses. then we will have “sabotaged” it.

    Always remember, it was designed to fail. The assumption was that the dems would have permanent majorities (never believe your own propaganda) and would eventually be able to “rescue” it by going single payer.

    Let’s look at Nixon’s plan. Of particular interest are the “costs” back in ’74. Talk about inflation. The actual price increases would indicate that anyone selling “universal health insurance” is blowing smoke if they expect to save a dime or even slow down the escalation of costs.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I do not understand why anyone, other than someone who is comatose or physically unable to move, would need help. Maybe there in lies the solution. “Assisted” should be limited to those physically unable to perform the task. Others should just Cowboy Up and “git er done”.

  50. Just A Citizen says:

    Now here are some people with a legitimate complaint against their Govt’s selective enforcement of the law.

    The Rainbow group is the US Forest Service’s version of the Bundy Ranch fiasco. This is what happens when you let people break the law for years on end. It becomes virtually impossible to stop.

    I would also like to point out that the Rainbows are one reason the Forest Service started imposing “camping limits” in campgrounds and within the forest itself. It is also why permits are now needed for almost any group gathering, outside a campground. Yet the Rainbow group continues to get treated differently.

  51. gmanfortruth says:
  52. gmanfortruth says:
  53. I’d like to talk about this , as a new subject. Get away from the anger about violence for awhile.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Don’t know what to say about this other than there should be NO SUBSIDIES to anyone for employing anybody.

      • I think that’s what bothers me the most about this situation,it’s one thing to have an even starting point on getting the available jobs. This is giving the foreign students an advantage over American students. And from what I read it has a cascading effect that affects the job market at every level and hurts Americans at every level.

        • Yes.and this cannot be blamed on just Democrats…..this is crony capitalism at its finest and done under the table. If I read this correctly, trump is trying to stop some of this….

          All I hear about is how the Dems want to preserve Medicare, Medicaid, and other programs, yet they support these types of programs that put people on our medicare system without contributing to it. All these employers are doing the same…..lowering their employee costs but doing so at the expense of our own. They do not have to pay social security or medicare or an of the employee expense including workmen’s compensation. This is terrible.

  54. This is impossible,,,,,No one,,,,,NO ONE can be this stupid….perhaps John Wayne was correct….”ya just can’t fix stupid”.

    US Senator, Dianne Feinstein…” When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, they will lay down their weapon and turn themselves in. That’s just human nature.”

    I…….just don’t know how to answer this one….

  55. Wow…..some very questionable calls in today’s Oregon State and LSU game.

  56. Congressional conundrum……….Bill introduced to allow all Congress to carry weapons. Chuck Schumer only on board with this if you restrict the right to carry to only politicians and continue forward with gun control for the populace. RUT ROH….

  57. London has had a high rise fire. That fire killed 70+ people. The high rise is a government built and subsidized low income housing. It was built with no fire safety codes to include simple fire walls. In addition, it was built with lower cost insulation that was………flammable. Now, there are some 800 low income tax subsidized apartments that have been evacuated and the occupants have been offered an air mattress in a gym until the apartments have been fixed. So…you have a government building non fire retardant buildings all over London with the cheapest most flammable material….putting people in them…one catches fire and the rest are evacuated………and you blame the builders.

    Why isn’t someone from the government, who oversees these things anyway…..being up on charges of murder? They intentionally built apartments that were not up to specifications.

    Just asking…..

    • And they used these materials to meet the new “Green” requirements.

      • Wow….had not heard that one

        • Just A Citizen says:


          V.H. is correct. This “batting” was used to meet some “Green” govt. goal.

          • No wonder they are blaming the builder……..they require them to use these products and then blame the design. This “green” technology is 24K bull dookey.

            • Betcha they had vinyl window sashes and frames. That is an issue. Even in NYC there are “questions” because they melt. So, an inside fire melts the window frames allowing the fire outside to melt the vinyl cladding and get into the Urethane foam which is not fire rated. .

              • Not to mention aluminum frames that melt at 1220 degrees F…..according to the London Fire Department, areas of that hotel exceeded 4,000 degrees F…due to flammables. Almost the boiling point of aluminum…..whaddya had aluminum wiring. If the government built it, I betcha dollars to donuts there was no copper wiring.

              • I must admit though, I have never seen a refrigerator fire. Have to check on line.

                According to all my Senior Rehab Inspectors who (the three of them) had a combined total of 100 plus years of construction experience from building small homes through the 1st Westchester County Hospital complex, there is NO SUCH THING as fireproof. There is fire retardant only. 5/8 in (firecode 60) sheetrock will burn through after 60 minutes. Metal doors are fire rated for 90 minutes etc if they have more than 1 square foot of wire slass, they are not even rated for that. Fire will eventually take out windows, the idea is to use materials that slow it down. Steel casements won’t melt but the glass will shatter, Wood sash will burn but it takes a while. Aluminum will melt but again it takes a while and the glass will probably go first. Vinyl melts quickly and sometimes burns..

    • The UN is useless……I have experience with that in Bosnia… is totally worthless and costly. You want single payer in the US? Quit the UN and NATO….that will fund it.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        As useless and complicite as they were in the genocide in Rwanda when Kofi Annan ordered the “peacekeepers to step aside. The peace the UN was supposed to keep in Syria went well. Heck, they signed off on the destruction of Libya, that went well.

        I am all fo removing our nation from this FAILED international body.

        The UN wants to restore the building in NYC for the cost of several Billion. Trump offered to build a whole new facility years ago for a couple hundred million. The UN turned him down flat. GRAFT anyone?

    • I just re-posted this on FB with the following comment, “those who knew me back then, know I predicted it.”

      Exactly 50 years ago next month, while the Colonel was humping the boonies in scenic SE Asia, I attended the 20th Annual National Student Association (NSA) Congress at U, Maryland in College Park. Being a YAFer, I ran for the position to get there, using all kind of subterfuge to find out what the hell was going on and do my best to sabotage it.

      Despite the fact that the NSA was originally founded with help from the CIA, to counter the Communists (student associations) around the globe, any influence the agency had was long gone or was being influence by fellow travelers in the CIA. ’67 was the year that the rank and file discovered through the leaks which had started in government thanks to the Viet-nam war the connection with the Agency and there was hell to pay.

      A great two weeks working with lots of fifth columnists. We even stole identity badges and sneaked in most of YAF”s Washington Office as “students” from “the Sam Houston Institute of Technology”. When they realized something was going on, and changed badges, we stole those too.

      I learned a great deal. The SDS crowd were probably the most interesting. It seemed that most had pretty much the same goals as libertarian conservatives but wildly divergent ideas on how to get there. Unfortunately they all seemed to be into what we called “Che chic”. Like their modern “occupy” heirs they seemed to have a penchant and soft spot for violence.

      The other group that was fascinating were the liberal practicing Jews. All liberal to the core, they were shocked to discover that not only did the bulk of the NSA membership not support Israel in the recently concluded 6 day war but were openly pro-Palestinian. Us right wing types were able to head off a resolution condemning Israel in conjunction with the Jewish kids. The downside of some of this might have been the creation of the neo-con movement. The traditional button down shirt striped tie, Young Republicans were so out of touch they were run over by everybody else. These are the folks running the Republican party today. THEY thought Bill Buckley an extremist and worshiped at the altar of Nelson A. Rockefeller and his acolytes Scranton and Romney the elder. Those who managed NOT to avoid the draft as Cheney did, probably got fragged by their troops the first week in the Nam. Even then they drank white wine and ate cheese. They “toked” once or twice to appear cool.

      The bulk of the delegates were all these self absorbed white liberals who lacked a sense of humor as well as proportion. The guys who did absolutely best were the proto black power/panther types who could have any girl they wanted (from the left side of the aisle) by merely grunting “racist”. When I returned to my college in the fall, my report to the student body was to get the hell out. the NSA fell by the wayside on its own in a few years once CIA money dried up. Many of the former execs though went on to stellar government careers in a government they openly swore to tear down. You are seeing the result of this right now.

      Now, despite the fact that I was surrounded with a haze of marijuana smoke during the entire time I was there and some of my Reagan supporting California type YAFers were indulging, liberally, I stuck to mass quantities of Schlitz for the whole time. I am proud of that to this day.

      It was an interesting summer. Perhaps my best. Picked up a handful of LP’s while I was down there, “Pet Sounds”, “The greatest hits of the Lovin Spoonful” and the Beatles “Rubber Soul” which I prefer to Sgt. Pepper. The tunes still reverberate in my head.

  58. Hey G-man., just lost a really good one see if you can find it. Reminiscing about the summer of ’67 AKA the summer of love and VH’s last post.

  59. gmanfortruth says:
  60. gmanfortruth says:
  61. G man…..I cannot get to the desktop to post an article any longer.

  62. NSA and CIA and Viet-nam and the draft. And you guys thought this stuff was all new. Hah!

  63. Great Article. They just missed the fact there was this 200 year break in the “tradition” from T. Jefferson until Bill and Hill started planning their retirement.

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